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My road to being Bi

My first time being BI


I was in high school and I would spend the night over at my cousins every now

and then, he ... would usually have a few buddy's over and his s****r (my cousin)

was really hot and she would ...

and he figured we could have some fun, stay up all night and maybe even sneak

a few beers from my... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #5

... apologized for being late because of Trina. Tori then told everyone about how she lied about her s ... *ster's pancakes being not being fat free and how she flipped out, earning a laugh from almost everyone ... of me for it, remember?"

"Sorry..." he said, "I guess I was pretty buzzed… my bad."

Tori rolled... Continue»
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"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter 15

... -- please practice
safe sex everyone. And also i have noticed my story has moved from a bi point ... of view to a homo one, to be honest it was not my intention but it just seemed to take a turn of its ... hot and my mind wonders so what the hell, do enjoy the story everyone i do love fee backs... Continue»
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Blessing or a Curse

... trip to my buddy’s parent’s cabin in the woods. The road trip consisted of 3 cars with trunks packed ... . It was like being told you were going to get hit by a truck but you didn’t know when. My stomach was tied ... possum and continue my act of being asl**p. Jason’s hand slowly increased the length in which he... Continue»
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chunky girls

... down the road , trying not to break my gigantic rock hard dick that I know had after my encounter ... with the fat clown girl , I really had something to think about on the road, so much forgetting my ... blast of my jizz was so fast it flew straight up into the air as my cock was being jerked , came... Continue»
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A Return to Suburbia

... **s had transferred to the swish new campus just a little way down the road. I had told her all my ... before dropping it on the floor with a loud ‘clunk’. My cock rose to erection when I felt my pants being ... that.”
“Because you’re a fucking pervert, like so many of your kind..fucking bi-sexual my arse!! You... Continue»
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Back in the day; the hotel handyman.

... I'm in my 40's, bi, and always - always horny. I just recently found xhamster and enjoy ... are kind of a blur..... but I do remember being on my knees, with a thick cock fucking my mouth. He ... up the next morning and they hit the road to go on some hike up a nearby hill. I stayed in the room... Continue»
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... .

GENRE- Fantasy, Anal, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Male / Female ... . He thought to himself almost done, if I can make it through the day I’ll have gotten over my ... in kind.

“Hey I’m- oh my God!” he gasped in surprise. “You- your- you are,” it was fox girl... Continue»
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College life spring semester

... the fucking road," Colt laughed. "It was so
awesome though. I was in my Dad's truck right after I turned ... campus carded my ass. I was bound and determined I was

"No, not you Kris," I laughed ... .

"Hell no. Now let me finish. So the next place I went I got my nerves
under control and acted... Continue»
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... I wondered to myself whether it would ever happen. My mind had been open to it for some time now ... , which it hadn’t been in my youth. In my early 50’s now, still athletically fit, offbeat handsome (so ... about the right configuration and guy, the latter being the more important issue.

In the arts... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 9- Theater Play pt. 1

... two block along the road just after dark. I had a good omen walking from my car on the street ... to relish the cut black meat I’d been rubbing.
My ass was still being invaded by a talented finger ... moisture.
I felt new fingers probe into my boycunt and then I felt the coolness of more lube being... Continue»
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... of my favorites was Nix Pix, you could get ASCI pics of naked chicks and then on to .JPGs My favorite ... part of the BBS's were the stories. They had some amazing story tellers back then. Here's one of my ... ."
He gave me $5.00 in quarters and I went to see what my wife was looking
at. She... Continue»
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... remember being
in apartments with people and having sex with someone there.
Sometimes my cousin ... did". That guy was
me. Now I remember being on the floor and crawling around
like a dog and someone ... was telling me what to do, so I did
everything that was told. I remember getting my ass
pounded... Continue»
Posted by Marveldick2 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Theater Sex

... that YOU take your life in your hands!

This is my first complete work. You'll find my e-mail ... from the site, so don't beat me up too bad - I know my competition!), or even (blush) an occasional ... .

I decided that I would settle for this action later, if I had to, and examined my environs... Continue»
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feminized by my mother

Feminized By My Mother
My mom was staying in as were Jen's parents so we parked on a dark road ... back to turn my face upward while I stared at the two dicks being pumped inches from my face ... as I drooled from the feeling of my mouth being full of my own mom's balls.

My mom couldn't take... Continue»
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Adventures of Jade

... . Good
catholic-school girls just like their mom. At 35, Astrid
their mother, was definitely bi. She ... with this, her very first job, was
creating serious butterflies in her stomach. Being that
she was going ... . She tried to be
discreet. Being pretty made it easier to be above

Nevertheless... Continue»
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... followed him all around noting the huge bulge in his jeans. I have to have him. He is going to be my ... sex slave. I opened my cell phone and dialed the house. Speaking to one of my roommates I suggested ... asked Brenda if she brought my badge and cuffs, she handed them to me and I tucked my cuffs... Continue»
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Food ~ Exit 181 (FF, rom, FMF, MF, F+M+F, slow, p

... from home after my stepfather ****d me and was on the road for weeks and one night same time eight ... into my private office at the rear of the kitchen and chewed their asses out about not being "team ... and my three-year-old nice and decent but not extravagant double-wide mobile home being at the end... Continue»
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Internal Affairs

... quite genuinely

"Well.. my fault for being a dirty bitch, really" I giggled

"Are you?" he said ... sluttishness with the students, my being pregnant,
all were factors that were getting my hormones firing ... )

When I was 23 and pregnant with my second c***d I went for an early
scan at my nearest... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 02

... his cock slowly out of my pussy, I felt like my insides were being pulled out at the same time ... pussy, rubbed his softening cock in my cum then offered it to me for being such a good fuck. I ... strap-on cock in my ass and rubbing my nipples, when she started to tell me that before school started... Continue»
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