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My Roommate Left His Girlfriend Alone at the Party

My Roommate Left His Girlfriend Alone at the Party

... His girlfriend Cheryl sat low in the ... the sliding glass door to the back porch.

I went upstairs to check on my roommate Ryan, but he was fast asl**p on his ... left leg up, causing the shorts to loosen up a little at the crotch. The glimpses I got gave me the ... ... Continue»
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Alexa is alone at the party

... hard that she quickly moved her left hand to

her waiting pussy ... the only girl at the

party for at least 2 hours. She liked the idea of being the only girl at the party ... be my first."

Pressing his erect cock into her, he could feel the thin veil ... ... Continue»
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Anita Slut at the party

... . My cell phone rang. My best girlfriend Cecilia was also home alone, her loving hubby Peter had gone to visit his parents for the rest of the ... ... Continue»
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When You Bumped Into A Stranger (At The Party)

... to catch his name. Sure it will take longer, but I’m going to paste him in to my mind diary,,, “Mr. stranger at the party.”

THE END ... ... Continue»
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Ana and a stranger guy at the party

Ana and a stranger guy at the party

Our friends Cecilia and Peter had invited us to a house party, but that night I was ... I found myself becoming aroused on the situation.

The guy pulled my wife up straight using his hands on her breasts and she ... ... Continue»
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My fantasy starts with us being at a party

... they feel perfect and I still have the most amazingly sensitive nipples thank goodness!

We arrive at the party, pockets full of d**gs, both ... to Marco and we’d always agreed that my arse would always be his and solely his. I started by climbing on top of ... ... Continue»
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BBC at the Gloryhole

... hands and put them on my head with his thumbs positioned at the joint of my jaw. He massaged my jaw muscles causing me to ... stretching and being pressed hard against my teeth.

He got dressed and before he left he grabbed my naked ass cheek. Then he ... ... Continue»
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My Roommate Wins

... who would not have been in my normal crowd.

As soon as we got into the party though, everything changed. We grabbed ... it seducing his roommate's girlfriend right in front of his eyes? Or was it just being with Anna? They fucked at least 5 times on the bed ... ... Continue»
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b*****r and s*s at a party

... at his ... at the party. Apparently a few guys and girls had backed out and left already.

Now I wasn't known for doing stuff like this, but my ... left my nads alone but blended the paint into my pubic hair a bit. I felt like I was at the doctor's.

My ... ... Continue»
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My roommate dominated me

... at my girlfriend and she seemed to be going with it so I thought why not

My roommate uncuffed me and ordered me to get off the ... then my roommate has been the dominant one in the house and my girlfriend doesn't even expect sex unless my roommate initiates ... ... Continue»
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After The Party

... at the party he had not made a lame and blunt pass at one time or another.

In nine years Jacqui didn’t think any girlfriend ... “My asshole of a husband”, she left him in that position on the bed.

When Jacqui got downstairs Evan was on his cellphone ... ... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Mature  |  Views: 1348  |  
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Fun at the beach pt14

... 039;s. I'll bring my tiniest panties," she ... over to him to take his hand.

"Oh John ... the other side of the room. Standing there alone, ... re going to be at the party after the show aren't ... was directly to the left of the stage and slightly ... ... Continue»
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I Guess My Roommate Is Gay After All

... to hit up the cruisier areas here in Orlando for some discreet fun.

One day I was home alone while my roommate was out and ... to just play with myself at the urinal and I hear the tapping of a foot in the last stall. Upon hearing the go ahead, I went into ... ... Continue»
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The Party

... , this went on for anout 5 minutes, his girlfriend squeezing his balls and talking in his ear, all I could hear was "fill ... up and left the room. without hesistation, I grabbed my wife, woke her up and we left the party, she slept most of the way back ... ... Continue»
Posted by gforsythe 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 1783  |  
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A gay encounter at the gym leads to cuckolding

... with a guy I met at the gym and the second part is how my girlfriend fucked him later on.

... never said that you were! We're all alone so no one will know... Me giving ... done cumming I sucked the head of his cock cleaning out whatever cum was left. I got up ... ... Continue»
Posted by Ass_worship 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Gay Male, Voyeur  |  Views: 4444  |  
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The Polish Pecker and his Girlfriend

... his car and off we went. When he arrived alone, I immediately thought that he had chickened out, but, no, the girlfriend was already at the ... while gently massaging his dick with my left hand and opening the poppers with my right. I give the bottle to him ... ... Continue»
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I was twenty-three at the time...

... the road from the ocean. I roomed with my pal and his geeky bud, but soon I was left on my own.
That evening, walking along the beach, looking at the ... Now alone on the stool, his love draining slowly down the drain, I realized his 'babies' meant my sperm ... ... Continue»
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Fucking his Girlfriend

... get to take her home on this night & have have his way with her
d***k pussy. But as fate would have it ... to her alone. By this time she
is wasted and is pissed at her bf for leaving her at the party. I knew this was my chance ... ... Continue»
Posted by daddyfatnutz 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Voyeur  |  Views: 1657  |  

babysitter at the party

... the dark. I looked at her and she winked at me. I realized she and joey were doing something in the back of the garage. As joey left ... had to go to the party store and mentioned ... my fingers into her pussy along side his ... girlfriend and was married at one time. ... Continue»
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Mom the party-favor!!!

... private swimming pool.Now the only thing left to do was bring them ... wanted to keep the meat they were going to barbecue at the party later cool ... to his friends: “She’s all yours, guys, enjoy her as my very special party favor ... him alone with her again...
... Continue»
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