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My Date With Beverley Mitchell

My Date With Beverley Mitchell

... california my second house is u know all the TV and movie stars are. Well this is a story about my date with Beverly mitchell who play’s Lucy on the show 7th heaven on the WB. Beverly mitchell lived a few block’s from my house ... ... Continue»
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My Own 7th Heaven with Beverley Mitchell

... shooting a scene outside of a high school with Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel. The 2nd ... Beverley started licking my left side while Jessica licked the right side and massaged my sack with her delicate hand. Beverley then started flicking my tip with ... ... Continue»
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My Date with a Crossdresser

... the restaurant's tile floor.

When the server came back with our order, my date pulled his head down and kissed him, letting ... her I had once the night before my wedding with my wife and one of her bridesmaids. My date asked me if I was still married, and ... ... Continue»
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My date with teen cousins -TRUE STORY-

... was really impressed by my curvy features, especially my bubbly, perfectly round ass..When it came to set up a date, he told ... red..My red lingerie did blend well with bright red nail polish! I was biting my lower lip whilst combing my hair and watching my ... ... Continue»
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My date with the boss's daughter part 1

... want to go on a date with me one night?"

I was surprised when she said, "Okay. Friday night okay with you? Daddy and Mamma ... never know."

I said, "Really. Okay. " Then undid my belt and opened my pants, letting my cock come out. She gasped when she saw ... ... Continue»
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My New Lover, A Camera

... neatly cut and looked modern, but thankfully wasn't a 'Phil Mitchell' so was not overly trendy, just about right, I thought. ... restaurant and my date with Matt.

I was late, purposefully so. Although I was now four years on from the split with my ex, I was ... ... Continue»
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A Date with Megan Fox

... Thanks a lot!” With that Anne hung up the phone.

Bryan jumped on the spot and punched the air. A date with mother fuckin’ Megan ... a hot Summer evening. It’s great because it reminds me of my time as a k**.”

“That’s really great. You know, I’ve been ... ... Continue»
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Date with the Doctor

Date with the Doctor.

Right at this very moment I’m all sexually excited, ... hung up the phone and it’s confirmed that my hot and horny fuck date with the Doctor will take place later tonight. The ... ... Continue»
Posted by neilmc123 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Fetish, Hardcore  |  Views: 732  |  

Date with the Doctor

Date with the Doctor.

Right at this very moment I’m all sexually excited, ... hung up the phone and it’s confirmed that my hot and horny fuck date with the Doctor will take place later tonight. The ... ... Continue»
Posted by neilmc123 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Voyeur  |  Views: 469  |  

My First solo date with a BBC

... . Enjoyed spending time with him.. not only sex.
I suggested to my husband I'd like to go on a date with him. My husband was so ... this fun. I only went on a solo date with a BBC 3 times since then. My solo date with "S" was the first and best. It's never ... ... Continue»
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Surprise Date With Mother and Daughter

... Date With Mom And Daughter

Several years ago I worked with a father and son at a construction company. On the weekends I would go fishing with ... didn’t need the drama.
Monday morning Bill asked how my date went then he asked if I fucked Mom too? I just ... ... Continue»
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I had a date with a couple last night.

... had a date with a couple last night.

They’re laid-back, educated people, into ... me and letting their fingers trail up and down my back, my neck, my legs and ass, for what seems like an hour ... ... Continue»
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Second Date with Farmer Sam

... fill my pussy with water and I could fill my stomach swell from the waterwhen they finished filling me up I squeezed my ... little different. Thats a story for a later date.

Today I stayed home I could hardly walk and my nipples were engorged really big ... ... Continue»
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My first date with an 18 yo boy -TRUE STORY-

... person, he turned his cam on several times,(Otherwise i wouldn't date him, as i'm very picky when it comes to men) ... in my mouth. He was playing with my nipples whilst i was devouring his 18 y/o teen cock deep in my mouth.

My mouth was already full with ... ... Continue»
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Daniella's Date with Jeremy - A husband asked

Daniella's date with Jeremy:

I would come by your place to pick Daniella up ... right now...I'm going to run it over my lips" Daniella's lips became wet with my precum as she lightly slurped and said okay ... ... Continue»
Posted by jeremyjay2 1 year ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor  |  Views: 2135  |  
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Second Date with My Wife

... few years ago I was on a second date with this beautiful Latina girl who later became my wife. She was in her early thirties ... this was happening. Upon seeing this I pumped her super fast with my big cock and I began to swell. She felt this and ... ... Continue»
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Sharing My Room With s*s: part 2

... . I'd

have to go along with it and support her anyway.

"We're going on a double date with Mady and her boyfriend ... harder. She slid her pussy along my length, her ass rubbing against my

stomach. With my free hand I grabbed her hip, steadying ... ... Continue»
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Job with perks

... Yvonne home and shot home for my date with Sally.
Arriving at the pub I spotted Sally sitting with a few girls, Tina, Clare and ... I could feel Tina playing with my balls as well as sucking my cock, playing with Clare, Tina had now made my cock as hard ... ... Continue»
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My Whipping Date with Sarah

My Whipping Date with Sarah

When she showed up at my place, I was surprised by how young she looked. The picture ... her right tit with my left hand and, then her left tit with my right hand. Her tits shook with each blow. I swung my hand, slapped ... ... Continue»
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a date with mom

... . My pussy was itching with a need to feel
it between my legs.

"Come home with me, Mom." he whispered.

My brain ... me how my date had gone.

"Oh, you wouldn't believe it," I said. "The guy turned out to be
my own son ... ... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 2877  |  
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