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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 5

My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 4

... completely," I continued. With that I pulled Monica's legs up on my shoulders and moved my mouth down onto her juicy cunt. Slowly I ... once again haunted by the situation I was in, fucking Marie's daughter in her own bed.

Monica brought me back from ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 3

... Monica's first stirrings the scent of her hair filled my nostrils and my hand gently moved across her smooth, tight, flawless skin ... as she worked her talented mouth and tongue along my shaft, cupping my balls in her warm hands. I told Marie that I loved ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 5

... kissed me, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth, and grabbed my already hard cock through my pants. "I'll repay you for ... seeping hole replacing the beads. Monica's cunt muscles convulsed around my hard cock as she screamed out in a massive orgasm. I pumped ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 6

... cock. With that she took the condom and followed my instructions sheathing my cock with it. Then I added k-Y Jell to her already ... and her sloppy pink cunt ready for my cock, I pressed my cock into her until my balls were nudged against her pussy and ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Mom

... be known that I was no good for her daughter. I guess she wanted her daughter close and I was the part of the deal ... i get a hobby. I didn't need a hobby, I need my girlfriends big soft tits hitting my face as she rode my cock. I didn't say that but that ... ... Continue»
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My girlfriends mother

... your prick”, this was fantastic, my rest day had certainly taken a turn for the better with my girlfriends mum and her auntie both ... my energy drained from me via my cock, “was that good?” she said, “ was that as good as shooting your load into my daughter ... ... Continue»
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BUTT Fucking my Girlfriends Mothers ASSHOLE

... my hand away and commented about my hard cock sticking out. Actually, I was embarressed all to hell, there was my girlfriends mom starting at my ... always wondered what my cock looked like and she told me she knew I was fucking her daughter too! I could barely ... ... Continue»
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Babysitting My Girlfriends Daughter

... a nice house from her divorice. She has a daughter, Taylor, she was 11 now. Taylor and ... want to go because one of her girlfriends was having a birthday party, and of ... was only a quick flash but it still got my attention. She was about 4'6" maybe 75lbs. ... ... Continue»
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I fucked my girlfriends mom :)

... thought I call one of my girlfriends name Gina (Oh and just so you know I have 3 girlfriends but shes my # 1 ) anyways I wanted ... fucked the mom and daughter I took another shower.After I go to my girlfriends room to put on clean boxers my girlfriend had in ... ... Continue»
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My Step-daughter's cunt

... I hit the wall or my face is one of me fucking my step- daughter only I never thought of my real step-daughter I fantasized that ... abandon, phrases fell from my lips that were so perverted, nasty, lustful, sexy "yeeeeees...J-Jes-u-ch-r-rii-oooh..mmmmm" was ... ... Continue»
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blackmailed by my girlfriends daughter part 2

... i put my hand on Sharons head grabbing a handful of hair. Sharon rimmed my arse hole, it felt great but seeing her daughter stood ... the fuck are you doing!"
Sharon turned to face her daughter with my cum still on her face.
"Know i see what you ... ... Continue»
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My girlfriends mom

... /019/014/643_1000.jpg[/image]
Introduction: How I got into my girlfriends moms' panties

I gotta be the luckiest guy in the ... the drop of a hat. Like when she asked her daughter J. why she'd date a guy that was 6" shorter than her; J. ... ... Continue»
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Redheaded Step Daughter..Part 2

... It had been well over a month since me and my girlfriends daughter Andrea had sex and as much as it was amazing I ... more inches taller than were my head stopped. She pulled my pants down around my ankles and shoved my cock in her tiny mouth ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Final Chapter

... she didn't realize was that both Monica, her daughter, and Julie were sucking my cock as we talked.

As Marie was reaching ... pressing deeply into it. As she continued to devour my cock I rolled my head back as the absolute pleasure of her tight ... ... Continue»
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blackmailed by my girlfriends daughter part 1

... money and quite a big house that she shared with her daughter Melissa.
Sharon and i were just dating nothing serious although we ... at me with greedy eyes ans very slowly pulled down my shorts.
"O MY GOD. Thats fuckin huge" she shouted. "And its not ... ... Continue»
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My Widowed Daughter and Myself

... my mouth. This was my daughter's breast milk, meant for my grand-c***d. But, here I was - lustfully drinking my own daughter's breast ... I lowered my head over my daughter's breasts and again sought her nipples, with my mouth. She tried to turn. My daughter ... ... Continue»
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My step Daughter Bday

... ass in my face tempting me to touch her. My step daughter ass bobbing and gyrating before my eyes got my cock' s attention ... the
pressure her tongue darted between my lips exploring my mouth. My step daughter stood to climb on my lap facing me, our mouths ... ... Continue»
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My beautiful daughter

... letting my young daughter run around practically showing everything she had. Well, what little she had.

Problem was my ... my penis as well as with my young daughter. I was especially fond of the special feeling I got inside as I held Arthur close in my ... ... Continue»
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... I’d ever seen; and she was my f******n-year-old daughter.

Her emerald eyes locked on me, she could read my desire as I could ... was moaning as she came, me wailing praises of my partner, my beautiful daughter.

I lowered her to the bed, on her side then ... ... Continue»
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MY YOUNG DAUGHTER-- Chapter 3: Marci learns the Fi

... my best efforts, my hips were still thrusting wildly, as each jet of cum loosed inside my daughter’s mouth also f***e more of my ... ... Continue»
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