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My Grandma 7

... her, in my head I always pictured some other woman in a situation I was watching. Most of the times it was my Grandma.
She was ... the kitchen. I was just about to sneak out when I heard my grandma saying that she will bring some drinks. There wasn't enough ... ... Continue»
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My Grandma & Me - My First Time

Another true story of my f****y - my grandma was the first woman I ever made love with. This all started when I was younger. Ginger was a toddler and Mikey was a baby. Mom and dad were going on a much needed vacation cruise and Grandma came to stay and watch us. It was August in Florida, hot as sin both night and day. Like I'M said before, going naked in our house was just another day for us.

One night, Mikey and Ging were asl**p and grandma and I were settling down to watch tv. She was sitting on the sofa in one of her house dresses. In fact, she had not been naked at all at this time with us. I came out of my room, naked as the day I was born, and I jumpped up on the sofa and sat right next to grandma. She smiled, put her arm around me and turned on the tv.

After a while, grandma started to fan herself with a magazine. I looked up at her and asked what was wrong. She said she was just so hot and sweaty. I told her to get undressed and cool off. She thought for a second, smiled and said she would be right back, got up and went to her room. A few minutes, grandma came out, completely naked and sat back down next to me. She looked like a woman in her 60's. Her cunt was full of hair and her boobs hung down a bit. But she was my grandma and she was beautiful to ke. I smiled at her and layed down with my head in her lap. I remember I could smell her pussy and it smelled good. She put her hand on my shoulder and started to rub it up and down my body.

We watched the movie for a while and I switch over and layed on my back. Grandma continued to rub her hand across my chest and down across my stomach. I really wasn't paying too much attention and I guess she wasn't either, and soon, she started rubbing across my hips, moving over my crotch. Soon, she took my little d**k in her fingers, rubbing it back and forth. Like I said, I wasn't paying attention and soon, my d**k was rock hard. Well as hard as 3inches could get.

It must have felt good because I started moving my hips up and down and grandma started giving me a hand job. I moaned and said that what she was doing felt good. Wow, it was like I hit her with a pie. She jerked her hand back and said, "Oh Donny, I am so sorry! I didn't realize what I was doing!". I said it was ok, that it felt good. Grandma smiled and said it was a long time since she felt a man's dick. (My grandpa died about 8 years eariler.)

I just smiled and said she could feel me cause it felt good. She smiled, leaned down and gave a long kiss on the lips. While she was kissing me, I just reached up and started rubbing nipples, which made her squirm. After a few minutes, she got up from the sofa, took my hand and walked back to her bedroom.

She layed me down on her bed and sat down next to me. She smiled and said that this was just between her and me. I said sure, what are we gonn do? She pushed me back, leaned over and took my still hard dick into her mouth. She licked and sucked me, and I came hard and fast. She leaned up so her boobs were in my face and I started licking and sucking her nipples while she rubbed my still hard d**k. She climbed over me and lowrred her so very wet pussy on my mouth asshe started sucking me again.

This went on for several minutes. My head was swimmin and I was so turned on. Grandma moved again and soon her pussy was lowering down on my d**c, sliding right into her warm cunt. She kissed me , moving her tongue across my teeth and tongue. I rubbed her nipples and grandma started cumming , hard! She squirted all over my dick as she screamed and screamed. I never saw a girl cum before and she scared me, but she rubbed my face and to me that was how women made love. She said, " Donny, pump your d**k in me, baby. Make your grandma cum again." I pumped and pumped my d**k in and out of her pussy, and soon, we both came hard. As we were cumming, we held each other so tight. I felt so loved by my grandma at that moment! It was so beautiful.

Grandma and I slept naked together. When I woke in the morning, grandma was laying across me, her pussy rubbing my leg and she was holding my hard d**k in her fist. I just lay there, knowing jy grandma really loved me.

I miss her so much. We made love to each other for years. She was a truly a free spirt and a lovely woman. And god, could she make me cum!... Continue»
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My grandmother was so excited when she heard her younger cousin Sharon was coming to town. Grandma hadn't seen Sharon in years so she planned a big dinner for Sharon and wanted all of the f****y to be there.

Grannies house is only a two bedroom and my grandparent have their own rooms so my Grandma volunteered my house for Sharon to stay during her 5 day visit.

When Sharon arrived all the f****y came over with some kind of dish and we all gathered in my kitchen to eat and play cards and just catch up on old times.
My b*****r popped open a bottle of rum and Sharon asked for a drink. My grandmother said "Sharon, are you going to be ok"? Sharon replied, " I'll be fine, I'm not driving and I'm in for the night". So we played cards, and drank, and laughed and talked. Hours went by and most of the food was gone.

It was getting late and my b*****r had to drive my grandparents home. My parents and rest of the f****y said there goodbyes and made there way out the door. That left Sharon and myself home alone. Sharon asked "so where am I sl**ping?". I showed her the guest room and she didn't like the bed. Said she had to be on a special matress which happened to be the exact one I have in my bedroom. I took Sharon into my bedroom and told her to try my bed.

Sharon sat on the bed and said, "this will work". I look at Sharon and said "I too have to sl**p on a special mattress So I guess we'll be sharing a bed". Sharon look up at me and said, "just don't tell your grandmother we slept in the same bed, she'll never understand it."

I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Sharon asked "is that for me?" I said sure, and Sharon just started taking off he clothes right in front of me. She was wearing a yellow sun dress which was already on the floor. She stood there in front of me in her black panties and white bra with her hands on those wide as hips and asked me "can I get a towel?" I was stunned for a moment, my cock was getting hard as I had my eyes on Sharons enormous sagging breasts. I quickly got her a towel and off to the bathroom she went.

I decided to follow into the bathroom :)

Sharon pulled off her panties and said "I didn't know I'd be staying with you during my visit, but it's gotten a whole lot better! I was pleased to hear that and pulled off my clothes. I told her to get in the shower and I was going to wash her back. My cock was hard as nails! I stood behind Sharon with soap lathered up in my hands and began to rub her shoulders. I rubbed Sharons back and put soap all over her big sagging titts. My cock was hard and she felt it touch her ass. Sharon turned around facing me and just laid it right on me! SMACK! Big Ol kiss. I started kissing her back and started rubbing Sharons big juicy ass. We lathered each other up really good and hugged and kissed under the hot shower water.

I turned the water off and grabbed the towel for Sharon. I dried her off, then dried off myself. I didn't want the moment to lapse, so I took Sharons hand and led her into my bedroom. I laid her on the bed and went straight to the pussy. I put my mouth downtown and sucked her pussy nice and slow.
Sharon pulled her legs all the way back. I went lower and started licking her asswhole. Sharon started shaking and her legs locked up on me. She started screaing my name and was breathing hard and heavy. She said she hadn't cum like that in 6 years. I said get ready to come again as I put my dick inside of her. My cock rocked Sharons pussy for hours. I just laid in the pussy and rocked side to side. The pussy was so wet there was a puddle in my bed.

After laying in the pussy for so long, I then began to push my cock all the way in s l o w l y then pull it all the way out.
We fucked all night. Just think this was night number 1 of fucking a 68 year old lady. What a night!

... Continue»
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My Grandma 1

My Grandma 1
My grandmother is attractive for her age. She has kept very fit and has a pretty nice body. Her hair has that blondish white tint and she tries to look young, all while avoiding acting young. It always confused me. I would drop by my grandmothers once in a while and let myself in. She always liked seeing me and I enjoyed seeing her. Especially those 60 year old boobs in those cleavage baring dresses. But she was very straight forward, very strict. So sure, I always thought in the back of my mind what it would be like, but knew it was a disgusting thought and knew it would never happen.

My grandmother was dating this guy named Roger who was a nice enough guy but I noticed there were times I'd see them together and she would have a look of boredom on her face. Apparently he wasn't doing it for her not only socially but sexually. At least thats what I heard my mom and my aunt gigling about. This of course made my thoughts about my grandmother even worse.

I have always been seriously turned on by older women. I come to often and always end up jerking off more than once to the pictures I see. I've never read any of the stories. Always had more interest in the pictures. But something happened recently and I feel I need to tell someone. Obviously I can't tell friends or definitly not f****y. So I thought maybe here on this forum I'd find people who might understand.

On a piticular day I had ditched work just because I didn't feel like going and decided to visit my grandmother. But not before I had made myself horny thanks to a visit to Grannysexforum. I squeezed a quick one off and got the urge to see my grandmother. I didn't think anything would happen, I was just so horny I wanted to be around a real mature lady. So when I got to her house I let myself in as usual but the house was pretty empty. Or so I thought.

As I moved towards her bedroom I heard some noises and went to investigate. Her bedroom door was cracked enough where I could see in. I peeked in to see if she was ok and was shocked to see my grandmother lying on the bed with Roger on top of her thrusting away. A lump formed in my throat and I went to turn away. But I suddenly found I couldn't. I felt my palms get sweaty and a hole open in my stomach. My crotch started to tingle and for some reason I froze, watching this old guy humping my grandmother like there was no tomorrow.

His head was burried in the pillow on her right side as he thrust away. It was very sloppy as my grandmother just seemed to ly there. And yes, on her face I could see that bored look. But I also could see her nice big tit moving as he thrust like an a****l. Still I could not take my eyes away. He was groaning like he was having a heart attack but she was just lying there staring at the ceiling. Something about it was really getting to me and I reached down and squeezed at my cock, which had grown incredibly hard.

I looked down at it for a second then looked back up. When I did I was mortified to see my grandmother looking right at me. My eyes widdened and a cold sweat broke out on my forehead. I didn't know what to do. But my grandmother didn't say a word. She just lay there staring at me. And I was still frozen, staring at her getting humped while she stared at me. Suddenly Roger began to shake and yelp and I knew he was cumming. I watched until he was still then found the strength to move again. Quickly I darted into the kitchen not knowing what to do. I was caught. Busted. Why bother running. I stood in the kitchen hard as a rock and waited. With in a few minutes Roger stepped from the bedroom and left the home. A booty call? Even matures have booty calls.

A second later my grandmother came into the kitchen in her robe. She was pissed I could tell and she immediatly began yelling at me. I'll spare you most of the drama but basically she called me a pervert and kept threatening to tell my mother. But as I stood there looking at her, still incredibly horny, I noticed something. The way she moved, the way she was yelling. She seemed more than angry. She seemed frustrated. Sexually frustrated. She didn't cum! It wasn't even good for her. Suddenly I got even more horny if you can believe it.

She noticed my buldge and began calling me a pervert again. My response... I suddenly reached into her robe and grabbed one of her nice tits. She slapped my hand and yelled asking me what I thought I was doing. I approached her and slid both my hands into her robe pulling her against me. I pushed my hardness against her, she felt it. And she kept pushing me away yelling at me to stop. It's disgusting she would say. Then at one point I grabbed her again and pulled her against me. My buldge against her wet pussy. My hand went into her robe and between her thighs. Roughly I slid my finger into her Roger spermed pussy. And I swear, she moaned. Not an obvious moan but a trying to hide it but definitly a moan moan.

I lost it right then. I grabbed her wrist and turned her around. Twisting her arm behind her I pushed her down, bending her over the table. I was beyond control now. I couldn't stop myself. I held her down and pulled aside her robe. When her sexy white ass was in full few of me I think I leaked some pre. I quickly unzipped and pulled myself out, which wasn't easy to do while holding her down. She yelled at me to stop, don't do this. But all I wanted was to fuck my grandmother. Fuck her now. I pulled her cheeks apart and pushed myself into her wet pussy. It felt tight for a 60 year old and very warm. I pushed it all the way in and stayed still, just letting myself feel her, and letting her feel me. I probably could have gotten off right there with no thrusting but her voice woke me from my u*********s lust.

She groaned stop, take it out its disgusting and then got really quiet. My free hand began to rub her ass and I began to thrust. Very slow at first then picking up some speed. She moaned no no then was quiet. THen suddenly she starting grunting a "Oh, oh...". I loved the feel, the look of her ass, and her sounds. I started to thrust harder. In less than a couple of seconds I was thrusting hard. I was lost, couldn't think streight. All I knew was I was fucking my grandmother and I didn't want to stop.

I let her arm go and grabbed her hips as I thrusted. I was no longer holding her down and I was shocked when she didn't fight to get away. She just lay there with her eyes closed, trying to hold back her grunting. I was really doing her now, and I felt my balls tightening, when suddenly she said something that nearly pushed me over the edge. She actually moaned the words, "You're gonna make me cum Johnny."

My cock shot some heavy pre and I bent down and began licking her back. I slowed my thrusting and struggled to hold back. Suddenly I felt my grandmothers pussy muscles tighten and then let go and she let out a a long groan. She began shaking all over and if I didn't know any better I would have thought she was having a seizure. But she wasn't. She was cumming. My grandmother was cumming on my cock.

I waited a moment until her shaking slowed down. I couldn't hold myself back much longer. I knew it. I moaned loud and pulled my cock out of her and rolled her onto her back. Her robe fell open and those gorgeous C cups were exposed to me, as was her pussy. I was shocked to see my grandmother had shaved all her pubic hair except a smal runway. Apparently she wasn't all buisness as I thought.

I couldn't hold it anymore, just looking at her I felt my balls tighten. My cock was about to cum. Quickly I slid back into her and thrust not more than four times, while putting one of those beautiful breasts into my mouth, before my cock exploaded deep inside here. My grandmother covered her face in embaressment but I watched her left leg lift and bend, wrapping around my waste. Then she started shaking again. Was she cumming again? I wasn't sure all I knew was I started yelping like a poodle as I exploaded over and over inside my own grandmother.

When my balls had emptied her leg fell back down and I collapsed fully on her. Lying with her breasts in my face gasping for air. Neither of us said anything for litterally a few minutes. We just lay there, my cock deflating inside her. Finally I slowly pulled out of her and backed away. Her pussy, kind of farted and some of my cum leaked out. It was pretty hot looking and I felt a stiring again but quickly zipped up. Reality struck me then. Did I just **** my grandmother? Was she going to call the police? What would people say? My Aunt, my mom, my father? My friends? MY girlfriend. Yes, I hadn't thought about her at all.

My grandmother sat up then and covered herself by tying her robe closed. She sat there breathing hard for a moment not looking at me. I started to feel really bad and opened my mouth to apologize when she suddenly told me, "No one can no about this. This is between us."

I looked at her confused and just nodded. My grandmother then attempted to walk but her shaking knees almost collapsed on her. I grabbed her and helped her to sit down. As I did she told me, "It doesn't matter what happened or what our bodies did. It was wrong and disgusting and it can not happen again." Again I nodded. My grandmother then finally looked at me and we stared at one another. Then she surprised me once again by suddenly kissing me full on the mouth. At first it was just a lips to lips for a few seconds kiss. Then suddenly she opened her mouth and began kissing me very pationitly. I began kissing her back feeling a growing in my crotch again.

But before anything happened she suddenly pushed me away looking embaressed again. She then told me that I had better go. Again I said nothing but nodded. I then turned and walked out the door. I was tore up inside. What I had done, what had happened between us was wrong and to many very disgusting, not to mention i*****l. But I kept replaying it over and over in my head and kept enjoying what I saw. I went home and for the next two days kept waiting for the police to show up or my parents to show up at my place and kick my ass. But nothing. My girlfriend showed up one night and I fucked her really good. But in my mind it wasn't her I was fucking.

So it's been in my head what happened for a few days. And I thought I would write it down here. Hopefully I won't be judged too harshly. One of the reasons I wanted to write it down as well, is because... well... my grandmother called today. She wanted to know if I wanted to stop by for a visit. She didn't sound angry, or sad, or like anything had even happened. I said I would. So I'm going to see my grandmother tonight. I don't know what will happen, but wish me luck. No matter what the situation.

... Continue»
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Loving Grandma

You might think it strange, that at 21 years old, I was still living with my grandmother. But to tell you the truth, I really couldn't see myself living anywhere else at this time. You see, my mom couldn't take care of me, so I was given over to my Grandmother to raise. And she raised me as if I were her son instead of her grandson.

Grandma Amelia, isn't one of those drop dead, gorgeous, young looking older women you want to fuck! She is not at all bad looking for a woman who is 60. She has skin the color of light chocolate, black hair that has bits of grey s**ttered throughout it, a pretty face and killer smile. No! she doesn't have tits you want to drool over! In fact, she does have a big pair, but when she goes without a bra, they hang down. You know the kind I mean, she smothers you with them when she hugs you to her. Well, she used to! Now I am taller than she is.

I never called her grandmother, granny, nana or any of those other names people call their grandparents. I always called her Grandma. Growing up with grandma was cool! She could be old and wise when she was giving you advise or lecturing you for something you did wrong. But she could also be playful and c***dlike when she wanted to be. It was during one of those times, that this whole thing started.

You see, after dinner, we would always share kitchen duties. Sometimes I would wash, while she would dry and put the dishes up. Other times it was the other way around. And we always seemed to start playing when we were doing some kind of housework together. Sometimes when I would be washing the dishes, I would use the sprayer and squirt her with it. She would sometimes do the same thing to me. Or maybe we would snap each other with the dish towel. It was her snapping me with the towel that started it all.

I was standing with my front facing the sink as I washed the dishes. I had asked her a question and she didn't answer me. I should have known something was up. But dumb old me, decided to turn to ask her again. As I did, she snapped the towel at my leg. Only I had turned so much that the tip of the towel landed right on my dick.

I let out a howl, then crumpled to my knees. The pain felt like someone had put a grenade in my pants and it had exploded. Grandma looked at me in shock. Then she rushed to my side. "Oh Randy! Oh baby, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hit you there!" She helped me get to my feet and held me as I hobbled to the couch.

I was seeing stars! The pain was unbelievable! I could feel tears falling down my face. Grandma looked so scared. She jumped up and ran to the kitchen. Coming back, she pulled my shorts down and placed a towel filled with ice right on my dick. That didn't help at all! And all the time, she kept telling me how sorry she was.

I croaked out that it was an accident. I know she didn't mean it. but I swear she was almost in tears herself. "What can grandma do to make it better?" That started it! I began to giggle. Grandma looked at me and my giggle turned into a laugh. She looked even more puzzled and I began to laugh almost hysterically. I turned and a stab of pain hit me. That, made me laugh even more!

"Randy! What in the devil is so funny?" The look on her face was priceless! I was soon howling. I could see that she was getting angry. I tried to talk but started laughing all over again. She drew back the towel that was still in her hands. "I bet if I popped you again you would stop laughing, young man!"

I clasped my hands over my groin and laughed all the harder. When I was able to calm down a bit, she was gone. I had hurt her feelings. I tried to get up but a pan shot through my dick and I flopped back down, gulping in air. Grandma came back in the room. She sat on the couch by my feet.

I looked at her and began to smile all over. I could see by the look on her face that she was about to get up. I had forgotten that I was lying there with just a towel filled with ice on my dick. "I'm sorry Grandma! But when you said, "What can Grandma do to make it better", all I could think of was when I was small. I would hurt something and you would say those same words to me. I would tell you to kiss it and make it better. And you would always kiss it to make it better. And it usually worked.

Suddenly, she caught what I was getting at. Her face grew stern for just a moment. Then she began to smile. Her smile turned into a chuckle. Then she was laughing along with me. "It would serve you right, if I did just that! I bet that would shut you up and take that smirk off your face."

I don't know why I said it. I don't know what I was thinking at the time. But again, dumb old me had to have the last words. "You wouldn't dare!" I knew the moment the words came out my mouth, I was done for! Grandma stared at me for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, before I could do anything, she reached over, grabbed the towel and lifted it up. I was shocked! After all, I didn't have anything covering my dick but the towel and she had grabbed that! I was lying there with my dick laying along my thigh. Before I could move, Grandma reached down and cradled it in her hands. Then she bent her head and gave my dick a kiss on the shaft. I was too stunned to move.

I was horrified! Just as she kissed it, the damn thing jerked. But instead of jerking back, she kissed it again. Only this time she let her lips linger on it. "Eh, Grandma!" I felt her kiss it again. This time her tongue touched the tip. "Grandma!" I was trying to sit up. I was trying to inch myself back away from her, but her fingers tightened on my now growing shaft.

With tenderness, she kissed it! Then her lips slipped over the head. My world was reeling! "Grandma!" I know that word came out as a whimper. She turned her face to look at me, as she took more of me in her mouth. "Grandma! You can't! You mustn't!" She looked directly at me as I felt her mouth slide down the length of my shaft. Grandma whimpered as her hot mouth engulfed my throbbing dick.

I was now fully hard. Not only that, I felt like I would cum any minute. I opened my mouth to say that I was gonna cum if she didn't stop, when it happened. With a groan, I muttered, "Oh shit!. I felt my dick jerk and horrified, I watched as Grandma's cheeks puffed out. I had shot in her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed again until I was empty. Then she straightened up and looked at me.

"I guess that will keep you quiet for awhile!" She got up and went to her room. I heard the door close behind her and the lock click into place. I sat there stunned beyond belief. My grandma had just given me the best blow job I had ever had. And she didn't work at it for more than a few seconds.

I got up from the couch, all the pain forgotten. I went down the hall to Grandma's door. I was about to knock, when I heard her. Grandma was moaning and whimpering, but I could tell that it wasn't from any pain. I know my mouth dropped open and my jaw must have hit the floor.

Grandma was in her room getting off! I could hear her moans as plain as day! I could also hear her calling out my name! I was excited! Embarrassed! Shocked! Stunned! Ashamed! And so many other emotions that I won't bore you with the words. I didn't knock on her door. Instead I slinked down the hall trying not to make a sound. I eased the door to my room closed and sat on the bed.

I was ashamed at what I had done. At what I had felt! This wasn't one of my girlfriends that had just let me cum in her mouth, this was my Grandma! You don't even think about things like that with your Grandma! And yet, hearing her in her room had gotten my dick hard all over again. I lay back on my bed.

It was about an hour later, when my door slowly opened. I had not fallen asl**p, and was just lying there looking out the window. I turned my head and saw Grandma standing in the doorway. She smiled at me and walked in. She was wearing the gown she always wore to bed. It was loose, bulging out over her big tits. Grandma didn't wear sexy night clothes. To me they did show off her figure, but they didn't cling to her or anything like that.

She came to my bed and sat down. I scooted over to make room for her. she looked at me and smiled. "Grandma. I..." She put her hand to my lips. "Randy! Let me say something, please. I didn't mean to do what I did. At first I was just gonna shock you by kissing your dick. I felt that it would shock you enough to shut you up and take that smirk off your face. But when I kissed it something happened."

I was about to say something smart like, "It sure did", but held my tongue. "You have looked upon me as your mother and I have always treated you like you were my own son. I never let you know whenever I needed to go out to get relief from my frustrations. That's something that I never wanted you to know about. And I made sure that you never found out that I please myself.

But when I kissed your dick, all the years of doing without a man, of using my fingers and dildo to please myself, seemed to take over. I had a man's dick in my hand after years of doing without one. Suddenly, I remembered what it felt like to lick and suck one. Suddenly, remembering the taste of pre-cum in my mouth made me want more. Even though you are my grandson, you are still a man."

Grandma smiled at me. "And a very big man I must say!" I know I smiled at her and couldn't help but feel proud of myself. "Suddenly, I had to have you in my mouth. I needed to have the feel of a man filling my mouth with his dick. It was a terrible thing to do. I will never forgive myself for it. Randy! I'm so sorry that I did that! I can only imagine what you must think of me!"

I looked at her face. She was trying to show a brave front. She was trying to be the strong Grandma she had always been for me. But I could see her eyes filling with tears. I could see the shame that she felt for letting her womanly needs take control of her body. I sat up straight on the bed, letting my back rest against the wall.

"Grandma! I don't hate you or think that you are some kind of pervert, if that's what you are afraid of. When I started laughing, it was because I have grown so much older from when you used to do that when I was a k**. I have been with women, I'm not a virgin you know! And the thought of you kissing my dick to make it feel better seemed so funny.

But then you did it! I was shocked at first. So shocked that I couldn't stop you. Then you kissed it again and licked it. I couldn't believe what was happening. When I was younger, when I was just getting the feelings for sex, I used to fantasize about you. But I would feel so ashamed at the things I felt that I guess I scared myself not to think about them.

I know you're my Grandma and I should never think about things like that with you, but I couldn't help it. When you looked up at me. When you whimpered as you slid your mouth down over my dick. I knew that the world could stop before I tried to stop you. In fact, I think that had you tried to stop, I would have grabbed you and held you there! I never felt any woman give me the pleasure you did. And it was so intense I couldn't last but a minute.

I was so ashamed for Cumming in your mouth I couldn't utter a word. When you stood up and told me that that should shut me up you were right! I was speechless! I heard you close and lock your door. When I could, I got up to come and tell you how sorry I was. I stood by your door and heard you. I heard you pleasing yourself and calling ut my name."

The look on Grandma's face turned to shock. "Oh Randy! Oh baby, I'm sorry you heard me. I was just so turned on that I had to do it! I felt like I was burning up inside! But I didn't want you to know what doing that had done to me. Oh Randy! I'm so ashamed!"

Grandma had tears slowly dripping down her face. I took her hand in mine. "Grandma! You have nothing to ever be ashamed of. You have been the best mom to me that any woman could ever be to a son. If anything, I should be the one that is ashamed. When I heard you in your room, all I could think about was coming inside and getting into bed with you.

I wanted to make you feel as wonderful as you made me feel. I know this may sound perverted and nasty, but I wanted to lay between your legs do the very same thing to you that you had done to me. I wanted to kiss it and make it feel better. I don't know what you were doing, but I wanted to be the one to make you moan and call out my name the way you were doing. I wanted you Grandma! I wanted to make love to you. Sick huh?"

Grandma looked deep into my eyes. Then she smiled. "No Randy! That's not sick! No sicker than me getting all worked up thinking about you doing just that to me." Grandma gave a little laugh. "In fact, if I were younger, I probably would think about just that! But I am almost three times your age. There is nothing that an old woman like me can give a young man like you!"

This time I laughed. "Grandma! I bet I could kiss it and make it feel better. In fact, I bet I could kiss it and make it feel better than it has in years!" Grandma looked at me and this time she laughed harder.

"Randy! I'm all gray down there! And even when I wash, the scent gets strong with I get excited. I couldn't let you do something like that to me! What would you think of me afterwards?"

I smiled at her. "Let's find out!" I drew her against me. She didn't seem to put up must resistance, as I moved aside and laid her down on the bed. I lifted her nightgown. Grandma had on a pair of white cotton panties. I could make out the thick bush of hair at her crotch.

Pushing the material aside, I saw my Grandma's cunt for the first time. Like she had said, it was covered in a thick bush of grew hair. But not all of it was gray. It had black hairs mixed in. I could see her pussy lips too! They were swollen, much darker than the rest of her body. The scent that came from her cunt smelled clean. As if she had just showered.

I could feel her shaking, as my face drew closer to her cunt. I was giving her time to stop me, but she didn't seem in a mind to. When I softly blew my breath against her cunt I heard her sigh. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked against her hair. I felt her tremble. When I pushed my face in more and licked directly up into her slit, I heard Grandma moan.

I started to kiss it. I kissed it over and over, even pushing it open with my fingers to kiss directly into it. grandma was moaning and moving her hips. "Lick it Randy! Oh baby! You are making it feel better. You're making it feel better than it has in years."

I started licking it in earnest. I slid my tongue down almost to her ass. I tongued that small piece of skin that separated the two holes. Then I slowly licked up, pressing my tongue in; scooping my tongue to scoop out her juice. Grandma was getting wetter and wetter. I felt her hands grab my head and hold me in one spot.

"Right there! Oh Randy! Oh baby! Please lick right there!" Grandma had my tongue right on her clit. I had not felt a bigger clit on any woman I had ever fucked. I licked it then sucked it in my mouth. This caused Grandma to cry out.

"Randy! Oh baby! Grandma's gonna cum! Suck harder!" suddenly, I felt her hands sliding from my head to her pussy. Grandma grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them open. Her cunt seemed to expand and I felt her clit push deeper into my mouth. I sucked her harder, biting down gently on her clit.

Suddenly, Grandma screamed. I felt her pussy throb and a jet of hot liquid shot onto my chin. I moved my head a bit and the next jet went into my mouth. Grandma's body jerked each time she would shoot out a jet of crème. And each jet tasted like the sweetest of milk.

Grandma pushed me away. "No more Randy! Oh baby! I haven't cum like that in years." I felt Grandma pulling me up to her. my lips kissed her tits as I moved higher up n my bed. I looked up into her face and Grandma was looking down at me.

"I love you grandma! I have always loved you." I bent my head and kissed her lips. Grandma's lips stayed closed at first. Then I felt her slowly open them until my tongue pushed inside. I felt her tongue tip touching mine. Then with a whimper, she began to suck and lick my tongue. Her kiss was frenzied! Like she was rushing to get as much as she could before I stopped. But I had no intention of stopping.

Grandma pulled me up until I was lying on top of her. I felt her hand slide between us and grab my hard dick. Her legs opened and she was guiding me to her hole. "Please Randy? Please?" I had never heard my Grandma ever beg for anything. And hearing her now only made me hotter.

With a lunge, I buried my dick deep in her pussy. Grandma threw her head back and cried out. I pulled back and rammed my dick n deep again and again. soon grandma's hips were driving up to me each time I drove my dick down in her cunt. I could hear her pussy making squishy noises as I fucked her she was so wet.

I looked at Grandma's face. Her eyes were open wide and I saw an expression that I had never seen on her before. It looked almost demonic! It was as another creature had taken over her body. I felt her legs move open wider and her knees move up along my side.

"Fuck me Randy! Fuck me hard! Fuck me with that big dick! Make it hurt!"

I could feel my dick throbbing and knew that I wouldn't last too much longer. I pushed myself from her cunt and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Pushing her legs up, I placed the head of my dick at her pussy. If she wanted it hard I would give it to her.

I looked directly into her eyes as I drove my dick home. Grandma grunted and wiggled her hips. "Harder! Fuck me!" I pulled back until just the tip was in. this time I rammed her even harder. "Yes! Like that! That's what Grandma needs boy!" I pulled back and rammed her again and again. I could feel my climax growing closer and closer with each stroke.

"Cum with me Randy! I'm ready! Make it feel good! Make it feel better than it has in years!" I was hammering my dick into my Grandma's sopping cunt! and loving every bit of it! There were no thoughts of i****t, or it being wrong. It felt like the most right thing I had ever done.

Suddenly, I was there. "Now! Oh Grandma! Cum now!" I shouted those words as I felt my balls erupt and I filled Grandma with more crème than I had ever shot before. I felt Grandma's cunt tighten on my dick. Then it seemed to milk all my crème from me. Grandma whimpered and cried all the time her body thrashed beneath me.

Then we lay still, each of us gasping for air. I looked at Grandma and she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen at that moment. I smiled as I kissed her. Rolling off her I lay on my back still struggling to fill my lungs. Grandma started to laugh.

"Well Randy! I guess I will be telling you to kiss it and make it better a whole lot now!" I laughed as I turned to look at her. "Any time Grandma! And I know that I will need you to kiss it even more! But maybe tomorrow! I don't think that I can move!"

Grandma got up and her nightgown dropped into place. Damn! I hadn't undressed her or even taken off her panties. She looked down at me. "My bed will be more comfortable for both of us Randy!" With that, she turned and walked out the door. I slowly got up and followed her to her bedroom. I knew that we had started a whole new relationship. And I felt my dick lurch at the thought of where it would lead to.
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My village trip

My village trip

It happened when i was 15. I went to my village after the board exams to visit my grandmother and aunt. My aunt is well built but dark in color. She was a typical south indian village women. She was 5.5’ tall and 44 38 44 in structure. I took the bus in the afternoon and reached the village around eleven in the night. I usually enter the house through the back door. As usual i entered the house through the back door. I was shocked to see my aunt was having sex with her husband in the hall. I was shivering looking at the scene. My aunt was jumping on top of my uncle vigorously and my uncle was fondling my aunt’s tits. She was huge. Later she started sucking my uncle’s cock like a lolli pop. Their sounds made me mad. I decided to enter the house from the main door. So i went the other side and knocked the door. There was no response. I again knocked the door and called my aunt. After few mins. She opened the door greeted me in. She was wearing a semitransparent yellow saree and a blue blouse. Her blouse was not buttoned. She had just worn it to greet me in. Since i came after a long time she hugged me kissed me in my cheeks and lips. When her lips touched me i was thinking about the way she sucked my uncle’s cock and now with the same mouth she is kissing me. When she hugged me i could feel her tits on my chest.

She took me in and placed my luggage in the hall. There my uncle was sitting in a dhoti with bare chest. He greeted me and asked me to have food. I asked my aunt about my grandma. She said that my grandma was in the field to guard it which just a few meters away from the house. I asked my aunt for some warm water for bath after the journey. She said it was not the time now and advised me to take oil bath next morning. I just changed into shorts without any thing in the top. After having food i said that i will go to the field and be with grandma that night. They accepted. While i was moving in the field i felt like peeing. So i removed my shorts (it was the only dress i was wearing) and sat on the field. Suddenly a lady (must be in her late 40’s)caught me by my neck and scolded me for peeing in the farm. She grabbed me and was taking me towards my grandma’s tent. I didn’t bother to listen to what i was saying. I left my shorts somewhere in the dark. I was moving nude with the lady. I try to escape from her hands but made my self dirty with mud in the field. She knocked the door of my grandma’s tent. Another old woman who was in her later 60’s came out and asked what happened. I felt very shy. That woman asked her to tie me to a tree and put some red ants in the fore skin of my penis. Soon i was tied to a tree. She took my penis in her hand and peeled the fore skin. My penis started to grow in size very fast and it was standing erect. Now the old woman ordered to put some red ants in my penis. Obeying her other women collected lots of ant put them on the red head of my penis and closed the fore skin. The ants started biting and i was not able to bare the pain. I was moaning in pain. She then took more ants and them on my balls.

Hearing my moaning my grandma came out of the tent. When she saw me first she was not able to identify. After few minutes i called and later she recognized me. She was shocked to see me in that situation. Later they untied the ropes and apologized to me. But it was of no use. My penis was swollen in the ant bite. The grandma asked the old lady to clean me. The old lady took me to the back side field. She took my penis in her hand and peeled my fore skin. She washed my penis red head with water. The ants were still holding tight to my red head. She was taking one by one with her hand. She then asked the other lady to fetch some water from the well. She brought the water in a small bucket and poured it on me. That lady was watching my hard penis all the time. I said there is still more ants biting inside, but the old lady was not able find them because of bad vision in the night. The other lady who was watching this came to me took my penis into her hand. She spotted all the ants and freed my red head from the ants. She then asked me to spread my legs so that she can remove the ants from my balls. While she was removing the old lady came in and held my erect penis downwards so that she can comfortably remove the ants. After some time they gave me a bath and took me to the tent. There was no cloth to wrap my self. My grandma was laughing when she saw my erect penis and she passed funny comments on it. She then came near me and took my penis in her hand. She peeled the fore skin and saw how bad my forehead was. She later said she will take me to the village nurse next morning. I found that the old lady name was pankajam and other lady was eswari. My grandma asked eswari to go to house and get my dress. After some time she came back and said that the door was locked as they that slept. So i have stay nude till the next morning.

It was around four in the morning. I saw the pankajam moving out. I asked her where she was going. She said she wanted to pee. I also felt like peeing and said i will also come with her. She accepted and took to the backyard where all the women in the village used to peeing in the morning. She made me sit near a bush and she sat next to me. She lifted her saree up to her waist sat next to me. I was shocked to see her. I was able to see her hairy vagina in that merely visible light. I was watching the urine which flowing like a gushing river from her vagina. Few drops were hanging on to her pubic hairs. She asked me to clean it with a stone and later we can wash in the field. We finished the work and i was walking by holding her hands in the dark. Soon there was a folk of old women who were friends of the old lady blocked her and was having chatting. I felt shy to stand nude among those women. They were passing comments looking at my penis. They enquired about me and asked why i was nude. She started to narrate the entire story. She suddenly grabbed my penis and opened the foreskin and showed them how it looked. Soon they took my penis for granted and each of them started touching it and felt pity for it.

We went back to the field and she asked me to fetch some water from the well as she wanted to take bath. She removed her saree and put it aside. I was able to see her heavy saggy boobs falling to the ground from her blouse. She removed two hooks. There was pin in her blouse which was not coming out. She asked me to remove it. I went near her pushed her boobs apart with my hand. I inserted my hand inside and as if i was searching for the pin i touched her areola. She didn’t tell anything. After some of play i removed the pin from the blouse. She thanked me for it. She removed her blouse in front of me and gave it to me to take it aside. Her boobs were hanging. I was enjoying the scene. She untied the petticoat knots and gave it to me. She was standing totally nude in front of me. Her nipples were very big. She washed her buttock and was pouring the water in her head. After the bath she took some water and was cleaning her vagina by inserting her finger. My penis became rock hard. She then took the old dresses from me and wore it.

Pankajam went into the tent and woke up my grandma. She came out and asked me whether i finished peeing. I said i finished it. She then took me to the house by the back door. In the house, my uncle was setting his luggage and was ready to go out for business tour to surat. I was standing nude in the backyard fetching some water for bath. My grandma went in and gave send off to my uncle. Later my aunt priya and grandma came to the backyard. My aunt was laughing to see me nude and asked me what happened. Just like others she came near me and took my penis and opened it to see. She asked me to take bath and come, so after that she will apply some oil on it. But my grandma advised her to give me a oil bath. So she brought some oil applied all around my body. She was applying oil to penis like milking a cow. She was slowly rubbing in my balls and penis where the ant has shown its vengeance. My penis was standing in 90 degree and she was rubbing it like pet a****l. I told her that i was feeling different and my body started to shiver. She stopped it asked me to take bath after an hour. I was sitting in the backyard nude.

My grandma came to take bath there. In villages there are generally no bathroom and we take bath near the well. She removed her saree and was standing in her blouse and petticoat. Her blouse was transparent such that i can see her shaggy boobs and hard big nipples clearly. She turned aside and removed her blouse. She untied the petticoat knots and lifted it upto chest, partially covering her boobs and long tighs. When she poured water over her body, her dressed was totally revealing her body. I was enjoying the scene. My heart was pounding fast. She called me and asked to get the soap from my aunt. I went into the house and asked soap from my aunt. Suddenly a little girl from the next house came inside calling my aunt. I was shocked. The little girl was staring at my big pole. My aunt didn’t bother to send her. After a minute she sent her. All the time that girl was looking at my penis. My aunt gave a funny look after staring at my erect penis and gave me the soap. When turned, she tapped me on my buttock and pinched it. I didn’t bother it, just laughed and went out. I gave the soap to my grandma. After bath she removed her petticoat in front of me revealed her entire back side. She then took the new petticoat and wore it. She then asked me to bath and she went in.

After bath i went in took a shirt and shorts and wore it. When i wore my shorts, i was getting pain in my penis because the cloth was rubbing with my penis. Then my aunt asked me to remove it and just tie a towel. I did as they said. After finishing my break fast my grandma took me the village nurse’s house. She was a in her early 40’s. It was a small room in which she checked me and few others were waiting to see her. Since it was a small village there in no hospital facility and everyone comes to her house. There were few people waiting outside. She asked me to remove the towel and show her my penis. She took penis and said checked it. She pressed my balls and rolled and squeezed it. It was paining for me. My grandma was watching all this. She then asked me whether i masturbate. Immediately my grandma told that i don’t know that thing. The nurse told my grandma to make me masturbate for three day continuously after taking the herbal medicine which she gave. She also told to masturbate after taking every dose. She then whispered some thing to my grandma. They both gave a mysterious smile and then we left the room. Later i came to know that the medicine she gave is used to be given to horses for mating. That afternoon we reached home. We had our lunch and i took the medicine which the nurse gave and went to sl**p. After an hour my grandma woke me up with some juice. I drank it. She then asked me to remove my towel. I told her i was already removed and it is under the bed sheet. She laughed at me and sked me to sit in the chair and asked to follow her instructions. She asked me to hold my penis point upwards and asked me to push the penis fore skin up and down. I did as she said but did it wrongly. She then came near me demonstrated it my pushing my penis fore skin up and down at a steady phase. Immediately my penis started to expand and became rock hard. She asked me to do it my self. Since it was the first time, i again did it wrongly. Then she said she will do it for now and after that i should do it for myself. I accepted it. She then started to stroke my penis faster. My heart was pounding and i told my grandma about the different feeling. She said it will make you feel good later and she continued to stroke it. Suddenly i spilled all my cum on my grandma’s blouse and hands. She then asked me how i felt about that. I said it was new and different and i enjoyed it. She then said me to do the same every time after i take the medicine.

That night i alone went to the field tent without my grandma after the dinner. There as usual pankajam and eswari were guarding the field. I went there. They asked me about the penis. I said, i took the medicine and but the pain is still there. Pankajam went out of the tent to guard the field. Eswari and i were alone in the tent. It was very hot and we both were sweating inside. I removed my shirt and said it very hot in there. Eswari aunty also nodded for it and said that she feel like removing her dresses in this heat so that she can stay cool for a while. I said, if you want you do it and i insisted her to do so. She then removed her saree and was in just red blouse and yellow petticoat. Her boobs were so big and were ready to jump out from her blouse. Her blouse was soaked with sweat. I told her that her blouse was so wet and asked her to remove them too. She nodded her head and removed her blouse and put it aside. Now she was just in her black bra and petticoat. Her cleavage was totally awesome. Now we both were lying together in the mat. Our bodies were touching and it made so hot. She turned close to me and was braiding my hairs and asked me about the medicine. I said i took it and i have to do the exercise which nurse said. She asked me what exercise. I told her about it. She laughed and told me ‘naughty boy’. After she was as sl**p, i removed my towel and started to stroke my penis. Hearing the noise she woke and asked me what i was doing. I told her that i was doing the exercise. She then came near me and said that she help me in doing it. I told ok and said that grandma helped me in the noon and now she is helping me.she laughed at it. She took my penis in her hands and started to stroke. I was in hard pain as my penis was dry. I told her since it is dry it was paining more. Then she said she will do it the other way. She took my penis in her mouth and started to suck it like lollipop.

She was sucking it very hard and i exploded loads of cum in her mouth. She didn’t waste a bit of it and drank it fully. She didn’t let me go after that. She was continuously sucking it. I never insisted her to stop. I cummed almost three times in her mouth yet she didn’t stopped. Then i started to pain for me. I pleaded her to leave my penis. After my cry she left it. She then asked it how it was. I told her it was very painful but i enjoyed it very much.i told her that she made very hot in this hot weather. She also said that she too feels like removing all her dresses in this hot weather. Telling this she started to remove the knots of her petticoat. She continued to remove her panties and exposed her bushy vagina to me. She was only wearing her black bra. Soon she removed that too and threw all her dresses in the corner of the tent. Her boobs were black and so big in size. Her nipples were very big and were covering major part of her boobs. She then came near me and lied down. I and told her that i felt like throwing away the towel in this hot weather. She grabbed the towel and threw it to the corner of the tent. We both were lying naked in the mat. Even though we ware naked i didn’t know what to do. We both were sl**ping for while. Suddenly eswari aunty woke up and said that she was having some pain between her legs. I asked her to show it to me. She immediately spread her legs apart and showed me her hairy vagina. I could see some sweat drop sticking to her vaginal hairs. I then spread it apart and saw it inside. It was pink in color and it was very wet with her juices. She asked me check it inside as she had pain inside. I inserted my finger deep into her vagina. She was holding it very tightly. I wasn’t even able to move my hand any further. She was lifting her hips up in pleasure. She asked me to move my hands inside and out side fastly. Soon her juices started to flow out. I told her that urine was coming out from her vagina. She asked me not to stop. She was moaning aloud in pain. She reached the peak once again but still i was doing it. Hearing her loud moaning sound pankajam entered the house.

