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My aunt Karen comes to stay

My aunt Karen comes to stay

... My aunt Karen had come to stay with us while her house underwent some major renovation work over ... again. I moaned and said "Oh aunt Karen you're going to make me come again." She ground hard down on my ... before he passed away about eight months ago. Now my aunt Karen has gotten settled into the spare... Continue»
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My aunt Karen comes to stay

My aunt Karen had come to stay with us while her house underwent some major renovation work over ... before he passed away about eight months ago. Now my aunt Karen has gotten settled into the spare ... , give your aunt Karen some more of that big cock, I want to feel every inch of you deep inside my... Continue»
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Staying With My Aunt and Uncle

... My Mum and Dad had taken a well earned holiday so my s****r and i had gone to stay with our Aunty ... Mary and Uncle John.I was twelve and my s****r was seven,my aunt and uncle were not married they were ... and say"let me wash your back for you."Then she would rinse my back off."Come out now and i will dry... Continue»
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Aunt Karen fixed my tent

... into her comfy pumps. Karen is my Aunt Audrey’s best friend. I often tease Karen by calling her aunt ... My dance partner Karen: a 50 year old married white French woman, medium in height, average build ... . No disrespect to my dance partner Karen – She is a stunner, but the skimpy clothes these women had... Continue»
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Short Stay with My Aunts

... was to have a one day layover. Normal I would get a voucher for a hotel but since my aunts lived ... .

My aunts were a little different. First there were their names; Trudy and Judy and yeah my dad ... parents say that was unlikely and they hinted that my aunts "really" liked men.

I worked my way... Continue»
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My s****r Andrea comes to visit .. and stay

... and stay at my house. Susan, my wife, had left the day before to do a six month accounting job ... come on out through the master bedroom once she was ready. I hurriedly changed into my trunks ... !
Thanks, I appreciate it

This is all made up ... at least at this point in time...

Andrea is my... Continue»
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My new step-s****r Episode 1: Molly comes to stay

... drawer.
She arrived on Friday, and dad announced this was my new step-mum who had come to stay ... the sticky mess in my pants.
One night I couldn't sl**p so tip-toed downstairs into the lounge ... Hi, my name is Timothy, Mum had left years ago and Dad had to make do with internet porn, which I... Continue»
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Strange ways

... had come to stay with us.

Karen was plump lady with a great smile on her face all the time. My ... One of my mother's best c***dhood friends came to stay with us when I had just turned 18.
My ... other real well and it had been hard on my mother when Karen moved to another state after she got... Continue»
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Step Mummy was so helpful

... as he watched his mates fuck his aunt. Stopping Karen said come on guys let’s do this in comfort ... turned and wrapped her fingers around my shaft, rubbing it slowly until it was hard, “come on Karen ... arse again and again, “that’s it fuck my pussy come on make me beg shove your cock in my hole... Continue»
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]Aunt Karen and Her Niece Andy


Aunt Karen and Her Niece Andy

My name was Andy now it's Amy. This is my story.

When I ... scanning
department store catalogs and my Aunt Karen's women's magazines, paying
particular ... .
Aunt Karen would notice my "false" embarrassment and tease me by
holding some sexy lingerie against... Continue»
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... to visit our Aunt Karen for the weekend. It was a good six hour drive each way, and Mom had “volunteered ... !

“Come on, Randy,” Brie joined my s****r wails, “you’ve got to be able to think of something ... weekend fly out the window.

“Oh come on, Randy, don’t be such an asshole!” my s****r growled at me. I... Continue»
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Lake Tannin

... together at the annual f****y reunion and play cards while the parents, aunts and uncles socialized ... very glad you are here. Come on in and let me give you the grand tour.”

Alan showed off his new home ... nearby.

“Hey cuz, look what I have,” Josie taunted.

“Give them back,” Trina yelled.

“Come... Continue»
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Waves of time pt 1

... Karen. Staying in that house." I pointed toward my Aunt's house.

She spread her towel ... .

It was the first of June when my Aunt Peggy called and asked if I wanted the beach house for the next three ... . Her mouth closed enough that my tongue was f***ed to stay in her mouth by a strong vacuum as she... Continue»
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A Love That Never Dies

... of my a****l instincts. My woman! You can look and drool, but don't come closer and don't touch ... , with most of my clients, there's a certain amount of sadness that comes with a divorce, you know ... , 2007

After a few weeks, Connie started coming by my office so we could share lunch. One day, after... Continue»
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f****y Camping Trip

... just found out that instead of staying home like we do every summer my dad planned this camping trip ... .” Karen said flatly.

“So, that is my pussy juice all over your moms face then? Oh my god then she ... “I think we should test out my theory though.”

Karen kept eating Abby's pussy the whole time... Continue»
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Cousin with benefits part 2

... .

Just then I could hear the gasp coming from the room next door. It was my cousin Karen friggin ... I had let my wife know via text that Karen was in town and going to the wedding. She was a little ... hadn't thought about it, but she was. My aunt was the type of hard ass that would not let her attend... Continue»
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... would've been more than willing to assist you and your mother in giving my nephew his treatments." Aunt ... was really her nurse friend, Karen, posing as a Doctor Beatmen. The fake Doctor Beatmen and Kathy ... ".

"Honey, I persevered for you. There's no need to thank me, it was my duty to do it for you." She... Continue»
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Babysitting Karen

My wife and I were babysitting Karen; the daughter of the
wife's b*****r.


Melissa ... tried
everything, or so I thought, until my niece came to stay
with us for a weekend ... .

Melissa's b*****r and wife had to go away for some
business seminar so asked my wife to baby-sit. Karen... Continue»
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... and
chatted with my cousin Steve who had come over from Aunt Leona's table.

He (as usual each year ... as teenagers, to come
rushing back to my mind again and began to stir my body to react to her.

I ... did it. It was in my
bed, when she had just come home from school and was horny for it. I did
her... Continue»
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A Nice Tight Taboo Ass! His Birthday Present pt.2

... and Ed held my arms as Karen fastened the straps around my waist and locked the brass cage over my cock ... !" I heard Chris exclaim.

"Eat My sweet ass,Baby! Come on! Eat Me out!" Chastity cooed. "Tongue ... pressed against my asshole punched upwards and sank about six inched deep into me! It stayed... Continue»
Posted by dongerdoug 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male, Taboo  |  
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