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My friend Julie ......Part 1

My Friend Bill, Part 2

Readers are asked to read Part 1 for this story to be more interesting.

Bill and I were ... time for that.

Bill positioned himself behind me and pulled my panties down. I was absolutely on fire and when he applied ... ... Continue»
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My friend Julie ......Part 1

I was feeling down in the dumps, my boyfriend of 8 years had dumped me and it was clear that we were not going to get back together.
I sat and cried all day long, then my phone rang, it was an old friend called Julie. Julie said that my s****r had told her that me and Pete had split and that I was in a bad state. Anyway Julie asked me to go out clubbing with her, at first I said no I couldnt possibly consider that but then I though oh what the hell I need cheering up.
We met at 8pm in a local pub and had a good natter as we had lots of catching up to do then we went along to the club at 10pm.
The club was pretty quiet at that time so we just sat down and did some hard drinking, later it started to get busy so we went to the dance floor and danced for ages.
We were getting lots of guys checking us out but we were not up for any fun with others.
We staggered out of the club and went back to my place where we continued to drink, after a while Julie hugged ma and told me that she thought that I was handling the situation great. She asked if she could sl**p at my place as she felt tired and needed to get her head down.
We went up to bed and snuggled up together for war44DDmth as it was a cold February night. After a short while Julie started to stroke my ass and it felt good to have another woman touching me so I let her carry on. She then moved her hands up to my lovely ripe 44DD breasts and fondled my hard nipples, I turned to face her and we kissed very hard and my hand moved downwards to her pussy. I tickled her clit and gently rubbed it then I inserted a finger into her eager pussy which was dripping wet by this point, then I inserted another finger and fucked her with them, she was moaning with pleasure.
She moveed her eager little fingers downwards towards my pussy which was very wet by now, she worked her fingers in and out of my juicy hole with vigour.
I was in heaven at this point, I was so horny and so close to cumming. She rubbed and rubbed my little clit till I erupted in a massive orgasm, my whole body was quivering.... Continue»
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My friend Julie ......Part 2

I have never had an orgasm so intense, it was fucking fantastic
Julie decided that we needed another person to join in, so she made a phone call.
Half an hour later there was a knock on the door, I went downstairs and let in the most gorgeous black guy I had ever seen he had a cheeky grin on his face. He told me his name was Vin, and I told him to join us upstairs.
We both went upstairs and Vin took a big double ended dildo out of the bag he was carrying and told us to make use of it.
I grabbed it and licked the end of it and inserted it up Julies wet pussy and I put the other end up my pussy then we both fucked each other fast and hard Vin meanwhile, was wanking his big black cock and watching us girls have our fun.
This went on a few minutes then Vin pulled the dildo out of my cunt and spread my legs wide and licked me from ass to cunt up and down again and again while rubbing my clit, well I was sooooo horny that I came very quickly and he lapped my cum up very eagerly. He then pushed his massive cock up Julies cunt and started fucking her doggie style I was so jealous as I wanted that black cock up my cunt, so I got on all fours beside Julie and waited. My wait was not long because before I knew it a big black cock was fucking my cunt oh bl**dy hell it was massive and hurt at first I could feel its girth rubbing up my cunt.
He pulled out and made me turn round and put it in my mouth and very soon he was pumping his load into my throat, I reached over for Julie and kissed her while giving her a present of his lovely cum to taste she then gave it back to me. TO BE CONTINUED LATER... Continue»
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I sucked my friend off. part 1

We were in the changing rooms at our local pool,just having showered my friend and I walked to the cubicals with towels around us chatting about our night out plans.
We walked in to separate cubicals which were just partions bolted to the wall and no doors, still talking to my friend I pulled my towel off and started to dry myself.
As I was drying myself and chatting to Mark I popped my head around the partion to ask him a question. He was drying himself with his back to me one leg up on the seat,I could see his balls swinging as he dried his leg,his ass was in full view,Im not gay but this view started me getting a hard on I watched him as he swapped legs on the seat and dropped his towel,still with one leg on the seat he bent over to pick it up revealing his anus and balls my cock shot right up now i was as hard as ever.
I started to wank as i watched him getting dry,he turned around and seen me looking at him but he could not see my hard cock due to me being twisted around the partion.
He smiled and sat in the seat with his legs slighly apart,his toned taned chest was still wet and water drops were running down his chest to his flat stomach,he lowered his head to dry his short blonde hair,still playing with my cock i watchrd as his semi hard cock moved side to side as he dried his hair.
He stood and asked me to dry his back handing me his towel as he turned to face the wall his legs slightly apart he leant forward with his hands on the wall.
I tried to hide my hard cock as I started to dry his shoulders,looking at his pert ass I ran the towel down his back slowly towards his ass,as the towel got to the base of his back he turned to face me. shocked I pulled the towel against my hard cock to hide it from him,I glanced down at his cock which was as hard as mine now,9" with a small ball sack,he took hold of the towel and pulled it away revealing my hard 8.5" cock, precum seeping out he dropped the towel and took hold off my throbing cock which made me gasp for air.
Moving his hand up and down my shaft he sat on the seat so his face was infront of my cock,mmm precum he said as he lent forward and run his tounge across the tip of my shaft, I shuddered with the feeling of his tounge on my cock he wanked my shaft a bit more until more precum appeared this time he stop wanking me as he bent forward and ran his tounge around the end of my cock squeezing my balls at the same time,then he slid his lips over the head of my cock ans started suck it back and forth,each time he moved my cock in his mouth he took it deeper,my legs were shaking and my breath quickened he started to suck harder and harder with his hand still squeezing my balls.

OH MY GOD. . . I gasped. . . .fuck. . . fuck. . . suck it hard. . . .

OH.....Oh. . . .

Then he stopped pulled my cock from his mouth and let go of my balls. . .

To be continued. . . . ... Continue»
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Wild Theater Enounter (Part 1)

I was sitting at home when I got a call from Michelle. A week ago I had
blown and been fucked by her boyfriend before a concert while she watched.
I didn't know her before that day, and we hadn't spoken after the show, so
I was suprised to hear from her. (You can read about that fun in bisexual
adult friends- the story is called "warm up before concert")

"Hey B. Did you like what we did with you?"

"Yes..." I said warily. One doesn't just call a casual acquantaince and
ask how they liked their homosexual experience. And when asked you don't
reply ("oh god yes lets do it again right now!")

"I remember seeing his dick go in your ass, and watching your ass gape when
he pulled out- and then watching it go in again."

"I remember that too Michelle" were we having phone sex?

"I loved watching him rub his cock against yours, and both of you being so
hard." She was breathing heavily. I guess we were having phone sex.

"Are you touching yourself Michelle?" More heavy breathing. "Michelle are
you touching yourself when you remember how he was in me up to his balls
and I was so hard and begging you to touch my dick?" I heard her moan.
OK, so she wanted me to talk her off. Not a problem, as the experience was
one of my hottest yet. I was bi, but I had a real fetish for bottoming in
front of women. I liked watching their reactions while I was being used by
another guy. My day with Michelle and Frank was perfect. So I talked, and
before long I heard her sharp rapid breaths become a sigh, and I knew she
had come. She spoke again.

"Look, this is great. But I called you for a reason." I wondered if she
were licking her fingers. I remembered how she tasted, and my own erection
was painful in my pants. "I talked about what happened with my friend
Julie. Don't be mad. I was worried that I was a freak for getting off
watching two guys fuck. But the more we talked about it the more she

"Aroused?" I broke in

"Curious. So there is this place that we were hoping we could all go."

"You want to watch me with a guy again?"

"I want to show her how hot you were, so that maybe if she sees for herself
she'll know how I felt."

"And does Frank want to play again?"

There was a pause. "This would be without Frank"

"But Frank was hot" I remembered his smooth body, long hair, and necklaces.
I remembered how the hair in his freshly washed crotch smelled so clean,
for a few moments, before it got nasty. I did miss Frank.

"Don't worry B. We have something else for you."

"I'm not gay Michelle." I heard her giggle. "Really, I am bi. What's in
it for me?"

"You didn't seem so concerned about being bi when I walked in on you
sucking Frank's dick." (true enough) "But don't worry B, if you show us a
good time I am sure you'll be taken care of."

"Good. After all it was your touch that brought me off." I said,
remembering how she finished me and then had me lick my cum off her hands.

"Ok, well, can you meet tomorrow afternoon at the Olympic?" The Olympic
was a run down theater near the University that had a seedy reputation.

"You want to meet in a porno theater? Where is the romance Michelle?"

"Fuck your romance B., this is about lust. Are you horny enough to show?
4pm. Meet you out front" I hung up the phone and started to wack off
thinking about what Michelle had planned. I stopped, as I figured I might
want to save this cum so that I could blow a really huge load and impress
Michelle, and this friend of hers Julie. I wanted her to see how much fun
it can be for a guy to service another guy.

The next day we met outside. It was bright and sunny. I figured there was
no point in going anonymously, so I wore my hair long and not tied back. I
had on a favorite Crade of Filth T-Shirt ("Death and Her Embrace" They were
a solid band back in the day even if some of the fans became cheesey and
popular) and some loose sweat shorts, I had tied the band loose so that it
could open up easily. Instead of underwear I just had on a jockstrap.

I saw Michelle, and she looked positively radiant in a leather skirt,
leather jacket, and what appeared to be a Hellhammer T-shirt. Her friend,
Julie, was something else. Dyed blonde hair, nosering, a s****r's of Mercy
shirt, and a black skirt. She looked like a recovering goth (hey, it's a
great phase and still gave us great music and pictures). Looking at
Michelle's smile and twinkling eyes I wondered which of us was more excited
about this afternoon.

"I knew you'd show B. I told Julie you were a little cock whore"

"What else did you tell her?"

"She said you eat pussy like a champ" said Julie. I smiled. Many men
think of oral sex as just a prelude to sex. I think that if somebody will
let you lick their genitalia- it is your responsibility to bring them off
with your tongue. Especially women as their first couple of orgasms are
just warm up anyway. Some men get soft for a bit after you suck them off,
so better to have somebody else handy if you want to get fucked. But even
so there is something so satisfying about having somebody orgasm around
your mouth. To lick a woman just to get her wet enough to penetrate is to
skip past a whole adventure. Besides, once they orgasm you can slide in so
nicely anyway. So I was glad that Michelle appreciated my training and

"I told her you eat dick too" Michelle said when she saw my grin. "We
should go inside. I heard that after four guys get out of work and the
University crowd comes in to work off the pressures of the day."

I remembered college- having to have sex every night and still wacking off
a couple of times a day. I was six years out of school- and while sex had
certainly gotten better, the perpetual horniness and rapid orgasm tension
had faded. Orgasms became more intense, my dick stayed harder longer, and
a night of lovemaking would still last for hours- but I did need to sl**p
in the next day!

We paid for our tickets and walked in. After the bright sun outside the
theater lobby seemed almost black. It was probably for the best, as the
place was drabby and dingy. It had seen better days. Still, there is
something beautiful about a decaying building. Give me a run down
beautiful theater like this instead of a flourescent light basement booth
any day. There was no time to contemplate the decline of civilization, as
Michelle had grabbed my hand and was pulling me forward toward the theater

"Come on in this one. Hurry." Michelle and I went ahead and Julie was a
couple of steps behind us. I turned and looked and saw her looking at me,
curiously. When we got in Michelle had me sit in the back, a couple of
seats in. I thought how the floors in normal theaters were sticky, and
realized how disgusting this place was- as I was pretty sure my shoes were
not sticking to soda pop and gummy worms. On the screen some cute Russian
chick (the natural looking ones are all Russian now- the California girls
are all silicone and scars) was getting DP'ed by two guys and moaning
passionlessly on cue. Michelle and Julie sat in the aisle.

"Julie, you go grab a seat behind B and a bit more inside. I am going to
check this place out." Michelle bounced off. There were a few guys there
sitting by themselves. All I knew about porno theaters I learned from
reading Nifty, and so I was a bit surprised to not see some manwhore
getting fucked in the aisles. Well, it was early, right? Michelle came
back a few minutes later "Half the guys here had their dicks out!" she
seemed excited. What did she expect? There was sex on the screen. She
got in my row, but moved way down to my left. So Julie was behind me about
six to the left, and Michelle was down about 8 to my left.

"What am I, bait?" I asked.

"Yes!" she said. The DP on the screen was now approaching its end. The
girl was kneeling and the guys had their cocks out on each side of her
face, wacking furiously. I turned back to Julie "I think I know how this
ends" She cracked a smile.

Even a passionless facial gets my dick hard. (i wondered about being a
porn actor- how sad is it that you can have sex and still not get really
hard anymore. I love my hardon, and enjoy how it feels.)

Looking to either side I spread my legs and started rubbing my hardon
through my pants.

"Now don't start wacking off" Michelle scolded. I could see she was
watching me.

"Bait" I said with a smile, and she smiled too.

The 4 pm tip was right. At about 4:30 a guy came in and looked around. He
wasn't nervous, he was hungry. Middle aged, wearing a tie, and looking in
a hurry. I sat back, made sure my hardon was pointed through my
sweatshorts, and started rubbing my dick with my fingers from my left hand.
The universal signal for come-and-get-it. He saw me, and a smile flickered
around his face. He sat down next to me on my right.

"I haven't see you before sweetie" he said to me.

"I haven't seen you either" I turned to look at him. 5oclock shadow,
greying temples. I felt sorry for the guy a bit, but knew that this would
not be fun like Frank. Unless he was packing a real monster he wasn't
getting in my ass today.

He reached out and put his hand on my shorts. No messing about. (Ok, this
is a fetish of mine too. I like it when guys feel me up. Sitting down
sporting a boner- or even standing up- it's nice to have somebody grab it.
It shows that they can't control themselves, that there is no courtship or
game, they want dick and they think yours is nice. So I was glad to feel
his hand on me.) He turned to me. Did he want a kiss? No.

"Do you suck?" he said. What a romantic.

"Do I suck what?"

"Come on man." I saw his right hand go to his fly. His left hand was
still feeling my dick through my pants squeezing harder. I was pleased to
see a wedding ring on his finger. So he had to get off before going home.
At least as a professional guy he would be clean.

A few seconds later his cock popped out. I was pleased to see at least a
solid six. Not great, but not pathetic. It had a nice curve to it. He
pulled my dick faster. "Come on and suck it man."

I wasn't opposed, and so I went down for a closer look. His dick had been
in his pants all day- that was for sure. But he was clean and cut and had
a nice shape.

"Ask nicely" I said without putting my head up. In response he pushed down
on me with his right hand.

"Suck it fag" he hissed. Ok, somebody was certainly insecure about his
sexuality. But stilll, it was a nice cock. I opened my mouth and began
giving him a better blowjob than he deserved.

"What are you looking at?" I heard him say.

"You mister." I recognized Michelle's voice. "I want to see you fill his

I felt both hands pushing on my head as he pumped. Since he was holding me
down I couldn't get my tongue out to lick at his balls when I deep throated
him. His loss. He took one hand off my head (the hand with the wedding
ring) and put it back on my dick. "Am I making you hard fag?"

To answer I shifted my hips forward, an invitation for him to take my dick
out. He obliged and started pumping it. "Are you getting off on eating my
giant cock fag?" Well, he wasn't giant, and it wasn't great, and there is
no way I was going to cum for him, but when you have a cock in your mouth
there is only so much you can say. So I made a muffled noise and started
flicking my tongue around his cock (if he would hve let my head come up I
would have licked his head, but again- his loss). I hoped that Michelle
was seeing his wedding ring as he pumped my dick. That thought alone was
enough to almost make me cum- and I had to watch it because this guy was
getting no cum.

Suddenly the guy grunted, and I felt my mouth fill with his warm cum. He
didn't taste bad. If he just worked onhis technique with a nice dick and
good cum I am sure plenty of guys would be happy to suck him off- but maybe
that wasn't his thing.

"Drink me fag" he said. But I didn't. I planned something better. Even as
the last bit oozed from his dickhead into my mouth he pushed me back and
got up. He looked at me, my chipmunk cheeks filled with his cum, and over
at Michelle who, I saw, was sitting next to me now.

"Freak and a fag" he said as he turned and left, fixing up his fly.

I turned to Michelle, and Julie was leaning over the seatback to look too
(I saw she had gotten closer). I smiled, and then pushed his cum out
between my loosely sealed lips. I felt it run down my chin, and then I
started to blow it out- making a couple bubbles and sending small globs
spraying out. I let me mouth hang open as the last of his cum ran out over
my lower lip.

"What an asshole" said Julie.

I looked at her. "He was no Frank. But he needed to get off and we need
to send a signal that we're open for business back here."

I turned around to face the screen and look out, and realized I had already
had some success. Guys had moved closer, and across the aisle one guy was
looking at the three of us (well, me really, I had the cum on my face)
wacking off slowly.

"Did you see his wedding ring?" I asked. Michelle laughed and shook her
head yes. Julie looked hurt. "I didn't notice".

"That's OK babe" said Michelle. "I think there will be more happening
soon. And as she spoke I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around to find myself face to face with a massive black cock. The
kind that you see in porno but assume to be faked. I let it brush across
my nose as I looked up into the eyes of a big grinning man. "Let's see
what you got dude"

I wanted to just dive in, but immediately saw the problem. While I could
get him in my mouth, their would be very real jaw strain, and the one thing
he would not want was a toothy blowjob. So I licked.

As I licked I looked back to see Michelle licking her lips, her eyes wide
open in astonishment. I nodded to her, and she came down with me. Her
tongue snaked out and together we licked this monster cock.

"That's good babies. Often it takes two of you to eat me"

As I licked Michelle got more adventureous, and started to take the head
into her mouth. I could see the pleasure on her face, and I heard him
sigh. I licked my way down his cock- it seemed like a foot but was
probably only ten inches. Ten magnificent inches...

I got down to his ballsack- nicely shaved. I licked and started to suck
his skin into my mouth, squeezing it oh so gently with my gums. He moaned
some more. I felt a hand on my cock. I looked down and saw Julie's hand
(black fingernail polish of course) on me. She was pulling my pants down,
and started to finger my ass while she played with me. I glanced at her
face, and saw that she was also entraced by our new friend and his dick. I
dove deeper into his balls, getting him to spread his legs a bit. Seeing
her opening, Julie leaned in and extended her tongue to get a taste.

He now had three people working his erection (well, I had shifted to his
balls and started to try rimming, but we were all down there). As excited
as I was I knew there was no way I was going to be able to take his dick,
and trying would spoil what was shaping up to be a good evening. Luckily I
didn't need to try. Julie stood up, releasing my cock, and facing the guy.

"I need to have you inside of me" she said, and abruptly turned around,
sliding her skirt down and moving her panties to one side. She shoved her
ass back to us, and the guy looked pleased .

"Baby, trust me, you're gonna want to loosen up first." I saw the opening,
but was too slow. Michelle leaned over the seat, and stretched her neck to
reach Julie's pussy. I saw Julie had jet black public hair (dyed?) and a
clit ring. She pushed back into Michelle's mouth and squeeled. Obviously
these two had played before.

This left his big black cock for me alone, and I was not going to waste the
opportunity. Untangling myself from between the two women and turning
fully around, I once again faced his dick. This time I opened wide and he
slid in. I worked my tongue in his slit, happily lapping the precum.

He reached out and started fondling Julie's ass cheeks as Michelle kept
eating her pussy. By Julie's reaction I knew that Michelle was a skilled
muff muncher. (What an amazing girl!) I heard a squeak from Julie, and
guessed that was an orgasm. Then she said "we can play any day Mich- let
me see if your friend is really that good." Finally! Pussy! I could
restore the taste balance in my mouth. (Guys were good, but so were
women.) But I was too slow again. As I got off his cock he pushed me to
one side.

"Your cock sucking got me ready, now I want to fuck." I looked at
Michelle, as we were both out in the cold. She slid over to me as he lined
himself up around her soaking wet pussy. I went in to kiss Michelle's
glistening face, and was rewarded by the taste of Julie's pussy juice.

We heard Julie start grunting and making noises, and knew that he was
slowly penetrating her. While I felt excitement in my ass, I was glad that
wasn't me. I reached out and started caressing Michelle's tits. Even when
we had gotten intimate before with Frank, I had never really had a chance
to embrace her. I love holding a woman. They are so soft, and their body
yields in just the right places, enveloping me as I caress. Men are sharp,
angular, rough, and always apart. With a woman you can totally melt inside
her. She stood up and came around to my row, and before she could sit down
I slid my hands up her skirt. Her underwear was SOAKED! I slid it down
her legs, and used my knuckle to massage her vulva. I could feel her
wetness covering my hand.

"Prove to me you're really bi- let's see how you fuck" she said to me.
Then she turned, and sat herself down in my lap. I put my arms around her
and we started to french as I felt her pussy slide down around me. This
feeling- being inside a woman, having your tongue in her mouth, and her
chest crushed against you as she starts to move- this is the most intimate
position- and I could never give it up.

Beside us we heard Julie gasping as she was being taken. I felt something
brush my cheek, and Michelle and I broke liplock. There was a guy in the
aisle next to us with his fly open.

"You two are so hot- please suck me"

This time I wasn't waiting, and I gobbled his dick down. In a few seconds
my nostrels were up against his pubes and I had him down my throat. I felt
Michelle's arms get tighter around my back as she increased the speed of
her bouncing.

She leaned in and kissed my cheek, and I slid his dick around so that it
was poking into my cheek- causing it to puff up as she kissed it. Her
throaty moan told me she was coming, and a few seconds later I felt my
balls get drenched. This was paradise.... Continue»
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Swingin' with Mike & Julie part 1

When my partner and I started going to clubs, we tried a couple near to us and nearly gave up the idea as both were a bit 'seedy', and we didn't like the mix of people who went to them. Then I remembered a club a lady I had met through a contact site had mentioned briefly, I decided to find it so we could give the whole idea one last go.

Luckily it came up on Google. I showed their website to "Mrs Pornman" and she thought it looked a lot better than the others. I gave them a call and spoke to the lady of the couple who own and run it. She was sooo different to the people who ran the other two clubs, and when Mrs Pornman spoke to her, she was really keen to go. So, two weeks later, we went along.

It was only about a half-hour drive from my place, and we found it quite easily even though it is nicely hidden in the countryside. We parked up and knocked on the door. The lady we had spoken to opened the door, greeted us in a really friendly way and straight away, we felt like we were on the 'same level'. Very reassuring. Now both me and Mrs Pornman have both enjoyed very varied and full sex lives before we met, but going to a club like this was something new to both of us and we really didn't know what to expect. She showed us all around the huge house where the club was housed, making sure that she explained the ettiquette of each room and the 'do's and don'ts' of enjoying the club experience (which never happened at the other two we had tried). Then she asked us to be ABSOLUTELY honest about our sexual backgrounds with her. I went first, then Mrs Pornman filled her in about hers (which brought up a couple of things she hadn't told me before - Ho ho!!! ;-). Cathy (the owner - and not her real name) said that there was a couple already there who she thought it would be a good idea to introduce us to, to help break the ice.

She took us into the lounge area and, sitting at a table on their own, were a couple who looked around our age (49/50). "let me introduce you to Mike & Julie (again - not their real names) - they were in your position about 2 yrs ago, so they will be able to tell you all about what goes on here, won't you JULIE!!" she grinned at the woman sitting, who grinned widely back.

We sat down and opened the bottle of wine we had brought with us. "Hello" said Mike and shook my hand. "So you're both here to let yourselves go a bit are you?"
We looked at each other and muttered something like "Suppose so...." We got into conversation about boring, mundane matters and after about five minutes, Julie turned to me and said "Well then, how big's your cock?". Mrs Pornman nearly spat her wine back into her glass!
"Well, er, ........" I didn't get the chance to go further. Julie had been eyeing the bulge in my trousers since we sat down, and now she reached over with both hands, pulled my zip down and stuck her hand in my pants. Her hand clenched around my now quite hard cock and she turned to my partner and said "Ooooooh! Who's a lucky girl then!!" my partner smiled, smugly. "That's one of the thickest I've ever had in my hands..." She pulled my cock out of my trousers and started to wank it gently, but firmly enough for me to know I was not going to be getting out of it any time soon.
Mike turned to my partner and said "Would you like to check mine out then?". Mrs Pornman looked at me for approval and I just nodded as if to say "well, go on then!" She took hold of Mikes belt with one hand and his zip with the other and started to pull it down gingerly. "Here, let me help you..." said Mike, and stood up, dropped his trousers and pants and guided her hand to his long, but somewhat thin cock. My partners hand just gripped it, but she didn't start to wank him off. She looked at me. "Hang on a second please Julie" I said. "Babes, we're here to do whatever we want. I know what you want to do with that so, just do it - go on!"
A wide grin spread across my partners face and she turned, knelt, open her nouth and put as much of Mikes long cock in her mouth as she could. Julie kept wanking me.
"She likes that then?" Julie asked.
"Oh yes - I know EXACTLY what she likes - straight to the blow-job, that's her" I winked. Julie obviously felt a little obliged, and knelt in front of me, put my cock in her mouth and started to do the same. The girls carried on like this for a few minutes and I was thoroughly enjoying the BJ I was getting from Julie - she was quite skilled at it.

A bit more action was going in across the other side of the room so after a few minutes, both girls broke off and Julie suggested we wander over to watch and see if we wanted to join in. By now, both me and Mike had 'lost' our clothes from the waist down (as had almost every other guy in the room) and the girls had stripped down to their bras and knickers. "Me and Mike know what we like to join in with, but you two just watch what goes on first before you jump in, eh?" said Julie, who had a very caring manner to her which put you totally at your ease.
"What's your favourite thing to do here then?" I asked, rather naively.
"Oh Mike usually talks three or four of the younger guys into gangbanging me later on - absolutely love it! How about you?" she asked my partner. My partner had never taken part in a gangbang before, but I KNEW it was one of her unfulfilled desires....
"Oh, I don't know..... just see what happens.." she replied.
"Look - if you want something to happen - this is the place to MAKE it happen, yeah?" Julie told my partner. I looked at my partner and reminded her what we were here for and that 'what happens here, stays here'. I could see my partner had her eye on 'something' going on in an ante-room thru an archway where two skinheaded guys were giving a black woman a thoroughly good fucking on a huge red bed."Did you want to go and join in, in there?" Julie asked her.
"Hmmmmmmm, wouldn't mind..." said my partner. Julie grabbed her hand and led her thru the arch. The last thing I heard was Julie saying "Hi guys, wanna fuck us too??" as she pulled my partner onto the bed.

Mike looked at me and said "Well, seen anything YOU like the look of or would you like me to find you something?????". I must have looked like a little boy lost as Mike grinned and said "Stay there - I'll be back" He disappeared for a minute or so and reappeared with a blonde woman who looked about 35yrs old. "say hello to Sally, mate" he smiled.
"Hello..." I said nervously.
"Mike says you have a REALLY thick cock and Julie couldn't get her mouth round it quick enough. Mind if I have a go...?" I didn't get the chance to answer as she knelt down, took my cock in her hand, her lips over the end and started sucking for all she was worth! My cock got erect in record time! I put my hands on the back of her head to encourage her to get it as deep as possible, but she shook them off instantly. "Calm down baby! I'll do all the work!" she said laughing. She carried on blowing me for a minute or so, then stood up and said "come with me and keep that hard-on baby"

I followed her, thru the arch where I could see Mrs Pornman being fucked missionary by one of the bald-headed guys and Julie being fucked up the arse (apparently) by the other while the black woman laid back to let Julie lick her pussy. Interesting...., I thought!

Sally led me thru that room to another one which was all done out in pink. "This is the girle room" She said.
"I'd never have guessed!" I answered, ironically. Sally gestured to me to lay down on the bed, which I did and she went straight down on my cock again, restoring my erection fairly quickly. As soon as she had done so, she stood in front of me. "Take these off for me baby" she tugged at her panties. I obliged and looked up to be faced with a very nicely shaped pubic area and a very wide 'crutch-gap' between her legs. She stood there for a second and I raised my hand between her legs and started to rub her clit.
"Oooooooh that's nice baby. Keep that up..." she said coyly. I continued as her pussy got wetter and wetter. She reached behind her and undid her corselette. Her boobs rippled free as she let it drop onto the bed, and I stared at her perfectly formed breasts. She pulled my head forward and I touched her nipple with my tongue. She let out a little squeal. "My boobs are VERY sensitive baby - I'll be cumming in a moment if you keep doing that."

I kept doing that and, sure enough, within a couple of moments I felt a lovely warm wetness rolling over my fingers which were working her pussy to perfection. "Ooooooh baby, you have got me going..." she grinned. "I want that cock of yours up my cunt now - lay back..." I laid back like I was was told. She climbed along my legs and got into position. She took hold of my cock under her, put it in position and slowly sat down on it. The feeling inside her was fantastic! Soooo tight. "Hmmmm bet you haven't had any k**s!" I said.
"Got four actually.." she said. I was AMAZED!!!!
"How have you got such a tight pussy then?" I enquired as she bounced up and down on top of me.
"Good midwife! Ha ha!" she laughed. "DO you like it?"
"I love it!" I groaned. I could feel myself getting dangerously close to cumming with all the excitement of fucking a woman I had only met 10-15 minutes earlier, so I had to do my best to control myself. Then, Sally got off and rolled onto her back.
"Fuck me straight baby" She said. I got into position, put my cock in place and thrust into her. I heard her groan as it slid in deep, and she took hold of my head, pulled it down to her face and planted a big kiss on my lips. "Fuck me HARD baby - as HARD as you can...."
I got well and truly into my stride and after about five minutes, Sally came again all over my cock and I felt her juices running all over my balls. "You're great" she said. "Are you two going to come here again?" she asked.
"I would think so" I answered, a bit puzzled as I got the impression our session was over. "Don't you want to carry on?"
"If I carry on with you baby, I'll be leaving early! You have got a really thick cock and it makes me cum so much I won't have anything left for later!!! Take that as a compliment baby" she smiled broadly and bent down a kissed my cock again before disappearing back thru the other room.

I felt a bit lost now. So I got myself a drink and thought I'd have a wander round the other rooms to see what was happening. I stopped in the orgy room for a while where a surprisingly young girl (18-21 ish?) wanted an extra cock for a foursome - her and three guys. So I fucked her too, then moved on. All the while, I hadn't seen Mike, Julie or my partner anywhere and thought it a bit odd. Cathy the owner, who had by now got stripped down to her thong (and why I almost didn't realise who she was!! Lol!) came over to me "LOoking for someone?" she smiled. I told her I couldn't find the others, and she said I should look out in the gardens as people often went out there for privacy in the summer.

So off I wandered. I went round a large tree to find a spa bath there and in it were Mike, Julie and my partner. Mike was fucking Julie doggie style, and my partners hand was underwater and obviously wanking at the same time.

"Mind if I join you?" I said.
"We thought Sally had eaten you!" joked Mike. I laughed and told them I had got 'way-layed' in the orgy room.
"Oh I gave that a go too" said my partner excitedly. "Got a bit of a sore arse though!" so she had clearly had a good fucking up her bum.
"yeah" said Mike "I didn't get a look in there!" as he continued doggie-fucking Julie as she groaned with pleasure hanging on to the rim of the spa bath.
"Climb in" said Mike. "You can take over from me with Julie".
I climbed in. Mike took his cock out of Julie and I got into replace him.Just before I was about to stick my cock into her, Julie put her hand round the back and pushed it upwards towards her arsehole.
"I want to get that up my bum" she said, manouvering it into position. "That's better - now push luvvie"
I dutifully pushed steadily - because I have a quite thick cock a lot of women find it difficult to take it up their arse, but very few find they can't - it just takes a bit of patience.
Julie moaned with pleasure as my cock slid slowly, but surely up her arse, and as I got right up to the hilt I felt her shudder and she gripped the rim of the spa even tighter. "You okay Julie?" I asked.
"Oh yes. Oh God yes!" she panted. "Just keep going and don't stop until I have cum luvvie".
I started thrusting away and, once I had got into my stride, I turned to see what Mike and my partner were up to. My partner was sitting with her back to Mike, clearly bouncing up and down on his cock under the bubbling water. She had a contented, satisfied look on her face which was SUCH a turn on!!!
I carried on thrusting into Julie while she writhed and bucked on my cock. She had a great figure for a woman in her late 40's and her bum was making my cock so hard I could feel every 'detail' inside her arse as I pumped away.

A few moments later I watched as my partner jumped off Mikes cock, turned in the water and knelt in front of him as he wanked his cum all over her face and into her mouth. I could see she really loved this and it spurred me on even more with Julie. "Do you want me to cum up your arse?" I managed to pant.
"NO! I want your cum juice in my gob!" she screamed as she came again. Soon as she calmed down, she pulled herself off my throbbing cock, and she too turned and knelt in the water. Instead of just opening her mouth and inviting me to cum into it, she stuck out her tongue and proceeded to lick her arse juice from my cock while Mike and my partner looked on, hugging in the water.
"She loves doing that" Mike said approvingly, as Julie made sure my cock was absolutely clean! I was rather stunned by that, and felt the pressure in my bollocks rapidly growing. I started to wank, and Julie knew it wasn't going to be long before she had a mouthful of my hot sticky cum. She placed her hands on eash side of my thighs and knelt there with her mouth wide open, ready to receive.

After a few more moments, I groaned and a huge jet of cum (even for me!) splattered all over her face - very little went into her mouth. I made sure she had got every drop, and she sat back on her heels, put a finger to her face and begin to lap up all the drippy cum that was everywhere but her mouth. She licked it all up, sucked it into her pursed lips, tilted her head back and SWALLOWED!!! I damn near came again - it was sooooo sexy to watch!

The four of us sat there in the bath talking about what we had done that night. We all agreed that we had worn ourselves out a bit too much, so decided to call it a night after another couple of drinks and go our separate ways - but not until we had swapped phone numbers and email addresses.

And what we did with those phone numbers and email addys' . . . well I'll go into that in the next part of 'Swinging with Mike and Julie'... :-)
... Continue»
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Swingin' with Mike & Julie part 2

Just to recap, we met Mike & Julie on our first visit to the club we go to fairly regularly now. They were almost exactly the same age as us and also of similar builds too - I am a large ex-rugby playing guy and so is Mike, and my partner is petite with some very nice curves a great tits - and so is Julie. We all seemed to get on together and certainly had 'fun' the first time we met them.

Although we hadn't been able to join them at the club again in the few weeks after, we had kept in touch by email. Then one night, when we had to again turn down an invite to meet at the club, Julie rang my partner to ask if we wanted to come to their house a few days later instead? We said 'Great!'. They gave us their address and we checked it out on Google Maps. When we looked at the Streetview picture of their road, we couldn't believe it! I doubt there was a single house in the road which would fetch less than £1 million, and most would have been way above that! Mike & Julies was one of the 'smaller' properties (but still 6 bedroomed!) and we could see there was what looked like a pool out the back.

On the day, my partner and I got ready and took an overnight bag with us. Julie had told us she was into pvc, so my partner took some of hers too. Off we went....

We got there just after it had got dark. The security gates opened and we drove into their driveway. The house was even better up close than the photo we had seen on the computer. And the car on the driveway - A 6 month old Mercedes S-Class with a personal plate on it. Mike & Julie were doing very nicely for themselves....

We knocked on the door, and shortly Julie opened it wearing a stunning tight-fitting white evening dress with a strap over one shoulder. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra and you could see her wonderfully pert tits with their even more wonderful hard nipples poking through in anticipation of what was to come. We all said Hello and Mike handed me a gin & tonic (which he knew was my favourite) and a voddie & coke to my partner. "Do you two want to change?" asked Mike. "You can use our room if you like. Top of the stairs, turn left and its the door at the end of the hall". We took our drinks with us and went upstairs to find the room. When we opened the DOUBLE doors, we gasped at what we saw. EVERYWHERE was WHITE - it looked like we had just walked onto a very up-market porn film set!!

My Partner wandered over to what was obviously the 'girly' side of the huge bedroom. On the bedside table, was a white box with a pink ribbon bow around it. My partner picked it up and was surprised to see it was addressed to HER! The card said..... 'from Julie - to get you in the mood...' I went to my side of the bed and there was a small white box (like a cufflinks box) on my side, again with a note to me from Mike saying "A little help for the night ahead..." We looked at each other, puzzled. Simultaneously, we opened our boxes....

In mine, was a blister pack containing four Viagra tablets! In my partners, was a 10" bright girly-pink vibrator! Inside both boxes was a further card both signed by Mike & Julie together - "Take you time and enjoy before you come down...." they said! We looked at each other a burst out laughing!! We thought it was such a great idea to welcome us by encouraging us to have a fuck on their bed to relax from the journey and get us in the mood for some fun later....

So we got down to it! We bounced up and down on their bed - taking care not to leave any stains .... - fucking away, until we realised we had to stop or we wouldn't have anything left for later. Then we both showered, my partner got into her pvc evening dress and I dressed too. I also took one of the Viagras and put the rest in my back pocket.. Then we made our way downstairs. "Hi you two!" came Julies voice from down a hallway at the bottom of the stairs "Down this way - dinners ready". We followed her voice and arrived in their dining room overlooking their pool which, since the Google photo had been taken, had acquired a very nice Georgian conservatory-type building over it to make it all-weather.

We told them we had found our 'gifts' and had made use of them already. Julie & Mike laughed. "We always put those out for guests" they laughed "take them home with you - that's if you have any left" they said as they both looked at me. I grinned. "How many you taken, mate?" asked Mike.
"One, Why?" I asked.
"Well, old Jules there is even more rampant at home than she is at a club. You might want to take another one...." Mike looked at me in a knowing way.
"Oh.... right!" I said, and popped another out of the pack, put it in my mouth and took a drink to wash it down. As I had already taken one about 10 minutes before and that was starting to have a slight effect, I wondered just how hard TWO were going to get my cock??? As things turned out later, I think I should have taken three for luck!
"Now...." said Julie as she placed a serving dish of pasta on the table "We didn't tell you, but we have invited another couple tonight who we swing with sometimes" My partner looked at me, worried. We hadn't done anything quite like this and she was worried that it had been dropped on us like this.
"Julie, I'm not sure......." my partner started to say. Julie held her hand up to stop her.
"We summed you two up at the club darling, and we said on the way home then that you would fit in with Jackie and Keith and us - they're just like we all are, but if you don't want to do anything with them when they get here, then that's fine. Just see how it goes, yes?"
My partner and I looked at each other. I shrugged my shoulders to show I wasn't too bothered. "Okay, we'll see how it pans out" said my partner, not too convinced.

We had dinner - just some light pasta and some other bits and had a good chat. Mike told us that he had got lucky with a business he had started about 20 years before. It had been bought out by an American company for many times what he thought it was worth just for the client list and one piece of technology they had developed. So he had a large wad in the bank, AND an ongoing earn-out of over £100k a year to live on for the next ten years, thanks to the patent terms on the technology. "I just got lucky" he said. Didn't start out to make millions, but I have. That's where all this..." He raised his hands to the roof "... came from". For all his money, it didn't seem to have affected him. "and anyway, I can afford to get Julies tits done, and a bit of lipo every now and then! Ha ha ha!" he laughed loudly. Julie just frowned at him, and my partner laughed.

