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Over me

... Grade pushed me down then stood straddled over me in her brown tights and short skirt. she ran her pointed toes over my chest and I couldn't move even though nothing stopped me from raising up. Her arched ... ... Continue»
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strooder had a huge wanking session over me....


Hey. Ive just had a huge wanking session over you. I was reading your post about the messages NYNASTYGUIDO sent you and it got me thinking how amazing you would look if you were pregnant. Just imagine how your tits would swell up and develop big milky pregnancy nipples. Your legs and ass would become bigger and your belly would become huge, and you would be so horny with all those hormones.

Im just imagining you now, how sexy you would look with extra big curves, how you could sit on me and swamp me with your huge hanging tits. I would spend the whole nine months constantly cumming for you. You would need even more cum than usual, my balls would have to work overtime to keep up with my cock which would be throbbing twenty four hours a day for you. Even when I was asl**p from exhaustion you would have to frantically wank me off to keep things flowing.

Do you like my little fantasy? I hope you do. Id just finished wanking when I started typing this and Im already about to cum again thinking of your big fat saggy tits smothering my face.

2:11 am, August 15 Lateshay

you keep waning over me baby. i love it. give me your cum!... Continue»
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My s****r and Me Part 2 Conclusion

I woke up to half light in the room from the dawn. I could feel my s****r lying in my arms. I was half turned towards her with my arm under her neck. She had her left arm over my stomach holding me by the waist while she slept. I didn’t wear any shirt to sl**p and I could feel her bare nipples rubbing against me. They were hard and warm and I enjoyed feeling them rubbing me. She had apparently pulled her teddy up above her breasts to expose her nipples while I slept. I turned further to face her more. I pushed the covers down to expose her body. The room was half lit but I could see her perfectly. She looked so beautiful there sl**ping next to me. She took after my mother’s side of the f****y where there are a lot of fair skin blonds. Her blond hair was light and shone even in the dark room. I couldn’t see her hazel eyes but I knew that under those closed lids where the prettiest hazel eyes in the world. In contrast I took after my dad’s side of the f****y. I had Latin olive skin with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I looked at her bare chest and breasts. She wore full bathing suits so the Florida sun had not darkened all of her body. A light bronze tan showed for the world to see on my s****r’s body. But for me her nakedness afforded a look at her milky white skin on her chest and belly that the rest of the world could not see. Her small breasts stood firm with large nipples that were clearly hard either from the cold or from arousal. She had light pink nipples that stood pointing almost towards her face. I gently ran my hand down her chest over her breasts and down her belly. She wasn’t wearing her panties. Bad girl, she must have taken them off in the middle of the night. Her pussy was smooth and milky white with just a trace of blond peach fuzz growing on her mound. I could see her pink lips protruding from between her mounds. I ran my hand gently over her pussy. It was so hot and smooth my passion began to grow and in a second my cock was rock hard under my shorts. She had well shaped legs and her feet were so white and smooth. She had the same mild foot fetish as me and was finicky about keeping her toe nails looking their best. She wore bright red nail polish over those pretty toes of hers. I couldn’t resist the temptation and ran my right foot over her leg starting just below her knee. I watched as I gently ran my toes over her leg down to her ankles. I moved my foot gently caressing her foot and ran my toes over her pretty white toes. She instinctively flexed her toes up to meet mine. I wrapped my toes around hers holding them gently with mine. I then let go and brought my foot gently up to her knee again.

I couldn’t help noticing the contrast between our bodies. The Florida sun had tanned my body to a dark brown and the only white patch of skin on my body was where my shorts kept the sun from reaching. My s****r stirred and turned facing away from me which gave me a perfect view of her pretty ass. Her cheeks were so round and firm. They were smooth and I had to run my hand over them. I let my hand come between her cheeks and I softly ran my fingers through her crack. I kissed her back and pulled her towards me. She felt so good in my arms. My passion for her grew and my cock was so hard it was screaming to be taken out of its prison. I unsnapped my shorts and grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them out of my shorts. The head of my cock was wet. I placed my right hand under my s****rs right leg and gently raised it enough to just allow my cock to slide between her legs. My cock honed in on her pussy like a metal detector on a nail. I felt the heat and wetness which told me I was at the entrance to her virgin hole. My cock was uncut so I knew it would slide out of its sheath exposing the head without causing any friction to wake my s****r up. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and pulled us close so I could spoon her. I moved my hip gently forward and felt my thick cock head leave its foreskin sheath to rub her opening. I pulled back as soon as I felt her hymen. This was not the time to take my s****r’s virginity. My parents were still in the house and would be waking up soon. I just wanted to hold my s****r and enjoy rubbing my hard cock against her. I continued to slowly move my hips forwards and pulling back as soon as I felt her hymen resist. I didn’t take long for me to feel my precum wetting not only my entire cock but my s****r’s pussy also. She was amazingly wet. I didn’t know how much was my precum and how much were her own juices. I was a big precumer but my s****r’s pussy also put out a lot of lube.

My s****r woke up and I felt her stir in my arms. I pushed my cock against her wet pussy again and I heard her sigh deeply and suck air between her teeth.
“Oh God that feels so good”, she said. “When did you wake up?”
“A little while ago”, I said.
“Don’t stop please”
“We can’t do this long, sweetheart. Mom and Dad will be waking up soon”.
“Put it inside me, please”.
“No. When mom and dad leave we will have plenty of time to do it all”.
“Marilyn will be here and she is a pain in the butt. We won’t get a chance to do anything”.
My s****r was right, Marilyn, our baby s****r, may not give us much time to do anything. We will have to try and get away from her long enough. Sometimes I can get her to take a nap.
“We can’t do it now. We will just have to find a way to get away from Marilyn so we can do it”.
I was still rocking my hips when my s****r pushed back against me. I felt her hymen wrap further down my cockhead. My s****r gave a yelp and pulled away wincing.
“Oh fuck that hurt”, she said in a screech.
“Quiet, you will wake them up. I told you this was not the time for that. Why did you push when you knew I was going forward. You knew it was going to hurt you at first”.
She managed to keep her voice to a whisper this time. “Fuck, it felt like a big paper cut in my pussy”.
I turned her around to face me. She had tears in her eyes and her face was wet with her tears. I kissed her gently on the nose. My lips got wet with her tears and they tasted salty but I enjoyed it. “This is not the way I want it to happen nor is it the right time. You need to be patient. Did it hurt that much? Maybe you won’t want me to fuck you now that you felt the pain”.
She kissed me deeply and both our faces got wet with tears.
“I love you. I want you to be the one to take me for the first time and all the time. I knew it would hurt and I am willing to take the pain so we can be together and love each other the way we want to. I will wait till you decide the time is right. But I want you to promise me that even if I pull away you won’t stop. If it hurts I may try to get away or get you to stop and I don’t really want you to. I want to be your s****r and girlfriend”.
“Are you sure about that?”

Just then I heard my parent’s alarm clock go off. I kissed my s****r and pulled my cock and balls back inside my shorts. I snapped them back up and laid back to make believe I was still sl**ping. My s****r pulled her teddy down all the way and fished around till she found her panties. She slipped them back on. She then leaned over and gave me a big kiss which lasted longer than we wanted it to. I grabbed her tightly and pulled myself on top of her. I kissed her hard running my hands all over her body. We kissed and fondled each other till we heard our parent’s door open. We then turned our backs on each other and made believe we were sl**ping. I heard my mom make her way down the hallway to my little s****r’s room.
“Marilyn wake up you have to get dressed. Hurry up sweetie you don’t want to make me late”.
My s****r and I turned in unison towards each other.
“She is taking Marilyn with her”, we both said at the same time.

The next hour was excruciatingly long. I couldn’t wait for my parents to leave with my baby s****r. That meant that we had the house to ourselves and could take our time and do whatever we wanted without fear. My mom finally made her way to our room. She found us both half asl**p (or so we made it out to be).
“I am taking Marilyn with me to work today. She has a doctor’s appointment in the morning and we are going to visit a daycare near my work”.
I had to show some concern here to make it credible. “Why are you looking for a daycare for Marilyn, mom?”
“I promised you I would find a daycare for her so you and your older s****r can play and go out without worrying about your baby s****r. Besides, no offense guys, but I feel better knowing she is at a daycare then alone with you guys. Let’s face it, you two can get distracted and she could get hurt when you aren’t looking.” For once I was very glad that my mom did not trust me with my baby s****r.
“You might be right, mom. We do get distracted sometimes when we are playing and I sure couldn’t forgive myself if something happens to Marilyn while I am taking care of her. We are also limited on what we can do when she is with us”. Of course I had a special activity in mind that she would interfere with.

My parents finally left taking my baby s****r with them. My s****r threw herself at me as soon as they went out the door. She began kissing me and fondling me. She began stripping naked and I had to stop her. It was too early, we had to wait a while to make sure they did not forget anything and decided to come back. We laid there with our arms around each other kissing and fondling gently. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to explode and my shorts were drenched with precum. My s****r’s panties had a huge wet spot on them from her pussy juices and the precum that was traveling from my shorts to her panties. I kept glancing at the clock on my night table.
“It’s been ten minutes. Do you think that is long enough?” I asked my s****r.
“Yes, that is more than enough time. They aren’t coming back”.
I pulled my shorts off as fast as I could. My s****r practically tore her teddy off and she took her panties off so fast they flew across the room. I jumped my s****r and kissed her hard, grabbing and pawing her like a wild a****l.
“I love you but if I don’t fuck you soon I am going to explode”. I said.
“I want you to fuck me now, I have been waiting too long”, she pleaded.

There was an urgency building inside me that I had never felt before. I had only one thing on my mind that consumed me for the time being. That was to fuck my s****r. I needed to fuck her. I need to make her mine. Nothing was going to stop me now from having my way with her. I had never felt like this before. My s****r noticed the change in me but she didn’t seem to be afraid or apprehensive. She reached for my cock and began to stroke it hard. She bent over and sucked my cockhead into her mouth. I didn’t know she knew how to do that and it seemed she didn’t really because I felt a lot of her teeth rubbing my cock. But I didn’t care, I wanted her to taste my cock and I wanted her to suck it and enjoy it. I had never eaten a pussy before but had seen it done in porn movies and heard guys talk about it. I went for it letting her have my cock at the same time. I licked and when I found her hard clit I sucked it. Her pussy tasted strangely good. I knew that under normal conditions the taste would not be my favorite but right now under these circumstances it was the most delicious thing I ever had. When she squirmed under me with pleasure it aroused me even more. There was an a****l being unleashed inside me. I wanted and needed to fuck my s****r. I groped, I pulled, I grunted, I growled and I buried my face deep in her crotch tasting and smelling it all.

The time came soon when the urge to fuck was overwhelming. I came up from her crotch, my face wet with her pussy juices and my saliva. I quickly wiped my face with my pillow. Her face was swollen, her ears were beet red and her lips were twice their size. She had a dreamy look on her face and she smiled at me when she saw my face. Her chest was flushed red and her pink areola was so swollen that her hard nipples were buried in them. I brought my face close to hers and kissed her gently on her lips. As we kissed I began to lay on top of her. I felt her legs instinctively part for me. She raised them slightly which brought her pussy up to meet my ranging hard cock. My cock was oozing precum in long strings that fell on her pussy. Her pussy mound was swollen as well as her pussy lips which protruded from within her mound. Her pussy was red and glistening with the wetness from my saliva and her juices. She reached down and grabbed my slippery cock. My cock was so hard that my foreskin had pulled back all the way to expose most of its head. Every vain in my cock stuck out like they were going to burst and my cockhead was dark red. She guided my cock to her pussy and smiled at me.
“I love you”, I said. With that I pushed forward and the hard hot head of my thick cock began to disappear between her lips. She gave a yelp and pulled away. I followed her to keep her pussy from being taken from me.
“It hurts bad”, she said. “Wait stop”.

She continued to try and squirm away but I was determined to have my s****r now and the need to fuck her was too over powering. As she squirmed away I pushed myself with her to keep my cock head buried in her pussy. I had not pushed any further because she was not letting me. She pushed my chest trying to get me off her but I wasn’t going to get off. She tried to push my belly away but I wouldn’t budge. When she reached between us to push on my thighs to keep me from going any deeper I grabbed her hands and held them firmly over her head on the bed. She tried to close her legs but I pushed them further apart with mine. She began to cry and her tears fell on the pillow. I should have felt remorse and stopped but all I felt was lust and the need to fuck her. Somehow she was able to get away from me. She turned quickly and got loose. She tried to squirm away on her belly but I jumped her. Finally, I put my whole body on top of her. I held her tight under me and I wrapped my legs around hers to keep her from squirming away. I pinned her hands down again and without touching my cock I slid it between her legs from behind. Her pussy was drenched all the way to her ass. My cock found her hole right away and I pushed again harder and while I couldn’t see I felt my cock slide deeper than before into her pussy. She yelled again at me.
“Fuck! Stop, it hurts. It’s fucking hurting me”.
Her pussy was so tight and hot. I could feel it squeezing my cock. I pulled out slowly and she stopped squirming. But I then pushed in again burying about half my cock into her pussy.
“Your cock is too big. Please it’s too big and thick. I can’t take a big cock like that”.
Her pleads fell on deaf ears. The more she pleaded the hotter I got. The thought of my thick cock inside my s****r opening her up for the first time and hearing how she felt my big cock inside her was raising me to a lusty crescendo. I wanted more and more to fuck her hard. I put my face up to hers and kissed her on her lips. She brought her face around and hungrily searched for my tongue and as we kissed I gave a hard push. My cock went in all the way. I felt her pussy lips wrap around the base of my cock. I knew I had impaled my s****r on my cock to the hilt. I could hear her muffled cries in my mouth.
“Oh God! It hurts, its too big. Its too deep. God, I feel your cock in my stomach”
I slowly pushed harder into her pulling my cock just enough to give me a few centimeters to push back again. Her crying changed to whimpering. I was inside her now and I had every intention of fucking her till I was completely satisfied. I slowly unwrapped my legs from hers and waited to see if she would try to squirm away again. But this time she just laid under me and slowly began to bring her legs around mine. She then pushed her tail end up to align it with my cock. Our lips were still locked together but she was no longer screaming into my mouth. I pulled my lips away just enough to come back and kiss her again. She kissed me back gently and sighed deeply. She began to gently kiss my lips, my face and my neck.
“I love you so much”, she whispered in my ear.

I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me. Her breathing was heavy and she bit her lip now and then with pleasure. I increased my thrusts and she responded with deep sighs every time I pushed in.
“Does it still hurt?” I asked.
“No, it feels so good now. I never felt anything this good before”.
I let go of her hands and grabbed her by the thighs.
“Fuck me slowly, I want it to last a long time.”
I slowed my thrusts to extend it longer.
“Your cock is so thick my pussy feels all filled with it. I can feel it throbbing inside me. Your cock feels so hard and hot inside me too. I love it. I want to get fucked every day”.

Her words took me to the edge. I felt my balls pull up and my cock began to throb hard. I tried to stay still and let the wave go over me. My urge to cum subsided some but not all the way. I felt one strong squirt of cum bathing my s****r’s insides. I felt a second squirt gushing out and then it stopped. I kept fucking her slowly and my cock was just as hard as when we started.
“Did you cum?” she asked.
“Just a little”, I said, “I have a lot more for you”.
“I felt it. It was hot and it spread inside me. I felt your cock throbbing really hard too. I want more, it felt so good, I want more”.

I began kissing the back of her neck and made my way down to her back. I kissed her shoulders and back as I fucked her harder and harder. I spread her legs further with mine as I pulled her tighter against me. She responded by raising her ass for me to be able to fuck her deeper. I raised her to her knees and began to fuck her doggy style. The feel of her ass cheeks against my belly was fantastic. I wanted to fuck her ass but I knew braking too virgin holes in one day would be too much for her. I was fucking her so hard at this point that I pushed her back on her belly and I was laying on top of her fucking her wildly. She began to gasp loudly and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and pull on it. She soon began so tremble under me whimpering loudly. She began to buck wildly under me as I felt a gush of wetness bathe my cock and drip down to my balls. Her pussy was throbbing and squeezing wildly now. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer and I felt my balls rise tightly up. My cock began to throb as though it would explode. I then felt the strongest gush of cum I have ever shot in my life. Thick squirt after thick squirt of hot cum shot out of my cock and I felt it filling my s****r’s pussy. She gave loud moans and strong sighs as I grunted and growled like a wild a****l and filled my s****r with copious amounts of my hot cum. It felt like I was cuming for ever. I didn’t think it would ever stop. My cock continued to throb strongly long after my cum stopped flowing.

I laid on my s****r’s back spent and exhausted for a long time. I didn’t want to pull my cock out of her pussy. I never lost my erection and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was fucking her again. I finally rose off her and she turned around to face me. I lowered myself on top of her again and I kissed her hard on her lips. We let that kiss last for a long time. As we kissed I slid my cock between her pussy lips and found her hole again. I slowly put it inside her again and continued to lie on top of her kissing her gently. I held my s****r’s face in my hands as I kissed her lips and face gently. She was so beautiful. I loved her so much I felt I was falling in love with her. This was more than just b*****rly love. I loved her at a much higher level. I looked down at her naked body and could see her legs wrapped behind mine. My cock and her pussy glistened with our wetness and my cum. I could see how my shaft disappeared between her pussy lips and her clitoris was hard and sticking up. She was breathing heavy still. She ran her hands all over my body enjoying the feel of it.

“Are you going to get off me now?” she asked.
“No, I want to sl**p with you like this for a while”.
“And then?”
“And then I am going to fuck you again”.
“What about tonight? Can we fuck at night when we go to bed now?”
“Yes, as long as we are careful not to get caught. Now that you are not a virgin I don’t have to worry about it hurting you and you making noise. You should be able to take my entire cock without a problem now”.
My s****r looked at me for a moment. I could see some questions coming.
“Are you going to keep seeing other girls?”
“Yes, I guess so. You are my s****r. I can’t go out with you openly. You can see other guys also. You do have a boyfriend don’t you?”
“Yeah, I have a boyfriend at school but I don’t want to fuck with any one else but you”. I wasn’t sure were she was heading with this.
“I don’t want to fuck with any one else either. But I can still date other girls”.
She had a loving gentle expression on her face. “This is a especial love we have between us now, isn’t it?”
“Yes it is. It’s much stronger than a b*****r s****r love but it’s not the same as love between a man and a woman that are not related. We love each other and want to share our selves with each other as b*****r and s****r. I think it is better than just b*****r and s****r love”.
As I laid on her my cock twitched and throbbed. She felt it also because she smiled at me and reached up to pull me closer to her. We kissed and as we kissed the passion began to mount. I kissed her breasts and suckled her nipples. I began to slowly push in and out as I caressed her breasts with my mouth. She trembled under me and tears welled in her eyes. “I love you so much. I will always be your s****r and secret girlfriend and you will always be my b*****r and secret boyfriend. I will always be yours and no one will know. Because we have a special love.”

We continued to make love together for four years. For those years I continued to date other girls and my s****r continued to date boys but neither of us made love with any one else but each other. Then the inevitable happened. We each met another person and fell in love. Without ever speaking about it the love making stopped. We had c***dren and grandc***dren with our spouses and to this day no one knows of our special love. We only talk about it on occasion when we are alone. We have agreed that if we ever find ourselves alone without spouses we will live together as secret lovers again.... Continue»
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me and my wife share a cock

Kate and I had only been married about a year and a half, but we had always fit together perfectly. We always had an open mind when it came to sex, and we each enjoyed fulfilling each other's fantasies. One such fantasy was the idea of her being with two guys at the same time. We discussed it for more than two months before we decided to try to make it happen.

The opportunity finally presented itself after we had hired a local man to do some landscaping around our house. The guy that came to work was about 24 years old and very handsome. As he worked, Kate made small talk with him and even caught him staring at her a time or two. The work took about two weekends to complete and during that time we had all become pretty good friends. He even came over a couple nights just to have a few drinks with us. One night after a few drinks Kate and I decided that we should approach him about our idea for a threesome. He almost jumped at the idea of being able to have sex with Kate, and with that we decided that he would come over for dinner the next Friday and we would see how it went.

Friday night finally arrived and we had both been filled with a mixture of anticipation and nervousness all week. We had discussed the fantasy of a threesome many times with multiple variations, but I don't think either one of us ever expected it to come true. I got home from work first and got washed up from a long day and trimmed all my hair so I would be looking good when our guest for the night arrived. As I was finishing up Kate pulled in the driveway and I could tell she was getting excited about tonight by the way she hurried in from the garage. She only stopped briefly to give me a quick kiss before heading off to the shower to freshen up as well.

As I heard the shower start to run I began preparing a little meal for us and our guest. Obviously the meal was not the main event for the night so I barbequed some pork chops in the oven and cooked some vegetables to go with it. We had already started chilling a couple bottles of wine for the night and they were perfectly chilled when the dinner was finishing up. I had lost track of the time until I heard the shower shut off and started thinking about my lovely wife still wet from the shower with her freshly shaven pussy glistening in the light. Just then I heard a door shut in the driveway and my cock twitched a bit with thoughts of what is to come.

"Kate, Jake is here." I yelled back toward the bedroom where I knew she was getting ready.

"O.K. sweetie, entertain him for a little bit while I finish getting dressed."

Jake rang the doorbell and I went to answer it. "Hey Jake, I am glad you could join us for the night. Please come in. Kate will be out in a few minutes. She is just getting home from work and washing up." As he walked into the house we tried to keep everything normal even though we were both feeling a little awkward about the situation. I knew I needed a little drink to calm my nerves and figured he would like the same. As I returned to the kitchen I asked, "Do you want anything to drink? I have some beer or wine."

"Sure, beer is fine thanks."

I pulled a beer from the refrigerator and handed it to him across the bar. We made idle conversation as I pulled a couple wine glasses out of the cabinet for myself and Kate and filled them about 2/3 the way full with the wine. Just as I was taking my first sip of the wine I heard the bedroom door open and was greeted with a beautiful view of my wife. Even for the most casual nights at home she always looked gorgeous to me, but this time it was something more. She wore a loose fitting shirt that left a little to the imagination, and a relaxed fit pair of shorts. I could tell she had taken the time to put on just a little bit of makeup but not so much that you could notice. Her hair was down and hanging over her shoulders which I love, but she rarely gets to wear it down because of her job. I handed her the glass of wine and she took a seat at the bar beside Jake as I finished up dinner.

After chatting for a bit the timer went off on the oven and I asked Kate to set the table while I made each of us a plate. After setting the table she refilled our wine glasses and gave Jake another beer before settling down to her place at the table. I put our plates on the table and sat down beside Kate with Jake sitting across from us. As we ate the alcohol began to take affect and our inhibitions dropped making everyone more friendlily. The thought that was one each of our minds quickly steered the conversation towards sex. Before I knew it we were discussing different fantasies and experiences. Somehow the topic came up about Kate taking me with a strap-on, and to my surprise Jake was not shocked by this. It turned out that he was actually bisexual, and was a bit intrigued by this. I assured him I was not bisexual, but more that I enjoyed turning the power over to her occasionally. During the conversation Kate had started massaging my cock through my shorts under the table ever so gently. After the recent discovery that Jake was bisexual I reached over to play with Kate's pussy and found her starting to soak through her panties. Apparently this had really turned her on. Our eyes met and locked onto one another. As I looked into her eyes I could see the lust building inside her and my next comment would have startled all of us had it not been for the alcohol.

"Jake, I think we need to move to the bedroom soon because Kate's panties are starting to get saturated. Not to mention my dick is so hard it almost hurts." I laughingly said.

"As much as I hate for her to take her foot away from my cock, I agree." Jake replied. It took me a second to realize that she had been using her foot to caress his cock at the same time she was stroking mine under the table.

We all got up, put the dishes in the sink to take care of later, and made our way down the hall to our bedroom. Once we got inside the room, Kate lit a few candles and had us both sit on the bed to watch her get undressed. Jake and I sat there almost in awe as she lit a few candles and put on some music. The anticipation alone was keeping me harder than I could ever recall being. When she was ready she slowly removed her shirt and shorts exposing her incredible body. The only thing she was wearing was a beautiful matching black lacy bra and panty set that only slightly showed the wetness between her legs. As soon as I saw this my hand instinctively found my cock, but she quickly put an end to me pleasuring myself by telling me to wait. She then made her way over to the side of the bed where we were sitting and gave each of us a passionate kiss. After probing each of our mouths with her tongue she sank to her knees in front of Jake and began removing his shorts and underwear in one motion.

Now, I have never considered myself small or huge when it came to my dick, but I was beginning to rethink this after seeing Jake's cock spring free. My cock is about 7 inches long, about an inch and a half wide, and has always been enough to satisfy my lovers, or so they said. Just guessing, Jake looked like his cock was about 9 inches long and almost two inches wide. Since Kate had already been massaging it with her foot she did not seem to be as shocked as I was by its size. Unknowingly I must have gasped at this because they each looked at me with a slight grin.

Kate quickly regained her focus and started to stroke his dick slowly just feeling it in her hands. I watched as her mouth opened slightly with anticipation and she licked her lips. She then leaned forward and began to lick around his head and flicked her tongue on the sensitive underside where his shaft met the head. Next, she opened her mouth and proceeded to work as much of that massive cock into her mouth as she could take, which wasn't much. As she continued to suck on his cock one hand worked up and down the shaft using her saliva as lubrication while the other hand moved down to gently squeeze his balls. As she worked him over his breathing increased and I watched his eyes close indicating she was working him toward a terrific orgasm. She must have sensed this too and stopped her sucking and looked up at him with an evil grin.

Giving him time to relax a little bit and let his orgasm subside she moved her attention back to me. She rose up to her feet and moved in to kiss me. When our lips met I could feel them wet with her saliva and they parted to let her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues danced around inside our mouths I began to taste something that I quickly recognized as pre-cum. I had always kissed her after she gave me a blowjob, and because of this I had often tasted my own pre-cum but never had I tasted another guy's. She knew I could taste it and this only provoked her further when I did not pull away. Finally she broke our kiss and began removing my shorts and underwear the same way she did for Jake.

"Did you like the taste of his cum? Don't lie to me. I already know you do." She teased me. She didn't really know, but she also didn't care if I liked it or not. "Maybe you should get your own from him instead of me."

I was so wrapped up in what was happening that I barely heard her second comment before her lips were wrapped around my dick. I shrugged it off and concentrated on her expert attention to my cock. The blowjob she gave me was shorter than Jake's, but no less effective. Again, she sensed my impending orgasm and stopped sucking me too. At this point I finally looked over at Jake again and he had already removed his shirt to be completely naked and laying on the bed watching us with his cock towering over his stomach. Kate made her way over to him and I took this as my cue to remove my remaining clothes as well.

She laid herself on top of him sandwiching his cock between them and began to make out. His hands roamed over her body squeezing her against him as he made his way down to her perfect ass. After a bit of playing with her ass his hands moved up to unfasten her bra and free her lovely breasts. I moved over to them and reached out to pull her panties off her and discard them. She adjusted just enough to let them slide off her legs without ever breaking her kiss with Jake. Then I moved into position on top of the two of them and kissed from her ass all the way up her back to her neck. As I did I let my cock brush against her pussy and then across her ass to let it rest between her cheeks. She moaned slightly with the first attention to her waiting pussy.

After making out like this for a little more we were ready for more action. I moved off the top of them and lay on my back on the bed a bit unsure of how to proceed from here. Apparently Kate did not lack the ideas that I had and she moved into a 69 position over me. As her mouth encircled my cock I instinctively began licking her pussy from her clit to her asshole.

"That's it honey. Get me nice and wet for Jake's huge dick. He is one of the biggest I have ever seen so I need to be as wet as possible." She prodded me before returning to her careful stimulation of my cock.

As I doubled my efforts on her waiting pussy I was rewarded with more and more of her juices with each lick. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed eating her out. I guess Jake could not wait any longer and I opened my eyes after feeling his presence near us on the bed only to see the head of his dick inches away from my wife's pussy and my tongue. Trying to keep my tongue out of the way I moved my concentration to her clit while he rubbed his head up and down her slit to lubricate it. After he finally felt he was slick enough he started to push forward and was met with much resistance because of his size. I watched as her lips tried to accommodate his cock to no avail. Since she was no longer able to concentrate on giving me oral sex she had given up and focused on getting this massive dick inside her. With each of his thrusts forward she moaned in a bit of pleasure and pain.

"There is still not enough lubrication." Jake announced. "I need more to keep from hurting you."

What happened next was a huge shock to me, and to this day I am not sure how I feel about it. Kate quickly offered him my mouth to use to lubricate his shaft. "He has sucked my strap-on multiple times so I know he knows how." As if I was merely here for their enjoyment my thoughts on this were not even considered, but I would do anything for her especially if it kept her from being hurt. As soon as these thoughts started to run through my head they were abruptly interrupted by the cock being pushed into my mouth. I initially noticed the taste of my wife on his dick, and then started to pick up more on the taste of his pre-cum. In a bit of a trance I started sucking his massive cock ensuring it was heavily coated with my saliva.

I felt the bed shift and realized Kate have moved to watch me. Sometime during this I had closed my eyes to concentrate and I opened them to see Kate staring at me with wide eyes and an equally wide smile. I tried to smile back at her, but it was useless with all the meat in my mouth. Our eyes never moved from one another until he finally pulled his dick out of my mouth with an audible pop. I mouthed to her, "I love you!" and she replied to me the same before she was pushed back onto all fours over me by Jake. With her clit once again in front of me I started to gently suck and nibble on it while Jake repositioned himself behind her again. With the help of my saliva on his cock he was able to push the head inside her. She let out a squeal as he started pushing his entire length into her. With my eyes fixed on his massive cock disappearing into her tight little pussy I continued to suck her clit. Finally, after what seemed like minutes he was buried all the way inside her and his balls lying across my nose.

He held his position there for a little bit to allow her to get use to the size. He slowly started to pump in and out of her. With each pull out he brought more of her juices flowing out onto my waiting tongue. Feeling that she was finally comfortable his speed started to rapidly increase. I could no longer keep my tongue on the little hard nub that was her clit. With his violent thrusting I ended up licking about as much of his cock as I did her pussy. After what seemed like one long orgasm for Kate, Jake finally announced that he was going to cum soon.

"Oh, god! Please cum in my tight little pussy. Fill me up with every drop of your cum." Kate egged him on. Again, my body acted without me knowing and I began to suck his balls into my mouth while he was buried in my wife. I could feel them drawing up inside my mouth as his cum was about to shoot into Kate.

"I'm cumming!!" Jake almost screamed as I felt his cock start to twitch with each spurt inside her. I was beginning to think he would never stop cumming until finally his cock twitched for the last time and he began to pull out of her. As he did, Kate collapsed on top of me with my aching cock beside her head craving attention, and her cum soaked, stretched pussy in front of me. As I was admiring the sight before me Jake took the opportunity to push his cock back into my mouth. At this point I thought, "What the hell, it's not the first time." and I started to suck his cock one more time. I could taste a wonderful mixture of his cum and my wife's pussy on his cock, but unfortunately as soon as I started to enjoy myself he was clean and pulled his dick away from me.

As he sank into the bed beside us, I was still trapped under Kate. Without any release I was still extremely turned on and wanted more. The answer was quite literally right in front of my face so I dove tongue first into Kate's now dripping pussy. This was something we had never done and I am sure if she were not completely exhausted she may have jumped at the feeling. Instead, all she could do was moan at how good my wet tongue felt on her sore pussy. As I licked and probed her pussy I was rewarded with more of the cum mixture that coated Jake's cock moments ago. Kate started to regain her strength enough to realize what was going on, and decided to help me out. She pushed herself up so that she was sitting on her knees over my face and started to grind her pussy all over my mouth and tongue. I felt her pussy tighten around my tongue and another mouthful of cum flooded into my mouth with the realization that she was pushing it out on me. I had no choice but to swallow the mixture that she was feeding me, and to be honest it was not as bad as I expected.

While I continued to lick and suck every last drop of juice out of her I felt the sensation of someone's hand on my aching cock. At first, I thought it was Kate rewarding me for a job well done, but that thought was long gone when I felt the warm sensation of a mouth sucking me toward a climax. Jake bobbed his head up and down on me quickly and stroking me at the same time. I had been waiting for so long it didn't take long before I felt my cum starting to rise. With Kate still firmly planted on my face I could not warn him I was going to cum, but he seemed not to need a warning. I shot spurt after spurt of my cum into his mouth until my balls were finally drained and feeling much better. He then pulled my cock from his mouth and straddled my waist facing my wife. They leaned forward each other and proceeded to share my load back and forth until each had swallowed some of it.

We all laid there in a pile on the bed for a little bit before Jake got up and started to get dressed to leave. Kate and I were so exhausted that we didn't even get up to let him out. He thanked us for a lovely dinner and a terrific desert, and as he was heading for the door I also thanked him for a wonderful creampie desert. We all laughed at the comment as he disappeared down the hall and we heard the door close behind him. Kate and I held each other and drifted into a much needed rest without a word about what had just happened. Even though we didn't say it, we both knew that this had been a perfect night, and knew there would be more to follow.... Continue»
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Mom and Me

I had just finished my sophomore year in high school, I had earned my driver's license, and I was having a blast. I was doing some odd jobs for the summer, but I was really just goofing off and enjoying the freedom that you are allowed once you begin driving. I think my parents were just as happy as I was, as I was out of the house a lot more, and less reliant on them. All in all, it was a great summer.
It was a cool Friday evening, and I was heading to my best friend Dave's house. His parents were gone for the weekend, and we were having a summer blowout. Everyone was going to be there, and I could not wait to show up.
"Bye mom," I called to her as I headed towards the door, "I will probably crash at Dave's, so don't leave the lights on."
"OK Dennis, just be careful," she admonished me as I slammed the door. Jumping in the car, I cranked the radio and was off. The warm air ran over my face as I hung my arm out the window, tapping against the door with my hands as I sang along with Dave Matthews. It was going to be a great night.
Turning down the street to his house, I laughed out loud as I saw the jumble of cars scrambled around his house. There were cars on the sidewalk, in his driveway, some on his lawn, and even some on his neighbor's lawn. I parked at the end of the street and made my way down.
Entering the front door, Dave called out to me immediately.
"Dennis! Say b*o," he yelled, holding a beer aloft for me, "What took you so long?" Walking over to where he was I grabbed the cold beer in my hand, toasting him and taking a long drag on the bottle.
"Hey man," I responded to him, my eyes taking in the people crammed into his house, "Is Jenny here?" He laughed out loud, telling me that that was the first question that everyone else had asked upon their arrival, and then he pointed to a small cluster of people.
"She's in there somewhere," he told me, "I think she is in the middle.
Jenny had become the class babe, and she had a natural Southern California beauty about her. She looked very much like Lindsay Wagner, the actress who played the Bionic Woman. She had golden brown hair that hung straight past her shoulders, and she had a long and lean body that drove everyone crazy.
We had all grown up together in a small coastal town and we had all been friends throughout grammar school and high school. Jenny had been a tomboy growing up, engaging in football and wrestling with the guys. She was everybody's best friend, and then she reached puberty. As she got to high school, her natural beauty blossomed, and her body took an amazing shape. Overnight she went from our best friend to our best fantasy. You cannot even begin to comprehend how many gallons of sperm must have been jerked off when thinking about her. She was everyone's fantasy girl.
I headed over to the group to say hi to everyone, and she was sitting in the center. She jumped up and said hi to me, and we chatted a little about how the summer was going. Just as I was getting comfortable and thinking that I maybe had a chance with her at the party, Dave called out that it was drinking game time. To get everyone in the mood, we began with the "Name Game."
Demonstrating our immaturity to anyone who happened by, we progressed into "One Up, One Down," and we finished with a rousing round of "Thumper." By this time everyone was hammered. Dave then decided that we should play seven minutes in heaven. This was his own concoction, whereas everyone put their names in a hat, and two were drawn. The two people would spend seven minutes together in a closet, and there were no rules for activity when you were inside. He set up two bowls, one for boys and one for girls.
As the game started, the drinks were flowing more heavily. I backed off on the alcohol and waited my turn in heaven. I was hoping that I would get a good pick. I laughed as Dave's name got picked along with Charlene Desmond, the class cow. Charlene was nice enough and friendly with everyone. She was just unfortunately blessed with a huge body and an ugly face. Serve's him right.
As soon as they were in the closet everyone began laughing and making remarks about the unlikely couple. The closet was surprisingly quiet, and we wondered what was going on in there. Seven minutes later they emerged, Dave's hair a mess and his shirt untucked. He came right to my side, filling me in on the details.
"Man, she is a pig," he told me quietly, the crowd growing noisy again as two more names were drawn, "But she sure does suck a mean dick!" I looked at him with incredulous eyes as he just nodded his head. It was not until the guy behind me pushed me forward that I realized that my name was the next picked. I stood in the center of the room as I awaited my partner, Dave's face glowing with a huge smile.
"Cindy Stevens!" the girl picking the names cried out. A smile came to my face as Dave smiled back and nodded. Cindy was a nice looking girl from a wealthy f****y, and she had a reputation as a girl who fooled around. Long brown hair, with a nice figure made the package complete. We went with the crowd as they ushered us into the closet.
"Hey Dennis, how are you?" she asked me with a smile, the alcohol evident on her breath, "Let's get comfortable." She pulled her shirt over her head and stuck her breasts in my face. As I licked and sucked on her nipples she rubbed my cock through my pants with her hand. I was extremely hard as I devoured her nipples, the erect little buds between my teeth, and she was really rubbing me raw through my pants.
"Lean back," was all she said as she dropped to her knees in front of me, unzipping my pants and pulling out my rock hard cock, "We only have a couple more minutes."
She engulfed my cock in one swallow, her hand stroking me as her mouth bobbed up and down on my cock. Dave and I liked to refer to the technique as the "Serk and Jerk," and her hands and mouth had me bursting almost immediately. She moaned around my cock as she slurped, my cock pulsing in her mouth. I was so shocked at what was going on that I merely slumped back against the wall, my body slack except for my cock.
My climax jumped on top of me before I even knew it, and my cock erupted into her mouth. She stroked me dry, coaxing every bit out of my cock. As she stood up and stuffed my limp rod back in my pants, we heard people knocking on the door to tell us that seven minutes were up. She leaned in and kissed me as she walked out the door.
Dave was totally cracking up at the look on my face, and I walked over to him. I looked at him and said, "Ditto." He laughed out loud, and we exchanged high fives and went off in search of more beer.
The night went on in a similar fashion, various games and good times running about. I had stopped drinking just before midnight, my heart just not into it. I walked out back and sat on his porch as I was pondering life. I am not sure why I got so into being alone and thinking, but I was content to look up at the night sky and just think. In the middle of a deep thought the door slid open and Jenny came out.
"Hey Dennis, whatcha doing?" she asked in her perky voice. My heart blew up as I turned to look at her, she had been the star of every masturbation fantasy since freshman year.
"Ahhh, I just needed a break from the madness," I told her, moving over and letting her join me on the bench, "It got a little crazy in there, and I needed a break. How about you? I saw your pack of admirers."
"Denn, that is why I am out here," she said with a frown on here face, "Why can't it be like old times? No one wants to just hang out with me, everyone wants to go out or just get in my pants. I just want it to be like it used to be."
As she sat down with me I realized that she was right. No one included her in just hanging out, as the guys all wanted to get in her pants, and the girls were all jealous. It was a tough predicament that she was in, and we just talked about it.
We ended up chatting for an hour or two, discussing everything when she surprised me by asking me to give her a ride home. Now, if we had not had that conversation already, I would have immediately thought about getting in her pants. I wanted to play it right, and I decided to play it cool. We walked around the side of the house to avoid everyone and their questions, and she grabbed my hand as we walked to my car.
I had a tremendous erection as we walked, caused merely by her hand in mine. It was an amazing feel and I was a little pissed when I had to let go to let her in the car. I shut her door and went over to the passenger side. Sliding into the car, she again surprised me by sliding over and leaning on my shoulder.
"Dennis, you have been the only one who has been a friend," she told me, my cock throbbing in my pants, "And I am so glad that you are taking me home. I know that I do not have to worry about you trying to jump my bones." I laughed nervously with her, my ultimate dream plans vanishing in thin air. She remained on my shoulder the whole way to her house, and we kept on talking.
"Listen, give me a call," she told me as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, "Let's get together and do something. I had the best time talking with you tonight." I sighed as she glided from my car, her incredible body swaying the whole way to her door.
Although I was happy that she wanted to hang out with me, I could not wait to get home and jerk off. My cock was throbbing the entire ride home, and all I could think about was how soft her hand felt, and how hot her lips felt on my cheek. I was dying to get home and relieve myself.
I killed the lights as I turned into the driveway, not wanting to wake mom and dad. They did not expect me home, so I was extra careful and quiet, not wanting to disturb them as I entered the house. I entered through the garage and quietly stepped into the living room.
"Mmmmnng, yes, oh, oh, mmm, ahhh, ohhh," I heard coming from their room, the sounds of the headboard slamming into the wall came out as a steady rhythm. I stopped dead in my tracks. My parents were fucking like a****ls! I could not believe it, and I moved closer to their door, which was open. The bed rocked and banged into the wall on a steady pattern, my mother's moans and groans filling the air. They knew that I was not coming home, and I am sure that they had a wild night. I moved closer to the door, dying for a peek.
My mother was no Jenny, but she was attractive in her own right. She had light blonde hair that was cut short in a conservative fashion, and she had an athletic body. She played tennis and golf quite regularly, and she kept herself tan and in shape. My dad was fitness buff as well, playing tennis and golf with mom, as well as playing on the company softball team. I had always known my mom was attractive, but I had never thought of her in a sexual way. Peering through the door, that all changed.
Mom was on all fours as dad slammed into her from behind. Their bodies were rocking together, causing the bed to slam into the wall, and I could see her breasts swaying under her chest. She continued to cry out and moan with each thrust, and I groaned to myself as my dad reached up and yanked her hair back. This caused mom to throw her head back and just her chest back. I started to rub my cock in my pants.
"Oh yes, fuck me Steve," my mom cried to my dad, "Fuck me, mmmmm, ohhh." If I thought that I was hard when I was holding Jenny's hand, my cock was now petrified. I hid in a corner that gave me a great view but kept me hidden. I pulled my hog out, stroking myself as I watched my father fuck my mother. Man, it was so fucking hot.
I was amazed at how much they were into this. I mean, come on, it was mom and dad. But they were going at it like Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct," that's how hot it was. I was jamming away at my cock when my mom pulled herself forward and rolled onto her back.
"Oh yes, give it to me Steve, mmmm," she moaned out to my dad, who proceeded to slide on top of her and pound the shit out of her. Mom's face was wrenched tight in pleasure, and my cock was close to the bursting point as they went at it. I lost it when mom lifted her ass up to meet dad's thrusts, the sight of her pushing back at him caused me to lose it, and my cum spewed forth all over my hand.
I caught as much as I could, and then I quietly snuck upstairs to my room, wiping myself clean with tissue. I took a leak and then turned into bed, my parents being the first to replace Jenny in my masturbation fantasies since last year. The summer looked to be getting better by the minute.
I came down from room the next morning and surprised my mom.
"Dennis! What are you doing home?" she asked me with a curious look, "When did you come in?" As she said this I thought that she might be worried about what I saw.
"Ahhh, the party got kind of lame," I told her as I sat down at the kitchen table, "I took off after awhile. I think I got home around 3 or 4. I was quiet as I did not want to wake you or dad."
"Well, as long as everything is alright," she said, comforted by the fact that I "got in" well after they had finished fucking. I sat down to breakfast with the naked visions of my mom and dad fucking dancing through my head. It was tough to sit there in front of her and not say or do anything. It was my little secret.
The weekends began to take a regular form, with me staying out late and sneaking back to catch them going at it. Jenny and I began to hang out and do things together, and with my fantasy world focused on my parents, my sexual drive towards Jenny lost its steam. I still would love to be with her, but I was enjoying our friendship more now that my focus was on my parents. Her and I became closer and closer as the summer wore on.
It was a late July night when I snuck back into the house to check on mom and dad. Jenny and I had gone to the movies together, her light good night kiss keeping my cock hard until I arrived home. I took my usual position and stared at mom and dad with my cock in hand. They had chosen a new position tonight, and I was thrilled to find mom on all fours facing the end of the bed. This way she was looking almost right at me, her tits swaying towards me. I began to jerk off in earnest.
Things got strange that night as I watched them. Mom's face was turned up towards me, and I had the weirdest feeling that she was staring right at me. I was hidden pretty well, so I knew that she probably could not see me, but it felt like her eyes were on me. This caused my cock to swell even more than I thought possible. I came pretty quickly after that.
For the next couple of weeks I would notice them in that position and I always had a feeling that she was staring at me. Lately, she began to moan even louder than normal, her explicit words sending electric charges running through my body. My orgasms grew more intense as their lovemaking grew wilder.
My dad had to head out of town on a business trip for the weekend at the beginning of August, and I was off with Jenny on that Friday. Returning home after the movies, my cock was in the usual state of hardness that Jenny always brought on. Sneaking into the house, I was surprised to hear moans from my parent's room. With dad away, I had no idea what was going on. I snuck over to my usual hiding place to see what was going on.
I almost screamed when I found my mother sprawled on her bed, her hands shoving a huge dildo into her hot pussy. Without dad's body on top of her, I had a much better view of her body. As I watched and stroked myself, I was further shocked by her words.
"Oh yes Dennis, give me your cock, yeah," she cried out to my bewilderment, "Mmmm, yeah, give to mommy, fuck me with your cock." She continued to moan and fuck herself as I pumped my cock, her words doing more for me sexually than my hand had ever done. I was really getting into it when she called out again, her face thrown back against her pillows.
"Oh yeah baby, give it to me," she cried, her body shaking against the fat dildo, "Yes, stroke your cock, beat that big hunk of meat for mommy." At this point I was shocked. Could she really see me? Was she really talking to me or just fantasizing. I was not sure of what to do until she screamed again.
"Mmmmm, oh, yes, I am going to cum, give me your cock, cum for me baby," she groaned out, her body pumping against that dildo in the same manner as she pumped against dad, "Give it to me, make me cum, help me Dennis, yes, yes!"
Fantasy or not, mom had me crazy and I stood up, cock in hand. I walked into her room and she looked directly at me. She explained that she had caught me watching them a couple of weeks ago, and that it was incredibly hot for to think that I was turned on by my own mother. She told me that her orgasms were extra intense when she knew I was watching, and that she put on an extra effort for me whenever she caught me peeking.
"Does dad know?" I asked, a little nervous about standing in front of mom with a throbbing erection. She shook her head, telling me that it was our little secret.
"Dad is not here, and I need you to make love to me, Dennis," she told me, shocking the hell out of me, "Fuck me, fuck me Dennis."
To say that I was shocked was an understatement. I was incredibly thrilled, and I wanted to fuck the hell out of her, but it was my mother. I gazed at her naked body, her breasts swelling on her chest with erect nipples. Her hands were clamped on the dildo that was still wedged in her hot pussy.
"What do you mean, mom," I asked her, putting my foot entirely in my mouth, "I don't know if this is right." I could not believe that I said those words as soon as they slipped from my mouth, but I had to make sure that this was not some dream or fantasy that I was stuck in.
"Denny, I don't care if it is right or wrong," she purred back to me, my swollen cock throbbing in my hand as a reminder to me, "I am so hot, and I have been so hot knowing that you were watching me. Isn't this what you want?"
She did have a point there, it was what I wanted. She helped me with my final decision by removing the dildo from her twat and placing her hand on my cock.
"Oh you have a nice cock," she told me with a smile, her hands running along my shaft, "Nice and big like your father's. Are you a virgin Denny?"
Her bluntness surprised me, and I was a little taken aback. But it is not too often that you find your mother stroking your erect cock, so I went along with her questions. I nodded no, and I explained to her about the things that I have done.
"Have you ever fucked a woman who knew what she was doing?" she asked with a sexy smile on her lips. I had to shake my head no. The only girls I was with were as experienced as I had been. It had felt great, but it was always a little awkward and embarrassing, and I confided as suck in my mother.
"Well, get in bed with me and let me show you how a woman does it. I could not believe it, but I did get into bed with my mother, my clothes dropping from my body.
I groaned as she wrapped her body around mine, her hands grabbing onto my back as our bodies came together. She moaned back at me as she felt my engorged shaft dig into her body, her legs wrapping around me and holding me tight.
"Dennis, mmmm, you have such a nice body," she moaned, running her hands through my hair and supping my face, "Do you want to fuck me?" I looked at my mother, not really comprehending what she was saying, just completely in awe at the situation. "Dennis, would you fuck me?" she repeated, my mind still not functioning. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and she rolled me onto my back.
My mom slipped under the covers and wrapped her lips around my cock, the incredible feel of my mother causing shivers to race through my body. I cried out as she wrapped her hands around me, her hands stroking my shaft as her lips slid over it. I was in heaven, and my mother was the clouds. She took her mouth from my cock, pushing the covers down and looked up at me, her hand slowly pumping my shaft.
"You have suck a hot cock honey," she purred to me, a smile on her wet lips, "Has anyone ever deepthroated you?" I shook my head no, and held on for dear life as my mother impaled herself on my cock, her lips sliding straight down to my balls. The feeling was incredible, as my mom took my entire cock into her mouth, her lips and tongue slurping away as I lie buried in her throat. Amazing.
"Oh shit mom, that is so good," I cried out as her mouth slid back and forth on my cock, the head of my cock bumping into the back of her throat, "Jesus, I am going to cum!!"
I could not help it or even try to hold back the onslaught of orgasm. If anything, I felt my mom increase her suction on my cock, her lips and tongue working overtime to suck me further into her mouth. I cried out as I came, my cock blasting off into my mother's throat. I was amazed at how she sucked it all down, my cum pouring down her throat.
My cock continued to spurt and spit into her body, her lips coaxing every drop of my cum from my body. It was the most intense orgasm that I had ever had, and my mother was the person to share it with.
"Mmmmm, I love your cock Denny," she cooed to me as my cock remained hard. I was young, only 16 and my recuperative powers had to be far better than my father's. She squealed out as she felt my hard cock twitch in her hands.
"My pussy is so hot for you, fuck me Denny, give it to me," she begged, her hands pumping my cock as she climbed up onto my body. She spread her legs across my hips, straddling my body with her own. She held my cock in her hands, rubbing it against her steaming gash, eliciting groans from both of us. It was an amazing feeling as my cock head rubbed over her wet pussy lips, mom's hand driving my cock against her body.
"Oh Denny, I love your cum, I love your cock," she moaned to me, my body responding to her words and her feel, "Oh yes, I am going to love you baby, feel it honey." I mumbled something in response as the velvet feel of her hot pussy was rubbing against my cock. Her juice was dripping our along my cock, and my body gurgled and groaned in response. My mother was making love to me, my own mother.
"Oh baby! Oh baby!" she cried as she slipped the head of my cock inside her pussy, "Oh honey, you are so big, so big for me, fuck me Denny!" She continued to cry out as she slowly slid her body down onto my own. It was an incredible feeling as my body returned to hers, my cock sliding inside the tunnel that I had originally emerged from. "Yes, yes, yes, your cock feels so good!"
I lifted my hips up, my body pushing against hers, pushing myself deeper into her. She grabbed my hands and pressed down against me, my hips raised off of the bed as we f***ed ourselves together.
"Oh god, oh fuck Denny," she groaned to me, my own voice lost in all the passion, "Your cock feels so fucking good, oh yes, oh fuck!" We began to hump against each other, my body jumping and dancing in a hurried, rushed fashion. "Easy baby, let mommy show you how," she called to me, putting a stop to my jerking motions.
"Yes, that's it baby, let mommy ride your cock," she purred to me, nodding her head at me, "Yes, yes, yes, just hold your cock up, oh yes, that is it!" She moaned as she rode me, her body closing and clamping on my cock as she rode me, totally in control. She moved my hands to her hips, letting me guide her as she rode me, our bodies bouncing and grinding together.
"Mmmmm, ohh mom," I moaned back to her, most of my words getting stuck in my throat, "So good, so good." My body fell into a solid rhythm with hers as instinct took over. She was clamping down on me, her body driving mine deeper and deeper into hers. We kept calling out to each other, the amazing feelings putting us both on an incredible edge.
"Oh yes Denny, you fuck me so good, oh honey," she cried out, her body twisting on top of mine, "Yes honey, your cock is so good...I am going to explode all over you!"
Mom threw herself backwards, her arms falling back against my knees. Her chest jutted out as she slammed herself on my body like this, the new position causing my cock to rub against and tug on her clit. It was too much for her, and she exploded all over my cock, her body sitting up straight and pressing down on me.
"Jesus Christ!!!! So good honey, oh baby, mommy is cumming all over you," she screamed as her body came all over me, the hot slick juice streaming down my cock. "Oh fuck me Denny. I want you to cum inside me honey, let me feel it."
She rolled me over, pulling me on top of her and wrapping her legs around my waist. She pulled me into her body, the orgasm opening and completely lubricating her incredible pussy. I began to drive down into her, my body slamming into hers as she urged me on.
"God your cock is big, give it to me," she begged as my cock drove into her body, my shaft soaked in her juice, "God yes, yes, fuck me silly baby!" We worked up a great pace, her legs around my ass and her pussy around my cock. She even reached down and rubbed her fingers over her clit, sending herself on another orgasm. I could not believe how crazy my mother had become.
"Yes, yes, yes," she cried as spasm after spasm wracked her body, the cum drooling out of her and all over the bed. "Oh honey, cum for me, shoot your cum in my pussy, yes, yes!"
I renewed my efforts, my hands clamping on her hips as my cock slammed into her. She began pushing back at me, setting my memory running. As I fucked into her, all I could think about was the sight of mom lifting her ass up to meet dad as I watched them fuck. It was too much for me too handle, and my cock erupted inside her body. My cock blew up all over her insides, my i****tuous seed splattering all over her insides. Our juices intermingled together, our cries screaming to alert the world.
As my cock spit into my mom, I fell forward on top of her, our arms wrapping around each other, our arms holding and cradling each other. It was a tender moment after our wild fuck, and I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock as it stopped spitting into her. Her wet pussy clamped and squeezed my shaft as it began a descent from her insides.
"Honey, you are a marvelous lover," she whispered to me, little kisses flying all over my face, "You are magnificent."
"I still can't believe we did this!" I blurted out, my mom laughing back at me. "I cannot get over how wild you were, how wild you have been with dad at night." She explained to me that when she hit her mid 30's, that something went crazy inside her body. Luckily for her, it was when I had started driving, and when I was supposed to be out of the house.
She told me that she could not get enough sex, and that her and dad just fucked their brains out every night. For some reason, she could just not get enough cock, and finding me watching her just heightened the intensity of the pleasure that she felt.
"I have watched you checking us out, stroking your cock," she told me, her hand slowly grazing over my cock, "It got me so hot to think that you were stroking yourself while you watched me. I never really thought about having sex with you until I saw you tonight. Seeing you watch me tonight made me crazy."
Smiling at me as she finished her statement, she moved her mouth down to take my cock again.
"Unnnggh," I groaned as her hot mouth closed on my cock once again, "So fucking hot mom, your mouth is incredible." She started bobbing her head on my cock, her hot, wet lips sliding up and down my erect shaft. She got my cock nice and wet with her saliva, and then pulled her lips from my cock.
"I love how hard you get for me," she told me as she pumped my cock with her hands, "And how fast you get hard again. You father could never manage this many times in one night." She stared at me as she slid on top of me again. She placed my cock in her slit immediately, no foreplay this time. She sank down on me, the incredible furnace of her insides closing around me.
"Yes, Denny," she cried out as my cock sank home, "Fuck me, fuck me with your great cock!" We immediately fell back into the rhythm that we had taught each other earlier. Her wetness clung to my cock, and I leaned up to take a nipple into my mouth. She continued to cry out, thrashing her head about and calling my name out.
I had gotten some confidence by now, and I pulled her off of me, pulling to all fours.
"I want to fuck you from behind mom," I told her as I aligned my cock with her hot pussy, "I got so nuts when you faced me and dad slammed into you from behind." She laughed and told me that she was staring openly at me and watching me stroke my cock while dad fucked her. She started to grunt as I slammed into her.
"Oh, Den, ungh, aahhh, Denny, ohhh, yes, ahhh, argh," she screamed to me, each thrust banging into her. I had my hands on her hips and was really slamming into her, her body rocking on the bed and pushing back at me. As I pushed forward, I could feel her body swell around me. I increased the pace as I felt her body squeeze around me.
"Oh yes Denny, faster baby, fuck me," she moaned out as I fucked her, "Hurry baby, I am going to cum. Yes, cum with me baby, cum with me!" We began pushing and grinding against each other, each of us pushing the other to the orgasmic edge. Mom was first there, screaming out as her pussy showered me in her juice. I slammed forward, holding my cock completely buried as I came.
"Ahhhh, yes, yes, so good, so hot," I cried out as she moaned against me, both of our bodies erupting against the other. I pulled on her hair, turning her head sideways and kissing her as we came. Out tongues dueled as we came together, my cock pumping load after load of my cum into her body. I could not believe how wet she was, and my cock and balls were coated in her juice.
We fell asl**p in each other's arms, our bodies intertwined together. We awoke together in the morning, and we spent the majority of the day in bed. We made it out of bed for some lunch, and then raced back to bed. When dad returned, we kept our trysts secret, stealing some opportunities to share a bed together. Mom was daring enough to blow me in the morning while dad was in the shower.
My mother had become my lover, and we explored new fantasies and ideas with each other, constantly pushing the limits to what we can do. Dad is going away for a whole week next month. I can't wait.... Continue»
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Hoe mijn vrouw me tot (toilet)slaaf maakte.

