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My worst student part 1

... everything she could to challenge my authority. As she stood by my desk I took my ruler out of my desk drawer. First of all ... ".
"And profanity of the worst kind?
At this point I must admit I wanted to put her over my desk pull her pantys down ... ... Continue»
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My worst student part 2

My last class ended at 2:45 pm. So I sat in my classroom grading papers from other classes and waiting for Amy to return at 3:00p.m. I was still stewing over our exchange earlier in the day and would do my best to control my temper.
I told her to be here promply at 3:00 pm and no later. She had a habit of defying my authority and this time it looked like it would be no different.
3:00p.m. came and went and no Amy. I wondered where she could be was she smoking in the girls room with her other friends, or did she just ignore me and get on the bus and go home instead of reporting to my classroom.
Finally, about 3:15 the rear classroom door opens and in walks Amy, tight
schoolgirl outfit and wet hair.
"Your late Amy you were supposed to be here promptly at 3:00". I'm sorry sir she says. I had gym my last class and it's clear across campus". "I can tell by your wet hair that you showered but, they end class soon enough for you to shower and you should have had plenty of time to make it across campus and be here at 3:00 pm.
"Sir, why do you have to be so hard on me, I'm doing my best, so I'm a little late It's not the end of the world". She stood in front of my desk hair still dripping and part of her blouse stuck to her young body because of the water she was not completely dry.
I got up from my desk and walked to the back door and locked it Amy's eyes following me the whole way.
"I mean sir, why do you have to be such a fucking hard ass". I slapped her face "Don't talk like that in my classroom or anywhere on this campus". My job is too raise young ladies not young foul mouthed gum chomping hussys".
"Sir, don't slap my face that hurt". My job is to teach you and others to be young ladies and respect this school and your elders.
'Yeah that's fine" But why do you have to be such a prick about it". I grabbed her arm and spun her around shoving her face first over my desk."Wha-wha-what are you doing sir"? She said this her voice finally trembling as if she began to understand who was in charge here. "Quiet, I'm doing what someone should have done to you a long time ago".
She laughed and said what are you going o do spank me?
With her bent over my desk I lifted he skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees.I lifted my hand high over my head and came down with a loud smack on her butt cheek, first one then the other. this girl was not going to udnerstand anything other than a good solid spanking.
"Oww sir that hurt stop it".
"I raised my hand again and came down harder on each cheek this time spanking this naughty school girls bottom".She was going to know who was in charge before this afternoon was through.
SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.. Her soft white bottom eginning to turn a nice shade of pink. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK
"Sir please stop" My ass hurts sir please
"SIR, you're hurting me bad"
Her pleas were falling on deaf ears as this bad girl was finally getting what she should gotten all school year.
SIR< I'll be good please stop she begged through teary eyes.
I was not done yet, but my had was sore so I picked up my ruler and continue to her butt and watch as it went from pink to bright and then dark red. Sir you are hurting my butt please stopI'll be good I'll behave I'll be on time.
With each plea I hit her bottom again and again.
Finally after a good 20 minutes of spanking with my wooden ruler I stopped. She was crying now and pleaded please stop sir please stop.
Amy, I'm going to stop now I hope youhave learned your lesson.
"Yes sir", she said whimperinng.
Okay get up pull your pantys up you can still catch your bus.
She stood up pulling her pantys up and straightening her skirt. All through teary eyes.
you can go now.
She made her way to the door and just before she left, turned to me and said "Same time tommorrow sir"?
Yes Amy now run and catch your bus.
She smiled and walked out the door.... Continue»
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My worst student part 3

Amy was to report to my class at 3:00 pm and I wasn't holding my breath since that girl was never on time for anything. She certainly redifined the term naughty schoolgirl, doing everything she could all year to get under my skin and defy the rules.
Oh yes her last class was clear across campus but, there was still plenty of time, to finish her class and make the walk across campus unless she stopped to smoke in the girls room or to gossip with her girlfriends which she always seemed to doing. I was grading tests from that morning including Amys' and waiting for her to show up. I just assumed she would be 10 to 15 minutes late with some lame excuseas to why she was late.
Much to my surprise a few seconds before 3:00 the rear door to my classroom opened and an out of breath Amy came in. "Am I late Sir". I ran the whole way, didn't stop to smoke or uh uh I didn't stop to pee or anything". "Didn't want to be late, my bottom still hurts from the spanking you gave me yesterday sir".
Hope I passed the test, my dad will be mad if I didn't.
Are you done speaking Amy I asked can I have a turn. If you need to use the restroom go ahead but come right back, we have some things to talk about. Thank you sir I almost peed myself coming down but didn't want to stop running".
When she came back from the restroom, I had her sit in her desk up front. i have my proper uniform today sir and the smaller one I wore yesterday so my tits aren't hanging out. I mean my breasts sir, I'm trying not to swear I know how you hate it.
It's not that I hate it Amy I said although I do, it's that it is against the rules of this school as are smoking and being late and talking in class you don't seem to mind doing those things.
Sir, I'm trying to do better because I need to graduate on time, my dad will just shit.....uh I mean my dad will be very mad if I don't graduate on time.
Well Amy we might have a problem there, you are way behind in your homework assignments as it turned out you failed this mornings test and i don't believe there is time for you to make up all the work you have missed.
Oh fuck sir, ......I mean oh darn sir I have to graduate my dad will kill me if I don't graduate on time.
Amy, after the test today, I don't see a way you can pass this class and you will have to take it over in summer school. There is ow way you have the time to make up all the missed work.
oh fuck sir, she said very upset..... I mean oh no sir..... I can't fail your class my dad is mean man when I don't please him, he already told me coming to this school has cost him a lot of money and he doesn't want to spend anymore on me here.
I stood in front of my desk looking down at Amy and for the first time all year I felt a little sorry her, but not enough to change her grade. She was too far behind in class and I was not just going to pass her.
I'm sorry if your dad will be mad Amy but, you should have thought of that sooner. I don't see any way you can pass this class.
I could see her lip tremble and her eyes start to tear up. Oh sir my dad will beat me worse than you not just spanking. I can't fail, I can't I can't. I'll do ANYTHING to pass your class sir.
Amy there is no way that.......did you say anything?
She looked up at me with sultry eyes.........any thing.....sir.
I went to the classroom door and locked it.
Perhaps there is something we could to fix your grade. I walked back to my desk and stood in front of it.
Amy walked over to me and kissed me at the same time grabbing my hard cock though my pants. She then unzipped my pants knelt down and began to suck me.
As she sucked she unbutooned her white blouse at the same time. Removing her tie and blouse she also undid her white bra she off her lovely perk tits and sweet nipples.
"Oh see she laughed I'm out of uniform, I need a spanking. With that she went to the corner of my desk and bent over. I stood behind her my cock hard , and lifted her skirt. "Yes indeed Amy you are a naughty girl". I pulled her pantys down and gave her a little spanking. She reached behind and pulled her pussy lips apart. "Sir can you fill me with your .......knowledge"? I need you to fill me so I can pass. I placed my hard dripping cock in her hot young cunt.
MMMMMMM Sir, she moaned I feel smarter already.My cock slid into her wet waiting pussy and I fucked as hard as I could.
HA HA HA she laughed who's naughty now sir? I continued to slam deep inside her, I spanked her bottom which was still red from the day before. OOHHH SIR History is hard,, IT's SOOOOOO Hard ..... mmmm hard... hard ... harder, harder ,,, harder. I rammed her pussy deep and spanked her naughty bottom.
mmmmm sir, American history is easier now mmmmm, "WHat year did Columbus Cum to AMerica ? mmmm 1492........ mmmm cum to america ..... cummming cummming cummmming sir I'm cummming to America .....mmmm ooohhhhh."
"I'm cumming to Amy just like Columbus... CUMMING CUMMMMING CUMMMMING mmmmmmmm.
With that I pulled out.
I zipped up and handed Amy her bra blouse and tie. as she put her bra on we continued to chat. she was buttoning her blouse and asked "Is there another test tommorrow sir. "Yes Amy" I answered. It's an oral test though no writing.
mmmm sir , I like oral tests I do very good oral....mmmmm.
With that she finished tying her tie, gathered her books and headed for the door to catch the bus. I like oral sir.......oral tests I mean, she smiled and ran out the door. I looked out the classroom window and saw her run and catch the bus.... Continue»
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My worst student part 4.

Amy was to report to my classroom at 3:00 pm. and I told her to make sure she was on time. I was angry at her for falling asl**p in my class , but, she promised she would be here at 3:00. A few minutes before 3:00pm the classroom door opened and Amy walked in. Looking tired, but,o time.
Afternoon sir, I'm here for my test. hope I pass. She looked very slepy and I worried she would be able to take her test but she assured me she was ready.
Amy, you know that falling asl**p in class is against the rules don't you. I said to her. "Oh please sir she begged I was up half the night studying". You said my test is oral test correct, well I feel good because I'm good at oral.
I had help studying, my b*****r helped me.
I walked to the back door and locked it. I then returned to my desk and stood in front of it. Amy sat at her desk,looking at me. "When do we start the test sir, I'm ready anytime".
Amy, I'm going to ask you an important question about American history and you answer orally".
"Yes sir" she answered, she seemed eager to start.
"Ok Amy tell me about Christopher Columbus and what did he do".
"And answer orally corect sir? Well let's see". She sat a moment thinking. in 1492 Columbus set sail to find China I think". She then stood and walked toward me, then knelt down in front of me. So he started to sail around the world. As she said this she start tracing a circle around my cock with her finger, I started getting hard.
"But, he didn't make it to China, because he ran into another land that was big and hard. She undid my zipper and pulled out my hard cock. Mmm where was I oh big and hard land. So they explored that land instead. she took my cock head in her mouth and started to suck. My cock growing in her mouth. As she was sucking, she removed her blouse and bra, licking and slurping and sucking my cock the whole time. I undid my belt and dropped my pants to the floor letting her deep throat me.
"It was a big land Columbus discovered and there was so much to explore. She licked my balls, mmm. "mmm sir am I doing good on my oral test".
Yes Amy quite good I said stroking her red hair".
Columbus found jewels to bring back to the queen I think she said stroking and fingering my balls. Oh sir the ocean was so wet, and so Am I she said pulling pantys down and removing her skirt".
The ocean isn't all that's wet I said looking at her pussy".
"mmm no sir, i'm very wet sir".
Stood up and lay across my desk wearing nothing but her buster brown shoes and knee socks. I got face down between hetween her legs and started to lick".
Oh sir do you want to explore my new land she said almost laughing. I licked my way up to her titties small but pretty. Biting her nipple and fingering her wet cunt mmmmm.
Oh sir, I am America, come to america sir". I stood over her jerking my member and shot my load on her belly, tits and face.mmmmmm yummy sir.
"Do I pass my test sir"?
Yes Amy you pass.
I thought so, I always do better on oral tests than on written ones.
I handed her a towel from my desk and she wiped my cum from her face tits and belly. Cleaning herself up I handed her her uniform.
She finished getting dressed and headed for the classroom door. If you offer extra credit I can come back tommorrow sir.
I'll let you know Amy I don't think that's needed for you to pass,let me check your grades.
"Thank you sir, gotta run catch the bus".... Continue»
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One afternoon, my neighbor told me he had bought the cable TV service, without imagining that I would be with my worst enemy, let me how how the retaliate.

I remembered one evening in January 2000, when he was invited to the home of Eduardo, who was right next to me on the occasion that he had subscribed to cable TV to not depend on the f****y, declined to its separate subscription. I liked the idea because there was living my worst enemy, the man who dared to mess with my nephew, and all for a spark that fell near a December and had nothing to do.

When I get home I explained that the connection can not televised because the plug was not equal to the cable, so I explained that if HSV had that connection no problem. As I understand achievement, took me to his room to explain it would be better as the connection; explain with luxuries and details how he would install, which quite understand.

Then he took me to the room to call the cable company and perform the installation of the service itself, but the things do not always work the way one expects salts, and even less if you are in the house of a person who I have much idea. At five minutes to call the cable company, was called to the work because the person who had to cover it did not show up to work, and told me if I could assist in this, I could only reply that there was no problem.

As there was no work I immediately went home to rest for a while, in the time I was there there were women who did not know, and both received me with some distance, perhaps because they were somewhat taken, including all my neighbors life had always been the very vixen, who declined to give the lady since she married, but something told me it was the same bitch forever. And while I was there, his father gave me three beers that could not miss, I take them as fast as I could and left. After being at home I went to the bathroom and took a good shower because the heat was unbearable.

Very little hard my break because cable TV unit I went looking for installation: to settle I joined the meeting of the two women in a while like a lifetime, I estimate that the unit came about as at half past four, and at five finish installation. I called for support for the final review and complete them, but before I call the fox from my neighbor and I wonder if you could also make an installation in her room, I answered yes, and stop talking to the technicians. We walked into his room to check that part going to install the point and at about half past five p.m. him inducted her too, just at that time my enemy comes to the house, the atmosphere is full of stress, but no problem, just sat in the room and began to drink beers and got stuck with beer.

Serian and six in the afternoon when I talk to the pope of the fox, because I could not stand the desire to go to the bathroom, and went to urinate. I spent some time thinking about the drawbacks of my presence and in the great beating that could generate besides adding phrases desperation of people to stop the fight, I try to avoid at all costs any mess. And then we like, but now I was the only sane man in the meeting because after six and everyone in the house had changed clothes to get a more comfortable.

From this I did not realize until several minutes of hearing the jodederas of them by the clothes they were each between cigarette and beer. Could not go to the bathroom and left the concern willing to seek the pope of the fox, when I felt a little noise from the room of the fox. For a moment I thought something had fallen, so either you stop and went on my way, but suddenly the noise was repeated as was in the kitchen and no one was there, I dove into the adventure of daring and peeked into the room to see what happened. When I look, I could not believe my eyes: carrying only a semi-transparent gown, no bra, no bra, no panties, no nothing, and also mounted on a ladder. It's chubby, but I always had said that the gorditas have a unique taste and is much richer catch them. I was not sure, but I was speechless when I saw that paradise, and as her husband was calling and did not hear the loud music, I decided to take advantage of the situation.

I put him just behind where one's cock always rubs buttocks, but said nothing, come silently and without a word, and just what happened had to happen. Coming down the stairs, her buttocks stumbled my cock was completely stopped and the main reaction was one of fear and negativity, but as I was also dizzy, not much resistance opposed. I just wonder:

- You can tell you're doing here? You gone crazy?

I could simply say:

- I thought I heard a noise and wanted to find out what happened, well, while you call your husband and you hear and did not hear you because the music is very high. And orita these needy and am I the only one who answered your call.

I could answer most anything and turned to climb the stairs. When I saw her jump and realized I did not have anything more than a coat, I decided to gamble and to see it on tiptoe vessels wanting to reach a ledge that was in her room, pushed her up to reach the utensils and rushed to help but in a very unique way: by putting my hands on the buttocks, and on the inside of his robe. Was taken seriously because they wanted to refuse my action but could not mumble a word, he realized what he did and what was done.

To propel upwards with my hand on her buttocks, I dared her ass repasarle freely, and as gown brought in a few seconds my hands were given a feast with her ass and her pussy. Claim me try again, but the situation had already heated to the point of no return, perhaps partly because of the d***kenness of her. A few steps from her husband, my worst enemy was practically across the window, the maximum risk that we could see just flip, I was stroking and fondling shamelessly, and she, far from help, I reward it moving to the rhythm of my fingers were already inside her pussy.

- Do you want a push? I asked.

- Please, just answer me.

- There you go, 'I said.

Already grabbing things from shelves under calmly, but she never expected so bold I did next. Without noticing me out to the yard and lead her buttocks in my package, I got the robe and it fell right pussy on my cock and into her head any more, so you do not have time to react. Then I felt like the head of my cock across the entrance to her pussy and discomfort she finished settling, and within seconds, the lower end of my cock felt he was in and complete.

Is this right? So you like a bitch? I asked as I buried my cock.

So you like a bitch? -I asked again, but now whispering in his ear.

Yes, he could only respond with head gestures.

And I started to fuck her, as he took the waist to pull me better. Then I wanted to do something unthinkable: remove the ladder and take to the window, watching her husband directly, so only the best and could take the position that I was giving enterrársela could well drive. Meanwhile, we heard the laughter and talk to those sitting in the courtyard. In the fourth, only heard our sighs, gasps and groans. Suddenly, I felt she was running because I bathed his cock with the juice that lubricates well the shell, and seconds later I also had my meche and went to the bottom of that b**stly hot and had finally cucota managed to eat.

When finished, I take the dick and get her out, large quantities of milk out of her pussy and she pressed for them not to leave but then we settled clothing and scope to say:

- He really liked you, anytime I want.

Fortunately no one noticed me, who thought that I was still in the bathroom, and I left the house as usual. Lo and behold, with the neighbor slut I met my lifetime, I was going to get even, and she liked my fuck. It was in 2000, and occasionally when I'm taking, and not at home, of course, but elsewhere. The second time was on the terrace of his house, where anyone can see, but that's another story.... Continue»
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My stress relief part 1

"Miss briggs can i see you after school??"
"yes mr donnelly".

After school i reported to mr donnelly's class room.
"Now, anna your grades are slipping. You were my best student. This last essay you submitted, worth a D+ at best. Any explanations?"
"I've been feeling very stressed lately sir. What with my exams soon and hardly any time to revise."
He was looking at me now with a strange look on his face. I was wearing my shortest plaid skirt and he was staring at my crossed legs. He stood up and walked behind me. He loosened my tie and put it on the desk behind him. From behind me he reached sound and unbuttoned my see through blouse. He slipped his hands inside my bra and i felt his hands brush over my firming nipples. He cupped my breasts and squeezed them together as he whispered in my ear:
"Maybe i can do something to help you relax?". I moaned in pleasure as a response and he slipped my blouse over my shoulders and arms. He unhooked my bra and slipped that off too. He put his hands under my arms and stood me up. He walked me over to his desk and bent me over it.
"Head down arms flat stick out your bottom and spread your legs." He commanded. I did so and he lifted my skirt and put it on my back. He pulled down my panties and i could feel myself getting wet. He took a ruler from his drawer, raised it then brought it down hard on my exposed bottom. I felt the stinging pain and got wetter. He repeated the spanking twice more. I heard him unzip and he rolled me over. He pushed me down and i put his erect cock in my mouth. I sucked on it 3 times and felt him ejaculate into my mouth. He stood me up again and this time he got to his knees. He spread my legs and i held my skirt up. I felt his warm wet tongue on my vaginal lips and i felt them part. He wormed his tongue up inside me licking my juices. I let out another moan of pleasure as he began to finger fuck me. He stood up and f***ed my skirt to the floor. He put his hands on my his and now i felt his penis enter me. I lay backwards on his desk.... Continue»
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My Japanese Love Part 3

Introduction: Thanks for all the positive feedback. I hope everyone enjoys this one. There are some shocking twist in it. Enjoy

My Japanese Love Part 3 Shocking Developments

“Your….Your Parents are coming here? When?” I asked Amya.

“They should be here day after tomorrow” said Amya.

“But why?”

“I told you. Hiro called them and told them what happened. Knowing him he told them a lie. It doesn’t matter they are coming and they are upset. When they come I’ll tell them our side and what that bastard did to me.”

“True, But do you think they are going to be happy with you after you tell them?”

“Look AJ. I know they probably think I dishonor them by having sex with you. After all I am still legally married and divorce is something my f****y frowns on. However I know that after they hear my side and meet you. It will all be good. I know you and I know them. Once they see you as the kind sweet gentleman that I see, they will be happy. I told you earlier that I loved you and I meant it knowing I’d have to face my parents at some point. I just didn’t think it would be this soon.”