After a little while, we moved into the lounge. There were two huge white leather sofas which must have seated five each, facing opposite each other. Pretty soon there was a knock at the door, which Julie went to answer. We heard the voices of Jackie and Keith being greeted. They came straight through to the lounge and we looked at them. THEY WERE . . . . . GORGEOUS!!! Jackie was STUNNING! Long black hair, fantastic figure, and like an Amazon: Keith was tanned, built like a personal trainer and - if I were gay - I would have been snogging his face off without a second thought! I could even 'feel' my partner licking her lips at the thought of getting her hands on him!

My partner looked at me and grinned broadly. I think I could safely say she was glad she hadn't backed out at dinner... Julie introduced us all and when Jackie got to me, she shook hands and said "So this is the guy with the nice, thick cock Julie has been raving about is it?"said Jackie. I was surprised.
"Er, I suppose so - just hope I can live up to expectations then"
"Oh he will" said Julie, "Left them our usual present by the bed..." and she winked at me and bent down and whispered "Bet you're glad you took a second one now...?" I was.

We all sat down on the two big sofas and got into a bit of small talk. Keith was a personal trainer for real, that's how he was able to maintain a body like that. Jackie and Keith were about 35. They had been swinging for nearly 10 years, and had made a lot of very influential friends as a result. They also LOVED sex with different people . . which was nice ;-)

Julie then suddenly said "Right I want a cock in my mouth - I'm feeling very dry!" and she got up, walked across to Keith, knelt in front of him, undid his zip and flopped his cock out. I was IMPRESSED! It was almost as thick as mine, but at LEAST 9 inches long - probably nearer 10!! Next to me, my partner gasped! Julie started to wank it hard, then as she bent down to put it in her mouth, she called to my partner.. "Wanna join me then...?". My partner looked at me.
"Go on - what are you waiting for?" I said encouraging her. She left her seat, went over to join Julie and Keith, knelt down and started licking Keiths shaft while Julie sucked the head.

I was so engrossed in watching the two ladies sucking and licking Keiths impressive cock that I hardly noticed when Jackie sat down next to me, grabbed my hand and panted it on her left boob. I hadn't even noticed she had taken her vest top off and had not been wearing a bra! Her tits were superb! False, but superb. I started to grope them both as she smiled and beckoned Mike over. He sat down the other side of her, undid his zip and produced his cock which was up and hard. Jackie took hold of it in her hand and start to wank him "So where's yours, hunny?" she asked. I had to stop fondling her breasts and take my trousers and pants off. I stood up in front of her and my cock - with the combined effect of two Viagra tablets - was now as hard as a rock and twitching like mad. "Oh My GOD!" she exclaimed. "That is the thickest cock I have ever seen!" Jackie sat there with her mouth open. I wasn't sure whether to let her gaze at my cock... or shove it in her wide open mouth!! Ha ha!

"Go on Jack!" said Mike, "get a good mouthful of that then!" he laughed.
Jackie reached forward, took hold of my cock and gently pulled me toward her. She took in a deep breath and touched my end with her tongue. She licked and flicked all round the head of my shaft for a moment and then took the plunge and buried her head into me, taking all of my cock down her throat. I heard her gag as it hit the back of her throat. She moved her head back and forth along my length, getting more and more saliva on my shaft. All the while, Mike - who had pulled her panties to her ankles - was fingering her pussy and she writhed on his hand and squealed at the same time as sucking me off.

I looked over to Keith, Julie and my partner. By now, Keith was doggie-fucking my partner as she licked Julies pussy. Julie had her hands forcing my partners face into her mound and I could tell my partner was loving every second of it - specially with Keiths long cock thrusting away into her from behind.

Jackie pulled her head off my cock, and gasped "Fuck me Hunny, just get that fat cock deep inside me..." and she swiftly got down on all fours and wiggled her gorgeous arse at me letting me know she wanted it doggie-style too. I got down behind her and found her pussy - and it felt wonderful. I put my tip up to her pussy-lips, and pressed in about an inch. Jackie sighed and arched her back deeply downwards, wanting to feel the entirety of my meat inside her. I pushed in firm and steadily until I could get no further. I held Jackie by her waist for a moment and she looked round, and up into my eyes. I could tell from the look she gave me that she was REALLY enjoying this, and that she wanted to be fucked as hard as I could manage, so I started thrusting in & out, slow at first but building up quickly. Then Mike came round the front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth. She started sucking Mike and taking my length at once. She LOVED being fucked hard!!!

I looked over at my partner, Julie and Keith again to find him fucking Julie missionary while my partner knelt behind him with her tongue stuck right up his arse. Mmmmmmmm - lovely!

After a little while, and a change or two of position with Jackie, we all took a little break for a drink and rest for the next part of the evening. Jackie said "I want to try to get your guys cock up my arse. Are you okay with that?" she asked my partner.
"Course. He's really good at anal anyway - got taught by a porn start, didn;t you babes..." she grinned at me. All the others looked straight at me and said as one... "REALLY???????? DOOOOOO tell!!!" So I had to tell the story about me and Nikki (see the set of stores called 'Me and the Porn Star' and you will find out all about Nikki ;-) so I told them how I learned and they were most impressed..

When I told them all about doing DP with Nikki, Jackie got all excited. "Can we do that please!!!" she was like a school girl. We had a little 'discussion' and she said she wanted me up her arse and Keith to fuck her pussy. So I laid on the floor between the two big sofas, and talked her through what to do - almost exactly like Nikki had with ME 25 years earlier - and when Jackie was impaled on my cock (and loving its thickness up her bum), she told Keith to come in to fuck her pussy. He got into position, and when he was in, I started to raise my hips to fuck her from underneath, and he pumped away in front. She must have squirted about six times during the first fucking, and my balls were DRIPPING in her cum juice - lovely ;-) Then, Keith couldn't hold on any longer and shot his load inside her pussy, and after a moment or so, I felt his cum trickling down onto the base of my cock from Jackies hole.

I carried on fucking Jackie up the arse until she came MASSIVELY and had to stop to get her breath back. As I sat down on the sofa, Julie suddenly dived onto my cock (complete with Jackies arse juice) and started to suck it clean, just like she had in the spa at the club when we met. Turned out she was a huge Arse-To-Mouth fan and loved having the taste of arse (anybodies!) in her mouth, specially when it was coming from a hot, hard cock.

My partner started to moan that she hadn't had an orgasm yet, and as I was pretty knackered after that last session I asked Mike to do the business. He happily obliged and gave my partner a really good fucking anally, doggie and missionary on the table between the two sofas. Then, just at the end, he sat her up, wanked in her face and blew his load all down her throat. And when she managed to get ALL of it in her mouth without spilling a drop, everyone clapped their hands! Then we all fell about laughing..

We all had a break then for nearly an hour. Then Julie, who seemed to be very keen to play the hostess for the night, suggested we all swap partners and go off to a room separately 'so the ladies can be REAL sluts'! She invited my partner to choose which guy she wanted to go with and, surprise-surprise! - she chose Keith (and his 10" cock of course), Julie decided to be courteous and picked her hubby Mike, leaving Jackie with . . . . me ;-) I looked at Jackie and she looked at me with a little grin on her face. My partner and Keith disappeared straight upstairs (think she wanted to fuck him in the shower we found in the bedroom earlier), Mike a Julie said they were staying where they were, and Julie told me Jackie would know where to take me..

I followed Jackie to the door. I loved following her and looking at her near perfect arse - it was magnificent! She took me by the hand and whispered in my ear "Can you swim hunny?" we were off to that pool....

We walked into the large conservatory that covered the pool. It was quite large and had a spa built-in to one end. There were also a number of water spouts around the edge. We went down the long wide steps into the pool which was lovely and warm (must have cost a hell of a lot to heat!) and Jackie swam towards one of the spouts. She waved for me to follow her and I did. She swam over to one of the spouts and stood on the bottom of the pool with her back to the wall. I swam to her and put my hands either sided of her shoulders on the rim of the pool. She leaned forward and whispered on my ear.. "Keith may have a long dick, but you've got the most satisfying one I've ever had fuck me. I want you to fuck me and come inside...." she looked down and pouted a little. My cock was up and throbbing in a second - she was one horny babe! I moved closer and let my cock find her pussy underwater. It felt even better there than it had in the lounge. Jackie positioned it and smiled to let me know she wanted it. I started to fuck her in the water, as she clung on to me. We stayed like that for a few minutes, but I wasn't getting anywhere near cumming. "Can we get out?" I asked. Jackie nodded.

We clambered out of the pool and I led her to some soft-looking mats near the spa. I arranged three or four into a mattress and laid her down. She spread her legs and I got into posoition. I pushed my cock inside her and started to thruts away. She was REALLY getting aroused and writhed up and down on my cock as it went in and out. "Fuck me hunny - fuck me and make me cum!" she moaned as my thick cock stretched her cunt.

Then I felt my balls beginning to struggle to contain the pressure, and I moaned "Where do you want me to cum babes?"
"Inside me hunny - fill me with your love juice PLEEEEEESE!"
As she got the words out I felt myself explode inside her, and my hot sticky cum filled her vagina as she let out a satisfied sigh and breathed deep and hard.
"If you've got any left hunny I want it in my mouth...." she asked as she lay there, totally fucked. I got up, moved round so my cock was level with her head, laoid beside her and started to wank into her mouth. Within a few minutes, I was cumming again - several large drops of very sticky cum which mostly found their way into her mouth, but some of which stuck to her cheek and looked so horny suspended there.

She lay there as we held each other in our arms. Then she took me totally by surprise.

"Do you two only play together hunny?" she asked.
"Well yes - that's what we agreed" I said, disappointedly.
"Such a pity. I would have loved to lick chocolate sauce of that cock of yours - and have you cum up my bum too......" she tailed off. "But not if you only play as a couple then..... Oh well" and with that she got up, picked up one of the towels laying by the spa and walked off back into the house.

We said all our goodbyes about 2am, and my partner and I decided to drive home rather than stay over in the end. On the way home, out of the blue my partner suddenly piped up and said "I've agreed to meet up with Keith in a hotel next week. You don;t mind do you babes????????"


I had TURNED down Jackie and my partner had arranged to fuck Keith!!!!

Well you can find out what I did about that situation in the next instalments of 'Swingin with Mike & Julie'....

And thanks for reading - please feel free to leave your comments - good or bad - all appreciated. ... Continue»
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Julie the secretary - from my friend Lordgreen

Julie the secretary
A fantasy inspired by amateur_julie containing office related frolics...

My job sees me travelling around the country on a freelance basis going to various companies fixing IT problems as and when they arise. I'm never in any one place longer than a week. It's not the sort of working life that everyone would take to - hardly ever seeing the same faces, but it suits me as I can choose to work when and where I need to.
A few months ago my agency sent me to a company not far outside of London for a planned three days work. The guy at the firm who was looking after me was called Brian. He was late thirties, middle management type, but seemed a nice fellow - he set me up efficiently, showed me the essentials (where the tea-making facilities were mainly!) and left me to get about my work. The first day passed uneventfully and Brian came to check in with me before he left for the evening.
"I won't be around tomorrow - there's an area meeting," he said. "But I'll get my secretary Julie to look in on you tomorrow morning and she'll sort out anything you need."
Next morning I went into the office and shortly afterwards Julie, Brian's secretary came along to see me. Julie was about five foot tall, slender with long dark hair and wearing the usual secretarial uniform of black skirt, jacket and tights with white blouse. She was very pretty, 40-ish and quietly efficient. She quickly got me various details I needed to carry out my job, brought me an excellent mug of tea (and biscuits!) and was just about to leave me to it when she said: "Anything else I can help you with?"
I thought about this and replied: "A decent place to grab lunch? I ended up with a terrible sandwich yesterday."
She laughed and said "You probably took Brian's advice then! I usually go a pretty good deli. It's five minutes away but it can be tricky to find. If you like I could get something for you when I go?"
This was very considerate of her. As I've said Julie was very pretty and as I didn't know anyone else in the office I said: "That would be great. Or I could come with you and see what they have? If it's not any trouble?"
She smiled and said: "Yes, that would make more sense. Then you'll know where it is if you're here for a couple of days. I go for lunch at one. Shall I come down and pick you up?"
"That would be lovely," I said.
Pick me up! Chance would be a fine thing I thought as I watched Julie leave the office where I was working and kept a close watch on her immaculate skirt-clad arse until it glided out of view along the corridor. I quickly admonished myself, but I was definitely looking forward to lunchtime rather more than usual...
When one o'clock came around it was raining heavily and Julie and I shared my umbrella on the way to lunch. At the deli we sat down and I asked Julie the usual stuff about her work, she asked me about mine. The usual polite chit-chat whilst we were having coffee and paninis.
Julie smiled and then laughed. "Brian's a good bloke. He's a nice boss, I've worked for some right... gits. He's decent."
"At least he's not making inappropriate suggestions to his secretary!" I said laughing.
Julie started laughing. "Oh no! That sort of thing doesn't go on nowadays. Mind you, I did hear a rumour..."
"Come on. That sounds like potential gossip!"
She took a mouthful of her coffee: "I shouldn't tell you, but it's not as if you know him..."
"You're teasing me Julie!" I said. "Very naughty."
"I heard from one of the girls at work that Brian..." She lowered her voice. "Is into dogging."
"Really?" We had been at lunch for less than 20 minutes and we were already onto dogging! "Secretaries always hear the best stuff from the rumour mill!"
"Obviously I don't know if it's true..."
"Well," I said. "That's my entertainment sorted out for one night at least!"
Julie started laughing again: "Yes, I can see you going into the office and asking Brian where the nearest car park is!"
We were both laughing now.
"Yes, it could be a bit tricky..."
We finished our lunches and headed back to the office. The rain had stopped. Since she had brought the subject of dogging up I thought I’d run a little with it.
"I have actually been dogging you know."
Julie looked up at me in surprise.
"Fuck off! Really?" She swore without thinking about it and was immediately horrified. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean..."
"Don't worry Julie. I probably should have kept that to myself..."
"Well, I suppose I brought it up in the first place..."
"Yes, but I shouldn't be repeating those kind of stories to people I've only just met."
"No, but... You haven't repeated anything. Yet."
Her tone of voice as she said "Yet" gave me every indication that she wanted to hear more.
We had arrived back at the office.
“Well, I suppose I could tell you more about dogging...” I said.
"I want to hear all about it! Can I meet you for a coffee after work?" Julie asked.
This had been my plan all along, ever since I'd first seen the lovely Julie's shapely arse disappearing up the corridor after she had introduced herself this morning.
"I'd love to Julie," I said with a smile.
As we went into the lift I could feel my cock stiffening.
"I want to hear all the dirty details," she said as the lift door closed.
"Oh, you will. But I'll warn you, it's a filthy tale."
I leant in close to her to whisper this in her ear and as she moved towards me to hear better, my semi brushed against her hip. It was completely unintentional and I quickly realised what I had done. Julie realised too and giggled as she saw my horrified face.
I was just about to stammer an apology when Julie placed her left finger against my lips and said "Shhh."
An electrical charge ran through my body with the result that my semi turned into a full on erection.
"Oh, fuck." I said.
Julie laughed again.
I had thought I was control of the situation but since stepping into the lift it seemed that I was following Julie's lead. I had to make sure she was serious about meeting me after work.
"You are going to come aren't you?" I asked.
She glanced down at my crotch where my trousers were fighting a losing battle with my cock.
"It looks like you're about to. But, yes. Yes, I fucking am. I'll stop by at half five."
The lift had arrived at my floor. I got out and had to mask my rigid hardness by holding my umbrella in front of my crotch. I was still so hard I could have hung the fucking thing on it.
I met Julie in reception after we had finished work. She had suggested coffee but the rain had started again with a vengeance. It was teeming down so I said we would be better off driving to have a coffee. We got in my car and I followed Julie’s instructions heading out of town into a maze of country lanes.
“This is a long way for a coffee” I said.
“There’s a great little country pub nearby. I thought we’d go there rather than Starbucks.”
“Suits me” I said.
When we arrived and got ourselves a quiet table Julie eagerly questioned me about my dogging. I explained that I had been a couple of times at a local car park well known for swinging.
She wanted the full details. How many women were there? How many men? How many times the women were fucked? How were they fucked? How many men were wanking off? Thankfully the pub was quiet and our conversation was discreet! I told her everything I remembered. It was clear that Julie was more than interested in this. She was excited by the thought of having sexual encounters with random strangers.
We headed back to the car and before I turned the ignition she asked me to give more graphic descriptions of cum spattered sluts sucking off blokes in the back of Volvo estates. I gladly indulged her.
Julie was now very excited. "That is so fucking saucy. It's getting me wet just thinking about it."
Well, here it comes I thought.
We were still in the car park of the pub but we at the end furthest away from the pub and the road under the shade of a huge oak tree. It was quiet and apart from one other car empty.
"Wet? Really? Prove it!"
She reached around the side of the car seat and flicked the adjustment to slide the seat back to its furthest extent. Then she grasped the hem of her knee length black skirt and raised it slowly past her thighs. This revealed that I had been wrong; she wasn't wearing black tights but stockings.
"Kinky! At work in stockings?"
"It'd be kinky with suspenders but these are hold ups!"
The skirt continued its upward progress to reveal a pair of black and white striped cotton knickers. She kept her shirt hoisted with her left hand and her right pulled the gusset of her knickers away from its home. Keeping her thumb and first two fingers on the outside of the material she rubbed it vigorously and then drew her hand away and held it in front of my face. Between her three digits there was a sticky residue.
"See? Told you I was wet."
I clutched her hand and moved it towards me "I have got to smell you." Her pungent musk was fabulous. I had to taste it. I slipped her three fingers into my mouth and gently drew the stickiness from them running my tongue up to the cleft of her fingers and letting the silky covering play from my tongue along her fingers.
After releasing her fingers I marvelled: "That's just from the outside. How wet are you inside?"
She moved her right hand to the waistband of her knickers, pulled it away from her body and plunged the three fingers I had been suckling into the depths beyond, quickly moaning as they arrived at their destination.
I could actually hear how wet she was, the gentle sucking sound of her hand meeting sticky cunt juice was apparent. There was so much of it I could see seepage running down the black and white stripes, overlapping the border of her knickers, glistening on the top of her thighs, dribbling down the elasticated hold ups of her stockings and on the car seat. She moved her hand from inside to outside her knickers, leaving a silvery trail as she rubbed the material against her slit.
I had not been idle and had unzipped and was wanking my now rock hard cock.
I put my left hand under her arse and moving the gusset of her moist knickers to one side and probing her dripping, shaved pussy with my three middle fingers. It was as if a tap had been turned on. Her whole body tautened and she raised her arse from the car seat as my fingers did their work, two of them sliding their way inside her cunt and the ring finger seeking the engorged nub of her clit. As I was doing this Julie had grasped my stiff prick with her right hand and was slowly tracing the precum that had arrived over my purple head, down my shaft and on to my balls. She shifted forward on the car seat raising herself so that my thumb could make its approach to her arsehole.
I withdrew my fingers from her sodden minge and greased her ringpiece with her gooey secretions, rubbing the mess around her rim and then suddenly inserting my thumb.
She shook with pleasure. As I withdrew my thumb she bent to her left and took my prick in her mouth lubricating it from head to shaft with a blend of her saliva and the precum that was now oozing from my tip. Whilst she was flicking her tongue around my dick I had put my left underneath her and now had four fingers up her streaming cunt and my thumb manipulated her clit which made her moan and become even wetter.
She was so expert at blowing me that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. “Where do you want me to come?” I said to give her warning.
She released my weeping cock from her mouth and said “On my legs. All over my stockings.”
She leant back in the car seat and took my cock in her hand directing it to her nylon-clad thighs. I had taken my fingers out of her snatch and put them in her mouth. She gobbled my fingers eagerly to taste her own juices from them.
As she rubbed my stiff prick against her stockinged thighs lacquering the nylon with some of her goo that had ran down her legs from her cleft, I suddenly exploded, my balls flooding thick, white cum over the black denier of her hold ups. I shot a fair size load and Julie spread the sticky trouser emulsion up and down her thighs for a while before scooping a gobbet in her palm and depositing it in the gusset of her knickers which she then pulled up over her wet gash, covering her twat and rubbing the semen within. Her labia protruded from either side of her cotton knickers. I rubbed her clit through the thin material and could feel my seed seeping into her and dribbling down the sides of her underwear. After a few moments Julie came raising herself from the car seat in pleasure and dripping from her sticky gusset. She had white trails up her thighs and all over her black skirt and her knickers were now completely sodden with a combination of our various bodily fluids.
“What a fucking brilliant dirty cum whore you are.” I said in complete admiration of such a magnificent appearance.
“Do you think so?” she said with a smile. “I think I might need another skirt for work tomorrow. Have you got any suggestions what I should wear tomorrow? Because I hope you’ll be coming all over it again...” ... Continue»
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My Special night with Daddy

Daddy called me at work, yesterday. He said that he made arrangements with Brian, that him and I will have an evening to catch up with each other. Daddy said that Brian was cool with that and that he was going to see if Scotty and some of the other guys wanted to going camping and fishing for the weekend. I got a huge smile on my face, when he said that we were going to have this weekend together.

I told daddy to come to the store on Friday, to show him what I was getting ready to open. When Friday came around the corner, Brian woke me up by sucking on my tits and fingering my wet pussy. I smiled at him as he was kissing his way south. Brian was acting like a ravishing monster that hadn't eaten for days.

Brian spread my legs wide and licked all around my pussy, started licking my nub, then hard sucking of my nub. His fingers were spreading my folds wide open as he licked and sucked on me. A couple of finger were inserted as he continued sucking on me. I began to squirt my love juices as Brian fingered me harder. I grabbed my nipples and tugged at them harder as i screamed Brian's name. I begged for another finger as he made me cum again. Brian didn't seem to mind licking up all my cum, knowing that he wasn't getting of me until Sunday.

Brian lifted me as he sat on our bed. I straddled him as I sat on his cock. We held each other close, kissed passionately as we made love to each other. Brian had stooped forward to suck my breasts, while I had my head leaning back and enjoying his kisses. I lifted my head to see daddy watching us. As he stood in the doorway, he quietly dropped his pajama pants and began to stroke his hard cock. I smiled at him and licked my lips, to show him that I'd love to be sucking on him and for him to join us.

Daddy started to walk towards us, when Brian turned his head. Brian said good morning and told him he must wait his turn. So, daddy just stood there and jerked his cock. Daddy reminds me of Scotty, they like to watch as much as they like to fuck.
Brian and I continued making love, ignoring that daddy was in the corner. Brian laid back as I was still on top of him. I rode his cock, pulling off of him, then setting back down. I love the feel of his big head pushing it's way into me.

Brian pulled me to his chest, kissing me and telling me how much he loves me and how much he loves to make love to me. I told him the same as I came again for him. With me laying on his chest, Brian grabbed my ass cheeks and pumped his cock hard in me and began to moan louder as he was ready to fill me with his cum. Daddy let out a loud sigh as he came, too. Brian asked daddy if he'd like to clean up his cum from my pussy.

Daddy came over with cum dripping from his cock, bent over me and began to lick me clean. I thought I seen Brian go to the bathroom, but really he had stooped below daddy and sucked the remaining cum from daddy's cock. When daddy and Brian were through cleaning us up, daddy went upstairs and Brian and I took a hot shower. Of course we had to have ass sex in the shower. Knowing that I would have ass sex with daddy this weekend, Brian wanted to make sure I would be stretched a bit for him. LOL

Brian finished packing and watched me get dressed in my lacy bra and matching crotchless panties. Brian had pulled out my bright blue dress that fit very snug. He said that I need to impress the owner of the company. I pulled out my black 4" heels and slipped them on, before heading up the steps. Brian was following me and watching my ass with each step I took. When we reached the landing, he turned me around and said that he can't wait to come back home and have his way with me. When I looked down at his shorts, Brian had another hard on.

I made us both a glass of juice as Brian went to Scotty's room. When he opened the door, Brian found Scotty jacking off to the previous love making of me and Brian. Scotty smiled as Brian pulled his shorts down, to release his hard cock. Scotty had reached out for Brian as he walked towards him. Scotty pulled Brian's cock to his mouth and sucked him as he jerked himself off. Scotty got himself off, then put all his attention on Brian's cock. Sucking and tugging on Brian's cock til you could hear Brian scream out that he was cumming again.

Daddy and I walked by the room and seen Scotty sucking and slurping at Brian's dick. They both turned and seen me and daddy clapping at their performance. They both were blushing and finished packing Scotty's stuff, before coming into the kitchen. Daddy kissed me on the forehead and headed out the door and said he will see me about 6pm. Me and the boys left about the same time, I gave Brian a deep kiss before I pulled from the driveway.

After I got to work, I took my shoes off to finish cleaning off the counter and finish doing little things before the owner came in. I was in the backroom setting the radio to some good dance hits, when the back doorbell rang. I answered the door when Mr Lorny came in with his new assistant. I was introduced to Jack McKay. We shook hands, then I shown them around the storage area of the back room. Mr Lorny said he liked how I had things organized and labeled. I led them into the shop itself and found my shoes to slip on. I grew by four inches and that made Mr Mckay raise his eyebrows.

The men looked around commenting and taking notes of a few things. When they approached me, Mr Mckay had pointed out how he liked my displays of the different sex toys, the posters and the video setups. Then Mr Lorny began to point out the things he wasn't impressed by. Which really turned out to be very minor and I fixed them right away. Mr Lorny's phone rang and he excused himself to the backroom. Mr Mckay helped me with one of the displays that needed to be rearranged. I bent down to the bottom shelf with my ass very close to Mr Mckay. I rubbed against his arm as I stood back up.

Mr McKay told me, that I was very hot and that he sees why Mike (Mr Lorny) said I will bring them lots of money. I smirked at him as I bent over again. I told him, that Diana had been impressed with the cliental that I brought into her store and that's why she said I should have my own store. I noticed that Mr McKay had quit helping me and just watched me.
I walked over to the video wall and climbed the ladder, to adjust a poster and to fix a few of the videos that looked like they were going to fall.

Mr McKay had put his hand on my lower leg and began to work his way up as far as he could reach. I didn't say anything, knowing that it could hurt me in the long run. When Mr Lorny came from the back, Mr McKay pulled his hand away and held the ladder as i climbed back down. Mr McKay told me things looked great and he insists that we go out for lunch. I grabbed my purse and keys as we headed out the backdoor. I set the alarm and Mr McKay opened the front door of Mr Lorny's suv. He watched me as i scooted into the seat, then closed the door. He then got in the backseat right behind me.

We went to this little French Bistro on the next block over. When we walked in, the host said welcome to Mr Lorny and shown us the way to our table in the back of the room. No one was back there but us and another table of business men arguing over some business deal gone wrong. Mr Lorny had ordered us a bottle of wine and began to ask me about my employees. I told him about my friend Julie and this other girl I had hired a few days ago.

Her name is Shelly Long, she was a very pretty red head, tall and very friendly. I told them that she had once worked at another "sex shop" that was in the malls. Mr McKay seemed impressed and asked about Julie. I said how I've known Julie from years ago and she was liking the thought of selling products of this nature to horny people. She was in sales at the mall's biggest retailer and was ready for a change. I told her she will be having a major change in her life, working for this company.

Our food came and we chatted while we ate and drank. I excused myself when my phone rang, it was Brian asking how things were going. I told him we were at lunch and I think it's all going to be ok. Then Brian said he loved me and said for me to call him before daddy meets me. I walked to the restroom to freshen up before going back to the table. When I got back, the two men were in heavy discussion about me and my store.

Mr Lorny asked me how I felt about having a live model to display merchandise. I lifted my eyebrows and smiled, saying that would be cool. Then he asked who would model? I told him that Shelly would be a good choice; then Mr McKay said that he thinks I would be a great model. I giggled and said I could try it. Mr McKay said he wants me to model a few things when we get back to the store. I was blushing when he said such things.

Mr Lorny had ordered us some fresh fruit for dessert and had them box it up for us. We walked out after Mr Lorny paid our bill. Mr McKay had his hand in the small of my back as he led me out of the bistro. We stood out front as the men looked at some of the other stores in the area. I told Mr Lorny how this store next to the hardware store was simuliar to mine, but it was geared more to the homosexuals. Mr Mckay wanted to go inside and inspect/spy on their set ups.

When we walked in, we saw a few gay men looking at some toys and videos. I walked up to the cashier (Timmy) and kissed him on the cheek as I said hi. I told him that I was with the owner of the company and his assistant. Timmy says to me that he'd like to get a hold of the tall dark haired man. I said that was Mr McKay and that he had been touching my legs every chance he could. Timmy smirked and asked if I'd do him. I looked back at him and said in an instant. I told Timmy that he had a cute smile and he smelled good. His cologne was making me horny.

Mr Lorny came up to me and I introduced him to Timmy, the store owner. Mr Lorny was impressed that we knew each other and asked how we met. Timmy told him, that he came to one of my parties and had some fun, if he knew what he was meaning. Mr Lorny said yes he did. Timmy asked Mr Lorny if he liked what he saw in his store and if he was interested in anything, besides him. We laughed together as Mr Lorny grabbed Timmy's ass. When I walked towards Mr McKay, I saw him talking with some of the local gays. Mr McKay introduced me to them. I told them they need to come to my Grand Opening next week, it will be a hoot.

As I excused myself to find the restroom, Timmy and Mr Lorny were deep in conversation, The two gays began to make gestures to Mr McKay as they were trying to show him how they like to play with the toys. Mr McKay excused himself and followed me to the restrooms. Someone was in the ladies room, so I head for the men's room. Mr McKay was already in there and was shocked to see me headed for the stall. I told Mr McKay that this was the cleanest men's room on this block. He laughed and asked how did I know this. I told him I have a habit of visited shops and using their bathrooms.

I like to see some of the decor other stores had, to compare to my restrooms. My door didn't lock, which didn't bother me much. Mr McKay stood outside the door and watched over the top. I know Mr McKay must of stood at least 6'5 or taller, which impressed me to no end. With my heels on, I came up to the middle of his chest. Perfectly being able to suck his dick without my shoes on. As I wiped myself and began to straighten my dress, Mr McKay said he liked my lace panties and would love to see me in them with nothing but them on.

I walked over to the sink to wash my hands and dry them. I looked around to see if anyone else was in the room, then turned to lock the door. I turned around and pulled off my dress to show him my lace panties. Mr McKay approached me and cupped my pussy as he lifted me to sit on the sink counter. He bent over to touch my breasts as I was undoing the front clasp. Mr McKay kissed each breast and held my pussy in the other hand. I spread my legs for an easier access for his fingers to feel my wetness, that he has made in me.

I reached up to kiss Mr McKay, but he pulled away and said no. He then said that he has heard about my horniness and he wants to try me out. I then said that he could wait, til another time. Mr McKay didn't like my answer so he planted his lips on me and kissed me, in hopes of getting me to fuck him. I tried to push him away, but he pushed my hand to feel his erection. I felt his hard dick and his length that went down his leg. I kissed him back as he was undoing his pants. I pulled his pants down and saw him standing in his boxers with his dick head poking out of his left leg opening.

I spread my legs for his fingers to explore again, then he leaned over to suck my tits again. His large finger was pumping in and out of my pussy as I lifted my foot to give him a better entry. I freed his dick from his shorts and stroked his very thick dick. Mr McKay had me stand on the counter for him to lick my wet pussy. He removed my shoes and had me lift my right foot and placed it on his shoulder. My pussy twitched as he blew on me, then barely touched my nub and rubbed it. He rubbed my nub and blew some more til I was ready to cum again. He told me to cum hard and to squirt my pussy juice in his face.

The more he blew a cool breeze from his mouth and rubbed my nub with his thumb I could feel my legs wanting to give out from weakness. I couldn't stand it any longer and began to cum, his thumb pressed harder until I was squirting my juices in his face. McKay lapped and sucked up my juices as he had helped me put my left foot on his shoulder, so this way I was straddling his face for his ease of licking me. I've never had this way before and I'm really liking the feeling. I moaned loud as he continued tongue fucking my slit.

I then said that I'd like to suck his huge dick, that is if I could get him in my mouth. Mr McKay had lifted me, turned me around so my pussy was still in his face and my head was by his dick. I was sucking the best as I could being in the position. I love the way this feels with my pussy being in the air and me sucking him. When I was moaning about ready to cum again, Mr McKay set me back on the counter and approached my pussy to slide his way in.

I didn't fight him, for I was sitting on the counter as he tried to slide his big head in my opening. Mr McKay spit on his dick and worked his way in me, I let out a loud cry as he made his way in. Once he was in me, he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He pumped his manhood in and out of me making me gasp for air as his thickness stretched my pussy. It didn't take him long, before he pulled from me. I instantly got on my knees and let him stroke himself into my mouth. I swallowed his never ending cum down my wanting throat. I couldn't put much of his cock in my mouth, but I was able to massage his head with my tongue.

We got dressed and came out to the crowd in the store. A few of the guys were sucking and stroking each other, Mr Lorny and Timmy were kissing and stroking each other. There were a few lesbians fingering each other and a m,m,f trio going at it in a corner by the tv. Mr McKay and I looked at each other and clapped in unison to all the sexual acts going on around us. Timmy stopped kissing and asked if we enjoyed ourselves before going back to make out with Mr Lorny.

I told Mr Lorny and McKay that I needed to get back to my store to give instruction to Julie and Shelly before we open the doors next Monday. Mr McKay walked me back to the store, as I let myself in the front door, Julie and Stewart were making out on the bench back by the videos. She had my favorite gang bang movie playing. We heard Julie tell Stewart that she wants to try a huge group of well hung men, fucking her.

I told Julie that could happen next Friday night if she really wants it to happen. Stewart smiled at me and asked how. I said our Grand Opening is next Friday and after hours will be a big party with a selection of guys and girls. A sexy mix of people, straight, bi, gay and newbies. I told them about my first party I had at the other store I worked at. I told Julie I'm inviting a bunch of the same guys who love to gang bang. They were gentle with me, knowing it was my first time and I can make sure they do the same for her. Stewart said to her, that her wish will come true.

The clock chimed at 5 o'clock. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up again. I made sure when the plumber was here, that he put in a one man shower stall. I clipped my hair and got undressed for the shower. I stepped in to lather my sweaty body and to clean my pussy, making sure everything was shaved for daddy. I wrapped myself in a towel, and stepped out to hear daddy and Stewart laughing. Julie came in to use the mirror and make sure her makeup was good to go. She watched me dry off and get dressed. I fixed my eyeliner and lip gloss as I walked to the front of the store.

Julie and Stewart left for the weekend. I locked the front door and pulled the shade down to block out the rays of the sun. Daddy walked around and looked at the toys and lube. I finished some paper work, when daddy came to the counter with a handful of goodies. Flavored condoms and lubes. A new humming pussy hole for his lonely days alone. An elephant g-string and a sexy little nightie for me to wear this weekend. I took note of everything, so I can pay for it when the store opens. Daddy handed me a hundred bucks and told me to keep the change.

I walked daddy to the backdoor and turned to him. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. I told him I have a surprise for him when we get home. That's when daddy said we weren't going home tonight. He said when he saw how I was dressed this morning, he booked a suite at the casino hotel for us. Our evening together will be unforgettable. We both drove to the hotel, I wasn't leaving my new Mazda behind my store to get trashed or stolen. The parking garage was a secure place. Daddy and I walked in after the parking attendants took our cars. The receptionist greeted us and handed us our key cards.

To be cont...... Continue»
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I helped a "friend" write this one...

I hang up the phone and smile. You’re finally coming home. As I lay back and think to myself, my hand naturally slides down over my breasts, gently caresses my stomach and moves lower to take care of my longing for you one more time.

The first night we met you were upfront with me about your deployment. We had three weeks together and then you would be off to Iraq. We spent every spare moment of those three weeks exploring, enjoying and, yes, ravaging each other. I’ve never really liked all the cocky military ass holes who live her in San Diego, but have always had a curiosity about the Marines. You are strong and confident,
but in a quiet way. You don’t feel the need to tell everyone in a room that you are the strongest one there, but we all know it. I can tell that even the guys know that they are second to fighters, as lovers and as men. And that knowledge turns me on more than I would have ever imagined.

I'm thinking about our little fantasy of erotic pleasure in the airport bathroom. You don’t know this yet, but we’re going to make it happen. Do you remember my friend Julie, the flight attendant? She has told me how she can list me standby for a flight and I can get through security. When they call my name to get a ticket I will just ignore them. As long as I don’t get the ticket, Julie doesn’t get charged! I will be there as soon as you walk off the jetway......

We embrace and kiss. You start to talk but I stop you and grab your hand. Women's bathroom. As I lead you inside I look back with that sly grin you love. The one that tells you that I can be as daring and as dirty as you. Or more so! We’ve talked about this fantasy so many times over the phone that we know exactly what to do. I walk to the far sink and lean over it, spreading my legs for you. You know I rarely wear panties, but I still hear you moan softly as you pull my skirt up and see my bare ass and already very wet pussy. Everything is shaved and perfect for you. I have been sitting waiting for your plane to land for nearly thirty minutes and it was so hard not to touch myself. I am sopping wet! I hear your zipper go down and look back to see that marvelous cock eased out in the open. Its been so long and yet it is exactly as I remember it. It springs to life as soon as its released from your pants and I feel it spread my lips apart easily. You start fucking me slowly at first and my hands grip the faucet tightly as I look in the mirror to watch your face. You’re looking down, watching yourself enter and exit my tight juicy pussy, and then you look up at me to make sure I'm in ecstasy. I give you a moan of approval and you quicken your pace.

Women come in and out of the room and try not to stare. Some make nasty comments and others are obviously turned on. We haven't seen each other in so long, we don't care. It's hardcore fucking, but with the distance that has been between us since the last time I felt you inside me, the penetration is extremely intense and a****listic. We don't hear the background talk, but I notice the women who are getting turned on. You know how much I love that! Women checking themselves in the mirror are secretly watching us while adjusting their panties. They feel rushes of warm moisture fill the air space between their pussy lips and their panties. They want to play with us, but they just don't know how to approach us and we aren't ready for them yet. We are way to into each other and just getting more turned on by their desire and the fact that they want it and can't have it.

You pull my hair so hard my body comes with it and I feel you slide out of me. I hate that feeling but your strength lets me know there is a master plan at work here. You grab my shoulders and spin me around and put my ass on the edge of the counter. As we both yearn for the feeling, you slowly put the tip of your throbbing hard erect penis into me. You’re staring straight into my soul and I can feel you putting yourself into me and it unleashes a flow of wetness that covers you as you enter me the rest of the way. You are completely inside me and I’m one with you. Your hands grip my hip bones and just below, you pump faster and harder moving with the motion of my hips. There are sweat beads dripping down between my breasts. You take one hand and run it from my chin, down my neck, down the middle of my chest, to massage my clit for a second and I start to shake. My moaning is one long, low admission of total pleasure. My orgasm is just about to explode when I feel your cum spurting inside of me. I lose control of myself as my body tenses and quakes.

I open my eyes and laugh at the pool of juices under my pussy. When I wake up tomorrow, I will shower and prepare myself for our fantasy reunion. I can’t wait, lover!... Continue»
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happened to my friend

Chapter 1

Hey Amber, I thought you would like this site I really enjoy it. Just set up an account and pm me when you get set up. My screen name is yngandfresh. Cant wait to here from you. I sat in front of my computer ready to click send on an email I really shouldn’t send. It was too late I sent it, she never know it is from me since it is from a new email address that I just set up in a fake name. I had all things covered, just hope she takes the bait.

About a month ago I went into my daughter’s room and found her computer still on so I shook the mouse and brought it back up, it was on the same forum site I look at porn on. She was in the public section so I assumed she was not a member so I checked her history and seen she had been trying to look at pictures men had posted of their dicks but couldn’t see them. I had been noticing how much she had grown up over the last few months and had found myself watching her through the windows as she changed and was in the bathroom, always leaving me with a stiff dick to take care of. Only two weeks ago I found some naked pictures of her on her phone where she had been sending them to her friends, both male and female so I was extremely curious. She had a decent body for her age, she was almost 5 feet tall with blonde hair and firm B cup tits, an almost white bush but her ass was her best feature. Her ass was one of those round bubble butts, it always got peoples attention. Seeing her interest made me want to see how far she would go so I decided to set up a new account and email to invite her to the site. Now the email was sent and it was all up to her.

I continued to watch Amber for any chance to see her naked, occasionally checking her computer to see if she had been back on the site. After almost a week I checked her computer after she left for school and seen where she had joined the forum and was still logged in, I got an instant erection when I read her screen name “daddyzdream”. After checking her history I seen she had not had any posts yet so I checked her profile and seen she used her real name but changed her birthyear to make 18. While looking over her profile I noticed she had an album started, when I opened it I found the pictures from her phone and a few new ones but none had her face in them. Under the interest title she had put older men, this really made my dick swell. Sitting at her computer looking around her room I saw her pajamas from the night before in a pile by her bed with a pair of black cotton panties on top of the pile. I don’t know why I but I picked the panties up and held them up but they were inside out. The crotch was still damp from being against her young pussy so held them to my nose, they smelled so sweet. With her panties in my hand I lowered my shorts with the other and hung her panties from my stiff dick, the damp crotch against my dick. As I wrapped my dick with her soft panties I started stroking it, before I realized it I had shot a stream of cum in her panties looking at her pictures on the screen. I wiped the rest of my cum off with her panties and threw them back with her pajamas and put her computer back where I found it. I pulled my shorts across my limping dick and got dressed for work. All day I couldn’t wait to check the forum to see if she had pm’ed me yet and to see what she had been looking at.

As I returned home from work Amber called asking if she could go home with a friend after school. I told her she could, knowing it would be a while before she got home I thought I would work on my new profile. I wanted to be sure she got to see my dick so I added a nice picture of my stiff dick as my avitar, requested some friends. I wanted my profile to look appealing to her. With the details done I started some supper for her when she got home and waited for her to call telling me she was on her way home. After she called I thought I would check my account, she was one my visitors but had not left any messages. Just the thought of knowing she had seen a picture of my dick turned me on, I couldn’t wait to show her more. I turned the monitor off and waited for her to arrive. Immediately after eating she rushed to take a shower, which gave me an opportunity to sneak a peek at her beautiful body as she undressed in the bathroom. After her shower she said she was tired and was going on to bed, not staying up watching tv as normal. Shortly after I turned my computer back on to find her on the forum, still no response from her. As I browsed around the forum I noticed I had 1 new message.

“Hi there, thankyou for inviting me to the forum. I have to ask who you are and how you know me, is that you in your picture?

“Thankyou for you response. Im not going to tell you my name, you are friends with my daughter. I saw a picture of you on her phone and thought if you like to take pictures of yourself this is a good place to show them off. I really like the ones on your album, I would love to see more. Yes that is me in my picture, do you like it?”

“I feel weird that you are my friends dad, have I ever met you? I like your picture, do you have more? I will try to add some more later, I like to show off my body.”

“No, we have never met. I cant wait to see more of your beautiful body, I bet the boys really have fun with you. Do you have a boyfriend to help you take pictures or do you take them yourself?

“I don’t have a boyfriend, the boys at my school are to immature. I am interested in older guys for some reason, I think they would take better care of me. I have a friend that we take pictures of each other, some of them can get pretty dirty I don’t know if I should show them or not. I will take some of myself tonight if you would like to see them.”

“You can show your dirty ones too, I want to see them. I would love to see what you are wearing now, I’ll be waiting.”

By now I had my shorts around my ankles stroking the stiff one I had. I had to go across the house to see if I could hear anything in her room. I eased up to her door and listened when I saw her light come on and shine under the door. With my ear to the door I could hear the drawers open and close in her dresser, then I heard the camera shutter. It shuttered about ten times and stopped. I couldn’t believe it, my daughter was on the other side of the door taking pictures of herself to show a man on the internet. I knew she was flirty but this goes past my expectations. I slowly walked away from her door back to my computer where I dropped my shorts and clicked the refresh buttton to see if I had any messages, no yet. I decided to check her album, while I was checking it I got a new message. It was her.

“Give me 5 mins ill have them in my album.”
Chapter 2

I sat in front of my computer stroking my throbbing dick thinking about what my daughter was doing in her room right then, knowing she was doing it for me. I couldn’t help but wonder how far this was going to go, will she want more of me and what she thought about my dick. I think my dick is a fairly big one compared to the pictures on the forum, it is 9 ¼ inches long and a little more than 2 inches thick I have measured it. I really wanted to know things about her she wouldn’t tell me and just how dirty she was. I clicked on the tab that had her profile on it, when I did it showed I had a friend request. She had sent it to me, I accepted it and clicked on her album. She had added 9 new pictures so I clicked the first one, my heart about stopped. There was my beautiful little girl on her knees on her bed with her ass in the air wearing a white lace thong, I still couldn’t see her face. The next one was similar but she had pulled the thong down leaving it stretched across her thick butt cheeks still hiding her pussy. The next ones continued the removal of her panties until she was showing her slick shaved slit. I clicked the sixth picture to find her on her bed with her legs spread turning her head still not showing her face. The next two show the progression of her hand going between her legs until the last one showed her with a finger between her smooth lips. She never showed her face in them. I clicked through them again admiring her beautiful body amazed at what she had done. I noticed a new message so clicked the tab with my profile and opened it.

“So what do you think? I hope you liked them, if you did I can take some more. I enjoyed taking them, it’s a real rush knowing my dad is in the other room. Is that the only picture of your dick you have I would like to see more of it, its bigger than any I have seen in person.”

“I loved them, you have one of the best asses I have ever seen. I would love to see more but I don’t want you to get caught by your dad. I have more pictures of myself, what would you like to see? Thankyou for the compliment but how many have you seen to compare it to?”

“I think my butt is big but everyone seems to like it. I wont get caught my dad is probably in his room watching porn, what kind do want I have some old ones on my computer or I can take some new ones. Do you have any more of it hard or in your underwear I like those. I have only seen a few, mostly my dads and his friends when theyre over here and a couple boys at school that I gave blowjobs to. I like the older ones better but I rarely get to see them hard, mostly when theyre peeing or changing clothes but none of them are as big as yours.”

“I like the self pics taken in a mirror but I look forward to seeing any of them, I will email you some if that’s ok. You can email me any time you want, you have my address. Does your dad know you look at his and his friend’s dicks? When do you see his, I want to know incase my daughter is looking at mine. LOL. I cant wait to see more of your sexy panties.”

“I know his friends have caught me looking at theirs and I think sometimes they do it on purpose. I really like it when I run around the house barely dressed and I can see them getting a hardon in their pants, some of them try to hide it and some are proud of it. Daddy sl**ps naked so I go in his room and look at his while he is asl**p, I have peeped through the bathroom window and watched him jack off before he showers. He would kill me if he knew that. I bet your daughter has seen yours too, all the girls at school talk about seeing their daddy’s dicks. I don’t have any mirror pics I will take some now though. I am really enjoying showing you my pictures, I hope you are too. Feel free to email those to me.”

Curious if she was serious about taking the mirror pics I went into the kitchen and pretended to be getting something to drink, I knew she would have to go to her bathroom to take them. I was standing at the refrigerator when I saw her stick her head out her door. Seeing me she stepped back in her room and quickly came back out wearing a long shirt and went into the bathroom. I could see her trying to hide her camera behind her back as she closed the door. After hearing her lock the door I knew she was taking more pictures. I turned off the lights and stood in the kitchen rubbing my stiff dick waiting for her to go to her bedroom. I guess she thought I was gone, she opened the door and threw her shirt into her room and walked to her room. I watched her naked body as she went to her room carrying her camera in one hand and I could see something blue in the other. After she locked her door I went back to my computer and gathered a few pictures of myself to send her being careful not to send any that I had already posted on the forum or any that you could see my face. I sent two of me limp hanging in front of me, three of me hard and two of me in my underwear that I had cummed in. After I hit send I couldn’t believe what I had just done, what if she recognized something in the background from our house. My heart pounded as I waited on her email, looking through the house to see if she was coming.

“I really liked the ones of you hard but the ones of you cumming in your underwear really made me horny, im going to have to finish myself now. Hope you enjoy the pictures, ill try to send some more tomorrow.”

I opened the first picture, she was standing in her bathroom facing the mirror wearing only a pair of blue panties. The second one was similar except she was cupping her breast in her hand. The third she had her back to the mirror showing her thick butt in the blue lace boy shorts. The next was a side shot still wearing her panties, it really showed her curves it was my favorite. I stroked my swollen cock as I clicked the next pictures, the next ones she was naked from both front and back. When I clicked the last one I couldn’t help but to shoot my load, she was standing facing the mirror with her legs spread. Her finger was pulling up on her hood that hung over the blue silk panties that her pussy consumed half of. As I was squeezing the rest of my cum out I got a message.

“I hope you enjoyed my pics, I enjoyed yours. I need to go I have school tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you again, I hope I can trust you. Sweet Dreams!”

“Yes I love your pics, the last one was more than I could handle. You can trust me, afterall I can get into trouble not you. Talk to you later.”

As I was about to close my window I received a new message.

“Just wanted to give you one more tonight, hope you like it.”

I opened the picture to see my daughter sitting in her bathroom, legs spread with her hairbrush shoved in her with just the end barely hanging out of her slick pussy. I knew right then I had to go get the hairbrush and check it out. I waited til I saw her light turn off and went to her bathroom, the brush was laying on the sink. I closed the door and picked up the brush, the handle still wet with her juices. While holding it to my nose taking in the scent of a horny virgin I knew I had to taste it. Holding it from the bristle side I took it in my mouth, the taste of her surprised me. It tasted nothing like the women I have had lately, so sweet I could only imagine how it would taste to run my tongue across her virgin hole. After sucking all her juices from the brush I laid it back on the sink and returned to my room. With my dick throbbing I sat at the computer looking at the last picture stroking it. I clicked through the pictures she had sent me still amazed at how sexy she was, it didn’t take long until I was ready to explode. I shot my second load into the towel I had by the chair. After closing my screen I laid on my bed, drained from the excitement I fell right to sl**p.
Chapter 3
Chapter 3

I woke the next morning still on top of the sheets to the sound of Amber getting ready for school, noticing I was still naked from the night before I grabbed my underwear and slid them over my morning wood and went to check on her. As I rounded the corner I saw her pulling her shorts across her thick ass, I stepped back and watched as she pulled them tight and buttoned them and tugged at her zipper. “Good morning honey.” I said. “Morning daddy, you finally wake up. I tried to wake you when I got up but you didn’t move.” she answered. The thought of her coming in my room and seeing me sl**ping naked just encouraged my limping dick to resume the upright position. I watched her thinking about the things she had done the night before and how she still acted and looked so innocent. She looked at her clock and said “I better go, I don’t want to miss my bus.” She walked toward me in a rush, I bent down and gave her our normal kiss goodbye. This time felt so different, like I was kissing a woman. I’m sure it was because of the thoughts I had going through my mind. I watched her thick butt in the tan shorts as she opened the door and went outside. I was going to be late for work if I didn’t hurry so I grabbed a quick shower and went to work.

My mind raced all day wondering if I should continue what I had started. I knew no one would ever find out but what if she figured out it was me, what would she do? Should I influence her to find interest in me then let her figure it out? What if she was interested in me, could I go through with it? With all possibilities going through my mind I decided I would not contact her again unless she contacted me first. It seemed like forever before the day was over. On my way home she called to remind me I had to pick her up from cheerleading practice at 7:00. I told her I would be there. Knowing I had some time before I picked her up I got on the forum, I had 2 new messages. Both messages were from her, I knew she had on there on her phone from school. I opened the first one. Then the second.

“Hey, just wanted to let u know I had fun lastnite. Cant wait to talk again. Bye.”

“Sent u a email hope u like it”

I quickly opened my emal to find 1 new email. When I opened it there was only a picture so I clicked it, my dick instantly got hard as I saw Amber on the bathroom counter legs spread pulling her white cotton panties to one side showing her slick cunt, her shorts hanging from her shoe of one leg. The picture was clearly taken by someone else. I looked closer and could see that is was Emily, a cheerleader friend of hers that had been over to our house many times before. Emily is a year older than her and a little skinnier than Amber but very attractive with her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My dick throbbed as I thought about the two girls doing that while they were at school. I stroked my dick through my pants as checked her profile, she still hadn’t made any posts but had a few visitors to her profile. Looking at the clock it was 6:15 so I turned the monitor off and took care of a few chores before I left to pick her up. I hadn’t been sitting there long when she came running up to my window “Daddy can Emily stay with me tonight? Her mom and dad are out of town and she don’t want to stay with her aunt. Please!” she asked bouncing up and down at the door. She stays over a lot so I knew her parents wouldn’t care. “If she calls her aunt and lets me talk to her and its ok with her.” I answered. She dropped her bag and bounced back in the, her cheerleading skirt bouncing just enough to show the matching blue panties. Shortly she returned with Emily, both bouncing with joy as they hung from my window. I handed her my phone to call her aunt. After speaking to her aunt we agreed she could stay. The girls threw their bags in the bed and climbed up in the truck, Emily at the window and Amber beside me. I watched as the seatbelts pulled their skirts up as they fastened them, noticing Amber had taken off her blue panties by the white cotton between her legs. As Emily wiggled around trying to fasten hers her skirt kept rising. I kept looking trying to see her panties, with one good twist I got the view I was waiting on. To my surprise I saw a pantiless mound with a small patch of hair between her legs. Forcing myself to turn my head before I got caught I faced the windshield as we pulled away. “Are you girls hungry?” I asked. After little debate we decided to eat at a small diner by the house. I followed the girls in the diner as they took their seats on the swivel stools at the bar, flipping their skirts up before sitting so they would hang around the cushion. “OOH this seat is cold” said Emily as she sat her bare pussy on the cold vinyl. I heard Amberwhisper “If you had panties on it wouldn’t be cold.” “If you hadn’t throwed them in the floor I would have some.” answered Emily with a cute grin. I pretended I didn’t hear them but I couldn’t quit thinking about it. The girls spun on the stools and giggled between themselves as we ate, occasionally including me in the conversation. When they were done they hopped up and told me they would be in the truck. As I walked to the cashier I noticed some moisture on Emily’s stool from her hot young slit against the cool vinyl. I paid the ticket and made my way to the truck.

When we got home the girls rushed to Amber’s room shutting the door behind them. Curious if they were up to what I hoped they were I went strait to the computer where her profile was already pulled up and watched as the online now light lit up and a new message was sent.

“Hey, do you want to talk tonight? I want to take more pics if you want to see them. Let me know.”

It was obvious that she had let Emily in on her playing but how far would they take it. I wanted to wait to reply so I walked toward her room, thought I would see how she would act with the chance of being caught. I knocked on her door, I heard so shuffling before she opened it. Emily was sitting at the computer which was turned off, they were both still in their skirts and tops. Amber quickly took a seat on her bed sliding a pair of white panties under her as she sat down. As I looked around her room I saw her camera was still on laying on her bed beside her. “You know you need to take a shower, Emily you can take one too. Do you have any clean clothes or are you going to wear some of Amber’s?” I asked. “I’ll just wear some of hers.” she answered. “We’ll take showers after we finish our homework.” said Amber. I told her that was fine, I would be in my room if they needed anything pulling the door shut behind me as I left. I got me a drink and went back to my computer, I had a new message waiting.

“I took some new pics tonite, I put some in my album. If you like them I will email you some more.”

I clicked the window of her profile and chose her album, it had two new pictures I it. The first one was her from the front in her uniform still not showing her face, the next was from the back with her skirt pulled up resting on top of her thick cheeks bent over just enough to see the bottom of her pussy and her hands on her hips. I stared at the picture thinking how beautiful she was, how she was enjoying this. I felt like my little girl was exposing her curiosity right in front of my eyes, I knew girls did it but I didn’t know how far she would go.

“I loved the pictures! Who is taking them for you, your daddy. Ha Ha just k**ding, although im sure he is aware of how beautiful you are since he is lucky enough to see you every day. I think my daughter know I like looking at her, she seems to tease me in her underwear and leaves her door open a lot when changing clothes but I don’t mind. She sees me in my underwear all the time. Do you ever do your daddy that way, if so I would like to hear about it.”

“LOL. I have a friend over tonite, would you like to see her too? I have never teased my daddy, it could be fun but I know he saw some pics of me naked on my phone once cause I caught him looking at them but I didn’t say anything I was afraid I was in trouble. He walks around in his underwear all the time. I can tell when he gets hard sometimes when hes around me. It used to bother me but now I understand I guess. He looks at teenagers on his computer a lot I have seen it on before. I will email you more pics, I hope they keep you hard for a while. I have to take a shower but you can talk to my friend while im gone if you want to.”

“I cant wait to see them, don’t forget one of your friend. Have fun in the shower. Don’t be teasing your daddy!”

Chapter 5

I was sitting at my computer when she came into my room to the shower, still wearing her uniform carrying a small wad of clothes in one hand and a towel in the other. Standing in front of me she laid the towel on my desk and held up a t-shirt. “See our new shirts coach gave us today!” she said modeling the shirt with her school name and cheerleading under it. I noticed there was no other clothes with her towel. “Nice.” I answered as I looked it over as she pulled it against her chest. She grabbed her towel and went into the bathroom. I turned back to my computer opening my email to one new message from her.

“Amber is gone but you can talk to me if you want!”

“I would love to talk to you, thank you for helping her with the pictures I really enjoy them.”

“They are only gonna get better! Im taking some of me while she is gone but she will have to send them to you. Im older than her, taller but my ass is not as big but I know you will like me.”

“I cant wait to see you, I bet you are beautiful. Tell me a little about yourself. Do you have a boyfriend, how experienced are you? What do you like about sex or are you a virgin like Amber?”

“I do not have a boyfriend, all the boys are stupid! I guess im a virgin, I only let them put it in my butt does that mean im still a virgin. I really like girls better than boys that’s why I like Amber so much.”

“Yeah your still a virgin, how many guys have you let put it in your butt? Do you and Amber have sex?

“Not many, just the guys on the football team but two and my neighbor. Oh yeah me and her have fun all the time but we don’t tell anybody. Maybe she will show you some pics of us.”

“I bet your young ass feels great but why wont you let them put it in your pussy?”

“Me and Amber promised each other we wouldn’t until our next birthday, our birthday are together so we figured we would celebrate together, I cant wait.”

I heard the shower cut off so I clicked on some music and waited for Amber to come out, remembering she had no clothes besides the shirt. My chest pounded as I waited for her wondering if she was going to take the advice of the mystery man and tease her daddy. I heard the door open as she walked behind me and stopped leaning on my chair behind me. “What ya doing?” “Just listening to some music.” I answered. I knew she would try to see what sites I was on so when I minimized them I left the one I wanted her to see up, it was a teen site and you could definitely tell by the name. I could feel her wadded up uniform in her arm against my shoulder as she slid over to the side of my chair. Knowing this may be my only opportunity to see her in the shirt I spun the chair around facing her with her standing only a couple feet from me. After a quick glance in her eyes I lowered my sights on the shirt, still wet from her shower the shirt clung tightly to the firm B cup tits. As my eyes fell from the bottom of her shirt I had a clear view of her freshly shaved mound over two pink lips. Dying to see more and with her not showing any sign of embarrassment I asked her what it had on the back. “Just my name.” she said as she spun around and stopped. The shirt wasn’t long enough to cover her thick ass so it layed piled on the top of her cheeks showing me the perfect ass I had seen in the pictures. Turning back around she says “Emily is going to take a shower in a minute if that’s ok, she got her shirt today to so she will sl**p in it.” I told her that’s was fine and watched her turn and walk away with her perfect young ass exposed. Wondering how obvious my hardon was I looked down to see my stiff cock pushing at the soft cotton shorts, I knew she had to see it. I opened my browser and clicked my email to find two new messages from Amber. The first was from Emily.

“I have took you some good pics! You be spanking your cock to them shortly.”

The second was from Amber.

“I think you were right my daddy likes for me to tease him too. I just stood in front of him wearing nothing but a shirt that short enough for him to see my pussy I saw his hard dick in his shorts it was kinda fun. I will take a pic of me in the shirt when I send you the ones my friend took of her. She wants to know if your dick is hard from talking to her.”

“I told you that you were sexy and he would enjoy it. I would like to see your shirt. Yes, my dick is very hard right now. Does it turn you on to tease me like this, I hope so your driving me crazy!”

“It turns me on to tease you, here is some more teasing!”

The email had about ten pictures in it. The first was her standing in front of her mirror in the shirt showing her pussy to me. The rest were of Emily, I was so excited to see her naked, the first was her in front of the mirror pulling her skirt up with one hand and the other covering the small patch of hair topping her slick lips. The pictures got better as they went, her long blonde hair hanging over her small breasts, her bent over with a finger in her hole. By now I was about to rip my shorts I had to get my dick out so I slid my shorts to my ankles and started rubbing it, clicking through the pictures of Emily until I got another email. I opened it to find more pictures of Emily taken by Amber. Emily was on the bed still in her uniform on her knees, then one spreading her butt cheeks wide. I continued stroking my cock as I clicked each new picture. While staring at the last one I got another email, more pics. The first one took my breath. With Emily still in her uniform she was sitting straddle Amber’s face covering her with the skirt. The next her skirt was pulled up showing Amber’s tongue against her wet pussy. In the next two She had her head between Amber’s legs licking my daughters slick pussy. She obviously had no problem showing her face, her beautiful blonde hair pulled back away from her meal. I couldn’t believe I was looking at pictures og my little girl eating pussy just three doors down from me and I was about to cum to them. I was only strokes away from blowing my load when I heard Emily coming to take a shower, I quickly clicked on my music and stretch my shirt over dick as she stepped into my room. As soon as I saw her still in her uniform I blew my load against my shirt covering my spewing cock. She paid me little attention as she bounced to the bathroom. I pulled my cum soaked shirt off and tossed it aside.

“Those pictures are awesome, looks like you two know what you doing. I would love to see more of them. Does your daddy know about you two? I bet he is enjoying having the both of you in his house.”

“She is taking a shower right now, we will take some more when she is done. No, my daddy don’t know he thinks I am still an innocent little girl. He would probably like it He always looks at girls our age on the computer. My friend is going to wear a shirt like mine when she gets out of the shower and tease my daddy. I told her to watch his dick get hard. LOL”

“Im sure he will enjoy it. Let me know when you have some more pictures.”

Knowing Emily was planning on teasing me I decided to give her a show too. I took my clothes off and slipped on a pair or my boxer briefs and sat on the couch, she has to walk right by me going to Amber’s room. Hearing the water cut off I slipped my limp dick through the slit in my shorts leaving just the head hanging out of the hole and leaned back on the couch giving her a clear view of my underwear. My dick started to swell just anticipating her as I listened to her walk closer. When she walked through the door my eyes went quickly to her exposed pussy under the shirt, her eyes went right to my crotch. By now my cock was starting to grow out of the slit in my shorts. With her only feet from me I asked “Did you get a shirt today too.” “Yeah I figured I could sl**p in it.” she answered she had stopped right in front of me showing me her shirt. “Does it have your name on the back too?” I asked. “Yeap!” she answered turning around giving me a shot of her small firm ass, thoughts of all those boys fucking her ass raced through my mind. With her back to me I pulled my now hard cock all the way through the slit. Her eyes quickly returning to my dick as she turned facing me. “Those are nice.” “Thankyou.” she replied not able to take her eyes from my cock I looked down at my stiff dick “Oh, Im sorry!” I said as I reached into my underwear and pulled it back in. “Please don’t tell Amber, I don’t want her to think im showing her friends my stuff, OK.” “Don’t worry I wont tell her if you wont tell her I was looking at it.” she replied. I watched her skinny little ass as she walked toward Amber’s room. With both of them in her room I positioned my swollen cock and decided to pay them a visit to see if I could see anything interesting. I knocked once and opened her door, Amber was sitting Indian style in her chair in front of her computer still wearing her shirt while Emily was bent over digging in her gym bag. Being bent over I saw a nice view of her slick slit. “You girls need to go to bed soon, don’t stay up all night, OK.” I said as I walked behind Amber looking across her shirt to her exposed pussy, I could see her lips being pulled apart by the position she was sitting/ I leaned down and kissed her on her head and told her goodnight. By now Emily had sat on the bed, giving me a devilish grin as I walked by telling her goodnight too. After shutting the door I stood still trying to hear any comments by the girls. “See I told you it worked! He is about to come out of those underwear again. I’ve never seen one that big.” said Emily. I heard them giggle and start to whisper as I walked away.

I couldn’t get the image of Amber’s spread pussy out of my head, thinking how damn beautiful it was. Thinking I had a little time before she started the email again I started moving all the pictures she had sent me to a folder, numbering them from the first ones she sent to the last ending up with a nice collection over the last two days. I clicked through the pictures stroking my stiff cock wondering what they were going to do next.

“You were right again my daddy enjoyed the show my friend gave him he got so hard his dick came out of his underwear. My friend got to see his dick she said it was the biggest she had seen I told her me too. He even came in my room with it still hard while I was playing with myself. I don’t think he knew it but I know he saw my pussy while it was wet. I think my friend wants to sneak in his room tonight so she can see it again. Got to go take some new pics I am so horny now.”

“I bet your daddy is in the bathroom jerking off thinking about what I am getting to see, I feel so lucky. You girls better be careful tonight, you keep looking at his dick you might not make it to your birthday.”

“My friend says if he was she would like to watch him I told her she could peep through the window but I doubt he is he normally just does it in front of the computer and leaves his underwear in there. I got to go she is over here teasing me rubbing her pussy send you some new pics later.“

I played around the forum waiting for the new pictures, it want long before I had an email with some in it. The first one was both of them on their knees beside each other taken in the mirror but wasted no time showing more of them together, Amber still only showing enough of her face that if I didn’t know it was her I wouldn’t recognize her. After a few of Amber eating Emily’s sweet pussy they switched positions, seeing my baby burying her face in that pussy was so sexy but didn’t compare to seeing her thick ass up in the air while Emily sunk her fingers in tight pussy and licked her juices. I had just clicked the last one when I received the next ones. Amber still with her ass in the air, her pussy laying open from the playing. The next Emily had the tip of a hairbrush pushing at Amber’s hole leading to a few with the brush deep in her hole with the bristles against her pink meat. I guess Emily wanted some payback the next one she was on her knees pulling at her cheeks, the next took my by surprise to see my baby’s face cleary between her cheeks with her tongue pressed against Emily’s small brown hole. The next she had a finger deep in her butt, leading to the last two ofAmber pushing the hairbrush deep in her butt. I was in total shock, I couldn’t believe my baby was sexual enough to lick another girls butt before sinking a hairbrush in it.

I had started an email telling them how much I liked the pictures when I got another one from her.

“This is our last ones we want to finish what we started and go to bed. XOXOXO”

I opened the first one to see my baby receiving the same oral pleasure she had gave Emily earlier, I instantly thought I would see the hairbrush in her butt next. It wasn’t the hairbrush I saw but instead it was the flashlight she had kept in her nightstand pushing against her smooth slit. The next one left little to my imagination, the light that I was familiar with the size of was all the way in her pussy. I could see her lips being stretched around the larger bulb end. The next few showed the light in different stages of penetration ending with one with the light pushing against her small brown hole. By now I had stroked my throbbing dick to the point of exploding, remembering what Amber had said about me jacking off and leaving my underwear I left my cock covered in my shorts as I released a well deserved load in them and slid them into the floor. After shutting off the monitor I crawled on top of the covers thinking about them sneaking in my room tonight to see my dick as I slept taking no time to fall asl**p.
Chapter 6

I woke a few hours later still laying on top of the sheets with a thick hardon wondering if the girls had came in my room to see my cock or not. With the urge to pee I used the bathroom and laid back on the bed. As I laid trying to go back to sl**p I saw the hall light come on. I heard whispers from the hall, it was the girls sneaking in. Knowing they were on their way my dick started to swell again so I rolled onto my back so they could get a good view. With my eyes closed I could hear them getting closer, I heard Amber tell her it was hard. The two girls were standing by my bed staring as my dick shook from the instant turn on. I listened to them talk about how big it was, how they couldn’t wait till their birthday and how much it would hurt going in them. My dick wasn’t the only thing swelling, it really made me proud to know two hot teenage girls were looking at my dick and liked what they saw. I thought I would give them a show so I rolled on my side and spread my legs. “Look how big his balls are.” I heard Emily say. They watched for a while. They were leaving the room when I heard Amber “See I told you, he sits in here and jacks off looking at teen porn and cums on his underwear, see there lays his underwear.” Once I saw the hall light go off I had to do something about the major hardon I had so I jerked off right then cumming on my stomach and laid there to go to sl**p. Waking up as the sun came through the window I heard the girls getting ready for school so I grabbed a pair of shorts, pulled them on and headed to see them before they left. They were already dressed, Emily was sitting on the bed wearing a pair of Ambers shorts and the shirt the coach had given them. Amber was at the computer, I could tell she was in her email but she closed it quickly when I entered her room and spun around in the chair. She was wearing a white skirt, long enough for school so it hid everything nicely with a pink button up shirt. As I stood and talked to them I noticed both of them looking at my crotch every chance they got, I noticed Amber wiggling around in the chair as she said “I hate this skirt, its so long it feels like a dress!” as she squirmed around it slid up enough to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “I’m going to change, I cant wear this thing.” She stood up and went to her dresser and started going through her shorts till she found a pair she liked and went to the bathroom to change. I told them bye as I headed to the shower. After my shower I went to work as normal, trying not to think about what I had started with my daughter. Curiosity was getting to me, I found myself checking my email often hoping for a new picture. It was after lunch when I couldn’t stand it anymore so I checked opened my email to look at some of the pictures I already had, but I had a new one from her. I could feel my dick start to swell as I opened the email, sure enough she had sent three new pictures. They were all of her, clearly taken by someone. They were of her in a bathroom stall. The first one she was sitting on the toilet with her shorts around her ankles, the next she was slid to the end of the seat with her legs spread wide showing her beautiful pussy and the last she was bent over spreading her cheeks with her shorts still around her ankles. My dick was throbbing, my little girl was turning me on more than any woman has in years. I stared at he pictures until work got busy again, not able to check my email the rest of the day.

I had just got home and sat down to the computer hoping to find some new pictures in my email when my phone rang, it was Amber telling me I didn’t need to pick her up one of the other girl’s mom was bringing her home. I opened my email, disappointed to find she had not sent anymore pictures. I went to the kitchen to start getting dinner ready. I was almost done when Amber got home, going strait to her room to drop her bags and coming back to the kitchen still wearing her gym shorts and tanktop. She immediately came over to me and gave me a hug and asked what she could do to help, I told her I had it she could go clean up and get ready for dinner. I watched her bubble butt in her gym shorts as she made her way to her room causing light swelling in my shorts thinking about the pictures. I finished the meal and called her in to eat. As she came in I noticed she had removed her bra letting her thin shirt lay against her firm B cup breasts, her nipples pushing at the thin cotton. We ate and talked as normal, trying to hold back the thoughts of her naked and catching myself staring at her breasts every chance I got. Dinner was almost over when she caught me looking at her breasts and smiled at me. When we finished eating she got up ant took our plates, noticeably shaking her thick butt and pushing it out for me to see. Watching her walk around the kitchen bare footed in her short shorts and shirt kept the swelling going. As she bent over to put the dishes in the washer I had a clear view of her butt, her shorts rolled over at the top I could see the top of her butt crack so I knew she wasn’t wearing panties either. It was clear to me that she was taking the advice of the stranger telling her to tease her daddy but how far would she take it? I shoved my stiff dick over to one side and joined her in cleaning up. As we finished she made her way back to her room, I sat back at the computer to find she had sent me two emails.

“Hey honey, sorry I don’t have any pics. I just wanted to tell you I have been thinking about what you said about your daughter teasing you and how much you enjoy it. I think I will try it some more, would you tell me the things she does that you enjoy? Thankx be back later.”

“I think you are right I showed up for dinner wearing my cheering shorts without panties and my sweaty tank top without a bra, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He had a BIG hardon when he stood up. This is fun I wonder if would like to see more?”

I had to e-mail her back, I wanted to see how much she would listen to this strange man telling her to tease her daddy.

“So you want to tease your daddy, I know he will enjoy it as much as I do. So how are you going to tease him next, I’m sure he will be looking now. Is it turning you on to tease him?”

“Yes it turns me on to know I can make him hard. I am getting in the shower I think I may forget my towel on accident or leave the door open when I go in there. Do you think he would like that? Got to go!”

“Let me know how it goes”.

I had just closed my emails when she came through my room to the bathroom, noticing she wasn’t carrying any clothes or towel but I didn’t say anything. I watched as she went in the bathroom not shutting the door. Knowing she left it open hoping to tease me it was all I could do not to get up and try to sneak a peak at her sexy body but I didn’t. I heard the shower running so I knew she was in the shower so I got up and made my way to the bathroom, to my surprise she was still standing naked in front of the mirror so I stopped hoping she hadn’t seen me yet. I stood and watched as she played with her hair and made poses in the mirror until she turned and stepped in the shower. By now I was about to blow my load in my pants, her teasing was definitely working. I sat anxious as she showered knowing she didn’t have a towel or any clothes with her, wondering if she would come out naked and get one or put her clothes back on. My mind raced with all kinds of scenarios as I pictured her naked body in the shower. As my mind raced with high hopes of her showing me her naked self I heard the shower water cut off, the shower curtain slid open. “Daddy, you out there?” she asked. “Yeah, what’s wrong?” I replied. “I forgot a towel, will you bring me one?” I told her I would and went to the laundry room and got a towel, positioned my throbbing hardon the best I could and went to the bathroom. I entered the bathroom to find my best wishes had been granted, she was standing in front of the shower water dripping from her tight body. I found myself staring at her freshly shaved mound as I reached the towel out for her to take, she took it from my hand and I turned to leave when I heard her say thank you with a soft giggle. I made my way to the couch a sat down, waiting to see if she would come out naked or put her clothes back on. I saw the light turn off seconds before she came through the door completely naked holding her dirty clothes over her breasts and stopped in front of me “Sorry, I forgot my clothes too. I didn’t want to bother you again.” said Amber. “That’s ok, there is no reason for you to be ashamed you are a big girl now and don’t have to hide anything from me.” I answered. Her arms fell exposing her firm breasts “I guess you’re right, it not like you haven’t seen me naked before.” she said as she walked to her room with my eyes stuck to her thick butt.

By now my heart was racing, my little girl just stood completely naked and was comfortable doing it and it was all because a man she don’t know told her too. I knew she would want to tell him what she had done so I went to check my emails, she had already sent him a message.

“OMG! I can’t believe what I just did I let my daddy see me naked twice. I can’t believe he didn’t fuss at me he seemed to like it. I could see his dick hard in his pants. What can I do next?”

“Wow, you are a naughty little girl! I bet he loved seeing your sexy body, I sure love seeing it. As far as what you do next, that is up to you. My daughter seemed real comfortable showing herself to me so it wasn’t long before she would walk around naked every time my wife wasn’t home. I will never forget the first time I caught her playing with herself, I think she done it on purpose cause I knew she did it but she left her door open and I could hear her moaning. I watched her a few times before she ever let me know she saw me. Just have fun and don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“I want to be naughtier!!!!!! I like being naked and I liked him seeing me naked. My mom doesn’t live with us so I could be naked almost all the time, I wonder if I could get him naked in front of me. I would love to see him walking around naked. Im gonna take you some pics maybe he will catch me. LOL”

I couldn’t believe she wanted to see me naked, It seemed that she was going to quit wearing clothes around the house. I don’t know if I can handle that, I would be walking around with a boner all the time. I knew she was in her room taking me some pictures so I walked toward her room to find she had left her door cracked, she really wanted me to catch her. I stood and stared at her door but couldn’t bring myself to opening her door so I went back to my computer and waited for her pictures. By now I had my pants around my ankles stroking the boner she had given me, looking through her pictures when her email came.

“I left my door open but he didn’t catch me, maybe next time!”

She had sent a few pictures too, the first was her standing in front of her open door naked with her the handle of her hairbrush deep in her pussy. The rest varied from close-ups of her fingers in her wet pussy to the last one of her sucking the handle of the brush. With the last picture still on my screen I leaned back in my chair and released my well deserved load across my stomach and milked the rest out. With a cum covered hand I reached and closed the screen and stood up to get cleaned up, pulled my cum covered shirt over my head. When the shirt crossed my eyes I saw Amber standing in the doorway. There she stood still naked staring at me, my cum covered dick still standing at full attention with my pants around my ankles.
Chapter 7

I stood there in shock not sure what to do next, Amber standing only a few feet from me with her eyes bouncing from my cum covered cock to my eyes. I didn’t know what to say, we both stuttered as we tried to figure out who should speak first. Finally I spoke, Amber still looking down at my hard as possible dick “I am so sorry, I thought you were in your room. I am so embarrassed.” Her eyes raised from my dick to look my straight in my eyes and said “There is no reason for you to be ashamed. After all I am a big girl now and you don’t have to hide anything from me!” I instantly recognized that as what I had told her only a short time ago. I replied with a similar comment to hers “I guess your right, I’m sure you have seen a man naked before.” We stood only a few feet apart completely naked with grins on our faces as I looked down at my still hard cock to see a few drops of cum had dripped to the floor. “Let me clean up and I will be to your room, I think we need to talk.” She looked at the puddles of cum on the floor and smiled “O.k., I’ll be in my room.” I watch as she walked to her room. I reached down and pulled my pants up, grabbed my shirt and wiped the puddles from the floor and tossed it to the wall. Trying different ways to start our conversation in my head I slowly walked to her room, still not sure what I was going to say.