Pankajam came angrily and kicked me in my buttock. We both got up and were shocked. Pankajam was not ready to even listen to me she started to slap on my face spitted her saliva on me. She went and took our cloths and started abusing both us. She came near me and grabbed my erect penis firmly and made me follow her outside the tent. She said that she is going to tell it to my grandma. Eswari pleaded and asked her not to do so and she will do anything in turn. Pankajam looked at me and asked, ’what about you?’ and i also accepted to do as she said. She was squeezing my penis with all her f***e and started to bend it like rubber. I was shouting in pain. All this time eswari and i was standing nude exposing our private part to the old lady. Pankajam went near eswari and started to beat her buttock very hard. Her black buttock almost turned reddish. I could see hand prints of pankajam on her buttock clearly. After this she came near me squeezed my balls and pulled it down hardly. It pained like hell and tears were flowing from my eyes. After few minutes she warned us and gave our dresses back.

Next morning around four pankajam woke me up and asked me to come with her for peeing. I got up and went with her. She asked me to remove all my dresses and come nude with her. I refused at first but later after her blackmail i accepted to do so. We went to the same place and things happened as usual. We peed together. On our way she took me to our house which is just behind our field. There she asked me to wash her old dirty cloths and her vessels. She was treating me like a servant. While i was washing her cloths i felt some hot liquid pouring over my shoulders. When i turned to see it, i was soaked with her urine all over my head. She just lifted her saree and was urinating on me. She didn’t even bother to stop it even after my scream. I was in no position to scold her. After the work we both went to the tent. She asked me to fetch water from the well for her bath. She started to remove her in front of me. Just like yesterday she gave me her saree and blouse to me. I kept it in a dry place. Now she started to untie the knots of her petticoat. I thought she would tie it up to her chest.

To my surprise she just removed it and came near me and gave her petticoat. She was very bold and exposed her hairy vagina to me. I was staring at her vagina for a long time when she was bathing. Suddenly she told me to stop staring at her vagina and get a towel. I was shocked. She asked me rub all over her body with the towel. I did it with my shivering hands. When i was cleaning her vagina she asked me to continue over there for a long time. Then she sat on the washing stone and spreaded her legs wide apart and said there is something running inside. She asked me check it out. I went near her said even eswari had the same problem and i was helping her for the same last night. She said sorry for it and said that she won’t tell it to anyone. I asked to ask apology to eswari too. She accepted it. She asked me to promise me not to tell anyone about the i am doing to her. I promised her the same. The i went near her and spread her hairy vagina and started to stroke it inside and out. She asked me to do very fastly and within few mintues her juices were flowing down. I told her even eswari was flowing some juices from her vagina, but only you discharge more juices than her. She took that compliment with a pride in her face. She asked me stroke continuously. After that she asked me to help her the same, whenever she wanted. I accepted it.

We both dressed up and went to the tent. Pankajam apologized to eswari for her violent behavior last night. Eswari was puzzled at it. Later after pankajam left i told her about what happened. Hearing it she laughed and patted me in my buttock. She then asked me to come with her for the bath. I accepted to it. We went near the well and i removed all my dresses and was standing nude in front of her. Eswari was only wearing a petticoat which was upto her chest. She asked me to put soap to her back. I applied soap on her shoulder. I asked her to remove her petticoat so that i can apply it her back easily. She said that she can’t remove her dress and stand nude in the open place. She asked me to put my hand underneath her petticoat and apply the soap. I went under her petticoat and applied soap to her stomach, boobs and legs. I was scratching her nipples while applying the soap which she enjoying a lot. I face was directly infront of her vagina. It was hardly an inch or two away from her vagina. Suddenly i kissed her vagina. She responded strangely and said she liked it very much and asked me to continue licking and kissing it. I then started to lick her vagina like a dog. She sat on the washing stone and spread her legs apart and made it easy for me to lick her vagina. She started to flow her juices and i sucked it and drank all her juices. If was sweet and salty but i liked its taste. I told her it was tasty. She told, ‘if you like it, you can have it whenever you want’. I said ok for it. After the bath i went nude into the hut and she followed me in her petticoat. We went inside the tent. There she removed her petticoat gave me full look of her body once again. I asked her about the pain last night she had. She said it ok now. I told her she can ask my help any time for which she smiled and patted me on my head. After some time we both wore our dresses. She asked to put her bra hook in the back for which i helped her immediately. Then we both left the house headed to our houses.

When i reached my home, breakfast was ready. My grandma was not wearing blouse at that time and she was showing a free show of her breast from the side. Her saree was moving away from her boobs letting me to have a clear view of her hanging nipples. She never bothered to cover it. After some time me grandma asked me to put my luggage in the loft. I took a chair and stood over it asked my grandma to handover me the luggage and other vessels. When grandma took my bag lifted it to give me, her left boob popped out of her saree. She didn’t bother to cover it but rather continued to handover the luggage to me. I told her that her boob was popping out of her saree. She said while working it will come out and it is not a problem and she didn’t cover it. I was enjoying the scene happily. Soon her other boob popped out making her saree go in between her breasts. Only after that she covered her boos with saree partially. It was no use during the work. Once again it popped out and this time she just let it hang free to air. Even after the work she didn’t cover her boobs. When she heard the foot step noise of my aunt she covered her one boob and let the other one to serve my hungry eyes. My aunt also saw her boobs popping out but didn’t tell anything. She then gave the medicine and she left to field for work. This time i and my aunt were alone in the house. An hour passed. I was helping my aunt cutting the vegetables. My aunt came out and asked me whether i did my exercise. I said no. She asked me to do it soon. So i went to the backyard and started to stroke my cock. 15 minutes passed and still i didn’t cum. Soon my aunt came in search of me and asked me whether i finished it. I told her i still didn’t complete it and its not coming. She then asked me to think about my girl friend and stroke the penis. Even then i wasn’t able to cum. Then she asked me to think about a nude woman and do it. I then asked her to help me. She then came near me stroked my stiff penis. I wasn’t able to cum. Then she asked to think about herself nude. I told her how i think about her when i haven’t seen her like that. She laughed at it.

I was just keeping one of my hands on her boob. Suddenly my grandma entered the house. Hearing her sound i took the hand but my aunt was still stroking my cock. She came and asked whether i had cum. Then she took me to the backyard and gave my aunts used bra and panties and asked me to smell them when she was stroking it. I aunt was watching all this. She came and took my cock in her hand and started to stroke fast. She has dropped her saree pallu so that i have a clean view of her cleavage. Very soon i discharged loads of my cum on her blouse directly. She told me, ’naughty boy.. You have made my blouse dirty’. My grandma asked her to clean her dress. So my aunt removed her saree and gave it to my grandma and she took it inside. She was just standing in petticoat and blouse. She applied water on her blouse and cleavage to clean. My cum was very sticky and was not ready to leave her blouse. So she removed her blouse and gave it to me asked it was it for her. Now she was standing in black laced bra which was semi transparent. Her boobs were bouncing and were ready to explode in front of me i took it from her and started to clean. Soon something fell down on my head. I was surprised to see it. It was her bra. She was just covering her boobs with one hand and asked me to was her bra too. I was totally mad. Then she lifted her petticoat up to her thighs and came in front of me and helped me in cleaning. This time she didn’t cover her boobs. I could see her complete dark boobs which were hanging down. Her nipples were erect and firm as though it was ready to poke me. I was staring at her boobs. She asked to wash the cloths and after that i can look at it leisurely. I was surprised. Soon both of us went inside and changed our cloths. I finished my lunch and told them i will go to the field and run the motor so that crops will be watered.

I was wearing a sleeveless vest and a towel. As i neared the motor room in the field i heard some moaning sound coming from inside. I went near it and peeped through the window. It was pankajam who was having sex with a old man who used to work in the field. I wanted to catch her red handed and so i waited for the right time. The old man was entering his cock in pankajam’s vagina and stroking it hard. I slowly entered the room without making any noise. They didn’t notice me. Pankajam was making heavy sound and was moving her hips vigorously. Suddenly i asked them what are you doing? They were shocked to see me. The old man left the room in few seconds just taking away his dress. I asked pankajam what she was doing. She told me that she had pain in her vagina just like last night. The old man was helping her to clear the pain just like i did yesterday to eswari. I asked her how the pain is. She said it is paining more now. I went near her and opened her vagina and saw inside. Her juices were flowing. I asked her whether she wanted me to help her. She said if i can really help her then i can carry on.

I then took my fingers inside and started to stroke her hard. Her juices were flowing down and she was moaning. After some time i asked her did i help her like the old man? She said he did a different thing which i cannot do. I challenged her that i can do it as long as she helped me. She said i will help you. She spread her legs apart exposing me her hairy black vagina. She then asked me to remove my towel and take my penis out. I took my penis in my hand. She asked me to insert it into her vagina. I inserted it into her vagina. It was very tight. She was holding my penis tightly inside her. Then she asked me to lie on her and rub her boobs in circular motion. I did as she said. She then asked me to do it my moving my penis in and out at a fast phase. Soon i started doing exactly as she said. She was surprised to see me that i didn’t cum inside her even after 15 minutes of stroking. She then cummed and asked me to stop. I didn’t listen to her and i continued to stroke. She started crying in pain and had one more orgasm. Soon she asked me not to stop stroking. In next minute i discharged my cum inside her vagina. Now she didn’t let me go. She made me cum thrice in that place. After two hours of play we both came out naked and went into the tent.

We wore our dresses. After some time eswari came into the tent. She was so sweaty because of the hot sun outside. Pankajam told she will go to her house and come in the night. I told eswari that i am going to switch on the motor to water the crops and will come back after fiishing my bath there. Immediately eswari told that even she will come with me and have bath because she felt stuffy because of the hot climate. Soon we both went near the motor room. I went inside the motor room and switched on the motor. Water started pouring from the pipe. When i came out, eswari has already started removing her cloths. She was standing in white bra and brown panties with some flower patterns in it. Soon her bra and panties disappeared from her body. She started fingering her vagina very hardly. I asked her if she had any problem. She told that something is itching inside her vagina. I immediately struck with the idea and told that i will help her like i helped pankajam. She was surprised and when i inserted my penis inside her vagina she understood what happened between me and pankajam. I suddenly cummed inside her vagina, just as i did with pankajam. She was shocked whether she will become pregnant. Soon she got over it and told that you will become a father very soon. I asked her how and she said very soon you will see it. She already had a daughter who was six years old. I was happy and thanked her. Then we heard some noise. She suddenly grabbed her petticoat and wore it up to her chest. There was a group of old women coming tired from the field work. Looking at the water flowing they asked us whether they can have a bath here. Eswari told ok. I was still nude. Soon that group of old women identified me and asked me how is my penis now after the ant bit. Hearing this every one started to laugh. I was just playing in the water without bothering their comment. They started to strip in front of me. They were five of them. Two old ladies stripped completely and was bathing. Others were in their petticoat. After the bath, the two nude old ladies came near me and took my penis in their hand. I took it away from them. But they said they just wanted to see how it is after the ant bite and they are also like their own grandma. I was not able to hold it away from them. They took it and saw the red bulge due to the ant bite. After that they left the place. When i got up to wear my towel i found it missing. I asked eswari what to do. She immediately removed the panties which she was wearing and gave it to me. I wore it happily. She was only in petticoat that time. I took her dresses and we went inside the tent. In the tent she removed her petticoat and and started drying her hairs with it. In the mean time i was playing with her white bra in my hands. Looking at this she asked me to try her bra on me. I hesitated. She was standing nude. She came near me and made me wear her bra on me. I was wearing her bra and panty. Looking at it she said i was very beautiful in it. Later she wore her wet petticoat. I then removed her bra and gave it to her. I helped her hooking it. The she wore the blouse and saree. I was just standing in her panties. I asked eswari to go to my home and me a towel and vest along with the dinner. She came back around seven p.m. she felt very tired. I asked whether she want my help. Soon we both removed our cloths and started having sex. Pankajam entered the house and was shocked to see me banging eswari. She was not able to scold her, rather she stood calm and watched us. Eswari noticed pankajam and didn’t bother to stop our play. Pankajam was rubbing her vagina over her saree. I asked her whether she is having pain there again. She said yes. I asked to come near me so that i can finger her vagina. Within minutes she removed her clothes and stood nude near me. I started fingering her vagina. Then we all had sex together and laid nude on the mat. Then we started having sex daily when ever we met together. My grandma and aunt was not aware of this. A month passed. Eswari told that she was pregnant as she had missed her period. I didn’t understand what she told but i was happy that i am going to become father.

One day my aunt was having period and bl**d was flowing very badly from her vagina. My grandma asked me get the sanitary napkin from the shelf. I took and gave it to her. She then washed my aunts vagina with water in the back yard. I was watching all this. It was the second time i saw my aunt’s vagina, but it was the first time i am see it so closely. They didn’t bother to send me away and my eyes were having nice treat.

Next day my grandma called me and asked me to take care of my aunt, as she was leaving to nearby town to buy some fertilizers. She told that she will return the next day. It was around 4 a.m. when she left in the morning. My aunt woke up just minutes after that. I asked her how her health is now. She told she feel weak, actually she was all right. I took her to the backyard to pee. First i removed my towel and sat for peeing. To my surprise she sat next to me holding my hands. Her saree was lifted well above her hips and was revealing all her precious parts. After finishing it we went home. I prepared hot water for her and fetched some water from the well for bathing. I asked her to wait in the backyard so that she can finish her bath with hot water. I brought the hot water and mixed it with cold water and made it ready for bath. Now i called her for bath. She came out. She removed the saree and gave them to me. She removed her blouse and was standing in yellow bra in front of me. Soon she removed her bra and just let her big black breast to feast my eyes. She was trying to untie her petticoat knots. It was too tight and didn’t come out. She called me to help her by covering her breasts with one hand. I went near and tried to unknot the petticoat. But it was too tight. I asked to catch the side of the petticoat so that i can easily remove the knots. This made both her hands to reach the petticoat making her breast to feast my eyes. My efforts to unknot didn’t work. So i took a blade and cut the petticoat knot. This made her petticoat to fall to ground. She was just in her brown panties. She told that because of me she was not able to wear her petticoat for bath and said she feels shy to bath like that in front of me. I said if that’s a problem then i will leave. Then she insisted me to stay. She was just standing in panties. Then i asked her to remove her panties and give them to me as it may get wet during bath. She said it doesn’t matter. But i compelled her to remove it. But she refused to do it. I just lost my hope to see her totally nude. Then i removed my towel and started to take bath with her. We both finished the bath and entered the house. I went in and took my towel and wrapped it around me. My aunt was just wearing her wet old panties. Suddenly she started shouting my grandma. I asked her what happened. She told that grandma has taken her wardrobe key along with her. She said she have to stay like this throughout the day. I was the happiest man.

I immediately removed my towel and gave it to her so that she can dry herself. She took it from me and removed her panties and threw it aside. She dried her body with it. Now we both were standing totally nude. Looking at her vagina i asked her about the bl**d which came yesterday. She spread her vagina and looked at it and said it ok now, but she is having the pain. She then called me near her. She took my penis and started to stroke. I asked her what she is doing. She told she was doing the exercise the doctor told me to do. She then asked me not to tell this to anyone. I promised her to it. She then asked me to tune her nipples and roll her breast. While i was doing it, she was hardly shaking her hips and was fingering her vagina. I asked her what she was doing. I told will help her doing it with my fingers. She said it doesn’t need finger and it need something else. I promised her that i will help her. She then took my penis and said it needs this. I said, if it needs it badly then she may take it. She took it and asked me to insert in her vagina and stroke it. Then i started to stroke her in and out. We were playing for more than a hour. She was not ready to leave me. I almost came four time in that. I didn’t have anymore energy to stroke her. I was crying and asked her to leave my penis. Finally we finished our play and i was lying nude on top of her with my penis inside her vagina. It was around 7.a.m. i went out and washed the cloths and made it dry it in the sun. Then we cooked the food and ate our breakfast and lunch. Around 11.30 our cloths were dry. I took them and gave it my aunt, so that she can wear them. She wore the cloths and asked me wear my towel. I said i don’t want it and i will be standing like this. Suddenly pankajam and another old lady entered the house. I immediately grabbed my towel and wore it. Pankajam asked my aunt to send me with her as she was having some work in her house. Soon we left to pankajam’s house.

As soon as i entered pankajam’s house, she asked me to remove my dress. I removed my dress and gave it to her. She immediately tore it into pieces and threw them away. I asked her why did you like this? She said i will not be needing it anymore. She asked me to wash the cloths in backyard. I was washing their cloths. Suddenly a white bra and black blouse fell on my head. I turned to look what was happening. It was pankajam’s friend selvi, who was removing her cloths. Though she was 64 years, her body was shining. Her nipples were large and dark. She left her hair in the front to cover her boobs in one side. This made her look like a sex goddess cover one boob with hair and other to serve my hungry and lusty eyes. Soon pankajam too removed her dress threw them to me to wash it. They both were standing nude and were chatting. Soon i finished washing the cloths and dried it in the sun. They both asked me, who is more sexy among them. I told that selvi amma is more sexy because i like her gray-haired bushy vagina and dark nipples were very nice in her body. Hearing this selvi amma came near me and kissed me in the lips. We both started exchanging our saliva. Pankajam amma was squeezing my balls and penis. Soon she took in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. Then selvi amma asked me to lick her vagina. I was playing very hard with my tounge. Her vagina was very salty mixed with sweat, urine and her juices. I was drinking all her juices. He had two orgasm. In the second orgasm she spilled her urine along with her juices. She asked me to drink them. I drank them a little. She squirted her urine all over my head. I was soaked in urine. Looking at this pankajam amma came near me started pissing in my head directly. I was double drenched in urine of these sexy old village grandmas. Then i spread selvi’s vagina ans inserted my penis inside her vagina. Pankajam was lying next to her. So i was alternatively inserting my penis in their vagina. I came first inside selvi amma vagina. She lifted her hip upwards, so that my sperms will not come out. Then pankajam also asked me to cum inside her vagina. So cummed in her vagina. I was lying on paknajam with my penis inside her vagina. I was stinking in the soaked urine but i felt very different. They told female urine is good for health than male urine. They also told that it helps in growth of penis. So either pankajam amma or selvi amma daily feeds me with her urine. Then we all had a bath together in the backyard. Their cloths got dried and they took and wore it. I was standing nude. I asked them how will i go home. They didn’t bother and just pushed me out through the backyard and closed the door.

It became dark soon. So i started walking out after checking no one was there in the streets. When i was walking near neighbours field, i heard some one calling me. When i turned it was my grandma who was coming from the town. She asked me why i was walking nude. I told that some took away my towel when i was peeing in the field. I noticed that my grandma was not wearing any blouse. Her boobs were freely hanging inside her saree. As we were walking along the field i could see glimpses of her nipples. Suddenly my grandma slipped and fell over the thorn plants. The thorns pierced almost all her body parts. I gave her hand and lifted her. Her saree was stuck with the plant. As it was dark i asked her to leave her saree and we may take it in the morning. So she removed her saree to my surprise she was not even wearing petticoat. Now we both were nude. I asked her to lean on me and walk. I said we will go to our field tent because we both cannot walk nude upto house. She accepted it. As we were walking her breast nipples were poking very hard against me. I was having the reaction. My penis became erect. My grandma’s hand was often falling on my erect penis. This made my penis even harder. We reached the tent. Soon i started removing all the thorn in her body. I made my fortune and started touching my grandma’s boobs and started pressing it to my wish. There was no stopping from my grandma. Though her boobs were shaggy i lobed it. While removing the thorn in her thighs i put a few thorns inside her vagina and acted as though i did it by mistake. Then i opened her vagina and inserted my hand and removed the thorns. I didn’t feel like stopping it. I started inserting my finger in different angles in and out, as though i was searching for the thorns. I faces was so close to her vagina. Suddenly she cummed when my fingers were inside her vagina. Her juices were flowing heavily and she was in no position to stop it. She then asked me whether i did the exercise which doctor said. I said no. So started shouting at and said she will give me punishment. During this my hands were inside her vagina. I was acting as though a thorn was poking me inside and i was trying to get it out. She was enjoying it totally. She then asked me to remove my hand ao that i should do the punishment. I told her i haven’t yet taken out the thorn. She took my penis and directed it towards her vagina. I asked her what she is doing. She told as a punishment i should insert my penis inside her vagina which is having thorn inside and it will puncture my penis. I accepted it and started to insert my penis in and out. I was giving fake sound like it was paining. My grandma added to it and said that i deserve this punishment daily for what i have done. I came twice inside her vagina. Her vagina was flowing with juices. My grandma came on top of me and started inserting. This made me harder again. Then with my full f***e i cummed inside her vagina again. After this i said, i should apply saliva on the places where thorns have poked. I started licking her boobs and almost entire body. After this we went to the backyard and took bath. She asked me to get her dress from the house.

I started walking towards my house. Since it was dark i did bother walking nude, but still i ensured that no one was watching me. While coming two girls of age 12 and 10 were coming towards me. They were shocked to see me nude. Looking at them i tried to hide behind a tree. They continued to advance towards me. I peeped my head out to check whether they are gone. No one was there. So i came out. To my surprise both of them were standing very close behind me. They started making fun of me looking at my penis. Soon i reached my home through the back door. My aunt asked what happened to my dress. I told her that some one took it when i was bathing in the river. I didn’t tell anything about grandma. She enquired about my grandma; i told her that she is in the field house. My aunt asked me to wait in the backyard since our cousin girl was in the house. Her name was kamala. She looks very fair and sexy. She was only 18 but looks are like22. Her bra size was 34.

My aunt came out and gave me dress. Now i went inside the house. Kamala greeted me and we all had dinner. I was waiting for every one to leave because my grandma was waiting in the farm hut nude. After dinner kamala and my aunt went to sl**p. Soon i took one saree of my grandma from the trunk box and rushed towards the farm. My grandma was sitting outside boldly without a single piece of dress and was fingering her vagina. I went near her gave her the dress and asked what she was doing. She said to that some thing is itching inside. I went near her and asked her to spread her legs. She said lets go inside and do it or else someone might watch us. So i followed her into the hut. She sat on the bed and spread her legs very wide. I started inserting my fingers into her vagina. She said the pain is deep inside. I started rolling my finger into her vagina. Her vaginal juices started flowing along her thighs. Her black vaginal and thighs started shining in the dim candle light. I inserted three fingers fully inside. It was very difficult for me to move my hands. She was holding my hand very strongly inside her vagina. It was the first time i felt the muscle power holding my fingers very hard. She ejaculated vigorously over me. Suddenly she took my penis in her hand and started stroking it. She asked me to insert my penis inside her vagina. I was hesitating a bit. The she slapped me hard and started to hit me with a cane. So i obeyed her and inserted my penis in her vagina. She asked me to press her breast. Her shaggy breast started to grow in size. It became harder and harder. I was moaning in pain. I was not able move my penis in and out. She started beating me with the cane again and f***ed me to do it harder. Soon i cummed inside her vagina with load of sperm which was overflowing from her vagina. Then i lied over her. She hugged me very tightly. I just slept one her like that. Next morning we both got up very early and took bath together and went to our house.

My aunt prepared breakfast for us. All four of us including kamala had our breakfast together. After an hour kamala’s mom shilpa came to our house. Since she came from her town after a long travel my aunt asked her to take a bath and refresh herself. She took her dress from the suitcase and headed to the backyard. Kamala was fetching water for washing her cloths. Soon i went and told her i will fetch the waterfor her. Kamala went inside the house. Shilpa started removing her white jacket. She removed in and dropped it one the floor. Her white bra was clearly visible through her transparent saree. Soon she started unhooking her bra. Now her boobs were feasting my eyes. She was a fat lady and size was 42. She turned the other side and dropped her saree pallu. Now entire back was exposed to me. I only had fair glimpse of the side of her boobs. She removed her saree fully and was just standing in her petticoat. She untied her petticoat knots and lifted it up to her chest and tied it covering her boobs. Her erect big nipples impression was visible on her petticoat. She poured water on her body. This made her petticoat stick to her body. This made to expose her vital parts more to me. Soon she finished her bath. She wiped her body with her towel. Suddenly i noticed that kamala was coming from the house. I turned my self and continued to fetch water. Soon shilpa aunty dressed herself and went inside the house. After finishing the water job i entered the house. Shilpa aunty and my grandma was talking something about me. I overheard their conversation which gave me mixed emotions. Shilpa aunty asked my grandma to send me with her kamala is going to join the college next week she wanted me with her to help. After a long discussion my grandma decided to send me with them. Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?... Continue»
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Loving Grandma

This story is not mine

You might think it strange, that at 21 years old, I was still living with my grandmother. But to tell you the truth, I really couldn't see myself living anywhere else at this time. You see, my mom couldn't take care of me, so I was given over to my Grandmother to raise. And she raised me as if I were her son instead of her grandson.

Grandma Amelia, isn't one of those drop dead, gorgeous, young looking older women you want to fuck! She is not at all bad looking for a woman who is 60. She has skin the color of light chocolate, black hair that has bits of grey s**ttered throughout it, a pretty face and killer smile. No! she doesn't have tits you want to drool over! In fact, she does have a big pair, but when she goes without a bra, they hang down. You know the kind I mean, she smothers you with them when she hugs you to her. Well, she used to! Now I am taller than she is.

I never called her grandmother, granny, nana or any of those other names people call their grandparents. I always called her Grandma. Growing up with grandma was cool! She could be old and wise when she was giving you advise or lecturing you for something you did wrong. But she could also be playful and c***dlike when she wanted to be. It was during one of those times, that this whole thing started.

You see, after dinner, we would always share kitchen duties. Sometimes I would wash, while she would dry and put the dishes up. Other times it was the other way around. And we always seemed to start playing when we were doing some kind of housework together. Sometimes when I would be washing the dishes, I would use the sprayer and squirt her with it. She would sometimes do the same thing to me. Or maybe we would snap each other with the dish towel. It was her snapping me with the towel that started it all.

I was standing with my front facing the sink as I washed the dishes. I had asked her a question and she didn't answer me. I should have known something was up. But dumb old me, decided to turn to ask her again. As I did, she snapped the towel at my leg. Only I had turned so much that the tip of the towel landed right on my dick.

I let out a howl, then crumpled to my knees. The pain felt like someone had put a grenade in my pants and it had exploded. Grandma looked at me in shock. Then she rushed to my side. "Oh Randy! Oh baby, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hit you there!" She helped me get to my feet and held me as I hobbled to the couch.

I was seeing stars! The pain was unbelievable! I could feel tears falling down my face. Grandma looked so scared. She jumped up and ran to the kitchen. Coming back, she pulled my shorts down and placed a towel filled with ice right on my dick. That didn't help at all! And all the time, she kept telling me how sorry she was.

I croaked out that it was an accident. I know she didn't mean it. but I swear she was almost in tears herself. "What can grandma do to make it better?" That started it! I began to giggle. Grandma looked at me and my giggle turned into a laugh. She looked even more puzzled and I began to laugh almost hysterically. I turned and a stab of pain hit me. That, made me laugh even more!

"Randy! What in the devil is so funny?" The look on her face was priceless! I was soon howling. I could see that she was getting angry. I tried to talk but started laughing all over again. She drew back the towel that was still in her hands. "I bet if I popped you again you would stop laughing, young man!"

I clasped my hands over my groin and laughed all the harder. When I was able to calm down a bit, she was gone. I had hurt her feelings. I tried to get up but a pan shot through my dick and I flopped back down, gulping in air. Grandma came back in the room. She sat on the couch by my feet.

I looked at her and began to smile all over. I could see by the look on her face that she was about to get up. I had forgotten that I was lying there with just a towel filled with ice on my dick. "I'm sorry Grandma! But when you said, "What can Grandma do to make it better", all I could think of was when I was small. I would hurt something and you would say those same words to me. I would tell you to kiss it and make it better. And you would always kiss it to make it better. And it usually worked.

Suddenly, she caught what I was getting at. Her face grew stern for just a moment. Then she began to smile. Her smile turned into a chuckle. Then she was laughing along with me. "It would serve you right, if I did just that! I bet that would shut you up and take that smirk off your face."

I don't know why I said it. I don't know what I was thinking at the time. But again, dumb old me had to have the last words. "You wouldn't dare!" I knew the moment the words came out my mouth, I was done for! Grandma stared at me for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, before I could do anything, she reached over, grabbed the towel and lifted it up. I was shocked! After all, I didn't have anything covering my dick but the towel and she had grabbed that! I was lying there with my dick laying along my thigh. Before I could move, Grandma reached down and cradled it in her hands. Then she bent her head and gave my dick a kiss on the shaft. I was too stunned to move.

I was horrified! Just as she kissed it, the damn thing jerked. But instead of jerking back, she kissed it again. Only this time she let her lips linger on it. "Eh, Grandma!" I felt her kiss it again. This time her tongue touched the tip. "Grandma!" I was trying to sit up. I was trying to inch myself back away from her, but her fingers tightened on my now growing shaft.

With tenderness, she kissed it! Then her lips slipped over the head. My world was reeling! "Grandma!" I know that word came out as a whimper. She turned her face to look at me, as she took more of me in her mouth. "Grandma! You can't! You mustn't!" She looked directly at me as I felt her mouth slide down the length of my shaft. Grandma whimpered as her hot mouth engulfed my throbbing dick.

I was now fully hard. Not only that, I felt like I would cum any minute. I opened my mouth to say that I was gonna cum if she didn't stop, when it happened. With a groan, I muttered, "Oh shit!. I felt my dick jerk and horrified, I watched as Grandma's cheeks puffed out. I had shot in her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed again until I was empty. Then she straightened up and looked at me.

"I guess that will keep you quiet for awhile!" She got up and went to her room. I heard the door close behind her and the lock click into place. I sat there stunned beyond belief. My grandma had just given me the best blow job I had ever had. And she didn't work at it for more than a few seconds.

I got up from the couch, all the pain forgotten. I went down the hall to Grandma's door. I was about to knock, when I heard her. Grandma was moaning and whimpering, but I could tell that it wasn't from any pain. I know my mouth dropped open and my jaw must have hit the floor.

Grandma was in her room getting off! I could hear her moans as plain as day! I could also hear her calling out my name! I was excited! Embarrassed! Shocked! Stunned! Ashamed! And so many other emotions that I won't bore you with the words. I didn't knock on her door. Instead I slinked down the hall trying not to make a sound. I eased the door to my room closed and sat on the bed.

I was ashamed at what I had done. At what I had felt! This wasn't one of my girlfriends that had just let me cum in her mouth, this was my Grandma! You don't even think about things like that with your Grandma! And yet, hearing her in her room had gotten my dick hard all over again. I lay back on my bed.

It was about an hour later, when my door slowly opened. I had not fallen asl**p, and was just lying there looking out the window. I turned my head and saw Grandma standing in the doorway. She smiled at me and walked in. She was wearing the gown she always wore to bed. It was loose, bulging out over her big tits. Grandma didn't wear sexy night clothes. To me they did show off her figure, but they didn't cling to her or anything like that.

She came to my bed and sat down. I scooted over to make room for her. she looked at me and smiled. "Grandma. I..." She put her hand to my lips. "Randy! Let me say something, please. I didn't mean to do what I did. At first I was just gonna shock you by kissing your dick. I felt that it would shock you enough to shut you up and take that smirk off your face. But when I kissed it something happened."

I was about to say something smart like, "It sure did", but held my tongue. "You have looked upon me as your mother and I have always treated you like you were my own son. I never let you know whenever I needed to go out to get relief from my frustrations. That's something that I never wanted you to know about. And I made sure that you never found out that I please myself.

But when I kissed your dick, all the years of doing without a man, of using my fingers and dildo to please myself, seemed to take over. I had a man's dick in my hand after years of doing without one. Suddenly, I remembered what it felt like to lick and suck one. Suddenly, remembering the taste of pre-cum in my mouth made me want more. Even though you are my grandson, you are still a man."

Grandma smiled at me. "And a very big man I must say!" I know I smiled at her and couldn't help but feel proud of myself. "Suddenly, I had to have you in my mouth. I needed to have the feel of a man filling my mouth with his dick. It was a terrible thing to do. I will never forgive myself for it. Randy! I'm so sorry that I did that! I can only imagine what you must think of me!"

I looked at her face. She was trying to show a brave front. She was trying to be the strong Grandma she had always been for me. But I could see her eyes filling with tears. I could see the shame that she felt for letting her womanly needs take control of her body. I sat up straight on the bed, letting my back rest against the wall.

"Grandma! I don't hate you or think that you are some kind of pervert, if that's what you are afraid of. When I started laughing, it was because I have grown so much older from when you used to do that when I was a k**. I have been with women, I'm not a virgin you know! And the thought of you kissing my dick to make it feel better seemed so funny.

But then you did it! I was shocked at first. So shocked that I couldn't stop you. Then you kissed it again and licked it. I couldn't believe what was happening. When I was younger, when I was just getting the feelings for sex, I used to fantasize about you. But I would feel so ashamed at the things I felt that I guess I scared myself not to think about them.

I know you're my Grandma and I should never think about things like that with you, but I couldn't help it. When you looked up at me. When you whimpered as you slid your mouth down over my dick. I knew that the world could stop before I tried to stop you. In fact, I think that had you tried to stop, I would have grabbed you and held you there! I never felt any woman give me the pleasure you did. And it was so intense I couldn't last but a minute.

I was so ashamed for Cumming in your mouth I couldn't utter a word. When you stood up and told me that that should shut me up you were right! I was speechless! I heard you close and lock your door. When I could, I got up to come and tell you how sorry I was. I stood by your door and heard you. I heard you pleasing yourself and calling ut my name."

The look on Grandma's face turned to shock. "Oh Randy! Oh baby, I'm sorry you heard me. I was just so turned on that I had to do it! I felt like I was burning up inside! But I didn't want you to know what doing that had done to me. Oh Randy! I'm so ashamed!"

Grandma had tears slowly dripping down her face. I took her hand in mine. "Grandma! You have nothing to ever be ashamed of. You have been the best mom to me that any woman could ever be to a son. If anything, I should be the one that is ashamed. When I heard you in your room, all I could think about was coming inside and getting into bed with you.

I wanted to make you feel as wonderful as you made me feel. I know this may sound perverted and nasty, but I wanted to lay between your legs do the very same thing to you that you had done to me. I wanted to kiss it and make it feel better. I don't know what you were doing, but I wanted to be the one to make you moan and call out my name the way you were doing. I wanted you Grandma! I wanted to make love to you. Sick huh?"

Grandma looked deep into my eyes. Then she smiled. "No Randy! That's not sick! No sicker than me getting all worked up thinking about you doing just that to me." Grandma gave a little laugh. "In fact, if I were younger, I probably would think about just that! But I am almost three times your age. There is nothing that an old woman like me can give a young man like you!"

This time I laughed. "Grandma! I bet I could kiss it and make it feel better. In fact, I bet I could kiss it and make it feel better than it has in years!" Grandma looked at me and this time she laughed harder.

"Randy! I'm all gray down there! And even when I wash, the scent gets strong with I get excited. I couldn't let you do something like that to me! What would you think of me afterwards?"

I smiled at her. "Let's find out!" I drew her against me. She didn't seem to put up must resistance, as I moved aside and laid her down on the bed. I lifted her nightgown. Grandma had on a pair of white cotton panties. I could make out the thick bush of hair at her crotch.

Pushing the material aside, I saw my Grandma's cunt for the first time. Like she had said, it was covered in a thick bush of grew hair. But not all of it was gray. It had black hairs mixed in. I could see her pussy lips too! They were swollen, much darker than the rest of her body. The scent that came from her cunt smelled clean. As if she had just showered.

I could feel her shaking, as my face drew closer to her cunt. I was giving her time to stop me, but she didn't seem in a mind to. When I softly blew my breath against her cunt I heard her sigh. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked against her hair. I felt her tremble. When I pushed my face in more and licked directly up into her slit, I heard Grandma moan.

I started to kiss it. I kissed it over and over, even pushing it open with my fingers to kiss directly into it. grandma was moaning and moving her hips. "Lick it Randy! Oh baby! You are making it feel better. You're making it feel better than it has in years."

I started licking it in earnest. I slid my tongue down almost to her ass. I tongued that small piece of skin that separated the two holes. Then I slowly licked up, pressing my tongue in; scooping my tongue to scoop out her juice. Grandma was getting wetter and wetter. I felt her hands grab my head and hold me in one spot.

"Right there! Oh Randy! Oh baby! Please lick right there!" Grandma had my tongue right on her clit. I had not felt a bigger clit on any woman I had ever fucked. I licked it then sucked it in my mouth. This caused Grandma to cry out.

"Randy! Oh baby! Grandma's gonna cum! Suck harder!" suddenly, I felt her hands sliding from my head to her pussy. Grandma grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them open. Her cunt seemed to expand and I felt her clit push deeper into my mouth. I sucked her harder, biting down gently on her clit.

Suddenly, Grandma screamed. I felt her pussy throb and a jet of hot liquid shot onto my chin. I moved my head a bit and the next jet went into my mouth. Grandma's body jerked each time she would shoot out a jet of crème. And each jet tasted like the sweetest of milk.

Grandma pushed me away. "No more Randy! Oh baby! I haven't cum like that in years." I felt Grandma pulling me up to her. my lips kissed her tits as I moved higher up n my bed. I looked up into her face and Grandma was looking down at me.

"I love you grandma! I have always loved you." I bent my head and kissed her lips. Grandma's lips stayed closed at first. Then I felt her slowly open them until my tongue pushed inside. I felt her tongue tip touching mine. Then with a whimper, she began to suck and lick my tongue. Her kiss was frenzied! Like she was rushing to get as much as she could before I stopped. But I had no intention of stopping.

Grandma pulled me up until I was lying on top of her. I felt her hand slide between us and grab my hard dick. Her legs opened and she was guiding me to her hole. "Please Randy? Please?" I had never heard my Grandma ever beg for anything. And hearing her now only made me hotter.

With a lunge, I buried my dick deep in her pussy. Grandma threw her head back and cried out. I pulled back and rammed my dick n deep again and again. soon grandma's hips were driving up to me each time I drove my dick down in her cunt. I could hear her pussy making squishy noises as I fucked her she was so wet.

I looked at Grandma's face. Her eyes were open wide and I saw an expression that I had never seen on her before. It looked almost demonic! It was as another creature had taken over her body. I felt her legs move open wider and her knees move up along my side.

"Fuck me Randy! Fuck me hard! Fuck me with that big dick! Make it hurt!"

I could feel my dick throbbing and knew that I wouldn't last too much longer. I pushed myself from her cunt and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Pushing her legs up, I placed the head of my dick at her pussy. If she wanted it hard I would give it to her.

I looked directly into her eyes as I drove my dick home. Grandma grunted and wiggled her hips. "Harder! Fuck me!" I pulled back until just the tip was in. this time I rammed her even harder. "Yes! Like that! That's what Grandma needs boy!" I pulled back and rammed her again and again. I could feel my climax growing closer and closer with each stroke.

"Cum with me Randy! I'm ready! Make it feel good! Make it feel better than it has in years!" I was hammering my dick into my Grandma's sopping cunt! and loving every bit of it! There were no thoughts of i****t, or it being wrong. It felt like the most right thing I had ever done.

Suddenly, I was there. "Now! Oh Grandma! Cum now!" I shouted those words as I felt my balls erupt and I filled Grandma with more crème than I had ever shot before. I felt Grandma's cunt tighten on my dick. Then it seemed to milk all my crème from me. Grandma whimpered and cried all the time her body thrashed beneath me.

Then we lay still, each of us gasping for air. I looked at Grandma and she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen at that moment. I smiled as I kissed her. Rolling off her I lay on my back still struggling to fill my lungs. Grandma started to laugh.

"Well Randy! I guess I will be telling you to kiss it and make it better a whole lot now!" I laughed as I turned to look at her. "Any time Grandma! And I know that I will need you to kiss it even more! But maybe tomorrow! I don't think that I can move!"

Grandma got up and her nightgown dropped into place. Damn! I hadn't undressed her or even taken off her panties. She looked down at me. "My bed will be more comfortable for both of us Randy!" With that, she turned and walked out the door. I slowly got up and followed her to her bedroom. I knew that we had started a whole new relationship. And I felt my dick lurch at the thought of where it would lead to.... Continue»
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My dad bought me around trip ticket to Oregon for me to visit my grandma that I have not seen since I was 6 years old.

I am 24 years old now. My grandpa have acres of land and ranch that my grandma wants me to inherit ate. My grandma is 72 years old, and has been a widow for 12 years.

I arrived at my grandma house at around 3PM. Grandma was so happy to see me. She hugged me so tight, I can feel her breast so firmly on my chest.

For 72 years old lady, she is not bad at all.

Grandma give me tour of the house,and show me my room. My room next to her room.

At 5 PM grandma come to my room and told me she is going to take a shower.

I said ok, I will be next .

We have diner and talks and went to bed.

At around 2 PM , I went to the bathroom to take a leak, on my way back to my room, I slowly sneak in to my grandma bedroom .

Grandma totally sl**p. She was naked. She has beautiful figured for her age, her breast nice and blossom and her pussy hair beautifully trimed.

I stood there for a minutes, and returned back to my room.

It is Friday night, grandma called me from the living room.

I went to the living room, and see grandma in her night gown , sit in the sofa with small briefcase .

I sit next to her. Grandma open the case and show deed paper.

Your grandpa wants you to inherited everything that he owns to you. Read that and if you agreed sign it. You don't have to sign it now.

I read the deed, and put the paper back in the case.

Grandma handed glass of wine, and one for her.

Toast to Wilson f****y grandma said.

We than talks, drink,talks, drink.......

I see grandma started to loosen up......

I kiss grandma in the mouth, grandma suprise and she push me away.......

I took off my short, have my cock real close to her mouth. Grandma was shock

She tried to get up, but to no avail. I have bot of her ankle.

I open her leg wide, and stick my cock in her pussy. I was suprise she was not wearing underwear, and her pussy extremely wet.

I slowly fucking my grandma. Grandma holding on tight to both of my arms............

My cock half way in her pussy..........

It took less than 4 minutes, grandma explodes..........

Ooooooooohhhhhhh I am cummmming .

I pulled my cock and put it in her mouth. Grandma eagerly licking and sucking my cock.

Grandma stop sucking my cock. She stood up and said, let's go to the my bedroom ......

I her room, grandma take of her night gown. And laid down naked spreading her legs.

I eat her pussy made her cry and moaning loud..........