“Your right Amya and I trust your judgment and I trust you.”

“That’s good and I trust you as well. Now you need your rest so get some sl**p.” As Amya kisses me on the lips before heading out of the room.

I laid there thinking about the past few days. Here I am a 24 year old 5 foot 11 inch male. I don’t really have the abs girls like, but I am thin. I have a history degree and my own successful furniture building business. Until recently I was not getting any pussy until Amya Yoshido, my former history professor, came back into my life. Standing at about 5 foot, Amya was everything I could ask for. Black hair that stopped at her shoulders. A slim 34 year old body that was very toned. She had 32-A tits and a fully trimmed tight pussy. The only problem: She’s currently married to an abusive cheating asshole who not only kicked the shit out of me, but had Amya r**ed by a student of hers.

I may have bruises all over, and a bruised ego, but nothing can compare to Amya’s emotional damage. I’m surprised that even after what has happened to her she still gave herself to me earlier. My last thought before I fell asl**p was that I am the luckiest guy in the world and that maybe I am the one to heal her wounds

I woke up the next morning and of course I was alone. I knew it wasn’t a dream because I could hear someone probably Amya in the kitchen. I just know one thing: I had to piss so bad I could taste it. I slowly got up and limped to the bathroom. Damn knee, but that didn’t matter. I was peeing, and felt better. Even the little trace of bl**d didn’t matter. I finished, flushed and almost walked out till I remember Amya so I put the seat down. As I walked back to the bedroom there was my Japanese beauty. She had on one of my T-shirts. I war an XL – 2Xl so it fit her like a night gown.

“You’re up and walking, that’s good. Just don’t over do it. I made you breakfast and was going to bring it to you.”

“Awe your so sweet, but I’ve laid in bed long enough. I’ll go sit int eh kitchen and you can bring to me there”


I watched her turn and leave. I had to admire her cute tight butt a longer than I should have but it’s all good. I know she wouldn’t mind. I want to the kitchen and Amya served me bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns and OJ.

“I couldn’t find any coffee so I gave you juice.” Amya told me.

“It’s ok I don’t drink coffee.”

She smiled as she sat down with her plate. We ate, talked and fed each other. It was funny because we accidently got some on ourselves and it turned into a who can get the other messier affair.

“I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with food.” I told Amya.

“Yeah now look at us. We are all dirty” She said.

“well then we better get cleaned up”

Amya smiled and said “You know what they say. ‘Save water shower with a Japanese girl’”.

I laughed and we got up and moved to the bathroom. It’s a good think I have a stand alone shower. I have all I can do to walk up steps holding the railing let alone step into a tub.

Amya started the water and helped me undress. She smiled and told me to wait for her to get in first. She removed the t-shirt. She had no bra or panties on. Her black hair bush looked so inviting, but I didn’t move because she turned around and that’s when I saw her naked back side for the first time.

I was shocked. I know she had been beaten and r**ed but I never imagined this sight. Her entrie back was covered in bruises. How she didn’t scream in pain I’d never know. Her cute butt still had some scratches on it from the f***eful anal raping. One set of scratches started at the middle of her back and stopped at the bottom of her right butt cheek.

“I’m ok love really. Now come on” Amya said holding her and out to me.

I stepped in the shower and kissed and hold her. It was then that my love finally broke down.

“AJ you are so wonderful and caring. I don’t deserve to have you but I am glad I do. I know I am 10 years older than you, but I wish I met you when I was 18. I wish someone would have told me to wait 10 years and I would be with the most amazing guy ever. I don’t care what my parents say I am staying with you and leaving Hiro.”

I wiped the tears from her eyes and told her I am always here for her and will always be waiting for her. She stopped crying and smiled. Her smile along with her naked body pressed against my naked body was causing me to get very hard very fast.

“OOOOOHHHHH someone’s horny” Amya said.

“I’m sorry it can’t be helped. You’re so good looking”

“Ha Ha. Well if my pussy wasn’t so sore I’d put that wonderful think inside it, but I think it’s so sore from last night, but I can still help you out.” Amya then got on her knees and started sucking my cock.

“You know I’m not that experienced at this but I think practice makes perfect.” She said as she licked my hard shaft.

“You could have fooled me. You’re so good at it.”

I was in awe as Amya put her hands on my butt and f***ed my hard cock deeper into her mouth. Oh shit I thought she’s trying to deep throat me. I could see her struggling and hear her gag. I told her she didn’t have to deep throat me. She smiled and resumed sucking my dick. Every inch of my cock was licked by her tongue. She gently kissed my balls and sucked on them. She smiled and covered my cock with her mouth and started jerking me hard and fast. I felt her tongue tease the tip of my cock. Between her teasing and her rapid pace I couldn’t last that long.

“Oh shit Amya I’m going to cum”

“I want to taste my handsome prince’s cum. Give it to me.”

“Agh I’m Cumming” as I shot my load into her mouth.

She swallowed ever drop. Not that there was much and smiled. We finished our shower without any more sex. I wanted to return the favor but she told me that all good things come to those who wait. I didn’t know when or how but Amya brought her clothes here. It had been a couple of hours of use sitting watching TV when Amya’s cell rang. She answered it and jumped up alarmed. Oh how I wish I could understand Japanese. She hung up and looked at me and said. “My f****y will be here in 10 minutes.”

“I thought they were coming tomorrow?” I asked.

“They got an earlier flight”

“Oh” I said.

About 10 minutes later Amya’s f****y arrived. Amya greeted them at the door. She didn’t want me on my feet because of my knee but that didn’t stop me from standing up when they walked into the room.

Amya made the introductions. “AJ this is my father Yoshi Tanizuki, my mother Hana, and my s****r Akira. Everyone this is AJ, my savor and the love of my life.”

Yoshi was a man who you could tell was hard working. He was around 5 foot 5, but definitely had some muscle to him. Hana was as beautiful as Amya. She was built like an older version of Amya. Akira however was stunning. She had to be 5 foot 2, black here like Amya with at least a B if not C cup chest.

Yoshi looked at his daughter Amya and said something in Japanese. “Father please speech English. AJ doesn’t understand Japanese and as a guest in his house we could honor him that much.”

“I said what do you mean savor? Hiro said you were cheating on him with this man.” Yoshi said.

“No father. Hiro cheated on me first. He wasn’t the loving husband you think he was. He cheated on me, beat me, had me r**ed, f***ed me to perform oral sex on a girl”

“That can’t be. He was so nice” Yoshi said.

“It’s true sir. Amya turn around and left your shirt up. Show them your back.” I told Amya.

Amya did what I asked, but I could see she was ashamed to do so. They say a picture’s worth a 1000 words. Their faces and actions were worth a million. Yoshi dropped to his knees almost in shame. Hana screeched and covered her mouth. Akira looked shocked.

“You see father. Hiro and his friends did this to me. They violated me. They beat poor AJ. Oh my poor AJ. All he is guilty of is loving me and showing me how a gentleman treats a lady. Yes I cheated on Hiro a few days ago with AJ. I don’t regret it. I am leaving Hiro, divorcing his abusive ass. The police know what he did to us. He will spend time in jail and I hope he gets r**ed so he knows what it’s like” Amya said as she lowered her shirt.

“Oh my poor Amya its all my fault. You haven’t dishonored the f****y. I have. It’s my fault you had to marry Hiro.” Proclaimed Yoshi.

“What do you mean” both Amya and I said in unison.

“Have a seat everyone. It’s time the truth came out. I owe Amya it. Hana could you please bring us some drinks.” Yoshi asked.

“Sure your kitchen is which way?” Hana asked me. I pointed in the direction. I just couldn’t speak. All that was in my head were Yoshi’s words ‘It’s my fault you had to marry Hiro’ echoing around my head.

When Hana left Yoshi who had not left his knees told us the truth. Yoshi got into debt gambling. It seemed that he owed an Yakuza boss money. He couldn’t pay at the time, but offered them a trade till he could pay them back. The boss’s son Hiro went to school with Amya. He offered Amya’s hand in marriage to Hiro. The boss agreed and they fixed it so that Amya could marry Hiro. Whether it was scaring off other men to Hiro romanticizing Amya. When Hiro called and said Amya was cheating, he felt the deal was off. His father proclaimed that Amya had to return to Hiro or else his other daughter must be f***ed into prostitution.

“I gathered my wife and Akira and got on the first plane here. I was going to make you go back to Hiro until I learned the truth. I never wanted you to be hurt. I just wanted you to have a better life than I ha.d Please forgive a foolish old man Amya. I have stopped gambling the day I made that deal and have been saving up to pay off the Yakuza.” Yoshi said as he looked down in shame

“Amya went to her father’s side and helped him up. “I forgive you father. Your means were worng, but your hearts in the right place. Besides AJ will and has been making me happy thanks to Hiro’s attitude”

“I owe you an apology AJ” Yoshi Said holding out his hand.

“No need to apologize I was shocked as you were when I learned the truth.” I said as I shook his hand.

Hana returned with our drinks and fro the first time Akira spoke and sounded on the verge of tears. “what about me father? I don’t want to be a prostitute. I don’t’ want some filthy man’s hands touching me. I’ll die before I become some common whore” Akira said as she started crying.

Amya rushed to her s****r and hugged her. “You’re not going to be a whore” Amya told her.

“That’s right” I said “you can stay here with use. We will protect you.”

“AJ’s right Akira it’s safer here in America than back home for you. Besides schools done and you wanted to come here for college like Amya” Hana said.

Akira and Yoshi agreed and things started to calm down. Amya and I slept in our room, Akira took the guest bedroom. Yoshi and Hana stayed at a nearby hotel. I offered to put a bed in the study so they could be here but they declined.

“It’s better if we tried to get your lives back to normal” Yoshi told me. And life returned slowly back to normal. Amya met with a lawyer to discuss her divorce, I got back to work in the shop and Akira was settling in nicely. Amya and I hadn’t had sex again but it was all good. It gave me time to heal and her time to heal as well.

A week after Amya’s f****y arrived Yoshi came up to me in the shop. “I want to thank you for all your doing AJ. Amya’s right you are kind and caring.”

“You’re welcome and it’s no problem. I love Amya very much and want to see her happy.”

“Oh trust me she is happy, the happiest I’ve seen her since she was a little girl.”

“I’m glad to hear it because I love her with all my heart and soul.”

“I know. You took a beating for her and came back. You showed her love isn’t a dream. It’s real. I am proud my daughter found you, and if down the road it should happen I will be proud to call you her husband”

“Thank you sir that means a lot.”

“Please call me Yoshi. We are practically f****y.”

“OK, but I have a question”

“Ask AJ”

“Do you have the money to pay off the debt?”

“Some of it why do you ask?”

“If you are willing to let me, I would like to help you. Consider it a gift from me for Amya’s hand in marriage.”

“AJ that’s kind of you but $50,000 is a lot of money. I can’t ask that of you.”

“Nonsense like you said we are practically f****y and I for one help my f****y. I have the money. Don’t worry it won’t put me or Amya in debt.

“AJ, Amya was right you are a savior. Just promise me one thing before I accept your money”

“What’s that?”

“You give me some grandc***dren. If they are half as kind as you, I will feel like I am the Emperor of Japan”

I was happier than a pig in shit. I have Yoshi’s blessing to marry Amya. Amya was happy. Yoshi and Hana returned to Japan immediately and the Yakuza boss agreed to the money. Akira wasn’t going to be a prostitute and Amya was free from the deal. Everything was fine until a phone call rocked us. Mark Hunter our lawyer for the trial said Kari wanted to talk to us. It was important because it would effect the trial.
Amya and I arrived at the county jail to hear what Kari had to say. Kari sat in an orange jumpsuit looking down. You could tell she had been crying.

“Thanks you for coming. I know you don’t want to see or hear me so I’ll be quick. I need to explain why I did it” Kari said.

“So explain” Amya said coldly.

“I’m 20 years old and I have a 5 year old son. Hiro’s the father. He saw me one day walking home from school and followed me home. He f***ed his way into my parent’s and r**ed me. He told me that he was Yakuza and if I told anyone what he did he will make sure everyone I cared about died before my eyes. He also told me I was the best fuck he ever had and to be ready for him tomorrow. So every day for a month he would follow me home, fuck me and leave. A month later I found out I was pregnant. It didn’t bother him. He fucked me right up till I gave birth. When Matthew was born he made me his slave. If I didn’t do what he wanted he would kill Matt his own son. To prove it he would lock Matt in a car trunk that slowly filled with exhaust. He f***ed me to do those things I did you both and then some. I never wanted to do anything like that. You have to believe me when I say I’m sorry. I was only trying to protect my son.” Kari was crying so hard she was choking on her own words.

AJ found himself believing her, and from the look on her face, Amya looked like she was going to cry as well. “I forgive you Kari. I’ve learned that parents who are good will do anything for their c***dren.” Amya said.

“I forgive you too. I’m sure if you told the court this they will go easy on you. I will even drop the assault charge”

“Thank you, but I made a deal with the court. Time served provided I testify against Hiro and I will. That bastard needs to be taught a lesson.”

Later that night I decided to make a romantic dinner for us. Akira was spending time across the street with Alicia, those two became fast friends. Dinner was so enjoyable that I decided the timing was right. I took Amya’s hand and got down on one knee.

“Amya my love, I don’t have a ring, but if you love me as much as I love you it won’t matter. Will you Amya take my hand in marriage and be not only my heart and soul but my wife as well?”

“Yes AJ. Yes I’ll marry you.”

I smiled and kissed her deeply sliding my tongue into her mouth. “Come with me” I said. As I lead her to our room. I kissed her hard, and removed her shirt. She undid her bra and laid down on the bed. Her nipples were sticking straight up. I couldn’t help myself, I latched onto one and sucked it for all I was worth. I was like a new born baby suckling on his mother’s boobs for the first time. Her moans filled the air as she tried to take her pants off. I helped her remove them and her panties. I was surprised at what I found. My sweet Amya shaved her pussy.

“I hope you like it baby. I did it for you” she said

“I love it” and with that I attacked it. I licked every inch of her sweet Japanese pussy. Her juices flowed like water from heaven and I as a man dying of thirst lapped up every drop I could. Amya wrapped her hands around my head and drove my face deep into her pussy. Her ass was coming off the bed, her moans were sweet music to my ear as she grinds her pussy into my face.

“OH lover I’m going to cum all over your handsome face. Make me cum. I want to taste my pussy on your lips.” Moaned Amya

I sucked on her clit, rolling my tongue around. She screamed my name as her first orgasm hit. “OOOOOHHHHH AJ you ate my pussy so well. Kiss me I want to taste my pussy juices”

I was so turned on that I kissed her deeply and passionately. As I kissed her she dropped my pants. I felt my aching hard on slap her pussy and she moaned in my mouth.

“Give it to me baby. You waited long enough. Stick that hard cock in my tight love tunnel. Make me feel good.” I slowly pushed into her. God she fits like a glove so tight and hot. I let loose. I fucked her hard and fast.

“OOOO baby don’t stop fuck me hard lover. Make me cum. I’m your personal whore. Your own personal dirty whore. UGH I love this cock fill me up baby yeah that’s it give me your baby. I want it. I want to give my knight in shining armor a c***d.”

I pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees. She did and I fucked her hard doggy style. The moment my cock touched her pussy her seconded orgasm hit her hard. As tight as it was I still fucked her tight pussy as hard as I could. I felt her hand brush against my cock. Amya was rubbing her clit as fast as I was pounding her pussy. The thought of her playing with clit was enough over the edge. With one deep thrust I shot my load deep inside Amya’s pussy.

“Yes I can feel you cock pulsing in my pussy and I love it. Lay down I want to ride you. I need to cum again” I laid down and Amya climbed ontop of me. She guided my cock into her cum dripping wet pussy and not stopping until she had all 6 inches inside of her. Amya lost it. She started moaning louder and louder with each thrust of my cock in her pussy. I reached up and played with her nipples. She took one of my hands, moved it to her mouth and sucked on my fingers. I used my free hand and moved it down to her clit and rubbed it. It was enough to send her off. She lifted herself off my cock and for the first time I watched my sweet Japanese girl squirt her come all over my cock.

She laid next to me almost out of it and I held her. “I love you my wife to be”. “I love you to my husband to be.” I kissed her as she passed out. I heard a sigh and looked at the door. I saw Akira rush from view. Her blue yoga pants clearly soaked in the crotch. Was Akira standing there the entire time fingering herself I thought?

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Sharing my s****r part 2

This is a continuation of sharing my s****r part one; it does reflect true events as they happened.

After that initial Saturday , I was buzzing completely and really wanted to rush straight round to my best friend Phil's house and blurt out all that had happened and couldn't understand how she could immediately tell Tina but I wasn't able to tell anyone. But I kept hearing Sharon's words in my head about not telling anyone. I also knew that Phil couldn't be trusted and wouldn't keep it to himself.

I spent the best part of the next 2 weeks in turmoil, I knew what we had done was wrong and had to be kept a secret but I was also a very horny 13 year old who wanted a repeat performance more than anything else. M y masturbation habits went into overdrive as I would constantly relive all the events in my head, I would compliment Sharon at any opportunity, on her hair, clothes, make up, looks, wolf whistle her etc, hoping she would give in and relent to another session, but I always got the same response, thanks for the kind words but nothing else is going to happen.

All that changed on her 16th birthday, it was the day before Good Friday. It had started just like any other as a school day but as we were breaking up for Easter it was only a half day at school. Sharon had got permission off my parents to bunk off school with Tina to go shopping as it was her birthday. Sharon was still in bed when I left for school with Helen my other s****r, so left her card and present (HMV voucher) on the kitchen table. Came home from school at lunch time, immediately got changed out of my uniform into T shirt and shorts as I was off to play football with my friends. Both Phil and I lived in the same street, but at opposite ends

After playing the football for around 2 hours the game disbanded as a couple of the lads had newspaper delivery rounds to do. So we all trotted off home. When I got home Sharon and Tina were both sitting on the sofa in the living room giggling about something or other, I had no idea where Helen was. I sat down on a chair opposite them and wished her happy birthday then made small talk about how her day had been. After a few minutes Sharon got up to fetch some drinks from the kitchen, when Sharon was coming back, Tina said with a rather mischievous smile on her face aren't you going to give her a birthday kiss then , I replied OK then. Sharon said don?t I get a say in this. As Sharon neared me with 2 cans of coke in her hand, I stood up and took a couple of steps towards her and stood in front of her blocking her way. Leant in to her face and gave her a peck on the on the cheek, Tina groaned and said that?s no good give her a proper kiss like before, I turned my head to look at Tina and winked, then turned to look Sharon straight in the eye, and for a few brief moments there was one of those scenes you see in the movies or on TV but never think happen in real life as we gazed in to each other?s eyes and swear to this day that her eyes were just saying fuck me now. I broke the gaze by moving my right hand to the back of her head and pulled her face towards me we both tilted our faces as our lips locked then parted lips as our tongues inter mingled. By now my cock was rock hard and didn?t care who knew, moved my left hand on to her right buttock and pulled her body hard against me making sure she felt how hard my cock was, and began squeezing and rubbing her buttock, I could feel the outline of her panties through her dress. I then started to pull the skirt part of the black dress she was wearing up at which point she pulled apart and broke the kiss. She then said ?I have told you before nothing else is going to happen it was a one off now either lose your hard on or have a wank,? . This time somehow the way she said it I didn't believe her and knew we would have sex again. Tina told her to stop teasing me and just fuck me if she was going to. Tina then said the least Sharon could do was show me the underwear she had bought. Sharon said nothing would happen between me and her but would show me the underwear and began to rummage in the shopping bags at her feet. She pulled out a matching set of red satin bra and panties set on a hanger, quick as a flash I said very nice but for a proper opinion I would need to see them on her, to whom Tina agreed and said Sharon should go and model them for me. Sharon said she wouldn't as it would just be teasing me. This felt really strange but exciting to hear myself being talked about like this in my presence

Tina then changed tactic and began to fire a series of rapid fire questions about our session together, was I big, was I thick, did it feel good inside her, did it stretch her, did she taste me, did she taste my cum, did I make her cum. As the questions kept coming you could she Sharon getting annoyed and after the final question of if he really was good would you let him do it again , to which she replied that she would do me again . Sharon knew she had been tricked and was annoyed she then stood up, picking up the shopping bags, turned to Tina and said if you really want to find out do him yourself and walked out the room and upstairs.