When I walked in her room she was in front of her computer, quickly minimizing the screen as I entered. I stood behind her in her chair and saw my fake email address in the last tray, she had put on one of her long sl**p shirts. I took a seat on the edge of her bed as she spun the chair around facing me, the long shirt wadded up on her hips leaving her slick skin exposed, her hairbrush between her legs. Before I could speak she took control of the conversation “Daddy, I don’t want you to be embarrassed about what happened. I know what you were doing and I completely understand, you said I shouldn’t hide anything from you so you shouldn’t have to hide anything from me.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the hairbrush between her legs knowing she had it stuck in her sweet pussy before I walked in her room. “Honey I agree but I have to know you are comfortable with that, I don’t want you feel to like you are doing something wrong. I need to know what you are comfortable with as far as seeing me naked or me seeing you naked, like just now I never would have done that if I thought there was a chance of you catching me. I hope it didn’t scar you for life.” I replied ending with a quick laugh hoping to ease the tension. “I could always go without clothes around here if you would let me, I only put clothes on when I come out of my room cause I figured you would get mad if I came out naked. It didn’t bother me catching you a while ago, I know you sit at the computer and do that all the time I can hear you sometimes all the way in my room. You must really like looking at them little girls, I have seen the websites you like.” My heart raced, she had to know I was looking at her since I liked those girls. “Besides, I am prettier than most of those girls! I know you like looking at me, I see you trying to hide you hardon all the time.” she said as she looked down at the one I had going as we talked. “I do like looking at you, you are beautiful but I figured you would think I was weird for looking at you. You don’t know how hard it is living with someone as sexy as you and not being able to show it.” I said smiling. “what do ya mean, you think me and my friends don’t talk about how good looking you are and how they all wish they were older so they could go out with you. I do know what its like.” the room got extremely quiet. We sat and looked at each other until I broke the silence “Honey, I just want to say you are welcome to dress or not dress how ever you want around the house but you can never tell anybody about it. O.K.” I said waiting on a reply. “Daddy, you feel free to walk around in what ever you want to, and don’t worry about trying to hide it when I make you hard.” she said grinning at me. “Oh yeah, don’t worry about trying to hide when you jack off either if I don’t want to see it I just wont walk in, hows that.” I told her that was fine and stood up and held my arms out to give her a hug, my apparent hardon pushing at the front of my pants. She stood and stepped close to me as I wrapped my arms around her. As I pulled her close my cock pushed against her stomach, she made a grunt and wiggled in closer. “You are going to have to get used to that if you are going to strut that pretty ass of your around here.” I told her. “I think I can used to the compliment.” she replied as she squeezed tight. We broke our hug and I left her room.

I couldn’t believe the conversation we just had and it was all because of some stranger sending her emails turning her on. I knew she would tell the man about our conversation so I went to check my emails, I had one from right after she caught me naked.

“You wont believe what just happened, I walked in on my dad right after he had jacked off!!!!!! He still had cum oozing from his dick. We just stood and looked at each other naked. He sent me to my room and said we had to talk, I hope hes not mad.”

Before I could start typing one back to her the next one came through.

“OMG!!!! Daddys not mad. We decided I was big enough now we shouldn’t have to hide things from each other any more and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about seeing each other naked so I could walk around naked all I wanted. He couldn’t take his eyes off my pussy while we were talking. I told him he didn’t have to hide his hardons from me anymore and he could go naked to I hope he does I want to see his big dick all the time. He made me so horny, I want to take you some more pics. What do you want to see me do, I will do anything I MEAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!”

It felt like my dick was going to explode as I read that. My little girl was so horny over me she was willing to do anything for this man, she was about to live out all my fantasies about her in front of a camera. I was going to puther to the test.

“Sounds like your daddy is a lucky man, but not as lucky as me I get to see things he doesn’t. I really liked seeing that brush in you, why don’t you see what else you can find to put in that tight pussy of yours. I cant wait to see what you find. Maybe your daddy will catch you this time.”

I sat at the computer after sending the message and listened to drawers being opened and closed throughout the house, I even heard the refrigerator open and close. After all the rummaging the house got quiet, I knew she was in her room taking pictures for that man. I could barely resist going to her room and catching her like she wanted me too, I was scared if I did the pictures and emails would end and I was really enjoying them.

I sat and slowly stroked my swollen cock waiting to see what she had found to hide in her beautiful pussy.

“OMG I am so horny!!! I didn’t know I could fit such big things in my little pussy. I want to send them to you smallest to biggest is that ok?”

“I am about to cum all over my keyboard waiting to see you fill that pussy up. My daughter just came through here in nothing but a shirt so I am real horny now too.”

Only seconds later an email came though.

“look at these while I see what else I can find”

Chapter 8

I sat stroking my dick as I anxiously clicked on the first picture in the group of five to find her a full body picture of her with her legs spread wide with a sharpie marker hanging from her sexy hole. The next one was even better, a close up of her curling iron buried to the handle. I stared at the picture knowing she was slowly stretching out her virgin pussy with various objects as I clicked the next one, her on her knees with the same curling iron deep in her hole. The next two showed different stages of her making her tv remote disappear between her wet lips.

“Man those are awesome, are you sure you are a virgin? I cant wait to see you stretch that pussy open, would love to see it after you get done shoving all those things in it.”

“Here are some more, the last two barely fit but they went back in easy after the first time. I hope I am still tight after all this!

She had sent five more pictures, I didn’t know if I could hold my load long enough to look at them. I loved the first picture, she had one of the big spoons from the kitchen with the handle in her leaving just the chrome spoon end out. The second one she was holding the handle of the spoon pushing the chrome end between her swollen lips. Wanting to see the next few pictures before I cum I released my cock and clicked on the next one to see a full body picture of the bottom of her hairspray bottle disappearing between her wet lips, I could tell by the look on her face she was in pain and pleasure both. As I started to click the last picture she sent another email.

“If you cum to my pictures I want to see your cum I really liked seeing daddys so I want to see yours. If you do I will take one more picture tonight of anything you want.”

I looked around for something to cum on but couldn’t find anything except for my clothes but I knew she would recognize those so I decided to just cum on my stomach. After grabbing my camera I clicked back to her pictues to finish my business. I opened the last picture she sent to find her still laying spread on her bed, the same look on her face as she was pushing a slightly bigger shampoo bottle in her virgin hole. I could see her lips stretching around the bottle as she took it deep, the perfect picture to blow my load to “so I thought”. as I was stroking for my load another email came in.

“I almost forgot, this was after the shampoo.”

She had sent one picture so I opened it to see a close up of her legs spread wide , her pussy was slightly gaped open and sloppy wet. It only took a couple strokes looking at that until I blew a heavy load all over my stomach, with the cum still dripping from the head of my cock I grabbed my camera and took a close up of my cock and the pile of cum from it being careful not to include anything she would recognize. Still covered in cum I uploaded the picture and sent her an email.

“There you go, just like you wanted. I hope you like the nice load of cum you made for me. I would love to see you with something in all of your holes, pick three thing from the last pictures and fill all of your holes. Cant wait to see that!”

“OMG that is a lot of cum, your dick is about the same size as my daddys. I wish I could help you clean up that mess you made. Here is the picture you wanted. I have never done that before but I think will have to do it again some time.”

I opened the picture, there she was laying on her side with her ass pointed at the camera with something in every hole. She must have liked stretching her pussy she had the shampoo bottle shoved in her, her tight ass was stretched over the spoon handle and she was sucking on the hairspray bottle that was previously sunk in her pussy. I couldn’t believe my little girl was stuffed full in the bedroom down the hall from me. By now it was almost time for her to go to bed so I cleaned up my mess and slid on a clean pair of underwear. As I was leaving my room I heard her in the kitchen putting the spoon in the dishwasher so I stopped and waited on her to finish, I didn’t want her to feel caught. I stood as she went into her room. When I joined her in her room I found her still naked putting all the objects I had seen in the pictures in a drawer by her bed “Its time for bed honey.” I said to her as I tried to catch a peek of her stretched out pussy. As she stood up and turned facing me the wet shine from between her legs was obvious. “Ok, now I can sl**p naked and not worry about you seeing me and getting mad. I think im going to like this.” she said as she pulled her cover back. With her ready for bed she put her arms around me and gave ma a kiss on the cheek “Good night daddy” and squeezed me tight, my semi swollen dick pushing against her naked body. After watching her ass as she crawled into bed my semi had became a full hardon and she noticed it. Looking at my crotch and smiling “You can go take care of that now.” I smiled and shook my head and told her good night as I turned off her light.
Chapter 9

With her in bed I decided to organize the new pictures with all the others, I have gathered quit a collection. When I was done I opened the forum to check her profile, to my surprise she had added some pictures to her album and had made some posts in a few threads but the biggest surprise was she had started a thread too.

“18 And Waiting For Mr Right” was the title. Her first post included some of the pictures in her album along with a description “Hey everybody new here, a friends dad thought I would like it here so here I am. These are some of the pics I have took for him, I hope you like them.”

She had a quick response from viewers complimenting her and asking for more, after that she had posted some more pictures still none of her face though. After a few more posts viewers asked for a verification pic and explained what it was to her so she included one in the next set. These were the first of her with her satisfying herself with the hairbrush, and one of her with her legs spread wide with “daddyzdream” wrote in lipstick across her stomach. A few posts later someone asked what her name meant, she replied “I like to tease my daddy, I hope he will give in some day!!!” I decided I should let her know the girls dad found her posts so I logged out and logged back in under my fake name.

“Nice! I bet that man has cum to your pictures a lot he is very lucky, but I think your daddy is the lucky one!”

With that done I logged out and back in with my normal account and checked out a few new threads ending on one from a young girl, turned off the monitor and made my way to bed.

I woke to the alarm that I purposely set early enough to catch Amber still in bed, hoping to get a view of her naked body before I showered. Turning the hall light on outside her room I had enough light to see her naked body laying only covered up to her knees, her back to me giving me a nice image of her plump ass. I positioned myself at the foot of her bed trying to see her slick love hole, no luck. I placed my hand on her knee and shook her telling her to wake up, after a few shakes she rolled over on her back kicking the covers the rest of the way off her. Staring at her slick, swollen mound I felt my dick starting to grow in my shorts. With my hand still on her knee I shook again “Wake up baby, time to get up.” I said one more time. Knowing she has always been ticklish I slid my hand up her thigh to tickle her but as I did I noticed her slowly spreading her legs giving me a direct view of her slick lips hanging under a swollen clit, running my hand closer to her pussy I could feel the heat from between her legs. Tempted to run my hand across her welcoming slit I decided to stop only inches from her pussy, after a tickle she spread her legs even farther as she opened her eyes. I told her to get up I was getting in the shower as I run my hand back down her spread legs and made my way to the shower. After a quick shower I toweled off looking at the clock thinking Amber should still be here I decided to give her a chance to see me naked like she wants. With my dick hanging in full after the load I just blew in the shower I headed through the house toward the den where she waits for her bus. I could hear her in the kitchen so I changed my route, I walked into the kitchen as she was leaving the kitchen. Not knowing I was there she ran right into me her hand brushing against my swinging cock, stepping back looking down at my cock she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were gone.” I said as her eyes left my cock to look at me. “No, its ok! I will get used to it I’m sure. It just surprised me, I don’t mind at all.” she replied. I looked over her seeing her in her short shorts and tee shirt wondering if she had on any panties or not. I stepped to the side to let her by but she didn’t go, she stood looking at my limp cock hanging in front of me so I walked toward the kitchen and poured me a drink and walked back toward her. By now thinking about her seeing my dick had got it started swelling a little so it was starting to rise in front of me, her eyes went straight to it as I got closer.

“You had better get ready for your bus.” I said as I stood in front of her. She turned and picked up her bag and reached her arm out to me for a hug. I leaned down and wrapped her in my open arm and kissed her on the cheek and told her goodbye. I watched her thick ass in the short shorts as she went outside. After checking my email all day at work and not having any from her I felt like my luck had run out. Just as I was pulling in the driveway Amber called asking if I could pick her and Emily up after cheerleading and if she could stay the night. I couldn’t turn down another chance to see Emily naked again, I told her I would pick her up and yes Emily was welcome to stay. I only had enough time to turn around and pick them up so I headed that way.

When I arrived to pick them up Amber was sitting on the steps alone wearing her normal cheering shorts and tee shirt , she walked over and climbed in the truck telling me Emily’s mom was taking her shopping tonight but she said she could come tomorrow and stay the weekend if we wanted her to. Our normal conversation changed when Amber said “I cant wait to get home and get these panties off, they’re soaking wet.” as she reached inside her shorts and pulled them away from her body. I couldn’t help but to notice the crotch of the blue shorts were wet also. “Even your shorts are wet, you must have practiced hard today.” I said as I tried to pull my eyes from her wet crotch. “Yeah I cant wait to get home and rest.” she replied. Thinking about her sweat soaked pussy kept my mind busy the rest of the way home. Amberwent straight to her room when we got home, I took care of normal house things. I was folding towels when she walked into the laundry room already completely naked and asked me for one of the towels. “I’m getting in the shower, I guess I can take a towel with me this time.” she said smiling at me. As she walked away I realized I somehow fell into a lot of men’s dream, I had a beautiful young lady which made it a point for me to see her naked as much as possible and wanted to see me naked just as much not to mention was taking pictures of herself doing things I could never imagine my little girl doing only a week ago.

With her in the shower I decided to check my emails again, this time she had sent one.

“Hey sexy are you tired of me yet? I showed my friend the picture you sent me she said it made her horny and then told me I was lucky to have two big dicks to look at anytime I wanted. She is coming home with me so we can try to take some pics of my daddy’s dick for her. I showed her the ones of me putting things in my pussy she told me there was a store in the mall that sold big rubber dicks we are going to try to get one. Want more pics let me know.”

“No im not tired of you, I cant wait to see more of you! Tell your friend I can send her some pictures of my dick if she wants some. I would love to see you playing with a dildo, if you need some money I can mail you some just let me know. I would like to see you doing daring things around the house, maybe showing you naked around the house. Have fun!”

With that done I logged on the forum to see if she had been on, her thread had became pretty popular. She had posted wanting requests and was getting anything from her feet, face shot to pissing. She had added some more pictures since had been home, I almost flipped out. They were taken with her phone at school, it started out with one of her sitting in her desk looking up her shorts barely able to see some of her white panties. The next two she was in the locker room dressing for practice, the last one was of her soaking wet crotch on the steps where I picked her up. She had really started enjoying taking the pictures. I kept browsing the forum until I her water was cut off, turning the monitor off making my way to the den and turning on the tv so I could see her walk through on the way to her room. As she paraded naked through the den I could only stare at her freshly lotion rubbed body shined accenting her fresh shaved pussy. “Don’t worry about dinner, I’m not hungry. I have some homework to do before I go to bed. Ready to relax an watch some tv I go to my bedroom and strip down to my underwear and kick back in my favorite chair. Shortly after laying back I heard Amber in the kitchen followed by the sound of her camera, she was taking pictures for the man. I sat and listened as made her way around the house wondering if she would come in the den. Thinking about her taking the pictures had my dick starting to swell, I wonder how brave she is. I slid my underwear down and pushed them under my chair picturing her taking pictures of my dick made me even harder, I wanted to make it easy for her to do this so I stretched out on the sofa. “Daddy, you awake?” she asked and repeated it again. I closed my eyes and didn’t answer, I could hear her getting closer. By now my dick was throbbing, she was about to see me as hard as I can get. “Oh my god! Look at that!” I heard her whisper.
Chapter 10

I could feel every heartbeat in my throbbing dick as she stood and stared at it, wondering what she was going to do next. ‘Daddy, you awake?” I heard her say right before I heard the shutter sound from her camera, then another. I eased one eye open to see her head only inches from my dick, holding her camera out with one arm she continued to take pictures. By now my dick was standing straight up in the air throbbing. I watched as she positioned herself on her knees by the couch, holding the camera above my chest she opened her mouth and held it only inches from the head of my dick and started taking more pictures. After taking a few more she stood and walked back to her room.

I laid there wanting to get up and see what she was doing with the pictures, was she going to send them to her admirer or post them on her thread? As I started to get up and see I heard her walking back toward me so I closed my eyes again. “What if he wakes up? Yeah its still hard, it looks bigger now that it did earlier.” I realized she was on the phone with someone. “Hold on I have to lay the phone down. Yeah Im gonna take pictures. You awake daddy?” I decided not to peek this time in fear of her seeing me so I laid there my heart racing. I heard her lay her phone on the floor, I knew she had to be on her knees again. My heart almost stopped when I felt her hand wrap around my throbbing dick, I heard the camera shutter a few times and she removed her hand. “Yeah I did it. You think so? If he wakes up im gonna be in a lot of trouble, I cant believe im doing this. Hold on.” The phone hit the floor again. She wasted no time, I felf her hand back on my dick again but no pictures. She was moving her hand up and down stroking my dick when I felt her wet lips on my dick, then she let her grip go and her lips slowly slid down around my dick. She took about half of my dick in her mouth and I heard her camera begin to shutter and continue to shutter as she slowly slid her lips back up my dick until she let if fall from her mouth. “I cant believe I just did that! No I couldn’t get it all in. Don’t worry ill have them on there in a minute.” I heard her go back to her room.

After laying there stroking my dick for a while I decided to get up and see what she had done with the pictures. Wasting no time I went straight to her thread which had two pages added to it since the last time I looked, seems she is very popular on the forum. I started reading where I had left off last time and actually paying attention, she had been on the forum pretty consistently. I saw one from someone named “amialay” telling her she couldn’t wait to spend some more time with her, after a few more I figured out it was her friend Emily. She had added some of the pictures she had sent me throughout the day and got one hell of a response and all kinds of requests, she continued to answer her comments and post more pictures trying to fill the requests. I noticed a lot of people wanted to see her sucking a dick, she answered them telling them she would take some later when her boyfriend got home from work. I clicked on the last page to see the first post was a collection of pictures of her hand wrapped around my dick she had taken earlier, with a promise of some of her sucking the big dick later. The first response was from Emily saying how she hoped she could talk her boyfriend into letting her do that someday, she replied that she may have the chance this weekend. Posts stared pouring in commenting on her and the nice dick she had in her hand until she posted the next time showing her sucking my dick, she had to have taken thirty pictures or more. Emily quickly replied on how she was a dirty little girl and how she was jealous. Before I realized it I was about to cum from stroking my dick while looking at the pictures, with nothing to cum on I laid back and shot my load all over my stomach and chest. After milking the last of my cum from my throbbing dick I had to reply to her pictures. “I knew you were a dirty girl but I never would have guessed you were that brave!”

With that said I opened my email to find she had sent two emails tonight.

“Hey sexy, I took you some pics tonight hope you enjoy them im feeling pretty naughty tonight.”

I opened the pictures to find her on the kitchen cabinet spreading her legs wide showing her slick pussy, then one of her standing in the front door with it open with her ass toward the road for people to see. I quickly started stroking my cum covered dick again as I open the rest of the pictures of her naked throughout the house and continued stroking as I opened the second one.

“Im back! Damn im horny just took some pics of my daddys dick I think it gets bigger every time I see it! I hope these are what you had in mind.”

There were the pictures of her with my dick in her face, and some of her on her bed playing with her wet pussy. The last one was one of her sucking her juices from her fingers. As I clicked through the pictures again she sent another email.

“So did you like the pics of me sucking daddys dick while he was asl**p? My friend dared me to do it. That is the biggest dick I have ever sucked, I cant believe he didn’t wake up I wish I could see him cum. You never know your daughter might be sucking yours while your asl**p too.”

“You are very brave, what would you have done if he woke up? You keep doing stuff like that he might catch you and put that big dick in that pretty little virgin pussy of yours. Keep it up I love the pictures.”

“I don’t know what I would have done I guess anything he wanted me to. Me and my friend have been talking about trying to get him to take our cherry on our birthdays but I cant get up nerve to ask him. She is coming over this weekend we will take you some good pics, she wants to try to suck his dick while he is asl**p too. Got to go to bed.”

I looked back through the pictures of my dick in her mouth as I stroked faster trying pump load two from my balls, after blowing it on my stomach I leaned back in my chair and watched as my limping dick kept leaking cum. Waking in my chair later I went strait to bed..

The next morning I woke and took a shower, going to her room as normal I decided to stay undressed just to keep things going. On my way to her room I noticed she was running late. When I stepped into her room she was pulling a pair of tan shorts across her bare ass. “I bet you drive the boys at school crazy walking around in those shorts without any panties on, don’t you.” I said as she turned facing me leaving the zipper and button open showing her slick mound. “I don’t care about them immature boys but the girls at cheerleading sure like to look. I catch them looking all the time.” she repied as she pulled her shirt over her head holding it up with her elbows as she fastened her shorts while she stared at my limp dick hanging in front of me. “Youre starting to like this new clothing optional stuff huh!” she said still looking at my dick. “It is pretty nice, I’m glad you are mature enough to be comfortable with it.” I replied. “Don’t feel bad I like it too, after all I’m not a little girl any more and besides I think it has brought us even closer to each other if that is possible.” “Well you know I love you and will always be here for you.” I held my arms out and she fell between them wrapping her arms around me. We stood there hugging as we heard her bus honk the horn, she leans back in my arms “Guess your taking me to school today”. I told her to hurry up while I got dressed and went to finish dressing.

As I drove her to school thoughts of everything that has happened controlled my mind, it was hard not to tell her it was me she had been sending the pictures to but I didn’t want to ruin a good thing. About halfway there she asked me “Daddy I need to ask you something. Do you think its bad I am still a virgin?” that was all I needed for my semi hard cock to turn stiff. “No, I think its good, why.” I replied. “Some of the girls on the squad give me a hard time about it because they are always doing it with guys at school.” she answered. I told her she could wait as long as she wanted to, she needed to make sure whoever she decided to lose her virginity loved her because it was a special thing. I also told her that didn’t mean she had to be a prude, if she sexual desires there were things she could do for them without having sex. That was when she said “Its not like I don’t know about sex, I have fooled around with some boys and girls for that matter. I just want the first time to be with someone who will appreciate it, and know what they are doing.” “Its ok honey, don’t rush it you will know when you find that special person. I think he would be a very lucky person, I would give anything to have a chance with a young sexy girl like yourself.” I answered. She sat and looked me in the eyes and said “Daddy I love you and I have a feeling you will have that chance someday, all my friends think you are sexy they would probly do it you would especially Emily. She talks about seeing you naked all the time.” we pulled up to the school she thrower her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek “I love you daddy and I know you love me.” released her hug and exited the car. I watched her ass shake in her shorts as she walked to the door and went to work.

“I love you daddy and I know you love me” kept going through my head all day. I was eating lunch when my phone rang, it was Amber reminding me thar Emily was wanting to stay over this weekend and if it was ok. I told her it was and I would pick them up after practice.
Chapter 11

Work was slow so we were told we could go home early if we wanted, they didn’t have to offer me twice. As I drove home thoughts and fantasies of having both of the girls in my house consumed my mind, would this be when I put my own daughter to the test or should I concentrate on them teasing the hell out of the horny old man they have came to love.

By the time I got to the house I had a raging hardon and was looking forward to jacking it off to the collection of pictures I had of Amber. After digging through her hamper for a dirty pair of panties to relieve myself in I realized due to our clothing optional habits we have started she hasn’t been wearing many panties but I found the white pair that she had taken pictures of on the school steps a couple days earlier, as I picked them up the crotch was stiff from her juices and sweat from cheerleading. I made my way to my computer and started opening my picture collection and opened the forum to see if she had added anything new. No new pictures but she had been very busy on the site, seems people have been pm’ing her picture requests and she has been emailing them the pictures and judging by the responses they have been very good ones. After reading two or three of them I figured out she had been taking a lot more pictures than she has been sharing with me, responses like “theres no way you’re a virgin, a virgin pussy wont stretch that big” and “I really loved the gaping pictures” had my curiosity at the max so I posted on her thread.

“Sound like you are taking some great picture, when are we going to get to see them”

After posting in her thread I sent her a pm.

“I would love to see that slick pussy of yours stretched to the max, but don’t wear it out before your birthday!”

With that done I logged out from my alias and logged back in under my regular account to see if I had any new mail. After reading a couple pms from people just saying hey I had two new comments on my album so I clicked on them. The first one was on a one of me in my underwear with my dick stretching the material, I clicked the comment “Nice cock I can only hope whoever takes my cherry has a cock as nice as that”. it was from Amber, she had found my regular account and was looking at my pictures. The next one was of cum squirting from my hard dick in the air, “I wish I could help you clean that up” it was from her too. I was so caught up in the moment I had forgot all about the dirty panties I had wadded up in my hand stroking my ready to explode dick until I felt the faint feeling and I knew I was about to cum so I slid her panties over the head of my dick and blew my load into the white panties. After squeezing the rest of my juice from my limping dick I walked to her room and placed the cum soaked panties back into her hamper.

Knowing I had some time I started browsing the forum, checking out some new girls and catching up on some of my favorite stories. After clicking on my favorite to see that someone was accusing the writer of copying it from another forum and how he said he writes when he has the motivation I had to wonder if he had a daughter like mine and if she was what motivated him. As I sat naked in front of my computer slowly stroking my stiff dick I noticed it was almost time to pick up the girls. I reached up and powered off the monitor as I thought to myself “Let the fun begin”. Having mostly decided to keep the teasing going all weekend I thought I would do a little teasing myself, I went to my dresser drawer and got a pair or my cotton running shorts and slid then over my still hard dick knowing they did nothing to hide my dick at any stage of my erection. When fully hard my dick would lay against my right leg and when limp it was long enough to barely hang out the leg when standing up and would easily roll out as they would rise as I sat. throwing on a t-shirt that I knew wasn’t long enough to cover the show I was hoping to give the girls I slipped on my shoes and made my way to the truck.

On my way there my hopes were confirmed as my dick began to limp, about half of it was visible against my leg when I was sitting.

My mind raced with the thoughts of teasing the girls and wondering what they had instore for me or the man behind the computer. By the time the girls came out I was back to hard again, my dick making a perfect outline across the top of my right leg. I admired the sexy little girls both in their cheer shorts and sweaty white tank tops as they tossed their bags in back of the truck and jumped into the truck. Amber jumped in first sliding over against me as Emily jumped in and fasten her belt. Amber turned and reached between us hunting for her buckle, as she dug around her hand brushed up against the head of my dick. Her eyes immediately went to the buldge in my shorts, her digging stopped as she looked at me and smiled bouncing her eyes from my shorts to me eyes. I slid over helping her find her buckle and watched as she pulled the belt across her shorts.

Occasionally glancing at the short shorts next to me did nothing to help my swelling, wanting to give them the show I had planned I started boring conversations with the two and kept my eyes from their open crotches. The distraction was working I could feel my dick stating to limp and fall next to my leg to the point that I knew all I had to do was scoot up in the seat and my dick would be exposed for them to see, so I did. I looked down to see more than half of my dick was hanging from the shorts. After a while of it hanging out and not knowing if they had seen it I leaned forward and spoke to Emily and leaned back giving them both a reason to turn my way, while looking ahead I quickly glanced their way to see both of them staring at my exposed dick. We pulled in the driveway just in time, another second of knowing they were watching my dick and it was going to fly hard right in front of them. I watched them slide out of the truck and make their way to the door, before I got there I was carrying a stiff dick in my shorts and they noticed it. I opened the door and they took off to her room as normal.

It had only been about a half hour before the girls came out of her room dressed in short shorts and t-shirts wanting me to take them to the mall, they wanted to see a movie. After playing with their minds a little I gave in and told them I would but they had to come home when the movie was over. After the handing over of my money I took them to the mall and headed back home to wait for her to call. I was playing on the computer when she called for me to come get them. After getting home they disappeared to her room again, this time shutting the door so I knew they were ready to start playing.

Not yet sure what they were up to I went to the computer and opened my email and the forum. I decided to get it started so I sent her an email.

“Hey sexy, just sitting here rubbing my big dick thinking about you and wondering if you were in the mood to give me something to cum to.”

I had not much more than signed in the forum when I got what I was hoping for.

“Hey stud I was hoping you were on here tonight I have a surprise for you. My friend is back and we are horny as hell!!! We just got back from the mall where we bought us some things to help pass the time. O yeah I got ur message and I think you will like what I am going to show you.”

“Im sure it will be good, I cant wait!”

I knew it wouldn’t be long until she would be sending me pictures of the mischief going on at the other end of the house and I was already hard thinking about it. Apparently my money went towards something besides a movie but what did they get. I sat clicking between my email and her thread on the forum until I had an email from her, it had no subject just four pictures. I couldn’t open them fast enough, I was like a little boy getting ready to see his first boobs. I clicked the download all and there they were. They started with a full body one of them on her bed naked kissing each other, the next one was even better. Emily was stretched out on the bed while Amber was licking across her firm stomach, the next one Amber had made her way down to Emily’s slick mound. The last one showed only Emily’s lips being spread by two of Amber’s fingers, I knew this was going to be a night I would never forget.

“Oh shit, those are great! Man you two girls are sexy. I bet you are going to have a lot of fun tonight, please keep sending them.”

With that sent I sat and waited for her to answer. It didn’t take long.

“OMG!! This is so much fun she is going to owe me big time!! These are a little better keep playing with that big dick of yours and I will keep taking pics.”

She was right, they did get better. It was like she was taking step by step pictures on how to eat pussy, the first she was just barely licking across her wet lips but as the picture went on she worked her tongue deep into Emily’s pussy.

The emails kept coming, no subjects just pictures. The next set started with Amber eating around two of her fingers deep in Emily and ended with Emily’s legs behind her head showing off her sloppy wet slit.

The next was more of Amber eating Emily’s swollen young pussy, I couldn’t get over how sexy Amber was with Emily’s juices covering her soft face. She was across the house eating one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen, and judging by the pictures doing a damn good job.

I got my surprise in the next set. The first picture was off Amber holding a blue dildo as Emily took it in her mouth, the next gave me a perfect picture of the two girls smiling with Amber holding the dildo. The next two showed the toy sliding down Emily’s stomach on it way to what the last one showed, the blue dildo slipping between Emily’s swollen pussy lips. By now I was ready to explode so I kept the picture up and finished myself onto my shorts. She wasted no time sending me another email.
Chapter 12

With cum still dripping from my cock I opened the next email to find Amber shoving the dildo into Emily, getting deeper with the next few pictures ending with the last one showing Emily laying on the bed holding her ankles the dildo deep in her slick hole. Still stroking my cum covered dick I wanted to go knock on Amber’s door so bad, just to see what they would do. Knowing what was happening on the other side of the house was killing me, I had to get closer. With cum dripping from everywhere I made my way to her room, the door pulled shut I eased up against the door. As soon as I got close I could hear them talking about what to do next, I heard Emily tell Amber if she didn’t hurry up and stick it in her ass she was going to do it herself. “Take pictures of me licking your ass.” I heard Amber say . I could hear the bed squeak as they got into place. I started hearing the camera shutter, I knew my little girl was only feet from me licking her best friend’s ass getting it ready to fuck with their new toy. All of a sudden I heard Emily “Oh, there you go. Fuck my ass! Oh, there you go stretch it out.” the camera shuttering the entire time. I would give anything to be on the other side of that door, instead I stood next to it stroking my cock as my daughter fucks a girl in the ass with a dildo. “OhAmber, put it all in!” Emily kept moaning. Emily’s moans were getting louder and louder, Amber must have been doing a good job. All of a sudden the moans quit only to be replaced by several high pitched squeals, I knew she was cumming. “Damn that was awesome! Are you still filming?” asked Emily. Before Amber had time to answer Emily interrupted “Let me have it, I want to taste it.” I could tell by the moans she had the dildo in her mouth. “Oh my god, I never knew my ass tasted this good. No wonder the guys always like to lick it.” “I am so glad we got that on tape, you going to let me put it on the forum?” asked Amber. “Hell yeah, I want that man to stroke his big dick to it, tell him I am getting ready for him.” Emily replied followed by some laughing. “I’ll be right back.“ said Amber.

I had to hurry, Amber was getting ready to open her door and find me standing there with a cum soaked hardon. I quickly made my way into the closest room the kitchen, grabbed a glass to pour me something to drink. I was standing in the dark kitchen with the refrigerator door open reaching for a bottle of soda when Amber came in still naked from fun, the light from the refrigerator barely lighting the room enough for me to see her but doing a great jod of showing her my sloppy stiff cock. “Hey baby, I figured you two were asl**p I haven’t heard anything from you.” I said shutting the door. “We were just getting ready to lay down, wanted something to drink first. What are you doing up, or do I need to ask.” she replied looking down at my still stiff cock. “No, I don’t guess you do.” I answered. She sat her glass down and I poured her and me some soda, wanting to give her a decent look at my cock I opened the refrigerator door and stood in front of it letting the light shine on me. “What are you girls going to do tomorrow?” I asked while taking in the sight of her standing facing me in the dim light. Her eyes still on my cock she answered “I think we are going to hang around here and be lazy most of the day, maybe go to the mall.” “Sounds good. You had better get going before Emily comes hunting for you and finds us both in here naked, that might be hard to explain. While on that subject why are you running around naked in front of her anyhow.” I asked. With a big smile on her face she told me that they both slept that way and she didn’t think it was fair that I could walk around naked and she couldn’t. “She knows our opinion on clothes so its up to you if you want to wear them while she is here or not, but don’t expect her to wear hers if you don’t wear yours.” said Amber. “Lord, I guess I had better wear mine, I don’t think I could handle having the both of you running around here naked. Well I had better get to bed, don’t you girls stay up all night.” I replied as I shut the door making the room dark again. I made my way to my room stopping to give Amber a quick kiss on her forehead and tell her good night leaving her standing in the kitchen.

Back in my room I quickly minimized the pages I had left open thinking what if she would have came in here instead of the kitchen, man that would be hard to explain. With the screens closed I went into the bathroom to clean the dried cum from my now limping cock. I was so anxious to get my email open to see if she had sent pictures of what I had just stood outside her door and listened to and see what they were doing now. When I brought me email up she had sent four emails, I was hard just thinking about what I was about to see.

The first one I opened was more from the last one I opened before I got nosey. They started with one of Emily taking the dildo a little deeper than the last barely able to see Ambers hand on it pushing it in, the next Amber’s tongue had joined the dildo licking her clit you could see Emily’s nicely tanned firm stomach. That set ended with two more ofAmber pushing the dildo as far as she could into the tight virgin pussy.

“Hope you don’t mind more of my friend but we flipped a quarter to see who got the dildo first and she one. I promise I will take some when its my turn I CANT WAIT!”

Emily was on her knees with a hand on each cheek spreading her brown bud as far as she could getting ready for Amberto polish it for her. Next Amber’s hand had replaced Emily’s giving her the camera, Amber’s tongue pressing against the sweet brown hole only to get deeper in the next. My little girl was eating ass like a pro, pushing her tongue as deep as she could in Emily’s sweet hole. The last showed Amber’s thumb pushed knuckle deep in the wet hole, clearly taken byAmber from behind her.

“I hope you like me eating her ass I cant wait till its my turn she is better at it than me. I only too a few pics of me fucking her ass but I filmed the best part I will send it to you when I figure out how. Let me know if your still here.”

The two pictures she sent were one of just the head of the dildo in her ass, the other she was taking the most of it.

“I guess your not there. I want you to see me get my turn.”

“Yes I’m here, I got busy enjoying those pictures. I cant wait to see the movie I bet its awesome. You are some lucky girls, I would love to be able to lick either one of your asses like that. I bet her young ass tastes so sweet, so is she going to return the favor?”

I was looking in amazement through the pictures of my girl eating that fine ass and stroking my cock when it hit me, I had to go listen to my sweetheart get her turn. I remembered to turn off my monitor before I left this time, quickly making my way to her room. Before I got to her room I could hear them talking, as I got closer I could see the light from her room shining in the hall. Oh shit was I lucky enough for her door to be open, as I slowly got closer I could see her door standing wide open but I could only see the very bottom of her bed and her computer I couldn’t see them on her bed. “Ok your gonna have to take the pics, don’t film it I cant figure out how to get them off my camera.” I heardAmber say as I heard the familiar squeak of her bed, I knew they were ready. I remembered from the other pictures Emily was always on the bed sideways facing away from the door, if they were in the same position I should be able to sneak into her bathroom and be able to see them. I heard Amber start to moan, I knew I had to try to see them. I stood nervous as hell rubbing my cock waiting to cross the hall into her bathroom, Amber’s moans getting louder. As slow as I could I walked backward looking through her door on my way across , first able to see Emily’s feet so I knew they were in a different position. As I slowly walked I was able to see Emily on her knees, man that ass was awesome. They were on her bed longways with Amber facing the headboard, Amber’s feet slowly came into sight with Emily between them. As I made it through the bathroom door I could see Emily between Amber’s legs pulling her cheeks apart licking her sweet ass with the dildo and camera laying beside her leg, I couldn’t believe how much these girls like eating ass. Slowly moving across the bathroom I was able to see all of Amber with her back arched, her face against the bed I knew she couldn’t see me but I had to watch Emily. Amber raised her head “Take a picture of my ass while I spread my cheeks.” as she reached behind her and pulled her thick cheeks apart Emily grabbed the camera and took a few pictures. “Push like you peeing.” said Emily. I watched her stomach as she pushed quickly focusing on her asshole starting to open up. “There you go push, that’s what all the guys want to see.” said Emily as the camera shuttered. Dropping the camera to her side Emily quickly darted her tongue in her open ass “Oh that’s tastes so good, keep pushing.” Emily moaned between licks. Before I knew it Emily had her two thumbs shoved in Ambers ass sinking her tongue between them. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was jacking off watching two very sexy teen girls in my house and my daughter was on her knees with her best friend shoving two thumbs up her ass while she eat it out. It was better than anything I had ever seen. I started hearing a little bit of pain in Amber’s moans as Emily stretched her tight asshole with her thumbs.

“Oh please fuck my ass! Now!” Amber moaned. “Do you want the blue one or the pink one?” asked Emily. Amberquickly answered “Give me the pink one, give me all of it.” Emily slid off the bed leaving Amber’s wet ass spread for me to see, her thick ass cheeks covered in spit.

Chapter 13

With Amber waiting on her knees watching Emily over her shoulder as pulled a pink double ended dildo from a bag. “There we go, that’s what I want!” moaned Amber as Emily got behind her on her knees laying the dildo on her back. The double dildo was as long as you would expect, with one end hanging off her ass cheek the other resting between her shoulder blades. Emily wasted no time spreading Amber’s cheeks and continuing her licking where she had left off. After only a few deep licks she leaned back grabbing the pink dildo and pulling it between Amber’s ass cheeks not stopping until the head slid between her soaking wet lips. “Are you ready?” asked Emily as she slid the head from her lips stopping at her tight brown asshole.

I thought Amber had changed her mind when she slid down on her arms pulling away from the thick pink dick about to fuck her little ass but to my surprise she reached under her pillow and handed Emily a small bottle “Use this, I want you to fuck me good.” With Amber still laying on her stomach Emily dropped the dildo to her side and took the bottle from her hand and popped open the cap squirting the bottle in her right hand and then a little between her cheeks and placed the open bottle to her side with the dildo. Emily’s hand disappeared between Amber’s legs causing her to spread them a little farther. I couldn’t see between her legs but I knew when Emily’s lubed fingers entered her body by watching her body tense with every push, I was unsure where she was pushing her fingers until I heard Amber tell her to put them in her ass now. Amber appeared to melt when tight little asshole was filled with fingers, her moans getting louder as Emily picked up her pace only to stop quickly leaving Amber laying there grinding her pelvis into her bed.

With the pink dildo in her right hand she slid it between her slick cheeks until I heard Amber gasp, Emily had started her assault on my daughter’s ass. I watched stroking my throbbing cock as she continued to fuck my baby in the ass with the pink monster until she quickly stopped like before, this seemed to be her thing to do to drive Amber crazy. After stopping she bent down across the pink dick hanging from my baby’s ass rubbing her stomach across the head of it and sit back up holding the camera in her left hand almost dropping it before she wiped her right hand across the bed wiping off the slick lube and taking it in her right hand and aiming it at Amber’s ass with the pink dick hanging from it, the camera shuttered many times.

“Get a close up!” Amber said as she extender her arms to her side and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Still not able to see between her legs I was about to go crazy wanting to see her tight ass stretched around the pink dick so I stood on my tip toes trying to get a better view but no luck so I settled back into my hiding place. After a few more pictures my hopes were filled, Amber slowly pushed her ass into the air as Emily continued to take pictures of her ass filled by the pink dildo until she had her ass pushed as far as she could with her face still buried in the bed. I couldn’t believe the trash talk between the two, Amber telling Emily to fuck her ass and Emily telling her how she didn’t think her little ass could handle the fucking she was about to give it. That was when the camera fell back to the bed and Emily grabbed the dildo with one hand and started fucking her ass slow and deep pulling what looked to be about eight inches of the long double dick out of her ass and shoving it back in.

