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My bestfriends dad and me

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It was two days after my first night with my mom, our night of reconciliation was loving, beautiful, passionate and very erotica, it was a night that I surly will remember for the rest of my live. However, there was a new problem that I had to face; how to tell daddy.

Waking up next to mom was one of the happiest mornings of my life. I never thought that I missed having my mother in my life, but that night with mom proved how much I longed for a relationship with my mother. I knew I would have to face daddy, and pay the consequences of my action. However, for that moment being in bed with mom and being so close to her was the most liberating feeling I have ever had. After another round of love making, and a hot shower for two, mom and I shared breakfast, and talked about were to go from here

I shared my fears of how I thought daddy might react to her being back in our lives again. I told her that I would never want to hurt daddy in any way, but at the same time I was not willing to loss my mother again. Mom understood; she knew that I was at a cross road in my life. The thought that I may have to choose between my parents was something I never wanted to do again.

Walking back into my father’s house after spending the night with the woman he has hated for years was the hardest thing I had ever done. In my heart I knew that I had not betrayed my dad, but I also knew daddy would never see it that way. I knew that somehow he would blame my mother for whatever troubles that might come our way.

When I returned home the next morning dad had already left for work, watch was a relief for me, and it brought me a little time to try to come up with a way to have both my parents in my life. I decided to call Lilly; if there was anyone I trusted to help me out of this jam that I had gotten myself into, it would be my best friend Lilly.

I had just gotten out of the shower when Lilly showed up. Lilly and I have gone though a lot together, including the fact that I helped her become her father’s lover; she was also one of daddy’s favorite sex toys. From the very moment Lilly saw me, girl friend knew something was up.

“Girl what did you do last night?” she asked in that all knowing voice of hers.

“What do you mean, how do you know I did anything?” I tried to ask with a straight face, as I apply body oil.

“Oh come on Chris, you were supposed to come back to my house and spend the night with me, after your “dinner” with mommy, and you never showed. So what’s up?

I knew no matter how hard I tried I could never keep my night of lust with my mother a secret from Lilly. I told her everything that went on that night. I told her about mom’s story about her and Aunt Jill, about how as young girls they had become lovers. About how her father had her rapped once he knew the truth about her and Aunt Jill. About how she met my dad, and while she was in love with my dad for a time, her attraction to other women would never die. I told Lilly about how mom had met her lover Lyn, and how they had fallen in love. And I told her how mom and I wanted to be together, and that we were.

“Oh my god Chris, you mean, no you can’t mean… are you telling me that you had sex with your mother?” my best friend asked.

There was no getting around the truth with Lilly. Up until that point I didn’t think I could have said anything that would leave my girl speechless, but apparently that is what I had done.

“How in the hell did that happen? Lilly asked as she sat on my bed

“Thinking back on it now, I really don’t know how it happened, but all I know is by the end of the night I wanted her so badly, and even now when I think about it I still want to see her, be with her. Oh god Lilly, what in the hell am I going to do, how am I going to tell my father that I’m fucking his ex, my mother no less?” I said as I put on my bra and panties.

That seemed to be the question at hand, how do I tell daddy? “Look you know I never want to hurt him, he’s my father and I love him. My god I mean for eight years we have been so close, I mean I sl**p with him every night, and I have given him my body. But now I have a chance to get to know my mom, and how do I do that without betraying my dad?”

“Look Chris I know you love your dad, and you would never do anything to hurt him. Thanks to you I have my own wonderful relationship with my dad, so I know how you feel about Leland. But then you know that my mom died when I was barely a year old, so I don’t even remember what she looked like. So if I had a chance to reconnect with my mom I would take it.”

“I just don’t know how daddy is going to react when I tell him that I have seen mom, and then when I tell him the rest; shit is really going to hit the fan then; I just don’t know what to do.”

Being the friend that I know that my Lilly to be, it would come as no surprise that she would try to cheer me up. Taking my hand and puling down on the bed with her, she took my face in her hands. “Look Chris I am your best friend, and I love you like a s****r, and there isn’t anything that we can’t get through, and we will get through this.” And with that being said Lilly leaned in and give me a long sweet sensual kiss.

That was all it took for Lilly and I to reconnect. It had been awhile since Lilly and I had got together. Laying me down on my bed while her hand found the waste band of my panties, slipping her hand inside, she began playing with my pussy, while we continued our passionate kiss.

She felt so good, and she tasted even sweeter. Lilly and I have been lovers on and off for awhile, we enjoyed each other when ever we were in need. I had discarded my bra, and I was watching Lilly strip for me. Completely naked I held out my hand for her to come back to bed.

With our bodies intertwined, our wet pussies coming together we made love, not so much out of need, but it was just the pure pleasure of a beautiful friendship. Lilly’s beauty always left me speechless, and sometimes on the verge of tears. The mixture of her African-American and Asian background made her stunning to look at. Her body was a work of art, her smooth lightly tanned skin, and her lovely dark eyes made her hard to resist. Her long brown hair that she always wore up in a ponytail always made her look so sweet and innocent; of course I can tell you first hand there is nothing innocent about my girl. However, my girl dose have the sweetest, tightest pussy God every made. I suppose because I have always had a thing for Asian pussy that always made saying no to my sweet girl impossible.

I opened my legs for her letting her have her way with me. Her touch always lit a fire in me. Spreading my lips apart she quickly went to work on what she came after. “Oh god Lilly that feels so good, oh yes baby right there, oh right there.” I whimpered.

She fingered me endlessly, for what seemed like for hours. Then without warning she started to graze on my pussy. I must say she was like a wild a****l that day. She had full control of my body as she nibbled and sucked my pussy to a blissful state.

In her own sweet way Lilly had reassured me that everything was going to work out fine. Lying in Lilly’s arms I had regained my peace of mind. Lilly’s sweetness needed to be rewarded. She had been talking to me about anal sex, she had never done it, and she knew it would be something that her dad would enjoy. It just so happened I had just brought a brand new strap-on. It was going to be a surprise for daddy, but I think Lilly had earned the right to be the first one that I tried out my new toy on.

Slipping out of bed and went into the bathroom to retrieve my surprise. Slipping into it for the first time was a powerful feeling, to have my own personal cock, to use and abuse whatever pussy I wanted, whenever I wanted was an overwhelming feeling.

She was sitting up in bed when I came back too my room. “My God Chris, what the hell?” The look on Lilly’s face said it all.

“I thought you deserved a treat. You said the other day that you wanted to try something new, something that JT might like.” I said as I caressed my ten inch tool.

I could see fear, but yet the wonder in her eyes. “I know it might hurt at first, but don’t worry we can take it slow.” I said as I walked over to the bed.

“Chris I’m not sure, I have never had a dick up my ass, fake or otherwise.”
I walked over to the bed and lovingly caressed her face. “Why don’t you play with it, see how it feels?”

I sat on the bed beside her; Lilly took my monster cock into her tiny hand. It was so big that she could barely get her whole hand around it. “May I suck it?” she asked as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes.

“Yes of course.” I said as I brushed her long dark hair with my fingers.

She opened her mouth and slowly took in an inch or two. I knew from watching her with daddy and JT that Lilly could suck dick real good. We both knew that she would never be able to deep throat it, but however far she got was just fine with me.

While Lily was busy working on my fake cock I grabbed a tube of lube jell from my nightstand. Applying a little to my finger I then slipped it into Lilly’s asshole.

“Oh fuck that’s cold.” she said.

“I know but it will make it a lot easier when I stick my cock up your ass, now there’s only one question, what position would you like, reverse cowgirl or doggy?” I said with a smile.

After pondering it over Lilly decided she wanted to ride my cock for all it was worth. Straddling the lower part of my body Lilly lowered herself meeting my ten inch toy half way. There was very little doubt about just how tight she would be, we were very aware that we had to take it slow.

After the first two attempted I lubed her up again, but the time we tried it from a standing position. It only took one great big push and I was in. I sat back down on my bed, given Lilly time to adjust. My arms around her waist I softly kissed her back; and in a slow motion fashion she began to ride my big dick.

If there is one thing that I know about my Lilly is that she is a quick study, it wasn’t very long before she was riding like an old pro. We were both surprised that she was able to take a lot more then we had first thought. I’m pleased to say that we were able to stretch that ass out pretty nicely. But the added bounce was when Lilly added a cork score move after every third or fourth stroke.

A month had almost gone by since my dinner with mom. We had talked on the phone almost every day, and we would secretly meet at out of the way pleases. We would fuck nonstop for hours; and the sex was always so good. Yes I guess you can say that I was having an out and out affair with my own mother.

Things at home between dad and I were okay, we still made love at our regular pace, and the sex was still good, and on some days even better. But I think even daddy could tell that something was still not quite right.

It would all come to ahead one day when I got a call at work from daddy asking me to come home right away. I could tell by the tone in his voice that he was pretty upset about something, and whatever it was, it was bad.

When I walked up to my front door I had a sinking feeling that my life was about to change, and not for the better. I walked into the house and removed my coat and hug it on the coat rack. As I walked though the house I heard dad call my name from the bedroom. As I got closer I smelted her perfume. I knew that it was impossible; she would never come back here.

There are no words to describe the feelings of opening the door to the bedroom that I had shared for nine year with daddy, and seeing my parents in bed together. It took more then just a few minutes to get over the shock of seeing my mom lying in my dad’s arms, but once I was over it, I wanted some answers.

“Mom, Dad what the hell is going on? I asked as anger arose in me.

“Sweetheart please come in, your mother and I have a lot to tell you.” My father said as he slipped out of bed.

It had been years since I had been in the same room with my parents, and never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imaged that this would be the way I would reunite with them.

“Oh I can’t wait to hear this.” I said

Daddy took my by my hand and sat me down on the bed, the bed that we had shared for almost nine years, but now I come home to discover that my mother has suddenly taken my place, what the fuck is this?

“Baby I’m afraid that your mother and I owe you an apologue, or maybe I owe you more then your mother, seeing that this was all my idea.”

“What was all your idea, dad I want to know what the fuck is going on here?”

“Lee maybe I should tell her.” I heard mom say as she slipped into daddy’s robe.

“No Sarah, like I said this was my idea; I should be the one to tell her.”

“Will you two stop beating around the fucking bush and tell me something.” I yelled.

“Your mother and I are getting back together.”

“Dad, what the hell are you talking about, you and mom back together, but you hate her, how many times have I heard you say how much you hate that pussy eating bitch, and the hell would freeze over before you would ever take her back?’ I said

“Yes I know I have said all of that and more, but I wasn’t being fair to your mother or to myself for that matter. I know this might be hard for you to understand, but I still love you mother.”

No words would come, but the hate and anger was slowly coming back. What was really going on was I being played, not just by my mother, but by my father too?

“Baby I need you to listen to every word that I’m about to say, this might be the most important talk that the three of us will ever have. First you need to know that your mom and I love you more then anything, maybe even more then life itself. I never wanted to hurt you, but when I saw a chance that we could be a f****y again I felt I had no other choice.”

I sat between my parents as they tried to explain the chooses that they had made for our lives. My mother spoke first. “After Lyn died I realized what a mess I had made by walking out on my f****y that way. At the time I could see no other way out of a bad situation that I had created. By not being truthful with your father about me and the other women in my life, your dad felt betrayed, and I don’t blame him for that.”

“But mom, dad was having his own fantasies about young girls, girls my age. And did you forget those fantasies included your own daughter?”

“No, but he never acted on them, not until after I had left him. And when I found out that you and your dad were sl**ping together I felt I had no right to say anything, I never felt that i****t was wrong, as long as you were happy, and your father assured me that you were.” Mom said.

“A few months after Lyn was gone and I could get myself back together, I gave your father a call; needless to say he had nothing to say to me, I had burned all my bridges were your father was concern. I knew that he didn’t want to have anything else to do with me, but I felt that it was too important to let go. So I kept calling and emailing in hope that he would one day agree to see me.”

“Well I guess you got your wish.” I said with a sneer.

“Look baby it was a long time before I agreed to see her, I knew that I was just asking for trouble. But something inside me longed to be with your mother again. And so one day when she called, and I checked the caller ID, and saw that it was your mom, I picked up.

“So are you saying I wasn’t enough for you dad?” I asked

“No baby that’s not what I’m saying at all.”

“Then what are you saying dad?”

“What I’m saying is what I have with your mother has nothing to do with my feelings for you. I love you, you’re my daughter, and nothing or no one could change the love that I feel for you. But there is a special pull between your mother and me, for awhile I thought I could fight it, but I sooner or later I would give in to it.” He said as he cradled me in his arms.

Seeing how this whole thing was upsetting me, I felt mom’s hand as she begin to rub my back. “Your father is right we love you so very much, and we only want what is best for you baby.”

“What’s best for me, you must be joking. Was it best for me to be lied to for weeks, was it best for me for you to take me to bed and fuck me every night, knowing that you wanted mom back, and by the way just how long have the two have been getting it on?” I asked in anger.

The looks between my parents were very telling, no matter how they tried to sugar coat it I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to like their answer.

“It’s been two months, we have been seeing each other for about two months now.” dad said.

“You mean fucking, don’t you dad?”

His dead silence spoke for him. It took a minute or two but it slowly dawn on me that they had been fucking long before my dinner with mom; I had been played by both my parents.

“My god you two were fucking at the same time you were both fucking me.” I yelled.

“Baby please don’t blame your mother, it was all my idea.” Dad said.

“What was your idea dad, to make a fool of me?”

“No baby, that neither what your father nor I had in mind.” Mom chimed in.

“You shout the fuck up, I don’t want to hear one word from you, I want to hear from the person that I have been spreading my legs for, for the past nine years, dad.”

“Okay, yes it was my idea that your mom seduce you, I couldn’t think of any better way for the two of you to connect. Maybe I should have just came right out and said that I wanted sl**p with you and your mother, but I didn’t know how you would take that.”

“And you never bother just to come to me and be honest, don’t you see dad, you did the same thing to me that you said mom did to you, you wasn’t honest with your feeling.” I said.

“I know sweetheart, but I didn’t want to loss you, and I know all your mother wanted to do was to try to get to know you again, we are sorry that we lied to you.”

The tension in the room was off the charts I had never felt anger like that before. Here were the two people that I have loved on a level that was beyond reason. I had not only given both my undying love, but I had given them the most precious thing that one human being can give to another, my body. And yet they had betrayed be in a way that I thought was unforgivable.

“Baby if I had come to you and told you what I wanted, that I wanted us to start sharing our bed with your mother, what would have been your answer?” Dad asked.

Sitting there between both my mom and dad I knew that my response to this question might change the course of my life forever. “You really want to know my answer?” I said.

“Yes,” They both said in unison.

That is when I leaned in and give my mother the sweetest, most sensual kiss I had ever given anyone. Caught off guard and speechless, yes I think I can safely say that either mom or dad saw that coming.

“Why is it that you did not trust the very things that you have tried to teach me growing up? That honesty and trust is the most important thing in a f****y, and in a f****y like ours it is the glue that will hold us together. I love you both so much, you are my parents, my teachers, and my lovers, and I wouldn‘t have it any other way.” I said

Both said that they were in awe of my maturity. We talked about how much my father have wanted his f****y together, and as long as there was complete honesty between all of us, then the possibly of it working was more then good.

“Well I think its time for me to go.” Mom said.

I looked into dad’s eyes and saw that he didn’t want her to go. I knew that mom still conceder herself an outsider. It was now up to me to welcome her back into the f****y. “Mom please don’t go, I know it would mean everything to dad if we could start being a f****y again, tonight.” I held out my hand to welcome my mother back to the f****y.

In the present of both my parents I striped off all my cloths. Standing face to face mom and dad took me by each hand and led me to our bed. I lay down and waited to see who would take me first. It was my father who climbed between my open legs. After he kissed every inch of my naked body, his hands seemed to find great pleasure in touching every inch of my smooth carves. His tender fondling racked my wet pussy with the kind of desire that could only be for filled by his huge manly cock.

Taking one of my long sweet nipples in his mouth, while he guided his cock to my open hole, daddy pushed his way inside me, leaving me breathless and waiting to be taking. Daddy and I started fucking; he fucked me hard and without mercy. His cock hit the back of my pussy with f***e and straight, taking short deep strokes, his dick was like a battering ram; breaking down whatever wall of doubt that might have remained.

“Do you know that I love you girl?” He would say as his cock bent my pussy to his will.

“Yes daddy.” was all I could say, as our bound of love and lust became tighter and deeper.

I looked beside me at my mother who was watching her ex-husband make love to their daughter for the first time. Brushing the hair from my eyes she saw the happiness that daddy had giving me all these years as he came inside me over and over again.

As daddy removed himself from my body, mom and I shared another kiss, as always it was deep and erotica. From our very first kiss it always seemed that mom and I shared a deeper understanding, that when we kissed it was not only sharing our love, but it was somehow an expression oh who we were.

“What do you want from me sweetheart, what ever it is, its yours for the asking forever.” Mom declared.

I looked to daddy for assurance; and the glow on his face and the twinkle in his eyes assured me I was safe in loving my mother. “May I, may I eat your pussy?” I asked softly.

My parents sweet silent smiles spoke for them as mother disrobed and retook her rightful place in our f****y bed. With daddy beside us I placed between my mother’s open legs. Her thick beautiful red hairy pussy was an amazing sight; and mom encouraged me to play and explore her pussy. “It’s okay baby you can touch mommy there.” She said.

I took full advantage of my mother’s offer; I pulled her sweet thick pussy lips apart. The love of good pussy was not just limited to my mother; I had developed the same taste for pussy eating. She tasted just as good as she looked as I took my first lick. Darting in and out my tongue took great pleasure in tasting mother’s sweetness. I could not resist fingering and licking her at the same time. Mother’s bucking and screaming told me I was on the right track. Taking a bit out of her big juicy clit send mom over the edge, as I bit, sucked, licked and fingered my mother to a heavenly pure bliss.

Later that night mom and I granted one of daddy’s fondest wish, he fucked both mom and me together. After that night there was no more doubt that I would always be naughty for mommy and daddy.
... Continue»
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My Best Friend And Me -Part Two- (True Story)

My Best Friend And Me -Part Two- (True Story)
(Note: Sorry if there are any mistakes I have dyslexia I have tried my best Thank You)

I stared at the plain white ceiling although you couldn’t really tell with the room being pitch black I heard light snores coming from my best friend Liam who was lying next to me he decided he preferred me on his bed than the camper one I usually sl**p when I'm staying over but tonight was so special between us it doesn’t make sense to me after all these years friendship I would NEVER of guessed that me and Liam would be making out on his bed but here I am lying in the dark after that incredible experience I smiled think back on it.

I soon dozed off in to a peaceful sl**p it was of the kiss again and it felt real the way out tongues massaged together and his hands wrapped tightly around my neck and the way I wrapped my arms securely around his waist at this point I woke up to find out the reason why my dream felt so realistic it was because my best friend was on top of me arms wrapped around me tongue down my throat and also his boner digging in my thigh I pulled away for air as he lay his head on my chest breathing heavy also.

"I'm sorry Joe" he panted "It's just I woke up and you looked so gorgeous that I couldnt help myself" I smiled and kissed the top of his head "It's ok Liam.." I paused but then slowly whisperd out "I liked it anyway" he smiles and looked up at me "Good" he leaned up and kissed my lips softly I couldnt take it anymore so when he was about to pull away I helkd him tightly so he couldnt and rolled on top of him I was alot stronger than him so he had no choice.
I licked his bottom lip slowly begging for entrance and he teased me for a while keeping his guard until finally he parted his lips and let my tounge slip inside his mouth while his tounge instantly thought back with mine.

I was now kissing down Liams shirtless body after a rough intense make out session I decided it was time to lose some clothes,
I kissed down to the waist band of his Pyjama bottoms and then kissed back up stopping at his nipple and taking the right one in my mouth while massaging the other I could tell from the moans that he was enjoying this sensation I bit it lightly with made him yelp in pure pleasure I smirked and sucked it harder and harder til he needed to catch his breathe He soon panted out "Joe Please stop I have sensative nipples please!" I smirked only to suck harder he couldn't take it he started screaming for me to bite them as hard as I could he was like an a****l.

I pulled away soon after as he breathed really heavy wow if his nipp;le are that sensative I wonder what his cock is like the thought made me desperate to find put so I slowly pulled is pyjama bottoms off ad rubbed his slightly hard cock throuhg his boxer shorts he gasped he had his eyes closed so I'm guessing he didnt expect my touch, I moved my hand faster and fast as I felt his cock grow benaeth it then I pulled his boxers down slowly and his now rock hard cock sprung and pointed straight up I gripped it roughly and smirked at his face as I moved my hand slwoly teasing him he was breathing heavy but glared at me "Just suck me allready..." I shook my head letting him ow that I enjoyed teasing him he groaned and gripped the sheets as my hand moved faster.

He was panting as I was jacking him off as hard as I could he panted out he was allmost ready to release but I wanted to taste it so I took him in my mouth and slowly moved my head up and down I didnt want to go to fast I wanted to keep it slow for a while but a bit of pre-cum was on the head of his cock and when the taste hit my taste buds I wanted his cum so I sucked him fatser and faster and by this time his hands where on my head his fingers tangled in my hair and he was moving me up and down he was screaming with our pleasure and then he started gasping and screaming my name I knew he was ready to shoot and thats exactly what he did but it was alot so I couldnt take it all some went down my chin some I wsallwed and some dripped down on his balls I sat up and licked my lips and whiped my mouth he tasted so sweet and he looked up a me panting it was now time to return the favor.

I lay down next to him as he rolled ontop of me and kissed me roughly tasting his own cum off my lips he moaned my name through the kiss and it made my cock harden a little more he sounds so sexy he then pulled away and pulled my pants down along with my boxers and just like his did my cock sprang up he smiled when he seen it I was about an inch bigger than him there wasnt that much differance he smiled wider and grabbed it squeezing it a little I groaned loudly fuck that felt nice he moved his hands fast I guess he just wanted it quick and with out a warning he tooke me in his mouth I screamned a little when he did this one it shocked me and two it felt fukking amazing he moved his head up and down on my throbbing cock I kept moaning and groaing god this boy knew what he was doing he moaned and sent a vibration through my cock I couldnt take it I'd never felt pleasure like this before I grapped his hair and made him deepthraot me until I came in his mouth he mouthed and I released it and the same thing happend with to himn as with me there was to much cum so he couldnt take it all in but he took most of it and the rest just went everywhere.

He kissed up my body then to my lips kissing me allowing me to get a taste of myself and I tasted pretty good but I liked the taste of his better I rolled us over so I was ontop but not breaking the kiss he pulled away and looked up at me "Please fuck me Joseph" I smiled and nodded but before I enterd him I made him get on all fours and I grabbed his ass opeoning his cheeks I wanted to make him wet so I didnt hurt him I leaned down and licked his entrance lightly he moaned loudly I started licking faster and faster and then I pused my tounge slightly inside he started jacking off so I'm guessing he was enjoying this I pulled away and he turned around again I positiond my self between his legs and pushed the head of my cock in to is timy entrance.

He moaned slightly as I pushed it in I looked at him worried "I'm not hurting you am I?" he shook his head and smiled up at me "no your not just start moving" I nodded my head and slipped into him slightly deeper his hole tightend around my cock adjusting to my size he had his eyes closed shut tightly I felt bad but I thought if I moved a little more he may get used to me so I started thrusting in and out of im slowly until getting deeper and deeper and a few minutes later his moans filled the room he was starting to enjoy it I slipped in him slightly deeper and he moaned loudly and lustfully I was panting moving faster inside him god he felt good the way his entrance hugged my cock perfectly and my cock was growing inside him he was moaning really loud and gripping the bed sheet I wrapped my hand around his cock and started Jacking him off as his moans turned to screams.

20 minutes later I felt my self about to cum we were now in doggy style and I had more entrance inside him he was screaming my name as loud as he could asking me to fuck him harder I was also shouting his name I felt my self close to releasing so I moved fatser I leaned over and started wanking him he arched his back so I knew he was close to and soon after I felt his warm juices shoot on my hand and not long after I released inside of him he screamed my full name as I did this and I pulled out of him he collapsed on the bed and I lay next to him breathing heavily his head was in his pillow but I could hear him mumbling Fuck that was good I smiled and leaned over and kissed his back he turned around and smiled at me "I've wanted to do that wit you for ages" I smiled back and stroked the side of his cheek "Well know we have" I leaned down and kissed his lips pationatly we were smiling through the kiss and then I pulled away and lay down pulling him towards me and on my chest and I pulled his coves over us and soon he was asl**p on my chest I just lay there smiling at how beautiful he was until I finally fell asl**p aswell with my best friend in my arms...

I hope you liked the story and if you are wondering if we started a relationship yes we did but unfortunatly it ended last year but we are both still best friends and after the break up we still had a cheeky fuck now and then haha so please comment and what u thing and again sorry if there are ANY mistakes :)... Continue»
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My s****r and me 3

The 2nd part of this story I didn't quite get to end it just like I wanted to due to storms here that night that might have shut down my computer and loose what I had wrote so far, so here is more on how I wanted to end part 2 of 'My s****r and Me'.

The day before I moved my s****r (Cindy), and myself into the old but remodled house that my deceased grandparents had lived in while they were alive, I made a run to town in granddad's old red truck and left Cindy at the farm to keep and eye on things till time to go home, I had told her to go ahead home when every thing was done and that I would meet her there when I got back from town.

Since the beds and dressers were what was in the house we lived in, were the same ones in there when I moved in when I got out of the sevice, I went to a furniture store and bought two brand new bedroom sets. One for the bedroom that would be Cindy's room if f****y members were to come around and ask about it, and one would be mine if asked about it, but I figured Cindy and I would more than likely be sharing both rooms together by sl**ping together in my room one night and then her room the next night, or use one room for a week, then the other room for a week.

When I left the furniture store with both bedroom sets, I went straight back to the farm instead of going straight to the house. The two bedrooms were finished, with some remodling to them, and painted, ready for move in, I took the two bedroom sets to the rooms they would be going into. With everything in place in the two rooms and set up with new sheets and blankets and spreeds, pillow and new pillowcases in place on the beds, with help from one farm hand that worked for us, I went home to my s****r/wife.


After the first milking of the cattle done and the milk barn cleaned up and ready for the next milking, I drove the pickup to the house and loaded it with as much of our stuff that I could and when Cindy got there in my car we finished losding the pickup then loaded what was left to load into the back seat of the car that was mainly Cindy's clothes.

Back at the farm house, Cindy took an arm load of her clothes into the house while I grabbed a big arm load of her clothes to take into the house behind her.

Half way across the living room I heard, "Oooohhhhh my godddd! Ron! Where did this bed... how did this bed... When did..." Cindy came running back throwing her arms around me kissing me on the mouth and hugging me.

"I take it you like the new bedroom set?"

"Like hell, I love it!" We walked into the bedroom where I hung up the clothes that I had in my arms, turned to see Cindy sprall out on the new bed, roll over to her back to face up for a moment before sitting upright, look around at the rest of her bedroom decore, "I cannot believe you kept this hid from me till now. How long have you had it here?"

"Since yesterday evening right before I got to the house last night."

"Did you get a bedroom set for your bedroom babe?"

"Yes I did."

With that said Cindy, jumped up off her bed and ran to my bedroom, opened the door, "Oh wow babe, it is beautiful just like mine is! I'm going to love sl**ping in either one of these two rooms."

"I thought you would. Now I will let you decide which room we sl**p in tonight and you have till bed time to figure out which room we sl**p in tonight."

"May I make a run into town in your car to get something special, after we unload the pickup?"

"You know that you can."

"I will let you know which room when I get back from town then."


Just as the milk barn was clean and ready for the early morning milking, we called it a day, I started toward the house to take my shower and to start fixing supper for Cindy and me, when s*s drove into the drive and parked.

Cindy got out of the car, closed the door, reached back, opened the back door, and reached in, pulled out a few shopping bags, "I got this Ron, you can get the rest of the bagsout of the trunk and take them to the kitchen, I have a special supper to fix for you." then she was off toward the house in a hurry.

While I made the second trip out to the car to bring in the last of the bags of groceries, Cindy was in the kitchen putting the groceries away. As I set the bags down on the counter, s*s said, "Go get your shower while I finish up here, then I'll be in to take my shower too, then I will fix our supper without your help tonight."

When I was half way done with my shower Cindy, stepped into the shower with me and finished washing me, then I washed her. As the water rinsed off the soap I leaned in and Frenched kissed s*s for about a minute, then she broake the kiss, "While I fix supper I want you to sit in the living room and relax till the delivery truck gets here which at that time you will need to be dressed. Come to think of it, you may need to move the couch out to the room that has no furniture in it as of yet."

"Okay? Is that all I need to move out?"

"Yes, I think so." with a gleam in her eyes and a shit eatting grin on her face.

I shut off the water, then we dryed each other off then we stepped out of the bathroom and went to our sepperate bedrooms and put on clean clothes.

Stepping out of my bedroom, I saw s*s step out of her bedroom wearing an old cut off t-shirt with shoulder straps that was just letting her nipples show there pink color through it, and it was cut just under her tits that would show the bottom side when she raised her arms up over her head. On the bottom half of Cindy's body, she wore a very short skirt that would realveal her butt to let us see what she had on underneath if any thing, and knowing s*s, she had nothing on underneath which she knew would get me hard in a instant, and just thinking about it got me hard all ready, but again she knows, with her going comando gets me hard. Seeing her with no bra or panties on gets me hard in and instant and knowing that she goes comando like that all the time, I pretty much stay hard all of the time. Whether its around here at the farm, or at the house, or in town for what ever reason, she goes comando, just to keep me horny and hard for her. So if by chance you see my s****r at a store shopping, you may get a beaver shot when she beens over if she is in a short skirt, cause she will bend over infront of me to give me a look at her sexy little pussy, when I'm behind her at the store.

Just as I finished moving the old couch out of the living room into a spare room, the delievery truck arrived. Going out to meet the delievery man, he had the back door open and moving a recliner and a love seat to the back end of the truck. With the two pieces of furniture down on the ground the two delievery men carried the furniture into the living room and sat it down, while I held the door for them to carry them in.

When the two delievery men were gone, Cindy went to her room pulling her cut off t-shirt off over her head as she went, so I took my pants off as I went to my room and laid them in a chair to put on the next morning to work in.

Stepping out of my room, "Ron babe, Supper is ready to eat." I heard s*s say from the diningroom.

Cindy met me at the diningroom door in the nude as we usually are after working all day, "Supper is ready for the one and only man in my life till death due us part." With that said, we Frenched kissed each other for a minute while feeling each other up for a minute.

Cindy had lit candls and placed them in the middle of the table with my favorite meal of oyster soup and oyster crackers.

I pulled out a chair that Cindy was going to sit in and pushed it up under her as she sat down in the chair then I stepped over and sat down in the chair next to her's at the end of the table.

"Now, may I ask why you fixed my favorite meal tonight with out my help?"

"I love you first of all, to thank you for the new bedroom sets, and for our first night in our new home with the love of my life, and last but not least. You're always thinking about what I want, my needs, and not thinking about your wants and needs when you should think about your wants and needs."

"It is my job as a husband to see to your needs and then if I can give you what you want. I do think about my needs and I do take care of them as well, but you are my main concern above all."

While we sat there eatting and talking, we were rubbing each other's leg with a bare foot while the other leg was being rubbed by the other's bare foot under the table.

When we finished eatting supper I blew out the candls, then we put left over food away and put dirty dishes in the new dishwasher that I had instaled during the upgrade of the house. with the kitchen and table cleaned up, I took Cindy's hand and lead her to the front door of the house and opened it, "Ron, what are you doing?"

"I've got to bring my wife into our new house the right way."

"But we have no clothes on to go outside."

"Good, because our clothes need to come off when we get inside anyway and we are all ready undressed so it makes it easier to just come in and not have to remove them again like we have all ready done, if that makes since." I then stepped out pulling s*s with me and closed the door behind us, then I turned to Cindy and scooped her up with an arm behind her legs and one across her back.

As I lifted s*s's legs up and her feet left the ground, she put her arms around my neck with a giggle, then when I stood upright we kissed each other with passtion for half a minute, then I turned the door nob and stepped into the house, closed the door behind us, "Welcome home, to our new house as husband and wife, sexy wife."

Cindy started kissing me and hugging me with tears in her eyes and smilling and as I still held her uper half and let her lower half down, she turned and raised her legs up around my waist up above my hard cock, then I felt the head of my cock touching her wet pussy begging for me to poke my dick into it.

Reaching around to Cindy's butt cheeks I spread them and lowered her down till I felt my dick was in her pussy to the hilt and started pounding in and out of her pussy right then and there, "Ooooohhhhhhh, damn aaaaarrrr!" she moned out as soon as my dick was buried deep into her pussy canale.

"Oh, you like that do you?"

"Yes, I've never felt anything like that before damn."

After bouncing her up and down on my cock a few times I stopped and just held her impalled on my dick as I carried her to her bedroom, gave her a few strokes then laid her on her bed and gave her a few pumps in and out on the bed, then picked her up and took her to my bedroom and repeted the same proceedure in there as I did in her room. Picking her up off the bed the same way as I did in her room, I carried her to the bathroom and bounced her up and down on my cock for a few strokes, then went to the kitchen and did the same thing there, before laying her down on the table and pounded into her pussy for a few minutes before I pulled out and turned her over with her legs down on the side of the table then pushed my cock back into her love hole and started fucking her pussy again from the back side, standing doggy with her perfect sexy tits squased into the table. Cindy moned every step of the way with every pump into her pussy and was still moning as I pumped into her pussy now.

After a few minutes of fucking my s****r in this postion, I pulled her upright and backed her toward a chair and I sat down bringing her along with me to let her sit on top and helped her bounce herself up and down on my raging hard cock for a few minutes.

I picked her up to a standing position, stood up myself while turning her around, picked her up putting her back on my cock again then walked into the living room and sat down in the new recliner and bounced her up and down a few times then went to the couch and laid her down and after a few pumps, "Fuck me babe and cum with me in my pussy. I'm cuuuuummmmmmmmmminnnnnnggggggggggg."

By my count she came at lest five times by her mones and crys and her body twitchings that went on while we went from room to room and while we were in each of the rooms.

After a few more strokes I let loose, "I'm cummmmmmmminnnnnnnnnggggggggg!"

"I ammmmmm tooooooo,,,,,, yesssssssss fillllllll mmmmmmeeeeeeeee uppppppppppppp."

With Cindy's pussy squezing my cock with her last orgasm sent me over the edge and made my cock start shooting cum out the end of it right into her woom with both of us pushing into each other to get my dick in as deep as possible in her pussy.

As we quit cumming and come down from the clouds, Cindy's legs relaxed and I colapsed down on top of her, using my elbows to keep most of my waight off of her, as we tryed to catch our breath again.

With my dick still inside Cindy's pussy we started French kissing and wrapping our arms around each other, then hugged each other, "Oh babe I love you so much.... You give me the best sex.... and it seams to just keep getting better.... each and every time.... I do not know how you do it." still trying to catch her breath.

"I love you too sexy.... all because I do love you so much.... plus you drive me crazy knowing how you are dressed... underneath your clothes.... which I do love very much." then I pulled her up with me and sat down with her on top and my dick still deep in her pussy, then we kissed each other in a French kiss again.

Like I said before, this how we are still yet today.

I hope every one likes this story, even thou it is longer than I really intended for it to be. Coments are welcome.
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My bestfriends Jack and Kevin: First gay tale.

It was a nice spring day. My 2 friends Jack, and Kevin and I went to a baseball game. We do everything together from fishing to watching movies and camping. But this day was different. After a great game we all went to Jack's house to spend the night. Jack is about 5 feet 10 inches tall a little chunky and he is hairy and tan. Kevin is about 5 feet 7 inches and is pale and thin. While at Jacks house we made some food watched some movies, played some video games and decided to go to bed. We were in the same room with Jack on the bed and Kevin and I on the floor. We were all talking then the conversation switched when Jack asked us if we have ever seen anyone elses cocks before. Kevin said no, Jack said he hasn't. I told them I have seen many and they have been about the same size or a lot bigger than my own. He then asked if I ever touched them and I told him no. Jack said he wanted to see another cock and said we should all show each other our own. I said okay, but Kevin seemed a little timid. So Jack unbuttoned his pants, pulled the zipper down... And WHAM! What sprang through his boxers hole was enormous.It had to of been a rock solid 10 inches smooth with a gentle curve like a banana. Kevin and I looked at the cock in shock and Jack said what about you guys I'm sure yours are just as big. So I take my pants off and pull out my solid 8 inch cock. Jack says yours is big too. Then we both look at Kevin and we tell him it's okay. So he undoes his pants and pulls out his hard cock that was only about 3 inches uncut.Jack reverts the conversation and says that we should all lay on the bed and jerk to some porn. We have done this before but with our own blankets covering us so we didn't see each others cocks. But this time it was different Jack said he didn't have enough blankets. We all agreed it was okay and laid on the bed and jerked anyways. I was right in between them both. I was so turned on and I had no idea why. While we jerked Jack started to "accidentally" touch my leg at times and then eventually grabbed a hold of my cock and was jerking it for me. It felt so good he jerked mine and I jerked his huge cock with one hand and Kevin's little cock in the other. I wanted to take this to the next level so I stood up off the bed and told Kevin to slide closer to Jack which he did. I got back onto the bed between Jacks legs and started sucking on his massive cock while I jerked Kevin's cock fast. I was soaking that cock in my spit jerking it while I sucked just a quarter of it. I moved down to the floor onto my knees and with both cocks in my face and I took turns with there cocks sucking them. Jack then told me to lay on my back so I did he got between my legs and put them up on his shoulders and he spit in his hand and rubbed it on his cock and then JAMMED his huge cock in my ass. I screamed in pain and pleasure. He fucked my ass Hard slamming into me while Kevin was over my face making me suck his cock. Jack then pulled out and told Kevin to get back there and then Kevin fucked my ass and he fucked me as hard and as fast as he could while I was sucking on Jacks dirty cock. Jack then pulled out of my mouth and blew a heavy and thick load of hot cum covering my face which instantly made me blow the biggest load of cum I have ever done, onto my stomach. Kevin was still fucking me and when he was just about to cum he pulled out stuck his cock in my mouth a blew his load. I swallowed it and smiled while I was a true cum dumpster. After that night we did this more often with many more stories to come. Those stories mainly involve Jack.... Continue»
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dad and me

First of all I want to make it clear that what happened between my dad and I was consensual, I was old enough to make a decision and he was my first. I had for some time been attracted to my dad and often wondered what it would be like. My dad was rather successful and very handsome but it wasn't until I was in my first year at university that anything happened. I had flirted with my dad for quite a few years before that but it just amounted to a seductive pout, wearing skimpy clothes when my mam wasn't there or the odd mildly suggestive comment - I simply hadn't dared go any further.

Anyway I am sure you don't want to here about the early years of me teasing my dad in my school uniform! When I was at Uni in Sheffield my Dad was on business there so he said would meet up with me and he would take me out for dinner which made a nice change from the Student's Union bar lol

As I started to get dressed I found myself looking for my sexiest underwear and paused for a moment thinking why are you wondering what underwear you should wear you're only meeting your dad. Then I realised that I was preparing for the real thing and not any fantasy. I did indeed intend on seducing my own Dad! I remember that night very clearly I wore a "little black dress", with black stockings & suspenders and a very small black g string. I went for the classic "guaranteed to please" look that I hoped dad would like. I had shoulder length brown hair and was nicely tanned. I am 5'4" and was very slim back then (I'm only about half a stone heavier now by the way!).

I met dad at the restaurant and as I was shown to his table my heart leapt as he looked so handsome, he had just come back off holiday and looked sooo fit and healthy. He was dressed very smartly and all of a sudden I felt very nervous.

The dinner went according to plan and I began to flirt a little more as I drank a couple of glasses of wine. As the end of the night approached we were laughing and chatting and I didn't even notice my dads hand resting on my knee it just felt so natural. Dad said he best get back to his hotel and I moaned at him to stay for another drink and he said he really should get back. I said if he was gonna shoot off then I wanted a kiss off my dad and he leant over and instead of the usual peck I deliberately lingered on his lips and put a hand on his while it was on my knee. When we parted he looked a little shocked but then kissed me again, this kiss was a little more grown up and I even dared let my tongue dip very slightly and briefly into his mouth. My heart was racing and it felt sooo erotic. When we parted dad asked if I wanted to go back to his hotel and have another drink there, it had to better then my uni digs... and more private too I thought!

We got in a cab and went to dads hotel room - I was getting more and more nervous - was it really going to happen? Dad poured me a glass of wine and we sat on the bed chatting but now it felt different the chatting was sort of strained as we both knew what was going to happen but it just felt a little awkward. Dad took the lead and asked if he could have another of those kisses. I blushed but said yeah ok daddy. I leaned in and Started to kiss dad slowly at first but it quickly became a very passionate kiss with both of us letting out little moans of desire.

