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Needful son (true story)

Mom's Loving Sons (Not true story)

... I am not author of this story.


Anna Miller tossed her pretty blonde head ... room," she said. "I sure hope you can fix it. It's the only one we have up here. My two youngest sons ... now that it might be true. She hadn't been fucked with this much energy since she was in her early... Continue»
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My Son In Law (Not true story)

... I am not author of this story.

Introduction: Older women can enjoy too

Though I don't ... for just over twenty five years. We have three c***dren, two daughters and one son, all of whom have ... knew, for the time being at least, I needed to lighten things.

I slid my hands from his... Continue»
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Step Mum ( True Story and needed to tell someone!!

... to there place in spain, to cut a long story short I was over there for 2 weeks and my father ... a show until about 11pm we had a lot to drink and where both tipsy, we got a cab back and I needed... Continue»
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Nuit torride à Majorque. true story

... Avant toute chose je tiens à préciser que cette histoire est bien vraie et pas juste le fruit de mon imagination :)
Ça c'est passé il y a quelques mois, septembre 2014 pour être précis, via... Continue»
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The Conversation

... the table top. "What have you done with my daughter? What the fuck do you want?"

"Nothing, son ... , nothing at all..." smiled Lou.

"Don't think to call me 'son'! I'm nowheres near being your son ... story to me. The person, or being, you're claiming to be doesn't exist."

"Deirdre, Love," smiled Lou... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #9

... iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #9 – Snap

[Warning - there is no sex in this story, please ... ."

"You promise?" she asked, knowing his answer, but still needing a greater guarantee than he could ... offer.

"I promise," he lied, knowing she needed to hear that more than his fears of the truth... Continue»
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Playing with the postman

... All names have been changed to hide identities, everything else is 100% true. I am not an author ... due to their work and enjoyed my time when they were away. This story involves our post man Ross. He ... toilet block (see previous stories) when I saw Ross coming out of them, I couldn't believe it. Was he... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #4

... iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #4 - Swish

[Warning - there is no sex in this story ... , and almost effortlessly he nailed it, earning a clap from his true love. The second and third came pretty ... of the other.

The fourth one however, was a different story. He took aim, and knew he should... Continue»
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... not have a job that pays so well, right?”

“True, still they could grow up a bit, they all act like ... only be for you alone. Anything else would spoil it.”

“I need another drink, you?”

“Yeah ... I could peek at her charms.

After her story was finished, I decided that this was enough for me... Continue»
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Auntie Marilyn chapter 4

... decided that he would
be the one to give the release to her she so obviously needed. Her story didn't ... called him about the incident with his son Peter.
The more he thought about it, the more the attractive ... quite
coincide with his son's and after having put two and two together he had realized... Continue»
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College life summer 2

... on how
things went."

"Dude that is true forgiveness right there if there ever was in my book ... between Jess and Scott while
leaving out the sexual undertone to the story with Trevor all ears. Jess ... beers in his hand.

"I need something to drink," Trevor said.

We busted out laughing. "Go easy... Continue»
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The Coffee House

... wrapping around the front to a couple of very intimate tables on the side.

The owner, Sal, the son ... as it dripped out. I knew today would need to be a quickie since she still needed to go to work ... and pulled them and my boxers off in one mighy tug.

"Oh, is this what you needed, a little afternoon... Continue»
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An Unconventional Marriage Chapter 1

... was 'The One'. I have played this out in my mind for decades. This is how our story should have been ... was a talented actor. This 18 year old Sagittarius was the only son of two bureaucrats, he produced some ... a true West Woman."

"We're going out for my birthday... "

"Your period start today?"

"Yes... Continue»
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My Very 1st Sexual Experience..........mmmmmm ;-)

... strict with an awful lot of corporal punishment and church lots of church and its true what ever ... you've heard about priests and nuns, but that's another story for another time. Back to my 1st sexual ... was in shorts and a T shirt and found myself in need of the loo, funnily on the way back from church... Continue»
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College life spring semester 29

... .

"That's fine. We know how you are by now, son," Walt said.

I could see Bryson and Colt ... will later after he gets off work."

"Then tonight I plan to treat my son and his boyfriend ... that," I replied.

"We decided since we spent the entire day together with our sons that going
out... Continue»
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LATEBIRD (M/F, tease, cuckold)

... This is one of the best tabboo/cheat/cuckold stories that I've ever read and re-read. I finally ... a lot more to do then he does. Anyway, I could arrange for some data that he needs to be ’accidently ... .”

Ward thought about that for a second. “Y’know, every day the guy has some new story about some... Continue»
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... man junk. “It happens…don’t sweat it too badly. Go take a cold shower if you need to.”
He looked ... was still a fucking virgin. It was ridiculous and it certainly wasn’t by choice, but it was true. In her ... this be the reason her son saw her as a sexual object?
The woman was wearing a silky blouse... Continue»
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Kris and Diane on the Lust Boat (FICTION - by req

... This is not a true story... but it could happen..

I like to take a cruise now and then, partly ... cabin for a much-needed snooze.

That evening at dinner, the ladies were there, both looking fine, I ... I told her, "just relax, do whatever feels comfortable and I'll guide you if need be." Well, she... Continue»
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my loving servant

... months old experience. (I will not be disclosing her name in this story because i dont lie ... and the entire story is real)
A very beautiful sexy bold charming housewife, she was 32 years old . she ... after that i have told every thing true n clear to her that who am i n how does i get ur number... Continue»
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... was a widower farmer some twenty years older than Mercy.

The rumours proved to be true since their wedding ... wasn't regarded by the girls as God's gift to them, and it was true that had I not been spending so ... ."

"Is it?"

"Of course it is; it's rather flattering and exciting really, my son getting... Continue»
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