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My teacher fantasy.

... note this is not real. Just a Teacher-student fantasy. This is part one. Part two ... defined legs was the reason why this teacher was on my ''To do'' list. Looking over ... thoughts of my teacher still fresh in my head kept me hard. Trying to fix my pants so ... ... Continue»
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My teacher

*Please note this is not real. Just a Teacher-student fantasy. This is part one. Part two will come at a later stage. Tell me if you liked or disliked the story and why please. And of course, Enjoy.*

Sitting in class during another after school detention for not having my homework done. ''What a load of bullshit'', I muttered to myself, while finishing for the eighty-first time the sentence 'I must do my homework every night or else I will not be ready or able for my future exams'. This was the fourth time this week, and the hottest day that year. ''But some things are good at the moment'' I said while glancing up at the teacher who put me on detention.

Ms Cole was mid-20's, about 5'10 and a gorgeous curvy body. Big saggy tits, a plumb but firm ass and long, very muscular and defined legs was the reason why this teacher was on my ''To do'' list. Looking over at me, her braless tits very noticeable in her skimpy vest. Straight, brown hair lightly polishing her tanned shoulders was tied back with a bobbin, the raising of her arms caused both tits to rise slightly. ''How many are you done?'' she asked, white teeth visible as words fell from her lips. ''Done now'' I replied, just finishing the last word in the sentence. ''Bring it up to me then'' she said while writing something on a small, pink notepad.

Standing up the heat got to my head suddenly, causing me to feel a bit ill. I took off my school blazer and shirt, and laid it down lightly on the graffiti-painted desk. ''Taylor L's Greg'' followed by a large love heart. Wonder how shit her detention for that was, I briefly thought before picking up the page I had been working on for twenty minutes and started walking to the teachers desk at the front of the class. I passed the blackboard. ''Homework page 321, Questions 3-10''. Quick mental note taken of the homework, I stopped in front of Ms Cole's desk.

She had finished writing and was now stood up and slightly bent forward, rummaging through her black laptop case which she used to bring whatever equipment she needed for school. But there was something in front of me that caught my eye more than books and pens.
Her large, tanned, saggy tits were hanging down against her tight vest, giving me a full down-shirt shot of her breasts. The heat from the day was showing on them, a light amount of sweat caused a faint shine on the light brown breasts. My cock grew hard slowly at my command, worried a noticeable erection would make me have to turn away quickly and end these amazing moments. She stood up for a second, rubbing her high forehead with her hand. Her tits inches from me were so defined in the moist vest I didn't need to make a mental image. My cock was the hardest and biggest it had ever been, pressed against my trousers and sticking out in a very noticeable, very embarrassing and very teasing way. Teasing for me. Ms was already bending over again, but this time I was getting something from it. Sticking my right hand through the hole in my pocket, I thanked God I never got it stitched up.
Putting my hands in my underwear and forming a gentle grip of myself, I started stroking my cock softly to the image of my beautiful Goddess of a teacher, her tits hanging so sexily. A small groan past my lips and I picked up speed only slightly. How she did not notice, I didn't know nor care. I was wanking inches from her, my balls aching to blow a stream of hot cum on her hair. The thoughts of it running down her high forehead, wetting her entire face before dropping onto her tits made me nearly burst. But before I could she turned around quickly to get something behind her, an action that if not done would have gotten me caught. I turned and took my hand away from my cock. It was still painfully hard as she spoke.

''Okay, let me see your work''. I handed her the sheet and she looked through it quickly. ''You can go now'' She said. ‘’Thanks miss,’’ I replied before leaving the classroom quickly.

I began walking home, the thoughts of my teacher still fresh in my head kept me hard. Trying to fix my pants so it was not as noticeable, I realised I had left my school blazer and shirt behind in the class. Hopefully she is not in the class anymore, I thought glancing down at the large stick-shape protruding from between my legs. I stopped outside Ms Cole’s door, and took a quick look inside to make sure the coast was clear.

‘’Oh my God’’ I said as my mind came to a realisation of what was happening. Sitting at my desk and wearing my school blazer, Ms Cole had her smooth, flawless legs spread wide and resting on the two neighbouring desks. The years of sports playing evident from the firmness of the muscles on her brown legs, which were slightly tensed and clearly defined. Her toes curled then spread out again. I opened the door slightly to get a better view, I then proceeded to take my pants off and pull my penis out. I begin stroking softly.

Ms Cole was rubbing her pussy and moaning gently, her pink thong, jeans, vest, and shoes resting in the chair next to her. Her big breasts had fallen out of the blazer by now and were peacefully lying there against her stomach, which was too also muscular and was home to a distinct six pack. Her breasts were the only part of her which was not restrained.

Drooping down from her chest towards her feet, they reached her belly button. But unlike some saggy tits which are flat, they were very shapely and round. With two of her fingers deep in her pink pussy, she started to rub her brown nipples which were the largest I had ever seen, I guessed an inch long.

She started to groan, then scream with pleasure. I wanked harder, imagining my tongue licking the seemingly swollen lips and the sweet pussy between them. Suddenly I cummed the largest and most powerful cumshot I had ever had. The stream of cum painted the door white and several small streams began making their quick journey to the bottom, all the while I was oblivious to the world around me but instead enjoying the last feel of my orgasm.

Coming to my senses, I felt someone looking at me. I glanced up to see Ms Cole, fully nude, looking at me smiling. ‘’Want to watch me naked, you little fuck?’’ She asked with a disarming stare. ‘’Then I am going to fuck you up. You see that mess you made there? The cum you shot all over my class, you can clean that up with your tongue’’. I replied, in a defeated voice ‘’Yes Miss’’.

‘’Wait’’ She said. ‘’Yes?’’ I asked, hoping she had changed her mind and would just let me go. ‘’Strip, now.’’

... Continue»
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Tribute to my teacher

This is a tribute to the Lady who accepted the challenge from my wife and I to help teach us both and allow us to experience some sides of the kinky lifestyle. After spending time with us in conversation she accepted the challenge but warned us things are not always what they seem. She said, as our teacher, she may show us things or make us do things we may not like. She explained the benefits of keeping an open mind. She went onto explain that as our teacher she would not be a Lady. She would instead quite often be cruel and sadistic. There would be times she added that we might feel we hate her guts. Nothing personal she said. When she plays she said she lives to see her play toys cry and scream. She gets off on not only inflicting pain but sitting back and watching others inflict pain upon her play toys. My wife and I discussed it and told our future teacher to let her hair down. Neither of us wanted her to hold back. We wanted the full effect. Don’t hold back we said. We are mature enough and secure enough in our relationship that we accept what will happen. Whatever that may be.

In the last 30 days my wife and I have experienced aspects of both the Dominant and the submissive side. My wife spent about 80 % of her time as a dominant and I spent abut 99% of the time as a submissive.
Our teacher pushed buttons and tested our limits. Not only did she do this personally but she arranged for others to join in our lessons.

Ur 30 day contract is almost over. There will be a graduation ceremony taking place very soon. For me to graduate, I must survive a gauntlet. The rules I have been told will include the upcoming Super Bowl game.
At the graduation ceremony my wife, our teacher, the store clerk who still holds the key to the chastity cage locked on my manhood. Along with at least 7 other guests at the teachers choosing. Right now there will be ten guests total. Maybe upwards of 20 I have been told. No idea if they will be men, women or a combination of both.

The way the super Bowl comes into play I was told is that the final score of both teams will be added up. Say the games ends in a low score of 7 to 6. The total would then be 13. But if it is a high scoring game, such as 28 to 24. Than the total would be 52.

For the gauntlet, I will be stripped naked. My arms and legs will be stretched out in an “X” fashion and chains will secure my limbs. A metal spreading gag will be placed in my mouth. I had one in my mouth recently. My mouth is stretched in such a way that I can breath freely but not allowed to speak what so ever. Than a hood will be placed over my head and secured. I also had this hood on for size. No one can see my face and there is an option to snap a blindfold over my eyes if they desire.

In the room will be a table or tables with instruments of pain and torture piled upon the table or tables.

The number of the football score total will be announced and each guest gets choose one or more of the instruments and strike them upon my naked flesh, as many times as the final score was. So let’s say 20 guests. The final score was 50. That would mean I have to endure over 1000 strikes with a multitude of pain giving and torture devices.

To choose who gets to go first, a bingo ball cage will be used. Each guest will have a number ball in the cage. The age will spin and the first ball to drop, that will be who gets first crack at me. The guests will have balls at the ceremony. I still have no balls I am told.

Then if I survive that ordeal, the guests will be asked who wants to have their way with me. One hour alone, in a private room. Anything goes they will be told. Like in Vegas, what happens in that room, stays in that room. The offer will go out to men, women. Anyone there. I must agree to not only submit but agree to 60 minutes of no holds barred. Anything goes with whomever the bingo balls decide. Limits will be agreed upon prior but in reality it will be anything goes.

Than after the 60 minutes, we will both emerge from the room and I will take my place, in the center of the room and kneel before all the guests. While I kneel there a vote will take place to decide if I graduated or not. Then I hear, something I’m not happy about will take place. A new chastity cage will be brought into the room and handed to my wife as a graduation present. She will also be given the key. Then, as I kneeling before these guests, they will discuss out loud, should I be locked back into chastity. My fate rests in the hands of these guests. My wife will have final veto on the vote one way or another. If they decide I am to be chaste again. My wife will come forward and hand me the cage. I will then slip into the chastity in full view of the guests. As I stand there, showing off the new toy, my wife will hand me the lock with the orders to secure the cage.

Then if I’m once again locked in chastity, my wife will have a decision to make. She will have three options. One option is she will place the chain around her neck and the key will take it’s home between her breasts.

The second option is she will choose someone else to hold the key and she will place the chain around that persons neck.

The third option is she will let the balls decide. Anyone who might want to carry the key will place their numbered ball in the bingo cage. The cage will be spun and which ever numbered ball comes out first. I will offer the key personally to that person.

The first two parts of the gauntlet I can live with. I’ll take the beating. At the same time hoping for a low scoring football game. I’ll accept the 60 minutes with whomever alone and behind closed doors. But the third, if given a choice, I would say no. My wife and I discussed this and she says she is willing to go along with it. I told her I’m not happy but if she is happy, I’ll agree to all three.

So the first two are set. I know I’ll be chained and quite possibly tortured by many individuals. Then comes 60 minutes, alone with someone, behind closed doors, for who knows what. The other guests will be just outside the room and can hear what goes on. So I’m not afraid of that. Just concerned about the unknown and with someone unknown.

The third part I place my future in the hands of these guests. Will I have balls when I leave the party or will I once again suffer the hell and torment of living a chaste lifestyle. And if I am once again chaste. Who will hold the key and how long will I remain in chastity this time.

My wife and I have both signed a contract agreeing to all three. Whatever happens, happens. My teacher has warned me she may well likely go beyond the score of the football game. So matter what the score she says she plans to hurt me. She reminded my wife and I that we both asked her to let her hair down. Don’t hold back we told her. So in front of everyone their, she says nothing personal but she will see to it my flesh has marks to remind us days later of the ordeal. I looked at my wife. My wife looked at the teacher. My wife said do it. The teacher looked at me and said I promise you pain. I know you can handle it. So get ready I’ll be the Bitch that tears you down. don’t worry. You’ll thank me for it later.

So this is in tribute to my teacher. She’s done so much in such a short amount of time. I could not pay her enough for all she has done. I can only call her Mistress. Let them chain me up in restraints and let the chips fall where they may. My wife has stood beside me during these past 30 days and I’m sure she will continue to stand beside me. Even if I am kneeling naked before her.... Continue»
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School Trip: My teacher's s****r

Last year I slept over my at my teacher's apartment. That's when I first met Ashley, her s****r. She was the same age as me, studying Tourism. I liked her, but I didn't make a move on her considering she's my teacher's s****r. I didn't even add her on Facebook just to be safe.

A month passed and she sent me a friend request, I accepted since it'd be awkward not to. The next day she sent me a message on Facebook. I replied in a way that didn't show interest in her but also didn't give a sign of hostility. I kept myself in control. I logged off and then I got a message in my phone from an unknown number, it was her. She got my number from my teacher.

We text, at about 3 months passed, we kept in touch, I had to sl**p over at my teacher's again (I sl**p over at my teacher's place coz her apartment is closer to the bus terminal where we usually meet up for school trips). About six of my classmates were there too.

I couldn't sl**p and two of my classmates were making out under the blanket. So I got up, text her "R U UP?". She replied yes. I asked her if she would like to talk in the balcony. She replied, it's too cold, and I have to study, come in my room instead.

So I went to her room. Her bed was a queen sized spring bed. She sat on an end of her bed with her back against the wall. Papers s**ttered all over, probably reviewers.

I sat next to her really casually even though it was the first time we talked in person in four months.

"I'm tired! I hate Statistics!" she said.
"Well, it's quite easy." I told her.
"You must really your teacher huh? You listened to her all through the lesson?" She asked.
"Actually I'm usually asl**p when in class and my classmates just wake me up to copy my answers when she brings out a quiz." I told her.
"Wow! You must be really smart!" She said.
"No, back in high school I was in a special class where there collect all the k**s with high grades from elementary, they taught us Advance Statistics. I failed but I guess I still remember most of it."
"You don't look like the kind of guy who was a nerd in high school." She told me.
"I wasn't. I was weird but had a lot of friends and skipped out on a lot of classes." I told her.
"a lot of friends and a lot of girlfriends?" She asked.
"A few." I smiled.
"And did the learn anything in high school?" She asked.
"I've taught them a lot of things that their new boyfriends might appreciate." I gave her a grin. A hell of a lot of dirty things popped up in my head.
"What kind of things?" She asked nervously, avoiding eye contact.

I held her chin with two fingers and kissed her. Out lips pressed on each other and clashed in the silence of the night.

I turned my head left and right as my feather like kisses fell on her. My tongue then slid into her lips and explored every corner of her mouth. Like a wild serpent it danced in her mouth, causing her tongue to reply to my every move.

My hand held her head as the other was placed on her waist. I shifted and pushed my head to her neck. Kissing her neck, she moans. I then move my hands from her waist to her back. I felt her warmth through her clothes. My other hand withdrew from her head and cupped fer breast. Fondling her, squeezing her, making her moan.

I stopped kissing her and slowly unbutton her shirt. I took her shirt off and took in the scent of her sweat. I then undid her bra and let her fine tits fall free.
Then I pushed her on her bed, laying her on layers of papers she was reading just moments ago.
I pushed myself down and pulled down her shorts. Exposing her panties. "Damn it. You smell so good Ashley." I told her and she bit her lip.