I started to undo dads shirt as I wanted to feel those hard pecs he had earned in the gym. As I did this dads hand went to my boobs and my heart almost stopped! Dad quickly and expertly found my nipples which were rock hard. After more kissing my dad stroked his hand up my thigh right up to the tops of my stockings. We laid down on the bed from where we were sat and dad began to move his hand to the inside of my thigh and towards my pussy. I found his iron hard cock with my hand and stroked it gently through his trousers. Involuntarily I let out a moan and said "oh daddy" and this seemed to spur on dad and he moved his hand up to my pussy and started to gently rub it through my tiny panties. I was so turned on I frantically searched for the zip to his trousers - I needed to feel him in my hand. At last my hand found my dads cock and it was iron hard and very long and thick. I started to stroke his hard cock as he slipped a finger into my tight pussy. As he did this I again let out another "oh daddy" and my body shook as an orgasm ripped through my body. Daddy then laid me on my back and lifted up my dress to reveal my tiny panties and stockings/suspenders, he paused looking and just said "beautiful". dad stated to kiss up my legs and as he got further up i opened them wider willing him on until he got right to my pussy and kissed my pussy which was very wet. Dad pulled aside my panties and began using his tongue on my freshly shaven pussy. first he genly licked and sucked my swollen clit then he plunged his long tongue deep inside me. Dad made me come twice with his tongue then he pulled down my panties and then pulled over my legs as I lifted them in the air. dad stood and quickly took off his trousers, pants and shirt and I took off my dress and bra. I looked at his huge hard cock and spread my legs and said "oh daddy be my first" and dad got on top of me and stared to ease his big cock into me. I remember thinking as he first entered me "my god he is huge and this is gonna hurt!" Dad was really gently and after a while his whole length was in me and he was pumping hard. All I kept saying was "daddy, oh daddy!" I wrapped my legs round him and could feel yet another orgasm coming. Dad told me he was about to come too and I quickly told him that i wanted him to come in me. dad looked a bit panicky but I told him i was on the pill. Dad started feeding me his full length again but quicker and quicker. As my orgasm ripped through me I felt my dad tense and a huge load of hot come spurt into me. my only regret about that night was that i didn't get to have his cock in my mouth but that was soon rectified later on ;o)

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Carolyn, her dad and me.

Several years ago, when I was 18, I started dating a beautiful young 16 year old girl named Carolyn. I had met her during the fall marching band season as she was a member of the drum & bugle corp and I played trumpet in the band. Carolyn was a petite young thing, about 5'-3" and around 100 lbs, with blondish hair, pert breasts, tight ass, and gorgeous dimples when she smiled. Everything about her was perfect, in my opinion, from her head down to her toes and everywhere in between.

We continued to date over the next several months. Carolyn was so beautiful, but I was somewhat shy and inexperience. It had taken me quite a while just to work up the nerve to kiss her the 1st time one evening in my car. I wanted this girl like no other, but I wanted her to want me just as badly. I resolved to take my time and to be a gentleman with her at all times, rather than just try to get into her pants as my hormones dictated.

We continued to date as my senior year in high school stretched on. My highlight of sexual experience with her came one evening when we were alone on the couch at my house when I had actually fondled Carolyn's breasts, eventually working up my courage to pull aside her shirt and bra to kiss and suckle those perfect "B" tits and the nipples attached to them. The wonderful taste of her skin and the stiffening of her nipples excited both of us so much. Carolyn held my head softly to her breast as she struggled to breathe in her own state of urgency. I slid my hand slowly down her quivering, naked belly, working towards the goal of opening her jeans and touching her glorious pussy when she grabbed my hand and pulled it back up to her chest. Carolyn shook her head no, and whispered in my ear that she didn't want me to do that. I was crushed, but I went back to her breasts, squeezing, stroking and nuzzling. I decided that I had pushed her far enough on that particular evening. My dick was so hard - I knew she could feel it against her pussy as I ground my hips into her crotch in a fucking motion, even with our jeans still on. But I refrained from trying for her pussy again that day.

Eventually we calmed down and I drove her back to her house. I wanted more, but was unsure how to proceed with this beautiful young girl. This status quo was maintained for quite a while.

Everything in our relationship changed during spring break. I dropped by Carolyn's home one warm day unannounced. When I got out of my car I could see her Mom and s****rs working in the garden behind her house. I went back there and said hi to all. When I inquired if Carolyn was home, her mom told me that she had gone into the house a few minutes before I had arrived. Her mom told me that Carolyn's dad was working in the garage on the garden tractor. She said I could go into the house after Carolyn, but to enter the house through the attached garage so "the dad" would know I was there.

I walked into the garage and could see where the tractor was being worked on as tools were out and the engine was in pieces spread out in several areas of the garage. But Carolyn's dad wasn't in the garage just then. No bid deal, I thought, as I strolled on into the house. Everything was quiet as I walked into the kitchen. I could see a couple of glasses with ice out where people had obviously been drinking some water or soft drinks. I was looking around, but couldn't figure out where Carolyn or her dad were.

I was getting ready to call out and let Carolyn know I was there when I heard a funny noise coming down one hallway. It sounded like a low moan or groan of excitement! I walked as quietly as I could down the hallway until I was just outside Carolyn's room. The door was slightly open and as I was standing there I heard a moan again. It was definitely coming from within Carolyn's room!

As I moved nearer the opening of the door I heard Carolyn whisper, "That feels good, Daddy. Do it just like that."

I peeked through the door opening but couldn't see anything amiss. I could hear some rustling sounds that sounded like someone was on the bed moving around but the bed wasn't in my line of sight. I pushed the door open a little more and realized that I could see the edge of the bed if I looked at the large dresser mirror that was directly across from the door.

I pushed the door open another inch or so changed my angle so that I could see part of Carolyn. In the mirror she appeared topless, laying back on the bed reclining on some pillows, with her eyes shut. Her breasts and nipples were right there in plain site for my viewing pleasure. As I watched she brought her hands up to cup and squeeze her own breasts, slowly stroking the nipples in her obvious excitement. My cock was tenting my jeans as I watched her pleasure herself.

I heard a muffled sound from within the room. I stood up on my toes to change the viewing angle and I could see that Carolyn wasn't just topless, she was completely naked laying on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. I could see her nicely trimmed pussy hair in the mirror. The next thing that registered in my brain was that her father's head was between Carolyn's legs obviously licking what I imagined was her very juicy cunt.

I mentally shut down for a few moments. I held onto the wall as my knees went weak and the shock of what I saw started filtering through my brain. My hard-on quickly disappeared. My gorgeous girlfriend was naked on her bed while her dad was licking her pussy! I was dumbfounded as I watched her in the mirror, rocking her hips up to give her daddy better access, and then moving her hands down to grab his head and pull him tighter to her pussy lips. Carolyn reached down and with her fingers spread the lips of her vulva wide, allowing her dad better access to her clitoris. Carolyn's face flushed as she whispered, "I'm gonna cum, Daddy. Soon!"

Carolyn's dad didn't miss a stroke with his tongue. His head was moving as much as Carolyn's thighs would allow, working her pussy towards orgasm. Carolyn went stiff when her orgasm came, pulling her daddy's head tight to her pussy, her legs stretched out rigid and straight off the floor. She let out sexy groan, and then slowly collapsed against the bed, allowing her dad to lift his head from her pussy, breathing hard and getting some much need air. He occasionally bent over to give her clitoris a small lick or nibble as she recovered from her orgasm. Carolyn slowly, but firmly, pushed his head away from her cunt with a groan as she came down from her orgasmic high. I saw her smile sweetly at her dad, still resting his head between her spread legs.

I ducked back into the hallway for a moment, collecting my shambled thoughts. My girlfriend was on the other side of a door - naked - with her . . dad. He had just finished what appeared to be a great job of oral sex on his . . daughter. I was standing in the hall trying to figure out how I could use this knowledge to finally get sex from my girlfriend. It was confusing, to say the least. Could I blackmail her? Maybe, I thought, then again I could simply tell her what I'd seen and I figured she would have to let me explore her pussy as she had allowed her dad to. Who knew? It might just work. God knows that she made me horny enough to try anything.

I couldn't hear some low conversation from her room between her and her dad, but then I clearly heard Carolyn whisper "Do you think we have time, Daddy?"

"Sure," was his answer, "Mom & your s****rs are still in the garden. It will take them hours to finish planting by hand. But enough about them, my turn - use your mouth."

I moved back into position to view the mirror and watched fascinated as Carolyn's dad stood up next to the bed. In the mirror he was in perfect profile as he faced the bed, his cock rigidly arcing upwards from his groin. Carolyn crawled across the bed towards her father, slowly rising to her knees as she approached him. She reached out to grasp his cock, stroking him in what appeared to me to be an all too familiar fashion. I heard her ask "Ooohhhh, Daddy, is this hard cock just for me?", in her best little girl voice. As she lowered her mouth onto his prick, Carolyn quickly swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, and then stretching her mouth wide open, she engulfed his erect tool, working her lips downward until most of his prick was buried in her mouth and throat. Her dad closed his eyes in bliss as his daughter started to move her head and hands up and down his pulsating shaft, giving him an obviously experienced blow job.

God, did it look hot while I watched in the mirror. My own prick was starting to grow again with the show that was playing out in front of me. My girlfriend was really sucking on her dad's cock! It was obvious that she knew what she was doing, and doing it very well judging from the moans her dad was making.

Carolyn's dad tenderly held his daughter's head in his hands and started taking control by slowly working his cock into and out of her hungry mouth. I was having a hard time remaining quiet as I watched her dad fuck his daughter's face. Before too long he stopped his motion and wrapped her hair around his fist, drawing her head up. I could see and hear perfectly as her mouth left his cock head with a slurpy pop. Carolyn looked like she was fighting to return her mouth to dad's hard lollipop and continue sucking, but he pulled her up for a passionate kiss.

Her dad broke the kiss and looked his daughter up and down her naked body before softly declaring "I need to fuck you now, Carolyn. Daddy needs to fuck his little girl real bad."

Carolyn smiled up at him and raised herself to peck another small kiss on his jaw before reclining back on the bed again. She scooted herself completely up on the bed with her head on her pillows and then reached her arms up toward her father. As he climbed toward her on the bed, she slowly spread her legs outward, welcoming him between her pale thighs as he settled in for the next part of their tryst.

I could see Carolyn reach down between their bodies, apparently providing guidance for his cock as it approached her pussy. I watched her dad's ass muscles clench as he thrust his hips forward, towards his daughter. She let out a fairly loud moan, "Oooohhhh", when his penetration obviously occurred. I could see in the reflection that her daddy's hard cock was now buried in his daughter's pussy! Carolyn was getting fucked by her Dad!!!

The view in the mirror was somewhat restrictive to see everything, so I took a chance and silently pushed the door open enough to move my head into the room and look directly at my girlfriend's bed. Her dad's head was next to hers, but on the far side so that I could clearly see Carolyn's face. Her dad had moved his arms down her body, holding onto her hips as he worked his cock into his daughter's tight cunt. Carolyn had her left hand around her dad's waist, and her right hand around his head, stroking his hair in time to his pelvic thrusts. Her eyes were closed at that moment as she rocked her hips up and down in time with dad's thrusts, feeling her daddy fuck his cock ever deeper into her hungry pussy. She had her naked breasts mashed into his equally naked torso, moving her body beneath him. Carolyn wrapped her legs around her fathers legs, her heels at his calf muscles. I heard her whisper to him "Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me good!"

Carolyn's dad didn't respond immediately to her comment but he it was obvious that he wasn't in too much of a hurry. He had settled into a very rhythmic, penetrating, and thorough fucking of his daughter's cunt. His breathing was deep and even as he appeared to be in total control at the moment, sliding his prick in and then out of his daughter's young, squirming pussy as he continued to calmly fuck Carolyn's twat. I could see her pink nether lips clinging to her dad's cock as he withdrew and then welcome his next thrust hungrily as he would bury his erection deep inside her body.

I glanced at Carolyn's face just as she lifted her head and started opening her eyes. She was moving her body in time with her daddy's thrusts as she glanced around the room. Her startled expression when she realized I was standing there, her boyfriend, watching her take her father's cock up her pussy, was interesting to see. I quickly moved my hand to my lips, pantomiming a "shhhh" gesture with my index finger over my lips - without actually making any sound.

Carolyn looked at me with a question in her eyes. I stared at her for a moment, then pointed at my chest, grabbed my hard cock through my jeans, pointed at her, and then slid my middle finger from my right hand into a fist made with my left hand. I mouthed the words "I want to fuck you" silently at her as I moved my finger in and out of my fist. She understood exactly what I meant - I wanted my turn in her tight pussy!

Carolyn smiled at me for a moment, and then let her head drop back onto her pillow with her eyes closed again. She opened her legs wider and drew her knees up around her dad's waist, keeping with the rhythm of their fucking. Her feet were now just under her daddy's butt. She opened her eyes again and looked at me and nodded her head rapidly "yes", and then started moving her hips in a quick circular motion, really picking up the speed of their screwing. It must of excited her having me watching the two of them because the sounds of their fucking got noisier. The impact of her daddy's cock slamming into her pussy got louder, as did the wet, squishy noise of her cunt being reamed as she quickened the pace of their lovemaking.

We made eye contact again and I mouthed the word "When?" silently at her as she worked herself up and down on her father's cock. Carolyn looked back at me kind of glassy eyed and responded with a moaned "Soon!". I didn't know if she was answering my question or warning her father of an impending orgasm! Either way it was an intense, sexual groan of lust that just about drove me out of my mind as I stood there watching.

Her father still appeared to be in complete control. He turned his head slightly towards her and and in a loud stage whisper said "It's OK, Carolyn, go ahead and cum on my cock. You can cum for daddy whenever you want to. I want you to cum."

Carolyn now had both arms wrapped around her father's neck, holding his head down and blocking his vision with her own head so he couldn't turn and see me standing there. She made eye contact with me once again and mouthed the words "Watch this!", and moved her legs once again wider and upward so that she could cross her feet behind her daddy's waist. She was really opening her cunt for the pile-driving action that her dad's cock was starting to deliver to her pussy.

She turned her face and looked towards me, closed her eyes again, and said in her daddy's ear, "Fuck me daddy, fuck me good. I love fucking your cock. Fuck me, daddy. I'm gonna cum - soon, daddy." She continued on to start begging, "Please cum in my pussy, daddy, please cum in my pussy." I was shocked to hear continue talking to her father, "Give me a baby, daddy, give me your baby in my pussy. Please daddy, please cum in my pussy today! I want to feel your cum inside me! Please cum in my pussy! Cum inside me, daddy!"

With every expression of fuck or cum, her father really hammered his prick hard into her pussy. His composure was now gone and he was gasping for breath as his own sexual excitement neared its peak. He began shaking his head "No" as Carolyn begged for his sperm to be personally delivered to her womb. Suddenly, he lifted himself off his daughter and dragged his cock out of her pussy, just as he exploded in orgasm. He delivered his "money shot" in several hard blasts of cum all over her pussy, stomach and breasts as he pumped himself against her, but he was careful to not penetrate Carolyn's pussy again as he was cumming. With a groan he collapsed on top of his daughter, moving his cock weakly against her as he recovered from the physical effort he had expended while fucking her.

"You know I can't take the risk of getting you pregnant", he said quietly to her. "Why did you want me to cum inside you? How would we explain it to your mother and s****rs if you got pregnant? You know I can't cum in your pussy, now matter how much you want it!"

Carolyn held his head against her again and looked at me while he was talking. I saw her mouth the words "bathroom" and I slipped back into the hallway, closing the door back to its original position as I left my girlfriends room. I heard Carolyn answer her dad's questions, "I just got so excited Daddy, that I didn't really know what I was saying when I started to cum! Of course you shouldn't get me pregnant! I know you can't actually cum in my pussy, Daddy. But, I also know it excites you to hear me say it! You like it when I ask you to cum inside me even when you know you can't! I like it when you lose control and cum all over me!"

I couldn't hear any more of the discussion as I walked down the hallway and ducked into the large bathroom that Carolyn and her s****rs shared. My mind was racing with everything I'd witnessed and I was wondering what would happen next! Just minutes after entering the bathroom I heard her dad go past in the hallway, muttering to himself as he pulled his shirt on that he had to get back to the lawn tractor's engine repair. A moment or two later and Carolyn rushed into the bathroom, still quite naked. I was pushed into the sink as she threw herself into my arms, kissing me passionately as she worked my own shirt over my head and threw it aside. I barely had time to breathe as she ripped my belt open, unbuttoned my jeans, and worked the zipper down enough to reach into my underwear and grasp my own very hard & rigid cock.

"Quick, quick," she gasped into my ear. "Lay down on the floor. I've wanted to fuck you for so long, but I didn't want you to think I was a whore or slut or anything like that. Since you've seen me fuck Daddy you know I like to fuck then I'm not waiting another minute." Carolyn quickly shoved my jeans & underwear down past my knees and directed me onto my back on the floor. Moving herself on top of me she straddled my cock and sank her hot pussy wetly onto it. Lubrication was no problem considering the fucking she had just received from her father, and she quickly started screwing her cunt up and down on the entire length of my prick.

Carolyn bent forward and kissed me again. She broke the kiss and worked her way up my jaw, quickening the stroke of her cunt on my cock as she rode me. She whispered into my ear "Please cum in my pussy! Please cum in my pussy! You'll cum in my pussy, won't you?"

I started to shake my head no - just as her dad had. I said "Carolyn, you're too young to have a baby. We shouldn't risk it."

Carolyn answered "I didn't say get me pregnant, I asked if you'd cum in my pussy! I've been on the pill since before my Dad fucked me the 1st time, I've just never told him that because it's fun to watch him struggle with his conscience to not cum inside me. Now - won't you cum in my pussy, please? I've never had a man cum inside me before. and I want you to be the 1st to do it!"

Hearing that, my answer was simply "My pleasure!" as my own orgasm came quickly to me. I grabbed Carolyn's hips and shoved her down on my cock, holding her there as I shot thick, hot ropes of sperm deep into her protected womb. Feeling my sperm eruption Carolyn ground her pussy firmly on my cock and proceeded to cum herself, moaning and gasping for air. In the middle of my own orgasm I could hear her babbling, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really wanted to feel your cock cumming inside me!"

We layed there a few moments and I realized I'd better get cleaned up pretty quickly and get out of that part of the house before someone caught us. Carolyn gave me another quick kiss, pulled her cunt up and off my shrinking cock, and then ran back to her room, still naked, to find her clothes where she and her dad had discarded them. I pulled my own clothes back on and checked the hallway to see if the coast was clear.

I snuck back down to the f****y room and was sitting there by myself watching a movie on the TV when her dad came in from the garage. He was very nice to me and asked how long I'd been there. I told him the truth about how long I'd been in the house, but said I'd been watching a movie the whole time because I didn't know where he or Carolyn were. He answered he'd been trying to find a manual for the lawn tractor in his office and that Carolyn was probably taking a nap in her room.

Carolyn picked that moment to walk into the f****y room, looking a bit worse from wear from all of the sexual activity in her room with her dad, and in the bathroom with me. She hadn't thought to brush her hair yet, and her wrinkled clothes looked like she had put them back on in a real hurry. She turned a little red in embarrassment as she heard us talking about her as she sat down next to me on the couch.

I saw that her dad noticed her appearance and discomfort with a little smile on his face. I thought her Dad probably believed her embarrassment was because of their sexual encounter in her room and was glad I hadn't caught them. I could tell that he thought he had gotten away with fucking his daughter again, even though I was in the house while he was doing it. He was definitely smirking just a little bit as he walked away, going back to his tractor repair in the garage.

I looked at Carolyn's expression and thought it was probably because my cum should be leaking wetly from her pussy about then. I couldn't help smirking just a bit myself as she straightened her clothes and ran her fingers through her hair. I was already looking forward to fucking her again.... Continue»
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f***ed by dad and b*****r

It was the summer of my 19th birthday, me and my b*****r both decided to come home to spend our vacation. Although my b*****r and I shared a apartment together, since we we"re both in the same university, but i often noticed him looking at me in a "hungry way". I wasn"t gay, at te time I was what you would call a player, going from one girl to another.

We were heading down to montreal from Boston, and it was a long drive. We were taking turns driving the car because 6hrs is way to long for anyone to be driving. we finally arived at out father"s house, he and our mother had been divorced for 10 years for reasons we never knew. As soon as we arrived at the house our father came out to greet us. My dad was a burly, but strong man who looked very good for his age. We spent the entire night talking about university and work, we knew that that our father loved to hear about what we we"re up to. My dad told us to get a goodnight"s sl**p because he had a surprise for us the next day.

Before I went to sl**p i decided i needed a shower, while bathing I realized my b*****r was peeking through the crack of the door, I then realized my b*****r was gay. It was weird, we were twins, him being older, we looked the same, except he was a bit heavier and i was a bit taller, other than that we looked and sounded the same , but i know realized we weren"t. I spent the entire night thinking about my b*****r and his orientation and i came to the conclusion that i was ok with it.

The next morning, my dad led my b*****r and me to the car, we felt like young c***dren again, waiting for our dad's surprise. He brought us to a spa, because he wanted us to relax. It was surprising to me that you needed to give in all your clothers and stay in a bathrobe, but we all got naked and then slipped into our robe.

I decided to go and take a swim while my dad and b*****r went to the sauna, soon after i relaized that this was a males only club since their we no women. during my swim i began hearing noises that disturbed me so i decided to go back to our room. I sat down and opened the tv and to my surprise gay porn was playing and then i realized it, my dad was gay. I paged my dad and b*****r and they came to the room. they walked in and saw me getting dressed. they asked me what was wrong and i told them that i knew they were gay and this was a gay spa and i needed to leave.

My dad stopped me and told me that he didnt care if I wasnt gay and that he payed good money for this and we were gonna enjoy it, my b*****r left the room and said he"d be back later. my dad then grabbed me and kissed me as i tried to stuggle free nothing worked, he took my head and shoved to his cock and made me suck his thick 7 inch dick. i began to gag, it was too much, i couldn"t believe it my dad was forcing me to suck his cock. as if that wasn't bad enough he tore the back of my pants and then my underwear, and shoved me on the bed. i asked him to stop but he didn't he put me on my stomache and layed himself on my back, i knew what was comming, he spit on his dick and shoved it very hard in my virgin hole, the pain was excrushiating but i just layed there not being able to move since my dad was forcing himself on me. right then my b*****r walked in, surprised at first he didnt know what to do, as i asked him to help, my dad asked him to join in, my b*****r opened his robe and f***ed fed me his cock. I then felt a shot of liquid in my mouth and realized my b*****r had cum in my mouth. cum dripping down my chin. my dad kept thrusting until he began to scream he then let his load flow in my ass, i felt like a whore.

the entire summer they used me as a boy toy and then when my vacations were over I changed school and apartments not being able to look at my b*****r the same... Continue»
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Scott Dad and me

At 17 I never dreamed that I would be returning to live with my father. I said “I do” to my high school sweetheart that year. The problem was, over the next five years he would continue to say “I do” to every woman that winked at him and after our first year of teaching, I said, “Enough,” and had no where else to go.
Fortunately, that was also the summer when my little b*****r was going to leave our small town where he had worked since he was 15 in the medical equipment center and go for 6 weeks of basic training and 2 weeks of advanced combat medical training with the army reserve. So there was a three day overlap where we all three were crammed into the small house dad had moved into when mom died two years ago.
Those three days were eye opening to me. My little b*****r Scotty had become Scott. He was no longer a scrawny little k**, but, as I discovered the first morning I was in the house, he was a man. I had just stepped into the shower and remembered my shampoo was still in my room. I stepped out of the shower and reached for my towel just as Scott walked in. He was only in his boxers and they were tented out in a fashion that made it clear that he was endowed like a bull. I couldn’t find my voice. I just stared as he walked with closed eyes to the toilet and freed a cock that looked to be a full 2 inches longer than my ex had. It was magnificent!
And then I realized I was standing there naked in front of my little b*****r and I grabbed for my briefly forgotten towel. I saw Scott turn and look at me. His eyes popped open wide as he caught a brief glimpse of my naked body. I stammered and he just laughed as I scrambled past him and to my things in his room. He was gone from the bath when I came back and I cannot say whether I was more relieved or disappointed about him being gone.
That night, when Scott got back from his last night of work, we had a celebration of sorts. I drank to my new freedom and Scott drank to steal his nerves for heading off to basic. Dad joined us late in the game and soon we were all d***k and dad told Scott to show me what it was that he worked on.
Scott had learned how to fix medical equipment and a lot of the things that the insurance company would not pay to repair, Scott had brought home and fixed. One of his prizes was a breast pump machine that he said still did not work quite as smoothly as it should, but worked which was a big improvement over how it had been when it had been returned to the shop 6 weeks earlier.
There were other things too that he had fixed, but I was d***k and the only thing I could think of was to wonder how that machine would feel pumping on me. My breasts have always been on the small side, but oh so sensitive. I was thrilled when they finally was large enough that I could suck on them myself years ago. Now, all I could think of was trying out the machine.
We all packed it in not too much longer after that and I watched Scott take his prizes back into the room that was about to become mine. I found myself staring at him in a not too s****rly way and as he came back to the doorway I said, “Scotty, I love you.” And then I kissed him. It was a far more intimate kiss than I had planned and ended far too soon.
He smiled at me as he broke our embrace and said, “Feel free to play with anything you find in here while I am gone. Dad and I will be leaving first thing in the morning and I won’t be back for a couple of months, so… have fun!”
The next morning, I woke up to find the house empty and a horny hangover twitched to life as I returned to the bedroom after my morning constitutional. That was when I noticed the breast pump and my curiosity fueled the spark of desire that was forming in the folds of my pussy. There was no reason deny it, I was alone in the house. Within minutes, I had my night shirt pulled up and was pressing the plastic cups against my flesh. The moment I flicked the switch I knew I was in heaven and the machine began to suck my nipples out like no boy in high school had ever done nor my ex had ever taken the time to do.
It was as if there were strings of nerves connecting my elongating nipples to the bud of my clit. Each tug on my breast, seemed to pull my flesh tighter around my sensitive clit. I laid back on my pillows on the bed and let the machine build my pleasure for probably close to an hour before I allowed my fingers to peel back the flesh of my pussy and within a few short touches send my mind reeling with a long needed orgasm.
After regaining my wits, I cleaned up and began working on settling into my new room. After lunch though, the allure of the machine sitting beside the bed began to much for me, and I found myself once again, placing the plastic cups on my breasts and feeling the pleasure sweep through me as it brought me to the edge of yet another orgasm.
By the time I was ready for bed, I was finishing my fourth round of pleasuring myself and I was pleasantly exhausted. As I drifted off to bed it occurred to me that with having the summer off (I am a middle school English teacher) I was going to have many more days to re-play the days pleasures.
Now, after 3 days of this, something completely unexpected happened. There was a cloudy liquid in the collection bottle. At first I had no idea what this was, so I got online with my computer and found out something VERY interesting to me. Since I had not taken any of my birth control pills since moving back in with Dad, my hormones had thought my pregnancy had just ended in birth, and the stimulation of the machine was making me a wet nurse!!
At first I thought I had better stop, but I couldn’t, it was too delicious! Both the pleasure of the sexual stimulation and the sensation of my breasts growing heavy and the milk dropping and watching it fill bottles three and four times a day were just the best part of every day. My breasts grew 2 cup sizes in the next month and I had to start wearing the formed bra’s to hide my pads. Still I could not stop.
Then one night, Dad came home early as I was in the process of relieving my heavy breasts. I did not hear him come in and before I realized it he was standing there watching me with eyes that were hungry with lust. I started to cover myself and he quickly took the two strides to stand before me and his hand reached for mine and stopped me.
The plastic cup lost its suction and fell away and I followed his gaze down to our hands, where my breast was now freely spraying them both. I felt mortified. Right up until Dad reached down and lifted my heavy breast and leaned down to suck my milk.
I didn’t care. The machine had felt good, but having a man’s warm lips wrap around my puckered nipples f***ed a groan from deep within me. I was only vaguely aware of his hand now between my thighs, opening me up. The rhythmic sucking of my own father and the taboo nature of the whole situation sent my lust soaring and the moment his finger flicked across my clit I moaned and began trembling with an orgasm that he did not allow to end until he had drained both of my breasts.
Without saying a thing, he left the room and I went to the bath to clean up. The next morning, a new ritual began in the house. Dad was up early, and by up, I mean his cock was the first thing to come through my door!! For the next 45 minutes he suckled first one breast and then the next. He used the breast milk that spilled unbidden from the second breast while he was suckling the first, to lubricate his hand for stroking his semi-rigid cock.
We settled into this routine until the day Scotty came home. That was yesterday. Dad came in early and dutifully drained my heavy breasts before driving to pick him up at the airport. I wondered if he would tell Scott, and if he did, I wondered what Scott would do. I didn’t have to wait long.
The two of them walked in the door at about noon, and I ran to Scott and kissed him. He swept me up and twirled me around. Then as he set me down on the ground and held me back, he said, “God, you are right! Her breasts are awesome!!” Dad took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I watched as the two men of my life walked around the far side of the bed. “Sit down Lacey, and let’s take care of your afternoon milk,” Dad said.
I stood there staring for a moment and then I slowly undid my blouse. I could feel the milk in my breasts letting down and the new weight of them dug the straps of my breasts deep into my shoulders. I tugged the straps down my shoulders and undid the clasps at my back and allowed the girls to fall freely into the sight of my father and b*****r.
Obediently, I sat down on the bed, facing away from the two of them, but within minute I could feel them both climbing onto the bed. My father’s face suddenly appeared staring up at me from my left thigh. He took the tender swollen flesh of my breast in his hand and guided the now dripping nipple to his lips and he began to suck.
Scott was suddenly there looking up at me with a crazed lust in his eye. I guided my breast to his partially open lips and dribbled milk into his mouth. His tongue snaked out to gather the nectar into his mouth. The whole insanity of the moment sent my head spinning. And then, I moved my own hands behind me and found that both of them were in their boxers.
Within minutes I was manually pumping two hard cocks in my hands while they sucked like starving babes. I was oblivious as to whose hands were where. There was a finger or two deep in my cunt and a thumb rubbing back and forth across my clit. A stray finger opened my back passage and I knew that it had to belong to Scott, since Dad had never come close to opening this forbidden passage, and just as with so many other taboos that I had shattered, this too was an unexpected pleasure. An hour later, we were a mess. I had brought Scott and Dad of twice and their goo mixed with my milk and our sweat to make an incredible mixture of decadent scents.
That was four hours ago, and I have to confess, that as my breast are now, again, tender and full, I can hardly wait for them to get home from the golf course and once more drain my breasts again!!!
... Continue»
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me,dad and uncle fred

I could not take my mind off that fising trip with dad nothing else had happen with him since. Every night i went to bed thinking dreaming about us sucking each other. The taste of his seaman the feel of his cock. Every night i wank myself with these thoughts as each night came i got a little more brave to where i was tasting my own cum and touching my asshole to one night i put my finger in god i love the feeling of me fingering my ass.
One day dad told me uncle Fred was going to pick us up as he needed help at his house with moving. Uncle Fred arrived and dad and i got in his car dad in the front me in the back i knew we had about an hours drive ahead so i sat back and started let my mind wonder off. Abouth half an hour into the drive dad said" Look at this Rick" i leant forward and saw that both my dad and uncle had their cocks out playing with each other. Seeing this made me go rock hard then dad took off his seat belt leant over and started to giving his b*****r my uncle a blow job. I sat there watch my dad's head bobbing up an down in my uncles lap until uncle Fred let out a soft moan and dad sat up open his mouth showed me the cum and swollowed it. I could not wait to get to uncle Freds house.
When we arrived i was ordered to got straight to the bedroom i needed no second requested. "So what have you done son since we sucked each other?" "I've done alot of wanking i've even tasted my own cum and fingered my ass dad" "So you still have a virgin ass then Rick?" asked uncle Fred "yes" i responded. "ok then take off all your clothes and show your dad and me you fingering your ass" uncle Fred instucted me. I took off all my clothes i was already hard got on the bed opened my legs wetted my middle finger and inserted it into my asshole and started to finger myself as they both watched and wanked each other.
Both my dad and uncle were also naked "Get off the bed Rick"Uncle Fred said i did as i was told uncle Fred stood up on the bed with his cock towards my face i just grabbed it and started to suck on it. My dad got on his knees in front of me and started to suck me rubbing his hand up my leg till his hand was on my ass he parted my legs slightly and inserted his finger into my asshole god it felt good. I felt Uncle Fred's cock get harded and him bucking then he shoot his load into my mouth this turn me on so much i shot my load into my dads waiting mouth."Get on the bed on all fours as your dad is going to take your virginty" uncle Fred instucted i did as i was told and had both my dad and uncle behind me looink at my ass . I then felt a tongue licking my ass "I'm going to get you wet and ready for your dad's cock Rick" Uncle Fred was rimming and spitting into my ass and i was loving every moment. Uncle Fred then opened my ass with his strong hands and ithen felt the tip of my dads cock touching my virgin hole. Very slowly and gently my dad entered me it hurt at first then i relaxed and started to enjoy it so much that my cock was rock hard again. Uncle Fred laid on his back positioned his face under my cock then he took me in his mouth.It felt great dad fucking me uncle Fred sucking me "I'm cumming " dad shouted and i felt his warm powerful load in my ass and as he pulled out over my ass and back. This was to much for me as i empty my load into my uncles mouth.Fred got up from below me got behind me then roughly shoved his cock into my hole and my dad made his way to my face and told me to clean his cock and put it into my mouth. I was in heaven sucking and licking my dad clean my Uncle fucking me hard. Uncle Fred withdrew his cock and also came over my ass and back. I felt Fred rub all them cum over my back and ass and invited my dad over where they both licked and sucked their cum of me
"Rick you are now our cum bucket and we ARE going to do this again" Uncle Fred told me "Anytime" i replied.... Continue»
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My s****r and Me (recent)

Not too long ago my parents decided we hadn't spent enough time at home and planned on having a f****y dinner back home. I live about 2 hours away from home and my s****r lives about half of that. So we all get the arrangements to head home and the next day I head out in the afternoon. I had gotten d***k the night before so I got up late but that is neither here nor there. I'm heading home and I get the urge to give Stephanie a ring and see if she may want to fool around before we get home.

Right when I go to grab my phone my dad gives me a call. I hesitantly answer it and ask what's up. He tells me that mom had to cover a shift tonight for some other woman at the office. My mom is too nice and will do pretty much anything for anyone. She thinks it's a good thing to do but it can get in the way of so much else. Since my mom was going to make dinner my dad told me to just get something to eat on the way. I call Stephanie and ask her what she is doing and she has already eaten and is doing something else. She was very vague about it but I assume she just wasn't for anything tonight. So I stop off a little less than halfway home and grab a bite to eat at a bar and grill. I have 2 beers and a couple wings and set off for home.

It's already dark by the time I get in town but I see my s****r's car in the driveway. My parents always leave the front door open for her so I try that first and it's locked. Oh well, I go to try the garage and my dad has changed the code. Dammit, I head for the back door to the basement and I can't help but notice that hardly any lights are on inside except for my parents room. I unlock the door and make my way inside. I go up to the main floor and no lights are on but I can hear my dad's stereo blasting from his room. It's a jazzy modern music that's playing but he is always into something like that. I make my way upstairs but I don't have to sneak too much. I can hear him a little bit over the music but not much.

I crouch and sneak to the door and I can hear him groaning. I'm a little disturbed but I have to know what's going on. I turn the door knob slowly but no one could hear it anyway over the music. I look inside and all I can see is my s****r's head bobbing next to the bed. I can't see her face but I know it's her by the hair. I hear my dad groan again as my s****r lifts her head up and wipes the hair from her face. I see a hand reach out and grab her by the back of the head. It pulls her back down and see continues bobbing.

I stand up a little bit and I can see her giving head to someone. I can't think it's my dad. Must be some guy she's seeing or something. I try to get a better angle but I can't as I don't want to give up my position. Stephanie stands up in only her bra and turns away from me. Suddenly, as if a nightmare, my dad scoots off the bed and jumps in behind her. He throws her down on the bed and grabs hold of his dick. She is moaning slightly as I can see he's playing with her. I close the door enough so that no one could see through the crack but enough for me to watch. I know this sounds weird but my dad doesn't look too different from me. It's almost as if I'm watching her and me have sex in third person.

My dad puts his hand down on Stephanie's back and starts fucking her. I can't believe my eyes. I had no idea this was going on. I hear Stephanie moan and my dad tries to hold his orgasm in. He pulls her up and kisses her on the neck followed by walking around the bed and lying down. Stephanie follows him and then jumps on top of him. She grabs his dick and puts it in her pussy. She furiously pounces on it and I can hear my dad say he's about to cum. She isn't getting off of him! It seems like she's taking her sweet time and right as she gets off him I see his cum fly from his dick and glance off her pussy then land on his stomach. When I saw that for some reason all I could think was that my dad and myself were anatomically the same. Odd but you never know what's going to bounce in your head when you see something like that.

They start making small talk and all the action is over so I head downstairs and try to make it look like I just showed up. I open the garage door and announce my presence. I can hear them end their scramble upstairs and my dad comes down in some raggy clothes. I do my best not to try and think of what just happened and I believe I play it off pretty cool. Stephanie found a way to sneak downstairs then came up. She is definitely very sneaky but I play their game. My mom comes home late that night and they have church in the morning so Stephanie and I have the place to ourselves. I can't get it out of my head and she finally notices that something is off in my mind.

"What's wrong?" she asks me.
"Nothin, just thinking," I say.
"Thinking about what?"
"Just things. I don't know. Nevermind."
"What's bothering you, little b*****r?" she asks giving me some puppy dog eyes I can't resist.
"I just had this weird dream last night," I started.
"What happened?"
"Well you know how you and I have our good times every now and then?" I ask.
"Of course," she said with a smile leaning in to me.
"Well for some reason last night I had a dream I was dad and we were messing around..."
"That's pretty weird," she said. Stephanie was slightly suspicious I could tell.
"I don't know what to make of it. Have you ever thought about it?"
"What? Having sex with dad?!"
"yeah, I mean he doesn't look to different from me," I say hoping she will come clean.
"Well, no. I haven't ever really-" she said before I cut her off.
"'Well'? have you?" I ask more intently.
"I mean-"
I cut her off again.
"C'mon just tell me," I said.
"It's not like that it's just that-"
"I saw you." I couldn't drag it out any longer.
"What?!" she nearly screamed.
"I saw you and dad last night, what was that??" I ask.
"It wasn't anything," she said, "just drop it."
"How can I drop that? I saw you suck him off and ride him. How am I supposed to just drop it?" I start talking down to her.
"I only did it-"
"--Because you wanted to??" I interjected.
"Dad was going to divorce mom!" she exclaimed looking away from me.
"...What?" I asked not believing my ears.
"Remember when dad and I went to San Diego for my graduation present?" Stephanie asked.
"Yeah, why?" I asked puzzled as hell.
"He left the me key to the mini-bar and went out for a few drinks. He was hit on by some women and he came back to the hotel smashed. He said he missed 'the life' and that he maybe needed to go in a new direction or something. I asked him what he was talking about and he said he thinks he wants to get a divorce. I told him he was just d***k. I was feeling quite a buzz from the mini-bar and he explained to me that he had thought about this for a while and now that I was graduating that he could have free reign to do it. I begged him not to. I begged him on my knees in front of his lap. He still had a remaining bulge in his lap from earlier and I grabbed him for some reason. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was keeping us together."
"Are you serious?" I was taken aback. I couldn't believe that my s****r could even be that selfless.
"Yeah, I mean it's not like you and me were going to live together any more and I didn't want that. I didn't want any of that," she filled in.
"Then why are you still doing it?" I asked.
"I don't know, it doesn't happen that often but it feels good. He will help me out here and there and if he isn't getting it from mom he will ask me for it. I have no problem with it. He was our provider as k**s and still is now. The least I could do is give myself to him."

I couldn't comprehend what was going on but I could understand that she was doing what she thought was right. I didn't argue with her and I didn't want to upset her. She was a little sad and wanted to rest in my lap. She did for a little while as I took everything in. She was a great s****r. She kept the f****y together, she showed me everything sexually I could want and she was a better s****r than any other girl I knew. I was rubbing her head and I said "thank you" for everything she had done so far. "don't thank me just yet," Stephanie said as her hand moved up towards my lap.

I was in sweat pants and a slight bulge was present. She felt it and looked up at me with her sexy eyes. Stephanie lifted her head and pulled at my waistband. My cock poked it's head out and she smiled up at me. I pushed myself up and she pulled my pants the rest of the way down. She snagged my cock in her mouth so fast I could barely watch it happen. Stephanie was sucking so hard and fast I thought she was going to rib the skin off. Her hair was in my lap and it was almost like it was dancing all around my dick. She was twisting and sucking and gagging on it. It was so hot. I pushed her down until she couldn't go any further and came up for air. Stephanie pulled up and looked me in the eye with saliva pooled up around her lips. I smiled at her and pushed her head back down. She could barely breathe and I was close to climaxing so I pulled her off.

I told her to bend over the bed. She was only wearing a thong and an over-sized t-shirt. She bent over in front of me and I pulled her thong down. Her pussy radiated heat next to my face. I licked her pussy and she jumped. Before she could get away I grabbed her by her ass and pulled her back in. I shoved my tongue into her pussy as far as I could. I was oscillating in and out as fast as I could. My nose was buried in her ass but neither of us cared. I worked my thumb on her clit and she instantly got wetter. I'm licking her up and down, left to right and pushing as far in as I can. She is squealing on the other side of my tongue. Stephanie reaches back with her right hand and shoves her middle finger in her asshole. It is so tight around her finger that it's pulling on it when she goes in and out.

I can barely take it at that point so I stand up behind her, pants of the floor and cares to the wind. I let some spit drop from my lips and land on her asshole. I push my lubricated thumb into her ass and rub the rest into her juicy pussy. I grab hold of my dick and massage her clit with it. I push the head up next to her pussy hole and just edge the tip in. She gasps a little and I push in a little further. I slowly start pumping and then we get into a rhythm. I'm fucking her over the guest bed and she is loving it as much as I am. "Oh my god!" she screams right before surrendering and falling on the bed.