I told her that her pussy very tight, I just put half of my cock inside her pussy.......

Yes I know, this pussy has not been fucked for 12 years............

I spread her leg wide and put my cock deep insider her pussy............., she screams loud........

I fuckher hard , really hard...............

In the morning grandma still in bed. She said she can barely walks......., her pussy in flame and sore from fucking.

For 3 days she have breakfast lunch and diner in bed, but we still fucking

I told my grandma, I have decided to stay with her and be with her. Grandma was very happy..........

Several days pass, grandma won't let me fuck her.

On Sunday afternoon returning from grocery store, grandma called me to her room.

I went to her room and suprise to see her in her wedding dress. She look pretty and sexy.

What all this I said.

Would you take your grandma as you wife, you my grandson as my husband?

Yes of course. I do.

Grandma put ring on me and I put ring on her.

Grandma lift up her wedding dress showing her pussy. ...........

And laid down in bed. Come and fuck your pussy........., fuck it hard baby.

Waste no time, I fuck my grandma hard..............

... Continue»
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Hi, my name is Bobby. That’s what both my Mother and Grand Mother call me anyway. My Mother was f******n when I was born and I found out later when I was s*******n that my Dad was my Grand Mothers husband. She told me he started m*****ing her when she was about seven by rubbing her pussy when he bathed her. By the time she was eight he was finger fucking her. In her ninth year and for the following five years he began licking and eating her little pussy. She said at first she was afraid and embarrassed but it began to feel so good. He also got her to suck his cock and he made her swallow all his cum. He told her that it would make her skin soft and had healthy vitamins in it, He told her that if she told anyone he would go to jail and then he wouldn’t be able to continue making her feel good. She didn’t tell anyone and didn’t want to especially after she had her first orgasm when she about eleven.

The night of her thirteenth birthday he fucked her without using any protection and the following night he fucked her again but not before he had her take his wife’s (my Grand Mother) birth control pills. However she had already gotten pregnant that very first time. He fucked her almost every night she said. My Grand Mother was a waitress at this fancy dinner house and worked six nights a week from five to eleven in the evening. That was why it was so easy for him. Mom said she had no idea she was pregnant. She never had any signs that usually come with pregnancy, like morning sickness or wanting strange food. When she started to show after four months she thought she was just getting fat. She started to diet, but after six months it became obvious.

When confronted with it by my Grandmother my mother confessed that her husband Dan had been fucking her and blurted out the whole story. Consequently they were divorced but my grand mother made him sign a confession and he agreed to give her twenty percent of his gross monthly salary until she was eighteen, if she didn’t she would send him to jai. Dan even with the threat of jail kept sneaking over at night, while my grand mother was working and would fuck her, some times two and three times in a night. She said he was a good lover and she liked what he did to her. He continued fucking her at least three times a week even through her pregnancy. In fact he fucked her twice two nights before she delivered me and continued to fuck her until she was fully into her sixteenth years. Until one night my Grand Mother came home early because she was not feeling well and caught them.

She took pictures of them in the act and with the threat of prison he left and never came back. But before he left she made him buy us a small house. We live in this very upscale neighborhood now so that I could go to good schools my Grand Mother said. Her Dad only had enough money for us to buy a one bedroom house, but it is in a very nice neighborhood. The house has a nice large bedroom so Grand Mother bought us a king size bed and the three of us slept in it from the time I was three. I slept in the middle. We were very happy and never thought how it may have seemed strange to an outsider.

About the age of twelve I started to grow hair around my private parts and getting some funny feelings whenever I held my cock. I began jacking off almost every day after I had my first climax because it felt so good. Some times I even did it two or three times in a day. Also about that time I took a required course in sex education. I learned a lot about the female anatomy. Her vagina, cervix, uterus, and womb and there function. How a women gets pregnant etc. The guys all called the vagina a pussy or a cunt.

Mom worked at a hash house that was open only for breakfast & lunch. Her hours were from six until two in the afternoon with Monday and Tuesday off. She was making about a hundred dollars a day and was usually home by two thirty or three at the most. My Grand Mother worked as I said earlier at a fancy dinner from five until eleven in the evening and her days off were Sunday and Monday. That was perfect for our situation. Mom got up at four thirty every day and left the house while my Grand Mother fixed my breakfast and lunch and made sure I got me off to school on time. Mondays my Mom and Grandma did all their shopping and had their hair, nails, and anything else that they needed done.

Everything continued smoothly for the next year or so. I grew quite a bit between thirteen and f******n. My Mom use to rub my legs at night because they ached so much. By the time I was fifteen I was 5’9” and 170lbs. My cock had grown also to just over seven inches and about two and a half inches around. I started to play football as a junior. I wasn’t very good at the time. I was second team tight end because I wasn’t very fast.

One morning around three am I woke up having to pee. When I opened my eyes there was my Grand Mothers tit and nipple almost sticking me in the nose. It had slipped out of her night gown. For the first time I realized how big her tits were. I later found out she was a 37d. I just laid there looking at her big areolas. I reached up and touched it and was amazed at how soft but firm it was. I don’t know what possessed me to do it but I took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck very softly. Her nipple suddenly popped out about a half inch and I was able to get a firmer hold on it with my lips. I continued to suck just the nipple until she let out a low moan ohhhhmmmm. I got scared and stopped. She then rolled over and began to snore. It was then that I realized I had a big hard on so I got up and went into the bathroom and jacked off.

That morning while my Grand Mother was fixing my breakfast I began to look at her differently. I realized she was more than my Grand Mother, she was a very good looking women. She was the same height as me at 5’9” and weighed about 128 to 132 lbs. She has very long legs and even through her robe I could see she had a cute up turned butt. She was 48 and her birthday was this coming Friday. For the rest of the week I would lie in bed dreaming of fucking her. I was a virgin but that didn’t stop me from imagining what it would be like to fuck my own Grand Mother. I would scoot up against her back and let my dick try to go between her legs but her night gown always got in the way. If I tried to pull it up she would pull away from me. When she was facing me I tried to get her tit to come out of her night gown so I could suck on it like I did before. No luck, if I tried to f***e it she would roll over and I was getting pretty fruststraighted

That Friday I overheard my grand mother tell my Mom that she would probably be late getting home. She said the employees at the restaurant were going to give her a birthday party after work. I woke up about five thirty the following morning and got up to pee. Mom was just getting ready to leave for work. After I peed I went in and gave my Mom a sl**py hug and kiss and then went back to bed. Being Saturday I didn’t have to go to school and could sl**p in. As I got into bed I noticed my grand mother was on her side in the fetal position. She was really snoring and I could smell the alcohol. I lifted the sheet and could see She was completely nak** with her pussy lips sticking out of her hairy black bush between her ass cheeks. Boy did the sight of her pussy give me an instant hard on. I heard Mom start the car and leave as I pondered what to do. I knew this was going to be my only chance. At first I scooted up next to her and put my arm around her and squeezed her tit. I tried to slip my cock between her pussy lips but I couldn’t get it to go in. I finally got up and went into the bathroom and looked in the cupboard for something to make my cock slippery. I saw a jar called k-y jelly so I spread it on my cock and then went in and put some very gently on my grand mothers pussy lips.

I got into position behind her and f***ed my leg between hers lifting one leg slightly. Then I slid my cock slowly into her pussy. With the k-y jelly I entered her quite easily. My god her pussy was hot on my cock. I began to fuck her while I squeezed and played with her nipple. I only got through half dozen strokes before I came. Boy did I cum, I unloaded a huge amount into her pussy. She had not moved and was still snoring while I was fucking her. I remained hard so I began to fuck her again. This time I lasted about ten minutes. She started to moan a little bit and began to push her butt back at me when I came again. Shit, I said, now what. I laid there with my cock inside her pussy for about twenty minutes before I started to get hard again. This time I fucked her real slow and easy and lasted almost a half hour. She was moaning softly and pushing back at me when I felt her ass quiver and felt a warm feeling go over my cock. This happened two more times before I came again.

I fell asl**p with my cock still in her pussy and my arm around her with my hand on her tit. I suddenly felt her jerk away from me and heard her say, “for christ sake Bobby what have you done. I pretended to be asl**p but looked at her through half closed lids standing by the bed. I could see her reach down between her legs and heard her say “Oh shit.” She went into the bathroom and I heard her running some water. After a short while she came into the bedroom and sat by the bed and gently shook me. I pretended to suddenly wake up and sat up in the bed. She said “Bobby what have you done did you fuck me while I was asl**p?” I hung my head down and shook my head in the affirmative. “Oh Bobby you didn’t?” I looked up at her and said three times. I’m sorry but you looked so beautiful yesterday at breakfast and then when I saw you laying there with you beautiful ass out and your pussy lips sticking out between your buttocks. I just couldn’t help my self. I have wanted to fuck you for a long time I lied. “Bobby, I’m your Grand Mother for christ sake and its i****t. Don’t you realize I could be sent to jail even if I didn’t consent to it?”

She was shaking very badly so I stood up and took her in my arms and held her tightly against me. She was crying softly into my shoulder. I couldn’t help myself I began to get another hard on and it slid between her legs. “Bobby, stop it, what do you think your doing?” I pushed her back on the bed and as she fell her legs came apart and I got between her legs. I shoved my cock back into her still very wet pussy and began to fuck her. She struggled to get way but I was much too strong for her. I continued to move in and out of her with my cock. “Dam you Bobby stop it this minute, this is wrong, I’m your Grand Mother for god’s sake.” I continued fucking her slow and easy feeling my cock slid up and down the inner walls of her wonderful hot pussy. I shifted my weight upward so that as my cock went in and out of her it slid over her clit. She kept telling me to stop, but her breathing was beginning to go in and out very rapidly. I saw her breasts begin to heave up and down. She murmured “Oh god Bobby, please stop, Oh shit Bobbbbby and I felt her cum on my cock. Oh Bobby please, it’s been so long for me, I don’t want to like what you’re doing. Ohhhhh my god, oh shit, please Bobby I don’t want to cum again. Oh shit Bobbbbby aaaahhhhh, and I felt her cum again.

I increased my speed and I could feel her begin to push her pelvis back at me, suddenly she threw her legs around my back and dug her heels into my butt. She was beginning to get into a rhythm and she was grunting and murmuring OH god Booby you make me feel so good. I know its wrong but ooooohhhh christ I’m going to cum again. Yes Bobby fuck me, fuck me harder. I let go of her hands and reached down and pulled her legs up high so her knees were on each side of her head and I began plowing my cock into her wonderful pussy. She wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss me, running her tongue inside my mouth. She shoved her pelvis up high so that I went even deeper into her and I heard her say Ohhhhh Bobbbbbby as she came again. I couldn’t hold off any longer and exploded deep inside her vagina.

We laid there with me on top of her with my dick still inside her. It took her a long time before she began to breathe normally. “Oh Bobby, I haven’t felt like that in a long time. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to enjoy sex. It has been three years since I felt a man inside me and as wonderful as it was Bobby it was wrong. We can’t ever do it again. I heard her say it but she made no move to remove my cock from her womb. Why Grandma, why can’t we, it felt so good and I think you enjoyed it, didn’t you? “Yes Bobby it was wonderful, you made me feel like I haven’t felt in a long time, but we can’t ever do it again, its i****t.”

What is i****t I asked? She told me it was having sex with your kin, like your Mother or s****r and in this case your Grand Mother. Besides it not being right it is against the law. I could go to jail if anyone ever found out. Well I certainly would never tell anyone, and you would never tell anyone so what’s the harm? I liked having sex with you. Your pus-I mean your vagina felt so hot and wonderful when I was inside you. I know Bobby, you felt wonderful inside me but I can’t let it continue.

I felt my cock stir a little bit and without her realizing it I placed my hands into hers and began to move my cock inside her. “Bobby, I told you we can’t be doing this. I can’t let you fuck me.” I ignored her plea and began to kiss and suck her breast. Her nipple popped out and I rolled my tongue around it and then began to kiss it and suck it. My cock was now almost hard, as I began to thrust in and out of her very wet pussy. The pussy that had already accepted my cum four times. STOP IT BOBBY, STOP IT THIS MINUTE, but I continued to fuck her. “Bobby dam it, oh god Bobby please stop, Ohhhhh god I can’t believe what you are doing to me.” I was now completely hard as a rock and was plunging my cock in and out of her like a piston. Her pussy lips locked onto my cock as I slid in and out of her. “Ohhhhhhh god Bobby I’m going to cum. Yes, yes, oh Bobby here I cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum” and I felt her ass quiver and she shoved her pelvis up into me. I continued to pound her wonderful fuck hole as she fucked me back in a frensy, screeming “Oh shit Bobby I’m going to cum again yes aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh as she came again. That did it I let go of her hands and reached down and grabbed her ass and buried my cock head as deep as I could until I felt her cervix and exploded into it.

I was exhausted and I collapsed on top of her. When She finally got her breathe she started to say “Bobby,” but I interrupted her and said no Grandma don’t say a word. I love you more than just as my Grand Mother and I’m going to be your lover and fuck you all the time. You like it so there is no reason not to make love. She began to cry and she said “I know its wrong but I loved it so when you were inside me, but if we are going to be lovers I want you to call me Lil when were alone. Grandma just doesn’t seem right and we can never let your mother know, It would kill her. We can never talk about it to anyone else either. We fell asl**p and slept until almost one pm. I fucked her one more time before Mom cam home.

The following morning, Sunday, I was lying in bed. Mom had left for work and my Grand Mother was sl**ping, or so I thought. I began to massage my Grand Mother’s breast and my dick very slowly. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect. Suddenly my
Grand mother reached over and took a hold of my dick and began to massage it, saying let me do it for you. She began stroking my cock for a couple of minutes before she bent over and took it into her mouth. Oh my god what a feeling as her hot wet mouth began to suck me. I had never had my cocked sucked, in fact before yesterday I was a virgin. It didn’t take more than two or three minutes before I shot my load into her mouth. She sucked, milked, and licked my dick until there wasn’t anything left. Oh what a feeling, it was almost as good as fucking, but not quite. I said Oh Grand ___, I mean Lil, you give the best blow job. She said we don’t call it a blow job, its oral sex between a man and women. A blow job is when men do it to each other. Oh shit, why would anyone want to do that? She just smiled at me and said some do.

For the next several weeks I fucked my Grand Mother as often as possible. It was not easy. With the hours my Mom and Grand Mother worked it only left me from two in the morning until I went to school to fuck her. I wasn’t getting much sl**p and my school work began to show it. When I got my midterm report card my Grand Mother threatened to cut me off if I didn’t keep my grades up. I began sneaking home for lunch and we fucked instead of eating.

One morning a little after five AM I got up to pee. I had a pretty good hard on and debated if I should slip it into my Grandma and fuck her first. But I had to pee really bad so I went to the bathroom. I opened the door and there stood my mother in the tub with the shower slider open toweling her hair. I just stood there. What a sight, she had the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. Her nipples pointed straight out at me. There was no sag in them. Like her mother she had long slender legs that tapered up to firm thighs. She had dark brown hair nicely trimmed around her pussy. If I hadn’t already had a hard on I would have gotten one then.

Before I could back out of the door Mom looked up and was so startled she slipped in the tub and fell. She just missed hitting her head on the faucet but banged her head on the tub. I ran over to help her. She was straddled with one leg in the tub and one out. I tried not too but I could not help see her pussy pulled slightly apart and I though what a beautiful pussy. I lifted her up and my hard on slipped between her legs as I pulled her out of the tub and when I lowered her feet to the floor my cock slipped into her about two inches. Normally a person would lose their hard on when something like this happened but because my cock was now inside her vagina it stayed rock hard. I was f***ed out of her as I sat her on the toilet. She was pretty groggy. As she began to come to her senses and looked up I realized my hard on was right at her lip level. Mom was staring at my hard on for about twenty seconds and then realized what she was looking at and jerked back from me shouting “CHRIST BOBBY, what are you doing?”

About that time Grandma came rushing into the bathroom and asked what was going on. I grabbed a towel to cover myself and stammered, Mom fell in the bathtub and I was just trying to help her out. I explained to them how I had gotten up because I had to pee and didn’t know Mom was in the bathroom. I explained that when I opened the door and Mom saw me she was so startled that she slipped in the tub. I also told them I was real sorry about all that happened but I still had to pee real bad. My hard on had diminished by then. Both of them said at the same time “Go ahead,” but nothing was coming out so I said it’s hard to pee with you looking at me. They both giggled and turned their heads. I must have peed for a good five minutes. When I left I stood by the door and heard Mom say, “My god Mom did you see how big Bobby has grown. Grandma said, “not until just now, he is bigger than Dan was” She lied. I feel a little ashamed of myself but when I saw his big hard on I think I got a little wet down there.
"Teresa! (that’s my mother’s name) you should be ashamed of yourself.” “I know, I know, he’s my son and I feel ashamed for feeling that way but it has been a long time since I saw a cock, especially one that big.”

I ran back to our bedroom and waited for Grandma to come back to bed. I was smiling and the beginning of a hard was forming as I remembered how my Mom's naked body looked. And for the first time I had a burning desire to fuck her. But for now Grandma would get the benifit.

My mother left for work and my Grand Mother came back to bed. She said my god Bobby, what was that all about. I repeated what I had told them in the bathroom that I had opened the bathroom door without realizing Mom was in the shower, because the water wasn’t running and I was half asl**p. “Why did you have a hard on then?” she asked. I told you I had to pee real badly; I always get a hard on when I am asl**p and then have to pee. “So it wasn’t because you saw your Mother naked then.” No, I already was hard when I walked into the bathroom, why do you ask I said. “Oh I just wondered. What did you think when you saw her naked?” At first I couldn’t think, but then I thought gosh Mom is so beautiful, she has a perfect body. “She is isn’t she?” said Grandma.

I began to play with her tits and she reached over and took my hard dick and placed it into her Mouth and began to suck. She rolled over so that she was on top straddling me. Her pussy was right above me and reached up and pulled her vagina lips apart. I was amazed at how pink she was in side. I took two fingers and shoved them into her bright pink hole and began to finger fuck her. She let out a little moan and pushed down on my hand. I pulled my fingers out and then put all four fingers up into her hot snatch. I was shoving in and out of her pretty good when I folded my thumb into my palm and my whole fist went into her wet cunt. I began to pump my fist into her very hot and wet cunt. Faster and faster I went, she was moaning and grunting but she kept right on sucking my cock. I pulled out of her just enough and extended my middle finger and found her cervix opening. The tip of my finger went in about a half inch as I continued to pump my fist in and out. She was Cuming like a fountain and her juices were running down my wrist and arm. I was so fascinated with watching my fist pump that wonderful fuck hole that I lasted a long time, almost twenty minutes before I blew my wad into her mouth.

“Gees, Bobby that was absolutely wonderful, I couldn’t stop cumming, you certainly are a wonderful lover for being so young. Better even than my husband who was very good." Who was your husband, and why did you divorce him? “Some day I will tell you but not right now. It’s time for you to get ready for school.

A couple of days later I was at school and one of the guys brought a porno magazine. He passed it around while we were at lunch. On one of the pages it showed a guy eating this women’s pussy. Under the picture it said “What every woman loves.” One of the guys said “that’s gross, look he is kissing her where she pees.” One of the older guys in the group said “just shows how immature you are. That’s called eating pussy and it’s great so long as she is clean and doesn’t stink to bad.” We all asked him if he had ever done that. “Sure lots of time.” Well who we asked him. “Well Mary lee for one, she has a very nice pussy. Now Sandra has a skaggy snatch and she stunk. I told her that if she didn’t clean her pussy I wouldn’t eat her anymore.” Wow we all said in unison. I made a mental note thinking maybe I could have some of that. Another page of the magazine showed several women eating each other. It also showed men fucking women in the ass and men too. I thought now that’s gross.

That night when Grandma came home from work and before we got into bed, I asked Lil, have you ever had anyone eat your vagina? “Why do you ask” she said. Well today I saw a porno magazine that showed a man eating a women’s vagina and also two women eating each others. “Well yes if the truth be known. My husband used to eat my vagina a lot.” Did you like it I asked? “Yes very much.” Would you like me to eat your pus-I mean vagina? “It’s alright to call it a pussy in private but vagina is better when around other people. Would you like to eat my pussy” she said with a big smile on her face. Yes, I think I would. “Well, wait here and I’ll be back in a minute of two.” She went into the bathroom and I heard the water running. Mom was sound asl**p and I looked over at her and she looked like an Angel lying there. I started visualizing her beautiful tits and body I had seen just such a short time before and my cock started to get hard.

Grandma opened the bathroom door and motioned me to come in. She locked the door and laid a towel on the toilet seat and sat down. She scooted forward and opened her legs up very wide. She didn’t have to say anything more, I got down on my hands and knees and opened those lips and gazed at her pink inner lips. I bent down and kissed her hole. I put a finger in and got it wet and then I smelled it and tasted it. It smelled like when you first put spearmint gum in your mouth. It tasted like spearmint with a slight hint of vinegar. I took my tongue and ran it up and down just inside those lips. She let out a low moan so I stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could and began to lick it like a dog. She began to moan a little louder. I saw her little hood covering her clitoris and ran my tongue over it and she jerked her ass and let out another moan. I began to lick and suck her fuck hole like I thought it was going to run away. She grabbed my head and pulled my face hard into her crotch. Her ass was quivering and she was jerking her cunt into my face. I couldn’t breathe at first but soon managed to get some air in and out of my lungs. When I pulled back I could see this creamy dull white stuff oozing out of her fuck hole.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, and Mom asked, “What is going on.” “Shit” said Grandma. She pushed me back and stood up and then whispered, “Lean over the toilet and stick your finger down your throat and make yourself vomit. Just a minute Teresa, Bobby’s sick.” She waited until I had vomited a little into the toilet before unlocking the door. “Oh Bobby I’m sorry, what did you eat” Just about then I let go a good amount of vomit and a lot went over my finger and hand from having it down my throat. I stood up and pointed to a glass and whispered water. Mom rushed over and poured me a glass of water. I flushed the toilet and put the lid down and sat on it. Mom squatted down and handed me the water. I had my head bent down with my hands on the side of my face. Before I took the water I glanced over at Mom. I don’t think she realized it but her legs were wide open and I could see her pussy. I held my gaze for a short time before I took the water. I took a big swallow as Mom started rubbing the side of my head with her hands, so I dropped my head and continued to stare at her beautiful pussy. Mom leaned forward and pulled me to her chest and said “Oh you poor dear, let Mommy make you feel better.” Christ, I had a burning desire to reach under her gown and shove my finger into her open pussy. I was even starting to get a hard on. I new I had to do something to distract myself from what I was seeing and feeling. I f***ed myself to stand up, saying I’m ok Mom. She gave me a hug and my half hard on that was only just starting to get in front of me went into her crotch a little. She didn’t seem to want to let go and I was afraid if I continued to stand there with her hugging me my cock would get completely get hard and I was afraid she would react in a negative way. I’m OK Mom I need to rinse my mouth out. I could almost swear just before she released me her legs came together a little squeezing my cock.

I quickly turned around and took some mouth wash and rinsed my mouth. I looked at My Grandma through the mirror and she was looking at my cock that had gotten a little harder and was sticking out under the sink. She said, “Come on Teresa, lets let the boy finish cleaning up” Just as Mom turned around to go out the door Grand Ma gave my cock a squeeze. I went back to bed as soon as my hard on subsided.

When I got back in bed between them Mom reached over and pulled my head back into her breasts and said “You poor dear. What do you think you ate that made you sick?” I think it was a hot dog I traded for my peanut butter sandwich. Grandma said, “What, you don’t like my Peanut butter sandwiches?” No I love them I said but he said he never got to have one so I traded. Mom had her arm under my head and I was laying there face to face with her. I reached over and pulled her tight against me and told her I appreciated her concern. Feeling her warm body so close against mine I started to get hard again. Shit I thought what should I do, turn over or just lay here and see what she does.

I closed my eyes and just laid there as my cock got harder and harder. I was quite surprised when she threw her leg over mine. It caused her gown to rise up and my cock slipped between her legs. I just laid there for the longest moment mesmerized to what was happening. I could hear Grandma begin to snore. I pushed my cock slowly forward along her pussy lips and then with drew and repeated it. Her pussy lips were so hot against my cock. Mom began to breathe a little harder. I kept up a slow rhythm in and out between her legs.

Just when I thought about trying to enter her she pulled back and turned over. I thought Oh shit I blew my chance, but to my surprised she scooted her ass back against me and reached between her legs taking hold of my cock and placed it at her opening. She then scooted closer allowing my cock to enter her pussy about two inches. That was all it took I put my arms around her chest and squeezed her tit before plunging my cock deep into her vaginal cavity. I used my thumb and forefinger to rub her nipple and at the same time squeezing gently her lovely breast. I took my time I fucking my Mother very slowly. I could feel her inner walls as they smoothly rubbed up and down my shaft and I continued running my cock in and out of her pussy. Like Grandma her pussy was very hot and began to get wetter and wetter. She was much tighter than Grandma and her vaginal lips squeezed my cock as I fucked her. She was moaning softly and I felt her quiver as she came, whispering “Oh Bobby you feel so good. It’s been so long. I hope you don’t feel too badly about this. I whispered back, Oh Mom how can I feel badly about it, I love you and have wanted you for so long. I started to pump faster but she reached over and grabbed my butt and said “Easy, we don’t want to wake Mom. She would never forgive me for doing this.” I smiled and thought to myself, if you only new.

We fucked for about fifteen minutes before I came. She had cum two more times just before I popped my load into her. She whispered OH god Bobby I can feel you cumming inside me and it feels so wonderful. Just as she started to go to sl**p I began to stiffen and I had not come out of her so I started to fuck her again. This time I fucked her for over half an hour. She kept moaning ever so softly as I felt her cum over and over again. When I finally came she turned over and gave me a deep kiss running her tongue into my mouth and tickling the ruff of it. She whispered, “Bobby you can’t know how much I needed that. We need to talk tomorrow after Grandma goes to work.”

When I woke up Mom had left for work and Grandma was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower and then got dressed for school. When I walked in and sat down at the kitchen table I said good morning Lil. She had her back to me scrambling eggs when she said, “fucked your Mother last night didn’t you.” What I stammered. “Don’t try and deny it. In fact you fucked her twice. I pretended to be asl**p but I wasn’t.” I didn’t say anything. Finally she turned around and said, “So what are we going to do now?” What do you mean I said, why is fucking my Mother going to change anything. “Well we can’t let her know you are fucking me too. I don’t know how she would react if she new, and I don’t want to find out. I walked up and threw my arms around her and gave her a big french kiss and said nothing has changed I love you and will always want to fuck you. In fact, I pulled her robe apart and turned her around lifting both her robe and gown at the same time, I think I’ll fuck you right now before I go to school. I dropped my pants and boxer’s as she said “Oh Bobby you are shameless, and we haven’t even had our eggs yet.” We both laughed as she shoved her ass back bending over the sink letting me bury my cock deep into her waiting pussy. I fucked her long and hard before cumming deep into her love nest. I went off to school as happy as a lark and wondered if anyone could smell my Grand Mothers pussy juice on me. What the hell I didn’t care. I wondered what Mom wanted to talk about.
When I came home from school there was a note from Mom that she had gone to the store and would be home before five. It was five after three so I went in the bedroom looking for Lil, my Grandma. She was in the shower so I stripped down and got in the shower with her. “What are you doing? Your Mother will catch us.” She said. No, Moms at the store and we have at least an hour before she comes back. Before she could say anything else I reached down between her legs and ran my finger up through her pussy lips and tickled her clit. “Oh Bobby” she moaned. I sat down in the tub and got between her legs and drew her pussy to my face and began to lick and suck her pussy. I noticed she had shaved most of the hair from her pussy area and only a small amount of hair was left just above her cunt. Bare like it was it made it easier to eat her pussy. She squatted just a little which gave me more access to the inside of her cunt. It was no time before she came. I continued to eat her wonderful fuck hole until she had cum two more times. Then I stood and we both got out of the shower and I bent her over the toilet seat and fucked her hard until I came deep inside her. She came several times more before I came.

We got back in the shower and washed each other and no sooner were we dressed when we hard Mom come in the back door. I helped her bring in the groceries and then did my homework while they fixed dinner. We always ate together before Grandma went to work. Everything went as it always did. Grandma left for work but not before she gave my ass a good squeeze as she went out the door.

Mom waited about a half hour before she called me into the kitchen. “Bobby, I need to have a serious talk with you. What we did last night was wonderful but was a mistake.” I started to object but she waved me to be silent. “Let me finish. It was my fault and I’m sorry I placed you in that position. I must have been out of my mind to let you, my own son fuck me. As wonderful as you made me feel it can never happen again. What we did was i****t and is forbidden by law and society. I’m truly sorry.”

But, but, I stammered why not? You said yourself it was wonderful, there is no reason why we can’t continue to enjoy each other. I love you more than just as a Mother. I want to be your lover. “That is very flattering but I’m sorry, I cannot let it happen again. I think I would go insane.” I started to protest again and she said “NO, my mind is made up and that is final.

That night she slept on the couch and when Grandma came home she asked what was going on. I told her what Mom had said. She said, “I can understand her feelings. I felt the same thing at first but I got over it.” I told her I didn’t think I could look at Mom every day and not want to make love to her. I love you both and I want to be both your lover’s. “Lets let it lie for awhile and see what happens.

For the rest of the week and the next Mom slept on the couch. In away it was nice because I could fuck Lil, (I now refer to Grandma as Lil except when Mom was present) every night or morning. It was a strained relationship. It was like everyone was walking on eggs. Finally Lil said enough is enough, I’m going to have a talk with your Mom.
When I came home from school Mom and Lil were in the kitchen. Mom had been crying. I pretended I didn’t notice and went into the living room and started doing my home work. Just before Lil left for work she said your Mom will come to bed tonight. Do not attempt to do anything. Let nature take it’s course. Sure enough about eleven Mom came to bed. I pretended to be asl**p and she was scooted clear over to the edge on her side. It went like that for a couple of weeks. On several occasions I woke and found I was scooted up to Mom with my dick shoved into her gown and between her legs. Only the first time did she pull away from me.

About a week later was Moms birthday. We went over to Lily’s restaurant and had dinner and a couple of bottles of wine. Mom and Lil each had two Margarita’s before dinner. By the time we got home both were pretty d***k. I even felt a little giddy from the couple of glasses of wine I had. I had never had any hard liquor before. Lil passed out and Mom and I undressed her down to her bra and panties and put her to bed. Mom was stumbling around herself so I helped her put her night gown on and put her to bed. I watched television for about a half hour and then got ready for bed. When I came from the bathroom I could see Lil laying on her stomach snoring up a storm. Mom was flat on her back with her legs spread apart.

That was it. I instantly got a hard on and I came to the foot of the bed gently removing her under pants. I got between her legs and began to eat her pussy. I licked and sucked her clit. I must have been at it for about ten minutes before she started responding. She began to moan hmmmm and ohhhh when I felt her climax. After she came the second time I felt her hands on my head as she lifted her legs allowing me even deeper penetration with my tongue. As I was sucking on her clit I heard her say, Ohhhhh Bobby I shouldn’t but you make me feel so goooooood and she came again. I slid up her body and took one of her breasts into my mouth and she moaned again. I took my hard, hard, dick and slid into her vagina. Oh how tight she was, as if she had never had me come out of that gorgeous fuck hole.

Her pussy was like a small furnace and the hot walls of her vagina slid up and down my shaft. She threw her legs around me and we fucked in a frenzy of desire. How we kept from waking Lil I’ll never know. Her pussy was shedding a bucket load of cum as I pumped my cock deep inside her. Faster and faster I went. Mom was almost screaming “Ohhhhh god Bobby fuck me, fuck me hard. I don’t care if it is i****t you make me feel like I never felt before, I Love you so much. Ohhhhh yes, that’s it. Yeesssss your making me cum again OH god yessssssssssssssssssssss.” She was cumming one after the other. I felt the erg in my balls and I lifted her legs high above her head and drove my cock as deep as I could until I felt the end hit her cervix and I exploded directly into it just like the last time we fucked. I fell on her chest completely exhausted. We fell asl**p like that, arms wrapped around each other and my dick still buried in her womb.

I woke up about an hour later and we fucked again. Just as I came in her I looked over at Lil and she was laying there watching us with a big smile on her face. She winked and rolled over and went back to sl**p. I couldn’t seem to get enough of Mom. I woke up and we fucked again about six and again about eight while Lil was in the kitchen. Mom got up to pee and she could hardly walk. She whispered christ Bobby, where do you get the energy. I smiled and said it’s you Mom you are so desirable I can’t get enough of you as she crawled back into bed. Lil came into the bedroom a few minutes later and said, “Well my little fuck birds you better get up and eat something to regain your energy.

I Mom’s mouth dropped open and she stammered “wh-, what are you talking about.” Lil said, “Don’t be coy with me Teresa I watched you fuck Bobby half the night.” “Oh god, as she pulled the covers over her head. Lil reached over and pulled the sheet off her and said, “It’s Ok, I think it’s wonderful, especially since Bobby has been fucking me for several weeks. We didn’t know how to tell you; now everything is out in the open we can get on with a wonderful f****y relationship.

Mom kept staring, first me and then Lil. “Are you telling me you have been fucking your own Grandson? “Hells yes, just like you. sl**ping next to him with that magnificent cock of his night after night poking between my legs and butt made me so horny I was tractably wearing out my vibrator. When it happened, I new it was i****t and tried to stop but he was such a great lover even better than Dan, so I gave in. I’m not sorry either. He has made me come alive again.

Mom just shook her head and said, “my god what are we going to do now” “just continue on, it’s a perfect situation. He can fuck you at night while I’m at work, and I can fuck him in the morning or when he gets home from school, so long as he keeps his school grades up. If he doesn’t we cut him off.” “Is that what happened when his grades went down last month? “Yes” said Lil.

I was in seventh heaven for the next two weeks, at first I was fucking Mom two, three times a night and Lil at least once . I finally slowed down to fucking Mom at least once every night. That hot tight pussy of hers was always ready. If I was able I think she would have let me fuck her every hour on the hour. Lil was almost as bad. She loved to have me fist her. Some times I would fist her for a solid hour and she would cum so much that she would drench my hand and arm. She said I found her “G” spot. It was a little round bubble about the size of a button and would fill up I guess with her cum when I was massaging it. When she would let go she would shoot a fountain of water cum out of her pussy like she had a fire hose in there.

One day I came home from school, Mom was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I asked her where Lil was, she told me she had gone to the Dr. for her annual check up. About four o’clock she came storming into the house slamming the front door and kept shouting “SHIT, SHIT, SHIT.” Mom asked her what the hell was wrong. “Wrong, I’ll tell you what’s wrong I’m two months pregnant. I’m almost fifty and I’m pregnant for christ sake. Mom and I just stood there in shock. Finally it dawned on me I was going to be a father. Mom said I thought you were on the pill? I am so it had to be that first night when he fucked me when I was d***k and asl**p. I suddenly blurted out that’s great Lil it makes me very happy. “You have got to be insane. Don’t you know the ramification of this? One if anyone finds out you’re the father I go to jail for c***d m*****ing. Even if no one ever finds out who am I going to say is the father, some traveling salesman? Just then Mom said “Oh shit.” What is the matter asked Lil. “I’ve been feeling quince this past week. I thought it was something I ate, but now, holy shit I wonder?” “That’s all we need is for you to be pregnant too.

Two days later we found that she was pregnant and must have happened just like Lil the first time before she started taking the pill. I was secretly happy and proud that I had gotten both of them pregnant. I had just turned s*******n. Mom said she would have to get an abortion. Me too said Lil. No way I said your not going to kill my c***dren. If you do I’m going to tell everyone you have been fucking me since I was f******n. As a minor you know what that means. “You don’t understand” Mom said and that’s when they told me that my father was Dan, Lily’s husband. They told me the whole sordid details. “Don’t you see, the c***d might be deformed or retarded” said Mom. I don’t care I’m not going to let either of you kill my baby’s. It was finally decided that they both would say the father was unknown.

Once we had decided our course of action we fell back into our routine. I continued to fuck Mom at night and Lil in the morning or after I got home from school When Lil was eight months along we decided I should only fuck her doggy fashion. It was great. I would reach around and hug her belly as I fucked her, sometimes I could feel the c***d jump inside her belly. One night about a week before she delivered a bouncing seven and a half pound baby girl, I was fisting her slow and easy not hard like I use to but a good steady rhythm. I extended my finger and felt her cervix. It had opened up in anticipation of her delivery and my finger went up into her past my second knuckle. She almost went nuts. She kept pushing herself down on my finger trying to drive it deeper. I think I could feel the entrance of her uterus. She was so hot and her pussy opened up and I think if I could have gone deeper I could have shoved my whole arm to my elbow into her.

As I was fisting her I notice her asshole kept opening and closing. It fascinated me. I removed my fist from her gaping hole and stuck a finger up he ass. She let out a grasp but didn’t say any thing. Her sphincter muscle was fairly tight at first, but soon it loosened up so that I was able to put two, then three of my cum soaked fingers up into her ass as I pumped in and out of her like a piston. I with drew them and shoved my cock deep into her anal cavity. I fucked that tight ass for about twenty minutes before I blew my load up deep up inside her bowels. She said Oh bobby, I have never been fucked there before. It was great. I hope you will do it again to me. From that time on she douched her ass as well as her pussy and I fucked in the ass most of the time from then on.

There was something exciting about fucking two pregnant women; It kept my desire for them alive. Even through Moms pregnancy right up to her delivery she let me fuck her. Her pussy was always like a furnace. The night before we left for the hospital she asked me to eat her pussy one more time. She said it may be awhile before I would be able to do it again. I did and it was as sweet as ever. She delivered a seven pound healthy boy.

By the time I was thirty one and Mom forty four we had three more c***dren, two girls and another son, all healthy normal k**s. My oldest son Bobby Jr. is f******n and just getting ready to go into high school. My two middle daughters are eleven and twelve, and cute as the devil. The oldest Lillian (named after Teresa’s Mom) is tall like her mother and Aunt and is just beginning to develop breasts, with a cute up turned butt like her Aunt Lil. My Youngest daughter is Terry, not Teresa, and she is a replica of her mother. The Youngest is Tommy and he is nine. He is all boy, always getting into mischief.

My daughter by Lillian is f******n now. Her name it Teresa Lee after Mon. she thinks I’m her Uncle. She has a beautiful body like her Mom & Aunt. Nice set of tits with a gorgeous ass. She is tall for her age at 5’9” with long legs like her mother. Some times she straddles me when I’m sitting on the couch and will grind her pussy into my groin which of course causes my cock to get hard and I have to lift her off me. I try to think of all kinds of things like sharks or walking on ground glass. She has been doing that since she was about three. It is the hardest when she has on only her Minnie night gown on. She never wears any panties. Not long ago I was watching television in my pajamas and robe. Lil was at work and Teresa was in the kitchen. The rest of the k**s were playing on the floor. Lillian jumped on my lap and she had on a very skimpy short night gown. She started hugging me and kissing me and tickling me. She kept moving back and forth on my groin as she played. I started getting hard real quick and my cock was pushing up into her.

She suddenly lifted up and my cock sprang up through the opening in my pajamas. she sat back down right on my cock head. She spread her knees a little more and I sunk into her pussy about two full inches. I whispered Christ Lillian what do you think you are doing. “I want you to fuck me. I have listened to Aunt Teresa moan night after night while you are fucking her. I also know you fuck my mother all the time.” All the while she is pushing her tiny little cunt down on my shaft going in another inch. I was stretching her and I could tell by the look on her face that it was hurting her but she kept pushing.

Oh Christ I thought, she’s my daughter, how could I fuck her. I started to lift her off me when she bored down and I felt her maiden head tear and my cock plunge deep into my daughter’s pussy. “Oh shit, that really hurt.” She just sat there for a few minuets and we stared at each other. She smiled and began to rise up and down on my very hard cock. I had never had a pussy so tight, much tighter than Moms, and I thought Mom had been very tight. I told her I couldn’t cum inside her because she could get pregnant. “What should we do then? I want you to make me cum. I said get up and go into the bathroom and I’ll come in there and take care of you. She did and as I looked down at my robe it had bl**d on the front of it.

I looked into the kitchen and asked Mom when dinner would be ready. She told me in about forty five minutes. Ok I said. I made sure the k**s were busy and then I went into the bathroom. Lillian had taken off her night gown and washed the bl**d off. I sat on the toilet seat and let her straddle me. She sat down and I entered again that very tight pussy. She was able to get her feet on the floor and that made it easy to pump my cock up into her. For one with no experience she was doing a good job. She would rise up on her toes until I was almost out of her and then would sit back down plunging my cock deep in to her. I felt her legs get weak as she came but she continued up and down my cock, murmuring Ohhh Uncle Bob you feel so good. Ohhhhhh I’m going to cum again as she began to push up and down my shaft with her pussy very fast. She then grabbed me around the neck and I felt her cum again, this time a very big one.

I was ready to cum myself so I stood up and had her sit on the toilet. I told her to take my cock in her mouth. She hesitated just for a moment and then opened her mouth and I slid in. Her Mouth was very hot and she began to suck. It only took about a dozen strokes before I shot my load into her mouth and throat. She was game, she tried to swallow it but began choking and much of it ran down her chin and chest. Oh Uncle Bob that was wonderful. We cleaned up and I let her sneak out of the bathroom to her own room she shared with her mother. We had added to bedrooms and two bathrooms soon after my fourth c***d was born.

Over the next several years it became a little difficult trying to service all three women and not let my Mother or Grand Mother knowing about Teresa Lee. Unfortunately it all came to a head when Teresa Lee became pregnant when she was s*******n. It took my Grand Mother who was now 69 a long time to get over it but Teresa Lee finally convinced Lil that it was her fault because she had blackmailed me about fucking her mother. There was an investigation and fortunately for me Teresa Lee had fucked a boy at school claiming it was his. We never asked the k** to support the baby and told him to get on with his life. Both he and his parents thanked us. Teresa Lee later told me he had pulled out of her and never came in her. I was glad the school dropped it. She had a little girl six and a half pounds. She was a beautiful baby.

I am now forty five. My Grand Mother Lillian died last year of ovarian cancer. Just before she died she told me she regretted nothing and that I had made her happy. Mom and I still fuck but not as much. I don’t have the stamina I use to have. Teresa and I had four more k**s. I know that my life has been a sin in most peoples mind, but to me it has been a wonderful life. I got fixed two years ago. The beauty of all our relationship is the closeness we have. We never fight among ourselves. Everyone has been happy with everything.

Oh yes, four years ago my youngest daughter by my mother, Terry caught me fucking her s****r Lillian. I had been fucking Lillian since she was sixteen. Terry had just turned twenty when she made me fuck her the first time. I was quite surprised that at twenty she was still a virgin. All my k**s by both my Mother and Grand Mother were virgins when I fucked them. They are all extremely good sex partners. I think Terry is the best of them now. Each time Each and every time I’m inside her and I close my eyes I can feel and visualize how it was the first time my mother and I mutually made love. Like her Mother she has an insatiable appetite for sex and like her Mom she has the hottest pussy you can imagine putting your dick into. I usually fuck my Mom within 24 hours of fucking Terry because of that memory. Life is wonderful.

