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Natalie and Emma

... inside into the warm. Seconds later her phone rang – Natalie.

Natalie was her 22-year-old neighbour and probably Emma’s best ... aside. Emma’s clit was completely exposed, inches from Natalie’s mouth. Natalie admired it, how it glistened and played hide and ... ... Continue»
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Mila Kunis seduces Natalie

... what are you afraid of?"

Mila had looked at Natalie expectantly as Natalie made one final attempt to think of a good ... contact, but seemingly the moment Mila's head was between Natalie's legs Natalie felt something soft and wet slide across her pussy lips ... ... Continue»
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Natalie Sawyer - Breaking, Entering and Fucking!

... still stroking his Cock

"Even your what Natalie?”

“my… my..Ass!” Natalie said with nervousness and intent whilst still stroking ... and quickly leaves the sky building and see’s Natalie waiting outside. Natalie then gives Jack her phone number on a piece ... ... Continue»
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"Let The Fires Burn" with Natalie Dormer

... b8262ad3205bb9382d7d47a34dd028d5/tumblr_inline_mwj390dgz51rsud01.gif[/image]

"Come on!" Natalie hissed, grabbing his cock and firmly pulling ... arm.

[image][/image ... ... Continue»
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Breaking Natalie; Chapter 2

... then but I f***ed myself to show some restraint.

Natalie continued to play with herself, desperate grunts filling the clearing ... and around to her bum, squeezing her arse cheeks. Natalie moaned slightly, involuntarily. I stepped back and started taking ... ... Continue»
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Natalie's Revenge (Part 1)

... can stop with the ‘Ms. Portman’, just call me Natalie.”

“Okay Natalie.” He reached up and retrieved the boxes, one at ... I asked’.”

“Really?” He began sweating. “I…I don’t…I don’t know Natalie, this doesn’t feel right.” He tried to push her away ... ... Continue»
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Breaking Natalie

... and Angelika alone for now. I was at a disadvantage where Natalie was concerned. I could manipulate her levels of arousal and ... by the pool, drink in hand, when I glimpsed Natalie slipping into the guesthouse through the backdoor, torn singlet exposing ... ... Continue»
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Natalie's quickie

... ://[/image]

Natalie is wearing what the pictures show above + ... I will quickly give you my address.” Jack gives Natalie his address, about a 20 minute drive from the ... ... Continue»
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Meine Pornotante Natalie

... konnte, sondern eine echte Pornodarstellerin war – Meine Pornotante Natalie!

Ich merkte wie mein Schwanz beim ansehen der ... duschen gehen!" ….Ich ging zusammen mit meiner Pornotante Natalie ins Badezimmer, wobei mein vollgewichster Schwanz langsam wieder ... ... Continue»
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Natalie Does Daddy

... she has been fucking her Daddy!” Alice said excitedly
Natalie thought of the small little blonde girl that apparently had ... pesky b*****r just walked in!" Alice said as the call ended

Natalie was so disappointed since she wanted to talk about touching ... ... Continue»
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Natalie's Revenge (Part 2)

... you.” She giggled and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.”

Natalie turned around and walked back towards her house while Ken ... shoulder while Jimmy kissed her thigh.

After several minutes, Natalie finally sat up and stumbled into the bathroom to ... ... Continue»
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... utter humiliation at being put in this position.

"Yes, Miss Natalie," I corrected him.

He hesitated for a second before he ... .

I raised my eyebrows at his response.

"Yes, Miss Natalie," he replied.

"Very good, Ethan."

I strutted away from ... ... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 1

... friend over, It was arranged for the following Friday night.
Natalie and I had a drink for a few hours waiting for a knock ... quietly down the stairs and out of the front door.
Natalie immediately lit up a cigarette and triple pumped her cigarette while ... ... Continue»
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The Natalie Portman Trilogy - Episode I

... I could think about it I stepped forward and kissed her passionately. Natalie must have felt the same because she returned the kiss ... mouth opened but didn't make a sound. 30 seconds later Natalie caught her breath, she straightened up and I removed my hand ... ... Continue»
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Auf dem Dorffest mit Natalie

... es erleichtere und doch relativ eng gewesen dieses geile Teenloch.
Natalie stöhnte immer lauter „Ohhhh, jaaaaaaa“
Meine Eier ... mehr zurückhalten wollte.
Ich stellte mich wieder hinter Natalie und steckte ihr meinen Schwanz wieder rein.
Mein Schwanz ... ... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 3

... and have another drink as I enjoyed my own space sometimes.
Natalie finished her cigarette and lit another straight away while telling ... known as a womaniser with a huge cock.
I couldn't understand why Natalie would be talking to him as she always told me ... ... Continue»
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Natalie strikes again!

... some errands on this sunny Southern California Saturday afternoon when Natalie called me. It was great to hear from her since ... trustworthy and safe that could teach him how to fuck.

Natalie was asking me to fuck her younger b*****r. She told me ... ... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 2

... was just lighting a cigarette. My cock went hard straight away.
Natalie looked flushed and her hair was a mess but she told ... already soaking pussy with what felt like gallons of come.

Natalie passed out and was asl**p within minutes. I needed to use ... ... Continue»
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Natalie couldn't play!!!

... an hour we headed upstairs where Natalie had made herself comfortable on the reclining ... this is for you later”. I smiled and Natalie blew me a kiss she also pulled out ... me moan and groan more than ever.

Natalie had started taking pictures and little film ... ... Continue»
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Natalie Wuttke

... aber jetzt wurde er richtig hart. Langsam aber stetig senkte Natalie Wuttke ihren Kopf, schob sich meinen Schwanz in ihren Rachen ... konnte ich dank der Spucke bis zum Anschlag eindringen. Natalie Wuttke nahm ihre Hände nach hinten und zog ihre Arschbacken ... ... Continue»
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