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My s****r and I part 3

My Best Friend And Me -Part Two- (True Story)

My Best Friend And Me -Part Two- (True Story)
(Note: Sorry if there are any mistakes I have dyslexia I have tried my best Thank You)

I ... down on his balls I sat up and licked my lips and whiped my mouth he tasted so sweet and he looked up a me panting it ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and Me Part 2 Conclusion

... clock go off. I kissed my s****r and pulled my cock and balls back inside my shorts. I snapped them back up and laid back to make believe ... instinctively part for me. She raised them slightly which brought her pussy up to meet my ranging hard cock. My cock ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and I Part 2.

For those of you who read my first story about this subject,the second better part has happened.

Well this is a few years ... to go back for a few days,so he left my s****r and her k**s at my house...big mistake.
After she put her k**s to bed ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friend and Me - Part 1

... .”

I walked into my bathroom and changed into some gym shorts and threw my other clothes into the ... and put my clothes back on. Next thing I knew, I was passed out on the couch.

*****Leave feedback!!!! Email to***** Part ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and I part 2

... pussy. She was squeezing it and pulling back the foreskin exposing my purple head. She played with my balls with her other hand ... I got there she jumped. She told me to keep my finger there and just rub in cirlcles. It didnt take a minute before ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and I part 5

... slippery from her pussy juice so I pushed my finger a little at the opening and my finger slipped in to the first knuckle. ... tight. I started pushing in farther and then in and out. With my other hand I reached up and started playing with her fun button ... ... Continue»
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My s****r Sarah and I - part 2

... the guest bed and the other my

s****r’s. One part of me wanted some space and time to sort out my aching head.

The ...

increased pressure of her grasp on my cock almost made me a connected part of

her experience, and I loved it! I continued to ... ... Continue»
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Wendy Sara and Eve part 4

... part 4
And soon to arrive – Wendy and friends part 5

I thoroughly enjoy your comments, they inspire me and encourage me to write more.
Please check out my ... ... Continue»
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My s****r, And Her Friends

... not having any more part of this. You should let him go" And Michele left the room. My hero. My honey.

"Alright alright", ... a sight to see! I loved that part...

Vanessa is rhythmically going up and down my entire shaft of cock...

"She wrapped her ... ... Continue»
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Cassie and Tim make up and explore a nude beach

... , Cassie. Nothing's changing my mind now."

I kissed Cassie good bye and headed out the door. When I got part way home I got a ... our weekend together, leaving out the part about the new girl being my s****r, and the part about her trying to get pregnant. ... ... Continue»
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Wow my pregnant sister and me

... dry my body with towel and took me into his bedroom and made me lie on his bed and thoroughly dried every part especially my ... soft and the best part was her nipples, which were small and very perky. I was able to feel them with my teeth and tongue and I ... ... Continue»
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Life of a Slut Wife and Mum, Part 2-2 (Airtight)

... this story continues on from part 2-1. My mum did go out clubbing with Brad, Jack and Nathan. However, none of ... starting with part 5. However, the next two chapters, part 3 and 4 will be covering a bit more back-story (Part 3, completely from my mum’s POV ... ... Continue»
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My first experiences with men (part 2)

... as my cock responded in my trouser and I could feel my erection developing. We kissed passionately for a while and part of my mind ... legs exploring using my tongue. Allowing my tongue to tease and lick his balls. Using my fingers to part his buttocks ... ... Continue»
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My Daughter , Wife and Me All Sucked Black Neighbo

... " , and "Candy Monroe" Photos

My Daughter (and I Sucked my Black Neighbor) Now he wants my Wife-True Story
part 1
I live in a Condo Complex with my wife and daughter ... ... Continue»
Posted by bmckzi 3 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex  |  Views: 33347  |  
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My s****r and I

... in my arms.


Part VI

The continuous beeping of my alarm clock woke me up the next morning. I reached over Katie, my s****r, and turned ... ... Continue»
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My Black Neighbor and my Wife

... plans together

My Daughter (and I Sucked my Black Neighbor) Now he wants my Wife-True Story
part 1
I live in a Condo Complex with my wife and daughter- I have ... ... Continue»
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My Wife Wants a Man - Part 1

... happy."

She reached over and grabbed my hand and said, "I know you do, and that's sweet." She ... don't think that is the best option."

Part of me was afraid to ask, "So, ... to treat you like a woman."

That last part really hit me hard. Did I really want ... ... Continue»
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The unusual girl...and boy: Part 5

... with my mouth but soon he had enough and he said, "Okay guys, I think he's ready for part two!" I looked at Sam and asked ... clean any part of my body after all that dirty sex we just had. 

It was my first participation in an orgy and I was ... ... Continue»
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Daughter and Dad part 1

... her life

This started out as the first of a four-part storyline that I wrote some time ago. I’ve

complied it ...

“Dad, I want your cock deep in my throat, and I’m gonna suck it until you fill my

tummy!”, and with that, she slurped his shaft ... ... Continue»
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You and I, part 1

... a closure story (part 1 must be gentle but part 2 will b wild and rough, promise…). English is not my native language, so ... commenting. Anyone interested for proof reading ;)

Part 1

Finally. Me and my wf finally got scholarships to USA as ... ... Continue»
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