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Oh Susanna - Hot Summer Night

... und ohne groessen Widerstand glitt er ihn ihren Arsch. <ddd>Susanna</ddd> war wieder nur noch stoehnendes, bebendes Fickfleisch und der ... Hand, fuehrte sie an meine Latte und fragte scheinheilig: "<ddd>Oh</ddd>-<ddd>oh</ddd>! Was machen wir jetzt?" Sie setzte wieder ihren lasziv- ... ... Continue»
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Oh, Susanna!

... , what's yours?"

With a sweet smile she replied, "I'm <ddd>Susanna</ddd>, and I'm glad to meet you." She ... .

She told me she was married. <ddd>Oh</ddd>, damn! But her husband wasn't with ... They knew that their friend -- the lovely <ddd>Susanna</ddd> with the amazing pussy hair -- was ... ... Continue»
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... down to the small of her back. Her name is <ddd>Susanna</ddd>, by the way, though of course I never called her that ... ... Continue»
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Susanna Francessca, UK glamor model and a real, tr

... said ‘This just isn’t fair!’ <ddd>Susanna</ddd> giggled and said ‘<ddd>Oh</ddd> you’ll get to see ... good look at <ddd>Susanna</ddd>’s body as she slowly undressed. After a few minutes, <ddd>Susanna</ddd> had taken ... climbing up towards you. <ddd>Susanna</ddd>, is that okay?’

<ddd>Susanna</ddd> said ‘<ddd>Oh</ddd> that would be fun ... ... Continue»
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Susanna Francessca, exhibitionist.

... <ddd>Susanna</ddd> ‘<ddd>Oh</ddd> you’d better cover up. There are two men over there’. <ddd>Susanna</ddd> looked round, looked at them for a moment and said ‘<ddd>Oh</ddd> ... these pictures, aren’t you?’ I looked at <ddd>Susanna</ddd> and said ‘Is that okay?’. <ddd>Susanna</ddd> said ‘<ddd>Oh</ddd>, yes, of course. I mean you will ... ... Continue»
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Una tarde con Susanna (y III)

... más.

No me lo podía creer, me estaba follando a <ddd>Susanna</ddd>, la sexy <ddd>Susanna</ddd> con ese conjunto rojo y negro que le sentaba ... a la boca de <ddd>Susanna</ddd> para satisfacer su deseo. El broche final para una maravillosa tarde con <ddd>Susanna</ddd>.

Gracias Susana, ... ... Continue»
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Una tarde con Susanna (I)

... mi camisa para recorrer mi barriga y mi pecho. Mientras <ddd>Susanna</ddd> jugueteaba con mis pezones, yo le mordisqueaba el cuello ... que temblaban aún del orgasmo conjunto que habíamos tenido.

<ddd>Susanna</ddd> me miró, sonrió, y con un dedo empezó a recorrer juguetonamente ... ... Continue»
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Una tarde con Susanna (II)

... abajo, hacia mi pecho aún con semen de ambos chorreando. <ddd>Susanna</ddd> se acercó hacia mi riendo, y me abrazó fuertemente. Sentí ... a meter en la boca….
Miré hacia arriba, pudiendo comprobar como <ddd>Susanna</ddd> tenía la cabeza echada hacia atrás. Mientras respiraba con ... ... Continue»
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"Oh yes! Eat me! Eat my pussy! GOD! I’m

... !!!!! YES! That's it!! <ddd>OH</ddd>!! YES!!!!! <ddd>OH</ddd> FUCK!! <ddd>OH</ddd> YES!! <ddd>OH</ddd> YES!! LICK IT!!! LICK IT!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! ... She screamed: “ <ddd>OH</ddd> GOD YES! I'M CUMMING! <ddd>OH</ddd> YES! IT'S SO GOOD!! <ddd>OH</ddd>!! <ddd>OH</ddd>!! <ddd>OH</ddd>!! <ddd>OH</ddd>!! <ddd>OH</ddd>!!! <ddd>OH</ddd>!!! <ddd>OH</ddd> YES!!!! <ddd>OH</ddd> FUCK!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ... ... Continue»
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... of your cum baby. Please baby, cummmmmm in meeeee! <ddd>Oh</ddd> goddddddddd <ddd>Oh</ddd> goddddd <ddd>OH</ddd> god baby fuck me hard, cum in me.
I felt ... walls stretching as you go up me!. <ddd>OH</ddd> god damn fuck, <ddd>oh</ddd> shit! <ddd>Oh</ddd> for fuck <ddd>oh</ddd> god! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS baby , Leo, fuck that huge ... ... Continue»
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"Oh, Kami, you're delicious.."

