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My best friend and younger b*****r

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My Best Friend And Me -Part Two- (True Story)

My Best Friend And Me -Part Two- (True Story)
(Note: Sorry if there are any mistakes I have dyslexia I have tried my best Thank You)

I stared at the plain white ceiling although you couldn’t really tell with the room being pitch black I heard light snores coming from my best friend Liam who was lying next to me he decided he preferred me on his bed than the camper one I usually sl**p when I'm staying over but tonight was so special between us it doesn’t make sense to me after all these years friendship I would NEVER of guessed that me and Liam would be making out on his bed but here I am lying in the dark after that incredible experience I smiled think back on it.

I soon dozed off in to a peaceful sl**p it was of the kiss again and it felt real the way out tongues massaged together and his hands wrapped tightly around my neck and the way I wrapped my arms securely around his waist at this point I woke up to find out the reason why my dream felt so realistic it was because my best friend was on top of me arms wrapped around me tongue down my throat and also his boner digging in my thigh I pulled away for air as he lay his head on my chest breathing heavy also.

"I'm sorry Joe" he panted "It's just I woke up and you looked so gorgeous that I couldnt help myself" I smiled and kissed the top of his head "It's ok Liam.." I paused but then slowly whisperd out "I liked it anyway" he smiles and looked up at me "Good" he leaned up and kissed my lips softly I couldnt take it anymore so when he was about to pull away I helkd him tightly so he couldnt and rolled on top of him I was alot stronger than him so he had no choice.
I licked his bottom lip slowly begging for entrance and he teased me for a while keeping his guard until finally he parted his lips and let my tounge slip inside his mouth while his tounge instantly thought back with mine.

I was now kissing down Liams shirtless body after a rough intense make out session I decided it was time to lose some clothes,
I kissed down to the waist band of his Pyjama bottoms and then kissed back up stopping at his nipple and taking the right one in my mouth while massaging the other I could tell from the moans that he was enjoying this sensation I bit it lightly with made him yelp in pure pleasure I smirked and sucked it harder and harder til he needed to catch his breathe He soon panted out "Joe Please stop I have sensative nipples please!" I smirked only to suck harder he couldn't take it he started screaming for me to bite them as hard as I could he was like an a****l.

I pulled away soon after as he breathed really heavy wow if his nipp;le are that sensative I wonder what his cock is like the thought made me desperate to find put so I slowly pulled is pyjama bottoms off ad rubbed his slightly hard cock throuhg his boxer shorts he gasped he had his eyes closed so I'm guessing he didnt expect my touch, I moved my hand faster and fast as I felt his cock grow benaeth it then I pulled his boxers down slowly and his now rock hard cock sprung and pointed straight up I gripped it roughly and smirked at his face as I moved my hand slwoly teasing him he was breathing heavy but glared at me "Just suck me allready..." I shook my head letting him ow that I enjoyed teasing him he groaned and gripped the sheets as my hand moved faster.

He was panting as I was jacking him off as hard as I could he panted out he was allmost ready to release but I wanted to taste it so I took him in my mouth and slowly moved my head up and down I didnt want to go to fast I wanted to keep it slow for a while but a bit of pre-cum was on the head of his cock and when the taste hit my taste buds I wanted his cum so I sucked him fatser and faster and by this time his hands where on my head his fingers tangled in my hair and he was moving me up and down he was screaming with our pleasure and then he started gasping and screaming my name I knew he was ready to shoot and thats exactly what he did but it was alot so I couldnt take it all some went down my chin some I wsallwed and some dripped down on his balls I sat up and licked my lips and whiped my mouth he tasted so sweet and he looked up a me panting it was now time to return the favor.

I lay down next to him as he rolled ontop of me and kissed me roughly tasting his own cum off my lips he moaned my name through the kiss and it made my cock harden a little more he sounds so sexy he then pulled away and pulled my pants down along with my boxers and just like his did my cock sprang up he smiled when he seen it I was about an inch bigger than him there wasnt that much differance he smiled wider and grabbed it squeezing it a little I groaned loudly fuck that felt nice he moved his hands fast I guess he just wanted it quick and with out a warning he tooke me in his mouth I screamned a little when he did this one it shocked me and two it felt fukking amazing he moved his head up and down on my throbbing cock I kept moaning and groaing god this boy knew what he was doing he moaned and sent a vibration through my cock I couldnt take it I'd never felt pleasure like this before I grapped his hair and made him deepthraot me until I came in his mouth he mouthed and I released it and the same thing happend with to himn as with me there was to much cum so he couldnt take it all in but he took most of it and the rest just went everywhere.

He kissed up my body then to my lips kissing me allowing me to get a taste of myself and I tasted pretty good but I liked the taste of his better I rolled us over so I was ontop but not breaking the kiss he pulled away and looked up at me "Please fuck me Joseph" I smiled and nodded but before I enterd him I made him get on all fours and I grabbed his ass opeoning his cheeks I wanted to make him wet so I didnt hurt him I leaned down and licked his entrance lightly he moaned loudly I started licking faster and faster and then I pused my tounge slightly inside he started jacking off so I'm guessing he was enjoying this I pulled away and he turned around again I positiond my self between his legs and pushed the head of my cock in to is timy entrance.

He moaned slightly as I pushed it in I looked at him worried "I'm not hurting you am I?" he shook his head and smiled up at me "no your not just start moving" I nodded my head and slipped into him slightly deeper his hole tightend around my cock adjusting to my size he had his eyes closed shut tightly I felt bad but I thought if I moved a little more he may get used to me so I started thrusting in and out of im slowly until getting deeper and deeper and a few minutes later his moans filled the room he was starting to enjoy it I slipped in him slightly deeper and he moaned loudly and lustfully I was panting moving faster inside him god he felt good the way his entrance hugged my cock perfectly and my cock was growing inside him he was moaning really loud and gripping the bed sheet I wrapped my hand around his cock and started Jacking him off as his moans turned to screams.

20 minutes later I felt my self about to cum we were now in doggy style and I had more entrance inside him he was screaming my name as loud as he could asking me to fuck him harder I was also shouting his name I felt my self close to releasing so I moved fatser I leaned over and started wanking him he arched his back so I knew he was close to and soon after I felt his warm juices shoot on my hand and not long after I released inside of him he screamed my full name as I did this and I pulled out of him he collapsed on the bed and I lay next to him breathing heavily his head was in his pillow but I could hear him mumbling Fuck that was good I smiled and leaned over and kissed his back he turned around and smiled at me "I've wanted to do that wit you for ages" I smiled back and stroked the side of his cheek "Well know we have" I leaned down and kissed his lips pationatly we were smiling through the kiss and then I pulled away and lay down pulling him towards me and on my chest and I pulled his coves over us and soon he was asl**p on my chest I just lay there smiling at how beautiful he was until I finally fell asl**p aswell with my best friend in my arms...

I hope you liked the story and if you are wondering if we started a relationship yes we did but unfortunatly it ended last year but we are both still best friends and after the break up we still had a cheeky fuck now and then haha so please comment and what u thing and again sorry if there are ANY mistakes :)... Continue»
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My Best Friend and Me - Part 1

The following story is mostly real. Some small parts like names and wording have been modified to make for a better story.

I grew up in a town of 100 or so people, just outside of a town with a few thousand people. At the age of 16, I had a lot: a hot girlfriend, a nice house, a nice car, and an awesome best friend. My f****y had plenty of money as my dad was the prosecuting attorney for the county and my mom was a teacher, but my friend Josh grew up in an average household. I was always kind of jealous of him because his f****y was so close, and mine wasn’t.

Speaking of Josh, he and I grew up together. We played soccer together as k**s, but I got away from the sports scene and focused more on school. I loved learning, as nerdy as it sounds, and so didn’t Josh, but Josh was also really good at most sports. His favorite was basketball, which he put most of his effort into. It paid off, too. Josh was super muscular. He was 6ft3, with blonde, shaggy hair. He had blue eyes and a perfect smile, which pretty much made him the most wanted guy in school by most of the girls. Heck, some of the guys even wanted him. I wasn’t any slouch either. By 16, I was 6ft1 and 180 lbs, with some muscle myself. But I was nowhere near as fit as Josh.

I never thought of Josh sexually growing up. I was straight, I had dated girls, even fucked a couple of them too. My girlfriend at the time, Sarah, was sexy as fuck and we used to fool around all the time. So I was pretty surprised when Josh and I first messed around.

It all started on a Saturday night right before sophomore year was about to end. Josh and I had been invited to a party by some guy on the hockey team, and it was supposed to be the best fucking party of the year. I was going with Sarah and Josh was going with some girl named Katie, so we decided to meet there. The party was awesome. Sarah doesn’t drink, so Josh and I got shitfaced and completely owned the night. Sarah drove us backed to my house at the end of the night. Josh was trying to put the moves on Katie the whole way home, but had little luck except for some kissing action. Josh decided to spend the night at my house, and stumbled into my home as I said good night to Sarah. I tried coaxing her back in so I could get laid, but she wasn’t interested.

“Josh is in there,” she said, “Besides, I have to work tomorrow.”

I didn’t push it any further, and stumbled inside myself.

I found Josh in the den of my house watching ESPN. He was in his underwear and I noticed his bulge as he sprawled across my couch. He saw me walk in and looked up from the TV.

“No tail tonight?” he asked.

“Fuck no. Ever since prom she hasn’t spread her legs an inch. I’m gonna fucking die someday.”

“No k**ding, b*o. I haven’t been laid in months. I thought I could at least get some head out of that girl Katie tonight. No dice, though.”

I walked into my bathroom and changed into some gym shorts and threw my other clothes into the hamper, including the shirt I was wearing. My parents were gone for some conference my dad had to go to or some shit, so Josh and I had the house to ourselves. I asked him if he wanted some more beer to drink and he said yes, so I headed to the kitchen to grab some. My parents must not know that I steal from their stash because they’ve never said anything to me.

I walked back in the den with some Bud Lights and found Josh had switched to some HBO Skinimax shit. There were two girls going at it scissoring and making out and the sight turned me the fuck on.

“Shit, man. I can’t leave you gone for two seconds without you watching porn,” I joked.

“I can’t help it, dude. I’m so fucking horny and rock-fucking hard.” He tugged on his dick through his underwear and I could definitely tell he was horny.

“Yeah, man. I can see that,” I said, “Now stop before you blow a load on the new couch.”

He continued to rub himself, but less aggressively. We continued watching the two girls going at it and then Josh looked over at me.

“Hey, dude. Wanna jack off together? Like not tough each other or anything, just beat our meat while watching this. I gotta fucking blow a load, man.”

“Why not,” I said, and I went to get a blanket to lay across the couch and restocked our beers on the way. When I got back, I set the blanket up and Josh and I began to strip. Josh wasted no time and getting naked. His dick was way bigger than I expected. When he whipped his dick from his underwear, it flapped back up to his torso and made a ‘flop’ sound against his six pack. He sat down on the couch and went to town.

I took a big gulp of the beer and did the same. My dick wasn’t as big as Josh’s. Mine was a little over 7 compared to his 10.5 inch. And no joke, his dick was that big. We were both about the same girth, but Josh’s looked massive next to mine. Mine looked like a toothpick and his looked like a motherfucking beercan.

“Woah, dude. You’re fucking huge,” I remarked.

“Yeah, man. Girls say it’s too big though. Barely any girls wanna suck it.”

I sat down by my best friend and began jacking off, too. We used our spit as lubed and watched the two girls as they were joined by a white dude with a dick smaller than mine. The guy fucked them silly as Josh and I watched jealous.

Everything was cool and I was getting pretty close to busting my nut when all of a sudden, Josh reaches over and grabs my cock. Full on squeeze.

“Woah, dude,” I say, “What are you doing?”

“Look, man. You need to get off, I need to get off. Why not help each other? Better than using our fucking hands.”

He had a point, and I was too shitfaced to stop him. He started jacking me slowly, and I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. He massaged my dick better than any girl had done and I was mesmerized as my body started to match his strokes. Pretty soon, I was fucking his hand, and not long after I was shooting my load.

“Fuck, dude. Keep going. Ohhhh yeah, massage my fucking dick. Oh, fuck.” I moaned. It was the best orgasm I had ever had and I didn’t want it to end. After it subsided, I wiped the thick cum off of my dick and sat back down.

“My turn,” he said as he gave me a huge shit-grin. He slapped his dick against his hand to show me just how hard he was.

‘Yeah, yeah.” I answered. I spit in my hand and guided it over to Josh’s cock. I slid my hand down to the base and Josh let out a light moan.

“Oh, yeah, dude. This is gonna be great!” he exclaimed as I picked up the pace on his dick.

His cock looked awesome getting massaged by my hand. It was all slobbery and wet and he had a huge vein popping out the side. It reminded me of getting head from Sarah and all the other girls before her. How my dick looked so fucking good going in and out of their beautiful mouths. That’s when an idea popped into my mind.

I looked up at Josh and could tell from the facial expressions he was giving that he was close to shooting. He had his eyes closed and was squinting and moaning stuff like, “Fuck yeah” and “Shit, this is awesome.” It must have been the alcohol because the next thing I did surprised us both.
I leaned over and removed my hand from Josh’s 10.5 inch dick and slid my mouth over the head and moved it slowly.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Josh screamed as his eyes opened and looked down at me with a look of sheer happiness on his face. “Dude, I’m fucking cumming. I’m gonna fucking cum in your mouth!” he moaned. Next thing I knew, a warm fluid shot into my mouth. It tasted pretty awful, but not terrible. I managed to swallow most of the cum while some dribbled out of my mouth and onto my cheeks. I swallowed the cum gaggingly and looked up at the exasperated face of my best friend.

He looked down at me and gave me that shit-eating grin again.
“I knew you were a fucking cocksucker.”

He hopped off of the couch, grabbed his underwear, and headed to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and wiped the cum dripping down my chin off and put my clothes back on. Next thing I knew, I was passed out on the couch.

*****Leave feedback!!!! Email to***** Part 2 to come in a couple of days.
... Continue»
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My Best Friend, Amelia

Amelia and I had been best friends since we were very young. Her f****y moved in across the street from ours when we were about three years old. My mom called up her mom one day to set up a play date, and we have been inseparable ever since. Neither of us ever thought that it was strange that our best friend was a member of the opposite sex. During sl**povers, our parents would tuck us in together on a fold-out sofa and read us bedtime stories. At the beach, our parents would throw us in the bathtub together after being out in the sand to make us quicker to wash up. That's just how things were.

Even when we started middle school and everything started to become about discovering our sexuality for all our peers, it never was between us. Amelia joined the band and played clarinet, I joined the baseball team and played first base. Guy, girl. Band, baseball. Our differences never phased us and we were always the best of friends.

I always thought that Amelia was pretty, but I never thought of her in a sexual way. She was cute in middle school. Her brown hair was straight and long, reaching halfway down her back. Her eyes were big and green, always twinkling. Her nose was small and round, and didn't call attention to itself. And her body was skinny and angular, making me think that when God designed her he must have only had a ruler handy to help him draw. She had a couple boyfriends over the years, and always talked to me about her crushes. It never bothered me. I did the same with her when I was interested in a girl.

High school came around and nothing changed between us. Still best friends. But around the middle of freshman year, I started to notice a change in Amelia. She started to grow up. She cut her long hair, which made her look young, in favor of a shorter haircut that fell around her shoulders. She could wear it up or down with equal ease. Her body started to fill out as well, her legs becoming longer, her hips widening, and her chest developing. I noticed these things, but didn't really let it change the way I felt about her. Sure, I admitted to myself that my best friend was totally hot, but I had never thought of her as anything other than my best friend, and that's the way it would stay. I was protective of her, and always a little wary when a boy would ask her out, but that was only because I wanted to make sure that nobody hurt her.

Thankfully the first guy that she really had a serious relationship with was alright in my book. His name was Justin. He was on the football team, was a good student, and most importantly, was a decent guy and treated Amelia right. They started dating towards the end of freshman year. I was never so sure how Justin felt about me. Maybe he thought it was strange that Amelia's best friend was a guy. He and I were never super close friends, but he seemed to tolerate me fine and didn't seem jealous of how close I was with Amelia.

Around the beginning of sophomore year, I started dating a girl named Megan. Megan was a cheerleader, was very pretty, and also really smart. We had Spanish class together that year, which is how we met. I really enjoyed spending time with her, and she was a lot of fun, but I sensed that Megan wasn't completely understanding of my friendship with Amelia. Don't get me wrong, Megan never said or did anything wrong towards Amelia, but when you are dating someone, it's hard not to notice things like when they seem not to care for your best friend.

Things went along like that for about a year. Amelia dating Justin. Me dating Megan. And Amelia and me still best friends through it all. Everything seemed like it was going pretty well until one day in the middle of junior year...

“I just can't believe you wouldn't stand up for me!” Megan yelled at me one day after school.

“Megan, you're being a little ridiculous. You really didn't need to bring your huge gym bag to chemistry,” I replied, equally upset by this point. “Plus, it was totally a mistake. She didn't mean to trip!”

Megan and I were in chem together that year, and for some reason Megan insisted on bringing her very large gym bag to class with her on game days. Maybe it was so that everyone at school would recognize her as a cheerleader. She seemed to view it as a huge status symbol for some reason. Today in chem class, another girl had tripped on Megan's bag since it was too big to fit under her desk and wound up spilling a beaker full of some noxious liquid all over the bag. Even though the chemical did no harm other than smelling bad, Megan had completely lost it and had started yelling at the girl for being so clumsy as to spill all over her special cheerleader bag.

Thankfully our teacher, Mr. McHenry, had stepped in swiftly and had come down hard on Megan. He told Megan that it was obviously an accident and that she needed to calm down or else he would send her up to the office to have the assistant principal deal with it. Throughout the whole thing, I just sat quietly at my desk, not wanting to get involved. To be honest, I was actually a little embarrassed that my girlfriend was making such a huge scene in the middle of class. As many nice qualities as Megan had, she was a little volatile and prone to outbursts if she didn't get her way. I had started noticing it a few months into our relationship, and had found ways to work around it, but my patience was really starting to wear thin on the issue after a little more than a year of being with Megan.

“How are you still not on my side, Clark?” Megan yelled at me as we walked out of school at the end of the day and towards the student parking lot. “I'm your GIRLFRIEND. You're supposed to be on MY side when stuff like this happens!”

“Look, Megan, there was no way I could get involved,” I tried to placate her. “McHenry would have totally chewed me out if I had spoken up in the middle of someone else's business, and plus by the time the class was over your bag was mostly dry and it hardly smelled...”

“Clark, shut up! It's not important what actually happened. The important thing is that some girl spilled some shit that smelled really bad all over my bag and then just acted like it was no big deal,” Megan continued to lecture me in an elevated voice as we approached my car in the parking lot. “It doesn't matter if it dried and didn't smell bad anymore. When bad stuff happens, you are supposed to be on my side, get it?!”

I sighed, visibly annoyed with the entire situation. “I understand what you're saying, but I really think you're overreacting in this particular situation,” I tried to explain as reasonably as I could.

“Oh my God. You just don't get it, do you?” Megan screamed, dropping her gym bag on the asphalt behind my car. “You know what? I don't care that your parents are out of town and you wanted to go to your house and fuck for a couple hours before the football game. You're being an asshole and I'm not dealing with you. Go home and jack off for all I care. And don't bother coming to the game tonight. If I look up and see you in the stands, I'm going to be so pissed at you.” Megan struggled for something else to yell at me, but seemed to be lost for words. She grabbed her bag from the ground and marched off in the opposite direction, leaving me standing in the parking lot, holding my keys, and watching her as she stalked away in a huff.

When she rounded a corner and it became apparent that she wasn't coming back, I unlocked the car and slammed the door behind me as I got in. Megan and I had fought before, but never over something as trivial as this. I couldn't imagine why she was getting so worked up over nothing. But still, we had fought before and gotten over it, so I was sure that if I just gave her twenty four hours to cool down, we would be fine the next day.

Still pissed off about the whole situation, I cranked the car, jammed it into gear, and tore out of the parking lot at a speed that probably wasn't safe. But I didn't care. I just wanted to get some of my anger out in any way I could at the moment.

Thank goodness she told me not to show up to the football game. I usually went to all the home games and sat in the stands. It was nice to support the team, and I knew it meant a lot to Megan to have her boyfriend there to see her cheer. But tonight, I knew that being there at the game would probably just make me angry. Sometimes when Megan was mad at me she would flirt with other guys in front of me just because she knew it would get a rise out of me. I hated to imagine what sorts of flirting would happen between she and the football players at the game tonight if I showed up in the stands. I didn't think that Megan would actually ever cheat on me, but still, she was a very attractive girl, and she had figured out how to use her good looks as a weapon to make me jealous when we were in a fight.

Thankfully I wouldn't have to deal with it tonight. The moment I pulled up at my house, I put the whole thing out of my mind and hopped in the shower to wash away the stress of the day. After my shower, I sat down on the sofa and zoned out while surfing channels on the TV.

I had completely lost track of time when all of a sudden I felt my cell phone vibrating in my pocket. I looked at the caller ID. It was Amelia. “Hey Mel, what's up?” I called out to my best friend in a cheery voice as I put the phone to my ear.

“Clark,” Amelia sobbed into the phone. “I need to see you. Can I...can I come over?” Amelia sounded completely distraught, and I was immediately worried.

“Amelia, are you ok?” I asked, concern showing in my voice. “Of course you can come over, but tell me what's wrong.”

“I can't...not on the phone,” Amelia cried. “I'm coming over. See you in a few.” And with that, she clicked off.

I paced the living room anxiously. I couldn't imagine what might be the matter, but it definitely sounded serious. I was very worried and couldn't wait for Amelia to get there so I could find out what the heck was going on.

The ten minutes it took her to get to my house seemed to drag by. I thought about calling her back and asking where she was, but I figured in case she was driving that it would be unsafe, especially with how upset she seemed to be at the moment.

Finally I heard the slam of a car door out in the driveway and I opened the front door to meet her. Amelia ran into my arms and grabbed me as if her life depended on it. I held her close and felt her sobbing uncontrollably into my shoulder. I gently stroked her back and whispered into her ear that whatever was the matter, it would all be ok.

We managed to make our way inside and shut the front door. We walked into the living room together and I sat Amelia down on the sofa and went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water. I came back with the water to find her a little calmer. She was still crying, but her deep sobs had transitioned into meek sniffles and it seemed like she was about ready to tell me what was going on.

“Oh my God, Clark,” Amelia heaved as she gratefully accepted the glass of water I offered her. “I have no idea how to say this. It's the worst thing that could have happened,” she said, struggling to control her voice.

“Mel, it's ok. Don't worry, just let me know what's going on with you,” I said, trying to provide as much support as I could to my best friend.

Amelia choked down some of the water and then continued, “it's not just me. This is about you too...”

Her ominous and confusing inclusion of me into the situation didn't make sense. I struggled to understand how anything could possibly involve me as well, until Amelia finally found her voice and continued. “I walked in on Justin and Megan having sex in the weight room in the gym a few minutes ago,” she managed to choke out before relapsing into a fit of uncontrollable sobbing.

As soon as the words left her lips my mind started to race. Justin and Megan? Her boyfriend? My girlfriend? Having sex with each other? There was no way! I couldn't believe it. Justin was crazy about Amelia. I thought he would never, ever hurt her. And what about Megan? The thought of my girlfriend cheating on me was more than I could bear. I stood up from the sofa and threw the TV remote across the room where it cracked against a wall.

“What the hell?!” I screamed. “Are you sure?” I knew that there was probably no way that Amelia was mistaken about what she had seen, but I was so shocked that my mind was racing trying to find any conceivable way in which what Amelia had just told me could be a mistake. “Are you absolutely positive?” I reiterated as I paced back and forth in front of the TV.

Amelia calmed down enough to talk again. “Clark, I know you're angry, but try to calm down. Yes, I'm absolutely sure. I was going to the gym to surprise Justin before the football game tonight. He usually hangs out at the gym before the games and exercises a little bit before the team gets on the bus, and I just wanted to see him before the game. I didn't see him in the main part, so I checked in the weight room. The door was locked, but I guess it's broken because when I jiggled it, it opened, and then when I walked into the room I saw...I saw them...on the know...”

She trailed off, and was overcome with another wave of sobs. Her tears were starting to give out by now, and her body heaved up and down, but no tears came out. I was angry. I was hurt. I couldn't believe that Megan would do something like this to me. Even more, I couldn't believe that Justin would do something like this to Amelia. But right now, the only thing that mattered was that my best friend was hurting, and I wanted to help in any way I could.

I sat back down on the sofa next to Amelia and put my arm around her shoulders. She leaned back and curled her body in close to mine. I felt her shoulders shake up and down as she continued to cry, and I gently stroked her arm, trying to comfort her in whatever way I could. I didn't dare say anything, because I knew that whatever I said in that moment would be so contorted by my anger that it would only serve to make things worse.

Amelia and I sat on the sofa for an hour, just being close to each other and letting ourselves slowly get over the anger and hurt that we were both feeling. After a long while, I finally felt Amelia's breathing come back to normal and her body relax a little bit.

“You know, Megan and I had a big fight today,” I finally said, when I felt like my emotions were in check enough to speak again. “Maybe she was trying to get back at me,” I wondered out loud as I let out a deep sigh, trying to release the bad feelings within me.

Amelia sniffled one more time and then answered, “Megan has never liked me. I've known it ever since you guys started getting serious. I wonder if she was trying to hurt me too?”

“I don't know,” I said softly, “but this whole situation is completely shitty.” I turned my head and looked at the clock on the wall of the living room. It was seven o'clock. The game was starting now. I tried to block the image of Megan in her short cheer skirt out of my head. Thinking about her only hurt me. I couldn't believe what she had done.

“Clark,” Amelia said softly, “I don't want to be alone tonight...I'm so upset.”

“You can stay here tonight, Mel,” I said, gently squeezing her arm. “My parents are gone for the weekend, so you can stay in the guest room. But first maybe we should try to eat something,” I continued, knowing that after such an intense emotional afternoon the two of us were probably weak from hunger even though we might not feel like eating.

I took her hand and pulled her up off the sofa. “Come on, let's go see what we can make for dinner,” I said as we walked into the kitchen.

Amelia and I started rooting around in the fridge and various cabinets, trying to see if we could find something easy to make for dinner. As I looked at Amelia bent over in the pantry, examining something on the bottom shelf, I was overcome with a strange wave of sexual energy. Amelia was wearing a pair of short denim shorts, and her ass was sticking straight out into the air as she bent over the shelves. I had never really stopped to admire just what an amazing ass Amelia actually had, yet as soon as the thought entered into my head, I immediately tried to dismiss it. Dude, stop...she's your best friend, I thought to myself. You're just horny because you're angry. Seriously, don't ogle your best friend, I reminded myself as I cleared my throat.

“So...anything in there we can make?” I said, hoping that my voice sounded normal and not awkward at all. I still couldn't believe that I had caught myself checking out my best friend's ass.

“Well, there's this boxed macaroni and cheese,” Amelia said, grabbing something off the bottom shelf and turning around to face me.

As Amelia turned around, my eyes darted down to her body. She was wearing a black tank top that clung tightly to her torso. Amelia had a nice toned stomach, and a very nice chest. Her breasts had developed well in the past couple years, and the top didn't do much to hide her amazing curves. The tank top displayed a tasteful amount of cleavage. Not too much, but definitely enough to give the viewer a good idea of what was underneath. Amelia's breasts were a very nice size. They looked about the size of small cantaloupes. Maybe a large C cup or small D, I estimated, but wasn't sure. I felt a surge of adrenaline as I admired Amelia's body, and then immediately another admonition from my conscience as I realized that this was my best friend I was salivating over, and that I needed to put these kinds of thoughts out of my head right away! I was sure that the only reason I was feeling these really strange things was because of the huge emotional stress I was under at the moment.

“Um...sure, let's do that,” I said, finally realizing that she was holding a box of macaroni out to me. I reached out and took the box from her, awkwardly avoiding eye contact with her as I turned around and found a pot for the noodles.

Amelia helped with the cooking, and in the close quarters of the kitchen, we bumped into each other a couple times, laughing it off as best we could. Finally the meal was almost done. I reached for a large spoon to stir the cheese in with the noodles, and Amelia reached at the same time. Our hands landed on top of one another as we both reached for the utensil, and I looked up and saw Amelia blush as she withdrew her hand with a soft, “sorry” from her lips.

We served ourself some food and went back to sit on the sofa as we ate. Both Amelia and I were completely exhausted from the emotional evening we had been dealt, so conversation was sparse. We sat close to one another, our legs touching, and we ate in silence. I could tell Amelia was still brooding about the events of the afternoon. I hated to imagine how shocking it must have been for her to walk in and witness Megan and Justin in the middle of their act. I was upset enough just hearing about it. I could only imagine what Amelia felt.

I looked over at her as she slowly f***ed herself to eat. Her eyes stared off into the distance and her chest rose and fell heavily, her breathing labored. My eyes traveled lower, and admired the broad curves of her breasts rising and falling with each breath. Her cleavage was amazingly defined with deep shadows in the dim light of the living room as the sun started to sink behind the trees in the backyard. I felt a current of excitement run across my body, but again, admonished myself for staring at Amelia's chest. This is how friendships get ruined, I reminded myself, hoping to quell any sort of wayward thoughts from this point on. Just get through tonight. Deal with the hurt, and things will be more normal in the morning.

Finally finished eating, Amelia leaned forward and placed her plate gently on the coffee table. She stretched her arms up above her head and let out a deep yawn. I was treated to an amazing view of her breasts as her back arched, and she pushed her chest out into the room. She lowered her arms, snaked one around one of my arms, and curled her legs up onto the sofa as she leaned her head against my shoulder.

As I turned my head to look down at her, I was treated to an amazing view right down the front of Amelia's top. I tried to look away, but found myself absolutely mesmerized. “Sorry to have to bring the bad news with me today,” Amelia said softly. “I've been so upset about the whole thing, I haven't even stopped to ask how you're doing with it all,” she continued, gently turning her head to look up at me.

I managed to avert my gaze from Amelia's breasts and stared at the wall above the blank television screen instead. I let out a deep sigh. “I'm not gonna lie. I'm very upset,” I intoned in a flat and exhausted voice. “I was expecting you to come over and tell me almost anything else except what you actually did.”

“I'm really sorry it happened,” Amelia whispered as she lowered her head and let her lips come in contact with the skin of my arm. I thought that she gave my arm a soft kiss as her lips brushed by, but it could have just been my overactive imagination. “Well, should we at least try to get some sl**p?” Amelia asked me as she slowly extricated herself from around my arm and stood next to the sofa.

“Sure...might as well,” I sighed as I heaved myself up. I put my arm around her shoulders as we walked through the dark living room into the hallway. I clicked on the light switch in the hall and we both recoiled under the suddenly bright light cast by a bulb high up on the wall.

We passed by the guest bedroom on the right and Amelia stopped, her hand on the knob. “I didn't bring anything to sl**p you think I could borrow a nightie from your mom or something? We're about the same size,” she said as she turned the knob and stood halfway in the doorway to the bedroom.

“Sure, I'll go find something for you,” I said and continued down the hallway to my parents' bedroom. I searched through my mom's dresser and found a simple, white cotton nightgown. The fabric was light and wispy in my hands, and I rubbed the smooth material through my fingers as I walked back down the hall towards Amelia.

I handed her the gown and Amelia threw it over her shoulder and into the bedroom. “Thanks,” she said. “I'm really glad I'm not going home tonight. I'm not sure I'd be able to deal with this by myself...”

Her thought trailed off as she absentmindedly took my hand. Our eyes locked, and for a moment I could swear that I saw a deep desire reflected in her big, green eyes. We continued to stand there, just holding hands and staring at each other for what felt like minutes, but was probably only a few seconds. Finally breaking out of the trance, Amelia quickly leaned forward, pecked me on the cheek, and whispered, “goodnight, Clark.”

Amelia shut herself into the guest room and I turned around to walk back to my room. My mind was racing. What was that look that we had shared with each other? Why was I all of a sudden responding so sexually to my best friend? Was she feeling the same way? What the hell is going on with this crazy day?

I shut the door to my room behind me and stripped off my pants and shirt. Wearing only my boxers, I crawled under the covers in my bed and reached over to the bedside table and clicked off the lamp. I was swallowed by the darkness of my room.

Minutes later, I was still very confused, a little horny, and completely unable to sl**p. I glanced over at the clock: 10:39. I had been lying here for more than a half hour and felt no closer to falling asl**p, no closer to figuring out what these insane feelings I was having for Amelia were, and no closer to being able to let go of my anger at all the events of the day.

My mind was jumping from question to question for the thousandth time that night when all of a sudden I heard a noise in the hallway and froze. I held my breath and listened intently. The soft fall of footsteps on the carpet in the hallway was coming closer. I heard them stop in front of my bedroom door, and then the gentle sound of the handle turning and the door swinging open.

The house was pitch black, but my eyes had adjusted enough to see the curvy silhouette that could only be Amelia enter my bedroom. The thin fabric of the white nightgown clung to her figure, and despite the darkness I could see that perhaps Amelia and my mom weren't the same size after all. The gown looked very short on Amelia, coming up well above her knees. It also looked incredibly tight on her, especially around the bust. The white material hugged Amelia's body like a second skin, outlining every delicious curve in perfect relief. As I stared, I realized that she must not be wearing a bra, since I could see the perfect impression of Amelia's nipples poking out against the fabric.

“Clark?” Amelia called out softly into the room as she entered. “I can't sl**p...”

I continued to gaze at Amelia's amazing body clad in the incredibly small nightgown as she walked further into my room. “Me either,” I confessed, hoping the whole time that she couldn't see my eyes pouring over her body from top to bottom.

“I just feel horrible, and nothing makes sense right now,” she continued breathlessly as she approached my bedside. “Is it ok if I cuddle with you? I think I would sl**p better if I weren't alone,” she continued, placing a hand on the covers of the bed near my arm.

“Sure, of course you can,” I said as I scooted over as much as I could in my twin sized bed and threw the covers back for her.

“Thanks, Clark,” Amelia whispered as she crawled into bed beside me. “I know we haven't done this since we were like five,” she laughed awkwardly as she pulled the covers up to her chin.

