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My Wife Karen Part 2

My Wife Karen Part 2

... , Bill which is covered in the first part. My wife at the time was 29, blond, 5'5" and about 110lbs. She ... and sat back to watch my wife suck off Rick's big dick. Karen's tongue licked out at his cock as he ... on the conversation and Karen's pussy began to spasm around my cock. Karen sensed I was about... Continue»
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My Wife Karen Part 3

... If you read Part 1 and/or part 2 of this tale you know that my x-wife was an extremely sexy woman ... in the first part. My wife at the time was 29, blond, 5'5" and about 110lbs. She had small but very pert ... slowly past the truck, my fingers parted the soft folds of my wife's moist pussy. Her head was now... Continue»
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My Wife Karen Part 1

... going to fuck you right here in the parking lot", Karen moaned as we withdrew from the embrace. My wife ... My x-wife was an extremely sexy woman. She loved all hetero-sexual activities and with several men ... lawyer. My wife at the time was 29, blond, 5'5" and about 110lbs. She had small but very pert... Continue»
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My wife Karen


I met my wife Karen at the bakery we both worked at in the early 70s.We both worked ... off her ass.My wife starts to suck my dick and moves to a standing position to show her ass ... with his 9 inch dick and starts rubbing himself.He opens is legs to show his dick to my wife,I start... Continue»
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Sharing my wife part 2

... us up a little. This man is thirty nine years old and my wife is in her mid forties. He was a full ... to my wife not just fucking her. She was sreaming and bucking she came atleast twice more during ... Ok first let me start by saying all the stories are true.

After the first bight ny wife got... Continue»
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My Wife with the Policeman: Part 2

... could only ever go at it with my wife for 2 times at most in one night, but not him.
Oh no, he could ...
"He is such an idiot! I knew he'd do something stupid tonight!"
My wife Christina criticised me ... , shaking his head.

"I'm just so sorry you had to see all that, God, what an idiot!"
My wife continued... Continue»
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My wife Karen

... it, but it deserves a wider reading audience. Enjoy and all kudos to the author:

My wife Karen ... is a 30 year old and quite literally a trophy wife and 20 years my junior. She had competed in an won ... shortcomings. For the last 3 years I have fanaticized about and shared that fantasy with Karen of her... Continue»
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My Son My Wife 2 part 1

... This story part of My Son Is My Wife.

Hello my name is Jenny White and I'm 26 years old and I ... and lets do this my new wife” and I said “ok Sam I'll take it off” which I did and lad on the bed ... look at me and said “Jenny I love you too and you’re my wife now so what is it you want to ask me... Continue»
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My wife was a part time hooker - episode 2

... So, if you read my previous story about how my wife became a part time hooker, this is episode ... her for 20 minutes more, in which my wife came 2 more times and then with a loud grunt he pulled ... two, a continuation along my perverted fantasy:

Since that first time that my wife and I had met... Continue»
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Karen - From Trophy Wife to Slutwife - 2

... no resistance, as I drove my cock home. Karen never really liked taking it from behind, always thought ... on my bathing suit because I thought I would lounge by the pool for the rest of the evening. Karen ... on serving me and my desires.

I was shaking my head. I have to remember to send Janice, Karen’s... Continue»
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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 2

... the deepest part of my throat.

She leaned forward, smiling. The drinks had given her a nice buzz. "Do you ... change in my wife. Had she found a lover? Was I about to loose her?

I went from a light happy ... husband having fun with my wife, instantly to a turned on, complete, bundle of nerves.

"Just tell... Continue»
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How my wife became a Hotwife...Part 2

... This is part 2 of how my wife became a Hotwife.

As I left off my wife had come to grips ... . The next part of this story was told to me by my wife a two weeks after the bbq. ... to loose a good friend. Some weeks past before they talked. Sharon asked if my wife was freaked out... Continue»
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First 3some with my wife (Part 2)

... This is probley going to be the shortest of my stories but this is a part 2.

So we finished up ... were still there, still naked. So glad this was not a dream. Now I know my wife will fuck other guys ... her! Be soo turned on, and fucking her so hard began cumming in her hard. This was my second time... Continue»
Posted by Shaggy2Dope2 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  
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My Son My Wife 2 Part 2

... and are parents left us at home with my dad mum aka my nan who was 60 at the time as they want on a 2 ... My name is Jamie and me and my b*****r Bobby are 16 years old and we will brought out by our ... b*****r James who married our dad as a cross dresser and now they live happily and me and my b*****r... Continue»
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The Homely Wife Part 2

... , “My wife has taken weight after the birth of the 2 k**s and I dislike the big saggy boobs and belly ... , and Anand this is Aditi my wife.” They smiled at each other and Aditi hesitated and did not know ... has the perfect type of body I love and my wife was like that before having the k**s, I love flat... Continue»
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My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 2

... Part 2

After I came inside Melinda she continued to grind slowly on my cock with her eyes closed ... silly. Good night." I lay back and dreamed about strange cock inside my wife. Maybe, maybe, maybe, I prayed.

---To Be Continued-----

... softer as she continued to work her cum-filled pussy on my cock. I could feel it run down my sack... Continue»
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Black Neighbor & My Wife-Part 2-True Story-Ple

... This is Part 2 -Please read part One first- This is a True Story- Please Comment

Jerome took his ... thick black cock and rubbed it softly over my wifes lipos, she opened her mouth and stuck her ... and said "If you want this dick crawl over here and get it". My wife crawled on her Hands and Knees... Continue»
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At My Wifes Mercy Part 2

... , of course) she said goodbye to my wife and me—to my wife with a quick peck on the cheek, to me ... with a French kiss and a squeeze of the cock.

It was sad to see her go, but my wife bent over me and said ... as were my feet. Hell, even my dick was restrained a bit with the cock ring my wife put back on me... Continue»
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I Watched My Wife Get An Erotic Massage part 2 of

... I Watched My Wife Get An Erotic Massage
Shy But She Did It Part 2
By: Me

Written on May 27th ... , 2012
As my wife was lying there on the bed me and Carl ( the massage guy ) we're talking with her ... climb up and ask Anne if she is O.K. so far and she answers me by pulling on my cock while Carl... Continue»
Posted by indigo12 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  
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3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck part 2

... this fuck my wife thing, and what fucking part of don't come inside me did he not understand?"

I ... consoling, I was drawn to my wife's pussy. As she leaned up on her right elbow, a load of his semen ... ., but we mostly fucked my wife Gina in every way imaginable. It's hard to describe how one minute we were... Continue»
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