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My brown beginning part 6

... never ask Mom said and sat squarely on my face.i licked and sucked her pussy for about 5 ... smelled her dirty undies.Donny! Mrs..Stevens is my best friend its a good thing you didnt get ... and kiss me I need to suck some spit from my favorite son......Part 9 ... ... Continue»
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My brown beginning part two

The next morning mom fixed a fabulous breakfast pancakes ,sausage,fresh fruit and juice and plenty of coffee.Since it was saturday none of us had to be anywhere so the day was ours. Grandma went out back for a cigarette while I helped mom with the dishes.I spoke to gramma about what happened last nite and she agrees,we will help with your sexual education and desires.Starting now things will be more relaxed around here.The doors to the bedrooms will never be closed,The bathroom door will remain open at all times,except when we have guests of course.None of what goes on here can ever be told to anyone,and clothing will be worn minimally.Do you agree with these things Donny? I was surprised and excited at the same time.Yes mom I agree very much. Ok then starting now the new rules are in effect.Seconds later grandma walked in dressed in a see through negligee and no pantys.Her boobs were pretty saggy and touched her slight paunch,She had big brown nipples and very sparse pubic hair which was mostly grey.My cock began to rise in earnest as grandma turned this way and that modeling for us.Grams said your mom and you are over dressed lets get with the program.Mom went into her room to get more comfortable atire and I went into my bedroomand stripped out of my PJ,s down to my briefs.Mom put on a see through teddy and a pair of skimpy panties,her pussy hair sticking out of each side obscenely.We all met back in the dining room and grams sat facing me.Her pussy and boobs clearly visable.She told me I was overdressed but would fix it for me.She put her hand in my briefs fly and poked my cock out of the opening so it was exposed now.There thats better she giggled.Gram started out telling me from now on call her Em as grandma was just too stuffy.Her name was Emily.Ok I will from now on grandma.I mean Em we laughed. Mom just said you can keep calling me Mom I dont mind.Em began so Donny your Mom tells me your curious about sex and things.She tells me you have a craving for watching us ladies use the pot and such is that right? Yes Em I blushed crimson red.Have you been peeking already? she asked. Well no not peeking just sniffing mainly your and moms panties and when you come out of the bathroom.I guess that really doesnt hurt anything so if you want to see and smell more Im game she added,How about you daughter? she asked my Mom.I already told Donny last night that we would help out any way he wanted with his fantasies so I guess I am game too.Em then added Donny If we indulge you in this way you will in turn indulge your Mom and me in any way we require as well do you understand? Sure gram I mean Em.And also if were doing something you ask for it will be done to completion no backing out once we start even if you find it distastefull understood.Yes Em I replied. Your in luck now Donny all that coffee has me needing a pee are you interested?Em asked. Sure I said my cock getting harder by the second.With that I and Mom followed grams to the bathroom.She had a nice ass but wrinkled a bit I didnt mind as we followed her.She sat on the toilet and spread her legs.Come here and get your head between my legs this way you will get the full effect.I got down on my knees and my face was a mere inch from grams pussy It had a pissy aroma much like her pantys did.I was in heaven.She said its ok to lick me while I pee if you want Donny so I said sure I thought about that before and wanted to.She smiled and ran her fingers through my hair a few small spurts of pee started flowing and then a full stream.The hot steaming fumes invading my nose and I stuck my tongue in the stream and swallowed,her piss was salty and bitter but I loved it and swallowed several mouthfulls.The stream tapered off and stopped.I looked up and grandma had a big smile on her face she put her head down and kissed my forehead.Now Donny lick grams pussy dry will you please?I complied and kissed and licked the dew drops off her sagging pussy lips and up and down her wet slit.Her pussy now emitting a bit of juice which was not pee and tasted wonderfull. I looked over at Mom and she had sat on her bath stool and was caressing her pussy with a happy look on her face.Are you OK Donny she asked? Yea Mom it was great.I just was wondering if drinking pee was all you expected it to be or a unpleasant surprise.No Mom I loved it I told her.Mom then said Maybe i can try it too sometime.grandma also said me too! Grandma then said Donny I need to have a bowel movement are you sure you want to stay in here with grandma? Oh yes I replied very much.Well it will probably smell pretty bad she replied.Thats OK I like the smell of your and Moms poop.Yes but this will be up close and full strength.Im sure Em I told her.she smiled looked over to Mom and shrugged In for a dime in for a dollar and giggled.She stood up and turned around and sat facing backwards on the toilet.My face was inches from her wrinkled pucker.It was dark brown about silver dollar size with a hint of pink in the center and a few hairs around it.I could smell it already it was a dull poop smell not bad and I gave it a tenative lick.It tasted a bit sweaty with just a hint of bitterness.Grandma moaned a bit and said get ready Donny I have a bit of gas for you,She let a decent fart lasting more than a second and I put my tongue right on her asshole and tasted her fart.The smell was strong and I coughed a bit but I was loving it just the same.She had brought her hand around and was stroking her pussy now.Get ready sweety grandma cant wait any longer.Ok Em Im ready.The tip of a turd appeared as her butthole dialated and it started to be born.I touched my tongue to it and licked the first inch as in came out.I wasnt too hard and I thought tasted great.Then the damn burst and the shit flowed out too fast.Most of it hitting the front of the toilet on to the floor making a pile about the size of a softball.The bathroom was filled with grandmas stink.Thats it Donny Im done she replied.Would you be a dear and wipe my ass for me sweety? I pulled her cheeks apart and licked the poop residue from her asshole my lips smacking and enjoying her bitter female waste. Part three to come soon....... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 5

Pfffftttt oopps mom said that one slipped out she giggled soon all of us were aware of her stinky butt gas.I got down on my knees and sniffed it in as fast as i could.Grandma made a funny face but didnt comment.Well son are you ready for what you think is going to be great? because Mommas got to poop and soon.yes Mom I think so.Ok lets get ready pull those chairs together side by side and you lay down with your head between them.I layed down and opened my mouth wide Mom sat with her ass between the chairs her asshole right above my mouth.Grandma sat down beside me and started fondleing my hard cock.OK sweety get ready...a stream of hot urine shot from moms pussy all over my face as I tried to catch it in my mouth,It was bitter and salty and i drank 3 mouthfulls.pffffttttt another long fart escaped moms ass just as her asshole opened up and soft brown shit started comeing out and piling up in my mouth and all over my face.Much more than grandmas was this morning.Mom said oh god that feels good I needed that.She finally squirted out the last runny poop and the room stank like a outhouse.Grandma was licking my cock now as I ate moms poop by the mouthfull.Mom got up and knelt beside me scooping up shit from my neck and floor and putting it into my mouth.She was fingering her cunt with the other hand and commented about the stink.God Donny how can you stand it ? I love you Mom and all your smells and tastes.OK Sweety as long as your not upset.I ate almost all of her shit except for what ran in my hair.Grandma sucked me hard and I exploded in her mouth.Mom put her finger in her mouth and tasted her poop.Not too bad Mom she told grandma.Grandma said maybe some other time she needed the right moment...part 6 to follow soon... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 7

After a bit I got up and watched some TV.Mom and Gram were spent from the intense orgasms they had just had.They decided to stay in bed for awhile and rest a bit.About noon Mom and Gram finally started comeing back to life.They both joined me on the sofa.Mom wearing her see through teddy and thong.gram wearing a tee shirt and no panties.I was still nude.Being the young horn dog I was my cock became hard again seeing theyre nakedness. Mom noticed first and reached over slowly stroking my smallish shaft.Donny this thing will sure be nice and big someday.You have a few years of growing ahead of you yet this will sure be fun to watch it get bigger as the years go by.Gram said you will get all hairy too someday,but I kinda like you this way too pre hair she chuckled.Cradle robber Mom joked with her.We all got a laugh from that one.Gram got up and went into the back porch for a smoke and to get some sun.Mom asked me What do you want to do now son? Im not sure Mom need some time to think a bit I guess.Well lets got some things done around here today.And you can think while ya work.Housework never ends even if we are the sexiest people on earth.Mom kissed me and then gave my dick a peck.And we spent the rest of the morning doing cleaning and laundry.putting the trash out just normal stuff. It was about 1 oclock when we all finished our tasks.I was sitting at the kitchen table,Gram too and Mom putting away the clean dishes.Mom said Donny come here I have something for you.I got up and Mom said put your face between my butt cheeks.Bluuurpp she let a nice fart right in my face.MMMMM that was nice Mom thanks.Its just about time Im going to need the toilet in any minute.I feel a big poopy comeing on she smiled.Grandma said me too been kinda holding it waiting for someone to get interested.she looked at me.Heck grams I am always interested.Wait for a couple minutes Im going down to the basement be right back.gram got up and headed downstairs.Mom let another big fart and I knelt down to sniff it all up.It was a nice heady aroma not spicy and sharp like a wet shit but more of a firm shit smell my favorite. Gram appeared about 2 mins later carrying a hospital commode.I thought about this last night after we all went to sl**p.I remembered we got this for dad when he was sick in bed right before he passed.Yea Mom said Id forgot we had that downstairs.The commode was like a chair with a toilet seat and a bucket underneith.for people too weak to get to the bathroom. Gram removed the bucket and washed the dust off of the thing.she sat it on the floor in the livingroom where there was plenty of room.Now Donny see if you feel comfortable get under it with your head under the seat.I layed down under it and after a few ajustments with some pillows we found I could reach the persons butt and pussy with my head and not have to hold it up with my neck muscles.Nice and comfy Now grams.And not a moment too soon declaired Mom I need to poop Now!.Well Donny shall I use our new toy or go into the bathroom?No MOM! I want to do it this way.Gram was already getting towels to spread underneith to save the floor from overflow.I layed under moms ass and her beautifull asshole was just a couple inches from my face.Open up sweety heres a drink...psssssttttttt her hot salty piss flowed into my open mouth and splashed on my neck and face.hisss a silent fart escaped her butthole and it dialated open.The tip of a firm brown turd started pushing past her ring and a drop of moisture fell from it into my mouth,one two three and finally breaking off at about six inches landing in my mouth like a polish sausage.I started chewing Moms butt candy and it was divine barely bitter at all almost had a sweetness to it this time,I could feel some grittyness but mostly was smooth and slightly firm I swallowed the first turd and another softer and smaller few dropped in my mouth.Are you OK sweety Mom asked. I needed to swallow as my mouth was completly full.after about 20 seconds I answered Yea Mom this is great i Love it.Ok take your time honey when you can lick Mommys butthole clean I finally had swallowed all of her load and licked her pucker clean.Moms pussy was leaking her pussy juice all white and pretty and she sat slightly rubbing her slit.Grandma was sitting on a chair doing the same thing and I could see her pussy glistening from wetness. Mom got up and knelt down beside me..How are you doing sweety are you OK? Yea Mom fine i answered.Well that was a pretty big poop I just wanted to be sure.Oh yes Mom I am fine and in dream land now.Do you want to do grandma now?Are you sure you can handle that much?Really Mom I dont feel sick just horny.We will take care of that too she giggled.OK Mom he,s ready for you now. Grandma got up and sat on the commode bent down and stroked my hard 4 inch penis.Grandmas got a big load too Donny if you cant handle it just let it fall on the floor I wont be dissapointed we have many years ahead of us Im sure it wont always work out everytime.OK Em Im sure Im ready.Gram sat back up releasing my cock,Mom got down beside me and stroked my head telling me how much she loved me.Psssstttttt grandmas pussy lips fluttered as her urine shot out very bitter and salty she peed for a full minute it seemed I didnt drink it all it was so bitter tasting and strong,good thing we had the towels down.OK Donny now for the main course.pffffttttt a fart escaped her wrinkled pucker as the first turd appeared and then the damn burst.Her asshole opened up and smallish soft turds rained out of her into my mouth.I swallowed as much as I could but it was extreamly bitter and caused me to gag reflex reaction.I was enjoying Grandmas shit but my reflexes made me gag.Grandmas had a bigger load than even Mom did and I had to close my mouth and let it pile up on my face.My entire face was covered with her soft hot shit the last of it watery diareahea.The whole house stunk to high heaven.Mom commented God Mom that is some stinky shit.Grandma apologized Im sorry i didnt realize it was going to be so bad.Oh its OK Mom I was jus teasing.dont feel bad.Donny are you ok under there?Gram asked.I took my hands and sc****d the shit off my face so I could see and talk Oh yes gramma that was great I could do this forever.Mom shrugged and said he is our little toilet boy now mom.This is going to make life interesting thats for sure.Grandma got up and layed down by me do you want any more of this sweety? Grandma will feed it to you if you want it..Yea Em I want it if my gag doesnt take over I couldnt help it it just happened.Thats OK sweety I understand.Get Me a spoon will you she asked Mom. Mom got a spoon and gave it to grandma.She lay there and scooped the remaining shit into my mouth and I swallowed every bit even though it was cold now,She even ate a spoon full herself but replied not too good if you ask me.I told her sometimes its better just depends on what ya eat I guess.Yea I would guess that too. I got up and showered off while Mom and grandma cleaned up the livingroom and put the commode in the bedroom out of sight.Mom and gram were laying side by side when i got out of the shower.Donny lay down so Mommy and grandma can suck your cock together you should be rewarded for that wonderfull toilet service.I layed down and mom and grams took turns sucking my 4 inch cock In no time i pumped a load of cumm into grandmas waiting mouth Part 7 next... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 10

I could barely sl**p that nite and 5 AM arrived quickly.We all got up and prepared for the days festivities.Mom and Gram were getting the last of the quilting tables set up and gathering the supplies and material.Mom had biscuts and gravy and egg casarole already cooking in the oven and coffee made. Knock knock...anyone home? Mrs Stevens queried and stuck her head into the back door.Come on in you know better Mom admonished you dont have to knock.Oh I know but thought you might still be getting dressed or something didnt want to catch this young one with his pants down.She teased me and pinched my cheek.Mrs Stevens was wearing a summer dress and sandals she was about 5 ft 6 and 185 lbs.Nice sized boobs and a big caboose.I dreamt of having my face tucked between those cheeks many a time.And since I found brown streaks in her pantys that time every single pair.I knew her asshole would taste wonderfull.Her pussy sure smelled good at least on her pantys it did. Mom and Gram gave her a tenative hug and peck on the cheek.After a few mins of small talk about the weather and work we all settled down to breakfast.Mrs Stevens declaired I slept late and barely got dressed and out the door this morn I need coffee and she filled all of our cups.Your kinda quiet this morning Donny she said to me.Mom told her I was in trouble today and thats probably why.Mrs Stevens said Uh oh trouble at school Donny? i said well no something else.Grandma broke in he thought he would play plumber last nite and broke our toilet messing around with the tank parts and lost a few,now our pots broke and its saturday no Plumbers open till Monday unless your a banker and loaded with money.Oh well boys will be boys she winked at me..So if your toilets broken how are you managing?Mrs stevens asked?.Oh we have a hospital commode were using and since Donny broke the real one he keeps it clean for his punishment.I see and Mrs stevens winked at me again.Well I guess we could all just go to my house if the need arises.Mom said no he wont learn his lesson that way and she gave me a quick wink as well.I suppose Mrs Stevens said your right. We finished breakfast and Mom instructed me to do the dishes so the girls could get to the sewing No problem Mom I can handle that you ladies have fun. Grandma was first to get up and go into the bedroom and shut the door so she could pee.She came out and said Donny it needs emptying. OK grams In a minute.Mrs Stevens asked where are you emptying that? Oh that old sink hole out back I will fill it with dirt later so it wont smell.Yes Thats a good idea Mrs Stevens said.He seems to take it well he certainly is a good little guy.Yes Most of the time he is said Mom. Can be a rascal sometimes though.I watched TV for awhile thinking Mrs Stevens will need to pee soon I hoped.Sure enough she had Mom show her where the commode was and she shut the door for privacy.2 Min. later she came out and patted my head as she went back to the girls and the sewing Mom said Donny dont forget to refresh the pot.OK MOM I will.I didnt want it to look like I was anxious.I went into the bedroom and pulled out the bucket it had a inch of warm pee and a couple tissues floating in it.I looked out the doorway to make sure i wasnt seen and tipped the bucket up and drank Mrs.Stevens pee all down even swallowing the toilet paper. My juvenile cock sprung up and I was stroking it through my pants.God her piss tasted good the best I ever had so far.I finished cleaning the pot up and went back to the TV The women were still chatting away not paying me any mind.Mom asked me to refill everyones coffe cups so I did.She gave my cock a little squeeze when Mrs Stevens back was to us. part 11 soon... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 11