“You ready for my surprise you horny little virgin!” moaned Emily as she slid a couple fingers into Amber’s slippery pussy. “Yes Emily, I will do anything you want me to.” answered Amber in an almost surrendering voice. “Are you sure? Anything?” asked Emily. “Yes! Anything!” Amber moaned. Emily’s fingers still pushed into Amber’s virgin pussy as she slapped her right cheek with her open hand, Amber let out a quick scream. “You better be quiet, you don’t want your daddy to come in here and see you like this do you? What would he say if he saw you with a dildo hanging from his sweet innocent little girl’s ass?” asked Emily right before she smacked her right cheek again causing another quick scream from Amber. “I don’t know.” moaned Amber. “You think he would put his big dick in your tight little ass, is that what you want or do you want him to fill that virgin pussy up for ya?” asked Emily right before another smack to her ass. Not giving her time to answer after her scream “Did your daddy ever spank your bare little ass for ya when you did bad? You want him to spank you too? You know he hears you screaming every time I smack your ass, what if he comes in here to check on his little girl?”

I was in such amazement from watching Emily slowly sliding now three fingers in and out of my girl’s pussy as she smacked her red ass cheek practically treating her like a slut I had quit jacking myself and was as hard as I could possibly be. Still not giving her time to answer Emily smacked Amber’s red cheek again “What if I want to fuck your daddy? You know he would fuck me before he would fuck his own daughter! What would you say about that?” this time smacking her cheek but giving her time to answer. “No way, I will fuck him before you!” Amber said with a little attitude. “I’m gonna fuck your daddy but right now I’m gonna give you your surprise.

Still shoving her fingers in her sloppy pussy Emily grab the double dick and pushes it in her ass until it stops causing a deep moan, slides her hand up to the other end of the dick and bends it reach Amber’s pussy and pulls her fingers from her pussy and slides the head between her lips. With the long double dick deep in her ass she grabs it in the middle and pushes in deep into her welcoming pussy, now holding it deep in her ass she rapidly fucks her pussy with the other end causing Amber’s moans to turn to almost a scream and quickly stops leaving it filling both of her holes. Ambers tries to catch her breath as I watch Emily lean down and start to lick around both ends of the dildo and leans back to slowly rub her red ass cheek before she gives it another slap. “I’m tired of looking at your ass, roll over so I can see your sexy face.” commands Emily. Amber quickly does as she was told rolling to her back, her legs spread wide with the double dick hanging from both her holes.

It was the first time I had seen her face since she crawled on her knees, her sweaty hair sticking to her tired looking face. I stared at her spread there on her bed only feet from me as I grabbed my swollen cock and started stroking it as I admired my daughter in her oversexed stature until I had blew my load in her bathroom floor. “Please don’t stop! I want more, I will do anything you want me to.” begged Amber. “Oh don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet!” Emily replied as she slid between her legs grabbing her ankles and holding them in the air, Amber knew what to do so she grabbed hr ankles holding her legs spread. “This is going to be fun!” Emily said smiling as she reached down grabbing the middle of the double dick and pulled it slightly out of her ass only to rock hr hand causing it to slide back in pulling the other end slightly from her pussy. She continued the rocking motion taking turns on her ass and pussy. Ambers was moaning and slurring her words as she repeatedly asked Emily to fuck her and give it all to her, which Emily was doing shoving each end as deep as it would go. I noticed Amber’s legs starting to shake as her moaning got softer, her legs suddenly straightened in her hands as Emily shoved filled both holes with f***e. Amber’s silence was broken by the loudest scream I had heard yet, she was cumming as her legs continued shaking until the both fell beside Emily. Amber laid still catching her breath as Emily quickly jerked both ends from her holes and laid the dildo on the bed.

“Oh my god, I know your daddy had to hear that. I wonder if he will come check on ya?” asked Emily. “Probably, you’re the one that wanted to leave the door open!” answered Amber. “Well I guess he is asl**p or he would be in here by now. What would you really do if he caught us?” Emily asked. “I don’t know, I guess it depends on how he reacted. I know if we keep this up he will catch us but a part of me kinda wants him to. You never know he may join us and give us both our birthday wishes.” Amber replied. Emily laid down beside her smiling and kissed her on the cheek “Yeah maybe, if I don’t beat you to it.” the two of them went back and forth about who was going to fuck me first and why I would want to fuck one over the other until they drifted off giving me my chance to sneak by.

I made my way back to my room still in shock about what I just watched my little girl do, my chest swelled out thinking about how both wanted to be the first to lose their virginity to me but I already knew which one it was going to be. I sat down at my computer closing screens I didn’t want Amber to find and turning off the monitor. After cleaning up my mess I looked over at the clock 3:47. I had to get to bed, afterall I had two extremely horny girls to watch after tomorrow.
Chapter 14

Somehow I woke before the girls, after taking a shower I decided I better not push the clothing optional habits Amberand I have became used to so I slipped my lazy day shorts I had always wore but this time I neglected to put on any underwear. With the girls still in bed I thought I would fix them some breakfast to start their day. With everything ready except for the eggs I went to Amber’s room to wake them, they has made their way under the covers since I had seen them last. I looked around her room for evidence of the show they gave me only hours ago only seeing the clothes they wore to the mall piled up at the foot of her bed telling me they were probably still naked under those covers.

“Wake up girls! Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.” I said rubbing the top of Amber’s head. The girls barely moved so I repeated myself getting a better response the second time. Amber’s eyes slowly opened as she turned facing me, Emily tossed and turned before sitting up in the bed and pushed her long blonde hair from her face. As she stretched her arms behind her head the thin sheet fell revealing her small but very firm breasts, her big blue eyes stared at me as she told me good morning with a devilish grin. By now Amber was slightly awake and reaching to her nightstand to find her phone pushing the cover down showing her thick ass. “Are you serious, is it really eleven oclock?” she asked as she dropped her phone back to the cluttered nightstand. “Yeap! Its time to get up, get in here and get something to eat.” I answered as I took one last look at Emily’s perky little titties and went back to the kitchen.

I was fixing the last plate when I heard the girls coming in the kitchen so I turned to see if they had decided to participate in the clothing optional lifestyle or not, to my surprise they had both put on their shirts from the night before which did nothing to cover anything below the naval. My attention quickly turned to Emily’s little patch of blonde hair which I could tell had been freshly trimmed leaving the top of her thick lips exposed, I could feel my previously limp dick start to grow as my curiosity turned to my baby’s slick pussy wanting to see it after the intense fucking Amber gave it earlier. Now I had a very obvious hadon pushing at my shorts as I held out a plate for Amber, she took it and made her way to her seat as Emily fixed her a drink. I watched Amber’s ass as she slowly walked to her seat. I held back my smiles as she slowly sat in her seat as if she was sitting on nails, I knew her ass had to be sore. I turned to see Emily looking at me with the same devilish grin she had earlier in the bed. I handed her a plate and she quickly responded with a smile and wink and turned to the table, I have to admit to be a fan of thick asses her little ass was starting to look very tasty. Thinking of licking that tight little ass I watched her until she sat beside Amber, knowing I was thinking about her ass she gave me that ( I know you want this ass ) look and she was right I did want that ass.

I smiled as I watched Amber wiggle in her seat and give Emily a look of pain as we started to eat. Our conversations were nothing but normal, I listened to them talk occasionally giving my opinion. They talked about going back to the mall with grins on their faces, Emily giving me a wink periodically. The two had finished their plates when Emily broke the ice “Is it ok if I go ahead and take my shower, are you done in there?” she asked looking right at me. “I just need to brush my teeth but I can wait, you go ahead.” I answered. “Well I will leave the door open if you want to come in while I am showering, I don’t mind.” she replied. I could tell Amber caught on the Emily’s flirting, her attention quickly turned my way “You go ahead, that will give me time to talk to daddy while your in there.” Amber answered. I watched the girls put their plates away and return to Amber’s room. I had finished cleaning up and on my may to my room when I saw Emily go in the bathroom leaving the door open “The doors open if you need in here!” shouted Emily. Amber must have heard her, she came into my room and sat on my bed.

“Daddy, can I go ahead and get next weeks allowance so we can go to the mall today. Some how Emily has a hundred dollars but I only have ten, I know she will want to go shopping. Please?” I looked down at my little girl sitting on the edge of my bed her left leg slowly working its way on to the bed as her right started to move farther up the bed, she leaned back on her arms giving me a wide open view of her young pussy. My little girl was teasing me in hopes of getting her money. “Please daddy!” her legs spread even farther. I couldn’t believe how much her pussy had changed since the first time I saw it, she was more than ready to lose her virginity. I stood in silence looking over the sexy young lady spread out before me, my attention was broke when I caught Emily out of the corner of my eye standing naked in the bathroom door making the gesture of a blow job with her mouth and hand and quickly disappeared. I felt the normal tug on my shorts so I looked down to see my dick again pushing at my shorts, looked back at Amber to see she was looking at the same thing. My heart raced as I thought about what I should do, could I go through with the thoughts running through my mind. My little girl was all but asking me to fuck her just as I have dreamed about but I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. “Please daddy.” Amber asked again. I stood in front of her my cock pushing at my shorts looking her in the eyes “I guess, how could I say no to that face.” I answered knowing it was her pussy I was saying yes to. A smile came across her face as she stood from the bed and wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her stomach against my dick as she squeezed me tight. I wrapped my arms around her and stood up straight causing her to stretch her reach to keep her arms around my neck picking her feet off the floor as she held on. With her feet in the air she raised them to the bed and stood taller than me still wrapping her arms around my neck and lowered her body back to mine resting her open crotch on my stiff dick, slowly releasing her grip sliding down putting only my shorts between her young pussy and my throbbing dick. “Ooh!” she said as my dick pushed against her pussy. She slid more causing my dick to bend down pushing harder against her until her feet hit the floor and it sprang back up. “Thankyou daddy.” as she turned loose and skipped to her room.

With the shower still running I decided to take Emily up on her offer and join her in the bathroom to brush my teeth. I had just started when the water shut off, I quickly looked in the mirror waiting to see her step out for the towel which she had left sitting on the counter beside the sink. I watched the curtain open revealing a sexy young lady standing as water dripped from her body. “Oh I’m sorry, do you want me to wait til your done?” Emily asked. “Don’t be silly. You know your ok, besides I was looking forward to seeing what your end of the deal looked like.” I answered. “Well what do you think? Do we still have a deal or should I tell Amber about last night?” she asked giving me that look again. “We definitely have a deal, why don’t you come out here so I can see what I have to work with.” I replied as I reached my hand out to help her from the shower. With both feet out I pulled my arm spinning her around to get a good look at her ass, knowing what I wanted to see she slowly leaned forward pushing her ass out for me until she had her hands on the side of the tub. “So, what do you think? Do you think its worth it? She hadn’t even finished talking before I was on my knees behind her licking the water from her ass cheeks. “I don’t know, I need a better look.” I answered as I pulled her small cheeks apart spreading her small dark brown butt hole and run my tongue across it. “Go ahead, get you a good taste to last you all day. I don’t want you to forget what it tastes like.” I needed no more encouragement, I dove my tongue in her tight ass as deep as I could. Her moans let me know she was liking it so I pulled her cheeks a little harder sinking my face between her cheeks tonguing her ass until I heard footsteps coming. I quickly stood up and handed her towel to her and grabbed my toothbrush before Amber came into sight, she has already took off her shirt and was carrying a bath towel. “I guess she’s ok with our clothing optional deal daddy.” Amber said laughing. “Yeah we had a talk about, she says she wont tell anybody and I believe her don’t you?” I answered to receive a big smile and a nodding of her head. “Daddy I don’t know if you can handle both of us running around naked or not!” said Amber looking down at my still hard dick trying to bust my shorts with big eyes. I told her I would be fine but I may have to make them go to bed early to take care of some things.

By now Amber was starting her water as Emily reached over to her pile of clothes and grabbed a pair of white lace thongs and held them up “I really need to get me some new panties, maybe I can get some while we’re at the mall.” she said as she wadded the panties up and threw them in the trash can and gave me a wink. “Yeah I could stand some too.” answered Amber as she stepped in the shower. Emily grabbed a pair of white shorts from the counter and pulled them on and gave me the come here finger and went into my bedroom and stood by the bed. I followed her and sat by her on the bed “What you ready for some more all ready?” I asked. She rolled her eyes ant told me I was going to have to wait and made her way between I open legs. “So, do you have any preferences what she buys today or do you want a surprise?” she asked. While I was telling her I wanted to see Amber in black stockings and crotchless panties she fell between my legs and had already pulled my dick from the leg of my shorts and stroking it. “What about me?” she whispered as she rubbed the side of her face against my dick. “I would. Whoaah! Oh shit!” my breath was taken as she took my dick in her mouth and started a ferocious attack on my dick, she wasted no time sucking it hard and fast. “What were you saying? What do you want me to be wearing when you fuck my tight ass? Remember, I want to look good forAmber when she catches us.” she whispered and went right back to her attack on my dick. I could barely catch my breath enough to tell her I didn’t care as long as it was white and I could get to her ass. Before I got it all said I could feel my balls about to explode, sensing I was about to cum Emily slid her mouth off my dick and jacked it against her chest until I had covered her small tits with my cum. “There ya go. Now we need to get dressed.” she stood up and went back into the bathroom and wiped herself off with her towel and walked toward the other side of the house as I laid there trying to recover from her awesome blowjob until I heard the shower cut off.
Chapter 15

I pull my shorts up to cover my cum soaked dick and lay across my bed looking into the bathroom waiting on Amber to step out of the shower. We talk as she dries off and makes her way to her room. “You better get dressed so you can take us to the mall.” she says as she walks by. I told her I would be ready before her. With her getting dressed in her room I reach under my pillow and pulled out the note I found in my bed when I woke. I read it again still wondering if I had been taken by a flirty young lady and wondered if I would ever see anything of the one hundred dollars I slipped Emily with her breakfast plate, after all that was one of her conditions she demanded for not telling Amber she saw me in the bathroom last night. That one was fairly easy compared to the other one, how was Amber going to react to seeing me fuck her best friend? I knew it could only go real good or real bad, was I really going to have the chance or was I being played by them but if she keeps her end of the deal I will get to go balls deep in her tight young ass. What if she does keep her end what will Amber do when she catches me fucking her best friend in her ass, will she be mad as hell or will she want some too. Would she want me to take her virginity or give me some of her little ass as well. My mind raced as I stared at the piece of paper wondering how it was going to proceed, if I could even go through with it IAmber did want to give me her prized cherry.

“Daddy you ready?” I heard Amber scream across the house. “Almost!” I answered shoving the note back under my pillow. I knew I had to get these cum soaked shorts off and get dressed so I stood and pushed them to the ground and stepped out of them not able to resist stroking my hard dick I stood by my bed rubbing myself, caught up in the moment I was startled when I heard Amber “Daddy! Can you not wait until we’re gone if Emily sees you doing that she might try to help you. Get your clothes on we are ready to go. You can finish that when you get back.” I stood with my hand wrapped around myself staring at Amber standing there in a pair of jean shorts that I knew I hadn’t bought her, they had to be two sizes too small by the way the seam had pressed into her pussy clearly splitting her thick lips and a white tank top hanging just loose enough to see her white lace bra that did little to cover her firm Bs. “Now hurry!” she said as she walked off shaking her head. The shorts she had on did a little less than covered her thick ass cheeks giving me a reason to get a few more strokes in as she walked away. I couldn’t believe I was going to let her go out dressed that way, I never would have only months ago. With my dick still hard I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt when I was joined by Emily. After a quick look behind her she asked if she could text me today while they were out. I told her I would love for her to send me some pictures throughout the day, especially of Ambers big ass in those shorts. Emily laughed as she told me those were hers and she thought I would like them. In a quick motion she stood on her toes and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek “I left you a surprise under Amber’s pillow, have fun.” giving me her devilish grin she turned and strutted through the house shaking what ass she had.

I could hear the girls talking and giggling in the kitchen as I slipped my shoes on and went to join them, silence taking over the room as I walked in. I looked at the girls as they sat and smiled at each other. “What?” I asked giving them a big grin. My eyes bounced between the girls as the just sat and smiled. “What are you two up to?” I asked. The two sat in silence until Emily spoke up “If you don’t ask him I will!” Amber’s mouth dropped before telling her she would. “Ask me what? Come on, you two know you can ask me anything.” I said as I took a seat at the table with them. “Amber wants to kn.” said Emily before Amber shouted “You want to know too!” I told them to go ahead and ask, quit being shy as I looked Amber in her eyes. “When you look at those young girls on the internet do you ever compare us to them. I mean do you ever think about us while you look at them, besides you get to see me naked all the time. Emily says you probably jack off as soon as we leave the room.” My heart pounded as I tried to think of a way to answer her that didn’t make me sound like a pervert. “Amber, you know I like to look at girls your age so I cant say I haven’t compared you to the girls I see. Most of the time I think about how much prettier you are than them and how the other guys sitting and looking at the same pictures would give anything to be able to see you naked like I do, I know they would be so jealous of me if they knew I had two sexy young ladies like you two walking around my house naked. I mean look at you two, they would be guys all over the world jacking off to you if they seen pictures of you naked. I cant say I wouldn’t be one of them.” I said laughing trying to lighten the tension in the room. They just smiled at each other and laughed as the nodded their heads. “Do you really think we look better than the girls on the internet?” asked Amber. “Yeah I do, I think the both of you are very sexy and will make beautiful women one day.” I answered. Amber sat with a huge smile across her face when she asked “Well I have one more question. Have you ever had sex with a girl my age?” “No I haven’t.” I answered. “Would you?” she asked. I wasted no time answering her “Yes I would. I would love to but it would have to be a very special girl that I was sure wouldn’t tell anyone because I could get into a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out about it. Maybe one day I will get lucky and find a girl who likes older men and wants me to teach her new things.”

The girls sat and smiled. I could only imagine what they were thinking. I was hoping they would tell about their pictures on the forum but they didn’t, Amber stood up and walked over to me grabbing my hand and pulling me up from my chair and wrapping her arms around me pushing her stomach against my stiff dick “I love you daddy, thank you for being such a good daddy.” she said as she squeezed me tighter. I told her I loved her too and thank you for being such a good daughter and kissed her on her forehead. “Now that you two have found out more about me than I should have ever told you are you ready to go?” I asked as I squeezed Ambers denim covered ass. “Those shorts are going to get me in trouble!” I said jokingly as she turned me loose and stood in front of me looking at my hardon pushing at my shorts. “Come on Emily we better go before daddy rips his shorts.” said Amber as she turned toward the door showing me her thick ass. “Yeah we better, he needs to come home and take care of that.” said Emily smiling and staring at me. I followed Emily to the truck thinking about fucking her small ass. My dick stayed hard the entire trip to the mall only to be rejuvenated as I handed Amber the money I had promised her hoping she would spend it on sexy lingerie like Emily was going to for me to see her in. I watched the two walk into the mall and made my way back home.

With all of the distractions I had forgot to keep the emails up from the mystery man on the forum so I opened the forum and the alias email account to catch up on some things. I couldn’t believe how many people she had watching her thread, my little girl had quickly became a hit on the forum. It seems she had posted the movie from earlier and had people begging for more. I had to go back a couple page to find the video and click on it. I opened with Emily on her knees as Amber slowly worked the blue dildo in and out of her ass, Emily moaning in joy as she pushed it deeper with every stroke. I watched as Amber increased her pace bringing the dildo completely out of her ass and shoving it back in deep as Emily spread her cheeks wide. With Emily’s ass arched in the air, her face burried in the covers Amber quickly pulled the dildo from her ass and held the camera close on her gaping hole before she filled it with her tongue. I could hear Emily moaning commands to Amber telling her to eat her ass, her cheeks still being stretched apart. Suddenly Emily rolled onto her back spreading her legs around Amber and told her to fuck her ass, she wasn’t done yet. Amberquickly obeyed shoving the dildo deep in her ass but Emily wanted more, Amber followed her next command and leaned down and filled Emily’s pussy with her fingers. With her legs raised Emily grabbed the dildo from her hand and brought it to her mouth licking the length of it before shoving deep in her throat, the camera now focusing on Emily sucking her juices from the blue dildo. That was where it ended, I was stroking my dick thinking about the events when I remember Emily had left me a surprise under the pillow so I kicked my shorts from around my foot and made my way to her room, the smell of their perfumes lingered in the air. I reached under the pillow only to come up empty so I flipped over the other one, my dick throbbed when I saw a pair or white silk thongs and the pink dildo laying there. I knew the panties were not Amber’s so they had to be Emily’s. I grabbed the panties and opened the crotch to see they were definitely worn, the cotton crotch was crusty with dried juices. With the crotch open I held them to my nose taking in the smell of young pussy, still breathing in I slowly ran my tongue across the dried juices making the smell stronger tasting the sweet nectar. I knew the dildo was last used on my daughter and I had to compare the two, I picked up one end of the dildo not sure which hole it was in until I took a deep breath. I had definitely picked up the end that violated her sweet ass, I know what ass smells like. My dick throbbed as I thought about tasting my little girl’s ass for the first time. I found myself wrapping the silk panties around my throbbing cock the crotch still damp with my saliva rubbing up and down my cock as I licked the sides of the pink dildo taking in the tart taste of my girl’s ass. The taste of her ass was quickly driving me to the edge, wanting to leave Emily a surprise of my own I quickly spread the panties out with the crotch still wet I exploded my load onto the cotton mixing our juices in the cotton. After taking a few more licks of Amber’s ass juices I moved the pillow and spread the wet panties out and laid the dildo beside them and covered them with the pillow.

With the taste of Amber’s ass still in my mouth I returned to my computer to finish what I had started earlier. After posting on her thread I logged out and logged back in under my real account to check my threads and mail. After reading the few posts I had on my thread I turned my attention to the alias email, Amber had sent three emails during last night and this morning.

The first only had pictures, I opened the first one to see Amber on her knees spreading her ass hole wide for Emily to take the picture. I looked at the picture knowing it was taken as I stood outside her door. The next ones were of Emily stretching that tight ass with her thumbs and of Ambers’s ass lubed up for the great fucking I was lucky enough to watch.

“These are the last pics we took we got carried away and forgot about the camera. I wish you could have seen her fuck both my holes with the big pink one I have never had so much fun!!!!” The pictures started with one of Amber’s ass being filled with Emily’s fingers, the next one was one of the huge pink double dick laying between Amber’s tight cheeks. I clicked on the last two seeing the thick pink dildo spread my baby’s ass wide amazed at how much of it was deep inside her.

I clicked on the last email from her that was sent this morning.
“Hey sexy you wont believe what I just done I just laid on my daddys bed and spread my legs showing him my pussy. His dick got hard fast. All I could think about was him putting that big thing in me. I think I want him to fuck me should I get him to fuck me? Would you fuck your daughter if she wanted you to? Let me know what I should do. Gotta go me and my friend are going to the mall to get her some lingerie I think I will get some too. What is you fav color? BYE”
Chapter 16

Knowing she listened to what the man said I decided to answer her quickly.

“I am sure your daddy got hard fast, that beautiful pussy of your would make any man hard! So, your wanting your daddy to fuck you. I don’t know what to tell you, I have though a lot about fucking my little girl and I think I would have a very hard time turning her down if she made the next move. You need to know how much trouble he could get into if you let him fuck you and someone found out about it. From a daddy’s side I think it would make most men happy to know his little girl lost her virginity to someone who would always love her and take care of her, besides what man could turn down a sexy young ass as nice as yours. I hope you have fun buying that lingerie, I cant wait to see you in and out of it.”

Finished with the emails I decided I should take care of some of the chores around the house I had neglected from all the time I had spent trying to satisfy my hunger for the two sexy young ladies that have occupied my house the past couple of days. As I sat waiting on laundry I felt my phone start to vibrate, I had a message from an unknown number.

I opened the message “I thought you would like to see this” was all it said on the first screen of three, I scrolled to the next screen to see a picture of Amber sucking some guys dick. My own instantly started growing at the sight and continued to swell as I scrolled to the next one, there was my little girl with a nice size load of cum shot across her face.

By now my dick throbbing at its full length as I started to reply to the message but before I could finish typing it another one from the same number

“sexy huh I helped her but she wanted the cum”.

I could have cum right then! I continued my reply message

“I almost cum! Who was the lucky guy?” I replied

“He did! Haha Some guy we talked in to coming in the dressing room with us, we are hunting for another one now she said she wanted an older man this time. This is making me horny I cant wait for you to fuck my ass tonight” she answered.

Just thinking about my little girl sucking dick had driven me crazy in the past but seeing her face covered in some guys cum had me wanting her more than ever, why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy the benefits of having a very horny young lady living in my house after all I will always take care of her. My hand had found it way to my throbbing dick just thinking about it when I realized it looked like I was going to get to please a cock hungry girl’s desire to have her ass filled with cock, what was my daughter going to think when she sees my fucking her best friend in her ass. My thoughts quickly turned to imagining her catching us and joining us and filling her own anal desires with my dick, would I be able to cum on her face like the other guy or would she want me to fill her tight ass with my juices. By now I was deep into a full n jack off session taking slow full strokes at my throbbing dick, my thoughts were interrupted by another message on my phone. Excitedly I opened it hoping for more pictures from the two, hell yeah it was her again!

“Look what you have to look forward to” I scrolled down to see Amber on her knees with another dick shoved in her mouth, then another of her eyes closed as it looked like she was doing all she could do to take all of his cock in her throat. The last picture was off her opening her mouth showing the nice load of cum resting on her tongue.

That was more than I could stand as I felt my own load working it way up my length, I continued to pump my load onto my chest as I looked at the picture as another message came in from her.

“Don’t jack off too much looking at these I want to get mine. Going shopping now”

I laid my phone down and carefully made my way to the bathroom trying not to drip cum everywhere as I stepped into the shower. With laundry done I sat at the computer to waste time until they called for me to pick them up browsing the forum, my girl was still getting a lot of attention from both men and women. I added a post from my own account telling her I would love to see more of her in sexy lingerie, then logged in under my fake account to tell her how sexy she was and would love to see more pictures of her thick ass. I was checking out her albums when I received another message, it was from Amber telling me they would meet me at nine oclock. I had about thirty minutes before I had to be there so I continued my browsing until I had to leave, slipped on some clothes and made my way.

I couldn’t wait to see my baby’s face knowing it was recently covered by a stranger’s cum, still hard when I pulled into the mall I positioned my pride through my shorts leg so it would be visible when the interior light came on if they wanted to see it. They were sitting on a bench each holding a small bag when I pulled up, wasting no time they giggled as they bounced to the truck giving me a nice view of their asses in my headlights. Emily opened the door and was climbing in as she saw my dick hanging from the leg of my shorts, to my surprise she stepped back and told Amber to get in. I started at her denim covered crotch as pulled herself up onto the seat, not seeing my exposed manhood which I could feel throbbing as throbbing as the smell of young sexiness consumed the cab. The girls fumbled around in the dark finding their seatbelts “Daddy can you turn the light back on for me?” asked Amber. As I turned the light back onAmber finally saw what I hand intended for her. “Looks like daddy has had a good time while we were gone.” saidAmber as she stared between my legs. “Be careful digging for your belt that thing might bight you!” giggled Emily. “I will bight it back!” said Amber smiling as she felt for her belt. I pulled away as she found and fastened her belt trying to catch a peek of the bags contents as we traveled under the lights. Not sure if it was because I was trying so hard but I know I could still smell the cum on Amber’s breath as we had our normal conversation but I knew I could hear soft moan coming from the other side of the truck when we were quiet, continuing our conversation hearing the moans periodically and whispers between the two I knew they were up to something but I didn’t question them just let them enjoy what ever it was.

I was watching the girls slide off the seat when I found out what was causing Emily’s moans during our ride, when her feet hit the ground I turned to see what I heard bounce on the concrete and saw her picking up a small bullet vibrator. I quickly turned my head and slid out the door pretending not see anything as Amber turned to me to see if they had been caught, I don’t know what she did with it then but I was imagining her pushing it back up into her wet pussy. With the door held open I couldn’t help but notice the large wet spot in her shorts as I held the door for them, both taking time to glance over at my dick which was still hanging down my shorts leg in an almost hard state. The girls giggled as they made their way to Amber’s room while I stopped by the kitchen to retrieve myself a cold beer from the refrigerator, standing at the counter enjoying my beer I saw Amber cross the hallway into her bathroom followed by Emily who came into the kitchen and stood across the counter from me. “You ready for the show to start? Your at home now don’t you need to lose those clothes?” Emily whispered as she walked around the counter. With one quick motion she fell to her knees taking my shorts down with her and wrapped her mouth around my hardening cock, after only a few strokes she wrapped her hand around it and looked up at me. “I think Amber wants you to fuck her. I am going to have to be quick if I plan on beating her to it.” she whispered as she stood up grabbing my shorts and walked away leaving me with a now hard dick as I watched her throw my shorts through the door leading into the living room.Amber came out of the bathroom behind Emily as she returned to her room, Amber already back to hr clothes free lifestyle showing me her thick ass as she walker into her room.

Already halfway naked I pulled my shirt off and carried it to my room with me picking up my shorts on the way, now completely naked I wondered if I should just let the nights events happen at their pace or should I do all I can to provoke them. I decided to check the forum and mail to see if I could provoke it a little, with a simple click of her thread I was surprised to see she had posted the pictures of her sucking the dicks at the mall but had included a few more. The new ones showed more of her in action, one in particular of her face covered in cum really turned me and a lot of others on judging by the responses. The last post Amber had made stated that her and her friend were alone waiting on her boyfriend to come over and they had a surprise for him, they would post up a tease later.

I logged on to the email to find she had sent two messages since my last reply. The first said “I think im gonna do it! Im gonna buy something sexy to surprise him with tonight. If he lets me I think my friend is gonna try too.” Oh shit, my baby plans on trying to fuck me tonight! I knows she is ready and old enough so why not, I’m going to let her!

I opened the next email from only a few minutes earlier “Look what I did at the mall. I was so horny thinking about daddy I sucked two strangers in a dressing room.” She had included all the pictures from the two guys.

“On you dirty girl, you were horny wasn’t you but that’s ok, I bet your daddy will take care of that later. He is a lucky man, maybe once he wears it out you could let me have some. Have fun!” I had just sent send when I heard someone coming my way, Emily came in with a devilish grin on her face “You ready to fuck this ass?” she asked. I answered with a simple nod of my head as she stopped in front of me a bent over “First you gotta get it ready.” she moaned as she grabbed her cheeks. I wasted no time sinking my tongue deep in her ass as she spread her cheeks wide for me, I couldn’t help but notice her ass had a different taste than earlier that day. “Hurry up I told Amber I would be right back.” I was trying to figure out what te taste was when she stood up and walked away. I sat licking my lips when I heard my mailbox chime, I turned the monitor on the find another message from her.

“You think im a dirty girl look what my friend done with one of them.” She had attached two pictures so I opened the first to see a picture of a guy bent over while Emily licked his ass, the next one Emily was bent over taking the man deep in her ass. Well I knew what I was tasting now.

Since I knew she had promised some pictures of my surprise I opened her thread back up, she had gotten a lot of comments on her pictures and she knew how to play them. With no pictures yet I decided to give her some more encouragement so I logged in my account and found her thread, still no new pictures so I posted my comment telling her how I wish I was one of those guys and could blow my load on her face and started looking through her previous pictures and rubbing mu stiff dick. Wanting another beer I grabbed one and noticed Amber’s door was open so I walked to her room where I found only Emily sitting on the edge of the bed fastening a pair of white stockings to white lace garters on a white lace skirt, her leg on the bed gave me a nice view of her slick pussy. “Holy shit Emily, you look awesome! Where is Amber? I asked still taking in the magnificent view. “She went to your room to show you her outfit, I guess she is still in there. You need to go see her she is hot as hell.” she answered. I instantly remembered I left the computer on when I left and there was a picture of her on the screen. “Oh shit.” I sighed as I turned to go to my room. I heard Emily ask whats wrong and I could only tell her she would find out.

I walked through my door to see Amber sitting in my chair wearing red stockings and bra, I couldn’t see the rest but I knew it had to be sexy. I stood and stared as Amber scrolled through the pictures stopping on the link to her video and clicked on it. The video started and she turned from the screen and looked at me, my heart pounding in fear knowing I had been caught. Staring into my eyes she spun the chair around revealing a pair of red lace panties surrounded by a a red lace garter set, she laid her arms on the chair “So daddy you like watching Emily and me!” she said with a smile and looked down at my throbbing dick.
Chapter 17

The feeling that overwhelmed my body was nothing like I imagined it would be, it has never felt so good to be caught doing something I knew I shouldn’t be doing. My heart pounding at my chest, cold chills consuming my body I could only stand and stare at my beautiful daughter sitting in front of me dressed in the sexy outfit that she had bought for me. The sound from the movie slowly faded as thoughts of what to say filled my head, I knew I couldn’t play dumb since it was clearly her in the pictures and video. Still unable to speak my trance was broken by her sweet voice.

“Let me see here.” she breathed as she scrolled through her thread and stopped on one of my own comments and started reading it word for word. “You look fantastic, I would love to see more of that sweet pussy.” she scrolled down to another one “I can only imagine filling that tight ass of yours with my thick cock” she read it and turned and looked straight ahead at my throbbing cock only feet from her face. She clicked on a previous page and found the pictures of her sucking my dick while I pretended to be asl**p and spun around in the chair facing me with her red stockings covered legs spread wide showing me her red lace covered crotch. “I have a felling you were awake, huh? Did you like me sucking your dick daddy, did you like your daughter sucking your dick? Does your little girl turn you on, I know how you like young girls I bet you jack off looking at me don’t you.” Amber said in a sexy voice. I finally calmed down enough to speak “I’m sorry honey I couldn’t help it, you have been driving me crazy walking around here naked. I mean look at you sitting there in that sexy outfit, you know you are driving me crazy.” Amber just smiled and placed her right hand on her stomach and slowly moved it toward the red lace “Do you like this outfit, I bought it just for you. I had planned on letting you take it off of me tonight but I think I will make you wait since you have made me wait, you knew I wanted you or I wouldn’t have sucked your dick while I thought you were asl**p. You could have been fucking me but you made me wait so I think I will tease you some more.” Amber said as she slid her hand into the red panties and smiled. “You are a dirty girl Amber with her hand stirring in her panties she looks at my dick and says “You mean you jack off to my pictures but your gonna just stand there and watch. Let me see you jack off.” I wrapped my hand around my dick and started stroking it as my eyes scanned the beauty in front of me. “There you go, stoke that nice dick for me.”

My attention was broke when Emily walked into the room still wearing the white outfit stopping to look at me and thenAmber playing with herself in front of the pictures of her sucking my dick and then back to Amber. “Hey sexy your just in time for the show. Guess who is one of our biggest fans on the forum, it seems he likes jacking off looking at our pics so I am gonna let him see it in person. Would you like to join me?” Emily quickly agreed and walked over to Amber and placed her hands on her legs bending over giving me a perfect view of her open crotch framed in the white lace garter straps running across her tight ass cheeks. As she leaned in Amber slid her hand from her panties and shoved two glistening finger into Emily’s mouth which she slowly cleaned before Amber lowered her hand back into her panties and welcomed her with a slow deep kiss. I watched as Emily slowly worked her kisses across the red lace bra stopping to give her nipples a little attention and worked her way across her stomach where she fell to her knees between Amber’s legs, with her hand still working furiously under the red lace the other reached and pulled Emily’s head between her legs. Emily slowly licked the inside of her legs before running her tongue across the lace pushing it deep into the material as she slid her hands up Amber’s thighs grabbing the sides of her panties and pulled on them as she pushed her tongue deeper, still pulling on her panties she licked down Amber’s leg pulling the red lace panties down exposing the three fingers being pushed into the slick pussy of my little girl. Emily slid the panties over her feet before placing them at her nose and taking a deep breath and turning to her side and wrapping them around my dick while getting in a few firm stokes before leaning over taking my dick into her mouth burying her nose in the wet panties, I stood nervously watching Amber watch me get a blowjob form her best friend but she didn’t seem to have a problem with it. My attention quickly turned back to my girl filling her slick pussy with her fingers as I felt the oh familiar feeling in my balls, I was about the fill Emily’s mouth with my load.

“That’s enough we don’t want him cumming yet.” said Amber. Emily slowly released my ready to explode dick from her mouth and found her way back between the waiting legs of my little girl as she slid her sloppy fingers from her pussy so Emily could have her turn. I slowly made my way to their side for a better look, the site of my baby getting her pussy ate was more than I could handle. I couldn’t stop this one I had to cum, with a quick stroke on my panty covered dick I exploded a long stream of cum across Amber’s stomach only to be followed by two more. Amber smiled as she looked down at my cum covering her stomach, Emily quickly saw what the moaning she heard was from. With her hands on her hips Emily licked up her stomach taking in a mouthful of my cum and returning to the waiting pussy, I watched as she sank her tongue deep into Amber’s pussy pushing my cum in with it. Not wasting any she licked all of my cum from her stomach swallowing some and filling Amber’s pussy with the rest. With Emily’s tongue waiting I watched Amber push what cum she could from her pussy on the waiting tongue, with an open mouth Amber waited as the load was brought to her where she sucked it from Emily’s tongue. With the two deep in a kiss I knew I needed to get involved I couldn’t stand and watch anymore so with Emily standing between Amber’s legs holding them spread I crawled between her legs and tasted my little girl’s pussy for the first time. My heart pounded as reality hit me, I was between my daughter’s legs eating her pussy as she swapped my cum with her best friend, the smell of her young pussy quickly drove me back to full length. Emily stepped from her straddling position letting me see my girl as I licked on her pussy, she had pulled her bra down and rubbing her firm tits as her eyes opened. With her looking in my eyes I lifted my mouth from her pussy “I love you baby.” I whispered. She quickly confirmed she was ok with what we were doing by telling me she loved me too. Feeling better I raised my hand sinking my thumb in her sloppy pussy as I crossed it stopping to rub her clit as I licked away at her sweet love hole.

I was so into pleasing my baby I hadn’t noticed Emily had laid on my bed watching us, her hands slowly rubbing between her legs. With our attention she smiled “Why don’t you come over here so we can give him a good show?” she said.Amber looked at me “Come on, we cant leave her out.” I stood between her legs my dick only inches from her pussy, I reached out as she took my hand and lead her to my bed where she crawled between Emily’s open legs giving me what I have wanted to see. Her thick ass stretched the garter straps tight against her cheeks, I stood and watched her thick ass wiggle as she lapped at Emily’s pussy. I was standing by the bed with my dick only inches from her ready holes not sure how long I could resist sticking it in one of them. I knew I wanted the night to last so grabbed the garter straps and pulled my face between her thick cheeks, I had the part of her body I wanted the most at my mercy. “Lick my ass daddy. I want you to lick my ass.” Amber gave me my instructions and I happily obliged her running my tongue across her puckered hole. It only took a couple licks before her tight little ass had opened up welcoming my tongue.

“Oh my god, your ass is awesome!” I mumbled between licks.

