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New employee pays for her mistakes

New employee pays for her mistakes

... in a position of power. So I had asked an employment agency to send me a personal assistant to work ... instructions carefully, I do not suffer mistakes, ok I am a bit of a control freak. The agency had sent ... to be fighting to escape whatever top she was wearing, her hair cascaded in waves down her back. Every time I... Continue»
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... . Victoria was in awe of her new workplace with great naiveté. As we walked into the office, there she ... is very miserable and hating her new position. She should be fortunate that her former sex master ... this grunt work. This is Contessa’s type of work. I should be up there right now.” Her new co-worker... Continue»
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... , "Send her in."

I tried to smile. I wanted to give my potential new client the sense that I could ... was full. After that she changed her phone number and no one I spoke with knew the new number ... badly, but it's over. I have an idea that she's going to pay for it in her own way, and maybe she... Continue»
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House of Dark Pleasure

... erotic
fantasies to pay much heed to her employer's words.

Doris was glad when the meal ... Bateman, her employer's
chauffeur, and was driven to Romily Manor.

The Maine countryside had ... pay you for!

They listened to her heels tip-tapping across the floor then looked at
each other... Continue»
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Pure Motherly Sensual Love and Care

... was doing mistake. But still her body was making me so nervous. I was hugging her softly. And one hand ... . The dress was little old as she dint had money to buy new ones. Since her blouse was old ... is going to native my mind had lot of ideas. I thought I will make her wear new sarees. And see her... Continue»
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A New Dawn Arises

... wish. Her groin pressed
against my lips. They immediately opened and began to pay homage to her ... . Marty removed her hand from my crotch. She smacked my face
and informed me that I would pay dearly ... in her new pinafore apron, but, perhaps it's time for another
reminder of her enslavement to us. What do... Continue»
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Christine: Transgenderism (reposted)

... new f****y was much on her mind the following day although she certainly did not anticipate how ... proposed employee was at two o’clock. She pushed her catalogue aside decisively. “You’re right! I’d ... hands against her temples. “Oh God! I just don’t know what to think! This is a whole new set... Continue»
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Sissyslave Gunnarsub turned into a slut

... of his employees.

Last, but not least I furnished Her with the password to The Slave Register ... naked and locked in heavy chains, menacles, cuffs, and
collar dedicating me fully at Her mercy ... Her without any restriction and even offer me as a victim to
Her friends and let them have their fun... Continue»
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... cleaned up in her bathroom and went back to work I got an excellent review by the way and a pay ... said reverting to our employer employee roles Mr Johnston's eyes were all over my body and I liked ... The add in the paper read Assistant with some secretarial duties it promised great pay good... Continue»
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The maid

... on all the new maids. We all just play
along with her and afterwards talk about how the maid ... shopping and visits
some of her friends in the area. He must pay her well because she will
ask you ... for her time and wished her well in her
new direction in her life that would be decided the next day... Continue»
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Taking Carol

... Taking Carol

Chapter I The New Neighbor

Carol Sizemore couldn't think of anything her part ... on the phone with her mother in
Ohio, then showered and dressed for the visit with her new neighbor ... , if haltingly.

"Um. My...", her face wrinkled up in the cutest way when she realized her
mistake. "Sorry... Continue»
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How I Became A Gay Cock Slut

... . They were willing to pay at least half of the accommodations or all of it if we were willing to share ... a room with another company employee. All other expenses, including meals, were paid for as well ... money in human resources to train us on some of the new product lines.

When I checked in, I saw... Continue»
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Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck part 1

... Deanna!
"Ok buddy. I'll Fuck your white wife and give her the best Fucking she ever had. So pay ... said Robert had told her to flash the Maitre 'D and at least one other employee. She said she did ... , being fucked by a Black man. For about as long as I can remember I had dreamed of her sucking... Continue»
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... , finishing it and added, “You have to have sex to get pregnant”.

“Give her some time. Having a new baby ... attended. It will keep me here for the next several months until we have two new employees trained ... life will have returned to normal by then.

I knew it was time to go back home. Our new employees... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 11: Katie's horny o

... was giving advice to one of her patients. Her mind quickly focused on her new home and her mounting ... was to get the new job it would mean financial security for her f****y.

Fred and Katie rushed ... security retirement check! Our savings are gone; most of the money Maureen had saved went to pay for her... Continue»
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A Love That Never Dies

... .

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

"Mr. Darnell, your new client's here for her appointment. I've already got ... you'll probably lose them as an employee anyway. Second, Doreen was married. I usually called her "Miss ... the desk and fucked her in a New York minute. Being single and between girlfriends, I was horny. Hell, I... Continue»
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Mother Training

... ! Now she's new at this so you
will have to be firm with her. Don't take any shit from
her ... first and get back some of
the money that he is investing in her new clothes. But
I'm warning ... wear of her own free will.

Suddenly I was awake. I tried to imagine how I could
possibly pay him... Continue»
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... for this new a****listic woman on her knees. She was a woman I'd never encountered before.

"Enough," Parker ... asked, who, even while being ****d, was still curious about news of her son.

"My wife heard he's ... , and Will. This was a mistake..."

"Fuck're mine now," I said as I grabbed her arm and started... Continue»
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Motel Mama

... fuck mom in the store and sometimes make her walk naked in the employee lounge. He would cum in her ... can do that. We do need a car. " I agreed with her. "Is that all the price I ahve to pay ... new underwear, red crothless panties and see thru blue top. She then pulled up her new black micro... Continue»
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The adventures in becoming the maid Trish

... to have my dick and balls removed, that was a little joke of hers that she plays on all the new ... shopping and visits some of her friends in the area. He must pay her well because she will ask you many ... and wished her well in her new direction in her life that would be decided the next day after... Continue»
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