Stephanie rolls over and starts rubbing her clit. I stand next to her and go to put my dick in her pussy when she grabs it. She is laying down in front of me holding onto my cock and rubbing her clit the hardest I've ever seen her do it. Her breathing speeds up and she cums hard squirting me below the stomach and letting a ton of love juice fall down to her ass. She pulls on my dick and puts it up against her asshole. Slowly she pushes it in and closes her eyes in pain. I finger her pussy to try and take her mind off it and it works. She is looking up at me from time to time with sheer pleasure in her eyes. I tell her I'm going to cum and she says she wants to taste it. "No time," is all I can say before cumming in her ass. I fall on the bed next to her completely out of cum and she slurps it off my dick. It sends an unbelievable sensation through me and she laughs. As she is sucking me with her mouth and left hand her right is massaging her asshole. She pulls a wad of of jizz from her ass and lifts it to her mouth. "MMM, I love it," Stephanie says.
"Me too," I say with a wink trying to catch my breath. ... Continue»
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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 10

I am not the author. Found story on old desk top. Original Story name is "F***ly Games'

Mom, Dad, and Us Chapter 10

They came in after dinner, and they'd had their own in a cute restaurant, holding their heads close together and whispering exactly like what they were--lovers. Her dad hadn't minded the curious, knowing glances they received; he had been altogether too busy being the nice guy he was.

But they had to go back home; she reminded him of that sad fact over a glass of light wine he sneaked her. So they left the candlelight and wine atmosphere and drove back to the house. All the way, her father kept working on excuses as to why they had been gone the entire day, excuses that Lorena knew they wouldn't need.

Her b*****r was downstairs in the living room, in front of the color TV, seemingly very casual, but a closer look told her that he was beat. While her dad went to the downstairs bathroom, she leaned over and kissed Glynn.

"Where's mom?"

"Upstairs lying down. She got a little crocked, even though I tried to hold back on the supply."

She kissed him again, feeling very loving, and sat down on the arm of the big chair.
"Looks like she worked you over pretty good, lover boy. You're kind of pale and pooped."

Glynn sighed. "I may not be able to walk upstairs without help. Wow! I thought you and I had some great sessions, but mom is the wildest. She's been without screwing for a long time, she said, and I guess she made up for it with me."

"It was sort of that way with dad and me," Lorena said.

"But I think it's more than not fucking for a while; I think it's who they're fucking that turns them on so much. Wasn't it like that with you? I mean, I got my greatest kicks with you, far more than with the other guys I screwed--until dad's big cock got in me. Then it was like nothing ever before."

"Yeah," Glynn agreed.

"I almost came on the outside of mom's pussy, just touching it with the head of my prick. And it seemed like I couldn't stop fucking her, couldn't ever get enough of that sweet cunt. I went down on her, Lorena, and she ate me, too."

She squirmed on the chair arm, stimulated at hearing what her mother did.

"Did you get a chance to bring up swinging with others?"

He nodded and slipped his arm around her waist.

"I told her about Jean Marks, and she liked the idea. She wanted to know how soon we could get together. I said maybe tonight, but I'm in no shape for it now. How does dad screw?"

"Wonderfully," she said, holding his hand.

"Once he got past the hang- up about me being his baby girl, he fucked me until I passed out. I couldn't get more than the head of his cock in my mouth--you have no idea how gigantic it is--but I gave him some good head. And afterward, he ate me out, even though he'd never fully done it to a woman before, not even to mom."

Glynn moved both their hands down and snuggled them between Lorena's thighs with a quiet kind of intimacy she liked.

He said, "She told me his hang-ups, and admitted she wanted to watch some fucking. I didn't say you and I had swung. Did you tell dad?"

"No; I didn't think it was time. But I did bring up Jean, and he really dug the idea. I'm not sure she can take his big cock, though; she's so small and delicate, even if she's practically a nympho. I figured to get the three of us swinging together, so he'll loosen up more. Then, maybe we can arrange for him to see you and mom screwing. That ought to plug the plug for sure."

Glynn massaged her mound.

"One way or another. I just hope he doesn't freak out and beat the hell out of me."

"How can he?" Lorena asked. "I mean, he's fucking his daughter, and another k**, too. So how can he flip when he discovers that his wife is doing the same thing? I only wish we had another guy to bring in, somebody we could trust, but I can't think of anybody. Maybe later."

"Hey," Glynn said, "you feel real good. If you're not too tired, maybe I can get it up again, and you can tell me all the details of how the old man put his big meat to you."

She laughed.

"I wonder if you'll ever get enough pussy? You know, I hope I can set it up so that both you and daddy can screw me at the same time. The two of you could take turns on me, then I could eat one of you while the other one gave me a good, long fucking."

"You think he'll go for that?" her b*****r asked anxiously. "If he will, we can do the same act with mom. I'd really dig that, the two of us putting the meat to mom."

Lorena said, pressing his hand deeper into her crotch, "Don't be selfish. I'll be there, too, doing whatever I can to help us all."

"I'm getting hard," Glynn announced. "But what about Jean? Are you going to call her?"

"In a few minutes," she answered. "But not for you. If she can come over and spend the night, I want her for dad and me. And if you're not asl**p, I promise to come in and keep you company for a while."

"Okay," her b*****r said, and no more, for at that time their father came into the room and went to the bar.

Glynn said "Hi!" and went upstairs. Lorena slid off the arm and into the chair, her mound dampened by the playing around her b*****r had done with it. Watching her dad mix a strong highball, she thought that he had had only wine today, but the minute he got home, he needed something stronger.

"Mom's in bed early," she said to him. "Glynn said she had a little too much and called it a night."

"That figures," he said. "Damn it! Today was so great, and now it turns sour, back in this house with her."

She got up and went to him, to press her slim body against his big, muscled one.

"I'll call Jean to sl**p over. You can come into my room, so that even if mom does wake up, she won't suspect anything if she hears a couple of giggling k**s."
"I don't know," he said. "It's too dangerous here."

Kissing him hard on the mouth, tasting the residue of his drink there, she said, "Don't be a cop out. Unless you can't take any more screwing?"

He swallowed more whiskey and grinned. "I think I can ball all night; I never felt younger or stronger."

"Good," she said, and went to the telephone. Sure, Jean said, she could come right over and how was darling Glynn doing.

Softly into the mouthpiece, Lorena said, "It's not him. It's my dad. I balled him last night and all day, and now we're ready for you."

"Wow!" Jean said. "You aren't putting me on? That big, sexy hunk of man--you swung with your own dad, too?"

"All the way," Lorena answered. "He thinks you're something else, by the way."

"I'll be right over," Jean gasped. "Where's your mom?"

"Zonked out," Lorena said, "crashed. Glynn's out of action, also. So that leaves us three."

"A nice, swinging number," Jean said, and hung up.

Turning, Lorena said, "She's coming right over. Maybe you ought to bring a bottle up to my room?"

Shaking his head, her dad murmured, "I can't believe that all this is happening to me, but if it's a dream, I don't want to wake up."

Lorena climbed the stairs, went to pee, and had another quick shower, wanting to be all fragrant and fresh for him--and for Jean, she thought. How would it be, one chick with another? Not as good as fucking a man, probably, but different and good, maybe. It wouldn't hurt to try, and could add an entirely new dimension to the relationship. Jean had hinted around a time or two that she wouldn't be adverse to doing it, and Lorena suspected that the other girl was already experienced.

When the door buzzer sounded, she wrapped her blue robe around her damp body and went pounding back downstairs to let in her friend. Her father was still at the bar, and she caught Jean excitedly by the hand to lead her to the bedroom.

Inside, she helped the girl strip off her clothing, and marveled again at the miniature precision of Jean's lovely little body. The small, but perfectly shaped breasts stood up pertly, tipped with exotic pink nipples, and Jean's skin was so finely textured it felt like warm silk.

"That feels nice," Jean said. "Your hands, I mean. Got a robe I can borrow? We don't want to shake up your dad too much, not right away."

Lorena hauled a pale green dressing gown from her closet, and held it so Jean could put it on. The girl leaned back against her, and took Lorena's hands to lift them to the compact cones of her tits. Her hair was close to Lorena's face, and smelled of a sensual perfume.

"This feels even better," Jean murmured, practically lost in the translucent robe. Her little body burned through the thin material and into Lorena's. "How did you do it--make your father?"

"Helped him get smashed, then sneaked into his bed and pretended to be mom. They haven't been sl**ping together for months, and he was horny as anything. By the time he realized he wasn't fucking her, but his daughter, it was too late. He had already come in me."

Jean giggled and rubbed the diminutive hillocks of her saucy ass into Lorena's belly.

"And now that you turned him on, he's ready for anything? So are you, it seems."

"I think so," Lorena answered. "We'll get to that later, I guess, although I don't know how my daddy will take something so far out."

"He'll like it fine," Jean assured her. "Guys really dig seeing two chicks make it with each other; it turns them on like you wouldn't believe."

Hearing footsteps in the hallway, Lorena felt a warm rush of bl**d to her face and let go of Jean's tits to step back. "There he is. I guess we'll just play it by ear."

"If that's your bag," Jean laughed and drew the diaphanous robe tightly about her body to outline the shape of it.

Eric Johansen came quickly into the room, shutting and locking the door behind himself. He had two bottles, one a fifth of bourbon, the other a mix.

"Hello, girls."

Seeing that her father was doing his best to play it cool, Lorena caught his hand briefly, then took the bottles and put them on her dresser.

"You remember Jean Marks, dad?"

"How could I forget her?" he asked. "You leave an indelible impact, Jean."

"Hey," Jean said, "that's what I like about older men; they're thoughtful and nice."

"Well," he said. He was wearing a satin robe that exposed his hairy legs and dipped in front to show more fur on his broad chest. Lorena thought he looked yummy.

Jean broke the unnatural awkwardness by simply opening her robe and dropping it from her shoulders.

Lorena saw her dad's eyes go wide at sight of the lovely body. Jean looked terrific, of course, creamy white and deep reds, the dark scarlet hair luxuriant over her tiny mound, the hills and valleys of her flesh all cunningly molded. As they watched, she pirouetted slowly, lifting her arms, a gorgeous little mannequin.

Lorena took off her covering, but simply stood quiet and looked at her father.

He said, "Here are two truly beautiful girls, the prettiest, most charming girls I've ever seen. They're naked and adventurous, and here I am--scared as any k** on his first outing. I'm one hell of a long way from being a cherry, but I'm as nervous as if I was."

"Don't be, dad," Lorena said.

"Why don't you sit down on the bed and I'll get a glass for your drink. Jean--"

"Sure," Jean breathed huskily, and moved to the bed to sit beside him. As Lorena splashed whiskey and mix into a glass retrieved from the bathroom, she watched her friend playing with her father's robe.

"Sit up, Mr. Johansen." Jean murmured, "so I can help you out of the sleeves."

Lorena brought him the strong drink, and her dad grabbed it anxiously. She saw his nude body then as Jean whipped off the robe, saw that he was still edgy about being with two young girls, and one of them his own daughter. His cock hung down limply between the sinewy columns of his thighs.

"Damn," Jean said, "I never saw one that long before, but if you took it, Lorena--I guess I can, too."

"Wait till you see it hard," Lorena said, knowing a warm stir within her pussy at the sight of her father's appetizing cock, and went around to the other side of the bed.

When she crawled onto it, Jean was kissing him, one hand fondling the soft tool, the other arm around his neck. Her father caressed the little girl, running his hands over the perfect small body.

Lorena slid across the bed and came to her knees to press her tits into her dad's back while she held to his hips. Her brushy mound rubbed up and down along his spine, and she figured that he was getting the damnedest kiss of his life.

They sank back to the mattress together, and Jean pushed him over onto his back.

"The first time, I think I'll try it this way, Mr. Johansen, so I can handle that giant thing my own way. Oh wow--look how it's growing!"

Still kneeling beside her father, Lorena saw that his prick was reaching its full and magnificent size, the glans puffing its lavender velvet knob awesomely, the corded shaft glowing with inner life, and his hairy balls looking solid. It was lovely to her, no longer frightening, but she understood how the other girl could be shaken by its length and heft.

But Jean was handling it now, stroking her tiny hands up and down, caressing her fluttering fingers over the head of the big prick. Lorena watched the girl climb over his body, straddling the man, both hands still toying with his cock.

Turning her head, Jean asked over one shapely shoulder, "It's okay if I take him on first, isn't it? I mean, you've already been screwed today, and I haven't."

"Be my guest," Lorena said in high excitement, running her fingertips over the erectile tips of her aching breasts. "Daddy's all ready."

An exquisitely formed little goddess, Jean poised momentarily above him, sculptured in rose and gold and red, the twin cheeks of her molded ass twitching.

Jean moved the huge cock she was holding, and biting her lips, guided its pulsing head into the caress of her pubic hairs.

"It's so big--so big."

But the blunt tip dug up into the small crotch, and Lorena saw it slowly going inside Jean's mini-pussy. Bit by bit, as the girl squirmed to make it fit, the bulb pushed on when Jean gently lowered her ass. An inch, then another disappeared into the curly red hairs, and Lorena could make out the cunt lips stretching pinkly around the very rim of her father's cockhead.

The girl gave a strong downward hunch, tightening the cheeks of her ass as she did so, and the head vanished into her vagina.

"Ooohh!" Jean gasped. "It's like riding a salami--oh! Stretching me open--big and hard and groovy--"

Lorena could resist no longer; she reached down between the girl's thighs and fingered the root of the throbbing shaft. She felt the slickness of Jean's love juice upon it and touched the marvelously soft labia as Jean's cunt came to rest there. Her other hand cuddling her own pussy, her little finger tickling into its hot lips, Lorena squeezed on the hilt of her father's prick and reveled in the up and down sensation of the other girl's cunt lips, too.

Releasing her own snatch, she came up to kneel right behind Jean; this way, she could still reach down and play between two pairs of thighs, toying with balls and cock as Jean slid up and down upon the deeply embedded shaft. Lorena's tits nuzzled into Jean's back, and she loved the sensation of the little ass bumping her belly.

"E-every time I wiggle," Jean panted, "my clit goes crazy. The head of this prick hits bottom, too. Ahh--oh, Mr. Johansen, you're wonderful"

It seemed impossible for Jean to be taking all that mammoth cock, Lorena thought, but it was happening, and that tiny cunt must be stretched to its capacity, packed with so much hard meat. She reached around and took both the girl's firm tits in her hands, kneading them tenderly as Jean stroked up and down.

Leaning back and twisting her head around, Jean sought Lorena's mouth. Their tongues met furiously and their teeth clashed as Jean continued to ride the upright pole, wiggling and hunching on it. Lorena felt the moan burst against her teeth as Jean came, felt the long convulsion that wracked the vibrant little body as the climax crested through it.

"Hot and tight, holding my prick with hot fingers," her father grunted, surging his pelvis upward. "Sucking on my rod--ah, k**--you sweet little cunt! Uh--uh--UH!!"

He came, heaving up in a spasm that lifted them both from the bed. As he dropped back, Lorena realized that his river of bubbling semen was pumping into her friend's pussy, that her raunchy daddy was shooting his hot cum into Jean's shuddering cunt, drowning the tiny velvet envelope.

She envied her friend the rare sensation, and squeezed hard upon Jean's tits. Jean's tongue went still in Lorena's mouth, and their breath sighed, blending in warmth, understanding and sharing. Lorena was very glad for the moment, even though her own pussy was afire with want.

When Jean sagged limply forward, Lorena let go of the girl's breasts and helped her work the massive shaft out of her pussy. It came into the air with a plopping sound, and semen ran down Jean's molded thigh.

Rolling over onto the bed, Jean whispered, "J-just give me a minute or two, Lorena. I think I exploded."

And her father fumbled weakly at the bedside table for his glass. Lorena leaned across and gave it to him.

He said, "She's got a pussy even tighter than yours, baby. It's like fucking a ten year old k**-- but a k** who knows how to screw, and loves the meat."

"I'm glad you two dig each other so much," Lorena said. "See how much fun sharing can be, dad? I got my kicks out of watching you fuck, seeing your big cock slipping in and out of her little snatch. I held her tits, too, and felt her pussy with my fingers while you were inside it, stretching it so wide."

His eyes held hers. "I felt it, baby, and I wished I could have my cock in both of you at the same time."

"You can take turns on us," she said, "crossing over on our cunts until you come in one of them, and I hope it's mine."

"Not yet," he said. "I'm out of gas right now, but when I get myself pumped up again, I'm going to give my bitchy little daughter the fucking of her young life."

"For now, I'll take a sip of your drink," she murmured, "and mix you another one."

When she came back to the bed and gave it to him, he was sitting up, his prick at greasy half-mast. Jean held up her hands and Lorena climbed over her dad to go to the girl.
... Continue»
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mom dad and me

Dear ISS readers, my name is akil, from a Tamil Brahmin f****y, and I am a diehard fan of i****t sex. I used to read many i****t stories and watch many i****t movies as well. I used to always dream of fucking my mother, and masturbate knowing that it could never happen in reality. But things that I thought could never happen, turned out happening. This is a true life story that happened to me when I had just turned 18 during summer vacation in Kerala. Now am in an engineering college. Before continuing, let me physically introduce myself followed by my f****y. I was a tall well built boy (and still am) with good abs and an 8 inch long rod. I was the only son and c***d to my mother, Padma, a woman in her early fourties, but with the features of a girl in twenties. She had quite big boobs, which I was and still am a great admirer of, and my father, Suresh, 44 working in a finance company, with average looks and body, but was good enough to satisfy my mother in all aspects of life. Most of the things happening were spoken in Tamil, but am translating in English for your convenience.

Usually on all Saturdays, we go out for dinner and return by nine after which I go in to my room to proceed with my studies while my father and mother had their own stuff to do (not yet sex). Then, on 1 Saturday, it was during my school holidays, that our usual Saturday routine took place and we came back home. But this time, since it was holidays, after dinner we visited my uncle’s house where I and my cousin secretly watched some porn movies, and came back home at around 10p.m.

Mom and dad went in their room to change and get ready for bed and I told them I was going to sl**p early because I was tired. I then changed my mind about sl**ping early and went to watch T.V. Now, since my room does not have an AC, I usually sl**p only with my boxers and pajamas on and no shirt or vest. At times I also used to only wear a dhoti at home. This time, I wrapped on my dhoti and went to the t.v. Room. I surfed the channels on T.V. for a while but they had nothing intresting, so I decided to go back to my room and chat with some unknown girls through the internet. On the way to my room, I passed my parent’s room and heard my father saying to my mother ‘ c’mon baby lie down on me’. The door was closed well and I couldn’t look in, but by now I had realized what was happening and my cock had got erect too. However, this was not new to me as many times before, in our old house, which was just a one bedroom apartment, I used to sl**p in a separate cot but in the same room as my parents and I used to hear my dad’s hand movements and also the bed shaking while was massaging, or perhaps fucking my mom without my notice. I later found out that she never used to wear a bra/panty at night so that it would be easier for them to do this, as undressing to remove the bra/panty while I was around would be difficult.

I continued to walk back to my room switched on my laptop, and went online to chat with some girls on cam, who in turn stripped for me. I sent them some fake pics of other nude guys telling them that it was me, and they grew hornier and hornier, and continued stripping more. I then masturbated several times until it had reached about a few minutes more than midnight. I closed all the programs and while shutting down my computer, my father just dashed into my room wearing only a dhoti and not any underwear. I knew this as I could see his erect cock, through his dhoti, partly wet.

Before continuing, let me inform you that this is not a gay story. I am just trying to narrate the true events in the exact order in which they happened, for the sake of my writing and your reading pleasure.

He thought I was fast asl**p and came into my room to take something. He was shocked to see me awake and so was I. I immediately told him that I was working on my project, and he made an excuse to use the toilet in my room. I wondered why because there was one in his room as well, but i let him use it and since even I wanted to use it, I went to the one in the other room. I later came to know that he wanted to take the camera from my room cupboard. On the way I passed my parent’s room, and through the little gap on the door, with the dim bed lamps on, I could see my mom lying completely naked and holding a cigarette on her right hand. She dint notice me, and I dint want her to, so I cleared the place as fast as I could, and went back to my room. I was completely shocked about what I saw because she was so much hotter and sexier than I thought. And the cigarette made her even sexier. I never knew she smoked, because she never did when I was around. Before I reached my room, my dad had come out of the bathroom and I think he knew that I had seen my mom. But without saying anything, he proceeded to their bedroom. I switched of the lights in my room, got completely naked on the bed, masturbated a few more times and finally dozed off.

The following Sunday morning, I woke up completely naked, put on my underwear, dhoti and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I thought of my mom again and masturbated. After this, I went to the kitchen where my father was as usual wearing only a dhoti, but was shocked to see my mother wearing a pajama bottom and only a bra. Whew, it was a really sexy black bra. This was unusual because my mother never used to expose in front of me. It was not those really fancy bras or something. It was a very normal one, but yet it looked more than sexy on her. It was a bit transparent, and I was standing on the side, which meant that I could catch only a glimpse of her nipples. They were dark brown but weren’t erected. She lifted her hand up to take something from the cupboard as she greeted me. I was busy staring at her black armpit hair, which was looking magnificent, and hence didn’t hear whatever she was telling me. Both of them had by now understood what I was busy doing, and my father on a loud tone exclaimed something that really surprised me. He said ‘ ah, you know Akhil, it is very hot nowadays and I don’t think that keeping the AC on 24 7 will be good for my wallet, and at this temperature, the fan is also more than useless.’ Mom just smiled and I hesitantly said ‘ yes…yes.’ I was actually thinking that with my mom around in her bra would mean that it gets even more hotter, though I did not say it. We then had breakfast as we discussed normal stuff, while actually I was greater interested in viewing her great voluptuous boobs and navel. Both of them talked less to me, but they had noticed what I was doing, but did not say anything about it. I then stood up to go and wash my hands and came back to the kitchen. My mum was standing alone near the sink. I suddenly got the urge to go and hug her on her waist. On doing this, she kind of yelled at me asking me what the hell I was doing. Well she sounded serious, but not angry. I told her ‘mom, I know it might not be right of me doing this, but, I can’t resist telling you that you’re a gorgeous Goddess…I Love You’ I thought that after this she would slap me or something, but instead, she pushed me back, smiled and said ‘ Akhil, thanks and I know that for a boy of your age, it is completely normal to think of me so, but I think you should control yourself a bit. Love you too.’ My father had been seeing this from behind though he did not say anything, and simply walked away. After all this, I was completely confused of why all such things happening at home? Was I dreaming? No I wasn’t. But it just seemed too strange.

I then sat in the sitting room trying to analyse all this while pretending to read the newspaper. I always read the sex column of the paper first. Meanwhile my parents had got ready to go shopping for the daily groceries. This time, my mom and dad were fully dressed up as a normal decent middle class couple, but for me, I still had the picture of my mum in the bra, and my dad with the dhoti. They left me incharge of the house and said that they would return home for lunch. I took over, had a shower, and as usual, whenever I was alone in the house, stayed naked with only underwear. I spent the rest of the good three hours watching porn movies and masturbating fantasying of fucking my mother. I couldn’t help not thinking of her. As it was getting about time that my parents be back home, I washed my still erect cock and put on my dhoti. I was still feeling so horny.

Suddenly, I heard our car drive in and my parents had come. I went to open the door and welcomed them. We had our lunch and after that, my parents went in to change. I thought of peeping through the door to see my mom, but I was scared of getting caught. Once again, my parents walked out after changing, this time, my mum wearing a white semi – transparent vest. Infact, it was better this time as I could see the deep cleavage that separated her two juicy melons, and her dark brown nipples firmly resting on the cloth, very clearly through them. She was not wearing any under garments. Below, she was wearing white panties which I could see through her transparent green salwar bottom. It was the best sight that I had ever seen till now of my very own mom. Behind her followed my dad, asusual with a dhoti and no top, just like me. They both sat on the sofa, and I pretended to not have seen anything at all. My dad started off by talking some general stuff while I did not pay much attention. After his every line, I kept on glancing at my mother’s boobs, and they noticed that. After like an hour, my mom stood up and went to her bedroom, I don’t know for what, and my father came and sat closer to me.

He put his hand on my laps, covered by the dhoti. I had no clue of what he was up to. He slowly started talking to me in a very normal tone ‘ Beta, I know what you saw last night in my bedroom, and I also know what you did after that in your bedroom’ On hearing this, I was really shocked because this meant that he had seen me masturbating. But wait a minute, if he really knew why I masturbated last night, then he and mom should’nt have been walking around semi-nude. That was what I felt. He continued ‘I also saw you hugging mom this morning and I know that it was not the normal mom-son hug’ I had nothing to say, but he still continued ‘ How did you know all this?’ I answerd back, with tension, ‘Know what?’ though it was obivious. He put slowly slid his hand onto my cock, which was erect. This made me extremely uncomfortable, and made me think that my father is gay. But this is what flowed from his mouth ‘Ha ha….nottiee boy, already exited huh?’ I was totally confused and showed a blank face, but this time I got the courage to answer his questions, as I knew he was not angry at me. He said ‘beta, it is very normal for any boy of your age to think in such a way, and do such things. Tell me what all do you do, and have you done anything till now?’ his hands were still on my cock. Though I felt uncomfortable about that, I openly told him ‘ Dad, I have been fantasying such things for long. No have not done anything like that’ he then said ‘ I know, today before you woke up, I checked your computer and saw the things that have been exiting you’ bl**dy hell, he had seen all those porn videos and read the i****t stories.

I hated him for this at first, but then, it turned out to be my luck day. He had also seen me sl**ping naked. I said ‘ am really sorry dad, I will try to keep out of this in future’. Even before I completed, he interrupted ‘It’s extremely okay, I told you. Infact I and your mom are very proud that our son has become a complete man, and this proves it’ On hearing this, I was yet shocked, but completely overjoyed….strange! He continued ‘beta, you will only be staying with us for a few more days now before you go for your higher studies, and mom and I will miss u, so we want to give you a memorable gift also to commemorate your success in your studies. Tell me what do you want?’ I was the school topper. What I wanted was obvious, but I was hesitant to tell him though he f***ed me to. ‘Dad, I know this might upset you, but since am going away soon, and we will all be separated, I want mom’s love’ Saying this, I closed my eyes, and was mentally ready for a tight slap, but to my surprise, he said ‘ Haha, I told you that it is natural for boys at your age, so just for a few hours okay?’ he said and smiled. I had now got enough courage, and I told him ‘I am not joking, I really mean it.’

He was completely normal on hearing this, and his hands were still on my cock. My cock grew even more harder and he could feel it. These words that he said made me feel the happiest and proudest guy on Earth ‘Yesterday, I told mommy that you were lying naked and masturbating, and today by checking your computer, I was sure about your intentions. Then, your mum told me that before you left for higher studies, we owed you a gift, and this is that gift. She wants the both of us to train you for your future.’ On finishing this, he handed me a packet that was on the table. I opened the packet and found a DVD containing four soft-core Indian porno movies, one of which’s trailer, I had watched on masalapornmovies and badly wanted to watch the real full thing. Before I asked him any question, he said ‘These are the only movies that I have seen while fucking your mum, and you inherit them’ I was truly overjoyed.

He told me ‘I want to have some photographs taken while fucking your mum, and I think I have got one fit for the job’ He told me to get the camera and go to his room fast, and I did it even faster. I then remember each incident as clearly as if it had happened yesterday, because this day was one not to forget.

As I entered my parent’s room, my mum was lying on the bed with the same top and bottom on. She gave me a wild smile, well by now everything felt wild for me. My father was standing near the door, and a few centimeters below him, stood his rod, must be about 8 inches as well, which I could see through the dhoti clearly as he had removed his underwear. I also removed my underwear but kept my dhoti on. My cock now stood erect and was easily noticeable, to which my mom and dad cheerfully commented. By now, my 8 inch tool, which now had a mind of its own, was begging to me to take it out. This fact made me feel even more and more horny. As I clicked the first shot, my dad was caressing mom’s legs. Slowly, he smoothly dragged his hands up her as she gave a brief and sexy moan, and the movement of his hands was stopped by her erect nipples that stood up and blocked his way. I could see this clearly through her vest, and was so taken away by it, that I totally forgot about the camera. He suddenly turned back to me and said ‘Akhil, today I want you to have your mother’ and he stood up. My mom was moaning loudly and she said ‘AHHHH….Akhil, COME AND JOIN US…THIS DAY IS MY BODY FOR YOU’ I gave the camera to my father and lied on the bed. I now got the courage to do everything. I touched my mother’s nipples for the first time in my life and a chill ran through me. I then slowly dragged my hand to her cleavage, and put my hand in it through the vest to feel her tits. They were so soft and spongy. I had already started to ejaculate some premature cum. Padma snatched away my dhoti, and now, I was totally naked in front of my dream girl. It was an out of the world feeling. To my surprise, she took my cock straight into her mouth, and started pumping it up and down. It felt so ticklish. By now, my father had taken about 9-10 photographs. Padma signaled him to join in too. He immediately removed his dhoti, and pounced on the bed. I then started to follow what they told me to do. Suresh took his hand to her boobs and started pumping it. She moaned ‘AHHHHHH….ANNHH…OOOOOHHH….SURESH…..FUCK ME….’ Suresh took both his hands and pulled out her semi-transparent vest. I could now see her massive juicy melons hanging with erect brown nipples.

It was the best sight of my life, and a feast to my eyes. I was holding my cock, shaking it, as I noticed more of her body. Her boobs were about 36c and sagged a bit. On the boobs, her mangalsutra was hanging. About 12 – 13 cm down was her cute belly button. Round it was a temporary sticker tattoo, which I think she had purposely put on to turn me and Suresh on. The tattoo was a picture of a steel bling, and on one side was written the world’s most wonderful thing, ‘SEX’. She must have got it when they went out in the morning, from a sex shop. I then took the camera and took a pic of Suresh pressing Padma’s boobs. He ran his fingers through her body, and were both French kissing with occasional sexy moans from Padma. Padma’s hands were too busy dangling with Suresh’s cock. Suresh dragged his hand through her right boob down to her belly button, while the other hand was still massaging the left boob. He gave her a slight tickle on the belly, to which she deeply moaned…AHHHHH….and then proceeded his hand to her pussy, which was covered by the salwar bottom. He made her lie on the bed, and lied on her. This made her boobs get squeezed of which I took one of the best photographs of the day. She then turned sideways to look at me and said ‘Ooops, looks like we forgot someone here hun’ Suresh loked back, while his mouth was licking Padma’s nipples. She raised her head a fraction and said ‘WHAT ARE YOU STANDING THERE AND DOING DARLING? TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT’ Suresh stood up to remove his punal (a sacred thread worn by Brahmins) from his body because it was getting in his way. Padma stood up to remove her mangal sutra and as she did so, I told her ‘I WANT TO SEE YOU LIKE THOSE GODDESSES IN THE MOVIES YOU GAVE ME’. ‘how?’ she asked, and I continued ‘ I WANT TO TAKE SOME PICS OF YOU WEARIN SEXY CLOTHES, AND THEN SLOWLY REMOVE THEM TO UNVEIL YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY’. She was so proud on hearing this. She said ‘STRIP TEASE – PERFECT’ and walked towards the cupboard. I and Suresh watched her while I held my cock and Suresh was rubbing his chest and cum was dripping out of his cock on the black bed sheet, and made a contrast.

She opened the cupboard and pulled out a pink transparent saree. She took it with her into the bathroom to change. After less than half a minute’s wait, this sex goddess, who was apparently my very own mother came out with a gleaming smile.

Her asset’s were wrapped over the pink transparent saree. I could see her melons hanging and dangling as she walked towards us, and for the first time now, I could see her pussy that was covered by a bunch of black hair. I wished she always dressed like this, as it looked way more sexier than in the bra. She looked at me and asked ‘HOW’S IT?’ ‘Way Fucking Better than the Goddesses on TV’ said I. I then gave the camera to my dad and slowly walked towards her. She grabbed me and fell me on the bed. On doing this, her pallu fell on me and her left boobie dashed out. I laid down, and ordered her to lie on me. I pulled her pallu and she landed herself on the naked me. Since we were almost the same height, her pussy came on line with my cock, and poked it. OUCH she said, and giggled. Her pussy was warm and had a lot of energy on it that, it made my prick shoot out some more pre-cum. It shot on her saree and wet it. She giggled and said ‘HMM,, SO FAST?’ I was a bit embarrassed, but dint say anything. Both her tits came into contact with my chest. Suresh took many photos of all this. I took my hand and reached it to feel her ass through the saree. It was so soft and spongy like a baby’s cheeks. She said ‘AKHIL, STRIP ME’ while breathing heavily…I immediately took my hand to untie her saree. To help me do this faster, she rolled on the bed, and came out nude…Damn, the sight was beautiful. Padma’s pussy looked so hungry for cock.

Suresh started masturbating so hardly and fell on Padma, on a 69 position, with his mouth right below her hairy cunt. His cum dripped all the way and onto her boobs. I eagerly kept on clicking photos with one hand while masturbating with the other. Suresh’s cock was still shaking in pulses every second and his cream kept on shooting out to her boobs while he had started to suck her pussy. She was holding his lubricated cock which kept on slipping out of her hand due to a lot of cum, but finally managed to hold it as she directed it straight into her mouth. Suresh’s joystick kept on pumping out more and more cum which completely smeared on her face and she swallowed it too. When Padma did this, Suresh, who did not realize anything happening as he was thouroughly enjoying himself licking and suck her cunt, stood up with a horny moan, and squatted on Padma. Padma started taking it in and out, and accelerated to a great speed. By now, both my mom and my dad had attained ‘Nirvana’ in sexual pleasure, and nothing mattered to them anymore. Taking this opportunity, I went next to them and lied in the opposite direction. I took my mouth to her cunt and resumed from where her husband had left. I sucked it passionately and hardly, though a first timer, I think my excitement made me excel. This took her excitement a 100 times further. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing it deeply. This made me ejaculate real fresh cum, which for me was a first time as before it had only come out by thinking or seeing porn. I was overjoyed that my mom, a sex bomb was the first lady to pump my instrument. Her other hand ran through my father’s hairy chest, and I could hear it being rubbed so hard that it could have caught fire, while she took his rod back into her mouth. I never before knew that she had a lot of energy. His hands were still massaging her cum filled boobs.

Since she occasionally took out his cock out to breathe, cum dripped all over her face, on her eyes, ears, and boobs. This continued for the next 5 minutes. I realized that we were in a f****y threesome. Randomly, she left my cock, and took Suresh’s cock out of her mouth. He stood up followed by me and her. She grabbed my cock again and got into the doggy style position. I knelt down in front of her on the bed and she took my cock into her mouth again. I wanted to pull it out because I was about to ejaculate but she understood what I was to do, and did not allow me to do so. By now, it was too late, and I had already shot my juice into her mouth. She swallowed my juice and whatever was left out, started to drip out of the mouth. A lot of mine and Suresh’s cum had smeared all over her body and much on her boobs that they looked like a snowcap on Mount Everest. She was enjoying this like a bl**dy whore. She started moaning heavily and said ‘SURESH…HONEY…AHHH…MHHH……GET ME SOME ENERGY…’

Then, Suresh went to the cupboard nearby and opened a drawer to take out a new packet of Benson & Hedges cigarettes and a matchstick. He opened another platform to take out a new bottle of Johnny Walker and three glasses. All these things were well stocked which seemed surprising to me because I had never thought my parents drank or smoked. He brought them and placed them on the side table. He took out a cigg and lit it. He had a puff before Padma snatched it off his hand and started smoking it. The way she smoked resembled those sexy teen girls who are chain smokers in porn sites. Suresh opened the bottle and poured some whisky on her boobs as she lied on the bed, and he drank a bit. The whisky started flowing down her nipples to her navel and to her pussy. She was still smoking heavily, the third cigg, and now Suresh took one for himself as well. All this made me extremely horny and I took out a cigg for myself and started smoking. I had smoked atleast once a day in my college/in nightclubs along with friends, but this was the first time in front of my parents. My mother now had started drinking with the bottle as Suresh and I took our share in our glasses. Suresh then took out another full new bottle from the cupboard and started pouring it on my mother’s boobs. Then he licked the whisky off her right boob while I licked it of the left boob. It tasted exotic after mixing with her boobs. We kept on licking her boobs. Smoking, drinking and masturbating continued for the next half hour, and the room was filled with smoke and the smell of whisky. All this accelerated the sex mood and the atmosphere gave us a feeling of being in an orgy with so much of alcohol, cigarettes and sex around, though my mom was the only female.

By the end of the hour, Padma was completely d***k. She had d***k much more than the two of us together. She started making horny sounds and said OHHHH….AHNH….BOTH OF YOU….COME AND FUCK ME NOW…..COME YOU BASTARDS…My mom’s such language made me and my dad sure that she was now in desperate need for hardcore fucking. My dad got on the bed, clinged one hand on her boob and pulled mom towards him. She bent down and he held his hard cock and guided it straight into her cunt. At first, I noticed that it was not that easy for him to do so, but finally after 3 to 4 hard and rough pushes, he succeded. It entered into her cunt as she started screaming in pain.

... Continue»
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Dad and Me

I lived with my dad after my parents split up. One night my dad was out drinking, so I figured I might as well have some fun, I was in my room, totally naked, looking at one of the many porn mags my dad has lying around. I was 14 and realized that it turned me on looking at the men as well as the women, but had never seen or touched another mans hard cock in real life.

This book had lots of guys in it and they all had big sexy hard cocks, one was bigger, and better looking then all the rest, and I was looking at a full page close up of this guys cock, stroking away wet and hard as hell and I said out loud to myself "I wonder what his hard cock feels like", and to my horror I heard my dad say "Probably nice and hot and hard."

I was shocked and embarrassed at first, knowing that my da had just heard that and I was still sitting there with my legs spread and my hand wrapped around my cock, clear precum ozing out. When I got over the intial shock I looked over at my dad and was shocked again, my dad was standing in my door with his hard cock stick out through his zipper. He was slowly stroking his shaft staring at my cock, I couldn't believe how big and sexy his cock looked, what a turn on, I just sat there staring at him stroking his cock and I started stroking mine again.

He walked over to my bed and took his colthes off and stood there with his 8.5 inch thick hard cock just inches from my face and he said "If you really want to know what another man's hard cock feels like, you can touch it if you want." I had to stop jerking off, I almost came instantly. I reached up very slowly and wrapped my hand around my dads cock, and started to feel and explore it, feelling how hot and hard it was, the different textures, I started rubbing his balls with my other hand and that really got him going. He moaned and start thursting as I was jerking. He asked "Do you like my hard cock son?", all I could do was moan yes, I was so turned on, I thought I would burst. I said "I really like looking at and jerking off you big hard cock dad, it's so big.", He said "Thank you, I like looking at your hard cock, it's very sexy." I asked, "I am I doing it right, does it feel good?" Being only 14 with very little experience I didn't know, but all his moaning, and hot thick juice ozzing out of his dick should have told me. He said "Yes son, your doing it right, your very good at jerking me off, oh god son, make me cum." He starting thrusting faster, I started jerking faster, still rubbing and squezing his balls, smearing his juice all over his hard cock. Then he moaned "Don't stop son, I'm cumming, oh yes make me cum son!" And with that he start shooting hot thick ropes and globs of hot thick cum all over me. It was the first time I'd ever seen a man cum and my father as well, I moan and jerked him and sprayed his cum all over my chest, it ended up every where, my face, chest, and all over my cock and balls.

When he finished and could move and breath again, he looked at me and smiled and said it was one of the best cums he's ever had, looking at me with a sexy smile on his face and look in his eyes he said "You look so hot and horny with my cum all over your naked body and hard cock, now I'll do you." With that he got on his knees and strarted rubbing his cum all over my chest and nipples with one hand and rubbing his cum all over my hard dripping cock. Being this horny and turned on by one of the greatest sexual experiences of my life, it took no time at all, I was moaning and said "Your going to make me cum dad." he said, "yea shoot your hot thick cum, cum for me son." At I blew, what I still believe to be, to this day, the biggest, hottest, thickest load of cum I've ever shot. My dad had better aim then I did, he had me shot on his chest, and all over his face. We cleaned up and he asked if I was ok with what had happened, I told him i was and that I hoped it would happen again, he said don't worry it will. And it did, that and much, much more until I moved 3 or 4 years later.... Continue»
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My Husband, My Dad and Me....

My husband is in the military and was deployed overseas and was returning home to a base in New York. They were having a big welcome home ceremony and i so wanted to be there but was afraid to make the drive alone. I asked my dad to take me for a few days and he agreed so this is where my story begins....

We got there early in the morning and rented a hotel suit for 2 days. We unpacked the few things we had brought with us and decided my hubby and I would have the bedroom and my daddy would sl**p on the couch just on the other side of the bedroom door. We were off to base for the ceremony which seemed to take forever!! I could see my husband in the formation of one hundred or more and i wanted to jump up and run and attack/hug and kiss him all over (its been a year since i had seen him) After about thirty minutes they released all the Soldiers to their families and i finally got to hold him in my arms and smell him!!! We gathered up my husbands bags and headed for the car we decided we would go eat before we headed to the hotel....

We found a little dinner just off of base and went in and found a seat in a booth. My husband and I on one side and my daddy sat across from us. We ordered our food and as we waited we talked about things that he had missed here at home as i was going down the list in my mind of everything he missed I slowly spread my legs and hiked my skirt up a little without my dad noticing I grabbed my husbands hand and whispered.."this missed you"....

That started both of our juices flowing after a year of pleasuring ourselves over the cam or phone the touch of his hand on my pussy sent chills up my spine. He continued to finger my wet pussy and explore it as we continued to talk until our food came, we ate as fast as we could with little touches here and there until we were ready to fuck right there. Finally my dad finished his food and i said lets get to the hotel my hubby has jet lag and wants to relax a bit. The whole way there we were in the back seat kissing and he was rubbing and fingering my pussy so hard i knew my dad could hear my wet juicy pussy squirting my cum all over my husbands hand. I caught my daddy looking at me through the rear view mirror a few times and i knew he could see the enjoyment on my face as i wanted to scream out fuck me as loud as i could....

When we finally got to our suite my husband went straight to the shower, my daddy laid on the couch and i went and got the bed ready for a night of fun!! My husband called me to wash his back so i rushed right in and stripped down my clothes and joined him in the shower. As we washed each others bodies and i soaped up and stroked his hard throbbibg cock i dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth i sucked and licked caressed his cock then his hot cum shot in the back of my throat and i sucked harder til I got it all out and down my throat he let out a loud moan and i giggled because i knew my dad heard him...