“Is he eating that ass good for ya? Can he eat it as good as me?” asked Emily.

What I heard next let me know I was being too easy on her. “No baby, nobody eats ass like you!” answered Amber. With that I knew I needed to pick up the pace so I grabbed her left cheek and spread it wide as I pushed my thumb into her ass, I heard her moan with every push.

“Sounds like hes doing it right now.” said Emily. Ambers moans only got louder as I licked my way down to her pussy while fucking her ass with my thumb. After taking turns on her holes for a while I was ready to step it up again, so I reached wrapped my arms around her and rolled her over to her back laying her beside Emily and laid between them putting a hand between each of their legs and rubbing their pussies. Amber quickly put her attention to my hard dick between them while Emily laid and enjoyed the fingering I was giving her.

“This time you don’t have to act like your asl**p.” said Amber as she took my dick in her mouth. With Amber obviously trying hard to impress my with her cock sucking skills (Doing a great job of it I may add) my assault on Emily’s pussy began to slow, eager to be involved she crawled to her knees next to me and joined my horny daughter in sucking my cock. With her sweet hole only inches from my face I quickly filled it with my fingers as I watched the two take turns licking my balls then swallowing my shaft. My fingers deep in Emily’s pussy seemed to be doing the job, with a quick moan and a lot of shaking I watched Emily’s juices cover my hand as I brought her to her first orgasm of the night. Emily watched as I pulled my sticky finger from her quivering hole and licked her sweet nectar from my fingers “Oh you wan to taste this sweet pussy do ya, I’ll give it to ya.” said Emily as she stretched her leg across my face for me to eat her sweet pussy, the white lace skirt barely covering her ass cheeks. Before I had a chance to lick her sweet slit a watched as she pushed the rest of her juices from her hole, with a nice pearl of cum dripping from her lips I slowly licked her folds clean before grabbing handfuls of the lace skirt and sinking my tongue deep between her swollen lips. Unable to watch Amber suck my dick I would look around Emily’s white stocking covered leg to catch a peek of Amber’s nice thick ass stuck up in the air.

Suddenly I noticed Amber had relieved herself of her cock sucking and was sitting astraddle me in a deep kiss with Emily.

“Should we let him watch?” asked Amber. “I think so.” replied Emily as she raised up giving me a clear view of both their pussies straddling me. Unable to reach Amber I could only watch as she grabbed my dick and held it straight up in the air and slowly lowered her body to my waiting dick.

Chapter 18

I watched as our bodies met, her warm hole swallowing my length with ease as she rocked back and forth. My heart raced as she set straddling me with my entire length deep in her pussy, unable to see her face I wondered what she thought about having her pussy filled with a real dick.

“Oh my god! Daddy I love you!” moaned Amber. I wasn’t able to give Emily very much attention with my daughter grinding her pussy trying to do her best at fucking me, which she seemed to be having a hard time doing it. Knowing I need to get her where I could give her the fucking she wanted I reached up and grabbed Emily’s hard nipples “Go get some lube so I can give you what I promised you.” I whispered to her. As Emily raised her sloppy pussy from my face and crawled off the bed I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen smiling at me, my dick throbbed as we looked at each other.

“You are so beautiful sweetheart, are you sure you want to do this? I asked Amber in a soft voice.

“Oh yeah it feels so good, I can feel your heartbeat in my pussy.” she replied.

I had never felt the way I was feeling for any other woman, I cared more for her than anybody else. I held my arms out as she fell between them expecting a sensual hug but was I surprised, after shoving her tongue deep in my mouth she raised her head and smiled “So are you gonna fuck me or just lay there?” she asked and grinned.

“Oh I’m going to fuck you alright, you dirty little girl!” I replied. My little girl wanted fuck and that was exactly what I was going to give her so I grabbed her by her knees and pulled her in a squat, I heard her moan as I slid deeper in her wet pussy. With a hand on each cheek I spread them wide and raised her up so the head of my dick was spreading her swollen lips and drove my dick as deep as I could with one quick thrust causing a short scream from my girl, she opened her eyes and looked at me as she started to speak. I f***ed it deep into her again causing her to stutter and moan as her eyes went closed again, after a couple more of my hard thrusts her pussy was well lubed allowing me to make full deep strokes as I held her thick ass in the air. I could feel her hot breath on my chest as her breaths got deeper and quicker, I knew she was really enjoying what I was giving her but I didn’t want her to enjoy it too much so I released my grip on her ass allowing our bodies to touch. Slowly running my hands across her back until I had her wrapped tight in my arms, with a firm hold on her held her tight as I started quick hard thrusts with my dick bringing her breathing back to where I had her before and stopping.

As she laid on my chest trying to catch her breath I saw Emily walk up behind her and give me a devilish grin as I made slow deep strokes in Amber‘s sloppy pussy thinking about how beautiful my baby looked as she took her first dick but my thoughts changed as I heard the familiar sound of the camera shuttering, I knew Emily had just taken a picture of me deep in my daughter’s pussy. “Man the guys on the forum will go crazy when they see this.“ said Emily.

“Yeah, you seen what they said when they saw me sucking your dick. Even the guys were saying you had a nice dick, they would go crazy if they knew it was my daddy taking my virginity huh.” replied Amber.

“I don’t think we need to tell anybody that but I cant wait to see what they say when they see me fucking you.” Emily took a few more pictures of me inside her before crawling on the bed with us and taking some of Amber from the side. As I watched her crawl around in that sexy white outfit I could only think about how she had already had one load put in that tight ass of hers today and how I wanted to put another one in it but I was going to have to wait, I don’t thinkAmber plans on quitting any time soon. With Emily in arms reach I slid my hand across her firm ass cheek and found a very wet pussy that my fingers slid easily into. With my fingers deep in her I pulled slightly hoping she would follow bringing her little ass closer to me and she did so I kept my fingers busy until she slowly lowered her pussy to my face as I pulled my fingers out replacing them with my tongue. Amber wasted no time making her feel welcome, I felt her raise up as the two fell deep in a kiss. It was very hard to concentrate as I heard the camera shuttering not sure what she was taking pictures of but I knew they would be good.

“Lean back so I can see him going inside you.” Emily was giving Amber directions for pictures. Still only able to hear the camera shutter I turned my focus on filling my baby with dick. “There you go ride him.” said Emily as I felt my dick start to slide from its depths and Amber throwing herself back down shoving me inside her. What my little girl lacked in experience she was made up for with her ability to take all of my full grown man cock. As her pace slowed I heard her say “Let me see you eat that pussy, she loves having her pussy eat.” As I raised her ass up a little to spread her legs more I saw Amber sitting with me dick deep in her holding the camera. After her taking a few shots I worked my way back to her waiting asshole and shoved my tongue deep in her bowels, she screamed with pleasure as I reached around and started rubbing her clit as I devoured her ass with my mouth. The camera shuttered as Emily shook and quivered, I could fell her juices running down my neck as she caught her breath. “Oh my god Amber! You know you are going to have to share him with me from now on, I don’t want nothing to do with them little dicked boys at school no more.” moaned Emily.

“That’s fine but I told you I would fuck him first!” said Amber.

“Yeah but I’m not gonna wait till my birthday either. I cant wait to feel him deep in me.” replied Emily as she raised her dripping pussy from my face and crawled off the bed.

“Did you like that daddy? Now you know why I like her so much, she cums like a freight train.” said Amber. “Now where was I?” I asked as I held my hands out and she fell toward me her bra now pulled under her boobs, her soft body collapsed to mine as I slowly worked in and almost out of her giving her all I could each time. Her breathing soft and slow against my neck made me feel like I never wanted this to end. Watching Emily over Ambers ass felt Amber’s pussy tighten as Emily surprised her with some cold lube hitting her hot body. I watched over my daughter’s thick red lace striped ass as Emily massaged a handful of the lube between her cheeks. “Its getting ready to get fun daddy.” whisperedAmber as she raised up from my chest landing her soft lips on mine before sinking her tongue deep in my mouth, her kisses were getting rougher and deeper as the night passed.

Amber raised her mouth only inched from mine as she slowly grinded my dick deep into her pussy “Are you sure you want to do this? You know I will probly want to fuck all the time now and I know you don’t want just anybody fucking your little girl, do ya?”

I ran my hands up her side across her hard nipples giving them a quick pinch causing her to push harder on my dick, then slowly across her neck and under her hair until I had a firm hold on the back of her head. She seamed to melt in my hands as I squeezed and pulled her mouth back to mine holding her where our lips were barely touching “Sweetheart, I will give you all the dick you can handle. You had better hope you are woman enough to take it all.” I held her head back as she pushed toward me, her tongue slightly licking my lips as I quicken my pace driving my dick deep in her with every stroke still holding her tight as her quick moans mimicked my strokes.

“Oh lick my ass!” Amber screamed out between moans. I was so deep into her I hadn’t realized Emily was sneaking in licks on her ass as I pounded away at her pussy so I slowed my pace giving her a chance to take in everything she was feeling when I felt a hand wrap around my dick and pull it from Amber’s warmth but the familiar feel of a warm mouth replaced it, Emily was licking Ambers juices from my dick when I heard the bottle of lube open again. The feel of her mouth was replaced by a slippery hand stroking me, then some more lube. It was as if time sit still, my dick being held by a slippery hand as my daughter laid still on my chest.

Then I felt it!
Chapter 19

My eyes closed as the intense pleasure consumed my body. “Whats she doing to you daddy?” asked Amber as she could tell whatever it was felt great.

I felt my dick slowly sliding between her butt cheeks until I felt her tight sphincter opening as she pushed against my well lubed dick consuming about half of my length on the first attempt but taking all of it with her second. That was when I heard Amber, unable to answer her she turned around to see for herself. Emily was squatting between my legs with her back to us taking as much of me in her young ass as she could with every try. “Oh you dirty girl, you just couldn’t stand it could you. How’s it feel to have that tight ass of you filled with my daddy’s cock?”

Between moans we heard Emily “I have never had something to hurt so good! My ass will never be the same again!”

Amber giggled. “I know what you mean, I bet my pussy will never be tight again!”

I watched as Amber threw her leg across me and crawled off the bed stopping with her right foot still on the bed spreading her legs wide “Look at this!” she said pointing between her legs. I stared at her we sloppy pussy there on display wrapped in the red lace garters. “It has never stayed open that big, I think you broke it daddy!” She laughed as she took her foot from the bed and stood in front of Emily showing her pussy to her.

“Don’t worry baby, daddy has just the thing to fix it with.” I replied with a laugh.

“Im sure you do but right now im gonna help you with Emily.” she said as she skipped from the room. With Amber gone I was able to give Emily’s tight ass all my attention so I slid my hands over her stocking clad thighs and across her silk skirt wadding it in my hands on her hips and slowly started thrusting her down onto my dick until she picked up her pace and was bouncing her silk covered ass cheeks up and down as hard as she could taking me deep in her bowels like a pro, the sound of our skin slapping together echoed through the room only to be muffled by her moans. I could hear her breathing pick up as I slid my hands up her sweat covered hip and up her sides and under her white lace bra until I had one of her small breasts cupped in each of my hands pinching her nipples between my fingers as she bounced on my dick. With no warning at all she screamed out as she threw herself back against my chest leaving me deep between her cheeks, her breathing had went very deep and quick while her arm fell to my side as she laid there trying to catch her breath.
Her heart pounding against my hands that still enwrapped her little tits.

“Oh my god!” she moaned between breaths. Finally reaching up and pulling her hair from her sweaty face she turned to me with that well fucked look in her eyes “Please don’t stop, I want you to cum in me. Just tell me what to do and I will do it, oh my god tat was awesome.” I had no answer for her I simply leaned over and pressed my mouth to her welcome mouth as she wrapped her arms around my head holding us deep in our kiss as I slid my hands across her firm stomach placing them between our bodies and pulling against her thighs. Knowing what I wanted she spread her legs across mine and pulled her feet onto the bed finally in my reach I wrapped my hands around her ankles and pulled them flat against the bed as she wiggled down taking me back in her depths. After releasing her hold on me breaking our kiss she raised up onto her hands giving me full movement to continue my assault on her young ass.

“Im baack!” said Amber as she entered the room. We both turned to see her smiling as she stood in front of us shaking the large double headed dildo I had seen in the pictures earlier. “Damn how sexy, this will have to wait.” she said throwing the large dong on the bed beside us and grabbing the camera. “Smile!” was all we heard before the familiar sound of her camera shuttering started. “Let me see you ride that big dick.” Amber said in a sexy voice.

As Emily started riding me she quickly realized this time was different, I was able to give it back to her this time. Ambercontinued taking pictures as I slowly drove my cock in and out of her. “Now take it out, let me see it.” said Amber. I slowly drove my length deep in her and slowly eased it out resting the head of my cock still against her hole. “Oh my god!” Amber exclaimed. I felt her hand wrap around my throbbing cock and move it against Emily’s leg. “Its open more than I am, im gonna have to try that!” screamed Amber as the camera shuttered. I watched as Amber took pictures ant kept telling Emily how big her hole was. With a devilish grin Amber laid the camera down and stared me in the eyes as she fell to her knees between my legs, the feel of her warm mouth seemed to melt my cock as she took it in. After only a few deep swallows I felt her take it in her hand and place it back against Emily’s waiting hole where she quickly scooted down taking most of it inside her.

I guess my baby either felt left out or just couldn’t turn down Emily’s wide spread pussy in front of her, I watched my angel’s face disappear between the white stockings before Emily let out a different kind of moan. I knew my little girl was licking at her pussy while I filled her ass with my cock and I wanted to give my girl a show, grabbing handfuls of her silk skirt I held her close as I pounded away at her back door. My mind was set on giving her ass a good fucking as long as I could and the sweat running down my face let me know I was doing it but I wasn’t sure how long I could keep it up with that dirty daughter of mine sneaking licks in on my cock between strokes was making it hard to hold back. I guess getting her sweet pussy licked while having her ass filled was more that the little girl could handle, I felt her body tighten as her moaning increased and again with no warning she started screaming and shaking until be collapsed on my chest again and it was not too soon after I felt another lick across my lick that sent me over the edge. Releasing her skirt from my grasp I wrapped my arm around her stomach and drove myself to depths I have not yet been causing Emily to let out a few more of her screams until I squeezed her tight as I pump her bowels full of my cum.

I saw Amber stand up and smile “You have got to do that to me.”

Trying to catch our breaths Emily raised up on her hands again “Take pictures when he pulls out, I want to see my ass.” We watched as Amber took the camera from the bed and starting taking pictures. I could believe it but I could feel myself starting to go limp and slowly sliding from her warmth.

“Don’t move, its starting to come out.” said Amber as she snapped away. I felt the head of my cock slip through her last ring when I heard Amber “Oh my god, its leaking everywhere! That is so hot, I cant wait to put the on my thread. I cant believe how much cum daddy put in you. Don’t push it out, I want to help.” Amber handed the camera to Emily “Here, im gonna clean you up!”

Emily filled the photographer role great taking pictures as Amber positioned herself between her legs. “First lets clean you off daddy.” said Amber. Her mouth felt like a vacuum as she sucked my limping dick into her mouth pulling it to length and sucking it back into her mouth again as Emily took pictures. Happy with her cleaning job she pulled it to length and let it pop from her mouth. “All done. Now for dessert.”

Emily sighed at the first touch of her tongue to her sensitive hole. “There you go. Put some up there we might need it later.” I laid in amazement as I watched my baby girl eat her daddy’s load from her best friends ass, she was really enjoying herself. Emily snapped away as she pushed the last few drops of my cum from her ass into Amber’s waiting mouth, Amber happily showed the mouthful of cum she had before swallowing it all in one big gulp. Finished with her cleaning she stood and hooked her thumbs in her garter belt as if they were pockets. Wore out from our fucking Emily rolled over to my left side placing her head on my chest and letting out a sigh of relief.

I admired Amber standing in front of me her bra still half on and pulled down showing her firm tits, she had that wore out look to her. As she slowly crawled onto the bed laying to my right placing her head right at my ear “You know your not done don’t you. You still have a virgin laying next to you.”
... Continue»
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I let my friend fuck my blindfolded hot wife

Johnnie and his wife Michelle, have a very exciting marriage. She's a wonderful lover, friend and very beautiful woman. Other men are often attracted to her, and one can see them looking and lusting after her whenever they are out in the evening. Johnnie finds this exciting and encourages her to wear revealing clothing and insists that she go braless as often as possible, especially at home, because nature has blessed her with a pair of the sexiest breasts possible perfectly round and succulent capped by pink colored nipples which invariably peep through transparent dresses.

Michelle is 24 years old. She has exposed her breasts on nude beaches and Johnnie is sure she enjoyed all the stares. Once in the evening when it was slightly dark she even pulled off her satin pink sting bikini panties and played around in the sea fully naked. Not only that while walking back they came across an older couple. It was dark but they had a lantern. Still Michelle stopped and asked them a few questions just to let them realize that they were talking to a pretty young and naked lady.

Whenever she wears a dress it is always with sleeveless blouses and deep plunging necklines in front and at the back. Not only this but whenever she visits Johnnie's parents she is always properly dressed. No wonder they are all praise for their pretty daughter-in-law.
A couple of years ago Johnnie began to fantasize about having other men see her nude and began to obsess about exposing and displaying her in public. Johnnie had fantasized about her going to nude beaches and stripping completely, showing off her sexy lower half and even posing for nude photographs. He was however apprehensive whether she would ever agree to any of that. But the fantasies continued anyway, and expanded to include her being touched, fondled and even made love to by other men.

A few months ago, he took a big risk and shared one of his more mild fantasies with Michelle. He presented it in the form of a story about another woman who's husband exposed her to other men - strangers, and that this fictional woman became very excited with the exposure and gradually started doing it to please her husband. At first she was a little shocked at his story, but then Johnnie noticed that she was becoming excited. He expanded on the story and her excitement grew. Her increased excitement drove him to greater fantasies and ever more detailed stories. After telling the stories they had fantastic love making sessions during which she was absolutely wild. Her reaction led Johnnie to conclude that someday he might be able to see his fantasies come true.

Johnnie started to think about showing her off to his best friend Chris. Now Chris and Johnnie had grown up together, sharing many dates and wild experiences as young men. He had been Johnnie's best man at their wedding, and he approved whole-heartedly of Johnnie's marriage to Michelle. In fact, perhaps Chris too was in love with her, and Johnnie believed that he was a little disappointed when they were married since he often commented about what a sexy lady she was, and how lucky Johnnie was to have such a gorgeous creature. The fantasies Johnnie was having were becoming wildly exciting and he decided to enhance them by teasing Chris with her charms.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, Chris and Johnnie were having a beer after work at the local watering hole. When he opened his wallet and pulled out some money, Johnnie 'accidentally' dropped a picture on the floor next to him. It was a Polaroid of Michelle nude in the shower - a side view showing the profile of her breasts and perky pink nipples very clearly. It had been taken a few days earlier without her knowledge. Johnnie pretended not to notice it fall, so Chris reached down and picked it up.

He stared at it until Johnnie said, "What's that you've got?"

Sheepishly, he handed it back to Johnnie who feigned embarrassment, saying, "Oh, my God, If Michelle knew you had seen this photograph she'd die of shame. Please don't ever say anything about it. She doesn't even know I have it. "

"Oh, of course not! I would never say anything about it. But, can I please see it again - just for a minute. He was almost begging. Johnnie held the picture in his hands for a minute and then said, "Well, as long as you've seen it anyway... " He handed it back to him.
"She's incredibly beautiful!"

"Yes, isn't she? And, I feel so fortunate to have that gorgeous body to go home to. You know, she's a very sexual woman. She's quite different in bed from the woman you think she is. Know what I mean?"

"Exactly how is she different?" Chris asked. Johnnie started out by just talking to Chris about their sexual experiences, and he fell for the bait; hook, line and sinker. Johnnie told him about how they often played before sex and he asked Johnnie if Michelle got really wet during foreplay. Johnnie described it to him in detail, how she would often beg him to touch her certain ways, and how powerful her climaxes were. It was incredibly sexual talking for Johnnie to talk to his best friend about his wife. In a way, it was just like taking her clothes off and exposing her to him.

The conversation went on for several more beers and a couple of hours like this. He never grew tired of hearing about Michelle. Every little detail (from her panties to her favorite sexual positions) seemed to excite him even more. Johnnie could see by the way he was moving around that he had a huge erection... and for that matter so did Johnnie. It's hard to describe how powerfully sexual it was to describe every intimate detail of his wife's lovely body, her panty draw, and her favorite sexual activity to another man - especially a man who knew her so well. Johnnie further told him what her nipples looked like when she got excited, where they made love, what position Michelle liked the best, how she liked to take his cock into her mouth when it was soft and suck gently on it until it got hard, how she screamed when she had a particularly intense orgasm. He ate it up, listening intently and asking questions to elicit more information from Johnnie. And he loved every minute of it.

Then Johnnie showed him some more pictures of Michelle - some were Polaroid’s, some were digital prints from his camera, and some were on his camera phone. They showed her body from a number of different angles, and positions. Some showed her sl**ping in her satin panties, while some were a little fuzzy but most were very clear and revealed her sex appeal. Of course all the pictures were taken without her knowledge. Johnnie also led Chris to believe that he had many other, much more graphic photos - even though it wasn't true, at least not at that time.

Chris loved the photos and commented that, "I only wish that sometime I could see her in person."

"Are you serious? I mean, would you really like to see my wife naked?"

Chris nearly fell off the barstool. The beers were having an effect on both of us, and he exclaimed, "Wow, would I?"

"Well, maybe your wish could come true. Maybe some night I'll have you over and we'll see what we can do. " Johnnie began the plan. Without her knowledge, he was going to expose his wife nude to his best friend, Chris.

The next day, Chris called and said, "You know, last night I was a little d***k, and if I said anything that was out of line..."

"Of course not were best friends, " Johnnie interrupted, "In fact, I've been thinking about the plan. Maybe we can work out something this Friday night. Are you still game?"

"Are you serious? I mean, I thought you... Well, you know, we had a lot of beers and.."

"I'm still in this, if you are." Johnnie wasn't about to let him slip out of my fantasy at this point. He had invested too much energy and thought.

"Well, sure!" He exclaimed. "God, who wouldn't want to see that body up close. She's incredible."

When Johnnie left for work on Friday, he told Michelle that he wanted to have a special night with her.

"When I get home be bathed and perfumed - and put that little black dress on - you know the one. I'll be here at 7 p. m. sharp. " After work, he picked up some nice wine, and a bouquet of flowers. When he arrived, dinner was ready and Michelle greeted him at the door smelling like an angel and looking like a knockout. She was tremendously sexy.

Through dinner, he kept her wine glass full and complimented her frequently on how sexy she looked. They touched and kissed often, their tongues probing each other's mouth and could feel the sexual tension building.

After dinner, they adjourned to the sofa for some heavy petting. He removed her dress and played with her breasts, sucking on her nipples until she was begging to be fucked. She was getting as hot as a firecracker. Finally, he picked her up and carried her into their bedroom. She lay on the bed while he lighted some candles and turned out the lights.

Johnnie lay next to her and whispered, "I'd like to try something different. I'm going to blindfold you."

She murmured a soft protest, but then assented to some soft breathing, as he tied a black blindfold around her eyes and checked it carefully.

"Now, I have another little surprise." From my night stand he took some Velcro straps that he had prepared and wrapped them, first around one wrist, after adjusting her body she began to protest but he ignored her as he quickly attached her wrists to the bedposts, pulling her arms apart as he snuggled them tightly onto the post.

Michelle started to protest, but Johnnie put a finger to her lips, saying, "This isn't all, my love. There's more coming. You are now in my power and I'm going to seduce this hot sexy body of yours."

She bought into the charade and responded with soft moaning sounds. He then bound Michelle's ankles after sliding the dainty anklets to one side. At first she resisted, but now was becoming turned on at the prospect of a little kinky sex with her husband. He had tied her up once before and she had become very aroused then.

Looking at his lovely wife as she lay spread-eagled and blindfolded on their bed, with her chest exposed dressed only in her black satin thong panties, Johnnie wondered if he really could go through with it. Once Chris had seen her like this he would always have that picture in his mind whenever he wanted it.

But Johnnie knew he couldn't miss this chance. He was way too excited to stop. After nuzzling and caressing Michelle a little he pulled out her Ipod and proceeded to put the headset on her. She objected immediately. But with a little talking about how he wanted all of her senses focused on touch she finally relented.

"And," he scolded her, "If you keep on protesting, I'm going to put a gag in your mouth. I'm the man of this house…the Boss. You are my captive wife, my slave, and you must do everything I tell you. Do you understand?"


Johnnie almost came. This was too good to be true. Better than he had ever hoped.

Activating her favorite play list on her Ipod he set the volume fairly strong. Then, he tested her ability to hear him when he talked. She couldn't hear a thing. Then he turned the lights on bright, and pulling out his cock stroked it a couple of times while gazing at her and thinking about what would be happening in a few minutes.

By this time he was literally shaking with excitement. Chris, who lived only two blocks away at the time, was waiting. Johnnie placed the call.

"Everything is all set. The front door is unlocked. Come in quietly and wait in the living room for me."

Less than two minutes later he heard the front door open. (He must have flown down the street.) Johnnie put his cock back in the trouser, left Michelle and met Chris in the living room.

"Are you ready?"

He nodded eagerly, and after cautioning him to be very quiet, Johnnie led him down the hall. With his heart pounding he opened the door to their bedroom. Johnnie watched Chris's eyes as he got his first sight of his erotically dressed and positioned wife. They both just stared at her for a few long moments. He just could not take his eyes off her breasts the nipples of which were quite erect. Johnnie was still nervous even though he knew well that she couldn't possibly hear anything, but still he whispered, "Watch me, watch how I do this."

Moving around to the side of the bed he lightly began to stroke Michelle's hip and then the top of her leg down to her ankles. When he moved to the inside of her leg she began to moan and writhe slightly. Chris watched intently.

Excited by the prospect of talking out loud about Michelle's body in the same room about her to his best friend, Johnnie asked in a normal voice, "If you could do anything you wanted to her, what would it be?"

Astonished, he looked at Johnnie and after thinking for a moment said, "Oh, that's easy, I would I would like to make love to her. " Johnnie told him to quit sugar coating his language and say what he meant.

Realizing that it was turning me on, Chris said, " I would like to slide my dick into her unprotected pussy and fuck the hell out of her."

d***k with excitement Johnnie reached over, pushed her short dress aside and openly stroked her cunt on top of her panties. She responded immediately moved her hips up to his fingers and moaned softly. Here was his gorgeous wife, getting more and more sexually excited while his best friend watched! It was a dream comes true.

"Chris I’m going to let you do anything your want to her except fuck her." Johnnie said.

Chris checked… you don’t mind if I touch her. Johnnie's chest was pounding with excitement as Chris slowly began stroking her legs as Johnnie had done. When his hand was a couple of inches away from her now visibly wet black satin thong panties he looked up at Johnnie.

With a pounding heart Johnnie nodded for him to go ahead. He watched, his heart in his throat, as Chris's hand reached Michelle's panties and lightly stroked her well-shaped pussy through them. She then responded to his touch! Here was the same pussy that was under that lovely wedding dress when they married now being stroked by his best friend, with only the thin fabric of her satin panties separating his fingers from her now very wet pussy.

Johnnie touched his arm to get him to stop because he wanted himself to be the one to give Chris his first glimpse of her pussy. Pushing the crotch of her panties aside Johnnie exposed first one lip and then her full pussy to Chris.

He could now see the most private intimate part of his wife's body. For some weird reason Johnnie was almost embarrassed for her because she was so very wet and obviously in a state of extreme arousal - then it became the most exciting thing he had ever experienced. Almost losing control Johnnie untied her legs and pulled off her panties and let Chris drink in this picture of her swollen pussy. She must have been very turned on by being tied up the second time in her life because she was extremely wet.

After pulling her panties the rest of the way off Johnnie gave them to Chris and told him that he could keep them. He jumped at the sound of Johnnie's voice until he remembered that she couldn't hear anything. After smelling her panties he stuffed them into his boxers, wrapped them around his dick and proceeded to stroke himself.

Johnnie left her legs untied.

Now she was slowly opening and closing her legs and trying to get some satisfaction. Johnnie got the video camera and tripod from the closet and began to videotape her like this. He told Chris to get his cock out and rub it on her leg. He again said that Chris should not fuck her, but he could do everything else.

Instead of just taking his cock out, he undressed completely, dropping his clothes in a pile on the floor after putting Michelle’s panties into his pocket first. Chris's cock was at a full erection sticking straight out from his body. Johnnie noticed that he was a bit larger than Johnnie's, but not all that different. Johnnie told Chris to put his cock in Michelle's tied hand. This was very risky because she might note the difference.

He moved to the head of the bed and slipped his cock into her open and un-expecting hand. She immediately grabbed it. Later Johnnie wondered why he did not think that Michelle could have noticed the difference. It was larger than Johnnie's and a quite different shape. When she grabbed, she murmured, "Oh, you're so hard!"
For Chris's part he just groaned "Oh, man-n-n-n..." and started leaking precum. He rubbed it on her fingers and pulled back so he wouldn't cum. Somehow she didn't notice the difference and Johnnie breathed a sigh of relief. Then became excited as Johnnie looked at his wife's hand with another man's cum on her fingers. Since only one of them could touch her at a time, Johnnie motioned for Chris to go ahead who began to tease her nipple of her right breast with his tongue. Michelle squirmed with pleasure and wanted him to suck it but he just kept alternating between one nipple and the other deliberately teasing them till they were fully erect. His right hand stroked her right leg from her knee up until it reached her cunt.

This was the moment Johnnie had been waiting for. He watched and stroked his own cock with a yellow pair of Michelle’s dirty string bikini panties that he pulled out of the laundry for just this occasion, as his friend's fingers first touched his wife's wet slit. She began bucking and he slipped first one, then two fingers into her. He then took his slick, wet fingers and put them in her mouth. She greedily sucked her own pussy juice off my friend's fingers until he put them back in her soaking wet pussy. All the while her ears were closed and music was playing.

Johnnie's cock was very hard. Although he did not want Chris to fuck her he did want him to jerk off on her. And also wanted to catch it on film.

Now Michelle was humping Chris's fingers for all she was worth. From her sounds, Johnnie knew she was about to cum and cum hard. He was jerking himself off with his other hand. He told Chris to cum on her face. The blindfold covered her eyes however her mouth, chin and neck were exposed.

At first, Chris was holding himself about level with her shoulders aimed at her face, but as his masturbation picked up speed he pulled closer and closer to her chin. Suddenly he stopped, thrust his pelvis towards her until his cock head was less than an inch from her chin and pointed up to her mouth. Chris groaned and then exploded on Michelle's face. She jerked in surprise, and then laughed. Her chin and lips were literally painted with stripes of Chris's cum.

As the last spurts landed on her neck, Chris gently slapped his now softening cock on her lips. Michelle opened her mouth and hungrily took his cock in, sucking eagerly on it. He pulled back, afraid she would notice the difference, and allowed her to suck only the head of it. Johnnie was circumcised whereas Chris was uncut and had a long foreskin. He rolled it back with his hand and thrust just the head of his cock into Michelle's eager mouth. She was masterful at this and soon his cock began to harden again. In a matter of minutes he was back to full staff.

Michelle began opening and closing her legs. This, for her, was a request to be fucked and she was moaning softly to enhance the seduction. Johnnie watched almost in a trance as Chris repositioned himself between her legs and began stroking his cum dripping dick, leaning closer and closer to her very wet pussy. Johnnie should have stopped him at this point but he just sat on the edge of the bed, powerless to even move.

Chris began sliding his cock along the inside of her thigh leaving a thin trail of cum. Johnnie's mind continued telling him to stop his friend. He even motioned him to keep his cock away from her Michelle's pussy but Chris said that he would take care not to fuck her. Johnnie just watched as the head of his cock came into contact with the lips of her pussy. Now Michelle was straining at her bindings and trying to bring the head of his cock more into contact with her cunt.

As Johnnie watched, Chris spread her cunt lips wide with his thumbs. Then he began rubbing the head of cock up and down her wide-open slit without actually going inside of her. Michelle for her part began humping his cock trying to get it inside.

Both Chris and Michelle moaned. Chris tried to remain still, but he just didn't have the will power to pull out, and Michelle used that three inches to begin fucking him. Johnnie watched in horror and excitement as Chris gave in and began fucking her back. Chris looked up at Johnnie and said, "I'm sorry I really am, but her pussy is so wet and so open! I can't stop!"

Johnnie was aghast. Taking Johnnie's silence as permission, Chris began fucking her hard and harder. He untied her ankles and folded her legs up to her armpits. He then kept the soles of her bare feet on his shoulders and started fucking her. He was really pounding into her, much harder than the way Johnnie usually fucked her, and she loved it. He was driving into her with so much energy that Johnnie was afraid that the headphones might come off.

He would withdraw his cock fully leaving just the head inside Michelle's pussy and then shove it rights in up to the hilt till it was difficult to differentiate between their pubic hairs. The motion was such that their pubic bones made a clapping noise each time he thrust his cock into her cunt. Michelle's hands were tied and her breasts were bobbing up and down with each thrust. It was a unique sight. The pink lips of her pussy being pried open by his cock and then those lips holding the cock in a vice like grip till he withdrew and whammed it in again. It was now that Chris started squeezing her breasts, playing with her nipples and finally sucking them.

Johnnie moved the tripod with the camera into a better position to capture his cock plunging into his wife's pussy. Then Johnnie also finished removing his clothes and sat back on the bed and continued to stroke his cock with his wife’s dirty panties as he watched this incredible scene.

Johnnie knew this couldn't last very long and suddenly Chris groaned and, driving hard into her with all of his strength, he came deep inside of her. It was so very exciting to Johnnie and as he was stroking his cock, he too came soaking Michelle’s panties to the point they could no longer contain his seed. It was an incredible experience. Johnnie just couldn't believe it – his friend Chris was cumming inside his wife’s pussy right in front of his eyes!

Suddenly, Johnnie realized that Chris didn't have a condom on, and Michelle didn't take birth control pills because they made her sick! She depended on Johnnie for birth control. Oh, shit! That too should have made him stop Chris then and there from fucking Michelle. Now what if she becomes pregnant!

Meanwhile, Michelle was twisting and squirming, wanting more. Chris's cock was still inside her and he just lay there. As she squirmed he began to get hard again, and soon he started fucking her again. Chris also sucked her pretty toes and played with her anklets. This time, they fucked hard for a long time until Michelle began to cum and cum hard!

Chris exclaimed to Johnnie, "It feels like her pussy is milking my cock!" Johnnie knew exactly what he was talking about. When Michelle was really turned on she could grab his or any cock with her cunt. It was like a little hand down in there grabbing your dick. He watched his wife have the most intense orgasm he had ever seen her have with his friend's cock shoved up in her. Her climax lasted and lasted and finally he could see that Chris was coming again. Her pussy was certainly full of his seed. He was spent and this time they just lay there together, breathing hard. Finally, he pulled out and backed away from his friend's lovely wife.

He gave Johnnie a big bear hug, and said, "Thank you my very dear friend, for the most wonderful night of my life. " Then he quietly gathered his clothes and left.

Johnnie looked at his lovely wife lying there, and his cock came into action. As he heard the front door open and close, he mounted her and slipped his cock into her very full pussy. They fucked very slowly for a long time until they both built into an incredible climax. Afterwards, Johnnie washed and dried her and then, after putting the camera and tripod away and with all the lights turned off again, he removed her blindfold, earphones and untied her arms. She wrapped her arms around him and cried softly into her husband's neck.

"That was a very wonderful night of fucking. I'll remember that forever!" Then she turned over and promptly went into a very deep sl**p.

Johnnie lay awake for a long time thinking about what had happened and whether or not he should ever tell her what happened. However, he agonized over it for a week, and had just about decided that the only honorable thing he could do would be to tell her. He was sure that she would be angry, but since she was broadminded he hoped that she would understand. Who knows? He just had to find the right time.

Since that night, Johnnie must have watched that video twenty times. Chris has asked to see it too, and plans are being made by both of them to get together some evening soon to relive that wonderful night.

Last night, Johnnie and Michelle were petting and about to make love, when she pushed him over on his back and slid down between his legs. She took his cock in her mouth and began to give him a wonderful blowjob. Usually, when he used to come, she used to pull his cock out and finish his climax with her hand. This time, however, she swallowed every drop. Afterwards, when they were lying there with her face cuddled under his chin, she remarked, "You taste very different from Chris, did you know that?"

Johnnie's heart pounded; he was speechless! After a few minutes, he asked, "What gave us away?"

Michelle smiled. "The first hint was his cock is shaped differently and it's a little bigger. When it was in my hand, I just thought you had an erection, but when I was able to get it into my mouth I knew something was wrong. The head is larger, and he tasted very different. My first reaction was total panic, but then I realized that this was something that you had planned carefully, and must have wanted very badly so, after getting my fears under control, I finally decided to go along.

"In any case there was nothing much I could have done.

I was naked and tied, with my pussy jutting out. It was good that I was not fucked right away. When I took the cock in my mouth I knew that it was not you and it gave me time to prepare myself for sex with somebody else. I had no idea who the other man was, but he was being gentle and... well, it felt good. When he was getting into the position between my legs to fuck me, it just didn't feel the same... You know, you and I, we just fit together so well. Another man? Well he's different. You have a certain way of getting on and getting off. He was a little clumsy.

"But the real giveaway was when he started fucking me. The ipod was a good idea, and I couldn't hear anything, but at one point, the music took a pause between songs, and during that quiet period, I heard him say something about being sorry, that he just couldn't stop. I immediately recognized Chris's voice. At first I was embarrassed that it was him - somebody I knew, but then I thought about it and was flattered and delighted that he would want me. Then he started fucking me very hard, and by then it felt so good, I didn't want it to stop. Also, I was very excited about the thought of you watching us."

"It was a wonderful night. Thank you. There is one small problem though. He wasn't wearing a condom and... well, I think I might be pregnant.... "Michelle sounded serious.

'Are you serious?' Johnnie was appalled. This was something that he was most apprehensive about.

She laughed. 'No. I was just pulling your leg, but don't you think it is risky if you invite any of your friends to fuck me when I am thinking that it is you whose cock is inside me. This time I did not get pregnant but next time suppose I do. What will I tell the world? That I am carrying Chris's baby? All this should be done only during my safe days or when I am taking pills. By the way why did you not ask Chris to wear a condom?'

'I... well, It just did not cross my mind.'

'Be careful next time. It is so typical of you to be careless. All men are. Imagine, letting your wife be fucked without ensuring that the man is wearing a condom. You must be the only one to be so careless. 'she said in mock anger. 'Not only pregnancy there are a number of other diseases that have to be taken care of. We know Chris so that is not a problem but, darling, please be careful next time. By the way, don't let Chris know that I know that it was he who fucked me. What do you say?"


"No particular reason. It is just that I'll feel shy and odd. "

"Shy! After he has fucked you!"

"Come on now. He still thinks that I was letting my hubby fuck me. You are very sweet. Unlike some of your other friends who get all uptight if somebody sees their wife's tits although they are dying to screw other's wives.

You are really a darling. Broad minded in the true sense of the term. But give me some time. I'll let you know when to tell him. And I still don't know how his wife will react when she comes to know that Chris has fucked me. And what about you, you naughty stud. Where are my satin black panties? Who’s cum is in my yellow panties? And whose wife have you been fucking lately?"

