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My Guy

... en scène. Suddenly the mean old
whipmaster realizes that my guy has slowed down on the job. By
that, I mean that ... her legs apart, see her being fucked
by some guy.
Q: Your guy?
A: Any guy, mostly my guy. It’s exciting. It’s the way most girls
react ... ... Continue»
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My Small Vices

About 5-6 years ago, I walked into my first "Adult Book
Store Blind Date". To say that I was apprehensive would
have beenan understatement. I was anxious to see what
these"Book Stores" were all about though... so I went
along with a guy I met online.

Wearing my low cut, wrap around dress with no bra and
underwear as my guy had requested, we entered the
store. There must have been 7-10 guys browsing through
the magazine racks. All of the magazines had "graphic"
type pictures on them, such as women with "big tits",
some with "milking breasts", others being fucked in the
ass, some being gang-banged, and others with other women
etc. We browsed through a few, when he made the sug-
gestion that we should go in the back to see some
"movies". As we walked up to the counter to get some
quarters for the machines, I couldn't help notice all
of the toys (dildos, creams, games, inflatable dolls)
that were in the glass counter. After getting our 5
dollars worth of quarters we stepped into the back.

Walking down a narrow aisle of about 10 feet, we came
upon 3 bulletin boards that listed the movies along
with some pictures and the number of the booth that
they were being shown in. Walking down the 3-4 aisles
we finally came to one of the booths that had a movie
that we had chosen to watch. We entered the dark
booth and somehow he found the slot to put the quarters
in. This movie showed a girl with two guys, she was on
her knees sucking one guy's cock while the other was
fucking her from behind. After a couple minutes of
fucking and sucking them, they climbed up on to the
couch. With the first guy laying down, she slowly sat
on him, guiding his cock into her cunt. Once again
they started fucking. The other guy walked up and
started to rub Vaseline all over his cock and started
to play with her ass.

About that time the movie stopped, so my date had to
put in more quarters. As the movie resumed the camera
zoomed in to a close-up shot of the first guy's cock
sliding in and out of the lady's pussy. After a couple
more minutes the second guy decided to mount the girl.
Continuing the close up shot, the 2nd guy slipped his
cock into her ass. Even though it was thoroughly
lubricated, it took some time before he finally had it
stuffed all the way up her ass.

The movie scene must have had a "turning-on" effect
with my guy because he started to play with my
breasts, at first he was just massaging them through
the thin material, but soon he unwrapped my dress and
started to massage them from behind. For a reason that
I wouldn't know till later, he turned me away from the
movie and had me face one of the walls.

Reaching from behind he swung my dress to the side
exposing my naked body to the wall and slowly put his
cock into me. After a couple minutes, the movie ended
and instead of putting in more quarters, we dressed and
left the booth to find another one.

We quickly found another booth and inserted a couple
quarters, this second movie showed a guy fucking a
woman in the ass, nothing special until he pulled out,
I couldn't believe the size of his cock. It must have
been 13 inches long (found out later that he was John
Holmes) after a few minutes the girl started to suck
his cock. Of course because of his size she couldn't
take all of him, but she was trying. Watching her
trying to deep throat this "horse" made me all excited
and I soon dropped to my knees and I pulled my guy's
cock free from his pants. As I continued to suck on
his cock he once again pointed me in the direction of a
wall. As the door to the booth was both locked and
dark, and with only the light from the movie showing on
us, I allowed him to once again unwrap my dress and to
play with my tits.

Once again the movie ended and he inserted more quar-
ters. As I continued to suck on his cock he reached
for my hand and held it for a few moments, whispering
into my ear that everything would be O.K. and not to be
afraid. He then pressed my hand against the wall allow-
ing it to rest against the cold surface. After a couple
minutes though he guided it lower to the floor and then
"shock", I couldn't believe it, I felt something hard
and warm, peering through the darkness, I couldn't
believe what I was seeing. A hole had been cut out of
the wall and sticking through it was a man's cock. This
cock was about standing at attention, 7" long and very
thick, again telling me that everything was O.K. my
guy guided my hand to this cock, as he encouraged
me to feel it. With some hesitation I started to play
with this "second" cock, running my fingers up and down
the length. Soon afterwards my guy guided my head
to this "second" cock, I could sense that he was getting
excited at the idea of seeing me suck this cock that was
sticking through the hole in the wall. Not wanting to
disappoint him, I slowly started to lick and fondle the
shaft, feeling the veins and licking his hairy balls.

To my surprise I started to get excited and slowly
started to suck this cock, at first I could hardly
swallow him, the head was almost as large as my fist
and eventually could only take about 3 inches of him.
But than I had a better idea, getting up, I pressed my
ass against the wall feeling the cock slide between my
legs. letting the head brush up against my pussy but
not letting it enter me. Not wanting to be left out
of the action, my date had me bend forward so that I
could start sucking on his cock once again. I'd never
felt his cock so hard and started to give him my best
blow job, slurping up and down his cock the best way I
know how. At that point my date surprised me once again
by saying that he didn't want to be the only one to cum
in me.

Taking the hint, I reached behind me and slowly guided
this "strange cock" towards the slit of my pussy. Al-
though my pussy was wet and slippery, at first I could
take only a couple inches. As I slowly started to
thrust back and forth though he gradually filled me
completely. He soon started to pump me fast and furious.
Squeezing my nipples tightly my date came in my mouth
and as I tried to swallow all of his cum, I felt this
"strange cock" pump his cum into my pussy. After a
couple of minutes he slowly slipped out of my pussy and
we quickly dressed. Not yet having cum myself I thought
that we were leaving for home but to my surprise we had
other "movies" to see.

As we left the booth, I noticed that there were several
men hanging in the aisle. Walking past the booth where
the strange cock had been, I noticed that the door was
open and apparently the guy had left. As we came to the
end of the fourth aisle, there were some stairs leading

Climbing down the stairs, once again we came upon some
more movie "booths" along with the bulletin boards,
describing the type of movies, etc. Pausing for a moment
to choose a couple movies we walked down a couple aisles
to look for them.

Near the end of one of the aisles, we entered a booth.
This booth was much larger than the first two and in
fact had a chair in it that I could sit in. As we in-
serted quarters into the movie, I quickly glanced at
the walls and noticed that this one also had holes cut
into the sides of the booth.

After a couple of minutes I took the initiative and
approached the wall, and peering through the hole I
could see that someone was looking at me. Feeling
excitement I pressed my nipple into the opening and
quickly felt a tongue licking and sucking my tit.
Pulling gently he managed to squeeze a little of my
breast through the hole and continued to suck on it.
Not yet ready for another go round my date just gave
his approval and watched for a few minutes. Feeling
my legs starting to get tired I stood up and sat in
the chair. The guy in the next booth whispered through
the hole that he wanted to join us. After asking me if
it would be O.K. my date whispered back that it would
be O.K. Hearing him unlock our door my heart started to
beat madly, but I anxiously awaited.

When this guy entered the room, he did not say a word
but quickly knelt before me and slowly lifted my dress
and started to suck on my pussy. Seeing another man on
my pussy, my guy pulled his cock out and brought it
to my mouth. Feeling the pleasure of the tongue on my
clit I started to suck on him in earnest. Suddenly my
date pulled out and unlocked the door, fearing that he
was leaving I started to get up when I realized that he
was letting in another person. Once again reassuring
me that everything was O.K. and that I could quit when-
ever I wanted to, I sat down in the chair. Once again
the first guy started to suck my pussy, moving his
tongue inside my pussy. I lifted my legs on top of his
shoulders and leaned back to enjoy. At that moment the
2nd guy brought his cock towards my lips and I started
to suck him. After a couple minutes I switched posi-
tions and got on my knees in the chair. The first guy
started to fuck me, slowly at first and than faster. He
soon came and the 2nd guy switched positions and soon
started to eat my pussy, inserting his fingers into my
moist cum filled pussy he then started to rub his
fingers into the wet cum filled area around my ass

After a few minutes he then started to play with my ass
and inserted his fingers into my ass. My new lover then
stood up and slowly started to fuck my cunt. Pulling
out he brought the head of his cock towards my ass and
feeling me push backwards toward him he started to in-
sert his cock into my ass. Being slippery he entered
my ass easily and as he started to squeeze my ass cheeks
he started to fuck me. Not remembering too much, I do
remember how good and filling it felt. My date, not
wanting to be left out inserted his cock into my mouth
and as I sucked and slurped on his cock he soon came.

The first guy, wanting more, took my date's place and I
soon brought him back to life. With one cock up my ass
and another in my mouth, I was feeling ecstasy. After
the guy fucking me in my ass came, the one that I was
giving head to, came around and he too started to fuck
me in my now lubricated ass. He started fucking me fast
and furious from the start and after 4-5 minutes came
once again. The strangers dressed and left the booth.

Getting dressed myself, my date and I soon left the
booth. As we left the booth and started to leave the
store I couldn't help but notice all of the men watch-
ing me, or I should say my ass, and wanting their own
chance to share my body.... Continue»
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My ultimate fantasy......

I’ve been having some “me” time recently & to pass the time, I’ve put together what would be, my ultimate fantasy fulfilled. The guys are invented, one a bondage playmate I’d met just once before, the other is a complete strange to me but a friend of my palymate.

Let me know what you think:

I travelled down to Norwich by train, the station's right across the road from the hotel. I checked into reception, collected my key & headed for the room.
To be honest, I thought the guys would be waiting for me when I arrived & was really nervous about opening the door. I found the room empty apart from a note on the bed & a bag of clothes. Basically the note told me to take a shower, put on the clothes in the bag & go out for the evening. He reminded me, I had no idea what his pal looked like & he may or may not approach me during the evening but one thing was certain, they would both be watching me all night.
He'd told me to bring a pair of black heels which he told me to wear with the outfit he provided. As I took it out of the bag, It suddenly dawned on me that I was going out in a town I didn't know, on my own to a number of bars. The outfit he told me to wear was going to get me noticed!!!
Lucky for me it was a warm evening. I held up a tiny black, stretch satin vest top a pair of black rubber-look leggings & a wide black belt.
I showered & tied my hair in a high pony tail (another order from him) He later told me it made it easier to gag me.
He knew my size but it didn't really matter, both the top & leggings were stretchy as hell. I had also been told, no underwear! I didn't really have a choice, the top was so skimpy, I didn't have a bra small enough to hide under it & the leggings were so tight, they fitted me like a second skin. They were pulled so far up my pussy you could see every contour.
I took a deep breath & headed out for the evening. I didn't even make it out of reception before the comments started, two girls on reception looked positively shocked as I wiggled across the hallway, one mouthed OMG! before she realised I was looking at her. "Have a good evening" they chirped as I left.

I headed down to the bars on Prince of whales road. It was 9pm & they were packed. There was the usual lads & lassies in their club gear but I was definitely wearing the tightest, shiniest pants in town!
I was also attracting attention from the guys & it occurred to me that I had no idea what his pal looked like so when I felt a hand squeeze my bum-cheek as I stood at the bar, I wondered if it was him. I shot the guy a filthy look. I later learned it wasn't him. Throughout the night I was chatted up by four guys, all of them leering at my outfit, one of them even asked if he could feel my bum. I thought, why not & as we stood in the crowded bar, he grabbed my hips pulled me against him & slid both hands across my shiny ass in small circular motions. Tight, shiny bum-cheeks was obviously his "thing" as I could feel him getting hard & his swelling cock twitching as he fondled me. Again I wondered if this guy was the k**napper but again, I later found out he wasn't. I was beginning to enjoy playing the slut. My guess was, if he was the k**napper, I'd tease the hell out of him for a while before shaking him off. It would get him in the mood to get his own back later on. I flirted with him for over an hour, even getting touchy with him myself. The bar was so crowded, it would have been hard for people to notice me push my bum against his hard-on before reaching behind me & rubbing him for several minutes until I felt a small damp patch through his jeans as I thumbed the tip of his penis. I stopped, looked over my should & gave him a cheeky grin. "My turn". I said & moved to his side, took his hand & pushed his middle finger against my clit. "Little, tiny circles please" I whispered in his ear with another cheeky grin. He obliged me for ages, I could feel myself getting wet as he fingered my swollen clit through those amazing leggings. Being played with in such a public pace was a massive turn-on & after several minutes of his finger on my slippery, wet clit, I stopped him moments before my legs turned to jelly. I whispered in his ear, "thankyou", told him I needed the loo & slipped out of the door before he had a chance to see me go.
I thought to myself, if that guy was the k**napper, he's going to be ready for fun later LOL!
It was getting close to 11.30pm & I hadn't seen my guy all night. I knew he said he'd be watching me with his pal but I hadn't even caught a glimpse. I was beginning to wonder if they were actually going to go ahead with it.

I headed back up the road towards the hotel, my feet aching from the killer heels, my pussy wet from the fingering & my mind playing kinky tricks all night. It occurred to me that it would have been almost impossible for the guys to grab me off the street without the fear of being arrested so guessed, if it was going to happen, it would be in the hotel.
I got back to the hotel room door, still no signs to suggest anyone was waiting to jump me. The room looked the same apart from a jiffy bag on the bed. I opened it. Inside was a mobile phone. I opened it to find a number of photos had been taken on it of me out in the bars. There was even a movie clip of me feeling up the guy, closeup, only feet away!! Inside the jiffy bag was two more items, a pair of foam ear plugs & a note: "YOU FUCKING DIRTY LITTLE WHORE. I HOPE YOU LIKED THE FEEL OF THE STRANGERS COCK & HIS HANDS ALL OVER YOUR WET CUNT. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PISS US OFF MORE THAN YOU HAVE ALREADY, PUT IN THE EARPLUGS, TURN ON THE TV & RELAX! HAHAHA!! DON'T UNDRESS, I LIKE A BITCH IN RUBBER.

Wow! that wasn't the friendly polite guy I knew. OK, so he was getting into his role, I realised that but I realised, I had never met the other guy & didn't really know either of them!!
My mind at this point was completely upside down. I'd had a few glasses of wine & was feeling a little tipsy. I was seriously considering leaving but my kinky mind & teased pussy persuaded me to stay. I rolled the earplugs into thin tubes & popped them into my ears & as they swelled, the tv faded to a mumble I realised how much more vulnerable I was without hearing. It was a big turn-on.
I was pleased he'd told me to stay in my outfit. He knows I love the feeling of being touched through my clothes, especially rubber-look, drum-tight pants!!
I laid face down on the bed & closed my eyes. I could actually hear my heart beating & realised I was actually thinking about every breath I was taking. My mind was spinning out of control. I had no idea when they would come or indeed if they would. I wondered if they were going to wait until I was asl**p.....
I guessed I had been lying there for around 15 minutes when it happened. To be honest, the timing was perfect. I really didn't want to be asl**p, I also didn't want to be too tired to be horny. They jumped me as I was gently stroking my pussy & day dreaming of what was in store.
I didn't hear them come into the room & as I'd left the light on, I didn't see any change in light as they opened the door. It all happened in slow- motion. I remember one of the pair jump on top of me, sitting on my bum & pushing a hand between my shoulder-blades. My reaction was to try & spin over onto my back but the hand kept me firmly in place. I was now aware of the other guy. He was rougher so I guessed this was the pal I hadn't met. He grabbed my ponytail & pulled my head to the side. As he did, the guy sitting on me held my head on it's side with his hand. the other guy then seriously pissed me off & for the first time, I was scared....genuinely scared! He used his thumb to grind my cheek into my teeth until I had no choice but open my mouth. As soon as I did he pushed what I later learned to be a small oval bath sponge. He was twisting my head so far that I thought he was going to break my neck. It was the first time I got a look at him, he was in a ski mask but I could tell it wasn't the guy I knew. I was struggling for real now & fucking angry! As I hissed at him he clamped his hand over my mouth, making me bite the inside of my lips. He was a heavy-handed, clumsy bastard but in hind-sight, I was loving the whole experience. At this moment in time though, I
was very frightened, but also very horny!! The weirdest sensation ever! The guy sitting on my back had now wrestled my arms behind my back & had them clamped together at the elbow with one arm. His other arm was planted by my head, keeping him balanced & he'd straddled my legs & lay flat out on me using his body weight to keep me in place. The other guy started to gag me with a whole bandage wrapped tightly across my mouth, holding the sponge firmly in place, finished off with electrical tape I'd been gagged before but this actually worked not just made to look pretty.
Once I was gagged the stranger jumped on to the bed & took control of my elbows, holding them firmly together as his pal started to rope them together. He was definitely more gentle than his pal but as more & more loops of rope went around just above my elbows, I realised I was well totally in their control. More rope was passed over my shoulders & above & below my breasts. Once they were bound, the stranger shuffled down the bed & knelt across the back of my knees, one hand gripping my ankles the other, rather crudely gripping my bum-cheek, his thumb grinding agains my pussy lips, making them sore! I squeaked & wriggled to make him stop but he was definitely playing the part of the bad guy as he pushed his thumb even harder & snarled. "Lay the fuck still you dirty little cunt"!
My wrists were now bound together behind me & he had started on my legs. First, my ankles. As he did so the stranger found himself redundant for the first time. "This is fucking awesome! cheers for asking me to help mate, she's fucking fit as fuck too, you lucky bastard". My playmate didn't answer he just continued to rope my legs above my knees & the very tops of my thighs tight up under my bum-cheeks.
The stranger just laughed, "Look at her, you've done that before, can I have a go?"
I was shocked at my playmates reply. "She's all yours, I'm going for a coffee". with this he headed for the door. Now I was really struggling, I furiously shook my head & mumbled, pleading with him not to leave me with this guy. He pulled off his ski-mask, shrugged his shoulders & with a grin, he left.

The stranger pulled off his mask. He was older than I thought, around mid-fifties, balding & had a beer gut. He picked up another length of rope & as I struggled helplessly on the bed on my side he walked around the bed behind me & clumsily looped the rope through the rope around my ankles, tied it off & passed the other end of the rope through the rope around my shoulders at the back of my neck.
"Let's see how bendy you are shall we you little fucker"! With this he started to pull...I groaned as he pulled tighter & tighter until my lower back strained as I was f***ed into a brutal hogtie. He tied off the rope & stood back to admire his work. As his gaze travelled up & down my bound body his eyes halted at my crotch, my hips thrust forward, my back ached painfully & my pussy pushed so far forward into my pants the seam dug deep between my lips.
"Fucking hell, look at your cunt"! he clambered on the bed & propping his head up on his hand started to trace the outline on my pussy with his finger. I glared at him & knowing that my wriggling was pleasing him tried to make this beer-smelling fat bastard to get his hands off me by slowly shaking my head & mumbling uh,uh..his reaction wasn't really what I wanted. He looked almost put out. "Fuck off! your mate asked me to come". He grabbed my ponytail & yanked my head back so hard I could feel my neck crunch. His other hand grabbed my pussy & started to grind. Not the sensual fingering I had earlier, this was rough, as if he was kneading dough! the heel of his hand grinding hard on my pubic bone, his fingers like a group of eels on steroids! each of them working on the thin, rubbery fabric. As his fingers worked on my pussy he licked & chewed at my neck & ear-lobes. He was disgusting, a real sweaty a****l of a guy which in hind-sight made the whole feeling of being totally out of control even more exciting in a really strange kind of way.
My pussy by now was swollen, however disgusting the man was, I was fully aroused by the fact I was totally & genuinely under his control. His rough treatment had me close to orgasm on two occasions but his efforts were thwarted only by his seeming lack of knowledge of exactly where my clit was & also my other secret & sure way to make me cum! Having my bum stroked & squeezed through anything tight & shiny. I don't know why but it's the trigger that puts me over the edge. Lucky for me I suppose that he hadn't picked up on this & therefore missed out on making me cum before his pal returned.
I noticed he was getting frustrated. It was if he was trying everything he could to make me cum, his groping was getting harder & harder by the minute. It was when he nipped my earlobe a little too hard with his teeth that I growled through my gag & gave him a stare that let him know I was seriously pissed off! With this, he grabbed me by the throat glared at me & rolled me back on to my front.
"You stuck up bitch, you need a good hard fucking"!
To my horror, he was untying the rope from my ankles to my shoulders. The relief was wonderful but I knew what he had in mind. & my feet flopped back onto the bed, he jumped on top of me & started to untie the rope at the top of my thighs & peel my pants off, leaving me naked & exposed to my knees. He started to unbuckle his belt & as I struggled he pushed his jeans down his thighs. Rough hands grabbed my hips & pulled hard, thrusting my bare bum into the air. I hated this man but by now, I was so utterly aroused, he could have fucked me senseless but instead he laughed, slapped my bare bum so hard he actually made me cry (I'm not actually into being smacked) pulled up my pants, jumped off the bed & pulled up his jeans.
"I think I'll save you for later".
He clambered onto the bed beside me, grabbed my hips & started to grind against me, I couldn’t help but push into his hard cock. He was horrid but he’d turned me on!
“Ahhh, poor little girl, all frustrated & wants some cock”!
He was grinding harder now & I was responding as I could feel him getting harder. He was getting me too close, grinding too hard & now he was pulling me against him with a hand on each of my clenched, shiny bum-cheeks. I was gagged, helplessly bound & being groped through my clothes, who could blame me if I’d cum but just as I thought I was at the point of no return, he stopped & jumped off the bed.
“That should keep you thinking for a while” I was panting heavily & moaning. My body ached, my pussy dripping wet! He hadn’t finished with me. Sitting on the bed he put a hand around my throat & slowly started the squeeze…
“Does that turn you on you fucking bitch”? his grip tightened more & I started to choke. His grip suddenly loosened now his hand was other my gagged mouth & perilously close to my nose. He sniggered at me & suddenly his hand clamped down hard, his other hand pushed down inside my pants & a finger thrust up into my pussy, I was terrified, I couldn’t breathe & as I gulped on nothing but his sweaty hand rough fingers were clamouring to push deep into my wet, swollen pussy. Then as suddenly as it had started, it stopped & without another word, he left….
I guess it was about an hour but to this day have no real idea how long I was left there alone.
They returned together, by which time I was aching. I had made a few hopeless attempts to struggle free but to be honest, I was aroused....very aroused & wondered what they had in mind.
Both of them, now unmasked but silent approached me the stranger had a bag in his hand. He tipped the contents onto the bed. I had made no secret that my favourite toy is my Hitachi wand, it never fails to hit the spot :)
By the lack of communication & the way they moved around the room preparing my next "punishment" it was pretty obvious, they had a plan.
I had rolled onto my side & watched them as they approached. Without a word they pulled me across the bed so that I was almost falling off the edge. The stranger clambered on the bed behind me & to some relief stopped me from falling by putting a knee on the rope holding me in my hogtied. As he held me in place my play partner handed him the now plugged in Hitachi wand. The stranger then started to remove my gag & as he plucked the sponge from my mouth he clamped his hand down hard, pushing my head back against his thigh.
My play partner was in front of me, his hands gently stroking my breasts & bum for a moment before unzipping his jeans.. His cock was rock hard & pre-cum made it glisten. In one swift movement my head was pulled back by the stranger & with no warning I felt that huge, hard cock slip down my throat. He was thankfully slow & gentle, I would have gagged otherwise but with my ponytail being pulled so hard my throat was wide open & his entire length was inside. I could feel the course hairs against my face as he eased his length into me. I could feel him throbbing as he pushed in & out, I tried to suck & tease the tip with my tongue but I was being held too tight. The thrusting didn't stop, even when I felt the hand starting to rythmically stroke & squeeze the backs of my thighs & at last, endless caressing of my shiny bum. The thrusting didn't stop either when I felt the familiar head of the Hitachi nestled tight against my pussy & start to buzz!
The hand on my ponytail let go & thankfully had lost it's roughness, it now started to caress by breasts, hips & thighs while his other hand held the Hitachi against my pussy. Thankfully, he knew just the right spot after all. As the pair worked on my bound body & gagged me with a swollen cock I could feel myself getting closer by the second. I was thrusting hard against the Hitachi & writhing against the hands all over me. Suddenly I was cumming, I was still for a second, arching hard, pushing my hips forward as hard as I could before going into a glorious spasm I came harder than I've even cum before. Moments later my playmate joined me & filled my mouth with warm, salty cum. Now I was in fear of gagging as he uncontrollably thrust hard into my throat. As he did the stranger dropped the toy, still buzzing to the floor, pushed his hand inside my pants & found my swollen clit. Earlier must have been a tease as this time he was an expert! as two fingers parted my lips a third circled my hood & flicked my soaking wet clit until I came again & again!
That's enough for now, I need to go have some girl time :) XXXXX... Continue»
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My First Foursome

I hope ya'll like it. I'm going to tell ya'll the story about my first foursome but I believe the event that led up to it is just as hot as the actual event itself!! I'm just gonna tell it from my point of view. There's no "I threw myself in the arms of passion" or "I screamed louder for him to fuck my pussy harder". I'm just giving you the down and dirty details of sex!! I have never hidden the fact that I was a really big whore earlier in life. I never considered myself a slut because I didn't fuck around carelessly with a lot of guys (or maybe I did but I was always careful! LOL). I was always of the mindset that, if you are involved in a serious relationship, you should be willing to do anything sexually for your guy or your girl whichever the case may be -- so here goes.

I was in college and had your typical frat guy boyfriend. His name was Joe and, on the outside, he was the guy's guy, beer drinking, telling jokes, life of the party who also had a sensitive, loving, caring side of him. We met at one of those get-together type socials and he was a couple of years older than me. We were instantly attracted to each other and after nine months things were getting really serious. He always fucked me pretty hard but nothing really rough like I grew to enjoy later on in life. I remember one night we were fucking doggy style and he made me so weak in the knees that I just collapsed straight down but his cock was so huge that, even with my legs together, he was still able to fuck my pussy. But what he did next was unexpected. He was much taller than me so he was able to manuever around when I pushed my upper body up off the bed. He grabbed me around my tits kind of holding on to my shoulder and then covered my mouth with his right hand. I guess he felt like he was what I call "sexually restraining" me and I admit that I absolutely enjoyed it!! I felt totally helpless but it was so fucking hot that his cock eventually popped out of my pussy because I squirted all over the bed. His pre-come and my pussy juice was in a puddle on the bed and I just grinded my pussy into it until my pussy hair was dripping with liquid sex. I was still on my belly so I begged him to spank me and kept encouraging him until my ass was red. Then, I wanted him to pull me off the bed and fuck me wheelbarrow style which means he was strong enough to hold my legs in the air while my upper body was still on the bed and fuck me sort of doggy style. He fucked me harder and harder until my pussy was absolutely throbbing. Then, I screamed louder for more and more and just as he was about to bust his nuts, I let my legs down and squeezed my tight ass together so he could orgasm harder inside me. The dorm room smelled like absolute sex. Then, we both collapsed in exhaustion on the bed and it gave me an idea for my first foursome . . .

I began to think about a fantasy of mine since he was so sweet after the sexual encounter where I was flat down on my belly and he reached around with his left arm to kind of pin my arms and cuddle my tits while he covered my mouth with his other hand. It was hot and he apologized a couple of days after for feeling like it got out of hand. However, I had a couple of days to think about it and I enjoyed the tenseness of feeling totally helpless and being able to concentrate only on my sexual pleasure. So, I set it up over the next month where I was going to have my first foursome so I could get that feeling again and accomplish two other goals. I told my BF that the basic idea was for me to be blindfolded and him to have two more frat buddies that he trusted to fulfill my fantasy. I never wanted to know who the guys were as to take away any awkwardness that may result afterwards if things didn't go well. I would suck the cock of my BF and then he would gently lay me down on the bed and fuck me missionary style. The rule was that if the other two guys did not cross the line that I would give them each, one at a time, a blowjob and handjob to completion and they could blow on my tits. Since my guy was going to fuck me missionary style on the bed, their job was to take turns with their knees in my side to keep me stationary and hold down an arm, cover my mouth, and play with my tits however they choose to do it.

The second mission was to accomplish something else and that was to taste my own pussy juice while my BF was fucking me. Plus, this kind of gave the guys a rest just in case. After all, I admit it's hard being so close to a girl getting fucked and not be able to partake until afterwards. So, I got in the doggy style position to suck his cock and again he let me fall belly to the bed to fuck me again with his long cock. One guy stretched my arms above my head while my BF continued to fuck me but then I wanted to accomplish my third goal which was to let my BF take me up the ass. However, I knew my asshole was tight and I have a curvy ass let's say and Joe would need some help. So, the other guy was allowed to spank my ass and keep my cheeks spread for Joe. But, don't get me wrong. Joe wasn't allowed to put his whole dick in my ass. He was allowed to put the head and a little bit of his cock - enough to fuck my ass without thrusting it and enough to make him cum. The basic idea for the finish was to flip me over on my back and have one guy pin me down at the ankles and the other to pin me down at the shoulders and then Joe would cum on my tits, tummy, and in my pubic hair. After about 30 minutes of carefully orchestrated fucking and the other two guys living up to their end of the bargain, Joe finally blew a big load of cum everywhere.

I laid back on the bed with my legs spread and continued to play with my pussy even lifting my leg to put my finger in my asshole. Then, when I was ready and with Joe still in the room, I told the first guy to lay down on the bed and, since he was already hard, I started rubbing his ball sac with one hand while jerking his cock with the other. I figured we'd all been nasty already so I spit a lot to lube his cock and make him cum quicker. Then, I would go hands free and tickle his asshole and play with his balls more while I took nearly all the guy's cock in my mouth. Then, I would finish by planting my hands on his hips and sucking full f***e up and down his shaft til I received the tap on the shoulder and leaned up to jerk his cum off on my tits. I repeated with the second guy, never taking my blindfold mask off, and both came in less than five minutes. Joe disappeared with the guys and came back and told me it was OK to take off the mask.

Was a little whorish for doing it? Probably but its not like all three guys were fucking me. I'm not gonna lie and say it was that type of real-life porno. Did it seem a little like these guys were fantasy r****g me because they were holding me down while a guy fucked me? Well, probably so and, for the record, I don't condone **** in the sense of non-consensual sex but I do like it rough and, at least that time, I wanted to feel totally helpless so I didn't have to concentrate - or do - anything but enjoy the feeling of my BF's cock in my pussy - and ass for the first time. I've always said three guys have been allowed to put it in my ass. Joe was the first. Maybe the other two stories will be told soon!... Continue»
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Husband SOLD my ASS and PUSSY

My husband I were almost broke and really had no place to stay! We had been working for this company that rehabed houses, etc., but they ran out of work after a few weeks and we didn't know what to do.
We were in a strange town, had no friends and were running out of money really fast and the crappy motel we were staying in was about ready to kick us out.

I was a really good looking girl according to everyone who saw me and I did have some really hot long legs, a nice tight ass and I had some tits that lots of guys had always said were nice, big and firm. My hubby and I had been married for 6 years and we had never even thought about me being with another guy at all and even the thought of that was too horrible to contemplate.

One night, I was sitting out on the front porch of our shitty motel room when a van load of guys drove by and started talking to me. There were about 6 guys in that thing and they were complimenting me on my legs, ass, etc. I was wearing some cut off jeans, flip flops and a tight t-shirt that made my nipples show through the cheap, thin cotten the t-shirt was made of. They told me how hot I was and asked if I was married or dating anyone. My husband was not there and for some strange reason I lied and told them that I was alone and divorced. I don't know why I said that to this day but I did and that seemed to get their attention.

One of the guys got out and asked me if I'd like to go party with them at a hotel just across the street but I told him that I was broke and couldn't afford to leave my motel room because I was afraid the motel manager would lock my door and I would be able to get back in my room (now THAT part was TRUE...LOL). The guy told me that he would be more than happy to pay my bill that night and I showed him the office and that fucker actually went in there and did it. I now felt a little obligated to him so I jumped in the van and we went across the street to another motel and parked in front of their room.

I got out and followed them to their place and once inside, a couple of them offered me some cold beer which I excepted and swallowed down. I sat on one of the two beds while they unloaded their shit from the van and apparently, they had two adjoining rooms with a couple of baths and a small kitchen.

After they had unloaded, the guy who had paid my bill asked me if I would like to party with them some and I told him that I didn't do any d**gs if that's what he meant and he said that he didn't mean THAT kind of partying but rather would I be interested in maybe getting naked with him and his friends if they paid me a little money! I WAS broke and since the guy actually looked pretty good I told him that that may be cool and what did he have in mind? He told me that if I did all 6 of them that he would give me $300 and to me, that was a ton of much needed money! I had NEVER done that before but my hubby and I were desperate and we needed the cash for sure. I told him that it would be fine but I was actually trembling and had NEVER had sex with anyone other than my husband before.

The guy handed me the cash and I put in in my purse. I really didn't know what to do next but he came over to me and pulled my t-shirt up and off and then told me to remove my shorts and then my panties! I was laying back on the bed by now, totally naked with my legs apart and my clean shaven pussy exposed to everyone in the room. He came over to me and pulled his pants off exposing his big cock. It was huge and a lot bigger than my husbands but I took it in my hand and guided it to my mouth! I placed my lips around it and while stroking it, slide my mouth down the shaft as far as I could and then back up again. He seemed to like it so I did it faster and faster until I felt him tense up and then cum in my mouth! His sperm was much like my husbands and had a similar taste so it wasn't too bad and I swallowed the load down and licked him clean just like I do with my hubby!

Another guy then came up to me and he seemed to like to talk dirtier though and called me several filthy names while I sucked his cock. He then pulled out of my mouth and stuck his hairy cock in my pussy and fucked me for several minutes until he shot his load inside of me. I could feel his hot warn cum in there and when he pulled out, he stood over my mouth and had me suck and lick his cock clean for him.

I was fucked by them all a couple time each over the next 2 hours and finally got out of there and walked across the street back to our motel room. When I got there, my husband had returned and asked me where I had been. I just handed him the $300 dollars, pointed down to my soaking wet pussy and told him that I had just made rent for the next week! He was pissed at first but then settled down and told me that we needed to do what we needed to do and that me. fucking for money, was ok, as long as I was ok with it! I raised my leg to show him the cum that was still dripping from my hole and he told me that he would help me clean up so he took me into the shower and with my douche bag, hosed my hole out till it was clean! We then fucked for a couple of times and went to sl**p.

The next day, he went looking for work but returned about 2 hours later with these two guys. He told me that they were interested in maybe fucking me if I was ok with it. I asked him how much they would pay and he told me that they would go $100 each. Well HELL, that was a better deal than the night before so I took them into our room, stripped naked and let them use my housewife hole all they wanted for an hour! They both fucked me a couple of times and one of them came in my mouth and the other in my pussy! It was kinda fun and when they left, my hubby came in and checked my pussy to make sure it wasn't fucked up or anything. I had a feeling that this was gonna be a money maker!

Later that night, he brought a few others over who I fucked or sucked off and what the shocker was that the last guy asked if he could not only fuck ME, but also have my husband suck his dick! My hubby has NEVER sucked dick before but I figured if I was selling pussy, he could sell his damn mouth! I took my hubby in the bathroom and told him that! When we got back in the room with this dude, I let him fuck me and then he stuck his dick in my husbands mouth and blew his load! I saw my guy gag for a second and I thought he was gonna puke but he didn't and he swallowed it all down and I licked the guys cock clean! He handed us $500 fucking dollars and I couldn't believe it! After he left, my hubby brushed his teeth, gargled, etc...I was laughing my ass off but we DID have the money and now HE was a WHORE TOO!!

Over the next week, he brought dozens of guys over to use me and I was even getting fucked in my ass now. The ass fucking of course cost them a lot more money and I didn't know my tight little asshole could take cocks that big! One night, three guys were in the room with me and had just finished butt fucking me and while I was laying there with jism dripping from my ass, one of them asked me about my pimp. I told them I didn't have a pimp but that was my husband! That's when the biggest of these black dudes stood up and told me that they had a better opportunity for me if he (my hubby) and I would work as a team. I didn't know what he meant but when my guy got back, the black guys were still here and told him that he was gonna be a male ASS whore and we were gonna work together! My husband told them to fuck off but they grabbed him and pushed him down on the bed, pulled his pants down and the two other guys stuck their cocks in his asshole, one after another! My man screamed a bit but they told him that if he was whoring me out, that they were gonna do the same to him but that they were now running our business for us. My man screamed a bit but after they fucked him and made him suck their dicks, he sat there starring at me and agreed to it all as long as we got paid for it,

For the next several weeks, they had gay and bi guys in one room fucking my husband and all the others fucking me. I could hear him screaming sometimes when a guy with a huge cock fucked his tight little ass!..LOL Now he knew what it felt like!

I was now a 3 hole street whore but making a living and my husband was a cock sucking ,butt fucked street whore too! We finally saved up enough money to leave town but me, as well as my husband have holes that are now three times the size they were form all the dicks shoved in us!
... Continue»
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Helping My Friend Go Black

Here is a story that I wrote a year and a half ago about my friend Savannah. I'm going to leave in it's original text. So some time references might be off. Also I've included a little update about Savannah at the end.

I wanted to share this story because it happened recently and is really hot. This is a story about my friend Savannah. So a little background on Savannah she was born and raised in Alabama. She's really your typical southern girl.

So our story starts out when I first met Savannah when she came to Ohio for college. We met at our dorm and pretty much hit it off. She was glad she found a friend that easy. A few days later I was hanging out with a black guy friend of mine and we passed Savannah in the hall and I asked if she wanted to hangout with us. She said she was busy. Then for a week she didn't answer my calls, or texts, and she didn't call back. So I went to her dorm room and asked her what the hell was up. She kind of danced around the answer and I called her out on her BS. She finally answered that she didn't want to hangout with me because I was friends with and dated black guys. I was taken back but I should have figured with her being from Alabama. I replied wow and said "I can't believe you could be so evil" and I left.

So a few days later Savannah showed up and I didn't really want to talk to her but I did anyway. She wanted to apologize for being mean to me but she still didn't like black people. I kind of got mad at her and asked her how the hell did she get that mentality. She replied that was just the way she was raised. I told her black people were just like her or me and I asked her if she ever actually hung out with a black person. She said she never had. I told her I was going to invite a black friend of mine over and I wanted her to stay so she could see they were human just like her. She reluctantly agreed. She was shy at first but then she and my friend Ty were chatting away like friends. We invited some of Ty's black friends over and had a fun time watching the football games. The next day Savannah came over and said she was wrong about black people and she couldn't believe how she's always treated them. So me and Savannah were friends once again. Ever since then she has been totally cool with black people. Her lab partner in one of her classes was a black girl and they became good friends.

