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My first gay experience part 2

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My First Gay Experience With My Friend

This story starts with a lot of drinking.

On my 18th, I invited a lot of my friends around my house for a drink and a celebration. As the party started to flow, so did the alcohol. The party went well into the night with a lot of people having a bit of a romp. At around 3am, everyone had left the house, bar from my friend. Being a gracious host, I offered my friend a room for the night as he was in no state to walk home. He obliged and we went to bed at around 4am.

Now, at this point, I should say that I've always been curious about trying it with a man. I'm not gay, as I have a girlfriend of six years who was present at the party in question. But I will say that I maybe Bicurious or just open to anything.

Anyway, at around 6 in the morning, I was woken up by a full bladder. As I went to piss, I saw that the bathroom light was on, but no one was in. Due to the fact that there was only two people in the house at the time, I knew that it was my friend who had left the light on. This being one of my pet peeves, I went into the room that my friend was in to tell him so.

This is where it all starts. Hearing some soft moaning, I opened the door slowly and leaned in. There, illuminated by the streetlights outside of the window, was my friend, stark naked, masturbating. I wasn't really sure how I felt. Shocked that he was masturbating in my house, or somehow aroused that I'm seeing a male masturbate without him knowing.

It's not like I haven't seen his penis before, in Physical Education when we used to do swimming, I'd always catch a glance of him, fully nude, which honestly, made me quite horny. Sadly, or should I say, luckily, for me, I opened the door fully by falling onto it.

The look on my friend's face was priceless, I couldn't help but laugh at how shocked he was. I looked up at him and turned on the light, revealing that he had now covered himself with the duvet. Still somewhat d***k, he looked at me and mustered up a sentence;
"Honestly mate, it's not what it looks like." To which I replied,
"Oh please, I heard you moaning when I went for a piss!"
"I'm really, really sorry!"
"Hey, don't be sorry. With a cock like that, I'd crack one off whenever I could."

The look on his face was one of confusion and slight arousal. I walked over to him and pulled back the duvet, showing his slightly erect penis. I looked up at him and asked, "May I ?" He nodded and I proceeded to place a hand on his thick, long member.

I couldn't believe it. Here I was, acting out one of my secret fantasies, trying it with a man, more importantly, my friend and someone I could trust.

I started to rub the head of his dick and felt him tense up. "Relax," I said, "It's not like I'm gonna tell anyone." He eased down into the bed and let me continue to rub him. At this point, I can honestly say that I was getting more pleasure than him. I could feel myself getting hornier, harder and my precum building. I put my free hand down my boxers and proceeded to jerk my dick. The best thing about this was that we were both uncut and I love uncut dicks.

I asked him if it was okay to suck his dick, he didn't reply, he just pulled my head down towards his glans. I was so horny, I thought I was going to cum right then and there. His cock tasted strange, but nice. His precum was so sweet and tasty I kept on licking his hole. I started to stroke his cock as well as sucking it. His cock hardened and he came in my mouth and on my lips. I swallowed every bit of cum that came from his dick and cleaned it with my tongue. His cum was bitter but I couldn't get enough of it.

The great thing is, we still continue to have the odd suck now and again without my girlfriend knowing. So, that was my first gay experience. I hope you all enjoyed reading it.... Continue»
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My first gay experience

My first gay experience

I had only just left school and so far all my life I had been single, mostly down to be too shy round girls and over the past couple of years I had been playing with girls underwear and one thing lead to another and I started wearing panties at first and then more as time went on. I would wear my s****r's or mum's panties to school and where ever else I could and I would play when ever I could in then making myself cum so I would be wearing cum filled panties all day and I loved it, the feeling of the silk and wetness on my cock was just so hot and I would spend a lot of the day hard with my cock straining against the tight panties. Once I left school I went straight into work and that took over a lot of my time but I still kept wearing my girly things even when at work and that is when I met my new friend. His name was Paul and his was in his late fifties and a little on the heavy side. We got talking one day while on our break and after a while the conversation went to sex and what we had done. He told me about some of his milf's he had fucked while working at their homes and some young girls he had got to know through work and when he asked me what experiences I had I did not know what to say and he saw that I was a bit nervous and he said that I did not have to tell him if I did'nt want but I smiled at his and told him that I was still a Virgin and had not even kissed a girl before or even come close. I thought he was going to laugh but he just looked at me and said that it was ok and that it was nothing
to be upset about which helped put me at ease. We finished our break and went back to work and I needed to go to the toilet so I went into the bath room and undid my jeans and let them drop a bit so I could get my cock out of my panties and I struggled to pee because my cock was so hard from all the stories Paul had told me so I thought if I played with myself a bit it would make it easier for me, so I started rubbing my cock and I must have lost track of the time because I had been in the loo for half and hour and Paul came looking for me and I did not hear him come in because I was just lost in the moment. Paul was shocked when he saw me wanking and was even more shocked when he saw that I was wearing girls underwear and just as I shot my cum into the toilet he cleared his throat making me jump and spin round trying to cover myself.
So this is where you have been all this time? I thought you had got stuck. I looked at him and begged him not to tell our boss about this and he just smiled and asked what I was willing to do for him to stop him from telling and I said I would do anything for him not really thinking much about it and he said ok then, let's get back to work and after work I shall take you up on that offer. He turned round and left the toilets and I quickly pulled up my jeans and followed him and got back to work and I kept asking him what he wanted me to do and he just told me to wait and see. It was on my mind all day and as soon as we finished work I headed home hoping he would not do anything and as I walked along down the foot path I heard a car slowly down and pulling up beside me and I looked to see the window winding down and in the car was Paul.

"I looked round for you and someone told me you had already left. Had you forgotten you owe me something for keeping quiet?"

"Oh yeah sorry I totally forgot"

"Well get in and I shall tell you what you can do to keep me quiet"

So I reluctantly got in to his car and we drove along the road for a few miles and he was quiet for quite a while before he pulled off the road and drove down a dirt track and into a small wood and then stopped the car. He turned to face me and looked me up and down before he spoke.

"Right David I have brought you here so we can be alone so we can talk about what happened earlier today. Now tell me why are you wearing girls panties? are you wearing anything else girly under them clothes?"

I was quiet for a few seconds before I began to tell him everything about what had happened with me over the past few years and I told him that I was also wearing a bra under my clothes.

"Show me" he said as he started to open his door and get out. I sat there for a few seconds before nervously getting out and walking round to the front of the car. It was still barely daylight and he had turned his headlights on to help him see me. I stood in front of him and slowly started to undress until I was only wearing the girly underwear and he moved closer to me and cupped his right hand over one of the bra cup and gently squeezed it just like I was a girl and he was squeezing my breast. At first I did not do anything but I decided I should stop him and I put my hand on his and pulled it away but he f***ed it back on to my chest and I saw an angry look in his eyes.

"I suggest you don't do that again unless you want me to tell our boss what you did and that you were wearing girly underwear at work"

I started to get a bit scared now as I new deep down I could do nothing unless I wanted to loose my job and have my parents find out about my secret side of life. So I let him continue playing with my bra and he soon started playing with my nipples making them hard and the more he played with me the harder my cock became and when Paul looked down at my bulging silk panties he smiled and he grabbed me and turned me round so I was facing the car and then he bent me over the bonnet and told me not to move. I did as I was told and stayed in position while he went to the back of the car and he came back with some rope in his hand and he grabbed my hands and f***ed them behind my back and tied them there and I then heard him unzip his jeans and I felt him rub his cock against my panties before letting it slip inside then and he slowly slid it up and down between my ass cheeks and now I was getting really scared now and I new deep down what was going to happen next but I just did not want to believe it but when I felt the head of his cock pressing against my tight virgin ass hole and before I could beg him to stop he f***ed it inside me making me scream out and he quickly started moving it back and forth inside me and I could hear him moaning louder and louder as he speeded up. After a few minutes of pounding me he rammed his cock all the way inside me and held it there for a couple of seconds before pulling it all the way out and then quickly ramming it all the way in and he started to fuck me harder and faster and then he started to
spank me as hard as he could and my ass was soon glowing red and was really stinging. As time went on I could not believe how long he was lasting for a guy of his age and how hard he could pound me and very soon I was starting to enjoy it even though I did not want to but I just could not help it and my cock was soon rock hard again and Paul noticed this and he move his hand under me and gripped my cock through my panties and he started to slowly masturbate my cock while he fucked me and I could not help but moan out loud with pleasure and he started wanking me and fucking me in sink and wow did it feel good. The longer it went on the more I got into it and I just went with it as I did not want it to end but I still could not believe how good it felt being treated like a girl and Paul big cock was just fantastic, I could not get enough of it and as I just started to cum inside my panties I felt him tense up and grunt out loud as she shot squirt after sqirt of cum deep inside my ass breeding me like a slut. He collapsed on top of me breather hard and fast and I could feel his hot, hairy, sweaty chest pressing again my back as he slowly moved his cock back and forth inside me until he pulled out and moved away. It took me a few seconds longer to catch my breath and then it seemed like the sky lit up as Paul started to take some photo's of me bent over his bonnet and he told me he was going to keep them to remember our night together and I could not believe what I was about to say and I looked round behind me as he started to untie me and I said it does not have to be our only time if you don't want it to?

"So you did enjoy being a girl then?"

"Yes, I loved it Paul and I want to do it again and I hope you will be up for it too?"

"Sure k**, as long as you continue to wear these sexy thing under you work stuff and I will fuck you daily and make you my little cum slut but you can only sl**p with me unless I let you have a girl on girl fun but mostly you will be my girl and you will have to move in with me where you will live in only girls clothes ok?"

"OK" I said as I stood upright.

"Right, tomorrow after work I shall take you home and collect some of your things and then take you in to town to buy you some new sexy clothes to wear and then take you home were you will get undressed and change into your new clothes and take your role as my girly slave."

I nodded and we both got dressed and he took me home and I told my parent that I was going to move out but did not tell them where I would be living and I went up to my room and stripped off down to my panties and just laid on my bed and went through the memories of what had happened before I dosed off.

To be continued ... Continue»
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My first swinger experience, Part-1

My first swinger experience, Part-1

This is a true story, I was visiting a French Caribbean island, it was beautiful, clear blue waters and a lovely beaches. I enjoyed long runs on the beach in the early mornings and at sun set, this day I unknowingly happen to come across a nude beach, it is called Orient Beach.

It was not until I was half way down the beach that I started to notice that some people were walking naked along the beach, I tried to stay focused on my run but as I ran I could feel my cock starting to come to life in my shorts. I did not know what to do, I felt so embarrassed, I did not want to get hard while running the beach, I mean what would people think....

I ran way down past a resort, which I later saw a sign saying that it was a nudist resort. As I got to the end of the beach I stopped to stretch and to catch my breath, I was also hoping that I could get my cock to go down. but then I noticed her, she was just laying there under a tree on her towel with her legs wide open, I guess she was sun bathing her vagina, and what a sweet vagina it was. So much for getting my cock to go down, it just got harder, then I heard her say to me in her french-english accent, "I guess you are truly enjoying your run eh", stunned I did not know what to say, I turned to her and tried to play all cool, she raised up on her elbows and opened her legs even more, parting her pussy lips and exposing the pink of her pussy, which was so moist and wet, I did not know if it was pussy juices or sweat or what, but my eyes seems to focus straight down between her legs, she looked me in the eyes and said, "I can see you like what you see eh?"... Stunned but cool, I said, "yes, I do, I am sorry for staring, it is my first time"... She then said, "first for what, to see a women?" and I said, no, " first time seeing a nude women on a beach", then she laughed and said, "don't worry, come closer, no problem".

