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New Town, pt.2-Wrong Club Aftermath

Posted by jpbiguy 2 years ago  |  Categories: Gay Male  |  Views: 617  |  
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New Town, pt.1-Wrong Club

Mistakes can sometimes lead to the biggest changes. I know that my life would be far different if I had gone to the right club, that first weekend in town.

I had just moved to the Boston area, and the only people I'd met so far were my coworkers. It was one of those coworkers who told me about a concert that sounded like a good time. We made plans to meet at the club, so there was something fun to look forward to.

It was a funk show, so I thought I'd wear my tight jeans and a button-up shirt. I was wearing a silk thong underwear that wouldn't show through the jeans. I was freshly shaved (all over), and looking my best. Had a quick bong hit, and ran out to catch a cab.

Told the cabbie where I was going. He gave me a strange look, but knew exactly where to go. It was actually closer to my apartment than I had thought, which certainly explained the look. I gave him a big tip, and walked over to the club. A bouncer checked my ID, and let me in...

The club was darker than I'd thought, and had dance music playing. There were stairs towards the back, so I figured I was just the lounge. I thought it would be the best place to look out for my new friends.

Walking over to the bar, I noticed that there were mostly men, but there was a really hot show going on at the other end of the bar that attracted their attention. There was a guy and girl, 'dancing' on a small stage with a stripper pole in the middle. They were both so tall, thin, and muscular, and writhing all over each other. They were twisting together, and looking as if they were going to kiss, but never did. The man kept running his hands all over her body, pressing her to him, and she wound herself around him, as if she wanted him inside her. It was so hypnotic that I didn't even notice the bartender trying to get my attention.

A big guy next to me tapped my shoulder, snapping me out of my trance. He asked me if I wanted a drink...Even though I had missed my chance, he knew the bartender. I told him what I like, and he had it for me in seconds. When I tried to pay, he told me that I was too cute to pay.

That really caught me off guard. I have always lived in cities, and knew plenty of gay people, but had never had another guy flirt with me so obviously. I said thanks for the drink, and joked that I thought he looked pretty good too. He just smiled, and I took a quick pull on my drink to stop myself from talking.

I don't know what made me say that...I'd never complimented another man like that, but after I said it I realized how true it was. He was a few inches taller than my six feet, and built like a model...big arms and chest, but not overdeveloped. What really struck me was his perfect ebony skin. It almost glowed. I could have sworn that he had stepped out of my favorite interracial bi porn.

I was always into bisexual porn, but had never actually been with another man. In fact, I'd always had a girlfriend, for as long as I could remember, and always faithful. Some were kind of kinky, maybe the type that would finger my butt, but aside from one ex who had a very adventurous tongue, my real sex life was pretty vanilla. I wasn’t really thinking about doing anything with this guy, but I had a strong reaction that I just couldn’t explain.

Anyway, he told me his name was Keon, and I found out quickly that he was very talkative. Apparently, we were into a lot of the same music, and he was happy to tell me about all the great places around the neighborhood that I'd want to check out. Keon seemed like the kind of person I'd want to hang out with, so it was inordinately important to me that he think I was cool...At the same time, I was trying to figure out how to gracefully get out of the situation without him thinking I didn’t like him.

He was a regular at the club, and thought it was weird to see a new guy on a Friday night. He said that some other place was best for Fridays, but he lived almost next door to this one. I told him that I was there for the concert downstairs. He started laughing, and told me that I must have the wrong place...The only thing going on downstairs was dancing, but they had the same DJ every Friday night.

I was confused...Between the near-'sex act' on stage, and some of the outfits people were wearing, I realized that I must be at some sort of kink club. Not the sort of place anyone would be a regular at. Suddenly it hit me that the two women there didn't really seem ‘into’ the guys they were with. A closer look at the couple on stage revealed that what I thought was a woman was simply a very androgynous boy. The pieces all fell into place, penetrating my slightly stoned haze, and I finally realized it was a gay club!?

How could I have made this mistake...and how can I explain to Keon without sounding like an idiot? Was a new friend worth the potential embarrassment? Should I just hang out, and play it off with some conversation?

Keon was cool with my being straight, and seemed to be having as good a time as I was. I had already missed my coworkers going to the show, so I was on my own anyway. He promised to make sure that I had a great time without them. I figured I'd have a drink or two, and then just go home to puff and Skype some friends from back home.

Keon talked about partying, and asked if I liked to roll...I figured he meant 'joints', so of course I said yes. He told me about some excellent stuff that he wanted to share, and I eagerly agreed, figuring we'd get stoned after a few drinks. Speaking of, he got my order for another, and went to grab it...I got distracted by the stage show again while I waited, but it seemed much different now that I knew what was actually going on.

He came back with our drinks, and told me he wanted to give me the tour of the place. He joked that he’d have to tear me away from the show so I could see what else might intrigue me.

I noticed that my drink was much more bitter than the last one, but figured it was just cheaper vodka. I couldn't ask because Keon was already walking down the stairs. I could only rush to follow so I wouldn’t lose him.

Downstairs was way more crowded, and there were a lot more half-naked guys dancing...of course, there were no tables down there to get in the way. It was kinda steamy, but I didn’t want to lose Keon, and genuinely interested enough to follow. I had been to a gay club a few times before...My ex and I used to go dancing together at one back home. They always had the best music, and since I was with a girl, not many people approached us, so I didn’t get to have the ‘full experience’. This was very different. The dance floor was much darker, and more of the guys were stripped down to underwear. The floor was so crowded, you could feel the pulse all over.

Keon tried to talk to me, but I couldn't hear a thing. I guess he wanted to dance, because he turned towards the floor, and beckoned me to follow. I downed the last of my drink, and followed while swaying to the music. I wasn't much of a dancer without girls, but didn’t want to lose Keon in the pulsing crowd.

After a few awkward steps, he sensed that I wasn't quite ready for dancing, so he grabbed a couple more drinks at the bar. We walked over to the back of the room, and stood apart from the crowd. At least we could hear each other when we leaned in closely enough. I thought about going back upstairs, but Keon looked set for a while, so we sipped our drinks and kept talking.

The music started getting better, and so did my buzz. Both were making me want to move after all. I started swaying a bit, and Keon started dancing with me. It was a little weird to be dancing with a guy, but it just felt so great to be moving to the music. The beat was so infectious that I just couldn't stop myself. We were off on the side, but soon were dancing our way into the crowd of bodies.

It was so hot in there, that I took off my shirt without even thinking...Keon smiled big and did the same. I kept forgetting where we were, and that I was shamelessly flirting with a man who was obviously attracted to me. Even though I couldn’t explain it, I was definitely starting to feel attracted too.

I had been curious enough to watch bi porn, but never thought of a guy as attractive. Keon definitely changed that. His torso was perfect...He had hard abs with a really defined chest. His arms were very well muscled, but I couldn’t see any big veins. I was transfixed with the way his muscles moved under his skin. He just danced with me...smiling, but never touching. I found myself staring, and wishing that he would.

Confused, I leaned in, and asked if we could go back upstairs for a bit. I was suddenly feeling very hot, and needed to cool off. He saw me swaying, and brought me back up to the main bar.

He asked if I was 'rollin', and I thought that a quick joint would be perfect to settle my nerves. I said sure, and suggested we step out for our smoke.

We got dressed on the way upstairs, and went outside. Since neither of us took our car, I spun one up so quickly, that I forgot to even ask Keon about that weed he’d mentioned. Not that it mattered, because it definitely had a noticeable effect. We quickly powered it down, and finished just as we were completing our lap. We walked right back in, and Keon grabbed another couple of drinks.

By now, I was feeling more d***k than I could remember, but thought that this would be my last drink. I'd just switch to water afterwards.

Keon came back, handed me my drink, and toasted to first times. Even though I had already told him about my previous gay bar experience, I didn't feel like correcting him. It was close enough.

This drink was another very bitter one, but I drank it pretty quickly. I didn't like the taste as much, so I wanted to move on to my waters. Keon noticed my eager drinking, and laughed about my looking like I was ready. I don't know what came over me, but I told him I was definitely ready for some more dancing.

I took my shirt back off, and led Keon back down the stairs, and into the mass of bodies. Walking down the stairs made my head go light, and I thought that I was way more stoned than I should be. It must have been all the drinks, but I almost felt like I was tripping...Usually, I have one or two, and I had already had four, quickly downing the strongest two of those.

I started thinking that going back downstairs may not have been my best idea. I should have been going home, and jerking off before passing out. Jerking off, thinking about a man for the first time. I was definitely going to watch that bi porn with Keon's lookalike. Watching Keon dance was really turning me on! I realized that I wasn't going to leave until he did...

He grabbed my hand, and led me into the dancing crowd. I just let him take me where he wanted. All of the bodies dancing against me were making my skin tingle all over. I had never felt so high...or so horny!! There wasn't a woman in sight, but my cock was pressing out the top of my thong...Anyone looking would have seen. I should have been embarrassed, but it just turned me on even more.

Keon was dancing much better than I could, but he made sure to stay close. His hands kept grazing my sides, and I kept thinking about how much I wanted him to keep doing it. I really shouldn't have smoked that joint...or at least waited until I was ready to leave. I was so high! I didn't even know what's going on, but with my body inches from Keon's, I found myself staring down his body in front of me.

"You can touch if you want...It's obvious that you can't stop looking." Keon joked as he playfully grabbed at my ass.

That was all the invitation I needed. I had to touch those rock hard abs...the way they were moving as he danced amazed me. I put my hands on his body, feeling his skin, and the muscles moving just beneath. He just kept smiling and dancing for me...Flexing and putting on a little show.

I ran my hands all over his torso...feeling the muscles of his back (even more incredible than his abs!) and sliding over his well-defined pecs. Once I had started, it was all I could think about. It was obvious that Keon knew what he was doing to me, and really enjoyed the effect. He just continued to dance, pulling me closer to him, and feeling my ass. It felt so lewd to have him groping my ass like that on the floor, but not only did no one notice, I was beyond caring if they did.

I started to grind my crotch against his, feeling my head spin as he held me against him. I could feel his cock, hard in his leather pants, rubbing against mine through the jeans and silky thong.

How did I get so high?! Smoking pot never had that kind of effect, even with drinks. I wasn't sl**py at all, and was REALLY into dancing with Keon. I had read enough that I should have known, but I was way too high to put it together.

The men rubbing against us from every angle, most of them shirtless, was driving me crazy. Keon kept kneading my ass cheeks, and grinding his cock against mine, as he took the lead in our dance.

His hands were relaxing me at the same time they were turning me on. I leaned more fully against him, so that I could feel his chest against mine. He still towered over me, so I nestled into his neck as I enjoyed the attention.

He leaned in toward my ear and said something about the d**gs being stronger than he had thought. He said that the first was really kicking in, and we probably shouldn't have gone for two...I just figured he was confused. He had probably smoked before I got there, and was regretting our joint. I can't say that I blamed him, but I was way too into feeling his body (and everybody else's) against mine.

I can’t remember ever being so horny, but couldn’t believe that it was all these guys who were turning me on. Keon was feeling me up all over, pressing my body against his. All I could do was submit to his attentions and breathe in his scent.

I felt compelled to kiss his neck while he was running his arms up and down my back, squeezing me tighter to him. The heat from his body, and the feel of his heart thumping against mine was too much. I couldn’t stop kissing his neck and grinding my crotch against his. His cock felt just as hard as mine, and I thought that it might burst through his pants at any time. Maybe that’s why he was wearing leather...It felt hard enough to rip right through denim!

I looked up to see him watching me nuzzle his neck. I thought he was going to say something, so I strained my head toward him. He lightly grabbed the back of my head, and used the opportunity to kiss me. With his other hand, he grabbed my ass hard...then pressed his lips harder against mine.

Before I could even think, his tongue was in my mouth. I started playing with it, like an oversized nipple...teasing the tip with my tongue as I nipped at it. Keon moaned into my mouth, and slid his hand into my pants, grabbing a cheek in his big hand.

He was driving me so crazy...His cock rubbing against mine had me so fucking hard! I reached between us, and slid my hand into his waistband, which was pushed out by his hardness. I don’t know what came over me, but I NEEDED to feel that cock. Not sure what I expected to feel, but it felt amazing!! It was so hard, throbbing, and I could feel precum all over as I slid my hand down the thick shaft.

I had never touched another man’s cock, but now I found myself thinking about much more with the one I had in my hand.

I don’t know how we were even still dancing...He was still kissing me, and we each had a hand in each other’s pants. He was squeezing my ass, and I was stroking that cock. It was so much bigger than it felt when we started dancing. It was definitely longer than mine, and at least as thick. I sucked on his tongue hard, thinking about getting his cock into my mouth.

I don’t even know where that thought came from...I’d never thought of sucking on a cock before. Even when I watch bi porn or fantasize about threesomes, I never imagined that I might want to take another man into my mouth. But here I was, with my hand wrapped around the top of his cock, feeling his precum smearing on my wrist, and letting him fuck my mouth with his tongue, and it was all I could think about.

Keon must have read my mind, because he had somehow gotten us into a dark corner of the room. After what seemed like hours, he broke our kiss and pushed me back, so that I could have better access to his cock. I reached into his open(?!) pants with both hands. With both hands together, it was still too big for me to hold.

Without any prompting, I slid to my haunches...holding his giant cock only inches from my face. I had to see it up close. Every thought of getting out of there were completely overridden with curiosity. I started to lick the precum off my wrist, and then leaned forward to get some that had gathered on his cock. It didn’t taste much different from my own when I jerked off, but suddenly I couldn’t get enough of it!

The feel of it on my tongue, and the throbbing in my hands was driving me crazy. I had trouble fitting the head in my mouth, but I was determined to do it. I reached around with one hand to grab his ass, using the other to guide his cock to my mouth.

I looked up to see Keon’s head thrown back as he was obviously loving everything I was doing. I suddenly realized that I was on the floor with a man’s cock against my a VERY crowded room. Even though the dancing was intense, we hadn’t gone unnoticed. I was so fucking horny, but not sure that I wanted an audience, so I gave the head another quick lick, gathering the huge drop of precum that had formed, slid back up Keon’s body, and started kissing him again as if nothing had happened.

Keon stuck his hand down the back of my pants, and started pushing me towards the bathrooms. On the way over, I saw that androgynous guy from the show upstairs watching us approach.

He slid aside, to allow us to squeeze past, but said something to Keon on our way by. The next thing I know, we are walking upstairs behind the androgynous ‘Alix’, and across the main bar, into the small dressing room. I don’t think that our hands left each other’s pants. Keon and I must have looked pretty interesting to anyone who saw us on our way through.

The dimly lit room had two chairs in front of makeup mirrors on one side, and a couple of couches in the corner. Alix locked the door, and led us to one of the couches. I realized that he must have been as horny as I was, because Keon was all over me...One hand tweaking my nipple while his other continued to rub my ass. I was grinding my cock over his leather covered bulge.

I didn’t see Alix, but he soon started running his hands over both of us. I groped wildly, grabbing a handful of Alix’s ass, and pulling him closer.

I turned from Keon to kiss our new friend. Before tonight, I had never kissed a man, and I was already making out with my second. It was different from kissing Keon...His lips felt more like girls I’d kissed. His lithe body pressing against us even felt like a girl’s. He had a tight waist and long slim legs, and not a hair that I could find...and my hands were roaming...

Keon didn’t get mad that I wasn’t paying as much attention to him...In fact, he pushed us together. He was grinding into me from behind as he pulled Alix to me. My hands were in Alix’s pants, and feeling his ass, just like Keon had done to tongue drilling into his mouth. I could not remember ever being so horny in my life, and my cock felt like it was going to explode. My thong was covered in precum, and I could feel it sliding over my cock as I rubbed my body against Alix.

I couldn’t focus on anything but the physical sensations all over my body...but suddenly, a loud knock shocked me to attention. Alix quickly extricated himself, and stepped across to the door, unlocking it without even asking. He opened the door, and waved in his ‘friend’ from the earlier show. I was definitely wary, but Keon was still rubbing my body, and making me feel incredible sensations that I did not want to stop.

I overheard Alix tell his partner, Jay that he had been watching us downstairs, and wanted to play. He had already told Keon that Jay would be coming, and would have to be included. I didn’t know about any of that, but I was starting to think that I should ask. Jay relocked the door, and followed Alix back to the couch. I just wanted to keep doing what we were doing, but was still apprehensive.

Keon must have sensed that, because he stopped Jay and Alix before they joined us. He explained that before things started happening, I considered myself straight, and that we had taken a lot more “molly” than we should have, so we should slow things down a bit.

I didn’t know what he was talking about, since we had only had the drinks and that joint. When I said that, Keon said that he had put it in two of the drinks. I instantly knew which two, but was more than a little scared of what I was hearing.

Keon explained that he had asked me before adding both doses to the drinks, and that I eagerly agreed. He asked me what I thought ‘rolling’ meant, and I said something about making the joint. Everyone in the room suddenly knew what happened except me.

Keon asked me if I ever took e or molly, or even viagra...When I told him that I never had taken any of those, he said that tonight was definitely a night of firsts then. He had some stuff that he had custom-made, with molly and viagra mixed together. When we were talking about it earlier, he thought I’d seemed to know exactly what he was talking about, and I even asked the right questions. To tell the truth, I was half-distracted by the stage show! He apologized, and said that he meant no harm, and should have known something was up when he thought I asked for a second dose before the joint, since the first hadn’t really kicked in yet.

He let me go, and said that he would get me home if that’s what I wanted, or I could stay, and he would make sure that nothing bad happened to me. I didn’t know what I wanted, because I thought that it was all the d**g’s fault that I was doing the things I was doing, but I knew that I could trust him. Then I realized that if it was things that I didn’t really want, I wouldn’t be having such an incredible time. If having fun with these three guys was part of my d**g trip, it certainly seemed worth it to me!

To answer, I kissed Keon hard and grabbed his cock. I was not going to leave now that I had discovered this whole new side to my sexuality. I could blame it on the d**gs, but I felt like a man unleashed.

Jay and Alix saw my response, and joined us on the couch. I turned to make out with Alix, and grabbed at Jay’s crotch. He laughed about my being straight, and said that I looked like a cock-crazed slut! He wasn’t wrong. I took off his tight pants, and was pleased to find that he wasn’t wearing any underwear...and that his cock was already as hard as the rest of ours. Alix pulled down mine, and I saw that Keon was already naked.

He looked like something out of a magazine, but with a huge cock, obscenely hanging between his legs. My mouth watered at the site of it, but I was being distracted by four hands and two tongues. I turned to kiss Jay, and felt Alix sliding down my body. The most incredible feeling came over me as Alix sucked my whole seven inches, and flicked the tip of his tongue at my balls. I thought I had gone to heaven, and let myself lean on Jay as I blissed out.

Keon didn’t want to miss out, and stood next to us, stroking his huge cock. It looked like it was almost a foot long, and as wide around as an energy-drink can. It wasn’t hanging down at all, and stood proudly, even when Keon wasn’t touching it. I could feel it before it touched my lips, and I instinctively reached up to grab it with both hands, guiding it to my mouth. Opening as wide as I could, I sucked all over the head of that magnificent cock, jerking the shaft with both hands.

It was a good thing I was holding on to something, because what Alix was doing to me paled in comparison to the new sensation from behind. Jay had positioned himself behind me so that he could lick my asscrack. His tongue was tracing slow lines up and down my ass, and I moaned around Keon’s cock in encouragement. A girl had done it to me before, but like everything else, it was so much more intense than ever!

His tongue teased all around the rim of my anus, alternating between licking and flicking across the hole. I eagerly pushed back to get more of that feeling. It was distracting me enough that I didn’t even notice that I had finally been able to take in all of Keon’s cockhead, and I was sucking like it was the most natural thing in the world. I loved running my tongue all over the ridge of the head, tasting the precum that seemed to be flowing in a steady stream. Keon just lay back against the top of the couch, angled so that I could keep sucking as the other guys worked me from below.

It was definitely Jay that had me moaning hardest, but Alix seemed desparate to compete. He had sucked my cock into his throat, and was licking my balls. I moved one hand to the back of his head, and held it there, as I tried to concentrate on his amazing technique and continue my nursing of Keon’s cockhead.

I was shocked out of my blissed state when I felt Jay slide two fingers easily into my asshole. Shocked mostly, at how easily they slid in, and how great they were making me feel. Keon used my shock to slide another inch or two of his cock into my gaping mouth. It still felt so good to have that huge warm cock sliding past my lips. Jay continued to tease my ass with his tongue while he fingered my hole...easily adding a third.

I humped back onto Jay’s fingers and started pushing Alix up and down on my cock. I was definitely in another world, but could hear Alix gagging on the end of my cock. He swallowed against the head, which felt even more incredible than his tongue. It was as if he were massaging my head with his throat.

Seeing how eagerly I was humping his fingers and sucking on Keon’s cock, Jay slid them out. I was about to complain when I felt his cock replace them at the entrance to my ass. He slid it up and down my crack, teasing my grasping asshole. I wanted to stop him. This was definitely getting WAY too carried away. I just couldn’t bring myself to actually do it. In fact, if anything, I just sucked harder on Keon’s cock, and tried my best to relax my hole for his entry...

I had started out on my way to a show, and now I was in the back room of a gay bar, with the biggest cock I’d ever seen sliding in and out of my mouth, driving me crazy. Not only that, but an incredibly hot androgynous boy was giving me the most incredible blowjob of my life as I started to slide my ass over my first cock. It was no wonder I just let them continue to have their way with me. I didn’t want to stop them even if I could.

I found it really easy to take Jay’s cock as I slid down on it. It must have been lubed with something because it just slid right in. It wasn’t as thick as his fingers together, but it was MUCH longer. As I slid further, I wondered when I would bottom out on that hot pole. I could feel it stretching my insides around it...every vein felt like another ridge, spreading me just a little bit further.

I had to slide up a bit, to readjust before continuing, and could feel my sphincter sliding over his cock. I tried to tighten it a bit, to keep him from trying to shove back in too quickly. The d**gs and alcohol had me totally over the top, but it was still my first time.

I had expected more pain, but the molly and weed took care of that, because all I could feel was that incredible pressure against my insides. Once I had gotten used to it again, I started sliding further down, giving a little wiggle as I consumed Jay’s cock.

Keon must have gotten really turned on, watching me slide down onto that cock, because he started to try to f***e more of his into my mouth. I gagged a little, and he eased up, but still managed to slide another inch or two into my mouth. Alix tried his best to distract me.

I was already more than a little distracted from Keon’s cock by the time I felt Jay’s balls against my own. I just stayed in his lap, feeling his hot, hard cock fill me up so perfectly. I wiggled my ass to stir it around, feeling it rub against so many new spots deep inside my ass. I don’t know why I had never thought of this before...Even the previous fingers and tongues didn’t make my ass feel like his cock was right then.

I quickly found what must have been my prostate, because every time I rubbed against it, my cock throbbed, and Alix gave a little moan of approval. I knew that he must have been swallowing all of my precum because it felt like it was pouring out of me as I pumped back onto Jay’s cock.

Jay was concentrating on not cumming too quickly. I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass as I massaged it with my muscles. I found that I could stroke it if I moved my muscles in the right way. That really seemed to drive him crazy. He told me I was a natural, and that if I didn’t watch out, he’d be filling my ass with more than his cock.

The thought of that just made me even crazier. I started really pumping Keon’s cock with my hands while I licked all over the head, and took as much as I could into my mouth. I couldn’t deep throat as well as Alix was doing for me, but I was definitely trying. Keon certainly seemed to appreciate the effort. He was moaning non-stop as his precum kept pouring out of his slit. I kept going back to lick off the dollops as they got too big and heavy to cling to the head, savoring the taste before swallowing it down.

Keon said that Jay was right about my being a natural, and that I was going to make him cum soon, too. I could definitely feel that something was coming, because his cock was throbbing even harder, and the precum just wouldn’t stop. I slobbered all over that cock as I swallowed as fast I could. I reached around with one hand to grab and caress his muscular ass, feeling it as he thrust into my mouth.

Jay’s was having trouble letting me handle all the work, because he grabbed my hips, and started pulling me down harder onto his cock. I could feel the head bumping against something deeper inside, and it felt out of this world!

I wasn’t far behind the others with the taste of Keon in my mouth, the feel of Jay filling me from behind, and Alix desperate for me to finish in his mouth. I was having trouble keeping up my rhythmic squeezing of Jay’s cock, but I don’t think he really minded anymore. His thrusts were getting more erratic, and I could feel his cock begin to expand even more. Since I had gotten so accustomed to his size, this extra expansion was too much for me to handle.

I started to take Keon’s cock out of my mouth to announce my impending orgasm, but he chose that moment to shove my face as hard as he could onto his thrusting cock. I felt the gush just before his roar filled the room. Keon pulled his cock almost all the way out of my mouth, so I just had the head. I was so ready to cum that I sucked even more desperately. He filled my mouth, which distracted me from my orgasm as I tried to swallow it all down. I kept swallowing, and he kept cumming. It was like he was just pouring it into my mouth, and I gulped it down as if it were the nectar of the gods. It certainly tasted like it just then!

It didn’t distract Jay though, because he pulled my ass down hard, and pushed up into my ass as hard as he could. I felt his cock twitch against my insides, and then a gush, as it exploded deep inside me. After the first incredible explosion, there were four more strong jets of cum before I could feel it pulsing weaker and weaker. It was the most amazing feeling to have his seed filling my ass, and I ground hard against him to try to feel more pulses deep inside me.

That must have been what pushed me over, because I started shooting my load into Alix’s mouth. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had...feeling the cum running out around Jay’s pole, as my entire ass spasmed all over that incredible cock. Alix was playing with my balls as he pulled his mouth back, so that he could continue to catch my cum.

I thought that he would swallow it, as I had done with Keon’s, but he kissed me hard, feeding me my own cum. I eagerly accepted, as I sucked on his tongue to make sure I got it all. We started making out again, and I loved the way his tongue played with mine, toying with our shared cum. I felt my cock start to throb again, and gave me some heavy aftershocks. It dribbled over my stomach, as Alix played with my balls.

It occurred to me that Alix hadn’t cum yet...and that I still wanted more to eat! I grabbed his cock, and dove down onto it, sliding my ass up Jay’s body, as I leaned over Alix’s smaller one. His cock was not very big, but it was very hard, and already leaking a steady stream of precum.

He was transfixed by my pulling his cock into my mouth. It was so much smaller than Keon’s that I easily swallowed it down to his shaved crotch. Rubbing my chin against his balls, as I licked his shaft, buried inside my hot mouth. My tongue was still coated with our cum, and I used it to help lube him up.

Jay took advantage of his position by sliding his three fingers back inside my cum-filled ass. It felt so sloppy, that it was hard to imagine my being a virgin only a short time earlier.

All of the previous action must have really heated him up because Alix suddenly shot the biggest load of the night into my sucking mouth. I wasn’t expecting it at that exact moment, but once he started, I didn’t know if he’d ever stop. It was even thicker than Keon’s amazing load, and almost as delicious. If he didn’t stop, I don’t think I would have minded...I could have stayed there with Jay’s fingers and Alix’s leaking cock inside me all night.

I think that Alix felt the same, because as we rested on top of each other, he asked Jay if they could take me home. Keon must have felt a bit left out, because he said that he should really make sure I got home on my own. He wanted to take responsibility for me since he was the one who started this whole so many ways.

Keon picked out my pants, shirt and shoes from the floor. I didn’t even bother with socks, and my thong was long gone. As I pulled them up, I just hoped that the cum leaking from my ass wouldn’t show through my pants.

Keon didn’t even bother with his shirt. He pulled on his pants and boots, and told our new friends that he wanted to make sure I got home OK. Alix seemed upset, but quickly wrote down his number, asking me to call him. He said that they wanted to make sure I got home OK too, and that we should all get together again sometime. I knew that no matter what happened, that I would be eager for that to happen.

We must have been at it for even longer than I had thought, because the club was already closing when we stumbled out of the small room.

The bartender looked up, and raised a glass to us with a smile. On our way past the bar on the way out, I saw why. In high resolution video, I could see the feed from our little room. He had watched the whole thing.

When he saw that I noticed, he flipped a switch, and all the televisions in the room were showing that same feed. The people left in the room all turned to see why the bartender had changed the video, and noticed Keon and I walking out. Then the applause started, and I could feel myself redden. Not only had I had the most incredible first homosexual experience that i could possibly imagine, but a room full of horny men watched it happen! I would have been humiliated if it didn’t turn me on even more.

I grabbed at Keon’s arm, and he pulled me closer. Sliding his hand down into the back of my pants, he grabbed an asscheek and said, “Let’s get this ass home so I can clean you up!”

Guess that means that I wasn’t going back to my place after all...

To be continued?... Continue»
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fraudsters punished 6 Martha's new life

Chapter 19. Martha’s new life
May 29th 1831
‘It is six weeks since I last wrote in this journal and I have caught up with all the main events that has gone on since my arrival. Much has happened since I last penned any words here. Martha has left and is now married. I miss her. She was a fun thing in bed but I wish her well. She married a shipping trader in town who had been to one or two of our Saturday entertainments with the squire and taken Martha to bed and obviously liked her performance. Still it was with some surprise I received and read his calling card one Wednesday morning, Wm. Forsdyke, Shipping and forwarding agent.
"I’m now a widower," he told me after the usual preliminaries and need a woman to keep me company and to control my two daughters who since their mother died some nine months ago have become arrogant and profligate in their spending. I am at the Quay too much to keep the check on them I should and haven’t much time for the social events where I might find a wife. In any case, the eligible women there are seem mostly to be on the look out for a man solely for their money." I had to agree with him. "I’ve been to two events here and know you like to pass on the ladies in your keeping in return for a small monetary consideration to compensate you for your loss." I thought he would want a lady nearer his own age which I guessed about mid to late thirties so I was much taken aback when he enquired of Martha. I remembered he’d paid to spend a night with her but didn’t think he had any special feelings for her other than to stuff her cunnie. I also remembered she’d told me afterwards he’d liked his arse spanked hard and she had to do this before he rogered her.
"Martha will be a considerable loss to us," I pointed out, "She’s one of the younger ones and is a good worker and brings in a considerable sum at the Saturday events. Any monetary consideration would need to take care of that loss." I started my bargaining. Price was not the only thing I thought of. She was good in bed and I had become very fond of her and wanted her to find someone that would be kind to her. I wasn’t sure of William Forsdyke and his real motives. I guessed him to be a wealthy man who lived quite well but not ostentatiously. With the age difference and his having two daughters almost as old as Martha, I wondered if she wouldn’t just be a drudge to get his meals and satisfy his lust. "Would you mind if I asked one of the ladies to walk around the grounds with you for a little? I will consult with Martha and if she’s agreeable we can negotiate a price."
Martha wasn’t concerned about his age, "After all," she said cheekily, "I’m living here with you!" The daughters were another matter. Much depended on the authority she was given to chastise them. We discussed this and other related problems until Mr. Forsdyke returned and we could put our reservations to him. At the end of a long talking and bargaining session, we agreed Martha should go on loan for two weeks. During those two weeks she was to act as his wife and have the same authority. At the end of that time she would return and stay here either until someone more suitable came along or Mr. Forsdyke married her.
"How did you get on?" I asked when she returned.
"Very well Sir," she replied. "Unless he changes his mind, we will be married in three weeks time."
"You got on alright with him then?"
"Oh yes, once I found out how he liked it. When I spent the night with him here I just had to spank him before he got it up enough to poke me. At his place he had a special strap he called a teaser. A sort of belt with the end split into three fingers, each nearly an inch wide. It was quite soft and I guessed it was just to titillate to get an erection, indeed without being spanked on the arse he had difficulty in performing. He used it on me a few times and it stung but didn’t really hurt. Just warmed the arse nicely. Nothing akin to Alice’s strap or the birch.
When he was ready for bed or rogering, we’d undress and he would lie over the end of the bed and I'd lay the teaser smartly on his bum. I’d hold his prick in one hand and with the other, lay each stroke in quick succession so he didn’t really feel the pain before the next hit. He’d take about twenty hits before I would feel his prick stiffen in my hand and perhaps half a dozen more before it was hard enough to use. Then it was in and bang bang until he came. At first he didn’t do more than that but by the end of the first week I had persuaded him to slow down and enjoy it more and make me enjoy it too. His prick isn’t as big as yours Sir, but he can use it nicely when he wants."
"Any trouble with the daughters?" I asked.
"Oh yes there was at first but I got William to tell Sarah the cook and Pru the housekeeper, they were to help me if I needed to restrain one or other of the girls for punishment. Even after only a few hours there, I could see they were in sore need of some discipline. At dinner that first evening they were less than polite to me and even to their father they were rude and arrogant. "Why don’t you punish them?" I asked him in bed on our first night. "I don’t think it is right for a man to discipline his nearly grown up daughters in the way they need to be. I don’t expect you will have any such qualms and I will not chastise you if I come home one evening to find they cannot sit for that day or the next few. Remember I have seen the birchings Winsberly deals out at the Workhouse," he answered. " ‘Long as they are not marked for life, you can punish them hard. They need it to be sure."
Next morning after Will had given Sarah and Pru their instructions to help me and he’d had left for the quay, I went into their room and ordered them out of bed and to get themselves and their room cleaned up. "Sod off slut!" Rachael yelled at me in a most unladylike way. I ripped the bed covers off them and was not unsurprised to find each of the girl’s nightgowns were raised and each had their hands in the others quim. I decided to be like Alice and not raise my voice but to try and sound authoritative. "So, I’m the slut am I? It looks like there are two others as well. Now get up and clean yourselves and this room."
"You heard Rachael, Sod off. You’re only here for a few days to warm father's bed and then he’ll find someone better," Elizabeth shouted as she pulled the covers up again.
"I’ll be up again in five minutes and if you are not up and starting to get ready by then you are in trouble girls." Again I kept my voice down which they may have mistaken for weakness but it wasn’t for long. When I next entered the room I was followed discreetly by Sarah and Pru and Briggs the gardener handyman. Both Sarah and Pru are big women and not to be trifled with. Both had not only been on the sharp end of the girl’s tongues but had received punishment from William for alleged offences against them. Both were keen to see them get their just desserts. Briggs carried the staff punishment chair. This was a heavy solid oak chair with a low upright back, the top of which was hollowed downwards to fit a persons belly. On the all four legs were leather straps, which are fastened around the person's wrists and legs so once they were bent over the back and fastened, they couldn’t move. You might like to get one Sir. It was very convenient for general spanking with strap or cane or whatever, Sir."
"Sounds as if I might need one if you get to stay here Martha," I teased but she ignored it and went on.
"The second time I pulled their bed clothes right off on to the floor, Rachael swore at me like a docker, until she saw Sarah and Pru. "Well, well," I said, "Where do young ladies learn language like that? I would have thought the daughters of a gentleman would have a more refined choice of words. Maybe in a short while we’ll hear more words from your colourful dictionary." I asked Briggs to put the chair in the middle of the floor, which provoked another hail of abuse at a man being in their bedroom when all they had to cover them was their nightgowns. They also knew what the chair was for as they had caused most of the staff to be punished in it on many occasions. "Stand in the doorway Briggs," I ordered, "Don’t let either of them pass until I say so." From the folds of my dress I produced the cane I brought from downstairs and pointed it at Rachael. "Bend over the chair girl." Rachael was the older of the two, nearly sixteen and only two years younger than me. As I guessed she refused. I nodded to the two older women and they grabbed the girl and although she struggled and screamed, she was no match for them. As the got her to the chair I fastened her ankles and between us we removed the one piece of clothing she had on and strapped her wrists. Briggs eyes almost popped out at the sight of the young girl's tits as they hung down, Sir but that didn’t stop him from catching hold of Elizabeth when she tried to escape. I used a curtain tie cord to tie her wrists to a bedpost. She wouldn’t get away again. Both girls still tried to abuse me until I gagged them with scarves."
"They we not best pleased with you by then?" I laughed at Martha.
"No, that’s for sure. Given half a chance I would have been dead. Once more I did something Alice does here. I kept them waiting. I paced the room swinging the cane every now and again, allowing it to rest on Rachael’s bum for a few moments or on Elizabeth’s thighs. Then I made an Alice speech."
"Seems to me you learned a lot from the way Alice runs this place," I said.
"That’s true, Sir. I spoke slowly and clearly but quietly. "Girls," I said, "I may be here for just two weeks or it may be for the rest of my life. Whichever it is, you are going to be doing exactly as you are told. As far as you are concerned, while I am here I am your mother and I will treat you like c***dren and if you err from what I believe is right, then your bums will feel the strap or like today, the cane. As you rightly pointed out, I have come from the Workhouse and I’m proud of the fact. I know what it is like to be strapped, caned and birched for my wrong doings. I know exactly how it feels when the cane first bites into the tender flesh of your bottom. The searing fire line that spreads and before it has gone far, is joined by another and another and yet more until you think you will pass out. But you don’t. The pain is there. A terrible pain. Yes, I know what you will go through and I have no doubt those watching will know too. As you again rightly said, I am here for two weeks to start with. Let me assure you, that by the end of that time, you will just be able to sit comfortably again. Unless that is, your misbehaviour warrants another application of the rod. Is that clear girls?" Neither of the girls moved so I repeated the question and swished the cane noisily through the air. Both girls nodded.
Moving Elizabeth to a position where she could see her s****r’s bottom, I laid on a hard stroke. Rachael jerked but could not cry out. I waited and gave her another. Again I waited. "Rachael, I know it is worse being gagged during a caning. I’m going to remove yours now before I continue. You may cry and scream but it you start to abuse me with your tongue I will replace the scarf and give you extra strokes of the cane." I repeated what I said to make sure she understood. She cried out and then did a tremendous yell when I gave her the next. By the sixth, she was pleading for me to stop and promising to behave and do as I said but I went on and gave her a baker’s dozen. By then she was a sobbing, crying wreck. A dozen with the cane is bad enough for us but for a girl who had never been smacked before, it was pretty gruesome. She wouldn’t be crossing me again in a hurry. Sarah and Pru released her and laid her face down on the bed. We didn’t bother to tie her.
Elizabeth cringed in fear when we untied her hands and ordered her to the chair. She seemed too frightened to move and had to be dragged to the chair. In fairness I gave her the same treatment as her older s****r but perhaps didn’t lay it on quite as hard. The result was the same. Two naked blubbering girls lay side by side on the bed. Briggs I noticed had a large protrusion in the front of his breeches but I wasn’t about to be disloyal to William on my first day. Before I left, I ordered the girls to remain exactly where they were, "If you move so much as an inch before I come back, I’ll repeat the caning across your front." I knew they believed I would.
Fortunately cook kept some of the patent Gran. Mabel cream you have Sir so after leaving the girls for a quarter of an hour I went back to them. They hadn’t moved. They stared pleading and renewed their sobbing and yelling. "Silence," I snapped. "You had your well deserved punishment for your behaviour to me and for some of the ill things you did before I arrived. The cane has wiped that slate clean but any wrong doings in the future will be dealt with in like manner. As the punishment is finished I do not wish to prolong the pain any more than necessary but unfortunately it will be a long while before it goes. This cream as I know from personal experience, will help to ease it and perhaps make it a little more bearable. I shall put it on this first time but I will be as gentle as I can. At lunchtime, you may put it on each other. However, by that time you will have washed and put on a light dress. You may help each other and you won’t get into trouble with me if you play a little with your cunnies and titties. I do know that seems to help. By afternoon teatime, I shall expect to see some order return to this room. You will not want to move about, but it will help if you do. You must and I repeat, must, clear this place up. By dinnertime you will dress properly for your father’s return. You will eat with us but I will ask for extra cushions on your chairs." Again I made doubly clear to them what they had to do. I heard them complaining loudly to each other when I closed the door.
When Sarah took in their lunch, I followed. They were still both on the bed but their crying had died down. I knew they wouldn’t want much to eat but insisted they had a bowl of soup. I told them they were free to move around the room and that Sarah or Pru would bring the cream when they collected the bowls. I reminded them of the clearing they had to do in the three hours that were left before tea. Again I heard them complaining when I left the room but it quietened when I opened the door again and ordered less noise.
Following Sarah when she took the tea tray in, I noticed the place was much tidier than earlier. There were still items of clothing not put away. "You have made a feeble start," I said to them in front of Sarah, "If you don’t want a taste of this strap you had better get this room clear and tidy when I return in one hour or..." I slapped my strap hard on a cushion.
"We’re telling father when he gets in," Elizabeth remarked, "He’ll throw you out."
"I wouldn’t count on it girls," I laughed. "I will certainly be there when you do." I think my coolness unnerved them a bit because they started sobbing again. Sarah and I left. Half an hour later Sarah told me when she collected the tray, they had started to clear more stuff away. I didn’t appear overly satisfied with their efforts but told them to dress ready for dinner and suggested light, loose dresses. "Be in the drawing room at six," I told them. Ten past six and they still hadn’t arrived down. I sent Harry the boot boy up. As instructed he knocked and walked straight in. Neither girl had anything much on which caused some consternation to the boy as well as the girls but he gave them my message. "Mistress Martha says for you to be down in five minutes. You are late already. If you are not down by then she is coming up to encourage you." From downstairs I heard them shouting for Harry to get out.
Six minutes later, I was about to go up with my strap when their door opened and they came down. They were dressed but hadn’t spent too much time on their hair and faces. Redness and moisture showed around their eyes but was overshadowed by the hate within the eyes themselves. "Ah there you are girls. Please wait in the drawing room while I have a look at your room." It was much tidier although I could have found fault had I wanted. "Well, that’s an improvement," I said when I returned to them. "It’s a nice evening, so shall we walk in the garden until your father arrives?"
"It hurts to walk," pleaded Rachael.
"It will ease after a few yards, and it will hurt to sit so we’ll walk." Slowly I took them into the garden. We met Briggs and I had a few words with him and suggested he might like to give us a guided tour. The girls blushed deep red when he looked at them. Briggs showed us round and named the flowers and plants which I found very interesting but the girls just followed more or less silently behind, Only giving little groans every now and again when their stumbling steps aggravated their bum muscles."
"I’ll wager you acted as though you already owned the place Martha," I suggested.
"You’re right Sir, I very much enjoyed playing mistress of the house and lording it over those two snooty little girls but I still wasn’t too sure how Mr. William would react when the girls levelled their complaints at him. I knew what he had said, but when faced with his own daughters having been caned he might change his mind. I needn’t have worried.
Elizabeth started the complaints as soon as William entered the dining room but he silenced her saying, "If you have anything to say about the way Martha has treated you, I will hear it after dinner is over. Now sit down quietly. I see she has thoughtfully provided extra padding for your seats so be grateful for that." The girls looked daggers at me and Rachael started to say something but William silenced her. Throughout dinner we talked quietly about the weather and what he had done that day. One of his ships had just arrived in, which is why he was a little later than usual. Then we had coffee. Real coffee Sir, not the stuff from dandelion roots. This came from a place called Africa. One of his ships brought it. It was lovely Sir."
I knew Martha’s conception of geography was limited to the town on one side and Bromton on the other, a distance of no more than twenty miles. London was some place outside this world. Likewise Africa was probably a town that could only be reached by ship. "You’re getting into society ways now Martha." I said to her, "We won’t be good enough for you soon."
"Oh, I shan’t forget my life here Sir," she replied and then continued her tale. "William took his brandy into the drawing room afterwards and we all followed. Rachael asked for the girls to talk to him alone but he refused saying, "I know Martha caned you this morning so you can say what you wish to in front of her. I know I can also verify the story from the staff who witnessed it. First show me what she did to you girls."
"You don’t mean you want to see our...?" stuttered Elizabeth.
"Yes, I want to see your bottoms. Only then can I judge how badly you were treated." After a pause when the two looked at each other, trying to gauge their s****r's feelings, both girls turned and lifted the hem of their dresses. Neither wore bloomers to lessen the chafe on their bottoms. "What about the other side. Did you get your fronts caned too?" William asked. The girls were very shocked at this suggestion. "I know at the Workhouse the ladies get whipped front and back. Isn’t that so Martha?"
"Yes it is, Sir," I agreed, "Sometimes it is all for the same punishment. At others it is when we’ve earned another and our bottoms are still not recovered enough to take the whip there."
"Now daughters of mine, tell me why you were punished and I will judge if Martha has been unduly severe." They made it sound as though I had just entered the room and thrashed them for no reason. William bade me be quiet while they told their story and after gave me chance to tell mine. "So Martha we have my daughters saying a very different story to you. Two against one." For a moment I thought he was going to side with them but before I could utter a word he got up and rang the bell. Pru came in and he asked for her version, which was most like mine. "Two against two now. Do you wish to change your story girls?" Still they didn’t. William asked for Sarah and she again confirmed mine. "Do I have to send for Briggs, daughters?" They shook their heads. "So Martha is telling the truth?" The girls nodded, yes. "So, not only did you deserve the punishment, you lied to me about it. You, I guess, are annoyed I have invited her to come and live with me. Well for your information, she is staying. One of the reasons I asked her here was to take over from your mother and lie with me in bed. Another was to do what your mother should have done, and which I also seem to be unable to do, and that is to take some of the spoiled untouchable nature out of you. She chastised you for your behaviour to her. I am now ordering her to do it again, in any way she wishes, to punish you for lying to me. I will also come and inspect your room and see that you did what she asked of you and to see if it was done in a proper and satisfactorily manner."
"Both girls were horrified at being ordered to be punished again. I knew they expected to be caned over the stripes they already had but I had other ideas. We all trouped up to their room and outwardly it was fairly tidy. Certainly it was much better than it had been. William opened the top drawer of their chest and we saw all their clothing had been stuffed in any old how. To my surprise he emptied it on the floor and added to the pile with every drawer he opened. I could see the frustration of many months of tolerating their bad manners was all coming out. The girls saw it too and were very frightened and were again pleading for him to stop. Begging for forgiveness and promising to be good girls in future, they even said sorry for being nasty to me. I knew better than to let them off. Had I done so they would have gotten away with it in the future. William opened their wardrobes and while these were a little tidier, he still dumped everything on the pile. "In the morning, immediately after breakfast, you will sort this heap out. Some of the stuff you have long since grown out of, some you’ve never worn. Clear out at least half of this and ask Briggs for a potato sack to put it in. I will donate it to the Workhouse. I’m sure some of the women there would make better use of it, eh Martha?" I of course agreed.
"Rachael, Elizabeth, listen carefully both of you. And stop whining!" William shouted at them angrily. It appears to me you only half did what you were told to do so I am going to suggest to Martha that she has only half punished you. Martha, you will carry out the other half of the whipping immediately. Girls, by lunchtime tomorrow I want this heap reduced by half. One half will be put away tidily the other in the sack. Martha will inspect them. I am sure she will know what to do if you haven’t fulfilled my order properly. Now I will leave her to inflict such pain as is necessary for you to understand and fully comply with my wishes." With that he stalked out of the room shouting, "Get Briggs or the houseboy to help you if they resist Martha. Leave the door open so the staff can hear them squeal." I knew also he wanted to hear them."
"Sorry girls, you heard what your father said. You tried to cheat on me and it’s back-fired. Take your dresses off and lie on the bed." Both started begging and I thought Rachael was going to refuse so I started for the door as if to shout for assistance."
"Please Miss Martha," Elizabeth for once really looked contrite, "Please Miss, don’t hit us any more. Our bodies cannot stand it. We’ll die."
"I almost felt sorry for her but as I was told at the orphanage and here, it was for their good in the long run so I would carry out the whipping but not in the way they expected. "Undress," I ordered again and this time they did. I arranged them side by side on the bed but facing opposite ends, The crotch of each was level with the breasts of the other. Next I bound Rachael’s ankles to Elizabeth’s wrists. Likewise with the other pair of ankles and wrists. I fastened both sets of bindings to the bedposts. The pair lay stretched out, the pain in the bums forgotten as their young titties and bushy pubic triangles pointed to the ceiling. By now they guessed where the lash would fall except they feared it was to be the cane again and were crying and sobbing. I left them to see what other instruments for the punishment of servants were available. I returned with the leather reins from a horse. At some point the reins had broken and the fittings removed for use on the new one. The remaining strap was some ten feet long and about an inch wide, like the reins on most horse carriages Sir. It had been stored with the other punishment stuff ready to make a new light strap or something, Sarah said. I doubled the strap and, with Pru’s help, bound the loop for about a foot with twine to make a handle. For a few minutes I practiced swinging it on a low stool imagining it to be one of their bums. It landed with a resounding CRACK, partly from the impact and partly from the two parts slapping together. It’s something you might want to try Sir. Makes a lot of noise, hurts a lot but doesn’t mark too badly."
"I might want to try it on you, you little minx," I said but she just pouted.
As soon as I entered their bedroom, I cracked my new whip. Even as I went in they looked at me with fear and when they saw and heard the whip they shrieked like banshees from hell. I didn’t keep them waiting long but went straight to the bedside and lashed across Elizabeth’s breasts and Rachael’s crotch. With each stroke I worked along their bodies until the lash reached Rachael’s titties. I gave them a minute or so rest and then started again from the other side of the bed. Their screams could be heard throughout the house and probably into the next village. If it is one thing they did have in their favour, it was good lungs. As I started from the second side of the bed I noticed William looking in the door and when I finished I beckoned him in. "Do you think this is sufficient Sir?" I asked and he seemed to think it was. I also noticed the protrusion in his nightshirt and took him back to our bedroom to make use of his erection. Seeing his daughters whipped had aroused him, which was most unusual. He performed well and I came loudly and so did he."
"When he dozed off after his exertions, I went back to the girls without bothering to put anything on. They renewed their screaming until I ordered silence. Even then they continued sobbing. I got their flannels from the washstand and wet them. While I had my back to them, they must have seen the stripes across my back and bum from the last birching you gave me. They were pretty tender still and showed up quite blue and purple. That shocked them. "Will our bodies look like your back?" Elizabeth asked through her tears."
"Something like I guess," I replied which started them wailing again. "These marks are from the birch rod and are finer and deeper than those I have just given you. Your bottoms will be pretty much the same colour come the morning." After laying the cold wet cloths on them for a while, I untied them. "Girls, I know you like playing with each other’s bodies. It doesn’t worry me in the least that you do so. I’ve seen and done it myself with girls at the orphanage and workhouse. If it helps you get over the pain a little, do it. I’ll have Sarah or Pru bring you the cream and some larger wet towels so you can treat each other. I don’t expect you will sl**p too well but if you disturb others, expect to pay the price for it. You understand me?" They did. Breakfast is at eight o’clock. I will ask Sarah to arrange a call for you at 7.30. You will put on a light dress and attend breakfast at the large table in the kitchen like the rest of us do when your father isn’t here. Afterwards I will see if your bodies need any further treatment with cream and then you can make a start on sorting your clothes and clearing this room."
"So it was I got control of them and while they hated me, they did what they were told. By the end of the fortnight we had a sort of truce. I didn’t whip them any more and condoned, even helped them with their girl to girl loving. However, I made really sure they knew I would have them caned of whipped again if it was necessary. Rachael did try it on with Briggs when he brought some produce into the kitchen.
"Do you have to come in here in your dirty clothes when ladies are present?" she said to him thinking I was in another room. Unfortunately I was just returning."
"Bend over the table Rachael," I ordered in my sharpest voice.
"I’m sorry Miss. I didn’t mean anything by it."
"Bend over or do I have to ask for help and get the cane Rachael?" That put the fear of God into her Sir. Her stripes were still very tender and sitting was still not comfortable. She bent over. "Your may lift her skirt Briggs and give her bottom a dozen hard smacks." He didn’t need any further telling. Rachael lifted up as the first spank found its mark but without being told, Pru and Sarah held her. Elizabeth watched alarmed. Both girls had started wearing bloomers again so Briggs didn’t see anything much but he told me afterwards how much he appreciated tanning the snotty girls arse."
"I think that’s about it Sir. Much of the daytime the Master was at the Quay but twice he stayed home all day when he didn’t have a ship in port and of course on Sundays we went to church. Several times in the first week I had to show him how the girl’s stripes were faring and afterwards, when I had warmed his bum a little, we fucked hard for a goodly while before blowing out the candle."
"Do you think he will come back for you Martha?"
"I think so, unless the girls turn him against me while I am here."
A week later, William Forsdyke came and expressed his intentions of marrying Martha and said he had arranged for the ceremony to be performed by the Reverend Jenkins on Saturday week in the local church. As I remarked I was both pleased and saddened to lose her but I did make sure I had my fill of her delightful cunnie before she finally left.
"Well, at least one or two of them seemed to have worked her way out of this workhouse," Margaret remarked as she and Jeremy read through the latest passage. "I wonder if I will ever do that?"
"There are very few people in this world rich enough to pay the price I would ask for you Margaret!" Jeremy’s reply pleased his companion. She leaned over and kissed him and they cuddled together until the spell was broken by, "Up you get now. Time to start dinner."
Chapter 20. The life of the Twins
July 3rd 1831
‘Once again some weeks have elapsed since I last found time to write this journal and in that time a little has changed. The workhouse is now looking smarter with most of the inside walls freshly lime washed and the wood given two coats of dark green [paint] which I prefer to the more sombre brown. The ladies have now gotten into my ways and there is less need for punishment. I pointed this out to Squire and he suggested we have the Saturday entertainments in turn at Grange Manor, Pembridge Hall, the home of Lord Parham and the Workhouse. Any girls for punishment are taken to the venue and the discipline applied by Higgins if at the Manor, Wallace at the Hall and myself at the Workhouse. Thus we all get to see a better variety of female flesh receiving the lash and I am not f***ed to add girls to the punishment list just to ensure enough are available for the entertainment. However that has reduced our income but usually I take some of the girls to the other places to assist with pleasing the guests and earn a pound or two that way.
Nonetheless I was surprised when his Lordship requested I bring the twins along the second time we met at the hall. I knew he had seen them when I gave them both four strokes of the birch on a Saturday but it was a married couple that took them to bed that night. Several men wanted Jane but I had insisted the pair performed together. That way I at least had some revenue from the boy. I had thought the couple came at the squire’s behest but in fact it was Lord Parham that invited them and it was only later I learned he was a construction engineer involved in the design and building of the new Town Hall in North Henley. He and the company he owned, have a number of other large public buildings to his credit, which have made him a wealthy man if not an aristocrat. He was still a tradesman at his roots. Down to earth and likable. Not pretentious.
I also took Henrietta along as I had given her three chalks marks for wrongly cutting and wasting some dressmaking material. It was a simple, understandable mistake but she’d only had the birch once since I arrived and I thought it time she had a reminder and it would make her a little more careful in future.
After Higgins had well warmed her bum and she’d been taken to a bedroom by a middle aged man, Lord Parham came to me and formally introduced Frederick Cooper and his wife Rose, the couple who had taken the twins at the Workhouse. We talked while the next act was being set up and then Frederick asked to have a private conversation with me concerning the twins, before the end of the evening. We sat and watched as two of his Lordships maids were fastened together tit to tit. Their hands were then made to grip a bar and were tied to it. This bar was raised aloft until their feet were clear of the floor and their bodies free to swing. Both were young, no more than sixteen at a guess. Lady Parham seemed to take a special interest in the pair and I later learned she was he cause of them being there. She had caught his Lordship rogering the pair. That in itself wasn’t the problem, she knew he had all the maids and frequently watched his performances. This time both girls knelt side by side, bums in the air while my Lord rammed his prick a few strokes in one and then a few strokes in the other until he shot his seed and collapsed on the bed.
Watching this had made M’lady horny so she ordered the girls to service her husband with their mouths until he was hard enough to do his marital duty to her. My Lord’s prick was not co-operative and lay exhausted between his legs. She ordered the whipping. Maids were not allowed to deprive her of being fucked by her husband's prick when she wanted it even though they’d had no choice in the matter.
Wallace and another man, each with a light, many-thonged whip, took positions either side of the two hanging girls. Lady Parham started the pair swinging by giving a hard right hand slap to the arse of one and a left-hand swipe to the other. "Warm them well men. I will say when to stop," she shouted as she stepped back to watch. As each girl swung towards them, Wallace and his companion lashed the white buttocks until they became fiery red and the girls were crying and begging loudly for the whipping to stop. Only when M’lady deemed them sore enough did she give the order. Two guests stepped forward and thrust their pricks into the hanging girls and rogered them with great gusto. After they’d completed their task, M’lady ordered the two whippers to take the girls in their bottom holes before releasing them. My twins, I noticed were cleaning the spent cocks of the two guests.
Shortly after, the whipping being the finale to the entertainment, some guests began taking girls away to various rooms, and others retired to the drawing room. Frederick and Rose took me into a corner and asked if they could have the loan of the twins for a while. "Loan? How long? Why?" I asked, somewhat baffled by the request. Frederick sent Rose to refill our tankards and when we were again nicely settled began the tale.
"We have two c***dren Josiah, a boy David, just turned sixteen and a girl Rosie who we named after her mother and she’s a year younger than her b*****r. About six months ago, Bridget, their governess discovered them in bed together, fucking away like only young teenagers can. She naturally reported it to us and the three of us debated for a long while what to do. As you might guess from our attendance at these meetings, neither Rose or I are at all prudish nor is Bridget or her husband Frank who is one of our house staff. We regularly share each others services, if you get my meaning." I did. "We didn’t want to spoil the c***dren’s fun but were not too keen on the i****t side of it. You know all the stories of deformed and mentally ill babies. I gave the pair a severe lecture on what could happen and Rose gave Rosie advice on preventing pregnancy because we didn’t go so far as to ban them from doing it with each other. At this stage we thought it was more experimenting with sex and they would grow out of it. Bridget kindly took David to her bed several times but Rosie refused to have anything to do with Frank. I then invited Jeffrey Parham over for a weekend and gave one of the maids a shilling to spend the weekend with David. Both pairs seemed to enjoy their time together and I hoped the false love our c***dren declared for each other was broken, but it seems it went the other way. Both had learned new things they wanted to try with each other. Then I heard about your twins and wondered how you dealt with the situation and if having them pair off with my c***dren might have a beneficial effect on both. What think you Josiah?"
I pointed out the twins were a rather different case. They had slept in the same bed more or less since birth and separating them caused physical and mental problems. "I heard they’ve had some rather traumatic experiences," Rose said.
"It’s only with God’s help, or rather the help of two or three women they are actually alive at all," I pointed out and when Rose asked why, I gave them the story.
"Jason and Gwendolyn gave me the outline of the sad lives of the twins and Alice wormed more details from the twins themselves as they seemed reluctant to talk as freely with me. I have confirmed as much as I can from the women and the bailiff so I am pretty sure the information is as near correct as it can be.
Katie Smith, or at least that is what she called herself although no one believes it is her true name, came to Pennydelset about fifteen years ago. She was heavily pregnant and took up abode in the near derelict cottage that was just past the forge. She only used the two downstairs rooms because of the way the roof leaked. Katie liked her drink, in fact she drank far too much and spent most of her money in The Swan and other pubs. Gin was her favourite tipple but she could only afford the gut rotting cheapest. Even so there were not many nights that she didn’t fall into bed in a d***ken stupor and this was probably the cause of the twins being small when she gave birth to them. For a few months, until the novelty wore thin, she looked after them reasonably well but still drank heavily so her breast milk wasn’t of the best. At that period she was able to get seasonal work on the farms but when the twins were three or four years old and her need for gin increased, she found it more profitable to go to the quayside at Gippeswick and offer her body to the sailors. The young c***dren had to fend for themselves, sometimes for several days at a time. The baker’s wife, Hilda Todd found them one day, starving outside the back of the bakery looking for scraps of bread in the bin and gave them half of an unsold loaf and a meat pie that had been accidentally crushed and was unsaleable. The two shared the food and immediately devoured it. After that the twins went to the bakery regularly and Hilda tried to put things aside for them. Harry, her husband wasn’t too keen on feeding waifs but turned a blind eye to his wife doing so as long as he didn’t see it. When they grew a little, Hilda on Saturdays after the shop closed early, gave them a broom to clean the bake house and took them into the house for a proper meal afterwards. For a long while this was the only real meal they had each week. Harry was persuaded it was payment for the work they had done but wouldn’t allow it more than on Saturdays.
As the c***dren grew so Katie came home less frequently, usually no more than once a week. Jane and Bobby soon learned to keep out of the way when their mother came home d***k. Usually she was affable when she first arrived from town and often gave them coppers to buy food. By the end of the day she’d had her fill in one or other of the inns and would look for the money to buy more drink. The c***dren soon learned to hide it and themselves. One of the hiding places was a side shed to Farmer Redman’s barn. They used this until spotted by Rita Redman. She knew about the plight of the twins but didn’t wish to be seen interfering. Giving them a couple of horse blankets she showed them the hayloft where they might stay in greater comfort. "When you hear the bell for the workers to come in for breakfast, you come on in too. Don’t take any notice if Fred goes on and gripes a bit. He’ll bark but won’t bite. I’ve got him by his balls or at least my cooking’s got him by the guts," she laughed. Although the farm men laughed at the amount of food such a small pair could put away, they never made any attempt to m***** them and none ever told Katie.
School was another problem. In a small village school like this, everyone noticed if a c***d was missing. Any c***d playing truant received a goodly dose of the strap on their return. Due to their lifestyle the twins were often ill and when their mother was around, had to hide away to escape her wrath. With no one to back up their assertions of illness or the reasons for being away, Bobby and Jane received more than their fair share of the strap. So much so that even when they were so ill and shouldn’t have been at school, they went in just to be sent home. The teacher did not want them spreading their noxiousness to the others. There was no money for medicines or the doctor so whatever they caught, lasted longer than for most pupils. None of this was helped by their cold, damp living conditions, the lack of warm food and poor physical condition.
When they were ten years old they almost lost their lives. It was November. Weather was cold and damp with an unusually high rainfall for the month. First Jane took sick with a cold and Bobby soon followed. This quickly turned to a fever and the pair just lay coughing in bed together, alternately shivering and sweating. Delirium set in. When they hadn’t turned up for school for three days, Teacher Hopkins went around to see where they were. Immediately he called out old doctor Sedgton. The kindly doctor took one look at the pair, ordered them to be wrapped in blankets and put in his carriage and drove them to the Nun’s Hospital at Tye Green. Even in their delirium they clasped each other so tightly they couldn’t be separated until the fever broke on the third day.
It was an elderly crotchety nun who decided it was sinful for a boy and a girl to sl**p in the same bed and put them in beds alongside each other. As soon as she left they were in each other’s arms again. The move angered the old nun and she removed Jane to another room and locked her in. That night the screaming from Booby and Jane was so bad none of the other patients had any sl**p and when Doctor Sedgton visited the next morning they complained to him. Bobby and Jane were still keeping up their wailing and calling out for each other and the doctor could see their condition was deteriorating. "s****r," he said to the old nun who was still adamant in keeping the two apart, "Were they fornicating when you saw them?"
"No, but they were in a lustful embrace. We cannot have this sort of thing in a Christian hospital."
"s****r, that so called sinful embrace was part of their healing process. The energy, a Christ’s life giving essence, was flowing from one to the other and they were getting better. This happens with twins. You can see for yourself how they are slowly dying again now they are not joined. If you are a true Christian, you will let Christ do his work in his way and not thwart it." It was obvious the old nun didn’t believe a word the doctor said but a younger one butted in.
"Why don’t we let the doctor have his way during the day when we can see what is happening and at night put them in separate beds across the room from each other. With the night candle they can see each other and know they are not far apart."
"No!" The old nun rejected the suggestion out of hand. "All they need is a hard spanking. That will kill their tantrums."
"Then they’ll die, s****r. I cannot have that on my conscience," the younger one stated and went off, returning with the Mother Superior. Much to the older one’s chagrin the Mother Superior allowed the suggestion. "These c***dren are ten years old and yet they have the bodies smaller and less developed than most eight year olds. I cannot see any harm in allowing them to be together at this time. I do know from personal experience of twins, they have a mental bond other siblings do not have so for the time being I will allow them to hold each other during the daytime but I do suggest they are apart at night as s****r Anne suggests. Any news of their mother?" There wasn’t for two more days. s****r Anne brought Jane back to Bobby and after a very emotional reunion, she explained they could only have this arrangement if they kept quiet through the night so other patients who needed their rest could get it.
A bailiff was at Katie’s door soon after she arrived. He issued a summons to attend the Crown Court in Gippeswick two days thence on a charge of c***d neglect and that was the last anyone from the village saw of her. The bailiff traced her to the docks and reports suggested she went aboard a vessel sailing for the Americas. She may well still be alive if she didn’t fall d***kenly over the side before she got there. When the twins recovered sufficiently they were taken to the orphanage. There they became acquainted with the sexual activities of the older boys and girls and started to practice them between themselves. Gwen didn’t concern herself too much. They were quiet and didn’t disturb any of the others. In fact for some months it was difficult to get more than one word answers from them. As the girl didn’t complain about her b*****r’s attentions and she hadn’t started her monthlies so was unlikely to become pregnant, Jason and Gwendolyn didn’t even try to separate them. Indeed they thought it might make the pair more receptive when they were big enough for them to have fun with. When she thought Jane might start ovulating, she gave them both a stern lecture and some practical instruction to avoid any baby problems.
Perhaps now you can see why your sibling situation is so different to theirs and why I try and keep them together at all times," I concluded.
I could see tears in Rose’s eyes when she spoke, "Josiah, I can see what you mean. It’s a very sad story and our c***dren have had a most comfortable life compared to them but I think we would still like to give it a try. What do you say, Fred?"
"Yes, perhaps we could borrow them for two weeks to start with and bring them back the Saturday after next when the entertainment is at the Squires and discus it further in the light of what happens. That should give us a reasonable amount of time to see what they are like and for them to see if our ways agree with them. I gather neither are averse to fornicating with others as long as they not separated. If they are so upset they do not wish to stay for the fortnight we’ll bring them to the Workhouse next Saturday. " So it was agreed.’
Margaret had tears in her eyes too as she read through the document.
Chapter 21. Back to school
Margaret returned to the keyboard. "Dinner’s on so the old man can’t complain. It’s stew so it will cook itself and I’ll only have to give it a stir every now and again. I do want to find out what happened. Poor k**s. Lucky they didn’t die."... Continue»
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A New Apartment

After leaving college I found myself working for a small firm of about 20 employees, I was initially based in their main office and within a few months was offered a promotion. Unfortunately the promotion would mean moving to a town about 2 hours away for a couple of months. Part of the deal was that I would get the use of an apartment the company owned. When I told my girlfriend she wasn’t too happy, although with a wedding being planned she was looking forward to the pay rise.
We decided before I took the job to check out where I would be staying just to ease her worries. We made a weekend of visiting the new town, stayed in a nice hotel and spent the day shopping and just doing romantic things. We were supposed to call someone who would meet us and show us around. When we called the number a girl called Amy answered and agreed to meet us in a bar in town.
As arranged that evening we sat in the bar and after a short while 2 girls came in, one short, about 5 foot tall, very slim with short hair but a fairly pretty face, the other was about six inches taller with a slightly rounded figure and dressed in a business suit, she looked fairly plain and her dress sense made her look very prim and proper.
The 2 girls introduced themselves, the smaller girl was Amy, she was a niece of the managing director, and the bigger girl was Debs, who worked for the firm. Like myself Debs had been transferred from the main office, but Amy lived in the apartment permanently.
I could tell my girlfriend wasn’t too happy when she found out I would be living with two other women, but both girls seemed quite nice. They explained the apartment only had 2 bedrooms, they would share one and I could have the small one to myself, and that if my girlfriend wanted to stay over that was fine – as long as we didn’t make too much noise Debs laughed.
We all had a few drinks and seemed to be getting on well, Debs told us all about her boyfriend at home, but it was only when Amy told my girlfriend that she was gay, that my girlfriend relaxed about the accommodation situation. It was finally agreed that I would move in on the following Friday, and that my girlfriend would come over and stay on the Saturday night so we could all go out for a meal and it would give me the weekend to settle in.
I arrived at the apartment as arranged the following week to be met by Amy, Debs was still in work and wouldn’t be home till later. Amy greeted me at the door, she was wearing a pair of tight leggings and a tight pink tee shirt. As she helped me with my bags and showed me my room I got a good chance to check her out, she was very slim had tiny breasts, barely an A cup I guessed and her short hair meant she could have passed as a young boy, although I thought there was something very sexy about her, maybe the fact that she was a lesbian and untouchable.
As she cooked dinner for the three of us Amy and myself chatted in the kitchen, she told me about her long term girlfriend, about the places to go to in town and various bits of chit chat. By the time our food was ready Debs had arrived home, dressed in a business style suit again with a white blouse dark black pantyhose and through her shirt I could see a lace white bra holding her large breasts in, apologising for being late to welcome me on my first night living with them. We ate the food, some pasta and fresh bread, and shared a bottle of wine. The conversation was good so a second bottle was opened, as the night went on and we relaxed, the conversation turned a little racy. A lot of innuendo and I got grilled about my girlfriend by both girls, Amy at one point suggesting she wished it was my girlfriend staying with them so she could seduce her. At about eleven we all decided to go to bed, both girls kissing me on the cheek to say good night, and breaking in to hysterics of laughter. I lay in bed for nearly an hour thinking of our new arrangement and to be honest fantasising about the two girls. As I fell asl**p I would have done anything to feel my girlfriend’s mouth around my cock sucking me till I came.
I woke the following morning, my morning hard on tenting the bed clothes and at the same time bursting to pee. My brain was still reliving the night before and the fantasies I’d had the night before were still rushing around my head. Why was Amy gay and why did Debs have to have a boyfriend. I slipped on a pair of boxers to make my way to the bathroom, the apartment was in total silence, as I left my room I caught a glimpse of my hard cock straining to get out of my boxers, at least everyone is asl**p, and my girlfriend was coming over that night so I could relieve me tensions.
The bathroom door was slightly ajar and a dim light crept form the gap, obviously someone had left a light on overnight. I pushed the door open wide to walk in, and was surprised to see Amy sitting on the toilet peeing, embarrassed I apologised, saying I didn’t think anyone was up and turned to walk out. Amy laughed, her flow of pee never let up, a pair of lace pink panties hooked around her ankles, and her slim well-tanned figure naked in front of me, her tiny breasts capped by dark brown hard nipples, “its ok don’t be embarrassed” she said” we live together and occasionally we will all see and hear things we maybe shouldn’t. Any way” she said nodding at the bulge in my shorts,” you are obviously looking forward to your visitor tonight, it’s a pity you are not my type, if you were I could have helped you with that” laughing she stood up from the toilet, wiped herself dry, pulled up her panties and as she walked past me back to her room she playfully patted my bum through my shorts. “if you want breakfast it will be ready in about ten minutes, if you need Kleenex they are in the press” she said laughing.
By the time I had sorted myself out and arrived in the kitchen the food had been laid out and both Debs and Amy were already tucking in, between bites both girls were giggling, and I guessed what about when Debs winked to me and smiled saying “did you sl**p well, I hope you only had good dreams”. The two girls said they were going out that evening, Amy to a gay club and Debs was meeting up with her boyfriend somewhere else, so I could have the apartment free for when my girlfriend arrived.
By the time my girlfriend arrived I was so horny, I couldn’t keep my hands off her, as soon as I let her in the door I was kissing her deeply and my left hand was buried in her jeans fingering her damp pussy, she came after a few minutes, then took me to the living room and sucked me off within a matter of minutes, swallowing every drop of my cum. She decided to take a shower and while she was in the cubicle I sat on the toilet waiting for her, the place I had seen Amy’s naked body that morning. I could feel my erection growing, my girlfriend in the shower soaping her body and the thoughts of my lesbian flat mates body were getting mixed up in my head. By the time she came out of the shower, I had a full erection, I grabbed her pulling her down on my hard cock and fucked her on the toilet. I was still so horny I only lasted a short time, as I let out a large gasp as my orgasm sent my cum from my balls deep inside her she orgasmed too.
We made our way to my bedroom, passing our s**ttered clothes on the way, naked we jumped on the bed, and both of us were ready to make love again. My cock was as hard as a tent pole and her pussy was wet and dripping begging for cock. In the bedroom we began fucking, fast first then slow for a few minutes, the fast again. We always found by using a fast slow rhythm I could last much longer and my girlfriend could cum a couple of times. By the time I was ready to cum we he=ad lasted what seemed like ages and we had now built up to a near violent speed, my girlfriend was cumming over and over again, nearly screaming at me to fuck her hard, and as a loud gasp of air escaped from me I shot a huge load into her hot pussy.
Before my girlfriend left the following morning, we made love again, this time quietly and slowly, so as not to disturb the two girls sl**ping in the apartment. My girlfriend left for her drive home, not happy she had to spend the day with her f****y at some lunch in her father’s golf club while I made some coffee.
As the coffee was just ready I was joined in the kitchen by first Debs, wearing a pair of cotton shorts and the Amy, wearing a short satin nightdress. We all had a cup of coffee and I made some bacon and toast for the three of us. As I cleaned the kitchen Debs went to put on the TV and Amy went to the bathroom, Sunday was to be a lazy day, the girls had decided that nothing would ever be done on a Sunday in the apartment. When I sat down in front of the TV Debs was watching some rom com, and Amy arrived in just behind me, jumping on to the sofa beside Debs, leaving me in a chair opposite.
“Did you have a good night last night” Amy asked me “did you get rid of all the tension you were experiencing yesterday.” Both girls giggled as I went slightly red. Amy pulled her knees up and twisted her body in the direction of Debs, her short nightdress rising up and giving me the tiniest glimpse of her panties. She turned to Debs “I bet they fucked in every room in the place, look what I found in the bathroom” she unclenched her fist, deep in her hand she held a tiny black thong, the one my girlfriend had been wearing the day before. Amy lifted the material to her nose and deeply inhaled the scent, “I think I recognise that smell from somewhere” she offered the panties to Debs who took a quick sniff. Debs shifted her legs, here shorts were really tight and from my seat I could see a slight camel toe, she allowed her legs to part a bit more before replying to Amy, “I think they might smell of cum? But I’m not sure” she smiled, “at least one of us had some fun last night, my boyfriend wasn’t in the humour, did you have any luck last night Amy”
Amy pulled her knees tighter into her body, they were now resting against Debs’ thighs. I wasn’t sure if Amy realised but the more she moved her legs the better view I got of her white lace panties. Amy replied to the question, “Not really, I did kiss a few girls and got fingered for a couple of minutes by a butch dyke, but she didn’t bring me off”
Not thinking I stood up “if they are my girlfriends I had better take them back, and sorry for the mess we made” as I walked over to the sofa, Amy pulled the thong back to her nose and deeply inhaled again, “these smell hot, I wish they weren’t empty”, the girls noticed my cock was stiff under my jog pants, debs eyes were glued on the bulge. Because I was now standing in the middle of the room I had nowhere to hide a growing erection. “Debs” Amy asked “don’t you have a pair like these, I think I washed them for you last week”. Debs replied, “yes but mine are red, I’m wearing them now”
“Let’s see,” Amy joked, playfully pulling Debs’ legs apart, “If you show me yours I’ll show you mine, they are white you know. Do you want to see, Mike has been staring at them for a while maybe that’s why he has a hard on” Amy placed her hand on the button of Debs’ shorts and obviously well practiced the button was released before Debs knew. The material of her shorts parted revealing her lower belly and a glimpse of red lace from her panties.
Amy twisted her legs, they shot in the air revealing fully to both of us her own panties, white lace that was so fine we could nearly see through the fine material. In one motion her nightdress came over her head and she stood up laughing. “Now Mike, now you can see them properly, you will have to show us yours” I blushed my erection was clearly growing under my jog pants. “Erm. I’m not wearing any”. In a split second Amy had clasped both sides of my jog pants and had tugged them down. My erection now free stood up proudly, I saw Debs tongue lick the inside of her lips as Amy said “that looks quite impressive, my dildo is about that size”. “Come on Debs, let Mike see you, he obviously is still horny, and if he’s going to jerk off, he’ll probably have more fun thinking of a straight girl.
I was surprised when Debs actually stood up and dropped her shorts, it didn’t seem to fit her prim and proper exterior. Amy turned her attention to Debs, she ran her hands over the bigger girls ass, “They are nice, they fit well, accentuate your gorgeous curves”, I spotted one of Amy’s fingers appearing between Debs’ legs, “And ooh there is a little damp spot”. Amy lifted her finger to her lips and licked her fingertip “Hmmm tastes good”. The atmosphere in the room was electric, Amy’s other hand was still somewhere behind Debs panties I thought, next I saw movement from underneath Debs crotch, a hand was gently moving along her encased pussy. Debs just stood as still as a statue, only the occasional gasp of breath could be heard from her.
Amy tried to take Debs’ tee shirt off, but with only one hand it was difficult, eventually she got the cotton tee shirt over Debs’ head and clasped her mouth around a hard nipple. Debs’ breathing and panting were getting louder as Amy chewed on her nipple and worked faster between her thighs. Beneath her panties I could see Amy’s fingers burying themselves between Debs’ legs, the wet patch on her panties was spreading.
Amy began pulling the red lace panties from Debs’ waist, slowly revealing her neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair, her pubic mound and finally her labia and clitoris just visible from its hood. As the panties dropped to the floor, Amy beckoned to me to pick them up, I did as I was asked and handed them to her. She inhaled the damp material and then d****d them over my cock. Her free hand wrapped the material around my shaft, the soft lace material felt good as it encased me, my cock gave an involuntary jerk of approval.
Debs was cumming, her moans were getting louder, her juices were flowing between her legs, she was gripping Amy’s shoulder for balance as her whole body seemed to shake with orgasm. Amy didn’t stop, she continued fingering our flat mate until she had cum a second time and then a third in quick succession. Eventually Debs begged her to stop. Amy let her soaking hand fall from Debs, kissed her mouth and said, “Now it my turn Debs.”
Amy sat back on the sofa, she pulled her own panties off, revealing the clean shaven pussy I had got a glimpse the day before. Her pussy lips seemed slightly swollen and glistens of moisture were visible on the lips, holding Debs’ hand she gently pulled her to her knees, then taking Debs’ head between her hands, she guided Debs’ mouth towards her pussy. As Debs mouth began gently kissing between Amy’s thighs, she picked up her panties and again beckoned me to come nearer, again she wrapped the soft material around my hard shaft, one handed, entwining the material with Debs’ panties, as she released her grip on the panties, my cock again jerked involuntarily
Debs tongue was now licking the lesbians clitoris, she seemed to know what she was doing, Amy was moaning and panting, telling Debs she was a pussy licking whore, telling her not to stop, telling her to tongue fuck her tight pussy. Amy was tugging on her own hard dark nipples, nearly pulling them from her body. I could see Debs’ tongue press against Amy’s vaginal opening, and as her tongue disappeared between the labia, Amy orgasmed, writhing around the sofa, locking Debs’ head with her thighs, telling her not to stop. After what seemed like several minutes of orgasms from Amy, the slim petite girl eventually stopped shaking, as she released Debs from her grip, her pussy was gaping open, Amy’s thighs and the sofa were soaking with her love juices and Debs’ face glistened with cum too.
I was still standing in the middle of the room, my cock felt like it was about to burst. My shaft strained against the skin, my veins all standing proud as they pumped my bl**d around my erection. The two pairs of panties were still entwined around my cock, Amy spoke “You’d better sit down” patting the sofa beside her. “Debs, will you oblige for our flat mate”. I felt Debs’ mouth closing over my purple cock head, her tongue darted along the tip to the glans. Amy reached in and tugged the panties from around my shaft as Debs fed more of my length down her throat. She managed to fit most of my length in her mouth while still circling the head with her tongue. Amy had twisted herself around so she was leaning back on the sofa, her right leg on the floor and her left leg on the back of the sofa. She had her pussy lips parted and two of her fingers masturbated her wet pink pussy.
Debs was now mouth fucking my cock, sliding her head up and down, using her tongue to put a little pressure on my shaft, occasionally pressing her tongue against my glans, I knew I was close to cumming, I could moans coming from somewhere deep inside me as Debs grabbed my ball sack and put some gentle pressure on my balls. I could feel my orgasm start to pump from somewhere deep in my stomach, my balls tightened. As I felt I was just about to explode, Debs finger touched the entrance to my ass, and slid just inside the rim. My girlfriend had never done anything like that, and here was my flatmate with her fingertip inside my anus. I couldn’t hold back, I felt my cum shooting from deep inside my balls as Debs freed my cock from her mouth my cum shot in the air and landing on my own face, Amy gasped and started to cum too, a second shot of cum was launched, followed by a third both landing on my chest.
Debs got up from her knees, my cock was still rock hard, she climbed on to the sofa and began to lick the cum from my face, I could feel her straddle me and next her still soaking pussy was enclosing my cock. Her pussy felt tight, tighter than my girlfriends, and I could feel her gripping my hot cock as she began to rock her hips back and forward, my erection never subsided, and soon I felt like I was close to coming again. Debs expertly gripping and releasing my erection with her tight pussy muscles. I could see Amy in the corner of my eye, still with her fingers stuffed deep inside her own body. I was about to cum again, I felt Debs’ muscles grip me harder and faster as an orgasm built in side her too. As my cum began to shoot deep inside Debs, her orgasm took over her own body and I could hear Amy cumming too. Me and Debs collapsed in a pile as Amy’s fingers noisily fell from her pussy, her head thrown back on the arm of the sofa. We just lay there for several minutes, not moving, not speaking. My erection eventually softened and popped from Debs’ pussy, followed by a stream of our mixed love juices.
Eventually Amy moved, “That was fucking awesome, it was so hot”. I felt her hand covered by the two pairs of panties brushing my chest down to my crotch along my now limp cock and onto Debs pussy as she cleaned the sex fluids from both of us, “I think if that’s how horny things could get around here after your girlfriend visits you should invite her over every night, it could nearly turn a girl straight”. We all laughed and spent the rest of the day lounging around naked in each other’s arms.
... Continue»
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new cuckold pt IV still seeing her babies daddy

Even though I told Kay to let Jim find out later that he had made her pregnant, my wife told him as soon as she found out. I had no idea that Kay was talking to Jim I really had expected that she would be mad with him for tricking her by not wearing a condom. Not only had Kay told him he was her babies daddy but she was going to his trailer every morning before work. I didn't find out that Kay was getting fucked by Jim regularly for two months and only found out then because she told me. Kay told me she hadn't waited to tell Jim about the pregnancy and that she had reached an agreement with him that she wanted me to know about. Kay said Jim had agreed not to seek any claim of parental rights to our baby as long as she continued to let him keep screwing her. Kay got him to agree to every morning before work until the baby was born plus one week end a month. Which is why she was telling me now Jim was demanding his weekend of sex with my wife. Kay said my mother was keeping our c***dren this friday overnight so that I could come with her. Jim had agreed to let me be there friday evening, but then I had to leave them alone until she called me sunday afternoon to come and get her. I really felt after learning all of this that Kay had wanted to get pregnant by Jim and that she might have even been going there everymorning since she met him at the gas station to make sure he bred her. After all by her own account of the first time at his trailer she hadn't resisted him. Kay told me that the best thing about Jim fucking her was that he could cum in her twice without ever pulling his cock out and he recovered quickly. I was mad and Kay knew it and she quickly reminded me that I was the one who wanted her to fuck other men. I said yes other "men" not one man over and over everyday,so you don't want to watch this friday night kay asked. Of course I did. Friday evening Kay drove us to Jim's trailer, but instead of us going in Jim got in the car with us. Now I understood why Kay had dressed up we went to dinner at a restuarant/ bar/ nightclub. After dinner we went downstairs to dance, I think I've told you I'm not much for dancing, Kay said she was warm so Jim took her blouse off in spight of Kay asking him please don't. Leaving Kay in a tank top that revealed a lot of cleavage and a tight fitting pair of capris. The club had a pretty good size crowd almost all under 25 I'd guess except for Kay and myself. They played about half slow songs and Kay was on the dance floor for most of them, first with Jim. As soon as they were on the dance floor Jim pulled Kay close to him his hands slid down her back to her ass he massaged and grabbed her ass the entire song about half way through they locked lips for the remainder of the song. When the song was over Jim put one arm around my wife's waist and slid his other hand under her tank top and rubbed her babybelly. The next song was also a slow song so they stayed on the dance floor and danced in much the same way they did the first song. After that song finished Jim walked Kay part way back to our table then he left to go over by the bar where a group of young men, who had been watching the dancing greeted him. I knew Jim was talking about Kay to them, probably bragging about how much he was balling my wife. Jim then came over and told us to come over by the bar, Kay did as he asked and I followed her. We were just getting settled in when another slow song started, Jim came to Kay with another young man his own age and said Don wants to dance with you. Don was a well built man he looked like he probably was a football player I noticed his hands were hugh as he walked my wife to the other side of the club with his hand on her back. They danced for two songs before they came back Kay looked upset. She motioned Jim over to us, Kay said you agreed not to make any claim to our baby. Jim denied making any claim, said then why did Don proposition me. Jim didn't know what she was talking about nor did I, he said "when I spit your baby out how about letting him put one in me". Jim goes thats not a claim, I thought you were talking about a legal claim, if it is the deals off. Kay wasn't sure of herself now, but neither was Jim he said you've got to let me at least tell my friends. Kay agreed but said that she would not socialize with them if they knew she was carrying his baby. Jim agreed but asked if we could stay here awhile longer tonight which we did. Kay danced with each of Jim's friends before we left that night, she said everyone of them wants to breed me with a gigle. We went back to Jim's place, I drove while Kay and Jim made out in the backseat. When we got there both Jim and my wife were naked as they got out of the car Kay told me to make sure that all thier clothes made it inside as they steaked for the trailer. I carried what clothes they had missed and dropped them on the table, Jim handed me a beer and said have a seat as he motioned to a chair in the livingroom and began sucking on Kay's tit. Jim then kissed Kay and whispered in her ear, then put his hands on her shoulders pushing her downward. Kay dropped to her knees and took Jim's cock into her mouth and sucked on it like she loved it, caressing his balls with her hands. I was getting turned on just watching my wife make love to Jim's cock with her mouth. Kay sucked on Jim's cock for 15 minutes before she had to stop her mouth couldn't do anymore. Jim stood her up and sucked Kay's already hard nipples for a few seconds then said do you want me to fuck you from behind, Kay voised her excited approval. Jim slapped my wife's ass as she got on all fours, Jim got behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy teasing her. Jim then without any warning shoved his cock all the way in my wife's pussy, Kay let out a groan from the thrust then began panting as she had already orgasmed. Jim pounded my wife's pussy and slapped her ass for several minutes before he leaned forward wrappng his arms around Kay as both of them moaned and came together. Jim had a breast in each hand as he continued to pump his sperm into my wife's pussy. I now witnessed what my wife loved about Jim, he grabbed at Kay's breasts for several minutes before straitening up putting his hands on Kay's hips and pounding his cock to her pussy. Kay was cuming over and over as Jim pounded her pussy. I finally got down on the floor and sucked on my wife's tits as best I could with her in her current position. Kay was whaling and moaning she was cuming so hard from the combined affect of having her tits sucked and her pussy fucked at the same time. Jim finally emptied his nuts a second time in Kay's pussy after over an hour, Kay came with him of course. Jim pulled his cock out then asked me if I wanted a turn, I quickly got undressed. Jim grabbed a beer and a seat, Kay crawled to the couch to rest her arms as I took my place and shoved my cock into my wife's pussy. Although Jim's cock was not as big as mine his pounding had streched her out and soaked her and I slid easily into my balls, still it didn't take long before I was ready to blow my load, since it was the first time in over 2 months that my cock had felt my wife's pussy. Kay had given me some hand jobs but no pussy since Jim had knocked her up. As I came so did Kay feeling me erupt inside of her for the first time in years. Jim then told me I had to leave. ... Continue»
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Since My Wife's s****r Moved to Town, pt. 2

My wife's s****r Pam and her husband, Paul, were coming over for a cookout and planning of our first get together. They were bringing their house guest, Jim, Paul's roommate from college days. Jen was taking care of the rest of the meal and I was to bring home the steaks after going in to work to check on an order from my best client.

It is a beautiful Saturday, and I pull in to the garage a little after 1:00 pm. I go through the back door of the garage with the steaks and extra charcoal. There I am greeted by the site of your s****r Pam sunbathing naked by the pool, oiled up and looking beautiful. Then I look towards the house and see you with Paul screwing you doggy style and you sucking on what must be Jim's big dick. Jim must be 10-11 inches and thick as a coke can.

My dick immediately hardens and I walk over to Pam, who still doesn't realize I am even here and get down on my knees and start eating her pussy. She jumps a little and looks startled and then says, "About time you got home. Eat me up I am horny. Jen has been hogging all the men!"

Pam's pussy is already moist and I insert 2 fingers along with my tongue and try to make her crazy. Then after a couple of minutes I lick my ring finger and pinky, then stick them in her ass. This gets a good moan from her and she tells me, "Yes, finger fuck my pussy and ass!"

While working on Pam's holes I hear you moaning and sneak a peek just in time to see Paul's friend Jim pull his dick out and start jacking off on your face, rope after rope splattered your beautiful face. I hear you yell, "I'm cumming!!!

Paul rammed his dick all the way in your pussy and I could tell he was shooting his load into your pussy. I get back to concentrating on Pam and can tell her pussy is getting wetter and wetter. She asks me, "Please stick your dick in me!"

I tell her, "Not till after you have got off, this way!" Then I proceeded to increase my speed and tongue action. After another minute or so your started moaning and squirming.

You said, "Oh god, I am cumming!"

I cram my fingers all the way in as far as I could and push hard with my tongue against Pam's clit and got a mouthful of Pam's juices. After Pam's squirming had slowed, I looked up to see the 3 of you standing and looking at us. Your face is still got Jim's cum all over it and Jim and Paul are just grinning at Pam and I.

You say, "I glad you found someone to pass the time with. I think though, that we are missing a perfect opportunity here. You guys keep Pam entertained and I am going to follow through on my idea."

Pam said, " Ya'll heard Jen, I am ready to be entertained, now! So let's get started."

I quickly took off my clothes and stood there naked with my 8" dick raring to go. Pam started sucking on Jim's dick and jerking on Paul's meat with her left hand. I started licking on Pam's right nipple and playing with the left boob with my hand. After a minute or two Pam had got Jim and Paul up and running, too. I then asked, "Pam, how do you want to try this?"

Pam said, " I want all 3 of you at once, of course!" She then stood up from the lounger and said, "Paul lie down on your back, Rusty, you got my ass lubed up, so you fuck my ass and Jim I want that big dick of yours in my mouth for now."

We of course complied with our requested roles. I had never seen anything so horny, live before and for sure not participated in the act. I had only seen this in a porn film, but here was my s****r in law with all of her holes filled with dick and one of them was mine. Paul and I started slowly and gradually got into a rhythm and were syncing up nicely. I could feel his dick going out as I was going in through the thin wall separating Pam's two orifices. I kept watching as Pam was sucking Jim as deeply as she could, her moans of pleasure muffled by his dick. Paul and I gradually picked up speed and Pam was trying to meet our thrusts. I don't know if she had ever tried this before, but she was performing awesomely, if you ask me. She was bouncing up and down on Paul and managing to take my dick in her ass and still keep sucking on Jim. Pam was starting to pant and moan, faster and faster, and the 3 of us tried to keep up. None of us wanted to cum before Pam, but she was going to have to hurry. I was ready to burst from the tight ring of her ass clenching and unclenching on my shaft.

Pam suddenly pulled Jim from her mouth and screamed, "Oh my god, I am cumming!"

She stuck Jim's dick back in her mouth and tried to keep sucking. I could feel her spasms and then I felt Paul thrust all the way in and start shooting his load and that pushed me over the top, I rammed my dick all the way up Pam's ass and shot a huge load for me in her chute.

Pam stopped sucking again and said, " I'm cumming again!"

She kept jerking on Jim's dick and he groaned and started shooting another big load all over Pam's face and tits. She didn't stop jerking until he stopped shooting! she then put it back in her mouth and started trying to suck out the last drop.

Then we heard a round of applause and heard a female voice say, "Wow! what a performance. That looks delicious!" We turn and see Jen and 5 other friends watching.
Jen said, "These club members were the closest but 2 others are on the way. We are starting today, so get ready!"

(to be continued)...... Continue»
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bad gurl in town

I love business trips. New towns are so exciting. Whenever I enter a new town I check online to see where the local cruising spots are. This time it was in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Vancouver is a wonderful city with an active GLBT community. If you have never been there I highly recommend it.

Now I look pretty andro so I generally don't have a problem as a man or a woman. Tonight I was putting on my favorite skirt and cruising the town.

I went to the hottest gay night club but there was a huge lineup. Damn, I thought, no luck there. I decided to walk down the street a bit further and found an open 24 hour sex store with booths in the back.

It walked in and purchased ten dollars in token and walked into the dim back room. There was around a dozen booths and a couple had their 'occupied lights on. I smiled inwardly and picked a booth that was directly across a booth that was occupied and had its door slightly open.

I kept my door open and put in a couple tokens. The man in the booth opened his door a little more and peeked his head out. He was an attractive man in his late twenties, maybe early thirties.

He looked over at me in shock and I smiled back at him. I got up silently and walked over to his booth and opened the door and went in. I locked the bolt and got down on my knees. He had some straight porn on the screen and looked down at me in shock.

I smiled up at him wickedly and unbuckled his pants. He stammered that he had never done this before but I continued silently pulling down his pants. He was pretty average six inches. I grabbed his limp cock and put it into my mouth.

He hardened very quickly as I violently went down until his pubes were pressed tightly on my face. He gasped as I vigorously bobbed my head up and down. I lightly grabbed his balls and massaged them.

He moaned louder and louder as I violently sucked him off. After a couple of minutes he cried out out that he was about to cum. I smiled inwardly thinking that was quick as he exploded in my mouth. I cleaned every drop out as he looked down at me dumbfoundedly. I finished getting every last drop and looked up at him and smiled.

Thanks, I said, got up and walked out. I was obviously his first tranny and I think I left him shaking. I left the booth room and walked out of the store with a wicked smile...

Thanks Vancouver... I must visit here again.