I should point out that Tina was a few months older than Sharon and was wearing a tight white T shirt through which you could clearly see the pattern of her bra, a denim mini skirt ankle socks and tennis shoes. While she was asking the questions her thighs parted and you could see the white triangle of her panties. My hard on and remained throughout and made no attempt to hide it. I just looked at Tina smiled ,said come on then, stood up and walked over to me, dropped to her knees and placed her right hand on my thigh at the entrance to my shorts, before moving inside it and grabbing my cock through my y fronts., gave it a couple of tugs, before releasing it and saying let?s have a proper look and moving both hands to the waistband and tugging my shorts down, I raised my bum to help her, as she pulled both my shorts and y fronts down to my ankles. All the while still on her knees, Tina then bobbed her head and taking my cock in her right hand stuck her tongue out and began to lick up and down the whole length of mu cock, paying particular attention to the head of my cock and swirling her tongue around it before engulfing my cock in her mouth and wrapping her lips tightly round it bobbed her head up and down it. Before keeping her head still and holding my cock with her left hand and started to wank it into her mouth, all the time swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. She then proceeded to move her right hand underneath her skirt and between her legs, her skirt and also the position of her body was hiding what she was doing, but I could feel the movement of her shoulder on my thigh. After a few moments of this she moved her left hand to my balls and started fondling them before snaking her right hand between my legs and started tickling my arsehole with her middle finger, before easily slipping it inside, wiggling it a couple of times and slipped another one inside as well. She then started bobbing her head up and down my cock again. All these new sensations were driving my body insane and could feel the spunk start to swell, and soon exploded 2 big spurts into her mouth followed by a couple of short ones, which surprised me as I had already had 2 wanks that morning.

Tina managed to swallow most of it but a small trickle started to dribble out of the side of her mouth, down her chin and onto her T shirt. Tina looked me straight in the eye , licked her lips and said ?mm very nutritious ? before laughing, she then grabbed the neck of my T shirt, shuffled back a few feet on her knees and pulled me onto the floor on my knees with her. I put my hands on her waist as we locked lips, and as soon as my tongue entered her mouth I could taste the remnants of the creamy spunk still in her mouth. I surprised her she said later by carrying on snogging her and not immediately withdrawing, my right hand moved on to her left breast albeit on the outside of her T shirt, and began gently squeezing it, when I encountered no resistance I felt braver and moved my hand underneath both her T shirt and her bra, I remembered Sharon using her thumb to flick my nipple and the sensations it brought me so began to imitate what she had done, this made Tina change her breathing as it got faster. Tina finally let go of my T shirt and cupped my balls with her fingers and rubbed my cock in her palm, this started to breathe some life back into the old boy. So with tongue in her mouth and hand round her breast gently pushed her on to her back. Once lying down I eased myself off her body and onto my elbow as I grabbed the outside of her left thigh and eased it apart so I was lying in between her legs. It then dawned on Tina that I intended to fuck her; she raised her left hand on to my chest and suddenly said no, not here if we are going to do it then upstairs and on the bed.

I got up and offered my hand to her and pulled her up. With my shorts and y fronts still round my ankles I kicked them off before stooping down and picking them up, and proceeded to walk upstairs hand in hand , Tina also grabbed hold of my cock as well as we were walking. Tina stopped me halfway up the stairs before turning to face me and locking lips yet again, with my free hand I moved it in between Tina?s legs and moved it up, I felt her part her thighs a little to give me access and soon encountered her panty clad pussy, this was the first time I had come into contact with one so wanted to saviour the moment. I remember I could feel her pubic hair coarsely rubbing against my palm through her panties, and also the warmth and dampness. As I rubbed back and forth the leg of her pants slipped in between her lower lips giving me open access to her pussy, instinctively I hooked first one then 2 fingers inside her and tried to imitate the movements of my cock inside Sharon. Tina put both hands on my shoulders to steady herself as my fingers thrust vigorously in and out of her pussy making her legs weak as I again felt the ripple of her muscles but this time against my fingers. What surprised me the most was how much more loudly and vocal Tina had been over Sharon. as I withdrew my fingers for the final time Tina took hold of my hand and sucked my middle finger into her mouth, sucking her own juices off it, before offering my forefinger to my mouth and told me to suck it. If I close my eyes I can still taste her juices now. I just said to Tina bed now, she smiled and followed me upstairs, as she passed the closed door to Sharon?s room she opened it popped her head round and said I?ll tell you in a bit if he?s any good.

As I entered my room I dropped my shorts and y fronts on the floor and took my T shirt off , before jumping on the bed Tina followed me into my room and stood a few feet away from me , locking at my naked body on the bed, before unceremoniously stripping her clothes off, I let out a low wolf whistle as she stood naked at the side of the bed, and muttered gorgeous absolutely gorgeous, what struck me the most was how different her boobs were to Sharon?s, they were conical and pert with her nipples sticking out at different angles, while Sharon?s were round and full. Tina got onto the bed next to me and we laid down next to each other jostling for position before settling for Tina on her back and me on my side with my mouth wrapped around her left boob and my left hand snaking down to her pussy again I hadn't been sucking her nipple very long before she demanded me to fuck her. I shuffled between her legs as she reached down and guided my cock into her. I soon found a rhythm and began banging into her but kept losing it as I was distracted by the old squeaking of the bed springs and also the banging of the headboard against the wall. Also the fact that Tina was very vocal with instructions and also fucking me back was very distracting in trying to maintain my rhythm as she tried to match me thrust by thrust, so it became very stop start due to my inexperience. As it was very noisy we soon attracted the attention of Sharon who entered my bedroom wearing her birthday present, she told us to keep the noise down in case any one came home, but she didn?t leave the room as stood in the doorway watching us. Tina reached out and grabbed Sharon?s arm and pulled her on to the bed I managed to just squeeze out of the way as Sharon came crashing down on top of Tina. I Got off the bed very disappointed as I was enjoying what was occurring with Tina as Tina loosely held Sharon on top of her rubbing her back and undoing her bra as well before looking at me and gesturing at me with her head towards Sharon?s bum. She did this a couple of times before it clicked that she wanted me to fuck Sharon, so as Sharon and Tina lay on the bed in a cross position with Sharon's feet on the floor I shuffled behind Sharon and in a quick movement pulled her knickers down round her thighs and rammed my hard cock right inside her , comparing the tightness and how different it felt from Tina's pussy , quickly gaining a smooth rhythm of hard little jabs in and out. As Sharon started moaning Tina moved Sharon?s bra out of the way and started to knead her boobs. Sharon was really starting to moan and was saying things like fuck me, oh god fuck me, just do it fuck me now. Etc. This went on for what seemed like ages as I was nowhere near coming Sharon?s moans getting louder and more vociferous as I really started to bang into her, she then laid still gripping the sheets with her fists as her muscles inside her pussy rippled up and down my cock, slowly I started to feel my spunk rising which I was glad as I was starting to get a little sore despite all the lubrication pouring out of Sharon?s pussy and my cock twitched twice before spurting out 2 streams of spunk. My orgasm was very intense even though the amount of spunk produced was pitiful as it was my fourth orgasm that day. My cock starting to shrink I withdrew from Sharon?s pussy with a loud popping sound and stood back quite proud of myself that there was 2 females willing to ?play? with me, As I stood back saw Tina?s right hand suddenly appear at the opening of Sharon?s pussy lips, Tina used her fingers to part Sharon?s lips before inserting 3 fingers into Sharon?s pussy and proceed to finger fuck her, her became a blur of activity as it built another orgasm inside of Sharon. I was very interested in the technique Tina was using so I could learn from its was watching intently and making a lot of mental notes of where her fingers were placed the rhythm used etc. As Sharon?s orgasm subsided she turned her face to Tina and planted a big smacker on Tina?s lips. I was still standing up leaning against the wall just drinking in the sight of the 2 bodies before me.

They eventually sat up on the edge of the bed; it was Tina who spoke first, by saying thank you to both of us for an amazing experience. there followed quite a lengthy conversation mainly between Sharon and myself with Tina acting as mediator, where we both opened up quite a lot and it was decided that we could carry on doing things but it would be as and when Sharon agreed and that I couldn't do whatever I wanted. Naturally I agreed to whatever terms were being offered as I didn't want this to ever end. I left the room to use the bathroom, when I re-entered the room Tina was fully dressed and Sharon had put taken her clothes off completely as they were brand new and she didn't want to ruin them. Tina got up to leave but as she passed me she stopped turned face me and leaned in to kiss me instantly we were exchanging tongues, as the kiss broke she cupped my naked balls with her fingers again and said not bad for a novice but need some practice, then turning to Sharon she said don?t wear it out I have some unfinished business with it. This made me very happy as I realised that there may be the chance of another encounter with Tina. Sharon said she would try and educate me and teach things, and with that got up to let Tina out of the house

The next few days being Easter weekend were taken up with f****y stuff and no opportunity arose but my education as Sharon called it started in earnest the following week.

More to follow soon
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Defying My f****y Part 5

Introduction: The gang come up with plan to get more information and Brad learns a terrible truth

Defying My f****y Part 5: Sympathy

During the next few weeks we continued our attack on the skinheads. Following the way Clive Owen’s character from The Inside Man robbed the bank we acted like that. Sometimes we would make sure I got attacked at times. Tara returned home to prevent any suspicions; likewise we made sure she was attacked as well, all though neither Tara nor I were attacked as bad as the others.

We learned a lot from our interrogations. We learned that they have some kind of plan, but not one member knows what it is and nobody know who the real leader is. My dad called my b*****rs and I into the living room one day and told us to be extremely careful from now on because of the attacks. Even the newspaper started to pick up on it. The editorial section was filled with letters expressing both angry and sympathetic letters.

Tara wasn’t as busy as she used to be. Seems Chief Ellsworth wasn’t too happy when he was on the receiving end of an interrogation at the hands of Tara. It was funny to watch her whip him and then cover him in horse semen. I still don’t know where she got a bucket full of it, but watching Max gag as some of it ended up in his mouth, then running home naked after we dropped him off was priceless.

We got bolder and bolder. At night we would place embarrassing pictures of these people around town. Both my b*****r hated seeing the picture of them handcuffed together naked in a spooning position. After every mission I preformed, I would go back to Salvation with my partner and we would have sex. Didn’t matter if it was Kimiko, Shiho, or Tara, they all know about each other and didn’t care. Kimiko especially didn’t care since her mom was happy and I finally declared to Kimiko that she’s my girlfriend now, and that I do care about her mother. All in all we are becoming happy. I felt it was time to take our plans further and really hit my f****y hard.

“It’s time my f****y pays for its actions” I tell the other three.

“Great, but how?” Tara asks.

“I don’t know but I believe it’s going to have to be big. Bigger than anything we have done before.”

“I may have an idea and it’s very risky. It may even lead to outing you Brad” Shiho states.

“What’s that mom?” Kimiko asks her.

“Brad gets into that room of his fathers and steals all the video’s and pictures. We can use some of that information to track these girls down. Maybe they can help us and stand with us.”

“I don’t know Shiho, that’s very risky. Even if we could get all that stuff, we still don’t know who all the players are.”

“And we are working on finding out that information, but all the stuff of your dad’s can be used a blackmail material on him.”

“Your right, Shiho, I’ll try to find a way to get it” I tell everyone as I retreat to the spare room to think. This was going to be a tough job, and we are going to need some major planning sessions. I could hear the front door open and close and two sets of footsteps coming down to the room. The door opens and Tara walks in with Kimiko.

Kimiko walks over to me and places her hands on each side of my face then kisses me deeply. Tara then does the same thing Kimiko did.

“You know love, we know that you have a lot on your mind and you really are not thinking straight. Forget about the stealing for now. Right now you have two very hot and very horny girls who are going to help you take your mind off of things. After I’m sure you will think clearly” Tara says right before she kisses Kimiko in front of me. I kiss both girls again. Tara stands up and grabs Kimiko and pulls her off me and whispers something in her ear. Kimiko giggles. “Go for it Tara” She tells her.

“Sit on your hands Brad” I don’t know what’s going on but I did as told. I watch as Tara starts putting on a strip tease act. She slowly pulls her t-shirt up inch by inch. Kimiko joins in and starts to kiss Tara’s newly exposed flesh. I slowly feel all the bl**d in my body starting to rush towards my cock. Tara turns around and slowly pulls her jeans down. Again Kimiko kisses her exposed flesh, and giving her ass a gentle slap when her pants our down. Tara is wearing a black thong and match bra.

She backs up and slowly starts grinding her ass into my cock. “You know Brad, since Max has the police looking for the people he interrogated him I’m not getting fucked as much anymore. It’s kind of nice but I’m so fucking horny. It’s time to make you really horny.” Tara says as she starts giving me a lap dance. She turns and faces me to start dry humping and grinding her thinly clad pussy into my rock hard cock. Kimiko stands behind her and undoes her bra and takes it off for Tara. I groan because I can’t do anything to them with my hands. Kimiko reaches around and starts playing with them.

“Damn you girls are making me so fucking horny” I tell them.

They giggle and Tara gets off my lap, Kimiko strips down to her pants and takes Tara’s spot on my lap. I not only got one from Tara, but now I’m getting a lap dance from Kimiko. I really don’t think I can hold out. Kimiko sensed I was close and stops her dance. Tara pulls Kimiko off of me. The two girls turn and start making out with each other. I start to remove my hands, but they stop me.

“Not yet, you’re not ready” Kimiko tells me.

“The hell I’m not. I damn near busted a nut from those lap dances. I really need to cum so badly it hurts” I protest.

“Oh well then you are really going to love this then” Tara tells me as she starts sucking on Kimiko’s nipple. I can hear Kimiko moan as Tara’s tongue dances around her hardening nipple. I watch as both girls slide their thongs off and hand them off my ears. I’m sure I look silly but I really did not care because the girls were now on the floor in a 69 position each other’s pussies. I admit I have watched lesbian porn before but seeing it live hot damn even my cock agrees with me that it’s better in person. Pinocchio was lucky he tells a lie his nose gets bigger. Right now I wish I could tell a lie and have my cock get bigger.

I watch in frustration as both Tara brings Kimiko to an orgasm first. I can hear her fingers working her pussy fast, the wet slapping sound is so much a turn on that I almost cum. I can feel my boxer being soaked with pre-cum. Tara has her orgasm next and Kimiko licks her pussy of all its juices. As Tara comes down off her high, Kimiko gets up and walks over to me.

“Take off all your clothes, no touch just yet, lay back on the bed, and if you follow our directions you will be rewarded.” She tells me.

I quickly do as she asks and I place my hands back under my body to prevent the temptation to touch her. She slowly impales her pussy on my rock hard fuck stick. Damn her pussy is tighter now than ever. Slowly she sinks down until she has me all the way inside her. I moan with joy. She bends down and kisses me deeply.

“Ready my boyfriend?” She ask

“Ready my girlfriend” I tell her.

Slowly she starts rising up and then stops. Tara suddenly appears behind her. I hear Kimiko give a cry out of pain and suddenly I feel more pressure on my dick coming from the other side. My brain must not have been working fast because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what’s happening.

“Oh shit Tara go slow it’s very tight” Kimiko says through her teeth.

Then it dawns on me. Tara is sliding something into Kimiko’s ass and judging from the fact that both her hands are on Kimiko’s hips, Tara is wearing a strap-on. Holy shit my girlfriend is about to get tag teamed by us. Finally after what seems like an eternity, Tara’s plastic dick is inside Kimiko and she’s ready to get fuck. Tara thrust her hips forward causing Kimiko to slide up my shaft, Kimiko bucks her hips back down myself. Together they work as a unit. This was too much, I can’t control it, I erupt my first load deep inside Kimiko’s pussy before we even got going.

“MMMM Baby I guess you had a hair trigger. I can still feel that you’re hard. Good. Use your hands. Help Tara fuck your little Japanese Whore” Kimiko demands.

I grab Kimiko’s waist and start pounding my cock in and out of her pussy. Tara works her ass trying to match my pass. Kimiko for her part is stuck in the middle and can do nothing but moan in Japanese. Her tits bounce as we continue our assault. In no time at all I can feel her pussy tighten around my cock. Her powerful orgasm hits her hard. Her eyes roll into the back of her head. Neither Tara nor I stop our pounding. It is only after Kimiko falls onto my chest that we stop. Kimiko’s orgasm was so powerful she passed out from it. We pick her off of my cock and lay her on the bed. Tara takes her strap on off and tosses it on the bed. She looks at me and gets down on all fours.

“My turn, Fuck me good Brad”

I get behind her and quickly shove my dick inside her. Like an a****l I fuck her pussy hard. Kimiko’s cum and Tara’s wetness helping slide my cock in with such ease I didn’t know I was all the way inside until her ass touches me. I place my hands on her hips and fuck her hard and deep. The sound of my balls slapping her clit fills the air. Tara moans loudly as she can’t control herself anymore. I feel her pussy flooding with her cum.

“God don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop. Fuck this pussy, fuck my pussy hard. I need it Brad. Fuck me like a dirty slut” Tara moans.

I reach under her and grab a handful of her tits squeezing them hard. I pound my cock into her wonderful pussy hard. My cum starts to boil inside my balls. With a loud groan I fire off my second orgasm of the night. My cum blasts its way deep inside Tara’s cum starving pussy. I slowly stop my relentless assault and pull out of Tara. Some of my cum drips out of her pussy and she quickly moves to catch it with her finger. Tara then licks her finger clean.

“MMMM I love the way you taste.” She says.

We get cleaned up and I have made up my mind. I am going to break that door down and steal everything. I know they will figure out I am one of the ones behind the attacks, but I don’t care. I will start staying here if I must. Later that night, my dad and my asshole b*****rs were out trying to find the attackers, and knowing them some non-white pussy to ****. I walk out into the garage and grab the sledgehammer and walk down to the basement. No need to be gentle as I hit the door. It breaks open on impact.

As I walk inside I look at the picture of my mother. So young, so innocent, I know she would understand what I am doing. I gather up everything and rush them outside to Shiho’s car. She bravely risked waiting for me to bring the stuff out knowing what my f****y did to her and would do to her if they found her here. After my third trip I had everything out of the basement. I quickly run to my room and grab my clothes and things I had packed earlier that day and off to Salvation we went.

Once we got inside all 4 of us went through everything. It turns out that my dad kept detail notes on each victim. He stalks them, learns their names, and whens the best time to grab them. As we were going through a set of documents I found one that peaks my curiosity.

“OH MY GOD” I yell.

“What” all three girls say.

“I…. My… I know my mother’s name. It’s Chelsea. Chelsea Reese” I tell them.