So a few months ago my girlfriend and I were trying to hook up with these 2 black guys but that had a friend. So I tried to see if Savannah wanted to get her first taste of BBC. She freaked out and said that she doesn't have a problem with black people anymore but there was no was she was going to have sex with one. I tried to convince her but it was a no go. She was very stubborn. So over the next couple of months I've been trying to get her to loosen up and try it. Then two weeks ago we were watching game 7 of the NBA finals. I asked her "Don't any of these hot black guys appeal to you?" She said she could never do a black guy and that her parents would kill her. She admitted that her parents are members of the kkk. It hit me that the only reason she wouldn't try it was because of her parents. So then I asked her if she wanted to have sex with a black guy. She replied yes in a soft voice. I told her to forget her parents and f****y and do what she wanted to do. She as adamant that she couldn't do it even though she wanted to. So then on Monday before July 4th she admitted that she wanted to have sex with a black guy and that she didn't care what her racist parents thought. My girlfriend, my s****r, and I had arranged a gangbang to celebrate the 4th so I invited Savannah and she squealed in joy.

So it was 1am on Tuesday night, well Wednesday by that point when Savannah showed up at my apartment. She was dressed kind of slutty and she said she couldn't wait until Thursday. She said she needed to get her first black cock then and if I wasn't going to help she would go find a black guy herself. I didn't want her to get in trouble. So I had her come in. I had her change out of her jeans and into a sexy leather mini skirt of mine. I told her to ditch her panties and bra as she wouldn't need them and told her that her tank top would work. I threw on my tight leather pants and my "swallows" t-shirt and quickly put some make-up on Savannah. I then picked out a pair of my 6 inch heels for both of us. Then we walked down the road to a bar frequented by black guys that I like to go to. Savannah couldn't believe some of the looks she got. So we ended up walking in at 2:15 in the morning just before closing time. There were two black guys in the bar and the bartender. I asked Savannah which one she thought was hot and then I went up to the other one and I asked him if he wanted to go out side and get a Blowjob. So we headed outside and as we passed Savannah I told her to go have some fun.

So when I walked back into the bar after blowing my guy, Savannah and the other guy had disappeared. I was worried about her but I didn't think I noticed anyone leaving while I was with the other guy. I had to make a quick stop in the bathroom to make sure my make-up was ok before I went looking for Savannah. When I opened the door there was Savannah sucking the other guy. I could not believe how hot Savannah looked with a BBC in her mouth. I stood there watching her a few minutes before he came in her mouth. I then closed the door except for a crack because I didn't want Savannah to see me watching her. He then had her bend over with her hands on the sink and then her lined up behind her to pop her BBC cherry. I remember watching her face in the mirror as he pushed his cock into her pussy and her eyes rolled back and she started moaning. I then figured I better distract the bartender. He asked me what the hell was going on. Since he was a cute black guy I asked him if I could persuade him to let my friend get screwed in the bathroom for a blowjob. So I got down on my knees and started going to town on him. After a minute I heard Savannah yell "I love Black Cock" loud enough for the whole bar to hear. It's a shame the bar was empty or she could have got more of it. As I was getting the bartender to cum I heard Savannah screaming stuff I couldn't make out. Then a minute later Savannah came out of the bathroom with messed up hair and make-up all giddy and bubble and she ran up and hugged me. The guy walked out and paid his tab and left. I fixed Savannah's make-up and we walked home as she told me how the was by far the best sex she had ever had an how great black guys must be and she was never going back to white guys. Then on the 4th Savannah joined my girlfriend, my s****r, and I as we had a gangbang with 10 BBC's and she loved every minute of it. She told me later that night that she went back to the bar on the 3rd and she blew 2 black guys and hooked up with 2 others. She blew one in his SUV and other in the ally outside. She hooked up with one in the bathroom again, and the other she went home with.

I couldn't believe it the daughter of kkk members and someone that herself was a racist when I met her was a Black Cock Slut now and I helped her become one. I so wish I could see how her parents would react if they saw what she did that night and the days later.

That was in July last year. Since then Savannah hasn't been with any white guys. She currently has a black boyfriend and she is 4 months pregnant with his baby. Savannah's parents still doesn't know that their little girl is a black cock slut. ... Continue»
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Sharing My Wife

After my first divorce, I married a very sexy and slutty woman named Isabel. She was (and still is) an extremely horny woman. When we married she had fucked over thirteen other men since she was f******n, she was divorced, had one son and had been unfaithful to her husband with more than one man. She used to tell me about her escapades and that would make very jealous but very horny at the same time. After some time, I got so hooked that I would ask her to tell me about her adventures while I licked her pussy and afterwards we would fuck like rabbits.

After she took a trip to her best friend’s wedding (where she fucked the best man and when she returned home told me all about it) we ended up having a whole week of fucking and sucking with a visiting friend of mine, named Humbert. We even double penetrated her pussy and both came at the same time in her. Both got to eat her creampies and got together many other times. I also shared Isabel with other guys for I truly love the feeling of penetrating a sweet wet pussy after other man has come in her.

Isabel and I parted ways for reasons that had nothing to do with our sexual practices. About a year later, I met this beautiful, petite, well endowed woman much younger than I. As it happened, she had this special attraction for older men and I did fall for her, so after eight months after we met we got married. Lucia (not her real name, of course), made me wait almost six month before she allowed me to have full sex with her. To my surprise, she turned about to be a virgin and kind of conservative and inexperienced in terms of sex, just the opposite of Isabel. Nevertheless we have been married for 10 years and I hope we will until death do us part.

For a few years I forgot all about my degenerate desires and dedicated myself to my wife and f****y. After some five years, when horniness got the best of me I got in contact with Isabel (still a gorgeous woman) and would travel to the city where she was living and enjoy some threesomes and cream pies with her. Of course, I made sure Lucia never found out about this for she would have divorced me.

After some years we have a couple of k**s and dedicated ourselves to our home, our jobs and our marriages. Our sex life, not being out of the ordinary, it was OK. Lucia has no problem whatsoever to reach orgasm, and I always make sure she gets one for feeling her coming is what usually triggers mine. After some time in our marriage I brought some sex toys (like vibrators and dildoes of different sizes and shapes) which she eventually accepted to use as part of our love making.

Still, more than one time I would find myself fantasizing on how it would be to make love to her after she fucked some one else. Some how I wanted to see her fuck while I just watched. Some times, during our love making I would conjure these thoughts and come in a matter of seconds.

At the beginning I did not say anything to her, but after a few years I brought the subject. It seems that I was not very tactful for she became very hurt and cried her eyes out. She simply though that I did not love her any more and that my suggesting was a trick for me either to dump her or to be free to fuck other women.

I had to ask for her forgiveness and assure her that it was just a harmless fantasy and the subject was dropped for a very long time. That did not mean that I gave up on my fantasy. I had taped a couple of videos of Isabel and Humbert fucking and her showing her cum filled pussy and I would frequently jerk off watching them. I would also rent porno flicks of women being fucked by more that one man, preferably those with the men coming inside the woman and would imagine it was my Lucia.

A real breakthrough came one night when we were alone watching a romantic movie about this tragic romance which had some semi explicit love making scenes. When we went to bed, Lucia asked me to make love to her and I noticed that she was quite wet. She told me that the love making scene in the movie made her horny. From then on I began to watch erotic movies with her. The very first were very romantic, but slowly I began to bring more explicit ones until one night I put a very explicit one. At the beginning she didn’t like the movie and was not very enthusiastic but as I began to stroke and caress her while we watched it she eventually got excited and ended up watching it with me. I made sure we had good sex that night.

After that, I began to combine the use of our toys with the movies. Once a week I would bring a nice porno flick, and while we watched it I would masturbate her with some of the dildos. I began search for movies showing the same woman have sex with one different man in every different scene. At the beginning she would question how a woman could fuck different men and not feel bad about it, but eventually ended up having a very nice orgasm.

The next movies I brought were of one woman having sex with two or more men in the same scene. I would masturbate her and tell her to imagine that it was she the one enjoying those studs. At first she gave me this strange look and asked me if that was what I wanted. As I felt that she was not ready for it I told her that it was just a fantasy to be enjoyed by both of us in the privacy of our bed. With that she let her guard down and we had a very nice love session.

From then on, once a week we would watch a porno movie, (I would make sure that it was of a woman having sex with more than one man) and as we watched it I would lie on her side and while masturbating her with one of the big dildos, I would whisper to her to imagine that it was some stud like the one in the movie doing to her what it was being done to the slut he was fucking and that I was waiting my turn to make love to her right after. She would become very aroused and would come very fast and very strong. After coming with the dildo she would ask me to please fuck her and I would immediately penetrate her and tell her how good her pussy felt wet and open just like if she had been fucked by some one else. As I came she would come again. At last I was getting near to what I wanted.

After some months of doing that I bought a thinner and softer dildo and began to double penetrate her pussy with it and my own dick. That she found to be extremely pleasurable and she would come very strong, so I began to use a thicker one each time we fucked until she was able to accommodate both my cock and a fairly thick dildo with any discomfort whatsoever. While double penetrating her I would ask her to close her eyes and to imagine it was me and some other guy doing her at the same time. She would have very strong orgasms but afterwards she would remind me that it was “just a fantasy”

Even though she would insist that it was only a fantasy, I knew better because she would get extremely horny during those occasions, so she was just one or two steps away from accepting a threesome as a possibility. That happened a few days later when I came home and she told me she had fucked someone else. I became very horny and asked her to give me all the details and then she became very serious and told me: “So it’s true, you really want me to do it”. I said: “yes, I love you and it would make me extremely horny to watch you have sex with some guy. I would lick your pussy for weeks just thinking that you have been nicely fucked by some one else”. “Why?” she asked me. I explained to her that my wish had nothing to do with any sexual inadequacy (I have e nice “seven incher” and I am not submissive in any manner), that before I met her I had sex with other women but she had never the chance to do the same with some guy; that I really loved her and it would excite me very much to share her beautiful pussy and then make love to her for a very long time. It turned out that she had not fucked with any one; she just wanted to find out if I really wanted her to do it. That conversation led us to a very hot lovemaking session and for me it was the final step before actually doing it. Finally, my conservative, demure, faithful wife was really considering the possibility of fucking some other guy.

I began to plan for a special vacation just for the two of us in some nice resort where we would not be known and where you can usually find a nice looking guy willing to be part of a threesome and fuck your wife in your presence. I didn’t tell Lucia of my plans but told her that we should take a short honeymoon trip just the two of us. I arranged with my s****r to take care of our two k**s for a week and of we went to a nice Caribbean island named Puerto Rico.

We spent the first three days on the beaches, exploring the city and its old Spanish forts and took a couple of nice trips to the mountains. Meanwhile, I began to search in the local newspapers and found an ad which read: “Sensuous massage to male, female and/or couples by good looking guy and7or girl. Hotel service”.

I called the phone number in the ad and spoke to a very well mannered guy whom I met later in the day. I told him that I wanted to give a special present to my wife and wanted some good looking guy to giver her a very sensuous massage and - if things went ok, to have sex with her. I made clear that it depended entirely on her and at the very moment she or me ask, he had to leave. I also wanted to be absolutely sure that he had no sexual transmittable disease (especially AIDS) and he immediately showed me his recent medical certificates to assure me that he was a completely healthy and d**g free. For me that was extremely important for my dear wife in on the pill and, if everything went all right I hoped he would ejaculate in her pussy so both she and I could enjoy a nice creampie.

The night before our last in the island, I woke her up with a scissor and shaving equipment in hand. I told her that I wanted to shave her pussy early in the morning for I wanted to go down on her in the night. After she was all shaved, I gave her a good licking while thinking that maybe in the night I would get to lick her again, but this time after she had been nicely fucked.

We spent the day in the hotel’s pool, had a nice romantic dinner and I made sure to make her drink a couple of glasses of wine, not to maker her d***k but for her to relax and lose her inhibitions.

I asked her to take a bubble bath while sipping another glass of wine. As she was in the bathroom, I called my guy and told him to be in y room in 45 minutes.

After she came from the tub, I dried her and gave her a very revealing and sexy negligee I bought for the occasion.

I took her to bed and began to caress her. As she was already hot and bothered, I told her that I as a gift for her a professional masseur was coming to give her a massage and afterwards we would have a long love making session. She got kind of scared, but I told her that I would be with her at all times and if she felt uncomfortable at some time, she only had to say and he would stop and leave.

As I said that, the masseur knocked on the door and I went to open the door. My dear Lucia turned off the lights and covered herself with a blanket. The masseur, in a very professional manner explained to her that he was to give her a relaxing massage, that I would be present at all times and he would stop at any time if she asked. <after turning on a night light to get the proper atmosphere, and in a very gentle manner, he asked her to lie facing the bed so he could massage her back. He brought a big towel and asked her to cover her buttocks with a towel, which she did.... Continue»
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My s****r, And Her Friends

So I've been masturbating ever since I can remember. I thought I was a sex freak, but it turns out it wasn't all that abnormal. This story takes place in the later 80's. I was living at home with my mom (ugh) and s****r Vickie. Of course, Vickie is hot. I wouldn't be writing about her if she was a skank. But she's not the real story, you'll see. It's going to be a slow beginning, but give it a shot...

I've just turned 18 years old. Dad moved out years ago, mom has let herself go to hell. She works at a doctor's office as an office manager, but usually only works till 3 pm so she can be home for us k**s. Whoopee. My s****r, Vickie, is 21 and we both attend the State College up the road a few miles. The rich k**s all went to the "University of XXXX" but we had to go here. It's kind of a drive-in college, some k**s are in dorms, but not us. It's pretty much like high school, meaning that it sucks.

My high school career was uneventful. I was geeky, gawky, bad skin, and painfully shy. Oh, and throw in skinny and short, also. I went to my senior prom, with an actual girl, but didn't even get to second base.

This past summer, I grew 4 inches (in height) and my muscles started filling in. My skin is mostly clear, but I'm still dreadfully shy. I'm very nice and respectful of women, and that's gotten me nowhere.

So Vickie and I have similar class schedules, we usually carpool to school except on Fridays. She has a late class and I get out early. I should mention my guy friends went to the university, sometimes Vickie's friends and I hang a little, but not very often.

So it's Friday. I like Fridays. I have the house to myself, it's about the only time. I just bought my first adult magazine called 'Velvet' which I'm dying to check out.

Remember, this is the 80's and we weren't rich. No internet yet. No VCR. No porn. No cell-phones. Jack-off material consists of Cosmopolitan magazines, Sears catalogs (full figured bra department) etc. So, not much.

My routine, since school started, is to go into my s****rs room, get naked, spread out my stuff, and then hump her bed like crazy. You see, her bed spread is some kind of fabric that is very soft and silky smooth. It feels fantastic on my cock. I pile up a few pillows under my chest (I pretend they are big tits) and when I'm ready to cum, I roll over and shoot my sperm all over my chest and stomach. I usually will grab one of her bras or bathing suits, too. I like to run my cock in the bra cups, imagining my cock touching tits... and yes, Vickie is a double-D so there's a lot of cup.

I'm always very careful, I put things away perfectly, don't make a mess or a wrinkle, nobody is the wiser.

So there I am, humping her satiny smooth spread, occasionally rubbing Vickie's D-cup bikini top on my cock, frantically turning the pages of the 'Velvet' magazine and some lesbians. Jesus it's a good day. No imagining what tits look like, I'm seeing some right here! I try to think what my s****r's tits look like.

That feeling starts up, from far away, it's getting closer and closer. Yep, it's time to turn over. Time to shoot my red-hot sperm all over my chest. To tell the truth, I have to be careful or it will hit my face or go onto the floor (yes, it's happened before).

I roll over, grab my cock in her bikini top, give two hard strokes, and here cums my beautiful orgasm...

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??!!!!" yells Vickie.

Holy shit! She's home early!! Oh Fuck!!!

"Uh, um..." I stammer as cum shoots out of my cock, I'm scrambling to get away, but cum is shooting out. It hits my face, goes on the bed... Vickie's hollering something at me and gets hit with a spurt...

I truly want to die of embarrassment. Yeah I know, you tough guys would be all over it ... "oh I'd fuck her right there". Well, I'm a sensitive guy, and this is my s****r, and this really embarrasses the shit out of me.

I run into my room and try to shut the door. Vickie is right there calling "Filthy pervert" and stuff and throws the magazine at me. She wants to know more about this.

"I was just... I was..."

"I know what you were "just" doing. Don't do it in my fucking room! And what are you doing with my bathing suit? You fucking pervert!"

She yells at me some more, I don't know what about. Slamming the door, she stomps off yelling "Wait till mom comes home." Mom, Jesus. She will make my life a living hell if she hears about this. Christ, I'm already dead.

Later, Mom is making dinner. Vickie knocks on the door and says to come set the table, my job that week. I tell her I'm not coming, I don't feel well. She says I better, or else. Plus, it's meatloaf. For all of Mom's faults, she makes a killer meatloaf.

I drag myself out to the kitchen, make nice with mom, and start setting the table. Vickie hip-checks me into the cabinets. Mom asks if i'm alright. Yeah, just tripped. She is prattling on about her stupid day at work. Vickie is behind Mom as Mom is at the stove. Mom, can't see her. Vickie makes the international sign for jacking off, thumb and fingers in a circle, stroking up and down, and points to Mom. She's hinting that I jack off to Mom.

I make this exaggerated face, like i'm disgusted, which I am. That's fucking gross. Hey, you may be into that, fine, I don't care. But if you saw her, you wouldn't be into MY Mom, either!

Anyway, Vickie nods her head at me, like "yes you do". She holds her hands in front of her, like she's holding enormous boobs, points to me like I want Mom's boobs. I shake my head, No!! Vickie then makes a peace-sign, puts it up to her mouth, and sticks her tongue in, like I'm "Eating at the Y" and points at Mom, as if that's what I want to do. I VIOLENTLY shake my head no. I'm also about dying as I'm trying not to laugh. Mom keeps talking while Vickie repeats a few of these motions, all the while mouthing the word 'Pervert" to me.

"Hey Mom", Vickie says. "Guess what I caught David doing today?"

Gulp. the fun just left the building.

"Oh, what was that, dear?"

"I came home early from school", Vickie continued. "And I found Davey boy in my room!"

Oh Jesus I'm so dead.

"He had completely vacuumed my room!"

What? I'm not dead! She didn't rat me out!

Later that night, she was getting ready to go out with her friends, Vanessa and Michele. We share a bathroom, it's called a "Jack and Jill" bathroom. The bathroom has two doors, one to each of our bedrooms. Vickie's in there and calls to me.

"Come here." I saunter in to the bathroom where she's fixing her hair. She looks awesome...

"Stay out of my stuff. And my room. Seriously. Or we will have a problem. Now get out."

Ok, fine.

Sunday night, we all went to our rooms after watching TV. I pull out my magazine and start humping my own sheets. They aren't satin, but they will do the trick. I guess I bump the headboard a little, which makes a rattle.

The phone rings. In our house, we have three extensions: Kitchen, Mom's room, and my room. Vickie has a separate line in her room.

I holler to Mom, "I GOT IT."


"Hey pervert."

It's my fucking s****r, calling me from her private line.

She continues, "What are you doing in there? I'm hearing noises through the wall..."

"Um, just reading my biology book"

"Yeah, right. Biology. Is it, uh, Lesbian biology?"

"No... it's um, plants, ya know. Stamens and pistils and stuff..."

"Right. So, pervert, you like looking at naked girls."

"Uh, well, I am a guy..." What the hell? We don't talk about stuff like this!!

"I'm guessing that since you had my bikini top wrapped around your cock, maybe you were thinking about something or someone in particular?"

I flushed with shame. I kept quiet.

"Were you thinking about my tits?"

I'm staying quiet.

"You were, weren't you. You were thinking about my big tits."


"Answer me... now!"

"... yes. Yes, I was thinking of what your big tits looked like... Sorry."

"Fucking pervert. Are you hard now? Answer me, don't fuck around"


"Stroke it."

"Whu... what?"

"You heard me, stroke your cock. Now."

"oh... ok..."

"Or maybe you should fuck your bed, like you were doing on my bed. Do that. Fuck your bed. Make some noise."

I start humping the bed, making the headboard hit the wall. I'm breathing heavily into the phone.

"Good boy. You like big tits, don't you... Big soft tits. Mmmm... I have big tits. They are double-D, you know."

"yes... I know..." I manage to grunt out. christ here comes the feeling

"Tell me. Do you want to see my tits? My soft tits... with hard nipples..."

Humping the bed... the build up is coming

"Tell me! Do you want to see my tits or not?"

"Jesus Vickie! Yes! Yes I want to see your tits!" And with that, I just barely rolled over in time to not cum in my own bed. Groaning, I shot spurt after spurt of steaming cum all over my stomach and chest.

"Good boy. Now don't move. Do NOT fucking move."

She hung up the phone. What the fuck?

The bathroom door clicks and opens. Vickie comes into my room with a box of kleenex for me.

"Wipe up your nasty self." She watches as I use seven or eight kleenexes to wipe the cum from everywhere, including the phone I was still holding. I didn't hide my cock or anything, which was a big step for me. i squeezed it from the base up, getting out the last drops. It didn't really go soft, either, as Vickie was in her hot-weather nightie.

That thing was fucking sheer. I stared at her barely concealed tits.

"That's enough. go to bed, pervert."


So we went to school on Monday as usual, never mentioning a word about anything. I jacked off like clockwork, three times a day. Sometimes I would rattle the headboard, Vickie would bang on the wall. I can NOT stop thinking about her talking to me about her tits, and standing there in her nightie.

Friday comes along. Driving home from college, I have mixed emotions. I'll be alone, which is good, but I can't go in Vickie's room. I have a feeling she will know If I've been in there. She'll set a thread trap or find a pubic hair or something...

I get home, Mom's at work (she works later on Friday's), and Vickie's home!

"Thought you had Economics Lab this afternoon?"

"Nah, professor was sick."

"Hmmm." I said.

"Yeah," she said. "Hmmm."

Awkward silence.

"Tell you what," she says. "Go to your room and put on your gym shorts."

I went to my room, wondering what the hell this meant.

"Come into my room when you're done", she hollers.

I amble in a minute later wearing my shorts and a t-shirt.

"You don't listen very well. I said gym shorts. Take that shirt off."

"Fine, jeez..."

I notice she has something in her hand, something chrome, metallic. It looks heavy.

"Lay down on the bed, your head on this pillow", she indicates.


"Left arm up to the headboard. Don't move."


Swiftly, deftly, she takes the metal from her hands. She clamps a handcuff on my left wrist. I yank my hand down, away from her.

"What the hell, Vickie? Handcuffs?"

"Shut up now. Just go with it."

Reluctantly, i let her cuff my left hand to the brass rail of the bed.

"Comfy?", she asks.

I nod in the affirmative. My left arm is resting on pillows, it's not bad, I guess. My right hand is free...

"Locked in?"

I pull on the cuff. It digs into my wrist a little. But I'm chained in, I can't get out.

"Alrighty then", she says. "Since you are such a pervert, but otherwise a good guy, I figure I should help you with your problem. Now then, take off your shorts."

I don't move for a moment. So she tells me again, firmer this time.

"Take them off, or you'll be very, very sorry"

Well I don't want to be sorry, sure enough. With my free right hand, I struggle out of the shorts. Have to do some gyrations, but they are off.

I'm naked on the bed. In front of my s****r.

"You know, your cock isn't half bad... for an asshole, that is."

"Uh... thanks?"

"Get it hard. Now. Stroke it. You're going to jerk off for me."

"Vickie, look, I'm sorry about the other day..."

"Stroke it now!" She grabs my hand and puts it on my cock! I start stroking it.

I stroke it for a bit... Nothing happens. I'm too nervous. I look at her with, I guess, a pathetic face.

"Oh... alright. Look all you want."

Vickie stands up, thrusting her chest out. She's got a hot blouse on. Reaching behind her, she un-does the buttons and takes it off. Now, she's standing in front of me in her designer jeans and black bra.

Something happens in my groin.

"Not so nervous now, are you?" She smiles at me.

Her cleavage is gorgeous. Bending over towards me, she pulls on her bra, showing more cleavage to me.

I'm fully fucking hard now, slowly stroking. Some pre-cum has arrived at the tip of my cock. I work it into my hand that is clamped down so very tight on my dick. Vickie continues to rub her bra-covered tits.

Staring into my eyes, she reaches behind her back... and unclasps her bra. I can barely breathe.

Vickie leans forward a bit, the straps falling from her shoulders. Cupping her breasts, the bra falls slightly away from her. But I can't see anything yet. She turns her back to me and throws the bra at me. I still haven't seen her tits yet.

"Use it," she commands. "Soil it."

As if I have no will of my own, I take her bra and fully sniff it... mmmmmmm... and then I rub my cock into the cups, streaking the inside of her bra with my pre-cum.

"Good boy", she says. "Now you're going to get just one minute. I suggest you make the most of it... Go!"

And with that, Vickie turns around and gives me a total and complete view of her spectacular tits. Double-Ds, as I've said before. She cups them, squeezes them, tit flesh spills out between her fingers. She mashes them, manipulates them, bounces them... holy fuck...

Tweaking her nipples, she reminds me... "15 seconds."

I'm stroking my cock so hard, my hand has a death grip on the bra cup surrounding my cock. Vickie takes her left tit in both hands... raises it to her face...

"Cum now for me..." she whispers.

Vickie extends her tongue and touches her nipple with it.

I just go fucking nuts. I didn't know that could happen! I'm convinced my orgasm may actually make it to the Guiness Book. Cum is flying all over me, her bra, the wall. long ropes of cum streak out from my cock. Jesus Christ it feels so good... exquisite. OMFG, as we say today.

"Look what you did to my bra," she sighs. It's a friggin mess, of course, cum in the one cup, cum on the outside of the other.

Vickie take the bra from my hands, giving me the 'tsk tsk' sound.

"Sorry..." I manage, surprised because for a while I couldn't even speak.

Vickie takes the bra and the semi clean cup and, get this, wipes it INTO the cum on my abdomen. Then, she puts the bra up to her tits!

"Mmm, warm... good boy." She clasps the bra back together.

"Going to hang out tonight with the girls, maybe I'll give them a whiff of you."

I don't know what to fucking say. She's wearing a bra with my cum in it's cups. My cum is on her tits. I know, you already figured that out. I just like saying it. My cum on her tits...

"Mom will be home soon", says Vick. "Get out of here and don't bother me anymore, creep."

She tosses me the handcuff key and walks to the bathroom.

Stunned, I wipe up with Kleenex. I go back to my room and try to figure this out. Vickie gives me pleasure, but she also seems to want to humiliate me to some extent. I'm feeling a little un-manly, like I'm just her toy. But then, so-fucking-what. This is a great day!!


It's next Friday. Things are normal between Vickie and me (Vickie and I?). Normal in the sense that we don't talk about what happened last Friday. Not a hint. I whack off all the time, with Vickie's tits front and center in my imagination. She bangs on the wall sometimes at night when she hears me masturbating. That just makes me do it more.

At the college, she catches up with me and says she needs a ride home with me. Usually she goes with one of her friends, but that friend, Vanessa, isn't here today and Vickie has no choice but to miss class in order to have a ride home.

So, if I'm not mistaken, we'll be home alone again on a Friday afternoon.

The ride home is a little awkward. I'm wondering if we're going to do anything or what. Vickie is just reading her Econ book.

"What are you doing this afternoon?" she asks out of the blue.

"Uh... no plans... why?"

"Don't you have some friends to hang with or something?"

"No, my buds went to school in the city, you know..."

"Well, why don't you get a girlfriend or something?"

Where's Vickie going with this? Sounds like she wants me to move along or something.

"Well, those things take time. I don't have anyone right now, you know that..."

She sighs.

Getting out of the car at home, she stops for a few moments. Then she tells me to be in her room in 30 minutes, exactly. And to bring my new Def Leppard record. And to not wear any fucking clothes. I just nod.

A long thirty minutes goes by.

I knock and enter her room. Vickie isn't there. There's a note on the bed with the handcuffs, it reads:

"Play Pour some sugar on me.

Play it loud.

Cuff your left hand to the bed.

Don't fuck this up."

Pour Some Sugar on Me, an awesome tune from Def Leppard. I guess she wants it on! this might be fun...

I crank it up good and loud, then quickly jump on her bed and clamp my left hand in. The song starts with an intro, and then the drums kick in strong.

In time with the drums entrance, Vickie pops out of the bathroom door wearing this freaky black leather teddy kind of a thing, g-string, high heels, leather wrist cuffs with metal studs, and finally, a leather choker collar also with studs.

Her hair is done up in full 80's 'Big Hair' mode. And she's got some outrageous Rocker chick makeup on.

Anyways, she comes flying into the bedroom, dancing around in perfect time with the music. She reminds me of the movie 'Flashdance' with all her crazy and sexy moves. Very soon, she yanks open her teddy, letting her tits spill out. As she gyrates around the room, her tits bounce and sway and drive me fucking crazy.

Finally, we're getting to the chorus, the "Pour some sugar on me" part. She kicks off her shoes and gets on the bed, and stands right over me. Her feet are like at my sides. I take my hand off my cock and start to feel her left calf. She glares at me and shakes her head 'no'. I re-grab my cock and she continues to gyrate above me.

What an awesome sight, her tits swaying above me... she leans forward against the wall, like she's being arrested or something. Those beautiful tits are in full hang mode. I'm stroking and stroking. I think I may need a bl**d transfusion because there's none left in my main body, it's all in my cock.

She lowers herself down onto me, her tits just out of reach of my face. She pushes my forehead back down into the pillows and laughs. Now she's sitting on my chest, straddling me. Her pussy is hiding in the G-string, but it's literally inches from me. i can smell her.

I try to move my arm to grab her ass, but it's clamped down by her leg. I can only grab my dick. So I keep stroking, but this can't go on for very long.

The chorus comes around again. Vickie yells over the music, "Cum now. Do it"

Then, she sings aloud with the chorus, "Pour some sugar on me" as she cups her breasts for me. She pulls them to her face and frantically licks her nipples, back and forth to each one... She repeats the chorus with the band a few more times.

I arch my back as my orgasm hits me full f***e. Huge spurt after huge spurt hits Vickie's back and ass cheeks. I jerk again with cum spasms, Vickie almost falls tits first into my face, but catches herself, dammit.
"Stay..." she commands. She gets up and turns the music down, then comes back and straddles me like she was before. She grinds her ass and cunt into my stomach and chest, grinding into the huge amount of my cum.

"Vickie..." I start. "I want to touch..."

"No!" she cuts me off. "You can't touch me. That's wrong and perverted!"

I'm surprised by the vehement rejection. I mean, she's grinding her cunt into my cum and chest, but I can't touch her. Oh well... my whole arm is locked in by her leg so I can't move it anyway.

Vickie then slides a hand into her G-string.

"Women need to masturbate, too, ya know... But I can't let you touch me... God I'm so wet... you can't... touch... me... " Vickie's panting now as she works her fingers into her cunt. I'm still hard, and am stroking again.

"This is so Wrong... so... wrong... " she whispers. "It's all wrong... your cum is on my ass. It's even here... on my pussy..." She continues to frig herself. I'm stroking, too, goddammit.

"And your cum was on my tits last week... mmm... my tits..." she grabs her left tit and pulls it up to her face...

"Look... I can suck my own tit... see?... mmmm... mmm...." Vickie makes smacking noises as she sucks hard on her nipple. i can't stand it anymore.

"I'm cumming again," I announce.

"Oh let me see!" She rises up on her haunches, her left hand supporting her while her right hand keeps fingering her cunt. She looks back between her hanging breasts, between her sweating thighs at my cock as it shoots almost as much sperm as it did five minutes ago.

"Yes!" she cries. "Yes... cum for me again..."

Vickie's own orgasm wracks her body. She momentarily forgets her purpose (that of me not touching her) and sags somewhat, then collapses on top of me. Her tits MASH into my face! I was watching the one closest to me the whole time, so when it came closer I was ready. I tilt my head back somewhat and open my mouth as she crumbles from her cum.

Her nipple, her beautiful, erect, left nipple, landed right in my mouth. Followed momentarily, of course, by the rest of her tit squishing into my face.

I sucked as hard as I could on her fucking tit. Jesus, the softness, the firmness, i was in heaven. My right hand, no longer pinned by her legs, reaches up and I grab her sperm-covered ass cheek and squeeze hard. Unfortunately, it takes much longer to write about this than it actually happened. In truth, I sucked for maybe three seconds until she snapped back to her senses.

"NO!" she yelled and rolled off to my right. I reached out with my free hand to try and stop her, but the handcuffs limit my reach and she runs to the bathroom.

A full 15 minutes goes by. I've cum twice and my cock is kind of tired. It's just looking at me as if to say "no more!", but I'm still thinking about all what happened and it stays semi-hard.

Vickie comes out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around her. The shower is on, she's waiting for it to warm up. She's been crying, I think. She rummages through her underwear drawer and gets some bits out. Goes to her closet and picks out a blouse and tight skirt.

Just before she goes back to the bathroom for her shower, she tosses me the handcuff keys.

"David... this is it. No more. okay?" Without waiting for me to answer, she shuts the door firmly.

I let myself out of the cuffs and her room.

This is the most awesome experience of my life! And yet, Vickie seems sad, so I'm also confused... maybe she's right, we shouldn't do this anymore...
I'm having a lot of trouble clearing my head from what went down yesterday afternoon (Friday). As you may recall, my s****r, Vickie, handcuffed me to her brass rail bed (for the second time in two weeks) and danced topless for me. I jacked off, twice, and she came once while sitting on my chest.

Then, for reasons unknown, she got seemingly angry and told me this will never happen again. Yeah, I know, 'mixed signals from a woman, who would've thought that'. Right?

I got my mouth on her tit for a couple seconds. But those were glorious seconds indeed. Today, Vickie is gone off with her girlfriends somewhere. I've got my college studies to do but am having a HELL of a time concentrating. I've jacked off three times and it's not even noon yet. Still, I can't think about Accounting 101 for more than a few minutes before I drift away in my mind to yesterday. It's a struggle.

Vickie is distant to me all week. Not mean, just not very engaging. I guess it was too much to expect for this to continue. It ain't right, after all.

Fridays, as you may recall, used to be my only alone time in the house. Except for brief store runs,Mom's home all the time on weekends. But then for two Fridays in a row, Vickie and I had some wild jackoff sessions.

Now today, Friday, I drive home from school by myself. Not sure where Vickie is going to be this afternoon. She says we're all done. I'll just whack a few times in my room, I guess. Fuck, this is pissing me off. She got me all revved up and leaves me high and dry.

Slamming my books on the kitchen table, I stomp into my room. At least I've got one porno mag to help me out.

But wait... there's a note on my bed!

"The girls and I are swimming at Aunt Betty's.

You should take a look, like you used to

with your binoculars in the tree.

(signed) V"

Like I used to? She knew about that? Aunt Betty lives next door, but she isn't our Aunt. She's the aunt of Michele, one of Vickie's best friends. Vanessa is her other best friend. When she says 'The girls' she means them. They've been a trio since forever.

My binoculars are there on my desk, I know I didn't leave them there! Hmmm, thanks s*s. I change into my gym shorts and a T-shirt. It's the end of September, but in our state it is still plenty hot.

I go out to the corner of our yard and try and climb the big oak there. It's not easy, I'm trying to be quiet and stealthy and not shake the tree so they'll notice. The girls have their radio playing, though, and they are about 30 yards away.

I find a spot in the tree where I can sit and, I hope, not be seen but still see them. I train my binoculars on my targets... bingo!

Vanessa. She's a little short, maybe 5-2 or so. Her f****y is from the Basque region of Spain. Those women tend to be stacked like brick shithouses, and passionate. Vanessa is no exception. She has humongous tits. H-cups. I didn't know this at the time, but I know this now. Anyway, H-cups. Go on the internet and look up some chick with H tits and you'll see what I'm talking about. She's the kind of girl that brings out the wolf in every man. Even gays. She's a bit thick of body, but man is she nice. Somewhat darker skin, black hair, nice teeth, pretty girl. Oh, and real big tits. Did I say that already?

Michele. To be honest, I've always had a crush on Michele. She's just so sweet, and kind, and her face is so beautiful... and her body fucking rocks, too. She's similar to my s****r except an inch or two taller. Brunette. The absolute best ass you've ever seen. Hardly anybody can not look at her as she goes by. And yet, she's always been so nice to me, but not in a patronizing way, she's genuinely sweet. Ahhh Michele...

The girls are splashing around in the pool, talking, laughing, etc. Finally, they get out. Ok man! They go to their lounge chairs and lay on their stomachs, all dripping wet. Please God...

And yes! After a couple moments, each girl reaches back and undoes her bikini top so they don't get a white line on their back. They are still on their stomachs, though. Sideage. It's like cleavage, only from the side. This is nice. This is what i used to see growing up.

They lay there for a few minutes, drying in the sun. Eventually, my s****r Vickie (remember, she has double-Ds) rises up off her lounge chair! Man, her tits look great in the binocs. She looks around for something... ah... the baby oil. Got to maximize the tan! The two girls laying down have their heads towards Aunt Betty's house. And I swear, Vickie looked over at my tree and gave a tiny wave. She knows I'm watching.

She undoes the top of the baby oil and goes to pour it on Vanessa's back. Instead of a tiny squirt of oil, it gushes out all over Vanessa! A couple screams and laughs, and Vickie is trying to clean it off of Vanessa. VAnessa has risen up on her elbows. Her tits are so fucking big, I'm not even close to seeing her nipple, though.

Vickie rubs the oil all over Vanessa's back, and even on her sides, and then EVEN on her side of her tits! Jesus christ! Vanessa doesn't even bat an eye. I can see Vanessa spread her legs a bit so Vickie can rub some oil into her legs. Vickie seems to spend a fair amount of time on Vanessa's inside thighs... That gets Vanessa to move! She extends her arms, rising up completely... Score one for me! I see nipple!! fucking huge areolas, too. Sweet! Vanessa settles back down on her chest on the lounge. Damn.

But Vickie seems to have a problem. There's still way too much oil on Vanessa's back. So she lays her body down right on top of Vanessa! She slips and slide in the oil, greasing up her entire front. My hard cock is now at the bursting point. It might just cum all by itself and never stop...

Vickie returns to her own chair and sits normally in it, facing the sun. She finishes the oiling job, making extra sure her tits are covered. She looks at my tree and smiles as she smashes her oiled-up tits together. She tweaks her nipples, getting them hard.

The music stops, the casette tape needs to be turned over but none of them want to do it. Michele wants someone to oil her back, but Vickie explains that all the oil is still spilled on Vanessa's back. Michele gives Vickie a fake mean look, then gets up off her lounge chair.

I'm dying in my tree. Here's Michele, completely topless, walking around like nothing! Her tits are just fantastic. The best ones I've ever seen! Well, not just at this point, but In my entire life. Instead of grinding onto Vanessa's back to get some baby oil, she's a bit more dainty about it. She kneels beside Vanessa and just leans her tits onto Vanessa's back. Yes, she's dipping her hot tits into steamy hot baby oil from a smoking girls naked back. Vanessa, I never knew you could be like this! She rubs the oil all over her front. She spends some time on her tits, but nothing like my slutty s****r did.