We got out of the shower and we hurried and got dressed went out and told my dad we were going to bed and by the look on his face i knew he heard my hubby in the shower. With a little nod we said "goodnight daddy" and was shocked with his reply "hey son after what i heard in the bathroom if you need some help let me know" with a little chuckle. I didnt know what to say so i just laughed with them and said oh be have daddy!....

We went into the room and i was shocked and turned on at the same time as was my husband. As we undressed again I made my hubby lay on the bed and i started licking at his toes as i expressed how he would feel if daddy was fucking my cunt from behind while i pleasured him and i licked and sucked my way up to his cock and kept saying hmmm huh what do you think of daddy fucking me? He replied with a loud moan meaning yes!!! So I went to the door and opened it and there lay my dad on the couch stroking his cock to what i believe was the thought of me in the other room....

I walked to the couch and took my daddys cock into my mouth and pleasured him until he too shot his steaming hot cum into the back of my throat just as i finished i seen my husband standing there watching with a smile and i said i think we need your help in here daddy follow me....

We went into the room and i took control and told hubby and daddy what i wanted to happen. As i started to suck my husbands cock my daddy was licking and sucking and fingering my pussy mmmmmmm it felt so good i was cumming in my dads mouth and all over his face he sucked my clit til i couldnt take it anymore and i needed a cock in me....First i took my husbands cock as i sat on top of his huge tool i grabbed my daddys cock and pulled him close to me and i took him in my mouth and told him i wanted him in my ass ....

We moved to the edge of the bed as i lay on top of my man with his cock still inside me and my dad slowly entered my asshole.....I was now fucking the two men in my life that I love more than anything. Daddy fucked my ass as my hubby filled my pussy they fucked me so hard i never wanted it to stop i wanted it harder and harder and begged daddy to slap my ass as he drilled me from behind. I was throwing my pussy and my ass at both of them until they both squirted deep inside me with pure pleasure!! After a few moments my dad pulled his now wet and cummy cock out of my ass and said im glad i could help out it was a dream come true. I got up and kissed his cheek and said it was my pleasure daddy as he left the room....

... Continue»
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Wow my pregnant sister and me

Wow my pregnant s****r and me
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I am a little boy of age 19. My f****y consists of mom, my dad, and I. I have a married s****r aged 24 now. She is living in Punjab. Last month my s****r had given birth to a baby girl. I haven’t seen the baby, since it was my exam period. I had my summer vacation and my mom asked me to go to my elder s****r house to see the baby. My s****r was very beautiful after her c***dbirth. She was very big now. She was looking plump and looking like Kate winslet of Hollywood. It was when I went my s****r’s husband was going for a business tour. He told he is unfortunate that he have to leave and he asked me to stay with s****r for one month, so that I can help her in keeping the baby. My s****r was also relieved when she saw me.
At the age of 19, starting of adolescence I was eagerly watching my s****r. Now my hormones have started working and I was seeing my s****r in new manner. My s****r had good breasts. My s****r’s boobs were very big that her blouse could not hold them and utmost they were showing their cleavage. Since my s****r was feeding her baby, she was having big tits I think is full of milk. Her boobs I are like ripe mangoes. Also my s****r has a very good backside too. Her buttocks were like water melons. While my elder s****r was walking I can see her big globes of flesh giggle under her dress. They are very big so that it can be used as pillows. Since my b*****r in law went out my s****r and I alone I was getting bored. I told s****r and she told “don’t worry b*****r I will entertain you as you like.” I can’t understand her words. s****r told that mom had told over phone about my visit and mom insisted me to study my lessons. So, s****r advised me to study my lessons. I was studying biology about female anatomy. I can’t understand anything. I asked this to my s****r to help me. She asked me if I had seen any women nude. I said “no s****r. ” she told “so you don’t know anything about female anatomy, and want it to be taught. “she asked “do you want to see from s****r?.” I said “yes s****r.” o. K. Then I will teach you about a female’s body. She told first that a female’s body is like a luxury car. First my s****r removed her saree palloo and showed her boobs, which are very well packed, in her blouse. Showing her cleavage she told this is front bannet of your s****r. A female is rated by this part.
Then she removed the blouse and I was seeing my own s****r’s breasts in her lace bra, which showed her beautiful pink nipples. My heart was pounding and I was astonished by the size of my own s****r’s milk jugs. She then asked me to remove her bra hooks. My hands were shivering when I touched my s****r’s bra hooks; somehow I managed to remove, now my sexy s****r turned around to show her amorous assets to her b*****r. Wow! What a site for this b*****r to view his own s****r’s white fruits. Now for explaining my s****r told that these are called tits of a woman, they also call them as boobs, breasts. This part is equal to horn of a car.
Then she showed the pink nipples and said this is a your s****r’s nipple and this is where all human beings have their first breakfast. Telling that she slowly pressed her nipples gently and small white fluid came. She told it is your s****r’s milk and you can have some after your lessons are over. She told this part is equal to head lights of a car.

She asked now “b*****r do you know that every women in earth, including your mom and s****r have three under them. “I said “no s****r.” she then said every girl’s body has three holy holes. Saying this she removed her skirt and then asked me to remove her panties. I removed my s****r’s panties with great interest. Now for god’s sake; I was in front of a fully naked grown up women (ripe women) that too my own s****r. I can’t believe my eyes. What a beauty? s****r was big and huge, she had the best ass and boobs in world. Now s****r sat in bed and opened her legs wide enough to show me every details of her anatomy. She asked me to come closer.
The next part is a combination of three 1) when I did she told pointing to a small protruding and said that the first hole was your elder s****r’s piss hole.. 2) then the second hole came. This hole my s****r said is the way to heaven, called vagina. And this hole is entry for a male’s organ for giving c***dbirth and it is the exit for the baby. She said it is the engine part of the car. To start the engine the key from male must enter (key is penis) 3) then my s****r turned and showed her plump ass and pointed out a small opening and said that was the back entry for heaven. s****r then explained that for proper functioning of female engine oil called sperm from the penis must be pumped regularly inside a female asshole and vagina. After the explanations are over I asked my s****r how the small hole could be used for giving babies. She said, “who said it is a small hole? I can hold even you hand inside it. “saying this she asked me to insert my fingers one by one. I did so and within minutes my whole hand was inside my elder s****r. She said my b*****r you are now having your hands inside the engine of your s****r. I laughed.
I said to my s****r that tomorrow was my birthday. s****r said she would give me a big treat. Now she was nude. We slept in same bedroom. The whole night s****r told that today she had finished the theory part of women’s anatomy, tomorrow I will have practical. Morning I was woke by water sprayed on my face. When I woke I saw my elder s****r standing above me with her legs open wide. She was pissing on me to wake me. I asked s****r don’t waste holy water “please direct it to my mouth.” immediately s****r showed her stream to my mouth and I drank the eternal fluid. How sweet is my s****r’s piss ” s****r now said ” happy birthday b*****r!!!.” she then asked to lay on her lap and drink her milk. s****r’s milk wow!!! I neared her nipple like a small baby with eager and lust and sucked to get my morning milk. Every boy in earth must taste his s****r’s milk.

Now for morning shower s****r took my clothes off and brought to my birthday suit. I was taken to bathroom and she watched me while I pissed and shited. I was shy of showing myself nude before a women. s****r told nothing to worry after all I am your s****r. Probably you have seen a wonderful show yesterday and why can’t I see my b*****r nude?. So I was kept nude whole day. s****r asked me to watch TV while she prepared morning breakfast. She called after sometime and I saw my s****r nude and lying on the ground. I was amazed to see that she was having the food on her. She was serving her b*****r on herself. So my birthday feast was in front of me. s****r without hesitation take your food b*****r. First there were two breads on the two tit mounds of s****r. I took and asked s****r where the jam for my bread is? s****r told please take it from your s****r’s asshole. I slowly ran my fingers inside my s****r’s asshole and took enough jam mixed with my s****r’s yellow shit and spread on the bread and started eating.
Then there lay cornflakes on her milk white belly. I asked s****r where is milk for it. s****r asked to pump her breasts. I slowly pressed her milky tits. My s****r’s milk started to ooze as I placed my hands on it. I think she has buckets of milk in her heaving boobs. Now the milk slowly flowed through the valley of my s****r’s tit hills and came down far to shallow pond of her belly. Then I soaked the Kellogg’s with enough of my s****r’s milk and began eating it. When I finished the food I was thirsty and need of water and s****r asked me go down and face her water hole. When she started to piss water of my s****r came as if it was from the water tap; and it hit my mouth and I drank with full pleasure.

After it I needed a banana and s****r was having it opened and inside her vagina. I plucked and ate it. All day I and s****r was nude. We both were sl**ping and my b*o in law came of a sudden from his tour. He scolded my s****r for being doing this. He then challenged me if I was able to win my s****r then I can have her nude with me for one more week.
So, all the things are well done and set for the battle for conquering my s****r’s buttocks. Both I and my b*****r in law were ready with our guns set ready to invade my s****r’s ass. My s****r’s husband gave me my s****r’s asshole for the battle and he took the vagina of my s****r. My s****r was laying above her husband with his tool inside her now and she slightly opened her ass for me to enter her tight pink color asshole. First I kissed my s****r’s asshole and then I touched and worshiped it before my attack. Then placing some saliva on her anus, I entered the backdoor of my s****r. She screamed like anything and I started to explore the depths of my s****r with my tool. Also my s****r’s husband was pounding her, both our pricks were inside my s****r with only a sheath dividing them.

We both were splitting my s****r into two. She was screaming “don’t kill me bastards.” I was not tired I was still continuing boring my s****r hoping that I could hit gold somewhere under her ass. At last my b*****r-in-law came and he his penis came out of my s****r. While I was still exploring the depths of my s****r anus. After ten minutes I came inside my s****r and she was having her orgasm and she took me in her arms and said “you won your s****r’s ass dear b*****r. “so now my b*****r-in-law gave permission for us to be nude for one week. So we were nude all day. We never drank water or Pepsi; for we took the piss of each other. Then we were lying on bed nude all day. I would wash her asshole after my s****r has had a s**t session. First she would go and shit, then she will come to me and show her ass, I will use my tongue and clean my s****r’s ass hole by licking the sweet shit of my s****r. The next day mom came to s****r’s house and heard all about our explorations. I was afraid but she complimented my s****r for helping her b*****r to know about female’s body. Because if learning from prostitute may bring some diseases. She asked s****r weather she explained her b*****r of menses in females. s****r told that she could not explain because she was not having her periods at that time.
Mom told I shall explain it to my son since she was having her menses now. Mom removes her saree and she began to unbutton her blouse. I was seeing in eager what my mom has under her blouse. Since my c***dhood I was eager to see my mom’s breasts. Now it was all before me. With mom wearing no bra, she was now showing her giant size boobs that can feed a dozen of c***dren. She told this is your first place of food. Then she removed her skirt and panties. Her panties were attached with a napkin which has bl**d in it. Now mom explained me that it was for this a lady must have napkin with her. She opened her vagina and showed me the bl**d coming. Mom told son you and s****r have come through this hole only. Mom asked if I want to again enter her vagina. I said yes. Mom opened her motherly womb and showed me. I entered my mom and while my huge elder s****r was above us. I was sandwiched in between my own mom and s*s. What a great experience I am having? After that I was taken to bathroom for bath. I was asked to sit down and my mom and s*s had started to piss on me. The water was sweet and hot. Then my s****r started to squeeze her boobs and milk came over me. I was bathing over my s****r’s milk. This is a true story & not a fiction if you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed doing then do send me your comments at

Sex with my b*****r
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I am bindu (nick name). I am from a big joint f****y and I am too a reader of iss. I have completed my 12th sci from a good college. My f****y consists of 17 members. This is my first time to express my experience with my big b*****r “the night on the step day of my marriage”. Writing in front of you after 11 months of my marriage. I have been married on 10th august 2005 with a well developed well fine doctor. Okay here is my story…
I was working in mnc bpo company as a live supporter agent in pune, xxx technology. Our team members were satisfied on my skills, because I was expert touch typist and having good communication skills. I am just 24 years old, last year I was 23 and they handled the subscribed job to my home place, providing me pc and connection with studio, cause of some f****y restriction…..
I was engaged on July 10th and as on engagement ceremony, marriage date was fixed right after 1 month. I was too excited and frightened to see any male’s penis in my life, but I was unsuccessful. Just seen on net. I just want to see the real penny of any guy, boy, anyone and that was my target in the life. I was unsatisfied that may be I will die without seeing the same… And when my marriage was fixed I was totally humbled that the days have come in my life, but was so frightened about having sex firstly in my life with an unknown partner. I was totally, fully, sad that what will happen on the first day of my night. Questioning myself from the date of engagement over my home from morning to evening and full night, anytime, anywhere, while working, while eating, even while sl**ping. I can’t mention in my words the thinking. The days were coming near and near.
My big b*o. Bony was male beauty parlor technician, was well qualified and uses to fulfill all my needs in my life from school to college. He was married with a young dance teacher which was from our city too. Hence she was pregnant she has gone to her home for rest… (She will come on marriage date) and my b*****r was having one shop of beauty parlor attached to our native residence place, where no ladies were allowed. He was nearly 6″ tall with good personality and was national player of hockey (means he was athletic). Many of the colonies girls were trying to make friendship (love ship) with him, but he was too good and faithful and uses to think not to loose anybody’s life (especially girls). In short to tell he was totally physically fit for any women (any women). Anyone though actress would also give her life to him, that much good he was through externally as well as internally.
Coming to the story, the day came which was 8th of august 2005 step day before my marriage. My facial and scrubbing and the other things which are done before marriage was going too held through my b*****r on that day. Cause he was good technician. He suggested to all our parents that it is better to get those all sorts of pre-beauty aging in shop but after shop closing time (it means after 10 o clock). Ok. Whole day I stayed with my relatives who were here from many places for my marriage ceremony. After getting that mehendi and etc things, at late night, it means at nearly 11 o clock after dinner my b*****r and I was there on the shop for my beauty care. Firstly I have told you that I was nearly thinking the same things that what will happen on the first day, because I was virgin and it will be more painful to me to manage that night with that new guy, but ignored. Me and my b*****r only we two were in the shop late night after entering inside he shut down the shutter.
We were on the step that when I was wearing my haldi’s saree my b*****r told me to take off my upper folds of the saree from my shoulder, where the beauty mate material may not affect the saree. I was on the chair for the same. My b*****r start the process on my face, hands, legs and lumbar region, while doing all sorts of face wash and every type of scrubbing and massaging, I became too hot. My body was feeling, I can’t mention, even not have any words. One important thing was my b*****rs wife was not with him since last 1 and half month he was also somewhat impressed on my sweetness, but he was unable to express himself because was his innocent thinking and I was going to marry.
While all sorts of experiments going upon my body, he was totally free while doing all the experiments of those herbal products on me. Firstly done upon face and he strictly told me not to open my eyes, cause it may affect eyes. He cut two pieces of one fruitycuck and placed upon my eyes. After that he massaged my neck with that specific mixture, next he massaged it to my hands as well as legs till my knees.
While doing these all I was too hot and I started moaning. He was able to determine that what is wrong with me. He told me Nina stops those feeling, I am your big. b*****r and it is not applicable that we should make any wrong relation here, cause you are my dearest and nearest and sweetest small s****r getting married in the next step day. But I was unable to control myself, I pleaded my bony b*****r and let know all the things troubling me since the engagement date. b*****r was red hearing these all things. He too can’t control himself, that he also doesn’t know that he is too in the same temptation upon me many times, but cause of innocent mind he haven’t troubled me or any other virgins before. But today he loosed his everything and the moment came in my life.
Bony bhaiya (b*****r) started massaging my breasts from upside blouse and said that I had been masturbating every night thinking of you since last 1 and half month (cause his wife was not here) then and waiting for this wonderful night, but not affording for the same (cause of big f****y) “now please don’t stop….. Let it go…. Please”, he now too pleaded me the same. Then he started. I was happy to hear all this from my own b*****r’s mouth.
He washed my face, legs, upper hands, lumbar as well as my mehendi,
everything in few minutes. He smooched me. Our tongues met and started playing. I had never expected all this so easily but now he was all mines. I slowly removed his t-shirt and was amazed to see his hairy chest, cuts, arms all and everything.
I was exhausted. He said Nina you are too sexy, and though you are my own s****r, I like you too much to much, never to my wife also. Then I asked” bony b*****r, can I ask you something? I never had sex earlier?” he said “Nina, this is the first time any guy has touched you there. And I always wanted me to be you.” he was blushing. This was making me wilder. He asked “Nina, would you like to give me a blow job the way those girls give in the movie” (he was knowing where I was working, that I have seen those xx) pointing towards dick. I wanted it badly but was still hesitating, as he was my b*****r and we were from one f****y. I said, “bony, I surely want if you don’t mind”. He said “oh come on Nina… Thanks”. There is no need to hesitate, so what if I am your b*****r. Now we are from one f****y and now we are friend and though you are getting married day after tomorrow, it is good to know something before your first night and I will seduce you and you help me with it, that there will be no pain while with your hubby. And he told in sweet language that my little s****r will be burdened by that doccky and he will give her pain tooooooo. So a friend in need is a friend indeed as like my b*****r understand. Just forget our relation and let’s enjoy this moment”. I held his cock in my soft hands and started moving it up and down. He was looking in my eyes and my eyes were r****g her body. I slowly moved my tongue on the tip of his 9” dick. Wow….. It was like a dream. This is my first time……… and we both were unable to expect this situation cause of my first time….. I asked b*****r how does you wife means my s****r in law take this huge cook, she is too cute than me, how she bears….. He shyly knocked me and said, ask to her only after she meets you…. Okay… I said I will definitely….
I covered his dick with my lips and started playing with his balls with my one hand. It was amazing…. His head of the penis was fastly moving up and down giving me the best of life, for which I was waiting from many years. I was finding myself uncomfortable taking his big dick in my mouth.
But he still continues. I was trying to take it completely. He started moving hard too and fro. Aaaaaa……. Aaaahhhhhh…… Aaahhahhhh he was feeling that he was about to cum……aaahhhhh…. Nina… Aahhh… Faster… Faster Nina…..don’t stop please….. Nina … He was moaning…. He was about to cum but I don’t want to eat his cumm though he wants so. Lastly he didn’t inform me and he didn’t get to know as it was my first time. He was faster and faster to make me enjoy….. Aaahhhh… Aaahhh…. And in just another one minute he shooted all in my mouth….. Catching my hair tight. He chocked and pulled my mouth… He was still shooting his cum and it spread all inside mouth and throat and coming out. I was totally exhausted…… I was feeling bad at that time… that gummy gummy chicky cum…. So bad…. I fastly got washed over there in a moment.
Now he was opening the buttons of my blouse and after the same there were round, some small & firm tits which were erect. His hands were now fondling my soft boobs. He kissed my boobs and pressed my pink nipple with his lips and there was a loud moan out of me. He slowly removed my saree along with panty. Wooowww…. It was a wonderful view of well shaven pink fresh pussy of mine to him. He was now again kissing me and also moving his hands all over my body.
I had never imagined that things will go so easy. All my luck. He moved his hand on to my pussy and started rubbing it. My pussy was all wet. He stopped me and said I want you to kiss all over your body “he said innocently”. I smiled at him and he started kissing me from toes to ankle and legs and then thighs. As he reached between my thighs to kiss my pussy, I held his head with hairs and pressed it towards my pussy. I was giving me pleasure and though it was new for me.
“Lick me dear…lick me…lick me hard…”. He started eating my pussy like a dog. He thought of doing it to his sweet s****r was making him hard. He continued licking me. “aaaaahhh…. Aaahhhh ahhhh…. Ooooohhh… Uffffff” my moans were making me wild.
Suddenly I came all over his mouth pulling his hairs with that wonderful pain. I had never seen such a big orgasm in my life coming from me first time as I am peeing. His face was completely wet with my perfumed sweet juice.
Then he asked me if I was sure to fuck, I said I wanted it to be me to break my cherry I said please do it I love you so much while puling me into his arms, he started kissing me and raised my legs and opened them more to receive his large cock into my tight virgin pussy. As he was entering my pussy I said its hurts so bad he said that now I am at your hymen and that’s what’s hurting you, I said ok I am ready as I raised my hips forward and pushed toward his cook and we came together in the middle as over hips met while French kissing he was moaning and I was moaning as well , it felt so good inside me my b*****rs cook just knowing he was deep within her body and feeling his depths and having his arms around me and his legs around my back. My pussy was full of bl**d, but I don’t care, because he was my own b*****r, no one else (I was crying, when my b*****r asked can I stop, but don’t allow him to stop). We continued…. He was very sensitive and was much careful, as we were slowly thrusting one another for at least 30 mins I felt his balls tighten, I must have felt his cock swell and started to kiss my pelvis, he then said can I cum inside of me I said you can, but….. Nothing happens if I gets pregnant and I started to tighten his legs around my back looking in his eyes saying fill my pussy with your seed and make me your women for these remaining days as he was feeling his balls to the point of no return he started to unload deep within me, pumping load after load deep inside me and were kissing I said uff my god I can feel your cum shooting in me, while laying there after unloading the biggest load of my life from my big b*****r, his cock was deep in me and still hard, now I started to cum again and could not stop, he was so wet and then he fucked me and seduced me greatly on that wonderful beauty night. Well that night was the best of many nights to come.
Next morning when we wake up I found that he was unaware of what happened last night. But then the guilty feeling was still there in his as well as my mind. The whole day we went with that feeling. At night I went to sl**p in my room. As I slipped into my bed that incident started hitting my thoughts. My eye was close and was again feeling that softness in my thoughts. Those thoughts were coming again and again to my mind and in few minutes I found my pussy getting wet. My hand was pumping it gently. I was surprised of this sudden change in me. From guilty I had started fantasizing my own b*****r. But, it was all so beautiful. His big dick and his soft skin…. I had never ever determined anything like that about my b*****r’s pleasure given me that night. Today I realized that he is so hot and beautiful with innocent, my s****r in law is lucky.
I hope in future if you all give me such response I will write more and more stories over my hubby’s clinic, clients and relation with b*****r after marriage.
Lastly one thing I want to tell you that I gave birth to a small c***d, I when we counted it was after our marriages 9 months and 7th day only. (usually baby delivers after 9 months and 9 days) and I determined that that baby is not of anyone but it is my own b*****rs….
Hey friends….wait for the next part of it…I will be back soon. Your emails help me motivate myself to share my experience with you all. So if possible keep writing…. My email id is
Sexology Llessons With A Teen

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Hi I was Ramya again. I was very happy with all of you replied me well enough to appreciate my previous encounters. This time I will share an erotic story which happened between me and my friend’s younger b*****r before my marriage. His name is Varun and he is the younger b*****r of my friend Deepa. Deepa and I are friends for a long time. She is my classmate. I usually like to visit her home and I go there many times before. We used to chat there more and more time as we can possible. Sometimes we invite Varun to give company to us. We were then on the age of 20 and he is on 18. He is a very glamorous boy with fair skin. (Basically I am dusky). I enjoyed his company not only in an ordinary way but also in a sexually way. I showed my boobs to him many times without knowing to Deepa, but I don’t know whether he see it or not. I looked at him with sexy thoughts and used to peep into his internal beauty of his body. But I was very vigilant to hide my bad thoughts from him and my friend. Ok, let’s come to the story. One day I went to Deepa’s house to go out for shopping with her. (UN) fortunately she was not there. There was only Varun in the house. Because others were went to a marriage function. I decided to talk with him for some time. We sit in the drawing room and chatted for some time and talk about various topics. Slowly it came into sex. I asked about his sex life. But he was embarrassed and stopped the talk. I think he was not interested in sex. And he acted like he is like to go somewhere.

I decided to go back. I get out from the house and walk to the auto stand to catch an auto. (un) fortunately that time rain came and I can’t go to the auto stand. I decided to go back to Varun’s house. When I reached there, I was very wet and my green saree was more transparent now. It sticks to my body because of its wetness. My blouse was also wet and one can see my black bra under it. I entered the house and pressed the calling bell. Varun was surprised with my return and look like shy with my sexy look. His shyness makes me hot and inspired me to make some sexy tricks. I shake my head and the water drops fall on his face from my hair. And I acted like I was shivering with the wetness, but who knows I was getting more hot in my mind in that situation. I placed my hand in my shoulders crossly to hide my boobs. (It’s a new trick to wake up his sexy thoughts). I asked him to give a room to dry my clothes and I told him that I will go back after the rain.He muttered something and led me in to the second floor and showed me a room. He let me there and went back. But he peeped to my back side when I get in the room. I didn’t closed the door completely. He went to see the TV. I peeped to the TV and see that he listen to a seminude film. I understand that he is melting for sex now very well. I planed a trick to fell him down in my net and fuck him. I undressed my saree completely. And now I was only wearing my wet blouse and ‘under-skirt’ (petticoat). I went to in front of him. Suddenly he switched off the TV. And he wondered and became shy with see me half-naked (without saree). I acted like I don’t see his shyness and asked him to give me a saree of his s****r to wear.

Suddenly he come back to his conscious mind and came with me to the room. I see a bulging in his lungi. He entered the room and opened the cupboard and searched for a saree. I start to unhook my blouse. I opened one hook. I do it at his backside. But at the same time, we both were standing behind a mirror and Varun saw my great boobs in the mirror. He turned back with a yellow saree. And he gave it to me. He got out from the room. But I didn’t make any attempt to close the door. I unhooked my second hook of my blouse. Suddenly a hand was placed in my shoulder. I know that is Varun.
But I acted like I got fear when I turned back. I know my wish could be done within minutes. But I asked him with angry (another trick) that “what he is doing”. And I told that I was elder than him and please see me like his s****r. But he doesn’t care my words. And he moved his hands down and wrapped my stomach. I made a weak try to break his hands. But Varun strongly tied me. Then I showed the co-operative mind to him. He took the right hand from there and circled my navel. I fell into a great emotion and murmured “ah…oh…..varun…. I like it…please do more …ah.” These sounds made him hotter. He called me “Ramya akka…..”, he placed one hand on my left boob and tried to unhook my blouse. I helped him to do it. Now I only wear a black bra. He caressed my boobs some more time. Then he untied my under-skirt and kissed at back of my neck. He is an amazing sexy boy. He slowly bit my ears. Then he placed my wet hair on his face and chest. He now completely removed my dress. Then he licked my soft legs. After that he used his tongue to lick my navel and boobs. He was really incredible. I moaned like a baby ”amaah…..” Now his dick (his milk gun) was bulging strongly. He takes it in his hand. “Oh…” I had never ever seen such a ‘big’ one. Those who had occasionally fucked me before had their devices much smaller than this one. Varun’s top edge seems like a big red ruby. He performed masturbation for me. Then he bit my ears. I closed my eyes with the great feelings. Then Varun went inside and brought some wine and poured it on my whole body.

He licked my whole body. Then he placed his penis on the gap between my boobs. It became harder. He takes it back and starts the fucking. Then in a hurry he tried to push his device into my wet pussy. But poor boy.. He couldn’t enter inside my tight hole fully and it was very painful for me too. So he pulled it off from me. But it was amazing. Then I started my work. First I caressed his hairs and massage his back. Then I used some oil and gave him a sexual massage. I massage his body and move my hand through his backbone. He feels the pleasure. I told Varun to be slow on me so that we both can maximize the pleasure. We then decided first to take bath together. That was one of the greatest bath in my whole life. First I washed him. I soaped him and massage him. Then he washed me. Absolutely he washed me like a baby bath. He rubbed my whole body. He used soap to clean not only my face but also the sexual parts like my boobs, pussy everywhere. He sucked my breasts. And he massaged and rubbed it. The bath takes almost one hour. We both had bath and he said that he will dry my body with towel and took me into his bedroom and made me lie on his bed and thoroughly dried every part especially my shaved pussy. Though I am not new to sex I was taken back at his increased initiative and surrendered to him. He had shown me real pleasure and I had an instant orgasm when he was wiping my cunt with the towel like a professional and to my dismay, Varun instaneously started licking and eating my starved cunt and this act made me mad. He started to exploit my hunger and really played with my body and created fire inside me. He licked my boobs and my shaved armpits and lastly cleaned my ass. I became a helpless doll in his hands and I begged him to allow me to play with his cock and he readily agreed and we got into 69 position and my mouth tasted the mammoth cock of Varun most willingly without any inhibition.

My cunt got thoroughly licked by this sweet boy. I had several orgasms before Varun took charge of my cunt with his massive tool. Now with much ease, he entered my pussy and mercilessly pumped his big cock and I enjoyed his stay in my body and finally after 20 minutes of non stop pumping, Varun released his white semen deep inside my cunt. I have taken so much liking for this boy.