Lillian got married two years ago when she got pregnant. She wasn’t sure if it was her now husband or mine. It’s hard to tell but he looks a lot like her younger b*****r. Terry thinks she wants to get pregnant too. I told tha since I was fixed she would have to wait until she finds a husband. She didn't, she started fucking Tommy and he got her pregnant. We all had tried to keep Tommy pure but over the next several years he got Terry pregnant about every s*******n months. As of this date they have six k**s. Five girls and one boy who was the oldes. What a f****y, I wonderd what was instore for those Girls. I think I new already

Teresa Lee told me if I ever tried to fuck one of our k**s when they get older she would cut off my dick and stick it up my ass after I bled to death. I believe her.
... Continue»
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Grandma true story (PART II)


Next couple of days nothing happened, we didn't even talk. Grandpa was home most of the times and Grandma was acting as usual, doing her job with guest rooms, avoiding every opportunity to stay alone with me even for a moment. She wasn't even looking at me at this rare occasions that she was talking to me, asking me if I am hungry or about my friends…It was clear that she would prefer that I go out with my friends and after a day or two I did because even Grandpa was asking why am I home all the time. Couple of days later when i got home at evening I found out that Granpa was out and that he won't be coming until tomorrow night.
Grandma put a dinner on table and sat next to me. She was complaining about sun burns because she spent day on a nudist beach with her guests and friends and that was her first time there. After I was done eating she took plate to wash it. While she was passing me I tried to hug her but she pushed my hand away saying that I'm hurting her, that her skin burns. I offered to help her with some cream for sun burns that my mom always puts in my bag and she said thanks but refused my offer to help her. She went to bathroom and closed the door. After few minutes I entered bathroom and found her standing naked next to bath, putting cream on her shoulders. She asked me to leave but I said I won't. She turned her back to me and continued to put cream on her body saying that this isn't going to work, that I can't act like that, forcing her to do things she doesn't want, etc. I continued to massage her with after sun cream ignoring her and I said:
"I want to make you feel good, I just want to give you pleasure, you don't need to do anything if you don't want to."
After a while she said that her legs are starting to hurt, that she can't stand any longer, so we went to room. She lied on a bed on her belly and I continued my massage her, touching her legs, starting with her feet and up. She was holding her legs closed tight but I at one point I put both of my hands between them and started spreading them apart, little by little, also pushing my hands closer and closer to her pussy. When I started touching her hairy pussy she tried to close her legs but I stopped her with my hands and soon she wasn't giving any resistance.
She became very wet, so when I pushed my finger inside her pussy it went all the way down. I pushed another and in response she lifted her ass a little, adjusting it for me. She started moaning saying "more"…Soon all my fingers were inside her, all the way. She started moving with her ass, slowly at beginning, pushing herself on my hand. She continued harder and stronger, moving her ass in larger circles and soon my whole hand was inside her pussy.
"Yes, thats what I need, your whole hand", she screamed, asking me to lick her asshole at the same time. The way she said it made it clear that she like to give orders in bed. I started licking her hairy ass, moving my tongue around the hole and then started to push it inside, following her rhythm, the way she was pushing herself on my hand. With other hand I was jerking my cock but very slowly because I was so horny that I knew that only 2-3 strong strokes would make me come. Grandma started coming soon, very hard, she yelled and grabbed my head pushing my tongue inside her ass that my whole face was between her cheeks so I couldn't get breath.
Finally she let go my head and lied on her back. "You've been a good boy. Thats what I like, not when you want to push me and f***e me." I was standing next to bed, jerking my cock and touching her nipples with it. "I like being a good boy, Grandma", I said.
"I'm glad to hear that, than we can all be happy", she replied with a smile and slapped my ass. "Thank you for giving me great pleasure. I am a bit tired and my skin still hurts me so I won't return a favour but that doesn't mean you will miss your reward". Saying that she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me closer to her. "Come, sit on grandmas face", and pulled one of my legs over her head. I knelt over her head not really knowing what I was suppose to do. "Don't be shy, come closer, I want you to sit on me." She pulled me down and pushed my back forward so I laid on her with my whole body, my nose and mouth on her pussy. Then I felt her tongue in my ass and her hand touching my cock and balls. She started stroking my cock hard while she licked my ass, pushing her tongue strongly in my hole. I was breathing heavily, feeling I would come any moment when she said "Come on my tits". I exploded, my load was all over her tits, belly, few drops even on her hairy pussy. While I was coming I didn't even felt that she pushed two fingers in my ass. Now, after very intense orgasm, I was feeling uncomfortable and I asked her to pull them out. She said she will only if I promise I will always be good boy and listen to her. I did so she pulled her fingers out of my ass and sucked them. Then she grabbed my head and pulled it to her tits, "You have to clean this mess", she said and held my head until I licked every drop of my sperm.
"Thats a good boy, just keep it like that", she said. Later on, while we were laying in a bed before sl**p, she started talking again how this is wrong and how we must stop it. I just asked her if she likes it. She said yes, very much. Then I said: "If it feels so good for both of us than it can't be wrong". She said that she is shocked how she doesn't feel any remorse, probably because she can see that I enjoy it as much as she does. "However, I am really scared, terrified with idea that someone finds out about it. You know that if such thing happens it will be tragedy, it will destroy our f****y, everyone would deprecate us, especially me and I would probably end up in jail." I said I won't say, that I know it would be disaster if our secret is revealed, especially for my parents and grandpa.
While we were talking there was a knock on a door. Grandma opened the door and there was a German lady, our guest (see part I), asking Granny if she would join them for a drink before sl**p. Grandma said she was just about to go to bed but German lady insisted, saying that one drink would just help her relax for sl**p, so finally Granny said ok. "Give me just a few minutes to change and I'll be right up".
She took a quick shower and then put on some sexy lingerie with black stocking, simple black dress that was so short that you could see end of her stockings when she was sitting.
"I know what you are thinking and no, don't even think about sneaking upstairs like other night", she said seriously. I mean it.
"But Grandma I can't stand the idea that you are having sex with someone else, at least let me watch it".
"Are you insane?! We were just talking about it, you said you understand that we must be very careful, that no one finds out about us and now you want to come and watch?"
At the end I promised I won't do it and she promised that she won't be long and that she is gonna tell me what went on when she comes back".
"And remember, you promised you will be a good boy, that you will listen what I say and do as I say. Otherwise this story is over".
She went upstairs and I kept my promise no matter how hard it was for me. I sneaked on stairs at one point but all the doors were closed so to my disappointment I couldn't hear anything so I went back to the room. I couldn't sl**p, my head was full of pictures of other night, imagining Granny in her sexy outfit fucking both of them. Of course I was jerking all the time, came couple of times and finally passed out. When I woke up I was still alone in the room. I heard voices coming from upstairs so after shower I went up to look for Grandma. She was having coffee with German lady, dressed in an ordinary dress she usually wear when she cleans the apartments. Obviously she came to room at some point last night or she changed this morning. Anyhow I didn't hear her. They invited me to join them for a coffee and of course I accepted. They spoke German which I understand basically but I'm not fluent so I was quiet, mostly fantasied about what happened earlier. After a while Grandma said she needs to go to grocery shop and that she also have to take some stuff to Grandpa vineyard that he asked for. She asked me to come down with her to help her find and pack that stuff.
As soon as she closed the door of our room behind us I grabbed her ass and started kissing her neck.
"I see you missed me last night", she said smiling. "Because you kept your promise and you were good boy I have to reward you." She walked to the table and sit on it pulling me closer. She lifted her dress and I saw she didn't have panties. "Touch my pussy, feel how it is still wet. Monica (German lady) just gave me a great orgasm. She wanted to do that after her husband and k**s went on a beach. She said she wanted to try alone with me, we never did it before".
While she was talking she pulled my shorts down and rubbed head of my cock over her pussy and asshole. She laid her back on a table, putting her legs on my shoulders and gently pushed my cock in her asshole. No need to say I never before experienced something like that. It was wet but very tight, felt like someone grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard. "Push it slowly, gently…at beginning", she said and I did. It felt so good that I came before it was all the way in. When she felt my pumping she squeezed her ass even more. I came so hard that my legs started shaking and I had to hold table with both hands. I was still hard like I didn't came but she gently pulled my cock out saying that she have to go and that I will receive rest of my reward later. She knelt before me, took my cock in her mouth and licked all the juices from it.
While we were looking for some tools that Grandpa asked for she told me what happened last night. More or less it was an event similar to one I witnessed. "But", she said, "I think you would be more interested in conversation I had with Monica this morning", she said smiling.
Then she told me that Monica was asking her about me, joking with Grandma saying that it must be hard sl**ping next to such handsome young man who probably has erection 24/7. Granny replied carefully saying that she never thought about me that way, that I am her grandson. But Monica continued teasing her: "C'mon, don't tell me you never had any idea or fantasy about him. Its perfectly normal, I think we all fantasise about our relatives. Especially when they are young studs. I am sure that he jerks all the time thinking about his Grandma." She also asked her if she ever had sex with young boy and Grandma of course lied and said no. Monica said that she did, more than once, with son of their neighbour but she asked Granny not to mention that in front of her husband. "He is very openminded but only when it comes to things he likes. Otherwise he is very jealous", she said and continued teasing Grandma: "How about you, would you be jealous if I would fuck your Grandson?"
Grandma said again that she doesn't see me that way so that she wouldn't be. "But I am not sure if he is old enough to be interested in sex", she added, "I never saw him with some girl".
"I am sure that sex is all he thinks about, all boys that age do", Monica said.
Grandma said that she is not sure if Monica was just joking or she is really interested in me. I asked her what she thinks, what if Monica is serious, would she mind if something happens? She said that she would lie to answer that she wouldn't be a bit jealous but as long as I would stay honest to her she wouldn't try to stop me. Then she went to visit Grandpa in vineyard but before she left she warned me: "Promise me you will be careful. Like I said I am not sure if she is serious or not so please don't make any moves. If she is serious she will do it, don't worry. Otherwise you will put embarrass yourself and me because she would know I told you everything and I left her in believe that we don't have that kind of relationship."
I promised her I won't do anything. It wasn't hard to promise that because, to be honest, I would be to scared to try anything anyway. But I was very excited with idea that this could be truth. Monica was very hot, I can't say she was beautiful but definitely very sexy. She was about 40 years old blonde with blue eyes, nice sensual lips and if she didn't have huge nose her face would be beautiful. She was about 1.70m tall, skinny tanned body, long sexy legs and nice tits with large pink aureolas. Tits were not to big but firm as she was half her age. So, like I said, I was too scared to try anything but also very anxious to find out how serious she was. When Grandma left I started thinking what can I do to find out. She was upstairs alone, her husband and k**s would probably stay on beach until evening and Grandma would come late as well. I couldn't just go upstairs, it would be strange because I never did that. Grandma was taking care of guests and I wasn't suppose to go there at all. I couldn't say I was looking for Grandma because she saw me helping Grandma to put in her car all the stuff Grandpa needed. I had no idea what to do so I did as usual: laid on bed and started jerking, thinking about Monica…I was about to come when I got interrupted by someone knocking on my door. I jumped of the bed and opened door. I hid lower part of my body behind door so she won't see my hard dick in my tight shorts. She said she didn't feel to well probably because she had to much sun yesterday and she asked me if I could go to pharmacy to get her some pills for headache. I said of course, she gave me some money and I left. All the way to pharmacy and back I was thinking only about what Grandma told me, of course I was hoping that this was just an excuse to bring me upstairs but I couldn't be sure, it happened before that she asked me to do get her something from store or pharmacy. I was back in 20 minutes and when I got to their apartment I found bedroom door slightly open. I was about to knock but she heard me coming: "Just come in". She was laying on bed wearing white bikini and she covered her head with pillow. I was disappointed when I saw that because it seems she really had headache.
"My head is killing me. Would you be so kind and bring me a glass of water?" she whispered. I said sure. When I got back from kitchen she lifted pillow, took water and and pills. "Can you please close all the shutters on windows, light is killing me." I did what she asked. When I finished I just stood next to bed few moments. She didn't say a word so I went back to my room. I continued what I was doing when she interrupted me and came twice thinking about that sexy woman above me. Every few minutes I went out on stairs hoping she would call me but I heard nothing. Two hours later I decided to go upstairs. I thought I would say that I just wanted to check out how is she. When I got up door was still slightly opened as I left it. I didn't want to knock in case she is sl**ping so I just entered, tried to be as quiet as possible. At first I couldn't see anything because room was completely dark. When my eyes had adjusted to dark I saw her laying naked on a bed, her legs wide open with her hand gently touching her pussy. She smiled at me: "Do you like what you see?". I just nodded. "What are you waiting for then? Take off your clothes", she said. I did what she asked. While I was doing it she was rubbing her pussy, pushing fingers in it, then licking them. I stood naked in front of her with my dick fully erected. She reached one of her legs and touch my balls with her feet. "Nice", she said. "Have you ever been with a woman before?", she asked. I told her the truth, apart from Grandma story of course: "Once, but we were just playing. She said she was a virgin so she just let me touch her and eat her pussy. Later she gave me a blow job". She opened her legs wide and pulled me on top of her holding my dick. She played with it for a while, rubbing her clit but then she pushed it inside, slowly. "You like it?", she said while she was licking my lips. I nodded breathing heavily. I knew I wont be able to stand much longer. She must have felt that so she said: "You can't come inside me, dear. I don't have any protection. So when you are ready take it out and put it in my mouth, I want to taste your sperm." That words were more than enough to push me over the edge so I pulled my dick out, climbed over her and pushed it into her mouth. She grabbed my ass hard and pressed me hard on her face, my dick was all the way in her mouth when it started pulsating. I came in her throat and I came a lot. At one point it was to much for her, she started to gargle so she pulled my dick out of her mouth so last few drops ended on her mouth and cheeks. She moaned loudly and then smiled: "You liked it, didn't you? I bet it feels better than jerking off what you probably do 10 times a day". I smiled back. She put both hands on my cheeks and pulled my face closer to hers: "Give me a kiss. I want you to taste your own cum, it taste so good". I kissed her, experienced familiar taste of my cum again.
"Now it would be nice if you would return favour. Would you like to eat my pussy?". She didn't had to ask me twice, I was already down on her. licking her juicy pussy. It was the first time in my life that I was eating completely shaven smooth pussy and even though I loved Grandmas hairy one I was overwhelmed with this experience. I was licking her whole pussy, from asshole to top. I must admit I was young, inexperienced, I was enjoying it but it was obvious that I wasn't doing right thing. So she grabbed my head with one head spreading her pussy lips with other and pulled my head gently toward her clitoris. "Lick it but gently and slowly…", she whispered. I did what she said and after a while I could feel her hips moving so I followed the rhythm. She started moaning and pushing her pussy at my head harder and faster. "Push your finger into my asshole", she said. I did it. She started moving even faster. "One more". I did it, pushed two fingers all the way in her wet asshole and started rotating them. In a few seconds she came hard, her whole body shaking. She was screaming loudly while I was struggling for air because she pushed my face on her pussy very hard. After a while she relaxed, let go my head: "That was very nice sweetie." I laid next to her, with my cock still hard. She kissed me passionately, tasting her own juices from my mouth and then she climbed on me and pushed my dick in her pussy. She pushed it all the way in, staying still for a few moments and then she started moving slowly. It felt so good, she knew exactly what she was doing, how to deal with young inexperienced boy like me, slowing her movement every time when she felt I would come. Then she pulled cock out of her pussy and turned around positioning her pussy on my head. "Lick my asshole now", she said while she was licking my cock and balls with the top of her tongue. I licked her asshole, it was soft and smooth and soon I started fucking it with my tongue. She responded with loud moaning and movement. Then she turned around again still holding my cock with one hand and pushed it slowly into asshole. She started spinning on it slowly and with each spin it went deeper and deeper in. It was so tight that it hurt a bit but it still felt great. When it was all the way in she made few more spins and than started to jam on it hard and fast. She was moaning loud which soon became screaming: "Yeeea, like that, crack my ass…" I came. Harder than ever before. When she felt my dick pulsation her continued jamming even harder and faster and when she came she squeezed my dick so hard that I thought it would explode. When she pulled it out at the end it was still hard, not as before, but hard. She swallowed it, licking all juices from it. We were laying for a few minutes, her head on my stomach when she said we should take shower because my Grandma could be back soon. Holding hands we entered shower. I wanted to leave for a minute because I needed to pee but she didn't let me out. "You can pee here, don't be shy", she smiled. It took me a while before I finally started peeing because I usually can't do when someone is around. In public toilets I always use boxes because I can't do it with other men standing next to me. When I finally started she crouched in front of me and my piss was dropping over her tits. She smiled at me, probably trying to figure out is this too much for me. But I liked it, it gave me a feeling of power, felt strong and secure. So I smiled back which make her open her mouth and take my piss. She kept her mouth open so piss was leaking over her cheeks. When I finished she stood up saying it was her turn now. I didn't really know if I want that but I let it happened. She pushed me down and before I even looked up I felt hot liquid on my chest. She continued pissing over my face so I closed my eyes. I wasn't sure if I want to taste but I was curious so I pushed a top of my tongue out of mouth and tried it. It was salty and kinda bitter but it tasted fine…it turned me on, thats sure. So I started jerking, still feeling it on my face. When she was done she pulled me up, sat on a edge of a tube: "Just continue", she said, "I want you to come all over my face". She grabbed my balls with one hand and started squeezing them while she was touching my ass with other hand, pushing gently one of her fingers in my asshole. I can't say how long I lasted probably not to long and I spurted on her face. Her eyes and mouth were closed and when I stopped she smeared my cum all over her face.
TO BE CONTINUED (if u like it. Again apologies for my poor English).... Continue»
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United my mother with me

United my mother with me

This is the story of how my mother and I became lovers when I was 18 years old and how our relationship became more intimate later. My mother’s name is Malathi and my name is Prabhakhar. We are a middle class Malayali f****y. My mother was married at the age of 18 to her uncle – my grandmother’s b*****r – when he was 40 years old, after his first wife died. I was born the same year she got married and after me, she had two girls and a boy was born just a few months before this story starts. It was the baby that started our affair. My beautiful mother, who was only 32 years old at that time, used to breast-feed the baby, as she had done all of us. As a young boy of 18, I was attracted by her breasts, which were extremely shapely. At home, mother did not wear any bra (nobody wore bras in our village) and her breasts would jiggle nicely inside her blouse as she walked. Her nipples would be pushing the thin Teri cotton material of her blouse and sometimes, her blouse will be slightly wet with milk from her breasts.

I developed the habit of watching her breasts as the baby sucked on her breasts. Mother would not completely open her blouse, so I can get only glimpses of her nipples and aureole as the baby sucked. But those glimpses drove me crazy. Mother’s aureoles were rosy in color and her nipple was slightly reddish, because she was extremely fair in color. I knew the times she gave milk to the baby and I would position myself conveniently so that I can watch her breasts, even though pretending to read my books. I never imagined that mother would be aware of what I was doing. It was after the baby started getting indigestions that the first event happened. One evening, there was nobody at home except mother and the baby and myself. Mother asked me to sit by her side and said “Prabhakhar, you must stop watching my breasts when I feed the baby”. I was scared out of my wits that mother knows what I am doing. I could not say anything. But mother continued, “Your watching is causing the baby stomach problems because the milk is changed”. She did not say what changed the milk. “Are you jealous of the baby? Do you want some milk too?” I was extremely embarrassed, but I was glad mother was not angry with me. I just sat quiet. Then mother said, “Look here. You are also my baby and I have given you milk from these breasts before. So I do not mind to feed you again from these breasts. Tonight, after everybody is asl**p, you can suck my breasts and satisfy your desire. But you must promise not to watch anymore when I feed the baby and not to tell anybody about this. Ok?” I simply nodded my head and was glad to run out of the house to hide my embarrassment.

But I was eagerly waiting for the night. Our village house was small, as all other houses. There was a kitchen and one room and a verandah outside. My father always slept in the verandah because it was cooler there. The front door was latched inside and if he wants to come in, he will have to knock and wake somebody to open the door. Me, my mother, my two s****rs and the baby all slept in the one room side by side. That was the arrangement in all houses in the villages. That night, after my father had gone to sl**p outside and my s****rs and the baby had slept, my mother whispered in my ears ” Prabhakhar, come to the kitchen”. My heart was pounding with anticipation as I followed her to the kitchen. There she lay down and asked me to lie beside her. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and thrust her right nipple in my mouth. I eagerly took her nipple between my lips and started pressing it. But milk was not coming.

Mother laughed and said “Poor boy, you have forgotten how to suck mother’s breasts. It has been a long time. Here, take more of my breast in your mouth and suck on it. Then you will get milk.” I did as she told her sweet and me milk started flowing into my mouth. My mother drew me closer to her and hugged me. After few minutes, when milk stopped coming from her right breast, mother asked me to take her left breast in my mouth and I enjoyed milk from that breasts until it was also empty. Mother said “Is that enough, baby? Come; let us go to the hall before somebody wakes up. But I said, “Mother, please let me continue sucking your breast a little more. It is so warm and soft in my mouth.” Mother said “Ok, Prabhakhar. Only a little while.” and I again took her warm breast in my mouth and gently pressed it with my lips and tongue. Then I cupped her other breast in my hand and started caressing it. After a while, mother said “You like mummy’s breasts. Don’t you Prabhakhar?” and she hugged me closer to her.

Mother’s voice was unsteady a little bit and I became aware of her heavy breathing. I do not know how long she let me suck her breasts, but I was disappointed when she said, “Come Prabhakhar, let us go to the hall. Enough for today. Remember, not a word to anyone and no watching when I feed the baby”. I said, “Yes ma” and we got up and slept in our usual places. Next day, my mother’s breasts looked more attractive to me than usual. I did not watch her when she fed the baby, but I kept looking at her breasts all other times. When she saw me looking at her breast, mother smiled gently and adjusted her sari so that it fell between her breasts and both her breasts were exposed to my view. I was thrilled and enjoyed the nice movements her breasts made inside her blouse as she moved about. I also noticed that her nipples were more prominent than usual today and that made my mother look lovelier. That night, I was lying in my bed, impatiently waiting for my mother to call me. After making sure the c***dren had slept, mother whispered, “Prabhakhar, let us go to the kitchen” We went to the kitchen and closed the door.

We lay down side by side and mother opened her blouse for me. I hugged her tight and took her right breast in my mouth and sucked her milk. There was lot more milk than the previous day in both of her breasts. After I emptied both her breasts, mother said, “Did you have enough milk today, Prabhakhar? I gave the baby cow’s milk so that you can have more milk” I was thrilled and hugged her tight. “Thanks Ma, your milk and your breasts are so sweet and thanks for showing me both your breasts during the day”, I said. Mother said, “I am happy to show them to you, Prabhakhar. I was a little bit embarrassed because my nipples were erect the whole day and were pushing my blouse out more today” I said, “Ma; those nipples made you look more beautiful today. But why did they become erect Ma?” Mother said, “All because of your sucking and fondling yesterday, Prabhakhar”. “Ma, does my sucking and fondling hurt your breasts” “No, silly boy, mummy feels so nice about your sucking and fondling. That is why her nipples become erect. Now enough of this talking. Here, suck this breast and fondle the other one”. I simply obeyed her. I continued my courtship with my mother’s breasts for along time until we heard the baby crying. Mother said, “Prabhakhar, let me go and feed the baby. Stay here. You can continue when I come back, Ok?” and buttoned up her blouse and went to the hall. After fifteen minutes she came back.

This time, I unbuttoned her blouse and instead of sucking her breasts, I kissed them fondly. Mother was excited. I sat against the wall and asked my mother to lean on me and cupped her breasts from behind and gently fondled them. I caressed her nipples slowly and they became erect. I kissed her neck moving her mangal sutra aside. I could feel my mother trembling against me. After a little while mother said, “Prabhakhar, we should not let this go out of control. Otherwise, we won’t be able to enjoy even this. Mummy has some milk now in her breasts. Just suck it and let us go to sl**p. Ok?” and gave me her breasts. I sucked all the sweet warm milk out of them and then we went to sl**p.

From the next day, mother strictly limited our nightly affair to one hour. But she continued to display her breasts for me during the daytime and also gradually stopped breast-feeding the baby and gave me all her milk to suck. Since there was too much milk for her to hold the whole day, she asked me to come home at lunchtime from school, so that she can feed me. In the evening, she asked me to come home without going for playing and I had a feeding in the evening too. This went on for three months. Of course my father never knew anything about our affair. But somebody else came to know about it – my grandmother, my mother’s mother (who was also my father’s s****r). She lives in a village about 20 miles from us where we have our ancestral property and house. She visits us every three months and we go to her place for all major temple festivals. She came on her regular visit to stay for a week.

My mother had warned me to keep away from her during grandma’s visit. I was not going to get any milk and she won’t show her breasts to me. That was going to be a torture, but mother said it is better to suffer a week rather than lose our affair for ever. But she did not count on grandmother’s keen observational skill and on her milk-making breasts. The third night after grandma came, mother called me to the kitchen. I was surprised. With grandma sl**ping in the hall, how can we play in the kitchen? By the time I got to the kitchen, mother had her blouse already open and thrust her breast in my mouth. The breast was of course swollen with milk and I had my stomach full of her delicious milk in fifteen minutes. Then I asked her about grandma. She explained that as soon as she came, grandma noticed the change in my mother. She felt that mother was happier than she ever was, and she had glow about her body, which was totally new. She also noticed that the baby was not comfortable sucking her breast milk because it had become unused to it for three months. If mother had still milk in her breasts and if she was not giving it to the baby what was she doing with it?

Grandma put two and two together and confronted mother. Mother had to confess and tell her everything about us. But to her surprise, grandma said mother’s happiness is her happiness and since it was now both her daughter and grandson’s happiness, she completely approves it. So I again had my mother’s beautiful breasts to taste and fondle, now with the additional blessing of my grandma. The next day grandma smiled mischievously at me and I felt a little shy to look at her. But when grandma was leaving back for her village, she gave me some money and whispered in my ears, “Bring flowers every day to your mother and put it in her hair. Ok? Make her happier. She will give you more happiness”. I did not quite understand what the meaning was. Anyway, next day, I brought flowers for my mother when I came home in the evening. Mother was surprised but did not wear them immediately. But, when we went to the kitchen that night, mother had the flowers in her hair and she smelt heavenly. From then on I continued to bring flowers everyday which mother used to wear when we got together in the kitchen. Another three months went by and something else happened which took our love affair to the next level. There was a communal riot in town and all schools were closed for two weeks. Since Dussehra was coming after those two weeks, that meant no school for a month. Since it was unsafe to stay in the town during the riots, my father asked mother to take the c***dren, including me, to grandma’s village and stay there for a month. His office did not close, so he will stay in town. So, mother and myself with the two girls and the baby took the bus to grandma’s village. From the bus stop, we took the horse cart and when we reached grandma’s house, she welcomed us nicely.

She took the baby from mother and told her, “Malathi, you are becoming more and more beautiful day by day. Is Prabhakhar bringing you flowers every day” and winked at me. Mother felt very shy and said, “Ma, please, not in front of the girls”. “Look at her, blushing like a teenage girl. You have really made her a lot younger Prabhakhar”, my grandma said. After we relaxed a little bit, mother and grandma went to the temple for the evening Pooja. When they returned, they cooked a nice dinner for us and we all ate heartily. When we were ready to go to bed, grandma said, “Prabhakhar, You go to the upstairs room. I have put your box there. I will take care of the c***dren downstairs.” I was wondering what mother was going to do. I looked at her. But she was demurely looking at the floor avoiding eye contact with me. I went upstairs confused. The upstairs room was a surprise to me. It had been whitewashed. There were festive decorations on the wall and floor. There was a wooden bed in the middle with new mattress and pillows. There were flowers hanging from the canopy over the bed and agarbathi was lit and making the room smells very fragrant. I just sat on the bed wondering what mother was going to do.

After what seemed to me a long time (even though it was only fifteen minutes), mother came upstairs. She had changed her silk sari she was wearing when she went to the temple and was wearing her regular thin cotton sari and slightly tight blouse which accentuated her shapely breasts. She closed the door when she came in and had a box of sweets in her hand. She sat on the bed beside me and said, “These are the temple sweets. Let me put one in your mouth, Prabhakhar” and did so when I opened my mouth. Then I took one and asked her to open her mouth so that I can put in her mouth. My mother came near me and lovingly opened her sweet mouth. But her sweet lips so near me intoxicated me so much that I forgot the sweet and grasping her waist drew her towards me and kissed her. Mother gasped and struggled a bit but I held on to her waist and pressed my lips to hers strongly. She relaxed and put her arms around me and gave her lips to me to taste. We kissed for five minutes and then sank back into the bed breathing heavily. Mother was silent and I was worried. “Ma, are you angry?” I asked. “No, son. You just surprised me. That is all”. “Then you will let me kiss you, Ma?” “Of course, son. If you cannot kiss me who else can”.

I was thrilled and again hugged her and kissed her passionately on her lips. When our lips parted, I said “Ma, your lips are so sweet and soft”. Mother said, “Prabhakhar, there is something else sweet waiting for you inside my blouse. Don’t you want it?” It was then that I noticed that mother’s blouse was all wet in the front with her milk. “I have been heavy with milk from the evening, son. The thought that we are going to be together in this nice room for the whole night made lot of milk in my breasts today. Please suck my breasts”. I cursed myself for being so inconsiderate and immediately unbuttoned mother’s tight blouse. Her beautiful breasts jumped free showing me the lovely areolas and the erect nipples. I cupped my mother’s breasts in my hands lovingly and said, “Mummy, your breasts are so beautiful”. Mother did not let me finish my sentence. She drew my head to her right breast and thrust her nipple in my mouth. Immediately, her sweet milk started pouring into my mouth and for the next half hour, I sucked and fondled my young mother’s lovely breasts. Mother moaned with pleasure as I teased her sensitive nipples with my tongue and when I gently fondled her breasts cupping them nicely in my hands. “Prabhakhar, your hands and lips feel so nice on my breasts. I wish I can have you do that all day”. “Ma, I wish so too.” “I think we can fulfill our wishes at least for a month, Prabhakhar. Grandma said we can spend our time in this room all day, if we wanted to. She is going to care of everything. So, you and I are free to do what we want”

I kissed mother again on her lips and said “I am so happy, Ma” and then asked her “Ma, can I take your blouse off?” Mother hesitated slightly and then said, “You want me to be without blouse?” “I eagerly said “Yes, ma, please”.”Ok, take mummy’s blouse off with your own hands”, she said and sat up. My hands trembled as I pushed her blouse off her lovely shoulders and took it off. Then I showered kisses on her breasts and shoulders and neck. Mother hugged me and moaned with excitement. Then she said, “Prabhakhar, take your shirt off to. It is not fair if only I have to take off my blouse”. I was only happy and immediately peeled off my shirt and threw it on the floor. Immediately, mummy hugged me and kissed me. She felt my muscles and said, “Prabhakhar, I am so happy to have such a strong bodied youngster for my son”. Mother and I played with each other long into the night before we slept. The next few days went joyfully, with mother and I spending most of our time in our room, mother without her blouse letting me enjoy her lovely breasts sucking her delicious milk every half hour or so.

Then one-day mother got into her head the idea that she wants to give me a bath like good old days. So I went with her to the bathroom where she poured water on me and started soaping me. I was only wearing a towel around my waist and when it became heavy with water, it slipped down. I hurriedly tried to wear it back on, but mother snatched it away saying “It is as well, son. Anyway I have to apply soap to your hidden parts too”. Then she looked at my prick and exclaimed “Oh, Prabhakhar, I never imagined your prick would be so long. It used to be the size of a small green pepper just not long ago. You know I used to enjoy fondling it when you were a c***d sucking my breast”. I said “Ma. You can do that even now when I suck your breasts”. “Then let me clean it up nicely, son”, said mother and applied soap and with her soft hands cleaned the entire length of my prick.

Later that day, when we went up to our room, mom gave me her breasts for sucking and as I lay beside her, she put her hand inside my pajama and started fondling my prick. My prick grew large and was uncomfortable for her to fondle inside my pajama. So she untied my pajama and pulled it down making me naked. I did not mind because after all she was my mother and she had seen me naked so many times. But after she fondled it for several minutes, I had to ejaculate and threw one leg around her and pressing my penis against her thighs, let out several hot jets of my semen, pushing into her thighs each time a jet came out. Mother hugged me and said “Oh my darling, I forgot you are now a grown up young man with lot of semen in your balls.” Then I asked “Ma, you have been giving me milk for six months now. Do you want to taste my milk too”? Mother shyly shook her head to say yes. I was excited. “Mom, just like I suck your nipples, you can take my prick in your mouth and suck it. Then, soon, you will get the thick milk”. Mom did like I said and her soft lips encircled my prick and started massaging it. I held her head in position and slowly pumped my prick inside her mouth. Soon, I reached my climax and pumped hot semen into my mother’s mouth. Mother did not let a drop of it go waste.

She gulped all the thick milk as I ejected it. She said “Oh, Prabhakhar, it tastes so nice. I want to drink it whenever you can give me”. I said, “Sure ma, you can have all of it” and I drew her up and we kissed passionately for a long time. After a while, mother wanted to go to the bathroom and went downstairs. When she was gone, I was imagining her lifting her sari, spreading her legs apart and letting her warm golden piss out. My desire to kiss my mother’s womanhood, nestled between her ivory thighs, grew beyond bounds. When she came back, I asked her, “Mother, I want to kiss you here, can I please?” cupping her pudenda with my palm. Mother was taken aback, but she did not take my hand away. Her face was slightly red with shyness and she slowly pulled her petticoat up to her waist revealing to me little by little her gorgeous legs and smooth creamy thighs and finally her beautiful pudenda covered with soft hair. Mother did not have too much hair on her lovely womanhood and I could see the glistening petals of her love flower nestling sexily between her thighs.

Mother spread her legs a little and I caressed her vulva gently and lovingly. Mother closed her eyes and started moaning a little. I got between her legs and kissed her things and all around her vulva. Mother smelled very nice between her thighs and there was a fragrant warm aroma rising from her vulva. Finally, I hugged my mother around her thighs and put my lips over her soft love fruit and kissed it. Mom jerked a little when my lips contacted her sensitive vulva and pressed my head down on her vulva. Then I started licking mother’s juices, which tasted like honey to me. Then I put my tongue inside my mother’s vulva and touched her clit. Mother slightly raised her hips as I did that and I pressed my mouth closer and took her clitoris between my lips and gently pressed it. Mother jerked her hips several times as I did that and pressed my head down harder into her vulva. Soon, she let out a long moan and warm sweet juice poured from her pudenda. I sucked all of her juice as it poured and licked her vulva clean like a puppy. Then I moved up and mother hugged me and kissed me passionately. We kissed for a long time with more intimacy than ever before.

When our lips parted, mother said, “Prabhakhar, you are showing me so many pleasures which I never new existed. Will you do this to me often please? I feel so nice when you are between my thighs kissing my pudenda”. I said, “Mother, I am willing to spend my entire life between your thighs, drinking the sweet honey from your vulva. I don’t think I need anything else except your sweet breast milk and vulva juice to live.” Mother said, “That reminds me, dear, my breasts are heavy now with milk. Suck my breasts”, and pulled my head to her right breast. I took mother’s lovely soft breast, in my mouth and started drinking her sweet milk, hugging her tightly. After a while, mother said, “Prabhakhar, play with my vulva, dear. I am having strange feelings there”. I was only too glad and immediately slid down between mother’s thighs and started showering kisses on her wet and warm vulva.

I made mother get climax four times that afternoon by sucking her pudenda, before we went downstairs for the evening tea. Later that night, I saw my mother fully naked for the first time. She removed her blouse, sari and petticoat and stood before me like a goddess. She looked gorgeous with nice legs and thighs and wonderfully shaped breasts. I knelt before her and pushed my face into her vulva and kissed it passionately. Then we lay down on the bed and hugged each other tightly, with my penis pressing over her pudenda. After a while, mother put one leg over me and started making pushing motions pressing my prick more tightly over her pudenda. I was excited and said, “Mother, let us copulate, please. I have wanted to do that with you for so long”. Mother said, “Son, I have also been dreaming of that for the past three months. But, we will do it on a good day. I will ask grandma to find a good day for us to become a couple. Just wait until tomorrow. Today, you can put your prick between my thighs and I will press it with my thighs and you can enjoy that way.”

I was immensely excited to hear that mother and I are going to become a couple. Most of that night, mother and I played love games with my mother, sucking her breasts, kissing her vulva, licking her love juice from deep inside her vulva, teasing her clitoris with my lips and making her get climax and fucking her between her thighs. Mother sucked my cock several times, making me climax and drinking my love milk. With our entire love making, at one point, mother’s mangal sutra got cut and all the beads and the gold fell on the bed. We picked up all of them and bundled them up in a piece of a paper so that next day, mother can put them on a thread again. For the rest of the night, mother was without mangal sutra and she did not mind. In fact, she seemed to be feeling happy being without that mangal sutra. Next day, in the morning, mother came up and speaking excitedly like a little girl, said, “Prabhakhar, grandma says today is a good day for us. Get up and take bath. We have to do a few things”. I immediately got up went for bath. When I came back, I saw mother dressed in a beautiful new silk sari, wearing lot of gold jewelry and flowers and looking like a bride.

Grandma gave me also new silk kurta and pajama to wear and when I was ready, to my utter surprise and delight, she gave me the mangal sutra she had prepared and asked me to tie it around my mother’s neck. Mother bent her head obediently like a bride and I tied the mangal sutra around her golden neck. Then grandma gave me a flower chain and asked me to put it mother’s hair. I was feeling like a bridegroom marrying my own mother. Then, grandma asked me to take mother to the temple for prayer. When we returned, she prepared a grand dinner for us and then she asked us to go upstairs after giving her blessing. As soon as we were in our room and closed the door, mother rushed into my arms and we kissed each other passionately for a long time. Then mother took of her sari, blouse and petticoat and became naked. I also did the same and led her to the bed where she lay down and invitingly spread her hands and said, ” Come, Prabhakhar, let us become a couple”.

I fell on her and embraced her and showered kisses all over her golden body, including her lovely breasts and warm vulva… Then I asked mother to lie on the bed with her legs dangling down and I took her legs and put them over my shoulder. Mother spread her vulva with her fingers and I inserted my eager prick into my mothers waiting pudenda. I slid my prick deep into mother’s silky vulva and slowly started fucking her. After five minutes, mother reached her climax, but I held on and I let myself have a climax only after mother had reached climax three times. I wanted mother to remember our first coupling all her life and I am sure she did have a heavenly time that day. That was the first day of Dusserah and the next 12 days, as the village people enjoyed ras at the temple, mother and myself enjoyed our own ras in our room. Mother was insatiable with her newfound awareness of sexual pleasure, which she had not experienced when she was young.

I was glad to give my young mother as much pleasure as she wanted. Grandmother was very happy to see her daughter and grandson enjoying life so well. She not only helped me and my mother to become a couple, but she did another thing, which enabled us to stay as couple. My father, who was her b*****r, came visiting for the last three days of Dussehra and on the day we were to leave for our town, he called me aside and started talking to me. He said, “Son, your grandma told me everything that has happened between you and your mother. I think you have done your mother a good thing”. I was completely shocked. My father continued, “I married you mother when I was already 40 and she was only 18. I was not able to give her the happiness she deserved at her age. Now you can give her all that. She can be my wife for the outside world, but within our f****y, she will be your wife. Keep giving her happiness.” I did not know whether to feel shocked or feel happiness that, really, my mother has become my wife. I asked my father, “What about you father. Who will take care of you?” Father smiled and replied, “Since you took grandmother’s daughter, I am taking her for myself.” “Father, what are you saying?” I asked incredulously.

He said, “I have had desire for my s****r for along time. But it was taboo to have relations with your s****r. So I kept silent. But, now you and your mother have taken the bold step. So I also took the bold step and asked your grandmother to be my wife. She gladly agreed. So we will have a mother-son couple and a b*****r-s****r couple in our f****y”. At that time, my mother and grandmother came in. My mother and myself touched my father and grandmother’s feet and asked for their blessing, which they heartily gave. As is the traditional way, they said, “Give us a grandc***d soon”. Mother felt very shy and bent her head and ran to the next room. And I followed her so that I can fulfill my father’s wish by making my mother pregnant with our first c***d.... Continue»
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I ass fucked my adopted grandma by the pool

I had just graduated from college three months ago. I
moved in with my adopted grandmother because she had an extra
room and lived in the city. So I thought it would be
convenient for job interviews. I got all my stuff moved
in and was straightening up my room when she came in and
asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I was shocked at
how good she looked in her bikini.

At 55, she was still attractive, for a white lady her age.
She had short curly brown hair and her face
didn't have any mark of wrinkles.
Her breasts were large and pert, and she didn't have an
ounce of fat on her stomach. I mumbled that I would be
out in a second and as she turned to leave, I noticed
that she had a very full, round, and firm ass and her
muscular legs could make a twenty year old jealous. I
couldn't believe that I was looking at my grand mother
this way. My cock jumped to attention immediately. This
was a problem as I was endowed with a 10" cock that
was very noticeable.

After she left I unpacked my bathing suit and got ready.
I managed to calm my cock down enough to get my trunks on
and grabbed a towel. I walked out to the patio to find my
grandma sunning herself on a lawn chair. Her body was
glistening and smooth and my erection became more
pronounced. I held the towel in front of my straining

"King, there you are. Would you be a dear and get my
back for me?" She said as she sat up in the chair.

"Sure thing, Grandma." I said, trying to hide my
erection. I squirted some lotion on my hands and sat down
behind her. I rubbed suntan oil all over my grandma's
back with smooth, soft motions.

"Be sure to get under the strap, I don't want tan lines."
She reached back and unclasped her bra.

I rubbed my hands up and down her back. My erection was
getting worse. It was peeking out the bottom of my trunks
and it was almost touching my grandma's ass. I got lost
in my lust and my hands wandered from her back around to
the sides of her tits. I let my fingertips linger a
little on the edge of her large breasts.

"Thank you King. You are a lifesaver." Grandma stood up
and adjusted her bra. She stretched and turned around. As
she looked down at me, her eyes went directly to my cock.
"Well King looks like something has caught your

"God, Grandma, I'm sorry." I stammered as I tried to
cover up my bulging cock.

"Oh, Jesus, King, I am no stranger to the male anatomy.
What I want to know is, is that hard-on for me?" Grandma
sat back down on the lawn-chair.

"No, I mean, I didn't mean to, grandma" I tried to cover
it up with my hands.

"King, doll, there's no need to hide it. Actually, I'm
flattered. I didn't know I could still excite a young man
like you." She was staring straight at my enlarged
member. "Well, I guess now that you have shown me yours,
I should show you mine. Do you want to see grandma's
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With that she pulled her bra down and her tits fell out
of their constraints. They were even more spectacular
swinging free in the afternoon sun. The nipples were
large and salmon colored and they hung low but were still
firm and tight.

"Do you like my tits?"