... Continue»
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Wrong Club, but what a night - conclusion

Handcuffed to a chain hoist in a bar full of men. A cock in my pussy, another up my butt, an occasional pinch, slap, or lick from those watching. Now a guy standing on a table a foot or two from my face stroking his large, vein laced cock, until it squirts cum on my face, neck and tits.
The guy in my ass pushes deep and spills his load. The guy in my pussy grabs my hips and pulls me down hard on his shaft as the guy at my rear exits. Causing a rush of hot cum to ooze from my ass. My wrist are at their limit, as my cunt is filled with another guys spunk. The devise is lowered and I'm on my stomach on a table. My legs are held wide apart and I feel two cocks forcing their way into my pussy. Oh that's not enough, some sick bastard rams a beer bottle into my ass. Two perverts are plastering my tits with hickies and bites. What the fuck, a guy in a suit stands on a table unzips his pants and hauls out the king of cocks. It's got to be a foot long, and bigger around than any I've ever seen. He holds it to my lips and says, at least lick it, If you can get any of it in your mouth, your firm has a new contract. In the position I was in, all I could do was lick it. After a few minutes, I pulled away and said, Get me back to my room and I'll get some of that in my mouth. He threw a wad of cash on the table, said "let the bitch down, uncuff her, find her clothes, and thank you boys for her audition. Audition, what was this guy up to? My boss said he liked sexy dressers, but send me to a club where he knew I'd get gang ****d. I had to tie my blouse where it was cut off me. My skirt had been trampled on and was filthy, but at least it covered me somewhat. The thong was no where to be found. We left the club, walked to my hotel, and in the elevator. He grabbed my hair, twisted my face toward his and kissed me without passion, while groping my sopping cunt. Once i unlocked the door, he ripped my clothes off, pushed me on the bed and removed his pants. In full light, his cock seemed even bigger. I succeeded in getting the head of that monster in my mouth, rolled my tongue as best I could on it, and stroked it with both hands. He moaned, said OH shit that feels good. I hope your cunt can stretch more than your mouth. He turned me belly down, It felt like the bottom of a liter bottle as he probed for my opening. He got it lined up and got as much as I had in my mouth into my pussy. Then an inch or two of his shaft, he waited as I adapted to his girth. then more, more, Oh fuck nothing has ever fill me like this and I don't know if I enjoy it, or am in terror. Then he thrust his hips and I feel it all the way in, his balls slap my thighs, my head is spinning, then I cum like never before. OH Fuck you're huge, give it to me, move your hips, Oh God FUCK ME. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back, slapped my ass hard a few times. Let go my hair, leaned back and stuck one of his meaty fingers in my butt and hand caressed his cock with his finger. That sent me into another orgasm. As I was trembling, he shot off in what felt like buckets, filling me and forcing itself around his thrusting horse-cock running down my thighs and soaking the sheets. He turned me onto my back, cupped his hand and collected the fluid pouring from my cunt. Held it to my mouth and said lap it up, Yeah eat my cum. I did as he said and saw him getting hard again. No, it can't be.
But he climbed on top of me, got that back inside me and pounded in and out unmercifully, grinning and squeezing my tits like he was making lemonade. He drove himself into me so hard I thought I would puke. I have never been so ravaged. First by a bar full of guys, and now twice by a guy with the biggest cock I've ever seen, Please dump your load and get out of here I thought. Maybe if i talk to him..... Oh, your filling me like I've never been filled, I want to feel you come again, Fuck me, give me all you got, come in me again, bust your nut in my pussy, Oh Fuck I'm Cumming. And so did he, Damn the bigger they are the harder they cum. He rolled off of me, found his coat. Fished out some papers, signed them, said there you go. Tell your boss, next time we do business to send you. You are the best fuck I've had in years.... Continue»
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new cuckold pt II

After my wife Kay finished with Jim in the car we went home making sure he didn't follow us at Kay's insistence. Once home we fucked and Kay came like crazy and told me I was much better than Jim. I was proud but also disappointed that she hadn't enjoyed Jim that much because I knew a repeat performance wouldn't be happening. We did talk about her having sex with other men but she wanted to be more selective; meaning, a better lover, a bigger cock, and more time. Two to three weeks passed and I knew something was bothering her, but she refused to talk about it or much of anything she basicly cut me off it was driving me nuts and had me scared as to what was wrong. It took two weeks before she would tell me what was bothering her. Kay started by telling me our fantasies would be staying just that she had no intention of having sex with other men. Kay then told me why... two weeks ago on her way to work she stopped to get gas. While she was pumping gas Jim had opened the car door and climbed in behind the wheel.Jim told her to give him the keys and get in Kay had refused. Jim then slid over into the passenger seat, Kay not wanting to make a scene in front of people we knew with a man she had just screwed got in. Kay said she felt she was still in control. Jim told her to take him to our home so they could fuck some more, Kay wasn't about to let him know where she lived, she told him no. Jim told Kay she needed to suck on his cock right her then, but Kay wasn't about to do that at a busy gas station in broad daylight. Kay suggested that they go to his place if that was possible? Kay thaught if she played along she would catch him off gaurd and dump him at his place. Jim directed kay to a lonely looking old trailer as soon as Kay stopped the car he grabbed the keys and her purse and headed into the trailer. Kay chased Jim into the trailer not wanting him to have the chance to go through her purse. Once inside Jim pushed Kay to the bedroom and shut the door, and asked her if she was ready to have some fun, Kay decided what to hell might as well. They kissed and undressed each other. Jim sucked on her tits for awhile before he made Kay get on her knees and suck his cock. It didn't take long before Jim grabbed Kay by the head and shoved his cock all the way in her mouth as he came down her throat. Kay thought that was it but Jim wasn't done with her yet. He had Kay get on the bed and sucked on her tits some more while he fingered her pussy. Kay guided his finger to her button and after close to an hour she had an orgasm but by this time her tits where hard, purple and sore as Jim had sucked on them the entire time. Kay began to stroke his cock, it quickly began to get hard and Jim stopped sucking on her tits to enjoy Kay giving him a hand job. Jim was hard and ready to shove his cock into Kay's pussy now. Kay reminded him that he needed a condom as he climbed between her legs his cock brushing against her pussy. Jim paused and said oh yeah as he reached for the table by the bed and grabbed packet. Kay laid back and raised her legs in anticipation and felt Jim shove his cock all the way inside her pussy. Kay thought there was no way he could a condom on that fast so she asked him if he had a condom on. Jim had a hold of Kay's legs as he flipped the unopen condom toward her face. Kay tried to struggle but it was useless in her position. Kay protested, but Jim assured her he was clean and he was confident that she was as well. Kay screamed at him that he would make her pregnant she wasn't on birth control. That information was too much for Jim, he grunted oh my god and Kay felt his cock shoot his sperm into her pussy. Kay began to sob as she realized it was too late to stop him. Jim held his cock as deep as he could for several seconds as his cum shot into my wife's pussy, he then pumped slowly and shot more sperm into Kay. Kay couldn't believe it but he kept cumming for what seemed like 5 minutes. When Jim finally pulled his cock out Kay felt a gush of his sperm run out and down her ass. Jim held Kay's legs up for half an hour while he sucked her tits some more, and told her if it was a boy she should name him Jim as he grinned. Jim then got up pulled on a pair of shorts and went out of the bedroom shutting the door behind him. Kay wiped his sperm of her ass and pussy with the sheet and hurredly got dressed to leave, but he had tied the door shut from the outside. Kay checked the windows but they wouldn't open enough to get out even if she broke them, besides where would she go he had her keys and her purse. Kay banged on the door and told Jim he needed to let her go unless your k**napping me. Jim told Kay to keep her pants on and laughed as he opened the door. Kay pushed past him but Jim didn't try to stop her. Kay then saw her purse it's contents emptied on the kitchen table and spilled onto the floor. Kay gethered her things off the table as Jim receited her full name and address and said he couldn't wait to see if it was a boy or a girl. Kay fought back the tears as she bent over to pick up the rest of her things off the floor. Jim grabbed her around the waist from behind and said how about one more time, or would you like me to come call on you. Kay didn't say anything she could feel Jim's cock once again hard pushed up against her ass. That was answer enough for Jim he pulled her pants and panties down together and took his shorts off. Kay managed to step out of her pants and panties and dragged Jim, who was trying to ride her and get his cock in her pussy, about 4 feet to a sofa. Kay got on her knees and leaned over the sofa resting her head on her arms. Jim kneeled between her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy from behind. Jim pounded Kay's ass as he pumped his cock into her for a long while before he finally came, Kay came at the same time as she felt him shoot inside her. Jim then rested by leaning forward onto Kay's back his arms around her, his cock still in her pussy. They spent most of the afternoon with Jim's cock in Kay's pussy he would pump awhile then rest awhile. Kay came several more times that afternoon before Jim finally came again. Jim then pulled his cock out, he tossed Kay's keys on the table as he headed toward the back. Kay got herself dressed got her purse and her keys and got in the car to leave. She noticed as she drove away the time 3:46 she had spent almost 8 hours with Jim fucking her. Her pussy was beganing to feel sore as all the cum and juice soaked her pants and seat her tits hurt as well, but what hurt most of all was the possibility that she could be pregnant by him.... Kay said if her period didn't start in the next 2 days she was going to buy a home pregnancy test. ... Continue»
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mums new friend

6:26 pm, October 24 dgg

mmmm now your asking, my mum used to have a friend. the first time i ever went in to town to a night club i was about 17.
near the end of the night when i had worked up the courage to dance, i bumped into my mums friend becky (becky had the biggest tits i had ever seen, this was after her reduction, so she always caught my attention aswell as been quiete laidback and open), so out of politeness i offered to buy her a drink.
while i was at the bar my 2 friends said they were going in 5,
when i got back to becky i explained i was leaving with my mates so i would see her later,
the next thing i know she just grabs me and kisses me full on. to say i was shocked was a understatement but my god was i excited.
after our embrace she explained there was a bloke that would not leave her alone, so would i mind staying well i dint need asking twice, i let my mates know they left and i went back to find becky. sure enough she were'nt lying about the bloke but i was happy stood kissing and by now groping her in the middle of mustang's dance floor. after a while becky's friends turned up which i knew and she quickly put me down and denied kissing me full on that we were just saying goodbye, but it was too late they had been watching ten mins or so,
they were ready to leave and since we all lived in same village we all shared a taxi. when we got back i was invited back to one of becky's friends house with becky and another friend.
when we got in mark who's house it was, was a little suprised but he grabbed me a beer and made me welcome. i sat there like stone really nervous but wunt go home because now i was horny as fuck, when becky went to the toilet mark could see my situation and said why dont you just tell her you want to go back to hers now she aint been laid for ages and told us before she went out that she definatly wanted some tonight. so when she got down stairs i stood up and said come on i'm taking you home (i'm sure the rest of them were sniggering behind my back as the look on becky's face when she looked past me) so she grabed my hand took me outside kissed me and then tried to explian that she could not slep with me as she would not be able to speak to my mum again if it got found out and there was already 3 people in house that had seen us leave together. well i thought fuck it now or never i grabed and just stuck my tongue down her throat and f***ed her against the wall with little resistance.
we were really going for it in the street when she broke off and said stop a minute my keys are in the house, she was back in 5 secs,
we hastely made our way round to her house touching and groping and kissing all the way.
when we got in there was no time for foreplay we were both just too excited and way past that.
i pulled my pants off while she got hers off and she just bent over the sofa and said come on then give it to me. i was so hard and she was so wet and warm never felt a fanny so hot, i thrust straight in with ease and basically came within seconds i was so disapointed with myself and i was under no illussion that she was.
she went in the kitchen grabbed some kitchen paper and wiped her self,
when she came back in she said are we off to bed i followed but could not look her in the eye.
we both got into bed naked when i then realised that she had not finished with me,( i think she actually expected it how she was talking and caressing and teasing me) at my age then i had tried going down on a few lass's but not really knew what i was doing, now she was dominant and i had to go down on her even though i had just spilt my man muck, i went down sheepishly but she grabed my hair and proceded to shove me and tell me were she wanted me and how she wanted it (mark was right boy was she ready for it) then she was begging me to shove a finger in i did it was like a damm bursting i carried on thrusting my finger in then another. her thigh's started trembling she was now very vocal fuck me fuck me i fucked her and with cumming earlier and the beer taking a hold i fucked her and fucked cumming having a smoke break fucking some more i was so excited and even more excited as she was instructing me all the time so i knew she was getting just what she wanted. i left that morning well nearly afternoon. she has never slept with me since as a week later she met a bloke that proceeded to marry her but every time we see each other we blush and 11/12 years on i fantasise of returning
... Continue»
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The Journey Pt. 01

(Tim wants to see his wife with other men)

Chapter 1

Tim and Janice Harwick met while in college. He was a business major and she was working on her undergraduate degree in law. They dated throughout college and fell madly in love. They decided to get married after Tim graduated, and Janice would continue her study for a law degree.

The wedding was held in Tim's hometown. It was a large traditional wedding with over five hundred guests crammed into the small church. The newlyweds ran from the church to a chorus of cheers and rice; they were off to make a home and live the American dream.

Ten years later both had made their mark on their chosen professions. Tim was a partner in a large advertising agency and Janice was a well-respected associate professor of law at the local university. Both made good salaries, affording them a nice standard of living. There were no c***dren yet but that was in their plan at some point. However, Janice knew that at 35 years of age, her biological clock was ticking. Unfortunately, there had always been something that delayed the event. While Tim wanted c***dren, it was hard for him to see how they would have the time to fit them into their busy schedule without adversely influencing their life style.

If you asked either of them if their marriage was good, they would both give a resounding yes. However, that answer would belie the true emotions lying just beneath the surface. Despite their comfortable outward appearance, there was a deeper feeling that something was missing. Over the years, the stress of two professional wage earners had taken its toll on their personal lives, resulting in less and less time for each other. Sexual relations had become routine, if not mundane. Sex was relegated to the back burner and often turned into a quickie every couple of weeks when they weren't too tired.

The deplorable condition of their sexual relationship was on both of their minds often. However, neither of them felt comfortable talking about the subject: Janice because of her strict upbringing and Tim for fear of her anger. The result was the construction of an emotional wall, locking them on opposing sides. It had reached a point where they each thought that the other felt that sex wasn't important anymore in their marriage.

One Friday night, Janice and Tim had a rare night at home together. Tim was reading in the f****y room when Janice came in with a book on tort law that she had assigned for reading by her first-year class. She had to brush up on the subject herself, and then grade some papers.

Tim looked up and smiled as Janice walked toward him. She was wearing a baggy sweat suit, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. The thought occurred to him that she still looked sexy even in sweats, even with no makeup on. He knew that she had gained a few pounds in the last couple of years but it all went into the right places. In fact, Tim had always felt that she was a little too skinny anyway. She had been a dedicated exerciser when they met and had even participated in several marathons. As a result, her legs were still firm and she had a gorgeous, well-rounded butt.

As Tim watched her walk by he could see her bare breast bouncing under her top. On impulse he reached out and caressed a buttock, bringing a yelp from her.

"You're frisky tonight, Timmy," Janice said with an indulgent smile.

Tim reached up quickly, before she could get away, and pulled her onto his lap, bringing another surprised yelp from her lips. "It's all your fault for coming in here looking so sexy," he said and kissed her passionately. His hand slid up under her top and began to caress her breast as his tongue searched her mouth.

Janice pushed Tim away gently but firmly. "Boy, you are really hard up if you think I'm sexy in my sweats," she admonished him gently. She was just a little breathless. Then she moaned as she felt Tim begin to squeeze her nipple again, pinching it between his fingers. Janice knew that she had a lot of work to do tonight if she was going to be prepared for class the next day. "Tim, I have work to do!" she complained, grabbing his hand and pulling it from her breast.

Tim's smile turned to a frown. "It seems like you're always too busy," he said with undisguised frustration.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Janice returned as she stood up.

"It means that we never have any time for fun anymore."

Janice started to say something then stopped. Unfortunately, he was right. Janice sat back down on Tim's lap and said, "You're right, we're both far too busy. Truthfully, it's been bothering me lately as well. Everything is always so rushed." Janice snuggled comfortably into Tim and said, "I'm not sure what we can do about it though."

"I don't know either," Tim said, hiding his real feelings, adding another brick to that wall. No damn it he thought, it was time that they talked. "Janice, we need to do something or I'm afraid we'll drift away from each other."

"Do you think we're drifting away?" Janice asked in shock.

"Sometimes, yes! We hardly have time to talk, let alone time for sex. I remember not too long ago when we used to talk for hours. And... and we would make love for hours too."

"Yes, I remember," she sighed.

"We have to find time for each other." Then Tim remembered an article that he had read in Playboy. He didn't think Janice would go for it but he figured he had nothing to lose. "I read an article last month about what one couple did to spice up their life. It was about SEX so I'm sure you wouldn't like it."

"What do you mean that I wouldn't like it because it was about sex? I like sex."

"You do?" Tim said sarcastically.

"What makes you think I don't like sex?" Janice said defensively.

"Because you are a pru..." Tim started to call her a prude but realized that that would start a major argument. They were already treading on thin ice.

In truth, he did feel that she was a prude. She looked like the proverbial sex machine; tall, great shape, stylish blond hair and breasts with nipples that seemed to always be hard. Yet, behind closed doors she was anything but a sex machine. She had only given him oral sex on a few occasions and he had rarely done it to her. They never talked about it. Once he brought up anal sex and she just about went off the deep end, calling him a pervert.

"I'm a prude!" Janice almost screamed.

"I wasn't going to say that."

"Yes you were!"

"All right, I was, because you are!"

Janice stood up again, her face red with anger. "So I'm the prude. What about the time I wanted to wear that low- cut dress to your stuffy old Christmas party? You almost had a stroke. Then there was that time that Sally and Bill wanted us to watch a porn movie. I said yes, but you made a big deal about it. And I'm the prude!"

"It's not about dresses or movies," Tim said, returning her anger. "It's about the bedroom. When is the last time you... you... you know... oh, never mind," Tim said in frustration.

Janice was fuming now. She could barely speak. "Fine, I don't want to talk about this anyway." She stormed out of the room.

Tim started to respond but decided to shut up. It wasn't any use talking when they were both angry. The wall was getting bigger. He lifted his paper back up and tried to read. It was no use. His mind drifted to those forbidden thoughts that seemed to be coming quite often now.

In his dreams he was watching Janice lying naked on the bed. There was a man with her, but it wasn't him. They were kissing and he was fondling her breast. Tim's excitement grew as he watched the stranger kiss his wife, then move his hand under her skirt. She squirmed and sighed, pushing her hips down, demanding that he pleasure her. He watched though a dream -like fog as his wife spread her legs, opening herself for this stranger. She let him press his fingers deep into her.

"Sweetie, can we talk?"

Tim jumped, startled by his wife's voice. "Sure," he said, trying to shake the perverted vision from his head.

Janice sat on the sofa close to Tim and placed her arm over his shoulder. They sat quietly for a while gathering their thoughts. Tim spoke first. "Listen, Janice, I'm sorry I called you a prude," Tim said sincerely.

Janice put her fingers to Tim's lips to silence him. "The truth hurts," she said. "I'm afraid I have been a prude. You know that I was raised in a religious f****y and sex was never talked about. The truth is that I would love to really let go and do some of the wild things I've read about in magazines or heard the girls at school talk about. I... I... Oh damn," Janice said, her voice cracking with emotions. "Oh God, Tim, I fantasize about things all the time. I've even... even been masturbating lately."

It shocked Tim that Janice had been fantasizing, not to mention masturbating. His first inclination was to blame himself for not being man enough for her. Then he felt anger at her for closing him out. However, he was smart enough to know that the issues were a lot more complicated then secretly masturbating. Hell, he had done it plenty of times himself. Tim hugged Janice to him and they sat silently again for a long time.

"Tim, what was it you were going to suggest a little while ago...? Before I blew up?"

"It's too crazy. I don't even know why I brought it up."

"No, come on, what were you going to suggest?"

Tim took a deep breath and said, "Well, I was reading an article in Playboy magazine."

"Oh yes, that great philosophical journal," Janice said sarcastically.

"Fine, forget it," Tim said, anger flaring again.

"I'm sorry!" Janice apologized. "Please tell me."

Tim hesitated then started again. "It was about a man and woman whose sexual relations had become boring... like ours. They were about our age, however they had three c***dren. They agreed to take a week where one partner would do anything the other partner wanted. Anything!"

"Wow, that sounds dangerous, but tell me more," Janice said trying to sound interested but thinking that it was totally crazy.

"The guy came up with all these things that turned him on and his wife would have to do them. She had a safe word that when she used it, whatever he was doing he would stop. However, he would go on to something else. If she used the safe word three times they agreed to end the game. If she didn't, the husband had to do whatever the wife wanted for a week. If the wife beat the husband, by using the safe word less then him, she would get a present of her choice."

"Did she get her present?" Janice said, suddenly interested.

"Yep! She got her husband for a week. When he used the safe word twice, she got a trip to France. The guy claims that now their sex life is an adventure ever day. However, I don't know if you can believe the story or not."

"Sounds very interesting, but what kinds of things did he make her do?"

"Well, you know Playboy, it's always wild. He made her do things like going out without panties and flashing people. He experimented with all of his sexual fantasies. Some of them were pretty far out." Tim stopped for a moment, waiting for Janice to say something.

"Go on," she said with interest.

Tim took a deep breath and said, "Well, they tried oral sex, sex in public places, anal sex and even a little S&M. He even had her fool around with other guys."

Janice opened her eyes wide in shock. "Would you do that?" Janice asked, astonishment clearly in her voice.


"Would you let other men fool around with me?" she asked, almost trembling now.

"Uh... uh... I don't know," Tim said, his face turning red, giving himself away.

"You would!" Janice said is shock. Yet her shock was not entirely because of Tim's fantasy. Janice had her own fantasy lovers.

"I didn't say that! I... I... guess the thought of you teasing some guy does have an appeal to me. But that doesn't mean I don't love you or that I would let you go too far," he hastened to add.

"But you would let me do something with another guy? And, what does 'too far' mean anyway?" Janice asked nervously, her mouth suddenly dry as a vision of one forbidden evening not so long ago jumped into her head.

"I don't know," Tim said, now wishing he hadn't brought the subject up.

"This is hard to believe," Janice said, trying to act indignant but feeling her heart race in her chest.

"I knew that I shouldn't have brought it up. Let's just forget it." "No!" Janice said a little too loudly. Then she lowered her voice and said, "This seems pretty crazy to me, Tim." After a few minutes she whispered almost bashfully, "I would probably use the safe word the first day."

Tim could feel his heart begin to beat rapidly. It sounded like she might be interested. "That's what this guy said his wife said to him. However, she took it as a challenge. She never used the safe word, but he did, twice."

Janice was staring silently into space, a plethora of emotions running though her. On one hand, she was shocked by Tim's willingness to involve another man. However, on the other hand, she could not deny that she was feeling a tingle of excitement.

Tim took that opportunity to pull Janice to him and kiss her lips tenderly. When he heard her moan, he moved his hand under her sweatshirt again. This time she didn't push his hand away. He could feel her breathing speed up as he began to play with her already hard nipple. As their tongues worked together, Tim's hand slid under the waistband of her sweats and into her panties. He almost gasped when his fingers found her wet and already- swollen sex lips. It was obvious that the conversation had been more exciting to her then she was letting on.

Janice was embarrassed; her crotch was a swamp of sex juice. In fact, her juice had already soaked through her panties and was making a stain on the crotch of her sweat pants. Janice moaned as she felt Tim's fingers push into her pulsing hole. She spread her legs to give him better access. As his finger began to slide in and out, her hips moved up from the sofa, encouraging him to go deeper. She moaned in frustration when he suddenly pulled his finger out.

Tim quickly pulled Janice's top over her head then began to pull her pants down. She lifted her hips up and let him strip her naked. Then he stood up and looked at his sexy wife. She was lying back on the sofa, her legs were spread slightly apart, her thighs almost quivering. Her chest was moving up and down with her excited breathing and her eyes were hooded over with approaching pleasure.

When Tim's eyes moved down her body, he had to suppress a gasp. Her large nipples were hard, sticking out like pencil erasers. Her beautiful breasts sat up proudly, firm, yet soft. When he looked a little lower, he could see the very large inner lips protruding from her hair-covered vagina. He had always loved the way her vagina looked. He liked that the lips were long and fat. In fact, he had never seen any woman with lips as large as hers. Unfortunately, she rarely let him look at her like this. His mouth practically drooled as he looked at the dripping flesh between her legs. The few times she had let him eat her, it had been incredible to feel those fat lips in his mouth; he could practically fill his mouth with the swollen flesh.

Tim stripped off his clothes in record time and moved quickly into her arms. He moaned as his penis slid into his wife's willing body.

"Oh God, baby, you feel so good," Tim moaned as he began to move in and out of his wife's slick hole. When he felt her legs wrap around his waist, he began to pound into her with rapid strokes.

"Yes, yes, fuck me," Janice whispered, her excitement rising rapidly.

"Fuck me!" Tim thought. She never used language like that. Two could play that game, he thought. He bent to her ear. "Yes, I'm going to fuck you, baby. I'm going to pound into your pussy until you can't stand it anymore," Tim whispered, using words he had never spoken to her before.

"Oh yes, God yes fuuuucccckkk me!!!" Janice moaned as her excitement built beyond control.

Soon their bodies were covered in sweat as their moans filled the room. Tim worked to control his excitement. It had been a long time since he had been inside his wife and frankly, the conversation had excited him tremendously. Still, he wanted to make sure Janice enjoyed herself before he climaxed. He tried to think of anything but his wife's incredibly tight vagina. Suddenly, his dream flashed before his eyes. He wasn't with his wife any longer. He was watching... watching as she made love to another man. That was the wrong thing to think of.

Fortunately, Janice couldn't last very long either. "I'm going to cum," Janice breathed. "Yes, yes, ohhhhhhh!!!" she moaned as her body began to convulse in pleasure.

In his fantasy, his wife's lover bellowed that he was going to cum. He watched his beautiful wife wrap her legs around her lover, pulling him deep into her, waiting for his cum. This was the point at which time Tim always lost control.

Tim could feel his own balls pull tight to his body. "Oh God, baby, here it comes," he moaned. Then his penis throbbed and began to spurt juice into the welcoming hole of the women he loved.

Janice pulled Tim tightly to her, her heals digging into his buttocks, forcing him as deep as possible into her. She could feel her already saturated hole fill with her husband's seed. Suddenly an unwanted thought raced though her mind. It was no longer Tim between her legs, but rather her fantasy lover taking his pleasure inside her body. Without warning, a second, even more intense, climax rushed through her. She had never had two climaxes this close together. Hell, she was lucky to have one good one.

It was an intense coupling for both Tim and Janice. Maybe it was the argument... makeup sex was always good. Maybe, it was the thought of the suggestion Tim had made or the fantasy they secretly shared. Whatever the reason, it was the best sex the two had had in many of years. There was just a little crack in that emotional wall they had built.

Chapter 2

For the next several days, the only thing on Janice's mind was the proposition that Tim had made. At first, she dismissed it out of hand as a totally crazy idea. However, she couldn't deny that every time she thought of it, she could feel excitement begin to course through her.

There were a thousand questions going through her mind as well. What if Tim really wanted her to do something with another man? God, what if he wanted her to go to bed with another man? Could she really do it? Having someone in a fantasy was entirely different than doing it in real life. She knew that fantasies were innocent most of the time. She had read where most women dreamed of fantasy lovers.

And what about all the other things Tim had suggested? Sure she could go out without panties but could she really flash strangers? What about oral sex? She had grown up thinking it was dirty. Yes she had loved it the few times she had let Tim do it to her, but she had had too much to drink. At least that was her excuse. As far a performing oral sex, well, she really couldn't remember the few times she had done it to Tim because she had been intoxicated then, too. She knew that if she agreed to this wild game, she wouldn't be d***k.

Then there was the nagging thought that worried Janice more than anything else. Would Tim stray if he got the chance and she didn't change their sex life? She had seen his roving eye. He was a very handsome man and it would be easy for him to attract some immoral slut. Maybe he had already done it?

Janice knew that Tim loved her with all his heart. She felt the same way. But was that enough? Was love without true sexual satisfaction enough, especially for a couple in their thirties?

Suddenly, Janice knew what she had to do.

Tim had also been agonizing all week over their conversation. He had thought a hundred times that he should call her and tell her that it was all a joke,; that he could never do those things that he had read about. Yet, every time he thought about it, he felt an erection coming on.

He reached for the telephone to call Janice and tell her to forget what he had said when the telephone rang. "Hello."

"Tim," Janice said in a whisper, her voice strained.

"Janice, what's wrong?" Tim asked, clearly concerned.

"Nothing sweetie. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I have thought about your proposition. In fact, I have thought about nothing else. I have decided that the answer... the answer is yes," Janice said breathlessly.

"No honey, it's not necessary," Tim answered. "I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do. It was a crazy idea."

"I want to do it. I've thought about it all week and the truth is, it excites me."

Tim could feel his heart begin to pound in is chest. "Are you sure?" he asked uncertainly.


"Oh God," Tim said aloud without realizing it. Tim's brain began thinking of all the possibilities. He could feel his penis begin to harden in his pants. "God, I love you."

"I love you, sweetheart," Janice answered, her heart suddenly overflowing with love. "When do we start?" she asked hesitantly.

"Well, we both need to check on vacation. I think I can get off week after next," Tim said, taking a deep breath.

"Vacation? We have to take vacation?" Janice seemed surprised.

"That's what the couple in the article did. They even went out of town for a couple of days so that no one would recognize them."

"God, what did they do?" Janice asked, her voice shaking.

"I can't tell you that. Besides, we might not do the things that they did. I have my own ideas," Tim said with a little nervous laugh. In truth, he wasn't as confident as he wanted to appear. This was all new to him as well. However, he had a very active imagination and knew that he would come up with some pretty wild things. "Tim, I hope this doesn't get out of hand."

"We will make sure it doesn't honey," Tim reassured her. "Remember, you will have a safe word. Now do you think you can get some vacation?

"I have some time coming to me and I have a student teacher that wants to get her feet wet. However, I do have a guest lecturer coming in on Thursday, week after next," Janice said, thumbing through her calendar. Yes, Dr. Dan Forsman was coming to lecture her class that week. She didn't want to miss him. A little shiver ran through her as she thought of Dan. She hadn't seen him in over a year. No, she couldn't miss him. "If we can arrange it so that I can go in for several hours that day, I think I'm okay. However, let me check and let you know."

"Great! I love you so much," Tim said sincerely.

"Love you too sweetie, goodbye." Janice could feel her hands shaking as she hung up the telephone.

"Yes!" Tim said loud enough for his secretary to peek in to see if everything was okay.

"Is everything okay, Mr. Harwick?" Danielle asked, walking into Tim's office and closing his door.

Tim looked up at his pretty secretary. She was a gorgeous woman in her early 20's. She wore skirts too short and blouses too tight. It was clear to Tim that he could have her anytime he wanted. He had been tempted many times but had thus far resisted all her charms. He looked at the closed door with a frown then watched her walk over to the credenza that held the customer files.

"Everything is wonderful, Danielle," Tim smiled.

"I just need to get the Donnelly Fabrics file," Danielle smiled back and bent over to open the drawer.

Tim wanted to look away but found his eyes drawn to her rear as she bent forward. The short skirt pulled up in the back until he could see just the hint of her nylon tops. He already knew that she never wore pantyhose. He stared, fascinated by her sexy legs and the shinny nylons covering her thighs. Suddenly, he realized that she was looking back at him. He felt his face flush and turned away.

"The file isn't there. It must be in your desk." She turned and started to walk over to his desk.

Tim looked up at Danielle as she stopped suddenly and stood frozen, a strange expression on her face. However, she wasn't looking at his face. When he followed her eyes, he realized that she was staring at his crotch. He almost gasped. A large wet spot was forming on is slacks where his erection had slipped out of his underwear as it hardened down his leg. Now it was Tim that was paralyzed, but with embarrassment.

Danielle moved as if in a trance. She walked over and stood above Tim, her eyes never leaving the site of his erection twitching and leaking in his pants. Slowly she slid to her knees, her hands coming out to grasp his thighs.

Tim tensed. "Danielle," he gasped as he watched her hands slid up his thighs toward the tent in his pants. "Oh God," he moaned as her hand touched his swollen cloth- covered penis. He wanted to stop her but his hands wouldn't move.

Danielle could feel his penis twitching under her fingers as she slowly moved her hands across the large protrusion. God, she had wanted to do this for so long, she thought. She wasn't sure what had made him excited but she knew she couldn't miss the chance she had wanted for so long. Slowly her shaking fingers reached for his zipper.

The rasp of his zipper sounded loud in the quiet room.

"Danielle...," Tim gasped, his voice sounding like a squeak. The sexy woman between his legs ignored him.

Danielle moved one hand into the opening of his pants, searching for his hot flesh. A little moan escaped her lips as her hand wrapped around the smooth skin of his hard penis. She could grasp it but she was unable to pull it out. Sighing with frustration, she reached up, quickly unbuckled his pants, and began to tug them down.

"Danielle, we can't," Tim said feebly.

"Lift up," she said, ignoring him again. Danielle almost smiled when she felt her boss lift his hips and let her pull his pants and underwear to his ankles. Then she sucked in her breath when she saw his throbbing organ standing proudly before her eyes. It was beautiful, just like she had imagined a thousand times. The mushroom- shaped head pulsed with life as the entire penis throbbed in excitement. His testicles were large and squirming in their sack, swollen with sperm. A clear liquid was running out of the slit in a steady stream.

Tim's eyes were wide with excitement and fear. What am I doing? he thought. This is so wrong. Yet, there was no strength in his body to stop her. He moaned as he watched her cool hands caress his penis. bl**d was rushing to his head, making everything fuzzy. It was almost like he was watching someone else - not him and his secretary. It was another woman's pretty hands with the bright red nail polish wrapped around some other guy's penis. Tim began to tremble. Suddenly, he saw his wife's face.

Danielle stared at the throbbing flesh in her hands. She caressed it, squeezing more of his clear juice from the slit in the head until it bubbled out and ran down the shaft and across her fingers. As she ran one hand up and down the shaft, she brought the other hand to her mouth and licked the slick juice from between her fingers, her eyes glancing up at her amazed boss. A smile appeared on her lips. Suddenly, she needed to taste his flesh in her mouth. With an a****l- like groan she moved her head forward and enveloped the head.

"Oh my God," Tim moaned as he felt her warm mouth on the stretched skin of his penis. His hands gripped the arms of the chair as he watched the top of her head begin to move up and down.

Danielle was moaning as well. All of her senses were focused on the swollen knob in her mouth. She could taste the sweet juice running from the hole, she could smell his excitement. She sucked the head and ran her hand up and down the shaft as if she were milking him. In fact, she was milking him, desperate for the sweet juice in his swollen testicles. Danielle loved to perform oral sex. She was an expert. Sometimes she thought that she was obsessed with fellatio and drinking sperm.

Soon the room was filled with the sounds of Danielle's sucking mouth and their combined moans.

Tim couldn't believe how good it felt as he watched her mouth slobber over his rod. He had enjoyed it the few times Janice had done this but she was never very enthusiastic. Danielle appeared to love it.

"Oh God, Danielle, be careful or I'll..." he tried to warn her. It was already too late. Then with his last ounce of strength, he reached out in panic to grab her head. It was a weak and useless attempt to pull her head from his nearly climaxing penis.

Danielle moaned and shook her head, refusing to let him spoil it for her. She had waited too long not to get her reward now. She grabbed Tim's hands and pulled them from her head, holding them away. Then she worked her head up and down frantically, sucking hard; wanting desperately to bring him off before he could stop her. It worked!

"Ohhhhhhh!!!" Tim moaned when he felt his juice traveling up the shaft like an oil well ready to blow. He couldn't stop it now, even if he wanted to. Suddenly, his sperm exploded from the swollen head. His hips bucked up into Danielle's mouth. He vaguely heard her gurgling in pleasure as she drank his thick juice.

Danielle swallowed repeatedly as Tim filled her mouth with his sweet sperm. His penis throbbed repeatedly, forcing his thick juice into her mouth and down her throat. She wrenched one hand from Tim's grasp and wrapped her fingers around the shaft again. Her hand worked rapidly, pumping up and down in time with the throbbing shaft, milking the juice from him. Finally, she moaned in frustration when no more juice would come from the slowly deflating tube in her mouth. She swallowed one last time then let his penis slip from her lips. She looked up at her amazed boss and then stood up, smiling. "You have an appointment with Mr. Donnelly in fifteen minutes."

Tim sat in stunned silence as he watched Danielle wipe a drop of sperm from the corner of her mouth and lick it from her finger. She smiled devilishly before leaving his office. A few seconds later he realized that he was sitting in his office with his pants around his ankles and his wilted penis dripping onto the material of his slacks. With a deep sigh, he pulled his pants up and straightened his tie. Then he rushed red- faced past Danielle to the men's room to clean the whitish stains from his crotch before his client arrived.

When Tim left work that day, he was having pangs of guilt. He had never cheated on Janice. Maybe it wasn't really sex he told himself --- Clinton got away with that. However, deep inside he knew better. He stopped at a flower store and bought Janice a dozen roses.

It took Tim and Janice a couple of days to work out a mutual time for vacation. They told everybody that they had big plans for their vacation but were mysterious about where they were going or what they were doing.

Tim didn't say much to Janice about what was going to happen. He was being very secretive about everything. He knew that this was driving Janice mad but that was all part of the plan. He wanted her to be a little worried and excited, - that was part of the fun.

Tim made mysterious telephone calls. As hard as Janice tried, she couldn't figure out what was going on.

Finally, on the Saturday that their vacations started, Tim sat down with Janice. "Sweetie, I want to make sure you still want to do this?" Tim said as he took Janice's hand. He held his breath, hoping that she hadn't changed her mind.

"Sweetie, I want to make sure you still want to do this?" Tim said as he took Janice's hand. He held his breath, hoping that she hadn't changed her mind.

Janice didn't answer for a long time. "Yes, I still want to do it, but I'm scared," she finally said, her hands shaking and moist with her sweat. She looked at her husband of ten years and wondered if she really knew him. It almost seemed that he had become someone different. Not bad, just different. There was a light in his eyes and a bounce in his step that she hadn't seen in years.

Tim saw her pensive look and said, "You know that I would never, ever, hurt you, don't you?"

"Yes, but I don't know what's going to happen. What if I don't like it?" Janice said, tears coming to her eyes.

"If you don't agree to something that I am about to do you will use the safe word 'Geranium'. However, remember, if you use it three times, it's over and I win."

"What do you get if you win?" Janice asked.

"I want you to give me sex any time I want for the next year. However, if you don't use it three times, I am yours for a week. Then, after my week and you have used the code word less than me, you get to buy that convertible you have always wanted."

"It's confusing to me."

"Well, just remember that this is supposed to be fun and enhance our sex lives. Don't worry, I'll keep score," he said with a smile. "Listen, Janice, I know you have ideas about sex that have been drummed into you since you were young. Frankly, I have my own hang-ups. I think many marriages fail because couples never explore their relationship. I 'm sure that some of the things we will do, you will not like at first. I will be sensitive to that. However, I think that deep down inside that you will love most of it."

Janice could feel her head spinning with excitement and confusion. Who was this new man sitting across from her? she thought. She had slept almost every night with him for the last ten years yet never really knew him. God, maybe she didn't know herself any better.

"Tim?" she said quietly.

"What, sweety?"

"I don't want a convertible if I win."

"All right then, what do you want?"

"I want... uh... I want a baby!" Janice said hesitantly.

Tim's eyes opened wide in surprise. Not because Janice wanted a baby now but that she would bring it up as a bargaining chip. "I thought we were going to wait a few more years for that."

"I know, but I'm not getting any younger and neither are you."

"I know, sweetheart, but a baby makes life a lot more difficult with our careers and all," Tim answered in a less than convincing tone.

"That's the deal. Take it or leave it," Janice said trying to sound defiant.

Tim was silent for a few minutes as if he were mulling over the offer. The truth was that he was thinking that time was getting short as well. He was about to say that she could have her baby without winning the contest. However, the challenge might help him reach his objective of sexually liberating both of them. "Well, I guess I don't have any choice," he answered with a sigh. "However, if I win, I get all the sex I want and we wait another year. Deal?"

"Deal!" Janice said, her heart thumping with excitement. "Now, we have a couple of appointments at the mall," Tim said.

"At the mall?"

"Yep, we need to get you some new clothes," Tim smiled.

Chapter 3

"But why do I have to wear this short skirt just to go to the mall?" Janice asked as she tried vainly to pull the impossibly short skirt further down her thighs. It was a skirt that she had never worn because it was too short when she bought it. Now it was definitely too tight as well.

"Short skirt, white blouse, no bra and no panties," Tim responded.

"No bra or panties!" Janice practically screamed, as she stood topless with her hands on her hips in defiance.

"It's my rules. Now get those panties off and the thigh high nylons and the white blouse on," Tim said pointing to the clothes on the bed. "You look so cute when you're mad," he added.

"But we're just going to the mall," Janice tried to reason with Tim again.

"No buts. Now hurry up, I'll see you downstairs in ten minutes. Don't be late," Tim said with a confidence in his voice that he didn't really feel. This was the first test for Janice and him. He wasn't at all certain what the outcome would be.

Tim sighed a quiet sigh of relief when he saw Janice come down the stairs wearing the clothes he had asked. He felt a little twinge of excitement when he saw her dark nipples under the thin blouse. His hands went to her ass as he hugged her to him. She shivered when he squeezed her firm ass cheeks. Tim was satisfied when he felt her bare ass under her skirt.

A half-hour later he and Janice arrived at the mall. The first place they went was to a department store where Tim picked out four or five skirts, blouses, and dresses for Janice. Each piece of clothing had in the same thing in common:; they were short, tight, and revealing. No matter how much Janice protested, Tim wouldn't relent and made her try each article on.

Janice felt very uncomfortable trying on the clothes because she was naked under them. She had never tried on clothes without underwear except for when she was buying bathing suits. However, as much as she tried to deny it, the situation was exciting her. Her hands were shaking as she tried on one lacy blouse, looked in the mirror, and saw her nipples poking through. Then she put on one of the little skirts Tim had selected. God, you could practically see my crotch in this, she thought. She turned around and looked at the rear view in the mirror as she bent forward slightly. A sudden thrill of pride went through her when she saw the long expanse of her thighs revealed below the short hem. "My legs still look pretty damn good," she said in a whisper to herself. Then she bent a little further forward and gasped. The cheeks of her ass were revealed and the puffy pouch of her vagina could be plainly seen between her thighs.

"Are you ever going to come out of there?" Tim asked from outside the curtain.

Janice's face was flush when she peeked out of the dressing room and was told by Tim to come out so he could see the clothes. She rushed out, praying that there was no one else around. Unfortunately, there were two older women waiting for a booth. They both looked at Janice with surprise and a hint of disapproval. As soon as Tim gave his nod of approval, she rushed back into the privacy of the dressing room, her heart pounding in her chest.

"Old biddies!" she said to herself.

Finally, she had tried on every article of clothing. Tim took the ones he liked most and purchased them while Janice dressed again.

The next stop was the exercise section where Tim made Janice purchase several pair of skin-tight stretch shorts and tops. He said she needed to get into shape.

As Tim and Janice walked hand in hand down the mall, he noticed that all the men who passed them would look at Janice's bouncing breasts. He could feel her tense beside him when one would stare for too long. Yet, there was nothing she could do to stop the staring. There were several men who seemed to pass by more than once. It almost seemed to Tim as if Janice was walking taller, with her chest thrust out. Tim smiled with pride.

"Yes, this should do," Tim said almost to himself as he stopped in front of a shoe store. Then he turned to Janice. "I want you to go in and pick out three or four pair of four -inch high heels. They can be any color;, you decide."

"Aren't you coming in?" she asked.

"No, I'll wait out here."

Janice thought that was strange but walked into the shoe store and began to look around. As she stood looking at a pair of shoes, a young man came up to her and asked if he could help. She looked around for a female clerk but saw none. Suddenly it dawned on Janice. There were two young men in the store and she was going to have to be waited on by one of them. Her heart started to pound as she realized that when she sat down there would be no way that she could prevent the young man from looking up her skirt. When Janice turned to look for Tim, she saw him standing outside looking through the window with a smile on his face.

"Ma'am, may I help you?" the young man asked again.

"Uh... I'm sorry, uh... I would like to see these shoes in various colors," Janice said nervously, pointing to a pair of stiletto heels. "Size 8 medium, I think."

"Have a seat right over there. Let's get a measurement first," the young man said with a bright smile. The clerk led Janice over to a chair and had her sit down. He knelt at her feet, fiddling with the measuring device.

Janice could feel her face turning red as she saw the young man's eyes on her very exposed thighs. He was so young, maybe just out of high school or - God forbid! - still in high school. She looked away, unable to watch as the clerk sat on a low stool and reached for her foot. Then he lifted her leg in order to get her foot situated in the measuring device. She could feel her thighs separating and knew that he could see far up her thighs.

The young man had seen plenty of women come in with short skirts on. He and his partner would fight over which one of them would wait on the best-looking women. It was his turn. He was delighted when he saw this older woman come into the store. From the angle that he was sitting now, he had a fairly clear view up her skirt. She wasn't wearing nylons and it almost looked like she wasn't wearing any panties either.

The clerk took an inordinately long time to get the proper measurements. He even took the other foot and measured it saying that everybody had one foot that was smaller than the other. His eyes were rarely on the measuring device though. Subtly, he tried to maneuver her legs to get a better view.

However, Janice wasn't going to make it easy for him. She continually pulled her skirt down and shifted to protect her modesty. It was a losing battle.

Finally, when the young clerk could delay it no more, he got up, excused himself, and went over toward the stock room to get several pair of shoes.

"Hey, Ron," he whispered excitedly as he passed his partner. "We have a hot one over there. I don't think she has any panties on. And I know she isn't wearing a bra. God, you should see those nipples!"

"No k**ding?" the other clerk said excitedly. "Can I help?"

"She's mine," he said smugly.

"Come on man! I let you work with one of mine," the other boy pleaded.

"All right, if you loan me ten bucks until payday, you can bring a couple of pairs out."

"No problem," the other boy smiled, pulling a ten-dollar bill from his wallet and following his friend into the stock room.

The clerk hurried back to Janice with a stack of boxes of shoes. "I wasn't sure which style you would like, so I brought a couple in each color."

Janice tried to concentrate on getting a pair of shoes that fit but it was nearly impossible. In spite of her embarrassment, she could feel herself getting excited. She tried vainly to keep her legs together as the young boy moved her feet carelessly around again, pretending to have trouble fitting her foot into the shoes. Finally, she sighed in resignation and decided that if Tim wanted her to act like a slut that's what she would do. She looked one last time at Tim through the window. She gave him a tight-lipped frown and thought briefly about sticking her tongue out at him. Then she turned back to the young man sitting on the low stool in front of her.

Her heart was pounding in her chest when she lifted her leg, setting her foot on the chair to buckle a strap around her ankle. This caused her skirt to slide up her leg. One thigh slipped away from the other in the process. If the young man had any doubt that she was wearing no underwear, it had been removed. Janice saw his eyes staring directly at her exposed crotch. She suppressed a moan when she felt her large sex lips pulse and juice begin to trickle out.

It became almost comical watching the two young men scurry around, bringing her shoe after shoe. By the time she had purchased three pair, both young men had tents in their pants and Janice was worried that she was going to leave a stain on the back of her skirt. She walked up to the counter and gave the boy her credit card with a smile. She saw his face blush when she looked him in the eyes. When he handed her the card back she said, "Thank you, young man. You were very helpful."

"Uh... uh... you're welcome," he stuttered.

When Janice walked out of the store with her shoes in a bag, Tim was standing there with a wide grin on his face. "Was that fun for you?" she asked, trying unsuccessfully to act angry.

"Yes, it was. Now we have one last stop at the lingerie store."

Janice moaned and walked with Tim down the mall. She could feel her thighs sticking together as her juice still trickled from her swollen lips.

"Hi, Tim," an attractive woman said in greeting as the two walked into the store. Then she hugged him in a familiar fashion and kissed him briefly on the lips.

"Hi, Felicia," Tim said, returning the hug. "Felicia Raymond, this is my wife, Janice," Tim said turning to introduce his wife.

"Hi, Janice," Felicia said with a bright smile.

"Hello," Janice said in a less than friendly tone. She wondered how Tim knew this strikingly beautiful older woman. Suddenly she felt a little twinge of jealousy.

It was easy for Tim to see the look of concern on Janice's face. "Felicia and I go back a long way together. I worked with her when she left her ad agency. She is going to help us pick out some nice sexy outfits for you."

Janice looked at Felicia in surprise. She didn't need any help picking out underwear. Tim acted like this had all been prearranged she thought.

Felicia smiled at Tim. She was surprised by his call yesterday but readily agreed to go along with his plan to make his married life a little more exciting. Felicia would do anything for Tim because he was more than a friend. She owed him... she owed him big. When she was in her thirties, everybody thought she was washed up. Though she was still beautiful, no one wanted a model in her thirties. Tim took her into his agency and got her work that made her enough money to be comfortable for the rest of her life. She and Tim had never been intimate but she would have done anything he wanted.

Felicia was a divorced woman in her early forties. She had taken some of the money she had made working for Tim's agency and bought the store. While she didn't really need the money, the store kept her busy and gave her the opportunity to stay involved with the modeling business. In fact, she had been instrumental in starting several young ladies in the business. When she looked at Janice she mused that she was pretty enough to be a model herself.

Felicia still had a classy look and moved like the model she had been. She was tall with black hair and penetrating blue eyes. Her body was still in great shape and she had even avoided the surgeon's knife, unlike so many of her friends.

"Come with me," Felicia said, taking Janice's hand and led her toward the back of the store. "Sandy, take the counter for me," Felicia said to a young woman who was straightening up clothes.

"Certainly, Ms. Raymond," the woman replied and hurried to the front.

Janice saw that there were a number of sexy outfits hanging on a bar in the dressing room area and some lying on a table.

"Jim tells me you are about my size but I can see that you have a much larger chest," Felicia said with an indulgent smile at Tim.

Janice blushed when she saw the woman look directly at her almost see-through blouse. She knew that her nipples were still hard and plainly visible through the thin material.

"Men!" Felicia said with a little smile as she sized up Janice's full breasts under the thin blouse. "I'm sure I have some sexy bras that will fit you. Try this corset on while I go and get larger- sized bras," Felicia said, handing her an outfit on a hanger.

Janice stepped behind the curtain and took off her blouse and skirt, leaving her naked but for her heels and nylons. She picked up the first piece of clothing. She looked at the tiny piece of material in her hand. It was skimpy waist cincher that had garter straps hanging from the bottom. Before Janice could put it on, the curtain opened and Felicia walked in. Janice jumped and pulled the little piece of material over her body. It was much too small to cover her nakedness.

"Here are some larger bras. The material is soft but under-wired to help support you when you are wearing a low- cut outfit," Felicia said, smiling at Janice's embarrassment. She appraised the naked woman in front of her. She looks even better with her clothes off, Felicia thought as her eyes ran up and down the younger woman's body. "Don't worry, sweetie, I've been in the modeling business for a lot of years and I have seen more naked women then you can count." Felicia reached out and pulled the waist cincher from Janice's hand.

Janice stood naked and in shock, as Felicia then wrapped the little piece of clothing around her waist and snapped it up the back. It had cup areas where the breasts would be supported, but her upper breasts and nipples were left bare. It squeezed her waist in, emphasizing her hips and bust. When worn under clothes, it would look like she was braless.

Felicia moved around Janice, touching her body here and there making sure the outfit was comfortable. She put her fingers under the sides, checking for fit. She even lifted the cups under Janice's breasts insuring it was the correct size.

Janet stood tensely as this attractive woman touched her body in places that not even her doctor dared touch.

"There, that looks very sexy," she said and pushed the curtain slightly aside and motioned to Tim.

Tim looked into the dressing room at his mortified wife. "Wow, that looks great. We'll take it," Tim said excitedly.

"All right, calm down, boy. We have a lot more to try on. I'll call you when we need you." Felicia closed the curtain.

For over an hour, Felicia helped Janice try on outfit after outfit. With each piece of clothes, Felicia took more and more liberties with Janice. Janice, for her part, felt helpless. No matter how hard she tried to hate what was happening, her body betrayed her. She could feel herself quivering inside. Her heart was racing when she saw Felicia kneel in front of her to clip a pair of nylons to the garter around her waist. She was embarrassed when she realized that Felicia's face just inches from her swollen crotch. Janice was afraid to look down for she knew that her large inner lips were swollen and protruding from between the outer lips. She could even smell her own excitement so she knew that Felicia could smell it as well.

"Oh my," Felicia said when she looked at Janice's crotch. Her thighs were literally covered in a clear juice. It hung in silvery strings from her pubic hair and the swollen inner lips. "Excuse me just a second." Felicia left the dressing room and returned a minute later with several Kleenex tissues.

Janice stood paralyzed with fear as Felicia again knelt and pushed her legs apart. She used the Kleenex to gently wipe her glistening thighs. It seemed that she spent more time than was necessary wiping up the juice. Little shivers rippled through Janice's body as she felt the breath of the woman on her upper legs. When she looked down, she could only see the top of the woman's head, but she could tell that her eyes were staring at her vagina. For a second she thought that she was going to lean forward and kiss her.

"I've never seen lips that large before," Felicia whispered almost to herself.

Then Janice saw one of Felicia's fingers slide up her thigh. "Oh God," she moaned as she felt the finger slide across her thigh. Slowly it moved upward until it touched her swollen lips. The finger slid between the lips and across the swollen clit. Suddenly, and incredibly, Janice felt a climax run down her body. She felt like she might collapse as her hands reached out and grasped the older woman's shoulders for support. "Ohhhhh!!! Oh Jesus," she whimpered as her body shook with illicit pleasure.

Felicia stood up, placing her hands on Janice's hips to steady her. The older woman was breathing heavily as well now. She looked into Janice's surprised face. "I think we have enough clothes for you today," she said breathlessly, pulling her naked body to her.

Janice was staring right into the classy woman's eyes, her breasts flattened against the Felicia's cloth-covered chest of Felicia. Again, she felt like Felicia was going to kiss her. This time she was right. Her eyes opened wide in shock as Felicia moved her lips to hers for a wet kiss. Janice stood tensely as the older woman's mouth opened and her tongue pushed on her own closed lips. The probing tongue was insistent and f***ed itself into her mouth. Janice moaned in spite of herself when she tasted the woman's sweet saliva.

Felicia pulled away from her naked friend. "Tim is a lucky man and you are a very sexy woman," Felicia said and touched Janice's face gently with her hand. "Maybe I'll see you again, sweetie."

Janice was speechless. She never remembered feeling attracted to a woman before. Yet, as she stared into her eyes, she almost felt drawn to kiss her back. With all her will, she restrained herself and pulled away. She saw a little disappointment in Felicia's eyes. "Uh... thank you... you were a big help," Janice quickly added, her face turning red at the thought of what she was really thanking her for.

Felicia's face brightened. "You're welcome. , Anytime."

Tim almost had to carry Janice from the mall that afternoon. Her legs felt like rubber. The entire experience had almost been too much for her.

As soon as Tim and Janice left the store, Felicia went over to her assistant. "Sandy, put a sign on the door that we are out to dinner and then come back in the back room."

Sandy's face broke into a wide grin. "Yes, ma'am," she said and hurried to put the sign in the window. Felicia was already naked when Sandy walked into the back of the store.

Chapter 4

Tim made Janice a strong drink when they arrived home. He left her sitting on the bed and went into the bathroom. A short time later he came out and pulled Janice from the bed. She was like a rag doll as he stripped her clothes off and led her into the bathroom.

The bathroom was lit in the glow of a dozen fragrant candles. The large Jacuzzi tub was filled with a steaming bubble bath.

Janice stepped into the steaming water and settled down with a moan of pleasure. Tim handed her another drink, then leaned over the tub, and gently began to bath her. At one point he looked at her face and smiled. "I love you," he whispered and kissed her lips gently.

When he was finished washing her, Tim left, letting Janice soak for a long time before he came back in and pulled her to her feet. He took a soft fluffy towel and dried her but didn't let her get out of the tub.

Janice saw that he had brought with him a pair of scissors, a razor, and shaving cream. She looked at him quizzically as he placed them on a towel on the side of the tub. She felt a sinking feeling as he picked up the scissors and began to trim her pubic hair. When he had it very short, he lathered her up and used the razor to remove all of her pubic hair. Then he rinsed her with a gentle spray of warm water and patted her dry.

"Beautiful," Tim said to himself as he looked at his handiwork.

Tim took Janice's hand and began to lead her out of the bathroom. When he felt her stop, he turned to look at her. He saw that she was staring into the mirror at her smoothly shaven pubic mound.

God, I almost look obscene, she thought as she looked at her large protruding inner lips hanging from her hairless pubic area. She had never really noticed how incredible large they were. She knew that they got even larger when she was excited. Then she felt a tug on her hand and followed Tim into the bedroom.

"Get on the bed on your back," Tim ordered.

She looked at him like she didn't understand.

"Come on, get on the bed."

Janice climbed onto the bed and laid on her back in the middle. She was shocked when Tim began to tie her hands to the bedpost above her head. "Tim, what are you doing?" she asked, frightened.

"Shhhhh!" Tim whispered, as he finished tying her hands then went to her feet. He pulled her legs apart and tied each leg to a bedpost. When he had her spread and helpless on the bed, he stood back and stripped off his clothes. Then he crawled onto the bed, between his wife's legs, on his hands and knees. He looked up at her and said, "You never seemed to have really liked it when I have eaten you before. I'm going to eat you this time for my own pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as well."

"Tim, no, oh God!," Janice exclaimed as she watched Tim bend his head. It's dirty! her mind screamed.

Tim kissed slowly up her thighs, taking time to touch every inch of her soft inner thigh. He could feel her legs tremble as he neared her vagina. However, when he got close, he moved back - all the way to her knee. He kissed down her calf to her ankle until finally he reached her toes.

Janice watched as Tim opened his mouth and took her big toe inside. She felt a chill run down her spine. It tickled, yet suddenly her vagina began to throb. She would have never believed that having her toe sucked could be sensual. Yet, she could feel her sex lips begin to swell as Tim sucked first one toe then another until ever toe was wet with his saliva. His tongue moved between each toe, sliding in and out slowly, sensuously. Then he moved to the other foot, kissed, and licked it until he felt Janice quivering. Finally, he began to kiss up her legs again, stopping to lick the sensitive areas around her knee.

Now Tim could feel Janice begin to squirm, pulling u*********sly against her bonds. He smiled to himself as he neared her vagina again. He could smell her excitement and he could see that her lips were now swollen. There was a clear liquid running from her hole. Her beautiful, smoothly shaven vagina excited him beyond reason. He was shaking as he settled between her legs. Tim stuck out his tongue and gentle licked Janice's swollen lips.

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!" Janice moaned.

Tim used his fingers to pry the outer lips open, leaving the inner lips exposed. He stared at the wrinkled flesh for a long time. Finally, he gently blew warm air on the sensitive skin and watched it quiver.

"Oh God, Tim!," Janice pleaded, pulling on her bonds.

Tim looked up at her lust- filled eyes. He stuck out his tongue and touched the swollen clit with the tip of his tongue.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Janice moaned and threw her head back, her fists closed tightly.

Then he flicked his tongue rapidly on the quivering nub. Janice began to shake like she having a seizure, her arm's and leg's pulling at her bonds. "Ohhhhhhh Godddddd!!!!"

"Ohhhhhhh Godddddd!!!!"

Tim opened his mouth and sucked the swollen lips inside. His mouth was practically filled with her sweet flesh. Tim moaned deep in his throat at the taste of his wife's vagina. He knew that he would never be denied this pleasure again.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!," Janice screamed, pulling violently against the bonds holding her arms and legs. Suddenly, it felt like her body might go into convulsions. Every muscle was stretched like a rubber band. Her hips lifted off the bed.

Tim grabbed her hips, holding them down and began to suck her swollen vagina like a madman, ignoring her screams.

Fireworks were going off in Janice's head, causing bright flashes of light behind her tightly closed eyes. She had never felt anything like it in her life. Shock waves emanated from her groin and ran up and down her body. "Tim, Tim, ohhhhhh God, Tim," she breathed as the most incredible climax of her life rolled through her.

Tim continued to eat his wife long after her shuddering stopped. He was lost in his own world until he heard her moans change. He realized that she was becoming sensitive. When he pulled away and looked up at her, he saw that her eyes were closed and there were tears rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly concerned, he untied her hands and feet, crawled in bed next to her and pulled her into his arms. "Is everything okay?" he asked, clearly worried.

"Everything is wonderful," she whispered, her voice heavy with emotion.

Tim was relieved when he saw a smile come through the tears. The hardness of his penis had diminished some when he thought he had gone too far. However, as soon as their lips met, he was rock hard again.

"Thank you, thank you. That was... That was... incredible. I never knew what I was missing," Janice said sincerely. "Where did you learn that stuff?"

"I read a lot," Tim said, his face turning red at the admission.

Janice looked at him, searching his eyes for the truth. It was there. "Do you... do you... uh... want me to you know... do the same to you?" she struggled to say.

"Not tonight. Right now I want to be inside you," Tim replied, almost embarrassed again.

Janice smiled and lifted her leg and placed it over Tim's hip, her breast pressed to his chest. She reached down and grasped his hard penis and felt it pulse in her hand. She was almost surprised at the size. It somehow seemed larger, almost like she was feeling him for the first time. She heard him moan as she brought the swollen head to her still sensitive lips. First she rubbed it up and down her slit, letting her fat, bl**d filled inner lips massage the head. Then she placed it at the opening of her hole, grabbed his hips, and pulled him slowly into her, humping her hips at the same time.

"Oh Jesus," Tim moaned as he felt his wife's warm tunnel caresses his flesh, taking him deep inside. Tim began to slowly move in and out, trying to control his excitement. "Oh God, baby, I'm not going to last very long," he said with regret.

"It's okay. I want you to cum in me. I want everything that you've been saving for me all day. I want to sl**p all night with your sweet sperm inside me. I love you Tim." Janice kissed Tim's lips, forcing her tongue deep into his mouth.

Tim moaned deep into his wife's mouth as his penis jerked inside her body. It was his turn for fireworks to go off in his head as his pent- up excitement and love released itself into his wife's loving body.

Janice could feel her husband's sperm filling her. She felt closer to him then she had ever felt before.

They fell asl**p in each other's arms, Tim's penis gradually losing its firmness and slipping from her body, followed by a trail of his sperm.

Chapter 5

"Wake up, sl**pyhead," Tim said as he walked into the bedroom with a tray of food.

Janice opened her eyes slowly then smiled as she remembered last night. "Good morning, sweetheart," she said as she set up in bed and stretched. "What's this? , Breakfast in bed? Did I die and go to heaven?" she joked.

"Nope, I just wanted to make sure that you had plenty of strength for today."

Janice looked at Tim with a worried look. "What's going to happen today that I need my strength?" she asked as she watched Tim sit a tray with cereal, toast, orange juice, and coffee on her lap.

"Well, we are going to go to the gym. I think you are a little out of shape," he said with a smile. "Then I'm taking you to dinner at a nice restaurant. I have a little surprise for you that will make our dinner very interesting."

"What kind of surprise?" Janice asked with dread in her voice as she slowly began to eat.

"You'll find out. That's all I'll tell you for now."

Janice moaned as a shiver raced through her. "Tim, yesterday was wonderful but I don't know about the other stuff."

"Well, you know the safe word. If you say it three times, we will stop everything," Jim said with a frown.

Janice was quiet for a long time, thinking as she ate. She couldn't deny that yesterday and last night was the most exciting time of her life, even more exciting than her wedding night. She wasn't about to use the safe word for this. "No, I don't want to use the safe word," she stated emphatically.

Tim sighed with relief. He was so excited about the week ahead that he could hardly wait. Yet, he knew that he had to be calm and take his time. If he made a critical mistake, it could all be over with and that could be a serious blow to their relationship.

When Janice finished breakfast and got out of bed, she realized that she needed another shower. She had dried cum all over her legs and her vagina. She took a long shower then dried herself and used a scented cream on her body. When she lifted one leg to the vanity to smooth cream on the back of her thigh, she almost gasped. She saw her vagina almost obscenely exposed, the large lips dangling between her smooth outer lips. With trembling fingers she opened herself, exposing her little clit and already wet hole. The little nub was still swollen some. It was smooth and almost looked like a miniature penis. When she touched the bump of flesh, it quivered and she moaned. It was still sensitive from the previous night. Then she slid a finger into her hole. Another gasp escaped her lips and her hips began to move. With great will power, she pulled her finger out. It was shinny with juice. On impulse she brought the finger to her mouth and sucked it clean. Her finger tasted like her, yet there was something more. Suddenly she remembered that she probably had some of Tim's sperm left inside her. An excited shiver raced through her as she moved her fingers back to her vagina. This time she slid two inside and worked them around. When she pulled them out, they were slick with juice. Again, she brought the fingers to her mouth and one at a time she sucked them clean.

Janice spent a long time exploring herself like she should have done as a little girl. Unfortunately, she had been taught that it was dirty. Finally, she concluded that there was nothing dirty about her sexual parts. In fact, she liked the way she looked.

When she finally came out of the bathroom, she saw that Tim had laid out a pair of exercise shorts and top. Just as she picked up the shorts, Tim came in carrying her exercise suit and wearing his own exercise outfit.

"Come on, sweetie, we have to get moving."

Janice started to get a pair of panties from the dresser.

"No panties!" Tim said, sitting on the bed to watch her dress.

Janice looked at Tim and gave him an indulgent smile. She put her feet into the shorts and pulled them up her thighs. She immediately realized that these shorts were very, very tight. By the time she had them around her waist, she knew that there had to be a mistake. "These shorts are too small. They must have made a mistake at the store."

"No, they didn't. I got them two sizes smaller," Jim smiled lecherously.

"God, I can't wear these," she said as she walked over to the full-length mirror on the back of the door. She gasped when she saw that the skintight gray cotton shorts revealed her vagina in an obscene manner. The seam of the shorts ran directly between her lips, separating them and emphasizing their size. The only good thing was that the shorts had an absorbent pad in the crotch. However, the pad only served to further separate and stimulate the lips of her vagina.

Tim watched from the bed as Janice looked at herself in the mirror with shock on her face. He loved the shorts. From the rear, they shaped and outlined her ass to perfection. He could even see the little dimple she had on her right cheek. The seam in the rear separated her ass cheeks, emphasizing their firmness beautifully.

"Tim, I'll be arrested if I walk out of the house in these," she pleaded.

"That's why I have an exercise suit for you. Now, come on. , Put your top and shoes on and let's get going," Tim ordered.

Janice sighed in resignation and pulled the sport top over her head. It was not a surprise to her that the matching top was just as tight. It shaped her breasts like the shorts shaped her ass. Her nipples could be seen without them even being hard. Even the bumps on the areola could be plainly seen. The top came just below her breasts, leaving a long expanse of her stomach bare.

Tim and Janice drove silently to the gym. They were both excited, but in a different way. Tim was excited that he was going to expose his wife to all the lecherous men. Janice was excited as well, but she was also worried. She hadn't been to the gym in a long time. However, there still could be someone there that she knew there. That thought worried her and made her heart beat rapidly.

The gym was a large facility on the outskirts of town. It had a very large room that was mirrored all around with treadmills, exercise bikes, step machines and other aerobic equipment. There were several physical trainers available for a fee. There was also a swimming pool, sauna, juice bar, and every piece of weight equipment made. The facility was always packed with people. However, it seemed to Janice that most of the people there didn't need a gym because they were already in great shape. It was a great place to show off.

Tim and Janice walked into the gym and found a couple of treadmills together. Tim began his warm-up exercises and watched Janice begin hers. When he was sufficiently warm, Tim slipped off his sweat suit and got on the treadmill. He watched as Janice continued to warm up, delaying the inevitable.

"Come on, Janice," Tim coaxed.

Janice knew that she couldn't delay it forever so she slowly slipped off her pants and top. She looked around and saw that no one was looking her way yet. She adjusted the treadmill and began to walk at a rapid pace. It only took her a few seconds to realize that she was in trouble. The seam of the tight shorts was moving back and forth between her sex lips. Within seconds, every step began to send a little sexual shock through her groin.

Tim smiled as he watched Janice begin to run. He could see the look on her face and knew exactly what she was feeling. He congratulated himself on being so diabolical.

Within ten minutes, Janice was struggling to remain calm. Her heart was beating rapidly but not just from the exercise. She wasn't sure how long she could stand the rubbing between her legs. God she thought, she could even feel the seam rubbing on her little rear hole. It was a sawing motion, moving from back to front with each stride.

Soon, Janice's face was red and dripping sweat. She could feel her heart beating in her temples. Suddenly, she looked in the mirror in front of her and saw several guys standing behind her, pretending to talk. However, she knew that they were looking at her ass. An unwanted thrill raced through her, adding juice to her already sodden crotch. Suddenly, her legs started to quiver and she grasped the support bars in her hands. No matter how she fought it, her body betrayed her. She quickly moved her feet to the side of the moving treadmill as her vagina started to quiver and her legs shook. Her head bent forward and she gripped the bars until her knuckles turned white as ripples of pleasure coursed through her.

Tim looked over and saw Janice leaning forward, no longer running, her body quivering. He knew what was happening; Janice was climaxing right in the middle of the public gym. He had been successful beyond his wildest dream.

The two men behind Janice were not paying attention to her face; they were staring at her ass as she bent forward.

Janice couldn't believe what had just happened to her. She had never had a climax that fast or that easily. Her legs were still shaking as she got back on the treadmill. She reduced the speed until it was only at a fast walk. Even then, she could still feel the seam rubbing her now very sensitive vagina. She fought her rising excitement again. It was the longest half-hour she had ever spent on a treadmill.

Tim came over to Janice when he was finished on the treadmills. "I have arranged for a little lesson for you with Steve Jackson on the weights," he said.

"Oh God," Janice groaned, as she wiped her sweat covered face and then wrapped the towel around her waist to cover her shorts.

Tim led Janice over to the weight exercise area. There he introduced Janice to a good looking and very fit young man. He was in his mid twenties with a gymnast's body. His upper body, under his tight shirt, rippled with muscles. He had on a pair of jogging shorts, exposing most of his muscled legs.

"I'll leave you in Steve's very capable hands dear. I'm going to get a fruit drink at the bar."

Janice stood in front of Steve, holding her towel at her waist to cover up her obscene shorts. However, she could see his eyes staring at her very hard nipples.

"Okay, Mrs. Harwick, we'll start out with the free weights. Have a seat here and lean back. Have you used weights before?" the young man asked, smiling as he watched Janice pull the towel from her waist.

"Uh... yes I have," Janice said as she lay back under the barbell. Her face flushed at the thought of the view she was giving the young man. In this position, her legs were spread and her lower half was exposed to anyone that wanted to see her. She could already feel Steve's eyes on her groin. She even thought she heard an intake of breath on his part.

Steve put Janice through an exercise routine that was designed for someone that had not exercised for a while. He had her lift with her arms, her legs and even had her on her stomach, letting her lift with the back of her lower legs. In that position, her ass was on display to the steady stream of men that seemed to need to pass by.

At one point Steve stood over Janice's prone body, straddling her chest to support the barbell she was attempting to lift. Janice had to gasp when she realized that she could look directly up his short leg. My God, she thought, he doesn't have any underwear on. She could see his half hard erection up the leg of his shorts. A little whimper escaped her lips as she felt her vagina quiver with renewed excitement.

Janice was relieved when the lesson was finally over. Even with the pad in her shorts, she could feel her juice soaking through.

Steve handed Janice a business card. She looked at the card and saw that he was a certified fitness trainer and licensed masseuse. It also showed that he gave private lessons and massages in the home.

Chapter 6

Tim was waiting for Janice when she came out of the bathroom after her shower. "I have a reservation at seven at Gerardo's. I've laid out everything you will need to wear. However, when you're dressed, I have one little addition."

Janice looked at him suspiciously as she put on the pretty summer dress. The dress was bright yellow and made of a thin cotton material. It was short as usual but this time it was also low cut with little spaghetti straps holding the material covering her bare breasts. She knew that she would have to be careful when she bent over or one or both breasts would fall out. She was surprised when she saw that there was a pair of panties lying on the bed with her dress and thigh high nylons. When she was dressed, she put on a pair of the four-inch high heels that she had purchased yesterday.

Tim whistled when he saw the total package. "You look gorgeous, sweetie," he said sincerely.

Janice spun around in front of the mirror. I do look pretty good, she thought. Her nice tan went well with the yellow color of the dress. The impossibly high heels emphasized her calf and thigh muscles.

"Now, I have a little addition to your outfit." He held up a small, penis shaped, rubber vibrator. It was flesh colored and looked to be about five inches long. In Tim's other hand was a remote control device.

"What is that?" Janice asked, already knowing the answer.

"Pull your dress up for a second."

Janice shook her head in amazement and then pulled her dress up to reveal her little cotton panties. She watched as Tim pulled her panties to her thighs. A moan escaped her lips when he slowly slipped the fake penis into her vagina. "Tim," she moaned when the rubber penis was all the way inside her.

Tim quickly pulled the panties up, securing the base of the device inside her body. "Now let's test it." Tim turned on the vibrator.

"Ohhhh!" Janice gasped as the penis vibrated inside her. She could feel her entire pubic area vibrate, especially her rapidly swelling clit.

Tim turned the knob to the second notch.

"Tim," Janice pleaded as she felt the movement inside her increase.

"One more." The control device was moved to the third notch.

"Oh God, Tim! Stop it, please."

Tim smiled, leaving the device on for a few more seconds. He watched his wife begin to quiver in excitement. Mercifully, he finally turned the device off. "That should do it." He smiled and took his wife's shaking hand and led her down the stairs.

Tim felt proud of his creativity. All his years in the creative side of the ad business had paid off, he thought with a smile on his face. He had purchased the device at a local porn shop. It was a little expensive because it was cordless, but worth every penny. The battery-operated remote worked from about ten feet away so he could turn it on and off anytime he wanted. Tim was going to have fun tonight.

Janice could feel the fake penis moving inside her with every step that she took as she walked to the car. She gave Tim a dirty look as she sat carefully on the seat and slid into the car. A little groan escaped her lips as her weight f***ed the penis deeper into her. She squirmed on the seat until she found a place where she could sit comfortably. It wasn't exactly lady like, as she had to scoot forward and open her legs.

Tim hurried around the car and got into the driver's seat. After he had started the car, he paused and took the device out of his pocket. He smiled evilly at Janice and turned the knob.

Janice closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs together as a little moan escaped her lips.

"Still works," Tim said and turned the device off.

Tim and Janice sat quietly as they drove to the restaurant. When they stopped at a light about a block from the restaurant, Tim turned the vibrator on again.

"Tim, please," Janice pleaded, her hips squirming.

"I'm going to leave it on until the light changes," Tim said in a matter -off -fact tone.

"Oh God," Janice moaned as she stared at the red light as if that would make it change quicker. However, it was a long light, lasting several minutes. Within a few seconds, Janice was breathing heavily and she could feel her panties getting soaked. Her buttocks began to lift subtly off the seat. "Tim," Janice moaned, clenching her fists.

Tim watched his wife with a big smile on his face. His only concern was that she would climax before he was ready. He didn't want that to happen. It was his intention to tease her until she was wild with passion. Then he was going make love to her. Or better yet, he was going to FUCK her.

Fortunately for Janice, the light changed and Tim turned off the device before she lost control. She let out her breath and sighed with relief and frustration.

Tim held Janice's hand as they were led to an intimate table in a corner of the restaurant. He could feel her squeezing his hand with each step. He knew that the fake penis was moving inside her.

Tim held the chair for Janice as she sat carefully. She frowned at him, her lips pursed. Tim just smiled back and moved over to his chair and sat down, placing the control device on the table next to his silverware. After the waitress had taken their drink order, Tim picked up the device, holding it idly in his hand.

Janice watched her husband wearily as he fingered the device. When the waitress came back and sat the drinks on the table, Janice saw Tim move the device under the table. Immediately she felt the vibrations begin again and tried to suppress a moan.

The waitress heard her gasp and said, "Is everything okay, Miss.?"

"Uh... uh... yes, everything is fine," Janice stuttered.

"What's that noise?" the waitress asked when she heard a low humming sound.

Janice's face turned beet red when she realized that the end of the vibrator was touching the wooden chair under her.

Tim turned the device off quickly. "I didn't hear anything," Tim said, suppressing a laugh.

"I thought for sure I heard a noise. Oh well, my hearing isn't what it used to be. Are you ready to order?"

"Just a moment more," Tim said.

"When the waitress had left Janice looked at Tim and said, "Tim, this thing is driving me crazy."

"You know the safe word," he said, confident that she wouldn't use it for this.

Janice grew quiet, squirming in her chair again.

Throughout the dinner, Tim would turn the vibrator on and off. By the time they were ready to leave, Janice's panties were soaked and she had been on the verge of climax too many times to count.

It was dark outside when they walked to the car. Tim held Janice around the waist because she was having trouble walking. When they reached the car, Tim turned Janice to him and pressed her to the door. He brought his lips to hers for a passionate kiss.

"God, Tim, I'm so hot," Janice whimpered as she pressed her hips into him.

"So am I, sweetie," Tim answered and brought his hands to the hem of her dress and began to slide it up her legs. By the time Janice realized what was happening, Tim had the hem almost to her waist.

"Tim, stop, not here," she protested. She felt incredibly exposed standing in a public parking lot with her dress around her waist, leaving her with just her panties holding the bulging penis inside her. Then she gasped as she felt Tim pulled her panties down her legs. In a panic she looked around and saw that the parking lot was deserted. "What are you doing?" she whispered tensely.

"I'm going to replace the fake cock with a real one," Tim said and pulled the fake penis from her very swollen vagina. It almost seemed that the hole didn't want to let go. There was a sucking sound as the rubber left her body. "My, my," Tim exclaimed when he saw the dripping rubber penis he held in his hand. Janice moaned as her stretched vagina closed. The rubber penis had been in her so long that she felt very empty now.

He put the slick penis in his pocket then reached for the tiny straps holding her dress top up.

"Tim," Janice whined again as his hands slid the straps off her shoulders. Janice gasped when she felt the cool night air on her now exposed breasts. The little dress was now bunched uselessly around her waist. She shivered at her total nakedness as a masochistic thrill went through her.

Janice felt and heard Tim pulling his zipper down. "God, Tim, not here!" she protested again. However, she knew that her protests were useless when she felt Tim pull his hard penis from his pants. Then she didn't care anymore as Tim lifted one of her legs and placed his swollen gland at the opening to her dripping hole. "Oh Godddddd!!!" she moaned when he slowly slid into her. His penis slid in deep on the first push.

Tim moaned as he felt his wife warm and wet vagina surround him. He knew that he was taking a big risk that someone would see them --- maybe someone they knew. However, that was part of the thrill. He had never been so excited in his life.

Any worries Tim had disappeared as he started to move slowly in and out. Soon, the movement of his hips increased until he was pounding into his wife. One of her legs was on his arm. The foot of the other leg barely touched the ground, almost lifting up with each upward push. He could feel her juice running down his penis and dripping to the ground between their feet.

The only sound in the parking lot was the sloppy sucking sound of their joined sex and their grunts of pleasure.

"Oh yes, fuck meeeee!!!" Janice almost screamed, no longer concerned where they were. She pushed her hips down onto Tim's plunging penis as her body began to race toward climax. Janice wrapped her arms tightly around Tim's neck as her legs began to shake.

Tim lifted the other leg, pressing her back against the car for support. Almost all of Janice's weight was held up by Tim's penis.

Janice's body tensed. "I'm... oh yes... I'm... oh God, I'm going to cummmmmmmm."

The excitement of the evening was too much for Tim as well. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't control the inevitable. "Oh God, baby," Tim moaned as he felt his sperm rush up his shaft then exploded into his wife.

Tim and Janice clung to each other as an intense climax rushed through both of them.

When their bodies stopped shaking, Tim pulled away and staggered backward, letting Janice's legs drop to the ground. A rush of sperm followed his penis out of his wife's stretched hole.

Tim suddenly remembered that they were in a public parking lot and looked around. Fortunately, the lot was still deserted. He sighed with relief then turned and kissed his wife tenderly. "I love you."

"I... love... you," Janice answered, barely able to speak. She was physically drained and had to lean against the car door for support. Her legs were so weak that they were barely able to hold her up. She let Tim help her into the car. When he was sitting in the driver's seat, Janice snuggled into him lovingly.

"Sorry that I got carried away," Tim said.

"I'm not," Janice answered.

Tim smiled.

Chapter 7

The following morning, Tim let Janice sl**p in. He was anxious for her to get up to see how she felt about last night. When she hadn't stirred by 10 am, he couldn't wait any longer. He went apprehensively into their room and gently awoke her. "Good morning, sweetheart."

"Good morning," Janice said, rubbing her eyes then opening her arms to Tim.

"Are you recovered from last night?" Tim asked as casually as he could.

"I'm not sure," she moaned in answer.

Uh oh, Tim thought. Then he saw her smile.

"I think my little hole is still throbbing."

Tim sighed with relief then asked, "Did you enjoy our little escapade?"

"As much as I hate to admit it, I have to say it was incredible."

Tim's face broke into a wide smile. "Good! There is hope for you yet," Tim said with a self-conscious laugh.

They snuggled for a few more minutes then Tim said, "Come on and get up. , We have a lot to do."

"What wild and crazy things do you have for me to do today?" Janice asked with a smile.

Tim was heartened by her smile. "Well, I think it's time you learned how to please a man with your mouth," Tim said as he pulled his wife from the bed and toward the bathroom.

Janice followed reluctantly. She had known that this was going to happen. She was both looking forward to it and dreading it. The few times she had given Tim oral sex she had been d***k. In fact, she couldn't remember too much about it. It wasn't that she didn't want to do it; she knew that men loved it and had read that many women loved it as well. However, it violated all of the things she had been taught. Good girls didn't do that, they had said. In school "those" girls were always the sluts. What she didn't know was that most of her friends were "those" girls.

In the bathroom, Tim pulled Janice into the shower with him. They spent a half hour giggling and washing each other. When they were rinsed off, Tim got out and brought over the scissors and razor he had used to remove her pubic hair. She looked at him in surprise. She didn't need to be shaved again.

"It's not for you," he said to her unasked question. "It's for me."


"I want you to shave me so that we will both be clean shaven," Tim answered with a smile.

Tim had Janice trim his bush then shave him the way he had done her. As she worked on him, his penis began to lengthen. Janice tried to ignore it as she maneuvered around the now stiff rod. She giggled when she tried to push the stiff shaft out of her way, but it kept bouncing back. When she was done, she looked at him and giggled again. His entire pubic area was smooth, including his balls. He would have looked like a little boy if it hadn't been for the throbbing shaft jutting out. "You look like a little boy," Janice said turning her thoughts into words.

"A little boy with a big cock," Tim answered, thrusting his penis at his wife's surprised face. "Now come with me. You are going to make love to this little boy's hard cock with your mouth."

Janice's heart began to pound in her chest. All kinds of thoughts were running through her head. What if she wasn't any good? Would Tim be mad at her? What if he wanted her to drink his sperm? Could she do it?

"Come on," Tim said pulling a hesitant Janice by the hand.

Tim led Janice over to a comfortable chair in the corner of the bedroom. He sat down as she stood in front of him. Slowly he spread his legs almost obscenely. His still hard penis and smooth pubic area was now on display.

Janice stood frozen, looking at her husband. "Tim, I... I... don't know what to do."

"Don't worry, I'll show you," he whispered tenderly as he pulled her to her knees between his open legs. He took Janice's head in his hands and leaned forward, kissing her lips. "I want you to make love to my cock, like I did to your pussy," he whispered into her ear. "I've wanted this for so long." Then Tim sat back and looked down at his wife. "Take it in your hand and hold it as you lick my balls."

Janice reached up with her now- shaking hand and held her husband's hard penis. Slowly she bent her head and brought her lips to his smoothly shaven balls. Her tongue came out and she tentatively licked the wrinkly skin. She felt his balls move, squirming in their sack. She licked the skin again, up one large testicle and over to the other. She watched as the two flesh covered balls moved again. It was like they had a life of their own. She placed her tongue under one ball and lifted it with her tongue. When she heard Tim moan, she knew she was doing okay. Then she opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked one ball inside. She heard another groan from Tim as she gently sucked. She let the ball slip out of her mouth then sucked the other one in. Janice decided that she liked this. She felt great power when she had his tender balls in her mouth. He had to have great trust in her to let her do this.

"Oh God, that feels so good, baby," Tim said as he watched Janice's cheeks bulge with his testicle.

Janice just moaned in increased excitement.

When both testicles were dripping with her saliva, Janice sat back and watched his penis throb in excitement. She felt proud that she had made that happen. Without being told, she pulled his penis down until it was pointed straight at her mouth. She looked at the swollen head. She studied the mushroom crown and marveled at how the skin was stretched taut, almost shining. As a large drop of clear liquid bubbled out, Janice impulsive stuck out her tongue and licked it off, surprising even herself. The sweet flavor of his pre-cum juice filled her mouth. That's not bad, she thought and squeezed him again, forcing a larger drop out. She licked that up as well.

"Oh God, suck me," Tim said in excitement.

Janice smiled, now feeling heady with the power she had. She stuck out her tongue and licked around the head, teasing the sensitive skin below the crown, tasting his flesh but avoiding taking the head inside. Then she held his penis up and used little butterfly licks to move up and down his penis. She vaguely heard Tim moaning but she was so engrossed in what she was doing it didn't register. She moved her tongue all around his penis and balls until his entire groin was dripping with her saliva.

"God please, baby, suck me," Tim pleaded in frustration. When he tried to grab her head, she pulled away, smiling smugly at him. This iswas fun, she thought. It gave her such a feeling of power. "You want me to suck you?," Janice teased, holding Tim's throbbing penis close to her mouth.

Tim could feel her breath on his swollen head. "Yes, please," Tim said, almost wild with excitement now.

"You want me to take this big, swollen head into my little mouth and suck it?," Janice teased, then kissed the head quickly and noisily.

"Yes! Yes!"

"Well, I guess you have been a good enough boy," Janice said and opened her mouth. She looked up at her husband as she slowly brought her mouth over the dripping head. She gurgled deep in her throat as she felt his hot flesh fill her mouth.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Tim moaned.

Janice held the penis head in her mouth without moving, letting it soak in her saliva. She liked the feel of him inside her mouth. She liked the way the large head stretched her lips. Slowly she began to suck the head, but just the head. Her cheeks pulled in as she sucked like it was a round lollipop. Her lips remained wrapped around the crown as her tongue teased the head.

"Oh suck me, sweetie!" Tim moaned and tried to pull her head down on his penis.

Janice pulled quickly away, letting the head slip from her mouth with a pop. "Calm down, honey. You wanted me to make love to your penis and that's what I'm going to do."

Tim moaned in frustration but his hands let go of her head. Yes he had told her that he wanted her to make love to his penis but he didn't mean he wanted her to drive him crazy.

Janice moved back to his throbbing shaft. Slowly her mouth covered the head again. She sucked the head for a long time, reveling in is the excitement of it. Each time she felt Tim getting too excited, she would pull away and let him calm down. Then she would start all over again, starting at his balls. She even lifted his legs and used her tongue on the tender under side of his balls. Then she would run her tongue up the backs of his thighs, making him quiver. Janice's own vagina was dripping now. She could feel the large swollen lips throbbing between her thighs. As she began to squeeze her thighs together, she grasped Tim's penis in her hand and took it in her mouth again. Slowly she moved her lips down until the large head was at the back of her throat. She started to suck as her hand began to move up and down the shaft slowly.

"Oh God, Janice, if you keep that up I'm going to cum," Tim warned.

Janice moaned deep in her throat and began to move her hand faster. She could feel Tim's legs begin to tense and his balls squirm. She knew that he was very close. As his penis began to throb, she had a decision to make. Should she let him cum in her mouth? She decided to take it in her mouth - she could always spit it out.

"Ohhhhh," Tim moaned as his penis began to throb. He wasn't sure what Janice was going to do. He was going to let her decide this time. He hoped she would keep it in he mouth.

Janice felt Tim's hips lift off the chair. Suddenly, she heard him moan and felt his penis quiver in her hand. The already large head expanded even more. The first shot hit the back of her throat. Seconds later, her mouth began to fill with his thick sperm. She slowly but firmly squeezed his penis with her hand as squirt after squirt poured into her mouth. Soon, her mouth was filled until there was no room for anymore. She had to do something. Janice closed her eyes, her head spinning with excitement. She swallowed.

Tim was so wrapped up in his pleasure that he didn't realize that Janice was swallowing his sperm. When he opened his eyes, he saw her looking up at him, his penis still in her mouth. He quickly realized that there was not a speck of his cum anywhere on him. He figured that she still had it in her mouth. Then he saw her sit back, letting his flaccid penis slip from her mouth. Her tongue came out and she licked around her lips. Tim knew that she had swallowed his sperm.

"Did I do a good job?" Janice asked rhetorically.

In answer, Tim pulled Janice up to him and brought her lips to his. If he needed proof, he could taste the remains of his cum in her mouth. He moaned when she pushed her tongue into his mouth. Then he picked her up and took her to the bed. Without a word, he spread her legs and brought his mouth to her very swollen vagina. Within minutes Janice was screaming in pleasure.

Chapter 8

"All right, what's going on now?" Janice asked as she stood in the bedroom with a thigh length bathrobe on. Tim had asked her to get naked and put the robe on but he wouldn't tell her why.

"I have a special treat for you. I thought you might enjoy a nice professional massage tonight."

"I can't go out like this!"

"Who said anything about going out? I have a licensed masseuse coming over in exactly fifteen minutes."


"Yep! Right in our own living room."

"All right. I guess that would be nice," Janice said hesitantly. "It's been ages since I had a good massage." However, Janice knew that it would be more than a simple massage.

"Good," Tim answered just as the front doorbell rang. "I'll get the door and take care of the money. Give us a few minutes. He'll need a minute to set up."


"Yes, I hired Steve Jackson from the exercise club. They tell me he's very good."

"Tim!" Janice said in shock.

Tim stepped over and hugged Janice. "What difference does it make if it is a him or her? He's a professional." Tim's hands slid down her back and under the hem of the robe. "What's this, panties? You know that panties are not allowed." He quickly slipped the panties down her legs, ignoring the protests.

"Tim, are you crazy?" Janice felt more than naked now without the panties under the robe. The short terry cloth robe barely covered her buttocks. "Are you going to use the safe word?"

"No!" Janice answered quickly.

"Okay, then come on down in ten minutes." Tim walked out of the room holding Janice's panties in his hand.

Tim greeted Steve at the door and helped him bring his massage table into the living room and set it up.

"Thanks for coming on short notice," Tim said.

"No problem. Mondays are generally very slow days anyway."

"Have you been doing this long?" Tim asked.

"No, I just got my licensee a few months ago. I've been trying to fit it in with my physical training appointments because there's good money in massages," Steve said. He saw a questioning look on Tim's face. "Don't worry. , I'm new at this but I'm pretty good."

"I've heard that. Steve, I want you to make sure Janice enjoys herself. She is a little shy but I'm sure you can get her 'loosened up' if you know what I mean," Tim said with a wink.

Steve gave Tim a strange look.

"Listen, just make sure she has fun," Tim said. He wasn't sure how to tell him that he could take some liberties with Janice. In fact, he wasn't even sure what liberties he wanted him to take. He handed Steve a $100 bill as a tip.

Steve's eyes opened wide in surprise as he looked at the $100 bill in his hand.

"That's because I know that you will do a good job. Now, I have some errands to run so I'll be gone for an hour or so. You have her all to yourself."

Steve still wasn't sure what Tim wanted him to do. He looked at the bill in his hand again then back at Tim. It almost sounded like he was asking him to get a personal with his wife. He was new at this work but he had heard a lot of wild stories. He shrugged his shoulders as Tim walked out the door, deciding he would see how things went. However, the last thing he wanted to do was jeopardize his license. A few minutes later, Steve saw Janice walk quietly into the room. He almost gasped. She looked gorgeous with her short robe barely covering her thighs. She also looked very uncomfortable. His first job would be to get her to relax.

"Nice to see you again, Mrs. Harwick," Steve said with a boyish smile. He knew that his twinkling blue eyes and smile could be very disarming.

"Yes," Janice answered in a noncommittal tone, glancing at the young man. He was wearing a skintight tee shirt that emphasized his strong chest and arms. Instead of shorts, he was wearing a pair of baggy exercise pants. The pants almost looked like harem pants, gathered in the front, tied at the waist, and held around his ankles with elastic. On his feet, he had a pair of white socks and running shoes. Janice had to admit that he did look very good: tan, young and fit like a beach boy or lifeguard.

"Okay, Mrs. Harwick, you can take the robe off, then get on the table and cover up with this sheet. I have to get some supplies from the car."

"Where's my husband?"

"He said he had to run out to do some errands."

Janice felt even more nervous now.

"Excuse me. I'll be back in a minute," Steve said.

After Steve walked out of the room, Janice stood nervously, fidgeting with the belt around her waist. She knew that she couldn't wait long or he would be back. Quickly she stripped off her robe and got onto the table naked. She lay on her back and pulled the sheet up to her neck.

Steve came back into the room carrying a container of his massage supplies and a portable CD player. He saw Janice's robe on the floor and that hershe was lying on the table. Good, he thought, at least she wouldn't run out of the room screaming. He immediately noticed her large breasts covered by the thin sheet. He could already see the hard nipples poking through the material. "Okay, Mrs. Harwick, you can turn over on your stomach and I will start with your shoulders first. Give me just a minute."

Janice turned over and lay on her stomach. She saw Steve walking around the room placing scented candles here and there. He lit the candles then dimmed the lights in the room. Then he put some soft music on a portable CD player. When he was done, he took a position at the head of the table. Then he gently and neatly folded the sheet down her back until her upper body was bare. Janice squeezed her arms to her sides to keep him from seeing her breasts as they squished out to the sides.

Steve poured massage oil onto his hands and rubbed them together rapidly, making the oil warm.

Janice almost jumped when she felt his hands touch her shoulders. She could feel the material of his pants touch her head as he began to work on her shoulders, his hands strong and soothing.

"Wow! , You're very tense. Just relax," Steve said as he rubbed the warm, scented oil into her shoulders. Within a few minutes Steve could feel the muscles in her upper back begin to relax.

"Ummm!" Janice moaned in spite of herself as she felt his hands massaging the tension from her muscles.

Steve worked on her shoulders, and then moved down her arms until he reached her fingers. He took each one in his hand and rubbed them until they were limp. He moved on to her neck, then her back again, his hands sliding downward until he reached the end of her spine.

Janice found herself very relaxed as the young man continued to work his magic. When he moved from her head to her legs, she began to tense again. She felt him folding the sheet up until only her backside was covered. She felt exposed as she lay on the table naked but for the thin sheet across her buttocks. This is silly, she thought. He is a professional. Just relax and enjoy it.

Steve began to work on her feet, massaging the tension from them. Then he moved up her legs, caressing her ankles. He was very impressed with the muscle tone of her legs. "You have great legs," Steve said. Then he blushed when he realized how his comment sounded. "Uh... uh... I mean you have great muscle tone in your legs."

"Thank you, Steve," Janice said realizing that the young man was as nervous as she was.

Steve began to move his hands on her tight calf muscles then up to her thighs. He couldn't help but look at the juncture where the sheet covered the back of her thigh. If that sheet were only a couple of inches higher I would have a great view, he mused. Did she have panties on? he wondered. A little shiver of excitement went through him. You're a professional, he told himself in admonishment. Then he remembered Mr. Hardwick's instruction: --"Make sure she has fun." As his hands worked up her thighs, they gently pushed the sheet a little higher. He heard Janice moan and realized that she was enjoying his fingers working the tightness out of her thighs. His fingers worked a little higher and toward the inside of her thighs.

Janice was truly enjoying the hands on her thighs. When she felt his fingers work toward the inside of her thighs she u*********sly moved her thighs a little bit apart. She didn't realize that she was giving Steve a very intimate view between her legs.

Steve's hands stopped for a moment when he realized that he could see between Janice's thighs. He suppressed a gasp when he saw the puffy lips of her sex between her legs. No panties! he thought excitedly. He was also surprised that there wasn't any hair on her pubic area. He knew that it wasn't unusual for some women to shave. However, he didn't picture this professor of law as one of them. Suddenly, he felt himself becoming erect. Down boy!

Janice realized that Steve's hands had been between her thighs for quite some time. Still, it felt so good that she was reluctant to say anything.

Steve, felt his face flush hot as he continued to work on her thighs, gradually spreading them further apart. He knew that he was on the verge of stepping out of bounds. Excitement was taking over.

