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My Sister and Me Pt 1

My Neighbors and Me (Pt 4 Dinner)

{This is the 4th part of “My Neighbors and Me” saga. In case you didn’t catch the first part, the ... . Sometimes I borrow Sarah’s and dress up like she does and just walk around my room.” Deb looked directly at me and winked saying, “You know ... ... Continue»
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My Neighbors and Me Pt 6 Final Chapter

... My Neighbors and Me Saga. (I want to dedicate this final chapter to bilbo666 whose consistent urging to finish the story actually got me ... -cum oozing from my purple headed dick, I did just what she told me to. I drove into her. Fast and deep. She moaned ... ... Continue»
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My Mother and Me Make up

My Mother and Me Make up

Sue my girlfriend has been away six weeks now and my mother is still looking to me, we have behaved ourselves like ... ... Continue»
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My Parents and Me

My parents and me
My parents are very sexual people always having sex.. Everywhere! Even when I'm home and can hear them. The first ... 't help it, and then... before I could finish my dad wrapped his arms around me and began to try and calm me down.
"it's ... ... Continue»
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My Mom and Me

... I'm 18 years old and these past five years have been pretty rough for my mother and me. My mother's name is Emily and she has been ... taking care of me by herself the past ... ... Continue»
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My Neighbors and Me (Part 5)

{This is part 5 of the My Neighbors and Me adventure. I want to thank those who contributed ideas to the ... step-mom’s directive, Deb rolled off of me and laid on her back.

“Fuck me, Tom, fuck my little teenage pussy, I want your cock ... ... Continue»
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My Nurse, My Husband, and Me

My Nurse, My Husband, and Me

I’m Betty, a 61 years young married woman. My husband and I have been married for over 15 years, ... right breast. She pushed my gown off of my shoulders and down my body exposing me to my waist and my breasts hanging out for ... ... Continue»
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Story of my Life: My Sister and I

... reason I nodded. She smiled and told me to take off all my clothes. So I took off my pajamas and lay there next to her ... gushed out onto my hands.

"That, my s*s, is called cum and you just had your first orgasm" my s****r smiled at me.

"Oh my god, that ... ... Continue»
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I Lost My Sister And Wife To My Old Friend

... and jumped and stood up. She kicked me on my face and went down and asked Archana to lower my foreskin and pissed over my cock ... turned around and slapped me and warned me not to touch her anymore. Beside them my wife is fast asl**p and my s****r and Nadeem ... ... Continue»
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Chapter 2 My Sister and I Continue to Build

... lick her pussy and it didn't take my s****r long to tell me and grab my head to lick hey clit and move my tongue over and around it ... until she was jerking so bad she told me ... ... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Sister And Her Best Friend On A Co

... pink pussy mean while Kit got under me cleaning up my cock with my mouth and making it rise again i sucked Kim ... wild stallion until she came i withdrew my cock and the both sucked me till i came

I fucking my s****r became a routing whenever we were ... ... Continue»
Posted by bava12 10 months ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Sex Humor  |  Views: 5897  |  

Sister And Me After The Rain

... still there was a pin drop silence between me & my s****r . We both were laying on bed and as I memorized those moments I again ... we both laid there exhausted and after some time she dressed herself gave me a blowjob and slept holding my Lund saying we will ... ... Continue»
Posted by bava12 9 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Sex Humor  |  Views: 1472  |  

Wow my pregnant sister and me

... me mad. He started to exploit my hunger and really played with my body and created fire inside me. He licked my boobs and my shaved armpits and lastly cleaned my ... story is imagination story. My f****y consists of dad, mom, s****r and me. We lived in the ... ... Continue»
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Mommy and Me Pt. 2 - f****y Davey Series

... isn't for you, TURN BACK NOW!

Continued from Pt. 1:

...I put my head back down and realized how sweaty I was. I made an ... love to, but we can't."

"Why not? You wanted me last night!'

"And I still do, but remember we have servants..."

I had ... ... Continue»
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Susan,David and me pt 2

... and I could feel David’s tongue licking my ass! He got it nice and slick and started finger fucking me as he sucked my cock.
With Susan and ... ... Continue»
Posted by closetbi52 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex  |  Views: 496  |  
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My s****r and Me Pt 1

... to me and my thoughts were elsewhere my s****r was fumbling with my pants and unzipping me in front of Alex! I pull my hands away from my ... swung her legs over Alex's head and kissed me. She got in my face and gave me the hot-shit cheerleader look. Topped ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and Me pt 2

... regains her composure and sits me back down in my seat. Turning to me she straightens my cock out and goes down on me. Now I'm watching a movie ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and Me pt 3

... happened between Stephanie and me over last summer. Every year my fam has a float trip where we all get d***k and go down a ... the favor, pulling herself into me and straddling the log. Alex reaches down and strokes my cock through my trunks. I untie her top ... ... Continue»
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My husband caught me pt 2

... 't stop. He was holding me very tightly and biting the back of my neck, wanting to get nearer and nearer.
I couldn't get ... wall. He was fucking me harder and harder with every thrust, cum was splashing all over my legs, and my moaning was becoming louder.
... ... Continue»
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My Husband caught me pt 3

... ' !
He was forcing his huge cock into my mouth, making me gag, and kept telling me to take it all.
He was pumping it ... fastened the blindfold over my eyes and told me to lie on the bed, telling me to pull up my legs and let them fall apart ... ... Continue»
Posted by redhead123 1 year ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 1429  |  
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