“Yeah...” I trailed off awkwardly as I felt our arms pressed against each other under the covers. The bed was a little small for two, and I could feel myself perilously close to falling off the other side.

“Can you scoot over any more?” Amelia asked.

“No, I'm about to fall off already,” I replied. “Sorry it's not really made for two.”

“That's ok,” Amelia replied and reached over to take my hand. “We'll just have to cuddle closer then,” she said in a tone that I couldn't quite distinguish between playful or matter-of-fact. With that, she rolled onto her side, and pulled my arm across to wrap around her. I found myself spooning up against Amelia's back, my hand resting near her stomach, clasped inside hers.

Seeing Amelia walk into my room in the middle of the night wearing an incredibly tiny nightgown had done nothing to help my horniness subside, and now that we were spooning in my bed that was way too small for us I felt my dick start to swell inside my boxers. I desperately wanted to avoid Amelia feeling me get hard because the last thing I needed was to poke my best friend in the back with my dick and totally creep her out. I tried to pull my hips back a little bit to separate my groin from her butt, and succeeded in giving myself a little space so she couldn't feel my arousal.

“'re amazing,” Amelia whispered as she stroked my hand with her thumb.

What in the hell is going on? I yelled at myself inside my own head. How in the world did you find yourself in this situation? This is so messed up. If anything goes wrong, your friendship could be over, I continued to berate myself inwardly. Just be cool.

I felt the thin fabric of Amelia's nightgown under my fingers. The material was stretched tight against the firm skin of her stomach, and I felt her body move gently under my fingertips as she breathed in and out. It might have been my imagination, but I could swear that her breathing sounded a little faster than it normally would if someone were trying to sl**p. What was Amelia feeling right now? Was she as confused as I was? Was she as horny as I was? Was she having strange feelings just like I was?

Involuntarily, I started to run my fingers gently back and forth over the fabric covering Amelia's stomach. The cotton was smooth to my touch. I felt her breathing intensify ever so slightly as I slowly stroked her. Was it possible that she was enjoying this?

A small sigh escaped Amelia's lips. It sounded content; I became more bold.

I slowly started to widen the diameter that my fingers traveled over Amelia's stomach. I circled her belly button, straying a little lower and a little higher each time. Her breathing continued at the same slightly elevated pace, and I felt a thrill as she stretched her legs, letting her feet intertwine with mine under the covers.

After a couple minutes, my fingers strayed low enough that I felt the top edge of Amelia's panties through the thin fabric of the nightie. I traced the line of her panties through the thin fabric and then moved my hand back up until I felt the material start to tighten as I approached the bottom of her ample chest. I didn't dare to push past these two boundaries. I was so conflicted about what was going on already. I was becoming hornier by the minute, squeezed into this tiny bed with an amazingly attractive girl...oh, and she just happened to be my best friend. This was so confusing!

All of a sudden, despite the incessant chatter in my own head, I froze; Amelia's body had shifted, and she gently rocked her hips backwards, letting her round butt come in contact with my now very erect penis. I felt my cock nestle into the cleft between her buttocks despite the layers of fabric separating us. Amelia's breathing caught in her chest and the ensuing silence threatened to split the room in half.

Oh my God, I thought to myself. This is the end. She just felt how horny you are and she's going to freak out. How the hell am I going to explain myself??

Amelia let go of my hand and shifted in the bed. She turned her body over so she was facing me. Our faces were only inches apart, and we stared at each other through the darkness. My heart was pounding. I thought for sure that Amelia could hear it about to explode out of my chest. She was going to yell, I just knew it.

I closed my eyes, expecting any second to feel her body pull away and for her to storm out of the room, hurt and angry that I would take advantage of her while she was still so upset.

The seconds ticked by, and yet I didn't feel her pull away. I opened my eyes, afraid of the expression of disgust that might be on her face. But Amelia stared back at me, her eyes shining in the darkness. “Oh, Clark...” Amelia whispered, almost inaudibly as she leaned forward and gently kissed me on the lips.

The shock spread through me as the soft meeting of our lips excited every nerve in my body. I didn't realize how tense I had become, waiting for Amelia to storm out of my room, until the stress evaporated and I leaned in to kiss her back.

I reached forward and pulled Amelia's body into mine, wrapping my arm around her back. I spread my lips ever so slightly and started to explore Amelia's mouth with my tongue. The fervor of our kissing intensified as she responded. Her hands snaked forward and found my hair, gently tousling it as we rolled over, Amelia straddling me in the bed.

I felt the fabric of the nightgown ride up as Amelia spread her legs on either side of me. Her hands grabbed large fist fulls of my hair as I encircled her body with my arms and pulled her down into my body. My hands raced across Amelia's back, straying lower until I felt the nightgown end, the garment bunched up somewhere around her hips.

Feeling bold, I let my hands slide lower, and felt the sheer fabric of Amelia's panties under my fingers. I gently started to squeeze and massage her firm, round ass through her panties, and was rewarded with a soft moan that escaped from her lips in between kisses.

My cock was rock hard by this point, and was straining against the confines of my boxers. Amelia started to gently rock her hips back and forth as she straddled me, pressing her groin into mine. The friction felt incredible, and soon a wet spot started to form in my boxers as precum leaked from my tip.

Amelia's chest was pressed against mine. I felt her breasts, large and firm, straining against the tight fabric of her nightgown. I gripped the hem of the nightie in my hand and fingered the smooth material, feeling how thin and insubstantial it really was. After a few more encouraging moans from Amelia, I started to slowly tug the gown higher, completely uncovering her panties. I ran my hands up the sides of Amelia's waist, pushing the nightgown higher and higher. The gown peeled off in one smooth motion until I reached her breasts.

The gown was incredibly tight around Amelia's chest. I had to tug a little harder to finally succeed in pulling the nightie all the way over her breasts. As soon as it was off, I tossed the light cloth somewhere off to the side, not caring where it landed.

Now wearing nothing but her panties, Amelia crushed her chest into mine once more. The feeling of bare skin on skin was incredible. Amelia's breasts were amazingly firm, especially given how large they were. The feeling of her perfect, round breasts sliding across my bare chest was unlike anything I had felt before.

Amelia continued to rock her hips back and forth, and I could feel the pace intensify as we both became more and more aroused. Finally unable to stand it anymore, I pushed Amelia up and extracted myself from underneath her. I flipped her over and pushed her down onto the bed.

As I knelt over her, I was finally able to gaze unabashedly at Amelia's amazing body, spread before me in my bed. On her face was a look of the most intense passion I had ever seen. Her brow glistened with sweat, her large, green eyes looked hungrily at me, and her mouth was twisted into an expression of complete ecstasy. My eyes traveled lower, finally able to openly admire the firm curves of her amazing breasts which rose and fell with each gasping breath she took. Her nipples were small and compact, and stood perfectly at attention, the cool air of the bedroom causing them to stiffen. Her stomach was flat, rising and falling with her chest. A pair of small, black lace panties covered her pussy, and her long, smooth legs were spread wide to accommodate my body positioned in the middle.

The sight of this amazing woman, my best friend, but also someone who I was starting to realize that I loved much more than just a friend, was more than I could bear. My cock was throbbing, straining against the fabric of my boxers. I couldn't stand the feeling any longer, and in one swift motion, I hooked a finger into the waistband and pulled them down, kicking them off my feet at the bottom.

As soon as my boxers were off, I wasted no time in attacking the small wisp of fabric that was the only thing remaining between me and seeing Amelia completely uncovered before me. I grabbed her black lace panties by the waist and quickly slid them down Amelia's smooth thighs. She curled her legs upward to help, and I tossed the lacy fabric off behind me as soon as the panties cleared her toes.

The moment seemed to freeze for just a second as Amelia lay there with her legs straight up in the air. Finally, she lowered her legs back down to the bed and parted them widely once more. The skin above Amelia's pussy was shaved completely smooth, and in the faint nighttime gleam I could see the soft folds of her lips, already moist with anticipation.

I lowered myself between Amelia's legs once more. We were finally completely naked with one another. I felt my cock make contact with the outer lips of Amelia's pussy, both of us impossibly wet already. The feeling of complete skin on skin contact was incredible, and we both moaned audibly as I gently rubbed the head of my penis up and down Amelia's smooth pussy.

“Amelia, are you sure this is what you want?” I whispered, hoping to God that the answer was 'yes' and that she wanted this as badly as I did.

“Clark, yes, oh my God, yes,” Amelia moaned back as she placed her hands on my hips. “I guess it just took this horrible day for me to realize that you're the only guy who's always been there for me no matter what. I'm so glad we're friends, but honestly, I want so much more than that,” she continued as her breasts rose and fell heavily with her breaths. “Clark...I love you.”

“I love you too, Amelia,” I whispered breathlessly as I finally pushed my cock forward and into her waiting pussy.

Amelia and I let out a unison gasp as I buried myself inside her for the first time. I felt her smooth, muscular walls parting to accommodate my length. She was incredibly wet and incredibly tight. It was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt.

Feeling myself bottom out, I quickly slid back out until only my tip was still inside her, and then immediately reversed direction, filling Amelia's pussy once more with my long, hard cock. Amelia let out a moan as I penetrated her again. She reached for my face and pulled me down into a long, passionate kiss as I continued to slide my dick in and out of her incredibly tight pussy.

I felt our juices mingle together, creating the most incredible natural lubrication that made each thrust more effortless than the last. As we quickly found our rhythm, I started to speed up my thrusts. Amelia was able to quickly match my pace, and she rocked her hips back and forth to meet each thrust, intensifying the pleasure for both of us.

“Oh my God, Clark,” Amelia moaned as we continued the frantic pace of our love making. “I've never...felt something this...incredible,” she continued in between gasping breaths. “I never realized it...but I think that...a part of me has wanted to do this...for a really long time,” she continued laboriously.

I propped myself up on my elbows, giving myself a slightly elevated view. I gazed down at Amelia's gorgeous body, motionless only a few minutes ago, shivering in anticipation of what was to come. Now her body was writhing in pleasure, rocking back and forth to meet my strong thrusts. Amelia's perfect breasts were bouncing up and down on her chest, and I heard the slap of flesh on flesh as our bodies met with each repeated thrust.

I reached up with one hand and roughly cupped Amelia's right breast. I squeezed the firm flesh in my hand and savored the sound of Amelia's sharp intake of breath as I gently pinched and squeezed her nipple in between two fingers.

Sweat glistened on both of our bodies as the minutes passed, neither one of us ready to end the most incredible love making of our lives. Knowing that I would need a break soon, I finally willed myself to slide my hard cock all the way out of Amelia's body. Amelia's face pouted as she felt my cock withdraw, leaving her empty for the first time since I had first entered her.

I took her hand in mine, and pulled Amelia up off the bed. I lay down in her place as Amelia straddled my body once more. She spread her legs wide on either side of my hips and slowly lowered her body over my cock. She grasped me in her hand, and stroked my entire length up and down a couple times. My cock was slick with our combined juices mingling on the length of my shaft, and her hand glided effortlessly up and down.

I moaned at the sensation as Amelia finally used her hand to hold my cock perfectly upright and guided my tip in between the moist outer lips of her pussy. She rocked herself back and forth, letting just my tip slide in and out of her, but not letting me all the way in yet. Goosebumps erupted across my arms and chest as Amelia gently teased the sensitive head of my cock with her pussy.

Still grasping it firmly in her hand, Amelia started to drag my long cock up and down her outer folds. She dragged me forward and used my hard dick to gently massage her clit. Guiding me with her hand, she circled her clit slowly with my tip, rocking her hips back and forth to enhance the sensation.

Amelia's breathing started to become ragged. She gasped for breath as she continued to tease her clit with the tip of my cock. Her hand dragged me back and forth, rubbing my large tip furiously against her sensitive little nub. A moan escaped her mouth, followed quickly by another, louder moan. I felt Amelia's legs start to shake ever so slightly as she continued to tease herself with my cock.

Unable to contain herself any longer, an impassioned scream escaped Amelia's lips as she finally brought herself to orgasm. I felt a rush of warm juices flow from her pussy and down the shaft of my cock as Amelia completely lost control and collapsed into my arms. Amelia's breasts crashed into my torso as she fell, sweat glistening from every perfect curve of her body.

We lay there for just a moment as Amelia caught her breath. Her hands searched blindly across the bed until she found mine. She intertwined her fingers into mine and squeezed my hands gently as she lifted her head and pressed her lips firmly into mine.

Finally breaking the kiss, Amelia sat up once more and straddled my naked body. She again gripped my cock with her hand and guided me gently into the moist folds of her pussy. This time there was no teasing as I slid in easily. We both moaned softly as I filled her pussy once more, and we shared another passionate kiss as Amelia started to gently rock her hips up and down, slowly letting my cock slide in and out of her perfect body.

Still recovering from her intense orgasm, Amelia continued the slow pace of our love making. My cock slid lazily in and out of her pussy as Amelia's hips rose and fell. I wrapped my arms around Amelia's back and hugged her close, enjoying the feeling of her large, round breasts pressed into my chest. I snaked my tongue into her mouth and gently bit Amelia's bottom lip as she continued to use her hips to slowly milk my long cock.

After a few minutes of slow and sensual sex, I was starting to feel recharged. My arms slid down Amelia's back, coming to rest on her hips. I used my hands to gently guide her as she rose and fell on my cock. I pulled Amelia's shapely hips up and held them there, feeling the sensation of my long shaft exposed to the air, only my tip still nestled within her. Amelia rocked her body back and forth, letting me feel her pussy gently tease my tip once more. When the pleasure became too intense to bear, I roughly pushed her back down, burying myself inside her again. I held Amelia's hips down, forcing her to accept the entire length of my cock into her incredibly tight pussy. I felt my tip press heavily against Amelia's cervix, and she rocked her perfect, round ass around and around, grinding my cock inside her pussy.

Our breathing became heavier as both of us reached a new level of desire for one another. Unable to wait any longer, I used my hands on Amelia's hips to guide her up once more, then immediately back down. Then again up, and back down. As our pace increased, I started to rock my hips back and forth to meet Amelia's. Timing our motions with one another perfectly, we soon started to thrust faster and faster into each other, unable to control our wild desire.

The amount of heat radiating from our bodies was incredible, and I soon felt sweat dripping from my forehead. Hoping to find some momentary relief, I brought my hands up to Amelia's shoulders and pushed her upright on my cock.

Amelia's amazing body towered over my supine figure as she bucked her hips wildly up and down over my cock. I gazed hungrily up at her, her breasts bouncing wildly up and down on her chest. Amelia reached up with one hand and tossed her hair back over her head as a moan escaped her lips. I grasped her waist with my hands and helped Amelia to pound up and down even faster and harder on my cock.

Before too long, I felt the familiar tremor of Amelia's legs and I sensed that she was close to another orgasm. Her breathing was coming in ragged and unpredictable gasps, and she placed her palms flat on my chest, locking her arms to steady herself as she continued to grind her hips wildly, my cock being pulled in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

Amelia began to moan uncontrollably, and her fingers dug into the flesh of my chest. I gazed up at my best friend's face and I saw her eyes roll back into her head as her body began to be wracked by uncontrollable spasms. Amelia's pussy suddenly became even wetter, her juices flowing freely down my long shaft.

Amelia's orgasm was incredibly intense and unbelievably erotic. Seeing her amazing body consumed by the throes of pleasure she was currently experiencing sent me over the edge. I felt the familiar tightening of my balls that told me I was close. Very close.

Without bothering to consider the possible consequences, I continued to pound my hard cock in and out of Amelia's pussy. Finally unable to hold it back any longer, I felt cum racing up my long shaft and explode into Amelia's body. My orgasm was incredibly f***eful, and I felt myself deliver load after load of sticky, white liquid into Amelia's waiting pussy.

Feeling herself filled by my cum, Amelia let out a gasp and fell into my arms. I grabbed her and held her close, feeling her firm breasts press into my body. I kissed her lips hungrily as our hips continued to rock back and forth against each other, my cock twitching as the last couple spurts erupted into Amelia's body.

I finally finished cumming, and Amelia and I just lay there, my cock still nestled deep inside her body. We held each other close and felt our breathing gradually slow. Our bodies were slick and shiny with sweat, and I slowly trailed my fingers up and down Amelia's back as we gently kissed each other's lips.

With our heart rates and breathing slowly coming back to normal after our intense love making, Amelia finally raised her round ass and let my cock slowly slide out of her for the final time tonight. She rolled off of me and snuggled up beside me in the bed, her fingers tracing gentle circles across my chest.

Finally breaking the silence, I whispered softly into Amelia's ear, “that felt right, didn't it?”

“Oh God, Clark,” she whispered back, “it was the best decision of my life. I never realized how much I loved you until today.”

“I know, me too,” I replied, as I gazed down at Amelia's naked body huddled tightly against mine in the small bed. “I guess it might be weird to have to tell everyone that we're actually a couple now...” I continued tentatively, not sure exactly what our relationship was anymore.

Amelia shifted her head so she was looking up at me. Her green eyes twinkled. “Maybe they'll think it's weird at first,” she said with a smile, “but I know you'll be the best boyfriend I've ever had. Nobody in the world knows me better than you do.”

“Hmm...boyfriend,” I repeated, a smile slowly creeping onto my face as well. “I like the sound of that!”

... Continue»
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out of that relationship today, but are still friends. She told me that one day she

decided to have a DP, and squirted all over the place. I told her I wished I had

been there. Not that she would have allowed me. She was bitter that we eventually

divorced after 7 years together.

So, Theo arrived and we all went for dinner. After dinner we went to watch a porn

movie. In the movie, Jen wore no panties and a short mini skirt. Needless to say

my hands were in her wetness most of the time. I sat on one side, and Theo on

the other. I kept whispering to her to rub his cock but she was afraid. He did not try

to touch her. After the movie we went back to our room and invited Theo. He

seemed a bit afraid but I coaxed him in. We sat down on the bed and before Jen

sat down I pulled her towards me and started caressing the back of her legs. I

moved my hands higher to her taut petite ass. She tried to pull away and push my

hands away but I held on and continued. I knew that Theo who was sitting on the

other bed could see her ass, which I continued caressing in front of him. I could

see that he was getting hard.

I stood up and started to kiss Jen and then gently laid her on the bed. I lifted her

skirt and told Theo to look at her gorgeous pussy. I opened her legs and started to

lick her. She started cumming. I took her clit in my mouth to make her orgasms

more intense, she was pushing herself into my mouth and arching her back. Theo

just watched. I did this for about 15 minutes until she pushed my head away.

I looked over at Theo and beckoned him to take my place. He did. I watched him

lick her for a very long time. By this time I had shucked my clothes and watched,

hard and throbbing at my best friend with his head between her legs, making her

cum. I went around to her face and put my precum dripped cock into her mouth.

She sucked, every now and again opening her mouth and pulling away as Theo

brought her to another back arching orgasm. I played with her nipples while Theo

just sucked and sucked at her. I was so hard and so horny watching my friend

licking my woman.

Theo stopped and I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Theo stood at her head and

whilst she was upside down put his awesome thick cock into her mouth. I was

watching my babe deepthroat my best friend. I had to be inside of her fucking

where my friend had, just put his mouth and his tongue. I entered Jen easily, she

was so wet from the licking and the horniness of it all. I stroked all the way in and

all the way out watching her swallowing Theo’s cock. She gripped his legs to

control his strokes into her mouth.

I pulled her legs back because I wanted to feel all of myself inside of her. I also

wanted to get her ready for Theo’s cock which was at least 2 inches longer than

mine and about half an inch thicker.

We fucked like this for about 25 minutes and I knew that I had to cum, so I shot my

load deep into her pussy. She did not stop cumming while she had Theo’s cock in

her throat.
I pulled out of her and went to kiss her mouth where my friends cock had been. I

put my cock in her mouth so she could clean the extra cum dripping out of my

hole. She swallowed my cock whole and I started to get hard again.

By this time Theo had moved around the bed, and was positioning himself

between Jen’s legs. I watched as he guided his cock into Jen. She gasped as

she felt his hugeness stretch and poke her deeply. He was all the way in. he

fucked her like this for a bit and then turned her over onto her stomach. I watched

again as his thick pole stretched her open again as he started to fuck her hard.

She gripped the edge of the bed and the sheets in orgasmic rapture. She was

loving this. After a good half hour of watching them fuck in different positions, I told

him to lie on his back and told Jen to sit on his cock. She gasped again as he

went deep into her. I let him fuck her for awhile and then I asked to stop and kiss

him. Watching them kiss made me crazy horny and I wet my finger and slid it into

her ass. She pulled up and gasped out loud, because she knew that she was

going to be double fucked.

I pushed her gently down again, wet my cock and climbed between her legs. Theo

had to adjust his legs so that I could fit in between. I was rock hard and started to

push at the puckered hole of Jen’s ass. It gave slightly. I asked Theo not to move

for a minute, as I entered her. I did this slowly and gently. Eventually Jen started to

push on my cock inviting me into her dark alley. I was now deep inside her. She

was in ecstasy. She was moaning in pleasure, and then asked us to fuck her

hard. We started off slowly, just to see that she could handle the two cocks inside

of her at the same time.

Eventually we were pounding her ass and pussy at the same time. At times I

would pull out to look at her gape and then pushed myself back inside her. She

writhed in pleasure.
After a while I stopped and pulled out. And she said she needed to wee. So off

she went to wee, and I went to wash my cock.

Theo was quiet. His hard cock pointed at the ceiling throbbing. When Jen came

back her put her into the doggy position and fucked at her pussy hard. We had

agreed that his cock was too big for her ass, even though she had wanted to be

fucked in the ass by him.

Eventually she was lying on her stomach and Theo was pounding into her and told

us he was about to cum. For some reason, he pulled out and shot this massive

load of cum onto her back. I have never seen so much cum from one person. I

went a round to her face , and fucked her mouth till I shot my streams of cum down

her throat which she swallowed.

After we cleaned her up, Theo bent down and gave her this long passionate kiss. I

got hard again.

He thanked us and left shortly thereafter, and I started licking her pussy where

Theo had just fucked her. She was raw. It tasted awesome. I got on her and

started to fuck her again. I was so horny and so hard again, even I surprised me.

She kept telling me how awesome it was, and how she wanted to do it again. I

pulled my cock out her pussy and then slid in into her ass, where I fucked her till I


We lay in each others arms for a long while , me just stroking her, and us talking

about how awesome it was. She loved having two cocks in her. I loved it too.

We never did do it again, but she did blow him once in front of me. And

swallowed. It was an awesome evening. I loved seeing his awesome cock inside

of her. We lost contact after that, and then we emigrated overseas and then back

again 5 years later.

Perhaps I will coax my current girlfriend into having a DP. She likes the thought of

it, but I am not sure we can get to that place just yet

... Continue»
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Me and My Best Friend

When I was a young man, I was addicted to masturbating. I mean, addiction may not be a strong enough word. I would masturbate 4-5 times a day on average and I could have done it more if not for all the sports I was involved in. I would jerk off first thing every morning after waking up, 1-2 more times at school, once more when I got home and then a final time when I took my shower at night.

Along with my addiction to beating off, I also quickly took a liking to jerking off in risky situations where the risk of getting caught was high. The first time I did it was in the 8th grade. I would get a ride to school every day from my neighbor’s mom. She had a big late 80’s Cadillac and I would always sit in the back by myself. While driving to school that day I got a boner for no reason (only guys can understand that) and I started to panic that it wasn’t going to go away before we got there.

I quickly grabbed my backpack and set up a barrier between my crotch and my neighbor’s mom just in case she turned around. I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out and began to quickly tug on it. I had been masturbating for about a year now and I was good at it and quick. Within less than a minute I shot my load all over the back of the passenger seat. I took a piece of paper out of my backpack and as quietly as I could I wiped my cum off the seat and then rolled up the paper and threw it in my backpack. We pulled up to the school a few minutes later and I remember being so turned on by it that I headed straight to the bathroom and I jerked off again before my first class and that was the beginning of my voyeurism fetish.

This continued on the next couple of years as I became more and more adventurous with my masturbation. I would jerk off in bathroom stalls when my mom took me shopping and I would leave the stall unlocked so that people would walk in on me. Now that I look back it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do but I wasn’t thinking about the danger back then just the thrill.

One night during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school I stayed over at my buddy’s house for almost an entire week straight. We lived just a couple blocks apart so I would frequently run back home to change and then go back to his house. We spent most of our days outdoors playing various sports and then came home at night and played video games until his parents went to sl**p then we would watch the cheesy porn shows on their cable black box. We would always get boners and we both always ended up excusing ourselves from the room at different times to "use the restroom". I think we both knew what the other was doing but we never really mentioned it.

One particular night during my week long stay we watched the porn as always and my friend excused himself from the room. I couldn’t wait for my turn so I decided I would jerk off in his room while he was jerking off in the bathroom. I quickly pulled my dick out of my boxers, spit in my hand and began to beat my cock with fervor. I had my attention split between the porn on the TV and listening for the bathroom door to open in the hallway.

I had already jerked off about 5 times that day so this one was taking a little longer. I was starting to get close so I leaned back against the bed and closed my eyes. I was nearing the end but still intently listening for the door. Within a matter of seconds I was blowing my load all over the carpet in front of me. I continued to stroke until all the cum was out and then I let go of my cock and just sat there relaxing as I went limp.

A few more seconds passed and I opened my eyes and to my horror my friend was standing there in the doorway looking at me like he had just seen a ghost. I quickly scrambled for a pillow and put it over my lap and let out a "What the fuck Jason! How long have you been there?" He said he just walked up but I could tell from the look on his face he watched more than he was letting on. I was completely embarrassed and he just walked in his room and jumped on his bed and turned the channel. After a few very awkward and silent minutes he turned the TV off and said good night.

In the dark I sought out the cum drops I spread all over the carpet and rubbed them into it as to not leave any hard spots. Once convinced I found them all I laid down. I was so embarrassed at being caught but at the same time I was extremely turned on. We would see what tomorrow would bring.

He woke up first that next morning and then when breakfast was ready he woke me up. We had a normal day and we both acted like nothing had happened. We did our usual routine of playing outside with our friends all day and then back home at night for video games. Once his parents went to bed that night again as usual he flipped on the black box and we began watching porn. We watched for about half an hour when I finally had reached that time so I got up to go to the bathroom and I turned towards my buddy and he was on his bed and had his hand down his pants rubbing himself.

I acted like I had just got up to stretch so I turned and raised my hands in the air and gave him a profile view of the tent I was pitching. I did a couple of torso twists then I quickly sat back down. I sat Indian style with my back against the bed and I pulled my cock out from my boxers. Trying to be inconspicuous I slowly began to stoke my cock with my friend sitting behind me on the bed rubbing his.

I was getting really turned on by the excitement of it all but I was not getting close to cumming as I wasn’t able to stroke myself fast enough. A few more minutes passed and I could feel my buddy move on the bed. I quickly tucked my cock away as best as could and then my buddy’s legs appeared next to me hanging over the edge of the bed. At first I thought he was getting up off the bed but he stayed in that position. I took a glance to my right and my buddy has his cock out and was just beating away as if I wasn’t there. I took this as a cue that he was comfortable with all of this so I untucked my cock and began stroking it again.

Once we were both jerking off we didn’t last that long. I could hear my buddy breathing deep and then within seconds some light grunts and he shot his load all over the carpet next to me. I soon followed and I shot my load all over my lap and legs. We sat there silently for a few seconds and then my buddy got up and grabbed a towel from his hamper and wiped the carpet then handed it to me and I cleaned myself off and threw it back in the hamper. He turned off the TV and we went to bed.

That next morning we woke up and again it was business as usual. However just before noon the weather took a turn for the worse and it began to rain so we headed back to his house. It was the middle of the day and both his parents were at work so we stayed downstairs and watched TV. After watching a rerun of Sanford and Sons my buddy said that he would be right back and he ran upstairs. About a minute later he returned with something in his hand. He held it up and shook a VHS tape in his hand and said "Wanna watch?" I asked what it was and he said it was the "good stuff". I knew what that meant so I said eagerly shook my head yes.

He threw tape in the player and came and sat next to me on the couch. He sat so close to me that our arms were touching. The video started to play and it was a real hardcore porn tape. Not that fake soft core shit they play on the cable channels. Within seconds we both were sitting there with raging hard ons from all the action. We both sat there not reacting and for the first time I got a good look in daylight at how big of a bulge my buddy’s cock was making in his shorts. I was getting so horny and I couldn’t take it any longer so I unbuttoned my shorts and then zipped down the fly. I pulled the band of my boxers down a little bit and then pulled my cock out. There I was sitting arm and arm with my best friend and my rock hard erection was within inches of him. I spit in my hand and then took hold of my cock and began to stroke it.

As I started jerking, my buddy followed suit and pulled his gym shorts down and unleashed his huge cock. It wasn’t the biggest cock in the world but for a 14 year old it was massive. He was also uncircumcised which was something I had never seen in person. The other thing I noticed was that he had massive balls. He began stroking as well and we were both masturbating side by side.

This lasted for a couple of minutes and then my buddy said that he was going to cum. He leaned forward and scooted to the edge of the couch and to my surprise began unleashing rope after rope of thick white cum all over the coffee table. I remember saying "Holy shot that’s a lot of cum!" and he turned towards me with a big smile as if he was proud of it (and well he should be). I followed suit just seconds later and did as he did by scooting to the edge of the couch. I began to cum all over his cum already on the table. I didn’t put out nearly as much as he did but it was respectable in my own right.

He both plopped back on the couch and laid back admiring our work. Both with our cocks out still and wet from our cum. My buddy got out and went to the kitchen and came back with some paper towels. I took them and began to clean up. The table had these grooves in it and it was a bitch to clean up. It took a good 5 minutes to clean the table of all our cum. I handed them the dirty paper towels and he took them back to the kitchen and threw them away.

He came back and sat on the couch next to me (both our cocks still out) and he asked what we should do now. My eyes were glued to the screen as the girl in the movie was getting double penetrated by two big cocks and I couldn’t turn away. I asked my buddy how many times a day he jacks off and he said 2-3. I nodded approval and he asked me the same question. I lied and said the same thing as I didn’t want him to think I was some weirdo or something.

We sat there watching the porn and within a couple of minutes I was starting to get hard again. He looked over and was shocked. I saw him looking at my now half erect cock and I told him "I bet you $5 I can cum again before you do." He sat there for a second thinking about it and then said "You’re on!" He stood no chance.

Before he was even fully erect again I was already reaching for the paper cup sitting on the coffee table and I blew my second load in 15 minutes into the cup. When I finished my buddy exclaimed "I’m impressed" and that he couldn’t cum that close together. I said "I’m a pro" and lifted my glass as you would during a toast and I downed my cum. His jaw dropped. With this surprised look on his face he said "You eat your own cum!?’ I asked him "You don’t?" He was just kind of stumped. I told him it’s easier than cleaning up and he kind of had that look like he never thought of it that way. I wasn’t about to tell him that I also thought it was kinkier than hell to do that as well.

He gave up jerking his cock and we both put our cocks back in out shorts and sat there on the couch watching TV. I told him that he owes me $5 and he said that he would buy me lunch. We ended up walking to McDonald’s when the rain stopped and the rest of the day went as usual.

Night time came again and we retreated to his room to play video games. Again, as was the routine, as soon as his parents’ lights went out he turned on the black box and the porn. This time he sat on the edge of the bed immediately. This time I dropped my pants down to my ankles and sat right next to him on the bed. We both had our cocks out before we were even hard and we jerked ourselves erect.

This time I didn’t care about the porn. I laid back on his bed and had my cock pointing straight at the ceiling and continued to jerk off. My buddy like my idea and he too laid back as I did and jerked off that way. In no time at all I was ready to cum and I pulled my shirt up to my neck and shot my load all over my stomach and chest. My buddy was watching me as I sat up and scooped up all my cum off of me and ate it. Once I had finished that I tuned on my side and watched my buddy jack off. Watching him stroke his big cock was getting me super excited and I decided to take a chance.

I reached over and began to play with his balls. He stopped jerking off and pulled his hand away and I immediately pulled mine away. I apologized and said I got caught up. He told me not to worry and he wasn’t mad and was just startled. He said it even felt good. I took his cock back in his hand and began stroking again. I looked at him and he gave a little nod of approval and I reached over and began playing with his balls again. It was almost a two hand job but I managed with just one.

I then decided to take it the next step and I took his cock in my hand. He pulled his hand away but this time I did not react. For the first time ever I had another man’s cock in my hand. It felt awkward to stroke it since it felt completely different than mine and the angles were weird but I managed. I finally found somewhat of a groove and I began to get a good rhythm stroking his cock. I could tell that he was enjoying it as his hips starting to move in rhythm with my hand.

He couldn’t last at all and I could feel the familiar jolt of a cock about to cum in my hand so I pointed his cock straight up and he began to shoot thick gobs of cum 2-3 inches up in the air and then come crashing down back on the head of his cock. As I continued to stroke him it started to spread the cum all over his dick and it was now acting as a lubricant. I began to squeeze tighter as he was finishing cumming and I pulled back his foreskin and wiped it clean with my thumb. He looked up at me with a look of pure enjoyment and I asked him if he would be weirded out if I tasted his cum. He hesitated for a second and then said "Be my guest." I stuck out my tongue and touched it to the thick cum that was on my hand and then pulled it back into my mouth. It was a little more bitter than mine but much thicker with its own distinct taste. It didn’t taste bad so I began to lick the rest of it off my hand and ate it. He then grabbed a towel from his hamper and cleaned off his cock. I stood up, pulled my boxers back up and laid down on the ground. He turned the TV off and the night was over.

That next morning we woke up and it was already raining again. By the time we woke up both his parents were gone and there was a note on the table saying breakfast was in the oven. We ate and then laid on the couch. The rain subsided later that morning and the sun came out in full f***e. We called a couple of friends up but everyone was either already doing something else or not in the mood to play anything. So we decided to just spend the afternoon in his backyard playing in the pool.

My buddy asked if I needed to run home and get my trunks and I told him not to worry. He ran upstairs and got his trunks and when he came back down I was already in the backyard. He came out onto the patio and I was just standing there completely naked. I turned around, ran towards the pool and yelled "Cannonball!" as I jumped in. When I had resurfaced I could see that he was in the process of removing the trunks he just put on and followed my cannonball with a cherry bomb.