Janice felt fingers move perilously close to her vagina. Suddenly, she felt a little thrill run through her. Could he see anything? What if he could?

Steve regained control of himself and pulled the sheet down her thighs and over her back, covering her again. "You can turn over now, Mrs. Harwick."

Janice sighed in relief, but she also felt a little disappointed. But disappointed at what? She wasn't sure. Had she wanted the young man to go further? Her body was tingling all over, but not just from the massage.

Steve folded the sheet up Janice's thighs again, exposing the front of her legs. He worked on her legs, slowly moving higher. The front looks just as good as the back, he thought. "Were you a runner?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, I was. But that was a long time ago," Janice said feeling pride that a young man still thought her legs looked pretty good.

"I thought so."

Janice lay quietly, feeling his strong hands work up her thighs. Suddenly, she realized that her breathing was becoming more rapid. Her eyes were closed as she felt Steve sensuously work on her upper thigh muscles, kneading the flesh like cookie dough. Almost imperceptibly Janice moved her legs apart. She knew it was wrong but she felt thrills running through her. However, she still wasn't sure what Steve could see.

Steve didn't miss the subtle movement. As his hands squeezed her thighs, he pulled gently outward, causing her them to open wider. If only that sheet was an inch higher, he thought lecherously. With a shaking hand he reached up and folded the sheet back a little further as if it was nothing unusual. Suddenly, he had a clear view of her vagina. His eyes stared and his hands stopped moving when he saw the fat lips of her sex exposed in the dim light of the room. His penis sprang to hardness again.

Janice's heart was pounding in her chest. There was little doubt that Steve could see her vagina. She should stop this. It wasn't right to tease the young man. Still, what harm did it do? she reasoned. It was just a little teasing. Besides, didn't Tim really want this? He loved it when she had done it to the boys at the shoe store.

Steve's hands started moving again, working slowly up her legs.

Janice realized that Steve was leaning into the table and that her left hand, which was holding onto the table, was also touching the material of his pants. She almost gasped when she felt something hard touching her knuckles. Could that be his erection? Janice shivered again.

Steve felt her hand touching him. As much as he wanted to stop, he couldn't. Subtly, his hips pressed forward, pushing his erect penis into her knuckles. He felt her hand move. Was that an accident? he thought.

Janice was holding her breath as her hand moved almost out of her control. It pressed toward the hardness. Then it slowly moved up and down, rubbing the backs of her fingers against his cloth-covered erection. There could be no doubt now that he was hard and that he knew what she was doing. Janice felt her vagina swell and her juice begin to coat her swollen sex lips.

Steve's hips began to move up and down in time with her movement. He pressed harder into the hand as his fingers began to move further up her inner thigh. He continued to stare at the swollen lips, his hands moving on the soft flesh of her inner thigh. He could see her vagina begin to glisten with excitement. He knew that she was getting excited now. Boldly, he moved his fingers still higher until his little finger touched the smooth skin of the outer lip. It was just a delicate touch, almost like an accident. He heard Janice moan but she made no move to stop him. He looked up and saw that her eyes were still tightly closed. She was biting her lower lip.

Janice's brain was screaming, No, No, but her excitement was screaming Yes, Yes.

Steve grew bolder and gently flicked his finger over the smooth skin until he reached the swollen inner lips. He thought he heard a little whimper and saw her hips begin to lift slightly off the table.

Janice had no doubt that this had gone beyond a professional massage. Yet she couldn't move to stop him. Instead, her legs slid further apart, exposing her entire groin. "Ohhhh!!!" she whimpered as she felt Steve's fingers slide between her swollen lips. He rubbed her gently, smearing her clear juice across the wrinkled inner lips. Then ever so slowly the finger began to slide inside her body. Janice held her breath as the finger continued until it was all the way inside her vagina.

"Oh God," Janice whispered.

Steve was amazed at what was happening as he pulled his juice-covered finger from the clenching hole. He couldn't believe that he using his finger on this beautiful woman. He knew it was wrong and very unprofessional but nothing could stop him now. Taking a chance, he reached up and pulled the sheet off of Janice's chest. A gasp escaped his lips when he saw her gorgeous breasts exposed. The breasts were milky white with tan lines emphasizing their nakedness. The large brown nipples were hard and long, sitting proudly on her firm breasts. With one hand in her crotch, he reached up with the other and caressed a breast.

Janice moaned as Steve's strong fingers began to play with one swollen nipple. At the same time she felt his finger begin to move slowly in and out of her wet hole. Her breath came in short gasps as this stranger's hands caressed her breast and vagina. Her hips began to move up toward the probing finger in little jerks.

Steve removed the hand from her breast and untied the rope holding his pants up, letting them fall to his feet. He wore no underwear. Steve's large penis stood proud in front of him and pulsed with forbidden excitement. He reached for Janice's hand and picked it up. He could feel it trembling. Cautiously and gently, he placed it on his shaft, fearing her scream of indignation.

Janice almost jumped off the table when she felt the hot flesh in her hand. Her head lifted up and her eyes opened in shock as she looked down at his huge tool. It was much larger than Tim's and had a gigantic purple head, dripping his clear juice. It was almost impossible to believe that she had another man's penis in her hand. It was only the second penis besides Tim's she had held since she had taken her marriage vows.

When Janice looked up at Steve, she saw his wide eyes staring down at her. She knew that he was waiting for her to stop him. She also knew that she should yet instead she moaned and closed her eyes again, laying her head back on the table. God, what if Tim saw me now? she thought.

What Janice didn't know was that Tim could see her now. When he left the house, he drove down the block and parked the car. He snuck back to the house, letting himself in by the back door. He now stood in the shadows in the dinning room watching his wife and another man. Steve had his back to him so he obviously didn't know he was there. He couldn't see Steve's penis but from Janice's look it must be big. Tim held his own hard penis in his hand.

As Steve's finger began to move in and out, Janice moved her hand on his rod. It filled her hand, barely letting her fingers touch. She wanted to look at it but couldn't bring herself to open her eyes again. Somehow she thought that if she didn't look, what she was doing wasn't so bad.

Steve was incredibly excited now. He didn't know what to look at --- this woman's beautiful vagina with his finger working in and out or her soft hand working on his throbbing penis. Then there were those gorgeous breasts. He moved his hand back to her chest and began to play with her nipple. He watched Janice began to squirm on the table. He thought about climbing on the table but realized that Tim could come back at anytime. Occasionally he would look out the window in front of him, watching for headlights. The table blocked his lower region so someone coming up in front of the house would not know he was naked from the waist down.

Janice became delirious with excitement. The fact that it was so wrong and against all of her upbringing added to the thrill. It was almost like she was flaunting her sexuality at all those narrow-minded people that had taught her that pleasures of the body were wrong.

"Oh God," Janice moaned when Steve added another finger to her dripping hole. Her body began to shake and she knew that she was getting very close to losing control. Her hips lifted off the table as Steve began to move his fingers in and out rapidly, causing a squishing sound that echoed around the quiet room. Janice's hand matched Steve's fingers as it flew up and down the large shaft. "Ohhhhhh!!!" she cried as her vagina began to pulse around the probing fingers. The pulsing turned to shudders of excitement as a climax overtook her senses. She felt like all her relaxed muscles had tightened back into a knot. Janice moaned as her body convulsed in pleasure and her back arched off the table.

Steve watched in amazement as Janice trembled in pleasure, her hand halting its movement as her climax took over. The finger's squeezed him tight as illicit pleasure consumed her.

It took Janice a few minutes for her to calm down. When she did, she realized that she still held Steve's penis in her hand. She opened her eyes and looked at the large shaft. It was just as hard and maybe larger then it had been before. Incredibly, excitement still coursed through her. Throwing caution to the wind, she pulled Steve by his penis toward the head of the table. She turned on her side, her face just inches from his dripping organ. "Oh Jesus," she whispered and opened her mouth and took him inside.

"Oh my God," Steve hissed as he felt Janice's mouth close around him. Normally Steve prided himself on his control. However, this was too much for him. Within seconds, he felt his balls tighten and his penis throb. He threw his head back and moaned as he began to pour his sperm into her sucking mouth.

Janice was a little surprised that Steve was coming so soon. I still have a lot to learn about men, she thought. Her cheeks bulged with Steve's sperm. Without a thought, she began to swallow. It was thicker than Tim's and tasted slightly different but she liked it. She moved her hand on the large shaft, milking him, pumping a little more of his sperm out. She couldn't believe how much sperm he had. It must be the healthy diet, she thought with a smile. Finally, she couldn't pump or suck any more sperm from his deflating penis.

As the head of his penis became sensitive, Steve moaned and pulled away, leaving Janice's mouth with a pop.

Suddenly, from behind Steve, Janice saw movement. When she looked closer, she could see Tim staring back at her. Oh no! she thought.

Tim scurried from the dinning room, heading out the back door. He was breathing heavily as he rushed to his car. He had never seen anything so exciting in his life. It was all that he had imagined and more.

Steve was packing up his equipment when he saw the headlights in the driveway. Janice had climbed off the table without saying a word to him, put on her robe, and disappeared upstairs. She hadn't even said goodbye. He couldn't tell if she was upset or not, but, suddenly he felt guilty. He was worried that he had lost a customer, but more worried about his career as a professional masseuse

"I'll be done here in a second, Mr. Harwick," Steve said as innocently as possible when Tim walked into the house.

"No hurry, Steve. Did Janice have a good time?"

"I... uh... I think so," Steve stuttered.

"Good. , Maybe I'll call on you again."

"Anytime," Steve said as he hurried out of the house with his equipment.

Chapter 9

Tim gently opened the door to their bedroom and looked inside. He could see Janice lying on the bed, her face in the pillow. Slowly he walked over and sat next to her. When she didn't move or acknowledge him, he pulled her up from the pillow. There were tears streaming down her cheek. Tim hugged her and she began to sob on his shoulder.

"What's wrong," Tim asked stupidly.

"You... you... know what's wrong," she sobbed.

"It's okay sweetheart. I love you."

"How... how can you say that after... after you saw what I just did?"

"I'm not mad, sweetie. I guessed that something was going to happen. I saw the electricity between the two of you at the gym."

"You knew something was going to happen? Then why didn't you didn't stop it?" Janice asked drying her eyes on Tim's shirt.

"I didn't want it to stop. But you could have with the safe word. Janice, I think that was the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my life.

"You mean you enjoyed watching your wife sucking another man? You saw me swallow his sperm and you're not jealous?" she asked incredulously. Again, she though about how little she knew about this man.

"Well, I really didn't see you suck him or swallow his sperm. His ass was blocking my view," Tim said in an attempt at humor. "But to answer your question, yes I did enjoy it and no I'm not jealous." Tim pulled Janice to him for a passionate kiss.

Janice resisted the kiss at first, knowing what she had just done with her mouth. However, Tim was insistent. Janice could feel his passion as their tongues dueled. When she pulled away, her breath was coming in short gasps again, excitement coursing through her as well. God, what's happening to me? she thought. I'm getting excited all over again.

"I love you," Tim said and pushed her back on the bed, searching for her lips again. Janice pushed him away and sat up. "Tim, wait. I have to tell you something that has been bothering me for a long time." It was time to fess up, to come clean, she thought.

"What?" Tim asked.

"Last year... uh... last year when I went to that convention in San Francisco, there was this guy there, a professor at a university. He... he and I... well, we went out one evening." Janice stopped, tears coming to her eyes again.

"Yes? So what happened?" Tim said, clearly interested.

"Oh God, this is hard. We went out and I had a little too much to drink. He... he wanted me to come back to his room." Janice stopped, still sniffling.

"And?" Tim said, with growing excitement.

"I didn't go."

"Oh." There was a note of disappointment in Tim's voice.

"But that's not all. We... we went to his car and did stuff," Janice continued elusively.

"What did you do?" Tim felt his penis spring to erection.

"You're going to hate me. Tim, we sat in his car and he started kissing me. It was the wine, I sear."

"Then what?" Come on, he thought.

"I... I let him open my blouse and he played with my breasts. I was so excited that I couldn't stop him when he put his hand up my dress. He... he... he put his finger in me. Then he did like Steve did and pulled my hand to his... his... penis." Janice turned and buried her head in Tim's shoulder. She waited for the recriminations but none came. She could feel Tim's chest moving up and down with his rapid breathing. When she pulled back, she looked into his eyes, fearing hate but seeing only excitement.

"Go on, please," Tim said and caressed Janice's face with his hand.

"We... didn't actually have sex. He used his finger to get me off and I jerked on him until he came in my hand. Then I felt so guilty that I jumped out of his car and almost ran back to the hotel." Janice paused for a long moment. "God, Tim, when I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I still had his cum dripping off my hand." Janice began to sob again. "Do you hate me?" she asked, looking into his eyes. Again, she saw only excitement and love.

"No, I don't hate you. I'm a little surprised but I'm glad you told me the truth." Tim was more than a little surprised. He found it hard to imagine his demure and prudish wife jerking off some guy in a car. There has been a "screamer" inside her all along, he thought.

She had to tell him the whole truth. "Tim, the man is Dan Forsman. He's the professor that is lecturing my class on Thursday. I am supposed to go to dinner with him Thursday night. It's part of the job."

"Really?" Tim said with great interest.

"Yes, but I can still cancel it."

"No!" Tim said a little to loudly and too quickly. "I mean... uh... since he is already scheduled, it would be rude to cancel."

"All right," Janice said, surprised that Tim didn't mind Dan being here or her going to dinner with him.

"Janice, I'm afraid that I have a confession to make as well."

Janice sat up with interest.

"The week before last, after we had talked on the phone about our little game, Danielle came into my office. She could tell I was very excited about something. God she looked so sexy. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it she was... she was giving me a blo... she was sucking me off."

Janice sat in stunned silence. It wasn't entirely a surprise to her. She had seen his slut of a secretary. Suddenly, she felt a flash of anger. "Was that all you did?" she asked, trying to keep the anger out of her voice but thinking "that bitch!" She knew that it would be hypocritical to condemn Tim after what she had done, but she was running on emotions now.

"Yes, that was all. We had never done anything before that day. She was always willing but I really only want you."

Immediately Janice's anger dissipated. She felt her heart swell with love. "Well, I guess we have that off of our chests. Now where do we go from here?"

"Well, for starters, you can take care of this," Tim said and brought Janice's hand to his hard penis.

"Oh my!" she said. "So you really were excited by watching me and Steve?" Janice said as she pulled his zipper down and removed his pulsing erection. Her own vagina was still quivering and swollen. "I think I can take care of your little problem," she said and pulled Tim over onto the bed on top of her. She opened her legs and let him slip insider her, not bothering to let him undress.

"Oh God, sweetheart," Tim moaned as his penis slid into his wife. At that moment, he loved her more than he ever had.

"Fuck me, baby," she whispered, her hands pulling his ass down, forcing him deeper into her ready vagina.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" Tim moaned as his hips began to work up and down.

"Just... just one more thing sweetie," Janice whispered between gasping for breath. "Promise me... promise me you won't do anything with Danielle anymore."

At that point, Tim would have agreed to anything. "Sure baby, anything," he gasped as he worked toward a climax.

"Good. Now fuck me! Fill me with that sweet cum," Janice breathed. Then, incredibly she whispered, "Yes sweetie, fill my pussy like my mouth was filled by Steve a few minutes ago. He was so big and came so much that I could hardly swallow it all."

"Oh Jesus Christ," Tim moaned and pumped a huge load into his climaxing wife.

The two lovers clung to each other as their bodies convulsed in pleasure. They fell asl**p in each other's arms.

Chapter 10

The following morning, Tim took Janice out to breakfast. He could immediately see a change in her. She was bubbly and excited. The incident with the law professor had obviously been weighing heavily on her mind. Still, it could have been what had happened with Steve yesterday. They hadn't mentioned that yet.

"What's up today," Janice asked with a smile.

"Well, I thought we would relax and go for a little ride. I've been wanting to see the new museum over in Rockton."

Rockton was a town of a couple hundred thousand people, about fifty miles down the road. It was known for its nightlife. In fact, they had a couple of American Indian casino's that attracted people from all around.

"All right... that sounds exciting," Janice said half sarcastically.

"I figure we can get a room over there and spend the night. I will lay out the clothes I want you to bring." Then Tim smiled devilishly.

Janice knew that something was up. She knew that they wouldn't just be going to see a museum.

Later that day Tim loaded a suit carrier into the car with clothes for Janice. He had her dress in a pair of very tight, but not obscene, shorts. She wore a tube top that covered her breasts but still allowed her nipples to be clearly seen. The outfit was risqu‚ but acceptable to Janice. However, Tim didn't let her get off that easily. He brought out the remote controlled penis and made her insert it before she put her shorts on. Tim was pleased that she was much less resistant this time. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it.

Several times during the trip, Tim tested the device, just to make sure it worked, or so he said. Janice knew better.

Tim held Janice's hand as they walked around the modern art museum. In his pocket, he held the control device. This time Tim's intent was to excite Janice in preparation for the night's activity. Every time they stopped to look a piece of art, Tim would turn the device on. He would smile as Janice squirmed. However, she never asked him to turn it off. Maybe she likes it, he thought, or maybe she is just resigned to her fate. Either way, the vibrations were doing their job. Several times during the tour, she had to stop in the ladies room and wipe herself or risk wetting the crotch of her shorts. By the time they left the museum, Janice was incredibly excited.

They registered at the hotel, then went to dinner. Tim had Janice dress in one of her conservative business suits. It was blue with white pin stripes. The skirt was pleated, modestly short and had a matching jacket. The only really unusual thing was that Tim had brought a silky and totally see -through blouse, which she would wear under the jacket. The blouse was meant to be worn under a shirt. If she took her jacket off, her entire top half would be exposed. Finally, Tim had her put on the obligatory thigh- highs and high heels. From a distance, Janice looked like the conservative professor that she was. However, both she and Tim knew the truth.

The hotel where they were staying at had a large nightclub where all the singles and swingers met. It was known around town as the "meat market" because it was assumed that if you went there you wanted to pick someone up or be picked up. However, Janice knew nothing of this.

It was after 9 PM when they returned to back at the hotel. They stood outside the nightclub when Tim said, "I want you to go into the nightclub."

"Alone?" Janice asked surprised.

"No. I will come in after you. I want you to tease some men in there for my entertainment."

"Tim!" Janice balked.

"Are you refusing?"

"Uh... uh no, but what am I supposed to do?"

"I want you to have a little fun. Tease some of the guys. Get them worked up. I want to watch. It's perfectly safe. I'll be there all the time."

"What do you mean by tease?"

"Whatever you want it to mean. It's up to you."

Suddenly a little thrill ran through Janice. "Anything?" she asked.

"Well, anything you can do in a crowded nightclub," Tim said with a smile.

"All right, if that's what you want. But I might get carried away."

"Sure," Tim said in sarcastically.

Janice turned in a huff. I'll show him, she thought.

"Wait," Tim said. "Take off your wedding ring."

"That doesn't work. They won't think I'm single. My fingers are tan and you can still see where my ring was."

"That's okay. I want them to think that you are an overworked and frustrated married lady."

Janice sighed and pulled her rings off and handed them to Tim. Then she turned and walked into the dark nightclub. She stopped and let her eyes adjust to the dim light. The bar was horseshoe shaped and was about half full. There were booths on two levels and a dance floor. A rock band was tuning up.

Tim followed Janice into the bar and took a seat on the opposite side where he could see her. He watched her order a drink. Then he waited. Within minutes there was a guy talking to her. Tim could see her laughing and talking. Then several more came up and gathered around her. Tim felt a moment of pride as he watched his wife attract men like flies.

Janice was flattered that she was receiving so much attention. It gave a great boost to her ego. Without realizing it, she had had several strong drinks. She knew that she had better slow down when she felt her head getting a little light. When one of the guys asked her to dance, she figured that was a way to get away from the bar and sober up a bit. Out on the dance floor she danced to a fast song then came back. No sooner was she back then another guy asked her to dance. Soon she had danced with five or six different guys. They were all nice, however, there were two who seemed particularly nice. They seemed to be friends.

Both men were tall, with dark good looks. In fact, they looked a lot alike.

Tim watched as most of the other guys faded away, looking for other women. When he looked around he saw that the club was almost filled with of people. It was getting difficult to see Janice so he waited until a seat closer to her opened at the bar.

Tom and Jerry seemed very nice, Janice thought (if Tom and Jerry were really their names.). As the men got to know Janice they grew more intimate. They would put their hands on her back or her thigh, whispering things to her. She would laugh at their jokes and lean into them. When a slow song came on, Tom grabbed her hand and tried to take her onto the dance floor. The lights grew dimmer as the song started.

"Wait," Janice said and took her jacket off, feeling she the dim lights would protect her.

"Wow," both men said at the same time when they saw Janice's see-thru blouse.

Janice blushed but thrust her chest out, knowing both men could see her breasts and hard nipples under the thin blouse.

Tim almost gasped himself as he watched his wife take her jacket off. While it was dim in the bar, he could still see that she was almost naked on top.

"You are one beautiful and sexy lady," Tom whispered as he pulled her too him on the dance floor.

"Thank you," Janice said sincerely.

"God, I can see your naked breasts under your blouse. You know you are turning me on, don't you?" Tom said and pressed his groin into her.

"Yes, I can feel it," Janice said with a giggle.

Tom's hands slid down Janice's back until they were resting on her buttocks. Her ass flesh felt warm in his hands. "I bet Jerry that you weren't wearing panties."

"You win," she answered boldly. She heard Tom gasp and felt his hands begin to squeeze her buttocks. In response she pressed harder into his groin, feeling his erection squeezed between them. She was getting very excited.

When the song ended, Tom walked her back over to the bar and let her sit on a stool between him and Jerry. "I win," he said to Jerry.

"I don't believe it," Jerry said, and placed his hand on her thigh. "I'm not paying the fifty bucks without proof," he said and slid her skirt up until the tops of her nylons were showing.

Janice could feel both men's eyes on her legs. She spread them apart and heard them gasp. However, she doubted that they could really see anything in the dim light of the bar.

"There's a booth opening up over there," Tom said, pointing to a booth on the first level. "Come on," he said, pulling Janice by the hand.

Janice glanced at Tim. She saw that he was smiling at her. She followed Tom, with Jerry walking behind them. When they got to the booth, Tom slid in, then Janice and Jerry. When they were situated, Jerry said, "I'm still not convinced you aren't wearing panties. Prove it."

"Come on guys," Janice giggled, "Take my word for it."

"Not for fifty bucks," Jerry said.

"Come on, just a quickie," Tom begged.

Janice looked around and couldn't see Tim. She was a bit trapped.

"Come on, come on," both men said.

Janice felt her heart racing. Tim said to tease them anyway she wanted. Slowly Janice reached down and began to pull her skirt up. Everyone held their breath as Janice's thighs were bared. Inch by inch the skirt moved upward. Soon the soft skin of her thighs above the nylons was visible. Suddenly, both men gasped as they saw Janice's swollen sex between her legs. Janice couldn't believe what she was doing as she held her skirt to her waist and let the two men look at her. She even spread her thighs apart.

Both men groaned when she let it drop back to her knees. "God, baby, you have gotten me so hot," Tom said. He turned in the booth and said, "Look at what you've done."

Janice giggled as she looked down and saw his erection tenting his pants.

Not to be outdone, Jerry grabbed Janice's hand and pulled it to his hard penis.

Janice sucked in her breath in surprise. However, she didn't pull her hand away.

"No fair," Tom said and placed her other hand onto his erect penis.

Janice thought she was going to pass out as she felt two penises throb in her hands. Her vagina was pulsing and leaking onto the back of her skirt. She squeezed both penises, feeling the heat radiating through their pants. Suddenly, both men placed their hands on her thigh and pushed her skirt up again. Her hands were occupied so she let them push her skirt back to her waist. Then their hands pulled on her thighs, opening her legs wide under the table. "Oh God," she moaned when both men moved their fingers to her swollen sex. She closed her eyes as her breathing became very difficult.

Tom smiled over at Jerry. He pulled his hand away and quickly unzipped his pants. Jerry did the same thing.

Janice barely noticed what was happening until she felt both bare penises in her hand. She opened her eyes in shock and looked from one hand to the other. She couldn't believe that she was holding the shafts of two strangers in a public bar. Then she gasped when first Tom then Jerry pushed a finger into her hole.

"God is she wet," Tom said as his finger moved in and out next to Jerry's.

Tim couldn't believe what was happening either. He had taken a position on the top level where he had a good view of the booth below. His eyes were open in amazement as he watched the three in the booth.

"Pretty wild huh!"

A guy standing beside him startled Tim. "What?" he said.

"I said that it's pretty wild what those two guys get away with."

"What do you mean?" Tim asked.

"Well, those two guys are b*****rs. They come here all the time looking for lonely ladies. They got themselves a real hot one this time."

Tim watched his wife lay back between the two guys as they fingered her. He could see her hand stroking their penises.

"I'll bet you they get a blow job," the guy said.

"I... I don't think so," Tim answered, his face showing his shock. However, he could feel his penis throbbing in his pants.

"Just watch."

It didn't take long for the guy on the left to reach up and put his hand behind Janice's neck.

Janice resisted. However, she wasn't thinking right. The liquor she had consumed was controlling her now. Her hips were moving back and forth on the probing finger and her hands continued to move on the shafts of the two men. Now she felt pressure on her neck. Suddenly she knew what he wanted. She wanted to look around for Tim but the pressure had increased. Slowly she allowed her head to be pulled down until her mouth was inches for Tom's penis. She was close enough to smell him. Janice was out of control now. An a****l like moan escaped her lips as her mouth opened and she took the penis into her mouth. "Mmmmmm!!!" The thick head filled her mouth. The finger between her legs continued to move in and out, driving her mad with desire.

"That's it baby, suck it," Tom moaned, pushing Janice's head down on his throbbing penis.

Tim watched his prudish wife sucking a stranger in a bar and couldn't believe what he was seeing. He wanted to pull his own penis out but had nowhere to hide. He had to be content with watching for now.

"Come on, let me have some," Jerry said and pulled Janice's head from his b*****r.

Janice didn't even try to resist as her mouth was pulled over to the other penis. Soon, she was moving back and forth without any instruction. She would suck Tom for a minute or two then move to Jerry. Her head would move up and down as her mouth sucked and slobbered over one penis then the other. She made little whimpering sounds in her throat as her mouth worked to give the men pleasure.

It didn't take long for the two men gasp that they were close to a climax. When Tom moaned that he was getting ready to cum, a momentary feeling of shame came over her but was quickly replaced by lust. She sucked harder. Suddenly, Tom moaned and pushed his hips up at her mouth. A gasp came from above her and the penis in her mouth throbbed and began to erupt. She swallowed repeatedly as his penis filled her mouth with warm, thick sperm. Tom had barely stopped cumming when Jerry pulled her over to his rampant erection. Her mouth didn't even reach his penis before it began to squirt. A long string of cum hit her in the face before she could cover it with her mouth. She took the rest into her mouth, swallowing it all. Soon, his penis went limp in her mouth.

"Wow, thank you baby," Tom said in an exhausted whisper. "Likewise for me," Jerry said. Then the two men zipped up and unceremoniously left the booth, leaving Janice stunned and frustrated.

Janice was in shock, cum dripping from her face. Then someone was sliding into the booth next to her. She looked at the man for a second before she realized that it was Tim. "Oh God Tim," she moaned, now embarrassed.

"Come on, let's go to the room," Tim said, pulling Janice from the booth. He hurried her out of the nightclub and up the elevator to their room. They were barely inside the door when Tim was stripping his wife. Some of their clothes were ripped as they hastened to get naked. Tim pushed Janice to the floor and opened her legs. His head moved between her thighs and began to suck her incredibly swollen lips into his mouth.

Janice suddenly pushed Tim over until he was on his back. She straddled his face and sat down. She was so wet that Tim had to swallow over and over or risk drowning.

"Oh Tim, suck me, suck meeeeee!!!!" Janice screamed as her hips pressed down on his face. Her hips moved up and down on his face like she was sitting on a penis. She was moaning and screaming in pleasure as an incredible climax overtook her. It seemed to go on and on, juice pouring from her hole like a water faucet.

When she let Tim come up for air, she looked down at her husband sprawled on the floor. His face was literally covered with her juice. She smiled and reached up to her own face and used a finger to scoop off the remaining cum on her cheek and put it into her mouth.

Tim moaned and pushed Janice to the floor under him. He moved between her legs and slid his penis into her still sopping vagina. His lips met hers as he began to pump up and down rapidly. "I can't last long baby," Tim warned.

"Oh God, cum. Cum in me. Please cum in me," Janice whined as she built to another climax. When she felt her husband tense and pump his cum into her, she went over the top again, shaking with pleasure.

Chapter 11

Janice was staring at her husband in the morning light coming through the hotel window. She studied his handsome face. Who was this man laying next to her? A few short weeks ago she thought that she knew him. Now she realized that she really knew very little about him. She realized that they had never shared their inner secrets, all those intimate thoughts that only come out when a couple is truly honest. Had they been living a lie? She wasn't sure. However, she did know that she truly loved this man, maybe more now than before.

"What are you staring at?" Tim whispered as he opened his eyes and saw her eyes studying his face.

"My lover and my husband," Janice answered and moved closer to him, pressing her naked body to his and kissing his lips.

They kissed and snuggled in the comfortable bed for a long time, whispering sweet nothings. It was more intimate than they had been in years, maybe since their honeymoon. It was strange how much closer they felt now.

Finally, Tim had to ask the question that was on his mind. "Are... uh... are you okay with what happened last night?" he asked hesitantly.

"I don't know," Janice said and took a deep breath. "I... I... feel like such a slut. Yet, I also feel so... so... I don't know... desirable I guess is the word." Janice rolled over, looking at the ceiling. It was great having all those men vying for my attention. Then those two, what were their names? Tom and Jerry. Yea, right! But I do have to say they had nice coc... oh, I'm sorry," Janice said, fearing she had gone too far.

"It's okay sweetie. I saw you sucking their cocks. I loved it!" Tim said with a big smile.

"I love how we are communicating and how close I feel to you right now. But..." Janice hesitated. "You don't think I went too far, do you?"

Tim snuggled next to her. "Of course not. I told you that you were free to go as far as you could in a busy nightclub. I guess I just didn't expect you to... to... you know."

"Suck their cocks," Janice answered for him.


"Well, I warned you," she laughed.

Tim laughed with her. "You know what? I love you more than I ever thought I could."

"I feel the same about you sweetheart. But there is something that I still don't understand."


"How... how can you watch me do... do stuff with other men and not get jealous?"

Tim was silent for a while. "I guess I do get jealous. I think that's part of the excitement. I can't explain it but I feel this excitement in the pit of my stomach. When I saw you with Steve and then those two guys last night, I was so excited. I felt something strange. It's almost pride, like I own you. I know that 'own' is the wrong word but it's like... like I'm just letting the men have a taste of you but afterward, you are mine."

"You mean me having a taste of them," Janice said with a smile.

Tim smiled at Janice. She is really warming up to this, he thought. "I have read that the biggest fantasy that men have is watching their wives with other men."

"Playboy again?" Janice said with a smile.

"No, I think it was Cosmo."

"Touch‚," Janice laughed. "I know it's not the same for women. I'm sure I wouldn't feel excitement watching you with another woman. I got very jealous when you told me about Danielle. Yet, I have done almost the same thing. I guess it's a double standard."

"Don't worry I don't mind the double standard. I promise I don't want anyone but you," Tim said sincerely.

"I'll take you up on that promise. Nevertheless, it's amazing to me that you get excited watching me with someone else. I guess I'll never understand men," Janice smiled and kissed Tim again.

Tim could see lust in his wife's eyes.

"I think my slut pussy could use a little attention," Janice said as she lifted the sheets and spread her legs.

Tim got the message and didn't hesitate. He began to kiss down his wife's warm body, stopping to suck on her nipples until they were hard and dripping his saliva. Teasingly, he licked down her stomach, tickling her as his head disappeared under the sheets. When he got to her groin, he worked around her vagina, kissing her thighs but avoiding her swollen lips. Suddenly, he felt Janice grab his hair and roughly pull his mouth between her legs. It was apparent that she wasn't in the mood to be teased. He didn't resist and began to suck her lips into his mouth, tasting her sweet juice. The smell of her arousal and the taste made his head spin. Within minutes, Janice was screaming in pleasure.

When Janice had recovered, she pulled Tim up, opening her legs in invitation.

Tim resisted. "No, I want to wait until tonight."

"Why?" Janice asked in surprise.

"Because tonight I'm going to fuck your ass!"

"Oh God, Tim," Janice said closing her eyes.

"You can always use the safe word," Tim reminded her.

"Not a chance," Janice said with confidence. However, she didn't feel confident. She had felt the same was about oral sex and now she loved it. This was very different though. Besides being so wrong and against all her old beliefs, it was so nasty. She was also afraid of having something up "there." She knew that Tim would be gentle but she was certain that it would hurt. Still, she wasn't about to use the safe word. It was clear to her that if she were going to win this contest, she wouldn't be able to use the safe word even once. It was going to be difficult to get Tim to use the safe word once, let alone twice. No, she wouldn't use the safe word, no matter what.

Tim had Janice dress for the day in a pair of hot pink short shorts and a white tube top. The shorts barely covered the cheeks of her buttocks and would ride up between the crack as she walked. The top molded to her breasts, emphasizing their size and fullness. He also had her put on a pair of very high heels.

Janice put the clothes on begrudgingly. She knew that she would look like a slut and again hoped that she wouldn't see anyone that she knew.

They were planning to spend a little time in the casinos then head home.

Tim smiled proudly as he walked his wife through the casino. He knew that most people thought he had a hooker with him. That thought somehow excited him.

Janice could feel her face flush as she saw the looks of the men. Their eyes would follow her as she walked by. She could almost feel their eyes on her ass. She was embarrassed but also excited by the attention. Some of the women almost had a look of hatred in their eyes. Too bad, they are just jealous, she thought.

It turned into a fun and profitable day for Tim and Janice. They won a $1000 jackpot at one of the machines and promptly went out and spent it on more clothes for her. This time they bought some less than conservative business clothes. The clothes were all professional but the skirts were tighter and shorter than any she had and the blouses were frillier and more revealing. Her students were certainly noticing the change. It was going to be a new Professor Harwick that returned to school next week. She was already more aware of her sexuality and now her new dress would make that obvious to everyone. Janice was beginning to like the new person.

On the way out of town, Tim saw an old movie theater. It caught his eye because of the title of the movie that was showing: "Anal Virgins." Tim didn't even know that theaters showed porno movies anymore. He thought video was the only source of dirty movies. He hit the brakes and turned around at the intersection.

It was in a seedy neighborhood but there was a parking lot right next door and he was pretty sure that the theater wouldn't be crowded at two in the afternoon.

"Why are we stopping?" Janice asked as they pulled into the parking lot. "I heard there is a good movie playing here," Tim answered.

Janice hadn't noticed the marquee. She did a double take as they walked around the corner and she saw the title. A little rush of excitement ran through her. She looked around her as Tim got the tickets. The large old homes in the area were beautiful but run down and some were boarded up. It was definitely a run- down section of town. Across the street, there were two women dressed with impossibly short skirts and low cut tops, showing their wares. Janice realized that they were hookers as they bent over to talk to potential clients in cars. Suddenly, she realized that her short shorts and heels made her look like she fit into this neighborhood. She saw the tired old man behind the glass ticket booth look at her with eyes that had seen everything. Janice suspected that he thought that she was a hooker going into the theater with her "john."

They paid the admission and they went into the theater. It was a large old opera theater with remnants of grander times from 30 or 40 years ago. The lobby had tall ceilings with ornate moldings and etchings of famous paintings from the Renaissance period.

Tim didn't bother with any popcorn or soda, walking quickly past the concession stand and through the curtains into the theater, pulling Janice behind him. The movie was already playing.

Janice's eyes opened wide as she saw the action on the big screen. A young girl was taking the largest penis Janice had ever seen up her ass. Her moans and cries came from every corner of the theater. When she felt Tim tugging on her hand, she realized that she had stopped in the middle of the isle. As her eyes adjusted, she could see that there were ten or so patrons in the theater s**ttered around, slumped in their seats. She followed Tim to the back of the theater, taking seats in the last row. Several of the men turned and watched them walk past. She could feel their eyes. Was she swaying her ass too much as she walked up the isle?

"Tim, this is crazy," Janice whispered when they were seated.

"I know, but I though you needed a little education," he answered and reached over and caressed her bare thigh lovingly. Tim was a little uncomfortable himself but felt excited as well. It was so unlike him to be spontaneous or a risk taker.

When their eyes went back to the screen, the man with the large penis had pulled it from the small girl's ass and was shooting a huge load onto her ass cheeks and her incredibly stretched ass hole. Janice couldn't suppress a gasp of surprise. The scene was incredible gross but exciting nonetheless. Then the movie switched to another young girl and her boyfriend sitting on a living room sofa. The acting was poor and the dialogue stupid but the people were very attractive. The boy was trying to convince the girl that she should let him have anal sex. She was reluctant but was caving in quickly as he began to play with her breast and kiss her passionately.

Janice could feel her excitement grow as she watched the young couple make out. She was so engrossed in the scene that she barely noticed Tim's hand until it was under her tube top and playing with her breast. A little moan escaped her lips as she watched the two on the screen get naked. Then the boy pushed the young girl back on the sofa and lifted her legs high in the air. Janice gasped and her hips began to squirm on the seat when she saw the boy begin to lick the young girl's asshole. She could almost feel the tongue on her own little rear hole. An illicit shiver of pleasure rushed through her.

Within minutes, the boy was sliding his penis into the girl's ass. Janice watched carefully. While the passion was probably fake, Janice could see that the girl was not in any apparent pain. Soon, he was pounding in and out with rapid and deep strokes. It went on for a long time before the moaned that he was he was going to cum. He pulled his penis from the girl's ass, leaving her hole gaping. Janice couldn't believe it when the girl spun around, brought his penis to her mouth, and sucked it inside. Then as he neared climax, the boy pulled his penis out of her mouth and began to squirt his sperm onto the girl's smiling face. Immediately, another scene started with a bored housewife watching a young man clean her pool. In each segment, the anal sex was nastier than the last.

Tim was watching Janice more than he was the movie. He could see her glassy eyes focused on the screen and her breath coming in rapid gasps. As he played with her nipples, he slowly, and without her noticing, pushed her top up until both breasts were exposed. Then he bent his head and sucked one exposed nipple inside his mouth.

"Oh God," Janice moaned when she realized that her breasts were uncovered. She watched nervously as four or five of the patrons moved around into seats closer to them so they could watch. It frightened Janice to see all these men staring at her, their hands now inside their pants. However, there was also a thrill deep inside her. It was all so surrealistic. It couldn't be innocent Janice Harwick, law professor, and pillar of the community, sitting half-naked in a public movie theater letting a bunch of perverts look at her.

"Tim... Tim," Janice whispered.

It took a minute for Tim to realize that Janice was calling his name. He looked up and saw that now everyone in the theater was watching them. "I guess we better get out of here before we cause a riot," Tim said.

"You're right," Janice answered nervously. She saw the disappointment on the faces of the voyeurs as she let Tim pull her to her feet. When she tried to pull the top down though, Tim grabbed her hand whispered for her to leave it up.

Janice's legs were trembling as she walked up the aisle, her breast exposed and bouncing with each step. She could feel every eye in the place on her. Her vagina was throbbing and squishing between her legs. As she walked out of the curtains and into the lobby, she heard several men groan in pleasure or frustration. Suddenly, she was standing in the lobby with her breasts still exposed. There were a few men getting popcorn and a young woman behind the counter. Janice's face turned red when she saw the girl looking at her with a big smile. The men turned to look at her as well. Tim pulled her toward the front of the theater but would not let her pull her top down until they got to the door. She sighed with relief when he pulled her top over her breasts just as they stepped outside into the bright sunlight.

Tim rushed Janice out to the car and sped off the lot. He was now suddenly in a hurry to get home.

Janice slid close to Tim and pulled one of his hands to her crotch. She moaned as his fingers began to rub across the tight material of her damp crotch.

Tim looked down and gasped; Janice's crotch was stained dark with her juices. He could feel it seeping through to his fingers.

As soon as they were in the house, Janice was crawling all over Tim. "Wait... wait sweetie," he said. "Let's take it slow. You go and take a nice shower and I'll lay out some clothes I want you to wear."

Janice moaned in frustration but knew that he was controlling things. "Just one little suck," she pleaded as she grabbed the bulge in his pants. Without waiting for permission, she slid down and opened his zipper. In a second, she had his penis out and was sucking on it and moaning. When she felt Tim take her head in his hands and begin to move it back and forth, she knew that she had him. She thought that she would suck him off, and then get him to eat her. Maybe he would forget about the anal sex. She was very wrong.

Tim watched his wife on her knees sucking him enthusiastically and realized that she had grown to love sucking him now. Her actions were not of a woman that was doing it just to please her man. He also knew that she was trying to delay the inevitable and in fact, he had counted on that. There was no doubt that, in his excited state, when he tried to put his penis into her anus he would last about one second. Janice was unknowingly taking the edge off his excitement. He would be able to last far longer after he had a climax.

Janice worked on Tim's penis with all her recently learned skills. She used her hand to work up and down his shaft as her mouth sucked the head. She smiled to herself at her cleverness.

"Oh God, baby," Tim moaned as he felt his climax approach. Just as he was about to shoot into her mouth, Janice pulled his penis out like the girl in the movie had done. He watched it total amazement as she aimed it at her face, letting the first blast hit her square in the forehead. He realized that she was mimicking the movie by letting his sperm cover her face. He was more than happy to comply.

Janice almost giggled as blast after blast hit her in the face. It was so nasty and exciting to feel his warm sperm covering her face. She had read that some women felt this was humiliating and demeaning but she didn't feel that way at all. It gave her a sense of power and made her body tremble with excitement. Besides, Cosmo said that sperm was good for your skin.

After the last squirt hit her face, Janice smiled up at her husband, her face covered with his cream. Her tongue came out and licked some of the goo that had run across her lips, smiling as she swallowed.

Tim looked down at his wife with amazement. He couldn't believe that she had done that. "Thanks sweetie," he said sincerely. "I was so worked up that I'm sure I would have never gotten into your ass."

Janice's smile turned to a frown as she realized what she had done. Suddenly she knew that she had been tricked. "You tricked me," she said with mock anger. Still, she had to smile as she felt his sperm continue to run down her face and drip onto her chest.

Chapter 12

An hour later Janice came out of the bathroom to find the room lit with candles and an outfit for her laying one the bed. She saw a note on the bed next to the clothes.

"Sweetheart, I wanted to tell you how much I love you. I know that you are apprehensive about what we are going to do. You know that I would never hurt you. I will be gentle, but if it is too painful for you, I will stop and it will not cost you a safe word. Please put on the outfit I left on the bed. I will be up in a few minutes. Love, Tim."

Janice felt tears in her eyes as she read the note. God, she loved this man, she thought. She put on the outfit then looked in the mirror. It was a white teddy with garter straps and matching white nylons. The material was stretchy lace and was almost see- through. The front covered the crotch but still allowed her shaved sex lips to be plainly seen. The back of the outfit was only a thin string, leaving her buttocks bare. She almost looked like the young girl he married ten years earlier.

Janice was lying in the center of the bed when Tim came into the room wearing a short bathrobe. His eyes never left his wife as he walked over to the bed. She was the only thing in the room and everything else faded. He was almost shaking as he dropped his robe, crawled onto the bed, and pulled her into his arms. Their lips met without a word. Within seconds, both of them were moaning in excitement.

Tim worked to kiss every exposed area of Janice's body that he could reach. Then he turned her over and looked at his prize. Her sexy buttocks were white and smooth, without a blemish or freckle. He felt her tremble as his hands touched them, gently running his fingers across her soft flesh. He could see goose bumps appear on the skin. Slowly, he bent his head and kissed first one cheek then the other.

"Get on your knees," Tim said in a hoarse whisper.

Janice moved to her knees and looked back at Tim. She saw a look of wonder in his eyes as he stared at her bare buttocks. Then she watched him crawl between her legs, his hands reaching out to grasp her cheeks. She laid her head on the bed and groaned as Tim spread her cheeks open. She was embarrassed and excited by the view that she knew he was getting. No one had ever looked at her like this. She felt incredibly exposed. "Oh my God," she moaned as she felt his tongue touch the top of her crack where the little string started. She gasped for breath as she felt his tongue begin to slide down between the cheeks. God, he wasn't going to... "Ohhhhhh!!!"

Tim could taste her flesh as his tongue move between her damp cheeks. He pulled the little string away and looked at her pulsing anus then dropped his head and began to lick. He could hear Janice moaning into the pillow but it was muffled, coming from a place far off. There was a roaring in his ears at his own nastiness.

"Oh my God, oh my God," Janice whispered. When she felt Tim f***e his tongue into her tiny back hole, she lifted her head and screamed. It's so nasty, so perverted, she thought. Yet, her hips pushed back into the probing tongue wanting it to go deeper. Janice never knew that her anal area was so sensitive. She could feel every touch, every lick.

Tim was going mad with lust. Never in his wildest imagination did he think his innocent wife would let him do this to her. He was going to make the most of it. His tongue and mouth worked her little hole until it was pulsing with need. He sucked and licked like a starved man. When he pulled away, he watched it open and close like it wanted something to fill it again. He knew just what that something was.

Janice's moved her buttocks back and forth in excitement, her head buried in the pillow again. Her lungs gasped for breath. She felt Tim moving behind her and knew what was going to happen. Then she felt something cool, almost soothing on her anus. A gasp escaped her as she felt a finger probe the hole then move slowly into her. It felt strange, not painful, almost soothing. She had never had anything stuck up there before, not even her doctor's finger. She groaned when the finger pulled back out, leaving her hole wanting.

Tim coated a second finger and placed both on the little hole. With gradually increasing pressure, he pushed the two fingers inside. It felt warm and smooth inside his wife's secret place. He could feel the muscles caressing his fingers. It was impossible to tell if they wanted him to press inward or pull out. He pressed inward. There was a louder moan from Janice as both fingers went all the way inside her. Then he gently worked them back and forth and around, trying to relax and open her for the larger object to come. He worked for some time, making sure she was lubricated and stretched. When he thought she was sufficiently relaxed he pulled the fingers out and watched the tiny hole remain stretched for a second before closing again.

It was time. Tim leaned over to his wife and whispered, "I'm going to fuck your ass now, sweetheart. If I hurt you tell me and I will ease up. If you really want me to stop, use the code word. It won't count and I will stop." Tim got between his wife's legs again. He poured some lubricant onto his hand and rubbed it across his erection until it was shining and slick. Then he moved closer, lifting up and placing the swollen head at the tiny hole. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he began to push. He watched as the little hole stretched, the skin gradually covering half the head of the penis. The largest portion of the head was still outside when he paused for a second. He listened for any word from Janice. When he heard nothing but her heavy breathing, he pushed hard.

"Ohhhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!" Janice moaned as she felt the head slip into her body. Her hands were gripping the bed sheet tight as her body tensed. Relax, she told herself.

Tim was amazed as he watched the small hole stretch around his large head. It gripped him tight, just below the crown. When he heard no protest from Janice, he began to push forward again. He heard Janice grunt but no words came from her. Soon most of his penis was inside her body. Then, with one final push, he was buried to his balls.

"Oh God, oh Jesus, oh, oh," Janice moaned incoherently.

Slowly Tim began to pull out, watching the grasping hole try to keep him inside. When he was almost all of the way out, he pushed back in. This time he joined his wife in moaning. He couldn't believe how good it felt. It was all that he had imagined and more.

Janice was surprised that it hadn't hurt. She had felt momentary pain when the head slipped inside but other than that, there was only a pleasant fullness. Now she could feel his penis deep inside her, stretching her. She thought she could feel the head pulsing against her sensitive walls. However, she knew that that couldn't be possible. She moved one hand between her legs and rubbed her swollen vagina through the crotch of the teddy. Then her finger slipped under the material and into her body. "Oh yes," she moaned when she felt Tim's penis on the other side of the tiny sheath of skin. "Fuck me," she screamed suddenly.

Tim almost jumped in surprise at her words.

"Please, please fuck my ass," she cried, delirious with need.

Tim began to move in and out, slowly at first but soon he was moving at a steady pace. The same pace as he would have used inside her vagina. This hole was much tighter than her vagina and required him to push and pull harder. His own breathing was labored as he got to his feet, squatting with his knee's bent, and began to pound into his wife's ass. He could feel her finger moving in and out of her vagina as his penis worked in and out at the same time.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh Jesus, Tim..." Janice moaned as a climax began somewhere deep inside her ass. Her fingers began to rub her swollen clit. It felt huge between her fingers. "Oh God Tim, I'm going to cummmmmmmm!!!"

Tim could feel the walls of her anus begin to pulse. That was too much for him. Suddenly, his penis throbbed and his balls erupted, spraying her insides full of his sperm.

Janice could feel his cum pouring into her tunnel. Her hips humped up at her husband's plunging penis as a tremendous climax consumed her body. Wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her. Her body shuddered and tensed repeatedly. Each time she thought it was going to stop, another wave hit her. She had never had a climax last so long or be so totally consuming. Her head was spinning and her lungs gasped for air. Then there was one last shudder before she collapsed onto the bed.

Tim followed her, his penis never leaving her body. As the last spurt of his cum was milked into her hole, he collapsed as well, his body heavy on hers.

After a few minutes, Tim's breathing was almost under control. He bent his head and kissed his wife's hot cheek, gently moving her hair away from her face. He saw that her eyes were closed like she was sl**ping. Then he whispered, "I love you," but received no response. Tim suddenly realized that she had passed out.

Chapter 13

Tim was up early the following morning, having some chores to do in the yard. He worked for an hour or so then decided to have some breakfast. He assumed that Janice was still asl**p.

When he walked into the kitchen, he saw her sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. She had her robe on and the paper was in front of her on the table.

"How are you feeling this morning?" he asked almost shyly. There was a nervous excitement in the pit of his stomach. He was certain that she had enjoyed yesterday but sometimes the light of a new day changes things.

Janice looked up without smiling. Then she stood up and turned to him. Suddenly her face broke into a wide grin and her arms opened to him.

Tim sighed in relief as he took his wife into his arms.

Their lips met in an emotional and passionate kiss that went on and on. When Janice pulled away, Tim gasped for breath, stunned by the intensity of the kiss.

"Does that answer your question?" Janice said with a smile.

"Wow, I guess it does," Tim chuckled. He pulled a chair out and sat down, bring Janice to his lap. "I was a little worried after you... you know, passed out."

Janice snuggled warmly into Tim, her head on his shoulder. "I'm the one that should be saying '"wow'", she said. "I've never felt like that... never knew that a climax could be so intense."

"Are you... are you sore?" Tim asked, suddenly embarrassed by the question.

"Maybe a little, but it's a good soreness."

"What's your schedule for today?" Tim asked, referring to the fact that Janice needed to go into school for the lecture.

"Well, Dan is supposed to lecture from one to three o'clock. We are supposed to go to dinner at six." Janice felt a little thrill run through her at the mention of Dan's name.

"I was planning something after you came home but I think I will change those plans. We can do that Friday night."

"Okay," Janice said hesitantly. There was something on her mind and she didn't know how to approach it. Tim knew what had happened with Dan the last time they were together but he hadn't said anything about it since she told him. "Tim... about Dan... What... uh... are you okay... uh... with me going to dinner with him," Janice stuttered.

"Oh yes, I'm fine with it. I want you go out with him and have fun. In fact, I want you to bring him back here after dinner."

"Really! You want to meet him?"

"No, I didn't say that. I want you to tell him that I'm out of town."

Janice looked at Tim like she didn't understand. Suddenly, her heart started to race. "What... what do you want me to do when I get home?" she asked, her voice almost shaking.

"Anything you want!" Tim said.

"Anything?" Janice asked, her eyes searching his.


"You know... you know what happened the last time you said that?"

"Yes," Tim said with a lustful smile.

"You also remember the... the last time Dan and I we were together," Janice said, knowing that Tim would remember.

"I remember very well what you told me."

"Dan and I together alone could be dangerous," Janice warned, her body tingling.

"I'm counting on that."

"So I can do whatever I want?"


"Are you sure about this?" Janice asked, her heart racing with excitement now.

"Absolutely sure. After the lecture, come home and I will help you get dressed for dinner."

Janice kissed Tim passionately again then pulled her head back and looked into his eyes. She was searching for something. She wasn't even sure what it was. For the thousandth time she wondered how she could have lived with this man for so many years and never really know him.

"You had better get moving. I have some chores to do so I'll see you when you get home," Tim said as he pushed Janice to her feet. "Now you get moving too."

They kissed briefly and went their separate ways.

Janice felt her heart flutter when she saw Dan walking down the hall toward her. God, he is so handsome, she thought. His biggest problem is that he is stuck on himself; his hair was always perfect, expensive suits and silk ties. Only the best for Dan Forsman, she thought. Still, that's part of his charm, she mused. She knew that she could never see herself falling for someone like him but he was irresistible nonetheless.

Dan Forsman had just turned 44 years old and was recently divorced. He was a partner in a prestigious law firm in San Francisco, as well as a professor of law. He stood 6 feet 26' 2" with black hair that had quite a bit of gray along the sides. He was often mistaken for the movie actor, Richard Gere. He always dressed immaculately and prided himself on his physical appearance. In college he had been the star quarterback and could have had a pro career if he had wanted. However, law had always been his first love.

Dan smiled when he saw Janice walking toward him. He noticed right away that she was wearing a new outfit. It was a black business suit. However, it was much more stylish than the outfits that she normally wore. In fact, the skirt was shorter than anything he had ever seen her wear and the blouse, under her blazer, was low cut and very sheer. What a sexy lady, he thought. , Too bad she doesn't know it.

Dan was in for a big surprise.

"God, it's good to see you Janice," Dan said as he hugged Janice to his strong chest.

"It's been a long time," Janice answered, holding him a little tighter and longer than was necessary.

"You look great," Dan exclaimed holding Janice away from him, his eyes running up and down her body. His eyes didn't miss the opportunity to glance down her blouse. He was shocked that he couldn't see any indication of a bra. Still, it might just be one of those low cut things some women wear, he thought.

"Thank you! You look pretty good yourself," Janice smiled back. "We have about twenty minutes before the class starts. Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"That would be great," Dan said and followed Janice to the cafeteria.

The two of them sat and talked, catching up on a few things since they last met. Before they knew it, it was time for class. Before they knew it, it was time for class.

Janice watched as Dan did his thing. He was very impressive. The students listened, hanging on every word. Dan was quite an entertainer, telling them stories of legal cases that combined his academic background with the real world.

When the lecture was over, Janice couldn't get near Dan as the students, especially the girls, gathered around him thirsting for more. Finally, he told them he had to go. The students moaned but eventually left the room, leaving Janice and Dan alone.

"Still quite the entertainer," Janice smiled.

"Just my a****l magnetism, I guess," he responded, his white teeth shining with his smile. "Now, for the real reason I came all this way. When do we go to dinner?"

"Well, its four- thirty now. How about you pick me up at my house at six?"

"Uh... at your house?" Dan asked. "Yes, my husband's out of town," Janice answered with a twinkle in her eye. She felt a twinge of excitement when Dan's face brightened.

"Oh, no curfew then?" Dan said and moved closer to Janice.

"No curfew."

Suddenly, Dan was pulling Janice into his arms.

"Dan," she protested weakly.

"There's something different about you. I can't put my finger on it, though," Dan said, looking into her eyes.

"Maybe it's just your imagination," Janice responded, letting him hold her, as her excitement grew. Then she saw his lips move toward hers. She knew this was very dangerous in the open classroom but was powerless to stop him from kissing her. A moan came from her throat as his tongue entered her mouth. She felt his strong hands slide down her back and caress her buttocks, pulling her tighter to him. Within seconds, she could feel his erection growing between their bodies.

As the kiss continued, Dan took a chance and slid his hand inside her jacket and over her breast. He had to know if she was wearing a bra. Now it was his turn to moan as he felt her warm flesh in the palm of his hand. She wasn't wearing a bra - that was certainly different. He couldn't imagine prim and proper Janice going out of the house without a bra. His fingers tweaked her hard nipple through the thin blouse, bringing a shiver from her. Quickly, and with an expertise, he unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse and his hand slid inside to grasp a soft breast.

"Oh Jesus," Janice whispered as his strong hand palmed her entire breasts. With great difficulty, Janice pushed him away, gasping for breath. She could feel the excitement between her legs and knew that without panties she would be dripping juice in a second. "Later," she said with a lustful smile. She wrote her address on the back of his business card and handed it to him. "See you at six." Then she went up on her toes and gave him another quick kiss before she rushed out of the room.

By the time Janice got home, she was even more excited than when she left Dan. Her mind was racing with all the possibilities. Still, she wasn't certain how far Tim wanted her to go. In fact, she wasn't certain how far she wanted Dan to go. She needed to talk to Tim again.

When she walked into the bedroom, she saw that Tim had laid out clothes for her to wear. He was in the bathroom running a bath for her.

"Hi, sweetie," Tim said as he saw Janice walk into the bathroom.

"Hi lover," Janice replied and walked over and gave him a big kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her groin to his.

"I guess the meeting with Dan went well?" Tim said when he saw that a button on her blouse was still open.

"Yes," Janice said, her face flushing a bit at the memory of their boldness in the classroom. Then she blushed again when she realized that her blouse was still open.

"So what's the arrangements for tonight?" he asked, letting her off the hook.

"Dan is going to pick me up here at six," she answered, relieved to change the subject.

"Great, then we have to hurry," Tim said as he began to take Janice's clothes off.

"Tim..." Janice said and hesitated.


"Are... are you still okay with this?"


"I just want to be sure. The truth is, I have a hard time resisting Dan. However, I'm still not sure... uh... how far that you want this to go. I'm not even sure how far I want it to go."

"Listen, why don't you just relax and see where it goes. If you feel you don't want it to go any further, just tell him."

"Will that be like I used the safe word if I tell him to stop?"

Tim thought for a minute. After all the cajoling and pushing, the truth was, he really didn't want to f***e her into do doing this. He wanted her to want to do it. "No," he said firmly, deciding to take his chances.

Janice sighed with relief. At least she wouldn't have to use up a safe word if she felt uncomfortable. "Where are you going to be when I get home?"

"I'll be around somewhere," Tim smiled.

Janice looked at him with concern on her face.

"Don't worry. , You won't know I'm here. Now let's get you undressed or you'll be late."

Tim helped Janice with her bath. Then he shaved her and applied cream to her pubic mound, making it smooth and soft. When he was satisfied with his work, Tim left Janice to put on her dress and make-up.

After Janice was dressed, she came out of the bathroom and saw Tim waiting for her. She had on a red cocktail dress that was form fitting and short on her thighs. It was tight enough that if she wore panties the lines would definitely show. The top was low cut, giving a substantial view of her cleavage. In fact, the top was so low cut that if she moved too quickly, she could have one or both of her breasts pop out. Her hair was done up on her head with two little curls hanging down her cheeks. As always, she wore a pair of very high heels and thigh- high nylons. Around her neck, she wore a heart shaped locket with a picture of Tim and her on their wedding day inside. Somehow, that made her feel better about what she was about to do.

"Well, how do I look?" Janice asked, feeling excitement in her stomach as if she was s*******n again and going out with a boy for the first time.

"You look gorgeous," Tim said as he took her in his arms and kissed her briefly. He was careful not to mess up her bright red lipstick. "I think you're going to have to fight this guy off."

Suddenly, both of them jumped as they heard the doorbell.

Janice could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she walked down the stairs. When she opened the door, she saw Dan standing there in his expensive suit and tie, looking like a movie star. He had a dozen red roses in his arms. "Oh, thank you so much," she said sincerely. "Let me get these in water, and then we can go."

"No hurry, we have plenty of time," Dan said, pulling Janice back to him, his eyes wandering up and down her body. "You look incredible."

"Thank you again," Janice said going up on her tiptoes to kiss his lips quickly. Then she turned and walked toward the kitchen carrying the roses.

Dan followed behind, his eyes watching the sexy sway of her butt. God, she is something else, he thought. No panty line. He felt a little tingle in his groin.

In the kitchen, Janice reached up to get a vase out of a cabinet over the sink. When she did, her dress pulled up, revealing the lacy thigh high nylons and a small section of bare flesh.

Dan stepped over to her and placed his hands on her hips, kissing her neck.

"Behave," Janice said as she felt goose bumps on her neck from his kiss.

"You're driving me crazy," he whispered. He turned Janice around and kissed her passionately, his tongue searching for hers.

Janice was breathing heavily when she pulled away. "Let me finish or we'll be late."

Dan moaned in frustration and let Janice go, reluctantly.

Tim was watching out the upstairs window as Dan opened the door his car for Janice to slide in. He probably just did that so he could look up her dress, Tim thought - that's what I would have done. As Tim watched the car disappear down the street he thought, what the hell am I doing? I must be crazy letting my wife go on a date, especially with a handsome guy like Dan. Suddenly, he felt a twinge of jealousy and fear. The fear and jealousy combined to create an excitement in his the pit of his stomach. It was the same feeling that he had when he watched her at the nightclub and with Steve, just multiplied a hundred times. That feeling was overriding everything else. Then he told himself that all of this was necessary to keep their marriage together. Still, he knew that there were other ways to keep their marriage going. It was all so confusing, he thought as he turned from the window, a bulge in his pants.

Tim went downstairs to get a strong drink and wait. It was going to be a long evening for him.

Dan took Janice to an expensive French restaurant on the 30th floor of a downtown office building. They sat at a special table in the corner, reserved for dignitaries, with a view of the city on both sides. The lights of the city were gorgeous and romantic, twinkling like a million fireflies.

Dan was a gentleman all evening. He entertained Janice with humorous stories and jokes. He also made sure she had plenty of wine. While he didn't want her d***k, he did want her relaxed.

When dinner was over, they walked arm and arm to the elevators. As soon as the doors closed, Dan pulled her to him and kissed her. His hands went to her buttocks and squeezed them, pulling her tight to his groin.

"Let's save it until we get home," Janice said excitedly and pushed him away, fearing that the doors would open and someone she knew would be standing there.

Dan moaned a complaint but he liked the part about "until we get home."

Janice stumbled slightly as she opened the door of her house and walked into the foyer. She giggled as she tried to balance herself to take her shoes off. All the wine had made her just a bit tipsy. She let Dan steady her by holding her hips. When she had her shoes off she sighed and said, "Oh that feels so good."

"Feet sore?" Dan asked.

"Yea, these are new shoes and I think they are a little too narrow. The guys in the shoe story were too busy looking up my dress to get the correct measurements."

"I'm sure they got a very pretty view," Dan said lecherously. "You know I am an excellent foot massager."

Janice felt a thrill go through her as she thought of the boys in the store and the last massage she had in this living room just days ago.

"Would you like a glass of wine?" Janice asked, throwing her shoes in the corner carelessly.

"Yes, thanks."

"Have a seat in the living room. , I'll be right back," Janice said, directing Dan to the living room and then going into the kitchen. She was surprised when she found a bottle of wine chilling in a bucket of ice. A smile crossed her face when she realized that Tim had left it for her. She took the bottle and two glasses into the living room.

Dan was sitting on the sofa with his jacket off and his tie loosened. The lights in the room had been dimmed. Dan smiled when he saw Janice coming in with the wine. "Ah, that was fast. You must have had this all planned. Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Harwick?" Dan said facetiously.

"I'll never tell," Janice answered as she sat on the sofa a comfortable distance from him.

Dan poured each of them a glass and handed one to her. "Cheers," he said and clinked his glass to hers. "Now, let's take care of those feet," he said, reaching down and pulling one of her feet onto his lap.

Janice had to turn sideways to allow Dan to hold her foot. "Oh, that feels sooooo good," she said as she lay back in the corner of the sofa, ignoring the fact that Dan could see up her dress. "Thank you."

"My pleasure," Dan said, looking at her sexy legs and higher. "You have gorgeous legs."

"Thank you again."

Dan massaged one foot then the other as Janice sat back and enjoyed. When he was done, he took off his tie and moved over closer to her. He sat quietly looking at her as they drank their wine. Finally, he reached over, took the wineglass out of her hand and set both on the coffee table. Then he pulled her into his arms. "I've been waiting to have you alone all night," he whispered as he brought his lips to hers.

Janice moaned as she felt his lips press to her. This time she beat him to it and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Their lips worked together like two horny teenagers. Within minutes, the room was steaming with passion. Soon, Janice felt Dan's hand slide down her back and across her buttocks. He gently caressed the firm ass cheek before moving lower to her thigh. As their tongue continued to duel, Janice felt his hand slide up her thigh until it was under the hem of her dress. She moaned and squirmed in his embrace when she felt his hand on the bare flesh above her nylons. She suppressed the natural instinct to stop his hand. The hand moved higher.

Now it was Dan's turn to moan as he felt the soft skin of her naked buttock. He had hoped that she wasn't wearing panties. His hand squeezed the supple cheek, kneading the flesh between his fingers. Tim stood in the dark hallway at the top of the stairs with a clear view of the sofa. His heart was pounding in his chest as he watched another man fondle his wife. He could see the hand disappear under her dress and begin to massage the cheek of her ass. Inside his pants, his own penis throbbed with excitement.

Dan pulled his lips from Janice and kissed down her neck. Slowly, he kissed across her shoulder, using his finger to gently push the shoulder strap of her dress down her arm. Then his lips changed direction, moving down her shoulder blade, kissing and teasing the soft skin as he went. Soon, he was at the top of one heaving breasts. The dress was barely holding on, caught on a hard nipple. A flick of Dan's finger and it fell, leaving one large, soft breast free.

"Oh God Dan, no," Janice pleaded breathlessly when she realized her breast was bare. There was still a hint of the remorse at what she was doing. It was so wrong. But, how could something so wrong feel so good? she thought.

Dan didn't pay any attention to Janice's protest. He kissed down the soft orb, opening his mouth and sucking the nipple inside.

"Ohhhh!!!" Janice moaned as she felt his tongue begin to flick the hard nipple.

Dan was ecstatic that he had made it this far. There were no guarantees that she would let him go all the way. He remembered the last time they were together when she jumped out of his car and ran back to the hotel. Quickly, before she could stop him, he pushed the other shoulder strap down, freeing both breasts, and captured the other tit in his mouth. He almost smiled when he felt Janice's hand grab the back of his neck and pull his mouth tight to her breast.

"Oh yes, suck it," Janice whispered in submission. She would stop him in a few minutes. Just a few more sucks and she would make him stop.

Dan pushed Janice over until she was lying on the sofa, continuing to hold the nipple in his mouth like a hungry baby. He sucked hard on the tit, finally letting it pop from his lips. He moved back and looked down at her excitedly. Her eyes were closed and her beautiful breasts were moving up and down with her rapid breathing. Both nipples were hard, sitting proudly on her firm white breasts. Again, he bent over and sucked one into his mouth. At the same time, his hand slowly moved up her thigh. When his fingers reached her vagina, he gasped in surprise. Prudish Janice, law professor, and wife, had a shaved pussy.

Janice was becoming delirious with excitement now. She squirmed on the sofa as Dan chewed on her breasts and began to play with her sex lips. She spread her legs as far as her dress would let her and let his hand have total access. A gasp escaped her lips and she almost screamed when he pushed a finger into her warm and wet hole.

Dan moved his finger in and out rapidly, spattering her juice on his hand. Then he moved away from Janice and slid slowly to his knees. He looked up at her as he spread her legs, pushing her dress to her hips. He could see that her eyes were swimming with lust. Then he looked at her swollen and enlarged vagina. His mouth practically watered when he saw the fat wrinkled inner lips bulging from the smoothly shaven outer lips. Slowly, he began to kiss down her soft thigh.

I have to stop this, she thought, just a minute or two more. Janice closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt Dan's tongue move closer and closer to her vagina. She began to tremble with need as his tongue teased her, kissing her thigh but avoiding the treasure between. Unable to stand it anymore, and no longer able to distinguish right from wrong, she reached for his head and pulled him toward her center. "Ahhhhh!!!"

Immediately, Dan's senses were overcome with the taste of Janice's swollen vagina. He sucked her large lips inside, marveling at the size. He had made love to quite a few women in his life but none had lips as large as hers or tasted as good.

Tim's eyes were wide with lust and straining through the dim light to watch his wife with her lover on the sofa. It was hard for him to believe that he was actually watching another man eat his wife. His shaking hand went to his zipper and pulled it down, freeing his throbbing erection.

Janice's legs were wrapped around Dan's head, imprisoning his face between her thighs. Her hips lifted off the sofa as her hands pulled his head tight between her legs. "Oh God, Dan. Oh yes, eat me. Yes, yes, yes. Oh God," she moaned.

Dan prided himself in his ability to please a woman. He was especially good at oral sex and he loved to do it. The sweet taste and feel of Janice's lips in his mouth was making him mad with desire. He wanted to fuck her so bad, yet he wanted to wait. He wanted to get her off first. His mouth moved up slightly and sucked her swollen clit between his lips. "Ahhhhhh!!!" Janice screamed, her muscles tensing. "Oh God, Dan, I'm going to... I'm going to... cummmmmmmmmm!!!" Then Janice's body started to convulse as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her. Her hips were bucking so hard that she almost threw them both off the sofa. However, Dan held on, continuing to suck her even after her body started to relax. He sucked on and on until he felt Janice begin to tense again. Suddenly, another strong climax hit her.

Eventually, Dan had to pull away or risk drowning. His face was covered in her thick juices. He smiled down at her; wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he stood up and slowly stripped his clothes off.

Janice opened her weary eyes just as Dan was dropping his slacks and underwear. A new thrill of excitement rushed through her as she saw his long, throbbing shaft. It was larger than she remembered. She saw that his body was strong and well muscled. Janice sat up weakly looking at the penis just inches in front of her face. She hesitated. Then slowly, her hand shaking, she reached for Dan's penis. It felt hot in her hand and throbbed. She moved her hand up and down, squeezing a drop of clear juice out of the swollen head. Janice took a deep breath and pulled Dan's penis toward her.

Dan smiled and moved forward, pleased to oblige her. He moaned as he watched this beautiful woman, wife, and law professor take his penis between her lips. His hips began an involuntary movement back and forth as Janice sucked on his knob. He was surprised at how good she was. He watched in amazement as she pulled it from her lips and used her tongue in little butterfly flicks across the dripping head. Then she licked down the shaft to his balls. "Oh Jesus," he moaned as she sucked one inside her mouth. He couldn't believe it as he watched her cheeks bulge with his sperm filled testicle.

Janice moaned as she sucked first one large testicle into her mouth and then the other. Soon both were dripping with her saliva. She licked back up the shaft and took the head into her mouth again.

Tim was beyond excitement as he watched his wife suck on Dan. This time he had a better view then the two previous times. Yet, he wasn't as close as he wanted to be, so he quietly moved as close as he dared. He almost gasped when he saw his wife's saliva dripping from Dan's penis and balls. He wondered if she was going to suck him off.

Janice was considering sucking Dan off. However, he had other ideas. Before he lost control, he pulled away, his penis making a pop as it came out of her mouth. Janice looked up in surprise. She wanted his cum in her hungry mouth now.

"I'm going to fuck you," he stated emphatically.

"Oh Dan, no. It's not right, I'm married," she pleaded unconvincingly.

"So you don't want this cock in you?" Dan teased, swinging his penis back and forth in front of her face. "Are you saying that you don't want me to fuck you?"

"Oh God," Janice moaned as she watched Dan's hard penis moving back and forth, her eyes following it. Her own vagina was dripping juice onto the sofa now. Janice bit her lip and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she knew that there was no turning back. With a sigh of submission, she leaned back on the sofa and opened her legs.

"No sweetie," Dan said. "Tell me. Tell me you want this. I want to hear you say it," Dan said. He squeezed his penis hard at the base, making it swell even larger and pulse. Dan knew that he was taking a big chance teasing her like this. It might backfire. However, he was pretty sure that he had her now.

Janice looked at Dan's pulsing rod and then at his face. Her eyes glanced briefly toward the stairs. She could see a shadowy movement. She knew that Tim was watching. He could stop this if he wanted, she thought. A tremble shook her frame and her vagina throbbed with need. She couldn't take it anymore. "Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me, Dan. Please!"

"That's what I wanted to hear." Dan reached down and lifted Janice's legs. He went to his knees, bringing his penis level with her swollen vagina. Holding her legs straight up in the air, he pulled Janice forward, letting his penis head touch her fat lips. Slowly he moved his hips forward.

There were three moans at the same time. If Janice and Dan hadn't been moaning so loud, they would have surely heard Tim. Tim's legs felt week as he strained his eyes at the juncture where Dan's penis met his wife's hole. He watched, his body trembling, as another man slowly slid his penis into his wife. The scene fascinated him so much that he forgot all about stroking his penis.

Dan closed his eyes as his shaft moved deeper into Janice's body. He had waited for over a year to do this. Her vagina was as tight and warm as he had dreamed it would be. Janice couldn't wait any longer. She reached forward and grabbed Dan's hips and pulled, forcing him deep into her. "Ohhhhh!!!" she moaned as he hit bottom. She felt full and so stretched with his fat penis. Suddenly, the realization hit her that she was fucking another man --- a man that wasn't her husband.

Dan pushed Janice further back and moved over her. He placed her legs on his shoulders, lifting up and bending her almost double until her knees were near her head. The angle allowed him to go deep into her. As he pushed downward, his lips sought hers. Then he began to move in and out, slowly at first. "Oh God, baby, that pussy is so nice," he whispered breathlessly.

Janice only grunted in response, her eyes squeezed shut. She was rapidly moving toward her third climax.

Soon Dan was pounding in and out of her, grunting out his own pleasure. "Oh God, baby, I can't last much longer," Dan warned.

"Oh yes. Cum, cum in me, please," Janice whispered through clenched teeth, her own excitement near a peak again.

Dan felt his balls pull tight to his body. He groaned as his sperm shot down his shaft and rocketed into Janice's willing hole.

Janice felt Dan going over the top and his juice pumping into her. That was more than she could take. For the third time in just a few minutes, Janice climaxed. It was even stronger than the first two. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," she moaned, holding Dan deep in her body. She could feel Dan's cum filling her hole - another man's cum.

Tim stared in amazement as he watched the two lovers climax. He could see their joined sex in the dim light and the glistening cum running back out and down her ass cheeks.

When Dan's penis stopped squirting, he slowly moved back, sweat dripping from his brow. "Wow, that was something," he sighed as he watched his shrinking penis squeeze out of Janice's body.

Janice dropped her legs to the floor, exhausted. When Dan moved to the side and collapsed onto the sofa. Janice stood up on shaky legs. "I'll be right back," she said and walked unsteadily to the stairs.

Dan figured that she was going to clean up.

Janice walked up the stairs and down the hall, looking for Tim. Just as she passed the bathroom, she felt her arm being pulled into the dark room. She squealed in surprise as Tim pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

"God, baby, I've got to fuck you too," Tim said, pushing Janice up on the sink counter. He spread her legs and placed his throbbing penis at the entrance of overflowing hole. With a shove, he pushed himself into her. "Ohhhh!!!" Tim moaned as her warm and very sloppy hole wrapped around him. It took only seconds for Tim to groan that he was going to cum.

"Yes, cum in me," Janice said, already excited again. As she felt her husband adding his sperm to the juice already inside her, a quick climax went through her.

Tim pulled out of Janice and leaned toward her, kissing her lips gently. They were both silent. Tim was still gasping for breath. His climax had been incredibly intense, draining him.

Finally, Janice spoke. "Tim, I think... uh... I think that Dan is going to want to stay the night," Janice said hesitantly.

"Really?," Tim said thinking quickly.

"He didn't say it but I know him."

"What do you think? Do you want him to stay?"

Janice bit her lip and looked down, her face red. "Yes," she answered quietly.

"Uh... all right... uh... I'll sneak down to the clubroom and sl**p on the sofa. The only rule is that I want you to sneak down and see me when he falls asl**p. Tomorrow, you need to get him out early."

"That's no problem, he has an early flight. Tim... thank you. I love you," Janice said, fingering the locked around her neck lovingly.

"I love you too. You had better get back down there or he might come up."

"You're right," Janice said and hurried back to the stairs. She stopped when she reached the top of the stairs and realized that she had two loads of cum bubbling out of her vagina. She also realized that she didn't have time to go back and clean up so she shrugged and hurried back to Dan.

Dan didn't have to be asked twice if he wanted to stay the night. When Janice mentioned staying the night, he swept her up in his arms and walked toward the stairs. Within minutes, Dan had Janice on the bed and his head between her legs. He was surprised at how much cum she still had in her after she had cleaned up.

Janice giggled at the thought of what was happening between her legs. If he only knew, she thought. However, excitement quickly took over. She grabbed Dan's head pulled it tight to her, and shuddered in climax again.

Late that night, Janice went down to the clubroom. She gently shook Tim awake. Then she quickly opened his pants and sucked him to hardness. Without Tim moving, she straddled his waist and sat onto his penis. She bounced up and down several times, coating Tim's penis with the sperm inside her.

Tim was moaning again, his hips moving up and down with his wife's movements. Suddenly, Janice pulled up until Tim's penis slipped out. Tim looked at her in surprise.

Janice smiled back and reached between her legs to grasp his penis. She slid forward slightly until her anus was on top of his penis. A wide smile, then a slight grimace, crossed her face as she slowly sat down.

"Oh my God, Janice," Tim moaned as his penis slid easily into her rectum.

Both of Janice's holes were dripping cum as she practically crawled back up the stairs to Dan.

Tim didn't sl**p much the rest of the night. Early in the morning, he heard the front door open and close. He peeked out of the basement window and saw Dan get into his rental car and drive away. Then he hurried up the stairs to their bedroom. He peeped in and saw that Janice was still sl**ping. As he walked quietly over to the bed, he saw her open her eyes. A smile crossed her tired face and she lifted the sheet in invitation. Tim smiled back and crawled into the bed. He looked at his disheveled wife. Her hair and make-up were a mess and her body showed signs of the frantic activity of the night. Still, Tim thought he had never seen her look so beautiful. He tenderly kissed her lips and fell asl**p in her arms.

Chapter 14

Tim smiled as Janice walked into the kitchen. She had on a white terry cloth robe and her hair was still wet from the shower. "Good afternoon sl**pyhead," Tim said.

Janice smiled back and walked over to kiss him. "Good afternoon lover."

"Hungry?" Tim asked.


"Sit down and I'll have break... uh lunch finished in a second," Tim said.

Janice sat at the table as Tim served her eggs, bacon, toast and hot coffee. He took a seat across from her and watched her eat. He had already eaten earlier.

When Janice had eaten everything on the table, Tim got up and served her more. Again, Tim sat across from Janice and watched her.

"What?" she asked when she saw him looking at her.

"I was just thinking how much I love you."

Janice smiled then got up and sat on Tim's lap. "I love you too, sweetheart. More that anything in the world." Their lips met in a long and sensuous kiss.

"So... uh... did you... uh have fun last night?" Tim asked hesitantly.

Janice sighed and closed her eyes. "It was incredible. I would have never believed that I would have enjoyed something like that. It's amazing how things can change in just one week. Are... are you okay with what happened?"

"Yes and I agree with you that it was incredible. It was beyond my wildest dreams. It seems like a dream this morning - a nice dream." Tim kissed her again and slipped his hand into her robe and caressed her breasts. "However, it's not over yet." "What's going on tonight?" Janice asked, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice.

"You know I can't tell you that. However, I guarantee that you will be surprised."

Later that night, Janice stood in front of Tim in the bedroom. She was wearing a sky blue silk slip that was form fitting and short, with a sheer lace top. On her legs, she had a pair of silk thigh high nylons and spiked high heels.

"Come on Tim, what's going to happen tonight?" Janice asked nervously.

"Just remember the safe word," he said. Then the doorbell rang. "Wait here, I'll be back in a minute."

Janice sat on the bed, very nervous. She had no idea what Tim had planned for her tonight. It scared her some but she also knew that she was close to getting through the week without using the safe word. She figured she could get through one more day.

A few minutes later, Tim opened the bedroom door.

Janice stood up, her face showing her shock. Felicia walked into the bedroom behind Tim. She was wearing a pair of hot pink short shorts, high heels and a blouse tied under her breasts.

"Felicia, you remember my wife Janice."

"Yes I do. Hi, sweetie," Felicia said with a knowing smile.

Felicia had been surprised when Tim had called after their visit to her shop. He told her that he wanted her to help him with a little game he and Janice were playing. She was more than happy to help Tim. When he explained what he wanted her to do, she said yes in a second.

Janice stood paralyzed, unable to move even her mouth. Her face showed her total shock. She looked at Tim, almost pleading with her eyes. God, what does he have in mind? Janice thought. She wasn't a lesbian and wasn't about to start now. "Tim," Janice said, her lips pressed tightly together.

"You know the word," Tim said and waited for Janice to answer. When she didn't answer he said, "I take it that you don't want to use the word?"

"No," Janice said, trying unsuccessfully to make her voice firm.

"Good," Tim said and took a seat in a chair near the bed.

The room grew quiet.

Felicia walked over to Janice who was suddenly almost shy, looking at the floor. She reached her finger under Janice's chin and turned her face up to her. "Don't worry, sweetie, I don't bite... or at least not hard," Felicia laughed. Then she reached her hands out and touched Janice's shoulders softly.

Janice stood stiff, unmoving.

Felicia ran her fingertips up and down Janice's arms. Then she leaned forward and kissed the nape of her neck.

In spite of herself, Janice shivered just a little. Then she felt Felicia's tongue on her neck, flicking across her sensitive skin. She tried to steel herself. She wasn't going to let this woman get her excited.

When Felicia reached Janice's ear, she gently bit her earlobe. "Relax, sweetie. You're going to love this," she whispered.

Janice just grunted.

Felicia moved around behind Janice. She turned Janice toward Tim as she again ran her fingers up and down her arms. Then she started to kiss her neck from behind.

Tim watched, his excitement growing.

First Felicia kissed across one shoulder, and then she moved her lips slowly to the other. She looked across Janice's shoulder at Tim and winked. Then she reached her fingers up to the straps of Janice's slip. Slowly she pushed the straps down her shoulder and over her arms. Suddenly, the slip fell from Janice's breasts.

Janice gasped as she felt her breasts exposed and she crossed her arms over herself.

Felicia reached her arms around her and grasped her arms, pulling them to her side. Then her hands went back to her waist and began to move slowly upward.

Tim could see Janice's breasts begin to move up and down as the pace of her breathing increased. He watched as Felicia's hands moved closer and closer to his wife's breasts.

Janice felt the hands moving toward her bare breasts. Her eyes closed, in spite of her resolve, when Felicia's soft hands covered her breasts. Stop, her mind screamed just as when she felt her body begin to respond.

Felicia moaned as her hands covered Janice's full breasts. As she squeezed them and began to play with the nipples, she felt her own excitement increase. Felicia liked men but she loved women. Sometimes she thought that was the reason she went into modeling in the first place.

Tim could feel his erection straining in his pants. He wanted to take it out but decided to wait. There would be plenty of time for that.

Felicia played with Janice's wonderful breasts for a long time, caressing them and pinching the nipples. She could feel her beginning to respond. It was subtle, but there was a little movement of her hips and her breathing was definitely faster.

Janice watched Felicia's hands on her breasts. She couldn't believe that she was standing there half naked with another woman playing with her. A little moan escaped her lips when Felicia began to squeeze her nipples harder - not painfully, just firmly.

Felicia pulled her hands from Janice and turned her to the side. Then she stood in front of her and looked into her eyes. Slowly she reached up and untied her own blouse. She slipped it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor behind her, leaving her naked from the waist up. Her breasts were not as large as Janice's but they had held up very well for her age. Still looking in Janice's eyes, she pressed both tits to Janice's. Her nipples pressed directly against Janice's nipples. The she began to slowly grind against her, squishing their flesh together.

Again, Janice had to close her eyes in an attempt to control her excitement. She could feel her vagina begin to swell. She couldn't believe that she was getting excited from another woman rubbing her breasts against her own. She opened her eyes when Felicia pulled away. She felt her tug at her hand, leading her over to the bed. Without a word, Felicia stripped the slip from her. Then she pushed Janice until she was sitting on the side of the bed with just her hose and heels on. She sat next to her. Her hands came up and she began to play with her nipples again.

"Please don't," Janice whispered, squeezing her legs together as her excitement continued to grow.

Suddenly, Felicia's hands were on Janice's cheeks. She stared into her eyes as her lips moved slowly forward. Felicia felt Janice's soft but unwilling lips against hers. The lips were tightly closed tightly. She used her tongue to gently lick across hers, not attempting to enter her mouth.

Janice held her lips tightly together. She felt Felicia's tongue pushing on her mouth again. Suddenly, she moaned as Felicia twisted a nipple. That f***ed her mouth open and suddenly her mouth was filled with Felicia's tongue. Another unwanted moan escaped her throat as the tongue played with hers. Then she felt Felicia pushing her back, her mouth never leaving hers. Soon she was lying on the bed with Felicia working on her lips, her hands grasping her breasts again. When she felt Felicia's hand sliding down her body, she stiffened. "Oh no," she pleaded as the fingers reached the top of her pubic mount.

"Shhhh!" Felicia said as her finger slowly slid between the now swollen lips of her vagina. The fingertip moved between the lips, crossing the little clit.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Janice moaned as the finger slid gently across her now swelling nub. In spite of all of her resolve, Janice let her legs slip slightly apart. Her thighs began to quiver.

Felicia smiled. She knew that she had her now. Slowly, she insinuated a finger into the wet hole.

"Ohhhh!!!" Janice whimpered as she felt the finger move into her body. Her hips began to move up and down, out of her control now.

Felicia began to kiss down her body, crossing her breasts, stopping to suck each nipple. Across her stomach her lips moved, stopping to circle Janice's navel. When she reached her lower stomach, Felicia stopped and stood up.

Janice opened her eyes in surprise, wondering why she had stopped. She watched as the older woman moved between her knees. She could see Felicia's breasts moving up and down rapidly with excitement now. Then she saw her reach for a pillow from the bed. She threw it on the floor at her feet and knelt. "Oh God," she moaned when she realized what the woman was going to do.

Tim watched as Felicia positioned herself between his wife's legs. He couldn't control himself any longer and reached down and took his hard penis from his pants.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Janice moaned as Felicia began to kiss up her thighs.

When Felicia was close enough to touch Janice's swollen vagina she stopped. Gently, she lifted the younger woman's thighs, pushing them back to her breasts.

Janice looked down between her own legs, her eyes wide with anticipation. She saw Felicia's burning eyes looking up at her. Felicia smiled at her and then dropped her head. "Oh Jesus! Oh God! Ohhhhhh Tim!" Janice moaned as if she was looking for someone to help her.

Felicia buried her lips between the fat and swollen flesh of Janice's vagina. Instantly, she was lost in a world of sensation. Janice's sweet juice coated her tongue and ran from her chin. The swollen lips filled her mouth as she sucked and gently chewed on them. It had been a long time since she had tasted a woman this sweet.

Within minutes, Janice's excitement overcame her senses. The few times she had been eaten were wonderful, but never like this. She felt a tenderness and an understanding that seemed to be lacking from men. She realized that a man could never really do it like this. As much as she hated to admit it, she loved the feel of this woman's mouth on her sex.

Everything else in the world disappeared for Felicia as she sucked the beautiful woman. She barely realized that the body beneath her was moving rapidly toward a climax her until she heard a scream. She would have smiled if her mouth were not filled with her swollen clit.

"Ahhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh God," Janice screamed as waves of pure pleasure rippled through her. Her hips bucked up into the sucking mouth. Her hands gripped the sheet beneath her. When one intense climax ended, another began. On and on it went. When Felicia would move her tongue down to the open hole, Janice's climax would lessen. However, as soon as she took her clit in her mouth, it would start all over again. Tim watched as he sat in his chair, stroking his penis. He was careful not to go too far. He wanted to wait until he could put it into her before he came.

It was probably forty-five minutes before Felicia came up for air. However, she didn't stop because Janice had finished climaxing, she stopped because her jaw was getting tired. Felicia had never seen a woman climax as intensely or for so long. And, she had seen a lot of women climax - many from her own tongue.

Janice opened her eyes in surprise as Felicia let her legs drop to the bed. She was confused. She wasn't sure what had just happened or how long it had lasted. Then she watched as Felicia took off her shorts and climbed onto the bed.

Felicia turned Janice's willing body around until she was lying on the bed. She lay beside her and pulled her close. "Did you like that?" Felicia asked.

Janice closed her eyes and sighed. "Yes," she whispered almost too quietly to be heard.

"Good, because we've just begun." Felicia kissed Janice's lips with her own dripping lips. She was pleased when Janice's mouth opened quickly for her tongue. She kissed her new lover for a long time before she moved away.

Janice was disappointed when she pulled away. Then she watched as she turned around with her head close to her groin. She could feel a renewed excitement when Felicia started to kiss her thighs again. Then Felicia threw her leg over Janice's head. Suddenly, Janice was staring directly at Felicia's dripping vagina. Janice was shocked. She hadn't even thought about this. Her eyes were wide as she looked at the sex lips just inches from her face.

Felicia continued to kiss Janice's thigh, occasionally blowing warm air on her still very swollen lips. She waited, deciding that she wasn't going to f***e Janice to do this. She wanted her to do it on her own.

Janice had never been this close to a vagina before. It fascinated and, strangely, excited her. Felicia had a little tuff of hair at the top of her slit but otherwise she was shaved smooth. The lips were definitely smaller than hers but the hood of skin covering her clit was fat and extended. She could smell Felicia's excitement and see her juice bubbling from the hole. Like a moth to a flame, Janice's mouth moved upward. Tentatively, her tongue touched the hanging lips. She heard a moan from Felicia. She flicked the lips, getting a little taste of another woman for the first time. She decided that it wasn't so bad and pushed her tongue into the hole.

Felicia lifted her head and moaned as she felt the inexperienced tongue go into her. She wanted to push her vagina onto Janice's mouth but waited. It wasn't time for her to be aggressive.

It almost tasted sweet, Janice thought as Felicia's juice ran down her probing tongue and into her mouth. Janice's tongue began to move in and out, bringing more moans from the older woman. Janice reached her hands up and grasped Felicia's buttocks, pulling them down.

"Oh God yes," Felicia moaned as she dropped her hips to Janice's now sucking mouth.

Now it was Janice's mouth that was filled with flesh. She sucked the mound of flesh at the top of Felicia's vagina into her mouth. It felt wet and squishy, yet firm. When Janice pulled her head back, she gasped. The hood of flesh covering Janice's clitoris had pulled back, leaving the clit bare. Janice had never really seen a clit other than her own. While hers was small, almost the size of a pea, this one was positively huge. It looked like a miniature penis. Janice opened her mouth and sucked the pulsing flesh into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Felicia screamed as a climax raced through her. Her body convulsed in pleasure as her clit was sucked in and out of Janice's mouth. Her juice was pouring into the sucking mouth like a river.

Janice had to swallow over and over to avoid drowning in Felicia's juice. She sucked on her clit until her hips stopped moving. Then she let it slip from her lips. Suddenly, she moaned again as she felt Felicia's mouth on her again, sucking hard.

The moans and screams continued for a very long time.

Tim sat and watched in amazement as the two insatiable women brought each other one climax after another. Suddenly, he felt jealous. Why couldn't men climax like that? A couple of climaxes a night was all he got.

Tim felt his penis throb and knew that he had better do something or he was going to cum all over his pants. He stood up on shaky legs and stripped his clothes off. As he walked over to the bed, he saw that Felicia and Janice had switched positions. They were still in a sixty-nine but now Janice was on top, her legs spread around Felicia's head.

Quietly, Tim crawled onto the bed, his heart pounding in his chest. He was excited and nervous about what he was going to do. He moved around until he was near Felicia's head and lifted his leg over her until his penis was just above her sucking mouth and inches from his wife's vagina. He slid forward until the head of his penis touched Janice's hole.

Felicia smiled as she saw Tim straddling her face. His balls were just above her mouth. She pulled her mouth from Janice's vagina, letting him move into the place where her tongue had just been.

"Oh God," Janice moaned as Tim slid his penis into her.

Tim moaned as well. However, it wasn't just from the warmth of his wife's vagina. As he slid into her, Felicia's tongue began to lick his balls. He tried to hold still and let her lick him but his hips wouldn't cooperate. Within second, his penis was sliding rapidly in and out. Tim wanted it to last longer but unfortunately, the excitement of watching his wife and Felicia was too much for him. His balls tightened and he gasped for breath. Suddenly, his penis was going off like a fire hose inside his wife.

"Oh yes! Oh God!" he moaned as he pumped his sperm deep into his wife's willing hole.

Felicia could see his balls churning and knew that he was climaxing. She moved her tongue to Janice's vagina and to the point where the penis went into her hole. First she licked the juicy connection between the two, and then moved up to the pulsing clit. She felt Janice tense and begin another climax. She licked until Janice stopped shaking. Then she pulled away and watched and waited. She could see Tim's thighs shaking. When his shuddering stopped, he moved back, his penis sliding wetly out of the wet hole, followed by a long and thick string of cum. Felicia lifted her head and closed her mouth over Janice's hole. She sucked and swallowed over and over.

Sometime during the night, Felicia got dressed and left. Tim and Janice didn't even notice until the following morning.

Janice had a smile on her face when she awoke the next day. It wasn't just because she was liberated sexually. She had made it! She had done everything Tim asked and had not used the safe word one time. Now the only thing she had to do is get Tim to use the safe word one time and she would win. She started thinking of names for her baby.

When Tim came downstairs, Janice had already fixed breakfast for them.

"Good morning lover," Janice said with a bright smile as she poured coffee.

Tim face had been somewhat sullen until he saw her smile. He had been more than a little worried that she would be angry about last night. "Uh... good morning. Uh... are you okay with last night?" he asked hesitantly as he sat at the table.

Janice stopped pouring the coffee and looked pensively for a second. "Well, I guess I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but..." she hesitated, drawing out the suspense on purpose. "I loved it."

Tim almost sighed with relief. He looked at Janice and smiled. "So how did you like your week?"

"I think you know how I liked it," Janice said as she took a seat across from him.

"Yea, I guess I do. Uh... uh, about my week," Tim said referring to the game.

"Yes," Janice asked when he hesitated.

"Well, I was thinking uh... I'm pretty sure you are going to win this thing."

"What are you trying to say?" Janice asked.

"I guess... I guess that I'm conceding. You win!"

Janice looked at him like she didn't understand. Suddenly, it dawned on her. She jumped up, screamed and rushing onto Tim's lap so fast that the chair almost tilted over backward. She kissed his lips then all over his face. "Thank you sweetheart," she said as tears streamed down her cheeks. She hugged him tightly.

"We need to talk honey," Tim said as Janice continued to hug him.

"About what?" she asked as she pulled back and wiped her eyes.

"Well, for one thing, where we go from here. I mean... are we going to... uh you know, go back to the way we were?

"I don't think we can," Janice said as she felt a little thrill run through her.

"Does that mean that we... uh can do things? You know, like this past week." Suddenly Tim was very nervous.

"Well, we'll have to see," Janice said seriously. Suddenly she smiled. "I still have Dan's phone number and that was an excellent massage."