About 10 Am grandma went to use the facilities again.I knew she was having a poop because she was in there about 10 minutes.Its all yours Donny she said as she walked by to join the others.OK a minute I said. A few moments later I went in and inspected the bucket sure enough 3 nice logs and yellow pee were awaiting my clean up.I opened a plastic sack and dumped the bucket in,Then I sealed it for disposal and cleaned up the pail again and replaced it under the commode.Grandma,s bowel odor drifted out and Mrs Stevens seemed to notice first.Excuse me she said to Mom and grandma.I think Im a bit gassy this morn.Oh I didnt hear anything Mom said. Yes but I can kind of smell something Mrs Stevens replied.I thought it was me.Oh grandma explained i just used the pot Im sorry some of the odor must have come out of the bedroom.Oh thats OK Em I thought Id had a accident Im needing the bathroom pretty soon didnt get a chance at home this morn.I will just run home and be back in a little bit.Nonsense Mrs Stevens your perfectly welcome to use our makeshift pot no need to go all the way home.But wont Donny have to clean up the you know..mess? Well that will teach him not to fiddle with the toilet again wont it? and besides I dont really think he minds all that much. I suppose she replied. is now OK to use it? Donny is the pot clean? Yea Mom all clean....There... nice and clean for you take your time were doing great on this quilt be done sooner than we thought.Mrs Stevens got up and walked to the bedroom/bathroom and closed the door.I timed her and she was a good 15 minutes in there.She looked at me and smiled as she went by to resume her sewing with Mom and Gram. I didnt have to be told and went in right after she emerged.I inhaled hard and sucked in her shit fumes which were quite strong.My cock was rock hard as I removed the pail from the commode.I looked to see if anyone could see me and the coast was clear.I could hear the women chatting in the other room.I gazed into the pail and several turds one pretty big on the bottom piled on top were few smaller and then some pudding like to top that off.Istuck my head into the pail to get the full effect Gawd it was awsome.It smelled so delicious.In a trance like state i pulled out the bottom turd which was firm and dark brown I stuck about 6 inches in my mouth and chewed it up slowly I almost came in my pants I was so turned on.I was using my tongue to mash the shit into my roof of my mouth.and taste its wonderful essence.Suddenly I heard Mrs stevens say I need to blow my nose as she walked in on me to get a tissue.Mom and Grandma werent able to stop her before she walked in and caught me with a mouthfull of her poop. part 12 next... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 14

The following friday evening the phone rang Mom answered it and talked for about 10 min.When she hung up she called grandma in from the back porch.Gail just called and said she would like to pay us a visit tommorrow.She said she would be interested in some fun and games and would like to know if we cared. Grandma said heavens no It sounds like fun. Donny are you OK if Mrs Stevens comes by and has some fun with us?Heck no Mom sounds good to me too I replied.Did she say what she was wanting to do?.Well since she is going to be our guest I told her she could direct the fun in any way she wanted as long as we all agree.Gram said sounds like a plan..Well lets all get some rest and we will get up early tommorrow morn Gail said she would be here at about 8 AM. Feeling a new bit of randiness Mom suggested she sl**p with my head facing her pussy and grandmas butt at the back of my head so as I turn over in the nite I can sniff a ass or pussy smell all nite long.I was more than happy to oblige.I was awakened a few times in the nite as either Mom or grandma farted in theyre sl**p and I smelled the pleasant gas.The alarm clock awoke all of us at 6 and we all trotted into the bathroom.I knelt between grandmas legs as she pissed a long hot stream and farted a few times.Sorry Donny been a bit gassy , Thats OK Em I like it.There now give grandma a quick lick and dry my muff with your tongue sweety.I did and Mom replaced Grandma on the pot and repeated the exact same thing.It was then my turn and as i stood and pissed grandma held my cock and directed the stream into the bowl.When the stream was almost stopped grandma took my cock in her mouth and drank dow the last few my cock a last quick suck we all went into the kitchen for coffee and a lite breakfast. We cleaned up the dishes and made another pot of coffee.Just about then Mrs Stevens walked in the back door Mom was wearing just a lite robe grandma a shear teddy and panties her boobs sagging down to her paunchy belly.I was wearing just a long tee shirt.Mrs Stevens was dressed in a summer dress and you could tell she was nude underneith.Her big boobs sagged down to her belly too obscenely.Mom and grandma gave her a big hugg and Mrs Stevens even gave them both a kiss on the lips.She came over and hugged me as well and her hand strayed down and gave my penis a quick tug. Ok ladies and Donny your Mom said yesterday on the phone I could be in charge was that agreeable to all of you? We all replied in unison yes Gail.Like I told you last week before my hubby passed we used to role play some and I would play the part of Mistress in charge and my hubby the slave.Sounds like fun Gail Mom said. Do you want us to be your slaves today ? Gail replied if you guys want too yes I do.Again we all replied sure but is there limits grandma wanted to know.Gail said yes no one has to do anything they dont want to but I am a easy Mistress I just like fun no severe pain or anything like that.Well how about you guys tell me your likes and what you enjoy most and we will go from there. Mom started we all like to give oral and recieve it.Donny likes to play toilet and we like to use him in that way.We all like 69 and we enjoy anal play.We all enjoy kissing the wetter the better and using toys.Mom and I recently had some woman to woman love as well. Lets get started then shall we? gail said. First off I will play Dr. and give each of you an through exam is that agreeable? We all agreed.First Will be your Mom Donny and you will assist me.She beckoned mom over to her chair.Donny undress your Mom she instructed.I removed her robe and sat it on the table,Stand in front of me arms by your sides.She stood and examined moms hair eyes and ears.She had Mom tilt her head back and looked in her nose.A bit of blockage here.Donny look in your moms nose,see that please use your finger to pick out that snot.Moms eyes widened but didnt say anything.I gently worked a snot ball out of her nose.Gail looked at it on my finger and said there thats better.Now Donny dispose of that..In your mouth eat it all down for Gail. I put my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean and swallowed the foul morsel down.Gail smiled at me good little pet arent you! I knodded in agreement.Next she examined moms boobs sometimes pinching them and getting them hard,Mom groaned in approval Gail then massaged moms tummy lightly and got on her knees her face just inches from moms hairy pussy.She used her arms to spread Moms legs and carefully examined her puss.Looking at her lips and pulling her clit from its hood.She got closer and sniffed deeply.You have a wonderfull smelling vagina very nice indeed .Mom Thanked her.Now turn around and bend over,Mom complied Gail spread Moms butt cheeks and tenderly circled her asshole with her finger.She smelled her finger and did ths several more minutes.Very nice back here too.She then had Mom stand up and examined her legs and feet.Ok your very good Emily your next.She gave grandma the same exam no snot this time though and suggested grandma shave the rest of her pussy hair off since it was so thin anyway.It will make your clit so much more visible Gail told her. I was next and she spent a bit more time especially examining my penis and balls.I was rock hard and leaking pre-cumm in no time.OK ladies next Donny has a need to cumm really bad so I will jack him off and you girls catch his cumm in a cup when he blows OK.Sounds fun to us they exclaimed.Mom got a small jelly class and Gail started stroking my cock up and down gently in no time I was shooting cumm from my cock as Mom and Grandma held the glass catching almost every drop.Gails eyes were sparkling and declaired that was so much fun. Now lets ajourn to the bedroom for awhile......Part 15 soon.... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 13

All of the sudden Mrs Stevens jumped up seemed to come back to earth.Uh Shirley ,Em.I need to get going Im not feeling well.Mom said Oh Ok Gail let me walk you home.They left me and Gram and headed over to Mrs Stevens house next door. Shirley..{ Mrs Stevens said to Mom } We have been friends for ages but today you lie and decieve me,That is what upsets me.The stuff going on at your hose is a bit of a shock but you three lieing and decieving me is really hurtfull and I dont know ..I guess I need to sort things out now.Mom pleaded at her not to be angry and apologized for decieving her as well.Gail Me and Emily and Donny we will do antything to make it right with you,I understand now how you must feel.I admit it we were dead wrong to have done that.Your friendship means too much to me.Gail replied I need to sort through my feelings now I will be in touch.With that she walked into her house and shut the door in Moms face. Mom got back home and was visibly upset.nearly in tears grandma was concerned too.What will happen if she calls everyone and tells on us, the whole city will think were scum.Yes well as upset as she was I dont think she would do that shes not that vindictive,but we may lose her as a good and dear friend.We will just have to see what happends.I guees theres nothing we can do about it now cats out of the bag.It certainly put a damper on my feelings as well we spent the rest of the day straightening up and getting ready for a work week tommorrow. Thursday evening after a boring week of no sex or anything else all of us still shook up and not in the mood.We even kept more modest clothes on.We were finishing supper when out of the blue Mrs Stevens comes walking in no knock or anything suprising us all. Last time you told me not to knock so I just walked in hope its OK?. Mom and gram both at once replied sure Gail its no problem your fine.come in and have coffee with us. Gail sat down she was wearing a sun dress and sandals again and looked rather nicely made up.She smiled at all of us.I been thinking about you know what happened sunday.We were all silent now.I can forgive you all and do if you promise never ever to lie about anything to me again.Mom Gram and I all agreed heartily.Mom got up and hugged Gail and said she was so happy Gram agreed .I could feel the tension drain from everyone at that point.A huge weight lifted from each of us.Mom sat back down and looked years younger instantly because of the fear of trouble now gone. Gail then began speaking.You folks have been my dearest friends since my husband passed, i just couldnt let us have one more try to straighten things out. Before My hubby died we had a diverse sex life and I enjoyed many games and roleplay which we found out through films and magazines my hubby got in the mail.What people do in theyre bedrooms is no ones business as long as it is consentual.Mom said were glad you understand Gail really we meant no harm to you.Gail said let me continue.I would like to be a part of your (games) so to speak if you will let me.But I get to make my own rules.She stood up and turned to go home.You ladies think about it you too Donny and decide and let me know.The weekends coming up and Ive no plans.Have a good nite everyone.Out the door and she was gone. Part 14 soon.... Continue»
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My brown beginning part three

I could see from my position grandma fingering her pussy i saw a white slick substance on her finger,as I licked the last remains from her poop hole she suddenly started moaning loudly and her pucker opened and clamped up..Im cummmmiiinnnggg my god Im cummmmmming!!she shook so hard I couldnt keep my tongue on her ass.I glanced over at Mom who was lazily stroking her snatch and smileing dreamily.Umm Donny! you made me cumm so good its been years since Ive cumm so hard if I ever have.Grandma turned around and kissed me fully on the mouth.Well Donny what did you think of your first lesson?She asked.I loved it Em but I think I need to play with my penis now it aches.Here let me help you and she took my cock in her soft hands in mere seconds I was having my first orgasm and shot cumm all over grandma,s hand and wrist. Is that better Donny? I didnt know that would happen ..I said it feels incredible..can I do it again? Maybe in a while we have many many weeks and years to learn all the pleasures of kinky sex so dont worry you will have plenty of those comeing.Now be a good boy and clean up grandmas poop from the floor sweety.With that her and Mom left the bathroom. I carefully scooped up her poop and dropped it into the pot and then cleaned up the tile and flushed it away.My hands still smelled like poop after I washed them but I didnt care I liked it. Mom and grandma were sitting on the loveseat in the livingroom chatting when I was finished in the bathroom.They looked so hot together boobs and pussys exposed and my cock once again was stiff in no time.Mom asked Donny..would you like to lick Mommys pussy for her?Watching you and grandma really made me need a good cumm too.Tell you what lets get into 69 position.Do you know what that is?..No I dont think so this is my first experience with real women.Mom and Gram laughed.Gram replied you ate my pucker like a old pro so its easy to forget your a virgin,Yea Mom giggled with her... Mom said Donny lay on your back on the floor and I will get on top of you with my vagina over your mouth and then your cock will be where I can suck it while you lick my pussy...thats what is called 69 it also gives easy access to your partners anus for licking or fucking with a toy or finger.Does that sound fun? Heck yes Mom lets try it! I layed down and mom got on top her pussy was steaming hot and wet It smelled and tasted divine as I licked and slurped away at her inner lips and hard clit.Moms asshole was right in front of my nose and I smelled it the best I could.just a hint of poopy smell not much but I was in heaven.Mom was sucking my cock and stroking my balls gently and in just a minute I was cumming again she kept her mouth on my cock and swallowed every drop.Almost instantly moms pussy flooded my face and mouth with her pussy cream her vagina clamping and unclamping my spearing tongue.Oh God Oh God she moaned untill at last she fell limp. exhausted from her hard orgasm. Part four to come soon.... Continue»
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My brown beginning part four