I pulled off her panties, sniffing it just to tease her. Then I rubbed my middle finger at her slightly wet pussy. Letting my palm hit her clitoris.
And when I felt her pussy relax, I pushed my finger in and she moaned "Oh! Heavens!".

I fingered her and fingered her as I watched her squeezed her own tits, moaning, and sometimes closing her legs and trapping my hand.

"Shhhh. Keep it down, your s****r and the others my hear." I said.
She nodded.
I then continued pleasuring her and leaned down to suck her nipples. She hugged my head to the delight of my tongue twisted around her nipples. I softly bit her nipples and pulled it. She then gushed a lot of her cum on my hand. I pulled my finger out and gave her my hand to suck.
"Taste the sweet juice you just made." I told her. She licked and suck my finger. It was erotic.
I got up and unbuttoned my pants, I unzipped it and pulled it down. To the excitement, I did not bother to take my boxers off. I just let my hard cock through the slip in the middle of my boxers and came on top of her. We kissed and our tongues again clashed.
I held my weight through my arms and told her to spread her legs. She did.
I then positioned my cock and pushed it into her and I felt her hymen snap.
Her body arches and she was about to moan but I kissed her to stop her from waking the others outside.
My one hand on her ass, squeezed her and slid to her tit. I slowly pushed myself in her and she bit her lips. The sound of papers on her back filled the room.
I rammed her faster and faster and faster. She locked her legs behind me and squeezed her breast whispering "Oh yes!".
I moved faster and felt the walls of her vagina tighten.
It was an ecstatic orchestra of pleasure for the both of us.
She then came and bathed my penis with her pussy juice.
I then pulled out and let her suck my cock. She did well for someone who just lost her virginity.
I then held her head and took the lead. Maneuvering her head into angles and making her go faster. She stroked my cock as she sucked on the tip and I blew it in her mouth.
I swallowed my load then coughed. "The was quite a surprise she said."
I apologized and kissed her forehead.
My cum was dripping on her papers.
We got in our clothes again and I went to the bathroom to clean up as she tried to clean her bed.
After a few minutes, I kissed her good night and went back to my classmates.
The giggled as I lay with them in the futon. I told myself "They must be thinking I didn't know they were making out under the blankets". I then fell asl**p.
I only got two hours of sl**p then someone woke me up to prepare to leave. While everyone was busy preparing coffee, taking baths, cooking, and stuff, I sneaked into Ashley's room to make out with her one more time before we leave. I cupped her breast a few more times and she gave me a blowjob in her shower. When I got out of her room, everybody was waiting their turn to use the guess bathroom.
"Where did you take a bath?" My classmate asked.
"In Ashley's bathroom. I asked her if I could use it and she was okay with it." I told them, "Maybe you could ask her if you could use it too."
With a grin my classmate said okay and she came into Ashley's room.... Continue»
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My teacher...

I have been taking my classes about physics this year
with a fantastic teacher.
I'm not meaning that he's very good explaining the subjects
but that he's a very good shape.Well, he explains OK too.
I loved him since the first day I looked at him entering
in class.
He's very young, only 4 years older than me or so...,
I'm 19, I'm in the university here in Barcelona(Spain),
I'm majoring in electronical engineering.
As, I'm sure, you have guessed yet, I'm a gay boy.
I'm not out,so the people don't know nothing at all about me
being straight or not.
I studied a bit of english when I was in secondary,so I can
try to explain you my storie, I was taught english
by an old horrible man from Peru, but anyway I managed to
learn by myself in order to communicate with more people.
I'm nice, sympathetic, happy, I love dancing, reading,
jogging, and eating... I'm lucky I'm fairly slim :)
I'm not very tall, just the average or maybe less,
I have green light eyes and dark blond hair, nor
long nor short. I'm thin, and I think I have a pretty body.
I'm not sure if I'm handsome or I'm not, at least I'm sure
I'm not ugly.
I like drawing too, especially cute boys ;)
I'm fairly sweet, but I'm not effeminate at all,
even my bigger b*****r thinks I'm homophobic!
Well, I think you know me enough yet, so, I'm
going to follow with my storie.
Well,I have told you yet I love him since the first
time I looked at his nice face.
I use to sit down in the first rows in class, but
when he was teaching us I got ablushed and red every time
that he looked me, so I had to pass the year in the last
rows (there are 5 or six).
Anyway I could see him very well and sighing looking
at him explaining us about the magnetic field or waves,
or whatever it was.
His class arrived to be one of my favorite hours in the week.
I arrived to knew that he played soccer and rugby,
this fact made me to love him even more, in the way that
I thought about him having a shower after a long
match, he would be sweating and dirty, my gosh!
Ouch!I think I have forgotten explaining you about him,
he is average height, strong, hard, muscular body
but not excesivaly.
He came to the classes always clean shaven but an excitant
shadow appeared always in his hard face.
He's a very black hair, typical spanish one, and his eyes are
from another world, green, small, sweet.Yes,although he's
hard he's got a c***d sweet face that is one of the things
I prefer more of him.
He's got a heavy voice, and he's a lot of tough,
but I realised that it was only in class in front of a lot of
people, when a one went to speak with him he turned fairly soft
and deliciously sweet.
He used to go to class wearing jeans and a jumper,
at times he let us to look his arms when it was more hot.
I could see that he had supercool arms, they were very
hairy, strong.I felt like a lot going there and caressing
them that soft and thick bristly arms.
Each day that he arrived in class I found another thing
I hadn't realised yet and I wished more to be with him
alone, to feel his body near me, I'm not meaning sex but
actual love.
I assumed that he wasn't homo at all because of the things
I have explained you yet.He was the usual hunk who is
always looking for the girls.What a bore :(
One day I was near him when he was talking with a friend of his.
They were talking about the army.I listened to him talking
about the days when he was in the army.
I'm not agree with the army, I don't like it at all,
I thing that if I'd go there I'd be discovered at once
I'm gay.Because my ram would speak by me if I was in a shower
with a lot of gorgeous soldiers bared.
I can't understand the way homos use to act
in a common shower with horny boys.
My mast is very fast and so grows at once.
I took the fact that my love had been in the army
as the fact that at the end assured me he was straight.
So I was a couple of days a bit depressed but
afterwards I turned to be the happy boy I use to be.
During that days a friend asked me to be my girlfriend,
I told her yes because I loved her very much (as friend
of course not for sex) and I didn't like to hurt her.
We went to the cinema, to the disco, etc...
When I embrassed her I thought I was with my teacher,
by the way his name's Javi, but it was rather different
of course :(
I was virgin then, and one night it seemed that she had
decided to get me to loose my virginity.
I was afraid, I knew that she was virgin too and that she
had decided to loose it too.
(*Uauuu,there's a man now in the TV only wearing a thong...*)
OK, I follow, but understand, the one in the TV is very cute...
She was actually in love with me and I didn't want to
deceive her.
So, at the end I told her I was in love with another girl
but that I'd like to be good friend of her anyway.
She didn't get angry, only a bit sad.So did I.
But the storie finished that way.
Then I pointed my interest in Javi again.
He was my platonical love.
The one I always thought when I jacked off.
I don't like girls but I don't hate them,so I could
loose my virginity with my ex-girlfriend.I could get
my cock to grow easily eventhogh it was thinking
about guys semi-naked.But I think that it has to be
with a one very special, I didn't like to admit me
that I only was waiting for my teacher.
One day one friend told me to go to swim, I told
him OK and we went the following day.
We entered in the room where boys got their trunks
worn.We were alone.
I unwore fast before my mast could grow if I arrived
to see my friend(a pretty built red hair boy) naked.
And I coated with my purple bathing suit.
Then I could the ass of my friend.
It was very smooth and white, tight and deliciously.
I managed to hide very well my weapon there in my trunk.
We went there and we swam for a while.There were only
a few boys and girls there besides my friend and I.
Then it was the thing, my teacher appeared there,
my heart was strongly beating, he cut my breath.
I couldn't believe at all what I was seeing.
He was wearing a red, all red thong.
I could see almost all his tough shape.
My dear! He was almost naked!
My boner was like a rock.As hard as diamond.
He was so cute...
Well,if you don't like hairy boys you wouldn't like
him very much.Anyway he was so hot than everybody
of you would have got your dick hard,hard,hard,sure...
He wasn't as muscular as I had thought, he was ,well,
just perfect.His chest was hairy and tanned, there was
a lot of hair all there.His arms were strong and muscular,
I thought them catching me...
He had a strong hairy legs too, very tanned and delicious.
What a calves dear!
And the red thong was perfect for him.
He had a small silver cross hunging in his chest tied with
a string around his neck.
And his ass was enough big,there was a lot to feel and touch.
His pouch was so pretty than I couldn't take off my eyes from it.
He went to the shower, I could see him getting wet,
his pouch got wet and dark because of the water.I
wished sucking it,licking it,eating it...
kissing that taut hairy powerful chest...
I felt as if all my life I had been waiting for this.
Then he came to the water and began to swim for a while.
He saw us!!
My gosh,he came!
I was ablushed but in the water noone could realise.
Then he told us Hi! and he began to talk with us,
well with my friend because I couldn't say a word,I
didn't dare.
He was using his sweet soft voice.I was going to die!
My friend and he talked about soccer and the main
teams in the liga (national spanish championship).
What a boring subject!
Anyway I loved hearing him speaking,
at times he looked at me.I was so nervous!
I could see his wet hairs covering the depth valley
between his pecs so near...
It was enough time till we had to leave,
then we told him we going to leave and he
told us he was going to go out yet too.
And he came with us!
It costs me a lot to get my bonner well hidden
into my bathing-suit.It had been hard for two
hours and it still was!
And then we went to the showers...... Continue»
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My Teacher & The Latino Cleaner

my friends always told me that my college teacher had a thing for me but i didn't listen to them, i thought it was just another bullshit. she a brunet well fit, big tits and ass. just a week before we broke up for xmas she told me to see her in her office at 7pm, at that that time the only people in the building are the cleaners. so i went to her office and she asked me to sit down.

she was wearing a skirt but nothing under it, whilst we were talking she would spread her legs wide every now and then. at the beginning we were talking about what i wanted to do after college, then out of the blue she asked me if i was single or not, and i said yes i am single atm.

so she stood up walked towards me and whispered in my ear i have been watching ur cock for a while now, now i want it in my ass, pussy and mouth. the minute she said that my dick was rock hard, we started kissing, touching and taking each others clothes off. she then said lets go to the drama class they have a nice big bed in there. so we started running towards the drama class but naked, on the way we saw one of the cleaners and she was an attractive Latino.

she did not waste time, the minute she saw us she got on her knees and started sucking my cock, i knew this was gonna be the best night ever. we told het to get up and follow us to the drama class. when we got there, my teacher pushed me on the bed and she started sucking my cock. the cleaner took of her clothes and sat on my face, i was sucking her pussy like it has never been sucked before. then i put the latino cleaner on the bed, spread her legs and started to suck her pussy some more. she was screaming and scratching my back. while i was doing that my teacher was licking my ass and sucking my cock.

now i told my teacher to get on her knees ass up face down position and i started to suck her pussy and finger her pussy in that position. then i started fucking her hard and rough, she was screaming and pulling the bed sheets. then i pulled my dick out of her pussy and started fucking her in the ass till i was close to cum, then i cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it.

then i got the latino cleaner on the bed laying on her back, she started sucking my cock to get it hard again so i could fuck her round 2. then i started sucking her pussy. now my cock was ready for her juicy latino pussy. i started fucking her slow, then i went hard and rough.

i felt her ass twitching, this meant that her ass was ready for my cock and i started to fuck her in the ass till i was close to cum. she ot on her knees and sucked all the cum out of my cock and she swallowed it.... Continue»
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Sex with my teacher from india hydarabad

when i was in degree first year that is the first day of college me and my friends went to college on time for our welcome all the teachers are at the enterance gate then i suddenly saw a beautiful lady welcoming all the students she was very fair and had a good structure by luck she came to my class and told the she is our class teacher i was very happy that she is my class teacher she ask all the students to tell their names all students told their names along with me as i was a brillient student she was very close to me cell phones are not allowed in our college when ur head check for the cellphone i use to give my cellphone to my teacher.

On day our head is checking for the phones i gave my phone to my mam she kept it in her purse as we boys use to keep some porn movies in mobile in the liesure period mam took my phone and started see it i kept all the videos in many subfolders she opened all that folders any looked at the videos i was not there while she was watching the videos while going to home i go near her and take my phone next day she came to me and asked me my phone and i gave it to her with out any hasitation and the same i took it while going to house and the next morning she again came to me and asked the same and i gave it to her 4th period is leasure for her and i went in the 4th period to say that our sir i sonleave at that time i saw that she was enjoing the movies i go to her and she was surprised to see me there i the staff room she closed the movie and she came to our class while going to house she called me to come to her housre in the evening to xerox the project and i went to her home as her home was known to me it was just a 1 k/m frm my house i rang the bell she came out in loose nighty with out any bra in side her nighty she was cleaning her room and asked me to sit on the bed till she cleanes it when she was cleaning the floor her milky boobs are cleanly visible to me i use to watch them all the time and she caught me while i was watching it she was angry and told me to sit in the hall and i went to sit in the hall frm hall i use to see her i was very much tempted with her big boobs there was no one in the house as she is of another town she use to live alone i got the project and i come out of the house and xerox all the papers and went to mam house and she opened the door and i sat on sofa in the hall she went to bath i was reading the news paper and she called me near the bathroom to give the towel and she opened the door of bathroom and put her hand out of the door i just slipped and went in to the bathroom she was shocked and i too was shocked after seeing her nude and i rushed towards the hall i went on to her room and started rubbing my pennis she came in to her room and see my pennis sheis shok to see that and asked me what are u doing i said nathing then she asked what are u doing i covered that and said when i fall on the floor i got a pain in my legg she said so u are rubbing u leg i said yes@ she said lets see the leg what happen to that i show to her she is rubbing my leg iam getting to hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
After some time i asked her mam what about u husband she said iam not married i said mam u are all readdy 28 now why u are not marred she said iam not entersted in marrege,,,,,,, iam a franck person i said mam how u will mannage u personal life she became angry and said that is my personal life i said iam sorry mam she :its ok. After some time she get a pain cream and rubbing iam getting hot her boobs ,,,,,,,,,,,,are shaking i slolly poot my hand on her stomack she was not objacted then iam not controlling my plasure on that time my pines stant on 90%digres i slolly turn to her side and my luld tuch on her legg i saw in her face feellings also chainging i find that i sloolly move my hand on her ass and rubbing slolly and i was not controud my self and fresed hardly and she shock and live the room.

