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My first time with a girl

... first times,one with a girl and one with a boy.
My first time with a girl was many years ago in a village in Britain.It was completly unexpected with ... ... Continue»
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My first experience with a girl/how I knew I was b

I always get requests for a story about how/when I knew I was bisexual, and my first experience with a girl.

For a while I’ve put off the idea of writing a story about it, because I wasn’t sure if it was too personal or not, but I’ve decided I want to share my experience, so I hope you all like it!

I don’t want to reveal any names so for the sake of this story, I’m going to refer to girls by different names.


First of all, how I knew I was bisexual. From quite a young age I was aware of my feelings for the opposite sex.

From the age of about 12/13 I saw attraction in the opposite sex. For a long time I denied it to myself, I told myself I was straight and I only had feelings for boys.

From about 13 onwards I started looking for things online. It started off watching videos on youtube of girls kissing.

Even when I started doing this, I still denied that I felt anything for girls. Even though I enjoyed watching the videos so much.

At the age of about 14/15 I started searching for other things online. I used to use my mum’s computer, so I was always deleting history and getting really nervous whenever she or anyone else was using the computer.

I started finding other things online, of girls going much further than kissing. It began turning me on a lot, and I used to sit at my mum’s computer feeling tingles in my pussy as I watched them.

I never played with myself up until the age of about 15. One day when I was watching one of the videos online, the feelings in my pussy got too much and I had to have a feel.

From that day I used to sit watching videos of girls online whilst rubbing my pussy.

Even though I’d begun masturbating over girls, I still managed to deny to myself that I felt anything for them. I always felt really guilty and wrong after I’d done it.


From a young age I was friends with a girl named Lisa. We went to school together from the age of 3 years old and we were best friends for years.

At the same age as I started watching girls on the internet, Lisa and I went to school together. We began getting a lot closer around this age and I used to go back to her house every day after school.

One day we were sat talking about school and gossip and all the other sorts of things that 15 year old girls like to talk about, when Lisa told me she wanted to tell me something.

It took me a long time to get it out of her, but she ended up telling me that she’d done some stuff with another of our friends, Deena.

Deena had spent the night at Lisa’s house a couple of weekends before she told me, and they’d fooled around together, kissing and touching each other.

Lisa was very upset when she told me. When I think back now it was clear that she was very confused about her sexuality and what she really wanted.

I told her it was okay and she told me I didn’t understand. This was when I decided it was right to tell Lisa about the feelings I was experiencing.

I chose not to tell her everything, I thought she’d really judge me if I told her about the things I’d been watching online. I told her that I had thoughts about girls in that way.

As I told her she became so much more relaxed, she smiled and listened to me as I told her. We ended up talking for a really long time and it got really late, so she went and asked her parents if I could spend the night at her house.

Her mum liked me a lot so she was fine with it. Lisa and I went back to our conversations. It turned out we had a lot of the same feelings, and it felt really good to finally be telling someone about the way I felt and I knew it was a relief for her too.

Towards the end of our conversation Lisa put her hand on my leg and began stroking it up and down. I liked it a lot so I did the same to her.
I didn’t know if she was doing it in a sexual way or if she was trying to be comforting because of the conversation we were having.

After this we decided to get into bed with a film, so we got into our PJs and settled down for the night.

As we were lay together in bed watching the film I felt her leg touching mine, she was rubbing it up and down. I knew this time it wasn’t just for comfort. I liked it, and I let her continue, putting my hand under the covers and touching her leg as she continued.
After a while of this, chatting and watching the film, her dad came in to check on us and say goodnight. As he entered the room I quickly moved my hand from her and she moved her leg.

Her dad stood in the room talking for a while, when suddenly I felt her hand on my leg again, stroking up and down.

I was shocked as her dad was stood right there, but I didn’t mind I liked it.

After a while her dad left the room and we watched the rest of the film. When it was over we turned to face each other in bed. She still had her hand on my leg.

We lay together looking at each other while she was still stroking my leg. I smiled at her, it was so weird as we’d been friends for years and suddenly we’d admitted all these new feelings for each other, and now this was happening.

She began to lean in closer to me, I knew she was going to kiss me and I wanted it to happen.

We were both just 15 year old girls who were curious and wanted to explore our sexualities.

She came in close to me and kissed me softly on the lips then pulled away. She looked at me for some approval, so I smiled at her and kissed her.

This is when our relationship began to develop, and this began to happen quite often. I spent a lot more time at her house and we got a lot closer.

We never went very far sexually. After a few months of kissing and touching whenever we were together, things started to go a little further. She used to climb on top of me as we were kissing and she’d get her pussy in place with mine and rub herself on me.

We were always fully clothed when we did this, we still weren’t comfortable with it to take it further, it was still new to both of us and we were still trying to adjust to it all.

In school we had to hide what was going on. We didn’t want anybody to know how we felt about each other but we began to feel for each other.
In the lessons we had together we’d sit together and sometimes we’d stroke each other’s legs under the table. It was naughty and risky which made us enjoy it more.

One night I went back to her house after school and we were chatting and laughing like always when she said to me “Would it be weird if I asked you to be my girlfriend?”

I was shocked but really happy, I kissed her and told her it wouldn’t be weird, but still nobody could find out.

We continued on like this for a few months when one day she called me while I was at home. She was in tears and could barely talk. I was so shocked and worried but I tried to calm her down to get her to tell me what had happened.

She asked me to come round to her house so she could talk to me. She only lived round the corner from me at the time so I quickly walked round there.

When she answered the door I could tell she’d been crying for a long time. She told me to come in and we went upstairs. When we got to her room we sat on the bed and she started crying again.

I cuddled her and stroked her hair to try and comfort her, she cried on my shoulder for a while before whispering to me “I’m moving”.

I sat still for a while, really confused. It turned out that she was moving away because her parents were getting divorced. I’d been at the house when they’d argued before but it’d got really bad that time and they’d split up.

Lisa was going to move away with her mum and her s****r, and she had to move schools too. She was moving quite far and it was going to be nearly impossible for me to see her anymore.

We were still really young so it wasn’t possible for either of us to travel to see each other.

That night that I found out she was moving I spent the night at her house. We spent the night in her bed cuddling and kissing. This was the first night we went further sexually.

We were lay together, touching each other as we always did, but this time I really wanted to make her feel better. I rubbed up her body and put my hand up her top.

She kissed me passionately as I did this. I took one of her breasts into my hand and began massaging it softly as we kissed.

She moved her hand up my leg. I was wearing PJ shorts and she slipped her hand into one of the legs on my shorts.

She hovered her hand over my pussy which was covered by my panties. She placed her hand on it and I was already getting wet. She began to rub slowly on my pussy.

Everything was really slow; we were both still new to this and new to our feelings and as we were so young even sex with guys wasn’t something we were clear on.

She rubbed on my pussy above my panties and I began breathing really heavily, it felt even better than when I did it myself.

We kissed passionately as she did this to me, slipping our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths.

It was a really special night, we played with each other all night and fell asl**p together cuddling.

The next morning was really emotional. I knew I wasn’t going to get to see her again for a long time, if ever. She was one of the only people I felt comfortable around. She was the only person that knew about my feelings and she was leaving.

I helped her pack her things and we both cried and hugged and kissed and eventually we said goodbye when I had to leave.

We promised we’d keep in touch and that’s what we did. We’d text each other, talk online and talk on the phone sometimes, but it was never the same. We couldn’t see each other.

Obviously the little relationship we had was over and eventually we started talking less. She got new friends in her new school and I started hanging round with new people after she left.

A few months after she’d left we were talking very little. We didn’t talk on the phone any more, it was mainly chatting online from time to time, and we never discussed the way we had been before she moved.

Eventually we stopped talking all together. I never forgot what we had and I often thought about it, but I moved on and I had different relationships with boys and girls.

I got much more mature and got a lot more comfortable with my sexuality, to the point that everybody knew and it wasn’t a big deal.


3 years passed since Lisa had moved away and we did not talk at all. I wasn’t even sure what she looked like any more.

One day I was online on facebook and I got a friend request, from her. When I clicked on it and saw her name, my stomach did a flip. It’d been so long since we’d last spoke.

I quickly accepted and went onto her profile. I went straight onto her pictures, I was so eager to find out if she’d changed, and she hadn’t. She looked the same as she had but obviously she looked older, more mature, and so beautiful.

As I looked through her pictures I had butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t really thought about her for a while and it was weird for me to think she must have thought of me.

After looking through her profile for a while I went offline. It was late when I’d accepted her request so when I was done I went to bed.

That night I found it difficult to sl**p. I couldn’t stop thinking about Lisa and everything that we’d been through in the past. I didn’t know if I was being stupid or not for dwelling on the past, I didn’t even know if she’d remember it all, or even if she’d want to.

We’d both grown up a lot since the last time we saw each other. We’d missed a lot of each other’s lives. I didn’t know if she still even felt the way she used to about girls, she could have just been curious and wanted to explore her sexuality at the time.

I eventually fell asl**p thinking of Lisa and when I woke up the next morning she was the first thing that came into my head. I quickly grabbed my laptop and signed into facebook.

I had a message from her. I was so nervous to read it, but at the same time so excited.

In her message she told me that she’d been thinking of me and she decided to add me. She said she was upset that we’d lost contact and she wanted to see how I was and what was going on with me.

I was so happy. I messaged her back and told her I felt the same. From that day we messaged often online and began speaking a lot. We exchanged phone numbers again and began speaking on the phone.

We caught up on a lot of each other’s lives. It turned out she had just got out of quite a long relationship with a boy. I was nervous to ask about her sexuality, I think I was a bit scared of being disappointed.

I started falling for Lisa all over again when we got back in contact. I’d forgot how special she was to me, and I was so upset that we’d gone so long without contact.

We arranged to meet up one day after talking for about a month online. So I asked if she wanted to come and stay with me for a weekend. She told me she’d love to so we picked a date.

When the time arrived that she was coming to stay with me I was so excited but I told myself I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high because I didn’t know what was going to happen.

When she arrived at my house she came running up to me and gave me a huge hug.
We went upstairs to my room. When we got there we both stood and looked at each other and we both started to cry.

Lisa had been such a big part of my life and I hadn’t seen her for so long, but it felt like nothing had changed and I was just so happy to have her back.

Without thinking while we stood there both in tears I grabbed her and kissed her. At first she just stood still in shock, but she started to kiss me back and wrapped her arms around me tight.

We kissed and touched so passionately. Eventually she pulled away and looked at me, there were still tears running down her face. “I’ve missed you so much” She told me. This got me going again and I burst into tears.

That night was extremely emotional. We talked about everything we’d missed in each other’s lives.

It turned out she hadn’t been as open as I had about her sexuality and she had only told a couple of her very close friends.

She told me she’d thought about me all the time. It was crazy how quickly we went back to being exactly the way we were before she left.

That night when everybody else had gone to bed we went downstairs to watch some TV. We lay on the sofa together cuddling. We occasionally kissed and smiled and laughed.
At one point while we were watching TV she turned to me and asked “do you remember the night before I left?” I knew which night she meant immediately. It was the first night we’d been very sexual with each other, it was one of the best nights of my life.

I told her of course I remembered and she smiled and kissed me passionately. I smiled as she kissed me and pulled her on top of me.

We kissed as I slipped her top of her. I pulled away to look at her breasts, they bigger than the last time I’d seen them, and a lot more beautiful.

I smiled a big smile at her and brought my head close to them. I kissed both breasts one by one softly before licking and sucking on her soft pink nipples.
She was breathing heavily and playing with my hair as I did. She pulled my head up and kissed me hard on the lips before getting up and making me sit up.

She pulled off my top and kissed down my body. She got to my shorts and pulled them off, I wasn’t wearing any panties so she revealed my already wet pussy.

She rubbed her hand up the inside of my leg and got to my pussy. She touched it lightly with one finger. I breathed in quickly as I felt her touch my pussy.

She put her head down and kissed up my legs. I was breathing heavily and wanted her so badly. She kissed all the way up to my pussy before kissing my hard pink clit.

It felt so good. She stuck out her tongue and licked up my pussy slowly and softly. She was kneeling on the floor between my legs as I was sitting on the couch.

She licked up my pussy as she brought up her hand to slowly stroke it along my wet pussy lips.

She found my hole. I was so tight. She circled a finger round my hole, before adding pressure and sliding her finger inside me.

I let out a loud moan as she did this, grabbing onto the side of the couch with one hand and placing my other hand on her head, stroking her hair softly.

She slid her finger in and out of me slowly, my juices were soaking her finger, I was so wet for her.

She sucked on my clit as she slid it in and out of me, slowly picking up speed and making me moan so loud I had to pick up a cushion off the couch to bite down on to stop myself waking everybody up.

She began pumping her finger in and out of my pussy faster and faster, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as she did.

I gripped the side of the couch and bit down so hard on the cushion I was using to stop my moans. She made me cum so hard that night, it was the first time that anybody other than myself had ever made me cum.

I sat there with my legs like jelly and grabbed her hand to pull her up to me. We kissed passionately with our hands all over each other. It was so special, one of the most special nights of my life.

From there I lay her down on the couch and slowly took off her jeans and panties while kissing softly all over her body.

I kissed up from her waist to her beautiful round breasts where I kissed softly all over them, before sticking out my tongue and licking slowly around her nipples.

I took one into my mouth and sucked on it softly, hearing her letting out slight moans.

As I did this I slipped my hand down her body to her pussy. I put my hand on it to feel that it was already moist, so I began to add pressure and rub on her pussy slowly.

She started moaning more as I was still sucking and nibbling lightly on her breasts. I carried on rubbing on her pussy before getting my longest finger ready and slowly slid it inside her.

She let out a loud moan as I did this and grabbed onto my hand. I slid my finger in and out of her slowly before I heard her whisper “faster”.

I felt my pussy tingle when I heard her say this, so I began sliding my finger in and out of her faster, sliding a second in slowly.

I pumped my fingers in and out of her as I began to kiss from her breasts down her body. I got to her moist pussy and licked up it quickly, just touching her clit slightly.

She took a breath in quickly as I did that, looking down at me and smiling. I started to flick her clit with my tongue as I pumped my two fingers in and out of her fast and hard.

She began moaning loud, trying her hardest to keep them in, but was getting so much pleasure from my fingers and tongue.

It didn’t take long for her to cum hard and I licked the remains on her pussy.
After this she sat up and pulled me up to lye me on the floor. We kissed passionately while she massaged one of my breasts softly.

She climbed on top of me and got into a position so her pussy was directly over mine. She kissed me and said “remember this” as she smiled a cheeky smile at me.
I smiled back as I knew exactly what she meant and the image of the 15 year old us rubbing ourselves together, fully clothed came back to my mind, but this was much better than that.

She lowered herself down and placed her pussy onto mine. She began to rub herself back and forward as she kissed me.

I could feel her moist warm pussy on mine and you could hear the noise of our wet kittys rubbing together.

We moaned together which turned me on even more as she kissed all over my neck.
I arched my back trying to get our pussys closer together to make the rubbing more intense. It felt so good; I couldn’t get enough of her.

She kissed me as she began rubbing herself faster on me, and I rubbed my hands up her beautiful body.

She rubbed her pussy against mine until she made me cum again. Nobody had ever pleased me the way she did that night.


That weekend Lisa stayed at my house until she had to go home on the Sunday night, but that time we promised to stay in touch with each other, I wasn’t going to let her go the way we did the last time.

From there our relationship grew again, she got more confident with her sexuality and ended up making it very open about how she felt.

We got into a relationship for about 2 months. Everything was great for a while but it didn’t last.

The distance between us became quite an issue and we were still quite young so neither of us were ready for a long term relationship.

We stay very close friends, and to this day she is still one of my best friends. We’ve had experiences since we broke up, but that’s another story!

But this has been the story of my first experience with a girl and how I realised I am bisexual.

I hope you all enjoyed the story, I know it’s quite different to things I’ve written in the past and I apologize if there isn’t enough sexual stuff involved, but this was requested a lot from me so I decided to do it!

Suggestions for my next story are welcome just send me a message!

Stay cheeky!.xo
... Continue»
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My first time with another crossdresser.

In this story, I'll go in depth on how I became the "girl" that i am today. It all started when i was about 5 years old. I obviously wasnt sexualy active way back then, but thats the age i remember i fell in love with pantyhose. One night after my parents came back from a wedding, i was home with my b*****r and s****r. They came home, changed and what not and went to bed. well my mother who changed in the bathroom left everything that she wore in there. i happened to pick up her pair of sheer to waist with reinf***ed toe suntan wolford pantyhose. They were incredibly silky and soft. i rubbed them on my face and then i smelled them, and then became hooked. the smell of her sweaty feet and silky hose made me want to wear them, so i did. and being 5 years old i was very small, wen i put them on, the waistline was at my neck, but didnt care, the feeling of being wrapped in silk drove me crazy. So since i was 5 years old ive been wearing pantyhose. id say wen i was about 10 i started masturbating. and in the last story was my first time being with a woman wile crossdressed. now this story is about my first time with another crossdresser at the age of 18.

it was a friday night, just got out of school (senior year), and my buddy james and i were talkin in the hall by my locker. james says to me " we should git some beer and git a bonfire goin tonite, get some honeys over and git shitfaced!" I was like "yeah im down. Ill talk to johnny and Brandon and git some more poeple to come." we parted and i went out to my truck and got on the phone with johnny, set up a time and place and he called all the boys and girls to come tonight. well i called a friend of mine, ken, to come to the party tonight, he was a senior and full blow gay, and everyone picked on him, but i wanted him to come and have a good time. he agreed, and i went home and packed my truck full of fire wood and a cooler full of stuff for cookin. got my b*****r to git us some beer, 4 30packs of coors light and a couple bottles of whiskey and tequilla. I picked up john and brandon and we drove back in the woods to our party spot, set up the fire pit, filled the coolers with ice and beer, and everyone started showin up around 7pm. my truck was blasting country music, were all gittin d***k, havin a good time, and here come walkin down the trail, ken. I was relieved to see he showed up. cause like i said, good k**, but not alota people accept him, but i do. i tossed him a beer and said join the fun man. i had grils on both my arms, im shootin shots of tequila and poundin beers, and im fuckin d***k. Its now midnight and people are startin to pass out and what not, and i see ken sittin on a stump, lokkin kinda down. i stumble over to him, "ken, whats up?" he said " everyone kinda ignored me tonight but the girls." and i was like, " well man, i dont know what to tell you, but u gotta loosen up and be more easy going instead of all uptight n shit." i sat down on the log beside him, " dude its cool u showed up tho, cuz i never see u around." he said " well its cuz i like to be at home doing stuff." i said " doing what?" he said " dressing up like a girl." it kinda freaked me out to hear someone else with a womens clothes fetish. I thought he was just a gay. I said "really? Show me." he looked puzzled and i pointed to my truck and we got in and drove to his house. we went into his basement where he basically lived and opened his closet. FULL of womens clothes, and i started to git hard. H said, go wait over there. so i sat on his bed wile he went in the closet and changed. He came out wearing high heels, black thigh highs, a thong, a pink corset, a wig and lipstick. I was so hard at this point, i said " ken" he cut me off "its kaitlin now", "ok, kaitlin, i had no idea how, sexy you are!" she smiled at me and walked over to me, layed me on the bed, and started kissing me. she layed right ontop of me sliding her tongue in my mouth, i could feel her boner against mine. i stopped kissing her for a second and said " would it be hot if u dressed me up too?" she replied " you want to?" i said " i sure do!" she selected a pair of stockings with straps, a thong, and a lace bra for me, also gave me a wig and lipstick. I dressed and we immediately returned to making out, i wrapped my stockinged legs around her pulling her close to me while massaging her tongue with mine. i toook her cock out of her thong and started jerking her. she started to moan. i rolled on top of her and i went down on her hard cock, sucking her hard and i bobbed my head up and down her shaft. i gently squeezed her balls as i sucked her. she pushed me off of her and she turned, and stuck her ass in my face, and got us into a 69. her mouth felt so damn good on my cock, i couldnt help but agressively suck her cock, i could have blown my load in her mouth but i wanted more of kaitlin. so i pushed her off of me and i told her to git on her knees and i slowley etered her ass with my cock, she was moaning quite loudly and i pressed deep into her, her ass was so tight and felt so good, i shoved my entire cock inside her. pumping away in and out of her, both of us moaning in pleasure, i told her to lay on her back and i picked her legs up on my shoulders, and i fucked her deep and hard, i pushed all in and leaned in for a kiss and went back to fucking her, i stuck her sexy little toes in my mouth and just from that, i blew a hot load of cum right in her ass, i pulled out and she looked at me and told me to lay on my back and she penetrated my ass, her cock felt so good going inside of me, hurt at first but i didnt care, i was so horny. she thrusted away in and out of me. it didnt take long for her to blow her load in me wich felt so fucking good! we layed next to eachother, cum oozing out of our asses and i said "kaitlin, this has to stay between us for a while, till i come outa the closet" she agreed and to this day, i still visit kaitlin. oh and by the way, my girl name, which id like to be known as, is Krystal.... Continue»
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My first time with a Black girl

The following is a true story of my first time with a black woman. This is also my first ever attempt at erotica, so any and all feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

We met at a concert. Earth Day Birth Day, to be precise. It was a hot, sweaty day, only compounded by the fact that there were 20,000 people all trying to get as close to the stage as possible. I was right in the front, less then 20 feet from the musicians. In the oppresive heat and press of bodies, we caught each-others eyes.

It ws as though time paused for just us. In that moment we both knew we wanted eachother. She called to me "Hey!! White boy!!" As she weaved through the crowd, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She is 5"7', around 120pounds, with full lips, medium length black hair, a milky caramel complection, a SMOKING ass, and large breasts. As she got closer, I could see her taking my measurments in her head (I am 5'10", almost 150 pounds, with a hairy/athletic body, and hazel eyes). When she smiled at me, it was so full of desire, I immedietly got excited, and started to get hard.

"Hi" she said.

"Hi.." I mumbled as I stared into her eyes. She smiled again, and steped in close to me. Her breasts were brushing against my chest through her almost see through white tank-top. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were hard.

"I am so glad I got your attention! I wanted to see 7Dust up close, So bad!!" She said as she tried to make small-talk. "My name is RJ" she said, looking up at me.

I smiled, "I'm Josh, it's great to meet you." Secretly I was worried that I had lost my position to a beautiful woman, and that she was about to ask me if her boyfriend could stand here too. I needen't have worried as at that time she smiled her devious smile at me. "Likewise.." she replied, looking down my body, and eye-brow rising when she noticied my bulge. We took a moment then, as 7dust began it's sound check, and we both looked to the stage.

She wanted to get up front, so I moved and let her stand in front of me. She then leaned back into me, her wonderful ass resting comfortably on my crotch. "Comfy?" she coyly asked me. I let out a slight groan and pushed my hips into her. She let out a sigh and rubbed her ass up and down my constricted erection. My hands went to her hips, and I began to rub her thighs. She reached behind me to grab my ass with one hand, and with the other, began to knead my cock through my shorts.

"Holy shit! is that you??". I was confused by this question until I figured she ment my erection. I leaned down and whispered into her ear "All 9 inches of it..". She let out a laugh and said "But your so Thick!...." she then turned her head so that our faces were inches apart. Her gaze held mine for what seemed like minutes, but was probably only a second or two. It was a gaze full of lust and desire. We both moved to meet the other's lips.

Her lips were incredibly soft, tasted like cherry's, and she smelled of coco butter. Intoxicted by the smell and feel of such a creature my hands began to move of they're own accord, rubbing up her body, kneading her breasts through her tank-top. She moaned and sucked my lower lip into her, continuing to suck on my lips and tounge while I brought one of my hands under her shirt...While this was going on 7Dust began to take the stage. She broke off the kiss and gave a loud cheer for the band.

At this point I was so horny I could of fucked her in the middle of the crowd. To hell with the other people standing next to us. Her continued grabs, and pulls on my cock told me that she had the same thing in mind. As the band began it's first song, the press of the crowed surged forward. I reluctently let go of her tit, and braced my arms on the "fence" at the front of the stage, protecting her from the press of humanity. She leaned into me again, thanking me and sucking on my earlobe. My body shuddered from the pleasure, and I was determined to stay and protect her for the rest of the concert.

After about 2 more hours of music, grinding, body surfers, and incredible heat, we both wanted to get something to drink. We hop'd the fence and made our way to the side of the stage, her leading me by the hand. As we got in line for beer, she turned to me, w****d her arms around my neck and kissed me. It was a very tender kiss, which lead to another tender kiss. She kissed me one more time and pulled away.

"No one has ever really looked out for me like that Josh. Especially not some-one like you!".

"Like me?" I asked.

