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New Secretary Job Ch.2

New job, new secretary.......

... Things were finally starting to go my way, I'd just accepted a new job for a rival firm better ... day in my new job I picked out my sharpest suit, I wanted to make a good first impression grabbed ... company car, better wages and as an added bonus I'd be getting my first secretary. As it was my first... Continue»
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Diane Pearson's New Job 2

... Diane first few days at her new job were pretty normal but she could tell that the students were ... with the principle call this number we need to talk about your future and plus you still owe me a blow job.

Jimbo ... told as he was leaving she needs to do what ever it takes to keep her job or he will be f***ed... Continue»
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new job part 2

... My first weeks at the new Job were going well. I was getting settled in and making friends. As far ... evident early on was that my new boss Andre was a bit of a flirt. He was quick with a smile ... job, usually something that involved me bending over to retrieve something off a low shelf. I always... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 18

... Trapped and Trained Ch. 18
I don't remember much to how I got here from the previous night, mostly ... had seen botched boob jobs before on the Internet, but these could qualify as a work of art ... . Not that it was a new feeling for me, but I didn't like it all the same, and he was the source this time... Continue»
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My New Neighbor Ch 2

... I put on my bathing suit and did my hair and makeup and sauntered next door to Nicole's house. I proceeded through the gate in the backyard where I knew she would be waiting for me.

"Come over... Continue»
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The Engineering Club

... in "I have had a couple of blow jobs before, but nothing like this. If a girl is truly interested ... , and may even start expanding into the community.
The Engineering Club Ch. 02
For the next ... , the cameramen got the cum shot they were looking for, dripping from my gaping hole.

With each new room... Continue»
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Caught by Neighbor

... . My nightmare was just about to begin.

- 2 -

The next afternoon, as I was washing dishes ... on my pants and sweatshirt, and made my way home.

Ch. 02

- 1 -

The next day I ... , and yet knew that it wasn't a bad dream. In the light of a new day, it didn't feel good at all - for all... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #6

... washed away and she could be a new person. Her eyes were closed tight so that she could just take ... crushed his shoulder blade when he tried to make me… so bad news for him. I think mine would have ... let's hear it… what is this wonderful magical ch*ldren's picture book all about?"

Freddie groaned... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #5

... to get almost 6 1/2 inches down before she choked. Pulling off his cock and spitting on it, jerking ... interrupted, "The point is that Jade and you are split up."

"...News to me." Freddie said meekly.

"Yeah ... perfect, things certainly were past the point of ch*ldish bets like what the girls did. Sam turned out... Continue»
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ARPITA - Once A whore Always a Whore part II

... she was the executive secretary, but in reality, her job was slightly different than any normal ... of the toilet, dressed in her glorious new outfit. She looked a complete stunner. The short top barely ... to the plan – Arpita now worked as Rahul’s personal secretary, in the office. The plan they had made... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #2

... iCarly/Victorious: Power Trip #2 – Chapter 1

(AU story)
Spun out of last series, this AU story ... tore the RV in half when his powers overwhelmed him. After his new girlfriend, Amy, threw him out ... had gotten everything out, Trina took them through the walls, one by one, making the job easier... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #7

... forehead.

Tori was a little bothered by this since it was the kind of kiss you give a ch*ld ... continued but a vibration in her bra, her phone's new home for the night, stopped her cold. "Hey, Trina ... even two guys that were dressed together as testicles. This new and awkward party triggered... Continue»
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Love in an Elevator

... on to sell banking products to the newly identified "women's market". I am very successful at my job ... there are only a dozen of us, mainly secretaries). As such I regularly meet with the old men who run ... news.
"Well, the security guard says that at this hour it'll take about 3 hours for an emergency... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter TWO

... or whatever flows better.

*Ch.02 has i****t elements.


Chapter 2: A Well-Fucked Mom ... , you could either skip some of the paragraphs in this chapter or just go on to read Ch. 03 ... .

For Ch.03, I plan to write the mother's perspective which will briefly cover what happened in these two... Continue»
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Sissy Downfall 2

... Sissy Downfall 2


My new life at Mistresses mansion was quite pleasant most of the time ... stretched pussy and new found deep throat skills even this was not too arduous except for his stench ... me.

The training dyke was a new addition to the household who had been employed while I was away... Continue»
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42].Sex and my amazing wife part A

... clients who would enjoy the lifestyle and be perfect for the job being fairly remote.
She also ... , but not one sound, was uttered, I changed implements, the poker a steel one about 2 ft long ... , as I threw the poker into the fireplace its job done.
That stripe blistered instantly my eyes would... Continue»
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Wife as a Bet

... secretary. It would be impossible to rule out that I hired her for her willingness to please and her ... need someone younger, Kanchan," they would say, "someone who can actually do their job." I roll my eyes ... the news. Within minutes, he came running back in with Deepak.

"So when do we get her?!", blurted... Continue»
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I Love You Daddy

... every way I was just your average horny teenage girl, enjoying myself and experimenting with
new ... but the profile still fit.

About a month after my sixteenth birthday a whole new area of my life ... ! Our i****tual relationship is still something relatively new for all of us and it’s as if once we... Continue»
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Black isn't so Bad After All!

... and called him inside his office.

"I'll have to apologize for my secretary, but she had ... . But, since the economy has changed so much
and many of them are working different jobs, especially ... I grew up with. Back then it’s
not like it is now, with the doctors cutting all that off the new... Continue»
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My New Assistant - An Adult Story - Part 1

... on some big sales call for the next 10 days. I was talking to my Secretary about needing a new assistant ... new husband made her quit. The second girl you promoted to sales. Hmmmm..... What are you doing ... when your the owner to mix business with pleasure. Plus my secretary Paige, knows my weakness... Continue»
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