Shiho quickly gets on her laptop and punches the name in. “Now that we have her name we can bring up her obituary. It should have a list of all her surviving f****y members. I’m sure they will want to get involved.”

I start smiling. f****y I thought. I might actually have a f****y that might care about me, possibly love me.

“Here it is. Chelsea Maria Reese: born January 18 1981, Died June 25 1994. Ms. Reese passed away giving birth to her son Benjamin Zachary Reese. She is survived by her parents. Donna and Zachary Reese, one b*****r Matthew Reese, and one s****r Mrs. Max (Julia) Ellsworth.” Shiho reads to us.

“You mean that God damn fat fucking asshole of a police chief is Brad’s uncle?” Tara says with a shock look on her face.

“More importantly it fucking explains why nobody came looking for Brad. His real name is Benjamin.” Kimiko says.

“Oh I have an answer to that one my darling daughter” Shiho tells her “It seems that they faked your death. Your mom’s f****y thinks you’re dead. With Max on their side it probably was easy to do”

“I need to go this is just too much” I tell them as I walk to the guest room. I sat on the bed and Kimiko comes in and sits next to me. I don’t know why but I started to cry. She places her arms around me and I cry on her shoulder. I really don’t feel like talking all that was running through my head was that these people, these damn skin heads not only ruined my mother’s life and my life, but my grandparents lives as well.

“It’s ok my love. I know that this must be hard. Just know that I am here for you. No matter what your name is, you’re still the man I love” Kimiko whispers to me and then kisses my forehead.

I stop crying and look into her eyes. I see sadness in her eyes knowing that once again life has thrown a curve ball to me. I move my face close to hers and kiss her sweet lips. My tongue slowly invades her mouth as her lips part to allow it to enter. I push her onto her back and quickly remove my shirt. Kimiko removes her shirt and bra as quickly as she can. I suck on her wonderful Japanese nipples teasing them with my tongue and gently biting them. Within moments they are rock hard, just as my cock is.

I pull her pants down and attack her pussy. I lick it back to front, teasing her clit with my tongue. I get her pussy nice and wet and I stand up and drop my pants. Kimiko spreads her legs wide. She knows what I am going to do. There is really no oral sex this time, I ram my hard cock into her pussy as hard as I can. She jumps a little and arcs her back. Making sure all the weight is on my hands and knees I pound her tight pussy as hard and as fast as I can.

“That’s it baby fuck me good. Treat me like a whore, I love feeling your cock inside me. Pound it, pound my pussy good” She moans

Like a mad man I pound her good. I pull out so only the tip is left than jam it in hard. Out slowly, in hard. Her first orgasm hits suddenly as I am pulling out. The shear tightness of her pussy muscles contracting clenches my cock hard. I quickly jam it back in deep. I can feel my tip hitting her G-spot. Kimiko moans loudly digging her nails into my back. The pressure is too intense and I pull out completely. Her cum squirts all over my cock.

“Shit baby, I came so hard. Put that thing back inside me, make me cum that hard again please” She begs

I roll her over onto her back and she gets on her hands and knees. I guide my cum soaked cock back into her pussy. This time I use don’t pull out as far maybe about an inch and ram it in hard. This lets me go at a quicker pass. I grab Kimiko by the hair; she tilts her head back as she moans. I feel her hand playing with her clit. I feel her pussy clamping down again as another orgasm hits just as fast as the first. This time though I can’t contain my own. I fire off round after round of cum deep inside her pussy. As soon as I am done pumping out my cum I lay on the bed with Kimiko in my arms. She quickly covers us up and we fall sl**p in bed together.

After I wake up and had a chance to eat. I decide it’s time to see about recruiting some help. Shiho left her computer, so I quickly look up a name and an address. I see that it’s very close to Salvation. I walk out the door and start heading to my destination. Within 15 minutes I arrive at the house and I walk up the steps and knock on the door.

“Just a minute” I hear a woman say.

She opens the door and standing before me is a woman about 5 foot 6, blue eyes, and long brown here that’s slowly turning gray. She really does not look like a 46 year old woman.

“Can I help you?” She asks me.

“Maybe, are you by chance Donna Reese?”

“Yes I am”

“Please don’t be alarmed or think this is a sick joke, but my name is Bradley Patrick, however you knew me as Benjamin Reese. Chelsea Reese was my mother.”... Continue»
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My Japanese Love Part 9

My Japanese Love Part 9: Alicia’s woes

In the days that followed I began to imagine what my c***d would be. It’s nice to know that in all the chaos that has happened in my life some good has come out of it. Akira and I are madly in love and we are having a baby. We told her parents who were extremely happy for us, however as our lives changed for the good, Alicia’s changed for the bad.

As I’m doing some yard work I notice Alicia putting out a garage sale sign. Normally she tells me when she’s doing one in advance because I usually sell some of my little odds and ends I’ve built. I walk over to talk to her.

“Hey Alicia, how are you holding up?” I ask her.

“Hi, I could tell you I’m doing ok but that would be a lie” she tells me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Things have not gone right since Lee’s death. I found out the reason he was working so much was because he took out a second mortgage on the house to pay for the plumbing problem from last year. Since he wasn’t on duty when he died, I’m losing a lot of his benefits, and to top it all off, we are behind on everything because he lost a lot of money going to the casino last month.”

“Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. You know if you need anything just ask, I’ll try to help you where I can”

“Thanks AJ; what I really am going to need is a place to live. I’m letting the bank repo the house. I’m lucky in that my car is paid off, but it’s going to be awhile before I can get a better job. I’ve been cleaning houses but it’s not enough. I’m trying to sell some stuff to help pay for his funeral”

“You know I wouldn’t make you live out on the street. Let’s get some clothes and we can move you into the guest bedroom. You can stay as long as you like on the condition that you help out cooking LOL”

“Deal, lucky I have a bag packed for when I had to leave. I’ll run in and grab it and meet you at the house.”

I walk back home and told Akira about Alicia and how she’s moving in. She loves the idea since Alicia is a good friend and she’s been worried about her.

It’s been a week since we moved her in and I can honestly say I have seen a big change her Alicia. For the first time since Lee’s death she’s laughing. Of course we can blame her anyone would smile and laugh when you’re with Akira. I went out to the store one day and I come home to a site that I love and I just had to watch.

“OH Akira that’s it eat my pussy oh yes” Alicia moans as a naked Akira eats out Alicia’s pussy.

I didn’t feel like disturbing the scene, after all I found it very hot and I’m now rock hard. I open my pants up and start slowly jerking my hard throbbing cock. Alicia grabs her big D cup tits and squeezes them hard. My little minx works Alicia’s pussy like a pro. I jerk my hard cock and I can’t take it anymore. I quickly strip off my clothes and walk into the room. I kneel behind Akira and shove my cock into her wet pussy.

“OH SHIT WHO” She looks over her shoulder “Oh baby fuck me good while I eat this pussy. I can hear her moaning into Alicia’s fuck hole as I pound her pussy good. Its tightness is making my cock feel so good. I reach down and start playing with her clit. Alicia grabs Akira and holds her head into her pussy as she starts to cum

“OOOOOOHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKK you little slut I’m CUMMING…” Alicia moans

“Oh my baby’s making me cum too” Akira moans as I feel her pussy clamp down on my hard cock. I place both hands on her hips and fuck her hard and fast. The need to cum is so over whelming. Alicia having come down of her orgasmic high gets into a 69 position with Akira. I can feel Alicia’s tongue licking Akira’s clit and my cock as I fuck her pussy. It’s too much for me to handle as I start shooting my load inside Akira’s pussy. Akira screams with pleasure as she feels my cum hitting her G-spot. I pull out and watch some cum start leaking out of her pussy. Alicia is there quickly to lick it up. Her tongue slides inside my lovely wife to be. Still rock hard I line my cock up with Akira’s tight ass and slowly push inside. She is so turned on that I enter with ease, but I still hold off till her ass is used to my cock. Alicia starts sucking on my balls before going to back to feasting on my loves pussy. I start slowly sliding in and out of Akira’s young tight Japanese ass. She’s so tight I have to grab a handful of ass just to hold on. She starts bucking her hips in rhythm of my anal onslaught and Alicia’s tongue action. The room is full of moans and is starting to smell of sex. Both Alicia and Akira have an orgasm as the same time and both moan loudly. The stereo effect turns me on so much that I believe all the bl**d in my body is currently in my dick. I feel my balls exploding and my semen running up to my cock head. I thrust inside Akira hard and drain my balls. Even I grunt as I finally cum.

“Wow” I say as I slide out of Akira and lay on the floor.

“You’re telling me sweetheart” Akira says rolling off Alicia.

“Count me in on that one” Alicia says. I look at her and she’s laying down smiling. Sweat glistening off her body.

“You know why don’t we all get showered up and go out to eat. It’s late and I really don’t think anyone feels like cooking.” I tell them.

They both agree and we all get up and starting getting ready. I let the girls shower first, since they taking longer. Of course that left me with very little hot water but I didn’t care. I need a cold shower. My mind kept going back to the fun we just had. It probably is not a good idea to walk into a restaurant sporting a hard on. Well Hooters doesn’t cause since they expect that.

After we are all dress and ready to go I have them get into Alicia’s car and I drive us to our destination. I know Alicia likes Red Lobster so I drive us into the city so we can go there. After all it’s her that needs the cheering up more and I know Akira doesn’t mind. Of course being a Saturday night the place was packed. It really doesn’t matter to us. We are here to have a good time. Lucky we got a table after only a few minutes wait. We order our dinner and enjoy a social dinner together. I take it upon myself to pay for all of us. I even left our waitress a nice tip. I drove us home for what’s to be a quiet night.

When we walk in and we each go to our respective rooms, Akira sits on our bed and looks at me.

“AJ you love me don’t you?” she ask.

“Of course I do, you know that” I tell her.

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, what’s this about dear?”

“I want you to do me a favor and I want you to know that I trust you and you should trust my judgment”

“I do trust your judgment, what’s your favor?”

“I want you to go to Alicia, Be with her, make love to her, treat her with the same love you have shown me and my s****r before me. You know I did the same thing when Amya died. She’s lonely. I want you to help her, my love. I love you both and I hate seeing her in pain.”

“If that’s what you want me to do my love I will. I just don’t want you to think I’m cheating on you”

“It’s not cheating when I’m telling you to and I know all about it.”


“Now go, give that poor woman what she needs.”

I give Akira a deep passionate kiss before leaving the room. I stop outside Alicia’s room to consider what Akira told me to do. I know on the door

“Just a minute” Alicia says through the door. About a minute later she opens the door. She’s wearing an almost see through nightgown that barely covers her. If she were to jump her 34-D tits would bounce out like basketballs. I walk into the room and she wraps her arms around me and kisses me deeply. When she breaks the kiss she looks into my eyes.

“Akira planned this and I agreed to it AJ. The first time you fucked me was so wonderful. I can’t wait for it to happen again.”

“Well she told me to make sure you feel good and to give you what you need.”

I move in and kiss her again. Her lips part and allow my tongue to slide into her mouth. My hands slide up to her big tits and I cup them teasing them through the thin material. She moans in my mouth and slowly moves to the bed. Once to the bed she moves behind me, I turn around and she gently pushes me on the bed. Slowly she undoes my pants and slides them down before taking them off. I can feel her hands massage my cock through my boxer shorts as I sit up to remove my shirt. After teasing me for a few getting me nice and hard, she takes off my boxers and then starts kissing my cock.

I feel her lips kiss every inch of my hard cock. I feel the moistness of her mouth as her lips part to engulf the tip of my cock. I grab a handful of her red hair and hold on tight as she slowly works her mouth down my shaft. Akira is good at blowjobs but nothing can compare to Alicia. She is not only blowing but teasing me as well. I have no idea how I didn’t cum right then and there. Once she as my entire cock in her mouth I watch as both her head and her right hand move up and down my cock. She adds just the right amount of suction to send me over the edge.

“Shut Alicia I’m going to fucking cum” I warn her as I start shooting my hot cum into her cock hungry mouth. Never letting up her oral assault of my cock, I feel her trying to suck my entire cock into her belly. I felt myself about to pass out form this blowjob. I hold on long enough for her to life her mouth up off my cock.

“MMM I love how you taste."

“My turn” I tell her as I pick her up and push her onto the bed. I kiss her lips and slowly kiss my way down her body. Once too her wonderful breast I slowly side the nightgown’s top down and I start sucking on her nipples. They become hard as I tease them with my tongue. I move onto the next one and repeat what I did with the previous one. I then work my way down her body, kissing her through the nightgown. Before long I reach my target. Her wonderful wet pussy, I left up her nightgown to give me better access to this wonderful treasure. As the nightgown goes up she retakes it off.

I kiss her thighs before slowly spreading her legs. I kiss my way up to her bald pussy and kiss her pussy lips. I can already feel her juices and the heat from inside her pussy. I start sucking on her clit teasing it with my tongue. Both of Alicia’s hands move to my head and hold me in place. I lick her pussy hard and fast. I can’t see but I can hear her thrashing around on the bed. My oral assault on her clit is sending her into a frantic.

“OH Shit AJ lick my pussy good. God damn I need this, oh fuck baby I’m going to fucking CUMMMMMMMM.” Alicia moans as her pussy floods my mouth with her sweet nectar.

I lick up all I can of her wonder juices then start kissing my way up her body again. I kiss her lips letting her taste herself on my lips. I grab ahold of my cock and slowly slide it into her wet cock hungry pussy. Although not as tight as Akira this pussy is just tight enough. Like an a****l in heat I start fucking her hard and fast. I can feel her nails digging into my back.

“That’s it fuck my pussy, fuck it good. Yes AJ it’s yours just fuck me harder”

Alicia reaches down and starts rubbing her clit as I pound her pussy for all I’m worth. Her orgasm hits hard. Squeezing my throbbing cock like a python squeezes its dinner. She stops rubbing her clit and grabs with both hands and pulls me in close. I can feel my balls boiling and getting ready. I thrust into her pussy hard as I start shooting my cum deep into her pussy. I collapse on top. It’s hard to believe that I am spent already. Alicia wraps her arms around me and is very groggy. I can tell she’s on the verge of passing out. I kiss her as I slowly get off of her. I lay her the right way on the bed and lay next to her. Grabbing the covers I pull them up over our sweaty bodies. I cuddle up to her and hold her tight. My cock resting against her ass, I look over at the door and see Akira standing there naked licking her fingers.

“I was standing here the entire time fingering myself baby. That was so awesome. I don’t mind if you sl**p here tonight. She needs you more than I do. sl**p soundly my love. Good-night” she says as she shuts the door.
... Continue»
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My Friend Bill, Part 2

My Friend Bill, Part 2

Readers are asked to read Part 1 for this story to be more interesting.

Bill and I were having a very hot afternoon together. We were now laying in bed together after having a fantastic oral sex session with a lot of kisssing, fondling and of course sucking. As we drank a few more beers we were getting around to the possiblity of us trying a little anal sex. I had never had a dick in my ass but then I had never swallowed a man's cum before either. Bill had seen the condoms and lubricant that I had purchased and as we lay there drinking the beer, we kept staring at each other's dicks that were becoming more erect by the minute.

I accidently spilled some beer on my chest and reached over to the dresser drawer for something to dry off with. First thing I grabbed was a pair of my gf's sexy panties. As I started to dry myself, Bill pulled me over and began to lick the beer off my chest and then he sucked on my nipples. Damn! That felt like pure heaven! He finally stopped and took the panties out of my hand and held them up to get a good view of them. He smiled and said, "Sexy, do you ever wear them?" I had to chuckle as I told him that I didn't. Then he suggested that I put them on. At first I declined but then I finally took them from him and sat on the edge of the bed as I put them on. e asked me to stand up so he could see how I looked in them. I thought it was silly because my dick was hard as a rock but when I stood and faced him he whispered, "That is hot!" At this point I must confess that I was feeling rather sexy.

Bill was stroking his swollen dick as I stood there and he suggested that I get the condoms and bring my cute ass back to bed. I was really getting super hot at this point but the time I got to the condoms I had another thought. I called out to Bill that I would be there in a few minutes and then I went into another bedroom and got a padded bra that had belonged to another gf.. I put it on and felt sexier with every move I made. Then I located a blond wig that the gf had left behind and put it on and then decided to try some lipstick. I wasn't sure how Bill would feel about this but if all else failed I could simply take everything off and suck his dick again.

I returned to the bedroom with the condoms and lubricant and in my sexiest voice I asked, "Would you like to fuck me honey/" Bill eyes bugged out and as he got up and wrapped his arms around me he moaned, "You pretty mother fucker! I'm going to fuck your brains out!" I guess he liked what he saw! We stood there and kissed until I asked him, "Can I fuck you too?" One more kiss and he led me to the bed. I quickly opened a condom and with shaking hands rolled it onto his beautiful dick. I positioned myself on the bed with my ass in the air. I was ready. I wanted him in my ass as badly as I had wanted him in my mouth. Actually I would have preferred to have him inside without the condom but there would be plenty of time for that.

Bill positioned himself behind me and pulled my panties down. I was absolutely on fire and when he applied the lubricant and slid his finger in me I nearly cum. Then he moved closer and I felt the heavenly sensation of his dick about to enter me. I relaxed as much as possible and whispered, "Put it in me Baby". I expected pain but I guess if you are hot and ready enough the pain is minimal. He very slowly slid the head of his dick in me and I found myself reaching back for his ass and pulling him further into me. When he was completely in me I reached down where our balls were touching and I truly knew that I was being fucked for the first time and the sensation was out of this world.

Bill slowly began to fuck my starving ass and there is no way to describe the sensation. He reached for my aching dick that had precum freely flowing from it and as he slowly jacked me off. I told him that he was going to make me cum and then I shocked myself by moaning, "Take the condom off! I want you to cum in my ass" He pulled out of me for a brief moment and the was back inside me and this time I sort of wggled my ass and he fucked me in earnest. I could hold back no longer and started cumming all over his hand and the bed. He buried his dick in me as far as possible and held it there as it erupted and I thought he would never stop cumming.

Bill kept his dick in me until he was completely limp and pulled it out and lay on the bed. I got a towel to clean up the mess we had made and lay beside him while he fondled my dick. It started to get hard and he rolled onto his side facing away from me and pulled my dick toward his ass. I think I am about to get some hot man pussy!... Continue»
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My shemale boss part 2

Friday 12pm was here, I nervously knocked at my bosses door part excitement part apprehension ran through my body.

A clear come in could be heard from within by my boss Miss Jones so I went in. Ahh Rob right on time, take a seat and I'll be with you in a minute, she said.

I sat down opposite her desk whilst she continued to study her paperwork. Her black rimmed glasses were on the tip of her nose and with her finger, she curled her long black shoulder length hair. Through her glass desk I could see her tight black leather trousers she had on and black 5" heals. She had walked through my office earlier in the day and I had nearly cum in my pants on seeing walk past in those tight leather trousers which made her ass look so perfect I just wanted to bite it .

She looked up and caught me druling over her leather trousers. Do you like me wearing leather Rob ? She asked. Kind of embaresed I replied, I think you look really hot today Miss JOnes. Thank you Rob she replied.

You look quite hot today too Rob, she said, so much so I want you to get your little Willy out and make it hard for me. What right here I asked ?. Yes she replied, I want you to entertain me by stroking your Willy.

Still fearful for my job and eager to please her I undid my jeans and pulled my cock out. I looked up and saw her deep blue eyes looking at me from behind her glasses, a smile on her face. I closed my eyes and thought of the other day when I had sucked her cock dry as I rubbed my dick, feeling it grow in size.