Then i went to her she is in the kitchen room she is bend and peacking the glass and i slolly went to her and i tuch my cook on her back on her ass rood she shock and stand and said what are u doing karthick i said mam iam not controling my sely she said go and roob u cook in the batroom i shok to leason to her mouth i dont want to loos the chance and i went to near her and ask her mam can i kiss u mam she became angry and said no i f***ed her she aggred and said only one :i k mam i kiss her hardly she also help me and she became to hot isaid mam u are to hot mam she smaild and slolly i pressed her boobs sha says haaaaaaaaaaammm haaaaa aand slolly i ran my hands to her ass and press hard she nothing says i said mam can we went to bedroom we went slolly i leaft her nighty up and rubb her ass and tuch her pussy she mound hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa then i opend my pant zip put out my cook and tuch my cook to her pussy she gets to hot mam ask me u know fucking i said afcoz mam ama ask what is u age i said 19 wooo u are a teen i said yes mam and slolly i reamoved her night i shock to see her boobs 38 tooo huach then i asked her mam u know about fucking she smiled and said yes i sak how mam she said frm ur mobile i said i know ma all wase u are watching sex movies and she opend my pant and teeshart she was shock to see my cook and said ho my god it is to long she ask how long is this i said 8 inc.

She said it is to hard to tack in my pussy i said u will anjoy the pain mam she lough and said u have lot of experance i think and i said no mam it gust a ganrale naladge then we are continously kissing slolly i removed her pany she was a cleanly shaved it is too small pussy to sexy too hot i press boobs hardly she is mouning saying ho comon my darling com on fuck me i came doun to her pussy and insert my one finger in to her pussy i shock to see that one finger also not not going in it is to tight pussy she is shout slolly i tack her pussy lips in my mouth she is mound loudly hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh again i insert my tung in to her pussy iam eating her pussy and her pussy lips then she loudly mound and i thought she is comming then she comes in my mouth i grunk all the sweet cream then she came to my up and rubbing my cook iam geeting to hot i moundhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh comonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn she says ho my god i love this cook i want to eat this cook i want to tach this cook in my pussy afte that i came in her mouth she d***k all my cumafter that she went to the bathroom peeee then she com to me and ask to me i want to tack u coook in my pussy i said ok why not u are my love then she came up and hold hy cook and and sloly enter it my 1 inc enter in and she shout and remove it i said what happend to u she said i cant …………….
Ok i will fuck u she aggred i cach her and poot her leegs on my sholders and enter it my 2 inc..,,, cook in to her pussy she is crrying i said dont warry u will engoy it some time i shop it and foursly i enter it all 8 inc cooooooooook in to her pussy in her pussy bl**d is comming after some time i gurking in and out she is engoyed that and said hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh comon my darling fuck hard u are brocken my vargenity wall comon my boy u are greetttttttttttttttttt fucker in the worldddddddddddddddd coonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammmmmmmmmmmmmm i didddddddddddddddddddddddd after she com 2 time i said to her iam comming she said dont took out u cook i said why u will get pragnate she said one doctor said to me first time never get pragnat i said ok and live it alll my cum in her pussy thenn i go to home and daily we will enjoy the sexy life hahah hahah hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Continue»
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my teacher

for the longest time i had always had a crush on my 6th grade teacher. she had been new to the district and was her first time teaching our elementary 6th grade class. i was the lucky one to have her. she was smart, charming, and full of fun. the year i graduated the 6th grade i promised to see her everyday and every year, sadly i never came back to keep my promises.

she had kept in touched with my mom over the years as my mom picked up k**s back and forth from her daycare. my mom always delivered the message that my teacher wanted me to come visit her. i bypassed and promised myself i would, but never got to it. ten years later i got in touch with her through my email, i couldn't believe she remember me all these years. i emailed back wanting to know her number, so we would be able to communicate and catch up all those years we had never spoke about. through the weeks, we spoke almost everyday. her personality had changed and was a bit like mine so we bonded quick. she became a great friend.

right off the bat you could tell she was a fun awesome person. within the weeks i became comfortable to her that i had a crush on her in 6th grade, and that opened doors for me to also tell her she was been one of the first women to masturbate to. she laughed and by passed it. til then i really became curious about how far she would able me to talk about sex in general. she had been comfortable talking about it and we talked most of the days about sex, but she never mentioned having sex with me, because i had been her student and it would have been or will be terrible if she had ever.

one night i had been at the local bar hanging out with my friends grabbing a beer or two. she had texted me that night telling me she had been in the same area and that i should come and visit. at this point i was kinda nervous seeing her, but really excited at the same time. i left the bar to meet her at this local club down the way. i waited patiently at the entrance for her to come out and take me in. she came out within the minute and should there with a silk blouse showing most of her arms and back, also tight jeans to sculp her lower body, i should there amazed and in shock to see my 6th grade teacher slim and sexy.

we hugged asa we met eyes and talked for a bit then continued in the club. she led the way as my eyes glued to her tight jeans sculping her nice ass. she had been a little tipsy noticing the same she was leaning from side to side. we sat at a booth and talked a little, she had an amazing smile and dark sexy skin, i couldn't help but stare at her.

as we sat there and talked she began to touch my leg moving her hand up and down my tigh. it didnt bother me at all, it slowly turned me on. we sat until she got up and asked me to dance, i could not decline, as ive always wanted something like this to happen. we got to the dance floor and moved around and i got behind her and gripped her side as she worked her ass grinding my cock, i don't know if she had noticed my cock starting to get harder, but it felt amazing. we danced there for more than a 1/2 hr till i got ballsy and grabbed her hand to lay it on my throbbing cock. at first she thought nothing of it till my hand guided her hand from the beginning of my shaft all the way down to the tip. she turned immediately, thinking she was mad at me, but she had this tempting look as she bit her lip and whispered in my ear " your so big." by that point i was so hard and she so amazed she couldn't keep your hands off of my cock. i whispered back to her saying that my cock has been waiting for this for a very long time.

i grabbed her hand and immediately left the club to my truck, she didn't know what was going to happened but i surely knew what i wanted. we got to my truck parked a block away and both went into the back seat. she kinda got nervous and told me this was the wrong thing to do and that we needed to leave. i sat there thinking about it, and how wrong it would be of me to do this. i sat there apologizing, before exiting the car she grabbed my hand and asked told me not to be ashamed or sorry, and that it was kind of her fault for leading me on. then she asked me if she could see my cock because she was curious to see how big it really was. i became shy yet tempted to so i turned and unzipped my pants slowly and slowly pulled down my boxers and out sprang my 9inch throbbing cock. she sat back with amazed eyes biting her lip also licking them i knew she enjoyed the site. she sat for about a minute speechless, making sight of my cock. til she grabbed f***efully and asked me how bad i wanted her. i told her the truth that i had been wanting to fuck her for the longest time, she got turned on while i briefly explained my attraction, i knew this because while i was talking she began stroking it faster and faster. till finally she opened her mouth and started licking the head of my cock, slowly licking and going down my shaft making it wet from her spit. i began to moan her name, and she sucked and deep throating it slower and slower. i now hand my hands around her head keeping her hair from falling and started to thrust my hips towards her mouth she began to gag but seemed to love it by her increased moans.

she stopped and stripped down becoming totally nude, then she came up to me and sensually kissed me, as i slid my tongue in her mouth, i lick and softly kissed her neck and bit her ear and kept whispering to her how bad i was gunna fuck her. she squired until she grabbed my cock and sat on it. it took her awhile as pussy had been tight. i slowly started to spread her out, till it was in. i gripped tight palming her ass and slowly thrust my hips slowly and slowly then harder, and this time she moaned so loud. we sat there kissing and fucking, i had pinned her hands behind her back and fucked her as she cried out "fuck me! harder harder, YES!" i could hold my load for long till i told her i was gunna cum. she got off and stroked it till i came. she had licked every drop of cum that came from me and told me it tasted so good. we sat int he back of my truck for awhile talking about it and loving every moment of it. we got dressed, as she told me next time it was gunna be in her house any position and and where i wanted to fuck her. til this day we fuck every week .... Continue»
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My first cumshot..... With my teacher

You might have read my "First Masturbation" story. So yea, I was completing my assignments and I masturbated for the first time while doing so. Thats the first time I experienced sexual pleasure. But little did I know I was in for a treat.
So after I started masturbating, I was so addicted to it that I would go to the toilet after every lecture and masturbate.
I did enjoy it a lot. So I never really completed the last assignment. I was like to hell with submissions. I'm not gonna fail if I didn submit the assignments. And so I didn submit the asssignments. That was the last day of our submissions.

Diwali holidays were to begin from the next day(Its an Indian festival) and I was enjoying with my friends watchin football n stuff. 3 days after the holidays started, I received a call from my teacher(the same teacher whose assignments I didn submit). I said I was sick n crap to somwhow dodge her. The next thing she said scared the hell outta me. She said, "If you dont submit the assignments, I'm not gonna let you attend the exams". I was scared to death and the next day I went over to apologise and ask for some time to complete the assignment. Apparantely, she didn go to her native place cuz my submissions were not done and she was to leave that day @ 5pm. I was literally beggin for time but she didn listen a bit.
Thats when I used my secret weapon - Tears ;)
I pretended to be crying n left the room and headed towards the empty classroom. The next thing that happened just blew my mind. That teacher came to classroom n said she was sorry if she hurt my feelings. I just noded n acted sad. Thats when she said that it'd be okay if I didn submit the assignment. I was over the moon and just jumped up high and and gave her a hug and said I really appreciate what she did.

Cut the crap and here's what happened next....

First lemme tell you her description. Fair complexion, blue eyes, long black hair, height same as me n breasts.... I'd pay a million bucks to own them.
After I hugged her, we had a small eye contact and she smiled lookin at me and said nevermind. To celebrate this, I went into the toilet and was planning to masturbate. After a couple of seconds, she came to the men's toilet where I was supposed to masturbate. I was a bit confused n my dick(or Chan Jr) was almost ready to be stroked. Thats when she unzipped my jeans n undie and rmoved my backpack. She said I did yu a favour and this wad my time to repay. She started stroking my dick and went for blowjob. I started moarning nd thats when some fluid startrd to eject from dick head. She said, "wear your pants n come to my office". I went intoher office n lookin at her naked, I was mesmerised. She said link n finger my pussy. Her pussy was so hard that I had to finger it for 2mins before lickin. In some time, she started screamin when I started spankin her her ass as well. She didn wanna have intercourse cuz she said she was supposed to marry in 2 months but we did have some nice boob cumshots n fingering. Chan Jr justwudn get small nd stayed erect for a really long time. We both then spent like half an hour sl**pin bsides each other n the whole time she was strokin Mr. Chan Jr. Before leaving to go home, I pressed her pink-nippled juicy boobies (Oh oh, I kinda wet my boxers rite now) n kissed her cheeks. She actually enjoyed our first non-intercourse sex and said never to mention bout it ever. But here I am and here's the story. Sorry for such a long story bur hope you all enjoyed it :)... Continue»
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Amazing sex with my teacher

I have fantasized many times about this Math college teacher of mine, her name Miss. Giles. She had been a teacher of mine for just over a year and I hadn't really taken notice of her wonderful body until recently.

It was yet another boring lecture and as time wore on, I began to check out my teachers' body. I began by looking at her wonderful 34D breasts; they were large and looked perfect through her tight top. Miss. Giles was 26 years old and about 5'3 and had short brown hair up to her shoulders. She had a pretty face and she was quite slim, she had a beautiful ass and fleshy thighs. So, as I stared at her body, we made eye contact as she talked. She had realised that I had been staring at her body, especially her round breasts. However, I continued until the end of the lecture and as I walked out the room, she passed me a note that she must have written just a few minutes ago.

As I walked along the hallway, I opened the folded piece of paper and it read: 'I saw the way you were looking at me, and I liked it. Come to my room when your lectures finish.' Now, that had made my day and as I thought of her sexy body, I immediately had a hard on. I was looking forward to meeting her after college but if anything were to happen between her, and me I intended it to be in private.

It was now 3 o'clock and all my lectures had finished. I walked quickly to Miss. Giless' room and knocked on the door. I heard her sweet voice, 'Come in.' I walked in and she was sat at her desk. I went towards her desk and sat on a chair opposite her desk. She looked up at me and smiled, teasingly. I decided to partially ignore the note I received earlier and started a conversation relating to the novel we were reading in lectures.

'Miss, I think I need a bit of help with the book that we've been reading this week. I just wanted to know if you had any spare time in which you could help me?' I said.

She replied 'Well, as college finishes early tomorrow, I guess it would be alright for you to come to my house and we could study there.'

'Oh really, that's great. When shall I meet you?'

She said, 'Meet me in the car park at about 1 o'clock'

'Ok' I replied and left her room, staring at her beautiful breasts.

When I got home, I realised that tomorrow was the chance to fulfill my fantasies about her. As the evening flew by, so did the night, and I woke up with the feeling of excitement of going to my teacher's house. I decided not to go to college and masturbate at the thoughts of Miss. Giles. As my cock became swollen, I let it free and stroked it slowly and softly. I imagined that my index finger was her tongue and ran it up and down the length of my hot 6-inch cock. I stroked it slowly for about an hour, thinking of her, as I knew that vigorous masturbation would make me cum quick and I wanted the sensations to last as long as possible. When I was ready to release, I went to the bathroom, and as I sat next to the bath, I stroked my cock harder and climaxed. As thick cum spurted out, I realised it was the best orgasm I had ever had. It was all due to the thoughts of Miss. Giles and yet it could become a reality later on.

As time wore on, I set off to meet her in the car park. As I got there, her timing was perfect and she saw me and came towards me.

'Hey, follow me and I'll show you where my car is,' she said.

'Hey, ok,' I replied.

I followed her up to her car and as she opened the door, I got in. It was a short ten minute drive to her house, we didn't talk much during the drive.

As she got out of her car, she smiled at me and I helped her take some books from her car to her house. We still hadn't chatted much but at least I knew she was happy. As she carried a few of her belongings into her house, I couldn't resist looking at her ass as she walked. It was beautiful and that gave me a slight hard-on. We got in the house and she said 'Just sit down and relax, I'll just have a shower, get changed and be back in a bit.'

