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New Secretary Job Ch.2

New job, new secretary.......

... Things were finally starting to go my way, I'd just accepted a new job for a rival firm better ... day in my new job I picked out my sharpest suit, I wanted to make a good first impression grabbed ... company car, better wages and as an added bonus I'd be getting my first secretary. As it was my first... Continue»
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Diane Pearson's New Job 2

... Diane first few days at her new job were pretty normal but she could tell that the students were ... with the principle call this number we need to talk about your future and plus you still owe me a blow job.

Jimbo ... told as he was leaving she needs to do what ever it takes to keep her job or he will be f***ed... Continue»
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new job part 2

... My first weeks at the new Job were going well. I was getting settled in and making friends. As far ... evident early on was that my new boss Andre was a bit of a flirt. He was quick with a smile ... job, usually something that involved me bending over to retrieve something off a low shelf. I always... Continue»
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My New Neighbor Ch 2

... I put on my bathing suit and did my hair and makeup and sauntered next door to Nicole's house. I proceeded through the gate in the backyard where I knew she would be waiting for me.

"Come over... Continue»
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The Engineering Club

... in "I have had a couple of blow jobs before, but nothing like this. If a girl is truly interested ... , and may even start expanding into the community.
The Engineering Club Ch. 02
For the next ... , the cameramen got the cum shot they were looking for, dripping from my gaping hole.

With each new room... Continue»
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Caught by Neighbor

... . My nightmare was just about to begin.

- 2 -

The next afternoon, as I was washing dishes ... on my pants and sweatshirt, and made my way home.

Ch. 02

- 1 -

The next day I ... , and yet knew that it wasn't a bad dream. In the light of a new day, it didn't feel good at all - for all... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 18

... Trapped and Trained Ch. 18
I don't remember much to how I got here from the previous night, mostly ... had seen botched boob jobs before on the Internet, but these could qualify as a work of art ... . Not that it was a new feeling for me, but I didn't like it all the same, and he was the source this time... Continue»
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57B The Mayflies’

... Irish cottage, surrounded by flowers, neat and clean as a new pin. He led her inside, oak furnishings ... from its new owner, it felt cold and unloved, and reality struck its icy finger as a feeling of anti ... , both sexual and practical for as long as she is able.
He wrote beside that `partly done’
2... Continue»
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Becoming a Slave Ch. 03

... and decided to take Matt's advice about fantasies and thought about some new things that I wanted ... about being new to this and he smiled, telling me to lie back and relax. He then undid my jeans ... girth, I realized that this was cock number 2 for me. I had trouble at first as I wasn't used... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #16

... for lunch, at Andre's suggestion, at this new Mexican place, Taco Bueno. Though none of them had ... a round 2 together…"

She's relentless, he thought. But that's what he loved about her. He slipped his ... it, the redhead began working on undoing and removing Carly's tight jeans. The job became further complicated... Continue»
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Nikki's Teen Intern Training [Chapters 1 - 4]

... buzzed, and I was informed by the secretary at the front desk that the new interns had just arrived ... , something you'd expect from someone new to the job and eager to do well. Her slick dark hair ... was in direct contrast to these new bl**d workers, most of whom were coasting to the opportunities I... Continue»
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Daddy I Love You (repost)

... with
new things. Well... maybe I was a little more sexually experienced than your average high school ... sophomore but the profile still fit.

About a month after my sixteenth birthday a whole new ... in my entire life! Our i****tual relationship is still something relatively new for all of us... Continue»
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... job for now. Don't take on any new clients," he replied.
"The fact that you don't come into contact ... pleased meeting his ex-girlfriend's new lover, but he also
saw no reason to be rude either.

"Thank you ... .

Chelsea then began to tell him about Frank. It turned out that her new
lover was a very rich... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #14

... chair to start things, the secretary burst onto the set with the new pages. The director rolled his ... would be giving up a real Broadway career for some ch*ldren's show."

"What's wrong with you guys ... by the secretary who warned her twice that she was not allowed in the writer and producer offices... Continue»
Posted by FrankSinner 11 months ago  |  Categories: Celebrities  |  

The Nastiest Tale: Puking & Gagging

... Christine often went to Edge Play after work on Friday nights. Her job as a legal secretary ... me out of a job! There'd be almost no need for lawyers if the only crimes were malum in se." She ... Dungeon at 11:00_


She'd seen all these events; there was nothing new to see tonight. She... Continue»
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CD And Trucker

... CD Adventures Truckers Ch. 02a
Part 2A: Portland to Bakersfield
I turned....
At least four ... for at least 2 weeks so that was no problem.
- Two, with wireless connection and my laptop I could ... take my job on the road.
- Three, I had hardly any clothes in my bag that I was carrying. All... Continue»
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Lateshay and Eric cum to an Arrangement

... --that included divorce, loss of a lucrative job and the end of a promising career with political ... , news arrived of the demise of an eccentric spinster aunt of mine. She had lived in a rattling ... about a new stock offering, some company that makes valves for the oil and gas industry—but I’m... Continue»
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The Journey Pt. 01

... of years. There was just a little crack in that emotional wall they had built.

Chapter 2 ... to appear. This was all new to him as well. However, he had a very active imagination and knew ... hands shaking as she hung up the telephone.

"Yes!" Tim said loud enough for his secretary to peek... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 01

... not training you to be some kind of a secretary or doing odd jobs around the house as I have no need ... Trapped and Trained Ch. 01
I responded to an ad on Craigslist from some guy asking for help ... it was originally. Finally he decided he liked the new arrangement, which wasn't that drastically... Continue»
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Sally's Secret Lover

... , for instance, a born and bred New Englander -- what am I doing in
Quiggville, Tennessee? I'm not even sure I ...
immediately; the old man who had the job had died and the local
residents had to go ten miles ... of town was a new
subdivision of rambling brick homes where the younger business... Continue»
Posted by varunpal89 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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