Im not sure how long i was out but I know we all slept for at least an hour.I awoke in my bed and got up Mom and Grandma were still passed out.I decided to watch some TV and after another hour the ladies were stirring. About time for some lunch who,s hungry? asked Mom.I could stand a bite Gram said me too I chimed in.Hows cold cuts and some soup sound?That will be fine we both replied.We all ate lunch still in varios stages of undress which I guess from now on was going to be normal.After lunch i again helped clean up the kitchen and grandma started some laundry.Soon we were all sitting at the table again.Grandma asked well what would you like to do this afternoon Donny Any new Ideas? or fantasies pop into your head?Well I was kinda wondering is it ok to taste your pee and poop? Will I get sick or anything? Mom replied first I guess thats a good question.I think as long as were not sick with colds or flu or something it would be OK but I will ask my Gyno Dr. next week what she thinks about it.OK sweety! Probably a good idea just to be safe gram added.Actually she is in her office today why not give her a call?Gram said.Yea thats right she is open saturdays now let me get the phone. Mom called her Dr. and delicately put it to her this way.Telling her she had a boyfriend who had a pee and poop fetish and wondered if this was dangerous.The Dr. was a very open minded lesbian and not ar all put off by the question.She told Mom if your healthy and in moderation it shouldnt be an issue.She said your boyfriend cant consume every bowel movement every day but a dozen turds or so a week should be OK if he feels ill just stop for awhile.Mom hung up the phone and broke the good news,Sounds like all is ok as long as we use or heads.Grandma said oh thats great Donny your going to have plenty of attention around here. Did you have something in mind Donny when you asked about this? I told her yes my biggest fantasy was to have a girl poop right into my mouth and let me eat it.Oh you are a naughty boy Donny gosh I had no Idea you were such a kinky k**.Well soon I think usually around 1:30 or 2 most days my bowels need to move and its 1 now so your fantasy is just shortly away.I said MOm and Em you are the best Mom and grandma ever.I need to help you with anything you want too so what do you ladies fantasize about? Mom blushed and confessed she would like to eat a pussy sometime and gram agreed she always liked that Idea but was afraid to say anything.Gram also said she would like to have her pussy and asshole fucked at the same time with a very large dildo.Sounds like we need a shopping trip this week to the dirty book store MOM. Im in Gram said delightfully. part 5 comeing soon... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 6

OK lets get this mess cleaned up and all jump in the shower I think we need it Mom declared.I put the chairs back and cleaned up the floor of the pee puddle which missed my mouth.Grandma shot a couple toots from some air freshener to clear the air a bit.In no time everything was back to normal and we all jumped in the shower for a quick clean off,My hair was a mess but I soon had it washed and rinsed off.We had to be quick cuz our little old water heater barely lasted for more than 10 minutes before it ran cold. (the good old days Ha!)It was just aproaching 4 oclock so Mom suggested we dress and head out to the book and novelty store to do that shopping for some toys.When we arrived I was disapointed as the sign on the door said No one under 21 allowed ID required. Looks like you will have to wait outside in the car mom told me.Is there anything you want Grama and me to get for you? I thought for a couple minutes I cant really think of anything but if they have a catalog pick one up and I will brouse through it.With that Mom and grandma went inside on theyre toy quest.About a half hour later they came out with a variety of dildoes and vibrators and a inflatable butt plug,and a strap on harness with several sizes of fake cocks.Grandma got in the car and exclaimed Good Lord I had no Idea so many toys were made these days.We were like k**s in a candy store and laughed. They didnt have any catalogs Donny but we have a good supply here so I dont think we will be dissapointed plenty of toys of all kinds,That clerk must have thought what a couple of horn dogs these old broads are.Grandma chimed in and he,s right thanks to Donnys curiosity the other nite,You have re newed our love of sex my boy.I thought after your gramps died I was resigned to my finger once in a blue moon.Things will sure be nice from now on.Amen replied Mom. We stopped at a fine restaurant and had a big supper on the way home.All of us stuffed ourselves with big steaks,salad,soup desert,the works.When we finally got back into our house we all collapsed into the sofa.Oh I ate too much,me too we all said at once.Im not sure but all of us then fell asl**p for awhile sated by our big meal and a full day of sex.It was dark when Mom roused me from my slumber and suggested we all hit the bed sl**ping on the sofa would be killer to our backs and necks if we stayed on it all nite.Mom had a king sized bed so, mom gram,and me all shed our clothes and climbed in.I slept between them cuddling up to grandmas back and mom cuddling up to mine. About 7 nature was calling I needed to pee real bad Mom was laying about half awake Gram was sitting up reading in bed.I climbed over mom and she asked where i was going.I need to pee Mom.Arent you going to see if Gram and me would be interested in a little golden fun this morning.Doink! my pee boner was starting to get harder.Heck yes grandma exclaimed I been holding my water waiting for you sl**pyheads to wake.We all ajourned to the bathroom Mom started the bathtub water and warmed the bottom of the tub up.Ok whos first? Who,s first for going or drinking Grandma asked.Oh drinking I guess. Well someone get ready for a drink I got to pee now grams exclaimed.I jumped into the tub face up.grandma squatted over my face,my mouth wide open and Mom knelt down beside.pssssstttt her urine shot from her sagging pussy right into my mouth mom cupped her hands under the stream and drank several mouthfulls as well.I put my head up and licked her pussy dry of the last dew drops.MMMM that was tasty Mom declared.Im next mom squatted over me and repeated the same thing and grandma cupped her hands and drank some of moms piss as well.After I also licked Moms puss dry.OK mom were next Mom and grandma knelt on a towel in the tub and I stood outside and aimed my cock at theyre faces.I directed the stream at each ones mouth and they both drank my hot salty piss down like it was nectar.When my stream subsided they both gave my cock a few good morning sucks.What a great way to start the day grama exclaimed. Yes but I need some coffee in me and quick Mom said and we all headed for the kitchen and decided on breakfast.None of us was really hungry after all that food last nite and just ate lightly.Well Donny what will it be first today any Ideas Mom asked? Yea Mom i would like you and gramma to 69 and let me watch and maybe help out some too.Help out as to how? I could lick your body and switch to grandmas.and different things while you two lick each others pussys!.Sounds wonderfull Donny! we ajourned to the bedroom and Mom Gram and me started making out.Mom was sucking grams tits and gram and I were french kissing she had the softest tongue and we drooled saliva into each other mouth.Do you like that Donny she asked? Yes Em you taste great.with that she stopped for a few seconds and worked up a whole mouthfull of her spit and dropped it into my waiting mouth and we snowballed it back and fourth.God was I ever hot then.We traded places and gram sucked moms big melons and Mom and I swapped spit and fondled each other.Mom i told her I love everything there is about you.I need to taste and eat everything your body produces.Oh sweety anything you want just ask nothing is off limits.same to you grams I said .yes sweety fine she replied same here. Finally Mom and i broke our kiss and Mom and gram started kissing and massaging each other.after a few minutes they settled into 69 position grandma on top.I got behind grandma and helped Mom lick her pussy each one of us touching tongues together as grammas juice started to flow more.I worked my way up to grams asshole all wrinkled and puckered out and tongued it stabbing into it with my tongue.After a bit i slid down to the other end and watched grams eating moms pussy Mom was moaning loudly and talking dirty.Oh god mom your pussy is so good cum on my face.let me drink you cunt juice,bite my clit lightly gram told mom lightly bit down on grams clit.Gram told me pinch my nipples hard Donny real I took her inch long nipples and with my fingernails pinched down as hard as i could.Bite my clit hard now!!! screamed grandma.Oh Fuuuuuukkkkkkk shit fuk fuk god Im cummmmminnnggg!!! fuck fuck.Grandma was shaking so violently mom couldnt keep her clit in her teeth and grandma drenched moms face with pussy sauce.In a few seconds gram said stop stop I cant take anymore and rolled off onto her back.Mom stradled my face and told me to suck her clit,I started sucking her clit and fingering her pussy with 3 fingers,Her pusssy started clamping and unclamping Mom was pinching her distended nipples and she shook hard as her pussy flooded my face and mouth Im cummmmingggg!!! oh shit oh fuck oh god! eat me motherfucker bite my clit ummmmmmmmmm!!!!! she collapsed to one side and pulled my head from her pussy stop stop I cant take anymore breathing hard she stroked my head. Part 7 to be soon... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 9

The next day was Monday and school was still in session and Mom worked all week as usual.We all had oral sex a few times that week and I drank Mom and grams pee several times,Mom didnt want to feed me her poop for a few days so we could all stay healthy.But they did let me watch them pooping and even if I wasnt home saved it for me in the commode bucket to sniff and play with my cock untill i came,usually on grandmas or Moms tongue for them to swallow.Thursday nite we broke out the new toys and double fucked grandmas asshole and pussy at the same time.She came like a banshee screaming and moaning Mom licking her cunt cream and me licking the dirty dildoe sliding in her ass.Mom than sat on grandmas face and I toyed her asshole with a small buttplug.Fuck shit fuck shit gawd fuck Im cummmminggg! screamed Mom and flooded grandmas face with cunt juice.I popped out the butt plug and sucked it off it was not very dirty as mom shitted at work that day and was pretty empty back there.Friday Morn before school i needed to shit and Mom and grandma sat on the bathtub and watched as i moved my bowels shit plopping and splashing into the bowl.Ummm smells good Grandma said your a good healthy boy.After about 5 mins. I finished and grandmas had me bend over and she licked my ass clean and gave me a hand job.I came quickly and mom and grandma shared my cumm between them.We finished and Mom headed out for work and I school Grams said be carefull and I will see you two tonite Love you. friday nite after supper Mom and Grams arrainged for tommorrows quilting work and I got the commode ready for tommorrow.Mrs Stevens will be here first thing in the morning around 6 so we need to get to bed early.We all hit the sack and I dreamed of saturdays fun with Mrs .Stevens. part 10 soon.... Continue»
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My brown beginning part 12

Shirley, Emily please come in here and see what your grandson is doing. Mrs Stevens was stareing at me almost not believing her eyes.Mom and grandma came in.Your son is playing with my waste the waste you said he was supposed to cleanup.I caught him red handed.Grandma spoke first Donny! your supposed to clean up the pot not play in it.Mrs stevens came closer and seen the shit on my mouth.My goodness I think he has eaten some too!.Why would you do such a thing Donny she asked?.I looked at Mom and Gram for help.They just said Tell her the truth Donny its OK were not mad.Mrs Stevens looked at me and I explained how I get a sexual thrill from a womans potty habits.So is that why you broke the pot so that you could rig up this commode in hopes of getting to use my waste for your thrill? yes Mam... Goodness she said. Well i guess its not hurting anything but its best just to be truthfull you should have been truthfull with me I understand these things better than you might think. Well what should we do now Mom asked her.Mrs stevens answered.I think we should let him finish if its alright with you ladies Id kinda like to see him finish what he started.Mom and Gram naturally agreed.Mrs stevens then said OK Donny finish up while we ladies watch.They seated themselves on the bed and I sat on the commode and devoured Mrs Stevens pile of shit.She was cooing and oh mying and her hand crept slowly to her crotch.She was gently stroking her vaginal area and didnt even realize it until Gram touched her hand.Its Ok Mrs Stevens we like it too.She looked flushed and embarrassed.I ate every morsel of her poop and showed her the clean pail.Mom then started massaging her shoulders and trying to relax her.Whats on your Mind Gail (mrs stevens first name)My mouth is so dry i cant speak hardly she whispered.Let me help you with that and Mom started kissing her full on the mouth.In a few minutes Gail was panting and Mom and gram were fondleing her big tits through her dress. Part 13 is next.... Continue»
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My brown beginning

I was raised in a small 2 bedroom single bath home,At times it was inevitable someone either my mom or grandma would have to pee when I was in the bathtub.Mom was about 50 at the time and who knows how old grandma was but pretty old I guessed.Both women had medium breasts and were pleasingly plump but not fat.Dad had long ago divorced and split ,so it was just me and the two women left to raise me. It was always the same Mom or grandma would knock on the door while I was in the tub and tell me.turn around and face the wall Donny I need to pee.With that they would enter drop theyre pants and pantys and have a pee.Usually they would casually talk small talk or something wipe and flush.Out of curosity one day Mom knocked said she needed a pee and for me to turn around.After a moment she entered and sat on the pot,after peeing for a few seconds I knew my best chance to see her pussy was when she spread her legs to wipe.I heard her pull some T/P from the roll and I turned just in a nick of time as she spread her legs to wipe her wet hairy pussy.Donald! she admonished me what are you doing? I stuttered and stammered something about wondering where a girl pees from.I thought Mom was going to kill me.Instead she got kind of serious and asked how long had I had these questions.Long time I said.After a few moments Mom was still sitting on the toilet pants and panties down.Turn around and face me now.I complied My face was just short of 12 inches from my moms hairy pussy.I could smell the pee literally.What else have you been thinking about Donny be truthfull I wont be angry I promise. Well my penis gets stiff whenever you or grandma come in here to pee,And I sometimes smell your and her underwear from the dirty clothes hamper and it also makes my penis stiff. Does the smell of our undies or the look of them do this to you?she asked Well I like the smell and the stains in them too.I do have to say I am surprised Donny I had no Idea you were getting sexually aroused by these things,but I guess it is normal.Have you ever played with your penis?she asked. Yes I replied almost every time you pee in here and then leave,and other times too.When you smell my undies and when else? Well Its kind of embarrassing Mom.Donny its OK I told you Im not mad But I do need to know these things so I can help you learn about sex.Now when else do you play with your cock? Well I know this sounds stupid I explained but I know when you and grandma are in here having a poop because it takes longer than a pee.And I usually come into the bathroom as soon as either of you come out so I can smell your poop smell.I think it smells good and makes my cock hard too.
My goodness you are full of surprises tonite young man.Mommys is sorry she never knew you needed some education about females at your age,but we will get started right now OK sweety? I was overwhelmed for a moment and excited at the same time my young cock was almost rock hard and sticking out of the bathwater shamelessly.Mom then said Donny if you could do anything right now sexually of course what would it be anything at all.what is your favorite thing to think about to make your penis hard? Well I guess watching you pee and poop is my favorite especially if your totally naked. Ive never seen your boobs in a long time since I was real little.Mom stood up and then stepped out of her slacks and pantys and then stripped from the waist up and stood before me completely nude.Her nipples were large brown and hard.Well what do you think hunny?Wondefull Mom youre gorgeous!She then proceded to give me a lesson in female anatomy.This is my vagina.lips,clitoris pee hole pubic hair.explaining each part and function.Breasts ,nipples.Butt and anus.Stand up she said and explained all my parts to me as well,and why each one does what it does to make babys.Lessons over for tonite dry off and get some sl**p.we will continue tommorrow.What about grandma?I asked Oh she will be part of the next lesson too. part two of this series to follow... Continue»
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The Beginning Part 2