Now wank yourself off she shouted. I started to go to work on myself and was getting quite in to it when suddenly I felt a hard slap across my dick. Miss JOnes had got up from behind her desk walked over without me noticing and slapped me straight across my dick and balls. I let out a yelp to which she told me to shut up.

She grabbed my dick in her hand and proceeded to pull me to my feet by it and lead me round to her desk. I wasn't sure what she would want this time around. Would I have to take her cock in my mouth again or was she going to return the favour ?

Once at the desk she kneeled down and started to full undo my trousers. I couldn't believe I was going to be sucked off by this amazing shemale and be able to cum all over her glasses as she wore them. She pull my trousers down to my ankles looked up at me and smiled, I closed my eyes inanticipation but instead of her placing her lips around my cock she stood up and pushed me face down over her desk. My stiff cock got crushed against the desk as she bent me over and I yelped to which she laught. You didn't seriously think I was going to suck your dick did you rob you stupid little shit. You work for me and don't forget it.

She kept one hand on my back with her long nails digging in to my skin forcing me to stay on the desk. I then heard her undoing the button on the sexy leather trousers and pulling down the zip. The draw on her desk was then opened and closed and I suddenly felt the cold sensation of lube around my arse hole, two guesses to what was about to happen.

I had only just managed to fit her massive dick in my mouth let alone my virgin arse and I tensed up at the thought. I could hear her loobing up her cock behind me and then suddenly the feeling of the tip of her dick push between my arse cheeks and touch my tiny arse hole.

I then felt her try to push her self in to me but her dick was just to thick. Miss JOnes leant forward and whispered to me to relaxe and then bit hard on my ear lobe. As she bit down she use her strength and ripped my arse hole as she pushed her rock hard cock in to my tight arse with such f***e the desk moved.

I could feel the whole length of her thick dick inside me and although the pain was intense it was also a big turn on. Don't worry I'll break you in gently rob she said laughing. Miss JOnes then went to work on my arse. She did initially start off slowly pulling her dick out and slowly pushing it all the way back in but she proceeded to go faster and faster and it wasn't long before she was banging away, I could feel her balls slapping against me and the pain was getting worse. I bit down on my lip trying not to show how much pain I was in.

Miss Jones then eased off in her Fucking taking up a slower motion. Are you enjoying me fuck you rob ? She asked. Yes very much so mam I replied.
Wouldn't matter if you didnt you little shit she said, your tight little arse along with your mouth are both mine to do as I please.

At this point she reached forward and f***ed something in to my mouth, your need that to keep you quiet she said as you haven't felt anything yet. I then realised she had pushed her knickers in to my mouth and could taste her in my mouth. Miss JOnes then really fucked me, the back of her arm on my neck kept me down and periodicaly she spank my arse.

I didnt know how much more I could take she was showing no mercy to it being my first time but all of a sudden Miss Jones gave one final deep push and I could feel her hot cum fill up my arse hole there seemed to be so much and she pushed herself in a couple more times before finally pulling out of me and as she did so I could feel some of her cum run down my leg.

Miss JOnes then gave me a light tap on my bum and said very good Rob, your arse was wonderful perhaps one of the best I've ever had, now lick my dick clean. At that she sat in her chair and made me kneel in front, licking the remaining jizz off her now slightly limp but still large cock.

On licking her clean to an acceptable level she told me to get up and leave. On pulling up my own pants and trousers I went to leave. As I walked she could see I was in pain but I could just hear her laughing , clearly very happy in how she had broken me in.

Don't forget Rob, your my little bitch and I'll be needing u again soon. I said nothing and just closed the door.

To be continued ... Continue»
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All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

As we approached the parking lot at the convention center, traffic was merging into two lanes. We ended up in the right lane, which put the person taking our money on my side. Seeing that person was a middle-aged man, I thought I would give him a little bonus for standing out in the sun all day and at the same time keep the tension going in my cousin Randy’s pants. As Randy said, “Here ya’ go Amy,” and handed me a twenty dollar bill, I crossed my left leg over my right, which would give a better view of my crotch and inner thigh to anyone looking in my window.

Turning slightly in my seat, so I could greet the ticket guy, I glanced over at Randy and he was looking down trying to put his wallet back in his pocket. That’s when I reached up and quickly unfastened another button on my blouse and made sure it was gapping open enough to give this guy a free look at my little fou****n-year-old titties. Keeping one eye on Randy, he looked back towards me just as my hand was returning back, so I changed the twenty from one hand to the other to make it look like that was what the movement was about. I wanted it to appear that my button had accidently come unfastened. But I don’t think he ever saw my hand move because his eyes stopped at my legs. He had been shifting his eyes between the road, my legs, and the small mounds inside my blouse ever since we left Grandma’s house. He thought he was being sly while he stole those glances behind his mirrored aviator sunglasses, but his awkward head-tilt made it obvious where his real focus was.

Rolling up to the man at the gate, I rolled down my window real slow. We were driving Grandma’s old car and it didn’t have power windows, only hand cranks. I knew watching that window move down in slow motion would keep this guy’s attention on me instead of him just glancing quickly to grab the money. The windows weren’t tinted but the sun was reflecting off the glass so he wasn’t able to really see me until the glass opened up. As the window slowly lowered, I saw his eyes lock in on my knee and then my inner thigh and crotch. His eyes moved up my body at the same speed the window was being cranked down. I was the first to speak and greeted him by saying, “Hi! Hot day huh?” Turning slightly towards him, and reaching over with my left hand to give him the twenty, caused my blouse to gap open just enough!

There was a moment of awkward stillness as he stood frozen in time and said nothing. I’m sure he was thinking about how he would love to reach down through that window and instead of taking the bill from my hand, he could misjudge his reach and slither his hand inside my blouse and tweak my perky nipple. During that split second, I felt another drop of wetness make its way from my pussy and into my already moist panties. He finally answered me with a sort of stutter, “Uh…yeah…umm, you got that right! It’s REALLY HOT today.” With that I thrust my hand out the window and bumped it into his little money apron which was conveniently covering his crotch. He must have had a roll of quarters or something in his pouch because it felt awfully hard in there! Immediately, I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you!” He said, “No worries! Ya’ll have a nice day; lots of good stuff to look at in there.” With that, he took the twenty from my hand and said, “Just follow the guy’s with the flags.” I smiled at him and said, “Thanks, you too,” as Randy pulled the car forward.

As soon as I had my window rolled up, and knowing full well that Randy had seen EVERYTHING, I practically shouted, “Oh my gosh, I accidently punched that guy in the groin when I reached out to give him the money! I was SOOO embarrassed!” Randy said, “Did he say anything?” “Not really, he just smiled and waved us on.” I was hoping Randy was a little jealous that I had touched this guy’s crotch and I hadn’t touched his yet. But NO WORRIES, his time would come!”

Once we were in our parking space, I cracked my door open and Randy said, “Let me get that for you.” Normally, I just open the door for myself and I wasn’t really expecting this kind of service from one cousin to another, especially considering my age. He was treating this more like a date than just two cousins hanging out. I thought it was sweet.

Watching him walk in front of the car, as he worked his way around to my door, produced a little tingle between my legs. It was the same tingle I had felt when I first saw him earlier this morning when I walked out of the bathroom and saw him sitting directly in front of me. I knew he worked in construction but I was shocked at how fit and strong he looked. He didn’t have a body like a weight lifter, but one that was firm and toned. In addition, his tan was deep, with no tan lines at his neck or sleeves. It turned me on to think of him working shirtless on a sunny day.

Standing in that doorway, I noticed him giving me the once over, well twice over, when I walked into the living room at Grandma’s house for the first time. I had just come from the shower so my hair was still wet and I was combing it out. He smiled and uttered an awkward, “Hi,” which sounded like he was a little confused. Maybe he didn’t recognize me. Responding back with the same lame greeting, I tried to make it sound flirty without being obvious. His gaze seemed to be focusing in on my legs, and since I loved teasing guys, I knew I could use this to my advantage. After all, he may have been my cousin, but he was still a guy!

There was an empty chair right in front of me, which was directly across from Randy, so I sat down, with my legs spread, like a boy would sit. I knew my running shorts were loose around the legs and if he kept looking my way he was sure to catch a glimpse of my tiny white cotton panties. The more I moved around in that chair, the more he moved around in his. It was pretty obvious he was trying to situate his angle so I couldn’t look at his crotch. But it was too late; I had already seen the bulge growing in his jeans.

Not wanting to be obvious, that I was interested in what was happening between his legs, I kept looking over toward our folks and laughing at them as they picked on each other. It was one of those times, while looking the other direction that Randy stood up and moved my way. Grandma’s house was small and the door to the bathroom was directly across the narrow hallway from the living room door where my chair was. I was pretty much blocking the path out of the living room. As Randy approached my chair, I pretended to not notice and made no effort to scoot over or even lean a little for that matter. He turned his back to me as he squeezed past me, which was a disappointment because I was looking forward to him brushing my shoulder with that growing lump in his pants.

He went into the bathroom and shut and the door. Being only a couple of feet from the bathroom door, it was easy for me to hear every sound coming from there. Training my ears away from the f****y stories and into that bathroom, I waited to hear signs of what he was going to do, number one or number two? The clank of the toilet seat hitting the tank gave it away. He had raised the seat so he could pee. Waiting, I expected to hear his stream strike the water in the toilet bowl. It took forever, and I knew exactly why! His penis was too hard to pee!

Being a normal, hormone driven teenage girl, I had done my share of research. It wasn’t as easy as it is nowadays, with the internet, but the information was out there. Of course, we all learn about the facts of life on the playground, years before our parents’ feel it’s time to give us “the talk!” I had learned more of the details after finding my older b*****r’s stack of Penthouse magazines under his bed, while I was helping my mom change his sheets one morning. Sneaking back in later in the day, I pulled one out and started looking at the pictures and reading the stories. After that first time, I began “borrowing” one magazine at a time and would take it to my room and read it from cover to cover with my b*****r none the wiser! That’s where I had learned that it was difficult for a guy to pee when he had an erection.

Finally, through the keyhole of the old-timey door, I heard the waterfall making its way into the toilet. It seemed like Randy peed a gallon but I eventually heard those last, broken squirts as he f***ed the remnants of piss from his bladder. The next thing I expected to hear was the seat clank as he closed it, but it never clanked! That was normal though because I had an older b*****r and a Dad, and neither one of them ever closed the seat either. It was always a shock when stumbling into the bathroom in the darkness of night, sitting down on the toilet and dipping your butt into the water because SOMEONE forgot to put the lid down!

So I should have heard the water at the sink as he washed his hands. Nothing! Oh no, was he one of those guys that didn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom! Still nothing, had he gotten lost in the tiny bathroom and couldn’t find his way out? Then I heard what I thought was a moan. With the second moan I assumed he had decided to turn around and take a number two which was being stubborn about coming out. But then a louder GROAN, followed by an Umm, Umm, and Umm escaped from the keyhole. He wasn’t constipated. Those weren’t groans from straining. Those were the same sounds that the writers had described in the sex stories I had read. I was shocked, surprised and thrilled. I was shocked that Randy was masturbating with everyone so close by, surprised that I had recognized the moans for what they were, and thrilled that he was rubbing himself to an orgasm because of me! I just assumed it was all about me because of the way he had been drooling over my legs ever since he laid eyes on me!

Knowing I had given lots of boys a stiff dick was one thing, but knowing, and HEARING that I had not only given an older guy a hard-on, but had caused him to want to masturbate, had sparked a twinge in my thighs and made me leak a little of my sex juice into my panties. All of this had made me pull my legs together and squeeze because all I could think about at the time, was touching myself! It was then that everyone decided to go into the kitchen and make lunch. Not wanting to lose my front seat to the action, I stood and carried my chair into the living room, letting everyone pass by me. Expecting Randy to exit the bathroom now that he was finished, I stood in the living room and waited. But, he didn’t come out.

Waiting another sixty seconds, I moved to the bathroom door and leaned on the section of wall between it and the kitchen door which allowed me to appear that I was part of what was going on in the kitchen and at the same time listen for sounds from the bathroom. That’s when I heard the moans again. Was he still having the same orgasm? I had never read of one lasting that long. Or could he be…masturbating a second time? With that thought I felt another discharge of my wetness seep from my tight little pink pussy. Trying to be inconspicuous, I reached down and pushed the leg of my shorts against my inner thigh so I could soak up the drop that had escaped my panties and was running down the inside of my leg.

The lock on the door opened and Randy stepped out. Blocking the doorway to the kitchen, he had to stop behind me. That’s when I turned and looked over my shoulder and made some teasing remark about moaning and being constipated. He just laughed it off but we BOTH knew what had really just happened. He made some comment about us getting along well and when I turned to respond I noticed he had big drop of something on his shirt, and I knew exactly what it was. It looked just like the stuff that I had seen in those pictures when guys would masturbate and let their semen land on their lady’s chest. Knowing this was going to be fun to watch, I pointed it out to Randy. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw it. The explanation that followed was priceless. LOTION! That, it definitely was not! You see, when I finished my shower, I couldn’t find any lotion in the bathroom. My plans were to go grab it off the end of the dresser in the room I was staying in until I saw that the relatives had arrived while I was taking a shower.

Randy’s explanation played right into my hands, giving me not only the chance to blow his mind, but setting up a perfect opportunity for me to experience the feel of a guy’s semen on my finger. Quickly reaching over my shoulder, before Randy could react, I wiped the big glob of his cum from his shirt and onto my finger. He panicked as I was standing there, studying the gooey substance and rubbing it between my fingers. Randy made some effort to grab a napkin or something for me to wipe it on but I wanted more. So, before he could hardly shift his weight, I rubbed it into the palm of my other hand and then rubbed my palms together. Throwing a quick glance at Randy let me know that he was almost overcome in horror. Putting my hands to my face, I rubbed his slippery, pearlescent semen ALL OVER MY CHEEKS, making sure I also rubbed a little around my lips and on my chin! I really wanted to lick my hands so I could experience the taste, but that didn’t make much since, licking lotion, so I just finished up by rubbing my hands together until it was all absorbed.

To keep his heart rate up, I told him I needed some more of that lotion for my legs and asked him where it was in the bathroom. Knowing perfectly well there wasn’t any in there, I also wanted to make him sweat. Before he could even begin to think how to answer me, I turned around, moved past him and stepped toward the bathroom. Banging around in there, I shuffled a few bottles of this and that. Then, sticking my head out of the door, I saw his attention was straight forward into the kitchen. He was quiet and appeared to be listening to the conversation over the lunch preparations, but I figured he was in a daze trying to plan his escape from his lie. Side stepping out of the bathroom door, I moved swiftly and quietly to the door of the bedroom I was staying in. Reaching in I quickly grabbed my bottle of lotion from the end of the dresser and headed back into the kitchen to see just how far I could tease Randy!

The creak of the car door opening shook me out of my day dream. It’s amazing how fast our minds can replay the history of past events. Randy was standing there, just a silhouette with a hand reaching out, as the sun shown directly into my eyes. I offered him my hand. It was the first time anybody had ever done that for me. He was SOOO sweet! His eyes were transfixed on my legs again, just like they had been while I was squirming in that chair across from him, and especially when I was rubbing lotion on them. When I had switched positions at that kitchen chair, opened my legs, and pulled my shorts up my thigh, his eyes had almost popped from his head. That’s what had given me my next idea to tease him.

Finishing up with one last long stroke that reached all the way from my bare toes, I had rubbed that last bit of lotion all the way up my shin, slowed to do a couple of circles around my knee, and continued up my inner thigh until my fingers pushed, just ever so slightly, under the bottom edge of my pulled up shorts. My little pussy was on fire at that point and I really wanted to just slide my fingers right up and penetrate myself, but I had to just dream about it and I stopped short when the tip of my fingers touched my panties. I could swear I had seen Randy’s bulge throbbing inside of his pants.

Without a word I had run past him and into the bedroom. In a flash I ripped of my tee shirt, unsnapped my little trainer bra and threw it on a pile of my clothes. Then, I pinched and pulled on both my nipples, bringing them to full attention. The tee shirt went back over my head and I grabbed some perfume and gave a little squirt on my neck. After walking back to the kitchen, I had practically crawled up Randy’s front side as I offered my neck to him. Then he had said the sweetest thing when he told me I smelled like a pretty flower. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed if I ever had been wearing a bra or not, but I was hoping he had snuck a peak down my shirt while he was looking over my shoulder and smelling my neck. Well, just in case he hadn’t, I already had a plan to let him “accidently” see my hard little nipples. That’s when I pulled him to the front porch, just like he was pulling me now as I crawled from the car.

Trying to be as sexy as a fou****n-year-old could be, I spread my legs and lowered one foot to the pavement. Leaning forward I had a two-fold motive. The first was so I wouldn’t bang my head on the car, the second was in hopes that as I leaned over, my blouse would fall open, giving Randy the most unrestricted view yet of my AA titties which had nipples as hard as little pebbles from rubbing back and forth on the inside of my blouse. It worked out BETTER than my plan! The twist of my torso, upon exit from the car, caused my blouse to shift and my left boob was totally exposed. As I rose to a full standing posture, my blouse did a little “static cling” thing and didn’t shift back. When I lifted my head, I was expecting Randy to be standing there with his tongue hanging out trying to lap at my puffed out titty. Instead, he was watching something in the parking lot. He promptly turned sideways to me, offered me his arm and said, “Take my arm; I don’t want you to fall. The parking lot is pretty uneven.”

Randy was being such a gentleman and treating me like his lady. I had never been treated this way before. He was sexy, and he was making ME feel sexy! As we started to walk, I decided to leave my blouse stuck to my side and let a few other guys finally see what they probably had only fantasized about while masturbating. I knew at some point Randy would look down, notice my tit was exposed, and let me know my blouse had accidently come unbuttoned. Heads were turning, and one guy even walked into a light pole, but Randy never said a word. Finally, as we approached the front door, followed by the ticket booth, I wiggled my shoulders a bit and my blouse straightened itself up. Even though I had wanted Randy to get an eyeful, I didn’t want to be TOTALLY reckless and have some mall cop checking my ID and accusing me of being a trashy little hooker. So, once we got our tickets and passed by the lady with the “clicky” counter thingy, I decided there was only one way to make sure Randy got a good view.

Stopping suddenly in mid step, I looked down and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness…my button came undone!” Sure enough, Randy finally looked right at my chest. Making sure to fumble with the button and pull my blouse open in the process, I’m sure Randy finally caught an excellent view of my perky little handful of a titty. Randy, very gentlemanly, stepped in front of me to block the gaze of any of the hundred guys that heard me almost shout that statement. He said, “Well…I guess that explains all the looks. I was beginning to feel like I forgot to zip up my pants or something!” Wanting to appear I was genuinely shaken by what had just happened; I put on my best embarrassed face and made my eyes tear up. (In case you guys don’t know this, we girls have the ability to turn that on and off at our beckon call!)

Randy noticed how uncomfortable I had become and put his hands on my shoulders and said, “Aww Sweetie, it’s OK. That kind of stuff happens to everybody.” He had just walked right into my plan, right up to putting his hands on my shoulders! But, when he touched me, my plan fell all apart and things went much further than I ever expected.

- Stay tuned for “Seduction of My First Cousin – part 4”
- Thanks for reading. Your votes and comments are appreciated!
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Wife f***ed to have sex with a stranger.