"Oh God," Tim moaned. He picked her up and carried her toward the bedroom, leaving the breakfast forgotten on the table.... Continue»
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birth right
“Hey mom,” I said to my mother just before I got inside her car, each word feeling like a
razor blade cutting through my throat as I said it out.
I knew she loved me, and I loved her too, but I wasn't really her biggest fan those days.
Giving her the silent treatment was something I would’ve preferred, but it was only going to
break her heart more, and since the pain caused by her recent heartbreak was too much
already, I didn't want to add on to that.
“Hey Baby,” she replied and I gave her a chilling stare which saved me a few words to
remind her that I wasn’t a fan of cuddly words too those days, especially at school. “Hey
Man,” she tried again, planting a kiss on my cheek as soon as I settled on the shotgun, and
even in moments she was genuinely trying to show some affection and be happy, I could still
tell how desperate she was to get over my father. Running away from him
was the reason we’d moved to a new town -- to start over, and she had to tag me along with
her, ruining my life in the process. “How was your day at school?” she asked, starting the car,and on a second thought, I figured I didn’t want to talk to her – starting with answering thatquestion. Instead, I decided to have a quiet and peaceful drive home as I counted all the things ourmove to a new town ruined in my life. I didn’t have a car anymore, and that was the reasonshe’d come to pick me up at my new school, making me feel like I was some thirteen year olddweeb. Starting off at a new school in the middle of the last semester of high school was in itselfsocial suicide because there was really no point in making real new friends when high schoolwas almost over, and thinking about how my mother took away my real friends and my promdate when we moved made me want to hate her.That wasn’t the last of it, and even though I was likely going to get over not having realfriends and a prom date as soon as high school was over, I was almost certain that for a longtime, I wasn’t going to forgive how she ruined my chance to get laid for the first time. It took me two years of dry humping to get my girlfriend, trisha to agree that prom nightwas the night, and with me moving eighteen hours away, that wasn’t going to happenanymore, and anyone put in my shoes would’ve understood my frustration. But mom wasn’tlike that -- she always assumed that I could roll with the punches.“How was your day at school?” she asked me again, and flinching away to try and show herhow much I thought that question was more of a burden to answer didn’t help – she keptwaiting for the response. “It’s still the same…I’m still trying to settle down,” I eventually replied her question after awhile, and yes, I was still trying to settle down and probably find myself a hot chick. My dick missed getting sucked and fucking tits. Those were things trisha used to let meenjoy, but those days I was just surviving on video calling to watch her jill off in front of thecamera for me. Sometimes we masturbated together, and she wanted us to continue doing thatuntil the day I was going to go back for her to get the fuck she promised.But with my mom still calling the shots, that day could only come after I finished high schoolbecause it was the only time I was going to have the freedom to travel back to trisha, and asmuch as I looked forward to that day, I just couldn’t wait that long if there was a chance that Icould find someone to fuck before finishing high school.My life was also in my new home town now, so even though trisha and I were going to fuckafter we finished high school, our relationship wasn’t going to survive the distance, even withthe frequent video calls to jerk off staring at each other. She was the type that could manage to have that kind of relationship though, but I couldn’tsentence myself to that kind of life, and to be honest, the way we were keeping the flameburning wasn’t really cutting it for me. I needed the real thing. But just because I still had tofind Keisha’s replacement, surviving on the video calls and fantasies of her cupping my ballsand sucking my dick was all I had at the time, and on a daily, I was beating my meat at leastsix times.That was also another reason I had to find trisha’s replacement because my hand couldn'tgive me the type of orgasms I got from her blowjobs or when I fucked her boobs, and evenwith that aside, masturbating six times a day was unhealthy – I had to have the real thing.Real fast too, because the lack of gratifying orgasms was getting me hornier by the day, andmy need to have those types of orgasms was about to go through the roof. “Did you make any new friends today?” Mom went again with a burdening question and Ifelt it when she glanced to check the distracted look on my face.“Just a few,” I replied and looked out of the window again, wondering why she wasn't gettingthat I wasn't in the mood to talk. Whenever she felt like that, she always demanded that I stopped pestering her until she wfine, but she wasn't doing the same for me, and that was being unfair. I felt like lashing out suddenly, and let her know that it wasn’t right that she wanted me to remain nice to her whenshe had failed to understand me when I begged her to stall moving until I finished highschool. But my thoughts were suddenly distracted by considering the possibility that if I were to get agirl who was a virgin again, she probably was going to make me spend time fucking thighs orthe top of a panty-clad pussy like Trisha made me do. Heaven knew I wasn’t cut out for thatagain, and I quickly stopped thinking about it before I began feeling hopeless about managingto beat my target to get laid before I finished high school.“I bought some flowers and we’re going to be doing some planting in front of the house thisafternoon,” another attempt to make conversation came from mom and I glanced at her. Herface was beaming and she was gleefully smiling. She really adored our newtwo-bedroomed house she had got for a bargain. It wasn't that bad,but it needed major touch ups, especially the leaking roof and the water stained ceilings, andafter thinking about what she’d just said again, I smiled too. I was three orgasms behind schedule that day because in the morning I left for school withoutjerking off, and all day during school I thought about how I was going to get to it the momentI was going to get home. That’s why I smiled at the news that we were going to do some yardwork that afternoon because staying outside to get some work done was going to keep mom out of my way each time I was going to jerk off, and for me, the work was going to provideintervals between my wanking sessions. Great,” I said in response to her and she mumbled something else I didn’t catch. That mademe glance at her because I thought she was talking to me. She wasn’t, and just after I realised that, my eyes were caught by her exposed bronze legs.The knee-length skirt she was wearing had ridden up to a few inches below her crotch as shedrove, and too little was left for imagination. I triedto look away, but I couldn’t -- I felt it too compelling to stare at her smooth and welltoned thighs, and during the moment that I did that, my dick twitched, preparing to startgetting hard, but before that happened, I somehow managed to look away eventually, andafter that I laughed at the way my dick had reacted to what I’d just seen. “These hormones are getting out of hand,”I thought that too. My friends always said that my mom was hot, and even though she kept her body in shape byworking out a lot, I didn't look at her in that way. She was my mother and the last woman thatI expected to turn me on in the world, so I dismissed what had just happened as a one-timer,but I ended up glancing at her thighs every ten seconds until we got home.As I got out of the car, I looked at the front of my pants and I saw that I had a noticeableerection. Looking at my mother’s thighs had made me hard -- that was another first for me,and as I went to my room, I tried to wait for the erection to go away on its own because eventhough I had plans to jerk off a lot that afternoon, I couldn’t stroke the boner my mothercaused.It felt wrong, really wrong, but that stopped counting when the boner failed to relent, and Ieventually gave up and realised that my right hand and a bottle of lotion were the only thingsthat were going to get rid of that disgusting boner. I called it a disgusting boner because I got it from watching my mom’s leg, but utterlyrevolting doesn’t start to describe what happened next. The image of the thigh that gave methe boner I was stroking is all I could fantasise about, and midway through my wank, Ivisualised mom coming into my room.“Hey baby,” she said, slowly walking in, her body covered by a slinky nightgown whichmade it obvious that she was wearing nothing underneath. I paid closer attention, and watching the curves of her boobs clearly outlined on the front andher erect nipples poking on the fabric of the nightgown made me stroke my cock faster. Andher thighs, they were bare right up to an inch of her crotch, and imagining the pussy my eyeswere going to see if she were to raise up the bottom of the nightgown a little doubled up the“Care if I join?” She asked as she kept approaching and my eyes kept stuck on her crotch,hoping a wrong step was going to make the nightgown ride a crucial inch up her thigh to make me see her cunt, and as if fate needed all my wishes to come true, that wrong step happened right after I wished for it.Though it was a quick flash which lasted less than a second, I saw it. I saw her slit, separatingtwo symmetrical puffy lips of cunt which rubbed against each other on the next step she took,showing me a flicker of her pink inner flesh for a split second before that sight was stolenfrom my eyes again by the nightgown which dropped back down to cover her crotch. But inmy mind, the image was permanently carved, and for a long time, I was going to keep replaying it.“No,I don’t mind,” I replied her proposal to join me, my throat dry, and my left foot alreadymaking the first step towards her because I wanted to take off her nightgown and fuck.“No fucking, I’ll just get naked like you are, and then I’ll lie on the bed to show you my wetpussy… and then we’ll jerk off together,” she quickly stopped me and I reluctantly did thatthen I continued stroking myself when she began taking off her nightgown. Slowly andenticingly, she left it fall off her body and with each inch of her smooth caramel skin that gotexposed, my arousal got worse and I started preparing for an orgasm.“Oh God,” I groaned when the nightgown slid to her belly, exposing her plump and roundboobs adorned by round and dark pimply areolas with the longest nipples I’d ever seen in mylife standing stiff in the middle. “Oh God,” I groaned again when the nightgown slid belowher waist, making me see her beautiful smooth shaved cunt for the second time, and the wayher engorged clit was poking out at the top got my heart racing so fast my bl**d heated, andsuddenly my veins were on fire. Each and every nerve in my body felt that sensation, and as I watched her walk over to lie onher back on my bed, the feeling kept intensifying. Lying spread-eagled first, she snaked downher right hand towards her wet slit while the left hand was making her moan with the way shewas fondling her tits, and when the right hand made it to her slit, she ran three fingers up anddown it a few times before fucking the middle inside of her.“Mmmmm Charles,” she moaned, her eyes closed and her middle finger starting to smoothlyslide in and out of her juicy sex while wet noises coming from there were getting louder witheach finger prod she sent inside of her. “Come kneel between my legs and continue strokingyour cock baby… I want to watch you stroke your monster cock while I fuck my pussy --come,” she desperately called and as I went to kneel between her legs, she raised her kneesup into the birthing position.After I settled in the middle of her parted thighs, my eyes kept watching her fingers pushingin and out of her wet pussy while I began stroking my cock really fast, my right hand only ablurry sight before my eyes. She soon began moaning wilder, and as she kept picking up thespeed to her already quick and furious jabs, I became too distracted to continue stroking mycock because watching her pleasure herself like that was amazing.“Oh yeah baby, oh!Keep stroking your cock for me. Come on,” she prompted as she reachedfor my left hand and when she got it, she put it on her right boob. “Yeah, touch it. Yeah, feelmy tits baby come on… feel my tits and stroke your cock baby,” she desperately moaned andI began doing what she requested. After a few minutes, tension in my balls started building up quickly and I knew that in a femoments I was going to come. Without fail that time, so I decided to change what whappening in the fantasy I was playing in my head to build up to a better orgasm, ansuddenly my mom reached for my neck and pulled me down to lie on top of her. “I need have you now -- put you cock into me… fuck me son,” she breathlessly begged andhurriedly slid into her wet cunt and began hammering away at her.It didn’t take long after that before the tension in my balls finally gave way to the moviolent orgasm I’d ever had in my life. I came like I’d never done before, and I feltsignificant amount of energy leaving my body as I shot out long strings of sperm on a tissuand once I was done having that orgasm, it was back to reality again. Everything slowly started to sink in and go in place – I’d just used my mother in a fantasyand imagining the two of us fucking gave me the most amazing orgasm I’d ever experiencedin my life. That quickly became wrong when the morals she’d taught me took over, but tomake the guilt of the sordid things I’d just done less, I dismissed fantasising about her asanother one-timer, just like how I’d gotten aroused by staring at her exposed thighs during theride back home. But in reality, what had just happened was the first sure sign that the way I was looking at mymother had changed, and even though I promised myself that it was the first and last time thatI was ever going to fantasise about us fucking, it was only a matter of time before I realisedthe truth. Before that time for me to realise the truth came, I got out of my room and went tohave lunch then I went outside to make flower beds after finishing my meal. A few minutes later, momcame out to plant the flowers and I was almost done making theflowerbed. She was wearing old three quarter pants and an equally worn out shirt. Nothingabout those clothes was boner-causing, and the effect she had on me seemed normal again.“Oh,” she sighed, disappointedly dropping her shoulders and slapping her palms on herthighs. “I forgot to take out the flowers from the car.” “Let me get them for you,” I said as I dropped down the rake I was holding then I dashed tothe car to get the flowers and she was down on her fours when I came back. All her attention was on the holes she was busy digging to plant the flowers in, and I realisedthat because her shirt had gone up her back and she didn’t pull it down. Her pants had alsomoved down a little, leaving strands of her G-string and a few inches of her buttcrackexposed. What I felt earlier about her clothes not having any arousing effect on me instantly changedthe second I noticed her G-string and buttcrack exposed like that, and when a sudden rush ofwind blew past us, she quickly covered herself when she felt it on her exposed back. It wasobvious from her reaction that she did that to keep me from noticing what her clothes leftuncovered, but that reaction was a little too late because I already had a boner. If that incidenthad happened on a day I wasn’t insanely horny, I could’ve managed to wiltthe boner and continue the yard work, but since that wasn’t going to happen, and since I wanted to avoid getting seen with my boner, I suddenly dropped the flowers by her side andrushed inside the house to masturbate. The bathroom seemed more suitable for the furious quick wank I wanted to have, and themoment I dropped my pants to my thighs and gripped my pulsating cock, my mom was onmy mind again. That time she just appeared naked and ready to start the action unlike the lasttime when I visualised her teasing me with a strip and mutual masturbation.“Come fuck that monster cock into me honey,” she purred, her left hand fiddling with bothher nipples at intervals, and her right hand on her pussy, showing me what I was supposed togo for.Without wasting time I went for her, and everything about the way I approached her and sunkmy dick into her hot and tight pussy was urgent. The fuck I fantasised she and I having after Istroked my dick inside her was feral, and so were her moans and screams as I imagined her grappling me all over as she tried to steady herself and avoid losing her footing.
“Yes honey…Ohhh. -- you’re stretching my cunt. Ah,” I imagined her moaning that
to me right before I held her neck with my right hand really tight, almost choking her and
soon after that the fantasy was over as I had another thunderous orgasm. Just like the time I masturbated in my bedroom, I shot out my seed on a tissue and after I wasdone, I flushed it down the toilet then I went out of the bathroom feeling relieved from thequick and furious wank I’d just had. The moment I set my eyes on my mother again, I wantedto start feeling bad for using her in my fantasy for the second time that afternoon, but all Icould think of was if I was really not going to fantasise about her the next time I was going to
jerk off.
Morals and raging hormones aside, the orgasms I got when I masturbated with her in my
mind were earth-shattering, so even if I were to find my morals again or manage to have my
hormones back in control, I made a choice at that moment that I wasn’t going to give up
fantasising about her.
It was going to be my own secret she didn’t have to know because I knew once she found out
all there was going to be for me was trouble, even v******e, because she was just strict like
that. “Where did you go, I need you to help me out honey. Let’s make our home nice together,” she mildly chided when she saw me and I picked up a bunch of flowers to plant
before I replied her.
“Sorry,” I apologized, and with that, all was forgiven and we finished the rest of the yard
work without any interruption from my dick.
With the dirt we were touching around while we were planting the flowers, we both needed
showers right after we finished, and showering is what we went to do in our respective
bathrooms right after we got inside the house. I stayed in my room after I was done and I only
came out late in the night when I got called for dinner.
“Please grab the plates and water glasses on your way sweetie?” She asked the moment I
showed my face in the kitchen and I kept looking at her, my eyes stuck on the nearly
transparent nightgown which she was wearing under a purple bathrobe.
That was her usual dress code at night, but everything was now looking different -- the
nightgown looked provocative and my bl**d almost instantly began racing faster. The fact
that she wasn't tying the belts of her bathrobe added fuel to the situation because she didn’t
wear a bra at night, and I could see her dark nipples poking on the front of the thinned
With my dick already hard in an instant, I realised I needed to keep seeing her nipples during
dinner, so I sat opposite to her on the dining table and whenever she bent forward to reach for
something, I caught a glimpse of her meaty tits dangling freely inside her nightgown.Seeing her tits dangling like that kept happening a lot, and at one point I sensed that she
noticed I wasn't being my normal self, but checking her out was the last thing she expected
me to do, so I didn’t stop, and my dick stayed hard. Midway through dinner, I started
thinking of stroking that boner right there at the table to see if jerking off while looking at her
was going to make me cum like I did when I fantasised about her.
It was too risky, I knew it, but within a few moments I stealthily slid my right hand under the
table and undid the button on my pants then I slowly pulled down the zipper, making sure it
didn’t make a loud zipping noise.
“Why aren’t you eating?” She asked because my right hand was still under the table opening
my pants and I quickly brought it up and lifted the fork without answering her question. A moment later she stretched her hand to grab a bowl and her right boob and its nipple which
was poking on the thinned nightgown got exposed again.
My dick flexed up and almost showed over the top of the table, and instead of the right hand I
always masturbated with, I put my left hand to work. It was the weaker hand, but it was going
to work just fine because I wasn’t planning on stroking myself as fast as I did when I jerked
off in private, and as I enjoyed my slow and sensual strokes, my eyes kept stuck on my
mom’s chest, catching every glimpse of her boobs each time her hand movements made the
robe move to the side, exposing her big round breasts.
After a few minutes, I got lucky when she made a slight move to the left and her robe
permanently moved to the side. I began seeing her left boob with more detail and without it
getting covered constantly. That made my cock even harder and I started stroking it faster,
cleverly stealing glances at the tit, but I mostly concentrated on the area around exposed
My aim had suddenly changed to making myself orgasm before she made another slight shift
that was going to block the arousing sight I was seeing. That happened, and the moment m y
sperm started tunnelling up my shaft, I flicked a napkin from the table onto my lap, making
sure that it looked random. Just after that, I started coming on the napkin and mom noticed my face frowning. She asked,
“The food tastes a little burnt right?” I just let out a low unintelligible sound which was more
of a groan as I wiped off the tip of my cock and crumpled the napkin into my pocket, but she
took it as a yes. “I’m sorry, you can have mine, its tasting fine,” she said, trying to push her
plate towards me.
“No! It’s fine. I’m almost full anyway,” I quickly stopped her.
She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, baffled, and I didn’t worry myself with that
because I knew shehad no idea what had just happened. Dinner went on quietly from there,
and when I got done, I buttoned my pants before I got up from the table. She and I did the
dishes together, and every time she had her eyes away from me, I checked her out.
The hot woman my friends always said they saw in her started appearing right before my
eyes, and after stealing glances at her ass a couple times, I realised that even before that day, I always thought that she had the most beautiful round and tight ass I’d ever seen on a maturewoman. Admitting that was just the issue, and as I looked at her other features, trying to rememberwhat I thought about them all along, I noticed that her full breasts were almost Ds, and thatwas the first time in my life that I ever estimated a bra size on them. They were just really bigtits on my mom before that day, and as I kept switching my eyes between her round asswhich made a nice curve away from her body and the hot thighs on which the curve of herass ended, my dick got hard again.
When I added the boobs to that list, I got harder, and until we finished the dishes, I had mycrotch pushed against the sink, hiding my erection. I waited for her to leave the sink first, andright after she did, I went to bed, planning to have one more wank before falling asl**p, buteverything just became hazy the moment I put my head on the pillow.
Quickly after that, I saw nothing else and the next thing I knew, it was morning, and I woke
up with a boner which needed my attention. The moment I familiarized myself to my
surroundings, I started doing that, and the plan was to beat the meat at least four times beforeI got out of bed. It was a weekend, so I wasn't in a hurry to get to school on time, and mom wasn’t going tobother me because she always let me sl**p in all Saturday mornings. She was a morning person though, and when I heard her busying herself around the house, probably finishingunpacking some of our stuff, it became impossible to fantasise about anything but her when Istarted stroking myself. That morning’s fantasy was her giving me a blowjob, and it was actually a memory of themost amazing blowjob I ever got from Keisha, but with my mom in it, and not my girlfriend.It happened a week before we left our old home and I was coming out of my bathroom,wearing a towel around my waist and nothing else on the rest of my body.
“Hey babe,” she said, standing up from my bed to approach me, and we kissed when she got
to me. “I’m feeling naughty today. How about I give you a blowjob?”
“O-Okay,” I stammered the reply, and as she lowered herself down on her knees, my dick
quickly stiffened and stretched out the towel. Once she took off my towel, I held her head and kept my hands there as she
swallowed me the first time. Her head then started rocking back and forth in time
way I was stroking myself, and with my mom as the one giving me head in the fant
feeling was heightened, but before I could stroke myself to the first orgasm, she
knock on my bedroom door.
I ignored her for a while since she couldn’t enter and find me awake with a stiff coc
palm because my door was locked, but her incessant knocking started threatening to
mood, and I ended up deciding to talk to her while I continued jerking off.
“I’m going to the grocery store, should I get you something?”
“No!” I quickly shot back the answer without thinking if there was anything I need
the grocery store.
“Ok then. I’ll be back just now,” she said and I heard her walk out of the house.
A few momentslater the car engine started and right after she was gone, I wanted to c
with the fantasy I was having before she knocked on my door. But suddenly, I though
panties and it seemed they were a better turn on than the fantasy.
I’m really losing control of this thing,I thought to myself as I got out of my bed, m
still hard, and when I got to her bedroom, I plundered her panty drawer. She had different types of underwear in there with different colours and designs. The best of
them all were a pair of white silk French knickers, and the moment I began rubbing them on
my cock, I decided to take off all my clothes and make the experience more sensual. While I
did that, I started picking the panties I’d left in the drawer one by one, smelling the sweet
scent of her pussy on the crotch of each panty I brought to my face.
I had no intentions of spilling my sperm on any of them though, but all off a sudden I felt
tension in my body growing and before I could react to that, I climaxed and spilled all the
sperm that came out of my balls on her silk French knickers. A moment of clarity hit me
thereafter – I’d just emptied my balls on my mom’s underwear.
It sounded wrong, and within a moment, it felt wrong, and after another moment, I started
feeling bad for what I’d just done. All the excitement I was feeling about jerking off four times that morning went away because of the guilty feeling I started having once I had my
orgasm, and as I kept holding the knickers that had quickly absorbed my jizz, I began
wondering what I was going to do with them.
I couldn't throw them back into her drawer with the rest of her underwear, so I decided that Iwas going to wash them and put them back before she noticed. With the guilt I was stillfeeling, I also decided that I was never going to ransack her panty drawer again and use herunderwear to pleasure myself. However,all those melodramatic decisions I was making turned out to be just the same as allthe momentary miserable episodes I usually experienced in the aftermath of a really goodorgasm. Because after I went out of her bedroom and stuffed the panties under my pillowwith plans to wash them later, I ended up forgetting about them.
I only remembered of their existence when I accidentally put my hand under my pillow the
next morning, and because the melancholic feelings of the previous morning were long gone,
I used them to rub myself to an orgasm again. And unlike what happened the first time I usedthem for that purpose, I didn’t feel bad about it after I had my orgasm, and instead of washingthem like I originally planned when I put them under my pillow the previous day, I decided tokeep them for use at any time I was going to please.“Honey, breakfast,” mom called from the kitchen just as I finished masturbating for thesecond time. My dick didn’t seem like it was going to be ready to be stroked again in a couple of minutesso I got up and went for breakfast, hoping that she was still in her nightgown because thatwas obviously going to turn me on and give me something to visualise the next time I wasgoing to jerk off.
“Morning mom,” I said when I got in the kitchen, and to my disappointment, she was already
in her day clothes and they weren’t showing skin except for her neck, face, and hands.
“Hey,” she said back, already getting up from the breakfast table because she was done
eating. “You should finish unpacking your stuff this morning...after you finish your breakfast.
Your room is looking like a junkyard,” she ordered and I had no plans of unpacking in a few
weeks.“I’ll do it next weekend mom,” I said and she was already walking down the hallway, goingto her bedroom or somewhere else -- I didn't care. The food was all my attention was at, so Icontinued having my breakfast and the next thing I saw in front of me was her pair of silkFrench knickers, still wet with my cum. That instantly changed a good moment I was having with my food into one of the mostterrifying moments I’d ever experienced in my life, and as I slowly dropped my spoon intothe cereal bowl, I also lifted my head slowly like someone was pointing a gun to my head.
“What’s the meaning of this Charles?” She asked with her angry voice and there was no
doubt I was in huge trouble, not to mention the embarrassment I felt. Not all hope was lost
though because I knew I was able to defend myself for masturbating, but I wondered how I
was going to explain using her panties as a masturbatory aid.
“Umm,” I muttered, trying to find a better way to explain myself, but there was really no
better way to say it.
“It’s one thing that you do your things on your sheets and I have to wash them. But this,” sheyelled as she put the panties in my face, and realising that she knew I masturbated all alongadded to the embarrassment instead of making it better since she already knew and wasprobably fine with it. For a few minutes which seemed like hours, she continued telling me off and the increasingshame that I felt eventually made me tuck my head down. “Do you know that masturbationcan make you go blind!” she screamed at one point and I wanted to howl my lungs out whenmy ears heard that. I managed to get a hold of myself before the laugh came out, but I couldn’t avoid smirking alittle, and when she noticed the smirk on my face, she got infuriated more. Because of that,her speech which was almost close to an end, got extended by half an hour and when shefinally shut up, the most agonising lecture she’d ever given me before that morning got bumped down to the fifth position.Nothing was worth occupying the second, third, or fourth position, and as she kept looking atme, probably waiting for me to cough up an apology, I was praying for the floor to open up and swallow me. She’d never shamed me like that in my life, and for the week that followed,
didn't masturbate or even think of doing it.
spent that whole week avoiding being in the same place with her too because knowing her
character too well, it was obvious anything I was going to do to piss her off was going to
make her start lecturing me all over again. That wasn’t supposed to happen again by all
means, and to increase my chance of avoiding setting her off, I made friends with a guy
named David the first thing Monday morning.
He lived close to our house and his car became my ride to school and back home starting
rom that day. When Friday came, I knew I had to find something to keep me away from my
mom during the weekend – a few ideas came, and for Friday night, there was a band David
and his girlfriend, LENA, were excited about.
Most people thought the band sucked and they weren’t going, but just to avoid being stuck in
he same place with my mom, I joined David and his girlfriend, sacrificing myself to the most
boring experience I was ever going to get watching a band.
“I’m going to sl**p over at Derek’s tonight, don’t leave the front door unlocked for me,” I
said to my mom before I went out.
“Ok, seeya in the morning,” she replied from the kitchen and the next second I was out of thedoor.I found David at the mall and after watching the band for thirty minutes we all agreed theysucked. We left and spent half the night going from one party to another. His girlfriend had acurfew, and after dropping her off at midnight, Derek and I continued the partying until threein the morning.He was too d***k to drive back home after the partying, and he wouldn’t let me drive us therebecause he thought we were equally d***k, so we ended up agreeing to sl**p in his car. Itried, but his car seats felt too uncomfortable to sl**p on, and for an hour while he wasalready snoring, I couldn't manage to fall to sl**p.
It was almost dawn and safe for me to catch a bus home to sl**p in a comfy bed so I left, and
when I got home, it was still too early to wake my mom up. I decided to sneak in through my bedroom window, and as I took off my shoes, ready to throw myself on the bed, I heard
something like a moan.
I was tired like hell but that sound gave me energy to freeze where I was and listen more
carefully. A moment didn’t pass before I heard another moan, and that time it was louder. I
couldn’t doubt that it sounded like a woman getting laid, and although mom was a woman
who lived in the same house with me, my first suspicion was that she was watching a porn
movie because I knew very well that she wasn't seeing anyone.
But after realising how ridiculous it was to think that she was watching a porn movie at that
time in the morning, I thought maybe she was seeing someone but didn't tell me like she
always did.
When everything was fine between us, we were close like that, but with the way I spent the
entire week avoiding her, there was no time she could’ve had a chance to tell me anything
like that. But I knew once we were over my little indiscretion, she was definitely going to tell
me about the new guy. At the moment, that didn’t matter much though because my dick was
already getting hard, and my mind was pushing up a crazy idea to go and confirm if someone
was really shagging my mom.
I’d never done that before, although in the past she brought a few of her boyfriends over for afuck when I was around, and with everything I did the previous week, spying on her whileshe was getting nailed seemed to be okay. So with my dick still getting hard, and my heart racing faster with the wicked thrill ofanticipating to get to my mom’s door and stroke my erect cock while I fantasised myself asthe man fucking her, I tiptoed out of my open bedroom door, making sure that I didn’t make asudden loud noise.
When I made it out of my bedroom door, I saw light coming out of my mom’s bedroom. Her
bedroom door was wide open just like mine, and sl**ping with our doors open like that was
something we always did, so I wasn’t surprised.
I was actually thankful that she felt the habit to leave our doors open at night wasunnecessary to avoid on a night she was going to spend getting fucked by a guy in her bed. Because when I made the decision to confirm if she was really getting fucked, I just wantedto do that and imagine what was going on in there once I made the confirmation.
But seeing her bedroom door open brought up chance of me watching live sex. There was no
point in stroking my cock while I fantasised myself as the man fucking her anymore because
a chance to watch her actually get fucked was way better, and with that thought in mind, I gotto her door quicker, wanting to watch the action a little bit longer.
Her moans weren’t getting any louder anymore, but she was still moaning like someone
getting fucked, and when I took a first peek inside her bedroom, there was no man fucking
her. But she was lying spread-eagled on the bed – completely naked, with her legs towards
the door, and a vibrator buzzing inside her pussy.
I got paralyzed, only my hard dick kept functioning as it stretched out the crotch of my jeanssome more, and my eyes kept working too because they stared. The last time I saw her nakedwas when I walked in on her while she was dressing and I was ten. It was only a glimpse,
which lasted for a second or two because my morals didn't allow me to look any longer than
that back then.
But of course, that was before I started seeing her through new eyes, and I liked the new eyesbetter because I was able to stare at her naked body for as long as I wanted, and since therewas no man fucking her, my plan changed back to stroking myself. Without the fantasy of mefucking her though, because watching her jill off with her vibrator was better, but as much asI felt like fishing my dick out the fly of my jeans to start jerking off at that moment, Icouldn’t.The rest of my body was still paralyzed with what I was seeing, so I stayed stuck andwatched while she raised her knees up in the birthing position and started pushing thevibrator in and out of her wet pussy as it kept buzzing.
“Oh yes -- Ah,” she moaned when her left hand squeezed her left tit, pinching the nipple
between her thumb and forefinger sometimes.
After a few moments, the left hand slowly went down towards her pussy, where her right
hand was still pushing the vibrator in and out sometimes, and when both hands were there
together, she started rubbing her clit furiously with the left hand, and the right hand began thrusting the vibrator inside her wet pussy faster while she furiously rubbed her engorged clitlike that.
“Oh my God… Oh my God… Oh my God,” she moaned as both her beautifully pedicured
feet got off of the mattress and wet up in the air with all her toes curled really hard. My
girlfriend always did that with her toes whenever she told me that I was eating or rubbing herpussy really good, so I had no doubt she was enjoying herself.
Soon, she began spreading the gap between her legs wider, and the moment her moans startedgetting wilder, she slowed down fucking the vibrator in and out of her wet pussy andmoments later, she completely stopped doing that and left it buzzing away with most of itslength inside of her. I realised that she was about to come and my live show was soon goingto be over.
If I were to walk in on her and catch her right at that moment, my past week’s indiscretion
wasn’t going to matter anymore because the two of us were going to be even. I was probably
going to emerge as the better person because masturbating naked like she was doing made
her look double as horny as I got on my worst day.
But as much as it was a good idea to walk in on her and make her know that I’d just found
out she masturbated too, I didn’t know the best way to make an entrance and avoid getting
the intrusion flipped over on me because she was cunning like that sometimes. But she made me feel like masturbation was the worst thing a human could do, and after
remembering how that went down, I wanted to see what she was going to do if I were to walkin on her more than ever. Storming in the second she was going to start having her orgasmseemed to be the perfect moment to make an entrance.
I just had to wait because she wasn’t there yet, and a few seconds later she screamed, “Yes!”
then, “Oh!” and quickly after that came “Yes! Oh Yes -- Oh my God. Ahhh!” After that she
just screamed and screamed, letting herself go as she thought she was alone in the house. I
took that as my cue to storm inside because I doubted if she was going to stop screaming at
that point.
“Mom -- is everything o --” I dropped my jaw intentionally, pretending to be genuinely
shocked by what was in front of me. She let out one more scream, and after that she did her best not to do that again, but the vibrator stayed in her cunt until the orgasm stopped makingher thighs shudder.
While she waited for that to happen, I took a good scan of her pussy and the rest of her naked
body up close, planning to use the image when I was going to masturbate after leaving her
bedroom. She had a really beautiful pussy, and the way it was glistening with her juices made
me want to kneel down and start lapping away at it while my hands mauled her big tits.
I would’ve loved to see how far that thought could’ve gone, but it couldn’t get any farther
than that because the confrontation about my storming in was about to come since her orgasmseemed to have just ceased. She sat up in a flash, keeping me from seeing her nipples foranother second because she quickly covered her boobs with her forearm, and just after shepulled out the soaked vibrator from her cunt, she crossed her legs to keep me from seeing themuffin too.
But that was a late reaction because in the few seconds her orgasm kept her from doing that,
my mind had already registered a lasting image of her bald piece of heaven. “What are you
doing here? Can’t you see that I’m naked? Get out!” she screamed, trying to frighten me with
the tone of her voice.
We were even. She found her panties with my cum on them, and I’d just walked in on her
wildly doing the same thing she spent more than half an hour making me feel bad about, so
there was no reason to be scared at her angry voice tone that morning. I kept staring her,
taunting her with a judgemental look while I savoured my triumph at shaming her like she did
to me the morning she found her panties under my pillow. Her most shocking and dirtiest secret had just come out in the open, forever tainting her
perfect image. I still couldn’t really believe it myself that she masturbated too, and that we’djust become one and the same. She no longer had the right to tell me that masturbation was wrong, and even if she might’venot realised it before she screamed at me, after seeing me being unresponsive to herthreatening voice, she surely did, and the way she quickly yanked up a sheet she was seatingon to cover herself proved that.As if what I’d done already wasn’t enough to make her feel embarrassed to death, hervibrator got tossed at my feet the moment she yanked up the sheet it was lying on, and as weboth looked at it, I felt her mortification swirling up in the air. To add salt to the wound, Ilooked up at her face with a sneering look on mine afterwards, but even though I dealt her aknockout blow by doing that, she still managed to be crafty.
I’m your mother for heaven’s sake,” she said that looking at my tenting erection
and although it was an obvious attempt to get back at me for shaming her with my intrusion, Ifelt too embarrassed to keep standing in her bedroom a moment longer. But before I left, Ilooked at my tenting cock, grinned at it, and then I looked up at her face and grinned at hertoo.
After I got back to my room with my dick still hard, I couldn’t get myself in bed before
wanking with the spectacle I’d just witnessed still fresh on my mind, so I unzipped my jeans
and finally fished out my cock to give it a stroke it had been aching for since the moment I
heard the first moan coming out of my mom’s bedroom.
It had been a week since I last masturbated, so nothing else considered, the orgasm was
inevitably going to be explosive, and when I closed my eyes and started seeing everything
from the moment I peeked into my mom’s bedroom, I couldn’t start imagining how amazing
it was going to be the moment I was going to start shooting out my sperm. The moment she fucked her vibrator inside her wet cunt while she was furiously rubbing her
clit at the same time is what I spent most of my time visualising, and I didn’t get much time
doing the same for the time she began screaming when she started having her orgasm becauseI suddenly came. I tried to keep replaying everything I saw while I shot out hot strings of my semen on a shirt,and to some extent I managed, but it was only an image of how sexy she looked when herhair was spread all over her face the moment she sat up after having her orgasm.
“What are you doing here…?” I remembered the way I was staring at her bald wet pussy
when she asked that, and that image of her cunt oozing her juices kept me hard for another
round which I felt I still needed because I came too fast the first time.When I left my mom’s bedroom, I did it before she could explain herself because among
other things, I needed to jerk off, and also give her some time to find the right words. She
always made sure to give an explanation whenever she did something that was against her
morals, so that epic conversation was surely going to come. I expected the occasion to
happen after I’d woken up, but she followed me to my bedroom for that and burst in without
“son I’m --” hers was a genuine shock. More original than the choreographed jaw
dropping I pulled when I walked in on her. She suddenly closed the door right after she saw
my stiff cock chocked in my palm, shutting herself outside and I had nothing to be ashamed
of like she did when I walked in on her.I kept on stroking my cock and I didn’t stop until I shot countless strings of hot semen on myshirt again. It was unlikely that she was waiting for me to finish while she stood outside my door, but I knew wherever she’d gone, her mind was still trying to deal with what she’d seenbecause since she already knew the reason I left her room turned on, I expected her to knowthe reason I was masturbating, and the things I was thinking of while I was doing that.Her bedroom turned to be the room she went back to, which was pretty obvious, and Ifollowed her there after I’d put away my limp cock. Before I entered, I knocked just to befunny and before she responded to that knock, I got in and went to sit on a bench that was onher dressing table.She was looking awkward from the shock of what she’d just seen, and although there wassome awkwardness I was also feeling about the things we’d caught each other doing, I triedto be as laid-back and comfortable as I could be. When I walked in on her, we became even because seeing her masturbate proved that she didit too, and when she walked in on me, we became more than even because I could’ve had theright to make her miserable after what I saw her doing.
But once she saw me doing it too, no one had the right to make the other feel bad about it,
and in a weird way, walking in on each other felt like an official confirmation that
masturbation was no longer taboo in our house. I’d already embraced that, and although my
co-wanker didn’t seem to have accepted that yet, I could see that soon she was going to.“Sorry, I just had to finish off -- you know -- It had been long so it was kind of important thatI had to go all the way,” I casually said with a sly grin. “So are we going to be treating what – um -- we do as normal now? Because you are talkingof it as if it is something which is normal and acceptable.” She was beginning to make hernaive statements again like how she said masturbation was going to make me blind, and Iwondered when the light bulb in her brain was going to switch on. It took a few seconds, anduntil that moment she realised the truth on her own came, I kept on looking at her. “Okaythen, if that’s what you want it to be like.” I smiled when she finished saying that and then I said, “There is nothing to be ashamed ofmom. Most people do it.”
She sighed. “But you should know that I’m your mother and you shouldn’t stop respecting
me. Even though it’s no secret any longer that we both like masturbating, I’m not going to
stop respecting your privacy, and you shouldn’t stop respecting mine either --” She paused
for a moment then she said, “The most important thing I wanted to say to you when I came toyour room is that I know I said some things that might’ve made you feel bad last week, and Ifake it all back. I’m sorry.” She was genuinely remorseful when she said that apology, but Ididn’t want to make the conversation get deep and I did my best to steer it away from goingthere.“It’s okay mom. At least now I know that we’ll be taking care of each other after it makes usgo blind.” I made fun of her statement and that made her smile a little. We remained quiet fora while and she kept on looking at me as if she was expecting me to say something else.
“Is that all you’re going to say to me?” She eventually asked and I really had nothing more to
say.“Yeah, what else should I say?” I asked back.
“Don't know...maybe tell me how much of a hypocrite I am.”
I chuckled. “You’re not a hypocrite mom,” I said and she was still expecting more words
from me, but I still had nothing else to say to her. My eyes had been feeling heavy all along,
and I was managing it, but once it started feeling like I wasn’t going to keep doing that for
much longer, I decided to wrap up the chat to go get some sl**p. “So how was your night out?” She asked, wanting to start another conversation and the way
she said that made me realise that the tension that had been going on for the past week
because of my little indiscretion had gone away.
Once I went along with the conversation she wanted to start, it was going to take an hour
before the next chance she was going to let me slip away, and although I really missed
chatting with her, I’d already decided to save that conversation for later, after I’ve had somesl**p.
“I feel really tired. I will tell you about it after I wake up,” I said to her as I stood up and
when she nodded to show that she understood, I went back to my bedroom and slept till
When she saw me after I woke up, we picked up where we left off, and we spent a huge part
of the afternoon chatting just like we always did when everything was normal between us.
The morning incidents didn’t even cross my mind, not even once, but towards the end of our
chat, I noticed for the first time on her expression that there was something she still had tosay about what happened earlier, and suddenly, there was an elephant in the room.
At first, I decided to address the issue, but since she was the one who was still concerned
about something, I ended up waiting for her to bring up the issue, and after a while, she
finally plucked up the courage to say what was bothering her.
“The way you are taking what happened in the morning is really making me feel bad,” shesaid.
“Why?”“You’re just acting like it’s no big deal, but it would be so much better if you tell me howmuch I’ve disappointed you,” she sounded like she was ready to cry if I wasn’t going to saywhat she wanted to hear and I chuckled.
“Mom, it’s no big deal seriously. I thought you said we shouldn’t talk about it anymore,” I
saw it best to be slippery about the issue and she shrugged her shoulders and sighed.
“Fi-ine… nice talk, I gotta take a bath before I get dinner started,” she resignedly said as shestood up and walked to her bedroom, ending our conversation with that. It was heavily pouring outside and I didn’t have anything to do so I ended up in my room playing some video games. I got out when she called me to sit for dinner, and because I was
back to my naughty ways, my cock was ready to be stroked at the table if she was going to
turn me on during the meal.
As if she was begging me to do that, the first thing I noticed when I saw her was that she’d
shaved her shapely legs, and seeing them all smooth took them to a whole new level of sexy.
I was sure going to masturbate on the table thereafter, but I made the mistake of sitting firstthe moment she rushed away from the table just as I got there.
When she came back, she sat right next to me, making it impossible for me to go on with my
plan to masturbate during dinner, and although I could’ve fixed that by finding an excuse to
switch chairs, it was suddenly not an issue anymore as I became concerned with the
mischievous looking face she came back wearing from wherever she’d rushed out to.
It was her rare up to no goodface which I felt I didn’t have to ask why she had it on because
it seemed she was going to spit the reason soon, and some minutes later after we’d started
having our dinner she said, “I’ve left some things in your bedroom, under your pillow. We’re
not going to talk about it, and if you don’t like what you find there just burn everything,
The silk French knickersshe found in my room were under my pillow, and knowing my mom
very well, and how she always overcompensated whenever I busted her doing something
which she said to be against her morals, it was obvious that those panties had found their wayback there.
When we finished having our chat before she went to bath, apart from feeling that we’d
become slightly more than what we were when everything was normal between us, I had a
feeling our relationship was just about to become more fun and surprising. So although I was
surprised by what she might’ve done, that surprise was also the reason it was obvious that
she’d put back her panties under my pillow.
But even though going miles out of her way trying to get back on level terms with me was the
most common weakness of hers, in all honesty, I didn’t expect the way she surprised me with
suggesting that she was giving me back her panties. It seemed rather extreme, even on my
scale, and it appeared I was supposed to expect more when I considered that she said if I wasn’t going to like everything I was going to find under my pillow I was supposed to burn
all those things.
That made the situation more interesting, and when I carefully thought about how I was going
to find multiple things under my pillow which my mother had left for me, I ended up
forgetting how extreme she’d gone because I became curious to know what the other things
left under my pillow with my mom’s panties were.
Asking her when she’d said she wanted to have no conversation about it was pointless
because she never folded every time she said a statement like that, so there was only one way
to find out. I had to go see what it was on my own, and after rushing the rest of my meal, I
left the table for my bedroom without cleaning up after myself.
She didn't usually let me do that under any circumstance, but that time she did, and the way
she started marvelling at me right after I started rushing my food made me too eager to find
out the things that were waiting for me in the bedroom.
I found the silk French knickersjust like I expected, and nestled with them under my pillow
were three nude photos of her with the usual witty letter she never forgot to include whenever
she surprised me with a gift, but that day’s gift was nowhere similar to the usual gifts she
surprised me with though. babe,
The photos were meant for your dad when I was still madly in love with him, so don’t get ahead
of yourself thinking that I’ll get photos like that taken just for you. They’re leftovers, and I
don’t know if giving them to you was the right thing to do.
I feel the same about giving you my underwear which you stained with your sperm by the
way, but if you want to get carried away by me giving them to you, I guess you can because I
did that just for you. Anyway, that was after realising that you were going to steal them again
and masturbate seeing me nude like what I am in the photos.
Knowing that you’re aware I masturbate makes me feel guilty about doing it. But knowing
that you fantasise about me when you masturbate makes you a little bit worse than I am,
unhinged rather, and giving you my photos makes sure you keep doing that, and again, make
no mistake assuming that I did this for you. I didn’t. I did it for myself because it’s going to take away the guilt next time I’m gonna do
myself because I’ll be knowing exactly what will be going through your mind whenever you
do the same thing, and it also makes me feel like we’re even now, and not the hypocrite you
should’ve told me that I am.
So here’s to your weird and demented fantasises, and to making sure that I’m guaranteed a
peace of mind every time I’m gonna do myself, and although I’m very concerned about the
things you think about when you masturbate, I still love you.
Mom,the letter read.
I was blown away– the woman I knew a day earlier as my conservative straight-edged mom
had just given me her nude photos to use whenever I was going to masturbate. Even for the
surprising, and more fun mother-son relationship that we bonded into because of our mutual
love for masturbation, that was way too extreme and beyond the wildest of my wildest
imagination – Well, except for wishing that we could fuck.
The underwear was understandable though, and maybe that was because I was already
expecting to get the French knickers when I found them, but nude photos -- that was so unlike
her, no excuse – not even if I was expecting to get them. But nonetheless, I was so happy and
too overwhelmed to keep wondering about that, and the feelings were so great I couldn't even
masturbate that night.
I just kept on looking at the photos while I fondled and smelled her silk panties, wondering if
it wasn’t all a dream. It wasn’t, I later made myself really believe that, and as I kept lying on
my bed, facing my old ceiling while I listened to the rain which was still pouring outside, I
noticed that the water stain on my ceiling was getting bigger.
A moment later I picked up a broomstick which I kept under my bed, and in an absent
minded move caused by my immense excitement, I started poking on the wet stain on the
ceiling with the broomstick. Part of the ceiling I poked on had become soft from the rain that
had soaked in it, and it collapsed suddenly, drenching me and my bed with the rain that
hadn’t soaked in it yet. “I’m getting dumb,” I laughed at myself as I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and I
couldn’t get back to sl**p on my bed because my mattress had gotten wet, so I went to sl**p
on the couch and took my giftswith me. The following morning mom woke me up blaring
like a siren.
“ What the hell are you doing on my couch?” She screamed on top of her voice. It
was a brand new couch and she loved it more than her life and me. “That couch didn't just
cost me an arm and a leg and now you want to ruin it!”
“My ceiling caved in on me last night because of that roof leak that’s been making water
stains all over it, and my bed got wet so I had nowhere else to sl**p,” I explained, sitting up.
She wasn't expecting me to be out of my bedroom that early so she had come out of her
bedroom putting on another one of her aged nightdresses. That one was much older than the
one she usually wore, and it pretty much looked like it was made of transparent fabric.
Everything was visible, and since she wasn't wearing a bra, her tits were practically bare in
front of my eyes, and so were her red panties.
I couldn’t help wishing if she’d come out of her bedroom wearing nothing underneath that
transparent nightdress to make me see her pussy, but my dick seemed not to mind that
because for an erection, what I was seeing was more than enough, and I instantly started
getting hard. With the giftsshe gave me, I spent part of the night having the feeling that if I were to ask her
for sex, it wasn’t going to cause bad blowback, even though she probably was going to say
no. And for a moment, I actually thought of asking her for sex next since my cock was
already stiffening, but after considering that I was probably reading her intentions wrong,
there was a risk of causing bad blowback once I opened the sex door.
So to avoid the risk of losing the great relationship that started with her giving me her panties
and the nude photos, I held myself back, but at same time I told myself to pay more attention
and avoid missing any hints that were going to give me an idea of her opinion about us
“Oh… sorry,” she apologised for the ceiling accident and I saw she was actually feeling bad
for me. That was so nice of her, but I didn’t pay attention to her sympathy much because watching her tits while my dick got harder was worth more of my attention. “The realtor gave
me a contractor’s number to call when I want to do some renovations. Let me get that and see
if he can come check it out.”
She bent forward to pick up a coffee mug that was on a table in front of the couch I was
sitting on just after she said that, and I stared down her body through the neckline of her
nightdress. Although I was already seeing everything clearly because of her thinned
nightdress, actual skin not covered by anything was more arousing, and watching her
dangling boobs for a split second instantly got me fully hard.
There was nothing worth staring at beyond her boobs, but I could see right down to her red
panties and thighs. And as she stood up straight again, she noticed my hard-on, and her eyes
widened. “Jesus…! Do you mind?” She exclaimed and it was obvious she’d realised
how I got that boner. “You can’t keep doing that in front of me because it’s gonna start
freaking me out. Next time that happens, I’m gonna put back strict rules in this house and
take back what I gave you yesterday.”
Her threat was obviously empty because the way she quickly walked to the kitchen made it
clear she was trying to keep herself from staring at my cock for too long and make me realise
that she actually enjoyed seeing me with a boner for her. But to be safe, I decided to play
along with her game by apologizing, even though her reaction to my boner showed me a
possibility of us fucking one day. She just needed a little bit of time to get comfortable with
that, and I was going to gladly wait till that happened.
“Sorry, but it’s not really my fault,” I said, and just to be teasing, I was clearly laying the
blame on her dressing with the tone of my voice and the way I looked at her.
“Whose fault is that then?” She defensively asked almost instantly.
I chuckled, and to keep playing her lying game one more time, I avoided telling her that it
was because of her nearly transparent nightgown. Instead I said, “It’s called a morning glory,
guys often wake up with that, so I can’t promise it won’t happen again, and–”
“Whoa! No details please, and I’ve lived long enough to not want a lesson about that. Just go
away,” she chased me out and I went away laughing.
That night it rained hard again and my room was still leaking so I had to sl**p in her bedroom
because she didn't want me to ruin her expensive couch. We had shared the bed countless
times before that night, and nothing had happened so she thought it was going to be the same.
Even though I was officially hoping to have sex with her, I thought it was going to be the
same as the other times we’d shared the bed too. But we were both wrong, and I realised that
the moment she saw me wearing my boxers and a t-shirt when I entered her bedroom.
When I slept alone, I didn’t put a t-shirt on, but the other times we slept in the same bed, what
I wore that night was the same as those other nights, but the way she stared at me was
different, and that’s why I realised we were wrong to assume everything was going to be the
The way I looked at her body in the old nightdress she always wore was filled with lust, and I
also wondered the kind of experience we could’ve had at that moment if we were to give in to
the obvious look of need that was on both our faces. It soon became embarrassing that we
were clearly lusting over each other, and probably having the same thought of starting to fuck
right at that moment, but we were both too stubborn to admit anything.
My dick was even too stubborn to get stiff and rat out the kind of things that my mind was
thinking, and to keep lying to ourselves that everything was still the same as the other times
we shared the bed, we had a little chat before we fell asl**p because that happened on every
night I shared the bed with her.
After the chat and just before we fell asl**p, it almost felt like we could pull off sl**ping in
the same bed like the other times by avoiding to admit what was really going on in our heads,
but when I woke up in the middle of the night with a boner pressing hard on her ass cheeks, I
couldn’t resist her anymore.
Her ass felt verysoft and warm and my hips just started moving on their own, making my
dick poke her ass. She was breathing heavily, so I knew she was fast asl**p and that gave me
the opportunity to enjoy what I was doing until the moment she was going to come out of her
sl**p. So with my boner still in my boxers, I kept on humping her ass for a couple of minutes,
slowly lifting up the bottom of her nightgown until her ass was bare, and until the bottom of her nightgown was on her waist. I did that to feel the warm skin of her butt directly against
my cock, and since one part of that was already done; I paused humping on her ass for a
moment as I dropped my boxers down to my thighs, unleashing my raging hard cock.
Once that happened, I fulfilled my intentions and the first moment her warm ass rubbed with
my warmer cock, I couldn’t help making a loud gasp of pleasure because that felt amazing.
She was still breathing heavily like a person fast asl**p so I didn’t worry that she heard me
groan, and as I started rubbing my cock on her ass, I also didn’t worry about her feeling
“Oh yes -- put it in me. Fill my ass with your monster cock baby,” I imagined her suddenly
saying that to me when I started rubbing on her ass really fast. Cumming on her was going to
be too risky, but I couldn’t deny that’s where I was headed with my sudden increase of speed,
and as I waited for my orgasm, I closed my eyes and started visualising her boobs dangling
down like I saw them in the morning.
After that it was the image of the bare ass I was rubbing my erect cock on, and when I went
to the memory of her masturbating, I felt my orgasm getting near. I still had up until she felt
what was happening to stop rubbing my cock on her ass, so right before I reached the point of
no return, I blanked out my thoughts and stopped the tension in my balls from escalating to
the point of making me climax.In a minute, I was calm just like in the beginning, and I started imaging us fucking themoment I resumed rubbing my cock on her ass. I didn’t get to reach a near climax that timebecause sometime during the fun I was having rubbing my cock on her ass, her breathingsounds changed. Promptly, I stopped and pretended to be sl**ping, and when she started breathing heavilyagain, I waited for a few minutes to pass before I continued rubbing my dick on her ass again,and that time I discovered that trying to wedge it between her buttcrack was morepleasurable.The fantasises I was having before got replaced by that because wedging the tip of my cockin her buttcrack was perfect on its own, and better at quickly building me up to a climax. Butsooner than I hoped, I realised the downside of doing that when her breathing sounds changedagain. Like the last time that happened, I faked to be sl**ping, and that time she pulled down her nightdress back to the middle of her thighs, and out of fear of getting caught, I didn’t tryto pull it up again.I just went back to rubbingmy dick on her covered ass, stopping myself from cumming everytime I was near, and that went on for about an hour until I finally got back to sl**p with ahard-on. A ringing cell phone woke us up the next morning and the sun was already up.“Morning,” I said to her when I woke up, yawning hard. She was still in bed and the sun wasalready up. That was unusual. It was a Monday too, and it looked like we were alreadyrunning late.“Hi,” she replied, yawning hard too as she got out of bed and her eyes still looked sl**py. “You look like you could still use some sl**p,” I said as I recalled what happened in the nightwith a smile on my face, and my hand was lifting up the covers to check how noticeable theboner I felt I had looked. It was tenting, and to avoid making her react the same way she didthe previous morning when she saw my boner in the living room, I felt like staying in bed fora while until she went to the bathroom. “I have trouble getting back to sl**p if I wake up in the middle of the night. You kept pokingme with your knee or somethinglast night, and that woke me up.” I thought she was really naive to mistake my dick for an elbow, and I looked away with asmirk on my face, amused by how my actions had gone unnoticed. What I didn't realise wasthat she knew exactly what poked her ass in the middle of the night, but she just didn't wantto say it out to my face.So she let me keep fooling myself as she went to her bathroom, and after she got in, I jumpedout of bed and ran to my room. I masturbated twice in the shower and when Derek came topick me up, she too was rushing out of the house to get to work. That night we slept in thesame bed again because the guys working in my room had only finished fixing the leaks onthe roof, and they still had to put a new ceiling before I could move back in.I had tonnesof homework to do and mom got into bed before me and she was fast asl**pwhen I went to bed somewhere around eleven. Like the last night, I was planning to rub mycock on her ass before I slept, and when I lifted the covers to get in bed I was happy to seethat part of the job was already taken care of for me.Her nightdress had ridden up her thighs while she was sl**ping, exposing half her butt. Shewas wearing a G-string like the previous night, and staring at her ass for a second got mehard. When I lay down, I already had my dick out of my boxers, but I waited for a fewminutes to be sure if she was really asl**p. After getting satisfied that she was asl**p, Ifinally started rubbing my erect cock on her ass.“Don't do that,” she suddenly said with a half asl**p voice and I became still like a dead man.I didn’t think she actually realised what I was doing, and after a few more minutes I assumedshe was asl**p again, and I continued rubbing my dick on her ass. She pushed it away after Irubbed it on her a few times, and although it was the second time she’d stopped me that night,I still thought she was doing it in her sl**p and didn’t know what I was actually doing, so Iwaited a few minutes again before I continued. The moment my dick got on her ass again, I finally realised that the night before and thatnight, she was aware of what was going on. And she was also waiting to trap my cock in herpalm the next time I was going to put it on her ass. “Dammit Charles… Quit that and go tosl**p, I don’t want to wake up late again tomorrow,” she yelled, still chocking my pulsatingcock and I quickly rolled to face the other side the moment she set it free from her grip.“Sorry,” I mumbled a moment later, but even in that low voice, the embarrassment that cameout with that apology was still obvious. For a few minutes that followed, I remained silent, trying to squeeze my aching hard dickuntil it became soft. I knew my mom was still awake too, probably hoping to get to sl**p likeI was, but I couldn’t because of my erection. Plus I wasn’t feeling comfortable falling asl**pwith the side I was facing, and after a while I tried to fix that by tossing back around to theside I was facing before.I didn't do it to start rubbing my cock on her ass again, but I was still erect, and I accidentallybrushed past her ass when I was turning around. She thought I was about to start rubbing mydick on her again and she suddenly sat up, looking bothered.“If you don’t take care of your business before you get in bed tomorrow, I promise I’ll kickyou out,” she said as she turned around to face me and although she sounded pissed off too, itwasn’t anywhere near the look on her face, and as I thought of words to explain myself, she suddenly ducked inside the covers and I felt her hand brushing on my stomach, and a secondlater it was sneaking inside my boxers, touching my pubes.The next moment, the front of my boxers got pushed below my balls, and after that my cockwas suddenly getting wrapped by an alien hand and it received that with pleasure. It wasunbelievable and happening really fast, and although I was thinking of lifting up the covers towatch and ask her what she was doing, and say a million other things, I couldn’t. I stayed tongue-tied and paralyzed like that while her hand was wrapped around mythrobbing cock which was almost bursting its veins with a greater surge of bl**d that startedflowing to it the moment she touched my pubes. A moment later I saw her head moving inthe covers, approaching my crotch where her hand was still holding my throbbing cock.When she got there, I felt her lips on the bulbous tip of my cock, and slowly they opened up,making me enter her mouth slightly. After that, her tongue swirled a few times on the rest ofmy rod, slicking it with her saliva before she lowered her head some more, swallowing theentire length inside her mouth, and just like that, my own mother started giving me head. That was too much for my balls to cope with for more than a few seconds, but for that shorttime they managed to cope, I managed to feel what entering my mom’s throat felt like. I alsomanaged to feel how surreal it was having her lips around my cock and brushing against mypubes while her tongue was swirling on every inch of my cock it could cover.She was amazing at giving head, and she made me figure as much in those few seconds myballs could cope after she swallowed my dick, and from the moment she ducked inside thecovers and did everything else that ended with her swallowing my dick deep inside hermouth, the only reaction I managed to make was letting out a loud groan of pleasure.That was just before my balls released my hot sperm, and in an instant I began shooting thatload down my mother’s throat. She swallowed every single drop without choking, and Ilevitated until my dick stopped jerking violently inside her mouth. After putting my backdown on the bed again, she started bobbing her head up and down because I was still hard,but going soft.“Ohhh – Hmmmm -- Ohhh,” I was able to make more reactions that time as I groaned whileshe swallowed my dick in and out of her mouth like that, and I was also holding her head over the top of the covers, helping her with the motions of her head. That delightfulexperience unfortunately lasted less than half a minute because my dick eventually becametoo soft to continue sucking, and she took me out of her mouth after that happened.“That was quick, if you could let me have my sl**p now?” She asked as her face emergedfrom the covers and then she immediately went back to the sl**ping position she was beforeshe turned around to give me head. Her voice had a tone of sarcasm in it, and that wasobviously because of my quick orgasm, but what concerned me more is how she was notshowing any other emotion apart from that.“Thanks mom,” after a while, I finally managed to mumble that but I wasn't sure if thosewere the words I was supposed to say.“Goodnight honey,” she said, bending her knees and bringing her ass backwards a little, stillacting like the blowjob she’d just given me was as petty as helping me with a math problemor something. But me, I still couldn't believe what had just happened, and as I started trying to wrap myhead around it, I touched my dick and it was still wet with her saliva. That helped making mefinally accept that my mother had just given me head. It didn't matter that I had only lasted afew seconds before I came, it just felt great, and I raised both my hands in the air, celebratingwith a grin that stretched to my ear. New doors had just beenopened, and I’d found the mouth I’d been hunting for since I leftmygirlfriend. Mom wasn't just my co-wankernow, and she had no idea what she had got herselfinto. The next time I was going to fuck her throat until she had no voice, and until my ballsran dry.I was already in need of that next time, but I decided to let her rest like she had requested, andthinking about how she was probably going to regret the choice she made by sucking mycock made it worth the wait. For the meantime, I decided to check if we really didn’t haveboundaries anymore by moving closer to her body, and after she made no protest to that, Iwrapped my arms around her and we cuddled. She even rubbed my arm to gesture that it wasnow acceptable to do that, and when shemoved her ass further back to press hard against my body, my stiff cock kept her seveinches away from putting her ass against my groin. I found it arousing, and she found it amusing because I heard her sniffle like she wassuppressing a laugh, and while she was still getting a kick out of that standoff between mydick and her ass, I started copping feels of her tits with my right hand which was wrappedaround her body close to them.Just like my attempt to cuddle, she made no objection to that. She in fact started to caress theother hand which wasn’t feeling her boobs, and gradually, she increased the speed of hercaressing. I decided to copy the way she was increasing the tempo of her caresses, and faster and faster,I began stroking her large tits with my right hand. In no time, things became frantic, and Iwas squeezing and pinching the fleshy part of her boobs, and it wasn’t subtle strokinganymore.I even pinched her nipples and she let out low throaty moans each time I did it,and soon she was grinding back on my cock which was still pushing her ass away, and Ibegan humping back. “Was that not enough?” She suddenly asked when it became obvious that we were bothturned on and wanting something more to happen about that. The next second, she tossedaround to face me, and I took a moment longingly gazing at her beautiful face. “I don’t think so,” I blurted out, awkwardly, and I was hoping that she was going to disappear
under the covers again and give my erect cock another blowjob, but the next thing I realised,
her lips were catching mine, her tongue prompting me to open my mouth. There was no way
I could’ve objected to that, so I promptly let her tongue enter my mouth and an instant after
that, we were French kissing.
During that arousing kiss, I touched her everywhere my hands could reach, from her thighs,
to her ass, her back, the back of her head, her face, but a significant part of that time was
spent fondling her meaty breasts and pinching her nipples. She moaned whenever she could, and as the passion of the kiss got more intense, we began grinding our crotches against each
other, fiercely.
I was inheaven, and I didn’t need her to say anything to prove that she was in the same place
with me, and just after I began thinking that the kiss we were having couldn’t get any better,
it did when she suddenly rolled me on my back and got up on top of me without breaking the
She kept grinding on my crotch too, and I bucked up to contribute to that sometimes, but it
was mostly impossible to keep doing that with the amazing things she was doing to me. “If
this doesn’t work, you’re out of my bed,” she said just after she broke the kiss and rolled on
her back just like me. “You know what we’re getting into right? If anybody finds out we’ll go
to jail, so --”
“I got you mom. I won’t tell a soul,” I wasn’t absolutely sure what she was talking about, but
whatever it was, I was down for it, and I didn’t need time to make that decision.
“Very well,” she said right after that as she flipped her nightgown up her belly, and a second
later she lifted her butt off the bed and quickly slid her wet G-string off her smooth legs.
“You are going to have sex! You are going to have sex! You are going to have sex!” A
delirious voice in my head started screaming those words and I felt like jumping up to
celebrate. “Calm down, you need to be cool about this, don’t be such an amateur,” I told
myself that when I felt my excitement was about to make me do something silly, and while I
was wasting my time with all that, mom wasn’t wasting any. She was already done taking off her panties, and her nightdress was almost off through her
head. A second later I was staring at her nude body sitting next to me, and she opened her
legs wide right after that, shamelessly showing me her wet pussy which was quickly filling
the air around us with its pungent scent.
I could’ve spent a lot of time watching her sitting nude like that if she hadn’t said, “Take off
your boxers and let me take care of that boner again,” and boy, The Flashwould’ve changed
his name to The Slothif he saw how fast I took off those boxers. I wanted to get up on top of
her just after I got naked like her, but before I could do that, she got up and straddled me again, and her wet pussy rubbed its juices all over my balls and my cock when she settled
down on me, making them slick.
In a moment, I wasn’t going to be a virgin anymore, and after seeing that she was assuming
that I was already not a virgin, I felt it best to tell her because I wanted a few pointers for my
first time. “Mom, there is something I have to tell you --”
“What is it?” she quickly asked with a rasping voice as she raised her pussy up from my
groin. Her hand grabbed my dick right after, and the way she was in a hurry to get it inside
her made me realise that it wasn't just about me anymore.
It’d just become more about her, and although she asked me to tell her what I had to say, it
was obvious that she wasn’t going to stop and listen. I had to do something to get her
attention, but before I figured what to do, she rubbed my cock up and down her slit a few
times as she tried to put it at the right spot, and I squirmed and groaned to the tickle of what
she was doing.
Just after that, I felt a peculiar wet and warm orifice engulfing my dick from the tip going
down as she sat down on me. My dick was parting the tender flesh of her pussy, and hearing
myself think of that made me feel the most wonderful feeling I’d ever experienced in my life.
Once I was in balls deep and nudging her womb, the sensation I felt was beyond words, and a
second later I felt my dick getting free from her warm clasping cunt as she began raising her
pussy up from my crotch again, and soon, I was entering back into her hot and wet tunnel as
she sat on me again.
“Oh fuck,” I let out a groan full of pleasure as I reached my hands behind her to maul her soft
ass cheeks.
“I don’t like that language,” she sharply chided and that was ok, as long as she was fucking
“I’ve never had sex before mom,” I finally said when she started grinding on my dick really
fast with her hands on my chest and I felt like I was going to start cumming very soon.
According to my expectations, the feeling of an approaching orgasm was supposed to feel
just the same as it did when I jerked off, but it didn’t.What I was feeling with her pussy clenching me and all was slightly different and strange, but
incredibly delicious at the same time, and I wanted to her to tell me anything I could do to
keep feeling like that longer than I lasted with the blowjob.
“It’s okay. I’ll walk you through it,” she said but that meant more like I’ll fuckyou through it
because she didn't stop, or even slow down grinding on my dick to start teaching me how I
was supposed fuck her.
I kept hoping that she was eventually going to start teaching me, but I realised I was wasting
my time doing that when she dropped her body down, pressing her warm tits hard against my
chest then she began riding my dick faster, and her ass and my thighs made loud smack
noises each time they came in contact.
“Mmmmm Yes… Oh -- Yes,” she moaned with her head shaking wildly from side to side
while her hair was getting spread everywhere, and that sight was closely similar to what I
imagined every time I fantasised fucking her, just more arousing.
“Mom,” I called one more time as I squeezed my hands between our pressed chests to knead
her boobs and she kept riding my dick wildly without paying attention to me. She was using
my dick to pleasure herself and not caring about anything else, and at that moment, I finally
realised that she wasn’t going to teach me anything, and I needed to step up to enjoy myself
too. “Yes… Oh,” she gasped when I lifted my butt to thrust my dick up her cunt with some
That proved it pleasured her as much as it did to me and I naturally started to lift up my ass to
meet up with her. We both began enjoying that, and when she raised up her upper body again,
my hands kept kneading her breasts until her orgasm was almost near.
“Yes! Oh my God, Yes…! Oh Yeah!” she screamed right before she fell on top of me again
and began riding me so fast I went stiff. I only started to move my hips again when her cunt
began clenching me fiercely as her juices flooded her orifice, and then they were flowing
down my cock and drenching my pubes.
There was no doubt she’d just had an orgasm she was going to remember for a very long
time, and I gave myself a moment to enjoy being a man because my cock had just made a woman have an insane orgasm. I felt more confident after that moment and I flipped her over
to get on top of her and take charge from there.
Since she wasn't going to teach me how to fuck, I was just going to use my instincts and a
couple of moves I saw in porn movies. The guys in porn movies seemed to give the women
more pleasure when they pounded them at rocket speed, so I began fucking her like a
hamster, telling myself that nothing could possibly go wrong. That turned out to be the
dumbest thing I ever told myself because something kept going wrong.
My dick kept slipping out and each time I put it back, I huffed loudly before continuing to
pound her pussy really fast, and it always took a few seconds before I had to put the dick
back inside her again, and like it was an essential requirement, I always huffed loudly as I
entered. She eventually began laughing at me because of all that, but I kept doing the same
“You have to slow down baby and since when do you have asthma?” She asked, giggling.
“What?” I quickly responded as I kept up with my rapid hammering.
“Don't do it like you’re jacked into a power supply. Stop for a moment and follow the
rhythm that I’ll go at you,” she said and although that was probably an embarrassing thing to
be told, my determination to learn how to fuck her right kept me from minding the
After a brief pause with my dick buried deep inside of her pussy, she began rocking her hips
back and forth, smoothly slipping my dick in and out her warm cunt. I slowly started to go in
rhythm with her, and her tempo was better than the frenzied fucking I was doing before.
“That’s it. Yes… go a little faster… yes! Keep doing that,” she moaned the instructions and
when she stopped doing that, she pulled my neck down and kissed me.
I’d alreadygot the hang of it by that time, and while we kissed, I was changing tempos --
going faster when it felt good doing it fast, and going slow when it felt good going slow When we broke the kiss, she put her hands on my shoulders, and began bucking against my
thrusts some more. That prompted me to pick up my tempo to match hers, and she began
panting my name not long after that.“Charles! Oh Charles – Yeah -- Charles,” she kept moaning, even when she had an orgasm,
and while she was calming down in the aftermath, I kept going and when I felt my muscles
starting to tense up, I pounded her faster. “Oh Yes. I’m coming,” she moaned and just after
she started shuddering violently again, I began filling her warm snug cunt with my sperm,
groaning hard. “Now I can’t sl**p, you have to get it up again one more time,” she said right
after I rolled on my back, slipping my wilting cock out of her flooded cunt with a wide smile
celebrating the first time that I emptied my balls inside a pussy.
“Okay… no problem,” I confidently said and in a few minutes we were fucking again. After
that round she made me fuck her again and again before we got out of bed in the morning. If
we weren’t in a rush to get out of the house after that round, I could’ve fucked her one more
time in the shower, and although it sucked that she didn’t let me, I couldn’t complain after a
blowjob and four rounds of sex the first time I fucked a woman.... Continue»
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My First Time Dressed as a Girl (PT 2) (Aftermath)

My First Time Dressed as a Girl,(PT 2) Aftermath
Hi Reposting an account of how I got started XXXdressing so that the first month is properly documented because it was what set my behavior for the next three decades).(The events of this story are true and reflect what happened thirty years ago the first time I went all out and dressed as a female. The conversations in it may not be completely accurate, as this was a long time ago, but are as accurate as my memory of these past events can provide. A quick note for those who are coming upon this account for the first time; please read part one first so you will understand how I got to this part in the first place. ;-) There is more to come so lookout for Part 3

Tracey and I laid there in front of the fireplace for a time enjoying the heat of the fireplace and the post coitus glow of my initiation as a ”woman”. After a bit he stirred and got me to my feet and helped me with my wobbly legs into his bedroom and into bed, spooning me as we drifted off to sl**p.
I awoke with the feeling of his erection pressed against my backside, he was asl**p but had a nice case of “morning wood”. Remembering the pleasure of the night before I realized I wanted him to fuck me again and wiggled my ass against his groin and he came slowly awake. Feeling my cute sissy ass grinding into his crotch was all the signal he needed. He started thrusting his hips back and forth sliding his erect cock back and forth between my cheeks, rubbing against my asspussy making it tingle in anticipation. Eventually he reached over to his night stand and grabbed a condom and some lube. Soon I felt the head of his dick pressed up against my hole and he started pushing it in, he was about halfway in when the pain was a bit much and I had him pull out. He asked if I was okay and I said yes I just need a sec. After a few moments the throbbing subsided and I knew I was ready for him. Wiggling my butt I invited him back inside me. He complied and entered me much more easily this time and my ass accepted his cock eagerly. He started fucking me with long slow languorous strokes which was nice, but remembering last night’s session I wanted more. “Fuck me harder!” I told him “I want you to pound my pussy like a machine!” I was laying on my stomach and he started hammering away at my ass but it only made me want it harder, soon I was up on my hands and knees taking it doggy style thrusting my hips back against him in time with his thrusts. I was in heaven! I loved the way his cock felt in me and the way it made me feel like a total slut. I asked him if I was a good little girl and he replied No, I was a naughty slut, and this made me buck against him harder. He sensed my excitement at his calling me a slut and soon we were engaged in a very verbal and dirty repertoire with him calling me a whore and a slut, dirty little bitch etc. I responded by begging him to fuck me harder and harder telling to fuck my sissy ass like the bitch I was. After about 20 minutes of frenzied energetic fucking he exploded f***efully into me. I could feel his cock spasming inside me as he shot jets of cum into the condom he wore.
We collapsed onto the bed and he slipped his spent cock out of me making sure to hold the condom as he did so. He put on a robe and left me on the bed in a daze saying he was going to make us some coffee. I drifted off for a bit and awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon. It was a bit chilly and I felt a bit exposed dressed in nothing but a crotchless fishnet body suit over a satin leather and lace corset, so I slipped on the panties, jacket, and miniskirt which Tracey had removed the night before. I adjusted my pads so my cleavage was maximized. Then I touched up my makeup in his dresser mirror and smoothed my mussed hair a bit, although it was remarkably intact due to the huge amount of hairspray Mikki had put in it the night before. After I was satisfied with my appearance I wandered out to the kitchen and was surprised to see his roommate Gunther sitting at the counter sipping at a mug of coffee. I was alarmed at first but figured what the hell, obviously he knows I’m here, how could he not given me and Tracey’s vociferous session earlier?
Gunther’s back was turned to me so he didn’t see me come in and Tracey was busy at the stove so he didn’t notice me either. They were talking about me or rather about Tracey’s night of fun.
“So, from the sounds coming out of your room earlier you must have gone out last night after all. I thought you were staying in. I didn’t see you at the Cowpoke (a local gay bar) last night so where’d you hookup with your little bitch?” asked Gunther
My cheeks reddened as I realized he was referring to me, but I wanted to hear what Tracey had to say so I kept quiet.
“Actually I didn’t go out last night. My “little bitch” showed up d***k on our doorstep about 2 am and begged me to take his cherry. It was the shock of my life since I had hit on him before but he’s always got some hot girlfriend and assured me he was straight. I’ve wanted him ever since I met him at Joe’s place about a year ago so how could I resist?” Tracey chuckled.
“One of your cute little twink boys then?”
“Actually not, you know that’s my preference but this one is different and special. Wait till you see him. I think you’ll find him very tasty. Right down your alley so to speak. Actually you’ve met him before”
I swallowed nervously as I realized Tracey was probably right. Months earlier one night after our Dungeons and Dragons session had wrapped up and everyone else had headed home Gunther had arrived at the apartment back from a trip to Thailand. Tracey asked him if it was a good trip and Gunther had smiled broadly and told us all about, even showing us some Polaroids he had taken of the Thai Ladyboys he had gone to Bangkok to have fun with. At the time I had been secretly intrigued by how pretty they were and maybe even a bit aroused, but I had no idea that I would wind up all dressed up and pretty like them begging for a guy to fuck me months later.
About then Tracey turned and noticed me. Grinning broadly he said to Gunther ”Looks like my “little bitch” is awake now. Gunther I’d like to introduce you to Miss Bobbi.”
Gunther turned around and his eyes lit up like a k** in a candy shop. He eyed me up and down taking in every inch of me. “I don’t recognize this one, Tracey she is way to pretty to be one of your little boyfriends in a dress! You are sure I have met her?’”
I blushed furiously, secretly pleased that he hadn’t recognized me, and enjoying his references to me as a female. “Umm, actually we’ve met a few times, I’m Rob. But I guess I go by Bobbi dressed like this. It’s kind of my first time.” I was a little nervous, given the way he eyed me like a wolf sizing up a succulent lamb. Gunther was quite tall at 6’4” and weighed about 250 lbs. all of it lean muscle on an Adonis-like physique. He had ice blue eyes with a strong jaw line and a slightly crooked nose that had gotten broken during a Tae Kwon Do match years earlier. He reminded me a lot of Dolph Lundgren and his noticeable German accent only heightened that impression.
Gunther took a closer look at me, recognition slowly dawning “I wouldn’t have made you as a boy on the street, that’s for sure. You are very passable as a girl and a pretty one at that. You look as good as the Ladyboys in Thailand. Do you suck cock as good as them?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I shot back, strutting over to the coffee pot and pouring myself a mug. I added some sugar and asked Tracey if he had any cream. Gunther couldn’t resist the opening and offered his own creamy sperm as a joke. I said he probably didn’t have a big enough stir stick which he laughed at and assured me his stick was plenty big. We bantered back and forth like this while we ate breakfast. I asked Tracey if he had any painkillers as I had a bit of a hangover. Tracey asked what my plans were for the day, and if I needed to be home anytime soon. I replied that I had told my parents I was spending the weekend at my friend Tyler’s house as we had an epic gaming session planned and were designing a new Dungeon for our group to explore. (I did this a lot, so Mom had just said okay and told me to call home if I wasn’t going to be home Sunday night since she knew Tyler lived about a block from school and that I would probably want to stay the whole weekend.) Tracey walked to his cupboard and grabbed a bottle of brandy and prescription bottle opened it up and took out a little pink pill. He handed it to me and poured a large dollop of brandy in my coffee saying something about the hair of the dog that bit you.
I didn’t know what he gave me but it sure did the trick and soon I was feeling very mellow and dreamy (later I found out it was a vicoden). I pulled a joint out of Kayla’s purse and lit one up offering it to Gunther. “I’m not sure I should” he said “ Smoking weed gets me horny as hell. And as good as you look I’m not sure I can keep my hands off of you.”
“Maybe you won’t have to” I teased, a little shocked at the words coming out of my mouth. Last night was the first time I had ever dressed up completely as a girl and I had sucked Derek’s cock and Tracey’s as well and gotten fucked twice by Tracey. Wasn’t that enough? Yet here I was flirting with a guy twice my size who looked like he could snap me like a twig! Then I started thinking about the rather large and noticeable bulge in his pants and wondered if I could even handle it. I decided I might as well find out.
Standing up I walked over to him and sat on his lap and put the joint to his lips, looking over to Tracey to see if he was getting upset. I didn’t want to start a fight between roommates but whatever was in that pink pill had totally relaxed any inhibitions I might have had and I was feeling very randy and naughty. Tracey was grinning and apparently had no problem with the situation, motioning for me to go ahead. Gunther took a deep drag and held it for a moment and then pulled my lips to his shotgunning the smoke into my mouth. I inhaled it and held it for a moment before releasing. We traded a few more hits this way and then he started to kiss me. Gently at first and then more passionately, his hands roaming over my body, squeezing my ass and generally making quite free with the goods if you know what I mean!.
From time to time I would glance at Tracey, and I could see he was enjoying the show. I could feel Gunther’s cock swelling up against my panty clad asscheeks. My hands roamed over his chest and shoulders and I marveled at the hardness of his physique. I was incredibly aroused yet still had no sign of an erection. I was glad for that because I didn’t want one. I just wanted to be the perfect naughty lil slut for Gunther and suck his cock like his Ladyboy friends in Thailand. Gunther must have been thinking the same thing as pushed me off his lap and onto the floor “Enough” he said “It’s time to find out if you are as good as a real Ladyboy.” With that he dropped his pants to the floor and I could see his cock was sticking out well past the waist band of his boxers. He motioned me closer and told me to take his boxers off, I did so nervously wondering what I had gotten myself into but feverish with anticipation to see how big it really was.
His cock sprang forward as I pulled down his boxers and struck me in the face. Startled I pulled back and stared at it for a moment. It was quite large, at least 9 inches long and very thick, much bigger than Tracey or Derek! Also it was uncircumcised, the first one I’d ever seen. “Are you going to suck it or stare at it slut?” asked Gunther with a note of impatience.
Feeling a bit intimidated I took the shaft in one hand and started to stroke it. It was really thick, my fingers couldn’t even wrap all the way around it. I had to use both hands to encircle it. Feeling like I needed to work my way up to actually sucking it I started to lick the head of it like a lollipop pushing back his foreskin to expose the smooth head. A drop of precum glistened at the end of it and I licked it off, savoring the taste. For some reason this got me even more excited and I began to lick up and down his shaft, bathing it with my tongue. Gunther seemed to enjoy this and started to slap his cock against my face and my lips. “Open up” he commanded. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he pushed his cock past my lips into my wet warm mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure and started to push it deeper. I gagged and realized there was no way I could deepthroat him like I had Derek and Tracey. Even though he was only about an inch longer than my best friend whom I had learned to suck dick on he was much thicker and I knew he would wreck my throat if he shoved it all the way in. Still I was feeling the effects of the vicoden, alcohol and weed and took him as deep as I could gagging a bit as I did so.
I must have sc****d his cock with my teeth then because he pulled his cock out of my mouth roughly and growled “No teeth Bitch!” and slapped me across the face, not too hard but hard enough to sting a bit and shock me. I must have looked hurt because he chuckled a bit and said “Don’t worry slut, you are going to suck it like the good little cockwhore you are. You’re not as good as a ladyboy yet, but you’re going to learn” I glared at him, face stinging from the slap and my pride hurt at being found inferior. I looked over to Tracey for support who simply shrugged as if to say “You got yourself into it!”
Gunther barked at me “Oh don’t look so offended Bobbi! I heard you in there with Tracey earlier and its time you learn how to be a true sissy slut. You’re not really his type after all, he prefers twinks. Young guys not little gurls who can’t get an erection and fuck him back. Him fucking you was a mercy fuck because he’s been dreaming about fucking you as Rob for over a year now. Transvestites really aren’t his thing. But they are mine so I guess it’s up to me to teach you how to be a proper sissy bitch. I have to say you’ve got the look down pretty well, none of the TV’s in this town are as pretty as you but you need to learn a few things like how to suck a really big cock without scr****g it with your teeth and how to take one in your pussy without crying.”
Then he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my mouth to his cock. I was still pissed so I pressed my lips together and resisted as he tried to f***e his cock into my mouth. He slapped me again “Open up slut!” I glared back at him defiantly. “Last warning Bobbi…1…2…3” I smiled and flipped him the bird, I heard Tracey mutter “Oh Shit! Now you’ve done it Bobbi!”
Gunther smiled at me before he looked over at Tracey and said “Yes she has, hasn’t she? Give me your belt Trace! I think it’s time Bobbi learns a lesson.” Tracey looked at me as if to say “I’m sorry” while he removed his belt and handed it to Gunther but I could see excitement in his eyes as he handed it over. “Go get the Polaroid and my toolkit from my room. There’s a couple fresh packs of film in my nightstand, bring them both” Tracey left the room and Gunther turned his attention back to me. I was trembling with fear now, my Dad had beat me with a belt whenever I got into trouble up until I was thirteen and I was terrified of what Gunther intended to do with it. “Please Gunther…” I begged but was cut short by another slap in the face. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled me to me feet, and dragged me over to the couch. He turned me around and grabbed both my wrists forcing them back behind me. I tried to struggle but at 5’7” and a slender 130 pounds against his size and strength it wasn’t much of a struggle. He tied my wrists with the belt binding them together tightly. Then he sat on the couch and pulled me down across his lap holding me by the hair with his left hand while yanking up my denim miniskirt with his right to reveal my satin covered ass. ‘Oh yes I’m going to enjoy this. “ He murmured. I was in great shape back then as I raced bikes competitively and was on the swim team as well. Girls told me all of the time what a cute ass I had and how they were jealous, so I was pretty proud of my derriere and got a little thrill from Gunther admiring it even if I was scared and angry at him. Slowly he edged my panties down revealing my baby smooth hairless ass. He caressed it for a bit then lifted his hand in the air and paused. I saw a flash of light and heard the distinctive sound of a Polaroid ejecting a picture. Oh god, I realized Tracey was taking pictures of the whole thing, I was so humiliated. Then SMACK! Gunther’s hand on my ass stung like crazy and I jerked in his grasp. He laughed and tightened his grip on my hair and started wailing away with a vengeance. I bucked and struggled to no avail; he was way too strong for me and had total control of my body. Soon I was crying and sobbing uncontrollably. I was also starting to realize that I was getting aroused by the total domination and humiliation I was going through. Gunther was obviously very aroused as I could feel his rock hard erection pressing up against my belly. This further heightened my arousal and it combined with the pain of his hand cracking against my ass so that soon every slap was like a mini orgasm shooting through my body. Gunther spanked me nonstop for several minutes and I could tell Tracey was taking pictures with the Polaroid the whole time.
Eventually he stopped and I gasped for breath in long shuddering breaths as I fought to gain control over my crying. “So, have we learned our lesson Bobbi?” he asked, almost tenderly.
“Yes” I gasped
SMACK! “Yes What? Bobbi?”
“Yes Gunther?”
SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! “That’s Yes Sir, got it Bobbi?”
“Yes Sir!” I wailed
“Are you my little bitch now Bobbi?” he asked, self satisfaction evident in his voice
“Yes Sir”
SMACK! “Yes Sir What!?!”
“Yes Sir I’m your little bitch now!’ I cried hating myself for saying it but afraid of further punishment and also realizing it was true. With his huge cock pressing up against me, my tender flaming asscheeks exposed and with Tracey taking pictures of the whole thing I knew there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him or let him do to me.
“Are you going to suck my dick like a good little slut?”
“Yes Sir, I’ll suck your dick like a good little Slut…No Teeth!” I added, hoping to please him
Smack. Lightly this time. “Damn Straight. “ he chuckled “Are you going to beg me to let you suck my cock like a good little whore?
“Yes Sir, I will beg to suck your cock like a good little whore”
“After I‘m done letting you suck my dick will you beg me to fuck your pussy like the little cumslut you know you are?”
I hesitated, fearing the size of his huge cock…
“Yes Sir!” I cried “I’m a little cumslut and I will beg you to fuck me when you’re through letting me suck your huge cock!”
“Good, I think you’re ready to learn how to suck my cock. Get on your knees bitch!” He commanded, letting go of my hair. I complied, sliding off his lap onto the floor. It was difficult to get into the right position with my derriere on fire and my hands tied behind my back. Gunther took the camera from Tracey and snapped off a couple quick pics. I looked quite the sight with eyeliner and mascara streaming down my cheeks from the tears I had shed and my lipstick smeared from him rubbing his cock against my lips and face when I had tried to resist him earlier. “Oh, don’t you look adorable!” He remarked “You look like a good little whore who just got dumped by her boyfriend and balled her eyes out.” I nodded my agreement, my eyes locked on the huge erection bobbing just inches in front of my face. All I knew at that moment was I simply had to feel it in my mouth. I was so turned on I felt like my brain was boiling. I could feel precum leaking from my penis even though I wasn’t hard at all. In fact it seemed to have shrunk a bit from its usual flaccid state to a little nub less than an inch long, and my testicles had receded into my body and there was only a small empty void where my proud nutsack had once been. All in all I felt like a total girl and a slutty one at that! At that moment I wished I had a real pussy so that “SIR” could enjoy it . Anyways…
Gunther told me to open up and I readily obeyed his order. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, accepting his uncircumcised cock deep into my mouth. I used my tongue and lips on it trying to get him as hot as I could. He began to instruct me exactly as how he liked his massive dick sucked. Slow down, go faster, more tongue, stroke it, suck harder, lick the head more, beg more. Eventually he told Tracey “Give me the poppers, Trace!” I heard him sniff deeply twice before he stuffed a little brown bottle under my nose and told me to inhale. I did as I was ordered to and immediately felt a rush surging through my brain and my body. After that all of my existence was focused upon his huge cock in my mouth. I worked back and forth upon it feverishly, my only thought was about making Gunther shoot his load down my throat! Later I when I saw the Polaroids I was shocked to see how far I had gotten his huge dick inside my throat but ultimately I couldn’t deepthroat it all the way.
He used me like this for about twenty minutes before he yanked my hair back and pulled his cock out of my face and started jacking off, his beautiful cock hovering inches from my face. After an eternity he erupted, shooting huge jets of sperm all over my face and breasts. This wasn’t the first time I had sucked a cock to completion but definitely the most exciting! Knowing I had made a handsome stud cum with my looks and my skills as a cocksucker totally got me off., and I nearly came right then.
Fortunately for me Gunther wasn’t nearly done with me, he had Trace take a few more pics of me with my face and décolletage covered in his cum and even snapped off a couple himself. Then he told me I looked like a disgrace and I needed to clean myself off. He ordered me off to Tracey’s room to clean myself off and repair my makeup. This took awhile and it was a bit before I felt pretty enough to face my new master. I just knew if I wasn’t presentable I’d find myself across his lap again. Not that that was the worst thing I could imagine, but after having sucked him off and having been rewarded with my first facial, I found myself eager to feel him inside me despite my trepidation about his size. I was involved with the theater department at my school and specialized in theatrical makeup and often did the girls makeup for them for sexy roles such as dancers and molls in plays like “Guys and Doll”, in fact I often practiced on myself so I I would be better at their makeup (or so I told myself!), so I was able to make myself up pretty well, and was looking quite sexy after about 15 minutes. Admittedly, it was a bit heavier than what Mikki had done, but I liked what I saw in the mirror of Tracey’s bathroom and felt ready to go face my new master. At this point Tracey walked in holding a red rubber bag with a thin white plastic hose attached to it with a long thin nozzle at the other end. Handing it to me he said “Gunther wants you clean down there” and indicated I should go into his bathroom and give myself an enema. I did as I was told, enjoying the feeling of the warm water cleaning out my tushy and cleaned myself carefully with tissue and dried off my ass with a towel. A quick glance in the mirror showed my hair was a bit of a mess but it only made me look like more of a slut so I smoothed it a bit and walked out to the living room to face Gunther and what I knew would be his taking of my sweet lil asspussy.
When I walked into the living room I noticed a set of lingerie lying upon the coffee table along with some various toys and sundries. Tracey sat in a Laz-E-Boy recliner nearby, Polaroid in hand, an obvious look of enjoyment on his face. I looked to Gunther, obviously awaiting further instructions.
“Strip Bitch!” he ordered.
Reluctantly, I complied. Stripping off my Jacket, then my skirt and panties, fish net bodyhose and corset. It was the last that I was most reluctant to take of as I felt it did the most to help accentuate my figure and was also the most work to take off. Although after nearly a whole day of being cinched tightly at the waist my torso retained the shaped f***ed upon it by the corset, narrowing at the middle and flaring out at the hips and chest. Oddly it was at this point that I was the most completely humiliated, standing there naked without any girl clothes on. I knew what he wanted me to do so I indicated the pink lingerie on the coffee table and begged to put it on. Gunther laughed and said “You didn’t think I’d fuck you without being dressed like a proper sissy gurl did you? By all means, get dressed and do it quickly!”
I obeyed with alacrity crossing over to the table and began putting on my new outfit. Gunther told me it had belonged to his last bitch. But that she had left it there when she graduated college and moved away last year, although I was gratified when he told me that she wasn’t as pretty as me and he looked forward to seeing how pretty I looked in her gurl clothes.
I began with a pair of satin and lace French pink panties that tied at the hips on both sides. Next came a pair of pink silk stockings with a seam up the back that felt absolutely marvelous as I pulled their sheer silky smoothness over my bare toned legs. Then I donned a pair of long lacy pink fingerless gloves that had a little loop at the end to put my middle finger through but otherwise left my hands open. Basically they looked kind of like a pair of lacy pink stockings for my arms coming up to mid bicep and accentuated them in a very feminine way. Lastly there was a pink lacey corset like top that laced up the back with pink ribbon. It wasn’t as sturdy as the corset I had been wearing with no boning or ribbing but was definitely more comfortable and had attached garters to hold up my pink silk stockings. Tracey helped me with the garters and cinched up the waist of the corset. The bra cups of the corset were padded so when I added the pads I’d been wearing earlier it pushed up the flesh on my chest so I looked like I had a very respectable set of boobs with nice deep cleavage that made me feel very sexy and gurly. ( My ability to “fake” a set of titties has ever since been one of my favorite talents and many men have asked if I was a real TS or on hormones over the years.) I finished the look with a pair of patent leather pink pumps that had to have at least a five or six inch stiletto heel to them, and a strap that buckled around the ankle. They were slightly too big but that was okay with me as the heels I had been wearing were about a half size too small and pinched my feet terribly. The height of the heels made walking rather difficult, but that was okay as I figure they weren’t really designed for walking in anyways!
After I had finished dressing I looked to Gunther for approval and the lust in his eyes was quite evident. “You look fucking Hot Bobbi! Go in the bathroom and see what a sexy little slut you are” Dutifully I did so excited to see how I looked and tottered off to the bathroom with short mincing steps, handicapped by the extreme height of the heels I was wearing.
When I got to the bathroom I was stunned at what I saw and thrilled at the same time. I looked like a model in a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog. Long slender toned legs accentuated by the stilettos and pink stockings on my legs. A tight toned, still slightly red, ass with creamy pale smooth skin encased in pink satin and lace. Prominent ersatz titties were jutting proudly from my chest with cleavage that invited a cock to rest there. Sexy smoky eyes with long dark lashes and pouty sexy red glossy lips that were obviously just made for sucking cock, all framed by a soft cloud of curly brown hair that reached past my shoulders. If I could have cloned myself I would have fucked me right then and there! I must have admired myself for too long because Gunther yelled from the living room to quit fawning over myself and get my ass in there to take care of his dick.
I walked out to the living room to see him standing naked in the middle of the room with his large semi erect cock dangling down invitingly. I started to walk over to him but he held his hand up in a fist, extended his fore finger and pointed down at the floor “Crawl!” I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled across the floor to him while Tracey snapped off a couple more Polaroids of me. He was smoking a clawed meerschaum pipe packed with some potent smelling weed and handed it to me so I took it and took several tokes before he stopped me and handed me a couple pills (another vicoden and a valium this time) saying “Here take these, you’re going to need the for what comes next” and then gave me a snifter of brandy to wash it down with.
I was already feeling the buzz again from the weed and salivating at the sight of his large cock dangling in front of my face so I reached up for it and was rewarded by another slap to my face. Not too hard but enough to sting a little and get my attention. I looked up t see him slowly wagging his finger back and forth in front of my face in a gesture of negation. I remembered my place and begged him “Please Sir may I suck your cock?” Smiling he nodded his assent shifting his hips forward to my face and I took his cock eagerly into my mouth, marveling at how eager I was to do so. I used all of the talents he had taught me and all of my limited experience with previous attempts at sucking dick and he was rock hard in short order. Meanwhile Tracey had run out of Polaroid film so Gunther told him to get more at the camera shop about a block away. I was a little disappointed to be losing my audience and photographer for a bit but knew he’d be back soon. I started stroking Gunther’s cock with both hands, realizing as I did so what a great design the fingerless lace gloves were, they were very feminine but didn’t cover my palms and fingers with lace which surely would have chafed his cock as I stroked it. Also they didn’t cover up my red fake nails that Mikki had applied the night before so my small hands looked very feminine and sexy wrapped around his rigid member.
After a few minutes Gunther ordered me to stop and put my face on the floor while on my knees and to spread my asscheeks with my hands. Trembling, thinking he might be ready to fuck me with his huge cock I did so. He noticed my trepidation and said “Don’t worry Bobbi, you’re not ready for this yet. First we have to prepare your pussy for my cock. He pulled my panties to the side and then he applied a lubricant to my butt that had a numbing agent in it and I felt a mild buzzy feeling as my sphincter began to go numb and relax. He eased a finger inside me probing my insides, then he slipped another in, then a third. By this point the valium and vicoden had kicked into full effect so I was feeling very buzzed and enjoying his probing quite a bit. I heard Tracey come back in and he told Gunther he’d decided to rent a video camera while he was there and Gunther said it was a great idea. I remember being vaguely appalled, but the d**gs were doing their job and kept me submissive and compliant, focused on the wonderful feeling of his fingers sliding in and out of me. Tracey busied himself setting up the video camera and tripod which took some time as video cameras back in the eighties were large, clunky, and complicated. Meanwhile, Gunther withdrew his fingers and inserted a fairly large butt up my ass. It hurt a bit but then I heard a click and the plug started vibrating sending electric tingly feelings throughout my body. It felt great and waves of pleasure were coursing through my body!
He told me to get to my knees and beg Tracey to let me suck his cock as he was taking a break and wanted to watch me suck cock like a good little whore. I did as I was told and soon Trace had his cock buried down my throat fucking my face like a girls pussy. I loved it and have always loved a good dominant face fuck since then but I can only do it with cocks that are the right size as my mouth is only so big. Gunther was obviously enjoying the show and egged Tracey on telling him to fuck my mouth like it was one of his little twinks’ boypussies. Tracey had been watching me be Gunther’s little bitch for hours now and was obviously very turned on as he only lasted a few minutes and came deep in my mouth holding my head still so I could feel his hot cum hitting the back of my throat, coating my tongue. “Don’t you dare swallow yet!” ordered Gunther so I held it in my mouth while Tracey squeezed the last few drops into my open mouth and on my lips. Gunther took more pictures of me on my knees with cum in my mouth and the buttplug in my ass driving me crazy and had me face the video camera to show my mouthful of cum. Eventually I swallowed reflexively and it must have been too soon. Gunther told me I was a very bad girl and must be punished again, pulling me across his lap and spanking me. It wasn’t as brutal as before and I thoroughly enjoyed it with the vibrator humming away inside me while he worked my tender ass with his bare hand.
After my ass was pink and tender again, he stood up and I could see that the spanking had gotten him as excited as me as his cock was rock hard. I begged him to let me suck it and he consented but only for a moment. After a few minutes he pulled his cock away from me and told me it was time, leading me to the middle of the room he instructed me to get on all fours, doggystyle. He eased the vibrator from my ass and I felt a little pop as it came out; I squirmed and wiggled my ass a bit missing the feeling of it inside me.
“Don’t worry slut, I’ve got something even better than that for you.” He paused for a moment to put on a condom and I idly wondered where he found condoms big enough to fit him. He must have guessed what I was thinking and he told me they were special order from a company in Europe. Then he applied more desensitizing lube to my hole and started working his fingers into me using them to stretch and widen his target. I was moaning in pleasure from this when he asked if was ready. I knew what he wanted from me so I wiggled my ass invitingly abegged him to fuck me like a good little whore.
I felt the head press up against my waiting hole and he started to push it in. Even with the desensitizing cream and having been stretched by the vibrator and his fingers it was a tight fit and the pain was pretty intense he paused for a moment with just a few inches inside me to let me get used to his girth. Then slowly and inexorably he began working it deeper inside me with slow back and forth strokes, pushing it a little deeper each time. Despite his gentleness I gasped in pain a few times and was tearing up a bit. Tracey suggested to Gunther that he pull out for a moment and let me catch my breath as it had seemed to work earlier. He did so and after a couple of minutes the throbbing pain inside me subsided and I wiggled my ass suggestively begging him to put it back in me. It went in much easier this time and he slid further into me getting about seven inches deep before coming up against stiff resistance from the muscles deep inside me. I pushed back against him and he grabbed me by the hips and pushed forward harder, I could feel the clenched muscles starting to yield when all of a sudden I felt a sharp tearing pop and he thrust all the way inside me to the hilt. The pain made me cry out and he stopped just resting there with his huge cock buried in my ass and let me get used to the pain while my body adjusted to the intruder inside of it. After a bit he pulled back some and began thrusting back and forth slowly moaning as he did so. “ Gottdam your pussy is so tight Bobbi, it’s the tightest pussy I’ve ever had.” He exclaimed. “I should think so! “ I thought to myself, given the fact that until about twelve hours ago I had been a total virgin in this area and that Tracey’s cock wasn’t nearly as big as Gunther’s! I glanced over and saw that Tracey had taken the video camera off of the tripod and was moving about the room shooting the action from different angles. Somehow knowing that I looked like a little porn starlet and was being filmed like one got me even more aroused at that moment and I began bucking back onto onto the huge dick inside me, crying out at the sharp stab of pain I got every time he bottomed out deep inside my bowels. Gunther picked up his tempo fucking me harder and faster and I fucked him back. Soon he was pistoning in and out of me like a well oiled machine, calling me all sorts of names like slut, cunt and bitch. Telling me I was his sissy whore and he was going to use me like this all the time. I loved it and begged him to fuck me harder, saying I was his little sissy bitch and I loved having his cock in me and that I would do anything for him if he would just keep fucking me please! I could feel an orgasm building deep inside me and came violently, cum flowing out of my limp clit and my ass twitching around the cock buried deep within me.
This put Gunther over the edge and he exploded, slamming me back on his cock with each spurt. The pain/pleasure and the realization that he was cumming inside me had me delirious and drove me over the edge. I think I passed out for a moment, when I came to I was laying face down on the carpet with a deep but strangely pleasant aching within my bowels. I was exhausted and felt thoroughly used up. Tracey was sitting in an easy chair smoking a joint and Gunther was nowhere to be seen.
“He’s in his bedroom sl**ping like a baby. I think you wore him out” Tracey said “Quite the feat, you should be proud of yourself. I’ve seen him wreck two gurls in one session and go back for more.”
“I feel wrecked” I grunted and tried to stand but my legs were like jelly so I crawled over to the couch and f***ed myself up on it with some assistance from Tracey. I took the joint from him and toked up. There was a pile of Polaroids featuring yours truly on the coffee table and I picked some up and started looking through them. the first few I looked at were just of me dressed up in the pink lingerie that I was now wearing and I admired them thinking how sexy and cute I looked. There were several more of me laying across Gunther’s lap while he wailed on my bottom. I was shocked to see how red my ass had gotten under his hand. I was also a little shocked to feel the beginnings of an erection while looking at pictures of me dressed as a sissy. As I went through the pictures I got harder and harder and soon my cock was straining against my cum soaked panties. I thought it was odd because I hadn’t gotten an erection yet, even when I came while Gunther was fucking me. I asked Tracey about it and he told me a lot of sissies were wired that way and that it was pretty normal, at least as far as being a boy who likes to dress up in girls clothes and act like a total slut for men can be considered normal. I threw him a dirty look and turned back to the fascinating pictures in my hand. The pictures of me sucking his cock and of his cum all over my face soon had precum leaking out the tip of my rock hard erection and I started to stroke it absentmindedly and the pictures of him fucking me were about to drive me over the edge when Tracey cleared his throat , startled I looked up having totally forgotten he was there. He reminded me that there was video and asked if I wanted to see it? Oh God yes! He took the vhs tape out of the camera and put it in the video player and pressed play. Soon I was watching myself suck Tracey to completion like I was a teenage porn slut working a dick in Southern California. The shot of me holding his cum in my mouth was extra slutty and I started rubbing my boyclit again really enjoying the show. I nearly came several times but held back until the end when Gunther and I came together. Watching him slam himself into me as he shot his load sent me over the edge and I exploded with one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had even to this day. My sperm shot high into the air and fell back on me with a few drops spattering onto my face neck and breasts. I snapped out of my reverie and realized Tracey was standing next to me jerking his cock furiously, I could tell he was about to come and I leaned forward with my mouth open tongue out greedily awaiting my reward. He came in seconds coating my face and tongue with drops of salty jizz. There wasn’t much and I was a little disappointed but figured what the heck it was his fourth load in less than 24 hours!
I was still quite buzzed from the d**gs and the alcohol and the weed and it was around 6pm so I figured there was no way I was going home. I was sticky all over from their jizz and so I asked Tracey if I could borrow his shower. He said yes and I spent like an half an hour under the steaming water. When I got out of the shower and finished toweling myself off I came out into the bedroom and saw two full sets of clothes on the bed. One was a pair of jeans, tshirt, and hoody with a pair of vans skateboard shoes; the other was a sexy version of a catholic schoolgirls oufit, red plaid pleated miniskirt, white silk blouse, White lacy padded bra, white lacy panties, white kneehigh stockings and high heeled oxford shoes. I realized I was being given a choice, stay dressed as a gurl, which meant Gunther would probably make me suck him again and maybe even fuck me again. Or I could put on the male clothes and play time would be over. I looked at the long red nails still attached to my fingers, gave a little sigh and started putting on my new school girl outfit.
... Continue»
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Apartment Complex Video Club

Mike and Cindy had been living in the Broadway Apartments for about a year. In the 1940's the buildings in the complex had been a hotel. With three buildings, each with three floors, and a beautiful courtyard in the middle of the U-shaped layout of the buildings, the complex was unique when compared to the cookie-cutter complexes of today. Mike and Cindy are an attractive couple in their early thirties, both with light brown hair. Cindy had a tight little body that accentuated her 34C breasts. Mike was athletically built, but not "ripped," just in good shape, with an average sized cock. They had gotten to know a few of the couples that live in the apartments pretty well in the time they had been living there.