We spent the next 30 minutes or so playing various stupid little games that we have made up over the years. After I defeated him in a game of pool basketball he yelled for a break and he got out of the pool and ran back inside the house. He came back out a minute or so later with a couple of glasses of water. He walked up to the edge of the pool and reached down and handed me my drink. He then sat on the edge of the pool right in front of me. I don’t know if it was by accident or by design but my face was just a few inches away from his cock.

At first I tried to act like I didn’t notice but it was too hard to hide my curiosity. I sat there staring at it as if it was an inspection. Forgetting that I was staring at it I looked up and he was just looking down at me with a big shit eating grin on his face. By now I was beginning to play with my cock under the water. I leaned over and put my cup on the pools edge and I scooted closer to him. By now he was starting to get hard so I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke him. He put his cup down and put his arms back behind him and leaned against them.

Now that I was in a better position to play with his cock I continued to stroke him with my right hand and began to play with and squeeze his balls with my left. Every time I squeezed he would throw his head back in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I was starting to get the urge to take this to the next level so I took the opportunity when it presented itself. I gave his balls a good squeeze and when he sent his head back I leaned forward and gave the head of his cock a lick. He immediately whipped his head back and looked down at me unsure of what just happened. I acted like everything was normal.

This time I gave him a squeeze again but this time I took the head of his cock into his mouth. I could feel that his head whipped back in place again but this time I did not stop. All I could hear him say was "Wow" and I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth. I did not know what to do as my only experience with this was what I’ve seen in pornos. So I began to bob up and down on his cock. I could only get about 3-4 inches of him in my mouth but it didn’t matter to him. No more than 30 seconds after I put his cock in my mouth he told me he was going to cum and so I pulled his cock out and began jerking him off.

Within seconds he began to spasm a little and he began shooting his cum onto my face. I figured it was the right thing to do since it was what they did in pornos so I opened my mouth wide and tried to aim as many of the shot into my mouth. Only a couple got in my mouth while the rest ended up on my face or in the pool. When he had finished I took the head of his cock back into my mouth and pulled his foreskin back and cleaned everything up with my tongue. Once I was done I swallowed all the cum I had collected in my mouth as he just sat there and watched me in amazement.

We sat there silent for a few seconds and then I asked him if that was his first blowjob. He said that it was and then he apologized for cumming so quick. I just laughed and said it was ok. He then asked if that was the first time I had ever given one and I said yes too. He then asked if I was gay and I told him I didn’t think so, and that I was attracted to women. I said that I was probably bi-sexual. He let out a little chuckle and said that he can’t believe that his first ever blowjob was from his best friend.

Over the next handful of weeks we spent practically every day together. I gave him on average 2-3 blowjobs a day when we hung out. The more and we did this the better I became at giving head and the longer he could last. We also kept working towards me being able to deepthroat his cock. It was a slow process but every day I could get a little more down my throat and eventually my gag reflex began to subside as I learned how to control it.

Our breakthrough happened a couple weeks after the first blowjob when we watched a porn where the girl laid on the edge of the bed with her head hanging off and tilted back as far as possible. The guy then had a straight line from her mouth to her throat and he basically had sex with her face and was going all the way in and the girl had no problems. As we were watching this happen we both looked at eachother like a revelation came to us at the same time.

My buddy asked if I wanted to try that and I gladly said yes. We were at my house this time and my parents and s****r were home but they were all doing their own thing. I got up, quietly locked the door and stripped my clothes off. Jason followed suit and he too stripped down and revealed his semi-erect cock. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him towards me and took his cock into my mouth. I played with the head a little and massaged his balls until he was hard as a rock.

I pushed myself back onto the bed and swung my legs around so that they were at the head of the bed. I then laid back until I was flat on my back. I wasn’t quite in the perfect position so I moved a couple inches towards the foot of the bed. I titled my head back and the edge of the bed went perfectly into the crook of my neck. I looked up at Jason and said I was ready and opened my mouth wide. He placed the head of cock in my mouth and I wrapped my lips around it. I gave him a little nod and he slowly began to inch his cock into my mouth. To my surprise, he was able to slowly slide his cock all the way into my throat without any real resistance.

Once he was all the way in he just held it there for a few seconds almost as if he was savoring the moment. I couldn’t see anything as his huge balls were covering my eyes. He slowly pulled out about halfway and then slowly pushed all the way back in. He did this for about a minute or so and then I pushed him back a little so that I could talk.

He asked if everything was ok and I said it was good and that he could go faster if he wanted. He reinserted his cock and went back to slowly sliding in and out but within a few seconds he began to pick up the pace. Every he would go a little faster he would ask if I was ok and I would give him the thumbs up. After a few minutes he reached a fairly swift pace and he was officially fucking my throat. Without his asking I gave him the thumbs up again and he asked "Faster?" I held my thumb up again and he increased the pace of his thrusts.

By now the sound of his balls slapping against my face was starting to get a little loud so I felt around for the remote control on the bed and was able to grab it and turn the sound up on the TV to mask it. When I did this Jason leaned forward and put his arms on either side of me to hold himself up and began to really pump his cock in and out of my throat. I increased the volume a little more as I was beginning to make sounds with my throat on every deep thrust and the slapping was getting louder as well.

He was fucking my face so hard that it was driving my head into the side of the bed and causing the bed to creak and hit the wall.

Within about 30 seconds of hard face fucking Jason gripped the sheets on the bed and I could feel his cock start to quake. He pulled out and was going shoot it on my face but I reached out and grabbed his cock and took the head into my mouth and began jerking his cock until he exploded in my mouth. I did not break the seal that my lips had around the head of his cock and I took every thick rope of his cum in my mouth. While this was happening I began to cum all over my chest and I hadn’t even been stroking myself. I was so excited and turned on by what was taking place that I came hands free.

I finally felt in my mouth that he was no longer cumming and I opened my mouth to show him his work and then I swallowed the entire load. Once I had swallowed it all I took his cock back into my mouth and he stuck his cock all the way back down my throat and kept it there until I was out of breath. His cock went limp and I released it from my mouth. He leaned forward and began scooping up all my cum from my stomach and chest with his hand and fed it to me as well. We got dressed and we went to sl**p.

This carried on the entire summer that year. We began to get more and more adventurous. We even attempted anal at one point but he couldn’t even get the tip of his cock into my ass so we gave up on that and just stuck to me giving blowjobs. We began to seek out situations where I would give him head in a public setting as we were both into the rush you get when doing that. I gave him multiple blowjobs at the movies. I gave him head on a public bus when we were the only ones on it. The bus driver saw us but said nothing. We live near the mountains so we would go biking and pull off the path and I would give him head within view of the trail. Most of the time people would just give us a disgusted look and move along, on occasion the guys would stop and jack off while watching us.

Once the school year started back up we didn’t do it as much due to being at school all day. However from time to time we would meet up in the bathroom and I would give him head in the stall. One time we almost got caught as he made a noise as he came in my mouth. It was a teacher and he yelled out "Who’s in here?" Jason yelled out it was him. The teacher asked what was going on and he said his stomach was hurting. Satisfied with the response the teacher entered one of the other stalls and Jason and I quickly made our exit.

Once Jason got his license our favorite thing was road head. We would even drive to fast food joints a couple of cities away and we used love seeing the reactions of the people at the drive thru window as he pulled up with my head in his lap bobbing up and down. Most of the time people would just laugh. No one ever really got mad. We would go to restaurants and I would jerk him off under the table. This one night we went out to eat at a sit down restaurant and we sat on opposite side of the booth. Throughout the meal I was rubbing his cock with my foot under the table. Towards the end of the meal we both ordered dessert. He got cheesecake and I got a scoop of chocolate ice cream. As we were waiting for our dessert I was able to get him arm with my foot. I was wearing flip flops that night and I had my bare foot up the leg of his shorts and was skin on skin with his cock.

Jason at this point put his arm under the table and began to jack himself off. A minute or so later the waitress showed up with our desserts. Jason kept jacking himself under the table as she set down the desserts and asked if there was anything I needed. We said we were good and she left. Just as she left he grabbed my ice cream and put it under the table. After about 30 seconds I could see that familiar look he got on his face and I knew what was going on. Another 15-20 seconds passed and Jason brought the ice cream back up and sat it on the table. As clear as day, my chocolate ice cream was almost completely covered in his thick white cum. It looked as though he poured marshmallow sauce all over the top.

I began eating the ice cream and surprisingly enough it was actually a good compliment to the chocolate ice cream. The salty and slightly bitter taste of his warm cum mixed well with the cold sweet flavor of the ice cream. By now I had my hand under the table and had pulled my cock out of my shorts and was jacking myself off while eating the ice cream. About half way through the scoop I was about to cum so I grabbed the empty glass that my soda was in and came into it. Once I was done I placed it back on the table next to my ice cream.

When the waitress came back to drop off the check she started to take away some of our dirty dishes. She grabbed the glass with my cum in it and asked if I was finished. I held out my hand asking for the cup and said "One second." I tilted my head back and lifted the glass. It was a clear glass and you could see the cum slowly pour down the inside of the glass unlike any liquid they sold. As it reached the edge of the glass it began to pour into my mouth and only a complete idiot would not have known what it was. As I was doing this I could see her do a double take looking at my ice cream. By now she knew what was going on. She didn’t know what to do at first. I finished drinking my cum and I handed her back the glass. She took it and quickly walked away. Jason and I both let out a laugh. We paid the bill and left her a hefty tip.

We had many adventures like that but none as blatant as that was. By the end of high school it was becoming a more rare occurrence for us as I was getting ready for college and he was working getting ready to be next in line at his dad’s cement business. The last time we had an encounter was the day I went off to college. He drove up with me to drop me off. I gave him 3 blowjobs that day and the last one occurred in my dorm room after he helped me get settled in. That was the last time I ever gave my best friend head. We are still best friends to this day but he is married with a wife and k**s and I’m still as kinky as ever!
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My best friend fucked my boyfriend

Thought I'd share something that my ex and I tried that was hot fun.

When I was with my ex, once, I had him go online and talk to a best bud of mine who I thought was hot and would have my man tell him that I was out of town and that he shouldn't be meeting anyone, that we've always been monogamous, but that he was horny and asked him to come over and hang out. Of course, my best friend, knowing that it was his best friend's man he was talking to and had met before at a get together, he was hesitant and said 'well Scott's my best friend and I probably better not'. He did think my man was hot. So then, my man says that they'd just hang out and talk, nothing else, that he just wanted company, but my bud turned him down again saying he didn't want to make me upset them hanging out alone, so my man asked again and my bud finally agrees JUST to come over and hang out just a little and then he will have to go.

So, he came over, and my man brought him to our bedroom (where I hid in the closet, and had the door cracked so I could see) and they got to talking about the new phone my bud just got and my man just leans over and gives him a small kiss on the lips and my buddy was just dumbfounded for a second. We had set the mood with the candles lit and the room dark and soft music on and I was wondering if my bud would really sl**p with my man behind my back, and here was the test. After about 5 seconds of shock, my bud just grabs my mans neck and started making out with him. I was shocked my bud would do it and he never knew I was there, or knowing that he was hooking up with my man.

So they got naked, eventually doing 69 on each other on our bed, that was sacred for just me and my boyfriend. But it was hella hot watching my bud make my man moan, they made out a lot, and he flipped my boyfriend on his back and ate out his ass so good and my man was moaning his name, and his toes were curling. It was passionate and hot for my bud cause he knew it was so wrong what they were doing but he had wanted my man so bad.

He'd always said my man was hot, so that gave us the idea and my man thought he was hot too. They always had this attraction to one another. My buddy was just going for it. Then he leaned over my boyfriend (my boyfriend on his back) kissing him deep and my buddy grabbed the lube and lubed up his hard bud didn't even grab a condom, he was going to fuck my boyfriend bareback he wanted him so bad in every way and so my bud lubed up my man's hole and lined up his rock hard dick up to his hole and just leaned into him, pushing against his hole and you could tell when the head of his dick went in cause my bud and man both moaned loudly at the same time and then my bud just pushes in my boyfriend balls deep and just started kissing my man deeply and passionate and just started fucking him slowly and passionately kissing his neck, very much knowing that they weren't allowed to be kissing, let alone fucking, but they were going at it on our bed, my bud knowing that's where I sl**p cuddling my boyfriend. He knew it was wrong taking his best friends' boyfriend's ass like that. It was so hot and passionate and the bed was creaking and they were moaning each others names and saying oh god and fuck and kissing each other passionately. It was so hot to see my buds bare dick sliding in and out of my mans hole his balls slapping against my boyfriend's ass, them both getting pleasure from each other, skin to skin with passion, and my mans legs were wrapped around my buddy's waist and his feet bouncing off his ass as he fucked him good and was hella hot. They went on and on fucking and kissing. My bud was giving it to him hard and then he just lets out a loud moan and says "OMG I'm gonna cum" and just pounds my mans ass harder, arches his back up and slams his dick in balls deep into my mans hole, still moaning and he still kept fucking some more knowing he finally did the deed that was very wrong, he'd just bred his best friends man on our bed, marking my boyfriend's ass as his. And during the fucking you could hear my mans hole getting more and more wet as my buds cum was slopping in and out of him and then the cum started dripping down my mans ass as he filled him up damn good and that's when my man said he was cumming too and shot all up his chest while moaning my buddy's name. It was extremely hot and they just sat still for a bit, kissing softly until my buddy's dick got soft and slid out and he then rolled over and laid down next to my bf, with the smell of cum and sweat in the room. They laid there for a bit and I heard my buddy saying that he felt really bad they had did that and that I was his best friend and they shouldn't have done that, but later that week he had ended up coming over again and many more times in the future, thinking that each time I was gone doing something and he'd breed my man on our bed again and again, all the while thinking I never knew about it. It was hot seeing my buddy getting something he's not supposed to have, breeding his best friends boyfriend and then seeing my boyfriend getting pleasure from one of my best buddies.

Also, after a few times of coming over my bud would sometimes use a shirt of mine or my underwear to clean off the cum and lube off his dick, or would purposely shoot on my side of the bed and all over my pillow where I slept, my man said to rub it in my face that he was fucking him and would do what he wanted and take whatever he wanted. He'd became a true bull. And he claimed my mans ass. My man even suggested him wearing some of my clothes during their sex, like my boxer briefs, T-shirt, ball cap, or my white low cut Nike socks and would fuck my man in them sweating in them and getting cum on them basically shoving it in my face that he was screwing my man, and my boyfriend told him that he would tell me that he had jacked off earlier that day and had worn some of my clothes. It turned my bud on even more doing that. He got into it the dominance of it all and my boyfriend's ass paid the price and took the deposit!

I do believe that they were making love at the end cause my bud would do it really slow sometimes, kissing his neck and kissing his ears and making out for long periods while they slowly did it and my boyfriend would tell me about how much better and hotter it was getting. You could see the passion in their eyes when my buddy would cum in him and they'd look into each others eyes and make out and kiss his neck and moan as he's cumming. I do believe my bud fell in love with my boyfriend. It was really hot seeing him try and get my boyfriend to want him more than me. Esp when he had marked and claimed his ass as his property. That's why when he would leave, I had to remark it back as mine.

My man and I had promised never to use it against him but just to enjoy the fun of it and to this day my buddy still doesn't know I'd ever known about him cheating with my boyfriend and we are still good friends to this day. It was funny though when we'd all hang out at a party, my buddy would avoid my man so much because I knew he was afraid I'd figure it out.

But if I ever date again, I think it'd be fun to try that scenario again. Maybe my buddy will fuck my next man? I dunno. My bud is a hottie and only tops. Or maybe switch it around and my man top another friend of mine he likes, or someone he likes online. I enjoy watching my man playing with a guy more than participating myself. I'd even let my boyfriend fuck his ex, think it'd be hot his ex trying to get back together....Guess I have that cuckold gene in me.

Also, sometimes when my bud would leave, I'd eat my mans ass out, tasting my buddy's load and then kiss my man asking if he likes the taste of him on my lips and then I'd use my buds cum as lube to re-claim my boyfriend's ass back as mine. I like the idea and challenge of another guy fucking my man cause it makes me want to be that much better for my man in life and in bed, to make sure that I'm always on my toes and treating my man like a king. It was also hot to hear my boyfriend say that he was craving my buddies dick more than mine and I'd have him invite him back over while I was "gone".
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My Mother, My Best Friend

his story is about my mother and me and very importantly something that changed our lives completely. This happened about 6 months ago. To describe my mother she is 52 yrs old with a typical voluptuous Punjabi figure and her stats are 40D-30-38. My father passed away more than 25 years ago and since then it has been only mom and me. I am 34 yrs old divorced about 10 yrs back. I am sure mom had choices in her life to get settled but she did not take them to get settled again with someone else. I have already experienced how lonely it can get sometimes and especially after you have tasted sex even that could make life miserable especially when alone again. I don’t know how she managed but I went mad and finally made some No-Strings-Attached sex friends with whom I regularly fuck around to satisfy myself.

I knew mom was a tigress in bed because at the time that dad was around I could hear more of her screaming than moaning every night. My bed room was attached to theirs with one common bathroom in between and I never missed a chance to peep in and watch the action inside because they always did it with the lights on. While I did not know that all that action I saw was basically having sex but I loved to see both of them stark naked and humping each other in various positions. This used to be at least a 1hr affair every night after which they would both go to sl**p in each other’s arms. After I got into high school I understood what they had been upto. Enough of background and let’s get to the interesting part.

Both me and mom have been very close and more like best friends. She very regularly kept me updated on who ever came home that day and whatever transpired etc. since I had been reading stories on this site for a while now I was suspicious that she might have been upto something with someone while I am away because almost all the people visiting were males and mostly dads friends or ex-colleagues and had been visiting for a long time now quite regularly. I did my bit of investigation and was surprised to see that there was no hanky panky stuff happening. In fact mom was dressed very decently. If she would have been in bed with any or most of them even then I would not mind because I know how it feels like to be deprived of sex. I would have been very happy instead. But this was one topic that I did not have the courage to discuss with mom because I was dead scared about how she would react or respond.

So every weekend we usually spend together at home by ordering some good food from outside and both of us generally settled down watching movies and chatting with mom drinking cold drinks or fruit juices and me my usual scotch or rum. As far as I know mom has never till date touched alcohol. This particular weekend while both of us were having a very good time watching some English movie which was also on the same lines like mom’s life, I observed her and she was very engrossed in the movie. Today she was not wearing her usual salwar kameez but already into her nightie. I still had great memories of having seen her naked and even till date regularly masturbated thinking about it. I knew the movie had a lot of bold sex scenes including the fucking part and wanted to see her reaction. As luck would have had it the first one came up very soon where the lead actress was dreaming about her ex-husband and masturbating herself with very audible moaning.

I looked at mom and her eyes were glued to the tv and she very keenly watched the entire episode. Her glass was empty now since she had been gulping it down while engrossed in the scene. She was sitting a few inches away from me on the same 3seater sofa with her legs resting on the table opposite. Her nightie which extends to her ankles was slightly above her knees at this point and her other hand was holding the tv remote resting exactly above her crotch area. She gave me her glass and said “pour me a small peg of what you are drinking” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and asked her “mom I am drinking scotch, are you sure you want me to pour you scotch or just fruit juice?” she looked at me with a big smile and said “pour me scotch and mix it with whatever you feel makes it taste less bitter”. I immediately poured her a small peg mixed with sprite and ice and gave it to her.

She was glued to the TV back again and within no time emptied her glass and turned to me asking for a refill. I was surprised at what was happening but at the same time I was not in any mood to object or complain and I simply made another one and gave it to her. Now the movie had progressed and the second erotic scene was beginning where the wife now loses her control to her ex-husbands friend and the scene heats up leading to some more action. Mom again in no time emptied her glass again and again asked me for another drink. I asked her if she was ok because she was drinking it too fast and I had barely reached half of my first one. She looked at me in the eyes and said “son I am fine and just having a great time after god knows how many years, so no more questions just do as I tell you”. I did not bother to argue at all and just nodded my head and proceeded to get another drink.

I came back and gave her the drink and saw that now she had only her left leg resting on the center table and her right leg was over the armrest of the sofa basically her legs were spread wide open and her nightie was now just covering her crotch and her milk white fleshy thighs were on display. I sat down back on my seat next to her and she was still deeply engrossed in the movie. She had the drink in her left hand resting it on her thigh and her right hand was resting almost over her right breast. Mom has sizeable nipples to complement her huge breasts and now they were standing erect poking through her nightie. After the erotic love making scene was over she said softly “how lucky these people are to get what they want and whenever they want it” I replied saying I didn’t understand what she meant or what she was referring to. She replied “look at them having sex. How lucky they are and look at us Indians…”. I replied that this was mainly because foreigners are not tied down to sex only with the partner they love but with anyone mainly because sex is not a ritual for them but just another form of enjoyment and when they get into the mood they just do it.

She replied “how I wished we Indians could also be like them life would have been so much fun…”. I could see that her voice was a little coarse now which meant she was surely getting high. Then she gave me another crazy surprise when she turned to me and asked “do you have some cigarettes with you right now?” I was shocked and scared at the same time because in the past she had kicked my butt big time whenever she found me carrying cigarettes or stinking after smoking one, so I flatly refused saying nope I didn’t have any and asked her why was she asking this now? Her reply shook the ground under my feet when she said “can you go out and buy some because I want to smoke right now…” I laughed saying “you got to be k**ding me mom” she immediately cut me short and said “I am serious and if you don’t mind then can you please get pack with a lighter right away? And you are going to teach me how to do it” this was too much for me and I just downed my glass bottoms up to come back to my senses and went to my room to get my wallet. When I came out of my room and was walking towards the door she called me and asked me in what quantity and packing did they come in, I replied saying 10s and 20s in a pack and 10 packs in a carton. I also told her that they came in mild, normal and strong varieties.

She asked me which one was I used to smoking and I told her that I had quit a while ago but even at that time it was the strong one and since she was going to do it the first time I would buy the mild one for her. She told me to buy two cartons one mild and one strong. I looked at her very shocked myself asking her why did she want 2 cartons right now? She replied “don’t waste time and simply do as I say and make it fast” I went quickly to the shop which was just a few feet from my house and asked him for a carton of ultra-mild and one of classic regular with a lighter. The shopkeeper was very well known to us since so many years and he casually asked me what was I going to do with so many or was a throwing a party? I replied yes and came back immediately because I did not want to keep mom waiting for too long.

I had left the door unlocked and just walked right in without making any noise and was shocked to see mom with her nightie up to her neck with her head turned backwards resting on the sofa with eyes tightly shut and with her left hand she was stroking a big carrot into her pussy and with the other hand she was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was completely unaware that I was standing right there. Within a few more seconds she squealed and had her orgasm. I just silently walked off leaving the two cartons on the table picking up both her and my empty glasses and went to refill them. When I came back to the living room I pretended normal and kept both the glasses on the table and sat down in my earlier seat right next to her. Now she had lowered her nightie to her hips only barely covering her crotch with her thunder thighs completely visible and still in the same position.

She bent forward picking up the glass and looked at me and said “I am sorry son, I just couldn’t control myself and desperately needed a release”. I told her that I understand and it’s ok and no big deal and everyone needs it. I don’t know how I said it but I did it. She seemed to relax down a bit and said “please don’t tell anyone about it”. I replied saying “relax mom this is not something to be told to anyone and will remain between us. But I fail to understand how have you been managing so many years?” she paused the movie and said “see son when your father was around everything was great” I added right in saying “I know mom, I was in the room next to yours and have heard you every night while you both were doing it” she blushed saying “naughty boy, you were not supposed to be spying on us. It’s bad manners.” I replied “I couldn’t help it because you were so loud. Actually I have seen you both do it also through the key hole in your bedroom door because of curiosity.”

I was like shit what did I say but her response again surprised me, she was smiling and she said “so you saw all the action too… you were a k** then what did you understand?” I said “I did not understand anything except that this might be the games adults play and the way you both enjoyed it, it seemed to be a very exciting one. Actually the biology class seemed to make sense after that and when I reached college I got to know that it was called sex.” I was watching her all the while that we spoke and she seemed very chilled out and did not get angry a wee bit. She now pointed to the cigarettes lying on the table and told me to light her one. I opened the ultra-milds and lit up one and gave it to her and asked her to suck very slowly and then inhale it a little at a time till she gets used to it. She tried it and as expected coughed a little but got used to it much faster than expected and she finished her entire cig very quickly watching the movie.

Now she turned to me and said “so you have seen me naked and also while having sex with your dad… tell me son don’t you have any urges? What do you do about it? Don’t you masturbate?” I replied saying “yes mom I have seen you naked and in action enough times… yes I also masturbate almost every day but I also have like-minded women with whom I sl**p around to satisfy myself.” She seemed shocked to hear the last part of my answer and almost screamed ” you mean you go to pros?” I calmly told her “no mom I don’t go to pros. There are women around who are into a no-strings-attached relationship where the only reason to have a partner is to have sex to satisfy each other.” She was quite shocked to hear this and asked “are these women married?” I said “yes they are married/ separated/ divorced/ widowed.” She replied very excitedly “WOW, I never knew something like this could ever be possible…”

Now the ice between us was broken and there were no barriers left so I was now much more bolder and eased out in my conversation with her. Suddenly on screen some action began to take place and she said “ok wait something interesting happening here again”, and she turned to the TV. The same lady was having another round with the same guy again outside her marriage and I looked at mom and her one hand was already inside her nightie fondling her breast and the other busy with her pussy very openly. Her nightie was up around her waist and I could see her bare pussy with her stroking it with the carrot half way in. I again had a massive erection which I was finding it very hard to hide/ manage. Watching the lovemaking on screen and my own mother masturbating sitting right next to me was too much and my own release was on the edge.

She looked at me suddenly and caught me staring at her body watching her masturbate and smiled asking “are you enjoying the show?” I just nodded yes. Then she looked below at the tent in my pajamas and said “WOW that’s a big one… Don’t you want to take care of that?” I replied saying “yes I desperately want to but can’t do anything right here in front of you.” She just bent a little forward and removed her nightie completely saying “let’s get this out of the way since there is nothing I have that you have not seen already. Don’t be shy because I am your mother, remove all your clothes and let me see what you are hiding there…” with great difficulty I could barely speak and said “I know what you are saying mom but…” she just cut me off and said “do you want me to help you remove your clothes right now?” I almost jumped out of my seat and seeing that she was not ready to listen to anything I slowly removed my t-shirt first and then my pajamas.

My rod was standing erect poking through my undies with a big wet spot on the tip. She exclaimed “you seem to be well endowed just like your dad, now get that last piece of cloth also out of the way before you soil it further and winked at me”. I pulled the last piece of cloth also down and off and while quite embarrassed stood sporting an erect rod. She was smiling at me and looked at my rod and said ‘just like your dad…” I had no idea at this point as to what was coming next so just sat back in my seat silently sipping my drink. She emptied her glass again taking one big gulp and picked up the cig pack lying on the table and tried to light up one but couldn’t do it. Then I showed her how to do it and then she offered me one too asking me to go ahead saying “I did rather have you smoke right here in front of me than smoke outside and hide it”. Getting the green signal I took the packet with the strong ones and lit up one.

While my mother was always my best friend and we hardly had anything hidden between us today whatever happened so far was unimaginable. She was always my fantasy woman right now I could not imagine doing anything with her even though we were both sitting stark naked next to each other. She resumed the movie exactly on the lovemaking scene and now mom was openly fondling herself with her hands. She was squeezing her nipples alternately with her left hand while her right hand was now stroking the carrot in her love hole. I looked at her and she was horny as hell right now and here I was sitting with a raging hard-on with my release just around the corner.

I looked at her and mustering up a lot of courage asked her if I could help her with what she was doing? She looked at me lustfully but did not answer anything, taking her silence as her approval I bent forward and planted a kiss on her nipple. Mom let out a soft moan while I kept kissing and sucking her nipple. I decided to go ahead and now moved closer to her and grabbed both her tits and started slowly squeezing them while alternately sucking and nibbling at her nipples while she continued stroking her pussy with the carrot. I guess this was too much for her and she let out a loud groan and shuddered because another orgasm hit her. Now I got up and spread her legs wider and pulled out the carrot completely and for the first time got a very close look at her bushy pussy glistening with her juices.

I separated her hair and spread her vaginal lips and stuck my mouth to her hole pushing my tongue inside her lapping up her juices. It was fun to be sucking on the same hole from which I came out years ago. She now had my head pressed against her pussy and was enjoying the oral fuck I was giving her with my tongue. I found her engorged clit and licked it with my tongue and took it between my teeth and played enough with it. This was too much for her and she did not last very long and very quickly had another release. I licked whatever liquids that trickled out of her love hole making sure I did not waste even a drop. Now I wiped my face and look up at her, she was smiling from ear to ear and had that satisfied look on her face like a virgin who had just been deflowered.

She asked me to get up and when I did my monster was at her face level dripping pre-cum. She just grabbed it with both her hands started stroking it. Then she brought her face closer to it and licked the head of my penis. Then she continued to lick my entire shaft and took my balls in her mouth and played with them with her tongue. I am clean shaven hence no hair to come in the way. Then she came back to my rod and started sucking it slowly taking it little by little into her mouth. She couldn’t accommodate my entire length but she had more than half going in and out of her mouth. The feeling at this point where your own mother is sucking your dick is just incredible and impossible to describe in words. I didn’t last long because of my pent up release and shot a huge load into her mouth. She was not expecting this and quite some bit fell out onto her breasts.

She swallowed my juice in her mouth and then with her fingers picked up the rest which was on her breasts and ate that too. Then she looked up at me and asked me “how was my performance son?” I replied panting “mom you were great. This is the best I have ever had”. I sat down on the sofa next to her and we both emptied our glasses together. Surprisingly I noticed that after so much to drink she was not d***k yet and just a little slurry in her words. I told her “thanks for a fantastic time mom. I want to do it again and more of it…” she said “son you are free to do it anytime with me but let’s get some rest first”. I was super excited imagining what more was going to happen when she asked me to get her another drink. She said “make it large this time.”

I was very used to surprises by now so just went and poured up two large drinks for both of us and sat with her on the sofa. We said cheers and sipped our drinks together sitting stark naked together. Then I asked her if she ever considered shaving her pubic hair and she said yes she did it regularly when dad was around and not since. I asked her if I could shave it for her right now and she agreed. I immediately went to fetch my shaving kit and I also picked up a miltf series dvd on my way thinking that I would watch it with her since the movie was anyway over now. I spread a towel on the sofa and made her sit on it and spread her legs wide. I also put in the dvd in the player and she asked me which movie it was, I just said “mom you just watched a normal English movie with what is called as soft-core but now I am going to play something real hardcore and you will surely enjoy it.”

She asked if I was playing a blue film and I just told her to wait and watch. I got busy between her legs and before I started with the foam I separated the folds of her pussy and lapped it up with my tongue. She jerked slightly and moaned saying “have some patience son, we have enough time and opportunity ahead”. I replied saying “sorry mom some things can’t wait and your juices are already flowing why waste them”. She just smiled and was lightly running her fingers thru my hair enjoying the oral I was giving her. The movie had started and the title was ‘I just fucked my husband’s best friend’, she read it loud and laughed saying “how I wish this was possible in reality…” I looked up at her and told her “why not mom, who is stopping you? Do you have someone in mind?” she looked surprised and exclaimed “what are you saying? How can you even think of it? How can I do such a thing?”

I was done now with licking her clean and after lathering her complete crotch area liberally with foam I shaved it carefully. I told her that there was nothing wrong in it and doing it with a known person was always a better idea because that way everything can be kept quiet and under the carpet. She was very keenly listening to me while the movie was playing in the background. I was done with the shaving and now her beautiful hairless pussy was in front of me. I dived in and licked it again not forgetting her clitoris and now pushed a finger into her hole. She moaned loudly saying “Oh my god. Stop don’t do it”. I did not listen to her and continued and her juices started leaking again. I now pushed two fingers inside while I continued to lick her clit harder and her moaning was becoming louder.

Now I could feel her pushing my head harder against her crotch. I knew she was enjoying it and even my manhood was hard as a rock and standing erect like Eiffel tower. Now I wanted to fuck her desperately but was not sure if I had her ready for it. She was moaning wild right now and kept saying “don’t stop, don’t stop son” I think her orgasm was building and within the next few seconds she came heavily grinding my face hard against her crotch. I almost suffocated with my face buried in her crotch held tightly with her legs which had closed up around my head in a vice like grip. She was done very soon and immediately relaxed her grip and spread her legs again. I finished cleaning her pussy up with my tongue and stood up again with my manhood standing in attention facing her. I wiped my face and was still standing looking for some signs from her to proceed further.

She leaned forward and now very comfortably took my rod into her mouth and started slurping it like an ice cream candy. This time was even better than the previous one. She went on for some time and looked up at my face smiling, I bent towards her and was about to kiss her on her lips when she turned her face away saying no. I didn’t bother to push more and I held her thighs and made her lie on the sofa and just when I was about to get on top of her she said “son please don’t do this. I know you want to fuck me but please don’t. Whatever we did was fine and let’s leave it at that nothing further than that. I am not sure if I can see you fucking me”. I told her “relax mom. Don’t think too much about it and nothing will happen especially after we have just done everything else” I asked her to get onto all fours and she did and I bent and kissed her pussy again from behind and then positioned my dick at her pussy entrance from behind.

Due to her juices lubrication was no problem and I started pushing into her. She screamed saying “go slow son, treat me like a virgin” I understood and pushed very very slowly into her while I grabbed her tits from behind and was fondling them. I was in no hurry and kept giving her very slow strokes going deeper and deeper with every stroke. I was all the way inside her in no time and she actually felt tight like a virgin. Now I started increasing my pace and mom was enjoying it and moaning loudly all the time. Even on screen there was furious fucking action happening. Since this was my second time I was able to last longer but it was not very long before I shot my load deep inside her because of her tight pussy. I continued with a few more strokes emptying every last drop of my seed in her womb.