Regelmatig als we sex hadden likte ik mijn vrouw. Ik was altijd al een beetje de onderdanige partij. Op een avond, we waren een beetje melig , likte ik mijn vrouw en kietelde haar. Van schrik plaste ze een beetje, recht in mijn mond. Ik spuugde het direct uit waarop ze zei: He slaaf…. Zo gaan we niet met mijn sappen om. Voor straf moet je het weer oplikken. Met tegenzin deed ik wat me gevraagd werd. Mijn vrouw keek hier naar en zei spottend: Dat doe je goed. EN als beloning mag je al mijn plas hebben.
Ik weigerde dit en ze zei: Ga je speeltjes maar halen.
Je moet gestraft worden.
Ik haalde de doos met attributen en ze boeide me met gespreide armen en benen aan het bed. Ze plaatste klemmen op mijn tepels en bond mijn ballen strak af. Toen ging ze met haar goddelijke kutje op mijn mond zitten en zei: Lik me schoon. Uiteraard wilde ik dit wel. Hierop zei ze. Ik ga je bek vol pissen….. Voor iedere druppel die je morst krijg je een naald door je eikel.
Ik probeerde nee te schudden, maar ze trok hard aan mijn afgebonden ballen.
Toen liet ze haar plas in mijn mond lopen. Ik kokhalsde en de plas lekte uit mijn mond.
Hard kneep ze in mijn ballen en zei……. Nu is je vonnis getekend…vanaf nu ga ik je trainen tot mijn toilet slaaf. Maak je borst maar nat.
Allereerst zal ik je straffen voor het morsen….Hmmm dat wordt een speldenkussen.
Ze nam plaats op het bed met haar kut boven mijn gezicht.
Ze stroopte het vel van mijn eikel naar beneden en begon mijn lul te masseren. Toen deze stijf was, pakte ze een naald en duwde deze van onderen af naar boven door mijn eikel. Ik gilde het uit van de pijn, maar mijn vrouw perste door totdat hij er aan de andere kant weer uit kwam. Haar kut werd nat. Haar vocht lekte langs haar lippen over mijn gezicht.
Ze pakte een 2e naald. Ook deze ging van onderaf door mijn eikel. Weer gilde ik, maar ik voelde mijn lul harder worden dan ooit. Een 3e, 4e, 5e en 6e perste ze door mijn eikel. Mopperend zei mijn vrouw dat er geil uit mijn eikel lekte. Ze ging van mij af en liet me gebonden op het bed liggen. Toen pas zag ik mijn eikel. 6 naalden staken door mijn eikel-rand van onder naar boven. Bij het zien hiervan kwam ik spontaan klaar. Op dat moment liep mijn vrouw, die net een 2 literfles water uit de keuken had gehaald, de slaapkamer weer in en zag mijn klodders zaad op het bed belanden.
Met een lepel schraapte ze het zaad van het laken en perste mijn mond open, liet het zaad in mijn mond lopen en perste mijn mond en neus dicht. Slikken SLAAF zei ze. Ze dronk een flinke hoeveelheid water uit de fles en pakte mijn inmiddels slappe lul beet en begon me voorzichtig af te trekken, er voor zorgend dat mijn voorhuid niet door de naalden werd geraakt.
Langzaam verstijfde mijn lul weer. Weer pakte ze een naald en drukte deze van links naar rechts door mijn eikel (er voor zorgend dat deze niet door mijn plasbuis ging). Naald nummer 8 ging strak naast de 7e van rechts naar links. Ze pakte de camera en maakte er foto’s van. Weer dronk ze water en zei me, dat ik stijf moest blijven.
Ze liet me alleen en ik hoorde op de achtergrond de TV. Na verloop van tijd lukte me het niet meer om mijn lul stijf te houden en langzaam zakte deze op mijn buik. Ik voelde de naalden tegen mijn buik. Hierdoor groeide hij weer en daardoor prikte 1 naald in mijn buik-vel. Stijf werd mijn lul wel, maar hij kon niet meer omhoog. Op dat moment kwam mijn vrouw weer binnen en moest lachen. Ze zei me: “Jammer dat je je lul niet omhoog kan krijgen. Laat dit een straf zijn.”
Toen nam ze plaats op mijn gezicht en zei. “Nu drink je alles op. Ik heb speciaal voor jou veel water gedronken, dus het is net water. “
Strak drukte ze haar kut op mijn mond en liet haar plas lopen. Uiteindelijk viel het mee. Het smaakte nergens naar en ik was in staat om bijna alles door te slikken.
Ze stapte van me af en zei:” Zie je nu wel.” Ze kuste me op mijn mond. “Nu is het tijd om je naalden te verwijderen” Gewapend met sterilon en tissues trok ze de eerste naald uit mijn eikel, die toch weer redelijk stijf was. Het bloed stroomde er uit en snel drukte ze de tissue op de gaatjes. Één voor een verwijderde ze alle 8 naalden. Weer kuste ze me en wachtte tot het bloeden gestopt was.
Als beloning begon ze mijn lul weer af te trekken en toen hij weer stijf was liet ze haar druipnatte kut over mijn lul zakken en begon me klaar te rijden. Binnen de kortste keren kwam ik klaar en spoot mijn zaad in haar kut. Weer ging ze op mijn mond zitten en ook dit moest ik oplikken. Daarna maakte ze me los en we dronken nog wat.
Toen ik naar de WC wilde riep ze me terug en zei…..”Je denkt toch niet dat jij naar de plee mag maatje” Vervolgens hield ze mijn bierglas onder mijn lul en commandeerde me te pissen. Met moeite lukte me het en langzaam vulde mijn glas zich met gele urine. “Afknijpen” commandeerde ze toen het glas bijna vol was. Ze hield het glas voor mijn mond en knikte alleen maar. Langzaam pakte ik het glas en zette het aan mijn mond. Ik rook de stank en moest kokken. Streng keek ze me aan en voorzichtig dronk ik een slokje, daarna nog een en nog een. Uiteindelijk had ik het glas leeg en wilde nu naar de WC gaan, maar weer riep ze me terug en zei “alles drinken dus plas maar weer vol”. Wéér plaste ik een glas vol en dronk het op. Het derde glas kon ik maar tot de helft vullen, maar ook dit dronk ik op.
Mijn vrouw zei: “Zie je nu wel, zo erg is het niet. Voortaan drink je je eigen urine. En als ik ook maar één keer merk dat je dat niet doet, dan zwaait er wat. Oh ja en nu je toch zo lekker bezig bent, drink mijn plas ook nog maar een keer, dan kunnen we gaan slapen.
Ook haar plas verdween in mijn mond en we gingen slapen.
Ik kon de nacht slecht slapen. Allerlei gedachten spookten door mijn hoofd.
De volgende morgen werd ik door mijn vrouw gewekt met de woorden “IK moet pissen…Open je mond”. Vóór ik het wist zat ze al op me en liet haar blaas leeg lopen. Deze pis smaakte wel heel anders. Moeizaam slikte ik alles weg en het lukte me om niet te morsen. Ze kuste me, kleedde zich aan en zei “Tussen de middag kom ik terug, zorg dat het huis aan kant is. Blijf de hele ochtend naakt en zorg dat je in de hal klaar ligt met je benen naar de deur en gespreid als ik thuis kom. Ik verbied je klaar te komen en als je moet pissen, dan doe je dat in glazen en zet deze in de koelkast, of drink ze leeg. VERGEET NIET : als je ook maar één druppel in de plee doet, zal ik je zwaar straffen.”
ZE ontbeet en verdween.
Ik ben thuis de huisman. Ik deed de dagelijkse dingen, maar moest tegen 11 uur zo nodig pissen, dat ik het niet meer kon houden. Snel pakte ik een bierglas en piste dit vol. Ik zetten die op het aanrecht en pakte een 2e. Een derde en vierde volgden.
4 glazen stonden naast elkaar gevuld met goudgele urine. Ik twijfelde. Voorzichtig dronk ik er een leeg….Getver wat een pissmaak had ik nu in m’n mond, toch pakte ik het 2e glas. Ook dat dronk ik op. De andere 2 glazen zette ik in de koelkast.
Tot mijn schrik ging de deurbel. Naakt stond ik in de keuken, als ik wilde vluchten moest ik door de hal. Door de ramen zouden ze me zien, maar ook als ze omliepen en in de keuken keken. Ik kon nergens heen. Ons huis ligt dan wel afgelegen, maar alles speelt zich af op de begane grond, en we hebben geen matglazen ramen of deuren. Ook onze voordeur is van helder glas.
Voorzichtig keek ik om een hoekje en zag dat het de buurvrouw is. Ze wist dat ik thuis moest zijn, want dat ben ik altijd op maandag. Na nog een keer gebeld te hebben keek ze door het raam, zag me gelukkig niet en verdween. Ik bedacht me dat ik dit met mijn vrouw moest overleggen, want ik wilde niet voor schut gaan in de buurt.
Om 12 uur ging ik naakt in de hal liggen. Spreidde mijn benen en lag zo te koop voer een ieder die nu naar onze voordeur zou lopen.
Pas om 1 uur kwam mijn vrouw. Ze knikte goedkeurend, trok haar string uit, tilde haar rok op en ging op me zitten. Langzaam liet ze haar blaas leeg lopen. Deze plas was wel heel geconcentreerd en ik ging bijna over mijn nek. Daardoor lekte er een behoorlijke hoeveelheid langs mijn mond op de witte vloer. Maar het meeste heb ik gedronken. Boos zei ze dat ik alles moest oplikken. Met tegenzin voldeed ik aan haar opdracht en likte de vloer schoon.
Tijdens de lunch vertelde ik dat de buurvrouw had aangebeld en ik vroeg haar hoe te handelen.
Mijn vrouw schoot in de lach en zei “Open doen natuurlijk” maar ik sputterde tegen dat ik naakt was.
Ze zei me dat ik hoe dan ook naakt moest open doen, ongeacht wie er voor de deur stond en dat ik dan maar een smoes moest verzinnen.
Tijdens de lunch dronk ik de andere 2 glazen urine , maar moest ook weer plassen, dus ik plaste er meteen weer 4 vol.
Mijn vrouw keek goedkeurend toe. “Je leert het jongen“ Zei ze me. “Ook vanmiddag blijf je naakt”
Daarna vertrok ze weer, met de mededeling: “Lig om 5 uur weer in de gang”..
Die middag heb ik nog 2 glazen geplast en gedronken.
Snel was het 5 uur. Ik lag weer klaar om mijn vrouw te ontvangen, maar ze kwam pas tegen 6 uur thuis. Ze was boos dat het eten nog niet klaar was, ging op me zitten en wéér kon ik alles tot me nemen. Ik wende er wel aan.
Snel ging ik koken en vroeg mijn vrouw of ik wat mocht drinken. Ze pakte mijn glazen uit de koelkast en zei.”Ja hoor, maar dan wel dit”.
Ik voelde me vies, maar kon niets doen.
De week verliep ongeveer op dezelfde manier als de maandag.
Alleen op vrijdag tegen 11 uur belde de buurvrouw weer aan. Naakt opende ik de deur en zei keek me blozend aan en vroeg, “Wat is dit nu” Ik zei haar dat ik in de tuin lag te zonnen, en dat ik niets bij me had om aan te doen. “Nou ja” zei ze,” het maakt eigenlijk ook niets uit”. Ze volgde me naar de tuin en ik vroeg haar wat ze wilde drinken. Daar het warm was koos ze voor een frisje. Ikzelf nam een glas plas uit de koelkast en we babbelden wat…hoewel ik me wel opgelaten voelde. Tegen 12 uur wilde ik haar wegwerken, maar ze maakte geen aanstalten. Ze zei ”Goh jullie tuin is zo lekker beschut, vind je het erg als ik ook hier kom zonnen?” en direct kleedde ze zich uit op haar string na en ging op het gras liggen. Ik verontschuldigde me en zei dat ik zo weer terug zou zijn.
Snel ging ik zoals bevolen in de hal liggen….. Ik lag er nog maar net, of mijn vrouw kwam al binnen. Ze nam plaats op mijn mond en begon te plassen. Ik was er inmiddels aan gewend en ik dronk haar sappen. Op dat moment kwam de Buuf binnen en riep “ik ben even op het toilet”, waarop mijn vrouw zei… Kom dan maar naar de hal. Ik kon wel door de grond gaan… Mijn vrouw zat nog steeds op me en plaste door.
Lachend kwam de Buuf er bij staan en zei…..”Jezus meid wat heb jij een economisch toilet” Lachend stond mijn vrouw op en zei…. Ga je gang. De Buuf trok haar string uit en plaatste haar kale kut op mijn mond. Met kracht begon ze te plassen en ik moest moeite doen om alles weg te slikken. De plas van Buuf smaakte nog bitterder dan die van mijn vrouw.
Toen ik haar had droog gelikt stond ze op en zoende mijn vrouw innig. Ze zei: “Meid dit kom ik elke dag doen voortaan. Wat een super toilet heb jij” Daarbij knipoogden ze naar elkaar.
Mijn vrouw vertelde dat Buuf dat al heel lang wilde, maar dat al haar relaties daar op afknapten en dat zij had aangeboden mij als WC te mogen gebruiken, zo vaak ze maar wilde. Ik moest nu dus 2 vrouwen drinken.
Ik moest voortaan binnenshuis altijd naakt zijn. Voor als ik weg ging mocht ik me kleden.
Na een paar weken de beide vrouwen te hebben gedronken veranderde er iets drastisch.
Ik had net mijn vrouw leeg gedronken, waarna ze naar het toilet ging om te poepen. Na enige tijd kwam ze scheldend het toilet uit omdat er geen wc papier was. Woest ging ze voor me staan en zei: “Jij Lul bent vergeten wc papier te kopen. Nu mag jij dat zijn. GA LIGGEN” gedwee deed ik wat ze verlangde.. “NU LIK JE ME ANUS SCHOON VERDOMME”. Ze hurkte boven mijn mond en bevool me de resten weg te likken. Voorzichtig voldeed ik aan haar verzoek, maar lag haast te kotsen. Gelukkig was haar kont redelijk schoon en likte ik de kleine restjes weg. Ze stond op en zei:”Wen d’r maar aan. Vanaf nu lik je m’n kont. We kopen geen wc papier meer. Enne je veegt je eigen kont maar met je vingers af.”
De hele middag had ik een vieze smaak in me mond. Tot overmaat van ramp kwam ook Buuf nog even plassen. Daarna ging ook zij poepen. Ze riep om wc papier waarop ik haar met het schaamrood op de kaken moest zeggen dat we dat niet meer hadden. Ook Buuf bevool me dan maar haar kont te likken.. Kokhalzend voldeed ik aan haar behoefte. Toen ze schoon was zei ze “Sta op” Vervolgens gaf ze me een dikke zoen op mijn mond en zei “Bedankt Lieverd en bedank ook Yvonne, dat ze me gebeld heeft. Vind je het erg om elke dag mijn kont te likken?” Ik stotterde “ehhhh jjja goed”
Ik wende snel aan de smaak van poep…. De eerste dagen had ikzelf wel diaree, maar mocht mijn kont schoonspoelen onder de douche.
Toen ik weer vaste poep had, verdween deze luxe en moest ik mijn gat zelf schoon houden.
Wat me wel op viel was dat er steeds meer restjes achter bleven bij zowel mijn vrouw als Buuf.
Alles bleek een plan te zijn.
In een weekend bond mijn vrouw me weer vast op het bed. Ze nam plaats boven mijn mond en zei OGEN DICHT en mond open. Er viel iets in mijn mond en ze zei SLIKKEN. Voor ik me er van bewust was had ik mijn eerste poep gegeten. Weer liet ze een drolletje vallen. Ook dit werkte ik kokhalzend weg.
Nog 3 keer liet ze een keutel in mijn mond vallen.
Eigenlijk valt de smaak best mee, maar als je weet wat je eet …………..
Ik likte haar kont schoon, daarna plaste ze haar blaas leeg.
Ik voelde me gelukkig.
Nog geen 5 minuten later stond Buuf voor de deur. Mijn vrouw vertelde enthousiast wat ze had gedaan, waarop Buuf vroeg of zij dat ook mocht.
“Tuurlijk” zei mijn vrouw, en alweer moest ik gaan liggen.
Ik mocht mijn ogen openhouden. Een stevige drol verliet haar lijf. Eenmaal in mijn mond wist ik niet wat te doen. Deze was zo groot. Mijn vrouw hielp me, pakte de bolus en brak hem in 2-en. Daarna kreeg ik deel 1 in mijn mond. Ik slikte die weg en vervolgens deel 2.
Tijdens het schoonlikken van haar anus, perste Buuf er nog een klein keuteltje uit. Ook die at ik op, maar voelde me misselijk.
Ik moest blijven liggen. Ik hoorde de vrouwen lachen in de kamer, maar wist niet waar het over ging.
Die week leerde ik poep eten in grote hoeveelheden.
Om te beginnen kreeg ik een grote drol in mijn mond. Mijn vrouw vertelde me te kauwen en het dan door te slikken. Hierdoor zaten mijn tanden en hele mond onder de poep.
Ikzelf mocht ook niet meer naar het toilet en moest poepen op een bord.
Alles moest ik op eten.
Na 2 weken wist ik niet meer beter en at en dronk alles zonder problemen.
Mijn vrouw vertelde mij dat ze die avond een aantal vrienden had uitgenodigd voor een feest. Ik moest fungeren als butler. Wat ze niet vertelde was dat ik een naakte butler zou zijn, met alleen een vlinderstrikje.
Toen ik me ’s avonds wilde kleden zei mijn vrouw, dat ik naakt zou bedienen. Zoveel mensen zouden er niet komen.
Wel wilde ze nog wat voorzorg maatregelen nemen, zodat ik me zou gedragen.
Ik moest vóór haar gaan staan en mijn lul aanbieden. Snel perste een naald dwars door mijn eikel, gevolgd door een 2e. “Zo” zei ze…. “Jou lul zal vandaag niet neuken”. Toen ik naar mijn lul keek, begon deze spontaan te groeien tot een stijve.
Op dat moment ging de bel. Beschaamd liep ik met mijn stijve naar de deur (normaal zou mijn lul krimpen van schrik, maar om de een of andere reden bleef hij keihard) en deed deze open.
De eerste gast was een MEESTER met een (naakte) slavin. Ze had een riem om haar nek, met een ketting welke de MEESTER vast hield. Vervolgens een MEESTERES met een bijna naakte slaaf, alleen bij deze slaaf verdween de ketting in zijn string.
Nog steeds bleef mijn lul stijf en ik zag mijn vrouw trots kijken. Als laatste kwam Buuf.
De MEESTER, MEESTERES, mijn vrouw en Buuf gingen aan tafel. De slaaf en slavin knielden achter hun MEESTERES en MEESTER.
Ik diende het voorgerecht op en trok mij terug in de keuken. Nog steeds was mijn lul stijf (achteraf vertelde mijn MEESTERES dat ze een viagra-achtig middel op de naalden had gedaan).
Na het voorgerecht werd ik geroepen door mijn vrouw. Ik moest de tafel afruimen en mij daarna melden bij de MEESTER.
Bedeesd meldde ik me bij de MEESTER en vroeg wat ik voor hem kon doen.
“Slaaf”zei hij “Ik wil dat je me pijpt tot ik klaar kom, daarna laat je je met sperma gevulde mond zien”.
Ik ben absoluut geen homo en ook niet bisexueel en keek onzeker naar mijn vrouw. Boos kwam ze op me af, pakte mijn rechter tepel, rekte deze uit en perste er een naald door. Daarop zei ze “Jij bent nog minder dan de slaaf en slavin hier aanwezig. Je doet dus wat een ieder van je verlangt, wat het ook is.”
Met tranen in mijn ogen zei ik “Ja MEESTERES”
Ik knielde voor de MEESTER en pakte zijn lul voorzichtig beet, stroopte het vel naar achteren en rook de zo bekende penetrante lucht die een lul na een dag heeft. Het maakte me misselijk, maar ik nam hem in mijn mond. Ik begon hem te pijpen. Ik voelde de lul harder worden en zoog en likte zo goed als ik kon. Onderwijl voelde ik van achteren een hand naar mijn lul gaan die mij voorzichtig begon af te trekken, er voor zorgend dat de naalden mijn voorhuid niet beschadigden.
Dit maakte me bloedgeil en ik pijpte alsof mijn leven er vanaf hing.
Ineens voelde ik zijn warme zaad over mijn tong spuiten. Oneindig lang leek dit te duren. Waarom weet ik niet, maar ook ik spoot dikke klodders sperma door de lucht.
Ik opende mijn mond en liet mijn met sperma gevulde mond aan de MEESTER zien. Hij zei: ”Laat mijn zaad in de mond van mijn slavin lopen, lik dan je eigen zaad op, en geef dit ook aan mijn slavin. Dan mag ze met het sperma haar mond spoelen en weer alles aan jou geven. Vervolgens slik je alles door. Daarna zal ik je straffen voor je ongecontroleerde ejaculatie.”. Mijn vrouw keek goedkeurend toe toen ik mijn mond op de mond van de slavin drukte en het sperma in haar mond liet lopen. Even tongde ze mij, maar toen moest ik mijn eigen sperma oplikken en ook aan haar geven. Ze liet de sperma door haar mond gaan en drukte toen haar mond op de mijne liet het zaad weer in mijn mond lopen en tongde me nogmaals… nu langer. Ik hoorde de MEESTER zeggen “Zo is het wel genoeg Veronique” en snel trok ze zich terug.
De MEESTER zei tot mij “Slaaf spoel met jou en mijn zaad je mond en slik alles door” Gedwee voldeed ik aan zijn wens.
Nu kwam de MEESTERES naar me toe, kneep hard in mijn ballen en zei “Jij gaat mijn slaaf laten zien hoe een toiletslaaf zich gedraagt. Mijn slaaf heeft de hele dag niet mogen plassen. Jij gaat alles drinken, zonder te morsen.
De slaaf kwam op mij af en trok zijn string uit. Tot mijn schrik zag ik dat de ketting aan een ring door zijn eikel(prince Albert) vast zat.
De MEESTERES maakte de ketting los en ik opende mijn mond. De slaaf begon te pissen (Jezus wat stonk deze) Ik slikte snel , maar er leek geen einde aan te komen. Na een paar minuten had ik zijn warme pis geheel opgedronken. De MEESTERES was tevreden en zei tot haar slaaf dat hij dit ook zal leren.
Nu moest ik het hoofdgerecht opdienen en mij weer terugtrekken in de keuken. De slaaf en slavin werden ook naar de keuken gestuurd, want de dames en heren wilden Privacy.
De slaaf zag bleek, want plas drinken leek hem zo goor. Ik zei hem, dat ik dat ook heb gehad, maar uit liefde voor mijn MEESTERES heb ik mijn eigen gevoelens opzij gezet. Bovendien is ze voorzichtig begonnen. Ik heb hem het hele verhaal verteld waarop hij nog bleker werd. “Eet jij poep?? “ vroeg hij. Ik knikte bevestigend. Hij keek me ongelovig aan, waarop ik zei: “Wil je het zien ??” nog steeds verbijsterd knikte hij ja. Ik zal aan mijn MEESTERES vragen of ik dat mag laten zien aan jou, maar dan moet er wel iemand poepen.
Ik liep de eetkamer in en vroeg gedwee aan mijn MEESTERES/vrouw of ik aan de slaaf mocht laten zien dat ik poep at. Ze knikte en vroeg: “Moet er iemand poepen ??? Mijn slaaf wil laten zien dat hij dat alles eet.”
Als eerste reageerde Buuf en zei dat ze de hele dag had gespaard.
De slaaf en slavin mochten de keuken uit en moesten toekijken.
Ik ging op de grond liggen en opende mijn mond. Buuf trok haar jurk en string uit, zodat iedereen goed kon kijken.
Ze hurkte boven mijn mond en perste een stevige drol naar buiten. Snel kauwde ik deze klein en slikte hem door. De volgende bolus kwam al snel en ook deze at ik snel op. Daarna likte ik haar anus schoon. Trots vroeg mijn vrouw of er nog iemand anders moest poepen, waarop zowel de MEESTER als de MEESTERES positief reageerden.
Allereerst nam de MEESTERES plaats. Voorzichtig liet ze een klein keuteltje in mijn mond vallen… Ik kauwde er goed op voordat ik hem doorslikte en opende mijn mond weer. Ik moet nu toegeven, dat ik de smaak lekker vond. Nu liet ze weer een bolus neerdalen en zonder af te knijpen kwam er haast een bolus van 30 cm uit. Zo goed als ik kon kauwde ik hem klein en slikte snel door, maar kon niet voorkomen dat er een stuk op de grond viel.
Eerst likte ik haar anus schoon, en pakte toen het stuk van de grond en at dit op.
Nu was de MEESTER aan de beurt. Langzaam liet hij zijn bolus zakken. Ik had genoeg tijd om deze weg te werken. De MEESTER smaakte behoorlijk pittig, en ik verbaasde mijzelf, dat ik geen kotsneigingen meer had. Ook zijn anus likte ik schoon.
De MEESTER bevool zijn slavin mij te tongzoenen. Bleek kwam ze op me af. Voorzichtig kuste ze mijn mond, maar nu perste ik mijn tong bij haar naar binnen en tongde haar heftig. Eerst gaf ze tegenstand, maar al snel tongde ze heftig terug.
Hierna bevool de MEESTERES haar slaaf ook mij te tongen, maar mijn vrouw zei:”Eerst mijn poep, want ik moet nodig”. (ze fluisterde in mijn oor dat ik de tweede drol niet mocht doorslikken, alleen fijn kauwen)
Ik ging gewillig klaar liggen en mijn MEESTERES nam plaats boven me. Ze perste een drol naar buiten en snel kauwde ik deze fijn en slikte hem door. Daarna nog het kleintje.
Nu moest de slaaf mij zoenen. Dit was ook voor mij een vreemde gewaarwording, want ik had nog nooit een man gezoend.
Langzaam voelde ik zijn tong naar binnen gaan, waarop ik hem ook tongde, ondertussen de poep bij hem naar binnen persend. Ik voelde hem kokken maar ging door.
Uiteindelijk heeft hij toch een deel van de poep in zich gekregen. De rest heb ik opgegeten.
Nu moesten we weer naar de keuken, want de MEESTER en Meesteressen hielden beraad.
In de keuken zei de slavin dat ze ook moest poepen. Ik antwoordde, als jij er geen problemen mee krijgt, ga je gang, maar ik wil je wel tongen met volle mond.
Zonder haar antwoord af te wachten ging ik met open mond liggen. Aarzelend kwam ze boven me hangen. Ze perste en een lange bolus vond zijn weg naar mijn mond. Ik kauwde hem fijn, maar slikte niet alles door.
Ze stond op en keek me geil aan. Ook ik ging staan en perste mijn volle mond op haar lippen. Onze tongen verstrengelden en daardoor ook de poep. Nog inniger zoende ze door en kwam ineens schokkend klaar. Ze zei ”Laat me ook jou poep eten… IK ben zo geil nu” Ze ging op de grond liggen en ik hurkte over haar heen. Ook ik perste een drol naar buiten in haar mond. Nu begon ze toch wel te kokken. Ik draaide me om en at de helft van de drol. Nu slikte ze ook alles weg.
Na dit alles was het tijd om het nagerecht te serveren.
De enige die nog niet had gepoept, was de slaaf. En na het eten vroeg deze dan ook of hij ook mocht poepen.
Zijn MEESTERES weigerde dit, en zei dat hij moest knielen met zijn kont omhoog. Ze haalde een trechter uit haar tas en perste deze in de slaaf zijn anus. Wie moet er pissen vroeg ze?
DE MEESTER stond op en piste langzaam zijn blaas leeg in de trechter. Toen kwam mijn vrouw en deed het zelfde. Als laatste piste Buuf haar blaas leeg.
De trechter werd verwijderd en de slaaf mocht weer gaan staan. “Over 10 minuten mag je poepen slaaf” zei zijn MEESTERES.
Na 5 minuten smeekte de slaaf om te mogen poepen. Zijn MEESTERES keurde dit goed, maar zou wel gestraft worden voor zijn ongeduldigheid.
Ik moest weer klaar gaan liggen met mijn mond open. Mijn Vrouw Blinddoekte mij.
Met kracht perste de slaaf de poep vermengd met pis uit zijn kont. Door de druk spatte een groot deel over mij heen en belandde er maar een klein deel in mijn mond. Dit was wel erg goor en kokhalzend slikte ik het door. Nogmaals kwam er een golf uit zijn anus. Ditmaal beter gericht, maar ik kon het zo snel niet wegwerken.
Ik zat van kop tot buik onder de poep en ook de vloer zat onder. De slavin moest alle op de vloer liggende poep in mijn mond stoppen. Toen ze daarmee klaar was en ik alles had weggewerkt moest de slaaf voor straf mijn gezicht schoon likken. De slavin mocht mijn buik likken. Af en toe likte ze even snel over het pisgaatje van mijn nog steeds stijve lul.
Toen het meeste was opgelikt mocht ik me gaan douchen. Daarna moest ik me weer melden.
Ook de slaaf en slavin mochten (na mij) douchen.
Eenmaal weer in de kamer bleek er nog een persoon aanwezig te zijn. Deze keek geamuseerd naar mijn schaamteloze stijve. Tegen mijn vrouw zei hij: “Ja, dat gaat zeker lukken en het wordt mooi”.

Ik werd meegevoerd naar de hal. Daar werd een onderzoekstafel opgesteld en ik mocht er op gaan liggen. Mijn armen en benen werden vastgesnoerd en ik werd geblinddoekt.
Ik voelde dat de naalden uit mijn eikel werden getrokken en deze werd ontsmet. Ineens voelde ik een hevige pijn in mijn lul, maar kon niet de juiste plek traceren…. Nog even voelde ik gefriemel bij mijn eikel. De blinddoek ging af en ik mocht naar mijn lul kijken. Tot mijn geile schrik, bleek ik een Prince Albert piercing te hebben. Spontaan kwam ik klaar en spoot een enorme lading zaad in mijn gezicht.
Mijn vrouw liep op me toe en likte mijn gezicht schoon. Daarna tongde ze me innig en langdurig. Ze fluisterde in mijn oor: “Lieve schat. Ik dank je voor je geweldige optreden en ik hou zielsveel van je. Je hebt nog wat tegoed van me.”
Ik voelde me warm worden van binnen en was ziels gelukkig. “Voor jou doe ik alles” antwoordde ik.

Inmiddels waren slaaf en slavin ook weer terug en mijn Vrouw nodigde iedereen uit voor een drankje in de woonkamer.
Toen ze de bestelling op nam en bij mij aankwam, keek ik haar vragend aan. Lachend zei ze “Zeg maar wat je wil drinken pop. Alles is nu toegestaan.” Ik antwoordde “Mijn lieve schat, Het liefste wil ik jou urine…. En daarna een biertje” Ze zoende me en drukte mijn gezicht naar haar kut. Ik perste mijn mond op haar klit en dronk mijn vrouw leeg. “Zo zei ze, dat is dan ook geregeld”en haalde alle drankjes.
Na een uurtje vertrokken de gasten, alleen Buuf bleef nog en fluisterde wat in het oor van mijn vrouw.
Deze antwoordde, “Natuurlijk mag je blijven slapen. Ons bed is groot genoeg, maar beloof me wel, dat je Peter niet onzedelijk betast in bed” waarbij ze knipoogde.
We ruimden samen de rotzooi op en gingen naar de slaapkamer.
Na nog even wat te hebben gevoosd met elkaar vielen we uitgeput in slaap, ik nog steeds met een stijve.
De volgende dag werd ik wakker met nog steeds die stijve. Zowel mijn vrouw als Buuf hadden een arm om me heen geslagen. Ik had nog steeds een vol gevoel van gisteren avond en ik moest poepen en pissen als een beer.
Voorzichtig gleed ik uit bed en liep naar de keuken. Ik pakte een bord en hurkte er boven. Ik perste en een enorme bolus verliet mijn darmen. Er leek geen einde aan te komen.
Eenmaal klaar at ik er een stuk van op, maar het was teveel voor één keer. Ik dekte het af met folie en plaatste het bord in mijn eigen koelkast.
Nu het pissen nog…… dat werd lastig, pissen met een stijve gaat sowieso lastig, maar hoe krijg ik het in een glas zonder te morsen?
“Lastig hè” hoorde ik achter me… Lachend stond mijn vrouw naar me te kijken : “Ik had dit al voorzien en dus heb ik de oplossing voor je geregeld” Ze pakte een katheter en drukte deze langzaam in mijn pisgaatje. Voorzichtig perste ze hem dieper naar binnen. Toen ze weerstand voelde zei ze tegen me. “Ontspan je kringspier (alsof je wil plassen) dan doet het minder pijn” Ik probeerde me te ontspannen en met kracht perste ze de slang mijn blaas in. Ze pompte de katheter op en zei: “Het is beter voor de genezing van je lul dat er geen plas langs stroomt. Bovendien kan je nu plassen.
Het andere eind van de slang ging in mijn mond en ze draaide het kraantje open. Met druk spoot mijn pis in mijn mond. Snel slikkend dronk ik alles weg. Deze pis was zo goed als smaakloos.
Ze fluisterde in mijn oor, dat ze het zo geil vond om me stijf te zien, dat ze voorlopig er voor zou zorgen dat ik stijf bleef.
Ze pakte een kleine naald en plaatste daar een injectiespuit aan. Pakte een flesje, zoog de vloeistof op. Plaatste de naald tegen mijn eikel en perste hem er een klein stukje in. Daarna drukte ze de spuit leeg.
“Zo” zei ze “dit is genoeg voor 1 week. Volgende week weer een prikje van de dokter ” Ze kuste me op mijn mond en tongde me lang en innig. Ik tongde haar terug en voelde tussen haar benen. Ze was druipnat en ik stelde voor om haar naar een orgasme te likken. Neuken ging immers niet met die slang. Ze ging op de keukentafel liggen en spreidde haar benen. Ik likte haar natte kut, maar ze waarschuwde mij “Als ik klaar kom, dan pis ik je helemaal onder”. Na een paar minuten begon ze te kreunen en te hijgen…. Even later proefde ik haar geile vocht…Een paar tellen later proefde ik ook haar plas en ik plaatste mijn mond strak op haar kutje en dronk alles met plezier op.
Ook Buuf was wakker geworden en stond naar ons te kijken.
Toen we klaar waren maakte ik ontbijt voor de dames. Ikzelf at mijn eigen bordje leeg.
Daarna gingen we lekker zonnen in de tuin. Allen naakt.
Na 10 mins gaf Buuf aan dat ze hoge nood had. Ik ging direct op mijn rug liggen, maar mijn vrouw besloot het anders te willen doen. Dit keer geen drinken, maar gewoon over me heen plassen. Een Urine douche. Ik moest op de tegels gaan liggen en eerst piste Buuf over me heen. Ik moest blijven liggen tot ik opgedroogd was. Toen piste mijn vrouw over me heen. Weer moest ik me laten drogen.
Ik stonk over mijn hele lijf naar pis.
Ik moest de dames van drankjes voorzien die ochtend. Zelf mocht ik ook een echt glaasje fris.
Tegen lunchtijd vroeg mijn vrouw of ik niet moest poepen. Ik had nog geen aandrang, maar ze bevool me om gebukt voorover te staan. Ze perste haar middelvinger diep in mijn anus, bewoog deze door mijn kont en trok hem terug. Deze was bruin. Ze hield hem voor mijn mond waarop ik hem schoon begon te likken. Toen hij schoon was, moest ik proberen te poepen, uiteraard op een bord.
Er kwam een redelijke drol uit en ze liep met het bord naar de keuken en zei dat ze broodjes ging maken.
Terwijl ze dat deed, tapte buuf mijn urine af in een kan. Ook zij verdween naar de keuken.
Ze kwamen samen lachend terug met een dienblad waarop 3 borden en 3 gevulde glazen.
Mijn brood bleek belegd met poep. In de glazen zat voor ieder Urine. Voor de dames een lichtgekleurde, voor mij een donkergele urine.
De dames en ik proostten en we dronken de glazen leeg.
Gezellig keuvelend aten we het brood. Toen ik mijn brood op had zei buuf….. Hier komt je toetje.
Ze pakte mijn bord en poepte een kleine keutel.
Ik stak deze in mijn mond en kauwde…. Toen ging de bel. Ik moest open doen en hem/haar uitnodigen in de tuin….. Ik voelde me zeer vernederd…. Ik stonk naar pis, had mijn mond vol poep en een stijve lul waaruit een slangetje hing..
Beschaamd liep ik naar de deur. Daar stonden wel 30 meiden.
Toen ik open deed en ze allemaal uitnodigde liepen ze giechelend langs me… sommigen voelden aan mijn lul anderen aan mijn zak en knepen in mijn ballen. Ook ik ging weer naar de tuin, maar mijn vrouw bevool me binnen te blijven: er zouden nog meer mensen komen.
Na 10 minuten ging de bel opnieuw. Ik verwachtte weer dames, maar nu stonden er zo’n 30 mannen voor de deur. Ze keken me vernederend aan. Ik begeleidde ze naar de tuin.
Mijn vrouw en buuf excuseerden zich en namen mij weer mee naar binnen.
De badkamer bleek het doel. Ik moest in het bad gaan liggen. Trouw deed ik wat ze verlangden en ging er vanuit dat ik gewassen zou worden. De praktijk bleek anders. Buuf boeide mijn voeten en mijn vrouw mijn handen.
Ze draaiden de stop dicht en verlieten de badkamer.
Na wat leek een eeuwigheid ging de deur weer open en kwamen 4 vrouwen binnen.
Ze gingen op het bad staan, trokken hun rokken omhoog en begonnen over me heen te plassen.
Stinkende gele pis spatte op mijn lijf en over mijn hoofd. Ook in mijn mond en ik slikte het door.
Toen ze uitgeplast waren, vertrokken ze en 4 mannen kwamen binnen. Deze gingen naast het bad staan en pisten me ook onder. Langzaam vulde het bad zich.
Toen allen me hadden onder gepist was het bad zover vol, dat mijn lijf net onder was.
Mijn vrouw keek me lachend aan en zei…… Schat nu ga je drinken. Ze pakte mijn hoofd vast en drukte me onder. Ik dronk wat ik kon en voelde me met de minuut geiler worden.
Mijn vrouw trok me weer omhoog en zei”Nu gaan we de cocktail nog lekkerder maken”. Weer kwamen 4 mannen binnen en begonnen zich af te trekken. Na een paar minuten spoten ze hun geil in het bad… 1 spoot er over mijn gezicht. Deze 4 vertrokken en de volgende kwamen. Dit ging door totdat alle mannen geweest waren.
Ik lag nu in een bad gevuld met pis en sperma. Mijn vrouw kwam weer binnen en zette de bubbels aan. Het sperma maakte vlokken in de urine en weer drukte mijn vrouw me onder en wéér moest ik slikken.
Ik werd zo geil dat mijn lul op en neer danste, maar ik kon er niets mee.
mijn vrouw trok me weer omhoog en ontdeed me van de boeien. Ik mocht uit het bad stappen en vroeg of ik mocht douchen. Nee dus. Ik moest me melden in de tuin. Mijn vrouw zei dat ze het bad zou schoonmaken.
Ik werd opgevangen door buuf en die zei.”Weet wat nu zo leuk is… ons slaafje kan niet meer zelf uitmaken wanneer hij plast. Dat doe ik. Hij heeft vandaag al veel gedronken en aan zijn buik te zien staat hij op klappen. Wat zullen we doen, laten we hem nog even lijden of zal ik het kraantje opendraaien?” Het was te verwachten dat iedereen vond dat ik moest wachten.
Toen ook mijn vrouw weer terug was, liep buuf op me af. Pakte het slangetje en koppelde er een dildo met slang aan. Deze dildo perste ze in mijn anus. Toen draaide ze het kraantje open en mijn pis liep vanuit mijn blaas zo mijn anus in.
Ik voelde hoe mijn darmen zich vulden. Na een paar minuten zag buuf dat er niets meer stroomde. Ze draaide het kraantje dicht en trok voorzichtig de dildo uit mijn kont. Ik moest op mijn rug gaan liggen met mijn kont omhoog. Ze koppelde de dildo af en hield de slang boven mijn hoofd, draaide het kraantje open en de rest van de plas spetterde op mijn gezicht en in mijn mond.
Nu mocht ik persen en mijn pis spoot uit mijn anus, veel op het gras, maar ook veel over me heen.
Het laatste restje pis was bruin en er zaten klontjes poep in. Uiteraard zorgde buuf er voor dat juist dat beetje in mijn mond terecht kwam.
Ik kreeg een applaus en de gasten vertrokken.
Ik voelde me nu wel heel erg goor. Ik smeekte mijn vrouw om te mogen douchen. Gelukkig mocht dit. Alleen afdrogen was er niet bij. Ik zou vanzelf wel opdrogen zo was de redernering.
Die avond hebben we heerlijk ge-BBQ-ed en eindelijk mocht ik weer een gewone drank drinken en een heerlijk hapje eten.
Uiteraard moest ik wel vóór het slapen gaan de dames nog een keer bedienen.
Daarna viel ik uitgeput in slaap.
De volgende dag werd ik wakker van de pijn in mijn blaas. Snel stond ik op en liep naar de keuken.
Daar pakte ik een grote kan en draaide het kraantje open. Snel vulde de kan zich tot aan de rand. De rest liet ik in een glas lopen en dronk dat op.
Ook mijn vrouw was wakker geworden en keek geamuseerd toe. Ze vertelde me dat ik wel altijd in een kan moest plassen, maar dat ik de kleurloze urine niet meer hoefde te drinken. Ze zou er voor zorgen dat er voldoende verse sterke urine zou zijn.
Direct moest ik gaan liggen en nam ze plaats op mijn mond. Snel plaste ze haar blaas leeg en verschoof zo dat haar anus op mijn mond drukte. Ze perste en een stevige drol schoof langzaam in mijn mond. Snel kauwde ik hem klein en at alles op. Daarna likte ik haar anus langdurig schoon.
Daarna kleedde mijn vrouw zich aan, nam snel een boterham en verdween naar haar werk.
Na een uur werd ook buuf wakker. Naakt kwam ze de keuken in lopen en nam plaats aan de ontbijttafel. Snel verzorgde ik een ontbijt en ging door met het opruimen van de badkamer en de tuin. Vandaag was in tegenstelling tot gisteren een regenachtige dag, en de regendruppels voelden koud aan. Later riep buuf me binnen voor haar sanitaire stop. Snel ging ik voor haar op de keukenvloer liggen. Ik moest haar naar een hoogtepunt likken, waarbij zij gedurende haar orgasme mijn mond volpiste. Daarna moest ik haar kut grondig schoonlikken en ook haar anus moest ik likken. Tijdens het likken verliet een enorme bolus haar lichaam. Ze zei me niet alles op te eten, maar het laatste stuk goed fijn te kauwen en in mijn mond te houden. Toen ze uitgepoept was stond ze op en ik volgde haar voorbeeld.
Buuf kleurde rood en zei dat ze wat wilde proberen, maar zich schaamde omdat ze het zelf eigenlijk ook wel raar vond. Ik antwoordde (met volle mond) dat ik nu wel zo’n beetje alles gewend was en dat ik me niet kon voorstellen dat ze voor mij voor schut zou gaan.
Langzaam kwam ze op me toe, drukte haar mond op de mijne en gaf me een tongzoen. Verrast kuste ik terug, waarbij natuurlijk haar poep ook in haar mond terecht kwam. Abrupt hield ze op en kreeg ze (de mij zo herkenbare) braakneigingen. Toch slikte ze haar poep door en wéér zoende ze me en weer kreeg ze haar eigen poep in haar mond. Moeizaam slikte ze ook dit weg en voor de laatste keer kuste ze me en nam haar eigen poep tot zich. Toen ze ook dit had weggeslikt glimlachte ze naar me. Ze vertelde dat ze dit al lang wilde proberen, maar toch schaamde ze zich ervoor. Ze vroeg me of ik haar daarbij wilde helpen en of ik voorlopig niets tegen mijn vrouw wilde zeggen. Ik kuste haar op haar voorhoofd en zei haar dat dit niets is om je voor te schamen en dat ik haar graag van dienst wilde zijn, maar dat zij moest aangeven wat ze wilde. Weer zoende ze me innig en wreef over mijn lul. Toen nam ze het slangetje in haar mond, draaide het kraantje open en dronk mijn blaas leeg.
Ze vroeg me of ik de volgende keer in haar mond wilde poepen, maar wel kleine stukjes.
Daar ik net gepoept had moest ze wachten. Ondertussen kwam mijn vrouw thuis en leegde uiteraard in de gang haar blaas en anus in mijn mond. Tijdens de lunch smeerde ik mijn eigen bolus op brood en dronk ik de urine van buuf.
Mijn vrouw vertrok weer naar haar werk en zei tegen buuf dat ik wel aandrang had.
Ze trok me mee naar de badkamer en ging op de grond liggen. Ik hurkte boven haar mond en voelde hoe haar tong langs mijn anus likte. Voorzichtig perste ik een kleine drol naar buiten. Deze viel in haar mond. Weer kreeg buuf braakneigingen en verslikte zich haast. Toch slikte ze mijn keutel door en keek me triomfantelijk aan. Ik nam weer plaats boven haar en liet een tweede stuk in haar mond vallen. Ook dit slikte ze door, maar met moeite. Na mijn derde en laatste keutel doorgeslikt te hebben likte ze mijn anus zorgvuldig schoon.
Ze bedankte me door me lang en intens te zoenen.
De volgende 2 dagen had buuf zelf diarree, dus hoefde ik haar poep niet te eten. Wel moest ik haar anus schoonlikken na het poepen. Toen haar poep weer vastere vormen aan nam wilde ze in mijn mond poepen en de keutels uit mijn mond eten. Elke dag ging het haar gemakkelijker af.
Na 2 weken at ze net zo gemakkelijk poep als een gebakje. Samen poepten we op een bord, vermengden elkaars poep en aten dit op met een vorkje of op brood. Ook aten we uit elkaars anus.

Na ongeveer een maand kwam mijn vrouw tussen de middag thuis om mij mijn lunch te geven. Ik vertelde een verrassing voor haar te hebben en blinddoekte mijn vrouw. Daarna ging buuf klaarliggen en liet mijn vrouw zich zakken. Na eerst in buuf te hebben geplast, begon ze te poepen. Een lange dikke drol verdween vanuit haar anus in de mond van buuf. Deze kauwde snel en werkte alles weg. Ik maakte de blinddoek los en met verbazing keek mijn vrouw naar buuf. Buuf kleurde rood van schaamte, maar mijn vrouw kuste haar op haar mond en zei dat ze dit fantastisch vond.
Mijn vrouw vond dat we dit moesten vieren en regelde een feestje voor het komende weekend.

Het vervolg

Na maanden met een stijve te hebben gelopen, waren de injecties afgelopen.
De katheter bleef zitten totdat mijn lul weer slap werd.
Door de lange vulling met bloed was mijn lul wel wat gegroeid in lengte en breedte, dit tot genoegen van mijn vrouw en buuf.
Toen mijn Lul eindelijk weer slap was, werd de katheter er voorzichtig uitgetrokken. Door het gefriemel aan mijn paal werd deze stijf, maar ditmaal van geilheid. Buuf begon te grinniken en fluisterde wat in het oor van mijn vrouw. Deze knikte goedkeurend.
Toen de slang eenmaal uit mijn lijf was verdwenen, nam buuf hem in haar mond en begon me te pijpen. Mijn vrouw perste ondertussen een vinger in mijn anus. Binnen de kortste keren kwam ik schokkend klaar in de mond van buuf. Ze liet mijn lul uit haar mond glippen en begon mijn vrouw te zoenen. Ze speelden met mijn lading sperma in hun monden.
Mijn vrouw haalde haar inmiddels bruine vinger uit mijn kont en liet mij die schoonlikken. Daarna lieten ze mijn sperma in mijn mond lopen. Alles moest ik weer doorslikken.
Toen alles was doorgeslikt nam buuf plaats op mijn hoofd en perste haar schaamlippen op mijn mond.
Ik moest haar likken totdat ze klaar kwam. Ik likte met plezier de gezwollen lippen van buuf. Door mijn lange onthouding zwelde ook mijn lul weer op. Mijn vrouw nam plaats en zakte met haar natte kut over mijn stijve paal.
Na korte tijd kwam buuf schokkend klaar en haar kutsappen dropen in mijn mond en over mijn gezicht. Vóórdat ze van me afstapte piste ze haar blaas nog snel leeg. Gelukzalig dronk ik haar pis op.
Buuf en mijn vrouw begonnen innig te zoenen en ik merkte een rilling van opwinding bij mijn vrouw. Lang en innig zoenden de vrouwen met elkaar totdat de kut van mijn vrouw begon te krampen en ze klaar kwam. Hierdoor voelde ik mij ook tot ontlading komen en spoot mijn zaad diep in de kut van mijn vrouw.
Uiteraard moest ik haar kut schoonlikken en dat deed ik met vreugde en genoegen.
Het was nu tijd om te gaan slapen. Gedrieën stapten we in bed. Ditmaal lag mijn vrouw in het midden.
Uitgeput viel ik in slaap. Gedurende de nacht werd ik wakker en merkte dat ik het bed had natgepist. Ik had nog geen controle over mijn kringspier. Ook mijn vrouw werd wakker van het natte bed. Ze keek me liefdevol aan en zei dat ik hiervoor zou worden gestraft. Ze kreeg weer die bekende geile blik in haar ogen.
Rusteloos viel ik in slaap.
De volgende dag werd ik wakker in een drijfnat bed. Mijn vrouw en buuf waren inmiddels opgestaan en zaten in de keuken. Toen ik de keuken binnen kwam overlegden buuf en mijn vrouw over mijn straf.
Mijn buuf vond het wel een geil idee dat ik onzindelijk bleef. Mijn vrouw was het er mee eens en wist hier de juiste oplossing voor. Later die dag zou ze dat regelen.
Het volgende punt was dat mijn vrouw ongesteld was geworden en tampons en maandverband waren niet in huis. Buuf grinnikte en vroeg of ik een oplossing wist.
Aarzelend antwoordde ik dat ik dit kon gaan halen. Beide vrouwen lachten me uit. Ik werd rood tot achter mijn oren….Stotterend vroeg ik “Het is toch nnniet ddde bbedoeling ddat ik…….” Buuf antwoordde dat het wel de bedoeling was en wel nu direct.
Ik werd misselijk bij de gedachte, maar ik moest voldoen aan hun wensen.
Toen ik op de grond lag naam mijn vrouw plaats boven mijn gezicht. Langzaam liet ze zich zakken totdat haar kut strak op mijn mond drukte. Ze piste een beetje in mijn mond en zei: nu diep likken. Zo diep als je kan. Kokhalzend likte ik door haar kut. Mijn tong voelde een materie die ik nog niet eerder had gevoeld. Ik werd misselijk bij de gedachte, maar gelukkig spoelde mijn vrouw een flinke stroom urine door mijn mond.

Mijn vrouw stapte van me af en kuste me.
Dit weekend werd een hel.
Na het likken van haar ongestelde kut plaatste mijn vrouw een ring diep in mijn pisbuis, die voorkwam dat mijn sluitspier zich zou sluiten.
Daarna moest ik haar kut nog 3 keer schoonlikken.
Ondertussen lekte mijn pis uit mijn lul. Ik voelde me diep ongelukkig, ook omdat ik natuurlijk alle gelekte pis moest oplikken.
Ook de volgende dag moest ik weer de ongestelde kut van mijn vrouw schoonlikken. Dit uiteraard naast de gewone handelingen.
Gelukkig was de ongesteldheid daarna verdwenen.
Wel had ik nog steeds het probleem van mijn lekkende lul.
Gedurende de hele dag liet ik een spoor van urine na. Om het nog erger te maken hadden mijn vrouw en buuf besloten me een lange wandeling te laten maken. Ik kreeg een witte broek en T-shirt aan, moest 4 glazen urine drinken en we vertrokken per auto naar Amsterdam.
Al in de auto begon mijn lul te lekken. Een grote natte plek tekende zich af ter hoogte van mijn kruis.
De auto werd geparkeerd in de parkeergarage van de Bijenkorf. Daar gingen we als eerste naar binnen.
Lang treuzelden de dames bij de lingerieafdeling. De natte plek breidde zich langzaam uit langs mijn benen naar beneden. Ik probeerde me te verschuilen achter kledingrekken en de dames, om zodoende mijn “incontinentie” te verbergen. Uiteraard zorgden de dames ervoor dat ik steeds weer midden in het pad stond.
Na een ½ uur hielden ze het voor gezien en begon de wandeling door de stad. Mijn witte broek was inmiddels nat tot aan mijn schoenen en ik schaamde me dood. De wandeling duurde ongeveer 2 uur en ik lekte nu zelfs urine op de straat. Nu besloten de dames dat het tijd was voor een drankje en we namen plaats op een terras. De dames bestelden een biertje en voor mij een glas water.
Nadat de Ober de drankjes had geserveerd moest ik direct mijn glas leegdrinken. Daarna nam mijn vrouw het glas hield dit onder de tafel tussen haar benen en piste het glas vol. Ook dit glas moest ik snel leegdrinken. Nu nam buuf het glas en vulde dit op dezelfde manier. Dit herhaalden ze beiden tot dat hun blaas leeg was
Na het 4e glas voelde ik mijn lul alweer lekken en er ontstond een natte plek op het terras onder mijn stoel. Ik schaamde mij kapot. Tot overmaat van ramp lieten de dames mij de rekening binnen betalen.
Met een rood hoofd van schaamte en met voetsporen achter mij aan vanaf het terras naar binnen rekende ik af. Ik heb me nog nooit zo vernederd gevoeld, echter het ergste moest nog komen.
Terwijl we terugliepen naar de auto, zei mijn vrouw dat ze geen vlekken wilde op de bekleding, dus dat ik niet mee terug kon rijden.
Ze gaf me genoeg geld voor een treinkaartje en stuurde me weg naar het station.
Het kopen van een kaartje viel nogal mee, met de automaten, maar eenmaal op het perron wist ik niet hoe me te verschuilen. Ik lekte als een hogedrukspuit en sopte in mijn schoenen.
Toen de trein arriveerde wachtte ik totdat iedereen ingestapt was. Daarna zocht ik een plekje op het balkon. Gelukkig was de trein redelijk leeg. Na 3 haltes kwam er een man de trein in en die keek me verbaasd aan. Ik kon wel door de grond zakken van schaamte. De man kwam op me toe en vroeg me streng, Heb jij in je broek staan pissen ?. Aarzelend gaf ik toe dat het inderdaad plas was en dat ik tijdelijk incontinent ben. Tot mijn schrik Grijnsde de man en zei “Dat komt mooi uit want ik moet ook pissen” Hij ritste zijn gulp open en haalde zijn lul naar buiten. Vrijwel direct begon hij tegen me aan te pissen. Zijn gele urine trok een spoor over mijn tot nog toe witte kleding. Met kracht leegde hij zijn blaas waarbij hij zo hoog mogelijk mikte. Even raakte hij mijn gezicht en mond. Ik wist niet wat te doen en bleef staan. Toen de man was uitgeplast bevool, hij mij zijn lul schoon te likken. Aarzelend voldeed ik aan zijn verzoek. De man bedankte mij, borg zijn lul op, draaide zich om en liep weg.
Ik stonk nu over mijn hele lijf naar zijn stinkende urine.
Gelukkig kon ik bij de volgende halte de trein verlaten. Tot mijn schrik stapte ook de man uit en zei me mee te lopen. Er stond een auto voor hem (en mij) klaar en ik moest instappen. Voordat de auto vertrok werd ik geboeid en geblinddoekt.
Na enige tijd stopte de auto en ik werd eruit gesleurd en gedwongen mee te lopen.
Eenmaal binnen werd mijn blinddoek afgedaan, maar ik zag niets want de ruimte was donker.
Ik hoorde een stem via de geluidsinstallatie zeggen: “Dames en heren, zoals u allen weet bezorg ik u iedere week een slaaf.
Deze week heb ik een riool-slaaf voor u allen meegebracht. De slaaf is incontinent en dient daarvoor gestraft te worden. Ik stel voor hem eerst maar eens een echte urine douche te geven, maar lieden, alleen door diegenen die de hele dag nog niet hebben gepist… Hoe geuriger de urine hoe beter.”
Mijn boeien werden afgedaan en ik werd geboeid aan ringen in de vloer. Wijdbeens en mijn armen gespreid. Ook kreeg ik een Mond-stretcher in waardoor mijn mond wijd open stond.
Zeker 10 personen kwamen op mij af 4 vrouwen en 6 mannen.
Één voor één pisten ze over mijn lijf, mijn gezicht en in mijn mond. Wat in mijn mond kwam moest ik doorslikken. Door dit alles werd ik zelf toch ook wat geil en mijn lul begon te zwellen in mijn broek.
Nu hoorde ik de stem zeggen:”Hij geniet ervan hij heeft meer straf nodig. “
Nu kwam er een kleine jonge vrouw het podium op. Ze zei: “Hallo, Ik ben Tamara. Ik ben goor Pervers en meedogenloos. En wat jij nu gaat meemaken zul je nooit vergeten”.
Ze kleedde zich uit en perste haar anus op mijn mond.”Likken slaaf”zei ze. Voorzichtig begon ik haar anus te likken. Tijdens het likken zei ze:”Slaaf, van alles wat ik je geef wil ik dat je het doorslikt. Zoniet, dan zal je lul het zwaar krijgen.” Toen begon ze te persen en een vloed aan diarree spoot in mijn mond. Al poepend ging ze met haar kont omhoog zodat een ieder kon zien dat ze vloeibaar in mijn mond poepte. Kokhalzend dronk ik zoveel als ik kon, maar haar stroom poep bleek eindeloos. Langzaam liep ze naar mijn onderlijf en poepte over mijn T-Shirt en broek. Toen ze uitgepoept was moest ik haar anus schoonlikken. Toen ik dit alles had doorstaan werd ik losgemaakt en mocht gaan staan op het podium. Ik kreeg een donderend applaus, maar voelde me zo vernederd.
Weer werd ik geblinddoekt en in een auto geduwd. Na zo’n 15 mins werd ik uit de auto geduwd. Ik schaamde mij kapot en stonk uren in de wind. Na enig gefriemel slaagde ik erin mijn blinddoek los te maken. Van mijn witte kleding was nog maar weinig wit over. Het was geel en bruin van de pis en poep. Toen pas zag ik dat ik slechts een paar blokken van ons huis verwijderd was.
Snel liep kik naar huis en werd met open armen ontvangen door mijn meesteressen. Beiden kusten me op mijn bepoepte gezicht en namen me mee naar de badkamer. Daar kreeg ik een grondige wasbeurt.
Nadat ik schoon was bevonden namen we plaats in de kamer voor de haard en de TV. Uiteraard was ik weer naakt.
Op TV zag ik mijn behandeling van die avond. Nu pas begreep ik dat alles in scene was gezet in opdracht van mijn vrouw en buuf. Ze vonden het nu eindelijk tijd voor mij dat ik alles wat uit de onderkant van een mens kwam probleemloos moest nuttigen.
Later die avond ging de bel en uiteraard moest ik naakt de deur openen. Voor de deur stond Tamara. Ze liep naar binnen, greep me bij mijn ballen en kneep er hard in. Ik kreunde van de pijn.
Daarna liep ze door naar de woonkamer. Hartelijk werd ze door de dames ontvangen.
Ze legden me uit dat ik door een goede meesteres getraind moest worden, zodat ik een gehoorzame pijn/toiletslaaf zou worden. Tamara is de meesteres die jou nu gaat behandelen en reken maar dat je het zwaar zult hebben.
Ik schrok me rot…. Dit was niet de afspraak dacht ik, maar mijn vrouw zei dat als ik wilde blijven dat ik aan haar eisen moest voldoen.
Tamara stond erbij te lachen en zei “Dan beginnen we nu meteen”. Ze pakte haar tas en haalde daar een blinddoek uit. Die knoopte ze me om. Daarna moest ik gaan liggen.
Ik voelde dat er iemand op mijn gezicht ging zitten. Ik herkende niet de lucht van buuf en mijn vrouw. Het moest dus Tamara zijn. Toen hoorde ik de stem van Tamara vanaf een afstand die tot degene zei die op me zat dat ze moest persen. Weer kreeg ik een straal diaree in mijn mond. Tamara zei dat voor ieder stukje/druppel stront die ik niet zou doorslikken ik een naald door mijn ballen zou krijgen. Kokhalzend probeerde ik alles door te slikken, maar de straal was te groot en ik lekte een behoorlijke hoeveelheid poep. Toen de dame was leeggepoept mocht mijn blinddoek af. Ik zag dat er nog meer personen in de kamer waren. De volgende (een man met een behaarde anus) nam plaats en perste. Ook hij had vloeibare poep. Weer slikte ik zoveel mogelijk door. Toen hij klaar was zat mijn gezicht onder de poep en lag er een flinke hoeveelheid naast mijn hoofd op de grond.
Tamara was ontevreden en greep me bij mijn ballen. Bond deze strak af en desinfecteerde ze.
Ze pakte een paar steriele naalden en liet die aan me zien.
Grinnikend drukte ze de eerste naald tegen mijn linker bal. Langzaam perste ze deze in mijn vlees. Een misselijk makende pijn ging door me heen. De 2e naald ging door mijn rechter bal. Een derde naald ging haaks op de eerste door mijn linker bal. Naald nummer 4 ging haaks door mijn rechter. Ik voelde me ziek en beroerd, maar kreeg wel een enorme stijve, waaruit mijn urine bleef lekken.
Toen vroeg Tamara: “Wie wil deze pislekkende lul pijpen?”. Dat wilde niemand behalve Buuf, maar buuf mocht het niet van Tamara.
Tamara besloot toch dat ik moest klaarkomen, maar op een manier die zij prettig vond.
Ik moest gaan staan. Mijn handen werden boven mijn hoofd geboeid en vastgemaakt aan een ring in het plafond (die mijn vrouw tijdens onze afwezigheid had laten plaatsen). Ik werd zo hoog opgehesen, dat mijn voeten de grond niet meer raakten.
Daarna plaatste ze snoertjes aan de naalden. Ineens voelde ik schokken door mijn kruis. Deze schokken werden steeds heviger. Ik krampte ineen, maar wonder boven wonder bleef ik stijf.
Na een 10 tal minuten voelde ik mijn orgasme komen.
Ik kwam klaar zoals ik nog nooit was klaar gekomen. Grote klodders vlogen door de lucht.
Wat er daarna gebeurde weet ik niet want ik werd wakker op de bank. Mijn boeien waren weg, maar de naalden zaten er nog steeds.
Ik zag dat de gemorste poep in bekers was geschept. Één voor één moest ik de bekers leeg drinken.
Ik was zo murw dat ik dit emotieloos tot me nam. Toen ik weer wat bij zinnen was, kwam Tamara op me toe. Ze zei me dat ik een waardeloze slaaf was en dat de behandeling bij haar moest worden voortgezet. Hier waren niet genoeg mogelijkheden. Mijn vrouw vroeg wat de mogelijkheden dan waren die Tamara wel had. Grijnzend antwoordde Tamara: “Een martelkamer en een trainingscentrum voor slaven”.
Ik hoopte dat mijn vrouw nu zou zeggen dat het wel genoeg was, maar mijn vrouw bleek tevreden en vroeg aan Tamara of zij ook zo’n kamer hier kon inrichten. De moed zonk me in de schoenen.
Tamara nam me mee en bleek met een busje te zijn. Naakt werd ik in de bus vastgebonden, Handen gespreid aan het dak en voeten gespreid aan de vloer. Ze rekte mijn zak op en plaatste ruw een balstretcher. Hieraan hing ze een zwaar gewicht. Daarna sloot ze de deur en stapte achter het stuur.
Deze rit was de ergste die ik tot nog toe had meegemaakt. Ruw reed ze weg en het gewicht slingerde wild heen en weer. Met hoge snelheid reed ze over verkeersdrempels zodat het gewicht hard aan mijn zak en ballen rukte.
Na een rit die eindeloos leek stopte ze eindelijk. Ze maakte me los, maar liet het gewicht zitten. Een riem werd aan mijn Piercing vastgemaakt en ze trok me hieraan de bus uit.
Ik moest haar volgen naar een soort bijgebouw van een kasteel. Ze trok me naar binnen en we gingen een trap af. In de kelder aangekomen voelde ik me verloren. Er hingen martelwerktuigen aan de muur en allerlei apparaten die ik niet kende. Toen fluisterde Tamara in mijn oor dat ze mannen haatte en dat ik het zwaar zou krijgen. Daarna hing ze me in de takels en liep weg. “Slaap lekker” zei ze bij het sluiten van de deur. Ik weet niet hoe lang ik daar gehangen heb, maar geslapen heb ik niet. Tamara kwam terug en zag de plas op de grond tussen mijn benen. Vloekend en tierend zei ze dat ik haar huis had bevuild en ik zou zwaar bestraft worden. Ze pakte een knopen zweep en begon mijn rug en billen af te ranselen. Er kwam geen einde aan. Mijn ballen en gewicht voelde ik niet meer, mijn rug deste meer.
Toen ik dacht dat ik het niet meer kon volhouden stopte ze.
Ze maakte me los en liet me voorover buigen op een stalen tafel. Ze boeide mijn handen en voeten aan de tafelpoten. Ze trok nog eens aan het gewicht aan mijn ballen. Daarna voelde ik haar handen op mijn billen. De streling was onverwachts lekker en ik kreeg een stijve. Dit uiteraard tegen de zin van Tamara in. Ze tilde de het gewicht hoog op en liet het vallen. Ik dacht dat mijn zak eraf scheurde en ik jankte van de pijn.

Tamara ging voor me staan en zei:”Stomme slaaf, dit zijn de regels:
1 Tamara heeft altijd gelijk
2 Je mag alleen een stijve krijgen na mijn toestemming, of als ik het je beveel
3 Je eet en drinkt alleen wat ik je geef
4 Kleding is te allen tijde verboden
5 Je bedankt me na elke behandeling
6 Minstens 1 keer per dag vraag je om straf
7 Voor al het andere vraag je toestemming
Gesnopen ?” Ik mompelde dat ik het begrepen had.
Mooi zei Tamara, dan mag je nu ontbijten. Ze verwijderde de balstretcher, trok de naalden uit mijn ballen en maakte me los.
Ik moest op de grond gaan liggen en direct nam ze plaats op mijn mond. Nauwelijks had ik mijn mond open of er stroomde een ware vloedgolf van vloeibare poep in mijn mond. Ik slikte wat ik kon, maar morste toch ook wat. Tamara pakte dat op en smeerde dat over mijn gezicht. Toen deed ze het licht uit en verliet de kelder.
Het was er aarde donker en ik durfde me niet te bewegen uit angst dat ik iets zou raken dat kon omvallen. Blijkbaar ben ik toch op de grond in slaap gevallen, want ik werd ineens wakker geschopt.
Tamara schopte me hard tegen mijn billen en rug. Ik probeerde weg te kruipen om aan het schoppen te ontkomen, maar Tamara was steeds in de buurt. De laatste trap kreeg ik hard in mijn kruis. Dat was een misselijk makende pijn en ik kromp ineen.
Tamara stond er lachend bij en zei..”Dit is je straf voor zomaar te gaan slapen. Nu gaan we je eens trainen. Allereerst moet er wat gebeuren aan je zindelijkheid.” Ik protesteerde dat ik er niets aan kon doen omdat mijn vrouw een buis in mijn pisbuis heeft geplaatst waardoor de kringspier niet meer kon sluiten. Ze lachte dit weg en zei “Je hebt nog meer spieren in die vieze miezerige pik van je. Gebruik die maar.”
Dit was makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan. Ik vroeg Tamara of ik mocht proberen mijn blaas eerst geheel te legen. Dit mocht, en zit zou gebeuren door een slavin die mijn blaas zou leegzuigen.
Ze klapte in haar handen en er kwam een geheel onthaarde naakte vrouw binnen. Die pakte mijn slappe lul en zoog. Ik perste en er kwam een beetje urine uit.
Na deze behandeling moest ik alle spieren van mijn lul samenspannen en zo houden. Dit moest ik minstens 15 minuten volhouden. Dat betekende dus dat er 15 minuten geen plas uit mijn lul mocht komen. Na 10 minuten hield ik het niet meer en vroeg aan Tamara of ik me mocht ontspannen.
Ze antwoordde dat ik mocht kiezen: voor elke minuut een naald door mijn lul, of voor elke minuut een kilo aan mijn ballen (die 10 keer de tijd blijven hangen dus voor elke minuut 1 kilo die 10 minuten blijft hangen). Ik wist het nog 2 minuten uit te stellen en vroeg om de gewichten.
Toen ik me ontspande lekte er slechts een paar druppels uit mijn lul. Nu kreeg ik de stretcher weer om mijn zak en hing ze er 3 kilo aan. Dit zou minstens 30 minuten blijven hangen. Tot mijn schrik kreeg ik ook 3 naalden door mijn eikel. Lachend zei Tamara dat een slaaf niets te kiezen heeft. Langzaam perste ze de naalden door mijn eikel.
En nu wil ik je zaad aftappen. Als je zaad voldoet aan mijn eisen, dan heb je geluk en mag je op reis naar een andere vestiging, waar we je zaad goed kunnen gebruiken.
Als je zaad van slechte kwaliteit is, dan bestaat de kans dat we je ballen vernietigen.
De slavin moest me aftrekken en mijn sperma opvangen in een potje.
Daarna hingen ze me weer in de takels, met mijn voeten net boven de grond en verlieten de kelder. Mij weer in de duisternis achterlatend.
Het gewicht trok zwaar aan mijn ballen.
Toen het licht weer aan ging kwam Tamara binnen met een andere slaaf.
Deze slaaf zag er zwaar gehavend uit met striemen en blauwe plekken.
Tamara vertelde mij dat dit een van de slaven uit haar stal was. Ook van deze slaaf zou het sperma getest worden.
Ze hing de slaaf in de boeien en keerde zich tot mij. Ze trok langzaam de naalden uit mijn lul en verwijderde het gewicht. De stretcher ziet ze zitten.
Ze maakte mij los uit de takels en ik moest de slaaf eerst drinken, daarna pijpen en uiteindelijk hem het laatste stukje aftrekken en zijn sperma opvangen.
Zijn pis smaakte bitter zout, maar ik dronk het weg. Daarna begon ik hem te pijpen en ik voelde zijn lul in mijn mond zwellen. Toen de slaaf begon te kreunen begon ik hem stevig af te trekken en op het moment dat hij klaar kwam hield ik een bakje voor zijn lul zodat de sperma netjes was opgevangen. Daarna moest ik zijn lul schoonlikken.
Tamara hing mij weer in de takels en zei: Span de spieren van je lul weer 15 minuten. Daarna mag je plassen.
Tegen de slaaf zei ze: “Als je zaad niet voldoet aan mij eisen, dan was dit je laatste zaadlozing. Je bent toch al een waardeloze slaaf”
Daarna verdween ze ons in de duisternis achterlatend.
Ik stelde me voor aan de slaaf, maar deze antwoordde dat praten verboden was, zolang de meesteres daar geen goedkeur voor had gegeven.
Ik kreeg kramp in mijn lul van het aanspannen van de spieren en ontspande wat. Meteen lekte er een behoorlijke hoeveelheid urine uit mijn plasbuis.
Direct kwam Tamara binnen en ging voor me staan. “Hoelang duren 15 minuten bij jou?” vroeg ze. Ik verontschuldigde me en zei dat ik kramp had gekregen en ik daardoor de controle had verloren. Ze deed dit af met “Gelul”. Ze pakte een zweep uit het rek. Ging achter me staan en zei “Tellen”. Meteen voelde ik een venijnige pijn door mijn billen gaan. Ik gaf een gil en telde 1. Bij 10 slagen vergiste ik me en telde 11. “We beginnen opnieuw lul”zei Tamara en weer voelde ik de zweep over mijn billen. Gillen deed ik niet meer. Bij 40 stopte ze, wreef me over mijn billen en zei “Zorg dat je dit keer je spieren wel gespannen houdt, want mijn volgende straf zal niet misselijk zijn.
Slaap lekker Jullie waardeloze slaven” Ze deed het licht uit en verdween.
omdat ik geen idee van de tijd had hield ik mijn spieren zo lang mogelijk gespannen. Uiteindelijk ben ik blijkbaar toch in slaap gevallen, want ik werd de volgende dag gewekt door Tamara met de mededeling “Klootzakken denken jullie dat het hier een vakantie verblijf is? “Meteen voelde ik een zweep over mijn bovenlijf.
“Ik heb 2 goede berichten en een slecht bericht voor jullie 2”Tot mij zei ze “Jouw zaad is goedgekeurd” en tot de slaaf “Jouw zaad was kut en je weet wat dat betekent. Met jou zaad zou je nog geen bronstige koe zwanger krijgen. Je ballen zijn dus een hopeloos overbodig artikel. Daar gaan we zo wat aan doen” Dan weer tot mij “en dan nu het 2e goede bericht. Geluksvogel dat je bent… Jij mag zijn ballen tot moes persen”
Toen pakte ze een brede balstretcher en plaatste deze om de zak van de slaaf. Aan de balstretcher maakte ze een soort pers vast. Ze draaide deze zover aan dat de ballen van de slaaf klem zaten tussen de pers en de stretcher.
Ze maakte mij los en zei de pers langzaam aan te draaien. Ik mocht pas stoppen als zij het goed vond.
Voorzichtig draaide ik de pers aan en zag dat de ballen onder spanning kwamen te staan. De slaaf kreunde , maar naarmate ik verder draaide ging het kreunen over in gillen en smeken om te stoppen.
Tamara bevool me om een pauze in te lassen en op mijn rug op de grond te gaan liggen. Gedwee deed ik wat ze verlangde. Ze nam plaats op mijn gezicht en liet haar darmen leeglopen in mijn mond. Ik slikte haar diaree snel weg. Daarna spoelde ze mijn mond met haar geurige urine.
Nu moest ik weer verder draaien. De ballen van de slaaf waren behoorlijk geplet en de slaaf gilde van de pijn. Ineens hoorde ik een ploppend geluid en zag ik dat één bal was verdwenen. De slaaf werd stil en bleek bewusteloos geraakt. Ik moest de pers weer losdraaien, zodat Tamara de overgebleven bal goed in het midden van de pers kon plaatsen.
Ik moest wachten totdat de slaaf weer bij kennis was. De geheel onthaarde slavin kwam weer binnen en depte met een natte doek over het gezicht van de slaaf. Langzaam kwam deze weer bij kennis.
Toen hij geheel bij kennis was begon ze hem te pijpen. Ondanks zijn pijn kreeg de slaaf een stijve. Toen moest ik de pers weer aandraaien. De slavin bleef de slaaf pijpen en trekken, terwijl ik langzaam door draaide. Weer begon de slaaf te gillen en zijn lul verslapte. Tamara bevool me om nu snel door te draaien. Na een paar minuten plofte ook de 2e bal. De slaaf kotste (over mij heen) en ik moest de pers losdraaien. Nu kon Tamara de stretcher verwijderen zonder deze los te draaien. De zak was slechts gevuld met moes.
Ze masseerde de ‘lege’ zak. En zei lachend tot de slaaf “Zo van jouw hebben we geen last meer”.
Nu moest ik de zak voelen en ik voelde dat er van de ballen niets anders over was dan een stroopachtige substantie.
De slavin moest de slaaf weer pijpen.
Ik werd weggevoerd en werd onder een (koude) douche geplaatst.
Toen ik terug gevoerd werd naar de martelkamer hing de slaaf er lusteloos bij… Ook ik werd weer in de takels gehesen en Tamara zei dat we mochten praten. Ook moest ik weer zorgen dat ik minstens 15 minuten niet piste.
Ik verontschuldigde me naar de slaaf voor het slopen van zijn ballen. De slaaf vertelde me toen hoe het leven bij Tamara was. Het was werkelijk een HEL… Tamara was meedogenloos tegen alle slaven en slavinnen. Geen marteling ging haar te ver… Ik mocht van geluk spreken dat ik zo mild werd behandeld. Hij treurde om zijn ballen, maar hoopte dat hij nu verlost was van Tamara.. en wenste me veel geluk.
Dit wetende voelde ik me niet echt Happy.
De volgende ochtend werden we gewekt met zweepslagen op onze rug en billen.
Tamara stond voor ons en bevool ons beiden een stijve te krijgen.
Ik dacht aan mijn vrouw en haar sappige kut en zowaar mijn lul begon te groeien. Wonder boven wonder kreeg de slaaf ook nog een stijve.
Ik werd uit de takels gehaald en moest de slaaf pijpen. Mocht ik voelen dat hij ging klaarkomen, dan moest ik het rukkend afmaken. Na een behoorlijk lange tijd voelde ik zijn lul zwellen en begon te trekken. Wonder boven wonder kwam hij klaar… bloedrode sperma spoot uit zijn lul. Het werd door Tamara opgevangen in een glas. Lachend zei ze, dat wanneer de hormonen uit zijn lijf zouden zijn, de stijve ook over zou zijn. En wat heeft een man nu aan een lul die niet kan stijgeren, liet ze er schaterend op volgen.
Ik moest het glas leeg drinken. Na alle diaree was dit een makkie.
Daarna moest ik op mijn rug op de grond gaan liggen. Tamara nam plaats boven mijn mond en piste haar blaas leeg. Gulzig dronk ik alles. Toen verplaatste ze haar lijf en ik verwachtte weer een stroom Diaree, maar dit keer was het een stevige drol. Ik at deze zonder moeite en dacht dat ik verlost was, maar het bleek dat ik de poep van 5 man moest eten. 2 hadden er diaree en stonken verschrikkelijk. Met pijn en moeite werkte ik alles weg.
Toen mocht ik weer gaan staan. Tamara bevool me om in een bak te poepen. Ik perste en door de vele diaree die ik de laatste dag gegeten had was mijn poep aan de dunne kant. Nu moest de slaaf in de bak pissen. Uiteindelijk roerde Tamara alles door elkaar en moest ik de bak leegdrinken.
Kokhalzend werkte ik mijn poep weg.
Tamara kwam op me Toe en zoende me… Je gaat vooruit zei ze.

Wordt vervolgd

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My s****rs sl**p Over

So it all started with the annual f****y reunion. My relatives flock once a year to someone's house for a weekend and partake in festivities or something like that. The only good thing about having it at our house this year is that I would not have to go anywhere; I could seclude myself in my room and ride out the weekend. But other than that, it sucked. Who the hell likes a bunch of people roaming around their house; f****y or not it gets annoying real quick. At least I wouldn't be inconvenienced by having to move out of my room since my room in the attic is the most undesirable. Unlike that of my older s****r who's giant room is located on the first floor in what I call prime location for pesky f****y members.

So the day finally arrives…Friday. All guests arrive and are accounted for. They immediately pounce upon my home territory and infest the area…so to speak. I quickly retreat to my bedroom of solitude. I keep myself busy, music, homework, messing around on the computer, usual stuff. Then comes a knock at the door, and my s****r peeps her head in.

"Hey lil b*o…guess what"

"What?" I hesitantly question.

"Mom said I have to bunk up here for the weekend since aunt Sara and her husband are with their newborn son. It's best if they have my entire room for privacy" she quipped.

"You've got to be k**ding…have you seen the size of my bed" I said hinting to the fact that it's a single not meant to fit two people.

"Oh grow up and stop being so's only three nights, I think you'll survive"

She replied throwing her knapsack of stuff on the floor. Clearly there was no getting out of this, she was here to stay.

Now, I have nothing against by s****r, she's 21 I'm 19 and we have the type of relationship every other b*****r and s****r on the face of the earth share…we hate each other's guts. We're constantly getting on each other's nerves. She's always teasing me about my way too slender physique and I always retort with some insult against her looks, which obviously was not true. Recently we were maturing some and getting along like a b*****r and s****r should. I first noticed her beauty when I was now turning into a man. She has the most beautiful blonde hair, framing her angelic face. She's such a bitch because she knows what she has and she uses it… always wearing tight tees so her pert breasts are always on your mind when in her company. And when she wears skirts…it drives me crazy…she has the smoothest tan legs that go on forever leading up to the tightest ass.

So there I was…stuck…having to sl**p in the same bed as my s****r for three nights. s****r or not she was a hot girl and I knew that there would be problems.

With the topic at hand on my mind constantly the day went by pretty quickly. It was around 10pm when I saw my s****r again. She had been out entertaining the f****y. I was working on a paper on the computer when she came in.

"I'm going to take a shower and get ready for bed"

I nodded, acting as if I didn't care, when in fact I had been dreading nighttime whole day. I sat there nervous as hell and before I knew it, she was back and was I shocked. My big s*s blew my mind when she walked in wearing the tightest red tee-shirt, her breasts perfectly outlined giving me a pretty good idea of their size, and the shortest pink cotton short pants ever made, the contours of her ass filling out the garment incredibly. I can only assume that was her regular sl**ping attire because she waltzed in as though nothing was wrong about the situation. As expected, the sight of her started stirring up certain things in my nether regions. Without a word she hopped into bed and under the covers. It was really a shame that I had already taken a shower or else I could quickly rub one out and my problems would be solved, although the act of performing the deed in a house full of people who could walk in the bathroom at anytime was a bit risky. If only there was a way for me to do it somewhere up here where no one would bother me but with my s****r right there it was impossible.

So to avoid my problem all together I rolled out my blanket on the floor near to my bed and grabbed my pillow. Noticing me removing my pillow Marcie got up and looked over to see what I was up to.

"James…doesn’t be silly. There's no need for all of that, there's more than enough room here for both of us.” she said motioning me as she raised the cover proving that there was sufficient space.

"No, its OK, I'm fine down here…really"

"James don't be a fool, this is your room after all, you should be able to sl**p in your own bed. Now stop acting like a baby and get in here." she said, almost furiously this time.

Not wanting to really piss her off I hesitantly agreed and climbed in, keeping as much to the edge of the bed as possible I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes hoping to god to fall asl**p as quickly as possible. Seeing my obvious discomfort, almost falling out of the bed, Marcie still not satisfied grabbed me by the arm and pulled me nearer the center where she was.

"There…this isn't so bad…now go to sl**p" she scolded.

She turned her back to me and did as she instructed and went to sl**p. I however could not. There I was lying in bed next to my scantly clad s****r, with a raging hard on just under the sheets. I for the life of me could not get rid of this thing. I tried thinking of everything holy and unsexy and still this tent post persisted. I tossed and turned trying my best to keep my distance from Marcie as to not allude to my problem. I finally fell asl**p about an hour later with my hard on still intact.

It was early morning when I was awoken by a soft moaning. As my senses became clearer I realized that Marcie was slightly moaning…nothing extremely erotic but still arousing. I was oblivious as to what was turning her on when to my horror I realized our position. I was practically in spooning position with her. My erect member nestled between her firm ass cheeks. Every once in a while she would gently rub her ass against my dick and let out a soft moan. I was still so shocked I didn't know what to do.

"Did she know what she was doing? Was she awake?, What the hell am I going to do?" were all the thoughts running through my mind.

All this and the pleasure it provided, the great feeling of having my dick pressed against Marcie's tight behind, it was all too much. I abruptly jumped out of bed and dashed out the door never looking behind to see if I had awoken Marcie. Since it was still early in the morning no one else was awake, I locked myself in the bathroom and tried to come to terms with what had just happened. I then noticed that my dick was still pitching a tent and figured I'd take care if this right now. I buried my hand in my boxers and almost jumped as my cold hands took grasp of my sturdy pole. I began stroking my dick with so many thoughts running through my head, of my s****r, in her tight top, shorts, her taut stomach, firm round ass grinding into my dick. When all of a sudden…

"James I need to pee, hurry up!"

It was Marcie, she had gotten up. I hurriedly packed my dick back into my boxers without relief. Opening the door I kept a straight face trying not to lead Marcie on to what I had been doing in the bathroom.

"All yours Marcie" I said as I brushed pass her.

I figured I'd finish up in my bedroom while she was in the bathroom, but sadly just a couple minutes later she was back up in my room before I was able to start anything, or finish for that matter.

"James mom said that we had to take out Aunt Susan and Sara for the entire day. They're planning a surprise birthday for them and want them out of the house." My aunts were fraternal twins you see.

"Sure Marcie, let me just jump in the shower and we'll be good to go"

"Ok, but don't lock the door, we have guests and have to remember that we're sharing a bathroom" she replied with a somewhat coy grin on her face.

There was no way that I could relieve myself with an unlocked door, it was too risky, and so a cold shower would have to do. My cold shower helped a little in subsiding my problems, but still the thoughts were running through my mind. As I headed out to the car I was greeted by my two aunts and Marcie who still had a sly grin over her face. Marcie was wearing a tight pair of ripped jeans that showed the perfect shape of her ass, nice and perky and a size too small shirt with the top button unbuttoned giving a nice view of her cleavage. What I would give to cup those pert creatures in my palm. They weren't huge by any means but more to my likings small, round and to attention. I rushed for the backseat when Marcie announced she wanted to drive. The more out of my sight she was…the better.

After a full day of discomfort it was time to go home. I once again headed for the backseat when my aunt stopped me and said she would rather the back for more space if I didn't mind. I couldn't just tell her no so I headed to the front…shotgun alongside Marcie. I sat down and waited for Marcie to get in. She was standing outside the car right by the driver's door on the phone. Then I noticed that through one of the rips in the jeans I could see some blue. It was her panties. This drove me crazy; one miniscule piece of color peeking out of the jeans…it was ridiculous how much this turned me on. When she turned around the situation went from bad to worse because though the front rips I could see her beautifully tanned legs, even though the rips weren't huge its what they left for the imagination that got my loins stirring again.

"Eyes front big boy" teased my s****r.

"Had she caught me staring at her legs?" I thought to myself in a panic.

I tried to keep my eyes on the dashboard the entire time but found myself peeking over trying to catch a glimpse down Marcie's shirt. Her breasts filled them out so well, pressing against the top button, almost begging to be freed. All this did little to help my predicament; luckily I was wearing a baggy pair of pants that could conceal my growing hard on. When we got home everyone enjoyed the party, except for me of course who had one thing on my mind.

As the night wound down I announced that I was off to take a shower and hit the sack. Again I was warned by my s****r with a grin on her face.

"Don't forget James, don't lock the door"

I was furious but obliged as to not draw attention to my situation. When I got out of the bathroom I headed to my bedroom, only to find my s****r showing my uncle some ridiculous shit on the computer. She left him there and went to shower.

"Hey jimmy, just keep Uncle Simon Company for a while won't you." She quipped as she passed me.

Simon was reading some article on the web, I was so frustrated, the exact reason I hated having people in my house, and you could never get a moment to yourself. So I got into bed and just laid there. Marcie returned about half an hour later thankfully in a robe.

"Hey uncle Simon, aunt Sara asked if you could watch the baby while she took a bath" smirked Marcie as Simon left the room.

"Once again James… it’s you and me" said Marcie as she disrobed.

This time she simply floored me. Tonight she was wearing the familiar tight top, no bra evidenced by her protruding nipples, and the sexiest pair of black bikini cut panties I had ever seen. These displayed her tanned legs that I was earlier fighting to see hidden by the ripped jeans to their full extent. My god those legs, leading right up to the cut of her black panties which covered her mound with no great discrepancy. I could clearly make out the form of her lips against the surface of the material.

"I hope you don't mind, it’s just that this attic can get so warm at night I'd rather be cool and comfortable" she explained.

Before I had time to think Marcie was in bed beside me. After about ten minutes of staring at the ceiling Marcie broke the silence.

"Hey James, could you just hold me for a while, just till I fall asl**p, I'm accustomed to falling asl**p with my giant teddy behind cuddling me. I know it sounds stupid but it takes me forever to fall asl**p and clearly he can't fit in this bed with us."

"Umm…I don't think that's such a good idea Marcie, it'll feel weird." I stammered.

"Come on James I just want some help to fall asl**p, come on… a help out kind of guy"

I figured her falling asl**p as fast as possible would be best. So I agreed and position myself behind her and d****d my hand over her.

"Closer…I need to feel you!" she pestered.

I shuffled closer trying not to jab her in the ass with my dick. She held my arm and pulled it over her chest and let out a satisfactory sigh. After a couple minutes she began moving around restlessly and moved back just a little. As little as she moved back, it was enough for her to back her panty-clad ass right into my protruding dick.

"MMmmm…that's what I've been looking for" she sighed, pushing her ass back more so my hard on was grazing up right against it.

"Marcie…what are you doing?!?" I protested.

"Oh come on James, you know you love this…probably even more than I do."

With that she started grinding her firm behind more vigorously against my erection.

"What are you talking about? This is so wrong" I said all the while panicking.

" why does it feel so right." She moaned.

By this time I too was reveling in the shared pleasures of a firm ass pressed against my hard cock.

"Ohh…mmm….Marcie…we shouldn't"

"Don't you worry about a thing sweetie, why do you think I've been preventing you form masturbating whole day?"

"What?!?" I questioned…somewhat puzzled.

"So I can have this nice rock hard cock to rub up against." She cooed holding my palm and placing them over her breasts and then squeezing my hands down on them.

"Wha..mmm…we can't do this Marcie!" I relentlessly protested.

"Ohh James, don't play shy with me now…I saw you earlier staring at my breasts in the car…and this morning was such a fabulous way to wake up…you prick lodged in my ass"

Finally the ecstasy was too much…I began to give in. I put my hand on Marcie's hip, and ground my dick into her ass gently.

"Ohh yeah….that's it sweetie" she moaned.

This just turned me on more. She stirred and moved back against me. Leaving my one hand grasping on her firm breast Marcie reached behind and without turning around grabbed my boxers and attempted to remove them. She only got so far when I helped out and just pulled them off. I lay there naked, fully aroused, and started shuffling my way back to my previous position. I gently nudged my dick up into her ass again, pressing into her panties.

Her erotic moaning got louder as she started to remove that tight tee all the while grinding into my erection. There we lay, me naked and her in just her panties. I lifted my head so I could see her breasts. She had kicked the covers off so they were exposed. She looked to be a B-cup or slightly bigger, and I was glued to the sight of them. The thought of her lying naked next to me, or at least mostly naked, made my really horny. I gently thrust into her ass, and again, and I began humping her ass through her panties. The smoothness of the material against my dick was magical. I felt myself near the breaking point as my gyrations and hers became more in sync and faster when she suddenly stopped and reached behind and grabbed my dick. It was the first woman to take hold of my penis and it felt so good. Her warm hands clasped tightly around my rigid cock.

"Wait Jimmy…not yet I want to save this big boy"

Startled and confused I was in so much turmoil as the result of this action.

"I want you so bad James, I'm so wet for you…but I had so much fun teasing you that I just want one more day." she said.

"What do you mean Marcie?, I thought you wanted this" I replied very puzzled at her actions.

"I do baby…ooohh you have no idea how much I want it but I just want to make a little deal with you…so here goes…I want you to wear my itty bitty panties the entire day tomorrow and then after the long painful day…I'm all yours for the night…you can do with me what you want." she explained.

"What…why??" I replied.

"The thought of your big hard cock confined in my panties is as much a turn on for me as it will be for you wearing them…I promise. One more thing Jimmy…you have to promise that you don't masturbate and cum till you're with me tomorrow."

The thought of her black panties was an enormous turn on…and then having her tomorrow night…how could I resist.

"Ok Marcie…I'll wear them…and I promise…no masturbating" I told her.

"Ok…good…now…as much as I'd like to continue I think that's enough hanky panky for tonight…it'll just make tomorrow night that much better." replied Marcie as she turned to face me and cuddled up close…real close…so that my still erect dick was pressed against her side.

"Good night sweetie"

"Good night Marcie"

After some time I fell asl**p with my half naked s****r in my arms. A couple hours later I got up…it was very early morning around… 1am and I was still with my throbbing penis. I opened my eyes to see Marcie staring back at me.

"Hi" she said with a smile.

"Hi" I replied.

She then reached under the covers and was fumbling around doing something.

Then, this innocent looking girl d****d her leg over me so she was straddling one of my legs. She pulled herself as close to me as possible, which meant that her breasts pressed against my chest, but I could also feel the slight prickliness of her pubic hair against the side of my leg, she must have removed her panties. I could tell that she had recently shaved and the stubble had now begun to grow in. All these sensations I was experiencing at once was not common for me, here I was and a beautiful girl warming my leg with her pussy. Marcie placed her head in the nape of my neck and shut her eyes. We stayed in this position for about five minutes before she began to squirm on top of me. At first, I thought she was going to get off me and I was more than disappointed, but, she was merely repositioning herself. She lay her head down on my shoulder and presumably went to sl**p.

"How could she leave me in this position? I will never be able to get to sl**p" I thought to myself figuring out that it was all part of her teasing game.

So I somehow found myself back to sl**p and about and hour or two later I felt some shuffling around. I opened my eyes to see a panty clad ass leaving the room…Marcie had apparently put her clothes on and went to the bathroom. When she returned I was asl**p again. Another couple hours later I myself needed to use the facilities, I awoke and went off. It was around 5am when I returned to see my sexy sibling sound asl**p on the bed. Feeling bold…I felt it was my turn to tease a little. I approached and sat beside to her on the bed. I slowly pulled the covers off her to reveal her beautiful body…those sexy panties and tight top. I ran my fingers along her smooth toned legs going up to her mound. When I reached the valley between her legs I traced out the folds of her vagina through the smooth black silk. This led to slightly rubbing her pussy through her panties that were slowly becoming damp. As my actions became more vigorous it was apparent to me that Marcie was waking up and getting her senses because she started moaning. When I looked at her she had a smile on her face. When she finally awoke she took the hand that I was using on her and brought it up to her face and slowly began to suck on my index finger.

"You've been a naught boy…and look what you've done to your panties…there're all wet now…well I guess you still have to wear them."

That being said, she sat up pulled the covers over her and removed her panties under them.

"I want to save the prize for the main event tonight" she said bringing her hands back over the covers holding the damp garment, which gave off a heavenly aroma.

"Now… stand up" Marcie instructed.

I did as I was told and got on my feet…my bouncing cock staring Marcie right in the face. Her eyes lit up as a quiet smile emanated from her face. With the covers still wrapped around her slender waist, Marcie dropped to her knees and lifted my foot.

"These are tight enough to keep the big boy in place."

Without missing a beat she started pulling the panties up my legs reaching my swollen member. She continued and just pulled the soft material over my throbbing cock, which stuck out the top awkwardly. Marcie let out a soft giggle obviously amused at the sight of her black silk panties holding my dick I such a way. She slipped her hand inside the panties, grabbed my penis and pushed it down between my legs. It was a snug fit but felt so good, the wetness of Marcie's juices still present giving the experience a slick feel. The smooth silk pressed against my engorged penis was pure ecstasy and Marcie's lingering finger tracing the shape of my member on the material helped a little.

"My my…you're going to have a troublesome day…you better wear some baggy pants…and I hope you haven't forgot we're watching a movie this evening with the rest of the f****y…its part of the whole f****y weekend extravaganza" Marcie teased as she went to take a bath all wrapped up in the covers preventing me any sight of her sexy toned body.

The whole day was so torturous with Marcie prancing around in a short skirt the entire day teasing me by letting me steal glances up her leg to reveal her pink thong clinging to her pussy…her slit clearly visible, when no one was around. As this happened numerous times during the day my penis would stretch…fighting against the tight fabric and when no one was looking she would grab the waistline of my panties and pull on them tightening their grip on my hard on. We took the folks to the park and Marcie had a grand time, walking in front of me swaying her sweet shapely ass from side to side knowing damn well that she was driving me crazy. She slowed down allowing our folks to walk further up leaving Marcie and myself some distance behind.

"I bet you've got a raging hard-on right about now." She reached down quickly and grabbed my penis through my jeans causing me to jump a little. She sighed softly proudly, rubbing my form roughly through the sheer fabric.

"Looks like someone's enjoying my panties" she giggled very well aware of the power she had over me.

After the park we went to the mall for an hour or two because my aunts wanted to do some shopping. We were on the second floor when we decided to leave and all headed towards the elevator. As we all piled in I headed to the back corner of the elevator and Marcie rushed right in front of me. As we waited for the others to get in Marcie leaned back and moved her butt into me. Her sweet ass covered in a short skirt was pressed against my hard on through my jeans and silk panties. She began to rotate her ass as she ground it into my groin. I couldn't believe this was happening with so many people around…not that I was complaining because the feeling was unbelievable and the fact that it was in a public space made me even more hornier…if that was at all possible.

As we made our way home so many thoughts were running through my mind…so much anticipation for tonight. All I had to do was get through a movie with the folks and then it was party time. After dinner we all made our way into the living room I plopped down in my lazy boy chair at the back and waited for them to start the movie.

"James could you help your s****r bring down the other couch from upstairs so we could all fit" asked my aunt.

"No need for that aunty…I'll just share the lazy boy with Jimmy here…I doubt that he'll mind" Marcie quickly chimed in. When everyone was ready Marcie started the movie and made her way over to me. She plopped herself right down on my lap as the movie got going. Fifteen minutes into the movie I found myself adjusting my position…Marcie stopped me as my throbbing penis was lodged right in-between the cheeks of her ass.

"Right there…" she whispered in my ear.

So I did as I was told no matter my discomfort.

As we watched the show, I could feel Marcie wiggling her hips putting more pressure on my cock. Feeling a bit daring, I slid my hand over her lap and between her legs. I was rubbing her upper leg much to her excitement. I moved my hand slowly up her skirt to find her thong-soaking wet. I detected her aroma emanating from her juices and it was magnificent. Throughout the movie we remained like this…my panty clad dick lodged in Marcie's ass and my fingers buried under her skirt. When the movie was over I wasted no time rushing to my room Marcie close behind me. She locked the door behind her and started at me with lust filled eyes. Without saying a word Marcie reached under her skirt and removed her now soaking thong.

"Just give me one minute" Marcie bargained as she made her way to the closet. A few minutes later she returned.

There she stood…in all her beauty, gorgeous female body in nothing but a blue baby doll nighty and fresh pair of blue panties.. Marcie walked towards me her beautiful firm breasts pulling the sheer gown across her pink erotic nipples. She grabbed me by the arm and stood me up. She could have kissed me then herself, but I could see that she wanted me to make the first move. So I did. our faces moved closer until our lips touched. Then she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I did the same to her. We stayed like that for at least a minute, before we broke for air. I used both hands to brush her bangs away from her face so I could see her face. Our eyes locked and I could see more than just lust burning in hers. She licked her lips and that was all I needed to see before I leaned back in and we were kissing again. I moved my hands over her body my left brushing through her hair while my right found her breasts. They were perfect…soft yet firm and just enough to fit my palm.

She paused and moved her hands down to my waist grabbing my jeans by the waist. She unbuttoned the jeans and started unzipping me. Removing my jeans she stood back to take in the sight of me…hard cock pressed against her panties my 'head' peeking though the base. Marcie then came closer to me.

"Your penis sure seems to like the idea of wearing these." As she said this, Marcie moved her hand to rest on my cock. I was so hard; she pulled at the side of the waistband and released it making it snap against my hip. "Oooo…does my sweetie like that?" she cooed.

"Mmmhmm" was all I could manage.

As she watched my stare focus on her breasts, Marcie arched her back and sent them closer towards me. The motion caused the front of the baby doll to rise above the bikini panties. The recent fresh pair of lingerie now drenched with her excitement. This sign of her arousal made my craving for her grow. My right hand grazed her breast in tender strokes while my left cupped her ass and pulled her panties against my own pair of panties to press firmly against my erection. Marcie seemed to have other plans. "You relax. I'll take the lead." she whispered in my ear. Taking my hand, she led me to the bed.

She guided me to lie on my side and she herself lay beside me. She shuffled her self right up against me…her wet panties rubbing against my leg. She leaned in and laid a kiss on my lips. She slipped her tongue passed my lips and explored every inch of my mouth. Still kissing me…her hand made its way down to my crotch grabbing my stiff cock though the silk constraints. She squeezed my throbbing penis…hard…causing me to moan in complete bliss. As she continued her fondling my panty covered crotch she started to grind her wet panties into my hipbone, rubbing her slit right up on it. I myself sensing Marcie's needs slid my own and down to her pussy and started massaging her lips. Marcie broke our kiss and with her hand still working my cock she used her other hand to pull her panties to the side allowing me to slip a finger into her sopping cunt. She moaned loudly as I started fucking her with my fingers. After a short time Marcie got up and finally removed her baby doll and proceeded to peel off her sticky wet panties giving me my first view of her full naked body. Her hard pink nipples were strong and firm. Her petite waist curved perfectly around her tight little hips. Her flat belly leading down to her recently shaved pussy. The short blonde bristles of pubic hair barely able to hide her pink lips.

"I knew I felt hair down there last night?"

"Well you're going to feel a lot more tonight sweetie" she replied with a smile on her face.

With me lying on my back in the middle of the bed Marcie made her way to the front of the bed to my feet, my eyes following every bounce of her tight ass.

Marcie got up on the bed, her knees at my feet. She stretched out her arms grabbing me…she slipped my penis through the side of my black panties. She took a moment to admire it…purple with anticipation it pointed up throbbing being slightly pushed to the side by the black silk panties. She then leaned over and dipped her head down slowly licking the length of my cock with her ohh so warm tongue. Marcie then wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my cock and slid her hand along my dick. Her other hand joined the action, and started rubbing the underside of my cock. I was breathing hard thorough my nose, and wasn't sure how long I could take her attention. I felt her hot breath on my dick before I felt the familiar, warm, moist tentative touch of her tongue on my skin. She started at the head and twirled around it, and then down the length of the shaft. When she engulfed the whole thing in her mouth, I nearly cried out. She let my cock slip out and looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and spat down on my shaft and quickly went back down engulfing my slick penis. As my pulsating dick was sucked up and down by my s****r I felt my relief coming on fast.

"Ohhh…mhmmm….Marcie…mmm….I'm going to cumm" I moaned.

Without acknowledging my words Marcie continued working me up and down till I felt it. My cock started to spurt warm cum into Marcie's mouth; I started thrusting my hips into her face as I could not stand the pleasure. When I was finished Marcie licked my cock clean and looked up at me licking her lips.

"Mmmm…now wasn't that fun?" she asked.

Too spent to even reply I just nodded my head. Marcie giggled at my exhaustion. By now my forever hard penis was now a flaccid remnant of its former form. Marcie took it in her palm and tucked my softening manhood back under her silk panties where it fit with no problem due to the state it was in. She slowly lay herself down on me so her flat stomach was pressing down on the panties and started to plant kisses on my chest working her way up to my neck where she licked me up right up to the side of me face then biting down on my earlobe. She then proceeded and invade my mouth with her tongue once again…this time the distinctive salty taste of my cum still fresh in her mouth was very apparent to me. As she lay there kissing me, my penis was starting to stir once again as by now Marcie naked crotch was now crushed against my groin. Marcie took notice of my growing member. She broke our sultry kiss and straddled me, her bare wet crotch pressed against my panty-covered dick. By now my cock was fully hard and lay straight under the constraints of the silk fabric with Marcie's naked pussy lying right on top of it. She started to slide her slit along the length of my trapped penis her juices soaking through to my cock making it slick with her feminine moisture.

Marcie then made her way back down to my feet kneeling over me. She took the waistband of my panties and started to pull them down my legs. I raised my feet to allow her to remove them fully. There I lay naked, my s****r Marcie with her black panties in hand that I'd been wearing all day and her with a devilish grin on her face. She threw the panties to the floor. Once again she leaned over and started sliding her body up my own. My throbbing penis was now being pressed down by her flat stomach. It was the first time I was feeling her warm flesh against mine. She started kissing my chest once again working her way up my body I could now feel the heat emanating from her pussy on my groin. After kissing me all over my chest Marcie readjusted herself.

She now lay on top of me, straddling one of my thighs her pussy pressed into my thigh She leaned into me and started a f***eful entry of my mouth with her tongue. Marcie started rubbing along my leg now, her trimmed hair tickling my leg while her exploration of my mouth became more intense.

"Now Jimmy you have to do something for me before I finish you off." Marcie said getting up and then straddling my face…looking down at me…she placed her hands on her pussy pulling her lips apart. I looked up into her wet pink entrance.

"I think you know what to do" she said with a smile.

I reached out my tongue and waited for her as I was told. She lowered herself onto my wanton mouth. She tasted tangy and wet and exciting. And the more I licked, the wetter she got, and the more excited I became. I tried to explore all over her opening, but she seemed to want me to focus on the top end of it. I did and discovered her clit. I now focused only on her clit with my tongue, while her moaning got louder and she began pressing hard into my face.

Finally, she moved off my face and straddled my chest. She hunched over and felt behind her ass for my hard penis. As she ran her hand along it, encouraging its firmness, she bent forward and kissed and licked my mouth. The taste of my cum in her mouth and her juices on in mine mixing between us.

"Mmmm…tasted good doesn't it" she moaned.

She kept stroking me and backing down my torso until the head of my penis stopped her continued progress. For the first time my hard cock was pressed against the entrance of Marcie's pussy. She slowly pushed back…my throbbing cock penetrating her soaked cunt. She was soo tight…the lips of her vagina grasping my cock as she moved back further…my penis sliding deeper and deeper into her pussy. With a big wet kiss, she began moving her hips, and the tight, little, wet hole I was in started pulling and gliding and enveloping my entire hard-on.

Marcie moved her mouth to beside my ear and whispered, "Hmmm! You like that, don't you?" Continuing with her gyrations, Marcie controlled the pace… sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I felt this wonderful flow of continuous pleasure emanating from my penis, as it slipped in and out of her. Marcie slowed down on her downward movement halted while I was fully in her. I looked at her as she bit down on her lip. It was then I felt her pussy fully grasp my cock holding it firmly in place. The lips of her pussy pressed against the base of my shaft…all she could do was squirm around as she cummed…my cock buried insider of her…held by the tight grasp of her pussy. I felt Marcie warm juices begin to gush all around. I started to thrust into her as I felt my own explosion nearing. The juices from her pussy were fully lubricating our movements. Marcie sensing I was close resumed her quick gyration on me.

"Mhmmm…oohhhh yeessss!!...give it to me!" she screamed.

Just then my body tensed up…and I exploded in her. With each spurt of cum that I shot into her tight pussy my body spasmed. At the same time I saw Marcie clench her teeth as her second wave started to come on as I lay there still thrusting my cum into her. Marcie's body went rigid as she leaned down on me, he pussy experiencing unknown pleasures as my cock plowed into her. Her head dropped beside mine…" Ohhunghhh..godddd…that's it baby!!" she yelled as she pulled on my hair. Her pussy like a vice on my cock started to expel her juices once again, as I thrusted my last spurt of cum in her.

As our orgasms subsided, Marcie collapsed on my chest my slowly deflating cock still buried inside of her. After a short time Marcie slid her dripping pussy off my wet cock.

"My my James…that was amazing" she whispered in my ear as she lay back down beside me.

"Same here Marcie…same here" was all I could reply.

"I hope this isn't a one time deal Jimmy" she coyly said with a grin on her face.

All I could do was smile at her remarks.

We lay there…Marcie cuddled up against me…our bodies sticky and wet…emanating the heat and aroma of sex…as we fell asl**p in each others arms.
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My Best Friend Comes Over to Visit for the Weekend

A great friend of mine was coming up to visit for the weekend. My wife and I had known him for a long time and he was one of those seldom-found male friends where you had no (or very few!) secrets and who you could really trust. I also knew for a fact that my wife Stacey had a soft spot for him. We had sometimes even fantasized together about having a threesome with him and although it had never gone further than Stacey and I having good sex while sharing and discussing a few fantasies, I often wondered what it would be like to actually go ahead and take things a bit further.

That evening as we lay in bed, I decided to broach the subject her. Stacey was dressed in a rather plain white cotton nightie that wouldn’t normally have raised much interest except that the material was so thin that you could easily make out the shape and color of her breasts and nipples as well as the small, neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair at her crotch.

I cuddled up against her back and cupped one breast with my hand. Hmm. Feeling horny are we? You bet! And what brought this on? I said nothing. Maybe we should invite Vinny more often if this is what it does to you! She had said it in a joking manner, but there was a hint of something in her voice that made me think that she knew more than she was letting on.

And if that were true, why would you complain? Who said I was complaining? She wriggled her ass against my cock. I love it! You love what? The fact that I am so horny or the fact that it has to do with Vinny staying here? That would be telling, wouldn’t it?

Come on then ... I want to hear the answer! Well it definitely has to do with you being horny ... And? It might have something to do with Vinny staying over the weekend! Might? … Might. That’s no answer! OK. Yes. It is nice to see Vinny again!

I gently rubbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and was rewarded by her pushing back against my swelling cock as her nipple stiffened. To see him again? Just how much of him would you like to see? That would be telling! OK. Would you like to see some of him or all of him? Ah, well, maybe I would like to see all of him.

Hmm, you naughty thing! But then you would probably have to show him something in return. I mean, fairs fair, right? Maybe. But then again, maybe I wouldn’t mind doing it! And judging by the way your cock is shoving into me, I think you like the idea too!

You might just be right there! What would I have to show him? My panties? She reached down and wrapped her hand around my stiffened cock. Yes, I think that he would like to see your panties. Which ones? Well, I would start with the purple satin bikini string panties ...

Stacey climbed out of bed and opened the door to our walk-in cupboard. She disappeared inside and then returned wearing the purple satin bikini string panties that I was referring to. They were of a thin, satin material that clung to her body and had a narrow crotch and thin waistband that curved over her hips. She had also put on a matching top it had spaghetti string straps over the shoulders and clung to her slim body. The shape of her small breasts was clearly visible and I could see two small points where her erect nipples jutted through the soft material. Do you mean that you would like him to see me like this?

I think that that would be a good start, yes. She moved towards me and pulled back the duvet to climb back into bed when I stopped her. Wait. I have an idea. Why don’t you go downstairs and get me a bottle of water in case I get thirsty tonight?

Danny, you cant be serious! Come on, do me a favor? Danny I don’t know if Vinny is in his room; he might see me! Then you just have to think up an excuse ... and I’m sure he wouldn’t object anyway! Look, that was just a fantasy earlier ...

Come on. Please? She glanced at the bedroom door and I knew that I had won. OK. But just this once. She turned off the bedroom light, opened the door a crack and peered out into the dark hallway. The only light was the moonlight streaming in through the windows which ran from the roof to the floor. Apparently satisfied that the coast was clear, she slipped out and scampered quietly along the hall and down the stairs. A minute later she came back clutching a bottle of water in her hand. Stepping in through the doorway, she pushed the door quietly closed behind her and clambered into bed, handing me the bottle of water.

I cupped my wife’s breast over the thin purple top and felt her pert erect nipple under my fingertips. Her heart was pumping wildly and I grinned as I looked at her. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Ah, no. In fact it was er ...

She took my hand and placed it between her thighs. I slipped my hand down over the smooth soft material that cupped her pussy and was surprised to find that her panties were very wet.

Stacey that turned you on, didn’t it?! No k**ding! I don’t know why, but it turned me on, that’s for sure. Then maybe you’d better do it again? OK! I think I should take the water back. I could easily make out the shape of her nipples, which were as stiff as I had ever seen them. She walked over to the door and turned off the light. Opening the door wide, she walked out along the corridor much more slowly than the first time and down the stairs.

I stood up and walked over to the door where I could watch her come back up the stairs. The moonlight shone over her body, giving her a surreal appearance and turning the bra and panties almost black in its blue-ish light. She walked back down the corridor toward me and glanced over her shoulder, just as she reached the bedroom. I immediately bent down towards her and cupped her small breasts in my hands and kissed her as she tried, and failed to get past me and into the bedroom. Danny! She hissed Let me in!

I grabbed her panty-covered ass and gave it a squeeze then I let her past me. When she entered the room she closed the door before flinging her arms around me and kissing me hard. As we finally peeled ourselves apart, she pushed me towards the bed. I need that cock of yours now! Figuring that she was hot enough to be able to push a bit harder, I decided to risk it. Wait, one more time! What? I need you now! I’m so wet ...

I want you too but go get another pair of panties and bring them back to me. Without a word, she turned and did as she was told. She came back carrying a shiny black satin string thong. Are these OK? Yes those are fantastic! Now hand them to me.

I took them from her and opened the door again. Stacey I want you to wait here. Walking quietly along the corridor, my heart pounding with every step, I paused in front of Vinny's bedroom and stood still, listening for any sign of life. There was nothing. Bending down, I opened the panties and slipped one leg over the handle of the bedroom door and left them hanging there. Walking quickly back, I turned to Stacey.

Ok now I want you to go over to Vinny's bedroom door and pick up your thong. Then I want you to take off your bra and slip off those sexy little purple panties you have on and hang them over his door handle. Just come back to me wearing the satin thong! I cant do that! He might wake up assuming that he’s even asl**p!

I kissed her hard and slipped one hand down and into her panties. She was soaking wet. I ran one finger light as a feather over her clit, causing her to gasp. You can do it in fact, I bet you would love to do it, wouldn’t you?! No! Well, yes, but I’m just scared in case I get caught. He’s asl**p. Go on.

Do you really want me to? Yeah I do! What if he catches me? Lets cross that bridge when we come to it, but it won’t happen. I promise! She glanced at me once more and then slipped out of the room walking towards Vinny's bedroom door. I moved so that I could see her clearly. Reaching down, she carefully slipped the panties off the handle and laid them on the floor. Then she reached behind her and unclipped her bra and quietly peeled it off before cautiously dropping it to the floor.

As she turned to me, the moonlight caught her pert breasts and I marveled at how perfect they were. Not a hint of sagging and crowned by her fully erect nipples, I could feel my cock throbbing in excitement. Still facing me, she reached down and took the waistband of her purple satin panties and slipped them down, briefly revealing a neatly trimmed pussy before she stepped out of them and hooked them over the door handle. She turned, faced me, then bent down and stepped into the black satin thong and pulled them up. She walked back slowly across the granite-tiled floor. As soon as she reached me, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom, closing the door behind us.

Fuck me! Now! I held her hand and moved towards the bed. No. I don’t want to make love, I want you to take me! This was a side of my wife that I very seldom saw. I pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs, bending them at the knee as I did so. Tugging the crotch of her panties to one side, I placed the tip of my cock between the soft wet lips of her labia and plunged into her with one hard thrust until our pubic bones clashed together. She gasped. Yes!

I pulled back and thrust into her again and again until I could feel the first pulse of my approaching orgasm. All I was aware of was the way she thrust up against me; of how my throbbing cock slipped into her soaking pussy and the way her panties felt as they rubbed against my shaft. Just then, she arched her back and groaned. Oh, God, I’m coming! Yes!

This was more than I could take and I shot my load, my balls tightening as wave after wave of cum spurted out of me only to be swallowed up in the depths of Stacey’s pussy. As my climax subsided, I lowered myself down and we kissed tenderly. Oh, man, that was good! No k**ding I am wiped out! I hope not I need a bit more TLC from you, but first ...

She pushed up against my chest. I got the message and went into the master bathroom to wash up. As I returned, Stacey went in and came back a few minutes later and climbed back into bed beside me. I notices she was still wearing the black satin thong and as I slipped my hand down, I could feel how drenched the material was and briefly wondered how much of it was from my cum and how much of it was from her. I had to have her, so I started tugging them down but she stopped me.

No, leave them on! I moved my hand inside the wet satin and let my fingers run up and down the moist valley that I found there. Mmmm. That is good. Did you like me doing that? Yes. It was incredibly kinky! Thank you!

Do you like the idea of Vinny possibly seeing me like that? Yeah I kind of do! Tell me.

This was an old game of ours and I knew exactly what she wanted to hear. She wanted me to tell her a sexy fantasy while I fingered her! I began by telling her that I would blindfold her, and without her knowledge I would let Vinny into the room because I wanted him to see her completely exposed. I would then wave him over to the bed and pull back the covers so he could see her hot little body dressed only in those sexy little panties. I proceeded to tell her I would let him feel her up and if he wanted to he could rub his dick against her as well.

She gasped and said you wouldn’t!!

I said in this fantasy I would probably be so horny and since she was blindfolded why the hell not! Now getting back to the story I told her Vinny had pull off his pants and began peeling off his boxer shorts exposing his cock. Stacey asked in this fantasy if he is hard?
Oh yes he is. Very hard! Anyway I see him rubbing his cock against your leg while his hand is stroking your panty-covered pussy. I tell her Vinny must be close to cuming as I can see the pre-cum on the tip of his cock! I mention to her I move away from the bed and watch him peel off her panties. Her pussy is swollen and soaking wet and he slips a finger down to play with her clit.

Oh, Danny, I’m so close to coming; she moans!

Thinking it’s me I tell her she spread her legs and Vinny has moved so that he is now kneeling between her thighs. He’s masturbating faster now. It wont be long until he cums!

Oh, God, yes! yes! I continue teasing her clit while playing along with the story. Oh, Danny, make him cum!

As I continued to gently run my fingertip over and around her soaking clit and pussy, Stacey’s hips started gyrating against my hand, tracing small circles under my fingers. He’s about to cum Stacey! He’s kneeling up between your thighs and rubbing the tip of his dick against your unprotected pussy! He is jerking harder now and he….

Oh, oh’ just shot his load of cum all over your pussy! Danny! I’m coming! YES! As Stacey bucked under my fingers I pressed my fingertips firmly against her clit and held them there. And now he’s pushing his cum covered dick into your pussy! Oh, wow!

With one last shudder, Stacey flopped back onto the bed and pulled the duvet up over us both. I reached behind me and turned off the light before cuddling up to Stacey under the covers. She turned her head and kissed me. Walking around in my panties was such a serious turn-on! For me too honey! Danny I never thought that I would get that turned on by exposing myself like that ... well, risking being exposed.

I found it really hot. In fact, I hesitated, unsure whether I would be going too far. In fact what? Well. Would you do me a favor? That depends! What do you want me to do?

I’d like you to give Vinny and me some accidental flashes tomorrow. My heart pounded in my ribs and I waited for what seemed like ages before she answered me. What should I flash? And what do mean by accidental? Oh just flash your panties or perhaps go bra-less or something. And what do you mean by accidental? That it doesn’t look like you meant for him to catch a glimpse of anything.

I’m not sure that I can do it! I mean, I’ve never done anything like that before! Please Stacey? Please? It would really turn me on! Let me sl**p it over OK? OK. Goodnight. sl**p tight. You too. I had lied awake for a long time that night wondering what tomorrow would bring and where it would all lead. Sometime during the night I fell asl**p.


Shit, Danny!

I woke up groggily the next morning with sunlight streaming in through a gap in the curtains and Stacey sitting bolt upright in bed, her breasts free and a worried look on her face. She turned to me and shook my shoulder.

Wake up!

I am awake. I answered groggily. We left my panties hanging on Vinny’s door last night! So, let him see them! No I cant do that! Ok so then go and get them. Danny can you get them? Why should I get them there your panties and you left them there. FINE!!!

Stacey slipped out of bed and pulled her discarded nightie on before quietly opening the door and peeking out. Silence. She sneaked out and reappeared less than a minute later, clutching the extra wet purple satin bikini string panties that she had discarded the night before. As she closed the door behind her, I took in the black satin thong panties she was wearing that were clearly visible through the thin white nightie she was wearing as were her very erect nipples and cute little breasts. That was lucky thank God for late sl**pers! She climbed into bed beside me. Oh, I don’t know I’m sure Vinny wouldn’t have minded wouldn’t have minded finding your panties on his door handle or seeing you like that!

Yeah, I bet he wouldn’t have minded seeing me dressed like this but I’m sure he fond my panties. What do you mean? Well they are really wet and sticky this morning compared to the way I left them last night. Really? That’s AWESOME!! That makes me fucking horny as hell knowing that my best friend jerked off with your wet panties!! Danny this doesn’t bother you? Not the slightest bit. Have you thought about what I asked last night? Yes I have. And?

You’ll just have to wait and see. Come on lets get dressed and go and get breakfast ready but lets not let on that we know he soaked my panties full of cum. OK.


We had just finished laying the table outside on the terrace, when we heard the first sounds of movement from upstairs followed shortly thereafter by the sound of the shower running. OK. I’m just going to go upstairs for a second. Ill be right back!

I watched her disappearing through the kitchen door and glanced at my wife’s sexy little ass wrapped in a pair of tight faded jeans. She was wearing a white long-sleeved top and open-toed sandals which all-in-all looked to be rather warm for what was going to be another hot and sunny day.

I walked out onto the terrace and sat down on the bench, enjoying the early morning sunshine. 10 minutes later, Stacey and Vinny came out and greeted me. To this day I still don’t know whether I was surprised or not when I saw that Stacey had got changed. However, I do know that I felt the first wave of bl**d spreading through my groin when I saw that she had got changed and was now wearing a pair of thin white cotton pants and a navy blue T-shirt. I have to admit, when I first saw her come out, my heart leapt into my mouth! Despite my asking her the night before, I never REALLY believed that she would actually go ahead and do it!

Her white pants were so thin, that the panties that she was wearing underneath were clearly visible. Best of all though is that she had actually chosen to wear her bright hot pink satin bikini panties that I love so much. Normally she would never, ok seldom wear anything other than white panties with these pants and if she did, then it was normally a g-string or a thong, which could never be seen.

I glanced briefly at Vinny who was taking the opportunity to check out Stacey’s perfect little ass. Looking down, I could clearly see those hot pink bikini panties snuggled against my wife’s ass and even when she turned to face me, I was still able to easily see the outline of the narrow crotch of her panties.

I followed Stacey back into the house, leaving Vinny on the terrace. As soon as we reached the kitchen, I grabbed her from behind and cupped her breasts in my hands, noticing immediately that she was bra-less and that her nipples were as stiff as organ stops! You did it! Do you mind?

Mind? Christ no! I’ve got such a hard-on I can hardly walk and want to ravage you right now! I just feel a bit exposed and cheap! I let her go and turned to the coffee machine and started making three coffees. You’re certainly not cheap even if you are showing your sexy little panties! I’m also a bit worried about what Vinny will think ...

Judging by the way his was checking your ass out, I don’t think that you need to worry too much there! She grinned nervously. Was he really? Hell Yeah! He couldn’t keep his eyes off you! And you really don’t mind? The only thing that I mind is that I can only see your panties through your pants! Stacey glanced over towards the terrace where she could see Vinny sitting in the lounger with his eyes closed against the sun. Before I could react, she had unbuttoned her pants and pushed them half-way down her thighs. I had a quick glance at her hot pink bikini panty crotch before she turned around and showed me her satin covered ass. As she turned back to me, she pulled her pants up, started doing up the buttons and grinned.

Better? Much! That will have to do for now I’m afraid we need to get back to Vinny. Then Ill start looking forward to later! I handed Stacey a coffee, grabbed the other two and we walked back to join Vinny again. Throughout a simple breakfast of freshly baked bread rolls and various jams, meats and cheeses, I noticed that Vinny kept glancing both at me and at Stacey, presumably trying to figure out what was going on. Breakfast itself was otherwise completely uneventful and we were all rather relieved that we were able to get out of the direct sun, which continued to get hotter and hotter as we ate. Once we had all finished, we tidied up and put everything away before Stacey disappeared upstairs to brush her teeth. It was then that I had the chance to talk to Vinny alone. Vinny beat me to it.

Danny? Yes. Dude; does Stacey normally walk around like that? Like what? I decided to play ignorant. In those pants. I mean, they are practically see-through! Oh, yeah all the time! Doesn’t it bother you? No, of course not. No, I mean that I could see her panties. Well, its not like it’s a big deal is it? You’ve seen her often enough in a bikini. What’s the difference? I’m not complaining, that’s for sure! It’s just ...

Yeah? Well, I’m not sure that Id want my girlfriend wandering around in front of you showing off her panties. Now that’s a shame, I certainly wouldn’t mind! It really was a shame! His girlfriend was a really cute girl; slim, small-breasted and incredibly horny. I bet! On the other hand, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Anytime Vinny, anytime!

We laughed and went back out onto the terrace. It was beginning to get hot really hot and within minutes, both of us were sweating. Just then Stacey returned. Two pairs of eyes followed her pink panties as she came over and joined us. What’s up with you two? Nothing. Come on. Spit it out. I walk out here and all you do is stare at my ass!

Not exactly. No not at all. Well, what is it? She looked down. Ah, I see; you’re staring at my panties! The two of us grinned sheepishly. She looked at us both with her hands on her hips. I can go and get changed if you prefer! No! said Vinny. No, you look great! He said. Hmm. Well I’m still not convinced, but one thing I do know is that it is too hot to sit around here dressed like this I’m going to get changed into something cooler. Why don’t you two put a few blankets on the terrace so that we can at least sit down more comfortably?

No sooner said than done. I went and got a couple of old blankets that we used for the outside and lay them out on the wooden terrace. Before sitting down, I pulled off my T-shirt and flung it onto the table. Vinny quickly followed suit until we were both sitting there in just our jeans. Stacey came back and both of us stared at her. Is that OK?

We just grinned at her like idiots. She was wearing a black pleated tennis skirt and the top half of a red bikini. I say a bit, because it was still thin enough to be able to make out the shape of her small nipples through the red stretchy material! She had taken off her shoes and I was pleased to see that she had painted her toenails in a matching red tone. All in all, very sexy!

Given that the tennis skirt came only half-way down her thighs and that we were sitting with our eyes at the same level as her crotch, it was almost as if her tennis skirt was a micro skirt, although I couldn’t see any more than a fair bit of long slender thigh.

Stacey crouched down between us on her knees and then moved forwards to lie on her tummy. She did this in such a clever way that we were unable to see anything more than we had seen earlier. Vinny of course took the opportunity to check her out. She looked really sexy. Her short black skirt folded over her cute little ass and came less than half way down the backs of her thighs, the pleats opening and falling to the side so that you could imagine that you might be able to see up her skirt from behind. However, from where we were sitting, this wasn’t an option. Her legs were slim and muscular and lightly tanned, giving the general impression of both youth and good health. I don’t know how Vinny was feeling, but Stacey’s behavior was getting to me and I shuffled a little to get comfortable on what was now a growing erection.

For the next minute or two, we chatted away with Stacey still lying flat on her front supporting herself on her elbows. I then noticed that she shuffled back slightly which caused her skirt to be tugged up her body somewhat. It was all very discrete and I’m not even sure that Vinny had noticed. However, the result was that her skirt was now pulled up to the lower edge of her ass, still not actually revealing anything but still a lot higher than could be considered respectable!

After a couple of minutes, Vinny obviously picked up on the situation and I caught him glancing down at Stacey’s ass as often as he could without being obvious about it. I, for my part, made sure to carry on with the conversation and not to catch Vinny looking.

Suddenly Vinny turned around and sat up, making sure his body was hiding his crotch. I think you guys will have to excuse me for a minute. He stood up, keeping his crotch turned away from us and headed into the house to go to the bathroom. As soon as he had gone, Stacey turned to me with a grin. Is that what you wanted? Yes! I am so horny, I’m not sure how much more I can take of this! She rolled over onto her back and grinned.

Maybe I should do this; she reached down and pulled her skirt up over her waist, revealing a pair of pale blue satin panties with a white lace trim. The material was so thin that I could clearly make out the shadow of her neatly trimmed pussy Stacey! Vinny will be back any second! I couldn’t believe what she was up to this was so unlike anything she would normally do. But isn’t that what you wanted? Didn’t you want Vinny to see me like this? She laughed quietly and spread her legs so that the soft thin material of her panties was pulled tightly into her crotch. I just had time to take in the way the pale blue material hugged her crotch, revealing the shape of her pussy when we heard the toilet flush. In a flash, Stacey pulled her skirt back down and rolled back onto her tummy.

Stacey wait I asked…. Do me a favor and spread your legs slightly. She looked at me, slightly puzzled, but did as I had asked. Why? Because, now Vinny will be able to accidentally see up your skirt when he comes back! Oh!

I caught a glimpse of Vinny walking past the kitchen window heading towards the sliding doors to the terrace. Any moment now he would be in a perfect position to look up Stacey’s skirt. Still looking towards Stacey, I noticed a shadow move behind the glass panes which reflected the sunlight from outdoors. The shadow stopped moving.

He’s standing behind the glass doors and looking out, thinking that we can’t see him. Don’t move. He’s standing there and not moving he must be looking at you! Oh, Danny, you’re making me all wet! Stacey half rolled onto her side and supported her head on one hand, her elbow on the blanket below her. As she did so, she pulled her upper knee onto the blanket in front of her, cocked at 90 degrees to the rest of her body. If Vinny wasn’t able to see her panties before, he certainly was able too now! In this position, he would have an almost perfect view of her crotch as her legs pulled apart. I pictured the way the wet pale blue satin panties would be hugging her pussy and imagined how she would look. The shape of her pussy would be patently obvious and if the thin material was wet, you would be able to make out the dark blonde pubic hair through the pale blue satin of her panties.

Stacey! He’s got to be able to see almost all of your ass and pussy like that! I wish I was standing there now! I wish you were too! I would like you both to see me like this! What would you do? I would get my cock out and start jerking off! I’m bursting as it is! You’re making me even wetter! If I get any wetter, I’m going to have to change my panties!

Then just imagine how wet you’d be if you knew that we were BOTH standing there and wanking over you! Oh, God! Stacey pushed her leg back and rolled back onto her front, smoothing her skirt back down over her ass again in a perfectly natural movement. She grinned at me. If you’d carried on much longer, I would have had to do more than just talk about it! Me too I’ve got a hard-on that’s threatening to burst out of my pants ... and Vinny too by the look of it!

I cocked my chin over Stacey’s shoulder at Vinny who was just coming out onto the terrace. Stacey turned around to look at him and I am sure that the bulge in his jeans didn’t escape her attention. He walked quickly over to the blanket and sank down onto the floor next to Stacey, but not before both of us had seen the state of his excitement a fact that he tried to hide by quickly lying on his front. Stacey turned towards me and grinned cheekily. I decided to up the stakes somewhat.

I’ll tell you what, its too hot for me to lie around here in jeans ...

I stood up and unbuckled and then unbuttoned my jeans before pulling them down over my hips. Bending forwards I continued to push them down my legs until I could step out of them and kick them to one side. Now all I was wearing was a pair of navy blue boy shorts in a thin clingy material, well aware that the other two would clearly see the state of my excitement. I knew that the thin material was not going to be hiding much and as I stood up straight, both of them were staring at my crotch. I looked down and could see a smooth cast of my erect cock, glimmering in the navy blue material. You could see the outer half of my cock perfectly, as was the smooth rim below the crown! Stacey broke the silence. Ah, would I be right in assuming that you like it out here Danny?!

Yes! It may have something to do with the way you are lying there in that tiny skirt! Well, it’s nice to know that I can still cause reactions like that! You certainly can at least by me! What about you Vinny? I think that I’m going to exercise the 5th amendment! Chicken! Yeah, come on Vinny Stacey said Id be interested in knowing the answer too! I dear you to show me!! Besides it’s hot anyway and you’re red and sweating. Vinny laughed and stood up. OK, OK… A dare is a dare so I give up. I guess that Ill have to answer the question ...

He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down until they were hanging just above his knees. The second his jeans were open, the answer was obvious. He was wearing a pair of white boxer shorts in a lycra-like material. The shadow of his dark-colored pubic hair was to be seen through the thin shiny material as was the form and shape of his very erect cock.

One thing is clear though Stacey can’t keep her eyes off his cock. She is staring at him, or rather his cock, as if there were no tomorrow. Vinny casually shoved his jeans down and stepped out of them before speaking. OK. So now you know only because of this heat, and the dare! We certainly do thank you! Stacey replied. You’re welcome. Although I have to admit I feel more than a little bit strange standing in front of you and your husband one of my best friends with an erection! Speaking of which, shouldn’t we also know whether or not YOU are turned on by the sight of two men with hard-ons?

Of course I am! Is that enough of an answer for your Vinny? To tell the truth, not really. I would like to see the evidence myself! Its only fare! I dare you! No way! No way am stripping in front of you guys! Hey, who said anything about stripping? Stacey looked at Vinny with a worried expression on her face. Well what then? Vinny looked up at me. What do you think? What were you thinking of? I was thinking that she could maybe lift her skirt for us ...

No way! ... and if her panties were damp ... No way, Danny! These panties are almost see-through! I am NOT doing that! How about if you just roll over? And? Just that. If your nipples are erect, then we would believe you. Right Vinny? Vinny looked a bit disappointed, but shrugged his shoulders and nodded his agreement. OK.

Stacey pushed herself back up onto her knees until she was sitting on her heels. Now that we could see her chest, it was obvious that she was turned on. Whereas earlier we had been able to make out her nipples through the thin red bikini top, now we could clearly see the shape of her fully erect nipples jutting out through the stretchy material. She was definitely turned on there was no mistake about that. Still I was disappointed that she had not been prepared to show us her panties. Simply the thought of her showing us both her skimpy little panties was enough to send the bl**d pulsing through my cock.

Stacey stood up and walked over to the open doorway. Looking back over her shoulder at us, she grinned. You two look so dejected, that Ill see if I cant find something more suitable to wear!

With that she flicked up the back of her skirt, giving us a quick flash her peachy little ass encased in her pale blue satin panties. As she had said, the material was thin enough that the crack of her ass and the pubic hair nestling at her crotch could be seen as dark shadows on the otherwise light blue satin. My last impression was of the way the thin white lace edging gripped the cheeks of her ass before she let her shirt drop back down and disappeared into the house. Vinny looked at me. Sorry. For what? For pushing things so far. It’s just that I was so horny and well... Hey, no problem! As you can see for yourself, I am not exactly untouched by events either! True! He looked down at my cock that was still straining under my pants and laughed. I just want to be sure that you are OK with everything. Stacey too.

I can only answer for me I have no problem with anything that has happened. I mean, you’ve seen Stacey often enough in a bikini that showed a lot more than we saw today ... as for Stacey ... you may have noticed that she will make her opinion more than clear if necessary! He laughed. True. Actually, I have to confess something to you. What? Well, when I came back from the toilet, I ... I saw more than you probably think. I decided to place innocent. What do you mean? Well, I came back through the kitchen and saw Stacey lying there. Yeah and? Because of the way she was lying down, I could see right up her skirt! You lucky bastard! I wish it had been me! He laughed, relieved. Well anyway, just as I was about to come out here, Stacey moved and pulled one leg up ...

And what could you see then? Pretty much everything! Well not everything I was too far away and it was too bright out here to see clearly, but I could certainly see that she was wearing blue panties and ... And? Spit it out! ... and I could see the shape of her pussy through her panties! God that was hot! No k**ding! Shame you didn’t have a camera to take a picture! Oh you can see her any time you want dude! Yes, but seeing her like that is ... different; you know unaware of what’s going on.

Yeah, I know what you mean. But now you owe me one right? What do you mean? Next time I visit you and Christie, I hope I get to see something too... I don’t know how I can get her to do that. I DO however have a few pictures and a video of her sl**ping in just her panties last summer. That would be a start, but Id still like to see her in the flesh so to speak! Ill see what I can do, but I’m not making any promises. OK. I look forward to my next visit! Do you want something to drink? I’m going to get a beer.

Yeah, for me too please. I stood up and walked into the house. Just as I had taken two beers out of the fridge and opened them, Stacey appeared in the doorway, peeking around the corner. Is Vinny there? No, he’s still outside on the terrace. I’m just getting us something to drink. Why? Well, I’m a bit nervous about coming out like this!

She walked around the corner and stood nervously in the doorway. She had got changed, but not into her bikini as I had expected. She was wearing a matching bra and panties. They were made out of nylon, spandex, or even satin. They were shiny and smooth and the set color was imperial blue. The bra was little more than two triangles of cloth that barely covered her nipples, the shape of which I could see jutting out through the thin material. Likewise, the panties were seamless and thin ... very thin. The shape of her neatly trimmed pubic hair, squashed beneath the thin bright blue panties was easy to see, as was the slight dampness on the material at her crotch. I asked Stacey to turn around.

She did. The panties were full bikini-style with a ruched back (the kind that is stitched to snuggle between the ass cheeks) and cupped that wonderful ass was a dream. The panties themselves were hip huggers with spaghetti stings at the hip connecting the front to the back panels. The bra was front opening and had little more than a narrow simple strap across her back and two equally narrow blue straps running up over her shoulders.

What do you think? Perfect! I took a step towards her and let one hand slip to her crotch. The material was very damp and the warmth emanating from her pussy made me want to fuck her right there! No! Don’t! She pushed my hand away. I’m soaking as it is and not sure that I can go through with this. Come on its almost like wearing a bikini.
Except that it isn’t a bikini, its my panties and a bikini has a double layer to protect me, which as you can see my panties do not! True. Ill tell you one thing though you look fucking HOT!!!!

Its very kinky, and I’m totally embarrassed to be this horny. I feel like you can even see how wet I am! So what! What’s the difference to Vinny and me who are walking around with our hard-ons on display? She paused and shrugged her shoulders. Maybe you’re right. Why don’t you go back I need a minute to calm my nerves. OK. See you soon! I walked through the kitchen and out onto the terrace where I handed Vinny an ice-cold beer. Cheers! Cheers! I lay down on the blanket and took a long slug of beer. Wow, that is GOOD! Yeah and so is THAT!

I looked up to see Vinny staring at Stacey who was standing silently in the doorway. She looked a little nervous which was not surprising, but the sight of her dressed in her sexy bra and panties still sent a thrill of excitement through me. Vinny couldn’t keep his eyes off her. In contrast to the kitchen where the lighting was such that I could only see the general features of her panties, bit outside I could see every detail. Her panties were now to a large extent see-through; the blue triangles having turned translucent where the material had become dampened by her excitement. Whereas previously I could make out only a vague damp spot on the material, now it glistened and revealed the tightly curled pubic hair underneath.

Her bra was of course dry and therefore not as revealing, but the imperial blue material cupped her breasts firmly and heightened rather than hid the shape of her breasts and their erect nipples from our view.

Despite her apparent discomfort, she walked over and lay down between us. Lying on her stomach, her blue panties ruffled up between the cheeks of her tight ass. Looking at Vinny with a grin, I slipped my finger between her cheeks and tugged them straight, causing Stacey to yell out in surprise and causing Vinny to grin like mad.

Danny! Sorry. Just helping you to get organized. God, I almost died with shock! She grinned and punched me playfully on the arm. Stacey? Why don’t you take your bra off for us? What? No way! Come on please? No! I am not doing that it’s enough that I am dressed here in just my bra and panties. I am not going further! It’s a dam shame.

I agree. Vinny tried and failed too look sad. But maybe you could at least lie on your back? Well ...

Come on! I mean we are too and you can see a lot more of us than we can of you! Ah, OK. She rolled over and lay on her back, supporting her head in her hands. The cups of her breasts were now little more than scraps of bright blue material lying loosely over the flattened curves of her breasts. Despite the fact that the material had formed folds over her breasts, her nipples were still clearly seen poking through the soft bra.

Looking down, I saw that her panties were stretched tight over her hips. Looking carefully, I could just about make out the outline of a few pubic hairs in the dark shadows below her panties. Looking over, I could see that Vinny too was checking out my wife all for his own pleasure.

You two you are not exactly being subtle about it are you?! Why should we? You’re a hot chick, and its only natural that we check you out. Also its not like Vinny gets to see his best friends smoking hot wife in just a bra and panties every day…is it?!

You’re disgusting Danny! What have I said now? Anyway, its true isn’t it? Maybe she laughed but still ... And I’ve noticed that you have been checking Vinny’s cock out too, so you’re not exactly in a position to make judgments ...

Stacey remained silent, choosing instead to pointedly look at the bulging cock in Vinny’s tight white elastic boxer shorts. Looking closely, I could see that there was a small damp patch directly over the tip of his cock and I was sure it was that pre-cum. I reminded myself to ask Stacey later whether she had also seen it. That’s hardly surprising is it I mean both of you are er ...

Erect? Well, yes. And you like that? Yes. I mean, of course I do! It’s very flattering. Just flattering?? No, not just flattering ... its also ... well, its exciting! Exciting? Yes! A turn-on! As you so rudely pointed out! Exactly! And it is as you pointed out rather obvious that both Vinny and I are also turned on. That is true something that can’t easily be overseen!

She grinned. So, are you going to go topless for us or not? No! I frowned. Look, I propose a compromise ... Ill get changed into something a bit more revealing ... OK? What do you think, Vinny? Fine by me though I would still like to see you topless, Stacey! Saying nothing, Stacey stood up and headed back into the house. She had hardly disappeared when Vinny looked over at me and grinned. Do you think that we should maybe shock her a little? I knew exactly what was coming and grinned inwardly.

What do you have in mind? How about if the two of us strip off completely? OK! You don’t mind? I mean its Stacey? Little did he know! Go a head, thanks for asking though. Its not like you’re going to jump her bones or anything is it? No! Of course not. That’s why I asked whether it is all OK with you.

I watched as he shimmied out of his white shorts and lay there on his back with his erect cock jutting out into the warm summer air. It was the first time that I had seen another mans erection (apart from on film of course) and I was fascinated by the way the head of his cock glistened where the foreskin was pulled back. The thick vein along the underside had swollen and I could see smaller veins spreading out and meandering around the outer shaft.

Before Stacey could return, I followed suit and was aware of Vinny watching me, apparently taking just as much interest in my exposed and very erect cock as I had in his. I flung my boxer shorts over to the table and grinned as Vinny did the same. Now there was no going back we were at least 8 feet from our underwear with nothing to hide us if we got up to get them! Vinny turned to me.

Why don’t we lie on our fronts before Stacey returns. We can always turn over if she doesn’t get scared off. OK. Danny? Are you sure your OK with this? Yes. If I don’t feel comfortable with anything, Ill tell you, don’t worry. I don’t know about you, but lying here like this is not exactly comfortable! No k**ding! Next time, we need a thicker blanket or something! It was by now about 7 o’clock in the evening and the sun was beginning to set. This was actually a good thing as it meant that the heat of the day had begun to subside somewhat. We waited and waited and I wondered what Stacey was up to. It was about 15 minutes later that Stacey returned ... but the return was well worth the wait. Sorry I took so long but I was so hot that I decided to have a quick shower to cool off! Oh ...

She looked down and saw that we were both lying naked on the blanket in front of her, albeit on our fronts. We looked up at her and grinned. As I looked up, I took in what she was wearing for the first time. She was wearing a bra and panties that I had never seen before. They were both in a bright pink and white stripe colors and looked to be made of silk. The bra was a half-cup thing that left her erect nipples exposed so that they were just able to jut out over the top of the silk rim. Her panties were little more than a triangle of plain silk covering her pussy and in the short time it had taken her to come downstairs, they had become damp over her pussy. As she walked out onto the terrace and stood before us, I felt my cock pulsing beneath me. How about giving us a twirl Stacey? Vinny asked.

Grinning, Stacey slowly turned around so that we could see that the panties she was wearing were actually a silk thong, the cloth between her cheeks highlighting her pert muscular ass. The muscles of her slim back were clearly visible and disrupted only by the strap of her bra. Facing us once again, she moved over and sat down between us. As she lay down on her back between us, I looked over to her breasts, the rosy-pink nipples of which were clearly visible as they nestled above the pink silk of her bra. They were unbelievably stiff and I knew that she was just as turned on by the whole situation as I was. Letting my eyes drift down her flat stomach to her panty-covered crotch, I reveled in the smooth pink and white stripe silk covering her pussy. The temptation to run my fingers over her smooth mound was almost overwhelming but I knew that I had to wait before starting anything.

Vinny too was taking the opportunity out to give Stacey the once-over. He grinned at me as he caught me watching him but didn’t let that stop him from inspecting Stacey’s exposed body. I was somewhat surprised that Stacey neither said anything nor made a move to cover herself up. However, I wasn’t about to complain either.

Stacey was now supporting herself on her elbows and obviously checking out Vinny’s ass. She sighed. Much as though I would like to lie here for the rest of the evening, I think that it’s about time that we had something to eat. Everything’s ready, but well need to set the table. OK. Ill help you set the table and then Vinny can get changed if he wants to. I rolled over and sat up, exposing my throbbing cock. Stacey looked at me in surprise but said nothing. Actually I’m still rather hot I think Ill go up and grab a shower first if that’s OK with you Vinny said. Sure.

He too rolled over and sat up before a little self-consciously standing up in front of us. Naked. Time seemed to stand still. His cock stood out proudly before him, his balls clenched tightly under its stem. Once again I was fascinated to see another mans erect cock in real life and enjoyed looking at him. His foreskin had pulled back slightly to uncover part of his smooth tip which was a deep purple color and glistened in the fading sunlight. The smooth tanned skin of its shaft was swollen and the large vein running along the underside was pulsing with bl**d and causing his cock to make small twitches. A wiry bush of dark brown pubic hair gathered around its base.

A quick glance over to Stacey told me what she thought. Her eyes were shiny with excitement and she made no effort to hide the fact that she was staring at Vinny’s cock, drinking in every detail of his erection. Even though it wasn’t too hard to guess what she was thinking, I would still have given a lot to know exactly what was going through her mind in those few seconds.

In that moment, Vinny walked over to pick up his shorts and turned to face Stacey and I before pulling them on, squeezing his erection into the now very-tight white lycra boxer shorts that he had been wearing. He grinned. See you soon!

With that, he turned and walked into the house. He had hardly disappeared through the door when Stacey turned to me with bright shiny eyes. After a quick glance towards the house, she bent over me and took my cock in her mouth. Despite the warm summer weather, her soft wet mouth was hot as she slipped down my shaft, playing with the tip of my cock with her tongue.

Stacey! I hissed Vinny could be watching! It was true. As I knew from earlier, it was possible to stand in the sitting room and look out through the window without being seen from outside. Stacey pulled upright and looked at me. To tell you the truth, I don’t give a shit if he’s watching or not I am so horny, I could ...

She sprang up and knelt above me with one shin on either side of my hips. Thinking that she was going to sit on me and rub her panty-covered crotch over my cock, got my hormones pumping. However, that wasn’t what she had in mind. As she lowered herself down, she dropped one hand between her legs and slipped the fingers under the pink and whit stripe silk panties. Pulling them briefly to one side, she sank down onto my cock which now drove up into her hot wet sex. Oh, fuck Stacey, that is great! And what if Vinny is watching us? Hmmm? As you said, I don’t give a fuck! She remained seated on me with my cock buried up to the hilt in her. However, this is just a taste of what is coming later but now I have to get dinner ready! She pulled off me and tugged her panties back until they were covering her once again. With a grin she stood up and looked down at me.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if YOU had a shower too! Looking down at my cock, still glistening with her juices, I nodded. Are you sure we couldn’t just ...? No, we cant just .... anything! But you better be ready for action later! I’m not sure if I can hold out that long but I guess I don’t have any choice do I? No! she laughed. OK, well then I guess Ill go and get cleaned up too. Do that! I picked up my underwear and carrying it in my hand, we walked into the house and she picked up her white summer dress that she had laid over the back of a chair and slipped it on. The material was a patterned white and thin and I could clearly see not only the outline of her panties through the material, but also the color and shape of her light-brown nipples which were still erect under the soft material.

Kissing her quickly on the lips, I headed naked through the kitchen door and upstairs to the bedroom so that I could have a shower in the en-suite bathroom. Minutes later I was standing under the cool water which streamed onto my face and down my body. My sense of excitement was such that my whole body tingled under the water, heightening rather than diminishing my overall horny state. Cleaning myself thoroughly with a lightly-scented shower-gel, I tried my best to calm down and not think of events past ... or of what might be to come later.


Our dinner and the remaining evening passed uneventfully. We were all lightly dressed as one normally would be on a warm summers evening. Vinny and I continued to enjoy the sight of Stacey’s bright pink and white striped panties which we could see through her summer dress and the whole situation appeared to have calmed down somewhat so that we were all in control of ourselves again. About the only unusual things was that we all studiously avoided mentioning the events of that morning.

About 11 p.m., we decided that we would head up to bed. We cleared up downstairs, locked the doors and went upstairs. Once upstairs in the hallway, Stacey bid Vinny good night and headed into the bedroom telling me that she was going to have a quick shower. I stayed where I was and as soon as Stacey had gone into the bedroom and closed the door behind her, I turned to him.