The couples would get together for potluck dinners and invariably one of them would throw a party when a major sporting event rolled around. Mike and Cindy really felt at home. It was almost like a big f****y living in the same building. After a while, though, Mike and Cindy began noticing some strange behavior from their friends. There seemed to be coy looks passed amongst the others at times and it almost seemed like they were in on some inside joke that Mike and Cindy were unaware of.

One day Mike finally cornered Bill, their neighbor from across the hall, and he asked him what the deal was. Bill hesitated at first but then decided he could fill Mike in on the other couples' little secret. He told Mike that some of the neighbors had started up a "video club" of sorts. They would swap videotapes and everyone really got into it. The thing was, these were no ordinary videotapes. The tapes were homemade erotic tapes that each of the couples had shot of themselves making love.

Each couple had one tape that was their own. The owner's name was written on the top of the tape and only a list of apartment numbers was written on the spine. The apartment numbers on the spine were listed in the order of the couples' scenes that were on the tape. Once the tape had made its way around through all the apartment numbers the owner would get it back. One couple would be filming scenes for the other couples' tapes as their tape was getting passed around and recorded on. When the cycle was complete, each couple had one scene from each of the other couples.

The only rules laid down were:

1. When you pass a tape on to another couple to film their scene you must have it cued up to the spot after your scene. This was done so the couples didn't have to find the blank spot on the tape.(No one was allowed to look at the scenes on another couples' tape)

2. No dubbing other couples' tapes.(This goes along with not being able to watch other couples' tapes)

3. If you move away, you got to keep your tape but you were not to show it to anyone else or sell it to one of those "Amateur XXX Home Video" companies.

Bill said everyone had pretty much stayed within the rules to the best of his knowledge. No one wanted to risk getting caught and miss out on the hot sex scenes that would get recorded on their tape. Lust can be a powerful motivator. Bill gave Mike his videotape, which in truth broke the club rules, but he had started the club and wanted to give Mike and Cindy some examples of what they were in for if they joined the club. Bill's tape was the only one that had the owners of it doing a scene on it. It was the tape he used to show prospective members what they were in for if they joined. He told Mike if it seemed like something he and Cindy could get into they could join the club. If not, they were to keep the club a secret and not tell the other club members that they had seen the tape.

That night Mike told Cindy about the discussion he had with Bill earlier. "That explains the odd behavior we've noticed," replied Cindy. "This is too weird. I never would have dreamed this was the reason." "We might as well look at the tape," Mike responded, "It couldn't do any harm. We aren't obligated to join, we can just watch the tape. Who knows, it might be fun." "I guess so," answered Cindy. "It just seems like it will be strange seeing our friends again after we watch them having sex on the tape."

After dinner Mike changed into a t-shirt and boxers and Cindy put on a sheer teddy with matching panties. They popped the tape into their VCR and got ready for the action. The first image that appeared on the TV screen was Janet, Bill's wife. Janet was a redhead in her early forties with a full figure and large breasts. Bill, also in his early forties, had brown hair, a little bit of a gut. Janet was doing a strip tease for the camera as Bill held it. Mike and Cindy could hear Bill making comments and directing Janet as she slowly took off each piece of clothing. Mike's eyes are glued to Janet's ripe breasts as they sway with her every movement.

After Janet is completely nude Bill tells her to move to the bed. The camera follows Janet as she slides up onto the bed and Bill sets up at the foot of the bed. Bill tells Janet to spread her legs as he focuses in on the scarlet triangle of hair between her legs. Janet complies and sensually runs her hand over her breasts, then down between her legs. She strokes her inner thighs and flashes a sexy look to the camera. Janet begins running a finger up and down her pink slit and Bill voices his appreciation and coaxes her along. "Ohhh I'm getting so hot," she purrs as she plays with her clit. While she worked her clit with one hand she took her other and slid a finger in and out of her wet pussy. Bill pans the camera down to his rock hard cock as he strokes it. "See how hard you're getting me, baby?" he says as he strokes the length of his tool. Bill's cock is of average length but it is very thick, and fills his hand quite nicely.

The scene abruptly switches and the camera is set up beside the bed. Mike jokes, "Nice editing job, Bill," as he looks on. Cindy looks down and sees Mike's stiff cock making a pup tent out of his boxers. Cindy wraps her hand around the bulge in Mike's shorts and says, "He doesn't seem to mind."

Cindy continues to rub Mike's bulge as their attention moves back to the video. Bill comes into view of the camera and he joins Janet on the bed. He moves on top of her and begins sucking her nipples. Bill kisses his way down Janet's body and buries his face in her pussy. He laps at the soft folds of skin and flicks Janet's hard clit with his tongue. Mike looks out of the corner of his eye and notices that Cindy is shifting around on the couch a bit. He slips his hand inside the front of her panties and notices just how much she has been enjoying the tape. Her pussy is dripping wet. "What was that you were saying to me?" Mike chided. Cindy spread her legs a little to give Mike better access to her wet slit and the two of them continued to watch the tape as they masturbated each other.

By the time Bill was pounding his dick into Janet's pussy while she furiously rubbed her clit, Mike and Cindy were really going at it on the couch. They madly peeled off each other's clothes and Cindy laid down on her back as Mike got between her legs. Mike's throbbing tool slipped easily into Cindy's well-lubed slit and he pistoned in and out of her slowly. The two peeked at the tape while they fucked. By now on the tape Janet was on top of Bill, bucking up and down on his pole, and moaning like crazy. Janet's vocalizing as she was getting fucked on the TV screen was too much for Mike and he quickly picked up the pace of his thrusting. It wasn't long before he shot his cum deep inside Cindy's hot box.

Bill and Janet came almost immediately after Mike did. Mike and Cindy both gave each other a sort of "wow" look and they slumped back onto the couch, ready to watch the next scene as they caught their breath. The next couple on the tape was Paul and Denise, who are in their late twenties, and live right above Mike and Cindy. Paul is an athletically built brown-haired man with washboard abs and an average sized cock. Denise is a raven-haired Hispanic with very firm, medium-sized tits. Her skin is dark brown skin from laying in a tanning bed on a regular basis. She would always wear her bikini when she tanned because Paul loves the contrast of her dark skin against the lighter covered area. In other words, he digs tan lines.

As Mike and Cindy watched Paul and Denise's scene unfold they could feel themselves getting aroused again. Mike's dick was again standing at attention. Cindy leaned over and took Mike's stiff member in her mouth and began to suck it. She pumped the shaft with her hand as she swallowed as much of Mike's cock as she could. Mike was in heaven as he watched Paul stroke Denise's creamy breasts. He could see what Paul liked so much about the tan lines. It was like Denise was wearing a flesh-colored bikini and Denise looked very hot. Cindy continued her work on Mike as he watched the tape and felt himself build to orgasm again. "I'm gonna cum," he blurted out as he watched the rhythmic fucking on the TV. With that he came in Cindy's mouth and she swallowed every drop, milking his cock dry.

After the scene was over, the next scene that came on involved Steve and Patti. Patti is Oriental with striking green eyes, small perky breasts, and a small amount of neatly trimmed pubic hair just above her pussy. Steve is a blue-eyed blond that looked like he belonged on a beach in California. He had a long, slender dick to match his tall, slender frame. Cindy watched the scene as Mike moved onto the floor in front of her and spread her legs. "Your turn," he said as he ran his tongue up and down her slit. Mike sucked, nibbled, and flicked Cindy's clit with his mouth as she watched Steve slide his long rod into Patti's tight opening.

Just the voyeuristic pleasure of watching the video and Mike's expert tonguing had Cindy writhing with pleasure in no time. She built slowly and steadily towards her peak as she watched the scene and enjoyed Mike's actions. When Cindy was about to cum she raised her hips, grabbed the back of Mike's head, and ground his face into her crotch. She came with earth-shattering f***e and collapsed back onto the couch.

After Mike and Cindy caught their breath and watched a couple more scenes on the tape Mike said, "Well, what do you think?" She replied, "I don't know. It still seems so weird to me. These people are our neighbors. We pass them in the hallway every day. I don't think I can look at them again without thinking about the videos. And to think that they would be watching us do that kind of stuff. I just don't think I can do it." "But look at how hot it got us. Can you imagine other people getting off on watching us just like we did when we were watching them? Doesn't it kind of turn you on? It gets me hot just thinking about it. And it would add a bit of excitement to out love life, not that there's anything wrong with it. It's like seeing something or doing something that's forbidden. I think it would be fun but I don't want to f***e you to do anything you're not comfortable with." "I'll think about it," replied Cindy, "But I can't promise you anything." With that they went off to bed.

Cindy thought about the club throughout the week and the more she thought about it the more she thought it would be fun to join the club. She would find herself drifting off in her mind while at work and she could feel herself getting wet just thinking about it. Different scenarios and ideas for scenes started popping into her head. One night after she and Mike had made love she blurted out, "Why not?" "Why not what?" Mike asked. "Why not join the club? I think we can do it. Maybe we could start this weekend." "Sounds great, honey. I'll get Bill's camcorder and we'll decide what to do in our first scene," Mike responded enthusiastically.

After getting Bill's video camera and adding their apartment number to it Mike and Cindy bounced ideas off each other for their first scene. They decided to do a scene in the shower for their first one. The weekend rolled around and Mike and Cindy had a couple of drinks to help with their nerves and loosen them up. When they were ready, Mike set up the camera in the bathroom and turned it on. Cindy enters the scene in a cotton robe with her hair pinned up. She opens the sliding glass door to the bathtub/shower and turns the water on(not too hot or the lens will fog up).

Cindy then stands and pulls out the clips that are holding her hair. She shakes her head slowly, sexily letting her mane fall onto her shoulders. As she turns to face the camera she unties the belt on her robe and peels it off over her shoulders. The robe falls to the ground, exposing Cindy's fully nude form to the camera. A slight chill runs through her body and her nipples stand erect as she steps into the shower, leaving the door open for the best view. Cindy stands under the shower head, letting the luke-warm water run down her body. She grabs the soap and slowly works up lather over her body. As she rinses off Mike enters the picture and says, "Mmm...mind if I join you?" "Come on in big boy," she purrs as she looks down at Mike's already rock hard dick. Mutual lathering and various carnal acts ensue before the camera before they are both spent and the scene ends.

Later that night Cindy and Mike watch their scene in bed and make love again. It seems that watching themselves on the screen got them just as excited as watching their neighbors. The next day Mike gave Bill his tape back and received their "schedule" of performances. They were to get Steve and Patti's tape next, followed by Scott and Alicia's, then Paul and Denise's. Mike went right to Steve and Patti's apartment once he got the list. Spurred on by the excitement of making the first one, he wanted to do another scene that night. While Mike and Cindy were fulfilling their obligation to the club the other couples were making the tape that would belong to them.

Mike and Cindy had done all the scenes for the others' tapes within the next couple weeks and they received their tape from Bill. In the process of making the tapes Mike and Cindy actually had discovered a great way to spice up their sex lives, not that there was anything wrong with it. Making the videos just seemed to open new doors to experimentation that required thought and planning, not just screwing when you feel horny. The anticipation of the next scene that they would shoot would make the experience that much more enjoyable once it transpired. By the time Mike and Cindy's tape was going around for a second time they were comfortable with the idea of the club. It was something that was openly discussed from time to time between the neighbors. Compliments were passed, along with ideas for making the scenes better.

Mike and Cindy would watch every scene they had just shot and would talk about how they could have done something better. In this way they would learn from their mistakes. This was the norm. All the couples would see certain things that were done in others' scenes and incorporate them into their future scenes. Both Mike and Cindy agreed that the one solution to all their problems would be to have someone else film their scenes while they acted them out but that was not about to happen.

After watching the tape that was made for them, Mike and Cindy realized there were certain couples' scenes they looked forward to more than others. Sometimes when Cindy wasn't around Mike would put the tape in the VCR and rewind it to Bill and Janet's scenes. He liked to masturbate while watching them. Janet's red hair and full figure had always turned him on but she was also very vocal and wild when she was shooting her scenes.

Cindy found herself drawn to a particular scene that Scott and Alicia had done. They were a very attractive couple, both good looking, very fit, and both were blonds. The real attraction for Cindy was that Scott had the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was truly a sight to behold. Cindy was drawn to a scene where Scott and Alicia massaged oil over each other and, of course, ended with them making love. Neither Mike nor Cindy had told the other about their fantasies. After all, nothing was going to come of them, right? Well, one must be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

About a month after joining the club, Mike had to leave town for some work-related training. Everyone in the group knew Mike was out of town so they would invite Cindy over for dinner or drop by to keep her company. Cindy ran into Alicia at the mailbox on Friday afternoon and she invited Cindy up for drinks later that night. They set a time and the two went their separate ways. That night Cindy went up to their apartment and they all sat around and drank margaritas while they chatted. As the night wore on and the drinks flowed, the conversation turned to the video club. It turns out Alicia had the same reservations Cindy had prior to joining. They discussed who made the most creative scenes and such, and Cindy commented on how much she had enjoyed the massage oil scene Scott and Alicia had shot.

Cindy was a bit tipsy by now, as were her hosts, and she didn't realize she started to ramble on a bit about Scott and Alicia's scene. She said it really looked like they really got into it and it appeared they had fun making it. Scott shot Alicia a sly glance and said, "Well, if you liked it that much we could recreate it for you," and then chuckled. They all laughed as Alicia went to get another round of drinks from the kitchen. After a couple of sips of their new margaritas, Alicia said, "Why not? We could even make a video of it. We have a blank tape. I think it would be fun." Cindy did not answer. She was hesitant but intrigued with the idea of living out the fantasies she had conjured up while watching Scott and Alicia's scene. Before Cindy could answer either way, Scott got up and said he'd get the camera set up while Alicia took care of the rest. Alicia followed Scott down the hall and out of Cindy's sight. She sat there feeling a combination of nervousness and excitement.

Alicia soon emerged with a sheet and some massage oils with Scott right behind her, carrying the video camera and tripod. Cindy took another drink of her margarita as she watched Alicia spread out the sheet while Scott lined up the camera for the best angle. As Scott turned on the camera Alicia went over to Cindy, took her by the hand, and led her to the middle of the sheet. Scott and Alicia converged on Cindy, Alicia in front and Scott behind, and they began taking her clothes off. Scott pulled her shirt off over her head while Alicia undid Cindy's jeans. Scott then undid her bra as Alicia slid Cindy's jeans and panties down to her ankles. Cindy stepped out of her pants and they had her lay down on her stomach on the sheet. Scott and Alicia then took their clothes off and they each took a position on either side of Cindy.

They poured oil out over Cindy's back and down her legs as they began to knead her supple skin. Cindy moaned softly as Scott's strong hands made their way down her waist and over her naked butt. Scott concentrated on her behind as Alicia worked her upper back. Scott's hands made their way down to Cindy's thighs as Alicia followed him down. They met at Cindy's calves and their hands glided easily over her legs. Cindy spread her legs apart slightly as Scott and Alicia worked up to her inner thighs. She felt Alicia's slender fingers slide between her legs as she ran her hand up and down Cindy's wet slit.

This was the first time another woman had touched Cindy like that and she was in heaven. What a strange rush of sensations she was feeling. As Alicia worked her way back up to Cindy's back her fingers were replaced with Scott's thick, strong fingers. He ran his slick middle finger up and down Cindy's slick pussy as he kneaded her butt with his other hand. After a couple more minutes of working Cindy's back they had her roll over and began to work on her front. Cindy was lost in the moment and her body was enjoying the attention.

It was then that Cindy got her first up-close look at Scott's manhood. It was fully erect and quite a sight to behold, bobbing up and down heavily whenever he moved. She resisted the urge to grab a hold of it as Alicia poured oil over her breasts. Scott and Alicia took their time smearing the oil over Cindy's breasts, stroking them gently and tugging on the stiff nipples. Again their hands slowly worked their way down Cindy's body and down to her legs. By the time they had worked their way back up to her thighs, Cindy was practically squirming, aching for them to touch her soaking pussy.

Alicia moved up and concentrated on Cindy's breasts as Scott slipped a finger inside her. Scott massaged her clit as he moved a thick finger in and out of her. Alicia bent down and took one of Cindy's nipples in her mouth, licking it and flicking it with her tongue. Scott then laid down and covered Cindy's pussy with his mouth. Cindy was almost overwhelmed by the sensation of four roaming hands and two hungry mouths working on her. With Alicia's soft mouth engulfing her breasts and Scott's ministrations on her clit, Cindy felt her orgasm build and shake through her. Cindy cried out as she raised her hips to meet Scott's mouth and she came harder than she had ever cum before.

As Cindy came down from her orgasm the three of them switched places and Alicia laid down. A repeat of what happened to Cindy was about to happen to Alicia, only this time the sexual electricity was ratcheted way up. Little time was spent on the extremities as Cindy and Scott worked the oil over Alicia's breasts and pussy. Cindy gently kissed and sucked Alicia's nipples as Scott stroked her slit. Feeling a bit bold, Cindy kissed her way down to Alicia's pussy, moving Scott out of the way. She breathed in the musky scent of Alicia's womanhood as she lowered her head to her mound. Cindy tentatively lapped at Alicia's pussy at first, then began to go at it with wanton lust, darting her tongue inside and flicking her stiff clit.

Scott suggested they swing around into a 69 and they ate each other to orgasm as he fondled their breasts while he stroked his aching cock. Now it was Scott's turn. He laid back onto the sheet and Cindy poured some oil out onto her palm. She immediately wrapped her hand around Scott's swollen member and pumped up and down. She groped at he balls as she worked the considerable length of his shaft. After a few strokes Cindy took Scott's cock into her mouth. She continued pumping the shaft with her hand as she sucked on the plumb-sized head and took as much of his cock her mouth as she could.

Cindy and Alicia alternated sucking on Scott's cock for a short time then Cindy got up and straddled Scott's pole. She slowly lowered her still soaking wet box down onto it until it was all the way inside. Her pussy had never felt so completely filled. She rode up and down on Scott's cock as Alicia moved behind her and plaid with her nipples. Alicia whispered in Cindy's ear, "Is this what you thought about when you watched our video, riding Scott's huge cock?" "Oh yes, it's so big. It feels so good," she moaned in response. Scott grabbed onto Cindy's hips and pulled her down to him, thrusting deeper inside each time she slid down onto his dick.

Unexpectedly, Scott sat up and eased Cindy onto her back. He pulled her legs up to his chest and began ram his cock in and out of her pussy as Alicia straddled Cindy's face. Cindy wrapped her arms around Alicia's legs and ate her pussy as Scott rammed into her. Alicia came again as she ground her pussy into Cindy's face. Scott couldn't hold out any longer and he blurted out, "I'm cumming," as he withdrew and shot his load out onto Cindy's stomach and breasts. Alicia dismounted Cindy and lapped up Scott's pearly white cum from Cindy's body. When her tongue was coated with Scott's semen, she moved up and kissed Cindy deeply. Their tongues intertwined and spread the taste of the oil and cum between them. All three collapsed into a sweaty, panting heap on the sheet.

When the three of them recovered they had one more drink and Cindy got dressed, saying she had to get home in case Mike called from out of town. She asked Scott and Alicia to give her the videotape of the evening's events and went home. After a quick shower Cindy went to bed and just lay there, replaying the events of the evening in her head. As she drifted off to sl**p a contented smile crept over her lips. She watched the video the following evening and got so hot she wound up frigging herself to orgasm. Cindy then hid the tape in a place she knew Mike would never find it. When Mike returned from his trip, Cindy said nothing about the wild night of sex she had with Scott and Alicia. She wasn't sure how her would react. The subject of a threesome had come up during after-sex conversations before but she was pretty sure that Mike wanted to be one of the people involved.

A month or so later Mike's boss gave him the keys to his cabin in the mountains and told him to take Cindy up and relax for the weekend. Mike and Cindy thought it would be fun to invite a couple friends up with them but it was short notice and most of their friends had made other plans and couldn't go. Bill and Janet wound up not having any plans and the four of them headed out on Friday night with a cooler full of beer and other fun-in-the-sun necessities. They arrived around 10 PM and and unpacked their things. The cabin was fairly secluded but very modern. It had all the amenities of an expensive home in the suburbs, including a satellite dish and hot tub. The four of them unwound from their journey and by watching a little TV and having a few drinks, then they headed off to bed.

The next day the gang grabbed a cooler full of beer and headed down a dirt path to a stretch of beach that was only accessible from the lake and their cabin. They all enjoyed the day, reading books, drinking, and sunning themselves. When they all felt a bit baked they waded into cold waters of the lake and took a dip. Bill and Mike couldn't help but notice the effect of the cold water on the girls. Cindy and Janet's nipples were noticeably jutting out under their suits. After a while longer at the beach they were all ready to head back to the cabin. Later they had a nice dinner and some wine. Before long Cindy was ready for bed. The sun and the booze had taken their toll on her and she excused herself and headed to bed.

Mike, Bill, and Janet sat out on the deck and talked while they threw back their drinks. Bill suggested that they relax in the hot tub and they headed to the jacuzzi. Bill and Mike took the cover off as Janet brought another round of drinks for them. "We're all set," said Mike, "Now all we have to do is throw on our suits and jump in." Janet scoffed, "Suits, schmoots, it's not like we all haven't seen it before." With that Janet pulled her top off over her head and undid her bra, freeing her large beautiful breasts. Mike tried not to stare too obviously as he looked on. He and Bill also began disrobing and, after Mike turned on the jets, the three of them slid into the tub.

At first everyone was quiet as they enjoyed the warm water and jets. It was Bill who broke the silence with, "So Mike, what do you think of the club so far?" "I think it's great," said Mike, "Our sex life has never been better, not that there was anything wrong with it in the first place. It's almost like an event when we do a new scene. We keep trying to top the last scene." "We thought the video of you and Cindy in the shower was great," Janet responded, "Especially for your first try." Mike thanked her and asked them what made them come up with the idea for the club in the first place.

Bill said he and Janet had made some videos of their own and had loaned their camera out to some of the other couples in the complex before they bought their own camcorders. "We suspected they were using the camera to make their own tapes by the way they hounded us to borrow it. One alcohol-soaked evening we all ended up confessing that we had filmed ourselves having sex with our partners and I came up with the idea of the club. Janet's always been a bit of an exhibitionist anyway so I figured she would go for it." "Who, me," Janet responded in a Betty Boop voice, as she stood up, seductively running hands over her breasts and down her body, "I just don't know what you're talking about."

Janet sat back down and they all laughed at her show, but Mike could feel his dick getting hard from the brief show she had just put on. He ran back his favorite scenes of theirs in his head and blurted out, "You know, your guys' scenes are my favorites. I could sit and watch a whole tape just of you guys getting it on." "Oh, really," Janet replied, sounding as if she didn't believe him. "If you don't believe me, believe this," Mike said as he stood up in the tub and showed off his now fully erect cock. Oh, my, we must do something to help this poor man," Janet cooed as she moved across the tub and took Mike's dick in her hand.

Janet began stroking Mike's wet rod as Bill felt his own cock spring to life under the water. Janet had Mike sit back on the edge of the tub and she moved down between his legs. Janet licked up and down Mike's shaft as she fondled his balls. She swirled her tongue around the swollen head a bit then swallowed as much of his cock as she could while Bill stroked his throbbing tool under the water. Mike watched Janet bob on his cock as she stroked the shaft, living the fantasies he dreamed up while masturbating to Bill and Janet's videos. He reached down and fondled Janet's swaying breasts, twisting the nipples, as she sucked him. As Janet sucked Mike's dick, Bill moved behind Janet and buried his face in her spread pussy. Bill ran his tongue all the way up to Janet's ass and back down to her clit as she moaned.

Moments later Janet swung around, pushed Bill to the other side of the tub, and began working on his cock. Mike gazed at the sight before him and practically drooled. Here was the woman he had seen in the videos and fantasized about naked and bent over right before his eyes. Janet's pink slit was spread slightly and glistening with moisture. That round ass, those full hips. He could almost cum just looking at her this close. As Janet continued sucking Bill off, Mike moved up behind her. He rubbed the throbbing head of his dick up and down her wet slit, teasing her pussy, and then he plunged deep inside her with one thrust. The warm wetness engulfed Mike's cock as he pumped in and out. He grabbed Janet's hips and began slowly thrusting inside her hungry pussy, not wanting to cum too soon, then he picked up the speed and f***e as he went.

Janet moaned, "Oh, yes, fuck me harder. Fuck me." She could feel Mike's balls slapping against her clit with each thrust and began to play with her hard nub. Janet sucked and pumped Bill's cock harder and faster as she got more and more excited. Mike could feel his cock about to explode and he cried out, "I'm cumming." Janet responded with, "Yes, cum inside me, Mike, cum in my pussy." Mike shot what felt like the biggest load of his life deep inside Janet's hot pussy. He kept thrusting and it seemed like he wouldn't stop shooting cum inside her. Janet recognized Bill's familiar moan and she knew he was cumming soon, too. Bill filled her mouth with jism as she pumped his cock. She swallowed his load and milked every last drop from Bill's dick.

With both Mike and Bill taken care of, Janet moves to the edge of the hot tub, spreads her legs wide, and says, "Okay boys, my turn. Come and get it." Mike needs no coaxing as he dives face first into her spread pussy. He licks and sucks clit and slides his tongue into Janet's soaking wet pussy as she moans. Janet puts her hands on Mike's head and grinds his face to her crotch as he works her into a frenzy. She shudders and jerks as she reaches her peak, moaning loudly all the while. Mike then moves aside and Bill takes his place. Bill shoves his still-hard cock into his wife's pussy as Mike moves up and sucks Janet's large nipples. Janet pants, "Mike, stand up here." He moves up so that his soft dick is right in front of Janet's face and she works it with her mouth and fingers, bringing it back to life.

Bill fucks Janet harder as he watches her suck another man's right in front of him. Mike watches his cock slide in and out of Janet's mouth as he plays with her breasts. He can't take his eyes off his hard cock gliding between Janet's lips as he thrusts his hips. Mike can feel himself building to another orgasm. Janet fondles his balls as she sucks, then slides a finger back to Mike's ass. She rubs his hole for a moment then slips the tip of her finger into his ass. No had ever done this to Mike before and it sent him over the edge, moaning loudly, "Oh, yeah, yes," as he came. After she had finished sucking Mike off she rubbed her clit as Bill fucked her to orgasm, adding his cum to Mike's inside her pussy. Janet worked herself to orgasm one last time as Bill finished shooting his wad. The three of them sat back down in their seats and enjoyed the jacuzzi, along with the spent feeling of release. No one mentioned the event the next day, but there were coy smiles shared between the participants. Needless to say, Mike did not tell Cindy, out of fear she would be hurt.

Things went along pretty normally for a while, and Valentine's Day was fast approaching. Bill thought it would be fun to have a get-together for the occasion and have a sort of awards ceremony for the members of the club. He made up fliers, which stated what the party entailed, and gave them to all the couples in the club: The couples would each pick a scene from their tape they thought was the hottest, and one they thought was the most creative. They would show the scenes, which had not been seen by the other couples per club rules, and everyone at the party would vote for a winner in each category. Everyone would be given ballots and would rate the scenes from 1 to 10. You couldn't vote if you were in the scene. There would be prizes for the winners in the two catagories and everyone in the club needed to come if the party was going to happen.

Everyone in the club advised Bill that they would come to the party and they went about choosing their favorite scenes. When Valentine's Day arrived everyone was in a festive mood and came with tapes in hand to Bill and Janet's apartment. Bill had rented a huge big-screen TV for the party. After everyone mingled around a bit and had a few drinks Bill said it was time to begin the show. All the couples sat back in chairs and on the couch as names were put in a hat to draw the order of the videos shown. Bill advised the party guests to try to control any urges they felt while watching the videos and they would be rewarded in the end. The first names drawn were Steve and Patti.

Steve pushed their tape into the VCR and pressed "Play" and the first nominee for most creative scene came onto the screen. It was a scene Bill and Janet had shot. Bill was in bed and Janet was dressed up in a nurse's uniform with white stockings and a garter belt. It was well acted out and was enjoyed by all. When the scene was over everyone applauded and Steve fast-forwarded to the scene he and Patti had selected as their favorite. It featured Mike and Cindy. Cindy was tied up to their bed and blindfolded. When the scene was over, once again everyone hooted and applauded. The scenes were rated by the couples, the votes were placed in a hat different hat, and the next names were drawn. It was Bill and Janet.

Bill put their tape in and the first scene was an "Army" one with Paul and Denise dressed in camouflage clothing. Denise ordered Paul to do as she said, just like a Drill Sergeant. Everyone got a kick out of it and their "Best Scene" nominee was one with Steve and Patti making love by a pool. They fucked on the diving board, their tanned bodies glistening in the sun. All voted and the next couple picked was Paul and Denise. They had a change of pace for their picks. They felt the most creative scene on their tape was also the best one, so they only showed one scene. The other couples began to complain, stating they couldn't do that, and that they were copping out, but everyone changed their tune when they saw the video.

The scene featured Scott and Alicia. They had set up mini blinds in front of the camera to simulate the feeling of being a voyeur watching them through their window. As the couples watched the video they understood why the scene had been selected for both categories. They saw some of the hottest sex out of any of the scenes they had seen to that point. Everyone again voted on the scene and the next names picked were Scott and Alicia. The first scene, their pick for "Best Scene," had Paul and Denise in it. It involved various foods. From bananas and cucumbers, to pudding and whipped cream. The next scene was Mike and Cindy's scene where they had hung the camera from the ceiling, pointing down. It gave the scene the "mirror over the bed" effect and everyone thought it was an interesting angle to watch the action from.

Last, but not least, it was Mike and Cindy's turn to show their nominees. Their pick for "Most Creative" was Bill and Janet's scene where the camera was always held by the person who was having a sex act performed on them, sort of a first hand view of the action. The close-ups were great. You could see everything closer than normal because the person working the camera zoomed in on everything. Mike and Cindy's nominee for the "Best Scene" was, ironically enough, Scott and Alicia's massage scene.

Since the very beginning all the men had raging hard-ons from watching the sex scenes and the women were equally turned on. They all remembered Bill's comment so no one acted on their urges, other than shifting in their seats or adjusting their stiff cocks in their pants. After the massage scene ended, Bill collected the ballots and and told everyone to take a break and stretch their legs while he tabulated the results. Everyone was buzzing about all the hot sex they had just seen and had another drink while Bill added the votes up. A short time later Bill had everyone sit back down, as he was about to announce the winners.

Bill said, very formally, "The winner for 'Most Creative Scene' is...Mike and Cindy's 'Overhead Camera' scene." Everyone clapped as Mike and Cindy stood up and took a bow. Bill then handed a box to them. Everyone watched as they opened it. Inside were a bottle of expensive champagne, a big flesh-colored dildo, and a blank videotape. Bill said he would explain the videotape after the next award was given out. "And the award for 'Best Scene' goes to...Scott and Alicia for their 'Peeping Tom' scene." All in the group agreed that theirs was the best scene and voiced their approval. Bill presented Scott and Alicia with a box identical to Mike and Cindy's. Inside were another bottle of champagne, a vibrator, and a blank videotape.

"Now let me explain about the videotapes," said Bill. "I am going to set up two video cameras here in the living room and Janet and I are going to act out a scene for you live. The only people with a videotaped souvenir of tonight's activities will be the winners. You may join in with Janet and me, or do whatever you like. With this being Valentine's Day, the spirits flowing freely, and everyone more than a little turned on from watching the videos, you are encouraged to let yourselves go and enjoy yourselves. Now let's get ready for the show."

The cameras were set up and the furniture was rearranged to better accommodate the camera's views. No one had noticed that Janet had disappeared into her bedroom a few minutes earlier. Bill turned on the cameras and retreated to the bedroom as Janet emerged in a long trench coat. She put on some sexy music and moved to the center of the room. Janet then began to slowly move her hips with the music and untied the belt on the trench coat. She continued to slowly, seductively dance to the music as she took the coat off, revealing for all to see that she was wearing only a sheer red bra, matching panties, and red stockings and a garter belt.

Janet continued to sexily dance for everyone's pleasure as Bill came out in a long shirt and silk boxers. He stepped behind Janet and pressed his body against hers, matching her movements to the music. As Janet sexily lifted her hair Bill reached around and began running his hands over her voluptuous figure as he kissed her neck. He stroked her breasts and began playing with her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her bra as he pressed his hard cock against her back.

Everyone's eyes were glued to Bill and Janet as they began groping and fondling their partners. Steve slipped his hand under Patti's miniskirt, pushed her wet panties aside, and began rubbing her slit. Patti reciprocated by unzipping his pants and freeing his hard-on so she could stroke it. "That's it you guys," coaxed Janet, as Bill continued to stroke her body from behind. Blouses were unbuttoned and pants were undone as the other couples began to go at it. Before long everyone was half-naked and going down on their mate as Bill and Janet continued their show.

Bill slid his hand down the front of Janet's panties and advised, "Audience participation is encouraged." Paul and Denise took him up on the offer and moved to the center of the room. Paul dropped to his knees in front of Janet, pulled her panties down, and began lapping at her moist pussy as Denise stroked Janet's breasts. Denise undid the clasp in the front of Janet's bra and began sucking on her nipples. Bill moved to where Scott and Alicia were sitting on the couch and joined them. Alicia was kneeling down in front of Scott and sucking his dick. Bill slipped her pants off and laid down on his back. He slid his head between Alicia's legs and began eating her pussy as she continued to bob on Scott's pole. Steve and Patti moved over to Mike and Cindy and asked if they could "cut in." "Sure," they answered.

Patti knelt down and began licking Mike's cock as Steve moved his tool in front of Cindy's face. She devoured it as Steve placed his hand on her head and guided her back and forth on his rod. Denise then moves over to where Bill is lying, still going at Alicia's pussy, and she takes his boxers off. She then straddles his cock and guides it to her wet opening. She moans as she slides down onto Bill's thick cock and bucks up and down slowly as she watches Bill lick Alicia's slit. As this is going on Mike pulls Patti onto his lap and she eases her tight pussy down onto his pole. Mike begins to suck on her erect nipples as he holds her ass, lifting her up and down on his his hard cock.

"Let's go over there," Paul directs Janet as he moves his attention to Scott and Alicia. Paul nudges Bill and says, "Time for someone new," as Bill and Denise move aside. Janet takes Scott by the hand and tells Alicia, "Don't keep that huge cock all to yourself." She leads Scott to an open spot on the couch and sits down, pulling Scott down to his knees, between her legs. "Stick that big dick in my pussy, Scott," she says, "Fill me up with that big slab of meat." Scott pulls Janet's legs to his chest and thrusts inside her pussy in one swift motion. Janet is as vocal as ever and she moans and talks dirty to Scott as he stretches her pussy with his huge tool.

By now Patti is crying out with an orgasm as she bounces up and down on Mike's dick while she furiously rubs her clit. Steve is taking Cindy doggie-style just inches away. With Patti riding Mike, squeezing his cock with her tight pussy, he can't hold out any longer and he shoots his load deep inside her. As Bill and Denise go at each other in a 69, Janet cums with with cries of ecstasy as Scott pounds his cock into her, his balls slapping against her ass. As Janet's orgasm subsides, Scott pulls his glistening cock out of her and moves over to Cindy, placing his prick near her mouth as she continues to be fucked from behind by Steve. She takes his cock into her mouth and strokes it as she swallows as much of it as she can. She can taste Janet's juices on Scott's cock as she works it. Scott fucks Cindy's mouth as Steve rams her pussy. Scott doesn't last long and he empties his cock into Cindy's mouth. She gulps down Scott's load as Steve pulls out of her pussy and shoots his cum onto her back.

The smell of sex permeates the air as the couples continue to switch partners and join in with others as they go at it. Bill and Janet each grab a camera and move closer to the action. They go from group to group filming the fuckfest. Denise moves Patti to a chair and dives between her legs. She runs her tongue up and down Patti's slit, lapping up Mike's cum as it drizzles out of her. As Janet films them Paul moves up behind her and bends her over. He pushes his cock into her pussy as she continues filming. Janet begins talking for the camera, saying, "Ooooh...Paul is fucking me from behind while I'm filming his wife eating Patti out." Mike moves into a 69 with Alicia as Cindy drops to her knees in front of Bill while he films the couples.

Cindy sucks Bill's thick rod as he points the camera down at her and says, "What have we here?" Cindy replies, "You've been holding out on us. I'm gonna make you cum." Patti and Denise also move over to Bill and assist Cind, each one taking a turn swallowing his cock. Patti sucks Bill as Cindy and Denise begin talking to him, goading him towards orgasm. Denise starts, saying, "Is this what you had planned for tonight? I bet you've fantasized about us sucking your fat cock while you watched our videos, didn't you?" She takes Patti's place and Cindy continues the dialog. Cindy motions towards Janet and says, "Look over there. Paul is fucking your wife while Denise sucks your dick. Doesn't that get you hot? Doesn't it make you want to shoot your cum in her mouth?"

Patti chimes in, "I'm next. But I don't want to suck your cock any more. I want you fuck me." Cindy takes the camera from Bill as he lays Patti on the floor and pushes his cock into Patti's neatly trimmed slit. Cindy films them as Patti moans, "Yeah, fuck me Bill. Fuck me harder with that big cock. I want you to flood my pussy with your cum."

Bill can't take any more and he shoots his wad inside her hot pussy, pumping every drop into her.

The party went on for another hour with everyone taking turns filming, and moving from partner to partner, group to group until everyone was exhausted. People did things they had only fantasized about. Things they never thought they'd do, things they always wanted to try, and things that just felt good at the time. In the end, they all laid there nude, enjoying the moment. The evening's events were caught on tape for the two lucky couples who won the contests, though everyone present would have a vivid picture of the night in their memories.

Mike and Cindy moved out of the complex a couple months later because Mike got relocated after a promotion. They took their tapes with them and a new attitude towards the sexual part of their relationship. Cindy eventually showed Mike the massage tape with Scott and Alicia and he had no problem with it. In fact, he said it was one of the hottest scenes of any he had watched. Mike also told Cindy about the night in the hot tub. She made him tell her in detail and they got so hot they wound up fucking each other's brains out afterward. Their experience at the apartments opened up new avenues of pleasure and exciting possibilities for their future sex life. Who knows, maybe they will start their own club some day when they get to know their neighbors a little better.... Continue»
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One day, I woke up from a sexy dream and said to myself there is something that I want to do out the ordinary that no one would have never thought that I would never do. That fantasy is to visit a high-end gentlemen’s club in mid-downtown DC‘s business district. I have always been this ‘good girl’ always expect to do the right thing and follow the rules. Some say that I am somewhat prudish and on a conservative side. I want to release my inner slut and see up close the perfect female form and why most men have the need to visit a ‘gentlemen’s club’. I have always wondered what would be like how the beautiful female form feels like against my voluptuous curvy body. I have become bi-curious and never been with a woman. Every since I could remember, I have always passed by this high-end gentleman’s club on my lunch break when I worked mid-downtown as a legal assistant for a prominent legal firm. I always seen well educated, well dressed professional men would go there to relieve their stress form work.

Well I finally was compelled to see for myself what these men see in these perfectly form Goddesses. I always fantasize what would be like to be one of these gorgeous women. To get myself ready for my new adventure in DC, I have gone through my close to see what to wear. Gentleman’s club has very strict dress codes so I was thinking go sophisticated and classy. So I have taken out my black stockings, garter belt and matching panties. Well scratch the panties, I decide not to go with panties just black stockings and matching lace bra to go underneath my low cut Ralph Lauren black cocktail dress. No slip underneath. I had completed this look with my favorite Michael Kors stiletto heels, pearl earrings and necklace. I put my dark brown hair into an up do and wore my signature black rim glasses to complete this conservative yet understated sexy elegant look which can led to one’s imagination.

I have now driven to the nearest subway station to start this journey and was wondering why am I doing this? I am so fucking horny; I just want to do something out of the ordinary and to satisfy my horny state of mind. I finally had arrived at the subway station and proceeded to enter the subway car and taken my seat. As the subway station left for my destination, I was staring out of the window and started to daydream what will happen when I walked into the club. I was wondering whether if someone I use to work with in mid-downtown DC would recognize me? After all, my old office was less than a block away from the club. However, it has been less than a decade since I worked in that part of mid-downtown so I doubt whether anyone would remember me.

I have finally arrived in mid-downtown DC. So now it is time for me to act out one of my fantasies. As I arrived at the subway exit, my heart was beating with excitement and yet with fear. I felt my nipples of my 44g breast pinching through the material of my cocktail dress. I was walking on the promenade past my former place of employment hoping that I didn’t see anyone that I use to work with recognize me. Unfortunately, someone did recognize me. I heard someone shouted out my name, “Contessa”! I looked around and there she, was one my catty former colleagues. Her name is Christine. We worked in the same legal secretary pool back in the day before the firm was bought out in the merger. She is beautiful woman with long dark hair, piercing green eyes , shapely body,nice rack and legs that is long as a thoroughbred horse that any woman would envy. I have been always jealous of her because most of the men at the firm always paid more attention to her than they did to the rest of us homely worker bees. I could not stand her. She always got a pass for everything she does even if it jeopardized our clients. Many of the attorneys always talked about how beautiful and how nice she looked in her short skirt and heels.

She said, “How are you? It has been years since we both worked together.” I said, “Fine, I have moved on, so I see you’re still working here. I thought with the merger and all, this building would be sold.” She said, “No, we still own the real estate here. You look very nice. I love your dress. Where are you going?” When she asked me that question, I felt very uncomfortable. I didn’t want her to know where I was headed. I said, “Well, I was going to check out the gentleman’s club down the corner. I always had a curiosity of what it is like to be in an establishment like that.” Christine’s eyebrows were raised. She said, “I sometimes go there myself. It is no big deal really. There is no shame for women to go to these clubs. Sometimes, I go there with the guys from work. Could I join you, let’s get some dinner and drinks there. Let’s catch up on old times. I am very friendly with the staff there I make sure they will treat you with a night you will never forget.” I said to myself well what harm if she joins me. Have her as my plus one would help alleviate my fears of going inside the establishment. Christine was always the life of the party. She is drop dead gorgeous but me on the other hand many men don’t find me fetching. I am the shy worker bee type.

“Contessa, would you like me to join you? If not I do understand.” I was so excited for her to join me in my new adventure. If no one could steer me in the right direction of fulfilling my fantasy, she is the one that could do so. “Christine sure, I need some company tonight” “Great Contessa, let me go back into my office and get my purse. You will have a great time, you will not regret this. Besides tonight is ladies night. All drinks are on the house!”

A few moments later, Christine came back downstairs to the lobby and boy she looked hot in that tight skirt and heels. Her cleavage was very prominently display for show in that low cut cream colored blouse. Christine said, “Shall we go?”

We have both arrived at the gentlemen’s club. Christine who is a regular here at the club along with many of our attorneys is on the first name basis with many of the staff here. She is one of the most popular female customers at the club and it is not hard to see why. As the doorman greeted us at the lobby, he showed both of us to Christine’s special table. I was blown away how classy the joint was and how gorgeous the dancers were. They are not your stereotypical trailer park bimbos who could not put together a proper sentence. Most of them are very well educated young women who put themselves through University. Boy, if I was younger and had the looks back in the day, I would have worked at an establishment like this so I didn’t have to work at a boring part time job to pay off my debts and tuition. Some of these women who work here use this club as a networking tool to meet powerful men who are in a position to help them get that important job. DC is a town that is heavy on networking and it is not what you know it is who you know that can help you get where you want to be. Beauty is an added bonus if you are a female in the Washington DC area looking for that big break.

Christine’s “special table” was located near the stage where we get a good view of the entertainment. The evening’s entertainment had three gorgeous dancer s performing on the stage. One was a redhead, the others, a brunette and a blonde. I was so mesmerized by their beautiful bodies. These lovely women were as if they were right out of a magazine. My curiosity has really piqued. I was observing the layout of the club and the people who are enjoying themselves. Many of the clientele here are high power professionals who come here to take a load off and conduct business and pleasure if you know what I mean. It is very common now that many women attend gentleman clubs with their significant others or their boss for business. Therefore, I felt somewhat relieved that there were mixed company in the house. Christine said, “Contessa, are you okay?” I said, “Yes I am” with a huge smile on my face. “I just couldn’t get over how nice this is.” Christine started to put her hand underneath my dress and started to rub my thigh. At first I was taken aback but I found her hand very relaxing on my thigh. Christine whispered to me, “You look so beautiful tonight. I always wanted to suck your pussy and lick your nice round ass. There is something innocent about you that is a really turn on. I had fantasized that I eat you when we worked together. This is kismet. Underneath your prudish exterior there is a sexual being waiting to implode. Let me show you the way tonight I will introduce you to the other side and you will never want to go back. You will not regret your decision to feed your curiosity.” My eyes started to pop right out of my head when she whispered those naughty sweet nothings to me and I felt my pussy getting hard up. Christine then gazed me with those green eyes and started to finger my panty less crotch underneath our table. I tried not to make noise, but it felt so good. She called the server over to order us drinks. The server noticed how Christine had her hand underneath the table touching my thigh and started to smile at me. Christine asked me coyly, “Contessa what are you having hon?” I said, “A diet coke” Christine berated me, “ Come on sweetie, “You don’t need a diet coke, you need an adult beverage. You need to loosen up baby. Miss get her a white wine. She needs to relax herself.” So we ordered dinner off of the menu and enjoyed the show.

All of the sudden one of our bosses from the firm saw us and proceed to come to our table. His name is Phil. He is a handsome distinguished looking gentleman with salt and pepper hair approximately in this late 50’s to early 60’s with a ruddy Irish American complexion and in good physical shape. Christine and I use to work under him back in the old days in mergers and acquisitions. He always favored Christine over me which really pissed me off. Phil gave Christine a peck on the cheek. “Christine it is great seeing you here. Here for ladies night I see. “ Christine introduced Phil to me. “Phil, you remember Contessa? She worked for us in our legal department and left after she had gotten her paralegal degree from University of Maryland.” He said, “Yes, I remember Contessa, how are you? It has been awhile. What have been doing with yourself since you left us?” I said, “Fine sir, I worked as contractual paralegal after I graduated from Maryland, had a political appointment with the state of MD which ended when the current governor had taken over. Now I am working as a temporary worker the State tax office in Annapolis doing tax work. The recession you know. I have to do what I have to do.” He said, “Well, I am sorry with the setbacks you been having. It has been a tough market. If you need any assistance let me know” I said, “thank you, I will take that into consideration.” He demurred, “Well, I wish you haven’t left us you were a good worker. You should not have left for that political appointment for the state.” I said to myself well he sure didn’t show it when I left a few years ago. Christine had the server to send me another glass of white wine. “Contessa, have another glass, you are a little tense. Oh Miss send another one here for the lady.”

Christine said to Phil that I wanted to come to down to the club tonight to experience what it is like to be in a gentleman’s club. My embarrassment started to reappear now that my former boss saw me here. “Oh really, Contessa never seem to be the type of woman who would do something like this. Contessa, ‘you a very shy and reserved woman’ I am in total shock!” I said in a d***ken stupor, “Sir, “There is a lot of thing that you never knew about me or care to know while I was working for you!” You always liked the leggy type like her, not the BBW type like me.” I see how you always favored Christine over me, the way you looked at her and when you locked your door whenever you are with her in your office. That is one of the reasons why I left you because I always get shitted on by you and everyone. I said in jest, “Contessa is reliable and hardworking lets pile the work on her. She always done the grunt work well. So Miss Christine is there as eye candy for the clients.” “Phil said, “Contessa you had too much to drink. You are not normally like this. You are a sweet and adorable lady. It is not true that I never appreciated you. If you really felt this way I am sorry and yes Christine and I have flings once in a while and she is good with the clients. You are talented in many ways and she has her own way to contribute. Let’s relax and have a good time okay sweetheart.” I was so furious with him saying that Christine’s talent as a slut is essential at the office. I worked my ass off and I never get the recognition that I deserve. Maybe that is what is wrong with me because I am so buttoned up and serious. Then Phil stroked his hand up and down my arm to cheek while we watched the three of us watching the dancers. Christine got a little jealous when Phil was paying a little attention to me. I really relish the thought of her being jealous of me for a change. It felt so good. She always loved being in the center of attention.

Phil noticed that I was still smarting after his comment. “Contessa sweetheart, you need to loosen up a little bit. I tell you what I will buy you a dance.” I told him that wasn’t necessary. So he had the brunette dancer to come over to our table. Her name is Victoria. She has long brown hair, and dark eyes. She wore nothing but a g string, and heels. She was looking right at me as she was dancing her heart away. I just couldn’t stop looking at her. She was perfect specimen of a female. She is the one of the dancers that I would like to fulfill my girl on girl fantasy with, but I don’t think it would never happen. Having Victoria within a few inches from our table is probably the closest thing that I would get. From my understanding, Phil compensates Victoria very well. She is one of his favorite dancers which are no surprise. As I was watching the lovely Victoria graced our table with her beauty, Christine was rubbing my clit. I was very much aroused by Christine rubbing me and by Victoria’s mesmerizing beauty. Phil also took his hand started to rub my other leg and helped Christine rubbed my clit as well. It felt so great having a hot chick and an older guy rubbing my wet clit while this gorgeous creature dancing for us really turned me on. Phil whispered in my ear, “You are not wearing any panties, I like that.” Then Christine started to kiss my neck and continued to rub my hairy wet clit. I wanted to shout out but I couldn’t. I noticed Phil started to have this big bulge coming out of his pants as he watched her caressing my neck with her tongue. My nipples started to get harder and harder. Phil started to pinch my nipples. Phil said to me and Christine, “Girls let’s get out of her. I have paid extra for Victoria to join us for a foursome at my home. Contessa are you in?” With hesitation, I said “I never done anything like this before Sir.” He said, “Come on sweetheart, you need to get out of that shell l of yours. You don’t know how beautiful you really are you know that?” “You need to explore yourself a little more.” Come on please?” I said, “Ok, I will join you guys at your house. I got nothing else going on this evening . So why not? I need to go to the ladies room to freshen up before we leave. “

Christine decided to join me in the ladies room. Victoria went to her dressing room to change into her street clothes. Christine was very furious with me. She was much filled with anger when we both gone to the ladies room. She grabbed my arm and said, “What at the fuck you were doing out there?” I said , “ I don’t know what you mean.” Christine angrily said, “I saw how you enjoyed Phil was paying attention to you.” You are so pathetic. You are nothing but a mousy uptight bitch. Phil is my sex master. Not yours or that slut Victoria or any of the dancers here. He is always with that whore Victoria. She has been spending too much time with him at his mansion. Now, he looks as if he wants to take you under his wing as well. Without me Phil would not have an organized office and I help retain his clientele. I stuck by him when his wife and k**s left him for her younger lover. He never had given you a thought while you were working with us a few years ago and after you left us. You being Ms. University girl thought you were too good being a legal secretary . You always thought you were above it all. Well let me tell you s****r, you think being book smart will get you ahead, you are wrong! I have what you don’t have sex appeal and street smarts. “ I was taken aback what she just had said to me. I slapped her across her face. She slapped me back. I pulled her hair. Christine had put me against the wall and started to passionately kiss me and pulled up my cocktail dress and feeling my wet hairy clit. She also pulled out one of my breast out my bra and started to suck on my nipple hard. I told her to stop it and that she was hurting me. To tell you the truth I really like it very much what she just done to me. It really turned me on, but I still think that she is a total bitch. She has not changed one bl**dy bit. Christine said, “You know you like pussy and you wanted to experience it so here it is. I have the best pussy in town and Phil has forgotten what I great fuck that I am. Don’t you ever forget it!” Then she kissed me again. She angrily told me that she is Phil’s sex queen and that no one takes her place from her. Christine sneered, “I am his gatekeeper and I decide who can get through his gate. Let’s not keep the sex master and his slutty whore waiting” After our passionate sexual encounter in the ladies room, we quickly fixed ourselves up and met Phil and Victoria out in the front lobby. Phil said, “What has taken you two so long. I hear women always take long bathroom breaks together but this is ridiculous. Let’s go.” So all four of us taken a cab to his home in Georgetown for a night that I will always remember.

Phil lives in one of DC’s most fashionable addresses, Georgetown. His neighborhood is flanked by many famous politicos, journalists, and attorneys. Georgetown is the playground of the elite of Washington, DC. He is partner at his firm and he is very good at what he does. No wonder he made partner. Phil graduated top of his class from Georgetown Law School. He is from a very prominent Catholic f****y where he was born in raised in Maryland right across the DC/MD line. I was so awestruck of his beautiful home. “Sir you have a lovely home.” He said, “Why thank you.” I asked him whether if he was married. He told me that he and his wife had gotten a divorce a few years ago because she had left him with a younger lover. So what Christine told me was true. Since he is available and single, Christine wanted to have him all for herself and wanted to become the next Mrs. Phil and be queen of his manor. So all four of us went upstairs to his bedroom. I looked around the bedroom. His bed had sateen sheets with nice fluffy pillows. Candles were lit up in the room. The aroma of the candles provided a nice relaxing calming effect. I quickly closed my eyes and take in the aromatic air to calm my nerves.

Phil came up to me and started to kiss me with his tongue. “Contessa, I want you to unleash yourself in ecstasy, I will teach you how to be comfortable with yourself and embrace your sexuality. I am so glad that we reconnected again after all these years.” I was so paralyzed by his dominating presence. He exudes confidence and strong sexuality which I find qualities in a man. I can see why Christine called him the sex master. He took off my dress and threw it on the floor. He ordered me to lie on his bed and started to masturbate. I proceeded to rub my wet hairy pussy and now I was so dripping wet. Phil was stroking his cock while he watched me caressed my body. Phil commanded, “That’s right Contessa embrace your body, love your curves, and keep rubbing your clit for me. Get your inner slut out. Underneath that prudish exterior, you are a Goddess! You will be my BBW slut” Then he tongued me. Christine and Victoria started to make out with each other right next to me on the bed. I started to have a nice orgasm while I was playing with myself. As I continue to cum, I was watching Christine and Victoria making out which made me cum more. Phil ordered Christine and her to start eating me. Christine took off my black lace bra. She was on my right side of my breast and Victoria was on the left side. Both started to lick and suck on my nipples. Both of them started to rub my clit and continued to suck on my huge 44g breasts. I felt so uninhibited and liberated. I didn’t know being with women felt so good. My fantasy has really come true. Phil continued to stroke his huge 9 inch cock while I was enjoying myself with the two sexy ladies. Christine started to kiss me on my right boob and slowly kissing me down to my flabby belly to my hairy pussy and started to eat my cum. Victoria tongued me in my mouth while Christine continued to feast on my cum. I started to caress the Victoria’s huge supple breast. I started to moan with delight. I am in heaven. As Christine started to eat my pussy, my whole body started to quiver with sure delight.

Now, Phil decided to join the three of us in bed. He ordered Christine to stop eating my pussy. He wanted to eat it himself. Victoria assisted Phil eating my pussy while Christine was playing with herself while watching us. He said Contessa, “I never knew how sexy you are until tonight.” You are a tasty fuck.” Victoria proceeded to have her pussy on my mouth as Phil started to insert his gorgeous cock inside my pussy. It felt so good. He was riding me very hard while I was eating Victoria’s pussy. Her pussy felt so good on my mouth. It had a nice sweet flavor to it. Christine took her hand and assisted Phil’s cock into my pussy. Victoria, the dancer, got off my face and started to play with Christine while Phil was fucking the shit out of me. Phil continued to fuck my pussy and started to caress my breasts. Phil is a very virile man for his age and keeps himself in good shape. Older men with strong sexual appetites is a huge turn on for me. He held my arms down so I couldn’t escape his clutches but I enjoy it very much. Christine and Victoria watch Phil fucking me while they both were sitting down on the couch playing with each other’s pussy and kissing each other. Phil pulled his cock out of my pussy and ordered me to get on my fours. He cummed on my butt crack and my lower back. He ordered the ladies to lick it off my anus and lower back with their tongues. It felt very ticklish to feel their tongues giving my anus delight. After the girls finished licking off his cum from my backside, Phil order me to lie on my back and play with myself. Christine went to the bed and started to kiss me and played with my pussy. Sexy Victoria gave Phil a good blow job while he was watching Christine and me making love to each other. I now proceeded to eat Christine’s pussy. I noticed that she was very wet. My tongue was making a very loud slurping noise and I was caressing her tits. Later, Victoria was ordered by Phil to make a ‘daisy wheel’ with me and Christine. Phil was very pleased with me on my education of being a slut. I guess because I am very shy and not as sophisticated as Christine and the dancer. I guess he found me a great challenge. The sex master has conquered this very sex deprived shy person and I enjoy every minute of it. Now, Christine and the dancer are licking my pussy again and Phil walked up to the bed where I stroked his cock before he fed it to me. I was licking it as if it was a lollipop. Oh it was so wonderful to have two beautiful hot chicks eating my pussy while a older stud fucking my mouth with his cock. Phil cummed onto my mouth and face and gave me a pearl necklace.

Phil is now lying in the middle of the bed. He ordered me to ride his cock and sexy Victoria to sit on his face while Christine watched us. Boy, it felt good that Phil and the Dancer is giving me all of the attention. After all, she always gotten all the attention and now it is her turn to feel what it like that it wasn’t all about her. That bitch! I was riding Phil’s cock bouncing up and down while I was kissing Victoria’s luscious full lips. I gazed at her eyes while I was kissing her. I thought that she is more beautiful than Christine. Christine wasn’t all too pleased that I got most the goodies from the dancer and Phil. Later, Victoria and I was sucking my pussy cream off his cock and then we both kissed other to see what my cream would taste like after being fucked by a huge cock. We both started to giggle like schoolgirls who just fucked the older teacher.

Christine was pissed with jealousy. Phil asked her what was wrong. Christine said to the sex master, “I am your personal slut not that namby pamby Contessa and that slutty dancer.” Phil demanded Christine to get back to the bed and continue to play with us. She refused to take his orders. Phil got very upset with her so he slapped her. “Christine, no one tells me what to do. I am your sex master and I expect you to do as you are told. You have forgotten that you are indispensible. I demand that you respect me. Without me you are nothing but a common whore. When you first worked for me you didn’t look like the way you did now. You were nothing but a whore with a GED with only two pennies that you can rub together. I haven’t gotten where I am today by being so wimpy. You see darling, I say what goes here at home and at work. DO YOU UNDERSTAND! You could learn a lot from Contessa and Victoria. You are not doing your end of your deal lately. You think having all these nice clothes and nice checking account is all for nothing. You are a classless overpriced whore!” You don't respect and appreciate what I have done for you! Christine put on her clothes and left. She left in a rage of anger, “FUCK ALL OF YOU, PHIL YOU WILL BE SORRY WHAT YOU JUST SAID TO ME!” I was glad that she left so I can have Phil and the gorgeous dancer to myself. I was so glad that he told her off and berated her. Why does Christine have to have all the attention? This was my way of getting back to Christine for making my life miserable when I was working at the firm a few years ago and what she had said to me tonight at the club bathroom. I always believe that paybacks are a bitch.

When I saw Phil the way he dominated and berated that bitch , I was like “YES”!. She got what she deserves. He is very f***eful and get what he wants that is why he is such a successful attorney and made partner. No one treats Phil the way Christine did. Christine took for granted of what he had offered her. After that exchange between them, Phil, Victoria and I are just relaxing in bed snuggling with each other. It felt so good but I was worn out as if I was working out at the gym. All three of us started to kiss at the same time while we both played with his sexy cock. Phil ordered us ladies to kiss each other and feel each other while he watched. I really liked Victoria better than Christine. She is sweet and gentle while Christine was a bit harsh in personality. As we both were caressing each and kissing each other, Phil opened the most expensive Champaign and had his butler served us snacks. Phil was grinning from one side of his mouth. He gave us a glass and he complimented us on our performance. So he gave both of us a kiss. Phil was gazing towards my eyes and said that he always wanted to fuck me when I worked for him but he had too much respect for me. He really liked my innocence. I asked him why you fucked Christine instead of me well he said that Christine is not a great worker so I had to keep her around if you know what I mean. For image sake. “Contessa you are so soft, and beautiful. I love how your curves feel. I love your sexy BBW body. You remind me of a beautiful Botticelli panting. I want to hire a painter to paint of nude portrait of you, so I can hang it here and look at your beautiful body whenever you are not here.”

Victoria said that she enjoyed being with me as well. The dancer said, “Will you come back to the club to see me dance?” I said, “Maybe, but I don’t get to town very often like I use to.” Victoria says, “I really like you so much, you are not like Christine and the other girls at the club. You are so tender, and you have a sweet presence about you.” I was taken aback of what Victoria had said to me and was flattered the same time. Could this be my bi curious fantasy come true? While Phil was in the bathroom, Victoria and I started to talk and continue to eat some the snacks that the butler left for us. Actually she is a very intelligent woman. It is a coincidence that is she studying legal studies at University of Maryland. “Victoria, I am alumni at the University of Maryland legal studies program and I wouldn’t mind giving you some pointers on some coursework and professors if you like.” She was so delighted when I offered her my assistance. “Victoria , darling , I also want to give you assistance in other areas besides school if you know what I mean.” Then I kissed her tenderly. She said, she want to see me and find me very attractive. As we were both kissing each other, Victoria worked herself down to my hairy pussy and started licking and sucking it. My body started to quiver constantly. I was getting the big ‘O’. She is so lovely, soft and tender which is what I like about being with a woman. We both started tribbing each other. I was on the bottom and she was on the top. Her clit touch mine and it felt so good. I can feel her wetness touching mine and it felt so wonderful. I couldn’t stop moaning. Victoria had lifted my left leg and continues to press her clitoris against mine very aggressively. Phil peaked through the bathroom door with a huge smile on his face watching us trib. I don’t know what I liked best clit on clit or cock and pussy action. Having so many choices is wonderful thing. I just couldn't get enough.

Phil came back from the bathroom and he was very delighted that Victoria and I are getting very friendly. He interrupted our lovemaking when he asked what Victoria and I what we were talking about . I told Phil that I offered her help with her school work since I use to go to Maryland. He said, “Contessa you are such a sweetheart, willing to help others first. I tell you what my sexy BBW; I want to hire you back at the firm. “I said, “what about Christine?” He said, “Well let me take care of her. I will transfer her to another department. I want to hire you and Victoria as my legal secretaries and personal assistants. You two look like you have chemistry and can work well together and it will do me some good and for my clients. Christine was great, but she has done her time and it is time for her to do something different. Contessa I know you need the work. You can show her the ropes and you two can serve me at the same time. I want you both to live at my mansion here in Georgetown so the commute wouldn’t be that cumbersome. Agreed?” We both agreed. He said, “Good you two will start on Monday. You guys will live rent free as long as you do as I say and perform some certain acts There are some instances that the both of you have to ‘entertain’ my clients during work hours and at the mansion. It is important that you keep me happy and the clients happy. In addition, I will provide both of you updated wardrobe, accessories, and luxuries. It is important that I provide you these extras because you two will be responsible of keeping me and my clients very happy. You will also have credit cards (visa, MasterCard, American express and department store cards) I will pay for your credit cards which will be under my name. As long as you do your job at the office and here at my home, you will be fine. I expect a lot from you two sexually and professionally as well. DON’T DISAPPOINT ME!“ Victoria and I were so beside ourselves when he made the offer. We both hugged and kiss each other with excitement and thanked Phil with a kiss. Victoria asked Phil whether if she can still some dancing at the club on the side. He told her that she no longer have to dance for her tuition money at the club as long as she does her job right. He said that she will give him some private dance sessions for us and for his clients when necessary.

It has been a long evening. Phil had given me and Victoria some Champaign to help us sl**p. He has joined us in bed. Phil and I cuddled and kissed , while sexy Victoria snuggled with me on my other side. She tenderly kissed my neck and shoulders. I fell asl**p on Phil’s hairy salt and pepper chest. I had my hand on his cock. Victoria fell asl**p too and had her hand on my wet pussy. The Champaign knocked us out. I haven’t slept this well in a long time. I am in ecstasy. Now, I am Phil’s sex queen and Victoria is now the intern and our slut. Christine will not be very pleased when she finds out that Victoria and I are now Phil’s new office fucks and will be living with him in his beautiful mansion. It was the most unforgettable evening of my life. I am so in awe of Phil that he is able to be very rich and successful and be able to have time to have these sexual adventures. He is the Svengali of sex as far as I am concerned. He sure doesn’t need to get a Viagra prescription that is for sure! This is the best networking that I have ever experienced; I have gained a handsome older rich sugar daddy as my lover and boss and met a gorgeous girl as my new lover to satisfy my bi-curious fantasy all in one fabulous evening. It all came in one beautifully wrapped package as if it was my birthday and Christmas all in one. More importantly, Christine’s life miserable and will be my bitch. For now on, she will do what me and Victoria said. I just can’t wait. Karma is a bitch!

Life is good! I am now a pampered whore and I and my new partner in crime will aim to please the sex master! Now that is what career networking is about!! To be continued….

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It was a great weekend that both Victoria and I had with sex master Phil. I will never forget how hot that his dominate personality really had a great impact on me as a woman who is exploring herself sexually and professionally. I sometimes wonder if ha d not left the firm to pursue my political appointment; things would have been very different. I really cannot turn the clock back to do over my past decisions that I had made, but I am now focusing on what Phil has in store for me. Now that weekend will be engraved into our memories, we both started our new positions with the firm with great anticipation. We don’t want to disappoint him on our first day. He can be very demanding and hard to please. After all, he didn’t get where he was today by being a softie. I just cannot wait to see Christine’s face when Phil gives her demotion.

We both arrived about an hour early so we can get our coffee and bagel from the cafeteria to talk things over. It was great seeing some of the old colleagues again. Everyone seems to be very welcoming so far but our nemesis Christine is a different story all together.

Victoria and I were sitting in the cafeteria enjoying our coffee and bagel. I sat across from her enjoying her beautiful presence. She looked very gorgeous with her skin tight pencil skirt; a red low cut blouse and her ‘fuck me’ shoes. Her beautiful dark hair flows across her shoulders; I just want to run my fingers through her hair and grab it and tongue her passionately. Victoria felt very nervous like a schoolgirl attending her first day of school. I quickly put my hand underneath the table feeling her thigh and reassured her that she will do me and Phil proud. My nipples were showing through my skin tight Ralph Lauren cobalt blue sweater which was about one size too small, but it did accentuate my ‘girls’ very well. I didn’t care who saw me felt her up because I am now the ‘Queen Bee’ and my beautiful Victoria is my worker bee. Victoria took my hand and squeezed it and sweetly cooed, “Contessa, thank you for being there for me. You are so earthy and very motherly which makes me feel so safe. I don’t want to dance again.” I felt so empowered by her compliment. For the first time in my life, I felt so much in control and got the respect that I deserve. I guess it is because Phil’s domineering confident personality has rubbed off on me. There is an aunt/niece thing going with Victoria and me and for some reason I feel so protective of her. I will do my best to take her under my wing and I sort of promised Phil that I will show her the ropes on what it takes to be a great assistant. We both finished our breakfast and headed to the Penthouse floor to start our new adventure together as Queen and worker bee. I felt so naughty and horny, so I quickly kissed Victoria before the elevator reached the Penthouse office.

We arrived to the penthouse office and it is still the same as it was when I left there a few years ago. Victoria was in awe of her new workplace with great naiveté. As we walked into the office, there she is the she devil, Christine being very smug as if she owns the place. Christine greeted us in an unfriendly manner, “Good morning sluts, I hear that both of you are starting work here today. Well, let me tell you, I give you sluts the orders around here.” I said, “Well, Christine you will have a rude awakening what is going to happen very soon.”
The elevator door just opened and our salt and pepper haired sex master, Phil has arrived. He looked very handsome and suave in his Italian custom made pinstriped suit. We all greeted him with a “Good Morning.” He ordered the three of us inside his office. We all went inside and sat down on his couch and waited for him to settle in at his desk. “Well, ladies this is a quick meeting regarding some changes that are being made here at our division. Christine, you will no longer be working in this office. I have transferred you to the document room. You will be responsible for cataloging all of the privileged and non privileged logs into our electronic filing system. Contessa will be my new assistant and Victoria will be our intern while she attends classes.” Christine was not very happy about the changes. “Why? I have been a devoted assistant to you for the past eight years. I have done a lot for you than anyone else did! Phil, explained, “Well, I think there are times that change is for the good for the firm. Besides, you had disobeyed me over the weekend at our ‘little get together’ at my home and disrespected the ladies. To be totally honest, you have not been up to par with the record keeping and keeping me and the clients happy. Your handling of most of our cases has been quite frankly disappointing. You are still lucky that you still have a job.”
Christine cried, “I don’t want to be transferred to the document room and now this means that I will get a pay cut as well. This is not fair, I am going to file a complaint against you and the firm and you won’t have a leg to stand on. Those two sluts are not going to do a great job like I have done for you.” Phil angrily tells her, “Christine you have messed up the FCC filings of one of our major telecommunications client, Teletec. It has cost our client and the firm billable hours and overtime to fix that mess. The FCC may fine our client which is a big loss for them and its stockholders. I had to pull one of the legal assistants away from their assigned cases to have them fix your mess. Just because we had a fling it doesn’t excuse you from what you had done. Like I said before, you are lucky that you still have a job here at this firm. If you don’t want to accept this position downstairs, I suggest that you sign this document that you agree to resign. Christine angrily screamed, “I will not give you the satisfaction to resign, however I am not finished with all three of you. You wait and see.” After she got her demotion papers, she huffed her way to the document room on the bottom floor. This was going to be a great start of the work day. I was grinning from ear to ear.
Phil ordered me and Victoria close to him so he can give both of us a good morning kiss. “Contessa that is a beautiful sweater you are wearing. It really shows off your assets very well. I don’t know if I can keep my eyes off of your tits. Let me have a feel of those beautiful soft melons of yours. Are you crotch less today? Let me see. You know I don’t like when you wear panties.” Victoria kissed him and felt his crotch as he was fingering my clit. My nipples are so hard and I just closed my eyes and savoring the moment. I was moaning with great delight. “Ladies lock the door. Contessa forward the phone lines to the reception area. We have a lot of work to do. “I replied with glee, “Yes, master!” The sex master wanted to start off our first day of work with some sexual activity to help get the juices flowing. “Ladies pull out the couch into a bed and I want both of you to strip off your tops. Take off your bras. Start making out with each other now that is an order!” Victoria and I started to caress each other’s breasts and passionately kissing with our tongues deep down our throats while our sex master stroked his huge cock in front of us. Victoria slowly kissed my breasts and worked her way down towards my hairy pussy. I could feel her tongue touching my wet clit slopping up my creamy juices. As she continued to suck my cum juices, sex master Phil inserted his huge beautiful cock into my mouth and pinch my nipples. Oh, that cock of his almost got me gagging. My mouth is too small for it to fit but I didn’t care. I felt my cum juices all over Victoria’s mouth; I just love how my juices feel on her beautiful mouth of hers. She now stopped eating my pussy and she fed my cum juices to sex master’s mouth. Now he has taken his cock out of my mouth for Victoria to taste and then I was tiddy fucked. Oh, how I love morning meetings.

Sex master Phil stopped tiddy fucking me so he gave his cock a rest. He looked very exhausted and tired because of the mishap with his big account. As Victoria helps him to relax by giving him a massage, he started to make demanding orders to me. “Contessa, get of the bed and I want you to walk across the room topless with your ‘fuck me’ heels to the filing cabinet and get the Teletec FCC file out and hand it to me.” I said, “Yes sir right away.” The sex master had this pensive look of worry. “Girls, our firm is in jeopardy of losing Teletec account due to Christine’s filing errors. We cannot afford to lose this account. This account is one my babies that help me catapult my career here. I need your help to fix this mess that she created. Girls, I want you attend a meeting with me with the executives from Teletec at the Mayflower Hotel after work on Friday. You must use your feminine wiles to smooth things over. I am counting on both of you.” Contessa asked, “What do you want us to do?” Sex master Phil, said, “Contessa, you know what I want you two to do?” I said to myself now I understand what he meant. Phil was still a little bit worried and very stressed out about it. “Girls, I have to go to a meeting. Now get to work.”

Now that Phil has left the Penthouse office, Victoria and I started to get the materials together for Friday’s meeting. Now, I am starting to know how Christine felt when she had the run of Sex Master’s affairs. She should have spent less time worry about getting licked and fucked and treated him with more respect by keeping his clients happy. Without the clients, there wouldn’t be designer clothes, classy dinners, and rendezvous’. She really blew it big time but it is my turn to run the Sex Master’s ship. “Victoria, I want you to contact the Mayflower hotel to confirm our meeting. We need to have a suite for overnight stay and room service. Go online to the Mayflower’s website and see what type of menu they serve, liquor spirits. The nine yards.” “Yes Contessa” She said in her sweet coy voice. “Contessa, I am so nervous about Friday evening’s meeting. I never have done this before. “I said to her, “Well sexy, you will do fine; you just follow my lead.” I gave her a reassuring kiss and stated to fondle her breasts. We started to make out. “Well darling, we better stop or we will never save his account.”

Meanwhile, the newly appointed document assistant, Christine is very miserable and hating her new position. She should be fortunate that her former sex master didn’t let her go. In the legal field, once you fucked up a client’s documents; say good-bye to your career. No law firm or corporation’s legal department in town would touch anyone with a 10 foot pole with that hanging on their personnel record. “I hate being down here. This is boring all this grunt work. This is Contessa’s type of work. I should be up there right now.” Her new co-worker, says, “Well looks as if Contessa and her friend are getting themselves well acclimated to their new positions. Sweetie, you no longer have the power. You are lucky that you are still here Get over it!”

Christine was carrying boxes of documents to her desk and started to look for the documents that she fucked up last week. She still couldn’t find them and had no idea where to start. So I was checking up on her to see what was going on. “Christine could you come up to my office for a moment, please? I need to talk to you about the Teletech merger files that are in limbo here.” Christine copped an attitude with me. “Yes madam, I am on my way!” I guess it has not sunk in yet that her power among the executive assistants with the firm has finally diminished. “Victoria, have you contacted the Mayflower Hotel yet?” “Yes I did, Contessa. Everything is set for Friday, the suite, room service, cocktails, and the nine yard just as you wanted.” I, the Queen Bee was very pleased that Victoria got it squared away. “Why sweetheart, you are not only sexy but efficient as well. Come over here. Let me reward you with a kiss. Well, I have asked Christine to come up here regarding the documents for the Teletech merger. I need for you to stick around and take notes. This should be a dozy. I wonder how that bitch will squirrel her way out of this one this time.”

The elevator door has opened and there she was growling and frowning at me. “Christine, please come inside in my office. Phil wanted me to ask you on his behalf for you find these following documents on this sheet that I have right here.” Christine quipped, “I don’t take orders from you or her and anyone else here. “ I got very pissed with her and I pulled her hair. Christine shouted, “You are hurting me!” Stop it!” Sternly I said, “Well, missy, I am the queen bee now. Whatever, I say goes! Got that!” Christina whimpered, “Yes!” Contessa says, “I can’t hear you! What did you say? Christina loudly cried, “Yes, I understand! Crystal clear. Now let go of me! I wasn’t please with her attitude. “I will let go of you whenever I feel like it. Victoria come over here, let’s show who the queen bee around here is. Christine, lie down on the sofa bed and spread out your legs for us. Do It! “Christina got very nervous so she followed my orders. Victoria held Christine’s arms and hands down so she won’t be able to escape. I lifted up her skirt and pulled down her lace panties and proceed to hold her legs wide open. She started to lick her clit. Christina screamed, “Stop It!” I responded back in a f***eful manner, “Be quiet you bitch. I am punishing you for what you had done to the Sex Master. It is unacceptable. After what he has done for you while you were under his employ. You are nothing but a taker not a giver. Paybacks are a bitch and you are getting your comeuppance for how you treated me back in the day. I have covered for your past mistakes to make you look good in front of the sex master; you are not getting away with it this time. Starting today, you are going to pay the price for it and it starts right now.” After I had spewed out how I really feel about Christine’s work ethic and character, I continued to eat up her pussy with the assistance from the lovely young Victoria. Christine was trying to get away from them by wiggling herself out of there. Christine narrowly escaped as I tackled her down to the ground holding her down with her legs and arms on the floor. I bit her left nipple so hard that caused Christine to yell and scream very loudly. “You are hurting me. You bitch!” I responded, “What did you just called me?” Christina spit on her face and said, “I called you a bitch! That is right a bitch!” I was not very amused with her flippant remark so she slapped her face. “Victoria darling, let’s get some rope from my desk and tie up this bitch on that chair over there. I don’t think she still understand what is expected of her.” I felt very empowered and confident for the first time in her life. Good bye shy, mousey prude. Hello dominatrix executive assistant.

The bitchy document assistant is now all tied up with duct tape covered rope to ensure she doesn’t escape. Victoria and I duct taped her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. “Christine darling, you are to stay here for the next few hours to get these documents in order for our meeting with the client on Friday. You are to continue to stay duct taped and tied until I say so! Phil should be back from his meeting at with the FCC head very soon. Phil would like to see you! Victoria come over here and eat her pussy in front of me now!” Victoria says in her soft spoken voice, “Yes miss!”

Phil has finally arrived back from his meeting with the FCC regarding this mess. He was shocked to see what is going on right in his office. “What the fuck is going on here, Contessa?” I said, “Sir, I had taken the initiative to have these following documents to be accounted for before our Friday night meeting.” I think she should clean up the mess that she had made for you. After all she should be held accountable for costing our firm and client big dollars. It wouldn’t look good for the merger. Miss Christine believes that she should not have to be responsible for her mediocre job performance on this project. We both showed her in our special way, who is boss.” Phil was very impressed. “Contessa and Victoria you both did well!”

He started to walk around a tied and taped up Christine with a stare that would instill fear. He took his hands and put them underneath her neck and said, “Christine, you are not going let me lose this account. You understand bitch! You will do as we say or else, we will make your life miserable here. If we cannot save this account on Friday evening I will make sure that you will not get any position in DC ever again, let alone scooping the First Dog’s feces on the White House lawn. You are lucky that you are still here and you are not to tell anyone about you being tied and duct tape here do you understand slut? DO YOU? “Christine tried to breathe through the duct tape as she nodded her head in agreement.

“Contessa and Victoria, please make me a drink, scotch on the rocks.” Let me sit down here with my drink and with my favorite ladies and watch that slut squirm to humility. Victoria and Contessa suck on my cock. “That feels so good. “Moaned the Sex Master. “Christine babe, look at us; we are having fun here! Remember this use to be you once upon a time.” As the ladies pleasured their sex master’s cock, Christine was in pure torture watching us taking over her former position as queen bee and mistress. “Contessa, get on your fours and Victoria lick her ass and anus for me while I stroke my cock in front of the incompetent slut here. She needs to be reminded on what she has lost!” I was screaming with delight as young Victoria tongue tickled her clit from behind in a fast motion. A few moments later, the Sex Master unleashed a load of his cum all over our faces. It was so gratifying to see that bitch Christine watching us giving him immense pleasure.

“Okay, my sweets, let’s get back cracking at this project here.” Said the sex master with his authoritative voice. Contessa and Victoria you are to stay late tonight with the slut here to work through the boxes. This has to be done and time is of the essence here. Victoria, please call in for takeout for the three of you and have one of the guys from downstairs to take the following boxes up to the front desk. Victoria said, “Right away sir!” The sex master was getting reading to go out for the evening. “I am going to get ready to attend a gala at the US Chamber of Commerce so by the time you ladies get home; I will be still out. Contessa, untie and take the tape off of the slut, but she cannot leave here until you guys get those documents together!” Christine shouted with great surprise. “You mean these bitches are living with you in your mansion?” Yes, they are!” said the sex master. “It is the best thing that I ever done.” Christine cried, “Why, them!” I had taken my ruler and slapped her ass and told her to be quiet. Victoria asked the Sex Master, “Who are you going to the gala with?” He said, “Someone you don’t know; now get back to work.” Christine says, well you stupid naïve bitches, you think he is taking his mom to the gala?” He fucks every skirt he comes across in town, so he is going to fuck his date tonight while we are stuck here. You two think that he is exclusively yours. You are both wrong. You shall see! When he has no use for the both of you anymore; you will be reducing to nothing but common whores.”

The boxes have arrived in the reception area and I couldn’t wait to have Christine slave away on this project. “Well ladies, the boxes are out front. Let’ get these out of the way so we don’t have to worry about it in the morning.” “Slut, I want you to walk out in the front topless and get those 12 boxes now!” Christine rolled her eyes at her command. I Contessa, the Queen Bee started to feel so horny. The power that I have over Christine and Victoria has really has made me fierce, and confident about my sexuality. “Slut, whore, here is the list of with the Bates number of the documents that the FCC and Teletec needs. Start getting them now. I said now.” Contessa spanked Christine with a ruler while she bent over to retrieve the documents from the boxes. “Bitch does that feel so good? Tell me”. Christina replied,” yes madam it felt good.”

For a sexual appetizer, Victoria and I sat back on the sofa bed fondling each other while Christina slaved over those boxes. The phone rang; it is the catering service with tonight’s dinner. Victoria quickly got dressed and signed for the food at the front desk. I was getting a little light head from low bl**d sugar. “Let’s see what we are having for dinner tonight!” “It looks like we have Italian, veal parmagiano, salad, bread sticks and some drinks here. Victoria, let’s chow down here on the sofa bed; the slut is getting the work done for us. My dear, one thing about being a good executive assistant, you need to learn is to delegate your duties so you can have time for other thing such as fucking you and the master.” Victoria asked, “Are you going to let Christine have some? There is enough food for everyone here.” I smiled and said, “She is not to have dinner until I say so! Now let’s eat and enjoy and relax.” Victoria fed me the veal parmagiano very slowly while I gazed into her beautiful eyes and fondled her big tits. Then I took one of the breadsticks and rubbed it against Victoria’ pussy and then took a bite of it savoring the buttery taste of the breadstick which is now laced with Victoria’s sweet cum. The combination of her sweet cum and the garlic butter scent of the breadstick smelled very good. Victoria took the other end of the breadstick and inserted in my pussy and took it out and we both started to eat the breadstick until our lips met with a passionate kiss.

“Boy, I said, I better not eat anymore, it is heavy food. Let’s save it for tomorrow, but let’s eat the Tiramisu off of each other.” I love dessert and it has now gotten a lot sweeter with my lovely worker bee. I had spread the rich Italian dessert onto my luscious 44g’s and Victoria licked it off while I was fingering myself. “Victoria that is my good little slut. Don’t stop. Enjoy your dessert. Hey Christina, how is the search going?” Christina responded I have three more documents to search for; I hope to find them soon so I don’t have to hear you bitches suck and fuck each other.” I said, “You are here to find those documents not to watch us fuck each other.” Victoria finished licking the dessert and shared it with me by serving it to me with her tongue. The rich Italian meal has made both of us tired. After the meal, both of us cuddled on the sofa bed and fondled each other.

Christine, finally found those loose documents and handed it over to me. “Here is all of the documents that you and Phil had asked for. Can I go now?” I said, No, you are not finished yet; I want you to walk to the copier over there and make 10 copies collated and stapled at the copier. You are to walk over there topless.” Christine obeyed, “Yes madam, I shall get these copy and collated right away. “ As Christine was making the copies, I joyfully followed her with her ruler and shall use it if she misbehaves. I have gotten down on my knees and started to lick Christine from behind while the copier was doing the job. “What the fuck you are doing to me? I am doing what you asked me to do?” You are a sadistic bitch!” I didn’t like her tone with me. “What did you say to me? You don’t call me a bitch, I am the one who uses that word. If you are worthy to be called a bitch you have earned that title. Believe me honey you have earned it.”

The copies are now finally stapled and collated. I ordered Christine to put the originals back into the boxes and recorded the log book that she had taken out of the boxes. “Okay, sweetheart, the bitch has finally gotten these documents straightened out. So we all can go home now. Victoria, please call for a cab and bitch you can go home too. I am sure that there will be a new list tomorrow for you to rummage through. If that is the case, I will summon you back up here. Understand?” Christine got dressed very quickly and was in a great hurry to get out of there. Christine said, “Well, Contessa you may have win this round but it is not over yet. “I wish that I never saw you walking down the promenade this past weekend; I made a huge mistake for letting you come into my private world at the gentleman’s club.” You have taken everything from me, my lover, job and sanctuary,--the club.” The elevator door opened and Christine entered quickly. I was smiling and waved, “Slut you have yourself a nice evening. Don’t let the door hit you far behind.”

The phone rang and it was the security desk at the front lobby, “Miss Contessa, your cab is waiting for you downstairs.” “Victoria, the cab is downstairs let’s going home and gets some rest. I am so bl**dy tired.” Victoria got her belongings together and we both left the building for our new home -- Sex Master’s beautiful Georgetown mansion. Victoria asked me, “What do you think what is he doing right now? Is he fucking some high society chick?” I said with some jealousy, “I really don’t care as long as I do my job and keep him and the clients happy.”

Victoria fell asl**p on my shoulder during the cab ride home. I tenderly kissed her forehead. The cab finally arrived at the mansion. I woke up Victoria and paid the cab fare. “Sweetie let’s get to bed. It has been an interesting day. We probably won’t see Phil probably in a few hours. Like you said he is probably fucking some high society broad who went to Georgetown.” We were so tired we both went upstairs and took off our clothes and crashed on to the bed. We snuggled with each other and kissed each other good night. We were fast asl**p as Sex master has walked into the bedroom. He took off his watch, and clothes. His cock immediate got so hard when he saw us asl**p in each other’s embrace. His kissed on my forehead softly and gently moved Victoria off of me so he could get in the middle of the bed. Sex master Phil took each of his large strong hand gently rubbing our tired clits.
It is now the crack of dawn and it is time for us to get ready for work. I didn’t want to get up, but Victoria coaxed me to take a shower with her. “Contessa, it is time to get up. Let’s take a shower.” She said, “No, I am not a morning person!” Victoria pulled me from under the bedcovers and guided me inside the shower. As the cold shower awaken me, Victoria passionate gave me a good morning kiss and started to soap my 44gs, my hairy arm pits and all the way down to my hairy pussy. In turn, I was soaping every inch of Victoria’s shapely body. I demanded Victoria to take the bar of soap and insert it into my pussy and soap up the pussy’s hair. She was jamming it into my pussy so fast and I could feel the soothing cleanliness. As she continued to soap my pussy; I tongued Victoria. Victoria assisted me to rinse the soap off of my pussy. She had done a great job cleaning me down there. I love having a shower buddy. I was enjoying my morning shower too much which caused me to lose the track of time. “Oh, no we are running late we better dry up and quickly get dressed. The sex master doesn’t like it when we are late.”