I gave Chris your black panties to keep as a memento, and I haven’t fucked anyone’s wife but I do jerk off with your dirty panties from time to time

Well OK then, And she planted a kiss on Johnnie's lips gradually working her way down to his fly, unzipping it, taking his flaccid penis out, taking it in her warm mouth and started sucking it till it was rock hard.... Continue»
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My Friend's 43y/o Kinky Mother part 2

This is the second part in what I hope will be a trilogy of stories about an old friend’s 43y/o kinky mother. If you have not already read part one please read it, in order to have some background on story and characters. It is set in the winter of 1996 when I waThis s 19 years old. Only certain aspects of this part are true, mostly this part is fictional. – enjoy.

I awoke lying next to my friend’s Mother sometime after 5am. Her head was resting serenely on my chest, as her arms were wrapped around my 19 year old body. She had a nice content smile on her face as she slept.

‘Jesus,’ I thought. Mike would absolutely freak if he found out I had an intense fuck session with his mother last night. I was worried that Mike may have heard us last night from his room. Especially his E-cup mothers screaming orgasms.

I decided I didn’t want to stick around to find out. I woke Liz from her slumber.

“Hey, you need to go back to your own room, your still here in the spare room. Mike will be up in a few hours.”

Liz, still half asl**p made a groaning yawn, “hhmmmm.” She squeezed my body and gave me a long hard kiss on the lips.

“OK Arthur, let’s go one more time before I return to my room.” She said.

Liz pulled back the duvet, spread her legs and pulled the crotch of her sexy pink satin panties to one side, exposing her bush and moist pussy. She put one of her nipples in her mouth and sucked hard as she looked at me invitingly. With my instant erection I began slowly fucking her in missionary position. She locked her arms over my back as we were kissing and licking each others mouths. As our pace quickened our kissing intensified. Liz liked her kisses wet, our faces were soon covered in each other’s saliva.

After a while fucking, Liz whispered, “I’m happy to take your cum in my mouth whenever you wish Arthur. But this time I want to feel you cum inside me. Will you cum in me? Please Arthur?”

“Oh god Liz, you asking me that is such a turn on, I’m about to cum, I hope you’re on the pill.” I said. “It’s ok Arthur, it’s not my fertile time of the month.” She said. Seconds later I let out jets of cum into Liz’s pussy for several seconds. After I finished cumming I left my twitching cock in her pussy for a moment.

Liz then got up and returned to her room. “I’ll see you later darling, mmmwah!” she said.

I didn’t want to stick around in case Mike heard us in the night. I got dressed and quietly left their house. I decided I wanted to just stay at home and see what happens. If Mike didn’t hear us, he would call me and ask me to hang out. If however he did, I figured he would just leave me alone and not talk to me. I felt a little guilty on Mike. He was after all my best friend.

Anxiously, I hadn’t heard from Mike while I was back at home, and the time was approaching late afternoon. I felt really anxious at the possibility of him knowing I fucked his mother. But that anxiety was outweighed by the thought of Liz and that incredible workout we had last night. The fact that Liz was 24 years older than me turned me on even more. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her.

At 4:25 Mike finally telephoned the house. My mum answered and passed the phone over to me. My heart was racing and my palms began to sweat. I had no idea how Mike was going to be with me.

“Hey dude, what happened to you last night? I got up this morning and you were gone,” Said Mike.

I let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh I couldn’t settle in bed last night for some reason, so I figured I will just go back to the comfort of my own bed. We only live 5 minutes apart so it seemed the easiest thing to do last night.” I nervously said.

“Anyway, never mind that mate. You’re crashing at mine again tonight. Got a surprise for you,” Said Mike. “Hurry up and get your ass over here.”

“Ok will do, give me 15 minutes.” I answered. I was so excited at the prospect of being with Liz again.

When I arrived at Mike’s house, Liz was in the kitchen having a cup of tea and chatting with the local vicar and a school teacher friend of hers from the textiles club. Although Liz never went to church or showed any religious interests, the vicar took a shine to her, thinking she was an upright decent human being, who always behaved impeccably and was charitable to others - which was true.

On this day Liz dressed more boldly and confidently than usual. She had skin tight jeans that squeezed her ass into an exquisite shape. Tucked into her jeans was a nice purple blouse that complimented her body nicely. Quite tight around those huge breasts, the top couple of buttons were undone showing just the top inch or so of her cleavage, and with a necklace that drew attention to that area. I got an instant semi.

“Can I have a cuppa tea Mrs C,” I interrupted.

“Of course you can Arthur. Help yourself, you know where the kettle is dear,” replied Liz.

I went to hang my coat up and take my shoes off in the cove under the stairs. Liz crept up behind me and whispered in my ear, “I’ve left a gift for you in the laundry basket.” and gave me a wink before returning back to the kitchen to chat with her guests.

Immediately without even having seen Mike yet, I dashed upstairs to the bathroom. I noticed the lock had been fixed, great. After locking myself in, I picked up the pink panties from the top of the laundry basket.

Out of curiosity I wanted to check her size. I read the label of the panties which read, ‘UK-size14’. ” So that meaty ass fills a size 14?” I thought to myself, picturing the panties caressing her big butt cheeks.

Without further ado I got my cock out.

I held the panties to my face and began pumping my cock. I was fantasizing about all kinds of things I would do to Liz. The feel of her tongue on my asshole, gliding my cock along the crack of her ass, feeling them big teeth sc**** my cock, cumming over her face mouth and tits....

After a few minutes I aimed my cock into the inside of her panties and squirted a copious amount of cum into them. I then screwed them up and threw them back in the laundry basket. I zipped up and strolled back down stairs, where I was greeted by Mike.

“I just nipped to the loo mate.” I said.

“Let’s go to the lounge mate, I got something to tell you,” Said Mike.

We sat on the sofa in the lounge and started chatting. “Sorry I didn’t call you earlier today dude, I been chatting to Rachel on the phone this morning. She invited me round her house for a bit of a catch up, so that’s where I’ve been. I wanted to fuck her, but she’s like us, still living with her parents. Those middle class snobs can’t stand us,” Said Mike.

He continued: “Anyway I’ve invited her out for drink tonight and I’m guaranteed to bring her back here and get my dick wet. She’s bringing charlotte with her though, so it’s gonna be a double date. I doubt you’d get to fuck a stunner like charlotte though mate. Look at you (laughs). She’s just tagging along coz Rachel wants to be with her best mate.”

Mike was right. Charlotte was well out of my league. She was stunning, and I had ginger hair with pale skin – amongst the least attractive thing in a man according to society’s definition of beauty. The funny thing was that Charlotte was ginger and pale skinned also. But for women, that could make them look attractive, and Charlotte surely was gorgeous, too good looking for me. She was from the middle class also, and had a snobbish attitude towards us poor folk. She got on quite well with Mike though, maybe because her best friend likes Mike.

Rumour had it that Charlotte was really frigid. She had sex with only one person in her life. Her Ex. And she had never done anything other than straight sex. No oral, no anal, no foreplay, no nothing.

“So what about sl**ping arrangements then,” I curiously asked.

“Tonight, if you don’t manage to lay Charlotte, which let’s face it Arthur, You’re highly unlikely to. Then you will crash here on the sofa, she can have the spare room. That is of course unless the frigid stunner decides she wants you up there, haha.”

Great, I thought. All I have to do is to wait for everyone to go to their rooms, I can then sneak up into Liz’s room for some more kinky sex. Realistically, sure, 18 year old Charlotte was much more of a beauty than 43 year old Liz. But Liz was the one I wanted. The kinky milf was the only one that was on my mind.

Later that evening we met the 2 beauties in a bar. Mike and Rachel began hitting it off immediately chatting and flirting away.

Mike and Rachel were lovers in the last year of high school and I think they were both looking to re-kindle that flame they once had.

I tried to initiate conversation with Charlotte a few times, but she just gave me the cold shoulder each time. To be honest I wasn’t really interested in Charlotte anyway. But she was absolutely gorgeous. Her make-up was applied perfectly she had voluptuous full red lips. She wore an exquisite body hugging black dress. More eyes were on her than anyone else in the whole bar.

“So what are your aspirations after you leave college?” I said.

“Look. I don’t mean to be rude. But let’s get one thing straight. You are NOT having sex with me. Ever! If you so much as even touch me I’ll slap you,” she asserted. “I’m not one of them cheap bimbo’s you pick up. I have standards, and those standards are way above you. Understood?”

“I understand and to be honest I’m not expecting anything more than light conversation. We can chat friendly can’t we, for our mutual friend’s sakes?” I said.

“Fine, as long as we’re clear,” She replied.

“Sure” I said. “I’ve been nothing but respectful to you, and haven’t treated you like a sex object at all. I know you’re out of my league. But there was no need to be so rude. You could have been a little more subtle about it”

“Whatever,” she said, as she turned her head away.

After a few minutes silence between me and Charlotte, while Mike and Rachel were babbling away, one of the bar maids came over holding a cordless telephone. “Are you Arthur?” she said.

“Yeh, that’s me, what’s up,” I said surprised

“We don’t usually accept calls for customers, but it’s your mother and she says it’s really urgent,” said the bar maid.

I took the cordless phone and put it to my ear expecting my mum in distress.

“Hi, sexy” said Liz.

“Hang on, I’ll just go somewhere quiet,” I said.

I told the girls and Mike that I had to go somewhere quiet as it was too distracting there. I walked through double doors to a rear foyer area near the toilets. I put the receiver to my ear.

“Hey Liz,” I spoke.

“Have you missed me Arthur?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe Liz,”

“Any regrets about last night?” She asked.

“Absolutely not. What about you?”

“Of course not, I meant every word I said,” replied Liz. “How are things going with that Charlotte girl?” Liz anxiously asked.

“Not very well to be honest Liz, she can’t stand me and threatened to slap me if I lay a finger on her,” I said.

“Well that’s a relief, I was feeling quite jealous. Will I see you again tonight Arthur?” Asked Liz.

“Yes of course you will honey, and listen. You have nothing to be jealous of with Charlotte. Yes she’s gorgeous, rich, intelligent and popular. But you are worth 10 of her Liz,” I said in a charming manner.

“Oh Arthur, you make me feel special.”

“That’s because you are Liz,” I said. “The plan is, I sl**p on the sofa tonight. When everyone goes to bed I will go to your room if that’s ok.”

“Oh yes that’s great. Do you know where I am right now Arthur? I am in the bathroom cleaning those panties”

“What, In the sink?” I said.

“Hehe, no silly. I’m sat on the toilet cleaning your cum from my panties with my mouth. It’s got me so wet. I have my dildo in my pussy. Do you like my purple blouse Arthur? I’m wearing it with most of the buttons undone and my big boobs hanging out of my bra cups. And I’m wearing nothing below.”

Liz then starts breathing heavily down the phone. “I miss you Arthur, I want your 19 year old body to use me anyway you see fit. I want to obey your every sexual command no matter how outrageous. I want to lick that asshole of yours while you fuck my tits. Pull my hair, spit on me, slap my fat ass.”

Liz then started breathing really heavily. It was obvious she was masturbating. My cock was solid as a rock. I felt like exploding in my pants. The fact that Liz is usually known as a nice pleasant well behaved lady made this all the more taboo, and a huge turn on.

“What would you do to me if you were here Arthur?” Liz spoke softly.

I whispered down the line, “I would bend you over, squeeze and spread you ass cheeks apart and run my tongue all along your pussy and ass bringing you to ecstasy. I would stick my fingers in your pussy and maybe one up your ass as my mouth smothers between your buttocks.”

“Oh, I’d love that,” she said. Liz was at the point of grunting and groaning.

“I want to fuck you hard in front of the people that don’t know what an incredible sexually charged milf you are. Can you imagine being watched by your shocked friends and neighbours while you are ravished by my 19 year old cock. Having given control of your body to me.”

“hughhh! Yes Arthur. I would love it.”

“Tonight I’m going to give you one of the best experiences you will ever have had in your life. In a matter of hours that dildo will be my cock. It will enter all of your holes.”

“ Put the cum stained panties in your mouth Liz, thats an order. And imagine that dildo you are using is my cock. Cum all over my cock. Now Liz, then lick it clean.”

“Huughhhhh! Huh. Huh, OH, OH, OH, I’M CUMMING, Oh yes, YES! Yessssss! Aawwww wow!” Screamed Liz.

After a brief pause of Liz panting, she said,“See you soon darling, mmmwahh.” And then hung up the phone.

The best is yet to come. Part 3 coming soon............

Comments welcome.

... Continue»
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my friend's 43yo kinky mother p2

This is the second part in what I hope will be a trilogy of stories about an old friend's 43y/o kinky mother. If you have not already read part one please read it, in order to have some background on story and characters. It is set in the winter of 1996 when I was 19 years old. Only certain aspects of this part are true, mostly this part is fictional. - enjoy.

I awoke lying next to my friend's Mother sometime after 5am. Her head was resting serenely on my chest, as her arms were wrapped around my 19 year old body. She had a nice content smile on her face as she slept.

'Jesus,' I thought. Mike would absolutely freak if he found out I had an intense fuck session with his mother last night. I was worried that Mike may have heard us last night from his room. Especially his E-cup mothers screaming orgasms.

I decided I didn't want to stick around to find out. I woke Liz from her slumber.

"Hey, you need to go back to your own room, your still here in the spare room. Mike will be up in a few hours."

Liz, still half asl**p made a groaning yawn, "hhmmmm." She squeezed my body and gave me a long hard kiss on the lips.

"OK Arthur, let's go one more time before I return to my room." She said.

Liz pulled back the duvet, spread her legs and pulled the crotch of her sexy pink satin panties to one side, exposing her bush and moist pussy. She put one of her nipples in her mouth and sucked hard as she looked at me invitingly. With my instant erection I began slowly fucking her in missionary position. She locked her arms over my back as we were kissing and licking each others mouths. As our pace quickened our kissing intensified. Liz liked her kisses wet, our faces were soon covered in each other's saliva.

After a while fucking, Liz whispered, "I'm happy to take your cum in my mouth whenever you wish Arthur. But this time I want to feel you cum inside me. Will you cum in me? Please Arthur?"

"Oh god Liz, you asking me that is such a turn on, I'm about to cum, I hope you're on the pill." I said. "It's ok Arthur, it's not my fertile time of the month." She said. Seconds later I let out jets of cum into Liz's pussy for several seconds. After I finished cumming I left my twitching cock in her pussy for a moment.

Liz then got up and returned to her room. "I'll see you later darling, mmmwah!" she said.

I didn't want to stick around in case Mike heard us in the night. I got dressed and quietly left their house. I decided I wanted to just stay at home and see what happens. If Mike didn't hear us, he would call me and ask me to hang out. If however he did, I figured he would just leave me alone and not talk to me. I felt a little guilty on Mike. He was after all my best friend.

Anxiously, I hadn't heard from Mike while I was back at home, and the time was approaching late afternoon. I felt really anxious at the possibility of him knowing I fucked his mother. But that anxiety was outweighed by the thought of Liz and that incredible workout we had last night. The fact that Liz was 24 years older than me turned me on even more. I just couldn't stop thinking about her.

At 4:25 Mike finally telephoned the house. My mum answered and passed the phone over to me. My heart was racing and my palms began to sweat. I had no idea how Mike was going to be with me.

"Hey dude, what happened to you last night? I got up this morning and you were gone," Said Mike.

I let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh I couldn't settle in bed last night for some reason, so I figured I will just go back to the comfort of my own bed. We only live 5 minutes apart so it seemed the easiest thing to do last night." I nervously said.

"Anyway, never mind that mate. You're crashing at mine again tonight. Got a surprise for you," Said Mike. "Hurry up and get your ass over here."

"Ok will do, give me 15 minutes." I answered. I was so excited at the prospect of being with Liz again.

When I arrived at Mike's house, Liz was in the kitchen having a cup of tea and chatting with the local vicar and a school teacher friend of hers from the textiles club. Although Liz never went to church or showed any religious interests, the vicar took a shine to her, thinking she was an upright decent human being, who always behaved impeccably and was charitable to others - which was true.

On this day Liz dressed more boldly and confidently than usual. She had skin tight jeans that squeezed her ass into an exquisite shape. Tucked into her jeans was a nice purple blouse that complimented her body nicely. Quite tight around those huge breasts, the top couple of buttons were undone showing just the top inch or so of her cleavage, and with a necklace that drew attention to that area. I got an instant semi.

"Can I have a cuppa tea Mrs C," I interrupted.

"Of course you can Arthur. Help yourself, you know where the kettle is dear," replied Liz.

I went to hang my coat up and take my shoes off in the cove under the stairs. Liz crept up behind me and whispered in my ear, "I've left a gift for you in the laundry basket." and gave me a wink before returning back to the kitchen to chat with her guests.

Immediately without even having seen Mike yet, I dashed upstairs to the bathroom. I noticed the lock had been fixed, great. After locking myself in, I picked up the pink panties from the top of the laundry basket.

Out of curiosity I wanted to check her size. I read the label of the panties which read, 'UK-size14'. " So that meaty ass fills a size 14?" I thought to myself, picturing the panties caressing her big butt cheeks.

Without further ado I got my cock out.

I held the panties to my face and began pumping my cock. I was fantasizing about all kinds of things I would do to Liz. The feel of her tongue on my asshole, gliding my cock along the crack of her ass, feeling them big teeth sc**** my cock, cumming over her face mouth and tits....

After a few minutes I aimed my cock into the inside of her panties and squirted a copious amount of cum into them. I then screwed them up and threw them back in the laundry basket. I zipped up and strolled back down stairs, where I was greeted by Mike.

"I just nipped to the loo mate." I said.

"Let's go to the lounge mate, I got something to tell you," Said Mike.

We sat on the sofa in the lounge and started chatting. "Sorry I didn't call you earlier today dude, I been chatting to Rachel on the phone this morning. She invited me round her house for a bit of a catch up, so that's where I've been. I wanted to fuck her, but she's like us, still living with her parents. Those middle class snobs can't stand us," Said Mike.

He continued: "Anyway I've invited her out for drink tonight and I'm guaranteed to bring her back here and get my dick wet. She's bringing charlotte with her though, so it's gonna be a double date. I doubt you'd get to fuck a stunner like charlotte though mate. Look at you (laughs). She's just tagging along coz Rachel wants to be with her best mate."

Mike was right. Charlotte was well out of my league. She was stunning, and I had ginger hair with pale skin - amongst the least attractive thing in a man according to society's definition of beauty. The funny thing was that Charlotte was ginger and pale skinned also. But for women, that could make them look attractive, and Charlotte surely was gorgeous, too good looking for me. She was from the middle class also, and had a snobbish attitude towards us poor folk. She got on quite well with Mike though, maybe because her best friend likes Mike.

Rumour had it that Charlotte was really frigid. She had sex with only one person in her life. Her Ex. And she had never done anything other than straight sex. No oral, no anal, no foreplay, no nothing.

"So what about sl**ping arrangements then," I curiously asked.

"Tonight, if you don't manage to lay Charlotte, which let's face it Arthur, You're highly unlikely to. Then you will crash here on the sofa, she can have the spare room. That is of course unless the frigid stunner decides she wants you up there, haha."

Great, I thought. All I have to do is to wait for everyone to go to their rooms, I can then sneak up into Liz's room for some more kinky sex. Realistically, sure, 18 year old Charlotte was much more of a beauty than 43 year old Liz. But Liz was the one I wanted. The kinky milf was the only one that was on my mind.

Later that evening we met the 2 beauties in a bar. Mike and Rachel began hitting it off immediately chatting and flirting away.

Mike and Rachel were lovers in the last year of high school and I think they were both looking to re-kindle that flame they once had.

I tried to initiate conversation with Charlotte a few times, but she just gave me the cold shoulder each time. To be honest I wasn't really interested in Charlotte anyway. But she was absolutely gorgeous. Her make-up was applied perfectly she had voluptuous full red lips. She wore an exquisite body hugging black dress. More eyes were on her than anyone else in the whole bar.

"So what are your aspirations after you leave college?" I said.

"Look. I don't mean to be rude. But let's get one thing straight. You are NOT having sex with me. Ever! If you so much as even touch me I'll slap you," she asserted. "I'm not one of them cheap bimbo's you pick up. I have standards, and those standards are way above you. Understood?"

"I understand and to be honest I'm not expecting anything more than light conversation. We can chat friendly can't we, for our mutual friend's sakes?" I said.

"Fine, as long as we're clear," She replied.

"Sure" I said. "I've been nothing but respectful to you, and haven't treated you like a sex object at all. I know you're out of my league. But there was no need to be so rude. You could have been a little more subtle about it"

"Whatever," she said, as she turned her head away.

After a few minutes silence between me and Charlotte, while Mike and Rachel were babbling away, one of the bar maids came over holding a cordless telephone. "Are you Arthur?" she said.

"Yeh, that's me, what's up," I said surprised

"We don't usually accept calls for customers, but it's your mother and she says it's really urgent," said the bar maid.

I took the cordless phone and put it to my ear expecting my mum in distress.

"Hi, sexy" said Liz.

"Hang on, I'll just go somewhere quiet," I said.

I told the girls and Mike that I had to go somewhere quiet as it was too distracting there. I walked through double doors to a rear foyer area near the toilets. I put the receiver to my ear.

"Hey Liz," I spoke.

"Have you missed me Arthur?"

"Like you wouldn't believe Liz,"

"Any regrets about last night?" She asked.

"Absolutely not. What about you?"

"Of course not, I meant every word I said," replied Liz. "How are things going with that Charlotte girl?" Liz anxiously asked.

"Not very well to be honest Liz, she can't stand me and threatened to slap me if I lay a finger on her," I said.

"Well that's a relief, I was feeling quite jealous. Will I see you again tonight Arthur?" Asked Liz.

"Yes of course you will honey, and listen. You have nothing to be jealous of with Charlotte. Yes she's gorgeous, rich, intelligent and popular. But you are worth 10 of her Liz," I said in a charming manner.

"Oh Arthur, you make me feel special."

"That's because you are Liz," I said. "The plan is, I sl**p on the sofa tonight. When everyone goes to bed I will go to your room if that's ok."

"Oh yes that's great. Do you know where I am right now Arthur? I am in the bathroom cleaning those panties"

"What, In the sink?" I said.

"Hehe, no silly. I'm sat on the toilet cleaning your cum from my panties with my mouth. It's got me so wet. I have my dildo in my pussy. Do you like my purple blouse Arthur? I'm wearing it with most of the buttons undone and my big boobs hanging out of my bra cups. And I'm wearing nothing below."

Liz then starts breathing heavily down the phone. "I miss you Arthur, I want your 19 year old body to use me anyway you see fit. I want to obey your every sexual command no matter how outrageous. I want to lick that asshole of yours while you fuck my tits. Pull my hair, spit on me, slap my fat ass."

Liz then started breathing really heavily. It was obvious she was masturbating. My cock was solid as a rock. I felt like exploding in my pants. The fact that Liz is usually known as a nice pleasant well behaved lady made this all the more taboo, and a huge turn on.

"What would you do to me if you were here Arthur?" Liz spoke softly.

I whispered down the line, "I would bend you over, squeeze and spread you ass cheeks apart and run my tongue all along your pussy and ass bringing you to ecstasy. I would stick my fingers in your pussy and maybe one up your ass as my mouth smothers between your buttocks."

"Oh, I'd love that," she said. Liz was at the point of grunting and groaning.

"I want to fuck you hard in front of the people that don't know what an incredible sexually charged milf you are. Can you imagine being watched by your shocked friends and neighbours while you are ravished by my 19 year old cock. Having given control of your body to me."

"hughhh! Yes Arthur. I would love it."

"Tonight I'm going to give you one of the best experiences you will ever have had in your life. In a matter of hours that dildo will be my cock. It will enter all of your holes."

" Put the cum stained panties in your mouth Liz, thats an order. And imagine that dildo you are using is my cock. Cum all over my cock. Now Liz, then lick it clean."

"Huughhhhh! Huh. Huh, OH, OH, OH, I'M CUMMING, Oh yes, YES! Yessssss! Aawwww wow!" Screamed Liz.

After a brief pause of Liz panting, she said,"See you soon darling, mmmwahh." And then hung up the phone.

The best is yet to come. Part 3 coming soon.

Comments welcome.... Continue»
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My friend’s future wife. - PART 2

Seeing that the first story was quite interesting for some of the readers, I decided to continue with the second part of it. For those who are reading this story, it would be very important to read also the “My friend’s future wife” to understand better the situation.
It is summer, end of July and it is extremely hot. Me, my fiancée, my friend and Anna decided not to lose any chance to go to a public pool, get a nice tan, drink some beers and of course, take advantage of that beautiful pool and cool down a little. We did this almost every day after our working hours and we had a really good time together. Of course, my eyes were always pointed at Anna. Her swimming suit is almost non-existent, to be honest I don’t understand how my friend let’s her come at the pool wearing only a very small white bra which barely covers her beautiful nipples and a white g string. Every time she gets out of the pool, every men from 100 meter range becomes silent and all the eyes are fixed on that beautiful body. When the swimming suit is wet, she is actually naked, the bra doesn’t cover much anyway and if it is wet, her hard nipples can be seen perfectly through it and her pussy lips can be seen very well through that tiny g string. I always had a huge hard-on when Anna was around and she could see that. Being a slut, she is always careful to show me a nipple or arrange her g string in front of me to have a glimpse on her beautiful shaved pussy. I want to say that while I am tanning, I can stay only with my face down, with my penis on the ground because otherwise everybody can see my huge erect penis (my back is extremely burnt by the sun :) ). As always, Anna has a sadistic pleasure to see me very turned on and while we are enjoying ourselves in the pool, she always comes closer to me and whispers something like “I wish you were fucking my mouth right now” or “My pussy asks me every day when you will fuck her again”. We went like this at the pool 4 days already and I didn’t had the chance to put my hands on Anna, my friend or my fiancée were always around and I didn’t wanted to take any risks. In this forth day I caught a very bad cold and I had to start taking antibiotics for my illness. I was very upset because we already agreed that we will go to that pool also the next day and I didn’t wanted to be a buzz kill so I went there even if taking antibiotics meant no pool and no beer for me. As it turned out, it was the best day at the pool for me. I was staying with my tablet at the sun and reading for work. Again it was a very hot day and all the others were taking advantage of the pool. At one point, Anna came earlier than the others at our spot and asked me if I will give her beautiful body a nice layer of sun lotion. Of course, I was more than happy to help her. I started to feel her back, her legs and of course I couldn’t neglect that nice round and firm ass. I was rubbing her ass and from time to time I was looking a little frightened at the pool because I didn’t wanted to be seen by my friend or fiancée. After a couple of minutes of ass massage, I pulled a little her g string and entered a finger in her beautiful pussy. She started to moan quietly. After a couple of minutes of hardly fingering her pussy she grabbed my dick very hard and told me “I don’t know how we will manage to be alone but today you will fuck me hard because in the past weeks all I could think about is your big cock”. Before I could say anything to her I saw that my friend and fiancée were getting out from the pool and I took my hands off her. She was a mess, before they came she arranged very quickly her g string but her sweet pussy was eating them as they slowly slipped inside her (not to mention the red cheeks, heavy breath and the rock hard nipples). My friend looked very strange at Anna. At that point my heart start racing, I thought that he realized what it is happening behind his back … after another second he says:
“Oh no baby, you are very red again, is your fever back ?” (at that point I didn’t knew that last night she had fever).
Anna “Yes honey, I think so, I am not feeling very well”
My friend: “Ok, let’s pack our things, we are going home, I don’t want to keep you here and suffer”
Anna “nonsense, I am not feeling that bad, I’ll just go to the d**g store very quick to take something”
That felt a great time for me to intervene “Anna, come, I am on meds already and I didn’t drank anything, we will take my car and go to a d**g store, it is no use to take long walks on this heat”
Everything was perfect, all 3 of them said “YES, this is a great idea” but I could see that Anna was the happiest from all 3, we all know why.
As we moved away from the others, we started to talk dirty, I was telling her that I will fuck her so hard that she will not be able to sit down for days and she will need a wheelchair to move, she kept telling me that she will break my dick into pieces … at that point we were both so horny that we were nearly running past the other people which were around us and from time to time I was grabbing her ass while she was making very sexy sounds. Once we got to my car I went 3 blocks away from the public pool to the nearest hotel, when we entered the receptionist start laughing. We were both in swimming suits, my dick could be seen very well and l already told you that she was a mess, I asked for the nearest room, paid and … entered. Once I closed the door, she fell into her knees, took off my shorts and start sucking very aggressively my hard cock, I grabbed her beautiful long blonde hair and I pushed my dick even more aggressively in her throat … at the point she started squeaking but I didn’t stop … it felt too good and I continued to fuck her mouth. When I looked down at her she had tears all over her cheeks and for a second I felt bad for the slut and stopped for a second … she slapped my dick, she moved in order to be with her back against the wall and said “continue to fuck my mouth, it feels great” … well, that was everything I needed to hear, I put the back of her head against the wall, with one hand I grabbed her hair and with the other hand her chin to keep her mouth wide open. I put my dick in her mouth and fucked her hard for several minutes, she was drooling all over my balls and on the floor and her face was very red. I sensed it is the time to give a good lick to that awesome shaved pussy. I put her on the bed, took her tiny swimming suit off and spread her legs. At that point she was begging me to fuck her. She was so wet that when I wanted to test her pussy with my finger I basically put 3 of my fingers in her pussy from the start … I was fingering her very hard and she was screaming loudly, I am sure that all the hotel guests heard us, it was a small hotel. I was so anxious to fuck her I skipped over the licking part and put my dick very aggressively in her. Her nails were scratching my ass and my back as we kissed. I put her feet on my shoulders, a pillow below her ass and started to pound that pussy as hard as I could. I had in front of me a very beautiful and sexy woman which was begging me to fuck her more (it was heaven on earth). I was pounding that pussy so hard and fast that it became red and my ears were hurting because of her loud screams. At one point she pushed me over and started to squirt while she was touching her clit. I had my first real squirter (I thought that I had another one but that was nothing compared to this, this time the bed was soaked). I looked very fast at the watch and we were at the hotel for more than 30 minutes, we had to hurry up before the others became suspicious … anyhow, I started to fuck her from behind and slapped that beautiful ass in the process, by balls were hitting her clit very hard she was making her normal routine, scream like she was possessed. After another 10 minutes I was exhausted and when I looked down to her ass, I realized that I have to stop slapping, it looked like a baboon’s ass (IT WAS FLAMING RED) and after some time we had to return to the public pool and all she was wearing was her g string. I fell very tired on the bed and she immediately came on top of me and inserted my pulsing dick in her wet pussy, she started to move slow, we were kissing, I was touching her tits. I was very tired already but it didn’t matter, with one hand I squeezed her ass and the other I put around her waist and pulled her towards me. Her sweaty tits were on my chest and they felt great, we were both moaning, seconds after I started to fuck her hard from below and occasionally slapped her ass in the process … I wanted the time to stop and enjoy longer the company of this beautiful woman who enjoyed sex as much as I did.
Her pussy was extremely wet and at one point she said that he wants to suck my dick because she had her share of orgasms and she wants to feel my warm cum. I put her again on her knees and I put my dick hard in her mouth pushing my dick deeper and deeper. By this point all the inhibitions went away, she had a huge dick deep in her mouth, she was moaning loud and I was slapping her cheeks from time to time and told her to look at me, to see that gorgeous face sucking my shaft. After some minutes I felt that I have to cum, pulled my dick out of her mouth and came all over her face and hair. We both start laughing but then we went near the mirror and we both looked like hell (especially her). I had scratches all over my back and I was soaked, she had a baboon’s ass, her face was all red, her pussy all wet, cum all over her face and hair. We looked at the watch and we realized that we were in that hotel room for more than an hour. We didn’t had time for shower, we grabbed a towel, I cleaned my sweat, she cleaned her sweat and cum and left the room in a hurry.
When we were in the hotel’s lobby I looked better at her (she was in front of me) and decided that under no circumstances I will take her back looking like that (she looked like she was fucked hard and beaten hard after that). I found very fast an excuse taking advantage that we both left our cell phones at the public pool and they couldn’t reach us. I took her home told her to take a shower and told Anna to explain to my friend (when he asks where we were) that when we arrived to my car the battery was dead, I called another friend to help me with it, we lost 45 minutes there, after that we went to a d**g store, take her meds and by then she was feeling very bad and decided that it is better to leave her home instead of taking her back at the pool. We kissed and decided that next time when we have the occasion we will take our sex adventure on the next level (I don’t really know what this means but I’m sure that her imagination will find something).
When I arrived at the public pool, I put a t-shirt on to hide the scratches that might draw attention and excuse for the sweat was very easy to find, it was very hot outside. They were very worried but they both believed me without any second thought because the story was very believable, (even more taking in consideration that they both think that Anna and I hate each other and they couldn’t think that something else happened). It was a great thing that my fiancée is not very good at cars, I changed my battery only 3 months ago :).
To be honest I can’t believe what’s happening to me, I have the best sex of my life and a few months back I hated Anna and couldn’t imagine that something like this will happen. I hope that in the next weeks I will be able to catch her for a good fucking once or twice because after that the wedding comes and … again … I am not sure if we should continue, or maybe then it will be even more interesting, I don’t know yet.
I see that my story is quite long, I hope I didn’t bored you with it, I had a huge hard on while I was writing it (and it took me some time) … my balls are starting to hurt, I will go and pound my fiancées ass now :), have a great day and I would be pleased to know your impressions in some comments.

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Tutoring My Friend's Sister In Sex Ed (Part 1

My friend's little s****r Samantha was nervous about pleasing her first boyfriend and asked me to help give her some hands on experience during the course of their relationship.

All of my stories are true accounts of my experiences. If you haven't read the story about my first time with Nancy, check it out. Otherwise some quick background: I'm a 32 year old Asian-American engineer. I went to college only about 10 minutes from where I went to high school which led to a number of story worthy encounters. I'm athletic, 5'7", and my penis is not small but not huge (6" length, just a hair under 6" girth) and that's enough about me.

One of the interesting things about staying near my high school for college was that as my friend's were flying across the country for school, their little s****rs were left without their big b*****rs for the first time. I was always somewhat of a womanizing man whore so I'm not sure why a number of my friends asked me to look after their s****rs for them, but they did. One of them was my friend Frank who had a little s****r named Samantha. Sam and I had gotten to know each other pretty well over the years because she was like Frank's shadow. She was sweet, innocent, and very sheltered.

They were Thai. Sam has a very petite build. She was 5'5 98 lbs with long legs. Her A cup breasts added to her cute and innocent appeal but like many Thai women, she had these beautiful full lips that were made for sucking dick and I could tell she was one of those girls that would be seen as sweet and innocent in public, and a wild slut in bed. Turns out that she just needed my help to bring it out of her.

At the start of my freshman year in college, she was a sophomore in high school. Sam messaged me telling me she met a guy she liked. He was a senior but I found out later he was actually older than I was. They were going out that weekend and in my substitute older b*****r role, I reminded her to be good and to let me know if I needed to beat him up for getting out of line. She seemed happy and things were staying relatively innocent between them.

About a month later, she was working on a school project and asked me if I could take her to my school's library to do some research. Even though she was a sophomore she already had her license and a brand new BMW so she said she'd meet me after she got out of school the following day.

I actually forgot that she was coming and had brought this Korean girl named Gina from one of my classes back to my room to hook up. I had Gina topless in my bed and she had pulled my boxers down around my ankles and was stroking my cock. Gina had just put her lips around the tip of my cock when there was a knock on my dorm room door. Gina told me to ignore it but then I heard a voice say "it's Sam, are you there?" I told Gina sorry and tossed her her shirt and pulled my boxers and a pair of basketball shorts up and scrambled to the door.

I opened it and was greeted by the sight of Sam in knee high white stockings, a plaid skirt, and a white blouse which she had clearly unbuttoned at the top and bottom after school. I felt a lump in my throat as I forgot that she went to Catholic school. Bubbly and cute as ever, she asked if I was ready to go. I introduced her as my friend's little s****r to Gina and told Gina I would call her after we were done at the library. I caught Sam staring at my six pack abs and the obvious bulge in my basketball shorts as I pulled a t-shirt on so we could head out.

As we started our walk to the library, I asked her how things were going with her boyfriend Oliver. She told me good but she wanted to ask me about something later. Sam smirked as she said "so who's this Gina girl? I hope I wasn't interrupting anything" and this time she gave a deliberate look down to the bulge that was finally starting to come down. I laughed and told her I'd go finish with Gina later.

We walked in the library and found the stacks where the books she needed were. One of the books she needed was at the top of the shelf and as she stepped up onto the step ladder to reach the book, I got a view of her cute little ass in a pair of black lacy panties. I felt my cock start to swell again so I suggested we go find a table to sit at so she could start researching.

While she was flipping through the books, I asked her what she wanted to talk to me about from before. She looked around and there were a few other students around so she asked if there was anywhere more private we could talk because she was embarrassed. I took her over to the group study rooms so she could talk freely. She told me that on her last date with Oliver, she let him reach up her shirt and feel her up through her bra. The older b*****r figure in me wanted to be angry, but my cock was rock hard while listening to her tell me what happened. Oliver had placed her hand on his cock through his pants but she pulled her hand away and he didn't push the issue. She told me that Oliver's ex was a girl at her school named Stacy.

"Stacy Tran? Vietnamese junior at your school now?"
"Yah that's her, she's kind of a slut"
"Oh yah, I know"
"Wait what? How do you know?"

I just raised my eyebrows at her and gave her the "you know" glance.

"OMG ewww! Gross! When? What did you do with her?"
"We met at a party last year and she gave me a blowjob. We hooked up a few more times before I graduated too."
"Wait. Oliver was dating her all of last year. Gross what a slut. I can't believe you hooked up with her. Yuck."

She continued on about how Oliver asked if she would give him a handjob. She said she wanted to but
was afraid it wasn't going to feel good for him compared to what Stacy did. She asked me if Stacy was any good. When I told her that she honestly was, that didn't make her feel better. I tried to reassure her that it wouldn't matter to Oliver. I wished I had just told her Stacy was terrible but I doubt she would have believed me anyways. She started crying and asked "what if I'm no good at it and he breaks up with me for someone better?" I told her if that happened then he's an asshole that didn't deserve her and I'd kick his ass. She stopped crying and f***ed a smile and said "thanks, it's nice to know that you care"

I put my arm around her and she leaned her head on my shoulder while I tried to comfort her. Then she looked up at me with her innocent eyes and said "do you think you can help me?"

"What do you mean help you?" (obviously I knew what she meant)
"Maybe you can give me some tips on how to make it feel better?"
"What like watch you stroke a banana or something?"
"Shut up. Stop acting like you don't know what I mean!"
"I really don't though"
"UGH! Will you let me practice jerking you off? I want to stroke your dick until you cum! Are you happy? I said it"
"No Sam! Absolutely not! Your b*****r would kill me! You're like my little s****r!" My mind was saying all the right things but my cock was betraying me as the tent in my shorts was quite obvious by now.
"Oh really? I don't think my b*****r would have been looking up my skirt before or get one of these around me" as she reached over and squeezed my throbbing cock.
"I can't..." I tried to f***e the words out of my mouth but all that escaped was a moan as she continued to gently squeeze my cock.
"Please. It would really make me feel a lot better. Besides, I feel like I owe you since I made you walk out on Gina earlier before you were done"

She realized my silence was my will power admitting defeat. She got up and locked the door and pulled the blinds down on the window to the study room. She grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. She pulled my t-shirt up over my head and sat down on the couch in front of me. She placed her hands on my chest and slowly lowered them down over my abs before grabbing my waistband and pulling my shorts and boxers down. My cock sprang out as it was released and I saw Sam lick her lips while she was staring at my thick cock.