"My god grandma, I have never wanted to fuck anyone as
much as I want to fuck you right now." I stood up and
pressed myself against her, kissing her deeply and
wrapping my arms around her back. She reached down and
pulled my cock out of my trunks and started rubbing it

"King I am going to suck your fucking cock right now."
Hearing my grandma talking like this was almost more than
I could take, but when she dropped down to her knees and
placed her lips around the head of my dick I could hardly
contain myself. Slowly, she slid her mouth down the shaft
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throat until her chin rested on my balls.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back
so that I could look into her eyes. I could tell she
hadn't had any man for a while by the gleam of lust
growing in her eyes. She closed her lids and pulled her
head off my cock, letting it out of her mouth with a pop.
"God, King, this is the biggest cock I have ever had in
my throat. I thought my late husband was big, but his
was only 7 inches and not nearly so fat."

She held my cock by the base and rubbed in all over her
face. She put my throbbing member back in her mouth and
reached around to grab my ass. Plunging her face into my
crotch, she built up quite a lather of spit around her
lips. Her breasts were bouncing up and down with the

I could hear the slurping and popping sounds as the head
of my dick broke the seal of my grandmother's lips. She
looked up and locked eyes with me. She had the sexiest
droopy-lidded look of sex in her eyes. They had glazed
over in lustful, ecstasy. Slowly she released
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"King, I want you to fuck me. I want your big black cock
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She stood up and gripped my cock between her legs. It was
so long it stuck out the other side and she reached
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muscles quivered, making a delightful pressure on my
shaft. She led me over to the steps of the pool. The cool
water felt wonderful on my scorching hot cock.

"Well, bend over and let me see this tight wet pussy
then, you cock hungry slut." She pulled her bikini to one
side and, as I sat on the steps she lowered her full,
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"God Grandma, you weren't lying about having a tight
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"I haven't slept with a man since your grandfather died
three years ago." She said over her shoulder as she
finally got all of my cock that she could fit into her
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"Ooff, Oh, my, God! Faster, King, fuck me faster! Shove
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that I thought I would hurt her but she was screaming
"Harder, Faster!" so loud that I didn't really care if I
was hurting her.

She reached her hand under the water to cup my balls and
furiously rub her clit. Leaning back to lie on my heaving
chest she grabbed my hands and placed them on her giant
tits. She turned her head to kiss me deeply.

We lay there for a minute kissing and groping but then
she broke the kiss and lifted her left leg over mine so
that she was sitting with both legs together with my cock
still buried in her cunt. Placing her hand on my chest
she lifted her right leg over my chest with remarkable
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aching cock out of her warm pussy.

She buried my head in her breasts and started humping
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ass and pulled them apart. I began hammering home on my
grandma's cunt with all the f***e I could muster.

We were both grunting and panting as we fucked like
a****ls. I was licking and kissing her mouth, neck and
breasts. She arched her back and tossed her curly hair
wildly. The pressure built up in my balls to the point of
breaking. "I think I'm gonna cum!" Suddenly she stopped
riding my cock.

"Not yet King. I have a surprise for you." With a
slurping pop, she dislodged my penis from the depths of
her pussy. In the afternoon sun I could see a string of
pussy juice stretching from my quivering cock to her wet
pussy. Grandma went to the lawn chair and got the suntan
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I lifted myself to my feet on wobbly knees and walked
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took. Grandma squeezed a large amount of oil on her hand
and rubbed it up and down my shaft. Then she applied a
similar amount to the rim or her asshole. "I want you to
blow that load straight up my asshole."

With that she got on her hands and knees on the lawn
chair and I placed my cock at the entrance to her anus.
"Ready?" I asked.

"Fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck your granny's ass like a good
Black boy."

I pushed on the tip of my cock until I had the head
resting inside her tight hole.

"Gimme a second to get used to it." She said as she
swayed her round ass back and forth. Slowly I pushed inch
after inch of my cock into her anus. She whimpered and
moaned in ecstasy, grabbing fistfuls of her towel.

Once my balls were resting on her pussy lips I stopped
and let her have a minute to get loosened up. I stood
completely still and she started moving slowly up and
down my shaft with her sphincter stretched to the
breaking point. I matched her movements, until finally I
was sliding the entire length of my cock in and out of
her asshole.

Gradually we built up speed and soon I was bucking away,
hammering my grandma's ass with my pelvis. I bent over
her and scooped up her hanging pendulous breasts. Holding
on tightly I began to fuck her like a madman, slamming
her ass with all my strength. My balls were slapping
against her pussy so hard that I could hear the smack
above the groaning and panting.

Finally it became too much, my balls exploded, and a jet
of cum shot like a blast out of my big black cock. With a shudder I
shoved my cock up to the hilt in my grandma's ass and
collapsed against her back. I was twitching and jerking
with every blast of cum. Over and over, I came in her
ass, it seemed never ending.

As my orgasm subsided, cum started leaking out of her ass
onto her pussy lips. Finally I pulled my semi-hard cock
out of my grandma's ass and laid down next to her,
kissing her long and tenderly as I held her close to me.

"Thank you King, I needed that like you will never

"Any time, Grandma, any time."

When we could muster the strength we went inside and fell
asl**p in each other's arms on my grandma's four-poster

King Hut
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Grandma's Boy # 1

The summer of '74 I was 15, my grandfather had past away that spring and my parents were sending me for the summer to grandmas to help her settle down in her new house. They figured I could do some chores, and be company for my grandma. To say I was excited would be a lie, as my friends and I had planned a great summer of chasing girls and riding our dirt bikes..The one nice thing is mom and dad were letting me ride the bus to grandmas by myself! Dad had given me 200 bucks for fun money for the summer.

The bus ride was uneventful and rather boring, and when I arrived I was looking for grandma from the window and didnt recognize anyone. I got off the bus and was waiting for the driver to get the bags from under the bus,when I heard a female voice say "oh my Danny you've gotten so big" I turned around only to have my eyes pop out of my head, there was my grandmother all dolled up, she had on a yellow dress, her red hair was shoulder lenght and moving slightly from the wind, her lips were full with bright red lipstick and her tits with the full clevage were pushed to the last bit of strenght that I tought the dress had.

I couldnt get over how hot grandma looked! Right away I could feel my dick starting to "wake up" and hurrily gave grandma a hug and kiss, feeling grandma's tits on my chest and the smell of her perfume drove me to the brink. Excusing myself I said with a very shakey voice "I gotta grab my duffle." In my mind all I could think of was jacking off as soon as possible. Grandmas house was kinda small, I would be sl**ping on the sofa bed in the living room and of course grandma had her bedroom. We had dinner and she showed me pictures of mom when she was a k** and such and told me some stories of her growing up. I helped clean up the dishes and grandma said well I'm going to bed,I stated I was tired too from "the bus ride" and would go to bed also, thinking only of jacking off to the thought of grandmas hot body...

Laying in bed butt naked as I had since I was 13 I started to grab my dick and think of grandma, my dick is 7" long and 4" in diameter an early girlfriend had told me girls like thick ones, but I only got a couple of hand jobs from her. Undressing grandma in "my mind" I thought of playing with her big tits,sucking on the nipples, while "grandmas hand" stroked my cock.. my cock was rock hard and I could feel myself starting to throb very hard when all of a sudden I hear "YOUNG MAN!" Christ I about dropped by load and a pile of shit at the same time. Turning I saw grandma standing there in her house coat with a glass of milk in her hand looking not at me but at my dick...I quickly pulled the sheet up on me and said I'm sorry turning away from grandma, she must have felt bad because right away she said no Danny I'm sorry I didnt mean to scare you. She had worked her way over to my bed and sat at the edge saying I never raised boys only girls but I've heard this is normal.. may I ask you a question, I murmured yes only wishing to fade away, "how often do you jack off?" Jack Off? did my grandma really say that? I stated at least a couple times a week, she said I see and asked have you ever let any girls do it for you? I said yes a couple of times, can I see your cock again? oh my God I am about to die I said I didnt think I should, she just touched my shoulder and said it'll be our little secret...

I remember moaning and saying all right rolling over towards her and pulling the sheet down. My dick had lost some of its erection, looking at grandma I seen her lick her lips she then asked if she could touch it, I figured ok how much more trouble can I get in, grandma reached out touching my dick softly, pulling on it rubbing her thumb on the head, right away my dick started to respond and I heard a soft groan from grandma, she was pulling on my dick and I was getting harder, she said oh my you're very big, I started to smile and grandmas hand started to go a little faster I know I started groaning and suddenly she stopped "Shit" was all I could say.. Looking at grandma she stood and took her house coat off she was naked as me under there, her big tits laying milky white with big brown nipples (I found out later they were 38 DD's), I looked down toward Grandmas pussy and saw only a thin line of red hair, she sat back down asking me do you like my titties? I didnt answer I grabbed both of them pulling her down to me and first licking one nipple then the other, grandmas hand had found my dick and started to tug on it again, sucking her nipples grandma was moaning I thought I must be dreaming and hoped I never wake up, she sat up again and asked me how much sex I've had, blushing I said only girls giving me hand jobs, she smiled and said well then this should be a nice surprize lowering her self she looked at me and said I'm going to suck your cock Danny, with that she started by licking the shaft, my cock was harder then its ever been and I groaned as she took the big head of my dick in her mouth I thought I had died and gone to heaven her mouth was so warm and wet she swirled her tongue at the hole and drove me crazy, she then started to lower her mouth down over the shaft and a deep moaning came from her,I grabbed her tits and tweaked her nipples which made the groaning get louder, she grasped my balls and was rubbing them very quickly, I groan I could feel my cum starting up my dick I say grandma I'm gonna cum, she took my dick out of her mouth and started pumping it real fast the first spurt went into her mouth then she started aiming it all around her face moaning and saying cum on me baby, cum on grandma Danny oh! you've got such a big cock, I could'nt believe how much I was cumming it was running down into her clevage, she put the head back in her mouth and was sucking the rest into her... she let go of my dick and was lapping up all my cum from my belly still moaning she sat up and rubbed the cum into her big titties licking her fingers, looking down at me she smiled and said "I think this is going to be a good summer"......

This is a very true story, and my first time writing it down for the world to see, as you guessed there is more to that summer but I'd like to know what you think be kind as I said this is my firt writing and hope I'll improve!

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Tricked played to fuck my Aunty

I am Naren and this is my story. Well I still really don’t understand that I was able to achieve an impossible task, something which I had cherished since I was a c***d. I mean literally a c***d. To be honest to do something crazy, which you really don’t think is possible you need to be patient... Well you also have to know how to act. At least that much which could convince people that you are telling the truth…obviously without money you cannot even buy trash. Last but not the least you have to have a plan... a plan which should be implemented successfully and you have to know that it gets successful coz there is no second chance. And this is how I had to be to fuck my aunty.
I belong to a middle class f****y. Well you could not call my f****y conservative but we have a sense of decency in us and the males in my f****y maintain a distance with women. Well I don’t know about others but I used to. You could call this my inability to attract girls. But I don’t know why I could never get a date or I never got cozy with anyone in my life. This wasn’t because I was ugly or a nerd or something…well to be fair I was a normal looking guy and girls enjoyed my company coz they felt that I had a good sense of humor and they all felt that I was a good friend. Well I think I was stupid most of the times coz I had settled their relations for them with their boyfriends. Actually I was very good at this I could tell my friends to pick any girl and could arrange it for them and this thing had given me the honor “Love Guru”. I never helped them personally talking or anything I was just the director…well may be this was my specialty and I never realized that I had such kind of potential in me, and this I had to get out of me to get my mami.
Well my mami (my mother’s b*****r’s wife) is about 36 years old and the mother of 14 years old boy, my cousin Tom. My mami is the daughter of my mum’s paternal uncle which made them cousins. I had learnt from my mother that my mamu had liked her when he had seen her during my mum’s youngest s****r’s marriage which was with mami’s b*****r and further mum said that mami was the hype of the whole area and many people had offered proposals to mami’s father. My grandma saw all this and as was the wish of my mamu they had been married after a year. Presently mamu works in a currency division in Dubai and makes a visit every 12 to 16 months and mami lives with my grandma and her son Tom. I had heard my mum talk that mami couldn’t give birth again after her fetus had died inside itself and I felt too bad for that, and may be for this reason mamu and mami had developed a strong relationship in support of each other.
I had cherished my mami since I was, I don’t know like 10 or maybe 11. Actually it had all started with my cousin Daryl who is like 2 years older than me and is very close to me. I had never seen my mami in such a way. My cousin was the one who had taught me how to masturbate and taught me about various pleasures. The first time I started watching my mami was in the summer vacations of 7th std when Daryl showed me how to watch mami’s cleavage. And from that time I had constantly started checking out my mami. And at that time she maybe she always felt that we were k**s and never minded bending in front of us or covering her assets with her dupatta. We used to watch her swinging her round ass as they way she used to walk could make even a blind man’s crotch moving in his pants. Once we were upstairs in her room and she had asked us to help her clean her room. And that day she was not wearing a bra may be coz it was late at night and she was in a nighty and damn the way her big melons were trying to come out. Once they almost came out of her nighty and if she hadn’t buttoned it we could have got a clear sight of her boobs. That night I masturbated like three times which was very rare for an eleven year old boy.
These fantasies went on for like two more years and in these days I had numerous pleasures of her. For instance whenever I used to hug her in any occasion I used to make it sure that I touch her ass and her press her boobs as much as possible. Whenever I went to my grandma’s house I used to spend most of the times with mami and watch her assets move jiggle and swing. For instance whenever we used to have food I used to sit in such a position that when she used to keep the utensils on the floor she would bend in front of me to serve food and before eating the food I would feast on her boobs first. Once mami was bathing and I was watching TV in her room and suddenly I heard her shout and she just put her kameez and came out of the bathroom as when she had gone to take the soap a cockroach directly jumped on her. I had to kill the cockroach myself and mami was so thankful. But I couldn’t stop looking at her boobs which could be seen as her top was wet. In this way I was so involved in my mami that I never felt attracted to other girls coz mami had developed a special place in my heart. In other ways I was so much attracted towards her that I had developed a soft corner for her in my heart. In other ways I had started loving her…these little instances had brought me very close to my mami and we used to talk like for an hour or two before going to sl**p... But my pleasures were cut short as my father had called us back to Mus**t as I was not concentrating on my studies.
To be fair my mami is like one of those BBWs (big breasted wives) which you normally find in India. Well but she is not like other Indian wives with slutty looks. She is fair, I mean like one of those Greek goddess, ok to compare with, Aphrodite. Well only if mami would have lost those extra pounds she could have easily been in any of those movies of the Greek epics. Her boobs are 36dd (which I came to know later). And I could write a bible about her boobs which are so soft and once you see them you feel like dying for them if you were asked to. If I was dying and I would be asked what my last wish was I would have demanded to see those boobs once for the last time. Her ass is like on e of those hottest porn stars you may see. It is so perfectly round and bulges outwards from her hips. She normally wears salwar kameez so most of the times one could have a good look of her swinging loose ass if she is walking away from him. She is like may be 5 feet 7 inches tall, 3 inches shorter than me, which is like the perfect height for me coz I don’t like short girls and I hate it if any girl is taller than me. ( I have this stupid thing that If I feel a girl is taller than me I any how go toward her and see if she is really taller than me or it look like that…). Her legs are beautiful which I had the honor to see when I was 12 or something and had gone to visit my grandma’s place and mami was washing some clothes, maybe it was her undergarments, and her nighty had come over her knees and those thighs were like you wished to lie on them while they were naked and you could feel them…the most important thing in her was her cute face…
Her eyes are black and big and she naturally has that fuck me look in them. Those eyebrows above her eyes are always so thin and make her eyes even bigger. She has those lovely cheeks and I imagine that when she was a k** people used to chew on them for sure. Her nose is neither straight nor fat, they are perfect in length and the tip is roundly pointed. Her hair is like Kajol had in DDLJ, very soft and slightly curly. And the best part in her face is her lips. Wide and fat like Salma Hayek, or frankly, like Serena Williams. You feel like kissing them all day and all night long, chewing and biting them and feeling their softness which I came to know later. She has long a long neck and her hair falls just a little below it and if she ties her hair you could see they exposed part of her back below her neck as most of her clothes have a low back and front which make her look sexy and anyone could get lucky if mami bent as it would reveal most of her breasts. She likes to wear tight clothes and I think her tailor might purposefully make it tighter coz she always looks like her clothes will burst revealing her assets. She used to spend a lot of money on her looks and I knew this that my mamu was a bit fed up of her for this reason. You could never find hair on her body as she used to keep her body waxed or and I was damn sure that even down there near her Loveland there was no grass. (This came out to be true eventually). So in three words I could call my mami as the hottest milf ever.
See this is the problem when I describe her; I get so involved in it that every time I forget what I was talking about... Coming back to the scene...
I had gone to Oman and at least one thing was positive about was that I had built up a good and friendly relation with mami. Even during my four years of stay in Oman I never could get out mami of my mind. The only time I could speak to her was if there was a festive occasion and my parents would call them. May be a couple of times I chatted with her in Daryl’s house when she visited them. So to be frank those were the days I missed her the most. And finally the time came when my 12th was over and it was time to go back. I was so delighted that I would meet all my relatives and of course mami. I had bought a good perfume as a present for her coz I knew she always liked to smell hot and was just waiting for her first glimpse.
And now it was the big day. I had to visit grandma’s house, which would mean I would see mami after four years. I expected her to pick up age a bit or she might get fat but it was all negative. The time I saw her, my heart lit up and I felt as if Aphrodite had taken another birth. Mami hadn’t old a day. Her figure was still the same, firm, perfectly fair, smooth and of course she looked hotter. I again felt the same softness of her boobs which I used to feel before, the smell of her aroma was still the same which was acting like an aphrodisiac for me and I felt my groin again recalled its desire for its most wanted hole, and it was at that time that I had made up my mind that whatever happens I have to fuck her and it would be her who would be insist. I gave her the present which I had got for her and she was very thankful and happy. I still remember that day I had spent most of the time talking to mami instead of anyone else, not even my cousins and I was glad that mami responded well and I was optimistic about something. Something that I dint realize before. In these conversations I also took her number and small details about the past and enquired about mamu etc.
Days kept on passing and I got admission in an engineering college. Mami was a regular entry in the call log of my mobile phone. I had started sending her funny messages and sometime even some love quotes and I made sure that everything to look normal I sent the same messages to many of my relatives. Many a times I used to talk to her when I used to call grandma on their landline and mami would pick up the phone. So in other words I started flirting with mami without even her realizing that what I was up to as I was never vulgar or spoke anything cheap. Day by day I was getting more and more restless as I wanted mami very badly and due to this I decided to decrease the frequency of flirting with her. So I had developed interest in rock music and started smoking and these things subsequently affected my studies and I had failed in the first year. I was a bit depressed in the beginning but as days passed I was back to normal…
My mum’s oldest b*****r’s f****y also used to live nest to mami’s house and they had decided to move o another place maybe because the two s****rs in law were not getting along well. So I decided to visit my grandma’s place. I heard grandma talk about visiting our native place in the summer vacation after Tom’s exams are over, and asked me if I could come with her. And this news made bells ringing in my ears and suddenly my mind had in one instance planned the whole mission to my mami’s pussy.
I told grandma that I would also some with them as I would clear all my papers in December and would go with them and told her to book my tickets in advance as it is very difficult to get a reservation in April. But I had something else in my mind. I had to clear 11 papers and I worked so hard that I was confident about clearing all of them. Hence, my results were out in Feb. and I had cleared all the subjects. This is where I had to initialize my plan of which there was very less chances of success but I had to give it a try that if I wouldn’t get her on bed I was sure that I would enjoy a lot.
After getting my results I went home and told everyone that I failed in four subjects very badly and would have to appear in May for the papers again, and warned them not to leak this thing out and I would tell everyone when I felt that the time had come. My ticket was already booked and the second thing which I had to do was to convince Tom to go with grandma as she would need a helping hand all over her journey and during her stay and seriously that fool was not so easily convinced. Then I acted about studying and constantly showed everyone in my home that I couldn’t study at home as there was always some disturbance and this went on for two weeks. Then I finally told them that I had failed for this reason itself and I need some place peaceful. I told this to my grandma also and I know that she cares about my study a lot and the plan worked just as I had expected. My heart lit up and I felt as if I had won the first battle of my war when I heard the net lines from my grandma’s mouth,
“Ok Naren I have a solution to this problem of yours. Why don’t you stay here for your exams? I and Tom are anyway going to our native place and I was worried about your mami as she wasn’t able to get a reservation and moreover your mamu is also coming in May for Cris’s marriage (Cris is another cousin) and our stay is longer than that. As this bad luck has struck upon you and you had to pull out, I had to take Tom with me as there is no one else who is free. If you stay here you will be able to concentrate on your studies and will be a support for your mami.” I saw a sign of relief on mami’s face and she was literally happy as I was there to fill Tom’s shoes. So the first mode in my initialization was achieved. I had a whole month to stay with mami alone.
The very next day I took my stuff and came to mami’s and I had to win my grandma’s confidence that I would take good care of everyone so I had taken almost all responsibilities of the house on myself. I had to improvise that I was studying in mami’s room all time as it had a study and was feeling good so that grandma was satisfied that she had made the right step by calling me in. Days passed by and finally I waved goodbye to grandma and Tom and I was all on my own with my very hot and sexy mami alone and now started the business end of my plan.
Now to get a woman you always have to know how her character actually is in present conditions. According to my assumptions if her husband is abroad she must be a bit frustrated sexually. I had to know how she interacts with her husband in such circumstances. So I checked mami’s mobile phone for messages but all were normal ones. I waited for the night and heard sms tones. When mami slept I sneaked into her room carefully and saw the text messages. They were all vulgar sms from my mamu and mami had also responded well. I felt so hot that I wanted to bang mami’s ass out then and there itself. So one thing I was sure of was mami was very desperate, she was having phone sex with mamu and she had no problem in getting dirty.
The next thing I had to do was to share some more close information with her so that I get close to her. In my whole life I never had a girlfriend as I said earlier and for this reason I had to make a virtual one. I had to tell about her and needed a way to do it, but mami made it easy for me.
As James’s marriage was coming up once while having lunch we were discussing about it and suddenly mami giggled,
“After his marriage it is Daryl’s turn and then yours. Hope you have someone in mind”
Hearing this I blushed and mami suspected something.
“Hey why are you blushing? I think you already have someone in mind. Isn’t it?”
“What no??”
“No mami you know me, there is no one.”
“So why were you blushing?”
I just kept silent and smiled.
“Come on you can tell me. I won’t spread it. I have never.”
“Ok. I have a girlfriend and I am in a committed relation with her. We would marry her aftermy engineering is over.”
“You have grown up….”
And like that I came closer to mami and she would share info like how she misses mamu and with me being here she was relaxed to talk about her feelings with me. Actually I really think she used to miss mamu a lot coz whenever mamu used to call and if the phone was not near her reach she would run for it and if mamu dint call for a while she used to get anxious.
So the next step to make this relationship a little more intimate I had to see mami’s body naked or semi-naked. For this also I had something in mind. My grandma’s house is a duplex, actually two duplexes joint side by side. The main entrance of the first duplex opens up in the kitchen with an attached bathroom. And upstairs is my grandma’s room. The living room opens up in the attached duplex and upstairs goes mami’s room with an attached bathroom which was attached perpendicularly with the entrance. There was a section which was meant for changing and it was in front of the bathroom door and could be covered with a curtain.
Now when ever at night or at any other tine if I was in the room and mami wanted to change clothes she dint head for the bathroom instead she used to put the curtain and changed, and when I was not in her room she used to close the door and change which I came to know by peeping under the door gap.
Now what I had in mind was something weird. The next day I had managed to get a cockroach and put it inside a box and kept it in my bag. As usual mami came upstairs after finishing all her work and headed to change into her nighty. I waited for like 20 seconds and let the cockroach out of the box into the changing section from beneath the curtain and like after 2 seconds mami screamed. And now it was time for action. I quickly moved the curtain and enquired what happened and couldn’t believe whether it was the truth or I was dreaming. Mami was only in her panties and her big melons were hanging freely in air. She was so scared of the cockroach that she didn’t even mind my presence nor did she cover her breasts. I started looking for the cockroach and killed it. Still mami was standing there frozen. When I got up with the cockroach in my hand she again screamed and I kept my hand on her mouth and assured her that it is dead and then she realized that she was standing topless in front of her nephew and quickly covered her boobs and as I had to act normal I swiftly got out of there and disposed the cockroach. She came out in her nighty and saw me and we both started laughing and then we both went to sl**p. I used to sl**p downstairs in the living room while she slept in her room.
If I was not near my phone mami wouldn’t mind to answer it and tell me later. She had also started reading my messages my friends used to sent and even read some dirty ones, so I decided to buy a 2nd hand mobile phone and with that I used to text on my mobile as my girlfriend which was supposed to be my girlfriend. And mami also used to read those if I was not around. Once she asked me about my virtual girlfriend’s looks. I told her that she was fair and beautiful and the next thing which she asked was something unexpected,
“How is her figure?”
“It’s good only if you would be a little thin you would look like her.”
“What do you mean by thin? Am I fat?” she smiled as she said that
“No mami I dint mean that, only if you would have been thinner.”
“Ok so you mean my figure is not good.” Now this conversation was getting spicy
“No mami you are perfect. I have never seen a woman of your age with such a body.”“How could you say that? As if you have seen my body except for once, accidentally” She started laughing after saying this and I joined that. I had understood that I had won mami’s confidence in me and she had also started flirting with me casually. And as days passed she began talking more freely with me about college and stuff and I had noticed a change I her that she never thought it necessary to put on her dupatta when I was around. She dint do it coz she wanted me, she had this change in her coz I had gained her confidence.
The other day I was watching football in her room, she came upstairs took off her salwar and changed it in front of me while her kameez was still on and headed to the bathroom. I would be looking at her thighs but I professionally avoided her noticing that I was watching. When I went out with mami for shopping or to get food stuff I used to take utmost care of her, walking her from safe paths, move away the crowd, and many a times I also used to hold her by her hips or her shoulders if there was some serious crowd in a way that she would get the feeling that I am her protector. So she had developed a casual relationship with me. Sometimes before taking bath she used to ask me what she should wear and I would pick a dress for her and she would wear that. I also used to take bath in her bathroom and many a times sniffed her undergarments and masturbated. On the other hand I had to take care that other visitors such as neighbors or relatives don’t find it out that mami was cozy with me around so whenever anyone came to visit I used to act as it I am studying and concentrate on my job only and avoid mami as much as possible and do all the household duties in excess.
It was now the mid of April and there was no progress in our relationship and I was getting a bit frustrated. One evening as mami came out of the bathroom she was in a hurry as she had kept something on the stove and dint wipe her feet and as the floor in the room is slippery, she tripped on the floor and hurt her legs badly thank god there was a mattress which I used to put If I wanted to watch TV or sometimes while studying. I was lying on the mattress and studying and as she fell I hurriedly got up and picked her up and took her to the bed. I went down and switched of the stove and ran back upstairs. It seemed like mami had hurt her back and her thighs. She asked me to give her the balm and I got it and saw that she was in pain. I insisted that I will apply the balm myself but she refused
“No it’s ok. I will apply it myself.”
“But how will you apply it on your back? Let me do it” I kept on insisting and she finally gave up.
“Now mami lie on your face and lift your kameez” she did and I got a good view of her panties under her semi transparent salwar. I started applying balm and gently started massaging her back. I saw that she was feeling relaxed and in between I was also brushing my hand on her ass cheeks. My dick was rock hard and only I know how I controlled myself. I gave her a good long massage for maybe 10 mins and she relaxed and moved down her kameez. As she was going to get up the pain in her thighs made her lie again. My heart started racing and my throat became dry as I gulped the next words,
“Mami if you want I may apply balm on your thighs also”
“No. That won’t be necessary. I am ok.”
“No mami if it is not taken care of now it could be a major problem later on.”
“No I am fine. You don’t get it how can I remove my salwar in front of you.”
The next thing which I uttered from my mouth was the bravest thing according to me which I had ever said to a woman
“Ok so don’t remove them completely just take it off till your knees. And anyway while changing you don’t mind removing your salwar in front of me. And moreover your kameez would be covering your bottoms. ” (I avoided using the word ass or butt or anything close to it.)
Hearing these words she relaxed and I had again won mami and she did something strange. As she was lying on her face she lifted her ass a bit and untied the knot of her salwar and revealed her milky white, hairless and smooth thighs to me. I lifted her kameez a bit up to her ass and I took the balm and first applied on her right thigh and started massaging them. The feelings which the touches on her body were creating were so hard to resist. I kept on massaging and saw her face, she was deeply relaxing and her eyes were closed. So very carefully I moved some more of the kameez upwards to partly reveal her black panty which was partly trapped in her ass crack revealing half of her ass cheeks. I moved my hands upwards very carefully but brought them down and was satisfied with her thighs.
Now I started massaging her lefts thigh and she was giving soft moans of relaxations. Very carefully I took my face near her ass and sniffed the exotic aroma of her love tunnel and I almost came in my pants then and there itself. I kept on massaging her thighs and in some time told her I was done. She turned and came on her back which made her kameez to move totally from her panty and she again lifted her pussy and in a flash pulled up her salwar and tied the knot. She thanked me and I told her to relax and I would do the rest of her work for today and left her. We ate dinner and I went back to study and slept on the mattress and it was the first time I had slept in my mami’s room.
The next morning she asked me to get henna cones and said that as mamu is coming she wanted to practice some new designs. I got her that and as usual after she had finished cleaning the house and preparing food she came upstairs and asked me what she should wear. I purposefully gave her a semi transparent white salwar kameez for I knew what I had in mind. So she came out and after she had finished dressing up she went downstairs for applying henna as I had kept the cones downstairs and she dint bother coming upstairs. After a while I came down and told her that I am making maggi noodles for myself and she apologized that if she hadn’t applied henna she would have made it for me. I took the noodles upstairs and kept it under the fan for cooling. I didn’t put the noodles in a bowl but in the KFC bucket which was already there at home maybe her son had ordered it. I went down and checked on mami, she had applied henna on her left hand was doing some work with her right hand. Seeing me she asked me showing her hand,
“How is it?”
“It’s beautiful. During my marriage you only will apply henna on my bride’s hand, its final”
Hearing this she was flattered and thanked me
I went back upstairs and called mami,
“Mami where is my jeans which I was wearing yesterday. I have my money in it. ”
“It’s on the hanger.”
“I can’t find it there. I think it is downstairs on the hanger there. “
“Yes I found it”
“Could you please give it to me?”
Now I was in such a position that I had to step some stairs and mami would give me m pants. I had the maggi bucket in my hand and While I was reaching for my pants I purposefully dropped the paper bucket on mami’s white kameez I such a way that the soup in the bucket would land directly on mami’s boobs with the noodles to follow.
“What the hell Naren, why did you have to carry those noodles??”
“I am sorry mami I dint expect this could happen.”
“Now look what you have done” she said by wiping her dress.
“Mami those stains are turmeric stains and you have to wash them as soon as possible or your dress is spoilt. Come upstairs”
Hearing that mami hurried upstairs and told her to wash her kameez. But mami stood as dumb.
“But how do I take it off” she said waving her left hand which had henna on it.
“Ok so there is no other option than me taking it out” I had to gulp down the last words
“What? How can I take off my kameez in front of you? I would rather wash my hands”
“No” I screamed “plz mami don’t wash your hands. I love that design. And anyway its not going to be the first time I am going to see you without your kameez. I am your nephew.”
I don’t know was it my scream and concern for the henna or was it the next part of my sentence that made mami talk’
“Ok then you would have to wash my kameez also as I can’t do that also.”
“It’s ok. But you have to direct me.”
With that she came near me and lifted her hands. I reached the bottom of her kameez and held it with my forefinger and my thumb in such a way that all my other fingers would be brushing mami’s body. And with that I started pulling her kameez upwards while my other three fingers were brushing her body. As I took the kameez above her salwar I felt her skin and as I moved further I felt her bra and I slightly brushed her boobs too. I took the kameez out of the right hand and smelled the aroma of her deodorant mixed with sweat and was having a good look at her breasts. I then slowly took her left hand outside and with that my sexy mami was standing there in her bra and salwar. I quickly went to the bath room and kept the kameez while mami called me and told me to take out another kameez from inside and make her wear it. I did that and mami was covering her boobs with her hands. I asked mami to lift her hands a bit which she did and I got a grand view of her partly covered breasts. I wasted some more time by acting as if I was adjusting something while all the time I was watching mami’s twin melons. After playing a little I put the kameez in the same way as I had taken it off and went back to wash the dirty kameez while mami directed me.
So that day morning I had once again stripped mami into her bra and enjoyed her softness and I dint want to halt these developments with her. I had slept with her in the same room the previous night and I had to make it a regular and moreover a normal practice and for that I had something in mind. I asked mami that would she like to watch a movie at after dinner coz I was getting really obsessed with all the studies and stuff and Mami readily agreed. I had a horror movie with me which was quite interesting and I pulled it out. At night mami came upstairs and as usual went started changing into her nighty. Suddenly her phone rang and she asked me from behind the curtain;
“Who’s it?”
“Ok give me the phone.”
I thought that she had asked me to come in and hand her the phone and I thought this might be a good opportunity and straight away moved the curtain and went in, not noticing her hand which she had taken out from the other side of the curtain. As I went in I saw mami was standing with her topless back facing me and her right hand popping out of the curtain and her nighty in the left hand. I was a bit taken by this and kinda got nervous as I thought that I had messed the whole thing up. I slowly called mami and she turned, not expecting me there. I got a quick look at her hanging soft balls before she quickly covered with her nighty and snatched the phone from me. I thought I was fucked and quickly got out from there. She attended the phone and when she had finished changing she came out and I was expecting the question;
“Dint you notice my hand coming out?”
“No mami. I am sorry. When you told me to give you phone I thought you had called me in and I straight away rushed in as I know how urgently you always attend mamu’s calls”
I think my explanation was enough to calm her down and she gave me a big smile and nodded her head as if I am a stupid k** and seriously I was so excited when I saw her smile that I laterally bit my lips and wanted to bit hers to.
We started watching the movie and as soon as mami realized that it was a horror movie she told me that I should have informed her before coz she gets really scared after watching such movie. I convinced her by saying that it was not that scary and it is very interesting and the end is very good plus I was there with her so nothing to be afraid of. Mami was a getting scared as she had used the toilet like three times that night, and frankly telling the movie was a bit creepy. It was about a lady who used to kill her victims by pulling their tongues out if they scream med on seeing her. The first time I watched it, I got nightmares as I slept. After the movie was over I turned off the TV and started going down and as I had expected mami spoke
“Naren please sl**p here tonight coz I am really scared after watching the movie”
I felt as if the fish had caught the bait and was so glad that my plane worked out again. So I slept in the same room that night. Actually I couldn’t sl**p as I was busy admiring mami’s body as she was changing positions in her sl**p. A couple of times her legs would come out of her blanket and nighty would rise up revealing her thighs. I used to slowly pull it upwards to reveal her fat panty covered ass, actually her ass was always partly covered as her panty always used to get trapped in between her ass crack, what a sight it used to be. That night I masturbated like I don’t know may be 5 times before I finally slept.
The next morning I got up late due to my adventures last night and saw mami was arranging the room. She had removed the curtain from the changing section for laundry and again my wicked mind started working. As usual I had my breakfast and got mami some things for cooking and went upstairs to study. As usual mami came upstairs and asked me what she should wear. I went near her cupboard and asked her if she had a sari coz I had never seen her on a sari and she pulled out a purple and showed it to me and I said it was perfect. So she took her matching blouse and petticoat and headed for the bathroom, I had some work so I had gone out and after about three hours I returned. By that time mami was dressed and shining. She was literally looking like a perfectly married, mature, and big breasted and an innocent housewife that day and the first thing I did was gave her a big smile and checked her body for top to bottom. The way her ass was bulging out from her sari was perfect and her boobs were looking so healthy as if she had just milked a baby. I gave her a complement and she was flattered and thanked me. We had lunch and just like that the day passed out.
At night I was watching a football match in her room when she came upstairs to get ready for bed. She dint mind pulling out her sari in front of me displaying her lovely tummy. Then she paused for a moment and I think she was a bit confused where she should change as she had given the curtains in the laundry and forgot to put new ones. She looked at me and I acted as if I was glued to the match. I don’t know what she felt about me that time, maybe she thought that as I had seen her body so many times it was not a problem changing in front of me, plus the ceiling height of the bathroom was also a hindrance that she decided to change right in front of me.
She turned away from me and started opening the buttons of her blouse and completely removed it. I was having a good look at her back and my tool started growing up. She took her nighty from the hanger and put it on and let it fall only till her hip level. Then she removed her petticoat also letting her nighty fall down. What a sight that was for me. So mami had no longer thought me an issue and even the next day she took her out kameez in front of me despite of putting the new curtains and now she dint even mind to face me and used to casually talk with me while she was changing. A couple of times in the morning she used to just take out her nighty out in front of me and go to the bathroom in just her undies for a shower. Only when she had to remove her innerwear she used to go behind the curtain.
It was now the last 10 days of my stay with mami alone as mamu was going to come on the 5th of May, so I had to get enter her pussy as soon as possible. Of one thing I was sure that mami would be sexually exited as she would know that very soon she would have wild sex with her husband, but actually it was much before that. I used to hang my pant on the hanger of changing section. One night while I was studying (well acting) Mami came in and went into the changing section and I understood that she has to remove her undergarments. So I quickly got an idea, I had left my phone in my pants and as I said earlier I had bought another mobile phone which I used to keep in my bag, I gave a call from that phone on my number and it rang inside the changing section. I knew that mami would check it which she did,
“Naren I think it’s your girlfriend.”
As soon as I heard it I shouted a big, “noooo…” and entered the changing area where my mami was standing without a single piece of cloth on her body.
I acted as if I really dint want mami to attend the call and so I had to enter. I quickly came out after getting a quick look at my mami’s treasures and cut the phone. I sat there hanging my face as if I was really depressed and something had really gone wrong, but actually my heart was pounding so fast. After a few moments mami came out dressed in her nighty and looked a little puzzled that what was so serious about the phone call that I had to bump in like that so suddenly. She came and sat next to me on the bed and asked me,
“Is everything alright?”
“No. something isn’t right or you would have entered like that even while I was changing.”
“I am sorry mami for that but I really can’t explain why I had to stop you from attending the call.”
“I was never going to attend your college. And anyways you have seen me without clothes so many times and even naked a couple of times so it doesn’t really matter. Actually there is something really serious I suspect or else you would have never taken away your phone. What is it that you are so troubled with?”
Ito be frank I never expected things to get so free that mami wouldn’t mind to get naked in front of me and I was getting so horny hearing that I could just walk in while she was naked and she wouldn’t mind. But any how I came back to my senses and replied,
“Mami you won’t understand. It’s something weird and may be you would think ill of me.”
“But at least you could try. May be I could be of some assistance to you? Please you could tell me.” And with that she rested her hand on my thighs and I was sure that I had made her curious.
“It’s actually my girlfriend. I had gone to meet her yesterday. As I was meeting her after 10 days she was kinda you know exited…”I trailed that sentence with some discomfort.
“Excited? You mean in what way?”
“Actually err…sexually. I mean I have never got involved into anything with her before but I don’t this time she was acting different. She tried to kiss me and I don’t know I just dint feel like doing that as we would eventually do that after we are married and I moved my face away. She got pissed off and left and since then she has been trying to talk to me and I’ve been ignoring her.”
“Well that seems to be something you can’t help it. Don’t get me wrong but I think she was just trying to ooze out her feelings and that’s normal.”
“I don’t know mami may be I am not ready for it. Actually frankly speaking I don’t even know how to kiss a girl. I mean I’ve never even touched a girl intimately.” I finished off this sentence with a smile.
“Oh so that’s the problem. You wanted to respond but you dint coz you dint know how to.”
“I don’t know may be. I just feel it disgusting.” Hearing this mami threw out a big smile.
“Well you can’t decide whether it is disgusting or pleasing unless you try.”
“Ok so who do I try it with like you before I try it with my girlfriend?”
“Are you mad? How can I kiss you?” she giggled.
“No I dint mean that but may be you could show me how do I kiss a girl. I can’t ask it to my girlfriend.”
“But why only me, couldn’t you find someone else?”
“Coz you are the only one so close to me other than my girlfriend. Who else could I ask?” As I ended this I looked straight into mami’s eyes.
“Ok but only this once.” With that she came closer to me. I dint even move an inch from my place and instead let her come towards me. My heart started racing as my mami touched my lips with her lips for the first time. It was as if I was in my wildest dreams. But still I had to act as if I am a beginner so I dint respond. Noticing this mami stopped and said
‘Kiss my lips back you idiot. And do whatever I am doing to you.”
So I did and kissed her back and there were little exchanges of kisses. I started moving slightly away to check if mami was turned on and mami kept on coming closer to me and at once bit my lips and enter my mouth and started sucking my tongue. I was not at all new to any of this as I had seen it in many movies and elsewhere, so I also quickly entered my tongue into her mouth. And we both started kissing passionately. In the mean while my right hand grabbed mami’s head and I was playing with her hair while my left hand was caressing her back and I am damn sure she was not wearing inside as I couldn’t feel her bra. She had also put both her hands on my shoulders and was kissing me passionately and we kept on kissing her passionately. I wanted to take this a bit farther and I slowly reached to cup her breasts and that’s when she realized that she had got carried away and broke the kiss. I removed my hands from her body and kept my eyes in hers when she finally spoke,
“See this is how you get carried away when you kiss a girl. You don’t realize who you are kissing.” And with that started laughing and even I joined her. I told her that it was a good experience and I would love to do it again
“Well only if you remain in your senses coz you may never know where a kiss could lead you” and with that mami started to walk towards the bathroom.
I called her, “mami!” She turned back. The next thing which I was going to do was something I had never done before and may be it could have shut the doors of mami’s pussy for ever for me but I had to give it a try and had to be ready with a good explanation.
I quickly got up from the bed and straight away caught mami by her hips and started kissing her, not wildly but very passionately. At first mami was taken by this action but soon she also started responding to my touches. My hands started wandering all over mami’s back and they finally rested on her big fast ass for the first time and after a bit of caressing them I gently started pressing the twin globes. As I had assumed there was no panty on mami’s ass and I could feel it with the way my fingers could so easily explore her ass crack. I don’t know whether mami realized all this as she was so involved in the kiss that she had held my face so tightly.
The whole scene was so intense and it was going out of hand and I knew that mami would eventually allow me to bang her also but it was not the right time for it coz I wanted mami to ask for it herself plus I had to act as if I was not a pervert. So finally I pulled out from the kiss and looked straight into her eyes and said
“See mami I am always in control. Not like you thought.” Mami’s hand was still on my shoulders and I was still holding her by her hip
“Well I admit you are in control.” She said and with that I left her and let her go. After all this we talked for a while and slept.
The next morning mami looked so hot that I wanted to fuck her then and there itself. I was confident that I had lit up that spark in mami’s heart and just had to add fuel to it.
The day passed and mami was so cool and casual all the time with me. I was just waiting for the night to come coz I knew I was close.
At night mami came upstairs and I was acting I was already in bed but was acting awake and as if I was busy in my phone. I had switched off the light and turned the dim light as usual while sl**ping. Mami came upstairs and straight away took out her nighty and then looked at me and saw that I was busy with my phone so she just opened her bra straps and took it off while I was watching it. As she was facing me sideways I could clearly see how her breasts fell from her bra as they had been imprisoned inside it and where looking so free in the air as if birds were set out of their cages. I could clearly see how thick and firm mami’s breasts were. She then put her nighty on till her waists and started pulling down her panties down. That was so hot that I felt as if my cock would burst all it’s cum out of it. I could see her naked ass and thighs as her panty slid down and simultaneously her nighty started coming down and finally she took her panty down her legs and apart from her body. With that mami hanged her undies on the hanger and came to bed. I had to talk to her and I wanted to ask her something which had bothered me for years,
“Mami, should I ask you something.”
“Yeah sure what is it?”
“Actually this question has been there in my mind for many years when I heard someone talking about it. Actually it’s related to you and I am not sure you may not like it.”
“Why do you always hesitate so much? It’s up to me whether I would like it or not and since you have always shared your problems with me I won’t mind any question from you?”
“Is it true that you cannot conceive anymore? I mean is it true that you cannot give birth to a c***d anymore?” mami’s face became serious and I felt so terribly stupid to ask such a question at this time.
“Yes Naren it is true.” With that she lied on her bed and I saw tears twinkling from her eye. I felt so bad that I had made her cry with that stupid question that I wanted to kick my own ass. But any how I manage to act decent and went near the bed and started wiping the tears from mami’s face.
“I am so sorry mami that I’ve hurt you. I should have never asked.”
“No Naren it’s not your fault. Actually I am crying on my own mess.”
“What? No. it’s nothing you could do about it. You are still so lovely and pretty that any man could lead his whole life even without k**s if he married you.”
“I don’t think your mamu thinks the same way.”
“Well how do you know? He loves you so much we all do and if you feel that people hate you for this just remember that there is one idiot in this world who is ready to be with you at all times whether it be ill or happy.” Mami looked up at me and I looked into her eyes and I could clearly see the expression in her eye that I dint wait for another moment and straight away kissed her and the way she responded made me feel as I am her husband. We kissed slowly in the beginning like lovers and I could clearly see that love in her eyes. While kissing her I climbed up the bed and was for the first time lying in the same bed with mami. We were kissing so passionately and my hands again started exploring her ass. She was so into the kiss that she dint even mind being on the same bed with me. I had put both my legs on hers and my toes were playing with her heels and how soft they were. I could have yet again gone far but I had to make mami wait for the ultimate pleasure and we finally broke our kiss after like 3 mins of horny wet kissing and slept on the same bed for the first time with mami sl**ping on my arm and my hand embracing her.
In the morning I noticed that I had mami’s blanket on me and mami was already awake busy with the household duties. The first thing that came into my mind today when I saw mami was that I am going to pump that pussy tonight at all costs.
One thing which made my job very easy was even after getting intimate a couple of times mami was still treating me as her nephew and in return I was also like that with her. Instead our chats had become more casual like I could hold her or kiss her cheeks and she would rub my hair etc and we were enjoying each other’s company. Today had also passed as usual and as the night was arriving I knew what I had to do to get mami on bed.
After finishing the dinner I had purposely gone out as mami had gone upstairs and I acted as if I dint see her. I quickly came inside the house and locked the door and went to my grandma’s room and turned on the light and then came down and headed for mami’s room. I peaked from the side of the stairs what mami was doing. She had finished changing into her nighty and went to the bathroom. I waited for like 20 seconds and came upstairs and quickly closed the door and stripped completely and opened the cupboard and started looking for my boxers. By that time mami had come out and I was acting as if I had not noticed her and instead was busy searching my boxers. As I turned and faced mami, I acted as if I was shocked and fell on the bed. I apologized to mami while I was hastily wearing my boxers
“I am sorry mami I thought you were cleaning grandma’s room as I saw the light was on.” Mami laughed seeing my discomfort and replied,
“Relax Naren. You have seen me without clothes so many times. It’s nothing to hide now.” And with that she came and sat next to me on the bed.
“But still I felt very uncomfortable.”
“You are just freaking out. As I said it’s all normal between us and there is no need to feel awkward.”
“Well you mean you wouldn’t mind if I saw you naked.”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t, at least not now after we have been involved with each other so much.”
“You are talking as if I tell you to strip now and you would.”
“Hell no, I wouldn’t but if it would have happened I wouldn’t have freaked out either.”
“See got the point. That’s why I was freaking out”
“Oh Naren….ok well fine if you are not at ease...” with that she got up and took off her nighty in one shot. I was blessing my luck and was feeling like I am the happiest man on earth. My mami had got so intimate with me that she dint mind at all staying just in her undies in front of me. But I controlled my emotions for what was nest in line.
“Ok if you are talking about this then even I am sitting in my boxers. Where’s the point in all that freaking out theory of yours.”
“Oh come on Naren I cannot do that I am a woman.”
“In the same ways I am also not comfortable in just sitting my boxers, did I ever reveal you my thighs before or came topless in front of you? No right, and that’s why I always wear tracks and tees while sl**ping also”
“I don’t know Naren why are you acting so dumb as if you are a girl, but since it’s hard to convince you…” with that she sat on the bed and pulled out her bra straps from her shoulders and threw her bra on the corner of the bed leaving her tits to fall freely under the action of gravity. I just couldn’t believe my eyes whether I was dreaming or not. It was for the first time I was seeing my mami’s soft breasts so closely admiring their beauty. Her light brown areolas and her nipple in the middle of them were looking like a chocolate lollypop to me and I wanted to suck them. I kept looking at them and in those fantasies absent mindedly asked mami,
“Mami what size are they?”
“36 DD, why do you ask?” with a confused smile
“I don’t know they are just beautiful…” and with that I touched mami’s boobs for the first time. Mami was not expecting this from me coz all the time I had never made her feel that I was checking her out and she said
“Naren, I don’t think you should be doing that” I began pressing them and mami was still puzzled. I took both the titties in both my hands and started playing with them.
“Naren what are you doing, are you even listening to me?” I looked at her and without answering her question I put mine,
“Mami could I please suck them…” I had to gulp down the last two words
“What are you mad?”
“Please mami. Why can’t I?
“I don’t know you just shouldn’t.”
“come on mami when I you kissed me you never thought liked that so why now” I think that was enough to please her and without waiting for her consent I straight away came down the bed an on my knees in front of mami’s breasts and took her right nipple in my mouth. I heard mami gave out a big gasp. I slowly started to suck her right nipple and sucked everywhere as if I was her baby. My left hand in the mean while was playing with her left breast and I was pressing it very hard and mami was giving sounds of “ah...Yeah….yeah...Yes...” while with my other hand I was caressing her back and hip and her neck. I then pushed mami side ways on her hand so that she lies on the bed and got on top of her and started sucking her left breast, while my right hand was playing with her right breast. While I was doing this my left hand was fondling mami’s hair and as I brought it down feeling her face and suddenly mami took my hand and started sucking my forefinger I looked up and what a sight it was. I kept on playing with mami’s boobs for like the nest ten minutes. I would make circles on her nipples and softly bite them and mami used to get out soft moans. Then I looked up and went above kissing her chest and her neck and was mami was really enjoying my touches I am sure as I was literally sucking her each and every where. Then finally I went upwards and looked into her eyes and she wanted to kiss me so she came near me but just to tease her I moved my face away from her lips.
The next time I went close to her lips and then kissed the tips of her lips for a moment and again parted them. Mami was really getting desperate for me and she grabbed my head and pulled it down and wildly started kissing me, that was the first time I felt I had awaken the lust in her. We both had literally exchanged our saliva that time and I had to admit mami is a professional if it comes to kissing. She had chewed and kissed my lips and tongue in such manner that I started feeling thirsty. We kissed violently for about 2 minutes and then I started to slow down with little kisses and once again started coming down from her neck to her chest then to her breasts. My tongue stayed there for a while again admiring the beauty of mami’s twin melons and then it again started its journey downwards to mami’s belly and I circled it in and around her belly button for a while and then finally I came down and for the first time I touched mami’s pussy but from over her panty and mami readily parted her legs hinting acceptation and I massaged her pussy a little and tried to locate her love hole. I had yet not stripped mami completely and I had two ways to do it. First was to reveal her pussy by just shifting her panty sideways from her pussy or to completely take her panty out. The first one meant more secure and would give me better idea whether mami wanted to get nude or the foreplay was all she desired. So I grabbed the cloth of her panty and moved it aside and there was no sign of refusal and instead her moans just started getting hornier.
It was actually happening, it was as if I am a tourist and I had got the perfect site, I saw my mami’s pussy for the first time finally after so many months of hard work. I was still not sure whether I was alive or I was just dreaming in my fantasy land so I quickly gave a soft kiss on her pussy lips to make it sure that it was actually happening. I had never seen a pussy like that before, even in any of the porn movies. As I said before there was not even a single patch of hair on mami’s body, her pussy was also the softest things you could ever see. It was a bit longer in size may be two inches and was pink like those pink roses which we rarely find. Its lips were like rose petals and I just don’t know what took me I just started sucking those lips. I did it for like another one minute and then pulled my mouth out but seriously I felt as if my mouth was a piece of iron and mami’s pussy was a magnet which was attracting me. I lifted my head and looked at mami and she looked back at me and she gave a big smile. Just as mami was smiling I did something mami might have not expected. I swiftly entered my forefinger into mami’s vagina in one shot and mami gave out a big sigh.
I gave a wicked smile and then started finger fucking her. Then slowly I slid my middle finger also in and mami really started wriggling her body in pleasure. I started to fell mami’s pussy becoming more and moister as I continued to fuck her. All the time I was fingering her I kept my eyes fixed on hers and saw that she was getting more and more ecstatic. While I was doing this my left hand was playing with her boobs and mami would sometimes hold my hand in between. Then I slid a third finger also inside and increased the f***e ant I had almost forgot about it when it suddenly clicked me, her clit. It is like a soft bud like you may find in the mogra flowers while they are budding. I got my left hand down and hit her clit and mami suddenly shivered with the pleasure she was getting. Her pussy started to become wet as hell and I kept on stroking her and I had decided that it was time that I completely rip apart the last piece of cloth from her body. So I took my fingers out and in one instant pulled out mami’s panty down and out making her completely naked.
I started getting a little wild now as I couldn’t control my desires and straight away started eating mami’s pussy as if it was some apple pie some something. I started sucking her clit and slid two of my fingers inside and put my other hand under mami’s ass and lifted it a bit and mami started fondling my hair with both her hands and the whole thing was so intense. Mami’s moan started to increase and mo my movements. Now mami was literally discharging and was breathing heavily but I continued to eat her pussy. I would suck on her pussy lips and sometimes even slid my tongue in her hole and felt the taste of her love juices. I was so involved that I dint even know mami reached her first orgasm. When I came to my senses I just saw the sexiest site of my life with mami squirting slightly and moving like a fish when it is taken out of water and giving soft moans of “ahh...ahh…yes…ooh…” and finally she calmed down in few moments. I saw her and she looked back at me and I went near her and gave her a very passionate kiss. Then she got up and pushed me away and came on top of me.
She kissed me lightly on my lips and went down with the same kisses through my neck, my chest, my abdomen and finally reached my boxers and grabbed my rock hard penis from over it and in just in another moment pulled my boxers down and out of my legs and took my penis in her hand. I saw her eyes lit up with lust as she held my dick and without wasting time opened her mouth big and gulped my cock at once as if it was an ice-cream. As she did this my whole body shivered as if it was hit by a wave of cold wind. And I really felt that nothing is more exotic than getting our cock sucked and that too by your own mami. She was literally enjoying my dick I guess as the look on her face suggested and I was on the ninth cloud. Mami would even lick my tool in between and the pleasure was so close that I felt I would cum in her mouth itself which I dint want to do but I couldn’t utter a single word from my mouth and suddenly mami took her mouth off my dick and held it tightly not slowing me to cum. I think she had realized it and dint want to spill my seed coz the next thing she uttered in my ears were like “mission accomplished” for me
“Save your semen for now as I have a better place for it” with that my face lit up and I felt as if I was the present Casanova on earth. With that mami stood on her knees on the bed and walked over my thighs and stopped over my dick. Then she stood on her feet but in a sitting position as if she was going to sit on a chair and gave a wicked look at me and I had understood what was about to follow. Then slowly mami sat down and with put one hand under her pussy to grab my dick and adjusted it on her love tunnel for my train to enter it. I let out a big sigh and in one single thrust mami sat down on me and her pussy gulped down my entire dick in a single move. She was so wet and hot inside and was her cunt was so slippery that my dick could easily slide in and out without any lubrication. With that mami started to ride me. She started to bounce in the beginning and in between she would just sit on it and rotate my dick inside her. I held her by her hips and she was really enjoying the pleasures which I was giving her.
Whenever my eyes met her she gave out a lovely smile and I still couldn’t believe that I was fucking my own mami. While she was moving up and down, the way her boobs were bouncing reminded me of little k**s jumping on the bed with joy. When mami would stop I would take charge and move my dick inside her pussy. I don’t know how I managed to hold on for so long for like five minutes and as I was nearing my climax I stopped my movements and as mami was experienced noticed it and started riding me faster and I closed my eyes as I was to burst the biggest shot of my life and mami fastened her movements and finally I came. Mami was enjoying me seed firing the walls of her vagina and I shot and shot and shot for like the nest thirty seconds and mami was still bouncing on my now getting limp penis and had her hands on her head and was stretching them in pleasure as if she was yawning with her eyes closed, just feeling every bit of my millions of sperms. When I was almost done with wall painting I pulled mami towards my face with my almost limp dick still inside her and we kissed as if we were lovers enjoying our honeymoon and finally I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes waiting for her to speak after almost an hour of love making
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Grandma's Boy # 2