We quickly got dressed and hailed a cab. I was fretting and getting very intense when I received an email from Phil. “Victoria, once we get to the office, I am going to make Christine work like a dog. I just received a message on my Smartphone that there are more problem files.” Once we arrive, you go to the cafeteria and get us some fruit salad, coffee juice, I don’t care. I will immediately go upstairs and have that bitch come work in our office. “My Smartphone rang. It was Phil’s number on caller id. “Good morning, Phil.” Phil said, “How are you this morning?” I said,” Fine Sir, Victoria and I are in a cab and we are on our way to work.” Phil asked, “Did you get the email this morning?” I said, “Yes I did Sir. I will contact Christine once I get into the office about these files.” He said, “Good, the paralegal who is in charge of this project told me that if we could get these files squared away by the close of business today.” We should be okay.” I said, “I hope so sir, I don’t want you to lose this account. We will get on it.” Phil, “I will be in the office probably by 1 PM today, so I am counting on both of you to run the ship.” Then he hung up. Already we were not in the office yet and I am starting to get a little stressed out. I don’t want to disappoint the sex master and I didn’t want Christine to say ‘I told you so.’

We both finally arrived at the office. Victoria went to the cafeteria to fetch our breakfast as I was paying the cab fare. I was running in my ‘fuck me heels for the elevator and almost missed it. I was getting very stressed out me thinks that I need to have some private time in the office before my worker bee comes back with our breakfast. I finally arrived and unlocked the office door. I quickly put my tote bag down on the table and locked myself in the office so I won’t be disturbed. Today I wore my hair up in an up do with my signature black rimmed glasses. Today I looked like a stern sexually repressed school teacher or a prudish librarian who wants to cum. I wore a white crisped button down shirt with a white bra underneath, nude stockings no panties, tight pencil skirt and my ‘fuck me heels.’ I quickly unbuttoned my blouse to expose my big tits and I slowly move my hand down to my panty less pussy, caressing it feeling the softness of my wetness. I can still smell the soap scent from the morning’s shower. I quickly rub my fingers into my pussy and I moaned so loudly. The door knocked. “Miss Contessa, are you all right?” It was our receptionist, Natalie. She used her master key to unlock my door and caught me masturbating. “Oh, Miss Contessa, I am so sorry. I just thought there was something wrong when I heard some noise.” The young receptionist felt so embarrassed what she had saw me pleasuring myself. “Come here, what is your name sweetie?” We were not properly introduced. ““Miss Contessa, my name is Natalie.” I checked her out. She is very pretty redhead, with cute medium sized tits and a nice ass. “Natalie close the door, come over here. I don’t want you to mention that you saw me masturbating you understand?” She said, “Yes ma’m. You have built yourself a reputation now. You are ‘the new Christine’ if not better.” I said to her, “Don’t you forget it”. Come rub my clit and suck on this nipple” AWW Natalie that feels so good!

Natalie had caused my stress level to decrease just a little bit. Victoria had come back from the cafeteria with our breakfast and was caught off guard when she saw Natalie helped me got off. Victoria quickly put the breakfast on the table and wanting to join us. Victoria tickled Natalie’s ass with her tongue. Natalie continued to rub me very hard and fast until I felt my body shake and quivered like a San Francisco earthquake. Natalie in turn sucked on my right nipple while my worker bee sucked on the left one. Both were caressing my bountiful hairy pussy and I became wetter. Getting myself off had gotten me to work up an appetite. “Natalie, darling thanks you for your help and I may ask you again!” She said, “You are welcome Miss Contessa.” Natalie went back to the reception area feeling quite flustered. The worker bee and I started to consume our breakfast very quickly because we had a lot of work to do and I cannot wait to summon that bitch Christine to come up here and humiliate her. “Victoria call Christine up here now.” “Yes Contessa right away.” “Also, Victoria, You need to get in touch with the Mayflower hotel to make sure everything is in place again.”The nourishment of my bagel and coffee and Natalie and Victoria help getting me off really helped me feel energized to help me take on the day.

Christine has finally arrived and she came into the office. “Christine, I just received an email this morning from Phil that you need to pull out these files. You seem to have forgotten to record these documents into the privilege logs. I want you to come over here. “Christine was being defiant by refusing to go over to me but she gazed at my unbuttoned blouse. I said what part of come over here that you don’t understand?” Do you not understand English?” I tapped my ruler in my hand and screamed at her to come over to me. Christine finally did as she was told and walked in front of me with great fear. “Christine, you don’t want Victoria and I tie and duct tape you to the chair again like yesterday, do you?” Christine talked underneath her breath. “No, you fucking bitch!” I heard her talking to underneath her breath. “What did you just say? I can’t hear you.” She said, “No! You fucking bitch!” I then told her, “You better get back to work; I want and demand you to take off your clothes and keep on your heels. I want to watch you want across the room whenever you have to pull the documents from the list that I provided to you. You are my bitch! That is right, my bitch.” Despite her bitchiness, she still has a body and I still want to fuck her. As she was pulling the documents out of the boxes, I walked right behind her, placed my hands on her gorgeous tits, squeezing her nipples and kissing her beautiful neck. I asked her to take a short break with me on the sofa bed. I took her hand and gazed into her eyes; she lie on the sofa bed then I aggressively ate her pussy and slurped my tongue into her click. I made her quiver into a huge orgasm. She has smell of a good slut really turns me on.

My phone rang. It was Victoria. Christine was moaning. “You slut, don’t stop!” Victoria asked, “Contessa is that you and Christine fucking each other?” I said, yes it is us fucking. What do you need?” Victoria, said, “Well, Contessa, Phil just called me and he wanted the two of us to meet him at the gentlemen’s club after work.” Are you in?” I said, “Sure hon. I am in. Why does he want us to meet him there?” “Well, said Victoria in her soft spoken voice, he wants to take a load off and discuss how things are going, I suppose.” As I was speaking to Victoria, I felt Christine’s cum into my mouth. “Victoria, darling, if you are not too busy, please come in here now.” Victoria walks into the office and watched me eat the slutty document assistant’s pussy. I demanded Victoria, “My sweet worker bee, I want you to come over here and kiss me; I want you to taste the slut’s cum juice in my mouth. Christine, my bitch, go back over there to the boxes. “Yes ma’m, so said the slutty document assistant. Boy, that felt so fucking good; I sure love a good pussy licking in the morning. The rest of the day has gone very smoothly and the slut has finally understood her place in the hierarchy here.

It is now 6 PM, and my slutty document assistant finally got all the documents accounted for. “Christine, you slut, I don’t need you anymore now. You can go home now!” Christine said, “Contessa, you guys are going to the club tonight with Phil?” I said, “Yes we are meeting him there to update him on this cleanup project.” Christine was feeling a little bit left out because that was her after work playground to let off some steam. The green-eyed monster was coming out of her and she was longing to be there with us, but Phil banished her.

Victoria and I arrived at the gentlemen’s club after a long exhausted day. We were looking forward to have a few drinks and a bite to eat and enjoying the view. Everyone walked up to Victoria and congratulated her on her new position at the firm. “Are you going to come back to dance for us now?” asked the bartender. “No, not at this time, but I really miss most of you. Maybe I will if things don’t work out.” Victoria says ruefully. Phil saw us and called us over to his table. “Ladies, I am over here. “Miss, get the ladies here a glass of white wine. So, did Christine get all of the documents accounted for?” I said, “Yes she did and I really had to pull in the reins on her to get it done.” Phil kissed me and Victoria and told us what a great job that Victoria and I are doing. Phil had a surprise for the two of us. “Ladies, I have a reserved a private room in the back of the club just for us this evening. One of Victoria’s former colleagues here will provide us with tonight’s entertainment. Contessa, I would like you to meet, the lovely Ashleigh. “Wow, I was in heaven tonight. Ashleigh is a beautiful blond with big beautiful natural looking tits and a nice round ass. Phil took off my blouse and bra and started to suck on my tits and fingered my pussy. “Oh Phil, your mouth feels so fucking good on my tits and your fingers. Pump your fingers into my clit faster, faster faster. AWWWW.” As Phil was fingering and fucking me, Ashleigh was doing her topless dancing number in front of us. She went up to her old colleague Victoria and started to kiss her passionately and pinching her tits. Ashleigh cooed, “Victoria baby, I really miss you.” Victoria got so horny; she started to play with herself. AWW Ashleigh, come eat my pussy; I miss your tongue on my wet pussy. “Hearing Victoria yearning for her former work fuck buddy got me all hot and bothered. I was a little bit jealous.

Meanwhile Phil took his huge cock out and started to rub it against my wet hairy pussy. “AWWW sex master don’t stop. Pound me hard. YES! I was watching Ashleigh and Victoria enjoying each other’s warm juices while the sex master fuck the shit out of me. Ashleigh now sat on my face as sex master Phil had continued to fuck the shit out of me with his monster cock. I felt Ashleigh’s juices dripping into my mouth. Victoria was kissing Ashleigh and tonguing her as I got continuously got my holes filled by the silver fox stud and the blonde bombshell. Ashleigh reminded me of the combination of Marilyn Monroe and porn star Seka who were beautiful blonde women. Phil had stopped fucking my pussy and it was Victoria’s turn. “Oh sex master, your cock feels so gooood! Ashleigh assisted Phil by helping him inserted it in her pussy and rubbing her pussy at the same time. I just sat next to them watching them pleasuring themselves while I was fingering myself. “Oh ladies and sex master. Don’t stop. You are getting me hot! Phil kept pounding Victoria very hard nonstop. He is like a sex machine. Phil has taken out his cock from Victoria and demanded that she, myself and Ashleigh start making out in front of him. Ashleigh gave me a passionate kiss and started going down to my right breast sucking on my nipple while Victoria suck on my left one. Both ladies pumped their fingers into my pussy very fast and sucking my tits as if they were milking them. “Aw ladies, that is so fucking good. My nipples feel so good.” Faster ladies, don’t stop.” My body was shaking with delight nonstop. Phil continued to stroke his cock and I saw some pre cum on the tip of his cock. “Oh ladies OHH I think I am going to cum. Ladies get over here I want to present you with a pearl necklace.” Phil’s nice creamy cum exploded on our neck and faces. We got on our knees and jointly sucked his cock and tasted his juices on our tongues for 10 minutes. Later, we all got off the floor and kissed him because we wanted him to taste his juices from our mouths. Phil said, Ladies we better go home. I am exhausted. Ashleigh, thank you for your company sweetheart.” Phil kissed her and then she went back to the main floor of the club. I was very exhausted. It felt like I had a nice workout at the gym.

Tomorrow another day a waits for some sex and legal documents at the firm.
Another workday morning has begun and last night’s adventure at the gentlemen’s club really gotten me energized for what is ahead. Victoria was still asl**p and I decided to get an early start. I have taken the liberty to take a cab to the office and let Victoria get some rest. Twenty minutes later, I have arrived at the office and I had Natalie, the receptionist come into my office assisting me with getting me off. Natalie and I had taken off our blouses and bras. We kissed each other and started to play with each other’s pussy and breasts. “Natalie darling AWWW, you are so pretty and I love how your mouth caress my nipples. AAAAh finger me right there so I can feel my g spot. AWWWW fuck!!! While we were both licking and pleasuring ourselves. Christine arrived at the office. “Well, well what do we have here? The Great Contessa is not such a righteous character. Are you tired of the nude dancer? Natalie is not too bad. I should know, we sometimes play with each other.” I can tell in Christine’s eyes that she wanted to join us. I let her join in our morning delight. I lie down on the sofa bed; Christina kissed me and started to feel my pussy. Then Natalie comes to the sofa bed and started to eat my pussy. I was screaming with delight. My Smartphone rang, It was Victoria, “Victoria darling, what is going on?” Victoria said, “I am going to stay home and help Phil with some loose ends for tomorrow. “ I said, Okay I will be fine. Phone call ended. Christine asked , “What is up with dancer?” I told her, “ She is working at home with Phil.” Christine says sarcastically, “Working from home my ass! They are fucking each other as we are fucking each other .” Well so be it, I continue to have my morning office lesbian sex with Christine and Natalie before the ladies attends to their duties. “Christine, get me the privilege log sheets for me .”

Meanwhile Phil and Victoria are working from home in our bed that the three of us shares. Well are they really working? Well, partially so. Victoria is on her laptop putting the finishing touches of the meeting material on PowerPoint. Phil softly kisses her neck and shoulders and caressing her tits and squeezing her nipples while checking the presentation. “Victoria darling, I am so glad that you are working for me. I want you to give me a tit massage to my back” Yes, sex master, says Victoria. She massaged her luscious breast on the sex master’s back. Her nipples had gotten very hard as she rubs them up and down on his back. She also performed a 69 position on him. His cock gotten very stiff and hard in her mouth while he slurps her pussy with his tongue. Victoria moaned very loudly as she suck him and he eats her cum. “Oh sex master, it feels so good. OHHH! OHHH! “Victoria, let my cock fuck your pussy.” Phil started to pound her hard in the missionary position. “OHH OHHH!!! Your cock feels so fucking good! I feel your cum, OHHH!” The sex master has taken out his cock from her pussy and she started to suck her juices from his cock and fed it to his mouth. For the rest of the day, Victoria finished her PowerPoint presentation meeting materials and made some last minute contacts with the Mayflower hotel while Phil, the sex master made some calls on his Smartphone and stroking his 9 inch cock.

Back at the office, I was making sure that the privilege logs for the Teletec merger case was intact. I was so relieved that the slut Christine had the loose documents accounted for. We all hope that the US Department of Justice will approve the Teletec merger with another telecommunications giant. This would be good for the firm and Phil will be a lot happier and will relax a little more. All of the sudden Christine came back to my office. “Christine what can I do for you? Can you see that I am busy right now, you have fixed up your mess.” Christine had this burning desire in her eyes that she want to fuck me. “Contessa, I know we have not gotten to a great start since you came back to work here.” Christine stroking my arm. “Maybe, you can smooth things over with the sex master for me and put in a good word to him that I have fixed my mistakes. I hate working in the basement, it is like a dungeon.” Christine all sudden softly kissed my lips and I literally froze. We both started to kiss passionately. We went to the sofa bed, took off our clothes and started having more lesbian sex. I lie down on my back and the slut lie on top of me starting to trib . Our clits were intertwined with our creamy luscious juices. I moaned very loudly, OWWW , you slutty bitch, you are so fucking good in bed. No wonder sex master liked you very much! Ohh ohh. We were tribbing for about 20 minutes. My office door was cracked opened just a little bit and there was a male attorney enjoying the peep show at our expense. I had no idea that my door wasn’t closed and he was watching us. The male attorney, who is fresh out of law school, had a big bulge coming through his trousers while he watch us trib away. He took his fat cock out of his trousers stroking his cock.

After the orgasmic tribbing, Christine proceed to fuck my pussy with one of her nipples. I could feel my pussy coat that beautiful nipple of hers. “Oh, Slutty Christine, fuck my pussy with that beautiful tit! AWWW! Fuck me. The young attorney continued to watch us, he took his cell phone out of his pant pocket and quickly called one his colleagues. “Hey, Jason, you got to see this Contessa and Christine are having hot lesbo sex it is so fucking hot. I am going to recorded on my phone and show it to guys. It is better than watching online porn!” The word is out around the firm that I am this bisexual whore machine and I really don’t care what people think of me anymore because I am the Queen Bee executive assistant to one of the partners at this firm. Then we both rolled on the sofa bed kiss each other embracing each other. Wow Christine, you are a damn bitch but you sure can fuck and lick very well.” I may not like you very much but you are a good lesbo fuck.” Christine caressing my hair and my cheek, said, “I am responsible for making the woman that you are today. Last weekend, you were so mousey, and uptight. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be able to have the confidence that you are exhibiting now. You should thank me, more than Phil.” It really turned me on that you treated me as your office bitch.” You are such a sexy woman and I have created a monster.” Then we kiss. “Christine darling, you are still my bitch and I demand that you get back to work. “Christine says, “Well, if you need me to satisfy you know where to find me! “ I have two sluts, the good slut and the bad slut. There is the good slut, Victoria; she is soft spoken, sweet, tender and somewhat naïve in many aspects. On the other hand my nemesis, Christine, the bad slut has a harsh personality but she know how to fuck very well and is very experience.

The business day is coming to a close so I called Victoria at home to see how she is coming along with last minute arrangements with the Mayflower Hotel and the presentation materials. “Victoria, darling, how was your day working at home? I bet you didn’t get anything done with Phil fucking you. Victoria cooed, “Are you jealous that I got to stay in bed working at home and pleasuring the sex master’s cock?” I bet you were having fun with Natalie and Christine. Not to worry, everything is ready. So tomorrow morning we will check into our rooms. The hotel resembles an ornate palace. “ “Okay, I will be home soon.” I was little bit relieved and yet anxious about if we will save the account. I call it for a night and packed my Coach briefcase with the materials for tomorrow morning and hailed a taxi.

The Mayflower hotel:

Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF) and today is the do or die. The Mayflower Hotel is one Washington DC’s premier luxury hotels. It has been one of the venues for many presidential inaugural balls, many infamous political events : Client #9 , a former Governor of New York’s dalliances with a high class call girl; Monica Lewinsky’s testimony of her affair with a President of the United States just to name a few. I am sure there are many escapes that happen there that John or Jane Q Public never hears about. I remembered in the past that I always go inside the lobby and marveled at the ornate architecture and beauty of the hotel. I pretend that I was a guest and marveled what it would be like to be in one of those rooms with a powerful stranger. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall hearing what goes on in those rooms. Mind you, Marriot, Holiday Inn doesn’t have anything on the Mayflower.
We have arrived at hotel. Victoria had done a great job getting us the premium hotel suite. We both went up to our room on the third floor. The room is one bedroom suite with the following amenities: One king bed with down duvets and triple sheeting in a private bedroom. The king size bed is perfect for having an orgy. I wouldn’t be surprised that Phil the sex master had Victoria search for a king size room for this activity. Knowing him and his healthy sexual appetite –he wants us to entertain Teletec’s executive team and its legal staff. The king size bed will not be the only area of the room that they will be entertained. We will be utilizing the parlor with two sofas, decorative fireplace, and the wet bar. Having a wet bar is a must. I can’t wait to take a bubble bath in the beautiful marble bath with shower/tub combination. Phil has arrived and he asked whether if we have all of the meeting materials ready. Victoria is meeting with the hotel concierge and manager to get the conference room ready. “Phil, Victoria is with the hotel staff getting the materials ready for the meeting.” Phil said, “Good, let’s go to our suite.” I smiled and said okay. We both went into our hotel suite and we started to take off our clothes. Phil took my hand and takes me to the bed. He spread my legs wide open and tongued my pussy very fast until I creamed my cum all over his mouth. AWWW Phil, faster baby faster.” Then I got into a 69 position sucking and tasting his cum from his gorgeous cock as he was tasted my pussy juices. Aw the wetness feels so good; I wanted some more. My body starts to quiver with excitement. I screamed, “Phil, suck my clit; don’t stop.

About an hour later, Victoria came upstairs, and saw Phil and me cuddling in bed with a breakfast platter. Victoria lamented. “Contessa what are you doing? Aren’t you going to help?” I said to her, “I am doing my part keeping the sex master calm and collected.” She said, “Well I have been doing most of the work this morning while you are being fucked?” I slapped her and I didn’t like the tone she was giving me. Victoria started to cry and locked herself in the bathroom. Phil wasn’t too please how I treated her. I felt so horrible of what I have done to her because I really like her very much and was somewhat protective of her. Then again, I wasn’t very much protective of her like I promised. “Victoria, please open the door. I am so sorry what I just done to you.” I just caught up in the moment. Please! Sweetheart open the door.” Victoria opened the door. “Contessa, you had just disappointed me out there.”

Phil came in and sees what was going on.”Victoria are you okay?” She said she was okay. Then he went downstairs to the conference room. “Contessa what you had done to her was wrong.” Don’t ever do that again!” You understand.” I said, “Yes sir” with my head hanging in shame. I just couldn’t believe what I had become; “another Christine.” “Victoria, please forgive me.” I cried. “Victoria, please.” I need you! Victoria says to me that she will forgive her this time and hugged her. They both kissed passionately and I caressed her face and gone down to her silk blouse. “Victoria, I cried, this new lifestyle has gone to my head.” I never had anyone pay any attention to me before and telling me how beautiful, smart and attractive that I really am.” I cried out load. Victoria and I cuddled my naked body in her arms. “Contessa, get dressed us better get downstairs, the Teletec folks will be here about an hour.” I composed myself got into the shower to wash out the nasty episode from my mind. The shower water was dancing on top of my shoulders and on my 44g breasts. I put soap on my loofah bath scrubber and soaped my boobs as my nipples got very hard. Then I fucked my hairy pussy with some sweet smelling soap; I screamed with a big orgasm, “OHHH, fuck me! OHHH Victoria! I am so sorry!” After, I soaped myself in the shower; I started to get dressed and went downstairs for the meeting feeling not so great about myself.

I arrived downstairs and arrived at the conference table and sat next to Victoria. Victoria wasn’t very friendly towards me even though she accepted my apology for what I had done. The executive and his assistant from Teletec had arrived, Phil introduced them to us one by one. The CEO of Teletec a tall and slender broad shouldered handsome bespectacled gentleman in his late 50’s with light brown graying receding hairline named George. He kind of reminds me of this manager that I use to work for when I was working for the State tax office. I just could not help not noticing a canny resemblance. Now is there is my counterpart, his assistant Jessica. She is a busty blond with shoulder length hair with curves to die for. I wonder whether if George and she every done more than contracts. I have noticed that snarky snot nosed lawyer who peeped at Christine and I making out in my office the other day entered the conference room. I was not too pleased. His name is Thomas, he like Phil graduated from Georgetown University law school and his parents are friends of his. The good ole boy network is the reason why I harbor some resentment towards legacy c***dren; they always have it so easy—the best jobs, networking contacts etc. It is hard for me a working class gal from Prince George’s County, MD to break into that ivory tower.

All of us sat down at the conference table. Phil, Victoria, Edward, and myself sat at one side of the table while George, Jessica sat across from us. I was dismayed that Thomas sat right next to me... He looked down at my blouse and started to whisper, “You really turn me on the other morning when you and Christine were having your morning delight. I have the video on my Smartphone for everyone to see.” I whispered back, “You are a fucking prick.” Phil was explaining in his presentation to the Teletec staff on how the US Department of Justice goes about approving the pending merger of their company and the other telecommunications company that they want to acquire. George looked over the paperwork and gave Phil the go ahead to start the proceedings with the Federal government. As Phil continue with his presentations; Thomas put his hand underneath the table and started to rub my inner thigh and proceeded to rub my hairy clit until it got wet. I could smell my cum juices as he kept rubbing it very hard. I had held my composure while listening to Phil’s presentation to our client and taking notes. Victoria was staring at Jessica across from the table. I can see that she was yearning to suck on those beautiful breasts. I am hoping that tonight when will help Phil seal the deal with George and Jessica with a presentation of our own to help seal the deal. After Phil was wrapping up part one of his presentation and we all partake the breakfast buffet that the hotel provided for us. I went to pour myself a cup of coffee and made a plate with fruit and a bagel with cream cheese. Thomas followed me to the buffet table. “Contessa, I hear that you are a paid office whore for Phil; I would like to experience what Phil goes home to every night.” I sneered at him, “You are nothing but a spoiled legacy k** and you have no fucking idea what it is like to work your way up.” Thomas grabbed my arm and held me against my will at the corner of the room and said,” Without Phil you are nothing. He is just using you and your friend for his ego and gratification. I want you to be my office whore too. Tonight at the hospitality suite, I will get my way with you and that is an order. Girls from you side of the beltway are not worthy of these trappings. You are nothing but a state university educated slut and could never be anything but a glorified, over-educated legal assistant. Without us ‘legacy guys’, you are nothing and I am making sure you know what your place in society that you really belong to. I said to that bastard, “Let go of me now!” He gave me this evil glare and let go of my arm and took his breakfast with him and walked back to the conference table. Victoria on the other hand was smiling and chatting with Jessica, George’s buxom assistant. She didn’t concern me right now. Thomas’ bullying really made me uncomfortable; there is something about him that I really do not like.

The breakfast break was winding down and we all went back to our seats and listened to part two of Phil’s presentation of the pending Teletec merger. I had froze like an icecicle when he again sat next to me: I try to pretend that he wasn’t there but it was hard. Victoria was ignoring during the presentation; I guess she didn’t forgive me as she said.

Phil was at the lectern giving his presentation and he had noticed that I wasn’t quite myself, but I try not to have him notice my preoccupied manner. The creepy legacy boy got up from his chair and took a cell phone call to the lobby. “Christine, I was thinking that you should come down to the hotel around 12:45 PM as we both discussed last night.” The room number of the hospitality suite is 313. Phil is going to take the Teletec folks to the bar and grill downstairs and I don’t know what slutty whore dancer is going to do, but anyway come down here. I really thought that you were treated very badly; I will help you let her know who the Queen Bee is really. “Christine said, “I can’t wait!”

It was about 12:00 Noon, and the presentation was winding down. Since Phil is lunching with George, at the bar and grill downstairs, I have decided to go upstairs to take a nap. Victoria and Jessica decided to do their own thing. As I entered my room, someone grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth. I was trying to let out a huge scream. It was creepy Thomas. “Hello Contessa, I want to partake on Phil’s sloppy seconds. Don’t scream. Go in the bedroom now!” He threw me on the bed and ripped my blouse and held me down so I wouldn’t go away. “Hey Contessa, I see that Thomas needs some help here.” I was so shocked to see Christine here, “What the fuck you are doing here! You suppose to be at the office.” Christine grinned, “Thomas asked me to come here for some assistance.” I don’t answer to you; I answer to him.” I have found my new protector. So I am not going anywhere. You wanna be.” Thomas demanded Christine to hold me down while he proceeded to insert his cock into my pussy. “You slut, I am a better sex master than Phil?’ I screamed, “You and your f****y connections are no match for Phil. Wait till he finds out about this. How in the hell you got into this room?” Thomas said, “I found Victoria’s key on the table and I took it without her knowing about it. She was too preoccupied with the blond bitch from Teletec. He won’t take your word over a slut from the east side of the Anacostia River.” Thomas started to finger me after he fucked me. Christine slapped me across my face as he was fingering me. “Christine you stop it! I will have you fired!” Thomas sneered; Christine will still be around as long as I am here.” Christine tongued me and said, “I hope that we both sent you a message.” I yelled at her and asked, “You two planned to ambush me in my hotel room all along.” Christine why?” I cried. Christine spit at me and Thomas bit my nipples. Christine said, “I told you that I will get back at you one way in another and this was an opportune time to do so and Thomas was happily obliged to help me out.” I felt so horrible; I don’t know what to do or who to talk to. I wanted to tell Phil, but these legacy folks stick together like a pot of pasta. They never turn against each other no matter what. That whore Christine and her new patron had violated me. Christine has turned into a crazed bitter whore who could handle the fact that her position with Phil has changed. Meanwhile, those two disgusting human beings had left the room. Thomas walked out the door with Christine, “We will see you tonight at the hospitality suite. You whore.”

I was thinking to myself what I had done to deserve this. Jealousy is like a cancer it will destroy you and others around you. Unfortunately, Christine has succumbed to becoming a green eyed monster. Perhaps, I did have way over my head when I started working for Phil. What can I do? I was underemployed barely getting by on part-time and temporary work in this “Great Recession”. I was making lots of money and receiving a lot of perks that one could ever imagine. Phil had this hold on me that I couldn’t describe. There is something mesmerizing about his dominating personality that made me do these uncalled amoral things that a good conservative catholic girl would have never done.

I went to look at myself in the bathroom mirror with my torn silk blouse. I started to tear up touching my bruised face from Christine’s slap. I took of my silk blouse and my other clothes. I entered the shower to wash off the remnants of the ambush for 30 minutes. Later, I toweled myself and lie down and started to cry. The phone rang. It was Phil. “Contessa, are you all right? I didn’t see you after the presentation. I tried not to let Phil on what had happened to me. “Sir, I am not feeling very well. It must be my diabetes and I fell so dehydrated.” Phil said, ok, I hope you feel well. Well, rest a little bit and I want you to get things ready for the hospitality suite tonight.” I said, “I will get right on it.” I took a little nap and I started to caress my tits but as I moved my hand slowly to my pussy, I just couldn’t pleasure myself down there after what that asshole had done to me. I shut my eyes and I just couldn’t get that episode out of my head. Well, I couldn’t nap; so I just went ahead put on my robe and started too straightened up the place. Room service called asked if it was okay to bring up the beverages. I told them it was all right to do so. Victoria came back upstairs, “I am glad you are up here. I seem to misplace my hotel room keycard.” I must have dropped from my purse or pocket. It happens. Victoria noticed that something wasn’t right about me. “Contessa what happened to you?’ I told her “I accidently fell as I was walking in my heels and hit my face on a foyer table out in the hallway. I need to practice walking in heels more.” I immediately saw my ripped silk blouse and quickly hid it in my overnight bag so she wouldn’t see it. Victoria had this inquisitive look on her face. “Contessa, I am glad that you are all right. Let me get some ice from the refrigerator for your face.” She came back to the couch and put the makeshift icepack on my right side of my face and she tenderly kissed me. I started to cry on her shoulder and apologized profusely about how I treated her earlier this morning. “Victoria, I am so sorry; I knew you were giving me the cold shoulder during the presentation and rightly so.” Victoria hugged me and said you are under stress. We all are. Phil is very demanding and expects a lot from us. BTW, how did you fall?” I told her a white lie that my bl**d sugar was very low which caused me to fall onto the foyer table outside the hallway. I didn’t want anyone to know Thomas and Christine had violated me against me free will. I hear that revenge is sweet, but not like this.

Victoria helped me get the suite ready for tonight. The room service staff sent up the food and set up the table. I went to the bedroom and have not decided what to wear. I was going go for sexy but the way I felt today, I will go understated so I opted for a lace midnight blue dress that is conservative yet it hugs my curves in the right places. Victoria walked into the bedroom. “Contessa, what are you going to wear tonight?’ I really like the one shoulder Michael Kors yellow number here. You should wear this. I got testy with her. “No I am not going to wear the one shoulder Kors dress and I am going to wear this midnight blue dress instead!” I went to the bathroom and started to cry. Victoria came after me. “Now here, here! Wipe your tears. If you don’t want to wear the Kors dress; you don’t have to.” I wiped my tears and she kissed me. I changed into the midnight blue dress and started to fix my hair. I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup but I put so much concealer I didn’t want anyone to notice my face. Victoria is wearing a sexy sequined short dress by Dolce and Gabanna. She looked very hot. She shouldn’t have any problem seducing the Teletec folks tonight. Me on the other hand, I wasn’t in the mood to seduce anyone. I am just trying to put a brave face on; I just cannot bear seeing Thomas and that bitch tonight.

Anyway, everything was ready and everything looked elegant. Phil, George and Jessica arrived. Phil asked, “Contessa, you are feeling better? I said, “I feel a little bit better. Thanks for asking.” Phil looked at my face and asked, “What happened?” I said, remember I told you I had low bl**d sugar; I felt dizzy and I accidently fell onto the foyer table out in the hallway as I entering the room.” Phil said you look beautiful anyhow. I would like to introduce you to George Bland, the CEO of Teletec.” I politely shake his hand. “How do you do sir?’ Nice to meet you again.” George said, Phil has told me a lot about you; you are a sight for sore eyes. I am so sorry that you slipped and fall.” I tried to keep on smile on my face. “Why thank you sir?” George has taken me by my arm and gotten me a plate and drink. “Here beautiful, I got you a plate so you could feel better. Phil thinks very highly of you. He tells me that you worked for the state of Maryland’s tax office in Annapolis temporarily and have a paralegal degree from Maryland. “That is right Mr. Bland.” George insisted. “No sweetheart, call me George.” I said all right.” He noticed that something wasn’t right. “Contessa, you don’t look very happy. Do you not like your job?” I said, “No that is not it; I just feel a little tired.” George suggested that we both go into the bedroom. We both taken our food in the room and locked the door. “George gently caressed my injured face and kissed me. “Oh, Contessa you are so beautiful and I do love your voluptuous body and curves. I want you now!” George has this gentleness about him that Phil lacks. I feel so safe with George; he has this fatherly image about him that I find so soothing and protected. George proceeded to unzip my dress. It fell to the floor and I gladly unzipped his trousers and I gave him a nice blow job. “Oh Contessa, you are so good. AWWW! “ I felt his cum inside my mouth. George continued to moan out loud. The guests at the suite heard us fucking each other. Meanwhile, Phil, Jessica and Victoria were enjoying each other’s company and mingled with the other guests.

Thomas and Christine arrived. Christine asked Phil, “Where is Contessa?” Phil says, I don’t know; she hasn’t been feeling too well today.” Christine pretended she didn’t know. “Oh really? I hope she is all right.” Thomas was mingling with the guests and took his Smartphone out of his pocket and showed me and Christine’s sex video to everyone there. The guests were in a state of shock. One woman said with a laugh, “I am not surprised that Christine would do something like this, but who would knew that Contessa was such a whore too!” Thomas was so smug about showing the video. “Hey guys, if you want a sex show; call on Contessa. She knows how to suck cock and eat pussy. You know how those whores from the east side of the Anacostia are. They may not have the breeding or go to the right school, but they sure know how to do one thing right, is to fuck and suck.” He laughed everyone politely laughed. “I know where that big titted fat whore is---she is fucking George Bland of Teletec in that room right there to save our account.” She doesn’t do anything but fuck every guy and gal that walks by her. “I have the video here for all to see. Well, we all expect Christine to be the firm’s whore! Contessa is another story; she is a fat blue collar state university educated whore; who is out of her element here and Phil should be a shame of himself to degrade this firm with this debauchery.

George and I immediately stopped fucking each other and heard the ruckus outside. We both put our clothes back on and came out of the bedroom. Thomas yelled across the room, “Well there is the fat Italian whore, fucking another man with money and status.” Well, George, I have something I have to show you. See here, there is Contessa making out with one our female employees.” I started to cry. George went after me. “Contessa, Contesssa, comeback here. I really like you; I don’t care what you do and who you do it with.” I locked up myself in the bathroom and cried.” Phil went into the bedroom with rage. “Thomas you son of a bitch, why are you doing this?” What she ever had done to you? Thomas said, “Well, she is not a good fit for our firm; you did a bl**dy mistake demoting Christine and let that fat Italian whore in such a position: She doesn’t possess a good image. Christine has always brought in the clients. Phil why you like her because her pussy juices smell like garlic?” Phil got pissed and decked Thomas. Thomas sneered, “Phil, our families are no longer friends. I hope that she was worth the trouble.” Phil got so enraged and fired Thomas in front of everyone.” Victoria and Jessica came rushing in to see what is going on. Phil got so angry; he had asked everyone to leave.

Everyone left including Christine. Phil asked George, Jessica and Victoria to wait outside in the lobby and asked them to comeback in about an hour. I was still crying and was throwing up from the stress. Phil took his hand and stroked my hair and started to kiss me. Phil asked, “What really happened here today. I know you didn’t really hurt your face by falling on the foyer table because of your low bl**d sugar.” I wasn’t born yesterday you know.” I have explained to him that Thomas came to the conference room this morning and told me that he had a sex video on his phone of me and Christine making out in the office. I cried and said. “He was verbally abusive towards me and threatened me at the breakfast buffet table. When we all break for lunch and you took George out to the bar and grill. I decided that I need to take a short nap and eat a light snack in the room because of my bl**d sugar. As I was going inside the room, Thomas ambushed me from behind covered my mouth took me inside the bedroom and held me down on the bed. Christine was already waiting for me in the bedroom. She held my arms down so I would not escape Thomas’s clutches. Thomas ripped my silk blouse and then proceeds to fuck me against my will with his cock and fingering me. As he continued to fuck me, Christine slapped my face so hard it got so swollen. Then I started to cry on his shoulder and showed him the ripped blouse. Phil was very furious. “Starting Monday, Thomas and Christine will no longer work for our firm. I made a huge mistake for keeping her on. I should have let her go a week ago. Sweetheart I am so sorry; I will make it up to you.” He has gotten me some food and drink and fed it to me tenderly and cuddled me safely in his arms. He carried me to bed and I started to fall asl**p.

George, Jessica and Victoria came back upstairs. Phil had a heart to heart with George about the account. Phil begged George to let him continue to represent him in the merger. George and Phil continue to talk and try to close the deal. Phil has to really up his charm to convince George to keep him on as counsel. As they continue to talk, Victoria and Jessica went to the bedroom as I was fast asl**p from exhaustion. Victoria took off my clothes and shoes while Jessica stripped down. After Victoria tenderly taken off my clothes; Jessica helped Victoria to strip down to her birthday suit. “Jessica, Victoria cooed. “We need to take care of our friend Contessa here. “She has worked so hard this past week and now got treated like shit by that asshole and bitch.” Victoria tenderly kissed me and stoking my hairy pussy while Jessica massaged my tits. The ladies were very comforting. They both gave me a body massage to get the stress out of me.” Meanwhile, George and Phil were still talking about what had happened. “George, I usually don’t run things like this, but it was Christine’s entire fault; she was angry that I had demoted her after she messed up your files. Contessa and Victoria had done a stupendous job saving the account. George said, “All right, I will keep you on as counsel but if I hear any more stuff happen like this every again; we are through.” Phil was relieved, “Deal, you won’t be disappointed. Phil invited Jessica and George to stay the night. They both opened the door and was pleasantly surprised of what they saw happening in the king size bed. It is big enough for them to have a foursome. George said, “I really like Contessa, she is very sweet and has this softness and innocence about her. I really loved how her voluptuous body caresses mine. Phil you are so fucking luck to have her as your right hand woman. You don’t mind if I see her do you?” Phil said as long as you understand that she is mine and it is nothing more than a business relationship.”

The men started to strip off their clothes and went on top of the king size bed. George and Phil pulled Victoria and Jessica off of me so they can have access to me. The virile men moved to the middle of the bed without disturbing my sl**p. Phil was on my right and George was on my left. The men caressed my nipples while I was sl**ping. The men started to gently sucking on my nipples; their tongues felt so wonderful. While they licked my nipples; they both took their large hands and rubbed my clit. Jessica and Victoria were making out at the end of the bed. Victoria was sucking on Jessica’s tits and fingering her pussy. Victoria and Jessica seem to have a great chemistry going; I was moaning and groaning while my two strong knights in shining armor consoled me with their cocks and tongues. Now, I have one hand on Phil’s cock and my other hand on George’s. Jessica has gotten on her fours and started to suck my pussy with her tongue. As her tongue tickled my clit; I started to shiver with delight and getting a big O. Victoria was licking her ass and took one of her big tits and fucked her from behind with her nipple. “Oh ladies and gentlemen; don’t spot fucking me all over. AWWWW!” The men’s cocks started to ooze their cum juices onto my face. It felt so good: Jessica was still eating my pussy. I can feel my pussy juices entering Jessica’s beautiful mouth. The men’s gorgeous big cocks started tickle my hairy arm pits. “Aww that tickles. I shouted with delight. Now, the ambush from today was temporarily out of my mind. George pulled Jessica away and started to insert his cock into my pussy. I can feel his balls banging against the walls of my vagina. Jessica fed my juices from her mouth to Phil’s while Victoria was kissing her neck and shoulders. George is a very virile man and very sexy too. He looks like one of my managers that I use to work under when I was with the state. I had a crush on him; maybe that is why I was drawn to him. Jessica said to George “why don’t you suck on Phil’s cock and let’s give Contessa a rest; she is exhausted” George sucked on his cock and Jessica was sucking Phil’s balls. Meanwhile, Victoria lies next to me caressing me and consoling me about my ambush. “Contessa, I know things had gone south between us; I want to make it right again.” I had shut my eyes and pretend that I didn’t hear her talking to me. Now it was George’s turn to have his cock sucked by Phil. Victoria now sucks on George’s balls as Phil sucks him. Jessica lied down next to me massaging my tits as she watched Phil and George get it on with assistance of my lovely Victoria. I feel fast asl**p and I wanted this evening to end. After Phil and George had gotten it on; they too decided it was enough. George sl**ps next to my right side while Phil slept on my left. The girls were on the far left. The lights went out and we had a good night’s sl**p.

Saturday morning came and I woke up before everyone else. I quietly got dressed packed my overnight and garment bag. I was so anxious to get out that room; it didn’t provide me with any good memories. I got off at the lobby and had the door man hail a cab for me. “Driver to Georgetown, please.” “Yes ma’m” said the cab driver. I stared out of the cab with tears running down my face. I didn’t like what I had become. The glamour and the glitz of living in Georgetown with a wealthy sugar daddy; and have a bisexual lover has not been a gratifying experience for me. My personal cell phone rang; I had a voicemail alert. It was the state of Maryland tax office leaving me a message on Friday afternoon that I was offered a permanent position with its legal department. I always wanted to work in Annapolis; it is a quaint city with history. I was happy. Although the money isn’t very good, at least I get health insurance and some vacation leave. The state HR office, says that they wanted me to give them a call Monday morning regarding my decision. I have made my decision; I will take the position in Annapolis. I think in the long run it would be the right decision for me; no drama and little more laid back atmosphere. Now, I will compose my letter of resignation and submit it to the sex master on Monday. “Dear Phil: with mixed emotions; I am submitting my resignation as your lover and your executive assistant effective at the end of this week. At the close of business on Friday via my personal voice mail, I was offered a legal assistant position with the state comptroller’s legal department in Annapolis I had applied for the position at least three months ago. While I do appreciate everything you had done for me and taught me everything that life offers; after what had transpired the past several days; I feel that I am not a perfect fit for your organization. I thank you for letting me comeback to work with you and you really had taught me a lot more than you ever know….By the close of business on Friday, I shall return your Smartphone, corporate credit cards; and other amenities that came with this position. Again, I thank you and I wish you luck in your endeavors. Sincerely, Contessa Morini.

My business cell phone rang. It was Phil, “Contessa? Where are you?” I said, “I went back home.” Sir, we need to talk; it cannot wait till Monday.” Phil was curious. “Ok, come back to the hotel and we can talk in private. Victoria is on her way back home and George and Jessica left. Contessa, George really liked you in the sack as well as professionally. You girls saved the account. Thank you, I will treat you to breakfast.” Okay I will be right there.” I went back to the hotel suite and met Phil. “Contessa, Good morning sweetheart. How are you? You don’t look all right; you said you have something to tell me?” I sat down in the couch and gave Phil my resignation Phil opened the envelope and started to read the resignation letter. He was speechless. “Contessa, please reconsider your resignation; you are a great asset to me not just because you are a great lover. I know things got out of hand here and it is partially my fault; I told you last night that Thomas and Christine will no longer be under the employ of our firm.” I said, “Phil, I had slept on it last night and I had made my decision this morning: I am going to take the position in Annapolis with the state tax office. I have waited for this position for months. I took your offer because I didn’t expect to hear about my applications status of the Annapolis position. The ambush situation really cemented my decision. I am sorry, Phil. I better tell you now and wait on Monday.” I started to cry. “Contessa, George really likes you and he told me this morning that he want to deal with you as my go between during the merger process.” I said , “I really don’t care! You have really destroyed me, I was so caught up with all the excitement of working for you and all of the nonstop sex. “You really made me felt so empty inside. This job is not worth it! I was much happier living from hand to mouth.” Money and power isn’t everything.” Phil was taken aback of what I just said to him. “Contessa, please reconsider. I need you. Contessa said, “No, I have made my decision; I will return all your property as stated in the resignation letter, the phone, credit cards and the designer clothes.” Phil has a somber look. “Contessa, I just can’t change your mind; you can keep the clothes. You are so beautiful and I don’t care what anyone thinks.” Contessa tearfully laments, “Thomas was right, I was way over my head here and I don’t really belong here.” Phil got mad at me. “Contessa, you have retreated back to your old self; don’t let some bitch and asshole tell you otherwise. Come on sweetheart, let’s have some of this breakfast here and enjoy the rest of the day here.” Phil started to kiss me and caress my tits. He took my hand and walked me to the bedroom and we started to have sex for the last time. I could see it in his eyes that he knew this would be the last time that we both have sex with each other. He gently lie on my back on the bed and he took my clothes off. He went on top of me and he gently kissed my lips and worked all the way down to my pussy. Somehow this time I wasn’t so excited about having sex him; my incident with Christine and Thomas had changed me and helped me realize what I had become under Phil’s guiding hand. Phil started to suck my pussy, but I wasn’t enjoying like I use to. I just lie there like a lump on the log. “ OH! Phil, slow down, please.” I told Phil to stop and pushed him off of me. “Contessa, come on! I want to spend some time with you.” I got dressed and Phil begged me to come back to bed. “Phil, I am going back home and I am going to start packing my belongings and going to start putting it in storage. I going to stay with a relative in Maryland.” Phil wasn’t so pleased. “Contessa, you can stay until you get yourself situated back to Maryland.” I was getting very tense and upset. “Phil, the faster I can get myself from under your thumb; the better off I will be.” I left the suite and took the cab back to Phil’s mansion. Phil was beside himself; he just couldn’t believe what I had just done. For the first time, someone had stood up to Phil; he is not use to have someone to say no to him. There is a first time for everything.

Meanwhile, I went back to the mansion and I saw Victoria there. “Contessa, where were you this morning?” I broke the news to her. “Victoria, I have just submitted my resignation to Phil. I can no longer work for him after what had happened with Christine and Thomas. All of these trappings are not worth the trouble. I will leave the firm at the end of this workweek. Phil wasn’t too happy but in my heart this right thing for me to do. In the end, I felt very empty inside. I was offered a permanent position with the State Comptroller’s legal division. I was contacted via Smartphone at the close of business on Friday. I checked it this morning so I had made my decision this morning. I really don’t belong here; they were right. You belong here more than I ever will.” Victoria was not happy with the news. “Contessa, I wish you weren’t going to leave us, but you have to do what is right for you. I will miss your soft body against mine.” Victoria and I went upstairs and made love to each other for the last time. I will really miss her tenderness.
Later, Victoria helped me pack my personal effects and move the boxes to the storage facility. The faster I get this done the better I feel. After we finished move my boxes to storage; Victoria and I grabbed a bite to eat and started to talk about things. “Victoria, please be careful and don’t get caught up with all the trappings here. You are a beautiful and smart young lady; finish your education at University of Maryland and get an internship. Sure Phil’s pay is great and all of the perks—the mansion, credit cards the nice clothes. It is not worth your dignity; please don’t get caught up until it is too late. Look what happened to Christine, she got caught up with all the perks of being the office whore look where it got her and look where it got me. I got out before more damage can be done. I thank God that I got this job offer. Sure I won’t be living the lifestyle of the rich and famous under a civil servants salary but at least I can feel good about myself at the end of the day…”

Victoria said, “I understand why you have to do this, I don’t want to go back to dancing at the club. I promise you I will start looking for something else.” I advised her, “Invest your money wisely. Phil is paying you a nice salary which is uncalled for as an intern/assistant. Well, I am tired.” Victoria asked, “Contessa are you heading back to the mansion?” I told her, “No I am heading back to Maryland to live with my cousin and renting her basement. I am moving there today; I will get my belongings next weekend. I will see you on Monday.” Victoria waved as I walked to the bus depot. She felt somewhat sad. I kissed her good bye.

Monday morning has arrived and I now I have a longer commute because I have moved back to the suburbs. There was a change of atmosphere as it was dead. As, I walked inside the office; everyone was whispering to each other about me and Friday’s incident. I held my head very high and try not to have the whispering to get to me. I sat down at my desk and started to get to work. Victoria came in and we chatted for a little bit but kept it on a professional level. Phil walked into the office and I said good morning to him. He politely responded and went into the office. He called Victoria in his office and didn’t bother to invite me in like he had in the past. I guess it is better this way. I am sure that Victoria and Phil are having their morning office sex, but I tried not to think about it. I am now alone here and no one at the firm would associate with me or say boo to me. My colleagues and Phil’s demeanor towards me this morning has really cemented my decision of leaving here; I felt that I made the right decision for my own sanity. The day has gotten very slow and the cold atmosphere towards me didn’t make it any faster. I was just waiting to end my day. 5 o’ clock came and I started to get my bag together. Phil saw me getting ready to leave, but he didn’t bother to say a word to me. I looked at him and proceeded to the elevator for the metro station. My last week here was not very easy for me; I was now labeled a pariah just because I have a conscience What really hurt that Phil has turned against me once I had stood up to him and decided for myself what is really right for me. The problem with ‘legacy men’ like Phil is that all of their life ; people could not say no to him because of his connections and background. There is an unwritten rule that blue collar types such as me should not challenge authority. That is my problem I always challenge authority whether it is good or bad; I have been labeled as an individualist or maybe sometimes a non-conformist.

Friday has finally arrived and boy I really was thinking TGIF! My new employer called me on my personal cell phone. We made arrangements regarding my start date which will be in a couple of weeks. I sure need some extra time to recover from the ambush before I start my new job. Phil has finally arrived and shut his office door and didn’t want to be disturbed. So I went about my business. It was an awkward situation for us to be in. I just don’t know what to say to him or Victoria. Victoria was not that far behind where she immediately knocked on Phil’s door. “Who is it?” Phil asked. “Sir, it is Victoria.” Phil said, “Come on in!” Victoria went into his office and shut the door and they started ‘their morning meeting.’ I know what they are both doing but I try to not feel bad about me not being able to partake in their activities.

As Friday winds down, I sat alone in my office reflecting what I had gotten myself into. My problem was that I need a way to out financially so being Phil’s paid concubine was very seductive. I guess I was no better than a prostitute on New York Ave NE or a high class e****t. Women prostitute themselves in many ways. Therefore, I was guilty as charged. My phone rang. It was Phil. “Contessa I would like to see you in my office now.” I said, “I will be right there.” I knocked on his door. He said for me to come in. I shut the door behind me. “Contessa, I know today is your last day here and I am so sorry what had happened here and things didn’t work out as we both wanted. I know I can’t make you change your mind to stay. I didn’t want you to think that I was ignoring for the past few day; I wanted to give you some space because it how this had ended. So I am offering you a nice severance package here.” My jaw had dropped when I saw how much the check was—it is $500,000. “Sir, there is no way that I would accept this check this is too much.” He said, “I know, but I want to help you out and get yourself situated. I really care for you and like you very much.” Invest this wisely and you will have a nice nest egg in a few years; you have been struggling and I want to make sure that you are taken care of” It is the least that I can do to rectify this situation. I said to you that you can keep the designer clothes. You look so elegant and stylish.” I was still in shock. I have never saw a check for that many amount of zeros in the life.

I have given Phil back the corporate Smartphone and the credits cards. “Well, sir thanks you for your generous check. He said, “You are welcome. I still want to see you.” I was crying and said, “Sir, I really don’t think it would a good idea that we both continue to see each other; besides we both come from two different worlds. Besides, I will be working in Annapolis and you are based here in DC; it wouldn’t work. Well, I better get my bag and my box and head on out to the metro station; it is getting late.” Phil said, “I care for you and I know that I like to play but something about you is very different; you are not like my other girls. You are a classy lady and no debutante has anything on you.” I was flustering and still crying. “Sir, I think we should end it here now!” Phil grabbed my box and bag and put it down on the floor and kissed me very passionately. Again, Phil has paralyzed me with his authoritative presence; I just couldn’t resist him. We both went to the sofa bed and started making love for an hour. I tried to resist his advances but his charm is so alarming. Twenty minutes into our good-bye sex, Phil had an idea. Phil was cuddling with me and kissed my left cheek and suggested. “Contessa, I have a second home on the Severn River in the Annapolis area. From time to time, I venture there to relax in my yacht. I was wondering if at all possible if you would like to continue to see each other. Baby I still want you so bad.” I said, Phil if you are asking me to live with you again to entertain one of your girlfriends; the answer is NO!” Phil said, “Come on Contessa, I will take you out on my yacht when the weather is nice and we can still enjoy each other’s company” Part of me would like to take him up on his offer, but I was still scarred from the ambush at the hotel. “Sir, I will think about it; I think that we both should keep our distance for a while. Maybe when time heals my wounds from the incident; I may take you up on your offer.” Phil was very sad. “Okay Contessa, I will keep in you mind; I have your cell phone number and I know how to track you down at the Comptroller’s Office.”
So our good-bye sex is over and it was time for me to gather my belongings and write a new chapter in my life. I kissed Phil goodbye and walked out of the office never looked back. Phil looked across the room with remorse and guilt about the incident wondering what he had done wrong. My time as Phil’s paid concubine has really taught me who I am as a woman sexually and professionally. Maybe in time Phil and I will revisit our relationship; I am sure that in time he would find a prettier, younger version of me. One would never know what would happen next….

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Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club - Comp

Chapter 1

Steve and Matt looked across the big conference table at each other patiently waiting. The flat screen TV that took up almost half the wall at the end of the boardroom hummed quietly while its blue screen tried to lull them to sl**p.

“Always late,” said Steve. He was Matt’s lawyer and friend of almost 15 years, and they both knew before arriving that Kimberly would be late. It was her way of controlling the situation.

The blue screen flickered and then gave way to the image of an identical boardroom save the different people around the table.

“Hello,” a man at the head of the table waved at us through cyberspace. “I’m Greg Lawrence, the lead counsel on this case. I will be representing Miss Cross in these proceedings.” He indicated a forty-something woman to his right, and she turned to face the screen.

Kimberly Cross’ blue eyes seemed to pierce the screen, and Matt had to take a second to recover. She had been a turning point in his life, and now all the horrible things she had done flooded back to him in an instant. The feeling didn’t last though as he was a different person than he had been so many years ago.

She sat comfortably in her chair, and Matt was surprised how the years had crept up on her. Gone was the youthful beauty of the past, replaced by a graceful, refined woman in her mid-forties. Her hair and clothes were immaculate, and she exuded an air of confidence. Kim’s eyes were a different story. Though a dazzling deep blue, he could see the same cold, calculating hardness of the person he had know so long ago.

“I am Steve Frought,” his friend said, bringing him back to reality, “I will be representing Mr. Daniels.” Kimberly’s eyes flashed in recognition, and she sat up a bit straighter in her chair.

“Steve,” she smiled, “So good to see you again.” Her lawyer did a surprised double take at the comment.

“You know him?” Greg asked in a voice that denoted more than a professional relationship. Kimberly glanced back at him and then returned her gaze to the screen.

“Oh yes,” she replied, “Steve and I were an item a long time ago.” The lawyer sat back in his chair, and his true feelings surfaced in his expression before quickly being quelled.

“Well, ok. Let’s get down to business, shall we?” He opened a file and began to concentrate on his notes. “Ms. Cross is seeking her share of the hydraulic velocity fuse that was designed by Mr. Daniels. She feels that a settlement of half the total profit from this invention and a percentage of any future profits will be equitable.”

“We would like to know what claim Miss Cross feels she has on this particular device,” Steve replied, “Especially since she and Mr. Daniels have been divorced for over 12 years.”

“My client made several phone calls during the time the fuse was being developed,” the lawyer said, “And they discussed the project at that time.”

It was a complete lie although Matt couldn’t tell if the counselor knew it or was just repeating Kimberly. The only phone calls she made to him after the divorce were to try to get him to pay the taxes on the house that she had received in the settlement. Matt had never talked to her, but he guessed she figured no one could prove it.

“That’s interesting,” Steve mused, “She called Mr. Daniels, and they talked about the development of his design?”

“That is correct,” the lawyer said straight-faced.

“If you don’t mind Miss Cross, can you tell me what the part is actually called?”

“It is the DFHVF246.” She rattled off the numbers as if she had rehearsed it.

“No,” Steve corrected, “not the name it is called now. Tell me the name of the fuse the night before it was sent to patent. Matt changed it to the current name a few minutes before it was submitted.” Kimberly blanched and struggled to keep her composure. Her lawyer looked to her expectantly, and it was obvious he had thought she was filing a legitimate lawsuit.

When she didn’t answer, he quickly turned back to the screen. “Give us a few minutes please.” He reached for the remote lying on the desk and pushed a button leaving the monitor a familiar blank blue.

“He’s doing her,” Steve said flatly.

“He doesn’t even know what she is yet,” Matt agreed. They chatted for a few minutes before the screen changed, and the two reappeared.

“Mr. Daniels,” the lawyer started slowly as if he were dreading the next step. “We would like to make an offer in compromise for the amount of…”

“No,” Matt interrupted him. The attorney seemed shocked, as did Kimberly.

“But you haven’t heard our offer.”

“I don’t need to,” Matt said, “You have it figured out by now so don’t bother. If she can’t even tell us the original name of the fuse, then there is no point in going any further.”

“She says you discussed it with her and she offered advice,” he said feebly, “That means she was instrumental in helping with the development…”

“No it doesn’t,” Steve broke in, “It just means she is a liar and doesn’t have a clue. The reason she can’t tell us the name before the final change is because she never talked to anyone about it. She won’t be able to find it anywhere either since the only copy of the original documents is in my office where they have been the day the patent paperwork was submitted.”

“In your office?” Kimberly’s attorney was completely frustrated now. “You can’t act as his attorney in this case if you can be called as a witness!”

“I know,” Steve replied calmly, “But it doesn’t matter since there is no case. Of course if you decide to pursue this frivolous lawsuit, my client is prepared to countersue.”

Greg's face tightened as he processed what was happening and tried to think of an angle to make this work. He had obviously been lied to, and now he appeared to be looking for a way out.

“Do something idiot!” Kimberly shrieked at him suddenly. The outburst caught her lawyer completely off guard, and he looked up to see Steve and Matt smiling at him. Flushing red in embarrassment, the anger began to seep into his voice.

“I need to speak with my client,” he snapped.

“Take all the time you need,” Matt piped up. “We’re done. See you around Kimmy.” Her face darkened at being called the name she despised. Before she could say anything more, Matt hit the power button on the remote, killing the feed.

Steve was rolling with laughter so hard it was contagious, and Matt ended up joining in. “The look on her face was perfect!” he said when he had calmed down enough to talk.

“She won’t quit,” Matt told him as they caught their breath and got up to leave the boardroom.

“I wonder how many guys she’s done this to,” Steve mused. Matt wondered that as well, and the thought stayed with him as they went to have a celebratory lunch.

By the time Matt made it to the gym that evening, he had made a decision. He would try to find out just how many men Kim had taken advantage of.

“Hey you,” Denise said as he increased the speed of the treadmill. They had met a few months earlier, and it seemed their cardio schedule was about the same so every few days they would end up talking as we ran.

“Hey yourself,” Matt said over the noise of the treadmill as it picked up speed. She quickly jumped onto the machine next to him and within a few seconds was matching his pace.

Denise had moved to the town months ago, but Matt got the feeling that he was the only person she had met so far. She was about his age and in good shape from the time she put in at the gym. Her smile was infectious, she was easy to get along with, and it appeared they had a lot in common.

They had gone on a few dates since then, dinner or a movie, but nothing serious. If their schedules hadn’t been so hectic, he felt they would see more of each other. The two chatted about their day for a few minutes while warming up and then increased the speed until they were too breathless to talk. By the time they reached the thirty minute mark, Matt was beginning to suck air and he was glad when she started punching buttons on the treadmill to slow down. It took a few more minutes to catch their breath to be able to talk again.

“I have the evening off,” she said suddenly while looking hopeful that he would take the hint.

“Really? Maybe we should get dinner together.” She smiled brightly and nodded. They agreed on a time, and he headed home to clean up. Matt checked the computer as soon as he got out of the shower and on a whim decided to do a quick search for private investigators.

There were hundreds listed, so he sent an email to Steve asking if he could recommend anyone and a few seconds later my phone rang.

“What do you need a PI for?” he demanded as if Matt had withheld critical information.

“I want to see what Kim has been up to,” Matt told him, “We may not have been the only ones she screwed over.” There was a long pause before Steve answered.

“Actually, I have been thinking the same thing, so I already found someone to check her out. We may find something we can use in case she tries to come at you again,” he said, “I’ll go in half with you on this since I think it may be worthwhile to find some dirt that will make her squirm.”

“Vindictive much?” Matt laughed. There was no love lost between Steve and Kim. It seemed her reappearance had quite an effect on him.

“I just have the feeling she has been screwing over people for a long time,” he replied, “If there are a few more guys out there she fucked over, maybe we can figure out a way to keep her from doing it again.”

They had been thinking along the same lines, and Matt was glad he wasn’t the only one that held a grudge. He would have been happy to let it go if she hadn’t tried to steal part of his company. He hung up with Steve and began concentrating on his upcoming date with Denise.


Matt knocked on the door of the apartment and waited for Denise to answer. The complex was new and very nice. The smell of fresh paint was still in the air competing with the aroma of the flowers in the well manicured beds beside the building. The door opened and Denise smiled at him.

She was wearing a black dress that hugged her curves and accented her full breasts. The bottom of the fabric came to just above the knees and wrapped around her thighs in way that showed the work she had put in at the gym. Matt was in awe and moved to her as she greeted him through the doorway.

“I’m ready,” she said as Matt approached. He was still feeling confident after the meeting with his ex, and he had a sudden urge to kiss Denise. In the past, he would have been polite and let the feeling pass, but today he felt different.

Matt stepped up directly in front of her and without hesitation kissed her full on the lips. She seemed surprised, but in a split second, she returned the kiss and they stood in the doorway with her arms around his neck. She pulled him backwards into the room and kicked at the door with one foot without releasing him. The latch clicked shut, and she suddenly broke the kiss.

“Wait here,” she smiled and quickly vanished into a room off the hallway behind her. He stood just inside the room without moving and took in his surroundings. The new furniture and expensive-looking art around the large living room was an indication of her success in the real estate business. He didn’t know if she had decorated or hired someone, but the room was tasteful and elegant.

“Matt.” He glanced down the hallway to find Denise beckoning him. She was still dressed the same way with the exception of her hair. Where before it had been pulled tightly back and pinned, it was now loose and flowing. He moved to her quickly, and they met at the bedroom door and kissed again, more feverishly this time.

She pulled away, taking his hand and leading him towards the bed. She stopped at the foot of it and began unbuttoning his shirt. He reached out to pull at her dress, but she gently pushed his hand away.

“Let me,” she said seductively as she leaned in and kissed him on the neck while pushing the shirt off his shoulders. He complied as she kissed her way down his body, stopping for a moment longer at his crotch and then continued downward until she was kneeling at his feet. She undid his shoe laces, and he lifted one foot and then the other as she undressed him one article of clothing at a time.

When he was completely naked, she stayed kneeling in front of him and eye level with his now hard cock. She leaned forward and tentatively licked the head before smiling up at him. Without loosing eye contact, she pushed forward, and his cock disappeared into her mouth. She closed her eyes and began to work in earnest back and forth, building momentum as he groaned and swayed above her.

After a few minutes, she stood to face him and wrapped her arms around his nude body. She pulled him close and nuzzled her head into his shoulder, simply holding him for a long moment as his hard member jutted out against her thigh. She released him and took a small step back.

“Now do me,” she said.

Matt moved forward and tried to decide where to begin. He wanted to rip her clothes off and slam her onto the bed, but it was obvious she wanted him to take his time. She lifted one foot off the floor to let him know what she wanted, and he knelt down to take her foot in his hand. The high-heeled shoe was new and shiny and he couldn’t resist a quick kiss to the polished toe. He slid the strap off the back of her heel and then moved to the other foot. Before long, all her clothes were in a heap on the floor next to his.

He could smell the light scent of her perfume and feel her soft breasts against his chest as he pushed insistently against her while they kissed. Eventually, the backs of Denise’s legs bumped against the bed, and they broke their embrace just long enough to fall onto the mattress. Matt moved to kiss her neck as she settled onto her back and, with his right hand, began to explore her body.

He moved his lips across her throat, peppering her with soft kisses as his hands caressed her flat stomach. He was rewarded with a moan as he caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked at it gently. He found the top of her mound with his hand and then the small button that caused her to move and gyrate her hips when he flicked his finger across it.

A few more strokes and her legs were spread wide, and her breathing was rapid and shallow. He sucked a bit harder at the now stiff nipple before rolling onto her and aligning his cock. He pushed forward and slid in easily as she wrapped her legs around his back to spur him on. Matt tried to start slowly and build momentum, but the excitement was too much and within seconds he was thrusting full f***e as fast as he could.

Denise pulled at his back with one hand, and the fingers of the other tangled in his hair as she cooed and moaned. She squeezed tightly with her legs and ground against him as he pounded her hard and fast. With her head back and panting heavily, she felt the first wave of climax reach her, and her body tensed rigidly before shuddering in orgasm.

Pushed over the edge by her movements, Matt quickly followed. He slammed into her and held his groin against hers, fully inside and connected as he came. The intensity was incredible and he actually felt lightheaded from his release.

They stayed in that position as the sensations began to wane, and he slid off and lay beside her. He could see her breathing was returning to normal although her nipples were still erect and there were goose bumps on her body. He lay close to her and ran his hand along her stomach feeling her tight muscles just below the soft skin. She caught his hand in hers and rolled onto her side, pulling him against her back in the process.

“This was the best dinner date I’ve had in a while,” she mused. Matt chuckled, cupped her breast in his hand, and squeezed it playfully.

“Maybe we can do it again sometime,” he laughed. She giggled and put her hand over his pressing it firmly onto her.

“Maybe,” she replied as she pushed her ass against him and rubbed it against his cock, “We can do it again now.”

Chapter 2

Steve was using a laser pointer to highlight a specific area of the large screen. Matt glanced around the room and was happy to see that everyone was deeply engrossed in the subject and that all of the men were taking notes.

It had been 3 months since the meeting with Kimberly and her attorney, and Steve had developed a new mission. He found several other men that had been duped by her and brought them together to figure out a way to bring her down. The group formed quickly and easily with their common denominator being that each had fallen under Kim’s spell at one time or another. They were hand picked by Steve for the skills they could lend to the undertaking, and those skills were impressive.

All of the men were wealthy, but David Johnson was by far the man with the largest portfolio. At thirty, he had sold off his first company and used that profit as leverage to buy into and rebuild several other companies over the years. Now, he was pushing fifty, and the contacts he had made over the last twenty years put him at the top of the list of candidates to help with this project.

Larry Miller had been chosen for his ability with computers. It was more of a gift really, as he was able to interact with a line of code more easily than people. He had been reluctant but Steve could be persuasive, and over the last few months, a friendship had developed. It was easy to see why Larry had been such an easy target for Kimberly, and the first program that he had sold belonged partly to her. Not because she had helped him in any way, but because he had been so naive.

Jerry Mass was a rotund man. He was the youngest of the group at thirty eight and seemed to be in a perpetually good mood. That is, until the conversation turned to Kimberly. Then he became somber and almost withdrawn. He owned a real estate company two states away, but he was on the next plane when Steve called him. There was obviously more to his story than just the loss of money, and it showed in his hatred for Kim.

“So we have everything in place now, and everything is on track.” Steve was saying, “All we need is a location to set the plan in motion. Mr. Stout, can you give us an update?”

“Sure,” replied the burly man. Gary Stout strode easily to the front of the room. He exuded confidence for good reason as he was very capable of getting things done. It was the reason the group had hired him.

Gary picked up the remote and clicked a button to change the screen. A photo of Kim appeared in front of a large house. She had just gotten out of the back seat of a large black sedan as the driver held the door for her. “She is currently in Miami and has resided in this house for over a year.” He clicked the button, and the picture changed again.

This time it was of Kim at her pool behind the house. She was wearing a bikini and lounging quietly while looking at her phone. “This appears to be her base of operation, and no one comes to visit her here. She has three other houses around the city.” He clicked the button, and the images of the houses came up.

These houses were not as nice as the one she lived in, but they were not rundown either. “She uses these houses to ‘entertain’ her guests,” Stout continued, “It appears she uses the Internet to locate her marks and then meets them at one of these houses. Most of the men are middle-aged with a good amount of money and either a public profile or a wife. She gets photos of them engaged in sex with her and then blackmails them.” He paused for a second in case anyone had a question. No one said anything, so he clicked the remote.

“She has two scams that are in play. The quickest one is to find a mark that has something to lose and blackmail him with sex photos. She hits them once and walks away without any more contact. The average take is about $50,000.” None of the men in the room flinched at the number. They all had lost more than that to her.

“I checked all the houses,” he informed them. “She has some high tech equipment installed in each room of the houses. Whatever photos or videos she gets, it’s going to be very clear, and there are also separate microphones so the voices are going to be easy to determine as well. She has this scam going on in three states at any time and poses as an insurance agent for commercial property. She actually has a business setup and is licensed. This gives her the base for the second scam she has been running.”

He glanced around the room and then moved to the next slide. It was a list of names for what Stout called the long con. Kimberly developed relationships with men over a period of time and had an ongoing stream of income from them. The names on the list had all developed a product of some type that was being sold, and she was getting a percentage of the profit. Four of the names on the list were in the room at that moment.

“She spends a lot of time setting these cons up. She is careful and does a lot of planning that has paid off for her. She has help, but I haven’t found out if they are partners or hired hands. My guess is the help is hired because she is extremely controlling and I doubt anyone as selfish as her would share in the profits.” He paused again but only briefly as this group had a good grasp of what was going on, and it was unlikely there would be questions.

“As of last week, she just finished a long con and she may end up with a 10% cut of a new type of paper that is being developed. She has been working on this one for over a year, and based on her past, I think she will start over with another long con. First, she will move to a leased home in the city she is going to work in. She will set up one or two short cons to keep up cash flow and work on a long con at the same time.”

“My suggestion is to find someone that fits the profile she is looking for and turn the short con into a long con,” Stout said. “If she thinks she is has found a long-term mark, she will probably focus on him, at least until she feels he is hooked.”

“How does she pick her marks?” Steve asked.

“She uses the Internet to find them,” Stout replied. “She searches for middle-aged men with a good portfolio and maybe some media attention for their work. Ms. Cross has done a lot of research lately, and, thanks to Mr. Miller, we have everything she has accessed in the past month.” He nodded to Larry and the computer expert looked away, embarrassed by the compliment.

“Do we know where she is going next or who she is targeting?” Steve asked.

“She’s coming to us,” Stout smiled, “And she’s coming at you.” His big arm stretched forward and he pointed directly at Matt.


Kimberley Cross checked her makeup one last time before the car pulled up to the large house. She had spent hours making sure her dress gave her the look she wanted. Alluring but not sluttish was how she envisioned the night going, and she needed to be able to play the part.

She pushed her breasts up as the driver opened the door, and she stepped into the humid Miami night. It had been dark for hours but it was still hot, and Kim had taken that into account when buying the dress. The material was light, but the design was elegant and hugged her figure that she worked so hard to maintain. She was aware that someone might be watching, so she moved toward the door as gracefully as possible.

The house was huge. It would have been a mansion in any other part of the country, but it was just a house by Miami elite standards. It sat on twenty acres of real estate about thirty minutes from the city, and the grounds were immaculately kept. It was only two stories but seemed to spread endlessly in either direction from the entrance.

The door opened before she could reach for the handle, and a large black man in a butler suit greeted her. He simply stepped back and motioned with his hand in a sweeping gesture to invite her in. As Kim stepped through the doorway, she could see there were many small groups of people chatting with each other.

The main room just through the door was massive and rivaled the size of many hotel ballrooms she had been in. The highly polished granite floor bounced the sound of the many voices toward the lofty, vaulted ceiling as the different groups laughed and talked. Several clusters had broken off and stood huddled to one side of the room. It was obvious business was being discussed by the expressions their expensively dressed dates had on their faces. They looked bored, and one was pecking away at her cell phone; probably updating her social media status so friends would be jealous that she was invited to a private party and they were not. It didn’t matter that her ‘date’ was 35 years older than her and not much to look at.

Kim recognized many of the faces as she moved across the room. Some she would need to avoid, but others nodded in greeting or spoke to her. By design, she was one of the last to arrive, and she had just gotten a drink when an announcement was being made. A large, well-built, white man in a butler suit similar to the one the doorman had greeted her in broadcast in a loud, booming voice that the party was moving to the pool area. The crowd dutifully shuffled toward the rear of the house and out into the muggy night to find a stage had been erected in the backyard.

The platform was about twenty feet across at the front and rounded so the people could gather around it. It was almost four feet off the ground so it would be easy for everyone to see what was happening even from the back of the yard, and the raised floor extended to an unknown point behind a curtain some thirty feet away. There were professional stage lights with a bundle of cables that disappeared off to one side, creating a trail to a point beyond where the crowd was gathering, terminating at a table with expensive looking sound equipment. Two young men with headphones were punching buttons and sliding controls as the lights on the center stage began to brighten.

Kim stayed toward the back of the crowd, and as she took in the scene, she caught the gaze of a well-dressed man staring at her. She had seen him before at parties and a club but now a shiver ran down her spine making her involuntarily look away. She cursed herself for the action and reminded herself that she was a successful, confident woman. Nevertheless, she moved behind a group of people so he could not see her.

The owner of the house stepped onstage and introduced himself. He appeared very professional and was at ease with the microphone in front of a crowd as if it were something he did every day. He thanked everyone for coming and relayed his hope that his guests would enjoy the entertainment before giving over the stage to the white butler.

The man appeared larger now than he had in the ballroom. His chest bulged and the elevation revealed his thighs were so massive even the tailored butler suit could not hide it. He had no microphone and as he began to speak it was obvious why. His loud, thunderous voice echoed across the crowd, penetrating every corner of the yard.

“Tonight,” he said as he dramatically swept his hand across the crowd, “We bring you the sensuality of submission!” No one spoke, and it was if he had entranced the entire audience.

“This performance is not for the faint of heart,” he continued, “Everything you see is real.” He smiled broadly and looked around the large crowd without really seeing anyone in particular.

“We encourage you to leave if you are sensitive to intense sexual acts or…” he paused dramatically, “Pain.” Several women gasped, but no one moved. Whatever was about to happen had their full attention, and they weren’t going to miss it.

The butler paused again for effect, and when it was obvious no one would leave, he took a few steps to one side and a spotlight suddenly lit up the curtains behind him. Music began to play at the same time and a woman in a ball gown appeared from the curtain. She began to dance, and it was obvious this was a well-choreographed and rehearsed performance.

She was tall and graceful with long red hair that billowed out behind her as she moved. Her dress clung to her upper body while the skirt flowed neatly around her legs. She was exotic and radiated sexual energy to the point the crowd had u*********sly pressed against the stage to be closer to her.

Without breaking time to the music or losing a step, she somehow managed to discard the dress in something more akin to a magic trick than dance. She held the material for only a second before flinging it toward the back of the stage, and it fluttered to the floor. The dancer once again faced the crowd and twirled before them in a set of shiny black panties and bra with nothing else except her matching ballerina shoes.

As she continued her performance at the edge of the platform near the guests, the black butler appeared in a spotlight in the center of the stage. He was wearing only a leather belt and arm bands that accentuated his large muscles and next to him was a bar stool.
The woman moved toward him, no longer dancing but with her head bowed and hands behind her back. As the man waited for her, he moved his hands slightly at his side and a thin cane could be seen. The redhead moved into place with her back to the audience and slowly bent over the stool resting her stomach on the seat.

Music was still playing, but now it had blended and morphed into something else. The beat was becoming stronger, and the tempo had changed to a faster more intense tune. The butler unceremoniously raised the cane and brought it down hard across the woman’s butt. The sound overpowered the music, and the loud “THWAK!” could be heard by everyone.

On the white skin of her ass, where the panties did not cover, there was now an angry red line that showed exactly where the cane had landed. It was soon joined by another and then another as the man rained down blows onto her stroke after stroke without slowing his speed or f***e.

The big man kept pace with the music as it became louder and the tempo increased. The cane was a blur now, and the swish and crack of it hitting her ass could still be heard above everything as he increased the blows to full f***e. The music crescendo was reached, and the woman lay panting on the stool. Even from behind, it was easy to see the rise and fall of her back caused by her labored breathing.

The black man dropped the cane, and the lighting changed, illuminating his large swollen cock. He grasped the woman’s panties and ripped them from her body, revealing the mass of welts across her inflamed ass. Tossing the torn cloth to the crowd, he stepped behind her, and in one motion, sank his cock to the hilt. He began to pump into her as the music and lighting changed again. The small section of the stage with the stool began to rotate, and the two turned slowly so everyone in the audience would get a view.

The man never slowed his pace or changed positions. He rammed into the dancer almost angrily with no sign of becoming tired. The music began to speed up again, and the hard beat was intoxicating as the crowd stood mesmerized by the lewd display before them. A few of the guests began to fondle and caress the person next to them and others u*********sly began to touch themselves, but no one looked away as the two on the stage coupled.

The music was very loud now, and it was obvious the man was getting close to cumming. His large muscles flexed, and he increased his pace even more as the redhead was tossed about like a rag doll beneath him. She opened her mouth as if the scream but no sound came out, and her face contorted in what could have been either pain or orgasmic bliss. Her captor pulled back letting his member pop out of her and into his hand. He stroked his cock a few times before becoming rigid and shooting long white streams of cum across her back.

Kim glanced around the stage to find clothes being pulled away from bodies of the guests at an alarming rate. There were men and women all around her engaged in one form or another of sex. The woman next to her suddenly dropped to her knees and began sucking the cock of her date… or maybe it wasn’t. Kim couldn’t tell who was with whom as the party devolved into a d***ken orgy.

She looked across the stage and directly in front of her was the man. He was staring at her, trying to pierce her soul with his eyes. She looked down and turned to walk away. A hand grasped at her breast as she headed toward the door, but she brushed it away and moved quickly around the bodies both standing and already prone on the ground in various sexual positions.

Kim made it to the backdoor of the house and turned to see the undulating crowd that had turned flesh colored, accented with a sheen of sweat from the Florida heat. The next act was being wheeled onto the stage, and it appeared to be a shapely young woman tied tightly in an upright position inside a heavy metal framework. The contraption was pushed to the middle of the stage by the white butler who was now nude.

His bulging muscles, now unhampered by clothing, looked impressive as he flexed to push the trapped girl into position. Satisfied he had the stage set correctly, he stepped back and unfurled a whip which he cracked once over his head in a loud bang that momentarily stopped everyone cold. The lights came up and shined brightly on the captive.

Kim could see clearly that it was the bored girl whom earlier that night had been texting on her phone. She had a ball gag in her mouth and drool escaped around it as her body was held tightly in place, stretched by hand and foot toward each corner of the unyielding metal stand. The whip cracked again and then, in a wide arc, made its way toward her. The girl’s eyes widened as the leather snapped against her skin, and then she howled in pain so loudly the agonizing cry could be heard above the music.

Once again the crowd was enthralled, but this time only for a few strokes before they went back to whatever sexual act they had been performing. The sound of the whip striking flesh pushed them on, and the moans of pleasure mixed with that of the girl’s pain. She was completely immobile except for her head which shook violently side to side each time the man landed a blow.

“At least she’s not bored,” Kim said to no one in particular as she turned to leave the party. She did not see him, but she knew he was watching her as she walked toward the front door. The party had been a success and was the cultivation of over a year of planning to get him interested without making it obvious.

“It won’t be long now,” she thought to herself, “A few more times, and he will be all over me.” She smiled as she moved past the driver holding her door and slid into the back seat. The wait for the final score was almost over. Now, it was time to disappear for a while and make the final preparations. She already knew where she would be going and what she would be doing during that time.

Chapter 3

Chip floored the accelerator and swerved around the slow moving cars in front of him. They were actually driving over the speed limit, but Chip was in a hurry and cursed at them as he jockeyed around the line of drivers only to find he was almost to his exit. He jerked the wheel hard to the right, narrowly missing a car, and barely making the turn. The tires of the BMW made a thump, thump, thump sound as they bounced over the lane indicators to let a driver know he was off the road. Chip accelerated down the ramp and followed the in-dash GPS to the location he had been given.

The electronic map led him to a small shopping center with a half dozen flourishing shops of different types. He slowed enough to read the addresses until he reached a store front with a large sign claiming it was for rent. He checked the address again and groaned.

“Fucking cloak and dagger bullshit!” he spat. Sliding out of the car, he walked to the entrance of the abandoned store and tugged at the door. It was unlocked, so he stepped inside the building and let his eyes adjust to the dimness.

“Good morning, Mr. Wendt!” a voiced boomed from the back of the empty room. Chip could see the shadow of the large man, and he moved in his direction.

“What the fuck is this?” Chip whined, “You want to play spy, get someone else to do your shit for you!”

“That’s fine with my employers,” said the man, “But I’ll need the initial payment back.” Chip was only a few feet away now, and he could see the man was bigger than he first thought.

“I don’t have it,” Chip’s voice dropped off, “Fucking divorce is about to put me under.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wendt. My employers will live up to their end of the deal as long as you do as you are told.” Chip’s eyes flashed in anger.

“Do as I’m told?” he screamed, “I’ll…” His words were cut off as the bigger man grasped his throat and slammed him up against a nearby wall.

“Yes,” the brute said calmly, “You’ll do as you’re told. Exactly as you are told, every time, or I will be back to have another meeting with you. Only next time, I will not be so gentle.” He released his grip allowing the lawyer to sink back to his heels.

“Ok, ok,” Chip coughed, “What do you want me to do?”

“Sometime in the next few weeks, you’ll be approached by a woman,” the man said, “Do whatever you want with her, but don’t go to her home or any place she suggests.”

“That’s it?” Chip asked puzzled, “Don’t go a bitch’s house? What the fuck is going on?”

“She lures men to a location and her films them in awkward positions for blackmail.”

“So you’re some sort of cop?”

“Something like that,” the man said dismissively, “We have reason to believe she will target you next.”

“Why me?” Chip was whining again.

“Because you fit the profile,” the mystery man said patiently, “She’ll probably offer sex to lure you in.” Chip was surprised at this but quickly composed himself.

“You want me to avoid her?”

“No. Do whatever you want with her, but make sure it’s at a place of your choosing.”

Chip stood quietly now, taking in what the man was saying, “You want me to fuck this broad any way I want but not at her place?”

“Not at any place she suggests,” the man replied flatly. Chip shrugged as he accepted this without further question. It was obvious this man wasn’t a cop, but he also wasn’t a joke either.

“Who am I looking for?” Chip asked, “Do you have a picture? What is her name?”

“I’ll get you all the information you need when it is necessary,” he said, “Any other questions?”

“What do I call you?” Chip asked suddenly.

“Mr. Stout,” The man said as he turned to leave, “We’ll be in touch, Mr. Wendt.” He left through the back door, and Chip resisted the urge to peek out and see where he had gone.

“What a fucking day!” Chip whined. He walked quickly through the front door and got into his car without hesitating. He felt like he was being watched, and it made him paranoid. Slamming the car into gear, he headed out of the shopping center and directly to his favorite bar. He needed a drink.


Matt and Steve listened intently to Stout’s report via a speaker phone system. They sat in a boardroom one floor above Steve’s firm in a set of offices that had been vacant. It was really David’s idea, and since he had the money to bankroll the operation, they all agreed. It was a good setup, and it allowed Larry to spend as much time as he wanted in a separate office with all his computers well into the night.

“He’s good to go,” Stout was saying after relaying the play-by-play of the meeting with Chip, “He’s a real squirrel, but he should be easy to keep on a leash.” They ended the call and Matt sat back in his chair. He was concerned about the new addition to the plan and worried that Chip would tip off their prey.

“He may be an idiot, but he knows how to keep the woman in check,” Steve said as if reading Matt’s thoughts. “He is an asshole and won’t let her get close to him. He’ll treat her like shit and make it difficult to get anything out of him.”

Steve was confident of how Chip would act. He was aware of the divorce and the issues of domestic abuse. If Chip’s ex-wife was to be believed, Kim was in for a hell of a ride.

“Are we sure Chip is the one she’ll pick?” Matt asked suddenly. They had been over the data Larry had compiled dozens of times, and it always came out that Chip was the most likely target. They had also warned a few others to watch out for her to narrow the possibilities.

“We’ve done all we can,” Steve shrugged, “Larry knows his stuff, and based on what we know about Chip, he looks like an easy target. It all fits and Larry thinks she will make her move in the next two weeks, so we should be in good shape.”

“I’m not sure about the car,” Matt said, “I don’t want to be involved with a stolen car.”

“Stout already took care of it,” Steve said and he dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “We can’t be traced to it, and it’s a good insurance policy.”

The car was Stout’s idea. They would ‘acquire’ an identical model to that of Chip’s and switch the license plates. Kim was shrewd and would know a lot about her target before proceeding so it was important to keep everything the same. She always asked to borrow a car in order to keep the contact with the men she conned. It was a clever way to ensure she had his attention. If he was willing to give up his car for her, she knew he would do anything she asked.

Larry’s system was proving to be very accurate when it came to predicting how Kim would act. The men had pooled their experiences, and Larry had written a program to help track variables and determine probabilities. It wasn’t foolproof, but the men had a put a lot of faith in it, enough to steal a car to use as a backup plan. If it all went wrong, they could call the license plates in as stolen, and the Kim would be arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

“I agree with having a backup plan,” said Matt, “If she picks Chip, and if she asks for the car, and if, if, if…” He trailed off and slouched in his chair. He had more to lose than the others because his company was on the line. They were using his livelihood as bait to work a con on Kim, and if it went wrong… he didn’t want to think about it.

“Chill out,” Steve said, “According to Larry’s calculations, it will be within the next few weeks that she makes a move and then you’ll be fine. It’s all this waiting around that has you worked up.” He didn’t know if he was trying to calm Matt’s nerves or his own.


Chip sat glumly at the bar and sipped at his drink. It burned slightly as it went down and warmed him up. The meeting with Stout had been nerve-racking to say the least, and he was finally calming down.

He would have liked to tell the big man to fuck off, but he needed the money. He had already lost the house and car. HIS car. It was a seven series top-of-the-line BMW, and he missed it. The three series replacement was ok but had only half the horsepower and was a lot smaller. He really missed his old car, and it burned him up that his ex was driving it now.

The house wasn’t a big deal except it had doubled in value since he bought it. He thought in the divorce we would get some equity but the judge didn’t see it that way. The domestic v******e and the revelation of his affairs over the years had finally caught up with him.

“Fuck the bitch,” he mumbled to himself as he nodded to the bartender to bring another round. He glanced about the dimly lit room and took in the scene. The air hung heavy with cigarette smoke, and the bar smelled of cheap whiskey and cheaper perfume. It was a dive by any standard, and he felt at home.

He was calmer now, and he began to check out the crowd. He had a few regular hookups, but it was the middle of the week and he didn’t see them. There was a couple sitting close and flirting at a corner table and a woman he had seen occasionally the last few months at the end of the bar. A few other men lounged around the room. One was in a cheap suit and drinking alone while others were drinking together and telling lies about how much they had accomplished in life.

He looked at the solitary woman again. She sat quietly at the bar and seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Her hair was pulled back, and she was dressed conservatively, like a secretary or real estate agent in the suburbs. She was attractive, but not a model and he noticed her tits weren’t that big. They were probably just a C cup or maybe a bit larger, but nothing to get too excited about.

Chip picked up his drink and walked over to her. She didn’t look up or acknowledge him, so he sat on the next stool. He didn’t feel like playing the cat and mouse game tonight. He just wanted to fuck, and he had a feeling she was here for the same thing.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

The woman looked up and smiled weakly. “I’m fine, just had a rough day.”

“We got something in common then,” Chip said and held up his glass in a toast. The woman looked at him inquisitively for a second, and then a ‘what the hell’ expression crossed her face. She picked up her glass and clinked it against his before downing the contents completely.

Chip spent the next hour plying her with drinks and pretending to listen to Dena’s sad story. There was something about her car being in the shop and her boss being on her ass. It really wasn’t that interesting so he passed the time by thinking of different ways to fuck her. When she was sufficiently d***k, he offered her a ride and wasn’t surprised when she accepted. He could be quite charming when he was horny.

A fifteen minute ride got them to his house outside the suburbs. He had chosen it because it was out of the way and surrounded by a bit of land. It was in the company name but he was the only one that used it, him and his conquests that is. It was the only thing he had gotten in the divorce because his ex said she didn’t want any place he had taken his whores.

Chip had to help his new friend out of the car and into the house. He kicked the door closed behind him and took her straight to the bedroom. She lay motionless on the mattress and at first he thought she was asl**p.

“This is not my house,” Dena slurred, “Where are we?”

“I don’t know where you live,” Chip said, “I brought you here so you can rest.” He tugged at the buttons on the blouse and pulled it aside. He had guessed right about the tits, but he wasn’t too disappointed. She had a good body and wasn’t fighting him off so he continued with the skirt.

“I’m losing my clothes,” the woman giggled, “Are you planning to fuck me?” Her voice was thick from the alcohol, and she giggled again at her sentence.

“Fuck me?” Dena said again loudly, and she burst into a d***ken fit of laughter. Chip smiled and slid the panties from her legs, admiring how toned they were. It was obvious she spent a lot of time in the gym.

She lay quietly while he undressed and climbed onto the bed, but then she sat up and surprised him with a passionate kiss. He kissed her back, and her hand grasped his hard cock and began stroking it. He pushed her back flat on the sheets and settled between her legs. Grasping both her wrists in his hands he pushed them above her head and held them tightly.

“OHHH,” she smiled, “I like a man in charge.” Chip grinned and suddenly plunged into her in one violent motion. She gasped from the f***e and then groaned as he began to pound into her. The sound of slapping flesh and moans filled the room as he roughly fucked her. She spread her legs wide, and he pummeled into her pussy with all his f***e, not caring if it hurt or if she was enjoying it.

The smell of alcohol was heavy as he held himself above her and he kept the pace hard and fast. She groaned again but never asked him to stop. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was labored. He released her arms and moved his hands beside her to give himself better leverage. She didn’t move positions but began to shudder in climax as he dropped his mouth to her breast and grasped a nipple between his teeth.

He bit down lightly, and she squealed but didn’t try to push him away. He bit down harder now, and she moaned loudly before bucking in orgasm. Her gyrations pushed him over the edge as well, and he came deep inside her before dropping onto the bed flat on his back. She stayed where she was with her hands above her head while her breathing returned to normal.

“She likes a man in charge,” Chip thought to himself. He watched her closely and even though she was free to move any way she wanted her hands stayed above her head and her legs were still spread.

“Suck my cock,” he said f***efully. She immediately obeyed and quickly positioned herself on her hands and knees between his legs. She greedily sucked their combined juices off his cock, and it began to harden rapidly due to her attention. Chip began to wonder how far he could take her.

“Get off the bed and stand with your hands over your head,” he barked. She complied without hesitation, and he stared at her for a few seconds. His gaze met her eyes and she looked down. She was embarrassed, and it excited him to see her like this. She was his to do whatever he wanted, and the possibilities suddenly flooded him.

“Turn around and bend over,” he demanded. She did as he asked and stood with her ass facing him. “Reach back and spread your ass.” She hesitated for a second before grasping her cheeks and spreading them for him to reveal her puckered anus and dripping pussy.

“Nice,” he muttered to himself. He got off the bed and stood behind her. Without thinking he slapped her ass f***efully, and she yelped but did not move. His cock was rock hard now, and he moved close so he could fuck her again. Grasping her hips in his hands he plunged into her pussy again and short stroked into her for a few seconds. Her hands remained in place, pulling her ass apart as if inviting him to sodomize her.

Chips cock was dripping with her juices so he put the head against her tight asshole and pushed hard. She rocked forward but her hands never moved as his cock slowly disappeared into her ass. She groaned loudly and then cried out as he began to fuck her in earnest. First, he used short punishing strokes, and as his second orgasm built, he began to pump all the way in before pulling back until the head of his cock almost popped out of her. Once to this point, he slammed back in hard, repeating the process over and over again. He slowed down as he felt his release coming and tried to prolong the feeling of power he had over her. His balls ached, and he could feel the bl**d in his cock pounding in rapid concert with his heartbeat.

He lasted only a few more strokes, and when she begin to buck and thrash in her own orgasm, he could hold out no more and came in wave after wave of muscle clenching spasms that he could feel from head to toe. He finally pulled out of her with a loud ‘pop’ and fell backwards onto the bed exhausted.

“Come here,” he said breathing heavily. She released her ass cheeks and on wobbly legs turned to find him motioning her to him. Staggering forward from both the alcohol and exertion, she dropped to her knees and, before he could tell her what to do, began sucking his slime covered cock clean.

Chip lay back and let her finish without saying anything. He was lost in thought, already planning their next rendezvous. He realized she was no longer licking him and looked down to find her kneeling between his legs. Dena was looking down with her hands behind her back.

Chip smiled broadly. This was going to be fun.

Chapter 4

The standard ding sounded to let Matt know the elevator had reached its destination. The doors labored open slowly, allowing him to step out to the underground parking lot. He made it to his car and was unlocking the door when someone pushed against him from behind, pressing him tightly against the vehicle.

“You got a name that I want,” a deep voice told him. Matt could feel from the close contact that his attacker was big, very big. The man’s mouth was inches from his ear and he was whispering menacingly, “You have 5 seconds before I break your arm.”

“Name?” Matt cried, “What name? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“The pet name for your little project,” the man growled, “Tell me now and I’ll let you go.” He emphasized the sentence by squeezing Matt’s wrist and twisting his arm further behind his back. The pressure caused him to wince in pain and cry out.

“Holy shit!” Matt exclaimed, “She sent you to f***e it out of me?” He couldn’t believe Kim would be this brazen in trying to get the information. He didn’t want a broken arm and it occurred to him that he had more than one bone that this hired thug could break.

“Fine!” Matt started, “The name is…” The man suddenly groaned loudly and released Matt’s wrist. The attacker fell to his knees, and Matt spun around to find Stout impassively looking down at the big assailant. Stout grabbed the fallen man by the collar and swung his huge balled fist hard and fast, landing it square on the jaw with a sickening crack. He let go of the shirt, and the now u*********s brute fell to the ground.

“You gotta be fucking k**ding me!” Matt was hysterical now, “If you hadn’t been here… if I had told him… I think he might have killed me!” He paced back and forth next to his car and then kicked the now u*********s man in the stomach as hard as he could.

“Bastard!” he spat at the downed assailant.

Stout watched patiently and when he gauged Matt had calmed down he spoke in a level and calm voice, “You need to go back up to the office. She’s obviously in town and I need to brief our men on what to expect.” He looked expectantly at his nervous employer and waited for a response.

Matt seemed to snap out of his trance after a second and his head began to clear, “Umm, yeah. I’ll go back upstairs and let the guys know.” He took a step back and then looked in the direction of the elevator. “I’ll go let them know.” He moved slowly toward the elevator, but Stout stopped him.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Stout pointed at the car where the door key was still embedded and the heavy ring of various sized keys hung against the vehicle. Matt simply nodded and walked back to retrieve them before making a hasty retreat to the safety of the elevator.

He glanced back toward Stout as the doors were closing and could see the thug was slung carelessly over the shoulder of his rescuer as easily as one might carry a coat on an unseasonably warm day. Stout was not someone to be messed with, and Matt was glad the man was on his side.

The elevator moaned in protest and finally made it to the office where he had been only a few minutes earlier. Jerry was in his office pecking away at two keyboards at once and didn’t notice when he walked past and straight to the liquor cabinet that David had insisted on installing. At this particular moment, it seemed silly that the rest of the group had protested. He poured the expensive bourbon into a glass almost to the rim and slumped into one of the comfortable chairs.

