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New Secretary Job Ch.2

Job Interview

... maybe she was in fact the perfect candidate for the <ddd>secretary</ddd> <ddd>job</ddd>.

Miss Kotey was absolutely stunning in every way. Petite, shorter ... say, Miss Keliana Kotey was very soon appointed as my <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>secretary</ddd> and she was right, from that moment I was hooked on ... ... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 19: Katie's Naughty Wee

... help me. You get me a decent paying <ddd>job</ddd> at the hospital. Not some crappy <ddd>secretary</ddd> <ddd>job</ddd>."

Katie heard Sheila sigh, "Okay, but I can ... to the police about breaking into my house? Fred's in <ddd>New</ddd> York. The police would have to take your k**s..."

"Stop! ... ... Continue»
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Entertainment for the bosses

... I've learned from previous experiences. But the office that I'm a <ddd>secretary</ddd> for--for almost a year now--has to be ... After hearing about this firm from a friend, and needing a <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>secretary</ddd> <ddd>job</ddd> (I have been a professional one since I was eighteen), I decided ... ... Continue»
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New job, new secretary.......

... accepted a <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>job</ddd> for a rival firm better company car, better wages and as an added bonus I'd be getting my first <ddd>secretary</ddd>. As it was my first day in my <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>job</ddd> I picked out my sharpest suit, I wanted ... ... Continue»
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Good secretary mature

... The first time Sergey put Lena when she just got a <ddd>job</ddd> <ddd>secretary</ddd>. Sergei praised her delicious plump legs, which were covered ... Sergei Lena wanted revenge for her care. He took the <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>secretary</ddd>, but she was not as experienced in primudrostyah love. ... ... Continue»
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The new Secretary - Short Story

... Mary Monroe, 21, <ddd>secretary</ddd>, single, enjoys one-night-stands more than a continuous relationship. In ... for the all so fascinating <ddd>new</ddd> adventures:

I'm a bit nervous on the first day of my <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>job</ddd> as a <ddd>secretary</ddd>. The manager that introduces me ... ... Continue»
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New Secretary At Home

... see Jill standing there in her regular
<ddd>secretary</ddd> outfit.

"What are you doing here," ... she said irritated
at him. "That bimbo <ddd>secretary</ddd> of yours appeared at the
door so ... said. As of today, Jill is
your <ddd>new</ddd> mistress and can do anything she wants ... ... Continue»
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Instead of My s****r Ch. 03

... a minimum wage <ddd>job</ddd> in a supermarket, whilst Jessica was away on a holiday in Spain, before she started a <ddd>new</ddd> secretarial <ddd>job</ddd> at a firm ... day, to allow for the 'camouflage' <ddd>job</ddd>. The <ddd>new</ddd> lingerie certainly had an effect. With my boobs virtually ... ... Continue»
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The new summer job part one

... felt his face flushing as he turned to let this <ddd>new</ddd> perspective
employer actually check out his ass and legs.

" ... the full package."

"What for," Daniel moaned, seriously thinking this <ddd>job</ddd> might not be a good

"I told you," John barked, growing ... ... Continue»
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My new CD bitch.

... , her fascination with the feminine part of her is <ddd>new</ddd>… it was for a time my pleasure exploring with her ... this explorations, there may be more stories…


My <ddd>new</ddd> CD bitch.

<ddd>CH</ddd> 1

I decided to fly to St Louis, I had some ... ... Continue»
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The New summer job part two

... jack off. As ordered, just as I want."

"I've got a special <ddd>job</ddd> for you this morning," he continued. "We've got a
... John went on. "Consider it advertising, and consider
it <ddd>job</ddd> security. Your <ddd>job</ddd> security."

Daniel moaned as he pulled on the tight ... ... Continue»
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ex wifes new cleanig job

... wife was in hospital but she could come 4 a chat about <ddd>job</ddd> next day about 11am so she got home told me ... thats ok wife wanted sep rooms then said do u want <ddd>job</ddd> tina said yes eddie said u can have it if u dress ... ... Continue»
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The new summer job part three

... to a cock sucking unless you want to be out of a <ddd>job</ddd>."

"But he's not a ?"

"Never," John interrupted.

Daniel dropped and took ... ... Continue»
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The new summer job part four

... the well-pleased neighbor dry.

As Daniel pulled off the <ddd>new</ddd> cock, he was pulled up and across Thom's lap,
he ... ... Continue»
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A New Dawn Arises

... she was trainable, said Mistress Lynn.

"You did a remarkable <ddd>job</ddd>, Lynn. I don't know how to repay you,"
Mistress ... was entitled , <ddd>New</ddd> office policy." It read: "Because of
my <ddd>new</ddd> understanding of the value of my <ddd>secretary</ddd>, the following procedures ... ... Continue»
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My new job part 1

... are <ddd>new</ddd> here, many of them will
apply just to you, you know being the <ddd>new</ddd> k** on the block
and all."
His <ddd>secretary</ddd> ... embarrassment.

CHAPTER 5: THE END OF MY FIRST DAY ON MY <ddd>NEW</ddd> <ddd>JOB</ddd>

"I-I can't believe he had me doing janitorial work.
H-He ... ... Continue»
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Slaves Of The Copper Coast

... to sit by her desk.
We talked for a while. Patricia's <ddd>job</ddd> was to do with imports. Mostly industrial equipment for Kupro ... over her forehead. She looked harassed with her workload. Her <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>secretary</ddd> was unsure of all her duties but I noticed she hadn ... ... Continue»
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Husband got more than he bargained for - An Adult

... night when I got a call from a women seeking the <ddd>secretary</ddd> <ddd>job</ddd>. She asked if the <ddd>job</ddd> had been filled. I said "No!" Can you tell ... I was now about 3/4 erect inside my dress pants. I wore a nice <ddd>new</ddd> pair of white cotton briefs that were definitely snug keeping ... ... Continue»
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Subjects 0 Ch 07 (Final)

... to make it all permanent. With his <ddd>new</ddd> subjects to study, he was guaranteed success. ... he figured he must have done a good <ddd>job</ddd>.

Adam decided to let her rest, ... his ankles, as she turned to her <ddd>secretary</ddd>. "Please have Harold e****ted from the premises, and ... ... Continue»
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Teenage secretary

... it, fetching coffee for my <ddd>secretary</ddd> as if I was *her* <ddd>secretary</ddd>, I made it ready and hurried ... then, you'd better just do a good <ddd>job</ddd> then, shouldn't you? The better ... doing . . . nothing. After taking me to a <ddd>new</ddd> height of submissive delight the day before ... ... Continue»
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