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Nerdy Slav Taught a Difficult Lesson

Peter and Chloe

... ."

"That could be difficult for him in a little while" Chloe observed, given that the 14th ... a few more 'lessons' before he was finally able to get better control of his releases. Nevertheless, she ... ." Looking at her boss, "he is cute, in that nerdy sort of way. And he's smart."

Brianne smiled, "Well, he... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... cleaning.

Carol had a new razor with her and gave me that 'time for a new lesson' look as she ... was the early 80s; I was taking a full load in college and working full time. At nineteen I was making ... married for a year now and, at twenty, we had a nice two bedroom, spacious, corner apartment on the second... Continue»
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One of my Favorite In(3st Stories

... increasingly difficult.

So far he was unsuccessful. His only pet, a Hamster by the name of Fuzzy,

never ... and his

experiments as "nerdy".

"Do you have any more of that smell?" He pulled a book from her ... spot.

It was not so much a learning lesson as much as an attack for Samantha.

Her elder s... Continue»
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Cherry Poppin

... stole some tequila from the liquor cabinet and taught
me how to do my first shot. I started ... , learned what he needed to get by, and taught me all the skills
I needed to know too. Like fishing ... loved football and he
taught me everything I know about the game. After cattle and country
music... Continue»
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... tomorrow evening around on the shore of the cay. Honestly.... this is a difficult situation ... into the chains, pulling at them until they became taught around her flesh.  He then slipped off his ... .  Her tightness was incredible, but he had said that he would teach her a lesson.  He waited until he... Continue»
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... unusual for a twelve-year marriage and after two k**s, but it was difficult to accept nonetheless ... , sometimes she had a difficult time keeping her eyes off of the younger woman. Dana had never had a thing ... taught. After all, she was a grown woman and for her to sneak into her room and do something like... Continue»
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Return of the Teen, Morphed to a Sexual Woman

... attentively, and made a constant appraisal of Christine. She learned her lessons very well. She ... it. Now, I’m going to show you what growing up has taught me.”

I was almost scared ... older than me, but he could really fuck and he taught me a lot. He liked me shaved and it fulfilled his... Continue»
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Busty Young Teacher Gives Private Lessons

... Busty Young Teacher Gives Private Lessons

By billy69boy

Life was good, mused Diane, as she ... with the lesson, the boy ran his pencil deliberately across her other engorged breast, and still she ... more boy to satisfy, and she was right: but he was a bit more difficult to please, as she soon... Continue»
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Dirty Rotten Schoolgirls

... , knowing what I know now, I'd have to agree. But of course before that fateful lesson I ... found it difficult but I always managed to suppress my excitement. I didn't even masturbate often as I'd ... been taught from an early age that it was harmful and iniquitous, although I did as a consequence... Continue»
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2 finding life`s partner

... suddenly started to talk about his mother, how she had taught him from her books, that she was tall ... the last plate over again, “well cum me 18th and she said as ow I wus old enugh for the last lesson, er ... it would be double.”
Her reply was that this would be a lesson to him then as she never wanted... Continue»
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A Stepmother's Sin - Chapter 5: I try to unde

upbringing taught me plenty about guilt, as well as some about forgiveness. I was feeling an
enormous ... thrown into a difficult and unexpected situation to whichI responded
poorly? What exactly did I do ... about this issue. This might be an
opportunity for a moral lesson here. I recognized the absurdity... Continue»
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How I Became Me

... some posture lessons. Perhaps we can teach you a few dance moves?”

July and Macy had been taking ... dancing lessons and were looking at doing it professionally when they left school. They had started ... with ballet lessons when we were younger. I had always been jealous when they pulled on their exercise... Continue»
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Breeding Partners..

... . This was turning out to be much more difficult that she had thought it would be.

They sank down together onto ... needed was a serious lesson in discipline and maybe a stint or two in psy-ops, he glowered inwardly ... that. I didn’t realise that Manticore had introduced lessons on something called ‘emotions’. Or did... Continue»
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Sweet Summer: The Punishment

... to the States to attend university next year; maintaining their relationship would be much more difficult ... ; Karl had given them years of patient love, support and encouragement. He'd taught them everything from ... thing their often distant mother had taught her. She moved through the kitchen with unbridled good... Continue»
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Freewill 504: Pary 4

... going to have to be taught a lesson." Cathy resumed

"Please don't." I begged, only imagining what ... , not that it was difficult for them to convince me otherwise. They had me take one final drink from... Continue»
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... that that wasn't unusual for a twelve-year marriage and after two k**s, but it was difficult ... . If she told her the truth, sometimes she had a difficult time keeping her eyes off of the younger ... . It was so against everything she had been taught. After all, she was a grown woman and for her to sneak... Continue»
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How I Became an Ivy League Whore

... girl, but I guess I hid it behind textbooks and nerdy big-framed glasses, sacrificing a normal teen ... frame that made it difficult to hide an exposed bulging belly from under his shirt. His hair ... .

"Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah, you nerdy slut," he continued as my head bobbed up and down following... Continue»
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A New Dawn Arises

... process over and over again.

"Not bad, you whore. Your mistress has taught you well. Does cock ... for a feminine hygiene lesson. Do you
have any tampons?"

Mistress Ellen says that she has super ... orgasm of our relationship.

Chapter 7

Lessons Learned

When I regained my senses... Continue»
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Adventures of Jade

... young,
taught, and pretty.

Life at 35 was not so bad. She was 5'9", 137 lbs., curly
blonde ... , or so she thought.

Mother continued with the lesson. "You are probably still
too tight ... presented
her case.

"Mom taught me. I'm really very good. I just don't
generally wear much... Continue»
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... like motor lessons, Thad?" She smiled, squeezing his
cock until it was almost rockhard again ... clit,
darling! Suck my little clit just the way I taught you! Oh, yes! Yes!"
she moaned ... difficult to discuss
with your mother, but it might be easier to introduce you to the joys... Continue»
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