When Tom comes home I’m going to tell him I’ve picked the man, its going to be our friend Brian I’ve always thought Tina his wife was so big headed always bragging her husband would never cheat on her as she gives him the best sex and head ever plus he has such a big pair of balls she says he can keep cumin after he shoots his load, so she thinks she’s better than all of us at blow jobs.
Her husband is always trying to get his hand under my dress Unknown to Tom he has touched me up a few times when we’ve been out clubbing feeling my arse and trying to touch my tits

One night when I went to the ladies I wasn’t aware he had followed me into the hallway which was quite dark there,
As I came out I saw Brian standing there “Brian what are you doing here” I came to see you “why what do you want” you know what I want and at that he pushed me up against the wall I’ve always wanted to fuck you he grabbed my breast and tried to put his hand up my dress ”BRIAN STOP I SHOUTED NOT HERE” he let me go so when he said “SOON” I said someone coming go just go,

I was so glad to get back to Tom later that night I was so turned on by the fact that Brian tried to f***e him it was a big turn on Tom always use to say I would love to see you get f***ed fucked by lots of men that was of course one of his fantasies for the bedroom,

We have not been in contact with Brian or Tina since that night out with them,
Tom said he nearly gave Brian permission to go for it one night he was the perfect choice.

Tom came home with a big smile on his face “are you ready to see cabin its ready” let me get changed and we can go over and on the way I will tell you the person I’ve have chosen,
On the way over Tom said “so who have you chosen” Brian “you mean Tina’s Brian” Yes Tina’s Brian “why him “ he’s always trying to touch me up and one night when we was at the club he followed me to the ladies room and try to put his hand up my dress and feel my tits ”did he now the crafty bastard he’s always telling me he would like to have you for one night” so you don’t mind “No its your choice no problem” we arrived at the cabin we stepped inside it was really nice,

”Tom said I’ve put a camera in the main room and of course in the bedroom they will all switch on as soon as you enter the rooms, plus you have got to see this mirror its awesome” we went into the bedroom there was a large ceiling to floor mirror facing the bed and as wide again where did you get this mirror “a salvage yard it was out an old police station it was use to watch suspects when being interviewed”

I love it can you show me the other side to see what it looks like “of course” he took me into the hallway and to what looked like a storage cupboard as he opened the door drew a black curtain back we stepped inside to this full view of the bedroom it was amazing it was so light in the room even though there was only a lamp on “what do you think I can’t believe how much you can see into the room and there was a camera set up on tripod this is perfect when can we get started,
Well baby that’s down to you now perhaps we can contact Brian and Tina and go out one night for a drink you can make the arrangements with Brian,
I rang Tina the next day but they were away on holiday for two weeks so I left a message to contact me when they get back,

Over the next couple of days I worked from home had a couple of house viewing but nothing came of them so I decided to do some shopping and I wanted to take some of my things over to the cabin for the preparation of the night to come,

I decided to dress in a short blue pencil skirt and dark blue 6”heels with a blue blouse and blue bra and thong to match,
You never know I who I might meet I always like to look good and love it when men stair at me while out with there wives it’s always turns me on having this affect on men,
As I drove to the mall I decided to park in the indoor parking as it was now raining outside I didn’t’ want to get wet I think everybody else had the same idea so I had to park on the top floor a pain as you have to use the lifts or the stairs and in my heels it wasn’t an option the lift’s in these places always attracted undesirables, youths pressing all the buttons so you have to stop at each floor and they always smell, I was lucky this time ground floor right away, time for some shopping I was in the shops for about 2hrs and purchased some new shoes a new dress and some new underwear a really good day,

I then thought I must get back to the car I wanted to get to the cabin,
I got into the lift you might know there were three youths messing around in the lift I stepped inside and on the way to my floor I could here them laughing whispering comments like “nice arse look at those legs I bet that she’s hot I’d love to suck on those tit’s “take a photo on your phone man one up her skirt those legs are so hot“ as he knelt down I turned around no way buster,
I then got out at my floor I turned and faced them ” boys your cocks aren’t big enough to satisfy me so go and wank yourselves off
I walked to my car it was raining hard now so I pressed my car remote to get into the car quick”

I got into my car and put my bags onto the passenger seat and started to drive towards the cabin it was about half hour’s drive from the mall it was still raining heavy I had to stop at the lights which were on red I felt something cold against my neck and then a hand was put over my mouth I looked in my mirror And saw someone in the back I couldn’t see his face as he had a hood over his head I just froze with fear I couldn’t move then a voice in my ear said don’t scream I’m not going to hurt you as long as do what I say ”what do you want I have money I will give you,
Please don’t hurt me” you know what I want Just drive he said I pulled away from the lights I was now so scared he’s going to f***e me to have sex with him stay calm I said to myself “turn next left he said “ it lead me down a narrow track my hands were now shaking so much it was all I could do to keep the car on the track Oh my god I though I was so scared of what he was going to do to me yet felt a little excited at the prospect of having sex with a complete stranger,
Please don’t hurt me I will do what you ask “I know you will he said I’ve been watching you the way you walk around teasing the men with your hot body so I thought I’m going to have that body myself”

If it meant I had to let him fuck me that’s what I would have to do “turn to the left he said” as I did it was a dead end and in front of me was a disused barn “ drive into that barn”
He leaned forward and “said you know what I want ” please I have money please don’t hurt me I will do what you want but please don’t hurt me “lets have some fun get out of the car, as I did he grabbed my arm and told me to go around to the front of the car “ now lean over the bonnet and spread those legs” as I did what he asked “lift that skirt nice and slow I want to admire what I’m about to fuck“
I lifted my skirt and felt a little excitement creep in,

There I was leaning over the bonnet legs spread lifting my skirt and exposing myself to a complete stranger who was about to fuck me I thought this is so hot
“ That’s one fine pair of legs you have there” as he came up behind me pulled my thong to the side pushed his face straight into my arse and started to tong me in my pussy and lick my arse this felt so good I was starting to get wet I was kind of scared but also getting turn on “turn around I want eat that pussy out” I turned around he pushed me back onto the bonnet and pulled at my blouse causing the blouse to open and then he pulled at my bra which made my breasts fall out
“ That’s one fine pair of tits you have I’m going to enjoy sucking those mother fuckers he said “ please I’ll take my cloths of for you don’t rip them “do that he said,” I took my skirt off and my bra I was now standing completely naked except for my heels “leave them on he said”

He then started to suck on my breasts and pushed his fingers into my pussy at the same time I was close to cumin, “ he pick up my thong and wiped my pussy with it and put it to his face and said “Mmm this smells so fucking good and your getting off me fingering your pussy OH MY GOD PLEASE NO PLEASE NO DON’T PLEASE OH SHIT OH FUCK I said I was now at his mercy I was so turned on I was being f***ed to have sex with this stranger it was now impossible not to cum as I did he said “OK TURN AROUND IM GOING TO FUCK THAT HOT PUSSY OF YOUR “ I turned back round and leaned back over the bonnet and he pushed his cock right into my pussy OH MY GOD I SAID OH SHIT OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK SHIT OH FUCK he was so fucking me so hard pounding me so much I could feel his balls slapping against my arse it felt so good if this is being f***ed to have sex I want to be f***ed again and again then he said
“OH FUCK I’M GOING TO CUM IN YOUR FUCKING PUSSY OH FUCK HOLY SHIT YOUR SO FUCKING HOT TAKE THIS CUM” he shot his cum right inside my pussy “oh fuck that was so fucking awesome now get on your “ knees I want you to suck the cum off my cock”

As I turned around I saw his cock and started to suck his cum it tasted different ”now put my cock into your mouth to get me hard again” as
I did he said “OH FUCK SUCK MY COCK OH FUCK SUCK IT HARDER ” he pushed my head right down I felt it hit the back of my throat it was all I could do to stop myself from gagging on him “SUCK IT HARDER BITCH he was now getting hard the more I sucked him the harder he got “get up here he turned me around and lifted my leg onto the bonnet of the car and pushed his cock right into my pussy again
He was now really pounding so me hard with his cock that I could feel he was so deep inside me and so fucking good this guy really knew how to fuck a woman pussy “you are so fucking hot I going to fuck this pussy until I fill you with my cum “ god it felt so good I was so wet I was now pushing my self onto his cock I could feel I was about to cum OH FUCK OH FUCK HOLY FUCK OH FUCK AS I CUM ALL OVER HIS COCK “you’ve cum all down my cock you love being fucked by my cock now turn around I want to see those tits bounce as you fuck my cock again” I got up and turned around and he pushed me onto some bales of straw that were in the barn he then lifted my legs over my head and thrust his cock into me again “OH FUCK OH FUCK LOOK AT THOSE TITS WOBBLE” you have such a fucking hot body“ he was now so deep in me I started to cum again OH FUCK OH SHIT OH SHIT Mmmmmm OH GOD I CUMIN DON’T STOP Orrrrrr as I cum again,

He pulled his cock out of me lifted me up sat down on the straw bale and said “now sit on my cock and face me while you fucking ride me
I couldn’t wait I was riding his cock in no time It was fantastic I wanted him to cum in me again as I rode him my tits bounced up and down OH FUCK OH SHIT OH SHIT OOOOORRR FUCK as I felt him cum inside me his cum was so hot it making me cum again “OH FUCK OH FUCK OH MY GOD f***e YOUR COCK IN ME AGAIN AND AGAIN YOU BASTARD FUCK ME HARD WITH YOUR COCK as I cum “shit you so fucking love my cock inside you I’m going to give you some more of my cock” Oh yes please he then said lie back I’m going to tit fuck you he put his cock between my breasts and said “squeeze those tits of yours around my cock” he started to fuck my tits I had never done anything like this before it was nice to see a mans cock fucking in between your breasts

“OH SHIT THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD OH FUCK I’M GOING TO CUM OPEN YOUR MOUTH I WANT TO CUM IN YOUR MOUTH” as he cum over my breasts I managed to catch some of his cum in my mouth OH FUCK THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT TIT FUCK YOUR TITS ARE MADE TO FUCK THEY ARE SO FUCKING GOOD” at that I swallowed, he got up to put his cock away after wiping it on my thong which he put in his pocket,
As he started to walk away I asked him how did you get into my car without me knowing,

“ That was the easy part I saw you arrive in the car park you stupid women always walk away from your cars and used the remote to lock the car without checking if locked so I followed you around the mall and decide I was going to see if you did the same thing on the way back to your car and you did, so when you came back to your car I was already waiting at the side of the car where you couldn’t see me,
As you were exchanging words with the youths in the lift you did the same thing you opened the car before you walked towards it and I slipped inside the back before you got in,

Where are you going now I asked as he walked away ”I’m going to find myself another stupid hot woman to fuck”
What started off as thinking I was going to the cabin ended up with me getting f***ed to have sex with a complete stranger and it turned out to be the best fucking sex I’ve ever had?
I composed myself wiped the cum from my breasts as I stood up I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy as I was driving home I could still feel his cum oozing out of me onto the car seat
I will never forget how good this day has been the best I wanted to be f***ed to have sex with a stranger again it was so fucking scary but also so hot being scared into fucking a stranger I could still feel his cum oozing out me what a day,

When Tom got home he said “what have you been up too today “I was f***ed into having sex with a stranger three times” oh is that right you don’t have to fantasize anymore get up stairs and I’ll give you a real good fucking,

Oh yes please will you f***e yourself on me of course I will and will you tit fuck me “What you don’t do tit fucking“ I do now.

As for Brian and the cabin that’s going to have to wait.
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My brown beginning part 8

After I had finished cumming Grandma and mom snowballed my cumm between theyre mouths.Gawd donny you have the sweetest cream ever.I could use some of your cream too ladies.i said and smiled.I though you would never ask Mom said and sat squarely on my face.i licked and sucked her pussy for about 5 mins.she then climbed off and grandma took her place.I also ate her cunt cream and licked her still dirty asshole clean.After about 5 minutes grandma dismounted and we sat together me between the both of them.Were no spring chickens Donny we dont want to cumm again so soon it kinda drains us for awhile we need longer to recover than you do.Dont worry though your going to get plenty of pussy and ass youll probably tire of us and then look for some young chicky with a hard body and big titties.No Mom i dont think that will happen besides what young gal would let me be her toilet? and that is what i love the most.Oh you would be surprised what women might be capable of donny most of us are open minded.just need the right nudge sometimes. Yea but for now I like You and Mom best and I like older women better anyway.thats because you have never been with a young woman yet Mom said.Your tastes might change as time goes by.yea i suppose so maybe.But since were talking about things I was wondering something.Mom asked what Donny? were you wondering about.Well I never told ya this but one time when Mrs stevens was over here for coffee with you guys.I snuck over her house next door and found her clothes hamper and smelled her dirty undies.Donny! Mrs..Stevens is my best friend its a good thing you didnt get caught.Well shes about your age or older isnt she?..More like abot 10 years older Mom said why? That proves it I have a thing for older women and theyre potty habits. I understand the older women thing how do you explain the potty habits thing? Well Mom I really got off on smelling the pee and poop smell in her panties as well.I see but you know that was wrong dont be spying on Mrs.Stevens again if she caught you our friendship might be in trouble...Anyway do you think she would want to join us for some fun? Donny I dont know but we have to keep this a secret between just us three we could get into lots of trouble if people knew what we were up to.Why Mom i asked. Well its actually against the law to do sexual things with your relatives its called i****t.And the law forbids it thats why...I dont understand that Mom why is it aginst the law? because for one reason bl**d relatives shouldnt have c***dren together it can cause birth defects and mental issues as well,Thats the main reason I believe... Grandma also said she thinks thats the main reason.Oh I didnt know I said. Well too bad there is not a way to get Her involved.I will try to think of something Mom said.. what exactly is your interest in Mrs Stevens Donny? Be truthfull.Well I want to eat her poop sometime.Hmm maybe something can be worked out along those lines.Mom asked grandma Has Mrs Stevens ever went potty over her that you recall you know when she visits for coffee and lunch sometimes.Grams said I know she has but I dont know which probably just pee I would guess coffee goes right through ya.OK Ive got a idea.She is in our quilting circle lets have her over for a marathon quilting session early saturday Morn.I will fix us breakfast ,lunch and supper and we will quilt and chat all day.Shes so lonely anyway she wont mind spending all day with us.She is bound to have to potty sometime during the day. Of course said grams but she will flush the pot how can we save it for Donny?Let me think Mom said...Oh I know..we will set up the commode in the bedroom and tell her our toilet is broken and to use it instead.Well tell her Donny is in trouble and his punishment is emptying and keeping it clean not to worry about it. sounds kinda fishy but nothing ventured nothing gained.said grams.Now donny Mom and I want to 69 each other come over here and kiss me I need to suck some spit from my favorite son......Part 9 soon... Continue»
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My fit Mum part 1

How do I get my hot Mum to fuck m

I'm 31 years old and my dad is probably about 50 by now, we haven't been in

contact since he left us for some little Asian slut he met on a job in Singapore

twenty or so years ago.

Mum was clearly devastated but I stood by her and, despite my young age,

provided encouragement for her when she felt low, old and unwanted.

A very attractive woman at 49, mum has always had a petite, tight little figure, no

doubt due to being very active during her younger years. Swimming, running and

cycling to name a few activities which filled a glass cabinet with cups, badges and

shields, testament to her skills and determination. Nowadays she keeps fit by

regular aerobics classes, yoga and some weight training.

Occasionally catching her coming out of the bathroom naked, I can truly say that

she has a better body on her than many of my previous girlfriends half her age!

Her boobs which are not too big but have a great shape are showing no signs at

all of being overcome by gravity or age. Her pussy could be described as “Camel

toe”, probably because I was the only k** she had, and I was small at birth, so her

cute little cunt was never stretched all out of shape and now still looks like that of a

much younger girl.

After my dad left, it took almost 5 years before she started dating again, nothing

too serious, just a few male companions on and off over the next few years.

I'm sure that she would get down to some serious fucking with her partners when I

stayed over at my mates house some weekends. If I returned home a little earlier

than planned there would always be an embarrassing silence as if nobody really

knew what to say. When her partners left she would always ask if I was ok, I would

always reply, “I'm cool with whatever makes you happy” and give her a big hug.

One planned stay over was cancelled because my friend was sick and I ended up

sharing a night in with my mum and one of her partners. Mum cooked a great

meal which I shared with them at the table but I felt a little in the way when I saw

them making eyes at each other so I discreetly feigned tiredness and retired to

my room where I watched DVDs until I fell asl**p.

I was woken at 1 in the morning by my mum, a little tipsy, shooshing and telling her

guy to be quiet so as not to wake me up. The next few hours, as I suspected they

would be, were kind of weird.

Not long after I heard mums bedroom door close came the sounds of stifled

giggling and whispering, more shooshing, then my heart rate shot up as I heard

the familiar sounds of loud kisses followed by deep throaty moaning. Inevitably,

moments later came the rhythmic sounds of the bed creaking and small yelps

from my mum as her partner fucked her pussy. Soon enough came the deep

grunting as he neared his climax and my mums voice whispering loudly,

“Yes, fuck yes!

Embarrassed as I was, I couldn't help realising that not only was I straining to hear

more, but my cock was straining to get out of my pants. I stripped off my

underwear and wanked frantically as I heard my mum and her partner coming

together. I shot, what seemed a gallon of come in my bed and as things became

quiet I drifted off to sl**p.

I swore to myself when I woke up in the morning stuck to my own sheets, my bed

smelt strongly of stale spunk. I cleaned up most of it with my pants and hid them

under my bed, thinking that I would deal with them later when mum wasn't about.

The sheets didn't look too bad apart from a large damp patch which I assumed

would dry invisibly.

I must have slept well, I noticed it was already 10 o'clock, I could hear mum

downstairs working out to one of her fitness DVD's

I came out of my room and made for the bathroom, stopping to peer into my

mums bedroom. I stood in the open doorway and looked at her freshly made bed.

I found it quite erotic thinking about the major fuck session that was performed

right there on that very innocent looking bed.

Nursing a semi hard on I ducked into the bathroom just as mum was coming up

the stairs.

“Morning sl**py head” she called as she banged on the bathroom door.

“Morning mum” I replied through a mouthful of toothpaste.

She was already back downstairs when I came out from the bathroom.

Stepping into my bedroom to get dressed I was horrified to find that my mum had

been in my room and stripped my bed for the Sunday laundry, the weather was

hot and windy, I should have guessed that she would take advantage of that to do

the washing.

“FUCK!” I screamed to myself as I realised that she had discovered, and taken,

my spunk soaked pants.

After a while I decided to just play it cool and to pretend as if everything was

normal, so I got dressed and went downstairs.

As I walked into the kitchen mum was bending over loading my guilty pants and

sheets into the washing machine. Her arse looked fucking fantastic in her workout

lycra shorts, and when she stood up and turned around, her tight sweaty tee shirt

showed off her pert little tits and rock hard erect nipples. I must have seen them

hundreds of times like this, but this morning, she was almost turning me on!

Her fella had obviously gone early, and nothing was said about anything, which I

was happy about.

I was 22 then and apart from the weird feelings I got when I saw my mum either

naked or in her sweaty workout gear I carried on as normal, dating girls and going

out with my friends.

Like I said I'm 31 now and thanks to my mum I have toned my body with weight

training and a good healthy lifestyle. I like to admire my hard work in the mirror,

checking out my ripped muscles and perfectly honed abs. I know a couple of my

friends who happen to be gay would just love to get a hold of my bod. Yet, as I

stand naked in front of the mirror and think of my mums sensational naked body,

my hardening penis stands up and assures me that I'm 100% hetro.

The thing is, that recently, something happened which has got my head spinning.