As I approached her my cock just seemed to get harder, and she noticed but played it cool, she said, "why don't you take those off, you are sufficating you sexy cock no?" I paused not knowing what to say, then I said, "I am not sure, not too comfortable with this". Then she said, "nothing to worry about, look around you are the only one with pants on, everyone else is normal, it is you who are out of place eh" Still focused on her wet pussy, I guess I was overcome by desire to see where this would go, so I took off my running shorts and sat down next to her.

She reached out and took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it ever so gently, "you like"? she siad, and I said yes,then she said, "relax and enjoy my name is Marie, I said nice to meet you Marie. Then as if I just became ever so brave I reached my hand a touched her tanned leg, I slowly ran my hand up her legs and around her waist, she then said, "It is ok, you can touch my flower if you like, I am very wet, you know?" I looked in her eyes and I swear I could feel her. As I slowly allowed my hand to find its way between her legs she opened them and I could feel her warm and moist pussy lips, she was so wet. As I slid a finger up in her and found her G-Spot, she held my cock firmly in her hand and stroked me even harder, and just as I was enjoying this awesome moment.

I felt a shadow block the morning light, and as I looked up I saw a man standing over us and he said in his english-french accent, " I see you have met my wife, she is lovely, no?" and I was stunned and did not know what to say, I thought he was going to kill me, but then as if she sensed my tension in my cock, she said to me, "No problem eh, he is fine, he likes to watch me with other men, we are very natural and open, you know?" and I was like em ok.

He introduced himself to me as Jean-Luc, and he then told me, "please go ahead and enjoy or else she will be disappointed with me and laughed. The towels were large enough to fit all three of us so he sat down next to her on the other side of me and also began to fondle her, he said, "she loves to be touch all over and so do I, then he smiles".

After a few minutes of touching and kissing, they asked me to come up to their room, they had a condo on the beach, so it made for easy access. I agreed because my cock was still so hard and I was just to curious to pass this opportunity up. When we got to their room, Marie told me to relax and enjoy, then she went into the bathroom and I could hear the shower go on, then Jean-Luc, asked me if I wanted a drink? I said yes please, and he made us a pot of coffee, while he was making the coffee he, touched me on the shoulder and whispered to me that I should go into the shower with Marie and wash off, he said she would love that, then as I walked away, he said, relax, and enjoy her, the he smiled.

As I got to the bathroom, Marie motioned for me to enter the shower, this was the first time that I really got a good chance to look at her body, she was a older women, but my oh my, was she sexy, she looked so perfect. As I entered the shower she took my cock in hand and began to stroke me, it did not take too long for me to get hard again, then before I knew it she was down on her knees and sucking my cock and the water from the shower fell on our heads.

When she rose up, my cock was so hard and I was so horny and excited by the whole surreal idea of what was actually happening, that I turned her around and pulled her close to me, my arm went around her and my hand found its way between her legs and her pussy was so wet, I did not hesitate, I pushed my throbbing cock between her legs from behind and I entered her pussy, and wow, it was so sweet, it was so tight, I could not believe it, I was amazed and so excited that I just started thrusting into her.

She reached her arm back and caressed me around the neck and said, "ooh la la" and I knew that meant I was doing something right. Then she stepped away from me and turn to me and kissed me deeply as she reached to turn the shower off. Then she said "come with me, baby", I followed like I was her sex slave.

She took me in hand and walked me back out and into their bedroom. Jean-Luc was their laying on the bed stroking his cock, she crawled up the bed and between his legs and began sucking on his already hard cock, then he signaled for me to join in, so I knew what that meant and so I approached her from behind and entered her pussy once more, it was so awesome, I do not know if the pussy was that good or if it was just the excitement of the whole situation.

We both fucked and sucked Marie until she moaned with pleasure and had like 3 orgasms, then we just laid there in bed together and Jean-Luc said, "I think the coffee is ready and laughed, we all did"....

... Continue»
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My first swinger experience, Part-2

My First Swinger Experience Part-2

After we laid in bed together, the three of us. Jean-Luc asked me which hotel I was staying at, since it was obvious that I was not staying at their nudist resort, I told him that I was staying at the hotel just up the breach. Then he shocked me by inviting me to come stay with them, he said, you should check out of your hotel and come spend the rest of the week here with us, give us a chance to transform you into a true nudist. I laughed as I seriously thought about it, and well, it did not take me too long to answer yes.

He said, "That is great, my friend, you will not regret this", he told me that they had an extra bedroom, so no need to worry, "You will just have to share this with our daughter Zoe but she is like us, so no problem, very open minded you know". I said, ok, but truthfully I did not know, I was simply stunned but yet sexually curious to see where the rest of this week would go, I thought that this was the opportunity of a life time and that I might never get this chance to have sex with a women like Marie again.

So I left their beach side condo and went back to my hotel to check out before noon so that I could return, they said that Zoe is still asl**p but I can meet her when I return with my things.

As I was back in my hotel room my heart was racing and my mind was busy fantasizing just what kind of sensual pleasure would come of the rest of this week. Then I remembered that he said, share a bedroom with their daughter Zoe, I did not even meet her as yet, or asked how old she was, none the less I was excited as hell, so I finished packing and checked out and rushed back over before lunch time. When I got back to the condo, I told them thanks for allowing me to join them on this adventure, and I expressed to them that I was some what nervous but very excited, and that I would like for them to let me buy them lunch to show my appreciation, they agreed and called for Zoe to come to meet me.

As I turned, I was surprised to see that Zoe was still a teenager and not an adult. They saw my expression and told me not to worry, Zoe is very open and she grew up as a nudist, so this is the life that she knows and loves, "Right Zoe?" then she simply smiled and said "Yes, papa", came over and introduced herself to me. We went for lunch at a local restaurant I had discovered in town, we did some shopping and then decided it was time to head back to the condo and enjoy an afternoon at the beach.

When we got back to the condo, I went to my room to change into my swim suite and then Zoe walked in and then she simply smiled and said to me, " you really are not used to be a nudist, eh?" and I nervously said no. She was so stunningly beautiful and sensual for her age, I did not want to look at her as she very openly began to take her clothes off, as her skirt hit the floor, I was amazed to see that she had went to lunch and to town without any underwear on, I thought to myself how sexy for a young l****a. Then she took her top off and her newly forming breast were so perfect and perky, I did not want to look her over but yet I found myself staring at her young sexy beauty.

She noticed and then made me feel at ease by saying, " Not to worry my new friend, you will get to see a lot of me the rest of the week", then she smiled and grabbed her beach bag and towel and left to the room.

As I returned to the living room, they were all chatting and laughing as Marie turned to me and said, "my friend, not to worry, this is our lifestyle and now you are apart of our f****y, we will show how to live and enjoy life the way it should be lived, and when you return to the US your life will not be the same".

Jean-Luc grabbed a bottle of wine and then we headed out to the beach for an afternoon of sun bathing and water sports. As we laid on the blanket on the beach and enjoy the afternoons sun and some awesome wine, we talked and laughed and got to know each other much better, even Zoe drank wine, I was surprised as I then asked how old is Zoe that you let her drink wine? "Then they both laughed and said, "She drinks because she is mature enough and responsible enough, and we trust her only to drink with us for now until she is older but to answer your question, Zoe is _ _ years old, I was amazed and stunned, so young, yet so beautiful, I felt guilty then for continuously watching her over, which I am sure they noticed as I know that Zoe did, for she caught me several times but she simply smiled and winked at me in that sensual way, made my cock twitch in my shorts.

We enjoyed the sun a little more and then the wine must have began to kick in as I saw Marie begin to tenderly touch Jean-Luc's chest and rub him down, her hand slowly went down his tummy as she took his cock in hand and gently stroked it as it came to life. Jean-Luc's cock was un-circumsiced and when fully erected it was nice and full and stood about 7" tall, she then took him into her mouth and began to suck on his cock as it continued to grow, I was amazed as she did this right in front of Zoe. Not sure how to react to this all, I turned to Zoe, who laying next to them and pleasantly watch it all as if it was nothing, and I asked her if she would like to go on the wave runner with me, her eyes lit up as she jumped up and said, "yes of course I would".

So we left them and went to enjoy the ocean on the wave runner, they did not mind and did not stop enjoying each other, they simply turn to us and said "Be careful and have lots of fun". As we were out on the water, I had to drive as the rental place said that Zoe was too young to ride it herself, to which she became irritated but she was happy to be on the water with me, as we got out far enough, she whispered in my ear, " I am very happy that you decided to come to stay with us, I am now enjoying this vacation much better", then she gave me a kiss on my cheek from behind and her arms held me around the waste tightly.

Then, out of nowhere, I felt her hand as it left my waist and slid into my speedo's I was so stunned that I did not know what to do, then she said, "You feel so great, and oh what is this, you are not cercumsized? how nice", as she continued to stroke my cock in the open air on the ocean, I must admit it was electrifying and so hot, that for a moment, I forgot about how young she was and simply rode around on the wave runner and enjoyed her handjob, but I guess I was enjoying it a little too much as after a couple of minutes I came in her hands, I was so embarrassed that I apologized to her, then she simply smiled and said, "not to worry, it will not go to waste" as she brought her hand which was full of my love juice to her mouth a licked it all up.

My cock remained semi erected and she kept her other hand on my cock as we continued to ride around and enjoyed the ocean together, it was amazing to feel her young body brushing up against my back and as she spread her legs and pushed her pelvic close to my ass my heart raced. At the end of our time on the water we went back in and then we both swam around together and out to the water float, we laid there together for a bit, she turned to me and kissed me gently on the lips, I was shocked but then again I enjoyed it as well, and my mouth caressed hers and our lips parted and I gave her my tongue, her hand slid down my chest again and found the bulge in my shorts and this time she simply stroked me to pleasure again without any resistance from me, once my cock was fully erected in her little hand she turned and went down on me, I was amazed that this little l****a knew how to suck cock to damn good, she was like a pro, I said, wow Zoe, you do this so great, how did you learn to suck cock so well, and then she looked up at me and smiled and said, "my father of course you silly"..

Not sure how her parents would feel about this, I did not want to stay out there for long, besides I was not sure if I could trust myself not to fuck her right there on the raft. So we then swam back to shore and returned to her parents who we found having sex out in the open on the blanket, Marie was on top of Jean-Luc and riding him in a cowgirl stance, I knew from the night before that she sure knows how to ride some dick. I was relieved that they were busy having sex with each other because it meant that they were too busy to notice that I let their daughter suck my cock out on the water raft.

We both sat next to them on the blanket as I poured myself another glass of wine, and I also poured Zoe another glass as well, we laid their watching her parents fuck each other, my cock began to grow in my shorts and Zoe noticed, she said, "why do you not take it out and let him enjoy the sun", I did not know what to say, then Marie, still riding Jean-Luc's cock, turned to me and saw my cock full and hard in my shorts, and she said, "why yes, please take it out and I will suck it for you my dear".. So I did, I released my cock from its prison and let him stand to attention in the sun as Marie came off of Jean_Luc cock and crawled over to me on all fours and took my cock in her hand and guided it to her warm moist mouth and began to suck me so pleasantly as Jean -Luc who was still hard and horny came up behind her and fucked her doggy style right in front of Zoe who sat their next to me sipping her wine with one hand and her other hand played with her little clit only three feet from my face, I could smell her sweet young pussy and I could see how wet and moist she was. As her mother sucked my cock, my head was fixated on Zoe's sweet little pussy, and her mother saw this and smiled at me and released my cock from her mouth and said, " you like, no?" I was so horny and hard that I turned to her without thinking and said yes, she looks so tasty!