The Beginning Part 2
The 3rd afternoon went very much like the previous ones. Selena would arrive and we would take turns fucking her arse whilst she sucked the others cock. We both discovered early on the first day that on her knees, Selena worked both of us easily. She wouldn’t let us put a cock into her cunt but she loved being finger fucked at the same time as her arse, so, that was the order of events, One fucked her arse and fingered her cunt and when we swapped over the other got his cock sucked and his arse tongue and finger fucked.
It was on our second rotation that the door burst open and Dana came crashing in.
Selena, she said almost totally out of breath.
Dad and Yonnie s father are coming. That little snitch Ed Fowler said he has seen you all going into the shed every afternoon.
I ran as fast as I could but they are only about 5 minutes behind me. If that.
I got to go, if they seem they know I warned you.
Selena was the first to react.
Fuck, she said.. Quick get into you underclothes and go swimming. We didn’t hesitate.
Dragging on our underpants and shorts we jumped into the water.
Dana helped Selena get dressed. She put on her Bra and underpants with her singlet over top, jumped into the water and swam in the opposite direction to us. Dana fled down the beach and hid in the bushes that grew in the sand hills. From there she could see everything and still not be seen.
A minute later my father and Selena`s Dad arrived at the boatshed and walked down the ramp. What’s going on here?
My father yelled.
Merg was the first to answer. Hi Mr. Dalton… what do you mean?
We come here to swim that’s all.
Selena`s father looked at his daughter and called out.
Selena what do you think your doing here with these boys.
Before she could answer, my father called out, Yonnie get in here at once.
The water was really cold but we didn’t feel it.
I was stuttering and mumbling trying to think of something to say when Merg came to the rescue.
We cant Mr. Dalton. Its against the rules. The girls have to go first and we aren’t allowed in the she untill they have dressed and left.
My father looked at us for a minute and turned to Selena`s father and said, Well that’s doesn’t sound like they are behaving badly does it.
The to me
Tell me Yonnie that this is true. And don’t you lie to me.
I answered as best I could
No Dad… Its true. Gee the girls would kill us if we went first.
Selena swam back towards the shed.
Father, she called out. Would mind going outside, its getting cold and I would like to get out now please.
And so that was how we survived a very close encounter.
That evening my parents asked me to stay at the table after diner was over and the grilling began in earnest.
I held my nerve with some difficulty untill they were convinced that it was just innocent fun and we behaved as young gentlemen should. ..BUT …I wasn’t to swimming there again with any girls unless there was an adult present.
You know how people gossip, my mother said.
You might be just swimming but in an hour it will be a much more sordid affair by the time the idle tongues have retold it a dozen times.
Our mad summer of blissful sex was over. All a week before my 15th birthday.
Merg and I met the next day and it seems he had to endure the same inquisition as I did and was given the same ultimatum.. No girls without an adult.
We were both crushed.
That afternoon we rode to the shed and looked hopefully around for Selena but no one came. We didn’t even feel like helping each other out either.
The following weekend was my birthday party. My parents invited several of their friend over and I was allowed to invite a few of my own.
It was now almost 8 days since the Boat Shed incident and I had only seen Selena twice since then, both times in her fathers store working along side Rodger and Dana. It seemed that Mr Royce wasn’t taking any chances. He employed his c***dren to keep an eye on them.
The new wave of music that was flooding the world found a welcome home in our house. Rock N Roll blasted out of the radio and everyone tried to jive but no one really knew how. It didn’t matter. We all had a ball anyway.
The music was so infectious it had us all bopping away in a series of jerky uncoordinated movements. It seemed to define who we really were in a way.
Our parents just sat and watched, laughing and making comments about how ungainly we all looked but how good it was to see that unlike their day where the boys stood at one end of the dance hall and the girls at the other, each too frightened to make the first move. To their amazement, it seemed everyone here was completely relaxed and joined in.
Across the room I saw Selena arrive and as she walked to the edge of the dance crowd looking at me. I caught her eye and she smiled and nodded towards the door and held up 5 fingers.
My heart almost erupted in my chest.
God I was so pleased to see her.
I looked around to make sure no one was watching and nodded yes.
We met out the back of the house and ran down the back lawn into the bushes that formed a wind break for Mum & Dads veggie garden. Before I could say a word Selena threw her arms around me and her tongue was in my mouth. Her kiss was long deep and urgent.
I held her tightly but she squirmed away enough to get her hand inside my trouser and grab my cock.
10 seconds later my pants were around my ankles, my cock was in her mouth and a finger was finding its way into my arse…
My 1st cum was less than a minute after that. I squirted all I had into her mouth as she rammed her finger into my arse harder and harder with every spasm of my climax. She didn’t stop sucking and stroking, I never got a chance to lose my erection and soon I was ready to cum again.
This time Selena sensed it and slowed, holding the base of my cock hard then she took her other hand out of my arse and on to the end of my cock. Bending it over, she managed to stop my ejaculation and kept the gentle pressure on untill my cock began to lose some of it hard erection due to the lack of bl**d. We stood there like that for a few minutes. Selena never relaxed her firm but gentle hold.
My cock was pulsating, my balls about to explode.
Slowly we began to relax and the climax passed its point of urgency.
Now she said as she got on to her hands and knees. She pulled her skirt over her back. She was naked underneath.
Fuck my arse Yonnie. Fuck me up the arse hard I need it. I drove my cock into her soft warm arse hole and fell thru heavens door in complete unequaled pleasure.
In out… In out… In out…faster and faster. Her arse hole grew tighter as she contracted her mussels. Selena grunted with every s thrust and so I could just hear her she began to talk moaning. Fuck me you cunt, fuck my arse you dirty little cunt… stick it up me Yonnie piss on me…. fuck me….. lick my cunt out…
I couldn’t hold back, I exploded . My cum was like a river of fire leaving my cock. All the pent up pressure from the climax that we held off joined in and with one almighty wave of pleasure I shot into her.
I heard Selena`s muffled scream as she reached her climax with me.
Buried as far into her arse holes as I could get I leaned back and moaned as loud as I dared,
We remained like that for along time. I was still trying to get my breath back, my cock still in Selena when Dana stepped out of the darkness right beside us

... Continue»
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Defying My f****y Part 5

Introduction: The gang come up with plan to get more information and Brad learns a terrible truth

Defying My f****y Part 5: Sympathy

During the next few weeks we continued our attack on the skinheads. Following the way Clive Owen’s character from The Inside Man robbed the bank we acted like that. Sometimes we would make sure I got attacked at times. Tara returned home to prevent any suspicions; likewise we made sure she was attacked as well, all though neither Tara nor I were attacked as bad as the others.

We learned a lot from our interrogations. We learned that they have some kind of plan, but not one member knows what it is and nobody know who the real leader is. My dad called my b*****rs and I into the living room one day and told us to be extremely careful from now on because of the attacks. Even the newspaper started to pick up on it. The editorial section was filled with letters expressing both angry and sympathetic letters.

Tara wasn’t as busy as she used to be. Seems Chief Ellsworth wasn’t too happy when he was on the receiving end of an interrogation at the hands of Tara. It was funny to watch her whip him and then cover him in horse semen. I still don’t know where she got a bucket full of it, but watching Max gag as some of it ended up in his mouth, then running home naked after we dropped him off was priceless.

We got bolder and bolder. At night we would place embarrassing pictures of these people around town. Both my b*****r hated seeing the picture of them handcuffed together naked in a spooning position. After every mission I preformed, I would go back to Salvation with my partner and we would have sex. Didn’t matter if it was Kimiko, Shiho, or Tara, they all know about each other and didn’t care. Kimiko especially didn’t care since her mom was happy and I finally declared to Kimiko that she’s my girlfriend now, and that I do care about her mother. All in all we are becoming happy. I felt it was time to take our plans further and really hit my f****y hard.

“It’s time my f****y pays for its actions” I tell the other three.

“Great, but how?” Tara asks.

“I don’t know but I believe it’s going to have to be big. Bigger than anything we have done before.”

“I may have an idea and it’s very risky. It may even lead to outing you Brad” Shiho states.

“What’s that mom?” Kimiko asks her.

“Brad gets into that room of his fathers and steals all the video’s and pictures. We can use some of that information to track these girls down. Maybe they can help us and stand with us.”

“I don’t know Shiho, that’s very risky. Even if we could get all that stuff, we still don’t know who all the players are.”

“And we are working on finding out that information, but all the stuff of your dad’s can be used a blackmail material on him.”

“Your right, Shiho, I’ll try to find a way to get it” I tell everyone as I retreat to the spare room to think. This was going to be a tough job, and we are going to need some major planning sessions. I could hear the front door open and close and two sets of footsteps coming down to the room. The door opens and Tara walks in with Kimiko.

Kimiko walks over to me and places her hands on each side of my face then kisses me deeply. Tara then does the same thing Kimiko did.

“You know love, we know that you have a lot on your mind and you really are not thinking straight. Forget about the stealing for now. Right now you have two very hot and very horny girls who are going to help you take your mind off of things. After I’m sure you will think clearly” Tara says right before she kisses Kimiko in front of me. I kiss both girls again. Tara stands up and grabs Kimiko and pulls her off me and whispers something in her ear. Kimiko giggles. “Go for it Tara” She tells her.

“Sit on your hands Brad” I don’t know what’s going on but I did as told. I watch as Tara starts putting on a strip tease act. She slowly pulls her t-shirt up inch by inch. Kimiko joins in and starts to kiss Tara’s newly exposed flesh. I slowly feel all the bl**d in my body starting to rush towards my cock. Tara turns around and slowly pulls her jeans down. Again Kimiko kisses her exposed flesh, and giving her ass a gentle slap when her pants our down. Tara is wearing a black thong and match bra.

She backs up and slowly starts grinding her ass into my cock. “You know Brad, since Max has the police looking for the people he interrogated him I’m not getting fucked as much anymore. It’s kind of nice but I’m so fucking horny. It’s time to make you really horny.” Tara says as she starts giving me a lap dance. She turns and faces me to start dry humping and grinding her thinly clad pussy into my rock hard cock. Kimiko stands behind her and undoes her bra and takes it off for Tara. I groan because I can’t do anything to them with my hands. Kimiko reaches around and starts playing with them.

“Damn you girls are making me so fucking horny” I tell them.

They giggle and Tara gets off my lap, Kimiko strips down to her pants and takes Tara’s spot on my lap. I not only got one from Tara, but now I’m getting a lap dance from Kimiko. I really don’t think I can hold out. Kimiko sensed I was close and stops her dance. Tara pulls Kimiko off of me. The two girls turn and start making out with each other. I start to remove my hands, but they stop me.

“Not yet, you’re not ready” Kimiko tells me.

“The hell I’m not. I damn near busted a nut from those lap dances. I really need to cum so badly it hurts” I protest.

“Oh well then you are really going to love this then” Tara tells me as she starts sucking on Kimiko’s nipple. I can hear Kimiko moan as Tara’s tongue dances around her hardening nipple. I watch as both girls slide their thongs off and hand them off my ears. I’m sure I look silly but I really did not care because the girls were now on the floor in a 69 position each other’s pussies. I admit I have watched lesbian porn before but seeing it live hot damn even my cock agrees with me that it’s better in person. Pinocchio was lucky he tells a lie his nose gets bigger. Right now I wish I could tell a lie and have my cock get bigger.

I watch in frustration as both Tara brings Kimiko to an orgasm first. I can hear her fingers working her pussy fast, the wet slapping sound is so much a turn on that I almost cum. I can feel my boxer being soaked with pre-cum. Tara has her orgasm next and Kimiko licks her pussy of all its juices. As Tara comes down off her high, Kimiko gets up and walks over to me.

“Take off all your clothes, no touch just yet, lay back on the bed, and if you follow our directions you will be rewarded.” She tells me.

I quickly do as she asks and I place my hands back under my body to prevent the temptation to touch her. She slowly impales her pussy on my rock hard fuck stick. Damn her pussy is tighter now than ever. Slowly she sinks down until she has me all the way inside her. I moan with joy. She bends down and kisses me deeply.

“Ready my boyfriend?” She ask

“Ready my girlfriend” I tell her.

Slowly she starts rising up and then stops. Tara suddenly appears behind her. I hear Kimiko give a cry out of pain and suddenly I feel more pressure on my dick coming from the other side. My brain must not have been working fast because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what’s happening.

“Oh shit Tara go slow it’s very tight” Kimiko says through her teeth.

Then it dawns on me. Tara is sliding something into Kimiko’s ass and judging from the fact that both her hands are on Kimiko’s hips, Tara is wearing a strap-on. Holy shit my girlfriend is about to get tag teamed by us. Finally after what seems like an eternity, Tara’s plastic dick is inside Kimiko and she’s ready to get fuck. Tara thrust her hips forward causing Kimiko to slide up my shaft, Kimiko bucks her hips back down myself. Together they work as a unit. This was too much, I can’t control it, I erupt my first load deep inside Kimiko’s pussy before we even got going.

“MMMM Baby I guess you had a hair trigger. I can still feel that you’re hard. Good. Use your hands. Help Tara fuck your little Japanese Whore” Kimiko demands.

I grab Kimiko’s waist and start pounding my cock in and out of her pussy. Tara works her ass trying to match my pass. Kimiko for her part is stuck in the middle and can do nothing but moan in Japanese. Her tits bounce as we continue our assault. In no time at all I can feel her pussy tighten around my cock. Her powerful orgasm hits her hard. Her eyes roll into the back of her head. Neither Tara nor I stop our pounding. It is only after Kimiko falls onto my chest that we stop. Kimiko’s orgasm was so powerful she passed out from it. We pick her off of my cock and lay her on the bed. Tara takes her strap on off and tosses it on the bed. She looks at me and gets down on all fours.

“My turn, Fuck me good Brad”

I get behind her and quickly shove my dick inside her. Like an a****l I fuck her pussy hard. Kimiko’s cum and Tara’s wetness helping slide my cock in with such ease I didn’t know I was all the way inside until her ass touches me. I place my hands on her hips and fuck her hard and deep. The sound of my balls slapping her clit fills the air. Tara moans loudly as she can’t control herself anymore. I feel her pussy flooding with her cum.

“God don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop. Fuck this pussy, fuck my pussy hard. I need it Brad. Fuck me like a dirty slut” Tara moans.

I reach under her and grab a handful of her tits squeezing them hard. I pound my cock into her wonderful pussy hard. My cum starts to boil inside my balls. With a loud groan I fire off my second orgasm of the night. My cum blasts its way deep inside Tara’s cum starving pussy. I slowly stop my relentless assault and pull out of Tara. Some of my cum drips out of her pussy and she quickly moves to catch it with her finger. Tara then licks her finger clean.

“MMMM I love the way you taste.” She says.

We get cleaned up and I have made up my mind. I am going to break that door down and steal everything. I know they will figure out I am one of the ones behind the attacks, but I don’t care. I will start staying here if I must. Later that night, my dad and my asshole b*****rs were out trying to find the attackers, and knowing them some non-white pussy to ****. I walk out into the garage and grab the sledgehammer and walk down to the basement. No need to be gentle as I hit the door. It breaks open on impact.

As I walk inside I look at the picture of my mother. So young, so innocent, I know she would understand what I am doing. I gather up everything and rush them outside to Shiho’s car. She bravely risked waiting for me to bring the stuff out knowing what my f****y did to her and would do to her if they found her here. After my third trip I had everything out of the basement. I quickly run to my room and grab my clothes and things I had packed earlier that day and off to Salvation we went.

Once we got inside all 4 of us went through everything. It turns out that my dad kept detail notes on each victim. He stalks them, learns their names, and whens the best time to grab them. As we were going through a set of documents I found one that peaks my curiosity.

“OH MY GOD” I yell.

“What” all three girls say.

“I…. My… I know my mother’s name. It’s Chelsea. Chelsea Reese” I tell them.

