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On trek

On trek

... We usually went in the warmer summer months on trek. Consequently, we were sweating and puffing every ... beautiful age of 34. They suggested to do a trek the Easter holidays in the Ardennes. I did ... with my s****r. Then we went to sl**p. The trek was still ... ... Continue»
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Star Trek Voyager Parody (XXX Style!)

... has been several years since we’ve made our trek back home to the Alpha Quadrant. The crew’s morale ... for transport.”

“ Any luck finding the crews clothes on board? ” Chickolet asked.

“ Not yet, ” Janegay said ... ... Continue»
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USS INTERPRIK a Sex Trek story (2012 by Salmacius)

... cinema of the saga of "Star Trek" - so imagine in practice the same ... countdown. For days, vicious myt circulating on the ability to command the beautiful ... now taken upon me .
Everything goes on regularly. END Report "
• Transmission Captain Sydvic Barby ... ... Continue»
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Star Trek For the Smoke Fetishist

Star Trek For the Smoke Fetishist

I was the sole pilot of a shuttlecraft ... mouth and nose she started screaming,
“Ooorrggasmm ooorggggaaaassmmm ooorggggaaaaasssssmmm... Come on get your
penis inside me. My fanny can’t wait.” She ... ... Continue»
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The Cruise on Board the USS Fuckfest

... retire in two years and hoped to trek into Everest base camp, visit Alaska, ... .

There was a 60’s dance advertised on the ship’s bulletin board for ... asked Freda to dance and I joined Ross on the dance floor. I whispered that Freda looked ... ... Continue»
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Star Trek : Lonely Major Kira.

... Deep Space Nine and didn't know anyone on the station. Walking over to the bar I ... the station since Captain Sisko has disappeared on Bajor.

She glanced over at me and smiled ... a lot of her oldest friends had moved on with their lives away from the station ... ... Continue»
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Star Trek : Lonely Major Kira.

... Deep Space Nine and didn't know anyone on the station. Walking over to the bar I ... the station since Captain Sisko has disappeared on Bajor.

She glanced over at me and smiled ... a lot of her oldest friends had moved on with their lives away from the station ... ... Continue»
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Sex is on mind .. Its been a long time (sigh)

... love. First off I wanna take my time on his body. A tall lean, heavily muscled black ... while I suck on his wide juicy bottom lip. Then begining my slow trek down south. licking ... Thn holding me tightly and flipping me over on my back. Slowly doing to me what I ... ... Continue»
Posted by newcumer 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 264  |  
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Fucking A Mother And Son On A Cruise Liner (Part 1

... , a general practitioner she said. I was so turned on. I love women doctors and the ... on the ship and take it easy since I probably wouldn't last the 6 hour trek. I asked them to carry on ... walked down to her suite and knocked on the door. She opened the door ... ... Continue»
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White Sissies on Black Dicks

... . Where you at?”
“I’m at the Firefly Inn on BTW.”
“I know exactly where that’s at.”
“Cool.” ... can fuck that pussy!” Sunni continued on his trek. He slurped and gagged and ... King loved how tight it was.

“Come on down on daddy’s dick,” Mr. King said.
“Yes ... ... Continue»
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A Night On The Town (MMMMMF, humil, f***e, nc)

... quot;

"8 o'clock. That new club on 26th."

"Ok. See you there!" ... stool. I sip my drink, keeping an eye on the door in case Tristen should show.

... the restroom I notice that same man leaning on the wall next to the door. "I ... ... Continue»
Posted by LyssBBW 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 1582  |  
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Incident on Avon Road


"Sooo goood... Damn." he said.

I moaned and hummed on his dick, doing tongue tricks, and trying forcing myself ... come back for more.

His grunts were such a turn on, I came on my stomach without even touching myself. That's when my ... ... Continue»
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A night on the town - Gallagher & White Chapte

... almost certainly incredibly expensive. Thick carpeting throughout, wood veneers on everything, tastefully subdued lighting and when the waitress ... At that moment, Tara’s neatly trimmed pussy was on display, although only the woman, her husband, and ... ... Continue»
Posted by ChrisTracy 4 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 957  |  

LOVE HIM Chapter 3 (My Lips on Cody’s Cock)

... was almost as warm as his hand lingering on my thigh. “Sure” I replied in ... warm meat of another guy, just meat on meat. -- But what If Cody isn’t ... . Cody stopped to take a few pictures I continued on past the ghostly remains of a by gone ... ... Continue»
Posted by RockingRyan33 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male  |  Views: 761  |  
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Girl fixed men 14 day on Bed

... it was dark outside and the night came on.
Most of my invited guests were already d***k ... Thilo might run in his d***ken state on the road and will eventually hurt by ... he was completely naked and Thilo fixed on the head, shoulders, arms, step, thighs and ... ... Continue»
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Fun Times with Friends on Saturday, April 3, 2010

... . Certain precautions were necessary for what I was anticipating later on. Toweling off, I kept my hair wrapped in a damp towel ... and its hemline barely covered my ass cheeks. I put on a diamond necklace, tennis bracelet, and earrings. Now just a little ... ... Continue»
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Woman on Girl Ramblings

... . It was a very simple outfit, but it looked very attractive on her. Her long honey-blonde hair d****d loosely over her shoulders ... was walking towards Sandra looking very angry. Sandra was instantly on the defensive.

"Well little girl. So you see the ... ... Continue»
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Going on Vacation

... here...

It was 2002 and I was on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a Canadian but ... another orgasm. Carrie then put on the strap on and I entered Traci’s pussy ... really, really high and Traci put on the strap on and fucked my face while ... ... Continue»
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Mechanic On Duty

... over it gently, then WACK! His hand came down hard on my left cheek.

"Ahhhh," a slight sound involuntarily escaped ... me." I screamed back.

His commanding words were turning me on like nothing else. I loved the idea of being his little ... ... Continue»
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Lisa "serves" three guys on the Tennis c

... cocks were so hard the net bounced on the hard dicks.

“mmm they ... licking and kissing them, biting and spitting on them while they begged her to suck ... her juicy cunt, her finger worked feverously on her throbbing clit.

She heard another groan ... ... Continue»
Posted by blimblam 4 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore  |  Views: 902  |  
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