The slow work became harder, hotter, and faster. We had an amazing, incredible, wonderful two hours of fucking. Then we wore our dress. I smiled at him. When I stepped out the home, Deepa and her parents came there. I spend some more time there with her. Then I went back to my house. But that incident was memorable in my life. Again few times I went to her house. But no sexual incidents happened after that with Varun. But I allowed him to caress my boobs without anyone seeing. That incident has not affected the healthy relation with my friend. I sure don’t miss to give sexy smiles to him every time when I saw him. Those interested can reach me at
Orgasmic Sex With Son And Ass Bang
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madam meeta June 19, 2014
Hello i m Meeta, 47 years old working lady. I’m from a small town in West Bengal, few kms from Kolkata. I’m posted there. I live there with my f****y. My figure is 40d-32-38 so i m quite big and curvy with fair color, huge breasts, big pot shaped belly and round curvy lifted bubble ass. Because of these features men and boys always hit on me or stare at me with lusty eyes. I’m sexy and i wear both modern wear as well as traditional wear. I’m just writing this incident to write about my sexual experience with my son. If u have any problem with i****t sex kindly don’t read my story. In the end u can message me about my story or ur sexual experiences but I’ll not entertain any friendship or sex request so don’t waste your time
I m a very strict, tough and a dominating woman. Rahul 22 years old was my stepson and u can say my sex slave. My husband is not active in sex but my libido is strong and deep and how Rahul got attracted to me is a very big story to explain. He’s totally under my command and obeys and follows me sincerely. My husband is a busy
so he keeps on travelling and this way in enjoy my sex with Rahul. Rahul has a good muscled body and a big thick cock. He’s very good n sex now because i taught him well. I have turned into a sex b**st like me so that i can fulfill my sexual needs and fantasies. U can message me at my id at the end of the story.
Now days passed doing great sex, Rahul gave me amazing orgasms. That night my husband was not at home and i was prepared to have sex with him. I returned from the job in the evening and after dinner i wore that lingerie set that Rahul gave me. It was a black lace bra and thong lace panty. I was wearing it under my sleeveless short nighty. Then i called Rahul from my room and he came. I was in a mood to sex but first i need some massage because of the work. I was lying on my belly and my nighty was up to my thighs, Rahul came in my room and asked mom…. What happened?? Ohh…my, u look so hot. Order me. I invited him to my bed and asked him to strip and get nude. He removed all his clothes and i held his penis and pulled him to bed. I told him today my day at job was hectic. My shoulder and back is paining. He said I’ll give u massage and u’ll feel free. He said right now u r looking so sexy. Thanks for wearing this lingerie.
I was lying on my belly and he started pressing my shoulder muscles with his powerful hands. After his shoulder and neck massage i felt great and asked him to do back massage. He said, can i do it sitting on ur hump? I said nothing just hummmm…he put his legs on either side of my ass and sat on my hips. He was always fond of my bubble ass. He was sitting on it with his cock was touching my ass cheeks. First he did upper back massage with body oil and then he lifted my nighty to my bra and did the lower back massage. It was really impressing and wonderful. I was feeling very light and the pain was gone. I asked him to stop and then he got off my ass and sat at my ass side. He started licking, kissing and shaking my ass cheeks. He loved to play with my ass. He said it’s looking damn hot in this thong. U never let me eat it.
I got up and said today is ur day and removed my nighty. Now i was in his favorite bra and panty. I got off the bed and he asked where r u going??I said to pee. Wait…i came back and he said u look so hot while walking in this lingerie. Ur ass’s motion is very sexy. Can u shake that ass for me? I turned my back to him and put the hands on the table started shaking my big bubble ass. My ass cheeks swayed left and right and i kept on doing that. Rahul was saying wow mom ur butt is so sexy, looks like earth quake. He ran to me, got on his knees and held my thighs. He said don’t stop and then he buried his face between my ass cheeks. I kept on shaking my ass. Then we stopped he said wow i just saw ur shaking ass cheeks. It was amazing.
I looked at his cock it was full erect and few pre-cum drops were on head. He was aroused. I said, u look horny. He said, yes mom a lot. U just made me. We sat at the bed side, doing all this i got little sweat and i opened my bra hooks and took off it. Rahul held my tits and started kissing them. Then he put nipple in his mouth and started sucking it, pressing them with hands. They were sweaty and Rahul licked them well. He also licked my sweaty underarms and said mom ur sweat is very spicy just like u. He kept on sucking my breasts and licking my areola.
Between all this i held his cock in my tight grip and pulled it backward to open it. Then i rubbed its wet top part. His pre-cum was getting high and it was making more slippery in my hand so that i was enjoying rubbing his hard big wet slippery cock. My hand was moving on his cock from top to end. His big mushroom pink top was shining with wet pre-cum and inviting me to suck it. Then he kissed my navel and belly and then as he moved i took his cock in my mouth and moved my tongue on it, licking his pre-cum. I kissed his pink top and put it my mouth, it gave immense sensation to Rahul and then i swallowed its full length in my mouth and as i swallowed he couldn’t bear it.
I pressed it in my mouth holding his balls in my hand. He made a loud sound oohhhh…. And he couldn’t control and tilted his upper body backwards and then he lay on the bed. I was sucking his cock furiously, playing with his balls. My saliva was all over his cock. He was making great loud sounds and i was enjoying it.
I left it after few minutes and i walked on the bed and went to his face and i stood on his face with my legs on either side of his head. I looked at him and ordered him, suck my pussy well and make me squirt then I’ll give u my ass. I pulled down my thong to knees and sat on his face. His mouth caught my pussy and he started licking my clit. Then i leaned forward and held his cock. Again i lick and spitted on his cock and also put his balls in my mouth, sucked and pulled them. I loved playing with his balls. He was in my control and his face was buried between my thighs.
He was licking my clit and i was also enjoying my pleasure. My pussy was now wet and after 10 min, i sucked his cock so hard taking it full in my mouth that Rahul made a loud sound and said i m going to cummm…. His waist got a hard jerk and got lifted up and his cock ejaculated large amount of sperm on my face. I was holding his cock with my mouth wide open to catch his cum. He made 4 consecutive shots and twice his sperm hit my face, then it hit inside my mouth.
As he stopped cumming it took his cock in my mouth licking all his sperms on the top. I swallowed his cum and made his cock and balls empty. A large amount of cum was on my face and Rahul was lying there helpless like a dead elephant. Hi went near his face and kissed him deeply and said what happened to my strong boy. He said u just gave me an orgasm, i m in heaven. He was sweating heavily… i said now u have to give me a squirting orgasm…can u??He said just give me few seconds. .
We were holding each other and he said u look so hot and wild with cum on ur face. Let me do ur facial. He rubbed all cum on my cheeks and face and i licked his fingers. I said. It’s yum. . He said now u look amazing. He came close to me and kissed me deep and long, licking my tongue with his. He was pressing my breast and was kissing me deeply. After a long kiss and few minutes, he said i m ready to eat ur pussy. I opened my thighs and he got between them. Then his face got down and he started licking my pussy. I was lying there holding my boobs as high tongue rubbing on my clit was giving me enough sensations. His tongue tip was moving fast on my clit. He did it for long and in between all this he inserted his middle finger in my pussy and started rubbing it in and out on my vagina walls.
He was still licking my clit and i was moaning uummm…oohh. . Yes…. Ssss. . My pussy walls were getting more and wet. He was eating it very well. Amazing sensations were originating from my pussy running down to legs and from belly to tits and head. It was the start of the orgasm and sooner i felt tight and i squirted a large amount of liquid making a loud sound…ohhh……huh. . My juices gushed through my pussy contracting my pussy muscles and while i was squirting Rahul was still sucking there, licking my fluid. I was breathing heavily with an increased heart rate and my whole body was shivering and sweating. I was feeling weightless, currents running in my body from head to top. Rahul was still sucking my pussy and by this it happened thrice in intervals of 10-15 seconds.
Three squirting were amazing and too much orgasmic, my body lost a large amount of fluids. I was flying in the sky of heavenly pleasure. He did it well because i taught him well. Then Rahul close near me i took a unclear sight of him. His face was shining because of my fluid. He said wow mom u squirted a lot. Now u look very beautiful and fair. Then he put his penis top on my clit and started rubbing on lips. His cock was hard again. I was still in pleasure but i can feel his cock rubbing. Then he held me putting his arms under my under arms and started kissing me. He inserted his hard cock inside my pussy and poised for some seconds and then his hips started moving forward and backward. My legs were open wide and he was fucking me well with powerful strokes. My pussy was very slippery and his cock was moving in and out very smoothly.
Till now i regained some power and consciousness. I heard me saying fuck me hard……oohhhh yes…yes. . Hard. We were sweating heavily and because of my dripping sweat our bodies were slipping on each other. We both were moaning aahhh…huh…mixing our sound. She was holding my his tight arms holding me very close putting great strokes throbbing his cock giving me deep sensations and extra pleasures . Soon my legs were lifted up and he put some more strokes to please my pussy. I held his ass and wrapped my thighs on his waist, he kept on doing it and as he got slow, he was breathing heavily. So i pushed him aside and we rolled to the side so that i got on top of him above him with my breasts pressed on his chest. I was time to ride his cock; i got up in sitting position and i shake my ass. He said yes…ohh. . Huh…yes and i started riding him moving forward and backward. I was sitting on his cock jumping wildly and my speed was increasing.
He was rubbing my clit with his fingers. My wild jumps were producing thappp. . Thappp. Sounds in the room. It was really awesome to hear them. It was showing my power to fuck Rahul and my ride. Sooner after some time i felt tight and magical vibrations started in my body and i cummed again hitting another orgasm. I moaned heavily ohh…. . Mmmmm and i fell on him and after making few shots Rahul in my flooded pussy, he made a loud sound aahhh…hhhhuhhhh…and cummed inside my pussy. He released a large amount of semen that filled my vagina. Both of us were dead now. We were breathing heavily and can hear each other breath and heartbeat. Soon his cock got small and went out of my pussy. My pussy was dripping with his semen and we were still drowned in the pleasure, lying on each other motionless.
Then after 10 minutes we got up i washed my pussy, drank some juices and water and took rest of few hours. He was still holding me tightly playing with my body. In morning we got up and i noticed the erection on Rahul’s cock. He was fully ready again. He said still u didn’t gave me. I said i was ready but it was not fun doing it tired. Now we can do it. He said sure…i said first we get fresh. He held me and said look at my cock it’s hardened again. I said i have to go to toilet to empty my anus. It’s full of shit not good to do anal. Once it is empty it’ll be fun. I went to toilet emptied my rectum and did enema. I got fresh and soon Rahul got fresh. It was time for anal. Rahul was desperate to bang my ass.
I’ll discuss it later in my next part as it’s a very long process. If u like my story and want to say something about it, how u felt, ur emotions etc after reading it or want to share ur experiences message me at my id meetagds@gmail. Com, and mention the story title in subject for easiness and don’t message me for friendship or sex invitation. I’m not here for that. Hope u like my story and please give ratings and post comments under my story. Love to hear soon from u.
b*****rly Love For His Married Elder s****r
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Truelovemaker June 23, 2014
Hi, this is a story about me and my elder s****r which happened in May, 2014. This fascination for me regarding her started when I was very young. My elder s****r is 7 years elder to me, and I am currently 24. She is my chacha’s daughter and one of the hottest girls I have seen. She is 5.4, white in complexion, dark long hairs, perky breasts and around 55 kgs in weight..
For an Indian society anything like this is considered to be something that is very i****t, so getting her to allow me to do stuffs to her was a very difficult work for me, but there was something in me that was always pulling me towards her. There was continuous fear in me that if I push her slightly too much, then she might make a scene out of it, but her body was constantly calling me and I finally succeeded.
She always loved me the most amongst all my b*****rs and s****rs and we used to spend a lot of time together when I used to visit her place. We used to play cards with each other till late nights every time I was there, but were just restricted to just this because for her I was only a k**. We used to pinch each other in the cheeks a lot and used to have a lot of fun running around each other trying to pinch. Of course during these games we used to sometimes have contacts to each others personal parts but it was nothing sexual for her at least.
She got married very early, at the age of 21. She is currently a mother of 2, both daughters, and my fascination for her started when she had just had her second baby. This happened some 6-7 years ago. We visited their home to see her and the c***d. We had the normal chit chat and had our dinner along with the whole f****y. The people in her house sl**p early and every one was in bed by 11. It was late in the night when I entered the room where we had planned to play cards.
When I entered, I saw that she was feeding her baby. The face of the k** was covered by her saree pallu, and hence I was not able to see anything. But what followed later on changed my whole perception about her. The k** was continuously playing with her the whole time. Suddenly my s****r took the k** from that position and placed it near her other boob, and for a split second or two, I got a bare view of her right breast and till today I remember that in front of my eyes.
Like general Indian girls, she did not have big nipples. She is very white in complexion, and her nipples were light brown and small. They were just so cute. She might have not noticed my eyes because she was busy with the k** itself. My s****rs breast during that time was maybe 34 C, currently she has reduced a bit and she is back to 34 B.
That was the first time I had seen the breasts of my s****r and that image has been printed into my conscience since then. After that whenever I got a chance I used to take the opportunity to peek inside her clothes. The chances were very rare but the hunger in me for her kept on increasing every time. It lasted for a few days till we were there.
Following this, I had gone for my studies and my visit to her place was reduced a lot. Even the visits we had was restricted only for a day or two which was used only for playing cards.
One day while I was in my class, I got a friend request from her in facebook, but do not raise your hopes as nothing happened over chatting over facebook. She was quiet new to this online world and was just getting the hang of it. Her typing was slow and she had a lot of doubts about the usage and all.
I volunteered to help her in learning the INTERNET. This was just the beginning. She asked me about some good websites to visit and all. I used to send her normal websites which would contain no sexual materials at all. But even though these websites purposefully dint show anything, one cannot help the adds and all that are present in them and sometime or the other she would see some sexual materials – which of course she never told me over our chat but only revealed once we met.
After completion of my course, we had gone to visit her place and this is where all the fun began. The day before me reaching her house I messaged her stating that this time I shall teach her lot of fun stuffs, and thats all. When we entered her house, it was all normal, we exchanged our glances, everyone met everyone. I was travelling with my parents.
After all the dinner and all was over she pulled to a side and asked me what did I mean by fun stuffs. I said I shall tell her that while playing cards and that she should have some patience. At around 10 or 10 30 pm we started playing. Our topic shifted towards internet and she asked me about some good websites and all to visit.
I asked her if she had come across some different kind of stuffs on the websites that I had asked her to visit before. She said not much but yes she definitely saw some nude pictures and all. I asked her if she liked it, and she just smiled, so that was the green signal.
I know I wanted to fuck her but dint know the way to do it and suddenly it was all there in front of me. The internet coverage in her place was poor and was only restricted to 2G as such. I showed her our this website and told her that she can read some sex related stories from here when she is bored. First she asked me as to why am I showing her the particular website, to which i cooked up some answer and managed it.
She was a bit reluctant but then I opened some story and made her to read it. I think she liked the story because the next question she asked was how many more stories are there, and my answer that there are thousands pleased her a lot.
Then we played a few rounds of cards which was our favourite passtime but neither her mind or mine was in the cards. Then we started talking a bit about sex and she told me that your jiju has become old very soon, while she was still very young. He was some 8-9 years elder to her. This statement was like a shock to me as I never expected her to utter those words. I understood the hidden meaning behind this.
I took it very calmly as I knew a few wrong steps and I will be screwed. I told her that there are ways to do it by yourself, which she did not understand at all. I told her I will show it to her. After almost 5 years I opened the porn website for 3GP videos as that was the only one that the particular net connection would have supported.
I opened up a video of a girl playing with herself, and she used my headphones and saw the whole movie. She was aroused and I could feel that from her breathing. After that i showed her one more porn movie that include all the hard core actions. She asked me if all these things are possible and do girls do all these stuffs, and especially do Indian girls do all these stuff. I told her that not all indian girls do such stuffs, especially the stuffs like doggy style, and riding on top and stuffs like that.
By this time I was very open with her. So I gathered some more courage and asked her to see a movie with only blowjobs. I told her that this was my favourite thing to get, following this I showed her one more movie that included pussy licking, and told her that this was my favourite thing to do. She asked me if I have any prior experience of pussy licking and I told her yes, and also told that my friend whom I had licked cummed 3 times in 5 minutes when I was sucking her vagina.
While she was seeing the last movie in my I-phone, I had freed my penis from under my jockey. It was only covered by my night suit now, which was so thin that my penis made a tent in it. I purposefully wanted her to see that bulge of mine. I saw her looking at it from the corner of her eyes and smiling too.
It was already 2 am by this time and we decided to call it a day. It was a great advancement that we had made today and I dint want to push it further. When I got up from my position in the bed, my tent was clearly visible and neither I was trying to hide it, nor she was trying to take her eyes of it. She looked at it and told that I was the one seeing the movie and looks like all the effect is on you. She smiled and nothing happened after that.
I was so horny but I dint want to jerk off because I wanted my sperms to go inside her, and I knew that all this could happen. The next day passed on uneventfully almost. In the evening I took a small nap and when I got up I found her on my side. I asked her what she is doing, to which he told that she was reading some stories.
I told her that I will show you something. I took my mobile and showed her a picture of a penis. She said that looks good. I told her that mine and she just smiled. Actually I do not have a very big penis like others say of 10-12 inches, I have a normal 6-7 inch penis with a very voluptuous red top. The picture which I showed her, I had pulled the skin down and the red top was looking very eatable and she loved the picture. She stared at it for some time and then asked me to remove it, maybe she was loosing her control.
At night we again started playing cards around the same time but we dint even play one round completely. I told her that lets see some more movies and she agreed but this time we will see the movie together. She was a bit hesitant but then agreed. I had already freed my penis from my jockey and it was just my night pants that was covering it.
We only saw hardcore movies that day which included everything from blowjob, pussy licking, boob fuck, vaginal fucking, etc. Once the movie started my dick started to grow, and I started rubbing it slowly over my pants itself. She was also very horny as her nipples were fully erect and visible to me.
I gathered some more courage and started rubbing myself above my pants just enough for the precum to ooze out and make the pant slightly wet. My intention was to make her more aroused. After watching a few movies I confessed to her that the first breasts that I had seen were hers and that was very lovely. She slapped me very lightly on hearing this, but again the reaction that you normally expect on such a comment is a tight slap, so that was actually a green signal.
After saying this we continued watching the porn movie. She moved herself in such a way that I was able to see her breasts more prominently from above her blouse. I also took my hands inside my pants and started playing my penis. I knew she was looking at it from the corner of the eyes, but it was all about who makes the first move.
After sometime, I asked her if she would like to do the favourite thing of her b*****r, to which she told that she had never done anything like that. But she never said that she does not want to do. That was it. I took her hands and kept it on my penis above the pants itself. For a second she was in shock and tried to remove her hands, but again at the same time watching all those movies had made her very horny. I kept her hand on my penis firmly and just started pressing it over her hands itself.
Slowly she started doing it by herself with her left hand. That scene was awesome, while the porn movie was going on in the mobile on one side and on the other side there was practicals going on. I asked her to put her hand inside my pants which she readily did. She touched it and said that it was very warm. I told her that her saliva can make it cold, to which she just smiled.
I asked her if I can switch off the video and enjoy the touches of my elder s****r. She said yes. She said that she wants to see my penis. She pulled my pants down and my penis sprung up saluting her. She looked at it and said that it was very lovely to look at. I told her it was lovely to taste also. Meanwhile I took my hands to her breasts and started pressing it a little over her blouse. Ohh that was just so lovely to touch. I wanted to just rip everything off and eat them.
Suddenly we heard some voice from the hall, and we came back to our senses. It was my dad going to the kitchen to get some water. Once he went off, we decided to lock the room and continue again. She asked me to wait for some 15 minutes, she said she had a small work in the kitchen and she will be back.
I wasn’t sure what to say but said yes. I was doubtful if he will return or not, and those 10-15 mins were really long for me. My penis had already died by the time she came. She came after about 15 mins, and entered my room. She told that her husband and her k**s are fully asl**p and so are my parents. She changed her dress and came in a nighty.
She kept her hands on my penis and said that looks like your little b*****r has slept. She asked me to remove my pants and I did so. She kept her hands on my penis and they were really cold hands. She said that she had just washed her hands. She was doing a good job with her hands. I took her to the sofa in the room, we both sat down, I gave a small kiss to her on her lips.
Following this we were involved in a long passionate kiss, while my hands were hovering all around her body. I pressed her back, her hands, her breasts and also moved my hands to her thighs. I realized that she was not wearing anything underneath the nighty. That made me very horny and I started pressing those lovely breasts of my s****r even more. I took her hand and placed it on my penis. She started moving it up and down a little. I asked her to kiss my penis. She had never given a blowjob, nor had she ever received a pussy licking. It was all new to her.
She brought her lips forward and kissed the tip of my penis. I made her to pull the skin of my penis down completely showing her the red tip. She kissed the small opening in the front of the tip. I asked her to bring her tongue out and start licking the tip and she obliged with it. Then she slowly started going down to the shaft of my penis and started taking it inside her mouth.
Within a minute or two she was taking it fully in. I had shaved my penis a few days back so the hairs were pretty less, almost negligible and that was helping her to take it deep inside her mouth. She took her hands and started playing with my balls too, squeezing them a little. I had to ask her to reduce the pressing because it was hurting a little when too much pressure was applied.
Then I stopped her, pulled her upward to me and kissed her lips once again. Her lips were so soft that I kept on licking them for a long time. We also had a few tongue fights which was awesome too. Then I asked her to remove her nighty. She was a bit shy and asked me to switch of the lights in the room first.
I reduced a few lights, not all because I wanted to see everything. So I just switched off one light just for keeping her word. I helped her remove her nighty and in a second I had my s****r nude in front of me. Ohh that sight is still so fresh in my mind. Then I realized that she had a shaved vagina. I asked her that when did she do that.
She replied just now, and smiled, and added that since I told her that I like licking vaginas a lot and enjoy the taste of the liquid that comes out, she has shaved it in order to give complete access to me. I thanked her and kissed her in her lips and without wasting any time I went to her vagina. She sat on the sofa and I kneeled down to give just the proper height for me to lick it.
She asked me to be gentle and I said her to just enjoy the feeling. I kissed her vagina. That was the first time she was experiencing any of that and hence she wasn’t sure what to expect. I kissed it a little and then I suddenly parted her vaginal walls with my fingers and inserted my tongue inside it. The moment I did that she left a loud moan.
I started tongue fucking her and she was getting out of control every minute. She kept one of her hands on her breast and started pressing them herself. She kept her other hand on my head and was forcing me to go deeper inside her. Within a few pushes her pussy was completely wet and her juices started oozing out. The juice was so salty and mixed with her smell was creating a sensuous environment for me.
Her body had already started making contractions within minutes of me sucking her vagina, and suddenly her body contracted making me almost breathless caught in between the legs, but I continued my licking and she came in my mouth.
I always have a habit of going for multiple orgasms in the same time, hence I was in no mood of stopping and continued my tongue licking action. This time I also inserted my finger inside her vagina. It went in without too much hustle. Hence I inserted one more at the same time and started fucking her and licking her at the same time.
I did this for not more than 2-3 minutes and during that time she had already cummed twice more in my face. I drank all the juices coming out of it. She then asked me to stop and was begging for me to come up. Before coming up, I made my face wet with all her juices. The satisfaction that she got was seen in her face, but for me it was real satisfaction too as I was enjoying the feeling that because of me he got all those orgasms.
I went up to her face and started rubbing all her juices on her face itself. She licked my tongue and tasted her own juices from my tongue. There was a sense of satisfaction as well as a sense of shyness also in her face, because at the end I was her b*****r. But I think at that point of time, satisfaction has taken over her.
Now she turned her attention towards my penis which had become smaller, she kept her hands on it and started making it hard again and within a few strokes it regained its stiffness. I asked her very frankly if she wanted me to fuck her, and she without any hesitation said yes. And that was all the confirmation that I needed.
I placed her on the side of the sofa, I myself went in a half knee position and placed my dick in the love hole of my s****r. She guided my dick inside her and within a few stroke it went inside her completely. I loved that sight seeing my dick getting completely disappeared inside her. I kept it inside her for a few seconds and was admiring the moment.
Then I started twitching it inside her vagina a little just for fun. I told her that Di, I doubt I will last more this time because the feeling of me inside her was making me so horny that I was sure that I would not be able to control. I had seen almost 10-12 porn movies and still I didn’t cum. I hope you can understand the amount of pressure buildup in my shaft.
She said you have already made me cum 3 times in less than 15 mins. This is more than what happens to me over a fortnight. And even the ones that happen are not that fulfilling. But you have already fulfilled me so much. I never asked you to stop in only one time.
I told her that I never intended to stop in one, as I was just getting started. I started pumping her again and within a few strokes I was almost about to cum. I asked her that where she wants me to cum. She told me that she had already done her f****y planning operation and hence I can cum inside her.
She did not even finish the sentence and I came inside her. Normally I would shot some 15-20 drops of sperms but this time it was very different. I dont know how much I came, but I shot way more than my normal limit. I almost collapsed for a second after such a loud orgasm.
My penis was still inside her and I was feeling the warmth of my sperms and her cum inside her vagina. There cannot be a feeling better than that. Then I took my penis out and ask her if she would like to taste it. She said next time do it on me and I shall taste it then as she wants to drink the pure form, I just smiled to that.
I told her to start sucking my penis again and make it hard. She was in no mood of stopping either, the hunger in her was too much I guess. She took my tool inside her mouth and started the work of making my limp dick hard again. She said that she loved it even more when it was limp as it was very soft to play with her tongue.
While she was sucking my dick, I was staring at her vagina which was oozing liquid mixed with our cum and that sight was making me more horny again and again. I was pressing her nipple with my hand and squeezing her breasts. Till now I had not eaten her breasts, and my tongue wanted to feel that so much.
I asked her to stop for a while, I made her to lay down to the sofa, and I started kissing those beautiful nipples. Because of all the work that we had done in the past 20 mins or so, she was a bit sweaty. I confessed to her that I wanted to suck the milk out of her nipples the day when I saw her feeding her baby daughter.
She said, that the milk is not there, but the breasts are fully mine. I was licking one breast while I was pressing the other. Those breasts were so soft and the best part was her nipples, which were small and very perky. I was able to feel them with my teeth and tongue and I was biting it a little too while sucking them.
After sometime I shifted my attention to the other breast, and following that I was playing and licking her cleavage. I got on top of her tummy and placed my dick in between her breasts. She was a bit confused, but I made her understand what I was trying to do. She pressed her boob above my penis and I started my two and fro movement. Boob fucking was a great experience. I was fully hard by then, and I badly wanted to fuck my s****r again.
I asked her for her permission for one more time and she nodded with a yes. I told her that let me be below you and you come and sit on me. She agreed and sat on me, not facing my face. I made her to shift her position and face me as I want to see those beautiful boobs bouncing. She was a bit nervous but she turned.
Moment she sat on my cock, my cock disappeared. I asked her to stay still and that I shall fuck her. I started my movement from below but that particular position is very tiring, I fucked her with full f***e for about a minute and then I was tired. Then she stopped me and started moving up and down herself.
I just laid back and was enjoying the feeling of her breasts moving up and down as well as the mixture of satisfaction and nervousness on my s****rs face. After a minute or two, I made her change the position and started fucking her in missionary position over the sofa itself.
That continued for 5-6 minutes or so. While I was fucking her she climaxed twice, every time she climaxed, the pressure that was exerted on my penis was really great. When ever she was about to climax, I would keep my penis inside for a second or two longer to feel that muscle contraction.
Finally, I was about to cum and I took my penis and placed it near her mouth. She brought her hand to hold my penis and started her mini handjob and within seconds I sprayed my cum all over her face. She opened her mouth in the right time and a few drop went inside her which she drank happily.
I was so tired that I collapsed over her itself. We were both lying on the sofa, tired and fully satisfied. I asked her if she liked it, and her smile said it all. The lovely smile of her made me feel relieved for what we had just done. It was around 1 am by then. We decided to sl**p together as no one was going to doubt anything about us.
We went to the bed, which we had not used till that time. I asked her if she wants me to eat her vagina again. She asked me to rest for a while and do that again in the morning. We slept hugging each other, but we did wear the clothes, just for the safety shake.
I slept with my lips kissing hers and my hand caught in between her two thighs. She kept on playing with my dick the whole time we were awake that night. We did not discuss anything about what to say, what not to say about the night, because we had that trust in ourselves. I had to leave her place the next day, as we came back to my hometown along with my parents. We keep on messaging each other on whatsapp regularly now, and are eagerly waiting for our next chance.
Please send your feedbacks at I shall wait for your feedbacks, and I hope to make some good friends from this site, especially ladies. Love to all the readers, and special love to all the ladies who read my story. Thanks for reading my story, and I hope i made you all Horny. Love you all.
Strip Games With My Mom
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unknown June 18, 2014
This story is imagination story. My f****y consists of dad, mom, s****r and me. We lived in the apartments in Mumbai. My dad works in the private company in Mumbai as supervisor. He was busy with work in developing the company. He was the right hand to boss in that company so he was always busy with the work. He regularly goes to gym to maintain the good physique and was fair and tall. My dad married my mom when he was 25 years and mom was 22 year. Next the mom was the house wife. She is the head of the managing all the works and maintain the house. She doing the exercise and yoga in the morning regularly in order to maintain good physique. Next s****r studying in Arts College and maintain the good physique. Next it’s me I saw the porn movies regularly and masturbate regularly. This incident when I was finished xii std during summer holiday and waiting for the result. I regularly saw the porn movies. On day I saw the entire f****y fucking in the room. So I was fully excited and in the night I masturbate four times in the bed. I made the plan to enjoy with all of us. Here I want to tell about my mom. She is so beautiful and huge melons of 38C size bra. While her walking in the floor its moves up and down. In the bottom portion it looks like a white pillar and small size appam I think. In the back she have two big size tits it also attracting to others. I don’t see my mom nude before. In the home mom used to wear the nighty but sometime she wears saree. She was so gorgeous looking at that time. Next come to my s****r she is just Xerox of my mom. She has huge melon and tits. She wear the modern dress. While her walking in the road all the boys look at the s****r and keep the eyes on both tits and melons. I have the good athletic body and good stamina. i have cock size 7 inch length.
During the summer I made the plan to enjoy all of us. First made the steps to seduce my mom. My dad did not satisfy the mom for the long time. So mom are so hungry for sex. I used to see the mom while bathing. One day I saw in the bathroom she caught me at that time. I returned to room and feeling shy. Mom came to her room and changed the dress. She called me to help in the kitchen. I ran into the kitchen and helped the mom. We finished cooking and arrange the lunch in the Dining table. Mom and I started the lunch. She started to tease me. She licks the carrot very naughty. I understand the situation. I also tease the mom. After finished the lunch we went to hall and started seeing T. V. After sometimes we had the chat looks like normal speaking and after sometimes I becomes dirty talk. Mom ask the son can I ask one question. Are you seeing me while bathing in the morning? Son replied no mom! Mom I will inform to dad saw truly. Son nodded the head down and say yes mom I saw on bathroom through the ventilator. Here onwards don’t do like that. If you want to see me directly and come and knock the door. Its make me confident and moved to next steps. I understand that she was likes me. Shall I tell one thing? I saw the bra and panty of yours its looks like old style. Please try the new design and modern bra.
Mom accepted that and told that we will purchase in the town. In the evening we go to the shop. My mom asked the sales person where the women’s inner wear. They is replied that it was in third floor. We moved to the Third floor. I hesitated to go with my mom. My mom you wait near the opposite side. I Show it in the mirror. You can able to see. I make the call to my mom and told bra was so nice and matched panty. She looks for her daughter also. She brought for her daughter also. We returned to home at that time her daughter also come. I parked the bike in the stand. Mom firs entered the home. Daughter asked where you went. She told to buy inner wear for me. Her daughter asked to show the inner wear. Mom refused show her inner wear. She gave bra and panty which she purchased for her. She went to room and eager to see. She looks the inner wear it was so nice and happy to wear it. She wear that asked the mom to see that. Mom told It was so nice and don’t wear that regularly. She replied that ok mom.
Mom also satisfied with daughters replied. She said the thanks in the heart to my son for selecting wonderful panty and bra. In night dad came and we have wonderful chat with f****y and ate the dinner and slept in their room. Me as usual thing how bra and panty looks for my mom in dreams. After sometime I masturbate and slept. My mom have sex with my dad and slept.
In next day as usual dad went to office and s****r went to college. Mom finished the morning the breakfast went to bathroom for bathing. I noticed that mom slightly opened the door it would be easily able to see for me. I hidden in one place and started watching. I think mom couldn’t notice me in that place. But my mom easily see my action through the mirror. I think that this right time to seduce the mom. My mom going to finish the bath. So I ran into my room. My mom as usual came to her room and changed the dress. Mom quickly finished the preparing the lunch. We had the lunch together. After finished the lunch we started talking and watched T. V. I used to see the star movies. I kept in the channel at that time one hot kiss came. I look mom. She will enjoy that. Slowly talking about the scene this so hot mom. Immediately gave one horny look at me. She asked that did you see the sex movie. I said no mom. She once again asked same question you must answer honestly. Mom I need to take promise from you. You won’t say to anything to others. Mom replied that ok I promised you. I saw some porn movies through the net. Mom replied that oh! Mom asked to him what the videos you see are. He answered to mom I saw so many videos mom. She asked what type you like most. Be honestly answer this question I am very much interested in i****t and strip sex mom. Mom saw him shockingly what. i****t ah. He replied that nodded the head down. I also very eager to play the strip game with you. Mom what do you mean. He replied while we playing one needs to obey the others words. Once you started playing you won’t quit the game in between it is the rule for that game. Mom I won’t play with you. I requested the mom to play with me now. She was panic to play. Mom told need the time to think to play with you. He replied I promised you I won’t say anything to others about the game. Mom told she will tell tomorrow. In the evening her daughter came as usual going on. s****r told to mom I go the industrial visit to Pune tomorrow through the college bus and returned late night. She busy in ready for the tour in the night. She woke up in the morning 5 0 clock and went to college. At that time itself mom also started preparing breakfast and as well as lunch also. My s****r leave home at 6 0 clock and I woke up at 9 o clock as usual and dad went to office as usual.
Mom went to bathroom and finished bathroom and returned to her room and dressed. She going to hall and see son. His son I watching music channel. Mom told that I ready for your game. He was in heaven and jumped here and there. Mom strictly told you won’t say anything to others including your s****r also. He searched for the carom board. But the coin is missing. He planned to go to shop. Before going to shop he asked the mom to wear the bra and panty that we purchased on that day. Mom replied ok my dear son and I will show one suspense. He went to bathroom and quickly finished the bathing. He dressed quickly and bought the new coins. He bought the energy drinks for both of them. He returned to home quickly and searching for the mom. Mom in her room and dressing. He also went to the room and ready for the game and started searching the handy camera for recording the game. I finally found the camera and insert the new dvd to record the entire game. Now the time its 1 0 clock. Mom make the sound from her room my dear son go and have your lunch in the dining table. I finished my lunch and waiting for the mom response from her room. After 10 min mom called from her room are you ready dear. I replied I am ready. I went into the room. Mom decorated the room beautifully. I feel that I was in heaven. I Searched my mom where are you. Mom will behind me. Mom have the black cloth for tied around my eye. I asked why you tied my mom She replied that it was the suspense. Mom already place the carom board in the table I asked the mom I need to place these camera for recording. Mom asked for what you recording. Please mom I want to see at any time in my room. Mom told that it causes risk for me. Mom have one idea you record the show and give the cd to me I will keep safe for some days. After someday I will give it you. Are you satisfied with the Deal ah? I replied that Deal mom. Mom keep the camera in one side and press the start button. I once again say the rules. One who scored you will obey the others words and who won the game others become slave. Mom told ok deal. Shall we start whether you start or mom starts? I replied that I will start the game. I asked mom how I can put the coins in the hole. It’s your challenge. If you have interest on mom play with confidence. White coin for you and black for mom I slowly place the hand in the carom board and found the striker. I started striking the striker and white coin falls into the hole. Mom told that you win this turn. I was so happy and ask mom to give kiss on my lip. Mom accepted the deal and stand up and give long lip lock with his son. Next its mom turn mom did not put any coins and missed the chance. Next I put the coin in the whole I Told remove the black cloth covered over my eyes. Mom did that. I was surprised to see my mom in that moment. She was so sexy with low cut blouse and show her navel and hips to me. I told the mom you are damn hot now. Mom replied so only I tied the cloth in your eyes. How was the plan and suspense? I told superb lovely mom I want to fuck you mom. Mom told wait for the turn.
Next its mom turn. Mom put the black coin in the hole. Mom told me remove your pant. I unzipped pant and sit with my underwear in front of my mom. Then it’s my chance I put the coin and asked mom to remove the saree. Mom told me come and remove my saree its makes game hot. I stood up and go near my mom and remove the saree while removing I touched the boobs and tits and hip. Mom won’t say anything. Then its mom turns mom put the coin in the hole. Mom have little confusion in decision whether to remove the underwear of me or remove my shirt. Finally she came nearer to me to remove the shirt while removing the shirt she pinched me in my chest. Next it’s my turn I put the white coins in the hole. I have the chance to remove mom two clothes in her body. Immediately I think that remove your blouse and in-skirt. Mom feels shy to do it. I stand up and go nearer to mom and remove hook one by one. It was so exciting to see my mom in bra. She have good melon sized boobs hiding by the bra. While I removing hook I have taken chance to press boobs. Mom makes sounds. I removed the blouse through it. Next I find the knot of the in-skirt. I removed the knot in-skirt slowly going down. It makes me feel excitement. It was the first time I saw mom in bra and panty. Bra and panty which I bought on that very stylish similar to knot. Bra covers only the melons and tied on the backside. Panty covers only front side thighs alone and backside only small piece it covers the hole. Mom feels shy to sit in front of me. I laughed and see my mom. Next its mom puts the coin the hole and remove your underwear. Mom took the scissor immediately near the table and cut the under wear. The big cock comes outside with full erection. Mom Stunned to see that and she told dance for seconds in front of me. She played the music in the phone. I started dancing while dancing cock goes up and down. Mom enjoys that dance. Next it’s my turn. I put one coin and asked I want to remove your bra. Mom accepted that I go behind and remove the bra. Mom closed the boobs with two hands. I asked the mom to remove your hand. I played the item song in the phone and asked the mom to dance for few seconds. Mom danced well. While dancing boobs moves up and down. Next its mom turn but the coins in the hole. I am first one become nude I am slave to her. Next it’s my turn I put the coin the hole. Ask the mom remove the panty. I am eager to see the mom nude. I ask the mom shall I remove that. Mom told ok come dear. I go in front of the mom kneel down place the hands on the tits and pressed. After few seconds I placed the hand in the knot and remove it. After removing it I took the panty and smelled it. Mom asked what you are doing with my panty. i replied smell coming from the panty good. Mom immediately have the idea mom place hand in son head and pressed towards to pussy. I did not except that in that time. I can feel for sometimes and moved the head away. Mom asked you don’t like that. I replied that it’s full of hair so little difficult. Finally mom won the game. I am slave to my mom. Mom asked me go and take shaving set from the bathroom. I ran into the bathroom took that. Mom told shaved my pussy without single drop of bl**d. I applied the cream and shave it. Finally I done that and pussy looks beautiful. I licked that for few minutes. I always keep my cock clean and shaved regularly.
I asked the mom did you like that game. Mom told I like so much and give one lip lock for 5 minutes. Mom shall we moved to real game. I don’t understand that. Mom moved to kitchen take some ice cubes in the bowl and oil. Mom searching for the roop. Finally she found that and tied the hands of me. I asked mom why you tied my hand. You are my slave don’t ask any thing and gives one slap in my cock. Mom go to bed and lied down. Mom placed some ice cubes in the body. Mom told to me you moved all over body and put in my hole, if do that I will remove that otherwise you miss the heaven. Did you understand that? I told no mom tube light I won’t allow you insert penis into cunt. Ok mom deal. I started moving ice cubes from the boobs then navel and put in the basket. I told the mom I done that. Mom told I will remove your roop. I turned back in order to remove your roop. Mom placed small ice cube in my hole. I jumped over my mom kissed in all the places. After the kissing all the places and give cock to my mom to suck that. Mom started sucking. After few minutes I give fingering in the cunt. I removed the cock from her mouth and insert the cock in the both holes. We enjoyed for hour. We tried in all position. Final whistle blown I white milk form cock spread all over mouth. We slept for few hours. After 7 0 clock we take the bath. My s*s and dad returns to home. We look normally to them. The story ends.
Annu Didi Ki Mast Chut Chudai
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ashu June 24, 2014
Hi dosto mera naam Ashu hai main Delhi ki rahane wali hu mere ghar me mummy papa meri bahan Annu or mera bhai Sunny hai meri umar 25 meri bahan ki 23 or mere bhai ki 20 saal hai mera figure 36d-28-36 ka hai or main doodh jaisa gori hu meri bahan Annu ka figure 35d-28-36 hai or wo bhi doodh jaisa gori hai hum bhai bahan bahut hi mordan hai or aapas me bahut frank hai or topic par baat kar lete hai main hostel me rahati hu or mera bhai or meri bahan ghar par main or meri bahan hamesha mordan clothes hi pahante hai jese jins top miniskirts or hot pant etc. To ab main story par aati hu ye story meri bahan or mere bhai ki hai to suniye mere bhai ki jubani hi dosto mera naam Sunny hai main or s****r bahut frank hai is kahani ki heroin mere Annu didi hai wo bahut sexy hai or bahut sexy kapade pahanti hai ek wo fb par chat kar rahi thi to mere aate hi chat band kar di maine pucha didi kaya kar rahi ho to boli kuch nahi bas time pass.
Didi – teri gf hai
Main – nahi didi
Didi – kyo
Main – koi mili hi nahi
Didi – try kar mil jayegi
Didi ne us time sleeveless top or hot pant pahani thi wo bahut sexy lag rahi thi
Fir subha jab me utha to dekha didi mirror ke samane apane baal sukha rahi hai or sirf towel me hai kya sexy lag rahi thi unka dodh jesa badan chikani legs mera to lund hi khada ho gaya me bathroom me gaya or muth mar kar aa gaya agale din didi nahane gayi to maine key hole se dekha didi bulkul nangi thi kya boobs the mera lund fir se khada ho gaya or main wahi par muth marne laga fir didi ne apani chut main ungaliya kani suru ki or thodi der bad jhad gayi main bhi jhad gaya ab main roj didi ko nanga dekhane laga ek din main tv dekha raha tha to didi hot pant me mere pass aakar beth gayi wo ek dam maal lag rahi thi fir hum baate karen lage.
Main – didi aapka bf hai
Didi – tha par breakup ho gaya
Main – ab
Didi – koi or mila nahi abhi tak
Main – apaka bf bahut lucky hoga
Didi – kyo?
Main – ap bahut sundar ho isliye
Didi – sirf sundar?
Main – nahi ap hot & sexy bhi ho
Didi – aaj bahut pyar aa raha hai apani didi par
Didi or main ek saath hi sote hai raat ko didi lower pahan k soti hai raat meri ankh kholi to dekha didi meri taraf muh karke soyi hui hai or unke boobs dikh rahe the maine apana heath unke boobs par rakh diya meri gand fat rahi thi ki didi uth na jaye fir maine dhire dhire boobs dabane laga mera khada ho chuka tha fir maine apana haath didi ki top me dal diya or bra k upar se boobs dabane laga kya batao dosto bahut maza aa raha tha fir didi hili or dusari taraf muh karke so gayi ab didi ki meri taraf thi main Annu didi chipak gaya or mera lund didi ki gand par lag raha tha main apane lund ko didi ki gand par ragadne laga fir mujhe se raha nahi gaya or maine apana lund bahar nikala or didi gand par ragadne laga mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha ab main jor jor se dhake marne laga or thodi der me main jhad gaya or mujhe kab nind aayi pata hi nahi chala jab subha utha to dekha didi chaye bana rahi hai main bhi jakar beth gaya or hum baate karne lage fir didi boli kal raat mujhe nind nahi aaye
Main – kyo didi
Didi – kal raat ek mote chuhe ne bahut paresha kya mujhe
Main – kyo didi?
Didi – pata nahi sayad bill dund raha tha wo
Main – bill mila use?
Didi – nahi yaar bechara haar man kar so gaya
Mujhe ab pata chal gaya tha ki didi kal raat sone ka natak kar rahi thi
Main – to kya pata aaj usko bill mil jaye
Didi – dekhate hai
Fir main raat ka intejaar karne laga jab raat me main sone gaya to meri aankhe kholi ki kholi rah gayi aaj didi ne mini skirt or dhila sa top pahan rakha tha jab didi so gayi to maine apana haath didi k boobs par rakh diya meri to gand fat k haath me. Aa gayi aaj didi ne bra nahi pahni thi mujhe to bahut maza aa raha tha mera khada ho gaya tha main boobs ko dabane laga kya boobs the yaar maza hi aagaya ab main josh me tha fir maine top ko pura upar kar diya kya najara dodh jese milky boobs or uspar pink nipples mujhase raha nahi gaya or maine nipple muh me. Leliye didi ki siskari nikal gayi fir main jor jor se nipple chusta or jor jor se dabata ab main or didi dono josh main aa gaye 15 mint nipple chusane or ragadne ke baad maine apana haath niche le gaya or Annu didi ki skirt ko upar kiya or jese hi maine apana haath andar dala meri gand fat gayi Annu didi ne panty nahi pahani thi mera haath unki nangi chut par laga jo gili ho gayi thi fir maine ek ungali unki chut me undar bahar karne laga fir maine unki skirt nikaal di or top bhi ab wo bilkul nangi thi fir maine unki tange chodi ki wha dosto kya chut thi bilkul chikani or ek bhi baal nahi mujahase raha nahi gaya or maine apana muh unki chut par rakh diya fir or pagalo ki tarh chusane laga or apani jibh ko andar bahar karane laga 15 chusane k baad maine didi ki tango ko choda kiya or apana lund Annu didi ki chut par rakha or ek hi jhatake me pura andar daal diya didi k muh se chikh nikali fir maine dhake marana chalu kar diya ab didi bhi apani gand utha utha kar chudwa rahi thi fir maine tez tez dhake mare or fir main or didi 20mint ki dhamake daar chudai k baad ek saath jhad gaye or sogaye.
Ok bye dosto agra aapko ye kahani pasand aai to mujhe mail kare
Apaki randi Ashu

... Continue»
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My s****r and I

What is there to say here? This story was originally posted on a different site, but s someone "stole" it and posted here. I gave the admins indisputable proof and it was deleted from this site. I feel like I might as well post it back up here considering it was fairly well received.

This was the first story that I ever wrote in my life. It was originally written in six separate parts, but months after writing it; I decided that I would fix the problems with it and post everything together. The afterwards/epilogue was written even later, as you can tell that it represents my most recent writing style.

Hope you enjoy the story.

MY s****r AND I

I woke up Saturday morning to a gentle tapping on my bedroom door. My first instinct was to check the time and to my dismay I found that it was only 7:00 AM. I’m your average 16 year-old and Saturdays are my time to sl**p in and do nothing all day. I got out of bed and asked who was there; my 14 year-old s****r replied in a gentle tone that it was her. I quickly put on a shirt and tucked my morning-wood into my waistband and opened the door.

“Good morning Katie, why did you wake me up this early on the weekend?” She replied back with “Mom wants to say bye before heading to the teaching conference.” Our mom teaches English at the local middle school, and my Dad left when I was only three years old and Katie was one. “Damn, forgot all about that” I said, and was treated to my s****r calling me the name she made up six years “I am sure you did Dumb David.” Normally I would have called her something back, but it was too early in the morning for arguing.

I d**g myself downstairs to meet my Mom carrying some bags out the door. I grabbed the last of my Mom’s bags and followed her out the door and gave her a quick goodbye and hug before she got in the car and left. I made my way back into the house and met my s****r in the hallway; she was still wearing what she wore to bed which consisted mainly of a tight shirt and short-cut cotton shorts, whether she wore anything underneath was a mystery.

The hallway was only built for one person to fit through so when we met in the middle we had a puzzle on who would go right and left. I attempted to go right just as she had, so then I tried left, but she did also so then I was just going to move her to the right. When I tried to nudge her she moved her body just enough to cause me to accidently grab her left boob. I quickly let go and we had a really awkward silence that I ended with an “Uhhhhhh sorry”, she just looked at me, blushed, and said “I’ll just go to the left”, and we went back to our respective rooms. I got back to my room and shut the door behind me and lay down on my bed.

I felt a little weird about accidently touching Katie that way, but I got over it and in no time I fell asl**p. I had dream that my s****r was undressing in front of me. Her reddish-tinted long hair fell over her B-cup boobs so that I could not see anything but the size of them. Looking a little lower I saw that she had a clean shaven pussy, but the way the shadows were playing across her made it hard to make out any details. She did a slow twirl so that I got a great view of her whole body. She had slender body and with fair colored skin; her ass was perfect in the aspect that it was not small neither was it disproportionately large, my s****r is only 5’-1” so she is rather short. Her face is pretty in the way that it is cute because it fits perfectly with her height and body shape. Her eyes are somewhat big and almond-shaped, her nose is small, and her lips were thin, but stilled maintained a luscious appeal.

The dream ended as quickly as it felt like it began and I was once again awakened to the sound of tapping on my door. “What the hell, I half-yelled”, then looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:28 A.M. Katie replied with “I’m hungry, come make me some food”; I said back “You’re a big girl go make yourself something”; she came back with a drawn out and slightly high-pitched “Please”. I realized that I was hungry myself and said back “Alright, one second”. I once again had a hard-on so I tucked it up into my waistband and met Katie in the hallway.

She still had on the same “outfit” and I asked her why she still was not dressed, and she said “I am not doing anything today and moms not home so I don’t see any point, but if it bothers you I will go get dressed”. I muttered something about it being no problem and followed her to the kitchen. As we were walking down the hallway I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. She suddenly turned around and noticed me staring, and I quickly looked up at her. Katie asked if I was feeling okay today and I told her I had a weird dream. She gave me small smile before saying that she had also had a funny dream.

When we arrived in the kitchen I asked what she was in the mood to eat. Katie told me to just make her a sandwich. I asked her why she was incapable of making a sandwich herself, and she just said that she didn’t feel like it. After I had made the sandwiches we sat down and ate in silence until I broke it by saying that I was sorry about what had happened earlier. She just shrugged it off by saying that it was just an accident.

After that the conversation started to pick up and went on about what were going to do that weekend. At one point I remembered her saying something about having a date with her boyfriend today, and brought it up. She freaked out and said that she completely forgotten. I told her to calm down and asked when the date was. Katie said that it wasn’t till 6:00 P.M. and I asked her if she needed a ride. She quickly said that her boyfriend’s dad was going to pick her up and take her and her boyfriend to the movies. I was a little put off because I savored any chance to drive since I got my license.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully and at 5:30 Katie left to the movies. I passed time by watching TV and playing on my computer. After I got bored of playing games; my mind started to wander to when I had accidently grabbed Katie’s boob. It had felt so nice and soft in my hand and my dick started to get hard. I felt weird again because I had never really thought of my s****r sexually, but I guess my teenage hormones mixed with the fact that I had never had a real girlfriend were clouding my rational thought processes. People describe me as a fairly shy person and I never make the first move on a girl.

At around 7:15 I received a call from Katie on my cell phone: she was clearly crying and talking loudly. She asked me to come and pick her up at the local theater. I said that I would be there in a little bit and grabbed my shoes and car keys. I arrived at the theater and she was already waiting in the parking lot for me. I pulled up to her and she got in the car. Her eyes were red and puffy and her mascara was running, but was the way it was going down her cheek had an attractive appeal to it.

I asked what had happened and she said that her boyfriend was a jerk and that they had broken up. I asked her why and she said that halfway through the movie her boyfriend pulled out his dick and asked her to give him a blow job. Of course this made me angry and I did a U-turn to head back to the theater to kick the douche bag’s ass. Katie stopped me and said that his dad had picked him up ten minutes ago and that I was wasting my time. After that scenario we made our way back home. When we arrived, I asked her if she was okay. She said that she really didn’t like the guy anyway and went to go change and clean herself up. I went to living room and started watching some TV.

After a couple of minutes Katie walked into the living room wearing a sexy skin-tight white t-shirt with scandalously short shorts on, that looked even sexier on her because of how small she is. She wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see the outline of her areolas with her nipples in the middle. She sat down on the couch beside me asked what I was watching. It was some action flick that had a bad storyline, but made up for it with great action sequences. After getting an eye full of her I turned back to the movie, but forgot what was going on in it. For what felt like the hundredth time that day; my dick was hard as a rock.

I had finally caught back up with the movie when I felt Katie’s hand on my thigh. The feeling made me jump and she quickly said that she didn’t mean to scare me; she just wanted to thank me for being so considerate earlier. I said that any big b*****r would have done the same thing and that if she ever needed anything, I would be there. Her hand started rubbing up-and-down the length of my thigh and then stopped suddenly. She laid down on the couch and patted the area behind her for me to lay down with her. I mumbled something incomprehensible, and she said that she was cold and wanted something to cuddle with.

I had an uneasy feeling, but I lay down anyway. She asked me to cover her cold feet up with mine, again, I felt weird about the proposition, but did it anyway. After that, she grabbed my arm and pulled it over her. My hand landed on her boob and I just sat there motionless. Katie said something about the movie being bad and moved closer to my already growing dick. She stopped when she bumped into the tip and I felt her muscles tense up.

We just sat there motionless for a couple seconds until she backed up all the way and pushed my cock against my stomach. She then started to grind her firm ass up and down on my shaft. It felt so good so I wasn’t about to stop her if she was willingly doing it. After a couple minutes of that she flipped around, so that we were facing and we just stared at each other. Her face was so cute and she still had a little mascara on her cheeks that she missed. I licked my finger and cleaned it off: then she grabbed my finger and started sucking on it, and that almost made me cream the tent in my pants. After about thirty seconds of that I took my finger out her mouth and we started to make out. She grabbed my hand and put it on her boob and I started rubbing her nipple through her shirt.

Katie began fumbling with my waistband and finally got it open enough to stick her hand in and start jerking me off. Her small hand could not wrap all the way around my cock, but it still felt fantastic. I had never been in a sexual situation in my life so I was a little confused at what I should be doing to her so I put my hand up her shirt and started rubbing her tits. I didn’t take long for me to whisper that I was cumming and she took her hand out of my pants and I shot string after string of cum onto the inside of my pants.

We stared out each other a little longer trying to find hesitation in each other’s eyes. I didn’t see any in hers, but I was sure that she could sense some in me. Katie finally giggled and said I should meet her upstairs after I had recovered for a surprise. I quickly said that I didn’t think that it was such a good idea and that she was just traumatic after what her ex-boyfriend had done to her.

