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Open House for Sale

Open House for Sale

... ago, my next door neighbor put their house up for sale. I learned this via the typical realtor "for sale" sign in the yard. Although my ... back.

On the first Sunday that the house was on the market, I noticed an "Open House" sign in the neighbors' yard and ... ... Continue»
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Open House

... For sale?" I wasn't too surprised to see the ... of this until a couple weeks later
when the 'Open House Sunday' sign went up. 'Oh great,' I thought to
myself. ... door. Since the open house was about
to end and no one had been there for at least a half hour, ... ... Continue»
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My wife's pussy is for sale!

... I were naked, and John
and I because Lisa was wearing an open nipple bra and
crotch less panties. What an incredible site ... Lonnie's friends to
our house for her ruff gangbang. Lisa had a smile on
her face as she thought for a minute and then said ... ... Continue»
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A New Transaction

... was interested in a house for sale listed by our office. We made an appointment for 3:00. I would meet him at the house.

When I got dressed ... putting my feet on the counter. My pussy was wide open for him. He started sucking and licking my already hard ... ... Continue»
Posted by Shirley 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 756  |  
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A New Transaction

... was interested in a house for sale listed by our office. We made an appointment for 3:00. I would meet him at the house.

When I got dressed ... putting my feet on the counter. My pussy was wide open for him. He started sucking and licking my already hard ... ... Continue»
Posted by Shirley 3 months ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 654  |  

the first time I actually took my wife

... decided it was time to have an open house and see if that would work for her.

As I sat in the early morning ... to pay for it now. I just felt evil.

I parked about one block away from her open house and just walk towards her house for sale. This ... ... Continue»
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Enslaved For Life

... much wanted Christopher
whisked out of his house for good. The plan was that I then ... that Christopher might be up
for sale, and asked them for their opinions, they both ... kept his mouth open,
the chains hobbled his steps. I watched him for a bit ... ... Continue»
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Episode 24 - Amis new house

... peer inside to see the houses for sale.

Looking through the window, Sweet is ... in Maggie's red lipstick.

The New House
They quickly reject a number of boring ... satisfied each other cuntally, they headed for the open shower area in the corner of ... ... Continue»
Posted by dasx 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo  |  Views: 982  |  
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"The Man of the House" - Part 6

... guilty as you are for violating social mores. Not only that, I have pretty much left the door open for it to happen ... were busy looking at houses for sale in the Nashville area. Chelsey called a realtor and discussed putting the house on the market. Over ... ... Continue»
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First time for Krista

... .

We have lived in the same house for over 10 years and have enjoyed ... neighbour will do for you.

It all started when the house next to ours went up for sale and ... worn boxers and that the fly was open and free for her hand. Within seconds she ... ... Continue»
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Salesman gets rewards for selling lady a new house

... list it for sale.
They had plenty of dough so the sale of the new house did not ... not returned I went to look for her.
It was a large house and finally found her much ... the contract and the sale went through BUT I still had to sell her house and in doing ... ... Continue»
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How I became a slut pt 2

... hot and I wore them for the boys when they would fuck me.

There was an empty house for sale down the street form us, it was locked but the enclosed patio was open and we started going ... ... Continue»
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One more time in the old house.

... a f****y memeber and decided to put his on the market for sale. We had several fun times there and when ... know, I hear the movers pushing his door open and yelling for him. They had knocked.. I guess we were ... them.. I can't wait to break in his new house ... ... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book IV

... about to rub my silky smooth pussy, I heard Sarah’s door open then shut. I figured she was by herself and was about ... and heading home for dinner. Sarah stopped cold when we reached Duncan and Petra’s house as we all saw a “for sale” sign posted in ... ... Continue»
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... pick of the other bowlers, back to his house for a celebratory BBQ in the summer house at the end of his father's garden ... between massaging Simon's still hard cock and fingering Kerry's wide open and freely flowing gash.

Kerry simply lay there limp, ... ... Continue»
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Episode 25 - House Warming Party

... pulled on some clothes and rejoined the others in the house for the main orgy.

Bob and the Young Amis
Bob ... landed. The bouncing slowed to a vigorous rocking motion, rubbing her open pussy against his raised leg.
"What's the matter" growled ... ... Continue»
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For My Lady

... instructed, as she flounced into the bathroom, her
partially open robe swishing behind her. As normal, without
hesitation, I ...
ones that are for sale these days, which are all for show
and titillation. Hers is made for comfort and practicality ... ... Continue»
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Don't Talk To Strangers pt. 2

... trying to refresh himself from the fuck.
"Are you ready for round two Bitch!" he commands. "I think she's ready babe, ... informed me that they were looking for a place to live. I tell them of a nice neighborhood and a house for sale right around the corner ... ... Continue»
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... had done it for her.

The girl in the tree house felt similarly. The man she was watching ejaculated for her. He didn ... . I want you to really open yourself for me.

I sat back to gaze upon her. My lovely daughter splayed open for me. Her face flushed ... ... Continue»
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Our House In The Country Day 2

... prints. I finished my tea and headed to the house for more and to put my suit on. It ... for most the day and I had enough sun for the day. As I was walking to the house, ... longer. As he shut the door, I pushed it open . I wanted to tell the girls its late so ... ... Continue»
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