"Yeah, most hot guys are so full of themselves, they wouldn't of bothered." I would of blushed if my face wasn't already red from sun-burn.

"It was no problem Hun, I was happy to." I said.

She responded by kissing me again. By this time the line had moved foward a bit and we moved to catch up. She bought the beers, and we moved to an area where we could sit and relax. We talked about alot of stuff, asked about relationships and STD's. We were both clean and single, to the surprise of both of us. I learned she lived about an hour from where I lived, and we traded phone numbers and e-mails. We then spent the remainder of the concert in eachothers arms, kissing, rubbing and laughing. She wanted me to come home with her after the concert, but she had to be up early for work, and then school, so I took a raincheck and told her that we will definetly meet again...

I left the concert with my head in the clouds, amazed at my luck.


So after the concert, I went home, took a shower, and promptly passed out. When I woke up, I had a voicemail from her. She thanked me again for the good times, and wanted to know if Saturday would be a good day to come and see her. I called her back and left a message telling her Saturday would be great.

6 days later....

So after quite a few sexual e-mail's and instant message's I was on my way to her house. I arrived at about 10pm, which was good because we are both night-owls. As I pulled into her place, I called her and let her know I was there. As I was walking up to the door, she opened it...

She was dressed in some increadibly sexy white night-gown. It was lacy and see through. My jaw drop'd and I think my heart skipped a beat, she smiled and began to rub her breasts as I stood there.

"Well you cuming??..." she teased while she playd with her-self. I sprinted the last 20feet.

She let go of the door as I approched, grabed my neck and pulled my lips to hers while I embraced her and pulled her against my body. I closed the door with my foot and grabed her ass, pressing her crotch against mine. She was very hot and I could feel her damp warmth through my shorts. Our lips never left eachothers as we staggered through her kitchen and living room.

She told me to remove my shirt while I started kicking off my shoes. As I pulled my shirt over my head, she grabed my jeans and unbuttoned them. I was incredibly turned on by her aggresiveness, and was only to happy to oblige with her demands. She purred when she saw my throbing cock under my boxer-briefs, and began to softly stroke it through the cloth. I leaned forward to kiss her, but she pushed my back and told me to sit on the couch. Amazed at her husky desire, I sat down.

She walked over to me slowly, removing her nighty, revealing her perfect breasts and white panties. She began to rub her pussy with one hand, then licked her fingers, and went back to rubbing herself. I licked my lips, watching her fingers. She nodded and walked a little closer. She was only a foot away from me, and the smell of her musk had me transfixed. She knew how much I loved to eat women out, and she was intentionally teasing me. I didn't mind, I knew I would taste her soon enough.

As though she was reading my mind, she moved even closer, her legs now brushing against mine. I could now clearly see her pink lips, swollen and damp. She continued to rub herself in front of me, enjoying watching me watching her. I heard her sharp intake of breath, and saw her bite her lip. She increased the speed of her rubbing and I was rewarded with the sounds of pleausre coming from her mouth and the the heavy, musty scent of her climax.

She opened her eyes, smiled, and moved her hand to my mouth. I sucked on her fingers, savoring the taste of her, moaning softly as I sucked on each one. I looked up at her with her finger still in my mouth. She was looking down at me, a soft smile spreading on her face.

"You really love it, don't you?" she asked.

"Mmmmhmmmm" is all I replied, eager for what I hoped was about to happen.

She smiled wider, and told me to put my head on the arm-rest. I layed my body down on the couch, proping my head on the arm-rest of the couch. She moved over to where my head was laying, and removed her panties. The damp cloth fell to the floor, exposing her engorged lips.

"Well let's see how much you love some black pussy, white boy.." and with that she leaned forward slightly.

Her pussy was totally hairless, and quite moist. I closed my eyes and took a deep sniff of her crotch, and as the heady aroma of it caused my body to shiver with anticipation, she leaned over even more, proping herself up with her arms, and spreading her legs, slowly, bringing her pussy closer to my mouth.

I opened my eyes and gazed at her swollen pink lips, I began to kiss her thighs, teasing her and stretching the moment even longer. Her body shuddered, and her hips bucked.

"Joshua......please....." she softly cried, and that was what I had been waiting for. Moving my hands onto her ass, I brought my head up slightly, sucking a lip into my mouth. I barely heard her gasp of pleasure, as I continued to softly lick all around her delicious slit. I softly kissed up and down her pussy, while my hands softly carresed her cheeks. I stuck the tip of my tounge inside of her outer-lips and moved it up and down her slit. She purred and leaned over even more. I could feel her breath on my thighs. As I worked my tounge deeper inside of her, I flicked it gently over her clit, still hidden by the hood. She responded with a groan and I sucked it into my mouth, kissing it, then flicking it with the tip of my tounge.

"Ooooooohhh" she moaned, and I knew she was enjoying it. I continued to nurse on her clit, slowly moving my hands to her sopping wet hole. As I began to massage it, she graoned aloud, and begged me to fuck her. I slid two fingers into her, doing my best to find good positioning to continue sucking and finger-fucking her.

While I was trying to figure out how best to keep my mouth attached to her slit, she took care of the problem by leaning forward even more, bending over, and licking the tip of my cock. In moving as she did, she had givin my arm the leverage it needed to fit a third finger into her and really pound into her. She took me into her mouth in response. I moaned into her clit, causing her to humm onto my dick. She began to bob on my cock, using her mouth to fuck my manhood. I began to thrust my hips into her face, and she began to grind her pussy against mine.

She stop'd, and leaned up, inadvertently suffocating me. I loved it. But no sooner had she leaned up, then she began to rotate around, and I understood what she wanted. This horny black woman, wanted me, to give her some good, deep dick fucking. With her hands on my chest, she lowered herself onto my rigid fuck stick. We both moaned as the head of my cock slid into her hungry twat. I grabed her ass, and pulled into her slowly, inch by inch, pausing only when she grabed the hair on my chest in pain. I pulled out of her, stoping when the ridge of my cock was about to slip out, then thrust into her, deeper then I had before. She moaned loudly this time, pushing her pussy even deeper, until she couldn't go any further. At this point I grabed her breasts, pulled her on-top of me, and spread her legs wider with my own. I began to slowly churn her, enjoying the feel of her skin and wonderful smell of sex we made. We kissed, and I could taste my cum on her lips, as I knew she could taste hers on mine. This only aroused us even more, and I began to increase my tempo. She moaned as she was sucking on my tounge.

"Fuck me...Fuck Me...Fuck Me...." she said with every thrust. I released her breasts, and grabed her inner thighs from the back, spreading her even wider. I then pulled almost all the way out, leaving only the tip inside of her, before ramming all 9 inches of my cock into her. She let out a scream, and bit my shoulder, and I continued to give her hard, deep strokes. She put her arms on either side of my head and pushed away from me, causing her breasts to dangle and slap into my face with each stroke. I promplty started sucking on the nearest nipple, moaning my satisfaction. She started to whimper "Harder, Harder.." so I knew it was time..

I grabed her ass and began to pound the fuck out of her twat. Slamming my thick meat in and out of her, while pulling her onto my cock with every stroke. I felt her body begin to quiver and I knew she was close, so I doubled my speed, punishing her pussy with my fuck stick. After a few moments of this I was on the verge of cumming myself, and shortly after that I heard her suck air inbetween her teeth, and moaningly said "i'm..cuc cumin!" I Slamed into her one last time, then held myself there, Deep inside of her, flexing my cock muscle. I felt her pussy grab hold of my dick and squeeze, milking my manhood for all its worth. I exploded into her, feeling my cum plaster the insides of her twat. Invouluntarily I thrust deeper into her with every throb of my orgasm, making her moan, and grind even harder onto me. We were cumming with eachother, riding the waves of our pleasure, together. We began to kiss as I continued to ejaculate inside of her, and I could feel her spasm arond my cock with every, loving, thrust. We held onto eachother for long minutes after our orgasm's had finished, neither one of us wanting to be the first one to let go.

Softly she nibbled on my earlobe, and kissed down my neck. I softly whispered "If only I had known that sex with a black girl was like that! I think I love you" I laughed "that was the best sex of my life!"

Slyly, and with a squeeze of my slippery cock with her pussy, she said "What do you mean was?.......We're not done yet...."

We made love to eachother for the next 6 hours, slept in one anothers arms, and had another 2 hours of passionate sex before I had to leave. This is a true story of my first time with a black woman. I hope you enjoy'd!... Continue»
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My First Time with Amanda Bynes

My name is Kenny Rourke and the story that I'm now writing had started on the Thrid day of April,when my mom and dad had dragged me over to Hollywood,California to spend the day with my TV star cousin,Amanda Bynes and her f****y.

Now,I hope that you're not getting the wrong idea about me and my cousin,because at first,I've thought of her as a little s****r and nothing else,but that was before we had arrived at the Bynes residence.

After we had pulled up into the driveway and got ourselves out of the car,Amanda's mom had stepped out of the house with a big smile on her face,ran over to our car and gave each of us a big hug.

"Oooohhhh,we're so glad to see you guys!",said my smiling aunt,after she had placed her friendly hand on my shoulder."Speaking of which,I do believe that I know a certain someone who''l be glad to see you,Kenny.Why don't you go say 'hi' to Amanda,while we get her surprise birthday planned?"

Now,after I've heard that,I would normally come up with an excuse and go to a nearby mall and do some goofing around,but after I've realized that I would never do that to any member of my f****y,I've decided to follow my aunt's advice and go inside the house to say 'hi' to Amanda.

But suddenly,after I've walked over to Amanda's bedroom door and opened it a tiny bit,my eyes had grown as big as Godzilla's,for I've just spotted my own cousin take off her underwear and look at her reflection in the mirror,causing me to notice what totally fantastic bod she has on her.

Then,just as she was about to put on her bathrobe,I've opened the door all the way and stepped into the room,causing her to cover her nude body up with the robe after she had spotted me standing in front of her.

But then,after she had looked down at my pants and saw that my suddenly stiff cock was looking like it was about to smash its way out,Amanda had slowly walked over to the bedroom door,closed and locked it behind me and dropped the robe down to the floor.

"Well,Kenny.It's good to see you again.It's a long time.",said Amanda,after she had slowly licked her lips and started touching herself all over her nude body."So tell me,Kenny.Have you ever had sex with a 19-year-old girl before?"

"Actually,Amanda.The answer is no.",I've answered,after I was able to clear my throat."I've never had sex with any girl before.That's because I hadn't allowed myself to have sex with one."

"That is until today.Don't you agree,Kenny?",asked Amanda,after she had moved herself closer to me,placed her hands on my back and gave me one really big kiss on the lips.

After the kiss,Amanda had helped me take my clothes off,we've placed ourselves on the bed and she had started sucking on my stone hard dick,causing me to place my hands on her bare back and said,"Aaaahhhh,God!I've never...had my dick...sucked by a girl...before!Oooohhhh,yeah!That's it!Suck it real good!Aaaahhhh!"

Just then,after she had laid herself next to me and whispered in my ear,"Now I want you to do what you want to me.",I've started licking all over her body--all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts.

"Aaaahhhh,yeah!That's it!Do it,Kenny!",said Amanda,after she had placed her hands on my shoulders."Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!It turns me on!Aaaahhhh!"

And then,after I've placed my cock inside her hot,moist snatch and started sucking on the nipples of her tits,I've suddenly realized that even though we were suppossed to only be cousins,we were really enjoying fucking and sucking each other.

Just then,after I've placed my dick inside her tight ass and started carressing her tits and cunt,a sexually-energized Amanda had placed her hands on my arms and yelled,"AAAAHHHH,YEAH!THAT'S IT!DO IT,YOU FUCKING SHIT-HEAD!FUCK ME!I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!SLAM IT ALL INTO ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!"

And then,after we had started moving harder and faster and finally reached the finish line of our little sex derby,the both of us had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After we were both finally able to catch our breath,Amanda had placed her head on my chest,let out a sigh and asked,"Well,Kenny?Was it good for you as it was for me?"

"Oooohhhh,yeeeeaaaahhhh.It really was,Amanda.It really was.",I've answered,after I've placed my gentle hand on her head and gave her a little kiss and just before we had snuggled-up to each other and fell asl**p within our naked arms.

Just then,after she had walked into the room and everyone else had popped out of their hiding places and yelled,"HAPPY BIRTHDAY,AMANDA!",the happy birthday girl had started recieving hugs and presents from all of the other party guests.

Well,all of them except me,because I've already given her one hell of a birthday present in her bedroom,which had indeed became my first time with Amanda Bynes,the TV star who is still my favorite more ways than one.

... Continue»
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My First Time {fictional}

My first time with a girl was intoxicating. My friends and I all decided that it was time for a girl’s night. We chose to hit the local night club X-Hale. It had the normal loud hip-hop music and the same locals from around town, but it also had hot guy’s there as well. So of course we were all in. Devon came to pick me up and we poured a glass of wine and had a drink while we waited for Dawn to come. I was still adding the finishing touches to my outfit, which was a tight pair of black jeans with a red v-neck tank top. It showed almost all of my 42-DD breast. I heard a knock on the door, as I walked across the living room, I noticed a look in Devon’s eye’s I had never seen before.... almost a look of lust. I opened the door and greeted Dawn. She is very small framed, with small perky breast. She has flaming red hair with beautiful green eyes. I have always been attracted to her. I hugged her and pecked her on the cheek. The thing with Dawn and Devon is they have never gotten along. So they flashed a fake smile to each other an then started to fight for my attention. Which I loved. I have always like being the center of attention, no matter who it was from. Devon said, she didn’t feel well and went home. Dawn an I sat down on the couch an was thinking about just staying at the house and watching movies.

I went and took off my tight jeans because they weren’t comfy. I slipped on a pair of cotton shorts and sat down beside her. I began to notice that she was eyeing my breast, and I began to feel my pussy getting warm. Dawn, asked me if I had ever been with a girl. I looked at her like I was appalled when deep down the thought had crossed my mind more than a few times. She said she hadn’t either, but every time she get’s near me, she get’s hot and wants nothing more then to see how I taste. Out of nervousness I giggled,but I had always wondered the same thing. Dawn moved close and began to touch my breast, she then leaned in an kissed me. It was the softest kiss I had ever felt. It made me so hot and wet. I started to touch her perky breast, her nipples were hard. I pulled her shirt up an licked all over her nipples. She moaned in excitement and begged for more. I took off her shirt and laid her back. Kissing her deep as she grinded me with her dripping wet pants. I sat up and slipped off her pants and asked her what she wanted... I knew, I just wanted to hear it. When she mumbled the word’s "lick my pussy" I almost came just from hearing it. I slid off the couch and dropped to my knees and with one long lick she grabbed my head and said "yes, yes, eat me"" I have waited so long for you" As I lick her hot dripping wet cunt, nibbling on her clit from time to time.

I reached up and squeeze her tiny pink nipples, she moan in ecstasy. I begin to finger her tight cunt with one, then two and finally three finger’s. She shoved my face into her pussy, telling me to catch her sweetness with my mouth. As I get up my chin dripping from her juice, I am eager for her to touch me and please me. We share a kiss as she lays me on the couch and begin touching my tit’s. She licks my big tit’s and bites my nipples, I can barely contain myself. She start’s to work her way down kissing every inch of my body. Finally making it to my thigh’s. She spread’s my leg’s apart and begin’s to lick my clit, I jump from the sensation that shot through my body like a warm current. She say’s.... your so wet, and taste so sweet. She dives into my pussy making sure to lick every part leaving nothing out. I have never had someone turn me on like this. I knew, I was getting ready to cum, then she spread my legs far apart and began licking my asshole. I had never felt something feel that good. As she licked my ass and fucked my pussy with her finger’s, I felt the build up coming from my toes, as I lay there screaming , and begging for her not to stop.... I’m cumming, I’m cumming I moaned in delight, I was filling up her mouth with my hot juices. Dawn crawls up my warm sweaty body and kisses me. I can taste my own pussy on her lip’s. I finally open my eye’s, only to see Devon standing there with her hand’s down her pants. Who knew our girl’s night had just begun!... Continue»
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My first time with John

This is the true story about my first time with a guy. It happened about 8 years ago.

John and I had been friends since we were about 6 years old. We did just about everything together. We were, and still are, best friends. One evening we decided to go to the gym and work out. The place was just about empty. We had the place to ourselves for the most part. I wasn’t as into the work out as John was. I decided to call it quits and hit the showers. John decided to stay and lift some more.

Since the place was empty I was in the showers alone. I was thinking about the killer blowjob that my girlfriend had given me the night before. She was awesome. Just thinking about it had me excited. There I was alone in the shower with a hard on. I decided that I needed to do something about it before John came in and saw me like that. I knew that I would hear John come into the locker room. I decided to take matters into my own hands so to speak. There I was alone and jacking off in the showers. I was really getting into it too. I was thinking about her lips wrapped around my hard shaft. The feel of her hot mouth sliding down my dick. MMMMMMM. I was getting close. My head was back and my eyes were closed. I could feel that tingle in my balls telling me that I was getting closer. Then I heard a noise. I stopped mid stroke and covered my cock with my hands. Too late. John was standing in the door to the showers watching me. I was scared to death. I didn’t know what he would think. We have seen each other naked before, but never jacking off. I looked at him embarrassed for being caught literally red handed. John just walked over slowly. He moved my hands away. Then he looked into my eyes. The next thing I knew his hand was on my cock!! It felt different, but good. I could feel his fingers wrap around my shaft. His fingers slowly moved up my shaft, then down again. God that felt great. I looked down so as not to moan to loudly. It was then that I saw his cock was hard too. I just stood there enjoying the feeling as my best friend stroked my cock. It didn’t take long and my balls tightened up. I couldn’t help but moan out loud. John just stroked faster. All too soon I was cumming. I could not stop myself. John’s hand was touching me just right besides the fact that was right at the edge when he walked in. My cock erupted and coated his legs and hands with hot cum. I came harder than when my girl sucked me off the night before. After a brief rest, John grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. It was still very hard and throbbing. I had never touched another guys cock before. It felt hot and very hard. I could actually feel it throb. After a couple of moments John thrust his hips at me. This was all very new to me and almost overwhelming, but I got the idea. I slowly moved my hand up his shaft. He let out a mow moan as my hand moved. I then moved it down again. Soon my hand was pumping his cock fast. I was enjoying stroking his cock. Before I knew it, he moaned really loud. I could feel his body tense. Then his cock twitched and pulsed. John’s cum spurted out of his cock. It was HOT. I don’t think I had ever been so turned on before. I pumped his cock until I milked the last drop from it. His cum was all over my hands and legs. We decided to get cleaned up and head home before someone else comes in.

We headed to John’s place. Once there we were kind of quiet about what happened. I decided to break the ice. I asked John if he had ever touched another guy’s cock. John said no. I did not think so. I asked if he had ever thought about it before. He told me that he never really thought it. Neither had I. We had seen each other naked several times before that. We even got into a three way once with a girl, but never with each other. Then John asked me what had me so horny that I had to jack off in the showers. I told him about the hot blowjob that my girlfriend had given me the night before. I explained that thinking about it got me excited and since I was alone I figured that I had time to jack off. I told him that I knew I would hear him come into the locker room. I asked John what got him so excited. He told me that he came into the locker room and heard the shower running. He figured I was in the shower and he would join me. He was shocked to see me jacking off. He started to turn and leave but realized I had seen him. I just kept on jacking away. He watched for a moment. Then he realized that watching me jack off was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He was slowly stroking his own cock when a moan escaped his lips. That when I heard him. He figured that I was close to cumming. He didn’t want me to have blueballs. Besides he wanted to see me cum. When I stopped stroking he decided that the only way he would see me cum is if he jacked me off. I told John I was very glad that he did. I then asked if he thought we could do I again. He smiled his big bright smile and dropped his shorts. He was hard again. We spent the night jacking each other off. It was the hottest night of my life. ... Continue»
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first time with a girl

let me tell you about my first time with my first girlfriend. i was a junior in high school. we were best friends and were visiting my grandparents. we were sl**ping in a double bed, so were laying close to each other. she started rubbing my back and i layed really still, acting like i was asl**p. but i wasn't. she moved down and rubbed my low back, just low enough to be suggesting something but still with the option of denial. i could tell my breathing changed, heavier, hotter. i rolled on my side with my back to her, still acting like i was asl**p. she kept touching my back, my low back, my hip, the side of my upper thigh, then again to my back, again as though there was nothing sexual about it. i kept 'sl**ping' but was getting really excited. so i rolled on my back slowly. she started touching my stomach, then moved lower. i turned my face towards hers, breathing heavy...and i kissed her. we were both really into it. middle of the night, seeming like it was a dream. she felt great and knew what she was doing. we stayed up the rest of the night- exploring each other. it was surreal. it was exciting. it was a step in a direction that i didn't even know i wanted to go.... Continue»
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This is a tell about my first time with an older woman.

(The names have been changed to protect the ids of all charaters in this story.)

It was back in 1995. I was still in fifth grade. It was getting real close to my t******h birthday. The day started out okay. I had finished my morning chores, and was putting the finial touches on my homework. When I heard the bus outside blowing the horn. I grabbed an oatmeal sandwich and ran out the door.

As I boarded the bus, I was told that I had to sit in the back if I was going to eat on the bus. Therefore, I complied. As I went to the back of the bus, I sat down next to one of the hot girls in my class. She was around my age, but she had a reputation for being a bitch. I no sooner sat down, then I noticed I had a hard on and she was looking at it, licking her lips. I tried to hide it, but it was no use. She was staring and I just knew that once we got to school, she was going to tell the teacher that I showed her my tent pole and then I would get a paddling for being naughty. But to my suprise, that is not what happened at all.

She simply grabbed my pole and squeezed. I let out a gasp. She just laughted.

When we got to school, she kept staring at me and I at her, which kept me at attention the class time. That it until the teacher saw what was going on. We both got sent to the office.

The ride home on the bus after school was a really long one. Mostly because I had gotten paddled at school for what happened on the playground (fight with another boy) and therefore had a note for my mamma. But also because I had to ride the whole trip next to Jenny, who kept her hand on the front of my pants the whole time. OH MY GOD! IT FELT WONDERFUL! Then a terrible thing happened. The ride home was over for me.

She whispered in my ear as I was getting up to leave, "I'll see both of you on Monday." Then she gave my a kiss on the lips. I about passed out.

As I got in the house, all I could think about was the wonderful feeling I had experianced. That is until my mamma walked into my room, with the belt. I had forgotten about giving her the pink-slip as I came in the house. So when she found it. OH BOY, I WAS IN DEEP SHIT.

Around 7:00, my cousin Jay came over to see if I wanted to go to the movies with him and his girlfriend, Liza. Which
even at that time seemed fishy, but I begged mamma to let me go. I was shocked when she said yes but I was still
grounded for the rest of the weekend. Grounded? Yes, I could go with them? What luck! Jay and I were close like
b*****r (him being 15 years older than I) we talked about everything that had to do with sex. And this time did I have questions.

When we got into his car, I told him about what happened on the bus with Jenny and how it made me feel. I wad a little nervious at first talking to Jay about it with Liza around. As we was pulling up to the movie theater, Jay got a page. He told me that he had to take me home and we would do this some other time as he had to go pick up a trailer in Nashville. I started to cry a little, because him and I had not hung out in almost 3 years, just talked on the phone for five minutes. When Liza noticed me crying, she told Jay that she could watch me and take me home after the movie was over. He asked me if that was okay and he would take me on my birthday, which was in 4 days. To which I said yes.

So we went to his house so he could get his tractor to head to Nashville to pick that trailer up. As soon as we did, I got in the front seat with Liza. She asked me a lot if questions.

Such as: "How are you?" , "How many times have you had sex?" ,"Are circumsised or uncircumsised?", "How big i your dick?"

To be honest, my only reply was an erection that was bigger than I had previous. Her reply was, "Holy Shit! You are bigger than Jay is! Let's forget the movie and go to my place. I can teach you what you need to know about sex. Your cousin Jay don't know shit about fucking. For one thing he cums to damn early. So what do you say? Want to get your first piece of pussy?"

All I could do is nod my head and sqeak, "Yyeess." She just giggled and put her hand on my dick and gave a little squeeze. I jumped when she did.

We were at her house around 7:45pm and I had a 11:00 curfew as it was the weekend. As soon as we walked in her house, I knew this was it. After tonight I was no longer going to be a virgin. So I braced myself for what ever was coming.

She grabbed me by the hand and led me to her room, where we both began to strip down to our under clothes. But seeing as I was not wearing any under my jeans (because I had shot off in them on the bus, because of Jenny), I just kept my jeans on. But Liza being my elder told me, "Take your clothes off or you are going to get a spanking. Do you understand me?" I replied, "Yes, ma'am." Then started doing so. Not that I was afraid of her giving me a spanking, but because the jeans were pushing on my dick with the f***e of what felt like a ton of bricks. That is how hard I was in those 36 jeans and that was the size that fit comfortably.