It's been quite a while since my mum has had any obvious sexual encounters that I

am aware of. She has been concentrating on running her aerobics fitness classes

down at the local health centre for a while now. I know that she is still sexually

active because I often hear her quietly moaning in her bedroom at night and admit

to accidentally, on purpose discovering a dildo in her bedside drawer, I was

happy to easily compare with the 7 inch realistic cock, even happier to discover

that my cock was a lot thicker. A few of my girlfriends said that although they had

fucked a longer cock, all of them said that mine was the thickest cock they had


I was on my own in the house one evening recently as mum had gone to the

movies with a couple of her mates. I had finished a good workout on my multi-

gym, had a healthy snack and was looking forward to a hot shower. After my

shower I enjoyed rubbing my tired muscles with a body-shop cocoa butter cream,

not only does it feel good, but you smell all tropical, and the oily coating shows off

the muscles well. I was still hot from the shower so I layed naked on the top of the

duvet and read a book. Before too long I was asl**p.

I was having a great and sexy dream when I drifted back into conciousness and

slowly became aware that someone was stroking my chest. I turned my head and

slowly opened my eyes and saw my mum sitting on the bed next to me, her hand

wandered down and explored my six-pack. I new I wasn't dreaming, but wasn't

sure what the fuck to do.

My mum was still stroking my abs, but she was clearly staring right at my prick

and didn't seem to notice that I was awake and watching her. Out of the corner of

my eye, I could see her bathrobe lying on the floor in the open doorway, the light

from the landing was the only light coming into the room. I strained my eyes down

to her body trying not to move my head, I could see in the semi darkness that she

was in just her bra and panties, my mouth was rapidly drying, my heart was

pounding in my chest, what the fuck was I supposed to do now. Then she did it,

my mum ran her hand down to my crotch and wrapped her fingers around the girth

of my semi erect cock.

It was all too much, I let out a short groan. Gently mum turned and looked me

straight in the face. I went to say something, what, I'm not sure but she silenced

me with the fingers of her free hand across my lips. I didn't say a word as my mum

turned back and concentrated on my penis. I felt that I'd been given the all clear to

feel aroused and with a few expert strokes of my mums hand I was as hard as


Now using both of her hands on me, one cupping and massaging my balls, the

other expertly wanking my thick shaft. I kept my hands off her body even though I

was bursting to touch her flesh I just wasn't sure that I should, I felt that I needed to

be invited to do so. Neither of us said anything but we were both breathing heavy.

Then slowly, and ever so gently she stopped stroking me and stood up. I closed

my eyes and silently cursed the fact that she may have come to her senses, I

didn't want her to stop now.

I glanced over to her, then my eyes bulged open as I realised that she was

removing her bra. Mum just stared right into my eyes as she slipped out of her

lacy bra releasing her gorgeous tits with those hard nipples. Then my cock

twitched as she ran her thumbs into the top of her knicker elastic and began to

peel her panties down, over her perfect arse, down over her slim thighs to the

floor. I looked her in the eyes and then slowly moved my gaze down over her body

taking in every perfect line, finally resting my eyes on her pretty feet with her

panties still around her ankles, her form was stunning, I thought there and then

“Jesus, I could really fuck the arse off my mum right now!” and it didn't feel weird

thinking that.

Mum sat back on the bed next to me, I moved over to give her more room. She

leant over me and got the tub of body-shop crème. With a small amount of cream

on her hands mum started to once again stroke my shaft, it felt great with the

crème and I started to thrust my hips to match her wanking rhythm, she responded

by tightening her grip on my shaft and pulling harder, my glistening helmet

popping in and out of my foreskin as she tugged on my cock.

I couldn't help myself, I reached over and stroked her breast, pinching her nipple

gently between my fingers, mum gave a little moan of pleasure but then calmly

took my hand away and just whispered,

“No, not this time.”

What she was doing to me was just so fucking sexy I thought I would respect her

wishes not to touch her and just lie back and enjoy the experience.

When mum saw me relax back on to the bed she climbed on to the bed beside

me almost in a sideways 69 so that I could stare down between her open legs.

With one hand she began pumping my cock, her free hand went straight down

between her legs and I watched as she inserted a couple of fingers into her

beautiful little cunt. She didn't exactly give me a full blown blow job but

occasionally I saw and felt her lick my shaft and then teasingly suck the whole

head of my cock. It was fucking incredible, I was close to grabbing her head and

jamming my length down her throat.

I looked back at the hand between her legs, her fingers were sopping wet as she

massaged her clit, her nipples were rock hard and rubbed against my thigh, she

moaned as she wanked, licked, and sucked on my throbbing cock and she

stabbed at her pussy with her fingers. My breathing got louder as I felt my orgasm

start, I couldn't hold on any longer.

“Oh, fucking Jesus!” I gasped, raising my hips off the bed.

Mum knew that I was there and pulled firmly down the whole length of my cock.

“That's it baby, come for mummy” she whispered.

The surge was intense, no girlfriend had ever made me orgasm like this even

during full intercourse. I looked down and saw mum watching intensely as I

gushed come all over my abs, she carried on wanking me until I thought my very

soul had left my body. I'm not sure if she came or not as I was too caught up in the


For a while we just lay there completely spent and silent, I thought she might

snuggle into my bed with me and that we'd end up fucking but soon after mum got

up from the bed, picked up her underwear and put on her bathrobe. Then she

calmly walked over to a chair in my room, picked up a pair of my pants and used

then to wipe up the spunk on my belly, then with a cheeky little grin she said,

“I'll put these in the wash tomorrow”

With that, she left my room and went to her bedroom.

I felt almost paralysed with ecstasy, I could barely believe that what had happened

had actually happened. In no time I drifted off to sl**p.

In the morning, everything was as normal, mum was doing her aerobics, when she

finished we had breakfast, and all day I never brought up what happened and

neither did she.

It's been nearly two weeks now, still no mention, or further sexual encounters with

mum. I don't know whether to bring it up or to just forget about it. The only problem

is that I seriously would love to go the whole way and stick my cock up her little

cunt and fuck her good and proper. I'm sure that she wants it, I'm not sure how

best to approach her with that offer.

Maybe I will one day.

Watch this space.

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My Japanese Love Part 8

Introduction: I decided to continue this one. There are are few surprises in this chapter

My Japanese Love Part 8: One Month Later

It has been a month since Amya’s death. Things really have changed. I’m happy to be with Akira and the idea of possibly being a father makes me even more proud. So proud in fact that Akira and I have fucked like rabbits over the past month. Sometimes we made love nice and slowly, other times we fucked like the world was going to end in 5 minutes. Its summer vacation for the k**s right now, which means it, is one of my most busiest times of the year, next to Christmas that is. Everyone wants outdoor furniture this time of year and with Akira’s help and drawings I was able to make back what I lent to Yoshi and Hana to buy Amya’s freedom. All in all live is good.

“AJ you’re so busy I never got to see you” Alicia says.

“I know, I can never tell if I am coming or going. But it’s worth it in the long run. I have a nice nest egg started, cash for emergencies, and even some money towards Akira’s college tuition.” I tell her.

“Oh I know your always coming Akira says that’s call you do is cum and cum and cum. It’s no wonder she isn’t pregnant yet” she says as she starts laughing.

I join in laughing. “You’re just jealous that she’s getting all my cum and you’re not getting any”

“Choice those words carefully mister. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s my body’s special week, I would strip you naked right here, right now and fuck your brains out”

“Oh Alicia, do you have to do that right now? I still have a use for his brain as well as his cum.” Akira says as she walks into the shop. “Granted after I get what I want you can have him. He is all used up.”

“You know when I pictured being tag teamed by two very attractively hot young ladies this is not what I was picturing” I tell them.

“Oh you are so abused. My poor poor baby can’t take being had by us” Akira says.

“He must be getting old and dried out. Most men would jump at the chance to be in your shoes” Alicia says.

“Only think old and dried out Alicia my dear is that sweet pussy of yours. It’s been little over a month since you had me inside you” I tell her.

“Akira I think this boy is going to have to be tied down. When this week is over I’m going to ride you till you can’t walk anymore then I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

Akira starts giggling. “Only if I can watch, I would love to see him all helpless and letting a woman have her way with him.”

“That’s so unlike you Alicia. I thought you were submissive?” I ask her

“I can be both, maybe you just need to spice up your sex life some AJ. Don’t want it to get dull” she says.

“Oh trust me Alicia. Our sex life is anything but dull. Last night he fucked my tight hole so hard I’m surprised I can walk” says Akira.

“Damn it girl send him my way next time. With Lee working nights and my period this week I am so horny I could fuck half of New York City.”

“And the other half would kill the others just to get a piece of your ass” I tell her.

“Damn straight” says she’s with a huge smile on her face.

Shortly after Alicia heads home leaving Akira and I alone in the shop. I just finished putting the final touch of stain on an Adirondack chair when Akira came up behind me and stuffed her hand down my pants.

“You know love, I have always wanted to make love to you in this workshop” she says.

“Oh really why’s that?”

“Because this is your own little personal man cave. I find it so manly it makes me horny.”

“Oh really, well you do know that this is the new age and women can be builders too.”

“Oh I know, but no women turn me on more than you.” She tells me as she starts undoing her pants and pulling them down.

I felt my cock starting to get hard. Akira had her pants around her ankles, turned to face the work bench and stuck her ass out towards me. She looked over her shoulder. “Come here and see how wet my pussy is”

I walk over to her undoing my pants and pulling them down. I kiss her sweet lips as I slide a finger into her very tight pussy. She’s right it is very wet. As my finger slide into her she moans into my mouth. I break out kiss to line my cock up with her pussy. I slide just the tip of my cock past her lips and stop right there. Turnabout is very fair game in my book.

“Oh Baby, you know Salt-n-Pepper had the right idea when they said ‘I want you to push it’” She says.

“Yeah well Eminem said it best when he said ‘I just don’t give a Fuck’” When I said the word fuck I shoved into her pussy as hard as I could. My sudden hard shove catches Akira by surprise. She literally jumped in the air as she screamed with pleasure.

“Oh you bastard, you dirty horny bastard. Make it up to me and fuck this tight pussy of mine”

I place my hands on her hips and bend my knees a little. If only I wasn’t so tall or she wasn’t so short, but oh well. My dick was back in his home and is going to get milked for all its worth. I ram her pussy hard and fast. I can feel her orgasm hitting. Her eyes roll into the back of her head. My cock is suddenly feels like a python is wrapped around it.

“OH AJ I’M CUMMING SO HARD” She screams.

I slow down to let her come down of her orgasmic high. As her breathing returns to a somewhat normal pace I speed back up. I so need to cum in this wonderful pussy. She can sit there with my cum leaking out of her pussy as we eat dinner.

“That’s it baby fuck my pussy. I’m going to use my pussy and milk your cock. Is that what you want? You want me to milk my favorite trouser snake?” she asks.

“Oh God yes, please baby make me cum.”

“Oh, it feels so good. Give it to me. Give me all your baby cream.”

I reach around and grab her small breast and hold on. I can feel Akira trying to meet my thrust with her own, her vice like pussy keeping a tight grip on my throbbing cock. Within a few minute I feel the lava in my balls that is my cum start to rise.

“Oh my love I’m….. going…… to…….cum…. AAAHHHHH” I say as I erupt inside this sweet wonderful Japanese pussy. Rope after hot rope is pumped as deep as I can get. Akira screams with pleasure as another orgasm is triggered by mine. We stand there for a few moments as we come down off our pleasure high. The sweat is dripping off my face, and my shirt is soaked but it was worth it.

“Akira hunny let’s get cleaned up and go out to eat.” I tell her.

“Ok” say Akira.

I pulled my pants up and decided I should take a shower to wash off all this sweat. I took a quick shower and get ready to go. Akira was already too. I see she just changed her shirt. Her jeans are the same one as before. The thought of my cum leaking out of her pussy in a restaurant is turning me on, but that’s going to wait till tonight. I get into my truck, and drive to Outback Steakhouse. What can I say I was in the mood for a nice juicy steak. All through dinner I could see Akira being restless.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Well if you must know your cum has leaked out. My panties are soaked and sticky, but it’s worth it.”

I laugh as we finished our meal. Akira not being a person who eats a big meal passed on desert, but I couldn’t resist a piece of strawberry cheesecake. As I sit here eating it, I couldn’t help but wonder how good it would taste with Akira’s pussy. Damn these horny thoughts.

“Oh before I forget again, can we stop off at the store? I need to get a few personal things” Akira asks me.

“Sure no problem”

So after dinner I drive us over to Wal-Mart since it was on the way home. Akira has me wait out in the truck and I really didn’t mind. I seldom get embarrassed about shopping with a girl especially when it comes to personal hygiene products, but Akira on the other hand finds it embarrassing buying that stuff in front of her boyfriend. It’s not that I don’t know she buys these things, but to each is his or her own. I only had to wait about 15 minutes when she came back with a bag. I drove us home.

As I unlocked the door, I looked over at Alicia’s and saw Lee’s car still in the driveway. I look at my watch and see that it’s 8:30 pm. That seems strange I thought. He works nights and should be gone by now. He has been doing 12 hour shifts trying to save up to buy a nice camp on the lake. I guess all the work has put a strain on his body. Akira walks in and runs to the bathroom with her bag. No worries there. I sit down at the computer when I hear someone.


It’s Alicia. I yell to Akira that Alicia needs help and I run across the street. Alicia is lying in her doorway covered in bl**d. “Oh my God Alicia are you all right? What happened?”

“AJ help, Lee’s been...” I can see tears in her eyes. “Lee’s dead. Someone broke into the house while we were in bed cuddling. Lee was holding me down when out of nowhere this guy walked behind Lee and slit his throat with a knife. He then stabbed me a couple of times.”

“Stay here, I’ll 911” I ran inside, grabbed the phone and dialed 911. As soon as the operator came on I told her what happened, who I was and requested emergency services. As I hung up the phone something catches my eye. It was a picture near the phone. It was of Akira, Lee, Alicia and I out on the river. Akira’s face was blotted out with bl**d. Fear starts to grip my heart as I hear Akira scream. I run back home to see Akira against the wall and a man with a knife in front of her.

“I wonder” says the man. “If you’re as good a fuck as your dead s****r, Hiro was so kind to let me have a piece of her tail.”

No matter how hard I try to forget that voice, I will never be able to. The man in front of my love was Cory, the man who anally ****d Amya. I knew who it was that killed Lee. I rammed him into the wall as hard as I could. The knife fell from his hand and I quickly grabbed it before he could get up.

“You, you’re supposed to be in jail for the next 15 years.” I tell him.

The bald headed 6 foot linebacker stood up and laughs, “Supposed to yes, but I opted for an early release.”

“You mean escape”

“Yeah, I heard in prison how you started shacking up with Amya’s s****r and just had to come get me some. After all Amya was the sweetest ass I ever head, but that’s for later. You see the main reason I broke out was because of you. You’re the bastard who ruins people’s lives. You’re the bastard that had to press charges. You and your dead Japanese whore are the reasons she’s dead. Had you kept your fucking mouths shut then my nephew would not be rotting in some hell hole foster care. You killed his mother and his father. “

I have never killed anybody in my life, but these deaths are being blamed on me and Amya. Whose deaths could we have been……OH SHIT, I thought.

“Kari, Kari was your s****r” I ask.

“That’s right asshole.”

“But we never killed her. Hiro did”

“You put her in that position. Now die” With that Cory charged and slammed into me. I lost my balance and fell to the ground. The knife coming out of my hand and I wish it didn’t because Cory had his hands around my neck choking me. I try to fight him off but I couldn’t. I watch as Akira jumps on his back raking his face with her nails as she tries to tear his eyes out. He lets go of my throat and shakes Akira off. He turns to her and with a round house punch knocks her into the wall. I watch in horror as her head bounces off the wall. He walks up to her and starts slamming her head against the floor.

I have no idea what came over me. I saw my future before my eyes and I saw death. The loss of Amya, the death of Akira, the death of our future c***dren, and this monster standing over them laughing. Something inside of me broke; I could feel the rage swelling up. I rush to Akira’s aid, slamming into Cory with such f***e that we fly into the living room and land on the coffee table, it breaks under our weight. Cory punches me in the face and I back of. He tries to rush me but I side step, I grab one of the coffee table’s broken legs and charge him and he side steps as well. Only this time we back hands me as I pass. I run straight into the wall next to the window. The sheetrock breaks from the f***e. I lay on the floor stunned. As Cory gets closer I swing the leg with all my might. It connects with his left knee. My uncle once told me that 15 pounds of pressure on a human knee will drop someone. I have no idea what the pounds of pressure was when I hit him but he fell, his knee clearly broke.

I got up and grab him by the hair and quickly throw him face first into the window. I pull him back out of the busted window and f***e him to the ground. I stand next to him and grab his right arm. I place it so that from the elbow up is against my left shin, and from the elbow down is against the back of my right calf. I then jump up in the air and come down on my knees. The f***e and the weight is enough. I heard his elbow snap. Cory doesn’t scream, but that didn’t stop me. I grab his head and started grinding it against the broken glass on the floor, still no sound. I start kicking and stomping him and no sound.

I can feel Akira standing behind me, grabbing me and pulling me off of him. “It’s over AJ. Stop”

I stop and I look down at him. He isn’t moving. Akira walks over to him and checks for a pulse. She then looks at me and rolls him over. A thick piece of glass sticking out of his throat, I grab his head and start grinding it against the broken glass on the floor, still no sound. I start kicking and stomping him and no sound.

I can feel Akira standing behind me, grabbing me and pulling me off of him. “It’s over AJ. Stop”

I stop and I look down at him. He isn’t moving. Akira walks over to him and checks for a pulse. She then looks at me and rolls him over. A thick piece of glass sticking out of his throat, Cory the man, who helped **** Amya, killed Lee and would have killed me now lies dead on my floor. The police and rescue squad arrive. Both Akira and I were checked out, and we were fine, but to be safe they wanted use to go to the hospital. It didn’t bother me because we know Alicia was going and right now she would need someone. At the hospital we checked out fine and were discharged, we didn’t leave yet because we wanted to check on Alicia. She was going to have to stay a few days. She had 25 stitches and 10 staples from the stabbing.

We couldn’t go home that night. The police were there investigating what happened. No charges were being filed against me since it was self-defense. We check into a nearby hotel. As I sit in the bed Akira sits next to me and kisses me deeply and passionately.

“That is for coming to my rescue.” She says.

“Well then this is for coming to my rescue” I say as I kiss her deeply and passionately.

Her hand reaches down and grabs my crotch. I snake my tongue into her mouth. She opens her mouth slightly to let me in. We then start feeling each other up. I quickly jump off the bed and strip. Akira lies on the bed and strips as fast as she can. As soon as her pants hit the floor I dive between her legs and jam my cock into her pussy. Dried flakes of my cum still surround her pussy from early. I place her legs up on my shoulders and jackhammer her hard.

“OH yes my knight fuck your princess”

“Yes I love fucking my Japanese princess”

I pull out until only the tip is left and jam it in hard. I do it again and again. Akira’s moans fill the room. I let her legs down and she pushes me onto my back and climbs up. My cock is back into her wet pussy. I reach down and start rubbing her clit as she impales her pussy on my cock. I know her nipples are sensitive so I reach up and tease on of them then pinch it. Her pussy tightens around my cock as she moans something in Japanese. I pull her down and kiss her, I could feel her hips moving at a fast pace. Her pussy sliding up and down my cock felt so good. She sits up and grinds her hips. I sit up and suck on her nipple. The feel of it on my tongue is wonderful. I place my hands on her cute Japanese ass and f***e my cock in deep. I fuck her hard and deep the pressure in my balls building. With on hard thrust, my sperm canon fires off its first salvo then next. An entire barrage of cum is shot deep into my lover’s fuck tunnel.

