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My Day

My Day

... My Day

" Oh no, Kenny has a huge cock" Nan ... Cheshire cat grin on your face all day." I teased. " Oh my, if that were only true!" Nan replied. ... day except the usual household chores. I realized I could take a few minutes to please myself and I let my ... ... Continue»
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vervolg op "make my day"

Vervolg make my day..
Van veel mensen krijg ik steeds het verzoek binnen over het vervolg van “make my day”. Toch had ik niet gedacht dat het veel aandacht zou krijgen na wat er allemaal is gebeurd in het “make my day ... ... Continue»
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My day 3-27-11

... a waitress so i see many hot men all day but cant do anything about it .. I get ... sexy men to fill their drinks i brushed my breast agianst a female that was sitting their ... with a drink " i laughed inside ... So that was my day at work im still horny as hell ... ... Continue»
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Make my day....

... durven zeggen dat ze trots op hem is....please make my day...." zei ze geërgerd en naar hun kijkend..
Al kauwend ... en maakte een gebaar van "wel bellen hoor....!"
Hmmmm, make my day.....

... Continue»
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Wow my pregnant sister and me

... . My f****y consists of 17 members. This is my first time to express my experience with my big b*****r “the night on the step day of my marriage ... and pulled him to bed. I told him today my day at job was hectic. My shoulder and back is paining. He said I’ll ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and I

... chance to drive since I got my license.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully and at ... what felt like the hundredth time that day; my dick was hard as a rock.

I had ... couch watching television. Mom asked me how my day had gone; I told her that it went ... ... Continue»
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My Neighbour

... grins as I replayed the memory throughout my day.

I hoped I could keep a smirk off of my face the next time I bumped into ... 's all.

So I'd check on my laundry regularly each day, as I checked on the picture window of my neighbour’s bedroom. Does that ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend and her mom pt1

... my arms sore, but my mind raced through the events of the day. I unlocked my phone screen and pulled up my secret camera roll. I had already moved the picture off of my ... "Thanks for making my day," she said. As ... ... Continue»
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My neighbour and her teenage daughters(2)

... , and thankfully I had an account with the same bank for my day to day expenses.

“Hi Terry, it’s Tony Allen, how are you ... . “How can I help you today? Have you decided to make my day and invest your millions with us?”

I laughed at that suggestion ... ... Continue»
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Long Day, Longer Night - Part 1

... sarcasm, “how was your day?” answer with a light laugh, “Fuck my day” and take another swig. “No, fuck me please” I say teasingly and I smile my most seductive ... ... Continue»
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Long Day, Longer Night - Part 2

... in the bathroom, cleared the day to day clutter, lit candles and stole some fresh cut daisies from my neighbor’s yard. ... ask him sarcastically, “How was your day, dear?”, and he replies, “fuck my day”...You and I look at each ... ... Continue»
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Joyce My Ex Girlfriend’s Mother

... my next day off.
It is now nine o clock and I am being invited in to my ex girlfriend’s mothers kitchen on my day off, unsure what she think’s about us two ending up in her bed together the other day ... ... Continue»
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"WHACK A MOLE" (My three daughters)

... was a bit younger but my birthday’s

tomorrow, February 21st, Valentines Day and I’m gonna be forty; right now I feel every

day of oh, ... with dazzling smiles they told me that this was my day, for

everything I’d done for them, for not having ... ... Continue»
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... Yuzmin and her five s****rs, using poor Emi-chan, and my day-long romance with Mei. Where were we going now? All ... her all day.

And now she was in my room sucking my cock.

“Linh, what are you doing?” I asked her.

“Fulfilling my dream,” she ... ... Continue»
Posted by lovesasian1981 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo  |  Views: 301  |  
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Kinky sex with my best friend's husband!!!

... off and went about the rest of my day as a free-lance reporter.

So the next ... and caught my arm. “I didn’t just lie to my wife, waste a personal day at work and ... in my throat that I could not even begin to swallow.
“If I have wasted my day, or misread ... ... Continue»
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My first experience with my cousin! (True)

... maybe one day you’ll get to ;)” I replied. As I sent this reply I felt my stomach churn ... I finished was making my day drag along. Finally 5pm came and my shift was over, ... do these things to this day. My relationship with my cousin has always been special and ... ... Continue»
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Trapped In Paradise (With My Mom)

... Honey...!!!You had made my day,Honey...!!!”my Mom then said to me,and then my Mom hugged me and kissed my forehead.

"Mommy,you ... here very reluctant and only for one day,very eager to finished my Christmas celebrations with my Mom and then to returned ... ... Continue»
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Another day of Sub Slut swallowing semen from stra

... slut.

I sit there, thinking about my day. 6 hours behind the desk, pussy full of vibrations as I fulfill my instructions for this ... pieces of my puzzle to the imagination of my workmates.

They knew what I was, the day I was found giving my ?Super? a ... ... Continue»
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Replacing My Cum Bucket

... to mom about my behaviour. Shit!

Thankfully, today was Friday and I had a light load of classes. My day at school went by in a blur and I’m sure I didn’t learn much because I was so preoccupied with my predicament. ... ... Continue»
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My Mom and Me

... my room. I fell asl**p for maybe about two more hours until I started my day. The day was a regular Saturday, I hung out with my friends. We hung out in one of my friends basements ... ... Continue»
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