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My best friends husband in the morning....

My best friends husband in the morning....

... the pizza out of the oven and I realized my friends husband was taking full advantage of the gaping opening down the front of my ... the shower, I wrapped my hair and piled it up on gop of my head. Then I grabbed my sedond towel and began the morning ... ... Continue»
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... the bed also. As we lay there it, suddenly hit me what had I done, I violated my best friends trust in ... time. “But he is my best friend” Zeke replied and my Husband she said. I promised ... he melts in your mouth. I called Zeke later that morning and assured ... ... Continue»
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Me and my best friends husband

... you are fucking your best friends husband.
-Joe I told him yes I am your slut please let me be.

My pussy started to be soar ... what we done I felt guilty and said no to the best sex I had in my life up to that point! Anna and I went out ... ... Continue»
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My best friends dad (Flower Power)

... to do it. My husband Dan likes the videos available on ... the man who wrote the story is the father of one of my best friends. Some of the ... in” I stepped through the door and we went into the lounge.

I sat down in the same chair that he chose for me in the ... ... Continue»
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... I pondered if I should tell my
best friends about my mother and father speaking on the
phone, the morning after dad and I had sex, ... JR telling my mother he was sorry about her
husband having been killed in the accident. When he
told my mother that I ... ... Continue»
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a walk in the park pt 1

... My legs are my best feature - they're long and sleek and nicely curved and
my ... My husband and I dabble in ... the house in the morning. "My mother is taking Sarah for the day
so I can work in the ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friends Grandma

... the enterance of her hairy pussy. Too quickly I thrusted forward all eight and a half inches of my uncondomed hard dick into my best friends ... the hell out of her. Norma had openly and deliberately flirted with me in front of Chris and her poor husband ... ... Continue»
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My best friends sister

... the others came in it was two of Emma's best friends they all had a three way hug they grabbed a drink each and went in to the ... in the morning she was still on top of me I rolled her over on to the ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friends Mom

... best friends with Ryan since we were in High School. We always had a lot of fun back then. We were called the 2Ryan's; in ... my best friends Mom.

I didn't go over to Ryan's place again, I knew I would have given my ... ... Continue»
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Used by My High School Bully: Chapter 1

... the entire hour and a
half in quiet reflection about how I hated life.

Biology was different. Nearly all of my best friends were in the ... ... Continue»
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my best friends mom

... my husband and I split up.”, she claimed. I didn’t want to go into any further details about the ... my day. What would happen two days later would alter my course with what I thought sounded like a good idea.
The facts on my best friends ... ... Continue»
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My best friends mum

... had a cock the size of a truncheon, as I gawped at the sight of this lovely, sexy mum, the mother of my best friend, ... the telly, wondering whether to make a move. Gary’s mum in the chair opposite, looking like sex on two legs. How the fuck her husband ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friends Mom

... my friend would always go swimming in the pound on summer days. I would always make my self look good when my friends ... in my ass. As all four of us lade down it was 1 in the morning so we decided to pick it all up in the ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friends Dad 2

... was still not home. Finally at 3 o'clock in the morning he walks in
" What are u doing home?" Robert asked
" Why ... my daughters best friend. Your father and i are best friends. They trusted me with you. I think of u as my daughter," the more he spoke the ... ... Continue»
Posted by princessk 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 2455  |  
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My best friends s****r

... but on the other hand she is my best friends little s****r.

She moved her ass over my crotch some more, and since my dick was hard ... came in ur pussy I'm so stupid.'' But she told me: ''it's okay because I know where David keeps his Plan B morning after ... ... Continue»
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My best friends Mom

... my chance. I hid my phone next to the bed i was sl**ping on which was half a room away from my friend. I set the alarm for 1 in the morning ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friends s****r pt 2

... to be at my house at 4:30 in the morning sharp so we can hit the road, I’ll have the truck packed the night before so just ... up at 3 in the morning. When my alarm went of I turned it of and felt wide awake and sat up in my bed, I stoked my hard cock ... ... Continue»
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Banging My Best Friends Little s****r

... dimples in her smile, and very small boobs. Regardless, everyone of my best friends friends always joked about the ... the bottom of my shirt and ripped it off my head.

I moved back for a second, as I admired my best friends adorable little s****r in ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friends s****r

... the other, I sat up and hunched over my lap after putting my bear feet on to the cold floor. “The things I do for friends”, ... in the morning.” as John retired for the night all you could hear was grasshoppers off in the distance and the crackle and pop of the ... ... Continue»
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Fucking my Best Friends Devious little s****r Part

... was conflicted she was my best friend’s s****r whom I had known for years but this was the sweetest best looking cunt I had ... the bed. I looked at my watch it was 8 o’clock in the morning! I had literally fucked her all night long. She pushed me down on the ... ... Continue»
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