Still hard I push her off me and on her hands and knees. I get behind her and shove my cock deep into her tight ass. She moans and screams with pleasure.

“Oh yes fuck my ass. We have been neglecting this hole fuck it good. It’s ok to fuck it now”

I speed up and fuck her ass as hard as I could. Akira reaches down into her pussy and pulls out some of my cum and licks it. “MMM it’s been awhile since I tasted our mixture.”

I fuck her ass like a mad man. The headboard of the bed slams against the wall. Hope we don’t have neighbors. Harder and harder I fuck this wonderful ass. In a few moments I can feel my canon is now reloaded and about to fire.

“Akira I’m going to cum” I warn her.

“Full my ass full of it baby, cum deep inside my ass.”

I brace myself as I fire off my second barrage of the night. I couldn’t help myself I moan with pleasure as each shot fills Akira’s ass with cum and releases the pressure in my balls. I then lay on the bed and Akira lies next to me, cuddled up.

“That was amazing lover” she says

“I know”

“I have something to tell you, with everything that’s happened I think we could use some good news.”

“What’s that Akira?”

“Well AJ my love, I took a test today and the hospital confirmed it for me. I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a dad”

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My girlfriends mother Part 6

My girlfriends mother Part 6

It seems like you are enjoying my adventures with my girlfriend’s f****y so I will give you one more then that’s the finish.

I have already told you how horny and raunchy my girlfriend Gillian can get especially when we are out and how I took Ruth to a club in Leeds and how Pam can get so possessive and how it has been bothering me.

Again it was Wednesday afternoon and I was sitting on the couch on the lounge with Ruth watching TV, she was sitting on my left with my left arm around her shoulders and her left leg d****d over the arm of the couch so her legs were wide open, her skirt was back and her soaking wet panties were on full view, Pam had made herself scarce and gone for a walk with the baby, Ruth had my cock out giving me a wank and a blow job, I had her blouse open because I wanted to distract her as I did not want to blow my stack just at that time and I knew that if I played with her nipples it would distract her from making me cum so I had slipped her bra strap off her shoulder and had my hand inside her bra around her breast cradling it and giving it an occasional rub with my thumb to distract her because I know that she has very sensitive nipples and cannot concentrate.

This had been going on for some time when she leaned her head back and said “fuck me” and pulled my hand out of her bra and pushed it down to her pubic cushion that was wet within her panties, I slid my hand down her knickers and got two fingers into her cunt and started to finger fuck her, she bent down and got her mouth on my cock and started to blow me again with a fairly rigorous action, she pulled up off me as she came with a shaking tremor and leaned back her head again and said” is that the fucking best you can do you bastard, fuck me!!” I pulled away from her and stood up dropping my pants and my boxers while taking off my shirt “oooooooo” she said “ I take it you really mean it this time” she cooed then I dropped to my knees and pulled her legs round then pulled off her knickers, I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and she locked her legs behind my head then I went down on her eating her cunt, slit and clit, she gave out a scream as she came into my mouth with a flood of juice, she dropped her legs onto my arms as I got hold of her buttocks and pulled her to the front edge of the couch and shoved my cock into her, she still had her legs over my arms as I gripped her buttocks so her whole genitalia was being severely stretched from each side, this enabled me to really shaft her with my balls banging against her arse, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself forward putting her face very close to my ear “ that’s better lover, really hammer that cock into me, make me have it, fuck this cunt like you really mean it, come on bang me” she whispered and with this she threw her head back and let out such a scream as she came with such a thunderous orgasm that it took me by surprise, I started to cum as she fell back against the couch , wrenching open her blouse then jerking her bra up so that her enormous tits plopped out as the bra rolled up over them, she grabbed her tits stretching the nipples as I firstly felt the surge of juice from her cunt and then the flow of my cum into her “oh yes, yes! ”she screamed “pour it into me straight up my cunt, drown me in it” she yelled as my cock jerked and pumped my seminal fluid between her legs, she groaned as she felt the warm flow inside her then started thrashing and thrusting her hips up and down on my cock, levering herself by her legs on my arms, she subsided and relaxed so I let her legs drop to the floor “ you see what you can do when you put your mind to it” she japed “ but seriously do you have something on your mind, is something bothering you because that was fantastic but you took a bit of persuading???
”the situation with Pam is bothering me a bit” I said “she is getting really heavy about Gillian and I, she is obsessed that I treat Gillian differently but Gillian is my girlfriend and Pam should respect that” I explained, Ruth thought for a moment, “you know the club that you took me to in Leeds?? Well why don’t you take both the girls there then you can let Pam see how you are with Gillian and maybe introduce Pam into the game” “good idea” I said,” I will arrange something” “ well seeing as I have been a good girl, you can fuck me again” said Ruth as she turned over, knelt on the floor with her arms on the couch and reaching back to pull up her skirt to show me her voluptuous buttocks then waggle them at me, I dropped to my knees with my cock fully recovered and waiting to go then mounted her from behind, she drew a sharp intake of breath as I pushed into her and proceeded to give her a long hard fuck, I heard the door go and saw Pam pass in the corridor on her way to the bedroom to put the baby in the cot then she walked into the lounge, she kicked off her shoes, lifted her skirt and dropped her knickers stepping out of them then she knelt down beside Ruth and said “me next” and both girls giggled together so I fucked them both, juicing Pam’s cunt with my fingers while I fucked Ruth then switched to Pam.

Gillian was not exactly overjoyed at the thoughts of going out with Pam because she felt it would cramp her style to get fucked afterwards but I managed to persuade her and she agreed, although there was quite a few years difference in ages between the two they are quite good friends.

The day came for the trip to Leeds and Pam was very excited firstly because she was going out with me and secondly because we were going for a meal and a club.

I picked them up and they both looked gorgeous, Gillian was wearing a little black dress with her skirt just above the knees, I knew she was wearing lace topped self-supporting stockings because she liked to make it easy for me when we fucked, no bra and white silky knickers completed the outfit, although the dress had a stitch at the top, there was a fairly wide open space down to the top of her breasts where the tops of them were clearly visible, Pam had gone for a lined crocheted dress that fitted her very snugly, and because of the snug fitting she too had elected for no bra as the dress was prising her breasts almost out of the low cut top, they both looked very good and my cock gave a very approving lurch at the sight of the pair of them, we went to the same restaurant and again the girls got lots of attention from the waiters who were once again trying to look down cleavages and with Pam they were well rewarded as her dress top was only fractionally above her nipples and from time to time they would peep out when she moved, she knew she was hogging the attention and she loved it.

The girls had been downing quite a bit of wine which in Gillian’s case was always dangerous because she got very horny with no boundaries, we went to the club and I showed my card to the same doorman who was just about to say he remembered me when I put my fingers to my lips and silenced him, we found a booth and a waitress offered us a drink on the house, the music was good and I danced with both girls, Gillian danced with a couple of other guys and Pam danced with quite a few, she had been dancing for a while when Gillian who had been watching touched my hand and looked at Pam on the dance floor with a guy, they were dancing close and with an arm around each other facing slightly away from the bouncer so that he could not see what they were doing, Pam had the guy’s cock out and she was slowly wanking him while he had the front of her dress up and his hand down her knickers, I could see his fingers fumbling about in her panties, this was in the middle of the dance floor and I could tell that Gillian was getting fairly turned on watching the mutual masturbation, Gillian started to shuffle and leaned over to me and said “sweet heart I’m really, really horny, can we go outside for a shag” she whispered in my ear, I had told Pam earlier about the fire escape where she could watch Gillian and me if she felt inclined and wanted to see how we were together, I took Gillian outside into the famous alley and across to the car where she immediately grabbed me and started to hump my thigh with her hip, she was kissing me hard and pressing in, I noticed the curtain on the fire escape move and cast a light as Pam passed through it, I started to grope Gillian’s tits she was getting hornier by the second, I was keeping an eye on the escape platform and saw the curtain move again as the short black guy came out and started talking to Pam, Gillian was feeling for my cock then undoing my zip, Pam was close to the black guy and was kissing him whilst holding the edges of his jacket, she was tonguing him and I could almost feel her silky tongue squirming around in this mouth, Gillian was doing the same to me as she pulled out my cock then went down, she took my cock into her mouth and started guzzling, Pam was holding the black guy round his neck as he was feeling her tits, she clamped her mouth back on his in consent for him to proceed, Gillian was working hard on my cock that was rock hard then she stood up and dropped her knickers stepping out of them as a gust of wind blew up her skirt and revealed her glistening wet pussy, I put two fingers into her to get her juiced up, Pam had the black guys short thick cock in her hand jerking it, her tits were out of top of her dress and he was sucking her nipples, she had her hand at the back of his head pulling him into her breast, Gillian was now frantic, she lifted one leg and put her foot on the bumper bar of the car whilst at the same time leaning back and taking my cock inserted it into her cunt, she started to thrust her hips into me fucking my cock and starting to come, pam was still wanking the guy as he guzzled her nipples, I saw her starting to shake and knew instinctively that she was coming, Gillian came with a cry and a moan thrashing her hips at me fucking my cock hard, I noticed that Pam had left the escape platform, Gillian pulled my cock out of her cunt then turned around and put her arms down on the car presenting her arse to me, I shoved my cock into her and started shafting her as she spread her legs, I saw the light of the door open and pam walked through heading in my direction, Gillian saw her too and said “don’t stop, don’t fucking stop”, I kept up my rhythm as Pam walked to the side of the car, bent down and removed her knickers, the black guy came through the door as Gillian said to Pam “ have you been fucked yet?” “no” said Pam “but I expect to get fucked any minute now” as she lifted her dress to show her bare arse to the black guy, spread her legs and took up position on the bonnet of the car, the black guy walked up behind her opening his zip and getting out his very thick cock, I heard Gillian gasp “ fucking hell, that is one thick cock” the guy put on his condom then placing his hand on the back of pam pushing her down so that her tits spread out of her dress onto the bonnet of the car spreading out as they were flattened, he lined up his cock as he shoved it into Pam, her head came up as she gagged at the shock, he started banging into her, Gillian was moaning from my assault on her cunt “ Gillian was also watching Pam get fucked and was at the point when she was past caring, “ I want some of that when you’ve done with it” she said to Pam “ only if I can have some of that” she moaned back, Gillian hesitated then said “ fuck yes” pam came in a shaking choking screaming rush, Gillian had already come three times and was ready for the exchange, I pulled out of her and the black guy pulled out of Pam, the two girls came to each other and kissed then crossed over, Pam bent over in front of me whilst Gillian bent over and lifted her dress in front of the black guy, he still had the condom on and was still rock hard, I shoved my cock into Pam as she gasped with her tits flat down again and Gillian took the black guy with a squeal, he was really ramming it home to her as I laid into Pam, “ how does it feel” Gillian said to Pam, “fantastic” said Pam “ you should share it more often” said pam, “feel free to help yourself any time” said Gillian” and I smiled to myself, Pams legs started to shake as she came with a rush, I pulled out of her as she turned and took the position on the bonnet taking my cock and aiming it at her cunt, I pushed forward and into her as she wrapped her arms around me and stuck her mouth on mine, sliding her tongue into me and squirming it, I groped her tits Gillian came with a gagging sound then stood up and turned around sitting on the car with her legs wide open as the black guy got stuck into her again, he was trying to feel her tits, “ can’t you get to my fucking tits” Gillian said then reached up and ripped her dress open as her tits came pouring out and into his hands as he groped her and she moaned from the assault on her tits and the assault on her cunt, pam came at the sight of Gillian’s tits coming into view in such a dramatic fashion, and so did the black guy as his knees gave way, Gillian tried to cling onto him as he collapsed on the floor but he was too heavy, “fucking useless bastard” said Gillian, she obviously was not finished with him, she came round the car watching me fuck Pam, she stood rubbing her clit with one hand while squeezing her tits with the other, she was still very turned on,
“can I have my cock back now” she said to Pam, “ shortly” said Pam, Gillian climbed on the bonnet and moved over and planted her mouth on Pam’s, I saw her stick her tongue into her mouth as the two women tongued each other, Pam came with a muffled screaming rush pouring her juice out of her cunt and down my cock, I pulled out of Pam and grabbed Gillian off the car then turned her face down on the bonnet and fucked her arse, she loved having it fucked but always cried with pain at the start, Pam came off the car and stood beside me as I banged into Gillian, she took my hand and put it on her tits for me to squeeze and grope, Gillian started to scream “ come on you fucking bastard fuck your woman’s arse, drive your cock into me and make me fucking scream” so I did and she did, coming with a mind blowing orgasm that had her shaking and trembling as her knees gave way, I pulled out of her and she sank down turning to sit on the bumper of the car, she looked at my jutting cock and said
“finish him off will you Pam, I am totally fucked” a wry smile came to Pam’s face as she sank down and took my cock in her hand and blew me off, I sent my cum to the back of her throat and she swallowed it while Gillian watched, both girls smiled and hugged each other, I took off my jacket and wrapped it around Gillian as we made our way back to the car, as we drove back and we were getting near home, Gillian said
”go down the lane, Pam and I are going to fuck you, you smug bastard till you cry for mercy” I looked in the mirror to see pam smiling at me in the back of the car as I pulled into the clearing and fucked every orifice till we were all satiated with the women stripping each other and sharing each other’s bodies throughout.

I gave Ruth her reward in the usual way when I next saw her for her splendid idea, she seemed very grateful.

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My First Time Part I

A little back ground information to start things off. I was 25 and in college at the time and had been curious about being with a guy for quite sometime. At that point I had only been with females (a decent number) but was going through a dry spell. It had been close to a year since I had last had sex, but had fooled around a little bit in between. During that time I was getting to be quite horny all the time and would be frequently masturbating, mostly to straight porn, but when I could bored of that I would masturbate to gay porn (mostly mmf threesomes).

My curiosity had been getting the better of me so I joined up to an online site and posted an ad seeking my first time. I got lots of replys, I chatted a few times, but nothing really came of it. Then towards the end of my dry spell I got more serious and confident (also more horny) and started chatting with a 22 year old from my city. He was gay and really nice and understanding. He knew just how far to push me in chat to not scare me away and perk my interest. We'd talk about what I wanted to do, what he'd do to me, things he had did in the past.

After a week and chatting/texting/flirting he convinced me to meet him one night I was really horny. We met at a bar for a drink near his house, I am very straight acting in public so nothing was too flirty, I just got to know him in person a bit to calm my nerves. After the drink he invited me over to his place, it was convenient he lived on his own because I had a roommate who was always home and I wanted to keep things discrete.

We got to his house, I sat down on his couch he turned on the TV and sat really close to me, and we watched for a bit. After a while he suggested we watch some porn I was up for that and on his lap top we watched a skateboader 3 some (his choice). I was really enjoying it, but didn't let on, while I could tell he was too by the bulge in his pants. I was never going to make the first move so he did by first putting his hand on my lap and rubbing it up and down my thigh. That really got me excited and I knew at that moment I wasn't going to back out and this was going to be my first time. I gained the courage and returned the favour by placing my hand on his crotch. I then went further and undid his jeans and reached inside his underwear and grabbed his shaft (that was my first time ever touching a cock). He was really enjoying the attention so I moved between his legs and slide his pants and underwear off getting my first close up of another mans hard cock. He wasn't very big 5.5 inches at the most but it was a good looking cut cock. I was so hard at this point that I dove right in and licked the shaft of his cock from his balls right to the tip. I could tell he liked that by the way his cocked twitched, then I continued to tease him I kissed around his cock, his stomach his thighs even took his balls in my mouth. He was now begging me to take him in his mouth so I did and took his cock all the way to the balls. I really got into it, with my head bobbing up and down on his hard cock. What seemed like no time at all because I was really into it and enjoying myself I could feel his balls tighten and the head of his cock swell.

It caught me off guard because I had never given a BJ before when he ejaculated into my mouth. I was focusing on the tip of his cock at that point when the cum filled my mouth. It almost made my gag, not because I didn't enjoy the taste, but because I didn't expect so much of his delicious cum. He told me to show him his cum so I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out so he could see his cum I then swallowed my first ever load and licked any remaining cum off his cock.

He told me that was one of the best blow jobs he had ever had and I was a natural. That made me smile and gave me a huge confidence boost. I stood up in front of his and he started to undo my jeans.

See part II to hear about what happened next!

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Kenny shares my wife again....part 2

The following weekend Kenny stopped by to see if he would be able to spend the night. He and his girlfriend had a fight. Peggy kissed him and said I would love that. He came in and Peggy asked me to go get some refreshments. I left them alone and went to buy beer, wine, and munchies. I returned and they had left all their clothes in the f****y room. I could hear the spa running in the next room and looked in to see Peggy sitting on the edge of the spa with Kenny between her legs buried balls deep in her. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his body with her heels dug into his ass. She was trying to pull him in deeper. She must have started cumming a few minutes ago because she was enjoying what appeared to be one of many orgasms as I watched. ken was enjoying himself and he glanced at me and grinned real big and started laughing. then he said I still can't figure out why you allow this. I told him its hard to describe the feeling I get when she is being pleasured. Peggy continued to cum and Ken was on the edge. I was stroking my cock and watching, enjoying it as he began to drive deeper into her and then he stopped and held his cock all the way in and began groaning and he hunched back and drove deep again and then you could see his ass cheeks squeezing tight as he unloaded his nuts into her. She screamed out loud and said oh my God . ken you are so good. I loved hearing her say that and I shot all over the floor at the edge of the spa. Ken sunk down to the spa seat and grinned at me as Peggy looked up and said I love you. I laughed and said which one? She said both of you guys and then she laid down on the edge of the spa. I got in and ate her freshly fucked cum soaked pussy. she was oozing cum so freely. I lapped it up as quickly as I could. ken was looking through half closed eyes and smiling at me and said you're crazy. Peggy pulled my head deep into her pussy and I continued to eat her and brought her off 2 more times. She laid quietly and then she was asl**p. ken sat across from me and I couldn't help staring at his gargantuan cock. he saw me staring and said I know, it's big isn't it. I said hell yes. I never saw one so big. he said go ahead and feel it. it'll get much bigger. I lifted his semi hard cock in my hand and part of it was sticking out of the water. I was mesmerized by it and soon found myself very close to his cock. he said real softly...."Go ahead and suck it, you know you want to. I looked at him and he said go on. I licked the head and then he said come on, damn you know you want to suck on it. I finally went down on him and got just the head in. I had to stretch my lips more and more. I finally got about 3 inches in and thought I am gonna choke. then Peggy woke up and she started rubbing her clit when she saw me sucking his big cock. I was like a bitch in heat as i sucked and Peggy started coaxing me on. Do it suck it all. I kept trying but never did get it all in. I was so turned on I came without touching myself. when Ken realized I came he said OK move over and then he got between Peggy's legs again and he slammed his big old salami into her and drove it deep and hard and fast and she was cumming real loud. she kept saying oh damn you Kenny you are so good, I love it. fuck me harder. I watched real close as his nuts began to rise up and get tighter. then he said oh shit I'm cumming. his cock was re-flexing and his stomach was tightening as he drove his cock balls deep in and held them there. he came into her and as he finished he relaxed and sat down on the edge of the sap and said clean me first and then do her. I leaned forward without saying anything and sucked his cock into my mouth again and after i was done cleaning his cock I licked the outside along his entire length and his balls too. Peggy said OK, come over and do me now. I slid over and ate her and sucked all the cum from her pussy as she relaxed and then when I was done we all went into the f****y room to relax and fell asl**p.... Continue»
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