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My worst student part 2

My worst student part 1

... everything she could to challenge <ddd>my</ddd> authority. As she stood by <ddd>my</ddd> desk I took <ddd>my</ddd> ruler out of <ddd>my</ddd> desk drawer. First of all ... ".
"And profanity of the <ddd>worst</ddd> kind?
At this point I must admit I wanted to put her over <ddd>my</ddd> desk pull her pantys down ... ... Continue»
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My worst student part 2

... in front of <ddd>my</ddd> desk hair still dripping and <ddd>part</ddd> of her blouse stuck to her young body because of the water she was not completely dry.
I got up from <ddd>my</ddd> ... a good 20 minutes of spanking with <ddd>my</ddd> wooden ruler I stopped. She was crying ... ... Continue»
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My worst student part 3

... .......knowledge"? I need you to fill me so I can pass. I placed <ddd>my</ddd> hard dripping cock in her hot young cunt.
MMMMMMM Sir, she moaned I feel smarter already.<ddd>My</ddd> cock slid into her wet waiting pussy and I fucked as ... ... Continue»
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My worst student part 4.

... walked in. Looking tired, but,o time.
Afternoon sir, I'm here for <ddd>my</ddd> test. hope I pass. She looked very slepy and I worried she ... well I feel good because I'm good at oral.
I had help studying, <ddd>my</ddd> b*****r helped me.
I walked to the back door and locked ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>worst</ddd> enemy, the man who dared to mess with <ddd>my</ddd> ... <ddd>part</ddd> going to install the point and at about half past five p.m. him inducted her too, just at that time <ddd>my</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My stress relief part 1

... room.
"Now, anna your grades are slipping. You were <ddd>my</ddd> best <ddd>student</ddd>. This last essay you submitted, worth a D+ at best. Any ... . He spread <ddd>my</ddd> legs and i held <ddd>my</ddd> skirt up. I felt his warm wet tongue on <ddd>my</ddd> vaginal lips and i felt them <ddd>part</ddd>. He wormed ... ... Continue»
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My Japanese Love Part 3

... one. There are some shocking twist in it. Enjoy

<ddd>My</ddd> Japanese Love <ddd>Part</ddd> 3 Shocking Developments

“Your….Your Parents are coming here? When ... the shit out of me, but had Amya r**ed by a <ddd>student</ddd> of hers.

I may have bruises all over, and a bruised ego ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my s****r part 2

... This is a continuation of sharing <ddd>my</ddd> s****r <ddd>part</ddd> one; it does reflect true events as they happened.

After ... yet again, with <ddd>my</ddd> free hand I moved it in between Tina?s legs and moved it up, I felt her <ddd>part</ddd> her thighs a little ... ... Continue»
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Defying My f****y Part 5

... to get more information and Brad learns a terrible truth

Defying <ddd>My</ddd> f****y <ddd>Part</ddd> 5: Sympathy

During the next few weeks we continued our attack ... pussy. Tara works her ass trying to match <ddd>my</ddd> pass. Kimiko for her <ddd>part</ddd> is stuck in the middle and can do ... ... Continue»
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My Japanese Love Part 9

... <ddd>My</ddd> Japanese Love <ddd>Part</ddd> 9: Alicia’s woes

In the days that followed I began to imagine what <ddd>my</ddd> ... Her lips <ddd>part</ddd> and allow <ddd>my</ddd> tongue to slide into her mouth. <ddd>My</ddd> hands slide ... <ddd>my</ddd> hard cock. I feel the moistness of her mouth as her lips <ddd>part</ddd> to engulf the tip of <ddd>my</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My Friend Bill, Part 2

<ddd>My</ddd> Friend Bill, <ddd>Part</ddd> 2

Readers are asked to read <ddd>Part</ddd> 1 for this story to be more interesting.

Bill and I were ... time for that.

Bill positioned himself behind me and pulled <ddd>my</ddd> panties down. I was absolutely on fire and when he applied ... ... Continue»
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My shemale boss part 2

... knocked at <ddd>my</ddd> bosses door <ddd>part</ddd> excitement <ddd>part</ddd> apprehension ran through <ddd>my</ddd> body.

A clear come in could be heard from within by <ddd>my</ddd> boss Miss ... walked over without me noticing and slapped me straight across <ddd>my</ddd> dick and balls. I let out a yelp to which she ... ... Continue»
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... the kitchen door which allowed me to appear that I was <ddd>part</ddd> of what was going on in the kitchen and ... further than I ever expected.

- Stay tuned for “Seduction of <ddd>My</ddd> First Cousin – <ddd>part</ddd> 4”
- Thanks for reading. Your votes and comments are appreciated ... ... Continue»
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<ddd>MY</ddd> WIFE WATCHING <ddd>PART</ddd> 3

Wife f***ed to have sex with a stranger.

... were in the barn he then lifted <ddd>my</ddd> legs over <ddd>my</ddd> head and thrust his cock into me again ... how did you get into <ddd>my</ddd> car without me knowing,

“ That was the easy <ddd>part</ddd> I saw you arrive in ... ... Continue»
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Spying on my s****r (Part two)

Spying on <ddd>my</ddd> s****r (<ddd>Part</ddd> two)

When I was 12 or 13 and had just learned ... want to look at her face. After all she was <ddd>my</ddd> s****r. <ddd>My</ddd> cock started to get hard and I was wondering what she ... ... Continue»
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My fit Mum part 1

... became aware that someone was stroking <ddd>my</ddd> chest. I turned <ddd>my</ddd> head and

slowly opened <ddd>my</ddd> eyes and saw <ddd>my</ddd> mum sitting on the bed ... offer.

Maybe I will one day.

Watch this space.

Continue reading <ddd>My</ddd> Fit Mum (<ddd>Part</ddd> 2)
... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 3 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 2230  |  
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My Japanese Love Part 8

... one. There are are few surprises in this chapter

<ddd>My</ddd> Japanese Love <ddd>Part</ddd> 8: One Month Later

It has been a month since Amya ... deeply and passionately.

Her hand reaches down and grabs <ddd>my</ddd> crotch. I snake <ddd>my</ddd> tongue into her mouth. She opens her mouth ... ... Continue»
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My girlfriends mother Part 6

<ddd>My</ddd> girlfriends mother <ddd>Part</ddd> 6

It seems like you are enjoying <ddd>my</ddd> adventures with <ddd>my</ddd> girlfriend’s f****y so I will give you one more then that’s ... buttocks then waggle them at me, I dropped to <ddd>my</ddd> knees with <ddd>my</ddd> cock fully recovered and waiting to go then ... ... Continue»
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My First Time Part I

... would masturbate to gay porn (mostly mmf threesomes).

<ddd>My</ddd> curiosity had been getting the better of ... and grabbed his shaft (that was <ddd>my</ddd> first time ever touching a cock). He ... his and he started to undo <ddd>my</ddd> jeans.

See <ddd>part</ddd> II to hear about what happened ... ... Continue»
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My new studio part 2

... more of it to fill <ddd>my</ddd> belly. I began to caress <ddd>my</ddd> breasts and slide <ddd>my</ddd> hands down to <ddd>my</ddd> shaved throbbing pussy lips. I caught ... was but how much she seemed to enjoy herself piqued <ddd>my</ddd> curiosity.
End <ddd>part</ddd> 2 ... Continue»
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