We were both exhausted and I got off her and she turned around and we both sank into the sofa sweating and panting. Mom said “this was the best sex I ever had because even your dad never lasted so long or was so good”. I told her “mom you are my fantasy woman and I am very happy to realize my fantasy today”. I was very happy to be able to fuck her even though it took so long but no regrets. Mom said “I am feeling very guilty because of our relationship for what we just did…” I told her “don’t be just look at it as just satisfying your urge and just for pleasure, nothing else…” I saw the time and it was quite late into the night and we decided to get some sl**p. Today I joined her in her bed room and slept with her hugging each other like lovers.

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First time fucking my best friend's girl

I was helping my best friend and his girl friend move into their new apartment. I was expecting anything but to help my friend move a lot of his shit into his place and talk shit about any and everything, which is our usual procedure when we're hanging out. I seen his girl before and I always thought she was a cute girl with a nice attitude who would do him some good being in is life. Anyway, him and I brought up box after box of some things he had packed. After sometime went by we all decide to relax for a moment. She said she was going into the their room to take a nap.

Me and him was in the living room laughing and joking for about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes until she called for him to come into the room. So I'm sitting there for about 5 minutes after he went back there and I heard her moaning. At this point I already know whats going on but I went back there anyway and to no ones surprise they we're having sex. They noticed me watching and he gave his head a nod to come in. I stepped in a bit further and he waved his hand for me to come in more, which I did. He then signaled me to stand in front of her, which by this point, my pants was making it hard for my dick to breath. She glanced up at me and started to unbutton my pants.

My heart was pounding really fast. I couldn't believe the fact that I was going to get a blowjob from my best friend's girl. As quick as this thought shot through my head, my dick was already in her mouth. The feeling of her mouth around my dick was so great. So warm, wet, and soft. She started going slow progressing getting faster as he fucked her harder. I noticed her hands around my hips, pulling me further into her mouth. I looked over at him and he moved his mouth asking me if I wanted fuck her for a bit.

At this point I'm to wrapped in the intoxication of it all, so I nodded my head yes. He reached over to the side his bed, grabbed a condom and tossed it to me. I slid the condom on and made her get on her back. I looked down at her pussy and decided to eat her out for a minute. As I was eating I looked up and seen that she was sucking him off. The more I played with her clit with my tongue, the more she trusted her pelvis upward, when jamming my face more into her pussy. She pushed my face away from her pussy and told me to fuck her now. No arguments there I thought.

I slipped into her so easily. I started slow soon moving faster and harder. By this point I grabbed her shoulders to help me move faster and harder. I could hear moaning as her lips were wrapped around his dick. He reached his limit and pulled his dick out of her mouth and shot his load on her body. Soon after he came she came again, which by this point was about her seventh time. I was no where near done but they were both wore out, so I decided it was time for me to stop. I pulled out of her slowly, took the condom off and put my pants back on. I looked back at her and him and they started to fall asl**p. I said nothing to them. As I left, I locked their door and threw the condom away on my way out then took my ass home.... Continue»
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My Best Friend's s****r

Aiden is my best friend. I go over his house almost every day after school to do things that vary from playing basketball to watching f****y guy. He lives with his two parents and two s****rs, both younger than him. They both walked around the house like whores, and man did I love it. Sometimes I went over just to see them. I also spent a lot of time in the 3 k**’s bathroom, because man did that room smell like fresh virgin pussy. They were very friendly so the middle c***d usually sat really close to me and talked to me a lot. The youngest one was crazy. She was always hyper and I could already tell that she was going to grow up to be a whore just like her s****r. The two s****rs never got along so there was constant fighting, but they both got along with Aiden.

One day when I was over after school the two s****rs started going at it instantly. The parents were both working so no one was watching them at first. It got so intense that they started to hit and beat each other up. I found it extremely attractive; it was like watching two sexy girls with cute, petite body’s rub against each other. When my friend saw them he instantly broke them up, and I was hoping he didn’t find it weird that I was just staring at them almost drooling. Like I said, they were petite, or small, so he was able to set them apart with ease. He tried for about 10 min but he could not settle them down. He eventually came to the conclusion that he needed to take the younger one for a ride in the car to get them away from each other. I nodded and watched the younger s****r’s ass as she left. I then turned my attention to the older s****r and she had tears in her eyes. She ran for her room and slammed the door shut. I figured I would give her privacy, so I went to lie down on the couch and watch TV.

It was about 3 hours and I then realized that she was still in her room. I figured that she might have calmed down a little so I figured I would go see if she wanted to talk about what had happened. I got to the door and realized it was a crack open. I didn’t want to wake her up in case she was so upset that she just went to bed so I just peered in. The light was on so I could see perfectly and she wasn’t at her desk so maybe she did go to bed. Then I looked at her bed and had to blink about 10 times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. It was her, naked, fingering herself! I couldn’t believe my eyes! She had one hand on her perfect little tits and the other rubbing her clitoris! She had long brown hair and was about 5' 4". She had a tight little ass and beautiful and perfectly round small tits. The more I thought about it, it was the perfect way to relieve stress. I got the biggest boner that I ever had watching her and started to stroke it as she got faster, closely reaching her climax. She climaxed but sadly I didn’t in time. I figured she was done so I went to go back to the couch. As soon as I started to walk the other way she yelled out to me “Get in here” I sighed, figuring she would be even madder that I had been watching her.

When I reached her bed she stood up and pushed me against the wall. “What the fuck is wrong with you? I’m your best friend’s s****r! Isn’t there some kind of man code against that!?” she asked. “Yes” I said. “Well then why are you fucking watching me! I should tell Aiden about this!” “No! No anything but that, please!” “Why the fuck shouldn’t I tell him!? You are a peeping tom!” “I’m sorry!” “Well so am I!” she said as she unbuttoned my pants.

I stared at her with my mouth open in aw, not really sure what was going on. “Well don’t just look at me like your blind or something! If you got the balls to look at me through my door, then you’re gonna use them to fuck my brains off.” As she said this she threw me on to my bed and sat on my face. I put my hands on her hips and quickly began to eat her out, since I was totally open to the idea. Her virgin pussy tasted so good, I could have eaten it all day. I ate her out so much she orgasmed about two times and then laid next to me. I rolled on top of her but then stopped quickly in my tracks. “What if someone comes home” I said. “Oh, no one will be home for about two hours, trust me.” She winked at me and then started to slide my shirt off. I helped her and then started for my pants, ready to fuck her brains out. Once I was completely naked, I started to stick the tip of my dick into her pussy.

“Oh no, no, no,” she said as she took my penis out of her pussy. “I need to get it all wet for you first.” She looked up and winked at me once more, sat up and then licked my dick from the start of the staff to the very tip. She then put the tip of my dick into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it inside her mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head and guided her head as she sucked my cock. As she was blowing my dick she looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and I nearly came inside her mouth just from the sight of that. She then started to suck my cock faster and faster till I was a suck away from cuming. I warned her off this so she took my dick out of her mouth and rubbed my cock till I came all over her face. This just increased her sexiness by 10x, and even though I came I was still nice and ready to fuck her brains out.

She then licked the cum off her lip and laid back down onto the bed. “Fuck me big boy” she said as I pushed the tip of my dick into her pussy again. I then started to slide my whole cock into her and she moaned loud as it happened. I then started to fuck her pussy as her tits bounced lightly and the bed shaked. She began to moan loud as she rubbed her tits and called out my name. I leaned down to put my hands on either side of her and shove my cock into her pussy harder and faster. She was screaming at this point and I was admiring how tight and wet her pussy was. I fucked her as fast as I could and she was screaming so loud that I was getting nervous that the neighbors in the next house might here her! I then pulled out quick as I came all over her stomach. She took one finger and scooped the cum into her mouth.

After all that fucking, though, she was still cock hungry! I realized it was because I had not made her cum yet so I thought of the best way to do this. Then it came to me, doggy style! I quickly put her on her hands and knees and shoved my cock into her from behind. This had made the sex a lot better for her because I was now pounding her G-spot. As I was fucking her I leaned down and grabbed her tits as they jiggled in my hands. I fucked her as hard as I could until she came all over my cock and fell down onto the bed on her back.

Now it was my turn to get something that I really wanted to do. I crawled on top of her and placed my cock in between her tits. She knew what I wanted and pushed her tits up to go around my cock. I then rubbed my cock in between her tits and with every thrust the tip of my dick hit her tongue. Her tits where so soft and made my dick feel so good as it rubbed against them. I fucked her tits until I came all over her face for the second time and it looked so sexy that I told her just to leave it there and then I laid down next to her.

“Damn, I never thought you would be so experience for a virgin” I said. “I never thought your cock would be so huge!” she said as she got dressed and walked out of the room. I did the same and as soon as I left her room my friend Aiden returned with his younger s****r. He made them make up and hug each other, which was so sexy since their breasts pressed together. Then Aiden and his two s****rs went to watch to watch TV in another room. All I could was just sit there and say to myself “One down, one to go.”
... Continue»
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Anal With My Best Friend's Girl

Why was my best friend telling me this? God, why couldn't he keep his mouth shut?

I sat back against the hood of his car and sipped on a beer. On Javier's front lawn was a grill and flames were shooting up from the charcoal we'd just lit. We were both nineteen. I don't remember how the topic got started, but the sentence I've committed to memory was:

"She really wants me to fuck her in the ass. Last night was like the hundredth time she'd asked me. She's been bugging me a lot about it lately." Javier said, acting as if he had a problem on his hands. He opened up his can of beer and gulped it down.

Javier had been dating Danitza for three years. He'd lost his virginity to her back in high school, as she was his first real, serious girlfriend. I'd always thought of her as a shy girl, reserved and very quiet when we went on double dates. Thinking back on it now, I know it was because she wasn't comfortable around me, or any of Javier's friends. She wasn't comfortable with anyone who wasn't from a rich f****y. But that didn't stop her from liking Javier, and reveling in the excitement that he brought her with his gang lifestyle.

"Why don't you do it? You're an idiot." I said.

"'s gross, don't you think? She shits out that hole--how am I going to stick my finger up there, or my dick? She's tripping. Men aren't supposed to put it up a girl's butt, that's what a pussy is for. Only gay people do it." He stopped speaking for a moment and looked at me, I could tell by his face that this conversation bothered him. "Have you ever fucked Ivonne up the ass?"

"No. She won't let me." This was true, at the time she'd denied me, but even if we were having anal sex, I wouldn't have told him. My sex life was private for a reason--for a reason like what was running through my mind about his girl at the moment.

"But you would do it if she let you?"

"I would, and you're stupid for not doing it with Danitza. Just try it. It'll probably hurt her and she won't ask anymore."

"Hell no, I won't. I hate that she asks over and over. I fuck her good, and when I'm d***k I eat her out, but I won't touch her ass."

So now I knew that my best friend's girl wanted it up the ass and wasn't getting it—that wasn't good. At that time in my life(maybe still), my ultimate goal was that rare, and magnificent chance to have anal sex with a woman; any woman. And until then, I'd yet to meet a willing female who wanted it in the ass.

The last thing I wanted was to be fantasizing about my friend's girl. Her image came to mind as I drank that beer on his driveway. Danitza had long straight hair, brown in color. She wore neatly cut bangs always. Her eyes were brown, almost black, and were gigantic on her narrow face. Her nose was a too pointy for her face, it was prominent when you looked at her, but it didn't hinder her looks, in fact it spiced her up.

She was Spanish, not Mexican like most everyone in our circle of friends. There is a very, very big difference between Mexicans and Spaniards. The Spanish are white people...Europeans, and more often than not think they are superior to any Latino. She'd moved from Madrid to the United States with her f****y six years ago. There's not very many Spaniards you meet in California's Bay Area, so it made her very exotic like.

Danitza didn't have much of a body my regards at least. Remember, I like thick women. And Danitza never caught my eye in the least bit—not till Javier ruined it. Danitza had skinny, toned legs, and a somewhat curvy butt (compared to her body) that you could probably make disappear in the palm in your hand. Her breasts were tiny things--she was petite, that's the word. Javier liked his girls like that, real athletic like and fragile. Her body looked breakable almost, she was like a china doll; all pointy elbowed and bird boned.

"I think you should do it. It's supposed to feel good, for the guy."

"Have you done it with any girl?"

"No. Not yet, but one day I will." This was a lie. At that time I'd fucked two girls in the ass. The most recent was my girlfriend's younger cousin Bianca, who I couldn't admit to anybody about, (not that I would) because I didn't want to embarrass Ivonne, who'd been part of the threesome. The other woman was, Lorry, the mother of one of our friend's(see: A First For Everyone). Lorry was the biggest secret. Ivonne didn't even know about her at the time.

The thing about those two women was that they hadn't wanted it in the ass. Bianca had been barely willing, Lorry less so--but to think that Danitza wanted to try it; wanted to be fucked in her just drove me crazy.

From that day on, I couldn't help but become aroused whenever Danitza was around. I found myself studying her face, her puffy pink lips, her slender hips and skinny toned thighs. I felt bad about these feelings. I knew it wasn't right to be lusting after a friend's girl, so I buried these feelings deep, like any man in my situation should do.

I began to distance myself from Danitza, declining invitations to go out if she'd be around, so I wouldn't see her. But, all situations couldn't be avoided, and I knew I had to man up and push these evil thoughts from my mind, and it worked. But the seed had been planted in the soil of my mind and soon the seed grew like an uncontrollable weed.

Ivonne, my girlfriend, decided to go wine tasting in Napa with a few female friends. Naturally, Ivonne and Danitza had become friends because Javier and I hung out so often. Danitza had been invited, along with Bianca, Ivonne's cousin, and another friend named Susie. The group of girls all had fake I.D's, so tasting wine at nineteen wasn't a problem.

I'd dropped them off early on an autumn Saturday morning. We picked up Danitza first at her parent's large house and as soon as she stepped out of the door my dick began to stir. She was wearing a small black dress and her bare legs were blindingly white.

The ride up there was uneventful. I tried my best to not look at Danitza in the rearview mirror, but it was hard. It was easy to disappear as driver with a group of girls laughing and talking and I found myself secretly glancing back in the mirror to her position seated behind the passenger. Each glimpse of her seductive face and pouty pink lips only tortured me more. I'd been cursed with this stupid knowledge, and now I'd be forever uncomfortable in the vicinity of this Spanish beauty.

A couple of times Danitza caught me looking at her and I embarrassingly looked away each time our eyes caught in the rearview mirror. For her it was probably nothing to catch eyes like this, but for me, I felt an electric pang in my stomach, a static jumpstart to my penis.

Half of my excitement, I'm sure, was the guilt I felt, secretly checking out my best friend's beloved girlfriend right in front of my girl's nose; the other half was my secret knowledge that Danitza craved a cock up her ass--not her pussy--but her ass. And sadly, I wanted it to be my dick in her asshole. I wanted to be the one to violate her tiny, sweet rosebud, and to plow unmercifully through her fertile virgin ass. I wanted to be the one to stretch her little hole out to the width of my cock, repeatedly and repeatedly, filling her bowels with my manhood. What could be so wrong with wanting to listen to her squirm and moan when I pushed in her backside for the first, and third, and hundredth time? What could be so wrong with wanting to rest my balls against her wet pussy lips while my cock was buried full length up her hot, oven like rectum?

It was only a fantasy, right? What was wrong with a fantasy? Nothing.

Yes, I could fantasize all I wanted, I told myself, people do it all the time.

How would she be in bed I wondered? She was so reserved and quiet...did she moan loud during sex? Was she silent? How did she look sucking cock? I wondered if she swallowed cum. How did her small breasts look naked. What kind of noise would she make the first moment she felt a cock enter her ass and stretch her and fill her. Would she take it in silence?

Thinking all of this on the hour long ride to St. Helena's made my dick painfully hard.

She looked stunning sitting there in the back seat looking out of the window at the passing vineyards. Her white skin was sharply contrasted by her black almond like eyes and red lipstick. Her bangs were hanging curtain like over her forehead, cut right above her eyebrows. She sat there silent most of the time, smiling every now and then, but not speaking much. Ivonne could be very loud around her friends, and this difference in socializing intrigued me. You could tell Danitza was always full of thoughts. She remained aloof of conversations, and mysterious in her soft seldom spoken words.

I dropped them off and watched as they walked away. It was hard not to look right at Ivonne's massive behind wiggling with each step, she wore tight cotton pants that didn't hide a thing. Bianca too, looked lovely in a short pleaded skirt and knee high stockings. The other girl Susie was fat and easy to avoid with the eyes. I f***ed myself to watch Danitza, and her small firm behind caught the dress only slightly. But by the way it hung, I thought I could detect a thong. I grabbed my cock as I watched them walking away into the beautiful winery.

I'd managed to fuck two of the girls walking there; Ivonne and Bianca, and now I wanted Danitza—geez, I was crazy. I shook my head at my horny, irrational self. I was lucky enough to have gotten Bianca, but now my dick was pushing things too far. How could I expect to fuck Danitza, who wouldn't look twice at me, and had spoken maybe fifty words to me in over three years.

I was just a guy fantasizing, nothing more.

I drove home, and when I arrived I masturbated about Danitza. My cock had been hard for too long and I needed relief. Once I'd come, my lust vanished and I felt guilty. I spent the day watching the Giant's game and smoking weed. Finally, some five hours later, I received a phone call from a very, slurring and d***k Ivonne: they were ready to be picked up.

The drive out was fantastic. The winery was past St. Helena and in majestic northern California wine country. Rolling yellow hills dotted with oak trees were on either side of the road. All of the vineyards and fancy houses were inspiring, and romantic to say the least. There were many bicyclists and motorcyclist out enjoying the day.

As I rolled up to the parking lot of the vineyard they'd shuttled to, I spotted the group of girls sitting along a stone fountain. There was only three of them, Susie the big one, was missing. They saw me, well, Ivonne saw me and immediately jumped up and frantically waved at me. I saw her tugging at Bianca, who was asl**p.

"Help us." Ivonne shouted, too loud.

I parked and put the hazard lights on. Danitza was standing there looking very embarrassed, but she was d***k too, as she kept laughing louder than normal at Ivonne's attempts to lift her sexy little cousin.

I walked over to them and Ivonne kissed me passionately. I could taste the wine on her.

"I'm d***k." She said.

"I can see." I looked to Danitza. "And so are you."

She smiled and laughed. "A little."

"Where's Susie?" I asked.

"She found a man. He's gonna drive her home." Danitza said.

I picked up Bianca and walked her to the car, sitting her in the back seat and buckling her up. Her skirt had ridden up and I saw the tops of her nylon leggings. I quickly pulled the skirt down over her thick brown legs.

There were many wine tasters out that afternoon and I had to stop and slow for them to pass the parking lot. As I stopped for another group of women drinkers walking nonchalantly through the lot, a gust of wind shot through them and lifted up a woman's dress exposing her black panties. She was an older woman, but did have ass.

"Oh, watch your skirt lady. Woot, woot!" Ivonne yelled out the window.

The woman shot our car a dirty look and Ivonne laughed.

"You liked that, don't lie." Ivonne asked me.

I didn't answer.

"I know you did. You're such an ass man." She turned to Danitza in the backseat and said, "He loves a girl's ass." She giggled. I saw Danitza smirk and she looked at me through the rearview mirror, this time I didn't look away and we both exchanged a smile. Her eyes seemed full of emotion as if she were trying to convey something to me through their steady gaze.

It was a moment, our first moment, I thought. Always she dismissed me and ignored me. Was she smiling because of d***ken Ivonne? Or because Ivonne said I loved ass on a girl. Or was she just d***k?

Either way, the moment pleased me, and her eyes seemed to stay on me in the mirror afterwards. Every time I looked back her eyes were on me, and she glanced away, but not after a secret holding of the eyes. Our eye contact was lasting too long and it gave me butterflies in my belly. This was wrong, I thought, but I couldn't help but look back at her and see if I was imagining this or if she'd give me a long stare again.

There were a lot of people out on the road, and after a few minutes of blasting music, Ivonne was snoring beside me. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Bianca asl**p as well, only Danitza was awake, staring out the window. I saw I needed gas, so I pulled over at a small gas station in St. Helena.

When I got out the car to go to the pump, I saw Danitza get out too. She began walking to the store, but halfway there, stopped and turned and looked at me. She saw me staring at her, and I looked away. Danitza came slowly to me, I had the feeling she was hesitant in approaching me.

"Want something from the store?" She asked. Her voice was a bit deeper than most girls I knew, full of tone and body, yet still feminine.

"No, I'm fine."

"I'm going to get some smokes." She said, turning around and walking off.

I followed her with my eyes, watching her tiny butt pop out slyly from under the black dress. I noticed a man leaving the store couldn't keep his eyes off of her, and he turned his head to follow her with his eyes. Suddenly she flashed her face back at me and saw me gawking at her. She held my eyes and gave me the sexiest smile I'd ever received from a woman at that point in my life. Her smile hit my soul, and when her gaze turned away, the world didn't seem as bright as before; like when a cloud passes in front of the sun, the world had dulled after her smile.

I finished pumping and she returned.

"I didn't know you smoked." I said.

"I don't really, only when I'm buzzing."

"Do you want me to drive to a park so you can smoke? You can't smoke here, obviously. No smoking in my car, except for weed." I said.

"Yeah, a park would be good. Thanks."

She climbed back into the car and shut the door. I finished pumping and drove off. I knew there was a park coming up just down the road. But there was so much traffic in that small little town because of the stop lights, that it took forever. While driving I looked in the rearview mirror and sure enough, I caught Danitza looking at me again.

Finally we reached the park and I pulled over along the road. I shook Ivonne and she opened her eyes, man they were bl**dshot. "Are we there?" She asked.

"No. Do you wanna smoke? We're stopping to smoke?" I asked.

"What? No. Wake me when you get there, God I'm sl**py, I drank too much." She said. Bianca didn't respond at all when we asked her. So, it looked like it was going to be just me and Danitza sharing a cigarette.

I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

I don't smoke, but I was thinking with my cock, so I exited and walked with Danitza under the tall oak trees that shaded the green grass of the park. Most of the leaves were turning yellow and orange and there was a sea of dead leaves on the park floor. There was a wooden bench up a ways on the path, slightly hidden by a grove of oaks.

"Wanna sit there?" I asked.


We walked in silence, side by side. I could feel her presence next to me like a source of heat. Her sexuality latently oozed from her and smashed against my senses, I felt out of my league beside her. She was in a different class of sexiness. Ivonne, my girlfriend, was all physical. It was her model like looks, and thick butt and breasts and the skimpy clothes she wore, the way she spoke and touched and looked at you; that was Ivonne, and it was sexy as hell, but Danitza's sexiness was different.

It's hard to put to words how Danitza works. It's magic like, and it lies deep within her silent personality, and European way. Maybe it was because she wasn't mine, and I could never have her, but walking beside her, I had the feeling she was the center of the world, and everything and one, moved around her.

Even walking with her alone felt wrong. I felt as if I'd committed some sort of crime and that I'd somehow betrayed my friend and Ivonne, but at the same it was exciting.

The wind picked up a little and her silky brown hair turned like a curtain caught in the breeze. She swept her delicate fingers through her hair and I could smell her perfume lift from her by the wind. The silence between us was awkward, but I felt that if I spoke I would ruin everything and she would become distant and dismissive of me as she usually was.

We sat down together and she opened up the pack and pulled out a cigarette for me. I saw that her hands were tiny, and her nails a simple maroon red to match her lipstick. She put her cigarette to her mouth and tried to light the tip, but it was too windy, and I could see she was having trouble.

"May I?" I asked, leaning in and covering her smoke with my hands. A wisp of her hair touched my outstretched palm. She lit it and inhaled deeply. I lit my smoke.

"So did you have fun wine tasting?"

"Yes, I love wine." She finished as if she had nothing else to say or hear from me, so I shut up.

The silence resumed and it killed me. And then out of nowhere she spoke.

"What did Ivonne mean when she said you were an ass man?" She asked, not smiling, but genuinely serious. Wow, Danitza is all business, I thought.

I chuckled, meanwhile my stomach turned. It means I'd take great pleasure in putting my penis in your butt, I answered in my head.

"Ah, she was d***k." I said. "It's just because...well, I don't know how to say this, it's kind of personal—"

"What?" She smiled.

"I feel weird telling you."


"Because...I don't know. You really want to know? Promise you won't tell anyone then."


"Don't laugh at me, but when we're having sex, me and Ivonne, sometimes I ask if she'll let know, put it in her ass. I feel weird talking to you about sex, you know, you're my friend's girl and all." I looked away embarrassed.

Truly, I don't think Ivonne meant to imply anal sex when she said I was an ass man, I think she meant that I like girl's with big butts. But this was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. It was a perfect chance to breach the exotic subject.

She fondled her cigarette for a while and hit it. What was she thinking I wondered? She looked very sexy sitting there with her glowing white legs crossed and the wind blowing in her hair, a cigarette dangling perilously from the tips of her fingers.

"She doesn't allow you to do it?" I smelled wine on her breathe as she spoke.

"No. Sadly no."

"That's funny you say that."


"Oh, no. I could never say." She smiled secretly to herself.

"You can't tell me? I just admitted something personal to you." I said in a joking tone.

"I can't tell you because I'm a girl for one, and for two, I'm your best friend's girlfriend. You'll look at me different if I tell you."

"I won't. Do you see me differently after I told you about my wanting anal sex with Ivonne?"

She looked me up and down in a glance, "Yes."

"You do? You're supposed to say no. What's different then?"
"I know you want to have anal sex now. It's a very taboo subject. I'll tell you--we both have the same problem. I'd like to try it, but Javier won't." She looked very shy now, and I saw her face turn rosy.

"That's too bad for him. I love it. It's the best thing in the world."

"Have you done it before?"

"Yes. Once." I said, thinking of Bianca asl**p in the car and of Lorry, my first.

"You have? Really?"

"Yeah, really."

"With who?"

"An old girlfriend." A lie.

"How was it? Did it hurt her? Did she enjoy it?" She suddenly looked away. She'd become too excited and must have noticed it herself.

"It was erotic. I don't believe there is anything like it. The girl I did it with enjoyed it, she said it was the definition of being fucked. She said there are sensations to be felt there that are totally different than a girl's vagina. I'm surprised you're interested in it, most girls, I didn't think were."

"I'd like to try it. I saw it on a porno once and the girl seemed to really like it. I have friends who've done it and like it. I don't know, it just kind of stuck in my head. It really turns me on when I watch porn, the anal scenes. And now...," She stopped speaking and looked suddenly as if she were about to stand up and bolt away from me, or recede back into her silent, reserved self.


"I've been reading these erotica books, and they have anal in them. Things happen in those books that I can never do with Javier. God, I can't believe I'm telling you this...I want to just know how it feels, to be fucked there, you know. I mean, I know it must hurt a little, but I'd like to feel that, I think. I'd like to experiment while I'm young. But...I can't, not with Javy. I'm not going to break up with him, I want to be with him forever, so I guess I will never know it."

My heart was racing inside of my chest. My dick was throbbing in my pants. I wanted to pick her up, turn her over and push my tongue inside of her inexperienced anus. Please let me be the one to fuck you there, I wanted to say.

"Don't tell Javier I told you this." She said at last.


"You're in love with Ivonne, right? I can tell. She loves you a lot."

"Yes, I love her."

"You've been friends with Javier for how long?"

"Shit, like...ten years almost, since we were nine. I'm happy for him, to have a girl like you. You really make him happy."

"I knew you guys were close. He talks as if you were his lover. Look, you'd never cheat on Ivonne, right?"

"No. Why?"

"I'd never cheat on Javier. I..." She hit her cigarette hard and flicked the ash from it. A couple walked by holding hands. I looked around the park and it was all couples, or couples with k**s. People might assume that we were a couple sitting there together. This thought coursed through my head and excited me.

"You'd never do anything to hurt him, right? Or Ivonne."

"What are you saying?"

"You don't know? You want me to say it then? Well, I might as well; I'm the one who brought it up. Maybe, together, you could help me with my problem, I could help you. Secretly, though. Nobody could ever find out."

"You mean, us have sex?" I couldn't believe this.

"No. Not sex. You could help me see if I like the ass. I don't want to cheat on Javier just to have this experimentation, but I'm really curious. I know of all of the guys I know, you'd never tell because you're such a good friend of his, and because of Ivonne, plus you're not too bad looking. Do you think I'm a bad person? I feel bad saying this, almost whorish. I'm sorry, I should have never—"

"No. I'll do it. It would be my pleasure."

"I know I don't have an ass like Ivonne...maybe you don't have to put your penis inside me, maybe just a finger."

"I can help you. I'm glad you don't look like Ivonne. Something different would be nice for me."

"I just don't wanna sound like a hoe—I'm not. I've only been with Javier."

"No, there's nothing wrong with us doing this. I completely understand you."

She nodded and hit her smoke. We sat in silence again, listening to the leaves rustle on the ground around us and the cars passing on the road before us.

"You wouldn't tell Javier?" Her voice was almost a whisper and she wasn't looking at me.

"Tell him what? I won't tell him you told me you want to try anal sex."

"It wouldn't be cheating, right? Sex is cheating I think. Having feelings is cheating. It would be just for experimentation, so we can both get what we're not getting with our partners. You can't let anyone know. You have to promise." She said.

"I promise." My dick was as hard as it could be.

I reached over and took her hand in mine. It was cold and slender. Her first instinct was to pull away, but then she relaxed and looked over to where my car was parked. I rubbed her fingers with my thumb.

"You look nervous. If you're uncomfortable holding my hand, how could we..."

"I know. Give me a minute."

I placed my hand over her thigh and squeezed her gently. With the hand I was holding, I took her hand and placed it over my jeans, right to where my erection bulged. It was as if she had touched a hot stove, and she recoiled at the feel of my cock.

"Feel it?" I asked.

She nodded her head. Her fingers pressed down on me and felt for the outline of it. There is nothing in the world than the brand new touch of feminine hands as she inspects your cock for the first time, gauging it, testing it, amazed by it.

"I think it's time to go." She said, standing up.

I stood up with her and grabbed her by her slender waist with both hands on her hips. Her body tensed up instantly under my touch. She was frozen before me, facing away, and I leaned forward and inhaled her sweet perfume and the unmistakable scent of red wine. God, she even smelled fragile. It was a very different smell from my girlfriend; a foreign, exotic scent that flowed from my nose to my throbbing cock.

Her waist was so thin and alien; I gripped it easily with my hands. Thinking about it, my cock was just about as long as her side profile, if not longer; she was that skinny.

"Push back against me." I said.

"Here? We should go somewhere private, don't you think?"

"You have to get used to me first, right? We need to be comfortable with each other." I was incredibly excited, just her soft touch under my hands was enough to make me shoot my load in my pants.

She turned her face to look at me, "Okay."

I pulled at her thin hips and her butt came backwards. I pushed my erection against her round bottom. It felt so good to have her like this in front of me, my dick smashed against her taught, lean butt cheeks. I pushed into her quite hard, and she returned the pressure happily.

She was taller than me by an inch or two, and this made it easier to press up against her ass. If it were Ivonne, I'd have to bend my knees a little to get this angle.

A couple was walking by and she pushed away from me smiling.

"Let's go against a tree, out of the path." I suggested.

"What? You're crazy."

"Here. Come on." I took her hand and we went into the grass beside a massive oak. I leaned against the tree with my back and I pulled her to me, her butt against my dick again. We looked like any other couple in the park. With her ass against me, she slowly began to grind on my erection, her movements subtle, yet f***eful. She leaned her head back on my shoulder.

"Wow, I feel you. This is exciting." She whispered.

I put my hand to her ass and squeezed her toned cheeks. I was right, it did almost disappear in one grip. I kneaded her cheek and slowly my hand found her crack. I pushed in with my fingers against her crack, forcing her dress up between her cheeks with my fingers. Through the thin material, her heat could be felt. I pressed my fingers against her searching for her ass.

It wasn't enough, so carefully, I placed a hand up her skirt from the back. Her skin was like silk under my touch, her thighs cold. She felt me and stopped grinding against my cock.

"I want to feel your ass." I said.

"Now? Why now?"

"Relax." I whispered to her.

"What if somebody sees us?"

"Nobody will. We look like any other couple in the park. From the back I'm going to touch you."

"Okay." She said, her voice shaky with fear.

Up her thighs my hand went, slowly taking in her skin under my fingertips. She wasn't mine; these legs weren't supposed to be touched, her ass forbidden, her scent secret; but here I was, lust and temptation had won out and her sweet body was the prize.

I found her waiting ass crack and I wiggled in with my fingers. Instantly I felt her anus. It was hot and tight and puckered up thick between her cheeks. She was wearing a thong and I scooted it away.

Ah, yes, my finger touched her secret opening. I felt where her skin met in a blend muscle, heat, and tender, tender skin. The instant I touched her puckered rosebud she clamped her butt cheeks closed on my finger and held me tight. Her muscled cheeks had snapped shut like a mouse trap on my intruding finger.

"Oh." She said to me in the softest voice I'd ever heard. "I've never been touched there."

I kept my finger in its place at the gates to heaven, and leaned in to her clean white neck and placed my lips to her skin. She smelled wonderful and her skin was softer than I'd imagined. With my tongue I caressed her and she gave a sigh of pleasure, she placed a hand over the hand I held on her bony hip.

"I'm going to push it in you." I said.

"No, wait."

"What's wrong?"

"Kiss me first."

I turned her around and she faced me, her eyes burned into my soul as she studied my face. Her cheeks were rosy. Her small thin arms wrapped around my neck and we stared at each other for a moment. She was so beautiful with her cute bangs and snow white skin and gigantic black eyes. She was so beautiful, but she wasn't mine, she could never be mine, and this made me lust for her all the more.

We kissed then. Her soft lips found mine and I pushed my tongue past her lips and into her soft waiting mouth. It was a fast kiss, quick enough for her to feel wanted, and for me to feel passion. I don't think any girl would want a man to finger her ass without a kiss first; not a sensible, self-respecting girl, like Danitza at least.

My hands dropped to her ass and I cuddled those firm cheeks of hers.

"This is so wrong. But it feels good, doesn't it?" She asked me.

"Yes. Turn."