About ten minutes goes by. I'm just scoping out Michele's tits, which are true beauties. I go back and forth to Vickie's tits, and watch Vanessa's enormous side tits, also. I can't quite hear the conversations, but the two friends are looking at Vickie as she's telling some story. Once, she made the jack-off gesture. No, she wouldn't be telling them... would she? No... She dates lots of guys, she's certainly telling some story about some guy.

Then Vickie stands up and stretches her golden body. She's glistening in the sun. My erection is trying to climb over the fence, I tell it to sit tight, I'll jack you off in a few minutes. Vickie goes in the house. A couple minutes later I can hear her holler out "Hey, help me with the sandwiches." Reluctantly, Vanessa and Michele rise from their lounges. Now I get to see Vanessa's huge tits completely as she stands up and tries to get her bikini top on. She has some trouble getting it on over her big tits. Christ, they are monsters! They go inside to make the sandwiches.

Now I'm in a quandary. Are they done? Are they going to come back out? Should I just rub one out now and shoot cum all over the grass and the rose bushes? Why don't I have a camera with a zoom lens? I should really take up photography as a hobby...

"Whatcha doing up there, pervert?" asks Vickie. My darling s****r has done it again. They ran around the front and came in through the side gate without me hearing them. Caught me in the act. Only this time, she's not alone. Vanessa and Michele are with her.

They are all standing there with their hands on their hips, like they want an explanation. I'm completely red-faced, totally ashamed of my cock which I didn't realize was out of my shorts.

"Get down here, now!" Vickie commands. God she is such a bitch sometimes.

I mumble something about a biology project for school, afraid to look at Vanessa or Michele. Especially not Michele. She will think I'm some kind of low-life retard now.

"Come inside, buster!" Vickie grabs my arm and hauls me inside the house. I don't know what else to do.

"Ok," she whispers to me. "Just go with me on this. Trust me like you have before, you'll like this."

Ok, good. so there's a plan. I'm sure it involves embarrassing me somehow, though.

We go in her room. "Undress and lay on the bed. Both hands over your head this time." And she cuffs both my wrists through the brass rail. I can't get out at all. I'm very nervous, but also excited... my cock is hard...

Vickie calls out, "Ok girls! Come on in!"

And in walks Vanessa and Michele. They both gasp and utter some 'holy shits' and 'oh my gods' as they see me naked and handcuffed to the bed.

"I told you he was a pervert! I think it's only fair that you get a good look at him, since he got such a good look at you."

Vanessa is completely intrigued. She comes right over to the bed. "So uh... can I touch him?"

"Of course!" exclaims Vickie. "Although... he is naked. It's only fair that you show something if you're going to touch him. In fact, we should all at least take our tops off." Vickie yanks her top off, exposing her shiny tits.

Michele started to protest, saying that it's humiliating to me. Thank you, Michele. However she was quickly cut off by Vickie.

Vanessa lifted her bikini top up, exposing her huge-ass knockers. She grabbed my cock. Pre-cum came out of the tip instantly, dribbling on her fingers.

Vanessa took her sticky fingers and rubbed it into her right nipple.

"You want a taste?" she asked.

"Stop it, you're embarrassing him!" cried Michele. Damn right I'm embarrassed. But, at the same time, I almost got to suck on a huge tit...

"Maybe some other time, then" says Vanessa as she coerces her gigantic floppers back into her suit.

Vickie, having taken her top off a minute ago, looked at Michele and said, "Well, we're waiting!"

"Sorry sweetie, I'm not having any more part of this. You should let him go" And Michele left the room. My hero. My honey.

"Alright alright", says Vickie. "You girls go back to the pool and I'll catch up with you in a minute."

After they leave, my s****r turns to me and says, "Are you alright? I just wanted you to see the girls a little bit. Please don't be mad."

"I'm not mad. A little embarrassed. Plus I'm fucking dying to cum and I can't even jerk off!" I'm truly dying of blue balls.

Smirking, Vickie says "Spread your legs, Davey boy." She crawls onto the bed, comes up between my legs.

She then drags her fucking hanging tits onto my cock. Her rigid nipples sc**** my fucking dick and the main vein. Vickie sets her nipple right on the sweet spot of my cock.

Vickie looks me in the eye, and lowers her tits onto my thighs. She props herself up on her elbows. She works her tits around my cock. Her still oily tits. god they are so hot.

"My tits are going to jack you off... is that ok sweetie? Mmmm... such a good boy today... getting naked for my friends... seeing their tits... now you've got my tits wrapped around your cock... look at my nipples... I'm squeezing them for you... feel that titflesh on your cock.... yesssss... up and down... "

Do I have to say that I'm completely losing my mind right now? A glorious titfuck from my s****r...

"You sucked them the other day... just for a moment... after you did that I sucked them later... almost all night... sucking my own tits... Maybe you can suck them again..."

I lost it. Convulsions took me, I came and came and came, and came some more. Vickie took most of it on the underside of her chin, the cum splashing back onto her gorgeous fucking big tits. She giggled and laughed as I roared with pleasure.

She rises up off me, and proceeds to lick my cum off her tits. Sweet Jesus and Mary and everybody else...

She crawls up on me and puts her tits in my face.

"Suck Them", she says. "And rise your right leg up some. yeah, right there..."

I draw her nipple into my mouth. My s****rs nipple. I suck as much as I can, trying to get her whole tit in my mouth, which is impossible, of course. I can taste remnants of my cum, baby oil, her body sweat... ambrosia, baby. I m***** her hard nipple. Sucking for all I'm worth.

As I suck on her tit, she alternates them back and forth, motorboating me, and she humps my leg. I can feel her hot wetness on my right thigh as she violently humps my leg.

In 30 seconds, she cums. I can feel her body tremble as the spasms wrack her. Hot pussy juices coat my leg as she continues to slide up and down my thigh... Unfortunately she gets off me. I'm still handcuffed, of course, and can't stop her. She goes down and licks my thigh, the one with her cunt juices on it.

"Mmmm... you should taste this..."

"I would", I protest. "If you'd let me out!"

She dips a hand into her pussy for a moment. She withdraws it, her fingers coated with sticky stuff. She eyeballs me, and puts her sticky fingers to my lips, running them all around my mouth. I'm trying to suck on them, but she avoids that. Vickie gives me a gentle slap on my face.

"Naughty boy! You shouldn't be thinking of your s****r this way..."

Laughing, she dips her hand into her pussy again. Then she smears it all over my face.

"Say goodbye to the girls", she says, indicating her tits.

"Bye girls", I say. "I'll miss you both, deeply!"

Vickie puts her bikini back on, and covers up with a bathrobe, too. Carefully, she comes to unlock my cuffs. She knows she's on a bit of thin ice here. My cock is still rock hard, if she unlocks me I might just grab her...

She reaches across, and manages to unlock one of my bracelets. With lightning speed, she jumps away and jets out of the room.

I pick up the key and unlock the other bracelet. With nothing better to do, I wipe my face with my hand, scooping up some of her pussy juices that she laid on me. I firmly grip my cock, now sticky with her cunt juice. I furiously jack off, right in her bed. My mind is so full of sexual thoughts I can't think straight. Part of me wants revenge for the teasing, the not letting me touch. Part of me is exhilarated by what what has happened, too. Seeing Vanessa's humongous tits. Sucking Vickie's tits. Seeing Michele topless... Michele...

I had planned on opening Vickie's underwear drawer and cumming on all of her bras. Instead, I roll on my stomach and hump her satiny bedspread until I cum freestyle all over her bed. Passive/Aggressive behavior. I know that now, didn't know it then. I knew it was a pussy move though. Not something a man would do. I still had some growing up to do.


Mid-terms this week. Oddball schedules. Cramming sessions. But no sexual cramming, just book cramming. I'm trying to get my shit together. Even with all of this going on, I'm curious what's going to happen on Friday. The last few Fridays have been very interesting, to say the least. I still jack off 3-4 times a day. Do I even have to say that? You can just assume that unless stated otherwise.

Vickie and I are getting along famously. She's helping me with my finance course-work. Thankfully, she wears sweatshirts and no makeup. We don't talk about things like me tittyfucking her, or handcuffs, or anything. I slap her ass once in a while, she doesn't mind.

But something tells me not to push it. Is it her, or is it just me being a wimp?

Thursday night, Mom informs us that she's taking Friday off! Time for her annual Spring Cleaning! Never mind that it's fall and the leaves are changing.

Friday I have no classes because of mid-terms, but have to be up early to help mom in the garage. That goes til lunchtime. Vickie has been on the phone with one of her friends for the past hour. I'm pissed off because she's getting out of the nasty work and goofing off on the phone. Meanwhile I'm stuck with Mom and get to hear about the stupid nurses at her stupid office.

"Davey!" I hate it when Vickie calls me that. Sounds diminutive. "Want to make some money today?"

"Yeah sure", I reply. "Doing what?"

"Some yard work, over at the Aramendia's. If that's okay with you, Mom. They want to pay him $20 for the afternoon. I'll help you with the hall closet, Mom."

The Aramendia's. As in, Vanessa Aramendia. Vanessa of the H-cup.

Mom says it's fine, just be home for dinner.

I get our lawnmower and stuff it in the trunk of the Buick and drive the 4 blocks over to Vanessa's house.

Mrs. Aramendia meets me at the door. Now, we didn't have the term MILF in those days. But we should've. Mrs. A had even bigger tits than her daughter. And such pretty skin. Anyway, she proceeds to give me the instructions; mow the lawn, trim this hedge, leave those flowers alone etc. etc. Their boy, Danny, was weekending with their divorced Dad on a camping trip. I say hello to Vanessa, who's inside doing some chores.

Mowing the lawn. I actually like doing this. It's the****utic. The loud noise drowns out everything, you try and make the cuts straight, repetitive motions... it's soothing. After almost an hour, Im nearly finished with the lawn. Mrs. A flags me down.

"David, I have to run into town and cover the real estate office this afternoon. Now, do me a favor? Vanessa is on restriction. She's mouthed off to me just too many times. See that she doesn't leave the house?"

Yeah, no problem, I'll keep an eye on her.

Starting to trim the hedge now. I take off my shirt. I check myself out a little. I can actually see some improvement in my arms, some definition. That weight bench and bar is working! I do smell pretty fierce, though.

I head to the backyard to finish the job back there. Still haven't seen Vanessa since I said hi earlier. I have this fantasy about her waiting for me in the backyard. But, nothing.

Finally, I'm raking up the last of the leaves and putting them in the bin. Vanessa comes out the back door with a tray of something, i can't quite see. She waves me over. The sun is still out and it's quite warm. She's wearing a tube top and short-shorts. Jesus fucking hell.

She's brought out two cold bottles of Sam Adams and some potato chips and ranch dip. Still sweating, I drain half the beer in one series of gulps.

I burp an enormous belch, we both laugh. "Sorry! But thanks, that beer is so good right now."

We sit and chat about nothing for a few minutes, munching on the chips. Then she gets all semi-serious.

"David, we have some unfinished business."

I give her the 'whatchoo talking bout willis' look.

"Last week, after the pool. I wanted you to suck my tits. But Michele and then your s****r kicked me out of the room. I don't know what you and Vickie did after that, but I know it was something. That's not right. It was my time."

"Well..." I stammer. I'm so eloquent sometimes. "We uh... I mean Vickie and I didn't do any..."
"Bullshit!" responds Vanessa, cutting me off. "I smelled cum on her when she came back out. Now I want some of that." And she stood up, her tits towering over me.

I stood up too. With only a moment's hesitation, I grabbed her tube top and yanked it down. Her bountiful breasts sprang out. I stared for a few moments... transfixed...

"Uh... um... may I... touch..." Stammering again... Jesus Christ I have no balls whatsoever...

"Oh for heaven's sake" cried Vanessa. She grabbed my head and pulled my face right into her tits. Unlike with my s****r, though, my hands were free this time!

I turned into an octopus. Hands everywhere, all over her tits. Squeezing, kneading, testing, hefting. And i kissed and sucked and licked as much as I possibly could.

"Okay okay!" laughed Vanessa. "You can't do it all at once, let's go inside."

Hand in hand, we walked into her house and back to her bedroom.

"You gonna keep your jeans on, Tiger?" she asked. She wriggled out of her shorts. No underwear, of course. She has a rather abundant forest between her legs. Basque chicks.

"One rule. You can't fuck me. We... can't fuck."

I looked at her. "Well, we could actually, I mean I could..."

"I will kick you in the balls if you try it. I promise you that. Don't fuck me."

"Umm... ok... but why not?"

"Because I will kick you in the balls, that's why not." She reached between my legs and grabbed my ball sac. She squeezed ever so slightly. "You understand me, David?"

"Yeah yeah, I won't fuck you. Jeez..."

"Okay then." Vanessa laid down on her bed. Her tits splayed out to her sides. "Go get 'em, Tiger."

I pounced on the bed. A hand on each enormous tit, I played with them, pushed them around, squeezed them, tested their flexibility, pulled on her nipples. The whole time Vanessa is just going "yes, yes" or "more more". I pushed them up to her face. Her enormous jugs actually surround her face, framing it.

"Can you suck your own nipples?"

"Of course, love to! Help me do it, though." I grab a tit and position it to her mouth. Her soft lips envelop her hard nipple.

Now might be a good time to discuss her nipples. These motherfuckers rise almost an inch off the tit surface. They were surrounded by nearly saucer size aereolas. These had lots of micro-bumps on them. I spent a LOT of time with these tits that day.

"Switch", she called out. I moved the other one up to her and she gulped it down for me. By the way, this became my favorite turn-on of all time; a woman sucking her own breasts. Don't get me wrong, smaller breasts are fine. I've had many of them throughout my life and they're all wonderful. Some things are just... well different strokes and all that.

Vanessa released the slobbery nipple, then raised her eyebrows and said, "Want some?"

I bent down and slowly circled her nipple with my tongue, swirling around in Vanessa's saliva. She stuck her tongue out and when our tongues met, sparks flew. Giggling, we had a tongue fight over her nipple, kind of a 'king of the hill' thing.

I won the Battle of the Right Nipple, as it came to be called by historians. But I cheated. I clamped down with my teeth (she squeals loudly when I do that) and manhandled it away from Vanessa's hungry mouth and pulls it down her chest. Ah, I love the smell of sweaty tits in the afternoon. Smells like... victory.

Taking a slight break to relax my jaw, I ask Vanessa, "Why does your mother have you on restriction? Have you been bad?"

"What did you and Vickie do after we left your room, huh?"

"Oh ho! Not fair! I asked you first" And I pinch her nipple. I think I'm squeezing fairly hard.

"Is that all you've got?" ,she taunts.

I squeeze harder.

"Not telling."

I squeeze as hard as I can. I'm squeezing her nipple like a motherfucker.

"Yawn." she says.

Pissed now, I bite her tit. I just dive in and bite the fucker.

"Yow!!" She cries. "Okay okay!" and she rubs her nipple, trying to soothe it.

"Well?" I ask. And I grab her other monster tit and threaten to bite it also.

"Ok! I went into Mom's room this morning to ask her about today, what we're gonna do and stuff. Well, she was on her bed, masturbating with a dildo."

Holy shit, Mrs A likes the dildos! I start sucking on Vanessa's previously unbitten nipple. I put a little teeth on it, threatening her.

"I didn't say anything", Vanessa continues. "I just stood there quietly and watched her."

I have to ask. "Was she naked?"

"Yes, of course. She um... she likes to suck on her own tits like I do."

Christ I am really liking this story. The hot mom goes wild and gets caught.

I bite down on her nipple slightly, giving her more encouragement.

"So she cums. She's being real quiet, ya know. But she shakes and quivers a lot, arches her back and stuff. It's a good hard orgasm. Then she pulls out the dildo and shoves it into her mouth."

As I'm sucking her tit, my right hand moves down through the Black Forest. I find it very damp and moist in there. My fingers sink into her velvet folds of skin...

"Ooh... nice... thank you... So right when she's licking her cum off the top part of the dildo, I say something like 'Wow mom, I thought I was a total slut!' I was just k**ding, but she didn't take it very well and yelled and screamed and sent me to my room. I was there until you came today after lunch."

"You're such a pervert!" I tell her, jamming two fingers up her cunt. Why won't she let me fuck this cunt?

"Ok, your turn. What did you and vickie do after we left the room?"

"Well... I don't respond to pain like you do. Pleasure works better on me..."

Vanessa jumps up and pushes me back on the bed. she lays across my legs, her tits pressed into my thighs. She grabs my cock in her hand. Pre-cum is flowing out of the tip of my granite cock. She strokes a couple times. "Start talking."

"Well, I was very aroused by watching you girls at the pool. And then having your tits in my face..."

I stop talking. She strokes me some more and says "Go on."


Vanessa looks at me, then looks down at my cock. She tongues the main vein, starting from the base and works her way up to the tip. She's pushing a bow-wave of pre-cum. It pours onto my stomach. She slurps it up and swallows it. Grabbing my cock and raising it up a bit she licks the tip of my cock before engulfing it in her wet mouth.

She looks me in the eye. Releases my cock from her mouth. "Continue."

I can't fucking think for a moment. This is my first blow job, with my s****r's best friend with enormous tits, and I have to talk about a weird encounter with my own big-titted s****r?

Vanessa stops blowing me and looks at me.

"Well... we uh... Vickie came back in the room and jumped on top of me."

Vanessa starts going down on my cock, further this time.

"Her tits were all oily, you know. From when she rubbed them on your body." God that was a sight to see! I loved that part...

Vanessa is rhythmically going up and down my entire shaft of cock...

"She wrapped her tits around my cock. And she titfucked me until I came."

Vanessa released my cock again.

"Tell me, tell me about the cum."

"I shot so many loads of cum. Most went on her chin and dripped back down onto her tits and my cock. Vickie rubbed the cum on her tits, and sucked some of it in her mouth. Then she put her tits in my face."

Vanessa has me very close now. Recounting the story to her has got me hot, and her fucking mouth and tongue are killing me with pleasure.

"I loved it," I continue. "But I was a little disappointed. I wanted to cum in her mouth..."

Vanessa raised off my cock for a quick second.

"Cum in mine."

She clamped back down on my cock, more voracious than ever. Her mouth felt like a hot steam pressure cooker on my aching cock. She pressed her lips tighter around my shaft, I could fell her press her tongue more against me...

I exploded in her mouth. Great fucking gushes of cum charged through my penis and emptied into her mouth. Again, Again, and some more... again...

Vanessa never once opened her mouth, or allowed any to seep out. She swallowed it all down. She licks my cock up, cleaning it of all cum.

I am lost in never-never land. I'm emotionally and physically drained. And my cum reservoir is drained, also. I'm just muttering "oh my god" and am not sure where I even am. Panting and sweating, I just lay there like a rag doll.

Vanessa snuggles up and kisses me on the lips. Gently, tenderly, warmly. I can taste a little cum in there but so fucking what.

"Did you like that?" Vanessa whispers.

I nod my head and whisper "yes... yes... yes..."

"Just rest a little."

I actually fall asl**p for about 20 minutes. The yardwork, the beer, the awesome blowjob just knocked me out.

Unfortunately, the phone rings. It's Vickie, my s****r, wondering when I'm coming home.

"He's resting right now," I hear Vanessa respond. "Yep... very tired... Yes he did a lot of work... no he's not quite finished... I need another chore done... yeah that one... Yeah within an hour." she hangs up the phone.

"Hey big boy, they want you back at the ranch soon, wake up."

I'm somewhat rested, feeling a little perky, even.

"What else do you want to do before you go home?"

"Um... no fucking, right?"


"Can I... should I lick your pussy?"

"Nope, can't do that either. Ball kick."

Well fuck me! I've got a fucking playground here but half of it's closed!

"Damn you're pissing me off, woman!" And I lightly slap her tit closest to me.

I'm amazed at the response to that little tit slap.

"Ooooo..." moans Vanessa, sharply intaking a breath and arching her back.

What the fuck? She liked that little slap. And the fake anger. Maybe let's do that again.

"Yeah" ... little tit slap... "I'm kinda pissed at you" ... little slap on the other tit...

"Won't let me fuck you" slightly harder slap "Won't let me lick you" ... even firmer slap... these are making a nice little noise, too. Her fucking tits jiggle like crazy with each slap. She likes it rough, the little minx. I totally wing it, trying to be a tough guy.

"Stand up," I command. I grab her by the hair and roughly push her back against the wall. I squeeze her mouth in my hands.

"Yeah you swallowed my cum down. But you won't fuck me, will you."

"No fucking," but her eyes are glistening with passion, and fear. She's loving this.

I step it up a notch. As she's standing up, I slap her tits so that I hit both tits in one slap.

She whimpers a bit.

Slap.... whimper... Slap... whimper... Slap... she's almost crying now, head down, looking at the floor, sniffling a little.

I lift her head up, I tilt my head towards her, a questioning look on my face.

"Don't... don't stop... " SLAP on her tits "don't stop... I've been bad today..."

Tears leak out of her eyes. She stares at me. Defiant.

"And you still can't fuck me."

"You BITCH!" I holler and throw her back down on the bed, face down. I haul off and spank her ass so fucking hard. Red marks immediately appear on her ass cheeks as they suffer under my un-ending attack. I'm not mad at her, but some of my anger at Vickie is apparently rising to the surface.

I slow down the spanking. She doesn't know when the next one is coming. Each spank produces more crying. I lift her up by her stomach, so she's on her knees sticking her ass up in the air. Her cunt glistens in the light. I spank her cunt.

SLAP! ... she screams...

SLAP! ... she screams again...

SLAP! ... she moans...

I grab her pussy... sinking three fingers deep into her cunt... she moans as I multi-finger fuck her vagina.

I push her so that she rolls onto her back. Her cheeks streaked with tears. I roughly spread her legs and return my hand to her wet and sloppy fucking pussy. The webbing of my hand and my thumb happen to be massaging her clit. (I didn't know this was important at the time, just got lucky.)

I lean down and kiss Vanessa gently. She passionately responds, gripping my hand with her thighs, humping my poor defenseless hand. Her tongue flies into my mouth and we frantically french kiss.

"David" she whispers. "David... thank you... i needed this... make me cum... don't stop..."

I rise off her and with my right hand still fucking her, I slap her tits some more. She crosses her arms under her tits, framing them, cradling them for me.

"You Cock-tease!"


SLAP! on her fucking tits

"You watched your Mom!"



"You want to suck her tits!"



"You want to eat your mom's cunt!"



"Yes you do! Say it!"






Vanessa just about breaks my wrist as she jerks with her orgasm. She screams "FUCK FUCK" over and over as she trembles and shakes with the cumming waves. My hand feels like it's in a boiling vat of lava. I slap her tits a little more, which seems to send her over the edge again.

Finally, I pull my hand out of her cunt. It's so fucking wet and juicy... I climb on top of Vanessa's tits and jerk off quickly, it only takes a few strokes.

Vanessa gratefully opens her mouth and takes all my cum in her mouth. She swallows hungrily, then sucks my cock some more to get all of it out. She still has tears in her eyes. Maybe I went to far.

"uh..." I begin. "Sorry about the spanking... you alright?"

"Fine fine! I'm crying because this was the most amazing experience i've ever had! And we didn't even fuck!"

"We still could" I say as I start spreading her legs.

"No no! Vickie told..." she stops talking.

"Vickie told you what?"

"She just said i couldn't, that's all. My mom's going to be home any minute, you've gotta go."

Vickie told her she couldn't fuck me. So Vickie decides who I can fuck and who I can't? What kind of game is this? I'm just a pawn in some kind of shit...

"Yeah, well..." I rub my pussy-juice coated hand in her face. And I slap her pretty hard. "Thanks for everything."

I get up to leave and start dressing.

"Wait, don't go away mad! This was fantastic! You are fantastic! You are so much more than you even know! Dear God you're a better lover than the 112 guys I've had so far!!"

Well, she got me with that one.

"Ok Nessa," I say. "I'm sorry to take it out on you. Your cock-sucking is fabulous, and I really enjoyed you. I'm just mad at Vickie, i guess."

She kisses me, gently, lovingly, and presses her body against in a wonder-hug.

"Don't be so hard on her. She wants what's best for you. Without her... um... 'help'... do you think you'd have gotten two blowjobs today? Spanked a pretty girls tits? Think about it..."

I kiss her with all the passion I've got. Gently caressing her face... gently slipping my tongue between her lips...

"I'm sorry, Nessie."

We break off.

"See you soon, I hope."

"Oh, you will sweetie," she replies. "You will."

As I'm getting my implements of yard destruction into my car, Vanessa's Mom drives in the driveway. Shoot man, we had 7 minutes to spare. Not even close.

"Hey Mrs. 'A'!"

"I'm so glad I caught you," she exclaims as she gets out of her car. "I wanted to pay you your $20. And I see you did a great job... did Vanessa go anywhere?"

"No ma'am. She's right here. Say... is that a new dress? You look fabulous!"

"Oh!" she cries. She's flustered. I've flustered a 40 year old woman... "Matter of fact, it is new! It's not too flashy is it?" She poses slightly.

Her dress looks fantastic, it accentuates her massive tits even more than before!

"Mrs. A," I start. "You look great in that. It really shows off your... figure... very nicely"

Mrs. A actually blushes as I continue to stare at her. I don't know what's come over me, I usually can't muster up the courage to even look adults in the eye, let alone openly leer at hot adult ladies.

"Well... yes... I agree!" she laughs. She fumbles in her purse.

"Ok... um... Davey... here's your twenty, but wait... here's another twenty for doing such fine work!"

I bypass the twenties and go straight in for the hug.

"Mrs. A! You didn't have to do that!"

I give her a bear hug, and pick her up off her feet. Despite her H+ tits, she only weighs about 110 or so. I spin her around quickly and set her back down.

"Oh!" she exclaims, trying to fix her hair and such. "Well... yes... thank you, I mean... well I'm going inside now..."

I stuff the twenties in my pocket. I see Nessa in the window, she's seen and heard all this. She gives me the big thumbs up and ducks back behind the curtains.

I drive home. It's been a good day. A very good day. i don't even hate Vickie right now. Whatever she's doing, it's working.
---Friday, after the titslapping and cocksucking adventures at Vanessa's house.

I guess I drove home from Vanessa's house. I might've floated. The afternoon seems like a dream... I m*****ed Vanessa's gigantic tits, came in her mouth... twice! And spanked her pretty fucking good. And not just a regular ass spanking, I spanked and slapped her tits, and she loved it!

She wouldn't let me fuck her, or lick her pussy, either. I could have f***ed the issue, but she did threaten to kick my balls. These instructions not to fuck me came from Vickie, my s****r.

I don't know what to think about her right now. I mean, yeah, she's apparently trying to make a man out of me, which I appreciate, but she's also doing this dominant thing on me and I'm not liking it so much.

When I got home, Mom made me dinner, I showered and went back up to the college to hang with a couple guys from my accounting class in their dorm room . We're just barely friends, but it's better than hanging with Mom. Vickie was out on a date.

The dorm was pretty cool, wish I was setup like that. Well, maybe. I mean you have a lot of freedom, but you also have a roommate who may or may not be a douchebag. Anyway, we hung with a few gals, too. One gal, Cheryl, was showing a bit of interest in me, but Chad (my new buddy) was interested in her so I distanced myself from her. b*o's before ho's and all that. Only, we didn't say this back then. Plus, she seemed really excited about accounting. I fucking hate accounting but I have to take it. Who gets excited about accounting?

I got home pretty late. Vickie was home but her door was locked. Yes, I checked. But she forgot to lock the door from our adjoining bathroom. I tiptoed in... I could hear her lightly snoring and could smell the booze and cigarettes on her. Form the glow of her clock radio, I could see about half a boob peeking from her flannel pajamas. She was sl**ping hard on her back.

You've all seen 'a****l House', right? Pinto is looking at the passed out chick, and an angel and devil appear on each shoulder, each with conflicting advice as to his next course of action. I had a similar experience for a few moments, but then a third guy showed up; we'll call him the Flim-Flam man. Flim was like, yeah, you could jump her bones and get it over with. But wouldn't it be much better to do something to pay her back for all the humiliation she's caused me? Do something with some style? Do it when she's sober so she'll remember it forever? I asked Flim what the plan he was, he said he was working on it. Alright, no Grand Scheme tonight then.

But, I couldn't just walk away. I had a semi going and it seemed like a good time to at least leave her a message of 'hey, you don't know what's coming next'.

I reached over and carefully unbuttoned another button, then another. Her breathing didn't change. I unbuttoned the last one, and gently opened her flannel top, exposing her breasts. God damn they were nice. And I sucked them last week. Yes I did, sucked them good. And she jacked my cock off with them, with her beautiful tits... and she likes to suck them, too... and so does Vanessa... Nessa and I had a tongue fight on her big fucking nipples... the nipples that I slapped and spanked and squeezed and bit and sucked hard and kissed gently... and I saw Michele's gorgeous tits, too... and Nessa's hairy cunt...and I made Nessa cum so hard she cried some tears of joy... what a freaky bitch, that Vanessa... and she watches her mom suck dildos with her mom's cunt juices on it... and I f***ed her to say she wanted to eat out her mom...

Jesus fucking Christ... I leaned on the bed and shot load after load of hot cum on my s****r's tits... three shots... four shots... stroke stroke fucking faster... five shots... any more? Nah, just drips on her sheets...

That will be something nice for her to wake up to!


I woke up Saturday around 11:00. Didn't hear anything in the house. Rolled on my stomach and humped the sheets for a few moments, thinking of Vanessa watching her naked mom masturbate... rolled on my back and came all on my chest and stomach. Ahhh...

Vickie was still asl**p... too bad! I wanted to catch her reaction to the dried cum on her tits and jammies.

Even though we just had mid-terms, the year ain't over and we have this big, stupid biology project due at the end of the year. I gotta go to the campus library and use some of the reference books, no Interwebz back in '87!

I go to the second floor of the library where all the reference books are. There's almost nobody in the library. Most people are taking the weekend off after the Mid-terms, it seems. Coming up the stairs, I see a gal wave to me.

She's got dark, shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail... but a few of the front strands are hanging down, framing her luscious face. The face of an Angel. The face of one of my s****r's best friends, Michele.

In my s****r's latest little torment/game, she had me handcuffed to the bed, naked with an erection, and brought in Vanessa and Michele to tease me. My embarrassment was supreme. However, Michele could see this and pretty much put an end to it and got everyone out. The fact that Vickie came back and titfucked my cock was nice (ok, it was fucking awesome!), but still, embarrassment stings.

I muster up some courage and saunter over.

"David!" she whispers. "What are you doing here? Trying to graduate early?"

"Ha, yeah definitely," I whisper back. "Got that freshman bio project, ya know? Need to tun in the next progress item..."

"Ah yes, Professor Digby's famous project. How long will you be here?"

"I dunno... couple hours at least, I guess..."

"Good, me too. Um..." She was thinking hard about something. "I need to concentrate and so do you, but come talk to me when you're done, okay? It's uh... it's important... to me..."

"Yeah, sure. I'm gonna go spread my shit, uh, stuff over in the science section. See ya..."

Now what was that all about? What important stuff does she have to talk to me about?

I struggle to concentrate and study my shit. I'm supposed to be making notecards in order to write my big paper. I thought I would get 30-40 done today. After 2 hours, I've got 5. I cannot fucking concentrate.

I gather up my books and papers and shuffle over to Michele to see what's so important. It's quiet in the library, of course, but the nearest person is about 100 feet away. She invites me to sit down; she's on the end of the table so I sit 90 degrees to her on the side.

"David," she begins, her voice barely above a whisper. "I just wanted to make sure you're doing okay, and to tell you that I am really, Really sorry about the other day in Vickie's room."

I blush. God I hate it when that happens but I can't help it.

"Apology accepted. Thanks." And I start to get back up.

"No, wait!" she whispers.

"Look," I say, raising my voice. "I know she's got you all in on some grand plan..."

"Shhhhhhhh!!!" The obnoxious mouse girl 100 feet away is pissed.

"I know", I begin again, whispering. "Vickie's got you guys all teasing me..."

"No," protests Michele. "It's not like that. Vickie does want you to... grow up to be a man... we all want to help you, David... Vanessa and I love Vickie like a s****r and she, Vick, adores you..."

"She adores me so much she has to tease and embarrass me, and set me up with Vanessa but puts out strict rules on what I can and can't do. That's bullshit. That's not love, or kindness, it's just her being a bitch and I'm not taking it anymore."

Michele bows her head. "I don't agree with her methods. I thought we could just talk with you, tell you some stuff, give you help with girls and how to talk with them. You're such a great guy but you are so painfully shy... correction... you WERE so shy... you don't seem so shy any more."

"Yeah, well that's because I'm pissed. I'm not some plaything..."

"No of course you aren't. The issue is... Vickie is the most sexual person I've ever met, or heard about, or read about. So she has great intentions, but the she struggles with this... this sex-devil inside her. She has taught Vanessa and I so much about sex... but she doesn't know that much about life. That's kind of my area, so I'm trying to help her come to terms with this."

"Sex-Devil?" I ask. What the fuck?

"Well that's what we call it. She just gets overwhelmed with sex thoughts and, well sometimes there's no stopping her. The thing is, you seem to have a similar sex drive, but you've been repressed so long you don't know how to let it out. It's mostly your mom's fault, and Vickie's too. Since you were young, you grew up with kind of bitchy chicks. You learned to only respect women, you never learned that your own wants and needs are important. You don't have to subordinate your feelings for a woman's sake. Or for society's sake. But you're making great strides... I talked to Vanessa last night..."

I couldn't help but grin at that. Vanessa. Mmmmmm. Vanessa... "She told you... everything?"

Michele looked around the room, nobody was paying attention to us. She lightly slapped her own tits a couple times and whispered "more... more..." She grinned.

"So, basically, David, I mean... holy shit!"

"Shhhhhh!" hushed the brainiac.

"Shhh yourself!!" I replied.

"So... you're not, like, disgusted or anything about me?"

"Gosh no," replied Michele. "I'm impressed as hell!"

"I haven't spoken to Vickie about that yet, she was passed out when I got home."

"I don't think she knows. Vanessa went with her mom to visit their Gran."

"Wonder what she'll say. You know, Vickie wouldn't let Vanessa fuck me. Oh shit, I mean, um, make love..."

"You can say anything you want David, I'm very far from being a prude! But... Vickie wants to be your first...

"But she keeps telling me it's wrong, then she handcuffs me... jacks me off... and calls me pervert..."

"Yeah, I know... like I said, I don't really agree with her methods. But look at the results. You're walking tall, you've got confidence in your step, you're talking to me for, like, the first time ever and you are looking me in the eye. You never, ever did that before."

"I know. I feel really good about myself. But I want this humiliation shit to stop. I've been afraid to stop it, though, because... because...well..."

"Go ahead, say what you need to say, David."

"Alright fine. Because I feel like a fucking sex monster and I need to... I need to get fucked. And I've watched... I've watched Vickie for so long and I... I really want to fuck her and make her cum a million times... and she's jacking me off now and that's fantastic and I don't want it to end..."

Michele put her hand on mine.

"David, she loves you. I don't mean romantically. I mean she has deep love for you that will never go away. There's almost nothing you could do to make her stop loving you. She's your s****r. You feel the same way about her. That's fine!"

"Thank you, Michele. I've needed to talk about this. But there's nobody who could even begin to understand..."

"I know, David. I know."

"In spite of all her good intentions, I still want to get back at her. Some way good. I uh... I jacked off on her in her sl**p last night. But that's not exactly revenge."

Michele giggled. "No, not exactly! I'll tell you a secret, though. My dad's a cop, you know. He's got handcuffs in the house. Vickie didn't want to use those cuffs. She and I went to the magician's shop downtown to buy those handcuffs she uses on you..."

"Huh? you mean..."

"Yeah. They are trick handcuffs. There's a button on there to press and they release."

Very interesting...

"Say, uh, Michele... do you think I could borrow a set of your REAL handcuffs?"

"No problem at all, sweetie. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yeah, turnabout is fair play! I'll talk her into cuffing her with her handcuffs that she thinks are trick, but they'll be real ones, instead. Then... holy shit..." My mind filled with dark thoughts.

"Ok, Michele. Will you help me with one last thing?"

"Sure! Anything!"

"I think... I think I kind of understand how to... fuck. I've been practicing for years, ya know? But... um... I want to... I want to lick her and make her cum. And I want it to be great and I don't want to fumble around and mess up..."

"David, you are such a good guy. I would love to give you some tips... um... you mean now?"

"Yeah, if you don't mind. Vickie's going down soon, and I want to be ready."

"Ok. Um eating pussy. Well, every woman and every situation is different, of course. It's not like a cock where you just rub it and cum flies out. But a good way is to start slow... Don't just dive headlong into her puss and start chomping. Assuming you've done other foreplay, start with her stomach. You can trail your tongue downwards... slowly... get closer... then divert at the last moment and go down one of her thighs. Then switch over to her other thigh and go back up. One thing I like, is to look me in the eye once in awhile while you're doing this. That lets me know that you're into this. And it's very sexy.

"So back to the pelvis... you know, mix it up a bit, kiss her here, there, so she doesn't know where you're going, exactly. The teasing is part of the build-up. But then, you're there. Some guys make the mistake of diving for the clitoris and just beating it up. For a great orgasm, you've got to involve the whole pussy."

"Ok," I interrupted. "And the clitoris is, where, exactly?"

"It's up in the folds... um... I can't really show you here... oh! Duh! We're in a library!"

We get up and she leads me to the section with the medical books. We find Gray's Anatomy. Nobody can see us back here in the racks, we're further away from the studying bitch. We flip through the pages... there it is. The vagina, in all of it's clinical glory. Great diagrams. Michele sets the book on a shelf at the end of the rack.

"So, here it is. Except, your s****r shaves her pubic hair."

"Uh, really? Why? And uh, how do you know?"

"I just know. I told you, she's brought Vanessa's and my own sexuality up several notches...

"Anyway. This shows it all closed up, that's pretty much how it looks normally. Start here at the bottom, and lick slowly... slowly up... don't press to hard, you're just licking the outside right now..."

"Don't I want to stick my tongue in there?"

"Patience, young man! It's not about your enjoyment, it's about hers. This is all about her.

"Keep licking up to the top. See this area? the clitoris is under this bit of skin. So you're just licking the outside for now. Do this a few times, whatever you feel. 3 times. 10 times. Mix it up. Lick up and then lick back down. Then, finally, press harder with tongue, right down here, just up from the base. Separate her pussy lips. The heat you will feel from this is incredible."

I looked at Michele with a sideways glance. She's done this before. She's eaten pussy. Most likely, she's eaten Vickie's pussy.

"'Scuse me for a second," I tell her. I reach into my pants and adjust my raging cock. It's getting hard, but it's pointed downhill. That won't work for me. It's also a bit juicy with some pre-cum on it. I pull out my hand, which has some pre-cum on my palm. Michele sees it. I lick it up. "Ok, sorry, all better." I move closer and am now pressing against Michele a little as I try and investigate the diagrams of cunts. My hand just naturally rested on her hip. Right on her pantline. She turned slightly, then went back to the book. My thumb and forefinger are now resting on her bare skin, beneath her sweater.