Katie put two fingers on my lips and said “Listen David, the dreams I mentioned earlier were of you, and judging by the way you were looking at me earlier makes me assume that your dreams were of me”. Startled by how insightful she was I just mumbled “Yeah” sheepishly. She continued with “You’re not like all of my jerk boyfriends who just want to have sex with me, you care about me”. I replied back with the most logical thing I had said all day and it was just “It’s because I’m your b*****r that I care about you in ways other guys can’t”; Katie replied with the equally logical statement of “Who cares if we are b*****r and s****r? Like you just said; we care about each other in ways that other people can’t, why can’t we have the relationship that we both wish we had”.

When I had nothing to say back; she took my silence as indecision and told me to come to her room after awhile, and if I didn’t, then we would drop the whole thing.


Part II

I just sat there thinking over what had just happened between Katie and me. One minute we were watching a dumpy action flick that was still somehow playing, and the next moment my s****r is giving me handjob. Even though it wasn’t funny at all, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. I am not the type of guy that gets all the ladies, or even a few.

I kept going over the proposition that Katie had given me not two minutes ago. After a discussion on the rights and wrongs of i****tual relationships; she had concluded that if I met her in her room later on tonight that we would take our relationship further. If I didn’t go, however, then we would just continue our relationship as a normal b*****r and s****r.

Both sides were weighing on me: no matter if I went to her room tonight or not, our relationship was going to be different. Of course, I now saw Katie in a totally different way than two days ago. I realized how beautiful and sexually appealing she was. Even just thinking about it brought a photo of her up in my mind that showed her flowing reddish hair, her slender body, and her cute face. At that moment I realized that I felt feelings for Katie too strong for a b*****r and s****r relationship. I came to the conclusion that I would at least go up to her room and have a talk with her.

I made my way up the stairs to her bedroom and just stood in front of her door. My heart was racing faster than it probably had ever done in my life and I couldn’t bring myself to knock. I finally mustered up the confidence to knock on her door; and probably did the least rhythmic knock ever. Katie answered with a small “Come in”. As soon as I had even opened the door an inch, Katie threw it open the rest of the way and jumped on top of me. Being only roughly 90 pounds and pretty small, she just knocked me back a couple steps. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and immediately started furiously kissing my face. A little surprised, scratch that, very surprised; all I could do was form my lips in a kissing position and let her do the work. She was kissing so passionately that I could feel my pants getting tight once again.

With me still carrying her, I maneuvered my way into her room and dropped onto her bed and pulled myself away of her. I told her to wait a second and that I only had a couple things to say. She gave me a smile and settled down on her bed. I started off by, of course, asking if this is what she really wanted. She got serious and crawled right up in front of me and said that she had never wanted anything more in her life. I took that as her probably wanting it pretty bad, but my 16 year-old brain made me ask what was the thing that she wanted the second most, so that I could see what this was beating out. She looked at me for ten seconds before calling me dork and grabbing my arm to pull me onto the bed with her.

We had another nice little make out session that got my dick hard once more. She reached down and groped at my cock through my pants before pushing my waistband down a bit for easier access. As she handled my cock; the only thing I could think do was to feel up her chest again. I started running my fingers over where her nipples and she stopped for a second to take off her shirt. That was when I saw her breasts in all their glory.

The only boobs that I had seen were ones in porn on my computer, but they were always huge and probably fake. Katie’s tits had a natural beauty to them; being only about a small b-cup size, but she is only 14 years-old so I didn’t expect, or even want them any bigger. Her areolas puffed out from her boobs and her nipples were small and situated right in the middle. My first instinct was to suck on them and I did just that. I pulled her in close to where she was sitting on my stomach, and she leaned over me so that I could have access.

Katie was no longer jerking me off or would have come shortly after I started sucking. First I would take her nipple in my mouth and run my tongue over it a couple times then nibbling on it ever so gently. Katie seemed to enjoy it because every time I would start and end the process she would give a small moan. After 10 minutes of nonstop sucking she pushed away from me (gently) and wiggled her way out of the small shorts that she was wearing. Oh my god was it a sight to behold, her pussy had a small runway tuft of hair just above the slit that proved my dream of her to be false, but this looked so much better, more sexually exciting and gave the eye more to take in and enjoy. The hair wasn’t the best part though; her pussy’s lips were open enough to where my eye had more to look over. The smell that was wafting through the air was enough to make my dick jump.

Katie looked at me a little shyly because she was now fully naked I was still dressed. I decided that it wasn’t fair for her to be the only one nude, so I beckoned for her to help me out of my clothes. We pulled off my shirt, pants, and boxers: then just sat there for a few moments, taking in each other’s bodies. I hoped she enjoyed looking at me as much I enjoyed looking at her because at that moment I was tempted to write a strongly worded letter to the president about banning clothing.

After we had each gotten an eye-full we started exploring each other’s bodies. We rubbed our hands over every square inch of each other before ending with the genitals. I was a little confused at what I should do with her pussy, but in porn videos the guy always kind of just rubs the top of the slit, so I figured that would be a great place to start. As I put my fingers on her pussy she took a deep intake of breath and I looked at her curiously, but she nodded to me to keep going.

Her pussy was moist which kind of caught me off guard, but I knew that it meant she was horny: it was just the final thing that made me realize that she really did want this. Katie was rubbing her fingers along my shaft as I attempted to get her off. After a few minutes she grabbed my hand and positioned it on her clit. After only a couple seconds of rubbing her, she started moaning constantly and louder. I was so involved with I was doing I had forgotten that Katie was still playing with my cock.

I started to feel a little more confident, so confident in fact, that I edged the tip of my middle finger into her hole while still rubbing her clit with my thumb. As I got half the finger in, Katie started thrusting her hips back and forth on my hand. My hand was sopping wet with her juices and Katie’s breathing started getting faster and faster. I looked up from my work and into her face to see her find her eyes closed and her mouth slightly agape as an orgasm approached.

My cock jumped at the sight of her and I suddenly became very aware that Katie was still jacking me off also. I turned back to concentrating on Katie and I tried to get more of my finger inside of her, but something was blocking my advance and remembered back in sex education that a girl’s virginity was based off her hymen still being intact. It surprised me that she was still a virgin because of how seemingly straight forward she was about sex, but I digress.

I was still rubbing away on her clit while finger fucking her (kind of), while she kept jacking me off. After only few more seconds I felt her body tense up and her pussy started rhythmically squeezing around my finger with juices engulfing my whole hand. This was enough to send me over the edge and I started shooting off jet after jet of cum in the air that landing on multiple places on her body, hair, and bed. After our climaxes had subsided we rolled off each other and we laid there for what seemed like an eternity in blissfulness.

I apparently fell asl**p at some point and woke up later that night with Katie snuggled next to me. I had my arm around her and it just felt so right having her warm little body next to mine. Her hair had a distinct cranberry scent, and her soft fair skin was warm against my skin. I eventually drifted back off and woke up the next morning to Katie’s alarm going off. She had forgotten to turn the alarm off for the weekend and it was only 7:30 A.M.

I reached over her and turned the alarm off, but it had already woken her up. We locked eyes for a few seconds, and all we could do was just smile at each other. Yesterday had felt like dream and today felt like the start of a brand new life for me. Katie got out of the bed first and went to go take a shower as I lay there going over last night’s events in my head. I hadn’t technically had sex with my s****r, but that was alright. Sex felt so final and was like signing a contract, plus I was sure that I was not ready for sex.

After we had each taken a shower, I went down to the kitchen to cook some breakfast. I wasn’t a chef, but I knew the basics of cooking. I whipped up some scrambled eggs and called up the stairs that breakfast was ready. Katie promptly started making her way down to the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen wearing a short cut t-shirt (no bra) and another pair of ridiculously short shorts. I feel my dick start to tent my shorts and she noticed as well. Remarking on my cock; she said that I have either been having a good morning or I was happy to see her. I replied back that it was a little of both and we sat down and enjoyed our meal.

The conversation was nice and we talked for about an hour after we had finished eating about anything and everything. After talking I came upon idea; the night before she said that none of her boyfriend’s ever gave her enjoyable dates. I rolled with this idea and told Katie that I was going out for about an hour and would be back. She asked if she could come with me and I gave her a mischievous wink and said it was going to be surprise.

I left and drove around town thinking to myself on what to do. I came to the conclusion that any romantic date starts with a romantic meal. I put in a reservation at a nice, but affordable because I am only 16, Italian restaurant. The hostess gave me funny look, but accepted without any comments. As I tried to think of what to do next I realized that I was not very good at planning dates. I decided that I would show her what a movie date should feel like and picked out a movie that wouldn’t have too many people our age going to it.

I acquired the tickets and stopped by the boutique shop to get a few flowers. When I had gotten home I hid the flowers behind my back as I walked in so that it wouldn’t spoil my plan if she saw them. I lit a few candles in the living room and yelled for Katie to come downstairs. When she got there she questioned what was with the candles. I dramatically pulled the flowers from behind my back and asked Katie if should would go out with me. She nodded her head and her eyes began to water. She walked over to me and melted in my arms telling me how sweet, but also how dorky I was.


Part III

I stood there hugging Katie for what felt like ages. All of the events that occurred yesterday came rushing back to me. Images of when we had first kissed, touched, and enjoyed each other flooded into my mind causing me to hug her tighter. I just could not get enough of her small, warm body in my arms, with her long reddish hair, slender body, and her chest pressed against my stomach. I put my hand under her chin and raised her face up and gave her a long kiss. I told her that the date that I had been planning all day was set to start at six.

At 5:45 I found myself waiting down in the living room for Katie to finish up. I yelled up the stairs that we were running a little short on time. At that moment she started making her way downstairs in the sexiest short-cut red dress that I had ever seen. My mouth just hung open as she walked up to me and asked if I thought she looked nice. Her red dress complimented her hair color perfectly and she was wearing very little make-up, but she still looked drop-dead gorgeous. Her dress stopped halfway down her thigh and did not leave much to the imagination, but my imagination was still going wild. I gave her another long kiss and grabbed her hand and led her out to my car.

On the drive made a little small talk that mainly consisted of Katie constantly asking what all we were doing tonight. I pulled into the restaurant and I told her that we were going to have a proper date, and that starts with dinner. We walked into the restaurant I located the hostess and told her we had reservations. The hostess looked at me quizzically because she probably did not have too many teenagers with reservations.

I gave her our names and she sat us at a table in a corner. We ordered our drinks and made a little more small talk. Eventually the conversation made it back around to what we were doing for the rest of the night. I kept telling her that it was a secret and that she would find out after dinner. Eventually she resorted to a bride, and said that she would give me something if I told her. I replied back that there was nothing that she could do that would get me tell her.

A sly smile appeared on her face, and then she asked “Really now?” I felt something brush against my ankle and start making its way up my leg. I assumed it was Katie’s foot because she was staring at me intently with the same mischievous smile on her face. Her foot made it to my crotch and I could feel my dick start getting harder by the second. She continued to jack me off, via her foot, for a few minutes until the waiter showed back up and asked us if we were ready to order.

Katie stopped jacking me and ordered without missing a beat. I ordered the same thing and we ate dinner without anymore instances. After awhile I looked at Katie mockingly serious and said “I told you so”. She looked back at me questioningly, and I reminded her that there was nothing she could do to make me tell her what we were doing tonight. She replied back, very suggestively, that she already knew what we were doing tonight: she was just curious at what we were doing after dinner. At those words my cock jumped to attention and I seriously considered skipping the movie.

After the dinner we walked back to my car and started making our way to the theater. I figured that it was a good time to tell her that we were seeing and movie. Katie started scowling when I told her, but I expected nothing less considering what her ex-boyfriend had done to her a little over 24 hours ago. I planned to erase that memory and replace it with one worth remembering. We got into the theater and took our seats and waited for the movie to begin. The theater was fairly empty and we had taken seats away from everyone else.

Two minutes into the previews, Katie grabbed my face and turned it to hers and started kissing me. She then grabbed my hand put it under her dress and started to rub my hand on her pussy. All of this happened so quick that I did not get a very good chance to react. My first instinct was to pull back a little, but feeling how wet her pussy was made me take over and rub her clit faster. At some point the movie had started, but our minds were elsewhere and we did not pay any attention to what was going on. I got her off while one of her hands was massaging her tits and the other one was on my hand. After only a few minutes I could feel her climax approaching because she was moaning softly and her hips were jerking in rhythm with my hand. Her body burst into orgasmic jerks and twitches and her pussy felt like it has milking my finger, drenching my hand in her juices.

After she had recovered a little from her climax she looked over at me lustfully and grabbed my finger and started sucking her juices off of it. I asked her if she was enjoying the movies enough to stay, and she replied back that we had a movie at home that was tad bit more interesting. On that note we left the theater to head back home. On the ride Katie would periodically grab my cock to make sure that I did not get flaccid before we got back home.

We pulled into the driveway and were out the car and in the house in a matter of seconds. As soon as the front door closed behind us, we grabbed each other and started to rip off one another’s clothing. We were kissing furiously and once we were both completely naked I led her up the stairs to my bedroom. When we were in my bedroom she took over and led to me to the bed. Katie pushed my back down to where I was laying on my back and got on top of me.

She sat down on my stomach and I could feel her pussy juices leaking on my stomach. We started kissing passionately again and she started nibbling on my lower lip before making her way to my chin, then neck, then my stomach, and when she reached my crotch she kind of hesitated before continuing. I was so horny at that point that I was sweating profusely and my cock felt like it was going to cramp up.

Sensing my horniness, Katie grabbed my dick and started slowly running her small fingers up and down my shaft. After a couple of minutes of jerking me she looked at my cock closely and then licked the tip. Immediately after licking it she looked to see my reaction. I closed my eyes and my hips started to move around. Liking my reaction, Katie began to feel a little more ambitious. She put the tip of my dick up to her lips and kissed it before putting the tip in her mouth. My eyes opened when she did this and I looked down at her.

Just seeing the tip of my cock in her little mouth was enough to make me feel like I was going to explode. She started trying to put more in her mouth while still rubbing her fingers up and down my shaft. When she had gotten as much in her mouth as she could, which was only about half, she pulled off a little and then took as much as she could again. After only about two minutes of this I knew I was going to cum and gasped that I was ready. She took her mouth off and started to furiously rub her fingers up-and-down my dick. I came a few seconds later; sending string after string of cum all over her hand and face.

She looked at me happily and asked if I had enjoyed it. I stared back at her and said that it was definitely the best, and only, blowjob I had ever received. Katie let out a small giggle and said that she was still needed a release. I replied back by saying that I could help her out. I brought her close to me and started the same pattern she had started of making out and slowly making my way downward.

When I made it to her pussy, I planted a small kiss on her clit. When I did this, she took a deep intake of breath. I looked up at her to see if she wanted me to stop, but she gave me a quick nod so I continued. I started off by running my tongue up and down the inside of her pussy lips lapping up all of the juices coming out of her. The taste was not at all like I expected; it did not taste bad, but also could not be described as a pleasant taste. It was just one of those tastes that was exactly how you wanted it to be.

Katie began wiggling back and forth in pleasure and I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was. I used one of my hands to open her slit open a little further because I desperately wanted to know what the inside of her pussy tasted like. It had a slightly metallic taste mixed with a sweetness that I could not describe. As I stuck my tongue in a bit she gave a small gasp and grabbed my head and started to grind her pussy on my mouth. It was all I could do to keep up with her movement because her pace was getting faster and faster.

I ate Katie out for a few more minutes before I felt her muscles tense and then explode into movement. There was a sudden flow of juices that came out of her and caught me off guard. I tried my best to lick it all up, but I was sure there was going to be a nice stain on my bedspread. After Katie had come down off her climax a rush of tiredness came over us. I just had enough consciousness to remember to turn on the alarm clock because we had school the next morning, and Mom would be back from her teaching conference.


Part IV

The phrase “Oh my god” can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on the tone of the person saying it determines the meaning of it. Such as on your birthday, if someone gets you the gift that you have been yearning for, you may say “Oh my god” in a squeal or astonished tone, and probably follow it with a thank you. Another way of saying it may be if you are mowing the lawn and you find a snake slithering through your grass; you may say “Oh my god” in a yell, and use a few choice words afterwards. One last way of saying “Oh my god” is when you are in utter shock; suppose you were at a teaching conference all weekend and you came back slightly earlier than planned because you are starting to miss your k**s, and you walk into one of their rooms and find your son and daughter sl**ping in the same bed.

“Oh my god”, is what woke my s****r and me up that Monday morning. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was only 7:12 A.M. and was a little confused at what was going on. I looked at Katie and saw that she was also looking at the clock with a confused look in her eyes. Then I heard what had woke us up again; “Oh my god”, I looked at my doorway and saw mom staring at us with eyes that looked somewhere between sadness and anger.

I quickly hopped out of bed, which probably was not the best move considering I was completely naked, and stumbled over to my mom and e****ted her down the hallway. I had no idea where I was taking her, but I needed a few seconds to think. A million thoughts were running through my mind because I had not even given a single thought about the consequences if we were caught.

When we had gotten to the end of the hallway, my mom stopped our progress and told me to go put some clothes on and meet her in the living room; she also told me to bring Katie. I stared at her for a few seconds and she repeated herself, but this time adding a firm “now” to the end of it. Completely speechless, I made my way back to my room. Katie stared at me fearfully when I entered my room and asked what mom had said. I told her that Mom wants us to meet her downstairs.

Katie looked like she was about to cry and I could not blame her; my heart felt like it was pounding a hole in my chest. I told Katie to go put on some clothes and meet me in the hallway so that we could go down together. She just nodded back to me and scurried off out of my room. I sat down on my bed and put my head in my hands. This was the happiest weekend of my life and now I felt like an asshole who just managed to screw up my own life and Katie’s.

After a few moments of thinking, I determined that the best course of action would be to face my mom and accept the consequences. I got dressed and waited for Katie to meet me. After a few moments she walked out of her room, wearing the most conservative clothing she owned, and met me. We began journey to the living room; together.

After a few steps Katie stopped and asked me if I had any plan of getting us out of this. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had pretty much given up, so instead, I told her that I was still working on it. When we finally made it into the living room, mom was waiting for us on the couch. She pointed at two chairs on her right and left, and told us to sit. As soon as we had taken our seats mom started off by asking what she had just saw.

Katie quickly asked her what she meant, and mom turned to her and said very slowly and sounding out each syllable “Why were you and David sl**ping in the same bed, and why was he (she pointed a finger at me while still looking at Katie) naked?” On the word naked I hatched a plan in my head that would not throw off mom’s suspicion, but would take the situation to a smaller level.

The plan developed quickly because I remembered that mom had not seen that Katie was also naked because I had led her out of my room. I answered her question by saying that Katie had come into my room sometime last night complaining that it was cold in her room. Mom followed my statement with questions about why I was naked. I told her that I always sl**p nude and that I was so tired when Katie came in my room that I did not bother to put on any clothes.

Mom then asked why I had led her out of the room so quickly, and thinking fast, I told her that I knew the scenario looked extremely abnormal and wanted her away before she thought of any irrational assumptions. Mom stared intently at me and I put on the straightest face I could. Mom then looked over at Katie who was white as snow and had a few tears in the corners of her eyes.

Knowing that mom would not be willing to say out loud, even if she was thinking it, that she had assumed that Katie and I were sl**ping together; I let out an anxious giggle and asked mom what she thought had happened. Mom’s face instantly changed to a look of embarrassment and she said something about motherly worries. Knowing that the situation was successfully defused, I stood up and said that Katie and I needed to go get properly dressed for school and that any other questions could wait until later today.

I got up and as I walked by Katie I tapped her shoulder and said that we should her hurry up. We made our way back upstairs and when we got to the top Katie stopped us and said that we needed to talk after school. Knowing exactly what she meant by that, I told that we did and I went to my room. I felt relief that we had just dodged a bullet. I got ready for school and went back downstairs and waited for Katie. Mom had, at some point, gone to her room to get dressed because she also had to get ready for school; so I was once again relieved that I was not going to be questioned further while waiting. After a few minutes Katie came down and met me and we went to my car and headed to school.

School was just as boring as every other school day, but the minutes seemed to drag on forever, making the day feel even worse. When school was over I drove me and Katie back home. The drive was silent for the whole way, except when Katie uttered a barely audible “thank you”, and nothing else. I had a few ideas of what she ad meant, but I didn’t respond back. When I pulled into the driveway I saw that mom was not home yet. This was normal because Mom usually had to stay at the school for an hour or two after the students leave.

As soon as we walked through the door Katie pulled me over to the couch and started off by flat-out asking if we should keep this up. I told her that it probably was not the best idea, but a wave of sadness fell over me at these words. Katie’s eyes instantly started to water and she just gasped out that I was right. On the last word tears started leaking from her eyes and my first instinct was to pull her into a tender hug. I told her that no matter what, I would still there for her as more than a b*****r. Katie cried in my arms for what felt like hours, but just happened to be a few minutes. The sound of her crying made me feel so bad about myself for going against my better judgment and going to her room Saturday night.

After a few more minutes of me holding her, she pulled away from me and gasped out that she was going to her room and would see me at dinner. The sight of her walking away made me feel even worse. I should have stopped her right there and said that everything was going to be okay and that we could work out how we were going to see each other; or I could have went up behind her, pulled her around to face me and kissed her passionately. I did not do either of those things; instead, I just stared after her.

At some point I fell asl**p on the couch and was woken up by the sound of mom opening the front door. She saw me on the couch and asked me where Katie was. I told her that she was up in her room and I lay back down on the couch; then sat back up and asked when dinner was. Mom told me that dinner would not be for a couple more hours and that I should just lay back down. I fell back asl**p and was awakened a few more hours by Mom telling me dinner was ready and that I should go get Katie.

I stumbled up the steps with a feeling of dread in my stomach. I knew it was going to be hard to go back to being just a b*****r, and I felt that the process would be much smoother if I saw Katie as little as possible. I got to her door and knocked and without waiting for a reply, I said that dinner was ready. By the time I had made it to the bottom of the steps I heard Katie’s door open and heard her soft footsteps start making their way down the hallway. The sound gave me a pang of guilt that I was not even willing to face her, and I felt even worse than I already did.

Dinner that night was silent except when mom asked how our day had gone at school, which we both just answered with a quick “okay”. After dinner Katie and I went straight to our bedrooms and stayed there for the rest of the night. I somehow fell back to sl**p at a pretty early hour and woke up sometime in the middle of the night to what sounded like a familiar tapping on my door. I listened to see if I would hear it again, but when it did not sound again, I just went back to sl**p.

The next couple days were the longest and worst of my life. Even though I was avoiding Katie, except at meals and drives back and forth from school; I could not get her out of my head. She was just stuck in mind with her beautiful red hair, gorgeous features, and great personality. I would constantly revisit our most intimate moments and play them back in my head over and over again; plus every night for the last couple days I would get woken up at crazy hours to a tap on my door that never sounded twice.

Katie also looked like a wreck; she barely ever talked and her face had not shown any happiness over the last couple days. Mom was starting to think that were getting sick and I was amazed that she hadn’t put two-and-two together yet.

It was Thursday and that day was going by as shitty as all the other days since our mutual agreement that we should not see each as anything more than a normal relationship. The ride to school nearly drove me insane with the small of her cranberry shampoo wafting through my car and the drive back was just as bad. I do not how I could have fallen for my s****r this bad, but something had to change or life seemed like it was going to be like this forever.

At dinner everyone was quiet as usual, except for mom’s usual inquiry about how the day had gone. Katie and I answered with the usual “okay” again, and were not pushed any further. That night I could not sl**p at all; I compulsively kept looking over at the clock, hoping that the night would just end. The hours ticked away slowly and by the time 3:00 in the morning arrived; I had given up hope of sl**p. That is when I heard it; there was a light tap on my door. Being fully awake, I reacted quickly and went to the door and opened it to find Katie standing there in her white shirt and cotton shorts that she always wore to bed.

Katie gave me a somewhat pained smile and I was so shocked that I just stood there. This was obviously not the reaction that she hoping for and I could see tears start to form in her eyes. I came to my senses and went out to meet her. I gave her a quick hug and led her back into my room, closing the door behind me.

I turned a lamp on and was mesmerized by the way the shadows danced on her skin. I stood in front of her while she sat on my bed, and broke the silence by saying the very sensitive phrase “What’s up”. Her face broke into a smile at these words, which in turn made me smile that she had finally shown some happiness. Feeling like I was going to have to get this conversation going, I asked her if she tapped on my door every night over the last few days. She told me that she had, and she prayed that I would answer every time. This brought me to ask her what it was that she needed; she answered by saying that she wanted to talk with me. She followed by saying that she had been thinking a lot over the last couple days and that she had come down to one thing that she wanted to ask me.

I asked what it was and she grabbed my hands and pulled me down to where I was on my knees in front of her, while she was sitting on my bed. She stared into my eyes asked the question that I probably could not have answered better even if I had years to think about it. While still staring into my eyes she asked if I loved her. I started by saying that every b*****r loves their s****r, but she stopped me midsentence, and asked again if I loved her. I looked back into her eyes and said that I could never love anyone as much as I loved her.

On that, her face broke into a smile and few tears welled up into her eyes. I asked her if she was going to cry, and she responded by jumping on me hard enough to knock me on my back, and next thing I knew we were kissing more passionately than we ever had; only pulling away from each other to remove our tops.

After several minutes of non-stop kissing, Katie slipped off me and started to pull my shorts and boxers off. I lifted my ass in the air so that she could remove them completely. She looked at my erect cock and started with a few kisses to the tip of it before putting her lips around the tip. She sucked slowly at first, but began to quickly build speed. I don’t know how I lasted several minutes without cumming because when I imagined heaven, this is what I thought it felt like.

When she had sucked me to my climax I told her I was about to cum, and to my surprise she kept on sucking my cock. The orgasm washed over me soon after and started shooting jet after jet of warm cum into my s****r’s small mouth. She could not handle it all and a lot of it dribbled out of her mouth and onto my floor. She looked up at me and asked if I liked the ending and I told her that she was going to like hers more.

I picked Katie up and laid her gently on my bed. I gave her a quick before I began sucking her nipples back-and-forth for a few minutes. I eventually progressed south and stumbled upon her cute little pussy. She was wetter than I had ever felt her being and I went straight to work eating her out. Her pussy looked better than it did a couple days ago, her juices tasted better than they had, and I enjoyed the process much more this time.

As soon as my tongue touched the lips of her pussy a shock shot through her body and her muscles gave a little jerk. I continued to lick my tongue up-and-down her pussy lips and then started running over her clit. She was close to an orgasm before long, and I started working harder to take her the rest of the way. Just when she was writhing around and moaning heavily she pulled away from. A little confused I looked at her quizzically, but she just patted the area of the bed beside her. I crawled up next to her and she pushed my back to the bed and then got on top of me.

Katie bent her head down and gave me kiss before grabbing my cock and pushing it against my stomach. Katie then started to rub the lips of her pussy up and down the length of my cock. Realizing where this was going, I grabbed her and flipped her over to where I was on top, and in control of the situation. I looked down into her eyes and asked if we were ready for this. She responded by pulling my face to hers and giving me a long kiss. She then opened her legs more so that I could have better access.

I brought the tip of my cock to her opening and moved my dick up-and-down her pussy before pushing the tip of my dick into her. Katie let out a sharp breath and I looked up to see her face showing signs of pain. Knowing that the pain had to get worse before it got better; I pushed my cock a little deeper. She was so tight that I had to use a little bit f***e just to make any progress.

Her warm pussy was gripping my cock with a vice-like grip and it was easily the greatest feeling of my life. After a few minutes of me very slowly pushing my cock deeper I ran into what I was dreading; her hymen. In sex education the teacher said that the girl would bleed and feel pain when it is broken, and I was not excited about putting Katie through that. When my dick bumped into her hymen she took another sharp breath. I looked at her and said that she should brace herself; she nodded and closed her eyes.

I put slightly more pressure and her hymen didn’t budge. I realized that the best way would be just a quick thrust and let the pain come and go. I bit my lip and thrust into her harder and I felt her hymen break. She let out a fairly loud cry and I immediately dipped down and wrapped my arms around her, with my dick still inside her, and whispered in her ear to let me know when to keep going.

A few moments later, Katie nodded and told me to keep going, but slowly. Feeling a little bl**d start to trickle down my balls, I pulled out slowly and back in at an equally slow pace. After minutes upon minutes of slowly going in and out I felt Katie’s body relax a little bit. I figured that the pain was starting to subside, so I sped up my thrusts. They slowly got quicker and quicker to where I was going at a decent pace, and as my pace got faster Katie actually started moan a little.

I could only get in about three quarters of my dick before it felt like I was bottoming out. After only a few minutes of fucking my s****r at a fast pace, I felt another orgasm forming in my balls. I started fucking her even faster, and realized that I should pull out before it was too late. I got my dick out just in time to blow considerable size load onto her stomach and chest.

I just collapsed and rolled to where I was beside her. Katie stared at me with a smile on her face, and all I could do was smile back before she started kissing me again. She snuggled up on to me and fell asl**p in a matter of seconds. I just laid there staring at her hair, her cute face, her small warm body, and realized that I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world.

In no time sl**p started to creep up on me and right before drifting off I made sure the alarm was set and said a quick prayer that mom would not check on us tomorrow morning.


Part V

After last night’s events, I was surprised that I had beaten my alarm clock. It was only 7:14, but I was wide awake. I just stared around my room taking in all of my surroundings. I was the happier than I could ever remember being in my life and everything just seemed to be better than before. After my eyes had passed over just about everything in my room they made it to my s****r, Katie, lying next to me. I just could not get over how cute and sexy she was. Her long red hair was partially covering up her face and I gently moved her hair off of her face. My fingers slightly rubbed against her fair skin and I loved how soft and warm she felt. Her cranberry-scented shampoo was wafting through the air. After awhile my alarm started to go off, and I as I tried to reach over Katie to turn it off she woke up and we locked eyes before I planted a kiss on her lips.

We laid there kissing for a few moments before I continued what I was doing and turned off the alarm. I rolled back over and we continued to stare at each other, just smiling. I broke the silence by bidding her a good morning that she answered back with a good morning in a soft voice. I pulled her into a quick hug and got out of bed and said that it was about time to start getting ready for school.

Katie just laid there and lustfully watched me get dressed. For some reason I felt a little self-conscience about her watching even though only a couple hours ago we had lost our virginities to each other. I dressed at a fast pace and flashed Katie a smile and told her that she really should go get ready for school. She slid out of my bed and I got a view of her completely naked body.

Her straight long hair made it halfway down her back. She a small slender body that sexier than anyone that I had ever laid my eyes on. Her small b-cup boobs would bounce every time she took a step. As she turned and walked out of my room I got a great view of her round, but firm, ass. After the little show my dick was straining to get out of my pants, so I did the classic move of tucking my cock up into my waistband and left my room to go wait for Katie in the living room.

As soon as I entered the living room mom was leaving her room. She looked at me and asked where Katie was. I told her that Katie was still getting dressed because she had slept a little late. Mom replied back by saying that it must have been Katie that she had heard moving around early that morning, and flashed me a suspicious look.

My heart sunk into my stomach at these words, but I tried to show indifference to her comment. Mom said that she was leaving for work and that Katie needed to hurry up or we would be late. Mom left, and a few moments later Katie walked into the living room and we left for school. It felt good to be able to have a conversation with my s****r again and we talked the whole way.

School passed by as normal as one could imagine (boring and time-consuming) and when it was over I made my way out to my car. Katie was already inside and was wearing a frown on her face. I got in my car and asked her what was wrong. She said, without looking at me, that one of the boys in her class had asked her out. Out of reflex I asked her if she said yes and Katie turned her head in my direction and said that of course she told him no.

I stared at her questioningly before asking why this had flustered her. She asked how I couldn’t see a problem with her denying a boy in her class. Once again, I looked at her quizzically and asked what the problem was. She sighed before replying that the act of saying no to that guy made her realize that she was not willing to be with anyone else; ever. I realized what she meant by this and I already knew that I felt the exact same way.

The ride back was mostly quiet, except for a little bit of small talk back and forth. When we had got home I stopped Katie before she could get up the stairs to her room and spun her around to face me. I told her that I loved her and locked her in a tight embrace. We hugged for a couple seconds before Katie asked what was going on. I replied saying that I thought we should tell mom what was going on.

Katie looked at me fearfully and asked why. I told her that we couldn’t keep this up without mom finding out and that it would be better if she found out from us; rather than if she was snooping around. Katie knew that what I was saying was logical, but she was still afraid of what mom would say or do. Katie asked if we could at least wait a little longer before saying anything to mom. I told her that we could wait a little bit longer, but should be very careful. On these words Katie gave me a smile and quick kiss before heading up to her room to do her homework.

Mom arrived about an hour after our talk, and I was sitting on the couch watching television. Mom asked me how my day had gone; I told her that it went by pretty good. She looked at me a little funny because over the last couple days I had been telling her that the days were just “Okay”. Mom then told me that dinner would be in about an hour.

At dinner the conversation was about everyday topics until mom looked at Katie and asked if she was sl**ping okay. Katie answered back that she was fine and mom stared at her for a few moments before saying that she heard noises this morning. Katie’s face drained and she looked over at me; I shook my head to signal to her not to look at me. Mom saw my gesture and looked at me quickly before turning back to Katie who said that the noises must have been something else. Mom uttered a quick “Oh” and turned back to her food and finished eating.

After dinner Katie and I went back upstairs to my room. As soon as we got into my room I closed my door behind us and asked her if she saw what I was talking about now. Katie’s eyes began to water and she nodded at me. She then spoke of the fear that I knew she was feeling and also that I was feeling. She stared into my eyes and said that she was afraid that mom would send one of us away if she knew the truth. Hearing this said out loud started making me second guess myself about telling mom, but I knew that it had to be done.

I grabbed Katie’s hands and whispered that no matter what the consequences were, we had to tell her and there was no way we could keep it secret forever. At this, she broke into tears and pulled me into a tight hug. I then pulled her face next to mine and whispered in her ear that we still had tonight before we would tell her. She looked up at me, with a few tears on her cheeks, and said that we should make the most of it, and turned my face toward hers to kiss me.

Katie then put her hand down my pants and wrapped her fingers around my erect cock. Knowing that I needed to stop this while I still could; I took her hand out of my pants and said that we needed to at least wait until mom had gone to bed. She gave me a wink and said that she would see me later on tonight.

At 11:00 I heard the tapping on my door that I had been anticipating; Mom had gone to bed about an hour ago. I walked over to my door and pulled it open and just about fell over. Katie was standing in the hallway wearing the same sexy red-dress that she had worn on our date five days ago. She had put on a little make up and it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were making bumps on her dress.

I just stood there, with my mouth agape before I gasped out that she looked nice. Katie walked slowly over to me and grabbed my hand. She attempted to turn off the lights as she passed the switch, but I stopped her and said that I wanted to see her. She grabbed my hand led me over to my bed and we sat down.

Katie tried to push my back to the bed, but I stopped her said that she was going first this time, and pushed her back down instead. She gave me dreamy stare as I got on top of her and started to kiss her neck. As I kissed her neck, I pulled her dress up and began to play with her pussy. Her moans immediately echoed around my room, so I put one of my fingers in her mouth to quiet her down.

I went down her and slid my tongue over her slit a couple times before using one of my hands to open her slit a little. I took my finger out of her mouth and slid my finger halfway inside her pussy. By this time, my tongue had found its way to her clit. At first, I was just running my tongue over the area, but then a magnificent idea sprung up in my mind.

I looked up at Katie, who was now rubbing her tits, and said that she was going to love this. First I took my hand and pulled the top of her pussy open so that I could have easier access, and then I put my lips around her clit. When her clit was somewhat in my mouth I began to rapidly run my tongue over it. Katie immediately started to buck her hips in a completely un-rhythmic way. A minute later, her body burst into orgasmic movement; drenching my hand in her juices.

Her climax subsided and she looked down at me and said that my tongue-work was amazing. I crawled up next to Katie and she rolled on top of me and started grinding her pussy on the outside of my shirt. I lifted myself up on my elbow and started trying to take my shirt off. When I get it off Katie slipped off me and began pulling my pants and boxers off.

My cock jumped to attention when my pants finally let it breath. Katie then bent her head in close to mine and gave my lower lip a nibble. Her hand fumbled with my dick before her hand grasped it. Her small fingers slid up-and-down my shaft, while she still grinded her pussy on my stomach. After a couple minutes she stopped biting my lip, and gave me a nervous smile before lifting herself up and positioning my cock underneath her pussy.

Katie hovered anxiously for a few seconds before finally lowering herself enough so that my tip pressed against her hole. I grabbed the underside of her thighs to take some of the strain out of her legs. She lowered herself a little more and the tip of my dick disappeared inside her tight hole. My dick was about halfway in before Katie lifted herself up and lowered herself back down on my cock. We slowly repeated the process a few times before speeding up.

As Katie rode my cock I could not help but stare at her. Her hair was sliding back and forth over her face, which would occasionally scrunch up as she tried to take in more of my dick. She still had her dress on but her tits were hanging over top of it and bouncing around. As Katie’s pace quickened, so did her moaning and I could feel her climax approaching, and mine too. Her body tensed up as the orgasm took hold of her, and she leaned forward and let her body melt onto mine. Her pussy had a death grip on my cock and I could feel her rapid heartbeat. The feeling of her orgasm was enough to put me over the edge and I lifted her little body up enough to fire my load onto the outside of her pussy.

We laid there for a few moments while I ran my fingers through her hair. The minutes seeped by as our breathing returned to normal. Katie’s breathing became steady and rhythmic; so I assumed that she had fallen asl**p. I whispered to myself that no matter what happened tomorrow I would always love Katie.

I remembered to turn on my alarm even though tomorrow was a Saturday, but I didn’t want mom walking in here early. I stayed up for a few minutes thinking of the best way to tell mom about our relationship before letting sl**p take me away with Katie in my arms.


Part VI

The continuous beeping of my alarm clock woke me up the next morning. I reached over Katie, my s****r, and turned it off before it could wake her up, but as usual the feeling of my body shifting woke her up and not the actual alarm. I gave her a quick “Morning” and kiss before getting out of bed. Katie smiled at me and asked what the rush was as I started getting dressed. I replied back by saying that I had a plan of letting mom know what was going on. Katie’s eyes drooped at the concept of telling mom, before asking what the plan was.

I gave her the basic outline of my plan and she stared at me incredulously before saying that there was no way it would work. I gave her a sly wink before telling her to have a little bit of faith. Katie got out of bed and gave me a small hug before heading out of my room; god, I loved the feeling of her small body against mine.

I sat there going over the finer details of the plan in my head before finishing dressing myself and walking downstairs. Mom was still asl**p; which wasn’t out of the ordinary because it was still only 7:45 A.M. After a couple minutes of sitting in the living room, I heard the shower upstairs turn on. Imagining Katie lathering herself up with soap was enough to get me hard. Feeling a little dirty, I decided that I, too, was in need of a shower and went back upstairs to join her.

I was completely stripped down by the time I had made it to the top of the steps and I threw my clothes into my room as I passed it. When I made it in front of the bathroom door I started to second guess myself. It felt like it might be somewhat awkward and I thought of different ways to go in. I decided upon just walking in with my flag flying high (not a bad pun, eh). I walked in the bathroom and glanced around to find that I was the only one in there.

Just as I asked myself “What the fuck?” the door behind me opened up and Katie walked in. She only had a towel wrapped around her body. I looked at her sheepishly and said idiotically that I was feeling dirty. She stared at me for a few seconds before saying that if I was feeling so dirty, then I should probably get in the shower. I gaped at her for a few seconds before she dropped the towel from around her body, and walked past me.

Katie’s amazing petite body still got to me, even after seeing it multiple times; in various positions. Her long reddish hair flowed over part of her face and over her right boob, but her left one was still showing proudly. Her tits were a small b-cup, perfect in my opinion, with little puffy nipples on them. My eyes followed her slender body down past her belly button and onto the little runway-shaped tuft of reddish hair above her pussy. Her pussy, of course, looked like a pussy, but showed youthfulness because it had only seen my cock.

When she had walked past me, my eyes were immediately drawn to her ass. It lacked any flaws or imperfections and was almost perfectly round and firm. My cock was already hard when I walked into the bathroom, but after that little show my dick was so hard it honestly felt like it was going to cramp. After getting in the shower Katie turned around and looked at me before saying that I could either stand there and stare at her ass, or I could get in the shower with her and touch it.

Having no wish to be rude; I took up her invitation and joined her in the shower. Upon entering said shower, Katie turned and faced me before grabbing my cock; which now felt like it could chisel a diamond if I tried. She started rubbing her fingers up-and-down the shaft with a light grip. A minute later, she dropped to her knees and began rubbing her tongue over the tip before inserting it into her mouth. The sexual tension of the morning assured that I was going to cum quickly and shortly after thinking that, I shot load after load into her small mouth. She couldn’t keep it all in her mouth and probably half of my load dribbled out of her mouth and down the drain, but she swallowed what she could.

Katie stood back up and I asked her what my cum tasted like. Katie replied that it would just be easier for me to taste it myself and pulled me into long kiss. The taste was somewhat salty, but with a hint of sweetness and a gooey texture. She asked me if I enjoyed the taste and I said back that her juices tasted even better. With that statement, I pulled her into another kiss and wrapped my arms around her. I then put my arms underneath her thighs and lifted her up and pressed her against the wall.

I am about as strong as your average 16 year old, but I thought that Katie would be easy to do this to because of her small size. I had her picked up for a few seconds before I started to regret trying in the first place because 90 pounds starts to get heavy after a bit. I was tempted to put her back down, but looking up and seeing the admiration in her eyes made me continue.

I lifted her body up enough so that her pussy was eye level with me; perfect. I immediately began to eat her out, starting with the normal procedure of licking her pussy lips and occasionally moving up and giving her clit a nice tongue massage. Doing this confirmed my statement about her pussy tasting better because I swear I could enjoy a continental breakfast with a tall glass of her pussy juice.