She did so promptly, and backed her ass against my hard erection once more, and leaning her head back against my chest. My hands couldn't restrain themselves, and I licked my finger, spitting on it to lube it and went back up her skirt. I pushed past her cheeks and to her ass. With a wet slippery finger I circled her hole and rubbed it. I couldn't believe how tiny it felt. I could barely feel the entrance, but her muscled ring was quite hard and rubbery, and that's how I knew just beyond was her tightest hole, yet to be filled with a man's cock and loaded with thick sperm.

"It feels good to be touched there." She whispered. "Mmmm."

"I'm going to push in a little."


Slowly, I pushed forward, and one of her hands went to my neck, her nails digging into my skin, the other hand to the arm pushing into her, her nails cut into me there too. I slipped upwards against her virgin resistance. Her body was fighting the invasion of the smallest tip of my finger. The very tip of my finger made her gasp and her nails dug deeper. There was so much pressure on my finger that I closed my eyes and enjoyed the squeeze and heat she was letting have.

"Oh my." She said sharply.

"Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?"

"Just give me a second. It hurts a little, but it also feels good. Hold on." She said, exhaling and inhaling deeply. I could feel her heart throbbing around my finger tip. I kissed her neck and she moaned in pleasure from my dancing tongue. I wiggled my finger in response to her moan and she gasped loudly and whispered; "Oh, yes. Push it deeper, but slow, please. Very slow."

With her consent, I moved my finger in her ass. It wasn't easy pushing up her deliciously tight backdoor, but it was satisfying beyond description to feel her stretch over my finger and accept me inside of her. It moved in with small bumps as her ass caught my finger and let it go. When her ass was wrapped nicely over my first knuckle, a burning hot crush could be felt. I twisted my finger back and side to side, testing her tremendous strength.

"Ohh. Ouch. Mmmmm. It's so different." She said to me as I tried loosening her death grip.


"I'm trying."

"Want me to rub your pussy?"

"No. That would be cheating, don't you think?"

"It would help. I would wet my finger and you'd get a better sensation, I think."

She sighed in thought. Her heart sped up and I felt every beat on my finger.


I removed my finger from her tight ass and pushed forward between her legs. I found a slippery wet pussy lips waiting for me. Her small lips were shaved smooth--God, I've gotten her dripping wet, and only by touching her ass! Why couldn't she be mine? Oh, Javier, you're such a lucky idiot! You don't know what you have. Her pussy is so compact, I thought. I pushed around and her lips welcomed me. Her clit was extremely hard, and protruding from her, I rubbed it over and her body racked and twitched. She was breathing fast, as if she were out of breath.

I plunged my finger into her waiting vagina, inside my best friend's girlfriend. I did what I wish I could do with her ass, pushing deep and with f***e, up and inside her velvet lined pussy. Oh, I wouldn't mind fucking her too! Her pussy was so soft and mesmerizing.

I gave her a couple of good turns, then fucked her with my finger. It was hot, and she moaned secretly with each shove into her. I could have kept my finger there all day, but I wanted to finger her butt. So I removed it and retreated back up her hot crack and to her defiant hole.

Her juices were so slippery, like lube, and I circled her asshole rim, massaging her tight muscled entrance. I pushed forward and her heat enveloped me. Upwards I travelled, probing her rectum and all the untouched secret beauty of her ass. Up to my second knuckle now and her nails were really digging into me. I decide now I'd fuck her with my finger. So I moved back, then forward and she moaned and tensed her body.

"Feel me now?" I asked her.

"Ohh, yes I feel you."

"Where's my finger?"

"In my ass."

"What's it doing to you?"

"It's moving in and out...ohhhh."

I looked around the park and nobody was paying us any attention. I was just a guy with a girl leaned up against him, be it his best friend's girl, and my finger was lodged halfway up her virgin rectum; but nobody could know that.

With each push into her I gained ground, moving in and in and in, until I had my entire middle finger inside of her ass. Each pull out of her painfully tight hole made her muscles involuntarily flex on my finger, biting down on me.

"Damn, is that you squeezing me when I pull out?"

"No. It does it by itself. I don't know why?" She giggled. "Slower, please."

"Yeah, sorry."

She was so tight--I loved the feel of her squeeze. Her ass was being enjoyed by someone who appreciated it. What sexual fun it was to hear her moan, as I opened her up and played with her tightness as if it were a toy. It was wrong on every level what I was doing to her. An ass wasn't supposed to be violated in this way. A friend's girlfriend wasn't supposed to let anyone touch her so inappropriately. A man with a girlfriend wasn't supposed to be so close to another girl, wasn't supposed to be inside of another girl...but here I was defying all the odds, defying this woman's tight crushing ass. My finger was breaking new ground; going where it shouldn't be, and not only was I enjoying it, but Danitza was too.

She was losing what little innocence she possessed. This wasn't her womanhood I was pushing into, but her soul, her pride, her secrets...her everything. This hole was the most sacred, private part of her body, and I was in it, violating her, taking away her secrets with each push into this unimaginably tight hole--and this wasn't even my dick.

My phone rang and it scared both of us. I pulled my finger out of the fire and into the cool autumn air. I saw that it was Ivonne. Instantly my stomach turned.

"Who is it?" She asked, looking around her and adjusting her dress and hair.

"Ivonne. Hold on."

I answered and she asked where I was. I told her we'd gone for a smoke and that we were on our way back to the car right now.

"We have to go. How did you like it?"

She smiled. "I loved it. Why did Ivonne have to call?"

"When do you want to get together again?"

"I don't know. Tonight? I want you to fuck me in my ass."

"Will you call me? Or how?"

"I'll stop by at midnight. Make sure you're alone. A phone call is too risky, so I'll just be parked outside. Javier checks my phone. He's a really jealous person, I know he doesn't show it, but in private he's extremely jealous. I'll make up a lie and say I'm going to my cousins." She told me.


My room, in my parent's house faced the street, and it was there that I waited. I showered and cleaned my room as best I could; changing the sheets, grabbing a jar of Vaseline, and tucking it inconspicuously near the bed. Then I waited anxiously.

When I looked at the clock it was eleven thirty, and I decided to jack off. My dick had been constantly erect since I'd fingered Danitza's backside in the park hours earlier. I'd even had Ivonne suck my dick in the car after dropping her off, and had poured a gallon of sperm into her mouth; but even that blowjob hadn't quenched my sexual lust. When I finished masturbating, I sat by the window and continued my wait, my dick rising and throbbing in my pants as I thought of Danitza's delicious ass and the pleasure that would be taking place in this very room in a few minutes.

I went through an array of emotions as I sat there waiting and the clock struck midnight. She hadn't arrived and my spirits fell hard. Had she changed her mind? Had she fallen asl**p? Maybe it was a good thing she wasn't coming, I thought to myself. Yes, it was for the better. Why did I have to cheat on my beautiful girlfriend with this skinny girl with no ass or tits, and who happened to be my friend's girlfriend?

But then I remembered Danitza's tight, tight butt. I remembered her cute face and prominent nose and mysterious almond eyes. I thought of her powerful silence, and her intelligence. I remembered her sweet scent and silky brown Spanish hair. I could live with myself afterwards, after this betrayal, I thought. It was only sex, right? No feelings. I didn't want to take her away from my friend. They could get married for all I cared, and I would be happy for them.

I didn't want Danitza...only her tight, small butt--I wanted that. And it wasn't even her butt I wanted, I just wanted to use it, stick my hard cock in it and unload my thick sperm into her--that's it; that's all. After that, she could go. I had a drop dead gorgeous girl, I didn't need a new one.

I wanted ass, my girl wouldn't give me hers. I wanted something Javier didn't, so what was the problem? Isn't life about getting what you want?

Just then I saw the lights of a car flicker down my darkened street. My heart rose. A white BMW came into view, and I knew it was Danitza—she'd come! Fifteen minutes late, but she'd made it after all. Perhaps she'd been consumed with mixed feelings like me. What was the drive over for her like? The entire thirty minutes it took to get here, she must have been thinking about me. She knew she was on her way to being sodomized for the first time by a man not her boyfriend. This thought excited me.

She pulled up and her head lights turned off. She remained in the car. I hadn't thought about what would happen now. I decided to go to her. I rushed out of the room and crept quietly through the hall, to the front door. The night was freezing and I wished I had on more than a t-shirt. When she saw me, she opened her car door and I saw her in the light for the first time.
"Hey. You came." I said.

"What? You thought I was lying?"

"No, well, maybe I thought you'd change your mind."

"No." She closed the door to the car. I wondered if I should embrace her, hug her maybe, but I didn't. She didn't seem to want it. She wore a sweater and her hair was pulled back. For pants she had on black spandex, sandals wrapped her white feet. She carried a large purse with her, and stood with her arms crossed. "It's cold."

I led her back to the house. When I opened the door for her she passed and she smelled freshly cleaned, as if she'd just showered. She'd sprayed on a sweet, fruity smelling perfume. We crept to my room and I closed the door and locked it.

"Nice room." She said, looking around. I had a lamp on beside the bed, it gave off a yellow dull light. She looked amazing standing there; a Spanish princess just for me. She'd come to deliver me her cute tight butt and nothing more. What more could a man want from a girl as sexy and suave as her? Yes, a good fucking of her tight pussy would be nice and a good blowjob from her full, soft pink lips would have been magical, but no, I was going to make stupendous, secret love to her tiny asshole without the knowledge of my girlfriend or her boyfriend. Nobody in the world will know what we plan to do together...nobody. And that made it all the better for me.

Her presence in my room felt so wrong. She wasn't supposed to be here, not in my house at night with her boyfriend nowhere in sight. She looked so pretty standing in the middle of my room. She was admiring my pictures on the wall, a few of them I'd drawn. As she looked around I couldn't help but glance down to her buttocks. Under her tight spandex were two small lumps. Nothing much to grab, but they were chiseled, and looked marvelously strong. In fact, she did have a nice ass. It wasn't flat, like some poor skinny girls, but were deliciously round, small, but round.

Her hips were slim, and between her thighs I could see light peeking through near her crotch...yes, she was a skinny little thing. My cock was going to fill her up, straight up to her belly. How could she manage it? She looked as if she would break if I pounded her too hard. I'd have to be gentle with her, not that I was planning to be rough, but she was a delicate creature.

She moved to shift her weight on her left foot and I saw the bounce of ass cheek flex as she did so. I wanted to grab that tiny mound and squeeze it. My cock was near bursting point now. There was no real way to hide it, so I didn't. Her pants hugged every inch of her small ass, even rising up between her ass crack, giving a spectacular representation of her bar ass. God, how I wanted to let my fingers explore that crack between her hard muscled cheeks.

As she admired my room, I crept close behind her, too close. My hard dick was sticking out from my thin shorts and I gently let the tip of my erection push against her butt. My face was near her shoulder, her silky hair by my face. As my dick made contact her body reflexed and straightened up taut and rigid. She hadn't expected my dick to be there and she remained still, like a deer catching the scent of an intruder and it was as if she were planning to bolt at the next sudden movement.

I pulled my shorts down and my dick was out, exposed. I felt her sigh, a deep sigh that moved her entire body and let out the softest moan. I used my fingers to push my dick up into that exposed crack and it snuggly lodged itself between her butt.

"Feel it?" I whispered to her.

"Yes." She spoke quietly, as if we were sharing a secret.

"This is where I'm going to fuck you." I pushed forward and it jabbed into her.

Her phone rang. It was on silent, but the buzz of vibration cut as loud as an air horn in the quiet lust of the room. The sudden interruption of our secret meeting touched my chest and I felt my heart rate rise as she reached for her phone in her purse. I saw it was her lover and my best friend.

"I have to answer." She whispered. She tried to move away but I locked my hands on her hips, keeping her planted where she was, keeping my dick against her ass.

"Hello?" She answered.

I heard my friend's voice respond.

"I'm almost at my cousins house, yeah, just stopped for coffee it's a long drive."

As she spoke I reached around her and grabbed at her small tits. My poor friend, he didn't know what was happening with his girlfriend at that very moment. He didn't know his good friend was betraying him, and had his dick between his girl's hard, round cheeks, had his hand over her breasts.

When she hung up she moved away from me, and I put my dick away before she could see it. She looked as if he'd been startled, but she stuffed her phone in her purse and in a determined manner sat on the bed. Danitza felt bad, I could feel it. I saw it in her mysterious eyes and pouty pink lips. She looked so beautiful in her melancholic world. Always, since I'd known her, she acted as if she'd just received news the world was going to end and she was living the tragic last seconds of her life in the company of people not worthy of her.

She sat down on the bed. "So, how are we going to do this?" She asked, as she asked her eyes went to my raging hard on. I saw them widen a bit, then she looked away.

"However you want."

"Do you have a condom?"

"Do I need one? I'm not going to put it in your pussy, if you don't want me to."

"I guess you're right. I brought some things...don't laugh." She opened up her purse and withdrew a tube of KY jelly. She held it up and put it beside her on the bed. I looked to the crude jar of Vaseline I'd readied for the event, and became embarrassed. Then she reached in her purse and pulled out a long, slender metallic tube—a vibrator. It was skinny and silver, as thin as my pinky finger, and maybe six inches long.

"A vibrator?"

"Yes, well, I've heard they can be good during...anal sex. I wasn't quite sure what to wear. I have a g-string on." She took off her grey sweater and I saw she had on a black lacy bra. Her small breasts were quite hidden behind them, but her hands went to cover them anyway; it was as if she were ashamed of them.

"I've never really been with anyone but Javier..."

I sat down and pulled her hands away and she sat there exposed, her chest heaving her tiny tits up and down. I ran my hand over the material of bra, over her small breasts. They were easy to grip, I could take all of them with my fingers, and I did. Her nipples became erect, and showed themselves to me. I reached behind her and unfastened the bra and yanked it away from her white, thin body. Her bare breasts were pink tipped mounds. I touched her soft nipples and she bit down on her lips as she was being fondled by a man not her boyfriend.

As I leaned in to suck them, she grabbed my head. "No." She said, sounding serious.

"Why not?"

"That's more than I want, I don't want this to be a true affair. This should be about sex and sex only. I feel bad already about what I'm doing."

Do you? I thought. I'm about to fuck you in the ass, this is an affair, I wanted to tell her. But all I could say was: "Your breasts are beautiful."

"Are you k**ding me? They're not as big as Ivonne's."

"They're so perfect in shape, what are you talking about. Let me suck them."

I leaned in and she didn't stop me this time. My mouth found her hard nipples and I sucked them in and bit them. Yes, it was quite different having such small breasts to fondle, but in a way, I liked the compact package. They were anything but droopy, like big breasts tend to be. Her nipples pointed skyward. With small tits like that, nipples tend to take on a greater role, and Danitza had some rock hard nipples, perfect for sucking.

Each flick of my tongue against the soft round skin of her nipples sent her reeling. She moaned more than any other girl who'd let me suck their breasts. It was as if I were eating her out. I thought maybe because they were smaller they were more sensitive. Either way, I enjoyed her tits immensely, and she made it more erotica than it should have been.

"My God it feels good. Oh, yes." She moaned as if I were fucking her.

I thought to myself how lucky I was being able to enjoy this latent sex pot of a woman. I couldn't wait to stick my cock in her and fuck her like she'd never been fucked before. I wanted to ravish her. I wanted her to feel our sex for days. I wanted her to come back for more.

After a minute she had my head in a tight embrace while I devoured her pointy tits. I glanced up at her and she had her face scrunched up in a look of sheer pleasure. She opened her eyes and pulled me to her. We kissed in a wild, sloppy mess of tongues and lips. She was very aggressive with her kissing; practically swallowing my face, yet her tongue was artful in her licks and swirls over my lips; even her kissing was stuck up! But this made me want her more. God, I was going to enjoy stuffing my cock up her tight, prissy ass.

I pulled away from her hot mouth and we stared at each other in a moment of surprised lust. We were both startled by this sudden burst of passion. Her glittering eyes searched my face, darting over my features as if she couldn't recognize me. How could this be the same girl who'd ignored me for years, who never looked twice in my direction like a good girlfriend?

"I can't believe what I'm doing." She said. She reached won and grabbed at my shorts, searching for my cock and finding it with quick fingers and a smile.

"Pull it out." I suggested.

She did. Flipping my shorts down and suddenly she was faced with my throbbing member. Her eyes were glued to it. "Oh, my." She said. "You're much larger than Javier." Her hand wrapped around it. Her fingers cold. Her eyes expanded as she gripped and re-gripped my shaft in wonder. Her hands sent shivers up my back. It felt so good to see my friend's girl grabbing my cock.

"Am I bigger?"


"Suck it."



"I'm not your girlfriend. I only do that for Javier. Fuck me in the ass. That's what I'm here for."

"Turn around, here, lay on your stomach."

She did so. I pulled her pants down and she wiggled her hips as I pulled them off. Her white skin gleamed at me as I ran my hands over legs and butt. Her skin was so soft under my hungry touch. I yanked at the black g-string she wore and that came off as well.

She was entirely naked now. Her head lay on my pillow in a s**ttering of brown hair, she wasn't looking at me, but laid there passive, waiting to be violated.

I opened up her cheeks and there it was; small, pink, and thick. Her rim quivered as if she felt my eyes staring it down.

"Here. Let me put a pillow under you." I said grabbing a pillow and stuffing it below her hips so that her ass was pushed up now. She looked ready to be fucked thoroughly, laying there like that, naked and exposed on my bed.

I reached for the tube of KY, smearing a line over my finger. Then with one hand holding her cheek open, I rubbed around the wrinkled skin of opening. Her asshole felt stiff under my touch, so different than a welcoming vagina. You just know that nothing is supposed to go up it by the feel of it. But that's what makes it so appetizing. Just as the knowledge that she's my friends girl makes me lust for her so much more. The knowledge that I was about to do something wrong to her, against nature, against friendship and trust; all of it drew me in like a whirlpool to her tight pink hole.

Her body flexed as I pushed the tip of my finger in and she exhaled sharply into the pillow. Her body didn't want me in there, but the lube helped and her asshole opened. The tip of my finger entered her ass, despite the involuntary protests of her tight little ring.

"Oh, my..." She said.

Slowly my finger sank into her body, up into her fiery bowels.

"Mmmm. Easy." She told me.

Wait till my cock is pressing into you, I thought. I sat there, beside her in the darkened room watching my finger slide in and out of her butt. How stiff this hole was. Her rimmed muscles flexed and expanded as I pushed up her backside.

My cock ached for her touch. It ached to be where my finger was. It ached to penetrate her where she'd never been penetrated. To think this tight hole would be taking my dick in a few moments was unbelievable. The thought incredible.

I grabbed the silver toy Danitza had brought with her and inspected it. There was a small rubber button on the bottom of the probe and I pushed it. It came alive in my hand. Buzzing and growling. It caught Danitza's attention and she lifted her head and focused her beautiful eyes on me once more.

"Oh. You're going to use it?"

"I think so."

I put it between her legs, right to where her bare pink pussy was. The buzzing became muted as it pressed up against her flesh. Her body racked side to side, her hips up and down in the most provocative manner I'd ever seen. I couldn't tell if she was trying to get away from it or push against it.

I easily pushed it between her skinny lips and it entered her vagina. She moaned and grunted in pleasure.

Her head lifted off the pillow and her eyes opened as wide as I'd ever seen them. She was looking right at me. Her sexy Spanish face in pure bliss. I pushed the probe deeper into her body. Her hand reached for me and she dug her nails into me. When I had the toy all the way into her, I looked down and saw it barely sticking out of her.

Now, it was time to sodomize her. I climbed over her, my dick falling between her small hard ass cheeks, and I adjusted myself on my elbows. My nose was in her hair, and I could hear her moaning into the pillow.

"Take the vibrator out." She told me.

"Are you sure?"


I reached down and pulled the wet, vibrating thing out of her pussy and turned it off. She was breathing hard.

"I'm going to put it in now."


I grabbed my cock and aimed it between her cheeks. The head of my dick brushed up against her hot thick hole. I pushed forward at it caught, just the tip of my head against her hard puckered entrance. I held it there for a moment, knowing it could slip away at any time. Then I pushed.

Slowly I felt her warmth taking over my dick head. Her anus opened, struggling to remain small and tight against my invading cock. I stopped, letting her feel the change.

She inhaled deeply, but kept her head pressed tight to the pillow. I could only imagine her facial expression, but definitely, she was going to take it quietly. My lips caressed her soft neck as I tried my best to not shove my erection deep into her bowels at once. It took heavy discipline, but I held steady.

I pushed deeper into her tight ass. Her rim expanded, stretching, stretching, stretching to accommodate my throbbing hard cock. She grunted and her stiff body adjusted. She was in pain. My cock was too big for her, and her body was having a hard time adjusting.

"It hurts more than I thought." She whispered.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, just give me a second."

She took several deep breathes, and readjusted her skinny body. Her bangs were hanging over her forehead in a perfect curtain. I imagined what we looked like, with her lying face down on my bed, me on top of her small frame. A lamp was on in the corner of my room, giving everything long shadows and a dull yellow hue.

Her cute ass was pinching the tip of my dick in a nip of pain and overwhelming pleasure. I was about to enter her bowels and fill her with throbbing, hard, meaty cock.

"I'm ready."

I pushed slowly and she groaned. I felt her ass spread open as I entered her body with the thickness of my raging cock. Literally, I felt her open up painfully. As I pushed in she held her breath and with my eyes closed, my entire world focused on the slips of my cock up her anus, opening her innocent tight, hole with my cock. Her ass really didn't want my dick inside, and her rim struggled valiantly trying to keep the oversized intruder from her rectum, but lube was on my side and I f***ed her ass to allow me in. Her ass was boiling hot, the hole stiff and muscled, very unlike a vagina.

"Owwww! No." She said, but my dick was spreading her ass wide and she inhaled sharply and moaned into the pillow. She didn't turn her body, or try to push me away, but she lay there, frozen, while I pushed into her. I didn't thrust in, but gently eased myself up her butt. I stopped halfway inside her burning rectum. Waiting, hoping she'd loosen. The ecstasy was indescribable.

She exhaled and inhaled deeply.

"Slowly, please." She asked, her voice as fragile as ice. It was as if I'd broken something inside of her soul, she wasn't the same. Of course she wasn't, she had a man's penis half way up her butt, and she was so small, that it was an act of miracle she could take it. It was an act of miracle that this was my best friend's girl lying there under me.

I imagined her as I'd always seen her, so quiet, so full of herself and her European ways. Danitza, oh, Danitza; always in a skirt and pantyhose. Always so china doll like, now you're getting fucked up the ass by me, and it's so wonderful that your butt is mine now. What a precious secret treasure you've had hidden between those small, round cheeks, always hidden by a skirt and panty's, always forbidden because you belong to my good friend, but now your secret hole is mine. I own you more than anyone else in the world.

Her skinny, Spanish body was being filled with my hard, cock. She gave a small whimper, and my cock slipped up her bowels in one good, ravishing push, all the way till my pelvic bone was smashed against her soft ass cheeks.

"Ohhh. Shit. Mmm. Owww. Oh, my. Oh, my." She groaned and her asshole flexed tight around the base of my shaft. She had a little hose clamp down there and it threatened to choke to the life from my penis.

The entire length of my cock was buried in her ass and it felt magnificent. Every inch of my penis was being pressed down upon, from every angle. Every inch of my penis encompassed her warmth. My cock was in her ass. I was in my best friend's girlfriend's ass and loving every precious second of her writhing and moaning, and her tight virginity.

"Oh my." She said to me cutting through the quiet of the room. I could smell her pussy

Then commenced my unrelenting ass fucking of this poor girl.

I grabbed her hips and softly, pulled myself from her rectum. The release was welcomed by her body and she shivered under me as I slid from her ass. Then in I went, up her ass, diving through her tight freshly spread butt. There was a quiet sound it made as our skin made contact, as my cock slid up her butt. A sexy sound only made by sodomy. She gave a few high pitched, but silent gasps, but otherwise kept her head down in the pillow. I could look down her back and see my dick between her butt cheeks, watch it exit, then disappear up her skinny, bony body. Each push in was magic, her ass was just too small for me. This fight against nature was magnificent. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, but we were doing it, I was doing it.

She remained quiet as I greedily sodomized her. I may have been making more noise than her. She was soldiering through it, allowing me to have my fill of the pleasures of anal sex. She may have enjoyed it at that point, but I'll never know.

Her ass was being abused by me. I slowly fucked her, but the thrusts in were pretty hard and I made sure to push as deep as I could, trying my hardest to get this quiet girl to moan, or make some sort of noise. But she buried her head in my pillow and took it like a champion.

This became my goal, to make her moan My hands wrapped around her bony hips, and I flipped her around, so that we rolled and she was on top. I looked over her shoulder and saw her pink tipped nipples pointing to my ceiling. Her legs were open wide, the bottoms of her feet on either side of me.
I began to drill her like this, not hard, but enough that each push into her rectum made her whimper. She had her nails dug into my thighs, but I couldn't feel the pain. I firmly held her hips as I pushed up into her, pulling her down onto me as she pulled away. It was erotic, holding her like this, making her moan.

I stopped pumping into her, because I was nearing a climax, and with a lone hand, I reached to her soaking wet pussy and gave her clit a few rubs. She was breathing hard, and so was I. Just the feel of her tight, tight butt wrapped around my cock was enough for me. I could have laid like that forever. And I did for a few minutes, touching her pussy while my cock was buried in her bowels.

Her clit was hard, and she enjoyed me rubbing it and pushing my fingers in her.

"Yes." She told me, for the first time since I'd entered her ass.

With another hand I found her tits. My fingers ran over her nipples and her head tilted back in pleasure, she began to kiss my neck. I gave her a thrust upwards and her mouth shut tight, her eyes squeezed closed and she moaned. "Ohh."

I kept at her pussy, rubbing and massaging and she came. Her body shaking and twitching, she made no noise as she climaxed. I turned her over, holding her by her hips, she was so light it was easy. I pulled her up with me, so that she was on her knees. Then I began to fuck her. Her ass held me tight as I pummeled thrust after thrust into her. Still, she gave a few short grunts, but otherwise remained quiet. She was so skinny, each push into her shook her entire body. She was being ravished by me now, with no mercy for her innocent ass. Each fuck was a slap of my balls against her hot shaved pussy, my hips slapping against her ass cheeks. I gave her hard, short pumps, thinking entirely of my pleasure only.

This was her most secret hole I was taking. Any innocence she had was now gone, as she was being fucked up her ass by her boyfriend's friend. After so many thrusts, her ass seemed to lose its tight death grip, and it became a demanding hole, that didn't hurt me as much as before.

She dropped from her elbows to the bed, and would have fell completely if I hadn't of held her up by the hips. I was keeping her propped up, fucking her with a passion in her asshole.

"Oh." She would say as I rammed up her. I wanted her to scream, but she wouldn't. She had something to prove to me, that my cock wouldn't make her audible. So fucked her harder, sweat dripping down my face, down my chest. The only sound in the room was the slapping of our bodies, and our breathing. The room smelled of her pussy and ass, it smelled of sex.

Then I pulled my dick entirely from her body and her ass hole gapped open at me. A wide, red, swollen hole, white cum at the edges of it; I stared at it for a moment. Mesmerized, watching it slowly close. Then I rammed forward. My cock opening it back up in a sudden shock. She screamed, moaning all the way as I filled her belly with penis. This is how I needed to fuck her.

I did so. Long hard thrusts; each one producing a lovely moan of pleasure or pain. Finally, I felt myself about to come. I pulled my cock from her ass in a moment of inspiration and jumped to where her face was on the bed. With a mean, grab of her silky brown hair I pulled her face to my red and battered cock. She was going to have me fill her mouth with my sperm. I was surprised when she opened her mouth and took me deep. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and bobbed, just like a porno I thought as I blasted a load into her hot wet swirling mouth. I squirted five or six times, each less powerful into her suckling mouth. Then I removed my cock.

She looked up at me, her mouth full of white, bubbling sperm and the taste of her ass. She looked around frantically, finding a waste basket near my bed and spitting my sperm out in a long, viscous drop.

"Wow." She said, dropping on my bed.

"You're wonderful, Danitza." I said, feeling dizzy with a sexual high. "Did you like it?"

"It was very different, but yes I did like it, it hurt a lot. But it was just like I'd read. Very filling. There's nothing like it."

"Can we keep doing this? I can't imagine life without you after this."

She smiled at me and put a hand to my face. "I don't think so. I don't know. I..."

I leaned over and kissed her. She was all over me, her hands grabbing and hugging me as if I were the love of her life. There was something so erotic about this taboo sex, this secret we had, that it drove us up, higher than we'd both ever been.

... Continue»
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Best Friend with Benefits

This story is true. Its been many years and so the conversations are what I recall and not verbatim.

I had never thought of myself as gay or anything other than straight. In my youth the word gay only meant happy. There were only two ways of describing a man's sexuality that I was aware of, straight and fagot or queer. I am sure bisexual was used then but that was a word I was not aware of when in high school. I had done things sexually I knew where frowned upon but never considered them anything but fun with my cousin and friends. Hell, all I knew was that I got horny and enjoyed some sexual fun with whoever was willing.

Mario and I practically grew up together. His f****y moved to the little town in New Jersey I lived in when I was about 12. They moved to the same apartment building we lived at but one floor above us. We met outside the building the same day he moved in. We hit it off great from the get go. Mario was one year younger than me and we both seemed to like the same things, same cartoons, same board games, the same outside games. We became inseparable and while we had our fights now and then we remained best friends through grammar school and high school.

By our second year in high school we began to drift apart physically. Mario was very sports oriented and while I enjoyed watching sports and occasionally play a bit, I was really not a jock. He grew up in spurts and passed me in height before we got to high school. By our second year in high school he was clearly more than four inches taller than me. We both had an athletic built body. Hell, who didn't have a nice body during high school? Or at least one that functioned a lot better than it does now? Mario had more muscle mass than I did. I think playing football in our high school team did that for him. My body came from just being active and young. I worked in a warehouse part time after school and did a lot of heavy lifting and that helped shape my body. I guess in the more vernacular terms I had a swimmer's body and Mario was built like a brick shit house. Mario and I remained best friends in all the sense of the word but had our own crowd and kept our own pace. We spent our evenings together by the most part unless there was some special party for only the football jocks and he wanted to go. I was not a jock or played team sports so I was not invited. Mario brought me to the parties with him many times and every one knew me but I really didn’t feel like I belonged. Sometimes when things heated up and the girls wanted a guy to fuck with or just make out I quietly made it out the door. Not that I didn’t like girls but they were only interested in the football jocks and I was not on the menu. So by the most part Mario and I spent our time together alone either just walking around or drinking in a car and many times in his room. His parents worked the evening shift at the local hospital and left for work soon after we arrived from school. They did not return from work till after midnight.

My mother died when I was young and my father remarried. He moved away and I was not taken along. My grandparents raised me and my granddad was already dead by the time I got to high school. Other f****y moved into the house with us to help out so I didn’t have much of a home life. I loved my f****y dearly but my aunts and grandmother did not make for great conversation or fun.

My f****y knew Mario and I as best friends for ever. They knew I enjoyed being at his house and they did not have a problem with that. Mario’s parents enjoyed having me as Mario’s friend and liked me to stay at their house. Or so they said. I always heard his mom say I had a calming effect on Mario. He was kind of wild when left to his devices and I tended to ground him some. That is why many times I slept over his house and his parents were used to coming home and finding us sl**ping together on his bed. Many times we just stripped down to our underwear and would just fall asl**p watching television.

One day as usual we met after school outside. He asked what I was doing that night and I told him I had nothing planned. He said he wanted to tell me about last night. He said he went to a party and it was wild. I asked what was special about this party he always goes to those jock parties and they tend to get wild eventually. There is always lots of booze and girls. He said this was special and he would tell me later. He wanted me to come over right away and spend the night. I said OK. He walked me home and came into my house with me. We told my grandma I was going to his house and spending the night. As usual she said, “OK. Just don’t give his parents a hard time, and clean up after yourself”. I got a quick bite to eat and took a shower. As usual Mario was waiting in my bedroom when I got out of the shower. I shut the door behind me and pulled off the towel. I dried myself a bit more and started rummaging through my drawers looking for something to put on. Mario sneaked up behind me and pressed against my naked ass. I jumped up and told him to stop being a dick. I felt his hard cock when he pressed against me and I could see it sticking out like a tent in his pants. He got close to me and said, “Come on touch my cock, look how hard it is.” I took it as a joke. This was not the first time he had fooled around like that with me but it was the first time he actually had a hard on or pressed up to my naked ass. We have seen each other naked many times and even taken showers together when in a hurry. He had told me many times before when we were naked that I had a nice ass and he wanted to fuck it. But it was always in a laughing way and I never took it serious. I had no reason to take it serious now. I told him he was going to get us in trouble if someone walked in now and saw me naked and his cock sticking out like that. “OK”, he said, “We’ll wait till we are alone at my house”.

I changed the conversation, “So what was it you wanted to tell me?”

I wasn’t afraid of where his game was going. I had already had some sexual times with my older cousin in Miami. My cousin and I used to make out, and I sucked his cock and jacked him off many a times. I never got fucked though. I was no virgin, I had a girlfriend when I was 15 named Elizabeth. She told me that she got fucked by her uncle and that same day she fucked me. She took my virginity time and time again for four months before she found a high school guy that wanted to be her boyfriend. It was fun and while I missed the blowjobs and her pussy, I never really liked her that much. She got pregnant that same year and her uncle was blamed for it. Lucky I wasn’t around anymore to take the blame.

Mario looked pissed that I changed the conversation. ”I told you, I will tell you all about it when we are alone at my place.”

I got most of my clothes on and was sitting on the bed putting my socks and shoes on. Mario sat next to me and put his arm around my waist. I didn’t think anything of it, it wouldn’t be the first time he did that. But he then started stroking my back and moved his hand down to my ass. I gave him a shove, “Boy, you are really in some fucked up mood today. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I just want to be close to my best friend that’s all”.
“We have always been best friends, so why are you like this now?”
“I don’t know, I am just so fucking horny lately.”
“So you want to fuck everything in sight including me?”
“No, I just want to fuck you”
I had to ask, “Have you ever fucked with a guy before?”
“Not really”
“Not really doesn’t mean shit, you either did or you didn’t?
“Well I didn’t really. Remember last year when I went to Wildwood Beach for a week with my mom and dad?”
“Yeah, I remember. We were supposed to go too but my grandma couldn’t afford it. She wouldn’t let me go because she was embarrassed to have your parents pay my way”
“Yeah I know. I’m sorry. Anyway, there was this k** I met there and after we got to know each other he told me he liked to suck cock. So I let him suck my cock a bunch of times.”
“That’s not fucking”, I said.
“No shit, that’s what I told you asshole”.