Thanks for all the great comments and votes.

...Grandma stated she was going to bed now and kissed me full on the lips,as she walked away I watched her ass wiggle back and forth, she turned looking back and asked if I liked what I saw, I said very much she giggled and turned down the hall.. I laid back thinking of the blow job I just got and wondered where I was headed this summer, a smile came on my face as I drifted off to sl**p...

The next morning I awoke with a piss hardon, looking on the floor for my boxers, I grabbed them and headed towards the bathroom and then towards the kitchen, I fumbled around the kitchen and grabbed some cereal, making myself a bowl I then sat at the table wondering when Grandma would get up. About that time I felt a soft hand on the back of my neck and a good morning sweetheart as she walked over to the counter and poured her coffee she came over to the table sitting down I could tell she was worried about something, I asked her what was wrong she said I'm worried about what you think of me..I assured her that I was fine with what happened and that it was just between us. She said I saw you beautiful cock and couldn't help myself it has been so long and with your grandfathers illness well I just couldn't stop.. I grabbed her hand and said it was ok and put on my best smile, I knew it was a selfish move but I wanted this to continue after all I still hadn't felt a pussy wrapped around my dick yet!, and just thinking of fucking grandma was driving me wild...

Grandma stated she needed to run to town and grab somethings and would I mind cleaning up the gararge and mowing the lawn, I said I would and she left the kitchen.. I was mowing the last bit of lawn when she pulled into the driveway and tooted the horn I was in a pair of my cut off jeans and no shirt and waved back at her. I seen she was a wearing a pink dress her red hair flowing behind her, her lips were full and poutey with of course the super red lipstick that she wore, the thing that attracted me the most was her legs with those high heels on..Jesus and that ass as she walked into the house reminded me of last night my grandma was hot!! I was puting the lawn mower away and heading into the house when I heard her ask if I'd like a iced tea, laughing I said I'd rather have a beer, when I got to the kitchen there was a beer sitting on the table I looked at it and then at her and couldn't believe it. She said I didnt know if you drank beer but I picked some up today. Now I had stolen some beer from my dad on those couple of occasions that presented itself and shared it with my buddies, but to walk into a house and be offered a beer was heaven to my teenaged mind. Grandma reached up into the cabinet and fixed herself a drink with whiskey,vermouth and even threw a cherry into it too...

Sitting at the table she asked me how my beer was, looking at her beautiful body I had forgotten all about the beer. I took a big swig and said good! She kicked off her shoes and started rubbing her foot on my leg, I smiled as I sat back in the chair. She stated you know this is what grandpa and I would do after he mowed the lawn on the weekends, I smiled and said I bet thats not all you'd do she gigled and said well no and started to blush I grabbed her hand and pulled her over to me and kissed her very hard, she reponded shoving her tongue deep into my mouth I grabbed at her tits in the flimsly dress groaping her roughly. She pulled away smiling and said I think I like where this is going, but honey you need a shower. Giggling she sat back down in the chair and took a big gulp of her drink. I grabbed my beer and almost drank it down. I stated I was headed to the shower and she said ok sweetheart...

In the shower I was scrubbing myself for the third time to make sure I smelled better, when I heard a knock on the door grandma asked if she could come in to use the "potty" I yelled back sure, I wished grandma didnt have the frosted doors on the shower so I could see her and she could see my dick. Thinking of her while I showered had made me rock hard and my dick was sticking stright up going just above my belly button. I was facing the shower when I heard her say would you like some company the shower door slid back and there she was her milkey white tits laying on her chest, the nipples large and poking out to the point of looking like they would burst, I could see the thin strip of red hair running towards her cunt as she stepped into the shower. Looking at my cock she said oh my!! and reached out and grabbed it pulling it down. My cock was so hard she had a little problem getting it there. I leaned down and kissed her again, my own hand reaching down towards her pussy as she tugged on my dick my fingers found her wet hole I slid my finger in only to hear her gasp as I sunk it in to the hilt, with my other hand I reached and tweaked a nipple she arched her neck back and moaned. I kissed her neck and she moaned oh sweetheart you're such a wonderful lover. Tugging at my cock she said in a very husky voice "lets go to the bedroom". I almost killed myself getting out of the shower, we dried each other off, she grabbed my dick and lead me to the bedroom, shutting the door she lead me to the bed and sat down pulling on my cock and opening her mouth real wide she slide the head in and started sucking. She stroked my dick up and down, sliding her tongue into the slit I moaned, grabbing at her head I slid my dick further down her throat the deep moans vibrating on my dick. I began pushing in and pulling out her mouth and throat feeling wet, warm and inviting, I heard her gag once and slowed down only to have her throw her head forward sucking hard at my dick...

Coming up for air she started to lick the shaft up and down, when I looked down on her she happened to look up and smiled she tugged my dick faster looking at me she said sweetheart I want you to fuck me with this big cock of yours and kissed the head again. She then rolled over towards the middle of the bed and spread her legs, looking at her I knew what to do but still worried about how well I'd do! I crawled over to her and placed myself on top of her, looking down I said grandma I've never done this she smiled and said I would do fine, grabbing my dick she started to pull it towards her waiting pussy she smiled and said when I say push you push but not hard because its been a while since my pussy has been ravaged. I could feel her wet outer lips on the head of my dick and she moaned OH!!! she looked at me and said in that huskey voice fuck me sweetie. I pushed the head in and felt how tight she was she groaned out loud and said OH MY GAWD!!! This is when I found out grandma was a talker, I slid more of my dick into her and she OOOO'D and AWWWWW'D putting her hands at my back she pushed me forward and I sank the rest of my dick deep into her warm wet cunt, she grunted and said YOU'RE SO FUCKING HUGE HONEY, this was all that I needed I started to pull out push in and grandma was meeting me in my down strokes. I could feel her pussy grabbing my dick like a warm wet glove, she started moaning and saying FUCK ME HONEY,OHHH FUCK MY PUSSY, I started to slam her a little harder and harder, our bodies making a smacking sound each time we came together. OHHH FUCK ME FUCK ME DANIEL!!! (Now if I may interject here to any ladies who read this when you call us by our christian names it brings the love making to a whole new level.) I started going faster and faster she was meeting each and every stroke I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, I said grandma I'm gonna cum! OH BABY GIVE IT TO ME GRANDMA WANTS IT SO BAD, CUM IN ME BABY CUM IN ME!!!! OH YOUR COCK IS SO BIG FUCK ME HONEY OH FUCK ME GOOD, thats all it took her warm wet pussy seemed to be pulling the cum towards it I could feel my cock getting bigger in her. As I waas getting ready to blast it into her she yelled OHHHH I'M CUMMING SWEETY I'M CUMMING, I said oh grandma here it is take it all and I filled her cunt I could feel my dick blowing a huge load into grandma her groans increased, OH MY GOD FILL ME FILL ME FILL ME!!! As our fluids mixed together my cock slid easier into her pussy so I kept slamming thinking I would never quit cumming. Grandma grabbed my face and kissed me shoving her tongue deep into my mouth and pushing her hips up towards my dick. As we slowed down my cock still deep in her she wrapped her arms around me and said sweetie you were fantastic and started kissing my neck, I could still feel her cunt milking on my dick and I never felt this good...

In the after glow we hugged and kissed some more and she held onto my cock as we cuddled. She said I got to do something and got up from the bed and went out of the room, coming back she had my duffle bag and said since you're the new man of the house we wont need that couch anymore!! I couldnt believe what happened to me in just two short days....

I promise there is much more to come as in the first part please tell me how I did and what you thought. The next part will be awhile as I'm going on vacation to Mexico but I promise I'll be back...

Hamsterman58... Continue»
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Playing with My MombyDennis_Kiros©
This is a revised version of my previously published story, Playing With My Mom. Please do not read if you are offended by hardcore male bisexuality and/or extreme watersports action.


I woke up in the middle of the night with a hard on. It was a hot summer's night and I had gone to sl**p after masturbating twice, wearing absolutely nothing. My bedroom window was open and I could feel a very soft breeze teasing my hard cock and playing horny tricks with my horny eighteen-year old mind.

Earlier that day I had watched my mom sunbathing topless beside our swimming pool. As she took her bikini top off right in front of my eyes she had explained that from then on we were going to be proud of our bodies and that we had nothing to hide from each other. I figured that this was only one more change in a series of changes that she was going through since my dad left us.

My dad was a very successful realtor and had made sure that mom and I kept living comfortably in our luxurious villa in south of Spain. Only one month after dad had left us mom started spending a lot of money on gym and spa equipment. She hired a personal trainer, a masseur and a Yoga instructor as well.

In my opinion she did not need any of that. She was only thirty-six with a smoking hot body, long golden blonde hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, beautiful full lips and perfect white teeth that could melt hearts when she smiled her perfect smile. I had already masturbated twice thinking about her gorgeous breasts. They were large and firm with pink and stiff nipples, which grew even longer and stiffer as I looked at them shyly.

"Do you like my breasts honey?" she asked me with a smile.

"Yeah mom," I replied shyly. "They're absolutely perfect."

Now I looked at my hard on and felt that I was too sl**py to masturbate again, so I decided to pour some cold water on my cock and go back to sl**p. I did not bother to put on my underwear and headed towards the bathroom completely naked.

The bathroom light was on which was normal since my mom always left the door ajar and the light on after she used the bathroom at nights. I entered the bathroom squinting my eyes and trying to get used to the light. I wanted to go directly to the sink, which was on the left, but from the corner of my right eye I noticed that my mom was sitting on the toilet.

My immediate reaction was to turn and face her completely with my hard on exposed to her. She was wearing a black bra but no panties and she was not peeing. Instead she was holding her clit in between two fingers of one hand and with her other hand she was fingering her pussy.

It was as if time stood still for a few seconds. She lifted her head and looked directly into my eyes with her lusty blue eyes. Then her gaze shifted to my hard cock. "Oh!" was all she managed to say before I turned and ran out of the bathroom.

I jumped into my bed and covered myself with a thin bed sheet. My heart was beating fast and my mouth went dry. I was extremely aroused and nervous at the same time. I could feel my heart pounding through my chest and my cock throbbing through the sheet. The images of my mom looking down at her golden bush, her fingers playing with her clit and the wetness of her pussy were burnt into my mind.

I had no idea what was going to happen next. Was she going to lecture me and give me a hard time or were we supposed to forget about what had happened and move on? The answer came much sooner than I expected. The door swung open and my mom walked into my bedroom. She switched on the light and to my amazement she was still wearing no panties. She sat down on my bed right next to my hard cock and put her nice and warm hand on my face.

"Oh Tommy's ok baby. It really is," she said in a very nice and comforting tone.

She was smiling and running her fingers through my hair now. I finally dared to look into her beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes were dreamy and void of anger. All I could see was love...and lust! She looked so amazingly beautiful at that moment that I just wanted to jump on her and make love to her right there and then.

She moved her hand to my chest and started going all the way down to my hard six-pack abs and up to my chest again. Then she put her fingers on one of my stiff nipples and started pinching. I let out a soft moan at her playful touch and started moving my hips gently with my hard cock rubbing against the bed sheet.

"Baby you have such a beautiful cock. It's so big and thick. I have been wondering for a while about how it looked like."

"You mean you're not mad at me mom?"

"Mad at you? Don't be silly honey. You are such a handsome boy, strong and athletic. I just can't get enough of looking at your body!"

"Thanks mom. You look like a Goddess. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I mean it! Lately I have seen more of you, and I like it."

"Yes baby. I have a few new friends and they have opened my eyes to a whole new world of sexuality. Your dad could never understand me. He is way too square."

I knew which friends she was talking about. A woman named Kari was my mom's new best friend. They spent a lot of time together lately. Kari had a son and a daughter. I found their behavior a bit strange.

Kari's son Nick once offered to give me a blow job which I had politely refused. Nick's s****r Linda also offered to give me a blow job on one of their visits to our house, which I gladly accepted. She mentioned that my cock was bigger and nicer than her b*****r's. At the time I thought that she was only saying that to test my reaction. Now I knew that there was more to Kari and her f****y than I had suspected.

Mom leaned over me and brought her pretty face right above mine. Her warm breath against my skin felt amazing. She put her lips on mine and kissed me very softly.

"Open your mouth honey. I am going to put my tongue inside your mouth," she said very softly and darted her tongue gently into my mouth.

Her tongue went over my teeth and found my tongue. As her tongue started playing with mine I grabbed my cock though the thin sheet and started stroking it slowly.

"Get up baby. Let's go to my room and play. My bed is bigger than yours," she said as she removed the sheet from me.

We sat on her queen size bed facing each other. She told me to unhook her bra for her and I obeyed her gladly. She got as close to me as possible and put her legs behind my back. Her wet pussy was resting right on top of my balls and my hard cock pushed against her flat stomach. Her big breasts were resting upon my upper chest and the feeling of her stiff nipples against my skin was driving me insane with lust.

"Mom, my balls are soaking wet with your pussy juice! It feels so fucking nice!"

"Oh I know honey. I get really wet when I'm horny, and I squirt when I cum! Just wait and see how wet we're both going to get!"

I held her body tightly against mine and took one of her erect nipples into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around it and then started sucking on its tip gently. Then I sucked harder and noisily on the entire nipple.

"Fuck, that feels so good. Suck mommy's nipple baby," she said moaning and started rubbing her swollen clit against my shaft.

I took breaks from sucking her nipples to kiss her hot mouth. Her tongue and saliva tasted better than any treat. Her hot breath against my face made me move my balls up and down her pussy. Her both hands were behind my neck as she started rubbing her pussy harder and faster up and down my shaft and balls. She was moaning louder and louder and getting wetter by the second.

"Ah God damn it baby...I'm gonna fucking cum!" she exclaimed loudly and I felt a hot splash of fluid hit my cock, balls and abs.

She grabbed my shoulders with both hands as her body tensed one more time. I felt another stream of juice hitting me as she started kissing and tonguing my mouth f***efully. There were a few more short squirts and mom started to relax.

"Fuck mom...that was intense. Do you always cum like this?"

"Oh honey...more or less. Depending on how much I'm enjoying the fuck. It's your turn to cum baby. Lie down with this pillow under your ass."

I lay on the bed, my ass elevated by the pillow underneath me and mom lay on her stomach with her beautiful face right in front of my cock and balls.

"Start jerking your big cock in front of my face baby. I want to watch," she said as she put two fingers on my balls and pulled on my ball sack.

"Mom my mouth is dry. Can you spit on my cock?" I asked her and held my cock close to her mouth.

She smiled and spat on my cock three or four times. A film of saliva now connected the tip of my cock to her pretty mouth. I started stroking my shaft slowly and put my other hand on mom's soft and silky golden hair.

"I am going to fuck your asshole with my middle finger baby. Tell me if you like it."

"Isn't that gay mom? I mean gay men like their assholes fucked..."

"Ssh baby...first off, no it's not gay. Second, I love watching men fuck each other. I can't wait to see you and your buddy Nick fuck each other's brains out. You'll do that for mommy...won't you honey?"

I was not sure if I would go that far to please her, but I told her that I would. She thanked me and kissed my balls. Then she slid her warm tongue into my asshole and started licking and twirling. The feeling was so intensely wonderful that I almost came right away. I stopped stroking my cock for a few minutes to avoid cumming. She then spat into my asshole a few times before she slid her middle finger into it.

"This way you'll cum much harder baby!" she said and started finger fucking my tight asshole hard and fast.

She was absolutely right. The feeling was incredible and I begged her to put one more finger inside me.

"I told you you'll love it. I am sliding one more finger up your asshole baby, three fucking fingers...that's it honey. Just imagine having Nick's big cock in your asshole. Oh I 'm getting all wet again."

"Have you seen Nick's cock mom?"

"Yes, he has a beautiful cock. He has fucked me more than a dozen times already. I have fucked Kari too!"

"Oh mom, fuck my asshole harder. Ah you mean you fuck girls too?"

"Yes and I love it. I am so fucking bisexual. You can cum on my face whenever you're ready honey!"

I was ready and when I heard my mom say that, I exploded all over her pretty face. I shot four heavy loads of cum all over her face and hair. When I was done she climbed up the bed and lay down next to me. She kissed me with her cum covered lips and played with my hair.

"Oh honey, you and I are going to have so much fun together. This is just the beginning!" she said smiling and kissed me again.

"Good morning sl**py head," I heard my mom's sexy voice say and slowly opened my eyes.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning. The bedroom window was open and I could hear the morning birds singing joyfully. A gentle summer breeze was caressing my naked skin. I looked at my beautiful mother's face and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and ran her lovely fingers through my hair.

I turned and lay on my side to face her directly and started caressing her golden hair. She moved her body closer to mine and embraced me tightly. Our bodies were completely aligned now. She pulled my face upon hers and started kissing my lips softly. Her sight and her smell were driving me crazy with lust.

She pushed her firm breasts tighter into my chest, wrapped her leg around my back and started grinding her wet pussy against the length of my hard shaft. She moaned as she bit my lower lip and sucked it gently into her mouth.

"Mom, oh mom. You are so fucking beautiful. I love you mom!"

"Mmm baby. Oh your cock feels so good rubbing on my pussy. I love you too honey."

"Mom...I mean it. I think that I really love you. Not just because you're my mother. It's different. I love everything about you. Everything you do. Your voice, your smell, your hair, absolutely everything!"

"Oh, you're making me cum so hard by telling me all these nice things. I love it honey. Don't stop loving me. Shit...I'm cumming all over your cock!"

I felt her warm juices flow all over my cock, balls and thighs. She kissed me deeply as her body tensed and relaxed a few more times. Then she wrapped her well-manicured fingers around my cock and started stroking it firmly. I loved the feeling of her firm grip and started moving my hips.

She made me lay on my back and sat on my legs, facing me. She was pumping my big cock like a woman on a mission.

"Cum for me baby. Shoot your hot cum for your mom," she said as she looked at me with her lusty blue eyes.

I came really hard and shot my cum all over her big breasts. She started rubbing my creamy cum with two fingers into her skin, then put her fingers into her mouth and licked them. She smiled at me with satisfaction and announced that she was going to take a shower. I got up and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

Later that evening mom asked me to go and buy some groceries. On my way back from the supermarket I stopped by at a flower shop to get my mom some flowers. The lady working there was very nice and helpful. She was a very sexy Latina, probably my mom's age with straight black hair, black eyes and a very hot body. I noticed that I was looking at women in a more sexual way. I was also much more self confident in my approach.

This was a new me, and I liked it. I felt that the flower lady was checking me out, and doing it not so very secretly. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt that revealed my lean and muscular shape. I also had a hard on that showed through my shorts. So it was only natural that this very hot woman was checking me out. By the time I was ready to check out she was staring directly at my bulge and licking her pretty lips.

"A dozen red roses...very nice. Are these for a special occasion?"

"No...they are just to say I love you!"

"Your girlfriend is very lucky. Getting flowers from such a handsome and sexy young man. I wish that my husband would do this just once."

"They are not for my girlfriend. They are for my mother. I am hoping to fuck her for the first time tonight!"

I had no idea why I said that to her. She looked at me strangely at first, but then smiled and said, "You are a very strange young man. What kind of a pick up line is that? Was that supposed to turn me on?"

I felt courageous and confident again and replied, " can take it anyway you want. But that was the honest truth!"

"I don't know what it is about you, but I believe you! I have no idea why the fuck what you said has made my pussy dripping wet either. Would you fuck me if I closed the store for a few minutes?"

I told her that I would and she immediately went and locked the door. She came back and lifted up her summery dress and sat upon the cashier's counter. She moved her panties to the side and revealed her nice pussy which was covered with thick black hair. I pulled my shorts down, took my cock out and put it on her pussy.

"Before you fuck name is Angela. What's yours?" she asked.

"I'm Tom. Nice to meet you Angela," I said as I slid my cock into her hot pussy.

I kissed her full lips as I thrust my cock f***efully into her. Angela moaned loudly and kissed me back.

"Shit...your cock is so fucking nice and big. Fuck me. Fuck me harder with that beauty of a cock!"

"Fuck Angela. Your fucking pussy is so wet and hot. It's so much nicer than girls my age. I'm gonna cum soon!"

"Oh shit...I'm cumming too. Oooh fuckin' cum inside me baby. Fuck yeah!"

I felt her warm pussy clench my cock three or four times and I came with a grunt. I looked into her fiery black eyes and kissed her softly. She gave me her business card and told me to call her soon.

As I was leaving through the door she said, "Have fun with your mom tonight!" and winked at me.

"Thank you. I definitely will," I said to her and left her store.

As soon as I entered our villa I heard loud moans coming from the living room. I put the groceries in the kitchen and hurried to the living room with the roses in my hand. There in the living room my fucking sexy mother was wearing nothing but a strap-on dildo and fucking her best friend from behind while pulling on her beautiful brown hair.

Kari was wearing a light summery dress that was pulled up to her waist and moaning loudly. Her bare ass and shaved pussy looked wonderful with my mom's dildo sliding back and forth into it. She was leaning over a table and balancing herself on her elbows as my mom pounded her from behind. Kari turned her face and saw me standing there.

"Hey Tom...shit. Tell your fucking mother to fuck me harder!" she said almost shouting. Mom looked at me as she started fucking her friend even harder.

"Hi baby. What took you so long? Are those beautiful flowers for me? Come over here honey and give me a kiss," she said almost out of breath.

"Yes mom they're for you. You look fucking amazing. Fuck her hard mom. It looks so fucking good!"

"Oh baby...if I fuck this sexy bitch's pussy any harder it'll catch on fire! Take your clothes off and come and take over for me while I go and put those flowers in water."

I undressed quickly and went and stood next to my mom with my hard on ready to pound Kari's hot pussy. I gave my mom the flowers and as soon as she pulled out of her friend's pussy, I replaced her with my big cock. My mom went around the table and pulled on Kari's hair while facing her.

"Look fucking son got me these. Aren't they pretty?"

"Fuck yeah honey. He is such a good son. He is a good fucker too. He is fucking me so good with that big cock of his!"

"Open your fucking mouth Kari. I want to spit into your mouth and I want you to swallow my spit. I know that you love this shit bitch."

"Ooh're so fucking nasty. Yes honey. Let me drink your spit!"

As I watched my mom spitting into her hot friend's mouth my cock got even harder and I pounded Kari's wet pussy even faster. My mom disappeared into the kitchen for a few moments but quickly returned and stood by my side. She put her mouth on one of my nipples and gently bit on it. Then she spat on two of her fingers and f***efully inserted them into my tight asshole.

I started pulling on Kari's lustrous hair as she screamed and announced that she was going to cum. My balls were hitting against Kari's thighs noisily each time my cock went all the way inside her. My mom now ordered me to open my mouth so that she could spit into it. I just loved the kinkiness of my mother's actions and gladly opened my mouth for her. I swallowed her spit and asked her for more.

Then my mom's fingers started fucking my asshole harder and she urged me to cum inside her friend's pussy. I grunted and came intensely inside the beautiful brunette's hot pussy.

"Good boy Tommy. Now it's my turn to cum. Let's go upstairs to my bedroom," said my mom before she kissed me on my eager lips.

Mom lay on her bed and spread her legs wide open. Kari and I lay on the bed right between her legs, facing her blonde-bushed pussy. Kari smiled at me and put her thumb on my mom's clit. She then slid two fingers into her pussy and started fucking them back and forth as her thumb played with her clit.

"Watch me carefully Tom. This is how she likes her pussy played with. Now you finger her pussy while I lick her clit," she said to me and waited for me to replace her fingers with my own.

Then she put her mouth on mom's clit and started licking and sucking noisily. I was fingering my mom's pussy with three fingers of one hand and placed my other hand on top of her bush and pushed down gently.

"Oh shit Tom! I love the way you're pressing down on my stomach. Finger my wet pussy for me. Kari you fucking bitch...suck my clit harder!" my mom exclaimed loudly.
Kari replaced her moth with her thumb again as my mom started pushing her pussy against my fingers. Her waist and legs started jerking violently.

"Tom are you ready? Here it comes. She's gonna squirt her juices all over our faces any second now!" and before she finished her sentence my mom started squirting. Both of our faces were drenched in my mom's pussy juice. The sexy brunette told me to open my mouth. She then spat out my mom's pussy juice that she had held in her mouth into mine and told me to swallow. Then she locked her mouth on mine and started French kissing me deeply.

Then she moved up the bed, took one of my mom's nipples in her mouth and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. I was left alone with my mom's gorgeous pussy right in front of my face. I started lapping on the length of her pussy, up and down, like a hungry kitten. Then I locked my mouth on her swollen clit and sucked on it. My mom came once more, drenching my face and hair in her pussy juice.

"Look Maria. Doesn't he look cute? Your own fucking son dripping wet with your cum. Wow...I need to get fucked again. I'm so fucking wet!"

" baby knows how to please his mommy. I can't wait to see your son fuck you. Have I told you what a fucking pretty bitch you are lately Kari?"

"Yes honey many times. Will you slap my fucking face and boobs while your son fucks me?"

"You bet you fucking slut. I'll slap you senseless. I'll even make you cry. Then I will lick your tears off your fucking pretty face!"

Listening to this conversation had made me very hard again. I slid my cock inside Kari's wet pussy and started pounding her hard.

Next day my mom invited Kari, Nick and Linda over for dinner. I knew that mom and Kari had plans for Nick and Linda. Mom and Kari looked fabulously sexy, even more so than usual. Linda who was my age was the rebel type. She was always up to date with the latest Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera fashion and looks.

That night she was wearing a tight T-shirt that made her firm boobs look bigger than they were and exposed her pierced belly button. Her sexy thong was sticking out of her very low cut jeans that also exposed the tattoo of a butterfly on her well-tanned skin right above her pubic area. She had the face of a dirty little angel, blue eyes and jet-black hair that came all the way down to her sexy small waist.

She was giggling, laughing and joking as usual at the dinner table. Her hunky b*****r Nick who was one year older than her was sitting right next to her. He was muscular and athletic like me with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

As my mom was pouring white wine in everyone's glasses Kari looked at Nick and said, "So Nick I hear that you've been fucking Maria!"

Nick's jaws suddenly dropped and he froze completely. Linda started giggling uncontrollably and spilled some of her wine on the table.

"I mean fucking my best friend without my permission is one thing, but I also hear that you exposed your cock to your s****r!"

"Mom...I...don't know. I don't know what to say mom!"

"You're a spoiled little shit Nick! You have the audacity to fuck my best friend under my roof and show your hard on to your s****r. Did you think you could just get away with that shit?"

" mom. I mean I don't know. I'm sorry mom."

"Sorry doesn't cut it. Get up and take your fucking clothes off."

"What? Here? Come on mom..."

"Right fucking here and right fucking now! Get up and take your fucking clothes off. I want you to be butt naked in thirty seconds!"

We all watched as Nick got up and started stripping his clothes off right in front of us. His mother and s****r were watching his every move intently. My mom would look at me from time to time with a devilish grin on her face.

Kari got up and went around the table, standing behind her naked son. She ordered him to bend over and pushed his neck down with one hand. My mom also got up from the table and pulled a large black dildo out of a drawer. She applied what appeared to be a lubricant to the dildo and then handed it over to Kari.

"Spread your fucking legs for me Nick. Keep your head down. I am going to punish you. I'll fuck your spoiled ass with a big dildo. I f you can take it like a man, I'll let you fuck Maria, your s****r and even me as much as you want. Do you understand me?"

"Yes mom. I'll do anything you say mom."

Linda also got up and moved around the table to watch her mother fuck her b*****r's asshole.

"Oh mom. I love this. You are so fucking nasty!" she exclaimed to her mother.

"Shut up you fucking slut. You will get your punishment too. Now just be quiet and watch!" she replied to her horny daughter and put the tip of the dildo on her son's asshole.

She told him to relax and let the latex cock slide in. When the thick tip was finally inside Nick's asshole, she twisted the dildo and pushed it inside. Nick almost screamed at the violent penetration, but swallowed his cries of pain.

"Oh fuck yes. It looks so good. Do you like the way I'm fucking your asshole baby?"

"Mom it hurts. But it's ok. I can take it. Fuck me with that big cock!"

"That's my boy. That's exactly what I want to hear honey. I'm fucking you so good. This dildo looks so nice up your tight asshole!"

My mom started clearing up the dinner table. When she was done she walked over to Linda. She grabbed the sexy girl's T-shirt by its collar and tore it off of her with a violent yank. Linda was still in shock as my mom tore her bra off too. She then ordered her to take her jeans off. Then she grabbed the side of the girl's thong and tore it off.

"Sit up on the table next to your b*****r and spread your legs wide open for me you little slut!" my mom ordered her sternly and the started taking her own clothes off.

When she was naked she was wearing only a gold necklace and a gold waistlet. The waistlet made her look incredibly sexy.

"Now open your pretty little mouth. I'm going to spit into your mouth and you will swallow. Do you understand me?" she told the sexy teenager.

Linda nodded her head and opened her mouth. My mom grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head close to hers and started spitting into her mouth. When she was sure that Linda had swallowed every drop of her spit, she told me to strip my clothes off and come over to spit in Linda's mouth. When Linda finished drinking my spit my mom started slapping her pussy.

"Aw...that hurts Maria. Not so hard. Fuck...please! Maria!"

"Shut the fuck up you sexy slut. I'll slap your pussy until it's all red and puffy. Then I'll slap your tits and have Tom fuck your ass!"

