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My second step in paradise. Part 2

A Fortnight in Paradise - Parts 1 and 2

... , stepped off the plane and out into the tropical mid-day sun.

part 2

Maggie stood on the grass ... part 1

As she boarded the plane, she couldn't help but feel excited. She'd saved a whole year ... in sunny, tropical paradise.

She settled into her seat and pulled out the book she'd brought to read... Continue»
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Step Daddy Jack: Part 2

... Me and My Step Daddy Jack: Part 2

After all the rules jack had laid for me, I had to follow them ... of you in 3hours” he giggles got dressed and we left to buy my a new wardrobe and toys..

Part 3 up next. :) ... . I giggle and started to strip acting like a total tease.. Slowly unbuttoned my shirt exposing my... Continue»
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Confessions of my Steps****r (Part 2)

... of adrenaline down my back. My first reaction was to just to apologize. I do so and slowly take 2 steps back ... The surprise to see my s****r standing there, bare breasts out in front of me, sent a rush ... . My s****r replies, "Come here, I need to show you something." I reply, "Sorry, didn't mean to." I... Continue»
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... This is my second part of my hot dream of HEAVAN123 as my hot sexy horny super tall mother ...

in this chapter i find out shes more than just my mother ,with the big surprize that waits under her ... long skirts

Chapter 2

Mothers secret:

It had been several days since the bathroom encounter... Continue»
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My first steps ---- / My second time. Misha /

... of the authors in this issue and, if not original, also decided to share with you my story. Of course ... it will not be very different from the others, but it will be supported by my photos, and you can get an idea ... about me. My story is absolutely true and real as myself. I just changed it in minor details (names... Continue»
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My Son My Wife 2 Part 2

... and are parents left us at home with my dad mum aka my nan who was 60 at the time as they want on a 2 ... was not very tall or fat and her panties fit me puffetly and for a split second it felt like my heart ... My name is Jamie and me and my b*****r Bobby are 16 years old and we will brought out by our... Continue»
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My Bear Doctor - Part 2

... seconds our lips were just touching. Then I parted my lips to let him further in. We started kissing ... . The soft, warm and moist inner part of his lips felt so wonderful. As he was sucking the head of my dick ...
A few sundays after my hospital visit, I came back from my football game, took a shower and sat... Continue»
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The Best Of My Life Part 2

... . A few seconds later, I felt my come explode and wash through her. I collapsed on the bed next to her ... If you haven't already, check out Part 1 so you're not lost if you're feeling lost.


Her ... what wanted and she wanted it NOW. She made a leap and I caught her in my arms easily. We started... Continue»
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My Aunt and I.. Part 2

... watching scream 4 I choose to play some Bad Company 2 after owning some noobs on that my phone alerts me ... I know but that’s what it is. I turn up rang the doorbell and waited; while I was standing there my ... mind ran through situations and what could happen.

I could feel my boxers tighten as my cock... Continue»
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My Son My Wife 2 part 1

... This story part of My Son Is My Wife.

Hello my name is Jenny White and I'm 26 years old and I ... undoing my dressing gown and saying “ meet you order step b*****r James who's now Jenny your mom ... was born a man named James White and I live with my husband/dad Sam White who is 46 years old and we... Continue»
Posted by scotthughes 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male, Taboo  |  
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steps****r continuation part 2

... hot spunk I stroked my cock as mother and steps****r watched in antisapation with open mouths like ... So after Jill and mom caught their breath, mom slid off the bed came over to me took my hand ... , and in the sexiest voice I've ever heard, said "your turn" as she brought me to the bed laid me on my... Continue»
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My Second Affair Part III

... reached back to pull the cheeks of my ass apart as Stan stepped forward, his cock sliding inside my ... By the time their cum was being aborbed into my body all feelings of being nervous and a lot of my ... but I also felt I needed to thank my husband for helping set up my first threesome. If he was nice... Continue»
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My Second Affair Part I

... I felt the second load of his come being deposited in my body. I think I shocked him when after he ... birthday was coming up. Stan and my husband had a special surprise for me. Guess I'll cover that in Part II. ... Several year ago my hubby and I lost the lease on our business at the local mall. Having worked all... Continue»
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My Second Affair Part II

... Six months into my affair with Stan and things just could not be better. I mean how many women get ... life? How could it get any better? I was about to find out.

My birthday was approaching and Stan ... and I had not been out dancing for a couple of months. My hubby insisted that I go out with Stan... Continue»
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... asked Jill if my birthday gift be ready for anything during my birthday. For a second she thought ... a few seconds she said “You going to spoil your meal”. At that I said “you are my meal, my sexy cougar ... My Birthday
I was wearing a pair of cut off shorts with a shirt. Then Jill said “let me take your... Continue»
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i night spent with my mum part 2


Here's part 2 of I night I spent with my mum enjoy

I woke up a few hours later, my head ... bigger then his dad”

as I moved down a few steps to listen better, I made on of the steps creek my ... against my chest and kissing her hard my tongue dancing around hers.

I broke this kiss and stepped... Continue»
Posted by Danny_Smith 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Jill step**m slave, remote control part 2

... Jill step**m slave, remote control part 2

See part 1 of my story remote control for past... Continue»
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My Second Affair Part IV

... with that. The second part of my birthday was a trip to Las Vegas! On Stan's dime. I was going on basically a second ... and Stan were going to fuck me. My concern about being naked in front of a second man did not seem ... would it be my last time with the two of them. We made Ken a part of our relationship. At least... Continue»
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Defying My f****y Part 2

... mother is the woman I lost my virginity to because I was f***ed to **** her thanks in part to my ... this is my mother Shiho, and my step-father Russ.”

Shiho I thought. Well now I have a name to go ... . In a few seconds I was going to cum. Tara felt me getting close.

“Pull out Brad and cum in my... Continue»
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My Last Summer at Home (Part 2)

... My Last Summer at Home (Part 2)

Jill and I had such a surge of adrenaline and sexual excitement ... after
leaving poor Rickey at the drive-in with cum filled shorts, that we drove
my old pickup ... .

I took a long drink of my beer and cocked my head with a sly smile.
"Yeah that was pretty fun... Continue»
Posted by stifleurself 10 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Lesbian Sex  |  
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