Shiho quickly gets on her laptop and punches the name in. “Now that we have her name we can bring up her obituary. It should have a list of all her surviving f****y members. I’m sure they will want to get involved.”

I start smiling. f****y I thought. I might actually have a f****y that might care about me, possibly love me.

“Here it is. Chelsea Maria Reese: born January 18 1981, Died June 25 1994. Ms. Reese passed away giving birth to her son Benjamin Zachary Reese. She is survived by her parents. Donna and Zachary Reese, one b*****r Matthew Reese, and one s****r Mrs. Max (Julia) Ellsworth.” Shiho reads to us.

“You mean that God damn fat fucking asshole of a police chief is Brad’s uncle?” Tara says with a shock look on her face.

“More importantly it fucking explains why nobody came looking for Brad. His real name is Benjamin.” Kimiko says.

“Oh I have an answer to that one my darling daughter” Shiho tells her “It seems that they faked your death. Your mom’s f****y thinks you’re dead. With Max on their side it probably was easy to do”

“I need to go this is just too much” I tell them as I walk to the guest room. I sat on the bed and Kimiko comes in and sits next to me. I don’t know why but I started to cry. She places her arms around me and I cry on her shoulder. I really don’t feel like talking all that was running through my head was that these people, these damn skin heads not only ruined my mother’s life and my life, but my grandparents lives as well.

“It’s ok my love. I know that this must be hard. Just know that I am here for you. No matter what your name is, you’re still the man I love” Kimiko whispers to me and then kisses my forehead.

I stop crying and look into her eyes. I see sadness in her eyes knowing that once again life has thrown a curve ball to me. I move my face close to hers and kiss her sweet lips. My tongue slowly invades her mouth as her lips part to allow it to enter. I push her onto her back and quickly remove my shirt. Kimiko removes her shirt and bra as quickly as she can. I suck on her wonderful Japanese nipples teasing them with my tongue and gently biting them. Within moments they are rock hard, just as my cock is.

I pull her pants down and attack her pussy. I lick it back to front, teasing her clit with my tongue. I get her pussy nice and wet and I stand up and drop my pants. Kimiko spreads her legs wide. She knows what I am going to do. There is really no oral sex this time, I ram my hard cock into her pussy as hard as I can. She jumps a little and arcs her back. Making sure all the weight is on my hands and knees I pound her tight pussy as hard and as fast as I can.

“That’s it baby fuck me good. Treat me like a whore, I love feeling your cock inside me. Pound it, pound my pussy good” She moans

Like a mad man I pound her good. I pull out so only the tip is left than jam it in hard. Out slowly, in hard. Her first orgasm hits suddenly as I am pulling out. The shear tightness of her pussy muscles contracting clenches my cock hard. I quickly jam it back in deep. I can feel my tip hitting her G-spot. Kimiko moans loudly digging her nails into my back. The pressure is too intense and I pull out completely. Her cum squirts all over my cock.

“Shit baby, I came so hard. Put that thing back inside me, make me cum that hard again please” She begs

I roll her over onto her back and she gets on her hands and knees. I guide my cum soaked cock back into her pussy. This time I use don’t pull out as far maybe about an inch and ram it in hard. This lets me go at a quicker pass. I grab Kimiko by the hair; she tilts her head back as she moans. I feel her hand playing with her clit. I feel her pussy clamping down again as another orgasm hits just as fast as the first. This time though I can’t contain my own. I fire off round after round of cum deep inside her pussy. As soon as I am done pumping out my cum I lay on the bed with Kimiko in my arms. She quickly covers us up and we fall sl**p in bed together.

After I wake up and had a chance to eat. I decide it’s time to see about recruiting some help. Shiho left her computer, so I quickly look up a name and an address. I see that it’s very close to Salvation. I walk out the door and start heading to my destination. Within 15 minutes I arrive at the house and I walk up the steps and knock on the door.

“Just a minute” I hear a woman say.

She opens the door and standing before me is a woman about 5 foot 6, blue eyes, and long brown here that’s slowly turning gray. She really does not look like a 46 year old woman.

“Can I help you?” She asks me.

“Maybe, are you by chance Donna Reese?”

“Yes I am”

“Please don’t be alarmed or think this is a sick joke, but my name is Bradley Patrick, however you knew me as Benjamin Reese. Chelsea Reese was my mother.”... Continue»
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All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

As we approached the parking lot at the convention center, traffic was merging into two lanes. We ended up in the right lane, which put the person taking our money on my side. Seeing that person was a middle-aged man, I thought I would give him a little bonus for standing out in the sun all day and at the same time keep the tension going in my cousin Randy’s pants. As Randy said, “Here ya’ go Amy,” and handed me a twenty dollar bill, I crossed my left leg over my right, which would give a better view of my crotch and inner thigh to anyone looking in my window.

Turning slightly in my seat, so I could greet the ticket guy, I glanced over at Randy and he was looking down trying to put his wallet back in his pocket. That’s when I reached up and quickly unfastened another button on my blouse and made sure it was gapping open enough to give this guy a free look at my little fou****n-year-old titties. Keeping one eye on Randy, he looked back towards me just as my hand was returning back, so I changed the twenty from one hand to the other to make it look like that was what the movement was about. I wanted it to appear that my button had accidently come unfastened. But I don’t think he ever saw my hand move because his eyes stopped at my legs. He had been shifting his eyes between the road, my legs, and the small mounds inside my blouse ever since we left Grandma’s house. He thought he was being sly while he stole those glances behind his mirrored aviator sunglasses, but his awkward head-tilt made it obvious where his real focus was.

Rolling up to the man at the gate, I rolled down my window real slow. We were driving Grandma’s old car and it didn’t have power windows, only hand cranks. I knew watching that window move down in slow motion would keep this guy’s attention on me instead of him just glancing quickly to grab the money. The windows weren’t tinted but the sun was reflecting off the glass so he wasn’t able to really see me until the glass opened up. As the window slowly lowered, I saw his eyes lock in on my knee and then my inner thigh and crotch. His eyes moved up my body at the same speed the window was being cranked down. I was the first to speak and greeted him by saying, “Hi! Hot day huh?” Turning slightly towards him, and reaching over with my left hand to give him the twenty, caused my blouse to gap open just enough!

There was a moment of awkward stillness as he stood frozen in time and said nothing. I’m sure he was thinking about how he would love to reach down through that window and instead of taking the bill from my hand, he could misjudge his reach and slither his hand inside my blouse and tweak my perky nipple. During that split second, I felt another drop of wetness make its way from my pussy and into my already moist panties. He finally answered me with a sort of stutter, “Uh…yeah…umm, you got that right! It’s REALLY HOT today.” With that I thrust my hand out the window and bumped it into his little money apron which was conveniently covering his crotch. He must have had a roll of quarters or something in his pouch because it felt awfully hard in there! Immediately, I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you!” He said, “No worries! Ya’ll have a nice day; lots of good stuff to look at in there.” With that, he took the twenty from my hand and said, “Just follow the guy’s with the flags.” I smiled at him and said, “Thanks, you too,” as Randy pulled the car forward.

As soon as I had my window rolled up, and knowing full well that Randy had seen EVERYTHING, I practically shouted, “Oh my gosh, I accidently punched that guy in the groin when I reached out to give him the money! I was SOOO embarrassed!” Randy said, “Did he say anything?” “Not really, he just smiled and waved us on.” I was hoping Randy was a little jealous that I had touched this guy’s crotch and I hadn’t touched his yet. But NO WORRIES, his time would come!”

Once we were in our parking space, I cracked my door open and Randy said, “Let me get that for you.” Normally, I just open the door for myself and I wasn’t really expecting this kind of service from one cousin to another, especially considering my age. He was treating this more like a date than just two cousins hanging out. I thought it was sweet.

Watching him walk in front of the car, as he worked his way around to my door, produced a little tingle between my legs. It was the same tingle I had felt when I first saw him earlier this morning when I walked out of the bathroom and saw him sitting directly in front of me. I knew he worked in construction but I was shocked at how fit and strong he looked. He didn’t have a body like a weight lifter, but one that was firm and toned. In addition, his tan was deep, with no tan lines at his neck or sleeves. It turned me on to think of him working shirtless on a sunny day.

Standing in that doorway, I noticed him giving me the once over, well twice over, when I walked into the living room at Grandma’s house for the first time. I had just come from the shower so my hair was still wet and I was combing it out. He smiled and uttered an awkward, “Hi,” which sounded like he was a little confused. Maybe he didn’t recognize me. Responding back with the same lame greeting, I tried to make it sound flirty without being obvious. His gaze seemed to be focusing in on my legs, and since I loved teasing guys, I knew I could use this to my advantage. After all, he may have been my cousin, but he was still a guy!

There was an empty chair right in front of me, which was directly across from Randy, so I sat down, with my legs spread, like a boy would sit. I knew my running shorts were loose around the legs and if he kept looking my way he was sure to catch a glimpse of my tiny white cotton panties. The more I moved around in that chair, the more he moved around in his. It was pretty obvious he was trying to situate his angle so I couldn’t look at his crotch. But it was too late; I had already seen the bulge growing in his jeans.

Not wanting to be obvious, that I was interested in what was happening between his legs, I kept looking over toward our folks and laughing at them as they picked on each other. It was one of those times, while looking the other direction that Randy stood up and moved my way. Grandma’s house was small and the door to the bathroom was directly across the narrow hallway from the living room door where my chair was. I was pretty much blocking the path out of the living room. As Randy approached my chair, I pretended to not notice and made no effort to scoot over or even lean a little for that matter. He turned his back to me as he squeezed past me, which was a disappointment because I was looking forward to him brushing my shoulder with that growing lump in his pants.

He went into the bathroom and shut and the door. Being only a couple of feet from the bathroom door, it was easy for me to hear every sound coming from there. Training my ears away from the f****y stories and into that bathroom, I waited to hear signs of what he was going to do, number one or number two? The clank of the toilet seat hitting the tank gave it away. He had raised the seat so he could pee. Waiting, I expected to hear his stream strike the water in the toilet bowl. It took forever, and I knew exactly why! His penis was too hard to pee!

Being a normal, hormone driven teenage girl, I had done my share of research. It wasn’t as easy as it is nowadays, with the internet, but the information was out there. Of course, we all learn about the facts of life on the playground, years before our parents’ feel it’s time to give us “the talk!” I had learned more of the details after finding my older b*****r’s stack of Penthouse magazines under his bed, while I was helping my mom change his sheets one morning. Sneaking back in later in the day, I pulled one out and started looking at the pictures and reading the stories. After that first time, I began “borrowing” one magazine at a time and would take it to my room and read it from cover to cover with my b*****r none the wiser! That’s where I had learned that it was difficult for a guy to pee when he had an erection.

Finally, through the keyhole of the old-timey door, I heard the waterfall making its way into the toilet. It seemed like Randy peed a gallon but I eventually heard those last, broken squirts as he f***ed the remnants of piss from his bladder. The next thing I expected to hear was the seat clank as he closed it, but it never clanked! That was normal though because I had an older b*****r and a Dad, and neither one of them ever closed the seat either. It was always a shock when stumbling into the bathroom in the darkness of night, sitting down on the toilet and dipping your butt into the water because SOMEONE forgot to put the lid down!

So I should have heard the water at the sink as he washed his hands. Nothing! Oh no, was he one of those guys that didn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom! Still nothing, had he gotten lost in the tiny bathroom and couldn’t find his way out? Then I heard what I thought was a moan. With the second moan I assumed he had decided to turn around and take a number two which was being stubborn about coming out. But then a louder GROAN, followed by an Umm, Umm, and Umm escaped from the keyhole. He wasn’t constipated. Those weren’t groans from straining. Those were the same sounds that the writers had described in the sex stories I had read. I was shocked, surprised and thrilled. I was shocked that Randy was masturbating with everyone so close by, surprised that I had recognized the moans for what they were, and thrilled that he was rubbing himself to an orgasm because of me! I just assumed it was all about me because of the way he had been drooling over my legs ever since he laid eyes on me!

Knowing I had given lots of boys a stiff dick was one thing, but knowing, and HEARING that I had not only given an older guy a hard-on, but had caused him to want to masturbate, had sparked a twinge in my thighs and made me leak a little of my sex juice into my panties. All of this had made me pull my legs together and squeeze because all I could think about at the time, was touching myself! It was then that everyone decided to go into the kitchen and make lunch. Not wanting to lose my front seat to the action, I stood and carried my chair into the living room, letting everyone pass by me. Expecting Randy to exit the bathroom now that he was finished, I stood in the living room and waited. But, he didn’t come out.

Waiting another sixty seconds, I moved to the bathroom door and leaned on the section of wall between it and the kitchen door which allowed me to appear that I was part of what was going on in the kitchen and at the same time listen for sounds from the bathroom. That’s when I heard the moans again. Was he still having the same orgasm? I had never read of one lasting that long. Or could he be…masturbating a second time? With that thought I felt another discharge of my wetness seep from my tight little pink pussy. Trying to be inconspicuous, I reached down and pushed the leg of my shorts against my inner thigh so I could soak up the drop that had escaped my panties and was running down the inside of my leg.

The lock on the door opened and Randy stepped out. Blocking the doorway to the kitchen, he had to stop behind me. That’s when I turned and looked over my shoulder and made some teasing remark about moaning and being constipated. He just laughed it off but we BOTH knew what had really just happened. He made some comment about us getting along well and when I turned to respond I noticed he had big drop of something on his shirt, and I knew exactly what it was. It looked just like the stuff that I had seen in those pictures when guys would masturbate and let their semen land on their lady’s chest. Knowing this was going to be fun to watch, I pointed it out to Randy. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw it. The explanation that followed was priceless. LOTION! That, it definitely was not! You see, when I finished my shower, I couldn’t find any lotion in the bathroom. My plans were to go grab it off the end of the dresser in the room I was staying in until I saw that the relatives had arrived while I was taking a shower.

Randy’s explanation played right into my hands, giving me not only the chance to blow his mind, but setting up a perfect opportunity for me to experience the feel of a guy’s semen on my finger. Quickly reaching over my shoulder, before Randy could react, I wiped the big glob of his cum from his shirt and onto my finger. He panicked as I was standing there, studying the gooey substance and rubbing it between my fingers. Randy made some effort to grab a napkin or something for me to wipe it on but I wanted more. So, before he could hardly shift his weight, I rubbed it into the palm of my other hand and then rubbed my palms together. Throwing a quick glance at Randy let me know that he was almost overcome in horror. Putting my hands to my face, I rubbed his slippery, pearlescent semen ALL OVER MY CHEEKS, making sure I also rubbed a little around my lips and on my chin! I really wanted to lick my hands so I could experience the taste, but that didn’t make much since, licking lotion, so I just finished up by rubbing my hands together until it was all absorbed.

To keep his heart rate up, I told him I needed some more of that lotion for my legs and asked him where it was in the bathroom. Knowing perfectly well there wasn’t any in there, I also wanted to make him sweat. Before he could even begin to think how to answer me, I turned around, moved past him and stepped toward the bathroom. Banging around in there, I shuffled a few bottles of this and that. Then, sticking my head out of the door, I saw his attention was straight forward into the kitchen. He was quiet and appeared to be listening to the conversation over the lunch preparations, but I figured he was in a daze trying to plan his escape from his lie. Side stepping out of the bathroom door, I moved swiftly and quietly to the door of the bedroom I was staying in. Reaching in I quickly grabbed my bottle of lotion from the end of the dresser and headed back into the kitchen to see just how far I could tease Randy!

The creak of the car door opening shook me out of my day dream. It’s amazing how fast our minds can replay the history of past events. Randy was standing there, just a silhouette with a hand reaching out, as the sun shown directly into my eyes. I offered him my hand. It was the first time anybody had ever done that for me. He was SOOO sweet! His eyes were transfixed on my legs again, just like they had been while I was squirming in that chair across from him, and especially when I was rubbing lotion on them. When I had switched positions at that kitchen chair, opened my legs, and pulled my shorts up my thigh, his eyes had almost popped from his head. That’s what had given me my next idea to tease him.

Finishing up with one last long stroke that reached all the way from my bare toes, I had rubbed that last bit of lotion all the way up my shin, slowed to do a couple of circles around my knee, and continued up my inner thigh until my fingers pushed, just ever so slightly, under the bottom edge of my pulled up shorts. My little pussy was on fire at that point and I really wanted to just slide my fingers right up and penetrate myself, but I had to just dream about it and I stopped short when the tip of my fingers touched my panties. I could swear I had seen Randy’s bulge throbbing inside of his pants.

Without a word I had run past him and into the bedroom. In a flash I ripped of my tee shirt, unsnapped my little trainer bra and threw it on a pile of my clothes. Then, I pinched and pulled on both my nipples, bringing them to full attention. The tee shirt went back over my head and I grabbed some perfume and gave a little squirt on my neck. After walking back to the kitchen, I had practically crawled up Randy’s front side as I offered my neck to him. Then he had said the sweetest thing when he told me I smelled like a pretty flower. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed if I ever had been wearing a bra or not, but I was hoping he had snuck a peak down my shirt while he was looking over my shoulder and smelling my neck. Well, just in case he hadn’t, I already had a plan to let him “accidently” see my hard little nipples. That’s when I pulled him to the front porch, just like he was pulling me now as I crawled from the car.

Trying to be as sexy as a fou****n-year-old could be, I spread my legs and lowered one foot to the pavement. Leaning forward I had a two-fold motive. The first was so I wouldn’t bang my head on the car, the second was in hopes that as I leaned over, my blouse would fall open, giving Randy the most unrestricted view yet of my AA titties which had nipples as hard as little pebbles from rubbing back and forth on the inside of my blouse. It worked out BETTER than my plan! The twist of my torso, upon exit from the car, caused my blouse to shift and my left boob was totally exposed. As I rose to a full standing posture, my blouse did a little “static cling” thing and didn’t shift back. When I lifted my head, I was expecting Randy to be standing there with his tongue hanging out trying to lap at my puffed out titty. Instead, he was watching something in the parking lot. He promptly turned sideways to me, offered me his arm and said, “Take my arm; I don’t want you to fall. The parking lot is pretty uneven.”

Randy was being such a gentleman and treating me like his lady. I had never been treated this way before. He was sexy, and he was making ME feel sexy! As we started to walk, I decided to leave my blouse stuck to my side and let a few other guys finally see what they probably had only fantasized about while masturbating. I knew at some point Randy would look down, notice my tit was exposed, and let me know my blouse had accidently come unbuttoned. Heads were turning, and one guy even walked into a light pole, but Randy never said a word. Finally, as we approached the front door, followed by the ticket booth, I wiggled my shoulders a bit and my blouse straightened itself up. Even though I had wanted Randy to get an eyeful, I didn’t want to be TOTALLY reckless and have some mall cop checking my ID and accusing me of being a trashy little hooker. So, once we got our tickets and passed by the lady with the “clicky” counter thingy, I decided there was only one way to make sure Randy got a good view.

Stopping suddenly in mid step, I looked down and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness…my button came undone!” Sure enough, Randy finally looked right at my chest. Making sure to fumble with the button and pull my blouse open in the process, I’m sure Randy finally caught an excellent view of my perky little handful of a titty. Randy, very gentlemanly, stepped in front of me to block the gaze of any of the hundred guys that heard me almost shout that statement. He said, “Well…I guess that explains all the looks. I was beginning to feel like I forgot to zip up my pants or something!” Wanting to appear I was genuinely shaken by what had just happened; I put on my best embarrassed face and made my eyes tear up. (In case you guys don’t know this, we girls have the ability to turn that on and off at our beckon call!)

Randy noticed how uncomfortable I had become and put his hands on my shoulders and said, “Aww Sweetie, it’s OK. That kind of stuff happens to everybody.” He had just walked right into my plan, right up to putting his hands on my shoulders! But, when he touched me, my plan fell all apart and things went much further than I ever expected.

- Stay tuned for “Seduction of My First Cousin – part 4”
- Thanks for reading. Your votes and comments are appreciated!
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At My Wifes Mercy Part 3

Final part of the story.

When I awoke, I found myself lying face down, back on the table on which my wife rode me to begin the evening. Lying on my stomach, I discovered a hole in the table similar to one on tables at health resorts or spas. My face rested just inside of this hole, and underneath the table, set on the ground, was a mirror that showed the image of another hole in the table, this one quite unlike those at health resorts or spas, as dangling through this hole were my testicles and flaccid penis.

I felt her hand on my ass, gently rubbing it. "I know how much you like watch, Blake," my wife said. "And I'm not talking about that porn I caught you watching. I'm talking about us, when I give you handjobs or blowjobs. You always like to watch when I make you cum." She lightly spanked me. "You like to watch your hot cum shoot out of your dick, landing on my tits, my palm, my legs. Always, you like to watch. So, I'm going to let you watch all of this."

"Rachel," I said, testing the strength of my current bonds. Sure enough, I couldn't get out of them. I could move, yes, but I couldn't escape this new position. My head had a strap at the top and at my neck, forcing me to keep my face in the hole. Other straps around my shoulders, the middle of my back, right above my butt, right below my butt and at my ankles kept me at bay. Each wrist also had its own individual strap.

"Yes?" she asked, lightly spanking me again.

"What is this?" I tried moving again—pointless as it was.

"This is the ultimate climax, Blake. It's just you and me: husband and wife. I didn't want anyone else around for this. This is going to be rather intimate, I think." Tracing my ass-crack with her fingernail, she moaned. "This is going to be just what you wanted, honey."

For some reason, that worried me. "Listen," I said, "we don't have to do anymore. I mean, what you gave me so far was great, but—."

She cut me off abruptly with a hard smack of this ass—not with her hand, and not with the riding crop she had with her earlier. This was something heavier and stronger, and it stung.

Before I could ask what it was, she smacked my ass again.

"Blake," she said. "I decided to not gag you during this because I want to hear you moan and beg for me to stop. I did not want to hear you try to talk your way out of this, not after what I've given you. I've given you the ultimate married man's fantasy, and I'm not about to let you fucking go without giving you a great finish. Or," she added as an afterthought, "uns**thed."

That worried me more. "Rachel," I said, and then another hard smack, followed by two more quickly, one following the other in rapid succession. I cried out.

"The wonderful thing about this paddle," she said, "is that I don't have to alternate between your cheeks. One swing, two cheeks. It's great. It's wide and long enough to get both of them. Takes less time, too."


Smack smack smack.

"Oh, God," I cried, but she smacked me three more times. I'm not sure, but I may have actually started crying, and there was nothing I could do. I could either try to talk my way out of whatever twisted finale she had planned with the threat of further beating, or I could hold my tongue and let her go through with it.

"Your ass is red," she said, and hit it again. "It looks like a cherry." Two more smacks. "If you're ready to continue, I'll stop beating your ass, Blake. It's so damn red. Is that—yep, there's even a little bl**d on my paddle. Have you had enough?"

"Yes!" I yelled, much louder than I intended.

"Good." I heard her hang the paddle somewhere on the wall, and then, looking into the mirror beneath me, saw my wife get under the table and kneel before my dangling cock—which, to my shame, was a little harder now than it was before Rachel started swatting my ass for the hell of it.

To my further shame, Rachel noticed. As she grabbed my cock and pulled on it, she said, "I see you liked getting your little ass beaten. Maybe I'll keep that paddle around after tonight, huh?" She smiled at me through the mirror.

I'll admit, even after all of what had happened tonight, the sight of my wife took my breath away and made me grow harder.

She knelt before my dick in a black corset that hugged her small breasts, giving her more cleavage than ever before. The back of the lingerie ended just above her ass, which she left bare, not bothering with a thong anymore tonight. Still wearing her thigh-high black boots and dangerously pointy heels, she looked like a sex goddess, one that even Venus would praise.

Wrapping her right hand around my testicles, she smiled at then deep-throated me, which was a first. It felt incredible. She gagged and pulled her mouth away from my stick, but still held on to my throbbing balls. "How'd that feel?"


She laughed, and then sat down under the table, facing the mirror, spreading her legs so I could see her fantastic pussy. Giggling, with her left index finger, she started rubbing the head of my dick. She went faster, and I moaned, and she said, "You better be enjoying this." Then she dug her nail into the slit on the head of my cock, and I flinched, recoiling at the sudden, painful action. She laughed some more—probably at my futile attempt at escape—but she didn't pull away her nail. Instead, she twisted her nail around in the slit.

"Oh, Jesus, please stop!"

"You mean you don't like this?"

"God—no! Stop, Rachel!"

She laughed and laughed, continuing to smile in the mirror, seemingly oblivious to the torture she inflicted on to my penis. "Not yet," she said, and squeezed my balls tighter while digging harder into my dick's head.

I begged her to stop, but she didn't listen. I cried out for God, but no answer there, either—just the perverse laughter from my seductive wife.

Suddenly, she pulled out her nail and traced her finger over my swollen testicles. "Oooh," she cooed. "These look nice and veiny, Blake." I felt her tongue tentatively lick one of them, and then she started licking both of them faster. She'd lay her tongue flat against one testicle and then drag it across both of them, and then repeat.

After several licks, she said to me, "Are you ready for your abuse to continue?"

Before I could answer, she let go of my balls, deciding instead to grab my dick with her right hand. She took a hold of my girth and squeezed. And then put the open palm of her left hand underneath my penis and said, "When you come—and you will be coming—I'm going to catch it and then eat it. I'm going to milk you like an a****l, Blake, and you won't be able to do anything about it."

She stroked my shaft slowly, and I moaned. It felt good. My wife always felt good.

In the mirror, she smiled at me. "When you come, it's going to get a lot worse."

Startled, I asked, "What?"

Continuing stroking my cock in long motions, catching the pre-cum in her palm, she said, "This is punishment, honey. I'm giving you exactly what you wanted."

"No," I said, shaking my head, or at least trying to.

Frowning, she nodded and said matter-of-factly, "Yes. This is punishment for me catching you watching that filth. This is exactly what happens to the men in those videos you were watching. They wanted to be abused by the woman. And that's exactly what's going to happen to you."

Oh, fuck. "Please, don't do that, Rachel."

"Don't worry. I'm not going to fuck your ass or anything like that. That's too much for me. But making you come, and then abusing your cock long after you've released your load...that sounds like a lot of fun, and I want to try it."

She switched techniques. Still gripping my shaft, she took her left index finger and started circling the head of penis, like she had done earlier, right before she dig her nail into me. "Your head is so swollen, baby. The tip looks like a big old mushroom. Your head looks like a different color than your ass. This is more purple than red. Does this feel good?"

It did and I told her so.

"Good, good." She continued circling the head slowly with her finger. It felt incredible. She has done this to me before, but never long enough to make me come. I wondered if this time would be different. I wondered if I even could come this way. We had never tried. My wife gets impatient in bed, especially when she's working on me, and after a while of toying with me, she wants to see me come, so she abandons what's making me squirm in favor of what makes me explode.

"I'm going to suck your cock," she said, and then wrapped her lips around me. In the mirror, she looked incredible, kneeling in such an outfit and sucking on the dangling cock from above her. She didn't deep-throat me this time, but she swirled her tongue around the head, licking all the pre-cum, darting the tip of her tongue into the tip of my penis, and then moving it around the head once more. During this, she massaged my balls with her right hand, gently taking the right testicle into her hand, squeezing it lightly, and then doing the same with the left testicle.

The feel of her mouth around my dick, and watching her blow me, drove me to the edge. Before I could think, I spoke. "I'm close, baby."

Immediately, she released my cock. "Not yet," she said, wiping her mouth. "Not just yet."

Then she flicked my balls with her finger.

"Ouch," I said, it being mildly painful.

She flicked again—harder this time.

"Rachel, that hurts."

Ignoring me, she flicked my testicles three times. I felt my stomach drop. It didn't feel good, but she said, "Wow, babe, I didn't think it was possible, but your dick is actually getting harder."


"Please, Rachel."

Turning to face the mirror, she smiled, and for the first time in my life, my wife scared me. "See, the thing is, Blake, you have nowhere to run. You can't get out. You're stuck. And I'm going to torture the hell out of you."

She grabbed my dick and more pre-cum oozed out. "If that truly frightened you, then you wouldn't be so fucking hard right now."

I tried shaking my head. "I can't control that."

Frowning, but never taking her eyes off the mirror, she shook her head. "Well, that's too bad for you."

She held my gaze as she started pumping me again with her right hand and rubbing her open left palm against the head. It stung a little, and I felt a burning sensation in my loins, similar to when I'm about to come, but not quite the same.

Picking up speed, she said, "When I tell you to come, you better fucking come."

She went faster, her right hand squeezing the shaft hard but pumping up-and-down quickly, while her left hand went in a fast circle, the palm never leaving the surface of my penis' throbbing head.

"Oh, God," I said.

"Not yet." Faster she went.

"Please, Rachel."

"Trust me, you don't want what comes next."

Like I had a choice. "You're going to make me come!"

"Now," she said, and went even faster and harder. "Come for me now. Shoot your cum on me. Shoot your sticky cum on my legs! Do it! Now!"

I loved when she told me to come. I always asked her to do that in the past, and whenever she commanded me to do so, I couldn't resist her naughty instruction. And even though I had come twice already tonight—was it still the same night? I had lost track of time—once inside of her younger cousin and once onto my wife's amazing little ass, I closed my eyes and with a grunt, I came again.

"That's it," Rachel said, having moved her left hand to my balls to coax as much cum out of me as possible, slowing down the pace. "That's it. That's my big guy. That's my Blake."

I opened my eyes, and she was smiling into the mirror. "I love you," I said, and she only laughed.

My cum had shot out of me straight down onto her shiny leather boots, but she paid it no mind. Instead, she asked me, "Is that it?"

Rubbing my balls harder, my shaft tighter, she spat at me again: "Is that it?"