"Yeah Maria...fuck that bitch's asshole really good while I fuck my son's ass with this big cock!" Kari urged my mom as she pounded Nick's asshole hard.

My mom applied some lubricant on my hard cock and on two of her fingers, then she started fingering Linda's little asshole while she continued to slap her pussy with her other hand.

"Come on honey," my mom said to me. "Fuck her tight asshole for me!"

I put the tip of my cock on Linda's tight asshole and pushed it in. To my surprise my entire cock slid in with one hard push, but Linda screamed in pain. I did not move for a while so she could get used to my cock's intrusion. My mom was slapping the sexy girl's clit now and had taken one of her nipples into her mouth.

All four of us were moaning, sucking and fucking loudly. Kari stopped fucking her son's asshole, then looked at me and said, "Baby come over here and fuck your friend's asshole for me. I want you to cum up his shithole."

I was reluctant at first, but then realized that in this game I had no choice but to obey these two horny women's orders.In less than a minute later I was fucking my handsome friend's asshole like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed him by his waist and delivered short and hard thrusts into his tight butthole. I realized that all three women were watching my performance intently.

"Hey Nick, are you ok? I'm not hurting you am I?"

"No man. Shit your cock is big. Fuck me harder man!"

"If I fuck you any harder my cock's gonna come out of your mouth you nerd!"

Everybody started laughing at this point. A minute later I announced that I was going to shoot my cum. My mom was licking Linda's clit and the girl exploded with pleasure before I did. I shot massive amounts of cum up my friend's asshole. When I pulled out of Nick and he turned around, his face was drenched with sweat. He said that he was thirsty and went to get a glass of water. My mom and Kari had satisfied looks on their faces.

"Fuck girl...this is so much fucking fun. I love it!"

"Yeah you sexy slut...I told you that it was going to be fun. Now let's go for a swim before we fuck our sons!"

Linda worriedly asked my mom, "What about me?" and pouted her lips.

"Of course we're going to fuck you too baby. I will also fuck you with my favorite strap-on. So don't worr," my mom said as she winked at her.

Nick was pounding his mother's pussy on a poolside mat while his s****r sucked on her nipple and rubbed her clit. My mom and I were lying on a double poolside lounge next to each other, watching the horny trio fuck and enjoying the scene. My mom was smoking a cigarette and I was stroking my cock gently. I turned my head and looked at my mother's fucking pretty face. She looked so adorable, fuckable and sexy. She looked back at me, reached out with her hand and cupped my swollen balls.

"Look at the way he's fucking his mother so hard. This is a nice show. Don't you think so baby?"

"Yeah it's the best mom. It makes me want to fuck you even more!"

"Not yet honey. Not tonight. I am saving our first fuck for a more special occasion. Which reminds me...on Saturday I'm introducing you to a group of my friends. There will be a group sex party. After tonight you're not allowed to play with your cock until Saturday. I want you to save your cum until then."

"Ok mom. I'll do whatever you tell me."

"Ah fuck I need to pee so bad, but I don't want to miss the show. I guess I'll have to pee right here."

She then spread her legs wide open putting one of them on top of mine. I started stroking my cock harder and faster automatically. She put her fingers above her pretty pussy and started peeing. Her stream of hot piss went up and landed on my legs and feet.

This unexpected act made me horny beyond belief. When she finished pissing on my legs she put her mouth on my nipple and started sucking hard. I came harder than ever and shot my cum all over the place. I could not wait to see what else my perverted and sexy mother had in store for me.

It was finally Saturday and I had not played with myself or fucked anyone for five long and torturous days. Being around my sexy and constantly teasing mother made the matter all the more difficult. On Friday she had asked me to help trim her dark blonde pubic patch and there after she had shaved my balls for me. Having her fingers on my cock and balls had been pure torture, but also very exciting at the same time.

She enjoyed playing this game of delayed gratification with me and I let her play as much and anyway she wanted to. Once she attacked me while I was watching a movie and we made out for almost one hour. Another time she woke me in the middle of the night and rimmed my asshole with her tongue for almost an hour.

But Saturday had finally arrived and this waiting game was soon to be over. She was going to introduce me to her swinger friends and in my mind I was calculating all the possibilities that joining a group with my own sexy mother would bring. She told me that I had to go through a rite of initiation into the group. This was an exclusive club and I had to satisfy the hosts that I was worthy of joining their group.

She said that there were going to be tests that I had to pass in order to become a full member. When I asked her what sort of tests they were she just smiled and told me to just be myself, and that she was going to be there to help me get through the most difficult test. But the nature of the test itself remained a mystery to me.

That evening at around 5:30 my mom finally finished applying the last touches of make up to her face and announced that she was ready to go. I had been ready for a while and was admiring my mother's exquisite beauty quietly as she blow dried her hair, got dressed and put on her make up. We arrived at Hans and Nadia's villa at 6 o'clock. They were a German couple that hosted these group sex parties twice a month.

A petite Asian beauty dressed in a French maid costume opened the door for us and guided us to a huge living room. There in the room sat at least ten couples of different ages and races. Everyone was fully dressed except our host couple. Hans who was probably fifty years old looked muscular with blond hair, blue eyes and a huge cock. He was wearing a leather corset, leather wrist-bands and a leather cap.

His wife was about ten years younger than him. She was a very attractive woman from Lebanese descent. She had long wavy black hair that came all the way down to her waist, deep black eyes, beautiful lips and medium sized breasts with stiff dark nipples that were held up by a 1/4-cup leather bra. She was wearing leather suspenders and black stockings but no panties. Her pubic patch was black and full, glistening with beads of juice.

I only recognized one person in the crowd. A young black man named Lorenzo who was my mother's personal masseur. He was standing in his boxers in the middle of the room right next to a massage table. My mom and I were welcomed by Hans and led to the middle of the room where the massage table was.

Nadia came to me and stood right by my side and announced aloud, "Hi everyone. Welcome to the party. Today Maria has brought us his son Tom. As usual we will have a little induction ceremony right here before we go to the orgy room downstairs," then she turned towards me and my mom and said, "Tom, Maria...take your clothes off. Lorenzo you take your boxers off too."

As I was getting naked my eyes caught the sight of Lorenzo's big black cock. This man's cock was at least eleven inches and very thick. My own big cock looked small comparing to his.

When the three of us were completely naked Hans ordered me to lie on my stomach on the massage table. From the corner of my eye I saw Lorenzo pouring some massage oil on his hands. Then he put his strong hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them. I felt a bit embarrassed to be rubbed down by another man in front of an audience. Then I felt my mother's loving hands first touching my hair but soon going down to squeeze my buttocks.

Then I heard Hans order the Asian maid, "Mai take off your clothes and get on top of Tom. Rub his back with your pussy."

I felt the pretty girl's weight on my back and the nice feeling of her warm and wet pussy rubbing on my back and my butt. My mom's and Lorenzo's hands were still applying oil and rubbing where Mai was not rubbing at the time. Then I heard Nadia order Mai to get off my back and start rimming my asshole. I felt her little tongue go up inside my butthole as far as it could, then I felt her fingering my hole with her lubed up fingers.

The sensation of the two pairs of hands working on my back and the petite girl playing with my asshole was out of this world. Then I was ordered to turn around. Mom and Lorenzo massaged and oiled my chest and abs as Mai still fingered my asshole diligently. She had three fingers all the way up my asshole now and was turning and twisting them.

Then the exotic and beautiful Nadia lowered her face upon mine and started kissing my mouth deeply. Hans put his hand on my head and ran his fingers gently through my hair as his hot wife darted her tongue into my young mouth. He then reached out for my stiff nipple and started pinching. I was moaning aloud now. Five people working on different parts of my body was pure heaven.

Mai's little mouth closed around the wide tip of my big cock. She started sucking it while she slid a fourth finger into my now very stretched asshole. Her fingers were small and thin but still four fingers could do a lot of stretching, especially the way she was twisting them gradually inside me and going in as deep as possible.

Nadia started spitting into my mouth in between kisses and her husband took his cock in his hand and started slapping it on my nipple. The feeling of his cock on my nipple was a bit weird, but I did not mind it at that moment. It actually felt good. Mai's mouth was taking in my cock in deeper and deeper.

Then Nadia stopped kissing me and announced loudly so everyone could hear her, "Attention everyone. If you want to gather around the table please do it now. Tom is going to fuck his own pretty mother for us. This is the first time we are doing this in our club and I hope that it's not the last. So if you want to bring your c***dren to join our group you are more than welcome to do so. You are allowed to masturbate while you watch Tom and Maria fuck each other, but no one is allowed to cum. That goes for you too Tom honey. Do not cum without my permission."

I got off the massage table and my mom sat down at the end of it. She spread her legs wide open. Hans and Nadia were on each side of her and they lifted her legs up, running their tender hands back and forth on her inner thighs. Lorenzo sat behind my mom applying massage oil to her back and then front.

My mom started moaning aloud while looking at me with her horny blue eyes. Mai grabbed my cock and guided it to my mom's beautiful and eager pussy. She rubbed the tip of my cock against my mom's swollen clit for about two minutes before putting it inside her pussy. "Ah Jesus fucking Christ mom. Your pussy is burning hot! Are you ok?"

"Baby...oh baby Push it in deeper. Ooh I'm fucking cummmming!"

People around us gasped in disbelief when my mom squirted her pussy juice all over me. Some of them where applauding and some of them where yelling words of encouragement at us. When she stopped jerking her hips I leaned over her and kissed her pretty mouth. At the same time I pushed my hard cock all the way into her wet pussy. Then I stood on my toes so I could fuck her from a steep angle. The top of my shaft was grinding her clit each time I pumped my cock in or out.

"Oh shit. Where did you learn how to do that? You are fucking me like a fucking pro!" she said looking at me with amazement.

I was just following my instincts and was fucking her as hard and as good as I possibly could. Mai was now sucking on one her nipples and pinching the other one with her fingers. All of a sudden my mom's eyes were filled with tears. She started crying and thrashing her head from side to side with tears running down her beautiful cheeks.

"Oh...God...I'm fucking cumming again!" she shouted and squirted all over my stomach one more time.

I stopped pumping my mom's pussy and looked at her blushed face. Her mascara had run down under her pretty eyes. I leaned over and kissed her again.

"God damn boy. That was the hottest fucking I've ever seen!" I heard someone shout from behind my back.

Nadia and Hans lowered my mom's legs and told her to get up. They ordered me to take her place on the massage table.

"Ok son, now it's time for Lorenzo to fuck your ass. Spread your legs wide open for us!" Hans ordered me in a stern tone.

I could not believe that they wanted Lorenzo to fuck me with his gigantic cock. It was too late to back out of the deal. Everyone's eyes were pinned at me. Nadia and Hans lifted my legs just like they had done with my mother's. Mai was lubing up Lorenzo's huge cock.

The handsome black man got in between my legs and Mai put the tip of his cock against my shithole. I looked over at my mother, she was smiling and looking down at Lorenzo's black cock as he pushed it past through my anus opening. I took a deep breath and held it in as the wide cock-head assaulted my asshole.

"Oh fuck!" was all I managed to say when Lorenzo pushed deeper into me. Then he stopped pushing and to my relief he pulled back a bit. I managed to exhale.

"Oh God that's so fucking beautiful. Look at his big cock hanging right above Lorenzo's black dick!" I heard a woman exclaim from my right side and heard another one say, "Push it all the way in Lorenzo. Start fucking the boy's asshole!" Lorenzo pushed his cock as far as it could go inside me with one hard thrust.

My asshole was in agony and I almost screamed, "Shit...easy man. Take it easy for God's sake. It's my first time!"

He put his hands on my shoulders and started moving his hips. He was fucking my poor asshole now. I looked down at his black cock as it pumped in and out of my white ass. Mai grabbed my balls with her little fingers and started fondling them.

I could feel beads of sweat running down my flushed face. Then Hans ordered Lorenzo to stop fucking me and to pull out of me. He wanted me for himself. His cock slid much easier into my asshole. He leaned over and started kissing my mouth. I started to enjoy being fucked up my asshole. It was a completely new sensation for me and I loved it. I found myself tightening my anus around his stroking cock. I was milking the older man's cock for what it was worth now.

"Shit yeah. Fuck me Hans. I love it. Mom do you hear me? This is so fucking cool. Fuck meeee!" I was begging Hans.

Hans was pounding my asshole as hard as he could. He suddenly slowed down and grunted. His cock shot load after load of hot cum up my asshole. When he was done cumming he kissed me and said, "Welcome to the club son. We're honored to have you here."

Everybody started applauding and congratulating me. After Hans pulled out of me I sat down and his hot cum started leaking out of my asshole. Mai and Nadia kissed me too. My mom had a proud look on her pretty face as she winked at me. I got up on my feet and walked towards my mother. My ass was hurting and I could not walk straight. Hans announced that it was time for everyone to go downstairs to the orgy room.

"Why don't you and I take a break honey and join them later? Let's go outside on the terrace."

"Mom you are such a fucking whore! Why didn't you tell me that they were going to fuck my ass like that?"

"Oh shit! I love it when you call me bad names like that. Well if I had told you, you probably wouldn't have come with me."

"No mom! You know that I would do anything to make you happy. I would've resisted at first, but I still would do it for you. I did like it anyway. So you must be very happy right now. But my ass hurts too much."

"Ah I'm so sorry baby. Maybe we should go home then. Would you rather go home and rest? We can come back in two weeks and have some more group fun."

I told her that it was a good idea to go home and get some rest. We needed to find Nadia or Hans first to let them know that we were leaving. We found Nadia outside on the terrace, sitting on a chair and smoking a cigarette. A beautiful young blonde had her head in between her legs and licking her pussy wantonly.

My mom leaned over the chair and kissed Nadia on her dark red lips. She told her that we needed to leave and Nadia understood perfectly. I was standing behind my mom and looking at her pussy from behind. It looked very wet and my cock got hard immediately. I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock into her pussy f***efully.

"Ah horny son of a bitch. I love that. Fuck me hard!"

"Oh mom I need to cum so bad. I love your fucking wet pussy!"

My mom started moaning loudly and pushed her perfect ass back. I pounded her pussy as hard as I could and soon I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shot my cum all over her sexy back.

"Oh my darling baby. I loved much! Now let's go get dressed and go home baby."

It took me three days to fully recover from the hard ass fucking I received at the sex party. My mom was very happy to hear that my ass was no longer off limits and started incorporating more ass-play into our daily sex games. She was beautiful, perverted and obsessed with my asshole. There were no words to describe how much I loved this woman.

One night as she was shoving a set of anal beads up my asshole she said, "Your dad called me last night and he was d***k. Apparently the twenty-year old bimbo he was with has left him and now he misses me. He was such a boring lover, never wanted to try new things. He had absolutely no sense of adventure and it was killing me inside, but I have to admit that I do miss the bastard sometimes!"

I did not know what to think of her confession. I loved my dad and a part of me felt guilty for having sex with my mom, his wife. I did not want to be the one to ruin their chances of getting back together.

"Mom...I really think you should give him another chance."

"But what about us baby? I don't want to lose what I have with you."

"Maybe you don't have to. I have a plan and if it works you will have both of us!"

"Ok honey. I want to hear all about your plan after I finish sucking you off."

Then she shoved the last bead into my asshole, put her hot mouth around the tip of my cock and started sucking.

Nick's new girlfriend was an extremely hot Norwegian girl called Tora. She had golden blond hair, blue eyes, full lips and big firm breasts. Her well-tanned skin was caramel-colored and created a nice contrast against her shiny golden hair. In other words she was a twenty-year old version of my own mother.

She was now sitting in my mom's lap completely naked. My mom was rubbing her clit from behind and pinching one of her stiff nipples. Nick had my balls in his mouth and stroking my steel-hard shaft with his hand right in front of them.

"Maria rub my fucking clit harder please. Look at the way Nick is playing with your son's big cock. It's so hot. Make me cum please Maria. I can't take it anymore!" she was begging my mom.

My mom stopped rubbing the wild girl's pussy instead and replied, "No you little slut. You can't cum yet. We are saving that for later. I have a guest coming over and I need you to be really horny when he fucks you."

It was a very nice day and the four of us had rubbed each other's bodies with suntan lotion. The sun was caressing our hot and glistening bodies as we continued playing at the poolside. I grabbed my hard cock and started slapping my handsome friend's face with it. Then I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my cock into his warm mouth.

"Oh fuck yeah. Fuck his mouth. It looks so damn good. Pump his mouth with your big cock Tom!" Tora kept instructing me.

This was Tora's second visit to our place and we were very happy to see that this amazingly hot girl was also a bisexual nymphomaniac who loved to watch men having sex with each other. Nick and I walked to the poolside lounge where my mom and Tora were sitting. He leaned over the two sexy women, making his cock accessible to them. I positioned myself behind him and shoved my big cock into his eager asshole. I started fucking my friend as I grabbed his hips with my hands.

"Do you like the way I'm fucking you Nick? Your tight asshole feels so good."

"Oh fuck yeah man. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

I did not need his encouragement to start fucking him harder. I was amazed at how much I had changed in only a few short weeks. Now I considered myself fully bisexual and absolutely loved it. Tora reached out for Nick's cock and started stroking it, making him moan even louder.

"What the fuck is this? What the hell are you doing...Tom?" I stopped pounding Nick's ass and turned my head and found my dad standing only a few steps away from us.

My mom had called him earlier that day and asked him to come over to talk things out. Of course we wanted him to catch us fucking Nick and Tora, hoping that he would join us. If this plan worked we would welcome him back to the f****y. If not then things would stay the same as they already were between us.

"Hey Carl. You're late. We had to start without you! Come and fuck this little whore for me hubby. I hand picked her for your glorious return to your lovely wife! This is my welcome back present to you," my mom said to my dad, popping her head up from under Tora's sexy body.

It was as if time stood still for a few moments. My dad was just standing there looking at us in shock. It was a good sign that he had not left already. He would have left very quickly if he were not considering his options. My dad was a rational guy. He would not get physical when he was angry, he would just leave.

"What on earth is Tom doing fucking Nick's ass Maria...and right in front of you?"

"You are asking too many questions baby. If I were you I would just take my clothes off and join the party!"

There it was...the moment of truth. Dad started unbuttoning his shirt. The suspense was over. One minute later he walked completely naked over to my mom and Tora. He took Tora's hand and helped her get up. He leaned over my mom and kissed her on her lips.

"You are a fucking whore...and I missed you so much!", he told my mom lovingly.

My dad was a tall and handsome man. He was also in a very good physical shape. His cock was as big and thick as mine, and it was very hard. He told Tora to lie down on a mat and spread her legs open. He did not waste any time getting in between her legs. He shoved his big cock into her wet pussy and started pounding her very hard.

My mom also lay on the mat with her face right above Tora's pussy and started licking her clit. Tora moaned loudly as my dad's hard dick pounded her f***efully. Every now and then, my mom stopped my dad and sucked his cock before putting it back inside Tora's pussy.

"Tom come over here and lie down next to me.", my mom ordered me.

I lay on the mat right next to mom with my face extremely close to my dad's cock. Mom grabbed dad's cock, took it out of Tora's pussy and held it in front of my mouth.

"Suck it Tom. It tastes so fucking good. Lick her juices off your dad's cock first!" she told me and smiled.

I took my tongue out and carefully licked the very tip of my father's cock. Mom was right. It tasted and smelled fantastic. I looked up straight into my dad's eyes as I wrapped my lips around his huge cock. Then I started taking the whole length of his cock into my mouth. He started moaning and fucking my mouth slowly. My mom went behind my dad's muscular butt and started tonguing his asshole.

"Oh shit that feels so good Maria. Tom I don't know what to say son. Suck my fucking cock boy!" he said as he continued fucking my mouth.

I could not believe that I was sucking my own father's cock. My heart was beating fast as his manly meat pounded my mouth. I cupped his big balls with one hand and started fondling them gently.

"Ah God damn...I'm gonna cum in Tom's mouth Maria. Fuck my fucking asshole with your tongue you perverted whore!" my dad exclaimed and started shooting his load into my mouth.

I swallowed as much of his hot cum as I could. My mom licked those few drops of cum that had spilled out of my mouth with her tongue. Then she darted her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my dad's asshole on her tongue.

Then she positioned herself in between Tora's legs and started licking and sucking her pussy. She came really fast from my mom's expert treatment of her pussy. Then mom held my dad and started kissing him lovingly. Nick who was left out for a while got on all fours in front of me and asked me to fuck him. I fucked him good and hard and came inside him. Then I jerked him off until he came all over my face.

"Tom it looks like you really enjoy sucking cock and fucking guys. Do you like women at all?"

"Well dad, you can ask mom that question. She tells me I am even better than you."

Then to prove my point I lifted my mom's leg while she was still kissing my dad and shoved my cock up her hot pussy. I fucked her harder than I ever had before right in front of my dad's eyes. He played with her nipples and kissed her wildly as I pounded her pussy. Then I came inside her with a grunt but did not stop fucking her. She announced that she was cumming too and squirted all over my dad's leg.

"Oh Maria...I missed your hot squirting so much. I will never leave you again honey. I promise you I won't." said my dad and kissed my mom deeply.

Later that evening Nick announced that he was beat and his cock hurt from fucking too much. So he went home but Tora stayed with us. We ordered Pizza and after we ate we returned to the poolside for some more fucking action. My dad started fucking Tora on a mat and mom squatted over the pretty girl's face.

Tora lifted her head and licked my mom's pussy as my dad pounded her hard. I sat down next to mom and played with Tora's nice hair as she fucked her tongue in and out of my mom's pussy. My mom looked held on to my shoulder for balance as she started cumming all over the blonde's face and mouth. Tora opened her mouth and it got filled instantly with my mom's hot juices. She swallowed some of it and spit out the rest.

"God damn I need to pee!" my mom announced but did not move to go to the bathroom.

Tora realized what my mom had in mind and surprisingly said, "You can pee all over my face Maria. Just do it. Pee on me!"

My mom did not wait a second longer and let out a stream of golden piss that hit Tora right on her pretty lips. I still had my hand on the girl's hair as my mom lifted her pussy and pissed onto her hair and directly on my hand. Something about this made me go wild and I lied down kissing Tora's face and mouth.

Tora shouted that she was cumming as mom continued to piss on both of our faces. I swallowed my mom's hot piss as fast as it went into my mouth.

"Fuck Maria that's hot. I need to pee too. Guys is it ok if I pee on you too?" asked my dad.

Both Tora and I said yes as we gurgled mom's hot piss. My dad's piss hit mom's pussy and ricocheted on our soaking wet faces and hair. Then he pissed directly into my mouth. I held his hot pee in my mouth and then passed it onto Tora. When my parents were done pissing on us all four of us got up and went for a swim...and some more fucking inside the pool.

"So what do you think about my mom Brad?" I asked my handsome friend.

"Well...I don't know man. She seems like a very nice lady," Brad replied somewhat shyly.

"Come on man. You can do better than that. Don't you think that she is one sexy bitch?"

"Umm...yes she is definitely very beautiful. What's your fucking point anyway? Do you want me to call your mother names and tell you how hot she is? Is that what you want me to do so you can say anything you want about my mother?"

"No...that's not the point at all dude. Although we both know that your mother is a hot slut. My point is that your mom brought you here tonight so you would finally get to fuck her!"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Ok...let me spell it out for you. Your hot mother knows all about your dirty secret fantasies. She knows that you like reading those dirty i****t stories on the net. Luckily for you she told my mom about this and now she is waiting for you in my mom's bedroom. Carpe diem b*o! Here's your chance at fucking your mother's brains out. While you're at it, you can fuck my mom too."

Barbara was one of my mom's best friends. Two days ago she had told my mom what she had found out about Brad's secret interests. My mom in return had told Barbara all about our dirty f****y secrets. She saw this as a great opportunity to expand our own little f****y fuck group. Brad followed me to my mom's bedroom as if he were sl**pwalking.

Barbara was a sexy 39-year-old brunette. She and my mom were both naked on mom's bed. My mom was frantically fucking Barbara's wet pussy with a silver vibrator as she sucked on her stiff left nipple. Barbara's both eyes were closed and she was moaning at my mother's fast and hard pumping action. Brad looked wide-eyed at the scene playing in front of him. He looked as if he were hypnotized.

"Oh shit Maria. He's here. My Brad is watching us," Barbara said when she finally opened her eyes.

"What took you so long Tom? I've been fucking her pussy for half an hour," said my mom as she smiled at us.

I took off my T-shirt and shorts, exposing my already hard big cock. When I saw that Brad was not even flinching I grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head. Then I pulled down his shorts, grabbed him by his half erect cock and pulled him closer to the bed. I stopped at the edge of the bed and started fondling Brad's big balls as I looked at his handsome face. He was my age, athletic, tall and blonde. His eyes were deep brown like his mother's. I kissed his butt cheeks as I started stroking his nice cock.

"Oh yeah Tom. Play with my son's cock. Get it nice and hard for my hot pussy. Maria...stop fucking me so hard. I don't want to cum before Brad fucks me."

My mom stopped fucking Barbara's pussy. But she continued sucking on her nipple noisily. She closed her full lips around Barbara's stiff nipple, sucked it into her mouth and held it in between her pearly white teeth.

I took Brad's cock into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around the tip and let it slide down my throat as deeply as possible. Brad finally started moving and moaning. His cock was fully hard now and he was slowly fucking my mouth, back and forth. I fondled his big full balls with one hand, and with the other hand I squeezed his muscular butt cheek.

" God. I can't take this anymore. I need my son's cock in my pussy," Barbara was begging me.

"Tom bring him over here and put his cock in his mother's mouth," my mom ordered me.

I helped Brad straddle his mother's face. I grabbed his cock and put it on her eager lips. She opened her mouth and took her son's cock in between her lips.

"That's so fucking beautiful. Move him a bit to the right so I can get my face in there and suck his balls. That's it. Now I want you to lick your friend's asshole for me baby," said my mom right before she took Brad's big balls into her pretty mouth.

I stretched Brad's asshole with both hands, spat into it a couple of times and started licking. He started moaning louder and moving his hips slightly and slowly. All of a sudden I felt a movement behind me. I turned my head and saw my dad standing by the bed. He was naked and stroking his big hard cock.

"Sorry I'm late everyone. know. I hope it's ok if I join in now," he said playfully.

"Jump right in honey. I know that Brad and Barb wouldn't mind. Come fuck my pussy. It's steaming hot. Just the way you like it," said my mom as she spread her legs wide open to welcome my dad's big cock.

He jumped right on the bed and quickly put his cock into mom's pussy and started fucking her hard. Brad took his cock out of his mother's mouth and moved down. He positioned his cock in between Barbara's legs. She grabbed his cock and led it into her wet pussy.

"Fuck me now baby. Fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to fill my damn pussy with your nice cock," she told Brad, looking straight into his eyes.

"Mom...this is so fucking wild. I've been dreaming about fucking you for such a long time. I can't believe it's going to happen now."

"You better believe it! Now stop talking and start fucking me baby."

My mom and dad were watching the mother and son as they fucked each other right next to them. Brad started pumping Barbara's pussy slowly at first, but soon he started fucking her fast and hard to match my parents' fucking speed. I started fingering my friend's asshole and pinching his right nipple with two fingers.

"Man that feels so good. I'm gonna cum so fucking hard. God damn!" exclaimed Brad and started cumming inside his mother's pussy.

He jerked his hips wildly for a few seconds and then stopped. I told him to take his cock out and replaced him with my tongue. I lapped at Barbara's wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. She grabbed the back of my head and announced that she was cumming. When her pussy stopped contracting I scooped up as much as Brad's hot cum as I could with my tongue and saved it in my mouth. Then I went over to my mom and spat the cum into her mouth as I kissed her.

"Let me taste some of that honey," said my dad and leaned forward to kiss my mom's mouth.

They swapped Brad's hot cum in between their mouths for a few minutes. Then my dad grabbed my mom's head and fucked her even harder. They both came almost at the same time. I kissed both of them on their cum covered lips. Next to us, Brad had started fucking Barbara again. We watched them and smiled happily.

"Honey I have a surprise for you," my dad said to my mom.

"Oh really? Tell me baby. What is it?"

"Your parents an your s****r are coming to visit us. I have already bought their tickets and arranged everything for them."

"Oh Jesus baby," my mom almost screamed with excitement, "you have really changed. I adore the new you! Thanks honey."

"Well I guess that I am a newborn sex maniac and I absolutely love it. You know that before this past week I did not understand your parents. Now I know first hand how much fun it is to be sexually liberated like your old folks. I am excited to have them here. I bet we'll have lots of fun with them."

I had never met my grandparents or my aunt. They lived somewhere in Sweden. My grandmother owned a modeling agency and my grandfather was a retired stockbroker. My aunt who was only one year older than me still lived with her parents.

"My parents are swingers," my mom explained to me, "and when I told your dad that they had taught me everything I knew about sex, he got angry and did not want them in our lives anymore. I have seen them only five times since I married your dad."

She kissed my dad and thanked him again. Barbara and Brad were still fucking and totally oblivious to our conversation. My dad slid his cock into my mom's pussy and started fucking her again. I went over to Brad and started playing with his nipples. I still had so many questions to ask about my grandparents. But I could wait a few more hours. I put my lips around Brad's right nipple and started sucking on it as I fingered his tight asshole.

My grandparents and aunt arrived on Friday afternoon. I was amazed at how hot and young my grandma looked at age fifty-three. My grandpa was also very good looking and youthful. My aunt Erika took my breath away at first sight. She looked a lot like my mom, but her hair was a darker shade of gold and her skin was darker too. I could see that she was a wild party girl even though she was wearing an innocent looking summer dress with pastel flower patterns. My mom and grandparents kissed and hugged, cried and laughed for about half an hour.

"Carl you have been such a fucking pain in the ass for so long," my grandma said to my dad, "Poppa and I will punish you tonight!"

"Ok Momma. I deserve it. You can punish me anyway you want," my dad replied joyfully.

My mom told me to take Erika's luggage and show her to my room where she was going to stay. I obeyed happily and told aunt Erika to follow me upstairs. I put down her luggage next to my bed and told her to feel free to use anything she wanted and to feel like home.

"Thanks nephew," Erika said with a giggle, "now come and fuck your auntie quickly before we go back downstairs."

She went to my computer desk and put her elbows on it, sticking her beautiful round butt upwards. I went over to her and lifted her summer dress. She was not wearing any panties. Her pussy looked moist and hot. I took out my hard cock and entered her f***efully from behind. My hot aunt gasped and started moaning.

"Fucking hell! Your cock is so fucking big. It feels so nice. Fuck me harder Tom," she begged me.

I fucked her hot pussy as hard and fast as I could. I came after about two minutes of hard pumping action inside her pussy. She turned around and kissed me really hard on my mouth. Her tongue found my tongue and her hot breath caressed my flushed face.

"Oh Tom that was so fucking nice. You are such a handsome boy!"

"Thanks auntie," I giggled, "you are a fucking hot slut yourself."

I kissed her again, took her hand and led her downstairs. My grandpa was sitting on the sofa and my mom was riding his big cock, facing him. My grandma was wearing only a black bra. She was pinching one of my mom's nipples and caressing her back. My dad sat on a chair next to them, watching intently and fondling his hard cock through his shorts.

"Poppa I missed you so much. I'm so glad that you're here. I love riding your big cock," said my mom as she rode her father's big cock, and then started crying like a little girl.

I looked at Erika. She had tears in her eyes. She went over to her s****r and licked her tears off her face then she kissed her deeply on her mouth. I was moved and extremely aroused by this erotic f****y reunion. I took my clothes off and sat on the sofa next to my grandpa. I ran my hand through the blond hair on his chest, found a nipple and started pinching it with two fingers. I reached out and fondled his big balls with my other hand.

"Give me a kiss Tom," said my grandma as she leaned over my face, "you are such a fucking pretty boy. After your mom is done I will have Poppa fuck your sexy ass. Would you like your grandpa to fuck your ass?"

"Fuck yes Momma. He can do anything he wants to me," I replied with excitement.

"Oh he will do lots of things to you, but most of all he will fuck your perfect ass. Your grandpa loves fucking young boys."

She then ordered Erika to find some lube and start getting my asshole ready for grandpa's cock. My dad told Erika where to find the lubricant. She ran to the bathroom and came back within a minute.

"Good girl Erika. Now start lubing up your nephew's asshole with two fingers. Don't forget to stretch his hole really good."

"Yes Momma," said Erika and started working on my asshole from behind.

I felt Erika's soft and warm lips on my butt cheeks. She started finger fucking my asshole very gently to begin with, but as my mom announced that she would cum soon Erika picked up her pace and fingered me very hard. My mom finally came and squirted her juices all over grandpa and me.

"Carl get over hear and lick your wife's cum off Poppa's cock and balls," grandma ordered my dad.

"But Momma I have never sucked a cock. I don't think I'd like it," answered my dad reluctantly.

"I don't give a fuck if you like it or not. Get in between his legs and start licking him clean," she told him sternly.

My dad finally got up and went over to the sofa. He put his face in between grandpa's legs and cautiously licked the tip of his big cock. Then he licked the length of his shaft and went down to his balls. He licked and sucked his balls gently and looked at grandma for her approval.

"That's right son. You're doing great for your first time. Now suck my cock," Poppa ordered my dad.

My dad took about half of grandpa's cock into his mouth. Grandpa put his hands on my dad's head and f***ed him to take in more of his cock. When he saw that my dad had tears running down his cheeks he eased up his grip on his head and let him come up for air. My dad had decided to do a good job sucking Poppa's cock. He soon started sucking him again and this time apparently with no trouble.

"Get up Tom. I want you ride Poppa's cock like your mom did," Momma instructed me.

I put my knees on the sofa and straddled Poppa's big cock. My dad guided the tip of it into my asshole. As soon as the tip of Poppa's huge cock was inside me I pushed myself down on it.

"Oh good God! Tom you took my whole cock in with one push. I guess your mom has been training you well. Now ride me son," said my grandpa excitedly.

I put my hands on Poppa's broad chest and pushed myself up. I squeezed my asshole around his cock, relaxed and pushed down again.

"My God. I have never had a boy fuck my cock like this. I am going to cum soon Tom."

I was riding his massive cock fast and hard now. I could feel his cock contracting inside my asshole. Two more pumps and Poppa shot his warm and heavy load up my asshole. When I stopped riding Poppa my grandma grabbed my cock and pulled me off of him. She lay on the floor with her legs wide open.

"Fuck me now. I am so fucking horny and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can," she said as she looked directly into my eyes.

I obeyed happily. Once I was inside her I started kissing and fucking her very hard. She was an absolutely gorgeous woman. My mom and Erika also got on the floor on each side of Momma's and started sucking on her huge nipples.

"You are such a wonderful fucker. Fuck me harder you handsome son of a bitch. Cum inside your grandmother's fucking pussy. Maria, rub my clit for me. Make me cum,"

My mom started rubbing her sex-crazed mother's huge clit hard and fast as I continued fucking her. My dad took his cock out and started stroking it as he was watching us.

"No Carl! You're on probation. Put your damn cock back in your shorts. You have to prove tonight that you are worthy of our f****y. That is after I finish punishing you," Momma yelled at my dad.

I looked at the three beautiful women on the floor. I was about to cum. This fuck session was about to be over soon and I was already looking forward to the night's sex party. It was going to be such a blast.

I watched from up-close as my grandpa shoved his entire big cock up my dad's asshole with one powerful thrust. On this warm and sunny day my grandpa's muscular body was glistening with sweat and suntan lotion, drops of sweat were falling down from his soaking wet hair upon my dad's grimacing face.

"Oh fuck Carl!" Poppa said to my dad. "Your God damn asshole is so fucking tight. I love it."

"Ah Poppa, it hurts!" my dad replied in pain. "Your cock is too big. Please go easy on me!"

"Shut up Carl and take it like a man. This is your punishment for being a jerk for so many years. Remember? It's supposed to hurt!" said my grandpa and started pounding my poor dad's asshole f***efully.

My dad lay on a mat next to the pool with his head resting upon my grandma's lap. Nick, Brad,, Lorenzo and I were all waiting in line to fuck dad's asshole on my grandma's orders. Mom, Erika, Kari, Linda, Tora and Barbara were all watching intently as we proceeded to punish my dad.

"Carl I will punish you even longer if you don't stop complaining," said my grandma as she grabbed Lorenzo's big cock and slapped my dad's face with it. "Do you understand?"

"Yes Momma," my dad replied in agony. "God damn it. Fuck me Poppa!"

Suddenly my aunt walked over to my dad and straddled his chest facing my grandpa. She parted her beautiful pussy lips with two fingers and exposed her pee hole. After concentrating for a few seconds she let out a strong stream of golden piss that hit my grandpa's stomach first and then landed on my dad's cock.

"Good girl Erika," said my grandpa. "Piss all over him honey!"

"Oh shit!" exclaimed my mom. "He likes being pissed on. His cock is getting hard!"

Erika was now pissing all over my dad's hairy chest and stomach. My grandpa kept fucking him harder and by the expression on his face I could tell that he was about to reach his climax. Erika rubbed her wet pussy on my dad's chin and walked away from him.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum soon," Poppa announced and pulled out of my dad's asshole. He then moved up and put the tip of his big cock right above my dad's lips. My grandma opened my dad's mouth with both of her hands and waited for Poppa to shoot his cum into his mouth. I went behind my grandpa and started licking his sweaty asshole for him.

"Ah Jesus Tom," said my grandpa. "Shove your tongue all the way up my shithole and stay there. God I'm cumming so hard. Swallow my hot load Carl, every drop of it. Yeah that's it. Good boy!"

"Start fucking your dad Tom," Momma ordered me. "Fuck him as hard as you can!"

I shoved my cock up my dad's stretched asshole and started pounding him hard and fast. My fucking beautiful mother came over to us and straddled my dad's cock. She parted her pussy lips with two fingers just like her s****r and immediately started pissing all over my dad's cock.

"Look Tom," said my mom, "he has a full hard on. I wish Momma would let me fuck him."

"It's ok honey," replied my grandma. "Go ahead and ride his cock!"

"Oh fuck! Thank you Momma," said my mom and pushed her pussy down on my dad's hard cock.

My mom put her hands on my shoulders and rode my dad's cock as I pounded his asshole. She started kissing me with her hot mouth. Her face looked horny, happy and prettier than ever as she went up and down her husband's shaft.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed my dad "That feels so fucking good. Ride me baby Fuck me harder Tom!"

I pounded my dad's asshole for two more minutes then I exploded up his asshole and filled him up with my hot cream.

"Maria, don't let Carl cum. Get off his cock. Now!" ordered my sexy grandma.

My mom stopped riding my dad's hard shaft reluctantly and started rubbing her pussy with two fingers, staying right above my dad's cock. I pulled my cock out of my dad's shithole and aimed my pee slit at my mom's clit. My mom gasped loudly as my stream of hot golden piss hit her right on her cunt and clit.

"Oh yeah honey. It feels so good. Piss on mommy's pussy and your dad's cock baby. Oh shit! Yeah!"

I pissed on my parents' hot bodies for about one minute. Then I had to give way to the rest of the guys to fuck my dad's asshole. They all fucked my dad hard and came all over his face or into his mouth. Lorenzo was the last guy who fucked my dad. After he came all over his face my grandma leaned over and kissed my dad's cum covered lips.

"Welcome back to the f****y Carl," she said to him. "Your punishment is officially over now honey. We forgive you."

"Thanks Momma," my dad replied and kissed her back. "I'm so fucking happy that you are here. You can stay with us as long as you want to."

"Oh sweetheart. Thank you. Now come and fuck your horny mother-in-law."

As my dad started thrusting his cock into grandma all the other men in the group gathered around her and she became the center of a hot and nasty gangbang. I watched as Brad and Nick started pissing on grandma's face while my dad was kissing her deeply. My grandpa and Lorenzo were pissing directly on my dad's face.

Inspired by the hot action around my grandma and dad, the ladies started gangbanging my mom. One by one they started taking turns licking her pussy in hope of getting her to squirt into their mouths. My mom did not disappoint any of them. Every time she came she squirted heavily on whoever was licking her hot pussy.

"May I fuck you mom?" I asked her politely after Erika was done with licking her pussy.

"Yes you may son," giggled my mom and all the other ladies laughed joyfully.

I quickly put my cock on her asshole, thrusting my cock f***efully into her. Then I leaned over her and kissed her deeply on her mouth as I started pounding her tight asshole.

"Oh Tom," moaned my mom. "You fucking naughty boy! You didn't say that you were going to fuck my asshole honey."

"Oh sorry mom. Do you want me to take it out and fuck your pussy instead?"

"No it's ok baby. Fuck my asshole. Fuck me hard!"

Tora and Linda were each sucking one of my mom's nipples. Kari started licking my asshole and Erika rubbed my mom's clit for her.

"Ladies look at the guys over there," Barbara announced. "They are pissing all over Momma. It looks so fucking hot. Let's piss all over Tom and Maria here. All of us together at the same time!"

"Oh fuck yes girls. Piss all over us. Please!" my mom shouted joyfully.

All five women started cheering and laughing as they gathered around us and aimed their pussies at our faces and bodies. A few seconds later the first streams of hot piss started hitting my mom's pretty face as I was kissing her deeply. Erika straddled my head and started pissing directly on my neck. I felt two hands stretching my butt cheeks and a strong stream of piss hit my asshole directly.

"Open your mouth s*s," Erika said to my mom as she straddled her face. "I'm gonna piss into your hot mouth and I want you to swallow every drop!"

I could not believe that my mom was swallowing her hot s****r's piss with such pleasure. The sound of Erika's piss going down my mom's throat made me explode inside my mother's asshole. I came inside her as I had never cum before.

Later on that night mom, dad and I were getting ready to go to bed in my parents' bedroom. This was the first night that the three of us were going to sl**p together as a f****y. My mom had just taken a shower and was putting her hair up in front of the mirror. She was wearing just a black bra and nothing else. My dad was massaging her delicate shoulders gently. He was completely naked and was sporting a huge hard on.

"Wow baby!" my mom said to my dad. "You still have a hard on? Even after all the hard fucking action earlier today?"

"Yeah babe," my dad replied. "How about that orgy? Your parents are really fucking nasty. I guess I'm trying to catch up with all the lost time!"

"Hey tom honey, are you up for a nice threesome?" my mom asked. "Just the three of us?"

"I'm always up for anything that involves you mom," I replied. "I can fuck you all night if you want me to!"

"Oh you're so sweet honey. Ok then. Let's fuck each other's brains out!"

My dad and I lay on the bed side by side in a 69 position. I licked back and forth between my dad's big balls and his nice asshole. I would stop to bite gently on his ball sacks and then darted my tongue into his asshole. My dad did the same to me. Then I felt my mom spitting into my asshole and gently inserting her middle finger into it. She stroked my hard cock softly with her other hand.

"Carl why don't you put a finger up his asshole too baby? He loves it. Yeah suck your son's big balls honey."

They were both treating my asshole nice and gently. I loved the way they started fingering my asshole together. Then they removed their fingers and I felt two tongues going up my sensitive asshole. They spat into it together and started fucking me with their loving fingers again.

"Keep fucking our son's asshole honey," I heard my mom say. "I'm gonna go get my strap-on!"

