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Next day

Our Holiday adventures - The Next Day

... com/photos/gallery/2950847/wife_fucking_holiday_friend_now_with_an_extra_spectator.html

So the next day we all talked about what happened in a fun ... next to Anna, completely naked and with a hardon! He sure moved fast ;)
Anna was less tired than the day ... ... Continue»
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A new fur slave - The next day

... - The next day

"Wake up. Time for breakfast" I say opening max’s door. ... shaking his hand.

I work for the rest of the day.

That night, I go to max’s room and ... pregnant and she should be by noon the next day.

The rest of the girls asl**p in their ... ... Continue»
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The Next Day... written by me, enjoy


I am thinking what did I do.. omg how did I allow myself ... .. told him that i was thinking of the other day and that is
what happen.

next thing i know .. omg .. he takes me and ... ... Continue»
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Next day

The next day I went back to the hotel pool and had a look round ... and private parts of her female anatomy.

It was a busy day, as soon as she had left I noticed another innocent female ... ... Continue»
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the next day

The next day i woke up late, everyone had gone to work except for ... my balls and then my ass hole. This was only day two at my nans house. Summer holidays mine truly were ... ... Continue»
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Timestop Day 4

... , shrugged, and changed positions. As the next song started, Pat started thrusting into Tammy's ... , saying he should call her the next day and that they should hang out again ... had been wearing earlier in the day lying next to her, having been hidden beneath ... ... Continue»
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... good idea, I liked her, very sweet.

The next morning when I checked my e-mail, I had an ... gonna leave and he'd see me the next day. I told him about daddy coming to ... "Baby, focus on the girl getting fucked next door while I make you cum" I said.

I ... ... Continue»
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Timestop Day 6

... went on a date with her the next day, but didn't mention his friends' losing ... and still wanted to see me the next day. And then at the movies...” Pause.

“ ... . I promise I'll take care of him next time.”

Warren laughed, pulling her into a hug, responding ... ... Continue»
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Dog Day Weekend

... know that she meant business.

Reluctantly, Leash responded. I spent the next five minutes watching Ezmerelda walk my wife around the ... She was having too much fun playing with Leash . The next day, I really slept late. It must have been the rigour of ... ... Continue»
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Mother's Day

... next to her.

Jesus! I thought the hose water was cold! We don't turn on the pool heater until Memorial Day ... covers next to her and went to sl**p.

In the kitchen the next day, I was ... So we said we should get together the next day. We were just going to be ... ... Continue»
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Pregnant Whore Next Door - An Adult Story

... want to listen to a moving truck all day.

The next day I got up and went in the back yard ... Tyler, I decide to make my move the next day. I slept downstairs on the couch so ... her we would see her tomorrow.

The next day my wife went shopping with Tyler ... ... Continue»
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Father's Day Surprise


"I know Daddy I love you... and I know it will be better next time."


We have been fucking every since. The pain ... difficult to hide his constant hard-on from Ellen. The next day Tony's wife had to work late.

"Daddy....Daddy come here ... ... Continue»
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The Milf Next Door

... and

load the truck so they could leave early the next day.
That night we all had a party and had a few ... finish, telling her father I'd be back the next day. The ladder

remained in the backyard, right next to Erica’s window.

After dinner, unable ... ... Continue»
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I help my next door neighbor after his accident

... For the next few days the routine didn't change.

Finally on the fifth day as I was ... cum when he saw my breasts. The next day Tony
had a new request. If I didn't know any ... room, lock the door and masturbate.

The next day we went to the doctor and had ... ... Continue»
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Blackmailing my next door neighbor

... giving some guy a blow job. Wow, where was I that day.

The next directory I went to was called videos. I clicked on one of ... again. The next day of course I called in and told
them I really felt sick still. I wasnt going in to work this day either ... ... Continue»
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My Dream of the Girl Next Door

... next door. Since I was Thirteen , I’ve lived next to such a girl. I’ve seen her boyfriends come and go, hoping she’ll one day ... actually falling asl**p though. The next day she left to go back to ... that first day. The day my dream, of getting with the girl next ... ... Continue»
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An apple a day

... having were so good to me.

The very next day, I couldn't wait until the ice cream ... I called Susan, the lady at the kennel the next day. I told her that I wanted to thank ... so I could have one that day and the other one the next day. I was getting plenty of ... ... Continue»
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Queening for a Day

... he was snapped back into reality.

The next day at work it was all he ... as he felt the presence of someone next to him, dangerously close, invading his space ... her but he choked under pressure.

The next day, Bret kept his anxiousness in check and ... ... Continue»
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Girl Next Door

... next time we saw each other.

As it turns out, the next time we saw each other was the very next day ... to bed.

I woke up the next day with that same sense of dread ... , unsure of how or what to say next.

"And?" Jessica asked, sensing there was more. ... ... Continue»
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Keeping her wedding day vow with bro.

... from Emma's school - she was to return to work the next day.

As she was still shattered, and tomorrow I would need to ... The little fucker disappeared." I can feel her frustration. "I promise you, next week, at our wedding party, I'm gonna fuck him. Even ... ... Continue»
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