"No," I whimpered.

"No, that's not it? You have more? I want more!" She continued her hard rubbing, and then she released my balls and started twisting my sensitive head. She yelled, "Where is it?"

"No," I said again, this time a mere cry. "No, please stop."

But she ignored me and rubbed the head harder, and I cried out in pain. "God, please stop, Rachel!"

Pumping and twisting so hard that she panted, she said, almost short of breath, "No. I'm sorry, Blake, but this is what you wanted. I'm not stopping. I'm not going to stop."

"No." It came out as a whisper.

"I'm sorry, honey."


She mocked me, then. "Oooh, does that hurt, big guy? Does that hurt, Blake? Does it hurt when I abuse your fucking little sensitive head?"

"Please," I said, blinking away tears, embarrassed and ashamed. "Please, Rachel."

She moaned. "This is making me so wet, Blake, hearing you beg me to stop, hearing you beg me for mercy on your cock. God, I'm so wet, honey, so fucking wet. Having complete control over you is making me horny."


"You can take it, honey." She rubbed my head faster and harder, never letting up on the speed or strength. Tears flowed out of my eyes and I could barely see in the mirror anymore. "You can take it, Blake. Your big, strong cock can take it, can't it? It better, poor baby. It better be able to take it."

Continuing her pumping, she stopped rubbing my head only to re-insert her fingernail into the slit. I jerked against the restraints, trying to get away, trying to get free of these damn bonds and from my crazy wife.

But I couldn't.

"Nowhere to go," she mocked. "Can't get away, poor baby. Can't get away from your wife abusing your cock. Oh, no, nowhere to go."

"Plea...please, Rachel...stop." Wheezing now, I sounded pathetic, even to me.

Swallowing my cock, she bit down on the head—not hard, but considering the tenderness of the head, she didn't have to bite hard. I yelled, and she nibbled on it some more as she used her now free hands to squeeze my testicles. I felt like passing out.

Spitting me out, taking ahold of my shaft again, she pouted, "I want more cum. Do I have to finger you for it?"

"I don't think I..." I trailed off and she twisted my penis.

"I. Want. More. Cum!" She dug her fingernail back in.


"Where is it?"

"Rachel, please."

"Where's my fucking cum?"

The pain was growing, becoming too much for me to handle. My stomach felt weak, my head felt like it was swimming in the clouds, and my cock and balls felt like they were on fire. I could hardly see anymore, and I thought I was going to pass out again when I felt her finger drive into my asshole.

Vision suddenly clear, I looked into the mirror and only saw the bottom of her legs, her sexy boots with my previous load sliding down the leather toward the floor. Then I saw her left hand come into view and grab my cock, beginning to jerk me off as her right hand violated me.

"Where's your fucking prostate?" she barked.

Grunting, my head went back as far as it could.

"You like when I finger-fuck you, Blake? I figured you would. I'm going to make you come again, Blake, and it's going to hurt like hell."

Her left thumb flicked my penis' head and I yelped. "God, stop this, Rachel. Please."

"I'm afraid I can't," she said, feigning sympathy. "I'm sorry, sweetie, but this is exactly what you wanted, and this is exactly what you're going to get. You wanted to be dominated, and I'm dominating you. You wanted to have sex with women other than your wife and to eat other pussies, and that's exactly what you got. But most of all, you wanted this post-orgasm torture shit, and this is what you're getting, whether you can take it or not. You wanted me to abuse your cock, and that's exactly what you're getting. And even though you're afraid of getting fucked in the ass, you wanted to get rimmed, to get fingered, and that's exactly what you're getting. Now come for me again before I get really mad!"

She found my prostate and fingered it roughly, much rougher than Jackie had earlier, and as she pumped my poor, sensitive and raw penis, I cried out as I spurted come like a geyser, my white jizz landing on her boots, giving them a new shine.

She continued to finger my ass. "That's it, Blake. That's it. Come for your wife. Come for me, baby. Come. Come. Come."

I came, came, came, and she was right: it hurt like fucking hell. But I came nonetheless, my body betraying me, my body loving the torment inflicted upon me by my wife. Yet again, tears rolled down my cheeks and onto the ground as I continued coming thanks to Rachel still fingering my prostate.

Feeling dirty, I shut my eyes.

Soon, she released my spent cock and extracted her finger from my ass. Silently, she got on the ground before me, and stroked my cheek very gently. I opened my eyes.

From below me, my wife smiled. And then she kissed me. She said, "I love you, Blake."

Afraid to speak, I said nothing. She stood and began undoing my restraints, and shortly, I was free. I stood, naked, and faced her, dressed to abuse as a dominatrix, and she smiled.

She kissed me again and said, "Happy Birthday, honey."

One I'll never forget.

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All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

After Amy had wiped my cum on her face, she said, “Where’s that lotion? I need to put some on my legs; this climate is making them really dry.” Then she turned around and walked around me, into the bathroom, to look for the lotion. My heart rate shot up again as I began thinking about what my response would be to her when she showed up back here to tell me there was no lotion and she started to question what that stuff really was. But before I could even construct a thought in my head, she was back, holding a small bottle of body lotion in her hand. Relief flooded through my body but my cock was still twitching thinking about her rubbing my cum so close to her mouth.

Amy went into the kitchen, pulled a chair out from the table and put her right foot up into the chair. She then squirted that white lotion all over the front of her upper thigh, down over her knee and onto the front of her shin. The sounds of the lotion sputtering out of the bottle, along with the lotion splattering onto her leg, made me want to jerk a load off on her legs so bad that I thought my cock was going to scream.

With both hands, she started to rub and massage the lotion into her skin. She was rubbing with long slow strokes. After she finished with her lower leg, it was time to do her upper leg. Bringing her hands up, she grabbed the bottom of her running shorts and pulled the leg of the shorts all the way up to the crease between her thigh and her pelvis. OH-MY-GOD! Her legs were already driving me crazy when I could only see half way up her thigh, but now, her leg was revealed practically all the way up to her pussy. My cock was losing the battle. It was banging against the zipper and wanting to come out and play.

While I was imagining, that by some great miracle, there would come a day when I would be able to rub lotion on her legs for her, she lowered her foot to the floor. Still wanting to be able to see me, so we could continue talking to each other, she moved to the other side of the chair and put her left foot up. When she leaned over and starting applying the lotion to her leg she was in a position that allowed me to look right down into her shirt. Her little breasts, not being large enough to fill out her training bra, allowed enough space for her bra to pull away from her chest, exposing her little AA titties to anyone that might be looking down her shirt. I was lucky enough to be that person!

Her little tits, while small, were still big enough to produce a good shape and probably would have felt great in the palms of my hands. Her areolas however, were well pronounced and slightly puffy with perky little nipples that were hard from rubbing back and forth in her training bra. It almost seemed like she was staying in this position longer than necessary and it made me wonder if maybe she was playing me a bit. Whatever was happening, whether she was purposely trying to tease me, or whether she was oblivious to sexual innuendos, it had me turned on and turned up. My cock was completely stiff and pointing straight up at my belly button making for a very noticeable bulge in the front of my pants.

As we were talking, Amy looked up at me a couple of times while she was bent over rubbing the lotion on her legs. I don’t see how she couldn’t have noticed my eyes, straining to see down her shirt. I’m also pretty sure I noticed her eyes stray down to my bulge at least once. If she would have kept her eyes on my swollen spot a little longer, she might have noticed it was also pulsating.

As soon as she was finished with the lotion, she took off down the hall and went into the bedroom where her stuff was. She was only gone for less than a minute when she came walking back down the hall. She walked right over to where I was standing, moved in front of me and backed up against my body. Her ass was pressing right into the bulge in my pants. There’s no way she didn’t notice it. Lifting her hair off her shoulder, she rose up on her tip toes, turned her head slightly, and put her neck right under my nose and said, “Do you like how this smells?” I took in a deep breath and drew in as much of her fragrance as I could. She smelled divine and I said, “You smell like the pretty flower that you are!” When she heard those words fall from my lips to her ear, she let out a shy little giggle and said, “Why thank you!”

It kind of shocked me that I had phrased it that way, but that’s what happens when my heat gets turned up, I get bold. I wasn’t sure if anyone else heard me say that to her or not, and I really didn’t care at this point. She was a beautiful specimen, who I was now convinced was doing her best to entice me. Her actions made me wonder if she was more experienced than her demeanour implied, or was she just an innocent girl who was developing a crush and the fact that I was responsive to her was giving her courage to test her wiles. Whatever she was doing, she was doing it right. By now my cock was aching to be stroked again but it was a little soon to make another trip to the bathroom. That might look suspicious! The gears in my brain were cranking trying to figure out how I was going to be able to slip away and relieve myself. It was about that time that she reached out and grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go out on the front porch, it’s hot in here.” Boy, she nailed that right on the head. It WAS hot in here, and it was doubly hot in my boxers!

She basically just pulled me along behind her, out the front door and over to the swing at the end of the porch. The swing was plenty wide for two adults but she crunched herself right up against me when we sat down. We started the swing moving back and forth and she started asking me questions about what I did for a living, where I lived and whether or not I had a girlfriend, which I didn’t at the time. I answered her questions and returned the favour. I wanted to ask her things like, “Can I drag my cock back and forth on your sexy thighs?” and “Can we watch each other masturbate.” Or maybe something like, “Are your nipples connected to your clit?” But when I opened my mouth, out came, “So, tell me about your school.”

Sitting this close to her, with a different point of view of her magnificent legs, and smelling her natural scent mixed with the perfume that she obviously put on especially for me, my cock just wouldn’t relax. In fact, I had leaked out so much precum that my boxers felt like I had peed in them. She had pulled her leg up and put her bare foot on the swing seat which placed her knee, the one closest to me, so close to my mouth that I’m sure she could feel my warm breath as I panted like a wolf. This also made the leg of her shorts ride up and fall in that sexy little crease she had at the top of her long leg. There was also something else different about her since she came back from putting on perfume. I had noticed it as soon as we sat down on the swing. With me being quite a bit taller than her, I was able to look down her shirt. Somewhere in the shuffle to put on the perfume, she had lost her little bra! It was driving my cock crazy wondering if maybe she also lost her panties at the same time!

My dripping cock was beginning to take control of my body and I reached up with my right hand and patted her left knee a couple of times before letting my hand come to rest and blurting out, “Your legs are very athletic. What kind of sports are you into?” That’s when the screen door opened and Grandma stuck her head out and said, “Come on k**s, lunch is ready!” In unison, we both said, “OK Grandma.” Amy lowered her left foot slowly back to the porch which allowed my hand to slide up the front of her thigh until the heel of my hand was almost pressing her kitty. “Swimming mostly,” Amy said, answering my question. Then she giggled and stood up, allowing my hand to drag over the side of her thigh as it fell to the swing. Turning around, she reached out with both hands, taking mine, and pulled me up from the swing.

Lunch pretty much went off without a hitch. Good home cooked southern food with lots of laughing as all the older folks recalled c***dhood memories and told stories on each other. The rest of the f****y wouldn’t start arriving until tomorrow afternoon so it was just Grandma, Grandpa, me and Amy, and our folks. Of course Amy had made sure she sat next to me and I had made sure I sat next to her. I think it was becoming pretty apparent to our parents that we were becoming extremely bonded to each other! I actually had the best seat at the table because it allowed me to continue looking at Amy’s legs while peeking down at her tender little handfuls. Thank goodness for big cloth napkins because I had pitched a pup tent!

After we finished lunch, and the stories had all been told, the folks decided they would drive over to the recreation center and take a look at the meeting hall we would be having the reception in. That didn’t sound very exciting to me, or Amy, so we asked if there was anything going on in town today. Grandma suggested a movie or the zoo. I wasn’t too keen on matinees because they were usually full of retired folks. Besides, it would be dark and I wouldn’t get to look at Amy’s legs if she wore shorts.

The zoo was a decent alternative because it would be outside and I would be able to look at those killer legs all afternoon. That’s when Grandpa spoke up and said that half the zoo was closed to visitors because they were in the middle of remodelling it. He suggested the car show. The custom hot rod show was at the convention center. That would work. It was the same as the zoo for me; plenty of light and plenty of Amy. Amy said she was good with it because she liked cool old cars. So that was the plan.

The older folks started loading in the car and were off on their adventure. Amy said, “I’ll be ready in a couple minutes Cuz. I want to change out of these old baggy shorts and put on a clean shirt. I dribbled mustard on this one.” I quickly shot back, “They’re fine. It’s just a bunch of old cars, they won’t care.” You see, I didn’t want to lose my view and I was looking forward to gazing at those little titties all afternoon. “It’ll only take a second,” she said, and she ran off to the bedroom. I said, “OK, I’ll be outside!”

Pretty soon a couple of minutes had turned into twenty and I was just about ready to reach in the window of the car and honk the horn when I saw the screen door opening. Amy stepped out on the porch and I went instantly hard and just about blew a load without even touching my tool. She was the hottest thing I had ever seen. She was still wearing shorts, thank goodness, but they were only about half as big as the green pair that had been turning me on all morning. She had on a pair of denim short shorts that were fraying around the leg holes. They were so short that she was probably getting her clit rubbed just from walking!

Her tanned, bare legs looked super sexy because they were lifted on a pair of red strappy 4-inch high heels. She had replaced her tee shirt with a white crinkly V-neck blouse with buttons all the way down the front. It was tied up at the bottom with a pull string, slightly above her belly button, and the top two buttons were open. Her hair was falling half over, and half behind one shoulder, and she had put some waves in it to give it more body. From the best I could tell from this angle, she still hadn’t found her bra. She had put eye makeup on, curled her eyelashes and was wearing lipstick that matched her red high heels.

Now don’t get me wrong, she was plenty cute without makeup, but this outfit, in conjunction with her makeup and hair had pushed her into a whole other bracket! She was gorgeous and so hot I was afraid she would melt the tires on the car when she got in! The muscles in her calves and thighs were taut from being raised up by the heels. There was absolutely no question about it now; she was purposely teasing my dick! Watching her walk to the car was an event in itself. I think I could have sold more tickets to that than was sold at the car show.

I hadn’t planned on it, because I thought we were just being super casual for the afternoon, but I walked back towards the house and met her about half way down the sidewalk, offered my arm to her and esc*rted her to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for her. Before she got in, she looked at me and said in a shy quiet tone, “Do I look OK?” “You look SMOKIN’!” I told her. She giggled her sweet little flirty giggle and got in the car. I shut her door and practically killed myself when I ran into the fender while trying to get around the car as fast as possible. As I crawled into the car, I noticed she was sitting kind of stiff with one hand on each thigh, almost as if she was trying to cover herself. When I put my hand on the shifter, to get ready to back out of the driveway, she asked again, “Really, is this outfit alright?”

