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My Hot Brinda Aunty

My Hot Brinda Aunty

... neighboring aunty which transformed my life.

I live in an apartment, and new neighbors came next ... uncle and his wife Mrs. Brinda (38yrs) whom I called as aunty. They had 2 sons one was in college ... first year staying in a hostel and the other son is in 5th std. Let me tell describe aunty Brinda, she... Continue»
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My hot Aunty

... was jerking off in my Bedroom after watching so much porn vids and my aunty was sl**ping in her bedroom ... When i was teen, i was jerking off a lot and mastrubating my anal with 5 fingers because i ... melon and big round ass, when she walk her ass start shaking(SHE WAS HOT)

There is day, I... Continue»
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My hot big ass aunty

... My hot big ass aunty

This a real story having sex with my Aunt, She is now 47 yrs old by now ... occupied by other relative and I was sl**ping next to my aunty,

the day was hectic and all of us were ... was good at studies, so everyone in my f****y and neighbors liked me,

my Aunt was pregnant she... Continue»
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Call Boy To My Hot Aunty

... .

My first incident was happened with my building aunty. I was come from office and waiting ... imagine this aunty in my dreams and masturbate so many times. Next day again this situation ... for shopping oh my god and she take this one you’re looking very gorgeous Pooja aunty please don’t called me... Continue»
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My Hot Neighbour Aunty

... fair looking and a friendly person.i had sex with my neighbour jyothi aunty. Wowww I never ever ... in Hyderabad with my bl**dy exams. Jyothi aunty’s husband went to a meeting in delhi. On the same ... I’m doing my final btech and always busy with my projects. Well about me I’m 21 with 6 feet height... Continue»
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Fucking My Hot Auntie On Holiday

... Eyes ,9" Cut Cock

My Auntie Is Called Debbie , She Is 48 ,5 Ft 7 ,Short Blonde Hair , Tanned ,38 c ... ......

My Auntie Debbie Booked a Holiday To Turkey With Her Boyfriend Ian But About A Month Before ... around to out house and asked my mum would she like to go with her and the k**s .

My Mum said she... Continue»
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First Time Experience With My Hot Aunty Pavitra

... engineering in a private college. This story is about my sexual encounter with my neighbor house ... aunty Pavitra.

Let me introduce her. Her name is Pavitra. She is working as a teacher in a high ... a solid time to spend time with her. And I started my seducing encounters too.

At that time I have my... Continue»
Posted by bava12 1 year ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Hardcore  |  

my hot aunty

... This is one of my stories that happened, in my life but not anymore. I live in Bangalore. My aunt ... was watching tv in my home my visited had visited the house due to an occasion on festivals. We f****y always ... in the morning, I got dressed up and had my breakfast and was watching tv, and my aunt had to stay... Continue»
Posted by ronniers 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo  |  

Our little secret Part 2

... Aunty Teresa took hold of my hand and led me from my room to the bathroom. We have a large walk ... . Hot, wet and soapy her hands gently played with my balls and firmly wanked my cock. A finger ran ... , when you eat pussy properly and i gave her an orgasm my Aunty Teresa screamed like hell !
The day... Continue»
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My Freshman Year of college part 4

... down and whispered in my ear " so tiny my little just relax and let Auntie see if you ... Between all the hardcore slut training and my school work I was kept very busy, Sam and I were ... being yanked up by my hair by this amazon of a woman,my feet swinging feet off the ground "why you... Continue»
Posted by dirtysinner 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  

The passage of Lydia Part 1 Aunty Bev

... but that close friend of my mums who was always known as Aunty Bev. Bev was my mum’s oldest and closest friend ... the right side of 40 like my mum and quite a good looking woman. Aunty Bev worked in the bank ... and turn me into a man etc. , all innocent fun and in truth I found that nice. I liked my aunty Bev... Continue»
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Unplanned Ultimate Sex With Swati

... turning side, by mistake my hand touched Swati’s curve. Since we both had blanket till our neck, aunty ... literally froze at this hot touch. Kept idle for some time and then started moving my hands slowly ... the normal talk was on. Aunty started feeling tizzy and went to her room to sl**p.

My mind started... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 7

... Joyce's back if she wants...damned hot today"

"Ok pleasure"

Joyce had been sitting ... it's too hot. How bout a bikini's still boiling out there and it would be nice to get some ... out into the garden. Two near naked women around is gonna get my Steve in a right old tither. Haha... Continue»
Posted by Les1111 9 months ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  
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Young love when serious os great

... My first love and further sexual deep experience
Just 16 my mother and father decided to take me ... further placing my hands up her jumper and with a short while had both hands in her bra seeking ... and suck them which I did with great haste.
Again as she was getting more excited I again placed my... Continue»
Posted by Ihaveituwantit 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  


... my virginity by an experienced aunty before I fucked my wife. But I did not know that aunty would ... They say first love is difficult to forget. I totally agree with it. I have not forgotten my first ... remember first time I got laid and I will remember it till my death. I had been lucky that my first... Continue»
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Anjali The Amazing Doctor

... away and Anjali made them sit.

Mrs. Sharma: I wanted counseling sessions for my son…he-err-he ... had this fetish of reading aunty sex stories and watching aunty porn.

Anjali: So you’ve eyed any ... aunty type woman?

Rohan: Err-I

Anjali: I told you already! Don’t be shy.

Rohan: yes

Anjali... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 8

... to himself, he'd just fingered Aunty Joyce's pussy, when he creamed her up, and he'd get hold of her ... at her pussy. She jumped up and ran away laughing.

"Mum...your so sad...leave Aunty Joyce alone ... .

"Ooooh hark at Aunty Joyce's new protector 'leave Aunty Joyce alone' haha. Joyce babe...he'll do... Continue»
Posted by Les1111 9 months ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  
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Step Mummy was so helpful

... had turned up as a surprise, I told aunty Karen she could have my room, and I will bunk at a mates ... orgasms are like” both looking at Carl they smiled, Sharon said “come on my boy mummy and aunty need ... besides my cleavage” Sharon laughed as carl blushed “oh sorry but you have a terrific body... Continue»
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Slow hand

... too my bedroon J took some Hot stuff loli told her too wait in the bedroom and i went too get some ... Hiya im D...And my Long time Friend is J..
We both meet ... Cuddles.After the holidays My mum came in too speak too me she said there some News we need to tell u... Continue»
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A Housewife

... of them were wearing small tops and hot pants.

Today must be one hell of a day to my young man ... My story started when he moved into the neighborhood, just opposite to my house. We often met ... routine chaos in front of my house. He used to park his car just outside my house as his f****y has... Continue»
Posted by kap007 2 years ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |