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Out Door MOM part 2

Out Door MOM part 2

... one leg, and slipped her foot out of her cut-offs, letting them fall to her other foot. She ran her ... fingers through her pussy hair, parting it to show the pink wetness of her cunt. It was like the way ... . Toby was the first to comply. He almost ripped his pants open in his haste to get his cock out... Continue»
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Out Door MOM part 1

... these wonderful things to her body, she didn't know, and she didn't care to find out why. She simply wanted ... , dish blonde, with blue eyes-tike her mother's. She was still gangly, but filling out prematurely ... very long goldenly tanned, with satiny flesh. Her pretty little ass jutted out in two adorable... Continue»
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Moms' Night Out (Part 2)


Moms' Night Out (Part2)

After that incredible morning my mother and I were like ... unexpectedly. I would watch them through the left open door. I would be silent until Mom would whisper ... . True to form, Mom was right on time and as I approached her door I could hear her panting and him... Continue»
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Moms Hair (Part 2)

... Mom's hair part 2

I didn't avoid Mom the next day. Not on your life. At breakfast and dinner I ... don't know why I wandered out of my room and down the hall to Mom's room. The door was open about ... was startled by the quiet knock on my door. Mom came in before I could answer, carrying a mug of hot chocolate... Continue»
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... ’ in and then pulled it out again.

"How does this make you feel Mom? Does this make you feel `funny ... .
“The closet…” I blurted out in a low whisper as I pointed to the mirrored doors with a few quick ... ! No time to get dressed. Go! Go!”
Mom hurried to my closet, stepped in and slid the door closed. I... Continue»
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Making Out With Mom 2

... comes home." Hearing that line, my mom hustled back into the living room and out the front door ... the breakfast nook to join my mom out on the patio. Our house is on a cul-de-sac and has a good ... ?"

"Yeah, I have to admit that it does."

Mom reached under her lounge and pulled out a bottle... Continue»
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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 2

... it!

Mom, Dad, and Us part 2

Glynn Johansen had a tough time keeping ... !"

Then he was alone with her; his mother and father followed Lorena out the front door, still ... I am not the author. Found this story on my old desk top I was cleaning out. Hope you like... Continue»
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my mom is a doctor part-2

... have time rocky. But you have disappointed me with out calling me mom. She waved my hair and again ... on her butt and said I want to bite this mom. She said wait for 2 minutes till we enter our apartment ... mom. All this conversation has happened by me lying on bed and she was near the bathroom door. After... Continue»
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Mom and her boys (part 2)

... PART 2

The next day it was Saturday. The boys were at home and John was already up getting ready ... on the computer." Alex and Mark jumped out of the pool and walked over to them. "He's right mom, we pretty ... much pried it out of him." Alex was trying to keep his mom calm. Jackie surprisingly wasn't upset, she... Continue»
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Mom, daughter fun Part 2

... gag getting his spit all over my dildo. "Kathy I think his ass is ready" my mom says I pull out ... the movie. I tell them maybe next time they can join in.

(Hope you guys liked part 2, send me feed back. Thanks)

... So it's been a while after my experience with my body building mom, Samantha. Where she dominated... Continue»
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Out for a run Part 2

... on my sports bra, t-shirt, panties, shorts and running shoes and was heading out the door when I thought ... a low moan – if I was a home I am very verbal, but being out doors you have to maintain. I kept my ... gone on business for another 2 weeks I decided to take things into my own hands – ha, ha - and rolled... Continue»
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Out of this world Part 2

... Out of this world
Part 2

Nookumick returned a few hours later with a white uniform for me ... , I'll have some brought up to you.” He replied leaving the room.

A few minutes later the door opened ... .

“Nookumick! Noomutian kimbotu klimbisoa?” She asked, pointing at me.

Nookumick took her out... Continue»
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Moms Night Out (Part 3)

... to the bathroom squeezing through the door together. That brought a giggle out of Mom whos eyes ... Things were good at our home. Mom was a very happy satisfied woman and I was happy living out any ... but kept his cock inside Moms pussy while his cum started to leak out around his cock. In his hyper... Continue»
Posted by fl44bothways 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Danni the Door Dolly:-Jordans Surprise part 2

... Danni's ear to her lips and hissed "Let's take this to the bed now slut!"

End Of Part 2 ... stepped out of the car once they'd arrived at the hotel,quickly followed by Danni,Danni watched ... as she blushed at being caught checking out the models' curves "This was going to be fun." she thought... Continue»
Posted by plukey74 5 years ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Shemales  |  
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Chapter 4: And Out The Door She Went (last part)

... As the door closed behind them I walked to the front window in the living room to watch ... as they walked out to Lisa’s Camry that was parked at the curb. I couldn’t help but think that the time ... regretted letting Melissa go without me and they weren’t out of sight yet.
I watched as she opened... Continue»
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Moms Mistake Part 2

... Mom's Mistake

Chapter 2

Upon returning home after thoroughly destroying mom's ... , grab my books and head for
the school bus stop. On the way out, I untied one of mom's wrists from ... been created.

Mom had figured a way to get out of the rest of the ropes and was
waiting... Continue»
Posted by SharonwithTitsout 4 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 2

... walked Trish out as I went to my room shocked at what had happened.

Part 2

The next day I ... This is part 2 to a fictional story I came up with for fun. Sorry for any spelling or grammar ... mistakes and i hope you enjoy.

Part 1 Recap

I introduced a girl I met online Trish to my mom. She... Continue»
Posted by B0ngman420 15 days ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Taboo  |  
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College Student Mom of 4 used - Part 2

... College Student Mom of 4 used - Part 2

A couple of weeks had gone by since Renee’s a*****ion ... naked being taken by 2 guys while she was a*****ed. The mom of four turned pale white and felt sick ... preshow fun. As the mom of four was freaking out and wondering what they are going to do to her... Continue»
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... and myself out of the way. The tricky part, though even that really wasn't, was informing my mother ... to me as it was the one night of the week that mom and Michelle went out to dinner or a movie ... monitor everything he did, and everything that went on from there. After mom had left to go out... Continue»
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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 2

... Here is part 2 of my true story about the happenings, thanks for the nice comments about my other ... then there was a knock on my bedroom door, it was my mom.
"Don't forget to put your clothes in for washing ... lovely and cool in here!"
"On my way mom!"

i walked out into the garden, and jumped straight... Continue»
Posted by Cowster 11 months ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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