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New York, New York

A Chance to Advance

... hard."

I smiled and said, "I'm sorry sir, this is all so new
to me, this entire, strange situation."

He said, "I understand. ... I bought it.

I went home with my new dress and dropped off my
cleaning and my new dress and changed into my exercise ... ... Continue»
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My Special Lori

... was something she had to do. The discovery of new foods, new cultures and new taste sensations never entered her mind. The white ... to its fullest not afraid to try new things and explore new ideas or new passions or new people. She was truly free to ... ... Continue»
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Trip To New York City

... Mary how the flight was and had she been to New York before. Mary seemed quite comfortable with Sly answering his questions ... Mary chatted about what she hoped to see while in New York. Sly focused most of the conversation on Mary occasionally telling ... ... Continue»
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New York, New York

... nothing major happened, until one night in New York City.

I had a two day business trip to New York and I had called some friends of ... down on the bed

"Now let's have a look at that new toy of mine” with that she slid down the bed ... ... Continue»
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New House, New Adventures

New House, New Adventures

My name is Dave and I had just moved into a brand new ... previous marriage and married into having two new beautiful daughters. We had finally just ... many more wild adventures in my new house and my new found partners. I finally got ... ... Continue»
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The New Doctor - Part 1 -

... Part 02

Type P to Pause, S to Stop listing

The New Doctor - Part 2 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660

... Part 05

Type P to Pause, S to Stop listing

THE NEW DOCTOR - Part 5 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660 ... ... Continue»
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the new doctor

... Part 02

Type P to Pause, S to Stop listing

The New Doctor - Part 2 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660

... Part 05

Type P to Pause, S to Stop listing

THE NEW DOCTOR - Part 5 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660 ... ... Continue»
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New House, New Adventure Part Deux

New House, New Adventures Part Deux

Chelsea and I had a nice Saturday all planned ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... Other: Sharing Sexual Intimacy by Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D., Signet, New
York, 1982
New discoveries on how to improve your sex life from ... From The Ice Age To The New Millennium by Nik
Douglas, Pocket Books, New York, 1997
A thorough review of the history ... ... Continue»
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... prospect of seeing all of my old friends back
in New York. Unfortunately, my step mother had other ideas. As
soon as ... reason I'm calling is that my niece Christine is
visiting from New York, and has decided to join our production.
Well we just ... ... Continue»
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I love oral

... .
But then, I met another woman on a local board in New York
City who was delighted to be completely controlled by ... wearing what I was wearing. It was
the artists' section of New York, and everyone down there,
practically, wore black cotton everything ... ... Continue»
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she make me

... course, the next morning I expected and received a visit from my new friend Mr. Jackson.
I had just taken attendance in third ... my pocket and extracted a small blue box. I had been in New York City on business recently and stopped by Harry Winston’s store ... ... Continue»
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... than met the
eye. It is obvious she needed a new start and a new life. Part of the
catalyst for that happening before ... house. Then, I want to repaint inside and out, get new
furniture and a new kitchen. I thought about selling it to start fresh.
This ... ... Continue»
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Our New Life

... expulsion. I was uncomfortable but it was a somewhat
unique and certainly new a feeling. I wasn't certain if I hated,
liked or was merely ... I had planned to build our new
house. They had the plans all prepared for the new house there and
it would be ... ... Continue»
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stepson becomes mom's sissy

... grandmotherly secretary. In no time, Mark Senior and his new assistant were having a torrid affair, and leaving an obvious ... lunch period."

Emboldened by his success, Mark continued his new school routine until Friday morning, when disaster struck. During ... ... Continue»
Posted by momandboys 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Gay Male, Mature  |  Views: 9417  |  
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happened to my friend

... back to my computer, I had a new message waiting.

“I took some new pics tonite, I put some in ... you some new pics later.“

I played around the forum waiting for the new pictures, ... see if she had added anything new. No new pictures but she had been ... ... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

... went smoothly.

Tonight things would not be routine. I sensed a new, more
determined attitude the moment Chris walked in ... turned out that they were ironworkers
working on the new skysc****r under construction. I listened politely as
they talked ... ... Continue»
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Hell in a cabin

... I won't have to retie those hooks with
new line." I quickly obeyed remembering how the ... TV and played with my new breasts. I
did have to shop for new bras as the few I ... care
for my new tattoos. As I got undressed for bed I stared at my new
tattoos in ... ... Continue»
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Making Of a HuCow Jenny

"We are about two months away from introducing a revolutionary new product. Do you have any
c***dren, Jenny?"
"Yes. A ... a snappy tune.

Jenny, Part #5

Jenny applied herself to her new trade with single-minded determination. She was
signaled ... ... Continue»
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New and Different

... was just something new and different. New and different is not necessarily bad, just new and different. Everything that is new and different ... his fingers. That was something new and different for him, too. It was all different and new for him and he ... ... Continue»
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