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My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher Part 2 Secret

... tongue playing with mine while her hand softly rubbed <ddd>my</ddd> cock through <ddd>my</ddd> jeans. <ddd>My</ddd> cock became harder.
"You served me a lot today ... and down with her upper body. <ddd>My</ddd> English <ddd>teacher</ddd> gave me a tit wank. I could see <ddd>my</ddd> tip moving out of her cleavage and ... ... Continue»
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My After School Special

... on these afternoons I was treated to the sight of <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd>'s fine ass in a pair of fairly tight jeans.

Last ... foot started to caress <ddd>my</ddd> still oozing cock. "To quote a certain slutty <ddd>teacher</ddd> in a story by <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> author, I'm making you ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

... <ddd>my</ddd> own parents; likewise the faces of
siblings were changed – a point which I find interesting because I
do it u*********sly); intercourse with <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd>…the
list goes on.
Many of <ddd>my</ddd> early ... ... Continue»
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The Teacher and Me

... I still needed to hear it from his face. He was <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd> and I had him for two classes. I'd shoot a teasing glance ... it...

Anyways, that's how <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd> and I finally hooked up. I must say that he's still <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> old man to play with. ... ... Continue»
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BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher

... this on <ddd>my</ddd> dresser by the window. But for now, I have to go talk to <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd> when ... teachers voice and I turn around and see <ddd>my</ddd> second best <ddd>teacher</ddd> (Mr. Milks was me best, ... it... "I just came by saying hey to <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> teachers." I grin and Mr. Milks tilts ... ... Continue»
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pregnant teacher craving cock

... Let’s get started.”

“Anything for you. You’re <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd>. Your husband's a jerk. I’m sorry."

I got up, walked ... 32-year-old English <ddd>teacher</ddd>. I’m a horny, unhappily married, pregnant <ddd>teacher</ddd>.

“I’m so glad you said it because <ddd>my</ddd> husband wanted ... ... Continue»
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Sex with my college teacher

... had made me a very bold person. <ddd>My</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> hobby was to flirt with the girls of <ddd>my</ddd> collage. God had even gifted me ... streets when by coincident I found <ddd>my</ddd> math <ddd>teacher</ddd> roaming around shops too. Then suddenly an idea flashed into <ddd>my</ddd> mind. I bought some ... ... Continue»
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Teacher Plays Strip Math

<ddd>My</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd> was <ddd>my</ddd> math <ddd>teacher</ddd>, Mrs. Gibson. She was in her late thirties, a wife and a ... a bunch of horny guys in a class that had a big-titted <ddd>teacher</ddd> standing in front, there was often a sexually charged atmosphere. Some ... ... Continue»
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My Chemistry Tutor

... asked me if I knew any good <ddd>teacher</ddd>. I told her that sujata <ddd>teacher</ddd>(i have heard her name from <ddd>my</ddd> seniors) was good. The next ... But <ddd>my</ddd> mom insisted her and she finally agreed. And finally I got the chance I was praying for, to sit next to <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My gym teacher

... had a <ddd>teacher</ddd> you just wanted to fuck? That was <ddd>my</ddd> gym <ddd>teacher</ddd> Mr. Comer. He was tall ... against the locker so I felt his cock against <ddd>my</ddd> ass. He whispered I want to fuck your ... changed. From that day on gym class was <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> time of the day.
[user][/ ... ... Continue»
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BBW TEACHER (re-posted)

... I was so excited for this! I could not believe <ddd>my</ddd> fantasy was coming true! <ddd>My</ddd> <ddd>favorite</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd> was going to have sex with me that night! I raced home and got ready. 

She showed up at <ddd>my</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher Part 2

... of fun on those. The bumper cars were personally his <ddd>favorite</ddd> because he's a boss at those and I couldn't handle turning the ... called "Sex With <ddd>My</ddd> Music <ddd>Teacher</ddd> On The Beach". There will be no Part 3 attached so I will be giving <ddd>my</ddd> Part 2 And Part ... ... Continue»
Posted by milli214 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 992  |  
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My Favorite Teacher

... reason was Ms Peters, <ddd>my</ddd> new English-<ddd>teacher</ddd>, who just moved into <ddd>my</ddd> hometown. She was ... going in for another kiss.
"Open <ddd>my</ddd> blouse and <ddd>my</ddd> bra.",she said with an ... Her boobs were soft and adapted to <ddd>my</ddd> gentle squeezing.
I squeezed her boobs ... ... Continue»
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My Pet Teacher

... not only be owning <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd>, but also the girl of <ddd>my</ddd> dreams.

3:30pm couldn't come soon enough in <ddd>my</ddd> eyes, but I'm sure ... about and left, elated over <ddd>my</ddd> total control of <ddd>my</ddd> science <ddd>teacher</ddd>.

Now I had one final phase of <ddd>my</ddd> plan to execute. Lisa ... ... Continue»
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My Maths Teacher 1

... trigonometry into <ddd>my</ddd> head, and it was adversely affecting <ddd>my</ddd> maths mark. It didn’t help that I found <ddd>my</ddd> maths <ddd>teacher</ddd> mildly attractive. ... clamping tightly around <ddd>my</ddd> cock and sucking hard on it. I looked down at <ddd>my</ddd> slutty <ddd>teacher</ddd>, sucking eagerly on <ddd>my</ddd> cock ... ... Continue»
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My Favorite Teacher Final Part Last Encounter

... She loved to be blindfolded or handcuffed. Another of her <ddd>favorite</ddd> things was the risk of getting caught. Once we fucked ... screams from pleasure.
Her ass tightened around <ddd>my</ddd> cock and i felt the pressure building. I pumped through her ... ... Continue»
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My English Teacher

... <ddd>my</ddd> English <ddd>Teacher</ddd>, called me aside after class one day. “I’d like you to come around to <ddd>my</ddd> house this ... <ddd>my</ddd> pussy.”

“Don’t worry about that Jenny,” I assured her, “I have every intention of fucking you. I just wanted to see <ddd>my</ddd> English <ddd>teacher</ddd> drinking <ddd>my</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My french teacher

... middle of a study session and i was thinking about how <ddd>my</ddd> <ddd>teacher</ddd> look`s naked.) Suddently i heard mrs Carla saying:
"Merc are ... and i couldnt wait to get home and masturbating thinking about <ddd>my</ddd> lovelly <ddd>teacher</ddd>.
"Au Revoir! Next study session is Friday.. ... ... Continue»
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Fornicating with my English Teacher

... was a 25 year old English <ddd>teacher</ddd> in training during <ddd>my</ddd> sophomore year in high school. She was about <ddd>my</ddd> height – very large for ... courses. No one could have known I was getting blown by <ddd>my</ddd> English <ddd>teacher</ddd>. In the unlikely event anyone put a key in the ... ... Continue»
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My french teacher

... looked forward to
seeing Miss Jones - Cheryl Jones, his French <ddd>teacher</ddd>.

Miss Jones was every man's dream come true;
especially ... "Yeh, Mom, I'm over here at
Cheryl Jones', you know <ddd>my</ddd> French <ddd>teacher</ddd>, and we've
just had sex for the last 2 hours ... ... Continue»
Posted by griffen1 10 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 3238  |  
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