'Ok, but don't be too long.' I answered.

She walked off with a teasing smile. I sat down on the sofa and looked around. Her house was nice and she had worked hard to decorate it. I was imagining her in the shower and began getting hard when I thought of those lovely breasts again. As I began to get increasingly hard, I heard her coming down the stairs. I turned my head and saw that beauty coming down the stairs. She looked hot. She was wearing a tight black top, tight black trousers and her hair was done up high, so sexy. She walked over towards me, 'So get your book out and then we can start' she said, as she sat next to me.

As I hadn't intended to do any study with her, I hadn't brought it with me and answered, 'Oh . . . I forgot my book.'

She knew why I hadn't brought it, due to the note she had handed to me yesterday. However, I was surprised when she said, 'Well, atleast I have a spare,' as she stood up and walked over to the small pile of books underneath the table in front of the sofa where we were sitting. She slowly bent over to find the book we were studying, and as she did, she revealed her black lace thong on her hips. I immediately felt my cock harden and it was rock hard in a few seconds. She knew that I was looking at her thong, as her low cut jeans revealed some of her lovely ass too. As she pretended to look for the book, she turned her head and gave me a seductive smile. 'I found it, she shouted,' and came and sat next to me. As she sat down, I'm sure she had noticed the bulge in my trousers, and I spotted her having a little stare, which made me even harder.

I knew she likes it when I look at her, as she had written on the note the day before so I made the first move. 'That's a nice thong,' I said. She gave me a wide-eyed stare and then said:

'Oh really, I was hoping you had noticed, it's my favourite thong. It's so soft against my skin,' she said as I spotted the dark lipstick on her smile. Then, I was surprised, as she moved her left hand to my inner thigh, and moved it slowly towards the bulge in my trousers. Then, our eyes met and we endulged in a passionate kiss. Then, we parted and she said, 'I've brought myself to cum over you ever since I noticed how you stare at my body. Do you ever think of me?'

I answered, 'You were the one that I was thinking about as I masturbated this morning, and it was the best ever. You are the only one I think of lately.'

She said, 'Oh, really, I wanna see you masturbate over me, I wanna see your cock. Take it out for me.'

And so that is what I did. I knew she wanted my cock and so I undid the zipper on my trousers and released my hard cock. As I wrapped my right hand around the shaft, I looked at her and she smiled and giggled excitedly. She started talking seductively, 'Oh, you cock is lovely, do you like to masturbate? I want to see you masturbate over me. Tell me what will make you cum, what shall I do for you?'

Now I knew that I was in control and I could tell this beautiful woman to do anything for my cock. She had beautiful breasts and I wouldn't mind seeing them so I said, 'Well, you have lovely tits, and I love seeing your nipples poke out of your top. Can you take off your top babe?' 'Oh yeah,' she answered as she slid her top over her head.

She stood up and sat down on the table in front of me. Now I knew the gems she had been concealing under her bra for the past year. Then, she began playing with her lovely bra-less tits as she smiled and teased me. She giggled as she tickled her nipples and I could see the pleasure in her face. Now, I was masturbating vigorously.

'Oh let me see you cum, I want to taste your juice,' she said as I continued masturbating. She stood up and kneeled down in front of me and I was over-delighted when she cupped her breasts and placed each on one my thighs. She grabbed my right hand and moved it away from my cock and she placed her tits around my cock. Then she slowly began rubbing my cock with the groove between her tits. 'Oh yeah, rub it good,' I told her and she gave me an amazing titwank. 'I'm coming,' I warned her and she laughed at me and placed her lips around my cock. She wanked me off and then I climaxed. I spurted hot cum into her wet mouth and then she took me deepthroat, swallowing fast, as she continued to wank me. As she continued to swallow hard, my cock slowly stopped cumming, and she lifted her head up and licked my shaft with her long, wet tongue.

That was amazing. I had just experienced how naughty she could be and it was great. She stood up, topless and said 'Oh, you taste so nice, oh, I want to feel you inside me, in my pussy.'

'Your tits felt wonderful around my cock and now that you have sucked it so good for me too, I think I should repay you by....'

And she came over and straddled me, with her legs around mine. I could feel her lovely breasts against my chest and we indulged in a long passionate French kiss. I could taste the salty cum still on her lips and she began sucking my tongue faster. As I sucked on her bottom lip, my mouth slipped down her neck and onto her chest. She leaned backwards slightly and my eager mouth was now at her right nipple. I sucked long and hard and then she stood up in front of me.

She decided to remove her tight trousers whilst twirling around. Her trousers were off and her ass was facing me. I could now see her bare ass as she wore a thong, and it was amazing. She had round, soft butt cheeks that were so smooth. She turned around and said, 'Lets take it slow.' I was happy to agree with that.

By now, my dick had begun getting harder again and she loved the sight of it. Her nipples were still stiff as I looked on. She told me to stand and as I did, she led me upstairs, towards her bedroom. As we got in, she said, 'I want to feel you inside me, you can do whatever you want.'

I replied, 'Well, lie on your back on the bed and we can have some fun.'

And she was happy to oblige. She quickly jumped on the bed with her bouncing tits. I kneeled on the side of the bed and stared down towards her crotch, with her legs either side of me. I neared my head towards her pussy and licked her thong. I could taste her juices through her thong and they tasted so good that I eagerly slid her thong off and saw her pussy. It was tight, with full lips and a bit of hair above her slit. As she lowered her finger into her pussy, she moaned, 'Oh yeh, fuck me good, I want your cum.' I replied, 'Oh baby, you have a tight pussy' and I lowered my cock towards her open pussy as I stood up. I knew she wanted it in quickly but I wanted to tease her. Her pussy was now getting wetter and I now that the better lubricated my dick became, the longer I could give her pleasure. Now, we were both eager to fuck so I lifted her legs around me and as she squeezed her legs around my waist, my hard cock entered her juicy pussy and I began sliding it in and out. Her juices enhanced my enjoyment as I neared orgasm. She was moving around on the bed vigorously too, as I felt her pussy tighten around the base of my cock. As the base of my pussy rubbed against her clit, I reached orgasm. My warm cum spurted out into her love tunnel and as she came, she screamed in pleasure and we were both satisfied. I continued sliding in and out of her pussy as her right hand rubed her clit as she continued giving herself pleasure.

With my dick still inside her, I leaned over on top of her and then we rolled on the bed. Now I was lying on my back on the bed with her on top. She began, 'Oh, that was great, I want more of your cock, oh....' And she sat up and rocked her hips back and forth. I was again hard and as her pussy lips rubbed against my dick, the sensations began getting better. As she continued rocking back and forth, I played with her lovely breasts, and she cupped them too. As we both neared orgasm again, I rested my hands on her tanned thighs and pushed and pulled her hard. She shouted, 'Oh, uh, fuck me hard, I want your cum inside me' as my cum spurted in her cunt. She came too and I could see her glistening pussy, tightening the grip around my hard cock as her cum dripped slowly down my cock.

Then, as we were both exhausted, she lay down on me, my semi-hard cock still in her and I just caressed her ass cheeks as we lay there. 'That was the best sex I have ever had, you were so good, you are the best, I loved the feeling of your hot cum inside me,' she said.

After a few minutes she said 'So, you have fucked my tits, I sucked you off, you fucked my tight pussy too, and now I want you to fuck my ass real hard, and give me a pounding.'

I replied, 'Yeah, I always wanted to do that,' as she began to get up and got on her knees on the floor, next to the bed. She was now positioned with her tits and head on the bed. I got up admired her ass for a second, then she spread her cheeks for me, I know she wanted me bad so I pushed my cock in and she screamed as i penetraded her tight ass. As I started pumping in and out, she picked up the rhythm and started moving her ass so I went in quicker and harder. As i spurted my load in her tight ass she moaned, I leaned over and cupped her lovely breasts and played with them momentarily.

As our evening of passionate sex came to an end, she assured me that she wanted more, sooner rather than later and I was happy to come over to her house anytime for fun.... Continue»
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First time with my teacher

When I was 14, I kind of fell in love with what we call in France, my engineering teacher. I wanted him as a father figure, but at the same time, I would just often touch myself, just thinking about what was underneath those pants. At end of middle school, I decided I would not go and see him again, it was just to painful knowing that we would never feel the same way about me. But two years later, him and his wife moved in the flat just beneath us, and that is where the story all began...

I was about 16 at the time. It was the summer holidays, I had just finished my first year of High-School. My mom was going to see my s****r in England so she asked M. Weiss (my teacher) if he could take care of me. I was like "Mum!" but at my greatest surprise he said "Yes of course! I would be very happy to have him with me for the whole week" (his wife went to see f****y in Italie, f****y M. Weiss did not really like); I was stunned. So anyway when my mother finally left that evening, my teacher and I went down to his flat. I had just taken a few pairs of underwears. Since I lived just on top, I did not think I would really need anything else. The front door of his apartment gave away on the kitchen/living room.
"Where can I put these" I asked
"Oh just put them in my room, I'll show you yours later. It's the second door on the right"
I went to his room, put them on the bed and walked out. While I was walking towards him, I just couldn't stop looking at him. He was 6 feet tall. He had brown hair, brown eyes, a brown beard. I felt ashamed being attracted to a 38 year old man, but he was so manly with his muscular body and...
"Do you want something to drink?" he asked
"Hum...a...yes, no, I don't know"
"Are you ok?"
"Yes, I was just thinking about something...So! How are you?"
"I'm fine and you? You're sure you're ok?"
"Yes I'm great! Just finished my first year of High school (why am I talking about that?!)"
"Good, High-school is a difficult part of've been flirting with all the girls at school?" He smiled
", not really" I laughed nervously
"More interested in men are you?"
"Yes, I mean NO, absolutely not (My god am I stupid!!), I..."
"It's okay, really!" he paused, "I've been meaning to ask you something, why did you stop coming to see me when you finished Secondary school?"
"Hum...that is indeed a good question...well...(I tried to think about something but I was so stressed out I could not think of anything)" I sighed "I grew too attached to you and thought it was better that I kept some distance"
"Too attached in which way?"
"What do you mean?" I was getting nervous again
"Well did you want me more as a kind of father figure, or did you want to see what was underneath these trousers and rub your face in it?"
"Hum...(I froze, I didn't know what to say, and strangely, my dick was hardening) a...a bit of both I guess"
He smiled. He came up close to me
"Shhh, close your eyes and just breathe"
I did as I was told. I felt his hand gently touching my cheek. My body was relaxing. But then he started touching my lips with his finger. Naturally, my cock hardened and I opened my mouth...and he placed his on it. It felt so good, I knew I was losing control of my body to my other brain, but I didn't care. He stopped and said gently
"Come with me"
I followed him to his room and we started kissing again. With one arm in my back, and the other one on my ass, my body was stuck to him. I could feel his dick hardening, and mine too; but when he kissed me on the neck, I let out a gentle moan
"Oh yeah..."
Because I knew I would cum very easily, I started running my nose onto his neck. I unbuttoned his shirt and continued down to his chest, where I kissed those tiny tits and smelled his chest hair. I then continued down to his muscled stomach, licking it until I reached his jeans. He was breathing heavily, and I could feel his giant cook, just screaming to be set free. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Now was staring at me a tainted underwear, with his enormous cock underneath. I grabbed it and started stroking it. Up and down, up and down. M. Weiss moaned
"Hmmmm yes son, oh yes..."
I pulled these to the floor as well and rubbed my face against his cock and his balls. I then ran my lips on the top on his dick and back down. I licked his cock and went nearly to the head, but stopped and started kissing that very sensitive area. I could taste his precum, and god it tasted good. M. Weiss kept moaning. I finally put his rock hard cock into my mouth
"Oh god it feels good! Just suck that dick"
It felt so nice having his big warm meet in my mouth , pulsating each time I moved my tongue, giving me precum as I went on
"Oh yes just continue sucking daddy's cock Peter(me), just continue..."
His cook was pulsating more and more, he was soon gonna cum
"Oh good I love you! I love how you suck my dick! Oh yeah"
He wasn't far away now
"Oh yeah!! Ohhhhh Yeah!!!"
He is just about to
"OH god!!! OH GOD I'm cuming!!I'M cumming!! I'M CUMMING!!!!!!"
He let go of his load. I could feel his sweet hot semen filling me up, filling me up to the point where is was dribbling out of my mouth and onto my clothes. It made me moan to have his cum in and all around me. I was like a d**g, like a pleasure you can never get enough of. When he had finished, he pulled me up to him and kissed me. He took off my T-shirt, pulled down my trousers and my shorts. My fully hard dick was now free. It was my turn.
He turned me around and pulled me to him. I could feel his still hard cock in my back. He started kissing my neck, and began stroking my dick
"Oh god dad!! Ohhh!"
"Let it out son. I know you're naughty teenager, I know you've been fantasizing about me for years now"
"Oh dad...daddy!!!! (I could not breathe; his arms around me tight, his nose on my neck, his voice...I was in ecstasy!)"
"Come on son, moan, moan! I want to hear you scream my name"
"OH yes DAD!! Ohhhh! DAAAD!!
"Yes, yes! Just like that boy! Show me how naughty you are"
"Don't stop Dad!! Stroke my cook again and again! Please don't stop!!
"Will you let play with you're cock whenever, wherever I want huh? Will you let me make you scream like the little pussy you are? Will you be my personal sextoy?
"Yes!! OH YESS!! Oh please USE me!!
"Then cum boy, cum"
"Oh GOD Daddy!!! DADDYYY!!!!
I did as I was told. I let out my semen. I just kept moaning and moaning, it wouldn't stop. When I had finally finished, we both just fell on the bed!!
"WOW!!!!!!" I sighed in relief
"WOW indeed" He sighed in relief"
"Oh god!I called you dad didn't I? I am so sorry I..."
"It's fine it's fine! I quite liked it...I'm you're new father now"
I smiled. I looked down at the bottom of the bed and saw my changes of underwears, wet with my cum
"Oh no these were my only clean clothes left"
"Oh dear" he said "I guess you'll just have to stay naked"
I laughed and fell asl**p in his arms, with my cock still in his hand


This story is sadly, not a true one ^^. I'm a new writer, and I'm probably not very good, so if it's bad just say it. But I really hope you'll like it, I know I did ^^ ... Continue»
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Me & my teacher

He's been my teacher for 2 years, ever since I was 13. He teaches Maths (my favourite subject) and is pretty cool with the class, not one of those nasty teachers, just nice and treated us fairly.