Letting my hand fall from the shifter, I put it over her left hand. Wrapping my fingers tenderly around her hand I felt the warmth of her body as my fingertips pressed into the soft skin of her upper thigh. Without even thinking, I said, “Amy, if you looked any hotter I’d have an orgasm without even being touched!” Instantaneously I asked myself, “Oh, God no! Did I actually just say that out loud?” Before I could start to apologize for saying something that was so inappropriate, my mind came back to reality. Amy’s expression was telling me she was still waiting on a response. Thank goodness, I DIDN’T really say that, but it was true!

Clearing my throat, I calmly said, “Amy, trust me, you look absolutely perfect!” Upon hearing that, I could feel the tenseness in her body relax and she took on a shy, embarrassed demeanour which made her look ten times more desirable! Releasing her hand, I gave it a couple of pats and put mine back onto the shifter. As I looked over my right shoulder in order to make sure it was clear behind us, I very casually said, “I like what you’ve done with your hair.” She smiled and graciously said, Thank you. I’m glad you like it.”

As the car cleared the gutter and began to slow its backward momentum, I said, “By the way, I love the cute shoes. Red’s my favorite color!” She responded with her little giggle, and with that, I said, “Now, buckle-up!” As she reached down to fasten her seatbelt, she had to bend slightly forward in my direction to reach the buckle. That’s when it was confirmed that her bra had DEFINITELY gone missing.

Sneaking a glance down inside her blouse, I could hear her little titties calling my name and the nipples on those slightly puffy areoles were perked and pointing the way to my next fantasy. I have to say, if that car hadn’t of had a center console, I would have pulled to the curb, crawled on top of her and fucked her right there in front of grandma’s house! But, she was only fou****n, and that couldn’t happen! It was imperative that I continue to be controlled by my brain than by what was in my pants. However, it was getting harder and harder each time he raised his swollen head.

The drive to the convention center was filled with casual conversation about mundane subjects. However, it wasn’t boring by any means. I had slid my seat back a few notches to allow more leg room. Well, the truth is, I slid it back because it made it possible for me to sneak glances into Amy’s blouse without being so obvious. Catching a few peeks of her little peaks every few blocks, kept my internal fire burning. By the time we reached the parking lot, all I could think about was getting to the men’s room!

- Stay tuned for "Seduction of My First Cousin – part 3”
- Thanks for reading. Your votes and comments are appreciated!
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Sharing my s****r part 2

This is a continuation of sharing my s****r part one; it does reflect true events as they happened.

After that initial Saturday , I was buzzing completely and really wanted to rush straight round to my best friend Phil's house and blurt out all that had happened and couldn't understand how she could immediately tell Tina but I wasn't able to tell anyone. But I kept hearing Sharon's words in my head about not telling anyone. I also knew that Phil couldn't be trusted and wouldn't keep it to himself.

I spent the best part of the next 2 weeks in turmoil, I knew what we had done was wrong and had to be kept a secret but I was also a very horny 13 year old who wanted a repeat performance more than anything else. M y masturbation habits went into overdrive as I would constantly relive all the events in my head, I would compliment Sharon at any opportunity, on her hair, clothes, make up, looks, wolf whistle her etc, hoping she would give in and relent to another session, but I always got the same response, thanks for the kind words but nothing else is going to happen.

All that changed on her 16th birthday, it was the day before Good Friday. It had started just like any other as a school day but as we were breaking up for Easter it was only a half day at school. Sharon had got permission off my parents to bunk off school with Tina to go shopping as it was her birthday. Sharon was still in bed when I left for school with Helen my other s****r, so left her card and present (HMV voucher) on the kitchen table. Came home from school at lunch time, immediately got changed out of my uniform into T shirt and shorts as I was off to play football with my friends. Both Phil and I lived in the same street, but at opposite ends

After playing the football for around 2 hours the game disbanded as a couple of the lads had newspaper delivery rounds to do. So we all trotted off home. When I got home Sharon and Tina were both sitting on the sofa in the living room giggling about something or other, I had no idea where Helen was. I sat down on a chair opposite them and wished her happy birthday then made small talk about how her day had been. After a few minutes Sharon got up to fetch some drinks from the kitchen, when Sharon was coming back, Tina said with a rather mischievous smile on her face aren't you going to give her a birthday kiss then , I replied OK then. Sharon said don?t I get a say in this. As Sharon neared me with 2 cans of coke in her hand, I stood up and took a couple of steps towards her and stood in front of her blocking her way. Leant in to her face and gave her a peck on the on the cheek, Tina groaned and said that?s no good give her a proper kiss like before, I turned my head to look at Tina and winked, then turned to look Sharon straight in the eye, and for a few brief moments there was one of those scenes you see in the movies or on TV but never think happen in real life as we gazed in to each other?s eyes and swear to this day that her eyes were just saying fuck me now. I broke the gaze by moving my right hand to the back of her head and pulled her face towards me we both tilted our faces as our lips locked then parted lips as our tongues inter mingled. By now my cock was rock hard and didn?t care who knew, moved my left hand on to her right buttock and pulled her body hard against me making sure she felt how hard my cock was, and began squeezing and rubbing her buttock, I could feel the outline of her panties through her dress. I then started to pull the skirt part of the black dress she was wearing up at which point she pulled apart and broke the kiss. She then said ?I have told you before nothing else is going to happen it was a one off now either lose your hard on or have a wank,? . This time somehow the way she said it I didn't believe her and knew we would have sex again. Tina told her to stop teasing me and just fuck me if she was going to. Tina then said the least Sharon could do was show me the underwear she had bought. Sharon said nothing would happen between me and her but would show me the underwear and began to rummage in the shopping bags at her feet. She pulled out a matching set of red satin bra and panties set on a hanger, quick as a flash I said very nice but for a proper opinion I would need to see them on her, to whom Tina agreed and said Sharon should go and model them for me. Sharon said she wouldn't as it would just be teasing me. This felt really strange but exciting to hear myself being talked about like this in my presence

Tina then changed tactic and began to fire a series of rapid fire questions about our session together, was I big, was I thick, did it feel good inside her, did it stretch her, did she taste me, did she taste my cum, did I make her cum. As the questions kept coming you could she Sharon getting annoyed and after the final question of if he really was good would you let him do it again , to which she replied that she would do me again . Sharon knew she had been tricked and was annoyed she then stood up, picking up the shopping bags, turned to Tina and said if you really want to find out do him yourself and walked out the room and upstairs.

I should point out that Tina was a few months older than Sharon and was wearing a tight white T shirt through which you could clearly see the pattern of her bra, a denim mini skirt ankle socks and tennis shoes. While she was asking the questions her thighs parted and you could see the white triangle of her panties. My hard on and remained throughout and made no attempt to hide it. I just looked at Tina smiled ,said come on then, stood up and walked over to me, dropped to her knees and placed her right hand on my thigh at the entrance to my shorts, before moving inside it and grabbing my cock through my y fronts., gave it a couple of tugs, before releasing it and saying let?s have a proper look and moving both hands to the waistband and tugging my shorts down, I raised my bum to help her, as she pulled both my shorts and y fronts down to my ankles. All the while still on her knees, Tina then bobbed her head and taking my cock in her right hand stuck her tongue out and began to lick up and down the whole length of mu cock, paying particular attention to the head of my cock and swirling her tongue around it before engulfing my cock in her mouth and wrapping her lips tightly round it bobbed her head up and down it. Before keeping her head still and holding my cock with her left hand and started to wank it into her mouth, all the time swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. She then proceeded to move her right hand underneath her skirt and between her legs, her skirt and also the position of her body was hiding what she was doing, but I could feel the movement of her shoulder on my thigh. After a few moments of this she moved her left hand to my balls and started fondling them before snaking her right hand between my legs and started tickling my arsehole with her middle finger, before easily slipping it inside, wiggling it a couple of times and slipped another one inside as well. She then started bobbing her head up and down my cock again. All these new sensations were driving my body insane and could feel the spunk start to swell, and soon exploded 2 big spurts into her mouth followed by a couple of short ones, which surprised me as I had already had 2 wanks that morning.

Tina managed to swallow most of it but a small trickle started to dribble out of the side of her mouth, down her chin and onto her T shirt. Tina looked me straight in the eye , licked her lips and said ?mm very nutritious ? before laughing, she then grabbed the neck of my T shirt, shuffled back a few feet on her knees and pulled me onto the floor on my knees with her. I put my hands on her waist as we locked lips, and as soon as my tongue entered her mouth I could taste the remnants of the creamy spunk still in her mouth. I surprised her she said later by carrying on snogging her and not immediately withdrawing, my right hand moved on to her left breast albeit on the outside of her T shirt, and began gently squeezing it, when I encountered no resistance I felt braver and moved my hand underneath both her T shirt and her bra, I remembered Sharon using her thumb to flick my nipple and the sensations it brought me so began to imitate what she had done, this made Tina change her breathing as it got faster. Tina finally let go of my T shirt and cupped my balls with her fingers and rubbed my cock in her palm, this started to breathe some life back into the old boy. So with tongue in her mouth and hand round her breast gently pushed her on to her back. Once lying down I eased myself off her body and onto my elbow as I grabbed the outside of her left thigh and eased it apart so I was lying in between her legs. It then dawned on Tina that I intended to fuck her; she raised her left hand on to my chest and suddenly said no, not here if we are going to do it then upstairs and on the bed.

I got up and offered my hand to her and pulled her up. With my shorts and y fronts still round my ankles I kicked them off before stooping down and picking them up, and proceeded to walk upstairs hand in hand , Tina also grabbed hold of my cock as well as we were walking. Tina stopped me halfway up the stairs before turning to face me and locking lips yet again, with my free hand I moved it in between Tina?s legs and moved it up, I felt her part her thighs a little to give me access and soon encountered her panty clad pussy, this was the first time I had come into contact with one so wanted to saviour the moment. I remember I could feel her pubic hair coarsely rubbing against my palm through her panties, and also the warmth and dampness. As I rubbed back and forth the leg of her pants slipped in between her lower lips giving me open access to her pussy, instinctively I hooked first one then 2 fingers inside her and tried to imitate the movements of my cock inside Sharon. Tina put both hands on my shoulders to steady herself as my fingers thrust vigorously in and out of her pussy making her legs weak as I again felt the ripple of her muscles but this time against my fingers. What surprised me the most was how much more loudly and vocal Tina had been over Sharon. as I withdrew my fingers for the final time Tina took hold of my hand and sucked my middle finger into her mouth, sucking her own juices off it, before offering my forefinger to my mouth and told me to suck it. If I close my eyes I can still taste her juices now. I just said to Tina bed now, she smiled and followed me upstairs, as she passed the closed door to Sharon?s room she opened it popped her head round and said I?ll tell you in a bit if he?s any good.

As I entered my room I dropped my shorts and y fronts on the floor and took my T shirt off , before jumping on the bed Tina followed me into my room and stood a few feet away from me , locking at my naked body on the bed, before unceremoniously stripping her clothes off, I let out a low wolf whistle as she stood naked at the side of the bed, and muttered gorgeous absolutely gorgeous, what struck me the most was how different her boobs were to Sharon?s, they were conical and pert with her nipples sticking out at different angles, while Sharon?s were round and full. Tina got onto the bed next to me and we laid down next to each other jostling for position before settling for Tina on her back and me on my side with my mouth wrapped around her left boob and my left hand snaking down to her pussy again I hadn't been sucking her nipple very long before she demanded me to fuck her. I shuffled between her legs as she reached down and guided my cock into her. I soon found a rhythm and began banging into her but kept losing it as I was distracted by the old squeaking of the bed springs and also the banging of the headboard against the wall. Also the fact that Tina was very vocal with instructions and also fucking me back was very distracting in trying to maintain my rhythm as she tried to match me thrust by thrust, so it became very stop start due to my inexperience. As it was very noisy we soon attracted the attention of Sharon who entered my bedroom wearing her birthday present, she told us to keep the noise down in case any one came home, but she didn?t leave the room as stood in the doorway watching us. Tina reached out and grabbed Sharon?s arm and pulled her on to the bed I managed to just squeeze out of the way as Sharon came crashing down on top of Tina. I Got off the bed very disappointed as I was enjoying what was occurring with Tina as Tina loosely held Sharon on top of her rubbing her back and undoing her bra as well before looking at me and gesturing at me with her head towards Sharon?s bum. She did this a couple of times before it clicked that she wanted me to fuck Sharon, so as Sharon and Tina lay on the bed in a cross position with Sharon's feet on the floor I shuffled behind Sharon and in a quick movement pulled her knickers down round her thighs and rammed my hard cock right inside her , comparing the tightness and how different it felt from Tina's pussy , quickly gaining a smooth rhythm of hard little jabs in and out. As Sharon started moaning Tina moved Sharon?s bra out of the way and started to knead her boobs. Sharon was really starting to moan and was saying things like fuck me, oh god fuck me, just do it fuck me now. Etc. This went on for what seemed like ages as I was nowhere near coming Sharon?s moans getting louder and more vociferous as I really started to bang into her, she then laid still gripping the sheets with her fists as her muscles inside her pussy rippled up and down my cock, slowly I started to feel my spunk rising which I was glad as I was starting to get a little sore despite all the lubrication pouring out of Sharon?s pussy and my cock twitched twice before spurting out 2 streams of spunk. My orgasm was very intense even though the amount of spunk produced was pitiful as it was my fourth orgasm that day. My cock starting to shrink I withdrew from Sharon?s pussy with a loud popping sound and stood back quite proud of myself that there was 2 females willing to ?play? with me, As I stood back saw Tina?s right hand suddenly appear at the opening of Sharon?s pussy lips, Tina used her fingers to part Sharon?s lips before inserting 3 fingers into Sharon?s pussy and proceed to finger fuck her, her became a blur of activity as it built another orgasm inside of Sharon. I was very interested in the technique Tina was using so I could learn from its was watching intently and making a lot of mental notes of where her fingers were placed the rhythm used etc. As Sharon?s orgasm subsided she turned her face to Tina and planted a big smacker on Tina?s lips. I was still standing up leaning against the wall just drinking in the sight of the 2 bodies before me.

They eventually sat up on the edge of the bed; it was Tina who spoke first, by saying thank you to both of us for an amazing experience. there followed quite a lengthy conversation mainly between Sharon and myself with Tina acting as mediator, where we both opened up quite a lot and it was decided that we could carry on doing things but it would be as and when Sharon agreed and that I couldn't do whatever I wanted. Naturally I agreed to whatever terms were being offered as I didn't want this to ever end. I left the room to use the bathroom, when I re-entered the room Tina was fully dressed and Sharon had put taken her clothes off completely as they were brand new and she didn't want to ruin them. Tina got up to leave but as she passed me she stopped turned face me and leaned in to kiss me instantly we were exchanging tongues, as the kiss broke she cupped my naked balls with her fingers again and said not bad for a novice but need some practice, then turning to Sharon she said don?t wear it out I have some unfinished business with it. This made me very happy as I realised that there may be the chance of another encounter with Tina. Sharon said she would try and educate me and teach things, and with that got up to let Tina out of the house

The next few days being Easter weekend were taken up with f****y stuff and no opportunity arose but my education as Sharon called it started in earnest the following week.

More to follow soon
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