David had been right. There were going to be some tense moments in a plan such as this, so they may as well be comfortable while dealing with it. He made a mental note to thank him for his foresight the next time he saw him.

“What happened?”

Matt looked up to find Steve standing in front of him.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Matt took a long sip of the whiskey before relaying what had happened. He was still a bit shaken but the bourbon was working its magic and he was calming down quickly. Steve called for Jerry to come in and the story was told once again for his benefit. Jerry listened quietly and nodded without comment until Matt was finished.

“She’s here,” Jerry said simply. He turned on his heels and strode back to his office without another word.

“He means he’s glad you’re ok, and he’ll get busy on the next part of the plan,” Steve smiled as he pretended to translate.

“I can’t believe she would do that. It wouldn’t hold up in court, would it?”

Steve sat down across from him and was quiet for a few minutes while he thought about it. The use of information that had been coerced wasn’t going to be used in court. It would be used to take away the advantage they had over her. It was the one thing that countered the claim that she was involved in designing the fuse.

He and Matt were the only ones that knew what he called the fuse while designing it and neither had told anyone else. There may be a few emails from years ago, but even then it was only between them and no one else was part of their communication. He was sure of that because at the time neither of them had employees.

“We need to secure the original documents for the patent,” Steve said, “I see how she plans to get to you, and it hinges on the original name of the fuse. With that information out in the open, she can sue you until you finally just pay her to go away.” He stopped for a second and then a smiled crossed his face.

“What?” Matt asked.

“I think I know what she’s going to do next,” Steve replied, “We need to alter our plan a bit.”

They talked for another hour about what to do. It was obvious the nickname was a major piece in the puzzle. The original plans for the fuse and all the hand written notes that Matt had put together to prove he had developed the part were kept together. It was insurance in case someone decided to sue for infringement, and it had only been used a few times for bogus lawsuits.

The name had never been an issue since they had documented the progression of the invention quite well. Steve had talked Matt into changing it to a more industrial name to help with the marketing later on and now that decision was going to keep Kim at bay.

Matt finally calmed down enough to go home. Steve took the elevator down with him to the parking garage this time. The vacant cars and the lack of noise made it an eerie place to be in after what had happened, and the new threat wasn’t lost on Steve. A conference call to David had everyone in agreement that more security was needed, and by tomorrow, there would be two more men on the team to help keep everything going smoothly.

Matt smiled wanly at Steve as he pulled the car out of the garage and onto the street. It was only a five-minute drive to his house, but he was still nervous and paranoid that someone might be following him. He was glad Denise was coming over as he didn’t want to be alone tonight. He had just gotten out of the car when she pulled up.
“Late day?” she said getting out of her car. They met at the front of the hood, and he kissed her deeply. They finally broke the embrace, and she stepped back.

“Ohhh,” she cooed, “Someone’s happy to see me. Let’s get inside.” She took his hand and led him to the front door where he fumbled with the keys a few seconds. The door was still swinging open when he was attached for the second time that day… only this assault was welcome.

Denise wrapped her arms around him from behind, and one hand found the bulge in his trousers. She squeezed it gently and then released it so she could tug at is shirt to let him know that she wanted him to take it off now. They had been together for months and developed a rhythm of how the evening usually went with dinner out or a movie and then back to one of their homes for sex. Tonight, it was going to be different.

He wasn’t difficult to convince and only slowed for a second to close the door behind them. They shed their clothes standing in the foyer, and Matt took in the naked beauty before him. She was tanned and toned with a neatly trimmed bush and firm breasts. He moved closer and touched her soft skin and began kissing her in concert with caressing her body.

She returned the kiss passionately and began pushing him back toward the living room. He hugged her to him, and his hands roamed over her shapely ass. Squeezing her butt elicited a giggle, and she f***ed him past the couch and to his favorite recliner. The back of his legs bumped against the chair, and he fell backwards into it while Denise dropped to her knees in front of him and caught his hardened cock between her lips.

She engulfed it as far as she could before moving back and letting it pop from her mouth. Matt groaned and looked down to see her smiling up at him while licking the tip seductively. He groaned again and leaned back with his eyes closed as she alternately sucked him completely into her mouth only to back away and tease the tip of his cock with her tongue.

It only took a few minutes of this treatment before Matt could stand no more and he pulled at her shoulders to bring her into his lap. She giggled again and straddled the big chair with her legs spread wide on either side of the padded arm rests. Grasping his cock, she slowly slid it into her slick pussy and then wrapped her arms around his neck.

Matt loved the feel of her pussy as she pressed down into his lap and presented her hardened nipples to his face at the same time. He opened his mouth and sucked in one of her buds and was rewarded with a long sigh as she began to bounce up and down on his cock. They moved together and the intensity of their lovemaking increased as they fucked on the overstuffed chair that creaked beneath them.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Denise cried as her orgasm neared. Matt did his best to hold back but he did not last long. Her writhing and moaning pushed him nearer and nearer until he could resist no longer, and he finally shot load after load of cum into her clenching pussy. She responded in kind and shuddered in release before collapsing onto him without moving. Matt could feel her chest rise and fall against him as she lay there, and he held her closely for what seemed like a long time as they came down from their sexual high.

After she had caught her breath she pushed back far enough so she could see his face. “That was fun,” she smiled, “I like relaxing in the recliner.” Matt laughed and pulled her to him so he could kiss her again.

He reached down and pulled the lever on the side of the chair causing it suddenly fall backward with them. Denise squealed and then shifted so she was half on him with her head on his shoulder. They were still contently in that position when they drifted off to sl**p a few minutes later.


“Fucking cloak and dagger bullshit!” Chip mumbled under his breath. He pulled up to the high chain link gate and rolled down his window. He continued to curse quietly to himself as he checked his phone for the gate code. He had saved it rather than try to remember the digits as Stout had told him. He reached out to punch numbers into the security keypad, and the heavy gate lurched once before moving slowly to one side to let him pass.

He checked the phone again for the number of the storage building. G32 was at the back of the complex, and he passed several rows until he turned down the correct one to find Stout in the middle of the isle. He resisted the urge to slam on the gas and mow him down like a cur dog, but instead, he pulled up meekly and stopped, waiting for the big man to let him know what to do.

Stout stepped to one of the storage rollup doors and grasped to the handle. With a simple flick of the wrist, it shot up revealing the empty space. He motioned for Chip to back the car into the opening.

Once it was parked, Chip shut off the engine and jumped out. He was about to launch into a well-rehearsed tirade, but Stout lifted his and touched one finger to his lips. The lawyer immediately got quiet and then turned bright red from anger. He wasn’t used to being pushed around.

The big man motioned with one hand to his ear to indicate a phone and the other extended palm up toward Chip. It was obvious he wanted Chip’s phone and he reluctantly relinquished it. Stout immediately pulled the back cover off the device and removed the battery and sim card. He then dropped it to the ground and smashed it with the heel of his boot.

“Mother fucker!” Chip exclaimed, unable to contain himself any longer. He took a step toward the bigger man but stopped when he saw the look of amusement on his face. Stout pulled an identical phone out of his pocket and placed the SIM card into it. He pushed a few buttons and then handed it back.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” Chip asked. He wasn’t as aggressive as he wanted to be but at least he posed the question.

“Just a precaution,” Stout replied, “the new phone can’t be hijacked or tracked.” Chip looked down at the phone and then shrugged as if it wasn't worth arguing about.

“Are you going to let me in on when this bitch is going to show up?” Chip asked, “I’ve got some other stuff going on, and I don’t want to fuck it up.” Stout raised an eyebrow at this and smiled.

“When she shows up,” Stout said sarcastically, “You’ll need to be careful what you say and do, especially around other people. She will try to get you to go specific places without pushing, and they will be rigged with surveillance cameras. Never go to her house and never go to the same place twice.”

“What the fuck difference does it make if I bang some chick?” Chip asked exasperated, “I’m single now, and it doesn’t matter any more.”

“We both know your propensity toward v******e,” Stout said evenly, “At least when it comes to women.” The lawyer looked down and said nothing so the big man continued.

“She’ll try to bring out those tendencies and record them with her as the victim. Then she will claim you f***ed her. How would that look to some of your clients if it got out?”

Chip stood quietly contemplating what Stout had said. It wouldn’t make a difference in the divorce since that was over, but some of his do-gooder clients wouldn’t like it. He could also be brought in front of the legal board of ethics for those kinds of charges. He’d need to be careful.

“What do I need to do?” he asked, “I don’t think there’s a bitch alive that can play me like you’re talking about, but I’m listening.”

“You’re going to give her your car when she asks for it,” Stout said simply.

“FUCK THAT!” shouted Chip, “I’m not giving up another car to some bitch!” He took a few steps further back into the building and shouted for a few more minutes about how it would never happen and that he would pay them back before Stout finally raised a hand. Again, Chip quieted down although he was red faced and breathing hard.

“You’ll give it to her because it’s not really yours,” Stout explained. He motioned for Chip to follow out of the storage building and to the next door. The big man flipped it open to reveal the exact model BMW sitting inside.

“We’ll change the plates and if something goes wrong you’ll call them in as stolen.”

Chip suddenly realized he was in over his head. He stood staring at the car and the possibilities ran wild through his head. Was he mixed up with the mob? Had some undercover federal agency tapped him to be a patsy?

“Don’t worry,” Stout said as if reading his mind, “This woman has pissed off a few very wealthy individuals. I assure you they are legitimate and above board.” Chip pointed to the stolen car and then dropped his hand without looking at the other man.

“They wouldn’t do such a thing as steal a car,” Stout said, “But I never said I wouldn’t.” He walked to the passenger door and pulled out a file folder and a screw driver.

“Read this while we change everything over,” he said and began taking the license plate off the legally acquired car. Chip opened the folder and began looking through the information.

“Mother fucker…” his voice trailed off as he found a picture of the woman he would be watching out for. In the file in front of him were four 8x10 photos of Dena.

Chapter 5

Larry sat uncomfortably in his chair while scanning the 5 monitors in front of him. The blue screen on the center one held most of his attention as it did for the rest of the group that gathered around him painfully close. They weren’t touching him, but they were in his office and that was enough.

“Is it going to work?” Jerry asked wringing his hands nervously. His real estate background had been helpful in securing locations for anonymous meetings with Chip, but he was very tense to say the least. He had to be kept out of Larry’s office most of the time because the two personalities didn’t match well.

“It will work,” David said calmly. He sipped at his glass of bourbon and stared at the screen, which suddenly began to flicker. The image became clearer, and within seconds, they were looking at a security feed with twelve screens. Larry tapped furiously at the keyboard and one of the small windows expanded to fit the entire monitor. Stout’s big frame standing in Chip’s living room filled the display.

“You should have a visual,” Stout’s voice came loudly through the computer speakers and Larry answered through the Bluetooth he was wearing.

“It’s working,” Larry answered, “I need you to check the other rooms for video and sound.” The big man moved out of camera shot, and Larry changed the view with a few taps of the keyboard. They checked each of the cameras before everyone relaxed and moved from the office.

“What about the car?” David asked. He had stayed behind to talk with Larry since he had been gone for most of the week on business. “Is everything working?”

Larry moved to the keyboard on his left and typed in a quick command. The computer screen revealed a quad security feed from the inside of the stolen car. There was no one in the vehicle at the moment, but they could see clearly that it was parked on a street and the sound of a passing car verified that the sound was working too.

“We got the feeds working yesterday,” the tech said, “Anything that happens is being recorded, and we can use the burner phone to contact Chip if we need to. I put one of my security apps in it so we don’t have to worry about it being cloned.”

“What about Kim’s phone?” Johnson asked.

“She doesn’t carry it when she is with Chip,” Larry replied. “She’s either very careful or very smart, probably both. Mr. Stout is working on that for us.” David nodded as he watched their employee move through Chip’s house to the kitchen, where he dropped several pieces of unopened mail on the table.

“Looks like he’s got everything covered,” Johnson said as he took another sip of alcohol, “It should be a good show tonight.” Larry didn’t respond so David left his office to give him space.

The other three men were staring intently at two big screen TVs. Matt and Steve each had a remote and from a distance, it almost looked like they were playing video games. Steve managed to get his programmed first, and the images of Chip’s house were now easy to see on the huge screen. Matt figured the other one out and the car video popped up.

Larry had taken the time to set it up for them under the guise that they would be more comfortable while watching the feeds. They all knew it was his way of keeping them out of his office, but no one said anything about it. If leaving Larry alone was all that was needed to let him continue his high level of work, then they would leave him alone.

“There’s Chip,” Jerry said pointing to the screen with video from the car. They focused their attention on his movements for a moment as they watched him get in and drive away. It was odd to be able to see the inside of the car as well as over the hood and the street beyond while he drove.

“I feel like we need some popcorn,” Steve quipped. There was nervous laughter as they settled in to watch the show.


Chip picked up Dena, who he now knew was really Kim, in front of the insurance office she claimed to work for. She had called and asked him to pick her up since her car was still in the shop. He agreed, and decided to keep his knowledge of her real identity secret. Chip considered himself good at keeping a straight face, and he had plenty of experience at lying; he was a lawyer after all. They made it to his house in only a few minutes, and as soon as they stepped into the house, he was ready to take control.

“Get those clothes off slut!” he barked as she closed the door behind her. He walked off without looking and a few envelopes on the table caught his eye. He didn’t get mail at his home so he picked them up and flipped through them. They were addressed to his office and two of them were regular bills. The third was from a company he didn’t recognize.

He opened the envelope to find a check for $80,000 with the memo reading ‘monthly commission’. Chip froze for a few seconds before realizing it was a plant for Kim’s benefit.

“Fucking cloak and dagger bullshit!” He muttered under his breath. He was aware that the now naked Kim had come into the room so he shrugged nonchalantly, returned the check to the envelope, and dropped it back onto the table.

“I’m going to take a shower,” he said, “There’s food in the fridge. Make us dinner.” He walked off without another word and smiled as he knew she would take the bait and look at the check. Stout and his group was clever, there was no doubt about that. No matter how much research she had done on him she wouldn’t know about the commission check. Hell, he hadn’t known about it until a few minutes ago. She would do whatever he wanted until she could verify the check and the company.

If Stout was as good as he thought, both the check and the company would be real. It would take Kim a week to figure out it was bogus and by then he would have broken her. His cock began to stir thinking about how he would use this power.

By the time he finished his shower, he had a few good ideas of where to start. He walked to the kitchen in his robe and sat at the table. There were two places set and Kim was bringing dinner to him. She served him first and made sure she stood close enough to rub her breasts against him.

The salad wasn’t fancy but it was good enough, and Chip immediately began to eat. As Kim went to fill her plate, he stopped her.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked her, “Who said you could eat?”

“I just thought…” the words died in her mouth, and she put the salad bowl down on the table.

“If you’re hungry you can work for your dinner,” he said menacingly. He pushed his chair back slightly from the table and spread his legs, letting the robe fall open.

“Here it is,” he said indicating his semi hard dick, “Get busy.” She slid past his knee and settled between his legs before taking him into her mouth. She worked slowly and methodically, using her hand to stroke the length as she slowly began increasing the pace.

Above her she could hear the fork tapping against the bowl as he ate. He was obviously enjoying the meal even though it had been very simple. She was getting hungry thinking about it so she started moving a bit faster, hoping to get him off. Her actions were having an effect because he had stopped eating and was beginning to breathe harder. She could feel his leg beginning to twitch and knew he was about to cum so she moved even faster.

“Let’s go!” he said suddenly as he stood up. He moved quickly toward the bedroom so she scampered to her feet and followed him. He didn’t stop at the room they had used the night before, but continued past it and to the end of the hall. He ducked out of sight and she hurried to catch him.

Kim turned to walk through the door but balked when she saw the room. There was no bed, but instead it was filled with all kinds of kinky equipment. There was a metal frame with a sex swing, a wall of whips and paddles, a Saint Andrew's Cross, and all manner of leather and chain restraints s**ttered across the floor.

“Welcome to the ‘Master’ bedroom,” Chip said menacingly. She instinctively took a step back, and he could tell she was thinking of running. Then a look of resignation passed over her face, probably as she thought about the check lying on the table. Chip smiled as he knew she was his, at least for a little while, and he intended to make the most of it.

He motioned her over to him, and he moved from in front of what looked to be a sawhorse. The top rail was padded, and he positioned her stomach on it as he bent her over. He attached leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles before restraining her to the wooden legs.

Chip dropped his robe and moved behind her silently. He stepped between her spread legs and without warning sank his cock into her pussy from behind in one sharp thrust. Kim squealed in surprise and he pulled back out immediately only to spit on his cock and shove it back in. He humped her hard and fast, making her hair fly in all directions as her head bobbed in time with his thrusts.

When his climax began to build to the breaking point, he pulled out and walked around in front of her. Grabbing a handful of blond hair, he shoved his cock into her mouth and skull fucked her for a few minutes. His balls slapped against her chin, and he could feel the head of his dick popping into her throat as he bottomed out. He banged into her face again and again before pulling out and releasing her head.

Her face was red with lack of oxygen, and her hair hung to the floor as she gasped for air. Large amounts of drool escaped her mouth and ran down her face to her blond locks. She had only a few seconds to recover before Chip was pounding her from behind again. This time, it didn’t take as long to reach the edge, and as soon as he did, he was in front of her, grasping her wet hair in his hand, and shoving his cock down her throat.

She composed herself and tried desperately to make him cum thinking this was stop the onslaught, but whenever he got close, Chip pulled out and moved away from her. He used her non-stop for almost an hour, banging first her pussy and then forcing his hardon into her mouth, but not allowing himself to cum. By the time he tired of this game, Kim was a mess.

Her head drooped in exhaustion and she coughed as her throat was bruised from his cock banging into it repeatedly. Some of her hair was matted at wild angles with dried spit and while other parts were still wet. Chip released her leather cuffs and pulled her from the sawhorse.

“On your knees,” he demanded. She complied and he stepped forward to allow her to suck him. He was shaking in anticipation so it only took a few minutes before he was ready to cum. He surprised her by pulling out at the last second and using his hand to stroke the length of his cock a couple of times. He grabbed her hair with his other hand and began shooting stream after stream of the white goo onto her face and into her already messy blonde mane. He moaned loudly with his release and then wiped his spent cock on her face.

Letting go of her hair, he staggered back a few steps and looked at his handiwork. Kim raised her hand to wipe the cum off, but he stopped her. “Leave it,” he smiled, “It’s good for your complexion.” She lowered her hand and some of it dripped from her face onto her breasts as he watched.

“I need a drink,” he said suddenly, “Let’s go to Jack’s and get something.” She looked surprised but he ignored her and headed to the other bedroom where he kept his clothes. She followed slowly, finding it difficult to keep her balance after being upside down for so long.

“I’ll go get my clothes,” she said when they reached the room.

“No, you won’t,” he replied flatly, “You stand there with your hands behind your back while I get dressed, and then we’ll find you something to wear.” She nodded meekly and resisted the urge to try to straighten her hair.

Chip dressed casually and then led Kim to the back of the house and into the laundry room. There he dug through the dirty clothes hamper to find the shirt he had worn during his morning jog the day before. It was still damp from his sweat and smelled worse than it looked.

“Put this on,” he said as he tossed the faded grey t-shirt to her. She hesitated for a second but then reluctantly complied. Her nose turned up at the odor, and she looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Looks good,” was his only response. He took her arm and guided her out of the house only stopping long enough to have her put on the high heels she had left at the front door. With her hair matted and tangled, so she looked more like a homeless person than the gorgeous woman she considered herself to be.

The got into the car and pulled away without noticing that a four-door sedan started up and discreetly followed them. Chip went only a few blocks before pulling into a liquor store. He gave Kim $10 and instructions on what to buy before sending her inside.

She tugged at the t-shirt as she walked to keep it in place since it showed her ass if she moved too fast. Pulling at the back only made the front slide up to expose her bare pussy, so she gave up and let it fall in place without touching it.

Chip watched from the car as Kim made her way to the back of the store to find what he requested. He dialed his phone and he could see the clerk answering inside the store.

“Jack’s Liquor,” a man’s voice boomed on car speakers via the Bluetooth connection.

“Jackie Boy!” Chip greeted his friend, “I just sent you some entertainment.”

“Yeah,” came the reply, “I’m looking at it now. You always get the fucking hot ones don’t you.”

“You know it buddy,” Chip chuckled, “This one is different though. You can have a piece if you want it.” Jack was quiet for a few seconds while he checked her out.

“Maybe,” he said, “Looks like you already fucked the shit out of her.” Chip could see that she had found the bottle he had sent her for and was heading for the counter.

“She’s going to be a few dollars short,” he said from the car, “Get your money's worth any way you like, but leave the speaker on.”

“You got it,” Jack said. The sound changed as the speaker was turned on and there was a thumping noise as Jack set the phone down. She resisted the impulse to tug at the bottom of the shirt hem as she approached the clerk and put the bottle on the counter.

“That’ll be $13.23,” Jack said. Kim froze for a second and looked at the bill in her hand.

“I’m a little short,” she said shyly, “Can I catch you on the next one?” She smiled at him brightly, hoping he would show mercy.

“No,” he said emphatically, “We both know I would never see you again. Ain’t you got a credit card or something?” He leered at her knowing the answer and she looked down embarrassed.

“No,” she said quietly.

“Then pick something cheaper.”

“No!” her eyes shot up and she glanced outside. She realized she had been set up, and there was no telling what Chip had planned if she didn’t pass his little test. “Can’t we work something out?”

“Maybe,” Jack grinned, “What did you have in mind?”

“If I show you my tits, would that be enough?” she asked tentatively.

“Really?” he said as he threw his hands up in disgust, “That’s what you think would do it?” She turned red again and glanced back out the door to the waiting car.

“How about a quick hand job?” she said hopefully. He simply stared and her shoulders slumped in defeat. “Ok, ok. I’ll blow you,” she said dejectedly, “But it’s got to be fast. My ride is waiting.”

Jack was quick. He had his dick out in half a second, and she had barely wrapped her lips around it before he was shooting his load down her throat. He drew his cock out of her mouth and grasped the collar of her shirt to wipe it with. Then he took the ten dollar bill and rang up the transaction before handing her the bottle.

“Best $3.23 blowjob I ever had,” he grinned. Kim’s eyes widened and he could tell the realization of what she had just done hit her. Chip had truly made her a cheap whore. She quickly made her way out to the car and got in without saying anything.

“That looked like fun,” he said as he backed out of the parking space, “Jack seems to like you.” He smiled at her obvious discomfort and headed back to the house. He still didn’t see the car that was parked across the street.


Tina had been following the two since Chip had picked up Kim in front of the insurance office. She liked this job, and Kim paid her well so it didn’t really bother her to fly in from Miami to work a few days. She was always reliable, and she always got the shots they needed. It had been tougher on this job since the house was closed up. Weird actually, since a few days earlier the curtains had been open at the house and she would have thought it was going to be an easy job.

She liked it better when it was quick and easy but when she had arrived yesterday the curtains had be drawn and the blinds pulled too. She had tried to get pictures by finding a crack in the curtains, but even pressing her face against the window glass did not reveal an opening. Usually she could find some angle to get her shots, but not this time.

It didn’t matter now. She had photos of them leaving with Kim dressed in only a t-shirt and high heels. A closeup of her face left no doubt in Tina’s mind about what had been going on inside the house, and the fact that her employer's hair was a mess was also a clue.

“What kind of kinky bastard did you get mixed up with this time?” Tina wondered as she saw Kim get into the car at the liquor store. She clicked off a few more shots as the BMW backed away and then checked what she had so far. It was slim at the moment, but if she could add some more pics over the next few days they would have what they needed.

Suddenly a large hand came in through the open window and grasped her collar. With a quick jerk she was bodily pulled from the car and into the street. She bounced to her feet, but the man was on her in an instant and a big arm wrapped around her throat from behind. She lashed out to gouge his eyes, but his head was just out of reach so she immediately kicked at his shin with her heel.

It made contact and the man released her long enough to let her turn around to face him. He was a big guy, and he didn’t seem fazed that she had gotten away from him for the moment or that she was squared off and ready to fight. He actually looked amused.

Standing in a classic karate stance she moved on her toes and lashed a kick at his head. He moved easily out of range and avoided the next two as well. Tina tried a roundhouse to get more distance, but he was ready for it and moved quickly up behind her as she threw it. Her back was to him and she was pushed off balance as her thigh contacted harmlessly with his. The massive arm was around her neck again, and this time, he squeezed tightly without hesitation.

Tina flailed a few more seconds and tried to kick his shin again to no avail. He was not choking her, but cutting off the bl**d supply to her brain. She grabbed at him in a weak panic as she became dizzy, and then dropped into u*********sness.

Chapter 6

Stout sat patiently in an old office chair and waited. The u*********s Tina Sims hung before him in the sparse office that had once been a factory of some kind. After knocking the woman out, he had injected her with a mild sedative to keep her sl**ping while transporting her. He had just given her a stimulant that would kick in soon.

He looked around the room to make sure there was no way that she could identify where she was. Jerry had found the building for them, and it was perfect. The old manufacturing facility was miles from the nearest town and no one had considered leasing or buying it for years. The large building was off the main roads and difficult to find even if a person were looking for it, which was probably the main reason it had never sold.

Stout had cleared out an inner office for his hostage. The room was empty except the chair he was sitting in and a small table he had found. A tall single lamp with an extension cord that disappeared under the closed door was the only other thing occupying the room. He had set up a generator at the back of the building several hundred feet away and even when he strained to hear, there was no noise. Sitting in the shadows, he watched as Tina began to stir.

She was breathing deeply and her head lolled from side to side. Her eyes flickered half open, and then she was looking around the room, trying to see where she was. The air was stale and musty from the years of neglect and the dust was thick in the room, so it had to appear to her that no one was there.

Stout continued to watch in silence from the shadows as his captive slowly took in her situation. She tugged at the ropes that held her upright and then tried to move her tied legs to no avail. As her vision cleared, she could see the ropes that held her arms actually went through the ceiling and were attached to something solid beyond her view. The ropes on her legs were tight, and she could see they were attached to D-rings anchored with recently installed concrete bolts.

The big man shifted slightly in his chair as he watched her become more aware. She suddenly stopped struggling and looked down again, this time at her body. She was completely naked, and the look on her face as it dawned on her was priceless.

“Welcome back Tina,” Stout said from the shadows. She strained to see who was there, but the light was blinding when she looked in his direction, purposefully so.

“What the fuck do you want?” she snapped. There was obvious fear in her voice, and she was trying desperately to cover it.

“Just some information,” Stout replied nonchalantly, “I want to know about your employer.”

“Fuck you!” she spat angrily, “I ain’t telling you shit, you fucking pervert!” She struggled against her bonds again but they held firm.

“Ok.” The chair creaked as Stout got up and stepped out of the shadows and into the light a few feet from where Tina hung spread eagle. He moved behind her and undid his pants to allow his cock to pop free. She couldn’t see what he was doing but she heard his zipper.

“Oh, I get it now. You’re going to intimidate me with your little dick?” She taunted, “Good luck with that, I’m not going to…” Her words died in her mouth as she sucked air and tried to scream. Her ass was being stretched as he shoved something very large into it!

At first, she though he had gotten part of his fist inside, but then realized both of his hands were on her shoulder. It had taken quite a bit of initial f***e, but he had managed to pop the head of his very large cock into her ass. She screamed loudly and then gasped for breath from the assault.

“Holy fucking…” she cried as he pressed against her slowly, “Oh, oh, oh SHIT!” He pushed another inch inside and then stopped. Tina began to shudder in her bonds and waited for the inevitable, but it did not come. The cock was pulled out of her ass just as quickly as it had been shoved in, and she heard him zip up his pants.

“I have a few things to do,” Stout told her, “But we can continue this conversation later.” Tina said nothing in response and waited to see what would happen next. She watched as he strode to the door and stepped outside for a few seconds. When he returned, there was a small plastic box in his hand. Stepping into the shadows he retrieved the table and set it in front of her.

He placed the box on the table and arranged it so a small opening faced her crotch. She looked at it curiously and then realized it was some type of air freshener dispenser. Tina had seen them in bathrooms and remembered hearing them go off ever so often to release a scent and keep a room from smelling stale. This room could definitely use one but she didn’t think that was the purpose of this device.

Stout fiddle with a few dials on the back and suddenly a cold spray hit her pussy. It didn’t hurt, but the cold was shocking, and after a few seconds her pussy began to tingle.
Leaning down, he grasped her clit and tugged at it. Already sensitive from the spray, and much to her dismay, Tina’s little bud quickly became erect. He took a small clamp with an attached bell and fastened it directly on the nub.

She shuddered again and the little bell rang, sending shockwaves through her entire body. Tina was appalled by her reaction but rationalized it had something to do with the spray that Stout had dowsed her with. She tried to stay still but even the tiniest movement caused the bell to vibrate, and then it was a chain reaction. The movement wasn’t enough to give her a climax, but it would definitely keep her on edge for a long time. Her only hope was for the spray to wear off.

She heard the sound of the spray immediately followed by the cold and then the tingle in her now wet pussy. She raised her head to find him looking directly in her eyes. He could see that she was contemplating her situation and how she could get out of it. He silently opened a bottle of water and offered her a drink, which she took without hesitation.

She started to say something but thought better of it. Stout knew she was tough so there was no reason to stick around. He figured she would soften up in a few hours, and then it would be easier to get any information he wanted.

He stepped out into the hall and closed the door before pulling his phone from a pocket. Stout stood next to the door as he dialed the number and waited for the answer on the other end of the line.

“I’m going to need the plane,” he said clearly to the other person that picked up. He gave the details and then walked away sure that Tina had heard everything he said. It wasn’t the first time he had interrogated someone, and he knew how to size people up. Tina was tough and smart so it would take a while to break her. The next few hours she would resist, but eventually she would start to wonder where the plane would be going, what information he wanted, and most importantly, was it worth it to be loyal to the bitch she worked for.

Stout figured Kim was just at underhanded with her employees as she was with the men in her life. It probably wouldn’t take much to turn Tina against her, but he didn’t have time to sit and chat just now. He would go to Tina’s apartment in Miami and find out for himself exactly who she was firsthand. The group couldn’t let Tina go at this point in the mission, and Stout liked to practice his interrogation techniques anyways.

It was too bad he had to leave, but there was a lot to do and he was getting paid to get information. He would have liked to been there when the tiny vibrator in the bell came on, but that wouldn’t be for another hour. The look on her face would be priceless.

He reached the end of the building and stepped outside, making sure to lock the door behind him. The generator purred quietly and he hit the kill switch, plunging Tina into total darkness.

Stout smiled. He loved the cloak and dagger bullshit.


Sandra sat nervously in the private plane as she waited for David Johnson to arrive. The trip from Ohio had taken its toll on her physically and mentally. The bus ride had been bad enough but the only hotel she could afford was downright scary. She knew this would be her last chance to make her business idea work, and she was determined to see it through.

She looked at her reflection in the window and ran her fingers through her brunette colored hair. Sandra had always looked younger than she was, and even now at twenty eight, she sometimes got carded at stores when she bought alcohol. Glancing about the cabin she saw caught the eye of the stewardess and motioned her over.

“Any idea when he will arrive?” she smiled as if it was no big deal but her nervousness showed.

“Shouldn’t be long,” the woman replied, “We have word to start preflight now. Do you want another drink?” Sandra politely declined since two was her limit, especially with a big deal on the line.

Mr. Johnson had called her last week to discuss a possible joint venture with her line of lawn sprinklers. The sprinklers were different than anything on the market because when they popped up to water the lawn, the heads were shaped like little gophers. She had gotten the idea from watching an old movie that featured a gopher running loose on a golf course.

She had made a few by hand and tried them in her yard with great response from the neighbors so she began working to manufacture them. Her ex-husband said it was a stupid idea, and she had almost begun to believe him. That was until she got the call from Mr. Johnson.

The stewardess reappeared and moved to open the door of the plane. David Johnson stepped inside followed by a big man carrying what looked like a gym bag. Sandra stood up as David approached and stuck out her hand.

“Mr. Johnson,” she tried to be very professional, “I am Sandra Day. I just wanted to thank you…” She stopped as David raised a hand.

“It’s a long flight,” he smiled, “We have plenty of time to talk, but first, I need to catch up on a few things.” He stepped past her and disappeared through a door toward the back of the plane leaving her standing there awkwardly.

“Gary Stout,” said the big man as he extended his hand toward her. She happily took it and smiled before they settled into their seats facing each other. The plane rumbled and then began to move slowly toward the runway.

Stout and Sandra spoke for a few minutes about nothing in particular. The weather seemed to be a good topic, and Stout commented that it was predicted to be rather warm in Miami.

“Miami?” Sandra asked. Stout nodded and was about to say something when David reappeared.

“Sorry about that Sandra,” he smiled at her, “Pressing business I had to take care of. I hope Gary has been keeping you busy.”

“Oh yes,” Sandra said happily, “He was telling me we are going to Miami.”

“I’m sorry,” David feigned surprise, “I thought you received the itinerary. No matter, we’re here now and as you can see,” he gestured around the small plane, “You have my full attention.”

Sandra took this as her queue and launched into her well-rehearsed sales pitch. She recited market outlooks, projected sales, and estimated costs, among many other facts and figures she thought would be important to an investor. The men listened patiently and intently, nodding occasionally, but never offering a comment or question. It was just as well, because Sandra was so nervous if she had to stop for a moment, she might have lost her nerve.

“Any questions,” she finally asked. The men sat back in their chairs, and David smiled broadly. He called for the stewardess and asked her to bring drinks as he looked over the paperwork that Sandra had given him.

“Very impressive, Ms. Day,” Johnson started, “I’ve looked over the numbers and I think you might have a winner here.” Sandra beamed with pride as she took the drink the stewardess offered.

“In fact,” he continued, “You remind me of Ms. Polson.” He indicated the stewardess and a blank expression suddenly clouded Sandra’s face. “Ms. Polson came to me with an idea not so long ago and it has worked out quite well for her. Tell Sandra about it Nancy.” The stewardess turned to the younger woman and addressed her directly.

“Three years ago, I came to Mr. Johnson for the startup funds for my business, Polson Aviation,” Nancy said. “The company buys private jets and leases them to companies for the tax benefits. We buy the planes used and refurbish them, including custom builds much like this one.” She looked to David, and he nodded for her to continue.

“Since then, we have purchased seven private jets for a little more than $47 million. The company made over $17 million last year and will do even better this year,” she was obviously proud of this accomplishment, and it showed in how enthusiastically she talked about it.

“Don’t be coy,” David chided her good naturedly, “Tell her how much you made last year.”

“Last year, I personally made $960,000,” she grinned broadly at this revelation. Sandra’s mouth fell open in shock, and it took a second to recover.

“So you see Ms. Day,” David said smoothly, “When I commit to a project, I go all in. Private jets are not cheap, and there were times we stayed the course even when it seemed it wasn’t going to work out. You can see how deeply I am committed so I have to ask… how committed are you?”

“I will do anything to make this work,” Sandra blurted out. She immediately regretted it, but she felt it was true. David smiled and took a sip of his drink.

“Ms. Polson,” David said, “Undress please.” Without hesitation the business woman began to quickly strip out of her clothes in front of the group. She didn’t stop until she was completely naked and standing at attention with her hands behind her back.

It was obvious to Sandra this was not the first time the naked woman had preformed this task. She silently weighed her options and tried to decide what to do. Running from the room was not an option. On the other hand, the idea of a mentor that knew how to make things work and the amount of money they were talking about sounded good but…

“How long?” she asked matter-of-factly. David smiled. Mr. Stout had been correct in his assessment again and he made a mental note to thank him personally.

“Ms. Polson’s contract is for five years after the company is in the black,” he answered, “That five-year term began after the first year for her so she is almost ready to go out on her own.”

“What does that mean, ‘go out on her own’?” David grinned at the question. She was smart, and he liked that she asked about the relevant things.

“She gets the business with no strings,” David said, “Less any money I invested and the percentage of the profit for the five years the business is in the black.”

Sandra didn’t bother to ask what happened if the business failed. She knew it wasn’t an option, and she would make sure that wouldn’t happen. She stood up and began to undress without being told. She understood she was going to be his private whore, but it couldn’t be any worse than putting up with her asshole ex-husband.

She dropped her clothes into the seat she had been sitting in and assumed the same rigid position that Nancy was in. David looked her over and noticed the bush of hair between her legs. It could wait though.

“Let’s see how well you can take instruction,” he said, “I would like to start with a blow job.” Sandra hesitated for only a second before dropping to her knees between his legs. She pulled open his fly and fished out his cock before swallowing it as deeply as she could. David motioned to Nancy and she assumed the same position between Stout’s legs.

“Your bonus,” he said simply. Stout grinned and allowed Nancy to get to work on his pants. She popped open the button holding them closed and released the zipper. Tugging his pants down revealed his huge cock and she gasped. Nance recovered quickly and grabbed hold of it so she could stroke its length. She was mesmerized by its size and began trying to fit the head into her mouth.

Sandra was having better luck with David. She had already decided to go all in, and if this blow job would get her project financed, she was determined to make it the best of his life. She feverishly sucked and licked at the head of his cock while stroking it with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.

It seemed to be working quite well because it was only a few minutes before David was shooting load after load of cum into her mouth. Sandra swallowed all of it and continued her efforts until he reached down to push her away. She sat on her heels and waited to see what he wanted to do.

“Nancy,” he called as an idea struck him. “Sit in that chair,” he said pointing to the seat directly across from him. She immediately released Stout’s dick and it made a popping sound as it dropped past her lips. She sat in the chair and leaned back, hiking her legs over the armrests.

“It’s time for her bonus,” David said to Sandra. She looked confused for a few seconds, but it soon dawned on her what was expected. There was no hesitation this time and she turned and planted her face directly into the other woman’s pussy. The first lick at Nancy’s clit elicited a squeal and then a low moan of pleasure as the Midwest girl lapped away.

There was plenty of room between the two seats, so Stout knelt behind Sandra and rubbed his cock up and down her slit. She was already wet, and it made it easier as he leaned forward, impaling her on his thick shaft. It was her turn to squeal, but she was the only one that knew if it was from pain or pleasure. Stout worked slowly forward and Sandra pulled up her head to take a breath, only to be yanked f***efully back into place by a now thrashing Nancy.

They continued this way for a while with Stout banging the full length of his cock into Sandra, which caused her face to bump against Nancy’s splayed pussy. The effect ton Nancy was obvious as she alternately cooed and squealed in time with Stout’s thrusts. He began to pick up the tempo as his balls tightened and then Sandra screamed as his cock swelled even larger.

The vibration of the woman’s shrieking against her clit was too much for Nancy, and she began to buck and spasm in climax. Both Stout and Sandra came only seconds apart with Stout shooting heavy loads of cum into Sandra’s pussy as she practically convulsed from the intensity of her orgasm.

The three collapsed in a pile where they stayed for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow. Their breathing began to return to normal, and Stout was the first to regain his composure. He stood up and moved back to his seat to retrieve his pants and noticed David was slowly stroking his cock.

“Sandra,” David said, “I think it’s time to show you the rest of the plane.” He took her hand and helped her up on wobbly legs, and they made their way toward the back where David’s bedroom was. He had watched her tight ass bounce around while Stout fucked her and now he was ready to try it out.

David grinned as he opened the door for the naked woman, “I fucking love the mile high club.”

Chapter 7

Chip downshifted the Porsche and whipped out to pass as soon as the oncoming traffic had cleared. The 911’s motor roared to life for a few seconds of acceleration, jumping the double yellow line to get around the slower car, and then he was heavy on the brakes making the nose dip in an effort to avoid hitting the next bumper in the endless line of cars. Chip knew it didn’t make sense to pass in this much traffic. Everyone was going 45 miles per hour and passing only accomplished one thing. It made him feel better.

He was frustrated about giving up his regular car that was now parked safely in a storage building behind a locked door even though it gave him an excuse to drive his toy. The black Porsche 911 all-wheel drive was the one thing he had been able to hide from his ex. He kept the car in a parking garage with armed security a few blocks from his office building, and he only drove it a few times each month.

To him, the car was a thing of beauty, a piece of art to be enjoyed occasionally and then put away under a thin canvas cover. It was the one thing he loved and would have never let his ex have no matter what, and he had gone to great lengths to keep it hidden. Not just because it was valued at over $80,000, but because when he drove, it he felt powerful.

Chip clutched it again and prepared to make another pass, but his exit was coming up so he cut off the person in the right lane and swerved onto the ramp. He was anxious to get home because he had plans tonight. Dena…Kim…whatever the slut’s name, was in for a real treat tonight. He slammed the gas hard and accelerated down the residential street that was a short cut to his house. A woman with a k** in the front yard screamed at the speeding car as he blasted past them.

“Fuck the bitch,” he muttered. “Fuck them all.”

Kim was parked in the drive when he arrived. She got out of the borrowed BMW and walked over to the Porsche. Chip could see the wheels turning as he got out of his prized possession.

“It’s a rental,” he lied, “I always wanted to drive one.” Kim nodded but didn’t say anything, so Chip led the way to the door and unlocked it. Once inside, Kim immediately began to undress. She was wearing a nice white blouse and a modest black skirt. It was simple but professional and accented her curves very well.

“Wait,” Chip stopped her, “We are going out as soon as I get changed. Turn around and face the door.” She did as he asked without question, and he stepped up behind her. Taking a wrist in each hand, he pulled them together and made her clasp them. He didn’t tie her, but he made it clear he wanted her to stay in that position. Then he went to get dressed.

He didn’t hurry, and it was over an hour when he came back to the front door to find her in the same position. She was shifting from foot to foot, and it was obvious she was getting tired of standing for so long without moving.

“Good girl,” Chip said condescendingly as he patted her on the head like a dog. Kim blushed but didn’t say anything. She allowed herself to be led outside, and they got into the BMW. Chip didn’t make any demands on the drive to the restaurant, and she was surprised when he pulled into the parking lot of a country buffet. There more trucks and SUV’s in the lot than cars and most of them looked beaten and well-used.

They walked inside and immediately the country music overpowered them. The dull roar of the packed house and the clattering of plates were reminiscent of a road house movie come to life.

“Sit anywhere you like, Hon,” said an older woman with big hair and a southern drawl. Chip nodded politely and led Kim to a table near the center of the room. There was no table cloth, and the wooden chairs were hard and worn.

The room was filled with a blue-collared crowd just off work and on their way home. Most were already paying their check and leaving while a few others were coming in. Most of the men were in uniforms from various companies with the sweat and dirt of the day’s activities decorating the clothing.

Kim turned her nose up at the smell as a few mechanics passed by on their way to pay the check and head home. Chip noticed the gesture and smiled. He didn’t think she had ever eaten in a place like this, but he had grown up around this type of environment.

“Go get us some food,” he said indicating the long rows of steam tables. There were four of them with a line at each and people filling plates of different kinds of foods.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Surprise me,” he grinned. Kim shrugged and moved to pick up a plate at the end of the steam table and began filling it. Chip watched as she loaded up the plate with fried food and other non-tempting items. She didn’t seem to think he liked vegetables at all, and it became apparent that she was being a bitch about serving him in public.

She returned with a plate heaping with greasy fried foods and smiled sweetly when she put it in front of him. He smiled back in the same ‘shit eating grin’ sort of way and motioned for her to sit. He then pushed the plate across the table and in front of her.

“You picked it,” he said, “So you eat it.” A look of horror crossed Kim’s face as she looked at the food. Chip didn’t think she had ever seen this type of food, much less eaten it. It was doubtful she had been to a restaurant that had paper napkins instead of linens.

“I’m not really hungry,” she said meekly.

“You’re going to need your strength for tonight,” he replied calmly, “Eat it all while I go get something for myself.” He stood up and walked over to get a plate and choose his dinner. There was actually a good selection of vegetables and the salad bar was well stock and seemed to be basically deserted in favor of the steam tables. He even found a grilled chicken breast that appeared to be expertly cooked.

“You haven’t eaten much,” he said when he returned. Kim was holding a fork and poking at her pile of food.

“I’m really not hungry,” she whined without looking at him, “And they don’t even have cloth napkins.”

“I didn’t ask if you were hungry,” he said as his voice grew demanding, “I said eat, and you will do what I tell you.” Kim’s eyes got wide, and she looked around the room as if to find a way out.

“Give me your panties,” Chip said suddenly. Her faced snapped forward to look at him, and she wondered if she had heard correctly.

“If you’re not going to eat, we will play a little game,” he said wickedly, “Take off your panties NOW!” He glared at her menacingly, and she realized she had been lured into a trap. Her shoulders sagged, and she began to get up.

“What are you doing?” Chip snapped. She settled back into her seat and looked at him quizzically.

“I… I’m going to the bathroom to do what you asked,” she said.

“I didn’t say go to the bathroom,” he replied, “I said take your panties off.” Her eyes darted around the room in a panic. She was sitting in the open and would be completely exposed for everyone to see what she was doing.

Kim scooted her chair as far as she could under the table and took a deep breathe to steady her nerves. She tugged the hem of the skirt up in the front on grasped the waistline of the panties. They were small and easily slid under her thighs when she lifted her butt a few inches off the chair. She stopped for a few seconds with the small cloth reached her knees and tried to decide how to proceed.

She glanced around the room to see if anyone had noticed what she was doing and found a man in a baseball cap looking at her curiously. He had a piece of bread halfway between his plate and mouth, and he looked frozen in place. When their eyes met, he realized he was staring and simply smiled before looking away.

Kim decided she had two options. She could let go of the panties and pretend to have dropped something so she could pick them up, or she could pick one leg up at a time and get them off. Picking her leg up would be difficult with the table in the way so she released them and they fell in a heap around her ankles.

Chip ate silently and pretended not to notice what was going on across the table, but several other people had taken an interest. Kim was sitting with her panties at her feet, but she hadn’t tried to pick them up yet. He stopped eating for a second and looked at her without compassion as she tried to gain her composure and finish the task. A look of relief swept across her face, and she smiled as if she had just figured out an impossible puzzle.

Kim stepped out of the panties with one foot and then pulled the other up across her knee. She quickly snagged the dangling panties off her foot and hid them in her lap. Pleased with herself, she smirked at Chip.

“You wanted a cloth napkin,” he said flatly, “Now you have one.” The smile disappeared from her face as she realized what he wanted. He nodded at her plate and she began eating again, but this time, she used the balled up panties to wipe her lips as she downed the food.

The few people had noticed what was going on, and before long, the whispers and pointing started. Kim sat red-faced and ate as she became the center of attention. The food was beginning to hurt her stomach as she wasn’t used to eating anything fried, and she felt ill.

Chip, on the other hand, had enjoyed his dinner and was considering dessert. The fact that Kim had become a spectacle of sorts had put him in a very good mood, and he reveled in her discomfort and embarrassment. He got up to check the dessert bar, and when he returned with a piece of pie, he saw that Kim had a visitor.

There was an elderly, heavy-set woman, wearing an apron, shaking a finger in Kim’s face and telling her exactly what she thought of her customer’s actions. The woman grabbed the wadded panties from Kim’s hand and looked at them in disgust as the room broke out in laughter. Chip laughed too as Kim sat beet red and totally humiliated. He walked back to the table, and the woman squared off to give him a piece of her mind to him as well.

“And who do you think you are brining this whore in…” she stopped mid sentence as she recognized Chip. He smiled at her and she flung her arms around his neck as if trying to squeeze the life out of him.

“Hi, Aunt Glenda,” he said as she pulled back and gave him a kiss on the check.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming!” she exclaimed.

”I wanted to play a little joke,” he smiled, and Glenda looked back down at the cowering woman she had been berating.

“I should have known it was you,” she grinned, “Once you got rid of that tramp Jenny, I knew you would be back to picking up tramps.” She glared at Kim as she said it, daring her to object. The smaller woman stayed quiet.

“If I had known you were coming, I would have fixed your favorite,” she looked down at Kim’s plate, “Looks like today’s slut likes my cooking at least.” Glenda realized she still had the other woman’s panties in her hand and dropped them onto the table.

“Why did she take off her drawers in my restaurant?” she asked in a confused voice.

“She likes cloth napkins and you only put out paper towels,” Chip smirked, “So I came up with a solution.” Kim shrank back into the chair and tried to disappear.

“Well, la de da,” Glenda mused, “We got us a fancy bitch in here tonight.” She looked around the room and saw no families. It was mostly regulars, and these were hard men that weren’t put off by little things such as bad manners. She moved to the front door and locked it before turning the sign so the closed message faced outward.

“With a mouth as big as yours, maybe you need something larger to wipe it with,” she said as she ambled back to the table. Chip stood aside and forked another piece of pie into his mouth as he watched.

“This shirt might work for you,” Glenda reached out with her large flour covered hand and grasped the front of the garment, jerking hard. The buttons flew across the room as the material tore and Kim banged forward against the table. The blouse gave way and in one motion Glenda had it in her hand, leaving the seated woman in only her bra and skirt.

Kim immediately covered herself with her hands as the men in the restaurant whooped and cat whistled. Chip was laughing hysterically and had to set is pie down before he dropped it. He calmed down and moved to the table where the half naked woman sat.

“You need to eat everything you put on your plate,” he smiled, “It's not nice to waste food.” Kim saw the pointlessness of arguing so she took one hand that she was using to cover up and picked up the fork. Chip shook his head disapprovingly.

“You aren’t showing much enthusiasm,” he said, “Maybe we can at least make this more interesting for the rest of us.” He grabbed Kim by the nape of the neck with one hand and reached down her back with the other. The bra clasp was easy enough to undo and the cups sagged away from her breasts until she caught it and press it back on with the arm.

“Give it to me,” Chip said. Kim hesitated for a few seconds and looked around the room. There were no kind eyes in the crowd, rather a pack of hungry wolves waiting to devour their prey. She grasped the bra and pulled it away from her body, letting her breast come into view for everyone to see.

While the men clapped and shouted, Chip tied her hands behind her back with the bra. He let her sit upright when he was finished, and her tits were now proudly on display. Kim sat without moving, and he walked around the table so he could face her.

“You need to finish your meal,” he smiled, “You wouldn’t want to insult Aunt Glenda, believe me.” Glenda stepped forward and pulled a large wooden spoon from her apron pocket. Without warning, she swung it like she was chopping wood, and it landed with a sickening thud on Kim’s left breast.

Kim screamed as a red mark appeared in the shape of the instrument. There was a loud chorus of oh’s and ah’s from the crowd and Kim, no longer needing motivation, dove face first into the plate of food before her. She came up once for breath only to have a matching red mark applied to the other breast and from then on she focused on eating. Chip stood to one side and greeted old friends that he obviously hadn’t seen in years as they finished eating and headed to the register to pay.

By the time Kim had finished all the food, her face was a mess and her stomach was cramping. The last few regulars had stayed back to jeer the woman and catch up with Chip. Glenda stood close by with the spoon at the ready and was hoping she would have a reason to use it again. The plate was finally licked clean and Chip untied her hands to allow her to stand.

Glenda had taken the paper towels from the table and instead, handed her the torn shirt to use as a napkin. Kim took the material and got as much of the sticky food off her face as she could before putting the soiled shirt back on. The missing buttons f***ed her to tie it just under her breasts making it show almost as much as it covered.

Chapter 8

They left the restaurant and headed further into the old part of town. More than half the buildings were deserted and Chip had not been here in some time, but when he rounded the corner, he was happy to see the adult bookstore was still open.

The sign above the solid door was dimly lit with the few remaining working bulbs in their yellowed fixtures. The outside plaster walls were cracked and, in some places, completely gone revealing the outdated red brick behind it. They got out of the car, and Chip grabbed her by the upper arm.

“Do exactly what I tell you or there will be hell to pay,” he threatened. Kim dared not guess what was behind the door, and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because a few seconds later, she was being pushed into the seedy establishment. She took a few steps forward before her eyes grew accustomed to the dim light and suddenly she realized there were twenty or more pairs of eyes on her. She took a step back, but Chip blocked her way and leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

“Get on your knees and beg for cock like the slut you are. I’ll stay here and protect you as long as you do a good job.” She was frozen in terror at what he wanted her to do, and now the men were moving toward her. There was nowhere to go except down, so she dropped to the floor.

“May I please suck your cock?” she said timidly. The first brute stepped up and pulled his already hard cock out of his pants. He smelled of grease and sweat making Kim even more nauseous than she had been at the restaurant. She swallowed hard and opened her mouth, allowing him access.

The first man didn’t take too long and, within a few strokes, he was cumming down her throat in thick streams that made her gag. The second was about the same, and then the trouble started. There seemed to be a disagreement about who was next, and a fight broke out.

One of the men grabbed Kim by the head and shoved his cock down her throat while another one pulled at her from behind. Chip intervened by popping one in the mouth with an elbow, but he didn’t see the fist coming at him from his blind spot. He took it solidly on the temple and crumbled to the ground next to Kim. She was now completely naked and being ridden by one large tattooed man while another skull fucked her against the dirty floor. It had turned into a free for all, and the dazed Chip could do nothing to stop it.

The man on top of Kim finished and stood up, leaving her with a vicious slap to the tit as something to remember him by. The next man was on top of her before the handprint could be seen and a fresh load of cum already was also being deposited into her mouth.

This happened twice more before Chip had regained his senses. He stumbled to his feet, but a large Hispanic man covered with tattoos stepped in front of him. He was wearing a leather motorcycle jacket and his face was a maze of scars. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to. Chip was out of the game.

Then another fight broke out. A man at the back of the crowd screamed in pain, and then there was the sound of something heavy being launched against the wall. The biker moved away from Chip, and two more men appeared with the same leather jackets. The crowd parted from the back forward and an aisle bordered by customers appeared.

At one end of the aisle was a tall black man. He was well-dressed and well-built. He didn’t seem fazed by the three tough looking bikers headed his way, and, in fact, he moved to meet them. The bikers favored a direct attack while their target was more agile and quick. The first punch thrown by the leather clad trio was easily slipped as the black man stepped to one side and landed a wicked punch to the solar plexus, followed by a hard rabbit punch to the temple. The biker grunted and would have gone down but his assailant was holding him up by the collar.

The two remaining men lunged at the intruder, but their friend was being used as a shield to keep them off. The big man timed his moves and heaved the u*********s biker at one of the attackers while swinging a big right fist at the other. It landed flush on the jaw with a crack, and the second man hit the ground and lay still. Without stopping, he turned to face the last of the group only to find he had dropped the first biker and retreated. With all his opponents dispatched, he calmly straightened his shirt before approaching Chip.

“I’m going to borrow this one for the night,” he said pointing at Kim, “I got a few friends coming in, and she’ll be better entertainment than the video I was picking out.” Chip stood nervously looking up at the man but didn’t say anything.

“Name's Bull,” the black man said extending his hand. Chip took it without thinking and his own hand disappeared into the monsters grip. It was obvious that Bull could take Kim if he wanted, and Chip wasn’t sure he could get out of here alive even if he left Kim with the bikers and ran.

“Yeah sure,” Chip agreed warily, “But I’m going to need her back.”

“No problem,” the big man smiled, “Why don’t we get out of here before that biker brings back some friends.” Chip made a beeline for the door while the aisle was still open. He didn’t notice that Bull had picked up the naked Kim and practically carried her out on one arm. They stepped outside and Chip was halfway to the car before he remembered what was going on.

“Um, Bull,” he said tentatively, “I need to know where you’re taking her.”

“Of course,” he said as he dumped Kim into the passenger seat of his Mercedes and fished a business card out of his pocket. Bull handed it over, and the shaken lawyer took it without comment.

“My cell number is on there,” Bull said, “You won’t need to call me though. I’ll have her back to you by tomorrow night about this time.”

“Oh, ok,” Chip said, “Can you do me a favor?” The big man nodded.

“Don’t leave any permanent marks and don’t let her clean up when you’re done. If you can take a few pics, that would be great too.”

Bull looked surprised but agreed. “No problem. I’m sure she at least knows were she needs to be dropped off, right?”

“Yeah,” Chip said as he relaxed a bit, “She drove over to my place tonight.” They separated and got into their respective cars before driving off in different directions.

For the first time in over an hour, Chip felt calm. He wasn’t sure if it was a good move to let her go with Bull, but he was positive that leaving her in a biker-infested book store was worse. It was done now so there was no reason to worry about it. He headed back to the better side of town and stopped at his favorite bar. Maybe he could still get lucky tonight.


Matt slowly roused out of a deep sl**p and checked the clock by looking over Denise’s shoulder. It was still early so he let his head fall back against the pillow and snuggled closer to her naked body. It had become somewhat of a routine that they would spend a few nights each week together over the last few months. In the past two weeks, her overnight visits to his house had become more frequent.

It was a welcome change in Matt’s life, and the days she wasn’t with him, the mornings were painfully lonely. He was happy that she had started bringing a change of clothes and getting dressed for work at his house. This gave them more time together, and he enjoyed every minute of it.

They were spooning now as the morning light was just beginning to fill the room. He felt his cock stir and he pushed forward to let it slip between her legs, and she began to wake. Denise stretched a bit and felt his cock so she teased him by pushing her butt back against him.

He kissed her neck softly, and as his member stiffened, he slid it back and forth in the folds of her pussy. When it was completely hard, the head began to rub against her clit, eliciting a soft moan. She began to move her hips in a more exaggerated motion as he continued to gently rub against her sensitive clit until she could take it no more.

Denise reached between her legs and grasped his cock so she could guide it into her. Quickly getting it into position, she humped back and allowed him to penetrate her fully. Matt held her against him tightly and one hand grasped her breast as he began to move in and out in slow rhythmic thrusts. She cooed and moaned as the pace increased and before long they were banging against each other in a feverish rut.

Matt’s balls tightened and he came hard as Denise thrashed in front of him with her hands convulsively clenching her pillow. They finished together, and he wrapped his arms around her possessively as she cuddled against his chest.

It was time to get dressed for work before they were ready to get up. They agreed that tonight would be date night and threw out ideas about what to do for their evening as they prepared for the day. Denise had an early appointment, so she grabbed a cup of coffee promising to get breakfast on the way and left Matt cooking his morning eggs.

She walked at a fast pace towards her car and was mentally checking off things she needed to do when suddenly a hooded figure stepped in front of her. She stopped short and almost dropped her coffee as the man began walking toward her at a fast pace and closed the distance before she could react.

The first blow came without warning, the fist slamming into her temple and knocking her to the ground. Her computer went flying and the sound of breaking plastic accompanied its crash as it bounced across the driveway. Then the assailant was on top of her flailing with quick punches to the ribs as he settled onto her stomach.

“What is the name?” he growled as he choked her with one hand and threatened to punch her with the other.

“What… What name?” she cried and covered her face from the pending blow. The man didn’t seem to know how to respond, so he just repeated the same question.

“What is the name?” he asked again. He didn’t seem too sure of what information he was trying to get. He was agitated that she didn’t understand the question, so he squeezed her throat tightly as if that would convince her.

Denise’s eyes were wide in terror as she tried to breath. She used both hands to try prying the attackers grip from her windpipe, but he was too strong. Her vision began to blur, and then there was darkness.


Steve did his best to calm Matt as he paced up and down the corridor while wringing his hands. The hospital staff had been very gracious, and Denise was now recovering in a private room. She was awake now, and the police were still questioning her about the attack.

“I can’t believe this,” Matt said for the hundredth time, “No one has ever gotten mugged in our neighborhood.”

“It can happen anywhere,” Steve said quietly, “It’s not your fault.” Matt continued pacing as if he hadn’t heard anything his friend had said. The door to the room opened and two police officers stepped out.

“Matt Daniels?” one of the officers asked. Matt gave a weak wave, and the policeman walked over to him and smiled.

“Mr. Daniels, I’m Office Don Jones, and I’ll be investigating this event,” he flipped open a small notebook and found a blank page where he scribbled the date and Matt’s name before looking up again.

“How do you know Ms. Spears?” he asked in an official sounding voice.

“She’s… we, she’s my girlfriend,” Matt said hesitantly. They had never really labeled it, but he felt confident she would say the same.

“Do you know if she has any enemies?” the office asked.

“No, she has been here for less than a year. She hasn’t mentioned any issues with clients.”

“Ok,” Officer Jones smiled reassuringly and then turned to go. He had only taken a few steps before spinning back to face Matt.

“One more thing,” he said, “Can you think of any reason that someone would ask her for a name?” Matt and Steve both stiffened at the question, and the officer was quick to notice it.

“No,” Matt lied, “It doesn’t mean anything to me.” The officer smiled again and nodded.

“Thanks again for your time,” he said, “Be sure to call me if you think of anything else.” He walked away with the other officer, and they disappeared around the corner.

“That fucking bitch!” Matt exclaimed. He was mad now, and he paced faster up and down the hall. Kim had been the cause of all this, and he was going to make sure she paid for it. He looked at Steve, and he could see they were thinking along the same lines.

“Time to step it up,” Steve said flatly. The door opened again, but this time it was an older man in a white coat.

“Mr. Daniels,” the doctor said, “She’s going to be fine. She had two bruised ribs and one is cracked. The contusion on her head is not serious, although she does have a slight concussion. She’ll need bed rest for a few days, but she should be fully recovered in a month or so.” He flipped open a chart and scanned it quickly to see if he had missed anything. Satisfied that he had covered it all, he snapped the cover closed and smiled warmly at Matt.

“She just needs time to heal,” he said offering his hand, which Matt shook gratefully.

“She’s asking to see you.”

Matt’s eyes lit up. “When can she go home?”

“She can go now,” the doctor said, “The nurse can help you check out.” He moved off down the hallway, and Matt went in to see Denise.

She had a needle attached to a tube in her arm, and there was a tall machine with squiggly lines moving in time with her heartbeat. A nurse appeared to be unhooking her from a few other wires.

“The doctor says you can go home,” Matt said softly, “You can stay at my place. I already called to take the rest of the week off.” Denise smiled in relief as he took her hand.

“I was hoping it would be ok to stay with you for a while,” she replied, “I don’t want to be alone right now. You don’t need to take any time off work though, I’ll be fine.” She sat up and tugged at the hospital gown. He offered his arm, and now that that everything was unhooked, she stood up and grabbed her clothes.

“I’ll be outside if you need me,” the nurse said and walked out into the hall. Denise stripped off the gown to reveal several deep bruises on her ribs that were already turning a nasty shade of purple. She bent down to get her pants but immediately straightened up in pain, falling back against the bed and grasping at her side.

“I’ll get it,” Matt said quickly as he retrieved the pants and began to gently put them on her. He dressed her carefully and then checked the room to make sure nothing was left behind.

“Matt,” she seemed to suddenly remember something, “My client!” She put her hand to her mouth.

“Don’t worry about it,” Matt said, “I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“I need to call him but the… That man took my phone and laptop,” she sat back onto the bed with her hands in her face and sobbed.

“Do you have your computer backed up online?” Matt asked as he stroked her back. She nodded affirmative but didn’t look up, seemingly embarrassed by her breakdown.

“It’s not a problem then,” he said, “You can use my computer to get his contact info and call when we get to the house. I’ll pick up another laptop today, and you will be back in business by tonight.” He lifted her chin and she looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

“Everything will be fine,” he reassured her as he kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arms around him, and they stayed that way for a long minute before breaking the embrace. He helped her to her feet and offered his arm, which she took and the shuffled slowly out into the hall where Steve was waiting.

“I’ll meet you at the office in a few hours,” Matt told him gravely, “We need to get everyone together and have a meeting tonight.”

Chapter 9

Bull had allowed Kim to take a shower and sl**p since it would be late evening when his guests arrived. He spent the time arranging the garage to make it a party room and made a beer run to fill the refrigerator. At 9 p.m., he woke Kim and told her to get her hair and makeup done. By 10 p.m., the guests were coming through the door.

It wasn’t a big party in numbers as only four of Bull’s friends showed up, but what they lacked in numbers, they made up in size. These were big men with the smallest being well over 200 pounds and the largest closer to 300. They were all tall and carried the size easily, and compared to them, Kim was a midget.

They sat in the living room and watched a recording of an MMA fight that featured Bull knocking out his opponent in the second round with a vicious head kick. Then they switched to a live broadcast of the same sport and gave their commentary while Kim served them as a naked waitress.

As the fights went well into the night, the men became more amorous. She didn’t object or pull away and that spurred them on. At one point between fights, Bull had her stand close to him and spread her legs wide. He slid a long finger into her pussy and pumped it and out, making Kim shake in excitement. He increased the tempo, and a long moan escaped her lips causing the men to hoot and holler over her reaction. Her eyes snapped open, and she turned red remembering that she was being watched by a room full of people.

Bull set her to picking up the spent bottles, and she quickly complied. When she bent over to pick up the empties her ass proved to be too good a target to pass up, and within a few minutes, it was covered with large red handprints. From there, it was downhill for Kim as she was groped, squeezed, spanked, and prodded through the remainder of the matches. By the time the event was over, it was obvious what they all had on their mind.

Bull led them to the garage where there were four chains hanging from the ceiling with leather cuffs attached to each of them. Kim saw the chains and tried to run back into the house, but her path was blocked by one of the beefy men. Several of them grabbed and held her in position face up while the cuffs were attached to her wrists and ankles. When they let her go, she hung limply in the bonds with her head and pussy at crotch level.

If the men were shy, the alcohol must have suppressed it because it only took a few minutes before they were undressed and deep inside her at both ends. They were friends of Bull’s from his MMA days, and all of them were in good shape. The first entered her pussy and used her legs to swing her back and forth, slamming her onto his cock without really moving his body. The second man slapped her face a few times with his enormous hardon before lining up and letting her swinging momentum drive it down her throat.

There was nothing she could do but try to catch her breath whenever the cock wasn’t in her mouth. The man in her pussy soon began to groan, and he pumped her onto his member with shorter, faster strokes until he grasped her thighs tightly and howled like a timber wolf. The men burst into laughter, and he stepped back letting his shrinking cock pop free and allowing the semen he had deposited to pour out.

Another man was quickly in his place, and he picked up where the other had left off. Her hair swung under her as she was slammed between the two hard cocks that were being cheered on by the men watching from the side. Although Kim was getting dizzy she distinctly noticed a camera flash going off several times and remembered that Chip had asked for souvenirs.

The next few hours she was used between two men without rest. Her throat was sore and her pussy would have been raw if it had not been for all the semen. On the other end, she had swallowed so much cum, her stomach felt bloated, and her tits sported a crisscross of welts from being slapped repeatedly. Her hair caught most of the cum her mouth had missed, and it was a dripping mess.

The last man came in her pussy and stumbled half d***k to get yet another beer when Bull called for their attention.

“Ok, now that the preliminaries are out of the way, we start with the betting,” he held up a cigar box, “$1000 ante, double elimination.”

“Let’s do this,” one of the men said and they all dug into their discarded pants for the money. Bull adjusted the chains a few links at her feet while the money was being put into the box. When he was finished he grabbed a coffee can and held it out to the nearest man who reached inside and pulled out a golf ball. He immediately covered it with his hands and waited for the rest of them to get theirs. Then on Bull’s command they revealed the balls that had brightly painted numbers on them.

There was a mixture of groans and whoops as they figured out the order in which they would take turns. The man with the number one stepped up and pushed his golf ball into Kim’s mouth.

“Hold that for me baby,” he said continuing toward her feet. Before he could get there, Bull hefted the woman under the arms and pulled her back and up like a c***d on a swing. He held her in place while the other man adjusted his height to match where he thought her pussy would end up when she was dropped.

Kim’s eyes widened in terror as the first contestant found what he consider the ‘sweet spot’ and nodded his head. There was only a split second to make any adjustments and he did so smoothly. As Kim came crashing down, his cock parted the lips of her pussy perfectly and she slammed full f***e into his groin. He raised his hands in victory, and the other men laughed and gave him high fives. He moved out from between her legs and put his hand at Kim’s mouth.

She didn’t see him because she had the wind knocked out of her and her eyes were clamped shut. The man slapped her and she opened her eyes before realizing what he wanted. She meekly spit the ball into his hand, and he walked back to the others on the sideline to let the next one have his turn.

One of the men was so d***k that he was eliminated in the first round. The f***e of Kim slamming into him knocked him backwards, and he fell on his bare ass. This caused the room to burst into a raucous laughter that was so infectious that even Kim began to giggle.

Bull adjusted the chain links, and for the second round, she was pulled higher, causing her to slam onto the cocks even harder. No one got into her the first try, but they adjusted and two of them succeeded. The third missed to one side, and Kim’s tailbone crushed his nuts as she came down. He fell to the floor holding his jewels and retching in pain.

The third round was a tie but on the fourth round the first man missed, and he was eliminated. Knowing the game and the box full of money depended on his aim, the last contestant took a little extra time to line up before nodding his head.

Bull released and Kim swung towards the hard cock that she was to be impaled upon. The man was convinced that he was lined up and didn’t move. He was stoic up until his hard cock hit the hole dead on the mark. It was too bad for both of them that it was her asshole instead of her pussy.

She screamed in pain as the head popped into her rectum causing her to instantly clench. This reaction, and the fact that there was no lubrication, stopped the forward progress of the man’s cock but not that of the falling woman. His cock bent back double and he joined Kim in screaming, mixed with high pitched vulgarity, and cries to a higher power. He started falling backward as the first man had only to be momentarily stopped when Kim reached the end of her trajectory.

They both renewed their screams as, in slow motion, his trapped cock was f***efully straightened back to full length, and then with a loud audible ‘pop’, it was released by Kim’s distended asshole. She swung back toward Bull expecting to be caught, but he was no where to be found. She continued to coast back and forth until the shock of the incident began to wear off and she stopped screaming.

That was when she realized Bull and the other three men were literally rolling on the floor as they laughed at their friend. The poor injured man was curled up in the fetal position and trying to relieve the pain by gently stroking his now flaccid cock. He was still cursing and trying not to cry while the other men’s tears flowed freely from the laughter. Bull finally composed himself long enough to speak.

“You want to go another round?” he chuckled wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Hell fuckin’ NO!” came the reply, and the men began laughing hysterically again. It took almost twenty minutes to compose themselves, and then they got dressed. The winner took his money while accepting the congratulations from his friends.

Bull walked the first two men to the door when they were finished getting dressed and talked a few more minutes on the front porch before the last two guests headed out with them. He went back to the garage to find Kim with half full beer bottles in her ass and pussy. They were slowly emptying into her, and he took out his phone to snap a few more shots. It was then he noticed they had shoved a golf ball in her mouth and put a piece of clear tape to hold it in.

She turned to him with a pleading look on her face, and he laughed again as he took the picture. Her hair was wet and stringy with makeup running from her eyes across her cheeks. The bottle that had been shoved in her ass fell out and shattered on the floor followed by a flow of alcohol that mixed with the broken glass. The thing that made the picture humorous was that they had positioned the ball so the number was visible.

The ball indicated that she was number 1.

Chapter 10

Tina stood in the darkness and waited. It seemed like hours, but in reality, only a few minutes had passed since the light had come back on. It was the sign that Stout was on his way to her room.

The first time he had left her for almost twelve hours, strung up in an upright spread eagle position with the devious little bell. Even five days later, her clit was still sensitive and raw from the stimulation that almost drove her mad the first day… or night. She couldn’t tell since there was no sun to gauge what time it was.

When Stout had returned, she had told him everything she knew and then some. The pain in her arms was unbearable and to cum again after so many times made her feel as if she would die. The entire process of being manhandled and using her sexuality against her will was humiliating to say the least. He had even promised to let her go if she begged for his cock. At first she had refused, but there was another setting on the little bell that made it ring continuously. Two hours later she was pleading with him to fuck her. And he did.

He fucked her harder and faster than any man in her life ever had. He didn’t apologize for how rough he was, and she came over and over again as her pussy stretched to accommodate his huge cock. Stout was strong enough to put her where he wanted, and he kept her there until he was done. It wasn’t that she was being physically overpowered that upset her. What pissed her off was that she liked it.

The following day had been the same except she was kept chained by the collar to one of the d-rings set in the floor. She tried to get the bolt out of the concrete, but that proved futile. The collar seemed like a good bet, but after what seemed like days, she finally manages to tear some of the leather away to reveal a metal band hidden in the center. Then she tried to reach the table hoping there would be something on it to pick the lock, but it was just out of reach. The tasks were made even more difficult by the total darkness of the room.

Finally, she was able to hook the chair with her foot and roll it within reach. She had arranged herself on her side and stretched her body as far as it would go with her neck puling against the chain on one end and the chair on its side between her feet. She used the base of the chair that held the rollers as a hook and snag the table. Inch by inch she pulled it back to her until she was able to reach it with her hands.

She had no idea how long it took to get the table to her. All she remembered was how disappointed she was when there was nothing on it. She had actually lain flat out and cried at that point. She felt a hopelessness that she had never felt at even the lowest time in her existence.

After a while, she had calmed down and began to feel all over the table and chair in the dark. The first pass revealed nothing but she was determined to find something, and on the third pass, she did. At the bottom of each of the four table legs was a small piece of metal that she presumed was decoration. One of them was loose enough to pry off with her fingers and she had used the chain to beat it into shape. Finally she had a tool that could undo the padlock on the collar.

She had bounced up overjoyed and bolted for the door… to find it locked from the outside. It wasn’t just a double sided deadbolt as she had managed to pick that with her crude tool. It was some kind of padlock on the outside that had her trapped.

Based on the time she had been left alone, Tina figured it would only be a few more hours at the most before he came back. She would have to attack him as the door opened and make it count. She had prepared the room by placing the chair and table in their original position, hoping to make him think nothing was wrong until he saw she was gone. She tried to guess where the shadows would be when he opened the door and pulled the collar, still attached to the chain, to the place that would be the darkest. She would unplug the light, and when he stepped into the door, his eyes would follow the chain to see where she was. It would take a second to adjust to the darkness in the room and that would be the time she would pounce.

The lamp had come on and she was instantly nervous but sprung into action. She unplugged the light and moved to the door. She pressed her back against the wall so that when he opened the door she would be behind it. Then she waited. After what felt like an eternity, she heard footsteps get closer and then the lock was being turned. The sound of a key sliding into position, probably the padlock, and the click of the metal releasing as it opened. She tensed and prepared to lunge as he stepped in.

What happened next caught her totally by surprise. The door opened with a bang and hit her head with such f***e it stunned her. By the time she recovered, the door was slammed shut and locked automatically. At first, she thought he had stayed outside, but then the light came on.

“Took you long enough,” he said. She shielded her eyes as they became accustomed to the light. When Tina could finally see again she was shocked to see Stout sitting in the office chair as if nothing had happened.

“What the fuck do you mean by that,” she snapped.

“It took you long enough to get loose,” he said matter-of-factly, “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to figure it out.” Tina turned bright red as the anger welled up within her. She had been held in a dark room, dirty, hungry, and naked for who knew how long and now he was going to berate her ability to get free?

“Maybe so,” she quipped, “But I’m free now, and I’m gonna cut you a new asshole.” She started forward but balked as Stout began to roll with laughter. Tina was bewildered by his reaction of her coming at him with the crude blade she had fashioned.

“Oh shit, that’s funny,” Stout was practically in tears. He laughed some more and then composed himself, “Tell you what, if I have to get out of the chair, I’ll let you go.” If it was possible to say something to enrage the woman further, he had found it. She lunged forward with the full intent of stabbing him in the heart.

Stout simply kicked at the floor with one foot, and he glided out of the way as Tina’s momentum shot her past him. She stopped a within a few feet and spun around to lunge again with the same result. Stout glided to a stop and smiled at her.

“Give up yet?” he smirked. Tina almost attacked him again but composed herself. She looked around the room and tried to come up with a solution. She knew a punch wouldn’t faze him but a kick might. She had spent a lot time practicing her moves, and she knew she could land a hard blow.

She circled left to give her a good angle with her right leg, and Stout rolled back to the middle of the room while watching her closely. Tina began to set up a roundhouse kick but then stopped as she remembered how easily he had countered it and knocked her out. She faked a left hand and quickly unleashed a hard front kick with her left leg aimed at his chin.

He caught it with both hands and pushed straight up making Tina flail her arms wildly for balance. He placed the toe of his right foot at the back of her knee and used it to keep her off balance in a standing split. Her open crotch was directly in front of him, and he held the extended leg tightly in his left hand thumped her already sore clit with his right forefinger.

She yelped in surprise and tried to grab onto to pull free but her efforts were easily thwarted when he moved her legs around to keep her from getting her foot firmly set. He thumped her clit again, and she cried out even louder.

“Are you ready to give up?” he asked condescendingly. She reevaluated her position but couldn’t see a way to get free. There was nothing to grab onto and he was keeping her from moving with just one hand and the toe on one foot. Suddenly she felt tired.

“Thought so,” Stout said. He lowered her leg and let her crumble to the ground in a beaten heap. Without getting up, he pushed the chair over to the table and pulled out a cigar from his inner jacket pocket. He lit the tobacco and took a few puffs while waiting to see how she would respond to being beaten.

She stirred after a few minutes and began to look around the room. He could tell she had her eye on the chain that was still attached to the collar and smiled.

“I’ve been thinking of taking on an assistant,” Stout said between puffs on his cigar, “Maybe you would be interested.” Tina froze as she considered what she had just heard.

The man had k**napped and held her against her will, sexually abused, and tortured her, and now he wanted an assistant? She was confused, and she immediately thought it was a trick.

“You want to hire me?” she asked incredulously, “After all you put me through?”

“I don’t want to hire you,” Stout said, “I own you now, and we both know it. I’m giving you the chance to learn a few things.” He took another puff on the cigar and waited for her to answer. He could see she was struggling with herself, and it killed her to admit he was right.

“Fucking, fuck!” she exclaimed. There was no doubt that he knew how to push her buttons, both the good and bad ones. “What would I be doing?”

“Anything I want,” he replied, “And you already know what I want right now.” He spread his legs and she understood. She crawled to him and unzipped his fly to find his massive cock hard. She grasped it in her hand and pulled it to her mouth before engulfing as much as she could.

Tina suddenly realized her pussy was very, very wet.


It had been several days since Bull had dropped off Kim at Chip’s house. She had arrived nude and literally dripping with semen and sweat. Her hair was matted, and she was so exhausted she had to be helped to the door. Chip wasn’t home yet so Bull left her on the front porch and she curled up behind a shrub to wait.

When Chip arrived he was shocked to see how bad she looked. She had been well-used to say the least, and he almost felt sorry for her. He unlocked the door and as soon as she was inside she handed him a digital flash drive. He had let her go take a shower because she reeked of sex and alcohol from her night with Bull.

On the disk were photos and video of what she had been put through. There appeared to be at least four very large d***ken black men that took turns using her in every way imaginable, and Chip immediately copied the contents onto his computer and hid the file in a password protected location. He would have plenty of time to view them over and over again.

Today, Kim was wearing a colorful summer dress and stood in the kitchen awaiting Chip’s orders. She was unaware that five pairs of eyes were watching her through the hidden cameras that we being monitored in an office building downtown.

The men sat in the lounge area of their converted office. The big screens had revealed Chip’s antics over the past few days, but now it was time for payback. David was enjoying a cigar from the humidor that had arrived the day before, and Steve seemed content to sip the expensive Brandy. Larry still hid in his office and Jerry paced quietly behind the overstuffed couch with a half-empty beer bottle in his hand.

The one they all worried about was Matt. He sat on the couch without a drink and stared at the image of Kim on the screen with a hatred that dripped off him. They all knew he would need to be watched closely, and the others had considered postponing the night’s events because of his attitude. The last thing they needed was the problem of disposing of a dead body.

They watched as Chip followed their instructions and stripped Kim before tying her hands behind her back. He used the blindfold and headphones they had provided and then pushed her onto the bed. Her feet were tied to her hands and he stood back to check his work. Glancing at his watch he left her on the bad and left the house. The men watching the monitors could hear the throaty growl of the Porsche as it was started up and then driven away. Moments later two more figures appeared on the screen.

One was obviously Stout, but the woman with him was unfamiliar to everyone but David. He immediately recognized Tina from the photos that Stout had shown him after the a*****ion. It hadn’t taken long to turn her to their side, but it wasn’t a surprise either. Stout could be very persuasive.

The two worked quickly in preparing the woman on the bed. They discarded the ropes around her wrists and used handcuffs before her feet were untied. Stout held Kim down while the headphones were taken off and earplugs inserted. Tina opened a bag that she had carried with her and pulled out a different set of very slim headphones that she clamped tightly against woman’s head. She adjusted some dials on the side before moving to the blindfold.

The men in the office watched without comment as Kim’s eyes were covered with duct tape and then her entire head was covered with a leather hood. It left her mouth open but her eyes and ears were definitely immobilized. Stout then hefted her over his shoulder, and the trio disappeared from the screen. Thirty minutes later, they arrived at the office.

The plan had been to bring her to the building around midnight to avoid the possibility of anyone seeing them. Larry had disabled the security cameras for the five minutes it took them to get up the stairs, and then she was in front of them. Deaf, blind, and wrapped up like a present, she stood in front of them naked with her hands cuffed behind her back.

Matt was the first to move. He walked up to her and punched her in the stomach as hard as he could. Kim had no idea the blow was coming and crumbled to the floor as Matt reared back to kick her in the head. Stout was already on him though, and he was pulled to one side, safely away from their captive.

“Fuck you bitch!” he yelled as he struggled futilely with Stout, “Fuck you!” He didn’t seem to have any other way to express himself at the moment, so he just hurled the insult a few more times. Finally, the built up frustration had been completely released, and he fell quiet and stopped fighting. The one punch had been cathartic, and he felt better because of it.

“Sorry guys,” he apologized. They all nodded in understanding, and Stout released him. Matt immediately went to the liquor cabinet and poured himself a drink as the focus returned to Kim. She was still on the floor and gasping for breath.

“Chip?” She coughed, “What the fuck Chip? Let me go!” There was both anger and fear mixed in her voice. Tina grabbed a ring on the top of the hood and hauled the woman to her feet before perp walking her to the back of the couch. She was then pushed forward and allowed to fall face down on the couch in front of her. The position made her ass jut into the air in a very inviting way.

Stout and Tina made short work of securing her hands and feet to the legs of the couch, and when they were finished, David stepped up behind the helpless woman. He dropped his pants without hesitation and sank his hard cock into her pussy without warning. He grasped her hips and began to bang away as the other watched on in lurid fascination. The reality of their plan coming to fruition was a bit shocking to the others, but David was used to getting his way and intended to use her to the fullest.

He pounded her from behind in short punishing strokes as Jerry stepped to the front of the couch. He slipped a finger into the ring on top of the hood and jerked her head up and back before slapping her leather clad face. He then let go while dropping his pants only to regain his hold on her when his cock was free. Jerry put the head of his member against her lips and when she refused to open her mouth he slapped her again, harder this time. She got the message and opened to allow him access.

The two men built a rhythm between them and violently fucked her over the couch. She bounced around like a rag doll while the men used her hard and fast. She felt Jerry cum first and had no other option but to swallow since his cock was buried in her throat. David was still hammering into her like a teenager, and she could feel his cock swelling as she coughed and gagged on Jerry’s cum.

Finally, David’s body tensed, and he began to climax. He punctuated his ejaculation with several hard smacks to her upturned ass that left bright red hand prints. He staggered back a few steps and pulled up his pants, allowing Steve to take his turn. The night continued this way for several hours until everyone had used her twice. Even Matt had grudge fucked her in the ass under the watchful eye of Stout and his new assistant.

The only one that hadn’t touched Kim was the very shy Larry. He stood at the far end of the room and watched but he didn’t join in. When it was obvious everyone was finished, Steve went over to Larry and spoke to him away from the rest of the group.

“Let’s give Larry some privacy,” Steve said when he returned, “He deserves a shot at her too.” They all readily agreed and moved to one of the bigger offices that Matt had been using to keep up with his work. When they heard the sound of the couch leather creaking, they relaxed and waited for him to finish.

“Did you bring the stuff?” Jerry directed his question at Stout. The big man nodded and Tina opened the bag of tricks she had been carrying with her. She pulled out a leather case and passed it over to her new boss. He opened it to reveal what they assumed was a tattoo gun.

“AHHHH!” Kim was screaming in obvious pain and they all piled out of the office and into the lounge to see what had happened.

Larry was standing behind the couch completely naked with a belt in his hand. He was bringing it down hard and fast as it contacted in sickening wet slapping noises against her ass. Kim was screaming in pain and thrashing as much as her bonds would let her but it was not enough to avoid the blows that were raining down. Stout reacted immediately, closely followed by Tina, and they quickly crossed the room to tackle the tech geek. The rest of them stood dumbstruck and surveyed the scene.

Kim’s hood was on the floor and s**ttered around it was half of her hair. It appeared that Larry had hacked off the locks with a set of scissors, and they too lay off to one side of the couch. Kim still could not see or hear and it was probably a good thing since Larry obviously had no training as a hairdresser. There were chunks missing in different places and the scalp was showing, while other parts had not been touched and were still long and flowing.

“It’s the quiet ones you have to watch,” quipped David.

Chapter 11

Steve and Matt sat in the boardroom waiting for Kim. It had been two weeks since they had fucked her silly in their offices and then had her dumped a few blocks from Chip’s house. Stout and Tina had simply unlocked her hands and dumped her on the deserted sidewalk at 4 a.m. By the time she removed the hood and tape over her eyes, the car was long gone.

It irked Matt that she was late for the meeting but not as much as before. He took great satisfaction in knowing under her blouse and across her stomach there was a large tattoo that said WHORE in block letters. Any man she tried to seduce in the future would think twice before giving her access to anything. Steve called it truth in advertising.

The door opened, and Kim walked in followed by her new lawyer. She was wearing a head scarf to cover her newly close cropped haircut and very expensive designer clothes rather than the simpler garments she had worn to fool Chip. There was a scowl on her face, and she didn’t make eye contact with either of them. The men exchanged pleasantries, but she brooded in her chair without comment.

“What’s this all about?” asked Steve when they had settled down.

“Ms. Cross has a claim that she is owed compensation for the design of the velocity fuse being sold by Mr. Daniel’s company,” the attorney opened a file and started to continue but Steve stopped him.

“You’re not the first person to represent her in this matter,” Steve said, “We know all about her claims. We also know it’s a lie, and she can’t prove it.”

“On the contrary,” the lawyer retorted, “We have very good evidence that shows she was involved. In fact, she knows the original name of the valve that no one else had access to except for Mr. Daniels, and you of course.”

“Really,” Steve said, “If that is true, then you must have an offer.”

“Well yes,” the attorney seemed surprised that there wasn’t more debate, “We will accept a settlement of $700,000 in lieu of going to court. I think you will agree that is more than fair.”

“I don’t agree,” Steve retorted, “But this claim keeps coming back over and over with no facts to back it up. We want this gone or we will file a harassment suit, for say… $750,000” The lawyer blinked and even winced at the suggestion, but said nothing.

“Why don’t we just settle this here and now,” Steve continued, “If she can give use the name on record in the confidential files pertaining to the patent, then she can have a check for $750,000. If she has the wrong information she pays us $750,000 in damages for frivolous lawsuit or however you want to write it up. Either way, this case stops here, now!” He sat back and the opposing attorney turned white.

“I see, well,” he stumbled over what to say next and decided to retreat, “I need a few minutes with my client.”

“Take all the time you need.” He and Matt got up to leave the room, and they noticed Kim had still not looked at them. They went down the hall to Steve’s office and closed the door.

“Do you think she will go for it?” Matt asked.

“I’m not sure. I know they have copies of the files we planted in my home office. She should be confident she has the correct name.” Steve leaned back in his chair and pondered the situation for a few minutes. They anticipated she would break into his office or try to find the information at his home. While they were having their fun with her in the office that night, someone had broken into Steve’s house. Nothing was missing but the files with the misinformation had been disturbed.

Kim was smart, but everything had gone as planned so far and now they were at the breaking point. If she said yes, they would not only make her go away, they would have a good payday to boot. There was a knock at the door, and Matt opened it.

“They’re ready for you,” the aide told them. The two headed back down the hall and took their seats in the boardroom.

“My client has another offer for you.” Her attorney slid a document across the table which Steve picked up and began to read. It was a handwritten agreement, basically what they had talked about but with one major change. Instead of the lump sum of $750,000, she now wanted $500,000 and 10% of any ongoing profits for the rest of the invention’s life.

“We’ll need a minute,” Steve said. The other lawyer nodded, and they left the boardroom before he turned to Matt.

“She wants $500,000 and 10% against her payoff of $500,000. I don’t think she is positive that she has the right name, and she is hedging her bets. She may not have enough to cover the loss in case she is wrong, and it’s a gamble either way.”

“Let’s do it,” Matt said, “I don’t care about the money except to hurt her. It’s more important that she’s gone.” Steve nodded and hit the intercom to let the aide know they were ready. The next half hour was nothing but paperwork. The two attorneys typed and retyped the agreement a dozen times while haggling over which words to use. Finally, the draft was complete, and the document was printed out to be signed.

Kim signed the indicated place, and then the agreement was slid over to Matt. When everyone was satisfied that the legalities were taken care of, all eyes turned to Kim. For the first time since she had entered the room, she looked up and her eyes met Matt’s. They were full of rage as she stared directly at him and spat out the name.

“Trixie,” she growled, “Because you saw a bisexual porn star and said that she went both ways, just like the valve.” Matt’s eyes grew wide, and he fell back into his chair. Steve sat open mouthed and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Kim was correct.

“I’ll need my money by the close of business today,” she said getting up from the table, “And I’ll need the promised information about the business as stated in the contract.” She turned abruptly and started out the door. Matt leapt to his feet and pushed his way around the table to catch her as she stepped into the hall. He grabbed her by the arm and spun her around.

“You fucking bitch,” he screamed, “How did you know?” Kim smiled evilly and was about to answer when she was interrupted.

“Matt?” Denise was standing about five feet away, “What’s going on?” Matt released Kim’s arm and stepped back.

“Nothing,” he stammered, “Just taking care of some business.”

“Oh,” she said sweetly as she walked up to Kim, “I thought maybe you were trying to take advantage of my friend.” Matt froze in place for a second trying to make sense of what she was saying.

Seeing he needed some help in understanding the situation, Denise took Kim’s face in her hands and kissed her deeply. Kim returned the kiss, and her lips parted to allow Denise’s tongue to slip between them.

“What the fuck!” Steve exclaimed as he looked over Matt’s shoulder. Steve grabbed his friend around the neck to keep him from attacking the two. The friends wrestled in the hall with Matt shouting one obscenity after another until the women disappeared, arm in arm, down the hall and into the elevator.


Kim lay back on the lounge chair with the Miami sun beating down against her skin. Her breathing was returning to normal, and she looked down at Denise who was smiling up from between her naked thighs. Her lover flicked Kim’s sensitive clit one last time, sending shivers up her body before climbing up beside her in the chair.

Denise was not only sexy but clever as well. It had only taken her twenty minutes to find the email with the information they needed once Matt had let her use his computer. She had even found the explanation of why he called it Trixie in a separate message to Steve. The payday was good but screwing them over was even better.

“Ladies,” Bull called to them as he opened the pool gate and strode over to a nearby table. He dropped a few legal sized envelopes onto it and sat down heavily in one of the chairs that creaked in complaint against holding his bulk. He glanced appraising at the two naked women and u*********sly licked his lips.

“Chip’s Porsche just sold for $65,000,” he said reaching into a nearby cooler and retrieving a beer, “We could have gotten more, but it’s better to just move on to the next gig.”

“That’s fine,” Kim said, “I would have given it away to see the look on his face in person when he found out we switched the cars.” The girls giggled and Bull smiled.

“It was actually a smart move to boost the stolen one from long-term parking,” Bull replied, “If we hadn’t checked the serial number, it could have been a problem.” They had figured it out when the ever so cautious Bull had checked to make sure it wasn’t tangled up in the divorce. It was registered to a different name, so Kim had checked Chip’s phone while he was in the shower and found the information about the storage building where the original car was hidden.

The two vehicles had been switched back immediately, and Kim had been driving Chip’s real car most of the time. The day the lawyers went into conference, an anonymous tip of the stolen car’s whereabouts and Chip’s involvement had been made.

Bull had hidden nearby and taken video for them to see. They couldn’t hear Chip, but the way he was gesturing wildly and pointing to the car it was easy to see he was trying to convince the police he was the rightful owner. He was arrested on the spot.

They had traced the stolen car back to long-term parking in the same city, and the lot owner immediately wanted to make a deal when confronted. He hadn’t realized the car was gone until they pointed it out. A bribe on their part had him say he loaned it to his girlfriend, played by Denise. Better to get the car back and everything kept quiet than to have his high-end customers desert him when they found out his security was lax.

Kim had met with Chip in the jail and, after a few insults and accusations were thrown, came to an agreement. Chip would sign over the titles to both the Porsche and the BMW in exchange for Denise’s statement that she had borrowed the car and let Chip store it for her until she returned from a business trip. Everything was labeled a misunderstanding, and the stolen car was returned unharmed. Chip was a little more traumatized.

“How are the ribs?” Bull asked Denise, pointing to where the bruises had all but faded.

“Better now,” she smiled, “That k** hit hard. I like it better if you do it so it heals faster.”

“Couldn’t be helped,” the big man said as he took a sip of the beer, “I was indisposed with your girl and a few bikers. Looks like you have a few more sessions before your scar goes away this time.” He indicated Kim’s stomach and her hand involuntarily went to the faint outline of the word WHORE.

The laser was working well since the tattoo wasn’t that old, but it was a longer process to make it go away completely. She trusted the doctor that did the work, and she knew from past experience that it would be barely noticeable in a few months.

“We still don’t know what happened to Tina,” Kim mused, “She had always been reliable before.” It was true. Tina was good at what she did, but maybe Kim had been too hard on her in the past. It would be difficult to replace her.

“I checked her apartment,” Bull said, “It’s cleaned out and the last three months of the lease was paid in cash. Wherever she went, she didn’t want us to know about it.” The two women nodded in agreement.

Kim got up and padded over to the table where a laptop was sitting. She opened it up, found the email program she was looking for, and turned it so Bull could see the attachment. There was picture of a fully dressed woman with a naked man kneeling before her. He was holding her right foot in his hand and kissing the toe of her shoe while his erect cock jutted out from his body. The picture was cropped just below the head of the woman so she would not be recognized, but Bull knew instantly that it was Denise. Matt’s face was not hidden at all but, in fact, was very clear in the photo.

He pushed the computer back to Kim and shrugged. “What do you need that for?” he asked. Kim and Denise giggled at the same time and then broke into a fit of laughter.

“We don’t need it,” she said still laughing, “But as a part owner in this company, I think the other investors should know what kinky things the person in charge is up to. I have access to all the email addresses of every employee and customer that Matt deals with, including all his personal contacts. I think they should get a copy, don’t you?”

Bull took another long swig of beer and stood up. He looked at the two smiling women and shook his head.

“You guys won,” he said in a fatigued voice, “You got the money and played them for fools. Why rub it in? This is the shit that is going to come back and kick your ass one day.” He turned and walked back in the direction he had appeared but hesitated as if to say something. Then he shook his head again, shrugged, and pushed through the gate letting it slam shut behind him.

The women looked at each other and laughed, and then Kim pushed the send button…

…and it was the beginning of the end.

If you liked this one check out the sequel...

Kimberly Cross loves her job and is good at it. She has spent years developing her skills to seduce men and find ways to take their money. Now she has uncovered the big score in Miami that could set her up for life and she intends to make it happen no matter the consequence.

As carefully as she plans, Kim could not have foreseen all the things that seem to work against her as she tries to set up her mark. Is it karma, or is there someone out to get her?