"So, um. Holy shit. I mean, uh... now, she'll be getting pretty warmed up. You'll be tasting her juices. Have you... did you get to taste?" I slide my hand up her back a little. her skin is so soft and warm...

"Yeah. Vickie put her fingers on my lips with her juices. And I got some of Vanessa's too. It was kind of weird, but interesting, too."

"Well, you'll be drenched in it. And, this is the moment of truth. She'll know if you don't like it or are grossed out by it. And there won't be any cumming if you pull back and say 'How was that?' Stay in there. Tough it out. It's an acquired taste. You'll learn to like it. You'll learn to love it. Then you'll crave it."

"I'm already craving it..."

"Yeah, I can see that... So now... just go exploring in there. Push your tongue in as far as you can go. Get your hands involved, too. Spread her legs, spread her lips. Work your way up here..."

"The mysterious clit."

"Right. the magic button. The man in the boat. Sometimes direct contact with it can be fantastic, sometimes it an actually hurt the gal. You'll have to see. It's okay if it hurts her for a moment, just change tactics. It's not the end of the world. Lick around the top, lick all the skin... everywhere... the exploring is the fun part. Take your time." My hand has now slid down to her ass. I'm cupping her goddamn ass cheeks. My cock is pressing against her thigh as as she stands slightly in front me, pointing to the pussies in the book.

"At some point, though, you need to get down to work. Um... what works with me... is... oh god I didn't think I would do this!" She blushes to a beet red.

"So you get the idea, David... I'll see you..."

"Whoa no!"

From across the room, I get "SHHHHHuuush"-ed again.

I push Michele's back against the stacks of books. My hands are around her waist.

"Finish it. What works for you."

I lean into her, my cock pressing right against her crotch.

"If you take... two fingers..."

"Yes... two fingers..." I plant the tiniest of kisses on her neck. Working my way all around.

"Right... um massage the pussy with them..."

"You mean, massage your pussy, right? Not the pussy. We're talking about what works for you." I continue to kiss her neck. Her breathing quickens

"yes..." she whispers. "My pussy... coat your fingers with her juices. I mean, my juices. Slide up inside me... fuck me with your fingers... at the same time, you're still licking me up a little higher, around my clitoris and... oh god David..." she moans as my cock-filled jeans press hard into her crotch and rub up and down.

"Keep going, Michele. Tell me how to eat your cunt," She's actually panting a little bit.

"Um... haha!... so yeah... get a rhythm going, but you can speed it up and slow it down, too. And don't forget to look up at me once in a while."

I pull away from her a little bit, and I look directly into her eyes.

"Yes... like that..."

I keep staring into her eyes. My hand slides down... inside her sweatpants... and panties... and I find a very hot and very wet spot. I massage the lips. "Keep going..."

"David... don't... um... I don't mean that... just..."

"Keep talking, tell me how to make you cum."

"Um... you can shout out some things yourself while you're doing this, let me know you're enjoying this... mash your tongue onto my clit... and kind of pulse it in time with your hand strokes... keep doing that... keep doing that... yes... David!"

"SSSSHHHHHH!" from the peanut gallery. God these people should read a book or something.

I plant my lips full on her mouth so she'll quiet down. My middle finger is up her pussy hole a little bit, (Hey, her pants and panties are still on. We're in a library for crying out loud! Keep it down!) and my palm is pressing into her clitoris. I'm rubbing firmly, creating a rhythm, pulsing on her clit...
"I want to eat you up." I kiss her more.

She's melting, I have to help hold her up with my other arm.

"I'm going to fuck my s****r, first, Michele" I shove my tongue in her mouth and grip her pussy hard and shake it.

"Then I'm coming for you." I try and cram all four fingers into her pussy. They all make it in.

Michele makes this indescribably lovely face.

"I'm coming to fuck you, Michele."

She stiffens, sharply intakes a breath, grimaces, then release her breath in little explosive gasps. She's desperately trying not to scream. It sort of works. My fingers are soaked with her cum. She's trembling, and buries her head on my shoulder and chest for a moment. She comes back to life and kisses me, passionately, then sweetly and gently.

"I think," she begins, whispering. "I think you're going to do just fine, David. Fuck Vickie. Please. Fuck her good and hard. Then keep your promise. Come and get me..."

We smile for a few moments.

"Hey, what about you? Here let me do something..."

"No," I stop her. "I need all that for Vickie. She's going to get exploded upon!"

I follow her to her house and pick up the cuffs, the real ones. Her folks are there and I just act like I'm picking up a book for my s****r.

"Go get her," she whispers in my ear as she gives me a hug. "Show her who's boss."

- - -

Sunday, I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out when I can launch a surprise attack on Vickie. My balls are so blue they are actually singing the blues... She had a date last night again. I fell asl**p. Mom's around all effing day. Guess I'll have to wait until Friday and tell her she can't go to class or something...

Whatever. I'm working on my Bio project again. We've had dinner. Mom and Vickie are having wine in the f****y room. Of course, Mom won't let me have any because it's i*****l. Bitch. They seem to be into their second bottle already. They should just shut up so I can concentrate on this stupid shit.

'Root pressure'. Who gives a fuck about root pressure? Then they tell me it's not even a viable theory. So, they're teaching me theories that don't mean shit. I do NOT understand college... At least it's quiet out there in the house. Time passes.

My bedroom door flies open. It's Vickie. She's got her cordless phone, tucked against her chest so the person on the other end can't here her talking to me.

"Come here! Quick. You've gotta hear this!"

Ok, whatever.

She sits down on the bed and points for me to sit next to her. She talks into the phone, then tilts it between both our ears so I can hear the other person.

"Ok, Ness, sorry. Had to take a quick dump. So, start from the beginning? I'm listening now."

"Well, he's cutting the grass and shit, and he looks good. I swear he's gotten taller since school started. So I wait till he's all done so Mom doesn't get suspicious. Then I go outside..."

"What were you wearing?" Interrupts Vick.

"That tube top, you know, the purple one? And those white shorts."

"And panties?"

"Vickie, who do you think you're talking to? OF course not!" They both laugh. "So I forget what we said exactly. But I teased him a little, and he yanked my top down!"

Vickie looks at me, kind of that "oh really?" look.

"Go on", she says to Vanessa.

"Then, get this, he ASKS me if he can touch them. He's so-o-o-o adorable!" Vanessa laughs. "But then, oh I don't know what happened, I mean, he attacked my tits. He really loves tits. I mean really. He may have a problem or something... I'm k**ding! So then we start talking dirty. i don't know how he knew this... did you tell him about Mom? Somehow he knew."

"I've never said a word about that dream to anyone, not even Michele."

"Well, then he's some kind of psychic or something. Wait, I'm ahead of myself. So first he talks about you tittyfucking him. He really liked that. So I sucked him while he told me that..."

"Sucked him? His cock?"

"His beautiful cock. What is it? 8 inches?"

"No, it's only 7."

Shit. My secret is out. I can't believe she just told everyone that. I don't have a giant cock. But it is bigger than 3 billion Chinese and Asian's cocks, so there. It's probably bigger than yours, too, so shut up.

"He told me he wanted you to suck him off. Since you didn't, I did. and Vickie?"


"That boy cums a lot!"

Vickie indicates she wants to lay down on the bed. We re-arrange ourselves so we can both here. She's also giving me the 'thumbs-up', showing that she likes what I did with Vanessa.

"Yeah I know, I've seen it. I've tasted it, too." She elbows me in the ribs.

"Yeah you tasted it, I ATE him all up... God damnit... Vickie. There's more to the story but I have to do something now... you know..."

"No," said Vickie. "I don't know. say it."

"Fuck you bitch!" Vanessa said, laughing. "I have to touch, you know, christ, you taught me!" I rise up and look at Vickie. She's taught Vanessa how to masturbate? Cool! Vickie just shrugs and gives a me a 'who, me?' look.

"God I had to wear a bra all weekend at Gran's house. Feels good to get it off... let the girls breathe... yes...mmm..."

A few moments go by. We hear some squeaking noises. Some suckling noises.

"Vanessa?... stop sucking your tits and talk to me! What happened next?"

"Oh, right. Sorry. So somehow he found about my mom. Next thing I know, he's slapping my tits!" Vickie gives me this look like 'what the hell?' My turn to just shrug.

I'm kinda getting a hard-on.

"And he's slapping them hard! And Vickie... it felt sooooo good. So-o-o-o good." We can hear some slapping sounds in the phone.

"It's not the same when I do it myself."

"It never is", replies Vick.

"Ain't that the truth. He's slapping me all around and I got so fucking hot and horny. Then he grabbed my cunt and slapped my tits and made me spill the beans about Mom.

"He made me... he made me admit..."

She was having trouble breathing.

"I admitted that I watched Mom masturbate... and that I watched her lick her dildo after she was done... and he slapped my tits more and I couldn't refuse... I told him I wanted to eat Mom's pussy."

"You do want to eat her pussy, don't you?"

"Yes... Vickie... yes..." we can just hear her panting.

"I can't hear anything, Vanessa."

Next thing we hear all kinds of juicy, slurpy noises. I unzip my pants and take out my cock. Vickie raises her eyebrows and smiles at me, but she shakes her head 'no'.


"Yeah... yes..."

"Say it, honey..."

"oh FUCK I want to eat her cunt! and I want her to eat mine!!"

Vanessa apparently drops the phone and we hear slapping noises, and noises of Vanessa cumming, hard. I stand up, my hard cock sticking out. I tell Vickie to tun on the speaker phone. She laughs quietly, "I didn't know there was one!" Now we can hear Nessa just fine.

"Vickie... sorry sweetie... had to be done, though. But I'm not done talking about David."

I open Vickie's underwear drawer. She shakes her head, then turns away so she can't see me.

"I sucked his cock again. He came in my mouth twice, Vickie! I swallowed it all, too..."

I went 'Pssst' and Vickie turned to see me. I had two bras hanging from their straps on my upright cock. She smiled and tried to wave me away.

"Vickie, you can't do this anymore. You have to let me fuck him! Please! I'm begging you!"

I found the trick handcuffs in her drawer. I piled on several more bras onto my cock, then hung the bracelets on there, too.


Vickie looked back at me. I could tell she was excited by this, but she furiously shook her head 'no' and pointed to Mom's room.

I put everything back in the drawer, including her trick handcuffs.

Vanessa continued talking about me fucking her, and then talking about her mom and me in the driveway.

I left the room and I checked on Mom. She was passed out on her bed. I put a blanket over her.

"Mmmm... Mike? is that you?" Mike was my deadbeat dad's name. We haven't seen him in over ten years.

There's a wineglass that's still full on her night stand.

"Yeah, it's me. Drink your water sweetie..." I held the wine glass to her lips, she drank about half of it.

"Thanks babe... maybe we can fuck in the morning..."

Well that killed my hard-on. My mom the fucking fat slob, the fucking d***kard. Yeah, let's fuck. The Horror!

I went to my room, got the real handcuffs, then eased back into Vickie's room.

Vanessa was droning on about how she wants to fuck me, her mom wants to fuck me, she wants to eat her mom etc... I think she had been hitting the wine, too.

I went back to the underwear drawer. I made it look like i was getting out the trick handcuffs, when in fact I pulled the real ones out. I jangled them in Vickie's direction. She again shook her head, no!

I pointed to mom's room, then mimed her drinking and passing out. Vickie raised an eyebrow at me.

I walked over to her bed and reached for her left hand. I cuffed it. Vickie smiled and raised both eyebrows, twice.

I raised her hand over her head, by the brass railing of her headboard. She still held the phone in her right hand, though we were listening to it on speakerphone. I took the phone and placed it right at her cleavage. It was only a few inches away so she could still talk and hear fine. I pulled her right arm up to match her left. I ran the cuffs behind the rail, then back around and cuffed her right wrist. She was in good. Handcuffed to the bed. Shackled. For real. And she didn't know it.

I took off all my clothes, slowly. I dropped my boxers right in her face.

I picked up the phone and interrupted Vanessa, who was still going on about being in love with me and maybe she could fuck me...

"Vanessa, Hey! Vanessa! It's David."

"David? Oh god. I want to thank you so much for Friday and was wondering if we..."

"Vanessa, Vickie has to go now. Bye." Click.

I threw my boxers on the ground, and stood up on the bed, towering over Vickie.

"You... are not going to tie me up anymore. We are going to fuck, and suck, probably for the rest of our lives, but we aren't going to do it that way anymore."

"David," she began. "I was conflicted, I didn't want to impose myself on you. If I tied you up, it wasn't your fault, you know what I mean? I'm wicked, you aren't, I didn't want you to..."

This wasn't exactly my plan. Okay, I didn't have a plan at all. I was just winging it.

I drop down, and lay naked body on top of her. She's still dressed in jeans and a blouse. Her tits are sticking up pretty nicely so she's got a bra on, too.

"David, let me go, please. We can talk, or whatever you want to do..."

"It's too late for that, sweetheart."

I thought of ripping her pants off and half-r****g her. I thought of smacking her like I did Vanessa. Instead, I kissed her. We had never kissed before. We have tittyfucked, and played around, but never kissed.

Her lips tasted good. She was hesitant, at first. I slid my hands behind her head and neck, cradling her. I stroked her cheek with my thumb as I slowly parted her lips with my tongue. She let out an "mmm..." as I began exploring her mouth, and found her tongue. Her whole body relaxed, she wrapped her legs around mine. We kissed for several minutes. Not moments. Minutes. Hungrily, hard, gentle, teasing, giggling, dreaming.

I break the kiss, and the embrace. I get up and sit on her pelvic area, my cock pointing skywards while pre-jizz oozes out of the tip. I crawl up to her, so she can see this fat cock coming towards her face. I stop with it an inch above her face. I stroke from the base, bring out the pre-cum so it drips onto her forehead, her cheeks, her lips.

"David, undo me, and I can..."


I take my cock, and slap her on the cheek with it. Again, and again. I rose up and maneuver around her face, continuously slapping her face with my cock. Vickie didn't shy away from this. She loved it.

"You want to suck this, don't you."

"Yes Davey!"

"Call me 'Davey' again and I'll buttfuck you with a baseball bat." She sat there, stunned and wild-eyed while I smacked her lips with my hard cock some more.

"Tell me how much you want it."

"Dave... David... I want your cock so much. I've dreamed about it. Please. may I kiss it?"

That's more like it. "Yes, you may."

I place it on her lips. She begins kissing it, tonguing my cock. I press deeper, my cock enters her mouth. Her hot and wet fucking mouth.

I can't push down much further, though. My cock goes up, her throat goes down. Problem. I prop her head up with some pillows... yes, that's a better angle now...

"If you let me out I could mmmpphmphmmphm..." She tends to stop talking with a dick in her mouth. I'm fucking her mouth pretty fucking now.

Even with her limited mobility, she sucked my cock pretty fucking good. I pulled out and dragged my balls in her face. She licked them, and sucked them gently into her mouth. Jesus, THAT never occurred to me! But it felt fantastic...

I move back down to where I'm sitting atop her pelvis. Her tits want to come out. I know they do. Vickie is wearing this light pink button-up blouse. I gently undo the first button. Vickie smiles at me. I grasp more of her blouse in each hand... and RIP it apart! Buttons flying, fabric tearing. I don't get it in one shot, so I go down more and rip her shirt again until all the buttons are gone.

Vickie lays there, her chest heaving up and down with anxiety and passion.

"Back in a minute." I tell her. Her bra, of course, won't come off because her arms are cuffed up at the headboard. I go get my big camping knife.

A voice in my head says to go check on Mom. Seems like a bad idea. I tiptoe in her room, naked and holding a knife... She's still asl**p. Good. For a moment, I think of dropping my cock in her mouth. Nah... she'd probably clamp down on it and cause permanent damage.

As I'm walking down the hall back to Vickie's room, I can hear her struggling with the cuffs. I walk in, smirking, go to her dresser and pull out the magic handcuffs.

"Looking for these?"

I turn and face her. She sees the knife and goes bug-eyed.

"Don't scream... don't scream..."

I sit on her pelvis again. i slide the shiny knife blade against he soft, pale skin. Up to her left bra strap. I tilt the big blade 90 degrees so it's pointing up. I lift up... higher... higher... the blade digs into the strap... SNAP! on her skin as the now cut straps return to their unstretched length. I repeat the move on her right bra strap... stretching it up until the knife slices through the material.

"Don't move a muscle." I instruct Vickie.

I bring the knife down to her stomach, pointing to her breasts. Sliding the tip up ever so gently... under the fabric of her 36DD bra... I have to use my other hand to pull up the bra... her tits are squishing together... the knife blade now fully under the middle of the bra...

"Lift... and separate!"

Her tits spring back to her chest, Vickie breathes again. I lean across her and stick the knife into her nightstand.

"That's a twenty dollar bra, you know..."

I smirk... "Not any more!"

I yank out the remnants of her cut up bra. She still has her shirt on, just wide open.

Greedily, I attack her tits with the same ferocity that I m*****ed Vanessa's a couple days ago. I'm not slapping them, just kneading them... sucking them... kissing them... Vickie pulls on her restraints as I push the two nipples together and lick and almost suck them both... I do love tits... I grab her left tit and push it to Vickie's face, offering her a snack.... she greedily chomps on her nipple, drawing it completely into her mouth... god... damn... it...

I start kissing below her breasts... down to her taut belly... oh shit... her pants are still on.

I undo the button and zipper and shuck them off. She has some silky little pink panties on.

"Vick... I have to..." I reach over and grab the knife, I slip the cold blade against her skin, she shudders. I cut the panties on her left side by her hip. I pull the panties away from her mound. Vickie is watching the process intently. I slice through the crotch of her panties. I pull them out from under now, and sniff them deeply.

"Mmmmm... somebody's excited!"

"It's me. Oh my fucking god I'm excited! David will you hurry up and fuck me?!?" Huh... she's begging. I like begging. I also like denying.

"Let me go and I'll..." I stuff the panties into her mouth. She looks pissed.

"You gonna be quiet now?" She nods. I remove the panties. I slam the knife into the night stand again. I leave the panties right at her neck so she can smell them.

I go back to kissing around her pant line. I've settled in between her legs. Thinking back on Michele's advice, I tease Vickie by going right alongside her clean-shaven pussy and keep going down her left leg... I look her in the eye... she's silently pleading with me to dive in... I switch to her other leg and gently lick and caress her thighs... she squirms... I arrive back near her pussy... the scent is strong with this one.

Ever so lightly, I place my tongue right at the base of her cunt and slowly... slowly bring it up. I can feel the heat coming from her core. I'm tasting her cunt juices that have sneaked out already. I get to the top... grazing over her hooded clit...

"Oooooh David... my b*****r... my lover..."

I start at the bottom again, more juice now. I'm trying to go slow, but jesus it's hard. At the top, this time, I do a slow return back down her lips. It's easier going up, of course, the tongue is built that way. I do that for another minute or so, just going up and down but not penetrating.

Then I apply more tongue pressure and her lips separate. Jesus, I thought it was hot before, but now that my tongue is a half inch inside it's even hotter. The slight taste of pussy juice is replaced by an assault on my tongue. Female juice, mmmm-mmmm-good. Moving up slightly, it gets even fucking hotter as I cross over her actual cunt hole. Vickie is just mewling and twisting... then she clamps her thighs against my head and pushes her cunt into my face as hard as she can. Fuck, gotta watch that move! A fellow could suffocate down here! I spread her legs slightly so I can move my head some more.

My hands wrap around her thighs and ass, and come over to pull her lips apart.

"Your pussy is beautiful, Vickie."

"Yes..." She can't really form sentences, it seems.

I thrust my tongue deep into her vagina, as far as I can. I can feel the juices on my tongue and I withdraw a little so I can swallow. Tangy. I go to town on her pussy, licking faster, licking everywhere... on impulse I suck on her pussy lips... to my surprise lots of lip and cunt comes into my mouth... I use a tiny bit of teeth as it slides back out...

"Oh fuck... oh shit... David... David... fuck..."

I pull my hand from around her leg and I gently thrust my index finer inside... it goes in so easy I'm not sure she notices. Two fingers... she notices that!... I plant my face on her clit and alternate between licking and kissing and sucking... all while thrusting two fingers back and forth... three... moving faster, much faster... fuck let's get them all in there! Four fingers and the tip of my thumb are ramming in and out of my s****r's cunt!

Vickie can't stand it anymore... I can feel her orgasm building... I pull my hand out and rise up off her cunt.

"You know what Vick? Maybe you're right. Maybe i****t is bad... this doesn't seem right..."

She moans at me. "Please! God! please go on!" She looks like she's going to cry. I make one of those mean faces that a b*****r makes to his s****r, and dive back in.

In ten seconds, she fucking cums. And I mean cums. I can barely hang on as she bucks against me. I decide it's a good time to slap her tit with my left hand, while she's cumming... SLAP... SLAP... more faceplant on her clit... SLAP on her tits...
"AAAUGGHH!" she screams!

Christ! That would wake the dead! I leap up and clamp my right hand, my cunt-juice covered right hand, over her mouth so she'll shut up. She's a fucking a****l now, she's trying to hump my leg as her orgasm subsides... spent... she collapses back down... her shiny cunt glistening in the light.

I bend down and kiss her on the the lips. My whole face is damp with her pussy juice. She laps at my cheeks, humming the whole time.

We kiss more... deeply... I slide my hips between her legs... my fucking rock of Gibraltar cock just about falls into her pussy. She's so open and wet, I'm already inside an inch or so. I wanted this to be a little more dramatic, but what the fuck.

I push forward.

I have to clamp my hand over her mouth again as my cock sinks into her pussy. Up to the fucking hilt. The feeling is... amazing... practically indescribable joy... I start slowly thrusting inside her steaming hot hole. Pulling 95% of the way out, then slamming it back home. Again, and again.

Thank you God... although I'm sure this doesn't meet your approval... but I'm finally fucking my s****r... I wrap my arms around her as hers are still restrained by the handcuffs on the headboard. I grab her ass and pull myself deeper into her. Her ass crack is wet with her pussy's desire... I easily slip a finger up her into her ass... she kisses me hard...

"David... I love you... cum in me... cum in me... now or whenever... just cum in me..."

We kiss more. My mind has traveled to some other level. Maybe it's just all the pleasure circuits lit up, but I feel like Vickie and I are connected in time and space... it's totally amazing... I feel she is... with me...

I can't stand it... I cum... and cum... and cum... My s****r giggles and laughs and moans as my hot fucking cum fills her pussy... spasm... spasm... spasm...her hot cunt grips my cock as she cums too.... my hot sperm shooting deep into her body... she's taking all of my cum...

I collapse on top of her. The Astral Plane has left and I slowly return to earth. Vickie and I are kissing lightly. I stop to reach over and get the handcuff key. I undo one wrist and fall back down, rolling onto my back as she unlocks the other one herself.

Almost immediately, she goes down and sucks on my cock. She wants that fucking cock and all of our juices in her mouth. She rises up on her knees and puts her hand under her cunt. We both watch as the spermy mixture of man-cum and girl-cum drips into her hand. She pulls her hand up and replaces it with her other. She licks and slurps our cum up, completely swallowing it. A little bit is in her other hand, she rubs it on her nipples, and presents them to me for licking. I gladly suck them both clean.

Knock-Knock. "Vickie? Is everything all right in there?" Jesus it's Mom!

I roll onto the side of the bed away from the door. Vickie gets up and tries to wrap some bedding around her and meets Mom as she's opening the door.

"What's going on? I heard something, and where's Davey?"

"Mom..." starts Vickie. "I was having... some alone time... you know? And I think David went to Mike's house or something..." her voice trailed off.

"Okay, well come help me finish this wine off. And don't be such a tramp."

"Um... sure... in a couple minutes, ok?"

She closes AND LOCKS the door. Note to everyone. Next time you fuck a f****y member, maybe you should lock the door if you don't want every one to know.

Vickie strides back to me as I emerge from the hidden side of the bed. She drops the sheets and we hug passionately.

"I love you, Vickie." I say. "Like a s****r."

"Love you like a b*****r, David."

"And... um... thank you... for everything, I mean. All this..."

"David, I'm just so happy we are where we are right now. Look, Mom's waiting. See you in the morning, Ok? Come into the bathroom and I'll suck you off before I brush my teeth..."

We kiss and she departs.
-- To be continued --
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I was in my junior year at a large university in one of the Southern states. Two other girls -- another junior and a senior -- shared an apartment with me. Samantha, who was the oldest, had come up with the idea of us making some extra money through an unusual kind of e****t service.

She had gotten to know the night manager at a luxury hotel, one of the most elaborate in the city. She was screwing the guy on a regular basis, and had learned that the majority of the hotel's customers were well-heeled people, corporate executives traveling on business, and pretty often on unlimited expense accounts as well. This was a number of years ago, I should say. Most of them were older men that liked the opportunity of getting laid in a strange city, particularly by someone young, classy, and discreet.

Well, Samantha's fuck buddy Hal thought we three girls filled the bill. He suggested that for a percentage he would arrange for us to meet some of these high-class guys, usually at night. With our looks, he said, we could command top dollar.

Not that I was hurting for money, personally. My mother was an executive with a large insurance company, and my father was a vice-president with a manufacturing firm. They had gone through a friendly divorce years ago, both being more interested in their careers than each other. My father had relocated to a Northern city where his company was headquartered. That was far enough away that I hadn't seen much of him since then, although he called me frequently and sent me money as well. But usually I went home to my mother during school breaks.

Anyhow, I was financially comfortable. It was more the excitement of Hal's proposal that caused me to readily agree. It was not that I didn't have an active social life -- and sex life -- but the idea of screwing these older guys was kind of kinky and sounded like fun. Irina, my other roommate, just laughed and said "Shit, Kathy, we give it a shot!"

Quite frankly, the first two or three times that Hal set up appointments for me, I was sort of nervous. The guys were in their fifties, one of them sixty-something, and they were horny as hell. I had gone out and bought some special clothes beforehand, including some lacy panties to wear with a garter belt, stockings, and high heels, all black, and the first guy I was with started to shoot his load before I had finished undressing! He wasn't able to get it up again for me (as I said, this was some years back), but he ended up licking me to a very nice climax "to make it up to me." So that was all right. I felt much more secure about the whole business after that.

Hal had made it a point to get to know these guys -- the prospects -- that were regulars at the hotel. After letting them know that he could make a connection for them, he would give us a call at the apartment. Then one of us would go over to the hotel and up to the guy's room. Sometimes there would be work for two of us on the same night, but not very often.

Hal called up this one night a little later than usual for a "setup", as he called it. He said he had a client that had just gotten in, some guy who had heard about the hotel's "special delights" through the general corporate executive g****vine. Samantha was "indisposed", and Irina was studying for a tough exam the next day -- she was a pre-med and here on an education visa, and had a difficult schedule, so she answered fewer calls than Samantha and I did. So I was at bat, as Hal said.

I freshened up and put on one of my generic slut outfits, since the customer hadn't asked for anything special like a maid's or girl's private school uniform. (Most of these men have live-in maids in their mansions and daughters away at private schools.) I started with a pair of black lace bikini panties like the ones I had worn on the first job, except with a slit all the way from front to back, followed by a black garter belt and some lovely dark stockings which I fastened to the belt. A thin maroon blouse, a tight black leather skirt, and black spike heels, with appropriate makeup, hot but not too whorish, finished off my look.

I drove over to the hotel and parked in the employee's parking lot out back. Hal had some deal worked out so that the clients could put our fees on their credit cards without the corporate auditors suspecting anything was funny. I never really understand how he managed that, but it worked. In addition, we usually got some pretty hefty tips from our "dates" as well. My guy's room number was up on the tenth floor, and I caught the elevator that the hotel's service personnel used, at the end of a hallway off the main lobby. That kept me mostly out of sight of the other guests and consequently out of trouble.

While on the elevator going up to the tenth floor, I was thinking that it was going to be nice not to have to screw some old guy this time, based on what Hal had told me: young (for an executive, probably late forties), good-looking (ditto), probably the generous type. I have to admit that I was particularly horny that evening, having just come off being "indisposed" myself, and was itching for some action.

I was beginning to get little wet just thinking about the coming event. Maybe "event of coming" would be more like it, I thought to myself. I just hoped the guy would be able to perform. Some clients just wanted to cuddle up to a young woman, or were only interested in a blow-job -- I give particularly good head, but there just wasn't that much in it for me. Except the tip, of course.

I had seen a couple of guys, older ones, in the hallway downstairs and they had really given me the once-over, undressing me with their eyes. For a minute I thought they were going to follow me into the elevator, and I wondered if maybe one of them was my "date" for the evening. Or maybe both of them. I had never had a threesome either on the job or in my real life, but I thought that one of these days I might get the chance. It would be fun.

The slow and creaky elevator finally reached the tenth floor, and I stepped out into the quiet and dimly lit hallway. I quickly found my way to room 1034, which was at one end of the hallway. I gave the usual signal that Hal and we three had agree on: three groups of three quick knocks each. My client was obviously expecting me, because he opened the door instantly and I quickly brushed past him and into the room. The front hall of the apartment was fairly dark, and the room lighting itself was dimmed.

I turned to look at the male figure still standing by the door, clad only in a pair of white briefs. The hint of his strangely familiar aftershave reached my nostrils about the time he and I got a good look at each other's faces. Both our exclamations of surprise and recognition came at the same moment:



His eyes were as wide as mine felt. It had been over a year since we had last seen each other. My hair then was its natural light brown and shoulder length; now I was a short, tousled blonde. I suddenly was conscious that my knees were weak and I was staring at him in shock.

"Kathy, damn, is that really you?" My father stepped closer.

"Ye -- Yes". My mouth wouldn't work right. I needed to sit down, too. Daddy put a hand on each of my shoulders, gently urging me to move backward into the room. Even though I was numb, I realized that I had forgotten how handsome he really was -- his face, his muscular torso, his long legs.

"I think I need a drink" was all he said as I stumbled backwards into an overstuffed chair, but I noticed that his hands were shaking as he put ice into his glass and poured a stiff shot of bourbon from the mini-bar. "Uh, well, uh ... do you want -- need one too?" He stammered the offer as he stirred the contents of the glass with one finger.

"Oh shit yes," I mumbled, not caring for the moment what he might think of that.

He made an identical drink for me and moved back to where I was sitting. He handed me the glass, carefully not looking at me, and I tossed it back in two gulps. He drank his a bit more sedately, but he got it all down, and pulled around the desk chair so he could face me.

He tried to talk, but it all came out stutter: "What -- how -- in the shit -- don't tell me this is -- uh -- this is what I think -- uh -- you're --" He finally ran down and looked at me helplessly.

I wasn't all that much better: "Yes, um, well, I guess, I suppose it is, I am, Daddy." Even though I still couldn't talk clearly, my shocked senses were beginning to return, perhaps because of the bourbon. I concentrated on the man sitting opposite me, this man I had known all my life, my father. He was so familiar to me, and yet at this moment almost a stranger as well. A handsome man clad only in those tantalizing tighty-whities, which actually outlined the package I couldn't help looking at, if only in momentary glances. I noticed that he was doing the same with me, looking quickly at my tits or legs and then tearing his gaze back to my face and eyes.

After another drink, which I sipped rather than gulping, we had both gotten it together, sort of. I told Daddy all about the business venture with Hal, my two roommates, and me, and how I did it mostly for thrills rather than money, and it was perfectly safe. He told me in turn about how he had heard about this particular hotel from friends in other companies, and how the night manager could arrange for him to "get hooked up with good-looking young ... stuff", as he put it. I felt sure that he had another word in mind!

"I couldn't wait until I made a visit down in this area so I could take advantage of one of Hal's connections." Daddy laughed ruefully. "I was going to call you tomorrow, visit and see if you needed anything, maybe take you out to lunch and dinner somewhere nice as well. But tonight ..."

I laughed too. "Well, Daddy, I'll go back downstairs and tell Hal, and we'll get your money back, get the credit-card purchase cancelled or whatever." I stood up. He looked at me from the spike heels upwards, his eyes roving over my entire body. Then he stood up too and gazed squarely into my face.

"Damn, Kathy, what a beautiful woman you've become." His voice was different, not shocked or business-like, but hoarse with emotion.

I smiled at him. "Would I have been worth what you've paid?" I said.

He didn't reply at first, but just moved over to me and put his arms around me, and it felt very different from all the fatherly hugs he'd given me in the past.

"The question is," he whispered in my ear, "Are you going to be worth what I've paid?" Then he put his lips against mine and kissed me hard, pressing his body against mine. I could feel his hard-on through the briefs.

Before I could think, I was returning the kiss, our tongues finding their way into each other's mouths, at first gently probing and then flicking and sucking. As usual on these jobs, I hadn't worn a bra, and my nipples were erect and pressed against his bare chest through the flimsy blouse. I was surprised, in a distant kind of way, to find myself wet, so wet my panties were soaked with my own juices. As the kiss deepened, he ran one hand over my ass, squeezing one cheek through the leather skirt, and the other hand on my breast, pulling on my nipple right through the fabric of the blouse.

I was in shock again, but in a different way from before. My legs were fine this time, but my head was spinning. I was being caressed and kissed passionately by this man, and I was hotter for him than for any client -- or boyfriend, for that matter. I knew then what was going to happen. I was going to be fucked. I was going to be fucked by my own father.

It was like a dream as I stood there in his arms and he began to undress me. He unbuttoned my blouse and stooped down enough to take my other nipple into his mouth, gently sucking at it while his hand continued to squeeze the other nipple, this time on my bare flesh. A groan escaped his mouth as he sucked, and I responded with a groan myself. My fingers were shaking as I found the back zipper on my skirt and undid it, letting the skirt fall to the floor. I kicked off my shoes as we moved toward the bed together. Then as I lay down and he sat down beside me, we worked together to get the black panties down my legs and off onto the floor as well.

I started to take my stockings and garter belt off as well, but he stopped me. "No," he said, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his underpants. "Leave those on, sweetheart. You're sexy as hell," he added as he tugged the briefs down. His cock, which was even larger than I had thought, sprang out on its release from confinement, and I took in a deep, deep breath as I gazed intently on its length and girth, surrounded by a crown of hair. A single drop of pre-come glistened at the center of the purple tip.

I didn't want to waste any more time. "Oh, Daddy," I groaned as I reached out for his cock. I spread my legs as he positioned himself between them. He put one hand under my naked ass, and I guided his cock toward my waiting pussy.

He stopped me halfway there. "Baby, Kathy, do we need a condom?" I pressed the tip of his cock against my burning pussy lips.

With any other client, of course the answer would have been yes, and I would have taken care of it before now. But I whispered, "No, of course not, Daddy, I'm clean and safe." I moved my hips forward and took the heavy head of his cock inside me. As we gently pushed against one another, his rock-hard shaft followed slowly until he had filled me completely with his huge meat. Suddenly my mind snapped back into focus, and I remembered the routines that pleased my men.

"Oh, fuck me," I said. "Fuck me, it's so wonderful, fuck your hot little bitch." But even though it was a routine, I meant every word. I was my Daddy's hot little bitch. I cooed more dirty words in the sweetest of tones as he began to pick up speed, thrusting faster and faster.

"Oh, my sweet bitch," he gasped. "Oh, my sweet hot little cunt.". I never cared for that c-word before, but hearing it from my Daddy only made my heart quiver with tenderness and desire, which quickly changed to outright lust. I forgot the routines again and just blurted out, "Shove your cock up my cunt, I need it, your big fucker deep in me." - I pulled my legs up and locked my ankles around his ass, my stocking-clad heels riding him, digging into him as he pounded me and pounded me. I could feel an orgasm building inside me, as I was split wider open than I had ever been before. I knew he couldn't last long either, and I shamelessly ground my clit against his pubic bone to try to get off as well.

"Ohhhh, baby, I'm gonna come, gonna come inside you," he moaned. I could feel his heavy balls bouncing against my ass with each thrust. Finally, I felt it, felt the outpouring of his juice inside me, flooding me with the seed that had made me. I ground my clit harder and screamed "Oh shit, oh shit, fuck me, fuck me!"

Even though his orgasm was finished, he was sweet enough to go on putting it to me for a few critical extra moments until my own climax peaked. I could feel the sticky warm flood of his juices and mine running out of my slit and down the crack of my ass. I heard the wet sucking sounds as he continued to fuck me, thrusting more gently into the delicious mess we had made of my pussy. His mouth was on mine now, our tongues probing again as we had at the beginning of all this, his lips sucking my tongue into his mouth as I came down from my orgasm, my body shuddering all over. Then at last it was finished, and he collapsed on me. I felt his cock slowly shrink back to normal and ooze wetly out of me.

We turned and lay together, facing each other, nuzzling and gently letting our hands explore each other's bodies. I ran my hand over the thatch of hair on his chest and twined my fingers in his ample pubic hair. I wrapped my hand around his soft cock but felt no stirring of response.

"I think you've totally worn it out," he chuckled. "That was intense, more intense than an old man expects to ever get again."

I slapped him lightly on the arm. "You are not an old man," I scolded teasingly. "And as for wear and tear, I think it can be repaired easily enough."

"Kathy, sweetheart, you've got a fantastic body. I have never been fucked like that in my whole life," he said, sounding like a little boy on Christmas morning after the presents have been opened.

"Neither have I, Daddy, neither have I," I whispered as I went to work on him. Like a good daughter, I first cleaned him up completely with my tongue, gathering up all the spilled juices and swallowing them. Then I started up at the top, made my way down to his unexpectedly sensitive nipples, biting and licking them just enough to make him wince. Then I kissed down his broad chest and hard tummy, finally reaching his cock again. I took the whole head into my mouth, swirling my tongue against its soft velvety surface, and grasping the limp shaft with my hand. Next I let the head escape and took each of his balls in my mouth, gently sucking them one at a time. That made him let out a groan, and I could feel the cock shaft beginning to harden again.

"See?" I crowed. "I told you so, Daddy." A line he'd heard from me often in my adolescence, but I was happy rather than resentful now. I took the head into my mouth again and went down, down on the long shaft, letting go of it with my fingers, until I could feel the head scr****g against the back of my ample mouth. I shut my eyes, relaxed, breathed through my nose, and swallowed him, a technique I'd learned from one of my "dates" and perfected on many others. But I deep-throated my Daddy not because he was paying me to, but because I loved him.

He gave a sort of strangled grunt and went back to stuttering: "Oh God -- Oh God -- never -- not even your mother --" I bobbed up and down, paying no attention to what he said, just focusing on keeping his cock going in and out of my throat. Finally, he barked "Stop!" and pulled my head back suddenly. I was disappointed at not getting to swallow his come, and looked up at him, puzzled.

"Doggy," he said.