When she came back she put a pillow under my butt and positioned the tip of her strap-on in between my spread open legs. She pushed the tip of the dildo up my asshole and started fucking me slowly. My dad sucked on one of my erect nipples and fondled my balls.

"Oh mom yeah," I moaned softly. "Fuck my asshole you fucking pretty bitch!"

"Don't talk to your mom like that son," my dad said playfully and bit my nipple. "Although I do agree with you. She is a fucking beautiful slut!"

"Oh shut the fuck up both of you," my mom laughed. "I am concentrating here. It's not an easy job you know, fucking someone with a fake cock!"

"Then move over honey and let me fuck him with a real cock!"

"In a few minutes baby. You have to wait for your turn."

My mom held my legs up and started pounding my asshole f***efully. She smiled at me lovingly as she fucked me with her strap-on. Then she pulled out of me and let my dad take over for her. My dad started fucking me hard from the moment his cock entered my asshole.

"Oh Jesus baby," she said to my dad. "Take it easy on the boy!"

"No mom. I love the way he is fucking me. Fuck me harder dad. Cum up my asshole...please!" I begged my dad.

My dad pounded me hard for a few more minutes. Then he shot his hot load of cum up my asshole. My mom and I switched places and I started fucking her pussy with a vengeance. She dug her fingernails into my chest and thrashed her head from side to side as I pounded her pussy fast and hard.

"Ooh fuck me you son of a bitch! Fuck meeeee! I'm gonna fucking cum all over your fucking big cock. Fuuuuuck!" she screamed and squirted all over my stomach.

It was my turn to cum now. My dad started sucking and licking my balls as my mom sucked my hard shaft f***efully. I ran my fingers through their hair and jerked my hips back and forth.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed. "I'm fucking cumming!"

I shot my hot and creamy load all over my parents' flushed faces. When I was done cumming they embraced each other and kissed. They swapped my gooey cum in between each other's mouths. I put my arms around both of them.

"I love you mom. I love you dad."

"We love you too son," said my dad.

"We love you very much," said my mom and kissed me passionately.

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Summer with grandma pt1

Wow! What a life changing vacation. My mom left me with my grandma so she could apply for a job out of state. I was there for a week and tried to view this as a vacation. Grandma was only in her 70's and still got around quite well. The first day I kinda learned her routine and looked forward to our time together. Because she didn't work she could spend the whole day with me doing fun things. Just before lunch she would take her nap and again sometimes just before dinner. She would go to bed about two hours after dinner but said I could stay up a little longer. We had just braked for summer vacation so I had no commitments to school. The second day, Wednesday, there was nothing on the TV when grandma went in for her pre-noon nap so I found myself wondering the house. As I headed for my room I passed grandma's room and heard her grown. Not loud but I feared she might be in pain. I didn't want to disturb her and listened to see if she cried out for help or would be okay. She was breathing heavy and I thought I could hear her radio or TV in the background playing very low. I remembered that her window was on the side of the house and I might be able to look into her room without disturbing her so I made my way there.

I couldn't see in very good but I could see the TV and the lower half of the bed. I could tell she was in bed because I could see her legs and feet.
When I realized what my eyes were taking in I almost fell over! her legs were slightly bent ant the knee and they were shaking. On the TV I saw a group of ladies doing things I had never seen ladies do. Not to each other anyway. I started feeling a tingle as my panties got wet. My hart was pounding so hard I thought the world could hear it. After only about a minute, I had to go back inside from fear of looking suspicious and being reported for looking in windows so I went back to watching TV until it was time for lunch. By the time grandma came out for lunch I had come up with a plain to hide in her closet when she went in for her pre-dinner nap. I wanted to ask her what she did for her nap but how could I? I acted as normal as I could and just before her nap time I asked if I could go to the park while she slept. She reminded me what time dinner was and I was off. Well I opened the door and closed it. Then I found my place in her closet which wasn't easy. The door wasn't closed all the way so it wouldn't look suspicious to leave it cracked after I climbed in. I didn't have to wait long, grandma checked the yard for me and after thinking I was well on my way she came into her room. Again my hart started pumping hard. Grandma turned her TV on but I couldn't see it from where I was. I did have a clear view of the bed and when she came into view she has already removed her paints and was naked from the waist down. She had on a lose blouse and no bra. I saw for the first time that she shaved all but a small patch of hair at the top of her pussy. When she slipped back on the bed and spread her legs I could see everything through the cracked door. I could tell that the movie she was watching was the same one from this morning. Grandma was really going at it before too long and I could tell she was cumming almost only a minute later. She didn't seem to stop for the whole time and I watched has her skin turned beet red. I thought I saw her squirt several times but I had never seen anything like that before so I decided when she left the room I would investigate. I was so wet when she did leave that I knew I would have to change before I "Came Home" from the park. When I checked the bed I saw that she did squirt and there was a big wet spot. I smelled it and it wasn't pee. Then I did something I would never have thought I would do. I tasted it by licking the sheet. To my surprise it was a good taste and I thought I would have time to slip out of the room and pretend to come back from the park until I turned to leave and saw that my grandma was watching me from the doorway. OMG! I am so busted! "Why would you lick my sheets sweety?" she asked when we made eye contact. She didn't sound angry but I was still sure I was in trouble. "I...I wasn't sure what that was and..." I stammered. " I am sure you did know because I didn't see anyone come into my room after I walked out so you must have been in there the whole time honey." I must have looked like I was going to pass out and I felt like I would too. Grandma walked over and sat me down on her bed and sat beside me. She took both my hands in hers and looked me in the eyes and asked "How much did you see sweety?" I was about to start crying but she just said "I don't have a man in my life and I don't think I will ever want one so now I take care of myself the best I can. That is how I do it." "But the movie was with women grandma." I said when I found my voice. "Yes love I know, I think the female body is such a turn on now. Do you think I am crazy?" "No I just never knew women did that." I said still a bit confused at how much I was turned on seeing my grandma. She must have seen the stain I had in my crouch because she said, "I see you found it kinda exciting from the wetness in your paints. Let me see whats doing all that, Take those paints off and I will put them in the wash. Here, I will help you." She then started undoing my paints and had me stand before her. I was too stunned to react at all I just watched her face when my pussy came into view. She smiled up at me and said "Your quite the beauty honey. Soft and pink and new." She said as she rubbed me. I was really feeling turned on and I bent at the knees so she could really rub me. Then she licked her fingers to taste me and told me how sweet I tasted then asked if I liked the way she tasted when I licked the sheets. I told her I did and she took her pants off again and asked if I would like to taste her again. That's how it all started. What a second day. We licked each other the rest of the day and when she took her brake the next day before lunch I was in the room on the bed with her. We watched the movie and did what we saw the girls do. The rest of the week was very educational to me and I realized I would never look at other females the same again.

... Continue»
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Granny Gameshow (My Fantasy)

A young 19 year old lad name Johnny is sitting on the couch searching through the want adds looking for ways to make some money. He comes across an add that reads:

How well do you know your Grandmother?
We are searching for men between 18 and 21 who have grandmothers
Over the age of 60+ that would like the chance to win Five Thousand Dollars

He ponders the thought for a moment, while scratching the side of his head,
picks up the phone and calls his grandmother. The phone rings a few times and her answering machine comes on. "Hi this is Beverly I'm not in but leave your message at the beep" Johnny leaves the message: Hey grandma it's me Johnny, call me back when you get this message.

Meanwhile, other young men in this area that are looking through this local news add see the same advertisement. Even some old ladies see the add and call their grandsons. The add catches the attention of a 72 year old lady named Maggie that lives with her grandson Adam. She shows Adam the add he says grandma let's check it out so we can get this money. She agreed.

Johnny's phone rings and it's his Grandmother Beverly. He picks up the phone and she immediately starts going off about the news add. Johnny goes, thats why I was calling you grandma to see if you were interested. The add didn't have many details, it has a phone number and address so I will come over your house and call so we can see how to become contestants. Johnny drives to his grannies house with the newspaper in hand ready to call. They use Beverly's speaker phone. Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring - Message comes on:

Please come to (gives an address) on Friday at 8:00 p.m. No other
attendance is allowed other than the participating contestants.
Each winning contestant will receive $5000.00 each. Contestants must
be willing to be remove all clothing if requested and also must sign
authorization that they are aware that sexual contact may happen during
the show.

The phone hangs up. Johnny is looking at his grandma Beverly and she's looking at him. Beverly says I guess It depends on how well we do on wether or not we end up taking off our clothes. And I wonder what exactly do they mean by sexual contact? Johnny says" I'll probably have to touch your boob or somcthing, what do you think grandma? She says, let's do it!

Adam makes the call but he doesn't share the information with is grandma Maggie. He just tells her to get ready to go down there on Friday and she agrees. Adam got really horny when he heard the details about the show and figured his granny is such an easy going person, that she would just go with the flow. He atarted fantasizing about fucking his grandma and was ready to see what this was all about.

The building was an old warehouse. There were about 40 people there. 20 Grandmas and 20 grandsons. They made 5 groups consisting of 4 men and four grannies. Each granny was asked 10 questions about themselves. Grannies will be placed in separate rooms with a bed and camara. Fully clothed each contestants grandmother will be waiting in her room to see how well their grandons know them. There will be 5 doors leading to each room. Each time the grandson is asked a question and he gets the answer right a door opens.

If the grandson can get all five doors open by answering all the questions correctly they win! Howver, each time a question is answered wrong granny has to take off an article of clothing, while she is on camara for the other 3 men to view. And if he gets six questions wrong and granny is stripped naked, the only way for them to get the prize is to have sex.

Maggie and Adam are the first constestants.
1st question: What year did your grandma and grandpa get married? Adam answered incorrctly. Maggie took off her shoes. 2nd question: What is your grandmas maiden name? Again, Adam answered incorrectly. Maggie took off her blouse. Third question: What is your grannies favorite cake? Adam said "RED VELVET" bing bing - a door open. Fourth question: How old was your grandma when you were born? Adam answered incorrectly. Maggie stood up and unzipped he skirt, wiggled it off and sat on the bed in her bra and panties. The other men were getting horny stroking their dicks backstage. Fifth question:
What is your grandma's favorite activity? Bingo! Bing bing a door opened.
Sixth question: If your granny had to take a plane, train, or bus which would she choose? Train! Bing Bing, another door opened. 2 doors to go! And only 4 questions left. Seventh question: What state was your granny born in? Adam answered incorrectly. Maggie took off her bra, her large sagging titts were hanging down as she sat there with her arms folded. Question eight:
Who was the President of the United States when your granny was born? AH! WRONG ANSWER AGAIN! Maggie took off her panties, so that meant the only way that Adam and Maggie can get the money is for Adam to fuck her. So they ask Maggie! Do you want the doors to open or send him back. Maggie laying their naked and horny as hell said, do we get the money and the annoucer say Absolutely! So she nodded her head up and down and the doors opened. Adam knew what he had to do. The announcer then said, if you let your grandson fuck you in the ass you get an additional $5000.00

Already naked, Maggie lays back and opens her legs, Adam pulls out his dick and goes right to the pussy. He pulls her legs wide open and he looks down at his dick going in and out of his grannies pussy. He locks Maggies legs under his arms and pins her down to the bed, while fucking her Adam sticks his tongue in Maggies mouth. Adem then reaches down and puts his finger up Maggies ass. The announcer then says, if you come inside her we will double your prizes. Adam flips his grandmother over and starts licking her asswhole,
get's up on his knees and puts his dick in Maggies ass. Adam laid on his back and put Maggie on top of him facing the camara. He put his dick up Maggies ass and pulled her legs all the way back. Her ass was dripping wet as the camara zoomed in. Then all of the sudden you saw thick white cum running out of Maggies Asshole and WINNER WINNER WINNER flashed across the screen.

Next was Johnny and Beverly's turn. The questios began for Johnny and he answered the first 4 correctly! He was at the fifth door when her started to think, If I get this right, I may never get a chance to fuck my grandma again. So he started getting them wrong, and Beverly started taking off her clothing has he continued to purposely give bad answers. Beverly was getting excited because she knew he was willingly giving the wrong answers so he could fuck his own grandmother. Johnny was on his tenth question, 1 door to open while Beverly laid on the bed and began to play with her pussy. The camara was focused on Beverly, laying their, legs cocked upon waiting to be fucked by her grandson. Tenth Question: Multiple choice - Beverly last had sex
a) 5 yrs ago, b) 10 yrs ago c) 15 yrs ago or d) 20 years ago

B was Johnny's answer and the door did not open! Answer was c Beverly hadn't been fucked in 15 years. The announcer asked if Beverly wanted the doors to open and she said yes, so Johnny came in and he too went straight to the pussy.

He put his face between his grannies legs and started licking her pussy, he put his finger up Beverly's ass while licking her clit. Beverly leaned down and started sucking her grandsons dick. They were in the 69 position going at it. Johnny flip his grandma on her back and started fucking her. He pulled his dick out and slowly started working it in Beverly's ass. While on top he ws fucking his granny in the ass, turned her back over and fucked her in the ass doggy style. Johnny flipped on his back and put his granny on top of him with her ass facing the camara, Johnny put his dick up Beverly's ass and started pounding it really hard, he too came in his grandma.

The End! Please show the love and give me your support with comments.... Continue»
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By the time Emily Rowland returned to the in-law apartment over the garage that she rented from her daughter and her husband, her heart had slowed down dramatically from the way it had been racing about 15 minutes ago, despite the fact that she had to climb the ten steps to get inside.

Once safely inside the modest apartment, Emily leaned back against the door and whispered to herself, "You must have a strong heart Emily Rowland, if you made it through that experience."

Even now the widowed mother of two and grandmother of four could not believe what she had just witnessed, and it was all because she had done what she rarely did, which was to go into her daughter's house while she was at work.

Emily had needed an egg for a recipe she was in the middle of preparing, so instead of driving to the store she decided to go in an borrow an egg. It wasn't like she wasn't allowed in there, but always felt that her daughter and her f****y deserved privacy.

After unlocking the back door and getting an egg out of the fridge, Emily was about to go right back out the door when she heard something familiar coming from down the hall. It was a song from her youth, but the voice singing "Downtown" wasn't Petula Clark.

This voice was off-key and wavered quite a bit in the upper register, and those qualities were emphasized by the fact that the woman signing was acapella. The woman singing was non other than herself, and so Emily went down the hall to where the warbling was coming from, her grandson Craig's room.

Emily was about to ask how in the world Craig had managed to get a tape of her singing, not to mention why anyone would want to hear her sign since she did it so badly, but she froze when she got to the doorway, where the door was open slightly.

The television facing the door was on, and it was there where the singing was coming from. Horrified, Emily looked at herself on the TV screen, singing like no one was listening, and she was nearly naked, standing in front of her bedroom dresser and stepping out of her slacks.

"The lights are much brighter there... you can forget all your troubles..."

On the bed facing the screen was her grandson Craig, laying on the bed as naked as the day he was born, and judging by the way he was acting he was enjoying himself quite a bit. Not enjoying the singing part most likely, but watching his grandmother reaching back behind herself and unhooking her bra.

"Oh yeah!" Craig grunted as Emily's eyes darted back and forth between the two startling images before her.

She cringed as she watched herself pull her bra off on the TV, her once proud breasts a shadow of their former self as the banana-like tunes sunk to her stomach, and then she was rubbing the places where the harness had dug into the skin under her bosom.

On the bed though, Craig was groaning while stroking his penis feverishly, and then he began ejaculating wildly while Emily recoiled in shock before staggering back down the hall as quietly as she could, never looking back until she was safe in her apartment.

That isn't the end of the story. In fact, it's only the beginning.


Emily eventually moved away from the door, walking like she was stepping on eggshells while looking around and wondering how many cameras were in her apartment. This was a nice apartment and all, but the thought that she was being spied on, and for who knows how long, sent shivers down her spine.

Little Craig. Who would have thought that such a introverted little geek like him would be a pervert? Well, Emily recalled that his Mom did say that she caught him looking at pornography on the computer several times, but he was a growing boy and that was different.

Those women he was looking at were models and actresses, girls more his age with incredible bodies. Emily was 64, and while she went to the gym regularly enough to know that she looked better than most gals her age, she was still only a few heartbeats away from being a senior citizen. What was the attraction?

Peeking around every nook at cranny in the living room, she was still stunned at seeing herself on the television like that, with every wrinkle there in full sight. The softness of her belly, the wild untamed jungle of light brown hair between her pale legs, and especially her breasts, which hung like tennis balls in long skinny tubes. Who would find that erotic, she wondered?

Craig had, obviously, and seeing him like that was startling to say the least. Now thinking back, it hit Emily that this wasn't little Craig any more. He had just graduated from high school and would be off to college soon, and while up until a half hour ago he had been the skinny little boy with sc****d knees and glasses, she knew she would never look at him the same way again.

Having checked the living room and found nothing, Emily went to her bedroom, where the film Craig had been abusing himself while watching had been done. There it was, in plain sight when she saw it tucked away on a shelf amidst a bunch of little knickknacks, a tiny little cube. Now that she was looking for it, it was as plain as the nose on her face.

Technology was something that had passed her by, and she had no idea how any of this worked, except that obviously what Craig had been watching wasn't live. Emily looked over to where she had been standing, bouncing around naked without ever dreaming that she was exposing herself to her grandson.

What if he made tapes or discs or whatever it was, and showed them to his friends? Here's my Grandma, she pictured him saying as he showed his friends. Look at all the hair she has between her legs, and check out how those banana boobs swing low!

Luckily Craig didn't have all that many friends, male or female, and Emily recalled how he didn't even have a date to his prom and stayed home, saying that he didn't want to go anyway. Probably abused himself all that night, Emily concluded.

Emily tiptoed around the area in front of her dresser and went to the bathroom, not turning on the light in case any cameras were in here too, and after washing her hands she turned on the light.

In the mirror, Emily looked like something the cat had dragged in. She had taken a shower first thing in the morning but now she looked like a drowned rat. Her blouse was drenched with sweat, with huge dark patches under her arms and down her back, so throwing caution to the winds she undressed and stepped into the shower, figuring that her grandson had seen it all already.

After stepping into the tub and closing the curtain, Emily paused before turning on the water. Her nipples were fully engorged, and she knew it was a result of what she had just gone through and what she had been thinking.

"And I'm calling Craig a pervert!" Emily muttered to herself before stepping under the spray, and as she let the water cascade over her slender body she thought back. How long had it been since she thought about sex?

Oh, she pleasured herself often, with the old beige toy she called Ted Junior in honor of her husband, now passed six years. She had only been with one man in that time, back about three years ago when she had taken a job at a local tavern waiting tables. The owner, also a widower, had taken a liking to her, and while Emily had sworn she would never be with another man, things happen and loneliness takes over.

It hadn't been all that romantic, Emily recalled. Having been primed with a series of cocktails, before Emily knew in she was having sex with Louis, bent over a pool table while the little Italian guy took her from behind. It wasn't good sex, but it was nice to be wanted, even with a guy who's penis smelled as much like a cigar as his breath had.

The other times, Emily hadn't been d***k so she had no excuses for those, but she guessed she hadn't been d***k on that final night - the last night she ever stepped foot in The Palace Royale.

One of the regulars had hung around, apparently at the request of Louis, and after the lights went low Louis explained that they were going to have fun. Just the three of them.

"Should have done it," Emily mumbled to herself as she scrubbed between her legs a lot more than necessary, because if she had let both men have their way with her as they wanted, at least she would have been able to say she had one crazy experience in her life, but she hadn't and never even went back for her last check.

Louis had sent it to her, along with a note saying he was sorry and thought that she would like a threesome because she was too much woman for one man. Emily had cashed the check but pitched the note.

That other guy - he was young. Not as young as Craig but still and all...

Craig. The sight of that skinny little guy with his fist sliding up and down his erection would not leave her mind, and what an erection Craig had. The size of it was startling, seeing as how Craig was just a wisp of a lad, but his penis was certainly larger than average, almost twice as big as Louis was and even bigger than her late husband, who was nicely endowed in his own right.

"Omigod Emily, you are going to go straight to hell" she mumbled as she pulled her hand from between her legs, but the more she thought the worse it got.

After drying off Emily got herself together, brushing her hair and putting on a little makeup. She grimaced when she looked under her upraised arms and saw the sparse sprays of light brown hair that were nestled in the otherwise pale hollows of her armpits. With a couple of flicks of the razor she eliminated that now knowing now that somebody would be looking at her, and then after taking a deep breath she stepped out into the bedroom naked.


It was like being on stage, Emily thought while standing in the range of that camera, although she hadn't been on a stage since that play back in high school. She tried to keep her tummy tucked in while standing brazenly naked, reaching down and cupping her breasts and kneading the very plaint flesh while staring at the camera as seductively as she dared.

After a minute Emily turned and went to the drawer in the night stand, hoping her butt didn't look too jiggly as she moved. She greased up Ted Junior with lube, her hands shaking as she greased the rubbery prong before going back in front of the camera.

Lifting her right leg so that her foot was on the edge of the mattress, Emily ran her hand through the pelt of hair, noticing that since her pubic hair had thinned somewhat in recent years it had made her prominent labia even more noticeable.

Emily inserted the dildo into her pussy, the rubbery member tight inside of her, and as she began moving it in and out of herself she started to moan, remembering that there was sound involved. She wasn't singing songs from the sixties now though, just moaning as she frigged herself while hoping she was in the camera's sight, and then just spitting out vulgarities.

Stopping just before she came, Emily took the dildo out of herself and brought it to her lips. licking the tip before putting it in her mouth. It was so long that she almost choked as she deep-throated it and had it bump into her throat, but managed to swallow it all before extracting it.

"Is that what you want?" Emily heard herself say to the camera before she stepped away from the bed, wondering what in the world had gotten into her.

Emily stuffed the camera into a bag, wondering what she would do with it. She should throw it in the garbage, she thought, but instead just put in in her purse, wondering if she was getting dementia already to even have done such a thing.


"Mom," the voice on the phone said. "Why don't you come down and join us for dinner? I've made a big pot roast. Unless you've got something cooking that is."

Her daughter usually invited her down once a week or so, and while Emily had made a casserole, she decided to take her up on the offer and got dressed up nice in case her new-found admirer was there. Craig was indeed there, and Emily's skin tingled when she saw her grandson for the first time as a man, and just thinking about what was hiding under those jeans was exciting.

The pot roast was good, but the rest of the meal was ever better as Emily found ways to make her grandson squirm while innocently chatting.

"Oh, I dropped in this morning to grab an egg," Emily said while they ate. "Just so you know."

"Mom, you know we don't care about that," her daughter said while her husband nodded.

"You know I hate to drop in unexpectedly," Emily said, adding, "You never know if you're catching people at an awkward time."

"Well, the chances of it being an awkward time is pretty rare these days," Emily's daughter said with a chuckle, adding, "Right dear?" to her clueless hubby, but Emily noticed Craig's eyes jump up during the exchange.

Emily also got Craig's attention when she started humming "Downtown" while the two of them cleared the table, the sound of which also made Craig jump, but the best was saved for last when Emily reached into her purse before leaving and stuck the little camera in Craig's unsuspecting hand.

"Here you are honey, you little pervert," Emily said, smiling while watching her grandson almost faint from shock, and then she left after thanking everybody for a lovely evening.

After going back to her apartment behind the house, Emily watched her grandson's window for signs of life. His bedroom light went on, and just as Emily started to wonder whether Craig was watching what had been filmed or if it even came out, the phone rang, making Emily jump.


"Uh... Grandma?"

"Yes, who's this?" Emily asked, and while it could have been three others she knew who it was, and at least gave credit to him for having the guts to call.

"Uh - Craig."

"Hello again honey."

"I'm sorry."

"For what dear?'

"You know. The camera."

"Are you sorry you put it in my bedroom, or sorry that you got caught?" Emily asked while imagining her grandson squirming.

"Both, I guess."

"Well, you're honest. Are there any other cameras here?


"None in the toilet so you can watch me go?"

"No, I swear. That was it." Craig said. "How - how did you find it?"

"Well, if I didn't stop by earlier today I would never have known," Emily explained. "I took an egg out of the refrigerator and heard the sound of an old lady who can't sing."

"Oh no..."

"So I went down the hall..."

"Please no. No!"

"And what did I see when I reached your room?" Emily said, and then there was a noise that sounded like the the phone dropping, followed by the faint sound of pot roast going the wrong way.

"Craig?" Emily kept saying, feeling guilty about upsetting her grandson, and then finally heard the phone get picked up.

"Craig, are you crying?"

"I'm sorry. So sorry. I feel like killing myself because I know you must hate me. Did you tell Mom?"

"Of course not. Please don't get upset. I'm not mad, at least not anymore, but it was quite a shock," Emily said, adding, "especially when I saw what you were doing while you watched it."

"Craig?" Emily said after a moment of silence, and after he acknowledged he was still there Emily continued.

"Why though, honey? I'm an old lady."

"I love you Grandma," Craig sobbed. "You're the most sexy woman I know."

"Craig?" Emily said. "Come on now. I know what I look like these days."

"You are sexy to me. I've loved you since - I don't know - forever."

"I love you too honey, but I'm almost 50 years older than you. Girls your age are so much prettier and..."

"Don't care about them. It's you I love," Craig insisted. "It's true. Even the ones I sort of like, even if they like me I find out soon enough that they aren't you. They aren't as nice and aren't as pretty."

"I don't know what to say."

"I won't put any more cameras or anything like that over there. I promise."

"Did you look at the camera since I gave it back to you?"

"No. Did you break it? It's okay if you did."

"No honey, I think I taped something for you, but I don't think it came out. I didn't turn it on or anything because I have no idea how these things work."

"It's motion activated, Grandma. Whenever there's movement with a light on, it detects it and it starts up."

"Well then I think I taped something you might like. Don't know why I did it, but now I'm kind of glad I did, since for some reason you find me attractive. Please don't show it to anybody else, okay?"

"I swear I won't! I've got all these clips hidden on my computer so well that no one would be able to find them."

"That's good, Craig. Now does this take time to develop or something?"

"No Grandma," Craig said with a chuckle. "It only takes me a couple minutes to set it up. Can't wait to see it."

"Can you stay on the phone while it plays?"

"Oh - uh - sure. Let me get it set up."

"Lock your door too, honey," Emily reminded her grandson, who chuckled before setting the phone down.

Emily undressed while waiting for Craig to come back to the phone, and was naked while sitting on the edge of the bed, looking over at Craig's blinds across the way.

"I'm back," Craig said. "it will start up in a minute."

"This is all amazing. How did you think this up?"

"My friend Todd - he films his parent's bedroom and his s****r's room, and he showed me how to do it."

"Do you have your folks bedroom..."

"No way."

"Why not?"

"I just had the one for your room, and that's all I could ask for," Craig said. "You're way hotter than Mom. Wait - it's starting."

"Tell me what you're seeing," Emily said.

"Okay. There's a bunch of little clips of you walking back and forth in front of the camera, going to the bathroom," Craig said. "Now the light's on and you're getting up and going to the bathroom. You're wearing that beige nightie. The one where you can see your nipples through it."

"This is from earlier in the day, when I was first waking up and before I knew about the camera."

"Yeah," Craig said. "You're coming out of the bathroom now. You just took a shower and you are walking around with your back to the camera. The freckles on your shoulders are so sexy - and now you're getting dressed. Too bad you were turned away a lot of the time."

"There's more coming," Emily said. "There will be a part after I found the camera. That's the part I did for you."

"Okay. You're going into the bathroom and now - OMIGOD! You're naked. You're naked and standing right in front of the camera, and now you're putting your hands on your..."

"Tell me honey. Tell me what you see. Use the language you would use talking to a friend."

"You've grabbed your tits and you're squeezing them, twisting the nipples," Craig panted, his breathing as loud as his voice. "Posing like a model. Oh Grandma, you're so fucking sexy."

Emily was standing brazenly in front of her window, wishing that she could see into Craig's bedroom while she writhed around on quivering legs with her hand inside of herself.

"You're walking away now. Your bottom - I mean your ass. So cute. Your cheeks have dimples. Now - you're turning around. In your hand. OMIGOD! It's a dildo. You've got a fake cock, Grandma! You're lifting your leg - you just put your foot on the mattress and now you're running your fingers through your pussy hair.... HOLY SHIT!"

"What honey? What am I doing?" Emily gasped as she thought about Craig's fist stroking his huge manhood while watching her on the screen.

"You're putting it in - the dildo - you're putting it in your cunt. In and out, now all the way in. This is fucking incredible. You just took it out and now you're putting it to your mouth. Sucking on it. OMIGOD! You swallowed the whole fucking thing! You said something I couldn't make out. It's over. Oh man."

"Did you cum good honey?" Emily asked.

"No. I didn't. Cum I mean. I still have my jeans on."

You didn't like it?" Emily asked.

"Like it? I loved it!" Craig practically screamed.

"Then why..."

"I always watch the whole thing first and pick out the favorite parts so when I watch it again I know the parts I want to be looking at when I cum," Craig explained. "Oh man, there are so many great parts that I'm going to be up all night."

"Oh. I was imagining you were just doing what you did earlier when I was watching," Emily said. "I have to confess something, honey. Just between me and you, okay?"


"I haven't thought all that much about sex since your Grandfather passed," Emily confessed. "But when I saw you there naked on the bed, I couldn't get over it - still can't. My little Craig all grown up and a man."

"I couldn't believe that anybody could still be excited seeing me these days," Emily continued. "And then when I saw how well endowed you are, I couldn't get over it. You've got such a very large penis, but I'm sure you know that already. I'll bet the girls love it."

"Not yet," Craig answered sheepishly. "Nobody besides me has ever touched it, except for Todd."

"Todd?" Emily said. "You mean you're ..."

"No, I'm not gay, but Todd, he's as bad as me with girls, and sometimes he brings over films of his parents doing it and we got each other off a couple of times," Craig admitted.

"Oh no. Has he seen me naked?"

"No, and he never will."

"Good, but I still can't believe you haven't had a girl yet."

"Tammy Morin, she rubbed me," Craig said. "We were petting and she was rubbing my bulge and I came. She laughed. Made my jeans look like they do now. Big stain in the crotch because I'm dripping. I always get so nervous around girls that I freeze up and panic."

"So now you're going to get comfortable and watch the film again?"

"Oh yeah, Grandma. I'll be up all night. This is the best present ever."

"So what are your favorite parts?" Emily asked, delighting in keeping her grandson from getting himself off.

"All of it. When you stood there and faced the camera, it was like you were looking right at me, and then when your started playing with your t- I mean breasts..."

"Use the words you like best, honey."

"When you started playing with your tits, and then twisted your nipples. I thought that might hurt but you seemed to like it."

"I do honey. I like my tits treated rough a lot of the time. I only wish you could have seen them when they were perky instead of the way the are now."

"I like them like they are. The way they hang down when you bend over - makes me want to put my dick between them like this guy did to a girl in a movie I saw," Craig gushed. "And then you started posing, and you looked so sexy. You - you shaved your armpit hair, didn't you Grandma?"

"Yes," Emily sighed in embarassment. "Didn't know anybody was looking at me before so I never bothered. Same reason I don't dust under the bed. Anyway, hope it was better for you with me nice and smooth."

"Didn't matter to me either way. You looked sexy with pit hair too, like Madonna in those old pictures," Craig said. "And then you played with your pussy hair. Girls on the Internet, most of them are bald. Makes them look juvenile, and with the razor bumps and stubble it turns me off. I love a hairy pussy, Grandma."

"I'm glad honey," Emily said, not adding that there was no way she was going to start doing any gardening like that at her age.

"When you put the dildo in your pussy and started fucking yourself with it, that was amazing. Made me wish that - you know."


"Made me wish that it was my dick instead," Craig said. "Sorry. I know that's sick. But then when you took it out and sucked the dildo. You had the whole thing down your throat."

"You're bigger than that thing is, Craig," Emily said.


"Your cock, it's longer and thicker than that toy is," Emily said. "You think I could do that to that big cock of yours? Put the whole thing in my mouth? Would that excite you if I had my mouth down in the hair above your dick and your balls on my chin? Would that be good?"

"I - I..."

"Go to the window Craig," Emily said, her words coming out of her mouth but the fact that she was actually sayng such things were beyond her comprehension, and when the blinds got pulled up her grandson saw her with the phone cradled into her neck while she stood there in a pose that suggested cruxification but revealed all of herself for her grandson's pleasure.

"What if Mom and Dad..."

"The light went out downstairs and their bedroom light just went on. Blinds are closed."

"You look so incredible."

"You want to watch that tape?" Emily asked.


"Or would you rather come over here?" Emily suggested.

"You mean you and me, Grandma?"

"I need it so bad," Emily sighed. "If you can sneak out, my door is - hello?"

The phone cut off as the blinds across the way dropped down fast. A couple of seconds later Craig's bedroom light went out, and Emily chuckled when a few seconds later the back door opened and Craig flew out, leaping off the top step of the deck and racing across the yard to the garage.

A half dozen thuds on the stairwell covered the ten steps up and then the door flew open just after Emily put her robe back on for the moment.

"What took you so long?" Emily chuckled in her best Mae West voice, and as she looked at her dissheveled grandson lurch into the apartment with the big wet stain covering the front of his jeans, she wanted to tell him that no matter how bad he wanted her, she wanted him more.

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I confronted Janice after she got off the phone with her grandmother. "Why did you fill her in on all the stuff going on around here? Your grandmother is really prim and proper. I don't want any trouble from her or your grandfather"

Janice's grandfather had his own energy firm once. He was constantly on the road, mostly overseas. We seldom saw him, even for holidays and I can count on one hand the number of birthdays he's attended. Our interaction with him was primarily thru her grandmother, Margaret. She has always doted on Janice and they have remained a close, often telling each other almost everything. Almost!

I continued to push Janice for an answer to my question.

"Grandma is going thru some issues now and I wanted to help her out" Janice said.

"What kind of issues and how could airing our lives do anything to help?" I asked.

"She thinks Grandpa is cheating on her, Janet hissed out. She suspects it has been going on for several years with one of his co-workers who travel with him overseas. She has found some notes and gift receipts for some expensive items."

"That sly old dog! But that's no proof. The notes could describe something innocent and as for gifts, could be rewards for good work."

"Well all in all, Grandma is convinced that it’s real and she’s started to do something about it, but is not convinced she is handling it correctly. She wanted my opinion and I gave it to her and then I informed her of our unique arrangement," Janice finished.

I was puzzled. "What did she start that she's not happy with?"

"She's cheating back on Grandpa. But she is concerned about privacy and people being discreet"

"So what is she doing? She's not going to clubs and bars, is she?" I asked.

Janice took a deep breath and said," No, a close female friend and her hire an e****t. They either go to a hotel or a club in another town. But the friend wants to stop and Grandma does not want to do this alone. "

"Then why doesn't she just stop and demand your dad to stop or just divorce him? I'm sure she can be set for life, and then she doesn't have to worry about him or her sneaking around."

'She won’t leave Grandpa. They have too much invested in each other and the community to break up. She just figures if he's playing around, so can she"

"So what are you proposing for her?" I quizzed.

"Well we can provide the discretion and safety by letting her in with us" Janice just laid it out.

"Janice, are you nuts? Your Grandma hates me. She’s not to fond of Ginger, either. I doubt she has any interest in having sex with us. I think you better nip those thoughts right out of your head" I remarked.

"On the contrary, honey. Grandma knows the details and she's fine with it. "
Now Maggie is almost 70. She went to the gym regularly and I know she had some medical tune-ups over the years. Plastic surgery for sure on her face eyes and boobs for sure. I even think she had a butt lift. All this has made her appear 10-15 years younger and the hair color and makeup helped. Yup, she is an attractive lady. Somebody who would make a lot of dicks hard.

Janice brought me out of my daze.

"Honey, there is something else. There is something she will not allow to happen"

"What could that be?" I questioned.

"Grandma will not do any vaginal intercourse. She'll do oral and anal but nothing with her pussy" Janice just stated nonchalantly.

'What? Your grandmother is cheating and won't let anyone straight up fuck her? What in the world is all that about?"

"She's convinced herself that by reserving her pussy for grandpa, it’s not cheating."

"Janice, that is bullshit. Your mother is having sex with other men, it doesn't matter if she uses one hole or the other, its still cheating. I'm not judging on the merits of sex outside marriage, hell look at us. But having sex and trying to call it something else is straight up weird"

"I know, I know, baby. But that is what grandma wants. So what do you say? Do we include her?"

"Janice, let your grandma think this thru again, and you and I can sl**p on it a bit. What do you say?"

"Alright. That seems fair. I'll tell her where we stand for now."

I went into the kitchen to get a beer. I stayed in the kitchen enjoying my beer. I started to mull over our earlier conversation and was daydreaming about giving her grandma a wicked ass fuck. It all visualized good in my head. Finishing my beer, I went into the living room to see what we were going to do for dinner.

Janice then told me that she was all for including Maggie in our activities.

"So what are your plans now, Janice?" I asked her fully knowing the answer.

"I thought we could have grandma over for dinner Friday night. " Janice stated.

First thing the next morning, Janice was on the phone with Maggie talking about Friday. It sounded from the one sided conversation, that Maggie was thrilled to be coming over and playing with us. By the time the phone call was over, Janice was in one of her moods and I gave her a hard reaming. During our fuck, just to get in some practice, I popped my cock into her ass for a good 10 minutes of loving.

Dinner was set for 7pm and a few minutes before I started prepping the steaks on the outdoor grill. Most of the other food and been completed and the house percolated with wonderful food aroma's. A little after 7, the doorbell rang and I hollered out to come in. Coming in thru the house and out back to the patio was Maggie, dressed to the nine's in a black cocktail dress, showing curves and cleavage. She could pass for late 30's the way her legs, ass and tits stood out in that dress. I was impressed and I didn't hold back the adulation.

"Maggie, you look absolutely beautiful tonight," I let out with a slight wolf whistle.

Maggie placed her hands on her hips in a motion to shimmy down her dress and replied, "Why thank you. That is so sweet of you to say and thanks for the dinner invite"

"Well I really mean it, you are sizzling hot." I was really eyeballing her hard. She had a push up bra that was making her tits stand straight out, she was darkly tanned and her ass was round and hard and riding high. Capped by high heels, she would have gotten top dollar as an e****t. Between turning the steaks and checking the baked potatoes, I had to rearrange my hard cock often to keep it from sticking up or to the side.

My staring was interrupted when Maggie inquired where Janice was. I told her I suspected she was still upstairs. I offered her some wine if she wanted to wait inside while I finished up the steaks. Instead she went inside, got some wine and came back out to join me on the patio.

"So when does Big John (referring to my FIL) get home?" I inquired, already knowing the answer.

"Should be a little after 10 at night on Sunday. But he could be gone another few days" answered Maggie.

Of course I really wanted to ask Maggie about the cheating. She kind of read my mind after seeing how uneasy I was acting.

"All right Donny, what's really on your mind?" Maggie asked with an agitated tone in her voice.

"Maggie, it's this whole thing about you joining Janice, Ginger and me, and the fact that you having sex outside of your marriage is not cheating, and you won't pussy fuck…" I rambled out.

"Wow, well first I want to feel safe and secure and at least have loving relations with people I can trust, my f****y. Second, I know that oral and anal are sex, but I need to know that I saved the primary object of my marriage. If by any chance John is not cheating, I can recover more quickly if I save something. I hope you can understand. And last, just wait until we ass fuck before you decide it's not great. Now, just so we are clear, no pussy fucking, but you can eat and finger me all you want. Any more questions?" Maggie concluded.

I thought for a second. "Nope! I’m good."

"Now, where is my granddaughter?" Maggie inquired.

I took the steaks off the grill and plated them. I then took Maggie's arm and led her back into the house to find Janice and Ginger. The kitchen, den, dining and living room were empty. We did hear voices down the hall in the rec room. As we entered the sound of sucking and licking greeted us. On the pool table lay Janice and Ginger, in a beautiful 69.

Glancing at Maggie, she had a severe blush going on and her heart rate must be up since her chest was heaving almost forcing her tits out of her dress.

Meanwhile the action on the pool table was getting more intense by the second. Janice responded to Ginger the most at she was getting tongue fucking and rimming almost at once. It was clearly halting her breath.

The action on the table was certainly getting me charged up, too. I looked over at Maggie, and it was working the same on her. Our eyes met and at that moment the fuse was lit. Maggie fell into my arms and began passionately kissing me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Our hands began to grope each other and I soon had her g****fruit sized breasts out and exposed. I kissed down her neck and latched my lips onto one of those impressive tits. Meanwhile, Maggie was rubbing my crotch and clutching at my balls thru my shorts.

Even though the table was fascinating, the heat with Maggie was getting explosive. We had stripped most of our clothes off at this point, and we were exploring each other’s orifices. Maggie fondled my ass while I was playing with her hard clit. She was getting quite wet below and was getting so hot. I lifted her onto the pool table next to Janice and then did something I've done before, many times.

I pulled Maggie’s thong away from her ass crack, spread her cheeks wide and placed my lips and tongue on her rosebud. I darted my tongue 2 or 3 inches into her ass and fucked it with my tongue. I don't know if Maggie ever had that done before, but her response was incredible as her pussy juices ran down from across her ass crack.

It was loud enough that the other two on the pool table did not stop their fun, but looked long enough to take in Maggie's delight. In fact it seemed to intensify their efforts.

By now, I don't believe anything could be harder than my cock right then. With my saliva and her pussy juice I was catching on my fingers, I began smearing Maggie's ass hole. I also inserted one then two and three fingers to the first knuckle into her beautiful hot hole. Maggie was urging me on to fuck her, saying she needed it so bad.

I slowly took my cock and began to fuck her tight ass. Once the head of my cock was planted about 2 inches or so in her ass, Maggie started moving her rectal muscles and they sucked the rest of my cock in all the way to my nut sack. I stood there with arms at my side, being fucked by an ass. Only the slight flexing of Maggie’s ass cheeks gave away that she had my boner inside her.
Nothing, nobody has ever fucked me like that. This was the ultimate ass fuck. I have never experienced any sex quite like this. I'm sure if I looked in to a mirror I would find my eyes rolled back in my head.

The other two had finished their sexual romp, the result being Janice's pussy was flowing like a stream. They both basked in the afterglow, but followed the action of Maggie and me.

Even though I was ass fucking her hard, I still had the urge to fuck her pussy. I would withdraw my cock to the tip and then ram back in till my pubic hair disappeared in her ass crack. The buildup of my load was electric, and when I finally exploded, I made sure I was in as deep as possible. I shot like I did as a teenager jacking off to a skin mag. I was not alone. Maggie came hard and was still shaking when my cock dislodged from her anus. I didn't have strength to stand up at first and lay over my mother-in-law like a deflated balloon.

The rest of the night was one hot orgy. The highlight though had to be my third fucking of Maggie's ass, with Janice sucking and licking her huge tits, and Ginger eating Janice’s sweet pussy.

When we were total spent, we said our goodnights. Maggie went to the guest room. As I turned off the light, I heard a floor creak and knew someone got up again. A few moments later, Maggie walked into our bedroom nude and climbed into be next to Janice. They wrapped their arms around each other and drifted off to sl**p. With my s****r tight in my arms, we did the same.

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