Vinny? Do you fancy surprising Stacey again? Ah, yeah, sure. What do you have in mind? Well I was thinking ... how about if you and I climb into our bed and wait for her when she comes out of the bathroom?! Ah, O...K... but ... What? If you don’t want to, then lets drop it ... it was just an idea. No! No. Its not that I’m just a bit worried about Stacey’s reaction, that’s all. OK. Leave that to me. Why don’t you get ready and then Ill come and get you. OK.

With that, I headed into the bedroom and closed the door behind me. I stepped into the walk-in cupboard and headed over to the drawer where Stacey kept her underwear. Rifling through the cotton and silk bundles, I eventually selected a pair of satin white bikini string panties with small black roses printed on them. As I came back out, I heard the sound of loud music and laughter coming in through the slightly opened windows our neighbors were obviously having a party. Armed with these panties, I headed into the bathroom where Stacey was brushing her teeth. She had slipped off her dress and bra and was standing there in just her striped silk panties. Spitting out the toothpaste foam into the sink she took a mouthful of water from the tap and rinsed her mouth out. What have you got there? I held up the panties for her to see. Do you want me to put them on?

Yes. After your shower ... and wear your white nightie that you had on yesterday. I love a man that knows what he wants! Her white nightie was one of my favorites. Half transparent, it was just what I was looking for. One question: why didn’t you want to go topless this afternoon? I wouldn’t have minded! I KNOW that! Truth is, I wanted to too ... I was just feeling a bit self-conscious I guess, because my breasts are so small.

What? I love them! 34B is not small, you know that! Yes, but ... well ... I don’t know I was just worried what Vinny’s reaction was I guess. Silly thing! I kissed her and cupped her breast in my hand, feeling her nipple stiffen in response. She broke off. Mmm. That’s nice, but well have enough time for that soon. Let me get showered first. OK.

I brushed my teeth and stripped off before walking naked into the bedroom and closing the door to the bathroom behind me. Opening the door to the hallway, I looked out to find Vinny standing there nervously. He was wearing a pair of turquoise blue boxer shorts. I motioned for him to come in. Lowering my voice to a whisper I told him to take off his shorts and climb into the double bed with me. Pulling back the blanket, we crept under the sheet and sat there like an old married couple with about half a foot of space between us, both of us leaning back against the thick pillows. We heard the water in the shower stop followed by the squeaking as Stacey wiped the shower down. We waited ... and waited.

What’s taking her so long? You know what its like trim the nails, trim the pussy, take the make-up off, put on the creams and all that! I’m not sure how much more of this I can stand I’m as stiff as a board and you talking about Stacey trimming her pussy doesn’t exactly help either Danny! It’s the same for me. It can’t be long now. At that very moment the door opened and Stacey stepped out, saw us and froze. Oh! Is that all you can say? I grinned. She was wearing her white nightie and the white panties that I had given her. They were clearly visible under the thin white cloth and they stiffened as I watched. Her panties too were very visible and the lace-rimmed hem of her nightie came down to just above her crotch. Having recovered slightly from the two of us being in the bed, she grinned and clambered up onto the middle of it.

So are you two going to make room for me here? No problem! She yanked back the sheet to climb in, obviously expecting us to be wearing shorts. Her gasp turned to a grin as she saw the two stiff cocks waiting for her. Taking her time, Stacey climbed in and pulled the cover up again. Snuggling down between us, she looked from one of us to the other grinning like the famous Cheshire cat. Well, this is comfy! I twitched as I felt Stacey’s hand enclose my cock under the sheets and I wondered for a second whether she was doing the same to Vinny but as I looked over I saw that his expression had not changed in the slightest, so I assume that Stacey was not touching him yet! In fact, he seemed to have a rather nervous expression on his face and it didn’t really surprise me when he suddenly announced that he would go over to his bedroom and leave us to it.

Vinny, don’t be silly Danny and I have been married for ages you don’t need to worry about us. Just stay here for the night nothing will happen. Why don’t you turn off the light; the switch is next to you.

The whole time she was speaking calmly to Vinny, she was slowly and gently masturbating me, making sure that her movements were not seen. Vinny looked at me to make sure that I was OK with the idea and when I nodded, rolled over to the other side to switch off the light.

As soon as the light was switched off, we were plunged into darkness and I suddenly became aware of the noise of the neighbors celebrating. They were so loud, that it was possible to talk to Stacey in a whisper without being heard by Vinny. The sexual tension was unbelievable! None of us moved and no-one said a word. We all simply lay there like lemmings waiting for someone to say or do something. After about 10 minutes, I heard Vinny moving around slightly.

Good night!
Good night.
Good night.

Again silence apart from the partying next door. I felt rather than heard Stacey shift and then felt her breath on my ear. Danny? I am so hot, I don’t know whether I am going to be able to sl**p tonight! I turned my head to face her ear. Tell me about it! I am almost at bursting point and we haven’t even done anything yet. We should have taken the chance when we had it earlier! I rolled my head away so that she would whisper back. Yes, but we cant make love now, now with Vinny here! Shall I bring you off? Again the swapping of head positions. No. If I come, I want to come inside YOU. So how does it feel having two men in bed with you? I am so hot! I have to control myself otherwise I might do something I might regret later!

That sounds good! I turned again so that Stacey could talk to me, but she said nothing and remained quite still for a minute or so. Then suddenly, she whispered to me again. Danny? Vinny’s rubbing my ass! What? Really? Yes! But I don’t know if he’s doing it on purpose or not. It’s so light, it might be an accident. I couldn’t believe THAT, but still ...

Just keep still and relax. Wait and see what happens next. Again a minute or so passed before she spoke. Danny. His hands on my hip now ... and this time it is no accident! What shall I do? What do you want to do? Just relax your body and keep still. Lets see what he does next. He’s sliding his hand up towards my waist ... and pushing my nightie up! That’s OK. Just wait and see how far he will go. He’s reached my ribs and ... oh ... oh ... he’s ... touching my breast ... The bl**d surged to my cock and the temptation to start masturbating was almost irresistible. Danny! He’s playing with my nipple ... oh, God. I slowly rolled my body over so that I was now facing Stacey but kept my ear in front of her face.

He’s stopped, but his hands still holding my breast. He heard you moving! I waited, motionless, for her to speak again. I heard Vinny shuffle slightly. Something is pressing up against my ass sliding up and down my panties. I think it’s his cock! And now he’s playing with my breasts again! I felt rather hard and than heard Stacey sigh.

Now he’s sliding his hand down ... and stroking my panty covered ass ... Knowing that his hand had moved away, I reached forward and slipped it up under her nightie to cup her breast. Her nipple was swollen and Stacey sighed as I gently twisted it between my finger and thumb. ... he’s trying to get his fingers between my legs ... Do you want him to touch you? Are you wet? I’m soaking he cant reach me because my legs are lying on top of one another.

I took my hand off her breast and let it trail down her body over her panties to her thighs. Letting my fingertips drift up over the outside of her legs, I cupped my hand behind the knee of her upper leg. Danny! If you ... Too late. I slowly and gently pulled her leg forwards until the knee was almost at right angles to her body. In doing so, I pictured how I had now exposed her panty-covered pussy to Vinny’s groping hands. Her white bikini satin panties would now be stretched tight over her pussy and would be fully open to his view if the lights had been on. I thought about the wet white satin and how it would shine where the material was stretched over her swollen lips. Then my thoughts were interrupted by a quiet but sharp gasping breath in my ear.

Oh! He’s rubbing my panties over my pussy! I slid my hand back up and cupped Stacey’s breast once more, kissing her hard on the lips and then turning my head away again so that she could continue to whisper in my ear. Danny, he’s stroking my pussy through my panties; he’s rubbing my clit ... I’m so horny, I wont be able to take much more of this ...

... he’s moved his cock between my legs and now he’s rubbing the tip over pussy through my panties ... I can feel his warmth between my lips ... oh, now he’s pulled away. I waited to see what was going to happen next. I felt Stacey twitch under my hand. Danny! He’s pulling my panties to the side ... oooh, he slipped his fingers into me and moving them in and out. I moved my hand from her breast down to my cock and wrapped my hand around my hot swollen shaft. Before I could start masturbating, Stacey’s hand clamped down onto my wrist and held my hand firmly in place.

Danny, he’s rubbing the head of his cock along my pussy ... he’s trying to enter me! This is your chance, Stacey I want you to milk him dry!

I want him to fuck you.

I want you to also keep telling me what you’re doing! Oh Danny…. Its ok babe I love you and you are mine forever but I want you to enjoy this! Danny he cant get to me the angle is all wrong he’s got the tip of his cock between my lips but cant get any further!

Danny he is starting to take my panties off! Stacey make sure he doesn’t realize you know what’s going on. Stacey slowly pushed her leg back until it was straight again and then Vinny started easing her panties down behind her ass. You’ll have to help him get them off. No sooner said than done. He slipped his fingers under the edge of the legs of her panties and ran them down to her pussy. She and the satin on the crotch of her panties were soaking wet. No that her panties were down below her knees, she was trying to move as little as possible. As soon as they were down to her calves, she felt Vinny foot push them off her legs.

Danny…Vinny trying to touch my pussy again. Then lift up your leg so that he can do it. I felt her move under the thin bed cover. Hmmm, that’s good ... he’s stroking my pussy so gently! Now he’s taken his fingers away and ... I can feel his cock just grazing my lips ... he’s put one hand on my hip if you don’t stop this now Danny, he’s going to slip his cock into me!

There was no way that I was going to stop her and she knew it! Ooh! He’s put the tip of his ... he’s pushing .... mmmm, now he’s inside me! That is GOOD! Oh, Danny, he’s fucking me now, slowly and gently so that you wont notice ... his cock feels so hot inside my pussy ... She took hold of my hand and placed it onto her clit. I felt the soft wet lips of her sex and then the smooth and slippery shaft of Vinny’s cock beneath my fingertips gliding slowly into her, and only to slowly he withdraw again.

Can you feel that? Can you feel him fucking me? His cock pushing into my pussy? I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. My throat was parched with excitement. I felt Vinny’s cock stop its movements, buried deep in Stacey’s sex. He’s stopped moving! I can feel his cock pulsating inside me he’s close to coming! Stacey I hope he cums in you, filling you with his seed! I felt her hand push mine away. I could feel Stacey rocking her hips gently, her movements almost undetectable on the firm mattress.

Danny? Your best friend is fucking your wife and he’s about to come ! Ohhhh he’s coming! He’s buried deep in my pussy and spraying me with his hot seed I can feel it filling me up! His cock his jerking with every spurt! That’s when I noticed Stacey fucking him back, making sure he empties every last drop into her. Danny he slowing down and I think he finished. I can feel him pulling out of me ...

I felt Stacey move slightly. What do I do now? I’m full of your best friends cum! She broke off as Vinny moved and pulled back the sheet before rolling off the bed as quietly as he could and padding off to the bathroom. So, now I can tell you what you’re going to do! I grabbed her and pulled her towards me. Danny! I’m dirty! I’m full of ...

I know! And I want to fuck you while you’re full of his come! But ... She didn’t get a chance to say another word. Grabbing her by the hips, I pulled her over and on top of me. Sit on my cock! Take your nightie off! Stacey did as she was told. She kneeled either side of me and lowered herself down until the tip of my prick just brushed the slippery lips of her freshly fucked pussy. Suspended like that, she reached down and pulled her nightie up and over her head, flinging it to the floor in a heap. Are you ready for this? Yes!

You do realize that Vinny will see me naked when he comes back out of that door? Somehow, having just fucked you, I don’t think that will bother him in the slightest. She sank down onto my cock with one swift movement so that our pelvic bones clashed together. My cock was immediately engulfed in a warm slippery wetness that I had never felt before. She was absolutely full of Vinny’s come. I could feel it running out and trickling over my balls onto the bed.

Can you feel that Danny? That is Vinny’s come! God, you are so hard ... make me come Danny! I took hold of her hips and thrust into her. Just as I did so, the door opened and Vinny walked out. Stacey froze, but I continued to screw her, paying no attention to Vinny who was now climbing onto the bed behind her. Looking over at me, he slipped his arms around her and took her breasts in his hands, rubbing her tight nipples with his thumbs.

Come on Stacey I want to see you take Danny’s cum, just like you took all of mine! Stacey leaned back against him and in doing so relaxed and opened herself up even more for me. Vinny had known all along that I was awake and guessed what Stacey and I were up to! Now that there was no need to be subtle about anything Vinny told Stacey that he jerked off with her wet purple panties last night, and left a huge sticky surprise inside them. He had hoped after our playing she would have come back for them to put on and wear to bed. Stacey completely shocked started rubbing against me, keeping my cock tightly buried within her come-filled sex.

Vinny stood up and moved next to her. He was hard again the excitement of seeing the two of us screwing had obviously turned him. Grabbing Stacey by the hair, he turned her head gently towards him ad f***ed his cock into my wife’s mouth. Stacey started to slide her mouth up and down Vinny’s dick. Now she pulled back slightly until just the head of cock was between her lips and grabbed the shaft with her hand. She started masturbating him and pulled back far enough so that she could now flick the tip of her tongue along the slit of his cock every time she pulled his foreskin back. Unable to coordinate both movements, she now sat motionless, still impaled upon my cock. Since I was pinned down by her weight, I reached down with hand and used the pad of my thumb to gently but quickly rub her clit in time to her masturbation of Vinny.

Her chest was flushed around the base of her neck a sure sign that she was close to coming. Suddenly she stopped masturbating Vinny and clenched her hand tightly around his cock with its purple shiny head fully exposed. I could see it pulsing and she leant forwards and flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock and then waited. Again her tongue flicked along the eye of his cock. Again she waited. The next time, she ran the whole of her tongue from the underside of his bulbous head to the top and then quickly flicked the tip with her tongue as before. I heard Vinny groan. Pulling her head back, she started jerking him off in quick, hard, strokes. Within seconds she was rewarded with a thin jet of white come which spurted out and splashed onto her face, her sexy tits. I watched as thin white streams trickled down over her breasts and into the pubic hair above my hand.

Turning back to me, Stacey now started riding me again, using her hands on my thighs to support her. I pushed her over onto her side and then onto her back, somehow managing to remain inside her the whole time. Hooking my elbows under her knees, I lifted her legs and thrust into her, penetrating her fully and causing her to moan as our pubes clashed together. Again and again we thrust against one another, completely unaware of Vinny sitting on the bed next to us.

Yes, Danny! Fuck me! I’m so close! I knew that I was going to come soon and her talking to me like that was turning me on even more. Come on, Danny ... fuck my come-filled pussy! I’m ... I ... ye-es!

That was too much for me. My balls felt like they were going to explode and as I came, I thrust one last time and shot deep inside her. Not waiting for the first pulse to spray into her, I rocked my cocked back and forwards in small jerking movements, milking my cock of every last drop of my own seed. As soon as my climax had subsided, I released her legs from my arms and sank down onto her, only vaguely aware of the wet cum on her breasts rubbing onto me. We kissed and held one another as we both came back down again.

Climbing off her again, I rubbed my cock on her face for her to suck clean. As she got up to shower Vinny wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her back down. He told Stacey that he wasn’t done yet as he wanted to fill his best friends wife’s pussy a few more times before she could shower.

About two hours later I took Stacey by the hand and we headed into the bathroom to shower together. Five minutes later, we walked back into the darkened bedroom and climbed into bed. Stacey noticed that Vinny was asl**p and saw her white satin panties wrapped around his dick. He must have pasted out while jerking off I told her. She smiled back at me and pulled the sheets up as we fell into a deep and dreamless sl**p. Maybe... just maybe I could let Vinny fuck Stacey one last time before he goes home tomorrow!
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The sl**p Over - An Adult Story

I just got out of my Dad's car. I had a sl**ping bag. A pillow. Some clothes in a duffel bag. I was wearing some tan cargo shorts, a black t-shirt and some sandals. I got invited to sl**p over at a Jeff's house. He had sent me an invitation in the mail. At first I was not going. I did not know anybody at the sl**p over. I had just moved here from NY. I had only been to school for a short time. But my parents thought it was the perfect chance to meet new people. I just wanted to get out of the house for the night.

We were suppose to camp out in his back yard. There were two tents already set up in his yard. Jeff a cool guy. We have a few classes together. He is dating this really hot girl for quite some time. I knocked on the front door. A minute later Larry answered the door. "Hey Buck! About time you got your ass to the party." I shook my head. "What's up man. Where should I throw my stuff?" I said. "Fuck! Just put it over there. I am not sure were camping out back. It suppose to rain." said Larry. There was about a dozen guys in his living room. We all went down stairs to play some pool in basement. Jeff had a real nice basement. I got sent to get some drinks from upstairs. I brought some food and beers down from his fridge. I got a big ovation when I came back.

"Damn Buck! Way to score with the beer. Do you like my place?" said Jeff. "Yeah! It's cool. Where your parents?" I said. "Thanks! They went out for the night. There suppose to be home later. They only left me two rules for tonight. NO GIRLS! Don't burn down the place." he said. "So far so good!" I said. We all hung out for the rest of the night. We played some pool. Shot some air hockey. Some guys took a few drinks from the liquor cabinet. We drank all the beers. Around 11pm we all went out to the tents int he back yard.

I looked around as the guys through there sl**ping bags in the tents. I felt a few rain drops. I was just about ready to say something. "Ummmmmm!" I turned my head toward the house. I saw some lights in the garage turn on. "Looks like my parents are home guys. I'll go tell them where all out here." said Jeff. I tossed my sl**p bag just inside near the opening of the tent. I laid down as a few of the guys in
my tent were making fart noises.

About thirty minutes later Jeff came back. "My Dad so d***k. I had to help him into bed. He is passed out and sl**ping. I left him, he was snoring pretty loud. My Mom in the bathroom. I told her were all out back. She said if any of you guys need to go to the bathroom to use the one in the basement. She was going to bed shortly." said Jeff. We all talked for another hour or so. A few guys were tired. So we all decided to get some sl**p.

I rolled over near the zipper on the tent. I had one eye open. I was just now starting to feel like I had to go to the bathroom. I was going to hold it. A few minutes later I had to go real bad. I looked around to see the guys were facing the other way. I looked over at Jeff who was fast asl**p. I pulled up the zipper and got out of my sl**ping bag. I walked across the wet grass to the back sliding glass door. I took off my sandals. I walked across the living room. I opened the basement door. I walked down the stairs. There was a white hand rail on the left side going down the wall. There was a white wooden staircase rail about three feet off the white carpeted stairs.

I turned on the light to the bathroom. It was real small. I just got my cock out when I started to go. A minute later I shook the last drops in the bowl. I washed my hands. I checked the mirror. My hair was wet. I wiped my head off from the rain. I heard the door to the basement open. I then heard it close. I could here someone coming down the stairs. I thought I open the bathroom door to them use it.

I walked out into the basement next to the bottom of the stairs. "Oh Hi! You must be one of the boys from the sl**p over. I'm Jeff Mom! Mrs. Knight. You can call me Sarah. How was the party?" she said. My mouth fell open. Mrs. Knight was about 5ft 6 with short blond hair. It was set high on her head. She had blue eyes and very dark pink lips. She was wearing a white see through teddy. It left nothing to the imagination. I could see her big fat nipples. Her 4inch puffy aerloes. She was wearing a gold necklace with a big fat pendant that was stuck in her massive cleavage. I could see her big white tan lines left from a large bra. The middle of her immense cleavage was tan. The rest of her upper body was tanned. She had many freckles to go with her curvy figure. She put her hands on her big hips.

I breathed in trying to catch my breath. Her sweet perfume was intoxicating. The white lingerie was stretched over her large breast. I could see a big patch of blonde hair covering her pussy under the see through teddy. She smiled as she looked my up and down. "The party was nice." I think I said. "Cool! I see you were the first to have to use the bathroom. I also see you guys found the beer in the fridge. It's OK honey. I won't tell Jeff Dad. Did you leave the seat up?" Jeff Mom said. I was like what???? Then she pushed the bathroom door open. She pushed the door somewhat closed. It was still open about 4inches.

I turned to look at the door. I heard the seat move on the toilet. I then heard Mrs. Knight sit down. Should I shut the door. Should I look in. God she was so hot. She was twice my age. I was turned on. Her son was still outside in the back yard. All the guys were asl**p. Oh and her husband was just upstairs. I looked down to see my answer. My cock was sticking straight out on my left leg. My white boxers were straining to keep my 9 3/4 inch cock in place.

I looked in. I could see her on the toilet. She had her thick legs wide open. Her large thighs were tan. She had stopped going tot he bathroom. Now she was just running her middle finger in her big hairy bush. She had her right middle finger in her mouth. She was biting on her long white finger nails. Was she putting on a show for me. Did she know I was watching her. My young mind went blank. I was not sure what to do. A few minutes later I heard her moan. I then heard the toilet flush. I moved away from the door. I took a few steps up the stairs. I heard the water from the sink. A minute later the door opened.

"Ohhh! You still here. Do you have to go again?" she said. She was now standing at the end of the stairs looking up at me. I was so transfixed by her bodacious body I almost forgot to check her feet. She was wearing some fluffy white slippers. Her toe nails were painted white to match her finger nails. She smiled again. "Mmmmm!!!!" was all I could say. I was at a lost for words. "You might have a hard time going with that. Here let me help..." Mrs. Knight said.

I looked down to see the zipper on the front of my shorts was wide open. My hard cock pushed out the thin white material of my boxer briefs through the hole. She walked up the two steps to have her lips right in front of my cock. She pulled the strings on the side of her see through teddy. It fell to the ground around her slippers. She reached up to unbutton my shorts. She pulled them around my ankles. She then reached up to yank off my boxers. Her eyes got big when my cock sprang up and almost hit her lips.

She pulled my cock up to see me naked balls. She ran her tongue all around my big hairless balls. She cupped my ass as she ran her tongue down the length of my shaft. She then licked off the precum from the tip of my swollen cock head. I grabbed the hand rails to keep my balance. I arched my back to get more of my cock in her mouth. She had got most of my hard cock in her mouth. She gagged at first but then got used to the size. I licked my lips. My mouth was going dry. She was sucking the juices out of me. She ran her finger nails down my muscular thighs. I could feel her large breast on my thighs next. I could feel her nipples piercing my skin. I was breathing heavy. She ran her small hand up on my chest. She pinched my right nipple as she smiled with my cock in her mouth.

It had been a few weeks since I had cum from a wet dream. I was not sure how long I could last. I tried to think of other things, so not to cum quickly. But she was making very hard to think of nothing but her. She cupped my balls again and slowly sucked my cock. She got my cock not to explode. I bit my lip as she kept my big load in my balls. She smiled as she ran her hands all over my body. She then deep throated my cock. Her pink lips were at the base. Her tongue under my shaft. Her eyes at my skin. I grabbed the top of her short blonde hair. I started to fuck her mouth. After a few minutes she spit my cock out. She clamped my balls again. She had stopped me from my orgasm again.

"Mmm feels like you have allot in here." she moaned. She took one more step up the stairs. She but her hands under her big breast. She wrapped her warm breast around my cock. I watched as my cock disappeared in her immense cleavage. The tip of my cock peeked out. My cock was all wet and dark from her sucking on it. Now she was squeezing her breast together mashing my cock inside her flesh. I bent my knees to fuck her tits. She cupped the front of her breast as her nipples rubbed against my hard abs. She watched as I wrapped my hands around her breast. I puled them up as my cock fucked her tits. She held on the rail to keep her balance. I watched as she licked my cock head again. I could feel my balls against her chest.

After a few more minutes she cupped my balls again. She stopped me from cumming a she spanked my cock on her big breast. "MMmm that was nice! I hope you not going to cum soon. My pussy is so wet. Eat me honey. Get on your knees. Eat my pussy. God that it. Your mouth is so big. Lick my pussy. Eat my cunt." she moaned. I was between her legs. I moved her to were I was standing. I was now on the bottom were she was. I cupped her big ass in my hands. I had my mouth wide open sucking her juicy pussy. She was dripping down my chin as I pushed my tongue in deeper.

I started to run my tongue clockwise on her labia. Then counter clock wise. She held the hand rail with her right hand. Her left hand was on top of my short hair. She looked down between her legs to see my blue eyes. My tongue darted in and out of her pussy. I gripped her big ass making her flesh squeeze out my fingers. Her thick thighs were next to my head. I could barely hear her moan as she rubbed her legs on the side of my face. I slipped in two fingers as she came for the first time in my mouth. She drenched me with her orgasm. I gagged as I came up for air.

After her next orgasm, she pulled my hair on my head. My cock was still hard. She looked down to see my cock swing between my legs. She then stuck her head over the railing. One leg on one step. Her right leg was up one step. I got behind her meaty ass and slapped her cunt lips with my cock. She moaned. I then pushed my dark purple cock head into her pussy opening. Her muscles pushed open. Her big cunt lips encased my hard cock. I got 1/2, then 3/4, then all the way in. I could feel her ass on my thighs. My cock was buried deep inside her. She held onto the rail. Her midsection rested on the wooden rail. I was on my end of my toes fucking her nice and slow. I here the wooden railing creek under her, as I fucked her pussy.

I picked up the pace as I bent my knees some more. I was not fucking her at a different angle. I slapped my cock upwards as her body shook. I gripped her hips and slammed my cock in her. She moaned. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Faster! Faster! Fuck me!" she moaned. I bite my tongue as I slapped her ass with my right hand. Her tan ass turned red as I fucked her some more. She let go off the rail to put her hands on my legs. She gripped my ankles as I fucked her amazing body. She moaned again very loud. "I'm cumming young man. MMMmmmmmmm.....YES!!!!!!!!" She had a big orgasm on my cock. I slipped out from her pussy muscles pushing my cock out. I heard more fluid hit the steps from her hot pussy.

She let go of my ankles. She grabbed my cock. She licked off her juices. She cupped my big balls again. I was so close. She was going to make my cock explode. I watched as she climbed passed me. She laid down on her back. She opened her pussy and guided my cock deep inside her. I put my toes on the edge of the last step. I put my hard body on her soft flesh. I then put my mouth on her left breast. I started to suck her big nipple. I then pushed both her breast together. I was sucking each breast in my mouth. I sucked both her nipples as her mouth fell open from joy. I was still fucking her tight pussy. I was bouncing up and down on her body. She gripped my ass pulling me down deep inside her. I had my cock so deep that my balls were rubbing her big pussy lips.

"I...I....." I was close to cumming. She clamped her pussy muscles on my cock. She was stopping me from cumming again. I bite her nipple making her moan. "I bet you have to cum. I want a big load deep inside me. It's OK. I'm good baby. No more k**s. Fuck me...don't stop. Fill me up that big monster of yours." she screamed. I grunted. Her pussy muscles loosen there grip on my cock. My toes curled. Her toes curled. I let go over her nipples from my mouth. "YES!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. A second later I erupted deep inside her. I could feel a big load come from deep inside my balls to the tip of my cock. A huge wave of lust came over me. I was still coming for the next few moments. I fell on top of her. Then she orgasm. "YES!!!!! God your making me cum again. You fucker. Damn you still cumming honey." she said.

Slam! Click! Click! I heard the sliding glass door open and close upstairs. I looked at Mrs. Knight. "Quick follow me young man." she said. I raced down the stairs behind her. I picked up our clothes. We ran to the corner of the basement behind the pool table. A second later I saw Jeff come down the stairs. "Damn the stairs are wet. Fucking guys spilled something on the steps." said Jeff. He opened the bathroom door. The door closed behind him. "You better get back outside before the report you missing." said Mrs. Knight. I put on my shirt and shorts. I slowly tippy toed out to the back yard.

"Wake up Buck! Time to go in." said Jeff. "What time is it?" I said. "It's 10am. My Mom cooking breakfast in the house. Come on." said Jeff. I ran my hand through my short hair. I walked into the kitchen. The rest of the guys were sitting around the table. Mr. Knight kissed his wife. "Off to go hunting boys. Later!" he said. "See you tomorrow honey. Have fun. I hope one of these strong boys can help me clean up after breakfast." said Mrs. Knight. I saw all the guys keep eating. "Mmmm the last one. Jeff is there any more of your friends out there?" said Mrs. Knight. "No! Buck is the last one. He slept all night with a big smile on his face. Kinda of weird if you ask me. Sit over there Buck. Take my Dad place at the head of the table." said Jeff

I watched Jeff Mom bring me some eggs, bacon and toast. "You must have a big appetite to go with that big smile young man." said Mrs. Knight. I watched as one guy after another left the table. Mrs. Knight was wearing a black zip up jogging suit. It was very tight around her big curves. I smiled when she unzipped the top to flash me near the sink. I then felt her hands on my shoulders. Her big breast on the back of my head. "Jeff what are you plans today?" said his Mother. "Were all going to the mall in a few minutes. Buck! Are you going?" he said. I smiled. "My Dad picking me up soon. Is it OK? I stay here for a few extra minutes until he gets here?" I said. "Is it OK Mom?" said Jeff. "OK! But I need some help with these dishes. I also need some help cleaning the basement and the mess in the back yard." she said. I watched as all the guys including Jeff went out the front door of the house.

"MMMMmmm. Take off your clothes. We got allot of cleaning to do. I got the whole afternoon plan for us big boy. Get that big cock out first. If your good at doing the dishes I let you fuck me in the ass for a reward." she moaned. I dropped my shorts. Pulled off my shirt. Five minutes later I had Mrs. Knight on the kitchen table. My cock was opening her ass hole. "Call your Dad. Tell him I'll drop you off tomorrow. I know a great motel near the highway. We can have our own sl**p over tonight. Just you, me and that big cock." said Mrs. Knight. I plunged my cock in farther as she screamed.

For some strange reason, I did not get much sl**p at the sl**p over with Mrs. Knight. But I did enjoy another great piece of BBW ass.

xoox... Continue»
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Sukky Foxxe - f***ed to cum, over and over again


Sukky arrived back in Amsterdam on schedule. She had been right, Joe was not impressed that she was working into, and over Christmas. He would have been even less happy if he had known the true reason why, The Company wanted to wine and dine fellow businessmen, and they wanted Sukky to entertain them, with her company, or to put on a show for them. They wanted her to fuck them. Sukky was contracted . She’d been eager to sign that contract, and despite missing out on Christmas at home, was still eager, willing and happy to do the Companies bidding.

Halloween arrived. Sukky was driven into town. A tall sixteenth century Dutch town house was the destination. It was freezing cold outside, and she was glad when she was shown inside, and taken to the second floor. This was where she was to get ready. A case was on the bed, it had her name on it, written in Claire’s hand. Thigh length boots, red and black pvc, with a matching corset. The corset had no cups. There were no knickers, not even the briefest of thongs. Two wrist cuffs, with metal clips, like those on a dog lead, a strong dogs lead, with them were two more, which were for her ankles, also with fitted with clips. The leather was thick, with secure double buckles this completed the outfit. Sukky dressed in the outfit, placing her own clothes into the case. Sukky buckled the leather straps into place, and was ready, for what she was still to learn. She descended the stairs, and went to work. The house was in fact two houses, back to back, knocked through into one. It was very large by Amsterdam standards. The main dining room had been cleared for the guests. They were dressed for the occasion, in all sorts of fancy dress costumes. All were masked. Sukky circled the room, sipping the champagne she had been given. A tall man walked towards her, smiled, bent his head and bit her nipple, before running his hand between her legs. He smiled again and was gone. Sukky saw a couple in the corner of the room, she was sucking his cock. In another corner a woman fingered another woman. A gong sounded, and the people moved back from the centre of the room, leaving a space in which she found herself. A love seat, like the strap swing in the dungeon owned by Gary and Helen, was lowered. Sukky knew it was for her. She climbed into it, without being asked. The catches on her cuffs were clipped into place. A leg stretcher was placed, so her legs were held firmly, but wide apart. Very wide. Sukky knew was to be the plaything of the party. The music re started the seat swung gently back and forth. Sukky’s head was at waist height, her arse slightly in the air. She made herself comfortable, as best she could. Sukky felt herself becoming excited, a tightening feeling, and knew her cunt was moist. A couple, man and woman came over to her. He was dressed the same as the woman, including make up, and a bra, with see through knickers, and stockings and suspenders. Sukky almost giggled as she remembered the old Monty Python song. Without saying a word, the woman got her companions cock out from his costume. She rubbed it, until it was hard. She then put it in Sukky’s mouth, and whilst Sukky sucked, and licked it, so she rubbed her hand up and down the shaft, vigorously. The man came with a groan, after only a few minutes. Sukky swallowed. Then they moved off, still not having spoken, either to her, or to each other. Two women were next. They walked hand in hand. Company executives perhaps, middle aged. They stood by her ankles, and openly discussed her cunt. Then they parted her labia, and pulled the inner lips, so they protruded a little more than usual. Sukky felt something hard enter her. One on the ladies was pushing the handle of her whip into Sukky‘s pussy. It had a long handle, a very long handle, which was ribbed, and grooved. Sukky raised her hips to allow her better access, and a little more was pushed into her. Just when Sukky thought she couldn’t take another inch, it was suddenly pulled out. All of it, straight out, very quickly. Sukky gasped out loud. They both licked the handle dry. They walked away. At no time had either of them said a single word to Sukky. But then she was just one of the toys, to be used as such. Probed, prodded, licked. To have her mouth used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. Sukky was the property of The Company. And she loved it. Sukky was in the “swing” for just under an hour, during which time she gave ten blow jobs. Had her cunt played with, her clit licked, her arse was fingered, so many times that she lost count. But no one fucked her. No one made her come. The tightness in her stomach remained. Sukky could almost scream with pent up frustration, but didn’t. It didn’t matter whether she came or not, nor if she enjoyed being used. The Company paid her, and the Company expected her to fuck to its bidding. Coming was a bonus. Enjoyment was a bonus. But if she didn’t come, she did enjoy herself. Sukky liked being used, like being played with, and fucked. Being under the company’s control made it all the more exciting. She had no say in what people did to her, who fucked her, or how, or when. Perversely, she liked that too.
Sukky was un clipped from the “swing seat.” she looked up to see who it was. She was delighted, it was Ophelia. Sukky started to say something to her, but she said
“Time for catching up later, my love, now listen, I’ll tell you what’s going on.”
They had entered another large room. It looked to Sukky as if it was a casino, but there were no roulette wheels, no games of cards. At each table was a girl, dressed, or undressed really, exactly like her, even down to the leather straps on wrists, and ankles. Ophelia was dressed in the same way, like some kind of uniform. Sukky could see the room was full, perhaps one hundred and fifty people were in the room,. As she looked about, she saw there were many “gaming” tables. None were taking odds on red or green. At each was some form of sexual game being played out. At the far end of the room, away from where she had entered, was a stage in the centre of the stage was a St Andrew’s Cross, which stood empty, two large blank screens hung either side on the wall. She saw the two middle aged women, the ones with the long whip handle watch at one of the tables. Sukky saw for the first time a row of gyno chairs, all empty against a wall. At the stirrup end of each was a guy, chained by his cock, the chain passing through a Prince Albert piercing. On there knees they waited. At one of the tables was a screaming girl, Sukky saw her on a table, to the left of the stage. She didn’t look a day over f******n, The Company catered for all tastes, she was just another one. She was dressed as Sukky was, and strapped to an adapted bench. She was on her back, her back and upper body slightly raised. Her legs were pulled wide apart, and held by ropes, onto which her ankle straps were clipped. Between her legs a large lever, worked by an electric workman’s tool, which itself was clamped onto the table. On the end of the lever was large dildo, one of those twelve inch plus ones. The dildo was pumped into her cunt, in a series of rapid thrusts, followed by several slower ones. Sukky saw the slow thrusts were becoming less and less, the rapid ones more and more. A woman, in a long sparkly evening dress, like that of a croupier was keeping the dildo shaft lubricated. She begged to be released, her cries went un answered, and the dildo pumped ever on. Sukky wondered what the bet was that concerned the screamer. How long could she endure the machine fuck seemed the most likely, not till she begged them to stop, no she was begging now, no it would be until she passed out. The St Andrews Cross loomed across the room. “Time for a quick drink, then its your staring turn darling.” Ophelia said.
“My staring…” Sukky started to say, but knew she meant the St Andrews Cross.
Sukky drank her mineral water. The “croupier” at the screamers table, was paying out the winnings, the girl it seemed could take no more, and had at last passed out. Another would be brought to take her place.
“So what are the bets for on the Cross.” Sukky asked her.
“You’ll like this, first, how long your clit can be made to stretch, using the vacuum cap, you like that I seem to remember. Next how long it takes for your first orgasm. Then how many orgasms you have, then there is how long before you piss yourself. And last but by no means least, how long before you beg me to stop, or if not before you pass out.” She recited the list.
“You have to be fucking joking me.” Sukky said.
“No joke, that’s the betting options. And its being filmed, for use in some future movie. The screen you see, that’s so the audience can get a real close look, from any part of the room.”
“But how do they know when and if I come?” Sukky asked.
“That’s the clever bit. You are going to be wired up, with some electric sensor, nice eh!”
What had she said to herself in this very house. “I was just one of the toys, to be used as such. Probed, prodded, licked. To have my mouth used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. I was the property of The Company. And I loved it.” Sukky hoped she did.
The stage lights came on. The television screens burst into life, showing an empty Cross. A croupier appeared, and not just any croupier, it was Claire.
“Last bets please.” Claire called.
She looked good, standing there on the stage, all glammed up, her hair and make up immaculate. She was wearing, just like all the other croupiers, a long backless, sleeveless dress. Hers was red, others were silver, or blue, that sparkly material, made from sequins, which seem to catch all the lights, and reflect them back ten fold. The neckline, there was no neck line, the dress plunged to below her waist, her breast full, barely being held in place. A long split up the front of the dress, ended just where the plunging neckline ended. She wore a pair of contrasting knickers, sequined, and sparkling, but in black. Red heels, and she looked fantastic.
Then Sukky was being propelled by Ophelia onto the stage. All eyes were on her. Claire smiled at her, as Sukky was introduced by her to the crowd. Then she asked Sukky to turn and put her back to the audience, Claire bent her forward. The electronic sensor was inserted fully, by Claire into Sukky’s anus, a wire hung loosely from it. The TV screens showed it all, ten feet high. Sukky was then strapped to the St Andrews Cross, the clips on the leather straps clipping her into place, so she was unable to move, either her hands or feet. The sensor hanging wire would transmit to equipment, which would record her orgasms. Any fear she might have felt was gone, as Sukky knew it would. She was excited, as much by the forthcoming “torture”, as by the fact it was being watched live by so many people.
Claire announced “No more bets, please.”
Ophelia began the business which she was so good at. First to get Sukky “in the mood” she worked a vibrating wand over Sukky’s cunt. It felt good. Sukky clenched her bum, and that was converted into a series of scales into numbers, low numbers, later, everyone hoped the numbers would be in the high eighties, which would indicate Sukky was coming. There could be no cheat, the involuntary spasms’ in her bum would be picked up by the sensor, which Claire had pushed in, and now awaited some action to transmit. Ophelia having warmed Sukky up, considerably, rubbed her clit with her fingers, then when she had excited Sukky’s little button of joy, she placed the vacuum cap over it. The vacuum caught immediately, and her clit entered the vacuum. Claire looked at the time keepers clock, which like the spasm sensor, was digitally displayed on the wall behind Sukky’s back. Sukky felt herself coming for what was likely to be the first of many. Then the wave of pleasure washed over her. The sensor picked up her pleasure, and transmitted it to the screen. A loud shout from the audience indicate someone had just had a win. Her clit was by now getting longer, as it continued to expand into the vacuum. On it went. When Ophelia had done this to Sukky before, she had though it impossible that it should get go big. It got bigger even than Sukky imagined it could. Sukky screamed with pleasure, and pain. It was starting to hurt, but was still incredible sensitive. She screamed again, and Ophelia whispered in her ear,
“Just a little more honey, we are nearly there, trust me.”
It seemed an eternity, before the vacuum was pump was stopped. Her clit would remain in this vacuum until she was untied. The sensations continued running through her body, as her clit throbbed. Claire, bent down to measure how long her clit had grown. As she touched her clit Sukky groaned, and came again. The crowd cheered, which only seemed to make Claire glow with pride. She announced the length of the clit. Another cheer from a different part of the room, as somebody else made a winning. Sukky ached for the vacuum to be taken off, but knew it wouldn’t be. She was the property of The Company, to be used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. And she loved it. Tonight she was just one of the toys.
Ophelia was back at her clit. She attached a small vibrating bullet to the vacuum cap. It was purpose built, and fitted perfectly, into an indent in the cap. It was controlled by remote control. She stepped back, and stood beside Claire, a foot or so way. She moved the dial, and the bullet began to vibrate. Sukky came immediately, and then twice more in quick succession. She gasped with the intensity of the feeling. The crowd watched, as the digital read out told them what was happening within her body. No cheating was possible here, no faking it, as she did for the camera on occasions. Each orgasm was for real, and they knew it. The dial was turned higher, Sukky tried to arch her back, but couldn’t move, She tried to twist, but couldn’t move.
“Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes.” Sukky screamed at the top of her voice. Only the people in the room could hear the cries, the house was soundproofed. The buzzing increased.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Sukky shouted.
The audience too shouted “Fuck her, fuck her.”
Ophelia, obliged. She brought out a dildo, which she then attached to an electric ram. Sukky was to be machine fucked, like the screaming girl.
Lubricated, it was pushed into her cunt. A new ordeal was to be added to the buzzing bullet, and her agonisingly aching clit. It started slowly, with short, slow strokes, but even as she adjusted to it, felt the speed building up. Deeper it went, faster and faster, Sukky came again and again, even she had no idea how many time she had come. The digital read out changed again and again, keeping “score.” Sukky screamed for them to stop, but didn’t want it to end. It didn’t. Ophelia turned the buzzing bullet onto its highest setting. Sukky thought she would die. Then suddenly Ophelia stopped both the bullet, and the machine fuck. Sukky was euphoric, she had not had to beg them to stop. No one shouted out that they had won. It wasn’t over, there was more to come, much more Sukky realised. That thought, just the thought made her come again. The read out turned over again. The dildo was removed. As was the bullet. In its place, again made especially for the purpose, an electrode was attached to the vacuum cap.
“Here we go, love.” Sukky heard Ophelia say, as she turned the current on.
Claire watched fascinated. The audience was spell bound.
The current was turned up. Sukky came again, but was past being able to count them, Sukky existed on a high of sexual pleasure, as wave after wave rushed through her, from that little button of nerves, her clit. Sukky’s entire body felt so sensitive, Claire touched her face, it was soaked with sweat, and smiled at her. Just that light brush on her cheek was enough, the read out recorded another orgasm. The current was turned up, one more notch, and Sukky pissed herself, as the current surged through her clitoris. The crowd cheered loud enough to lift the roof. Some where in the room, some one had won on the outcome of when she would piss herself. Sukky was beyond caring. she was in a world of mainly pleasure, but pain as well. Her clitoris hurt, as if she had been kicked there. Her cunt just ached. Her nipples, cut them off please, they were excruciatingly painful. The “come” counter kept ticking away. Each time it recorded yet another orgasm the crowd counted the number off out load. Only one bet remained outstanding. The length of time Sukky could last, without begging for it to end. For this she would use the safety word, agreed with Ophelia before hand. That or pass out. Then the crowd did the unbelievable. They chanted as one for it to end. They wanted it stopped before Sukky was f***ed to beg. They were only just in time. Ophelia switched the current off. Then she released the vacuum. She removed the cap from Sukky’s clit, and as she did so, she tenderly bent and kissed her, on her most tender of spots. Claire, stood speechless. Then she too bent down, and took Sukky’s elongated clit into her mouth, and gently ran her lips around it. Sukky came again. Not for the first time that night Claire had made her come. The crowd roared with delight. Sukky was helped from the stage, carried really, to great applause. She was totally exhausted, drenched in sweat. Sukky was just one of the toys. And loved it.
Sukky recovered swiftly, after only half an hour, she was able to walk unaided onto the stage to great applause. she sat back in a gyno chair, which had been provided, the camera zoomed in on her clitoris. It was still elongated, but had started to shrink. Over the coming days it should go back to its normal size. Ophelia bent and licked it, pleasure surged through Sukky again, a little orgasm, just a small one. The read out clicked over again, she was still wired. Claire at the crowds insistence knelt and licked Sukky’s clit, oh so gently, and with great tenderness. The counter for the last time that night, clicked slowly, one last time. And then, it remained. Still.

Party Season

Sukky had the 1st November off. Ophelia lay next to her in their bed, just watching her as she slept. She could watch her all day, she looked so peaceful, and so lovely. Later as Sukky relaxed in a warm bath with her, Ophelia told her all the news, and Sukky told her hers.
“You’re spending Christmas with the Chairman.” Ophelia said, totally amazed. “Fucking hell girl.” They had a few scenes together over the next two busy weeks, then it was party time for Ophelia. She was then joining Sukky in Thailand, for the shoot. A late extra Christmas present for Joe, well maybe. Until then they soaked together in the bath.
The fortnight was hectic, just as Claire had said it would be. At its end, Sukky had chalked up another two videos. On her first free Monday, Sukky checked in with Claire. She hadn’t really spoken to her since Halloween. She had sent memos, but Sukky’s days had been full, scene after scene. The car Claire had arranged collected Sukky from the flat, and took her home at the end of each day. Even Sukky couldn’t but help, be where she was supposed to be, and on time. Claire looked embarrassed when Sukky walked into her office. In truth Claire had been avoiding her, avoiding this moment.
“Why the embarrassed look.” Sukky asked.
She looked away, unable to look Sukky in the eye. It took a few moments for the penny to drop. “Your embarrassed, because you kissed me on my cunt, and made me come, that’s it, isn’t it.” Sukky said louder than she should have.
Claire looked at her, her eyes watery, a tear ran down her cheek. “I don’t know what came over me.” Claire gushed. “I am so sorry, I don’t know what to say, now you’ll want another assistant, I know you will.”
“Now just you hold on there. One I don’t want another assistant, I have the best in the firm, that’s you. Two the fact that at a “party” organised by, and for The Company, you kissing me, is no reason for you to apologise, to me, or anyone else. Anyway, you’re a lovely kisser.”
“You really didn’t mind, I just couldn’t help myself.” Claire said.
“I really didn’t mind, really.” Sukky said, and meant it. “Right I’ve got five more parties before Christmas, when are they, I know you, know, and….”
Sukky stopped in mid sentence. Something was up, Claire was just trying to find a way of telling her. “You did have five parties, now you have five more.” She said. Then went on
“We had twenty five extra requests after your performance at the Halloween party, now everybody wants you at their party, doing that same show. Not the betting side, just the show.”
“Was I that good.” Sukky asked. Sukky knew it had been a knock out. Just her bonus for it, was incredible, some from the audience, and the rest from the company. Apparently there had been lots of very important clients there. Sukky had heard the two middle aged ladies, were s****rs, eccentric billionaires, who had following her performance invested very heavily in The Company. The Chairman was apparently over the moon. Claire had been too, her bonus was equal to almost half her yearly salary.
“Ok, when.” Sukky asked. She knew better than to ask where. That she would probably never know, nor whose party it was. Sukky didn’t need to know. The Company paid her, and the Company expected her to fuck to its bidding. And so she would.
“Don’t forget to put those bookings in your dairy, you are a part of the team now.”
“What, no I couldn’t, really, I mean, could I?” Claire stopped herself. “Could I.?”
“I don’t know, but Lynn is the party booker, I’ll find out.” Sukky said.
With that she went to find Lynn, the office dragon, who was deep down, really a sweetheart, if you approached her in the right way. Sukky told her she needed Claire, to accompany Ophelia and her to the parties when the St Andrews Cross show was included. Lynn said no, of course.
“Why, why can’t she.” Sukky pressed her argument. “She was part of the show, which has done The Company a little good, I hear.”
Lynn was eventually won over by my argument. “She’ll have to have weekly bl**d tests from now on, like you and the other girls. Last week she had her six weekly bl**d test, that we all have to have, that was fine, I’ll arrange for the Doc to put her on the performers list. Next outfits, that’s expensive, especially for just a few shows. But, Eleanor has just left us, she is about the same size as Claire, get her down to wardrobe, I’ll authorise any alterations. Is that alright for you.”
It was. Then Sukky asked “Why is a pretty girl like her not in front of the camera.”
Lynn, walked to the door, and closed it firmly. “This is not to leave this room, do I make myself clear.” She did, and it wouldn’t. “She came here, with her dreadful boyfriend, a couple of years ago. He’d taken some pictures of her, and wanted us to pay him for them. They were rubbish, the pictures that is. When he was told to leave, we weren’t interested, he went berserk. Broke poor Peters nose, then gave Claire such a beating. Then he left, never been seen since. Claire, well when she got out of hospital, she came to work for us, in the admin department. quite a story, but true. And not a word to anyone, understand.”
“She needs some decent photos taken, then she might make a great addition to the stable of us lovely girls, if I get Chris to do the pictures, would that be Ok?” Sukky asked. “I’ll pay.”
Lynn smiled. Sukky left Lynn, and went to find Claire. She was still in her office.
“Right lets get busy. First you have to see the Doc, bl**d sample.”
“I had mine last week, it not due again for another five weeks.” She said.
“It is if your doing parties, in whatever capacity.” Sukky said
She stood open mouthed.
“Then its wardrobe, your having Eleanor’s stuff, for the short term. Then make up, for your hair, and any waxing that needs doing. Ok. Then when I’ve seen Chris, you’re having a photo shoot, with him What you do is up to you. This will be your chance, if you want it, take it.”
Claire took it. She was placed one the performers list. Chris took some lovely pictures of her, toys included. Soon she would be in The Companies magazines. Eleanor’s outfits fitted if not perfectly, then well enough. Her hair was trimmed, and her quim was fully waxed.

At the first party, Sukky was to be strapped to the St Andrews Cross, just as before. It wasn’t to be a marathon session, Ophelia worked her magic, they were all dressed, as they had been on Halloween night, only this time Claire wore the same as Sukky and Ophelia, thigh length boots, red and black pvc, with a matching cup less corset. No knickers naturally. And the thick leather straps, for ankles and wrists fitted with metal clips, like those on a dog lead, a strong dogs lead, with secure buckles. Claire looked great in the outfit, her pussy newly waxed, with just a very thin line of pubic hair up the front. She wiggled, and flashed herself with abandon. She took an active part, sucking Sukky’s clit, with no hint of embarrassment.
The party was small, only ten or twelve people, men and women. They were masked, it seemed to be the in thing. Being small an intimate no restrictions had been placed. The numbers at Halloween meant it was not possible for every one to be checked with a bl**d sample. Normally, and that included this party, everybody was required to provide a health certificate. The Company did not want any of is property, to be infected with any diseases. They took great pains to ensure this, not always successfully. But then nothing is one hundred percent. The show ended, but they wanted more, a threesome, before joining them. Ophelia and Sukky had done this many times before, Claire was the new girl.
“I’ve never done it with a girl before, or with people watching, I am so nervous, I thought it was just to be the show.” She confided. “And I don’t really want to do anal.”
“Look what you want no longer matters. If they all want to fuck you in the arse, then they will all fuck you in the arse. You are here to be fucked, and to fuck for The Company, not for yourself. I’ll look after you.” Sukky said “Come on.”
Sukky took her head in her hands, and kissed her. Sukky moved her hand down between Claire’s legs, her cunt was already wet. Claire clearly, like Sukky enjoyed being on display. Ophelia joined in, kissing Claire full on the lips. Then they seduced Claire, licked her, fingered her, in the pussy, and the anus, until she had her first public coming. And noisy it was to. One of the guys in the audience, joined in. He kissed Sukky, and Ophelia, on the mouth. Not so Claire. Taking his cock in one hand, he pushed himself into her open mouth, her eyes had been closed. They came wide open, as his cock filled her mouth. Then she relaxed, and sucked him, and licked him, until he came. She momentarily didn’t know what to do, then she swallowed, like a good girl should. The night wasn’t over, all the men took turns, they were fucked in the mouth, fucked in the cunt, Ophelia and Sukky were both fucked in the arse. Finally, with Claire on all fours, she too had her first anal fuck. She gasped as he pushed his cock into her, then screamed as it was pushed fully in, then the pain passed, and a wave of pleasure washed over her, and she came, again, and again. It didn’t end there, whilst the guys recovered they pleasured the ladies, biting their clits, and probing their cunts and arseholes with our tongues. Claire did all this too. Then she was taken by thee of the guys onto the stage, whilst Sukky and Ophelia finished the ladies to their evident content. Then they had time to watch as Claire sitting astride one cock, leant forward, and receive another in her arse, her first double penetration, her gasp was lost, as she took the third cock in her mouth. Claire’s party season had got off to a good start.
The next night they were collected from work. Outfits in the boot. Claire, and Sukky. Claire was excited, this was what she had prepared others for, and watched them go off to, over the years she had worked for The Company. Claire’s pictures, taken by Chris, meant she was no longer an office girl, but was now a contract girl She had signed that morning. Now here she was too. She was very nervous. As she was now on the performers lists, her access to the client list had been withdrawn. She, like them had no idea where they were going. She would be on the Thailand shoot with Sukky. Sukky had another assistant, starting in the new year. In the meantime, Lynn was covering, temporarily, of course.
They arrived at the airport. Claire’s eyes wide with excitement, and boarded a private jet, and flew into the growing darkness. The flight wasn’t long, under an hour. Where they were, Sukky had no idea, nor did Claire. who was worried. Sukky reassured her. The Company looks after its property, she told her. And they were Company Property. Claire looked at Sukky, until that moment she hadn’t even considered that.
They were taken in a blacked out limousine to a mansion in the hills. Then shown to a large room, and told to change. They opened their cases, and took out the out fits. High heels, naturally. That was it, nothing else. Claire looked anxious.
Sukky said to Claire “Look, you’re a contract girl now, you signed the contract. You knew more of what was involve than I ever did. The Company pays us, and the Company expects you and me to fuck to its bidding. Coming is a bonus. Enjoyment is a bonus. We are going to be used, whenever they say, where ever they say. I like being played with, and fucked. I like being under the company’s control it makes it all the more exciting. We have no say in what people do to us, who fucks us, or how, or when. I like that, so will you. You are The Companies, to do with as they like, to be photographed, filmed, and to entertain who it decides we should entertain, and how, to play, suck, and fuck, whoever they say, when they say, and how they say.”
“I am sorry, you’re right, I have butterflies in my stomach, its just nerves.”
“My stomach is tight to, but its excitement, I have no idea what is going to be done to us this weekend, or by whom. I am wet just thinking about it.”
Sukky reached out, and touched Claire’s pussy. It was wetter than hers.
“You, lady, are going to do just fine, just fine, just try to enjoy the experience.”
They showered and then applied make up. They had been told to be ready for ten, it was ten minutes to go. They put the heels on. No sooner than they had done that, than the door opened, and a tall slender woman opened the door, and told them to follow.
In a darkened room, were a dozen or so men. All naked, all with erections.
“Viagra has a lot to answer for,” Sukky thought.

Still the party session was not over. Claire, she was turning into a party girl and like, Sukky could party all year. It had been decide, by whom Sukky had no idea, that Claire would stay with her and Ophelia, going to the same parties, until the new year, then after Thailand, she would have her own schedule. It was too late into the year’s schedule to make Claire her own schedule. There was no filming taking place, although Claire had made one video, a one girl, two guy one.
“Its not so bad, when you get used to anal.” Claire told them one morning.
“Really.” Sukky said. “I would never have thought it.”
They had a booking tonight. Sukky had to be in make up, they were doing her hair before she went for Christmas, with the Chairman.
They cropped it short, a little shorter than usual, Sukky thought. Her fanny was plucked as her nails were done. Nothing down there to wax, but the odd stray needed attending to. Two short hairs plucked from around her anus made her wince.
Sukky had been booked to do a party with Ophelia, but only two were needed Sukky took Claire instead. Sukky preferred parties to making blue movies. Ophelia, preferred movies. Don’t get Sukky wrong, She loved making videos, she just loved parties a little bit more, Sukky thought it was because you never knew what was in store, with videos, everything was pre planned, down to the last camera angle. Sukky was high on the thrill of it. She wasn’t allowed much else in the way of stimulants. No d**gs, not even a spliff, alcohol one glass per day, no more. No d***kenness, ever. She had known all this, it was spelt out in the contract, with every other facet of her life. No casual sex, she had never gone in for casual sex anyway. She could fuck Joe, when she saw him, which wasn’t as often as she’d thought it would be. Even he had to have a bl**d test every month. Fucking hell. No bl**d test and he couldn’t even fuck his own wife! Want a lover, ask permission first. Sukky was lucky, her lover was Ophelia, they had no problem with that. She was part of The Company, so fucking her was fine. Parties were her outlet she supposed. Even though they were selected for her. Each girl, or girls, or guy, had to meet the customers requirements. The customers were either businessmen who were in some way, or other connected to the firm, or people the company wanted to influence, or blackmail. Unless the party, or receptions as they were sometimes called was at the clients place, then they were filmed, sound as well. Even some clients house’s had been bugged. And The Company ran the parties at a profit, a huge profit, all tax free and hidden. The Company reached long and far. Sukky had no complaints. After six months, God was only six months, she was well off thanks mainly to the very generous bonus system, often she would get a “little something” from the client, as well as from the company. All very tax free. Her salary, that was taxed, but the accountants had been at work, and she paid very little to the revenue. The salary was invested, a wide spread, global to give her as little risk as possible. In the six months, she made twenty films, done dozens of stills shoots. She had been in one way or another fucked by over eighty guys, not including parties. She was beginning to loose count. Before she began modelling, and doing porn she had only been with a handful of guys, or boy’s including Joe, and Tom of course, she thought of the spotty teenager, behind the bike sheds at school, he didn’t really count, he came as he was about to enter her. Just made a mess in her knickers. Liz had been her only female lover. Now she had no say in who or when someone got into her knickers, not where, not even what sex, or age. Did she mind, fuck no, she loved it.
They dressed at The Company headquarters, near the centre of the city. As usual they had no idea where they were going, only why. The outfits gave it away. Cup-less corsets, no knickers, thigh high boots, she’d worn these very recently. The car collected them, long capes over their shoulders, to protect them from the cold North Sea wind, and the prying eyes of passers by. Destination was a brothel in the red light district. It was a very high class establishment, owned by The Company, and very exclusive. It had an outstanding restaurant, some of the best playrooms in Amsterdam, if not the world. They were taken to the lower floor, where a private party was underway. They were the entertainment, for the gathered business men. On the house. As soon as they entered Sukky felt a bad vibe. There was an underlying current in the room, it wasn’t good. Too many of the assembly had, had too much to drink. Sukky didn’t like it. Money does not guarantee good manners.
Claire had noticed none of this. To her this was yet another thrilling and exciting thing, to be tried and savoured. It should have been for Sukky as well, she was still anxious. One of the men, came over to where they watched, gauging the mood. He smelt of beer, and clearly thought he was gods gift to women. Sukky pitied his poor wife. He breathed fumes all over Claire, as he felt her up. Claire adjusted her position, so he could better finger her. He pulled his hand away, holding up the finger he had used.
“Look at that.” He slurred, “look at fucking that.”
Sukky looked, a sticky finger they used to call it at school, and guys like him, fucking wankers. Sukky wished Ophelia was with her, and not Claire. Ophelia would know what to do. They were here to do The Companies bidding, but fuck this, this was real bad news. For the first time since she had joined The Company Sukky was not enjoying herself. She was not taut with anticipation, no butterflies troubled her stomach. Sukky’s pussy, was suffering a drought, its first for many a long day, or night. She had fucked in videos, men and women, that she didn’t find attractive. That is the way of the business. What she found attractive mattered not a h‘pence. That she did her job did. So she’d fuck them, or suck them. Lay back while they came on her face, or tits, even in her hair. That’s what she was paid to do. And paid well, very well. At parties, she’d been frightened once, no twice. The auction had terrified her to begin with. Standing on what amounted to a slave block, being sold to the highest bidder. Whilst she might have been scared, she was also excited. Sukky could do nothing, but stand and be sold, and then what, in time she found out. Mainly, for her at least it was pleasurable. Sometimes there was so much pleasure that it hurt, agonisingly so, like at Halloween.. Tonight there was none of those things. Tonight there seemed to be only d***ks. d***ks to her meant only one thing. Bad news. Bad news, with v******e close behind. A brawl broke out near the bar. Sukky took hold of Claire’s arm, and edged away from what was to follow. What followed was the clubs security. Unobtrusive, always in the background, the d***ks were ushered out. Any spark of resistance, crushed. Security worked indirectly for The Company, they took no prisoners, nor any back chat. They were quietly efficient. The party, never re started. The manager saw to that. The car was re called, and they went home, an early night. Ophelia was still up, when Sukky got to the flat. Still in her working gear! Ophelia made the most of what the party goers had missed. Their loss, was the girls gain.

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Sins of my Country Girl s*s & Me

Introduction: Sin, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder

JackassTales…Tale # 58…Readers; here is another i****tuous b*****r/s****r tale. I

hope that the ages of the sexual participants are adequately sufficient to justify a story

of undeniable hormonal rage and hunger for sex. b*****rs are male and s****rs are

female; so let nature run as wild as it will!

Sins of my Country Girl s*s & Me


(Part one) The Truck: Awakening Lust & Love

That meddlesome s****r of mine just had to have the last word, “Luke, you had better

slow down or you’ll get a speeding ticket!”

I’ll be damned if I let the bothersome bitch tell me what to do! “Mind your own business,

Princess!” I retorted. “Besides, don’t you have to hurry home and ‘primp’ for the Ball

that Silly Billy Willy is taking you to?”

“Just because Billy is ‘slow’ it doesn’t mean he’s stupid!” the defensive girl argued.

“He’s taking ‘me’ to the Fall Ball after all!”

Wow, did she ever set herself up. “Oh big fucking deal!” I snapped. “And, what a

‘catch’ I reckon you to be!”

Ha, that shut her up! The girlie girl turned her face to the passenger side window of my

restored 81 GMC truck and pouted. Leah and I had been fussing all the way home

from school. I don’t know why we fuss and argue so much. Maybe it’s just the nature of

being maturing teen creatures. My s****r was now f******n while I was s*******n.

Heck, when it comes right down to it, I guess my s*s ‘is’ a catch! It’s my opinion that

Leah wouldn’t win any ‘raving-beauty’ contests, but to be truthful, she is kind of a nice

looking girl. She is not beautiful, yet she’s far from being plain. Well, since I’m telling

myself the truth, she is not really meddlesome or bothersome, either. Oops, maybe I

had better qualify that! In certain dresses or jeans or shorts or swimsuits, this girl ‘is’ a

bother to me because she makes my penis get hard even when I tell it not to. Like right


Leah’s straight strands of long blonde hair were waving in the breeze coming in

through the truck’s open passenger window. The girl’s slender neck seemed to be

begging a hand to caress it. Her cheeks looked especially inviting and her lips, god

those to-die-for lips, looked kissable soft! Damn, who ever heard of a b*****r wanting

to kiss his s****r!

I had pulled to a stop in our drive. Our two hundred acre cattle farm wasn’t the biggest

in the county, yet it was a fine place to live. There were no really close neighbors to be

a bother. Dad’s truck was gone and so was Mom’s SUV. I guess Leah and I had the

place to ourselves.

Leah just sat there looking at our two-story farmhouse while I just sat there looking at

her. No more dress code for my freshman s*s so she wore what she wanted to. She

wanted pretty, frilly dresses like the one she had on now. Instead of going hog-wild and

too-short like some girls, my s****r’s hems stayed within a reasonable length from her

knees. Yet, sitting as she was now, even her modest dress hem had ridden up far

enough to show quite a bit of leg. Pantyhose had been introduced into this girl’s

wardrobe a year or so ago, but she seemed to be uncomfortable wearing them. After

last period in school she often came out to my truck with the feminine undergarments

stuck inside her purse.

Today was one of those days. I already knew there wasn’t a stitch of clothing on from

the tips of Leah’s barefoot toes to the hem of her hiked-up dress. Why, if I was a

gambling man, I’d betcha there wasn’t even a pair of panties on under her dress! And

if not, then there wasn’t a god-blessed thing that would keep a guy’s hand from running

up one of those sexy-slender legs and grabbing himself a handful of pussy! That is, if

she would let him do it.

“What do you think you’re looking at, Mister?” Leah asked catching me staring at her

bare legs. After her accusation, she turned away again.

My face just about blushed and I just about beat my head against my steering wheel.

What kinda b*****r looks at his s*s with lust in his eyes and a swelling erection inside

his pants! Why, only lowdown, perverted, egg-sucking hound dogs do, I reckon!

Despite my self-loathing reprimand, I looked at Leah again. A gust of early fall wind

blew several strands of her sun-spun hair towards me. A couple of my fingers caught

the wayward tendrils and one finger even coiled itself around a glossy, gossamer

filament. Not really meaning to, I pulled ever so gently.

Why she did it, I didn’t really know, but Leah slowly slid across the bench seat towards

me. I guess I could have stopped pulling, yet I didn’t. As my young s*s inched ever

closer to me, my eyes met hers and some kind of illicit message was passed between

us. My gaze dove into the pools of her sky-blue eyes. While there in the depths of this

girl’s mesmerizing visual abyss, my mind rebelled when it finally deciphered the

forbidden message. I wanted to kiss my s****r and she wanted to kiss me!

What kind of sicko perverts were we! b*****rs and s****rs don’t kiss! Yet, those lips,

those puffy, pouty, girlie girl kissers were so beautiful and undeniably enticing. Hell, I

couldn’t kiss my…but I did!

My right hand crawled across the top of the bench seat then it reached out to grasp the

slender stalk of Leah’s neck. I felt the fingertips of her right hand touch my cheek.

Before I could think, before I could protest, before I could deny the depravity of it, my

lips made contact with the lips of my s*s.

One millionth of one second before contact was made I touched my wet tongue to my

dry lips. Apparently, Leah had done the same. Wetness met wetness as sinful lips

collided in a kiss filled with love and lust. One kiss, two, three glorious, mystifying

collisions of wonderful wickedness. After the third lingering, breathtaking kiss, my

partner in wretched wrongdoing pulled away then scooted back over to the

passenger’s side of the seat. She again stared out the window.

What the heck just happened! God forgive me, but I kissed my very own s****r! You

sick-ass bastard, you dirty-dog pervert! If you burned in the fires of Hell you would get

what you deserved!

In spite of my pathetic guilt and my fears for my immortal soul, I found myself scooting

over in the seat towards temptation herself. Leah’s legs stretched out seductively. Her

dress still rode high on her thighs. My hands reached out, with my right brushing hair

away from a slim neck and my left closing on the silky flesh of a slender upper thigh.

My lips dared fate by kissing my s****r’s enticing neck and squeezing her thigh.

“No Luke,” a quiet voice whispered. “We can’t kiss again.”

It’s what I expected, I suppose, yet I just had to question, “Why not?”

“Because it’s wrong,” was Leah’s barely audible answer.

Well shit, I reckon she hit the nail on its goddamn head! Still, I tried one last time, “Is


A blonde-haired head nodded in an affirmative gesture. A subdued, almost crying

voice replied with one word, “Yes.”

Silence set in. A quiet tranquility disguised the screaming reverberations of raging

teenage hormones. I felt the conflict between right and wrong waging war inside my

head. On one hand, I knew Leah was right because what we did ‘was’ wrong. On the

other hand, the words to a country music song played over and over in my

subconscious brain; “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”

Speaking of hands, my left one was still grasping the silky flesh of my s****r’s upper

thigh. My fingers were within seven or eight inches of a heavenly female mound.

Without me telling it to, my thumb was slowly tracing lazy circles on Leah’s supersoft

sibling skin.

“You don’t like pantyhose, do you, s*s,” I softly asked in Leah’s ear. While my mouth

was there so close, I tickled her earlobe then grabbed it and tenderly sucked.

One word answered my question, “No.”

“Do you put on panties when you take them off,” I quizzed.

Two words, this time, “Not always.”

There wasn’t any getting around my next question. “What about today,” I inquired

hesitantly. “Do you have panties on today?”

Back to a one word answer, “No.”

Oh god, how do I dare ask! Shit, it was a thousand times more perverted than a kiss! I

can’t do it, I won’t ask…but, damn my soul, I did, “Can I feel you?”

A one word answer spoken emphatically, “No!”

Well hell, I had come this far so one word didn’t mean diddly squat! “How about just for

a few minutes,” I appealed. “You know, for about as long as we kissed? It’s not really

any naughtier, is it?”

No monosyllable answer this time. “Yes it is,” Leah protested. “But…well if it’s what

‘you’ want…okay, but just for a minute or two!”

Good god, I couldn’t believe it, yet in a way, I could. Leah had wanted the kiss as much

as I did, so maybe she wanted this, too! Whatever the reason, my fingers inched up

my s****r’s silky leg and, with time limited, I grabbed myself a handful of pussy. As I

cupped and squeezed the split-cracked mound, my hand noticed a wonderful thing.