She said, "Oh my dear she is very sweet" as she took my cock back in her mouth and continued to suck my rock hard cock and Jean-Luc continued to pound her nice firm ass. I turned back to Zoe as she was watching me in my eyes and smiling and licking her lips, my eyes then traveled down to her sweet pussy as she continued to stimulate her clit with her hand and sipped her wine with the other hand, I thought to myself, this cannot be real, this is a dream...

As Jean-Luc continued to pound his wife's tight pussy so did she continue to devour my stiff cock, and then as she moaned and came all over his cock, he also came into her tight pussy and so did I cum in her mouth, I was totally amazed, it was such a magical moment as little Zoe also began to tremble as she came all over her hand, only three feet from my face I could see the juices trickle down her your tight pussy!

As we laid their and enjoyed each others company and a damn great bottle of wine, the sun began to set and Marie said, "Let us go inside and me and Zoe will make dinner?"...

Stay tuned for Part-3

... Continue»
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First Gay Experience

This is the story about how I realized my bisexuality and my first gay experience.

I started to question my sexuality late in high school. I never did anything about it until my freshman year of college. I went to a very small school in New England, and I’m talking small: less than 1,000 students living on campus. So needless to say news traveled fast, as well did rumors. All of that plus the fact I spent my first semester living with two obvious homophobes made even the thought of trying anything with another guy impossible. By the end of the semester I was ready and in need of a change.

My friend Dave was transferring to another school during the semester break and I took this opportunity to make my move. I talked to Dave’s roommate, Josh, and he agreed I could move in. An added bonus was 2 of my close friends lived together in the room next door to my new room! So after the holiday vacation I started to move my things and settled in. Things immediately got better. Josh and I got along and we even had some classes together. I even had the room to myself on weekends when Josh went home and worked his weekend job. With the stress of my previous living situations gone, I was free to explore my sexuality.

When I moved in with Josh I had suspected he was gay but I had nothing to prove it. That is until the night I got my proof. It was a Friday night, when I thought Josh would be gone, I came home to open the door and find Josh and his boyfriend, Alex, in the middle of rocking the top bunk! Feeling embarrassed I immediately shouted “SORRY!” and left the room. Not sure what to do I spent the night next door in my friend’s room. I returned the next morning, Josh was sitting at his computer and Alex had apparently already left. After a few awkward moments of silence, I turned to Josh and said, “I’m sorry I barged in like that last night.” I could tell Josh was not sure about where this was going he kind of shrugged it off as a “no-big-deal” attitude. I told him it didn’t bother me as long as they didn’t do it on my bed… something I would have expected of a heterosexual roommate as well. I didn’t dare tell Josh I had strong gay sexual urges myself. I just wasn’t ready.

A few weeks went by and I finally lost my virginity! Now don’t get ahead of the story, it was with a girl and wouldn’t you know it… on a night when I was expecting to have the room to myself, who should come through that door, Josh and Alex! That brought Josh and I to another awkward conversation. During which I finally gathered up the courage and told Josh I thought I might be gay. I told him I was having confusing and conflicting urges towards men and women and didn’t know what it meant. He told me about his own struggle to find himself and how hard it was to come out. He gave me a lot of good advice that day.
Weeks went by where nothing changed for me. I just couldn’t get the thoughts out of my mind. “What would it feel like? Would I like it? Does it hurt? What if I am gay?” All those questions ran through my head daily. I was tired of wondering and I wanted to find out.

One night while Josh and I were both in the room working on school work, I broke the ice and stated chatting with Josh. Nothing in particular, but it got us talking and focus away from the term papers on our computer screens. Then I went for it, I started talking about sex. I asked Josh what it was like his first time. When he was done with his story, I moved my desk chair closer to his and leaned in and kissed him. I KISSED A GUY! That was a sentence I once thought I would never say. Josh gently pushed me back and took a deep breath and told me he couldn’t because of his relationship with Alex. I understood and I told him I was sorry to put him in that position. That was the end of that, or so I thought. That Friday, I came into the room after dinner and found Alex and Josh sitting in room waiting for me. I was so nervous; I thought Alex was mad I kissed his boyfriend. I was dead wrong.

They wanted to help me and said they had arranged a double date with someone from Alex’s college (about 20 minutes away). His name was Jeff. He was 20, 5’11, 170lbs and toned! I was so nervous all night at dinner, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. The four of us had a blast and after dinner we went back to the dorms at Alex and Jeff’s college to hang out in Alex’s room. Alex put on some music and the lights were turned down. Alex and Josh started making out and I immediately got hard, I was so distracted by watching to men make out for the first time I didn’t notice Jeff sit down next to me on the bed and move in close. My heart was racing! “Oh my God this is it!” I thought. Jeff leaned in and whispered into my ear that he knew it was my first time and I was going to enjoy tonight. He kissed me and when his tongue entered my mouth we exploded into a passionate make-out session that for me will be unforgettable for the rest of my life. After what seemed like hours, but was in reality only a few minutes, I looked over the other bed and saw Josh and Alex now shirtless paying no attention to us. Josh was unbuckling Alex’s pants and getting ready to go down on him. I would tell you more about their experience, but my attention was drawn back to Jeff by the feeling if him pulling my shirt up over my head and running his hands over my chest. Not exactly sure where to go next I followed Jeff’s lead and unbuttoned his shirt exposing his smooth chiseled chest. His nipples were rock hard and I could resist playing with them.

Jeff took things to the next level. He leaned me onto my back and started unzipping my fly. Sliding my pants off, my raging hard-on sprang from my boxers like a NASA launch. Jeff smiled and said “looks like you’re enjoying it so far.” And he was right! He then pulled down his pants and boxers before coming back to my body lying there quivering with the anticipation of what to come next. Jeff removed my boxers and started to gently run his hands on my cock. He also played with my balls while he stroked my shaft. Jeff looked at me and said, “This is it. You ready?” In a moaning nodding gesture I said yes as his lips covered my cock and I got first gay blow job. It was amazing. He did things with his mouth and tongue that make my toes curl even to this day. When I started getting that feeling every guy knows what that means, I didn’t know what I should do. Was I expected to have him stop before I blew, or do I bust it in his mouth? I couldn’t make up my mind in time and I blew my load down his throat. To my relief Jeff didn’t seem to mind. He stayed down there until I was done and as he picked up his head he smiled and crawled up to my head. He kissed me and I tasted my cum on his lips. All I could say was “wow!” Jeff laughed.

I looked over at the other bed again and Josh and Alex were way ahead of us. Alex was fucking Josh and still not paying any attention to us. I wouldn’t expect them too anyway.

I looked back at Jeff and told him I was still nervous about sucking my first cock. He told me it was not a big deal and didn’t pressure me at all. After a little while of stroking his 7 inch cock I finally said to myself... “Fucking just go for it!” I leaned in and paused for a second before I took his cock into my mouth. I started with just the head at first. I eventually got more in and I could tell by his moaning and squirming that he liked it. After I got going for a bit, I actually stated enjoying sucking Jeff’s thick cock. I think he knew I was unsure about his cumming in my mouth and he stopped me moments before. By now I was ready and I told him I wanted it! Well timing again was a little off as Jeff blasted his massive load right in my face as I was trying to get my lips over is dick to catch it.

After I cleaned up I noticed Josh and Alex were over by our bed. Josh asked me, “Well, what do you think?” All I could respond with was, “I love it!”

Jeff was already getting ready for what came next. He handed me a condom and told me he wanted me to fuck him. So I put the rubber on and lubed it up. While I was doing this, Jeff was playing with his ass and lubing his hole. I moved in behind him after a few tries to find the right angle, I was in. Before long Josh had a surprise for me. Alex got onto the bed and got behind me. He started playing with my asshole. I kept humping Jeff and when I left the lube being worked into my hole I knew what was going to happen next. Alex took me by the hips and he slowly inserted himself into me. HOLY CRAP! I was getting fucked by a man! I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing with Jeff and I pulled out. Alex was very gentle with me and since I was no longer fucking Jeff, Alex reached forward and pulled off my condom. That was all Josh needed to get under me and start sucking my cock. I was in heaven.

I soon got a turn to return the favor to Josh after Alex finished. This time I was going to make sure I got that hot shot in my mouth. I didn’t take too long to make Josh squirt. The first time I swallowed cum it was from my roommate.
After we all had our chances to suck, squirt, and fuck, it was after 2 in the morning. I was exhausted and so was everyone else. I knew Josh wasn’t going back to our dorm that night and I started to panic. What was I going to do? After Jeff got dressed he told me he was going to his room across campus and invited me to go with him. He assured me Josh was going to give me a ride back to our dorm in the morning.

I spent the night in Jeff’s room. We slept in the same bed together and I woke up the next morning to Jeff sucking my cock. Since we were already in somewhat of a 69 position, I started sucking him. Waking up to a hot 20 year old college stud sucking your cock is one of the best ways to start your day.

We met up with Josh and Alex for breakfast. After we ate, Josh and I drove back to our campus. Josh asked me if I thought I might still be gay. I told him I truly enjoyed last night and even thought I wasn’t sure (at the time) if I was gay or bisexual, but I did know I wanted to do that again.

Josh and I fooled around a few times after that night. The school year ended shortly after and sadly Josh was transferring to another school the next year. I never heard from any of them after that. It was before Facebook and I lost contact with Josh over the summer. I still think about that wonderful night when I sucked my first cock, fucked my first ass, and had my ass taken for the first time. Jeff, Alex, and Josh; if you are reading this and know I’m talking about you, please know you 3 changed my life forever and I wanted to thank you for helping me find who I really am.... Continue»
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A young cross dresser's first gay experience

I was just a young boy then, senior in high school, horny as hell and dreaming of my first gay experience since sitting in my s****rs red lace thong and white lacy bra and discovering the one porno in the house everyone kept hiding from me. I guess they thought my s****rs panty drawer held no interest for me......they were wrong.

It had been a great afternoon jacking off in my s****rs bra and panties and watching my first porno when it happened, I saw the most beautiful thing ever, Peter north titty fucking a hot blonde and cuming all over her face. I was besides myself I could not believe how hot that was and how fucking much I wanted to suck a big cock and feel it explode all over my face, in my mouth.

I’d had been stealing my s****rs clothes for years and jacking off in my room dreaming of the day a man would finally fuck my face and give me his sweet, sweet cum. giving myself self facials and needing to jack off five times a day, fuck I was horny.

Finally on a quiet morning in spring I found myself all alone in the house, my friend James had come over, he would do it a lot and we would listen to records, look at girly magazines and from time to time jack off together. we had never touched each other but god how I wanted it, he was smooth, had a nice sort of fem body and a hard 7” that I would fantasize about when we looked at porn together.

That day we were looking at some mags and I said “don’t you think that girls lingerie is sexy” all he said was yes referring to the slutty blonde in white garters, stocking and push up bra.

