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My UPS Man Picnic

My UPS Man Picnic

... I had honestly forgotten about telling my UPS guy we could go on a picnic so when he brought me ... and said excuse me and when I stood up my robe came open enough where he saw my freshly shaved pussy ... today’s route. I stood up and kissed his cheek giving him full a frontal shot of my body... Continue»
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Mystery Man

... of the most sexiest man I had ever seen. You simply smiled, took my hand and led me back to my van. We both ... as you found my g-spot and began working me to my climax. Ohhhhh god, my eyes roll up and I tilt my ... . During our chats, I express to you my yearn for passion and mystery in my life. Although you have... Continue»
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The picnic

... she licked my balls and ran her tongue up my shaft to my helmet, squeezing my ball sac as she went ... . Suddenly, as I was recieving very good head a young man of about 25 appeared, he came behind my ... lads were naked.

She turned to me and slipped my cock into her mouth, as the young man slipped his... Continue»
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A Show With Judith: Fantasy

... I really didn't want to go to the picnic, it was, however, recommended by my boss to go, a good ... at a picnic table, so I joined her.

We immedieately struck up a conversation about how neither of us ... and we wound up somehow, admitting we were both bi, now, I liked that idea, she turned me on, I just... Continue»
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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 25

... were still in that dazed and glazed state so they were still curled up on the padded benches where ... them to back up and said "Hi, I'm Jenni and we all would like to know who the hell you are."
Luann ... just sat back on her haunches looked up and said "I'm Luann Davis from Accounting and these two nice... Continue»
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Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 3 - Dumitru

... privates.
I sat up and slid my shorts all the way off and then knelt before Ioana and slid her bottoms ... if that was okay with him and he said he was already fucking my wives so no problem.
I moved up over Ioana ... , kissing my way from her clit, to her navel to her breasts up her neck to her lips. As our lips... Continue»
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What a Vasectomy is Really Like

... First of all This is NOT my story,but I think every Man and WOMAN* gotta read it :)

So I did ... balls. I was texting my supportive mate to come pick me up, but looked up to see her popping up ... and headed to the pharmacy to pick up my new best friend for the next two days. Driving along I gave... Continue»
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Golf is Fun

... hand up my skirt so he could feel my soaked panties. When he felt how hot and wet I was, he said ... helped me put on and zip up my dress, a sexy blue number with a deep cleavage (to show off my own ... went to our front room, so we could see Jim pull up. Ken poured some white wine to settle my nerves... Continue»
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Picnic I. The park

... heel sandals and tied my hair up in a high ponytail, a spritz of scent on the collarbone and by my ... , firm arse. Raising my arms up around his neck I kissed him back, enjoying the taste and smell of him ... cock into my leg, he brought his hand up to my jaw and traced it down my extended neck... Continue»
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The day my jaw hit the floor! (Part 2)

... reached up and stopped its quick exit. Gently pushed it back it at the same time bringing my tongue ... . "Yeah fuck man eat my ass!" with my other hand I reached down and touched my cock, fuck it was hard ... I stared at him in shock I swear to god my mouth was hanging open, I could imagine he... Continue»
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Marcy's Playground 9 by loyalsock

... stroked my hair. I made a contented, cat-like purr.

"Oh shit!" he said, sitting up abruptly ... . Like my growing up depended on it.

I flopped down on my bed and stared up at the pink bed ... back a minute later. 'I'll pick u up.'

My phone binged with another text from him. 'Want to stay... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 12

... 2581 - 1.29

Chapter 12
Day of Fun

As Cindi lay naked, tied to the picnic table she ... to him and in the last couple of days a toy. As the boat picked up speed Cindi could feel water ... up speed Cindi’s cunt was reacting to the rushing water. It was opening involuntarily, releasing... Continue»
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An April Evening – by Outofmind

... , sniffled, and began breathing more rapidly, and I worked my way up to suck gently on her earlobe. I ... with my mouth, standing back up to kiss, then gently suck her left nipple, while my left hand stroked ... to place my own hands against the wall for leverage. Her forehead was against the wall and I was up on her... Continue»
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Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 8

... there.” He pointed to a similar lump on the other side.

I put my legs up and realized immediately what Max ... stroking my wet pussy with Max’s face just inches away.

Max stood up and I could see he had a fully ... and harder. Ribbons of pleasure streamed up my body as his cock massaged my clit, sliding through my... Continue»
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Chain Gangbanged Ch. 02

... After Bobby Joe had fucked me up against a tree, he and Maurice went over to a picnic table ... and crouched under me and plunged that big, thick sausage of a cock up into me. My ass walls complained ... locked up with anyone else. But, of course, luck had had nothing to do with me now being alone in my... Continue»
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Boat Trip

... up as she laughed at one of my awkward jokes, I was in love. We were both housed on the top floor ... of the morning bouncing around the house, packing a picnic, double-checking the gear, and tucking my ... erection into my waistband. Sarah was excited too. She woke me up with the most wonderful blowjob, and when... Continue»
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Just Getting Bi Part 1

... laughed.
“Me either!” She got up and came around to my side of the desk.
“Jack? Have any plans ... it.” Her hand crept up my thigh and stroked thisclose to my cock, which was rock hard by now.
“Well ... , unsatisfying one.” Her hand crept up my thigh and started to rub my shaft.
“Oooh”, she said, “Glad to see... Continue»
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On The Tip Of His Tongue

... spent some time googling genetics trying to come up with something practical for her assignment ... . The next evening Darcy told her parents she was struggling. Mom piped up saying she suspected Darcy had ... a golden opportunity as the next weekend they were having the annual f****y picnic and scores... Continue»
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A Helpful f****y

... at the
pictures of the f****y's annual summer picnic. He liked
to look at the s****rs in their string ...
actually bolted onto it. Jan used it all the time
because it was so close to fucking a real man ... up and licked her lips. She took Rob's
hand and led him over to the couch. She had him sit
down... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy Episode 7

... were up for it.

After we had a couple of drinks, she slid her hand up my thigh, leaned towards me ... and whispered that I was making her very horny. I put my hand under the table and moved her hand up ... had his entire fist up my cunt” I whispered back. “Holy fucking shit baby! I'm going to fist you... Continue»
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