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New Confessions... A trip down memory lane

New Confessions... A trip down memory lane

... dirty then even they admitted to there daughter. -See previous confessions-.

Mother had always been honest to her daughter and my ... is down on the bed bearly able to move after unloading a bucket of cum in your slutty wife... "Oh God", Bam a new ... ... Continue»
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... meeting you at the parent-teacher conference and doing that trip down memory lane."

"I enjoyed it too," I hollered over the music. I was kind ... cried out, her eyes going wide with wonder at this new sensation and I hoped that perhaps my thick seed would ... ... Continue»
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Nookie for cookie

... down at her chest in a panic. Her nipples were now erect, and much more obvious than before her little mental trip down memory lane ... at the very back, near the new construction. She hoped new homes meant people new to the neighborhood. In other words, ... ... Continue»
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c*** [Chapter 2]

... girl asked Annie.

"He's doing great. He's as good as new." She answered.

"Where is he now?" Angie asked. "I ... penis rubbing against me." She thought.

"How about a trip down memory lane?" He asked.

"What about your mom and s****r?"

"They ... ... Continue»
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Heavenly Kim

... they say, is history. But the point of this little trip down memory lane was to illustrate my previous statement. So, let me just ... undressed, come over and I'll start playing with my brand new toy."

I was undressed even before she was. I turned to face ... ... Continue»
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diary pt2

... my chances and try to coax the new owner into letting me take a trip down memory lane." She smiled charmingly.

I frowned ... . Somehow, ignorance seemed better at that moment.

Deep down I suspected her having a boyfriend, but I simply refused to ... ... Continue»
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Nicki's Punishment

... , “You can show me your old stomping grounds and take a trip down memory lane after we drop off Nicole, I’m sure she would rather get ... backhand with my left arm. This allowed me to start a new red stripe, just below the first one. I gave her a dozen ... ... Continue»
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diary pt1

... of a f****y, at one time or another.

I placed the box down and looked around. A lone armoire stood in one corner ... my chances and try to coax the new owner into letting me take a trip down memory lane." She smiled charmingly.

I frowned and ... ... Continue»
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Josie's Awakening

My name is Joseph, and this is a wonderful trip down memory lane for me. Join me as I relive the first few experiences ... ?"
"Hey Joe, I’m pretty good, sorry I haven’t been around lately, I got a new job in Denver, and I have been moving my shit. It ... ... Continue»
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Memories From the Bush

... on my cock. Her head started to bob up and down like a pro.

"Whoa!" I shouted. Where'd you ... thervice my neeths."

And with that my trip down memory lane ended.

I was ready for my new home in Pleasant Town Pa.. Right after ... ... Continue»
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... as a trip down memory lane. I'll be in touch later.

Hmm, cryptic and interesting. I quickly slid the DVD into the player, and sat down in ... imagine the shock and horror that your fiance and your new inlaws would have, if they were to see what fun ... ... Continue»
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Yup, in a Church - True Story

... began all the introductions I could remember, while making a few new acquaintances myself. It was obviously quite overwhelming for ... we were safely out of the fray.

I shared my trip down memory lane with Carmen as best I could remember, rambling about ... ... Continue»
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Down Old Mexico Way

... balcony. I sat out there naked, sipping my beer and wandering down memory lane. I was surprised at how many memories could be packed ... daughter will be filling in until I can find someone new.

"Her wedding?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes senor, she is ... ... Continue»
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Masturbating Little Girls

... of making an objective decision.

Already the memory of that scene was turning her ... in New England, was the constant arrival of
new k**s. Whenever Mr. MacIntyre's school got a new ... would be part of her next trip down fantasy lane.

They had some of the ... ... Continue»
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Confessions of a first time dogger

... a greedy slut and disappeared down the well-known dogging lane.

I decided to drive a little further down the lane and pull into a small ... day.

Since then things have gone fairly quiet down my dogging lane. The police are now cruising all the usual ... ... Continue»
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Alfred's wife Return trip

... in the drivers seat and start our long trip down the road. My sub duct tapes your ... pussy.

Been 15 minutes of driving down a one lane dirt road when Priscilla gets all excited ... .

Char and Pricilla take the our new friend back to the showers and give ... ... Continue»
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... to his arm, he pulled me in the new direction. As we walked down the lane, I couldn’t help but think about all that ... it lightly and never letting it go, we walked off down the lane. Heads were turning and wives and girlfriends were swatting ... ... Continue»
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Harrisons' Downfall

... structure. Departments merged, staff levels cut back. I found myself managing a new department.

My wife had gone off on another of ... was my last day working here. I let my mind wander down memory lane...

40 years old and still wet behind the ears. It ... ... Continue»
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Learns To Mind

... conferences. Apparently, he was conducting training sessions about a new sport utility vehicle. The sessions were repetitive and ... the chance to hear Joe travel further and further down memory lane, now that's entertainment. But, who was I k**ding. This ... ... Continue»
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The Swimming Place A story of romance and sex

... beyond .
She abandoned Rebecca and Max in favour of a walk down memory lane.

It had been at least two years before that Meg ... was waiting to whisk them off to the f****y mansion and a new and exciting life for Meg .

Three weeks later Martin and ... ... Continue»
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