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My afternoon with Mrs Ropers grandaughter

My afternoon with Mrs Ropers grandaughter

... " my mum said, "I told Mrs Roper that you would paint her summer house when we got a fine ... to painting. As we did into the late afternoon we chatted, Mrs Roper came out again and we both looked ... of the house and set off for Mrs Ropers house. We had known the Ropers for years, her husband had died... Continue»
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Mayan Sun - Growing Up – Chapter 2

... unexpectedly for some reason, and found me lying on a lounge chair with my erection buried in Mrs ... Mayan Sun
Valentino Incanto Profferi

Growing Up – Chapter 2

It was my ... fifteenth birthday before my mother found out what was going on. She walked into Ms. Alison's house... Continue»
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The Plumber's Daughter - Must Read

... my afternoons getting ready for the wild nightlife in the Big Apple. I drank sparingly and danced ... Roper to learn the trade. I also started dating his daughter Anne Marie, the love of my life ... wish someone would untie me so that I could kiss my Blue Knight."


"Mr. Buchanan, Patrick... Continue»
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The EmmaJ Chronicles 2

... again, and her bl**dy computer had packed up mid-afternoon so she had to finish off her work ... impassively as he watched Emma, she was on her hands and knees sucking Mr X’s cock deeply into her mouth ... of the weekend playing, Emma’s legs were spread and she was taking Mr X’s cock deep inside her... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #11

... you were my virgin bride, which is a dream I've had too many times. I would ravage your body with my ... to say, Mr. Myers. I don't know how you found me but I cannot say yes fast enough."

"Oh, we kinda ... out to the Valley this afternoon? We need to go over some paperwork first, but I think we... Continue»
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3 Girls In A Cafe Part 1

... , we have another job ready for you since your last one didn't go so well." Mrs. Sumi says and opens ... at Mrs. Sumi. She was a very nice woman, 30 years old and a f****y friend. Each time a job opportuniy ... . She is a waitress at the Cafe." Mrs. Sumi sets down that piece of paper Kaito was looking at and he... Continue»
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The Nubile Nymph by loyalsock

... already made the call she replied, "This is Mrs. Reynolds, I'm a friend of Alicia Donner, she ... recommended your establishment, and I was just wondering if you had any openings for today!?!" "Mmmmmm, Mrs ... . Reynolds," Miranda said in a silky voice, "how is Mrs. Donner, we haven't seen her in few weeks... Continue»
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College life spring semester

... campus carded my ass. I was bound and determined I was

"No, not you Kris," I laughed ... .

"Hell no. Now let me finish. So the next place I went I got my nerves
under control and acted ... like I had done it before. I had my wallet
out... you know as a decoy... like I was ready... Continue»
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Teaching Tara: Part III - The T-shirt

... I spent all evening thinking about my afternoon with Mr Tanner. I would close my eyes and relive ... to wear.

The following afternoon, I got home from school and ran to my room. I wanted to go to Mr ... always told me that only my husband should see me naked, but it had felt so good to have Mr... Continue»
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Dry Cleaning

... afternoon. Please confirm receipt of this message." My mind raced with possibilities but, given ... or, indeed, that weekend. So on Tuesday afternoon I went to collect my suit. Once again Pam ... with my suit.

"Everything alright?" I asked.

"Yes, Mr Grant. Except for one thing. You left... Continue»
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Older Man Teaches Me How

... to be in your underwear. As Mr Ryan moved up my leg, apply sunscreen as he went, I did notice that he ... .

As Mr Ryan moved up to the top of my left leg I again felt the tips of his fingers slip under ... to see it clear as day.

Mr Ryan slowly lifted each of my arms off my chest, rubbing lotion onto each... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 12)

... .

"My dear people, I am Mr. Dodds. You have nothing to fear. I am an
old friend of Ms ... .

She hoped for this "Mr. Dodds" sake that he either had Mandy's
permission ... , Mandy was not someone you
wanted to have genuinely mad at you.

Mr. Dodds covered Flora... Continue»
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The New Woman -Part 1

... was pruning the bush just outside my bedroom window. She had asked me if a Mr Walsh lived nearby. I ... was not sure, as I had just moved in the area a few weeks ago. I did not have any real time to meet my ... and began to look into my eyes and the glare of the sun behind her, made her red locks of hair glow... Continue»
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The Bedroom Cam by loyalsock

... suggestions or ask questions about the installation. "Oh, no," Mrs. Fortune replied, "my husband ... As she walked ahead of him, Dan couldn't help but think how lucky Mr. Fortune was, because his ... with his presentation, Miranda Fortune asked, "How soon can you install it" "I can move my schedule around... Continue»
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The Emma J Chronicles - Part Four

... to ensure she knew what was what.
“Very sorry Mr Marcus, my English not very good yet; I go ... be at lunch?
She bowed her head and blushed a little in embarrassment.
“Yes sir, Mr Marcus, but I wanted ... to leave early tonight, Mrs Johnston, she said when I am finished I can go”.
“Ah”, replied Marcus... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 6: Celebration

... hair with my hands. Last night was fantastic. First my visit to Ménage, then seeing Mrs. Day-Sea ... as a beautiful sunshine was shining into my small house. It was not the only beauty I could see. Jill’s ... head was laying on my chest and her arms across my stomach. She had a great smell and I brushed her... Continue»
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9 - more of the party

... replied "we'll give you some more to look at this afternoon"
"And maybe my two new favorite students ... and the temptation to just bring myself off was very strong. When my hand had drifted to my cock a little ... , with the biggest hard-on of my life. Neither could Mick touch it, Peter had said. It was agonizing.
But, instead... Continue»
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The Beginning Part 2

... and walked down the ramp. What’s going on here?
My father yelled.
Merg was the first to answer. Hi Mr ... The Beginning Part 2
The 3rd afternoon went very much like the previous ones. Selena would arrive ... afternoon.
I ran as fast as I could but they are only about 5 minutes behind me. If that.
I got... Continue»
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Breaking and Entering- Ch. 2

... Mrs. Ryan’s house, and smiled as she accepted the pile of papers I was carrying. Relieved of my ... in the late afternoon sunlight. Then he asked me what my name was!

His name was Jewan, and he told ...

This is a continuation of my story… This is the truth, as best as I can remember it…

The hot... Continue»
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Dom'trix Fetish in the Burbs..

... to say later that afternoon, i met TLG @ room #13, 5mins late ( hey I'm a Woman its my right ... .
But these past few weeks while on my hormones (during the times my levels peak) like the type ...
that help to restructure my body, smooth my toned yet soft milky skin even more, and help to grow
my... Continue»
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