“All the girls are shaving…down there,” Leah quickly explained.

I couldn’t help myself from exclaiming, “Yea to ‘all the girls’ because I love smooth


To prove my point, I eagerly played with Leah’s super-smooth, super-hot, super-wet

pussy. This fleshy mound must be mimicking my cock because it was swelling and

getting firmer. This girl’s clit was a puffy protrusion of erotic magnificence. Dipping a

finger in a pool of wetness, I coated this clit then flicked it and teased it every which

way but loose.

So eager was I in playing Explore-the-Pussy that one of my wet fingers accidentally

disappeared into a deep, sticky, slippery hole made specifically by Mother Nature as

a place where horny, hard cocks come to play orgasming games. God, I never would

have guessed that…

“Don’t you get the wrong idea, Luke,” Leah interjected before I could finish my thought.

“Mister, I am a VIRGIN and any of my Girl Scout friends can tell you that my hymen was

broken while horseback riding at camp this summer!”

Thank god, I thought silently. Aloud, I said, “Whew, that’s a load off! The thought of

having some horny bastard sticking his nasty cock into my sweet s*s is disgusting!” As

an afterthought, I quickly teased, “Unless it was me!”

“Oh shove it, you nasty bastard, you!” this country girl s*s of mine playfully retorted.

So, shove it, I did. Using two fingers, I continued my finger fucking exploration into the

sweltering cave of my s****r’s deep, wet vaginal hole. My minute or two time limit

passed without notice. No restraints were placed on my pussy play. Leah had even

given up on her ‘kissing is wrong’ notions. As I was kissing the unblemished skin of

her suntanned cheek, she turned her lips toward mine and kissed me with open-

mouthed, licked-wet lips. My deep, hard finger-thrusts into her young female body

were matched by deep, hard kisses full of impassioned ardor.

“Oh god, Luke,” Leah exclaimed after a dozen kisses. “What are you making me do? I

love your kisses, but it’s so sinful! I even love what you’re doing…down there! But

Luke, that part is so, so wicked it goes way beyond being ‘naughty’!”

Leah took her arm from around my neck. She forcibly removed my hand from between

her legs and pulled the hem of her frilly dress down. Grabbing the door handle, she

jerked it open, jumped out, and then began running towards our farmhouse.

(Part two) The Backporch: It’s Sin for Sure

Fast, my barefooted s*s was, but I was just a little bit faster. I caught the girl as she sat

a foot on the bottom step of the back porch. My arms encircled her waist to stop her. I

knew I most likely had a wrestling match on my hands. And, so I did. Leah fought me

but she wasn’t fighting very hard. In fact, this glorious s****r of mine shortly gave up all

resistance. She pivoted around on the step then threw her arms around my neck.

Now I’ve been kissed before, but goodness, the kisses this girl now gave me

stimulated every nerve in my body! I was shaken to the very core of my being. I hugged

Leah and gratefully accepted these lip-locking tokens of her loving affection for me. I

loved her too so I kissed her back with the same obsessive ardor.

I’m not sure if this girl was aware of it or not, but the front of her body was pressed

tightly against the front of mine. Bra-cupped breasts thrust their roundness against my

chest. Only a thin layer of flower-patterned cloth and my own clothing separated the

firm mound of her pussy from the hard stiffness of my cock. Heck, if Leah wasn’t

conscious of our closeness before, she will be now. My hands ran up and down her

back. I cupped the fullness of her teen-girl ass. It may have only been my imagination,

but I swear I felt the swollen roundness between her legs bumping and grinding into my


Bending slightly, I scooped this erotically refreshing creature up into my muscular

arms. I twirled my stimulating armful of young woman around and around in the

backyard. After several twirls, I climbed the few backporch steps and sat my butt on

the floor but I kept the girl in my lap. Leah had been giggling and laughing all the while

and so she still was now. The girl continued hugging my neck and she resumed

kissing me.

It wasn’t my intention to break the magic spell which had been cast over us siblings,

but I just couldn’t deny the undeniable urge which came over me. My hand again slid

up a slender, sexy-smooth leg and my hand cupped a hot, teen pussy. A couple of my

fingers slipped inside a wet hole. Instead of protesting, Leah whispered three words,

“Its okay, Luke.”

And, yes it was. Leah’s pussy was a country boy’s dream. Smooth, warm, wet, and

shorn of its hairy pubic coat, it was a delightful object of desire. With my s****r’s

assistance, I managed to pull her school dress up above her waistline. When I

unzipped the back zipper to her dress, this girl made a slight objection, but shrugged

her shoulders in surrender to her lusts. The frilly garment slithered down her arms.

I’d had little experience with unhooking bras with the fingers of only one hand. Since I

was happily playing with a pussy with my other hand and fingers, a one-handed

unhooking would have to be mastered. Voila, I did it! Yet, before I could release this

girl’s boobs from their brassiere-cupped confinement, Leah spoke these words, “Wait

Luke, will you take your shirt off first?”

Thwarted from my goal of getting hold of her ‘girl’s, I answered my s*s a little more

sternly than I intended, “No, you take it off yourself!”

I didn’t really believe Leah had the guts to do it, but it seems I was mistaken. Hesitantly

at first, she unbuttoned one or two buttons. Gathering courage, she pulled the tail of my

shirt out of my pants then quickly released the other buttons. Timidity then returned.

Closing her eyes, the self-conscious girl pushed my shirt over my shoulders then pulled

it off and threw it to the porch floor behind us. Only then did her eyes open.

I experienced a little self-consciousness myself as I became aware of the hungry eyes

devouring me. Fingers touched my chest tenderly then anxiously ran over my rippled

muscles. Lips kissed my neck then they kissed my shoulder. Those lips then did

something I would not have believed they would have done if it had not been

happening to me. Leah’s lips kissed down over my breastplate then their kissing

wetness pressed, one after another, against my man-nipples!

“Oh Luke, you are so beautiful without your shirt,” Leah whispered. “I have naughty

dreams about you whenever you have it off! I know I am a bad, bad girl!”

Yeah, like hell, she was bad! So bad was my sweet s****r, I placed the palm of my

hand on the back of her head, pulled her to me, and kissed her lips in a decidedly

unb*****rly manner. I pulled my hand from her pussy and then jerked the bra from her

body. Out spilled a pair of g****fruit-sized mammary nectarines perfect of shape and

form! Perky, nubile nipples topped the flawless feminine flesh.

Evidence of topless sunbathing was readily apparent. Leah must have done this sun

worshiping at our neighbor girl’s place, because if she had done it here I’d have been

all over her already. These sun-kissed bobbles were bedazzling beauties. One after

the other, I cupped the dolls. At first, I lifted them up gingerly. But such was their

mesmerizing fascination, I soon had them both flying up like nipple-topped balls. Hell, I

betcha I could have joined the circus as a tit juggler! “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I

direct your attention to the breast juggler in the center ring!”

Giggling brought me out of my daydreaming reverie. I then realized I had been

speaking aloud. “Leah, you are so damn bewitching, you have me talking to myself,” I

teased. “Good god s*s, your titties look good enough to eat!”

Leah blushed, but I think she was proud of what she had. As her b*****r and tit

handler, I was, too. Now, back to her tits being good enough to eat; I lifted a boob then

stuffed its ripened nipple into my mouth. I suckled a while on this delicacy then I had a

similar helping of its twin. The second course consisted of all the delectable breast

flesh my lips could kiss and my mouth could eat.

By the time I got back to my girl’s nipples, I guess I was more than a little tit-crazy. I

suckled energetically and I suppose I might be biting and chewing with my teeth a bit

too painfully. “Am I hurting you, s*s?” I asked. I receive no verbal answer, just a

negatively shaking head. I knew by the tears in Leah’s eyes that she was lying to spare

my feelings.

I reluctantly released the breasts and transferred my ardent kisses to my s****r’s lips.

After about a dozen slobbery good ones, I had an idea. “Hey, why don’t you twist

around in my lap and stick your legs behind me,” I suggested. I then noticed the dress

bunched around this almost-naked girl’s waist. “And, how about we get this school

dress off?”

Leah didn’t immediately answer. She even stopped my hands when I started lifting it.

“Luke, are you going to…?” she shyly stammered. “Are you going to get…naked…

too? I won’t do it if you don’t also do it! I’ll even help you if you want me to.”

Over the next few minutes my s*s and I stripped my male body naked. By the way Leah

was acting and the look of the blushes on her face I had a sneaking suspicion she had

never seen any guy’s cock before. On the other hand, her darting eyes seemed to be

methodically studying my swollen erection anytime she thought she could do so without

me noticing.

There had been quite a few ‘firsts’ this day, but when my s****r suddenly wrapped the

fingers of a hand around my cock for the very first time, I jerked as if a bolt of lightning

had struck me. Leah took my action the wrong way. “Luke, you played with mine!” she

exclaimed in sort of a peed-off voice. “Besides, I thought you might want me to do it.

You do, don’t you?”

It took a few seconds before I caught my breath. “Hell yes, I want you to do it to me!” I

practically shouted. “But Honey, I just never thought you would!”

Leah blushed about the deepest red I’d ever seen on a teen girl’s face. She released

her death-grip hold on my erection and put her hands over her face. “I was only doing it

to make you happy,” she cried. “I was doing it because I love you, Luke.”

Enticing warmth of love and lust inspired me to speak mischievous words. “Then go

ahead and do it, Babydoll,” I teased. “You might as well kiss and suck ‘it’ too because I

plan on kissing and sucking your pussy in just a very few minutes!”

Startled, Leah replied, “Oh, I could never do that ‘awful’ stuff! But, I will play with it for a

minute or two.”

Removing her hands from her face, the girl slowly wrapped the fingers of one around

my erection. Unsure of the mechanics of playing with a cock, she awkwardly

manipulated my penile flesh. I suppose it was curiosity which caused her to squeeze

and pump her hand. After a certain level of familiarity had been achieved, this girl even

had built up the nerve to cup my testicle sack and gently pinch its balls.

“Luke, it is a lot nicer than I expected,” Leah whispered. Her ‘minute or two’ of playtime

had come and gone several minutes ago. “I guess I might kiss it a couple of times, but

I could never bring myself to…suck it!”

I made no response which might spoil these magic moments. After a few seconds, I

felt the lips I had kissed with mine press themselves to my cockflesh. One, two, and

then nearly a dozen kisses rained up and down the length of my swollen shaft. Then,

wonder of wonders, the tip of a super-wet tongue touched my pee hole! Discovering

that the flesh of my cockhead was dry, Leah’s tongue proceeded to moisturize it.

Around and around my head, her slippery, wet snake did go.

I recalled this girl’s adamant declaration about never intending to ‘suck it’, so the fact

that my cockhead slipped into her mouth must have been purely accidental. Well,

whether it was unintentional or not, didn’t account for the fact that once it was there, it

was enthusiastically ‘sucked’! Several inches of my cockshaft played follow-the-leader

with its head and disappeared into my s****r’s suckling mouth.

I was tempted to cum, but I didn’t. Just in time, Leah’s head jerked away. With her face

flaming red, she looked into my eyes in distress. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I did that!”

she wailed. “Luke, please forgive me for acting like a wanton bitch!”

I smiled. “Sweetie, it’s okay,” I consoled. “I’ll make us ‘even’ by being a wanton bastard

to you! Let’s get that dress off and lay your ass down on the porch floor. I’ll put my head

between your legs and give as well as I got!”

Leah’s dress slipped off easily. I lay her nude body on the edge of the porch with her

legs on the steps. I positioned myself in a pussy-eating stance between her legs. What

was it she had said just a little while ago? Oh yeah, it was something about how ‘all the

girls are shaving…down there’! I now had myself one of those shaved pussies to

admire and play with. Thank goodness for ‘all the girls’!

My s*s had the most gloriously beautiful pussy my teen eyes had ever seen. Right there

between Leah’s wide-stretched legs was a long cracked mound which swelled

intriguingly. This girl’s pretty pussy bewitched my mind and made my cock jump

excitedly. Without any conscious commands at all, my lips started kissing the erotic

girlie mound. Not one pubic hair concealed any of this unblemished, feminine finery. I

kissed and played and gloried in the majesty of the forbidden delights between my

s****r’s legs.

Giving in to temptation, I spread the puffy outer pussylips and discovered the hidden

jewel locked inside. Leah’s vaginal vault had been guarding a priceless, pearl-tipped

clit. The excited female peeper seemed to already be hard and erect. In order to

confirm my suspicions, I flicked the feminine protrusion with my tongue. No matter how

hard I flicked and licked, the clitoral erection sprang back to life. The girl attached to

this clit moaned softly.

Mesmerized by my s****r’s vaginal beauty, I couldn’t help myself from attempting to

orally consume its delights. I sucked her clit ravenously. I chewed on it, I tugged on it,

and I ate it wantonly. My exploring tongue discovered the delicate inner pussy wings

leading to Leah’s vaginal hole. This girl had passed into puberty so this cavity was full

of feminine moisture. Here, between my s****r’s legs, was an abundance of tasty

pussy meat to kiss, lick, and suck greedily.

My investigating tongue found no tender vaginal obstruction. Leah’s whimpering coos

reminded me that she had no hymen to break. This girl settled in to enjoy having her

first pussysucking experience. After playing, and eating then playing and eating some

more, I knew without a doubt in this world I could make this girl cum and I could do it

pretty damn soon if I wanted to. The question was; “Did I want to?” The resounding

answer which popped into my head was; “Not yet!”

Rising up from my position on the steps, I took a seat on the porch beside Leah.

Physically lifting her female body, I sat her astride my lap with her legs sticking out

behind me. When her arms encircled my neck and her breasts pressed to my chest it

seemed as natural as the sun rises in the morning. Adding to Mother Nature’s majesty,

my pussy-slick lips melted into my s****r’s kiss-starved lips.

“Your pussy was Mmm Mmm Good,” I finally managed to say. “Leah, do you think I’m a

wanton, pussysucking bastard?”

My s*s giggled with that lilting giggle I was growing to adore. “Yes Luke, you are about

as much of a pussysucking bastard as I am a cocksucking bitch,” she answered using

words I had never heard coming from such a sweet, innocent mouth. “But, why did you

stop before you made me…made me…‘cum’?”

Okay, here it is Mister. You’ve gotta tell your sweet, innocent s****r about your

depraved, dirty, nasty plan. Come on, spit it out! “Because, dear girl,” I hesitantly

confessed. “I want to make you cum using something other than my fingers or my


At first, Leah’s mind couldn’t decipher my meaning. When it did, the girl exploded, “No,

Luke! You can’t be serious! Luke, we are b*****r and s****r! It’s wrong!”

I suppose I expected the explosion. Basically, I had a one word answer, “So!” One

word, it was, but I elaborated, “So is kissing. So is fondling. So is pussysucking and

cocksucking. So is a b*****r loving his s****r like crazy. So is a b*****r thinking his

s****r loves him, too. You do love me, don’t you, Leah?”

If not for my excellent hearing, I would have missed her answer, “Yes, I do.”

So, I waited for more. Leah and I sat clasped in an unbreakable embrace. The silence

was unbearably loud. Minutes ticked by with flesh pressed to flesh. My s****r’s nude

body and mine were speaking their own language.

Finally, I could stand it no more. I broke the silence. “Honey, we have been intimate in

so many other ways,” I whispered. “Can’t we just think of intercourse as our ultimate

act of intimacy? I know your mind is saying ‘NO’ but your sweet, young body is

screaming ‘YES JUST DO IT!’. Girl, your sopping-wet pussy is dripping vaginal juices

all over my horny, hard cock!”

Again an almost inaudible reply, “I know. And, I want to, but…”

Hell, I was frustrated, but I really wasn’t such a bastard that I would f***e any female to

do something she didn’t want to! I wouldn’t do it to Leah, and by god, I would beat the

devil out of guy who did!

“Okay Luke, you’re right,” Leah admitted. “I do want this ultimate intimacy with you. It’s

terribly wrong, but if I raise up, can’t you just let me sit my pussy on that hard…cock…

of yours? I think I’m wet enough that it will slip right in!”

And, so it did. Leah hurriedly rose from my lap and spread her pussylips open. Instinct

guided my cockhead towards the source of the moisture dripping on it. This swollen

sphere inserted itself at the entrance to vaginal heaven. I had intended to take my time,

but my s****r abruptly dropped back down in my lap impaling my entire elongated

cockshaft inside her pussy.

I’ll say one thing about this girl; once her mind was made up about having intercourse

with me, she was a determined participant. “Oh god Luke, I didn’t believe my pussy

could hold all of your cock!” she breathlessly cried. “Oh, you fill me up!”

Taking matters into her own hands, Leah wrapped her legs around my body and

hugged my neck to support her weight. In an effort to help, I grabbed two handfuls of

soft s****r ass. The entire length of my cockshaft was penetrating deep into her

sopping-wet vaginal cavity. Female moisture bathed the elongated intruder in a molten

bath of erotic stimulation.

With Leah’s enthusiastic cooperation, I bounced her body up and down on my buried

cockshaft. With the energetic skill of a professional basketball player, I dribbled this

young lady’s ass as if it were an air ball I was expertly tossing up and catching as it

came down. As the nude girl’s slippery wet pussy slid up and down on my meaty

penile pole, frictional fires heated my swollen cockshaft. Hot-bl**ded testicle cream

was begging to be released from its ballsack confinement. Without a doubt in my

mind, I knew I was going to start cumming soon.

Leah whimpered with feeble cries and soft moans. I could tell from her body’s spastic

movements that delightful sensations of pleasure were sweeping over her, too. The

pumping cock buried deep within her cunt left little doubt to the fact that she was now

her b*****r’s lover!

I repeatedly bounced and pitched my sweet young woman’s pussy up and down upon

my deep-penetrating cockshaft. In our desperate race for cum-shooting release, Leah

beat me to the finish line. This girl’s young feminine body which had never felt the touch

of a man’s cock was now spraying my erect manshaft with a blistering mist of female


Because of our shared nudity, I could feel Leah’s heartbeat pounding against my

naked chest. I could feel this girl’s pussy-racing pulsebeat all along my engorged

erection’s elongated length. Whimpering cries stole the girl’s breath away. I knew that

breathtaking orgasms were overpowering all her other senses as she moaned with

overwhelming lust.

I now knew it was time for me to let go, too. My pussydrowning cock went ahead and

released a pressurized load of pent-up man-cum. Thick globs of semen and sperm

shot into Leah’s sweltering wet vaginal void. My lap-girl’s pussymuscles constricted

against my meaty erection. Squeezing vaginal contractions milked my cockshaft.

Euphoric, earthquaking orgasms rattled and shook my world.

As my heated cockcream filled Leah’s pussy, my s*s began knowing the thrill of

multiple orgasms. Virgin she was, but this girl began squealing like a harlot enjoying all

her dream’s delightful desires. Fingernails dug into my flesh, lips kissed and sucked

my neck, and then hickey-making teeth sank into my skin.

This young woman’s vaginal hole wasn’t spacious enough to hold a swollen chunk of

manmeat plus a heaping servings of thick cumgravy, too. Squishy, squashy squirts of

excess male and female fluids spurted out and coated our copulating, sex-enraged

pubic loins.

Leah’s tight teenaged pussy begged my s****r-loving cock for more and more. My

mind told me that in ordinary circumstances my masculine loins would have no more to

give. Yet, as god or the devil so willed, my love and lust-inspired body contradicted the

rules of ordinary masculine behavior! Amazingly, my seminal reservoir was not yet

depleted of all its natural orgasmic liquids! Once more, I began cumming into my

sweet country girl lover’s slippery pussy. If I had breath to spare, I too would have

squealed with orgasmic delight. I held onto the bouncing ass of the cockbusting girl

wildly riding my erection and allowed the victory of orgasms to sweep my mind and

body into a netherworld of bliss.

I couldn’t guess how a girl could go from a shy, reluctant sexual partner to an all-in, hot

-to-trot sex player in such a short time, but Leah was doing so enthusiastically. I knew

my s*s was cumming again because this once-virginal young lady was allowing wanton

unladylike squeals of joy and whines of pleasure to peal out loudly.

At long last, panting moans and whimpering cries began fading away. Leah’s arms

held onto my neck with the seeming intention of never letting go. I too held onto the

young female in my arms with no immediate plans of ever letting her go.

(Part three) Aftermath: Horsing Around

Stillness, no movement, no words… What could be said; how could this be justified;

how could plucked fruit from the forbidden tree be uneaten? When warm tears

dropped upon my shoulder, I was not the least bit surprised. Seduction had taken

place, but who had seduced whom? Perhaps it was mutual, for surely, both had

enjoyed the thrills of it!

“You’re sorry, aren’t you, Leah,” I quietly inquired.

No answer. Of course there was no answer. Hell, this innocent girl probably hated my

guts! But then, hey was that movement I felt? Leah’s head was shaking in a negative


“No, I’m not sorry, Luke,” was whispered.

Only then did I realize that my shrinking erection was still enveloped within the folds of

my s*s’ drippy pussy. I guess this girl really wasn’t sorry or else she would have jumped

up off my penis and escaped from its temptation. With this encouraging knowledge,

my erection stopped it reduction in size. In fact, it began swelling and stiffening again!

“Oh no, Luke,” Leah objected. “Not yet. I can’t hold anymore right now! Good god, we

are both a sticky, cummy mess!”

I jumped off the backporch carrying my young lover with her arms encircling my neck

and her slender legs entwined behind me. Leah was a bit of a featherweight in size so

I carried her effortlessly towards one of our stock watering tanks. I think it was kinda

miraculous how the majority of my stiffened cock remained within the warmth and

wetness of my s****r’s pussy. And, speaking of miracles, by the time we got to the

watering pool I was experiencing some kinda mini orgasms and so was my girl! I don’t

believe there was any additional cum coming out, but there certainly were enough

‘feel-good’ sensations to make this an enjoyable trot for us both!

The stock tank was a galvanized aluminum watering pool two foot deep and twelve

feet across. Standing at the edge, I used my muscular arms to hold my pussy-dripping

s*s up in the air in front of my face. I kissed her breasts, I sucked her nipples, and then I

pitched her nude body into the water. Leah hit the surface with an ass-first cannonball

splash. The girl sank into the watery depths but resurfaced shaking her head,

spluttering, and splashing.

I climbed into the tank knowing full well what would happen. The calendar said it was

fall but our weather had been unseasonably warm all week. Consequently, the surface

couple of inches of the water were a comfortable lukewarm temperature. Yet, when I

sat down, the chilly lower depths and my hot cock had a violent altercation. All vestiges

of any sort of rigidity fled. I suppose every boy learns at a young age that stiff cocks

and cold water are sworn enemies! The devil of it was; the damn frigid water always

won these battles!

Leah and I frolicked and played in our makeshift swimming pool. We then stood and

washed the remainder of the male and female cum off each others loins. “Poor little

fella,” my s*s teased as she fondled my shrunken manhood. “What in the world can a

girl possibly do to get a hard one when she needs it!”

Before I could show this girl what she could do to make me hard, she caught me off

guard, shoved me back into the water, and sprinted to the edge of the tank. My s*s

whistled and an obedient horse stomped over with the thunder of her hooves shaking

the ground. Belle was our two thousand pound, twenty-year-old Belgium mare. She

was also the biggest, most-spoiled pet any couple of k**s could grow up with.

Climbing up on the rounded metallic rim of the stock tank, Leah hopped aboard

Belle’s back.

Once again, my s*s had misjudged my highly motivated behavior. Where a piece of

her pussy was involved, I was a speed demon! As Leah leaned over to grab a

handhold in Belle’s mane, I spanked the teen girl’s ass with one hand and reached

between her legs in front to cup her pussymound. Even though this girl kicked the giant

horse’s ribs, I was astride behind her before the b**st could lumber off.

As we two rode around the barn and other outbuildings, I not only practiced my tit

juggling skills, but I played hide-the-finger in her pussy games. I knew it was too soon

for us to screw again because, well, because it wasn’t really all that long since we had

fucked. Still, Leah’s vaginal hole was getting awfully wet and slicky and my penile pole

was already swollen and erect. If my suspicions were correct, then this girl’s feminine

body and my masculine one were ready and set for fornication.

For such a big a****l, Belle had a surprisingly smooth gait. She was solidly built yet

riding aboard her back was much like rocking in a cradle. Actually, this horse’s extra-

wide backside had much in common with the feel and dimensions of a bed. I released

Leah’s tits and pussy and then I slumped backwards to rest. I decided that, just for a

moment or two, I would sl**p.

How long I slept, I don’t know, but when I awakened my s****r had somehow flipped

around on Belle’s withers. This naked girl was now facing me with all her nude glory on

display. A feminine hand closed around my semi-erect manhood. Of course this

masculine muscle filled with bl**d, stiffened up, and crowed like a proud rooster.

Another cock-playing hand joined the first. Without seeking permission to do so, Leah

the Contortionist bent over and took my rigid rod into her mouth. Saliva poured, teeth

devoured, and suctioning lips pulled on cockflesh.

Finding her breath, Leah hopefully inquired, “Oh Luke, I love it so much…may I…may I

fuck it? Oh please, may I climb atop it and…and screw it into my pussy?”

I’m not sure, but I think I said, “Yes.” Whether or not I did so is beside the point,

because that teen s****r of mine climbed up my body and slapped her tits against my

chest. After grinding her boobs into me, this girl crawled up and kissed my lips with a

red-hot passion born in the fires of Hell.

Suddenly, my s*s pulled her lips from mine. Her passions cooled as reality told her

what she was doing. “Oh god, I can’t do it,” Leah practically screamed. “I’m a slut! I’m a

cockteasing, cock-loving, b*****r-screwing whore! Luke, I can’t compound my sins by

fucking you again!”

Just then, Belle deviated from her path and stepped into the rough, bumpy, fresh-

plowed ground of our football-sized garden. My body jerked beneath my s*s and hers

was jolted above mine. As an unplanned result, my saliva-slick cockhead slid into

Leah’s split-cracked pussy mound and slipped along the smooth surface inside.

Before any reaction or objection could be made, my cockhead plunged headlong into

a tight, super-moist, drippy hole.

With Belle’s next step, my entire cockshaft effortlessly penetrated this girl’s vaginal

cavity. The giant horse’s gentle gait became a rocking chair ride where each step

caused sexual friction. Whether planned or not, my cock slipped in and out of Leah’s

pussy. Male and female loins smacked together. Tits swung wildly. I would liked to

have grabbed those beautiful bouncers, but my hands were much too busy hanging on

to my s****r’s ass in an effort to keep us from falling off the b**st we rode.

And then it happened; a s****r-seducing, whoremongering, bastard of a b*****r and

his reluctant, b*****r-fucking, whore of a s****r, both began cumming. Spastic

orgasms raced through bodies, hearts, and minds. Screams of joy pealed out and

echoed off the barn. Penile and vaginal cum dripped from orgasming loins onto the

hair-coated hide of Belle’s back.

This rocky, rollercoaster ride finally came to an end. Belle had stepped back onto

smoother ground where she resumed her gentle, cradle-rocking motion. But, the

damage was done. Me, a b*****r, and Leah, a s****r, had again fucked. Sin had again

taken command. Depravity could not be denied.

Belle suddenly stopped. Becoming conscious of our surroundings, Leah and I found

ourselves at the steps to the backporch where our clothing was strewn all over the

place. We both sat up on our pet horse’s back. We stared at each other face to face.

Nudity was examined; and delighted in! Cummy loins were touched; and passions

stirred! Kisses, ardent, obsessive, heart-stopping kisses were exchanged without


(The End) The Beginning; The Awful Truth

Leah and I did realize the end of our youthful sibling innocence had come. Although we

did know that sibling i****t was supposed to be forbidden sin, we made a solemn

vow to ignore this fact. A new beginning had been accepted. As darkness settled in at

night, my sexy s*s would climb upstairs, shed her clothing, and become my bedtime

lover. The awful truth of the matter was; my s*s and I loved slapping our cock and pussy

together more that we loved breathing.

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my mother and me

I got so turned on watching my best friend bobby screw

my mom. I couldnt believe how sexy my mom was
I was an only c***d, and my dad died in a car accident when I was 3 years old, so I had

no real memories of him. His death left just me and my mom alone, but thank

goodness he had good enough insurance that there was a small trust fund set up for

me, to pay for my college, and enough after that, so that if we lived modestly, not

poorly, but a middle class life, there was enough money so that mom never had to

work again. We also got lucky, because an investment buddy of dad's had a real crush

on my mom, and for a few fucks (he was married) he took good care of our money,

and eventually mom had enough where we could even live very nicely and she'd never

have to work again, and I had enough money for college and then some!

My mom had gotten pregnant and had me when she was only 17, and so by the time I

was just 15, she was still a young, healthy, and horny woman of just 32. Mom wasn't

some sexy model mind you, she was a little plump, not fat, not at all, but a little plump,

and had big tits for a woman her size, and all in all, I think most men would have found

her sexy looking, and I know I did at age 15. I know that might sound weird to some

people, but come on. How many guys whacked off in their lives, after catching a

glimpse of their mom's tits, probably the first real tits they'd ever seen?

Anyway, when I was 14, we'd moved to a new neighborhood, and a nicer house, and

I'd had to change schools. I wasn't the type to make friends easily, so when Bobby

made friends with me, he quickly became my best, if not my only friend. By the time

were both 15, we were inseparable, and where I was, he was, and vice versa. We

spent almost every weekend at one of our two houses, and usually it was mine,

because Bobby insisted. We were best buds, pals, and there wasn't anything we

wouldn't do for each other. Soon, however, that would all change!

One Friday afternoon, I got sick at school. Bobby hadn't been there that day, and I

heard his mom had called in for him, because he was sick too. I was bummed,

because we were supposed to spend the night together at my house, with mom

downstairs watching TV, while I laid upstairs alone in bed. At any rate, the school

nurse had called my house a couple of times, and gotten no answer, but it was

decided I could walk home anyway, because I had a good attendance record, and had

never been in trouble, and so they trusted me.

It was only around 11am when I walked in the back door of our house, and the

downstairs TV was on, but there was no sign of mom. I walked upstairs, thinking she

might be in her room, and I heard music playing, and then I heard a loud moan and

then another. The odd thing was, one was a female moan, sounding a lot like moms

voice, but the other was definitely a male moan, and I couldn't tell who it was. Quietly I

tip-toed down the all, being careful, because I wasn't sure what was going on, and I

didn't want to get into any kind of trouble. As I passed my mom's bedroom, the door

was cracked open slightly, and I had to peak in. You know, curiosity kills the cat and all

of that stuff. What I saw as I looked in, stopped me cold in my tracks. There on the bed

was my mom, my own mother, and she was completely naked, and on her back, her

legs spread wide. On top of her was Bobby, and he was equally naked, and his small

white ass was pumping up and down like a piston; he was fucking my mother!

Her voice was deep and sexy as she urged him on, telling him to fuck her with his big,

young, hard, cock. He was grunting and groaning, and pumping like mad, and she was

moaning in between his groans, and her urgings to him! I was completely and totally

caught off guard, and shocked, and I must have bumped the door, and I think I even

made a gasping sound or something, because Bobby suddenly stopped in mid-thrust,

and both he and mom looked over at me! I screamed out "MOM!" and as she sat up, I

got a great shot of her big tits, but I was too freaked out right then to really notice. I

heard her call my name, but I was already running to my room, and then I slammed the

door shut behind me, and locked it.

A couple of minutes later, mom was banging on my door, begging me to let her come

in, and telling me that Bobby had left. I yelled back for her to leave me alone, and I

would talk to her later, MAYBE, after I cooled off. She tried and tried, but my answer

was the same, and eventually she gave up, and I could hear her sobbing, as she

walked away. I too had tears, but honestly, I know now that they were more tears of

jealousy, than of rage or hurt, even though I had no idea what they were right then.

There was one other thing though, I also had a hard-on that I could have hammered

nails in to a board with, and it was poking at my jeans so hard, it actually hurt!

I slid my jeans and T-shirt off, and then my boxer shorts, laying back on my bed naked,

I started jacking off, as the erotic image of Bobby on top of my mom, fucking her for all

he was worth filled my head. I was really into it, when something almost spoiled it for

me. I remembered her telling him how big and hard his cock was, and THAT made me

angry! Last summer, Bobby and I had discovered the joys of jacking off, and on more

than one occasion, we had compared cock sizes, while we were both hard. MY cock

was a good inch longer than his, and it was quite a bit fatter too, so how could she

think HE had a big cock. It was right then that I realized that it was ME that wanted to

be on top of mom, pumping away like that, and I really was jealous of Bobby!

Right then, I felt my balls tingling, and my orgasm coming on. I started cumming, and

my first spurt shot up high in the air, and the second and third spurts quickly followed.

All of that flying cum landed back on me, splashing off of my hand, and my stomach,

and soaking me, my body and the bed around me. I quickly cleaned myself up, using

my boxer shorts, and even though my cock was still very hard, I laid back, and closed

my eyes, and before I knew it, I was fast asl**p.

When I awoke, I was in one of those half awake, half still asl**p states, and it was dark

outside, so I had to really think about whether it was morning or night. A quick glance

over at my bedside clock told me it was around 7pm. I had slept for almost seven

hours! My cock was hard, and I wanted to jerk off again, but I smelled dinner cooking,

and I went and took a shower instead. After my shower I slipped on a pair of shorts

and a T-shirt, and then finally went downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen, and dinner was

on the table. She'd fixed my favorite, spaghetti, and she had a bottle of wine open, and

it looked to be about 3/4 gone.

I sat down, and when mom came in, she was wearing a T-shirt, and just her panties.

She really didn't say anything, but just sat down with her glass of wine. I had already

dished out my plate and I was eating, and so mom took a little for herself, and then

kind of picked at her food as I ate. She did finish the glass of wine she already had,

and then poured herself another, leaving maybe one more glass in the bottle. I got up,

and without saying a word, I got a wine glass, and poured the rest of the bottle in a

glass for me. Now, it wasn't the first time I'd ever drank. I'd had a glass of wine at

Christmas, and a glass of champagne at New Years, but that was about it. I'd never

just had one with dinner. Tonight, I thought, is a little different though!

When I got up from the table, I went into the living room, but I didn't turn on the TV.

Instead, I sat there sipping my wine, as mom cleared the table, and cleaned up the

kitchen. Normally I would have helped her but that night I wasn't in the mood. I

purposely waited until I knew she was almost through, and I had finished off my wine,

and then I went up to my room, only this time, I left the door open and unlocked. I no

long heard the water running in the kitchen, so I knew she was finished, and the TV

downstairs wasn't on, so she was stalling, and I knew it. Eventually though, there she

stood in my doorway, a scared look on her face, as she lightly knocked on the door. I

told her to come in, and she came over and stood by my bed. She said something

about how we needed to talk, and when I said "Damn right we do." she didn't even

correct my cussing.

At that point I got up, and brushed past her. She asked me where I was going, and I

told her I was going to her room, and we would talk there. She didn't say a thing, as

she followed me, and then when we got to her room, I sat on one edge of the bed, and

she sat on the other, about five feet apart. We were both silent, and I didn't know if she

would start, and so I simply looked at her and asked; "Why?".

She sat for a long minute, and then she told me she didn't know, she honestly didn't

know. Yeah, like I was going to accept that bullshit answer. I let it go though, and

instead I asked her how many times? She hesitated, and the in a weak voice, she said

they'd done it four times so far. So, four different times my best friend had put his dick

in my mom! I thought for a moment, and I realized that Bobby hadn't missed school

four times, and I also couldn't think of four times he would have had the time alone with

her, except of course earlier that day. And then it hit me; the only other times could

have been when he'd spent the night with me! That asshole had been fucking my mom,

behind my back, as I'd slept.

I sort of blurted out, "Son of a bitch!", and mom cringed back a bit, but I hadn't directed

it at her, but rather at my own stupidity, and the situation. I then sort of snickered, and

that really took her by surprise. Then I spoke, and I said something about how while I

was sound asl**p, tucked in my bed, and dreaming sweet dreams, my best friend

was pumping his hard cock in and out of her pussy. Mom turned a bit red, and I

couldn't tell whether it was from anger or embarrassment, but then she said something

about me using such language. My snappy come back was simply to say that "I"

wasn't the one fucking her friends! Mom turned even redder, and I backed off, this

wasn't what I wanted. Things were spiraling rapidly out of control, and that wasn't what I

wanted, so I took a deep breath and started again. Again, I asked her "Why?"

This time her voice was much more even and controlled, although I could hear a slight

alcohol slur, and I knew she must have a slight buzz. I wanted one too, especially now,

and so I told her, I didn't ask her, but I told her to go get us another bottle of wine and a

COUPLE of glasses. I told her that IF we were going to have an adult talk, then I

wanted to be treated as an adult. I was a little bit surprised when she didn't object in

the least, but instead, got right up, and left the room. I think she needed a break, and

another drink to keep on going.

She came back to the room with another bottle of wine, and the two glasses. She

poured a glass for us both, and we each downed it, and then she refilled them, but this

time we just sipped. I didn't let her off the hook, but with the reinf***ement of the

additional alcohol, she was now more ready to talk. She started out, and I listened.

"Steven, I'm so sorry, but I have to be honest about everything that happened."

"Whether you know it or not, since your dad died 12 years ago, and before Bobby, I've

been with exactly two men." "The thing you need to know and understand is, that I am a

healthy, young woman." "I might be your mom, but when you are my age or even

younger, you'll look at and feel different about women my age, because I am NOT that

old at 32, and I do still have needs!"

I looked at her, and I smiled. Hell, I knew she was young, and even I thought she was

still very sexy, but that wasn't even really my question, and I told her so. I told her that

what I really meant was, why Bobby of all people?

She answered me again, and I believed every bit of it. She told me that it had all

started out as an accident. She said that one night, while he had been sl**ping over,

the two of us had gone to bed, and it was around 11pm or so. She said that she had

been right in the middle of masturbating, and suddenly Bobby had knock on her door.

He told her that he'd had a terrible dream, and she invited him to get in bed with her, to

calm him down. She then told me not to ask how or why, because even she didn't

know or have a good answer, but suddenly they were kissing, and then they were

naked, and then; they were fucking. After that night, she said that Bobby basically

blackmailed her, threatening to tell everyone, including me what happened, if she

didn't do it again, and the forth time they were doing it was when I walked in on them

earlier that day.

Now things made a little more sense, and now it was really Bobby I was mad at, and

not mom. There was one other thing too, I was horny, and for lack of a better term, my

dick was as hard as a rock! As I sat there, I really began to look at mom in a different

way. As I said earlier, she was a little plump, but in a very sexy way. She had a very

pretty face, and soft, sandy-blonde hair that cascaded down to her shoulders, and her

big green eyes would steal your heart. That's two things I had inherited from her; the

sandy-blonde hair, and the green eyes. Also earlier, I told you she did have big tits,

and I would later learn they were a 36D, which on a woman only five feet five inches

tall, makes them look even bigger. She had a cute ass as well, and my mom was the

first woman I ever saw that also shaved her pussy mound completely bald and smooth,

but again, that would be something I would learn later.

I squirmed a bit where I was sitting, trying to adjust my hard-on, without making it to

noticeable, but mom had already seen it, and when I looked at her, she was actually

gazing right down into my crotch. Now it was mom's turn to kind of take over the

conversation again, and I noticed as she asked me some questions, she had sort of

this glazed look in her eyes, almost as if she was someplace else, and thinking of

something else.

She started out by asking me how much real experience I had with girls, and before I

could even answer, she chuckled, and told me not to lie. I hesitated a moment, but then

I told her the truth. I told her that once, when I was 11, me and this other guy had

stripped, and shown our naked bodies to this 12 year old girl on a dare, if she would

do the same. Mom asked if she did, and I told her yes, but it was more like she sort of

ran out of the closet in her bedroom for like all of ten seconds, and then ran back

inside. I then told her that I had kissed a couple of girls, and that I had even touched

Rebbecca Kylie's naked chest once, but she didn't really have any boobs, not like

yours. Mom then asked me about masturbation, and now it was my turn to blush!

When I hesitated, she went on to tell me it was a perfectly natural and normal thing, and

most people did it, whether they admitted it or not. She even added that she did it too.

When I nodded my head yes to her question, she asked me what or who I thought

about when I masturbated. Now I must have been ten different shades of red, because

when I hesitated, mom again told me that is was OK, and that it was a perfectly natural

thing to fantasize about a person, or doing something sexual. I finally managed to blurt

out that I sometimes thought about girls I knew at school, and sometimes women I

have seen in a magazine or on TV, and then she floored me with her next question

when she asked me if SHE was ever in any of my masturbation fantasies?

A soft, almost inaudible, "Yes" escaped my lips, and she smiled, and asked me

WHAT I thought about. Thank God for the wine! I took another big, and I mean BIG,

gulp, and as mom refilled my glass, it gave me a minute to think, until she said; "Well?"

I told her that a couple of times, I had spied on her in the shower (her shower has a

clear glass door) and I always used those images, and memories to jack off too. She

smiled again, and said something about how I had seen her naked then, and I nodded,

but went on to say that it was only her distorted image through the glass shower door.

Just then, she stood up, and facing me, she asked me if I would like to see the real

thing! I nodded my head rapidly, and with out missing a beat, she stripped her T-shirt

over her head, exposing her naked boobs, and then she lowered her panties, and

kicked them off, and then she was completely naked. Slowly she turned around,

showing me her back side and beautiful ass, and then she was again facing me. My God

, her tit's were so beautiful. They were large and full, and had a soft sag to them,

but not in a bad way. Her nipples were even bigger than I had imagined, and they were

ringed by large, dark pink aureoles, as large as silver dollars. I sat there staring, and

licked my lips, bringing a smile to mom's face.

She then looked down at my crotch, and there was absolutely no hiding the erection

my pants were covering. She then looked me in the eyes, and she told me that it was

my turn, just like that time with the 12 year old girl, she'd showed me hers, now it was

my turn to show her mine! Suddenly a wave of courage swept over me, and I thought,

"What the hell, two can play this game!" With that, I stood and pulled my shirt over my

head, and then lowered my shorts and kicked them off, revealing my erection in all it's

glory. Now it was mom's turn to both stare, and lick her lips. Without really thinking, and

I'm sure without really directing her comments to me, she stared at my cock, and said

something about how I was bigger than Bobby, and I was even bigger than my dad.

She then looked at me, and this time her comment WAS directed at me when she


"Baby, you have a beautiful cock; you should be very proud of it, and someday, it's

going to make some very lucky girl, very happy, as long as you learn how to use it


With that, she stepped forward, and her hand reached out, and she ran her fingertips

down the length of my hard cock. I shivered, and felt a pleasure I'd never felt before,

even when I touched myself. Neither of us spoke as she then reached up, and took my

hand, and pulled me onto the bed beside her. She pulled my head down to her breast,

and told me to suck on her nipples. I sucked one and then the other, and she cooed,

and reached back down, and started stroking my hard cock. I sucked harder on her

nipples, and she stroked my cock faster. It felt so damn good, and I was rapidly

building toward an orgasm, a hell of a lot faster than when I jerked myself off!

Mom pulled my head up, one of her hard nipples popping out of my mouth, and her

mouth covered mine. The girls I'd kissed in the past never kissed me like mom did, as

her tongue snaked into my mouth it, and I groaned into her mouth. Damn, I was almost

ready to cum, and mom knew it. Suddenly her mouth pulled away from mine, and her

head went straight for my crotch. Before her mouth reached my cock, I exploded into a

powerful orgasm, and I do mean exploded! My cum shot out, hitting her in the face and

tits, but before the second round cold fire, she managed to take my cock into her

mouth, and she started sucking hard, as my cock jerked and spasmed, and I

continued shooting into her hot mouth. My whole body shivered and shook, and she

reached up and squeezed my balls, as she sucked me off. I thought I was in heaven,

but I really had no idea what heaven was, just yet.

As my orgasm subsided, and she pulled her mouth off of my still hard, and still

throbbing cock, and slid back up my body by my side. She kissed me again, only this

time she tasted much different, because this time I was actually tasting my own cum in

her mouth. Right away I started stammering out my apology. Mom stopped me just as

quickly as I started talking, telling me that she had expected what happened and it

really turned her on making me cum like that. She then told me that she was going to

teach me how to really make a woman happy, and she started easing me down her

body, and between her legs.

As I shifted around, she spread her legs open wide, and then reached between them.

She told me to take my time, and really look at her. She explained that this (she said

pointing) is a woman's pussy, and it has several parts to it, all important to giving her

pleasure. She then showed me her outer lips, and inner lips, and where her clit was,

pulling back it's little "hood" and showing me where and how to find it. She told me to

smell her, and I did and then she asked me if I liked it. I told her I liked the smell a lot,

and that it turned me on and made me harder! She smiled, and told me that was

exactly what was supposed to happen. The, over the next several minutes, she gave

me very graphic, and very explicit, instructions on how to "eat her" as she put it, and

guided me through each step.

Whether I was a quick learner, or whether I just loved licking her pussy, I soon had

mom moaning loudly, and telling me over and over again, not to stop! Suddenly I felt

her body stiffen up, and her hands on the top of my head pushed my face firmly into her

crotch. I had trouble breathing, but it was so exciting, as her body shook, and she

quivered, and groaned. She said loudly that she was cumming, and I experienced my

first female climax about as up close and personal as you could get, my face buried

firmly into her crotch!

As she eased up on my head, she urged me up on top of her, and I was soon in the

same position I had seen Bobby in, on top of her, earlier that day, so many hours ago.

Her legs were spread wide. My cock was hard and poised, and I was ready to fuck my

mother! I thrust forward and missed, the head of my cock glancing off of her pubic

mound. Patiently, she reached down between us and grasp my hard cock. She guided

it to her wet fuck hole, and positioned the head at her entrance. This time when I thrust,

I hit my mark, and the head of my cock penetrated her pussy.

The first time.

I have yet to met a man or boy who doesn't remember hot it felt the first time their cock

slipped inside a woman's body, and I am no exception! It felt warm and wet, and

actually a little hot. It felt like my cock was sliding inside a velvet-lined, tight-fitting

glove, and it felt, well, it was the absolute most incredible feeling I'd ever experienced!

Bless her so. I now know that mom knew how I must be loving it that very first time, and

how I must be feeling and she was so patient, letting me slid inside her at my own

pace. Letting me stop and enjoy the million sensations, letting me enjoy her, and

specifically her hot, tight, and very wet, pussy! I bottomed out, my balls pressing into

her sweet ass, and I held myself there for several long seconds, before I moved again.

Eventually, I began to move, and mom guided me, with her hands on my ass cheeks.

Her thighs held me into her, and her hands directed my thrusts. As our pace

quickened, her hands would leave my ass ever so slightly, and then slap back down,

with each of my downward thrusts. At the same time, she would thrust her pelvis up,

and grind it into mine.

Her breathing quickened, and her moaning got louder. I found myself grunting and

groaning, as I thrust into her, and she was whispering nasty things to me like how big

my cock was, and how good it felt in her pussy. And then, I could feel a change in her

and me both. It was like we were lost in our own little world, and like I was actually a

part of her, and she was a part of me. I had never experienced anything like those

feelings before in my life!

Suddenly she started groaning;

"Fuck me Damn it, Fuck me harder, faster, come on, fuck me baby!"

Over and over she was telling me, and then her body did that thing it had don earlier

when she'd climaxed the first time, it just seemed to seize up, and then she was

humping against me and groaning out loud like crazy. I could feel her. I mean I could

really FEEL her pussy as it spasmed around my cock, milking it, pulling at it, hugging it

in it's soft, velvety wetness! Oh God it was too much, and I cried out, and I climaxed

inside her. My cum shot out of me, and into her. Her arms encircled me, and she pulled

me tight against her. Her hot breath was in my ear, as she kept telling me to cum

inside her; fill her pussy up, and shoot my sperm deep inside her!

OH MY GOD, If this was sex, I was hooked!

Eventually we both calmed down and I rolled off of her, but my cock was still very much

erect! Mom smiled, and in one swift move, she was on top of me. It was so hot

watching her raise her body up, watching her reach down, and grab hold of my cock,

and watching her again line the head up with the entrance to her pussy. Slowly she

eased herself down onto me, and once again her wet pussy engulfed my hard cock.

We'd both cum twice now, and so now it was time to relax, and really enjoy a nice,

long, leisurely fuck! Mom moved up and down on top of me, and I stared at her big tits

as they bounced and jiggled. Her movements got quicker, and she ground herself

down harder into me. She was going to cum again, and I was just amazed! This time,

her orgasm seemed to last a whole lot longer, and when she was through, she just

collapsed on top of me, and shook. I still hadn't cum again yet though, and she knew it,

but she also knew the perfect position to get me off.

Rolling onto her stomach, she got up on her elbows, and knees, and stuck her ass up

in the air. She told me to get behind her, and I did, and then I lined my cock up with her

hole once again. I slid inside her with no resistance, and she just let me go. I grabbed

her hips and started thrusting hard. Over and over she told me to fuck her, and I

pumped my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. Her soft, fleshy ass cheeks felt

so good, as my crotch bounced off of them, and after several minutes I could feel an

orgasm building that I knew was going to top all of the others combined. I slammed my

cock into her, and she ground her face into the pillows, and held onto the sheets. I

groaned and screamed out that I was cumming, and she screamed even louder;


And that was it. I slammed her ass into my crotch, held her tightly against me, and my

cock just exploded inside her! I was surprised that I had any cum left in my balls at all,

after my first two orgasms, but I felt like I shot a gallon of the stuff deep inside her

pussy, and it felt wonderful. I collapsed on top of her then rolled onto my side on the

bed, my cock still deep inside her, and me still clutching her, and puling her ass back

into me. The blankets were on the floor, and the sheets were half on and half off the

bed. We were both covered in sweat, and unable to speak, the only sound in the room

was our heavy breathing.

Mom was the first to speak, and all she said was;

My God, that was fantastic baby, the best ever, and I really mean ever!".

Eventually we both drifted off to sl**p. We did fuck once more before morning, and

then the next morning, we fucked three more times! When we were through with that

last fuck, mom told me we had to take a break, because both her pussy and her mouth

were sore. Jokingly, I said something about how we always had her asshole, and she

surprised me when she told me that lesson would come later! Yes, later I did have my

hard cock up her ass, and from that point on, anal sex became a regular part of our

fucking as well... Continue»
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Episode 17 - Baiser Moi (Fuck Me)

This is a story of Sperm Donation, **** and Retribution. Please do not read if easily offended by u******e sex, i****t and masturbation.

In Bed
Early one Sunday morning Tony roused from a wet dream to find a young woman’s body straddling his prick and rubbing her tits up and down his chest.
“Hush”, she purred “mustn't wake your s****r”.
Tony had already run his hands up and down her sides – taught firm flesh, and checked out her breast size – too small and pointy to be his twin s****r Sam. He well knew Sam's as a wobbly 34D pair; these were certainly no more than a delicious firm B cup, with dark hard thrusting nipples.
“Good morning” he replied “who are you and are you doing jamming that luscious wet cunt onto my throbbing pole at 6 o’clock?”
“Your mum said you had loads of spare spunk, so I was sent in to relieve you of some”.
Just then Sam, his twin s****r walked in carrying two cups of tea. Sam was wearing just the silky French knickers he had bought for her birthday. Like most presents it was much for his pleasure, ideal for fucking her through the wide leg openings and feeling the soft satin fabric against his balls.
"What are you doing fucking my b*****r?" she demanded "that's my job on Sundays" leaning over to stroke Giselle's damp arse cheeks. On the radio a news item on Human Genetics is discussing the problems of getting enough sperm donors.
After watching Giselle bouncing up and down on his shiny prick, Sam pushes against the bum cheeks and her b*****r's prick leaves the tight fleshy folds and stands up, glistening proudly with Giselle's juices. She eases Giselle forwards, pulling her arse cheeks apart and slips both thumbs between the soft lips. Taking Tony's cock down her throat, it tastes of raspberry-flavoured sex-lubricant and Giselle's perfume.
Sam: "I love the taste of your raspberry juice; it's so slippery, I can hardly grip your pussy lips".
Giselle: "That's the idea baby: keep chewing and I might cum on your face".
Sam alternates between sucking the juices off her b*****r's cock and licking more out of Giselle's arse, until with a grunt Tony pumps a large quantity of spunk down her throat.
Flipping Giselle over onto her back she traces the letters tattooed into her pubes with a finger "B", "a", "i", "s", "e", 'r" and lower down almost hidden in the jet-black hairy triangle "M", "o", "i".
"Baiser Moi" exclaims Sam. "Fuck Me" replies Tony "who did this?"
The radio drones on:
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has begun a three-month consultation period on the existing rules governing egg and sperm donation. People who donate in the UK are currently only allowed to be compensated for expenses and loss of earnings, a maximum of £250.
Dr David King of Human Genetics Alert and Dr Allan Pacey of the British Fertility Society discuss payment for egg and sperm donors.
Although I can only comment as a multiple egg donor with a limited knowledge of the sperm donation process - what rubbish! I believe there should be equality for all donors, but see no reason why sperm donors should be paid more than egg donors. Blah blah blah…

Licking out Giselle, Sam asks "Why is this debate all about men, egg donation is far more invasive – hormones for weeks, and a nasty trip to the clinic to 'harvest' them. Tony why are your nipples so hard?"
Both girls stop fucking him and demand he signs up right away as a Sperm Donor on the laptop.
Tony: "OK, but only if I can watch you two and mum putting on a Lesbian Show".
The girls complain they are hungry after licking each other out and promise a show after breakfast.

Signing Up
Downstairs, after breakfast, Tony is sat at the laptop signing up on web site – Giselle watches over his shoulder.
Question 1: usual stuff: Hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity.
[Answer 1: brown, brown, white]
Question 2: who have you fucked in the last 6 months [tick all that apply]:
[Mother , Twin s****r , Mother’s live-in lesbian lover , Blonde Barmaid with Big Tits ,Random Girl picked up in Pub , College Fuck-Buddy , Post-Mistress , Other -please name]
Question 3: "When did you last have sex (with someone else, or masturbation)?":
[Select from last week, yesterday, 10 minutes ago]
Question 4: You need to abstain from ejaculating for at 2 days, can you do that?
[Select from OK , OK but only if don’t go to pub , OK but only if Sam doesn’t wear her cheerleaders outfit]
Question 5: Describe your very first sex with your mother [hint on the beach 2001]:
[Answer 5: was nearly 8, been swimming in the sea, mum wrapped towel around my middle, pulled off wet swimming shorts. Little prick smacked her on chin, she sucked it down, said it tasted all salty. She squeezed my bottom as the white stuff spurted down her throat]
Question 6: Describe where you learnt cunnilingus:
[Answer 6: learnt between Sam’s thighs, at age 12. Mum showed me how to chew her clit]
Question 7: How many girls / women have you screwed at one time [hint mum, s****r, hotel waitress 2004]:
[Answer 7: quite right just the 3]
Question 7: Describe your favourite masturbation fantasy [maximum 250 words]:
Question 8: Your mum picks up a bar-maid for you to play with – what do you do?
Question 9: You are walking close behind 3 teenage girls wearing tight white shorts, sunlight glowing through the fabric: are you hoping to see white thongs underneath or just bare slits?
Question 10: Does your twin s****r Sam give you the best soapy-tit wank ever?
Question 11: If you found Sam and Giselle tribbing could you just watch or need to join in?
Question 12: Can Giselle fuck you up the arse with her black strap-on?
Study these 6 photographs of naked c***dren, answer the questions:
Question 13: Determine their gender [photos only show bottoms, some wearing thongs]
[All boys, All girls, 3 of each, don’t care I would fuck them all anyway]
Question 14: Determine how old they are [photos are probably not legal]
[6-8, 9-11, 12-15, don’t care I would fuck them all anyway]
"Do you like my web site?" murmurs a voice over his shoulder.
"Yours?" enquires Tony and Sam turning around to lick Giselle's nipples.

Lesbian Show
Mum, Sam and Giselle are dressed identically in soft see-through white crotch-less panties, long white stockings and black chokers. Giselle has a green narrow army-style belt around her hips carrying a number of tiny screw-top jars full of differently-coloured (and flavoured) sex-lubricants. Following her brutal gang-**** and vaginal reconstruction surgery she cannot produce cuntal juices naturally, instead never goes anywhere without this assistance.
Tony watched open-mouthed as his mother ground her cunt between her lover Giselle's thighs; hauling on her hard pointed nipples for traction. Sam applied her new-found favourite raspberry juice to her own cunt and her mum's tits, before licking it all off. Sam had to restrain Tony from joining in, by giving him some juice to masturbate with. She then strapped on a giant black dildo, lubed it up to attack Giselle's exposed arse. Giselle screamed as it powered in, and shook violently to climax crushing mum's head which was now between her legs, lapping at her hairy cunt.
Sam just managed to bound across the room and get Tony's erupting prick between her soft tits before his spunk flew in an arc, pumping and splattering her face and neck.

Sperm Donation Centre
Tony got an email from the Sperm Donation Centre asking him to attend the following day; Sam asked "Can I come too?"
"Yes of course" purrs Giselle "I hear that you two climax at the same time – it would be lovely to have you too" watching Sam's chest rise and fall.
Giselle asks to fuck Sam's breasts when she strips off – grinds her cunt onto Sam's nipples, catching and squeezing them, trying to get at more and more tit flesh.
Sam accompanies Tony to the donation centre and they meet Giselle in a black mesh cat suit in reception. After filling in a simple form, Giselle hands Tony a locker key and towel and leads him upstairs to the 'treatment' room. Tony cannot take his eyes off Giselle's wriggling perfect arse and hairy mound through the open-crotch of the cat suit, and strokes her bottom in the top corridor. She orders him to strip off, leave his clothes in the locker, runs through the Safety Instructions, pulling his hand off her breasts and pushes him into the shiny cylindrical booth.
Giselle and Sam sit in the 'control room' monitoring the videos that Tony is seeing in his booth; Giselle turns down the volume to talk with Sam.

Sperm Donation Booth: Stage 1
As Tony sat down onto the carefully sculpted seat, designed to keep his legs apart and prick fully accessible, a circular screen slid effortlessly across at waist level to rest against his tummy and disguise the machinery slowly engulfing this erection. A video of gorgeous women sucking peaches, kissing each other, with juice dribbling off their chins played onto the front wall. Whenever Tony turned his head to focus on a pair of breasts or even a nipple, the eye-tracking system enlarged the image, producing massive heavy tits encased in flimsy fabric. Peering down a cleavage running in sticky peach juice, he watched hands pushed into panties, reaching for cunts. Looking down he watched in awe as the image of a hardening circumcised penis, rather like his own, was sucked into a cavernous mouth, just as the pressure increased for real on his prick head in the machines mouth. The machine felt exactly like his prick was engulfed in a giant peach, except that it was pulsating. His prick felt like it was growing to enormous girth, splitting the peach open, letting the juices drip down his thighs.

Meeting Yasmin
Meanwhile in the control room outside Sam asked “How did you get into this job, and where did you meet Yasmin?”
“I was 15 and out with a bunch of school friends in a coffee shop in Paris, one was giggling that the serving girl had enormous feet, and her tits didn’t look quite right “maybe she’s one of those trans-sexual thingies – go give her crotch a squeeze”. So I dutifully brushed my hand across the front of her trousers, and wow she had a prick. We were in a quiet corner of the bar, so I unzipped her fly and out popped this enormous prick right into my hand. The other girls had stopped laughing and watched in awe as I sucked Yasmin off – we were instantly lovers.
She was Moroccan, perfect almost black skin; we danced all night, hands caressing our boobs and thighs, his/her fingers shoved gently up my cunt. I woke up next morning in her bed, curled up with Yasmin behind kissing my neck and ears, pushing his/her breasts into my back. I turned onto my front and Yasmin licked all around my bottom and cunt, then there was a real-feeling prick sliding in from on top. I assumed at first it was a strap-on, it was so hard, and then she spurted real spunk. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, and she was my lover, didn’t matter that others called her a trans-sexual. Her large hard nipples were pierced, each fitted with a small silver ring, joined by a shiny blue heavy chain. I quickly moved in to her flat, and we would often spend all day in bed just sucking and fucking, but she would never put anything larger than a slim finger into my arse; she said I must save it for someone really special. I had lost my virginity to a schoolboy years before, but none had made me feel so complete and sexy. We worked out at a mixed-sex gym, where the usual dress-code was topless; lovely to see the sweat dripping off male and female nipples. Most sessions ended up as giant fuck-sessions in the showers or sometimes in the swimming pool.
We invited lots of boys and girls my age, and some like Yasmin, to our parties, which were really orgies, where every imaginable form of sex happened.
So when she got a job in a Sperm Donation Clinic; I cannot really imagine how she hid her prick during the 'interview', I went along too. We made a formidable double-act, dressed in just leather skirts and long boots; all the men stared at our breasts and ignored the bulge in the front of her tight skirt. If the client 'needed a hand' I would wank him into a flask from the front, while Yasmin would fuck his arse from behind. Most spurted so hard I had trouble catching it all, and often had to suck them off. The men were paid in cash, about 100euro, and they often gave us a tip for our trouble, so the money was great. If the guy was attractive I would sometimes let him fuck my cunt for money, and Yasmin loved it up the arse. But I began to wonder what anal would feel like and experimented with her smallest anal plugs and thinnest dildos, but she would never do more than lick my arse, never fuck it.

Meeting the Minister
The official car arrived at 7pm exactly, the driver holding open the rear door of the limousine with blacked out windows. He handed us each just a pair of skin-tight red leather shorts, and watched attentively in the rear-view mirror as we struggled them on. He particularly seemed to like the bulge in the front of Yasmin's shorts, contrasting with the smooth uninterrupted flow between my legs. We popped jackets over our bare breasts, and ran giggling into the apartment, wondering what was to come. The leather shorts were cut so low at front that the top of Giselle's dark pubic hair showed above the waist band, and Yasmin's cock head shone wetly against her stomach. We just had to stand at the door handing out drinks and helping her friends out of their exclusive gowns. The guests couldn't keep their hands off my 15 year old bum, and several poured their champagne into Yasmin's shorts then sucked it off. Inside their expensive underwear they just have cunts like you and me. The Minister was held down on the bed by her friends at ankle and wrist, sucking off Yasmin kneeling by her head. I pushed two fingers into her slippery cunt and gripped her clit ring between my teeth. After some furious finger-fucking she squirted all over me and the silk sheets. I was so apologetic – she loved it. She f***ed me to lick out all her friends, some quite old and wrinkly. For a finale she was tied face down to the bed and encouraged Yasmin to fuck her arse, while all her friends watched masturbating each other with honey on her giant bed.

Country House
Once we were taken to the owner's country house, I remember it had gym full of fucking machines, I had never seen so many together. Most of the party guests were stunningly dressed females in their fifties. There was a swimming pool of naked c***dren, face down in the water, we could just see their naked bottoms bobbing up and down. When the Minister called they all rushed over, dripping wet, mostly girls under 10, a few boys trying to hide erections. When they spotted the guests they walked demurely to another room to get dried and dressed. They came back later; the boy just wearing tiny pyjama shorts, and the girl a very short skirt and padded bikini top. The boy and young girl kissed each guest lightly on the lips, and then sat on their aunt – the Minister's lap chatting about their adventures.
Her niece whispered "Aunty who is that strange girl?" pointing at Yasmin "she seems to have a penis".
“Come over here” called out her aunt.
Yasmin crawled over on hands and knees trying to hide his erection from the c***dren, and knelt between the Minister’s feet “How can I pleasure you Mistress?” he fawned.
"Not now, not in front of the c***dren", and then "Yes my lovely c***dren, this is Yasmin, she is a trans-sexual".
As Yasmin stood up the little girl grabbed his erection and twisted to see if it came off “Please can we play with her, aunty?".
"Yes can we?" echoed her b*****r, grabbing hold of the chain between Yasmin's nipples "Are these real?"
Yasmin walked off with her niece and nephew, hand-in-hand, to a quiet corner of the room. He lay down on a mattress lifting up the girl's skirt, "Oh what silky thighs you have" he said licking up into her crotch.
"Are these real?" asked the boy twisting each nipple viciously, "and why did you call our aunt 'Mistress' – does she do BDSM on you?"
Giselle walked over to assist Yasmin and watched for a moment as the girl straddled Yasmin’s face and rubbed her bare, smooth, hairless cunt over his mouth and nose. The young boy jumped onto Giselle, pulling her black leather shorts down and stroking her pussy. "I'm glad you're a real girl, my s****r says I'm rubbish at muff-diving, she wouldn't let me chew her clit. My aunt says you must show me how to suck pussy properly".
So I took hold of his young cock in both hands, and sucked hard on the head “Feel that pressure; you need to take her clit hard just like that, now practice on mine” He pulled down my tiny shorts and devoured my lips, then gripped my clit in his teeth, getting my juices flowing. He chewed and licked really well, and even cheekily stuck a finger up my bum, making me shoot a second load of pussy juice into his mouth.
Giselle: “You’ll be fine, just take your time and do exactly that to your s****r and she will be begging to have your babies”, as an afterthought "Is your mum happy with you making love to your s****r?"
Boy: "Oh yes, and when I'm twelve Aunty wants me to fuck her too".
At the mention of her name, my Mistress came over and insisted I demonstrate what the c***dren had learnt. Yasmin lay back on the huge circular bed, pulling the young niece backwards into a reverse cow-girl, with his prick nestling between her tender young buttocks. She was still wearing her padded bikini top, pushing out her tiny tits into a moderate cleavage. Yasmin slipped both hands inside her top and caressed her breasts until she was willing to expose them to her b*****r, me and assembled throng of ladies. She held her thighs apart giving everyone a delicious exposure of her already dripping cunt. I pushed the boy forward to stand between her legs and gently pushed his tightly bunched fingers between her waiting lips.
She moaned as his 11 year old fist rammed up into her 10 year old cunt and tried to rock forwards to lessen the pain, but Yasmin held her still by the nipples, easing his cock further into her damp arse. The initial look of shock in her eyes turned to pleasure as the juices cascaded out of her cunt, running down between her bum cheeks to coat Yasmin's cock buried there. After a few minutes with her eyes tightly closed, she climaxed violently crushing both her b*****r's hand in her pretty cunt and Yasmin's cock up her arse. My Mistress dropped to her knees sucking her nephew's cock and milking his young spunk down her throat, before packing both c***dren off to bed.
As each guest disentangled themselves from a different fucking machine, they pulled on a black strap-on dildo over their lacy stockings and took turns in buggering Yasmin, resting his legs on their shoulders, and then fucking me in their choice of hole. Mistress, dressed in a leather basque and spike heels, took great delight in whipping her guests' backsides to make them fuck faster. Yasmin was dribbling pre-cum onto his tummy, as each dildo pounded into his arse; when the last guest had finished our Mistress licked it all up.
Yasmin slithered off the circular bed, dripping his own spunk and the ladies juices onto the floor. Mistress whipped him until he had licked it all up, then sucked her toes. "Mistress" he mumbled "some evil people are saying you only got the job at the Ministry by sl**ping with the President".
"Absolute rubbish" howled the Minister "I only slept with his wife, when we were at University, everybody did." "He might have been watching, but I never fucked him", she said slowly grinding her spiky high-heels into Yasmin's thigh.

Paris Clinic
The Minister had set up a sperm donation clinic in Paris, mostly because she loved to watch men being masturbated, and it provided a secure job for her favourite trans-sexual Yasmin. It was located in a quiet street next to a brothel; men could come and go at any time of day without arousing suspicion.
The clinic just had a reception area with desk and a comfy sofa for waiting, and out back a 'treatment' room filled with men's magazines and a cupboard. It was full of glass flasks, latex gloves, whips, studded collars, dildos and anal plugs; anything really to assist the clients to produce loads of lovely sperm, which was quick frozen and sent to the lab for testing. Giselle would pop in after school to help out, and sometimes worked a few hours at the weekend.
Most clients were friendly, except for one day in December...

