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Once You Go Black

Once You Go Black

... your ad. I'm a black male, well hung, looking for a white woman. If you're interested ... , and there was a reply. "I ain't got time for games, Baby. Unless you want my black cock inside you, we ... cock touching my pussy lips. "You're not going to -" I started to say, but he cut me off... Continue»
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Once You Go Black...

... come and repo the BMW next week" and she hung up the phone. What am I going to do? I can not come up ... . I looked out to see a nice tow truck out front. Great!! I opened the door to see a very large black ... say in his fifties. There was another black man with him, he was just as big but younger, early 40's... Continue»
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Redefining the statement(Once you go black you nev

... take that phrase once you go black you never go back both ways as in meaning sometimes you don't go ... and stuck my tongue in her ear and then whispered I am going to fuck you now and in a squeaky excited ... involved here because I have been with my share of black women and once a black guy from another school... Continue»
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... let go of his

cock and release his mouth from mine just to whisper

"I need you NOW!" He takes ... desperate.

Only $49 for a train ticket. I am so going to see him!

Acting normal, I call him ...

going to see him. As the train pulls up to the station

in his city, I get more nervous. What... Continue»
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Chapter 5 FemDom pt1

... you both in such pleasure pleases me. However, today we are going to explore the other side of that. I ... to see what I am going to do to you, you filthy bitch."

Mistress sat back down in front of me ... "You are not allowed to fuck or fill your asshole. This restriction will remain until further... Continue»
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Working the late Shift

... for you? yes she says I get up and start rubbing her neck and shoulders a few minutes go past she ... mouth she took every drop. We got up and kissed some more. We get dressed and I say you are going ... you as well I return to my desk in the lobby and sit back down. A few minutes go past and Amy walks... Continue»
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... .

Pulling away, she gave him a playful swat. "Just for that you are going to carry my bags." She ... to and fro.

After a few moments she turned to face him saying, "You're going to pay for that you know ... spoke to her, "Hun, I have a toy for you in my room. Would you like me to go get it?"

"Mmm," she... Continue»
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Coming Out Party by loyalsock

... go inside. It was cool in Chicago, and to protect herself from the brisk wind whipping in off ... whether to go into a rather notorious lesbian hangout! It was now or never, so with a great deal ... and was taken quite by surprise when a level voice right behind her said, "I've never seen you in here before... Continue»
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Chapter 4 FemDom pt7

... , and without loosing contact with her bottom lip, said "You like that white boy?"

"very much Baroness ... ."

"I bet you'd like me to take your cock deeper, wouldn't you bitch?"

"yes Baroness"

"All you ... have to do is ask bitch."

"Baroness, would you plea" Baroness cut me off.

"Sometimes bitch, you... Continue»
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An Unplanned Overnight Stay - Chapter 4

... out. “I thought you were going to say something weird or something.”
“Weird, what is this weird ... really makes you cum very hard?” Asked Lorraine.
She stood still in the middle of the room, her face ... still very wet.
“I not know if I can say to you. Is how you say, slightly unusual.”
We looked... Continue»
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Tom Welling Series - Episode 5

... so big and swollen, I'm going to cum into your tight asshole. Or do you want it in your face?" he ... asshole!" I shouted into the black of night. I didn't care if lights were going to turn on and people were ... , no Jan! Now you can imagine YOURSELF in the story... if you're male.
Feedback: Pretty please... Continue»
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... tie and dark grey suit and black highly polished brogue shoes. Once you are ready you come down ... look at my cock i again. I say no. We are going for a meal and you are to dress in your sexy underwear ... . While you dress as i told you i put on my boss black briefs white wife beater vest white shirt deep red... Continue»
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Terry's story cont., Part 21

... what they say white boy. Once you go black, you never go back. Sure you want dis?’

i took him ... on them and stroked until he got close again and he asked “You gonna swallow my black cum, white boy ... long so i said “i guess it isn’t true.” Sheron got it and we laughed. He said something like ‘you know... Continue»
Posted by TerryLovesIt 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male, Mature  |  
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Pure pleasure seeker (buffy /faith)

... or
you can go home to your mom."

There was a note of challenge in Faith's voice and Buffy ... of pizza.

Faith snorted and shook her head. "Deadboy won't go near you for a week." At
the look ... ?"

Buffy made an amused sound. "Well, I'm not going to bore you with my life
story," she said... Continue»
Posted by pleasureseeker420 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Hardcore  |  

First Time, Fantasy Story

... , and then looked up at him with his cock resting on my chin. “Are you still going to call the police,” I ... knelt before him stroking his cock, and looking up into his eyes I asked “are you still going ... the dildo I had just bought. It was a realistic seven inch black cock. I had other dildos that were... Continue»
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My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 10)

... goergeous the more times I see you!" Debbie was dressed in black high heels, black stockings, a black ... her wish would come true, not only of having sex with a black man, but also of having a threesome ... off, We quickly got up, had breakfast and Debbie showered first as she had to go out to help her... Continue»
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Rendezvous pt.3 (The finale)

... to the floor. There she is standing in front of you. You look her up and down. Black bra covering ample ... ” you command once again. She knows what’s about to happen, and she gladly does as you say. She ... inside you increase, your licks on her pussy become faster, she raises her hips once more as the three... Continue»
Posted by ZepHed 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  

And so the story begins...

... needed to even the score and removed my shirt. I had put on the bra he had requested, red w/black lace ... his underwear I asked him if he liked to throat fuck.... he smiled. You see I love to suck cock ... . He positioned himself on the bed propped up as he watched me go down on his cock. Arms still... Continue»
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anything. You're going to lie here and cool off until we're ready for you."
With that she took ... Every once in a while my girlfriend Diana and I get together with Jeff,
Tina, Matt and Jen ... and graceful, with jet-black hair and a nine-inch monster cock. Tina
looks almost like his s****r... Continue»
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Performing Again!

... There had been a few parties after the Holiday Bash where Harry made me go topless and service him ... advise small-breasted women like me to wear but hey, everyone expected a show and today I was going ... . I had to work late on Friday so I slept in and missed breakfast and once in the car Harry handed... Continue»
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