A few seconds of me eating her out and her pussy was wetter than the lower decks of a pirate ship (that was the last reference; okay, maybe one more later on). After continuing my pattern of licking her pussy lips, occasionally sticking the tip of my tongue in her hole, and licking her clit; I moved on to my patented orgasm-stimulating-clit-rubdown (it’s exactly what it sounds like). I spread the top of her slit open and moved the hood off her clitoris. After that, I put my lips around her clit and ran my tongue rapidly over it for only about a minute; that’s all the longer it takes, guaranteed *wink*. After the minute was up, Katie’s body tensed up before exploding into an orgasm. It took the last of my strength, which wasn’t very much, to keep from dropping her as she writhed around.

Her climax cooled down and she gazed at me before saying that all that was fun, but she still was feeling dirty. I gave her a wink and said that some soap and shampoo might help her out. Katie giggled before handing me the soap and telling me to wash her. I told her that this was going to have to go both ways and broke the soap in half and gave her the other piece. I lathered up my hands up before running them all over Katie’s body, as she did the same with mine.

My cock was hard again and I took my time going over her body and giving extra attention to her tits and ass. I massaged her tits, with soapy hands so that it was still technically cleaning, for five minutes before pulling her in close and wrapping my arms around her to lather up her ass. Funnily enough, this was the first time that I had actually groped and squeezed her ass and realized that I was missing out on something special.

When I had pulled her to me, she started to run her hands over my chest, stomach, and finally; my dick. Slowly, she ran her soapy hands over my shaft and would occasionally clean my balls up a bit.

Ten minutes of “cleaning” each other went by before Katie looked up at me and said that her hair still needed to be washed. I gazed at her hair longingly because that was one of her features that I loved most. I grabbed the shampoo and squeezed it into my hands before getting to work. The shampoo was, of course, cranberry scented and I would recommend it to anyone. I put my hands through her hair, just enjoying the softness of it. After I had gotten it all lathered up, I started the normal procedure of washing hair. When I was finished Katie turned around and looked at me and said that she had gotten the feeling that I had actually enjoyed washing her hair. I told her that I thought her hair was beautiful and she pulled me into a long kiss.

We made-out for a few minutes before I pulled away from her and said that a 45 minute shower was probably long enough to get a whale clean (okay that was the last one). We exited the shower and dried each other off before heading back to our respected rooms. I dressed myself again before heading back downstairs.

It was still only 8:30, so I figured mom was still asl**p and went to make breakfast. After making some sausage and eggs; I called up the steps, loudly, that breakfast was done. A few moments later Katie appeared at the top of the steps wearing a mini-skirt with a white button-up shirt; she looked rather sexy. She had made her way down the steps and we walked to the kitchen together. As we passed by Mom’s room I thought I had heard some noises, but I wasn’t sure.

The breakfast conversation was about everyday topics. I thought I heard the very faint sound of a door opening, but once again I wasn’t sure. Katie stopped what she was saying suddenly, and asked when we were going to tell mom about our relationship. I answered back that whenever she woke up we would sit her down and explain.

Katie looked at me and said that she was nervous about what mom would say if she told her that she loved me with all of her heart. I responded by saying that mom would never understand how much in love I was with you. I followed by saying that even if mom forbids us from seeing each other or something more drastic, that we would find a way to make things work.

On my last word, I heard a noise coming from the living room that sounded like crying. I got up from the table and motioned for Katie not to talk and to follow me. I walked into the living room and saw mom sitting on the couch crying into her hands. I asked her why she was crying and she looked up and said, between a sob, that she knew there was something going on between Katie and I.

I stared back at her and asked, incredulously, if she had been eavesdropping on us. Mom said back that she had heard every word of what we said and whispered something that sounded like it being her fault. I walked over and sat down beside her and started rubbing one of my hands up-and-down her back.

After a few moments I whispered that it wasn’t her fault, and that love just found its way to Katie and I. Mom replied back that a b*****r and s****r should not be in love with each other. Katie popped in and retold what she had said to me exactly a week ago.

She said that it doesn’t matter if we are b*****r and s****r; we loved each other more than anyone else could. Mom sighed at these words and sat there for a few moments before finally saying that when our dad had left she felt like someone had ripped her soul out. She followed by saying that she would never wish that feeling onto anyone else.

I looked at her, surprised, because that was the first time in my memory that I had heard Mom talk about Dad. Mom then continued saying that the first few years after he had left she was so sad that it literally made her sick.

After mom had told the story to us she looked at me sadly and said that if I really loved Katie, then I would never leave her. I stared back into Mom’s eyes and said that I couldn’t leave Katie, even if the world depended on it. Mom then gave another low sigh and looked at Katie, who was also now in tears, and said that if she really loved me then she would never leave me also. Katie said back, between sobs, that even in her worst nightmare; she hadn’t considered giving up on me.

Katie’s last statement caused me to stand up and walk over to her. I pulled her into a tight embrace followed by a long kiss that mom looked away from at first, but then looked back at us with a pained smile. Mom then said that she was in no position to break us up and just asked us to be careful. She also said that we were not to do anything around her.

I gave mom a smile and Katie and I both walked over to her and gave her a hug. We all just sat there and hugged for a few minutes before mom stood up and said that she was going back to bed. sl**p sounded pretty good right at that moment and I grabbed Katie’s hand. We both stood up and walked back upstairs; together.

When we got to the top of the steps, and out of earshot of mom; I gave Katie another hug. As I hugged her, I whispered in her ear that I loved when a plan came together. Katie let out a small giggle before pulling me into my room and shutting the door behind us. As the door closed, Katie and I immediately started to passionately kiss before I lifted her up off the ground and into my arms. Her legs wrapped themselves around my waist and her body started to grind up-and-down on me.

Katie relaxed in my arms and I felt like it was time to get things heated up. I carried her over to my bed, and more or less dropped her on to it. She sat up and started to undo my belt as I pulled her shirt of her. She got my belt undone and ripped my pants and boxers down. My stood up and Katie wasted no time before wrapping her lips around the tip. As she sucked my cock; I was fumbling around with her bra trying to get it off.

The clasp finally gave in to my attempts and I ripped her bra off and went to town rubbing and pinching her nipples. The room was steaming and everything was moving at a fast pace. Katie sucked me off for a few minutes before I began feeling an orgasm boil in my balls. A few moments later I shot my load into my s****r’s mouth.

As soon as my orgasm had worn off, I literally ripped Katie’s skirt off and began eating her out through her panties. The fabric eventually started getting on my nerves, so I pulled Katie’s panties off and began to lick her pussy properly. She was wetter than I can remember her ever being and as soon as my tongue touched her pussy she let out a loud moan. I licked and tongue-fucked her pussy for a few minutes before she came and I drank the juices coming out of her happily.

Not even waiting for her to come down from her climax, I got on top of her and guided my dick to her pussy. I pushed the tip in slowly, and then all that I could fit; she was so tight. After the initial thrust I began to fuck her pussy as fast as I could. Her moans began to echo around my bedroom after only a minute and I knew she was going orgasm again soon.

I continued fucking my s****r fast, and every so often I would massage one of her tits. After a couple more minutes Katie came again: she began to lose control of her body and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I tried to pull out as my own climax washed over me, but her legs were so tight around waist that I wasn’t going anywhere.

I came inside of her, shooting rope after rope into her womb. After she had come down off of her climax she looked at me with a smile and said that was the strongest orgasm that she had ever had. I stared back at her uneasily before she patted the area beside of her. I laid down next to her and she snuggled her small-warm body against me, and then grabbed my arm and pulled it over her. She fell asl**p in no time, but I laid there awake thinking of what just happened.

I wasn’t ready to be a dad, but looking at Katie’s beautiful body next to mine made me realize how hopelessly in love I was. I was willing to be anything as long as it was with Katie. sl**p crept up on me soon after and I was about to turn my alarm on before realizing, with a smile, that I didn’t need to. The last thoughts that went through my head, before sl**p took me away in its caring arms, was how much life had changed over the last week: for the better……………


10 Years Later

“I don’t know Katie, I like blue better”, I said jokingly.

“This isn’t funny; we finally have our own place. I want everything to be perfect”, Katie replied back.

“I doubt the color of our curtains will be the deciding factor of our happiness”.

“Maybe not, but it sure will help. We have a rough road ahead, with another baby on the way”.

“You’re telling me…... Michael is already hard enough to keep up with”, I said back as I rubbed Katie’s

“I can’t believe he is already turning ten years-old in less than a month”.

We left the store and I drove us back home. I started driving back to Mom’s house, but remembered that we had a new home. Upon arriving home, I couldn’t help but stare at my own house. I got out and looked around me: the neighborhood was perfect, the house was small, but was just as perfect as everything else.

“Are you going to sit in the driveway all day babe?” Katie said, effectively snapping me out of my daze.

“Don’t I wish”, I replied back with a smile.

“Well hurry up then, we have to make sure Michael didn’t do anything bad. We haven’t left him alone before”.
She nervously joked back.

I got out of the car and put my arm around Katie’s waist as we walked to the house. When we opened the front door Michael came running from the living room and gave us each a hug.

“Did you miss us?” Katie said with a giggle.

“No, and I told you nothing bad would happen with here by myself”.

“You sure did”, I whispered as I stared around my house.

This wasn’t exactly how I imagined my life when I was growing up: it was better. I never thought that Katie and I would end up together in the end. The years had gone by without any problems. It was unnerving for the first couple years, but everything fell into place. When Michael was born, Mom thought it would be for the best if we moved. Two states later, we ended up in this small town. Katie and I finished high school and both got an associates degree at the local community college. It took awhile before we had saved enough money to move out of Mom’s house, but we were finally financially secure.

“Baby, are you alright?” Katie whispered in my ear.

“Sorry, just thinking again”.

“About what?”

“About what I think of our lives”. I whispered back before pulling her in close.

“So… What do you think”.

“It’s perfect”.


I hope you enjoyed reading all 15,555 words that made up the life of Katie and David.... Continue»
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My s****r and Me pt 3

This happened between Stephanie and me over last summer. Every year my fam has a float trip where we all get d***k and go down a river for a day. To those of you who have never tried this it's actually quite fun; especially when you have your hot s****r in a tight bikini and your cousin, with more full attributes, in her two-piece.

Everyone is coming from all different places and we show up at different times. My parents show up first but there is a BBQ coming together down the road with the younger k**s and their parents. Our cabin is a little more secluded than the others and is back in some wooded area. I can't complain though as I'm looking to have some fun away from the rest of the f****y. I start unpacking and getting everything set up in my room. My parents got a cabin with 3 rooms so they could sl**p in a bed together and we'd have our own. I was a little down about this but what was I to say? Besides, if I met anyone else on the river today I'd have a room all to myself. So as I'm about finished putting some clothes into a dresser I hear a car pull up. I look out and it's Stephanie looking fine as ever with sunglasses, a red top on and black bottoms with a long see-through skirt. I stop and quietly get behind one of the corners next to the entrance. She has her water bottle and some luggage. Stephanie opens the door and asks if anyone is home. I stay silent, crouching behind the corner. I can hear her footsteps getting louder as she gets closer. My heart is racing as she comes to round the corner.

I round the corner and grab her by the waist lifting her into the air. She lets out a shriek and drops her suitcase. She was initially startled but then came to laughter as she realized she wasn't in any real danger. I pushed her against the back of the couch and pressed my waist into hers. She asked, "Now? Where's mom and dad?" "They're gone," I say grinding my growing dick in between her legs. (I have been working out more frequently and I've packed on about 15 lbs of muscle I know she'll like that.) I easily lift her onto the couch and set her down, untying her skirt. Stephanie says, "Easy muscles, I'm precious cargo." "Just the way I like it," I responded as I proceeded to mash my thumb against her swollen clit. She starts moaning and quivering so I decide to up the ante. I pull her in for a kiss and move her bottoms to the side and slide my fingers in. She spasms up against me and almost falls off the couch. She's not going anywhere as long as I have a hold of her.

Fingering her harder now I can feel more and more juice building up behind those lips. She is moaning between our kisses but I keep her suffocated with my tongue. She wiggles her face free and pants, "I'm cumming." Invigorated I press on harder and harder with my fingers and she came all over them, the couch and the floor. "My turn," I said as soon as she caught her breath. I pushed her back onto the couch and I jumped on the other side of it after taking off my trunks. My dick landed right next to her face and was just slightly softer than an erection. Stephanie started to turn over but I stopped her and walked on my knees over her face. I told her to start sucking and she obliged starting with my balls. I start masturbating till I get a full hard on and pushed it down towards her mouth. She was hesitant at first because she rarely could take all of me in at a time but I pressed on. She swallowed it all and gagged slightly. Her stomach raised at this and it gave me an idea. While she was sucking me I could easily finger her without losing my view. While I'm doing this she is making some guttural sounds that sends vibrations through my dick and it feels amazing. I feel myself starting to cum and I tell her to flip over and turn around. She does and gives me a beautiful view of that ass with the sun coming in and bouncing right off her tanned supple ass. It appeared to be a gift from God himself and I was planning on taking full advantage of it.

I massage her clit with my cock for a few seconds. I grab hold of my cock head and rub her delicate pussy hole with it. We are both making little humping motions and as soon as we got into the same rhythm I plunged myself inside her. Stephanie muffled her scream and looked back at me with eyes that were filled with overwhelming amounts of pleasure and pain. She was extremely tight and it felt like I was taking her virginity this time. I grabbed her around those tight hips and started fucking harder and harder. She was pushing herself off the arm of the couch and back onto my dick but I could tell she was in pain; she wasn't stopping me so I pressed on with more f***e.

Out of nowhere she pushed back and pulled her back up to my front and told me to lay back. I was down for a switch up and as I laid back she started pumping up and down on my dick. I had never done this with a girl before and I was very upset I hadn't yet. But she handled her body like a pro sliding herself to the tip and back down to the base. This view of what looked like an ass swallowing my dick but it was a super wet super tight pussy made me rush to orgasm. I told Stephanie I was about to cum. Stephanie replied, "Tell me when." She carried on for a minute or two more and I was struggling to keep my cum in when I said, "I'm about to cum!" Stephanie turned her head around and said, "Not yet, just a little more." "No, I'm about to cum," I said trying to convince her to stop. She turned around and grabbed my balls firmly but not too hard and growled, "not. yet." It sure slowed me down for a moment and she came on my dick and I could feel a river of pussy juice roll down my pelvis and onto the couch. Soon she was back in action and I was close to cumming again. Right before I came I told her and she turned to me. Looking me dead in the eyes and sucking my dick as best she could I started to cum. I came in waves. I could see her swallow what she could and after she had drained me she pushed her tongue into my cock hole and gathered up every bit. "Don't want you staining this couch more than you already have," she said with a grin.

She turned and walked back to the bathroom to get ready when I got the call from my dad. I answered it out of breath and asked, "What's up?" "Get your ass down here, the burgers are ready," he said already a little tipsy. "Okay, be there in a sec, I said before I hung up the phone.

I opened the door to Stephanie getting dressed and she screamed at me to get out. "What's the deal, I mean, we just got done having sex," I said with a laugh, "What does it matter if I see you naked?" She responded, "If you act like this around everyone else then they'll start to think we fucked and there is no way to prove them wrong!" "Okay fine," I said, "We gotta go to the camp site, they are finishing up cooking." "I'll be ready in a second," Stephanie said from behind the door.

We go out to the camp site and almost everyone is there. Including my cousin Alex, who if you remember is hot! (She's a little shorter than my s****r but she has bigger tits and ass, blue eyes, dark brown hair and a lighter tan) She's throwing around a frisbee and I decide to join. The party goes on and on with everyone getting quite d***k. I'm not too bad and I'm still playing a little bit of frisbee when the sun is going down. My dad comes up to me and says he's taking mom home because she's really d***k. So they drive off and the rest of the party moves to the big cabin on the other side of the woods from my parents. We have to take an entirely different road so I follow the caravan of people moving, not to mention Alex's parents are leading the caravan back to their mansion of a cabin. Stephanie and I are sharing silence as she breaks it to ask me a question, "Why do you have to look at Alex like that in front of me?" "Whoa! What?" is all I could say feeling a little guilt building inside me. "Every chance you got you were either looking at her tits or her ass!" Stephanie said throwing out accusations I wasn't ready for. "Hold on, I wasn't doing that," I said trying to cover my tracks but she knew me too well and wasn't buying it. We argue on and on with my defense being that I was trying to keep my mind off Stephanie. It was a shit show but we are masters at putting on faces for other people so when we stopped at the cabin no one had a clue.

Alex's dad did some extra cooking and everyone was eating. When I finished I got up and looked for Stephanie. I couldn't find her anywhere so I asked one of my other cousins and he said that she went back to our parents cabin. I took off after her hoping she wasn't still steaming about me checking out Alex. It's about a half mile between Alex's cabin and mine. There is hardly any brush so I don't have a problem walking except for a bit where some jagged rocks are and I forgot my sandals. Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me and I turn around. It was Alex. She had followed me out here. She was looking fantastic; still wearing a zebra print light and dark-blue top with matching bottoms with a towel wrapped over her shoulders. She had sandals and walked up to me asking if I was okay. "Yeah, I'm fine," I said, "I just need to get back to the cabin." "Can we talk?" Alex asked. Honestly I wasn't in the mood but I agreed. We looked around for a place to sit and came across some logs that someone set out for a makeshift bonfire area. She offered me the towel if I was cold and I wasn't so she put it on the ground.

"What's on your mind?" I ask her dreading she ask me about Stephanie.
"You," she said, "I know I'm here with my boyfriend but I can't get you out of my head."
"What can I do to help?" I asked.
"One more time?" She asked with her beautiful blue eyes gleaming from the reflection of the moon.
"One last time?" I asked sort of sad because she's hot and I know I'll want her again.
"I said one more time," Alex said with a laugh, "I can't ask you for a last time."
"Okay," I said reaching for her. I kissed her passionately like I wouldn't get to again. She returned the favor, pulling herself into me and straddling the log. Alex reaches down and strokes my cock through my trunks. I untie her top gently as it falls between us and pull the strings on her bottoms so they fall from her precious body. She pulls my dick out of my trunks and strokes it a little more. I'm rubbing her pussy and it is oozing with her love juices. She's moaning slightly now and I pull her up and place her clit right next to my dick. Alex stands slightly and controls my dick into her pussy. She eases herself down letting out little sighs the further she goes down. Soon we are having some passionate slow sex when she stops us. "What's the matter?" I ask. Alex says, "Now, I want you to fuck me!" she exclaimed getting off me. She places her knees on the towel and her hands on the log. I come up behind her and push my way into her cute little pussy. I start pumping hard. She is moaning quite loud now and bucking back against me.

"Fuck me harder!" she yells. I panic thinking that someone will hear and try to get ready to leave. "Ah-ah, the only way you're getting out of here is by fucking this girl 100 percent." So I brace myself and settle up behind her. I start going slow and wait for a response from her. "C'mon har--" I cut her off. I had a plan for getting her off. I grabbed her neck and pulled her back into me fucking her pussy harder and faster. I kiss her neck and nibble on her ear lobe for a bit. "You like that?" I ask her in a mean voice. "Ye..Y-Yes," she was able to squeeze out of her throat. I shoved her back down to the log and increased my fucking speed once again. I grabbed a handful of hair and yanked back on it. "Oh," she was breathing heavy. I felt her cum shoot out and douse my dick. I put my dick on her firm ass and shot my load. I turned her over so she was sitting on the towel and leaning on the log. I grabbed her face and kissed her crudely. She was still catching her breath and I knew I fucked her good.

When I got back to my cabin I walked in the room and realized Stephanie was in there. She was laying down in the bed but I couldn't tell if she was sl**ping or pretty d***k. She hears me come in and turns around and sits up. I see the rum she was drinking out of earlier and it was nearly gone. "Where have you been?" she asks. "I was coming to look for you," I said. "Took you long enough," Stephanie said and I could see her composure slipping. "I'm sorry, I didn't know when you left and-wait. Why are you in my room?" I ask. "Mom's throwing up and and didn't want to sl**p with that going on all night," Stephanie said laying back down. I could see she wasn't wearing a shirt as her tits rose from under the sheets. She motioned for me to come lay next to her.

I walk over and she tells me to come here. I lean in and she kisses me. "I love you, _____"
"Yeah, I love you, too Stephanie," I responded.
"No, like really," Stephanie insisted.
"Me too. You're great," I added.
"Then make love to me."
"Listen, you're obviously d***k and I couldn't take advantage of you like that," I said trying to get her to stop.
"If you don't I'm gonna tell dad that you've been fucking me for years now," she said motioning for the door.
"Hold on," I said pushing her back on the bed. "This doesn't feel right."
"Just make love to me," Stephanie said pushing the sheets down, "I'll make it feel right."
I reluctantly start kissing her on her neck. She groans with d***ken pleasure and sways her legs. "Finger me," she whispers. I reach down and start finger her while I'm kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples. She is getting remarkably wet for being d***k but I start to get a rush from doing this too her. I feel like she's my toy and I can do whatever I want with her. I slap her clit a time or two to show her I'm dominating and she curls up into a ball. I roll her over onto her stomach and pull her ass close to my face. I stick my tongue into her asshole and she lets out a little baby talk and asks me if I'm licking her asshole. "That I am, baby," I said. Stephanie slowly comes out of her ball and I pull her to the edge of the bed. I start to put my dick into her ass when she says, "No, make love to me." I turn her onto her back and place my cock head just inside her pussy. I kiss her passionately getting caught up in the moment. She wraps her legs around me and grabs my hips as I fuck her. We are going hard at it for hours it feels like. Eventually we're both sweating and I'm about to cum. I pull out quickly and squirt it all over her stomach. She is giggling and playing with my jizz rubbing it around on her stomach. "Wash me?" she asks. "Okay, but that's the last thing I'm doing for you tonight," I responded. I give her a nice scrub down and play with her here and there but I eventually put her to bed.

During the night I was really hungry and went looking for some food in the refrigerator. I opened the door and I saw a water bottle full of liquor. It was a little dark and I tasted it. It was Stephanie's rum!! She never drank beer. How did she get so fucked up. As a b*****r all I could think about was that maybe someone d**gged her or something. A thousand thoughts raced through my head. I hurried back to the room and woke her up. She came to pretty quickly and I asked her how she got so messed up tonight. "What?" she asked groggy and confused. "You're rum is here," I said holding up the full water bottle, "and you are crazy d***k. Did anything happen to you when you walked from their cabin to ours?!" She laughed and laughed. I was so scared so I asked her if anything happened. She sat up straight, looked me dead in the eye and said, "I knew you couldn't resist me no matter d***k I looked." "Looked?!" I asked. "Yeah, I'm saving that rum for tomorrow."

I couldn't believe it. Stephanie acted d***k just to fuck with me. She knows me pretty well I have to say. I would like to hear from you out there who you'd like to hear about next. I have a few stories for each of these people: Stephanie, Alex and her mother Amy (separate and once together) and Trish.
... Continue»
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s*s AND ME

I'm going to tell you this. I'm going to tell you all of it. This is my story. My s****r's and mine.

At 21, I was well aware that I knew very little about how life really worked. I spent my time in school and various jobs where I consistently managed to get myself fired after no more than three months. I had read a great many books, so I knew a cursory amount of what writers wished to tell me. I watched TV, and so I had a rudimentary and oft times melodramatic sense of relationships and the human condition. Five years older and I can see this as clearly as I did then.

I tell this to illustrate that I was well aware that I was by no means perfect or even all that far ahead of the game. Ironically, this led me to believe that I was far superior to most people my age. However, I was, and still am, also heavy with problems that, while of my own creation, nevertheless sat me in hot water day after day.

As with most things between my s****r and me, this all started with an argument. From the time we could reason, and therefore choose to abandon reason, we have argued and fought over everything. Was I the instigator in most of these arguments? Surely.

We had been fighting for seven hours straight. It was a new record. I had forgotten what the original point was from early in the afternoon, but it didn't matter as our arguments cascaded from one contention to another. We ended up arguing about CD's. Hers and mine. We had everything piled in a mammoth stack on her bed and were separating them. I will mention that she had fully six CD's more of mine than I had of hers.

This began a new argument about boundaries. My room and her room. I forbade her to come in my room and she did the same. I came at her with some unfortunate words. Beth snapped her mouth shut as though she'd been slapped. She then punched me in the arm. It was entirely laughable.

Beth is of average size. She watched her diet, exercised regularly, and as a result, was quite fit. Nevertheless, she's a girl. Say what you will. She's a girl. I have always been much bigger than she was. However, to say I am a big b**st of a guy is a bit inaccurate. I'm the smart one when I'm out with friends, and I'm the one the girls all like. But I'm not a bruiser.

"Keep it up," I told her. "Keep it up and I'll give it right back." The thing was, she looked sorry. I couldn't figure it. We engaged in hellacious arguments, and she gave as good as she got. However, afterward, she always looked sorry.

But that time, as sorry as she was, she was amped up. After seven hours of abuse, she snapped. She threw her little fist out and I moved, just in time. I snatched her up in my arms holding her still.

"Let go!" She squirmed, kicked, and thrashed her head trying to pull free. Her arms were trapped at her sides and her sweet breath was panting hot onto my face.

"Not until you calm down."

"I'll scream," she said flatly. Her bare feet dangled a few inches off the floor.

"You gonna hit me?"

"No." Such a liar. I could see it in her eyes.

"You're just a little c***d Bethany."

"Don't call me that."

"Little Bethany getting angry?" I squeezed her tighter. It's amazing the pain one will inflict on a sibling that one would never inflict upon another person, let alone a girl.

"Ahh! Stop it!"

"You gonna hit me?"

"Let go!" Our house had a strangely intense kind of soundproofing from floor to floor. Put our rooms on the other side of the house in addition to the entire foot of floor, insulation, and the ceiling below us and we may as well have lived in the next state.

"Matt!" she cried in frustration, trying to get free.

"You gonna hit me?" I squeezed harder. "What's the matter?" I shook her a little.

"Let..." she struggled, shaking against me, "...go!


"Matt!" she screamed right at me. Opened her mouth and just unloaded. We were both breathing hard. Her breasts pressed tight against me. Her body was warm and suddenly the most interesting thing in the room.

We were both heaving and breathing hard. She seemed to relax a little. Less defensive. Her green eyes were wide and blazing.

I leaned in a bit and inhaled slowly. I could smell the sweat on her skin. Salty. She pulled back sharply and surprised. I looked at her. Her short brown hair was wild and tangled on top. Her face was flushed. She breathed through her nose and I could feel the warm air hit my neck in short bursts.

I never realized that women could smell so exciting. That I was keyed-up and holding her that tight didn't help. I kissed her neck. Tasted her. She lifted her head and said nothing. I wondered how long I'd wanted that.

I moved up to her jaw, so smooth and warm. Her lips tasted like peaches. We were kissing. I didn't remember putting her down, but we were on her bed, touching each other and trying our best to suck out each other's tongues.

I never thought about how wrong it was. I was pulling her shirt over her head, squeezing her tits and running my hands over her firm little body. The minutes ran together. Her hands were under my shirt, running over my chest and stomach.

I popped the button on her jeans trying to get them off. She scrambled back up the mattress, knocking the CD's to the floor. She kicked her legs trying to pull her feet out of the tight denim.

She was pulling the small red panties down her hips and over her legs as I frantically pulled off my clothes. Any qualms we may have had were lost in the frenzy of lust and heated excitement.

Her eyes never left mine. My cock sprang up as I threw off my shorts. I crawled up the bed, pushing her legs open. She laid back and grabbed the sheets in her fingers.

I pushed inside her, making both of us groan and pant even harder. She wasn't a virgin but she was tight as could be. I wanted to ask her whom she had fucked. All I could do was fuck in and out of her. There was nothing sweet about it. She was loud and bucked against me, and I leaned over her like a madman, fucking my s****r.

The thing was, all we could do was look each other in the eyes. If we looked away, it would have been over. I stared into her bright green eyes, watching her pupils expand in the dim light and in her arousal, and I fucked her until I was grinding my teeth as a shaking orgasm racked through me, coming right up from my God damned toes. She was holding onto me and coming down from her own. I felt the first spurt rising up my dick and she bit her lip, almost whining as I pulled out and shot the rest of it onto her, sending stripes of cum all over her chest and belly. I didn't want to be inside her.

She took a deep breath and laid back, her hips still moved as her legs stretched out flat.

We finally looked away. This was as bad as a thing got. This was something that couldn't happen. This was the worst kind of thing.

She slid her legs around me, as I sat there with my hands on my knees catching my breath. Beth moved carefully, trying not to let my cum slide off her tight body. It pooled in the small creases as she bent forward. Her small breasts were almost pointed. A young woman, and she had breasts like a 14 year-old. All I could see was bright white cum, like rushed graffiti on her lightly tanned skin.

She looked uncertain. Her eyes flicked to mine and then down in shame as she walked carefully to her bathroom. I crawled back off her bed, twisting the comforter with my knees as I moved backwards. I felt a few drops of cum dribble to my thighs as I went to my room, stopping only to grab my clothes.

I locked the door behind me, looking for something to clean off with. There was a gurgling from the sink in the small half-bath off the back of my room. She was done with the water. I pissed, not quite enjoying the familiar post-fuck urination I usually enjoyed.

Drying off with a dirty hand towel, I climbed into bed and shut off the light.

"Matt? Matthew?" She was at my door, knocking lightly. Tapping, really. I ignored her.

"Matt?" She was still there. Whispering. She'd been screaming at me 30 minutes earlier, but suddenly she was whispering. I turned on my stereo. Played the CD in the tray. It was the one that made me think of the CD I couldn't find. The one that started the whole thing about getting my CD's back from her room.

It was kind of a stupid disc. But I wanted to play it loud. I pressed the top button on my remote, watching the blue display show the climbing volume number.

"Matt?" I could still hear her. Louder. I think she kept knocking. She might have been crying, but I really couldn't tell. I fell asl**p when the CD was on it's second repeat.

* * * * *

The next day, waking up to that stupid CD, I staggered into my bathroom and pissed away an unusually rock-hard morning erection.

I turned off the CD and heard the hiss of air coming from the speakers. I pulled on clothes that I'd only worn for one day. They were fine.

It was Saturday and I was up earlier than usual. Beth had been up first. She and my mom were sitting at the table eating cereal with far too many different kinds of diced fruit on top. Mom was reading the paper and Beth was barely reading a magazine she'd gotten in the mail the day before. She had her body hunkered down under a big sweatshirt. Her bare legs were tight together.

"Morning, honey."

"Hey," I said. My voice was thick and my eyes were still muddy and weary from sl**p. I dropped into my chair, not looking at my s****r sitting directly across from me. Dad was off already.

"You want eggs? Something hot?"

"Cereal's fine." Mom just smiled and went back to her paper. I sat there a minute. I poured my cereal. Something with "Flakes" in the name. Its main purpose was to make old people shit. But it was what was on the table.

My eyes hit Beth's a minute. She was staring at me. Her face was strangely absent of make-up. Anymore, that was a rarity. She looked weird. I couldn't figure what was going on behind those eyes. I started to pull the milk container over.

"Is this that soy crap?"

"It's better for you than milk," mom said.

"Doesn't taste better."

"You'll live, honey."


Beth was biting her lower lip when I looked back up.

She slid the small bowl of cut bananas, strawberries, and the remnants of some little blue son of a bitch I figured was a blueberry, but wasn't sure.

"I don't want any fucking fruit," I said plainly.

"Matthew," mom said exasperated. She lowered her paper.

"Sorry." I wasn't.

"Never mind your language, mister. I don't like the way you treat your s****r." Beth was getting that kicked puppy look.

"Doesn't matter," Beth mumbled. But it did. Anyone could see that. Even I could see that.

"See?" I said, bravely ignoring the obvious.

"It's time you two grew up a little. I don't know why you can't be nice to each other. I'm not asking you to be best friends, but at least act like you can stand each other." She flapped her newspaper straight and went back to whatever she'd been reading.

Beth looked uncertainly to me and tried a kind of smile that looked like a truce offering. I think I sneered and shook my head before she really had time to commit.

"Honey?" mom asked as Beth scooped up her magazine and ran out of the kitchen. I heard her going up the stairs. I couldn't get her bare, toned legs out of my head.

After mom chewed me out, I grabbed a doughnut from the plate at the end of the table and went upstairs.

On my desk were all my CD's. Four stacks, about a foot and a half each. They were alphabetized by group. Last time I saw them, they'd fallen off her bed into a mess of plastic cases and tossed discs.

I put them in my stereo shelf. I turned around and saw Beth standing in the doorway to her room. She was watching me. Still in just the sweatshirt, she stood with one foot turned in. Her hands had disappeared in the cuffs of her bulky sleeves. There was something like a cross between a question and a smile on her lips. Pretty lips, I noticed.

I shut my door and went to the large chair under my window. I pulled out a book and started reading. A few chapters later, mom's car pulled out of the driveway around eleven. Her weekly lunch with our aunt.

I hadn't realized it was that late. I rubbed my eyes and dropped the book to the carpet.

"Fucking shoes," I wondered aloud. Under the bed. I reached under to get them. My fingers touched what had to be a CD case. I pulled it out. Hers. I got down and looked under the frame for more. Just the one. A soundtrack. I liked one song on it.

I pulled my shoes on, feeling the plastic in the heel breaking as I f***ed them, still tied, onto my feet. I grabbed the case and jumped up.

Beth was on her bed, curled on her side. Her eyes were open and she was just staring at the wall. I saw a peek of panty under the bottom of the sweatshirt. She turned as I dropped the case on her desk. Her room bright and orderly in the daylight. Mine was always dark and full of junk.

"Found it under the bed," I said tapping a finger on the plastic case.

"Thanks," she said. You could see the eagerness to make good on her face. I almost growled in disgust. I headed down the hall and heard her feet hit the floor and then run after me as I turned the corner down the stairs. I grabbed my keys from the bottom step and went right outside. She came out after me. She was tiptoeing across the lawn half-naked as I was getting into my car.

"Matt," she said, coming up to the passenger side. "Wait. Can we talk?"

"Why?" Why couldn't she have just left it alone?


"Forget it. I'm going for some lunch. Something." I put the car in reverse. She jumped in, shutting the door quick.


"The hell are you doing?" I closed my eyes and tried to not yell at her.

"I just want to talk, Matt." I wondered how many guys she'd fucked. She looked so sweet. But I knew she'd fucked someone. Maybe she did it herself. Dildo, or whatever teenage girls do. I watched her puff a lock of hair out of her eyes.

"Go inside, Beth."

"No." No. Not, Hell no. Or, Fuck you, I'm staying. No. I couldn't get angry with No.


"I can't anyway. The door locks behind you and I obviously don't have a key." No. She obviously didn't. She obviously had a sweatshirt and panties. That was about it. I could see a few inches of her panties as she sat there. Her smooth crotch.

"Get out, Bethany." Nothing. Even calling her that got me absolutely nothing.

"You have to let me in."

"The spare key is under the third rock. See ya." Nothing. "Fine." I let off the brake and pulled out of the drive.

"Matt," she said nervously.

"Put your belt on. I don't want a ticket." She pulled it on quickly and tried to pull her sweatshirt down some.

"Take me back, Matt."

"Soon as I get some lunch."

"Matt," she pleaded.

"Listen, you got in - you wouldn't get out. You're along for the ride."

She looked down and held her slender legs together.

"Can we talk then?"


"Come on, Matt. Last night -"

"What's the point in talking? Was it my fault?"


"Was it your fault?"


"So let it go."

"But -"

"Seriously, Beth, let it go." It came out harsher than I wanted, but she shut up. I pulled into a burger stand. No customer area. Just drive-thru.

"What do you want?" I asked her.

"I don't have any money," she said looking nervous about going through.

"No shit. What - do - you - want?"

"Can I have the number three?" I pulled to the window and turned down the radio.

"Number three, a number two, and a double burger."

"What kind of -"

"Cokes. Both of them," I said. The girl behind the window was 16 at most. Braces, glasses, and strangely do-able. She just stared at the half-dressed girl next to me. Beth's sweatshirt didn't cover her ass at all the way she pulled it over her crotch. You could see the white curve of it down her hip.

"Sweetheart," I said, snapping my fingers. She looked embarrassed and smiled her apology. She went quickly to get our stuff.

"Get a ten out of my wallet. Glove box." Beth did, pulling a ten out and putting the wallet back inside.

The girl with the braces gave me my food and change. She got halfway through her "Thank you for coming blah blah blah" speech when we were pulling out. I drove around, pulling into the huge parking lot of a supermarket.

"What are you doing?"

"Parking the car." I turned the key back, leaving the radio on.

"But...can't we eat at home?"

"No one's around. The sandwiches'll be cold and the fries'll be stale by the time we get there." She looked around and bit her lip again. I was starting to wish she'd quit that. It was giving me notions.

"Um, thanks for the sandwich. I'll pay you back at home." She unwrapped her chicken sandwich.

"Keep it. It's four dollars."

"Thanks." We ate in silence. She took small, dainty bites. Why couldn't chicks just eat the way they really wanted to? Just plow through it. I was halfway through my second burger as she had finished just half of her sandwich. She nibbled on a fry every few bites. Finally, she finished.

"Oh, I have to pee," she said as she finished her small coke. I was just finishing mine. I started the car up and pulled out into the street.

She changed the radio station. I saw her look at me to see if I was going to flip out. When I didn't do anything, she kept pressing the seek button. She stopped on some whiny college station. Her face brightened at a song that made my skin crawl. I let it go.

By the time we were pulling into the driveway, she was jumping her legs up and down and rocking in place.

"Here," I said, handing her the keys. "Go." She almost fell out of the car. Her sweatshirt went up and around her waist as she ran in great, long strides to the front door. She danced and moved in place as she tried to unlock the handle. When she did, she threw it open and ran inside.

I smiled as I followed her in. Pulled my keys from the door and pushed it tight behind me. I wandered into the kitchen and threw away the sack and garbage from our lunch.

Beth came out of the bathroom by the back door looking much relieved. She smiled sheepishly at me and stood in the kitchen waiting for me to say something.

"You gonna get dressed today?"

"Maybe." She said it to be funny, halfway laughing as she said it. I didn't laugh and she cleared her throat and stopped.

"You're not so smart, you know," she said.

"That's what you're going with?" I asked. "What are you, 13?"

She glared at me and stormed past. I watched her legs leave the room under the thick cover of her sweatshirt. I grabbed a bottle of some kind of orange drink my mom kept buying. I was shaking it like a paint mixer as I went up the stairs.

Beth ambushed me as I went in my room.

"Here," she spat. She thumped a folded pack of dollar bills against my chest. I caught them trapped between my arm and ribs.

"I wouldn't want you to think I owed you anything." She spun around, twirling that sweatshirt up, flashing the white of her panties at me. She walked quickly, making them disappear a little between her firm cheeks. I shook my head and went to my chair.

I hadn't made it two seconds before she was yanking her door open again and stomping her little feet inside my room.

"I thought we agreed you don't come in here, and I don't go in there?"

"Now you listen to me," she said, pointing her finger and waggling it at me. "Mom's right. We don't have to be friends. But I don't know why we can't at least be civil to each other."

"Says the angry girl who keeps trying to pick a fight."

"Shut up! I'm trying to make a point. God, Matt, we're not k**s anymore."

"What's your point, Beth?" I was calm. I dropped my book on the chair and looked at her.

"Just that we shouldn't fight so much."

"We always have."

"I know. And I'm tired of it. I don't want to anymore."

"Is this because of last night?"

"No." She said it quickly. As though she'd been waiting for me to bring it up.

"Then what?"

"I don't understand," she said in a small voice. "Why did you do that last night?"

"Why did I do it?" I cocked my head and smirked at her. "I seem to remember you doing your fair share"

"But why did YOU do it?"

"I don't know," I said with a shrug. "Don't you ever get worked up?"

"I guess."

"Well, that's what happened last night."

"I don't know what to think about it," she said, kneading her hands together and looking at the floor.

"Christ," I said, rolling my eyes to the ceiling. "It didn't mean anything. I just had to do it, and you were there." Maybe a little more blunt than I intended, but it made my point.

"God, Matt. You don't have to say it like that."

"It's true. What do you want? Say it all soft and sweet?" I leaned down and became the most patronizing bastard ever to walk the planet. "I really loved fucking you, little s****r. I hope you understand why I think we shouldn't try to make a big deal out of it. b*****rs fucking s****rs is still a touchy subject these days." I smiled so wide and so phony I was amazing myself.

"You're such a jerk," she said. That familiar fire in her eyes. Her lips were tight and her little fists were balled up.

"Mom's not here to yell at me. Dad's not home to protect you. So why don't you just go to your room and do whatever it is you do. 'Kay?"

"I'm not afraid of you, Matt."

"Well, bravo. You're right. I won't beat up my little s****r. Tell me, BETHANY, how come you never got all A's with that big damn brain of yours?"

"Fuck you, Matt."

"Get out of my room."




I picked her up under her arms and carried her into the hall. She slipped in the door again before I could shut it.

"Apologize," she said hotly.

"No." I was getting angry.


"Shut the fuck up."

She swung at me, her little hand open and her fingers splayed. When her hand smacked into my face, it surprised me. I didn't mean what happened next. I grabbed her arms, just under her shoulders. She winced in pain. I was pissed. I pulled her close and reminded myself that I didn't really want to hurt her.

She looked scared. I just pushed her away.

"Matt, I'm sorry," she said quickly. She rushed up to me, putting her hand on my cheek. "I'm sorry. I - I didn't -"

"Just shut up," I said, feeling cranked, angry, and tired all at the same time. She tried to hug me, but I stepped back. I was starting to feel cornered, as if I had to run but couldn't.

"Please," she said, crying a little, "don't be mad. Please?"