As soon as I undid the button and zipper that relieved some of the pressure, as my dick jumped out, sniffing around for pussy. As soon as Liza saw my 7" uncut dick, she sherked with joy. Her exact words were, "Let's start fucking, right now!" That is all I needed to move toward the bed.

As soon as I got down beside her, she told me to just relax and she would treat me to a sucking. I was never as nervious as I was at that moment. I just laid back as she started to give me a blow job that I have never had since then. As she was going down on my dick, I just kept thinking about what Jay would say if he knew his girlfriend was giving me head. But that all changed as she stopped at the base of the shaft and began to suck, like she was sucking on a straw trying to drink a frosty milk shake. Then it happened! Without warning and with no time to warn her, I shot all in her mouth and on her face as she pulled out after the first shot. After I shot off, she flipped me over on my belly and slapped my ass four times for cuming without warning her. The slaps hurt to make me shed a tear at first, but before to long I was liking it.

(This is the end of part one of this story. Please join in next time as we finish up with a big suprise.)

Thank you for reading. As this is my first story, it is going to take a while to get use to it. Your comments are welcome, just be aware that any negitive comments will be looked over. Thank you.... Continue»
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My first time with a man

I remember it like it was yesterday, my first time with another man. I had dated women, and done some things with them, but at age 19, I never had the guts to try something wild like gay sex, but that all changed. I shaved my ass and balls, to make sure I was nice and smooth for whatever was going to happen.

I went into an AOL chat for gay connections, there were tons of guys in there, the chat room was almost always at capacity. I stated that I was 19 and looking for right now, the responses on instant message flooded in soon after. I wanted someone older for my first time, 35-45years old, a real daddy type.

An IM came in from a 43 year old man from one town over. This was perfect for me, and we made small talk at first. He sent me a pic of his cock and face, both were wonderful. As I stared at the picture of his hard cock, I imagined what it tasted like, what it felt like. I told him I wanted to be his bottom, and he invited me over for some fun.

We met within the hour and went back to his place. I was incredibly nervous, but so excited about what was to come. We started off with some very sensual kissing on his couch, but he soon suggested we head to his bedroom.

Once there I took my pants off and approached him for another kiss, but he threw me onto the bed. It caught me off guard, but I was so horny. He told me he was a very rough top and the kissing stopped there, he then grabbed my by the hair and pulled me down to my knees on the floor. He unzipped his pants to reveal his fat cock, my eyes widened. It was only a few inches from my face, the closest I had ever been to another mans dick, and I could feel the heat coming off of it.

I opened my mouth and he slowly pushed it in. The feeling was amazing, this delicious cock sitting on my tongue. I sucked on it, back and forth, and it got harder and fatter in my mouth as I did. He began to fuck my face, faster and deeper. He shoved it in to the back of my mouth, and I gagged hard. This turned me on so much. I went in for more, deep-throating and gagging more and more, choking and even spitting up on it. I even sucked on his balls when I needed to catch my breath, I was his complete bitch, and I loved it.

Suddenly, he picked me up and bent me over the bed. yanking off my underwear. I felt a cool liquid run down my ass crack and a finger massage it into my tight hole. I knew what was coming next, but I was not prepared for it. He pressed his hard cock head against my hole and it f***ed its way in. I gasped as he pushed in deep, and he slapped my ass. He left me no time to catch my barrings as he immediately began to fuck me deep and hard, stretching my hole. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass every time i moaned, thrusting harder and harder. As my ass began loosening around his cock, I began to enjoy it. I started pushing back on his dick to feel him even deeper, I yelled for him to fuck me harder, and he obliged. He began moaning louder and I knew he was getting ready to cum. My cock was rock hard as well and it was at this point that I remembered he didnt have a condom on, I yelled that I wanted him to cum inside me. He let out a loud moan and his stroke became more stiff. I felt the heat of his seed fill my hole and I began to cum.

We laid together for a few minutes, his semen swimming around inside of me. I kissed him one more time, got dressed and went home. I got home and I couldnt stop smiling, but I wanted more, I loved what I did and loved how slutty it all was. So I went back to the chat room and made arrangements for my first gang bang...... Continue»
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My First Time With a Transexual

This is a true story it happened back in 1986 I already knew I was bye and I liked having sex with girls and guys but I had never had a transexual. I went out clubing where all the gays and lesbian hang out just to hang out and have a good time there was always someone who would accept a straight looking guy like me so I went into this one club that had a transvestitied show or shemales show it was a great show they had some singers, dancers a couple of comedians the show was very good so I had to stand at the bar in between to girls who were dressed in business suits very sharp nice asses and great looking tits they were about my height, had all the curves in the right places so I invited them drinks they accepted, so we started talking about the show they told me they were regulars there, I said they looked great and very sexy. One said her name was Mary, thanks that it took a lot of work to look that good. I comented that she must go to the spa or something she said that she did I told her she was really getting her monies worth. Our converstation got around to if she wanted to go out with me, she asked me if I knew what she was I said no she said that she wasn't what I was looking at that she was special I said she sure was and than she reached for my cock through my pants and in a very sexy voice said she had one of those and if I was OK with that than she'd take me home and let me get better acquianted. Let happen what was to happen. I said to her I'm very open minded and would love to get to know her better. So we left the club and went out to my car, we drove a few blocks to her condo. She let us in, turned to give me a very hot kiss with tongue and all I could feel her tits push against me and the rest of her was so smooth I reached down to grab her ass she moaned in my hear saying you know what I like. We gradually moved over to her couch, I openned her blouse, so I could suck on her tits they we soft, very beautiful brown nipples, which I sucked very softly at first, she moaned again said to me to suck them harder. I took off her blouse and bra, while she work to remove my pants and shorts I openned her pants and slipped my hand into her panties I found her cock tucked between her legs she was very smooth this got me so hot that my cock was as hard as a rock she kissed my chest and sucked on my nipples she continued down to my cock she licked it than took it into her mouth which was so hot I almost came we moved down to the carpet switched ends so we could 69 I took her cock into my mouth and I work it for all I was worth. She just groaned on my cock, began to move her hips back and forth fucking my mouth with her cock so I did the same to her after about 10 minutes she groaned that she was going to cum in my mouth I let her know that I was going to do the same so we keeped at it, we came almost together I keeped sucking her cock very softly until she pulled out. We both kind of laided there panting, she said that she really needed that. If I was up to more I said of course. She rolled over got to her feet she went to the kitchen for a couple of beers, we sat on the carpet drinking beer for a while, she asked me if I had ever been with a shemale before I said no you are the first but not the last. She lead me into the bedroom so we could more confortable, I started to kiss her cheeks and lips I moved down to her tits I caressed each one than I suck her nipples one at a time until she stared to moan softly I continued on down to her belly button than finally to her cock which I licked all around the tip than the length I continued licking and caressing her between her legs on down to her knees calfs and ankles finally to her feet, kiss each and sucked each of her toes, than I turned her over and started back up her legs to the back of her knees to her ass which I ate with gusto now she was moaning and groaning she put her ass in the aire so I could really get to her little hole to stick my tongue in her ass hole which tasted just fine after a bit I worked my way back up her back licking and caressing her spine until she said that she was going to cum again. I said not like that your not I turned her over so I could grab her cock and put into my mouth to suck her off again. She came very hard with maybe 5 or 6 squirts of great tasting cum which I drank down again. This made me so horny that before she could say anything I turned her over again pulled her ass into the aire, so I could shove my already rock hard cock into her ass she moaned and pushed her ass back into me, I was so hot that I could only fuck her ass for a short time maybe 9 or 10 minutes before I came in her ass. I was spent but I didn't pull out until she said that she had to go to the bathroom, she said if I wanted to take a showwer with her I jumped at the offer, and thats another story. This was really a true story of my first time with a shemale but not the last. let me know what you think.... Continue»
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My First Time With A MILF

We were in our last year of school and my friends and I had this band. It was me, Jerry, Pete, and Bart and we were pretty good. We played country and folk music. We were invited to play at this benefit folk concert in a nearby town for a weekend. They were going to put us up in a hotel and feed us. We were pretty pumped about the whole deal. We got there on Friday afternoon and found our spot on the lineup. We were playing right after these older ladies who did some fiddle stuff. They were really good.
We did our set and did some jam sessions then hung around late with other folk people playing and talking. We did some drinking too. The two folk ladies that played before us were there also. These two ladies looked like "Dr. Laura" if you know who she is. Their names were Beth and Kate. They were not bad looking for their age but still old enough to be our mother. The next day, Saturday, those ladies played with us and it was a big hit. We played several sets during the day and then late into the night. After everything was over we all sat around picking and drinking and talking. Beth and Kate were drinking wine coolers and alot of them. They went back to our hotel with us and wanted to drink some more.
We had two rooms but we were all in one and were drinking. I really liked Beth and we seemed to get along. She was funny and nice. Beth wanted me and Pete to take her into the other room for a few minutes so she could pee which we did. She came out of the bathroom, then Pete went in. She sat on the bed with me waiting. She rubbed her hand on me and when I turned to look at her she kissed me. She told me that she found me attractive and that her husband does not pay much attention to her. I was kind of horny and attracted to her and we kissed more. Within a minute or two she was rubbing my cock thru my jeans and I had my hand down her shirt. Another minute and her top was off showing some nice tits, another minute and we were both naked, my dick harder than steel.
Beth took my dick in her mouth and worked it over real good. This was not my first time for sex but it was my first time with someone older than I. Pete came into the room and sat in the chair to watch. We got in the 69 position, her wet pussy in my face. I worked it as well as I knew how and she turned around and slid down on my dick. This older woman was on top of me working my dick with her wonderful pussy, I could not believe it. I did not want to cum too fast so I got her to flip over and to be on bottom. Her pussy was not very hairy and smelled great, I plowed into her and gave it all I had. When I could hold back no longer I plunged deep into her and with out thinking let loose a load of my spunk flooding her insides. I did not move until my balls were drained and my dick was limp. She told me she had an orgasim and loved it. I told her I came inside her and she laughed and said that is what we are supposed to do. Then she said that she would not get pregnant if that is what I was worried about.
Pete then stepped up, naked and sporting a big boner. Beth smiled and said she forgot about him and that she had never done two men in one night but that she was ready. Pete got on her and fucked her for a minute and came. He did not last long at all. My dick was hard again after watching Pete and Beth pulled me onto her and I fucked her sloppy pussy some more. The three of us fell asl**p on the bed and the next morning I awoke with a throbing hardon. Beth pulled me over and let me slid my dick into her, I came easily pumping a huge load deep into her again. Then Pete was right there waiting his turn and dumped a large load in her too. She dressed and went back to her room, she did give me her number so we could keep in touch.
When we met up with Jerry and Bart, we found out they had fucked Kate also. They would not stop talking about Kate's big pussy and how they just fucked her all night.
I did call Beth a few times and we did meet up and fuck several times after that night. She was a good fuck and I enjoyed her alot. I have fucked alot of older women since then but I will always remember my first married MILF.... Continue»
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My First Time With A MILF

We were in our last year of school and my friends and I had this band. It was me, Jerry, Pete, and Bart and we were pretty good. We played country and folk music. We were invited to play at this benefit folk concert in a nearby town for a weekend. They were going to put us up in a hotel and feed us. We were pretty pumped about the whole deal. We got there on Friday afternoon and found our spot on the lineup. We were playing right after these older ladies who did some fiddle stuff. They were really good.
We did our set and did some jam sessions then hung around late with other folk people playing and talking. We did some drinking too. The two folk ladies that played before us were there also. These two ladies looked like "Dr. Laura" if you know who she is. Their names were Beth and Kate. They were not bad looking for their age but still old enough to be our mother. The next day, Saturday, those ladies played with us and it was a big hit. We played several sets during the day and then late into the night. After everything was over we all sat around picking and drinking and talking. Beth and Kate were drinking wine coolers and alot of them. They went back to our hotel with us and wanted to drink some more.
We had two rooms but we were all in one and were drinking. I really liked Beth and we seemed to get along. She was funny and nice. Beth wanted me and Pete to take her into the other room for a few minutes so she could pee which we did. She came out of the bathroom, then Pete went in. She sat on the bed with me waiting. She rubbed her hand on me and when I turned to look at her she kissed me. She told me that she found me attractive and that her husband does not pay much attention to her. I was kind of horny and attracted to her and we kissed more. Within a minute or two she was rubbing my cock thru my jeans and I had my hand down her shirt. Another minute and her top was off showing some nice tits, another minute and we were both naked, my dick harder than steel.
Beth took my dick in her mouth and worked it over real good. This was not my first time for sex but it was my first time with someone older than I. Pete came into the room and sat in the chair to watch. We got in the 69 position, her wet pussy in my face. I worked it as well as I knew how and she turned around and slid down on my dick. This older woman was on top of me working my dick with her wonderful pussy, I could not believe it. I did not want to cum too fast so I got her to flip over and to be on bottom. Her pussy was not very hairy and smelled great, I plowed into her and gave it all I had. When I could hold back no longer I plunged deep into her and with out thinking let loose a load of my spunk flooding her insides. I did not move until my balls were drained and my dick was limp. She told me she had an orgasim and loved it. I told her I came inside her and she laughed and said that is what we are supposed to do. Then she said that she would not get pregnant if that is what I was worried about.
Pete then stepped up, naked and sporting a big boner. Beth smiled and said she forgot about him and that she had never done two men in one night but that she was ready. Pete got on her and fucked her for a minute and came. He did not last long at all. My dick was hard again after watching Pete and Beth pulled me onto her and I fucked her sloppy pussy some more. The three of us fell asl**p on the bed and the next morning I awoke with a throbing hardon. Beth pulled me over and let me slid my dick into her, I came easily pumping a huge load deep into her again. Then Pete was right there waiting his turn and dumped a large load in her too. She dressed and went back to her room, she did give me her number so we could keep in touch.
When we met up with Jerry and Bart, we found out they had fucked Kate also. They would not stop talking about Kate's big pussy and how they just fucked her all night.
I did call Beth a few times and we did meet up and fuck several times after that night. She was a good fuck and I enjoyed her alot. I have fucked alot of older women since then but I will always remember my first married MILF.... Continue»
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This is a tell about my first time with an older woman.

(The names have been changed to protect the ids of all charaters in this story.)

After I had shoot off, and gotten a slapping on the ass, I waited to see what was going to happen next. To my surprise I was still hard as a rock. Liza said, "Damn boy! You must be really horny. By now Jay would have done passed out. Are you sure that he is your cousin?"

I replied, "I'm not for sure. Mamma don't like to talk about it. Why?"

She said, "No reason. Are you ready for me to teach you how to make a woman feel special?"

I nodded, then she told me to lie down with my face looking right at her kitty. I did so, and found that it was something that I had been craving every since that morning on the bus, with Jenny. I did the first thing I could think of. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her little kitty. As I was licking her pussy like it was a bowl of ice cream, she kept saying, "OH D. I THINK YOU DON'T NEED MY HELP TEACHING YOU!!!"

However, the more I licked, the harder I got. I was just about ready to come up for air, when her body became stiff as a board, and she screamed, "OH, D. I AM CUMMING!!!!!" And sure enough, she did! All over my face and tongue. It tasted sweeter than honey water. Then she pulled me up to her and she started kissing me. 'Damn', I thought. 'Does Jay every give her a good licking? The way she acts, it's like it was her first one.'

But as soon as I thought that, she asked me if I was ready to fuck. I nodded my head yes and gave her a nudge with my now 7 1/2" p*****n dick. She squeaked with joy as she felt the head rub up against her sweet pussy lips. This was it! After this moment I was no longer going to be a virgin. I also was no longer going to be a c***d, I was becoming a man.

She lied there on her back as I knelt between her soft sweet legs. I lined the head of my dick up to her pussy and started to push in slowly, as I did not know what to suspect. But what I did discover was a very wet tunnel of tightness. I was in heaven. I just knew that this was just great.

As I was going in further, I felt her pussy walls squeeze tighter around my dick. "OHHH SHITTT!!!!", I yelled, as I felt pressure building up in my balls. I just knew that I was about to cum. But I remembered how she said that Jay always cums too early. And I was not going to do that to her. So I told her that I wanted to try another position, just to keep me alive. She laughed as we started doing it doggy style. That helped .

We had been fucking for about 45 - 50 minutes, when I felt her cumming. Again her body became like a board and again she screamed, "I'M CUMMING!!!!!" That was enough for me. Again without thinking, I rammed my dick as far as I could, and shot a load of cum up into her sweet, soft, tight pussy. After I had unloaded my seed into her, she said, "Boy, you better hope that it made it into my womb." WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

(Thank you for reading. It brought back some great memories writing this. I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever sex story. Well, Part 2 of my story. There will be a lot more coming. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the story. THANK YOU!)... Continue»
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My first time with a guy

My first time with a guy was when I was a teen.
My mom was a work and she had the nieghbor to check on me, I was in my dads Porn mags, jerking off and in walks the nieghbors son.
He was about 3 years older then myself. I pulled up my pants and tried to cover up my cock with the bed sheet, but it stuck up like a tent. He just sat next to me and wanted to look at the mag too. He found a pic with two girls eatting cum from a big black cock and and said " look at this, I would some of that". I was just watching his cock grow under his pants. He ask if I ever had sex. I told him no but what sould i have told him, I did have sex with his s****r a few time but how hasent. He said the best is oral and he loved it. He pulled out his cock and started rubbing it slow. and told me it was natural to get a hard on. after a few miniuts he pulled back the sheet and said he could give me the best blow job ever if i would let him. Sure i said. he went down on me and I came in 30 sec. he keeped my cum in his mouth and kissed me. i was suprised he kissed me but when i tasted my own cum I kissed him back. and we sharded the load. he ask if i wanted to try it, I said I would.
He laid down an I started to suck my first cock.
I could not get much in my mouth but i Tried.
He started to cum and he pushed my head down on him tighter. I tried not to gag but I did spitting the load down we chin and his leg and cock. He reached down and whiped it up in his hand and ate it up leaving me some to lick up. after that we had one great summer. We were great friend until my parents split and we moved away. I sure miss having a friend I could have fun with.... Continue»
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My First Time With A Guy

I remember my first time with a guy like it was yesterday.

It was during a class trip my senior year (we were both 18). We had to be two to a one bed room in a pretty cheap hotel outside of D.C. The person i was paired with, Matthew, i had never really gotten along with well. I thought this whole trip was going to be hell. When we came into the room it was pretty bland. A bed, a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower; a tv and a chair. We weren't allowed to leave the room after 8:00 so we just watched tv until around 10:00 when we had to turn the lights off. We argued for a bit about who was going to sl**p where until we both just maned up and slept on the bed. A couple of hours past and i could tell i was going to get any sl**p. I turned towards Matthew to see that he was turned towards me.

"Can't sl**p" I asked.

"Yeah, feels like an all niter" he replied

"Well, you wanna talk"


We talked about various things for a while and then started to fool around. It was too dark to see anything so he got a bottle and pretended it was his dick. We kept fooling around like that for a bit. Then i felt his shirtless chest and couldn't take my hands off. I kept feeling up to his neck and down to his belly. He was in pretty good shape and his chest felt like gold. I thought he was going to freak out but instead he returned the favor. I was (and still am) and i was completely surprised e kept feeling me.

I decided to get a little more and reached around back and started to feel his thigh and ass. I kept my hand on his ass for a while ( he had boxer briefs on, as did I) and with my other hand felt his chest again. Then, Matthew did the unthinkable and felt my dick through my briefs. It was hard as a rock and pre cum ran down my dick like a waterfall. He grabbed my dick and just held it in his hand. It felt like nothing i had ever experienced before. I put my hand that was on hiss ass right on his dick and did the same. We then leaned in and stated kissing. As we kissed i took his arm and threw him on top of me. We kept kissing until i pulled his briefs off. I sat up with him still on my lap and kissed his neck and went downwards. I sucked his nipples for a while then laid him down and made my way down to his dick. I jerked him off for a bit then put my mouth on his cock and began to suck. I sucked his dick until he came like a volcano in my mouth. I swallowed every single bit. He got back up and went straight to my dick and without hesitation sucked me dry. I had never had head so good before and came like a monster and it even started to drip out of his mouth. He swallowed all he could.

I thought we were going to call it quits but he told me he wanted it up the ass. I had him lean over and i started to eat his ass up. I then slid my index finger up there and got his hole ready for my dick. I shoved my cock up there and began to fuck his brains out. I fucked him so hard the bed started to shake and hit the wall. I fucked his ass for a good ten minutes before cumming all over his tight chest and feeding it to him.

All that fucking made my ass cock hungry and I told him to let me ride him. He laid down and i opened up my cheeks onto his face and let him lube my hole with his tongue for a bit. I slid his cock up my pooper that i felt it in my stomach. I rode him for what felt like days before he came inside me. I made him eat up all the cum out of my ass and spit in my mouth. We called it quits there and slept like babies. We stayed at the hotel for two more nights and fucked equally so.

Me and Matthew will never forget that night, every time we fuck we talk about it afterwords. It was the best night of my life. ... Continue»
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My first time with a man

I had my first time with a real man last night. Im 32yo married guy & hadnt had any gay sex since I was about 20 when I sucked the cock of a young guy backstage at a theatre once. I met this guy on gaydar. Wed been emailing & having very horny chats & cam sessions for a few months, but hadnt had the opportunity to meet. He was 57, and lived local to me. My wife was away this weekend, so on Saturday night I arranged to meet him. I was so fucking nervous, absolutely shitting myself as I walked to meet him in a nearby car park, so nervous that my cock had shrunk to a fifth of its size !!!

It was gone 11pm so it was very quiet. I saw his car across the other side of the car park & he was just about to leave. He drove out of the car park and pulled up alongside me. I just opened the door & got in. He was very smart, with a suit & tie, driving a nice car. We drove around a bit looking for a quiet place to park up. As we were driving he was rubbing my thigh. I just sat there, still very nervous, but it was turning me on nonetheless. Driving around like this relaxed me a bit, and by the time we found somewhere quiet, I was a bit less nervous, though not at all hard. He pulled over into a parking spot, as leaned over to kiss me. I hadnt even considered snogging, but went with it & quite enjoyed the feel of his tongue in my mouth. I reached over & felt his bulge over his trousers....hmm I liked the feel of it. He undid his belt & pulled his trousers down around his thighs so I could play with his cock over his tight black boxer shorts. I could feel him getting harder & I wanted to see it & feel it. I told him I was going to have to put my hand inside his boxers & I slipped it under the waistband and gripped his cock. He pulled the boxers down, revealing a nice thick cock, a big swollen cock head and a pair of tight cum filled balls. I wanked him a little and he moaned, telling me it felt so good. He asked me did I want to suck it, and I nodded my head & moved down into his lap. I held his cock & slipped it into my mouth. It felt warm and firm in my mouth. I didnt really know what to do so I bobbed up & down on it, cupping his balls with my other hand, he seemed to like this as he let out a slow moan & told me I was doing it right. I let it slide up into the back of my mouth & rubbed the head on the inside of my cheek, doing little short sucks on him and I felt his hand on my arse, feeling me up through my jeans. I felt him get harder in my mouth and as I took his full length I nearly gagged, a few more little thrusts and I pulled away, my hand replacing my mouth as I wanked him. I didnt feel I was doing it very well so I asked him to wank himself. He pulled his boxers a bit further down & started to rub his hand up & down his shaft, his large head being covered & then exposed by his foreskin. I undid my jeans to let him feel at my arse, his hand slipping underneath me to find my tight hole. I was talking dirty to him, telling him how I wanted his big daddy cock inside me, how I wanted him to take me to bed and lie down on top of me rubbing his cock against my crack.............his finger was working itself into my hole as I reached over & played with his balls as he wanked himself faster & faster, he was moaning & telling me what a sexy arse I had. I rubbed his balls & urged him to cum for me. I looked down to see white spunk appear at the tip of his dick, I just leant over & licked & rubbed my lips over his big cock head, feeling his cum in my mouth. He spent the last of his cum & cleaned himself up, I did the same and drank some water. It felt funny to have the taste of this mans spunk in my mouth, but i was glad that I had made him cum !