Immediately I assumed the position, head down in a pillow, my ass sticking up. It was a style of fucking I loved. He got up on his knees surprisingly quickly and mounted me from behind. I felt like his bitch now in more ways than one! I knew he would be able to satisfy me, as I come easily in this position. There was a brief pause, then I felt a hand on each hip, and then his cock tip pressed at my slit for just a moment before roaring into my wetness like an express train going into a tunnel.

'Oh God, oh Daddy, so good, fuck me so hard," I babbled. I heard his breathing become more labored as he speeded up, stroke after stroke against my burning ass. I could feel he was trying to last, and I squeezed down as hard as I could with my pussy muscles to urge him on, as I felt my own orgasm rushing up over me. He was already fucking me so hard that my knees came up off the mattress half the time, and he reached around me and locked both hands under my tummy, supporting me as well as pulling my body hard against him with each blow to my cunt.

"Ohhhh Daddy, oh Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, I'm -- gonna -- come," I yelled as I did come, my orgasm peaking as my pussy clenched down hard against his cock.

"Uhhhhhhrrrrh!" he shouted as he too got off, his cock spurting, filling me with his scalding fluid. As before, I felt our combined wetness running down my legs, still plenty of it even after he had exploded in me just a few minutes before. In my fantasy, I wanted him to stay inside me for twenty minutes, pumping me and pouring out come, as if I were really some bitch he had gotten his cock hung up in. But of course my Daddy was just a man, and he couldn't do that. He gave a few final thrusts and pulled out of me with a wet plopping noise.

Before I knew it, he had his head underneath me. This time, it was he who was cleaning me up, groaning and twisting his body until every drop of juice was off my body, then going on to my pussy and licking it from asshole to clit, then concentrating on the clit until I was thrashing my legs over him in my third climax of the evening.

I stayed with Daddy all night, of course. I couldn't possibly have the energy to go back to my apartment after all that. He had a business breakfast the next morning and left me still sl**ping. I went home and cleaned up, saying nothing to the curious stares of my roommates, and took a short nap just to catch me up. I wound up sl**ping through lunch, but Daddy did call to make arrangements for dinner.

I dressed attractively but sedately, had a fine meal and a bottle of wine with him, and then of course it was back to his hotel room for more hot sex. I did get to feel his sweet cream pouring down my throat and into my belly that time, where it warmed me from inside, the perfect end to the wonderful meal. But by no means the the end to the evening. My Daddy turned out to be quite the connoisseur of exotic sex acts, and we shared our repertoires until we were completely and utterly exhausted.

Daddy flew home the next morning. I felt quite, quite certain that what he had gotten was more than worth what he paid for it, for this was only the first of many, many business trips to my city. When it comes right down to it, boyfriends are fine in their place, and customers provide some relief from boring evenings at home, but my heart belongs to Daddy -- and my cunt, too.

... Continue»
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My Friday Night Fun

I've had a GREAT weekend and I thought I'd share it with all of you in a fun filled story of a fairly normal weekend for me.

Friday night my hubby had to work late so I took the time to set up a little surprise... made a couple calls then got myself looking hot as hell and left to pick him up later that night. When he came out to the car he found me wearing absolutely nothing but a long coat (which I made sure was wide open when he got into the car). He loved it and attacked my naked body right there for just some very heavy petting, since we were in a parking lot for a closed down restaurant near his building. It was pretty passionate though, his hands were all over (and in) me while he kissed on my neck and I'd managed to get his cock out of his pants and into my hand. The pleasure was incredible and I was actually near orgasm when I opened my eyes I found that an older, somewhat raggedy guy was standing close by, watching us!

My hubby said we should probably stop teasing the poor guy and go so I started the car, but then on a whim I rolled down the window and called the guy over. He got to me quickly, never taking his eyes off my body, and with a lot of effort stammered "Do you have any change?" I couldn't help but laugh so I pulled out a five dollar bill and told him that he could have the five or play with my tits for a few moments. His eyes got wide and without even needing to think about it he reached in and started fondling my tits.

He smelled pretty bad, mostly of stale cigs and liquor, but he was fairly clean and had a gentle touch, he seemed to know what he was doing and it felt good. He even reached in a little further to feel and squeeze my fat belly and I just loved that... he did too! I continued to stroke my husband while I was groped, this probably turned him on even more than it was me! I finally told the guy we had to go and he withdrew his hand without complaint. I gave him the five anyway, told him thanks and that he had nice hands.

As I was pulling out of the lot my hubby told me that I was the most amazing gal in the world (he often says this and I know he actually means it each and every time) but I told him that he ain't seen nothin' yet :D

We had to stop by a store to grab a couple games, Lego Batman 3 and Far Cry 4. And yes, I knew we'd planned to stop there on the way home and I was perfectly fine being secretly nude while shopping there. Before getting to the electronics department though, I pulled him into the clothing area and we made out for a bit. He shoved me into a rack of clothes, essentially hiding me from view, opened up my coat and explored my body... squeezing my tits & pinching my nipples with one hand and rubbing my clit & finger fucking my sopping wet pussy with the other. He was so close to making me cum that I didn't even notice that the coat had fallen off me and when I finally shoved him away I found it had been kicked out into the open area.

I asked very nicely that he hand it to me and he just smiled, then when I demanded it he acted all innocent like nothing was going on and stepped away a bit, kicking the coat even further! I figured who gives a shit and after taking a quick glance around I stepped out of the clothes rack and went right over to my coat, picking it up with a very low bend so he got a good long look at my hanging tits and large ass. It was only after I'd wrapped it back around me that I saw my husband wasn't the only one that must've got a nice view, there was a store employee standing not more than 10 feet away! He was a young guy (hopefully at least 18 though) partially hidden by another rack, we hadn't seen him and had no idea how long he'd been there. He had a huge grin on his face though, so I just winked, put my finger on my lips and gave him a shush sound as we walked by.

He followed us until we left, probably hoping for another look, and I was surprised (and maybe a little disappointed?) that he didn't follow us right out to the car! We couldn't stop laughing once we'd bought our games and got outside, stuff like that was so much fun!

Once we got home I knew the real fun was about to begin, so as soon as we got in the door I dropped my coat and stripped him naked. We kissed for a bit while I stroked his cock and then pulled him towards the bedroom. It was dark so I sat him down on the bed, the timing could not have been better... just as I turned on a small dim lamp, two sets of hands pulled him further down on the bed, two naked bodies laying down on his!

I'd called over my hubby's girlfriend and our one of our fuckbuddies, we'll call them Jane and Ashley, for some fun and they'd been waiting for just that! So on this night he was our God and we were his obedient nympho angels, doing anything and everything we could just to please him! I guess that would make our bed heaven, and oh boy was it!!

The rest of the night, and long into the morning, was nothing but pleasure and passion and pure ecstasy! Whenever anyone got tired, they just rolled away from the action and rolled right back in when they were ready. I can say for sure that every hole on every body in the bed that night got thoroughly fucked and everyone had many wonderful orgasms!

The first time my hubby came was in Jane's pussy while I was next to them having my pussy licked by Ashley, Jane said my mouth looked so inviting that she swung over me and placed her cum filled pussy right down on my face. I greedily licked her clean while I had my own orgasm, squirting right into Ashley's mouth! What teamwork huh?? ;)

Later he came all over my face and tits, which was instantly kissed and licked up by the girls, while I finger fucked them to almost simultaneous orgasms. Ok, needless to say, fun was had by all!

It was amazing, especially for my guy of course, as we focused much of our sexual energy on him... he was in top form that night and his stamina was pretty incredible! I like to think I'm mostly responsible for that with our earlier activities, I've found if I get him REALLY turned on at the start, his energy stretches on forever!

They hung out through most of Saturday and into the evening, we played more throughout the day, but nothing as intense as the night before. Last night was pretty relaxing with some very intense lovemaking mixed in. Today I'm alone in the house, recuperating. I'm going to need it since my hubby is out with some friends today and I have a feeling at least one or more will be following him home for some fun with me tonight :D Ah, the exciting life of a slutwife!... Continue»
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A night out with my s****r

Following in from Shopping with my s****r - Please read my other stories first to set the scene.

Jane and I lie embracing on her bed, our naked bodies merging into one as we hold each other closely.

"What do you want to do tonight?" I ask

"I was thinking we could have a night out together, maybe a meal and a few drinks, see where the night takes us!" Jane replied.

"That sounds good to me, I haven't been out for a few weeks because of my exams."

"Well, I'll treat you to a nice meal and a bottle of wine on one condition" Jane offered with a devious smile on her face.

"Go on," I ask, feeling slightly concerned but excited at the same time.

"Well Dan, I want you to come to dinner with me dressed as Dannii," She smiled, my face filled with anxiety, "Come on Dan, don't be shy, you spent the whole day dressed as a girl and no one was any the wiser."

Without realising it, my cock had started to get hard and press against Jane's leg. "See, the idea of it turns you on, and it turns me on who knows what might happen when we get home!" Jane smiled seductively at me.

"I can't exactly say no can I?" I reply, trying my best to look annoyed, but the grin coming across my face gave away my true feelings.

Within no time Jane and I had showered and were getting ourselves ready to head out as girls on the town. I was sat in one of Jane's satin gowns, just long enough to cover my ass as she applied my makeup and styled my hair again. I looked in the mirror and was shocked. I looked stunning, Jane had done me proud, my makeup emphasising the feminine qualities of my otherwise masculine face. My hair again styled fashionably to sweep across my forhead.

"Jane," I ask nervously, "Is it ok if I get dressed in my own room so you can see me when I'm fully ready?"

"Oh course it is Dannii, whatever you want to make tonight as special as possible for you."

Inside my room I know exactly what I am going to wear. I quickly open up my shopping bags and pull out the sexy black lingerie. Without realising I pull on the shorties, looking in my mirror as they slide over my smooth legs and rest comfortably across my ass, feeling my cock start to rise I quickly slip into the bra and fasten the clasps behind my back. I turn slowly several times in front of the mirror, admiring my new lingerie and feminine form. I step into my dress and heels, they perfect the look. I can't believe how sexy I look, i try and ignore the everhardening cock in my knickers. Just then there is a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I sing out, then stand there awaiting Jane's entrance.

"OH MY GOD!! You look absolutely amazing." jane comes and hugs me, our embrace quickly turning into a long passionate kiss, our tongues meeting each other tenderly. "I'm going to struggle to kep my hands off you all night!" Jane continues.

I know realise how stunning jane looks, she has a figure hugging dark blue dress on with matching heels. Its clear that she isn't wearing a bra, which makes my cock twitch as I spot her nipples pushing against the material of her dress. "Come on, the taxi's on its way." Jane says.

We both slide into the back of the taxi, giggling all the time as we spot the driver trying to look up our dresses. When we arrive, I hand him the money and wink as seductively as I can as I touch his hand when handing him the money. Again Jane and I walk hand in hand aware but uncaring of everyone looking as we tenderly pay attention to each other.

All throughout the meal it is apparent the waiter can't keep his eyes off Jane and I. We show our long toned legs from the side of the table, I can't resist running my hand along Jane's thigh when he walks over with our drinks. He almost trips as he sees, standing in front of us Jane and I are both aware of the raging hard on in hos trousers. We both look at each other and giggle endlessly again.

We finish our meal and leave the waiter a generous tip, and we both decide to give him a quick kiss on his cheek as we leave. Jane being Jane told him which bars we were going to and to come and find us when he finished. This could turn out to be an interesting night!

"Dannii, did you see how big that guys cock was? It was making a serious bulge in his trousers!" Jane laughed.

"I know, I couldn't stop staring at it," I say laughing.

"Well hopefully he'll find us in the club and I can compare it to yours!" Jane continues.

We enter a bar and Jane buys us another bottle of white wine and we sit at a table so we can watch people come and go, and pick out the hot girls that come in. Without realising, Jane and I suddenly start discussing the cute guys too. I start to feel weird, but ever since Jason started talking to me earlier today I have been starting to look at guys and wonder if I'd want them to chat me up. The night passes quickly by and Jane and I are slowly getting more and more d***k and quickly becoming more and more tactile, which draws attention from those around us.

Jane ends up taking me to a club, our intoxication leading us straight to the dance floor where I try and move in time to the music. Jane spots my concern and comes over and dances closer too me. Our bodies touching intimately, our hips moving slowly against each other, slowly picking up the beat of the music. Its not long before what feels like a hundred sets of eyes are on us as we dance loin to loin.

Jane slowly moves away, and begins dancing on her own, its not long before 2 guys come over and start dancing with us. Without even realising whats happened we seem to have paired up with them. I feel a pang of jealousy when I see Jane dancing close to this new guy, his hand all over her ass and back. She in turn has her hands on his shoulders and is whispering into his ear.

Not wanting to be outdone, I pull my guy closer and start dancing with him. As his hands wander over my ass I suddenly realise what I am doing. I have never been interested in guys before but here I am excited by his touch, imagining him kissing me, undressing me, me standing just in my lace black lingerie just for him. My cock is buring hard in my knickers when Jane comes over and leads me off to the toilet. We enter a cublicle and start kissing wildly, Jane's hands lifting up my skirt and stroking my cock through the lace.

"That looked so hot seeing you dance with that guy." Jane whispered in my ear.

"Thanks, it felt weird at first but I got into it slowly," I smiled as I let my hand slip inside her dress and trace the outline of her knickers.

"What are you going to do?" Jane asked.

"I don't know, he is very handsome but I've never even thought about kissing a guy before." I replied nervously.

"Well, make sure he doens't feel your hard cock at least!" Jane smiled at me.

We headed back out and found our two guys waiting for us. Straight away they grabbed hold of us and seperated us. My man was called Jim, he was 28 and had an amazing body, the shoulders and arms I dreamt of having as I grew older. He was about 4 inches taller than me even in my heels and had cropped brown hair and stunning brown eyes. I felt myself drawn towards him with every word he spoke.

I looked over at Jane, she was already in a passionate embrace with her guy. Their hands all over each other. I felt jealousy and lust flow throughout my body - I pulled Jim towards me and started kissing him in the same way Jane kisses me. Trying not to be too masculine but at the same time let him now I was aroused. Jim's hands wre running down my back and grabbing my ass, his big firm hands almost taking a whole ass cheek in them. He tries to pull me closer to him, I resist, worried about my cock pushing against him. I realise that although hard in my knickers it is trapped and not likely to be obvious. I move in closer and let my hands feel his muscular shoulders.

I run my hands down his sides and round his waist, before I know what I'm doing my hand brushes over his cock. I feel my own cock twitch fiercely knowing that he is hard, it feels big as well, 'My God' I think, 'What's happening to me?'

Jane comes over and grabs my hand, "Dannii, we should go now before the taxi queue gets to long." Then she turns to Jim, "So Jim, are you going to ask my little s****r for her number?" I freeze, what the hell does she think she is doing? Before I know it, Jane is telling him me mobile number and smiles at me as he enters it into his phone.

Jane and I hardly speak on the way home, despite the sexual tension between us being apparent. As we get inside the house it is too much for me to take and I pull Jane into my arms and kiss her deeply and passionatley, our tongues quickly wrapping around each other, our hands fumbling to get each other out of their dress.

Our clothes lay s**ttered on the floor as I lead jane upstairs, knowing that she is watching my ass sway from side to side as we walk. I lead Jane straight to her room and throw her down on my bed and stand over her. All that is stopping her from being naked in front of me is the small white lace thong she'd bought earlier that day.

Jane wastes no time and slides her hand inside the tiny white thong, her fingers eager for her pussy. I watch on in awe as her fingers slide effortlessly into her soaking wet hole, already welcoming from the nights events. I pop my cock over the top of my knickers and start stroking quickly. My mind wandering from the beautiful sight in front of me back to Jim in the club. I look down at Jane, one hand feverishly fingering her pussy as her free hand pinches and caresses her breasts. Without realising I mimic her by stroking my cock harder and faster and pinch and squeeze my nipples through my bra.

Jane starts to rock back and forth on the bed as her hand from her breasts moves and rubs her clit bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. This sends waves of passion through my body, I feel my legs weaken as I shoot my load all over Jane, hitting her naked breasts and face. With each spurt Jane moans as her own orgasm leaves her body, I watch lovingly as her convulsions slow and she gently sucks her juices off her fingers and I straddle her, my limp cock hanging close to her soaking wet pussy. I start sucking on her nipples, gently as I know they will be tender after Jane's orgasm. As I lick and suck my tongue rolls over something sticky, I quickly realise I'm licking my cum off my s****rs breasts, "Don't stop!" Jane says breathlessly.

I continue licking my s****rs body searching for each globule of my cum then tenderly sucking and licking her body til it is clean and I've swallowed every last drop. As I'm doing this Jane is unhooking my bra setting my small breasts free. Jane then proceeds to suck and caress my breasts in the same manner I had treated hers.

I lay next to Jane, she moves so we're spooning as we drift off to sl**p, our lace thong and knickers the only thing seperating our bodies....

To be continued

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... Continue»
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The BBC that changed my life

The BBC that changed my life
by kerriluvscum
I walked into the video room of the sex club hoping to find some cock. It was early but so far i hadn’t seen many guys cruising the play areas. As i got to the top of the stairs i saw a few guys hanging around the door to the video room looking in. As I got closer I realized there were a lot of guys crowded around. They were looking in. some were playing with themselves thru their pants, some were full on naked and stroking their cocks. Still others were playing with their neighbors cocks. i get a lot of looks because they don’t get very many sissies in there so I thought maybe a s****r was getting gang banged.
I made my way thru the guys to see what was going on. I saw the video room with is a big room with a medium size tv showing bareback gay porn and chairs along the wall. It has a few glory holes in the walls and a corridor that is on the outside. Not many chairs are being used because most of the guy are standing up. I see across the room two black guys watching porn and jacking off. And one of them has the biggest dick I have ever seen in person. Hard to guess but a solid 11″ or 12″ cock. I saw it and immediately sat down in a chair opposite him. I watched him play with it and my my finger went into my mouth. My other hand went to my cock and I was mesmerized. it was sooo amazing.
he began staring back at me and we locked eyes. We stared at each other as we stroked. He motioned with his head for me to come over and I didn’t waste a second! His cock was even more amazing up close. I couldn’t get but maybe 3/4 in my mouth but I gave it all I had. I gagged over and over on his giant cock. He appreciated the effort as did the crowd that was watching us.
I knew what was going to happen next and I was very scared. It was by far the biggest thing that had ever gone in my ass I didn’t know if I was up to it. I had fresh poppers and lube so I was prepared that way. Still…
He said it and it was like slow motion. “Let me get that ass”. I got up and knelt backward in one of the chairs I leaned way over the back of the chair and put my ass up high behind me. He fingered me first. Working first one, then two, then three digits into my quivering sissy cunt. I took several hits of poppers and he told me to take a couple more. he was aware of what his cock was capable of and wanted me ready.
He took his place behind me and set the head of his monster right against my hole. He gave my ass cheek a firm smack and said, “Here it comes, bitch”. I breathed in one more popper hit and felt the pressure of his cock head entering me. it seemed like i could hear every comment made as he he fucked me slowly, working his cock in a little deeper with every stroke.
“Look at that dick!”
“Fuck that slut!”
“Tear her ass up, fucker!”
“Show her what her slutty ass is for!”
“Fuck that stupid bitch!”
My head was spinning from excitement and the Rush. I didn’t even notice he had gotten it all in. He was buried up to the balls in me! I started to lift my head up to look back but he put a hand on the back of my head and pushed in hard. That hurt!!!! His cock was going where no cock had ever been and I yelled out. That just fueled the crowd and he was playing up to them. He began pounding away at my ass. I laid there and moaned. He would stop periodically and tell me to hit the poppers. teh it was back to work. My ass hurt but I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of begging him to stop. I began fucking him back, slamming my hips back onto his cock to meet his thrust. He luved it and began smacking my cheeks.
Suddenly I felt something warm on my face. I looked up and saw a guy from the crown cumming on me. I screamed “Yes cum all over me!” Well that just started a frenzy! A cock came thru the wall in front of me and I was sucking it before the guy fucking me could order me to. I was soon swallowing a load and on to the next cock. I got a couple more body and face shots before it was over.
Then my guy got ready to cum. I could feel he was getting close in my pussy. he was harder than ever and driving it home with all he had. I yelled every time he it bottom. I remember I had cum in one of my eyes so I was keeping it shut. He kept fucking even as he came. Hard and deep he turned my pussy into a cum smoothie. He fucked for a bit more then pulled out. He grabbed me by my face and pulled me down onto his cock. At that time I hadn’t learned a gurl is supposed to clean her man’s cock when he finishes with her. He grabbed my head and just abused my face pussy with his spent dick. He told me what a slut I was and how good it felt to use my pussy.
I fell over on the floor in exhaustion. My pussy was wrecked!!! He had permanently changed it. Several guys came over and told me how much they liked it. some wanted to know how long I was going to be around. I gathered myself after a few minutes and went to a bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself “What in the hell just happened? Did I really just put that huge dick all the way inside my body?” My legs were shaky and my ass was kinda numb but I was the happiest I had ever been. I felt so good.
I went out to the lockers and got my makeup. I went back to the bathroom and began cleaning up my face. i wet some paper towels and washed away the cum so i could fix my makeup. I looked in the mirror once again and said “Gurl, I know u have always luved bbc but u r now a straight up 100% bbc freak!”
Looking presentable again and with sturdier legs i prepared to go back out and see what else I could get into. My ass was gonna be sore tomorrow anyway so I might as well just go all out and see if I can get every cock in the place in me before the night ends. i passed the stud who just fucked me on the stairs as I headed back up. “My home boy is waiting on u to come back” he said as we passed. I just smiled and scurried on up the stairs like some high school gurl who had just been told the guy she is crushing on is upstairs at the party.... Continue»
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My Neighbor Mark.

My Neighbor Mark.

I was sitting on the floor, looking at the computer and playing with myself. I didn’t expect to see anyone here and I was dressed in my favorite all black outfit: from my 3 inch heels on my feet, black stockings held up by my black garter belt, my black bra, chemise and my cock was covered up by my small black bikini panties.

I was reading some of my sucking and fucking stories and thinking how nice it would be to get my lips around a nice hard cock and I was thinking I’d jerk off and make myself eat my cum as a reward. Just thinking about all this had me very hard and I was stroking my cock and looking at myself all dressed up.

Well, I thought I noticed some movement outside the sliding door and I looked up to see my neighbor standing there, watching. There was no way I could hide or run, he had seen everything!

He reached for the slider and slid it open. As he was walking in, I said “Oops, I didn’t think anyone was around.”

He stopped and looked at me.

I said: “I was just enjoying myself and didn’t think anyone was home or around here.”

Mark said, “That’s obvious.” Pause… “Are you gay?”

“NO”, I said as I looked at his crotch and I thought, I wonder what his cock looks like?

“I just enjoy wearing this and it makes me hot. See, I was watching a lot of cock sucking pictures. ” I turned the computer so he could see what I was seeing. “

“I see.” he said.

I looked at him and I thought about this before I said it and then I blurted out: “I have some scenarios that I play out in my mind when I’m dressed. They are sort of gay.”

“Sort of gay?”

“Yes." I paused, I really wanted to say it.

"I tell myself if I’m ever caught dressed like this, I have to offer to give the guy a blow-job. Sort of like now, with you seeing me.”


Here it is, I thought to myself. “So I have to offer. Would you like one?”


“Would you like a blow job?”

“Are you serious?”

“That’s what I think about, if I’m ever caught, I have to. I have to give the guy a blow job, so I’m offering you one now."


This is what I’d been dreaming about, what I wanted to do when I’m dressed like this. I shook my head yes. Then I said out loud: “I’d like to suck your cock.” There, I said it, I really said it.
Then I motioned him over and said: “Come over here.”

He stepped closer to me.

“Go ahead.” I said.

He reached for his zipper and started to pull it down. I watched as he unzipped and then unfastened his belt and let his pants drop some. He had on boxer shorts and he stepped out of his pants. I could see the outline of his cock and I wanted to touch it.

“Come here.” I said as I got up onto my knees and moved my hand out toward his cock.

"Take them off." I said.

As he pulled his boxers down I got my first look at his cock. It wasn’t hard yet, but it was growing as I reached out and took it in my hand. He stepped closer to me and I was able to guide his cock toward my waiting mouth. I opened my mouth and let his cock touch my lips and I stuck my tongue out and rubbed it against my tongue. It was time to do it!

I opened my mouth and guided his growing cock in between my lips and felt him fill my mouth. He was moaning as I moved my tongue around his cock and sucked him. It was harder and bigger now as I felt it in my mouth. I looked up at him, I love doing that as I’m sucking on a cock and I could see that he was enjoying my cocksucking. He started moving his cock in and out, fucking my face and I put my hand on his ass cheeks as he humped away in and out of my warm, wet mouth.

I was making some sucking noises and I think he liked that – I do. I moved one hand to the base of his cock and was moving it up and down in unison with sucking him. Then I ran my hand over his balls and felt them. I thought I’d like to feel them in my mouth, to taste these, but I didn’t want to take his cock out of my mouth.

I was really enjoying him fucking me and his cock was delicious. He was growing and pumping faster as he fucked my mouth. He said: “Terry, I’m ready. What do you want me to do?”

I pulled back from his cock a little, let it slip out of my mouth and said: “I want you to cum, cum in my mouth.”

I moved back onto his cock and sucked him as he continued to fuck my mouth, pumping his hard cock in and out between my eager lips. He tensed and started to cum in my mouth. I felt his hot sperm being released as it started to fill my mouth. I let him cum into my mouth and when he was done, I still hadn’t swallowed. I wanted to show him like in the pictures I like, I opened my mouth and showed him his cum covering my tongue and all over my mouth. I let him see it and then slowly swallowed his cum, enjoying it as I tasted and savored it.

He said, “Terry, you are quite a cocksucker.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

“I think I’d like that.”

“I can be your cocksucker. Just let me know when.”

It was about a week later when Mark called me and when I answered the phone, he said, “How about another one.”


“Like last week, I could use another blow job.”

I was a little taken back when it said it like that and then I remembered and I smiled. I said, “Ah, OK. When?”

“How about right now, can you wear your stuff again? That was sexy.”

“OK - I’ll be down in 5 minutes.”

I gathered up my stockings, garter belt, etc. and decided to wear them under my guy clothing. So I hastily got dressed in my favorites. My cock was very hard as I got dressed, thinking about what I was going to do. Then I put my guy clothing on top and went next door.

I was surprised to see his wife’s car in their driveway, maybe she just got home and he hadn’t expected her.

I rang the doorbell anyway and Mark answered and invited me in.

“I hope you don’t mind, Susan wanted to watch you do it. I told her you were good and she wants to watch. Would that bother you?”

I was already getting hard thinking about it, thinking about sucking his cock in front of her. She smiled at me and I shook my head and said, “That’s OK.”

He said, "Show her what you are wearing. We can see you have your stockings on, show her the rest."

They sat on the couch and I stood in front of them. I unfastened my pants and slid them down my stockinged legs. They could see my garter belt, panties and black stockings. Then I pulled off my shirt and they could see my bra and chemise. Then I opened my bag and took out my heels. I slipped them on and Mark said: “That’s the way he was dressed when I first saw him and he said he had to offer me a blowjob.”

She said, "He is hard just standing there dressed that way." She looked at me and said, “Are you ready to do it?”

I nodded yes. And Susan started working on Mark’s belt and zipper. She said, "Come here and help get it out."

I moved between his legs and felt for his cock. I pulled his pants down and put my hand into his underwear and touched his cock. It wasn’t hard yet, but it was growing in my hand.

Sue looked at me and said, “I want to see it in your mouth. Do it.”

I moved my head in, pulled his cock out and slowly let his hardening cock slip between my lips. It was sliding into my mouth and filling me. I started moving up and down on his cock, sucking it for him. It was really hot as she was watching me give Mark a blowjob.

She leaned in next to Mark and said, "Is it good? Is he a good cocksucker?"

Mark moaned and said, "Yes he is."

Mark had his hand in between her legs and she spread them for him. I could see up her short skirt and Mark was working on her panties, pulling them down. She helped him and then took them off, over her black stockings, she had on a garter belt also!

She spread her legs and Mark put his hand on her pussy and was moving his fingers into her cunt. I watched this as I was sucking his cock further into my mouth, filling it, enjoying his cock in my mouth. It was really hot looking at her pussy with a hard cock fucking my mouth.

Susan was moving her hips as Mark fingered her, she looked at me and said: "Are you going to swallow? Mark likes it when I swallow. "

She moved down toward Marks cock and had her head next to mine and said, “Let me suck it, share his cock.”

I pulled back and watched as she mouthed his hard cock. She had his cock in her mouth and her hand moved to my panties, feeling my hard cock. She pulled my panties aside and felt my cock, then started jacking it off to match how she was sucking on Mark’s cock.

She looked up at me and let his cock slip out of her mouth. I moved back in and continued his blow job, feeling his hard cock slip back into my mouth, filling my mouth as I sucked and felt his cock. He was moaning and enjoying it as Susan continued to play with my cock.

I reached and put my hand on her stockinged leg and enjoyed the sexy feeling. Then I started feeling her up, moving my hand up toward her pussy. I didn’t know if she would stop me, but I was so turned on as I sucked Mark’s cock and felt his wife. She moved to meet my hand and I felt her pubic hair and then her wetness. She was pushing her pussy toward my hand and I moved into her crack and put a finger in. Finger fucking her and sucking his cock – WOW!

With my other hand I cupped his balls and felt them, hairy and soft while his hard cock was in my mouth. I pulled up from sucking his cock so I could see his balls, I felt his hairy balls in my hand then I put my mouth on them and licked them before I took first one ball into my mouth and then the other. Then I sucked them both into my mouth and gently felt them in my mouth. The way he was moving, I could tell he liked it.

I stroked his shaft with my hand and shook my head with both balls still in my mouth. He groaned and groaned and I lifted my head, squeezed his balls with my hand and lowered my mouth over his seeping hard cock. I pulled back from his cock and moved my lips to his balls again. I licked them and then started lapping his balls, and I opened my mouth wide and gently sucked them into my wet mouth.

Susan said, “Mark, he is sucking on your balls! He has them in his mouth, do you like that?”

Mark said “YES.” As I let his balls slip out of my mouth. Susan had moved back down to suck his cock as I was working on his balls. I was still fingering her pussy and I thought I was going to cum right then!

When I thought it couldn’t get any better or any hotter, she put her hand back on my hard cock and I felt like I had to cum.

When I felt her shift, she let his cock slip out of her mouth and I kissed his balls and moved my head up letting my tongue glide along his hard cock. I closed my upper lip over the head of his cock and lifted my head and his cock slid into my mouth, his hard cock was back in between my lips, filling my mouth again. My mouth was his pussy and he was fucking my mouth.

Then she was moving her head to meet my hard cock. I felt her suck my cock into her mouth as I was feeling his cock in mine. I had to cum soon and I wanted Mark to cum in my mouth first.

I started jerking the base of his cock as I kept the rest inside my warm, wet mouth. His hips started moving and it felt like he was ready to cum for me. I knew he was close when he started moaning and pushing his hips up to meet my strokes and sucking mouth. He was fucking my mouth and I loved it.

I’m not sure who started to cum first, I think when I felt his first squirt hit my mouth that caused me to cum into Susan’s mouth. I continued to suck him and milk all of his cum out of his delicious cock and Susan was doing the same to me.

She pulled off of my cock and came up next to me as I let his cock slip from my mouth. Susan opened her mouth and showed me my cum and I did the same to her, then she leaned in and kissed me with her mouth open and her tongue probing my mouth like her husband’s cock had just done. She was pushing my cum into my mouth mixing it with the mouthful of Mark’s cum I already had.

She said, “Open your mouth and show us. Then swallow it slowly.”

I did as she asked and after I swallowed, she leaned in and kissed me again. I still had my hand in her wet pussy and was enjoying that feeling as we kissed.

She pulled back and then moved up to kiss Mark with her cum soaked lips. I moved my hand out of her pussy and thought maybe one day I can eat that.

Since then, we’ve done it several more time and I always suck Mark’s cock and he comes in my mouth. Susan sucks me about half of the time, and then we exchange cum. When she doesn’t suck me she just likes to watch the cocksucker do his job.

The last time when I was finger fucking her while I sucked Mark, she said, “Would you like some more cum, some second hand cum sometime after we do it? Mark and I talked about it and we wondered if you would like to eat his cum from here?"

Then Susan said, "We could call you after we do it, and you could eat some more cum and clean me up."

I said, "I think I’d really like that."

I wouldn’t mind trying it with them, I’d like to eat her out and get all of that tasty cum. That turned us all on and I think it’s going to be on the agenda real soon.

I got the call I was waiting for, I answered the phone and it was Susan. She said, "Mark and I just fucked and I’m laying on the bed, dressed like you with my legs spread and my pussy full of his cum. Terry, do you want it?"

I said “Yes.”

"Can you come down here right now? Get dressed and come down here you cum eating cocksucker."

"I’ll be right there – wait for me."

I hurriedly got dressed in my stockings, garter belt, panties, heels and bra. It was dark outside and I wanted to walk down there dressed up like this – with nothing else. I walked to the door and when I stepped outside, the security light came on! I just walked fast down our driveway, with my heels loudly clicking all the way. I walked down the street and up to their door and Mark opened it for me.

He said, "Nice." Then he yelled to Susan, “The cocksucker is here.”

“Come here fagot, come eat me.”

I walked into the bedroom and she looked great, lying on her back with her stockinged legs spread wide and her pussy looking like it was just fucked. She never looked better.

I got on the bed, between her spread legs and moved to her cunt. I licked along the slit and then kissed her clit. She was already moaning about how hot this was as I licked her some more and tasted her delicious mixture of her and Mark. I was lapping at her cunt, getting it all, probing her pussy with my tongue.

I had a mouthful of their cum, it was thick as I tasted it in my mouth. I was licking and sucking the cum and I ate her and had my mouth all over that just fucked pussy and I sucked all of his cum and her juices out of her pussy. She had her hands around my head, pulling me into her pussy. I was between her spread legs eating her out. As she was slowing down, she said, “If you can get Mark hard again, you can suck his cock.” With that she started moving her hips around, grinding on my face to meet my lapping and tonguing her wet pussy all over again..

Mark was sitting on the bed, watching us and I reached over and felt his cock. It wasn’t hard yet, but as I felt it, it started to grow in my hand and I knew I was going to suck him tonight also.

Susan said, “Get him hard again with your mouth so he can fuck me while you are sucking on his balls.’

I moved to his cock and let my lips slip over it as he slid into my wanton mouth, I put it back in my mouth pussy and I wanted to feel him fucking my mouth again, I wanted to feel him sliding in and out, feel his pubic hair against my nose and his balls touching my chin.

I could feel him grow in my mouth and between my lips and I didn’t want to give up this delicious cock, I wanted Mark to fuck me and cum in my mouth. I could eat her pussy again, but now I wanted his cock, I needed his cock in my mouth, fucking me, giving me what I wanted.

I put my hands under him holding onto his ass cheeks so he could fuck me, fuck my mouth and I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to feel him cum, feel him as he shot his load into my mouth pussy. I could feel him tense as he got ready to cum in my mouth. Then he started shooting his thick, cream giving me a mouthful of cum. I sucked him and sucked him getting it all.

I leaned back on the bed and looked at them in their just fucked state and they both looked good. Then I showed them my mouthful of cum and slowly swallowed that thick delicious cum.

Susan said: “You are hot. Hot and sexy.” Then she said: “Mark and I were wondering something Terry.”

“What’s that?”

“Would you be interested in helping out Mark’s b*****r?”


“He hasn’t had a girlfriend for a while and we wondered if you would be interested. The other day we mentioned that we might know someone who could help him out.”

“Did you tell him who?”

“No, not yet. Should we tell him you might be available? He doesn’t know you are a cocksucker, but Mark could tell him how good you are. We could do it anyway you want to handle it. You could have us watch or do it alone with him. We were thinking you might like to do it in front of us, but maybe not.”

“How do you think he would want to do it?”

Mark said, “See, he is thinking about it. I told you he would want to do it.”

I thought for a second and then said: “Yes, I’ll do it. Anyway he wants.”

With that I had committed to suck his b*****r’s cock. They agreed to talk to him, see if he was interested and how he wanted to do it then they would call me.

They called me the NEXT day. I answered the phone and Mark said: “He is very interested. He liked when I explained how you dress and how good you are. He said tonight would be great, or is that too early?”

“Tonight will work, how does he want to do this? Alone or with you watching?”

“He wants to do it alone first and we offered him our master bedroom. Is that OK?”

“That’s fine. Call me when it’s time.”

“He wants to come over right now if you are available. He just got out of the shower.”

“OK, I’ll head down your way after I change.”

I dressed quickly in my girlie things and headed down to their place. I got there first and they led me into their bedroom and where I removed my pants and shirt then put on my heels. I put on one small light and turned off everything else then I sat on the bed and waited for him.

I heard the door open and they were talking to him, telling him I was in the bedroom, waiting for him. The door opened and he walked in, closing the door behind him. I stood up so he could see me and he said: “Nice, you are hot.”

“Come sit on the bed.” He walked over and sat.

I said: “Let me help you take these off.” as I leaned in and started unfastening his belt. He helped me and then we both slid his pants off so he was now in his boxers.

I got on the floor and knelt between his legs. I reached out put a hand on his left knee. He didn’t object and I slid my hand up his leg to his cock. It was growing as he had a small tent forming as I touched it. I put my hand around his cock and it felt good in my hand, then I moved to his boxers and started to slide them off. He raised his hips as I slid them off.

I got my first look at his hardening cock as I held it in my hand and I liked the way it looked and felt. Then I moved my lips to the head of his cock and let it slip between them. I slowly sucked his cock into my mouth and he moaned as I felt it enter and fill my wet mouth pussy. I moved up and down as I sucked his hard cock feeling him with my lips and tongue. I put my hand on his hairy balls, knowing I would soon have them in my mouth also.

I loved sucking his cock as it was obvious he was really enjoying my blow job. He had his hands on my head, guiding it as he fucked my mouth, his cock going in and out of my mouth between my wet mouth pussy lips.

He was saying, “Oh. Terry, oh Terry you are good, fuck you are good! What a cocksucker.

As I sucked more and more on his hard tool, he said: "Mark was right, you are a great cocksucker.”

As I continued sucking his delicious cock, and before I could get his balls in my mouth, he said: “I’m getting ready.... Oh, I’m getting ready to cum. Are you ready, do you want it?”

I pulled up from his cock and said, “Yes, I want it. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Then I moved back onto his hard cock and continued sucking him, feeling his hardness in my mouth. When he started to cum he shot a large load of hot, thick cum into my waiting mouth. I could feel him as he filled my mouth. I milked his cock with my mouth and then pulled back and opened my mouth displaying my cum covered tongue and mouthful of cum to him,

I showed him my cock sucking reward. Then I slowly swallowed for him. After I swallowed his cum, I moved back to his cock and took it once more into my mouth and sucked him some more, getting any remaining cum into my mouth to make sure I had it all.