Next I asked “have you ever wore your s****rs panties?” he paused for a second gave me a confused look and said “fuck no” couple of minutes went by and I asked “have you ever thought about it?” he looked down at the magazine and in a barely audible whimper said “well....uhm...yeah” I smiled and gathering up some courage I said. “you know I do it all the time” he quickly looked up and said with wide eyed amazement “really?, you do? do you like it” I smiled “I love it” and we both fell silent a bit awkward moment but you could feel the tension rising up.

Then after a few minute of silence I asked “James can I ask you for a favor?” he looked up sand aid “sure just ask” I hesitated for a second and then went for it “would you video tape me in my s****rs panties?” he was taken aback for a sec and I could see his cock which he had been stroking while looking at the mags getting instantly hard. “ok i guess” was his reply “really you don’t mind?” and he said “no go ahead I think it be fun”

I smiled and quickly grabbed the camera from under my bed and handed it to him, excuse myself for a second and ran into my bathroom I could barely believe it. could this be it? the moment I’ve been waiting for? quickly I stripped out of my boy clothes, slipped my s****r lacy red thong, lacy white push up that felt tight against my flat chest. white knee highs and my s****rs red 3” pumps. I took the hair out of my pony tail and let it fall over my shoulders and in a final touch I broke out the red lipstick. I looked in the mirror and smiled, I looked hot, my hard cock bulging from my panties, about to be a CD for the first time in front of another guy.

I was nervous, I reached for the door handle and I could see my hand tremble, was I really about to do this???? and a that moment I could only think of the years I had spent fantasizing about this very moment. I took a deep breath and open the doors and stood smiling at the door way.

He looked up at me, camera in his hand, I smiled, he was startle for a second and then began to videotape me, I swayed seductively on the door way for a second “what do you think?” I asked, he said nothing I stepped out of the bathroom and started walking across the room, the camera following me, I stood in front of the mirror and could see him in the reflection, the camera pointed at my sweet young ass, I smiled again.

I pointed for him to stand at the foot of the bed to film me and I laid on it, kept smiling, pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. he stood still. “do you like it?”I asked he nodded, I smiled, “do you want to touch my cock?” he gave me a faint nod and I smiled again. “would you like me to touch yours?” again faint nod.

I told him to put the camera down I looked at him “I have an extra pair of panties would you like to wear them?” he nodded, I reached under my pillow and pulled out a pair of white, satin bikini panties, I wrapped them around my cock and stroked it for a minute and then handed them over to him “take of your pants I said”.

He nervously stripped while I enjoyed watching his smooth sexy and untouched body, he took the panties from my hand and slipped them on, I kept lowly stroking my cock, I was so excited I could not think did I want to.

Finally there he was, the object of my desire, in my s****rs white panties, his cock hard, throbbing an bulging. a spot of pre cum I was so fucking horny.

I spread my legs and asked him to kneel in front of me, between my legs, I asked “how do you like wearing panties?” he nervously laughed “its nice” I grabbed my cock from the base and pulled it to touch his through his panties. “do you think I’m hot?” he smiled, “pull your cock out, jack of for me, with me” I said and he did, he pulled out his beautiful cock and I laid there for what it seemed hours gazing at our bodies.

“I’m gay James” I said “I’m gay and I am really hot for you” he said nothing “I want to have panty boi sex with you” again nothing, he just looked at me and kept stroking.

I got to my knees and kneeled in front of him, our cocks touched and we looked at each other, I leaned forward and kissed him, he stepped back for a second and looked at me, I just stared back, it seemed like an eternity and he lunged forward kissed me deep and full, his hands grabbing my ass pushing me back to on my back. We were making out with fury, our cocks touching, his hands pulling me close, our tongues flying it was amazing.

I stopped him for a second and said “James I want to suck your cock so bad” he smiled and I smiled back. I pushed him off of me and made him lay on my bed. I kissed him again full and deep, made my way down his neck, chest, nibbled on his nipples and finally got to the promise land, what I had been waiting for all this years.
eagerly I pulled down his panties, and held his cock in my hand, stroking it, admiring it and for the first time, with a lot of care I kissed it, I kissed the head of his cock, felt a little bit of pre cum coat my lips and I rubbed it all over, I smiled and with joy held his cock by the base and started to suck him, up and down, slobbering all over it, stroking it loving it.

Nothing like your first cock, when you put another mans dick in your mouth and you realize “fuck I worship cock” and you feel him throb, hear him moan, feel his hand on your head pushing it deeper in you and you realize “fuck I am a sexy, slutty panty boy sucking cock.

I sucked him and kept enjoy his cock for what seemed day but was probably minutes, he stopped me and said “Alex I want to taste your cock too” I smiled and was happy to comply, we got into a 69 position and sucked, sucked, sucked cock with passion. it was delicious, heavenly it was cock in each others mouth.

But we were young and inexperienced, we sucked cock with such eagerness that soon we felt each other shudder and in and explosion of warm silk we started to cum together in each others mouths, we just could not stop, it was wonderful.

Cum was dripping out of our mouths, we could not bare the idea of taking our cocks out of ours mouths as we laid in my bed, finally we pulled ourselves up to sit on the bed and our eyes locked as we saw our faces dripping with hot, sweet cum, our chins covered, our lips glistening. we smiled and slowly leaned forward and kiss, kissed in the most wonderful way two your gay lovers can, tongues licking and lapping our hot cum, we were in ecstasy, so much so we got hard again instantly, we reached to stroke each others cocks again, our hands dripping with cum again and stroked each other as we kept on kissing.

I smiled at his and asked “so how do you like it? having sexy with a boy?” he kissed me “I like it, I like it a lot, I specially like you in your bra and panties” I smiled and kissed him and slowly made my way back to his cock to keep sucking him.

as I sucked him he kept playing with my ass, I loved every second of it, “”I want to fuck your ass” he said I stopped for a second but kept sucking his cock “I really want your ass” he said as he slipped a finger inside of it. it made me jump, I kissed him and said “yes, fuck yes please make me your bitch”

We put a couple of pillows down on the bed and I laid on top of them so my ass would be up in the air, he spread my legs and started to tongue my ass “you are a sexy panty boi” he said “fuck me I said, make me your bitch, fuck me” the anticipation was killing me, finally he started rubbing his dick on my ass, it was driving me wild, he would push like he was going to go in me and i would brace myself but he would pull back, finally I felt the baby oil on my ass, I bit the pillow, braced myself, held my breath and it a wonderful second my gay ass was being fucked for the first time by a wonderfully hard 7 inches of man meat. it was hurt.......I held my breath, clenched my fist......and slowly, with the movement of his hips pain begat pleasure and he fucked my ass more and more and with each pump, each thrust of his hips, he would bite my ear, reach around and feel for my cock.

As he pushed faster and deeper in me I would arch my back looking for his lips and finally in a final thrust of gay ecstasy I reached back, turned my neck to kiss him, our lips barely touched, reached again and as his teeth caught my lower lip I started to cum as he started to cum inside of my ass in the best orgasm of my life, his teeth drew bl**d from my lips, I gasped and fell to the bed exhausted, with the cock of my gay lover still in my ass, full of cum and satisfied we fell into a slumber that had awaken the gay crossdresser slut in me.... Continue»
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First Gay experience

I remember my first gay encounter as if it were yesterday. I had just turned 21 and was fresh out of Navy boot camp on my way from Philadelphia to NYC via Greyhound bus. I saw a guy in his early 30's waiting to board the bus with me and I could tell that he was showing some special interest in me. Maybe he liked the way I looked in my dress blue Navy uniform! He was in back of me in the boarding line and I would occasionally glance back to see if he was still paying attention to me. As I got on the bus I immediately headed for the back row seats and as I turned to look back I saw that guy squeezing past other boarding passengers to catch up with me. I sat down in the inside seat next to the window and he sat down in the seat next to me and smiled. I smiled back and said something to him and he indicated by hand signs that he was a deaf mute. So, no conversation but I could definitely feel the sexual tension as the bus began it's journey. I think he wanted to make a move but he wasn't quite sure how I'd react so I decided to make the first move. It was nighttime and I pretended that the gentle rocking of the bus was making me nod off. I faced toward the window and lowered my head like I was falling asl**p. After a few minutes went by I opened my legs a little wider so that me right leg fell against his left leg. I left it there feeling the heat of his leg against mine. I was getting hard with just this amount of body contact. I knew he was staring at me and wondering whether I was touching his leg with mine intentionally. Suddenly he pushed his leg against mine and broke contact. I immediately spread my legs wider still so that my leg pressed against his again. Now he understood that it was intentional and I wanted my leg to press against his. Still, I pretended to be sl**ping. Several minutes passed and suddenly I felt his hand on my knee. He kept it there and waited for a reaction. When I didn't object he started to slide his hand up my leg, ever so slowly. My mind was whirling and I was thinking "wow" he's really going to do this. I was incredibly turned on by the feeling of his hand slowing going up my leg towards my hard cock. I was starting to be felt up by another man for the first time and I was letting it happen. I wanted it to happen. My right arm was in my lap and it blocked his progress. He gently nudged my arm and I lifted it out of the way so he could move further up my leg. Now, he was certain that I wanted to fool around so he went straight to my hard cock. I looked down into my lap and saw that he used the pinky of his let hand to lightly touch my cock. I was so hard and so turned on my this touch. Suddenly he leaned into me and grabbed my cock hard in his right and started to pump it up and down. His face was inches from mine and I thought that he might kiss me. I was so turned on from the slow build up of this foreplay that I started to cum. I had the longest and most powerful orgasm that I could ever remember at that time. I pushed him away and he got the wrong impression and left to find another seat. I just sat there with my pants full of cum and realized that another man had just made me cum. Not only that, it was better than any orgasm I had with a girl up to that point. That was my first gay experience and certainly not my last. Years later I would get an instant hard on when I put those wool pants on.... Continue»
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My first gay experience Part 1

hello friends this is my first story in xhmaster and it realy happened in my life.this happened when i was studying in my 11th grade.It was with my school mate with whom i had my first sex.He was studying in 9th grade at that time.I always dreamt of having sex with my mate but i was scared to approach him.We both stayed in same flat in different rooms.We both went to school in the same school bus too.One day on the way back to our house after school we kept on talking many rubbish things and soon he started to say about sex.i was wondered to hear that from his mouth.He then said he have got a lot of pubic hair at the sides of his penis.I thought of a chance of getting to see his penis and i dared him to show to prove his words.But he refused to do so.I thought of a plan and i asked him to show while we get to our houses.He agreed to mind was filled with happiness.As soon as i got down i directly went to his house as at that time his parents would be out 4 work.We both got into his room and i locked the doors.My heartbeat started to rise faster and i ordered him to show.He unziped his pants and removed his brief and showed but within a flash of second he wore his pant back.I felt so disappointed.I again asked him to show once more and hold it for a minute but he refused and he then tld me to show mine.I found it as a green signal and within no time i stood naked in front of him.He came nearer to me and took my penis in his hands.I felt like i was in heaven.he then dragged me to his bedroom and made me lie down on his bed.My penis was so hard like a rock and i felt his tounge on my forehead moving slowly towards my lips and we kissed each other for around 15mins.he then moved downwards and started licking my penis.i cud feel his mouth deep in my penis.we then had a 69 position and i started sucking his balls , i kept playing with it in my mouth and then i tasted his precum oozing out.we both then had a mutual masturbation and he made me cum on his face,i found him tasting my cum.We both got dressed up and i told him to get a condom for the next to have sex.He agreed to that.i left his house by giving him a kiss.

next part continues soon.thank you guys for reading and leave ur comments please.... Continue»
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My first gay experience 2

Picking up where I left off, I decided to follow Jay into the shower. After the blowjob he’d just given me I was horny as hell and ready to blow my load all over again. As I entered it was almost as steamy as the sauna, as someone had left one of the showers on. I was about to turn it off when Jay grabbed me from behind, rubbing his hands over my sweaty chest, pinching my nipples. It felt amazing and I moaned in pleasure as he began kissing up and down my neck. He then turned me around and kissed me passionately, gently massaging my tongue. I could taste something sweet on his tongue, and then realised it was my cum! I’d never tasted cum before but it got me so hot I started kissing him back, nibbling on his bottom lip.

