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My afternoon with Mrs Ropers grandaughter

My afternoon with Mrs Ropers grandaughter

... my bike from the side of the house and set off for Mrs Ropers house. We had known the Ropers ... her out. I had gone to school with their grandaughter but she was a couple of years ... we did into the late afternoon we chatted, Mrs Roper came out again and ... ... Continue»
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With Mrs Sharma, Mom And Maid - Part II

... welcome everyone back to the sequel of my first story.

Part 2: Maid
After my experience with Mrs. Sharma I felt really shameless towards women ... time till she agreed to come to my house with breakfast and fuck me. Afternoon hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm faster Shanu ... ... Continue»
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My Afternoon with Sir

... , had me hoping he would be in soon. I lay down with my hands laid to either side of me. I knew he was ... goes back to tracing my body with one finger. From my navel to my left hip, across the top of my pelvis to the right ... ... Continue»
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My afternoon with Sir

... one hand to press against the top of my pelvis with his thumb firmly on my clit. I squirt cum down over him, running ... .”
He turns me over and lifts my hips up and shoves my head down. He teases my pussy with his cock, sliding against me ... ... Continue»
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An Afternoon with Kimberly

... times.
Kimberly left the kitchen to get her picture folder. Mrs. Howard gave me that knowing grin again saying, "Kimberly likes ... get with the pretty little girl whose bed I was sharing for an afternoon nap. Neither of us had slept a wink as my wandering ... ... Continue»
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My first timewith Mrs Jensen

... afternoon and would often fantasize about her before I go to bed.

With ... was going to go out with Mrs Jensen. I knocked on ... my shirt and pulled my pants off. With my cock ready to explode out of my boxers. She started teasing me by sucking my tip through my ... ... Continue»
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Wanking with Mrs Bargon

... off.

On this particular afternoon I arrived home from uni and followed my normal routine. I told Mrs Bargon I was going for ... moved in with her almost strait away. My sex life began a more typical development and I never again met up with Mrs Bargon.

... ... Continue»
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A Smokey Night With Mrs. J.

... as possible. The idea of walking up to Mrs. J with a beer and a hard on, with my buddy in the next room, had “awkward ... quickly picked up the phone and offered my “Sorry’s.” I noticed Mrs. J with a smile on her face. My buddy wasn’t wanted one of those people ... ... Continue»
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Replacing My Cum Bucket

... I should get back to the details of my voyeuristic adventures with Mrs. Smith. Although our windows were only about 20 ... Should I tell her about watching Mrs. Smith undress? Should I tell her about my fascination with Mrs. Smith’s big tits? More importantly ... ... Continue»
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Replacing My Cum Bucket

... I should get back to the details of my voyeuristic adventures with Mrs. Smith. Although our windows were only about 20 ... Should I tell her about watching Mrs. Smith undress? Should I tell her about my fascination with Mrs. Smith’s big tits? More importantly ... ... Continue»
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My Life as a Slave

... smile for the first time.

And so started my residence with Mrs Jackson, my new landlady as she proceeded to tell me the rules ... of her house. That I would return from my studies at ... ... Continue»
Posted by KCUM 4 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, First Time  |  Views: 3295  |  
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My Mother's Best Friend

... They would talk for hours. About what I don't know. My relationship with Mrs. Robinson was one of respect. Things changed between me and ... Mrs. Robinson when my mom went out of town for her ... ... Continue»
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Big-ass Mrs. Lopez

... When I got home my aunt was already there. She asked me where I’d been and I said I’d been helping Mrs. Lopez with moving the couch ...

Well, it goes without saying I started spending all of my days with Mrs. Lopez. She was always happy to see me. There ... ... Continue»
Posted by PornApocalypse 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 1123  |  
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My affair with Mrs C.

... her birthday and I was around to see Mrs C and my friend John, he wanted to go out ... dad was coming with us leaving Mrs C at home alone, she got me on my own and asked ... deep inside her coating her inner chamber with my spunk as she shuddered to her own ... ... Continue»
Posted by teddyboy10w 4 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 2064  |  
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After the Derby with Mrs Jones.

... on the ferry home to the island, Mrs Smith had not had much chance to talk ... I dropped each lady home as I pulled up at Mrs Smiths, I herd her say to her friend, &ldquo ... to think that she had been sat with her friends with my cum inside her. She could not take ... ... Continue»
Posted by teddyboy10w 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 1342  |  
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On Tour with Mrs. Dolly Part..

... amazing pussy. I was rubbing the top of her clitoris with my right index finger as I sucked on her big soft pussy ... back of the bus. I texted my boss before I left. Telling him I was going on tour with Mrs. Dolly Par...n

Love Buck,


... Continue»
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Making My Mess With Tess

... tattered jeans with holes and rips strategically located to boost her tips.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon, my cellphone ... sex in one afternoon.”

She turned around, rubbed over my chest with one hand, and fondled my balls with the other, “Hmm ... ... Continue»
Posted by deandenhomme 3 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 2205  |  
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My Life with Mistress Veronica

... her, I was naked and kneeling straight up, with my hands clasped behind my back, my legs slightly spread. She wore black high heels ... all afternoon. She smiled as the small fiery drops of painful wax dripped on the tip of my cock. I grunted with pain ... ... Continue»
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My Fun With Mom Ch. 1 - 5

... night, just on weekends and the occasional Wednesday afternoon. Whether Grandma suspected or was curious why every Wednesday ... could. Mom now racked with orgasm scream with pleasure, as I was reaching my peak. My scrotum tightened and my semen shot out of ... ... Continue»
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My Afternoon Boy Toy

... ve finally gotten around to telling you all about my afternoon play session with Nick. Let me give you the back story on ... and he said no, I haven’t been with anyone since my split with my girlfriend. I immediately slammed my pussy down on his bare cock and ... ... Continue»
Posted by 4thethrillofit 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 1950  |  
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