I finished putting on my shoes and got Mario out the door. Not that I didn’t want to continue our conversation but I didn’t want to continue it at my place. The conversation was pretty heated and I couldn’t be sure someone wasn’t listening to it. His parents would be going to work soon if they haven’t left already and we could say and do anything we wanted then. We took our time going to his house. We stopped at a local shop and got some snacks and soda for the night. When we arrived at his house his parents had already left for work. We went straight into his bedroom and Mario announced he was going to take a shower. I took of my shoes and socks like I always did when I was in his house and sat on the bed. He got naked and took his time in getting into the bathroom. He sat next to me on the bed to make conversation but I didn’t pay much attention. After all the attention he gave my ass and his comments about wanting to fuck me I was turned on by his naked body and specially that long thick uncut cock of his. I really didn’t want him to leave the room yet. So I asked him what it was he wanted to talk to me about.

“You know I was at Steve’s house last night?”
“Yeah, I know you were there. A football jocks party only for the football team”.

Steve was on the football team. He wasn’t a very good player. It was probably because he didn’t take it seriously. Heavens, knows he had the body for it. His parents had money, lots of it. They lived in a large high rise at the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Hudson River. They had a doorman and under roof private parking. His parents didn’t spend much time at the house and Steve was famous for giving wild parties. Most of the football team practically lived in his apartment.

“Well, we drank too much.” Mario said. Like that didn’t happen all the time.

“The girls that were supposed to come over never showed so we just watched a game on the TV and drank. I passed out on the couch and by the time I woke up every one was gone. I went looking for Steve to let him know I was leaving. I heard him in his bedroom and when I got close I could see through the door that he was naked with Glen.” Glen was the captain of the football team and full of himself. He snubbed his nose at anyone that was not a jock and wouldn’t even talk to me.

“He didn’t see you?”
“No, the house was dark and the only light on was in his room so I guess he couldn’t see me in the dark. I was in the hallway looking into his room.”
“What were they doing?”
“He was making out with Glen and they both had raging hardons.”
“No shit? So what else did they do?”
“Well Steve sucked Glen’s cock and he then got on all fours in front of Glen. Glen held him by his waist and pushed his hard cock into his ass.”
“Oh shit, I bet that must have hurt. Glen is hung like a horse”.
Mario looked surprised at what I said. He got visibly mad. “What the fuck do you mean he is hung like a horse? How the fuck do you know how big Glen’s cock is? You better not have been fucking with him!”
This was not the first time Mario showed some jealousy with me. If I went with some school friend somewhere and not tell him he would get mad at me and yell. But this time I realized he was showing some jealousy in a different way. “Calm down asshole”, I said,” Glen is in my gym class and he takes showers after gym when he does go because he mostly skips gym anyway. You know I always take a shower after gym class and the shower is just one big fucking room with shower heads hanging from the ceiling. So yeah I have seen Glen naked, so what?”
As if I didn’t say anything he kept on with his story. “So anyway, Glen fucked Steve in the ass and they both loved it. Steve was begging for him to cum inside him and Glen was kissing him. Fuck man, it was hot as hell! Why can’t we do that?”
All the while Mario was telling me the story I was looking at his cock. It was so beautiful. It was thick, long, uncut like mine. As he talked he stroked his cock and it got harder until it was standing fully erect.
“Did he come in his ass?”
“Yeah he came in his ass! You didn’t answer my fucking question! I want to do that with you!”
I kept looking at his cock and the more I thought of us naked in bed the more I liked it. Mario never knew that I had some experience with guys and I wasn’t going to tell him. “I don’t know”, I said, ”I want to. I want to a lot but I am afraid.”
“Are you afraid of the size? Cause I have a big cock? Or are you afraid I will tell someone? I know you like my cock because you keep looking at it and I know you want to touch it.”
“I am not queer”, I said with indignation. “I am afraid you will think of me as a queer if I let you do that to me. I like girls, I love girls and I want to marry a girl some day. I am not a fucking queer. If I do it, it’s only because it’s you and you are my best friend”.
“I know you are not queer. I am not queer either. We just like each other and want to have some fun together. So what if that is also having sex. Steve and Glen aren’t queer and they are fucking with each other. You are my best friend and the only one I want to do that with. I don’t want to do it with anyone else.”
“OK”, I said, “so how do we get started?”
“Why don’t you touch my cock first and stroke it for a while and see what happens?”
I slowly reached out for his cock and just as I put my hand around it, I felt it twitch. It was hot, a lot hotter than I remember mine being. He was very thick and it was hard as a rock. As I moved his foreskin up and down his cock throbbed in my hand and got hotter and harder. I could smell his cock as I worked it in my hand. It wasn’t long before there was precum oozing from the tip. First a drop then another till his whole shaft was slippery. I loved it, it was amazing! I had never felt this horny before. I used to fantasize about having sex with Mario while I gave myself a handjob but I never imagined his cock being this nice. Mario moaned softly while I worked his slippery cock in my hand. Knowing I was giving him pleasure sent a heat through my balls and made my cock stiff. Mario leaned over to my face and kissed me on the cheek. I moved my face towards his and kissed him on his cheek also. We kept our faces against each other kissing each other all over our faces gently and passionately. When finally his lips reached mine I could feel his hot breath hit my lips. He was breathing heavily and I loved the feel of his breath on my face. Our lips finally met softly and his lips were wet and sweet. He didn’t give me a big kiss. It was more of a gentle peck on my lips that lasted a while. I kissed him back. We continued this gentle pecking on the lips till finally he breathed in heavily and placed his mouth over mine. I felt his suction on my mouth as he slipped his tongue inside. My tongue met his and we kissed passionately for what seemed a long time. As we kissed he moved closer and put his arm around me to pull me tightly against him. I was still stroking his cock and it was throbbing wildly.
“If you keep stroking me I am going to cum”, he said, “It’s up to you what ever you want”.
I stopped stroking his cock.
“I don’t want you to cum yet,” I said, “I want to do more before you cum. Besides, I don’t want you cumming in my hand. I want you to cum inside me”.
Mario pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me. We kissed passionately and he began to rock his hip against me. His cock was still very hard and I could feel it throbbing through my clothes. He kissed my neck and worked down to my belly, opening my shirt as he went along. When he got all the buttons undone he pulled my shirt off and threw it on a chair. He opened my belt and pants. He grabbed the top of my pants and pulled them off. Then he grabbed my underwear and it went flying off somewhere to be found later. Completely naked on his bed I felt embarrassed. I tried to get under the covers but he jumped on me and laid on top of me so I couldn’t move. I could feel his cock rubbing mine hard. It felt so good to have that big thick cock against me. He was all wet with precum and it made it that much better. He began kissing me again and this time we started making out like two lovers in the back seat of a car. His cock kept rubbing against me and his hands found every inch of my body and explored it. He then pulled himself up and put his hard cock in front of my face.
“Go on suck my cock”, he said, “I want to make sure you suck my cock before I go take a shower. That way when I come out we would have done most of it and you won’t be afraid any more”.
I didn’t need a second invitation. I took his cock in my mouth hungrily and began to suck it for all it was worth. He was so thick I had trouble putting much of it in my mouth. I got his entire head in and maybe three inches of his shaft.
“Holy shit, you have done this before haven’t you?”
I didn’t answer and he didn’t care really. He was enjoying it too much to question it.
His cock tasted better than my cousin’s cock. It was bigger and the precum he was giving me made it all that much tastier. I could have sucked his cock all night. After a while he pulled his cock out of my mouth and leaned over and kissed me deeply on the mouth. He went off into the bathroom to take a shower.

By the time Mario came out of the shower I was horny as hell with anticipation. Mario came out naked with his hair still wet. He came straight to the bed were I was and laid next to me. He leaned over me and gave me a long kiss that left me dizzy. I loved the feeling but felt kind of weird about it. After all we were best friends and straight. Why am I enjoying this so much? He is enjoying it as much as me. I was confused all of a sudden but I was sure of one thing. I did not want this to end. I will sort it out tomorrow or tonight after we have finished making love.

Mario smelled so good. The one thing I was very picky about is personal hygiene. I can’t stand women or men that do not smell good. Mario smelled great, he put on some cologne also because I could tell by the way he smelled. He put his leg over mine and laid half on top of me. He began to kiss me deeply which made me want more than kissing. I felt for his cock and found it. It was already hard and hot. I began to stroke his cock pulling his foreskin back and forth. He reached for my cock and began doing the same to me. I did not expect Mario to touch my cock but was glad he did. He worked it expertly. I guess both of us being uncut was good because we knew how to handle each others cock well. Soon we were both breathing very heavy and I could feel Mario’s urgency. He ate my mouth with a furry. He bit my lip and sucked at it like a hungry a****l. He began to come down to my chest and grabbed my nipples with his teeth. It hurt and I asked him to take it easy. He sucked hungrily at them. As I stroked his cock and he worked my nipples his passion grew and his aggressiveness got stronger. He got on top of me and parted my legs open with his. He held his cock by the base of the shaft and I saw him drop several loads of spittle on his cock. He brought that big fat cock closer to me and slid it under my balls. I felt his hot shaft make its way to my tight hole as he began to hump me slowly. His thick cock head stroked my ass with every push. I had never felt anything so good. I was entranced by his massaging of my ass with that thick hot and now very wet cock. As he moved his cock over my ass I could feel my ass and cheeks begin to get drenched and slippery with not only his spit but now his precum. Mario put out a lot of precum and it was not long before my ass was slippery wet as though someone had poured KY all over it. Mario closed my legs with his and he placed his legs outside mine. This made my ass cheeks close tight around his cock and he gave a loud moan as he felt my cheeks tighten around his thick shaft. He continued to kiss me but his kisses got rougher with every stroke of his cock. I thought of stopping him because I was getting afraid of his wild aggressiveness. But I have to admit that knowing I could make my male friend this frantic in bed made me want more. I was kissing his neck and telling him how good it felt to have him on top of me like this. This seemed to make him even hornier and his sexual aggression grew. Mario then gave out a loud gasp and said, “Oh God I have to give it to you now or I am going to go crazy”. I thought he wanted to cum and I encouraged him. “Oh yeah, please give it to me Mario”, I said. He brought his legs between mine and with a f***e that surprised me pushed my legs open all the way to either side. He brought his hands down and wrapped them around my legs so that he could hold them in the air. I looked down and saw his cock. I couldn’t tell if it was red or purple but I could have counted every vein on his shaft if I wanted to. His cock looked like a massive vein covered log. There was a string of precum hanging from the tip and more flowing down that string. He brought his cock down on my ass hole and I saw his big thick head disappear between my ass cheeks. It felt like a branding iron was pocking me. His cock was so hot and so hard I gasped for air as I felt it parting my virgin ass open. As the hole massive head disappeared I felt a pain I will never forget. The only way to describe it is a “Charlie Horse” in my ass. I gave out a scream and tried to pull away from this massive invader in my ass. But with my legs held up in the air and my ass off the bed I couldn’t get the traction needed to get away. I tried turning to one side to dislodge him but Mario proved to be much stronger than me. I looked into his face and all I saw was lust. The veins around his neck were pronounced and his face was swollen. His lips were swollen also and his ears were so red they looked dark brown. He was drooling from the corner of his mouth and his waist was moving slowly fucking my ass with a rocking motion. The pain got numb for a minute but didn’t leave. “Please it hurts,” I said, “just take it out a minute for the pain to go away”. But he was relentless. “No, you’ll get used to it. If I pull out now we will have to start over again”. I pleaded with him again to let me go for one minute. “We agreed” he said, “you want me to fuck you and I am going to fuck you even if I have to f***e you. So just relax and the pain will go away and you will begin to enjoy it sooner”. I realized he was not going to stop no matter what I said. And I really didn’t want him to stop either. The pain was going away as he promised anyway. So I relaxed and it only took a couple of minutes for the pleasure to begin to set in.

As the pain disappeared it was replaced with a pleasure I had never experienced. I could feel his hard cock moving in and out of my ass. The more he fucked me the wetter my ass got and the easier it was for him to penetrate me. I could feel the heat from his cock inside me. It was so hot it felt comforting. I could also feel his cock flicker and throb when he pushed it real deep and kept it there for a moment. I could feel myself breathing heavier and pushing my ass up so he could take it better. I thought he would get more romantic and less aggressive but just the opposite occurred. The more I began to enjoy his cock inside me the more aggressive and rough Mario got. He finally let my legs go and I kept them up myself. He lowered himself to me and began to kiss me hard on the lips and neck. I wrapped my legs around his and pulled myself up so he could get at my ass easily. His thrusts got stronger and at one point I was dangling from his buttocks from my legs off the bed and was swinging with every thrust of his hard cock. His moans turned to guttural sounds like an a****l growling and grunting. I should have been scared or at least turned off by this assault but the truth is that his sexual aggression was intoxicating and turning me on more and more. The rougher he got with me the more pleasure I knew I was giving him which made me even hotter and wanting more of his aggression. I think I was turned on knowing I could bring my friend to this level of excitement in bed. I turned my face towards his and could see his face contorted with pleasure. His eyes were dreamy and half shut. “Mario I love the way you fuck me. I can’t believe how good it is.”
He looked at me and gave me a small smile. He then opened his mouth wide and the veins on his forehead stuck out like hoses. “Oh my God, your ass is fucking great,” he said. ”I can’t believe I didn’t fuck you before”. His humping got stronger and he drove his cock as deep as he could get it into my ass. It felt like he was all the way up into my chest. He gave out a loud grunt and said, “Oh, I’m going fill your ass with my hot cum”. He began to pound my ass so hard my balls felt he was going to crush them. He began kissing my neck hard. I felt stinging sensations all around my neck and then I felt his thick cock throb as though it was coming alive inside me. His thrusts slowed but he pushed hard and deep into me as though he was trying to go in balls and all. I felt a rush of heat in my belly that moved all over my insides. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly against me. I could feel his cum wet and hot oozing down the crack of my ass to the bed below. As his throbbing subsided he brought his legs to the outside of mine and closed them again. He kept my legs between his and began to search for my toes with his. When he found my toes he inter locked his toes with mine and we rested that way for a long time. After about five or ten minutes of lying in each others arms he raised his head and pressed his face to mine. His lips were touching mine and the drool which was still oozing from his mouth fell on my lips. “That was fucking amazing,” he panted. “Why didn’t we do this before?” We kissed a few more times and then got up and took a shower together.

We were not passionate in the shower. In fact we were back to being just best friends taking a shower together. There was no sexual play at all. While in the shower I looked at the mirror and could see my neck covered with red blotches. The stinging sensation I felt was Mario giving me hikies in the heat of passion. We got out of the shower and cleaned up the bed which had a very large pool of Mario cum on it. We thought it was close to the time his parents were coming home so we were rushing to get things in order. But when we looked at the clock we had been fucking for only two hours. It seemed like we were at it all night. We laid back on the bed naked. And we started talking about what happened.
“We go to promise not to tell any one about this right?” I asked.
“That’s right.” Mario answered. “We can’t tell about tonight or any of the other nights I am going to fuck you.”
I looked at him with a frown. “What?” he asked. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to do it again”.
“I didn’t say I don’t want to do it again. I just don’t want to do it every day. My ass can’t take that every day. Besides, once we get girlfriends we will have someone else to fuck with.”
Mario’s face lit up, “That will be so hot, man! To fuck each others girlfriend. That would be fucking hot”

We turned the TV on and started watching some shitty horror movie that was on. As we lay there naked we would reach and touch each others cock now and then. Mario gave out a yawn and I told him he better not fall asl**p. “If we fall asl**p naked and your parents come home they will know we were fucking. We better put on our underwear if we are going to fall asl**p”. But Mario was not ready to get dressed. “No, not yet. I want to do it again”. I raised myself off the bed and looked straight at him. “No way man, you are not going to fuck my ass again!” Mario just laid there like he didn’t hear me. I grabbed my underwear and lay back down to pull them on. He grabbed them out of my hands and threw them across the room. He then scooted down and grabbed my cock and before I could ask what he was doing he started to suck my cock. His mouth was so hot and he worked my cock so well I knew he had done this before. I grabbed for his and got into position to do a sixty nine. His cock tasted so good and it was not hard but began to grow in my mouth as soon as I began to suck on it. I didn’t last long. Mario brought me to orgasm right away and I shot a load of cum into his mouth that I thought would choke him. But he drank down every drop which really impressed me. So I was left with total attention to Mario’s cock which by now was hard as a rock again and hardly fit in my mouth. As I sucked his cock I played with his balls. As an added bonus I went down on his balls to lick them also. His precum was soon oozing in copious amounts and after sucking on his cock for a while it was flowing with my spit down my chin to my chest. The more I sucked the wetter his cock got and the more precum that he gave me. It was amazing and the hottest experience. Mario’s passion grew and grew and soon I found out his sexual aggression was not reserved for just fucking. He began to hold me by the back of my head and pulling me tighter and tighter against his cock pushing more of his long shaft down my throat till I would choke and he would have to let me go. My eyes watered from the choking but he didn’t stop trying to fit that monster cock down my throat balls deep. As he neared his orgasm he got more aggressive, thrusting his cock into my mouth hard. Finally he was holding me by my hair and thrusting hard into my mouth when he moaned loud and grunted out that he was going to come. I braced myself to swallow his load. He pushed hard into my mouth and held me so tight against his crotch with his cock deep in my throat that I had to push him with all my strength to get him to let me breath. But no sooner I caught my breath I got a huge load of cum squirted into my mouth. I swallowed fast but it seemed I was always at the edge of not being able to swallow fast enough. His cum kept cumming in torrents into my mouth filling it to capacity. This is the first time I tasted his cum and while I wouldn’t have it for breakfast every morning it didn’t taste bad. In fact I enjoyed the taste and looked forward after that to getting more of it. We both collapsed on to the bed. He kissed me hard on the lips and commented on how well his cum tasted in my mouth. We put on our underwear and fell asl**p on the bed under the covers.

The next morning all was back to normal. We didn’t speak of the previous night till that night when we played some more. Eventually I also gave Mario anal but we rarely had anal sex. Most of our sexual intercourse was dedicated to oral sex. Only when we were very horny did we give each other anal. We both grew up to be normal bisexual guys. We both got married but while I have several c***dren and grandc***dren Mario’s marriage did not last but a couple of years and he never had c***dren.... Continue»
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...And My Best Friend Too

"...And My Best Friend Too"

(part 2 of a two-part story with Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande)
(part 1:

Victoria opened the bedroom door slowly making sure not to make too much noise. She snuck back into bed and carefully slipped under the blankets as to not wake up her sl*eping friend. She settled into the bed, spooning her friend, nestling her head on the redhead's back kissing her shoulder before readying to join her friend in slumber. Just as Victoria closed her eyes she felt Ariana move from her grasp.

"Where were you?" a worried look on Ariana's face.

"I just went to the bathroom," Victoria lied worried of what her friend would do if she found out the truth.

"You were gone for a long time."

"Well it’s just that..." quickly thinking of her next words Victoria continued. ”You were asl*ep and I was still horny so you know..."

"If it’s to have some special time you can always wake me up. In fact I'm mad at you for thinking I would mind," Ariana looked away pretending to be upset.

"I'm sorry. Next time I will wake you up, but do you forgive me this time?" the brunette reached her hand placing it on the redhead's shoulder. "Please?" Victoria beg as she pushed Ariana's bra strap off her shoulder.

Victoria leaned in and kissed Ariana's shoulder slowly moving to her neck while Ariana closed her eyes. Victoria kissed her friend's cheek when Ariana finally faced her, looking into each other’s eyes, before embracing in a kiss. Victoria just loved making out with Ari, her lips were so soft and she never over did it with the saliva, yup her friend was a great kisser.

Ariana moaned into her mouth every time the brunette tweaked the now hardened nipples. The kissing became more passionate as they both ran their hand all over each other bodies. Ariana separated the kiss to take off Tori's shirt leaving both of them topless. Ariana, just like her friend, pulled at the perky tits while the kissing resumed. Feeling the pointy nipples between her fingers Ariana pushed Tori onto her back on the bed.

Victoria noticed Ariana's lust filled stare as she frantically pulled at her boy shorts almost ripping them off the brunette's slender body. Now a completely naked Victoria Justice laid on the bed. Ariana hovered over her slowly lowering herself until the redhead's body rested on top of her friend's. Their hard nipples stabbing at each other, their mouths opened wide allowing their tongues to dance from one to the other.

The redhead ran her hand along her friend's skin caressing every little spot until it recognized the brunette's most sacred place. Ari tickled the hairless skin, torturing her wanting friend and yet it pleased Victoria. She liked when she and Ariana had these sexual encounters more than with any of her other friends. With Ari there was no telling what would happen as one second they could be tender, like just now, or they could go at it like wild an*mals.

Not much was off limits when they were together.

Victoria jerked as Ariana now brushed her clit making her purr. The slight touch of her friend's hot sex drove Ariana crazy, she tried her best to control herself but it was impossible. As soon Ari's finger made contact with Victoria's wet pussy the redhead couldn't stand it anymore. Pulling away from her friend, who seem to be in a daze, Ariana f*rced the brunette's legs wide open and dove her head to where the long limbs met.

Victoria let out a moan as she felt Ari's tongue enter her vagina.

"Mmm, Ari, eat my sweet pussy."

"You’re so wet," Ari mumbled. "I've never eaten you when you were this wet."

"It’s all your fault. You make me get like this."

Feeling proud that all of the juices flowing from Victoria were because of the brunette's need of Ariana, the redhead slipped her tongue as deep as she could into the wet snatch. Swirling her tongue around stimulating the "Victorious" star's inner walls. When she finally took her tongue out from Victoria it was dripping more than just saliva.

VJ squirmed when she felt Ari stick two fingers into her co-star’s slick cunt, moving her hips to Ariana's rhythm, Victoria urged Ari to go faster to which the redhead happily complied while her mouth wrapped around Tori's clit. The nibbling at Victoria's clitoris made her moaning louder as she felt an orgasm approaching. Not wanting to let go as Victoria bucked around, Ariana dove her fingers deeper inside her friend until they were completely out of sight. Victoria arched her back lifting herself from the bed, her heart beating fast and her breathing getting heavier.

"Mmnph, shit, shit, shit," Tori let out with one last groan, "I'm cumming!"

With a long and very pleasurable orgasm Victoria finished while her redhead friend opened her mouth wide, letting all the juices flow along her tongue, into her mouth and down her throat. Still panting Victoria settled back down on the bed her friend still slurping her juices from her spent pussy. Victoria looked down and smiled as she found it sexy that not only was Ariana swallowing her juices but also some of her br*ther's, Frankie, cum. The notion of having fucked Frankie then a few minutes later getting her pussy eaten by his s*ster and not only that but Ariana swallowing a Victoria/Frankie juice cocktail riled the brunette up somewhat.

Separating her friend from her snatch was a hard thing to do but Victoria had a sudden need to please her friend just how Ari had done to her. The redhead's face was sticky with Tori's sweet nectar made Ariana seem even more beautiful to the brunette. Holding Ariana's head VJ directed her along her body while Ari took the time to kiss every inch of Victoria's smooth skin along the way. Ariana kissed the wet folds, the hairless pubic area, Victoria's flat tummy, then as Ariana approached the pert breast, Grande took a stiff nipple between her lips.

Sucking on the tit then releasing it to flick the nub with her tongue Ariana moved up until she was face to face one more time with her co-star. The teens began another intense kiss smearing the beautiful brunette with her own juices.

"It's your turn," Victoria moaned in between kisses.

Showing a big smile Ariana threw herself off of her friend, pulling her panties down her short fit legs and dropping on the bed in a similar position as Victoria. By now the brunette was already on top of her friend stuffing her tongue down Ari's throat. Their bodies began to move making both girl's wet pussies rub against each other’s leg. They moaned as the heat of their bodies rose and pleasure increased.

"Eat my pussy Tori," Ariana cooed.

Wanting to fulfil her co-star’s wishes she moved down the redhead's body, lips skimming across Ari's skin. Victoria passed Ariana's needy sex making the teen confused until Tori kept going down her leg to stop at the puddle she had left on Ariana's leg. With her tongue out VJ cleaned up the mess she had left while her finger separated her friend's sideways lips and ran along the pink slit. Once finished Victoria moved her attention to Ariana's sopping wet clam which was ready for anything Victoria had in mind for her.

"How many fingers do you want?" Victoria drooled at the sight of Ari's delicious cunt.

After hers, Victoria loved the taste of Ariana's pussy. It had a tangy yet sweet taste that was unbelievable.

"I want all of them," the redhead growled.

Victoria laughed as she knew perfectly well that Ariana was already crying out when she used two fingers on her and yet she was asking for her whole hand. Instead as a compromise the "Victorious" star used three and as she had assumed Ariana began to moan loudly while her body thrashed around.

Frankie stood at the door intently watching in disbelief as her s*ster gave oral pleasure to Victoria Justice, whom he had fucked only a few minutes before, and was now on her back legs wide open receiving the same type of pleasure. His mind was moving at a 100 mph as he tried to register what was going on. Not being able to sl*ep Frankie had waited until Victoria went into Ariana's bedroom before he quietly followed her. He had watched the beautiful Latina sl*ep many times but this was a special occasion since they had shared a very intimate experience.

As he pushed the door opened he was in shock when he saw both teen stars making out, which led to his younger s*ster eating her friend out to eventually Victoria having an orgasm and cumming into Ariana's mouth. It was all too much from him as his s*ster was not the one getting her pussy eaten. Frankie knew he should have closed the door and walk away but he couldn't manage to get himself to move. It seemed his body ignored any command his brain sent.

The fingers moved in and out at a fast pace making Victoria's hand get sticky with girl juice.

"Did you bring what I asked for?" Ari moaned.

Victoria nodded as she knew what Ari had in mind. Stopping for a while Victoria got up and walked to her bag, in the meantime Ariana positioned herself on all fours on the bed. Frankie moved away from the opened door as he heard Victoria search through her bag.

"Here it is," Victoria waved the double sided dildo excitedly, Ariana just smiled.

Victoria knelled down by the bed, her back to the door, and her eye level to Ariana's asshole. For someone who screamed like she was getting murdered, when her pussy got finger, Ari could take a fairly good amount of the dildo in the ass.

Frankie returned to his spot at the opened door when he gasped to himself at what he saw. Victoria on the floor with her hands on Ariana's ass, spreading the firm cheek open as the brunette's tongue made contact with the tight hole. Victoria tickled the puckered orifice as she left layer after layer of saliva prepping it for what was about to come. Frankie could feel his sweatpants getting tighter, his cock now fully erect.

Ariana purred as her ass clenched Victoria's tongue. Was there anything that the "Victorious" star didn't like about her co-star? Victoria simply loved everything about her redheaded friend: her lips and the talented mouth she had, her delicious pussy, the pert chest, the round bottom and the asshole was just as amazing as the rest of her body.

The horny guy looked on as Victoria tongue fucked his little s*ster's ass, pressing her face against her rump then shaking her head while her tongue was inside Ari's back door. Concentrating on both girls, Frankie didn't notice that he had entered his s*ster's bedroom and was now only a few feet away from the teens.

VJ could feel Frankie's presence but she wasn't too surprised, she had actually caught him spying on them while she was getting pleasured by Ariana. Now all Victoria wanted was to give the sibling a good time. Knowing what to do the brunette penetrated her friend's pussy with her fingers one more time making Ariana place her face against the bed. Now that Ariana was too busy to turn around Victoria faced Frankie surprising him as he was now masturbating to the scene in front of him.

Moving Frankie's hand away Victoria took control and engulfed the hard cock into her mouth, blowing him like she had earlier that night. Frankie tried his best not to make any sound instead he pulled at Victoria's hair taking out his fury of not being able to openly vocalize his pleasure. Victoria licked the entire hardness as she was preparing it for the next step of her plan.

Frankie was actually a bit relived when Victoria stopped sucking him, almost making him sigh. Just then he heard something that made his heart stop.

"I've got a surprise for you Ari," Victoria teased.

Frankie stood frozen worried that Victoria might rat him out.

"What is it?" Ariana yelped as her cunt was still being violated by her friend's long fingers.

"You have to close your eyes first."

Following her friends instructions the redhead closed her eyes and rested her body as Victoria removed her fingers from the wet sex. Victoria locked eyes with Frankie, a worried look on his face as he put the final pieces to the puzzle and was now able to see her plan. The TV star pulled her friend's br*ther by his hard member making him get closer to what she knew would be an unforgettable night. Frankie walked slowly towards the bed with his naked s*ster on it, his mind racing as he was still in shock of what was happening.

He should have gone back to his room when he had the chance but his feet betrayed him as they kept forward. He looked at his s*ster and realized that this was actually something that he had wanted for some time now. There had been nights when he would touch himself before going to sl*ep and the first image that would come to his mind would be Ariana. Sometimes she would be wearing a skimpy outfit that she had worn to an event and other times she would be completely naked. Frankie inspected the naked body one more time comparing it to the one he had dreamed of so many time and he came to a conclusion, Ariana's body is so much hotter than any he could ever imagine.

Victoria was now standing on the bed behind Ariana, one hand on the redhead's hip the other still gripping Frankie's manhood. She pulled at Frankie who no longer resisted her.

"How much longer for your surprise Tori?" desperation in the redhead's voice.

"It won't be long now."

Ariana had taken fake cocks many times but she had never had the pleasure of a real dick, this made Victoria anxious to begin this new experience. With one last pull Frankie's cock made contact with his s*ster's backdoor. As soon as Frankie felt his stiffness touch the tight rim his brain told him to leave but his body continued forward. Bit by bit the Ariana's tight hole began to get stretch out by what she thought was a sex toy, but in reality it was her older br*ther's mushroom tip.

"Fuck, it feels so good," Ariana cooed.

"I bought a new toy just for you Ari. It's supposed to feel like a real dick," Victoria now as turned on as she had ever been, watching how Ariana was getting anal from her br*ther.

"I love it, but do it how I like it."

VJ turned to Frankie who was not paying attention to what the teens were talking about as he was too busy with how good it felt to be inside Ariana. Frankie was awaken from his trance of seeing how his hardness slowly went deeper into Ari's round ass, that he jumped making his cock jerk inside Ariana. The redhead let out a groan impressed at what VJ was doing with this new "toy". Victoria signalled for Frankie to speed up but he kept doing what he was doing as he was afraid that if he went faster he might hurt Ariana's bum. He shook his head upsetting Victoria.

Taking matters into her own hands and pulled on Ariana making her take more of Frankie's length. Just then Frankie moved back retreating from the redhead, but having tasted this forbidden pleasure he moved towards the naked teen once more. This time his cock went in more than half way before he moved out of the teen’s rear. His hips moved in speedy motion but still being careful not to penetrate Ariana fully.

Frankie felt as Ariana's body began to perspire from the work out he was giving her. Victoria still held Ariana while she waved her teen ass in Frankie's face, inviting him to play with her as well. Noting Victoria's drenched cunt Frankie licked at the yummy pussy, still not slowing on his thrusting. The feeling of his s*ster on his dick and the taste of her friend's clam made him lose control sending a clear signal to his balls that it was time to finish.

Just then Frankie ran his thumb along Tori's asshole, and using some of the juices that had splashed all over, he inserted the thumb inside giving it a small wiggle. The sudden invasion of Tori's behind made her flinch and accidentally push Frankie away who stumbled out of Ariana.

"Shit. Don't stop," Ariana begged.

Looking over her shoulder VJ mouthed "sorry" to Frankie who fixed his posture and walked back to the bed. As he got closer he couldn't help but notice just how pink and tight Ariana's young pussy looked. It seemed a waste to be here in this situation and not give her clam a proper fucking. With that he aimed at the star's plum sex. Ariana's legs were spread enough and her lips were enough that Frankie entered his s*ster fairly easy.

Ariana screamed her head off at the sudden jolt of pain that ran all over her body.

"What is Victoria doing?” the redhead thought to herself as Tori knew that she was only allowed to finger bang Ari. The “Victorious" star had dreamed of having sex until she got married but when she and Victoria began to experiment the teens had agreed that Ariana would not get anything other than finger fucking. As Victoria started to suggest using dildos and vibrators on each other Ariana decided that it was OK as long as she didn't get penetrated from the front and her only other option was anal.

Tori had complied with the agreement, they even pinkie-promised, but seeing Frankie be the first guy to penetrate her friend made the brunette love the both of them even more than before. Frankie couldn't believe just how tight his s*ster was, it was at this moment of pure pleasure that he let out a loud moan.

"Yes," Frankie mumbled.

Ariana thought she had heard a familiar voice that wasn't Victoria. Still in pain she took all the strength she had and glanced over her shoulder. She thought her mind was playing tricks on her as she swore she had just seen her br*ther Frankie standing behind her with his cock inside of her most sacred area. She looked back and confirmed that she was in fact getting fucked by Frankie. As she realized what had happened the entire time she felt sick and began to flail her arms and kick at Frankie. Ariana was flat on her stomach while her feet aimed at Frankie trying to push him away but seeing that Ariana had found out what was going on, Frankie to a firm grip of her limbs and spread them wide, pinning them to the bed.

"Calm down Ari, it's OK," Victoria now sat on top of her friend trying to control and comfort her.

"No. Get off me," Ariana growled at the top of her lungs. "Please, Frankie, stop doing this."

Frankie heard the pain in his s*ster's voice but her pussy felt so good that he continued this time ploughing all he could into the young redhead.

"Why... are... you...” Frankie was half way in "doing th... uuuh," Frankie had now stuffed his entire stiffness into his beautiful young s*ster.

He moved in and out, increasing the pace and getting a good rhythm going, while Ariana cried out in pain, shame and embarrassment. How could her br*ther be doing this to her? How dare he take what she had hoped would be something so special and turned it into something so wrong?

"You're going to be fine Ari."