He pushed me back and said ‘Now it’s your turn’. I knew this was coming, and I was nervous but excited. I slowly got down on my knees and suddenly noticed his huge cock! It was around 8 inches like mine, but so thick! His huge balls dangled down below, just waiting to be played with. I grabbed his balls, massaging them with one hand whilst I jerked his cock with the other. Jay moaned and grabbed my head, slowly pushing me towards his throbbing cock. I opened my mouth and licked up and down his shaft as he groaned his approval. I then started circling the head of his cock with my tongue before putting it in my mouth. I was surprised how good it felt, and how good it tasted. I started slurping up and down, squeezing his balls and rubbing them as Jay stroked my hair telling me how good it felt. After a while he lifted my head and kissed me. He then got down and took my cock in his mouth.

It felt just as good as before and I thrust my cock down his throat as far as it would go, shouting ‘Fuck yeah take my cock! Swallow it whole!’ He happily obliged, swallowing my cock as deep as it would go. He then took my balls in his mouth, gargling on them which felt like heaven. He then slowly got up, kissing up my chest and neck till he was nibbling on my ear. Then he whispered ‘Fuck me’. I didn’t need telling twice and I bent him over and spat on his hole, pushing my finger in. God it was tight and it felt amazing. I couldn’t wait and slowly pushed my head in, reaching round to rub his balls. He moaned in ecstasy and so did I. It was my first anal experience and I knew I was hooked for life. It was so hot and tight I felt like busting my nut instantly. I slowly pushed my cock in till my balls slapped against his ass. Then I slowly started pumping in and out, still squeezing on his huge balls.

After a few minutes I picked up the pace and was soon slamming in and out of Jay with such f***e he had to hold onto the shower bar to stay standing. I spanked his arse and he groaned, ‘You like that bitch?’ I said, spanking his tight ass again and I yelled ‘Fuck yeah! Fuck me harder, I want your cum!’ I did exactly that, and started pounding his tight hole. Within minutes I knew I was going to cum, and grabbing his hips and slammed into him as a pumped wave after wave of cum up his ass ‘Oh fuck I’m cumming!’ I yelled as I collapsed on top of him, kissing his neck as my cock carried on spurting cum up his ass. As I pulled out I collapsed on the floor as Jay turned round to face me jerking his huge meat. ‘Time for your shower’ he said and he leaned back as ropes of cum shot from his cock, landing on my cock, stomach and chin. ‘Fuck yeah’ was all I could say as I lay there in pure bliss.

Jay got down and licked his cum off my cock, stomach and chin, then kissed me. I could taste his sweet cum in his mouth and it was amazing. He then helped me up and showered me off, spending plenty of time soaping up my ass and balls. As we were getting changed he gave me his number and asked me to call him if I wanted some more fun, then left. I then got changed, went home and collapsed on the sofa with a huge smile on my face, wondering if any of this actually happened.
... Continue»
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My first gay experience

Hi :) . My story is 100% true, it hapened last year in August.
Well, lets start that I am not gay, maybe bisex. I have a girlfriend and I do like girls basically, but there was always something about gay porn that turns me on. so from time to time i do watch it and masturbate to it.
So that was a very hot summer, it was the begining of August 2012. I had a bad hangover after the weekend, it was monday, so early in the morning my girlfriend left for work and I took my laptop and started to surf the internet. Usually when I have a hangover i am very horny especially on gay porn, i dont know why :). So i looked through some gay movies, stroked my cock for a bit, and then i decided to make some contacts with gay boys in my town. I entered a website where gays put their advertisements and meet each other, i put there my ad and, it sounded something about that "a cute guy with no gay experience is looking for a slim beautiful guy to meet, and try something"..well in a short time i got about ten emails, i picked up a few and at the end i started a skype chat with one guy. we texted and exchanged pics, and i was getting more and more horny about it.. and i saw that i cannot stop it. i suggested that we should meet.he said he has no space for us to meet. i couldnt take him to my home also, but there is a summer house that my f****y owns, so i suggested to go there. he agreed, so we met near the shopping center, i was with car, so i picked him up. he was a thin, small dark haired lovely face guy. he sat in my car, we talked very little on the road there..because it was a little emabarassing to me. it took us about 20 minutes to come to my summer house. we entered, i locked the door. and actually i didnt know what to do next. i got a little nervous, so i just took of my clothes, and sat on the sofa completely naked. i saw his excitement about me being naked, he also undressed, and left the red panties on.i looked at him and was getting horny, but my cock did not understand what is happening, so he just was half hard :). but my god i saw there was something big in his panties..he had a really big dick, well it was the first one that i saw, except mine :) he started to touch me...he touched my dick, my balls..started to kiss my belly, my chest and continued on the nipples...i felt strange...but i let him continue..then he kissed my neck and lips... i showed him that i dont want to kiss his lips :) so he went down to my cock, licked it..sucked my balls and put my cock in his mouth, he was 6 years younger than i am, and he was shaking from felt good..i started touching him...i touched hs dick throuh the was big, way bigger than mine...the i took it out, i took his panties off and i started stroking was rock hard and warm..i put my face near his dick to look at it while i stroke, it was the first dick in my life so i was curious...i stroked it near my lips and i finally put my mouth on it...MMMMM it was like never before felt feeling...i sucked it, i put it as deep as i can, then i licked his balls that were small and i continued on that nice big dick....fuck it was good..and then i asked him if he could put it in my ass...he was a bottom but he agreed...I had never had a dick in my mouth or my ass before..but i had fantasies about he took the lube and condoms from his backpack that he had with him, he put the condom on and lubed his dick, then he lubed my ass.he said it is unusual for him to fuck somebody, because ususally he is fucked by someone, so he was not very sure how to do it, and neither was I. I layed ao my back and put my legs up as high as i can , exposing my asshole that way. he tried to enter, but that dick was just too big and my ass was a virgin one and very tight..but i told him to continue and try again...he tried luck...then he sucked on my dick to harden himself more...i said lets try the doogy i stood in doggy pos, that was the sexiest moment in my life, and i was waiting to get fucked, realising this made me very horny.. I asked for more lube on my hole and to try to enter my ass..he lubed it and started pushing his dick against my tight asshole, i helped him to be exactly on the hole...and AAAAAAA i screamed...he entered my asss...OH my god i screamed was sooo big inside me... i was in pain..i put my hand on his dick trying to slow him down not letting to enter his dick completely...but he did not stop...i just put my head on the pillow and felt pain slowly becoming a pleasure... that was strange and good feeling...he pushed his dick harder and harder...i felt less pain and more pleasure...i took my hand away and he started slamming my virgin ass more god he was big...i starded to stroke my cock...i was very horny..and it felt very good being fucked.then i sat straight on his dick and started riding it, so this way i could control how deep he was inside me :). he was rubbing my ass and nipples the same time he fucked me. I felt that he started to breath deeply, his moves started to gain speed and i knew he was going to cum soon. i said cum on my ass. he pulled the dick out, took of the condom and a seccond later i felt something warm on my ass cheeks. it was his big load of cum. i felt like a whore and it was good. now i had to cum also.i layed on my back and he started to stroke my cock, with few strokes i shot my load, that was also huge,he pointed my dick towards my belly and i came all over myself on belly and my chest and some on my neck.then he helped me to clean and sat there with a smile.I was still feeling that his dick was inside me, my ass burned actually :). so we washed ourselves a little with the bottle of water that i had in my car and dressed, not saying anything. then i took him back to the city, we said goodbay and i drove away. we emailed a few times later, i wanted to meet him again.but now he is away in another country, so maybe i will meet him again when he comes back for another sex adventure :)... Continue»
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My first gay experience part 2

So after giving my friend Robert the first and probably the most unforgettable blow job he ever had, we made out some more. He laid back and went back to watching the porn i had put on the ps2. The scene came to the part where the guys were starting to do anal and DP. I had my head on his chest as i was watching that scene unfold, i looked at him and i told him that was hot. He gave me a smile then he told me to roll over and spread my legs. So i did, then i felt him put his hands on my ass cheeks and he started to rub them. He then put his fingers in his mouth then he started to finger me. I quivered as he stuck the first finger i ever had in my hole besides my own. He eventually worked two of his fingers in and he complemented my tight hole. I could see he was hard again and i just gave him that look that i wanted him now.

We got into a spooning position then i lifted my leg in the air and i told him to stick his dick in me. The first time i felt the tip of his cock run up my thigh i knew it was intense as i started twitching. He tried to stick it in but i was too tight for his boner lol. I then told him to just rub up on me with his cock sliding between my butt cheeks. Man did he love that idea, he just kept pressing up against me and we made out from that position. We eventually broke the position and we went to jacking off again. He shot his load again and it was all over his stomach. He then took some on his fingers then he put his cum soaked fingers in my mouth. I so enjoyed every drop of him, i never enjoyed tasting something so much as his essence lol. It got me so hot that i was getting ready to shoot. He returned my helping hand with his and he jerked me off. When it came time to shoot, he just squeezed down on my shaft down to my balls. my dick was pulsing up and down with white ropes of jizz all the while he had his fingers pinched down to my nuts. As the pulsing stopped, he then squeezed the tip. GOD!!! that felt amazing. We passed out on each other, when we awoke, my mom was pulling up to the driveway and here we were scrambling to get our shit together lol. we came so close to getting busted lol.

Robert and i stayed friends/ suck buddies up until our freshman year of college, but this was the most memorable experience i ever had with the same sex. He winded up moving to Chicago and i stayed here in Miami. He now has a girlfriend...i wonder if she knows ; )... Robert is such a playboy, i personally think he can get whoever he wants. He still comes down once or twice a year, but it will never be like it was at 18. <3... Continue»
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My First gay experience

I was on a website to find gay men to have sex with locally. I had few replies and was even sure what id do if i got a reply. I went on the website, as a daily check, and i had had a reply from a guy calling himself hornykieth. He said he wants to hook up, now at this point i should say im 19 and have never had a gay experience in my life. but was always kinda curious.

I replied to the message asking where he was and he replied where abouts he lived, it wasnt too far from where i lived and i was in such a horny mood i decided to go see him. Not having a car i caught the bus to near the asda he lived near and he eventually showed up. We walked to his and on the way he was asking me questions, like how big is my cock and what my experience was. I lied and told him i had done things with other lads before.

As we got to his, we went through the backdoor, so his neighbours didnt see him bring a 19 year old lad into his house, he immediately shut the curtains and then asked me if he could get me anything. I was so nervous and kind of mumbled that id like a glass of water, my mouth was so dry.