Will Kim be able to figure a way out, or will Miami truly be the Gold Digger’s Demise?

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A New Dawn Arises

A New Dawn Arises


Chapter 1

The Arising

To celebrate my transformation and to increase the effect of my
feminization, Mistress Lynn decided a name change was in order.

"What's a good name for a useless, slut French Maid," she asked herself
aloud. "I shall call you Dawn. I think it's appropriate because you are
at the dawn of a new way of life."

Another belt was strapped around my waist. It had a number of loops. My
mistress attached my wrist restraints to the strap.

This allowed me limited use of my hands.

"Just enough freedom for you to get this house clean," she explained.
"Here's your list of cooking and cleaning jobs. I'll inspect all the
areas and if they're not satisfactory your ass is mine, literally."

She showed me where all the cleaning things were and gave me a simple
menu to prepare. It looked to be enough to serve four or five people.

Mistress Lynn had returned to the living room to watch TV. After about
an hour of steady work, I was summoned to the living room.

She had removed her boots and was relaxing.

"My feet are really sore, be a honey and massage them for me," she said.

I took her foot into my hands and began massaging her small stockinged
feet. I worked on each toe, her ankles and her arches. I repeated the
process on the other foot.

"Now my calves," she commanded.

I slid my hands up her calves and kneaded the firm flesh.

When I looked up, I found my self staring directly between her outspread
thighs. It was like being offered a glimpse of heaven. My mistress caught
me staring. She used her free foot to kick me back onto the floor.

"Eat your heart out bitch," she laughed. "I may give you a sniff of my
pussy later. But first, you have to prove yourself to me. Get your ass
back to work"

I returned to my chores.

She, once again, called me back.

"Dawn darling, squat down in front of me. Here, hold my ashtray in one
hand and my drink in the other. I'm tired of reaching to the table," she

I complied immediately, not knowing the torture she had in store for me.

While I was squatting and my hands were full, she would run one of her
nylon-covered legs under the skirt, up the inside of my thighs and work
her toes in my crotch.

I knew I couldn't take too much of that and keep my balance. She would
pause long enough to use the ashtray or take a drink and then begin the
torture again.

"Don't spill anything or you'll be punished severely," she warned as a
foot wormed itself inside in elastic leg bands of the panties and rubbed my
swollen, throbbing member.

I was helpless against her advances. The ankle restraints kept me from
spreading my feet so I could keep my knees together. So, I was f***ed to
spread my knees in order to keep my balance.

She had me where she wanted me under her total control.

Finally, I could not keep my balance and fell on my petticoat-covered
ass, spilling her drink in the process.

"Clumsy bitch," she proclaimed. "You screwed up and spilled my drink and
soaked my carpet. It's only fitting that you get screwed as your
punishment. Your virgin cunt is mine now slut!"

She commanded me to clean up my mess and return to the bedroom.

I cleaned up the spilled drink and hurried quickly to the bedroom.
Mistress Lynn was awaiting my clumsy arrival.

She roughly pushed me onto the bed. I watched her disconnect the clips
from each other, momentarily freeing my hands.

But not for long.

Mistress Lynn quickly secured new clips from the corners of the bed to
the basic restraints. She repeated the same procedure with my ankles. My
mistress then stepped back to view her spread-eagled slave.

"It's useless to fight your restraints. I'm going to remove your gag
soon so that I can hear your cries of pleasure when you surrender your
virginity. For your own good Dawn, be a good little girl and do as your
told," she said.

All I could do was humbly nod my agreement. Mistress Lynn then knelt
between my spread legs and smiled wickedly.

As I looked up at her, I could see my reflection in the ceiling mirror.
She, instead of me, was truly in the dominant position and was about to
do things to me that I only fantasized I would do with another woman.

Her hands reached down and slowly lifted my skirt and petticoat up my legs,
exposing my crotch to her view. She spread the skirt and petticoat back
across my chest and then began running her hands over my thighs.

Occasionally her hand would brush over my love-juice soaked panties.

I had been brought to the peak of excitement so many times that my
panties were literally sopping wet with pre-cum fluid.

"The hotter you get a virgin the more receptive her cunt becomes,"
whispered the domina. "You're one hot little piece.

"It's time to remove your gag. Soon you'll be begging me to **** your
cunt and I want to hear every scream," Mistress Lynn stated.

She then untied the gag and removed the dildo from between my teeth. I
was once again able to move my jaw and I felt that I should thank my
mistress. But, I remembered her rules about speaking. So I remained silent.

She held the rubber cock poised in front of my face, barely an inch from
my lips.

"Let's see if you can get my prick wet enough to enter your hot pussy.
Open your mouth and suck my cock," she commanded.

I slowly opened my mouth and she slid the cock slowly in-and-out of my
pursed lips.

She remarked that I had a real blowjob lips and would probably be the
hit of any party.

"You've got the sucking part down real well. You need some practice with
your tongue. We'll work on that later," she scolded.

The dildo was slowly removed from my mouth and I was surprised at the
popping sound it made as she pulled it from between my lips.

The mistress then returned to her teasing. This time she ran the cock
along the inside of my legs and across my crotch.My nerves were in a frenzy.
My cock/clit wanted to burst. My chest swelled and low moans escaped from my lips.

The more I moaned the more she teased. Suddenly, she stopped and climbed off the bed.
My body immediately began to arch against the restraints.
"Please don't stop," my brain screamed.
My reflexes echoed my thoughts. I had become putty in her hands.

Chapter 2

The Deflowering

"Lift your cute little ass in the air," she commanded as she stood
menacingly over the bed, her feet spread slightly apart.I lifted my but up
as a sacrifice to her, offering my crotch to her to with it as she willed.

This, I knew was my ultimate surrender.

It meant more than any words I could utter.

My mistress slid a pillow under my ass cheeks and remarked that my clit
was really swollen.

"You look like you would like to cum. Is that true Dawn," she asked.

"Oh yes, Mistress Lynn," I replied.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, mistress, I would like to cum."


"Mistress Lynn, I'm so hot. My cock is about to explode."

"But, you don't have a cock," she scolded me. You must be talking about
your clitty"

"Yes mistress. My clitty is about to explode."

"Explode where?"

"In my underwear."


"Into the panties."

"Whose panties?"

"My panties."



"Please what?"

"Please mistress, let me cum."

"Say that Dawn's pussy is on fire and she wants to cum."

"Please mistress! Dawn's pussy is one fire and she wants to cum."

"Who is Dawn?"

"Dawn is your slave."

"Who is Dawn?"

"I am Dawn, my mistress."

"What is Dawn?"

"Dawn is your slave, Mistress Lynn."

"Is Dawn my little panty slave?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes mistress, Dawn is your little panty slave and she wants ... no
needs... to cum, please!"

My mistress's face took on a stern expression again.

I knew immediately I had done something wrong.

The smack across my face proved it.

"Dawn, when will you realize that what you want is of no concern to me?
You are going to lose your cherry today because it is my wish, not yours,"
she explained. "Now that you have irritated me, I have decided that you will
not cum. I will still fuck your virgin hole until you scream for release. I
will tease your clit until your senses reel. But, I will not allow you to cum.
Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

She walked to her closet and brought some things to the side of the bed
and laid them out within her reach.

"White is for virgins. There's no need for virgin-white panties to cover
your quivering slut cunt," she said as she took a pair of scissors and
cut the panties at each side. She pulled the panties out from under my ass
checks and pressed them against my mouth and nose.

"Smell and taste your juices, bitch." Suck those juices from your
panties crotch."

Of course, I obeyed, sucking in the juices from the panties. They were
soaked with pre-come fluid.

Next, she picked up a long wooden bar that had straps attached at each end.

"This is a spreader bar," she said. "This will help keep you spread wide
so that I have a clear, open shot at your hole. It will keep your legs as
far apart as I want for as long as I want."

Mistress Lynn attached one end of the bar midway up one thigh. She then
freed the opposite ankle from its restraint and began spreading my legs
apart. I thought I would split before I was spread far enough for her to
attach the other end of the spreader to my thigh. The bar f***ed my ass
even higher, as I was rocked further onto my back.

I also began to realize that I had only one hole that could be penetrated.

Mistress Lynn was right it surely was my virgin hole.

She must have noticed my fear and concern because she began torturing me
with those magical hands of hers.

"Your clit is so swollen Dawn. But, your pussy is still not wet enough
for me to ram my cock into. Let me give it some help," she offered.

She held up the jar of Vaseline I had brought and unscrewed the top.

My mistress then spread a small amount of it onto her hands and began
spreading it between my upturned ass cheeks. She wormed an oiled finger
into my hole and began wriggling it around inside.

My muscles locked on that finger and a moan of pain and pleasure escaped
my lips. She used her other hand to play with my throbbing cock, slowly bringing
me rapidly to the brink of an orgasm.Mistress Lynn held me at the plateau
for what seemed to be forever.

She would stop her fondling at just the right instant or would remove
her finger whenever she noticed my ass start to sway or try to press against
her hand.

I lost control and began to plead with her, "Please mistress. Don't
stop. Let me cum!" Instead she stopped completely.

She reached to the floor and strapped a harness around her waist. She
was facing away from me while she attached something to it. When she turned around
the dildo that had spent so much time in my mouth was attached to the harness.
I just knew that cock would split my virgin hole open.

"Do you really want to cum Dawn? How badly do you want to cum?"

"Oh, mistress. Please let me cum. I'll do anything! Anything!"

She crawled back onto the bed. She moved between my spread thighs until
her knees touched the spreader bar. The cock was perched barely inches from
its target.To my surprise, she lifted herself up and squatted on my chest.
The cock now rested against my cheeks, brushing across my lips whenever
she moved.

"Would you like to have my cock, Dawn?"

"Yes, Mistress Lynn."

"Yes, What?"

"Please let me have your cock."

"How would my little slut like to have it."

"Any way you desire, mistress."

"Would you like to lick it?"

"If would please you, my mistress."

"Maybe you would rather suck it?"

"Please mistress, let me suck it."

"Would you like me to screw your tight little hole?"

"Please fuck me with it. Please let me have your cock!

She teasingly brushed her shaft against my chin and across my cheeks. I
found myself reflexively licking my lips and pursing them in
anticipation. What a slut I was becoming!

Mistress Lynn began lowering the latex penis between my lips.She totally
controlled the action. She would sometimes pull out and slip just the head
between my lips, then suddenly forcing its entire length back
into my mouth.

"See, I told you that you would get better with practice. You're
becoming a real cock sucker," she giggled.
"Let's see how well you can do with your tongue."

Her cock retreated from my mouth and placed it barely between my lips.

"Use your tongue, Dawn," she commanded.

I stretched out my tongue as far as it would reach and began to lick the
head of the shaft.

Mistress Lynn then slapped my face with her cock, f***ed it between my
lips, pulled it out, made me lick it and slapped me again.

"I can be a cock teaser too," my mistress said.

All of this excitement was bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm.

She probed my hole again. This time she slipped in at least three

I began crying for relief.

"Actually, Dawn, you're still not ready. Your tight little hole still
needs loosened some more before you can handle me."

The mistress used a small vibrator to warm me up.

"They call this the ultimate squirmy, Dawn. You'll just love how it
squirms and rotates in your pussy just like a real cock."

She rubbed some lotion on it and slowly worked it into my hole.

I gasped as she slid it deeply into me. The gasp was replaced with moans
of pleasure when she turned on the vibrator and started working it in and
out, readying my hole for her ever-erect cock.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmmm!" My moans gave me away.

She knew I was ready.

So did I.

My legs were high in the air.

The spreader bar offered my mistress unimpeded entry.

I watched her oil her cock and then rub more in and around my hole. The
time had arrived.

She shifted position and began lowering herself on top of me. One of her
hands slowly guided the instrument of my deflowering to its awaiting
sheath. The other hand covered my mouth.

I swallowed hard ... took a deep breath ... closed my eyes and offered
myself up to her, straining my ass up to meet her.

The blunt end of the dildo began to f***e its way past my tightly
clenched anal opening.

Her hand over my mouth f***ed the screams of my **** back down my
throat. Ever so slowly, the dildo entered my hole.

"Aaarrrggghhh!" I had to gasp for breath with every movement she made.
As my muscles began to relax, the pain began to subside and waves of
pleasure began to wash over me.

Once she had managed to bury the eight inches of latex cock deep in my
hole, she stopped moving. I could feel her groin pressed against mine.
She began to withdraw as slowly as she had entered me.

"Relax, Dammit," she yelled. Don't tense those pussy muscles. Relax!"

She removed her hand from my mouth.

The hand now encircled my throbbing cock.

Once again, she buried the dildo deep within me and slowly withdrew.

"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhhh!," I moaned absorbing the impact of her strokes.

My mistress laughed in triumph. She roughly buried it again and started
to slowly **** my virgin hole.

As my insides stretched and adjusted to accept its intruder, a soothing
warmth began to spread through my veins.

This wasn't too bad after all. The sensations continued to grow from
mildly stimulating to downright arousing.

My ass started to sway in a rhythm trying to match her every thrust.

Abruptly, she stopped her assault on my hole. She withdrew the cockhead
and rested it against my rectum, poised and ready to invade again at her

"Don't stop, mistress. Please fuck me. My cunt is burning for you.
Please shove your cock in and out of my pussy. Don't stop, keep going," I
implored her.

In response she penetrated me again and picked up the tempo of her

"Are you ready to cum, slut?"

"Oh yes, soon, very soon my mistress!"


"Please, mistress, please!"


"Please fuck me, mistress. Please make me cum. I'll do anything."


"Yes, my mistress, anything!"

"Would you like me to play with your swollen clitty?" Her hand began to
pump my dick.

"Oh, yes mistress, please! Please play with my clitty while you fuck my

She stopped abruptly.

"What do you want me to fuck," she asked?

"My hole, Mistress Lynn. Please fuck my virgin hole."

"You mean you want me to fuck your pussy."

"Yes, please! Please fuck me!"

"Fuck your what?"


"Fuck your what?"


"Whose Pussy?"

"My pussy."

"That's much better. Beg me for my cock, you whore!"

"Please! Please, Mistress Lynn. Fuck my pussy!"

"Is your pussy hot, Dawn?"

"Ohhh yessss!"

"How hot?"

"Very hot!"

"Talk dirty to me bitch. Tell me how hot you are. How badly you want
it," she commanded.

"Ohhh ... yes! Please fuck me my mistress. Fuck me long and hard. Your
cock feels so good in my steaming pussy, pounding my insides. **** my cunt.
Please! Please! I beg you, my mistress. Please fuck my cunt!"

My mistress seemed pleased. Her fingers snaked around my member. She
slowly massaged it up and down, first gently, then with almost reckless

"You really do want my cock buried deep in your pussy, don't you, you
slut! You love the feel of my cock!"

"Yes my mistress. My cunt is on fire. Please stuff your prick deep into
my cunt. It's so big and swollen inside me. You're tearing me apart with
that cock of yours," I moaned.

Whipped into a frenzy, my ass arched to meet my mistress's every thrust
into my hole. Her hand manipulated me with every stroke.

She took me to heaven, then hell, and back to heaven.

"I'm burning up inside. You're setting my insides on fire. I can't stand

The feeling of fullness in my hole was soon replaced by the feeling of
fullness in my member. The pressure built and built.

"Oh, my God. You're fucking me crazy. Fuck me. Fuck my burning pussy
goooood," I moaned louder and louder.

"That's it Dawn, scream your lungs out, you little slut. You're now
going to cum harder than you ever have before. It will be the most intense
orgasm of your life. Above all remember your promise that you'd do anything if
I made you cum," my mistress stated.

"I remember. Please! Please! Let me cum, I'm going to explode."

My mistress buried the dick deeply into my bowels and pumped my member
at the same time.

"I feel it coming! Don't stop. I'm so close. Oh, yes. Oh, my God. Oh
yes! Yes! Fuck faster! Faster! Ooohhh, I need it soon bad. Oh, Ooohhh Ahhhhh!
I'm coming! Aaaaauuuugggghhhh!"

The orgasm was so strong, so long and so intense that I don't remember
screaming or moaning. I fainted from its intensity.

I awoke knowing that my life would never again be the same.

Chapter 3

The Awakening

I awoke alone in the bedroom. My restraints had been removed. So had the
French Maid outfit.

A note was taped to my chest.

After finding a lamp on the night stand, I began reading the note.

"Welcome to womanhood, you hot little bitch. I'm sure your cunt and clit
are both very sore from our little workout.

I assure you it was nothing compared to what awaits you.

There are fresh clothes laid out for you in the dressing room.

Prepare yourself carefully after you take your scented bath and remove
all your hair. The only hair I want to see is the hair on your head. Be sure
that all your cunt hairs are gone. There's nothing sexier than a smooth

After you've dressed, secure the restraints to your wrist and ankles.
I'll adjust them when I return.

Don't forget your promise to do "anything" if I would let you cum. You
will pay for what you promised in the heat of your passion.

By the way Dawn, you do take beautiful pictures. You looked so peaceful
sl**ping with your full lips wrapped around the dildo and a vibrator
crammed up your ass. I'm sure your "ex" would get a real charge out of
seeing them.

The door is padlocked. I have taken your clothes and car to a friend's
house. We will be back about 9:30 p.m. You had better be dressed and
prepared to serve us. Remember, our wish is your command.

Your mistress Lynn"

I painfully rolled over to check the clock. Every muscle ached. My hole
felt as if a hot poker had been jammed into it. I groaned with every
movement. The light from the desk clock cast an eerie glow in the room.
I noticed that my slashed panties were balled-up next to me on the bed.

The maid's outfit was now hanging on a hook on the door.

I ran my hands across my body. The corset was still cinched tightly. It
felt like a second skin now. Each movement on the bed caused my
stockinged legs to brush together, once again awakening feelings of excitement.

The spreader bar laid threateningly on the floor next to the bed a
vivid reminder of my lost virginity.

It was now 8:45 p.m. Only 45 minutes remained before my mistress
returned. I found my way to the bathroom and drew my bath water. A bottle of
scented liquid sat on the sink. I emptied a capful into the tub and settled-in
for a luxurious bath. A feeling of total relaxation enveloped me. A razor
and hair removal creme caught my eye. Could I actually shave myself smooth?
How would I be able to face people?

The thought of experiencing the wrath of my mistress erased my doubts. I
began the task of making myself presentable for Mistress Lynn. After
toweling myself dry, I entered the dressing room. My evening attire
awaited. It consisted of a scarlet red corset, falsies, black nylons,
red pumps, red slip, red mini-dress and the red panties I had purchased
earlier. I handled each delicate article carefully. After hooking the
corset in place, I inserted the falsies. Their texture against my nipple
seemed to keep them in a constant state of arousal.

Next came the stockings. I carefully smoothed them up each leg and
attached the garters. Stepping into the panties, I swooned with pleasure as the
material rested against my clean shaven crotch.

Dawn was, once again, taking over my personality. I began feeling like a
school girl getting ready for her first party.

The red slip barely covered my ass cheeks. Next, I smoothed the red
satin mini-dress in place over my sexy lingerie. A black wig of cascading
curls topped my head.

I soon found myself posing in front of the full-length mirror. My mirror
image excited me thoroughly. My cock throbbed in my panties and I felt
myself getting wet down there again.

A little makeup would help, I thought. I experimented with Mistress
Lynn's assortment of makeup, mascara, eye liner and lipsticks. I didn't do that
bad of a job. A little on the slut side. But, that's how I felt at the
moment anyway.

Chapter 4

Mistress Lisa

The sound of feminine voices outside the room snapped me back to
reality. After unlocking the padlock, three women entered the room, my mistress,
a beautiful tall blonde and another woman who remained in the shadows of the
dark hallway. I lowered my head as Mistress Lynn approached me. She
cupped my chin, raising my face to meet her gaze.

"Not a bad job," she said. "That dress and your makeup job could earn
you a few bucks on any street corner. Something, however, seems to be issing."

The blonde beauty beckoned my mistress to her side and whispered something in her ear.
Mistress Lynn immediately stalked toward me and slapped my face.
The sting brought tears to my eyes. What had I done wrong?

"You stupid, useless cunt. How dare you embarrass me in front of my
friends. Can't you follow a simple order? Where are your restraints?"

I could only whisper that I was sorry that I was so stupid. I quickly
fastened the restraints to my wrists and ankles.

"You're sorry all right. You're going to be even sorrier later.
Punishment will come soon enough. Tonight, our pleasure comes first."

Mistress Lynn than asked her two friends who wanted to inspect her slave

"I do," said the blonde.

The third lady remained in the shadows watching my every move.

"Dawn, I want you to meet Mistress Lisa. I'm sure you remember her from
Victoria's Secret. She's the one who picked out your panties for you.
You will obey her as you obey me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

The blonde beauty pulled me into the bedroom, leading me to a spot on
the floor marked with a piece of tape.

"Stand over that spot and spread those legs, cunt."

I centered myself over the spot, my legs spread as far as possible . The
domina then attached my ankle restraints to two clamps on the floor.

"Raise your arms over your head."

The wrist shackles were then attached to two ropes hanging from the
ceiling. When they were pulled tight, I was stretched into a jumping
jack position. Once again, I found myself helplessly spread-eagled. She
reached into her bag and pulled out something that resembled a riding crop.

"You'll become familiar with this little toy of mine from one end to the
other," she sneered. She traced the handle along each cheek.

"Lynn tells me you're an excellent cock sucker. Well, I prefer to have
my pussy eaten. There's not too much difference. First, let's see how well
you can work your little slut mouth."

Mistress Lisa firmly pressed the handle between my lips. They opened and
began sucking the handle in.

"You're a natural deep throat artist, aren't you? Show me how good you
are with your tongue."

She slowly pulled it back out of my mouth and held it about two inches
from my lips and commanded me to start licking. My tongue darted out. It
snaked up, down and around the handle, caressing it fondly. I repeated this
flicking process over and over again.

"Not bad, you whore. Your mistress has taught you well. Does cock
sucking and pussy eating turn you on? Don't answer. I'll find out for myself."

Because of my spread-eagle stance, my skirt and slip had ridden high up
my thighs. A hint of red panties peeked from beneath the skirt.

"I certainly have great tastes in panties. I love how they fit so snug
on you cute little tush. It's a shame I didn't get to see you in the white
ones. Oh, well! Like Lynn says, 'white is only for virgins.' And there's
no virgin in this house. Is there Dawn?"

Before I could answer, Mistress Lisa again pressed the crop back between
my lips. With her free hand, she reached down and cupped my crotch.

"Those cute little panties are really soaked. And that swollen little
clit keeps jumping in my hand. I bet you'd just love to have me ram this
handle into your hot, tight little hole."

She removed the handle from my mouth and pressed it firmly against my
hole. The panties were pressed into my ass, mercifully keeping the handle from
invading my already sore butt hole. Stepping behind me, she caressed my
ass cheeks and pulled my dress up to my waist. With one swift motion she
pulled my panties down to my spread knees. The crop swished through the air and
then it found its mark. I felt a sharp sting as it landed across my naked flesh.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The crop found its target again and again. My ass jerked uncontrollably
as she whipped my ass with the riding crop.

"That's the pain. Next comes the humiliation."

Chapter 5

Stepping Out

She unfastened my imprisoned ankles and had me step into the red heels
and tightened the straps around my ankles. She placed a bracelet around my

"This is my gift to you. Wear your slave bracelet proudly," she said.

My wrist restraints were removed and she led me toward the door. I
balked, earning an immediate slap.

"Stand out on the porch and wait for me," she commanded as she pushed me
out the door.

The cool night breeze played a sweet rhythm on my stockinged thighs. My
knees weakened. I had to lean against a porch post for support. The
porch light came on. The three women inside waved to me from a window.
The moisture that had formed on my panties from my excitement felt cold
against my cock. My ass cheeks clenched tightly from the breeze.

I prayed no one would pass by and see me. The door opened. Mistress Lisa
emerged clad in jeans, windbreaker and a baseball cap. Her long tresses
were hidden under the cap, giving her a manly appearance.

"Ready for our date, Dawn? I hope you're not the kind of girl who
doesn't put out on the first date," she whispered. She took my hand and led me
to her convertible. The top was down. She opened the passenger door for me.
As I slid onto the seat, she fondled and pinched my ass.

"Nice buns."

It was hard keeping the skirt pulled down. The seats were vinyl. My butt
slid every time I moved, exposing my moist, pantied crotch to the summer
breeze. The mistress pulled out of the driveway and headed toward the
interstate on-ramp.

"Slide over here. Don't be shy," she intoned.

I slid closer, so close our thighs touched. Primly, I pulled my skirt
down in a vain attempt to cover myself.

"It's a little late for modesty, Dawn," she said. Her hand reached
between my clenched thighs and roughly f***ed them apart.
Expert fingers began massaging their way to my crotch.

"Spread those thighs and pull your skirt up. I want these horny truckers
to be able to see your sweet little panties when they pass us. Put you
heels up on the dashboard and recline your seat a little. If you don't do it,
I'll drop you off right here," she warned.

I complied as fast as she could bark out each order. My facial color had
to match the red of my panties. I was embarrassed at being displayed so
openly for everyone's view.

"Lick your fingers. Slide them into your panties and play with your

As soon as my hand dipped behind the wisp of satin material, I heard an
air horn blast and a trucker shout, "Hey bitch, how about letting me put my
meat there in place of your hand."

I wanted to die.

Mistress Lisa laughed aloud at my shame and humiliation.

"I want you to play with yourself with one hand and rub my crotch with
the other. I brought you on this ride so you could please me, not yourself."

I moved my hand to her crotch and began massaging. To my surprise, I felt
a bulge in her jeans. Could Mistress Lisa actually be a man? How can she
possibly have a hardon? I continued to rub.

"Open my pants. Pull down the zipper. You've given me a hardon with all
that rubbing. It needs taken care of. Give me a blowjob. Now," she
commanded. "Put some of that lipstick on my dipstick."

After unbuttoning her jeans, I could feel something straining to escape.
A rubber cock sprang out and pointed itself directly at me.

"Suck me off, cunt."

"Yes, mistress."

I pulled my legs down off the dash and knelt on the front seat. My head
lowered into her lap and began sucking and licking the dildo that had
become a large part of my life lately. My mistress laughed as drivers
honked and waved as they spotted my head bobbing up and down on the

"Disconnect the cock from its holder. Eat my pussy. Suck my pussy lips.
Lick my clit until I cum," she breathed heavily.

The dildo was easy to remove from its harness. I laid it on the seat and
returned to the object of my attention.

"Ummmm, that feels so good," she moaned.

She spread her legs wide for me so that I could better bury my face in
her pleasure palace. Her womanly aroma quickly filled my nostrils. I was so
wrapped up in pleasing her that I could no longer hear the horns or yells.
I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. The erect little nub pulsed
hotly against my tongue tip.

"That's it. A little faster. Oh! Keep licking that spot. You're getting

Her thighs twitched uncontrollably. They squeezed the sides of my head
as I thrust my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. I thought my tongue
would come loose at its roots as it continued to dive into the depths of
her seething cunt. Suddenly, her ass lifted high of the seat and her pussy
continued to grind hard against my lips and tongue. Her thighs literally
locked themselves to my head.

She tensed. Strained. Tensed. Squeezed. Moaned. Tensed. Strained.
Screamed aloud and crashed back into the seat.

"Oh God, that felt so good!"

My mouth was filled with her juices. Her thighs finally released my head
from their vise grip.

"Not bad, bitch. Not bad at all."

I was amazed that we were still on the road. She had more control than I
had. Mistress Lisa commanded me to zip up her jeans and help her straighten
up. After gaining her composure, she reached in to the glove box and
pulled out a jar of Vaseline.

"Take this and lubricate the dildo really well. You might want to grease
your love hole too. You see, For your reward, I'm going to let you home
with that cock buried in your tight little twat."

I spared no grease, remembering how hard it was to initially take in the
rubber cock, especially the massive head of it. Lifting my ass of the
seat, I wormed a greased finger into my hole. The muscles tensed around it and
I imagined the discomfort awaiting me.

"Pull your panties down, Dawn. I'll hold the cock in place on the seat
while you lower yourself on it."

Panties pulled down, I raised my ass at least a foot into the air. While
still driving, she slid the dildo into place.

"Start lowering yourself. Take just a little at a time. Do you feel it
going in?"

The end of the dildo bounced against my hole and slowly worked its way

I nodded that I did. As soon I did, she slammed on the brakes. I lost my
balance and slid immediately down the length of the greased shaft. It
was totally buried in my hole. "Aaaaaiiiieee," I screamed in pain.

"Shut up, bitch!"

The pain was soon replaced by an almost pleasurable feeling of fullness.
The pain returned, of course, every time we hit a bump or made a hard

"Pull up your undies, you shameless slut. Cover those legs. Have you no
pride at all? I thought I was taking out a nice girl. Wait until I tell
your mistress what a bad little girl you've been," she laughed as continued
down the road.

Once we left the interstate, she wound her way home along only unpaved
gravel roads. Every bump caused me to moan in pain. Every moan drew a
snicker from my date.

"How does it feel to have a cock imbedded in your twat," she exclaimed.

"It's soooo big and soooo hard inside me," I moaned.

As we pulled into the driveway, Mistress Lisa told me to exit the car
like a lady, go inside and wait in the bedroom while she discussed my
conduct with Mistress Lynn.

I exited the car in as prim and proper a manner as possible. After
smoothing the skirt on my legs, I began my walk up the driveway and onto
the porch. My heels clicked loudly as I walked quickly to the door. My
thighs rubbed together and my muscles strained against the cock buried
in my hole. The door was unlocked and I went directly to the bedroom,
closed the door and awaited my fate.

Chapter 6

Mystery Mistress

"That Dawn is one hot piece of ass," exclaimed Mistress Lisa. "With a
little more discipline, she'll make a first class she-male slave."

She told her friends everything that happened on our 'date.'

"You should have seen the reaction of those truckers when they saw Dawn,
her dress hiked up, and her fingers buried in her panties. I'm still
surprised there were no accidents. That reminds me. Dawn still has the
dildo buried in her cute little ass. She must be in agony."

There was no mercy in Mistress Lynn's voice when I heard her laugh and
exclaim, "Let her suffer for awhile. She deserves it."

"Should we allow Mistress Ellen to have her turn with Dawn now,"
Mistress Lisa asked her partner-in-pain.

Mistress Lynn agreed. She told her friends that she would first prepare
me for my next encounter. "My little bitch slave better be kneeling at the
foot of the bed when I walk through that door," she shouted.

I immediately dropped to my knees.

The door burst open.

There stood my mistress, still dressed in her leather outfit. In her
heels, she towered over my kneeling, quivering form.

"My friend Mistress Ellen will soon join us. I have given her total
freedom to use you as she pleases. She is so beautiful that you are not worthy
of the honor of viewing her beauty." she said and placed a thick blindfold
over my eyes.

"You will not touch her unless she commands you to do so.
She will probably only allow you to use your mouth on her. Understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Kneel on the bed , pull down your panties, and stick your useless ass
in the air so that I can remove that cock from your hot, tight pussy."

Her hands slowly spread my cheeks. Then, without warning, she roughly
pulled the prick from my hole.


"Did that hurt my poor baby Dawn?"

"Yes, Mistress Lynn," I whimpered tearfully.

"Good! Now, roll over on your back and lie still."

Leaving me to my pain, my mistress left the room to summon her partner.
A few moments later, I heard two sets of heels clicking their way down the
hall and through the doorway.

"Mistress Ellen, I present you my humble slave Dawn. She is yours to do
with as you please," announced my mistress.

"Mmmm! Not bad. Not bad at all," the newest voice sounded sweet, and
vaguely familiar, to my ears.

It seemed as if an eternity had passed before there was any movement or
sound in the room. I realized that Mistress Ellen was performing a
visual inspection. I felt like a slab of meat on a hook in a butcher shop.

"I want her bound spread-eagled. I want total control over this selfish
bitch," my third mistress of the day said, her voice never higher than a
loud whisper.

On came the ankle restraints. My mini-dress began to ride up as my legs
were f***efully spread to secure the clamps. My arms were roughly pulled
over my head, spread and hooked-up to the remaining clamps.

"Don't you think it would be fun to arouse this bitch so that she gets
an idea of what I expect from her," asked Mistress Ellen.

"Great idea," remarked Mistress Lynn.

I felt someone climb on the bed and kneel beside me. My dress had one
long zipper in the front. It extended from the bottom all the way up to the
neckline. Mistress Ellen began to slowly work the fastener down the
length of the dress. Her hands explored my exposed flesh as she worked her way
down. She shifted position and lodged a knee firmly between my
outstretched legs, placing pressure against my crotch. She reached into
my corset and pulled out my falsies.

I almost fainted when she first sucked, then bit my hardened, extended nipples.
Her hands returned to the zipper, inching it ever so slowly to the bottom
of my dress. She jerked the zipper free and spread apart the dress,
exposing my corset-clad body.

"Something that small should be called a shirt, not a dress," she
whispered. My slip barely covered my panties. She bent down and kissed
the small strip of flesh peeking out from between the end of my corset and
beginning of the slip. When her lips met my flesh, a soft moan escaped
lips. My hips arched up, desperately trying to keep in contact with her
warm, moist lips.

"Ooohhh! Mmmm!" I moaned. My thighs began squeezing the knee lodged
against my pelvis. She pushed it even more firmly against my pubes.
Stroking the softness of my belly, her every caress created tiny
explosions of ecstasy in my brain.
Her fingers then began tracing a circular motion across my

"Ummmm!" My body squirmed and twisted to maintain the contact.

Her deft fingers moved firmly, lower and deeper beneath the slip into my
soaked panties.

"Oh! Ohhhh! Oh, my goodness!" The soft purring moans coming from my lips
quickly turned into a gasp as her soft, light fingers brushed across my
groin. Velvety fingers encircled and the squeezed my bloated organ of

She removed her hand and leaned back on the bed. My body screamed for
her to continue.

"Lets get these out of the way, shall we. Lift your buns so I can gather
it around your waist."

I raised myself and thrilled to the touch of her hands working the slip
up my flesh. Her nails grazed my inner thighs, then my crotch as she
inched the fabric to its resting place.

"Your panties are really soaked. I'll bet you would love for me to play
with your clit and slide something into your hot, tight little pussy."

"Yes, oh yes, yes, my mistress!"

I try to spread my legs even wider to allow her free access. My thighs
and cock were on fire, begging for attention. She rolled my panties down,
exposing my member and ass cheeks. She tickled my erection with her

"Oh Jesus! Oh ... Ohhh ... Ohhhhh!" I moaned loudly, filled with a sense
of urgency. The moans came, not from my throat, but from my very soul.

Mistress Ellen slid lower on the bed. Her lips alternately kissed and
bit the sensitive insides of my thighs.

"Oh, God. Oh, God," I screamed aloud.

One of her fingers began to circle my hole, slowly working its way in
and rubbing gently against my sex-charged internal membranes.

"Oh, please, please, oh my God."

The finger retreated. I arched up hard, straining to recapture the
exquisite feeling of penetration. Somehow, I knew at that moment that I
had just used up my allotment of pleasure. I became desperate.
Frustrated, But also resigned to my disappointment. After all
wasn't I told that I would be the giver of pleasure rather than the

"Look at this Lynn. I think this slut is starting her period. There's
bl**d on my finger."

"Why so she is. I guess it's time for a feminine hygiene lesson. Do you
have any tampons?"

Mistress Ellen says that she has super absorbent ones in her purse.

"I guess we'll have to put the first one in for her," says Mistress

One of my mistresses rubs Vaseline around and inside my hole. I feel a
plastic tube being f***ed into me. She pushes in and then pulls back,
leaving the tampon resting snugly in place. I can feel the string
resting on a thigh.
My panties are pulled back into place. I can feel the tampon
spreading inside me, gently pressing against my inner walls.

Mistress Ellen climbed back onto the bed and straddled my chest.

"Didn't Lisa say that Dawn was an expert cock sucker and a decent pussy
eater," asked Mistress Ellen. "I think I'll give her a little practice
time. There's nothing better than a little head to end the day."

Her nylon covered legs crossed over my shoulders as she positioned
herself over my face.

"This is the reason for your being. You were put on this earth to please
your mistress and her friends. There is no other reason. Seeing that you
have no cock to speak of, you must become an expert with your tongue.
Feel honored that we allow you to worship us," said Mistress Lynn.

While she talked, I could feel her settling in for a long oral bath. Her
stockings brushed against my cheeks with every movement, sending waves
of excitement coursing through my veins. The heady aroma of her crotch made
me swoon.

She dipped her pussy closer to my face. My lips twitched with desire to
kiss and spread her lips with my tongue. I got my wish. Her groin pressed
against my lips. They immediately opened and began to pay homage to her
temple of love. She moved my head from side to side, pressing my lips
against the exposed skin of her thighs. I returned to the object of my
affection. My tongue teased her exposed labia through the soft net of
her hairs. I flicked at it with my tongue back, forth, back, forth gently
licking, moistening the inside of the most sensitive part of her thigh.

"How do I taste, Dawn,' she asked. Her breath was quickening. I knew I
was beginning to please her.

"You are delicious, so delicious."

She grabbed my ears and repositioned my face.

"Shut up and eat me," she breathed heavily into my ears.

My lips closed around her swollen clit and sipped. I felt her womb
contract. I fell in love with her cunt, gloried in it. I was drinking
her juices, getting d***k on her sex.

"Keep sucking," she screamed. "Suck, Suck , suck it out!" I knew she was
close to coming . I wanted that for her. To please her. My mistress was
wet and open to me. My tongue slid through her smooth passageway and
outlined her clit, rising and pulsing in passion. My lips and tongue
went wild inside her. I probed, dwelt, licked, sucked her juices until
she screamed in pleasure. She began to shudder. I was certain she would
cum any instant. But abruptly she lifted herself off my face.

"I want to be fucked. I need something in my pussy. Mistress Lynn would
you put the two-headed dildo in Dawn's mouth for me?"

"Of course, my dear."

A thick cock-head was placed between my lips. "Suck it in and hold it
tightly in your mouth you slut," Mistress Lynn commanded.

Mistress Ellen impaled herself on the dildo in one swift vicious motion.
Her clit rubbed against my nose as she settled into place. Each time she
moved herself up and down the shaft, her clit came into contact. I could
feel and taste her juices flowing. It seeped between my lips and
clenched teeth, oozing down my throat like nectar.

Her orgasm was magnificent. I felt it build. Felt her expand. Then
contract. Expand. Contract. She moaned uncontrollably. When she finally
neared her climax, intense spasms and contractions racked her body.

It melted with relaxation and her breathing returned to normal. Sated
and exhausted, she climbed off my face. She pulled the dildo from my
mouth and climbed off the bed.

'Now for your final humiliation, Dawn," Following those words, Mistress
Lisa removed my blindfold.

I fainted at the sight of the woman who had just ridden my face to a
total and complete orgasm. It was my girlfriend. She now had the last laugh,
andthe strongest orgasm of our relationship.

Chapter 7

Lessons Learned

When I regained my senses, all three mistresses were sitting on the edge
of the bed. I was still spread-eagled. My jaw was sore from holding the
dildo between my teeth while my former girlfriend rode herself to the
peak of sexual pleasure.

I looked up to the mirror. They were right. They had humiliated me
totally. I had said things and done things I knew I could never repeat
to my anyone. I had been reduced to their subservient slave.

"Well, good morning Dawn. I see you had a good night's sl**p. I guess we
really wore you out. You slept like a baby," Mistress Lynn said softly.

Gone were their leather ensembles. The sensuous bodies I had come to
appreciate were now covered with jeans and loose-fitting shirts.

"How did it feel, bitch? Now you know what it feels like to be brought
so close to an orgasm that your body began to melt, only to be denied
because your partner climaxed first and selfishly left you hanging,"
said Mistress Ellen.

I began to understand. That's what this was all about. I had to admit
she was right.

"It took me a while to set up this session. Mistress Lynn gave me two
alternatives. I could let her lure you here just to humiliate you.
Or, I could have her train you to be my slave forever. I want you back,
but only on my terms. So I asked her if I could help in your training.
As you now know, she was more than agreeable," Mistress Ellen said.

The women then pulled out a photo album. It contained dozens of photos
of me. Most were taken while I was asl**p, stretched-out in my lingerie.
A good number, however, were action shots taken while I was blindfolded.
They must have had them developed at one of those one-hour processing places.

"Pretty good stuff," Mistress Lynn remarked.

All I could do was drop my head in embarrassment.

"I'm going to keep my copies next to my night stand," said Mistress
Lisa, "They're so sexy. I might masturbate myself to sl**p at night while
looking at them."

What did Mistress Ellen plan to do with her copies?

"I have two sets. One of them stays with Mistress Lynn in case I need
them. The others? I might share them with some of your friends."

"Oh, please, no," I implored my mistress. "I'll do anything you wish.
Please don't show them to anyone."

She had me where she wanted me.

"If you keep me happy and satisfied, this will be our little secret,"
she said. She then began to list her conditions.

I would become her love slave.

All my male underwear will be thrown out when we returned home.

The only male clothing I would wear would be those essential for my job,
and an occasional social gathering.

I would have to accompany her to purchase my new wardrobe to make sure
everything fit. Everything would have to be tried-on at the store.

We would only have sex when and how she wanted it.

She would control if and when I was allowed to satisfy myself.

I would move in with her as her roommate, not her boyfriend.

I would be responsible for all the cooking and cleaning.

She would handle all business matters.

I would be enrolled in a fitness class. "It's either that or a
tummy-tuck," she said. "Do you understand and agree?"

"But, Mistress."

"The way I see it, you have no other choice."

"Yes, Mistress."

Perhaps I made a mistake in our last issue, August, by not ending the
chapter of "Dawn" with a to be continued note. At the time, I was not
sure that I had more material from the author, and now I do!

Chapter 8

Heading For Home

"Good, now Let's get you ready for the drive home. I'll, of course be

"Yes, Mistress."

My restraints were removed. I was told to bathe and change for the trip.
I began to undress. They didn't leave the room. They just sat and watched.

"Let's help her," suggested Mistress Lisa.

"Why not," quipped Mistress Lynn.

All three of them approached me and began to remove my clothing. Their
hands probed, pinched, fondled and slapped as they removed each garment.
I was their plaything. The game was really fun for them. It was becoming
exciting for me.

"My God, her clit is swelling again. Doesn't she ever get enough?"

Mistress Lynn ordered me to take a cold shower, rather than the hot bath
I was really looking forward to taking. Naked, I retreated to the

The cold water sent shivers through my veins. It awakened me. Awakened
me, I realized, to a new and exciting life with Ellen. I loved her more
at that instant than I ever had. I was hers, mentally and physically.

After toweling dry, I entered the dressing room. My new attire awaited.
closely resembled the leather ensemble Mistress Ellen wore last night.
As I picked up each piece and held it to my face, I realized it was her
clothing. It smelled sweetly with her perfume. The smell of her sex also
permeated my senses. The only article missing was her crotchless
panties. They were replaced by the black satin ones I had bought at
the store.

I put on the leather bra. It was underwired. The falsies awaited me on
the table. They were soon sitting in place, pressing them against my
aroused nipples. Next, I slid the black nylons up my shaven legs, waves of
excitement overtook my senses. I hooked the leather garter belt around
my waist and attached the garters to my nylons. The belt and nylons
provided a stark contrast to my white exposed crotch, now framed by my
sexy lingerie.
I pulled the panties on and thrilled to the material sliding against my
skin. Another mini-slip awaited. Once again, it barely covered my buns,
stopping about mid thigh. The leather miniskirt came next. The material
hung over the slip, pressing it against my skin. I covered my bra with
the satin blouse and tucked it into my skirt.

Mistress Ellen entered the room then and complimented me on my

"It's going to be hard to keep my hands off you on the way home."
You're one sexy looking bitch. If only you knew how to use makeup.
That, my little slut will be one of your first lessons. I'm sure
my beautician will be glad to help, if I let her have you for a night."

She began applying the makeup, also applying polish to my toe nails and
finger nails. My eye lids and lashes were paid much attention. A short
black wig replaced the longer one. My mistress stepped back to inspect
her work. She smiled and called in her friends.

"I hope nobody tries to steal this hot cunt from you. She looks good
enough to eat. Eat me, that is," said Mistress Lisa.

"I told you she was trainable, said Mistress Lynn.

"You did a remarkable job, Lynn. I don't know how to repay you,"
Mistress Ellen said as she embraced her mentor. They kissed each other
long and hard. They sucked each other's tongues as if they were stiff
I heard Mistress Ellen begin to moan with pleasure as Mistress Lynn
cupped Ellen's crotch , lowered her zipper and slipped her hand in
her jeans. Mistress Ellen eagerly ground her pelvis against the invading

They parted, breathless. Mistress Lynn looked and me and said. "I hope
you now understand the power of pussy. We don't need a cock to satisfy us.
You, however, would go crazy if there were no pussy for you to worship."

The women said their farewells. They were rather passionate ones at
that. A lot of kissing and feeling.

"It's time to go, honey. Get my bags and take them to the car," my
mistress commanded.

I stopped in my tracks, bags in hand. If I walked out the door into the
awaiting daylight dressed like this, the neighbors would surely see me.
They knew a man had pulled-up in that car yesterday. They would know.

"Move your ass, slut. We have a long drive ahead of us. Besides, I may
want to stop at a rest area so that you can freshen my sweaty pussy with
your mouth," laughed Mistress Ellen.

I carried out the bags and put them in the trunk. When I tried to go
back into the house, the door was locked. My mistresses waved at me through
the window. My options were limited. I could stand on the porch and wait or
I could wait in the car. I chose the car. Clumsily, I dropped the keys and
they slid across the porch.

My heels clicked loudly as I rushed to retrieve the keys. In my haste,
I forgot about the short skirt. When I bent down to pick up the keys,
my skirt rode up to expose my pantied rear to the passing neighbors.

Mistress Ellen finally came out. She was still laughing at my
embarrassment. Taking the keys from my hand, she unlocked the door,
opened it for me and closed it after I settled into the seat.

I tugged my skirt down. The plush material of the seats swallowed my
nylon encased thighs. My juices began to flow again. I felt the first small
squirt of fluid begin to spread across my panties.

She climbed into the driver's seat and we began our journey home.

Chapter 9

A "Hitch" In Our Travel Plans

We stopped at a rest area about half way home. Just as Mistress Ellen
pulled into a parking space, a convertible wheeled in beside us. It was
Mistress Lisa. She smiled and waved at us. She was dressed in cut-offs,
T-shirt and that familiar ball cap.

"Hi roomie," she yelled to Mistress Ellen as she climbed out of the car.

The two of them hugged each other and headed toward the rest room.

"Come along Dawn, honey, It's time for a pit stop," my mistress shouted
over her shoulder.

I looked around the area. It was filled with tourists and truck drivers.
Slowly climbing out of the car, I was careful to pull my skirt down and
began the long walk to the rest rooms. Instinctively, I went toward the
men's room.

"Dawn, honey, aren't you going to the wrong room?"

Mistress Lisa held the ladies room door open for me. All the stalls were
occupied except one. Ellen entered it, forcing me to wait my turn.
Finally, Mistress Ellen emerged from her stall and ushered me into the toilet.

"Hurry up sweetie. We need to get home soon so that you can cook dinner
for me and Lisa. Did I forget to tell you? She moved in with me last

I locked the door behind me. I could hear two more women enter the room.
The realization that I couldn't urinate standing up struck home
immediately. That would surely give me away. Lisa flushed the toilet in
the adjoining stall and whispered to me that she would be waiting for me

I pulled my skirt up to my waist and slid my panties down to my knees.
The seat was cold against my rear as I sat down to pee. Finishing my
business, I flushed, pulled up my panties, smoothed my skirt and left the stall.
The rest room mirror brought me back to the reality of my plight. The woman
staring back at me in the mirror offered no semblance of manhood. My heels
caused me to stumble across the tile floor as I began to leave.

Just then one of the women came out of her stall. Seeing me stumble, she
remarked, "d***ken slut."

When I reached the curb, I noticed that Mistress Ellen's (my) car was
gone. Lisa motioned me to get in her convertible.

"Ellen went on ahead to get your room ready and start planning your new

She told me to drive because I needed to learn how to drive in heels.
Working the pedals was more difficult, especially in a short tight
skirt. Thankfully, it had an automatic transmission. I carefully backed out
and guided the car onto the interstate. Mistress Lisa slid closer to me and
whispered in my ear, "Doesn't this remind you of our last date Dawn?"

I nodded that it did. It took all my concentration to keep the car on
the road. I couldn't afford the thought of getting pulled over by a cop. Not
dressed like this. Mistress Lisa had ideas of her own, however. She put
her arm around my shoulder and slipped her hot, moist tongue into my ear and
then began to kiss and nibble on my ear lobe and neck.

"Ooohhh! I moaned through clenched teeth. This response spurred her on.

"I see I'm getting to you again. Keep your eyes on the road and your
hands on the wheel. I'll take care of the rest."

Her hand slipped between my legs, slowing inching its way up my
trembling thigh. My thighs instinctively separated, giving her free access
to my crotch. I jerked when her cool fingertips reached the exposed flesh
above my stocking tops.

"Concentrate on your driving, Dawn."

"It's hard, Mistress Lisa."

"It's hard you say. Maybe I should feel for myself." She slid her hand
higher and cupped my crotch.

"It certainly is hard Dawn. You're certainly an easily excitable little
lady." Her hand continued to play over my panties material. Suddenly,
she squeezed my bulge tightly.

My scream was lost in the wind as it blew past my face.

"Sorry, Baby! I just couldn't resist."

My eyes filled with tears as I fought to keep control of the car.

"Oh, look Dawn. There's two girl hitchhikers. Let's stop and pick them

I looked ahead and couldn't believe my eyes. I had never seen two more
beautiful ladies hitching a ride.

"Pull over Dawn," Mistress Lisa commanded. I pulled off the road and the
girls quickly ran up to the car."

One of them asked, "Going as far as San Antonio?"

"We sure are. Hop in," offered my mistress, "let me crawl in back so
that you can have some room to stretch your legs," she told the taller
of the two girls.

The girl who sat beside me was a tanned, long legged goddess. Her name
was Marty. She was wearing a denim miniskirt and a halter top.

"I'm sure glad you girls stopped. We had to turn down at least a dozen
creepy males that almost tried to drag us into their cars," she

Her partner in the back seat, Etta, laughed and proclaimed, "It wouldn't
have done them any good. We're lesbians and have no use for men. I hope
that doesn't shock or bother you."

I swallowed hard and continued to concentrate on driving.

Mistress Lynn giggled and said, "It takes a lot more than that to shock
us. Isn't that right, Dawn?"

I nodded in agreement.

"You have to excuse Dawn. She's awfully shy. A hot little bitch. But
shy," explained Mistress Lisa.

Marty's eyes widened. She gazed at me and said, "Maybe I can help her
break out of her shell.
Besides, I get really turned on by chicks in leather."

Meanwhile in the back seat I noticed that my mistress and Etta
were locked in a tight embrace, kissing passionately. Mistress Lisa caught
me looking and winked back at me.

Marty slid closer to me on the seat and began running her fingers on my
neck. Her hand was soft as silk. Darkness had settled in and the evening
breeze helped cool down my boiling bl**d.

"Pull into the next rest area," Marty whispered into my ear.

Five minutes later we pulled into an almost deserted rest stop. I was
careful to pull into the darkest, most secluded area. I stooped the car,
turned off the lights and awaited Marty's next move. The passionate
moans coming from the back seat seemed to excite Marty even more.
She placed her fingers under my chin, turned my face to meet hers and
kissed me gently. My lips parted immediately. Her tongue wiggled it
way past my slightly parted lips.

"Mmmm," she purred.

"Ooohhh," I responded, sucking her tongue deep into my mouth.

Her hand began to rub and knead my false breast through my blouse.

"Please don't let her find out," I prayed silently. Not yet, at least.

She dropped her hand into my lap. In panic, I clamped my thighs tightly

"This is no time for passion cramps," said Marty. "Open up those legs
and let me play with your hot clit. I can't wait to bury my fingers in
your hot, moist hole." She pinched the inside of my thigh. My reflexes
were good. Too good. My legs parted immediately. Marty was easily able
to snake her hand into the opening.

Her tongue worming its way in and out of my mouth caused me to forget
about her intruding hand. Continuing our French kissing, her hand snaked
further up my nylon covered leg. She eventually reached the crotch of my
panties. They were sopping wet first from my Mistress Lisa's teasing and
now from Marty's exploring.

I moaned loudly as she gently ran her hand over the rear of my panties,
cupping my ass cheeks. I spread my legs wider. Marty pulled my panties
down from the rear. I raised my ass off the seat to allow her to pull
them down.
I felt the satin material slip over my knees and quickly gather around
my ankles. I was quickly reminded of my ankle restraints.

Her hand then swiftly worked its way back under the skirt and found its
way to my crotch. First she rubbed. Then stopped abruptly. Her hands quickly
grabbed my swollen cock, squeezing hard.

"Well, well, what have we here?"

How would she react to this discovery?

Mistress Lisa interrupted her lovemaking with Etta long enough to
whisper an explanation to Marty. She giggled and whispered something back
to my mistress. Marty removed her hand from my crotch. She smacked my face
and informed me that I would pay dearly for my deception.

"I'll bet you'd give anything to cum, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. Please!"

"Tough shit, bitch! You're going to eat my pussy until I tell you to

She slid across the seat, pulled her skirt up to her waist and beckoned
me to begin.

"Get your face between these thighs and start licking."

Even in the dark, I could see the treasure awaiting. Her pussy was
framed between her outspread legs, bulging out the crotch of her panties.
I crawled across the seat and nestled my face in place. The aroma of her
sex filled my nostrils.

She arched her hips toward my face and moaned aloud as I began sucking
her still pantied crotch. Humping at my face, she squirmed uncontrollably
as my tongue lapped at her pussy. I sucked her clit through the panties
material as she screamed at me to continue.

Her thighs squeezed my cheeks as I licked and sucked her to her first
orgasm. Marty pulled off her drenched panties, grabbed my head and
f***ed my face back into her groin. I went back to work. My licking and
sucking brought her to a series of intense orgasms.

The sounds from the couple in the back seat assured me that the action
back there was just as hot.

"Let's switch places, Etta," a sated Marty yelled to the back seat.

I repeated my oral worship with Etta, eating her to multiple orgasms.
Her shaven pussy helped create a strong vacuum as I sucked greedily on her
throbbing clit. I buried my tongue deep in her pussy, causing shivers of
pleasure to rack her body. Her juices flowed freely down my chin.
Meanwhile, my mistress and Marty engaged in a hot sixty-nine session of
their own.

Finally, all three women were satisfied. They rearranged their clothing,
lounged on the seats and commanded me to drive them home.

My mistress sensed my frustration.

"Sorry Dawn. Ellen would be mad if she heard that I allowed you to get
off. Maybe she'll let you satisfy yourself later."

"Yes, mistress."

We dropped our passengers off at their apartment. It was only about two
blocks from our home.

"Drop over this weekend," Marty invited my mistress. "Bring that little
slut slave of yours too. We need a maid to serve, and service, us."

"Sounds great," responded Mistress Lisa as she climbed into the front
seat, patted my thigh and told me to drive on home.

"See all the fun you're going to have now that you are one of the
girls," she giggled. After we pulled into the apartment's parking garage,
Mistress Lisa had me get the luggage and carry it to the apartment.

When we entered the elevator, there were two people in it. My mistress
seemed to know them. She smiled and talked to them as the elevator began
its climb.

"Who's the new chick?, one asked.

"She's our new roomie."

The other asked my mistress, "She's not one of those dyke bitches that
we see here sometimes, is she?"

"Actually, Dawn here will be anything we want her to be. She'll do
anything we tell her to do, if you know what I mean," Mistress Lisa

Both smiled knowingly. "How about a preview?"

"Ok! Dawn put down the bags and let my friends to check you out."

I set down the bags and stood in the middle of the compartment, hands at
my sides.

"Nice ass!"

"Good legs!"

"Check out those lips."

"Blowjob lips if I ever saw any."

"Small tits."

"Who cares. Nobody fucks tits any more."

"Could lose a little weight."

One of then pulled me close. Hands squeezed my ass cheeks. I tensed at
the touch. A hand slipped under my skirt, into my panties and rubbed over
my crotch. It gripped my tool and squeezed hard.

"Swollen clit. Turns on easily."

I remained frozen in place, not wanting to respond to the blatant
advances. The other one then took my hand and made me lower his zipper.
He f***ed my hand into his fly, making me grip his prick. That was the
first time I had ever touched a dick other than my own. I let go as if
I were shocked.

"Don't worry honey. Soon you'll be wrapping more than your fingers
around my rod. Just wait till I f***e it between your lips or up your hole."

The hot words and my hand wrapped around his organ caused it to swell to
a size the astonished me. I shuddered at the thought of having to do
anything with it.

"Lisa, call us when you have broken this slut in," he sneered.

They left the elevator laughing at my embarrassment.

Finally we entered Mistress Ellen's apartment, my new home.

I was directed to place the bags in Mistress Lisa's room and to return
to the living room.

"You must be worn out," said Mistress Ellen. "You better get a good
night's sl**p because all us girls are going shopping tomorrow.
I already called your boss and told him you were ill."

She then lead me to my bedroom, the smallest of the three. She opened
the closet to unveil a small collection of dresses, skirts, blouses and
sweaters. No slacks or shorts. The dresser drawers were filled with a
wide variety of lingerie items. There were no men's clothes in sight.

"I saved you a couple suits, a few shirts and some shoes and socks," she
said. "The remainder of the time, you will always wear dresses and
skirts. That way, we have easier access to your hot crotch."

She reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out a small nightie set and
handed it to me. I stripped out of my leather ensemble down to my
panties. They were soaked.

My mistress handed me ruffled panties and a bra to wear under the
nightie. I skinned the soaked panties off and replaced them with the
dry ones. Next, I fastened the bra over my falsies and slipped on the

They both gave me a quick kiss good night and tucked me into the queen
size bed. I was swallowed in satin. I began to relax, hoping for a good
night's sl**p.

It was not to be.

I could here the sounds of their lovemaking as if they were in the room
with me.

Licking, sucking, moaning sounds pierced my senses. I slipped out of bed
to see if I could catch a glimpse of their hot action. Mistress Ellen's
door was ajar and I could see the bed.

Chapter 10

They Say That Making Up Is Hard To Do

I awoke from a deep sl**p to find myself alone in my new bed in my
new home. Sunlight flooded the room. Stretching out, I felt the ruffled
panties draw tighter against my crotch. The lace trim of my nightie tickled
my legs as I gained full consciousness.

It was truly a woman's bedroom, complete with dainty curtains, stuffed
a****ls and the scent of lilac. I climbed out from under the covers and
checked out the room. A quick check of the closet and dresser confirmed
that I wasn't awakening from a dream adventure. A look in the mirror
all doubts.

It presented the vision of a woman who needed a shower and a shave.

I removed my nightie, bra and panties and began to run the shower. I
alternated hot and cold water in order to clear my senses. The reality
of my situation began to seep into my pores. The weekend was not a dream.
The pain in my butt served as a physical reminder of my lost virginity.

I heard the bathroom door open. Mistress Lisa had entered the room to
tell me to hurry up because they were waiting for their breakfast.

"Get your sweet little ass in gear, Dawn. Put your clothes on. I'll help
you with your makeup."

After toweling myself dry, I made my way back to the bedroom. My clothes
were laid out and waiting for me. A waist cincher was the first object
to catch my eye. It had four garters attached to it. I tightened it around
my waist and was startled to notice that it held in my tummy and caused my
hips to flare, presenting a more girlish figure. Next came the front
fastener black bra and breast inserts. They felt and moved as if they
were a part of my skin. The stockings came next. I rolled them slowly up
each leg and fastened them to the garters.

My newest set of panties matched the cincher. I pulled them up my legs
and crammed my bulge into the confines of the lycra cage. A short, slit
slip covered my undergarments. My outfit consisted of a dress with a
teasingly tight bodice that softly shirred into layers of ruffles that got
shorter in the back. It was made of taffeta with a black zipper that ran
the length of the dress.

About that time Mistress Lisa returned to see if I was ready for my
first makeup lesson.

"You look absolutely stunning. Are you ready to complete your

"Yes, mistress."

I followed her into the bathroom and took a seat in front of the large
makeup mirror. She had me shave closely before taking charge.

"We need to soften your look, Dawn."

She applied an ivory foundation, plus what she called a concealer to my
cheeks, nose and chin.

"That should help even out your ruddy complexion."

Next, she applied pale mauve shadow on my eyelids, camel on my brow
bones and soft grey liner along my upper lash line.

"That really shows off your deep set eyes." Black mascara darkened my

"Just a few finishing touches and you'll be set."

She whisked soft berry blush powder onto my cheekbones and did my lips
with rose lip gloss. A short wig was set into place.

"All set! Check it out Dawn, honey."

I looked so much like a sophisticated woman that I truly didn't
recognize the face in the mirror.

My mistress interrupted my fascination by shouting at me, "Quit being so
vain, bitch. Get you ass back to your room, put on your shoes and get

The shoes were sitting next to the bed. They, of course, were high heels
with an ankle strap. Before entering the living room, I practiced
walking around the room so that I could learn to keep my balance.
Finally ready, I smoothed my clothes, took a deep breath and entered the
room to meet my dominating roommates.

They were lounging on the couches reading the morning paper.
I immediatelymade my way to the kitchen where I found a pink frilly apron
laid invitingly on the table. With a shrug I looped it over my head and
tied it tightly into a big bow behind my waist, smoothing the skirt down
in front.

It made me feel as the maid there were making me and I settled down and
prepared them a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. A pitcher
of hot coffee topped of the meal.

After serving them and washing the dishes, I was beckoned to the living
room. Mistress Ellen informed me that they would be out for awhile and
that I should complete the list of chores that I would find on the coffee

"Yes my mistress. I'll take care of them immediately."

Mistress Lisa nudged her partner and asked her, "She looks so lovely and
domestic in her new pinafore apron, but, perhaps it's time for another
reminder of her enslavement to us. What do you think?"

They quickly attached wrist and ankle restraints, leaving me just enough
freedom to perform my assigned duties. They inspected my shackles, blew
me a kiss and left the apartment.

Chapter 11

Unexpected Guest

I made the beds, dusted, vacuumed and cleaned the bathrooms as rapidly
as possible. I didn't want to face the consequences of having them get
back before I was finished. My mobility was severely restricted by my

The sound of a key being turned in the door lock caught my attention
just as I was putting away the vacuum cleaner. I quickly moved to the
center of the room to greet them.

To my surprise and horror, it was not them. It was one of the people
from last night's elevator ride.

"The girls told me you might like some company while they were gone,"
said the intruder.

My visitor presented me a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Walking directly to me, the stranger said, "My what a pretty maid, apron
and all, in style for your housework. Judging from those restraints,
you're not fully trained yet. That's OK though. This will give us some
time to get to know one another."

Pulling on the wrist restraints, my visitor guided me to the couch.

"Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Don't you think a welcome drink
or two is appropriate?"

I plopped down on the cushions. My dress began to rise up my legs and my
apron was being rumpled. I immediately tried to pull them down as far as
possible. The stranger sat across from me. Despite my efforts, there was
no doubt that I was presenting an unobstructed view of my panties covered
crotch to this intruder.

I picked up my drink from the table. In my nervous state, I downed it in
one gulp. The visitor quickly refilled my glass. The alcohol quickly
entered my system and a strange warmth began to spread throughout my

"I'll bet you would love to have me remove those restraints," my
would-be seducer stated, pouring my third glass.

I nodded my consent, afraid to speak.

Enjoying the alcohol warmth and the attention, I settled down some and
began to sip at my drink. I noticed that my visitor hadn't sipped a
If the object was to get me d***k, it was succeeding. The drinks were
loosening me up and making me feel giddy and a bit bold.

"I wonder if I can turn this mysterious person on," I thought to myself.

"I would be a lot more comfortable with them off," I replied, spreading my
legs a bit wider as I spoke.

My uninvited guest crossed the room, knelt down in front of my silk
covered legs and began taking off the ankle restraints. Hands brushed their
way up my legs as each ankle was freed. The warmth began to concentrate in
my brain and my crotch. The visitor climbed onto the couch next to me.
Our thighs came into contact, sending electrical charges to my brain. My
thigh instinctively pressed harder against my seducer's. Next to be
disconnected were my wrist cuffs.

"Now that I freed you how do you intend to repay me?"

"Let's have another drink and discuss it," I replied , holding out my

I couldn't believe it was me teasing, flirting like a brazen
hussy. It seemed to be having an effect. Reaching for me, slim hands grabbed
me pulled me onto my visitor's lap. As I squirmed to get comfortable, I could
feel a bulge against my rear.

My guest's lips sought out my receptive mouth. A long, slim tongue
slipped between my pliant lips.

"Ooohhh!," I groaned into the invading mouth.

I was d***k. d***k from thealcohol. d***k from passion.
There was no holding back I was about to actout my role as the slut
I was trained to be. Besides, I doubted my guess would let me hold back.

"Ooohhh, yes! Yes! That's so good," I breathed heavily. "Let me help you
get more comfortable."

My fingers tentatively began to open shirt buttons. Wickedly, I ran my
fingers across a smooth chest, stopping only to pinch nipples. I became
somewhat confused. I was sure that my visitor was a man.

But, this one actually had little titties.

While I pulled off the shirt, a hand had dropped to my stockinged leg,
sliding slowly up its silky smoothness. Smooth fingers continued to inch
higher. In an attempt to slow his progress, I began to lick and kiss his

He continued to caress my legs. I slid lower on the couch and began to
bite and suck on his nipples. His hand left my legs only long enough to
f***e my hands to his belt and fly. I ran my hands over his pants. Squeezing
and rubbing his erection, I couldn't believe I was actually playing the role
of the slut. And I didn't care about the consequences. I was going to get
off, no matter what I had to do.

"Let me help you," he whispered softly.

My guest f***ed me sit up while he removed his pants and shorts.
My hands flew beneath my skirt and began stroking my erection through my panties.
My legs were spread wantonly. The hem of my dress barely covered my hands.

"Please hurry! I'm so hot. Hot for you. I want to make love to you now,"
I panted.

I was losing control of my senses. I heard the pants hit the floor. Next
came a pair of bikini briefs. My eyes moved up the outspread legs before

"Oh my God! And all this time I thought...! Oh, Wow," I gasped in

He was not a he after all. He was a she. And she was wearing a dildo
attached to elastic straps. It was eight inches long and a full three
inches around. Her latex manhood stood proudly in front of her. It
presented an imposing sight. The cock was longer and wider than the
dildo I had been trained on. Ripples of fear racked my body.

"Fooled you. Didn't I!" She laughed aloud. She quickly reached down
pulled my hands out of my panties and pulled me to my feet. I had trouble
standing. It didn't slow here down any. She quickly pulled down the
zipper on my short dress. It was soon laying on the floor next to her pants.
She reached in front of me and began pulling off my slip. I was too weak and
too d***k to resist. I actually raised my arms to help her "unwrap" her prize.

All I had left on was my bra, waist cincher, panties, stockings and
heels. The next thing I knew she had f***ed me down to my knees and was guiding
my face to the shaft.

"Show me how hot you are for me, bitch. Slip those hot lips around my
rod, you little cock sucking whore!"

I had no choice but to part my lips and take her cock into the confines
of my mouth. I gagged at her size. Her false erection completely filled my
mouth and my saliva coated it.

"Get it good and moist, Dawn. You never know where else I might want to stick it.
Maybe, later I'll bury it in your tight little hole."

Clamping my mouth tightly on her tool, I reached between her legs, under
the harness and fingered her clit. I could sense that she was nearing a
climax. I withdrew her dick from my pursed lips and began kiss and lick
her thighs. My mistress had taught me well.

The mystery guest began bucking and moaning. "Ohhh yes, I feel it
building. Mmmm! Ugghh! Ohhh! Oh fuck! Yeahhh! Mmmm! Argghhhh!"

Soon, her juices doused my face. I gulped down as much as I could. She
wouldn't release my face until I licked her crotch dry. Fully satisfied,
she looked down at me smiling.

"You sure give great head, Dawn," she said as she stepped away and broke
my contact with her crotch.

There was no way I was going to let her leave until I got off somehow.

"Please fuck me," I whispered up at my visitor.


"Please fuck me."

"I don't understand what you want, Dawn. You have to explain it to me."

"Please bury your cock deep in my pussy. I want your prick in me so
deeply. I want to hump your big dick and pound my snatch up and down on your
rod!" I begged. I took her hand in mine and lead her to my bedroom.

"Why should I fuck you? I had my orgasm."

Desperately, I climbed onto the bed on all fours, lowered my panties and
offered my ass to her. The sight of my cheeks swaying and wiggling in
front of her brought her back to life. I knew then that she wouldn't
disappoint me. Positioning herself behind me, she grabbed my hips and began
to push her cock into my tight anal passage. My muscles squeezed tightly on
her fake erection.

"You see that blowjob really got my cock wet. I can't believe how easily
it slipped into your hot hole, Dawn."

"Ohhhhh! Oh Jesus," I moaned into the pillows.

She fucked my hole slowly at first and then with wild abandon. Quickly,
she reached around my hips and her hand slipped into my panties.

"Just as I thought. You're all wet and begging for release aren't you?"

"Ooohhh! Yes. Please, yes. Help me cum. **** my hole."

"How bad do you need it bitch?"

"Really bad! My clit is on fire."

"Beg, bitch," she commanded as she wrapped her hand around my member and
began to pump it in rhythm to her fucking motion.

"Please fuck me hard and make me cum. I'm begging you."

She fucked my ass long, deep and hard, while expertly bringing me close
to my release.

"Mmmm! Yeeessss! Give it to me! Uuuuhhhh!"

My hips bucked in time with hers. The friction of the dildo against her
clit was also taking its toll. We both lost control at the same time.

"Mmmm, yeah, I'm getting off again," she screamed as she stroked deeply
in my hole.

"Ugghh! Mmmm! Ugghh! Mmmm ... yes, please give it to me, give it to me,"
I pleaded.

My r****t continued her assault asking, "Gonna come for me baby? Wanna
come with my stiff cock pumping your tight little pussy?"

"Yes," I moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Ram your cock into my cunt!"

Her hand pumped my dick harder and faster. My entire body quivered.
Quivered from her stroking my cock and from her strokes in my hole.

"Come for me, Dawn! Come for me now," my mystery fucker screamed. She
pumped me swiftly.

My balls tingled with my come, preparing to shoot. My cock throbbed
frantically in her hand. I closed my eyes as I felt my release building.
At that instant, her hips bucked wildly as she approached a climax.

The room was filled with both of our cries of ecstasy. I collapsed on
the bed with her on top of me.

My visitor unstrapped the dildo and climbed off the bed. She left her
instrument of my **** buried in my hole. My panties were filled with my
cum. She f***ed my hand into the moisture, pulled it out and made me
lick and suck my fingers.

Noticing that I was contented, my partner quietly left the room. The
thought that my roommates would return before I could clean up scared
me. Unfortunately, I didn't have the energy to do anything about it. I
closed my eyes, relaxed and awaited their return .....
and my punishment.

Chapter 12

Paying The Price

Mistress Ellen stood in the doorway, holding my discarded clothes in her
hand. "I see Kim welcomed you to the apartment complex."

Mistress Lisa entered the room next. My restraints dangled from her

"Who gave you permission to remove your restraints? It seems that you
still have trouble following orders."

I tried to explain what happened and that their friend was the one who
removed the ankle and wrist cuffs. all my explaining seemed to have no
effect on them.

"You disobeyed me and must pay the price. It's a shame too. I was just
beginning to trust you. Perhaps you need a stronger reminder of your
servitude," stated Mistress Ellen.

She instructed me to pull down my drenched panties and lay across her lap.

With trembling fingers, I followed her direction. My panties were down
to my knees and the dildo was still sticking in my hole as I stretched
across her spread legs. My member slipped between her spread thighs.
Immediately, she clamped her legs together, trapping my penis.

Mistress Lisa removed her belt from her jeans, doubled it over and
handed it mistress Ellen, who began spanking my bottom.

Every time I moved or cried out, she'd spank me even harder. The
whipping seemed to last an eternity. Whenever I moved, the pressure on
my penis was similar to being snugly crammed into a hot cunt. This caused
me to squirm more. This, of course, increased the intensity of my spanking.
The mixture of pain and pleasure was becoming unbearable.

Finally, she stopped. She rolled me off her lap onto the floor, pulled
the latex cock from my ravished hole and laughed at me.

"Don't think you're off the hook."

Mistress Lisa reached into my lap, grasped my erection and pulled me to
my feet.

"We're going to have to do something about this," she said while
squeezing my member. "I think I have just the thing."

She produced a cock and ball sheath. While Mistress Lisa kept me erect,
Mistress Ellen set about attaching it. She placed my balls in the pouch and
then placed my penis into the sheath. Her deft fingers laced it up the front
of my cock and tightened the fasteners around my covering. A roller buckle
in the back locked it all into place. There was a D-ring attached to the

"That's in case I want to attach a leash to lead you around. Or maybe I
might want to add some weights. In case you have any ideas about taking
it off yourself, forget it." A small lock was attached to a connection
behind my balls.

"Once it's locked on, it stays on until I decide to remove it.

"Yes, my mistress, I understand.

"Good! Now pull up you panties and meet me in the kitchen. In case you
haven't noticed, it's supper time."

My panties barely held in my sheathed crotch. I put on the rest of my
clothes and made my way to the kitchen. I prepared their meal and was
f***ed to eat alone in the kitchen. I did the dishes, cleaned the
counters and entered the living room to see what else was expected of me.

Chapter 13

Working Girl

"You need to shower and shave. Tomorrow is a work day," explained
Mistress Lisa.

"You'll find a set of clothes in your closet to wear. Remember,
though, you'll be wearing your lingerie under your suit. Special
lingerie at that."

They also had to work the next day so everyone retired early.

Alone in my room, I removed my clothing and slipped into the ballet
length night gown awaiting me. It had a lace bodice with a low scooped
back that released into a full sweep of a skirt. I slipped the hipster
panties over my still sheathed crotch. Fortunately, it had a opening
that allowed me to pee. I slipped into the bathroom and relieved myself,
then crawled into the bed and slept like a baby.

The alarm rang at 5:30 a.m.

They both came into the room to ensure I got up.

"I know you didn't take your shower last night because I didn't free
your tiny cock and balls," smirked Mistress Ellen.

"Come here and I'll release you.

I held up my nightie while she pulled down my panties, inserted a key
into the lock and loosened the straps. The release of the pressure made
me feel weak. My knees buckled, but, I managed to keep my balance.

I took a quick shower and returned to my room to dress for the office.
Mistress Lisa called me back to the bathroom and applied a light coat of
makeup on me and just a hint of blush.

"Just to remind who and what you are," she said.

Mistress Ellen handed me what I was to wear under my suit. It was a
white satin and lace bustier that hugged me like a second skin after she
fastened the hook and eye front closures. She removed the bra straps,
but not the garters. White lace topped stockings covered my legs. I attached
the garters and pulled on the matching panties.

The outline of my lingerie was barely visible under my T-shirt and dress
shirt. I pulled on my slacks and put a pair of socks over my stockings.
The shoes actually felt strange after days in high heels.

They drove me to work in my car and dropped me off in front of my

"Pick you up at 5 p.m. sharp," they shouted as they drove away.

Unfortunately, the girl I was currently dating arrived at about the same
time. She was visibly upset when she saw me climb out of the car.

"Wasn't that Ellen driving your car?," she asked.

I told her that Ellen's car broke down and asked for a ride.

"She offered to make a few stops for me, so I let her use the car."

"I thought you said you were through dating her," Kayla stated.

"Believe me, Kayla, I assure you that I'm not dating her."

Kayla accepted that and walked into the building with me.

As we started to climb the steps to the third floor offices, she stopped
me on one of the landings and kissed me passionately.

"Missed you this weekend," she said. "I especially missed your cock."

She rubbed her hand on the front of my trousers. I swelled quickly to a
pulsing erection.

"Ooohhh, it feels like it missed me too. Maybe I should take it out and
give it a welcome home kiss," she said reaching for my zipper.

I pulled away quickly, reminding her that we were due at a meeting in
five minutes. She knew I was right. However, she told me I would have
to make it up to her at lunch.

Concentrating on work was virtually impossible. It was impossible to
ignore the feel of the stockings caressing my legs and the panties rubbing
against my member. It strained hard against the silky fabric. So hard,
in fact, that I had to spend most of the day behind my desk hiding my arousal.

"How was I going to handle Kayla," I wondered.

About an hour later, Kayla walked through the doorway, closed and locked
the door, and announced that it was time for me to show her how much I
missed her.

In seconds, she was stripped to her bikini panties. She sat herself on
the edge of my desk and spread her legs wantonly.

I sat back in my chair to admire the view.

"My pussy really missed you this weekend," she said. "Are you sure you
were away on business?"

"Believe me, I was busy almost every waking minute."

"Let me tell you how I spent my lonely weekend."

She started by saying that she had visited her folks Friday and

"I got really lonely and horny Sunday evening. Seeing that you weren't
around to help me, I decided to take care of myself."

Her face took on a dreamy look as she began describing her activities
They included a vibrator, dildos and masturbation. While she was talking,
she would rub herself through her panties. The more she talked, the larger
the wet spot on her panties grew.

"And then I inserted the vibrator," the words trailed as suddenly put
both hands between her legs, opened her mouth and moaned, "God, how I
needed your dick!"

She then leaned back on the desk, pushed aside her crotch covering and
buried two fingers in her cunt She was soaking. Her fingers pumped in
and out. Her juices began to drip down her leg. Seconds later, she
started to shake her head back and forth. She crammed her free hand
into her mouth and let out a scream, literally convulsing as she reached
her climax.

After a brief rest to catch her breath, Kayla sat back up on the desk
andstated, "That should have been you inside me."

She stretched out and placed her legs on my shoulders. I had no choice
except to focus on her crotch. Kayla locked her ankles behind my neck
and literally pulled my face into her crotch. I knew what to do with my
mouth. I surely had enough practice over the past few days.

She reached her first orgasm in seconds. I wouldn't stop. I kept eating
her, first through her panties, then with them removed until she begged
me to stop.

"Wow," she exclaimed.

Her nude body was stretched out on the desk. I could see her loins
tremble from the intensity of her orgasms. I knew I wouldn't have
to perform any more this afternoon. I helped her off the desk and into
her dress.

With shaking legs I carried her out of my office, a glazed look on her

"Maybe I should let you go away more often. I just love these welcomes,"
she said huskily.

My panties were soaked from that sex-charged hour. Kayla hadn't
discovered my secret. I wondered how long I could keep it from her.

Mercifully, quitting time arrived. As promised They were waiting for me
at the curb.

Chapter 14

True Confessions

Mistress Lisa stepped out of the car to allow me to sit between them. As
I slid over on the seat, one of them asked how my day had gone.
I responded that It went just like any other day at the office.

"I have trouble believing that," said Mistress Ellen. "I saw you going
into the building with that slut Kayla. And I do know that you date her.
Used to date her, that is."

"Whatever you wish, my mistress."

"Did you tell her about your weekend?"

"I told her I was kept busy, my mistress."

"Good answer."

Mistress Lisa joined the conversation. "Knowing that cunt Kayla as well
as I do, I'm sure she hit on you didn't she?"

I explained, in detail, her lunch time visit.

"That bitch better stay away from my Dawn or I'll have to take drastic
measures. Did you enjoy yourself with her Dawn."

My silence gave me away.

"I guess I'll have to see for myself," said Mistress Ellen.

She reached into my lap, unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my zipper and
felt the front of my panties.

They were still wet. She grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. "Just
remember, you little slut, that this belongs to me. No one else.

"Yes, my mistress."

"Maybe we should teach Kayla a little lesson," offered Mistress Lisa.
"Let's invite her to go to the party with us Friday night and take care
of her little problem"

"Good idea," replied Mistress Ellen. "Of course, little Dawn here will
come in handy, if you're thinking what I'm thinking."

Mistress Ellen countered, "You got it."

Chapter 15

Party Time

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I did my chores and serviced
my two dominant room mates nightly. Fortunately, Kayla was called away for
most of the week to work on a special project and I was able to pretty
much avoid her sexual advances.

She came into my office Friday with a curious look on her face. "You're
not going to believe this one," she said. "Your ex-girlfriend Ellen invited
me to a party tonight. At first, I wasn't going to go. But, then she said
she had a few secrets about you that she wanted to share. So I told her
I'd be there."

She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear. "I'll miss you
tonight. Besides, it serves you right for abandoning me last weekend."

Her hand cupped my crotch and squeezed gently. She felt me respond.

"Maybe we can sneak in a quickie before I go back to work," she said as
sheplaced my hands on her pert little breasts.

I could feel her nipples harden through the thin material of her blouse.
As usual, she wasn't wearing a bra.

A voice crackled over the intercom.

"Your next appointment has just arrived. Shall I have them wait?"

Kayla grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my groin tightly against hers.

"Let them wait!"

"I can't. They're important clients."

"More important than feeling my hot pussy stretched around your cock?"

She continued to grind against me and squeezed my buttocks even harder.

"Just remember, you slut, that this belongs to me. No one else."

The words of my mistress echoed loudly in my memory.

"I'm sorry, Kayla. These are not the type of people to be kept waiting,"
I said as I freed myself from her grasp.

"Neither am I! I might just try to find myself someone interesting at
the party ," she retorted in a huff and stormed out of the private entrance
to the office.

On the way home, Mistress Ellen told I was in luck.

"Marty and Linda called to say that the party was being catered. That
means all you'll have to do is serve the food and be available for whatever
else we decide. They even paid the rent for your maid's outfit. Isn't that

"Yes, my mistress."

We stopped at the apartment long enough to clean up and change for the

After applying my makeup for me, they retired to their rooms to change.
As usual, my clothes were laid out for me.

They emerged from their rooms dressed identically in skin-tight,
leather-look bustiers with metal studs and a front zipper. Each was also
wearing a black mini skirt of the same material.

Covering my normal lingerie consisting of corset, slip, panties and
nylons, I wore a blue two piece dress. It buttoned in the front and
had padded shoulders. The short (as always) skirt zipped up in back.

Mistress Lisa handed me a small suitcase and an overnight case.

"Your outfit and everything else you need is in these bags. Let's go,"
said Mistress Ellen.

We were the first to arrive.

They exchanged hugs and kisses with Marty and Etta.

Marty told Mistress that Kayla had accepted the invitation to attend the

"This will be a night she never forgets," beamed my mistress.

"I'll take Dawn in back and help her get ready," offered Marty.

"Be my guest," answered Mistress Ellen. "She's at your service."

Once in her bedroom, she had me open the cases and remove the clothing.

"I rented this outfit and you had better put it to good use."

The black satin maid's outfit was a complete ensemble. It included a
bra, garter belt, seamed stockings, satin dress, apron, cap and two
crisp full petticoats. I stripped out of my dress and lingerie and put
on my outfit. The petticoats made the satin skirt stand straight out.

While I was dressing, she told me where everything was and how and when
to serve the food.

"When you're not busy, I want you at my side. After all, I am the hostess.
Don't worry, Mistress Ellen has given me complete charge over you this
evening. That is until she's ready to deal with Kayla."

I followed Marty to the den and remained near her. When the guests
started to arrive, I answered the door, took their wraps and hung them in
the closet. All the guests were women. Attractive, young women.

Kayla arrived last. As I took her jacket, I tried to avoid her eyes.

"Don't I know you from somewhere? You look so familiar," she inquired.

"No, mam," I whispered in response.

"Maybe you worked at one of my mother's parties."

"I don't think so, mam."

"Oh well, whatever."

She dismissed me and entered the room. To my surprise Mistress Ellen and
Mistress Lisa both warmly welcomed Kayla. They both gave her tight hugs
and deep kisses.

To my even greater surprise, Kayla responded openly. I saw her tongue
dart into Mistress Lisa's mouth. They held their embrace for a long time.

"What else don't I know about Kayla," I wondered.

Marty informed me that it was time to serve drinks.

Carrying a tray of champagne glasses, I circulated around the room of
about 20 sexy females. The more they drank, the more familiar they became
with each other and with me. As I passed among them, a number of them
would make petticoat checks, reaching under my satin skirt to pinch my butt.
A few of them actually reached under and stroked my cock, keeping me hard
and begging for relief. I knew then that most knew who I was and why I was

There was a sense of electric anticipation in the air. Most of the
guests, when not fondling each other, seemed to direct their attention to
Mistress Ellen and Kayla. Something was brewing.

"Could I have your attention please," shouted Mistress Lisa.

She announced to the gathering that Kayla was the guest of honor for the

"Kayla is another women who has been neglected by her boyfriend and has
sought our companionship in her hour of need. Kayla, my dear, I assure
you that after tonight you will no longer be interested in your boyfriend."

Mistress Ellen interrupted her partner stating, "Kayla, I know what a
slut you are. My ex-boyfriend is now my room mate. I saw you hitting on
him the other day. Believe me when I tell you that he is mine for as long
as I want him. You have no say in the matter."

Kayla, never one to be undone, asked, "Just what the hell have you got
that would make him want you over me?"

"Control, you dumb bitch. I have complete control over him."

"I doubt that!"

"You were invited here to see the control I have. Before the evening is
over, I will have the same control over you."

As she finished those words, Mistress Lisa, Marty and Etta grabbed Kayla
and wrestled her to the floor. She was quickly put into restraints and a
ball gag was f***ed into her mouth.

The fear in her eyes reminded me of my encounter with Mistress Lynn.

They pulled Kayla to her feet and stood her up against a wall. There
eye hooks sticking out of it. The hapless lady was effortlessly
spread eagled to the wall. It looked as if she were nailed there.

"Come here, Dawn," commanded Mistress Lisa. "I want you to undress this
bitch for our inspection."

I approached the captive Kayla, still averting her gaze and began to
undress her. "Time for a little revenge," I thought to myself. A look at
her young, tall athletic body reminded me of the hours of pleasure we
had spent together. The fear of the unknown, coupled with her total
helplessness, showed in her eyes. She was wearing a pure silk camisole.
It sparkled with silver sequins and bugle beads. It d****d over a pair
of nylon stretch jeans. Its body molding fit showed off her perfect ass,
hips and legs.

Tentatively, I reached for the camisole. Kayla tensed, realizing that
her assets would soon be bared to this large group of onlookers.

I took the bottom and began to raise it up. Her breathing quickened. Her
smooth belly quivered as I inched it higher. This time she was wearing
a bra. It was a sheer, lace underwired bustiette with a hook and eye
front. Her pale skin served in perfect contrast to the wicked black

After the camisole was pulled off over her head, a few of the onlookers
pushed me aside and began to fondle Kayla's breasts through the sheer
lace bra material.

Kayla began to squirm. At first I thought it was out of fear. But, then
the thought crossed my mind that Kayla would enjoy this amount of attention.

Who was really in control?

Mistress Lisa asked her friends to retreat from their advances so that I
could finish Kayla's unveiling. As my hand approached her waist band,
stomach continued to quiver. In anticipation, or fear? Only Kayla knew
that answer.

I unbuttoned her pants and ever so slowly lowered her zipper.

"Hurry up, bitch," shouted Marty. "I think we're being too easy on Dawn,
Ellen." said one of the ladies. "Make her lower the zipper with her

"You heard her, Dawn. Take your teeth to that zipper," commanded my

I immediately went to my knees and moved my face toward Kayla's crotch.
I grabbed the fastener between my teeth and began to pull it down. The
musky odor of her crotch attacked my senses, making me want to bury my
face in her bush. When her zipper was lowered, I reached up and pulled
open her pants. A set of panties that matched her bra came into view.
The lace flared out over her hips, again highlighting the paleness of
her flesh.

I reached behind her and cupped her buns as I began to work the pants
down her legs. I had to remove her shoes and momentarily release her leg
restraints in order to slip off the tight nylon. It was as if I was
unpeeling a layer of protective skin.

Stripped to her lacy underwear, Kayla was a picture of innocence. Even I
knew better than that.

"Shall we inspect our slut guest? We must see if she is worth the
attention of our lowly maid Dawn," said Mistress Ellen.

All the women converged on Kayla. I stepped back to watch. There wasn't
a square inch of her body that wasn't being touched, pinched or probed by
the party bunch.

Kayla strained against her restraints. She couldn't avoid any of the
fondling. Her head fell back and her eyes closed tightly as she
surrendered to their inspection.

Hands opened her bra and pulled it off. Kayla's pert little titties
stood high and proud, her nipples swelled to almost an inch in length.

"Warm her up for us Dawn," shouted Mistress Lisa. "Show us how good you
are with your tongue."

Mistress Ellen took me by the hand and led me back to Kayla. Marty
joined my mistress and they f***ed me back to my knees in front of Kayla.

The group formed a semicircle around me. Many of then were already
playing with themselves or with one another. I buried my face in her pantied
crotch and began to suck the love juices from her panties. While doing that,
I pushed aside the lacy crotch of her panties and slipped a finger into
her dripping pussy and began to massage her clit.

Her slender body began to move in time with my motions. Her nostrils
flared as her breathing deepened.

Two fingers wormed their way into her love canal. My thumb continued to
work on her clit. Her hips began to push her crotch against my face.

"Eat out that nasty cunt's pussy. Only a maid would find pleasure eating
out a sleazy slut like Kayla." yelled Etta.

I complied with her command and crammed my face into her pussy. I could
hear her moans, even through the ball gag. I licked every crevice of her
vagina. My tongue encircled the opening of her vagina and occasionally
dipped inside. I pulled back. Kayla arched toward my tongue. My tongue
was replaced with four fingers buried in her snatch. My tongue sought out
her clitoris and begin licking at her core. She bucked hard against the wall
as well as my face as my fingers probed deeper and my mouth worked over her
clit. The licking, sucking and finger fucking was driving her wild.

Her pussy contracted tightly around my fingers. She screamed into her
gag. It was a gut wrenching orgasm. Fluid dripped from her as I removed my
face from her crotch. I made it a point to lick her clean.

"Bravo. Great show. What a mouth," shouted the group.

I looked up into Kayla's eyes and noticed something the others didn't.
Her eyes were sparkling. Then I remembered her words as she left my office

"I might just try to find myself someone interesting at the party."

Was everyone using me for their pleasure? I was afraid that Mistress Ellen
may have met her match. But then the night was still young.

Chapter 16

Turnabout is Fair Play

The party moved to Marty's bedroom.

Kayla was temporarily freed from her restraints and lead to the room.
Four of the girls pushed her face down onto the bed. Fur lined cuffs were
attached to her wrists and ankles. It looked like they were breaking a
wishbone as she was spread-eagled, the cuffs attached to the bed posters.

Mistress Lisa had carried the overnight case in with her. She opened it
and handed me her riding crop.

"Pull down her panties and spank her real good, Dawn. If we don't think
your doing it right, you'll take her place on the bed," said Mistress

I ran my hands over Kayla's ass a few times before I pulled her panties
down just below her cheeks. Her butt tensed as I ran the handle up and
down her crack, almost slipping it into her moist pussy.

"Dawn's really getting off on this," remarked Etta.

"Whip her ass, bitch. I'm losing my patience," ordered Marty.

I raised the crop and lashed at her ass. Smack! Smack! Smack! The sound
of the leather against her bare buttocks filled the room. Kayla's ass was
turning beet red as I continued. Her crotch tried to grind its way into
the mattress as I continued my assault.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Her screams were muffled by the gag.

"Look at those tears. The cunt is really crying I don't think she can
take much more," remarked one of the onlookers.

"Keep whipping, Dawn," yelled Mistress Lisa. "This should teach her to
mess around with my roomie's possession."

Possession! Is that all I was? I realized that I was being punished as
well as Kayla. They planned to publicly humiliate me while I administered
their wrath on Kayla.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! I continued my thrashing of Kayla's perfect

Finally, they allowed me to stop. Kayla had fainted from the beating.
Her red cheeks pulsed from the heat of the smacks. She was limp and
While she was out, pillows were f***ed under her belly, elevating her
ass.It presented a tempting target for a deep penetration of either or
both holes.

"Come over her Dawn. We need to prepare you to invade her ass and
pussy," said Marty.

She pulled a harness out of the case and commanded me to lift my skirt
and petticoats. My dick was straining hard against the material of my

Two of the guests attached the harness to my hips and legs. All of this
was accomplished over my panties. Their hands stroked and rubbed my crotch
as they prepared me. A latex cock was attached to the harness. It had a
normal sized cock and a smaller dick just underneath it. The dildo was
designed to fill both holes at the same time.

Etta lubricated the dong and led me back to the bed. The women crowded
closer as I was f***ed on the bed and made to kneel with my cock pointed
at her ass and pussy.

"Fuck her back to life and screw her until she passes out again,"
instructed Mistress Ellen.

Marty took hold of the dildo and helped guide it to the entrances of her
holes. Smack! The riding crop whipped across my ass. I jerked violently
forward, burying both heads deep in Kayla. Her screams could be heard in
spite of the ball gag.

"Start humping, bitch," someone shouted.

Trying to be as gentle as possible, I began to try to set a slow, easy
rhythm in an attempt to not hurt Kayla too badly. Another smack on the
ass was my reward. Again I lunged forward.

If there was one thing I knew, Kayla loved it was a good fucking. I
closed my eyes and imagined that I actually had two cocks and began
fucking her in earnest. My own cock pressed against the base of the dildo
and was agitated by my stroking inside Kayla. I wasn't sure how long I would
last before coming in my panties.

Kayla began to move her ass in response to my thrusts. Her screams were
replaced with low moans and grunts. I reached around her and began to
tickle her clit. She bucked harder against me. I knew it wouldn't be
long before she came again. The air rushed out of her lungs as she climaxed
and she dropped down onto the pillows.

"Keep fucking," shouted Etta. "She can take more than that."

I picked up the tempo again. In a matter of seconds, Kayla was meeting
me again, thrust for thrust. She was insatiable. She climaxed again, and
again, and again.

The pressure of the dildo was having its effect on me. I rammed rapidly
into her until she climaxed one more time. At the same time, I could
feel my load moving up the length of my cock and explode into my panties.
Exhausted, I collapsed on top of Kayla. They pulled me off her and began
to take off the harness.

Mistress Lisa was the first to notice my jism filled panties. "The bitch
got off too," she exclaimed.

Marty pulled off my panties, walked around the bed and removed the ball
gag from Kayla's mouth. In its place she crammed my drenched panties.
A strap was used to keep the panties in her mouth.

"Here's your dinner, slut," Mistress Ellen sneered.

Kayla opened her eyes. A look of defiance covered her face. She began to
suck the cum out of panties, swallowing all my spent juices. Kayla
seemed to be enjoying herself more than her tormentors could imagine.

Marty handed me a dry pair of panties. I pulled them up into place.

Kayla was released from her restraints. She immediately assumed a fetal
position and seemed to drift off into a fantasy world, her mouth still
working on the soaked panties.

"Dawn, Lay down on the bed beside Kayla. I want your face near her
crotch and your crotch near her face. You know, a sixty nine position,"
instructed Mistress Ellen.

Kayla stretched out a bit as she felt my breath on her thigh. Her face
was hidden below my skirt and petticoats. Marty and Etta approached the bed.

They set about cuffing Kayla and I together. My wrists were cuffed to
her ankles. Marty set about joining my ankles to Kayla's.

"I want both of you bitches to follow my orders exactly," lectured
Mistress Ellen