I asked him to drive me back. As we were driving his hand found its way onto my thigh again. This time it felt really sexy & I took hold of it & pulled it to my crotch. We drove back to the car park with his hand gripping my cock & balls through my jeans. We pulled over & he said he could feel I was hard. I just undid my jeans & he slipped his hand inside my boxers gently holding my hardening dick. I moaned a little & he started to tug on my cock and talk dirty to me. It was pretty intense although I wasnt that hard. All the time he sat next to me looking at me & saying really horny things as his hand worked inside my pants on my little cock. I just allowed him to do this until I could feel my cock throbbing & I delivered my cum on his hand and inside my boxers, I used his tissue to wipe myself then thanked him, got out pf the car and walked home. I can still smell him on my hands and taste his cum and its making me hard again.
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My First Time with My Dad

Mf f-solo inc father daughter exhib first

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – My Life Before i****t
Chapter 2 – An Attitude Adjustment
Chapter 3 – Debating i****t
Chapter 4 – “Seducing” My Dad
Chapter 5 – First Time Sex With My Dad

Chapter 1 – My Life Before i****t

My parents have always kept themselves in pretty good shape and my mom still
looks fantastic in her bikini while my dad still wears almost the same pant
size from when he graduated from college. Indeed, when I was a teenage my
Mom loved it when people would mistake her for my older s****r. No doubt it
helped that she only gave birth to one c***d. I was a rough delivery and so
based on her doctor’s recommendation, my mom didn't have any more c***dren.
As her only c***d, she and I have always very close and I share everything I
do with her - and I do mean everything.

From my earliest memories, nudity at home was never anything to be ashamed of
yet at the same time, it wasn't necessarily something to be flaunted either.
I can’t stress enough that we were NOT nudists. We never went to any
“clothing optional” clubs or did anything involving nudity away from home or
with other people. Personally, I’ve never been able to understand why anyone
would even WANT to be a nudist. To me it feels unnatural, almost f***ed, as
if you’re pushing yourself onto someone else. Maybe that’s why if I AM nude
around the house then it’s almost always when I’m alone.

To help illustrate what I’m saying, here are some examples. While it was
considered normal for us to be naked in the hot tub, that was because my dad
said he didn't want us to contaminate the water with our swim suits rather
than any desire on his part to ogle his naked wife and daughter. We never
just lounged around nude in the f****y room watching TV. For one my mom
simply didn't consider it to be hygienic and besides not to mention it just
felt better to have a little protection on.

In another case, if my dad was taking a shower I wasn’t afraid to do my hair
in the bathroom nor did it bother me for him to shave while I was in the tub
or shower. We were naked only because it wouldn't have made any sense to
wear anything, not because we wanted the other to see us nude.

As a little girl I went to bed wearing the same things all little girls did -
pajamas, nighties, and so forth. I started sl**ping nude when I was turned
twelve; not for any sex-related reasons but more because that was how my
parents had always slept. Like most k**s when they were going through
puberty, I was always trying hard not to be a “k**” anymore. Once I tried it
I found that it just felt better to sl**p naked and so I have done so ever
since. It want something I usually even thought about until I would spend
the night at a friend’s house and have to wear pajamas or a nightshirt. Such
times served to remind just how uncomfortable and restricted it made me feel
not being naked. Still, even at home I keep a nightshirt or a robe by the
bed to put on when I get up so I don’t have to run around the house nude.

In today’s world plagued with so much pornography on the Internet and media,
too many k**s are becoming addicted to porn or even worse, de-sensitized to
it. Thus today it’s all the worse when parents add an element of mystery and
intrigue by condemning sex or portraying it as something perverted or taboo.

In stark contrast, my parents brought me up to appreciate the not-so-subtle
differences between porn and art, to recognize the joys raised by eroticism
over the tastelessness of vulgarity. Today I can appreciate eroticism but
pornography turns me off, especially today’s obsession with cheap “amateurs”,
“interviews”, “castings” and other supposedly “real” situations that anyone
can tell are just cheap whores. At least the “vintage” videos in my dad’s
porn collection bothered to at least try to instill a little plot and story

Speaking of nudity and sex, it’s always seemed a shame to me that when it
comes to sex that most parents shroud the topic in mystery, treating it as
taboo and putting their k**s on a guilt trip if they catch them so much as
masturbating or just playing around. Fortunately for me, my parents have
always been totally open about sex, yet all the while stressing respect AND
responsibility. Thus while I may have been much more aware of sex when I was
growing up in comparison to most k**s, I was undoubtedly much more
responsible and prepared to handle it when I grew old enough to start doing
more than just talk about it.

Although my parents never actually made love in front of me while I was
growing up, I knew they did frequently as it was the only time the bedroom
door was closed. Heck, they may as well have just hung out a sign saying
“Stay out, parents making love!” Rather than being embarrassed of my
parent’s having sex, I feel that one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me
throughout my c***dhood was the security that came from knowing that my
parents are totally in love with one another - physically as well as

When it comes to masturbation, I consider it a totally different topic from
sex. Masturbation is a natural act that allows a person to deal with the
inner needs and emotions that we all have as a result of being created by God
as sexual beings. Even though almost everybody does it, society still treats
it like a forbidden ritual. Personally I think making someone feel guilty
about masturbating is counter-productive. Not only will you not stop them,
but it may well result in creating an unhealthy attitude and lack of respect
for their own sexuality.

I don’t really remember exactly when I first started to explore myself. I DO
know that I didn’t deliberately masturbate until I was eleven but that’s more
because my mom remembers it more than me marking it on my calendar or
anything like that. In fact, my mom was the one that taught me to masturbate
(well, some things come natural but it never hurts to get a few pointers).
She even offered me the contents of her toy drawer next to the bed but I’ve
always preferred to just use my fingers.

My parents (especially my dad) masturbated frequently and they made no effort
to hide it yet there was NOTHING kinky or perverted about what they did. The
key was that like nudity, they didn’t flaunt it either. Basically if the
mood struck them, they did it – it was really that simple. Also, they did it
discretely so I was not like my dad put on a show for me just because he was
turned on by Amanda Tapping of StarGate fame. In fact, most of the time he
masturbated around me I didn’t even know he was doing it.

One of the many problems created when sex is treated as secretive and taboo
is that most people who are raised that way instantly assume that if someone
is nude or masturbates around someone else, that there is some inference of a
desire for a sexual relationship. Well, that just goes to show how wrong
impressions get started by people who don't know what they’re talking about.
I NEVER felt that way growing up. If I saw my dad masturbating because he was
turned on by a movie or picture of beautiful woman, I didn’t assume that he
wanted to have sex with ME, I knew that he was just horny. My mother had a
drawer full of vibrators next to her bed which she used frequently.

As for myself, whether watching a sexy movie or I was just feeling horny,
I’ve never felt inhibited from touching myself wherever or whenever I needed
to in order to release the sexual tension built up within me. The key thing
is that I was taught that discretion was just being polite, not that I needed
to hide anything. Since I usually would just reach inside my pajamas or
under my skirt without making a big show of it, why not do it when you need
to rather than wait to go off and do it in private? I would bet that most of
the time my parents don't even know I’m doing it!

Basically I learned most everything I needed to know about sex from my mom.
She was also the one who got me on birth control when I became sexually
active. Unlike most girls who have to hide what they do with their
boyfriends from their parents, when I gave up my virginity at the ripe old
age of f******n I couldn't wait to get home and tell my Mom all about it.
After that she insisted that I tell her everything did on my dates with every
guy I’ve been with – and I do mean EVERYTHING. She use to joke with me that
me telling her such stuff was the price I had to pay for my birth control
pills but actually I think she lived vicariously through me.

My parents knew just about everything I did when I was growing up, mostly
because I never felt the need to hide anything from them. Rather than preach
to me about abstinence and other ridiculous notions that are a total waste of
time, they generally encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunities of
adolescence and enjoy myself.

My mom especially loved to sit in bed next to me after I came home from a hot
date and listen to me as I would describe every detail of what the guy had
done to me – and me to him. I’m not sure who got turned on more during those
special mother-daughter times - her listening to how her little girl was
fucked her boyfriends or me telling her about it and watching her reactions.
It wasn't unusual for her to leave after I was through and head straight for
the drawer next to her bed. If anything, I gave me a thrill to see how much
my mom seemed to be reliving her own teen years vicariously through me.

My dad was just as interested in my dates as my mom but he was also very
concerned that I took precautions to keep myself safe. Believe it or not, my
dad actually preferred that I bring boys home to fuck me because then at
least he knew I was OK. I understood that he was just a dad anxious about
his little girl so I would leave the door to my bedroom cracked open for him
to keep on eye on us, especially when I was with a new boy. It also made me
feel more secure knowing that my dad was keeping an eye on things.

Now before you think of me as being totally naïve, of course I knew he also
enjoyed watching us and often he would masturbate afterwards. As my mom
often reminded me in such circumstances, my dad was also a man and had the
same reactions any other man would have seeing two teenagers fucking in bed,
even if the girl was his own daughter. Indeed, I would have far more worried
if he DIDN’T get turned on!

From f******n until just after I turned sixteen I fucked a total of six
teenage boys plus an older married guy from my dad’s office. During that
same time I found that I really enjoyed blowjobs and personally, I felt I had
a natural knack for them. Thus while I may have been very selective over
whose penis I allowed in my vagina, I did take advantage of every opportunity
to suck cock. There is just something about sucking a boy dick, feeling him
get hard, and then bringing him to a climax, all with just my mouth, that is
exhilarating to me. I was also quite proud of what I felt was a well-
deserved reputation among the boys for being the best cocksucker in my
school. After all, I worked hard for it – and I deserved it.

I’ve said all of this so far so people would have a better understanding of
where I was in my life up to this time and perhaps why things happened the
way they did. Frankly, I don’t think I was raised all that different from
most k**s. Certainly there was nothing that would have caused me to think
that anything like i****t would ever enter my life.

Chapter 2 – An Attitude Adjustment

One night, a couple of months after my sixteenth birthday, I came home early
from a party. It was suppose to be fun but after I got there it turned into
a boring evening full of nothing but a lot of people I didn’t know standing
around smoking and drinking – neither of which I did nor did I enjoy being
around such people. The guy who brought me was pretty hot but he soon became
so d***k I didn't even want to suck him, let alone have him fuck me, so in
disgust I asked a girlfriend to take me home.

When I walked through the front door I didn’t see my parents nor did I hear
the TV down in the basement, so I assumed that my parents must have left for
the evening. There wasn't a note or anything which didn't surprise me since
I was expected to be home late and that they probably figured that they would
be back before I got home. I’d had my eye on the guy who had taken me to the
party for a while and they both knew I was horny for him so the odds of me
being home early were pretty low.

Once upstairs, I noticed their bedroom was also empty which only confirmed my
theory regarding their whereabouts. Entering my bedroom, I was about to turn
on the overhead light when I heard something from outside my open bedroom
window. It was just cracked open for some fresh air but enough to let the
sound in unimpeded.

Our bedrooms are on the second floor and mine overlooked the back deck which
included a large hot tub. Peeking out the window between the drawn blinds, I
couldn’t believe my eyes - my parents home! The two of them were in the hot
tub which in and of itself wasn't unusual as we definitely got our money's
worth from it. What WAS surprising was that they were going at it like two
horny teenagers in heat! Needless to say, they were both completely naked
with my dad seated on the edge while my mom was mostly underwater except for
her head and shoulders which were between his spread-open legs as she sucked
his hardened cock!

It was not the first time by any means I’d seen my dad with an erection but
it WAS the first time I saw my mom (or anyone for that matter) sucking it. I
smiled to myself as my mom was demonstrating some pretty awesome cocksucking
skills. Obviously she’d had lots of practice as her face was buried in my
dad's wet crotch and she was taking all of his stiff cock in her mouth. From
the look on my dad's face he was enjoying it immensely! His hands were on her
head, pulling it into him, forcing himself deeper down her throat.

Instinctively I turned away out of respect for their privacy. As I said, my
parents were open about almost every area of their lives except for their
lovemaking which had always been something special that they reserved for
just between the two of them. The only problem was that I couldn't help
myself – something inside me seemed to be compelling me to watch them. It
was like I was hypnotized, my body reacting on its own without me controlling

Like in a trance, I turned back to the window and looked down at them as they
began to make passionate love. My mom was in a doggie position with her
hands on the edge and her bare wet butt facing my dad as he banged her hard
from behind. I couldn't quite make out his dick as it penetrated her, but
the motions they were making were unmistakable. Oh yeah, he was fucking her!

It wasn’t like this was the first time I’d seen two people having sex. Many
of the parties I was going to often involved somebody doing it. This was
different though as this wasn't two of my friends or even two strangers going
at it. This was my mom and dad! I knew I should feel guilty spying on them
like this but I couldn't tear my eye away. How often had I heard them doing
it through the wall between our bedrooms but this was the first time I was
getting to see what was happening when I heard those moans and groans.

After a while they reversed positions to where she was seated with her legs
spread wide open while he moved in between them. My mom used her fingers to
push aside her matted wet pubic hair. Watching him approach her I just
stared, afraid that if I blinked even once I might miss something. My mom
used her hand to skillfully guide my dad’s erection into her hairy pussy. I
drew in a sharp breath as for the first time in my life I actually could see
my father’s dick penetrate my mother. She threw her head back and arched her
back as he thrust himself deep inside of her.

Speaking of pussies, there was a growing sensation in my own as I imagined
how my mom must be feeling at that moment, feeling her hungry pussy being
filled by her lover’s swollen cock. I didn’t matter whose it was, it was in
her and that was what counted.

I watched intently, frozen in place as my dad fucked my mom over and over,
including several positions I’d never tried. The more I watched the more I
was realized that I was getting incredibly turned on! To my astonishment and
even a bit of embarrassment, my pussy was getting wetter by the second while
my mouth was dry like a desert. It didn't help either that I hadn’t been
fucked tonight the way I’ hoped and expected to be. Stupid guy! I wonder if
he had any idea how horny I was tonight and how badly I’d wanted him to fuck
me? In any case, seeing my parents making love brought out all the horniness
that had been building up in me during the course of the evening.

Suddenly the most astonishing realization struck me. It was as if in the
blink of an eye something just clicked inside of me, like a switch that had
laid dormant all my life but was suddenly turned on. I couldn't believe it.
Oh my god, for the first time in my life I was feeling a genuine sexual
attraction to my own parents! Sure there had been times I might get horny
seeing my dad jerking his cock, especially when he would cum and spray all
over himself but it was more that it reminded me of being laid by my
boyfriend, not my dad jerking off. Masturbating with your mother is a great
way to spend an evening, but it’s not like we even touched each other – or
even mentioned it.

My mind churned as I started to think about how in recent years that my dad
was getting an erection more and more often when he saw me nude or playing
with myself, or at least he wasn’t hiding it as much as he use to. Until now
I was appreciative (and a little amused) that he was turned on by me yet I
knew deep down that it meant nothing more to him personally then when he
would get horny from some anonymous slut in a dirty video. It couldn’t have
been ME, his daughter, that he was getting hard thinking about, it was the
“girl” he saw. In a way, I guess you could say I considered myself a
facilitator, not a participant, of my dad’s sexual fantasies. That’s a LONG
was from having sex with him!

Watching my parents making love for the first time in my life, I realized
that what I was feeling now was something entirely new for me, something I’d
never even fantasized about let alone hope would come true. It was a little
unsettling even as for the first time in my life I was being turned on by
watching a dick that wasn't just some boyfriend or a boy making a move on me,
it was my DAD’S cock that I was thinking about.

It’s really hard to describe my feelings then. It wasn't that knot I get in
my stomach when I see a boy’s nice dick and I want it so bad I could scream.
This was something I’d never experienced before. For the past two years I’d
had sex to please one person - ME. The only time I sucked a dick or let a
guy fuck me was when there was something in it for me. Now, for the first
time in my life I wanted to have sex to please someone else. For the first
time I didn’t want to just pretend to submit to someone just to make it fun
for me, but rather because I wanted to give myself totally and completely to
someone - my father.

Yes, I wanted to give myself to him. I wanted my dad to do the same thing to
me that he was doing for my mother. Just as he was showing my mother his
love to her as her husband, I wanted him to show his love for me as my father
in this intimate way. But more than anything else I wanted to please him in
the same way I could tell that my mother was pleasing him. I wanted to be
the best daughter I could possibly be for him, attending to his needs and
desires as I knew only I could do.

To be sure, it wasn’t like I was simply horny for my dad, it wasn't that way
at all. Face it, my dad might not be in that bad of shape but we’re still
talking about a guy more than twice my age, not a hunk at school. This
wasn’t lust, this was love. Not the sort of love I felt for my first
boyfriend Steve but the love of a daughter for her father.

Of course, no matter how you view the emotional implications, in the end it
was still SEX that I was thinking about, just that now it was all about sex
with my DAD. As much as I felt these new feelings in me, there was still a
part of me that was shocked beyond words that I could even be thinking this
way. Like, what kind of kinky, perverted girl would want to suck her own
father’s cock? How could I even THINK about my dad fucking me, let alone do
anything about it for real? What would my parents think of me if they knew
how I was feeling right now?

Even worse, at least so far as my sensibilities went, it wasn't just a blow
job that I was thinking of giving him. Nooooooo, I wanted my dad to fuck me!
Despite my rationalizations that what I was watching was a mother-father
thing, not just sex, I still couldn't help but feeling hot but yet there was
this other side of me that was trying to tell me that such feelings were
wrong. But yet the more I thought about it the more I had to ask, why? Just
because he was my father didn't mean we couldn't share our most intimate
feelings. So it was i****t? So what?

My parents and I had discussed a lot things regarding sex as I grew up but
i****t was one topic that was NEVER mentioned. It wasn’t like they didn't
want to talk about it, the subject simply never came up. I certainly wasn’t
going to be the one to initiate it. Until a few moments ago the very idea
never even crossed my mind.

Then I thought about it some more. While my parents had never encouraged
anything whatsoever regarding i****t, at the same time I don’t remember them
once ever coming right out and telling me that it was wrong either. You
would think that if they considered it inherently wrong that they would have
said something about it, just as they had about other things they didn’t
think I should to do.

Sheesh, you can imagine how confused I was at this moment as I grappled with
the conflicting feelings that were emerging, feelings that were so new to me
yet so incredibly sharp, so overpoweringly strong, I was feeling totally
overwhelmed by them. A part of me was urging me to immediately strip and
join them in the hot tub but at the same time, it scared the heck out of me
to even think about it. What would they say? Would it repulse them? Would
they think I was some kind of pervert? So many things were going through my
head that all I could do for the moment was stand there motionless, staring
at my naked parents below me as they made love.

The more I watched my mom and dad, the hornier I got. Like, who can watch
two people they love and adore making love without getting turned on? With
each thrust of my father’s dick into my mom’s pussy, I became more and more
convinced that I wanted him to do that very same thing to me.

My fingers began to touch me as my body instinctively responded. Feelings of
lust and desire arose in me that I’d never felt before, at least not in this
way. All my life I’d loved my father and would do anything for him. Was
this any different? Suddenly I began to understand more about why I was
feeling the way I was. I realized that there was something I could give him
the nobody else in the world could – his own daughter! I wanted to please my
father but I couldn't help but wonder if he would accept the gift I wanted to
give him.

As I stood there by the window, watching them intently, I began to play with
myself. My right hand reached under my short skirt and moved aside the
skimpy thong I was wearing. My fingers quickly found my swelling clit and
then I pressed my middle finger between my pussy lips and up inside of me as
I watched my father’s hard cock moving in and out of my mother’s hot hairy
pussy. As my finger pushed inside of me, for the first time in my life I
imagined it was my father’s dick as he entered me. The very thought made my
pussy tingle!

It didn't take long before I was so worked up it was all I could do to not
run down there and join them! Eventually my dad came and I watched as he
sprayed his cum all over my mom's face and hair as she stroked his cock with
both hands. Using his cock like a squeegee, she wiped as much of it as she
could into her mouth and gently sucked him some more as he softened. Oh my
god - I came so hard when she did that! My legs felt week and I leaned
against the wall to keep my balance as my orgasm swept through me.

All I could think about at that moment was my dad’s cock, how it would feel
in me, how it would feel for him to erupt in me and pour his seed into my
pussy - his own daughter’s pussy at that. What would it be like to have your
own father fuck you? Would he even do it? Had he ever dreamed of fucking
his own daughter? Would he want to cum inside of me?

Eventually they kissed passionately for the longest time after which they
grabbed their towels and headed back towards the house. Damn, I couldn't let
them know I’d seen them, let alone masturbated as I watched them! Good grief,
what would they say if they knew their own daughter had just masturbated
while dreaming of having sex with her father?

So much of our relationship was based on trust and mutual respect, especially
in dealing with sexual matters, so how could I possibly explain my new
feelings for my dad? Even worse, as far as my parents were concerned making
love was something intimate that they’d always kept as something special
between the two of them and now I had violated that privacy. How could I ask
them to trust me if they ever found out what I’d just done? I was no better
than a Peeping Tom.

In a state of panic I quickly stripped off my clothes and threw them under
the bed (where most of my dirty clothes seemed to end up anyway) and slipped
under the covers. When they came upstairs to their bedroom, I heard the
floorboard squeak outside my room and I knew that someone must be checking me
out. Even though the light in my bedroom was off, the hall light was more
than enough for anyone to see that I was in bed.

M eyes were tightly shut as I pretended to be asl**p but I could still
imagine them looking at each other, probably wondering how long I’d been home
and if I’d seen them. Acting as though they’d just awakened me, I slowly
opened my eyes, blinking at the light and flashing what I hoped was an
innocent smile. As it turned out only my dad was standing there, silhouetted
against the hallway light. He was still nude from being in the hot tub but
his erection was long gone.

“So when did you get home baby?” he asked softly, “Kind of early, isn’t it?
Everything OK?”

I explained how the party had been a bust and that I’d just gotten home a few
minutes ago. He looked at me and I wondered if he could see how flushed I
remained from having just masturbated so hard. The light was probably too
dim though and if he suspected anything he didn't certainly show it.

My dad stepped in my room and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Well, sl**p tight baby,” he whispered.

“G’nite daddy... luv ya.”

How many times had he done this in the past? Hundreds? Thousands? Yet for
the first time I was distinctly conscious of the fact he was nude and his
cock was literally just inches away from my head. Although the circumstances
were no different than so many times before, it was like being Eve in the
garden, aware of her nudity for the first time when before that it wasn't
even something she thought about.

I couldn't help but glance at his crotch and look at his dick hanging there
in the dim light. Had I really imagined sucking that very cock and him
fucking me with it just a few minutes ago? It was the same dick I’d felt
under me when I sat on his lap in the hot tub, the same one that he would
stroked while watching a sex girl on TV. It hadn’t changed but I certainly
had. It might be the same dick I’d ignored before, but there was no ignoring
it anymore.

At the same time he was acting so normally that it made me wonder if I had
someone imagined everything, that it was all just a weird dream. That
simple, innocent kiss while standing there naked beside me without a hint of
sexual intent made me feel as if he’d woken me from a dream and none of what
had just happened was real. Yet I knew better. It WAS all real and I looked
away from him quickly, not sure of whether I should be looking at it that way
or not.

If my dad noticed anything unusual about my actions he didn't make any
indication of it before leaving to go to their bedroom. Alone again I just
laid there and let out a long breath. OMG, did he have any idea what I was
thinking when I looked at his exposed crotch? Thank goodness the lights were
dim and he couldn't see how flushed I was.

As I replayed the events of the last hour or so I found the heat between my
legs returning and before long I was going at it again. I dreamed that my
father hadn’t left but instead of kissing me, he had taken his cock and
rubbed it against my lips, demanding that I suck him.

It wasn't long before I came as I imagined sucking my dad’s cock while he
stood there by the side of my bed. I fell asl**p with thoughts of being in
the hot tub with them, of letting my dad fuck me as my mom watched and played
with herself.

Afterwards I dreamed that he told me what a good daughter I was and how much
he loved me – and how he especially loved fucking me.

Chapter 3 – Debating i****t

The next morning I woke up and for a moment I thought everything that had
happened the night before was just an awesome dream. If anything, I felt
guilty for having spied on my parents and even guiltier still for imaging
those things with my dad. It wasn't fair of me to think that he would ever
do such a thing to his daughter. What kind of father did I think he was
that he would actually fuck his own daughter?

As I usually did in such circumstances, I prayed for a while, asking God for
His guidance and especially His forgiveness. When I finished praying, it
suddenly became clear to me, as if God was already answering my prayer. The
Bible says to honor you mother and father. Well, how much more could I honor
my father than to submit myself to him? It would be almost like I was
sacrificing myself for him except in this case it would be for his pleasure.

At first I was troubled by the adultery aspect. Regardless of what they may
have done before marriage, once my parents took their wedding vows they’d
never had sex with anyone else (at least, that is what I thought at that
time). Was fucking your daughter really the same as being with another

The more I thought about it the more I realized that it wasn't the same thing
at all. For goodness sakes I was his DAUGHTER, his own flesh and bl**d, not
some outsider that he would lust for and then take in violation of his vows
to his wife. In fact, I slowly came to the realization that my dad DESERVED
to fuck me, that as my father he even had the RIGHT to do so. Thus by
withholding myself from him, as I had for so many years, was that a sign of
disrespect on my part?