We went up to his room where he held me tight and began to strip me, he had sweatpants on and i could see he had the hardest erection. He striped me completely naked, i felt trapped but excited at the same time. I wasnt fully hard but his erection was making me feel confused and horny. He was still clothed and turned me round and said, i am his little bitch, i mutter okay but i wasnt sure what was about to happen. He bent me over and spread my arse checks apart, then the strangest feeling happened, he began licking my arse hole.

I began to enjoy it, he would stick his tongue in from time to time, then he turned me back round and knelt me down, i could guess what was about to happen. He pulled out his cock and it was huge, he had no boxers on as he would of already planned out what he was about to do. as i knelt there with this huge, shaven cock in my face, a drip of precum hanging of the end, i realised i was completely hard, mine was no where near the size of his. I placed my hand around his huge cock and started to jerk, it felt nothing like mine. As i jerked that precum got bigger till it fell. It was a long gooey string of cum that went from the tip of his cock onto my arm, i could see he was enjoying it as his head was tilted the the sky and for a spare of the moment thing i licked the precum off my arm. I only wanted to know what it tasted like but i was caught, he had seen me do it and i think he thought i did it because i was super horny so he got the wrong impression.

I carried on stroking his cock and he lay down next started to touch mine. He looked really excite to see mine. He asked if i wanted to play a game so i said sure amd he pulled out handcuffs from under the bed, i got nervous. He told me not to be shy as he put my right hand in the cuffs, the he pulled them around the posts of the bed and then put my left in the cuffs, i was trapped, he had me stripped, on his bed, facing down with my arse exposed. Then things got ruff.

I couldnt escape and i saw his sucking on his fingers, then i felt two huge fingers be slowly pushed up my arse, then three, it hurt, a lot. I told him to stop, he went gentler but in no means stopped. He walked around to my head and told me if i didnt suck his cock he'd put four fingers up my arse, but he said it in a kind of playful way. I lifted my head up and opened my mouth, before i knew it i was gagging on this huge cock. He would pull out then push it right down my throat. I would gag then he'd stop, after about ten minutes of brutal sucking he said, good, its nice and slippery now and back round too my arse, this had me worried.

Then i felt his huge cock almost tear my arse hole open, i literally scream and he said oooooh, take it baby. Im not sure if he thought i was playing along or not so he carried on. He thrusted harder and harder. I could feel my hard cock pushing on the bed sheets everytime he thrusted. After about about ten mins of thrusting it felt good, really good, in fact i began to cum, alot, more than ever. I let out a lot of moans, it was an intense orgasm, he was so into it he carried on, i could feel my arse hole tighten as my orgasm had already been. He got faster and faster then, i felt his cock spasm in my arse, i could feel the cum flow through his cock with my ass but i couldnt feel it in my ass. He left there for a good few seconds the ripped his cock out quickly, that hurt too. He went back to my face and made my suck all the cum off and out of his dick before he'd let me go, i did and he un did the handcuffs. My arse hurt but i felt relieved and okay about the experience. I quickly left as he told me to text him anytime i wanted a punishment.

When i got home that night, i felt horny lay in bed just thinking about the whole experience and started to masturbate thinking about his cock, then as i was falling asl**p i felt the cum that he had squirted in my arse drip out, he must have cum so much because it took so long to get what i could out but in the whole, it was such an amazing experience.... Continue»
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My first gay-experience, part 2.

Part 1 ended when I had paid my entrance ticket to a porn cinema.

I walked in through the door to the “establishment”. Inside was not a big room with a huge screen but instead there were several smaller rooms with small televisions that showed different porn movies. The entire porn cinema was quite dark so it was not so easy to see what was going on until you came closer. Most of the rooms had only one chair but some was bigger and had two chairs. I made a quick round to see if a room was free.

I saw an empty room (I thought) and headed towards it. In this particular room a movie was on that showed a close-up of a woman’s face. In her mouth a big dick was pumping in and out. I was just about to enter when I realised that a man was standing close to the television. He had his trousers open and his big dick was sticking out and he had it in a steady grip wanking like mad. I stayed in the background and watched the scene (which, I must admit, turned me on a lot). When the guy in the movie pulled out his dick and shot a big load in the woman’s face the guy in the room took a step closer to the television and shot a big sticky load all over the screen. He then started to smear out his load over the screen with his cockhead. I had a hard time not to soak my pants right there seeing the woman with a big load in her face and the guys dick smearing his big load of cum all over the screen. The show in that room was over so I decided to continue my search for an empty room.

Further down the aisle I saw another room with an open door and this time the room was empty. It was a bigger room with two chairs but I went in anyway and closed and locked the door behind me. I took off my jacket, opened my zipper, took out my hard cock and sat down in one of the chairs. On the wall there were two buttons with arrows pointing up and down. With these buttons it was possible to choose between 30 different movies. I chose one with a bigtitted woman being gangbanged by 10 men. After a while I realised that I had chosen this just to be able to see as many cocks as possible. I was fascinated by seeing so many hard big cocks at one time and my dick got, if possible, even harder. When I came into the room I had noticed a small hole in the wall separating “my” room or rather booth from the other. It was not big enough to be used as a gloryhole but it was OK to look through it. I got curious and looked through the hole but the room was empty so I turned towards the television again.

After a while I heard someone going into the other booth and lock the door. I could hear him sit down in the chair so I went up and put my eye against the hole. I could see the neck of the man but that was about it. Conclusion, to see anything at all the guy on the other side had to stand up behind his chair with his dick sticking out of his pants. I sat down again, a bit disappointed. I heard the guy unlock the door and leave.

A new guy entered the other room and I suddenly got an idea. I placed myself behind the chair and continued to wank my hard cock (sticking out of my pants). I looked at the hole and I could see how the light from his television disappeared, he must be looking through the hole. I wanked my cock harder and suddenly I heard him rush out of his booth and the door handle on my door was pressed down several times. My door was locked so he couldn’t get in and after some more attempts he left.

I was very excited of this event and I don’t know what went on in my brain but I decided to unlock the door and leave it slightly open. I then sat down in my chair again and continued to watch the movie (and wank my dick). I enjoyed the look of all the big dicks in the movie so at first I didn’t realise that someone was watching me. I heard a sound behind me and turned around. In the doorway stood a young man and when he saw that his presence was revealed he asked if he could come in. I heard myself saying “of course” and he went in and closed and locked the door. He sat down in the other chair and pulled down his zipper, took out his cock and started to wank with his eyes locked on my cock.

I had a hard time to concentrate on the movie. My eyes wandered more and more often to his cock and finally I gave up the movie. My eyes were concentrating totally on his cock. He looked at me and asked if he could suck my cock. For the second time this day I heard myself saying “of course”. I rose from my chair and placed myself in front of him with my dick close to his face. I was so excited I could almost not stand up but I pulled myself together and waited for his next move.

He opened my belt and pulled down my trousers and underwear to my knees. He then started to touch my balls with his hands, massaging them gently. His right hand took my cock and started to wank very slowly. He then started to lick my balls and at the same time he pushed his left hand under my t-shirt and started to pinch my nipples. I was in heaven. It was so wonderful I hadn’t experienced anything like it before. My nipples got harder and harder by his treatment.

His tongue moved up over my cock and he soon found my cockhead which he started to lick and suck. His hands moved to my buttocks and he suddenly pushed my body towards his head and let my hard cock slide into his mouth. I could feel his tongue examine my dick. I nearly fainted of pleasure. He started to suck my cock hard and massaged my buttocks at the same time. I put both of my hands on his neck and started to mouthfuck him. My hard cock went in and out of his wet mouth and I could feel my orgasm getting closer. I took away my hands from his head and told him that I was about to cum but instead of taking my cock out of his mouth he continued to suck. I soon shot load after load of my sticky cum, that I had been saving for 8 weeks, into his mouth and I could feel that he had to swallow some of it. He then pulled out my cock, opened his mouth and let the rest of my sperm pour down on the floor. He looked at me, smiled and said; that load was huge, man. I was so affected of my big orgasm and of what just had happened that I couldn’t stand up anymore. With his help I managed to sit down in the chair again. I felt totally dizzy and my body shivered of all the excitement. He looked at me a bit worried and asked if I was alright. I said that I was OK but a little dizzy. I felt that I had to do something with his cock in return to the treatment I had got so I stretched my hand after his cock but he stopped me and said that I needed to rest. He said that my huge load was really great and then he left the room (he probably went to another room where a horny guy would suck his cock).

I stayed a while in the booth but I soon felt better so I left the porn cinema and went home. One thing is for sure, the experience was extraordinary and it has affected my whole life since that day. I realised that I’m bi-sexual and I have used this knowledge to get (and give) as much pleasure as possible together with both men and women.

What about my old friend from my c***dhood? I have no idea what happened to him. I have never seen or talked to him since that day. However, I still regret that I didn’t take the opportunity to suck his huge cock in his apartment but then I would never have had that perfect blowjob in the porn cinema.
... Continue»
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My First Gay Experience

Ever since secondary school i could tell i was different; i like boys, i liked the look of boys and i always had this obsession of seeing them naked yet i still liked girls and still wanted to see them naked? However being in school with these feelings were quite restricted so i couldn't tell anyone however i came out as Bi Sexual in 2012 to my closest friends and like any other school it spread like wildfire. I lost quite a few of my friends and found my true friends. Once i told everyone my life changed, i was bullied, i got constant questions like "how many cocks you sucked" or "does anal hurt?!" it was quite an annoy time however i did have a secret... i'd never actually done anything with a boy... like anything, no sex, no blowjobs, no kisses, nothing! and that's what made it more odd. You know when you just know, well i knew i was bi without a shadow of a doubt.

It took me over a period of 2 years to realize that i was really into transsexual porn, dressing like a girl, wanting to get fucked by a girl and wanting to have a gay experience, and yes, after 2 years of coming out i still hadn't done anything, so i decided i wanted to try it now more than ever on my 19th birthday. So i went to the gay scene in my town and went drinking. i started off in a bar called Revolution, the DJ was a transsexual and she looked amazing, big hair, heavy makeup; everything i was looking for, to cut some time i waited for her to finish work, she was changed back to male and we started walking home. His name was Malcome and he was skinny, tall and had short blonde hair. We was both pretty d***k but i went to his house anyway as i was ready for this to happen.

He lived in a flat within a house with 6 other housemates but we just went straight to his room, we started getting comfy in his bed whilst watching Star Trek (romantic right?) anyway, i started taking off my clothes because skinny jeans aren't the most comfiest of bed wear, but i got down to my underpants and he got naked, so i did, i slid them off and threw them on my pile of clothes. we got close and started t hug... i could feel his warmth and his cock pressing into my side. I started to rub his thigh and he turned me to face me then kissed me, i was in a rush of adrenaline but the fun had only just started. I moved my hand onto his cock and grabbed it, it was so big, like really big, i had my cold hands on him and i was starting to jerk me slowly. He also was starting to jerk me and boy it felt nice, he had a good grip of me and i could feel my cock thrusting into his hand. He started to kiss my neck, then my chest and i knew what he was going to do, i pushed my head into the pillow and there it was...his soft lips around my cock, it felt amazing, he pulled my skin back and licked my head which i replied with a girly moan as it felt amazing! he was down there for a while and i knew this was my chance to try it.

