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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 3

My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 4

... ," I continued. With that I pulled Monica's legs up on my shoulders and moved my mouth down onto her juicy cunt. Slowly I moved ... once again haunted by the situation I was in, fucking Marie's daughter in her own bed.

Monica brought me back from reality ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 3

... Monica's first stirrings the scent of her hair filled my nostrils and my hand gently moved across her smooth, tight, flawless skin ... as she worked her talented mouth and tongue along my shaft, cupping my balls in her warm hands. I told Marie that I loved ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 5

... kissed me, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth, and grabbed my already hard cock through my pants. "I'll repay you for these ... seeping hole replacing the beads. Monica's cunt muscles convulsed around my hard cock as she screamed out in a massive orgasm. I ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 6

... response on, "NO'.

While still cradling Julie in my arm, I reached into Monica's nightstand for a ... she took the condom and followed my instructions sheathing my cock with it. Then I added ... ready for my cock, I pressed my cock into her until my balls were ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Mom

... be known that I was no good for her daughter. I guess she wanted her daughter close and I was the part of the deal ... i get a hobby. I didn't need a hobby, I need my girlfriends big soft tits hitting my face as she rode my cock. I didn't say that but that ... ... Continue»
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My girlfriends mother

... much wider spread and I remember thinking that I had just made my girlfriends mother wet herself, I lowered her foot again as she opened ... said “ how does that feel? Is it as good as my daughter?, is it as good as her aunt? You realise that ... ... Continue»
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BUTT Fucking my Girlfriends Mothers ASSHOLE

... comments every now and then about her daughter and how she hoped that one day, ... embarressed all to hell, there was my girlfriends mom starting at my cock! She told me not to ... to fuck her pussy because of her daughter but instead, would feel better about it ... ... Continue»
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I fucked my girlfriends mom :)

... 12 got outta at 6pm and thought I call one of my girlfriends name Gina (Oh and just so you know I have ... I fucked the mom and daughter I took another shower.After I go to my girlfriends room to put on clean boxers my girlfriend had in her ... ... Continue»
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Babysitting My Girlfriends Daughter

... nice house from her divorice. She has a daughter, Taylor, she was 11 now. Taylor and I ... 't want to go because one of her girlfriends was having a birthday party, and of ... was only a quick flash but it still got my attention. She was about 4'6" maybe 75lbs. ... ... Continue»
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My Step-daughter's cunt

... you to fuck me Michael" she whispered in my ear. "B-But your my step-daughter Laura no" I said trying to resist but moaning ... that were so perverted, nasty, lustful, sexy "yeeeeees...J-Jes-u-ch-r-rii-oooh..mmmmm" was all I could say at one point ... ... Continue»
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blackmailed by my girlfriends daughter part 2

... grabbing a handful of hair. Sharon rimmed my arse hole, it felt great but seeing her daughter stood masterbating was so horny. Sharon ... the fuck are you doing!"
Sharon turned to face her daughter with my cum still on her face.
"Know i see what you ... ... Continue»
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My girlfriends mom

... 019/014/643_1000.jpg[/image]
Introduction: How I got into my girlfriends moms' panties

I gotta be the luckiest guy in the ... at the drop of a hat. Like when she asked her daughter J. why she'd date a guy that was 6" shorter than her; ... ... Continue»
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Redheaded Step Daughter..Part 2

... well over a month since me and my girlfriends daughter Andrea had sex and as much as ... were my head stopped. She pulled my pants down around my ankles and shoved my cock ... I was awoken about five minutes later to my cock being jerked and I said "Well that ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Final Chapter

... After the spending the afternoon with Julie, my sex drive had increased to an even higher ... that both Monica, her daughter, and Julie were sucking my cock as we talked.

As ... As she continued to devour my cock I rolled my head back as the absolute pleasure ... ... Continue»
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blackmailed by my girlfriends daughter part 1

... money and quite a big house that she shared with her daughter Melissa.
Sharon and i were just dating nothing serious although we ... at me with greedy eyes ans very slowly pulled down my shorts.
"O MY GOD. Thats fuckin huge" she shouted. "And its not ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Younger s****r by loyalsock

... was sick, I fell asl**p at my

girlfriends house. The door was open in my girlfriends room and Jaime had just

finished taking ... . I paused a moment, knowing that this was my

girlfriends s****r. But my dick throbbed at the sight of her ass awaiting ... ... Continue»
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When my girlfriends mom caught me masturbating in

... was 36, I had just
Got home after work and Linda (my girlfriends mom)
Said "I'm doing a load of laundry so why don't you ... I was as horny as fuck after seeing
My girlfriends moms pussy and I began to stroke my aroused penis
While imagining her pussy lips ... ... Continue»
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My Widowed Daughter and Myself

... , sucked upon her swollen nipples and completely drank all my daughter's breast milk. Now, my daughter looked at me - silently.

She asked me, " Satisfied ... ... Continue»
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My step Daughter Bday

... pressure her tongue darted between my lips exploring my mouth. My step daughter stood to climb on my lap facing me, our mouths ... I'm so horny, Fuck me. Please" I grabbed my daughter’s ass as I stood thrusting my cock forward, mashing it on her pussy mound ... ... Continue»
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My Friends Daughter Chapter 4

... happened up to this point is: In chapter one, my friends daughter gave me her virginity with her mother watching without her ... still see Karri laying there, and her tits as her daughter sucked my cock some more, continuing to slide her mouth from ... ... Continue»
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