He laid back on the bed and kept saying WOW….

I turned around and Mark and Susan had just come into the room. Susan said “Mark is so hard just from listening, would you like another?”

I turned to them and said: “Yes, I would. Come here Mark.”

I got on my knees as Mark walked over to me and dropped his pants. I helped him take off his shorts. He stood in front of me with his hard cock sticking out. Mark moved it toward my waiting mouth and it slipped easily between my lips and I was filled with another delicious cock. I was sucking on Mark’s cock as Susan and his b*****r watched.
... Continue»
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My Bear Doctor - Part 2

A few sundays after my hospital visit, I came back from my football game, took a shower and sat down to continue reading a book. Under the book on the table was the card given by my bear doctor. I picked it up and was pondering for sometime whether to call him or not. A few minutes later I decided to call him. He picked up the phone. He was panting, I thought he was in the middle of a work out. I apologized and introduced myself. He said a cheerful Hi and and asked how I was doing and if there was a problem. I jokingly said "Yes, the hard on that you gave me that day wont go.", In the same jolly tone he replied, "Thats bad. It has to be taken care of immediately". I asked, "Do you do house visits?". To my pleasant surprise he said, "Normally I dont, but, now I will make an exception. What's the address?". I gave him the directions from his house to my room. He promised to come in 30 minutes after taking a shower.

All my previous experiences have been with people of my age or younger. I always had a preference to men older and bigger than me. I am not a skinny guy myself. I am 5' 6" weighing around 80 kilos with a decent physique. But, this is the first time I had hooked up with an older and bigger bear type of guy. I was thrilled! I spent the next 30 minutes pacing around my room.

I heard footsteps outside and opened the door. There was my guy dressed in a clean white t-shirt (of course with the first button open!:)) and a pair of linen trousers that fit him snugly around the waist and showed his muscular thighs. He was taller than I had seen him last time. He flashed his nice smile and took off his shoes and I asked him to come in. When I closed the door and turned around, he hugged me warmly for a few minutes. I also wrapped my arms around his thick body. My face was on his chest. I could smell the Azzaro perfume he was wearing. I let myself in to the moment and was breathing in sync with him. After a few minutes he broke the embrace and kissed me on the cheek. I kissed him back on his cheek. He had a nice stubble. Perfect, I thought.

He sat on the sofa and I sat next to him. We talked for sometime. I learnt that he was 35, married and had 2 k**s. His attraction towards men came during his college gym days. After sometime, I said I will take a shower (though I had already taken a shower). I picked up a towel and slowly took my clothes off in front of him. I was doing a striptease for him. He was looking at me with an eager smile. I wrapped the towel around and stepped in to the bathroom and closed the door. But I purposefully left it unlocked and did not close it shut, so there was a narrow gap. I opened the shower and stepped in and washed myself. Then I heard the bathroom door open. I pretended not noticing it. After washing off the soap, I turned off the shower and wiped my self dry and turned to see him standing at the bathroom door.

I walked to him and hugged him. He inhaled the scent of the soap on my body starting from my shoulder, up my neck and to my face. He paused for a moment and slowly kissed my lips. For a few seconds our lips were just touching. Then I parted my lips to let him further in. We started kissing a little faster with our lips trying to get hold of each other's lips. In a few minutes, we were doing a full french kiss with our tongues getting in to action. He had his hands on my butt gently fondling them. I had my hands on his chest as I played with his strong chest. I lifted his shirt tucked in the pant and put my hand under his shirt to feel his chest. The gentle hair on his chest was a pleasure to touch.

I broke the kiss to take his shirt off. He had the perfect shaped chest and a nice abdomen. The gentle, short hair on his chest and abdomen was evenly spread and came down to his navel and disappeared under the waist of his pant. I savoured his body for sometime and pulled him closer to me. I felt my body against his and the warmth of his body was very comforting. The erect dick in his pants was pressed against my abdomen. I made him sit on a chair. I went behind him and gently kissed the back of the shoulder and the neck. I slowly came to the side of the neck with my lips and tongue tracing circles on the side of the neck. I kissed his earlobes and gently bit them. He moaned softly and shuddered in pleasure. I cupped his chest and was slowly rubbing his nipples with one hand. With the other hand I was groping his abdomen.

He suddenly stood up and pushed the chair away. In a single motion he picked me up and put me on the bed. Before I could even realize, he started sucking on my nipples. He was flicking his tongue around my nipple and softly sucking on them. As he kept doing that, his moustache would keep rubbing the area around the nipple. As if that was not enough pleasure, his stubble also joined the rubbing occasionally. When he shifted from one nipple to the other he nuzzled my chest with his face. I was going crazy. All I could do was moan and pull the hair on his head in pleasure.

He slowly went down kissing and biting my belly> He again nuzzled my hair around my dick and gently kissed my erect dick from the base to the tip. He pulled the foreskin down and kissed the tip and licked the slit. He wrapped his lips around the head and slowly took the head in and pulled out. He kept doing in gentle motions and was also softly sucking. The soft, warm and moist inner part of his lips felt so wonderful. As he was sucking the head of my dick, he used his tongue to lap around the head. He also licked the bottom part of the head that leads to the slit. He then started to deep throat. He had absolutely no gag reflex. He was a pro! He also stroked the sides of my body starting from the armpit to the waist sending waves of pleasure and giving me goosebmps. I have never felt so musch pleasure at the same time. I was constantly shuddering in pleasure.

Soon enough I was about to shoot. I asked him to stop, but he wouldn't. I pulled out just in time and shot my cum on my abdomen and chest. I laid on the bed, breathless and still reeling from the pleasure. He cleaned my abdomen and laid down next to me and pulled me in to an cozy embrace. I kissed his chest and rubbed my face on his chest hair for sometime.

I made him lie on his back and went down to his crotch. I unbuttoned his pant, pulled it down and took it off. He had a huge dick! the head was already peeking out through the waist band of his underwear. I pulled his underwear down to reveal a 7.5 inch cock which was atleast 2 inches thick in diameter. I gasped at the sight of the monster. The very thought of having to take it down my throat freaked me out. I followed his style of sucking to make sure he had the same pleasure that I experienced. I also gently stroked the the part between the balls and the anus as I sucked him. I had difficulty in deep throating him, nonetheless, I managed to do it. In a few minutes, his dick was throbbing and I knew he was going to shoot. He also pulled my head out in time and shot a thick load from his cannon. The cum landed on the wall behind his head.

I laid down next to him and was admiring his handsome face. I placed my hand on his chest as it rose and fell gently due to his breathing. I kissed his cheek and whispered "Thank you" in his ears. He smiled and said "Save your thanks as this is not the last time." He kissed on my forehead.

I asked him, "When you picked up the phone, you were panting. Were you working out?" He said, "No, I was jerking off." He added, "Thinking of you". We both laughed. We hugged and lay with our bodies entwined in an embrace. We did not let go of each other for hours.

As he said, that was not the last time.... Continue»
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As I have been asked on several occasions HOW I lost my virginity I figured it’s about time I told how it really happened. I grew up with fairly broad minded parents and my Mum and dad are nudists, even still they go to a club regularly but since I got married my guy Troy is not really into public nudity so although we have been with them to the nudist club it’s not a regular thing.
We had our own cabin at the club which we still own and there was an old guy at the time that had the cabin next door but his wife had passed away some years earlier but he remained a member which was allowed as he and his wife joined when they were much younger because the club is a f****y club and basically singles are not allowed even to this day.
There were around 300 f****y’s as members but not many people my age which at the time I had just turned THIRTEEN and I was still a virgin although a couple of my school friends had lost their virginity but not under pleasant circumstances or they reckon it wasn’t as good as they thought it might be.
On this particular day Mum and dad had to go with friends into the local town which was about 25 kilometres away but I didn’t want to go as it was like totally boring and I was a little miss super bitch back then but my s****r who was then only eight loved hanging out with mum and dad so I just said I would curl up with a book. They hadn’t been gone long when I noticed our neighbour was roaming around his cabin and as I used to con soft drink and lollies out of him quite easily so I couldn’t resist paying him a visit which I did quite regularly, him and my parents got along really well so he was like a very trusted friend to us and I could chat with him about anything pretty much.
At that stage I had been getting my periods for about 12 months but my little tits were basically non-existent with my nipples being just two brown little bumps that looked like baby mushrooms that you can buy in a can but my nipples often ached back then and mum used to tell me it was because they were growing and I should massage them if they got sore which they seemed to do more around that certain time of the month and although I had pubic hair it was very sparse and sat flat against my little cunt which was so different to the adults there that had curls upon curls to show off.
As soon as I went in to his cabin (which I never used to knock but that was like acceptable) he started his usual tormenting me about boys whom he did very regularly but I pretended to hate it but I think he knew I relished it and we would always make smart remarks at each other. Back then I used to be very tom boyish and Mum was always into me about the way I sat as I really didn’t think much about sitting with my legs apart or sitting with my legs crossed at the ankles which naturally opened my little crack and I could never understand that we were at a fucking nudist club mum so why give a shit hey. Anyway I plopped onto his sofa and sat with my legs up and feet on the cushion as I often did and I must admit that I sometimes caught him looking at my little cunt but everyone at the club often had a quick perv at each other and I have to admit I used to look at the other members cocks, cunts and tits as well, it was only natural I thought and I often used to watch old Ken when he was working in his garden and how his donger as we called them would wobble around if he was using a garden hoe or that.
But for some reason I had been feeling different to normal latterly and I had certain attractions to my own sexual parts quite frequently even though I didn’t really masturbate but just enjoyed feeling myself. Old ben left me sipping on a can of creaming soda and ducked outside to do something and while he was out I just glanced down and noticed I had some fluff right on my cunt crack and so went to remove it then I pulled my cunt lips open to check if there were any more, as I was doing this I didn’t hear old Ken come back in and when I did realize he was there and staring at what I was doing I quickly closed my legs and went as red as a beetroot and attempted to explain about the fluff and Ken being Ken started teasing me about masturbating. “I WAS NOT” I said, “honest there was fluff there” and we both started laughing and he said “ Well Sammy you should have asked me to remove it for you” and we both laughed again and me being the miss super bitch who always wanted the last say said, “ Well, come and check it for me” knowing full well he wouldn’t but to my surprize he said, “ okay, get them open miss cocky bitch” but looked as though he didn’t mean it and naturally I just had to pull his bluff as I couldn’t let him get the upper hand could I? So I opened my knees right back so my little cunt crack gapped and pushed my hips forward on the sofa and he took no time at all and dropped between my legs and grabbing each of my cunt lips in his fingers stretched me open and had a look in, “ AHHH” he said “ your right there is still a bit there and as he grabbed at it he touched my clit and I let out a , “Huh,,,ohhh” and he said, “Ummm a bit sensitive in there are we, can’t take it huh” I replied, “NOOO I can take anything “ to which he replied “BULLSHIT” with a big grin on his face” “I can too” I said and he gave my clit a little rub and it felt so fucking good hey and I said “ See” as he kept rubbing it.
I remember at the time I knew I should have said stop but I was a little shit head and didn’t want to be the one to say stop so I let him keep rubbing me and it started to feel really nice hey, I noticed that I was starting to feel really hot, not sweaty hot but warm especially around my face and neck and then he went straight down and started licking my now wet little cunt and it felt like so warm and I could feel his breath softly on the area around my cunt and I didn’t want him to stop it felt so good, he soon started pushing a finger into me as her licked which felt weird but nice and I had an irresistible urge to move my hips towards him which I did, that’s when he asked me to put my ankles back under my arm pits which when I did he started pushing his tongue deeper into my now wet little tight cunt and he was using his finger or thumb to massage my little arsehole, wow, I thought this is so cool and that’s when I noticed that his cock had become fucking huge, it stood straight out and was at least three times bigger than it usually was. I said “ YOUR cocks got fat hey” and he replied “ well Sammy that’s because it’s as excited as your hot little love hole and it thinks it’s going to get a fuck” “ha ha ha does it” I said and he replied “ that’s why all cocks get stiff Sammy and that’s why all pussies get wet so that the cock can slide in easily” and I replied, “BUT that wouldn’t fit my cunt hey, it’s too big hey” and he said, “actually Sammy it would fit if I put it in real slow, can I show you” I said, :Ummm well go slow then hey and if I say stop then stop hey” he then held my legs back tight and rubbed the knob of his erect cock up and down my crack and especially around my clit and it felt like so fucking good hey as he slowly very slowly put the head in a bit. I remember distinctly dropping my mouth open and staring straight at his big cock slowly edging its way deeper and deeper into my slowly stretching cunt lips and it did hurt sort of but it wasn’t a bad hurt hey, it was more of a tight hurt and I could feel my cunt tightening on it as he kept pushing until he was about half way in and then he started to with draw, as soon as he was back out to his knob he pushed it in again and kept doing this for quite a while while I just stared at this cock going in and out with such ease and remembering how bl**dy good it felt, “ can I go faster Sammy, do you mind, “ If you want” I said as he started speeding up and I arched my back a little and realized he was now going right into my cunt up to his balls and I was still enjoying it. I remember at that stage feeling a strange sort of love for him, not in love but more of a friend love and the way he was enjoying fucking me gave me a feeling of pleasure that I can’t really describe hey. So on and on he rammed his cock into me and he was totally enjoying it big time and he was sort of swearing saying things like, “FUCKING hell your hot cunt is tight Sammy, fuck your tight, so fucking tight” and “Your so fucking smooth and wet inside your hot tight cunt I want to split it for you” and I said, “Don’t split it.. that will hurt” and he said, “I don’t mean it literally Sammy it is just a way of saying I want to fuck you harder ,” so I said, “ ohhh okay well yeah you can split me then hey” and he said “tell me you want me to split your hot cunt” so I said, “ “I want you to split my hot cunt, and he said “scream it to me Sammy scream it to me” so I screamed out loud, “SPLIT MY HOT CUNT,, SPLIT MY HOT CUNT” but I started laughing and so did he but he kept ramming his cock into me tho hey.
then when he finally blew he pulled out and the cum spurted out in short spurts up my belly and onto my tiny tits and that’s when I noticed bl**d on his cock and I said, “Ohhh fuck your cocks bleeding “ and he replied, “No Sammy that’s from your little cunt girl, I’ve broke your little hymen girl so your no longer a virgin” I said, “ but it didn’t hurt” and he said “ It doesn’t have to you were probably pretty much ready to lose it” I said “are we going to do this again sometime”?, and he said, “ Yep, right now” and he opened my legs again and shoved it back in and started fucking me again and this time he started fucking me hard right off and he was pushing me back into the sofa as he fucked me so fast and so hard and I remember gritting my teeth and he was almost laughing as he said, “ fuck you can take it can’t you, you have the hottest little tight cunt Sammy, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long now” and I told him that I had thought about fucking but didn’t realize it would be so much fun and he said, “so you like my old cock in your tight little cunt then” as he rammed his cock in and out of my eager hot hole and I replied, “yep it’s an awesome feeling hey as I grunted and my words bounced to the shaking if us fucking so hard. He stopped and said” you need to orgasm girlie” and he went back to licking my cunt again but he was shaking his head violently around as he licked my little clit and he told me I had the best tasting cunt of any girl he has ever licked and that my cunt tasted like expensive wine which made me feel really good as I often thought that it might stink but he loved it hey. And I sort of felt really weird when he his tongue often slipped around and lapped my arsehole and I actually wondered at the time if he knew he was licking my arse or did he just not realize where my cunt crack ended and my arse started lol. But it was so nice when he licked it that I wasn’t going to stop him hey.
He licked my cunt for ages and like all of a sudden I had this really funny feeling almost like I was going to faint and it was really a fright but a fright of pleasure as I started feeling all weird and almost shivery and then my cunt lips tightened and I almost squealed as my stomach started involuntarily sort of heaving and the most awesome ever feeling came over me and I brought my knees together and almost curled up into a ball as my whole body seemed to erupt in uncontrollable spasms and I let out a terrible moan as he grabbed my knees and held them together really tight, “ you’ve orgasmed Sammy, like it” and I just sort of looked at him as my contractions subsided and said, “WOW” that’s was pretty awesome hey” I like orgasms I think, ha ha” old ken and I used to fuck regularly after that for about 2 years and no one ever knew until he got killed in a car accident which wasn’t his fault, I was so upset and I cried my eyes out at his funeral but no one knew what there was that I was crying for.
Ever since then I have been like heaps partial to older men as the first time I did fuck a guy my own age he seemed to have really girlish skin and it wasn’t the same although I had loved Troy for some time and with Troy it didn’t bother me that his skin was smooth so I really cannot explain that hey.
But I have absolutely no regrets as to what happened that day and it was so much fun and so exciting that I often wish I could relieve it hey.
Sammy... Continue»
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Me, My Girlfriend & The Other Guy

My girlfriend and I are both 23 years old and live in the Los Angeles area. She is Latina with beautiful eyes and I am a Latino homeboy that is bisexual and she is cool with it. I used to be in a gang, but not anymore.

We have been together for about 3 years and she is the coolest girl I have ever met. If I see a homeboy that I am attracted to and she agrees, she helps me seduce them into our bed!

My sexual fantasies with other homeboys started when I started middle school. I told her that I always wanted to be with another homie and that I wanted her to help me seduce the homie that I wanted.

See I am straight looking & acting. Even though I am not in a gang anymore, I still have the look. I am pelon, goatee with a mustache. I am 5'4" and have a toned body. I have a 6 pack and am packing a 8 inch dick. I like slamming into pussy and have fucked girls since I was young.

When we started searching for my first homie, it was my girlfriend who suggested this young Latino UPS driver that always delivered packages to our apartment complex. This pelon was tall, dark and had muscular legs.

He always wore those brown shorts they wear and had the best smile. He was about 19 or 21 years old and was always smiling at my girl when he passed us by. I didn't get jealous 'cause fuck he was so fine. He probably didn't know that I admired him too.

One day me and my girl were pulling into our parking stall and he was right behind us in his big UPS truck. We had already talked about trying to seduce him for me, but we weren't sure exactly how we were going to do it. But here was our chance to talk to him.

We got out of the car right away and approached his truck. He was searching for something in the back of the truck. I knocked on his door. He came out and said with a smile "hey wassup!" I acted like I was interested in a job for UPS and asked him for details.

I introduced myself to him and my girl. He said that UPS would be hiring for the holidays and that I should apply at the corporate office. He gave me the details and then to our surprise he said "and homie tell them that I sent you, because if you get hired I get $50."

My girl asked him If we could get his address and phone number for references, he said "no problem" and he wrote all his information down for us. After he left, I wished we would have flirted more with him, but I thought "oh well at least it's a start, and we got his number."

Like a true horn dog, that very same night, I called him up and asked questions about UPS while trying to feel him out as well. He said he was single and lives in downtown LA and likes to smoke out and drink Jack Daniels with 7-Up. I asked him if he wanted to come over and party with us, he accepted the invitation fast!
When he got to our apartment, I saw that he had a muscular body which was covered by baggy jeans and a white muscle shirt. Casi me cago (I almost shit my pants with happiness). I kept looking at his body, and thinking he's fine. We smoked out and drank hard shit and then he was high! The homie got high quick.

My girl and I began hugging, kissing and feeling each other out. He appeared to be in a daze and looked sl**py at times. He once stared at us for a long time and just smiled and laughed. When I was sure that he was really fucked up, I motioned him over with my hand to join us on the couch, he got up quick and told me "Homie your girl is fine!"

My girl had been flirting with him the whole time and made his drinks the way he liked them. After a few minutes I got up and acted like I had to go to the bathroom. My girl knew what to do when I was gone. When I came back into the room, the lights were off and my girl and the homie were on the couch touching each other.

My girl tells me "he wants to play with my tits babe?' I told him "go for it homes!" I told him that we were open minded and that I was cool with it. Once he was down on his knees in front of my girl, he unbuttoned his pants and out came the biggest dick I have ever seen! It was about 9 inches long and about 6 inches thick. The UPS motherfucker was hung like a horse, horny and hard as a motherfucker!

He would look at me and then at my girl to make sure it was all cool. My girl was all over his shit in no time. She kissed him on his throat, face and lips. He was feeling good, I could tell. He asked if I was cool if he ate my girl out, I told him that it's all on her."

She told him "I can give it up for you only if my guy joins us too", without a second going by he said "I got no problem with that." I started kissing my girl while he ate her out. I took off my clothes and he looked up at my rock hard cock sticking out almost right in front of his face. He looked up at me and then my girl. He looked kinda scared but curious. I told him "hey homie it's all good ese." I think that was the go ahead he was waiting for because he immediately began grabbing and stroking my cock while eating my girl’s pussy.

I bent down in front of my girl too and we both got our heads into her pussy and began licking, sucking and kissing and biting her inner thighs and pussy. She was moaning with loud noises that I knew our neighbors have to have heard. At one point we both crossed her pussy lips and felt each other’s tongues and began to kiss, we had the flavor of my girlfriend's pussy on our tongues. That fucker kissed me deep and very passionate. I was in heaven!

He got up and got behind me and started to eat my big butt out. I was eating my girl out and this big dick UPS boy was eating my ass out. I never felt so good. After a while, I wanted to fuck my girl so he could watch. I lifted up and slammed my girl and he went around and began kissing my nipples.

He said, "hey homie it's my turn", I pulled out and he slammed his huge dick into my little girl's pussy hole. She screamed and he didn't care at all! He slammed and slammed until I started to grab his ass and then I went down on his huge muscular ass too. I threw him on his back while my girl played with herself and smiled at me and I ate that motherfucker's ass out for what seemed like hours. He loved it. I never heard a homie scream and moan like he did! It was so cool.

I sucked his cock and took as much as I could down my throat too. His dick was so fucking big that I could not take it down as much as I wanted. Soon my girl and I were sucking on him like no tomorrow. He loved it. He then said, "I never fucked a guy before, but I want to." I greased up and turned my ass way up into the air with my shoulders flat on the floor and my bubble ass sticking way up for his pleasure.

He started to put the tip in while my girl jacked me off. He put the head in and then slammed it home. I fell to the ground in pain and pleasure that I hiked my ass up in the air again in no time. He slammed me for about 15 minutes and then he started to moan like a wild a****l and then pulled out and shot his hot load all over me and my girl's face, we both ate it and licked it off each other's face and he joined us.

He started sucking me off while I played with my girl's pussy, when I was ready to cum, he said
"Wait"! He grabbed my girl so I could give them facials. Just like me and my girl did, they ate it and then licked what was left off each other’s face.

My big dick UPS homeboy visits us almost every other week and now I fuck him and he fucks me and we both fuck my girl. He asked if it was cool if he brought his good looking gangster cousin sometime. We both agreed at the same time. He said he always wanted to suck his cousin’s dick. The three of us plan to seduce him too.

UPS homeboy’s really do deliver!
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My BFF went and got herself a black boyfriend.

OK, so maybe I am a Queen of Spades. But a respectable married one at least.

Last week we get a sitter and go over to Stacy's. Dinner and meet her new boyfriend.
He's black and 23. I asked her what the heck she is going to do with a 23 year old.
Her answer was simple, she was going to screw a lot. He and my husband have the same name.
So I call him K2. Better than little Ken, as he is under 6 foot tall.

He enjoyed meeting my Ken, really hit it off well. K2 is a bit of Ohio inner city type but seems to respect my guy. Maybe it's the older and blacker part. Lord knows how many hours they spoke for. Hundreds of questions about Africa and schooling in the UK. Stacy and I drank, too much again. Gotta stop this.

These guys are still talking long after midnight when Stacy and I both decided to sl**p. I awaken maybe an hour later to noises coming through the wall. It's Ken's deep voice and Stacy giggling. I jump when I find K2 sitting on the bed. K2 gets up and tells me Ken told him to sl**p here. He too was a bit d***k. He asks me if it's OK. I say sure and move over. I'm fully dressed and a bit pissed off as I know Stacy loves my Ken's cock and he equally loves her huge fake tits.

I go to the bathroom to pee and as much as to get even I come with just a t-shirt on. The bottom part is getting much better but I'm still uncomfortable with these huge mommy boobs. K2 smiles as he is laying on the bed and is fully dressed. Maybe I should not have been angry and just accepted it for the fun it would be.

I jump under the top sheet and tell K2 to get comfortable too. He says no and I can hear a lot through the thin apartment walls. Ken and Stacy are having quite a bit of fun. By the sounds I know exactly what she is starting to do. Now I'm calling K2 Ken.

I get out from under the sheet, roll over top of Ken and tell him to stand up. I go to my knees and start taking off his jeans. As I do that he loses his shirt. Before I get his shorts off I can tell there is a serious cock under there and he pulls me up and moves to kiss me. He whispers "Ken told me this would be alright. Also said you love deep kissing, So do I." With that he moved to my mouth. This k** had one heck of a long tongue and knew how to use it. He is an excellent kisser. Got me hot with that alone. Better than that, my hand was palming a very much above average sized hard cock.

Loudly I said "Did Ken also tell you I love to suck cock and swallow cum?" With that I dropped to the floor and removed those shorts. I gobbled his cock like it was my only meal. When I deep throated him I got a compliment. Of course, he has a slender cockhead and only gets real thick around the base. I could take him into my throat.

I forget how we ended up in a 69 position on the bed. A man who enjoys eating a lady! I was in heaven. With the curve of his cock matching my throat it proved very easy to deep throat him. Every time he swiped me with that beautiful tongue, I took a breath, took him completely and held him there till I had to come up for air. Eventually I got selfish and we moved around so he was just working on me.

Good boyfriend Stacy !!

I can't remember how many times he made me cum. His face was a mess of my juices. And he was smiling wildly. I told him "Your turn", I was a bit exhausted and figured a quick suck off was in order.
He agreed and told me I would get a nasty huge load. So I straddled him. I took him inside balls deep in a single movement. I figure he is around 9 inches which is like perfect. Maybe my guy is just too big. He looked shocked. He said to me "No condom?" I replied loudly "Darn right no condom, seed me and breed me with that huge load.".

We broke right back into deep tongue kissing. Then he pushes be back to remove my t-shirt. I motioned NO but who was I k**ding. His cock is inside me, I'm grinding and squeezing his shaft and I should worry about sloppy tits.

I swear all these black guys love big milky white tits. Ken kind of lifted them from below into the position they used to be in and dove in. Honestly it felt good. I went with it. Having his hands on my tits when kissing and grinding was ultra exciting and enjoyable. Then they started to ooze milk. Shit.

That was not Kens opinion at all. He alternately moved his lips to my nipples, neck and mouth and now he is stroking me hard. He repeated the nipples, neck mouth sequence a few times. All the while stroking. He warned me "I'm close to cumming". I said "Flip me, I want to cum with you".

In a motion I'm on the bottom with legs high and we are loud. He is now beating up my cervix pretty bad, probably grew a bit longer. I found myself hoping he would pop through, not to be. He is starting to groan. I'm hollering for him to give me that huge potent load and I'm close to a vaginal. Then his plowing slows and he holds himself deep, I feel the shaft of his thick cock start to convulse and twitch. He is filling me! I felt eight cock spasms when like a light switch it kicked me into a vaginal orgasm. I can't say much about what happened after that.

I regain composure, I'm all tingles and tender. Ken is still on top of me, inside me and still rock hard.
He comes down to my face and we slowly resume deep kissing. Lots of whispering about all the seed in me. I tell him how womanly it makes me feel and I tell him how much I enjoy him keeping his cock in me while as I soak up all his seed.

The kissing was fabulous during these moments. Then he starts stroking slowly which in no time built up to an aggressive pace. Oh lord, this is why Stacy has a 23 year old! In no time at all I'm having small climaxes again and he starts to slow down. My tits look better what I am on my back and Ken was right back on them. With his slowness out coupling became real tender. It somehow turned into lovemaking intercourse. How good it was. This is what this woman craves. I also crave being filled with semen.

Between my mouth, leaky tits and him taking me without protection the moment had all his hot buttons covered. It was not long before he announced "Cumming again". Again I could feel his cock start to convulse. There was no climax for me, certainly no vaginal orgasm. We held tight, lips deeply locked, breathing heavily and I was more satisfied than ever before. I just smiled as he buried his face in my neck while he filled me for a second time.

I held him there tightly, one hand on his butt, one arm wrapped around his back. I was in heaven. Now I could feel him going soft in me. But we still went back in deep passionate kissing, holding him inside while his juices stewed inside me. The kissing got heavier and I had to ask him "Are you going for three times?" He answered "I'd love to but I don't think so.".

He withdrew, I crossed my legs to keep as much semen inside, rolled off to my side and quickly drifted off to sl**p. Waking up many hours later to Ken spooned into my backside with one hand d****d over me resting on my tits.

The wet spot mess on the mattress was dinner plate sized. I rotated placing my hand on his cock and my lips on his. A nice way to wake up!

It was still quiet in the other room. I places a finger up to my lips signaling silence. Then I said to him "Cum as quick as you can" as I disappeared under the sheet.

I slid down so far that my knees ended up on the floor. His cock was a bit stinky, probably equally stinky as my morning breath. Did not matter. I gobbled down his cock and felt it grow hard against my tongue. The position resulted in a river of cum starting to leak out of me. I had a runny mess coming down one thigh. I'm polishing the head, stroking with one hand, going deep. Eventually quick was turning into not so quick. So I jumped up and reminded him "quickly and quietly". I went back to the cock and in short order he has his hands behind my ears guiding me. Then the convulsions I felt earlier in my vaginal lips started against my lower mouth lip. I went as deep as the position allowed, not all of him but I got the cockhead in my throat and gave his semen and express route to my tummy. I pulled off to breath and caught the cum oozing from his cock and cleaned him off.

I will see this guy again.

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My Loving Son

Mark Lyndhurst was walking down his garden path when he heard a kerfuffle coming from the house. As he got nearer he heard his mother shouting.

"How can you do this to me, I've waited nine months for this cruise and now you say you can't go!"

Then his dad in a quieter more conciliatory voice, "I'm sorry Emma, but they've brought the whole contract date forward to next week instead of next month. There's nothing I can do honey, I'm so sorry."

"You can tell them to stuff the fucking contract!" she shouted louder, Mark held his place and listened. She must be really rattled to use that language, he thought. But his mother knew he couldn't not go to work, it was his contract, he and his team had won it against all the odds, and the company would hit the big time now. It was a contract worth 700million in total. And he would be Project Director, not only securing his company's future but also his own.

But things weren't going too well in the Lyndhurst household; she and her husband had been bickering for some time now. The three week cruise was supposed to be a reconciliation holiday, put all their troubles behind them, work at it, get the marriage back on track.

"I've had enough Don, I've had it, I think we might as well separate, you have your work, me and Mark come a poor second obviously. I think we ought to get a divorce, would that suit you better hey?" She told him hotly.

"Now now Emma you don't mean that," he replied.

"Don't I, you just watch me!" and Mark heard her slamming out of the kitchen in tears.

When he went in, he said to his father, "what's going on dad, what have you done now?"

"Its work, I have to cancel the holiday cruise with your mother, and she has gone ballistic, she just doesn't understand." He said grumpily.

"Well its hardly surprising is it," he told his father, "you have been promising her a good holiday for the last three years and for three years you've made excuse after excuse, its no wonder she's angry is it?"

Mark looked accusingly at his father, he was a good provider, but had in later years become a lousy husband to his mother. And for that he would never be able to love him like he once did, when he was a boy his dad was his idol. But the last few years as he had been growing up he began to see him for what he was, a selfish person, that if something didn't suit him, it was no good for any one.

"The cruise is three days away dad how can you do it?" Mark was angry but held it in check.

"I know Mark, but there is absolutely nothing I can do. The firm have offered to pay for a new holiday next year, and stump up the lost cash for this one," he told his son.

"Big deal, you do need the money don't you!" He walked away and went to his mother; she was laid on her bed crying.

He sat next to her and cuddled her, shushing her, saying don't cry, and just giving her a love. At twenty years old Mark was a man now in his own right. He had an irregular girlfriend, but he had a well kept secret, he had a lover, one that no one knew about and never would.

Mark was 6ft 1" a hunk in any woman's eyes, especially his secret lover. Broad at the shoulder, extremely fit, he went to the gym regularly. He worked in a garage and his boss thought the world of him, he was a born mechanic, he could listen to any engine and diagnose with near certainty what problems were being present to his ear.

The good looking young man held his mother, he loved her so much, 'how can that prick do this to her?' he wondered, and at that very moment he hated his dad. But he did understand a little why he had to do what he was, but wrecking his mothers dream holiday cruise. He realised she had fallen asl**p, so he gently laid her down and left her.

An hour later she came down to two very silent men, she looked at Mark, then her husband.

"Mark," she said, "can you get three weeks off work at short notice?"

"Three weeks at short notice mum, why?" he answered puzzled.

"You can take me on holiday instead of your dad," and hooked her thumb at him as if he wasn't there.

"Emma,• his father interjected, "he can't just take time off like that." This annoyed Mark, so he said.

"I'll call the boss right now, I don't see why I can't get three weeks, I haven't had a minute off since last summer, he owes me." Mark made the call, and after some discussion he came back smiling. "Right, I have three weeks paid leave as from this Friday mum," he told her.

His father stood there like a dummy, then asked, "What on earth will you find to do on a cruise ship with your mum for three weeks Mark, you'll be bored to tears in no time!"

He looked at his beautiful mother and said.

"If I can't seduce you, and make love to you, and be screwing you silly by the middle of next week I'll show my ass in the town centre!"

But what actually came out of his mouth was, "We'll have a great time, won't we mum?" His mother flew at him and gave him her best hug.

He had wanted to be with his mother for a long time now and had no idea of how to even think about seducing, and taking her to bed, hers or his, it didn't matter. In Marks opinion, which he admitted was biased, she was utterly gorgeous, and in reality, she was. He was the envy of his friends, and his best friend constantly ribbed him about his MILF!

Emma Lyndhurst stood at 5ft 7" she had had Mark on her nineteenth birthday. But due to complications she had been unable to have any more; consequently Mark had been her passion for the last twenty years. And she was now one month past her thirty ninth. Her eyes were amazing, they could kill a man at ten paces, she had a lovely soft angelic cherubic face, long chestnut hair, and a figure that was the envy of friends.

"Tomorrow Mark, I'm shopping for you, I'm going to buy you everything you need my wonderful champion.

"Don't buy any condoms mum," he told her, "we'll be going bareback!" Again it was in his head.

So he told her instead, "that's great mum," he beamed at her, "dad, give me all the documents, I need to do name changes, and passport details, all of it. His father reluctantly got them and Mark disappeared upstairs to his laptop and printer.

"By the way," he called over his shoulder, "I'm going round to Aunty Cathy's later, she doesn't want to be alone tonight. Aunty Cathy was his dads youngest s****r, his dad was 43 and Cathy was 33, there were three boys and her, she was the youngest by far, she had been a wonderful accident when his mother had found out she was carrying again.

Mark had also been screwing her now for the past four months, and the blame, if any, could be laid squarely, though innocently at his uncle's door. He was a guy who worked away a lot, and Cathy hated being on her own, she was okay sometimes, but others she was almost paranoid about being on her own.

So Uncle John had asked Mark if he would keep her company when he was free, if he didn't mind. "You can stay in the spare bedroom," and that's what led Mark to end up seducing his dads 33 year old gorgeous s****r, his aunty. They had always had a soft spot for him, and he was a regular visitor to their home, and Aunty Cathy doted on him.

He began going round when she called him, or even his uncle, sometimes it was mid week and others the weekend. Cathy never knew when she would get the heebie jeebies about being alone. They were a c***dless couple, no one knew why they hadn't had c***dren, they were both fit and healthy, he had a good sperm count, she was as ready bear c***dren as a woman could be. But sadly nothing had ever happened, and they had resigned themselves to being c***dless.

She had called on the Friday afternoon, and Mark had spent the night there, he had got up to go to work on the Saturday morning to do an urgent job and got back to his Auntie's at lunch time.

It was a piping hot day, middle of the summer and she was on a sun lounger on the decking at the back.

"I've left you a pair of shorts Mark on your bed, get cleaned up and come on out, it's glorious." She called to him. He gazed at her laid there face down sunning herself, her ample tits being squashed in the bikini top, and her ass! Oh man her ass! It rose like the moon on a cloudless sky. His prick jumped in his pants and he felt like jacking off there and then.

He went and hurriedly showered; put the close fitting shorts on that did nothing to hide the lump there. "Hi," he said as he came out and sat on the lounger next to her.

"Hi yourself handsome," she replied, she always called him that because that's what she thought about him, a very handsome young man.

"Will you put suntan lotion on my back please Mark, I can't reach." He picked up the bottle and leaned over, but the angle was wrong so he stood up then crouched beside her. Not being very comfortable, he stood again, and stepped over her, straddling her body and squatted down. His ass was more or less on hers, maybe a little lower.

He was rubbing the lotion in when she said, "undo my top Mark, I don't want any tan lines." Mark didn't know that his Aunty Cathy was feeling randy, her pussy was moist, and her nipples were hard. But Cathy wasn't intent on seducing, or being seduced by her nephew. She was just feeling randy; she would have loved her husband to have walked in, taken her to bed and fucked her brains out.

She rose up on her elbows; Mark undid the string as requested and saw her tits sag as they were set free. He knew she had huge nipples, things like that were impossible to hide, especially from a virile boy like Mark. But what he also didn't know then was, they were the super sensitive kind, ready to rock and roll at a touch, a squeeze, or a twiddle.

He set the bottle down and was rubbing her back, he had settled on to her lower ass and unknown to him she could feel the tightness in his balls. This made her feel even more randy. Mark unknowingly and unintentionally slid his hands under her, took the weight of her tits in his palms, and captured her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

He was squeezing them, and enjoying the hard feel of them, Cathy never moved, she never even twitched, all she did was drop her head and sigh. Mark suddenly realised what he was doing, and was on the point of scarpering when he realised she was just laying there letting him do it. He moved on her ass, another soft sigh came to him, he squeezed a bit harder, and hefted both tits, another soft satisfied sigh.

Cathy's head was lolling on her shoulders; her nephew leaned forward and kissed her neck at the back, another sigh. He kissed his way across and back again, more sighs. He laid into her nipples, they got harder and harder, they were like bullets in his fingers, and his balls were sat tight on his auntie's ass.

Then he gently bit the bit between neck and shoulder, Cathy mewled, her head rose and went to one side giving him all the room he needed to complete his seduction. He kissed up and down her neck, sinking his teeth in time after time. His aunty was panting now, he wondered if he ought to try and get her bottoms off and screw her right where she was, out in the open.