I grabbed what hair he had and pulled him up, i sat him up and licked him from mouth to stomach, i was so scared, but ready, i saw his cock and i just went for it, i rammed the whole thing in my mouth and into my throat, i gagged a little but that turned him on, i came up gasping for air and started to really stroke his cock. I kept throat fucking myself because it felt amazing and then he grabbed my head and fucked my throat my thrusting his hips and ramming his big cock down my throat, i gagged, i got tears but it was so hot. i then didn't expect what happened next... he grabbed me, pulled me up so i was on my knees and he stood above me, he slowly moved his hands down my back, i buried my face into the pillow and then i felt it; his strong hands spreading my ass apart and his tongue ramming into my tight ass! he started licking it, kissing it, and then he put a finger in my mouth, he told me to suck on it, i did, he then took it out and slowly pushed it in my ass, it felt amazing, i couldn't breathe, my excitement was too much. he then knelt up, and i felt more than fingers touching my hole, he started spitting on my asshole and rubbing it, i knew what was coming, then he slowly glided his thick cock into my tight little hole, i was moaning hard and it just turned him on more.

he was fucking me, and i mean really fucking me, his cock was ramming me hard and i knew at that moment i was hit bitch and boy it felt amazing to know i was getting fucked by a more masculine man (in some way). the fucking got harder and faster, i couldn't even speak due to my excitement. and then pulled it out slowly, he grabbed my head so i was on my knees but my head was bent back and he shoved his cock in my mouth, i was speechless and i could taste myself but i was also gagging due to his fully erect hard, throbbing, wet cock ramming into my throat and me having to spit on his cock. he then layed down on his back with me still on my knees and got me by the back on my head, he lifted his legs and made me eat his ass, i was f***ed to suck, lick, slurp up all his cock, ass and balls. he pushed my head in closer so my tongue was practically in his ass. He started to jerk and told me i could come up when he said, with tears in my eyes i nodded and continued to lick and suck. i was there for sometime but then he started twitching and he grabbed my head and made me suck his cock, i loved it and then it came, a blast of warm, salty sticky cum all in my mouth. Before i could even move he grabbed my head and sad "open" i did and then he said "gargle it" so i did, i gargled his cum for him and it hurt my throat but i was loving this. he then layed me down and started kissing me and asking me if i had fun. i had to admit i did have fun.

i didn't even get to cum because we fell asl**p on each other but he will always be my first and he is always asking wen i'm next free to meet him in his car so we can try more dangerous stuff. Who knows, maybe my next story will have him in it :)... Continue»
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My first gay experience

I was 19 years old and I college when I had my first thoughts about being with a man. I would would watch porn everyday and find myself clicking on the gay tabs. I always enjoyed watching women get fucked, but I never could finish. The only times I could cum would be when I would watch kinky gay sex. And boy would I cum hard. I always loved seeing a big thick cock slip into a tight asshole. Watching the receiver shutter in pain, always made my dick tingle. At some point, I just couldn't control myself and feelings anymore. I wanted cock. It had to be discretely though, no one could ever know my secrete. One day, I saw a Craigslist post about a 60 year old gay man who wanted to dominate a younger boy. I was so tired of masturbating to gay sex, I was ready to have some fun. I responded to the add and dauntlessly waited for him to respond. Refresh button clicked every second. 30 minutes passed and I gave up hope. I checked my email one last time, and I couldn't believe it. There was his email, I clicked right away. His message said he could host me, and show me the ropes a little bit. I was so worried and scared to respond. But my dick was so hard and my mind shut off for a second. I responded and said would he be willing to help me fulfill my fantasy. He replied right away and said he would do anything I wanted. I decided to go for it. Let all my fears go away and just go for it. He gave me his address and I slipped into my tight black boxer briefs. While I was driving, I had some doubts. What if he is fake? What if he is ugly? What if I get caught? When I arrived at his house, I almost ran away. But then he came out of his house and looked at me. He waived to come inside. He was old yes, but very muscular. I knew he could dominate me like I wanted. I stepped out of my car and entered his house. I thought we would exchange awkward talk, and he would tell me everything is going to be ok. But that didn't happen. Right when I stepped in he grabbed me and ripped off my clothes. He saw how big and hard my cock was and he knew he could do anything to me. He f***ed me to the floor and told me he was going to dominate my mouth. He then unleashed his huge cock. It was about 9 inches and so thick. I had no time to think, he began to pump his cock in and out of my throat. I began to gag and cough and he loved that. The more I gagged, the harder he stuck his cock in my mouth. His began to get sweat, and I could taste his sweaty meaty dick. I loved it. I told him I wanted more. I begged him to slap his dick on my face. He did not listen to me, he knew he was in charge, not me. He picked me up, and threw me on his bed. I was in doggie position, and he told me that daddy wants my ass. I could not do anything, nor did I want to do anything. I wanted his hard dick jammed up my ass. He lubed up his hard cock with my mouth and then grabbed my tiny ass and rammed his cock up in it. I screamed. It hurt so much. But at the same time, it was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt. He did not go slow or take his time, it was rough, hard, and fast. He grabbed my shoulders and began pumping so hard, i could not take it anymore. I came so hard on his bed. Cum was spewing out of my cock like a water hydrant. He then, took his juicy wet cock out of my ass and grabbed my cum and rubbed it on my face. He then told me how dare I cum without him. He said open up, it is my turn. I listened, and opened my mouth wide open. He stroked his cock in till he was about to cum. He then jammed his cock in my mouth and unloaded what was the largest amount of cum in history. It went straight down my throat. And I kept all of it in me. His legs shivered, his cock was jittering, and his eyes were rolled in the back of his head. You did good, he said. He told me that next time I better do a hell of a lot better though. He threw me my clothes and told me to leave. There was no talking afterwards, no awkward interaction. He got what he wanted and I did too. ... Continue»
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My First Time Getting Caught

When I was a teen growing up I always had a fetish and it scared me cause I never knew if it meant I was gay or not. When I was at friends,school,camps where ever I loved to sneak into there moms or s****rs dressers and I would dress myself up. I was about Five and a half feet tall growing up 120 with an average body. I would try on Thongs,Booty shorts,Jeans,spandex Pants,skirts,tank tops,dresses,high heels. It was a thrill it made me feel great. I liked how i looked and the clothes felt I had started doing it at about 13 going to the schools gymnasium storage room and taking pairs of girls spandex shorts from the volleyball uniforms, I would be on sports trips for school and always volinteer to load bags on the school bus before we would leave, The team bags had each girls name on them and all the older hotter girls dressed like sluts on sports trips and its pretty easy to take clothes and slip them into your bag. By the time i was 16 I damn near had a full girls wardrobe in my room.

It was my friend Mikes 15th Birthday he was a year younger then me I was already 16 he told me it was just me spending the night and his mom was gone for a few more days working. Perfect! so i thought.. Me him and his dad did the supper and cake thing he opened his presents then we went to his room watched a movie. It was probably midnight I looked over at mike seen he was sl**ping and went to work. I tiptoed to the bottom of his stares his fathers name was Jim he looked passed out in his chair with beer cans all in front of him. I went back up stairs and went into jim and his wifes bedroom slowly closed the door turned on the light and got naked! I loved it everything fit perfect she was in great shape and always dressed nice she had sexy lengiree thongs her jeans fit perfect she had tons of shy ort jean shorts I got so busy trying on shit that i did not realize that jim and one of his friends where walking up the stairs. I remember it like it was yesterday I had on a Bright pink thongs sticking out the top of a pair of jeans a lace purple bra on with a little white tank half pulled down i was bent over in the dresser mirror looking at how my ass looked in her Jeans.

All i heard was ya Tom i have it right in he... The door swung open and Jim and his Friend Tom walked right in. Jim looked at me said what the fuck get up right now Kyle. I stood up and he took his time they where both just staring at me then Jim said 'Those are my wifes clothes kyle are you pretending to be her? Tom chuckled and said it lookes like you wanna be a girl you little fag. I said no i dont they just kept razzing me about being gay tears filled up my eyes and they made fun more I turned around to hide my tears I felt a large hand firmly grasp my ass Then i turned around quick tom was the one grabbing at me they where both standing very close when jim said to me its not ok to be gay we are going to give you a little lesson see if your still wanting to dress like a girl I was so scared I said No please dont But then Tom piped up and said well its either learn your lesson or we tell mike his friends a homo.. He then spoke louder whats it gonna be youd better get in the bathroom Tom took me into the bathroom explained he had 3 daughters and started putting makeup on me he was almost done when jim walked back it he said hear wear this. It was a matching yellow thong and bra a tight very short jean skirt and a white button up shirt. they shaved my legs jim found me a shoulder length brown wig in the basement and some white stocking. When they where done i looked in mirror I didnt see me i seen a little school girl slut. And felt like it being rubbed while being made fun of for being such a sissy fag. I felt like a real little slut and was definetely nervous for what was next I had never been with a man before..

Jim and Tom where both close to 40 but both in very good shape not buff but not fat. Jim was about 6'0 tall and Tom was about 6'4 Jim smiled at me bent over and grabbed my face he wispered whats with the frown hopfully this makes you smile. He undressed pulling down his boxers his dick was soft and about 8 inches long cut. He laughed and said bigger then your lil pussy huh my dick was soft and about almost 3 inches when i had on the thong it was hardly there . My heart was pounding jim was still kissing me when tom was undressing he pulled out a thick 7 1/2 inch cut cock and i thought i was gonna be sick i remember saying you dont have to do this while they laughed saying youll love it you fag. Jim was kissing me his tounge touching mine tom grabbed my head gave me one long kiss then pushed my head to his hard cock.

I ended up doing not to bad he seemed to be loving it then i switched over to jim he was loving it to he f***ed my head down more and more it was sort of gagging me but i could tell he was loving it so i kept on going . Tom grabbed my ass squeezed pulled the yellow thong out of my ass and off to the side then i felt the tip of his big cock going into my ass. i screamed it hurt so bad Jim grabbed my head f***ed me to keep sucking after ten minutes of tom taking it slow i had tears rolling down my face but his cock was feeling ok as he kept on fucking me. He pulled out spun me around and kissed me i looked back at jim he grabbed me and slowly pushed me down onto his cock bent me ahead a bit and smacked my ass while saying bounce slut. Toms cock had just been in my ass but he still grabbed my head and pushed his cock to my throat. For the next 3 and a half Hours they took turns fucking me. I was so happy they inbetween made me switch my clothes up but i always got to keep my thong and bra and wig on they didnt want my cock out at all. i was just enjoying toms cock in my mouth when jim grabbed my hair and shot his load in my mouth it didnt taste good but i swallowed it then sucked the rest out tom went back to making me bounce on his cock i didnt think i would but i felt his load blow inside me he pushed me off smacked my ass again i went down to my knees sucked his cock clean for a couple seconds they both smiled at me and said you still wanna be a girl fag them both laughing I just looked up at them both sucked on the tips of there cocks and said Dont tell mike please boys in the sexiest girl voice i could. They both smiled Jim said go take a shower you little sissy looking fuck I went to the washroom cryed for a couple minutes but showered up and thought about it and My first gay experience was awsome .