The ****
Giselle describes her **** in Paris to Sam – gradually changes to first person "we're going to fuck you up you bitch". One morning Yasmin had thrown three English blokes out for being d***k, and told to come back when they were sober and could actually make some spunk. Yasmin was out at lunch and I was in charge when they returned.
One of them rips off her short blue overalls to reveal jutting bare breasts, with highly erect nipples, and open-crotch tights. "Keep them on" smirks the youngest one "we can fuck her up real easy".
They blindfolded me and tied me face-down to the desk, with my legs horribly spread, exposing my virgin 15 year-old bum-hole to their attentions. One by one they pushed enormous cocks in and then brought them round to my face to suck off the mixture of spunk, bum juice and bl**d. They swore and promised to tear me apart if I screamed – the panic button did nothing. One slapped and gouged my tits, and sc****d something horribly sharp between my legs, making me climax when it hit my clit.
She gouges her ring into one face. Another pulls out of her arse then f***es his prick down my throat, she spits him out "bastard" she snarls "I'm going to get even with you three"
One bloke lay across desk, pulling Giselle on top of him up the arse in a fierce reverse cow girl. Second bloke roughly blindfolds her tying her wrists tightly, and f***es several fingers into her moist cunt. I heard one of them laughing at an enormous dildo he pulled out of the desk drawer and whacked it experimentally across my bare tits.
"What do use this for, bitch?" he screamed, twisting my nipples hard. I was really frightened now as one stuffed the dry dusty dildo into my mouth, screaming "Suck this bitch". The groping fingers were replaced by a hard cock rubbing between my pussy lips, and he f***ed it in. In spite of the fear drying my mouth, the cunt was dripping her pussy juices, lessening the tearing pain. After a few agonising minutes, when I thought of passing out, they all swapped places, and a huge slimy prick thrust down my throat, choking my screams, I could hardly breathe.
The prick smelled and tasted disgusting – a mixture of bl**d and shit: "Oh God" I thought he has been up my arse, and this is my bl**d. The bloke grunted, then came hard pouring red hot spunk into my mouth; I bit him, sinking my front teeth into his cock head. He howled, and then I regretted it as he slapped me hard across the face, knocking off the blindfold. The spunk however must have gone straight into my central sex area, and I felt my cunt contracting towards a small shaking unwanted orgasm. Fortunately it didn't last long, and none of the bastards seemed to notice.
One of them found a felt-tip pen and scrawled "Baiser Moi" – "Fuck Me" across my pubes, jabbing the sharp point repeatedly into the soft flesh above my 15 year old shaven pubes.
Now I could see the youngest bloke filming his mates attacking me, zooming into my breasts dripping in sweat and mouth full of spunk. I then looked down in horror as the biggest bloke – he must have been a body-builder – wrapping a spiked strap around his massive cock. He held my ankles apart and plunged this spiked cock at my cunt several times before it sunk inside with a horrible ripping sound.
It was almost an out of body experience: I heard myself screaming as he plunged into her young cunt, the spikes tearing slices into the cunt walls, bl**d spewing down her thighs. She must have fainted from the pain, and then came around with two cocks down her throat making her heave. The taste of bl**d, her bl**d, was overwhelming. This was no normal **** they were clearly trying to tear her apart, f***e as much of their filthy English spunk into her body, stop anybody else ever enjoying her soft ripe young French body; breaking her arse, degrading her beyond recognition.
Before fainting I remember pressing the panic button under the desk, and some long time later a police car siren approached the clinic. The blokes panicked, grabbing their discarded clothing and rushing out the door, before giving me another hard slapping across the face and poor tortured breasts. I dare not look down at my damaged body, and just lay there slipping in and out of consciousness.

The aftermath
After Yasmin returned, untied me and bathed the wounds, we collected up the spunk pouring down my thighs and onto the desk, before the police arrived. They seemed more interested in Yasmin's papers – she was from Morocco, and may not have been quite legal, and they freaked when they discovered I was u******e. There was never any attempt to catch the r****ts. A video clip arrived the next day, showing the **** in excruciating detail. Over the next 6 months we planned the move to England to track down the bastards; the Minister's contacts providing a name from the mobile phone number.

After the **** the Minister paid for my treatment at a private hospital. It housed France's finest experimental vaginal reconstruction surgery. It was normally used for discreet temporary fake hymens for wedding nights, but the surgeons jumped at the chance to work on Giselle's injuries.
One day I woke from the d**gs to find a lovely physiother****t had inserted tiny magnetic vibrators to improve bl**d flow and speed up healing. After a week or two he gradually used larger devices as cunt scar tissue came away. Mike the inventor brought in his latest models for me to try; they purred gently through the day holding the wounds apart to stop adhesions. The magnetic fields aligned the new nerve cells injected near my G-spot extended to whole cunt, which now became extremely sensitive.
Yasmin visited every day, often stayed overnight. He gently licked Giselle back to health. The Doctors explained that I will never conceive – tubes were far too damaged to reattach, but they thought orgasms would soon return.
One day Mike noticed a row of builder's toilets outside window; one always used by men carrying porn mags, obviously just for a wank. Thus our plan for revenge was hatched.

After the stitches had been removed and most of the bruising gone down, I was placed in a gynaecological examination chair; legs gently prised apart and bright lights shone into my cuntal area. The student doctors and nurses were encouraged to don a latex glove, smear their fingers in flavoured lubricant and examine the vagina reconstruction work. Most were much too gentle just sliding one finger between my lips, but the girls were more adventurous – rubbing my clit to watch for a reaction. Clearly some were getting a bit turned on – bulges started to appear in trouser fronts and one very attractive girl pulled off her top and dangled her massive breasts over my face. When the physiother****t pushed the head of his erect prick into my moist bum-hole, I couldn't scream as my mouthy was full of tit flesh. After a few careful strokes it stopped hurting and became quite a good anal fucking. A girl was still massaging my clit and had at least 3 fingers in my cunt when I came for the first time in weeks.

A text message to his smartphone invited the builder to download an App of local Sperm Donation Centres. It directs him to Executive Wash-room on a major building site – sticking his finger into young tight bottom opens the door. Giselle and Yasmin had delivered the toilet just that night, and now sat in a lorry cab outside the site waiting...
A sign on the outside changes from OUT OF ORDER to WELCOME. Once inside it cycles, for its own amusement through HUMILIATION, CASTRATION, ANAL DESTRUCTION and finally TERMINATION. The inner walls are bathed in videos of young girls masturbating for him; he is instructed to strip off, put his clothes into the locker and push his prick into a glory hole on one side.
The Death-Wanker clamps his cock with backward steel points, so he cannot pull out and injects morphine into base of prick. Slowly as the agony wears off and he stops screaming, Giselle hits the 'Arse' button on her laptop and the machine pushes him backwards to sit on the 'toilet' seat. Giselle's picture appears on screen at eye-level describing how he ****d her. Sitting down, a spiked steel bolt enters his arse and expanding suddenly to many times its original size ruptures his guts. Giselle, now laughing, pushes the 'Castrate' button, and his cock is clinically separated from his body by rotating knives, and drops into his hands. His screams rise to a crescendo as pictures of u******e girls and boys frolic naked. The Death-Wanker pushes a vibrator with sharp metal ridges into the place where his cock used to be.
"There now you've got a cunt too".
He dies in agony of bl**d loss and shock as the macerator carves him up and flushes parts into storage tank below. Next morning the sign on outside just states “Out of Order”.
Yasmin drives our hired lorry into the building site as soon as it opens, lifts up the heavy broken toilet by crane, and replaces it by normal site toilet. Once away from the site we opened the little trap door on the side, pulled out his wallet, mobile phone and keys, which had stayed dry inside the sealed compartment.

Sperm Donation Booth: Stage 2
Tony twisted the large control one notch to the left, reducing the age. The videos changed to a team of 4 hard-bodied, tanned, beach-ball players dressed in tiny white bikinis, the tops straining to retain full breasts. Tony watched in awe as their tits bounced enticingly as they played ball, then all stripped off and knelt in a row. He was faced with a line of 4 hot sweaty backsides, with tight un-tanned triangles of flesh leading down to puffy lips. Sam arrived to massage sun-tan oil up their taught legs and deep into their bottoms.
Sam bent forward on her knees, hands clasped around a beach-ball players hips. She adjusted her kneeling position to get her angled buttocks just right to get maximum depth: if too far forward her butt opens flat just exposing her hole, which is too tempting to fuck, not far enough cannot keep prick in her slot. Just right gives perfect smooth riding position where bollocks thrust against cunt lips, then prick head emerges from cleft onto her back, leaving the balls squeezed between fleshy cheeks. After several minutes of vigorous thrusting, massaged by sun-tan oil, Tony yelled "Holy shit I'm coming", and the video of Sam's back was showered in his sticky spunk between the shoulder blades.

After Destruction
After we returned from dumping the portable toilet and its lorry at the depot, Yasmin found the Builder’s van parked in a quiet side-street near to the site. There were only two keys on the key ring recovered from the toilet cubicle, and one opened the van. I jumped into the passenger seat, leant over and kissed Yasmin in the driver’s seat, before he/she started the engine, relieved to be rid of the builder. Before we started off there was a faint hammering noise from the back of the van, which got louder. I nipped round the back and opened the door, to find two small, naked, very frightened c***dren. Once they saw I was a girl they stopped trying to hide their genitals, and pulled me onto the mattress filling the area. The little girl announced her name was Lucy and she was nearly seven, and her little b*****r Tom was five. They had been dragged from their garden last night by the evil builder, stripped and thrown into his van, so that he could “use” them after his sperm donation session. This was all rapidly described as the c***dren snuggled up to me, one on each side, rubbing their firm young bodies against my sides.
“Please stroke my bottom” pleaded the young girl “My daddy always does that when I’m frightened”. I could hardly refuse so slipped one hand onto each taut, young, quivering bottom, getting quite a jolt between my legs.
“Not like that, do it properly, like Daddy does” instructed the boy “you have to push your finger all the way between our legs”, he grabbed my left hand on his s****r’s bottom and pushed the middle finger into her ultra-soft, warm, hairless slit from behind. She moaned a little and clamped her thighs shut, trapping my finger in her moistening cunt. The heat and smooth walls of her nearly-seven-year-old pussy was astonishing. As the c***dren warmed up from their night in the van, the boy became bolder and started exploring my dungarees, opening the top and stroking my bare breasts under the thin tee-shirt. Soon the tee-shirt was pulled up around my neck and both c***dren were chewing on a breast.
“Where did you learn to do that?” I asked as both nipples automatically responded to their teeth and tongues.
“My Mum showed me” replied Lucy, just gripping the nipple in the gap between her front teeth “and I taught my b*****r”.
I had hardly noticed the van moving off, and after a few miles the little boy announced we had to stop so he could have a wee, and banged on the back of the cab for Yasmin to pull over. We stopped near a wood; the little boy, still naked, ran off towards a large tree, his erect penis banging against his tummy. I showed the little girl how to crouch down and spread her knees so her stream of hot yellow pee missed her feet. I slipped off my dungarees, and wearing just pumps and a small thong lay down on the short grass watching the form of this lovely bold creature walking around trying to shake the last drops of pee from her tiny slit.
Dropping to her knees by my head she asked “Can I sit on your face, then you can lick my vagina clean, just like daddy does?” and without waiting for an answer flung one knee across, so my nose nestled into her bald slit and tongue naturally engaged with her hardening clitoris. After a few moments of vigorous licking she arched her back, forcing my nose deep into her bottom, and came like a train, gurgling her love for her Mommy, Daddy and me.
I vaguely noticed Yasmin and the boy watching his s****r climaxing on my face. Yasmin was making a poor attempt to hide her erection, and the boy fondled her breasts, then stuck a hand down the front of her pale blue dungarees. “You’re a funny girl” he said, pulling out her dark prick into the sunshine “Is it real? Can I play with it, like Daddy’s?”
My face was buried in Lucy's delicious virgin cunt, so could only wave a thumbs up sign.
"Giselle" called Sam, dragging her back to the present "I need a pee too; it's all this talk of young moist pussy lips, and i****t".
"OK, let's try out the new washroom" I replied, thinking back to the little girl's bottom, that I had been so eager to sink my teeth into. Both wearing crotch-less cat-suits it was easy to squat over the drainage holes in the brightly-lit wet-room floor and let the pee stream out, afterwards Sam stuck two fingers into my cunt, to lick off the juices. I played with her massive tits and swollen lips and continued with the story.

Sperm Donation Booth: Stage 3
Tony selected Stage 3: the video showed the identical twins called Ami: Young cunts, tight silky thighs, masturbation with bananas, small hands guiding his prick towards her twin s****r’s open cunt. Tony watches the head of his prick engulfed in warm wet cunt, as the second Ami ravages her own breasts, then her s****rs. Pulls off her tiny shorts and pushes a huge curved banana deep into her cunt, furiously rubbing her own clit, as the banana gets all slicked up with her pussy juices. The video wall goes a dark pink and then bursts into life as cameras placed high in each Ami’s cunt facing outwards reveal one set of slick pussy lips opening to the light as the tip of a bright yellow banana f***es its way in and up close. Two fingers replace the banana dildo rubbing away at the sensitive g-spot, causing cascades of juice to run out. The second cunt remains dark and filled until the prick slides out and then rapidly back in, causing the pussy walls to quiver and contract. Tony can just make out the slit in the tip of his prick forcing its way up Ami’s cunt and banging into the lens of the endoscope. Video changes to one Ami hanging around her dad Bob's neck, his large hands supporting her tiny bottom, spreading her legs wide across his hips. A side view show his prick slamming into her wet cunt, making great squelching sounds; Ami is moaning deep in her throat.
Bob to camera "So you want to fuck my pretty daughter? Can you make her climax? Will you fill her with your seed?" The camera swings around behind her, zooming in on her tiny throbbing bum-hole, which expands and contracts under the onslaught of her orgasm.
Bob again "Come on in – you can have her arse, she loves being double-fucked; you know you want to. You can grope her tits – just like this. I love my little girls, they are so bendy".
Tony was desperately trying to look away from her taught thighs and wanton u******e arse, spread so invitingly for his prick. Just then the other identical twin Ami grabbed hold of his cock; he could feel light fluttering hands caressing his balls and pulling him towards her open snatch. The sensation of her hot wet tight cunt on his hardening prick was nearly enough to make him spurt again straight away, but Tony managed to resist, wanting to save the last of his sperm for Stage 4, whatever that might be.
Bob withdrew from his daughter, sperm pouring down her thighs; kissing her all over. Ami grabbed her favourite large double-ended dildo with heavy pink ridges, resembling the veins of an over-sized prick and shoved it un-ceremoniously up the arse of her twin. Tony felt the bumpy ridges grazing along the underside of his prick through the thin wall between her cunt and arse. This took him right over the top, spewing spunk into the Sperm Donation machine, and causing another round of applause from Giselle and his s****r Sam, watching over the monitors.

At Lucy and Tom’s house
Lucy and Tom found most of their clothes in the front of the van, and reluctantly got dressed, before we drove back to their house. We never found their underwear, which the builder must have kept as trophies. Their Mum and Dad rushed out to meet us, scooped the c***dren up, demanding to know what had happened. Lucy explained how the builder must have watched them playing in the front garden, bundled them into his van and driven off. He explained as he stripped them naked and locked in the back, that he would be back soon after his sperm donation to play some games.
“We just lay quietly until these two, er, ladies rescued us” added Tom.
“And she sucked my vagina just you do Daddy” confessed Lucy “and he” pointing at Yasmin “did little Tom just like Mummy does”.
“I think you have two very lucky c***dren here and a wonderful f****y sex-life” I responded, before Daddy got the wrong idea. Lucy was whispering in her dad’s ear while he continued to hug her bottom a little too enthusiastically for a ‘normal’ non-sexual father-daughter relationship. Suddenly Daddy was all over me: kissing, stroking, rubbing my tits “I need to thank you for saving my k**s” he said, before filling his mouth with my tit flesh. After the first orgasm I looked up to see that Yasmin had gone off with the c***dren’s mother.
“It’s OK” piped up 5 year old Tom “Mum said she was just r****g your friend’s arse with her strap-on dildo, whatever that means” he giggled innocently.
“You can sit on Daddy’s penis, just like Mummy does when they want to make a baby” said Lucy stripping off her tight shorts “while I sit on his face and make him all long and hard for you”. “And then you Giselle must suck little Tom’s testicles, because that makes him very happy, and then swallow his entire little penis, just like Mummy does” added the lovely i****tuous daughter.
After daddy had finished thanking me with two more crashing orgasms and a good dollop of hot spunk, we got dressed and drove over to the builder’s flat just around the corner.

At the Flat
On the way I explained how the builder and his mates had brutally gang-****d me at the Paris sperm donation clinic, and left me for dead. So today was pay-back time; he won’t be bothering anybody else again. We let ourselves into the flat with the builder’s keys, Lucy ran to a telescope in the corner, and commanded Dad to lift her up. He slipped one hand under an armpit across her tiny nipples and the other under her bottom. For just a moment I wondered if the whole i****t thing had been in the 6 year-olds vivid imagination, but as she stared through the 'scope and wriggled around, I could see that Dad's middle finger was pushing through the carefully positioned gap in the stitching of her short’s crotch. As his finger probed her tiny slit from behind, through the soft tight pink shorts, they both grinned, and Daddy made a poor attempt to hide his erection in the grey jogging pants.
"Look Daddy you can see our house from here, and that's ... oh my, that's my bedroom; he must have watched you on my bed licking out my cunt.. Oh I'm sorry I mean vagina".
"Have you been teaching my six year old daughter those words?" he glared at me.
"Oh yes" Lucy chirped "I know Cunt and Twat and Beaver and Muff, but best of all is Pussy; I shall call her Pussy from now on".
With that she wriggled out of Dad's sexual embrace, and sat on a sofa watching us pack up all the builder's personal stuff into boxes. Lucy looked exhausted and slowly closed her eyes, slipping a hand down the front of her shorts to massage her newly-named Pussy.
Dad was brilliant, cancelling all the builder’s accounts for electricity, telephone, internet, rent and local taxes on the phone saying that he was going abroad for several years. On the desk I found a laptop full of c***d pornography; it didn’t take long to guess the password “p0rn”, some of it quite artistic, but all filthy and quite i*****l.
I made the mistake of leaning over the desk, legs apart and hadn’t realised Dad was behind, watching me, watching a rather erotic porn video of two gorgeous young women sitting astride Sybian masturbators. Facing each other and grinning, I realised they each had the other's speed controller and were racing to see who climaxed first.
Dad was trying to poke a rigid 10 inches of prick through the back of my dungarees into my arse. How could I object? He gently undid the shoulder straps and the dungarees dropped to the floor, leaving me standing in just a cropped tee-shirt, white socks, and of course the sex-lubricant belt. Dropping to his knees he pulled apart my cheeks and thrust his tongue into my puckered brown hole, holding onto the belt for support.
"Try the mint flavour" I suggested, and without delay he poured a dollop onto his prick and then my arse and pushed it in. I screamed as the first 6 inches found my sensitive areas, and woke up Lucy.
"I .. thought.. Lucy.. was... exaggerating" as his huge prick slid up inch-by-inch, until I had to stand on tip-toe to keep balance.
Dad was grunting with each thrust "You ... little .. bitch; Lucy .. said .. you .. had .. a smooth arse".
Lucy ripped off her shorts and plunged three fingers into her wet slit; watching her Daddy r****g her favourite girlfriend's backside was too much: “wow, I didn’t realise you could fuck a girl’s bottom, I wish Daddy would do that to me, it looks hot”.
Lucy flipped over onto her knees, pretty bottom pushed up into the air "Daddy when can we make love? When can you fuck me? Look I can get a finger all the way into my bottom".
"Not yet babe, when you're older" replied Dad slowing down his pounding.
"What when I'm seven..... or eight..... I can't wait to have your babies"
"Breasts" I suggested panting hard. Dad reached up and fondled my boobs, squeezing the nipples hard between thumb and finger, "No not mine, hers" I whispered.
"Oh I see" said Dad "Lucy baby, we'll make love properly when your breasts grow".
The thought of that was just enough to push him over the edge, grunting heavily, his cock erupted into my arse before pulling it out and spraying his sticky white cum all over my thighs. Lucy's fingers were a blur in her tiny cunt; mauling her lips and erect clit she climaxed noisily.
Daddy just slumped to the floor exhausted; Lucy grabbed his prick in both her tiny hands and licked off all the cum, arse juices and mint-flavoured lubricant. There was so much spunk it coated her lips and nose, as he drove his tongue between her bum cheeks, seeking out her puckered hole. We took turns in sucking Dad's rigid pole until he erupted again; Lucy jumped off and wiped it all up with a towel, after smearing lots onto her nipples, hoping to make her breasts grow quickly.
After that we left the flat keys with a neighbour, put all his furniture into storage for 5 years, paid with cash we found at the flat, and emailed his mates to say he had to leave the country to escape a local criminal gang.

Dad tries Frottage
Back at the house, Lucy ran up to her parents' bedroom to discover her mum standing up against the mirrored wardrobe door. The room was in darkness, so pulling open the curtains she saw her mum was wearing nothing but a new black strap-on dildo, behind the trans-sexual Yasmin who was wearing a blue thong.
She said used her normal long thin blue strap-on on the young mothers at their Tuesday afternoon sessions. They brought their c***dren over to play with Lucy and Tom, generally naked in the garden, and spent a d***ken afternoon trying on rude underwear and experimenting with sex toys. Dad always wondered why Mum felt so frisky when he got home from work and delighted in licking out her recently shaved pussy, before filling it with hot spunk every Tuesday.
The short fat black dildo was clearly jammed into Yasmin’s arse; he was held up by the breasts and little Tom was standing on a bedroom chair in front experimentally whacking his little penis against Yasmin’s.
“That looks fun” boomed Dad “what’s it called?”
“It’s frotting” laughed his wife “you rub your penises together instead of fucking”.
He scooped Tom up off the chair and plopped him down on the bed next to Lucy and me; wrapped his big fist around both their cocks and wanked until semen dripped out of Yasmin’s, and his own erupted all over her tits.
Lucy bounded off the bed scooped up a handful of spunk and massaged it into her nipples, squeezing and pulling at them to make them hard. “Daddy says he’ll only make proper love to me when I’ve got breasts” she moaned.
“Oh that seems a bit harsh” replied Mum “I think a little b-o-t-t-o-m action would be OK, provided you were gentle”.
Lucy was ecstatic “Daddy, daddy, please, please” whipping off her shorts and pulling Dad off Yasmin.
“While you’re buggering her arse, I can plough her cunt, and then we’ll be double-fucking the i****tuous little bitch” added Tom.
“Language” replied everyone laughing.
So Mum pulled the dildo out of Yasmin who slipped out to shower off the layers of spunk on his/her tits, and I watched Mum lay on the bed holding Lucy spread-eagled face-down ready for her first adult arse-fucking. I kissed them all good-bye leaving a large bottle of raspberry-flavoured cuntal lubricant, and tip-toed out. With Yasmin half-dressed in her torn dungarees we left quietly to the sound of Lucy mewling like a kitten, and Tom demanding that it was his turn.

Sperm Donation Booth: Stage 4
Back in the sperm donation booth Tony had selected the final stage:
He was standing in the shallow end of a large outdoor heated swimming pool: he could feel the warm water lapping against his thighs. A small dark-haired girl, he guessed about six years old, sat on the poolside splashing her feet in the water. She was wearing just a pair of white bikini bottoms, with no tits yet she had no need of a bra. With a smile she jumped down into the pool in front of Tony, laying back in the water with her hands on the side-rail she carefully placed one foot on each shoulder. She wriggled her bottom until his prick was caught tight in the V-groove between the top of her thighs. He could feel the soft, warm, wet skin along the sides of his penis, and the hotter smooth taut fabric across her cunt pressing hard on the underside. As she slid up and down his tip emerged from the confines of her bikini bottoms to slap into her taut belly. The sensation was electric; Tony was sure he could feel her lips opening beneath the thin fabric, separated by just millimetres from her hot centre. The virtual girl remained absolutely still except for clenching her thighs; Tony was certain he could feel the hard nub of her clitoris rubbing against him. The video wall displayed an underwater shot of his prick pressing up between her thighs and slipping against the thin slither of cuntal fabric that was still opaque, the rest stretched across her bottom being completely transparent in the water. She powered her wet cunt up and down his shaft, gripping and releasing the pressure with her thighs, until Tony blew his load. It sprayed in a great fountain up her wet tummy, and dribbled in gloopy blobs back down inside the waste-band of her bikini bottoms, as if trying to make her pregnant.
Untangling her legs she slipped off the transparent panties and swam lazily away. "Next time, if you're good, you can come right inside and take my virginity... just start at Level 4 and ask for me".
"What's your name" called Tony watching her bottom rise and fall as she swam away, the water cascading off her bare cheeks, leaving a trail of sun-tan oil and spunk in the water.
"Lucy" called back the lovely creature over her shoulder "we're all called Lucy in here".
Then Tony realised that all the bottoms in the pool were identical, opening up perfectly as they slowly performed the breast-stroke swimming kick. Sunlight glinted off their wet buttocks, inner thighs exposed, and with each kick he was sure he saw a flash of shiny pink lips protecting their hairless six year old cunts.
"Come and break our cherries... as many as you like" she called "and if you fancy boys, then you can have my little b*****r Tom".
That was enough, he couldn't possible produce any more; Tony thought he had made enough for dozens of babies, so he punched the stop button.
The video wall went blank, and all he could hear was the slap of water and far off c***drens voices "Baiser Moi..... me….me… please… fuck me please" they called as they swam away....
... Continue»
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wishing you were in bed with me

Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator

wishing you were in bed with me, my mind wanders, as does my hand.
I have just woken up. I'm lying in the big comfy bed, the sun is shining in through the

windows, warming my naked skin.

Everyone else is away, somewhere, I don't know, but here I am all alone and I can't get

you out of my mind. The conversation we had last night keeps going round and round

in my head. You turn me on so much, I tingle when I remember some of the things you

said, the way you said them.

I'm generally pretty horny in the mornings anyway, but that chat made me feel so hot,

made me ache for you. I need to feel your touch, your skin against mine.
'Stroking as you type'? Fuck, I wish you were here in bed with me right now. I'd love a

long, leisurely screw with you right now.

As I remember of some of the things you wrote it gets me so hot and the thought of you

stroking, well, it does something to me...

I'd love for you to be spooning with me now, kissing my neck, your body a perfect fit

into mine. Your hands running up and down my side. Only half awake, able to give

ourselves over completely to pleasure.

You know how I love having my neck kissed, I am horny as fuck. I squirm lazily under

your touch, breathing a little faster than before, feeling my face flush.

You slide a hand round, cupping my breast and you hear me quietly gasp as you brush

against a nipple. You take it between your fingers, gently rolling it, I gasp again and

push my arse back towards you. You're already so close, all I can feel is your huge

erection at my back. Fuck, yes, I need you inside me, pronto!

I slide my hand down my front, over my belly and between my thighs.
My middle finger goes straight to the tiny valley where my clit nestles. Only ever so

slightly moist. I press my finger a little harder, running over my clit and deep between

my lips, ah, there it is. I am slick, ready. I run my finger back and forth, distributing the

viscous moisture. Now I really am ready. I bring my finger up to my neck and you suck

it, tasting me and I hear you inhale sharply, your approval obvious as I feel you push

against me.

You're kissing my neck, caressing my nipple and gently grinding at my back. I arch my

back and bend my knees and suddenly your cock is in just the right place. You've slid

into me before you know it and it feels fucking good. I moan at the feeling of you, so

rigid, pushing inside me. It's just what I needed, wanted, imagined.

I push my ass back and you begin to slowly screw me. Long leisurely thrusts, our

breathing in time with the movements.

Fuck, I want you so much right now.

I love the feeling as you fuck me, so close behind me, so very intimate. I turn towards

you, my back lying flat on the bed as you slowly pump into me. I twist round, bring my

upper leg over your upper hip, my lower leg sliding between yours. All the time, you're

still fucking me.

So now I'm almost at right angles to you, I put my hands under your knee, between my

legs and pull it towards me, fuck fuck fuck, so fucking deep, oh god oh god.

Because your cock is sliding into me sideways, it means you're hitting a g spot and I

start to cum almost straight away, long and hard. I'm panting. moaning, lost in my own

little world, with you, the only other inhabitant.

Seeing me climax so quickly surprises you into cumming too, my hands still gripping

your knee, you cum hard and deep, feeling my muscles so tight around you,

contracting, squeezing.

I release my grip on you and you slow down, the last of your cum lazily oozing as the

last of my orgasm pulses through me.

I wish, I really wish it could happen. I've imagined it so many times. Surely, if it's this

amazing in the virtual world it would be a million times better in real life. Is that even


Holy shit, I've gotten myself into quite a state thinking about it. I need to make myself

cum now before I get up.

Wish you were here...

Tags: black, straight, poker, debt, interracial, unprotectedA boyfriend gambles away

everything he has, including his girlfriend.
I had to lose almost everything before I came to my senses, sitting there at the dining

table with my boyfriend Todd - watching him gamble away everything he owned and,

as it turned out, a few major things that I owned too.

I never considered myself to be stupid, but much as a frog stays in water that slowly

warms up to a boil without noticing what is going on, it somehow didn't concern me

when he stopped winning at poker and started to lose. It didn't concern me that the

new car I was promised for my birthday didn't happen because he didn't win that

money like he thought he would. I wasn't worried when the extra cash we kept around

the apartment, our tax-free stash and his backup bankroll, disappeared due to losses

at the poker table. It didn't alarm me when he would stay up all night playing poker

online instead of giving me attention or holding me as I drifted to sl**p. And somehow,

incredibly, I didn't panic when I came home one night to find the power had been shut


"Dammit... well... baby, I was just a little short this month, I should have paid that on

Monday after I won that afternoon - tell you what, I'll pay it in the morning when I'm done

here," he said to me on the phone from somebody's house somewhere, at yet another

all-night game that he was likely to come home broke from.

I used the light from my phone screen to guide me to the bathroom and over to the

cabinets so I could get ready for bed, before falling asl**p alone in even greater

darkness than I was accustomed to.

We shared a bank account, an idea that sounded great when he was winning money

as fast as he could bet with it. He would only get better from there, he told me, which

made sense - why would you get worse at poker with more practice and experience?

But lately, when my card would get rejected at a restaurant or a store, it seemed rather

stupid of me to have agreed to it. No matter, I trusted him when he told me that he was

just one good game of poker away from replenishing the account, or just had to

deposit some of the cash that he had. Sometimes that was the case, but more and

more often it was not. At a certain point, I was paying nearly every essential monthly bill

out my waitressing tips alone, and you can guess how much was left over each month

beyond that. To make matters worse, he became more and more unpleasant to be

around, snapping at me for even the mildest of inquiries into our money situation. But

what was I supposed to do? It was my money too, and as time went on, it was mostly

my money.

Then one night, alone in the apartment, wondering when and if the losing streak would

ever end, Todd burst through the door with 2 tons of swagger and threw a stack of

hundred dollar bills into my lap. He told me that he met some guys through his

connections in the poker games and finally managed to get a game with them. He'd

been told they were suckers - guys who thought they were far better than they were,

and who really spread the money around.

"Thing is, baby, they dress and act like gang bangers - and they probably are," he

said, pacing excitedly in front of me. "For all I know, they're playing with d**g money,

but I don't give a fuck because I just took them for damn near everything they had!"

The losing streak was over, and that one big win carried us for a few weeks and paid

off some bills. The success didn't translate to any of his other regular games, though,

so after a few losses he went back to play with those same guys again. Only this time,

he was not so fortunate; they took him for all the money he brought with him, which was

everything we had in cash. At about 11:30 p.m., while I was on the couch with a bowl of

ice cream, watching a movie, Todd came in and went straight back to our bedroom

without even acknowledging me, only to emerge seconds later with his electric guitar

in hand.

"Todd, what are you doing with your guitar?" I asked.

"Taking it down to Deon's place - I need it to stay in the game," he said, gathering his

keys and signaling that he was ready to leave and be done with this conversation.

"You're going to gamble your guitar? The one you spent over a thousand dollars on a

year ago and wouldn't shut up about? The one you treat as though it were your own

infant son, wiping it down with a rag after you use it? Have you lost your mind?"

He sighed and turned around, resting a hand on the upright guitar.

"Look, I can take these guys, I just had a shitty, crazy couple of hands that wiped me

out. They got lucky, and so I just need something to get me back in the game with

some cash so I can outplay them. The longer we play, the more advantage I have. You

know that."

I'd heard this speech a few times now, and had always admitted that you had to take

the good with the bad. If I was willing to buy into the whole gambler's girl thing - sitting

on his lap at the table, letting him buy me nice things, going to casinos on weekends

and lounging all day in a great spa - then I had to realize that there would be rocky

spots, too. Still, something wasn't right, and it had been nothing but rocky for quite a

while now.

"Okay," I said, knowing further discussion was futile. He hastily swung his $1,100

guitar through the open door like it was an old shovel and slammed the door behind

him, not even hearing me wish him good luck.

I was asl**p when he got home, but I woke up when he crawled into bed. He reeked of

smoke but I couldn't be bothered with insisting he take a shower- I figured I'd fall back

asl**p anyway within a few minutes.

"So how did it go?" I mumbled, facing away from him. "Still own that guitar?"

"They still have it. I'll tell you about it in the morning, okay?" I really didn't want to hear

about it at all.

Things were better the next week, and I thought the worst was behind us. We talked

about it and he agreed with me that if he was really going to do this for a living, he had

to play in small games until he got out of whatever rut he was in. He took a few days

off, then started driving about an hour each way to the nearest casino to play in low-

limit games. Business was steady at the restaurant, and I felt like I was getting my old

boyfriend back again. He was under control; he could learn to play for a profit again, I

knew he could. I'd seen him do it before.

Friday we went out to dinner and a movie, something we hadn't done in a couple of

months, and then had great sex when we got home. It was the very best, loving kind,

the kind where you wake up in his arms, right where you last remember being in an

awesome afterglow. Saturday night, I made plans with some girlfriends to go out for

drinks so my Todd would have to fend for himself. He said he might visit some friends

at a nearby bar, but otherwise he had no plan.

"No poker tonight, baby?" I asked, but with an arched eyebrow and a steady stare,

delivering it more as instruction than anything else.

"No poker," he answered with a chuckle, then grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled

me in for a peck on the lips. "You have fun with the girls, I'll do my thing."

"Whatever that means," I giggled, and then left.

It was about midnight when we'd all had about as many drinks as we safely could

before driving became a really bad idea. I knew I was probably over the limit as I

drove, singing some Lady Gaga song at the top of my lungs, but home wasn't far, I

reasoned. Besides, I knew how to stay in my lane; I was more careful after a few drinks

anyway. I pulled into our apartment complex and noticed a car in one of our two

assigned spaces, with Todd's truck sitting in the other.

"Fuckers," I mumbled under my breath, then threw the car into reverse and drove a few

hundred feet to the guest spaces, feeling lucky that I got one close by. It happens a lot

during weekends, people throw parties and visitors pay no attention to signage,

parking anywhere they find a spot.

Fumbling for my keys outside the front door, I could hear people talking inside the

apartment - different voices from anyone I might recognize. When I entered I saw Todd

and three others sitting at the dining room table. I knew immediately what was going

on, and didn't even have to look to see what was on the table. Todd was smoking a

cigar, which meant he was drinking, and he didn't look very happy. The other men, all

three of them black, were all dressed like they might be extras in a hip-hop video.

These had to be the guys he'd told me about earlier - the guys he'd won so much

money from, before losing even more to them. I hadn't yet scanned the tabletop to see

how Todd was faring against these guys but I was struck by the sight of three large,

imposing men hunkered around a table with my far less physically imposing boyfriend.

Even his dress, a short sleeve polo shirt and khaki shorts, seemed docile compared

with their baggy jeans, tank tops, and oversize jewelry.

"Hi guys," I said after a few seconds, when my presence had yielded no reaction from

any of the four of them.

"Hi hun," Todd responded glumly, brushing me off.

"This your girl, Todd?" one of them asked. "You didn't tell me you had a honey stashed

up in here!" he said playfully, garnering no similar reaction from Todd, whose eyes

were downcast, studying cards laid out on the table.

"How you doin', baby, my name's Deon, and these are my boys Chris and Martell.”

Deon reached out to shake my head.

"Pleasure, Deon..." I said, then nodded at the other two before turning to Todd and

dr****g an arm over his shoulder. "So much for promises, huh babe?" Todd just shook

his head. "How's it going?"

"He's trying to come back, he might still get there.... we got all night!" Deon said

cheerfully, and with more than a hint of arrogance. I leaned into Todd's ear.

"Can I talk to you in the other room for a minute?"

"No, just let me take care of this. I know what I told you, but it is what it is, babe," he

answered, dismissive and impatient.

"Uh oh," Deon chimed in again, chuckling, "do we need to give you guys a few

minutes? We can go outside or something."

"No," Todd snapped. "It's fine. Deal 'em."

"OK, so that's it, huh?" I said, backing away from the table. "Have fun then- and good

luck...I know you always play your best poker when you're d***k and chasing losses!" I

was so pissed off, and for so many reasons. Deon raised his eyebrows for a beat,

then announced the dealing of the next hand. I went to the kitchen, mixed a rum and

coke that was so strong it was merely tinted brown, then stomped back to the

bedroom and slammed the door.

That motherfucker!

I slung my purse across the room, into a chair in the corner. I thought about the rent that

was coming due again next week, and a new round of utility bills that would be just

behind that. I turned on the TV and saw that Training Day was showing on HBO; would

we be able to afford cable this next month? I knew we had no cushion, and this time

around, due to some necessary car repairs - yes, on the car that we couldn't afford to

trade in for something new for me, as promised - I knew my tips and wages wouldn't

even come close to covering everything, to say nothing of buying groceries or gas. I

nursed my drink and started to cry, unable to really see a way out of this, unless Todd

turned it around and starting to win again. But no matter how bad at poker those three

guys really were, they had already taken him for a lot of money, and Todd was drinking

this time, so his head wasn't as clear as it should have been to play for real money.

Why did I have to fall in love with a gambler?

The only solace I had was that he really didn't have much more to lose. Once the cash

he had on hand was lost- all the money he'd been playing with at the casino all week-

he would have to shut it down. That is, unless these guys were willing to loan him

money, but owing loan shark gang members is only marginally better than having no

money at all. Unless he could get his act together, I knew that the night's outcome

would be just another all too familiar crash and burn.

I tried to block it out. I went online and fiddled with my Facebook page for a few

minutes to check updates, but kept getting drawn back to pictures of me and Todd

doing things together, laughing and smiling. How could I get us back to that place?

How far gone were we? The rum I was drinking only helped to aggravate my

increasingly helpless feelings about our situation.

I looked at a picture of us together at a poker table. I remembered the night. It took

place at an old friend's house, and Todd had won the tournament. In the picture, I was

sitting on his lap while he played. His confidence shone through, holding his two cards

in one hand and holding me close to him with the other. What was the difference

between then and now? Maybe he just needed my support; surely it’s no worse than

him sitting in there alone, knowing I was mad at him. Extra pressure couldn't be good. I

stood up, steadied myself for a second, then walked back into the dining room to

support my boyfriend.

A thick layer of smoke hung over the table, but it wasn’t nearly as thick as the feeling of

desperation that was present. I put one arm around Todd's shoulder and asked if I

could have a seat, motioning for his lap, but he brushed me off.

"It's okay baby, I'm just here to watch and support you," I said, trying to mask the worry

in my voice as much as I could.

"You don't want to watch this... trust me," he said grimly, throwing his cards into the

center and watching Deon drag a small pile of playing chips toward his own very large

stacks of chips. I realized then that Todd's stack was smaller than anyone else's.

"Maybe I'm your good luck charm," I said. "A pretty girl in your lap couldn't hurt." I

leaned down, trying to catch his eye with my smile, but to no avail.

"If you're gonna watch, grab a chair, okay?" he replied with a sigh, looking at me briefly

before focusing on the new pair of cards that arrived in front of his chips.

"Don't take it personal, baby girl. Todd's been acting like that all night with us," Deon

said to me, unable to conceal his smirk.

"Please don't call her that, okay Deon? In fact, could you guys just not talk to her at

all?" Todd said, tossing two chips into the center of the table. Deon held his hands up,

palms out.

"Hey, you're the man, I am your guest, or whatever... oh, that's 100 to you," he replied,

signaling that he'd made a bet. Todd tossed, counted out some chips, then several

more, raising him. I noticed that his last two bets were over half his remaining chips.

"Raising me again, hmmm," Deon said playfully, as if toying with Todd. "You don't

know when to quit do you, son? I'm all in," he said, challenging Todd to push the

remainder of his money into the pot.

Todd stared at the center of the table for about five seconds, and then shoved the rest

of his chips to the middle, eliminating the need to even say anything. He was all in.

I watched both Deon and Todd turn over their cards, seeing that Todd really had no

business betting all his money with the hand he had. I don't even know poker that well,

but even I could see that. Anger rose up from within, but nothing like the anger I felt

when the final card was turned over, sealing Todd's fate. I couldn't even speak. Fuck

this! I had to get out of there, and I didn't care how d***k I was - it was time to bail. I

reached for my keys, but Deon's hand covered them before I could.

"Sorry shorty, I can't let you do that," he said, his voice suddenly more serious than

before. At first I thought he was joking, but it didn't feel like a joke at all. I looked at

Todd, but he was staring holes into the table, refusing to look back at me.

"He's got the car," Todd finally said.


"Deon's got the cars...until I win them back." I felt the bl**d drain out of my face and sat

down again.

"You gambled the cars? You gambled MY car? That wasn't yours to take, it's in my

name, Todd!"

"You know what? I don't give a fuck whose name what's in. You have a title

somewhere, you can sign it over, don't matter a damn bit to me what it says," Deon

said, grabbing both sets of keys and flipping them over to his two friends. "Unless, that

is, you want to keep playing."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing- I remember closing my eyes, hoping it was a

dream. I tried to think of what to do, but I knew there was nothing I could do. I couldn't

even muster anger anymore, the shock was too potent.

"I can do this," Todd said. "I can get this back. I can at least get your car back, I owe

that to you."

I couldn't bear to show my tears and covered my face with my hands.

My dad had given me that car for graduating high school. He knew I wasn't bound for

college, and that I was the type of person who would go from job to job, until eventually I

found out what would made me happy. But he also knew I'd take loving care of

anything he gave me. So, the day after graduation, I found a Honda Accord sitting in

the driveway. He'd bought it for me. It wasn't brand new, but it wasn't beat up and it

was new to me, which was all that mattered. About six months later, my dad died of a

heart attack. I swore I'd drive that car until it could give no more to me, and it my last

connection to my dad. Now, 4 years later, these thugs owned it because my boyfriend

didn't know when to quit.

It didn't matter how I got there, though; all that mattered was that I get that car back.

Yet, something told me that begging wasn't quite going to do it, and of course I had no

money. That left Todd's insistence that he could get it back as my only option.

"So you want to keep playing then?" Deon asked. "I can make you a loan, as you can

see," he said, gesturing at his massive stack of chips and cash. "And we'll play heads

up, just us two, but I'm going to need to hold something of value for it."

"Anything you want, just pick it," Todd said, itching to get back in the game and

redeem himself. "I got you motherfuckers pegged now- just give me one more shot."

"Hahaha, big talk from a man who's $3,500, a guitar, an antique ring, and two

motherfuckin' cars below even," he retorted, sharing a hearty, evil laugh with his


"Anything I want, huh? Well, that's a tough one, because I don't think your ass has

anything left of value up in here," he went on, again breaking into laughter. "I mean, I

got better TVs at my place, and I can't give you more than about $200 for that shitty-

ass couch. I know your ass needs more than that."

"Antique ring?" I shrieked. I knew which one he was talking about. It was the one I

inherited from my grandmother, of24 karat gold with an inset ruby. I didn't care what its

monetary value was; it was worth the world to me. I just shook my head, unsure how

anything was ever going to be the same after this. I knew it wouldn't be, and I began go

from anger to resolution as I watched the two men negotiate yet another chance for

Todd to redeem himself.

"Loan me a thousand, Deon," Todd pleaded.

"Oh, just like that, huh? A grand, on a finger?" Deon said, leaning forward, then back in

his chair. "I can give you a grand but I don't know what the fuck you got left that's worth

that much. All your white boy clothes damn sure don't add up to that, not that I want 'em

anyway." A few moments of silence hung over the table.

"Yo Deon," said his buddy on the left, tapping him on the arm. "How about the girl?"

Deon thought for few seconds, then smiled broadly.

"Damn, Chris! I gotta remember moments like this when I forget why I keep your

monkey ass around! Good looking out, son!" Deon said. "I think we got a deal - we

keep the girl in return for a thousand dollar loan." Todd didn't follow.

"What?" said Todd. "What, do you mean you'll keep my girlfriend? If I lose you do what,

k**nap her?"

"Not at all...well, not unless she wants to come, and her sexy little ass is welcome in my

place anytime," he said, giving me a hard once over.

"What I mean is," he continued, before pausing to look Todd directly in the eyes, "if

you lose this thousand dollars, I'm fuckin' the girl. Tonight. While you watch."

Both Todd and I were left speechless, but Deon, Chris, and Martell simply told him that

it was the only offer they were willing to make. Otherwise, they would walk away with

the money and the cars, and no chance to ever earn them back. They were done

playing with Todd if he refused the deal.

"I don't get it," Todd said. "If you loan me money and I lose it, you just got your money

back, you didn't lose anything. So why take advantage of me by asking for sex with my

girlfriend? This is fucking bullshit!"

"What do you think I do, run a goddamn poker charity? You think I play for laughs?

Fuck no, it's 2 o'clock in the damn morning, and I ain't spending another minute in

some degenerate-ass white boy's apartment if there ain't money to be made - or at

least a prime piece of ass to get a sample of." His voice trailed off as his eyes once

again ran over me, sending a chill down my spine that was a mixture of fear and the

beginning of arousal. He knew it, too.

"That's it, poker boy. Take it or leave it." Todd turned to me and started to talk, voice


"Baby, I'm sorry- I just think this is the only way I can-"

"Shut up!" I interrupted, unwilling to listen to his voice any longer. I was shaking my

head, numb to the whole proposition, but single minded about getting my dad's car

back. The rest I would figure out afterward. "Just get my car back, Todd."

"Deal me in," said Todd after a few seconds, pulling his chair up the to table again. I

went to make another strong rum and coke, then sat down next to Deon. Todd looked

at me, shook his head, and then tried to sink his mind into the game again.

I watched as the hands came and went, with Todd's stack of chips rising and falling. I

thought about what I really wanted, and how I'd been greedy and stupid to buy into this

life with him to begin with. I thought about how blind I was to his downward spiral until it

was too late, and how he apparently thought nothing of gambling away my most

valuable and prized possession. Then I thought about how truly fucked up it was that he

put my vagina up as collateral for a loan. He was sick and selfish - he deserved to hit

bottom, he really did. Maybe it would teach him the value of things in his life beyond

cash and card games, or maybe he didn't deserve me at all. But the more I thought

about it, and the more I watched him recklessly betting with his last thousand dollars,

with my body on the line, the more I found myself rooting against him. Rooting for him

was doing me no good, I realized. He didn't deserve my support anyway. I leaned on

Deon, rubbing his back with my hand. I was excited by how strong he was, and by his

strong musk, so masculine. I realized I'd probably never been this close to a black man

before, and so I didn't know if that was really part of it, but the rum wasn't all that was

intoxicating me. The object of my boyfriend's downfall was drawing me to him, both as

a matter of revenge and a****l attraction to the more masculine of two bulls.

Todd held his two hole cards under his fingers, peeking briefly, then bet $200.

"You got a monster over there, poker boy?" Deon asked, immediately calling the bet,

pushing his own $200 in. The three community cards came out. Ace, 10, 4, all in

spades. Todd bet $100, and Deon immediately called again.

The next card was another ace, the ace of diamonds. Todd bet another hundred


"You gonna just keep bleeding me dry on your flush over there? You're making me pay

good money after bad, son," said Deon as he again put another hundred in the pot in

response to Todd's bet.

The last card was a Jack of hearts. Todd bet $200, and Deon immediately pushed all

in again, leaving Todd with a decision for his last two hundred dollars.

"You made your flush early on, since then just betting steady, why abandon it now?"

Deon said, running several chips through his fingers, over and over. "If you really got

that flush, I'm a dead man. I think you're tired as hell, and you just bet too heavy like you

usually do. But if you really got that flush... oooweee, you're on your way back to

winning back shorty's Honda for her."

I didn't know what kind of a hand Todd had, but I knew he was trying to decide just how

much of a mind-fuck Deon was putting on him. Deon kept talking, and Todd stayed

silent, staring at the cards on the table. Finally he pushed his last two hundred dollars

into the pot. Depending on what was about to be revealed when he flipped his cards

over, that last bet brought the total amount wagered to about $4,500 in cash, an

$1,100 guitar, and two cars that together had to be worth at least $8,000 on top of that.

As it turned out, Todd indeed had the flush, but Deon had four aces. Deon won, and

Todd was wiped out, this time completely, and for the last time.

"Okay," Todd said, almost to himself, and nodding his head. "Let's do this . We'll let

you guys get out of here, and we'll get some sl**p. Give me a few days to get a

thousand together and I'll bring it to you. No bullshit and no more poker. You didn't lose

any money, but as a man, I owe it to you. I just want to do what's right."

"Nice try, white boy, but we've already laid these terms out. You knew the deal before I

slid those last thousand dollars your way, and both you and Shorty agreed with them.

So I'm gonna be as straight as I can with you - you can either sit there and watch, or

you can try to leave and Chris and Martell can hold your ass in place and f***e you to

watch - your choice."

I should have felt threatened and offended by this entire scenario, but I wasn't. I was

nervous and numb, but aroused, adrenaline pumping through my veins. I was one big

poker chip, lost by Todd, and won by Deon. I had a part to play, a lesson to teach,

revenge to exact, and - just maybe- a bang to go out with. It was time to turn the tables

- to be the reckless one at HIS expense, for once!

I crawled into Deon's lap and leaned into his neck, my head spinning as I breathed in

his strong scent. My arms wrapped around him, taking note of how much bigger he

was than Todd, or anyone I'd ever been with for that matter. I wasn't me anymore, I was

somebody else. As long as that was the case, I was going to take full advantage. His

hands were gigantic, gripping my ribcage and pulling me tight to him. I reached a hand

down to find and grip his cock from outside his jeans, just to hear him moan and talk to

me. His low voice made his body vibrate up against me.

"Oh yeah, baby. Go find that cock for me, where's it at?"

There was no mistaking it, a thick tube resting sideways and pressing against the

crotch of the denim. I pressed and stroked, and Deon's hand reached down to cup my

ass over my shorts while he gripped a breast, using it to pull me closer to him. Damn, I

knew this was going to be hot – as long as I was able to go through with it. So far, so

good, I was in the zone, I cared about nothing else.

I kissed his neck, tasting his tangy skin, feeling his stubble against my cheek, while

down below I could feel him getting bigger under the coaxing of my fingers. I heard

Todd talking to me from behind, but the six or seven feet between us sounded like 40 -

he was so far from being able to influence me, though he was the reason I was doing

this - at first, anyway.

"So is this hot for you, Kelly? Does the guy who just took damn near everything we own

turn you on? Seriously?” he said to me in a bitter tone. I heard him, but didn't think or

care to respond.

"Sure looks that way to me, Todd ", one of the others replied, saying his name

mockingly. There had to be more than a few African-American "Todd"s out there, but

the way they pronounced it, it was the world's whitest name.

I pulled Deon's shirt off, snaking it past his head and his jewelry, then let him toss it to

the floor. By then he was tugging at mine too, pulling it through my head and arms and

then threw it off somewhere. His gold medallion, hanging low on his chest was chilly

against my skin as I leaned in toward him. He unclasped my bra and pushed me back

to get it off me as well, then wasted no time taking a bare breast in each hand,

squeezing them with his thumbs, pressing down on my nipples. He was in control now,

and I was going to let him do whatever the fuck he wanted to do.

Deon lifted me up by my sides and took one of my breasts into his mouth, sucking my

nipple as deeply as he could get it and splashed over it roughly with his tongue. I

started to moan and wrapped my legs around his bare torso and ground my hips

against him, my pussy itching for some friction.

"Yeah, looks like Kelly's enjoying her self just fine, Todd, " I heard one of them taunt,

followed by Todd muttering something venomous under his breath. I hoped he was

muttering about what a fuck-up he was, and about how he did all this to himself. Either

way, it only increased my arousal, and added to my motivation to take what was

quickly coming my way.

Deon’s mouth went from one breast to the other, groping the other one with one hand

while the other one supported my ass. His finger reached over and pressed into my

mound, and I moaned again, my hands clasping onto his shaved head.

"No! No!" Todd was repeating as Deon lowered me onto the table, various chips and

hundred dollar bills slipping under my back and ass as I looked up at to see Chris and

Martell smiling at me. I smiled back, getting sick satisfaction out of doing this. The

more I heard Todd protest, the more I needed it to happen. My shorts and panties

were pulled off in one motion.

"Naked, fine ass chick. Fuck yeah", Deon said to the other two, admiring me before

crouching down between my legs and lapping my bare vulva with the broadside of his

tongue. I jumped but didn't move; his hands held me firmly in place, and my hands

gripped his arms in return. His mouth easily covered my entire mound, his tongue

gliding over and just inside my opening, poking and rubbing against my clit - so

intense and so fast were the movements of his tongue that I lost all remaining control. I

couldn't hear myself, but knew I was probably shrieking loudly and making a hell of

racket! My ass wiggled and pressed back against him, the chips and cards sliding

under me. I'd had oral sex before, but until then, I had never been fucked by another

man's mouth. And Deon was definitely fucking me, and all without penetrating me

more than inside my folds.

His hands reached up and again grasped my breasts, bunching them up in his grip

and I opened my legs wide as he licked and sucked me harder still. Todd was

begging him to stop, and Chris and Martell were telling him to shut up. All of it was too

much, I was right on the edge- then Deon isolated his mouth and tongue on my clit,

leaving a rush of cold across my vulva as the sopping skin hit the cool air of the room. I

screamed out every ounce of air in my lungs, and then gasped in vain to draw it back

in as I came. I reached back and gripped the far edge of the table, hips bucking

uncontrollably against his mouth. I was squirting all over him, and he was humming as

he sucked my clit, not slowing down for a moment while I was cumming.

When I regained control of my thoughts, I lay naked and limp on the table, my chest

rising and falling, trying to catch my breath, legs dangling off the end. Todd was yelling

behind me at the other two.

"Okay, you fucking proved your point, asshole! I'll pay you a thousand dollars, how

many times do I have to offer? I'll pay it in installments, just leave her alone! She's mad

at me, but she doesn't even know what she's doing!" Deon just laughed at him, then

turned to me, laid out in front of him.

"Hey baby girl, you know what you're doing here, don't you?" I didn't say anything; with

eyes closed, I only nodded. "Hell yeah, that's right: getting to know a real man!" I didn't

want to think about it, I just wanted it to happen.

My eyes opened when I felt a warm mass hit my lower belly with a soft thud. I looked

down to see his penis resting on me, the tip of it nearly reaching my bellybutton, and

the hair on his balls tickling my wet vulva. I was never the type to obsess about penis

size - I've had bigger and smaller, and neither had much to do with how good the sex

was- but I was a little nervous just looking at this one.

"A little bigger that you're used to?" Deon said through a chuckle, and I laughed and

nodded. "That's okay Kelly, that you're name right? I'll take good care of you." One big

hand ran up my body and covered my breast while I felt him rubbing the head of his

cock along my folds.

"Kelly, don't do this!" I heard Todd say from behind. "I'm sorry! Don't do this, tell him to

stop!" He couldn't have been farther away from influencing me by then. I rolled my hips

down just as he turned the head upward and he slipped inside, taking my breath away.

My body froze, contracting around him, pushing him out.

"Without protection, even?" Chris and Martell told him to shut up, and for the moment

he did.

"Relax, relax," Deon said in a low voice. He pulled me closer to him, taking my legs up

and resting them against his chest. It was like leaning against a radiator, he felt so hot.

Again he penetrated me, this time pushing inside a few inches. We both groaned, and

behind me I heard commotion and struggle. It must have been Todd trying to stop what

was happening, but I didn't even pay that much attention. I heard him shout my name,

obscenities, and the word "no" several times. I heard the sound of duct tape being

pulled off a roll and ripped. I heard the sound of a cheap dinette chair shifting and

sliding on the floor under a human's weight. But I felt and cared about nothing but

Deon's invasion of me. I was willingly submissive, and I knew he appreciated what he

was taking from me. Each time he leaned forward, it felt as he might push all the air

from my lungs. I wasn't in pain, but the pressure was intense. His hands ran down to

the base of my thighs, then back up beyond my knees. Part of me wanted to tell him to

take his time; most of me didn't care.

Todd was muffled, probably by duct tape, and I could hear him trying to shout from

underneath it. I had a hard time keeping my breath, and what I was saying weren't

words. Deon pulled all the way out, then re-entered me. Lewd sounds of wetness and

air f***ed out between wet folds of flesh grew loud and rhythmic. I could feel and hear

every movement. The pressure grew the further he sunk himself into me, like a diver

going deeper into water. I couldn't reach him; I could only reach over my head to hold

onto the end of the table. I tried to bend my legs but his hands gripped my thighs and

kept them tight to his body. I was helpless and being helplessly taken, and it was

driving me nearer to the edge.

My body shook with each thrust as Deon finally bottomed out inside of me and started

to go faster. He told me how much he loved my pussy, how great I felt around him. I

knew most of that was for Todd's torture, but I didn't care - that was part of it for me,

too. His strokes grew faster still, holding most of his meat inside me as he jerked back

with my upright thighs over and over, pulling my ass off of the table a little at a time. I

struggled to keep my screams to a minimum as wave after wave of intense pleasure

started to wash over me, then stopped resisting.

"Let it go, baby! Let it go! Damn!" Deon said, looking lustfully at me while my body

tried to curl in on itself in the midst of an orgasm. Not only did Todd's presence not

bother me, it intensified my pleasure. He deserved this. These thick inches of

invading, enemy cock - they were for the car that was mine that he lost. They were for

the ring that I inherited, that he lost. They were for the money that I could no longer

count on to pay bills and eat with, much less have any nice extras. They were for a

complete loss of trust. They were for a life he threw away.

I slipped off the table and his big hands grasped me at each hip, forcing a rhythm

faster yet. I struggled to breath, and Todd struggled to be heard from behind this taped

mouth, shouting as he watched the man to whom he had lost everything he owned take

his girlfriend right in from of him. The repeating slap of our colliding skin was like a

drum beat moving toward a resolution. Chris and Martell cheered Deon, I moaned,

allowing my lower body to be taken by f***e as an extension of his.

Deon's face broke into a grimace.

"Oh god.... oh fuck.... oh my god, baby girl!" he said through gritted teeth, his hands

tightening their grip on my flesh as he kept feeding me all he had, deeply and rapidly.

"Uh oh, I think Deon's about to give her a little present..." said Chris to Martell, sending

Todd into muffled, unintelligible hysterics.

"Yeah," said Deon, slowing it down. "Yeah, oh fuck...", then a long groan. My toes

curled and my body spasmed as I felt him grow and pulse from deep within. I knew he

was draining himself inside of me. I watched his abdomen tense up and his eyes

close. I could feel the increased warmth wash against my walls, and calming

numbness overtake me as his orgasm subsided. His strokes were long, steady and

slow, his body shaking from the intense sensations as he slid in and out of my soaked

pussy. Finally he picked me up and took me in his arms as we both collapsed on the

floor, his softening dick still inside me. I leaned limply against him in his lap, feeling his

cock deflating until finally he slipped out of me and a thick stream followed, hitting the

wood floor with a soft pat. I felt hollowed out and spent. I felt unloved, but I felt sated,

avenged, and justified.

With wobbly legs and woozy head, I gathered my clothes and put them back on, my

soaked, sore pussy feeling a chill as my panties touched it and sealed it again from

the air. So much had changed since I put them on for the first time the previous

morning. I forgot my bra, but not my bound and gagged boyfriend, whom Chris allowed

finally to breath through his mouth again, coughing as the tape ripped free of his


"I can't believe you did this to me," he finally said, unable to meet my glare.

"Funny, I was about to say the same damn thing to you. You did this to yourself. Get

help," I said, then went to the bathroom and burst into tears.

"Okay boys, lets pick up the spoils and get the fuck outta here," Deon said, finally

dressed himself and focused again on getting his winnings home. He got to the front

door and saw me standing in the hall.

"You gonna be alright, Shorty?" he asked, stopping short of wiping the tear from my



"I got a couch, I suggest you sl**p on it baby. You don't wanna stay here in this hot

mess tonight," he said. He was right, this place was poisoned. I was lucky to still own

the shirt on my back, and the culprit sat inside, still in a daze.

At Deon’s I fell asl**p almost immediately and didn't awake until the sun was

streaming in through a nearby window. I heard voices in the kitchen, but didn’t

recognize any of them. Below me was an envelope; the yellow kind you sent unfolded

letters in. I sat up and let my head stop spinning before leaning down to pick up the

envelope and open it. Inside were an assortment of loose cash, my ring, and a set of


The note inside read:

Kelly, take your car and your ring and some money. You didn't need to get caught up in

this. I feel bad but I did have fun. Business is business but fair is fair. Go do your own

thing now and don't worry about any of us. I already got my thank you.

Deon ... Continue»
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Daddy and Me

This is a story I found online - its not mine but it made me cum!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

My name is Jemma and I am proud to admit that I fuck my daddy.

It all started two months ago, on my twenty second birthday. I've always, always got very excited on my birthdays. On this birthday, my excitement was doubled, as my daddy was due to come home from the army. He had been away for six months and I'd missed him desperately. We've always been close, and even though I have two s****rs, I've always been his favourite. I've shared everything with him, telling him about the boys I liked, and my first kiss. I've even told him about the night I lost my virginity.

At eight o' clock sharp the doorbell rang, and I raced down the stairs so I could be the first one to greet daddy. As usual, on opening the door to daddy, I was immediately engulfed in his big strong arms as he lifted me up and hugged me tight to his chest. Six months is a long time for a dad to be away from his favourite daughter, and he held on to me for at least two minutes, until my s****rs started clearing their throats, and I could hear my mother sighing.

"Oh for God's sake, Garrick," my mother sighed, "there are other people here who want to see you, you know." Daddy reluctantly released me. He patted my ass lightly as I disentangled myself from his embrace, and then proceeded to hug my s****rs, before planting a big kiss on my mother's lips, gathering her up in his arms, and tickling her slightly. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the sight of my dad showing affection to someone other than me.

Dad sipped a coffee in the kitchen and told us some tales of army life for half an hour before yawning, and saying he was going to go for a nap. I looked up at him as he left the table, feeling a slight stab of hurt in my heart. He hadn't wished me a happy birthday yet and that wasn't like my dad. He usually made a big fuss of all his daughters on their birthdays. I put it down to him being tired from the journey home, and knew that he would make it up to me at the party.

By ten thirty, I'd had more than a few drinks, spurred on by the pain I was feeling because my dad seemingly didn't care about my special day. He had eventually arrived down the stairs, bleary eyed, and in bad form, ignoring me and my s****rs and heading straight to the fridge, where he took out a bottle of vodka, poured a quarter of the bottle into a glass, and threw it down his throat. I was a little shocked, I had never seen my dad act this way.

At midnight, all my guests had gone home, and now it was just my s****rs, me, and my mum and dad that were left. My s****rs were so d***k that they passed out on the couch. My dad seemed very tipsy as he stumbled up the stairs, dragging my mum behind him, loudly whispering how horny he was for her.

I sat at the kitchen table, feeling completely alone, and downed what was left of a bottle of vodka. I couldn't understand why my dad had ignored me the whole night, it hurt so badly. I felt let down, and worse than that, I felt rejected. My precious daddy, instead of treating me like a princess, had cast me off.

I made my way up the stairs, holding on to the banister for support. Closing my bedroom door behind me, I peeled off my dress, the one I had chosen so carefully, hoping for dad to tell me I was his pretty little girl when he saw me in it, and threw it on the floor.

Feeling slightly woozy now, after all the alcohol, I made my way to the bay window in my room, and sat on the sill, loving the moonlight shining on my bare skin. Curled up with my favourite teddy bear, I let the fresh air invade the room, enjoying the cool breeze, feeling it start to clear my fuzzy head.

A loud banging noise started to pound from the wall I shared with my parent's bedroom. I instantly closed my eyes and stuck a finger in each ear, as I had done hundreds of times before. I knew that banging sound well. My parents were having sex and while in the throes of passion tended to forget that their daughters could hear them.

No matter how hard I tried to block them out, their panting and grunting always seeped through to me. And as usual, no matter how hard I tried to resist, I got turned on by the sounds of sex and had to touch myself. I'd been doing it for as long as I could remember. Hearing my dad fuck my mother made me wetter than anything else and over the years I had practiced masturbating to their rhythm, so that now I could cum when they did, biting into my teddy bear, muffling my screams of ecstasy as my mum and dad came loudly next door. After I had recovered from my orgasm, I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

I was awoken some time later by the sensation of something brushing against my face. As I opened my eyes I could make out a vague shadow sitting on my bed and my heart froze until I heard my father's reassuring voice. "Don't worry angel, it's just your dad."

"Where's my birthday kiss then, Daddy?" I asked. My dad stopped brushing my face and I was surprised to hear a hardness in his voice as he said, "You're too big for that now, Jemma."

He got up off the bed then and walked over to the window. I could just make out his face in the moonlight, a worried expression creasing his features. I had no idea what was troubling my dad but I hated to see him upset. I threw the bed-covers off me and walked over to my dad, hugging him from behind, and squeezing him gently. "Daddy, what's wrong?" I whispered.

Dad shrugged me away from him and started pacing round the room. He looked panicked, and it startled me to see my usually calm dad act like this. Whatever was bothering him, it was something big.

After a few moments of walking in circles around my small room, Dad flopped on to my bed. Worried about him now, I crossed the room, and lay down on the bed beside him. He was shirtless, and a pair of tight black boxers was all that covered his nakedness from me. I was dressed only in my bra and panties, and as I cuddled up to him, wrapping my arms around his chest, he pulled away and in a gruff whisper he said, "Put some damn clothes on."

I was hurt by his sudden anger at me and extremely puzzled to the source of it. I jumped up from the bed, stood with my hands on my hips, and defiantly said to him, "No daddy, this is my room, I'll walk around half naked if I want and if you don't like it you can leave."

Daddy was silent for a second and then let out a huge sigh. "I do like it baby, and that's the problem."

I had no idea what my daddy was talking about for a second, I just looked at him lying on my bed, chest rising up and down from his deep breaths, his handsome profile faced away from me, and something else; something that I never thought I would see so starkly and never ever in my bedroom; my daddy's hard cock, standing up so proudly, the huge bulge straining the fabric of his boxers.

"Daddy?" that was all I could say. My eyes couldn't leave the sight of his cock. I had heard it being used on my mother many times, but I had never seen it, and even in the dark shadows of my bedroom, it looked impressive.

Daddy made no movement or effort to speak so I quietly tip-toed my way to the bed, thinking maybe he had fallen asl**p, his previous utterance just a d***ken ramble that didn't mean anything. Moving closer to him, I could see that his eyes were closed tight, and that he was breathing heavily, I thought he must surely be asl**p, and I thought I would wake up in a fun way, a way I had done lots of times before.

Carefully avoiding touching my daddy's erection I climbed on to my bed, and straddled his chest. Still no movement from him, so I began to slide my fingers over his waist, his smooth skin felt warm to my touch. I knew that this was where he was most ticklish, and that me tickling him was bound to wake him up. He would laugh at me and then tell me to get some sl**p and that would be it. Everything would be back to normal.

But it didn't turn out that way. I continued trailing my fingers over my dad's body. When he didn't wake up from the tickling on his waist, I slid my fingers up further, using the most gentle of movements, the lightest touch I could manage, to try and wake him from his slumber. As I got to my dad's nipples, taking care not to pinch just graze, the unmistakeable feeling of a hard cock hitting against the bottom of my ass cheek drew an alarmed gasp from me and made me freeze in my efforts to tickle daddy awake.

"Oh god, Jemma" my daddy said in a pained whisper. "I'm so sorry, but I need to take you." Before I could even think of a reply to that, I felt my dad move and all of a sudden I was lying on my back, on my bed, my daddy on top of me and my legs still wrapped around his chest. I lay in stunned silence as my daddy's lips found mine and he began to kiss me passionately. I instinctively kissed back, the feeling of a hot tongue sliding against mine instantly getting me excited and the knowledge that this was my dad's tongue and my dad's body grinding against me not immediately registering in my mind.

As I felt my dad's erection press into my stomach, I became fully aware of what was happening and called out; "Dad, what the hell are you doing?" At the sound of my voice, my dad stopped kissing me and looked deep into my eyes. I could see raw longing in those dark brown eyes I knew so well, and at the sight of this, my panties became wet.

"Jemma baby, I'm so sorry, when I hugged you tonight and saw how grown up and beautiful you've's all I've been able to think about baby. That's why I've been avoiding you all night, to try and get rid of thoughts of your naked body laying under mine, and my hard cock buried deep in your little wet pussy."

Dad was breathing hard when he finished speaking, and at that moment I wanted him just as much as he wanted me. I wasn't sure if I had always wanted my dad, but I knew I did now, I wanted exactly what he had just said. I wanted him to spread my legs and bury his cock inside me. I wanted my daddy to fuck me.