He gets most of his clothes for work from top shop or H&M, I've seen him in there some saturdays. Recently he has been wearing poloshirts as the summer sun is coming through and it was then I noticed his strong, toned arms.

Until that point I was oblivious to his body but then I started to explore him with my eyes, imagining how toned his chest was, knowing he was muscly but in a nice way, not too big, just fit and strong. Then I had a thought if he was strong then he might be better fun than the boys my age.

For the past 8 weeks we've been studying over lunch times and stay behind school on a tues and thurs. My mum works late those nights so it works well that I am in school studying and not misbehaving.

Slowly the study class have disapeared. I'm in the top class so we dont really need the extra but I enjoy it and even more so I enjoy his company. For the past 2 weeks it's just been him and I after school...some of the others still come at lunch time.

During those sessions where it's him and I we work hard but chat about other things too. What I'm doing at the weekend with my friends, what music i like then he asked if there were any boys at school I liked. I admit there isn't, I'm mature for my age and just find them all very silly.

School is very strict about uniform and our navy uniform isn't the nicest. Very practical, not the best fit, i'm a big girl and they were never designed for that. Also, as it's nearing the end of the school year my uniform is a bit short. Mum can't afford to get me a new one so I have to put up with it. Over the winter it was fine, but now its too hot for tights.

Instead I find myself wearing french knickers, ratehr than my usual g-string as I dont want to lead anyone on.

Teacher gives me my books for tonight and I drop my pencil. I bend to pick it up, forgetting that he would get a flash of my huge, round, pert ass. I quickly stand up and move to my desk. He says nothing and just smiles and mvoes to sit beside me. we're working through a challenging problem that I'm struggling with and getting very frustrated. He asks why I'm grumpy and I explain that I dont understand it. I suddenly find myself in tears...I'm a bit hormonal, over the last few months I've found my sex drive increasing to a stage where playing alone twice a day isn't enough but I cant admit this to him.

He pulls me in for a cuddle...very wrong but we are so close it feels natural. He rubs my back and neck while holding me tight and safe. I start to relax and find myself enjoying it.I feel his breath on my neck and my nipples harden. he's holden me so close he must feel them, i try to pull away and he holds me telling me it's ok. He starts to kiss my neck asking if I've felt my nipples stiffen before for him. I tell him I haven't when with him but when I'm not with him and think of him they do.

his hand moves down to my ass and lifts my skirt, he asks if I've always worn french knickers...I say sometimes and he whispers that he loves them, so much sexier than thongs etc. He's still holding me close and I feel his cock harden against me. He kissed from my neck to my mouth so I suppose the only question is am I an absolutely slut for him or does he take complete advantage?... Continue»
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Remember the time i seduced my teacher pt 2

So here i am. An untouched girl who has had dick on her tongue and hands on her ass and im about to fuck my PE teacher who is 14 years my senior.

My body feels hot and sweaty, but i have this cool and chilling sensation running through my body at the same time.

Im about to lose my virginity to this man. I had always wanted to fuck him but now im a little scared :3. Maybe i should have thought about what i was doing.

But its to late. He's very eager to fuck me and i have no feeling to resist.

He caresses my breast while unbuttoning my top with his other hand. He puts his fingers into my mouth for me to suck on.
"Spit on it", he says whilst i tongue and slobber on his hand.
He takes his hand and wipes it on my face. At first i was feeling scared, but i was liking what was going on.

He lifts me up and unclips my bra. He pushes his face into me and plays with my nipples til they're nice and hard.
Im enjoying my new sensation but i still feel reluctant to have his cock in me.

He sits me down on the desk and pulls his massive cock out. He slaps my face with it and spits on it before telling me to suck it.
I slip it into my mouth thrusting my head forward to get his cock as deep into my throat as i can.
As i bob my head back and forward into his dick, he starts holding my head and fucks me mouth lightly. I was liking that feeling of being dominated.

Before he tells me to stand up, i tell him that i dont want to be fucked like this and that im happy to give him a blow job if he likes.
He starts to calm down evident as his cock was softening. He tells me that there is another way we can fuck and not take my virginity so soon.

He puts me back on the desk and lifts my legs up to his shoulders. He puts his fingers back into my mouth telling me to wet his fingers for him.
He then puts one finger down and puts it in my ass.
The feeling was a total surprise for me. I thought it was going to hurt but it felt sooooooo pleasurable.
He then knelt down and started kissing and licking my clit while still fingering my ass.
I was in heaven. Who knew being fingered in the ass would feel so great!!
He puts the ass finger back in my mouth and tells me to spit more and more.

He inserts the finger in again but followed by another and that felt even better!!! :D.
I had more chills running up and down my body. I never experienced it before, but i was having an orgasm in my maths class to my teacher fingering my ass.

After a while, he starts to tongue my ass and insert THREE fingers into my asshole and i started cumming and screaming so loud that the teachers on the base level could have heard me.

My body fell limp. I was so hot and so relaxed, i didn't care about losing anything more.
He asked if i was ok with tasting cum and i said "I would love our cum on me".

He starts stroking his cock over my face. He starts moaning and groaning and finally cums on my face and breast.

Satisfied. I kept my virginity and still got fucked and had an amazing orgasm while learning new things.

We clean ourselves up and leave the building.

"I had a fun time" I said while smiling non-stop.
"So did i" he replies with a big smile on his face "If you ever need to learn anything else, just give me a call."
He gives me his phone number and kisses me farewell.

I walk home so ready to tell someone about my experience but i never brought myself to telling anyone until now.

A few days later, my f****y had to move to the states to live, taking me away from my boytoy.
We tried to stay in touch but he was often busy. So i started my new life in San Fransisco where i met a new play date who could possibly blow me away.

~End <3

Look out for a new part where i have my first lesbian experience and lose my virginity.... Continue»
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Mum Was My Teacher

I am a 24-year old woman from Manchester,
UK. My f****y consists of mother, Amy, father,
Lee, s****r, Claire and myself, Sarah. When I was
growing up we lived in a semi detached house. We
were like most of our neighbors, just making a living
and going to school. My life changed when I was

I went to a school that required that all of the
students wear a uniform. All of us girls hated having
to wear the same type of clothes every day. We
tried to rebel by doing things like making the skirts
shorter than the school dictated, wearing scandalous
underwear, and unbuttoning our blouses below our
cleavage to show off sexy bras. Of course the
faculty would reprimand us for altering the
uniforms. We were often caned for altering our

I had learned to masturbate myself from my
girlfriends at school when I was 14. I developed a
habit of coming home after school and stripping off
my uniform and sitting on my bed in front of my
closet mirror and playing with my breasts and pussy.
I was a round faced girl with dirty blonde short hair.
It was blonder when I was younger.

One afternoon when I got home from school I
peeled off my school uniform, and turned on my TV.
I only had on my matching white panties and bra as I
sat down on my chair in front of the TV. I had been
masturbating regularly for a couple of weeks. I had
suffered through one of those bad days at school.
It had seemed like nothing had gone right that day.

I remember that I was watching my favorite
sitcom, 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch.' I still have a
thing for Melissa Joan Hart. She turned me on so I
stuck my hand down the front of my panties and
started rubbing my pubic hair against my pussy.

I was so busy playing with my pussy I didn't
hear the front door open or the footsteps on the
carpeted stairs. She must have heard me moaning
because she opened my bedroom door without
knocking. I panicked. I jerked my hand out of my
panties and curled up in a fetal position. I feared
what my mum would do to me.

Mum's expression hardly changed as she
crossed the space between the door and my desk.
She stood behind me and placed her hand on my
shoulder in a comforting way. " don't
have to be embarrassed about what you are doing.
Every woman enjoys playing with themselves from
time to time."

I was reluctant to face my mum. She removed
my hands from my face and kissed me on the lips.
Her face was so close to my cheek that I could feel
her breath and she continued to talk to me. "Sarah,
I just want to teach you how to masturbate without
hurting yourself."

Mum sat down next to me. She removed
enough clothes to expose her breasts and pussy to
me. She showed me how she manipulated her
breasts while she used her fingers to masturbate
her pussy.

Mum kissed my cheek as she slipped her hand
down the front of my knickers. The feeling of her
hand on my pussy was at least ten times more
exciting that it was when I touched myself. I was
holding my breath as long as I could before gasping
for air. She stuck a finger between my labia and
wiggled my little clit around like a joystick on an 'X
Box.' She commented on how wet I was. She told
me that she wanted to see how much I had matured.

She used her free hand to unfasten the hooks
on the back of my bra. She continued to play with
my pussy as she pulled my bra off of me. My
breasts were just a little too large for a B sized bra
but didn't fill a C cup that much. Mum used her left
hand to feel my tits and stimulate my nipples with
her finger.

I moaned when she pulled her hand out of my
panties and turned my chair around to face her.
She used both hands to pull my knickers down. She
was strong enough to pull them under my butt. She
freed them from my feet before she spread my legs.
She actually d****d them over the armrests of my
chair. She knelt in front of me and parted my labia
so that she could inspect my pussy.

She seemed to be a little disappointed that my
hymen was already broken. That did not stop her
from sticking two long fingers into my barrel. She
felt my cervix just like our gynecologist did when
she gave me physicals. As she withdrew her fingers
she pressed against my urethra with a finger tip
until I actually squirted a little pee into her hand. It
embarrassed me. I could not believe it when Mum
actually licked her hand and smelled her fingers.

Mum told me, "If you want to use something to
masturbate with, the butt of a candle works well.
Cucumbers are better with the added benefit that
you can eat the evidence afterwards." (She chucked
at her attempt at humor.) "For me I have a couple
of battery powered toys. A couple of them are
about the size of small eggs attached to a battery
box by a wire. You can insert them in your pussy or
anus and adjust the speed with a three speed switch.
I also have a couple of dildos and butt plugs."

The revelation that Mum had sex toys to play
with shocked me. She saw the expression on my
face. "Honey...your father is not always around
when I get horny and there are times when he is not
in the mood."

While she was talking she was playing with my
pussy. I had been so disturbed by her admission
that I had forgotten that she was rubbing my clit.
The sexual wave that swept over me was

My legs were falling asl**p and starting to
tingle. Mum was wedged between my legs so tightly
that I could not take them off of the armrests.
When Mum actually placed her mouth against my
pussy I almost freaked out. She clung to my legs
until I calmed down. I could not believe that my
mother actually was sucking my pussy. I had
another climax that seemed like it would never stop.
As fast I would get over a quivering thrill another
one would sweep over my body.

When I finally calmed down Mum stood up and
pulled me to my feet. My legs felt like they would
not support me. She supported me until bl**d
returned to my lower legs and I was able to stand on
my own. While she was supporting me she pressed
my breasts against her body and kissed me on my
mouth. It was so strange to smell and taste my own
pussy juice on her face.

We sat on my bed while Mum talked to me.
She assured me that Claire was not old enough to
understand sex. She pleaded with me not to tell her
anything that had gone on today. My mind was
spinning as I assured her that I would not tell Claire
anything. I could not look my mum in the eye the
rest of the evening.

I could not sl**p that night. I must have
masturbated 8 or 9 times trying to exhaust myself.
I still could not look my mother in the eye the next
morning as my s****r and I ate breakfast before
going to school. I could not concentrate all day. I
walked home slowly after school. When I entered
the house I did not hear any noise alerting me that
Mum was in one of the rooms. I made my way up to
my room. When I opened the door Mum was laying
on top of my bed naked as could be. There were sex
toys on my nightstand.

"Where is Claire?"

Mum smiled, "She went to Granny's after
school. We have plenty of time for me to continue
introducing you to the mysteries of sex!"

I was frozen where I stood. Mum got up and
walked towards me. I was fascinated by the sight
of her naked body. Her body had put on more than
a few extra pounds, her breasts sagged and there
was a fold below her navel. She did not trim or
shave her pubic hair, so there were a few hairs
growing well beyond her panty line. Her thighs were
showing the dimples of cellulite. Just the same I
thought she was beautiful. We have the same
dishwater blonde hair and our pubic hair is darker. I
stood there as she approached.

She put her arm around me and led me back to
my bed. She helped me get out of my school
uniform. She could not resist feeling my breasts
after taking off my bra. She placed me on my bed
on my back before she crouched over me and
started sucking on my nipples like she was a baby.
She showed me her eggs and placed one between my
labia and turned on the motor. The egg was pressed
against my clit and it set my body to quivering. The
second egg she held against my asshole. It was mind
blowing as she pushed the egg into my asshole. I had
a climax in no time.

There was no rest for the wicked. She
dropped the eggs on the floor and reached for a
small butt plug and put it where the second egg had
been. The tapered base allowed my asshole to close
around it to hold it in me. Then she picked up one of
her rubber dildos and proceeded to fuck me with it.
I almost passed out when it was over. Mum was
kissing my brows and assuring me that she had a
harness that she would use to strap on the dildo, so
that she could fuck me like a man. My head was

Mum leaned over me and used her hand to
guide one of her breasts towards my mouth. I was
the one to act like a baby this time. I clung to her
breasts while sucking on her nipples. When she
straddled my chest I was looking at her pussy as she
rested on my breasts. I knew what she was going to
do and my mouth was watering. She moved her body
forward until her hairs were brushing against my

I would not believe how my pussy sweated just
smelling her cunt. When she pressed her pussy
against my mouth I probed the depths of her barrel
while she smashed her clit against my nose. She
virtually spread her labia over my face like a gas
mask. The only way I could catch a breath was when
she rocked forward enough that my mouth was free.
I would catch a breath and then she would press her
asshole against my mouth.

When she was finished she gathered up her
toys except for one of her medium sized dildos. She
told me to have fun with it. I lay there recovering
while I heard the shower running.

I made good use of the toy that night. I
wondered when Mum would consider Claire would be
old enough to find out about our toys. The next
afternoon when I got home from school Mum told
me that she was taking me shopping. She locked up
the house and we caught a bus downtown.

She didn't discuss what we were shopping for.
It puzzled me when we passed through the popular
shopping center. When the bus arrived in the old
rundown business section she led me off of the bus.
She headed towards a shop with the front sporting
ads like Adult video arcade, adult book store. When
we entered there were only a few men in the store.
They looked at us and averted their eyes when we
looked at them. The man behind the counter was an
unsavory looking guy. His face was pock marked and
it looked like he hadn't shaved in days. I just felt
like he was dirty. I made sure I was not close
enough to smell him.