Ariana despised Victoria right now as she had been in on the whole thing, she would never forgive her so-called friend for this. Just as Ari was plotting a way to get back at both of her friend and br*ther, Frankie rammed inside her forcing himself into Ariana more than he had before and hitting a nerve. Ariana flung her had back and grunted as the pain quickly turned into pleasure.

Noticing the reaction Frankie repeated this a few more times each getting a welcoming response.

"Fuck me harder," Ariana thoughts changed making her hate herself for enjoying this. Her hips began to move encouraging Frankie to continue, which he gladly did.

The pleasure increased by the mere fact that Ariana was now enjoying the entire thing. Her muscles constricting his manhood as the friction increased making every stroke of his cock inside of Ariana mind blowing. Both bodies now moved in unison as the sound of Ariana grunting as she took Frankie's entire stiffness filled the room.

No longer feeling guilty of what he was doing to his s*ster, as she too was now participating, Frankie welcomed his orgasm. He pulled out just in time as he sprayed Ariana's back with his hot seed.

"I'm close Frankie, fuck me again," Ariana panted.

Not knowing if he could continue as he had already cummed and was swelling down, Frankie decided to give it a try. To his surprise Frankie's cock began to wake up inside of Ariana making driving her wild. The feeling of her br*ther getting hard inside of her and feeling of his warm spunk on her back sent the young redhead over the edge.

Ariana's body tighten and trembled, her orgasm taking over her body. Ariana had never felt anything like this and she would have never thought that the person making her feel like this would have been her own br*ther. With a renewed erection Frankie kept on as Ariana climaxed for a second time but this time the sensation made Frankie reach the peak and as the redhead prepared for yet another fantastic orgasm, Frankie did the same.

This time Frankie stayed inside Ari filling her insides with his sticky goo. Ariana's eyes rolled to the back of her head as her third orgasm was better than the others since she had just been pumped with her br*ther's cream. The orgasms subsided but Frankie remained inside Ari's cum filled pussy while the redhead laid still on the bed. The awkward silence was interrupted Victoria who slurped up as much jizz as she could from Ariana's back.

"Give me some," Ariana shrieked.

Even though they just fucked, Frankie was surprised to hear that Ariana wanted to taste his cum.

Victoria's face hovered over Ariana as the redhead tilted her head up to receive her prize. Victoria let a rope of the jizz gently settle on Ariana's tongue then Victoria laid down on the bed allowing Ariana to spit the cum into her mouth. The brunette got closer and closer every time they cum swapped until both "Victorious" stars were kissing. Frankie was beginning to get hard again, seeing as Ariana and Victoria were making out while his cum covered their tongues and some dribbled down their cheeks.

The teens separated each taking their share of the sperm and swallowing it, Ariana taking more time to do so as she recognized the flavour. Gulping the cum down and standing up, Frankie's semi erect penis leaving her pussy, Ariana turned to Victoria then Frankie.

"You two had sex," Ariana rightfully accused, then turned to Victoria. "You slut," she joked.

"How could you fuck my br*ther?"

"I don't know, how could you?" Victoria quipped.

Both star's turned to Frankie who lay with them on the bed, Ariana being between him and Victoria. Feeling like he was about to get attacked and beaten Frankie did the first thing that came to his mind. He pressed his lips firmly against his s*ster’s lips and kissed her as passionately as he had always wanted to.

Victoria pulled Ariana away and kissed her just as passionately, her hands roaming over her lover’s young body. Finally Victoria’s hand found Ariana’s womanhood and felt the cum dripping from it. As Victoria then pushed Frankie’s seed back into Ariana’s body she felt her breasts getting attacked by Frankie’s tongue and hands. A welcome presence if there was ever one.

When she felt relaxed enough from the recent activity Victoria pushed Frankie down onto Ariana’s body and between her legs. There he proceeded to lick her pussy until his cum was gone from sight. Then all three plopped themselves on the bed and gently stoked each other.

Suddenly all three teens burst out laughing as they realized to themselves what they had just done.

"He's amazing, huh?" Victoria sighed to Ari, referring to Frankie.

"Yup. And he has a huge dick," Ariana added.

“Thank you, ladies,” Frankie said, causing both women to giggle.

Victoria spooned Ariana as Frankie spooned Victoria, they were now tired and ready to sl*ep.

"Was I good?"

"You were incredible," VJ assured.

"I love you Vee," Ariana kissed Victoria's hand.

"I love you too."

“I love you both. Incredibly so,” Frankie said to both Ariana and Victoria.

The two satisfied female teens drifted off to sl*ep as they thought of how they had just gotten fucked by the same guy, and Ariana's br*ther, Frankie. Frankie remained awake for a little while, trying to commit the sight he was in to memory, before he too finally succumbed to sl*ep. His arms reaching over his two lovers.


... Continue»
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My Best Friend

Disclaimer: This is the first part of what I hope to be a continuing story. It holds most of the background for the main characters, so it starts kind of slowly. While I understand most of you who stumble upon this are just looking for a good wank so, you're probably going to be disappointed. This is intended as an arching romance, so if you don't like it, shove off.

All characters portrayed are over 18. Any persons depicted, living or dead, are completely of my own creation and not based on actual people. Also, don't steal my stuff. It's mine for a reason.

Growing up with Nick, I knew that he would be my friend for my entire life. He had a simple, carefree attitude about him that made one feel at ease, almost as if just being around him made everyone simply forget their troubles. His bright smile was contangious to the point that, even in one of my worst moods, I couldn't help but smile as well. For the longest time I thought of him as just my best friend. That all changed shortly after my twentieth birthday.

I've always been taller than Nick, enough that it was definitely noticable. My body has been wide since I was young. Not necessarily muscular, just wide and often a little over-weight. His frame was smaller and softer, always boyish but just soft enough that people often looked twice, just to make sure that he was, in fact, a boy. That he was soft spoken didn't help matters much, but like always, Nick would just shrug off the random negative comments and flash his winning smile.

As c***dren, Nick and I were neighbors. He was only a year younger than me, and our parents were good friends since before we could remember, so it was only natural that we got along with one another. At school, it was basically just the two of us. We had other friends we occasionally played with, but mostly it was just me and Nick. If I were somewhere, it was an almost certainty that Nick was nearby. That's just how things were for Nick and me.

To save money, our parents would usually leave us with the same babysitter, so our after school experience was much the same. One of us would always be at the other's house with the sitter until five, when my mother would come home to watch the two of us until one of his parents got off work. It carried on like this until we were finally old enough that our parents said we could stay at home by ourselves.

Even without the sitter, things went pretty much the same way. Nick would come over and we'd hang out until it was time for him to leave. That's just how life was. It was no shock to anyone that when we left for college, we shared a small apartment. That was around the time when I first really noticed the changes in Nick. He had always been a helpful person, doing occasional favors for whoever needed them. But with the two of us on our own, it seemed as if all of that attention was focused on me.

By this time I had a part-time job working at an electronics store. With my classes and job, I had very little time to do anything around the apartment that needed doing, so Nick said he would help out. Whenever I came home I would find that my laundry had been folded and stored neatly, and there was almost always a meal waiting for me. I should have found it strange, but I always just saw it as Nick being NIck.

One particular evening, about a year after we moved in, we had been watching a movie when I happened to look over. Nick had been dragging around most of the day, moreso than normal, and it apparently had gotten to him. Nick's small form had curled up against the arm of the couch, and the steady rise and fall of his chest showed that he was sl**ping. His long, brown hair had fallen over his face and for some reason, I felt compelled to brush it out of his face. The simple act had been enough to wake him.

"Mmm...guess I fell asl**p," he said, rubbing his eyes softly.

"Yeah. You've been tired all day. What's up?"

"Nothing really, I just didn't get a good night's sl**p last night."

I nodded my head at his answer. "Well, if you're tired, perhaps you should go to bed early tonight. We can finish the movie tomorrow."

"No no, I'm fine, really," he smiled. I smiled back as I ruffled his hair. It was something I had always done for him, and he seemed to enjoy it. As my hand tussled through his hair, his smile grew wider and his eyes closed again, leaning up into my hand. I thought I heard a soft moan of disappointment as I pulled my hand away. I laughed nervously as I settled back into the couch, propping my feet on the coffee table.

It was only a few minutes later when I felt the soft press of Nick's head on my shoulder. I once again turned my head to find him sound asl**p, another smile resting gently across his lips. My hand raised, almost u*********sly, to rest along the back of the couch while my hand sat lazily on his shoulder. He must have felt me move, because as soon as he felt the space open, he pushed forward, pressing further into my side.

With the sound of his quiet breathing next to my ear and his soft body resting lightly against mine, I felt extremely comfortable. My hand crept up, almost imperceptibly, to cup his head against my shoulder. As his breathing continued to slow, I let my hand stroke his hair, petting the side of his head. Again, the subtle touch must have gotten through to the sl**ping Nick, as he turned his body, snuggling against my side and bringing his right hand to rest on my chest.

"Mmm...Tommy..." he mumbled, pressing closer into my side. I couldn't help but smile as I bent my head down, kissing the top of his head. He giggled quietly, tighting his grip on me as he took a deep breath. He tilted his head up, his bright blue eyes sparkling as he looked at me. "You don't mind holding me like this, do you? It makes it so much easier to sl**p." He blushed, hiding his face in my shoulder, causing me to laugh softly.

"No, you feel perfect like this." It was out of my mouth before I could stop it, but once it was out, I was glad I had said it. As he brought his face back up to look at me, an unspoken question shining in those piercing blue orbs, I brought my free hand, the one that wasn't playing through his hair, to the bottom of his chin, pulling it up slightly. Without another thought, I lowered my lips to his. It was a lingering kiss, one neither of us expected, but the longer it went on, the more each of us fell into it. When we pulled away from each other, we were out of breath.

"Tommy, I..." I cut him short with another kiss, this one entirely intentional. Up until now, I had never really seen my friend in another light other than friend, but as the second kiss went on, I knew that was changing. This soft creature in my arms was beautiful. I had always thought so, but now I could finally admit it to myself. Again, we pulled away and he started to speak.

"Tommy...are you okay with this?" His eyes had a pleading look behind them. When I nodded, he gave a short squeal, before wrapping his arms around my neck, hugging me tightly, raining quick kisses on my cheek. It took me a few moments before I could calm him down.

"I get the feeling you've wanted this for some time," I said, smirking. He punched my arm lightly.

"I didn't really know how to approach you with it. I mean, it's not every day you tell your best friend you love them." The blush covered his face again as he bit his bottom lip. I leaned forward, brushing my lips over his.

"I love you too, Nick. I think I always have. When you fell against me during your sl** just felt right with you there." I pulled him against me again before pushing to my feet. That same, questioning gaze danced through his eyes as I took his hand, pulling him to his feet as well. Remaining silent, I tugged him toward my room.... Continue»
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My best friend's mom

This story takes place a few years ago, the summer before my senior year. I was sl**ping over at my best friend's house, in a tent in his backyard. We were going to a festival the next day, and decided to try out the tent. I'd been at his house before, his f****y (mum&dad, 1 baby s****r en 1 younger b*****r) was already very familiar to me. His parents had him at the age of 19, so even now, they're still pretty young. I've always been a sweetheart to his mum, my friend was always complaining that his mum kept asking about me and about when I'd come over again. I know I'm a very friendly and considerate boy, and at that age, I was still pretty cute in a cuddly way. I was used to mums liking me.

The evening was fine. We had dinner with the f****y, had some laughs, and Marleen, the mother, was being all giddy. My friend had enough en took me to the tent. We smoked a joint and went to sl**p.
Around 3 a.m. I seriously needed to go to the toilet. I walked through the garden, opened the patio door, went through the living room and arrived at the toilet. I did what I had to do and walked back to the living room. There was Marleen, wearing a nightgown, sitting on the couch. I freaked out a little from the scare. Only then I realized it was just Marleen, and smiled.

"Can't sl**p?" I asked.

"No, my husband is having one of his infamous snoring festivals," she sighed.

"Hehe, yeah, I know. My dad's the same."

An awkward silence.

"Wanna sit with me?" she asked. I had no idea what she meant, there was nothing to do or anything. But of course, you don't say no to a lady, so I sat myself next to her on the sofa. I had nothing on but my boxers, and sitting there next to a beautiful woman, in the dark, well, suffice to say I was glad the lights were out. We sat there for a minute, saying nothing, when she laid her head on my shoulders. For a second I thought she was in a deep emotional crisis or something and wanted to throw her heart out. But a second later she had her hand on my dick. Everything became clear, and I was up for it.

She started kissing and licking my neck, her hand sliding in my boxers and massaging my hard cock. I put my hand in her nightgown, and realized she was wearing nothing underneath. This made me even hornier. Seconds later her gown was off and my boxers too. I tried to go down on her, but she took my head and moved it towards hers again. It became obvious she didn't want to waste any more time. While kissing, she came to sit on top of me. The moment my dick slid in her incredibly warm and already incredibly wet pussy, it felt like heaven fell down on me. She started to ride me. I forgot to do anything. I just had my hands glued to her ass. My heart was pumping.
She moaned silently into my ear. Steadily, she went faster and faster. This went on for minutes, constantly increasing in speed, until she came with one extremely long sigh.
"Come", she then said. She got off me, got the couch and bent over on the dinner table, where we had dinner just a couple of hours ago. The sight of her bare ass in the moonlight is something I'll remember for the rest of my life. I went over there, positioned myself behind her and I put my dick inside of her. It made me feel almighty, fucking this incredibly hot woman, my best friend's mother, in the middle of the night. Against her dinner table. I was getting closer and started pounding harder. And louder. When, in the middle of all the exitement, I slapped her ass, she took control.

"Shhh", she whispered. I took my dick out of her pussy, she turned round and got down on her knees. She started sucking my dick. Licking her own juices on my cock, massaging it: I was ready to explode. It took half a minute until I came in her mouthn, my hand grabbing hold of her hair. She swallowed.

I had to lean against the table for a minute. She stood beside me, caressing my back.
"Let's get some sl**p", she said. We kissed on the mouth, she went upstairs, I went back to the tent. My friend was vast asl**p.
... Continue»
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My best friend, my mother and me

I was an only c***d, and my dad died in a car accident when I was 3 years old, so I had no real
memories of him. His death left just me and my mom alone, but thank goodness he had good enough
insurance that there was a small trust fund set up for me, to pay for my college, and enough after
that, so that if we lived modestly, not poorly, but a middle class life, there was enough money so that
mom never had to work again. We also got lucky, because an investment buddy of dad's had a real
crush on my mom, and for a few fucks (he was married) he took good care of our money, and
eventually mom had enough where we could even live very nicely and she'd never have to work
again, and I had enough money for college and then some!
My mom had gotten pregnant and had me when she was only 17, and so by the time I was just 15,
she was still a young, healthy, and horny woman of just 32. Mom wasn't some sexy model mind you,
she was a little plump, not fat, not at all, but a little plump, and had big tits for a woman her size, and
all in all, I think most men would have found her sexy looking, and I know I did at age 15. I know that
might sound weird to some people, but come on. How many guys whacked off in their lives, after
catching a glimpse of their mom's tits, probably the first real tits they'd ever seen?
Anyway, when I was 14, we'd moved to a new neighborhood, and a nicer house, and I'd had to
change schools. I wasn't the type to make friends easily, so when Bobby made friends with me, he
quickly became my best, if not my only friend. By the time were both 15, we were inseparable, and
where I was, he was, and vice versa. We spent almost every weekend at one of our two houses, and
usually it was mine, because Bobby insisted. We were best buds, pals, and there wasn't anything we
wouldn't do for each other. Soon, however, that would all change!
One Friday afternoon, I got sick at school. Bobby hadn't been there that day, and I heard his mom
had called in for him, because he was sick too. I was bummed, because we were supposed to spend
the night together at my house, with mom downstairs watching TV, while I laid upstairs alone in bed.
At any rate, the school nurse had called my house a couple of times, and gotten no answer, but it was
decided I could walk home anyway, because I had a good attendance record, and had never been in
trouble, and so they trusted me.
It was only around 11am when I walked in the back door of our house, and the downstairs TV was on,
but there was no sign of mom. I walked upstairs, thinking she might be in her room, and I heard music
playing, and then I heard a loud moan and then another. The odd thing was, one was a female moan,
sounding a lot like moms voice, but the other was definitely a male moan, and I couldn't tell who it
was. Quietly I tip-toed down the all, being careful, because I wasn't sure what was going on, and I
didn't want to get into any kind of trouble. As I passed my mom's bedroom, the door was cracked
open slightly, and I had to peak in. You know, curiosity kills the cat and all of that stuff. What I saw as
I looked in, stopped me cold in my tracks. There on the bed was my mom, my own mother, and she
was completely naked, and on her back, her legs spread wide. On top of her was Bobby, and he was
equally naked, and his small white ass was pumping up and down like a piston; he was fucking my
Her voice was deep and sexy as she urged him on, telling him to fuck her with his big, young, hard,
cock. He was grunting and groaning, and pumping like mad, and she was moaning in between his
groans, and her urgings to him! I was completely and totally caught off guard, and shocked, and I
must have bumped the door, and I think I even made a gasping sound or something, because Bobby
suddenly stopped in mid-thrust, and both he and mom looked over at me! I screamed out "MOM!" and
as she sat up, I got a great shot of her big tits, but I was too freaked out right then to really notice. I
heard her call my name, but I was already running to my room, and then I slammed the door shut
behind me, and locked it.
A couple of minutes later, mom was banging on my door, begging me to let her come in, and telling
me that Bobby had left. I yelled back for her to leave me alone, and I would talk to her later, MAYBE,
after I cooled off. She tried and tried, but my answer was the same, and eventually she gave up, and I
could hear her sobbing, as she walked away. I too had tears, but honestly, I know now that they were
more tears of jealousy, than of rage or hurt, even though I had no idea what they were right then.
There was one other thing though, I also had a hard-on that I could have hammered nails in to a
board with, and it was poking at my jeans so hard, it actually hurt!
I slid my jeans and T-shirt off, and then my boxer shorts, laying back on my bed naked, I started
jacking off, as the erotic image of Bobby on top of my mom, fucking her for all he was worth filled my
head. I was really into it, when something almost spoiled it for me. I remembered her telling him how
big and hard his cock was, and THAT made me angry! Last summer, Bobby and I had discovered the
joys of jacking off, and on more than one occasion, we had compared cock sizes, while we were both
hard. MY cock was a good inch longer than his, and it was quite a bit fatter too, so how could she
think HE had a big cock. It was right then that I realized that it was ME that wanted to be on top of
mom, pumping away like that, and I really was jealous of Bobby!
Right then, I felt my balls tingling, and my orgasm coming on. I started cumming, and my first spurt
shot up high in the air, and the second and third spurts quickly followed. All of that flying cum landed
back on me, splashing off of my hand, and my stomach, and soaking me, my body and the bed
around me. I quickly cleaned myself up, using my boxer shorts, and even though my cock was still
very hard, I laid back, and closed my eyes, and before I knew it, I was fast asl**p.
When I awoke, I was in one of those half awake, half still asl**p states, and it was dark outside, so I
had to really think about whether it was morning or night. A quick glance over at my bedside clock
told me it was around 7pm. I had slept for almost seven hours! My cock was hard, and I wanted to
jerk off again, but I smelled dinner cooking, and I went and took a shower instead. After my shower I
slipped on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and then finally went downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen,
and dinner was on the table. She'd fixed my favorite, spaghetti, and she had a bottle of wine open,
and it looked to be about 3/4 gone.
I sat down, and when mom came in, she was wearing a T-shirt, and just her panties. She really didn't
say anything, but just sat down with her glass of wine. I had already dished out my plate and I was
eating, and so mom took a little for herself, and then kind of picked at her food as I ate. She did finish
the glass of wine she already had, and then poured herself another, leaving maybe one more glass in
the bottle. I got up, and without saying a word, I got a wine glass, and poured the rest of the bottle in
a glass for me. Now, it wasn't the first time I'd ever drank. I'd had a glass of wine at Christmas, and a
glass of champagne at New Years, but that was about it. I'd never just had one with dinner. Tonight, I
thought, is a little different though!
When I got up from the table, I went into the living room, but I didn't turn on the TV. Instead, I sat
there sipping my wine, as mom cleared the table, and cleaned up the kitchen. Normally I would have
helped her but that night I wasn't in the mood. I purposely waited until I knew she was almost through,
and I had finished off my wine, and then I went up to my room, only this time, I left the door open and
unlocked. I no long heard the water running in the kitchen, so I knew she was finished, and the TV
downstairs wasn't on, so she was stalling, and I knew it. Eventually though, there she stood in my
doorway, a scared look on her face, as she lightly knocked on the door. I told her to come in, and she
came over and stood by my bed. She said something about how we needed to talk, and when I said
"Damn right we do." she didn't even correct my cussing.
At that point I got up, and brushed past her. She asked me where I was going, and I told her I was
going to her room, and we would talk there. She didn't say a thing, as she followed me, and then
when we got to her room, I sat on one edge of the bed, and she sat on the other, about five feet
apart. We were both silent, and I didn't know if she would start, and so I simply looked at her and
asked; "Why?".
She sat for a long minute, and then she told me she didn't know, she honestly didn't know. Yeah, like
I was going to accept that bullshit answer. I let it go though, and instead I asked her how many times?
She hesitated, and the in a weak voice, she said they'd done it four times so far. So, four different
times my best friend had put his dick in my mom! I thought for a moment, and I realized that Bobby
hadn't missed school four times, and I also couldn't think of four times he would have had the time
alone with her, except of course earlier that day. And then it hit me; the only other times could have
been when he'd spent the night with me! That asshole had been fucking my mom, behind my back,
as I'd slept.
I sort of blurted out, "Son of a bitch!", and mom cringed back a bit, but I hadn't directed it at her, but
rather at my own stupidity, and the situation. I then sort of snickered, and that really took her by
surprise. Then I spoke, and I said something about how while I was sound asl**p, tucked in my bed,
and dreaming sweet dreams, my best friend was pumping his hard cock in and out of her pussy. Mom
turned a bit red, and I couldn't tell whether it was from anger or embarrassment, but then she said
something about me using such language. My snappy come back was simply to say that "I" wasn't
the one fucking her friends! Mom turned even redder, and I backed off, this wasn't what I wanted.
Things were spiraling rapidly out of control, and that wasn't what I wanted, so I took a deep breath
and started again. Again, I asked her "Why?"
This time her voice was much more even and controlled, although I could hear a slight alcohol slur,
and I knew she must have a slight buzz. I wanted one too, especially now, and so I told her, I didn't
ask her, but I told her to go get us another bottle of wine and a COUPLE of glasses. I told her that IF
we were going to have an adult talk, then I wanted to be treated as an adult. I was a little bit surprised
when she didn't object in the least, but instead, got right up, and left the room. I think she needed a
break, and another drink to keep on going.
She came back to the room with another bottle of wine, and the two glasses. She poured a glass for
us both, and we each downed it, and then she refilled them, but this time we just sipped. I didn't let
her off the hook, but with the reinf***ement of the additional alcohol, she was now more ready to talk.
She started out, and I listened.
"Steven, I'm so sorry, but I have to be honest about everything that happened." "Whether you know it
or not, since your dad died 12 years ago, and before Bobby, I've been with exactly two men." "The
thing you need to know and understand is, that I am a healthy, young woman." "I might be your mom,
but when you are my age or even younger, you'll look at and feel different about women my age,
because I am NOT that old at 32, and I do still have needs!"
I looked at her, and I smiled. Hell, I knew she was young, and even I thought she was still very sexy,
but that wasn't even really my question, and I told her so. I told her that what I really meant was, why
Bobby of all people?
She answered me again, and I believed every bit of it. She told me that it had all started out as an
accident. She said that one night, while he had been sl**ping over, the two of us had gone to bed,
and it was around 11pm or so. She said that she had been right in the middle of masturbating, and
suddenly Bobby had knock on her door. He told her that he'd had a terrible dream, and she invited
him to get in bed with her, to calm him down. She then told me not to ask how or why, because even
she didn't know or have a good answer, but suddenly they were kissing, and then they were naked,
and then; they were fucking. After that night, she said that Bobby basically blackmailed her,
threatening to tell everyone, including me what happened, if she didn't do it again, and the forth time
they were doing it was when I walked in on them earlier that day.
Now things made a little more sense, and now it was really Bobby I was mad at, and not mom. There
was one other thing too, I was horny, and for lack of a better term, my dick was as hard as a rock! As
I sat there, I really began to look at mom in a different way. As I said earlier, she was a little plump,
but in a very sexy way. She had a very pretty face, and soft, sandy-blonde hair that cascaded down to
her shoulders, and her big green eyes would steal your heart. That's two things I had inherited from
her; the sandy-blonde hair, and the green eyes. Also earlier, I told you she did have big tits, and I
would later learn they were a 36D, which on a woman only five feet five inches tall, makes them look
even bigger. She had a cute ass as well, and my mom was the first woman I ever saw that also
shaved her pussy mound completely bald and smooth, but again, that would be something I would
learn later.
I squirmed a bit where I was sitting, trying to adjust my hard-on, without making it to noticeable, but
mom had already seen it, and when I looked at her, she was actually gazing right down into my
crotch. Now it was mom's turn to kind of take over the conversation again, and I noticed as she asked
me some questions, she had sort of this glazed look in her eyes, almost as if she was someplace
else, and thinking of something else.
She started out by asking me how much real experience I had with girls, and before I could even
answer, she chuckled, and told me not to lie. I hesitated a moment, but then I told her the truth. I told
her that once, when I was 11, me and this other guy had stripped, and shown our naked bodies to
this 12 year old girl on a dare, if she would do the same. Mom asked if she did, and I told her yes, but
it was more like she sort of ran out of the closet in her bedroom for like all of ten seconds, and then
ran back inside. I then told her that I had kissed a couple of girls, and that I had even touched
Rebbecca Kylie's naked chest once, but she didn't really have any boobs, not like yours. Mom then
asked me about masturbation, and now it was my turn to blush!
When I hesitated, she went on to tell me it was a perfectly natural and normal thing, and most people
did it, whether they admitted it or not. She even added that she did it too. When I nodded my head
yes to her question, she asked me what or who I thought about when I masturbated. Now I must have
been ten different shades of red, because when I hesitated, mom again told me that is was OK, and
that it was a perfectly natural thing to fantasize about a person, or doing something sexual. I finally
managed to blurt out that I sometimes thought about girls I knew at school, and sometimes women I
have seen in a magazine or on TV, and then she floored me with her next question when she asked
me if SHE was ever in any of my masturbation fantasies?
A soft, almost inaudible, "Yes" escaped my lips, and she smiled, and asked me WHAT I thought
about. Thank God for the wine! I took another big, and I mean BIG, gulp, and as mom refilled my
glass, it gave me a minute to think, until she said; "Well?" I told her that a couple of times, I had spied
on her in the shower (her shower has a clear glass door) and I always used those images, and
memories to jack off too. She smiled again, and said something about how I had seen her naked
then, and I nodded, but went on to say that it was only her distorted image through the glass shower
Just then, she stood up, and facing me, she asked me if I would like to see the real thing! I nodded
my head rapidly, and with out missing a beat, she stripped her T-shirt over her head, exposing her
naked boobs, and then she lowered her panties, and kicked them off, and then she was completely
naked. Slowly she turned around, showing me her back side and beautiful ass, and then she was
again facing me. My God, her tit's were so beautiful. They were large and full, and had a soft sag to
them, but not in a bad way. Her nipples were even bigger than I had imagined, and they were ringed
by large, dark pink aureoles, as large as silver dollars. I sat there staring, and licked my lips, bringing
a smile to mom's face.
She then looked down at my crotch, and there was absolutely no hiding the erection my pants were
covering. She then looked me in the eyes, and she told me that it was my turn, just like that time with
the 12 year old girl, she'd showed me hers, now it was my turn to show her mine! Suddenly a wave of
courage swept over me, and I thought, "What the hell, two can play this game!" With that, I stood and
pulled my shirt over my head, and then lowered my shorts and kicked them off, revealing my erection
in all it's glory. Now it was mom's turn to both stare, and lick her lips. Without really thinking, and I'm
sure without really directing her comments to me, she stared at my cock, and said something about
how I was bigger than Bobby, and I was even bigger than my dad. She then looked at me, and this
time her comment WAS directed at me when she said;
"Baby, you have a beautiful cock; you should be very proud of it, and someday, it's going to make
some very lucky girl, very happy, as long as you learn how to use it correctly!"
With that, she stepped forward, and her hand reached out, and she ran her fingertips down the length
of my hard cock. I shivered, and felt a pleasure I'd never felt before, even when I touched myself.
Neither of us spoke as she then reached up, and took my hand, and pulled me onto the bed beside
her. She pulled my head down to her breast, and told me to suck on her nipples. I sucked one and
then the other, and she cooed, and reached back down, and started stroking my hard cock. I sucked
harder on her nipples, and she stroked my cock faster. It felt so damn good, and I was rapidly building
toward an orgasm, a hell of a lot faster than when I jerked myself off!
Mom pulled my head up, one of her hard nipples popping out of my mouth, and her mouth covered
mine. The girls I'd kissed in the past never kissed me like mom did, as her tongue snaked into my
mouth it, and I groaned into her mouth. Damn, I was almost ready to cum, and mom knew it.
Suddenly her mouth pulled away from mine, and her head went straight for my crotch. Before her
mouth reached my cock, I exploded into a powerful orgasm, and I do mean exploded! My cum shot
out, hitting her in the face and tits, but before the second round cold fire, she managed to take my
cock into her mouth, and she started sucking hard, as my cock jerked and spasmed, and I continued
shooting into her hot mouth. My whole body shivered and shook, and she reached up and squeezed
my balls, as she sucked me off. I thought I was in heaven, but I really had no idea what heaven was,
just yet.
As my orgasm subsided, and she pulled her mouth off of my still hard, and still throbbing cock, and
slid back up my body by my side. She kissed me again, only this time she tasted much different,
because this time I was actually tasting my own cum in her mouth. Right away I started stammering
out my apology. Mom stopped me just as quickly as I started talking, telling me that she had expected
what happened and it really turned her on making me cum like that. She then told me that she was
going to teach me how to really make a woman happy, and she started easing me down her body,
and between her legs.
As I shifted around, she spread her legs open wide, and then reached between them. She told me to
take my time, and really look at her. She explained that this (she said pointing) is a woman's pussy,
and it has several parts to it, all important to giving her pleasure. She then showed me her outer lips,
and inner lips, and where her clit was, pulling back it's little "hood" and showing me where and how to
find it. She told me to smell her, and I did and then she asked me if I liked it. I told her I liked the smell
a lot, and that it turned me on and made me harder! She smiled, and told me that was exactly what
was supposed to happen. The, over the next several minutes, she gave me very graphic, and very
explicit, instructions on how to "eat her" as she put it, and guided me through each step.
Whether I was a quick learner, or whether I just loved licking her pussy, I soon had mom moaning
loudly, and telling me over and over again, not to stop! Suddenly I felt her body stiffen up, and her
hands on the top of my head pushed my face firmly into her crotch. I had trouble breathing, but it was
so exciting, as her body shook, and she quivered, and groaned. She said loudly that she was
cumming, and I experienced my first female climax about as up close and personal as you could get,
my face buried firmly into her crotch!
As she eased up on my head, she urged me up on top of her, and I was soon in the same position I
had seen Bobby in, on top of her, earlier that day, so many hours ago. Her legs were spread wide. My
cock was hard and poised, and I was ready to fuck my mother! I thrust forward and missed, the head
of my cock glancing off of her pubic mound. Patiently, she reached down between us and grasp my
hard cock. She guided it to her wet fuck hole, and positioned the head at her entrance. This time
when I thrust, I hit my mark, and the head of my cock penetrated her pussy.
The first time.
I have yet to met a man or boy who doesn't remember hot it felt the first time their cock slipped inside
a woman's body, and I am no exception! It felt warm and wet, and actually a little hot. It felt like my
cock was sliding inside a velvet-lined, tight-fitting glove, and it felt, well, it was the absolute most
incredible feeling I'd ever experienced!
Bless her so. I now know that mom knew how I must be loving it that very first time, and how I must
be feeling and she was so patient, letting me slid inside her at my own pace. Letting me stop and
enjoy the million sensations, letting me enjoy her, and specifically her hot, tight, and very wet, pussy! I
bottomed out, my balls pressing into her sweet ass, and I held myself there for several long seconds,
before I moved again. Eventually, I began to move, and mom guided me, with her hands on my ass
cheeks. Her thighs held me into her, and her hands directed my thrusts. As our pace quickened, her
hands would leave my ass ever so slightly, and then slap back down, with each of my downward
thrusts. At the same time, she would thrust her pelvis up, and grind it into mine.
Her breathing quickened, and her moaning got louder. I found myself grunting and groaning, as I
thrust into her, and she was whispering nasty things to me like how big my cock was, and how good it
felt in her pussy. And then, I could feel a change in her and me both. It was like we were lost in our
own little world, and like I was actually a part of her, and she was a part of me. I had never
experienced anything like those feelings before in my life!
Suddenly she started groaning;
"Fuck me Damn it, Fuck me harder, faster, come on, fuck me baby!"
Over and over she was telling me, and then her body did that thing it had don earlier when she'd
climaxed the first time, it just seemed to seize up, and then she was humping against me and
groaning out loud like crazy. I could feel her. I mean I could really FEEL her pussy as it spasmed
around my cock, milking it, pulling at it, hugging it in it's soft, velvety wetness! Oh God it was too
much, and I cried out, and I climaxed inside her. My cum shot out of me, and into her. Her arms
encircled me, and she pulled me tight against her. Her hot breath was in my ear, as she kept telling
me to cum inside her; fill her pussy up, and shoot my sperm deep inside her!
OH MY GOD, If this was sex, I was hooked!
Eventually we both calmed down and I rolled off of her, but my cock was still very much erect! Mom
smiled, and in one swift move, she was on top of me. It was so hot watching her raise her body up,
watching her reach down, and grab hold of my cock, and watching her again line the head up with the
entrance to her pussy. Slowly she eased herself down onto me, and once again her wet pussy
engulfed my hard cock. We'd both cum twice now, and so now it was time to relax, and really enjoy a
nice, long, leisurely fuck! Mom moved up and down on top of me, and I stared at her big tits as they
bounced and jiggled. Her movements got quicker, and she ground herself down harder into me. She
was going to cum again, and I was just amazed! This time, her orgasm seemed to last a whole lot
longer, and when she was through, she just collapsed on top of me, and shook. I still hadn't cum
again yet though, and she knew it, but she also knew the perfect position to get me off.
Rolling onto her stomach, she got up on her elbows, and knees, and stuck her ass up in the air. She
told me to get behind her, and I did, and then I lined my cock up with her hole once again. I slid inside
her with no resistance, and she just let me go. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard. Over
and over she told me to fuck her, and I pumped my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. Her soft,
fleshy ass cheeks felt so good, as my crotch bounced off of them, and after several minutes I could
feel an orgasm building that I knew was going to top all of the others combined. I slammed my cock
into her, and she ground her face into the pillows, and held onto the sheets. I groaned and screamed
out that I was cumming, and she screamed even louder;
And that was it. I slammed her ass into my crotch, held her tightly against me, and my cock just
exploded inside her! I was surprised that I had any cum left in my balls at all, after my first two
orgasms, but I felt like I shot a gallon of the stuff deep inside her pussy, and it felt wonderful. I
collapsed on top of her then rolled onto my side on the bed, my cock still deep inside her, and me still
clutching her, and puling her ass back into me. The blankets were on the floor, and the sheets were
half on and half off the bed. We were both covered in sweat, and unable to speak, the only sound in
the room was our heavy breathing.
Mom was the first to speak, and all she said was;
My God, that was fantastic baby, the best ever, and I really mean ever!".
Eventually we both drifted off to sl**p. We did fuck once more before morning, and then the next
morning, we fucked three more times! When we were through with that last fuck, mom told me we
had to take a break, because both her pussy and her mouth were sore. Jokingly, I said something
about how we always had her asshole, and she surprised me when she told me that lesson would
come later! Yes, later I did have my hard cock up her ass, and from that point on, anal sex became a
regular part of our fucking as well.... Continue»
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I Fucked My Best Friend's Mom

I can’t believe it but I fucked my best friend Matthew mom last week and it was the best sex I've ever had! Nannette is one of the hottest women in Palm Harbor if not the whole state of Florida. Matthew and I have been friends since middle school, I should feel guilty, but I feel no regrets about what happened. At the age of 33 I feel very lucky to have such a hot, sweet and sexy older woman to teach me the ropes. My cell phone goes off and a quick look tells me it’s another text from Nannette .

