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My Wife’s New Friend Mike

My Wife’s Audition for TV Serial (very eroti

... my wife’s fleshy ass cheeks. My wife was moving uncomfortably at this new development. She looked at me and I signaled her with my ... & s****r , mind you!”

My wife looked genuinely pleased with this support from director. I too thanked my ... ... Continue»
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My Wife's Sweet Pussy

... lube), various dildos and vibrators, cell phones, fruits & vegetables, kitchen utensils (stirring spoons with fat handles), ... that I was knuckle deep in my wife’s booty. One time when we over a friend’s house, like we were every weekend ... ... Continue»
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Sex With Hubby's Friend

... awkward and also thrilled at my so willingly exposing myself to a man who was also my husband’s best friend. This was the ... not say anything or show some discomfort , though it was a new & unexpected dimension, in fact I slyly looked at his cock ... ... Continue»
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Erotic encounter ( Aunty )

... my s****rs best friend and already married some six month back…no doubt I had my ... stuff which will be used in my s****r’s new home,archana was not ready ... warmth of the touch
Encouraged... I removed my hand & put my fingers under the cover ... ... Continue»
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wifes first gangbang & impregnation

My Wife’s First Gangbang

When my wife was 19, we decided to have a new yrs party at our duplex and invite a few close friends. my wife ... on in our guest room, looked in and found my wife’s friend passed out on the bed. Being a smart ass ... ... Continue»
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G & T

... begin at the beginning.

I met Anne, my wife, at a concert. We hit it off ... my girl friend then.

Then she asked if she could see it again. I refused and said we mustn&rsquo ... one Anne and I had made with my new video camera. A big old thing in ... ... Continue»
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The Full Photo Shoot - Gallagher & White Chapt

... didn’t say anything to her boss directly, then she’d tell his daughter Eve, who was Tara’s best friend. Lisa ... ’s the one. He keeps ringing my agent wanting me to model some new scanties for him. I’ll tell Daddy that I’m ... ... Continue»
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Lucie goes shopping & weekend away – Opt

... weekend away.

Hanging along the wall is the red babydoll & French frilly knickers, the maid outfit with g-string, the ... what i see it’s all new and he might not like I. I put the huge heeled black paten shoes on. My confidence increases and ... ... Continue»
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Me & Alisha

... , so that my hand flew off my friend’s tit and back into my space. B said something along the lines of she didn’t want to ... was my best friend in high school, and we were always there for each other. I had been with B for a year, it didn&rsquo ... ... Continue»
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Me & Ashley

... over to our new house this one time, cuz right soon after my s****r and her stopped being friends and haven’t spoken since ... that night in my head, and fantasized about many more, pleasuring myself sometimes to the image of me & her. I saw her ... ... Continue»
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My bald pussy

... ; he was watching my nipples harden as he licked & sucked them on the video. He said he’d felt his cock twitch ... nice new butt plug in my ass was just too much for me.

He smiles, moves his head down to my juices covering my ... ... Continue»
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My First Cock As A Swinger

... going to be my lovers for the night meet Jason & Mark, this is my husband guys the cheater I told my love doves, you ... with Mark’s big dick; his cock was way bigger than my husbands so it was a new toy to me. I hadn’t given a hand ... ... Continue»
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The Business Trip & My Revenge

... replacement were waiting for me.

I new the guy well but had only met my girl’s replacement once...we were both ... rsquo;d finished she lay on my chest. I stroked her hair and said...’what you just sucked was in R’s pussy 2 weeks ago.&rsquo ... ... Continue»
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An innocent gets tortured

... amp;M thoughts and I thought, what harm can there be in this?” So I explained my wishes to have my cock and only my ... wife and friend ... rsquo;re going to inflict and to make sure that we describe it in detail for both the mike and the victim. I&rsquo ... ... Continue»
Posted by Andregm 5 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Taboo  |  Views: 2149  |  
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A night on the town - Gallagher & White Chapte

... New York.

“Let’s go out tonight!” Eve said, as though reading Tara&rsquo ... friend over the quiet r&amp ... wife, or lady friend, of similar age. He was probably twice Tara&rsquo ... ... Continue»
Posted by ChrisTracy 4 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 962  |  

Little Piggy Series (Nascar Ole Country Style)

... and told Grace, a friend of my aunt to put ... my wife would never in her life do, and enjoy it. I don&rsquo ... rsquo;s have a brand new machine to race around in. My skills allow me to drive my ... the night holds!

My hubby & his friends were so proud ... ... Continue»
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Sues Story in Las Vegas by CRC

... and about 180lbs, my guess. He has one k** but his wife got her in the ... my trimmed pussy. My cunt was glistening both from Alex’s saliva & from my own pussy juice, my ... -on than fucking your best friend and his friend while your husband watches ... ... Continue»
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Last Boy On Earth

... with a badge in her side & a Glock; i couldn’t make out the text on ... ! This is my friend Damien"

Monica drops coffees sever.

Monica: Oh my god! Is that ... new females leaders, if not wife to the successor. So the army kind of died it&rsquo ... ... Continue»
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Mom teaches

... was about to pass-out & you don’t need that in a man. From ... New Delhi to Gurgoan. We were so tired arranging things in the house that I slept in my mom’s bedroom only. My ... you one hell of a lover for your wife when you are old enough” ... ... Continue»
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monster manager fuck virgin s****r

Wife turn shy b*****r & s****r for swapping .

Hi this is jai again. Thanks all the reader for u r support and good response for my ... a sexy and shyness wife for me. Now it’s a new Reena for ... get admission here so my friend request me to give ... ... Continue»
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