"Daddy, please fuck me." I whispered the words so quietly I wasn't sure he even heard them but then I felt his mouth press on mine again, and that was it. Me and daddy were kissing each other, our tongues invading each other's mouth, hungrily looking to explore as much as we could. Daddy started to grind his body on mine again, his hardness pressed into me, making me want to touch it and play with it.

Daddy withdrew his tongue from my mouth and slid it down my neck, sending delicious thrills through my whole body. I fumbled for his cock as he licked my neck, desperately wanting to touch it and feel how hard it was, but daddy reached down and took my hands in his.

"Jemma, baby, I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before, be patient, trust me you'll get to feel all my cock has to offer you." With that, my dad reached over to my bed stand and grabbed a headband I kept there for when I was applying makeup. He held both my hands in one of his as he did this, then he brought my arms up over my head and used the headband to tie me to the rails of my bed frame.

Now that I was unable to grab for daddy, he kissed me on the lips quickly, and with a wicked little smile he went back to licking my neck. He licked me gently and slowly, using just the tip of his tongue, starting at the bottom of my neck and working his way up to my chin. His tongue never leaving my skin, he moved to my ear where he nibbled it, and then slowly whispered, in a hot breathless voice, " Jemma, you're so fucking beautiful, I'm going to make you cum so hard all over your daddy's big cock."

This sent a fire trail directly down to my pussy, and I could feel my panties begin to soak through. My legs were still wrapped around my dad and there was no way he would not be able to feel just how much he had turned me on. Daddy was still rock hard too but didn't give into the temptation to just tear my clothes off and fuck me.

Daddy began to move his tongue down my neck, sliding his body down me as he went. His mouth stopped over my breasts, and while I expected him to rip off my bra and suck my nipples he just stopped moving. I looked at him, looking at me. He had a look of almost a****l desire about him, as his eyes roved my body, taking in every inch of me. I'd always loved my curves, they made me feel so feminine, and now it appeared my daddy loved my curves too.

"Baby, what size are your breasts?" Daddy looked into my eyes waiting for my answer. "Emm, they're 36F, daddy, is that ok?" For a second I was worried that I was too curvy for him. My mum was so skinny and flat chested, and he had been fucking her for a long time so maybe that was what he really liked. When daddy laid a hand on my left breast, and his cock bounced against me, I was reassured; daddy wanted me because I was curvy.

Daddy cupped my breast in his hand, using his fingers to tweak my hard nipple. He held it for a little while, just enjoying the feeling of it, and then he lowered his mouth to my nipple. Without taking my breasts from my bra, he licked my nipple through the fabric, then blew gently on it. I never thought indirect contact could feel so good, but I loved it. Daddy repeated this with my other breast and then the longing to see his little girl's big breasts overcame him, and he pulled my bra down, exposing my tits, their nipples pink and hard, and waiting for daddy's tongue.

He didn't leave me waiting for long. Starting with my left breast, he licked the nipple, then moved his way all over the skin, leaving a wet trail as he did. He returned to my nipple and took it in his mouth. He sucked hard on it, drawing it in deep, and then released it. Then he stuck his tongue out a sliver and licked my nipple, running the tip of his tongue over and over it, making me wetter and wetter, then daddy took my nipple in his mouth, and instead of sucking it deep again, he held it between his teeth and bit gently, moving his teeth across it as he did so.

"Oh fuck daddy", I moaned. My breath was getting shorter the entire time daddy played with my nipple and I began to think that he might make me cum without even touching my pussy. Daddy moved to my right nipple and repeated the whole thing, moving his body down mine so that his cock was now lying on my still clothed pussy. Every time I moaned from his actions, his cock bobbed against my clit, which just made me gasp more. I wanted to touch that cock, I wanted to lick it and taste it, and stroke it and I wanted it inside me, but daddy still had me tied up and he was fully in charge. I just hoped it wouldn't be too long before he fucked me.

Daddy was getting more and more turned on by my moaning, and trying to move my body against his. I wanted him to know just how much I needed him now. As much as his tongue was sending me to heaven I needed daddy's cock to bring me right there.

"Daddy, please, I really need you to fuck me now". My whisper was a plea, I could hardly believe it but I was actually begging my own father for sex. Daddy kept sucking my nipples, then ran his tongue down my navel towards my trimmed pussy. I knew he wanted to lick me there, probably wanted me to cum in his mouth so he could taste and drink up his little girls juices, but I couldn't wait to have his cock inside me. Anything else would be a form of torture.

I started to buck against the restraint of the headband daddy had tied me with. I wiggled underneath daddy, trying to make him feel my wetness, understand my need. "Daddy, please...please fuck me, I need your cock inside me now daddy."

Daddy seemed to hear me then, he brought his lips up from their intended route and clamped them down on mine. Kissing me roughly, he ran his hands all over my body, squeezing my breasts, then with one swift movement, he tore my soaking panties off, and threw them across the room. Leaving me tied up, he got off the bed, and pulled his boxers off, giving my first proper view of his magnificent cock. It was hard, about seven or eight inches, and from what I could tell in the light from the moon, absolutely delicious looking.

He brought it to my mouth and even though he knew that I needed him to slide it into me now or I would go insane, he whispered, "Taste it baby, taste your daddy's cock." I couldn't say no. I wanted to taste it, and besides he was my daddy, all I wanted to do was please him. I licked my lips, and nodded, my eyes never leaving daddy's face as he gently gave me the head of his cock.

I licked just a little to start with; scared I wouldn't be good enough for my dad. Then as I heard him gasp and moan at the feel of my tongue, I grew more confident and soon I had the whole head of daddy's cock in my mouth. It was hot and smooth, and daddy's precum trickled on to my tongue, the taste of it was sweet. I flicked my tongue over the head, and rolled it around so that I could lick the precum that was increasing the more daddy's cock stayed in my mouth. I started to open my mouth more so that I could swallow some more of my daddy's cock, but he placed his hands on my head and took his cock away from me.

"I'll come if I let u swallow me baby, just the sight of that little mouth stretching to take my cock in is enough to make me want to blow everything I have down your throat." Hearing daddy talk so dirty was a major turn on, I could have listened to that for hours and cum again and again without even touching myself, but I knew that we were both needy for something else now. For each other's bodies, to make each other cum, to make each other breathless after fucking each other's brains outs.

Daddy climbed back on to the bed. My pussy was now exposed, and I knew that even in the dim light, daddy would be able to see my wetness seeping out of me and sliding down my ass crack, making a little puddle on the bed sheet. My bra was still on but my tits were hanging out, sitting just as daddy had left them. I was sure I looked like a slut, but I didn't care. Daddy had made me like this and I wanted him to fuck his little princess better than any slut he'd ever had before.

Now that we were finally at the moment of no turning back, daddy seemed hesitant. He kneeled in front of my open legs, his hard cock glistening with precum and he just stared at me. "Are you sure about this, Jemma? Once my cock is inside you, that's it, I'll always be your daddy, but after that I'll be the man who fucked you like you've never been fucked before. Do you really want your daddy to slide his big hard cock in that little pussy, stretch you, pound into you, fuck you and make you cum?"

I knew then that he wasn't hesitant at all; he was just teasing me, talking dirty to me because he could see I loved it. I looked up at my daddy and just nodded, I was ready, and I knew he was too.

Daddy used one hand to spread my legs wide open, the other held his hard cock. He seemed to forget that I was still tied to the bed, and I was glad. With my hands out of use I was free to just lie there and take a good hard fucking. I could be completely exposed and cum like I'd always wanted to but had been too shy too before.

I closed my eyes as daddy lowered himself from his knees and I could sense that his cock was right in front of my opening now. I could feel the heat begin to build in my pussy, as I waited for him. My clit was throbbing. I would have loved to have rubbed it as he fucked me but it was out of bounds, my hands couldn't reach it. All I could do was wait for the fucking that daddy had promised me.

I let out a loud gasp as I felt daddy's cock slide inside me for the first time. Daddy quickly placed a finger on my lips, reminding me that we were not alone in the house. He kept his cock still inside me for a few moments, letting my pussy relax around him, letting me get used to the pleasure of him being there. We looked into each other's eyes, as he held himself in my pussy. This should feel wrong and dirty, maybe even disgusting, instead it felt like the biggest thrill in the world. It felt like my daddy's cock should always be inside me, it felt like my pussy belonged to him.
Daddy began to move then. So far, he hadn't gone in to the hilt, but now he slid in those extra few inches, completely filling me up, making my pussy stretch. Daddy's cock felt incredible inside me. He was long but he was also thick, and that was what made my pussy cream around him, I could feel myself get wetter and wetter as daddy began to fuck me.

As he began to move faster and faster inside me, my breath got shallower, I couldn't help but moan out loud. Daddy was right. He was fucking me like I'd never been fucked before. His cock filled me up, sliding off the walls of my pussy, hitting my deepest spot; it was almost like he was impaling me on his cock.

My breasts bounced up and down as daddy's pace quickened. As he fucked me he caught a nipple in his mouth and bit. I screamed with pleasure and instead of shushing me daddy just fucked me harder. "That's it baby girl scream for your daddy, you like your daddy fucking you, don't you, you dirty little girl".

All I could do was nod and moan, the pleasure was coursing through my body, building up inside me. I felt like I was going to explode. At that moment I didn't care who heard me, or who thought this was wrong, all I knew was my daddy was fucking me and I fucking loved it.

"Yes daddy, please keep fucking me, fuck your little girl, your cock is so amazing in my pussy, I don't want you to stop fucking me, oh fuck daddy, oh fuck." My breath kept getting shorter and shorter as daddy fucked me deep and fast. He started to moan too and sweat began to break out on his chest. He moved position so that his chest rubbed against my tits and I began to get sticky with his sweat. With the change in position his cock was now deeper than ever before inside me, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to last much longer.

"You're gonna cum all over your daddy's cock aren't you, you filthy little girl. You're gonna get your daddy's cock soaking wet with your pussy juices, aren't you? That's my girl, cum for daddy"

I couldn't help it now, I had to cum. Between daddy's words and his unbelievably good fucking I was at the point where I had to release. "Yes daddy, yes, I'm going to cum for you, daddy. You're making me cum daddy, you're making me cum. Fuck me daddy, please fuck me harder."

Daddy started to pound into me then, stretching my little pussy to the limit. He had his hands all over my body and as my moans got louder and louder he took my nipple in his mouth again, and sucked and bit. I came then. I came, thrashing about on the bed, my body out of control, my pussy clenching on daddy's cock, my clit throbbing, my juices running everywhere, soaking everything in their path. I bit hard on daddy's shoulder as I came, calling for him over and over again. "Daddy, daddy, oh daddy, oh fuck daddy, oh daddy, daddy, daddy."

When I finally stopped cumming I lay exhausted on the bed. Daddy was still rock hard in my quivering pussy, he had resisted cumming inside his little girl as I had the most brilliant orgasm of my life.

"Fuck baby, I can't believe how sexy you are when you cum, it was all I could do not to explode inside you." Daddy looked at me in wonder, as I caught my breath. I desperately wanted daddy to cum now. He had made me cum so hard; I wanted to do the same for him.

"Cum for me now daddy, please." Daddy began to move his cock inside me again, but my pussy was sensitive now, and wouldn't be able to take another hard fucking for awhile. "Daddy, cum all over me, I want you to stand over me so I can feel your cum rain down on me."

Daddy reluctantly withdrew his cock from my warm wet pussy and stood over me. He stroked his hard cock while looking down at his little baby girl, fresh from being fucked hard and desperate for her daddy's cum. I wanted to make him cum hard, so I asked him to untie my hands then I grabbed one of my breasts and raised it to my mouth. Because my breasts are so big I can lick and suck my own nipples. I took one of my nipples in my mouth and looked up at daddy as I licked. With my other hand I splayed my pussy lips open and rubbed my clit.

"Oh fuck Jemma, baby girl, that's it. Oh my little girl is so dirty for her daddy, oh fuck baby, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum all over my little girl."

Daddy let out a deep growl as he came, his hand moving up and down his cock with tremendous speed. His cum fell from his cock in thick heavy spurts, hitting my body with a delicious slapping sound. Daddy came hard, his knees gave way as his balls emptied everything they had on to his daughter and he fell down beside me on my bed, breathing deeply and saying fuck over and over again.

I lay there covered in my daddy's cum, my pussy exhausted but satisfied. Daddy lay beside me, naked, his cock softening, his hands caressing my body.

Daddy got up from the bed then, kissed me, hurriedly put his boxer shirts back on and then went back to the bed he shared with mum. I wasn't jealous now, because in all the times I'd heard daddy cum when he was fucking mum, it had never been as hard as when it had been as he was stood over his little girl, releasing his delicious creamy load on to her waiting body.
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Daddy and me

This is a story I found online - its not mine but its a fantasy I have..

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

My name is Jemma and I am proud to admit that I fuck my daddy.

It all started two months ago, on my twenty second birthday. I've always, always got very excited on my birthdays. On this birthday, my excitement was doubled, as my daddy was due to come home from the army. He had been away for six months and I'd missed him desperately. We've always been close, and even though I have two s****rs, I've always been his favourite. I've shared everything with him, telling him about the boys I liked, and my first kiss. I've even told him about the night I lost my virginity.

At eight o' clock sharp the doorbell rang, and I raced down the stairs so I could be the first one to greet daddy. As usual, on opening the door to daddy, I was immediately engulfed in his big strong arms as he lifted me up and hugged me tight to his chest. Six months is a long time for a dad to be away from his favourite daughter, and he held on to me for at least two minutes, until my s****rs started clearing their throats, and I could hear my mother sighing.

"Oh for God's sake, Garrick," my mother sighed, "there are other people here who want to see you, you know." Daddy reluctantly released me. He patted my ass lightly as I disentangled myself from his embrace, and then proceeded to hug my s****rs, before planting a big kiss on my mother's lips, gathering her up in his arms, and tickling her slightly. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the sight of my dad showing affection to someone other than me.

Dad sipped a coffee in the kitchen and told us some tales of army life for half an hour before yawning, and saying he was going to go for a nap. I looked up at him as he left the table, feeling a slight stab of hurt in my heart. He hadn't wished me a happy birthday yet and that wasn't like my dad. He usually made a big fuss of all his daughters on their birthdays. I put it down to him being tired from the journey home, and knew that he would make it up to me at the party.

By ten thirty, I'd had more than a few drinks, spurred on by the pain I was feeling because my dad seemingly didn't care about my special day. He had eventually arrived down the stairs, bleary eyed, and in bad form, ignoring me and my s****rs and heading straight to the fridge, where he took out a bottle of vodka, poured a quarter of the bottle into a glass, and threw it down his throat. I was a little shocked, I had never seen my dad act this way.

At midnight, all my guests had gone home, and now it was just my s****rs, me, and my mum and dad that were left. My s****rs were so d***k that they passed out on the couch. My dad seemed very tipsy as he stumbled up the stairs, dragging my mum behind him, loudly whispering how horny he was for her.

I sat at the kitchen table, feeling completely alone, and downed what was left of a bottle of vodka. I couldn't understand why my dad had ignored me the whole night, it hurt so badly. I felt let down, and worse than that, I felt rejected. My precious daddy, instead of treating me like a princess, had cast me off.

I made my way up the stairs, holding on to the banister for support. Closing my bedroom door behind me, I peeled off my dress, the one I had chosen so carefully, hoping for dad to tell me I was his pretty little girl when he saw me in it, and threw it on the floor.

Feeling slightly woozy now, after all the alcohol, I made my way to the bay window in my room, and sat on the sill, loving the moonlight shining on my bare skin. Curled up with my favourite teddy bear, I let the fresh air invade the room, enjoying the cool breeze, feeling it start to clear my fuzzy head.

A loud banging noise started to pound from the wall I shared with my parent's bedroom. I instantly closed my eyes and stuck a finger in each ear, as I had done hundreds of times before. I knew that banging sound well. My parents were having sex and while in the throes of passion tended to forget that their daughters could hear them.

No matter how hard I tried to block them out, their panting and grunting always seeped through to me. And as usual, no matter how hard I tried to resist, I got turned on by the sounds of sex and had to touch myself. I'd been doing it for as long as I could remember. Hearing my dad fuck my mother made me wetter than anything else and over the years I had practiced masturbating to their rhythm, so that now I could cum when they did, biting into my teddy bear, muffling my screams of ecstasy as my mum and dad came loudly next door. After I had recovered from my orgasm, I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

I was awoken some time later by the sensation of something brushing against my face. As I opened my eyes I could make out a vague shadow sitting on my bed and my heart froze until I heard my father's reassuring voice. "Don't worry angel, it's just your dad."

"Where's my birthday kiss then, Daddy?" I asked. My dad stopped brushing my face and I was surprised to hear a hardness in his voice as he said, "You're too big for that now, Jemma."

He got up off the bed then and walked over to the window. I could just make out his face in the moonlight, a worried expression creasing his features. I had no idea what was troubling my dad but I hated to see him upset. I threw the bed-covers off me and walked over to my dad, hugging him from behind, and squeezing him gently. "Daddy, what's wrong?" I whispered.

Dad shrugged me away from him and started pacing round the room. He looked panicked, and it startled me to see my usually calm dad act like this. Whatever was bothering him, it was something big.

After a few moments of walking in circles around my small room, Dad flopped on to my bed. Worried about him now, I crossed the room, and lay down on the bed beside him. He was shirtless, and a pair of tight black boxers was all that covered his nakedness from me. I was dressed only in my bra and panties, and as I cuddled up to him, wrapping my arms around his chest, he pulled away and in a gruff whisper he said, "Put some damn clothes on."

I was hurt by his sudden anger at me and extremely puzzled to the source of it. I jumped up from the bed, stood with my hands on my hips, and defiantly said to him, "No daddy, this is my room, I'll walk around half naked if I want and if you don't like it you can leave."

Daddy was silent for a second and then let out a huge sigh. "I do like it baby, and that's the problem."

I had no idea what my daddy was talking about for a second, I just looked at him lying on my bed, chest rising up and down from his deep breaths, his handsome profile faced away from me, and something else; something that I never thought I would see so starkly and never ever in my bedroom; my daddy's hard cock, standing up so proudly, the huge bulge straining the fabric of his boxers.

"Daddy?" that was all I could say. My eyes couldn't leave the sight of his cock. I had heard it being used on my mother many times, but I had never seen it, and even in the dark shadows of my bedroom, it looked impressive.

Daddy made no movement or effort to speak so I quietly tip-toed my way to the bed, thinking maybe he had fallen asl**p, his previous utterance just a d***ken ramble that didn't mean anything. Moving closer to him, I could see that his eyes were closed tight, and that he was breathing heavily, I thought he must surely be asl**p, and I thought I would wake up in a fun way, a way I had done lots of times before.

Carefully avoiding touching my daddy's erection I climbed on to my bed, and straddled his chest. Still no movement from him, so I began to slide my fingers over his waist, his smooth skin felt warm to my touch. I knew that this was where he was most ticklish, and that me tickling him was bound to wake him up. He would laugh at me and then tell me to get some sl**p and that would be it. Everything would be back to normal.

But it didn't turn out that way. I continued trailing my fingers over my dad's body. When he didn't wake up from the tickling on his waist, I slid my fingers up further, using the most gentle of movements, the lightest touch I could manage, to try and wake him from his slumber. As I got to my dad's nipples, taking care not to pinch just graze, the unmistakeable feeling of a hard cock hitting against the bottom of my ass cheek drew an alarmed gasp from me and made me freeze in my efforts to tickle daddy awake.

"Oh god, Jemma" my daddy said in a pained whisper. "I'm so sorry, but I need to take you." Before I could even think of a reply to that, I felt my dad move and all of a sudden I was lying on my back, on my bed, my daddy on top of me and my legs still wrapped around his chest. I lay in stunned silence as my daddy's lips found mine and he began to kiss me passionately. I instinctively kissed back, the feeling of a hot tongue sliding against mine instantly getting me excited and the knowledge that this was my dad's tongue and my dad's body grinding against me not immediately registering in my mind.

As I felt my dad's erection press into my stomach, I became fully aware of what was happening and called out; "Dad, what the hell are you doing?" At the sound of my voice, my dad stopped kissing me and looked deep into my eyes. I could see raw longing in those dark brown eyes I knew so well, and at the sight of this, my panties became wet.

"Jemma baby, I'm so sorry, when I hugged you tonight and saw how grown up and beautiful you've's all I've been able to think about baby. That's why I've been avoiding you all night, to try and get rid of thoughts of your naked body laying under mine, and my hard cock buried deep in your little wet pussy."

Dad was breathing hard when he finished speaking, and at that moment I wanted him just as much as he wanted me. I wasn't sure if I had always wanted my dad, but I knew I did now, I wanted exactly what he had just said. I wanted him to spread my legs and bury his cock inside me. I wanted my daddy to fuck me.

"Daddy, please fuck me." I whispered the words so quietly I wasn't sure he even heard them but then I felt his mouth press on mine again, and that was it. Me and daddy were kissing each other, our tongues invading each other's mouth, hungrily looking to explore as much as we could. Daddy started to grind his body on mine again, his hardness pressed into me, making me want to touch it and play with it.

Daddy withdrew his tongue from my mouth and slid it down my neck, sending delicious thrills through my whole body. I fumbled for his cock as he licked my neck, desperately wanting to touch it and feel how hard it was, but daddy reached down and took my hands in his.

"Jemma, baby, I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before, be patient, trust me you'll get to feel all my cock has to offer you." With that, my dad reached over to my bed stand and grabbed a headband I kept there for when I was applying makeup. He held both my hands in one of his as he did this, then he brought my arms up over my head and used the headband to tie me to the rails of my bed frame.

Now that I was unable to grab for daddy, he kissed me on the lips quickly, and with a wicked little smile he went back to licking my neck. He licked me gently and slowly, using just the tip of his tongue, starting at the bottom of my neck and working his way up to my chin. His tongue never leaving my skin, he moved to my ear where he nibbled it, and then slowly whispered, in a hot breathless voice, " Jemma, you're so fucking beautiful, I'm going to make you cum so hard all over your daddy's big cock."

This sent a fire trail directly down to my pussy, and I could feel my panties begin to soak through. My legs were still wrapped around my dad and there was no way he would not be able to feel just how much he had turned me on. Daddy was still rock hard too but didn't give into the temptation to just tear my clothes off and fuck me.

Daddy began to move his tongue down my neck, sliding his body down me as he went. His mouth stopped over my breasts, and while I expected him to rip off my bra and suck my nipples he just stopped moving. I looked at him, looking at me. He had a look of almost a****l desire about him, as his eyes roved my body, taking in every inch of me. I'd always loved my curves, they made me feel so feminine, and now it appeared my daddy loved my curves too.

"Baby, what size are your breasts?" Daddy looked into my eyes waiting for my answer. "Emm, they're 36F, daddy, is that ok?" For a second I was worried that I was too curvy for him. My mum was so skinny and flat chested, and he had been fucking her for a long time so maybe that was what he really liked. When daddy laid a hand on my left breast, and his cock bounced against me, I was reassured; daddy wanted me because I was curvy.

Daddy cupped my breast in his hand, using his fingers to tweak my hard nipple. He held it for a little while, just enjoying the feeling of it, and then he lowered his mouth to my nipple. Without taking my breasts from my bra, he licked my nipple through the fabric, then blew gently on it. I never thought indirect contact could feel so good, but I loved it. Daddy repeated this with my other breast and then the longing to see his little girl's big breasts overcame him, and he pulled my bra down, exposing my tits, their nipples pink and hard, and waiting for daddy's tongue.

He didn't leave me waiting for long. Starting with my left breast, he licked the nipple, then moved his way all over the skin, leaving a wet trail as he did. He returned to my nipple and took it in his mouth. He sucked hard on it, drawing it in deep, and then released it. Then he stuck his tongue out a sliver and licked my nipple, running the tip of his tongue over and over it, making me wetter and wetter, then daddy took my nipple in his mouth, and instead of sucking it deep again, he held it between his teeth and bit gently, moving his teeth across it as he did so.

"Oh fuck daddy", I moaned. My breath was getting shorter the entire time daddy played with my nipple and I began to think that he might make me cum without even touching my pussy. Daddy moved to my right nipple and repeated the whole thing, moving his body down mine so that his cock was now lying on my still clothed pussy. Every time I moaned from his actions, his cock bobbed against my clit, which just made me gasp more. I wanted to touch that cock, I wanted to lick it and taste it, and stroke it and I wanted it inside me, but daddy still had me tied up and he was fully in charge. I just hoped it wouldn't be too long before he fucked me.

Daddy was getting more and more turned on by my moaning, and trying to move my body against his. I wanted him to know just how much I needed him now. As much as his tongue was sending me to heaven I needed daddy's cock to bring me right there.

"Daddy, please, I really need you to fuck me now". My whisper was a plea, I could hardly believe it but I was actually begging my own father for sex. Daddy kept sucking my nipples, then ran his tongue down my navel towards my trimmed pussy. I knew he wanted to lick me there, probably wanted me to cum in his mouth so he could taste and drink up his little girls juices, but I couldn't wait to have his cock inside me. Anything else would be a form of torture.

I started to buck against the restraint of the headband daddy had tied me with. I wiggled underneath daddy, trying to make him feel my wetness, understand my need. "Daddy, please...please fuck me, I need your cock inside me now daddy."

Daddy seemed to hear me then, he brought his lips up from their intended route and clamped them down on mine. Kissing me roughly, he ran his hands all over my body, squeezing my breasts, then with one swift movement, he tore my soaking panties off, and threw them across the room. Leaving me tied up, he got off the bed, and pulled his boxers off, giving my first proper view of his magnificent cock. It was hard, about seven or eight inches, and from what I could tell in the light from the moon, absolutely delicious looking.

He brought it to my mouth and even though he knew that I needed him to slide it into me now or I would go insane, he whispered, "Taste it baby, taste your daddy's cock." I couldn't say no. I wanted to taste it, and besides he was my daddy, all I wanted to do was please him. I licked my lips, and nodded, my eyes never leaving daddy's face as he gently gave me the head of his cock.

I licked just a little to start with; scared I wouldn't be good enough for my dad. Then as I heard him gasp and moan at the feel of my tongue, I grew more confident and soon I had the whole head of daddy's cock in my mouth. It was hot and smooth, and daddy's precum trickled on to my tongue, the taste of it was sweet. I flicked my tongue over the head, and rolled it around so that I could lick the precum that was increasing the more daddy's cock stayed in my mouth. I started to open my mouth more so that I could swallow some more of my daddy's cock, but he placed his hands on my head and took his cock away from me.

"I'll come if I let u swallow me baby, just the sight of that little mouth stretching to take my cock in is enough to make me want to blow everything I have down your throat." Hearing daddy talk so dirty was a major turn on, I could have listened to that for hours and cum again and again without even touching myself, but I knew that we were both needy for something else now. For each other's bodies, to make each other cum, to make each other breathless after fucking each other's brains outs.

Daddy climbed back on to the bed. My pussy was now exposed, and I knew that even in the dim light, daddy would be able to see my wetness seeping out of me and sliding down my ass crack, making a little puddle on the bed sheet. My bra was still on but my tits were hanging out, sitting just as daddy had left them. I was sure I looked like a slut, but I didn't care. Daddy had made me like this and I wanted him to fuck his little princess better than any slut he'd ever had before.

Now that we were finally at the moment of no turning back, daddy seemed hesitant. He kneeled in front of my open legs, his hard cock glistening with precum and he just stared at me. "Are you sure about this, Jemma? Once my cock is inside you, that's it, I'll always be your daddy, but after that I'll be the man who fucked you like you've never been fucked before. Do you really want your daddy to slide his big hard cock in that little pussy, stretch you, pound into you, fuck you and make you cum?"

I knew then that he wasn't hesitant at all; he was just teasing me, talking dirty to me because he could see I loved it. I looked up at my daddy and just nodded, I was ready, and I knew he was too.

Daddy used one hand to spread my legs wide open, the other held his hard cock. He seemed to forget that I was still tied to the bed, and I was glad. With my hands out of use I was free to just lie there and take a good hard fucking. I could be completely exposed and cum like I'd always wanted to but had been too shy too before.

I closed my eyes as daddy lowered himself from his knees and I could sense that his cock was right in front of my opening now. I could feel the heat begin to build in my pussy, as I waited for him. My clit was throbbing. I would have loved to have rubbed it as he fucked me but it was out of bounds, my hands couldn't reach it. All I could do was wait for the fucking that daddy had promised me.

I let out a loud gasp as I felt daddy's cock slide inside me for the first time. Daddy quickly placed a finger on my lips, reminding me that we were not alone in the house. He kept his cock still inside me for a few moments, letting my pussy relax around him, letting me get used to the pleasure of him being there. We looked into each other's eyes, as he held himself in my pussy. This should feel wrong and dirty, maybe even disgusting, instead it felt like the biggest thrill in the world. It felt like my daddy's cock should always be inside me, it felt like my pussy belonged to him.
Daddy began to move then. So far, he hadn't gone in to the hilt, but now he slid in those extra few inches, completely filling me up, making my pussy stretch. Daddy's cock felt incredible inside me. He was long but he was also thick, and that was what made my pussy cream around him, I could feel myself get wetter and wetter as daddy began to fuck me.

As he began to move faster and faster inside me, my breath got shallower, I couldn't help but moan out loud. Daddy was right. He was fucking me like I'd never been fucked before. His cock filled me up, sliding off the walls of my pussy, hitting my deepest spot; it was almost like he was impaling me on his cock.

My breasts bounced up and down as daddy's pace quickened. As he fucked me he caught a nipple in his mouth and bit. I screamed with pleasure and instead of shushing me daddy just fucked me harder. "That's it baby girl scream for your daddy, you like your daddy fucking you, don't you, you dirty little girl".

All I could do was nod and moan, the pleasure was coursing through my body, building up inside me. I felt like I was going to explode. At that moment I didn't care who heard me, or who thought this was wrong, all I knew was my daddy was fucking me and I fucking loved it.

"Yes daddy, please keep fucking me, fuck your little girl, your cock is so amazing in my pussy, I don't want you to stop fucking me, oh fuck daddy, oh fuck." My breath kept getting shorter and shorter as daddy fucked me deep and fast. He started to moan too and sweat began to break out on his chest. He moved position so that his chest rubbed against my tits and I began to get sticky with his sweat. With the change in position his cock was now deeper than ever before inside me, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to last much longer.

"You're gonna cum all over your daddy's cock aren't you, you filthy little girl. You're gonna get your daddy's cock soaking wet with your pussy juices, aren't you? That's my girl, cum for daddy"

I couldn't help it now, I had to cum. Between daddy's words and his unbelievably good fucking I was at the point where I had to release. "Yes daddy, yes, I'm going to cum for you, daddy. You're making me cum daddy, you're making me cum. Fuck me daddy, please fuck me harder."

Daddy started to pound into me then, stretching my little pussy to the limit. He had his hands all over my body and as my moans got louder and louder he took my nipple in his mouth again, and sucked and bit. I came then. I came, thrashing about on the bed, my body out of control, my pussy clenching on daddy's cock, my clit throbbing, my juices running everywhere, soaking everything in their path. I bit hard on daddy's shoulder as I came, calling for him over and over again. "Daddy, daddy, oh daddy, oh fuck daddy, oh daddy, daddy, daddy."

When I finally stopped cumming I lay exhausted on the bed. Daddy was still rock hard in my quivering pussy, he had resisted cumming inside his little girl as I had the most brilliant orgasm of my life.

"Fuck baby, I can't believe how sexy you are when you cum, it was all I could do not to explode inside you." Daddy looked at me in wonder, as I caught my breath. I desperately wanted daddy to cum now. He had made me cum so hard; I wanted to do the same for him.

"Cum for me now daddy, please." Daddy began to move his cock inside me again, but my pussy was sensitive now, and wouldn't be able to take another hard fucking for awhile. "Daddy, cum all over me, I want you to stand over me so I can feel your cum rain down on me."

Daddy reluctantly withdrew his cock from my warm wet pussy and stood over me. He stroked his hard cock while looking down at his little baby girl, fresh from being fucked hard and desperate for her daddy's cum. I wanted to make him cum hard, so I asked him to untie my hands then I grabbed one of my breasts and raised it to my mouth. Because my breasts are so big I can lick and suck my own nipples. I took one of my nipples in my mouth and looked up at daddy as I licked. With my other hand I splayed my pussy lips open and rubbed my clit.

"Oh fuck Jemma, baby girl, that's it. Oh my little girl is so dirty for her daddy, oh fuck baby, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum all over my little girl."

Daddy let out a deep growl as he came, his hand moving up and down his cock with tremendous speed. His cum fell from his cock in thick heavy spurts, hitting my body with a delicious slapping sound. Daddy came hard, his knees gave way as his balls emptied everything they had on to his daughter and he fell down beside me on my bed, breathing deeply and saying fuck over and over again.

I lay there covered in my daddy's cum, my pussy exhausted but satisfied. Daddy lay beside me, naked, his cock softening, his hands caressing my body.

Daddy got up from the bed then, kissed me, hurriedly put his boxer shirts back on and then went back to the bed he shared with mum. I wasn't jealous now, because in all the times I'd heard daddy cum when he was fucking mum, it had never been as hard as when it had been as he was stood over his little girl, releasing his delicious creamy load on to her waiting body.
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My Mother Educates Me about Sex

Follow on from Went Camping with my Mother
Thank you to every one who read it, hope you like this one

The night my mother and I came back off our camping trip was the start of something special, I lay on my bed after having a shower, thinking about my mam and what she did to me last night. I can’t wait for her to tell me about the birds and the bees.

My hand was in my pyjamas and around my hard cock gently playing with it; I had my eyes shut picturing my mother’s tits and wanting to suck on them. I rubbed my pre cum in to my cock end, thinking this must be the biggest and hardest cock I have ever had as my cock strained against my pyjamas making it in to a tent.

“Will this help”

Brought back to where I was, I opened my eyes to find my mother standing next to my bed, just in her bra and knickers, which she was wearing in the kitchen.

“Carry on” she said

She looked at me and lifted my other hand on to bra, squashing my hand in to her 36dd tit, I could feel the pattern of the bra then her hard erect nipple through the thin material as she moved my hand around her breast.

“Let’s see if you need a hand”

With her free hand she lifted the waist of my pyjamas and pulled it over my hand held cock

“You have been busy”

I gently stroked my cock as she pulled at the side of my pyjamas and I lifted my bum off the bed for her to move them down. One side at a time, she now had them pulled away from my crotch and stared intently at my erection and I felt her squash my hand tighter on to her breast.

I still had a hold of my cock and it was starting to leak, globules of pre cum collected on my cock end and my mother placed her finger in to my piss slit, steaming the flow.

“This is what you should expect from a blow job,” she said

I’d never heard my mother use words like blow job before but when she looked at me and licked her lips, I knew I was in well-trained hands or should that be a well-trained mouth.

I pulled my hand away leaving my cock standing straight up and she slipped her hand down it, taking a shiny trail of pre cum with her, on her finger. She pulled my foreskin back over the tip several times, lubricating my bell end until it shone.

Her hand fell from her breast and found my balls instead, it felt like she was weighing each one in her hand before examining them thoroughly. I felt like I was going to come and she had just started.

My mothers bent down over me, her tongue dancing over my tip as her hand worked up and down on my shaft, she paused and stretched her mouth before sinking her lips around my cock.

It felt so good, all warm and wet and her tongue kept flicking over the tip. I felt her teeth on the underside of my mushroom shaped cock end holding it as her tongue pushed in to the slit.

She let go of my balls and pulled her hair away from her face so I could see what she was doing and her mouth slowly took more of my cock inside.

My breathing was becoming heavy and fast and I retched out and took hold of the back of my mother’s leg. I pushed my fingers inside the leg of her knicker and felt her cheek, I could feel her moving about and pushing herself on to my hand until my hand was inside her knickers and touching the hairy between her legs.

I couldn’t help myself any longer and I started to lift my crotch in to my mothers face, pushing my cock through her tightly gripping hand and in to her mouth. She let out little whimpers and moans and parted her legs letting my fingers rub on her fanny lips.

Her whole body was moving up and down in rhythm with her mouth around my shaft, her tits wobbled wildly and looked like they could spill out of her bra at any moment. My cock and her lips glistened with a frothy pre cum, and it was running down on to her hand.


Her lips tightened on my cock and it felt like she was sucking even harder; I lifted with f***e off the bed in to her mouth


To late, the first squirt left me cock in a hurry, then another and another, the pressure finally released like some erupting volcano, fuck I was coming hard and fast in in to my mothers mouth and she seemed happy for me to do that.

She eagerly kept my cock in her mouth, her hand like a milking machine, gripped around my cock, sending pulses of my cum shooting in to her mouth. I could see her sucking but not fast enough, drips of white creamy cum leaked past her lips.

My squirts started to subside and my legs were starting to strain with lifting my bum off the bed and I fell back down, Momentarily my cock left her lip and leaked some more cum on to her hand, now more determent she sank back down on to my cock, sucking madly.

My whole body seemed to shudder and my cock twitched as I pumped my final squirt of cum in to my mother’s mouth. Her eyes looked up at me when she had swallowed all my cum, still with her mouth full of cock and I could feel her tongue licking my cock end.

My mother lifted off slowly, while moving her hand up my shaft, a puddle of white sticky cum formed around her finger and thumb on the top of my cock. Her tongue darted out, then her lips made contact as she licked and sucked the spilt cum up.

Her work done now, she lifted off and lied my limp cock back down, I pulled my hand from inside her knickers while she wiped her mouth with her hand and her tongue give a final lick around her lips.

“Come and sl**p in my bed tonight”

She pulled me up from my bed and pulled my pyjamas off my legs, holding my hand as she led me to her bedroom. She sat me down on the bed and then stood in front of me, her big ample breasts straining in her bra just inches from my face.

Her hands unclipped her bra, letting her tits escape out over the top as the bra fell off her arms and to the floor. These are the same tits that I suckled when I was a baby and always fascinated over when I hit puberty.

She pushed them in to my face and I took hold of each one, feeling and squeezing the size of them, then licked and sucked on each nipple until it was big and hard, they felt like two wobbly jellies as I tenderly squeezed them.

“Let get in to bed” she said

She pulled back off me and slid her knickers down her legs, letting me see her hairy pussy and jumped on to the bed. She lay on the bed naked, holding her breast up for me to suck as I climbed along side her. Mam’s hand was rubbing over my head as I sucked her tits again; I could suck forever on these tits, I thought to myself.

It wasn’t long before she was whimpering and breathing heavier, she must like what I was doing. I ran my hand over her tummy and she started to moan, I looked down and there was her hand between her stretch out legs and her fingers working on her pussy.
Mam was starting to twitch about on the bed and pulled me tighter on to her tit


She was going to come and I sucked harder on her big nipple

She let out a high pitch moan and her legs nipped tight together, nipping her hand tight against her pussy. Her body lay still and all tensed up, but she was panting fast

“Are you alright mam?”

“Yes, yes I am now”

She started to relax and I could lift my head again from squashing in to her tit

“Do you know how to kiss?” she asked

“Just a bit”

“Kiss me then”

No one wants to kiss there mother, so I tentatively kissed her on the lips quick

“And again” she said

I kissed her lips again but this time she held my head tight against her, it just felt like kissing another girl, her lips parted and her tongue tangled with mine. I could feel her lips sucking on to mine and I couldn’t care any more that I was kissing my mother.

We broke apart after some time and she just smiled back at me

“That enough for tonight” she said

I climbed out of the bed

“Where are you going?”

“Back to my bed”

“Come and sl**p with me”

I crawled back beside her

“Mam will you show me what you were doing to yourself”

“Course I will, but not tonight, I have work tomorrow, now sl**p”

I must of fell straight away to sl**p as it was my mam’s hairdryer that woke me up the next morning, all ready showered, she was dressed in matching purple lacy bra and knickers and black hold up stockings

“Good morning sl**py head”

She saw me looking at her as she dried her hair in the mirror

“Hello mam”

“You slept well”

She turned around and I saw her looking very hot and sexy”

“Maaam, do you always wear stockings”

“Just in the summer when it’s hot, do you like them?”

I just nodded to her. My mother is a nurse and works for a nursing agency, she picks when she wants to work and for how long.

“Out of that bed, your dad’s home tonight and I better make it before I go to work”

I got up from the bed still naked, my cock all-hard with watching my mother

“You must like me dressed like this”

“Sort of”

She stopped me leaving the bedroom and kissed me on the lips

“No one finds anything out about what we did, your not even 16 yet, do you understand”

“Yes mam”

“If you’re good I might show you some more things you should know about, ok”

“I’ll be good mam”

Dad was back home for two nights and with mam working until eleven at night, I did not hear them having any sex that weekend. He was away just after tea on the Sunday, hoping to catch the ferry that night with his truck and load.

Mam shouted an hour after he was gone

“I’m going for a bath, come and wash my back if you like”

I was up the stairs like a shot. She sat in the bath with bubbles up to her breasts, her bra and panties on top of her discarded clothes.

“You want to join me”

We had a corner bath that would fit two with ease and my mother wasted no time undoing my zip and button, pulling the waist band of my boxers over my horizontal cock and let everything slide down my legs.

“Is that for me?” she said as she looked at my erection

With my tee shirt now off I was kneeling in front of my mam in the bath, she didn’t take long to get her hand around my shaft and give it a good washing. Her tits hung down in to the bubbles as I tried to wash then.

“Hold on, I’ll turn around for my back”

My mother knelt in front of me and I started to wash her back, she started moving and nudging further back in to me and now she had my cock pushing in to her back. Her hand came around her back and took a firm hold of it, while her thumb massaged the tip.

I was now washing down her sides and stretching around to feel her tits; with one in each of my soapy hands, I could feel the weight of them. Her nipples started to poke through my fingers as I washed then over and over again.

“There’s other bits to wash as well” she said

I let one hand slip down on to her tummy and she guided it down in to her bush, I was actually touching my mother’s hairy bush and she parted her knees for better access. My hand soaped her bush in to a lather and I could feel her lips spreading for my fingers, little wobbly, crinkly bits of her pussy was hanging down.

Mam lent her head back against me as her other hand came on to my cock, her neck was stretch and I give it a quick kiss, it was warm and wet and I kissed her again. She turned her head wanting to kiss, her mouth was open and I sank my lips on to hers, our tongues fought like crazy.

My finger found her wanting hole and I started to push inside, just like the first night in the lakes, then two fingers popped in, side by side, I was finger fucking my mother in the bath and she began to pant

One hand held her tit, rubbing her nipple through my finger and thumb while my other started to slid in and out of her pussy faster

“Yeees I’m coming”

Her hand came back on to my hand that was up her pussy and she kept it pushed up inside her, her muscles pulsed and contracted on my fingers. She looked at me with her mouth waiting to be kissed again, our tongues touching well before our lips did.

We stopped coupled together while she regained her breathing back to normal, her hand fell off mine and I pulled my fingers out

“That was nice, now let see to you”

She turned and faced me, taking hold of my cock once more

“I let you have a titty wank while were in the bath” she said

I stood up while she knelt and pushed her tits together

“Just slid it between them”

I held on to my mothers shoulders as I started to thrust my cock in and out, with each push, just the swollen purple head popped out from the top of her tits. I could see her watching me as I started to breathe faster and she pushed her tits tighter together, knowing I wasn’t far away

“Go on keep going” she encouraged

My mother was watching my cock end now as it glistened with pre cum, leaving a shiny trail on her tits as my cock disappeared again. I felt my orgasm coming and as my cock end broke through her tit’s again, an almighty squirt shot out from it. Firing straight on to her chin then another squirt of equal power hit her chin again; her tongue reached out and licked my watery cum from her chin.

Thicker creamery cum started to erupt now, squirting up the valley between her tits and that soon filled up, making my cock end disappear out of sight. My mother rested both her tits on one arm while she grabbed my cock, letting the cum puddle leak down between her tits.

She dabbed each nipple with my cock, milking the last of my cum from it and lifted a tit up to her mouth. Licking her lips, she eagerly licked and sucked her nipple until it was clean and hard.

Next was my cock sucked and licked clean of any cum as it began to wither away in front of her eyes, my cum was running over her tummy now and her hand smeared it around.

“Was that nice” she asked

“It was mam”

“Lets get cleaned up and get out”

We were washed and were drying each other in mam’s bedroom, I was on my knees drying her legs and trying to have a look at her pussy.

“Would you like a proper look?”

I nodded and she climbed on to the bed and sat up with her legs wide apart

“Give me your hand”

She guided my hand to the top of her pussy
“Feel that lump”


“That my clit, suck it, lick it and it sends me wild”

She lowered my finger in between her lips

“You know this bit; you can suck and lick these as well”

“What were you doing the other night?” I asked

“I just rubbed my clit around in a circle”

“Did that make you come?”

“Yes and you sucking my nipples helped as well”

“Can I touch it again?”

“Would you like to kiss me there?”

I nodded with vigour and my mother lay down on the bed with her knees raised up, this was the first time I have seen a real pussy. She was very hairy and it went all the way around to her bum hole. Her lips were visible through her bush and were very long to what I had expected and with two more lips sticking out from them as well.

I touched her knee and ran my hand down the inside of her leg and over her pussy, she seemed to stretch her legs apart more and her lips parted as well to show a soft pink colour of her insides. My finger brushed over the two floppy lips that were coming from inside, they felt all wobbly and wrinkly.

“Just gentle” my mother said

I started to play with them, running my finger back and forth along them and then her pussy hole started to appear, I pushed my finger inside her and she let out a moan.

She felt warm and wet from coming before and my finger slid with ease

“You can still kiss me there if you want”

I had forgotten about kissing her pussy and I laid down between her legs, I stuck my tongue out brushing against her lips, thinking this is where my mother has a piss from, but sod it she sucked my willy for me.

I now had one of her lips in my mouth and it felt all wrinkly and I could feel the warmth and smell of her fanny raising up from her hole. My tongue found her inside and I wanted to investigate every inch that I could.

My mouth was wide open and pressing in to her pussy as my tongue did it’s work, I must be doing something right as my mother began moaning more and her hand came on to my head, pushing me more in to her fanny.

It felt like my nose was pushing against her clit as I felt it become bigger and harder, then my mothers other hand came on to my head, with one now on each side she started to rock my head back and forth along her slit


She held me tight against her pussy but I could feel her bucking and twisting about on the bed

“Yeees just there”

She let out a shrill of a moan as she lifted herself up while holding on to my head and her legs nipped tight against my body, her pussy became moist then wet as her orgasm came. My mother panted madly as I licked her insides of her juice that was sticky and sweet like honey.

Her grip holding me against her relaxed and I could breath again, but her sweet juice was too much of a treat to leave and I darted my tongue inside finding any that I had missed.
I eventually lifted from my mother’s well-licked fanny and saw her propped up on her elbows watching me and smiled

“Come here and give me a cuddle”

I climbed on top with my cock straight out in front of me, as we kissed, I so wanted my cock to find her hole and I moved about trying to position it, I wanted my first fuck to be with my mother

“I think you have learnt plenty for one day,” she said

I didn’t want her to stop showing me things and I did as she said, we lay down cuddled in to each other and it was the hairdryer the next morning that woke me.

My mother stood in her bra and knickers with her hold up stockings

“Morning lazy head”

“What time is it?”

“Just after six”

I watched her dry her hair and then she came back to the bed, her tits just about falling from her bra as she bent down and kissed me. Her hand came under the bed covers and found my hard cock.

“Let go out tonight for tea and don’t use him to much today”

I knew what she meant, no wanking today.

“Now go back to sl**p, I’ll be back at five”

My mother came bursting in to the house just after five

“I’m going for a quick shower then we can go”

When she came down the stairs, I just stared at her

“What do you think?”

She looked like an office worker; she had on a knee length skirt probable with black hold ups and a white tee shirt under her jacket. It was a typical British summer’s day, cold wet and windy when we got to the pub, a carvery on the other side of town.

It was early and we were seated with no problem in one of the sort after booths, we sat side by side with mam telling me where to sit. Half way through our meal mam said
“Do you like how I dressed?”

“Yes you look very sexy for my mam”

“Would you like to know what else I’m wearing?”

She undid her skirt zip and button that was on the side next to me and pulled back her jacket, I thought it was strange how she wanted to sit and now I know. There was her purple knickers on show

“Slid you hand in without any one seeing” she said

I lent forward on the table and slid my hand in through the zip while still trying to eat. I felt a strap coming from her knickers so I thought

“That’s my suspender, see what else is there”

I pushed in a bit further and felt her hairy fanny, she was wearing no knickers. I looked at mam and she smiled back

“Do you like?”

Her legs began to part as we kept eating, my fingers were now on her moist lips and started to push inside her, I darted my middle finger in and out as mam tried to cut her Yorkshire pudding up. Her whole body began to tremble, then my finger felt wet.

“Quick someone’s coming” she said

“Is every thing alright” the waiter asked

“Fine thank you” said my mother

The waiter went and mam said

“That felt so exciting, I feel so wet”

We could hardly finish our meals fast enough and skipped dessert, I reminded mam that her skirt was undone as we left the table and we rushed back home with mam feeling my cock as she drove back.

We just got through the front door before starting to strip the clothes off each other and kissing wildly as each garment fell to the floor, my mother stood in her purple bra and suspender belt that framed her fanny like a picture and black stocking. I stood naked with my cock rook hard.

She sat on the stairs and pulled my cock in towards her mouth

“I’ve never wanted sex as bad as tonight” my mother said as she began to suck my cock.

She suck my cock hard like there was no tomorrow and had me on the edge of coming very soon, I wanted to pull out and save my hard cock in case I got the chance to fuck her pussy.

She had other ideas, clamping her hands on to my bum, she now had me pulled tight in to herself and moving back and forth on my cock. We both knew what was happening when we looked at each other as I felt the first twitch of my cock in her mouth.

My mother moaned with a mouth full of cock squirting in to her, her lips like limpets, sucking tight around my shaft and letting none of my hot creamy cum escape.

My cock jumped and twitch in her mouth after every squirt of cum, she managed to swallow my load, then her hand came on to my cock, milking the last in to her mouth.

She looked so sexy sitting on the stairs with her mouth full of cock.

She lifted both her feet, one-step up and lay back on the stairs, some how I knew what she wanted and knelt down on the floor. Her legs were as wide as she could get them, wedged between the wall and the banister and I have to remember her clit this time, I kept thinking to myself.

I ran my hand over her black stocking leg and felt the pale flesh being squeezed out from the top of her stockings. My hand moved on to her suspenders, all taught from her stocking and up to her belt that stretch over her tummy.

I kissed her stocking leg from her knee, moving ever closer to her pussy, kiss by kiss.
Her pussy was warm and moist from before and her lips parted easily with my tongue, the warm wet smell of my mother’s juice filled my nose.

This is going to be the closest I get to her pussy tonight, so make the most of it.. I so hoped and thought I was going to have my first fuck with her, but those thoughts have now evaporated after she made me come in her mouth.

She bucked and twisted about on the stairs as my tongue searched her inside walls, licking her previous orgasm juice as she whimpered. I just remembered her clit in time and found it big and hard, flicking my tongue over it seemed to pleasure her and she began to pant.

I now know what this is a sign of and pushed my finger between her lips at the same time as I sucked on her clit

“Fucking hell”
I was sucking her clit between my lips and flicking it as well, my fingers were starting to sound wet

“Yeees, I’m coming”

She pulled my head in to her and lifted her bum off the stairs, thrusting her pussy in to my face. I kept licking as she came, listening to her panting fast as my finger started fetching her love juice outside, making a wet sloppy noise.

Her body started to relax as she regained her breathing. I climbed from between her legs and stood up realising what a cock I had again, sticking straight out in front of me.

“It’s time we went to bed I think” said my mother

She turned over on to her knees on the stairs, her backside on show and there was her pussy lips hanging from between her legs all covered in hair and spreading up her bum.

I held her hips with my hands, pushing my cock between her legs as she climbed the stairs on her knees, the soft rubbing of her fanny on my cock sending me wild.

We made it on to the bed, mam on her back with her legs wide apart

“Would you make love to me?”

“Yes, if you show me how”

“Come on top then”

She raised her knees up and I was funnelled in to her pussy, the pinkest I have seen her lips and mam grabbed hold of my cock

“Come down on to your arms over me”

I was over the top of mam and I could feel her moving my cock about, I kept trying to push it in and willing for it to go in as well.

“Not so fast”

Then she gasped. The fullness of my cock stretch her lips apart as I pushed in

“Fuck that feel big” mam said

I started to slid in and out getting faster

“Just take your time, slow down”

She was right, I slowed and I started to feel my cock sliding against her lips, I started to push a little more each time and my cock went out of sight from what I could see of it.

My mother smiled up at me

“Is that nice” she asked

I nodded as I kept thrusting my cock in and out slowly

“Do you see why I sucked you cock now, you would probably have squirted your lot by now”

She was right again

“Let’s see if you can use the full length of your cock”

Just looking at her smiling give me encouragement and I try pulling out a bit more each thrust, I could even watch my cock going in and out from her hairy fanny

“That’s it, now a bit faster”

Now I was fucking my mother just like the porn videos I found at the back of dads wardrobe, it felt great. Mam’s bra covered tits started to heave up and down with each breath

“Oh son fuck me”

I started to push a bit harder in to her and she gasped

“Go on, fuck me like that”

I was starting to get the hang of fucking my mother and could feel my own orgasm building up again

“Maaam what do I do”

“Kept going, I’m nearly there”

“What about my sperm”

“Squirt it in me; I want to feel you’re cum squirt deep in your mother’s pussy”

I couldn’t help myself any longer, I was going to come in my first real fanny and that just happened to be my mothers fanny and I couldn’t wait. I started to thrust like some dog eager to come, short fast thrusts with mam bounced back and forth on the bed with every thrust

It had only been a few minutes since we got on the bed but were sticky with perspiration, mam was feeling her tits through her bra and moaning and I was about to come

Her fanny muscles grabbed around my cock.

"Maaam, oh Maaam...yes" I cried

Her body released about the same time and we orgasmed together.

Her tight lips sucked around my cock as my cock exploded, my cock end exposed and rubbing inside her fanny felt big and fierce with every explosion of cum

“Yeees” my mother cried out “yeees”

I kept thrusting my cock in and out, not knowing what to do as it kept squirting deep inside with every thrust. Mam panted hard and fast, squeezing both her tits and with her back arched lifting her fanny up to meet her son pounding cock.

She pulled me down on top of her, kissing me passionately, her tits squashed against my chest and her hands around my bum holding me tight in to her fanny. Her fanny muscles rippled along my cock, milking the last of her son’s seeds in to where he was made.

Her tongue fought like crazy with mine as if she couldn’t get enough and her hands held me tight, never wanting me to leave her pussy with my cock.

“Are you alright” she asked

“Yes mam, are you”

“I feel wonderful”

“Will I not make you pregnant?”

“No, I couldn’t have any more after you, you are special”

With that, she kissed me again and I climbed from between her legs, pulling my limp cock from her, I saw her pussy was open and our love juice was starting to leak.

We lay together with our hands exploring each others body’s, I had so many thoughts and fantasies about my mother and now they are coming true.

We must of slept like logs last night, mam is still asl**p, still wearing her bra and stocking and I have woke up with such a big cock again.

I cuddle in behind mam and with my hand I feel her stocking covered leg up to her suspender clip. I touch her soft flesh hanging out from the top of her stocking and follow her suspender up to the belt. Then I run my hand over her wide suspender belt that’s taught over her tummy and slip my hand down over her hairy fanny.

My cock pushed under her bum and in between her legs and one moved, giving me greater access. I kiss her neck and fetch my hand on to her bra-covered breast and give it a squeeze,

My mam was awake and let out a moan, her leg moved again and I can feel my cock rubbing up against her pussy and she feels so wet.

She pulls off my cock and turns over, throwing the bed covers off us and pushed me on to my back with my cock springing back to attention in front of her.

My mother says nothing and lifted her leg over to straddle me, she holds my cock steady as she lifts herself up on one leg and hovers her fanny over the top of my cock.

Her pussy started to drip our love juice from last night as my cock pushes past her entrance and she lowered herself down on to it.

My mother feels so wet as my cock slips in easy and leans back, resting on her hands. With her back arched, it makes her tits look skywards and ready to burst from her bra.

She started to slide up and down on my shaft and the angle she was, I could see my cock going in and out of her hairy fanny and her pink lips sucking to my shaft. I held on to her waist, encouraging her sliding on my cock.

She lent forward next, resting her hands on my chest as she rode my cock, I retched around her back and undid her bra, slipping each strap down her arms and slowly revealing her magnificent tits.

She dangled them over my face and I sucked on each erect nipple in turn. My mother started to moan and pushed her tit in to my face and I sucked and pulled on her nipple.

She was so wet sliding on my cock I could hear slurping noises coming from her fanny.

She sat back up straight with new vigour, lifting her herself up and clashing back down on my cock, having to hold on to both of her tits as she speeded up


Hearing and seeing my mother in pleasure set off a reaction in my body, she was nearing her orgasm with all her own work and I know now she is getting as much pleasures from teaching me as I was.

I lay there thrusting my hips up to meet her, knowing my orgasm was about to fill my mothers fanny

“Oh yeees, yeees, come in me” she cried

Mother slammed down on my cock, gyrating her pussy in to my pubbs, huffing and panting.

My cock deep inside her fanny twitched and jerked, unable to move, it injected my young seed deep in to my mother pussy. My body shuddered as it pushed my last squirt of cum out from my cock while her fanny muscles contracted in spasms around it.
“Fuck” she said breathing hard

She let her breasts hang back down and pulled her hair away from her face and smiled.
Bending down she kissed me madly and passionately then nuzzled in to my neck, sucking and kissing until I knew what she was doing, a love bite for every one to see.

“Thank mam”

“That’s what happens when something is good”

Mam climbed off, holding her hand against her dripping fanny and lay down, cuddling tight in to me.

Mam was off work for the next three days and the learning did not stop. She went around the house only in her oversized tee shirt with no bra and me in my shorts. Every opportunity we had, we were kissing and cuddling and exploring each others body with some very heavy petting.

We would watch the TV on a night, like two teenagers kissing and feeling each other on the sofa, before going to bed together. She taught me that we didn’t have to have intercourse every night, and other thing that made up for it.

We had to leave the house once and that was for food shopping, our sexual desire was as strong then. Mam went without knickers and as she drove on the duel carriage way, she let me play with her pussy.

After parking discreetly at the supermarket, she hoisted her skirt up a bit and spread her legs to let me finish her orgasm with my fingers. Mam then pulled my cock out and sank her mouth on to it. The sheer excitement or the fact that we could be caught made me come in no time at all.

I had another two weeks holidays and we made the most of it. Dad was back for the weekends but mam made sure she was working on the nights he was back.

Mam was getting ready for work one morning and I was watching her, just in her bra, knickers and stockings she threw back the bedclothes and straddled me. She pulled her lacy knickers to one side of her fanny and mounted me. She had me squirting my seed deep inside her in no time at all, pulling off she then pulled her knickers back over her moist hole.

“I want to feel my son’s young seed moving about inside when I’m at work,” she said

Dad never suspected anything, he started to take more work on the continent with his truck and only came back home ever five or six weeks before mam and him parted. I never had a fatherly bond with him as he was always away since my birth.

Mam and I now share the bed together, she says the first time me cock was in her pussy it felt so right, like some special bond was made between us and no other man can break it now.

The end

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s*s AND ME

I'm going to tell you this. I'm going to tell you all of it. This is my story. My s****r's and mine.

At 21, I was well aware that I knew very little about how life really worked. I spent my time in school and various jobs where I consistently managed to get myself fired after no more than three months. I had read a great many books, so I knew a cursory amount of what writers wished to tell me. I watched TV, and so I had a rudimentary and oft times melodramatic sense of relationships and the human condition. Five years older and I can see this as clearly as I did then.

I tell this to illustrate that I was well aware that I was by no means perfect or even all that far ahead of the game. Ironically, this led me to believe that I was far superior to most people my age. However, I was, and still am, also heavy with problems that, while of my own creation, nevertheless sat me in hot water day after day.

As with most things between my s****r and me, this all started with an argument. From the time we could reason, and therefore choose to abandon reason, we have argued and fought over everything. Was I the instigator in most of these arguments? Surely.

We had been fighting for seven hours straight. It was a new record. I had forgotten what the original point was from early in the afternoon, but it didn't matter as our arguments cascaded from one contention to another. We ended up arguing about CD's. Hers and mine. We had everything piled in a mammoth stack on her bed and were separating them. I will mention that she had fully six CD's more of mine than I had of hers.

This began a new argument about boundaries. My room and her room. I forbade her to come in my room and she did the same. I came at her with some unfortunate words. Beth snapped her mouth shut as though she'd been slapped. She then punched me in the arm. It was entirely laughable.

Beth is of average size. She watched her diet, exercised regularly, and as a result, was quite fit. Nevertheless, she's a girl. Say what you will. She's a girl. I have always been much bigger than she was. However, to say I am a big b**st of a guy is a bit inaccurate. I'm the smart one when I'm out with friends, and I'm the one the girls all like. But I'm not a bruiser.

"Keep it up," I told her. "Keep it up and I'll give it right back." The thing was, she looked sorry. I couldn't figure it. We engaged in hellacious arguments, and she gave as good as she got. However, afterward, she always looked sorry.

But that time, as sorry as she was, she was amped up. After seven hours of abuse, she snapped. She threw her little fist out and I moved, just in time. I snatched her up in my arms holding her still.

"Let go!" She squirmed, kicked, and thrashed her head trying to pull free. Her arms were trapped at her sides and her sweet breath was panting hot onto my face.

"Not until you calm down."

"I'll scream," she said flatly. Her bare feet dangled a few inches off the floor.

"You gonna hit me?"

"No." Such a liar. I could see it in her eyes.

"You're just a little c***d Bethany."

"Don't call me that."

"Little Bethany getting angry?" I squeezed her tighter. It's amazing the pain one will inflict on a sibling that one would never inflict upon another person, let alone a girl.

"Ahh! Stop it!"

"You gonna hit me?"

"Let go!" Our house had a strangely intense kind of soundproofing from floor to floor. Put our rooms on the other side of the house in addition to the entire foot of floor, insulation, and the ceiling below us and we may as well have lived in the next state.

"Matt!" she cried in frustration, trying to get free.

"You gonna hit me?" I squeezed harder. "What's the matter?" I shook her a little.

"Let..." she struggled, shaking against me, "...go!


"Matt!" she screamed right at me. Opened her mouth and just unloaded. We were both breathing hard. Her breasts pressed tight against me. Her body was warm and suddenly the most interesting thing in the room.

We were both heaving and breathing hard. She seemed to relax a little. Less defensive. Her green eyes were wide and blazing.

I leaned in a bit and inhaled slowly. I could smell the sweat on her skin. Salty. She pulled back sharply and surprised. I looked at her. Her short brown hair was wild and tangled on top. Her face was flushed. She breathed through her nose and I could feel the warm air hit my neck in short bursts.

I never realized that women could smell so exciting. That I was keyed-up and holding her that tight didn't help. I kissed her neck. Tasted her. She lifted her head and said nothing. I wondered how long I'd wanted that.

I moved up to her jaw, so smooth and warm. Her lips tasted like peaches. We were kissing. I didn't remember putting her down, but we were on her bed, touching each other and trying our best to suck out each other's tongues.

I never thought about how wrong it was. I was pulling her shirt over her head, squeezing her tits and running my hands over her firm little body. The minutes ran together. Her hands were under my shirt, running over my chest and stomach.

I popped the button on her jeans trying to get them off. She scrambled back up the mattress, knocking the CD's to the floor. She kicked her legs trying to pull her feet out of the tight denim.

She was pulling the small red panties down her hips and over her legs as I frantically pulled off my clothes. Any qualms we may have had were lost in the frenzy of lust and heated excitement.

Her eyes never left mine. My cock sprang up as I threw off my shorts. I crawled up the bed, pushing her legs open. She laid back and grabbed the sheets in her fingers.

I pushed inside her, making both of us groan and pant even harder. She wasn't a virgin but she was tight as could be. I wanted to ask her whom she had fucked. All I could do was fuck in and out of her. There was nothing sweet about it. She was loud and bucked against me, and I leaned over her like a madman, fucking my s****r.

The thing was, all we could do was look each other in the eyes. If we looked away, it would have been over. I stared into her bright green eyes, watching her pupils expand in the dim light and in her arousal, and I fucked her until I was grinding my teeth as a shaking orgasm racked through me, coming right up from my God damned toes. She was holding onto me and coming down from her own. I felt the first spurt rising up my dick and she bit her lip, almost whining as I pulled out and shot the rest of it onto her, sending stripes of cum all over her chest and belly. I didn't want to be inside her.

She took a deep breath and laid back, her hips still moved as her legs stretched out flat.

We finally looked away. This was as bad as a thing got. This was something that couldn't happen. This was the worst kind of thing.

She slid her legs around me, as I sat there with my hands on my knees catching my breath. Beth moved carefully, trying not to let my cum slide off her tight body. It pooled in the small creases as she bent forward. Her small breasts were almost pointed. A young woman, and she had breasts like a 14 year-old. All I could see was bright white cum, like rushed graffiti on her lightly tanned skin.

She looked uncertain. Her eyes flicked to mine and then down in shame as she walked carefully to her bathroom. I crawled back off her bed, twisting the comforter with my knees as I moved backwards. I felt a few drops of cum dribble to my thighs as I went to my room, stopping only to grab my clothes.

I locked the door behind me, looking for something to clean off with. There was a gurgling from the sink in the small half-bath off the back of my room. She was done with the water. I pissed, not quite enjoying the familiar post-fuck urination I usually enjoyed.

Drying off with a dirty hand towel, I climbed into bed and shut off the light.

"Matt? Matthew?" She was at my door, knocking lightly. Tapping, really. I ignored her.

"Matt?" She was still there. Whispering. She'd been screaming at me 30 minutes earlier, but suddenly she was whispering. I turned on my stereo. Played the CD in the tray. It was the one that made me think of the CD I couldn't find. The one that started the whole thing about getting my CD's back from her room.

It was kind of a stupid disc. But I wanted to play it loud. I pressed the top button on my remote, watching the blue display show the climbing volume number.

"Matt?" I could still hear her. Louder. I think she kept knocking. She might have been crying, but I really couldn't tell. I fell asl**p when the CD was on it's second repeat.

* * * * *

The next day, waking up to that stupid CD, I staggered into my bathroom and pissed away an unusually rock-hard morning erection.

I turned off the CD and heard the hiss of air coming from the speakers. I pulled on clothes that I'd only worn for one day. They were fine.

It was Saturday and I was up earlier than usual. Beth had been up first. She and my mom were sitting at the table eating cereal with far too many different kinds of diced fruit on top. Mom was reading the paper and Beth was barely reading a magazine she'd gotten in the mail the day before. She had her body hunkered down under a big sweatshirt. Her bare legs were tight together.

"Morning, honey."

"Hey," I said. My voice was thick and my eyes were still muddy and weary from sl**p. I dropped into my chair, not looking at my s****r sitting directly across from me. Dad was off already.

"You want eggs? Something hot?"

"Cereal's fine." Mom just smiled and went back to her paper. I sat there a minute. I poured my cereal. Something with "Flakes" in the name. Its main purpose was to make old people shit. But it was what was on the table.

My eyes hit Beth's a minute. She was staring at me. Her face was strangely absent of make-up. Anymore, that was a rarity. She looked weird. I couldn't figure what was going on behind those eyes. I started to pull the milk container over.

"Is this that soy crap?"

"It's better for you than milk," mom said.

"Doesn't taste better."

"You'll live, honey."


Beth was biting her lower lip when I looked back up.

She slid the small bowl of cut bananas, strawberries, and the remnants of some little blue son of a bitch I figured was a blueberry, but wasn't sure.

"I don't want any fucking fruit," I said plainly.

"Matthew," mom said exasperated. She lowered her paper.

"Sorry." I wasn't.

"Never mind your language, mister. I don't like the way you treat your s****r." Beth was getting that kicked puppy look.

"Doesn't matter," Beth mumbled. But it did. Anyone could see that. Even I could see that.

"See?" I said, bravely ignoring the obvious.

"It's time you two grew up a little. I don't know why you can't be nice to each other. I'm not asking you to be best friends, but at least act like you can stand each other." She flapped her newspaper straight and went back to whatever she'd been reading.

Beth looked uncertainly to me and tried a kind of smile that looked like a truce offering. I think I sneered and shook my head before she really had time to commit.

"Honey?" mom asked as Beth scooped up her magazine and ran out of the kitchen. I heard her going up the stairs. I couldn't get her bare, toned legs out of my head.

After mom chewed me out, I grabbed a doughnut from the plate at the end of the table and went upstairs.

