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Nurse Bert and The Pool Boy Chapter #2

Nurse Bert and The Pool Boy Chapter #2

... Bert and the Pool Boy
Chapter #2

From that first day, Bert made sure that she would ... not be poolside when the young pool boy came by to clean the pool. She really didn’t want to take the chance ... of thinking about the pool boy. Even now, she was feeling her clit beginning to swell and throb... Continue»
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Nurse Bert and the Pool Boy / Chapter #1

... Nurse Bert and the Pool Boy

It was a nice warm and sunny Sunday. The girls were gone ... swimsuit on and go sit outside by pool and try to work on her tan.
Bert got on her swimsuit ... outside and headed for the lounge chair by the pool.
Before sitting down, Bert took a good sized... Continue»
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Nurse Debbie chapter 2

... call for help from nurse Debbie but could not due too a ball gag in my mouth, once my eyes begain ... were did this swing come from, how did I get in here and where the hell was nurse Debbie. About ... that time nurse Debbie came back into the room with her nice perky breast uncovered and that bulg... Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 2)

... his fingers and starts using firstly 2 fingers, sliding them in and twisting them and pushing ... 3 fingers into me. 'You are My Good Boy' he says again. He then gets up and goes to his bag. He... Continue»
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The Klinik Chapter Three

... Chapter 3

The cavernous, cathedral like laboratory, (hewn out in less happier times by slave ... selves with stunned fascination.
Chloe 1 and Chloe 2.
Cosseted from neck, to spike heeled ... illuminated beneath the furthest-most pool of stark electric light, betrayed any recent evidence of human... Continue»
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Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? Chapter

... Chapter 1
Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? (that’s what the card on the wall asked)
My ... back some day, I hope.
My husband Joe is a furniture warehouse factory worker. We have 2 teenage ... daughters, a nice split-level home, 2 good cars, Well mine’s a Chrysler mini-van, and what I thought... Continue»
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The Klinik Chapter Two

... Chapter 2.

She helped gently assist him turn over, till he lay face up beneath her, his eyes ... , and in the same soft pool of light she had occupied, they stood like sentinels on either side of his ... down at him, flushed with her own excitement, pupils dilated to beautiful black pools... Continue»
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Down met Jeroen

... , je zet Hans, maar ook Boy, op de loonlijst en vooralsnog betalen we ze met dat smeergeld ... , …. Ja man,,, Ik heb nog aan Boy gedacht,,,, tuurlijk.. Nee, ik kan hem niet betalen.. . Ja jammer hè ... het kutje strak gespannen. Nu stopt Ans. Plotseling grijpt een handje van mijn liefje naar de pols... Continue»
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Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club - Comp

... , “We can do it again now.”

Chapter 2

Steve was using a laser pointer to highlight a specific ...

Chapter 1

Steve and Matt looked across the big conference table at each other patiently ... changed again.

This time it was of Kim at her pool behind the house. She was wearing a bikini... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #7

... iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #7 – Chapter 7

September 28
10:36 am
UCLA- Scott Hall
Room ... was. Carefully staggering from the bed to the door, Tori grabbed a shirt and some boy shorts and headed ... , of course, the one person she couldn't really get mad at.

-We r going 2 bed. Noelle is sick. Come... Continue»
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Mary had a Hot Ram

... the Ram was watching the horny girl masturbate ...

Chapter 2

Mary's first feeling was relief ... Introduction:
Another b**st story
Mary Had a Hot Ram Chapter

GEnre- Dark Fantasy, b********y ...

Chapter 1

Mary Wilson had a little lamb.

His fleece was white as snow and he... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... :
"I know that scythes are deadly, but this is beyond deadly."

"Boy this scythe ... of gum out of his bag and chews on one*

*Realizes she may be keeping the Nephilim boy too ... !"
*Warps in after the boy to protect him from the Harpy s****rs*

*Summons a tornado... Continue»
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Stepmother's Bed

... their seat belts
and began descending to land at Portland International Airport.

with the olive and weeping willow trees surrounding it, the swimming pool
in the front yard, the few ... other boys played with his s****r's titties or tried to
finger-fuck his s****r, she told him about... Continue»
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... more turned on than I was during the whole episode.


The holiday passed without ... CHAPTER 1

I was born in 1962, I had an older b*****r and two younger b*****rs at the time ... prevented us older boys from enjoying our adventures but we were not alone, throughout the six weeks... Continue»
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... , their mouths met and kissed in silent
"thank you" for the pleasure shared.

Chapter 2 ... Chapter 1

Her naked body hissed between the sheets as she slid
into bed. It was a luxurious ... for a boy. Michael Hightower was most definitely
a man!

Mrs. Michael Hightower; she savored the feel... Continue»
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How My Life Changed

... future kept
me awake for quite awhile before I drifted off to sl**p.

Chapter 2 ... How My Life Changed

Chapter 1
My wife Mary and I had been married for over eight ... that I was afraid of him so he smiled and
said, " This should be a fun night boy." I resented his... Continue»
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Little Bit of Fun

... kicks and then straight back. I swear."
"OK, OK. Let's do it."
Chapter One
Rick was exhausted ... she had been touched by a boy. The knowledge that she too possessed the amazing power that her ... envisage this particular case remaining unclosed for a very long time.

Chapter Two
"So what... Continue»
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Sex, Lies and Conquest

... will not let any barrier, physical or moral stand in her way.

Chapter 1- First Strike:

The two ... to shield their eyes from the rain.

"How is your boy?" asked Lorben the veteran of the two ... hawked and spat into the fire, "Don't fool yourself, boy, your son will be like his old man. Walking... Continue»
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Spirit of Alaska

... of this should be construed as accurate or true.

1. Alaskan Cruise of a Lifetime
2. Alone ... to the Alaskan climate, at this moment it was heaven as she soaked in the 2’ deep pool as the hot shower ... . Return to Paradise Lost, Preparing for Alaska
14. Outbound Again, Day 1
15. Outbound Again, Day 2... Continue»
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LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones. CHAPTER 1

... and understandable.


Thursday - 2:46 pm
Marlin Township, Highway 9 - Graydeaux Parish ... to be a dick then...the boy was in the ass-end of that car, naked and jacking the fuck off.
She'd ... certainly seen stranger things in the years she'd been a cop...but it wasn't the boy's masturbation... Continue»
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