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My Girlfriend's Daughter Ch 1

My Girlfriend's Daughter Ch 1

... to unfold... The story is 7 chapters long, The characters involved are figments of my imagination, so ... miles from my house. After dating her for a short time we started having sex on regular basis. Our ... with oral stimulation and then move on to different positions, ultimately I would dump my load... Continue»
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My date with the boss's daughter part 1

... Part 1

It happened 15 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

At the time I was s ... up truck. I was also allowed to spend time with his daughter, also s*****n. (Of course, after a lot ... of my jeans out what felt like 1/2 mile. She saw the front of my pants and licked her lips. Man... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Horny 18-Year Old Daughter!

... for the entire party. As the party progressed into the night my girlfriend continued her assault on the bar ... beside my passed out girlfriend. I was a bit mad that Lena's offer appeared to be just a tease ... in on the realization that merely inches away my cock was disappearing into her teenage daughter's pussy with her little... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Daughter Ch 2

... Chapter 2 in a 7 part story of finding youthful lust!

After that first morning with Monica my ... life was changed, my lust increased to a new level. Having had her young willing body once already ... , my driving goal was to experience her body in every way possible. For most of my waking hours my... Continue»
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My Boss's Daughter Prt 1

... .

"Then it's settled. You know your way around my home and I trust you with
my daughter's life. Here's some money ... with her bags and greeted us with hugs.
"I'm taking the weekend off to visit my s****r. I'll be back ... it was completely our of its hood.

"Oh yeah! Suck my little pussy. Make your boss's daughter cum... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked

... becomes aware of the allure of his girlfriends mom.

1 -- 3:18 p.m. May 27th 2008

"Tommeeeee!" my ... marry his daughter he would have said yes.

So my parents and s****r were summoned to join us ... to swirl around my cockhead.

"I'm sorry, our practice just ended," my cheerleader girlfriend answered... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 4

... she trusted me to be clean. She told me that the feeling of my cum added to the pleasure ... about my feelings and making sure I climax," she added. Then she told me that I was the first person she ... with several when I was younger then I got married and was faithful to my wife, except for one time with her... Continue»
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My Girlfriends Daughter Ch 6

... . Once Monica left I started in on cleaning the house and doing my laundry for the week. About 1:00 pm ... room, with her girlfriend, and across the hall from Marie's room, my girlfriend. The words came slowly ... Chapter 6 of 7, the best I think so far

As I woke on Saturday morning, I realized that my time... Continue»
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A Crush on My Friend's Mom Ch. 1

... a mom that every one of my friends drooled over. She was in her late 30's and was very attractive. She ... had seen my s****r and mother naked and neither of them had nipples close to that size. She quickly ... (High school senior lusts for busty older babe)

When I was in high school, my best friend had... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked

... to fuck her daughter. I'd never been so excited... so hard!

My girlfriends pussy was like ... .

"He sl**ps with all of them? Even his s****rs? His mother? His daughters?" I asked. My hand ... .

"Then you'll be my s****r-in-law," my little s****r told her friend.

"Shut up you two," my girlfriend warned... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Daughter

... the front door close and someone walking around the apartment. My first thought was that my girlfriend ... sliding into her beautiful mouth. To my surprise it was not my girlfriends face bobbing up and down ... bedroom and found her sl**ping very soundly. I took all of my clothes off and slid into bed beside her. My... Continue»
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Visit to Aunt April's House (Ch.1-6)

... Visit to Aunt April's House
by mdb9555

Chapter 1

My story begins when my fam ily visited ... and it was time for our fam ily’s annual visit to my Aunt April’s house. She was my mom’s s*s ter ... being able to hang out with them since I was an only ch ild and thought of them as broth er and s*s ter... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Daughter #3

... the great comments. Some of you can kiss my ass! Number one I am not a sick pervert. The daughter ... well moved in with my girlfriend Julie. We get along great. I was married for over twenty years ... with a killer body who just happens to have a sex craved daughter that I am willing to bang at any... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Mom

... You guys know about my girlfriend but no worries i will give up a short review of her... She is 22 ... then her daughter.... My rod was getting to its size....

I controlled it and went to bathroom ... little healthy and big sized boobs and short height... As i and my gf were in relation her mom knew... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Daughter #2

... down at my girlfriend as I rubbed her daughter’s sweet bald pussy. After a few munities she got down ... to death that my girlfriend would wake up and see her daughters face wrapped around my cock. She slid ... on the couch next to my girlfriend. She snuggled up next to me I put my arm around her and she put her... Continue»
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My girlfriend's mother

... day. My girlfriend had to be at work in the morning, the other k**s were going to school, her dad had ... myself really attracted to her mother. She was quite different from my girlfriend. She had really dark ... hair and was a few inches shorter than my girlfriend, her legs were thicker and her ass was really... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Daughter #4

... girlfriend just started to unfasten my pants when we heard a car pull into the drive. “Amy (her daughter ... the same from story to story. Oh well, sue me.
Okay, this happened a week or so ago. My girlfriend ... could hardly believe it; I was eating my girl’s pussy as her daughter was sucking my cock. I never... Continue»
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My girlfriend's adult daughter-and why I had

... This (fictional-hey I have to say that) story starts with me moving in to my girlfriends house ... daughter used to sneak a peek through my door, but I was at worse in my undies and usually just in sweats ... girlfriend was at work on the second shift. Soon Savannah started hanging around my workouts, and we talked... Continue»
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My Neighbor's Daughter...

... even more closely, give out a lusty chuckle. Truth be told, my friend, more specifically, he's ... with all manner of muscle at city hall. It's risky enough she sucks my dick on a fairly ... 's speed dial number.
Hey, Duke my man. How's it hanging?
Mine don't hang b*o. He... Continue»
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My daughter's pussy

My Daughter

This is merely a fantasy. I don't even have a still young ... will be attending a university in the fall on a soccer scholarship. I am very proud of my k**s and what ... and hope that they made wise decisions. My k**s told me everything that was going on in their lives... Continue»
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