For the next few nights I continued to debate this with myself and in doing
so, found myself rubbing my pussy constantly as I replayed over and over how
my dad made love to my mom that night. No matter how conflicted I might
start out, in the end I would always fantasize about having my dad doing
those same things to me. I couldn't help but dream about what might have
happened if I’d surprised them by jumping in the hot tub while they were
still making love. Would they have let me join in and made it a genuine
f****y night?

The more I thought about it the more I realized how badly I wanted him to do
to me what I watched him do to Mom. It may have seemed crazy before but I
knew now without a shadow of doubt that I wanted my own father to fuck me! I
wanted nothing more than to please him and show him how much I loved him by
giving him the one thing he’d never had – sex with his daughter.

This was becoming more and more about pleasing my father, about honoring him,
about fulfilling my obligations as his daughter, about my duties that I was
becoming painfully aware that I’d failed to meet. The more I read my Bible
and thought about it, the more guilty I felt as I soon realized I’d been
withholding something from my dad that he DESERVED, something that as my
father he had earned and thus had the right to possess in any way he wanted –

It also dawned on me that while i****t wasn’t something I’d ever discussed
with my parents, it needed to be brought up now. In all fairness to my
parents, I suppose we’d avoided it until now more because there was no reason
to discuss it than making a conscious decision. Thus all I‘d ever heard
about i****t until now was from the news when some perverted father would
**** or abuse his daughter. In truth, I had no idea how my parents felt
about the subject. Was it something they’d avoided because they didn't
believe in it? Would they be upset if they knew how I had been feeling

Regardless of my fears and worries, by now I wanted more than anything to
submit myself completely to him, to tell him that it was OK for me to take in
whatever way he wanted. I fantasized about him whispering to me that he
loved me so much that he wanted to show me in a special way, a way that only
a father could with his daughter. I dreamed of him taking me in his arms and
pushing his hard cock deep inside of me. God, I wanted so badly for him to
want to cum in me and give me his most intimate gift.

OK, I’m not a saint. To be 100% honest, it was more than just doing it for
my dad. Deep down there was a part of me that wanted him to fuck me for my
own pleasure as well. Watching him fuck my mom and seeing her cumming so
hard I knew from the start that I wanted him to do the same to me as well!
After all, I loved sex so why not?

Now that I was thinking about my dad in new ways, other thoughts and
questions began to surface as well. Even though my parents had always kept
sex to themselves and not tried in any way to f***e themselves on me, as I
sat in class I found myself looking back at events in my life and wondering
what was REALLY on their minds during some of those times. Now I was curious
and wondered if my dad had ever thought of ME when he masturbated. When I
would play with myself in the f****y room while we watched a sexy movie, what
was really turning him on more – me masturbating or the movie? Until now I‘d
always thought it was the movie but maybe it was more than that – or was it
just wishful thinking on my part?

I remembered back to when I was barely eight years old and I’d seen him
stroking himself in their bedroom for the first time. Of course I’d seen his
dick plenty of times before but never like this. My mom caught me watching
him (how do they always know what you’re doing anyway?) and she took me to my
room where she explained to me what was happening with my dad.

Later that night when we were all in the hot tub, my mom showed me how to
hold and stroke his cock so I would know what a man felt like. It surprised
me when he came and some of it hit me on the face. I vaguely remembered them
arguing then, as if my mom was upset with something he wanted to do. Now,
eight years later, I wondered what he had wanted from me? Neither of them
had ever mentioned it again ever since so did he still think about me doing
it that night?

As I said, I never touched him that way again in the eight years that had
passed. Granted, I certainly saw his cock grow and erupt many times as I
grew up. After all my dad, like most men, masturbated a LOT. Yet I never
once thought he did it because of me even though I knew my dad sometimes
looked at me a lot more intensely over the past couple of years as I began to
grow in all the right places.

Actually I felt flattered that I was starting to look attractive and sexy
enough to catch his my own dad’s eye. He WAS a guy and I was secretly
thrilled every time I caught him giving me the once-over when he thought I
wasn’t looking. He also looked at lots of other girls and he didn’t have sex
with any of them so why would it be any different with me?

I think it’s important for people to know that my father NEVER made any overt
move towards me in a sexual way as I was growing up (forgetting the hot tub
incident). Even if he did get an erection when I was around, I assumed it
was a direct result of seeing a pretty girl on the TV show that he’d just

I’m not totally naïve though. Of course I knew it turned him on to secretly
watch me having sex with a boyfriend in my room or watch me masturbate. Mom
explained to me years ago when I first started maturing that my father was a
man and like all men, there were parts of his body which he couldn’t control.
Thus is it any wonder that I never suspected in the slightest way that he had
been secretly lusting for me for years?

As I thought more and more about being with my dad I decided to see just how
interested he really was in his little girl. I had to know if this was just
all in my imagination, a product of my hopes and dreams, or something that
was real and tangible. So many things could be taken either way.

Short of walking up to him and asking him outright to fuck me, I was facing a
bit of a dilemma – or so I thought. It was sort of ironic that the very same
trust and respect that made me feel open and secure sexually with my parents
was now making it downright hard for me to hint to my dad what my real
desires were! Like, if most girls want to tease a man or seduce him, they
can flash their bodies, let the guy see them masturbate, and so forth. Well,
all that was just a normal day with me and my dad so what was there for me to
do short of actually DOING something with him?

Chapter 4 – “Seducing” My Dad

Because of what I assumed were my father’s feelings toward me, I thought that
I would have to “seduce him” somehow or otherwise talk him into doing
anything more intimate with me. Growing up, I could see from the looks in
their eyes that many fathers liked to look at young girls, even their own
daughters. However, as far as I knew none of those dads fucked their
daughters which left me worried as to whether or not my dad would want to
fuck me or not. Would he be offended by the very thought? What if in doing
do it hurt our relationship which, although not sexual at the time, was still
very close from an emotional perspective?

To be safe, rather than approach him directly I started flirting with my dad,
trying to advertise that I was “available” if he really wanted me. Now for
most girls it would probably be pretty easy to get their dad’s attention.
Not for me. If I was to come in the room naked, he would just tell me to go
put something on before I caught a cold. If I sat on his lap and rubbed my
bare ass against him he would just accuse me of teasing him. Other girls
could start masturbating and let their dad “catch” them, peaking his
interest. My dad would just ignore me or at most, tell me to keep it down so
he could hear the TV!

The shame was that what I didn't know was that I didn't have to worry about
“convincing” him of anything. Unknown to me at the time, my dad had been
lusting for me since the first time I held his cock in the hot tub back when
I was eight. Another thing I was unaware of was that my dad had promised my
mom that he would NOT do what her dad had done which was to f***e himself
upon his daughter (both in his case) the first time. Even though in her case
it eventually worked out for the best, she was adamant that it had to be MY
decision, even if that meant it never happened.

My mom’s was not wrong very often, but this was one time I feel she
overreacted. Actually that’s being too kin. My mom was WRONG and because of
that I’d lost years when I could have been pleasing my father. Her situation
with her father had been a LOT different. She wasn't even having sex yet
when her dad had come into her bedroom when she was only f******n and taken
her virginity without even asking. Although she hadn’t resisted, at the same
time it wasn't something she had expected or was truly prepared for as her
mother didn’t discuss sex with her.

Well, my dad certainly didn't need to do anything like that with me, but he
COULD have at least let me know how he felt. It was SO frustrated as I
thought his apparent lack of interest in me sexually was genuine. Often I
think back about how it would have been so much easier if he had just told me
his true feelings so I could have offered myself to him as a daughter should
to her father.

Oh well, the things we would change in the past if we could! However, with
things as they were I found myself debating once again whether I shouldn’t
just come right out and ask him. Boy, I could just imagine how THAT
conversation would go... “Hi daddy, wanna fuck me?”

For the first time I sympathized with some poor boy trying to work up the
courage to ask a girl to a dance. Guys never turned me away so I’d never
experienced such an intense fear of rejection. As much as I wanted my dad to
do me, if he turned me down I think I would’ve been totally embarrassed and
devastated. It was unthinkable!

The “problem” I was facing was that I was almost certain by now that he was
turned on by me. The more I thought about it, the more I started to think
that he was probably masturbating by fantasizing about me. Yeah, so that
meant he was a normal male jerking off to the image of a teenage girl but did
that really mean anything so far as me personally?

My parents had taught me at an early age that fantasies were just that –
fantasies. Anything goes so far as fantasies go so long as you understand
where the line is between fantasy and reality. Therefore, even if my dad
WAS jerking off while thinking about me, even if I DID turn him on when I
masturbated in front of him, even if he did get off seeing me having sex,
none of that necessarily meant that the fantasies he was having about me
would ever translate into reality. I’m sure most fathers fantasize about
their teenage daughters and don't ever have sex with them so why would my dad
be any different?

There was something else that made me hesitate as well. The more I thought
about it the more significant it seemed to me that as open about sex as my
parents were, the one thing they had never discussed was i****t. Actually,
until now I hadn’t thought about it one way or the other. Was there a
reason? Was this one thing that was out of bounds for discussion, even for
my parents?

Then again, was I reading too much into what they did NOT talk about? It was
like some of the arguments I use to have at school where people would draw
conclusions from what the Bible did NOT say. Even though it bothers me when
people do that, here I was, doing the same thing regarding i****t.

Maybe we didn't discuss i****t because they never wanted me to misunderstand
any of their actions to mean anything other than showing their care and
concern of their daughter? If THAT was the case then was it right for me to
be thinking and doing these things? What if they were offended by my new
thoughts and feelings? I’d always been open with them and they’d always
encouraged me to experiment but this would be REALLY new!

As the days went by, things got to the point where I almost gave up on the
while idea until I remembered the times my parents and I would discuss the
difference between being erotic and vulgar. They taught me that it was the
mental side of sex that had as much impact on the results than anything. My
mom once told me that it was the intentions and goals of each person that
made more difference in how the sex was than anything physical. She pointed
out that strippers have always known this which is why they just don’t strut
out naked from the start – that it was the anticipation that turned on men
more than anything else.

As all these different thoughts were mixing themselves up in my head, I
realized that the answer for my dilemma was somehow linked to all of them.
For me to appear before my father nude was NOT erotic, it was just me without
any clothes on, no different than any other time. Somehow I had to find a
way to make him see me not as just another naked teenage girl, but as his
sexy daughter who wanted nothing more than to please her father in whatever
way he wanted her – and I mean WHATEVER way he wanted.

I was terribly excited by this “revelation” and so I decided to first
experiment by trying a few more subtle moves and test his reactions before
doing anything more forward. I even sorted through his porn collection and
watched a few “Taboo” videos to get some ideas for how a girl could seduce
her father. I’m not a big porno fan but some of those scenes were incredibly
hot between the fathers and daughters. Of course they were all actors and
the girls were whores, but as I mentioned before, it was the thoughts and
emotions the scenes evoked that turned me on more than the actual images.

The next evening I went down to the f****y room where my father was watching
TV, sitting in his favorite chair as usual. My mom was there as well,
absorbed in some magazine, barely acknowledging my entrance.

Walking over to my dad’s chair, I noticed he was wearing a pair of sweat
pants but no shirt or socks. Without saying a word, I climbed on top of him
and sat squarely on his lap. It wasn't all that unusual for me to do this
although he sometimes teased me, groaning as if I was heavy and warning me
that I wasn't such a little girl anymore. At the same time, he almost never
told me to get off either.

Feeling a little self-conscious, I leaned against my dad with my arm around
his neck and nuzzled my face into his shoulder and neck. Mmmmmmm, he smelled
so good! As I settled in, my growing boobs pressed against his bare chest
through the thin cotton of the t-shirt I was wearing.

Mmmmmmm, I was rewarded with the feeling of something growing under me. It
wasn’t anything new as his dick usually responded that way when I was on his
lap but until now I’d never made a direct connection between his erections
and any erotic thoughts about me. I’d previously assumed it was just a
natural, uncontrollable and involuntary reaction caused by the pressure of a
girl’s bare ass rubbing against his dick. That’s what my mom always told me
anyway. Now as I felt him growing under me I wondered if maybe she’d been
trying to hide from me the REAL reason it happened.

As usual I was wearing nothing underneath my t-shirt so when I sat in his lap
like this it had a tendency to ride up and leave my butt bare pressing
against his lap. In the past, I hadn’t thought much about how that might
cause him to react. Actually, I never thought much about it at all.

Now as I felt my bare ass pressing against the soft material of his sweat
pants, I couldn't help but think about how there was nothing between his
hardening cock and my pussy but a thin piece of cloth. His dick was pressing
more and more firmly against me and it thrilled me as I realized that he was
getting hard - and it was because of me!

My mom looked up from her magazine a few times and peered over her reading
glasses to see what was going on. Actually, nothing was happening. Although
my dad’s dick now felt like a hard pipe sticking up underneath me, neither of
us made any indication that we were aware of it, or of how my boobs against
him might be making him feel. I guess from her perspective, it was no
different than any other night. If she could read my mind she would know it
was a LOT different for me!

The longer I sat on my dad’s lap, the hornier I could feel myself getting and
I needed badly to rub my pussy. Now THAT was one thing I’d NEVER done before
– masturbate while I sat on his lap. Playing with myself on the couch while
my parents watched TV was one thing, but doing it on his lap was something
else entirely. Sure there had been times when I was horny on his lap and had
gotten off so I could relieve some tension, but it wasn't my DAD that was
making me horny at the time, or not that I realized. This was the first time
in my life that I was horny as hell while sitting on his lap when I could say
that HE was to blame for it!

Well, if there was ever an opportunity to be more erotic with my dad, this
was it. Once again I couldn't help but sympathize with how a boy must feel
when he is sitting next to me in a car or the theater, wanting to touch me
but afraid to make that first move. Now it was me that wanted to make the
first move. Damn, working up the courage was not nearly as easy as when I
had fantasized about it earlier in the day.

After about thirty minutes or so of debating, I was still too chicken to do
anything but sit on his lap. My dad was starting to shift his weight around,
a sign that I was indeed not as little a I use to be and starting to get
heavy on his lap. I knew it wouldn't be long before he “suggested” I get off
and let the bl**d return to his legs or some other silly comment. Usually
that meant getting off and taking my place on the couch across the room.
Time was running out and if I was going to make a move I needed to do it

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying not to alert him but needing
to focus and channel my sexual energy. Here goes nothing! I took my left
hand and reached down between my legs and cupped my warm pussy. Using my
middle finger, I rubbed my clit slowly, causing a slight gasp to escape
through my closed lips before I could stop it.

“Hmmmmmm, I think somebody’s a little extra horny tonight! Boyfriend not
taking care of you lately?”

My dad didn't say it very loud but my mom heard it anyway and I saw her
eyebrows raise just a smidge as she looked over and saw where my hand was.
She didn't say anything but I noticed that she started looking over our way a
lot more often.

“Oh daddy, you know better than that.... Well, maybe a little.”

My finger touched my clit and pressed down on it, sending a shiver through me
which my father obviously could feel as tightly as I was pressed up tightly
against him.

“Ummmmm, seems to me like it’s more than just a little, don’t you think?”

I opened my eyes and saw my dad was looking down where my hand was moving
between my legs.

“You don’t mind, do you daddy?” I whispered in his ear, “I don’t want to
bother you.”

My dad chuckled, “Don't worry, you’re not bothering me at all. Hey, a girl’s
gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, I guess.”

He didn't say anything more but his arm that had been resting on the armrest
behind me moved and wrapped around me. His hand was on my bare upper thigh
and for a brief moment my heart raced as I thought maybe he was going to move
it further over and “help” me but he just rested it on my leg.

As I continued to masturbate, all I could think about was what my dad might
be thinking. I’d never done anything so overtly sexual with him before.
Sure it was just me touching myself, not as if I’d reached down and grabbed
his erect dick. Even so, I’d never played with myself while he was touching
me, even if it was innocent.

My pussy was soaking wet as I thought about what must be going through my
dad’s mind at that moment. Was I turning him on? Did he have any idea why I
was doing this now? Was he thinking about touching me, maybe even fucking
me? His dick certainly wasn't getting any softer so something nasty must
have been going on to keep his dick hard for so long!

“Um, Kelly, don’t you think you should be doing that on the couch and not
pestering your dad?”

Evidently my mom had figured things had gone far enough. Technically she was
correct - it was just common courtesy. While I was brought up that
masturbation was nothing to hide, at the same time it was STILL a personal
thing and needed to be treated as such.

I wondered if she had any idea WHY I was doing this? Was she just correcting
my manners or was she trying to keep me from seducing her husband? Normally I
could go to my mom and discuss anything but for the first time I felt
uncomfortable bringing up the issue with her and so I’d not told her about
any of my thoughts or concerns.

“It’s OK Mary, she’s not bothering me,” my dad said, trying to defend me but
my mom would have none of it.

“Yeah, I bet! Kelly, I said that’s enough!”

There’s no arguing with my mom in such circumstances. Reluctantly I pulled
my hand from between my legs and gave my dad a peck on the cheek before
working my way slowly off his lap, making sure I rubbed my ass against his
dick as seductively as possible.

Once I was off his lap, I looked back and saw his dick was raising his pants
up like a circus tent pole. My mom noticed as well and the look she gave my
dad would have shriveled the erections of most men but my dad just ignored

It was tempting to move over to the couch and finish myself off there but
something told me I’d pushed things far enough for one night. Instead, I
made my way to my room where it only took a few minutes of furious pussy play
to make myself cum like a flood as I dreamed of my dad’s hard cock pressing
against my bottom. God, it has only been an inch or so away from my pussy
but yet it may as well have been a mile. What would it take to get it

Later on I heard my parents coming up the stairs to go to bed. I felt a bit
nervous, waiting for my mom to come in and give me her standard lecture on
“inappropriate” behavior that she pulled out whenever she thought I’d stepped
over the line.

Surprisingly, neither of them made an appearance. Instead, I heard the door
shut and it wasn't long before the sounds of their love making were coming
through the thin wall that separated our rooms. Listening to my mom cry out
as she came, I couldn't help but smile to myself. If anything, something
told me my mom owed me one for getting my dad so horny!

The following evening my dad was sitting in the kitchen and I slowly walked
by wearing a t-shirt that was so short that I couldn't even start to pretend
it was even partially covering my bare bottom. As I walked by him, I wagged
my teenage ass at him in a provocative manner. Well, I guess there's not
much of any OTHER way to wag your bare butt when you come down to it.

My dad responded by laughing and slapping my naked butt with the open palm of
his hand, making a loud smacking sound. It sounded a lot worse than it felt
but I wasn't going to let him know that.

“Daddy!” I exclaimed playfully, “That hurt! Don’t spank me!”

My dad laughed and put his hand on my hip to pull me closer to him. His
other hand reached around to cup my naked ass. His open palm and fingers
started to rub it in little circles in the same area where he had just
smacked me..

“There, does it feel better now?” he asked, same as he did when I was a
little girl when he would rub my knee after a fall.

“Daddy!” I giggled like a little girl, “Are you playing with my butt?”

It was really more of a statement than a question since it was obvious that
was exactly what he WAS doing. Just then my mom walked in and her eyes
glared at my dad.

“John! Just WHAT do you think you’re doing?” she said in a sharp tone.

My dad looked a bit embarrassed but he still managed to give me on last
squeeze before he took his hand off of me. I reached down and gave him a
kiss on the forehead. Standing back up, I tossed my hair back and started to
walk out but just before I was left the kitchen I turned back.

“It’s OK mom... I liked it!”

Oh my god! I put my hands to my mouth, not quite believing I’d actually said
that out loud. Twirling around, I giggled and ran out before either of them
could respond. I had no idea what they said to each other but I would’ve
given about anything to eavesdrop just a little!

Back in my bedroom, I plopped on my bed face down and reached behind to touch
my bottom. Thoughts of my dad’s hand rubbing me caused a warm feeling to run
through me. I couldn’t recall him ever touching me quite that way before.
Certainly I’d been spanked before – I wasn’t THAT good a c***d growing up!
There were even times when he had patted me on the bottom for encouragement
but never before had his hand lingered in quite this way and certainly he had
never rubbed it before like he just had. Hmmmmmm, maybe there was hope after

While my dad seemed to be responding the way I’d hoped, it was my mom that
had me confused. Talk about mixed messages! On the one hand she would scold
my dad and me when we got too playful, but then later she acted as if nothing
had happened. Was she really offended by what I was doing or did she feel
obligated to act like she was?

Over the next few days I became more and more blatant in the way I would rub
up against my dad. What I found REALLY interesting was that as I became more
aggressive he in turn started to be more open about looking at me, even
grinning at times when I would wear some ridiculously skimpy outfit and
parade around in front of him.

One of my favorite outfits to wear around the house has always been a simple
long t-shirt that’s not quite long enough to cover my ass – and that was when
I was standing. Of course when I sat down or bent over it was instantly
obvious I had no underwear on (not that I ever wore any at home).

Another of my favorite evening outfits was just as simple if not quite as
blatantly revealing – one of my dad’s dress shirts. Sometimes I would steal
one from his closet and then wear it for the evening. They were comfortable
and later in life I even took a few to college with me. He would grumble
sometimes about it but I knew he was just teasing me. They hung loose on me
and the tails would cover my ass and pussy from view but the sides were cut
to show off my hips and legs.

Now, though, I starting to run around without buttoning them and even though
they were still so baggy that that they covered me most of the time, when I
laid on my back on the couch or sat in his lap they would open up and expose
me to him.

Things seemed to stall, though, until one morning I crossed the hall from the
bathroom to my room after a shower just as my dad left their bedroom to go
into the bathroom (an amazing coincidence if I say so myself). I pretended
to slip on the hall carpet and fell into him so he had to grab me to keep me
from hitting the floor. His hands felt so strong on my nude body and as he
held me against him.

“Wow, you really ARE growing up, aren’t you.”

I didn't say a word but just pressed my small boobs against him and gave him
a big hug. He had his arms around me and I noted that his hands slipped down
until he was cradling my ass in them. His cock was pressed against my
stomach and even thought it was flaccid, I could’ve sworn that I felt it
stirring. We just held each other for a few more seconds until suddenly he
turned to go into the bathroom. Somehow in that moment I felt like something
had silently been conveyed between us. Was he signaling that he’d gotten my
“messages” and that all I had to do was let him know so he could be sure? Had
the moment I had been dreaming of, yet dreading at the same time, finally

I figured it was finally time to just make a more straightforward move and
see what happened. For the rest of the day it seemed all I could think about
was the upcoming evening and what I hoped would happen.

Finally evening arrived and my dad was back in the f****y room watching TV
and reading the local newspaper. His LazyBoy was tilted back with the
footrest up. This time he was wearing just a ragged pair of old college gym
shorts. They were faded and full of holes and my mom had threatened numerous
times to throw them out every time he wore them; but for whatever reason they
were his favorites.

My mom had left to go shopping about ten minutes earlier and knowing her, I
figured she wouldn't be back for at least a few hours.

As soon as my mom had left I changed into a thin white cotton t-shirt. It
was even shorter than even the version I normally wore which essentially left
me walking around totally bottomless. Of course I was wearing nothing
underneath so my trimmed pussy was on full display. Not only was the t-shirt
way too short, it was also a few sizes too small such that it was stretched
so tight it might as well have been painted on. Even my small boobs looked
bigger than usual as they stretched out the material even further and my
nipples were clearly outlined through the thin cotton cloth.

God! I was SO nervous yet at the same time unbelievably horny! My pussy
throbbed as I took a deep breath and slowly walked down the stairs to the
basement f****y room.

"Hey daddy! How are you feeling tonight?"

"Great Kelly,” he replied automatically, not even looking up from the
newspaper he was reading. Then he glanced up and I saw him do a double take
as he saw what I was wearing.

“Damn Kelly, hate to be the one to tell you this but I think you outgrew that
t-shirt a couple of years ago!"

I gave him my sweetest little girl innocent look and pretended to pout

"Why, is there something wrong with it daddy? I can go change if you want me

It was all I could do to keep a straight face at how fast my dad shook his

"On no - don't bother. It’s OK I guess."

He tired to laugh to make it appear he didn’t care but at the same time I
noticed he was looking at me in a way I hadn't quite seen before. If there
is one thing every girl learns early, it’s how to interpret the way a guy
looks at you. Rather than the usual “daddy look” (how else can I describe
it?), it was more the way the boys look at me when they’re horny and want
nothing more than to fuck the daylights out of me.