"You know this is the first dick I've ever seen" as she slowly wrapped her fingers around my shaft "the first I've ever touched"

She slowly started to stroke my cock with her soft hands. I went to lie down on my back on the couch and she knelt down between my legs and continued to run her hands up and down a rock hard dick for the first time. She asked me if it felt good and I told her it felt amazing but it's even better when it's wet. She parted her lips and allowed some of her spit to fall onto my cock. She repeated this making sure my dick was well lubricated and glistening from her spit shine.

I grabbed her hand and helped guide it up and down my cock showing her how to use a twisting motion. She asked if it felt good. The look on my face was all the answer she needed. I guided her other hand to my balls and she started to gently massage them while continuing to stroke my cock. I started moaning louder and she paused for a second before asking if my cum was going to shoot everywhere. I told her it felt so good that it might be unpredictable. She said she couldn't get stains on her blouse or skirt. She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and laid it on the chair revealing a light pink bra covering her small but perky A cups. She unzipped the side of her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor as I got a full view of those lacy black panties. I asked her to turn around slowly to give me a full view of her tight young body.

As I watched the half naked body of my friend's little s****r move back between my legs, I noticed she was no longer acting like the sweet, innocent girl I had known since she was in the 4th grade. She spit on my cock picking up where she left off stroking my dick with her right hand with a lustful cock hungry look in her eyes. Her left hand slid down between her legs and soft moans became louder and louder as she rubbed her pussy. She pulled her panties to the side giving me the first look any guy had had at her sweet tight virgin pussy. As she plunged her fingers into her own dripping cunt, she said "I can't believe we're doing this. I've had a crush on you since the first time you spent the night at our house".

She continued to spit on and pump my cock while finger fucking her sweet little love hole and the things coming out of her mouth got progressively dirtier and sluttier as she moved us both closer to cumming.

"God your dick is so fucking thick and hard. I love having my hand wrapped around it. My pussy was dripping just looking at your cock."

I told her she was being a naughty girl.

"I'm like your little s****r? Your naughty little s****r stroking her big b*****r's huge cock. I want you to cum for me baby. Do you like watching your little s****r finger fucking herself? God I want your dick inside of me right now. I want your cock to stretch my virgin pussy out until you cum deep inside of me"

Watching Sam unleash her slut side for the first time was so hot I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I told her I was going to cum soon. She pulled her panties down around her knees and gave me a full view of her fingers thrusting in and out of her little teen love hole. She had left nothing but a little landing strip of hair above her slit. She pulled herself closer to me so my dick was only inches away from her finger filled cunt.

I felt the eruption building in my balls. The first rope of cum shot at like a cannon landing on her belly button. She screaming "oh my god I'm cumming too baby...let it all out for me". I watched as her pussy pulsed around her fingers with her orgasm and she pulled every last drop of cum out of my cock until her fingers and pussy lips were covered with my hot sticky load. We both caught our breath and I told her that she had grown into one extremely sexy young woman and she had nothing to worry about when it came to pleasing Oliver.

We realized there was nothing around to clean up my cum she was covered in. She pulled her panties all the way off and wiped away my cum and hers with them. She handed them to me and told me to keep them as a thank you for helping her out. I still have those panties to this day and they remind me of that hot day in the library every time I see them.

She said how hot what just happened was and I agreed. She told me she wanted to do it again soon but I told her that wasn't a good idea. Even though we both wanted more, we agreed to pretend like nothing had ever happened. But something did happen and our relationship was changed forever. We were good about sticking to that plan for the next month until one day she called me and told me she had something to ask me about. Oliver wanted a blowjob and Sam was going to need to learn how to suck a dick.

That's the end of Part 1 of Sam and I's story. I would end up being her first everything over the course of the next year so I'm sure you can imagine what Parts 2, 3, and 4 will cover. If you want to hear more about how Sam and I's story develops, please like / leave a comment.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

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My Sexual Journey (Part 2)

This journey really only hits the major points of my sexual awakening. This was when I was 15/16 years old.

My First Boyfriend....

I was 15 and in grade 10. I first met Mike at a community centre I went to every Friday night. A bunch of teenagers would go there hang out, play sports/games or watch movies. Mike was 19, 5'7, dark hair, dark skin and slim. He was the first guy who was really nice and who was actually interested in. He was very sweet and funny. I was attracted to him, and very attracted to the thought of a guy being attracted to me. We dated and often doubled with our friends.

This one double date we had ended so hot and was very unexpected. So Jeremy, Maria, Mike and myself went out to a restaurant. Mike was the only one of age to drink. Jeremy was 17 and Maria was 15 like me. Mike ordered a pitcher of beer and showed his ID. The waitress asked Jeremy for his ID and he said he didnt have his. Mike told the waitress that we all go to the University. She looked at Maria and she nodded and I told her that I wasnt drinking. The waitress came back with a pitcher of beer and 4 glasses. We all got so d***k and soon left. None of us drove so we ended up waiting for the bus. Jeremy and Maria got home safely after getting sick.

That just left Mike and myself. We hopped onto the bus, it was empty, we sat at the back.. his arm around me, his fingers brushing against my left nipple. I tipped my head back moaning a little. His right hand rubbing my thigh, moving higher towards my pussy. I could feel my pussy melting as he was playing with my body. Soon we were at the end of line my body was sizzling and as my boyfriend guided me to the door of the bus I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass. We were still far from my house, and it was 2am, exactly when the buses stopped running. We started to walk to my house, every now and then I kissed his neck, pulling him into a bus stop. Kissing him, his hands roaming my body and unsnapping my jeans his cold fingers working their way into my panties. Feeling my hot wet pussy, fingering me. Mmmmmmmmmmmm i moan as i bite his lip. Tasting his bl**d he looks at his watch and murmers "we gotta go baby, I'm gonna be late for work" He takes his finger out of my pussy and smells me. I grabbed his hand sucking my taste and cream off his finger.
"If you say so" i giggled and smirked. Then lets go i whispered. We walked quietly back to my house. I kiss him hard, letting him go. Frustrated as i sneak into my house and room.

It's about 3:30am Mike has about an hour and a half before he has to be at work. I understood but it didn't make how I felt any better. Squirming in my bed as I felt my pussy inflamed and my nipples hard. My fingers brush against my nipples, moaning quietly so my parents dont wake up. My pussy is so wet i can feel it dripping. Groaning as i feel a mini orgasm hit me just with my nipple play. My fingers trailing down to my wet pussy. Feeling my hard clit rubbing softly. The pressure building as my body tenses. My pussy pulsing and my body shaking. I feel my pussy gush as it trickles down my ass. My fingers covered with my cum. Sucking my cum off my fingers. Deliciously tired I quickly fall asl**p right on my cum spot.

ISoon after that my parents had left for the day and Mike came over for some play. We were making out on the couch and he asked me if we wanted to move to my room. I wanted to say yes but I got this weird feeling about the situation so I said that I didnt have any condoms. Do you? No he replied before anything else could happen my friend knocked on the door and came over to visit. I felt relieved but very confused as well. Unsure as to why I felt that way. We didnt see much of eachother for awhile. Mainly because he was busy with work and I went to England on school trip with the choir and band.

When I got back from England I met up with some friends. Hey do you know where Mike is, asking my friend Robyn. Ya he's over at Chrissy's place. Chrissy was a mutual friend of ours. I soon left Robyn and headed over to Chrissy's. Knocking on the door, I say hi to Chrissy and see Mike on the couch smoking a cigar. I kissed him briefly. He kissed me back. That night we went to a party. Drinking and smoking pot. I met a friend of Chrissy's that night. Her name was Erika and totally hot. A little taller than me with a very shapely body.

It was Erika's 16 birthday and she wanted to go to Wreck Beach. During the day it is a clothing optional beach, during the night it was where people have crazy beach parties. I wasnt really interested in going neither was Maria or Jeremy. Mike volunteered to go with Erika. At the time I didnt think anything of it. They got back at about 2am. We were all crashing at Maria's place. Maria and Jeremy were in Maria's room. Erika, Mike and I slept in the livingroom. I fell asl**p soon. Only to wake up to moaning... I could hear Mike say something... No Erika whimpered. I couldnt take this I started yelling at Mike and stormed into Maria's room. I told Maria and Jeremy what had happened. Mike left soon after, meanwhile Erika was crying and saying sorry. I told her to leave, i was so mad.

A couple of days later Erika called me up and asked if I wanted to go out for a drink with her. I said sure Friday was good. Friday came around and I told my parents that I was going to hang out with a friend and they went out for their date night. She came over and we got all dressed up and took a taxi to this sleazy bar where they didnt check for ID's. We sat at a table ordered a couple of drinks and she confessed to me what happened between her and Mike. I was there. I dont want to talk about it. We had a couple more drinks and went home. I went home and heard Mike's message. Asking me where I was and why I didnt meet him. I phoned him back and left a message.

After that the word got out amongst our friends that I left Mike for Erika that I was now a lesbian.

part 3 coming up next...

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Me, My Friend and His Mother

Bill gets seduced by his best friend's mother.

My Name is Neal. My earliest sexual experience happened despite the fact that my f****y was in a super-strict fundementalist church back in the Sixties. Sex was never mentioned -- except that it was wrong, sinful, wicked, and not to be discussed at all. Ever. But, within a few months after I turned 16, I was wanking several times a day, and desperate for any information about sex.

My best friend Bill Baker went to a different church and his f****y life seemed a lot more relaxed, with fewer strict rules. I asked him one day where I might find a book on sex. I meant, like a "how to" book, or better yet, a book with nude pictures. He pulls out a few well worn paperbacks with lurid covers and titles like "Hippie Sex Slaves", "Teenage Sex Club" -- and a few Playboy magazines (60's issues). Porn! Bill told me that all this stuff came from his father! This was the same porn that his father wanked off to.

Another guy that Bill knew from his church, Mark, joined us, and we spent all day reading, looking at the pictures, discussing girls, body parts, and wanking. I was really nervous the first I jacked off with them, but it became fun very fast! Had a great time! Did this every Saturday for the entire summer.

Of course, on Sunday mornings at church, I prayed for forgiveness, while sweating bullets! I just knew that I was going to hell for my sins! I was terrified that my parents -- or ANY grownup -- would find out what I was doing.

One Saturday, I dropped over to Bill's house and let myself in. I went to his bedroom, but he wasn't there. I heard footsteps and a moment later Bill's mom came in and smiled at me.

"Hi Neal. Bill isn't here. He's spending the weekend with his grandfather."

My heart sank, because I was so horny, and needed to jack off so bad. Suddenly, I saw her eyes flick over to Bill's desk and her face became grim. I followed her gaze and saw that Bill had left one of the porn paperbacks in his bedroom: "f****y Sex Orgies". His mother picked it up and sternly said, "Bill knows this doesn't belong down here! Neal, would you please take this up into the 'den' (attic) where it belongs?"

Where it "belongs"? It hit me like a hammer. Bill's mother knew about the porn stash! She knew that Bill read porn! That thought made me so horny, I had an instant erection! Right there in Bill's bedroom in front of his mother. She saw my bulging shorts, rolled her eyes, shook her head, and said "Teenagers and sex. It's a miracle any of us survive to be adults."

She handed the book to me. I saw the cover, a black and white hand-drawn picture of an adult man having his dick sucked by a naked teenage girl and a teenage boy having his dick sucked by a naked adult woman. I had read that book, and I knew exactly what indescribable filth and wickedness it contained. I could feel myself blush and my hands started shaking. My erection got even harder.

"Oh, come on, Neal", she said gently, "I know what you guys do in the den. It's not a big deal. All boys your age masturbate. It's perfectly okay, really, but we have a f****y rule that this stuff must be kept out of sight. If you want, you can take it up there and spend some time by yourself. I don't mind. I have laundry and dishes to do down here."

"Well... okay Mrs. Baker. If you say so." Like a fool, I just stood there staring at the cover.

"Have you read that one, Neal?" I swallowed hard and gave a slight nod.

"Did you enjoy it? Do you like stories like that? If I remember, that one is very sexy."

"Hunh? You... you've read this book?" My jaw dropped open.

"Sure. I don't read all the stuff my husband buys, but I do remember that one. It was a fun read -- it made me laugh -- among other things. So, did you enjoy it?" She was wearing a funny grin that I could not interpret.

"Uh, well, it was okay I guess. I liked the drawings inside."

Mrs. Baker laughed gently and gave me a brief unexpected hug.

"That's almost word for word what Bill answered when I asked him if he enjoyed it. When are you guys going to learn that sex is perfectly normal and a natural part of life?"

"Uh, doesn't your church teach that sex outside of marriage is a... a sin?"

She laughed. A gentle melodic laugh that did a lot to ease my anxiety.

"Our church is a bit more tolerant than yours. Well, a lot more tolerant. We recognize that teenagers are victims of their raging hormones, and that you k**s need to... ahh... relieve yourselves. And that exploring your own bodies is a necessary part of learning to grow up. But that doesn't mean we leave books like that lying around for just anybody to find. Now you scoot upstairs with it and enjoy yourself."

I scooted up the staircase. At the top was a door leading into the 'attic' proper. There was boxes and junk everywhere, and it was dark and dusty, lit only by a small bulb hanging on a chain. At the other end of this space was another door into the 'den' that Bill's father had built. The den was finished with cheap wall paneling, plenty of lights and two windows. Unlike the rest of the attic, it was air conditioned and heated. Furniture consisted of a folding bed, a beat up desk, a stained and sagging couch, three wood chairs, bookshelves and a pair of folding bridge tables. The bare plywood floor was covered in a pair of antique hook rugs.

One of the folding tables held a ham radio that Bill's father played with several nights a week. On the other table was a half finished plastic model of a B-25 bomber that Bill was putting together. Several finished model airplanes hung from the sloped ceiling.

I flopped down on the couch and looked at the book in my hands. Yes, I had really, REALLY enjoyed it. I must have jacked off at least once for each chapter -- and it had lots of chapters. The very idea of fathers and mothers having sex with their k**s -- and the k**s having sex with each other -- and with aunts and uncles -- drove me insane with lust. I flipped it open to a drawing showing the father and his daughter naked. He was fucking her in what Bill called "the missionary position". The caption read, "Cecilia was about to give her virginity to her own father!"

My dick throbbed again, painfully. I dropped my shorts down around my ankles, and started reading the text on the opposite page from the picture. My left hand reached down to pull my erection out of my underwear when there was a knock at the door! I dropped the book, grabbed my shorts and bolted to my feet!

And banged my head on the sloped ceiling! Everything went hazy and woozy. Something slapped me on the side of my face, and I saw stars. Then I saw nothing.

Next thing I know, I opened my eyes and I was lying on the bare mattress of the folding bed. Mrs. Baker was bending over me, and was pressing something cold to the top of my head. As my eyes focused, I realized that her large breasts, concealed by her blouse of course, were positioned about four inches in front of my face. A moment later, a sharp pain on my head caused me to wince and snap my head forward, and my face collided with her breast! It was so incredibly soft!

"Ouch! Woops! I'm sorry Mrs. Baker, I didn't mean to do..."

"Hush, Neal. I'm more concerned with your noggin. Are you okay?"

"Yes. Mostly. What happened?"

"I knocked at the door, then heard a loud grunt and something heavy fall to the floor. I peeked in and you were knocked out cold. I got an ice pack from the kitchen and dragged you onto the bed. Are you sure you're okay? You were bleeding a little, not much. You must have banged your head on the window sill. That was my fault. I shouldn't have surprised you like that."

"It's okay Mrs. Baker..."

"Call me Betty."

"I'm okay Mrs.... Betty. Really I am. It hardly hurts at all. Uh... why did you come up here?"

She blushed. "It was silly of me, but I remembered a book in my bedroom. I finished it yesterday and thought you might enjoy it. It's one of my favorites." She reached over me, which once again moved her breasts directly over my face. I could see a fan of tiny wrinkles which marked the beginning of her cleavage. Quite a lot of cleavage. And the edge of a lacey white bra.

She sat back upright and handed me the book. It was titled, "Momma Seduces Her Sexy Sons", and the cover showed a drawing of an adult woman and three teenage boys -- all naked. One of them was fucking the woman, and she was holding the other two by their enormous erect penises. They were all smiling.

"Damn! I mean, wow, Mrs. Baker, this is incredible! This looks really dirty. I had no idea that you read this stuff. Did... did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, Neal, I enjoyed it very much. And my name is Betty."

"But... Betty... how come you enjoy this stuff? Why do you read it?"

She grinned and stroked my face. "Why do YOU read it, Neal?" She laughed pleasantly. "I KNOW why you read it. I read it for the same reason."

"You mean you jack... I mean... that you..."

"Masturbate, Neal. The word is masturbate. And yes I do. All boys and girls masturbate, sweetheart. And a lot of adults do too. It's harmless fun, Neal. And everybody needs a little harmless fun, don't they?"

"I guess, Betty. It's just that I... well, it's hard to imagine you reading books like this, and... uh... masturbating. Can I sit up now? I feel better, really."

She moved to make room and I sat up. I saw that my shorts were on the floor and my underwear had been pulled down so that the waistband was around my hips. This left a gap in the leg hole through which my balls and part of my penis were clearly visible. I panicked and pulled my underwear up.

"Woopsies! Sorry, Neal, I didn't mean to look. When I pulled you up onto the bed, it dragged your undies down a little."

"It's okay Betty. I guess. I've never had a girl see my... private stuff before." I reached down and picked my shorts up off the floor. As I started to put them back on, Mrs. Baker casually put her hand on my arm and stopped me. I swallowed hard.

"You don't need to put those on yet. I'm flattered you think of me as a girl, Neal. Thank you. My son certainly doesn't."

"Bill? Well, I guess that's because you're his mother. I think of you as a girl, well, an older girl. I wish my mother was as pretty as you are. Bill's lucky. My mom is as big as a cow, has a face like a horse, and never smiles."

"Be nice, Neal. Maybe your mom can't help how she looks. But I do appreciate your kind words. A woman always likes to feel she is attractive, no matter how old she gets. In fact, Tom, my husband, says he found a picture that looks a lot like me. It should be over here."

She got up from the bed and walked to the nearest bookshelf. She flipped through the stack of Playboys, then brought one back and sat beside me on the bed. She opened it up to the centerfold.

There in front of my eyes was a gorgeous naked woman! She was brunette, just like Betty, and the face was quite similar. Same hazel eyes and pouting lips. Her breasts were amazing. And unbelievably huge -- just the way I liked them! The hem of her negligee carefully hid her crotch. I was stunned. Not just by the centerfold, but by the fact that Bill's mother was showing it to me. My penis twitched.

"It does look like you, Betty. Wow! I mean... I hope I'm not embarrasing you, Betty. I mean, she really does look just like you, only she's... well, naked and all."

"It's okay, Neal. I'm not offended at all. Yes, the resemblance is very close. In fact, that's why I wear my hair this way now -- to match her hair. But her breasts are a lot bigger than mine. I wish mine were as lovely as hers."

"Betty, I think you've got terrific tits!... I mean, sorry, breasts..." I could feel my face blushing, but my mouth kept right on going. "I bet if you were naked, you'd be just as... I mean, your tits... breasts... would be... ummm... as lovely..."

Mrs. Baker laughed out loud, a lovely melodic laugh. She put her arm around me and hugged me and kissed me on my very hot red cheek.

"You are such a sweetheart, Neal. You make me feel... sexy."

"Thanks, I guess. But I swear, your breasts are every bit as nice as hers."

"Really? Do you like breasts? Do you dream about playing with breasts while you touch yourself?"

"Uhh... is it okay to talk about this? With you?"

"Sure it is, Neal. I talk to my husband and my son about this. Why not with you?"

"Damn! I mean, wow! I mean if my mom looked like you and talked about... masturbation... and breasts... and gave me books like this to read," I picked up the paperback book she had given me, "I would dream... of you... every day."

The look on her face changed. Changed from just a motherly smile to... something else. She was looking right into my eyes.

"I think that's the nicest thing any man has said to me in years. Now let me do something nice for you. Okay?"

I nodded my head and she shifted back on the bed so that she was facing me. Her hands went up and touched the top button of her blouse. To my astonishment, she casually undid all the buttons and slipped her blouse off. She was covered only by her bra! I held my breath. She looked up at me with that enigmatic grin again and reached behind her back. The bra came off.

I was staring at her naked breasts! They were almost identical to the breasts in the centerfold, large, round, only slightly sagging. Okay, maybe they were just a little smaller, but not by much. Her nipples were big and pink, like pencil erasers, circled by dark puffy rings the size of a half dollar. She scooped her breasts up in her hands, squeezed them lightly together, then turned them loose. They dropped and jiggled and swung back and forth for a few seconds. I realized I had a raging hardon!

"Well? Do you think they are as nice as the ones in the magazine? Tell the truth."

She gently slapped her breasts on the sides, making them wobble again.

My voice came out in a reverent whisper. "They're beautiful. God, they're so beautiful. But why... why are you showing me your breasts?"

"You sweet boy. It was my fault you bumped your head, so I felt it was only right to make up for that. Do you like them?"

I couldn't take my eyes off of her breasts. I couldn't breath. I felt my penis throb.

Finally I said, "Hell yes, Betty. They're fantastic. I've never seen..."

"Hold still, Neal."

She got up on her knees and came closer on the bed. She held my shoulders. Then, ever so lightly, she brushed her nipples against my face! She gently caressed my head and pressed her breasts against my face, first one then the other. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and my penis throbbing painfully in my underwear. She dragged one nipple across my cheek and then across my lips. I felt her nipple between my lips. Without thinking, I stuck my tongue out and licked across her nipple. She moaned very quietly.

"Lay down, Neal."

I did so, and she dangled the full weight of her warm soft breasts against my face, then dragged them slowly back and forth across my face. Inviting me to suck on her nipples.

"Uhh... Betty? Isn't this wrong?"

"Neal, in your church this is very wrong indeed. In my church... we're a LOT more tolerant, sweetheart -- but it's still a wicked thing to do. But that just makes it more fun. Suck my nipples if you want to. Touch them with your hands. Every boy your age should know what a woman's breasts feel like."

I touched. I fondled and squeezed and caressed her wonderful sexy tits while I sucked and licked her hard nipples. I could feel my bl**d pounding in my head. I could feel Mrs. Baker's hand touch my thigh, my crotch, and then rest lightly on the huge bulge in my underwear. I wanted to scream "NO!" so badly, but I just couldn't. I fondled her breasts and listened to her breathing get deeper and deeper.

I felt her hand slide inside my underwear.

"Betty? Wait..."

I felt her breast push back into my mouth, silencing me, as her fingers surrounded the base of my stiff cock. With a little tug, she pulled it out and gently began stroking it.

I thought, "Jesus forgive me! I can't help myself! This can't be happening!"

Her breasts pulled away (noooo!!!!), as well as her hand.

"Neal? You know what I would like to do? Let's masturbate together. Just like you and Bill do when you're up here together. Please?"

She raised her skirt and pulled off her white cotton panties, then got up on her knees and pulled my underwear off.

"There! Isn't that more comfortable?"

My cock was sticking straight up in the air and her hand returned to it, barely touching it, but stroking slowly up and down. I caught my breath and stared at her sensuously swinging breasts. I stared at her hand on my cock. Every tiny touch of her fingertips sent bolts of electricity through my cock, my spine and my brain. It felt so good. It felt too good!

"Uhh... I dunno, Betty. I'm not we should do this."

"But Neal, you jack off with Bill, don't you? You read these sexy books and stroke your cocks and jack off, and that's okay, isn't it?"

"Well, yes... I guess that's okay."

"Well, you can do that with me too, can't you? It's just that you would be masturbating with a woman instead of another boy. Trust me, it will be perfectly okay. Here, I'll start reading my favorite section of this new book. It got me so horny last night, I masturbated several times. Let's masturbate together!"

She opened up "Momma Seduces Her Sexy Sons" to a page near the middle and started reading out loud. Meanwhile, she raised one knee up, giving me my first glimpse EVER of a woman's pussy. She inserted three fingers inside her pussy, her pinkie and two middle fingers, and began energetically thrusting them in and out.

She read about the "Momma", who having had sex with one of her sons, decided to seduce the other two as well. She planned it all out and got one of them into the shower with her and let him soap up and fondle her huge tits. As Mrs. Baker read the story, the sounds from her pussy got louder and squishier. I could smell her pussy juices. I couldn't help but thinking of Mrs. Baker as the "Momma" in the book, and ME as her son!

And I was stroking my cock! I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I was so horny! I was jacking off and letting a grownup watch me!

Having Mrs. Baker read the story was a lot hornier than listening to Bill! She glanced momentarily at my cock and smiled that funny smile into my face, and kept on reading. In the story, "Momma" started masturbating her second son, even though she was thinking to herself how dirty and wicked she was being. Then she got down on her knees and started sucking his dick! Her son had a powerful orgasm and squirted his cum in her mouth and all over his mother's face!

I couldn't help but visualize it! Mrs. Baker was sucking my dick and I was cumming in her mouth! My cock got harder and I stroked faster and faster!

I could feel the pressure building up in my balls. I was cumming! I was cumming so hard, feeling each thick spurt of semen being f***ed out of my cock under huge pressure. My head spun as if it was my brain cumming, and I moaned loudly. I heard Mrs. Baker gasp. I felt my hips thrusting violently, out of control. My penis was sliding forcibly between my tightly clasped fingers, my fluids jetting out of me.

I finally sighed loudly with the total pleasure of sexual release and looked down at my crotch. There was cum everywhere! On my thighs and my pubic hair and all over my hand. But there were also big streamers of cum on Mrs. Baker's tummy and one thigh.

She whispered, "Oh god that was so fucking beautiful!"

She stopped reading and let her head loll back. Her hand masturbated faster and faster, causing her entire ass to bounce on the mattress. Then she let out a long mournful wail and started shaking all over like she was having a fit! She grunted like a pig, over and over and over again as she rammed her fingers into herself! And I was watching the whole thing up close! I was watching Mrs. Baker jack off!

It was so dirty! I felt myself blush again.

After what seemed like several minutes, her eyes opened and she stared right into my face as she gave herself a last few strokes. Her pubic hair and her hand were totally slimey and wet with her juices. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. A grown woman had let me watch her masturbate!

In a sl**py voice she asked me if I enjoyed masturbating together with her as much as I did with Bill.

"God, Betty... this was better! This was soooo much better! I'm still hard!"

Her eyelashes descended halfway over her eyes, which were still boring into mine. She gave me that funny grin again.

"So I've noticed. So I've noticed... Continue»
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Hi friends, here is our real story how I started to enjoy sharing my wife with other guys

Once my wife and I took few drinks and she was a little over. I took her to our bed room and laid her on the bed. I was watching a porn movie the in the drawing room. A few minutes later one of my business friends came and rang the door bell. He was coming from a far area and wanted to stay with me. I served him dinks and food. Because of tiredness of travelling he took three four pegs and got inebriated. I also gave him company and I was also a little over d***k.

He then wanted to use the toilet and I showed him our bed room toilet as it was the only one attached bathroom. He went in to our bed room. I was still sitting in the drawing room watching the porn movie. After few minutes I heard some sound from our bed room and I reached there to find my friend trying to fondle my wife`s boos which was partially visible through her night dress. He was unbuttoning her night dress` button one by one. This scene gave me some pleasure may be because I was watching the porn movie. I stood at the door and kept on watching. He went ahead and removed all the buttons. My wife was still fast asl**p knowing nothing as she was d***k.

He then started to fondle her breasts one by one over the brass. As he was also d***k he did not know that I was watching this or maybe he took her as his wife, I do not know.
But I was enjoying seeing that. He then removed her bra and released her huge 40 D size breasts and started to suck. By then my wife also started to react unknowingly who is doing all these with her. She hugged him tightly as if she does it with me.

My friend moved further and removed all her cloths and started to fondle each part of my wife`s body. He sucked her lips and nipples, kissed all over her belly and slowly went down to fingering her clits and then started to suck her pussy. Though her eyes were closed, I could see her giving him all support. She was also searching for his cock without opening her eyes. My friend removed his dress and released his huge, erected dick. I could see his dick throbbing in my wife`s hand. I t was not less than 8 inches.

My friend sucked and licked my wife`s pussy for long time. Then my friend moved towards my wife`s head and placed his huge dick into her mouth. She started sucking his dick as young c***dren suck the ice-cream. She sucked for about five minutes and with a slight jerk my friend unloaded a heavy load of his hot cum in to my wife`s mouth. She swallowed the whole cum. My friend then removed his cock slowly from her mouth and fondled himself with his hands for few minutes and then moved to her pussy. He placed his throbbing cock at the face of her pussy and started to push slowly. I could see his cock going down inch by inch in to my wife`s pussy. He then started to pump slowly for some time. My wife started to moan and scream slightly as she was enjoying a huge dick deep inside her pussy. My friend then increased his speed and my wife was supporting him by raising her hips. In between, my friend was also kissing and kneading my wife`s huge breasts. After few heavy jerks he emptied his balls deep into my wife`s womb. With great pleasure my wife grabbed and hugged my friend tightly. They then stayed like that for few more minutes. After few minutes my friend rolled down from my wife to her left side and holds her in his both hands around her. Her boobs were getting crushed on his chest as he holds her so tightly. He slept with her the whole night like that.

I was watching all that standing next to the door, hardly three feet from the bed. I was enjoying everything as if I was watching a porn movie. It did not hurt me that my friend was fucking my wife in front of me. It really gave me some kind of pleasure, may because I was d***k.

I then went to the bed and slept next to my wife at the right side. Now my wife was sandwiched in between my friend and me. It was about 11 PM then and we three slept like that till my friend got up about 4 AM. Hearing some sound I also woke up and found my friend looking for his cloths. He collected his cloths, put on them and without making any noise went to the drawing room and slept on the sofa set there as if nothing had happened.

At 6 in the morning my wife got up and put on her cloths as usual and went to the bath rom. At 6.15 AM she woke me up and asked who is there sl**ping on the sofa in the drawing room. I told her that it was one of my business friends who had come in the night and after few pegs he might have slept there. She then went to the kitchen to make tea for us. She came back with three cups of tea and offered a cup to my friend and another to me. While he was receiving tea from her hand I looked in to his eyes and noticed that he was not looking at her feeling guilty. He also feared to face me. I behaved as if nothing had happened. To ease the situation I put on the TV started to talk about some morning news. We three sat there for some time and discussed many subjects as if nothing had happened last night.

I was sure that my wife knew nothing and since then I was dreaming of and looking for another opportunity like this to organize a group sex with my wife.

My dream came true some months later. I shall tell you that in my next story.
... Continue»
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Casual Sex With My Friend's Wife

This story starts on Valentine's Day 3 years ago. A bunch of our friends had got together to hang out, drink etc. Sometime during the party someone initiated taking some clothes off. Surprisingly, 2 of girls there were fine with this (this isn’t something that had ever happened before in my group of friends). The 2 girls got topless for us, and one of them was one of our friend’s wife. He was d***k and openly encouraged her, so no one felt bad when she took off her top, even if the first moments were a little awkward for all of us seeing our friend’s wife like this. The girls were shameless though and soon the guys were just openly checking them out. So this was odd enough, but them it got more bizarre. In response to a question our friend ended up grabbing his wife’s tits and felt her up in front of us, which was pretty hot. Then he told us to go ahead if we wanted. It almost seemed like a joke, but a friend stepped up and grabbed her tits...then another friend took a turn, then another. I hadn’t gone up, it was just such an odd experience it didn’t feel right. At some point she ended up against me and asked me why I hadn’t touched her. I told her it was a little weird with her husband/my friend there and she told me it turned him on...then ASKED me to feel her tits. It was more than enough to get me to act. She lifted her arms up and I wrapped my hands around her and over her chest and had my turn.

At some point she did get her bra back on, and she and her husband left the room, so it seemed like most of the fun was over. The other girl was still topless telling a story, but (to be honest) I didn’t find her that attractive so I went to get another drink. As I was going by the bathroom I noticed she was in there adjusting her bra and I couldn’t help but take a look. My friend walked by, all smiles, and told me if I wanted more to go in and then gave me a little shove towards her. The possibility seeing her tits and maybe feeling her up some more seemed great, so I went in and let her close the door me. In a matter of seconds she looked at me and smiled, undid her bra…then knelt on the floor and starting unzipping my pants. Suddenly my cock was in her hand, then it was in her mouth. It was surreal and she must have sensed my shock, because she told me to not worry, and that my friend got turned on when she was with other men and would be fine with this.It was a great feeling…my friend’s wife, topless, looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. I’d had no idea they had this type of relationship. She continued on, my hands found her tits again and before long I was close to finishing and wondering how I'd ask her where I’d do it, but without missing a beat she tells me that she’ll have to swallow me tonight since she doesn’t want to have to shower here. And just that revelation…the matter of fact statement sent me over the edge and I came down her throat. I later found out that not long after me, she did the same to another of our friends that night.

Nothing happened for the next 4 or 5 months, but the memory of that night was etched into my mind. Then finally at a friend’s cottage one night a few of us went skinny dipping, my friend and his wife included. The three of us were down by the water waiting on a couple friends, but started undressing. There was enough light to see the figure of my friend’s wife naked and she knew I was looking. She took my hand and put it on her tit. I told her she was cold…her nipples were really hard…and then she slid my hand down her stomach between her legs and asked if that was better. My friend was there the whole time, could see (enough) and hear, but said nothing. I’d not had this opportunity before, so I went for it and told her to spread her legs a bit. I felt her stance widen and slid my finger strait over her pussy. She was warm, and a little wet and I decided to go for it, and pushed up with my index finger, and suddenly I was inside her. I rubbed a little and was thinking to myself that I might actually finger-bang her right here when our friends started coming to the water. She disengaged my hand and then dived in the water and that was the end of that. Very disappointed, we went for a nice swim and I thought that might be the end of it.

When we got back upstairs we all dried off and drank some more and then a bunch of people started getting ready for bed. Our friend's wife had gone to get ready a while back and it was just me, her husband and another friend up chatting when he told us to come with him. We followed him to the bedroom and he opened up on his wife changing (out of her clothes, in bra and undies). She didn’t seem fazed at all, and he closed the door behind us, and then asked us if we wanted to have her. We were both shocked and not quite certain what he meant, but he was straitforward. He wanted to see her fucked. By other men. And given that we were both on the receiving end of her blowjob at the party thought we might want to. The only condition was that he wanted to watch her getting fucked, but other than that we were free to do what we wanted with her. It was an absolutely shocking surprise, even with everything that had happened before. She was just standing there, waiting.

I walked over to her and told her to take off her bra. She unfastened it and let it drop. It was amazing to see her tits again, but I wanted to see more, almost believing that at any second our friend would just say stop. I put my hands at her waist and pulled her panties down to her ankles, and she stepped out of them. She was trimmed in a nice racing stripe, and I could see her cleft, but it wasn’t enough. I quickly maneuvered her to the bed and told her to lie down.

The amazing thing about this was the shift of power from the previous event. Before I was timid, she was calling the shots and I didn’t know what the boundaries were. This time it was completely different and I could take what I want.

Once on the bed I pushed her legs apart. I’d been thinking of her pussy ever since I’d briefly touched it, and finally there it was, perfect. A second later I had a hand on either side and spread her open. She didn’t object, just smiled as I looked. I was hard and took my pants off and honestly just intended to fool around a bit. But as I leaned over her and felt her tits up my cock pressed up against the lips of her pussy and I couldn’t help myself. I looked down and watched myself thrust in. The first one was deep and took her a bit by surprise, I don’t think she’d expected me in her so quick. And for a second we both kind of stared at each other, with me deep inside her, then she tells me to go as hard as I want and say whatever I want. The dirtier the better. So I pull out, then slam it back in her, and she smiles and closes her eyes and I do it again and then just start drilling her. It was a primal thing, just missionary position, but I fucked her as hard. At some point my friend came over and sat on the bed to watch his wife. Another funny moment in this weird experience - she started rubbed his back lovingly as he got a close up view between his wife’s legs as she took in my dick. And as he’s watching, he tells me to talk down to her, call her names etc. So this is just surreal, but they were seemingly into it thing, and just looking at her there, eyes screwed shut as she took me in, it just seemed right. And before I knew it the words were out of my mouth. “You’re such a slut”. She opened her eyes then, stared at me. I continued (a little worried now). “whore”. She smiled and in that moment, I truly realized I could do and say what I wanted to her. So, while fucking her I leaned in, looked her straight in the eyes and told her she was a fucking whore. I grabbed her arms and held them down above her head with one hand and brought my other hand to her tit, then pinched her nipple hard and called her a fucking whore again. She gasped, and I lay on top of her and got my other hand to her other breast and pinched on both nipples and called her a slut. Both of my friends were up and watching by this point. Her husband had a huge smile…he liked this. I kept pounding away and with each thrust called her a fucking whore in her ear. Just a nice repetitive rhythm. You’re a fucking whore, a fucking whore…and so on. I was getting close, I’d been doing her for a while but wanted to see if I could pull off one last thing. I leaned in and told her I wanted her to tell me what she was and she did it. Looked me in the eyes and told me she was a whore. I told her husband to come in and listen and told her to say it again. For the first time, she seemed slightly apprehensive. I grabbed her by her nipples and pinched and she blurted it out to him. “I’m a whore”. Again! “I’m a fucking whore”. It was aweome to hear her say it with such conviction. Then her husband had his pants of and pulled her face onto his dick and she started to suck him off. The view was enough to finish me so I pulled out and finished on her tits…she didn’t even look…just let it happen. I grabbed her hand and put in on her chest and she instinctively knew what I wanted. So as she sucked off her husband she rubbed her tits, spreading my load all over them. I’d been straddling her and got off and watched her working on her husband, then caught my other friend positioning himself. A couple of seconds later he was inside her having his turn.

I was done, but she had a man on either end and looked great doing it. Our other friend was giving her the same hard treatment I had so her tits, shiny with cum, were swaying about, while she gave her husband all her attention. Just a beautiful sight. I went back to her head and started talking into her ear. I called her a fucking whore again, making sure I was loud enough for all of us to hear. Her husband then told her to “keep sucking you whore”. Then our other friend chimed in and called her a fucking slut as he had his way with her.

I don’t know how long the next part lasted. She sucked, my friend fucked and all 3 of us just kept up a steady stream of comments aimed at her. I'd never called a girl a whore before in my life, but that night I lost track of how many times I told her. Finally her husband was done. Our friend pulled from her mouth and we watched him shoot his load her face. She lay back, exhausted…done…my other friend then pulled out asked her husband to spread his wife open. And I couldn’t help but look. With her husband spreading her wide, and the fucking she’d took, her cunt was open. A nice gape. My friend asked if she was on birth control (yes) then pulled off his condom and put his dick right close to her hole and came, shooting it up in her. Finally our friend let go and her pussy closed and it was done. We’d all had our fun.

That was the only group session I had, but my friend was fine with us fooling around from time to time. It turns out he just has a thing where he thinks his wife being a slut is hot, and her being very sexual and accommodating, and them finally having the courage to explore that side of their relationship.... Continue»
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