Mum headed directly to a glass enclosed
counter and pointed out to the clerk the items she
wanted. She selected a couple of dildos, butt plugs
and some plastic beads on strings. She also pointed
out battery powered eggs. She also selected a
bottle of strawberry flavored lubricant. She paid
for them with a credit card. The clerk placed her
purchases in a plain plastic bag and we left the
store. Mum had one more place to take me. It was
a tea room. We ordered Old Gray tea and crumpets.
We made our way to a small table for two where we
added cream and sugar to taste.

It took me a moment to become aware that
everyone in the establishment were women, even the
person busing tables was a slender dark haired
woman. As we made our way to a small table for two
I noticed the variety of women sipping tea.

There were a couple of women that were
obviously Indian, dressed in the traditional saris.
There were a few black women, I suspected were
from Africa. The rest of the women looked like
every woman I had ever seen. Irish, Scot, and mixed
French, German, Dutch. The women represented a
variety of ages. I was obviously the youngest female
there. The youngest other woman there was at least
twenty. There were a couple of silver haired women
dressed like they were very conservative women.
They looked like the old women I saw in church.

When I looked at one of the silver haired
women she shocked me by holding up her hand with
her first two fingers spread and stuck her tongue
between them and flicked her tongue in a gesture
that was obviously a symbol that she wanted to lick
my pussy. I blushed and lowered my eyes.

While Mum and I sipped our tea and talked I
noticed just how familiar these women were with
each other. There was a chubby blonde headed
woman dressed in a man's suit sitting with a younger
woman. There was no doubt that the blonde was a
woman. The suit could not hide the fact that she
had huge breasts. I suspect that they were F sized,
if not G's. The man's shirt and tie did not hide that
she did not have a bra on either. While she was
sipping her tea her free hand was resting on the lap
of her girlfriend passively.

Her girlfriend was all female. She looked like
an office clerk. Her dress was fashionable. Her
hair was long and soft looking. She made no attempt
to remove the hand on her lap. It was obvious that
the other woman was stroking her crotch.

A woman about the same age as my mother
approached our table. The woman was nice looking
and could have been the mother of any of my
classmates. She held out her hand to Mum and bent
over to press her cheek against Mum's in a familiar
gesture of a kiss that would not leave lipstick on
each other.

Mum introduced her to me. Her name was
Helen. As soon as she knew that I was her
daughter, she beamed. "Are you bringing her out?"

Mum smiled, "Keep your hands off of my
daughter, you wicked old bitch!"

The both laughed, good humouredly. It was
obvious that they were friends. The woman turned
to me and actually did kiss me on the mouth. She
whispered in my ear, "When you are ready give me a
call. Your mum has my number.

When we finished our tea, we caught the bus
for home. Mum had lots of sage advice to pass on to
me. She told me all about the tea room being the
best place for me to meet women. She advised me
to be careful which woman I go home with. Some of
those women can be rough on a young girl like you."

When we got home she saw to it that I
sterilized all of my new toys. She cautioned me to
clean them before and after using them. I swear
that I became addicted to the toys for awhile. I
even stuck one of my butt plugs up my ass one
morning before going to school. I wore that plug all
day. I even had a climax sitting in my desk at
school. It was hard doing that without letting on
what I was experiencing to my classmates and
teacher. I suspect that my teacher caught on to
what I was experiencing. I was wiggling my butt
around and I closed my eyes and bit my lip. She
didn't confront me though.

I was enjoying my new relationship with my
mother. I could not get enough sex. When I was
not sucking her pussy I was masturbating constantly.
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Fun with My Teacher - My First Time: Chapter 1

Fun with My Teacher - My First Time: Chapter 1

I sat in the corner of my class, sucking on the eraser of my pencil. I was on a very difficult question in my maths paper and had no idea how to work it out. My eyes had started to wonder the room in frustration when I caught sight of my teacher, Miss Martin, bending over the work of another student, across the room. Everybody else was concentrating hard on their paper and no one noticed her. She was leaning in my direction and I had a clear view of a lovely pair of 34Ds. I had fancied her since almost my first day of high school.
Miss Martin was a petite curvy woman of about 30 with a great round ass and huge boobs that I had lusted after almost since I first saw her. She was new this year and I always thought it was fantastic how she came in dressed as a pupil, with short skirts and low cut tops.
I had been ogling her boobs for about ten seconds when she must have felt my eyes on her, because she instantly looked straight up into my eyes. I tried to flit my eyes away to look at something else but I was sure that she had just caught me looking at her tits! My fear only intensified when she stood up and started walking towards me. I instantly went down and tried to do the question, writing down nonsense to make it look as though I was working. However she stopped just in front of me and then turned to the boy next to me, her back to me, and leaned over him.

“Now Kyle, do you need any help?” I heard her mutter to my classmate as she bent over him.
At once I was really envious, realizing that she was now giving her boob show to anyone but me. That was until she bent lower and I started to notice her skirt quickly rising up her legs and stopping at the curve of her beautiful ass. But when I bent my head low to my work I realized I could see all the way up her thighs to her panties. They were light blue and very skimpy. I was instantly aware of my cock very quickly forming a large bulge in my trousers. It took me a while to realise she was flashing me.....on purpose!! My hand slowly reached out and rubbed her calf. She seemed to shiver and stood straight up to move off. I withdrew my hand quickly; making sure no one had seen what I had just done. The rest of the lesson she stayed well away from me, and I was worried I had blown it.

At 12:30 it was time for lunch and she called for our class to pack our things.
“Tom Clark, please wait behind, I need to talk to you about your report” She said icily.
My face reddened. As my classmates filed out passed me they mouthed “You’re fucked!” to me. They had absolutely no idea I how dead I was, the just thought I had had a bad report or something.

After they had gone I went up to Miss Clark, who was standing at her desk, glaring at me as though she wanted to kill me.
“How dare you touch me! That there was....was...sexual...”She started off by yelling but her eyes had drifted down to my raging hard-on and now they were firmly resting on it. She slipped off the desk where she had been sitting and came to stand next to me.

I was tall at 5’11” for my age and she stood a little smaller than me. Her hand almost lazily drifted down to my bulge and she gripped it roughly as though she never wanted to let go.
“Oh god! Flashing you felt sooo good!”She almost ripped my shorts as she viciously tugged them down and gripped my throbbing cock between hands. She pumped it up and down, and then took me in her mouth.
She moaned into my penis and she sucked on it, licking the head f***efully and playing with it. She did this playing for about two minutes before she started to deepthroat me. I moaned loudly and had my hands scrunching up her hair. I didn’t last long, I had only had a blowjob twice before and hadn’t jacked off in days. She gasped in delight as I spurted in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She straightened up and pulled up her shirt. Her boobs popped out, in a sexy lace bra and which I quickly unclipped and I was all over them. I had always loved boobs, and I always made sure I had taken special care or my ex-girlfriends’ ones. But I had had never had such a big and beautiful pair in front of me before. I at once started kneading them like fresh dough, taking each in my mouth in turn and sucking them for all I was worth. I flicked her nipples with my tongue while the rest of my mouth latched on to her large dark areolas and sucked. Her chin rested in my head and I felt each one of her sharp intakes of breath as I pleasured her.

I had never got past a blowjob before and was in no man’s land as she grabbed my free hand and steered it down towards the top of her skirt. When my hand reached the top of her skirt I felt the first few pubes of a neatly trimmed bush above it. I slowly and gently pulled on each one of them in turn, with her breast still in my mouth. She gasped quietly each time and finally I started to slide my hand below her skirt. I at once encountered more of her bush, which really turned me on, so I started to slide them through my hand like it was a comb. Her gasps became louder as I moved lower and lower down. Eventually I found her pussy, and she was absolutely soaking. I was rubbing her quickly and I soon knew it was time. I slipped two fingers inside of her and she gasped very loudly. I was worried that someone may enter soon so before very long I was pumping her with my fingers, in time with her heavy breathing and frequent moans to the sound of a loud squelching.

I couldn’t resist anymore, her eyes were closed and she couldn’t stop me so I quickly pulled down her shorts and underwear, stopping for a moment to suck on her wet panties, and then put my tongue in her pussy. I had to go full in so at once I stuck my hot tongue deep in her pussy, or, at least, as deep as it would go. She muffled a scream by biting down on my shoulder, but, far from deterring my, she put her hands in my hair and pushed me deeper into her pussy. This was the first time I had gone down on a woman but I had watched enough porn on my favourite site ‘XHamster’, to know where and when to do things to a woman. My tongue, after the initial venture into her pussy, went to her clit, and I started twirling and sucking on it. My two fingers went back inside her except this time they were slower as I had found my Miss Martin’s G-spot. A unique, small, rough patch of flesh on the inside of her pussy. I had only just started rubbing it when she clenched and my fingers were sucked a bit further inside her. I knew she was close to the edge and my work on her clit just intensified. It was only about 20 seconds of hard clit-work later that she yelled:

“I’m cumming!! Oh Yes Tom I’m cumming!!” She screamed it again and convulsed and I was so worried that we were going to be walked in on but I obediently obeyed her guiding hand and moved my open mouth to her pussy and withdrew my two fingers.

Her juices gushed into my awaiting mouth, filling me up as I gulped down a few times. However hard I tried, I couldn’t get it all in and some dripped onto the floor. But I did try to get down as much as I could and catch any escaping drops as Miss Martin tasted so good. When she had recovered from her orgasm I resumed my oral work with long licks all the way up her pussy, starting from the bottom and finishing up in her bush. I wanted to lap up all her juices.

After a while she got up and brought me up with her, giving me a long kiss where we both tasted each others’ cum. I loved it and lengthened the kiss longer than she expected.

“That was the best oral I’ve ever had sweetie, thank you so much. But I’m not satisfied yet, oh no!”I looked at her silently, not wishing to embarrass her and myself by telling her that until then I had never eaten out a girl before.

I then looked on in confusion as she walked over to the door, her ass wiggling very sexily, locked it and came back to the desk. She bent over it, her ass and pussy in the air.
“I’m all yours my star pupil” She giggled as I went over, wondering if I should tell her I was a virgin......

To be Continued......

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My Teacher Lisa

It was Tuesday September 6th, the first day of school. I'm a sophomore in high school. I go to all of my classes and it's the usual, boring same-old classes. I get to 6th hour which is gym. I look at my teacher and she has the best body I have ever seen. She’s 5 ft. 6 in, long brown hair, brown eyes, and amazing size D breasts. Her ass is ridiculous. I'm 6ft 1in, athletic and can't control my urges. Every day of school flies by until I get to gym. Her name is Lisa, every day she wears tight sportswear and drives me insane. She'll bend down and I'll just think about ramming my dick in her ass.

Second Week. I need more to jerk off to, so when she bends over today I'm taking a picture of her. She finally bends over and I get the picture. When I get home I blow it up on my computer and print it out. I'm thinking about bending her over and just slamming deep into her without care. I cum all over her picture and go to sl**p. The next day I'm thinking about her all day. I start thinking there is no way she is going to have sex with me willingly, so if I want to I'm going to have to f***e her to. The rest of the week I'm planning out how to **** her.

Third Week. I think I have a full-proof way of getting away with r****g her. She doesn't even know my name! I can't take my urges any longer. I need to get it in her and need it soon. After school each day I'm going to spy on her and see what she does. The bell rings for the end of the day. Everyone goes into the locker rooms to change and she goes into her office. I duck out and hide. She leaves the door cracked a little, but just enough see into. She’s changing out of her sport clothes and she’s in her bra and thong. My cock is rock hard so I pull it out. She takes off her sports bra and I see her tits. They're the best I've ever seen! I start stroking my dick furiously. She goes onto the floor to pick up a paper she dropped and her tits are hanging down and her ass is up in the air. I cum all over the floor.

Fourth Week. Now that I know she hangs out in her office alone for an extra hour doing paperwork and such, I can initiate what I plan to do. Nobody comes into her office at all. I will be perfectly safe. The week goes by smoothly. Finally it's Friday.

I come to school nervous and excited. I have never felt this way before. Today goes by extremely slow. I get to 6th hour and she has no idea what’s going to happen to her today.

The end of the day, the bell rings and every one goes to the locker room and soon they leave the school. She’s half-naked in her office. I sneak into her office and she has no idea I'm in there. I stand behind her watching her. She turns around and screams and I tackle her. Lisa is struggling and I hold her down. I am a lot stronger than her. I hold her arms down with one arm and sit on her chest. She tries to scream and my other hand is over her mouth. After 10 minutes she tires herself out. I grab the medical tape and tape her arms and her mouth. She’s all tied up. I leave her on the floor and go to the door and lock it. I gaze at her and watch her squirm. She tries to yell with the tape over her mouth so I hit her across the face. I put her on her stomach and cut her bra off then go down to her ass and slowly pull off her panties. She is very tan and has tan lines; her vagina is shaved and looks like it was today. I lean over her and run my fingers over her pussy and asshole; she squirms so I hit her on the back of her head hard. I pick her head up by her hair and say you do what I say, and don't squirm. I kick her and tell her to turn over bitch. She listens. I grab her tits and play with them, pinch her nipples little to give her pleasure, then when I see she enjoys it, I squeeze harder for it to hurt. A whimper comes out of her and I tell her to shut the fuck up and squeeze harder. I then pull my cock out which was raging hard already, I slowly put it into her cunt and savor the feeling of her wet tight pussy around my dick. I pump faster and harder into her. Lisa cries out, I punch her in the liver to shut her up. I whisper in her ear, you ready for some real fun?! I take my cock out of her and line it up with her asshole. Without warning I shove my cock in her ass, another cry comes out of her. I’m enjoying her tight ass so much, my balls start to churn. I pull my dick out and flip her back over. I stick my cock between her tits and thrust. I’m pushed over the edge and cum all over her tits and face. Then I look at her and think of how pathetic she looks, I go to put on my clothes, and decide its best to just leave her here and let somebody find her. Then on the way out I untie her, she is too tired to do anything or scream at this point. I tell her if she tells anybody I will kill her and I know where she lives. Lisa shook her head with a tear coming down from the side of her eye.

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Sex with my teacher

The name of my teacher is Fariha Jahan.She teaches Physics in our school.She is the hottest women in our school.She has big,massive boobs,and a huge ass.I had a crush on her for 3 years and I always wanted to have sex with her.She is 28 years old and unmarried.She is 5’8 and really beautiful.The way she walks would seduce anyone.I always liked her boobs and the way she moved her ass.While she teached us,I always imagined about sbe being nude in my bed,waiting to have sex with me.