... she grunted strongly, as she had another orgasm. "NnnnOHHHHH, <ddd>oh</ddd>, <ddd>oh</ddd>, <ddd>oh</ddd>.."
I tried to thrust up into her, but her tight ... increasingly strong contractions, as she stroked her luscious breasts.
"<ddd>Oh</ddd>, Kami, I love you.."
I withdrew from her again, and ... ... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature  |  Views: 518  |  
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Oh please, deeper

... “At this point, I'm not choosy.”

“I could add some brandy.”

“<ddd>Oh</ddd>, would you? That sounds delicious!” she gushed.

By ... relaxed. My finger

slipped inside.

“Yesssss!” she hissed. “<ddd>Oh</ddd> please, deeper. Add another finger.”

I glanced down at ... ... Continue»
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Oh Cable Man"

... it all to me harder, <ddd>oh</ddd>, <ddd>oh</ddd> I’m going to cum. <ddd>Oh</ddd> hell from all this excitement I was ... pretend your still fixing the cable.

<ddd>Oh</ddd> cable man! <ddd>Oh</ddd> cable man! As I slowly turn back ... it I better say maybe un-fucked.

<ddd>Oh</ddd> cable man, <ddd>Oh</ddd> cable man can you come over ... ... Continue»
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... I know you want it, dont you

mom: <ddd>oh</ddd> my god i dont beleive this is happening


mom: gulp gulp <ddd>oh</ddd> <ddd>oh</ddd> <ddd>oh</ddd> <ddd>oh</ddd> your so big <ddd>oh</ddd> my your cock is so sweet <ddd>oh</ddd> my ohhh

... fuck me fuck me fuck me mom <ddd>oh</ddd> mommy mommmy fuck

mom: mmmmmmmggggaaggg

son: take ... ... Continue»
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... me <ddd>oh</ddd> my god <ddd>oh</ddd> <ddd>oh</ddd> I'm your mother <ddd>oh</ddd> please stop your making me so hot <ddd>oh</ddd> baby please I'm your mother please <ddd>oh</ddd> fuck fuck

son: <ddd>oh</ddd> ... BEEN SO BIG SO BIG <ddd>OH</ddd> <ddd>OH</ddd> <ddd>OH</ddd> FUCK FUCK YOU COCK IS SO ... ... Continue»
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Oh Daddy! your dick tastes so good

... .


She couldn't take it any more. "<ddd>Oh</ddd>, daddy... fuck me!"

"What did you say, little girl?"

" ... "Ohh, spank me daddy! Spank me hard!"


"<ddd>Oh</ddd>, yeah you fucking bitch!" He growled, shouting every obscenity ... ... Continue»
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OH MY GOD.Uncle Jack


at the Carlyle Hotel.”

Was this a joke? <ddd>Oh</ddd> sure – just whip together a lecture on a dense subject, ... . I

pulled away from Gary's asshole:

"<ddd>Oh</ddd> god, <ddd>oh</ddd> god <ddd>oh</ddd> god <ddd>oh</ddd> <ddd>oh</ddd> <ddd>oh</ddd> <ddd>oh</ddd> <ddd>OH</ddd> <ddd>OH</ddd> <ddd>OH</ddd> <ddd>OH</ddd> <ddd>OH</ddd>!!!!!!"

The men laughed. I came again.

Eric was ... ... Continue»
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Oh That Inc*st Part 2 Mommy Gets Frisky

... woman," Tommy said, trying hard not to stutter. "I... you... uh.... <ddd>Oh</ddd> hell, I'm just a horny teenager, and I'm sorry I got out of line ... boy masturbated. However, his words kept running through her head: '<ddd>Oh</ddd> yes, yes, suck my
cock Mom'. A little shiver ran ... ... Continue»
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My Oh So Warm Daughter On A Cold Alaskan Nights

... swinging side to side as she wailed,

“Augggggggggggggh, Augggggggggh, <ddd>oh</ddd>, <ddd>oh</ddd>, <ddd>oh</ddd>, <ddd>Oh</ddd>, Papa, enough, enough.”

Tonight, he cleaned her, his tongue lapped every drop of her <ddd>oh</ddd> so tasty juice.

She'd passed her f******nth birthday, ... ... Continue»
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"Oh yes daddy! Fuck that ass!"

... smacking sounds of their skins making high velocity contact. <ddd>Oh</ddd> sweet! He thought, ‘so glorious, watching my cock disappear ... , her quaking setting off his own long overdue explosion. "<ddd>Oh</ddd> goooooooodnessssssssssss!!!" Robert grunted as he followed in the wake ... ... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Voyeur  |  Views: 1491  |  
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