Back and forth all week we've been texting, she'd made a reservation for us tomorrow night at the Road Way Motel. My cock is threatening to jump out of my jeans right now thinking about her gorgeous body spread out under mine again. I guess I should explain how this all happened.

Ever since I first saw Nannette , of course she was Mrs. winter, back then I knew I wanted a girlfriend just like her when I got older. Most boys my age really weren't that interested in girls, but I sure was. There were plenty of high school girls to fawn over but none compared to Mrs. winter.

About 5'8 with big firm breasts you could fall asl**p on and red hair, she was the woman for me. So what if she was 36 and the mother of my best friend? Each and every summer she would wear a bathing suit that set my young body on fire with need. I think from the moment I sprouted my first pubes I truly wanted to have a taste of her. Nannette has the same lips as Angelina Jolie or better yet Angelina has the same full lips as her.

Both of my parent's worked a lot, they still do so I spent most of my time at the Mrs,Winter. Mr. Winter is an awesome guy and always had something to show me or Matthew or was willing to go out and play football with us. And Mrs. Winter always had something for us to eat. Great body, soft voice and a great cook what more could a guy want?

The summer I turned 33 is when I began to notice that SHE was noticing me back. At first I thought I was imaging things but sure enough when she watched Matthew and I play basketball out in the driveway she was watching me. Her sunglasses made it hard to tell at first where her gaze was directed, but after awhile I started to see her head following me. I put on a show for her making sure she could see every inch of my bare sweat covered chest. I couldn't be sure but I swear I saw her blush.

Once when Matthew and I were sitting on the grass after a game she came out with two tall glasses of iced tea and a smile on her face. Nannette was wearing a short sundress and a pair of biker shorts. As she leaned down to give us our drinks I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. I got a peek at one of her nipples and got an instant hard on.

Another time she asked me to come give her a hand in the kitchen. “I need your long arms for something in the cupboard." Her smile was dazzling and I was more than willing to help.

At 33 I was a good 3 inches taller than her and 3 over Matthew so it made sense for her to ask for my help. Walking into the kitchen she opened the cabinet and pointed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass.

"I need the punch bowl up there. We don't use it often so of course it ended up way out of my reach."

I moved up behind her and reached over her head to grab the bowl. The scent of wildflowers filled my nose, "That's a nice scent you have on Mrs. Winter."

"Really? Thank you Chris, what a Very sweet thing to say," She was almost purring and damn if she didn't wiggle her ass back into my crotch. The bowl trembled in my hands as I pulled it down.

"There you go. one punch bowl." I turned around and handed it to her. A drop of sweat rolled off my forehead and onto her chest. It sat on the top of her breast for a second before running down into her cleavage. "Sorry about that." I grabbed a paper towel and wiped myself off.

"Oh that's ok. A big strong young man like you probably works up a lot of sweat." She didn't move to clean my sweat off her.

That's how things went between up for the next two years. I thought about Mrs. Winter every time I jacked off, which was every night. Once when I spent the night at Matthew's, I stole a pair Nannette’s dirty panties out of the laundry room hamper. I kept those panties and smelled them when I jacked off for months. I wanted her really bad but I was scared to make a move. Matthew or Mr. Winter were usually close by so I rarely got a chance to be alone with Nannette.

I was bent over the hood of a Dodge Durango when a car horn sounded behind me. I turned and saw Nannette getting out of her car. Thank God I have my coveralls on because she was dressed to kill. She had on a pair of black Capri pants and a very low cut red shirt. It wasn’t unusual for Matthew’s mom to show some cleavage, but I had never seen her in such a low cut top. She looked awesome.

As she walked toward me, the jiggle of her chest shouted that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Hi Chris I'm not bothering you am I?" She smiled up at me sweetly.

Swallowing hard, I shook my head and wiped my hands on a shop towel, "of course not. So what brings you by here Mrs. Winter?"

"My car. The last two days I have been hearing a squeaking noise. It’s gotten more annoying and a bit louder, so I figured I should bring it by and have you take a look at it." Her eyes roamed over me a bit and I wondered if she could see the outline of my cock.

"Let me take a look," I grabbed my baseball cap and headed out into the bright sun. I walked around the car sat in the driver's seat and even popped the hood, but couldn't detect any out of the ordinary noises. "I can't find anything wrong with the car Mrs. Winter."

"Really? It was just doing it when I pulled up. It always happens you know. You point something out and then it stops happening. Ten to One it will start up once I'm on my way home." Her bottom lip was poked out giving her an even poutier look and all I wanted to do was taste it.

"Well I can stop by after work and take another look. Maybe I can figure out what's wrong there?" I leaned back against her car, this gave her a good view of what lay under the grease and oil covered fabric. I saw her pink tongue dart out and lick her lip.

"Thank you Chris. I'll see you around 7:30?" She walked over and raised up on her toes to press a kiss to my cheek and her breasts against my arm. My cock got harder and began to ache.

"On the nose, Mrs. Winter." I turned to watch her slide into her car, her ass calling to me as she moved.

"Please call me Nannette ." She winked, closed the door and the pulled away. I headed back into the shop to finish what I was doing. Looking up I saw a couple of the guys grinning and shaking their heads. Oh yeah I'd be hearing about this for awhile. The day seemed to go on forever but eventually closing time came.

I washed my hands and my face and then headed for home away from home. I parked on the street and then jogged up the walkway. Before I could even knock or ring the bell the door opened and there was Nannette still dressed as before and twice as hot.

"Hi Chris, come on in," The way she was standing I had to brush against her.

“Shouldn’t I check the car while it’s still light out?”

She closed the door and then locked it. "The car can wait, but there’s something else that can't wait anymore."

Nannette walked up and took a fist full of my shirt and yanked me down so that our lips met. The contact was electric and I put my arms around her, took two handfuls of her ass and yanked her against me as my tongue found hers. Oh she could kiss just like I thought she could, not too wet, not to reserved, just perfect. We both moaned loudly rubbing against each other until we came up for air.

"Yeah the car can wait," I picked her up and carried her up to her bedroom. Nannette giggled making her seem so much younger than her actual 37 years. the giggle turned into a squeak as I tossed her onto the bed and closed the door behind me.

"I just knew you'd be an a****l. You have no idea what it’s been like all these years watching you become such a handsome young man," She told me as she palmed her breasts, the nipple poking through the fabric. I pulled my tank top off and popped the button on my jeans.

"Oh trust me I know. I've been hard for you since puberty. You have always been such a milf, walking around in tight jeans, those little tops of yours. Uhh I just wanted you so badly."

She licked her lips and pulled her own shirt off her breasts defying gravity, "Even though I'm Matthew's mom?"

"Oh yeah baby," I kneeled on the bed and pushed her back slowly and wrapped my mouth around one cherry colored nipple while my hand played with the other. Nannette moaned and arched up under me, her firm legs wrapping around me and keeping me in place as she fed me her nipple.

I groaned, tongue flicking over the pert mound of flesh as I ground my body into hers. Letting her feel ever inch of what she was about to get deep and hard. My left hand slid down and into her pants. Not surprisingly she had nothing underneath. What was surprising what that she had only a nice landing strip of hair covering her moist pussy.

As my finger stroked over her clit she mewled like a hungry cat twisting and writhing under me in need. Her pussy was slippery hot and pulled at my fingers. When I bit down on her nipple playfully she tugged at my hair. "Chris, don't tease me like that."

Pulling away I stripped away the last of our clothes. She kneeled up, gave my hard 9 inches a few pumps and then got on to all fours, legs spread.

"Come on Chris, show me what you got give me it HARD," She wiggled her ass at me and I gave one cheek a friendly smack as I moved up behind her and buried myself to the hilt in one stroke. Damn she was like a hot glove. I pulled back out of her cunt slowly and then thrust back in deep HARD and FASTER then the first time.

"FUCK ME!" She pushed back onto my cock hard grinding her ass against my abs and I was more than happy to oblige her. Bending over her I grabbed her breasts as I started to hump her deep and fast. I bit her ear and neck playfully as I panted in her ear and she moaned. When I twisted her nipples hard she got wetter and moved harder.

"A wild woman, that’s what you are." I leaned back up and grabbed her hips and began to pull her back onto me as I moved forward. Flesh on flesh, skin slapping sweat running. It was hotter than the 4th of July. My balls smacked against her clit making her tighten even more. I was gonna cum soon but I wanted her to cum first.

My fingers stroked, pinched and worked her clit until the dam finally broke and she trashed under me in her climax. I kept pounding into her spasming pussy though until my balls drew up tight.

"Gonna cum," I grunted out and she was quick to pull off my cock and replace her pussy with her open mouth. I let her suck and pump my cum straight from my balls into her hungry mouth. Once the tremors stopped I slid down and pulled her sweat body against mine for a bit of a rest. Later we would shower and then fuck til morning.

... Continue»
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Helping my best friend

My best friend, Kathy told me one day that she had walking in on her son in the bathroom, she did not know he was in there and he had forgotten to lock the door. It would not have been a big deal, but since he was sitting naked on the toilet with the seat down, masturbating, and starting to ejaculate right when she opened the door. At first he did not realize that he door had opened she told me. He had his eyes close and stroking his penis while his cum was spurting straight out of it. She felt very embarrassed by the whole thing and the poor k** had not come down for dinner that evening. He had told her that he did not feel well.
It had taken her a second for her brain to catch on what was going on. She got a very good look at her son in his totally naked aroused state. Then she quickly closed the door.
Kathy told me this the day after it taken place and was still in shock over the whole thing. The thing she was shocked over was how big her son’s penis was. Don't get me wrong, she was not sexually attracted to her son. It was only that she felt that it was only yesterday her son had been in the bathtub playing with his toys and for the first time she realized that he was a man in some respects.
Brian, her son was starting college next year so I knew he had grown, but I had not seen him a many years. I also had this mental picture of him as a little boy. Kathy and her f****y had moved to the East Coast almost 10 years ago, so we did not see much of each other, but we still talked on the phone almost weekly.

A couple of months later Kathy called me and asked if it would be possible for Brian to stay with my hubby and me for the little while at in the fall. Brian had been accepted at a local college here and still had not found any housing. Kathy knew that we had a couple of spare bedrooms and I had often offered one of them if they needed a place to stay. My hubby would not mind having another person in the house. He liked Brian a lot and would most likely think it would be fun with a young man in the house.
Brian was very good in school with the highest GPA and he was also into sports, so we would probably not see much of him.
I thought it work out great, since one of our bedrooms had French doors which would give Brian his own entrance to the house. He would be able to come and go as he wished.

Only issue with having someone else in our house would be that we had a very active sex life and we often fuck where ever we liked. Most often we ended up making love in front of the TV. We had a nice big comfortable couch that was made for fucking, so it was the most common place we fucked. My hubby often gave me oral pleasure while I watched TV. He loves licking my pussy and can do it for hours. Of course, I love it as well. Thank god that we have DVR so that I can roll back my show and watch the end of a show after I had a orgasm or two and then been fucked as well.
My hubby and I tried for a long time to get pregnant without any success, so we stopped using protection and still nothing has ever happened. I usually get extremely horny when I ovulate, so my hubby has his hands full then. I crave cock during this time, so we even bought a big dilo to give me pleasure when he can't keep up.

Brian moved in with us early September. He loved coming over to the West Coast while we still have summer and not got into fall yet. He started school and we only saw at dinner time if even then. He was mostly in his room when he was home. He had a TV and a computer so he did not need much from us. We left him alone as much as possible. Kathy had insisted that he would help out with chores in the house, so we set up a weekly list of things he would help with. Mainly help with trash, some yard work, do laundry, and was our cars. Kathy believed in helping out in their house and he should not be treated any different since he lived in our house. Brian never failed on any of his chores. Even when he had lots of homework, he still did what was agreed upon.

My sex life suffered a little bit the first couple of weeks, but when we got use to Brian's schedule we fell back into our normal sex life. We did not make love so much in the living room, but it still happened on the weekends when Brian was out with his friends.

One Saturday night, when I was on my back with my legs spread wide open and my hubby was feeding with his big cock. I thought I heard some noise, but my hubby was so excited and close to cuming that I did not say anything. I looked into the hallway from where the noise had come, the guest rooms where down that hallway. I thought I could see something in the dark of the hallway, but was not sure. I knew that if Brian was looking from there, he would have a full view of pussy getting stuffed. My hubby had my legs pulled up high so he could get deep inside of me and he was kissing and sucking my nipples at the same time. He was getting close to cuming and it made me excited to think that a young man was watching me getting fucked. When I realized that I got hit by an orgasm without any warning, my hubby felt me shake and shudder underneath him and it brought on his own orgasm and he started to cum inside of me. It lasted a couple of minutes and then he started to get soft. He lay on top of me and my pussy pushed out his cock. As soon as his cock left my pussy a stream of cum quickly followed. I could feel it running out of me, down my ass crack, over my anus, and then down my ass cheek. I peeked over my hubby's shoulder and thought once again that I saw some movement. But it was impossible to be sure. Soon after we got up and went into our bedroom to clean up.

Next morning my hubby left for golf early in the morning, so I was sitting in the kitchen by myself reading the newspaper when Brian came in. I asked if he wanted me to make breakfast, but he offered to make me pancakes instead. We talked while he was cooking and I found no hints of that he had seen anything last night. I even asked what he did last night and he told me that he had been out and crashed soon after he got home. I asked what time that was and he said he did not know what time he had gotten home, only that it was late.

The follow week went like any other week. I watched for signs that Brian would act different or let me know that he watched us fuck, but nothing came. So I started to doubt that he had seen us. I figured that he would try to see more of my body or let me know what he saw, if he actually had seen anything.

Two weekends after the fuck on the couch, we were invited to a party on Saturday. One of our neighbor had a dinner party and we had a great time. We drank a lot of wines and I felt pretty good at the end of the dinner. I told my hubby go be ready for some action when we got home. I was ovulating and was horny as hell before I had the alcohol which only puts fuel on the fire. In the end I could not wait for the party to be over so we could go home and make love.
We walked home from the party and my hubby was very d***k. He had a hard time walking straight. I told him that he still would have to perform because I wanted to get fucked.
The house was all dark and quiet when we came home. I figured that Brian was out parting with his friends. My hubby got a fire going in the fire place, while I went to change. I put on a thin short nightgown and went back to the living room. My hubby said it would be right back and went back to our master suite. I lay down on the sofa and started to slowly play with myself. I was so horny that I could not wait to get my clit rubbed. I expected him to come out soon to give me the oral pleasure that I needed and then get him to fuck me. I did not care if he would lie down and not move as long as I could take his hard cock in my pussy and ride him.
I started to get real wet and hot, but realized that he should have been back by now. So I got up and went back to our bedroom. I found him on our bed, fast asl**p dressed in only his boxers. I decided that I would get him to make love to me on the bed instead of the fire then. I climbed onto the bed and pulled off his shorts. He was out of it. I started to play with his cock, it slowly reacted to my sucking and strokes. Not like our younger years, when I only had to touch his cock and it would stand if full attention no matter how d***k he was.
I finally started to get him hard enough to be able to get him in my pussy. I was working hard and sucking him. I was getting really turned on by his hard cock. Out of the blue he erupted in my mouth, he came without warning and was still out of it. I let him finish and then rolled over on my back. I rubbed my clit and put a finger into my wet pussy. I felt funny lying next to my knocked out hubby with cum all over his tummy. I decided to pull out my vibrator and return to the fire.
It was kind of romantic to lay in front of the fire and masturbate. I took my time and had a couple of orgasms. I never cum very strong when I masturbate I cum much stronger from oral pleasure or from being fucked and have my clit rubbed to climax.
After a little while I felt that I was too tired and felt pretty good from my orgasms. I started to drift off and fell asl**p on the couch.

I woke up much later, the fire was only slightly glowing from the burnt out fire. I felt my hubby's hands on my ass and realized that he must had woken up and come in to me in the living room. My night gown was up to my waist, so he had my whole ass exposed and he worked on my clit with his fingers. I was slippery wet and still horny. I moaned and made more room for his fingers. I was lying on my side and pulled up my upper leg to give him better access to my clit. He let his fingers explore my whole pussy, a couple of finger slide inside and he worked on my clit at the same time. It felt real good and we had not done this in a long time. Normally he preferred to lick and suck my pussy, instead this time he used his fingers and soon brought me to an orgasm. I came strong and made this finger very wet.
I felt him move a little bit, and then I felt his cock head on my pussy opening. I was so wet that there was a little resistance as his big head went between my pussy lips, but as soon as his head was in, he could slide deep with the first thrust. Oh, it felt so good. He stretched me good and after a couple of thrusts he was deeper than normal. I answered each trust and we found a good pace. He moved a little and sat up behind my ass. He moved without pulling out his cock and soon found a faster pace. I felt that he would cum soon. His hands held my hips hard and I thought he would cum any second when I felt his hand travel down my potbelly.
Right as I could feel him grow a little bit bigger and I knew he was going to cum, I reached back as he hit so deep in my pussy that I winced in a little bit of pain. His thrusts were very strong and as he pumped his cum in me, hitting my cervix and filling it, I reached back to his tummy to stop him from going so deep. I was on the edge of reaching another climax as well. I felt his tummy; it did not have the normally hairy feeling and felt more muscular. As I started to cum, I realized it was not my hubby's tummy and it must be Brian's.... I felt panic in the middle of my orgasm. I was so horny and could not control my body, but my mind screamed at me. My body shuddered as I came stronger than I had in years.
Brian had just deposited his cum in my pussy, I had several orgasms from him, and now I had been unfaithful to my hubby. Or you could argue that I had been ****d. I did not feel like I had been ****d. I felt like I had been thoroughly fucked with multiple orgasms and really enjoyed it.

I looked up at Brian and asked why he thought he could do something like this to me?
He answered that he did not mean to do anything, but when he tried to put a blanket over me, he said that an urge to touch me had come over him and he thought he could do it without waking me. So he lightly touched me, but my body had reacted too strongly and positively that before he knew it, I had started to cum. He then told himself that if I could cum like that, then I would enjoy feeling his hard cock in me as well. So he started to fuck me from behind!
He was still deep in my pussy and it did not feel like his cock was going soft, it actually felt as it hard before he erupted in me.
I asked him what he think would happen if my hubby walked into the living room right this minute. He did not hesitate with his answer; I guess your hubby would have to watch me give you another round of my cock. He started to move and thrust his cock deeper in my pussy again. I told him that I was not using any birth control and that he had just deposited a large amount of cum in me and that I might be pregnant now. It still did not stop him; he only said that it did not matter if he came in me again. I tried to get him out of me, but at the same time it felt so good that I did not want him to stop. With each attempt to push him out, it worked more like I was meeting his thrusts. I started to enjoy it more and more, which lead to my starting to fuck his cock and not pushing him out of me.
It felt so good to have this big hard cock pumping in and out of me. After a while he lifted my leg so that he could lay down in missionary position on top of me. He found my breast and started to suck my nipple.
With his mouth full of my breast, he mumbled something like – I have been wanting to do this this I saw you getting stuffed by your hubby's cock on this couch on night!
So I had been correct, he was standing in the dark watching me fuck my hubby. I made me cum again. Brian was not far behind; he erupted for a second time deep in my womb within a short time span.

Later I stumbled back to my own bed and crashed next to my hubby.
When I woke up the next morning, he was already gone. He had his normal Sunday early morning golf game and would not be home until the afternoon. I was lying in bed, thinking about how good this young man had felt but that I needed to talk with him and let him know it was not acceptable to have sex with him. After all he was my best friend’s son.

I felt sad that I would have to stop this because it would be awesome to have a young stud lover in my house, I would get more sex than ever had imagined from my hubby and my lover boy.
Brian came into my room and sat down on the bed. He looked truly sad and he apologized that he had made love to me last night. He should never have f***ed himself on me and he felt terrible now. He started to cry when he said he had never been so excited by a woman and could not keep his hands off my body when he saw me last night. He had intended to cover me up, but I looked amazing in the light of the fire and when his fingertips touched my skin, it had been like a lightning hit him. A lightning of pleasure so he had caressed my butt and after a while my body had responded and given him more confidence that I liked what he was doing.
He told me that when he got the courage to touch my pussy, I had been so wet that he had no trouble sliding his finger inside of me. Then he started to play with my clit and he noticed that I might cum so he kept going. When I had reached my orgasm, he noticed that I moved to invite him to put his cock in me. Of course, I thought it was my hubby and not some young stud that I invited into my body. So he had pushed his way into my wet pussy and loved the feeling of my pussy. He said birth control had no entered his mind at the time. It felt too good to think about that, all he thought about was how lucky he was to be able to fuck this older mature super sexy woman and then he had cum. The rest was history.

He was sobbing at the end of his tale. I sat up and pulled him closer to me to give him comfort. I told him that I had really enjoyed our love making and not been so excited since I was a teenager.... I told him that he was amazing lover and I was surprised that he could make me cum so many times.
I started to get excited from all his nice complements about my body and also from remembering how good he had been and how well his cock fit in my pussy.
I turned his face to mine and told him not to cry. I was not going to tell anyone else what we had done. Then I kissed him on his mouth. He responded positively and soon we were kissing passionately and his hot hands were all over my body. The room was lite by the morning sun and he could see my true body now. He pulled up my night gown and started to kiss my breast. I reached down and found him very hard again. I took his face and looked him straight in eyes and told him to lick my pussy. I laid back and spread my legs open. He dove down between my thighs and started a clumpsy licking of my pussy. I told him to stop before he would turn me off. He said he was sorry, but he was so excited and did not know what to do. I told him to very gently explore the folds of my pussy with his lips and tongue. I told him that he did not have to lap me like a kitten laps up some milk. Instead use your mouth to find out everything about my pussy and don't use your hands or fingers, use only your mouth.
He went back to work and did a splendid job this time. His tongue moved around and he noticed when he touches my clit that I had a mini orgasm each time.
Brian was a very quick learner and within minutes I had a huge orgasm. My ovulating pussy now wanted to feel a hard cock, so you pushed him onto his back and guided his big hard cock into my vagina. He was so big and hard that I had to go slow not to tear my pussy apart. I felt Brian's hands on my hips and he tried to push me down over his cock.
After a few strokes, he was as deep as he could get. I sat still and slowly gyrated my hips around. I felt his big hard cock head rub my cervix gently. I knew that I was not going to last long even without any direct stimulation of my clit. His cock filled my pussy to the max and it felt like there was no room left. Brian moaned that it felt so good with my pussy rubbing his head so deep inside of me. I looked down at my friend's son just as his eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned that he was cuming. I felt my cervix get his by a warm stream of cum and it brought on another orgasm. I was barely moving and still we reached a stronger orgasm than last night, if that was possible.

I was so happy to have this house guest and knew that I was in for a great time!
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My Best Friend's mom

Ever since I was thirteen, I have been attracted to my best friend's mother, Marva. Living two houses away from them, I would see Marva on a daily basis. Some of my fondest memories came from spying on her with binoculars, as she would sunbathe during the hot afternoons of summer. Seeing her body covered in nothing but a skimpy black bikini was the greatest sight I could imagine at that time. I’d often sit on my bed, peek through the curtains, and masturbate as I watched Marva rub lotion on her smooth body on hot summer afternoons.

Two years ago, Marva received a good job for a firm in Florida so James, my friend, decided to go with her and enroll at Florida State University. This past summer was the first time I visited them since their move. I drove down for a two-week stay with James, but I was secretly more excited about spending as much time as possible with Marva.

I arrived on a Thursday afternoon and got a tour of the house from James. It was a nice three-bedroom ranch on a good amount of property with a huge in-ground swimming pool. We made immediate use of the pool and spent a couple hours reliving old stories of playing high school hockey, dating some of the cheerleaders, and throwing some wild parties. James decided it was time to check out a couple bars so he left to shower and get ready. Not used to having access to a pool like this, I decided to swim until James was finished. A few minutes later Marva arrived home and came out to greet me. She was more beautiful than I had remembered. Her short auburn hair fell just shy of her shoulders, her well-curved body gave way to an incredible set of smooth tanned legs, and her always-present smile really brought out the warmth in her face. And considering Marva was in her late forties, her large breasts had a firmness that would have made younger women jealous. Needless to say I did all of my talking in the pool hoping the water would camouflage my enormous hard﷓on.

Marva and I talked for about twenty minutes. At first, I was a little uncomfortable feeling like I was a teenager by addressing her as "Ms. Douglas." She simply laughed and told me to call her "Marva." It was the first "adult" conversation Marva and I had. Eventually our conversation lead towards our current relationships, she told me how she had been too busy with her job to find time to date. This thrilled me to no end, although I, and the pool water, covered it up well. Before I had the nerve to extend our discussion, James came back and we were soon enjoying the wild fun that Florida had to offer.

I didn't see much of Marva for the next five days because James and I were constantly going to the beach, a variety of bars and clubs, and even a nude beach (but that's another story) in search of women. One evening James got lucky with a gorgeous blonde from Texas and decided to go back to her hotel room for the night. He felt a little bad leaving me on my own but I encouraged him to have a good time. On his way out James gave me the key to the house and said he'd be back sometime tomorrow. This was all I needed; it would be my best opportunity to spend some time alone with Marva.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the house she was gone. I waited up for a couple hours watching TV but eventually I gave up and dragged myself to bed.

Just a little past two in the morning, I was awakened by footsteps coming from the back patio. I got up to have a look. There was a full moon that night and I quickly saw a perfect view of Marva sitting next to the pool. I had to rub my eyes to be sure I wasn't dreaming... but I quickly realized that she was naked! She had one leg floating in the waters as her incredible tits were bathed in the night-light. The shadows played tricks with my eyes as I stared at the luscious mound between her legs. Marva sat quietly smoking a cigarette and once looked towards my window. I ducked away for fear of being spotted. After a time, I regained my courage and looked out to see her swimming through the pool waters.

My dick was doing most of the thinking when I eventually got up the nerve to walk out to the back patio. I made plenty of noise so Marva would have time to cover up if she felt uncomfortable. She didn't bother. She simply drifted in the water as I walked onto the pool deck.

"How's the water?" I said clumsily.

"Wonderful," she said treading water on the far side of the pool. "I was wondering if you were going to sit at that window all night or come out and join me." She gave a slight laugh, as I looked startled. My amateur Peeping﷓Tom antics had obviously been noticed. I stumbled around a fruitless excuse before shrugging my shoulders in frustration.

Marva played the whole situation cool. "Matt, stop making excuses, I've seen the way you've been watching me the last week. Hell I remember the little boy who used to peek at me through his bedroom window. So just take off your clothes and come swim with me." For once in my life I was clearly not in control of an encounter. Marva's confidence was overpowering and it really turned me on.

She swam towards me as I pulled off my shirt and slid out of my shorts. "My, you've certainly grown from the skinny little boy who used to watch me with binoculars," she said as she eyed my huge dangling cock. She climbed a couple of steps and offered her hand. One look at her body dripping with water in the darkness and I could feel my dick stiffen like a board. Marva laughed, “Well, I was going to take your hand, but this will suffice.” With that she reached out and wrapped her wet hand around my length. Gently she pulled me into the pool behind her.

We drifted in the calm waters for a while talking. Our warm bodies touched at various moments. My cock was solid the entire time and the thought of fucking Marva was driving me crazy. However, every time I made an advance she simply delayed the encounter. I was truly at the mercy of this older more experienced woman. Eventually, after she thought I had suffered enough, I felt Marva's warm hands rubbing my balls and stroking my shaft under the water, a shiver of joy went through me.

Soon we began to kiss passionately. I could feel my steel hard rod rub against her thick bush in the cool waters. I pulled Marva to me and slipped my cock into her warm wet pussy. It was a perfect fit and Marva knew it. She wrapped her legs around me and gave in completely. Placing both hands on my shoulders, she began rocking up and down on my rock hard bone. The water made it easy for me to thrust my meat deep into her sweet pussy and I soon had her moaning furiously. She began kissing me wildly saying that a man hadn’t fucked her in years.

I began to feel a little more in charge of the situation so this time I lead Marva. We walked from the pool and settled down on a blanket on the patio. Our wet bodies were grinding away and we were making enough noise to wake up the entire neighborhood. Sweating madly, I rolled over and had Marva ride my stiff pole. She bucked on my cock like a pro while I kissed her luscious tits and rubbed her nipples with my fingers. It wasn't long before her hot juices were sliding down onto my fuck stick. The thought of fucking someone twenty﷓five years older than me was really driving me crazy, it was all I could do to hold back my growing orgasm.

After her orgasm Marva rolled us over and allowed me to be on top. “Fuck me baby!” she begged. I positioned myself and really pounded away. She came again and was digging her fingers into my back wildly, pulling me close to her. “I want it Mitch!” she moaned into my ear. “Come for me. Come in me.” A powerful groan escaped from my lips and I blew a volcanic load into her quivering cunt. Completely drained we collapsed into each other’s arms and drifted to sl**p. A while later I woke up to find Marva curled up next to me. She was awake and smiling a wicked smile. “That was the fuck I’ve been needing for years. I hope you’ve got some more for me.” It wasn’t a question. We lay in the darkness for a time as she smoked another cigarette. I told her that the thanks belonged to her, as I had never had a woman handle my dick like she did.

Marva hadn't even finished her cigarette before I was ready for another round. I picked her up and carried her back to the house and into the bedroom. Once there, I allowed her to finish smoking as I buried my face in her tasty bush. My tongue whipped and licked as she wiggled her body with growing excitement. After another orgasm she looked at me and said, "I want to suck your cock and have you explode in my mouth."

She proceeded to give me the greatest blowjob I have ever received. Marva tongued my hairy sack savagely as I kneeled over her. She then moved up and down my length like it was a giant Popsicle. Once my cock was covered in her saliva she swallowed the entire length slurping hungrily. It was impossible for me to control myself. Marva met my eyes as her head bobbed up and down my steaming sword. What followed was a furious orgasm unlike any I had ever had. True to her word, Marva swallowed every drop and even sucked on my spent tool for several minutes hoping for a little more of my hot young cream. Exhausted, we happily slept the rest of the night and part of the morning away in each other's arms.

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wanking for my best friend pt2

So dave and i was on holiday and it had been about three day since he had given me that blow job . And we had pulled some girls and this night we was taking them for a walk on the beach. when we had found a nice spot we started to kiss then i got my cock out for her to play with but the next thing i know the girl i was with got up and ran away.i looked over to where dave and his girl was still having fun.she had his cock in her mouth. i suppose i should have gone after the girl that ran away but i was sat there with my cock out and my best friend was getting BJ and in no time they was both naked and she was sitting on his face as i was only a few feet away i could see them both clearly on the moon light.And her body looked amazing and i loved the way her tits were jiggling about as she was riding dave's hard cock i could not take my eyes off his cock. And by now we had been there about 30 mins and i could hear them both cumming together. Then she looked over to me and asked where her friend had gone.Then she saw i had my cock in my hand and said that she would take care of that for me. But again i was so worked up i only lasted about 30 seconds. i then went back to the caravan we was staying at with dave's f****y. And when Dave got back from taking her home. we sat on our beds talking about what had happened. Then he asked if i wanted to taste her pussy i sat there nothing so he got his cock out and told me to suck it so i got between his legs. I could smell both her pussy and his cum and started to lick his cock like it was an ice cream. It taste so good i then started to suck on his balls but he grab my head and put his cock in my mouth so i was bobbing my head up and down then i grab his cock with one hand and his balls with and just licked and sucked on the head of his cock and i let a finger find its way to his ass hole and played with. then i heard something from outside the door as i looked over i could see dave's little s****r (she was a year younger than Dave and i and was a hot redhead with big tits ) and it looked like she was playing with her self. this was getting me so horny that i then pushed my finger in to dave's ass and as i did this he cum all over my face and in my mouth. I then looked back at the door but claire has gone back to her room.The next day Claire ask to talk to me but that is the next store. ... Continue»
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