Everyday I masturbated thinking about her.I just wanted to grab her boobs badly and suck ‘em and fuck her ass hard.But in bangladesh,it is hard to do so.In picnics,I used to take photos of her and save it in my mobile and at night,I fantasized about her by touching my penis.

It was 28th march,2010,she was teaching in the class and I was,as usual,imagining her nude.Suddenly, something struck my mind that I can seduce her in order to have sex with her.But I was scared a bit,thinking that things may get rough.At last I made a decision that I should try.

The school bell rang.Everyone was going to their house.I was too walking with Fariha miss.I walked with her and stared at her boobs and that horny butt and my penis went up, hard like a rock.I made me first try.I told her that she was looking beautiful today.I continued and she gave an erotic smile, putting her hair back.Her boobs seemed to pump up.I said to her that we would go together in the rickshaw and that I will drop her while going to my house.I didin’t stop saying her.I went forward and said that she is sexy and that the man who will marry her will be lucky.Her face went red and she said me to stop.

When we reached at her house,she f***ed me to stay at her house for a while.I thought that this is the chance to fulfill my dreams.I entered her house.We sat on the sofa and talked for some time.I found out that she lives alone and her parents stay at Dhaka.She went to her room.I sensed a chance and went behind her slowly.I saw her brushing her hair.My cock went up.I then intentionally pushed my cock to her ass.

She asked me if I was feeling uncomfortable here.I went close to her and touched her neck.We kissed each other hard on the lips.She hesitated at first,but I told her its okay.She gave a dirty smile, like a devil.

We kissing each other on the lips and around the body.She kept kissing me and went downwards,unzipping my pants and opening my underwear.There was my hard cock waiting for her,and she started to give the blowjob that I have been longing for.She kept sucking them.After a while she gave my cock a handjob and I couldn’t bear it and I cummed on her kameez.She said to me it’s okay in a dirty voice indicating that she has to get them off within some minutes.She then licked up all of the cum on my cock.

I also took the fun by giving a tight grip on her boobs, though she didn’t get off her kameez.I sucked them from the outside and made the upper side of her dress completely wet.I started to open her kameez and threw off her bra and panty.There was the big boobs of her I wanted to suck for a long time.I did so, sucked on her tits and did it so hard that I sucked out the milk out of them.I pushed her into the bed.I grabbed her legs and put them around the side of my waist and kept on sucking her boobs.I then rolled her over and sucked her ass.Again I told her to get off the bed and I pushed her through the wall and sucked her ass.She wanted to go to the bed and told me to lick her pussy.We went ot the bed again and I “finger-fucked her pussy”.Her pussy was so soft at the time.I then licked them with my tongue, and enjoying the day.

I thought of fucking her in the ass.So I rolled her as before,stuck my cock into her ass and fucked her hard.She made erotic voices which encouraged me to fuck her hard and hard and hard.I then pulled her off my cock and turned her over my lap and spanked her ass till it was red.I fucked her like a whore and sinked my cock deep into her asshole.On all fours I pushed her head to the bed and shoved my cock in her ass without caring how tight she was.I buried my cock in her ass and fucked her hard and showed her no mercy.Then I rammed my cock deep into her as he slapped her red ass again and again.I kept fucking her ass for over an hour before I filled her with my cum.I went on to suck her boobs and got a huge amount of milk out of them.I grabbed her by the hair and jerked her knees and pressed her head to my cock.She licked my cock clean and balls too.She was a true slut and I loved to fuck her.

I grabbed her up and grabbed her hair, rolling and giving her a hard kiss on the lips.We kept kissing and she pushed me through the walls, rolling her over and fucking her pussy with my fingers.I was doing multitasking while sex and I loved it.At last I put my cock in between her tits which was filled with her breast milk.She grabbed my cock tightly through her boobs and I fucked her boobs.At last, she was above me and stuck her ass into my cock.I was feeling so good and sucked her boobs and later kissed her.

We were tired and gasping hard, as we had sex continuously for seven hours.Luckily I also live alone and my parents are in Dhaka too.I told Fariha miss that I had the first and the best sex of my life.It was like a dream come true.I said to her that she’s a whore and would like to have sex with her regularly.She said to me “sure I also want to get laid with you soon”.She then got laid in m shoulder and we fell asl**p.
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My teacher kept me after for a reason... PART 3


- Please don't tell me you came in me? My teacher, Emma, asked me while I was resting my cock inside of her. And yes, I did cum inside her. Not on purpose though.
- Ehm, I'm sorry. I said and pulled my cock out, a small string of cum was attached to my cock and some cum even dripped out of her pussy. I spanked her ass with my cock a few times to get the last drops out and just stood there. Then she turned around and looked at me.
- You know, I'm not on birth control. She said and stared me in the eyes.
- Why the fuck not? I mean, you're an incredibly hot 30 year old. You must be getting laid all the time. I said and inspected her body even more.
- Shh you're making me blush. She said and looked at the ground.
- Oh well, are we going to get anything to eat? I asked her and gave her a kiss.
- Yes, what would Mr like? She asked me and kissed me back.
- How about pizza? I suggested and bit her lip carefully.
- Just because you're cute! She answered and walked over to the kitchen, while wiggling on her sexy butt, to get her phone.
- I'd like a cheese pizza with some mushrooms on! I shouted through the kitchen and walked around her apartment, to try to find my ways around. I found her bedroom and walked in. The walls were maroonish colored and she had a big bed in the middle of the room, with a window behind. The only light coming in to the room was from that window and of course, the door. I stepped in and walked to her bed and laid down on it, still all naked.
- 25 minu.. Oooo. She interrupted herself when she stepped in to the bedroom, she was also naked. She closed the door behind herself and the room went quite dark. You could see, but it was dark. Then she sneaked up to me and laid herself on top of me, with her pussy touching my cock. Then she kissed me and grinded herself on top of me. I was getting hard, once again, and I think she could feel it quite well, since my cock was getting all wet from her grinding. She carefully took my cock with her and and putted it inside of her once again. Then she began humping slowly, while kissing me.
She moaned quietly and began picking up her pace a little. Then she sat straight up, still with my cock inside of her and began riding me fast. Her breathing was really heavy now and she moaned loudly.
- Oh that feels soooo gooooood! She screamed and began fingering her clit whilst riding me fast.
I started to hump as well and a nice spanking sound happened every time our bodies touches.
- Oh I'm gonna cum! She screamed very loud and began humped me really fast. Then she leaned back so my cock went out of her pussy and she squirted all over my stomach, screaming really loud.
- AHHH! OH MY GOD! She shouted and fell on top of me and began kissing me. Her breathing was really heavy. My dick slipped out and it touched her anus. She lit up.
- I want you to fuck my ass. She said while looking me straight in the eyes.
I was shocked, truly shocked.
- Okay, do you have any lube? I asked and kissed her.
She then grabbed my cock and slid it across her pussy.
- Will this do it? She asked with a big smile.
My cock was very wet out of juices.
- I think so, what position?
- I think doggy. She answered and kissed me and jerked my cock a little. Then she got up on her knees and fingered her ass a few minutes to stretch it.
I shoved my cock up her pussy and fucked it for a few seconds then I pulled out. My cock was soaking. Then I teased her ass with it and slowly pushed the head of my cock in and waited. She grinned a little and told me to continue. I slowly pushed all of my cock in and stayed there. It sure was tight there! Tightest hole I've ever fucked in my whole life.
Suddenly she began moving her hips forward and backwards since I wasn't doing anything.
- Come on! Fuck my ass already! She commanded.
I did as she said. I began fucking her tight ass. First I went slow, but then I picked up pace and fucked her fast. She began moaning loudly again and my balls smacked against her wet pussy. The sensation was enormous. I wasn't going to be able to hold myself for much longer.
As I fucked her she fingered her wet cunt and I could feel that she was close to coming as well.
- Mmmm, she moaned out. I'm gonna cum again!
- Me too!
I felt her knees shaking and her pussy vibrating and meantime I shot a big load inside her tight ass. I slowed down my pace and stopped. I held my cock inside her ass until it went flaccid. Then I slowly pulled out and some cum came out as well from her tight ass.

Then we both laid down on the bed next to each other, talking about other fantasies we had. Later that night she gave me the best blow job of my life in the shower. We went to bed early that night.

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My teacher and I

We woke up in the morning around 9am.
Me lying beside her, vaguely uneasy, as the output of a long and confused erotic dream. "I just sl**p with my teacher, Sarah, still naked beside me, her dark hair spread over the pillow intertwined. "I took off a little blanket and watched: she slept on her stomach, a leg up. Her buttocks slightly apart, hinted thick hair and black sex. I stroked lightly the white skin of my fingers and écartais his half moons pale me seeping between his lips still moist. She woke up moaning and languidly waving her back, giving me a view of the most enticing. Intoxicated, I would push my fingers into this delectable heat when it froze, suddenly very awake. She looked at me anxiously, and sat on the bed. She said: "We can not continue what we have done is not correct. "I was speechless," But we do nothing wrong, "I managed to articulate.
- I know, but I can not make progress if I go with you, everything will be confusing if I do this.

- Really? I say really surprised.
She started to get up and get her panties hiding her breasts with her arms. I looked vexed, the awakening was abrupt. She got dressed in silence, as in a hurry to be somewhere else. With bitterness, it occurred to me that I should not be a one night stand.

- You do that often, bring your students here? Any busy seeking her business, she quickly raised her head and looked at me hard.

- No, of course not.
I read in his eyes the lie, and I let her incredulous look her clothes again. She was now completely dressed and took her purse. I almost suffocated, and shortness of breath, I let go:

- Well then salvation.
She stood for a moment surprised by the dark tone of my voice, expecting probably more vehemently. She smiled as a courtesy, and said "next week, Lise. '
I stood alone in the fucking room, bruised heart. No, I did not cry I was too offended to it. I left the hotel a little later, lost in shock, not knowing where to go. Despite the early hour, the whores of the rue Saint Denis were already the sidewalk, and I overshot, at a rapid pace, to achieve the Halles. After a few minutes of indecision, I jumped on the subway and went home. The inside of my maid's room seemed sad in the gray drizzle of Paris, and fully dressed, I let myself fall on my bed, taking a kind of sob content. But my mind rebelled: I can tighten others, and if it is to suffer and to suffer, I can also make them suffer! Or where the next would take expensive!
The next course had already begun half an hour when I was in the garden of La Villette, lying on the grass with Fanny. It was sunny and mild weather. Intoxicated, we whistled the last twelve pack of beer. "Shit, this is the last," said Fanny. I got up heavily trying to smooth my clothes with the flat of my hands. "I gotta go ... I'm d***k" and I tanguais excessively to laugh my friend. I advanced a bold step to college, I fonçais corridors, half-conscious, half-closed eyelids. Alcohol had fortified me. I walked into the classroom without knocking and saw Sarah standing in front of me. "Excuse you," I said before I sit down without so. The hour that followed was foggy that was happening, what we were talking, my brain had a meager understanding of course content, my eyes were vague, and fragments of sentences professors came to me without no logic.
At the end of the course, the sun had finally left the scene and I got up heavily taking in passing my bag that I had not opened.
Saturday that followed, I spent in bars lesbians Marais. Around 4am, a small group of girls and I found ourselves in the last open bar in the basement. Under the stone arches barely lit, warm and sweaty bodies shone like lamps flickering. I was intoxicated by all kinds of substances. Sprawled on a couch. I plissais eyes, what were they, who kissed who? Came face to fit into my field of vision, the face of a smiling girl, beggar, why you do not amuse me, she said. She kissed me to see, I felt absolutely nothing terrible. Politeness, I moved a little mouth, then turned his head resignedly, that was enough ... A shadow went a little farther, and I thought I saw a burst of hope in the flexible approach, and black hair ... That Sarah n was not it, but ... almost! I made him a sign to join me but the figure was watching me from afar and laugh. "I must look like a pasha alcoholic who calls one of his subjects. "I thought. Dismayed by the failure of this attempt to entertainment, I got up to leave.
After the course, I arrived on time, tired of rebelling, tired, abdicating to the demands of college. The hour ended, I went to the toilet. I began to pee slightly, without much conviction, balanced not to touch the bowl. When I opened the door, Sarah turned to face me. "As expected" I thought.
"Lise," she said. I washed my hands "... Lise, sorry for acting like that." Hands in hot water, I turned around, she was in a pitiful state: her dark eyes wide with anxiety, showed she had suffered.
She said no more, and then took his enthusiasm: "I have a husband." I stopped net. "You have a husband? "If she experienced with women, she sl**ps with a man. I remained gripped by the complexity of human, but repeating my attitude soured, said laconically: "so this is how with him, you're having fun? ". I made him evil, dug her belly as if the blow had been physical. She looked at me silently cured. Her reaction touched me. Planted in front of me, she broke the silence, "I'm sorry Lisa, I'm sorry" as to conclude the discussion.
This softness in the pronunciation of my name, seepage final S made me lose some capacity. "Lise" repeated she whispered that mouth ... and let my name appear pearly white teeth. My mind was trying at all costs to counter torpor overcame me. But I was fascinated, warmth spread in me blowing my anger barriers. "What" I said, "What is it? "She smiled," Come, "she said almost in a whisper quiet. I moved the body moist, "why," I said, "Why do you think I let do it again? You think you're overkill perhaps? '
She held out her hand. I walked enough to be touched. But she hugged the waist with such tenderness that I melted under his caresses. She dyed her close, his body against mine, so strong, his hands running all along my body. "Lise" she repeated, as if to make sure I was still there. His mouth met mine once like to see a light blow dry and fast, and the verdict, she plunged into the mine with the release of pleasure found. Her tongue wet me random ... I let myself be gripped by this change, not believing, closing his eyes. His thirst to go more in me, to have him grab my butt, returning his hands in my jeans. My breathing quickened, I pushed my legs. Taking a sudden urge, she feverishly unbuttoned the buttons on my jeans, lowered enough to clear my panties and place his hand. She patted my swollen sex through the fabric, and the precipitation of sexual desire are engulfed his hand. His fingers returned to me with the suddenness of an erect penis. And suddenly, his face expressed the pleasure of relief. She stooped to better calibrate and at the same time as his fingers disappeared into my sex, she went up close to my face and kissed me warmly. I let myself do more dilated, his thank you. I began to scream loudly, so much she put her hand on my mouth. As possessed, I did get his fingers in my mouth, I mouillais the greedily licked. "Fuck me from all sides," I sucked his fingers gripping her hand, and she crouched and fingers lodged in me, engulfed his tongue into my sex, and lapped my clit.
All of a sudden rattling a bunch of keys was heard. Before we had time to recover, the door opened, leaving the keeper. Standing in front of us, frozen like a pillar of salt, it's eyes widened as if struck by lightning. Cheeks on fire, I climbed awkwardly my jeans. Sarah stood up, leaned in front of me to hide myself, and after a pause said in a clear voice, "We were just about to leave. '

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One a time me & my teacher's wife Salma were waiting for local train. I shifted a little bit to her right side as her left hand was down holding the bag. Now my right thigh was pressing her right thigh. The pallu of bhabhi was flattering due to wind and I was getting a nice view of her bulge of milky white boobs inside the pallu due to which my cock was hard and bulging inside the pant.