Whenever I was with my boyfriends I always got a thrill when I saw “the look”
because I knew it meant I was going to be fucked before the night was over –
if I let him. Still, I have to admit that it seemed a bit strange to have my
own father look at me that way but yet I hoped that the outcome would be the
same! I found myself getting turned on more by the minute which encouraged
me to continue on with my plan.

Instead of going directly to his lap as I’d done the week before, I curled up
on the f****y room couch which was on the opposite side of the room from his
recliner and closer to the TV. I couldn't really see him while in this
position but I knew he could see me clearly. My T-shirt rode half-way up my
stomach as I tucked my legs under me which meant he was getting a great view
of my bare ass!

We both watched TV for a while, neither of us saying anything and just
pretending it was another typical evening. Now and then I would reposition
myself as if to make myself more comfortable. Of course, each time I made
sure he got a better view of my ass and what was becoming a wetter and wetter

I could feel my pussy beginning to throb as I thought of my own father
watching me, looking at me and hopefully wanting me, maybe even lusting for
me. It wasn’t like my dad had never seen my pussy before yet somehow there
seemed to be a huge difference between he SEEING my pussy and LOOKING at it
as he was now

In the past when we were nude together it was just part of the situation -
usually in the tub or bathroom. There wasn’t anything sexual intended at
those times unlike the current situation. It was one thing to discuss it but
I was fast learning firsthand what it meant to be erotic. Well, if intent
was a factor in creating a sexual situation then I was certainly guilty!

My dad turned to one of the adult cable channels. There was a soft porn
movie playing and although I’d never been a big porn fan I knew he enjoyed
them and so I tolerated them. The really hard core ones turned me totally
off so he usually didn’t watch them when I was around, although there have
been a few that were actually quite instructional!

As we watched I laid on my back and spread my legs wide apart as I started
masturbating. God I was already so wet! I heard my dad’s chair rustle behind
me and I had a good idea why without having to look back! In the past I
would’ve thought it was the movie that was turning him on but now I wondered
what was turning him on more – the movie or me? Well, there was only one way
to find out for sure...

I stopped playing with myself and stood up, licking my pussy juices from my
fingers. That in itself wasn't so odd but the way I looked at him while I
did it was certainly new. I looked back and indeed, my dad’s rock-hard cock
was sticking out from his shorts. He was stroking it with his hand and for a
few minutes I just stood there watching him as he masturbated. The only
difference was this time I knew it t was more than just my dad getting
himself off. Plus, this time I stood there wondering what it tasted like and
how it would feel inside of me!

Goose bumps rose up all over me as I was within an arm’s length of my dad’s
erect cock and for the first time in my life I looked at it in much the way I
looked at other men’s cocks – as a sexual organ I craved rather than just my
dad’s penis. I almost leaned over to move his hand out of the way and
substitute my own but I needed one final confirmation. Despite everything I
still needed him to make a move towards me that meant he wanted me and wasn't
just playing around with me.

“Hey dad, I’m going up to my room. I need to take care of something,” I said
with a sly grin.

“Oh? Anything you need help with?” he quickly responded – maybe a little TOO

At any other day or time I would have thought he was asking about homework or
such but now I wondered if he meant something else – something more personal
perhaps? The look in his eyes suggested it wasn't homework he was interested
in and I noticed his cock was harder than ever.

“Maybe, it’s up to you,” I responded cryptically. It could be read in a
number of ways. Which way would he respond?

It was indeed now up to him. What more could I do to signal my intentions
and desires without writing it out on a sign and walking around him like a
girl between boxing rounds? If nothing happened now it would be disappointing
but at least I would finally know one way or the other how he really felt
about me.

I slowly walked out of the room without pulling the t-shirt down so it was up
around my midriff, leaving my entire bare ass exposed for him to watch. I
could practically feel his eyes staring at it as I left. My heart was

What would happen next?

Chapter 5 – First Time Sex With My Dad

Maybe I was reading him totally wrong, but I’d fucked enough boys in the past
couple of years or so and seen the look in their eyes that told me what they
wanted. Now I’d seen that same look in my dad’s eyes for the first time. As
I left the room I had a feeling in my gut (or was it really in my pussy?)
that my dreams of smutting myself to my father, of having him demonstrate his
love for me by fucking me like he fucked my mother, were about to come true!

Once out of sight all vestiges of my nonchalant attitude disappeared as I
flew up the stairs to the second floor where back in my bedroom I quickly
peeled off my t-shirt and flopped back on my bed against the pillows.

Facing the open door, totally naked with my legs spread wide, I closed my
eyes and started to play with myself. God I needed that so bad! Yet as good
as it felt to touch myself, all I could think about was whether or not was I
finally going to feel my dad’s dick between my legs instead of my fingers.

After a few minutes I glanced briefly at the open door only to see nothing
but the bathroom door on the opposite side of the hallway. My heart sank as
my hopes crashed. My worst fears were being realized. Oh my god, he wasn’t
going to come to me! What an idiot I was to think my father would really want
me in that way.

Despite my panic, I was still SOOOOO horny that I couldn’t hardly stand it! I
closed my eyes tightly shut and grabbed my pussy with both hands. Damn, I
had been SO sure that I was going to be fucked by my dad and it was hard to
imagine that all I would be doing was just masturbating now.

Then I heard a squeak of the floor boards and I opened my eyes just enough to
see my dad standing there, outlined in the doorway. He must have sneaked up
the stairs and my heart leaped to my throat as I saw he was stroking a huge
hard-on as his cock was stuck out of the opening in his shorts. He just
stood there watching me playing, stroking his cock like he did when he
watched women masturbating in one of his nasty porn movies. Our eyes met and
somehow we each knew that this was the moment of truth. My hand froze on my
pussy as I held my breath, waiting to see what he would do next.

Suddenly he stopped stroking himself and turned away as if to leave. "Damn
Kelly, I’m so sorry. I really shouldn't be here now.... not like this.
Please don't tell your mother what just happened."

"No daddy, please stay,” I pleaded, “I don't want you to go.”

I couldn’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers now. I KNEW he
wanted me. I wanted to open the window and scream out to the world that MY
DAD WANTS TO FUCK ME! I reached my arms out to him and said, “Oh daddy... you
MUST realize by now what I want."

My daddy turned again and this time came into the room and stood by the side
of my bed as he looked down at the me. I was thrilled to see that his cock
was still sticking up and out of his shorts, looking as rigid and lovely as
I’d ever seen it.

I drew a deep breath and whispered, “You know daddy, I’ve been dreaming of
this ever since I watched you and mom in the hot tub."

He just nodded and smiled and then moved even closer to me. "Yeah, we
figured you must have seen us from the way you were so flushed afterwards.
Is that why you’ve been acting the way you have lately? You know, I have to
admit, I’ve been incredibly turned on by your teasing lately.”

He looked at me with narrowed eyes, as if he was really concentrating. He
took a long breath, held it and then let it out slowly/

“Tell me Kelly... are you SURE you really want to do this?"

“Oh god yes daddy.”

“Tell me what you want then... I need you tell me what you REALLY want, deep
down inside.”

My eyes opened wide and my heart was racing. This was it, this was my chance
to tell my dad once and for all how much I wanted to give myself to him. I’d
prepared an entire speech for just this very moment which I’d practiced over
and over for the past week. Suddenly, my mind went blank and all I could
feel was there ache in my pussy and the pounding of my heart. What I finally
said was totally unscripted and came from my heart.

"Oh daddy. I want to give myself to you… I want you to take me... Oh daddy I
love you so very much and I want you to do whatever you want with me! I want
so bad to be a good daughter for you... I just want to make you happy."

“And what do you want me to do to you when I take you?”

I thought I was going to explode with frustration. He HAD to know that I
wanted him to fuck me badly and yet he was being so damn cautious! My dad
may be a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. Surely he must realize
what I wanted to do for him so why was he making me tell him over and over,
and in such detail? Why didn't he just fuck me and get it over with?

“I want you to fuck me daddy... show me how much you love me daddy... please
don’t make me say any more, please just let me give myself to you. Oh daddy,
PLEASE fuck me!”

There!! I’d finally said it. When those last words escaped from my lips my
heart seemed to stop. God, for the first time in my life I’d asked my own
father to fuck me! It was one thing to fantasize about it and to dream about
saying those words but quite another to actually utter them. Yet at the same
time it felt so natural to say them, something deep from my heart to the man
I wanted to please more than anyone else in the world – my father.

What could possibly be going through his head now? What does a father think
when his own daughter asks him to fuck her for the first time? In his eyes,
was I now more like some porn slut than his little girl? Could he still love
me the same way he always had if I wasn't his innocent little girl?

My dad looked down at me and then reached out to hold my head gently in his
large hands. He smiled at me and my heart pounded as my father gave me the
most loving smile I’d ever seen on his face.

“Oh Kelly... my daughter... my precious little girl,” he whispered, “I’ve
been waiting so long to hear those words... so long.”

“Fuck me daddy.”

“That’s it, keep asking me Kelly. God you have no idea how much I love
hearing you ask me.”

“Fuck me daddy... I want you to do it.”

“Oh god, yes Kelly, I will... I want you so badly! I’ve always wanted you.”

With him standing right in front of me, I grabbed the sides of the elastic
waist band of his shorts and quickly pulled them straight down. His cock was
now free and staring me straight in the eyes. My hand was shaking as I
reached for his hard cock. It was so swollen that could barely get my
fingers around the entire shaft.

It was an unbelievably surreal moment, one I’ll never forget as long as I
live! For the first time in over eight years, and for the first time ever in
a sexual way, I was actually holding my father’s hard dick! After all the
hundreds of times I‘d seen it, all the dozens of times I’d watched him stroke
it, now it was finally in my hand. More importantly, it was finally in his
daughter’s hand.

“Mmmmmmm daddy,” I purred, “You have such a wonderful cock!”

"Oh God Kelly,” my father said with a worried tone to his voice suddenly.
For just a moment, I was afraid that he was going to lose his courage.

“Kelly... Do you realize what you’re doing? I’m your father you know, not
one of your boyfriends.”

Then he smiled as I continued to massage his cock, forcing his lust to build
up even more in him. If there was one thing I knew I was good at it was
stroking a guy’s cock and my dad was no more immune to my handiwork than any
other guy.

“Now don't get me wrong, I’m not telling you NOT to... but are you SURE this
is what you really want?"

I looked up at him straight in the eyes and smiled as I replied, “Yes I do.
Oh daddy, I love you so much... I want to show you just how much I really do.
You can do anything you want to me... ANYTHING.”

“Oh god Kelly,” my dad sighed again, “I love you so very much.”

Then his voice lowered, sounding more husky, more lustful, “You’re such a
beautiful girl... such a wonderful daughter... oh baby, I want you so bad
right now.”

He paused and looked at me in a way I’d never seen him look at me before.
There was a burning hunger in his eyes, a simmering lust that he’d never
shown me before. But it was more than just the instinctive a****l-like lust
that most boys displayed when they hungered for me. It was obvious to me
that my dad wanted me for more than just sex – he wanted to join with me in
the most special way a father can be with his daughter. He loved me and he
wanted to show me in the most wonderful and intimate way possible.

I can't even begin to express how good it made me feel hearing those words
from him and seeing the sexual desire he harbored for me. YES! It made me
feel so wonderful knowing that my dad loved me so much he wanted to fuck me!
He didn't want me for how own personal desires, he wanted me as his daughter
and I wanted more than anything to return that love to him.

I couldn't wait any longer. There was no reason to be coy anymore, no reason
to take it slow. It was time to do what until now I had only dreamed of
doing. I looked up at him saying, “Daddy, let me show you how much I love

Now I’d already sucked more than a few of cocks but even so, I found myself a
bit tentative as I prepared to take my dad’s cock in my mouth. Sure, I was
pretty confident of my blowjob skills but I remembered how good my mom had
been when I watched them having sex and I worried that I might not measure up
to her expertise.

My concerns only served to prove even further how special this was for me.
For the first time in my life I was more worried about the man whose cock I
was sucking rather than my own personal pleasure and ego! Sure I wanted guys
to feel good – after all, they needed to cum if I was going to get a mouthful
of it. But every time I’d ever sucked a cock in the past it was because I
wanted to do it for MY pleasure, to prove how good I was at sucking his dick.
When a guy gets off it validates my skills and sensuality, something that is
far more important to me than his pleasure. (OK, so I’m selfish about it. I
haven’t heard any guys complaining!)

This time it was different from any other time I’d given a blowjob. This
time all I cared about was my dad’s pleasure. As I prepared to suck his
cock, I knew that all I wanted was to give my father the best blowjob I
possibly could, better than any I’d ever given before. My goal was not just
to make him cum so he could squirt it in my mouth, it was to make him feel
incredible in the process. I had no idea how many girls had sucked his dick
in his life, but I wanted the one from his daughter to be the most memorable.

With renewed determination I took just the tip of his cock in my mouth and
touched it lightly with my tongue. Then I ran my tongue around the swollen
head, playfully circling around it and then just under the ridge between his
mushroom head and shaft. I put his head back in my mouth, just far enough
that my lips were around the portion of his shaft under the head. I sucked
on his head like it was a warm popsicle. Then I took more of him in my
mouth, slowly letting him in, running my tongue around as much as I could.
He was bigger than the teenage boys I was use to blowing and I felt
embarrassed when gagged just a bit after his cock hit the back of my throat.

"You're doing great Kelly. Guess I’m a bit bigger than those teenage boys
you’ve been fucking,” he chuckled. “Don't worry, you’ll learn to take more of
it in soon enough.”

He moaned as my tongue played on a particularly sensitive spot on his cock.
”Damn girl! Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop. God it feels incredible!
Shit, no wonder you’re so popular with the boys!"

It was so cool to hear my dad compliment me on my cock sucking skills. I
just looked up at him as I couldn’t say much with my mouth stuffed full of
his dick. I nodded my head just enough to let him know that I’d heard him.
Indeed, I WAS well known among the boys at school and church for my oral
skills - and I was quite proud of it frankly! It’s always nice to do you’re
the best at something!

Then my dad couldn’t hold out any longer and he started to fuck my mouth,
holding my head in his hands as he pushed his dick in and out of my mouth. He
had to be careful not to push in too far but still, I loved it. It was a
challenge trying to suck a cock as big as his but I wanted it more than ever.

As his daughter sucked his cock my dad’s hands began to roam over my naked
body. He ran his fingers through my hair and over my neck then down to my
small breasts. I shivered when he pinched my tender nipples softly and then
cupped my firm boob in his hand, squeezing it and massaging it in his big

Then he moved down along my body as I laid there on my side, sucking his cock
like a huge popsicle. I lifted my right leg up and his hand slipped between
my legs and held my pussy in his palm. My hips instinctively moved up
against his hand, wanting him to play with me, to penetrate me.

I was rewarded with the feeling of my father’s fingers exploring me, moving
in and out of me and then up to my clit, teasing it and touching it. When he
put two fingers up into me it was like being fucked and I moaned as I held
his fat cock in my mouth. I held his cock and let him fall out of my mouth
so I could talk. There was one thing I had to ask, something I had to know.

"Daddy, have you ever dreamed of doing this to me?"

My dad nodded, "Oh yes Kelly, I have... for years actually.”

My eyes must have betrayed my surprise as his smile broadened.

“Oh yeah, I’ve watched you grow up into this beautiful young girl and dreamed
that someday you’d be mine. I can’t tell you how jealous I was when I
learned someone else had taken your virginity."

My heart ached when I hear that and so I pouted slightly saying, “Oh daddy,
I’m so sorry. I didn't know!”

He smiled and hugged me warmly. “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly... I promised your
mother I would never do anything with you until you wanted it. Do you
realize I’ve been waiting for this for almost eight years now! Remember when
you first touched me in the hot tub?”

I nodded and he continued, “God, I wanted you to suck me so bad that day and
ever since then I’ve watched you and dreamed of this day – the day we would
become more than just father and daughter... the day I would take you in a
way no other man ever has or can.”

I smiled as he said this, thrilled as I listened to exactly what I had been
hoping to hear. I took a deep breath before I responded.

"Daddy, does that mean you really want to fuck me? Do you really want to
fuck your own daughter? Will you show me how much you love me?”

My dad hesitated for a moment as if searching for the right words. "Kelly
darling, I’ve dreamed of having sex with you so many times I could never
count them. I love you so very much and I want nothing more than to make you
happy in every way I can. Of course I love you and I’ll do anything to show
you just how much."

I looked him in the eyes and pleaded with him, "Oh daddy, you make me so
happy. More than anything else right now I want you to fuck me; fuck me like
you fuck mom.”

I paused for a second, giving him a slutty smile which I hoped appealed to
his more base instincts. “You know can have me anyway you want daddy... you
can do anything to me... and I mean ANYTHING.”

He just smiled at me so I reverted back to what has always worked for me with
him when it came to getting my way – begging like a little girl. In this
case, though, my plea was a little different to say the least!

Without a word, my dad grabbed me by the waist with both hands and twisted me
around in bed so I was sideways, on my back facing him as he stood at the
edge of my bed. He pressed up on my legs and I took the hint and raised them
up, grabbing my knees and pulling them back to my chest to expose my sixteen
year-old pussy to him.

“God your pussy looks so incredible,” he sighed as he stared at my crotch.
Then he kneeled down and lowered his head, pushing my thighs apart slightly
with his hands. I moaned loudly as his wet tongue flickered out like a
snake’s, teasing my swollen clit and running up and down my wet pussy slit.

“Mmmmmmm, you taste incredible! Just a I always imagined you would.”

“Oh daddy, that feels SO good!”

Most boys that try to lick my pussy try hard but they just don’t get it.
It’s like they’re bobbing for apples or something, submerging their heads
between my legs and running their tongues all over me. Heck, my little
Yorkie can lick me better than most of them! What most boys need is for a
girl to sit down with them and show them her pussy and explain the parts and
how to stimulate them.

It’s no different than when my mom use to use one of her dildos and explain
to me how to suck a guy’s cock. If someone doesn’t teach you, then the only
way to find out is by experimentation and from I’ve seen, THAT doesn’t seem
to work very well.

As a result, while I love sucking cock, I’ve never been a big one for
pressing boys to lick my pussy. Coincidentally, since boys seem more
interesting in fucking my pussy than licking it, it’s never been much of an
issue. Now, for the first time, I was finding out what it meant to have my
pussy licked well.

Oh my god, I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven as my dad licked me and
then grabbed my clit between his teeth, gently tugging on it while his tongue
continued to tease it inside his mouth. Just when I thought it couldn't get
any better, he inserted one of his fingers into my pussy and started fucking
me like a small cock while he continued to use his mouth on my clit.

I exploded. There’s just no other way to describe it. One of the most
incredible orgasms I’d ever experienced rocked me like a grenade had been set
off in my pussy and the fragments were hitting every part of my body. Even
the tips of my hair seemed to tingle even as I groaned and moaned under the
non-stop attention my dad was giving my pussy.

“Oh my God Daddy! That feels SO good!”

He didn't say a word, keeping his mouth on me as my hips rocked and humped
under him, like I was being fucked. I spread my legs even further so I could
look down and see his head between my legs, his face buried in my pussy.
Talk about surreal, it was hard to believe that it was my DAD that I was
looking it!

Enough was enough, I had to have more. “Pleeeeeease daddy,” I whined,
“Please fuck me."

My dad took his cue and stood up, his rigid cock standing out straight like a
heat-seeking missile aimed directly for my pussy. I reached out and grabbed
my dad's rigid cock again and guided him to my waiting pussy. Once he was
pressed against me I began to rub the big head around my soaking wet pussy
hole and hypersensitive clit. God it felt good to feel him against me!
Finally my father was pressing his dick against the opening to my pussy and I
could feel him begin to push himself into me when suddenly he hesitated.

"Oh my God I can't believe this... I’m going to fuck my own daughter.”

He looked up at the ceiling with his hands on my waist ready to pull me into
him. I got the feeling he hadn’t been talking to me but more like he was
having an internal debate within himself. His lust for a young girl versus
his fatherly instincts to protect his daughter. There didn't seem to be much
contest as to which side would win.

“Tell me again Kelly. Tell me baby one more time what you want."

I gave him the most lustful look I knew how when I replied, "Oh yes daddy,
YES! Come in me now. Push yourself into my pussy. I want soooooo bad to see
and feel my daddy's hard cock in me. Fuck me daddy... fuck me.”

He STILL hesitated! Looking back, who could blame him? This wasn't something
that he could ever take back, something that he could ever undo or pretend
had never happened. This wasn't just sex, it was i****t. It was almost like
losing my virginity all over again – a once in a lifetime thing.

“Come on daddy!... Don’t up want you to feel your daughter's little wet pussy
squeeze you?”

I let my words sink in a bit and then slowly and softly I whispered to him in
a deliberate tone. Maybe he needed me to be more of a slut and less of a
daughter, more of someone to fuck and not someone he had held in his arms
since she was born.

“Do it to me... fuck me... I want to feel you inside of me!"

“Oh yea baby, keep telling me what you want.”

“Shove your hard cock in me, fuck me hard daddy, fuck me like you’ve always
wanted to.”

That seemed to find the right spot as I appealed to the pent-up lust that had
been building in him all these years. I knew for certain now, without a
trace of doubt, that my father wanted to fuck me. My heart raced as I
realized that all these years it wasn't the porn movies or movie stars that
had been turning him on, it was ME. It made me feel so proud, so wonderful,
so sexy, and yes, so... loved!

I lifted my hips up against him as if I was trying to f***e him into me. He
didn’t hesitate any further and with a grunt he pushed his cock into me. My
god! At first I thought he was going to split me in two he was so big! I
watched in fascination as my dad's cock slowly disappeared, inch by inch
moving inside of me for the very first time.

While I watched him entering me I could feel him at the same time, feel him
filling my cunt with his dick. I focused completely on his dick entering me,
trying to sear it into my memory for all time. I never wanted to forget this
moment, as I watched and felt my own father’s cock inside of me.

“Deeper daddy... put it all the way in me. Give it all to me.”

Finally he was completely in me, buried to the hilt with his hairy crotch
pressed tight against me and his cock completely out of sight. He held it
still at first and I could feel him throbbing deep inside of me. I almost
couldn’t believe it, this had to be a dream. In my head the same words were
screaming over and over... Oh... my... God... my dad was actually fucking me,
he was really screwing his sixteen year-old daughter!

After all those times in the past weeks I’d dreamed of this, it was finally
coming true. My pussy felt totally filled as my father's cock trembled
inside of me.

“God your pussy feels so good!” he groaned. “It’s even tighter than I’d
imagined it would be.”

After a few seconds he began to stroke it slowly in and out of me as I moaned
with the intense pleasure it was giving me. It wasn't just the physical
pleasure that made me feel so good – it was the intense emotions sweeping
through me that were being created by the knowledge that my own father’s dick
was now inside of me. Both the physical and emotional elements were driving
me to what I knew was going to be yet another monstrous orgasm!

"That feels soooooo good! Oh daddy, you feel so wonderful inside of me," I

It felt so good to have him in me finally. When he pulled out I wanted to
thrust my hips upward to suck him back in me again. Then when he pushed back
into me it was like he was going to drill all the way into my stomach he was
so deep into me. I felt the base of his cock pressed tightly against my
fuzzy pussy, pressing me down into my bed as it tried to get in as far as he
could f***e it.

We fucked for what seemed like ages. He tossed me around the bed like a toy
doll, putting me in different positions and giving me instructions at times.

Finally I could feel him swelling even more than I thought possible and his
strokes were getting faster and harder. I knew he was about to cum and I
knew that there was only one place I wanted him to release his load for the
first time with me – it just HAD to be in my pussy! Fortunately, he felt the
same way.

"Oh baby doll... I’m gonna cum so hard! Oh sweetie I can't bear the thought
of pulling out of your tight pussy. Get ready, your daddy’s almost there and
he’s gonna cum inside of you.”

I locked my arms and legs around him to show that I wanted him to stay in me.
I wanted his cum in me so bad. I wanted to feel him giving me the ultimate
sign of a father’s love for his daughter, to give me something he had never
given me before, something he gave to no other woman other than my mother.

“Oh yeah, you want it there too - don’t you? Don’t worry, I’m going to fill
my daughter's little pussy with more cum than she can handle! “

OH MY GOD! My dad wanted to cum in me! I wanted his cum in me. No, it was
more like I NEEDED his cum in me, needed him to burst in me like a hot flood
being released from a broken dam. This was the moment that would show me
just how much he REALLY wanted me, how much he REALLY loved me. Hearing him
tell me he wanted to mate with me was the last straw as a tremendous orgasm
swept through me like the blast from an atom bomb.

