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Obeying Mistress L on a Day Off...

Obeying Mistress L on a Day Off...

... . Mistress L had called as I was driving in and said I had neglected my duties long enough. So I called ... down the stairs and at the foot of the stairs was Mistress L. She was not happy. “You have kept me ... couple of bands secured my torso to the padded seat and I was helpless. Mistress L did not waste any... Continue»
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sub fantasy

... more than a brush off. This time he was wrong.

"Hello, Brian, I'm your mistress for the evening ... told him to do the first day. This time, he did it.

She then handed him a blindfold. He put it on ... is away.

He travels on business several days a month, mostly in the southeast. I used to give him... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... potato cake theres something I want to say to you
only for I put him off letting on I was in a ... with a cough knocking on the wall then he wouldnt
believe next day we didnt do something its ... look coarse or old a bit the skin underneath
is much finer where it peeled off there on my finger... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 2

... shrieked with horror and revulsion, struggling wildly to escape.
“a****l... a****l... get your hands off ... and defiance. Then the Mausers began to spit their fire, picking off one target after another. Men ... ?
“Get off ...” I cried. “you have no right...” She said one word. “Kneel... I lifted my chin... Continue»
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Harriet Potter and the Ringpiecce of Fire Pt 1

... in this day and age.
Mrs Cummings ,the deputy head and Mr Head were the only one’s allowed ... .
“I’ll suck you off then” offered Harriet.
George was one of the few boys who had ... Mingeworthy. Each forty one exactly and each born on the same day and minute as the other although... Continue»
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Milk Maid

... ). Femdom, BDSM, a****l play, group stuff with some polykink.

Mistress implied in our ... My permission. Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress.” I said, meeting her eyes. It was one ... . Mistress pops the snaps off of my panties and they fall away. Pulling my cheeks apart, I feel... Continue»
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Slaves Of The Copper Coast

... throughout the New World, but I never gave Kupro Marbordo much thought.
Until, one day a few weeks ago, my ... dress and stand over there.” Patricia pointed to one of the rings.
Sobbing, Tima slipped off her ... off.”
I nodded. I was glad that Tima had recovered.
Later that day, I passed the archive room. I... Continue»
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Confessions of A Toilet Slave

... to become reality--pain, humiliation,discipline--all the ass one could lick and tongue ... fantasized about this hundreds of times, but only once had I done it with a one night stand, so after ... the guy really couldn't do it, and she and her friends were tired of wasting time. So I had three days... Continue»
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dawn etc......9

... where at least one fight starts out in one of the cafeterias a day. As I wrote in my previous reports ... one it was with style, she butt-fucked her little s****r all day, before bringing her to the canteen ... was preparing to try and get Amy off of her girlfriend by any means necessary the Mistress of Sunnydale... Continue»
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... for the ladies."

She smiled, "Well, I know one lady you impressed." Her hands pulled off my ... , "'Fuck Ted, I was so close to seducing your wife and promising she was going to fuck you again one day ... exhilarating orgasm of my life. It was like our bodies became one and our cum crashed together like waves off... Continue»
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Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (Part Two)

... .
One life form was conspicuously absent however. Of my saviour and tormentor of the day before ... about the disappearance of my companion of the day before. On the one side I was sort of relieved ... off me and so negligently tossed aside the previous day before making her intentions upon my exposed... Continue»
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How I Became a Lesbian Slave

... .” she remarked and kicked off her pumps. “I love a glass or two of good wine after a long day ... stinging slap hit me.

“AHH One mistress, thank you.” I blurted, then another quick slap and another ... kinda tried to seduce her one day.”

Dave snorted and then guffawed.

“Hey, don’t laugh at me... Continue»
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Submission pt6

... day.

Fred was a little upset when I told him to back off a bit, that this was a training period ... there is one point that I can't stress enough. I like to be in charge, and I expect to be obeyed. So ... , master."

Beverly approached me, at school the next day.

"I have to get this off of my chest... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

... that happen?" Jay asked.

"Fucker pissed me off one day and I decided to teach him a lesson. Put ... dungeon! Mistress Zelda told me, "Take off your pretty dress
Slut and hang it up over there on one ... and drop off work as
well as use whichever of us is available. One day we received a delivery
from... Continue»
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Donkey-loving girl

... sensation of orgasm. One of her darkest secrets was that she liked to jack off, that she jacked off six ... times a day sometimes. She couldn't get through her romance novels without jacking off at least once ... the heroine's flushed cheek in one of those novels, Denise would manage to bring off her young cunt... Continue»
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Consoling Freinds's Mother

... row of the bus. The conductor issued tickets and lights were put off. It was clear full moon day ... and surprise one of our classmate and friend Gandhi, was found dead in his room, committed suicide ... informed his parents, and they came next day morning. His father went along with some of our... Continue»
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St Monicas School

... off right here, in the classroom? She
looked at her head mistress who was sitting in her chair ... and assessed how her first day had begun. She closed her eyes and
tried to relax. She nodded off ... head started to pound as
she contemplated her life. Her whole day had been one disaster after... Continue»
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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered

... was about
to orgasm, despite the fact that she was in deep hypnosis. And as she
pulled off to the swollen ... and lie down and we'll talk some more."

He watched as the woman obeyed. He lifted the head ... 'll have to take
them off of me, if you want them, Aurry ..." and she squeezed his prick... Continue»
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A Teacher's Past - Chapter 2

... to stop the blackmail was to obey Sky's demands. He moved one hand around her flared hip and onto her ... when one of her students found out about the one unfortunate indiscretion in her life. He was now ... got a surprise one evening when she logged onto hotmail and checked her email account. "What... Continue»
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Harriet Potter

... Pooper, Annie Fartington and Molly Mingeworthy. Each forty one exactly and each born on the same day ... with one hundred mugs of slightly sweetened cocoa .
“Eat up please” said Mistress ... school set on the outskirts of the old town and was one of the few schools to retain the use... Continue»
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