The decision was made for him, Cathy moaned to him. "Oh god Mark, oh my god yes, I like that!" If he could have seen her face he would have been in wonderland, her eyes were closed, her face was flush with bl**d, her full lips were filled with bl**d adding to her tender arousal, and her mouth was in a perfect 'O'

He kept it up, "even if she stops me now, at least I will be able to say I've had a taste of her." He told himself, his prick was as hard as iron, and ready to burst. Cathy spoke so softly he almost missed what she said.

"Do you want me Mark, do you need me baby, your aunty Cathy?" He was still devastating her nipples and burning holes in her neck, his teeth searing her brain.

"Oh yes Aunt Cathy I do," was about all he could mumble with going into gibberish.

"Come on then, lets go inside and sort each other out shall we?" it was said as softly as the last time. He stood and helped her up, she turned popped her head up and kissed him. She felt his cock and she almost climaxed herself, she was so aroused now nothing could have stopped her from taking her nephew to bed.

She hooked his arm and pulled him after her, he tried to wipe lotion from his hands as he followed, as soon as they got indoors she was on him. His Aunty was a lioness after its kill; she wrapped her arms about him, hooked her left leg around his and pressed herself up against him. The feel of his prick pressing on her pussy was too much, she came, it crushed her gloriously.

Cathy dropped to her knees, one, because they had given way to the climax, and two, because she wanted his shorts down and off. She tugged them down and Marks prick sprang out, it hit her in the face. She gazed at it, it was a splendid prick and she was more than happy to see it. Taking it in her hands she rubbed and rolled it, it felt beautiful. She unsteadily rose to her feet, shut and locked the door, grabbed his hand, and said.

"Upstairs Mark Lyndhurst or I'll be screwing you right here on the floor, and that's not the best place for out first ever screw." She took off dragging him behind her, they were in her bedroom in seconds, his aunty shook of her bikini bottoms and threw herself on to her bed.

"Get here right now you beautiful boy, come and make love to your sexy aunty!" Mark got on the bed, got on top of her, and she jammed his cock right into where she knew it would do her the power of good. No sooner had he bottomed out than she came again, her arousal was at the top of the tree.

She locked him in her arms and legs and thrust back at him as he got going. She knew he wouldn't last that long and he didn't, but she still had another two or three climaxes under him before he blew what felt like to her, a lorry load of thick heavy cum. Mark was alive with lust, and aroused desire to fuck forever, and he intended to once he got his breath back.

It was 1.45pm Saturday, and he had the rest of the weekend, and hopefully it would be spent here in his gorgeous aunties very own bed. He fell quiet, as did Cathy, they both looked at each other, now realising what they had just done. Cathy guffawed, and dug her hands into him. "Mark Lyndhurst you had better perform for longer than that the next time my lad, or I'll be sending you home to your mother with a hot smacked bottom!"

He was like most men of his age, he knew his way around a woman's body, where all the best bits were, but finesse wasn't part of his game yet, young men don't understand a woman's real needs, yes a great cock does wonders. But a woman loves soft touches, sweet words, caresses, soft lips and a tongue in the right place. A woman needs to be desired above all else, or sex for the sake it isn't such good fun.

Marks cock had regained its composure and begun to harden again, he was moments away from round two, and he would be looking for a knockout. He felt it rumble within him, he looked down at his aunty, he kissed her.

"Aunt Cathy you are just so totally amazing, I have often looked at you and thought, hmmm, 'what if,' and has 'what if' happened, Oh boy has it!" She was about to reply when he pulled his prick out and hammered it back in, he did this several times, out, bang, out, bang, out, bang.

Cathy lost her breath, the only thing she could do at the moment was to "Ooooooo! Ooooooo! Ooooooo!" as he crashed into her time and again, her Oooooo's matched his thudding re-entry's. Then he settled into a rhythm that Cathy could go along with, and suddenly both were lost in loves orgasmic bliss. She clung to him energetically, skilfully manipulating him to bunch his cock and balls where they felt the best at any given moment.

Cathy had cum after cum, Mark was building up to a climax of his own that would know no bounds. He stared inanely at the woman below him, a woman that would never be his aunty again, not in the real sense anyway. He fucked her with abandon, driving in and out smoothly, heavily, and with long strokes that Cathy was loving, and that were driving her forward to her final climax.

She felt the change in her champion; he stiffened, held her tighter, his face contorted slightly giving him a sweet manic look. "Here it comes," she told herself, "oh god this is going to be fabulous." And he did a few seconds later, a grunt, a last thumping crunch into her and he was flooding her with hot steaming cum. Cathy felt it swill in, the warmth spreading around as it filled her pussy and every where else it could go.

He kissed her, and she kissed him back, "Ooooh Mark, that was so unexpected, really good, it was a great moment when you made me cum like that." His heart swelled with pride. "But we shouldn't have done it, I couldn't stop myself once we, you, started, not that I tried very hard to," she told him, "but there'll be hell to pay if any one ever finds out."

"Can't think of one tiny reason why any one will find out, not unless you tell anyone Aunt Cathy?"

"Me, I'll die before I tell any one! And you can stop calling me aunty, I'm not going to be screwed by you like this, and have you still calling me aunty!" she told him, then kissed him tightly. He grinned inwardly, she wanted this again, 'well,' he said in his head, 'I'll give you more than you can handle sweet lady.'

But what he didn't know was that he would learn how to love a woman properly from his gorgeous sexy Aunt Cathy. To make sure she got hers, and always first. He would always get his, but if they didn't cum together, then he would make damn sure she did, and first! They played, loved and talked all afternoon, Mark got hard again and his aunt fucked him. She made him lie on his back and got on, hands on his chest Cathy rose and fell, leaned forward, slid up and down, her muscles tightening and slackening on him as she milked his prick.

Mark was agog, his girlfriend had no idea, just as he hadn't, but he was a quick learner and soon Cathy would have her heaven sent utopia, her b*****r's son, her nephew. She regretted it in one way because she knew she was being unfaithful to her darling loving husband. She would always love him, she would never love Mark in the same way. But she knew the instant that Mark had sunk his prick deep into her white hot sopping pussy, that she would never put a stop to it, he would always have free unfettered access to her charms.

On Sunday morning after they had wakened, they began to make love. Mark had a morning wood, Cathy had a hold of it, she was gazing down into his eyes, long loving kisses were abound. But Cathy wanted it up her ass, she was an ass fucking lover, she and her husband did it regularly, she wanted Mark to fuck her there too.

"Have you ever done it up a woman's bum hole Mark?" she asked softly. He looked at her like she had two heads.

"Erm, no I haven't Cathy, what are you on about?" he knew what she was meaning but felt a little embarrassed about it.

"I want you to make love to me in my bum," she was coy, she realised he was unsure, so she went with him, pretending to be shy too.

"Okay, if that's what you want, then I want it too," he smiled. Cathy was working his cock in her soft hands, "I'll just pop and get some body oil, I don't want you jamming this big thing in me without a little help, and sustenance for me," she told him lightly. This boosted Mark's ego, "this big thing," she had called his prick, now he was more than ready to fuck her any where she wanted him to fuck her!

She came back quickly, got on her knees, poured oil on his cock, and fingered her ass for him.

"Okay tiger, go for it baby, do my ass, do your naughty Aunty Cathy's ass you big bad boy!" Mark's head was singing at her praise for him, he got behind her and rammed it right in, in one hit. Cathy's legs shot backwards, she hadn't expected this, she had thought he would be easy, reticent, slow, gentle, but no he banged it in, and he was off.

To him it suddenly became another hole for him and pleasure for her, he banged her senseless, her husband had never done this. She was hanging off his prick, he was holding her up, his hips pistoning rapidly back and forth. The oil doing was its job, no friction, no resistance. Cathy came in a helpless turmoil of delicious climaxes, her body taut with the tension of her nephews prick doing the very thing she had asked of him. And her, wonderfully suffering the consequences.

Mark loved all of this, with his girlfriend he had to fight for every inch of her, win a battle, and lose a battle, one step forward two steps back. But not with Cathy she was everything, he understood that nothing was going to be off her menu. He reached under her and stroked her pussy lips and clit, she moaned in lustful aroused pleasure.

He lay down on her and plain fucked her ass, she was squashed underneath him, their bodies being one, except when he raised his powerful hips and banged into her time and again. Cathy was being well and truly rutted, there was no other word for it, rutted, rutted, and rutted again. She had the most adorable of climaxes, she sank into them, Mark meanwhile was building rapidly to his first cum of the day, and he filled his aunties ass until it squeezed of her ass hole with a spit.

Her head bent in sublime submission, she came on his demented prick once more, then momentary darkness, her vision dimmed, her head spun, her body was on fire, and her ass boiled and seemingly burned to a cinder. She didn't feel him slip his flaccid prick out, roll on her sideways, and put his arm around her. He somehow knew to leave her alone, to let her get back to normality, even sanity.

They lay there for several minutes, until she lifted her lovely tousled head and looked at him.

"That had not better be the last time you do me like that Mark Lyndhurst, fail me and I'll cut this and these off!" she laughed, grabbed his slime covered cock, then his balls and squeezed gently. He smiled happily at her.

"I promise Aunty, I will always give of my best where you are concerned," he told her dreamily.

"Come on honey, lets shower, have some breakfast then you'll need to go, we have to carry on just as we were, no one must ever know. I'll call you next week okay?" she whispered into his mouth as she kissed him the way he had never been kissed.

"Yes we will I swear," he replied.

"There's just one thing Mark and I want you to listen very carefully to me," she said. He looked puzzled.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Please do not fall in love with me, love me the way you are, the way you always have, but being in love with me, is and will never be an option. I know it made be hard for you to believe, but I love John passionately, and will never leave him, ever."

"I can understand that Cathy, and I'm okay with it, I will never do anything to hurt you or him." She liked that.

The following Thursday night saw his Aunt on her back, on her kitchen table being tongue fucked by her nephew. He was a natural, he hadn't known it, but as soon as he got it in her Cathy knew he was a master. She had his head in her hands holding him tight to her hot silky pussy, her legs d****d over his back and orgasms spilling out of her like a rain battered waterfall.

Mark drained her completely; she was laid prostrate on the table empty of everything. No strength, no feeling in her limbs, her body ablaze with the orgasms he had f***ed in and out of her. He stood between her spread legs.

"Good Cathy?" he said cheekily, he had seen her reactions to him, her responses, her climaxes, and he knew he had somehow beaten her, she had given in.

Making sure the doors were locked, he picked her up and carried her up to her bed, he laid her down, took his clothes off along with hers, and wrapped her in his arms until she got over her near death experience. She didn't want to make love again.

"It would be too much after that Mark, I want it to stay in my memory for ever, and having you fuck me tonight would shade it, sorry," she told him quietly.

"I understand Cathy, or I think I do, but we are not going to sl**p until you get me off, I'm ready to bust a nut here," he said laughing.

"Want me to give you a blow job baby?" she asked shyly.

"Oh yes, do I!" he told her gleefully. It took Cathy all of two minutes to get him blowing like a whale in the open ocean. His cum nearly blew the back of her head clean off, it hit her so hard she had trouble getting it down. The hot steaming salty spunk jettisoned into her. Cathy gulped and gulped but took it all, as he emptied it all. Cathy kept sucking and swallowing, when he was empty, she slipped slowly off his cock and lay her lovely head on his stomach.

Still there ten minutes later, both savouring tonights love making, the phone rang.

"Mark, this has to be John, keep still and don't say a word okay, please?" He nodded his head, Cathy picked up the phone.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hi Cathy its me, are you okay, is Mark with you?"

"Yes honey he's here, looking after me as usual." Cathy stunned herself by taking Marks cock in her soft warm hand. Mark lay back, he never moved, but it started to grow. This acted like super glue to her hand, she found she couldn't put it down.

"Ah good, he's a great lad isn't he, it's a pity we haven't had one of our own just like him hey?"

"Yes darling," she said, her hand travelling of its own accord up and down Marks growing shaft. And in her head, she thought, "I wonder if I would be laid like this right now, him my son, and my lover too?"

"I'll be home tomorrow afternoon baby; I need to make love to you Cathy." He told her. This caused Cathy's hand to speed up, why she didn't know, but she did know she was getting hornier by the second.

"I'll be ready for you John," she said, but her gaze was fixed tight on Marks fully erect prick. She suddenly needed him in her.

She felt deliciously naughty, "hang on a second John, I need to make myself more comfortable." He waited, he could her see in his head where she was, and guessed she was getting on the bed and not standing up. She turned, raised a shapely knee, swung it over him, and sat on Marks prick. She sighed, her earlier declaration that she didn't want to make love again tonight went out of the window.

"That's better," she said in to the phone as she settled down and wriggled on her nephew's cock, while she talked to her innocent husband.

"Where is Mark right now Cathy?" he asked her, she smiled.

"Oh he's up to something I'm sure," she told her husband, and reached behind her with her free hand and tickled Marks balls.

Cathy's eyes closed, an orgasm rattled through her, Mark pinched her nipples and Cathy only just managed not to squeal into the phone.

"Oh John," she whispered, "Marks just called for me to come, he needs me for something, talk tomorrow?" she managed to say normally.

"Okay Cathy, I love you."

"I love you too honey, night." She put the phone down quickly and began to fuck her self madly on Marks prick. She had never in her life felt as aroused as she did right now. She was manic with it, her desperate need to cum overwhelmed all thought.

She came in a blistering, thunderous, crushing bang, her body exploded in to pieces. Mark almost tore her nipples off, then she fell on him, completely and utterly shattered by the climax of her lifetime, never again would Cathy achieve such a destructive, earth shattering orgasm. And it was all because of her body taking over her mind. It had made her talk to her husband, it had made her take hold of Marks prick, it had made her climb over him, and it had made her fuck herself silly on him. Mark for his part had been totally innocent.

She woke up at two in the morning, she wondered briefly where she was, she felt for her young lover, he was right there beside her. Cathy spooned herself into him and cried herself back to sl**p. She knew now the enormity of what she was doing with her nephew, she would never love him the way a woman loves her man, but oh how she needed him.

But she had begun to notice a change in him. Especially when he was around his mother, his sole attention was always on her, even the puppy dog looks he gave her. She started to think that he loved her, and that's why, although she had warned him not to fall in love with her, he hadn't. Because he loved his mother the way a boy wasn't supposed to.

But they became the hard and fast lovers they had started off to be, they never had a regular routine, she or her husband would call him on the off chance that he would be able to pop over, and of course he always did. Cathy turned him into the consummate lover, accomplished and confidant. Knowledgeable about a woman's body only men of later years could hope to learn. And three months after becoming lovers, Cathy and John announced to the world that she was having a baby. Neither Cathy nor Mark knew if he was the father, but Cathy was betting it was Mark, and she didn't care.

Four months later.

"Right mum, dad, I've changed everything, so even if you change your mind now," he said looking at his dad, "It'll be too late, I'm off instead." Emma hugged her son hard; she also felt the obvious erection he had. "Ooooooo," she thought lewdly, "he has a hard on for me, his own mother!" If she had only known that it was, and what her son had planned for her she would have collapsed.

And there was something he hadn't told her. He had been onto the tour operators online help desk, he had asked about a change in cabins, his father, the tight wad, had only booked a cheap inside berth one.

'If you upgrade,' he was told, 'we have list of people who cannot get on the cruise, so if you did, we would give you a good deal on a superior stateroom.'

Mark checked the brochure, he saw one and asked how much it would be, what he was after was one with a double bed not singles.

'With the discount, it would be another 3500 USD,' was the reply.

He turned the page again, and that's when he saw what he wanted, he typed in his question, and the reply was.

That stateroom would be another 6500 USD.' He was told.

Mark said he wanted it, and set about paying for it out of his own bank. It was settled in 15 minutes. Mark had his double bed stateroom, with is own private balcony, a Jacuzzi bathroom, his and hers wash basins, and a smallish sitting room. His mum was going to get the surprise of her life, in more ways than one, he said happily to himself.

He had learned from Cathy how to treat a woman, how to get her on your side, win her over, he was as prepared as boy could ever be to seduce his beautiful mother. And if she divorced his dad, she would be his for good. Cathy was another matter, but given the choice, his mother would win every time. Cathy had made him see what he could do with patience and understanding. And as the idea became more and more embellished in his mind, he could, he would, seduce his mother. And the cruise, where she would only be with him was the perfect place for it. Another thought entered his virile mind, taking her off his dad would be the thrill of a lifetime, possibly knowing he had been beaten by his own son, that his wife was his son's now.

He was so looking forward to what he hoped would be a life changing holiday. And the thought of his beautiful sexy mother, his very own, as his best friend frequently told him, MILF. Her calling his name as he fucked and made love to her, gave him a hefty hard on that had to been seen to and quickly.

He gave his mother another bone crunching hug, deliberately pressing his cock into her, but refusing to look her in the eye. He knew she had felt it, her lower body moved against his as he wiggled it into her. He left to go back to his room, "see you in the morning mum, love you," he told her. Back in his room he jacked off for the first time in months with his mother firmly fixed as his focal point in his mind when he shot his load up into the air.

His mother, glad that her husband hadn't been looking when her son had just done that to her, took a deep breath and walked into the hall where pretended to preen herself in the mirror. All the while she was trying to quickly get over what Mark had just done. The feel of his cock burned into her mind, she shivered.

"A mother shouldn't react this way," she said to her image without speaking, "its wrong." But the next shiver that rippled through her was strong enough to be almost called a mini orgasm.

Saturday morning came without any further mishap on her part. She tried to keep Mark at a distance, not wanting his father to guess what he was up to. What he was going to get up to on the cruise was something she never even considered.

The night before Mark had stayed at Cathy's; she wasn't her usual ebullient self.

"What's wrong Cathy?" he asked after he had just rolled off her, his cum deep in her now baby carrying womb. "You seem a little distracted."

"I'm sorry Mark, I think it might be because you are going away for three weeks with your mum, am I jealous do you think?"

"Why on earth should you be jealous Cathy, she's my mum." He told her.

"But she's so beautiful Mark, even you must see that?"

"Yes I know she is, all my friends tell me too, and now you, come on tell me what's bothering you," he insisted.

"Your mum and dad are not too happy are they Mark?"

"No, and your point is?"

"She will be vulnerable on holiday, I, er, I er, I'm a little worried she might take you from me, that I might lose you?"

"Cathy, what are you talking about?" but he knew.

"I see you looking at her, you love her, it's as plain as the nose on your lovely handsome face." There, she'd said it. She knew him better now than he knew himself! Mark for once was dumb, he couldn't think of what to say.

"Is it that obvious?" he asked her, not thinking that by saying that, he was admitting it.

"Yes baby it is, but she's your mum, people might not understand if they knew."

"Would they understand any better if they knew about us then?" he asked her. This put Cathy on the back foot, it was her turn to stop and think.

"Cathy, listen to me please," he continued, "you will always have more than a special place in my heart, I would rather die than hurt you. But now you seemed to have read me like no one can, yes I do love my mother, more than I should, but I can't do anything about it, it is what it is."

"Promise me you won't just leave me hanging Mark; I would hate that, we mean too much to each other don't we?"

"Yes Aunty Cathy," he smiled to her, she playfully punched his arm and scowled at him for calling her Aunty Cathy, "we do and we always will. You, apart from mum are the most wonderful woman on earth." They kissed and settled down to sl**p in each others arms. Mark didn't know what to make of this revelation.

The following day Mark and his mother set off, his dad took them to the railway station to begin their journey, and then it was just the two of them. Mark immediately set about letting his mother know who she was with, it wasn't her son, she didn't know yet, it was soon to be her lover.

"Emma, we are going to have the best time, I promise you, and you are in for the greatest surprises ever!" He told her happily.

"Who are you calling Emma?" she asked, but she didn't mind really.

"You mum, from now on you are Emma to me, and just for the record, the travel documents state we are man and wife, so be careful what you say about us," he said.

Emma looked at him, "what is the devious little sod planning?" she asked herself, but her stomach fluttered. They arrived at the port, boarded their ship, and were e****ted to their stateroom. Mark had ordered six dozen white roses, his mother's favourite flowers. When the attendant opened the cabin door and they stepped in Emma was utterly stunned.

"This isn't the room you're.... you booked," she corrected herself, "darling," she added.

"No," Mark said, but it's ours," he told her. Then she saw all the roses around, they were everywhere. Her heart flipped, she rushed around smelling them, she turned went to her son and hugged him. The attendant looked the other way; he was hanging on for his tip.

Mark put his hand in his pocket and took out 200 USD, "I want special attention okay?" The Philippine boys face lit up.

"You've got it sir!" he grinned and left a happy boy. He also thought how lucky that guy was, a stateroom, and that beautiful older woman in it with him for three weeks.

They hugged and hugged, Marks prick grew, Emma had to pull away because she was feeling it again, it was something she had been feeling quite often recently, when ever they were close it got stuck into her, it made her shiver.

"You have a look around Emma," he said, "I'll put some of our things away." He didn't want her to see what was in his case, slinky sexy underwear for her, but not for wearing the two evening gowns he had spirited out of her wardrobe, He wanted her looking like only she could when they went to the two gala balls they would be attending together. "Turn heads? She will screw them right off!" He thought happily, he hid them in his closet along with the super fitting tux, cummerbund and frilled shirt he had hired for the balls.

But his mother couldn't help noticing that the sl**ping arrangement was a large double bed, and not singles. She clocked him but refrained from asking the obvious question, she knew he would have an answer of some sort for her. They unpacked together, checked the bathroom that had a Jacuzzi in, the private balcony was a wow. A fully stocked bar was for their use.

They were called to the safety meeting what to do in case of etc etc. After that they went up onto the sun deck, sat at the pool bar and had a cocktail, the ship was sailing they were really on their way, and he, his father was now out of the picture for the next three weeks. Emma was already attracting surreptitious glances, this made Mark feel great, but he was also a little jealous too.

He was all attention, holding her hand, gazing into her beautiful eyes when she fixed him with them, they had a late afternoon snack and went back to their cabin. Emma said, "shall we have a naop darling, its been a really long day and I don't want to fall asl**p at the dinner table do I?" she laughed.

"Good idea," he told her, "come on I can undress here, you take the bathroom okay?"

He was almost in bed before she had got to the bathroom; he left his shorts on, and waited. Emma came back ten minutes later, checked him out and smiled. She saw his bare chest and wondered, "Oh yes?" He pulled the covers back for her and slipped in beside him, it was 5.25pm, she laid there for a moment, and said in her sweet soft voice.

"I'm so glad I'm here Mark, I'm overjoyed already, thank you darling for bringing me, and thank you for the beautiful flowers too. I can't believe myself, but I'm glad it's you and not your dad I'm here with, does that make any sense?"

"It does to me Emma, and I'm the same too, I am honoured and over the proverbial moon that I here with you too. And the flowers are beautiful, but not any where near as beautiful as you," he said with love an aura around him.

She reached across and kissed his cheek; he put his arm around her and slid right in. He was facing her, "I love you mu... Emma," he smiled.

"I love you too darling, shall we snooze now?"

"Yes defo Emma, but he could feel his cock lying on her hip, she had to feel it too, he thought. But he was going to wait, now wasn't the right time, not yet, tonight! He told himself, he had his plan and he was sticking to it, rain or shine.

Emma turned her back to him, he spooned right in and his prick slipped between her ass cheeks, he heard the small gasp or sigh, but never dislodged him, then he heard smooth whispered breaths, she was asl**p. He closed his eyes and two hours later still in position he woke. He held still, he knew his prick would get hard again and it did, it slid between her thighs as it tensioned and grew.

"As soon as she stirs I'm away," he told himself, he wanted her to know but not feel threatened. Emma mumbled, she was waking, she didn't moved but her eyes slowly opened, she had forgotten where she was, but knew that her husbands prick was erect between her legs, she squeezed it with her toned thighs. Mark slipped away, stood and headed for the bathroom, "I'm having a shower Emma," he said over his shoulder, "want to join me?" he sniggered dirtily.

Emma came fully awake and knew for certain she had squeezed Marks cock thinking briefly that it had been her husbands.

"My god Emma, you naughty slut!" she admonished herself, but the feel of her son's cock right there had been absolutely delicious. She got out of bed, donned her towelling robe, and went shyly into the bathroom, "the sooner I face him the less embarrassment I'll feel," were her thoughts on the matter.

Emma was beginning to see her son in a new light, she knew now he was feeling sexual tendencies towards her that much was now blatantly obvious. And she reproached herself for obliquely feeling the same way, but his main asset as far as she was concerned was, "he isn't in my face, he isn't pushing me, he is just there, right where he needs to be."

"Hi baby," she said gaily through the screen door, it opened, "Come on in," he laughed and closed it again. He was giving her the chance if she wanted, to make her own decision, yes or no. This was the instant that she knew for certain what his intentions were. And Emma couldn't see yet, a way of saying no, and she thought now that she wouldn't be able to when the time came.

"But the cheeky sod will have to do it right, or he'll have no chance," this thought amazed her, she was actively thinking that he was about to seduce her no matter what she thought. She washed and made herself look good for him, then went into the room to dress. Mark came out after giving her time to do her thing, and he too dressed.

"You look gorgeous Emma, you really do, you'll have all them men ogling you."

"It's just a dress darling," she told him.

"Yes I know, but its what's inside it that matters, and that is you Emma, you!" She smiled delightfully and thanked him with a hard hug for his compliment.

"Flattery will get you every where," she told him with a knowing smile. He beamed at this, he was on safe ground for sure.

They sat at a table for eight people and they had a great time, there was music in the corner. The barman that night was there attendant, Mark had a quiet word, "my wife only drinks white wine, she'll have two glasses, maybe three, and I want you to put a small shot of vodka in each one she has, a small one, got that?" A twenty changed hands, "certainly sir," he said. Mark didn't want his mother d***k, but he wanted her relaxed, she had two glasses and then suggested to her 'husband' that go return to their stateroom.

The men on their table would have died to swap places with him, she was radiant, happy and very contented with her lot, but she had only had eyes for him.

"Shall we go to bed darling?" she asked him seductively.

"I'm right behind you darling," he replied, and he heard one of the men whisper.

"I would be too if I had that to go to bed with," Mark grinned from ear to ear.

He walked her back, his arm lazily around her waist almost sitting on her hip, she leaned into him. He could feel her warmth as they walked; back in the room he quickly made coffee.

"Come on Emma, let's sit on the balcony in the moonlight for a while shall we?"

"Ooooh yes baby, I'd like that," she told him, Mark arranged the two chairs so they were side by side. She sat, and picked up her coffee and gave it to her in her right hand, her left went into his. He kissed it, looked at her intently, then said.

"I love you Emma."

"Yes Mark I think I know, and I love you too honey," then she kissed his hand and looked him square in the eye. "I think its time Mark, shall we?" and she nodded over her lovely head, but never said, "to go to bed," or "to make love." She left it unsaid.

They went in, Mark stayed close, he was feeling the pressure, but Cathy had taught him well, he was within his limits, he was on track, everything was going to plan. Emma went and changed, she had brought a dozen nighties of one sort or another, and daringly she chose a short one. When she returned Mark was again lying in bed, the covers pulled back for her.

The beautiful 39 year old woman that was his mother and the envy of all of his friends slid in next to him. His cock jumped at the sight, she looked so fabulous. She half turned her back, she wanted to see and know what he was intending to do. He came up to her as he had that afternoon and spooned in. Emma sighed; Mark pressed his cock down between his legs, as he made contact with her ass he let go, it sprang up to be met by her closed thighs, she felt his cock right off, there was no where for it to hide.

She snuggled back at him, his prick now secure shoved between her creamy toned thighs. She turned her face to him and he kissed her cheek, he slid his arm around her and cupped her heavy breast.

"Ooooh Mark, what are you..." was all she uttered because his fingers closed over her nipple and negated her words, she sighed once more.

"I'm your mother Mark," she managed to gasp, but she knew this wasn't going to make any difference, not now. But the thrill coursing through her at this illicit encounter was just too naughty, wrong and so exciting.

"No you're not Emma, not here you aren't, you are my wife," he told her gently and rolled her nipple as he squeezed it again. He was about three days ahead of his schedule for her seduction, and boy, was he happy about it!

Emma collapsed internally, the fight she had envisaged, the 'make him work for it,' ethic, had never been in the same room. "What would his father say if he could see me and our son like this?" she thought.

"Oh darling darling," she whispered huskily over her shoulder. He moved slightly away from her and pulled her to lie on her back, then he leaned over her. He was looking directly into her amazing eyes, and told her.

"I didn't know it until now Emma," he said so softly, "but I have waited for this moment for the whole of my life," and before she could even begin to take in what he had just said, he kissed her. It was their first kiss, their first real lovers kiss. He had kissed her earlier, but it hadn't been a full amorous one, his lips connected fully and he had pulled away, but it hadn't been a peck either.

Emma rolled properly on to her back and lifted her arm to encircle his neck. She was in, she had made the leap, the next one would begin the first chapter of this book he was writing in her mind. She was stirring in her excitement; her body was activating itself, making her ready for her man. Mark her son, was disappearing from her into the annals of her heart, coming to her now was the man she would go to with her life.

She had a quick mental flash, 'make a note to divorce his father just like I said I was going to!' Mark was claiming her and she was willingly and devoutly giving him every part of her. He squeezed her nipple, she groaned in his mouth, his knee slipped onto her pussy, her thighs parted for him, nothing would be kept back. Emma was falling headlong into her own son. She would never belong to anyone else ever again, the love she had for him spilled out of her heart to surround him.

Emma turned fully to him, she knew what she was doing now, knew where she was going and never coming back.

"Darling," she whispered, "this is the point of no return, are you aware of that?" She hoped he got her meaning, that he understood what she was not saying, that she was committing herself to this, to him.

"I've never understood anything better in my life Emma, Mrs Mark Andrew Lyndhurst," he said quietly, but strongly.

"I like that, It like the sound of it Mr Lyndhurst, my marriage to you is going to be final Mark, make no mistake."

Before he could reply Emma, his now gone mother sought his prick, she found it easily, it was in her soft hand, then hands, he groaned, she pushed down his shorts, and said.

"Never ever wear anything in bed with me again young man, I want you naked at all times and ready for me, got that?" His reply to that was to rise above her, nudge her pussy and then sink all the way in. Emma was slick with her lustful juices, his prick was hard and ready, the two met and joined, they were now one and the same.

Cathy had taught him well, he knew not to go for the finish line until she was ready to cross it, he fucked his mother with intent and deliberation, but in utter ecstasy that he was where he at last belonged. Emma gasped a gulped, 'Ooooh'd' and 'Aaaah'd' 'Mmmmm'd' and grunted, his weight, the power of his prick, his determination, his wanton abandonment, his controlled manic thumping thrusts drew orgasms out of her.

She clamped herself to him as if super glued, her eyes shut tight, as the heaviest slams hit her time and again, his loins slapping down onto her own unknown upward thrusts to meet him. Emma had not known this, she and her husband had never joined quite like this, her memory was good, she knew Mark was better already, an indictment in itself.

She let herself go to wherever her mind and body took her, she was travelling a road hitherto not explored. She had no idea she was the recipient and absolute benefactor of her lovely s****r in laws lessons. In four months she had turned Mark from an excited clever lover, into a man whose sole desire was to please his woman, and got his gleefully after she had got hers.

The joy of seeing a woman, his woman now devastatingly happy and satisfied, is the utmost result any man alive can attain, and Mark was about to attain it once more, as he had many many times, but now not with his lover, his Aunty Cathy. But with this woman, his wife, his soul mate, his mother. Emma felt in her inner most senses that she had changed, changed from the wife of his father, from being a mother, to the wife of her son, and no more ever again to do with his father.

Mark hit the high note, his prick pulsed and throbbed and then that all consuming ejection that nothing on earth could ever stop took place. He unloaded what felt like a lorry load of thick cum into his mother, she climaxed again on it, he jettisoned all he had, and slowly settled down, breathing heavily. He looked down at her, lying there still and sated.

"Are you okay Emma?" he whisped.

"I have never felt better darling, never, and I wonder if I ever will again."

"You will if I have anything to do about it," he beamed and kissed her, he thought the kiss was as natural as a kiss could be, as if it were ordained that he should be kissing and loving the woman who had given him life.

Emma easily pushed him off, "I need to breathe properly darling," she smiled at him, he grinned back understanding, and being pleased that she admitted it. Then they slept, both were exhausted, not only from the extremely long day, also what had transpired, he had intended it to happen, Emma had half expected it, but not the way it had rolled her over completely. The intensity of their union, their coming together, the certain knowledge that life would never, could never be, the same ever again.

She turned her back to him, he spooned in to her, cupped her left tit in his right hand, and his face in her hair, his warm breath soothing her neck, his knees tucked under hers. She had never felt more comfortable, nor as safe as she felt now. They both turned this way and that in the night, but the positions remained the same, him to her, her to him.

In the morning Emma woke first, slowly turning her head to look at him, to remember the night, their loving absolute connection, their joining. And the love making, 'oh,' she whispered, 'the love making.' She slipped her hand behind herself to feel once more the fabulous thing that had given her so much joy and happiness. Mark mumbled in his sl**p, Emma never tried to waken him, she wanted to see her lover, her son, now her soul mate open his eyes to see her waiting for him. With her other hand she gently combed her hair with her fingers, she wanted to look as god as she could for him. She ran a finger tip around her eyes, her nose and lips.

Then she waited, she didn't have to wait long, why? Because her fingers refused to listen to her, they squeezed his cock several times, gently, but never the less, they and the palm of her hand squeezed him. It began to grow in her hand, as if awakening from its own slumber, a little boy being gently woken by its mommy in the morning.

Emma espied her son over her shoulder, she smiled happily and very naughtily at her illicit actions, her sons beautiful cock was in her hand, she was stroking it and it was getting bigger, 'bigger for me' she chortled silently. She glanced at the clock, it told her it was 9.15, 'it will be 12.15 in the UK I think,' she said in her head, and as if by magic, her phone chirped. She looked at it; the ID said it was her husband.

"God damnit!" she whispered to herself, wanting urgently to keep playing with the very live cock in her hand. She pondered briefly whether to answer it or not, but decided she ought to. Mark woke at the chirping, but stayed still, his mind was already fixed on the fabulous sensation coming from his cock.

"Hello," Emma said.

"Hi its me, I thought I had better call and say hello, I hope I haven't woken you?"

"You haven't woken me," Emma replied, "but you've just woken Mark though."

"He's still in bed? Tell the lazy devil to get up," he tried being funny, it didn't work for his wife.

"He'll be up in a minute or two I can assure you of that," she replied with devil in her voice. And also with her knowing hand working its magic on her son. Mark sniggered quietly; his prick was at full attention and wanting to get to work.

Mark reached around her and nipped a nipple; Emma gave out a small "Ooooh." She gave his prick a hefty squeeze in return.

"What?" Her husband said.

"Nothing, I'm just turning over, we'll be having breakfast shortly," she told him, she let go momentarily and threw the covers back. Bent her lovely head and gave his standing prick a slurping kiss.

"Ah okay," he said, well I have to go, I'll call you tonight, I think we need to talk Emma." His wife's mouth was closed over Marks glans as she listened. Emma let go reluctantly, and said.

"Yes we do, and be ready for some news," she told him shortly.

"News, what kind of news Emma?" he asked.

"You and me Don, we are moving on," her voice was strong and sure. "I want a divorce, no arguments, we are done you and I. I have a life to lead and I intend to lead it without you now. Sorry to have to break it this way, but you need to know." She closed the phone, threw it down and went back to the waiting cock, the cock she wanted to see spout its contents high into the air for her.

At the other end, her husband was staring silently at the phone with his mouth open wide. This wasn't unexpected, they had been going downhill, but obviously not at the rate of knots he had thought about. He rang her again, no answer, he rang several more times, each time she refused to answer. She couldn't have talked anyway not with a mouthful of lovely hot, hard and vibrant flesh held in it. Emma reached for the phone, found it and hurled it at the wall, the incessant chirping stopped, she got on with her loving task.

Mark was flat on his back by now staring wildly at his mother, his prick being munched beautifully by her, he started to grunt, and move under her, he was about to cum, she replaced her mouth with her hand, straddled his left thigh and she wanked him. Her hand became a blur, she felt the expansion in his prick as his cum rocketed out and up it was like a jet wash. It flew up and over his shoulder to land on the cabin wall above his head, huge globs of it splashed all around.

Emma gasped at the intense delivery, it spurted like an out of control oil well, her hand never stopped, it released more and more cum. She attempted to catch some in her mouth, she succeeded a little but a lot hit her in the eye and face too. She laughed as it hit her; it was a joyous happy laugh. It had amazed her, she couldn't remember her husband doing it like this, not even in his hey day.

She let his burning prick loose, and went into the bathroom, there she washed her face, but not before wiping his cum up on her fingers and licking them clean. Mark on the bed, had grabbed his shirt and attempted to clean the wall down, but the stain was there now, and to him it was an obvious cum stain. He wondered what the cleaning crew would think, it didn't bother him one jot.

Emma came back and got back on the bed.

"You want to go for round two right now, or shall we go for breakfast darling?" she asked him.

"I'm famished Mo...Emma, lets go and eat, but first what you just said to dad, did you mean any, or all of that?"

"I meant every word Mark, as far as I'm concerned it's me and you now, unless you don't want it that way. I'll understand if you don't feel you need or want to?" her face clouded when she said it. She hadn't gone through this scenario yet.

"Need or want to," he said loudly, "Emma Lyndhurst, are you barking mad. I love you, you are already my wife, you are not his wife any longer," referring to his father in the past tense already. "And you never will be again, and learn this Emma, you are staying my wife, okay!" The words, the way he said them were final, no room for negotiation, no compromise, end of, that's it. Kapishe!

"Well Mr Lyndhurst whilst were talking about us, you need to know something too. I have been your mother for all of your life, and nine months before that. And now being your wife and leaving your mother behind will take some getting used to, for the both of us," she said. "Can you, will you be able to, get to grips with that, us going to bed on a night instead of saying good night and going to different bedrooms?"

"I will die trying mo... Emma, and I'm so looking forward to more of this too," he nodded at his prick.

"You will never once hear me say no Mark, and I'm the sort of girl who needs lots of attention, ask your father why he's in the predicament he's in now. But there is more to a marriage than sex believe me darling." She told him.

"I know Emma, I'm well aware of the responsibilities of you, me, us."

"How do you know baby, and while were on the subject, how come you know so much about a woman, who's been teaching you, hmmm?" There was a knock on the door, it was the cleaners, Mark breathed a sigh of relief, 'I'll have to be more careful in what I tell my mo... wife,' he thought.

Emma would remember the question though, she had seen a glint in his eye when she had asked him that, and a woman knows these things, and she also knew that a boy his age shouldn't be this worldly wise at his age. Although she was happily glad that he did. The climaxes she had had with him already broke all of her record books.

She had always known of his closeness to Cathy, and even had lewdly thought, "I wouldn't be surprised if the young bugger made some sort of play for her in a given moment." But these had only ever been occasional thoughts, now she suspected that there might have been more than lewd thoughts. But, she reasoned, "if he has, if they did, then I'll owe a debt of gratitude to her for the rest of my life for bringing Mark to me, although she'll never know it!"