God, I thought I had cum hard before but it was nothing compared to this. I
had never dreamed I could cum this hard! I lost track of everything, where I
was and what the time was. It was like being on another planet, if not
another universe. I felt like I was floating, my body felt weightless
composed of nothing but wave after wave of the most intense pleasure I could
ever have imagined. My pussy clamped down on his cock like a vise, trying to
hold onto him and never letting him go.

“Oh God, fuck me daddy!!” I cried out as I felt his cock responding to the
tight grip of my pussy.

“FUCK ME!” I screamed out to him, wanting so bad for him to cum in me while
my orgasm was peaking.

My dad didn’t disappoint me. His breathing was fast and heavy as he tried to
talk to me, “OK here it is, oh lord – I’m cumming in my little girl!"

His back arched and his head pulled backwards as a loud groan escaped from
him. He thrust himself into deeper into me with each load of his cum. It
seemed he would never stop as load after load exploded from him, his
i****tuous sperm emerging from his cock and shooting deep into his daughter’s
welcoming pussy for the first time.

As he kept stroking his cum began to leak from my pussy and I could feel it
dripping down my ass onto the bed sheets. My orgasm, which had just started
to wane, picked up in full f***e again as my cunt clamped down on his cock,
literally squeezing the cum from him. A final moan and he just held himself
completely inside of me, trying to catch his breath.

"Oh my God I never dreamed fucking my daughter would be feel so good! How do
you feel baby? How did it feel to have your daddy fuck you?"

At first I didn't know if I could even speak but the words burst from me like
a flood.

"Oh daddy, I loved it. I’m so happy that you fucked me. Ohhhhhhhhh, you
feel so hot inside me now! Please stay in me for a while! I love the feeling,
being one with you, joined with you, feeling a part of your body inside of
mine. Oh daddy I love you so much."

It was like I couldn't stop talking now, like I had to keep telling him over
and over how much I loved what he had done. It was all true, my dad WAS
joined with me. Father and daughter were one for the very first time, joined
in the most intimate way possible, coupled in way very few fathers ever get
to experience with their daughters. My father’s cum was in me, a part of him
left behind as sign of his love for me.

After he’d cum and his sexual tensions had been released, his mind, clouded
with a sexual lust he’d never experienced before, began clear. As it did, my
dad seemed to realize just what he had just done to his little girl, how he
had violated his own daughter’s sexuality in a way that could never be
undone. It's not like I was so innocent and hadn’t had sex before; but he
knew that as my father, fucking me was much more serious than fucking almost
anyone else and that the responsibility was his. We both knew it and I was
glad when he spoke again, glad to see he didn't regret it or felt bad about
doing it.

"Oh my God, I can't believe this. I just fucked my own daughter," he sighed.

But just as quickly a hint of the old lust was restored and he grinned at me
saying, “But dammit, it was incredible. God you’re an incredible fuck.”

He started to pull out of pussy but I pressed up against him, trying my best
to keep him in me. The way I felt at that moment, he could have stayed in me
forever! I looked at him and kissed him. Not a "f****y" kiss but the
passionate kind that he would get from a lover. My tongue slipped into his
mouth and he responded in kind. For the first time we kissed as a father and
daughter who had shared their most intimate feelings and bodies. Our nude
bodies pressed against each other and his cock throbbed with his pulse inside
of me.

"Oh Daddy, I wanted this just as much as you did. From now on I want you to
take me anytime you want. Fuck me whenever you want - every day or even more
if you need it. I love you daddy, doesn't what we just did prove that to

My father looked at me and smiled. "You don't have to do anything to prove
your love for me Kelly – don’t ever think that. I love you no matter what.
It’s just so incredible to be able to express ourselves in this way. Mmmmmmm,
now why don’t you just lay back and relax while you feel me inside of you."

I did just that and for the next few minutes felt as satisfied and secure as
I had ever felt in my life. After all, here I was in bed with my father’s
cock nestled inside of me, his sperm draining from my pussy as the
aftershocks of my orgasm slowly died down.

Eventually, of course, he had to slip out of me and my pussy felt so empty at
first without him. It was like suddenly a part of me was missing. I stayed
in my bed as he went back to bathroom and then back down to the f****y room.
I drifted off to sl**p dreaming of how it felt those first few moments when
he first came in me.

My last thoughts were that there was one thing I was sure of and that was my
life had just changed forever. It would never be the same again with my dad
– and I was .happy about it. My daddy had shown me his love and I couldn’t
wait for him to do it again... and again... and again!

... Continue»
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My first time with Jermain

My first time... I'll start at the very beginning.

I'd been with my boyfriend Nigel for several years, though we lived apart. Things between us were great at the start, but over time due to the distance and both of our jobs the relationship strained. We stopped making the effort to get up and down to see one another and phone calls ended up in arguments over the silliest of things. Of course we did still see one another, but it was becoming less frequent and more of an occasion rather than the norm.

Whilst things were deteriorating between us I fell pregnant, and neither of us were prepared for it. We sat down, discussed our options and both decided that we should try to make a go of things. He’d look to see if he could move closer north and I would look to move further south to be closer.

Things didn't improve. We still kept arguing and bickering, neither of us making too much of an effort. And several months into my pregnancy, we decided to part. It wasn't easy, with both of us upset at the break up. But felt it was the best decision to remain on good terms with one another especially for the sake of our baby.

My son was born, and Nigel and I remained on good terms. Strangely both of us were making more of an effort to see one another since our son was here, but things never progressed and we remained friends rather than becoming a couple again.

It was very hard juggling working and looking after my son, so my social life was non-existent apart from the rare night here and there. I didn't venture out too often, and when I did I kept meeting idiots or men who thought they were god’s gift to women, and arrogance is not a pretty trait. Friends were pushing me to go out more, to meet someone and start seeing one of these guys but none of them were appealing.

What I did find strange was that I found myself actually talking to a few black men whilst I was out. While I was seeing Nigel I'd rarely met any black men or spoke to any. Even through school there were very few black boys or girls so for me it was a huge change.

After a year had passed, and being bugged by everyone, I thought about maybe seeing someone start going out with somebody (if someone was prepared to obviously deal with me and my son). I'd never really received much attention from men when I was younger. I wasn't the kind of girl that boys really looked at. Pale white skin, glasses, freckles, red curly hair and not the biggest of boobs either, not exactly what boys or young men wanted. Whilst I was going out with Nigel I was a 32B but after giving birth I'd grown to 34D, looking back I'd say this was one of the reasons why I started receiving a bit more attention. I'd gone from a skinny freckle faced curly headed girl to a busty woman, 5'3, still pale, freckles, lost my glasses, and big boobs - a bit more to look at.

As I mentioned I'd never really had any dealings with anyone outside my race when I was younger. Of course I'd seen other c***dren, adults of other races, but never had any real interaction or dialogue - Unless you consider Indian restaurants as an opportunity to talk to another race. Now I'd started to get out more, I found I was being approached by more and more men on a regular basis, mainly Asian and white men, many of whom I found boring. There were a small number of black men too, but I'd never considered ever going out with a black man before. It’s just not something a good Catholic Irish girl did. That was all to change though...

I was at the train station after travelling down to see Nigel, f****y and friends. There I was, standing on the platform with my baby buggy, bags and a fair bit of shopping, and the only man to offer any help was a tall, brooding-looking black man. He was very tall - well everyone is when standing next to me - but he was well over 6ft and broad wearing baggy tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie.

He offered to help me up the stairs as the lift was out of order. He picked up my things and took them up, then came back for the buggy and carried it to the top of the stairs and then did the same on the other side. Of all the people who passed me, he was the only one who offered any assistance. When he first approached I was very nervous and wary thinking, “God, what does he want?” He looked like the stereotype in his hoodie, but as they say never judge a book by its cover. Once at the bottom of the stairs at the opposite platform, he simply said, “There you go,” and walked away. I said, "Thank you," as he left. I never thought anything else of it really.

The following day I was walking my son around the town and incredibly I bumped back into the same man that helped me. As we passed I smiled and thanked him for yesterday. He paused briefly and said it was no problem and that he couldn't believe that nobody had offered to help out before. I said thanks once again and off I went.

Now the town is not particularly big. It has all the shops you need: all the high street shops, Debenhams, Next plenty of places to eat and drink and a decent night life. You're bound to see people over and over if you're out long enough and that’s what happened. We bumped into one another again in the park, this time as we passed he smiled, asked, "You following me?" I blushed... I could feel myself getting red and managed to stutter no. I turned as he walked by. He had very short tight hair, very dark black skin, well over 6ft and very muscular, his t-shirt clung to him and seemed it would have to be peeled off his broad chest.

Throughout the weekend I must have bumped into him several times, each time he would smile and make a smart comment, causing me to blush and redden. It was strange. Here I was, a grown woman, getting embarrassed by these comments and not being able to say something smart back.

Over the next two months I was down regularly seeing Nigel with our son and I regularly bumped into my knight in shining armor whilst walking around the town. When we met in the park, I mentioned that I never got the chance to really thank him for helping me that day and it was quite strange that we kept on bumping into one another in the town. He said no thanks were necessary, and that if I really wanted to say thank him I could buy him an ice cream from the van in the park. I agreed and we chatted for about 10-15 minutes in the park.

What happened next totally shocked me. Why? Well apart from someone offering to buy me a drink in a bar, I'd never been asked out on a 'date' by a black man. He asked if I'd like to meet for a coffee the next day, he gave me his number and said to meet him in the park where we were, and if I got cold feet just to text him and let him know.

I found myself that night and the following morning contemplating on what I was going to do, throughout the morning I'd talked myself out of meeting, but then I had a change of heart. I'd been single for awhile now, Nigel had a few dates with various girls. But me, nothing... And so I thought, “Why not? Lets see what the world can offer,” and I convinced myself to go.

I arranged for my parents to look after my son for an hour or so. I remember walking through the park feeling very nervous. I'd decided to make a bit of an effort, so I put some make-up on and tried to feel good about myself. Part of me was hoping that he wasn't there, but there he was. My heart was racing and I could not believe how nervous I was. There he stood, and he made quite an impression: nice jeans, tight t-shirt, his skin shone in the sun and he looked quite different from that first day in his hoodie and tracksuit. We sat down in the park with our coffees exchanged our names, Jermain and Agnes, and just chatting about ourselves a bit. I remember doing most of the talking even though I was extremely nervous.

The time passed quickly and I said I had to get back to collect my son. I almost made a show of myself when he asked if I would be back down next weekend as that he'd like to take me out for the night... Well, at 29 years old I should have been a bit more mature and sensible rather than blushing like a teenager and almost choking on my coffee... I managed to compose myself and said I wasn't sure but that I'd let him know in the week if that was ok. I got back to my parents and couldn't believe it, being asked out by a black man... That’s just not something I'd experienced or ever considered.

I thought about Jermain's offer over and over throughout my trip back home, and during the week I eventually decided to meet Jermain. I thought why not, he seemed nice enough, he could hold a conversation, seemed intelligent, was confident, not arrogant and I surprisingly thought that he was not unattractive for a black man. I arranged with my parents and Nigel to be back down two weeks later and I let Jermain know as well.

Well that Saturday came. Jermain and I had agreed to meet at the train station, the place of our first meeting... I readied myself at my parents. It had been a while since I'd had a date so I didn't really know what to wear. I decided to go with a black dress, simple but effective, straightened my hair and put my makeup on. Once ready I ordered a taxi and headed to the station. Jermain was already there, white shirt, which looked really impressive against his black skin, jeans and shoes... I remarked that he scrubbed up well and he cheekily agreed that I did too, for an old girl.... That broke the ice, thankfully.

We walked along the beachfront talking as we went by, asking me what I did, talking about my son. Cheekily he asked my age, I lied as it’s my right to do so! I said I was 25, and I found out he was 23 and a fitness instructor who played rugby, hence the reason why he was so muscular and fit. The time just flew. He'd booked dinner at an Indian restaurant. I teased him that I hated Indian. He was a bit taken aback but I soon confessed and said I was glad he had booked there as I was hungry and I actually did like Indian food.

We chatted and laughed and the night passed. Before I knew it we'd eaten our food, had a number of drinks and the restaurant was closing. We walked to the nearest cab office which was on the front. We paused at the pier and chatted some more, as the evening wore on I became more and more relaxed with him, laughing and joking and talking freely. We reached the cab office and he offered to drop me off at home - the perfect gentleman. We shared a cab and chatted some more. Before we reached my parents house I stopped the cab and said I'd walk from here, which was a good mile or so away. I didn’t want Jermain seeing exactly where I was staying. He got out too and asked the cab to wait a minute...

If I almost choked when Jermain asked me out then I nearly collapsed at what was to follow. Jermain stood in front of me, and asked if I wanted to go back to his place. I said no - we'd only just met and that I was not that comfortable in doing that, plus my son was at my parents. He placed his hands on my hips, towering above me. I looked up as he looked down but I never removed his hands. I just stood there as he asked if we could meet again sometime soon, and instinctively I agreed. We stood there staring, his dark black skin glowing in the night light. Then he leaned down. I just reacted without thinking, closed my eyes, moved my head forward and our lips met.

Suddenly there was a surge, a pulse shot through me. That kiss was electrifying. I'd never been kissed like that before. Jermain's hands moved up from my hips to my waist, sliding gently up and down, his thick full lips pressing firmly onto mine, our lips locked and our mouths opened slowly, tongues sliding forward and mixing with one another. My eyes were closed and the thought of how good this kiss was raced through my mind. Our heads turned from left to right slowly, our lips locked, mouths open, tongues sliding over one another into each other’s open mouth. My hands ran up and down his arms, till suddenly I felt his large hands slide onto my bum. I baulked at this and slapped his hands away - it had been a while since any man had placed his hands on my bum, let alone a black man.

At this point I broke our electric kiss and thanked him for a wonderful night and said that I will walk from here. He smiled and got back into the cab and as he left he winked. My walk home was short and after that kiss I'd say I floated most of the way. I could not stop thinking about that kiss, of his thick full lips locked onto my mine, his large black hands sliding up and down my sides... It felt amazing. I felt amazing. I reached home and slept soundly...

That following morning my mother asked me had I had a good night. I'd be lying if I said no, so I told her it was fine. But I knew that the night had been wonderful and topped by that amazing kiss at the end.

Myself and Jermain texted over the next week or so, just general things really, nothing exciting, and he kept asking when I was coming down and when we could meet again. I was reluctant, not sure what to do really. I kept convincing myself that it was not such a good idea. What would my friends think, what would my parents say? Eventually I said to Jermain that I felt it best that we didn’t meet up again. He took it better than I thought - he didn’t seem to bothered which for some reason irked me a little.

I went down to visit my parents as I always did. At first I didn’t see Jermain, but as I said it being a small town eventually we did, and I do admit that my stomach fluttered when I saw him and remembered that kiss. Unfortunately on this occasion he was with someone else. I felt a bit jealous and wondered if he had been seeing this girl or any others and for how long. For some reason I texted him that I'd seen him out and that he looked well and so did his girlfriend. He was quick to reply and say that since I was not interested there was nothing to stop him from seeing anyone else, which was true but still it annoyed me especially after that kiss.

We were texting throughout the weekend and over the course of the weekend I'd reconsidered my decision and said if he asked me out again I'd go. Which he did...

This happened for the best part of 4 to 6 months I can't recall exactly how long. We went out a number times: along the beach, into restaurants, to the cinema. Not every weekend but many of them I'd come down see my f****y, Nigel and friends but also Jermain. Sometimes it would be a walk in the park, a short meet, sometimes a lovely night out resulting in more of those explosive kisses which I could not get enough of. His kisses were intense, nothing like I'd experienced before. The first black man I'd ever kissed was amazing, his lips on mine – MMMMMMMM! Most of the time I was just melting with them, but I could not bring myself to go any further than that kiss, no matter how many times he asked me back to his place, or wherever his hands wandered on my body... I always stopped him.

Then came that fateful night where my whole world changed, turned upside down and things were never to be the same again.

I was back down to see my parents, but they were only there for the Thursday night before they were heading off for a weekend in London to visit friends. So that left me at my parents with my son. Jermain had asked me out and I'd agreed to meet him, but as my parents were away I thought I'd have to cancel, but Nigel had said he wanted to take our son and see his parents in Exeter so I agreed.

I remember much of this night as if it were yesterday. By now I’d got far more comfortable in deciding what to wear when meeting Jermain, so I put on my jeans, a white top and my boots. It was a cool evening and being my boring old self wore a white cardigan too. We met at the station as usual, walked along the front, here was where things began to change. Usually Jermain and I ended up kissing at the end of the night, but here it was still quite light, and we were on the beach standing there kissing. Totally engrossed in one another, I could see his big black hands running over my hips as usual, up and down firmly. What I didn’t notice was that a couple of my friends had spotted me and Jermain, and things were to get ugly later in the evening.

I received a text a short while later from a friend, saying that they had spotted me on the beach and what I was doing was disgusting and what was I thinking. I couldn't believe it, partly because I had been seen and also that yes had this been a few years back I would probably have said the same thing. I was stunned and shocked to receive that kind of text from so-called friends.

They were mutual friends of Nigel and I but I never expected to be caught like that or that people would be so opinionated. That was naive on my part I guess. This was not about Nigel but to them it was and I was made to feel very small. Jermain knew I was upset immediately. I told him I received a hurtful text by some friends, I didn't go into details as I didn't want to offend him.

I asked Jermain to give me a minute so I could make a quick call to my friend. We had a huge argument down the phone over the whole issue. I was visibly shaken when I rejoined Jermain and I think he knew what it was all about as for the rest of the night he kept trying to reassure me by touching my hand gently throughout the evening. Instead of going for dinner we went to bar on the front, we had a few drinks, then he managed to persuade me to get up and dance. It had been ages since I'd been out dancing and it was a relief, lots of fun just to get up and let my hair down. We never danced too close and was probably partly my fault due to the call I'd received earlier. The night rolled on and I soon reached my limit, I'd had enough to drink and I was pretty tired from dancing too.

We did the usual routine, getting a cab and me stopping it a mile from home, but this time instead of me walking alone, Jermain walked me home back to my parents. To be honest I'd forgotten about walking back myself and it was a pleasant stroll late at night. We reached my parents house, and I invited Jermain in, knowing that all prying eyes would be shut, fast asl**p from nearby neighbors and that my parents were not at home. I said he could call a cab and collect it here and head on home.

We'd been in the house a few minutes, we'd kissed a little standing in the hallway before I did the usual by breaking off and heading to the kitchen. We sat in the kitchen/dining room before I got up and asked if he wanted anything. I had my back turned to him as I was reaching up to the cupboard and getting a couple of glasses down. I didn't hear Jermain get up, but the next thing I knew I felt him standing behind me, and he whispered, “This is what I want…”

He began kissing my neck and shoulders and it felt amazing. His thick lips pausing on my pale white skin, kissing me softly up and down my neck across my shoulders, his hands on my hips, sliding up and down my waist onto the front of my thighs... At this point usually I would have pulled away but not tonight. I opened my eyes to look down and see Jermains huge black hands sliding up and down my thighs onto my hips and across my stomach. I gasped when his hands ran across my stomach, all the while he kept kissing my neck, either side, swapping from shoulder to shoulder.

By now I was covered in goose bumps, my skin tingling. I didn't think about anything until Jermain started to unbutton my cardigan. He started at the bottom, working his way up until he had undone all four. He pulled it down my arms and returned his hands back to my stomach. I was enjoying everything: his soft kisses on my neck, his full lips working their way over and across my neck and shoulders. His hands moved up and slid over my breasts, squeezing them firmly. I gasped softly when saw his hands cover my breasts. Slipping the shoulder straps of my vest top down my arms and pushing my top to my waist, he continued to kiss my neck and the top of my back. The goose bumps evident all over my upper body.

I could not believe what I was seeing, or allowing Jermain to do. Here I am, a single mother, almost 30, a 'good' Irish Catholic girl, letting this black man run his hands all over me. Jermain's black hands ran up and over my breasts, squeezing them tight, sliding across my chest down my stomach and back up to cup my breasts again. I didn't even notice him unclasp my bra. He slid the straps off and let it fall to the floor.

Jermain placed his hands back onto my stomach as my breasts fell and for the first time I saw Jermain's huge black hands slide up and over and onto my soft white breasts, brushing my nipples with his thumbs. The contrast was amazing, his huge black hands cupping and squeezing my white breasts. I felt a shiver run through me, my nipples were hard as I whispered, "Oh god…" Jermain leaned in over my shoulder and we kissed. Mmmmmm, those magical lips… My eyes closed and I was lost in that kiss. I could still feel Jermain squeezing and massaging my breasts.

By now I was really turned on. My body tingled all over, kissing over and over, our mouths locked, tongues searching one anothers mouths, all the while Jermain groped and squeezed my boobs. He slid his hands down and started to unbutton my jeans, I opened my eyes and saw my boobs covered in his hand prints where he'd been massaging them so firmly. My jeans were unbuttoned and I slid them down slightly just below my bum...

I'd gone too far now. No man had made me feel this good. I wasn't inexperienced by any stretch of the imagination but until then I'd never had a man touch me or kiss my neck and shoulders the way Jermain did... I was unsure as to carry on or not but instinct and temptation took over, as well as curiosity.

Jermain had pulled my jeans down further to my knees and I felt him place his warm black hands onto my bum, squeezing and tapping my bum firmly. His right hand slid back up to my breasts, squeezing and massaging a breast at a time, rubbing and teasing my nipples, his left now slipped round to the front stroking the inside of my thighs. All the while we were still kissing with our mouths locked, tongues flicking in and out against one another.

Jermains hand was running up and down my thighs, when suddenly he slipped his hand inside my knickers and he ran his finger around the hair above my pussy. Jermains lips muffled my moans, his right arm holding me tight as he rubbed my pussy with his left and squeezed my boobs with his right. I felt myself get wetter and wetter, my body trembled, his fingers slipped up and down my pussy as I was so wet, then rubbed them over my clit and my knees buckled slightly. I groaned into Jermain's mouth he kept touching me then running his fingers round and around, each time causing my legs to buckle a little more and my body to tremble.

“MMMMMMMMMM!” My moans were getting louder and louder but you would never be able to tell as his mouth and lips enveloped mine...

My body was shaking when Jermain stopped kissing me. He grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. He sat me down on the edge of the sofa, slipped off my boots and pulled off my jeans and knickers. I was completely naked now. It had been over a year since I'd been like this with a man and the anticipation was killing me. I kept thinking about what he was going to do. The majority of the men I'd been with would just slip the jeans off and hammer away, but I could sense Jermain was not going to do that.

And I was right. He pushed me back so I was laying on the sofa, my bum just off the edge. He pushed my legs back up so that my knees were up by my boobs. He instructed me to hold my legs up and he started to kiss his way up and down my thighs. His left hand slid up my body, teasing and squeezing by breasts, twisting and tugging on my nipples. I was looking straight down at Jermain with his head between my legs, his eyes fixed on mine, my mouth open in anticipation.

Jermain started licking his fingers on his right hand and started to slide them up and down my pussy. His long thick black fingers looked huge. I felt him slide just one inside and I gasped out loud, "AHHHH!" then a second, "OHHHHH GODDD..."

He started working them in and out of me slowly. I was looking down at him as he looked up smiling at me as I moaned, "OHHHHH GODDD YESSS…" My hips bucked slightly as his fingers pushed deeper and faster inside me. "OOHHHHH GOODDD YESSS! YESS ! MMMMMMM!" My moans and groans getting louder and quicker, his fingers felt huge inside me - bigger than some of the men I'd been with in the past... "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS", my eyes closed mouth gaping, "Ohhh, god yes Jermain." I groaned.

He pulled his fingers out and my eyes opened hearing them squelch as they slid out. He looked up smiling and licked them, moaning softly as he kissed my thighs, slowly working his way back up. I felt his warm breath on my pussy and then his tongue darted inside. "OHHHHH GOD MMMM!" His tongue worked its way in and up and down. I was moaning and groaning louder and louder my breathing getting heavier and quicker. I could feel his tongue working around inside me quicker and quicker, "YES YESS YESSS!"

I'd only ever been with a couple of men who had given me oral sex. Nigel was not one of them, so it had been years since any man had been between my legs like this. Jermain's fat tongue slipped up and down my pussy and then onto my clit, working around in small circles, "OH AHHH OHHH AHHH YES YES YES ....OH GOD...OHHHHH…" My hips bucked up working in with his tongue. His hands now both squeezing my boobs tightly firmly. Mmmmmmm, his dark black skin covering my pale white body, the contrast driving me wild, his tongue making me groan and moan like I never had before.

