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... more minutes to go. It was Parent-Teacher Conference night and although initially, I had had a slew ... coming over the intercom, announcing that "It is now Seven o'clock and our Parent-Teacher conference ... was hoping you'd show up tonight. I really enjoyed meeting you at the parent-teacher conference... Continue»
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Parent Teacher Association

... Ramon the 4th... One day, our teacher told us to bring our parents for a PTA meeting next week. Back ... passed. My friends and I skipped school since teachers were busy trying to impress our parents.

After ... students that we the teachers came to our rooms for our classes so we didn't have to go out...
Our... Continue»
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Parent teacher conference at the adult theater

... casual" setting. She laughed and said, "My name is Bonnie. You know Peter, at that parent teacher ... Years ago I was a teacher. I took a day off for a doctor's appointment one Wednesday, and since I ... and pleasure that the woman was the parent of one of my students. I saw her double-take as she moved past my... Continue»
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Parent Teacher

... , “Tonight is the parent teacher conference, and I have just gotten the call that I’m needed tonight ... , my seed glistening on her lips, “I will personally be taking an interest in all the parent teacher ... to match her smile, “I’m sorry to say that Jamie has taken ill… I’m Naomi, I’m Jamie’s teaching aide... Continue»
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Parent teacher conference at the adult theater Par

... there to see her enter my room. I put my 'Parent Conference= DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the door ... dripped onto the carpet.

"Stuff that hot teacher cock up into this hot slut cunt Peter!" I obliged her ... .

"Man musta shot a huge load in this little slut I married. My cock is covered... Continue»
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Parent teacher conference at the adult theater 2

... was out there to see her enter my room. I put my 'Parent Conference= DO NOT DISTURB' sign ... dripped onto the carpet.

"Stuff that hot teacher cock up into this hot slut cunt Peter!" I obliged ... fucking his daughter's face.

"Man musta shot a huge load in this little slut I... Continue»
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Naughty fun with my school teacher

... I had always had a thing for one of the teachers at school, she was the sports teacher around 26 ... which I knew was not a good idea so I asked the teacher if I could go to the toilet, he said ok ... and to hurry back, I headed off and went into the girls locker room and saw the teachers bag, I looked... Continue»
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Parent teacher conference at the adult theater Bu

... in the front seat who was trying to hide his face?" Neither had noticed him. "He was my teacher three... Continue»
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Fun with My Teacher - My First Time: Chapter 1

... Fun with My Teacher - My First Time: Chapter 1

I sat in the corner of my class, sucking ... it out. My eyes had started to wonder the room in frustration when I caught sight of my teacher... Continue»
Posted by tomtheaussie 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Hardcore  |  
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Boy Having Fun When Parents Out For Temple Run

... a friend of his who is ready to teach him a few basics of that subject and I asked him that if his ... . We are still great friends but now we don’t get intimate as her parents have started searching a boy... Continue»
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Having fun with our school PE teacher

... was the girls PE teacher miss wilson, she was around 25 and had an amazing body, the track suit she would wear... Continue»
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Freshman Confidential

... of their seats. At the front of the
class the English teacher called out "All right, class,
remember, I want ... eyes.
Timmy's parents, like Keith's, were divorced.

Timmy lived with his Mom, and, being shy ... ; Janie
wasn't allowed to date, and her parents kept close tabs
on her whereabouts at all times... Continue»
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Mrs. Bantam

... We have a daughter who is in public school and usually my wife goes to the meet the teacher nights ... patiently as the parents came and went. Finally it was my turn to go in and see the woman my ... hand and decided I was going to try to bed her anyway. Two married people having a little sport fun... Continue»
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Taboo expenditions on omegle

... to become a teacher
You: and she was teaching some 6th graders
You: and they had one of those sexual ...
You: oh
You: fun
You: how old were u back then
Stranger: 13-15
Stranger: then she got a bf ... told the sex ed teache
You: r
You: that she had watched her 2 years older b*****r do it
You... Continue»
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Former teacher new mom? (Some Bi Action)

... on the wild side. I was really surprised because whenever I saw her at your parent teacher conferences ... a heads up. Do you remember your junior year math teacher, Miss Lease?"

I did remember her very well ... . "Yeah, I remember Miss Lease. I liked her a lot. She was a good teacher."

"I hope this won't... Continue»
Posted by adhammer04 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo  |  
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girls and moms

... Perverted Parenting

by Eriko

Hi. My name is Ally. This tale is based on a true story of my c ... knew of female teachers, tutors, coaches or even other little girls I could be friends with. I lived ... . Behind me, Samantha told me this was another way to tie someone, making it more fun. She was holding... Continue»
Posted by anneke21 2 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  

I know what you did !!! Part 5

... . Graph loves it and needs it. I now know why my teacher needs a disciplined lifestyle.

I continued ... . Looking at the clock I realized that my parents were going to be home soon. I decided that I ... e mail as I let my hair dry. To my dismay there was no mail from my teacher. I signed off and put... Continue»
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Culture Shock 6/23

... . This is just for fun, right?"

"Um, okay."

"You are twenty years old and go to college."

"Public ... goes on in the BDSM lifestyle that is growing daily. You have good parents but they were strict ... you grew up in the city. Your parents are 'laid back' kind of people who didn't really mind what you... Continue»
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Lunch Break (Mff, Voyeur, IR)

... left it at that."

Sam laughed. "It's much more fun that way."

"What do your classmates ... and teachers say?"

"Nothing. The classmates are a bit envious and the teachers are fine as long ... as they get an occasional romp. We've got all male teachers apart from Mrs Ansellman, but she loves a quick... Continue»
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... fun as well.

During the next week at school Lynx tried to push the anthro girls from his mind ... . A purple dragon sitting at the desk next to him perhaps, or maybe his teacher sprouting wings. Nope ... to speak when the teacher told us that class was over, if we hadn’t noticed and we needed to take... Continue»
Posted by qudduse 9 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  
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