She noticed flattering of pallu and with her right hand she tucked her pallu to the blouse. By this time Naved had slept on my shoulder and I just moved my hand to hold him properly in the process, back of my right palm just brushed her left boob. She suddenly looked at me in surprise but she realized the why I did that. She told me to hand over Baby to her and tried to take him. I did not allow her to take Naved and I told her that you came with me in general compartment for ease of travelling. I did not know what to do and started looking out of the train. Now her right hand was down with the vegetable bag in the process her pallu again got loose and started flattering, which even after knowing she left it for flattering and again I was getting full view of the bulge of her milk mound.

She turned to her left to see inside of compartment which made her right hand to again brush my bulge. In this position her right side ass cheek was pressing my bulge and I knew that she was feeling it still she did not move

And also I noticed that her ass was moving a bit so as to caress my bulge. At this moment back my palm holding the baby was touching her right boob and I found that her nipple was hard. This time she did not made any attempt to see me as if nothing happened. I thought she is doing all this purposely and pressed my right hand little hard on her right boob, while looking outside, as if I do not know anything. I think she looked at me, but I could not know that why her hand is on my thigh? If she wanted, she could have held it back so as to avoid touching my thigh. I also acted as if nothing happened and kept a watch on the feeling of her hand on my thigh.

I could feel that her hand was slowly moving towards my cock within short time it touched side of my erect member and kept it there for some time, may be to see my reaction. Finding no reaction from me, it again moved further and completely rested on the middle of the bulge with pressure. I just turned to see inside of the compartment with an innocent look on my face and noticed that she is also looking inside compartment. To confirm again.

I forcibly throb my cock 2-3 times, which she must have felt, but still her hand did not move from the place. It was evident now that this sexy lady wants a good time with me. I was now sure that next 10 days will be like journey to heaven with this young sexy lady. I also started free movements of my body. I slipped my forefinger and middle finger inside her pallu and pressed hardened nipple between them.

She shivered a little bit and pressed her hand on my cock little hard and held the cock in between back of her fore finger and middle finger and pressed 2-3 times. All the while we were looking here and there, without having eye contact of each other, as if nothing has happened.

I spread my legs a bit and shifted my waist to my right side and pressed my erect dick on her front side on her pussy with the motion of the train and I started grinding my bulge on her pussy. She was breathing heavily due to all this pressing, brushing. Meantime Thane station arrived and we had to get down while getting down I just said 'Bhabhi, How fast we reached? I never knew' She said 'We have travelled almost one hour. I told time passed like anything' She just smiled bent down her head after reaching home, she was behaving as if she is some other lady than who had travelled with me by train. She said that first she will make food hot and I said ok bhabhi.

One of her nature is to be conservative lady, faithful to her husband and second one is to enjoy variety in sex, which she is not able to, due to conservative nature of her husband.

I wanted to bring out her second nature during my stay and enjoy the beauty of this charming, sexy but conservative, shy Muslim lady. I went to the railway station to bring the Pan as I did not want any nearby Pan vendor to know with whom I am staying so as to keep the secrecy of identity. He also told me that to make the lady to feel about the sex, which will increase her urge to have sex.

I came home, had lunch with bhabhi during which she was very normal as if nothing happened in the train. I gave her that special Pan and went to hall started to watch TV after some time she came to hall sat on the sofa chair opposite to me.

We talked many things in general suddenly she asked me 'is there any problem for you to stay here? I said 'No bhabhi. Why are you asking this?' She said that I would have been enjoying the company of friends which is not possible now. I told her 'Bhabhi do not worry about it in fact

I am thankful for recommending my name for staying here during uncle's absence, as I like you very much' she blushed and kept quite. I asked her 'Bhabhi, I noticed on first day, when I came here, you were wearing sleeveless blouse and after some time changed to half sleeve blouse. Why?'

She felt shy and said that 'My husband does not like to wear such dress in front of others' I told her 'Bhabhi if you like, you can wear sleeveless dress. It suits very well to your figure. You look great. Do not worry about it. I will not tell anyone'.

She again blushed and put her head down. I wanted her to feel sex, but the subject was not coming up. I told her 'Bhabhi, you look 4-5 years young than your age in that sleeveless blouse. Why do not you wear?' She looked at me with a confused look and I think that hit the target. Top of her breast bulge and the cleavage was clearly visible through saree as the blouse was of low and wide neck and I can see black hairs in her armpits.

This gave me instant hard on, which luckily was hidden in my bermuda. She stood near me on my left side from where open portion of her right boob was visible. I told her that I was thinking of our journey by train today. She looked at me in a nervous look and went inside and sat on sofa. I also went in hall sat next to her keeping my left hand on the back of sofa behind her. I asked her 'what happened?

Why you are so nervous?' and placed my left hand on her left shoulder. She looked at me nervously and asked me 'you are calling me bhabhi and why you are doing all this' and pushed my hand from her shoulder. I asked her that whether she enjoyed the pressings in the train. She blushed and said 'yes' with a low voice. I asked her 'then why not now?' I took her right hand and slipped it inside my Bermuda her trembling hand slowly moved to my cock and held it over the brief and started pressing.

I asked her 'how is the size?' She did not answer, but enjoying with closed eyes. I was enjoying all this because, she was so much excited that all the way she was trembling with excitement.

I was pressing her left boob over the blouse and sucking the hardened nipple of right boob. Now she could not control and started moaning little loud so nice suck me bite me ahhh it feels so good, your hindu lund looks so thick and big and hard bite my nipples. I was sucking her and she put one hand on top of her to hold the bed. I can see her black hairs in her arm pits. I got mad and start lick her hairy arm pits. She moaned wildly aahhhh it feels so good and I slowly shifted my licking and sucking mouth down on her stomach and then on her belly button. All the way I was pressing her boobs with both hands and she was pressing my dick. I got up a little bit on side and started to loosen my bermuda. She said in a nervous voice 'what are you doing?' I told her that 'I am getting naked to release the paining hard cock from the undies and I was naked in no time.

She was looking at my 7" x 3" cock with slightly open mouth. I think she had seen the fully erect hindu cock first time in her life. I took her hand placed it on my throbbing Hindu cock. She held it in her hand and started playing with my foreskin. I asked her how is my Hindu cock she said in sexy voice that my cock is so hard. It was great pleasure and I told her to become nude like me for which she blushed and closed her face with both the hands. I pulled the saree frills but she said 'no please don't do this and was not allowing me to do that by holding the saree. I told her that I will not make her nude, but remove only the saree. She reluctantly agreed and within no time she was in blouse and petticoat with both hands covering her face. I was equally excited for playing sex game with such a conservative, shy but sexy lady.

Her tummy was milky white, flat with beautiful round deep belly button. Her breasts were round and firm with hardened nipples pointing up. I went to her feet and started kissing and licking her milky white feet while caressing her both legs up to calf, thereby lifting her petticoat up to knee. She had spread her legs little bit and I was in between them. Skin of her legs was so smooth like silk. She was now slowly coming under the control of personality of second nature. I started moving upwards while kissing and pressing her legs.

Now I was caressing and pressing smooth thighs and kissing knees. She was breathing heavily, moving her body with sex excitement when I moved my hands upwards to her inner thighs, she tried close her crotch area with her left hand and said in a weak, trembling, And husky voice stops please and pulled me up with her both the hands. While coming up and I slid my right hand along the thigh right up to her pussy and cupped it over the panty and pressed it little hard.

Her panty was soaking wet with her love juice. She at once moaned loudly and held my hand pressed it on her cunt for a while and pulled it out and said nervously 'no Cituuuuu I am. Married stop. She was choking with excitement.

Now her petticoat was lifted up to her waist near nada tying like a bunch and the length of my erect cock was pressed on her pussy. I knew, now this lady is excited with anticipation of actions to follow and I wanted it to go for it slowly, so as to make her to get ready for IT.

I told her that 'Bhabhi, now look and I am nude and let me at least see your boobs. I am thirsty to see them naked since I saw you on first day please and slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. She said with a sexy voice 'only blouse.

Her boobs were raising and lowering with breathing. I unbuttoned her blouse completely and removed it from her body and threw on the ground along with my bermuda and undies.

Wow what a beautiful pair of boobs they were milky white in colour firm with erect pinkish brown nipples in the centre of brownish areola. I at once put my lips on right boob and started kneading, pressing the left one. she asked me how u know to do this. I said it by porn movies last 4 years and slowly. I shifted to side a little and placed my right hand on her pussy inside the panty through waistband and started fingering the clit with thumb and inserted my middle finger straight in to her love hole with to and fro motion. She was now in no mood to stop me for this.

I slowly shifted her panty down to her knees and started caressing inner thighs in a long stroke into pussy at each stroke I was pressing the clit, insert a finger in the cunt, play a little and then slide down my hand on thighs with this action

I slowly shifted her panty down to her feet and removed it. She was in such excitement that she even did not know when I removed her panty or might not have objected even after knowing. The result was evident and she was now totally transformed to the personality of second nature. I spread her legs wide and slid down my mouth on her pussy and kissed it. She said she what are you doing it is dirty in the excited voice but her hand was pressing my head on her pussy. I lifted my face looked at her and said bhabhi, it is not dirty Bhabi you don’t like it?

She nodded her head in yes and I inserted my tongue inside her cunt started tongue fucking her. She was in ecstasy and moaning very nice and I like it come on do it fast. I started tongue fucking her fast in no time she came with thundering orgasm. Her whole body was trembling. She was moaning loudly and had pressed my head on her cunt so tightly that I could not breathe. I was sucking her cum and she was enjoying it. I asked her 'ok bhabhi, do you like to suck my lollypop' She looked at me shying and kept quite. I went near her head bent on my knee so as to bring my throbbing cock near to her face and placed it on her lips at first she turned her face other side, but I forcibly turned her face. I could see nervousness and curiosity on her face.

I pressed my dick on her lips which she slowly opened and licked my tip. I slowly pressed it little by little and now she was holding my half cock in her mouth. I slowly started moving up and down, but did not like it because and I thought she did not like it and I removed my cock from her mouth.

She got up and sat on the edge of the bed and caught my erect dick in her and looked at me in a sexy way. She asked me why you removed and I told her that 'I thought you did not like it'She told me that at first she did not like it, but after some time when I was moving she liked it, even though she had not done it earlier, but by then I removed it and she took my Hindu cock again in her mouth and started sucking from all along the cock length, from top to bottom. At first she was not getting it, but slowly she got the rhythm. She was holding my bums for stability and I was pressing her head slowly in and out. I was moaning with pleasure'.

She was sucking me hard and I was feeling to cum in her mouth, which I did not want. I wanted to fuck her hard in her cunt and leave my cum there. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and made her to sl**p on her back, widened her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy and started to suck.She was enjoying my sucking and again started moaning loudly. I thought this is the time to invade her and slowly shifted on top and started sucking and pressing her boobs while holding my cock in right hand grinding the tip on her clit. She was moving her body in all possible ways with excitement. She was in ecstasy again and telling don't stop it feeling so good. Now she was in a state of excitement where she pulled me on top

And held my fat throbbing cock and started grinding on her clit and cunt lips. At last, I was in the heaven. She had closed her eyes and was moaning with pleasure. I was pressing her boobs alternately and sucking her lips in a low voice.

I whispered in her ear bhabhi do i fuck ur mumlim pussy yes go on honey and pressed my cock slowly on her pussy, while she was rubbing it on her clit. The fat head of my cock entered little bit in her slippery wet pussy. She started moaning and shouting haa allah aa allah and me without saying any word just pushed my dick further inside. I pushed my hip further and my fattened rock hard cock entered her cunt further half inch. Her cunt was tight as if she was a virgin. She started feeling pain and stop please it is paining and started pulling me out, but I was in no return mood. I knew that if stop it here and then it is the end of my journey to heaven and without any delay and I pulled out very little.

And with hard stroke shoved my half dick in her tight cunt and at same time I locked her lip with mine. She shivered with pain and pulling my head out so that to scream but I had supported myself on my left hand on the bed and held her head tight with my right hand. At the same time and I was ramming my shaft in her tight slippery love hole and got it completely inside slowly started fucking her and at first with slow strokes. Now her protest was almost stopped and her hands were caressing and pressing my back, head and bums. I left her head and lifted my face from her and looked at her. She was charged with sex and enjoying my fucking with closed eyes. I asked her to open the eyes without opening the eyes; she nodded her head in negative. Now she was enjoying the fuck like an experienced bitch.

She asked me to fuck her fast as my yes fuck me fast I like it mission of entering her was successful, without wasting any time further I concentrated on fucking her with hard strokes in between she was also raising hips to meet my strokes. This was giving both of us immense pleasure, within no time her cunt lips were tightening on my cock and she was shouting in sexy voice ahhhh come on fuck hard fuck coming.

I started fucking her fast with all my energy and there she came with a trembling orgasm her juice was flowing out of her cunt making all my to and fro motion more smoother and I also started groaning with the pleasure of the fucking a tight cunt, that is also of a married, conservative. Shy but equally sexy young lady and who loves her husband. This thought made me to excite more and more and finally with a loud groan and I gave a last hard stroke and held my cock deep in her cunt where.

I came with shuddering orgasm and shot my all cum in pulsating with pressing my cock deeper at each pulsation. I just fell on her body as I was feeling very week due to excitement of fucking my dream lady and after some time. She must have felt my weight and just pushed me on side, hugged me very tight and started giving me kisses everywhere. It was feeling very nice with her stout breasts pressing me on my chest and caressing my half limp cock with her left knee. We laid there for some time and I slipped in the sl**p.... Continue»
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