For the next year or so once or twice a week I would meet up with that tom dress up how he wanted and let him fuck me like the sissy girl i was. I ended up finding guys in school who thought it was hot and now that im 28 years old I have my steady Man but over the past 12 years since my first time i have been able to please several men dressing up like a girl and not being so scared my first time i loved looking like that and instantly knew I loved Crossdressing and being fucked and giving other men head. The day i got caught dressing up and ended up being made into the little sissy girl i had always dreamed about.

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My First Cuckold Experience

My first cuckold experience was one I wish I could do over. I don't want to say it was awful, but it wasn't a good showing for me. Mind you, I've had my share of sex through the years, but never " cuck" sex. After my divorce, I joined a sex site (AFF) to meet women and maybe couples. I never joined a sex site before but I'm getting older and I don't have the time or patience to hang out in clubs or bars for pussy. I don't pay for pussy either. Anyway.... I've been on this site for about a month before I received a friend request from a couple. The husband sent me a message stating that I had a nice cock and he wanted to see it inside his wife. I was taken back by his message because I'm not gay and for another man to say I have a nice cock, I was apprehensive. I messaged him back and told him I appreciate the comment but its not that kind of party- I'm here for the women. He later explained that he was straight and was just fascinated with black cock and that he would like to see his wife fucked by BBC. With that said, we were ready to go forward. He said I would be hearing from the wife soon enough and that she was a lil' shy. Well after a couple days I finally get a message from the wife. She stated that she loved my cock and she eagerly wants to get to know me better. I gave her my phone number and she said she would call. About two hours passed before I got that call. She had a sexy voice and good conversation. We talked about sex, her fantasy and agreed to meet. This exchange was mid-week and we agreed to meet on Saturday. I'm impatient, so I was beating myself up waiting for Saturday to come. The morning of arrives and I receive a call from the hubby. I was like here we go- they're gonna cancel. To my surprise, the hubby said they was ready to go and that the wife was very excited. They were from outta town but agreed to host. The hubby said they would call me when they got into Philly and found a hotel. After an hour, he called. It was about to go down. I psyched myself up and was on my way. I arrived to the hotel, proceeded to the room and knocked on the door. A white man answered, we shook hands and he led me in. The wife was sitting on the bed in lingerie and called me over. She stood up to give me a hug when I noticed another black hit in the bathroom. He was naked an appeared to be cleaning up. I was shocked. I guess the hubby noticed my reaction and explained the wife wanted more than one black cock. I wasn't upset, but I wished they would have gave me a heads up. Apparently, they fucked before I got there. Awkward! I told myself to be cool, enjoy the moment-no worries. Black guy no#2 comes out of the bathroom, they introduce us, now its time to get busy. I figured if he already had her, could I get a solo with her. I wasn't prepared to be sharing. Since he was already butt ass naked, the wife asked me to disrobe. I did as she said and there I was- laying naked next to a nigga I just met. Awkward! The wife got between us on her knees and began stroking our cocks. I'm not gay, but mine was bigger. She proceeded to go back and forth sucking our cocks. I was hard and ready to fuck. After a couple minutes, this greedy motherfucker gets up and starts to fuck the wife doggy. I was like what the fuck! It was obvious he already had her, so I should be the one in the pussy. Whatever. Now she's giving me head and he's hitting her from the back. I was not a happy camper at this time. I wasn't jealous it was just the fact of them not telling me we would become a threesome and is have to share with this greedy mf. At this point, i wasn't interested anymore. She gave great head, so while greedy was hitting, I just blew a load in her mouth. She swallowed and continued to suck while he fucked her. He eventually bust and it was over. We got partially dressed and chatted with her and the hubby about world topics. As we chatted, she was hinting as if she wanted my cock by rubbing on me, but I just wasn't interested. I noticed black guy no#2 getting fully-dressed so I followed suit. I know he was leaving happy because he fucked her twice, all I got was head. We thanked the hubby, promised to keep in touch, and left. I went my way, black guy no#2 went his way. I never seen or heard from them again. ... Continue»
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My first gay experience, part 1.

This is a true story that happened about 20 years ago. I had broken up with my girlfriend a couple of months before and was concentrating a lot on my work. One late evening on my way home I ran into an old friend from my c***dhood. We hadn’t seen each other in at least 10 years so I almost didn’t recognise him. We talked for a while and he told me that he was married and had two c***dren and that he had moved back to town after some years at university. He said that we should meet and talk some day and I agreed so we exchanged phone numbers.

A couple of weeks passed and I forgot about it when suddenly, one evening, the telephone rang. It was my old friend who asked if I was doing anything special next Saturday. I told him that I had nothing planned so he invited me to his apartment for a drink. It would be fun talking after all these years and also fun to meet his f****y so I accepted.

Saturday came and after lunch I took the bus to his apartment. He opened the door and asked me to come in. I looked around but I could see neither wife nor k**s, strange. I asked him where they were and he told me that they unfortunately had to take the train to the town where her parents lived. Her mother was in hospital so she and the k**s would not come back until next week. Well nothing to do about it, I had to see them next time.

We sat down in his living room and he served a rather strong drink but it was very good so it was quickly followed by a second and a third. We talked a lot of old times when we were k**s and then I asked him what he had been up to when he was away studying. He then started to tell me quite a story, for me a bit embarrassing but he seemed to enjoy talking so I listened to his story.

He had not much money as a student so he had to find a place to live with a low rent. An apartment was too expensive but he found a room in a bigger apartment owned by an older man. The man was living in the apartment himself but was alone and needed some help with the rent so he let one of his rooms to my friend. The first weeks were quite normal, my friend told me, but one evening when he just was about to go to bed the old man opened the door and asked if he could come in and talk. My friend was a bit puzzled but said OK.

The man sat down on his bed and looked at my friend and suddenly he said that he had been watching him ever since he moved in and he could not help notice that my friend seemed well “equipped”. Would it be possible to look at his dick? He would lower the rent with 10 % that month if my friend agreed to show the old man his dick. My friend hesitated but he needed all the money he could get and what harm could be done by showing his dick. My friend pulled down his underwear and his big cock was hanging down pointing against the floor. The old man licked his lips and said that he would take off another 10 % if he could touch my friend’s dick, just to feel it. Wow, another 10 % off. Letting the old man touch his dick wouldn’t harm either so my friend said yes. The old man took the huge cock in a steady grip and started to squeeze it as if he wanted to feel every inch of it. My friend told me that it felt awkward at first but he soon felt that his cock got harder and bigger by the “squeezing treatment”. He didn’t want to cum in front of the old man so he took away the old man’s hand. The man looked disappointed but pulled himself together. He then asked if my friend was interested in getting another 30 % off the rent that month which my friend found very tempting. He said to the old man that it depended on what he had to do. The old man said that he wanted them to wank together and that he wanted to see my friend cum. My friend was in real lack of money that month so he couldn’t afford to say no. He sat down on the bed beside the old man and started to wank his cock. The old man pulled down his trousers and started to wank too. My friend said that he got turned on by watching the old man’s cock. He wanked his big cock very slowly so that the old man could see every movement and soon he shot a huge load over his stomach almost hitting his own face. The old man wanked hard and then my friend saw how the old man’s cum was pumping slowly out of his cock running down the shaft. The old man pulled up his trousers, said goodnight and left the room.

When my friend had ended his story he went up and got two new drinks. I was a bit dizzy but I wouldn’t be impolite so I accepted even that drink. I looked at my friend when he served the drinks and I could see, by the size of the bulge in his pants that he had a really big dick. My friend started to walk around when he sipped on his drink and he said that he hadn’t forgot that we, as k**s, had been reading porn magazines together and that we had compared our dicks and even had went to the toilet together. It suddenly struck me; he had planned all this from the beginning. The absent f****y, the strong drinks, the story and the talk about what we had done as k**s. All this with one purpose, to have sex with me. I was shocked and embarrassed. The son of a bitch, no way that I should have sex with a man, never. I finished my drink, made up a stupid excuse and left his apartment.

When I came out on the street I started to walk home. I needed some fresh air after what just happened and also after all the drinks. The longer distance I walked the more I felt that I perhaps had made the wrong decision. The story, the erotic memories from our c***dhood and the huge bulge in his pants had obviously turned me on but I kept on walking. When I passed a porn cinema I decided to go in. I needed to watch some porn movies and take out my hard dick and give it a really good wanking. I hadn’t cum for weeks as it wasn’t a priority after the break up with my girlfriend. I went in and paid the ticket (to be continued).
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First gay sex

so my first gay experience first time with a guy! ....
J was a white guy, he was 18 so was I...
J was about 5 foot 9 with a cute smile and dimples sort off, brown hair and blue eyes with a 7.5" cock.

i met this guy online lets name him 'J'. So me and Jay started talking about a week later he had invited me to his house, because he was "bored".

not knowing he wasn't that far from me so i went to his house which was 10 minutes away. I was nervous at this point knowing that i am going to meet a guy not a girl and going to have my first encounter with a guy. I went to the door and someone opened the door and went back inside, so i let myself inside to find J standing there in his boxers only!

He was wearing blue and red superman boxers, you could easily see his semi erect cock bulge out of his boxers. I did not know what to do at the time i said hi, he replied hi and grabbed my hand and placed his over his cock! i started to feel his cock and then he made the move!

he pulled me and next thing you know we started to kiss! it was so amazing feeling a guys lips against mine. he then stopped looked at me and goes first time? i go yeah. he goes lets go! he then guided me upstairs to his room! he took my top off took my jeans off to find that i was getting a hard on! he started to feel my cock and started kissing me again. as this happened he pushed me down to my knees and made me kiss his chest going down his smooth toned body using my teeth to pull down his boxers.

i pulled down his boxers to find his hard cock whack me straight in the face, could see that it had pre cum on his cock which i felt on my face too from when it had whacked. first time seeing a cock that close to me he told me to suck it. i opened my mouth and started to suck his cock not knowing how too just doing what i felt i would like! next thing you know i could hear J moaning with pleasure. he was loving it! he pushed my head back and said "i've had few blowjobs from girls and guys but never had one this sensual like this, you do it good, im sure you've sucked cock before" which i was about to reply too, he shoved his cock in my mouth again!!

i was sucking his cock for about a good 10/15 minutes feeling his pre cum oozzing in my mouth! i felt J move he moved forward to reach for my ass, he started to feel my cock and feel my body! he got up moved me onto his bed so i was half lying on his bed with my knees on the floor! he went to his draws got some condoms and lube out!

he started to lube my ass and started fingering me! he started with one finger taking it slowly to 2 then to 3. Once he knew i was a bit loose he then made me suck his cock again wet and his balls this time saying "i want them to slap off your bubble ass"

He then put the condom on and then lubed it, put my face down on the blanket and slowly shoved his cock in my ass nice and slow! he went slow first once he got it all in he left it in there for about a minute or so and then slowly gradually started to increase the pace and got faster!
i got feel the thrust getting faster and at this point i started moaning from the pleasure i was getting! it felt absolute intense hot and so much pleasure!

J fucked me for a good 20/30 minutes then moved out whipped the condom off and said im about too shoot! i then started sucking his cock and he was trying to move his cock out my mouth! with so much pleasure he couldn't speak and ended up squirting in my mouth! i had a mouthful of cum, i swallowed for the first time too! it was tasty and sweet!
J gave me the look and said you swallowed it?! i opened my mouth and said yeah!

he then sucked me off and i shot all over his face! both lay there on his bed naked with him half on me! we cleaned up and went both ways! ... Continue»
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