On my desk were all my CD's. Four stacks, about a foot and a half each. They were alphabetized by group. Last time I saw them, they'd fallen off her bed into a mess of plastic cases and tossed discs.

I put them in my stereo shelf. I turned around and saw Beth standing in the doorway to her room. She was watching me. Still in just the sweatshirt, she stood with one foot turned in. Her hands had disappeared in the cuffs of her bulky sleeves. There was something like a cross between a question and a smile on her lips. Pretty lips, I noticed.

I shut my door and went to the large chair under my window. I pulled out a book and started reading. A few chapters later, mom's car pulled out of the driveway around eleven. Her weekly lunch with our aunt.

I hadn't realized it was that late. I rubbed my eyes and dropped the book to the carpet.

"Fucking shoes," I wondered aloud. Under the bed. I reached under to get them. My fingers touched what had to be a CD case. I pulled it out. Hers. I got down and looked under the frame for more. Just the one. A soundtrack. I liked one song on it.

I pulled my shoes on, feeling the plastic in the heel breaking as I f***ed them, still tied, onto my feet. I grabbed the case and jumped up.

Beth was on her bed, curled on her side. Her eyes were open and she was just staring at the wall. I saw a peek of panty under the bottom of the sweatshirt. She turned as I dropped the case on her desk. Her room bright and orderly in the daylight. Mine was always dark and full of junk.

"Found it under the bed," I said tapping a finger on the plastic case.

"Thanks," she said. You could see the eagerness to make good on her face. I almost growled in disgust. I headed down the hall and heard her feet hit the floor and then run after me as I turned the corner down the stairs. I grabbed my keys from the bottom step and went right outside. She came out after me. She was tiptoeing across the lawn half-naked as I was getting into my car.

"Matt," she said, coming up to the passenger side. "Wait. Can we talk?"

"Why?" Why couldn't she have just left it alone?


"Forget it. I'm going for some lunch. Something." I put the car in reverse. She jumped in, shutting the door quick.


"The hell are you doing?" I closed my eyes and tried to not yell at her.

"I just want to talk, Matt." I wondered how many guys she'd fucked. She looked so sweet. But I knew she'd fucked someone. Maybe she did it herself. Dildo, or whatever teenage girls do. I watched her puff a lock of hair out of her eyes.

"Go inside, Beth."

"No." No. Not, Hell no. Or, Fuck you, I'm staying. No. I couldn't get angry with No.


"I can't anyway. The door locks behind you and I obviously don't have a key." No. She obviously didn't. She obviously had a sweatshirt and panties. That was about it. I could see a few inches of her panties as she sat there. Her smooth crotch.

"Get out, Bethany." Nothing. Even calling her that got me absolutely nothing.

"You have to let me in."

"The spare key is under the third rock. See ya." Nothing. "Fine." I let off the brake and pulled out of the drive.

"Matt," she said nervously.

"Put your belt on. I don't want a ticket." She pulled it on quickly and tried to pull her sweatshirt down some.

"Take me back, Matt."

"Soon as I get some lunch."

"Matt," she pleaded.

"Listen, you got in - you wouldn't get out. You're along for the ride."

She looked down and held her slender legs together.

"Can we talk then?"


"Come on, Matt. Last night -"

"What's the point in talking? Was it my fault?"


"Was it your fault?"


"So let it go."

"But -"

"Seriously, Beth, let it go." It came out harsher than I wanted, but she shut up. I pulled into a burger stand. No customer area. Just drive-thru.

"What do you want?" I asked her.

"I don't have any money," she said looking nervous about going through.

"No shit. What - do - you - want?"

"Can I have the number three?" I pulled to the window and turned down the radio.

"Number three, a number two, and a double burger."

"What kind of -"

"Cokes. Both of them," I said. The girl behind the window was 16 at most. Braces, glasses, and strangely do-able. She just stared at the half-dressed girl next to me. Beth's sweatshirt didn't cover her ass at all the way she pulled it over her crotch. You could see the white curve of it down her hip.

"Sweetheart," I said, snapping my fingers. She looked embarrassed and smiled her apology. She went quickly to get our stuff.

"Get a ten out of my wallet. Glove box." Beth did, pulling a ten out and putting the wallet back inside.

The girl with the braces gave me my food and change. She got halfway through her "Thank you for coming blah blah blah" speech when we were pulling out. I drove around, pulling into the huge parking lot of a supermarket.

"What are you doing?"

"Parking the car." I turned the key back, leaving the radio on.

"But...can't we eat at home?"

"No one's around. The sandwiches'll be cold and the fries'll be stale by the time we get there." She looked around and bit her lip again. I was starting to wish she'd quit that. It was giving me notions.

"Um, thanks for the sandwich. I'll pay you back at home." She unwrapped her chicken sandwich.

"Keep it. It's four dollars."

"Thanks." We ate in silence. She took small, dainty bites. Why couldn't chicks just eat the way they really wanted to? Just plow through it. I was halfway through my second burger as she had finished just half of her sandwich. She nibbled on a fry every few bites. Finally, she finished.

"Oh, I have to pee," she said as she finished her small coke. I was just finishing mine. I started the car up and pulled out into the street.

She changed the radio station. I saw her look at me to see if I was going to flip out. When I didn't do anything, she kept pressing the seek button. She stopped on some whiny college station. Her face brightened at a song that made my skin crawl. I let it go.

By the time we were pulling into the driveway, she was jumping her legs up and down and rocking in place.

"Here," I said, handing her the keys. "Go." She almost fell out of the car. Her sweatshirt went up and around her waist as she ran in great, long strides to the front door. She danced and moved in place as she tried to unlock the handle. When she did, she threw it open and ran inside.

I smiled as I followed her in. Pulled my keys from the door and pushed it tight behind me. I wandered into the kitchen and threw away the sack and garbage from our lunch.

Beth came out of the bathroom by the back door looking much relieved. She smiled sheepishly at me and stood in the kitchen waiting for me to say something.

"You gonna get dressed today?"

"Maybe." She said it to be funny, halfway laughing as she said it. I didn't laugh and she cleared her throat and stopped.

"You're not so smart, you know," she said.

"That's what you're going with?" I asked. "What are you, 13?"

She glared at me and stormed past. I watched her legs leave the room under the thick cover of her sweatshirt. I grabbed a bottle of some kind of orange drink my mom kept buying. I was shaking it like a paint mixer as I went up the stairs.

Beth ambushed me as I went in my room.

"Here," she spat. She thumped a folded pack of dollar bills against my chest. I caught them trapped between my arm and ribs.

"I wouldn't want you to think I owed you anything." She spun around, twirling that sweatshirt up, flashing the white of her panties at me. She walked quickly, making them disappear a little between her firm cheeks. I shook my head and went to my chair.

I hadn't made it two seconds before she was yanking her door open again and stomping her little feet inside my room.

"I thought we agreed you don't come in here, and I don't go in there?"

"Now you listen to me," she said, pointing her finger and waggling it at me. "Mom's right. We don't have to be friends. But I don't know why we can't at least be civil to each other."

"Says the angry girl who keeps trying to pick a fight."

"Shut up! I'm trying to make a point. God, Matt, we're not k**s anymore."

"What's your point, Beth?" I was calm. I dropped my book on the chair and looked at her.

"Just that we shouldn't fight so much."

"We always have."

"I know. And I'm tired of it. I don't want to anymore."

"Is this because of last night?"

"No." She said it quickly. As though she'd been waiting for me to bring it up.

"Then what?"

"I don't understand," she said in a small voice. "Why did you do that last night?"

"Why did I do it?" I cocked my head and smirked at her. "I seem to remember you doing your fair share"

"But why did YOU do it?"

"I don't know," I said with a shrug. "Don't you ever get worked up?"

"I guess."

"Well, that's what happened last night."

"I don't know what to think about it," she said, kneading her hands together and looking at the floor.

"Christ," I said, rolling my eyes to the ceiling. "It didn't mean anything. I just had to do it, and you were there." Maybe a little more blunt than I intended, but it made my point.

"God, Matt. You don't have to say it like that."

"It's true. What do you want? Say it all soft and sweet?" I leaned down and became the most patronizing bastard ever to walk the planet. "I really loved fucking you, little s****r. I hope you understand why I think we shouldn't try to make a big deal out of it. b*****rs fucking s****rs is still a touchy subject these days." I smiled so wide and so phony I was amazing myself.

"You're such a jerk," she said. That familiar fire in her eyes. Her lips were tight and her little fists were balled up.

"Mom's not here to yell at me. Dad's not home to protect you. So why don't you just go to your room and do whatever it is you do. 'Kay?"

"I'm not afraid of you, Matt."

"Well, bravo. You're right. I won't beat up my little s****r. Tell me, BETHANY, how come you never got all A's with that big damn brain of yours?"

"Fuck you, Matt."

"Get out of my room."




I picked her up under her arms and carried her into the hall. She slipped in the door again before I could shut it.

"Apologize," she said hotly.

"No." I was getting angry.


"Shut the fuck up."

She swung at me, her little hand open and her fingers splayed. When her hand smacked into my face, it surprised me. I didn't mean what happened next. I grabbed her arms, just under her shoulders. She winced in pain. I was pissed. I pulled her close and reminded myself that I didn't really want to hurt her.

She looked scared. I just pushed her away.

"Matt, I'm sorry," she said quickly. She rushed up to me, putting her hand on my cheek. "I'm sorry. I - I didn't -"

"Just shut up," I said, feeling cranked, angry, and tired all at the same time. She tried to hug me, but I stepped back. I was starting to feel cornered, as if I had to run but couldn't.

"Please," she said, crying a little, "don't be mad. Please?"

"Why can't you just leave things alone? Why?"

"I don't want to fight anymore. You're my b*****r. Don't you like me? Is that why we argue all the time?"

"We just do. I don't know. Maybe we just don't mix well."

"Matt, I just don't want to do this." She had her arms around me. I could smell her shampoo from the night before. I pushed her away as I went to the bed. She pressed her legs up against me as I sat on the mattress.

"Beth, just shut up." I didn't want to sound nasty. I just wanted her to stop talking. "Just - shut - up," I said through clenched teeth. She moved away from me, and I thought she was going to leave. But she didn't. She walked in front of me and crawled up, sitting on my lap. Her legs wrapped around my waist. Her face was right in front of mine. Her hands came up and cupped my cheeks.

She kissed me. I didn't like the way she did it. It was too tender. Like she was trying to take away my anger, or pain, or whatever she thought was wrong. I didn't even know what was wrong.

I pushed her away.

"Don't worry. Shhh..." she told me. She kissed me again. The thing is, the more she tried to help me, the more she reminded me that I had these problems. I'd had them forever. Got into fights at school. Suspensions. Job after job. And I could just never mesh with my s****r. Ever. Our relationship has always been just a

She pushed me back, unwrapping her legs from around me, kneeling over my body.

"Go away," I pleaded quietly. "Please."

"Don't be angry, Matt. You don't have to be," she said as she stroked her little fingers over my forehead.

I beat a guy into a concussion and a broken nose one time. He called Beth a slut when she wore a skirt that was too short. He wasn't done laughing before I had my hands around his throat.

"You're so fucking stupid," I told her. She just leaned over, held her hands to my chest, and kissed my lips. Fucking...

"Get off!" I yelled, throwing her from me. She hit the floor and rolled to her side.

"Dammit, Matt!"

"Last night was a lark. Get that through your head. I don't want to be around you. Understand?"

"Asshole," she said under her breath.

"Get out," I said, hauling her up by the arm.


"Shut up."

"Stop it!"


She slammed the door, shutting us in together.

"Stop it!" she yelled, shoving at me with her hands.

"You wanna do this?" I pushed her back. We shoved back and forth until I had her pinned to the floor, both of us breathing hard. I was on her back, her arms were crossed under her chest, and she squirmed trying to get free. I had an arm at her mouth as I reached around to hold on to her little fist.

She bit down. Not hard. Barely more than a faint impression in my skin. She started nuzzling against me, lifting her head back, rubbing her cheek against mine. I couldn't think straight.

"Fine," I growled. "Fine. This... Fine." I reached under me, unbuttoning my pants and pulling out my cock. Hard as a crowbar. I yanked her panties down. At that moment, I didn't take any notice of how she lifted her hips to let me. I didn't say anything. I just shoved into her. She was wet and I went in as if we were made to fuck each other.

I still had her trapped under me. Her sweatshirt was thick in my face as I hunched into her, pounding hard and fast. Her breath was ragged and she arched her back, just letting me do all the work. I don't think I'm all that overly hung, but I filled her tight. We weren't romantic by any means. It was fucking. F-U-C-K-I-N-G.

She started to tell me how good it felt.

"Shut up," I grunted. "Christ. Don't-" slam, "fucking-" slam, "talk!" Slam. She yelped with each ram into her cunt.

I fucked her on the floor of my bedroom, both of us still half dressed, or mostly dressed. The sun was bright and showed fat columns of dust swimming in slants. Someone was mowing their lawn a house or two away. Beth was sobbing under me, pushing into each thrust, smacking her smooth, round ass cheeks into my stomach.

I felt her shake and shudder under me, lowering her head and clenching her teeth. I kept fucking her. She wasn't crying anymore. She was kissing my arm. Small, gentle touches of her soft lips. I barreled into her, feeling my balls tighten up, my cock getting harder and then I pressed so tight into her that I heard her let out a hard breath as I crushed her to the carpet. Cum shot into her, making her gasp. I'd just cum in my little s****r's cunt. I pushed off her, yanking out while I was still cumming.

It jerked around, pulsing smaller and smaller spurts of bright white cum. It went on her around her cheeks, and up the small of her back.

She just laid there. I stumbled to my feet and ran to the bathroom, and managed to lean over the sink before I puked. I rinsed my mouth with water and took a piss. It was all I could do. I couldn't - it was all I thought to do. I zipped up and avoided the mirror as I mechanically washed my hands. I wiped them on a small green towel my mom kept putting up there. I hated that towel.

Beth was still on the floor. She was rotating the feeling back into her hands and stretching her arms. I walked over and wiped her back and her ass clean. She pulled her panties up and got to her knees as I walked back to the bathroom. I wadded up the towel and threw it in the small trash basket.

Neither of us said anything. She wanted to. I could see it in her eyes. They were still red from crying.

Mom walked in the front door with my aunt. They were laughing and carrying on about some damn thing. Beth just looked at me and then went back to her room. I turned on the stereo, not caring what was on. I ignored my mom's call, sat down, and picked up my book.

* * * * *

The next day was Sunday, and as such, it meant that it would be a lot of sitting around. Boredom leads, in my experience, to short tempers. Mom and Dad were out looking at rugs. Honest to God, rugs. Every Sunday. Four hours minimum - rugs. Never bought one, but they were bound and determined to find one that would fit the living room no one was allowed to sit in.

Beth was in her room. Some incredibly bad band was screeching out of her stereo, making my liver shrivel up and become an angry little raisin. I shut my door. Armed with my own stereo, I put on a CD. Strong, driving guitar. Nothing. I could still hear her noise pollution crushing my brain.

"Beth!" I yelled. I turned off mine and stomped across the hall. She was standing, facing a pair of bookshelves, and reorganizing her things. Her head moved in rhythm to the awful stuff coming from her speakers.

I smacked my hand to her shoulder, making her jump.

She turned my down the "music" and started in on me as soon as she could hear herself speak. Apparently, it was my fault her stereo was up so loud, as I had left mine on that morning and she had to turn hers up just to hear, and she must not have noticed that I had since turned mine down. Interesting theory, considering mine was on so low that I didn't notice it when I woke up, never mind that it was all bullshit.

I don't suppose it takes a genius to see where this all ended up. What with Beth and I half-dressed, swearing at each other and fucking like angry, meth-addicted rabbits. It was impossible to describe. Such as had become my life. That was the third time in as many days that we had fucked each other. Each time after, I felt like shit. I knew it was wrong. But feeling her little tits on my chest, and sliding my aching cock in and out of her warm, inviting body, it was like d**gs.

I left her on her bedroom floor, naked and with a mouthful of cum. I pulled the plug on her stereo and muttered something about how I was sick of hearing it.

I went across the hall and locked my door behind me. My head was swimming. I couldn't breath. I almost jumped through the wall when she knocked at the other side of the door.

She told me that it was okay. She tried to tell me that we'd work through it. That I shouldn't worry about it. Maybe this was our way of telling ourselves that we didn't hate each other. That we didn't even dislike each other.

I didn't know about that.

I crawled up on my bed and tried to cover my ears with a pillow. I could still hear her. So damned nice. So damned concerned. Why wasn't she flipping out? Why wasn't she having a stroke over this? For Christ's sake, I fucked my s****r.

When we were fucking on her floor and she wouldn't shut up about loving me and wanting to be close no matter what and fucking Christ, it wouldn't stop. I pulled out of her, moved up her body, and stuffed my cock in her mouth as I came.

She was outside my door telling me that everything would be okay.

I don't know who started that one. I don't remember anything except yelling about the stereo, shoving, and then I'm yanking her pants off while she pulled her shirt over her head. My only consolation was if anyone ever found out, that at least she was 18. Couldn't arrest me. There was that, at least.

* * * * *

Two days later, something different happened. We were sitting in our rooms. I was going over a course schedule for the upcoming term and she was getting ready for bed. She walked down the hall in a towel. Her tan skin was smooth and almost like a ginger crème. I watched her take off her towel and walk in and out of view, from one side of her door to the other. I put down the schedule and walked over to her doorway.

She was going through some big elaborate lotion and powder routine that my male brain didn't understand. She saw me standing there and didn't bother with covering up. Her body was amazing. Her small breasts were perfect little cones, making her seem pixie-like. I was standing behind her, watching. She stared at me in the mirror with those big green eyes that drove me nuts.

We just looked at each other for a long few minutes. She turned to look at me, waiting for me to say something. Her eyes begged me to just say her name. I ran a hand over her tight belly, making her jump. Her eyes closed and her lower lip disappeared between her teeth.

I turned her around and pushed her gently to her bed. I undressed, leaving her bent over the foot of her mattress. Her legs were spread and her incredible ass was just calling to me.

She never looked back at me. Never said a word. I could smell her. My cock rose, feeling suddenly heavy. I came up behind her and slid my cock-head up and down her deep crack. It was glistening with her juices.

I pressed in her cunt, pushing into the hot tissue. Spreading her and making her moan. I placed my hands on the twin mounds of her ass. She pushed against me, grabbing hold of two fistfuls of sheets.

She never said a word. We just fucked slowly in the dim room, alone at that late hour. We didn't have to be quiet. Our parents would never hear us. But aside from soft moans and a few grunts of pleasure and effort, we didn't make a sound.

I felt her cum. She fluttered around my cock and her legs trembled. I couldn't cum. I didn't want to. Not like that. This was too deliberate. I meant too much. I thought about every nasty, dirty, pornographic thing I could. I finally finished, just thinking about the woman who lived three houses down. I had wanted her for years. I pictured her with her panties down around her knees, bent over and pulling her tight ass cheeks apart.

Beth gasped softly as I filled her with a few automatic spurts of cum. I couldn't keep it going. My cock went down almost immediately. There's something women don't understand about men, and something we're too polite to mention to them. We can fuck them, cum, and never really have an orgasm. It's like sneezing and not having a cold. They aren't mutually exclusive.

Beth smiled at me as I walked around her and slumped down in her chair. It smelled like her. I watched her as she crawled up on the bed and curled up on her side. She just stared at me and had a half-grin on her face the whole time.

I wanted to slap her. Make her hate me for just a minute. Make her forget that she thought there was something between us.

But I just sat there. She fell asl**p eventually. I pulled her sheet up over her and turned off her lamp. She was peaceful when she slept. Most people looked liked they've been d**gged when they sl**p. But she looked peaceful. I pushed her hair from her face as I watched her.

Finally, I snorted in disgust. I had to get out of there. Things were just wrong. I fucking knew that. I did. What was more screwed up than anything was that I was so terrified that this was becoming more than just grist for future therapy bills, that I almost hadn't been able to cum.

I walked back to my room and thought seriously about just packing some things and getting out. But I didn't. So, I turned on the radio and masturbated into the toilet, thinking about Mrs. Calvin from three houses down. She was dressed like my s****r as I closed my eyes and heard the plop of cum jetting into the water.

* * * * *

Fighting seemed to bring on every other instance for a long time. We had a kind of routine developed. We would fight all day. Nasty stuff. More my end than her. But we fought. Then we were fucking on the floor or against the wall, or over her desk. We fucked in the car once, after I picked her up from a movie with her friends and she was late getting out.

She stopped dating. I told her to forget what we did together. I couldn't stop us, but it damn sure didn't mean anything. We were barely siblings and certainly weren't more than that.

I saw the way she looked at me. I read the things she wrote about me in her diary. Not the two decoys under her mattress or in the painfully obvious secret compartment of her desk drawer, but the real one she hid between the wall and the air vents. I read it when she was gone and I swore each time that we weren't going to do it anymore.

Although, it was usually just a matter of hours and I had her on the floor swallowing my cock while I held her head to me. Each time, after wiping my cum from her skin, or just leaving her there, still angry, or looking at me and calling me to her - each time, I would end up hiding away, trying to figure out what was happening to my life.

Was this addiction? I would wonder. Was this what it was like to loose control of your life? I asked myself. It had to be. It had to be an addiction. It didn't mean I wasn't going to close my eyes and think of Beth on her knees, her shapely little ass sticking out behind her while she fisted my cock and sucked its head. It didn't mean that I wouldn't press my palms into my eyes until the image of her little breasts shining with sweat or the way they looked messy with cum had burned away with splotches of popping light and pain. Didn't mean any of that.

She was my d**g of choice.

Things got more unpredictable between us. I was on a short fuse with her, and my heart raced when we were full on in a really nasty shouting match. I called her names when we laid together fucking. I growled in her ear for her to shut her mouth when we fucked in the men's room of a Burger King one morning.

In a strange way, our parents thought things were getting better. Our dad mentioned how nice it was that we spent so much time together. I hadn't realized it, but we had been together more often than ever. I took her to parties and bon fires out in the country. She asked me to drive her to meet her friends. She asked me if I would come get her from friends' houses, or movies, or the mall.

I griped and cursed and did it anyway. I was hooked. I hated myself for what I did - for what I did to her, but then, there I was.

This was our old routine: We would argue, push, shove, say things that were horrible (I did at least), and then when no one was around we would fuck. She would come to me. I would go to her.

After a while, the routine became a little looser. When I was bored, or down about something that was nothing to do with her, she was there if I wanted a blowjob. Or if she was feeling low, or just wanted it, I would spend 20 minutes eating her to an orgasm. We fucked when there was nothing on TV. We fucked when we couldn't sl**p. We fucked when we just wanted to fuck.

My s****r had become my fuck-buddy. I could rage and rant at her, let her scream and yell back at me, and then have her clothes off and bent over her mattress while I tried to put my cock in her butt if we felt like it.

We were both at a party one Wednesday night. Mostly college k**s. I brought her along when her friends cancelled on her. We got there, a house out off a massive rural highway. Huge bon fire raging out back. People everywhere. Jerry Lee Lewis playing on the speakers that were wired all through the house. Like veins on the wrong side of the skin, red wire was tacked up and spliced together all over the walls.

Beth bounced away, seeing a few people she knew. I was already angry with myself for bringing her. I wanted to get away from her and suddenly we're driving around the country looking for a party in the middle of nowhere.

So, she's off talking to people she knows and I'm standing around, trading stories with some of my buddies from high school. Time passes. Some idiot put an Ani DeFranco CD in the changer and was promptly thrown out, dodging the broken pieces of the CD. With angry, 20 year-old, shit-kicking country coming out of the walls, we resumed our stories, lies, and fantasies.

I suddenly felt someone pressing a cup into my hand. I sipped at it, tasting the icy beer. I turned to thank whoever handed it to me, and there she was. Beth was drinking from her own red plastic cup (required by law in a party) and smiling like an idiot. She just stood there. Right next to me. As if she belonged there, her arm occasionally touching mine as she moved to the music. She was right there. Just...there.

"Jesus Christ. Would you fucking get lost?" I said. You should have seen it. She went from having a real time - enjoying herself, feeling pretty good, and then she seemed to shrink. My friends got quiet. I swear to you I barely noticed. You look back on something like that - you see it in slow motion. You see it frame by frame. It's all right there. But then? Nah.

She looked sick. Her eyes went from me to my friends and then to the floor. She set the cup down and almost ran from the room. No one said anything. Except me. I, apparently, couldn't shut my goddamn mouth.

"Fucking hell."

Twenty minutes later, I couldn't find her. I mean, how old was she, right?

Say one thing to her and she breaks down? Jesus. All I could think was how much my parents would scream and rant if they found out I made her leave. Wasn't anything they could do to me, but it just wasn't worth the effort to hear it.

I left the party, swearing to the air around me as I got in the car. There wasn't much of a list of directions she could have gone, I told myself as I backed over soft grass and broken cups. Something on my tires smelled, and I hoped it was beer and not piss.

I drove down the road, my high beams on, looking for her. Five minutes down the highway, almost to the main road heading into the city, I found her. She was walking along the side of the highway with her arms hugged tight to her ribs. I pulled up along side of her. Her clothes turned white as the light rolled along her body. I was going to honk, or say something stupid, and then I saw her face. She was crying. STILL crying. Her shoulders shook and her face was a painful mask of hurt. She would wipe at her eyes and then tuck her hands back under her arms.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I mean, fuck.

I pulled to the side, watching her walk in the lights. I jumped out and ran up to her.

"Get in the car, Beth," I said. Gently? I tried. I don't know. She just kept crying and walking.

"Beth," I said. "Come on. Just get in the car." I tried to take her arm, but she yanked it away and kept going.

"You can't walk all the way home, Beth." I walked after her. "Dammit, get in the car. Just stop it."

She stopped walking but didn't stop crying. I walked around in front of her again. I was getting angry and just wanted to leave. Screw the party, I didn't care about that anymore.

"Why are you so mean to me?" she cried softly.

"What?" My mouth went dry and I felt numb. The way she said it. Awful.

"Why are you so mean to me? Why do you hate me?" she sobbed.

"I - I don't hate you."

"Yes you do," she said earnestly. "You do."

"Beth," I said as gently as I could, "I don't hate you."

"I want to go home," she said, covering her face.

"I'll take you. I'm not going back to the party."


"No what?"

"I'm gonna walk."

"You can't walk. Come on. Get in. I won't say anything."

"I don't understand," she said, sniffing and starting to stop her sobbing.


"How can we do what we do, together, and you still treat me like dirt. You humiliate me and make me feel like I'm worthless."

"Beth..." I just stood there. "Beth, just get in the car." She turned around and walked to the passenger side and got in.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her. She just stared out the window. "We can stop somewhere and get something. My treat."

"I just want to go home," she said in a hollow voice. We didn't talk again the whole drive back. When we got there, she walked up the front porch and unlocked the door. I was right behind her. I quietly shut and bolted the door and followed her up the stairs. She went down to her room and shut the door behind her. I'm not sure what I expected she was going to do.

I stared at the door a minute wondering what I was supposed to do. Sex had become a part of our lives. We fight, we fuck. We didn't fight just to fuck. And I don't think we fucked just because we fought.

I went to my room. I sat on my bed, not turning on the light. I just sat there. I was still holding my car keys.

I wasn't completely stupid. I knew that I'd crossed a kind of line that night. Or maybe it was the last straw. Or maybe she cried like that every time. Maybe she was worse off than I thought. Whatever the case, I knew I'd really done wrong. I just kept picturing her waking down the road, crying.

I didn't know why I said the things I said. I don't try to do it. I don't. But there it is.

My first year of college, Beth was enjoying her final year of high school. A guy named David Doores left her at a restaurant on a date. She told him she didn't like the way he was touching her. Her left her there. I found him a few days later. He was a big guy. My age. Worked out. We went at it for ten minutes. It took some doing, but I got him down. Broke his arm. He nearly busted my ribs. Fucked him up.

I sat on my bed and wondered what I was supposed to do. I thought about going across the hall and trying to make peace. But then I realized she wasn't going to listen. Suddenly I realized that I'd never cared before. I didn't want to care then.

It was bad enough that my s****r and I were having sex regularly. Sometimes I'd get home go to her room and we'd fuck for an hour. We'd sneak into the garden shed and she'd suck me off before dinner. But if we were going to start thinking it was something more - that couldn't happen. I knew she had crazy notions. But I couldn't. As long as one of us could still see the shore from the boat, we were fine. But if I couldn't keep it detached - that just couldn't happen.

Her door opened. She turned off her light. My room was dark. I saw her shape in the dim light of the moon. She came into my room. She was naked. The way she moved made my cock hard.

"I'm not a good guy, Beth," I said so soft I could barely hear myself. The words were out of my mouth before I could think. "You just have to understand that." Maybe that was what she needed to hear. Maybe, I thought.

"Yes, you are."

"I'm not. We have to stop this. This is just going to screw up your life. Won't matter for me. I'm always going to be unhappy. But you can't do this."

"I love you."

"Don't fucking say that. Don't you fucking say something like that. You LOVE me? What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid little slut?" I spat. She jerked back as though I'd stung her. Her hand started to reach out for me.

"Have you fucking lost your mind?" I snarled. I smacked her hand away. She yanked it to her breast. "All we do is fuck. Get it? You don't love me, and I don't fucking love you." I could hear her swallow as she stood there.

"You wonder why I'm so mean to you?" I stood up. I could see her wide, wet eyes in the moonlight. "Because you are a God damned stupid little girl." Her hand came up to her mouth and she tried not to cry.

"But we..." she trailed off, her mouth having trouble forming words as she cried. "I thought we were..."

"What? You thought we were a couple? Did you think I was going to take you around and tell everyone you were my special favorite girl?" She choked on a sob. "Did you think we'd just run off and live together forever? Maybe we could get a house together? Hmm? Sure. We could pretend to be married. Wouldn't that be like a fairy tale come true? Fucking idiot. You're someone I can fuck, Beth."

She turned and ran to her room. I watched her shut her door and then I heard her crying. Sobbing. Great, racking sobs. I just stood there listening to her. I could feel a pit forming in my stomach. Finally, she quieted down. I didn't hear anything. I don't know how long I listened. I just remember realizing I was on the floor and I didn't recall sitting down.

I woke up in the dark. She was there. Standing over me. Her hand was brushing my hair back. Shadows on her face changed. I think she smiled.

It was as if a hole opened under me and I just kept falling. I took her by the arm and pulled her to the bed. She was still naked. I was too. I didn't remember taking my clothes off.

"Matt-" I clamped my hand over her mouth. I leaned over her.

"Don't fucking talk. Don't." I couldn't quite manage to get angry. I pulled my hand away and reached down between us. I pushed in all the way, making both of us gasp. I saw her smile.

"Stop it," I told her. I closed my eyes and started fucking her. Hard. She thought this was some kind of make-up sex. was just US. It was what we had become. If she'd just left it alone, and gone to bed, the next morning we would have been different. If she'd been able to see, just for a second what we really were, we would have been fine. I opened my eyes.

As I held myself over her, sliding in and out of her tight cunt, listing to her moan softly, feeling her breath on my face - as I did this, I told her how much I hated her. I told her how stupid she was. THIS, I ground out, was why I did what I did. It was her fault.

She clamped her legs to my sides and pulled me tight with each thrust. Her moans turned to faint sobs and her hands covered her face. We were a spiraling mess of a car wreck.

We didn't talk the rest of the night. She slept in my bed and, so help me, I held her as tight to my body as I could possibly manage. She was killing me a little at a time.

Have you ever felt a crying girl cum?

* * * * *

You have to understand that this wasn't a few weeks. We didn't do this for a month. This tornado that was our life, raged quietly for a year. Holidays, birthdays, everyday - it went on much longer than it should ever have done.

Beth had changed in that year. We still argued and fought. But when we were alone, when we were sitting together at night, she was sweet and gentle and she drove me nuts. Her hair was long by then. It brushed my skin when she leaned over to suck me. She still cried, because I was still a first-rate jackass.

I still told her she was stupid. But even I hardly believed me anymore.

She sat in my chair with me at night. Her naked body settling into mine as we played some idiot CD she liked. I was a wreck. Worst of all - the absolute nail in my coffin, was the dawning realization that I loved her. I treated her like hell. I did everything I could to drive her away. I did it for her. When she laid under me and tears streamed down her face as I fucked her, I would inwardly cheer. This was it, I would think. She'd finally had enough. When I would feel the soles of her feet on my hips as I pushed deep into her cunt, I would want to scream in frustration because she was forgiving me all over again.

I finished school. Beth and I celebrated together after our parents went to bed. It was just like every other night. But this time I didn't tell her she was stupid. I didn't get mad at her and tell her to shut-up. When I came inside her, I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"I love you."

She pulled me down and held me inside her while she cried. She kissed me until I pulled out of her. The joy on her face was a wonder. Truly, it was a thing to treasure. Something inside was screaming at me.

Beth slept peacefully curled up on my bed. She was naming our c***dren in her dreams. I packed everything I could manage. I didn't wake her. I just moved silently. As I pulled my car out of the drive an hour before sunrise, I knew this was all I could do. I would always be unhappy. I was just that kind of guy. She would have better. I wasn't going to let her screw up like me. That's why I did everything I did. That's why I did it. Me leaving - that gave her a chance.

It was all I could do.

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thinking of me

Written by women

Introduction: A teen girl meets the guy she wants to make her a woman.

Hello! Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me to keep writing. .

I hope you enjoy it. Please PM me or comment below and let me know what you thought. .


am a bit worried as I write this. Mostly because of what I have done and what I know, with absolute certainty, I will do again. Looking back I can understand why I did it, but I still can't believe I actually did it.

I was the proverbial “Nice Girl”. All my friends, my parents, my teachers, even the Parish Priest all thought I was just so sweet, kind, and well behaved. I can't tell you how many times my parent's friends commented on how well mannered and bright I was.

At school I was an honour student. On Saturday's I volunteered reading to c***dren at the library. I was also into sports at school and was on the gymnastics team and swim team.

Basically I was the definition of a proper young lady.

My friends dated, had kissed boys, and I think one of them had gone all the way just based on comments she made. I was not allowed to date yet, my parents didn't think I could handle it. It was kind of frustrating for me. There was not a lot of options since my older s****r didn't date until she was 18 years old.

At the time this happened I was about 5'4” tall, had long gold coloured hair and a nice tan from being on vacation with my f****y. My body had started to get curvy, and that made me happy. Thanks to sports my ass was full, high and tight. All the gymnastics and swimming had given me a fit and firm body and I loved it. I know vanity is a sin, but I was secretly very proud of how I looked. My most striking feature to this day are my eyes. Large and light blue with a hint of frost to them. They are unique and people frequently commented on them. I look older than I am which makes things difficult sometimes.

Boys had really started to notice me and were always trying to talk to me. They kept trying to get me to go out with them, even older boys who should be looking at my s****r, not at me. Most were really understanding when I told them about my parents and how sorry I was that I could not accept. It was true, I really wanted to go out with them. A few got really angry and called me a “stuck up bitch”.

I did want to go out! I had urges like any other healthy teenager. I wanted to kiss boys, hold their hands, and spend time with them. I watched television and learned what masturbation was from one of those channels I'm not supposed to know about. When I discovered that let's just say I had a new favourite hobby.

We were just back from vacation and I went for a bike ride trying to see who was around. I came across a garage sale and stopped to see what CD's or books they had for sale. I didn't know the people, but it was cool to wander around and see what they had. I was so easily entertained back then.

The f****y was moving to the other side of the country and were selling a lot of stuff. As I walked around I saw an older boy was checking me out huge. That made me nervous and tired to avoid eye contact as I walked around. When I got to the back of the driveway by the book boxes he came up beside me and said “Hi... See anything you like?”

I looked up at him and blushed. He was handsome and I thought his smile was so cute. “Um, I don't know... I'm just looking at the books.”

“I have not seen you around. I'm Greg.” he said holding out his hand. His hand was a lot bigger than mine and felt really strong when I shook it.

“I'm Natalie... its nice to meet you. You're moving?” I asked

He was staring me in the eye and said “Yeah, and I suddenly thinks it sucks even more than I did two minutes ago.” he said winking at me.

I turned totally red as I stared at the ground suddenly. This guy was tall, handsome, and had such a nice smile and even his voice was getting to me.

“I'm sorry, did I say something that made you uncomfortable?” he asked gently while still holding my hand.

“I... I'm sorry” I said nervously. “I....” my hand was shaking. It was so humiliating. This guy was totally cool and I was acting like an idiot. He made me so nervous I could not even speak.

“Hey... relax Natalie, you are too beautiful to be nervous.” he said as he started to chuckle lightly. “It's me who should be nervous... not you.”

Looking up at him I said “Why would you be nervous of me?” I still had not tried to let go of his hand.

“Ah... have you looked in a mirror lately? You are the most beautiful girl in the neighbourhood. If you had not blushed first I probably would be the one stammering.” Greg said.

“You... you think I'm the most beautiful girl in the neighbourhood?” I said in a voice filled with wonder. This guy had to be my s****r's age, had probably seen her around, and still thought I was the hottest girl around? That was amazing to me.

“Definitely... If I didn't know you were actually sincere I would accuse you of fishing for compliments.” He said smiling. “Look... I know I'm moving away... but would you consider maybe going to a movie with me?”

“Yes... I really want to.” I said before realizing what I had just said. My parents would kill me if I went out, I would be grounded for at least a month and no way would they give permission. Staring into Greg's eyes there was no way I was going to back out. My heart was beating a mile a minute and all I could think about was kissing those lips of his. I felt like I had a huge bomb in my chest about to go off.

“Wow, really? How about tonight? When can I pick you up?” he asked with genuine excitement.

Now what the hell would I say? I didn't want to tell him how old I really was or about my parents not allowing me to date.

“Um... maybe I can meet you here.” I said hoping he was good with it.

“That will work. Can you get here for say 8?” Greg asked hopefully.

8pm? That is a lot later than I usually go out. I'm only allowed to go to early shows with my friends. They meant he wanted to take me to a late show. I could not believe it... this was going to be a real date, like my s****r goes on. How was I going to make this work was all I was thinking.

“Sure.. I will see you then” I said smiling at him. Greg smiled at me and let my hand go. I found I missed the physical contact.

I started to walk away and completely forgot about the books and everything else as I rode home. As I was riding I saw Bethany, the very girl I needed to run into. We were friends and she had dated. I hoped she would help. When I told her that I needed her to lie for me she almost fainted. When I told her why she was excited as hell. We agreed I would tell my parents I was staying over at her place and she would go along with it. I had stayed at her place before and I would head over there after my date with Greg. All she needed to do was cover for the time I was out.

My parents went for it completely. It dawned on me that I had never lied to them before and that made me a bit uncomfortable, but knowing I would see Greg again I could not help myself. He was so handsome and so sweet.

I took a shower and all I could think about was Greg. Almost before I knew it my hands had begun exploring my body. I leaned back against the shower wall and began sliding a hand over my breasts, pinching my nipples. My other hand quickly went to my pussy, rubbing my clit in the gentle circles I loved. My brain was full of visions of Greg doing this to me, giving my body to him, allowing him to touch me in places no guy had ever seen.

When I felt my orgasm building, imagining seeing Greg's cock I could not help myself. Falling to my knees I squirted hot pussy juice all over my hand. Kneeling there and panting, there was nothing I could do to calm myself down. I was having the nastiest fantasies of my life and my focus was Greg. Bringing myself to orgasm twice more I nearly exhausted myself. I had never played with my pussy this much, or been in the shower this long.

Finally I managed to drag myself out of the shower and away from my fantasies. I did my hair and makeup and then had to figure out what to wear. Seeing as I had never done it, I didn't have any clothes that would be good for a first date. This made me do something else for the first time.

Sneaking into my s****r's room I went to her closet. I found a nice white denim skirt that would come to my mid thigh and was going to show my ass and legs beautifully. When I found her blue tank top with silver stitching and tried it on I was blown away. I looked good in this and had seen her wear this same outfit on dates. Looking at her shoe collection I found a pair of strappy white platform sandals. Slipping them on and fastening them I loved what I saw in her full length mirror. I looked older, and the clothes made me feel sexy.

I was snapped back to reality by my s****r, Erica, saying “What the hell are you doing Natalie?”

Turning around to face her the surprise was written all over my face. “Just trying some clothes on.” I said lamely.

Erica shook her head and said “What are you planning to do dressed like that?” Her expression told me she already knew. She is not stupid and I had never tried her clothes on before. That's no lie... if she caught me in her room or touching her clothes the usual response was to scream, threaten, tell Mom and Dad and sometimes smack me.

“I... I am going on a date.” I said quietly.

“Mom and Dad will kill you. Have you lost your mind?” she asked earnestly.

“Please don't tell them” I whispered in a panic. “I really want to do this... he is so sweet. I'm sorry I'm in your closet, but I don't have any nice clothes like this. I want to look nice for him, not like I'm going to church.” I said.

Erica smiled at me and said “Oh my God! Little Saint Natalie is actually going to be a bad girl? Well I guess if I used to sneak out you can too.”

“You used to sneak around? Are you serious?” I asked in surprise.

“Hey, waiting until I was 18 to date? Are you k**ding me... Mom and Dad are great but this is not the 1950s and no way was I going to wait. Who is he?” she asked.

“Greg Brookside. He is really nice.” I said.

“Greg Brookside? Are you serious? Natalie... he is a year older than me. I think this is a bad idea, you don't know what you are setting yourself up for. Guys his age expect certain things... this isn't some lame ass little k**. He has experience, he is going to want to do things with you.” she said as she gently placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Maybe I don't mind that.” I said defiantly. I wanted him to do those things with me!

Erica looked at me in shock and said “Natalie... don't take this the wrong way, but you're a pretty innocent girl and I doubt you have even kissed a guy. Please... I don't want you in a bad situation.” I could see my usually cold s****r actually had genuine concern for me in her eyes. She was worried about me and that felt good, but also made me want to be bad even more.

“I'm tired of being the only girl I know who has not even kissed a guy or been on a date. I'm doing this... is it okay if I borrow your clothes?” I asked.

Erica stood there thinking while looking at me. “Look” she said finally “I don't want you getting hurt or having something bad happening. I know what you're going through... I know I can't stop you without telling Mom and Dad and I don't want to do that. Just don't be dumb. I know you have had the talk a few dozen times, are you sure about this?” she asked.

“Yes, please I know what I'm doing.” I said resolutely.

“Okay, but don't wear those clothes out of the house. They will smell a rat the second they lay eyes on you. Pack them up. What have you told Mom and Dad?” she asked.

“They think I'm sl**ping over at Bethany's. I'm going there after the date.” I replied.

“Okay, I will tell them I dropped you off.” Erica replied. “You know you don't have to do anything with him you don't want to right? I know him... he isn't a creep. You will be safe so don't feel you have to do anything you don't want to... okay?”

“Yes” I said. Erica hugged me and said “Now, get those clothes off before Mom sees you.”

I took them off and Erica started to chuckle. “Are you really going to wear Wonder Woman bra and panties?” she asked starting to laugh.

Admittedly I like comic books and I did like Wonder Woman. She was everything I wanted to be. Tall, proud, strong, so beautiful. I did however get my s****r's point. They are a bit c***dish. I blushed and said “I don't have really nice underwear. Mom won't buy it for me.”

Erica walked over and got me a white bra with lace on it and matching french cut panties from her drawer. We are the same size so it would work. “Wear these, but hide them okay.” she said.

I took everything and we went to my room. I packed hiding the clothes under normal sl**ping attire. I even put a copy of the Bible and my Bible study notebook on top. Erica then sat with me and talked about dating. She was full of advice about how to stay safe and say no. She was big on having me say no.

We left the house and stopped while I changed at a coffee shop. We met Bethany and I gave her my bag. When she saw me her eyes bugged out of her head and she said that Greg didn't know what he was getting into. Bethany wished me luck with a hug and I left with my s****r. Not too long after Erica finally dropped me off at Greg's.

She gave me a hug before I got out of the car and drove off. I watched her go and then walked up to the house to knock on the door. I was in the process of knocking again when Greg opened the door.

“Hi... You look amazing... wow!” he said as his eyes ran over my body. “Come on in.”

I stepped inside and realized he must be home alone. “Where is you f****y?” I asked as I glanced around.

“They went to a barbeque, a going away thing at a friend's place.” he replied.

I turned my head to look at him and his eyes were on me. He actually blushed a bit, because I had caught him staring at the tops of my breasts. “Sorry... I...” he began saying.

That was all it took for me. I may have never kissed a guy before, but I wanted to, so I did!

I jumped up and wrapped my arms around his shoulders bringing my lips to his. He had no choice but to wrap his arms around me and brace himself or we would have crashed onto the floor.

When I felt his sexy mouth on mine I was in heaven. I had no idea if I was doing this right, but judging by the way he tightened his grip I don't think I was too far off. I knew what french kissing was from television and let my tongue come out between my lips. He opened his mouth immediately and our tongues began their erotic wrestling as his hands slid to my ass, lifting me off the floor and holding me up.

He turned us about and I felt the wall against my back as we kept making out. I could feel my pussy tingling with the pleasure coursing through me. He pressed himself against me as we kissed, his hard chest was crushing my breasts and it felt amazing. He slid a leg between mine and moved one of his hands off my ass, running it up, along my body, and he began massaging one of my breasts through my top. Feeling his cock hard and against me through his jeans made my pussy throb in lust.

I whimpered into his mouth, my entire body was on fire and I wanted him. I wanted every inch of his body, his cock, and I wanted to see him cum. There was no fear at all, just an overwhelming desire to taste him. Everything he was doing felt so new and so amazing to me.

When Greg suddenly broke off the kiss and leaned away from me staring at me I was disappointed.

“Natalie... I'm sorry... are you okay with this?” he asked.

I put a hand at the back of his head and drew him back in. “I want you.” was all I said.

Positioning his hands back under my ass, supporting me, Greg began carrying me further into the house and down a hallway. I wrapped my legs around him, clinging to him. He took me into his bedroom and used his foot to kick the door closed. Carrying me over to the bed he slowly lowered me down until he was laying on top of me.

“You are so fucking hot” he said as he began kissing my neck, his hands massaging my breasts. My legs were spread wide. My skirt had bunched up and I could not believe how burning with need I was as he laid between my legs. His kisses and gentle licks he was giving my ears and neck were driving me crazy as I writhed and moaned under him. I needed more and placing my hands on his head I gently pushed down. Greg took the hint and lowered himself, moving to the top of my breasts. I could not believe how hungry I was for it, my pussy was soaking wet and my whole body was an inferno of lust.

Greg suddenly sat up and pulled his t-shirt off. All I could think was “Oh My God!”. He was seriously fit, had toned muscles and looked fucking amazing. He looked good enough to eat and that made me want to taste him. I sat up as fast as I could and began licking his chest as I ran my hands over his torso.

When he began pulling off my tank top I simply sat back slightly and raised my arms over my head so it slid off easily. I went right back to licking and kissing his chest as I felt his hands begin trying to unclasp my bra. When it pulled away my bared nipples grazed against him and I felt an electric shock rush through me. This was all happening so fast, but seemed so right. I was getting what I had dreamed of and I was lost to the world around me. What was happening here and now was the centre of the universe for me.

Greg suddenly pushed me backwards and I fell flat on his bed. He took hold of my skirt and yanked it off of me. I felt so naughty as I raised my hips to help him. When he then grabbed my panties and yanked them off. I barely had time to register that I was nude before he buried his face between my thighs.

Never had I ever imagined how good getting your pussy eaten would actually feel. His lips and tongue were sending me into orbit. Feeling him fucking my pussy with his tongue and running it over and around my folds had me trembling as my orgasm approached. When he fastened onto my clit with his lips and began rapidly flicking it that was all it took. He soon had me screaming in pleasure as he was doing it and I felt a powerful orgasm rip through my body. It left me shaking and breathing so hard and I could barely think, but I could feel. The sexual bliss flowing through me was more than enough.

I felt him move from between my legs and looked to see he had stood up. He unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his boxer shorts down. When his cock sprang into view, fully hard and leaking precum it looked like heaven to me.

I had never seen a real cock and it was so exciting. Staring at it in a mixture of wonder and lust, I knew I had to get closer. Sitting up quickly I took hold of his cock with one of my hands and felt the silken, yet iron like firmness. It was hot to the touch and was simply so beautiful to me. When I leaned forward and licked the precum from the tip I heard him moan above me. That made me want it more than ever. Knowing I might be able to make him feel as good with my mouth, as he made me feel, was so empowering. Opening my mouth I slowly brought Greg's cock into my hot mouth, running my tongue around. Unable to get more than a few inches in was frustrating and made me want to do better.

Looking up at Greg as I did my best to suck his cock amd I saw he was watching closely. His eyes were full of lust and his moaning was music to my ears. Closing my eyes and really focusing on what I was doing, I did the best I could. I kept forcing more in and gagged a few times, but kept trying.

Listening to girls talk about sucking cock, even seeing it in a porn, does not teach as well as actually getting one in your mouth. I knew what I was supposed to do, get it in my throat. What I did not know was that this was not something every girl can do. I was positive I was not trying hard enough and worried he would not enjoy what I was doing unless his cock was in my throat. My ignorance and determination must have been why I was finally able to do it. I f***ed myself to take it all. Nothing at that moment meant more to me than hearing Greg tell me I was good at it.

When his cock was hitting my throat and I heard him say “Holy shit... Natalie that feel so fucking good.” my desire to do even better became an obsession.

When his cock finally went into my throat, hearing him cry out my name in pleasure, it was one of the best moment of my life to that point. I managed it three times in a row when I suddenly felt his cock swell. I thought I was going to choke when it began throbbing in my mouth and he shot a massive load of cum. Swallowing it was pretty much the only option, but I also found I wanted to. It tasted good! That shattered a few things I had heard girls say. To me it was a wonderful reward and made me feel so hot all over.

Greg tried to slide it out of my mouth, but I did not let it go all the way out. Licking around it with my tongue I looked up at him. His eyes were as wide as plates and he was shaking in pleasure. Reasoning that he must be sensitive after he cums, I let it pop out of my mouth and he fell down on the bed laying beside me.

I watched him breathing hard and he had his hands on his face. He kept saying “Holy shit” over and over again. His cock was still rock hard and that made me feel pretty good about myself. It meant he wanted more of me. Maybe he would let me suck it again if I was lucky.

Laying down next to him, I curled up against him loving the way his naked body was so warm against mine.

He brought his hands down and hugged me to him. “That was the most amazing fucking blow job ever. I can't believe it. I thought I was going to die of pleasure.” he said as he was kissing the top of my head.

“Thank you.” I said “I am really happy you let me do that.”

“Holy shit girl, I should be thanking you... not the other way around. You're unfucking real.” he said as he pulled me up on top of him and began kissing me again.

I rubbed my body around and felt his naked cock rubbing along the length of my soaking wet pussy. Unable to control myself, I was rubbing my lips along his shaft. Feeling my clit rubbing against his hard cock was wonderful. Moving faster, I began rubbing myself along his length. That felt so good and I felt like there was electricity shooting through my body from the contact. It sent me into orbit again as I came all over his cock, soaking it. He held me tight throughout my orgasm and kissed me lightly as I calmed down.

“You are one hot fucking bitch Natalie.” he said it in a nice way as he began lifting me up his chest a bit and licked my neck. As he lowered me down I felt the head of his cock sliding into place and nudging at the soaking wet entrance of my tight little pussy.

All thoughts of condoms and everything else flew out of my mind. I was lost in the moment and wanted him to be the man who took my virginity. I did not even try to stop him as he began pushing in.

His cock felt like it was the size of a babies arm as he pushed into me. The head popped in and he kissed me again. I decided to take matters into my own hands and jammed it all the way in. His hips convulsed under me and added to the effort. I screamed out in pain, it fucking hurt. It's not like I didn't know it would hurt, but I guess I had kind of forgotten because I wanted it so bad.

Holding in place on him, frozen with the sudden pain and surprise, I realized Greg had said my name a couple of times gently.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him. His face held a look of shock combined with worry.

“Oh crap... Natalie... is this your first time?” he said in a worried tone.

“Yes” I said and felt tears running down my cheeks.

“Natalie I...oh my God... I didn't know, I'm so sorry, you didn't have to... I'm sorry... don't cry.” he said as he kissed my tear stained cheeks and hugged me tight to him.

I stayed like that for a minute and said “But I wanted to... I wanted you to be my first.”

“You really didn't have to, you so didn't have to do this... I had no idea.” he said his voice filled with emotion. It dawned on me then that my s****r had been right. He was a nice guy and he felt terrible. I also realized the pain was going away. The feeling of his cock buried inside my formerly virginal pussy was starting to feel really good.

I looked him in the eyes and kissed the tip of his nose. “Greg, I should have told you. I'm sorry, but I really wanted this. I didn't mean to trick you into doing something you didn't want to.” he still looked worried. “Are you mad at me?” I asked suddenly concerned about that.

I saw the concern change to shock and he said “Mad at you? I thought you would be mad at me.”

“How could I be mad at the man who made me a woman.” I said smiling. I felt his cock throb when I said that. “I wanted you to fuck me... I've never done anything before and was worried you would not enjoy it.”

“That was your first blow job?” he said in shock.

“And my first kiss, first time I saw a cock, first time anyone ever touched my breasts, first time I've ever had my pussy licked... I've never done anything before now.” I explained. Each time I listed a first I swear I felt his dick twitch and I started slowly moving my hips. Not only was the pain gone, this was starting to feel better than I ever imagined.

“Are you sure?” he asked softly.

“Yes, I am” I kissed him. “Now show me what I have been dreaming about.” I begged.

His hands moved to my waist as I began grinding and riding him. I loved the way swivelling my hips on him made his cock feel inside me. My tempo increased and I was loving this. “Oh Greg... this feels so good... I can't stop moving... I never dreamed you would feel this good.”

“You dreamed about us doing this with me?” he asked hotly as he used his strong arms to help me ride him, gently thrusting his hips up, filling me up with his cock over and over again.
“Yes... ever since I saw you today.” I panted out.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight Natalie... you're the sexiest girl I have ever seen.” he moaned out. “I jerked off my cock thinking about you right after you left” he confessed.

“I played with my kitty in the shower dreaming of your cock.” I admitted as I began riding him harder. My whole body felt super hot. When his hands moved to my tits I knew I was going to cum on his magnificent dick.

“That's so fucking hot... knowing a hot girl like you... played with her pussy thinking of me.” he was thrusting harder and harder into me. “Did you cum thinking of me?”

“Yes!” I screamed as a massive orgasm tore through my body, my pussy locking onto his cock as he cried out and came with me, filling my pussy with his hot fucking load. Knowing he had just shot off inside me, seeing his body go rigid, his cock buried deep inside me and nudging my cervix prolonged my orgasm. I had never in my life experienced an orgasm like this. I was having a seizure on his cock and felt my pussy juices flooding out.

Collapsing forward onto his chest I could feel my whole body tingling, from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. Greg's arms came up around me and he held me tight, caressing my back and stroking my hair.

“Natalie... are you okay?” he asked softly.

“Yes... that was the most amazing thing I have ever felt.” I said “Did I do that right?”

He gently turned my face toward him and kissed me softly “Baby... you did that so right I think I'm in love.”

“Really?” I asked staring into his eyes.

“Yeah... I can't believe this but yeah.” he said.

Kissing him passionately I felt like I never had before in my life. The idea this wonderful guy loved me was like every dream I ever had coming true. Then I remembered... his f****y had sold their house and were moving across the country. I would never see him again.

I broke the kiss and said “I wish you were not moving away... but I still would have done this.”

“Natalie I'm not going anywhere. I start at State here in a couple of weeks. I will be living in residence. My f****y is going and they sold the house, but I am staying here.” he said and kissed me.

“Really? Do you think maybe we could do this again? Maybe you could teach me how to do that position where you are behind me?” I asked hopefully.

Greg's cock was still inside me and I felt it getting rock hard again. He was smiling at me and said “I can't think of anything else I would rather do.”

I kissed him again and he rolled us over until he was on top of me. He gently pulled his cock out of me and said “Right now though, we are going to take a shower... how late can you stay out?” he asked.

“My parents think I am spending the night at a friends. As long as I get to my friends before midnight it should be okay. Until then I am yours.” I replied.

“You're mine?” he said with a playful smile.

“Yes, all yours. I don't ever want to leave you. I don't want to lose this feeling.” I said.

Greg looked me in the eyes and said “You mean that don't you... you're not k**ding.”

“No, I'm not” I replied “If you don't really love me... that's okay... just don't say it again unless you mean it.” Just saying that had set my heart racing and worried that I had scared him, what if he was just playing like my s****r said some guys do?

Greg kissed me and it told me everything I needed to know. This guy loved me and there was no doubt about it.

“Listen carefully Natalie” he said. “I love you... I can't believe you chose me... I can't believe I have you here in my arms. I thought you were way out of my league, I still think you are.” he concluded smiling.

I was beaming and said “I love you too Greg” and kissed him.

He carried me from the bed to the shower. It was quite the experience, feeling his hands caressing my body all over as he washed me. We soon began kissing again as we ran our soapy hands over each other, exploring and caressing. We rinsed off and he took my hand and led me back to his bed. I was extremely turned on and so was he, his cock jutting out proudly.

When he let my hand go I sank to my knees and gently began licking his cock. I looked up at him and saw that he had a perplexed look. “Is this okay?” I asked.

“It's way past being just okay... you look so sexy, but I want to do something for you.” he said and gently stood me up and turned me around, wrapping his arms around me from behind. I was smiling as I leaned back into him, feeling his big hard cock pressed against my lower back. He leaned down and kissed me on the top of my head. With a little chuckle he brought his big hands to my waist and lifted me into the air and tossed me onto the bed.

I started giggling when I landed on my hands and knees and looked back over my shoulder at Greg. He had a huge smile on his face and was staring right at my ass. I knew in this position he could see my tight little pink rosebud and my soaking wet pussy. I could not resist and feeling playful I wiggled it for him.

His looked up at my face and smiling with a naughty look said “You tease... I'm going to teach you something.” Reaching out with his hands he took a hold of my hips and pulled me back toward him. “You did say that you wanted me to teach you that position where I am behind you.” he winked as he began running his hard cock along the lips of my pussy.

“Is this doggie style?” I asked.

He slid his cock into me, all the way, as I cried out in pleasure. When his cock was balls deep inside me, and he was against my cervix, he said “Oh yeah, this is doggie style baby.”

“Holy shit... your so fucking deep...OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” I yelled as he began thrusting away. All I could do was lean my head down and take it as he was pounding away at my poor formerly virginal pussy. The feelings he was giving me were like nothing before. I quickly figured out that getting fucked doggie style was one of my new favourite things.

“Fuck Natalie... your so fucking tight... I can see you pussy gripping my cock... so fucking hot” Greg panted out.

“Keep fucking me... please keep fucking me Greg.... please...oh God please...” I begged him and he just kept going, fucking me deep and strong.

“Oh yeah Baby...don't worry.... I'm going to fuck you.” Greg said. He brough a hand forward and placed it on my shoulder, pulling me up and back against him. His other hand had a firm grip on my hip, and I could feel his fingers digging in.

He started banging away at my pussy harder and harder. “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCK!” I screamed as I came hard on his cock. Greg never let up, he never slowed down, he just kept pounding. I felt like my pussy was going to break, the way he was ramming into my cervix hurt, but in a pleasure and pain way.

When he changed his grip by letting go of my shoulder and grabbing a hold of my long blonde hair I was surprised. When he used the grip on my hair to pull my head back and began pounding harder I was finished. I screamed in orgasm and was so high on it that it barely registered when he slapped my ass, and buried his cock inside me. He shot his load deep inside, flooding my wanton womb with cum.

I was out of it as soon as my body crashed to the bed. Greg collapsed on top of me, but as I passed out all I heard was his panting and the delicious feeling of his cock still deep inside me.

When I woke up I was still laying face down. Greg was laying against my side with an arm over me and his forehead touching mine. The peaceful expression on his face made me move and kiss his nose lightly.

Greg did not stir and continued to sl**p. Lifting my head I saw it was 11:35pm on his clock. I felt a twinge of panic. I gently began kissing his face and he opened his eyes and smiled right away.

“Hey beautiful.” He said as he wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him tightly, not wanting to leave, but knowing I had to.

“I'm sorry Greg, I have to go... can you drive me to my friends?” I asked.

“Of course I can.” Greg rolled and looked at the clock and said “I guess your not k**ding, good thing you woke up.” He gave me another light kiss and got out of bed.

I am sure I am not the first woman in history to do this, but seeing this gorgeous man climb nude out of the bed took my breath away. He had made me a woman, and seeing his strong body as he stretched almost made me gasp. Greg was just so gorgeous to me.

Climbing out of bed a bit reluctantly I took stock as I dressed. My pussy was sore, but it was a good kind of sore. I just felt different because I finally understood why people enjoy sex so much and try to have it as often as they can. My first time was with a hot guy who had a heart. I wondered if he still felt strongly for me.

Once we were both dressed we headed out to the front door to get our shoes on. When I was done putting the platform heels back on he stood me up and kissed me, lifting me off the ground again and wrapping his big arms around me. When it ended he set me down gently, and brought a hand to my cheek.

“You said I should not say it unless I felt it... well I love you Natalie. I have dated other girls, been with other girls... but none of them gets anywhere close to how you make me feel. This sounds so lame... but I guess the only thing to say is do you want to be my girlfriend?” Greg said as he smiled looking into my eyes.

“Yes... I do. I love you too Greg.” I replied as I hugged him tight again.

“This is hard.” he said.

“What is?” I asked looking up at him.

“Letting you go someplace else... I wish you could stay, but I get it.” he said.

“You do?” I asked with an eyebrow raised.

Laughing lightly he said “Yeah... I do. I know you s****r, and I know what rules she was supposed to go by. I also know that she does not hold a candle to you.”

“Did you...” I pet the question hang.

His eyes got wide and he burst open laughing “Oh my God, No.” He said. “You s****r is a nice person, we just never clicked that way.”

I smiled and said “You still owe me a movie.” and poke his chest with one finger lightly.

We were both laughing and he took my hand and walked me out to his car.

During the drive to Bethany's house we did not talk to much. I just held his hand and was smiling at him, enjoying the moment.

I had him stop near her place and gave him a quick kiss before I got out of the car. “Can I see you tomorrow?” Greg asked.

“Sure... movie?” I said smiling. He nodded and I closed the door. I heard him drive off as I headed along the sidewalk. Moving quickly I rounded the corner to Bethany's. I saw her house was dark and moved quietly toward it, creeping along the side. When I got to her bedroom window I had to laugh. It was open, had a step ladder in front of it, and she was leaning out of it with a big smile on her face.

“How are ya slut?” she asked quietly.

“Very satisfied” I relied smugly as I climbed quietly inside.

When I turned to face her she was standing there wearing nothing more than black panties.

“Why are you naked?” I asked with a bit of concern.

“Don't worry about it” she said as she sat on her queen sized bed. “Just tell me all about it.”

Why do I think Bethany is naughtier than I originally thought?
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daddy bill finally inside me

I was wearing silky pink dress-like pajammas that were short and just barely covered my ass. I had removed my panties and thrown them somewhere once I had decided to go to town on my clitoris while I fingered myself to orgasm. It was so hot, rubbing my silky pajamas in my pussy juices and over my wet pussy lips while thinking about the several hot times I'd had with my stepdad. I imagined his hands all over me, squeezing my large C cups and pinching my nipples. I remembered the times he fingered me and licked my pussy until I came. Thinking about the time I gave him head and he came on me made me very hot. Listening to him moan and my scream while the bed springs creaked with their motion made me fantasize about his hard cock being rubbed over my pussy and eventually entering inside of me. I wanted it so bad. I knew he enjoyed it rough and came to the thought of him spanking me and pulling my hair while he moaned nasty things in my ear and fucked me endlessly.

After a typical night of masturbating while intently listening to my mom and stepdad, Bill, fuck, I easily fell asl**p. It seemed like several hours but must've been only several minutes when I felt a draft play over my erect nipples. I awoke but didn't open my eyes, I just listened and could hear a faint heavy breathing mixed with an occasional moan. I knew that breathing and felt a tingle between my legs. I opened my eyes and in the half light coming through my window, looked up to see Bill standing over me, his eyes glued to my tits encased in my silky nightie. His right hand was rubbing over a very erect cock and held the pair of pink panties I had thrown across the room.
"You're so fucking sexy." he said when he noticed me watching him. I smiled and raised my hand to his cock, taking over his stroking.
"Were you listening to me fuck Mommy?" I nodded and grinned. "You dirty little bitch. You're going to get it tonight." I giggled and propped myself onto my elbow, stuck out my tongue and tasted the tip of his cock. He put his hand on the back of my head, silently urging me to take more. I opened my mouth and put his tip into my mouth, sucking and rubbing it with my tongue.He moaned.
"Yeah, baby girl, please Daddy"
He put his hand inside my pajama top and fondled my breasts.
I took more and more of him in my mouth, coating his cock with my saliva. His grip on my head tighted and eventually he took a handful of my hair. He continued to moan, play with my tits, and from time to time would give me instructions; make me suck his balls or not use my hands or to take more down my throat. He was getting more and more horny by the moment. He made me change positions so I was lying on my back, my head hanging over the end of the bed. He fed me his hot cock and thrust himself down my throat, calling me a dirty slut and telling me how I belonged to him.
His controlling voice and dominant attitude made my pussy dripping wet. I wanted to please my daddy and to make him cum all over me. I wanted him to use my body for his pleasure and fuck me roughly into my twin sized mattress.
He pulled himself out of my mouth and turned me so my head was lying properly on my pillow. I knew this was the moment. Finally, my stepdad's cock was going to fill my sweet, waiting pussy. He climbed between my legs and laid on top of me, guiding his erection to my dripping hole. I spread my legs farther as he pushed the first inch into me. I was so tight, he had push harder and finally the tip popped into my tight hole. Bill moaned as he entered me.
"Oh fuck. You're so fucking tight." He pulled out and then pushed more of himself into me.
"Oh Bill" I moaned as he entered me a third time. He stopped and grabbed my head, forcing me to look at him.
"What the fuck did you call me?" He pulled out and shoved himself harder into me, forcing over half himself into my horny puss.
"You call me Daddy when i'm in your pussy, you got it"
"Yes Daddy" I moaned loudly as he again shoved himself into me, his horniness growing. Each thrust was harder than the last and was accompanied by dirty talk about my body and how good my teenage pussy felt around his shaft. He held my head and fucked me hard, pulled my hair as he moaned in my ear, and then lifted my ankles up to his shoulders fucked my pussy deep.
Our fucking lasted well into the morning and my stepdaddy pushed and pulled me into every position imaginable. My favorite was being flat on my stomach with him on top of me, pushing his cock roughly into me while he held me down on the mattress or lifted me up slightly so he could play with my nipples. It was in this position that he slowed down his pace after fucking me deep and fast for several minutes. He slowly teased me with his cock, pulling himself slowly out and then shoving back into me when I least expected it. He laughed at how bad I wanted him to fuck me and then slowed himself down even more. He began to massage my ass cheeks and I relaxed while his thumbs trailed over my crack and past my ass hole.
"How many boys have you fucked, Simone?"
"Just one, Daddy"
"Mmmm that's nice, sweetie." He pushed his dick into me again slowly and his thumb stopped at my little brown hole. He pushed on my hole and i started with surprise.
"Shhh, baby, relax" His voice was sweet and coaxing. I took a breath and relaxed into the pillow and Bill pushed in again and moved his thumb in circles, entering my hole. He made a moan of pleasure and slid his cock further into my pussy and his thumb further into my hole.
"Anybody ever touched you back here, sugar?"
"No, what?" He insisted, the authoritarian tone coming back into his voice along with the horniness.
"No Daddy" I said, my pussy tingling again.
He moaned again in pleasure and pulled out his cock and pushed it inside of me again.
"Get on your knees" he said and pulled me to my knees with his free hand, his other hand busy with my asshole. He left his finger inside my ass as he thrust his cock in and out of me. I love doggy style and was quickly close to cumming again. His finger moved in and out of my asshole and I found myself enjoying it more and more. His index finger replaced his thumb and sunk deeper into my ass. As bill's cock picked up pace, he took a handful of my hair his free hand which sent me over the edge. As I came, Daddy pushed another finger into my ass and told me what a slut I was.
"Cum on Daddy's cock,baby"
As soon as I was done, he picked up his pace and told me it was his turn to cum. Over and over again he roughly fucked my pussy and pushed me into the mattress. He squeezed my tits and held them to steady me while he fucked me as hard as he could.
Finally removing his cock from my pussy and fingers from my ass, he had me kneel down in front of him. He pushed his cock down my throat a few times while he jacked his shaft and finally released him cum all over my face and tits.
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