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Old street walker and young student

Old street walker and young student

... was a student and it was a rainy day in edinburgh and i was walking around feeling horny and looking ... at the dirty mags in the bookshops when i saw this old woman begging near greyfriars church. she ... at me and said, aye son. That'd be nice. I like a hard young cock. Go into the churchyard and I... Continue»
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The Old Professor vs the Young Student

... The Old Professor vs the Young Student

By MinxGirl and billy69boy

I had been teaching ... frustrating…beautiful, yet exasperating. I came to be rather obsessed with this 20 year old vixen from ... much and not in a platonic way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m only 20 years old so anyone older... Continue»
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The Old Professor vs the Young Student

... . There was no way some young sex-crazed student was going to get me to give her a better grade simply ... to be rather obsessed with this 20 year old vixen from the first time I saw her in class, just something ... me wrong, I’m only 20 years old so anyone older than say 25 is old to me. I don’t usually go... Continue»
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My fantasy job story old and young ..

... Eg går i teits og singlet, passer på at puppane er riktig pressa fram. Prøver og vise så mykje eg kan. Går mot kjøkkene på min jobb, der står ein så super kjekk mann. Ser den faste stramme deillige... Continue»
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... telling dad the old joke that was new to Steve back then.

His mother and her s****r had a strange ... around her and ushering her up the street. "Did you drive?"

"No - walked," she said, and for that they ... were both grateful. "Is your place far?"

"About a 10 minute walk," Steve said, and found himself... Continue»
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Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... . Your old news your OLD hag. I am younger and stronger”

“Well you’re only Younger by a few years ... . Lot of the building was connected by bridge and tunnels people could walk on and looked down below ... was Billy Green ordinary student. He walked down stairs and saw his father

“Hey son when you get... Continue»
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Anne Streich wird abgerichtet

... fuckmeat. If a ten year old
girl can take it up the ass and live, then a nice mature
young lady of ... ?"

Beautiful little f******n-year-old Anni shook her
head and frowned. She didn't even know ... . He's such a handsome
young stud." Ryan hooked his thumbs in the pockets of his
jeans and grinned a... Continue»
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hesitated. I wasn't sure that I wanted to do this! A walk on the street
was one thing, but talking ... , and walked up 34th Street to
get some of that "everyday stuff" to add to our load.

Our last stop ... sway in my
hips that had male heads turning for blocks around whenever I walked
down the street. I... Continue»
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Teachers Summer Vacation

... stopped in front of the cabin and the four girls got out looking like the hottest little street walkers ... The Teachers Summer Vacation

He was a new teacher at the high school, (young, hung and single ... and there were few students left when she came into the room. Maria had long black hair that reached the middle... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... *
"Ok. Lets see. I'm in class 2-A."
*Finds it and walks in*

"Students. Today we have ... first day in a Japanese school."

Female Student:
*Smacks into the old man, screechs again ... Student:
*Wrenches out of Valor's hold and turns to point in her face*
"Fuck you old woman! I... Continue»
Posted by masterkain 7 months ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor  |  


... of her young daughter.

"How old are you?" the man turned to Jolyne.

"Old enough to be a hot ... student, he just
stared helplessly at her luscious young tits with the
big turgid nipples ... -= Chapter 1 =-

Jolyne Crawford was an exceptionally attractive young
blonde teenager. Her... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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... the street slowly drove by.
From Mr. Walker's vantage point, he saw a beautiful set of buns ...

Being only fifteen years old and just a sophomore in high school,
Jake had never ... school. He was not quite average height for a
sixteen year old boy and maybe a little lean... Continue»
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... , regaling my students with the story of how the guitarist Angus Young had showered me with sweat ... and powerful and filling me with an age old instinctive desire to take this young creature. I kissed ... how to walk in them...something that I think is becoming rarer as the years pass.

I stood up... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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All or nothing

... walked in accompanied by a bell boy they had recruited to carry their bags.
"What the...?", the young ... incredulously at the sight of a young, completely naked woman slowly walking up the hill.
She ... and tennis shoes. She was still a stunning 27-year-old beauty, with short blond hair, blue eyes... Continue»
Posted by Daddyd2012 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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The Ghost on Forest Lane

... place. The twenty year old college

student preferred to invest her energy in studying ...

This silly rhyme was told to scare the young c***dren of the town of Woodbury. Fifty

years ago a tragic ... in the house. Or, as wise old men, smoking pipes and

sitting on the bench overlooking the market... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 4 years ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  
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The Gift cont

... teachers. A lot of our students are eighteen year old girls. Can you imagine what would happen to us ... street walkers."

"Not in the clubs. Come on Brad! We used to have so much fun!"

"Sorry I'm ... ."

"But what are we really going to talk to her about?"

Getting up, Brad walked over to the mantle over... Continue»
Posted by adventureous127 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  
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From J. Joyce

... street and I just after dinner
all flushed and tossed with boiling old stew dont look at me professor ... ailments she had too much old
chat in her about politics and earthquakes and the end of the ... a young girl at Pooles
Myriorama and turned my back on him when he slinked out looking... Continue»
Posted by LightSquirrel 4 years ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  
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Doing it Yoga Style

... Frank Templemead was thirty year old marriage counsellor who was still single at 45. His girlfriend ... , a 40 year old, rather reserved school teacher, with whom he slept most week-ends, had always sort ... as the last of her students were leaving.

“I’ve got to take a shower – I’m so sweaty,” she said... Continue»
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College life Spring semester 21

... to head that

"We walking?" Kendall asked.

"I guess," Jess said. "How far is it?"

"Oh ... and his two friends
walked out the door.

"Kris, keep your mouth shut," I said and was standing right ... with no drama whatsoever. We
mostly watched since the place was packed to the walls with college
students. We... Continue»
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The Nude Weekend - Saturday Morning

... amount of jism over her beautiful young face. Most of it landed in her mouth and she held ... for tomorrow.”

“Technically,” Sharon said as she walked around to them both, “It’s already tomorrow ... in his forties, Neil was fitter than many of the twenty year olds she’d fucked. Deciding to have a quick... Continue»
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