"Why can't you just leave things alone? Why?"

"I don't want to fight anymore. You're my b*****r. Don't you like me? Is that why we argue all the time?"

"We just do. I don't know. Maybe we just don't mix well."

"Matt, I just don't want to do this." She had her arms around me. I could smell her shampoo from the night before. I pushed her away as I went to the bed. She pressed her legs up against me as I sat on the mattress.

"Beth, just shut up." I didn't want to sound nasty. I just wanted her to stop talking. "Just - shut - up," I said through clenched teeth. She moved away from me, and I thought she was going to leave. But she didn't. She walked in front of me and crawled up, sitting on my lap. Her legs wrapped around my waist. Her face was right in front of mine. Her hands came up and cupped my cheeks.

She kissed me. I didn't like the way she did it. It was too tender. Like she was trying to take away my anger, or pain, or whatever she thought was wrong. I didn't even know what was wrong.

I pushed her away.

"Don't worry. Shhh..." she told me. She kissed me again. The thing is, the more she tried to help me, the more she reminded me that I had these problems. I'd had them forever. Got into fights at school. Suspensions. Job after job. And I could just never mesh with my s****r. Ever. Our relationship has always been just a

She pushed me back, unwrapping her legs from around me, kneeling over my body.

"Go away," I pleaded quietly. "Please."

"Don't be angry, Matt. You don't have to be," she said as she stroked her little fingers over my forehead.

I beat a guy into a concussion and a broken nose one time. He called Beth a slut when she wore a skirt that was too short. He wasn't done laughing before I had my hands around his throat.

"You're so fucking stupid," I told her. She just leaned over, held her hands to my chest, and kissed my lips. Fucking...

"Get off!" I yelled, throwing her from me. She hit the floor and rolled to her side.

"Dammit, Matt!"

"Last night was a lark. Get that through your head. I don't want to be around you. Understand?"

"Asshole," she said under her breath.

"Get out," I said, hauling her up by the arm.


"Shut up."

"Stop it!"


She slammed the door, shutting us in together.

"Stop it!" she yelled, shoving at me with her hands.

"You wanna do this?" I pushed her back. We shoved back and forth until I had her pinned to the floor, both of us breathing hard. I was on her back, her arms were crossed under her chest, and she squirmed trying to get free. I had an arm at her mouth as I reached around to hold on to her little fist.

She bit down. Not hard. Barely more than a faint impression in my skin. She started nuzzling against me, lifting her head back, rubbing her cheek against mine. I couldn't think straight.

"Fine," I growled. "Fine. This... Fine." I reached under me, unbuttoning my pants and pulling out my cock. Hard as a crowbar. I yanked her panties down. At that moment, I didn't take any notice of how she lifted her hips to let me. I didn't say anything. I just shoved into her. She was wet and I went in as if we were made to fuck each other.

I still had her trapped under me. Her sweatshirt was thick in my face as I hunched into her, pounding hard and fast. Her breath was ragged and she arched her back, just letting me do all the work. I don't think I'm all that overly hung, but I filled her tight. We weren't romantic by any means. It was fucking. F-U-C-K-I-N-G.

She started to tell me how good it felt.

"Shut up," I grunted. "Christ. Don't-" slam, "fucking-" slam, "talk!" Slam. She yelped with each ram into her cunt.

I fucked her on the floor of my bedroom, both of us still half dressed, or mostly dressed. The sun was bright and showed fat columns of dust swimming in slants. Someone was mowing their lawn a house or two away. Beth was sobbing under me, pushing into each thrust, smacking her smooth, round ass cheeks into my stomach.

I felt her shake and shudder under me, lowering her head and clenching her teeth. I kept fucking her. She wasn't crying anymore. She was kissing my arm. Small, gentle touches of her soft lips. I barreled into her, feeling my balls tighten up, my cock getting harder and then I pressed so tight into her that I heard her let out a hard breath as I crushed her to the carpet. Cum shot into her, making her gasp. I'd just cum in my little s****r's cunt. I pushed off her, yanking out while I was still cumming.

It jerked around, pulsing smaller and smaller spurts of bright white cum. It went on her around her cheeks, and up the small of her back.

She just laid there. I stumbled to my feet and ran to the bathroom, and managed to lean over the sink before I puked. I rinsed my mouth with water and took a piss. It was all I could do. I couldn't - it was all I thought to do. I zipped up and avoided the mirror as I mechanically washed my hands. I wiped them on a small green towel my mom kept putting up there. I hated that towel.

Beth was still on the floor. She was rotating the feeling back into her hands and stretching her arms. I walked over and wiped her back and her ass clean. She pulled her panties up and got to her knees as I walked back to the bathroom. I wadded up the towel and threw it in the small trash basket.

Neither of us said anything. She wanted to. I could see it in her eyes. They were still red from crying.

Mom walked in the front door with my aunt. They were laughing and carrying on about some damn thing. Beth just looked at me and then went back to her room. I turned on the stereo, not caring what was on. I ignored my mom's call, sat down, and picked up my book.

* * * * *

The next day was Sunday, and as such, it meant that it would be a lot of sitting around. Boredom leads, in my experience, to short tempers. Mom and Dad were out looking at rugs. Honest to God, rugs. Every Sunday. Four hours minimum - rugs. Never bought one, but they were bound and determined to find one that would fit the living room no one was allowed to sit in.

Beth was in her room. Some incredibly bad band was screeching out of her stereo, making my liver shrivel up and become an angry little raisin. I shut my door. Armed with my own stereo, I put on a CD. Strong, driving guitar. Nothing. I could still hear her noise pollution crushing my brain.

"Beth!" I yelled. I turned off mine and stomped across the hall. She was standing, facing a pair of bookshelves, and reorganizing her things. Her head moved in rhythm to the awful stuff coming from her speakers.

I smacked my hand to her shoulder, making her jump.

She turned my down the "music" and started in on me as soon as she could hear herself speak. Apparently, it was my fault her stereo was up so loud, as I had left mine on that morning and she had to turn hers up just to hear, and she must not have noticed that I had since turned mine down. Interesting theory, considering mine was on so low that I didn't notice it when I woke up, never mind that it was all bullshit.

I don't suppose it takes a genius to see where this all ended up. What with Beth and I half-dressed, swearing at each other and fucking like angry, meth-addicted rabbits. It was impossible to describe. Such as had become my life. That was the third time in as many days that we had fucked each other. Each time after, I felt like shit. I knew it was wrong. But feeling her little tits on my chest, and sliding my aching cock in and out of her warm, inviting body, it was like d**gs.

I left her on her bedroom floor, naked and with a mouthful of cum. I pulled the plug on her stereo and muttered something about how I was sick of hearing it.

I went across the hall and locked my door behind me. My head was swimming. I couldn't breath. I almost jumped through the wall when she knocked at the other side of the door.

She told me that it was okay. She tried to tell me that we'd work through it. That I shouldn't worry about it. Maybe this was our way of telling ourselves that we didn't hate each other. That we didn't even dislike each other.

I didn't know about that.

I crawled up on my bed and tried to cover my ears with a pillow. I could still hear her. So damned nice. So damned concerned. Why wasn't she flipping out? Why wasn't she having a stroke over this? For Christ's sake, I fucked my s****r.

When we were fucking on her floor and she wouldn't shut up about loving me and wanting to be close no matter what and fucking Christ, it wouldn't stop. I pulled out of her, moved up her body, and stuffed my cock in her mouth as I came.

She was outside my door telling me that everything would be okay.

I don't know who started that one. I don't remember anything except yelling about the stereo, shoving, and then I'm yanking her pants off while she pulled her shirt over her head. My only consolation was if anyone ever found out, that at least she was 18. Couldn't arrest me. There was that, at least.

* * * * *

Two days later, something different happened. We were sitting in our rooms. I was going over a course schedule for the upcoming term and she was getting ready for bed. She walked down the hall in a towel. Her tan skin was smooth and almost like a ginger crème. I watched her take off her towel and walk in and out of view, from one side of her door to the other. I put down the schedule and walked over to her doorway.

She was going through some big elaborate lotion and powder routine that my male brain didn't understand. She saw me standing there and didn't bother with covering up. Her body was amazing. Her small breasts were perfect little cones, making her seem pixie-like. I was standing behind her, watching. She stared at me in the mirror with those big green eyes that drove me nuts.

We just looked at each other for a long few minutes. She turned to look at me, waiting for me to say something. Her eyes begged me to just say her name. I ran a hand over her tight belly, making her jump. Her eyes closed and her lower lip disappeared between her teeth.

I turned her around and pushed her gently to her bed. I undressed, leaving her bent over the foot of her mattress. Her legs were spread and her incredible ass was just calling to me.

She never looked back at me. Never said a word. I could smell her. My cock rose, feeling suddenly heavy. I came up behind her and slid my cock-head up and down her deep crack. It was glistening with her juices.

I pressed in her cunt, pushing into the hot tissue. Spreading her and making her moan. I placed my hands on the twin mounds of her ass. She pushed against me, grabbing hold of two fistfuls of sheets.

She never said a word. We just fucked slowly in the dim room, alone at that late hour. We didn't have to be quiet. Our parents would never hear us. But aside from soft moans and a few grunts of pleasure and effort, we didn't make a sound.

I felt her cum. She fluttered around my cock and her legs trembled. I couldn't cum. I didn't want to. Not like that. This was too deliberate. I meant too much. I thought about every nasty, dirty, pornographic thing I could. I finally finished, just thinking about the woman who lived three houses down. I had wanted her for years. I pictured her with her panties down around her knees, bent over and pulling her tight ass cheeks apart.

Beth gasped softly as I filled her with a few automatic spurts of cum. I couldn't keep it going. My cock went down almost immediately. There's something women don't understand about men, and something we're too polite to mention to them. We can fuck them, cum, and never really have an orgasm. It's like sneezing and not having a cold. They aren't mutually exclusive.

Beth smiled at me as I walked around her and slumped down in her chair. It smelled like her. I watched her as she crawled up on the bed and curled up on her side. She just stared at me and had a half-grin on her face the whole time.

I wanted to slap her. Make her hate me for just a minute. Make her forget that she thought there was something between us.

But I just sat there. She fell asl**p eventually. I pulled her sheet up over her and turned off her lamp. She was peaceful when she slept. Most people looked liked they've been d**gged when they sl**p. But she looked peaceful. I pushed her hair from her face as I watched her.

Finally, I snorted in disgust. I had to get out of there. Things were just wrong. I fucking knew that. I did. What was more screwed up than anything was that I was so terrified that this was becoming more than just grist for future therapy bills, that I almost hadn't been able to cum.

I walked back to my room and thought seriously about just packing some things and getting out. But I didn't. So, I turned on the radio and masturbated into the toilet, thinking about Mrs. Calvin from three houses down. She was dressed like my s****r as I closed my eyes and heard the plop of cum jetting into the water.

* * * * *

Fighting seemed to bring on every other instance for a long time. We had a kind of routine developed. We would fight all day. Nasty stuff. More my end than her. But we fought. Then we were fucking on the floor or against the wall, or over her desk. We fucked in the car once, after I picked her up from a movie with her friends and she was late getting out.

She stopped dating. I told her to forget what we did together. I couldn't stop us, but it damn sure didn't mean anything. We were barely siblings and certainly weren't more than that.

I saw the way she looked at me. I read the things she wrote about me in her diary. Not the two decoys under her mattress or in the painfully obvious secret compartment of her desk drawer, but the real one she hid between the wall and the air vents. I read it when she was gone and I swore each time that we weren't going to do it anymore.

Although, it was usually just a matter of hours and I had her on the floor swallowing my cock while I held her head to me. Each time, after wiping my cum from her skin, or just leaving her there, still angry, or looking at me and calling me to her - each time, I would end up hiding away, trying to figure out what was happening to my life.

Was this addiction? I would wonder. Was this what it was like to loose control of your life? I asked myself. It had to be. It had to be an addiction. It didn't mean I wasn't going to close my eyes and think of Beth on her knees, her shapely little ass sticking out behind her while she fisted my cock and sucked its head. It didn't mean that I wouldn't press my palms into my eyes until the image of her little breasts shining with sweat or the way they looked messy with cum had burned away with splotches of popping light and pain. Didn't mean any of that.

She was my d**g of choice.

Things got more unpredictable between us. I was on a short fuse with her, and my heart raced when we were full on in a really nasty shouting match. I called her names when we laid together fucking. I growled in her ear for her to shut her mouth when we fucked in the men's room of a Burger King one morning.

In a strange way, our parents thought things were getting better. Our dad mentioned how nice it was that we spent so much time together. I hadn't realized it, but we had been together more often than ever. I took her to parties and bon fires out in the country. She asked me to drive her to meet her friends. She asked me if I would come get her from friends' houses, or movies, or the mall.

I griped and cursed and did it anyway. I was hooked. I hated myself for what I did - for what I did to her, but then, there I was.

This was our old routine: We would argue, push, shove, say things that were horrible (I did at least), and then when no one was around we would fuck. She would come to me. I would go to her.

After a while, the routine became a little looser. When I was bored, or down about something that was nothing to do with her, she was there if I wanted a blowjob. Or if she was feeling low, or just wanted it, I would spend 20 minutes eating her to an orgasm. We fucked when there was nothing on TV. We fucked when we couldn't sl**p. We fucked when we just wanted to fuck.

My s****r had become my fuck-buddy. I could rage and rant at her, let her scream and yell back at me, and then have her clothes off and bent over her mattress while I tried to put my cock in her butt if we felt like it.

We were both at a party one Wednesday night. Mostly college k**s. I brought her along when her friends cancelled on her. We got there, a house out off a massive rural highway. Huge bon fire raging out back. People everywhere. Jerry Lee Lewis playing on the speakers that were wired all through the house. Like veins on the wrong side of the skin, red wire was tacked up and spliced together all over the walls.

Beth bounced away, seeing a few people she knew. I was already angry with myself for bringing her. I wanted to get away from her and suddenly we're driving around the country looking for a party in the middle of nowhere.

So, she's off talking to people she knows and I'm standing around, trading stories with some of my buddies from high school. Time passes. Some idiot put an Ani DeFranco CD in the changer and was promptly thrown out, dodging the broken pieces of the CD. With angry, 20 year-old, shit-kicking country coming out of the walls, we resumed our stories, lies, and fantasies.

I suddenly felt someone pressing a cup into my hand. I sipped at it, tasting the icy beer. I turned to thank whoever handed it to me, and there she was. Beth was drinking from her own red plastic cup (required by law in a party) and smiling like an idiot. She just stood there. Right next to me. As if she belonged there, her arm occasionally touching mine as she moved to the music. She was right there. Just...there.

"Jesus Christ. Would you fucking get lost?" I said. You should have seen it. She went from having a real time - enjoying herself, feeling pretty good, and then she seemed to shrink. My friends got quiet. I swear to you I barely noticed. You look back on something like that - you see it in slow motion. You see it frame by frame. It's all right there. But then? Nah.

She looked sick. Her eyes went from me to my friends and then to the floor. She set the cup down and almost ran from the room. No one said anything. Except me. I, apparently, couldn't shut my goddamn mouth.

"Fucking hell."

Twenty minutes later, I couldn't find her. I mean, how old was she, right?

Say one thing to her and she breaks down? Jesus. All I could think was how much my parents would scream and rant if they found out I made her leave. Wasn't anything they could do to me, but it just wasn't worth the effort to hear it.

I left the party, swearing to the air around me as I got in the car. There wasn't much of a list of directions she could have gone, I told myself as I backed over soft grass and broken cups. Something on my tires smelled, and I hoped it was beer and not piss.

I drove down the road, my high beams on, looking for her. Five minutes down the highway, almost to the main road heading into the city, I found her. She was walking along the side of the highway with her arms hugged tight to her ribs. I pulled up along side of her. Her clothes turned white as the light rolled along her body. I was going to honk, or say something stupid, and then I saw her face. She was crying. STILL crying. Her shoulders shook and her face was a painful mask of hurt. She would wipe at her eyes and then tuck her hands back under her arms.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I mean, fuck.

I pulled to the side, watching her walk in the lights. I jumped out and ran up to her.

"Get in the car, Beth," I said. Gently? I tried. I don't know. She just kept crying and walking.

"Beth," I said. "Come on. Just get in the car." I tried to take her arm, but she yanked it away and kept going.

"You can't walk all the way home, Beth." I walked after her. "Dammit, get in the car. Just stop it."

She stopped walking but didn't stop crying. I walked around in front of her again. I was getting angry and just wanted to leave. Screw the party, I didn't care about that anymore.

"Why are you so mean to me?" she cried softly.

"What?" My mouth went dry and I felt numb. The way she said it. Awful.

"Why are you so mean to me? Why do you hate me?" she sobbed.

"I - I don't hate you."

"Yes you do," she said earnestly. "You do."

"Beth," I said as gently as I could, "I don't hate you."

"I want to go home," she said, covering her face.

"I'll take you. I'm not going back to the party."


"No what?"

"I'm gonna walk."

"You can't walk. Come on. Get in. I won't say anything."

"I don't understand," she said, sniffing and starting to stop her sobbing.


"How can we do what we do, together, and you still treat me like dirt. You humiliate me and make me feel like I'm worthless."

"Beth..." I just stood there. "Beth, just get in the car." She turned around and walked to the passenger side and got in.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her. She just stared out the window. "We can stop somewhere and get something. My treat."

"I just want to go home," she said in a hollow voice. We didn't talk again the whole drive back. When we got there, she walked up the front porch and unlocked the door. I was right behind her. I quietly shut and bolted the door and followed her up the stairs. She went down to her room and shut the door behind her. I'm not sure what I expected she was going to do.

I stared at the door a minute wondering what I was supposed to do. Sex had become a part of our lives. We fight, we fuck. We didn't fight just to fuck. And I don't think we fucked just because we fought.

I went to my room. I sat on my bed, not turning on the light. I just sat there. I was still holding my car keys.

I wasn't completely stupid. I knew that I'd crossed a kind of line that night. Or maybe it was the last straw. Or maybe she cried like that every time. Maybe she was worse off than I thought. Whatever the case, I knew I'd really done wrong. I just kept picturing her waking down the road, crying.

I didn't know why I said the things I said. I don't try to do it. I don't. But there it is.

My first year of college, Beth was enjoying her final year of high school. A guy named David Doores left her at a restaurant on a date. She told him she didn't like the way he was touching her. Her left her there. I found him a few days later. He was a big guy. My age. Worked out. We went at it for ten minutes. It took some doing, but I got him down. Broke his arm. He nearly busted my ribs. Fucked him up.

I sat on my bed and wondered what I was supposed to do. I thought about going across the hall and trying to make peace. But then I realized she wasn't going to listen. Suddenly I realized that I'd never cared before. I didn't want to care then.

It was bad enough that my s****r and I were having sex regularly. Sometimes I'd get home go to her room and we'd fuck for an hour. We'd sneak into the garden shed and she'd suck me off before dinner. But if we were going to start thinking it was something more - that couldn't happen. I knew she had crazy notions. But I couldn't. As long as one of us could still see the shore from the boat, we were fine. But if I couldn't keep it detached - that just couldn't happen.

Her door opened. She turned off her light. My room was dark. I saw her shape in the dim light of the moon. She came into my room. She was naked. The way she moved made my cock hard.

"I'm not a good guy, Beth," I said so soft I could barely hear myself. The words were out of my mouth before I could think. "You just have to understand that." Maybe that was what she needed to hear. Maybe, I thought.

"Yes, you are."

"I'm not. We have to stop this. This is just going to screw up your life. Won't matter for me. I'm always going to be unhappy. But you can't do this."

"I love you."

"Don't fucking say that. Don't you fucking say something like that. You LOVE me? What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid little slut?" I spat. She jerked back as though I'd stung her. Her hand started to reach out for me.

"Have you fucking lost your mind?" I snarled. I smacked her hand away. She yanked it to her breast. "All we do is fuck. Get it? You don't love me, and I don't fucking love you." I could hear her swallow as she stood there.

"You wonder why I'm so mean to you?" I stood up. I could see her wide, wet eyes in the moonlight. "Because you are a God damned stupid little girl." Her hand came up to her mouth and she tried not to cry.

"But we..." she trailed off, her mouth having trouble forming words as she cried. "I thought we were..."

"What? You thought we were a couple? Did you think I was going to take you around and tell everyone you were my special favorite girl?" She choked on a sob. "Did you think we'd just run off and live together forever? Maybe we could get a house together? Hmm? Sure. We could pretend to be married. Wouldn't that be like a fairy tale come true? Fucking idiot. You're someone I can fuck, Beth."

She turned and ran to her room. I watched her shut her door and then I heard her crying. Sobbing. Great, racking sobs. I just stood there listening to her. I could feel a pit forming in my stomach. Finally, she quieted down. I didn't hear anything. I don't know how long I listened. I just remember realizing I was on the floor and I didn't recall sitting down.

I woke up in the dark. She was there. Standing over me. Her hand was brushing my hair back. Shadows on her face changed. I think she smiled.

It was as if a hole opened under me and I just kept falling. I took her by the arm and pulled her to the bed. She was still naked. I was too. I didn't remember taking my clothes off.

"Matt-" I clamped my hand over her mouth. I leaned over her.

"Don't fucking talk. Don't." I couldn't quite manage to get angry. I pulled my hand away and reached down between us. I pushed in all the way, making both of us gasp. I saw her smile.

"Stop it," I told her. I closed my eyes and started fucking her. Hard. She thought this was some kind of make-up sex. was just US. It was what we had become. If she'd just left it alone, and gone to bed, the next morning we would have been different. If she'd been able to see, just for a second what we really were, we would have been fine. I opened my eyes.

As I held myself over her, sliding in and out of her tight cunt, listing to her moan softly, feeling her breath on my face - as I did this, I told her how much I hated her. I told her how stupid she was. THIS, I ground out, was why I did what I did. It was her fault.

She clamped her legs to my sides and pulled me tight with each thrust. Her moans turned to faint sobs and her hands covered her face. We were a spiraling mess of a car wreck.

We didn't talk the rest of the night. She slept in my bed and, so help me, I held her as tight to my body as I could possibly manage. She was killing me a little at a time.

Have you ever felt a crying girl cum?

* * * * *

You have to understand that this wasn't a few weeks. We didn't do this for a month. This tornado that was our life, raged quietly for a year. Holidays, birthdays, everyday - it went on much longer than it should ever have done.

Beth had changed in that year. We still argued and fought. But when we were alone, when we were sitting together at night, she was sweet and gentle and she drove me nuts. Her hair was long by then. It brushed my skin when she leaned over to suck me. She still cried, because I was still a first-rate jackass.

I still told her she was stupid. But even I hardly believed me anymore.

She sat in my chair with me at night. Her naked body settling into mine as we played some idiot CD she liked. I was a wreck. Worst of all - the absolute nail in my coffin, was the dawning realization that I loved her. I treated her like hell. I did everything I could to drive her away. I did it for her. When she laid under me and tears streamed down her face as I fucked her, I would inwardly cheer. This was it, I would think. She'd finally had enough. When I would feel the soles of her feet on my hips as I pushed deep into her cunt, I would want to scream in frustration because she was forgiving me all over again.

I finished school. Beth and I celebrated together after our parents went to bed. It was just like every other night. But this time I didn't tell her she was stupid. I didn't get mad at her and tell her to shut-up. When I came inside her, I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"I love you."

She pulled me down and held me inside her while she cried. She kissed me until I pulled out of her. The joy on her face was a wonder. Truly, it was a thing to treasure. Something inside was screaming at me.

Beth slept peacefully curled up on my bed. She was naming our c***dren in her dreams. I packed everything I could manage. I didn't wake her. I just moved silently. As I pulled my car out of the drive an hour before sunrise, I knew this was all I could do. I would always be unhappy. I was just that kind of guy. She would have better. I wasn't going to let her screw up like me. That's why I did everything I did. That's why I did it. Me leaving - that gave her a chance.

It was all I could do.

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My s****r and Me Part 2 Conclusion

I woke up to half light in the room from the dawn. I could feel my s****r lying in my arms. I was half turned towards her with my arm under her neck. She had her left arm over my stomach holding me by the waist while she slept. I didn’t wear any shirt to sl**p and I could feel her bare nipples rubbing against me. They were hard and warm and I enjoyed feeling them rubbing me. She had apparently pulled her teddy up above her breasts to expose her nipples while I slept. I turned further to face her more. I pushed the covers down to expose her body. The room was half lit but I could see her perfectly. She looked so beautiful there sl**ping next to me. She took after my mother’s side of the f****y where there are a lot of fair skin blonds. Her blond hair was light and shone even in the dark room. I couldn’t see her hazel eyes but I knew that under those closed lids where the prettiest hazel eyes in the world. In contrast I took after my dad’s side of the f****y. I had Latin olive skin with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I looked at her bare chest and breasts. She wore full bathing suits so the Florida sun had not darkened all of her body. A light bronze tan showed for the world to see on my s****r’s body. But for me her nakedness afforded a look at her milky white skin on her chest and belly that the rest of the world could not see. Her small breasts stood firm with large nipples that were clearly hard either from the cold or from arousal. She had light pink nipples that stood pointing almost towards her face. I gently ran my hand down her chest over her breasts and down her belly. She wasn’t wearing her panties. Bad girl, she must have taken them off in the middle of the night. Her pussy was smooth and milky white with just a trace of blond peach fuzz growing on her mound. I could see her pink lips protruding from between her mounds. I ran my hand gently over her pussy. It was so hot and smooth my passion began to grow and in a second my cock was rock hard under my shorts. She had well shaped legs and her feet were so white and smooth. She had the same mild foot fetish as me and was finicky about keeping her toe nails looking their best. She wore bright red nail polish over those pretty toes of hers. I couldn’t resist the temptation and ran my right foot over her leg starting just below her knee. I watched as I gently ran my toes over her leg down to her ankles. I moved my foot gently caressing her foot and ran my toes over her pretty white toes. She instinctively flexed her toes up to meet mine. I wrapped my toes around hers holding them gently with mine. I then let go and brought my foot gently up to her knee again.

I couldn’t help noticing the contrast between our bodies. The Florida sun had tanned my body to a dark brown and the only white patch of skin on my body was where my shorts kept the sun from reaching. My s****r stirred and turned facing away from me which gave me a perfect view of her pretty ass. Her cheeks were so round and firm. They were smooth and I had to run my hand over them. I let my hand come between her cheeks and I softly ran my fingers through her crack. I kissed her back and pulled her towards me. She felt so good in my arms. My passion for her grew and my cock was so hard it was screaming to be taken out of its prison. I unsnapped my shorts and grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them out of my shorts. The head of my cock was wet. I placed my right hand under my s****rs right leg and gently raised it enough to just allow my cock to slide between her legs. My cock honed in on her pussy like a metal detector on a nail. I felt the heat and wetness which told me I was at the entrance to her virgin hole. My cock was uncut so I knew it would slide out of its sheath exposing the head without causing any friction to wake my s****r up. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and pulled us close so I could spoon her. I moved my hip gently forward and felt my thick cock head leave its foreskin sheath to rub her opening. I pulled back as soon as I felt her hymen. This was not the time to take my s****r’s virginity. My parents were still in the house and would be waking up soon. I just wanted to hold my s****r and enjoy rubbing my hard cock against her. I continued to slowly move my hips forwards and pulling back as soon as I felt her hymen resist. I didn’t take long for me to feel my precum wetting not only my entire cock but my s****r’s pussy also. She was amazingly wet. I didn’t know how much was my precum and how much were her own juices. I was a big precumer but my s****r’s pussy also put out a lot of lube.

My s****r woke up and I felt her stir in my arms. I pushed my cock against her wet pussy again and I heard her sigh deeply and suck air between her teeth.
“Oh God that feels so good”, she said. “When did you wake up?”
“A little while ago”, I said.
“Don’t stop please”
“We can’t do this long, sweetheart. Mom and Dad will be waking up soon”.
“Put it inside me, please”.
“No. When mom and dad leave we will have plenty of time to do it all”.
“Marilyn will be here and she is a pain in the butt. We won’t get a chance to do anything”.
My s****r was right, Marilyn, our baby s****r, may not give us much time to do anything. We will have to try and get away from her long enough. Sometimes I can get her to take a nap.
“We can’t do it now. We will just have to find a way to get away from Marilyn so we can do it”.
I was still rocking my hips when my s****r pushed back against me. I felt her hymen wrap further down my cockhead. My s****r gave a yelp and pulled away wincing.
“Oh fuck that hurt”, she said in a screech.
“Quiet, you will wake them up. I told you this was not the time for that. Why did you push when you knew I was going forward. You knew it was going to hurt you at first”.
She managed to keep her voice to a whisper this time. “Fuck, it felt like a big paper cut in my pussy”.
I turned her around to face me. She had tears in her eyes and her face was wet with her tears. I kissed her gently on the nose. My lips got wet with her tears and they tasted salty but I enjoyed it. “This is not the way I want it to happen nor is it the right time. You need to be patient. Did it hurt that much? Maybe you won’t want me to fuck you now that you felt the pain”.
She kissed me deeply and both our faces got wet with tears.
“I love you. I want you to be the one to take me for the first time and all the time. I knew it would hurt and I am willing to take the pain so we can be together and love each other the way we want to. I will wait till you decide the time is right. But I want you to promise me that even if I pull away you won’t stop. If it hurts I may try to get away or get you to stop and I don’t really want you to. I want to be your s****r and girlfriend”.
“Are you sure about that?”

Just then I heard my parent’s alarm clock go off. I kissed my s****r and pulled my cock and balls back inside my shorts. I snapped them back up and laid back to make believe I was still sl**ping. My s****r pulled her teddy down all the way and fished around till she found her panties. She slipped them back on. She then leaned over and gave me a big kiss which lasted longer than we wanted it to. I grabbed her tightly and pulled myself on top of her. I kissed her hard running my hands all over her body. We kissed and fondled each other till we heard our parent’s door open. We then turned our backs on each other and made believe we were sl**ping. I heard my mom make her way down the hallway to my little s****r’s room.
“Marilyn wake up you have to get dressed. Hurry up sweetie you don’t want to make me late”.
My s****r and I turned in unison towards each other.
“She is taking Marilyn with her”, we both said at the same time.

The next hour was excruciatingly long. I couldn’t wait for my parents to leave with my baby s****r. That meant that we had the house to ourselves and could take our time and do whatever we wanted without fear. My mom finally made her way to our room. She found us both half asl**p (or so we made it out to be).
“I am taking Marilyn with me to work today. She has a doctor’s appointment in the morning and we are going to visit a daycare near my work”.
I had to show some concern here to make it credible. “Why are you looking for a daycare for Marilyn, mom?”
“I promised you I would find a daycare for her so you and your older s****r can play and go out without worrying about your baby s****r. Besides, no offense guys, but I feel better knowing she is at a daycare then alone with you guys. Let’s face it, you two can get distracted and she could get hurt when you aren’t looking.” For once I was very glad that my mom did not trust me with my baby s****r.
“You might be right, mom. We do get distracted sometimes when we are playing and I sure couldn’t forgive myself if something happens to Marilyn while I am taking care of her. We are also limited on what we can do when she is with us”. Of course I had a special activity in mind that she would interfere with.

My parents finally left taking my baby s****r with them. My s****r threw herself at me as soon as they went out the door. She began kissing me and fondling me. She began stripping naked and I had to stop her. It was too early, we had to wait a while to make sure they did not forget anything and decided to come back. We laid there with our arms around each other kissing and fondling gently. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to explode and my shorts were drenched with precum. My s****r’s panties had a huge wet spot on them from her pussy juices and the precum that was traveling from my shorts to her panties. I kept glancing at the clock on my night table.
“It’s been ten minutes. Do you think that is long enough?” I asked my s****r.
“Yes, that is more than enough time. They aren’t coming back”.
I pulled my shorts off as fast as I could. My s****r practically tore her teddy off and she took her panties off so fast they flew across the room. I jumped my s****r and kissed her hard, grabbing and pawing her like a wild a****l.
“I love you but if I don’t fuck you soon I am going to explode”. I said.
“I want you to fuck me now, I have been waiting too long”, she pleaded.

There was an urgency building inside me that I had never felt before. I had only one thing on my mind that consumed me for the time being. That was to fuck my s****r. I needed to fuck her. I need to make her mine. Nothing was going to stop me now from having my way with her. I had never felt like this before. My s****r noticed the change in me but she didn’t seem to be afraid or apprehensive. She reached for my cock and began to stroke it hard. She bent over and sucked my cockhead into her mouth. I didn’t know she knew how to do that and it seemed she didn’t really because I felt a lot of her teeth rubbing my cock. But I didn’t care, I wanted her to taste my cock and I wanted her to suck it and enjoy it. I had never eaten a pussy before but had seen it done in porn movies and heard guys talk about it. I went for it letting her have my cock at the same time. I licked and when I found her hard clit I sucked it. Her pussy tasted strangely good. I knew that under normal conditions the taste would not be my favorite but right now under these circumstances it was the most delicious thing I ever had. When she squirmed under me with pleasure it aroused me even more. There was an a****l being unleashed inside me. I wanted and needed to fuck my s****r. I groped, I pulled, I grunted, I growled and I buried my face deep in her crotch tasting and smelling it all.

The time came soon when the urge to fuck was overwhelming. I came up from her crotch, my face wet with her pussy juices and my saliva. I quickly wiped my face with my pillow. Her face was swollen, her ears were beet red and her lips were twice their size. She had a dreamy look on her face and she smiled at me when she saw my face. Her chest was flushed red and her pink areola was so swollen that her hard nipples were buried in them. I brought my face close to hers and kissed her gently on her lips. As we kissed I began to lay on top of her. I felt her legs instinctively part for me. She raised them slightly which brought her pussy up to meet my ranging hard cock. My cock was oozing precum in long strings that fell on her pussy. Her pussy mound was swollen as well as her pussy lips which protruded from within her mound. Her pussy was red and glistening with the wetness from my saliva and her juices. She reached down and grabbed my slippery cock. My cock was so hard that my foreskin had pulled back all the way to expose most of its head. Every vain in my cock stuck out like they were going to burst and my cockhead was dark red. She guided my cock to her pussy and smiled at me.
“I love you”, I said. With that I pushed forward and the hard hot head of my thick cock began to disappear between her lips. She gave a yelp and pulled away. I followed her to keep her pussy from being taken from me.
“It hurts bad”, she said. “Wait stop”.

She continued to try and squirm away but I was determined to have my s****r now and the need to fuck her was too over powering. As she squirmed away I pushed myself with her to keep my cock head buried in her pussy. I had not pushed any further because she was not letting me. She pushed my chest trying to get me off her but I wasn’t going to get off. She tried to push my belly away but I wouldn’t budge. When she reached between us to push on my thighs to keep me from going any deeper I grabbed her hands and held them firmly over her head on the bed. She tried to close her legs but I pushed them further apart with mine. She began to cry and her tears fell on the pillow. I should have felt remorse and stopped but all I felt was lust and the need to fuck her. Somehow she was able to get away from me. She turned quickly and got loose. She tried to squirm away on her belly but I jumped her. Finally, I put my whole body on top of her. I held her tight under me and I wrapped my legs around hers to keep her from squirming away. I pinned her hands down again and without touching my cock I slid it between her legs from behind. Her pussy was drenched all the way to her ass. My cock found her hole right away and I pushed again harder and while I couldn’t see I felt my cock slide deeper than before into her pussy. She yelled again at me.
“Fuck! Stop, it hurts. It’s fucking hurting me”.
Her pussy was so tight and hot. I could feel it squeezing my cock. I pulled out slowly and she stopped squirming. But I then pushed in again burying about half my cock into her pussy.
“Your cock is too big. Please it’s too big and thick. I can’t take a big cock like that”.
Her pleads fell on deaf ears. The more she pleaded the hotter I got. The thought of my thick cock inside my s****r opening her up for the first time and hearing how she felt my big cock inside her was raising me to a lusty crescendo. I wanted more and more to fuck her hard. I put my face up to hers and kissed her on her lips. She brought her face around and hungrily searched for my tongue and as we kissed I gave a hard push. My cock went in all the way. I felt her pussy lips wrap around the base of my cock. I knew I had impaled my s****r on my cock to the hilt. I could hear her muffled cries in my mouth.
“Oh God! It hurts, its too big. Its too deep. God, I feel your cock in my stomach”
I slowly pushed harder into her pulling my cock just enough to give me a few centimeters to push back again. Her crying changed to whimpering. I was inside her now and I had every intention of fucking her till I was completely satisfied. I slowly unwrapped my legs from hers and waited to see if she would try to squirm away again. But this time she just laid under me and slowly began to bring her legs around mine. She then pushed her tail end up to align it with my cock. Our lips were still locked together but she was no longer screaming into my mouth. I pulled my lips away just enough to come back and kiss her again. She kissed me back gently and sighed deeply. She began to gently kiss my lips, my face and my neck.
“I love you so much”, she whispered in my ear.

I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me. Her breathing was heavy and she bit her lip now and then with pleasure. I increased my thrusts and she responded with deep sighs every time I pushed in.
“Does it still hurt?” I asked.
“No, it feels so good now. I never felt anything this good before”.
I let go of her hands and grabbed her by the thighs.
“Fuck me slowly, I want it to last a long time.”
I slowed my thrusts to extend it longer.
“Your cock is so thick my pussy feels all filled with it. I can feel it throbbing inside me. Your cock feels so hard and hot inside me too. I love it. I want to get fucked every day”.

Her words took me to the edge. I felt my balls pull up and my cock began to throb hard. I tried to stay still and let the wave go over me. My urge to cum subsided some but not all the way. I felt one strong squirt of cum bathing my s****r’s insides. I felt a second squirt gushing out and then it stopped. I kept fucking her slowly and my cock was just as hard as when we started.
“Did you cum?” she asked.
“Just a little”, I said, “I have a lot more for you”.
“I felt it. It was hot and it spread inside me. I felt your cock throbbing really hard too. I want more, it felt so good, I want more”.

I began kissing the back of her neck and made my way down to her back. I kissed her shoulders and back as I fucked her harder and harder. I spread her legs further with mine as I pulled her tighter against me. She responded by raising her ass for me to be able to fuck her deeper. I raised her to her knees and began to fuck her doggy style. The feel of her ass cheeks against my belly was fantastic. I wanted to fuck her ass but I knew braking too virgin holes in one day would be too much for her. I was fucking her so hard at this point that I pushed her back on her belly and I was laying on top of her fucking her wildly. She began to gasp loudly and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and pull on it. She soon began so tremble under me whimpering loudly. She began to buck wildly under me as I felt a gush of wetness bathe my cock and drip down to my balls. Her pussy was throbbing and squeezing wildly now. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer and I felt my balls rise tightly up. My cock began to throb as though it would explode. I then felt the strongest gush of cum I have ever shot in my life. Thick squirt after thick squirt of hot cum shot out of my cock and I felt it filling my s****r’s pussy. She gave loud moans and strong sighs as I grunted and growled like a wild a****l and filled my s****r with copious amounts of my hot cum. It felt like I was cuming for ever. I didn’t think it would ever stop. My cock continued to throb strongly long after my cum stopped flowing.

I laid on my s****r’s back spent and exhausted for a long time. I didn’t want to pull my cock out of her pussy. I never lost my erection and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was fucking her again. I finally rose off her and she turned around to face me. I lowered myself on top of her again and I kissed her hard on her lips. We let that kiss last for a long time. As we kissed I slid my cock between her pussy lips and found her hole again. I slowly put it inside her again and continued to lie on top of her kissing her gently. I held my s****r’s face in my hands as I kissed her lips and face gently. She was so beautiful. I loved her so much I felt I was falling in love with her. This was more than just b*****rly love. I loved her at a much higher level. I looked down at her naked body and could see her legs wrapped behind mine. My cock and her pussy glistened with our wetness and my cum. I could see how my shaft disappeared between her pussy lips and her clitoris was hard and sticking up. She was breathing heavy still. She ran her hands all over my body enjoying the feel of it.

“Are you going to get off me now?” she asked.
“No, I want to sl**p with you like this for a while”.
“And then?”
“And then I am going to fuck you again”.
“What about tonight? Can we fuck at night when we go to bed now?”
“Yes, as long as we are careful not to get caught. Now that you are not a virgin I don’t have to worry about it hurting you and you making noise. You should be able to take my entire cock without a problem now”.
My s****r looked at me for a moment. I could see some questions coming.
“Are you going to keep seeing other girls?”
“Yes, I guess so. You are my s****r. I can’t go out with you openly. You can see other guys also. You do have a boyfriend don’t you?”
“Yeah, I have a boyfriend at school but I don’t want to fuck with any one else but you”. I wasn’t sure were she was heading with this.
“I don’t want to fuck with any one else either. But I can still date other girls”.
She had a loving gentle expression on her face. “This is a especial love we have between us now, isn’t it?”
“Yes it is. It’s much stronger than a b*****r s****r love but it’s not the same as love between a man and a woman that are not related. We love each other and want to share our selves with each other as b*****r and s****r. I think it is better than just b*****r and s****r love”.
As I laid on her my cock twitched and throbbed. She felt it also because she smiled at me and reached up to pull me closer to her. We kissed and as we kissed the passion began to mount. I kissed her breasts and suckled her nipples. I began to slowly push in and out as I caressed her breasts with my mouth. She trembled under me and tears welled in her eyes. “I love you so much. I will always be your s****r and secret girlfriend and you will always be my b*****r and secret boyfriend. I will always be yours and no one will know. Because we have a special love.”

We continued to make love together for four years. For those years I continued to date other girls and my s****r continued to date boys but neither of us made love with any one else but each other. Then the inevitable happened. We each met another person and fell in love. Without ever speaking about it the love making stopped. We had c***dren and grandc***dren with our spouses and to this day no one knows of our special love. We only talk about it on occasion when we are alone. We have agreed that if we ever find ourselves alone without spouses we will live together as secret lovers again.... Continue»
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