Mark's question, "what are you smiling at Emma?" brought her back to reality.

"Oh nothing that won't keep baby, lets go for breakfast, I have work for you later!" she grinned at him, and stroked his arm lovingly. He smiled back so disarmingly, she melted.

"I'll be on duty maam, when ever you call for my services," he told her with a smirk.

"Yes you will young man," she answered over her shoulder. "Come on Mark, I want to show my husband off to all the ladies, and make them so jealous!"

They walked together, heads turned to check them out, the men on Emma, and lots of women on Mark, she nudged him.

"I think we could score here babes, we are the best looking couple on the ship," she told him with a sideways snigger.

"You are without a doubt the best looking broad Emma," he replied laughing, she poked him in the ribs saying.

"I am not a 'broad' I am your wife treat me with respect, or?"

"Or what?" he smiled.

"You wait until I get you back there," she said, hooking her thumb over her shoulder, meaning their stateroom.

"Can't wait Mrs Lyndhurst, what have you in mind for me?"

"Not too sure yet my boy, but it will be stamina sapping!" Emma couldn't believe how she was behaving, the thoughts she was thinking. And above all, how she had completely seemed to have cast aside her marriage of over twenty years. And not only that, but she was happy in the knowledge that she was now belonged to another man, another mans property, another man who loved her, whom she loved like she had never really loved her husband. And Emma had moved on to him and into him in a smooth and seamless move.

They were seated with eight other guests at their table, they made small talk, but really only had eyes, ears and thoughts for each other. When she had gone to numberless dinners and functions with her husband, they had only talked when the night had finished and they were going home. Emma now knew that the last several years had been a sham, a marriage in every way but the right one.

After their breakfast where they had kept in close contact with each other, hands on a knee, a hand grasping a cock, a hand was pressing into a pussy, heated looks, knowing needs. They walked up to the top deck where the pool was, they had a drink at the cocktail bar, and then headed beck to their room and each other. Emma was in dire desperate need to be screwed by her son.

As soon as they entered she attacked him, yanking at his shirt and jacket.

"Get your clothes of Mark Lyndhurst, I need you so much. I can't wait for you to be in me again. Get on with it, RIGHT NOW!" she shouted the words. He grinned in happiness, this beautiful woman, once his mother, now his lover was mad about him. He had taken her away completely and forever from his father, would he get a shock if he could see how she was behaving with him, and an even bigger shock if he could see what he was about to do to her.

Emma struggled as quickly as she could out of her dress, and jumped on the bed, taking her underwear off as she went. Mark was right behind her, Emma was going dizzy with the passion bouncing crazily through her. She had never in her life felt this randy, her need to be fucked was paramount in her mind. Her womanly desire for hard flesh to penetrate her, and in the way that only the man in her sights, the only man in her life can possibly do.

Mark was on her like a tornado, he drove his prick in without further ado, he banged it home as hard as he could, his own need negating any thought of finesse. Emma's breath whooshed out of her as her son filled her pussy up full and tight. Then he was in and out like lightening, his prick drilling deep and taking all before it. Emma had her first climax simply due to the power of his onslaught, she had no defence, she wanted even less.

Mark was above her looking down into her serene face, her gorgeous eyes locked on his, he kissed her, her heart melted, he loved her in a way she had never been loved, she had never known love like this even existed. Her arms and legs held him where he needed to be, where she needed him to be. Climaxes seemed to rage through her as her son's masterful cock did its job.

Mark bit her neck and shoulders, she dug her nails in and raked them down his back, each was sending the other higher and higher. Emma bit his chest, then she felt that movement from him that told her of the impending unloading of his spunk into her once more.

She held her breath waiting gleefully for the devastating ejection, the hot booming spurt as the first lot filled her up. It happened, she sucked in as much breath as she could, his downward thrusting thump blasted it all back out of her in a gasping humph humph humph. And then she felt the heat, the swelling of her insides as his cum invaded her, she loved every pulsating second of it.

Both now relaxed in a satisfied and contented way, Emma feeling the afterglow, Mark feeling the wonderful sensation of a man who had just emptied his balls into a beautiful woman's loving pussy, even though that beautiful woman was his mother. He slipped away but stayed close, arms entwined, legs d****d over each other they drifted off to sl**p the sl**p of happy daring lovers.

Emma was wakened at 6am by her phone chirping, it also woke Mark, she looked at the ID, her husband again.

"Hi Emma it s me again, I just wanted to know if you have thought any more about us, I think you may have been a little hasty, don't you?" he said a little patronisingly.

Emma went for the jugular. "No I don't, and no I haven't, in fact I haven't been hasty enough," she said harshly, "I want you out of the house by the time I get back. And set the ball rolling by going to see our solicitor and get the divorce going!"

"But Emma..." She interrupted him.

"You have had years of chances, and you have let me down time and time again. I have tried to talk to you, but you just over rode everything I have attempted. Well the boot is on the other foot Donald, its over, we are over, it's done, and it's finished. And I will not be changing my mind. I am building a new life and it will not include you!"

"But what about Mark, what about him, he needs me doesn't he?"

"Mark will stay with me, I will and have, and will continue to get all the love and support I will ever need from him!"

"Can I speak to him please?" Emma handed the phone to her son lover.

"Hello dad," he said.

"Hi Mark, can you talk some sense into your mother, she's a little distraught." He asked.

"I really don't think she is dad, and I don't think, in fact I know she won't change her mind. And to be honest, I think she is right." He handed the phone back, and nipped a nipple making her gasp.

Emma rolled away; Mark immediately pushed his middle finger in to her ass hole. Emma couldn't stop the squeal coming out.

"What's going on Em, what are you doing?" her husband asked. She grimaced, Mark held his finger all the way in, and made her lie face down. He was going to fuck her there in a moment, his prick was hot and hard and ready to go.

Emma said, with a finality, "You really don't want to know Donald," she gagged a little, then said, "Get to the solicitor; I'm not speaking to you again!" Mark jammed his finger in harder. Emma gave out a large moan. Forgetting her husband was on the phone, she blurted, "Oh Mark, Oh Ooooh!" He took the phone out her hand, shut it and dropped it on the floor.

On the other end of the phone her husband tried to picture in his mind what he had just heard. The gasping, the moan, the squeal, then the words 'Oh Mark, 'Oh Ooooh!' He wasn't stupid and those sounds were the sounds of two people engaged in sex, in the throes of sex, and of uncontrolled sexual activity. His wife and son were having sex, he was 100% sure. But he knew there would never be any proof, and what good would it do for him anyway. His marriage was over, he had accepted it already, his wife of over twenty years belonged to another man. And that man was their son, he had lost them both.

On the ship Emma was preparing herself to be rear ended, she hadn't had it there many times, she wasn't too interested in that kind of sex. But that was back then, this was now. If her man wanted her there, he would have her there, and as many times as he wanted her there too! She would willingly offer herself to him at all times in any way he wanted. As far as she was concerned, what he wanted, then she wanted it too, no matter how painful it may be, she was up for it.

"Oil baby, go get some oil, anything will do but get it, if you are having me in there I'll need help babes, hurry!" she gasped at him. Mark brought some and spread it over her now upturned ass, she was in position, she was ready for him. He poked some in bringing s delighted moan from Emma, then he slathered it on his prick, got behind her and slid it in.

Emma's head dropped, her knuckles whitened holding the bed sheets, her mouth gaped open, her eyes felt as if they had crossed and rolled to the back of her lovely head. Her ass clinched and pinched around him holding him tighter into her rounded succulent rump. Mark was balls deep now and not intending to hold back, he had learned his technique from his aunty Cathy, he knew what he was doing, and how to do it.

Holding his mothers hips to him he drew back, it caused Emma to breathe in deeply, her head shaking from side to side, knowing the pain was going to get more and more. And when he pushed back it felt as if she was being cleaved in two, her breathe was expunged in the same way. Her knees tried to shut close, but refused to move, her back arched, her teeth clenched, the pain was terrible but she knew there was no redemption, she was in this for the long haul, and rain or shine she would get used to it, or die in the attempt.

Of course what Emma didn't was that Mark was a first class exponent of ass fucking, he loved it, the feel of a hot woman's backside connecting with his loins like this, the power trip it gave him, added to the spice of it. The sight of his cock disappearing and reappearing out of her ass was phenomenal, he knew it caused her pain and discomfort and that gave him added impetus, and also knowing she was doing it for him.

AuntCathy had taught him to treat her nipples and her clit to a fiesta, a plethora of treats, a diet of climax and anti climax. He knew when to attack and when to leave her hanging. And in moments when he gave Emma his best, she was in raptures. He had her moaning in a sweet agony, pain mixed with huge blessings of thanks for this bespoken love.

Mark got her clit, her pussy; his fingers working overtime, her nipples became hotbeds of orgasmic bliss. Reaching over and around he slapped her ass, using both hands in turn he got both cheeks, this led to Emma climaxing massively. Her head bounced of the bed, her ass cinched his prick, she reached under between her legs and caressed his balls, it was the only thing she could do whilst Mark was taking her ass fucking to the maximum.

He realised that he had been in her for a while now, forgetting about himself as he taught his mother there was more learning to do. She had thought she would be teaching him, but it was plainly the other way round. Mark was a consummate lover who knew, thanks to his lovely Aunty, his way around a woman's body with tender loving ease.

Then it was his turn once more, happy with what he had given his mother, he took his own. His fingers dug into the cheeks of her ass and he blew his load deep into her bowels, the heat from him seared her insides bringing her last orgasm to her. Mark had every millimetre of his prick in her ass as he dumped everything he had. The sensation of it nearly killing him, this was the best, all he had learned from his Aunty had come to the fore in this one moment.

He made her lie down, him on top of her while his prick pulsded away letting the last drops be pumped into her. Mark bit her shoulder softly, then slowly backing away he slipped out of her. Emma moaned at the loss and the pain of his leaving, her ass would be sore forever she thought gleefully.

He roled on to his back and rested, then said.

"Well Emma what do you think, you going to like it there or what?" he was confident in her answer.

"If I didn't Mark, and I have to admit that I did, that really was wild baby, would it make any difference to you doing it again, and me having to accept it again?"

He put his arm around her, "no it wouldn't make any difference, but we are a team, aren't we?" he said.

"Yes darling, we are a team, one for all, and all for one, that's us honey, that's us."

They spent the rest of the day on deck, sunbathing, swimming, perusing the boutiques for a while. Emma bought one or two things.

Mark said, "by the way it's a gala dinner tonight Emma, and we are seated at the captains table, I arranged it all for you." Emma was stunned.

"But I haven't s decent enough gown darling." She was horrified, "we can't possibly go honey, we just can't."

"Okay but lets check your wardrobe before you make your mind up, yes?" he told her.

"If you insist Mark, if you insist," she replied gloomily.

Back in their room they played for a while, then Mark got up, raided his wardrobe and produced her favourite gown. It was the one that gave him a hard on when he had seen her in it. Emma squeaked in delight and rushed him.

"Oh darling," she cried, "you are just too much, you devil, you knew didn't you?"

There was a knock at the door, "I wonder who that is," she said, and giggled, " I hope it isn't your dad!" He laughed with her and opened it. It was the ships hairdresser to do her hair, he had also arranged that too.

"Isn't there anything you haven't done yet?" she said happily. He looked at her, pondered for a moment and told her.

"If I haven't will you promise to let me know?"

"I'm going for a walk," he said, "while the hairdresser does whatever it is she has to do, I'll see you in about an hour Emma." He kissed her quickly and left.

The hairdresser said, "Maam, I think you are so lucky to have a man like that at your side."

"Yes I know," she said wistfully, "I'm leading a charmed life."

"Hang on to him maam, don't ever let him go," she told her.

"I have no intention of ever doing that, not now," she replied happily.

While he was away Mark went into the ships library and accessed his e mail account. There was a message from his father telling him he had heard what they were doing over the phone, and that he knew they were having sex with each other. He called them disgusting pigs and was glad he was leaving them, and he also added that no one in his f****y would ever sink so low as to have sex with a f****y member.

Marl almost laughed, "if you only knew dad that I have been fucking your beautiful baby s****r for the last four or five months, you would have a dickey fit!" He said to himself, "and my mother would too," he thought smilingly. He called Emma on the ships internal phone and asked for her password to her e mail account; she gave it to him but wanted to know why. He told her he would tell her later.

He opened her e mail and read the message there for his mother.

"Dad," he thought, "I know you have had a shock but this, oh wow!" He re read it, it talked of b********y, i****t, pigs, donkeys, dogs, the pox, VD gonorrhoea, the vitriol was disgusting to say the least. It ended by saying he would be gone when they returned, he would never speak to them again. And he also said he was going to spread the word about them starting with Cathy, Marks favourite Aunt.

Mark actually felt sorry for him, for doing to him what they had, him and his mother. But he didn't like what his father had said either. He deleted the message, and replied to the one his father had sent him.

"Dad," he wrote, "you have the wrong end of the stick, me and mom haven't done anything. You are out of order, what goes on between you and mom is you're business not mine!" He sat for a minute longer, and then wrote more. "You have let her down once too often, and now she has turned on you, you don't like it, you can't hack it. And let me tell you dad, I am firmly on her side and always will be. Please feel free to leave us, after that e mail to her I will be only to happy to see you go. And you can tell the world what ever you want to tell it," Mark.

He sent it before he changed his mind; he sat there for 30 minutes staring at the screen wondering if he would get an immediate reply, he didn't. His father had gone to see Cathy and told her everything. Cathy had listened to him and hated herself, there she was sympathising with him, and still hoping Mark would come back and take her to bed again, simple as that. But she did convince him to keep his counsel, the world would think he as weak and soft if it came out that his son had stolen his beautiful wife from him.

When he left Cathy sent Mark a text message.

"Yr dad has bin ere, he is rely angry, u mst no Y, u rely r a norty boy Mark, doin yr mum as wll as me. I am goin to spank yr hot lttl bot b4 I let u bck in2 my bed agn, u bad bad boy, bt dnt wrry 2 much, I've calmd him down. x x x x.

Emma checked her hair was fabulous; the girl had done a tremendous job. The hairdresser was just leaving when Mark's phone, which he had left on the table cheeped for an incoming message. She picked it up, looked at it, the ID said AC, she thought for a moment, "Aunt Cathy?" or someone else? She decided to open it.

Fortunately Emma was sat down, because she felt her knees go weak, she read it and re read it. "I knew it, I bl**dy well knew it, I knew he had been screwing some one, and I even had thought of Cathy too!" she told herself, "the randy bl**dy sod, no wonder he knows so much about sex, he's been screwing his dads s****r and now he's screwing me! Correction," she said aloud, "he's making love to me!"

Emma sat staring at the phone, she smiled, then she laughed. "Well," she told herself, "it won't be happening again, at least not without me controlling it, and him!" She was about to delete it but then changed her mind, "he has a right to know, and to know that I know now too," Emma went about her business, preparing for their night at the ships ball.

She heard Mark come in, she went to him and they shared a very deep loving kiss.

"You know I love you don't you mom, er Emma?" he said quietly.

"Yes darling I do, and I know 200% that you do, and let me tell you Mark, I love you too, and I always will, no matter what." This eased his mind.

"I have been on the email and dad heard us, he knows, I have of course told him he is wrong, but he knows Emma, he knows."

"I know he does baby, you need to read this," she handed him his phone, he read it, the look on his face told Emma all she might have wanted to know.

"I don't know what to say mu... Emma."

"There's not much you can say honey, you've been screwing you're Aunty, I knew you had had to have been screwing someone, I even thought of her too, and to be honest I'm not in the least bit jealous, in fact, I think I am grateful to her because she has brought you to me, can you understand that?"

"I think I can, but I'll have to have a minute to get my head round it," he said a little gloomily.

"Don't be sad baby," she thought quickly, she knew him being a young man might not be able to grasp the enormity of their situation, but she was to grips with it. "Tell you what, do you want to get your head around this first, just to take your mind of things?" And with that she flipped open her dressing gown and showed him her newly shaved pussy. Mark dove to his knees and buried his face into her, his tongue finding its target and easing his worries, and Emma's too.

Emma fell back on to the bed and Mark got on with his conquest of her once more. Emma let him feast on her, holding his head in place as he plated her completely, rewarding him with a nice cup full of nectar as she squealed out an orgasm for him. She relaxed in the after glow of it, she lifted her head to see Mark's come up too, it was shiny and glistening with her juices.

She broke the moment with a smile and, "I have to start getting ready baby or we won't be going, you know how long these things take me don't you. And I must look my best for my guy, the most handsome and sexiest man on the ship." Mark grinned a wet grin and got up. The first thing he did was delete the message from Cathy, but knowing he would answer it as soon as he could.

"Aren't you at least a little angry, or disappointed about Cathy Emma?" he asked.

"Not in the least baby, you are a very virile young man, and her teaching you has done me a favour because I've got you now, and she won't be getting anywhere near you again without my consent!" she told him.

"Without your consent, what do you mean?" He was perplexed now.

"You are still young Mark, I might not be able to keep up with your needs, I am a bit older than you don't forget." Emma was dancing on her toes now, thinking as she went, trying to keep ahead of him, and them.

"Are you saying you don't mind, won't mind if Cathy wants to erm, er see me again?"

"That's something for the future baby, not at this moment in time," she told him, "right now we have each other, we have your father to negotiate with and put this all behind us, er put it to bed so to speak."

"Right, now we are talking," he replied, "lets get on with our holiday, nothing matters but you and me. I really love you Emma, Mrs Mark Lyndhurst, we have a lot of learning to get through in the next two and a half weeks," he told her gleefully. They embraced lovingly, Mark picked up the phone, Emma looked at him and nodded her head, she knew he had to answer and she wouldn't interfere either.

"Hi Cathy, I gt yr txt, & Emma red it b4 me! bt she is ok bout u n me, gld u srtd dad 4 us, lukin 4wrd 2 my hot bot! spk wen I gt bck," x x x x.

"Do you want to read this before I send it Emma?" he asked out of respect for her.

"Nope, I have an idea of what you said honey, I'm happy with it and you too," she kissed him again, slapped his ass, and said. "She's not the only one who can give you a hot bot darling!" she giggled and slapped him again.

"Ooooh," he laughed, "I'm going to be spanked by my mummy and my aunty, ooooooh, I think I might like that, me getting a hot bot!" He raced into the bathroom and slammed the door before Emma could answer him.

"The cheeky little sod, he might get one sooner than he reckons," she told him lewdly through the door, he didn't hear her though.

Emma donned the dress and she looked absolutely stunning. The dress was dark sea green, made of silk, it had a band over one shoulder, with a silver rose hiding the fastener, the other shoulder being bare. It flowed over her beautiful body, she had no underwear on, she had no intention of anyone seeing panty or bra lines. The cleavage was just that, it dived down between her soft firm and still high breasts.

The back was open, and wandered down to just above the rear cleavage of her perfect round ass, up the front of her shapely tapering smooth left leg the dress split, and when she walked it opened up to show it tantalisingly. Her face perfect she was a stunning bright star on a dark night that could be seen from anywhere.

Mark knew she would knock every one sideways when they entered the ships main restaurant. He dressed in his tux was the perfect e****t for such a wondrous beauty as her on his arm. People couldn't take their eyes off her, she shone like a beacon on a dark night. They had a fabulous dinner, then the music started, they danced close together, letting the world know they were for each other.

Mark had two left feet when it came to dancing with her, and they sat down, soon a very handsome dashing Frenchman asked if he could have a dance. Emma consulted Mark, who happily gave his consent. He watched in amazement as she glided around the floor, another three men asked and she went happily with them, but not before telling Mark.

"But I'll be going home, and going to bed with you darling, no one else!" He smiled at her. Later it was Emma's turn to be stunned, as she was waltzing around the floor she nearly fell over to see Mark prancing about with a near naked young lady. She had got him up to jig around, and he jigged extremely well. She felt a pang of jealousy, when the music stopped they both returned to their table.

"You," she glared at him lovingly, "are getting that hot bot as soon as we get back to our room, and then I going to fuck your brains out!" she whispered hotly, she wasn't angry, she was so turned on she wanted to fuck him right there in front of every one.

"Hmmmm," he responded lightly, "a little hot ourselves are we?" and he laughed then kissed her cheek, whispering in her ear. "I'm all yours Emma, when ever, and how ever you want me."

It was 3am when they finally returned to their room, both were tired out, but Emma insisted on spanking him, she was still turned on so much she climaxed as she smacked his ass. It was something she had never done, have an orgasm that way. Mark through her on the bed and fucked her, and it was a fuck too, he held nothing back. He drove his prick as hard as he could into her, he showed no mercy, it was a controlled, loving and almost violent fuck, and Emma knew it.

They woke at midday, the sheets were still damp with their sweat and cum juices, the room stank of sex and of their love. Emma staggered into the shower, Mark rang room service and ordered a huge breakfast for two. When the attendant came, he wheeled the trolley in; he took in the scene and knew they had had a marathon session. They knew these things; they had been servicing customers for years and knew the signs. He smiled at Mark, who tipped him generously.

Mark checked his phone, there was a text from Cathy.

"Hi babe, gld u r ok, giv Em one 4 me, she a beauty! yr dad is ok, Im ok, cnt wt 2 c u agin. dnt lt her wr u out, sv sum 4 me! x x x x.

"What's the message darling," Emma asked over his shoulder. He hadn't heard her, he gave her the phone.

"My my she is being a little presumptuous isn't she?" she said handing him the phone back. "She seems to think she can have you again doesn't she, well she'll have to go through me first baby. I will decide the when and where, that's if I decide at all."

Mark knew she was drawing the lines, he would heed her words, he had no intention of deceiving her, ever.

"Emma I will never do anything without your say so, nor agreement, we are a married couple you and I. I love you, and I will always love you, forever." He told her.

"I'm glad about that Mark, but I don't think you letting Cathy have some satisfaction will hurt us, I think it will enhance us. Mark was amazed at her reasoning, then she said.

"You're uncle John has tried his luck with me dozens of times Mark, I've always given him the knock back of course. But if he's been after me, who else has he been after, and can't Cathy keep him happy. Or is it because he can't keep her happy in bed that she's turned to you?"

This was something Mark hadn't even considered, and he hated him at that moment, "he's been after you Emma, the cheating bast..." he realised what he had been about to say, Cathy, him and Emma were cheating weren't they? "I think you might be right Emma, he hasn't been, and obviously doesn't keep her contented."

"Yes Mark, so when we get back, we, you, me and her, will have a chat, set things straight between us. I can't blame you baby, she is gorgeous isn't she," she sniggered.

"Yes she is Emma, but no where near as beautiful as you are," he told her.

"Mr Smoothie," she said, "flattery will get you every where, but you already know that don't you!" she poked him in the ribs.

"Come on wife," he laughed, "on the balcony, lets eat I'm starving."

"Me too," she said, and rudely added, "and I'm hungry as well!"

When they returned from holiday, and with their relationship cemented, but still apprehensive regarding his dad, her husband. They were relieved to find him gone. A cursory note was awaiting them on the table.

"Gone, have fun you fucking perverts, don't call me, I'll call you, NOT!" was all it said. They both looked at it somewhat sadly.

"I don't think he deserved this," Emma said.

"No he didn't, but it's done now, we can live with it, we have to okay?" Mark said.

"Yes darling we can, and we have to, just as you say."

That night they slept together in what had been her marital bed, but was now hers and her mans bed. They each thought of his father, knowing he knew that they were where they were. But it didn't stop them from making frantic love, and Emma once again being f***e fucked up her ass. Mark was in top form, his hard on hardly abated. He never relented, his new position as man of the house gave him a new perspective.

The following morning Emma limped giggling to the bathroom on her own.

"You stay there you tormenting young bugger, I'm as sore as I have ever been. How I'm going to get over this I don't know!" She laughed, and grimaced too. But she did know, there was no way she could keep Mark as satisfied as he would need to be, "he will kill me," she thought. And it was then that she decided that she would share him with Cathy, but keep control of him and her. She would not let him or her go their own way.

Cathy, when she got the call from Emma, sat stunned when she told her of her decision, but she had to come to their house, Mark would never be allowed to visit her.

"It's my way or the highway Cathy, I feel it's the only way this will work for us, and for him," she told her. And Cathy, after a brief hesitation agreed.

"Something is better than nothing Emma," she told her.

Cathy went to see Emma privately, she needed to tell her something first. "There's something you need to know Emma," she said, and placed her hand on her tummy. Emma took the signal in, and gasped, then controlling herself, she asked, "how far on are you Cathy?"

"Four months," she told her, "John is over the moon, he will always believe it is his baby, but I know different. Please Emma, don't let this come between us, please?"

After a lot of soul searching Emma agreed, no one would ever know, maybe Mark would guess but he would always be told the baby was his uncles. Cathy and Emma became soul mates after a time, nothing was held back, Emma learned that her husband John was a no hoper in bed. Emma never told her of the times he had chanced his arm with her. Her husband was long gone now, and Mark now had the very best of both worlds. He had his loving wife, and his gorgeous Aunty would call around to see him on the pretext of not wanting to be on her own when her husband was away. They even joined in occasional threesomes, and Mark was the centre of their little universe.

... Continue»
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My First MILF

I learned at puberty that the way into a girls panties is to tell them what they want to hear and show interest in them. This worked really well for me and got me laid by many, many girls my age. I was getting so much pussy I think my cock smelled more like pussy than most real pussy!
Any way I got to thinking of upping the antae, finding more challenging game. I had boned some older girls, eighteen and nineteen, but I was thinking much older. I started to scout around, checking out some of my friends moms, my mom's friends, the ladies at the bank, some of my teachers, the woman at the department store. Yes, some of those were very doable, and with just a little teasing I could tell a few of them would be pretty easy picken's. But I wanted a real challenge, my unicorn.
Then there she was! I worked part time as a life guard at the local pool and that is when it hit me. Debbie, a classy looking blonde woman in her early to mid forties with a smoking body. Nice and tan, pert little tities, blue eyes, to die for ass, and long, smooth legs. Debbie was to be my holy grail. So now I had my target so now develop a plan and move in for the kill, oh! I mean move in for the pussy!
I started to talk more to Debbie and show more interest in her stuff. I knew this was going to take a lot of time and patience. So I will skip over all the boring stuff and get on to the good stuff.
Debbie and I had to work this one day but it started raining and storming real bad with a lot of lighting. We had to close the pool, but neither of us wanted to go home so we thought we would hang out in one of the changing rooms and have couple of drinks and chill in private. This is something Debbie and I had done a couple of times before recently and she really liked having a guy to talk to. I had some vodka in my car so I got that and mixed some drinks, stronger one for Debbie. This loosened everybody up and we got to talking. Debbie was not happy with her husband at the moment and wanted to be held. I held her and we snuggled, then we kissed and kissed some more then I knew I had her.
Being cool, I stopped her and told her this was not what I wanted, Debbie then asked why I did not find her attractive. I explained that it was not that but that she was married and blah blah blah...
Debbie then told me it was what she wanted to do, she pulled my trunks down and proceeded to give me a blow job. My cock went to rock had in microseconds as her warm mouth worked my cock over. Her blonde hair and big blue eyes looking up at me almost made me nut right away. I again made Debbie stop and told her I was not feeling right about this and we should just talk a little more. Debbie stood up and took a big swig of her drink and then dropped her swim suit to the floor. Standing there before me naked and hot as ever she asked me if I was sure I did not feel right about this. Her cute tits, neatly trimmed muffin, and wet as hell pussy all right there within reach and on a silver platter.
Debbie then pushed me onto my back on the floor and straddled me, her cunt right at the tip of my throbbing cock. She lowered herself down on me, my cock sliding easily into her wonderfully wet and tight pussy. Debbie wasted little time going to work on my cock moving her cunt back and forth and up and down. My rod was numb from being hard for so long. I placed my thumb on Debbie's hard little clit as she rode me. This sent her to orgasim land via express, she started bucking and screaming and thrashing about. Her cunt clamped onto my cock like a vice causing me to have to nut a huge load I had built up.
As I pumped my load deep into her, This caused Debbie to orgasim even harder and longer. After what seemed like forever, Debbie collapsed on top of me. We were both out of breath. My cock was still hard and planted deep in Debbie's fine cunt. After a couple of minutes I had my strength back and wanted to abuse her classy pussy some more before she came to her senses. I rolled Debbie over and began to pile drive her into next week, as only a guy my age can do. I pounded her to another orgasim and then drained my balls deep in her filling her womb. This time my rod went soft and I puled out of her to let my guy get air. Cum was all over both of us. We laid there for awhile, I got to thinking that I was the luckiest man on earth to be able to bust a nut in such a fine lady. We fucked several more times that day and then several times a day for the next week. She was crazy hungry for my nut sauce. Every time I turned around she wanted me to nut inside her.
But then as quickly as it started it stopped. Debbie told me one day, after we just fucked like rabbits, that she was going to work things with her husband and that we should cool it.
Debbie and I fucked a few more times after that, but it was weeks apart. Almost like I was now a booty call when her husband was not meeting her needs. That was okay with me but I needed pussy a lot more than that. But I did make sure whenever I boned Debbie, that it was the best fuck she ever had, I mean a no holes barred super fuck! And by the way, I did go nail those women that I figured to be easy picken's. I am not one to pass up pussy, ever! ... Continue»
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My First MFF Threesome

Please note that this is my first story on here and actually my first time ever writing anything of the sort but depending on the type of reaction I get from it, hopefully it will only be the first of many.

All of my stories will be written from my own perspective. Some of them will be true stories based on my own experiences with names changed, while others will be pure fiction, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide which are fantasy, and which are fiction.

This story takes place roughly a year and a half ago, my ex-girlfriend had just moved out and left me a few months before so I was trying to enjoy the single life and make the best of things. I consider myself to be a pretty good looking guy, 5'10" tall, medium length messy brown hair, I'm in pretty good shape, I take care of myself, and I like to think I'm rather good with women. After spending some time trying out the field, going to the bars, talking with old friens, I decided it was time to venture into new territory, the world of online dating. So I created my online profile, added pictures, descriptions, etc. and started messaging girls, not necessarily looking for just sex, just keeping my mind open to anything.

A few weeks into it I met a girl online named Tara, she was cute, about 5'5", shoulder length sandy blonde hair, not skinny but not fat either, she had some meat on her bones but still had a nice figure with an amazing full ass and gorgeous tit. We chatted for a few weeks, talked on the phone and then we decided to meet up one weekend. We started planning things out, she lived about 35 minutes away and planned on taking the bus down on Friday and staying for the weekend at my place. A few days before she was set to come down she tells me she wants to bring her friend Kait, I said sure why not. She asked me if I could find another one of my guy friends to hang out with us so Kait could have a little fun herself, again, I said sure why not. I found a buddy of mine who's always up for anything and I think all 4 of us knew exactly what this weekend was going to be like, a whole lot of fun.

Thursday rolled around and me and Tara were talking about the weekend and our plans and she brought up the idea of a 3way sometime. Well it was about this time that something clicked in my head, I called up my buddy and told him the plans were off, the girls weren't coming, then I called up Tara and told her that my buddy could no longer make it. God damnit I was going to have myself a 3way. Don't judge me, you would've done the same thing lol.

This is where the story starts to pick up, it was now Friday and Tara and Kait were both at my house. Since it was their first night down we decided to just stay at my place and take things easy for a bit. This was the first time I had seen Kait and damn did I like what I saw. About the same height as Tara, long brown hair, a petite body and a nice tight looking firm round ass, gorgeous flat smooth stomach leading up to her perfectly shaped tits. So we were sitting on the couch watching a movie, drinking some whiskey, just having a good time and relaxing.

A bit later I threw on some music, grabbed another bottle of whiskey and we started to make things a little more exciting. Tara & Kait got up in the middle of the floor and started dancing with eachother, grinding their asses into each others pussies, running their hands all over each other's bodies, I could tell they were definitely starting to have a good time and I knew exactly where this was going. After a while of dancing the girls came back over to the couch and decided it was massage time, and they pulled out a bottle of massage oils. "Damn these girls came prepared" I thought to myself. I was sitting on the end of the couch, and Tara took off her shirt so she was now in just her bra and laid stomach first down on the couch so that her head was resting on my lap, Kait straddled on top of her ass and pour the oil on Tara's back and unclasping her bra. Tara was moaning at every push of Kait's hands.

After a few minutes of this Kait grabbed my hand and started moving it around Tara's back and lifting it up and making my grab Tara's ass and saying "Yeah feel that ass, she's got a nice tight ass doesn't she. Use your hands, make her moan.". Now Kait took her shirt off so they were both now just in jeans and a bra. My hands starting making my way up Kait's soft sexy stomach as she arched her back and threw her head back, further up into I had my hand wrapped around one of her firm round tits, Kait started moaning now and running her hands through her hair. I moved my hand back down and started rubbing her pussy threw her jeans while she moved her hips back and forth. It was about this time I realized that Tara was starting to rub my hard cock through my pants and it wasn't long before she had it completely pulled out and in her mouth. My eyes were still on Kait as she took off jeans and straddled Tara's ass again now in just her bra and black lace panties. I moved my hand up her legs and starting rubbing her clit, her pussy was completely shaved and so damn wet, she was moaning more and louder now. Kait took her own hand and moved her fingers into Tara's shorts and starting playing with her clit and shoving her fingers deep and hard inside of her best friends pussy.

I could feel Tara taking the entire length of my rock hard cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around all of it while it was deep inside her mouth, then as she pulled out she'd suck on the tip and tease me with her tongue some more. Her loud moans were muffled while she had a mouthful of my cock and the vibrations were just making it more pleasurable. Both girls were moaning and grinding, Kait's fingers deep inside of Tara's pussy, and I had 2 fingers inside of Kait and one teasing her clit.

Kait got the idea that it was time to move things to the bedroom so down the hallway we went. As soon as we walked in the door they went straight to the bed. Kait laid her tight petite body down on the bed and spread her legs wide, Tara moved in between her legs and took her panties off and got down on all fours and immediately started flicking her friends clit with her tongue while fingering her hard and fast at the same time. Tara's nice round ass is sticking up in the air, her tight short shorts clinging to her like they were painted on, I moved behind her and pulled them down to her knees and started licking her pussy from behind, as soon as my tongue touched her pussy she let out a load moan, I grabbed ahold of her ass and buried my face into that sweet wet pussy. Now I pride myself in my ability to go down on women, it's my favorite part of foreplay and I like to think I'm damn good at it, well it seemed like Tara would agree with me,she reached around and grabbed my head pushing on it making my tongue go deeper into her wet pussy. I could hear Kait's moaning as she started screaming Tara's name, screaming out that she was cumming all over Tara's face.

I stood up now to get a better look at the hot action I was missing out on. Sexy blonde Tara had her face buried between Kait's legs which were wrapped around Tara's body, Kait was running one hand through her hair while the other one was massaging her tits. No sooner had I stood up to get a better view, Kait leaned her head forward and without hesitation took my cock in her mouth, holy shit did it feel good, Tara gave amazing head but it was nothing compared to Kait, I can't even describe to you what she was doing because I honestly have no idea but damn it felt good. After a few minutes I decided it was time to really get things going, Tara moved up on top of Kait and they started making out, rubbing each others hair, tits, grabbing at any part of each others bodies they could reach. Kait slapped Tara's ass, looked at me and said "Alright Hal, get over here and fuck my best friend, I want you to make her cum and I wanna feel her juices dripping over my wet pussy".

Me not being one to argue, I positioned myself behind the girls and started rubbing my hard cock up and down Tara's clit, I shoved the tip of my cock in and I felt like I was about to blow my load right then, Tara's pussy was so tight and so wet, I could feel her juices running down my cock and on my balls, as soon as I had the tip in, I didn't have time to go any further myself because Tara rammed her ass backwards shoving my dick deep inside of her pussy, she let out a load scream "YESS!! Fuck me Hal, fuck me hard and fuck me fast baby!" I had both hands on Tara's ass, slapping and squeezing with every hard thrust, Kait had started playing with Tara's clit which was making her moan and scream even louder. I was getting close to cumming so I started giving it everything I had and fucking her harder and faster then before "Oh fuck yes baby!! Don't fucking stop, fuck me like a little slut, come on Hal, oh fuck yeah!!" "Oh fuck baby I'm gonna cum!" I yelled, "Shoot your hot load deep inside my pussy!!" Tara yelled back and as soon as she said that, I felt my cock tense up and I shot load after load of cum deep inside her, I don't think I ever came so much in my entire life.

So we took a break for a few minutes, had a smoke, listened to some music for a bit. I thought things were slowly winding down for the night when next thing I know, Kait & Tara are both leaned over putting my cock in their mouthes, both of them running their tongues up and down my cock, Kait taking my head in her mouth while Tara ran her mouth up and down the shaft and licking my balls. Tara looked up at Kait and said "You have to have this dick inside you, and let him lick your pussy, it's sooo fucking good", Kait looked at me and smirked and gave me a little wink before laying on her back. I went over and spread her legs, the first taste of her pussy was amazing, all of hers and Tara's juices all over it, I was teasing her clit with my tongue while shoving 3 fingers deep inside of her pussy, she put her hand on my head pushing me deeper into her pussy. I then started kissing up her body, running my tongue up her stomach and putting her nipple in my mouth, sucking, licking, and nibbling on it. I moved up to her lips and we start kissing, as soon as I moved up further I could feel the tip of my cock resting on the entrance of her pussy, she grabbed ahold of my hips and pulled me closer, pushing my cock inside of her pussy, jesus it was tight, it felt like she hadn't been fucked in months, she immediately moaned and screamed, throwing her hands behind her bracing herself on the wall. Fucking Tara was amazing enough, but fucking Kait was an entirely different experience altogether, more rough and intense, her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist, running her hands up and down my back digging her nails into me, she had one hand on my back and the other one between her legs rubbing her pussy. "Fuck me hard you son of a bitch" she yelled out, she pushed me up and rolled over on her hands and knees and turned her head to look at me, bit her finger and said "Come on you bastard, fuck this sweet tight pussy"

I grabbed ahold of her round tight ass and rammed my cock deep and hard inside of her. She started rocking back and forth we every one of my thrusts. "Oh fuck I'm cumming! I'm cumming all over your hard big cock Hal!" she screamed. I started fucking her harder and faster while rubbing her clit as she was cumming making it more intense for her, the feeling of this was too much for me to handle and I think she sensed this because she hopped off my cock, turned around and started jerking me off making me shoot my hot cum all in her mouth and over her face.

Needless to say, we were all pretty exhausted by this point and we laid there in bed and passed out, all 3 of us very pleased. It was the start of a VERY interesting friendship. I haven't spoken to Kait or Tara in a few years, I heard Tara is married now and Kait lives on the other side of the country but regardless, that night was one I NEVER forgot.
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