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No Accounting for Love

No Accounting for Love

... .

For a year, Kate had been coming over once a week to help with the accounting in ... "I am," she moaned. "I love your touch."

Naked, we lay against each ... then hers in mine. No rush, no c***d begging for her attention, just soft skin ... ... Continue»
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she was no good for him

... was already heavy.

Did you fuck anybody today? He asked.
No. Just myself. This morning when I woke up. Again after breakfast ... face.

Baby, she said. I love to see that. Stroke it for me. He did. They did that for a while. She was closer to ... ... Continue»
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Chapter Six XHamster Profile for Love 2Bused

... in my mouth and down my throat. I love having my mouth right there at the end of ... shoots out the end of a cock. I still love feeling a guy cum in my pussy but, it ... keeping up with his blasts and found there was no way for me to keep up with that large a load ... ... Continue»
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The main thing that it was all for love

... disturbed Anzor.

- Why are you silent? Did something happen?

- No. All right. Just ...

- Just what?

- Nothing.

Until the ... compared to her friends much later. The main thing for love, with an experienced partner, and without too much pain. ... ... Continue»
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Rural Love

... 's
wanting to make sure everything goes good for you."

I said, "Well, he knows I love him no matter what, doesn't he?"

She said, " ... Billy telling what he if he's giving a complete accounting of the night over. We'll get it put onto ... ... Continue»
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... get you. All grown up. k**s stuff? I love Harry Potter. So does Paul."

"Yeah? Well there's no accounting for taste is there? I mean we already ... , Megan came up to him and cuddled him.

"I love you. Thanks for all your help and sorry if I freaked you out ... ... Continue»
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The old days

... get the nerve up to ask me that…I love you Benjamin, I love you greatly and wish we could be together forever ... such a nerd and uttermost loser in a f****y of hedonists, there is no accounting for genetics alright,” Bunnie said.

“Oh well, at least this is ... ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #3: Carousel Nights #5

... awkward boy from across the hall? Yeesh... guess there's no accounting for taste."

Carly and Cat rolled their eyes, and went ... really not fair to try and quantify love with a number or a comparison. I love you, and I love her... I don't know what else ... ... Continue»
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Unmasking True Love

... Radney's occupation, he was head to a accounting/financial firm called Canup Financial.

“Well well ... eating his meal. Tonight was no different, for a crowd of people in ... sensual love in an instant, feeding off each other’s need for physical love, screwing ... ... Continue»
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Cuckold Farm.

... more of a question than a statement.
He chuckled that “there was no accounting for taste” and she hit him on the shoulder again splashing ... minds, as they achieved that state of bliss we all love so much.
After a time her mind returned to this earth ... ... Continue»
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I Had No Choice

... while I still was young, I fell in love and married my college sweetheart Rachel. We graduated ... had when she had left, for like her, had no choice but to accept whatever ... far, stabbing at her cervix with my love spear. Freezing with shuddering joy my engorged ... ... Continue»
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I Had No Choice

... while I still was young, I fell in love and married my college sweetheart Rachel. We graduated ... had when she had left, for like her, had no choice but to accept whatever ... far, stabbing at her cervix with my love spear. Freezing with shuddering joy my engorged ... ... Continue»
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Just Sex with My Son Turned Into Love Making

... dick inside me. I have felt something that I haven’t felt for a long time, love. We gazed into each other’s eyes again, and then ... moved his lips away from mine, I knew I can no longer deny his beckon for love making from his star-like eyes. And as ... ... Continue»
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For the Love of Holly

... it might taste like between her perky tits. No, no, no! I wasn't going there. No women for me until I got my head on straight. The ... , starting with how I met her, detailing the growth of my love for her, and finishing with her betrayal of me. "I thought I ... ... Continue»
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A Tale of Forbidden Love

... to worry that he might (in some way) mistake this for love. I had to be careful.

I awoke around 3pm that ... no clue they were working that evening for a Mother and Son... for all they knew, David and Sandra were a normal couple celebrating their love ... ... Continue»
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Made for each other

... could think of nothing worse than losing his mothers love. He lived for their time together. He really didn't need ... sucking carefully, deliberately,
tenderly. She felt no answering stir of passion, no unquenchable
moistening urge at the telltale lips of ... ... Continue»
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... friend willing to do anything to please her.

"No, my love. That's what I love about you."

"Huuummm, I like that."

" ... No, dear lord, no! I'm a virgin."

"I know. That's why I've been dying to meet you. Don't fret, my love. It'll only hurt for ... ... Continue»
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... was
4:30, the time for this session to end. Can you really call it love
making? We had no intercourse or even oral ... . "Oh baby É you don't know how good that feels for mommy. I love

I pushed my finger in deeper, only to hear, "MMmm ... ... Continue»
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Chapter V Lesbian Love & sodomy

... to make love, hug, rest and occasionally snack and drink for us back in shape.

There was an incredible complicity, no need ... that's my beautiful for him," said Sonia giving me a wink.

"No! It's not true! You are my love too! I love I always wanted to ... ... Continue»
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... smiled, then chided, "Don't tell me you're
responsible for these magnolias!"

"No," he chuckled. "They were here when I bought the ... , at least. No, now he was savoring the
marvelous feel of their bodies joined in love and want
for one another. This ... ... Continue»
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