I'd had a few orgasms before, but never through oral sex. The only way I'd ever reached orgasm before was by my bf's rubbing me, but Jermains tongue was driving me wild. "OH YES OHHH JERMAIN...OHHH GOD.. YES YES YES...." My body was shaking and my orgasm building, my chest reddening, my breathing quickening, the pace increasing and my moans and groans becoming louder and louder, quicker and quicker! "OHHHH GODDD YES YESSSSS I’M GOING TO CUM....MMMMMMMMMM YESSSS YEESSSS JERMAIN OHHH GOD YES...UGGGHHHHHHHHHH OHHH UGGHHHHHHHH!!"

My orgasm ripped through my body. Ohhh goddd yes my body shook as Jermains tongue kept licking my clit, "AAHHHHHHHH FUCK…OHHHHH GOODDDDDDD..." Shaking and trembling, my legs fell to the floor, trembling, weak from my orgasm. I lay there on the sofa just gyrating slowly, groaning, trying to recover from my orgasm..."OHHH GOD JERMAIN…" I gasped. My body broke out into a sweat, little beads running down my naked body. He pulled me up by my hands and off the sofa onto my knees. I barely had the strength in my legs they were so weak.

There he stood, 6ft 3" towering like an ebony giant. Had I been standing he would still have looked the same but where I was kneeling he looked even bigger, so intimidating. He unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off, revealing a dark chiseled body, muscular with some definition but not too much. I ran my hands up his stomach and onto his chest. MMMMMMM! My hands looked so small, my pale white fingers running over his dark black body. “MMMMM WOW!” I thought, my skin looked sooo good on his. He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and stood there.

I knew what he wanted. I'd never really been into giving oral, I'd say because I'd had little experience of giving or receiving. Jermain just looked down and said to "Take my time..." I pulled his jeans down, he stepped out, and as I looked up I saw his cock in his boxer shorts. I could tell it was big, bigger than the men I'd been with before, but I didn't realize how big. I gripped the waist band and pulled down his shorts...

"OH GOD", I gasped. It was huge, far bigger than Nigels and much thicker... I just fell back onto my heels and could not believe it... Jermain smiled, looking down at me. "Don't be shy," he said. Considering that he'd given me oral I felt I had to give it back. I reached forward held it in my hand. It was heavy and began to grow slowly. I watched it as I slowly slid my hand back and forth. I could barely get my hand around it. Watching this black cock harden in my hands was mesmerizing. I leaned in, mouth open, and slid my lips over and around his big black cock... My head bobbed back and forth quickly, but Jermain told me to slow down, take my time and enjoy it.

I slowed my pace and sucked tightly, his black cock sliding between my lips. I could barely fit it into my mouth and so I could not suck too much of it, but gradually as I continued I was able to move my mouth down further, gulp gulp slurrrp as I sucked his cock. The more and more I did this the more I enjoyed it, I was looking up at Jermain holding his cock in my hand and sucking him. He was smiling back at me and ran his hand up the back of my head and grabbed some hair, holding it tight whilst I bobbed my head up and down sucking his huge cock...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… His cock was really hard now I could see a mark where my lips were reaching - a wet ring around his thick black cock. I started to enjoy it more and more, moaning as I was sucking. Each time my mouth moved back down over his cock I tried to go further but he was too big but I was enjoying this. On my knees, sucking my first big black cock. MMMMMMMMM!

Jermain talked me through a few things, to lick his cock all the way up and down, lick and kiss the tip, lick and suck his balls, going from a reserved naive girl who rarely gave oral to woman now enjoying sucking on a big black cock. What a transformation, both hands holding his cock in place right in front of me, as my head bobbed back and forth sucking and slurping on his big cock, my moans muffled as my mouth was filled by Jermains ebony shaft...

Jermain reached over to his jeans pulled out his wallet and removed a condom. I stopped sucking him and leaned back. I said that I wasn't sure... Jermain just smiled and said, "Look, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to..."

"It’s not that," I said. Well, it was partly, but he was big - much MUCH bigger than anyone I'd been with before. I said "You're very big, I'm not sure... "

"Look try it,” he replied, “I bet you enjoy it..." I carried on sucking his cock whilst he tore the wrapper. Then he pulled me up by the hands and walked me over to the sofa, "Not here," I said. I held his hand led Jermain off to my room. Once inside he held me close, his huge black arms held me tight to his body, feeling his big cock digging into my stomach. We kissed and he walked me to the bed, pushing me down onto the corner. Sitting down on the edge I reached out and held his big cock in my hand looking up at him. Jermain began to slip the condom down onto his cock, it barely got half way down and I remember thinking, “Christ... Had that been anyone else there would have been a bit to spare…”

Jermain pushed me onto my back, held my legs up high and wide by my ankles, arched his back and thrust forward, his big cock sliding up and down my pussy. MMMMMMMM! My breathing quickened and Jermain re-adjusted himself and then, his big thick black cock began to push forward and slip inside me…

"OH GOD JERMAIN...OH GOD." I screamed out, my hands on his hips trying to stop him from pushing deeper... "Stop stop," I muttered. Jermain looked down smiling to me, saying "I'm not even all in yet..." What...? Shocked, it felt too deep already and deeper than I have ever had before. "OHHHHH GOODDDDD" Jermain pushed in further and further. I was gritting my teeth, gripping the bed sheets tighter and tighter gasping and groaning with every sinking thrust... "OHHHH FUCK JERMAIN..." I groaned he was sliding his cock in and out slowly but deeply…

This dark muscular black man was fucking me deeper and better than I had ever had before, his pace quickened slightly as I began to get use to his size... By now he was pushing deeper and deeper, but not the whole length. I was barely able to handle him groaning and moaning out loud, "OHHHH FUCKKK YES YES OH GOD OH FUCK...."

He leaned forward elbows propping himself up on the bed, his feet planted firmly on the floor, his big black cock fucking me hard and deep, my arms and legs were wrapped around him tightly as he fucked me, "OHHH FUCK OHH FUCK OHH GODDDD YES YES YESYES," he grabbed my ass and started to fuck me faster and faster. It was too much. I was screaming now.

"FUCKKKK OHHH FUCKKK JERMAIN....." I just couldn't cope. I'd never been fucked like this before, not at this pace and certainly not with anything as big as Jermain. He fucked me like that for what seemed ages, but not before too long I had that same feeling I had earlier. I was going to orgasm, but this time I was going to orgasm whilst being fucked, and being fucked by a black man.

I buried my head into his shoulder and screamed out, "I'M CUMMMMMINNNGGGGG OHHH FUCK IM CUMMINGGG...." The whole of my body shook, Jermain pushed himself up, his cock still buried inside me I ran my fingers through my hair gasping for breath, "Ohhhh gooodddddd ohhh godd" I kept whispering... "Told you you'd enjoy it," He said smiling down at me. I lay to my side and gasped "Ohhhh god Jermain, I don’t think I can go on" I said. He laughed pulled out of me and turned me over.

My legs were weak and trembling, he stood me up at the corner of the bed and pushed me down at the shoulders. I held onto the corner of the bed as Jermain bent his knees and slipped his big cock back inside me... “MMMMMMMMM,” I groaned feeling his cock stretching my pussy again. "AHHHHH MMMMMMMM," Slow and deep thrusts fucking me gently. My head was down on the edge of the bed, my hands gripped the sheets tightly "OHHHHHHH YES YES YES YES..." Every so often Jermain would pull out and then slam in hard making me jump and scream out... "OHHH FUCK! AAHHHHHH!!"

My head was down, I was gasping for breath, and I couldn't believe how good it felt. I heard Jermain ask, "You're enjoying the black cock aren't you?" I didn’t say anything. I was too busy enjoying myself and moaning as he fucked me slowly. He picked up his rhythm and started to fuck faster and harder. He grabbed my hips and at first pulled his cock almost the whole way out before sliding it all the way back in. This was driving me wild, making me moan louder and louder, pushing back into him feeling his cock driving in deeper. My head was tossing and turning with every thrust, but then Jermain grabbed my hips and started to fuck me harder and harder faster and faster...

"OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSS!" I was screaming. His huge black cock fucking me, slamming in and out of my pussy I was screaming out loud. My legs buckled from underneath me but that didn't stop Jermain - he pulled both my arms behind my back, grabbed both wrists with one hand and began to fuck me hard, fast and deep. My head was thrashing around my hair flying everywhere, he slapped my arse and I screamed out in both pain and pleasure - the mixture was unbelievable. His pace was relentless!

Jermain just kept on fucking me harder and harder faster and faster. I was screaming out loud, "YESS YESS OHH GOD YESSS FUCK ME FUCK ME...OHHH GOD YES JERMAIN FUCK ME…,” I never spoke like that during sex, but with him I couldn't control myself. Jermain knew this and started telling me to, "Fuck that black cock." Jermain just never let up. My legs were shaking, my boobs were bouncing everywhere, smacking off one another every time he drove his cock into me. He grabbed my hair and turned my head towards him, he kept on fucking me hard and fast. I was screaming, moaning and groaning "YESS YESS OHHH FUCK YESS OHH GOD...."

"You love my black cock fucking you don't you Agnes..?" I didn't say anything but then I felt a smack across my arse... “AHHHHHH!”

"Say it Agnes..." Facing him with my mouth wide open and moaning. Jermain looked at me, "Say it Agnes... Tell me you love my big black cock fucking you..."

"I do." I replied.

"No, no, say you love my black cock fucking you…" I never imagined I'd ever say anything like that during sex, but there I was bent over being fucked senseless, my ass being pounded, my breasts bouncing all over the place...

"I love your black cock fucking me Jermain!" He started to fuck harder which I thought impossible, but that was it, I couldn't handle it anymore. My legs gave way and I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. Jermain fell forward with me but then stood up, and his cock slipped out of me. I rolled over on the bed, "OOOHHHH GODDDDD" I moaned - shattered, sweating, out of breath... Jermain looked down at me, "Told you you'd enjoy my black cock didn't I?" I just panted for breath on the bed, too tired to muster anything... My body was trembling, I barely orgasmed before with any of my previous lovers, but here I'd reached two orgasms like I had never done before. I was a wreck, shattered from it...

Jermain just looked at me and said, "I'm not finished with you yet." By now just over an hour had passed, and I could scarcely believe it. I hadn't had sex for a while but I didn't think things changed that much. For much of my sex life 10 minutes was probably about the usual length of time I had sex with any man. But Jermain had shattered me. I couldn’t believe I was still alive, nor could I believe that Jermain had not cum... He came and laid down alongside me. I thought that was it, but I was wrong. He pulled me up onto him. It then dawned on me how big and muscular Jermain was when he pulled me up with relative ease and I looked so small in comparison.

We kissed for a short while until he told me, "Get up on my black cock Agnes and ride it..." I blushed straight away, I was not used to being told what to do or being spoken to like this during sex... I knew then that I was submissive, because if I wasn't I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. Jermain was slapping my bum whilst I was laying on top of him and he spread my legs apart and slipped down between them. His cock was still hard and he told me to hold it up. I did as I was told. I held his big cock and I slowly slipped myself down onto it... "MMMMMMMMMM!" Groaning as it entered me, my moans became louder and louder as that black cock went deeper and deeper inside me. "OHHH GOOODDD YES... GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD."

Jermain was smiling "What feels good?"

"You do." I replied.

"No, no Agnes, tell me what feels good…"

"Your cock feels good"

"What color is it Agnes?" Jermain smirked. He was moving his hips up and down slowly and it felt good.

"Black" I moaned.

"So say it Agnes, you white slut...." My jaw dropped but at the same time Jermain started to fuck me harder grabbing my arse and really pushing up hard.

"Your black cock feels good!" I groaned loudly.

"MMMMM that’s it Agnes, ride that big black cock… You white sluts love big black cock..." I couldn't believe the words I was hearing but to be honest I didn't care what he was saying. I was bouncing up and down on that black cock and moaning out loud, my tiny pale white hands spread on Jermains chest, grabbing at his chest digging my nails in as I slid up and down his cock, being fucked hard. My boobs bounced up and down and Jermain grabbed and squeezed them hard. My bum rose and fell as my pussy lips slid up and down his huge black cock...

My body was experiencing things it had never felt before and it wasn't long before my third orgasm came. It was building and building all the time I was moaning out "OHHH GODD HOOO FUCCKKK MEEE... YES YES OH GOD YES ITS GOOD FUCK ME JERMAIN FUCK ME!!" My eyes were closed but I could hear Jermain saying, "Yeah, Agnes ride that black cock.... cum on my big black cock Agnes..."

My orgasm shot through me "OOOHHHH GOD IM CUMMING OHHH GOD YESSSSSSS!!!!" and my orgasm just kept on going and going. I was moaning for ages, my legs and arms were shaking and I could not hold myself up. I collapsed onto Jermains chest, panting for breath, exhausted, totally spent I buried my head into his chest, my hair matted from sweat laying across his black torso. "OHHHHHH GODDDDDD..." I could barely move... My whole body trembled, the sweat was dripping off me... My nipples were hard, my pussy was soaked I was panting like mad trying to recover... Jermain rolled me off as I was too weak to move...

Laying there, completely tired, Jermain straddled me, his knees on either side of my body he slid off the condom and started wanking in front of me and over my boobs. He was rubbing his cock all over my boobs and then held them together. I'd never done this before, partly because up until a few years ago my boobs were not big enough and secondly, no man I was with wanted to. He squeezed my boobs together and seeing his huge black hands covering my soft white boobs was incredible. He slid his cock between them and started to fuck my breasts, and after a minute or so he said, "Suck my cock as it slides between your tits." I didn’t think I'd be able to but in fact it was easy. Jermain pushed through them and I could easily suck the first inch and a bit more...

After a little while he said, "Now suck my black cock Agnes..." I did as I was told. I held his cock in my hand and opened my mouth sucking that cock tightly in my warm wet mouth... gulp gulp gulp slurppppppppppppp mmmmmm gulp gulp slurp mmmmmm… I could hear Jermain moaning as I sucked his cock and the more he moaned the more I enjoyed it, knowing that I was making him feel that good. I could only get around the first three inches in but that was enough for me – I’ve gotten better since then – and my head was bobbing back and forth as I moaned, sucking his cock tightly.

I could feel his cock throb and it became more frequent and I knew he was close... He pulled out of my mouth and let out a long groan. I was still wanking him but he angled himself pointing his cock right onto my boobs. His cock twitched and it throbbed and then he began to cum. His thick cock twitched in my hand and the first shot of his cum flew up onto my cheek and hit the corner of my mouth. I lowered his cock, kept wanking him and his cock throbbed again this time shooting hot cum all over my boobs.

Jermain shot several globs of cum onto my boobs. It was thick and white, and it was all over my breasts as well as a big lot on my lip and cheek. "Rub that cum into your tits Agnes," he said. I rubbed Jermain’s cock all over my boobs, smearing his cum onto my chest. I didn’t realize there was so much of it. His cum was all over my boobs and coating his cock... I flicked out my tongue and caught a taste of the cum on my lips.

It was only a small taste. I'd rarely given any man a blow job let alone swallowed his cum, but here I was after being fucked silly by my first black lover, rubbing his cum all over my boobs and tasting him.

"Now Agnes, suck my cock clean..." Jermain leaned in and his cock was right in front of my mouth. I opened and started to suck his cock, tasting his cum off the tip and the shaft. I must admit that for my first time it didn't taste bad and I sucked and licked his cock clean. I swallowed what bits I could and I just laid there. Jermain was still kneeling above me and he looked impressive - muscular body, dark black as the light shone off him... MMMMMM!

I could not believe what I'd done and how good it was too. And I had a passing thought to my friends who'd slagged me off earlier thinking, “Well, if only they knew what I'd done now…” I didn't care because Jermain had just fucked me silly, and I'd never been fucked as good and no man had made me cum with his tongue or his dick, and Jermain had done just that 3 times in a single night.

As I laid there taking everything in, Jermain looked down and said, "Now that’s just for starters... next time you suck my cock you're going to swallow every drop..." I smiled. He carried on "So Agnes how you feel now after being fucked by a big black cock?" I smirked and said, "I never knew sex could be so good..." Jermain laughed, "Well it’s only that good with black cocks babes. You know what they say... Once you go black you don’t go back. Your pussy is mine now Agnes..."

I just lay there and smile. I was shattered. At this point it was beginning to get light. Jermain had been fucking me for almost two hours. I told him to stay and get a cab the next day. I pulled the sheets back and slid under telling Jermain to get in as well. I'd never had any men back to my parent’s house before, and Jermain was the first... He lay there on his back, I threw my arm over his chest and wrapped my leg over him as well, drifting off to sl**p.

What seemed like a few minutes was in fact a few hours and my sl**p was broken by two text messages. The first from my parents telling me they were on their way back home and just pulling into the station. The second from Nigel letting me know our son was fine but also asking me what had I got up to last night. Panic was setting in. Firstly I had to get Jermain up and out without my parents seeing him or the neighbors, and second did Nigel know? Had my so-called friends tell him what they saw...?

I jumped up out of bed. I was completely naked, grabbing the sheet to cover myself, with Jermain's huge black muscular frame taking up much of the bed. Then the reality of what I, what we, had done earlier began to hit me. I saw him in all his 'glory' - completely naked on my bed. And momentarily I just stared, not believing that I had actually done what I did only a few hours earlier.

I shook myself from my trance and called out to him, "Jermain, you have to go.... Now. Come on, get up..." He stirred and just said, "Come back to bed girl, I want another go..."

"Jermain, you have to go. My parents are on the way back and so is Nigel, with my son…" Jermain got up out of bed, walked over to me. My god he was huge! Without my shoes on I was so small in comparison to him. He was enormous, both in stature and down below... I was mesmerized by him, his skin was so dark and so contrasting to my pale body. He took hold of the sheet and yanked it out, there I was standing before him, naked. He moved his hands up, cupped my boobs squeezing them.

God his large black hands looked good on my body - his hands just covered all of my boobs. Leaning in he kissed me and that electricity just raced through me again, and then he pulled away saying, "I had fun last night, and I know you enjoyed getting fucked, so when you coming back for my black cock?" I was a bit shocked by this, but trying to remain cool I simply said "I'll text you." I just needed him to leave, and leave quickly.”

Jermain grabbed his clothes, went to the bathroom and got changed. I was still standing there in my sheet trying to straighten the rest of the room up before he left. I went to the kitchen/dining room and put the glasses away, straightened the chairs and waited for Jermain in the hallway. As he reached the door I said "Thank you..." He turned, kissed me gently and then slapped my bum. In my panic to get Jermain out and tidy the house I'd forgotten about the neighbors. They didn't even enter my mind and it wasn't until he was at the end of the path I realized I was standing at the door, wrapped in a bed sheet as he left.

I went back to bed to wait for my parents. I thought about Jermain’s question and I think we both knew I'd be back, and as soon as I could...

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first time with a girl.

hi again! So I realy enjoyed writing my first story so here's another one realy happened to me!

I was 18 at the time. And very Slutty already! I sucked boy's for money at school. Everyone knew what I did but I didn't care. I was called slut and cum whore (I love the taste of cum even then I swallowed everything! Still do!) and worse. But I just got wet when I heard those names.

So anyway I wanted to go out it's a Thursday night. I Had to be in school next morning but I went anyway.
I showered and shaved carefully. I picked out a very tight and short see trough blue shirt, a white mini skirt and red see trough bra and string. I put on some make up and left.

I got in my car and drove to the city. Un the way I was getting horny I touched my cunt. Oh I was realy wet! I Had to stop touching I didn't want to cum just yet. I love to build up the pleassure I love to make myself wait to cum. Cause then when i cum it will be more intense. I arrived parked my car and looked in the mirror. I put on some more red lipstick and got out of the car.

There were a lot of young people at the parking lot i heard some guy's whistle and howel like wolfs. Hmmm I loved that! I slowly walked to the door and went in. It was pretty crowded. I ordered 2 shots of whiskey. I gulped them down and headed for the dancefloor. Wouw for a Thursday night it's realy busy!

I danced for a while not realy aware of what happened around me. I Had 4 more shots in the mean time and very buzzed. I saw a group of guy's from my school they were Watching me. I looked right at them and kept dancing sexually. My hands rubbed over my body lifting my mini skirt a bit. Oh I am a slut and I love it! I'm a whore! I thought. My cunt felt like it was on fire!

I went to the bathroom didn't know witch one to enter. The boy's room or the girls? I went for the girls figured i can always go back later and enter the boy's. My string was soaked guess I have to take it off! 2 girls came in they were only looking in the mirror and talking. "did you see that slut with the white skirt and the red underwear?" I heard one of them say. Kept quite I wanted to hear more! "yes I did! She looks like a whore! Did you see how she was teasing those guy's? She Is hot tough!" I heard the other girl reply. I quickly finished and went out the cubicle. I wanted to see the girls taking about me like that. "yes I thought so to! You wanna kiss her?" the first girl asked laughing before turning around. She looked shocked looked me right in my eyes. I just smiled and reached for the sink to wash my hands. The other girls face looked like a tomato it was that read! I winked at her and looked at her body she was hot! I smiled and said "see you on the dancefloor girls" and went back to the bar to order 3 shots. One I gulped down to I picked up and went looking for the girl.

I saw her standing alone at a table. I looked around and saw the other girl dancing with 2 or 3 friends of them I guessed.

I walked up to the hot girl and offered her a shot. "Thank you! I want to apologize for talking bout you like that! That was not nice of us!" She said. God she was a beauty! "That's alright! I mean look at me the way I dress the way I act! I mean I'm asking for that I guess. And to be honest it got me excited hearing you talk about me. So you wanna dance?" I asked. "Uhm... Sure!"

First Ze just dance without touching eachother but then a slow song played. She turned me around grabbed my hips and pulled me close. I felt like I was about to cum right then and there! My head rested on her shoulder I knew I wanted to kiss her lick her make her cum on my face! Never felt that strong sexual craving for a woman's cunt before but I knew I was going to try get in her panties. The song ended but right away there was another slow song. I later found out that the guy's from my school requested that becaus they liked what they saw.

I turned it around now she leaned against me. I kissed her neck lightly and felt her body react. I kept my face close to her neck so she would feel my breath and it worked cause she moaned. My hands slowly felt up her body over her clothes she was wearing a denim skirt with a black low cut shirt by the way.

My hands lightly stroked hear breasts she loved it! Oh god I want her! Kissed her neck again this time I licked up to hear ear. Kissed it and whispered "you are hot!... Kiss... I want you!" she turned around and kissed me on my lips I Let her tongue in now it's my turn to moan! Her kiss was the first kiss I ever Had from a woman and it was the best feeling!
My hands groped her ass her hands groped mine. Our legs were between each others my naked cunt grinded on her leg leaving a wet trail. She did the same to me. I needed her to cum! I wanted to make her squirm! My hand slowly went looking for her wet spot she was wearing panties. When I first touched her cunt over her panties she moaned loudly and her whole body trembled. I stopped the kiss but that was hard because I didn't wanted to! "Are you coming with me horny sexy lady?" I said We didn't even knew eachothers name! "yes!" was all she said so We picked up our stuff and went out.

We could not keep our hands of eachother. Her hand went under my skirt. She touched my clitty and We both moaned. "Have you ever been with a woman?" I asked. "Yes I have I've been with a couple woman now. You?" "this Is my first time" I said "your going to love it!" "I know!"

I took her to my place. She sat down as I got us something to drink. When I came back to her I put the glasses down and decided to in straight in. I needed to taste that pussy! With my knee between her legs I f***ed her legs open. Touching her boobs took her shirt off and kissed her boobs and tummy. My hands went for her bra I opend it and took it off her. Her boobs were perfect! One hand fondled one nipple the othe nipple went in my mouth I licked and sucked this was heaven!

I kissed her lower and lower until I was at her legs I got on my knees on the ground grabbed her hips and pulled her close. Her panties showed a wet spot I licked her panties she moaned and looked horny at me at what I was about to do. We were still in the livingroom. I pushed her panties aside looked at her wet shaved pussy she smelled great! I almost attacked her pussy! Started licking and sucking up and down Wouw she's hot! She tastes so good! She screamed in pleassure that made me even more hungry.
She came but I didn't stop "Are you sure you never done that before?" she asked with some difficulty. "Yes I am sure" I said without getting my mouth off that pussy. She screamed came again I tried to lick up all her juice it tastes really good! I Had decided not to stop till she begged me to. Her whole body was shacking her eyes rolled away another orgasme! Wouw I want more! My tongue fucked her pussy while my thumb play's with her clitt. She came again! She kept cumming actually I was licking almost Half am hour maybe more without a break. I lost count of how Many times she came before begging me to stop. I Let her beg for a while though did not want to stop! She grabbed me by my hair and yanked me of her pussy! Hmmm hope she Is going to take charge now!

Part 2 Is coming up soon!
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