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My Sex Life - Part 15: Uni pt 3

The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 3

... out right there and looked at my watch: 3:00 AM. 3 1/2 hours until sunrise. I closed my eyes ... before being shocked back to reality by 3 hands: one on my shaft, one on my stones, and one ... their mouths and on their tongues with all 3 trying to control my exploding dick to get their fair shares... Continue»
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My Crazy College Sex Life Part 4

... this is my boyfriend and he is my submissive cuckold and we have these sex parties so we can fulfill ... than anything ever had in my life. I wanted to marry her and be with her forever. The way being ... the door and said "Hi, I'm Sara, Christy and Karen's Friend, come with me. She grabbed my hand and took... Continue»
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My Crazy College Sex Life Part 3.

... I did not even know how to react. The two girls of my dreams were touching each other and waiting ... and shoved them in my face and said "Do you like these." I just murmmered yes as she started stroking ... ." Karen then starting making me out with as Christy blew me. I was having the sexual fantasy of my... Continue»
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My Crazy College Sex Life Pt.1

... to making me cum. I was still in love though and it was awesome to have her in my life. Most of our sex ... was in my final year of college and life was good. I had a lot of very attractive female friends ... , but never really had any sex. I had only once before this time and I was so d***k my dick could... Continue»
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My 18yr old Sex Slave - Part 3

... PART 3
“Her entire consciousness was about one thing and that one thing was being filled, being ... the girl as the willowy MILF straddled her face and ordered her to lick.

My 18 year old sex slave ... , gentle but still commanding that she was now my property, she needed nothing more in her life apart from... Continue»
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The hot maid pt.2- The best night of my life

... Hello readers I am sidhorny with my second and last story in the series, 'The Hot Maid'. This part ... of the story took place 3 years after the first part. In the 3 years that had passed a lot had ... work licking every part of her pussy my tongue could reach she was moaning as my tongue explored... Continue»
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my life so far! diary of a sex addict!

... was 3 months pregnant. (not mine) i was shattered i thought my life was over. we split up and i ... girlfriends, but like everything else in my life apart from burning i was getting numb to the sex ... things in my life i sabotaged it by sl**ping with her s****r.
up to date i have had sex with over 220... Continue»
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my life 3 true story

... away she was a part of the club she was about 15 years older then me and 10 years younger then Frank ... be with Frank on my own, which always led to sudescribed her wanking or him fucking me
His cock was so ... to stay for a few days, so sex wouldn't be happening, she knew he was bi as well and was OK... Continue»
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My Crazy College Sex Life Part 2

... in her bed in 2 sexy lingerie outfits with garter belts and all. Christy said "So do you like your surprise?"

Part 3.....coming ... I could not believe I was about to do this. I had never had sex with a condom, so I was scared ... as well and I threw her down and started to fuck her missionary. She whispered in my ear "come inside me... Continue»
Posted by facesit11 4 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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sex on the lawn part 3

... Sex on the lawn
Chapter 3
The Cottage
We got out of the car and Tammy said her Tummy was hurting ... because I have just seen the most beautiful thing in my life and it would have sent them blind ha ... and try to get you to hate me” I said “Tam I could never hate you, you are my life, my pride and joy... Continue»
Posted by ken22 5 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  

My Life as a Perverted Piece of Garbage Pt.01

... what happened to her.

My last year of college was not the best for my sex life. The women ... on the side. Money was pouring in but I wasn't spending it on anything. The only sex in my life came ... and perversions one could point to specific points in my life where normal sexuality became deviated. At the young... Continue»
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The Story of My Life - Part I

... of the normal as I was imagining having sex with women.
About one year later, I was alone at home as my ... even had a girlfriend. We were not having sex (we were 15 after all) but I enjoyed touching her. I ... was picturing myself with older women (at 40s or 50s) who guided me around sex. One day, I don’t know why... Continue»
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Life With s*s: Pt 15

... on my clit and then the best part, she started to suck on my clit, I was getting really turned ... it fun, we stayed naked. I'm usually not too fond of being naked, but with my friends, it just ... her feet off.

Then it was my turn, I got in the same position Lexie did except I pushed my pelvis... Continue»
Posted by batoutofhell 4 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  
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my new life...part 3

... i was finally getting used to my new life as a slave.and i was really enjoying it.i was dreaming ... it scared me that i was so close to a breakdown without him....i had to find 4 cummin soon! 4 my master:i love you! ... lazily in my cage when my master came in and unlocked the deadbolt lock on my cage,releasing me.but he... Continue»
Posted by sex-is-my-obsesion 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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My birthday sex party part 3

... My Birthday sex party part 3
……………… my mind started to race again were they going to take ... advantage of my husband not being in the room again was I going to get fucked by his naughty friends ... licking and a few seconds later I could feel his cock pushing my pussy lips open and sliding in I let... Continue»
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42].Sex and my amazing wife part A

... 42].Sex and my amazing wife part A
The Lady Susana Louisa Hollowbrook-Shaw my wife and the lady ... sex life before he assisted her in bathing and dressing for dinner.
By this time my wife ... seen in my whole life, and still she had energy.

Part B
A month or so later, Devon having... Continue»
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My Life Sucks Pt 1

... ate my sandwiches at my desk and never ever socialised with colleagues.

My sex life is non ... .

The waiter thanked him and said he got off at 10pm.

Phil nodded and the waiter left.

My Life Sucks

The End Of Part One

... My Life Sucks

I am 40 years old, trapped in a loveless marriage of 21 years, a daughter who... Continue»
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My masturbation sex life

... I cum in my Gf bras since 3 years but it was secretly at the beginning. Maby 1-2 years ago I tell ... to put my cum in her bra cups with sex words and she really enjoy see me cumming filling her cups ... and she like that :)

So yeah our sex life turn alot into masturbation, ejaculation, sperm, bras... Continue»
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A Life-Changing Experience, Part 3

... A Life-Changing Experience, Part Three

I exited the bathroom and looked down the hallway toward ... a barely perceptible, “Shhh.”

What happened next I will never forget for the rest of my life.

To be continued . . .
... , he was completely shaven. Now, I shave my cock and balls and keep the rest of my body trimmed... Continue»
Posted by cdwantsit 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time  |  
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my sex life

... i can say ive gotten lucky i guess. my sex life has not been too dull specially for my looks and my ... penis size. its about the average size but hey why should i complain. my best encounter has been ... with one of my youngest gf ive ever had. she was 19 wen i met her i was about to turn 23. she... Continue»
Posted by catracho84 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Interracial Sex  |  
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